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Researched and compiled 


Elmer Clarence Anderson 
Thelma Chidesfer Anderson 



f?^ CO CO 

L::' Q 

CD X ^r 




Family of Elitvsr Clarence & Thelma (Chidester) Anderson 
Seated: Elmer; Thelma; Mary (Anderson) Huffman 
Standing: John D; K. Eric: Elmer C. Jr. 


(The amount of changes that we have received is an indica- 
tion of the great value this book has been to the family, 
and consequently, a sincere tribute to the dedicated souls 
who wrote it, Elmer^nd Thelma Chidester Anderson. Prior 
to its publication there was probably a small minority of 
the family concerned enough to be sure the information we 
provided for it was complete, legible and accurate; but 
after receiving the book, many of us have been inspired to 
research names, dates and events and now wish to see that 
corrections are available for those who are interested. 
Note: Additions do not go beyond the year 1978.) 

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18 5-17 Abigail, believed to be child of David & 

Jemimah H. CHITTESTER, pg 37, #5-33 
18 5-18 Jemimah, 

25 5-10 Eliphalet CHICHESTER, md (3) Mary 

Conklin Smith 

26 6-12 Rebecca CHICHESTER bp 6 July 1779 
28,29 6-22 Jerusha CHICHESTER, md (1) david WARREN 

(date unknown); and (2) David WEED 10 Aug 
1797 and had daughters: 

(3) Betsy and Rebecca WEED b 30 Jun 1798 
30 6-27 Abraham CHICHESTER (Information about wife 

and children believed to pertain to another 
Abraham (an uncle, not listed herein) 

38 5-33 Children of David & Jemimah H. CHITTESTER: 

(1) David 

(2) Abigail chr May 1726; md 31 Nov 1747 
to John SLATER 

(3) Jemimahchr 13Apr 1729; md 1 Jan 1750 to 

39 7-1 (7-2)Ebenezer CHICHESTER, son of Sylvanus (6-5) 
A2 7-22 Polly CHICHESTER (believed not married, no 

A5 7-36 Mary Ann CHICHESTER and Carlisle LOCKWOOD 

had only two children, Adelaine and Francis. 
(6) Francis LOCKWOOD, md Betsey Ann STEVENS (?) 

61 8-A2 Aaron CHICHESTER d 5 Dec 1850 

62 8-A3 Laura CHICHESTER md Charles W. IVES: children 

(1) Julius C. IVES b ca 1844 

(2) Charles S. IVES 

(3) Alice IVES 

(4) Vesta IVES 

. -, r -'^. Ai 1 













































Chan ge /Add 1 1 ion 

Abijah CHICHESTER md (2) Margaret HANMORE 
and had daughter Caroline CHICHESTER 
Henry Edwards^ CHICHESTER 
Sarah Augusta CHICHESTER d 23 Sept 182^9 
Mary Anise CHICHESTER and Chauncey Loomis 
HAYDEN had children: 

(1) Strong Chichester HAYDEN b 10 Mar 1846 
d 1920; md Emma Bond b 1859 d 1898, had 

(a) Charles B. HAYDEN b 1881 d 1891 

(b) Frank S. HAYDEN b Sept 1883, md. 
Mabel MATTHEWS, had daughter, Nancy 

(3) Gertrude B. HAYDEN b June 1889 d 1934 

(2) Edward C. HAYDEN b Jan 1850 d 1928 

(3) Chauncy L. HAYDEN b 1853 d 1913 

(4) Ellen L. HAYDEN b Aug 1855 d 1937 
(1) George PENNOYER md (1) Hat tie COLEY 
Chloe, b 1824 d 1825 
Samuel, child: 

(1) Chloe md Silas DOCK 
William b 1816 d 1832 
Sarah b 1831 (not a Chidester - was born afte 
death of mother, and Walter SMITH, Sr. 
remarried; also 138-141 not descendants) 
(3) Arlington CHICHESTER b Mar 1879^ was son 
of Ezra (9-16), not Abner. 
Ira CHICHESTER md Ann Mary IVES (not believed 
to have been widow of Aaron) . Ann Mary was 
buried in Allegan, Mich. 

Edward H. BRINKERHOFF md Clarissa BUXTON 

Willard md (1) Amelia Vilate ALEXANDER (see 

pg 147) 


Vera b 27 May 1876 

Harold CHICHESTER, d 12 July 1904 

(2) Ruth Ann HUGHES md Robert IRELAND 17 May 

David had 2nd child: Cora E, b 1861, d 4 Aug 


Ann md Lewis Atha (or Athe^) MEEKS, children: 

(1) Louis Paul MEEKS b 24 Dec 1907 

(2) Georgianna MEEKS b 1910 md ^POWELSON 

Joshua md Eletheir Maude (or Maude Eletheir) 

Juliette CHIDESTER b 1875 

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Minnie Mine^rva 

Amelia b 27 Jan 1878, d 1878 

Beverly Adele SUTTON 

Leslie Alton SUTTON b 19 Apr 1933 

Mabel le A. CHRISLER was from George CHRISLER's 

first marriage, so not a Chidester. 

Follow. Pg 167 Picture of Almina Worthen may be her mother, 

Maria Louisa Grow. 

178 11-112 John md (2) Evelyn Jane KEMPLE 

193 11-200 Mary md (3) Walt FORMO 

194 11-208 Vere LeRoy DODGE; first child was Bobby Walter 

DODGE b 1923, md Joy WALLACE, d 1968, had 

children Sharon, Kevin, Kim, Robert 
194 11-208 (2) Beverly DODGE b 1926 md Wendell B. TERRY 

O) Marilyn DODGE b 1936 md George PERRY 

(4) Stephen L. DODGE b 1939 
214 11-105 (1) John b 14 Feb 1921, d 2 Apr 1968 

(2) Helen b 15 Mar 1923 

(3) Edna b 5 Jun 1924; children Cheryl b 1 Mar 
1947, Dianne b 28 May 1948, Robert William 
b 21 Oct 1952, Richard Thomas b 11 Nov 1954 

(4) Eva Zandra b 18 Mar 1932 
220 11-157 Should be 10-157 

220 11-323 John Reed HALLIDAY b 2 May 1917, md Ora Ann 


222 10-162 Lorenzo CHIDESTER md 14 May 1912 

223 11-335 Effie lona CHIDESTER believed md (3) 27 July 

1971 to R. J. GLEASON (rather than daughter 

224 11-347 Clara Asenath (or Clara Eunice) PHIPPEN 
236 12-8 David Bullock CHIDESTER md 26 Feb 19_56 

238 11-63 Mabelle A. CHRISLER (not a daughter of Nettie 

DeForest CHIDESTER, so neither she nor her 
children are Chidester descendants - see pg 166. 

246 12-48 Jack D. md Agnes Mary SHELDON 

247 12-56 Ana CHIDESTER md (2) Robert Jess JOHNSON 
252 12-85 Carlos Loveland DEWEY md (2) Bonnie Mae 

263 11-112 John Wallace STEWART md (2) Evelyn Jane KEMPLE 
263 12-154 (1) DeWayne LITTLEJOHN b 23 July 1956 
268 12-188 Je rree Ann SPROUL, md (1) Jack HIGGINS 1951 

and (2) Fred SANDQUIST 1975; had children: 

(1) Charles Murray HIGGINS b 21 Mar 1952 

(2) Terry Dean HIGGINS b 9 Oct 1953 

(3) Jack Reese HIGGINS b 18 Feb 1956 

Page Refer. // Change /Addition 

268 12-189 Leonard Murray SPROUL, Jr. d Aug J^ 1973 

(1) Leonard Murray SPROUL, III 

(2) Dale Ray SPROUL 

(3) William Steven SPROUL b 24 Jan 1958 

(4) Beverly Lorraine SPROUL b 24 May 1960 
Leonard married (2) Carol MENEELEY b 8 Aug 
1941, and had children: 

(1) Melodie Ellen SPROUL b 14 Mar 1966 

(2) Martin SPROUL b 7 Aug 1971 
268 12-190 Carol Lyn SPROUL, md Briten Millet TERRY 1962 

d 19 Jul 1979, had children: 

(1) Christie Anna TERRY b 4 Mar 1964 

(2) James Scott TERRY b 4 Mar 1964 

268 11-121 Leonard Murray SPROUL md (3) Elaine Platts^ 

OSBORNE and adopted Linda OSBORNE SPROUL, 
b 29 Nov 1946. 

269 11-123 Ethel, dau of Eveline 
272 11-149 Melvin Thomas HARMON 

287 12-311 Luana PETERSON md (2) Darwin G. ANDERSON, 

(3) Garth LARSEN (see pg 433 for children) 
287 12-312 George Wayne PETERSON md (2) Mary LAUDICINA, 

had ch George Wayne PETERSON, Jr. b 17 Mar 19 
287 12-313 Geneal PETERSON (additional children): 

(3) Sandra Eva SIMMONS b 21 Nov 1963 

(4) Robert Harrison SIMMONS b 15 May 1966 

(5) Darwin Bert SIMMONS b 20 May 1968 

(6) Lisa Elizabeth SIMMONS b 9 Oct 1969 

(7) David Madison SIMMONS b 27 Jun 1972 
287 12-314 Rhea PETERSON md (1) Floyd J. BARKDULL, (2) 

Roger Benson BURT, had children: 

(1) Michael Jay BARKDULL b 18 Oct 1965 

(2) Pamila Christine BARKDULL b 5 Jun 1971 

(3) Russell Gates BURT b 15 May 1977 
Should be 12^-320 

Dale Eldon CHIDESTER md Debra SOMERS 11 Nov 

on 6th line down, Charles should be Clarence 
Vera CHIDESTER md (2) Benjamin Asberry CHAPMA 
son of Benjamin Asberry CHAPMAN , and had ch 
Roger Marsh CHAPMAN 

Eldon Price CHIDESTER md Martha Ellex COX b 
Richmond, Ut , dau of Victor J ones COX and 
Carrie Netalia NOWLIN 





















ige Refer. // Change/ Addition 

)2 11-196 Constance CHIDESTER, md 3 May 19A1: James 

Frederick MOORE b in Washington, PA, ch: 

12-3A2 Frank James MOORE md Deborah HAVERMALE 

12-34 3&A Jeff & Jack MOORE b in High land, Ohio 

)A 12-3A6 Sherri Lynn SALMANS b in Newport Beach , CA 

^§)7 12-365 William Ray SIMPSON legally adopted by Lorus 

CHIDESTER and name changed to CHIDESTER 
)9 11-217 Kenneth Ray CHIDESTER md Florine, (see pg A8A 
for children's families) 
1^5 11-237 Juliette CHIDESTER; 3 more children: 

Ruth, Myrtle, Alice (not sure of last name) 
35 12-455 LeOra HOLT (or Teara ? - see picture p 309), 
md William (or Jesse) HEATH) 
■!36 12-A67 Lamont Ren AT\TOOD 

11-245 Maria CHIDESTER (name changed to Maurine) 
12-525 Ilia May ALLRED md William E. KELLOGG 21 Jul 55 
11 11-256 Joseph CHIDESTER md (2) Minnie Loucille 

TUKKNETT dau of William Henry TURKNETT and 
Lettie Lutisha ROBISON 
11-262 Lafayette CHIDESTER md Fannie BONE in Salt 
Lake City, not Lehi 
Shirley Loraine CHIDESTER 
Belva BURGESS md 24 May (probably 192^7) 
William J. MACKEY 
Leigh Curtis CROPPER; children 

(1) Katherine Virginia b 22 Apr 1970 

(2) Bryce K ent b 17 Nov 1971 
(2) (3) Mary Ann b 7 Nov 1974 

(4) Matthew Trent b 12 Jun 1976 
U 12-677 Linda CROPPER md Howard Kurt CHRISTENSEN 
71 U 12-678 Nancy CROPPER md Carol Lorenzo POPE, ch: 

(1) Lorenzo Anderson POPE b 18 Aug 1969 

(2) Curtis James POPE b 18 Nov 1970 
Nov (3) Amy POPE b 13 Jun 1972 

(4) Srar POPE b 31 Mar 1976 
enc41 12-679 John Curtis CROPPER md Christine BOEL. ch: 

(1) Bryan Curtis CROPPER b 22 Oct 1975 
ch (2) Melanie CROPPER b 2 July 1977 

41 12-680 Max Hale CROPPER md Lonna Rae BRYAN, ch: 

(1) Kimberly Anne CROPPER b 16 July 1977 
iXt41 12-681 Ilene CROPPER md Alfred David KINGHORN, ch: 
d (1) Vaughn James KINGHORN b 23 Sept 1976 

^3 12-684 Cherie Arietta COX b 29 Nov (probably 194^8) 








6 24 






























Change /Add It ion 



Clara Aseneth PHIPPEN (or Clara Eunice ?) |f5i 
Joyce OGDEN md Brad Warner PETRUCCI ^6 

Wanda Fern CHIDESTER md (2) James ELLETT ^6: 
Arnon Reeve CHIDESTER md Rocena PLATT, dau ^61 
of Walter L^sle PLATT me\ 

Maria Portia VAN SVJEDEN d May 1966 T 

Roger Burk CHIDESTER (change " Sharon was K8 
md (1)" to " Betty was rod" »9 

Karla CHIDESTER b 30 July 1934 BOk 

Ana CHIDESTER md (2) Robert Jess JOHNSON ^ ' 
24 Aug 1973 

Vickie Lyn STAPLES md Terry WILSON 
Doris Ann STAPLES md Max Gregory CROSHAW 
Sharon SCHOENFIELD d 21 Apr mi 
Regena STEWART (change Regjjia to Regena in 

415 12-215 See pg 483 "ADDENDA" for Bonnie Lee 

HAMILTON and family 

419 12-281 Ellen CHIDESTER, dau of David L (11-179^) 

419 13-452 Vonda Lee HOLLOWAY, add ch: 

(4) Melanie b 1 Apr 1978 

419 13-453 Melvin Larry HOLLOWAY, add ch: 

(2) Lori Ann HOLLOWAY b 4 Sept 1970 
Lise Shannon EGAN md Mark HUFFAKER 24 Sep 19]| 
Luana PETERSON md (2) Darwin Glen ANDERSON, 

(3) Garth LARSEN, ch: 
Shaunna Lee SIMMONS 
Christi Joe SIMMONS 

Jacqueline Thelma SIMMONS b 5 Mar 1968 
Douglas Eldon CHIDESTER (mother Martha Ellen 
COX ) - also same change on //338,339 ,340 
Lynda Jo CHIDESTER, add ch: 
Miriam Elizabeth WILSON b July 1977 
William Jeffery LAY b ? Sept 1958, d ? Sept 
Diane Ellen CHIDESTER md Russell BARBERIO 
Blenda Joan CHIDESTER md Rodwell WATSON 
Sandra Ardith CHIDESTER md Ron BOWCUT 
Lee Merrill ERICKSON b 23 Dec (prob. 194_6) 
Carter Del HILL md LuAnne Glenda BERLIN 
Patricia Kay HILL md C. E. FLOYD 
See pg 485 "ADDENDA" for Erman James HILL 
See pgs 485-487 for Daniel Lon HILL, Regina 
Leon HILL, Joyce Arlene HILL, Roger Delane 
HILL, Roma Ann HILL 
































ige Ref er. // Chan ge / Ad d 1 1 ion 

HiS 13-556 Should be 12-556 
)2 12-594 Linda Rae CHIDESTER 

13-773 Kathleen Elaine IMIG md HANKSFORD 

13-777 Steven J. WRIGHT b 25 Jun 1956 
12-626 Ruth Ann INGRAM, dau of Zella CHIDESTER 
(11-289, C harles R 10-145) 
b 13-947 Linda Kay OLSEN, ch b in Quantico, Virginia 
)\ 14-2 Mary Lucile CHIDESTER md J . E. THORNBURN 1976 
)5 13-228 Jeanne Revaud CHIDESTER; adopted in 1976 
Shane Lee FREDERICKSON, age 8 and Stacy 

i5 13-143 John Randall STAPLES 




Page # Change 

109 Vera D. CHIDESTER b 27 May 1876 
252 #11-85 Charles md (2) Bonnie Mae 

272 #11-149 Melvin Thomas H ARMON 
291 should read "Vera . . . md (2) 

Asberry Benjamin CHAPMAN; s of 

Asberry Benjamin CHAPMAN; and 

had ch: 

12-335 Deana CHAPMAN 
12-336 Roger Marsh CHAPMAN 

313 #12-547 Shirley Loraine CHIDESTER 
316 & 462 

#12-594 Linda Rae CHIDESTER 
391 #13-204 Sharon SCHOENFIELD d 21 Apr 

404 #12-151 Regena STEWART , correct 

448 #13-642 Carter md Lu Anne Glenda 

462 #13-777 Steven J. WRIGHT b 2 5 June 




THE CHIDESTER FAMILY! Where did it all begin and where 
will it end? The CHICHESTER-CHIDESTER Family has deep 
roots, beginning in England and extending into early 
America. The purpose of this book is to establish the 
origin of our name and form a bond with those who have 
carried it through .the annals of history bringing much 
honor to it. Through our earlier ancestors some of our 
characteristics were developed and a great heritage was 
created for each of us individually to add to. To 
these many ancestors this book is dedicated. 

This work would not have been possible without the 
help of all those who have kept family records, journ- 
als and related stories that have come to light in 
the research of this Family History. We also grate- 
fully acknowledge the efforts of many in research, fin- 
ancial support and family reunion support over the years, 
It would be impossible to mention all of these contri- 
butors, but I am sure that they will all join with me 
in special recognition of two people who have devoted 
a lifetime of work and effort through thousands of 
personal letters, thousands of hours of research and 
untold dollars of personal expense. From them have 
come the greatest part of record gathering, compiling, 
editing and typing. They are Elmer C. and Thelma 
(Chidester) Anderson of Burbank, California. To them 
we as a family owe a great debt of gratitude in the 
publication of this book. 

While completion of this volume is a milestone in the 
family history, there is much material still to be 
obtained. It is expected that this work will continue 
as a regular activity of the Organization. 

Robert D. Chidester, President 
Chidester Family Organization 



In January, 192 6, the writers began the work of 
compiling a history of the Chidester/Chichester 
families in America by visiting and conversing with 
aged people, taking notes from their recitals. These 
memories were gathered, not so much with a view to 
publication, as to preserve for their own children 
something that would tell them about the hopes, faiths, 
trials and tribulations — the love of families exper- 
ienced by their ancestors. 

It is time that the recollections of these pion- 
eer ancestors were gathered together before the last 
of these shall have passed away. Little enough can be 
gleaned at the present time. A few years hence nothing 
further than has been written can be obtained except 
by uncertain tradition. 

The material has accummulated year by year, slow- 
ly, as only time and means not devoted to raising a 
family could be used. Not until we retired were we able 
to visit some of the old homes of the Chidester ances- 
tors. These old homes were in many sections of the 
United States and even as far away as the little ham- 
lets of England. Family records were perused and time 
yellowed documents examined and copied; some were 
micro-filmed. Statements were taken from family members, 

This has been a labor of great love and care. To 
make this work as correct and reliable as possible, no 
pains have been spared in examining, sifting and proof- 
reading every item of information; reconciling state — 
ments, holding in abeyance those portions that cannot 
be substantiated sufficiently. These disconnected and 
unproven records are held in file for use at a later 
date when additional source material can be found to 
unite them with the proper family lines. 

This work has also been a labor of great love for our 
ancestors. Hundreds of hours have been spent in tramp- 
ing cemeteries, searching old, musty libraries and court 
houses. It has been impossible to listen to the narra- 
tives without feeling a tender veneration, a peculiar 
filial regard for stories of the past. 


There is a host of men and women who have aided 
the researchers by furnishing answers to queries, 
looking up long forgotten documents, by assisting in 
searching records of churches, old cemeteries, court 
houses and historical societies and providing the 
records of their own families. It would be impossible 
to name them all To all these we tender the most 
grateful acknowledgements for their generous efforts. 
Wherever possible they have been given crdit in 
the body of the manuscript. 

An especial thanks, however, must be given to 
Dr. Guy C. Squires, physician and surgeon of Exeter, 
Devon, England, for presenting us with the "History 
of the English CHICHESTER Family, 1066-1870.) 

Gratitude is hereby expressed, also, for the 
support, encouragement and contributions that have 
Without their support and encouragement, a publication 
would never have become a realization. 

Elmer Clarence Anderson 




ae - aged 

b - born 

bp - baptized 

ca - about (circa) 

d - died 

dau - daughter 


- before 




will dated 


will proved 




child or children 

Bibliography Abbreviations 

EPS - Early Puritan Settlers of Connecticut, Hinman 
Good Gen - Goodwin Genealogical Notes - Nathaniel 

Goodwin, 1856, p 276 
H CH R - Huntington, Long Island Church Records 
Hist. Wat - History of Waterbury, Connecticut - Joseph 

HTR - Huntington, Long Island, Town Records 
JLIH - Journal of Long Island History 
NC VR - New Canaan, Conn., Vital Records 
Ridge VR - Ridgefield, Conn., Vital Records 
Sim VR - Sim.sbury, Connecticut Records, Jacobus 
Stamfld VR - Stamfield, Connecticut, Vital Records 
Visit NCP - Visitations, 1772, New Canaan Parish, Conn. 

by Wm Drummond 
Wat VR - Waterbury Vital Records 


Notes and Explanation of Format 

1. Multiple year dates, i.e. 1695/6, occur during the time 
when the change was being made from the use of the Julian 
calendar which used March 1st as the beginning of the 
year, to the Gregorian calendar which is still in use. 

In the latter calendar the first of the year is January 
1st and there is a leap year. By the first, or Julian 
calendar a date in January or February would be recorded 
as 1695. The same date in the Gregorian, or modern, cal- 
endar would be 1696. To accommodate both calendars, 
then, the date is written Jan. 169 5/6. Both dates have 
to be given because both calendars were in use at that 
time. It occurs during the last of the 17th century 
and the first of the 18th century. 

2. The book is arranged in generations, beginning with 
the first generation in America. The number for a 
person, then, is two-fold, the first number being the 
nur'i]:iei of hi;^ o" hei ot-reration and the second number 
referring to his place in that generation. For example: 

James, the first of the line to come to America, 
would have the number 1-1, signi fyinr: t^i,-.t ho is 
the first person listed in the first generation. 

His eldest child, who happens also tn he J.-.nes ,. 
will be known by the number 2-1 because he is the 
second generation, but the first one listed in that 
generation, and so on. 

Each person will be identified by his number where- 
ever he or she appears in the record. making for 
rapid cross-referencing. 

3. An asterisk (*) in front of a child's name and number 
indicates that he or she will be found in the next gener- 
ation as the head of a familv. 


Books have been written describing the history of 
surnames and their development. So fascinating is this 
study that it has become a science. Briefly stated, it 
can be said that for many centuries there was no need 
for more than one name per person. Adam needed only one 
name to identify him. Even Abraham, Isaac and Jacob 
needed only one. But by the time that Jesus Christ was 
born, society had become so complex that it began to be 
necessary to add something to identify the particular 
person spoken of. So there was JOSEPH OF ARIMATHEA (a 
place) and Joseph OF NAZARETH. When Jesus chose his 
apostles there were two called who had the name of James. 
One, brother of John, shared with his brother the appell- 
ation SONS OF THUNDER; the Other James was known as 

The problem continued to multiply as time passed and 
by the time of William the Conqueror in the year 1066, 
many ways had sprung up for identifying people. As we 
have seen, there were place names and Joseph became Joseph 
ARIMATHEA. John could be John BROOK because he lived by 
a brook. There were also trade names. The village tailor 
became William TAYLOR; Benjamin who made barrels became 
Benjamin COOPER (meaning barrel maker.) Likewise CARPENTER, 
SHOEMAKER, SMITH and many other surnames developed. 

Probably the largest and most popular group of sur- 
names is known as patronymics - names derived by adding 
"son" to the father's given name. So James became James 
ALPHEUSSON, or ANDERSON, or JOHNSON, according to the 
father's given name. 

The same thing is true in countries other than England 
and Scandinavia. FITZPATRICK in France and Belgium means 
"son of Patrick;" FITZSIMMONS would mean "son of SIMON". 
In the Scotch and Irish, the prefix Mc means grandson of; 
Mcdonald, the Grandson of Donald. An prefix means "son 
of"; 0' BRIAN is the son of Brian. Similarly the suffix 
"ian" in the Slav and Armenian states indicates "son of." 
Each language and culture has its means of identifying 
people by their family relationship. 

How does all this refer to or explain the unusual 
name of CHIDESTER? There are a number of forms of the 
name; in fact at least twenty-five variations of the name 
can all be traced back to a common origin. The spelling 
has been changed , sometimes by accident and sometimes by 
a whim. One man, Ephraim CHIDESTER, changed the spelling 
of his name to CHEDESTER so he wouldn't have so much trouble 
with the bank confusing his account with "Uncle Ephraim' s" 
account. His descendants maintained the same form. Others 


thought that it would be easier for people to recognize 
and pronounce the name if the "d" was changed to "t"; 
hence the name CHITISTER or CHITTESTER. 

The name CHIDESTER came first of all as a variation 
of the early American name CHICHESTER and took this form 
from the practice of using scribes for making legal docu- 
ments. Many times a hand written "ch" looked more like 
a "d" and the next copy would assume the "d" spelling. 
Moreover, scribes wrote what they heard. In the same doc- 
ument one can find both the CHICHESTER and the CHIDESTER 
and CHITESTER spelling of the name for the same person, 
or other variations such as CHILESTER, CHISTIFER, CHECK- 
CHESTER, etc. 

The following is taken from Huntington Town Records 
(Suffolk Co., N.Y.) p 182: 

This indenture Mad y^ eighteen Day of January 1695/6 Betwene 
Edward hamitt & Jeames CHITCHESTER wittnesseth y^ y^ sd. 
Edward hamet have for a valuable consideration bargained sold 
So a aartaine paroell of land siteuate lying and beeing in the 
field commonly called or Known by y^ name of y^ west field of 
y^ Town of Huntington Surounded with land of thomas brush, 
Jonathan Rogars, Jeames CHICHESTER Ju^^ y^ wood in Commons 
Containing four Acars be it more or less, with all Rights 
& priviledges. . . . 

If the original name was CHICHESTER, you might ask, 
where did that name come from and what does it mean? 
The name CHICHESTER is a prominent one in present day 
England. The first CHICHESTER in America came from there, 
just when and from exactly where has not been determined, 
but he was English, as his name, tradition and circumstance 
indicates. He is found in Salem, Massachusetts in 1640. 
In England the name is found in the earliest written 
records, having been recorded in the "DOMESDAY BOOK." It 
was also woven into earlier tapestries. 

According to an English historian, the name originat- 
ed about the second century B.C. with the Roman occupation 
of Britain. A Roman general by the name of Cissa establish- 
ed a camp ground under his own name, the Roman term for 
camp being "caester" (pronounced Chester.) As the Romans 
withdrew from the walled camp the area became a fiefdom 
for a feudal lord or land owner and was called "CISSA 'S 
CAESTER." It was a valuable possession, holding strategic 
importance as well as being surrounded by fertile land. 
As the Anglo-Saxon kings who succeeded the Roman occupa- 


tion began to unify the country the fiefdom became a 
valuable pawn to be awarded to men of valor. 

"From DOMESDAY BOOK we learn that ENGELER held of 
the king two hides of land (a hide being an English land 
measure equalling enough land to support a family, usually 
about 120 acres) in the manor of CICESTR' (a place) in 
the county of Sussex; and he also held one carucate of 
land (about 100 acres) in the same manor in his own right, 
as likewise divers lands in Mendon, in the same county, 
which he formerly held of King Harold (the Anglo-Saxon 
king who was defeated at Hastings by William the Conquer- 
or,) and he also held two hides of land of Adelisa, wife 
of Radulphus de Thellebroe, in Standune, in the county of 
Bedford, and also divers lands of Ernulph, in the county 
of Somerset, of all of which he was seised at the time of 
the Domesday Survey, A.D. 1080.) (See History of the 
CHICHESTER Family, by Sir Alex Palmer Bruce CHICHESTER. 
Bart., 1871.) 

William the Conqueror bought Engeler's allegiance by 
allowing him to keep the land that he had held under the 
Anglo-Saxon king. 

Engeler's successor to the lands in the manor of 
Chichester was Henry DE CICESTR' (Henry of CICESTR', a 
place. Pronounce the C's as Ch.) The name by now had 
evolved from Cissa's Chester to CICESTR' and was soon to 
assume the present day form of CHICHESTER, with CHIDESTER, 
CHITTESTER, CHEDISTER being the most common derivatives 
of the name. 

In America the CHICHESTER name remained rather intact, 
in spite of the errors of scribes, until early 1700 when 
the brothers Samuel^-H and William^"-'-^ who lived in Conn- 
ecticut formally accepted the name of CHIDESTER and contin- 
ued with that form. By 1750 David CHIDESTEr6-47 of oan- 
bury, Connecticut, was also changing from CHICHESTER to 
CHIDESTER. Land documents clearly show the process of 
acceptance, as will be shown. These particular families 
and their descendants have retained t he latter form consist- 
ant ly. 

Although there are CHICHESTER families at the present 
time, descendants of the same early Amer icans, the part 
of the family that elected to use the CHIDESTER form of 
the name is by far in the ascendancy. The descendants 
of the above named Samuel live mainly in Pennsylvania and 
New Jersey; William is the forefather of the illustrious 
CHIDESTERS of Ohio; and David is the fore-runner of the 
CHIDESTERS of Utah, Idaho and other western states. 



During the twelfth century, between 1100 and 1200 A.D., 
Coats of Arms began to be awarded to Knights of the 
Realm to b e a special identification of men of prom- 
inence — large land holders, courageous men in battle, 
governors. This coat was passed from father to eld- 
est son, becoming an emblem of the family. The earliest 
CHICHESTER coat of arms was of a simple shield bearing 
ermine tails and portraying a knight's helmet in a square 
in the upper left hand corner of the shield. This emblem 
was to be emblazoned on the owner's uniform, his shield, 
and was also used to seal important documents. 

In the year 1385, Sir John CHICHESTER, heir of the 
family,, married Thomasine RALEIGH and moved the family 
seat from Sussex to Devon where he combined the CHICHESTER 
inheritance with that of the Raleighs. Since that time the 
CHICHESTER arms have been quartered with the RALEIGH 
arms, with the RALEIGH taking the ascendancy, until in 
later generations , with other quarterings , the original 
has become all but lost. 

Another important movement in the family line came 
during the reign of Elizabeth I when she sent Sir Arthur 
CHICHESTER, a descendant of Sir John CHICHESTER and Thoma- 
sine RALEIGH, to Ireland to bring order to that rebellious 
country. Sir Arthur became Lord BELFAST and founded the 
CHICHESTER family in Ireland, having its own coat of arms. 

Since these early times other members of the family 
have been awarded their own coats of arms and crests so 
that there are a number in existence. The problem for 
eager Americans is to find which branch of the family 
they descend from. About 1702, one Richard CHICHESTER 
^ migrated from England bringing his arms and records 

with him, preserving his English connection. The descend- 
ants of James of Massachusetts, with whom this book is 
most concerned, are not so fortunate 

Some historians have confused the name and history of 
the CHICHESTERS with that of CIRCENCESTER. The two fam- 
ilies have been proven to be distinctly separate entities. 
Although there is a suggestion of CIRCENCESTERS in the south 
of England, the family itself is located in Gloucestershire^ 
in the northwest, far removed from the CHICHESTERS of 
y Sussex and Devon. 

Of interest to the family of CHICHESTER-CHIDESTER is 


the symbol used by the Anglican Church in CHICHESTER, 
England. The base of the lecterns of all English Angli- 
can churhces is a large, gilded eagle with folded 
wings, indicating strength and superiority. The CHI- 
CHESTER cathedral, most of the construction of which 
dates from the Norman Conquest with later Gothic style 
additions, is one of four cathedrals in all of England 
which uses a pelican as its symbol. These four churches 
like the pelican symbil better, they say, because the 
pelican will tear its own flesh to feed its young if 
necessary. They want to be known in this way — to have 
it understood that the church will give its all, even 
to the point of self-destruction if necessary, for the 
benefit of the parishioners. 


In the year 1643, at Taunton, Massachussetts , a survey 
was made to ascertain how many men were living there who 
were able to bear arms. Among those listed was James 
CHICHESTER. Just where he came from and the date of his 
arrival have never been determined, but it is generally 
believed that he came from Devonshire, England. He does 
not appear on any ship's lists as a passenger and it is 
highly probable that he came on his own or a brother's 
ship and then elected to remain in the New Vvoirld. T "i^e 
CHICHESTERS have always been noted as seafaring men. Five 
years later, in 1648, record was made in Connecticut of 
a shipment of grain on "CHICHESTER' vessel." This may 
have been James' ship or that of another as will be seen. 

Sometime before 1650 James and his family moved 
from Taunton, going north to the seacoast town of Salem, 
Essex Co., Mass. There on 21 Apr 1650, he and his wife 
Mary were baptized in the Salem First Church. According 
to Savage's Genealogical Dictionary, three of his children 
had already been baptized 21 Feb 1650. They were John, 
Mary and Martha. Daughter Mary's death date, 25 May , 
1686, aged 43, indicates that she was seven years of age 
at the time of her baptism. 

The following year, 27 Feb 1651, the same church 
record shows that James CHICHESTER was "removed." Could 
he have been lost at sea, perhaps on a fishing expedition? 
His family was still in Salem for an older son, James, 
was baptized into the Salem First Church 9 Mar 1652, and 
a daughter, Elizabeth, was baptized 2 6 Jan 1654. 

Son James was an adult at the time of his baptism 
for two years later he was a married man and involved in 
a land transaction. 

The family of James CHICHESTER-^" ■'-, then consisted of 
himself, his wife Mary and children: 

*2-l James CHICHESTER bp 9 Mar 1652, Salem, Mass; md before 
1654 to Eunice PORTER 

2-2 John CHICHESTER bp 21 Feb 1650. No family has been ident- 
ified for John. However, he evidently became a sea- 
faring man and had moved his port of operation to Hunting- 
ton Harbor, Long Island, in the late 1660 'i. He appeared 
there in a suit brought by Robert PEARSALE (PEARSALL) on 
6 May 1668, and was known as Capt, John, "skipper igestre." 
By 1674 he was listed as a proprietor in Huntington. 

2-3 Mary CHICHESTER bp 21 Feb 1650; md 5 Sept 1664, to John 
MARSTON; she d 25 May 1686, ae 43. 


2-4 Martha CHICHESTER bp 21 Feb 1650 

2-5 Elizabeth CHICHESTER bp 26 Jan 1654. 

(Ref: Pioneers of Mass; Pope; Savage's Genealogical Dictionary; 
Essex Institute, vol 6 pp 82-83, 243; EPS p 570.) 

1-2 William CHICHESTER, possibly a brother of James, and 
his family were living in Salem, Mass., at the same time. 
William was master of the ship HOPEWELL and appears in 
the records of Marblehead, Taunton and Salem, Mass., 
from about the year 1641 to 1663, when he removed to 
lower Norfolk Co. , Virginia, and became the pilot on 
the James river there. His family information is pert- 
inent at this point because it is of the same generation 
as that of James and it so closely parallels it that it 
is difficult to separate the two families. 

William was living in Marblehead in 1645 and 1646, 
and probably earlier. By 1650, however, his family had 
moved to Salem and his children were baptized into the 
Salem First Church. The move was probably made so that 
the two families would be near each other while the 
men were away at sea. 

"12-2-1652 , Essex Co., Mass; deed Salem, Alexander FIELD of 

Salem hathsold unto William CHICHESTER of Salem his house and 

about it and to be made out five acres out of his lott in ye South- 
field as by a writing dated l6th 1st mo. 1650. The price paid 
for the premises was 10 pounds in commodities and six pounds in 
maakerell." (Putnam's Montly Hist. Mag. 1897, Salem, Mass.) 

William's wife was Mary CORWITHY, dau of David CORWITHY. 
Their ch: 

2-6 James CHICHESTER bp 21 Feb 1651 
2-7 John CHICHESTER bp 21 Apr 1650 
2-8 Sarah CHICHESTER bp 13 Apr 1651 
2-9 William CHICHESTER bp 15 Mar 1653 
2-10 Susannah CHICHESTER bp 10 Mar 1657 

Life at sea was uncertain at best. Sane voyages were of short 
duration, others were long and would lead from port to port until 
families waiting at hone could becane rather hard pressed. Such was 
the case with William's family in 1658, when the Salon tcwn council 
found it necessary to vote ccmnodities for the sustenance of Sister 
"CHISTER, wife of William CHICHESTER." She was allowed one half b\:ish- 
el of Indian com per week. Because of his prolonged absence, William's 
son James, then about ten years of age, was apprenticed by his grand- 
father, David COIMTTHY, to Francis SKERRY, v^o agreed to send the boy 


to school until he could write a legible hand; to give him 
a ewe lamb to keep; to give him ten pounds at the end of 
his time and two suits of clothes, one for Lord's Day and 
one for working days. 

In 1662 Mary Corwithy CHICHESTER was ordered by the court 
to sell her house and lot to pay the accummulated debts 
and in turn was awarded a small lot on which she was comm- 
anded to build a house within two years or forfeit the lot. 

Some t ime during the next three years William returned 
and moved his family to lower Norfolk Co., Virginia. His 
will, recorded in Norfolk Co. Wills (Abstract) dated 23 Mar 
1687/8, proved 17 May 1698, follows: 

. . ."Unto my loving wife Mary — (torn) during her natur- 
all life (torn) and after her Decease to son Wm. CHICHESTER, 

and (torn) my son James CHICHESTER all that tract of 

land lying (torn) now liveth on. . .All that tract of 

land that William Morley now lives on bein. /. . (torn) 
unto my son John CHICHESTER (torn) I doe appoint my two 
Cozens Thomas & Lemu Mason Jun Overseers. . .Wife Mary 
CHECHESTER my whole & Sole Exec (torn) 

(Ref: Savage's Genealogical Dictionary; -Town records of Marblehead, 
Salem, Mass. ) 

1-3 Contemporary with the families of James and William 
CHICHESTER, and living in Marblehead and Salem, was 
Alice CHICHESTER. No clue is given as to her connection 
with t he other families. She was evidently a ward of 
the various courts and had a son : 


The Salem Court ordered on 20 July 1658, at the time 
of her abode in Salem, for the maintenance of Alice and 
her child, Salem should pay three-fourths and Marblehead one 
fourth of the cost of maintenance. On the 30th of the 
month the Selectmen of Salem and Marblehead respectfully 
agreed that her son Jeremiah , "now about three months old" 
should be apprenticed to Edward HARNET, a tailor, who had 
been caring for Alice and Jeremiah. HARNET was planning 
to move from the area and was allowed eight pounds to 
apprentice the child and take him along, Alice was given 
seven pounds for her expenses. 

Edward HARNET moved from Salem, Mass., to Huntington, 
Long Island. Jieremiah CHICHESTER grew up in Huntington 
and was no doubt the Jeremiah CHECHESTER who, with John 


SMITH, witnessed a sale by Zachariah MILLS, 20 Dec 1676, 
in Huntington, L. I. He was also witness with Tho. OKELIE 
of a sale made by Samuel MILLS 28 April 1681, in Huntington, 

(Ref. History of Salem, Mass. Perley? Huntington Town 
Records. ) 


2-1 JAMES CHICHESTER, s of James"'-"-'- and Mary of Taunton, 
Mass., bp 9 Mar 1652, Salem, Mass; md before 1654 to 
Eunice PORTER, dau of Jonathan PORTER and his wife 
Eunice. Their known children were: 

*3-l James CHICHESTER bp in Huntington, Suffolk, N.Y., 
15 Sep 1668; md ElizabethnDAVIS 

*3-2 David CHICHESTER md Alice or Ales 
3-3 Jonathan CHICHESTER, purchased land 31 Jan 1690 in Huntin- 
ton, Long Island (Huntington Deeds, v 1 p 67); and was 
given land by his father James, 23 July 1692. (See Deeds.) 

James and Eunice were married in Salem, Mass., and their 
children were undoubtedly born there before the removal to 
Huntington, Suffolk Co., Long Island. T he first real 
record of the family is recorded as a sale of property to 
James by his father-in-law, on 2 October, 1654. The deed 
reads : 

"Jonathan PORTER, of Salem, Mass., Essex Co., a planter, 
hath sold unto James CHICHESTER his dwelling house, with 
the land adjoining being about 1 3/4 acres, for and in con- 
sideration that the said James shall freely allow and give 
meat, drink and lodging unto his wife Eunice PORTER during 
her widowhood, in case the said Jonathan shall dye before 
her, as by deed dated 2 October 1654." (Essex, Mass. 
Deeds, vol VIII p 293.) 

A few years later both families sold their property and 
removed to Huntington, Long Island for by the year 1662 
James CHICHESTER, listing himself as James , son of James of 
Taunton and Salem, had become a respected and influential 
citizen of Huntington. On 19 Feb 1662/3 he was chosen a 
deputy to attend the "Corte of election helld at Harford 
(Conn) next may being in the year 1663." At this time 
Long Island had elected to be a part of the Connecticut 
colony rather than New York, which was at that time under 
Dutch rule, hence the sending of delegates to such a polit- 
ical convention. This alliance lasted until 1664 when 
the Dutch relinquished New York to the English. At that 
time the territory came under the New York mandate. 

The previous June 6, 1662, James had been appointed as 
member of a committee to pass judgement on the desirea- 
bility of new arrivals in the community. A law had been 
passed that no one could rent or sell to a new arrival 
unless the committee gave it approval of the new owner-to-be. 

In the same meeting it was also suggested that James 
be nominated to keep the "ordinary." He accepted. The 
Ordinary was t he inn maintained for the comfort and use 


of travelers and residents. It was the practice to select 
the most prestigious house on a highway for this service, 
so it was a distinct honor to be chosen. The family must 
be genteel and affable and able to impress the visitors. 
During the ensuing thirty years James added to and improv- 
ed his home until it was rather an imposing structure 
which he named "The Peace and Plenty." 

The home served as a roadhouse, inn, or "ordinary" for 
many years. It was still in service during the Revolution- 
ar y War and was the home of "Widow" CHICHESTER who, nec- 
essarily, served the British officers who at the time con- 
trolled the island. It was here that the youthful Nathan 
HALE collected the information that he passed on to Gen. 
George WASHINGTON. It was here, also, that he was appre- 
hended, eventually. As late as the year 1968 the house 
was still in good repair and was being used as a home, 
the old tap room still maintained as it had been since 
it was built. On the hitching post in front was a plaque, 
placed there by the Huntington Historical Society, announc- 
ing its illustrious history. 

James was active in committees determining town bound- 
aries, organizing courts and all civic functions. Courts 
were thought to be necessary so a panel of three judges and 
a clerk were selected; with a jury of seven to be called if 
and when needed. There were no serious crimes to be prose- 
cuted so the early cases consisted mainly in the easing of 
neighborhood squabbles. A case in point is a court action 
brought in October, 1662: 

"Stephen JERVICE^ an attorney in behalf e of James CHICHESTER, plf. 
vs The. SCUDDEEj deft., acsion of the case and -of batery. Deft says 
that he did his indevor to save y^ pigg from y^ wolff, but knows no 
hurt his dog did it; and as for y^ sow, he denys the charge; touch- 
ing the batery, striking the boye, says he did strike the boye but it 
was for his abusing his daughter. The verdict of the jury is, that 
def^ 's dog is not fitt to be cept, but the acsion fails for want of 
testimony, but touching the batery, the Jury 's verdict pass forvlT^, 
that def^ pay him 10 schillings for striking the boy and the plf^ to 
pay 5 shillings for his boy's insevility." 

Another case in the same court: "Rachel TURNER sayth, that being 
husking at Tho. POWELL'S, James CHICHESTER found a red ear, and then 
said he must kiss Bette SCUDDER; Bette sayd she would whip his brick, 
and they too scufeling fell by her side; that this deponent and Tho. 
SCUDDER being tracing, and hav ing ended his trace, rose up and took 
howld of James CHICHESTER and gave him a box on the ear. Robard CRUM- 
FIELD says, that being husking at Tho. POWELL'S, James CHICHESTER 
found a red eare, and then said he must kiss Bette SCUDDER, and they 


too scufling^ Goody SCUDDEE bid him be quite^ and puld him from hev, 
and gave him a slap on the side of the heade; the verdict of the jury 
is J that James shall paye y^ plf 12 shillings and the cost of y^ 
oort. " 

The miscreant was no doubt James, the son of James^"! 

In 1668 James was elected constable of Huntington, and 
by 1676 he had begun to be known as James Senior and his 
sons were beginning to be land owners. By 1681 he was 
deeding land to his sons James, Jonathan and David. 

1681^ June 20: "Know all whom it may concern that I James 
CHICHESTER Senr. of huntington in the East Riding of york- 
shier on long Island have as well for & in consideration of 
ye naturall love and affection which I have & bare to my 
well beloved son James CHICHESTER; as also for divers other 
good causes & considerations me at this present especially 
moving . ... doe give grant and confirm unto my above sd. son 
Mames a sertain parcell of land. . . (DeedSy vol I p 67 ^ 
Huntington, ) 

Huntington^ July th 2Z , 1692: To all christian pepoll to 
whome this present wrighting shall come know ye that Jeames 
CHITESTER, sen^ for the naturall love I bare my sonn Jonath- 
an CHITESTER have given granted &c unto ye sd. Jonathan 
CHICHESTER his heirs for ever fower acars of Land Lying 
within fence. . .with all privilidges j & if ye sd Jonathan 
CHITESTER dye & his heyers ye sd Land to Ret urne to ye 
next nearest a kin of ye sd Jonathan CHICHESTER & if ye 
sd Jonathan CHICHESTER see cause to sell this land he hath 
Liberty given him by his father^ provided that this mony 
which this Land Is sould for bee Laied out for Land in an- 
other place provided that land hath ye same entailcment 
that is here above written. Signed Jeames CHICHESTER 

(Deeds, Vol I pp 215-6) 

(Deeds, Vol I p Z67) 1698, Nov 14: To all Christian 
peopell to whom Thes presents shall come Know ye yt Jeames 
CHITTESTER of Huntington for one halfe hundred pound Right 
of Land given granted bargned sould from my Brother David 
CHITESTER h is heyres &c have granted unto david CHITESTER 
In ye same town County &c all ye Lands & medows &c all 
that was formerly my fathers , only such Land and medow as 
my father gave and desposed of In his Life time In & upon 
consideration yt ye above sd. Jeames shall have hould use 
ocopie & joy ye fore mentioned halfe hundred ight of Land 
from ye sd. david CHITTESTER his heyers &c forever, and 
the above sd. Jeemes chichester shall forth with save as 



another division of land is stated^ In ye towne aforsd. 
have and take up if he sees cause all such Land as doth to 
this halfe hundred Right belong. (With full covenant & 
waranty of title.) 

Signed & sealed Nov 14^ 1698. 




After the death of James CHICHESTER^ his son David 
made application to become executor of the estate, as 

Know ye that whereas James CHICHESTER late of Huntington in 
ye County of Suffolk departed this life on ye 29 day of 
Jany 1695/6 and David CHICHESTER his son for certain causes 
thereunto justly moving hath prayed that ye administration 
of all ye goods & chattels of ye said deceased may be grant- 
edto him ye son of ye sd deceased. . . Given ye 8th day 
of Sept 1696 

(Ref: Town Records of Huntington, Suffolk, Long Island; 
Deeds of Huntington, Long Island; Essex Co., Mass., Deeds 
vol VIII) 



2-1 1-1 
3-1 James CHICHESTER s of James (James ) and Eunice 

PORTER; b probably in Salem, Essex, Mass; bp 15 Sept 
1668, in Huntington, Long Island; md Elizabeth DAVIS. 
James and Elizabeth were listed as members of the Hunt- 
ington church 5 June 1723. Their ch all b in Huntington, 
Suffolk, Long Island, N.Y: 

4-1 Abraham CHICHESTER, a tailor, was a member of the Hunting- 
ton Church 2 June 1743. In 1731 he was grantor in a deed 
to Henry Lloyd and in 1739 divided land with Richard 
DENTON. (Oyster Bay Records III p 681.) in 1749 he was 
witness to a land transaction between his brother Ephraim 
and Richard DENTON Jr. He was termed "son" by James in a 
deed in 1708 in Huntington. In t he account books of Henry 
LLOYD, published in The Journal of Long Island History, Vol 
II, Abraham's first purchases were settled by his father, 
James. After May, 1734, Abraham and his wife purchased 
materials and were paid for their services. The name of 
his wife wasn't given. The account begins in 1728 and 
runs through 1735. In 1738 Abraham was paying board and 
pasturage for a horse and oxen. In 1739, April and July, 
his wife was again being paid for services and it is indi- 
cated that she may have been a Cornwell or Cornel. 

Abraham md (2) 11 July 1754 , Sarah . His will 

seems to have been dated 1771 and proved 1780, but has not 
been found. 
4-2 Elizabeth CHICHESTER md 18 Dec 1723, Jonathan FOSTER 
4-3 Dinah CHICHESTER md 4 _Feb 1730, Edward JOHNSON 

*4-4 Esther CHICHESTER bp 21 Apr 1725; md Richard DINGE 

*4-5 James CHICHESTER b 15 Sept 1686, Smithtown, Huntington, 

Suffolk, L.I.; bp 24 Apr 1726, Huntington 1st Church; md 

(1) Ruth ; md (2) Rebecca STRATTON; md (3) Mrs. Rachel 


*4-6 Jeremiah CHICHESTER bp 17 May 1730, Huntington, L. I. ; 
md Sarah BRUSH 
4-7 Elias CHICHESTER bp 27 Oct 1736, Huntington, L.I.; md 
Elizabeth WRIGHT 

*4-8 Ephraim CHICHESTER md 27 Apr 1740, in Huntington, L.I.; md 
(1) Jerusha ROGERS; md (2) Meribah OAKES 

*4-9 Daniel CHICHESTER md Abigail BISHOP 

James was a worthy successor to his illustrious father. 
On 20 June, 1681, his father deeded four acres of land to 
him and the city awarded him a house lot of two acres at 
the harbour. Thereafter the Huntington records are replete 
with his real estate dealings. One worthy of note for 
its portrayal of custom of the times was a sale by the burn- 
ing of a candle. As the sale began, a one inch piece of 


candle was lit and bids were accepted until the last flicker 
of flame , the last bid taking the property: 

June the 26th 1672 
It was voted and agreed by the major part of the town that the 
Hassokey Swamp over against Jonathan ROGERS and joyning James 
CHICHESTER Sen^ home lot sh all be sold at a vandue by the burn- 
ing of an inch of candle; and so may improve for some public use 
for the town as the Constable and Overseers shall see cause. . . . 
This day aforesaid^ at the vendue James CHESTER Junr bade the 
last and greatest sum which amounted to twenty four pounds eight 
schillings. It being doubted by some whether James CHICHESTER 
or Robert ARTHUR bid the highest sum it is decided that Rob. 
bad twenty four pounds seven schillings. Testified by Jonas 
WOOD Jun. who was eye witness; as well as Jonathan SCJJWER, 
James SMITH and John ADAMS as ear witnesses^ that James CHICHESTER 
Junr bad twenty four pounds eight schillings. 

Possession granted to James CHICHESTER Junr. 

John CAREY clerk 
CHuntington Town Records p 238) 

(Ref. as listed.) 

2-1 1-1 
3-2 David CHICHESTER s of James (James ) and Eunice 

PORTER; md 22 Dec 1698, in Huntington, Suffolk, L.I. 

Alice or Ales, and had ch; 

*4-10 David CHICHESTER who md Alice BAYLEY 
*4-ll Samuel CHICHESTER who md Mehitabel TULLER 
*4-12 William CHICHESTER who md Eunice HOLLISTER 

Although David was paying taxes in 1688, having seem- 
ingly, reached the state of manhood by that time, he was 
still single when he became the executor of his father's 
estate in 1698. He may well have been the youngest in the 
family. On 14 Nov 1698, his brother James deeded all the 
property he had inherited from his father to brother David, 
reserving the r ight to use, enjoyment and occupancy of the 
property. This was the Peace and Plenty mentioned before. 

David sold several parcels of land in 1698 and by 1705, 
at least, had moved across the sound to Wallingford, Conn., 
where he purchased property 8 June, 1708, from Daniel 
MESSENGER in Wallingford. It would seem that he returned 
to Huntington at least briefly, for LLOYD'S account book 
shows '.purchases there in 1714-15 which were closed out by 
brother James in 1717. David had no doubt returned to Conn- 
icut. It may also be that he made those purchases and 
had them sent to him in Connecticut. (Wallingford Land 
Transactions; Jacobus, Simsbury Records vol 1 & 2.) 

(Ref: Huntington Church Records; refs as listed.) 


3-1 2-1 1-1 

4-4 Esther CHICHESTER, dau of James (James James ) 

and Elizabeth DAVIS; bp 21 Apr 1725, Huntington, 

Suffolk, L.I; d 172 8; md 15 Oct 172 5, in Huntington, 

to Richard DINGE, s of Robert DINGE; and had ch: 

5-1 Mary DINGE, bp 3 Apr 1727, Huntington, Suffolk, L.I; 

md 14 Feb 1750, Obadiah GILDERSLEEVE , Rev, Prime of flo- 
ating . Mary d 24 June 1798. 

After Mary's untimely death Richard md (2) 24 June 1729, 
Rachel ARTHUR. 

(Ref. Nellie Ritch SCUDDER Collection; Huntington Ch 
Records. ) 

4-5 James CHICHESTER, s of James (James James ) and 

Elizabeth DAVIS; b 15 Sept 1686, Smithtown, Huntington, 

L.I: was a shoemaker by trade. He md (1) Ruth ; and 

had ch b in Huntington, L.I: 

*5-2 Ebenezer CHICHESTER b ca 1712; d bef Nov 1750? md Ruth 
5-3 Tabitha CHICHESTER b ca 1715; d bef 1769, (date of father's 
will) md 25 May 1737, in Huntington, L.I. to Peter BUCKOUT 
of Flatbush, Long Island. They had a s: 

(1) Peter BUCKOUT who was named in grandfather's will. 
5-4 Ruth CHICHESTER b ca 1718; bp 21 Dec 1735, Huntington, N.Y. 
md 11 Dec 1753, in Huntington, to Azariah WOOD. Ruth was 
probably dead before 1769, for she was not mentioned in her 
father's will, her portion of the estate going to her s: 
(1) Israel WOOD 
5-5 Margaret CHICHESTER b ca 1720; d bef 1769, date of her 
father's will; md Mr. BENNET and had a dauj 

(1) Margaret BENNET named in her grandfather James' 
will in 1769, but was deleted in a codicil made in 
1771, her inheritance being given to her aunt Abigail. 

*5-6 Jeremiah CHICHESTER bp 17 May 1730; md Ruth 

5-7 Abigail CHICHESTER who was unmarried as late as 1771 and 
evidently caring for her nephew, Peter BUCKOUT. She may 
be the Abigail who later md Joseph WOOD, s of Samuel WOOD. 
(Family Bible of Joshua WOOD.) 

James md (2) 30 May 1745, Rebecca STRATTON, dau of Joseph 
STRATTON who named her in his will dated 1 Feb 1749/50. 
James and Rebecca had ch: 

5-8 Stephen Stratton CHICHESTER bp 1 Aug 1755, Huntington, 
Suffolk, L.I. 


5-9 James CHICHESTER bp 31 Dec 1758, Huntington, L.I. 

James md (3) Mrs. Rachel ACKERLY, dau of Daniel MARLEY 
who was bp in Huntington, N.Y. 6 July 1646. 

(See Huntington Town Recs; Huntington Church Recs; 
New York Historical Soc. vol 28; National Society 
Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America.) 

3-1 2-1 1-1 

4-6 Jeremiah CHICHESTER s of James (James James ) 

and Elizabeth DAVIS; bp 17 May 1730, 1st Church of Hunt- 
ington, N.Y.; by Rev. Ebenezer PRIME. He md Sarah 
BRUSH who was b 1684, dau of Thomas BRUSH and Sarah 
WICKES. Jeremiah left no will but his wife Sarah did. 
She d "a widow" 8 May 1739, naming her brother-in-law 
James CHICHESTER executor. He probated the will in 
Brookhaven, 17 May 1739. Ch of Jeremiah and Sarah: 

*5-10 Eliphalet CHICHESTER bp 23 Oct 1737, Huntington, N.Y; 
d 7 Feb 1804; md (1) Mary PINE; md (2) Mary CarmdTi 
OAKLEY; md (3) Mary Conklin SMITH 
5-11 Sarah CHICHESTER, reported to be the "idiot" dau of 

Jeremiah. The town voted funds to care for her in 1742, 
1748, 1767. 

(See Long Island, N.Y. Biography and Genealogy vol 66 p 207; 
Prime's Ch Rec. of Huntington, N.Y,) 

4-8 Ephraim CHICHESTER s of James ' (James " James ) 

and Elizabeth DAVIS; md 27 Apr 1740, in 1st Presbyter- 
ian Church, Huntington, N.Y; t'O Jerusha ROGERS who d 
in her 19th year, 16 June 1742, of a hemorrhage, and 
was bur in the Old Northport Cemetery. She was the dau 
of Thomas ROGERS and his wife Phto^e. Thomas ROGERS d 
24 Feb 1754, in the 61st year of his age. (Dates from 
headstones in Northport Cem.) 
Ch of Ephraim and Jerusha: 

5-13 Ephraim CHICHESTER b ab out 1742 

Ephraim md (2) 16 June 1745, Meribah OAKES , dau of Isaac 

OAKES. Meribah Oakes CHICHESTER was a widow 9 Nov 1752 

when she gave Zeb BUNCE eighty four pounds fifteen schill- 
ings. Ch of Ephraim and Meribah: 

5-14 Elizabeth CHICHESTER bp 4 May 1746, Huntington, N.Y. 
5-15 Jerusha CHICHESTER bp 11 Sept 1748; md 10 Jxine 1768, 
to Abraham JARVIS 

It will be noted that whereas before this time baptisms 
were usually of adults, that now they are being perform- 


ed more nearly at the time of birth. This no doubt 
reflects the growth in the population, making the serv- 
ices of a regular minister possible. 

(See Huntington Town Records; Church Records; New York 
Historical Soc. v 28; National Daus Founders & Patriots 
of America.) 

3-1 2-1 1-1 
4-9 Daniel CHICHESTER, s of James (James James ) 

and Elizabeth DAVIS; b in Huntington, N.Y. but moved 

to Connecticut before 1722. In Stamford, Conn. 4 May 

1722 he md Abigail BISHOP. The ceremony was performed 

by Rev. Joseph BISHOP. Abigail was b 10 Mar 1697, dau 

of Benjamin BISHOP and Susanna PIERSON. (Susanna was the 

dau of Rev. Abraham PIERSON, the first president of Yale 

University. ) 

Daniel and Abigail were admitted to the church in New 
Canaan, Conn., 6 Aug 1749, recommended by a Mr. Strong 
of Stanwich, Conn. (New Canaan Ch Recs. vol 1) By a 
deed from his father, James, Daniel had a contingent 
inheritance in Huntington should his brother Ephraim 
die without issue. 

In 1749, at a cost of 101 pounds, Daniel purchased 
a home in New Canaan that had been built three years 
before by a Mr. Timothy DELAVAN. There were about forty 
five acres of land with it, the house and property being 
known as Cherry Brook. The house was built of field 
stone and had walls three feet thick. Years later a 
clap board siding was added> Tthe original house served 
succeeding generations down to the present day. 

In 1762 Daniel deeded the home to his son Daniel "for 
love," reaerving the south -part of the home for himself 
and his wife for their natural lives. Three years later, 
after Daniel's death, Daniel Jr. sold the house and land 
back to his m«. ther for 100 pounds and sold the northern- 
most fifteen c -ires for fifty one pounds ten schillings, 
selling this p .reel to his sons Abraham and Dav i(S. 

The exact date of Daniel's death is not recorded, but 
occurred sometime between 1762 and 1765. In his "Visit- 
ations" or 1772, Rev. William DRUMMOND said that Abigail 
was a widow. Abigail d 17 Mar 1807, in Ridgefield, Conn. 

Ch of this family, all b in Stamford District, Conn: 

*5-16 Abraham CHICHESTER b 5 Aug 1725; md Jerusha STEVENS 
5-17 Abigail CHICHESTER b 28 Apr 1727; md 31 Nov 1747, to 

5-18 Jemimah CHICHESTER md 1 Jan 1750, to John STEWARD 
5-19 Susannah CHICHESTER b 21 Dec 1733; d 23 July 1852, in 
Pratt sburg, Steuben, N.Y; md in New Canaan, Conn., 
29 Mar 1756, to Jonathan KELLOGG who was b 1730 or 33, 


of Norwalk, Conn. Their ch b in New Canaac, Conn: 

CU Abigail KELLOGG bp 16 Jan 1757; md 6 Oct 1799 

(2) Asahel KELLOGG bp 4 Feb 1759; md 30 Sept 
1778, Ann FINCH 

(3) Jonathan KELLOGG bp 3 Aug 1760 

(4) Enoch KELLOGG bp 2 Dec 1761; d 30 Nov 1842, 
Wales, N.Y; md 21 Apr 1791, Elizabeth WOOD 

(5) Susannah KELLOGG bp 2 Oct 1763; d 22 May 1824; 
md Jonathan WOOD 

(6) Elizabeth KELLOGG bp 9 Feb 1766; md 14 Jan 
1795, Benjamin WOOD 

(7) Stephen KELLOGG bp 16 Apr 1770; md 11 Aug 
1791, Sarah MILLER 

(8) Daniel KELLOGG bp 21 Feb 1773; d 24 Oct 
1833; md Mary CHILDS 

(9) Sarah KELLOGG bp 26 Feb 1775; md 14 Feb 1802, 

(Descendants of this family can be found in the book, "The 
Kelloggs in the Old World and the New.") 

5-20 Daniel CHICHESTER b 6 Apr 1738; md 12 June 1764, in 
Ridgefield, Fairfield, Conn., to Rachel ROBERTS who d 17 
Marl807 in Ridgefield, Conn. There were no children born 
to this union. Daniel was active in civic affairs and was 
a true patriot. . He was one of 37 signers of a petition 
2 Jan 1782, remonstrating against allowing "Tories" who had 
served in the British forces to return as citizens of either 
town. (Hist, of Stamford by Rev. Huntington, p 256.) 
Daniel and Rachel were dismissed from New Canaan Church in 
1786 to move to Ridgefield, Conn. , where they remained. He 
d 5 Dec 1810. 

5-21 James CHICHESTER b 18 Dec 1740; d 7 Jan 1750/1 

(See New Canaan, Conn., Ch recs; Stamford, Conn., Reg.) 

-i_2 2-1 1-1 
4-10 David CHICHESTER, s of David (James James ) 

and Alice; b probably in Huntington, Suffolk, N.Y; md 

md Alice BAYLEY (BALES) of Huntington. David owned land 

in Huntington and his children were born there: 

*5-22 David CHICHESTER bp 20 Dec 1724; d 5 Mar 1764; md 

Sarah LEWIS 
*5-23 Elizabeth CHICHESTER bp 9 Oct 1726; d 15 Oct 1769, 

ae 43; md Obadiah SMITH Jr. 

(Ref: Nellie Ritch SCUDDER Collection; Huntington Ch Recs.) 

3-2 2-1 
4-11 Samuel CHICHESTER (CHIDESTER) s of David (James 


James ~ ) and Alice; b in Huntington, Suffolk, N.Y; 
md 17 Dec 1719, in Simsbury, Hartford, Conn., to Mahabel 
TULLER (or TULLEN, given name also written Mabel and 
Mehitable.) She was b 22 Feb 1698/9 in Simsbury, Conn; 
dau of John TULLER and Elizabeth CHASE. 

An adventurous young man, Samuel was evidently attract- 
ed to the prospering copper mines of Simsbury, Conn., 
where he met and married his wife. By the year 1722, 
he had enough capitol to buy property in nearby Water- 
bury, Hartford Co. 

On 30 Sept 1726, he and his brother William jointly 
sold land, Samuel listing himself as "of Waterbury" and 
William as "of Wallingford, New Haven, Conn.," and both 
men signing their names as "CHIDESTER." Samuel also 
bought land of John HOUGH, 31st Jan 1732/3, signing this 
deed also as "CHIDESTER." 

In 1735, Mabel appeared in court to receive an inherit- 
ance from her father's estate. Sometime after this date 
the CHIDESTER family moved to Roxbury, Morris Co., New 

There is no apparent record of Samuel's death, but 
Mabel (Mahabel TULLER) CHIDESTER, widow, died there 27 
Mar, 1761; her son Samuel was the executor of her estate. 
(Indenture and Inventory rec. from State of New Jersey, 
State Library, Trenton, N.J.) 

Known ch of Samuel and Mahabel CHIDESTER: 

*5-24 Andrew CHIDESTER b 18 Oct 1720, Simsbury, Hartford, Conn; 

md Susannah ; (Simsbury Vr VTM 3 p 261) 

*5-25 Samuel CHIDESTER Jr. bp 30 May 1729, Waterbury, New Haven, 

Conn; md Mary TITMAN (Wat. VR vol 1 p 289) 

(See Rev. Wood Ch Rec. Sims; Sims VR; Hist of Waterbury.) 

4-12 William CHIDESTER s of David CHICHESTER^"^ (James^""*" 
James^"!) and Alice: d 11 July 1756, recorded at Fort 
Hoosic (now Williamstown) Berkshire, Mass; md 13 Jan 
1726, Eunice HOLLISTER, dau of Capt. Stephen HOLLISTER 
and Abigail TREAT. 

Eunice was md (1) 23 Dec 1714, to Jonathan SEYMOUR and 
had ch: Eunice, Jerusha, Lois, Martha and Eliakim. 
After Jonathan's death Eunice, on 5 Oct 1725, was granted 
guardianship of the children, but soon after her marriage 
to William CHIDESTER, the brothers and sisters of Jon- 
at han SEYMOUR petitioned the court to appoint new guard- 
ianships, saying that "said Eunice" was now married to 
one "William CHITESTER, a poor, shiftless man, and the 
children are in a suffering condition." Accordingly, 
three of the children were placed with the Robert BOOTH 


family of Farmington, Conn. , and two of them were given 
to their aunt, Mercy Seymour HUBBARD in Middletown, Conn. 

Ch of William and Eunice, all b in Wallingford, N.H. 

5-26 Rachel CHIDESTER (twin) b 8 Msy 1727; md 10 Nov 1754, 

John BOURNE (The 1907 Holland Society Year Book, p 7 

lists marriages of Albany Church, 10 Nov 1754, "after three 

banns, John Bourne ym, and Rachel CHIDESTER, yd both of 

Fort Hoosick, Mass., at Hoosick.) 
5-27 Nathaniel CHIDESTER (twin) b 8 May 1727; probably d 

5-28 Elsie or Allies CHIDESTER b 17 June 1728; md 24 Apr 

1747, Aaron THOMAS 
*5-29 William CHIDESTER b 11 Aug 1729; d 16 Jvine 1766; md 

Esther CARTER 
5-30 Mary CHIDESTER b 2 Jan 1730; d 2 May 1750, Wallingford, 

5-31 Jonathan CHIDESTER b 4 May 1732; d 31 Mar 1744, ae 

12, in Cornwall, Litchfield, Conn, 
5-32 James CHIDESTER b 1734; d 11 July 1756, Fort Hoosic, 


When the complete story of William CHIDESTER is known 
it is difficult to understand the bitterness and jealousy 
with which the Seymours viewed him at the t ime of his 
marriage. True, he was young to undertake such a heroic 
task as the raising of such a large, made-to-order family. 
And he had been rather itinerant, but he was not without 

As early as 2 Nov 1723, he sold property in Walling- 
ford, listing himself as "of Farmington." In 1726 he and 
his brother, Samuel, sold property jointly in Waterbury. 

KLs interests, up to this time, had been rather scatter- 
ed, but he was a man of property . 

William and Eunice remained in Wallingford until some 
time after 1734, when they moved to Cornwall, Litchfield 
Co. Land transactions there were made in 1740 and 1742. 
William also owned and operated the "CHICHESTER" ferry 
near Cornwall Bridge, across the Hoosatonic river. The 
fares he could charge were regulated by law and were: 

for man, horse and load one pence 

footman half penny 

led horse three farthings 

ox or other neat kine one pence 

sheep, swine or goats one farthing. 
By 1751, the fare, by law, was increased to: 

each man, horse and load three pence 


ox, cow or horse three pence 
single person, sheep or swine half pence 

In 1742 William sold a substantial piece of property in 
Cornwall to Josiah ROBINSON for two hundred pounds.. 
William was quite a financier and was rather a wealthy man 
by the time he was 50 years of age. 

He was, however, first and foremost, a pioneer with 
new frontiers always beckoning. In 1753 he sold his Corn- 
wall holdings to his son William for 2,500 pounds "old tenor 
money" and left Cornwall. He and several other Connect- 
icut men had learned of a new land opening up. It was in 
the mountainous northwest corner of Massachusetts — a front- 
ier just west of Fort Massachusetts and directly on the 
firing line of the French and Indian troubles. 

William bought two lots in what was called West Hoosic 
(the name is spelled in the records variously as Hoosic, 
Hoosac, and Hoosick.) It lay on the river bank west of the 
Fort, a vulnerable spot indeed, for it was at the river 
crossing that separated Massachusetts from the wilds reach- 
ing up into Canada. The developer presumed that the new 
settlers would be protected by the soldiers at the Fort, 
but such was not to be the case. The Massachusetts sold- 
iers considered the Connecticut people, to whom the land 
had been sold, to be interlopers. There was a skirmish 
with the Indians and trouble all along the line. Some 
Dutch settlers a ways away, and others were given sanctuary 
at the Fort, but the people from West Hoosic were refused 
ammunition, food and shelter. T hey were given to under- 
stand that they were on their own. 

As a result, in Oct. 1754, William drew up a petition 
for th e building and maintenance of a fq^t that would pro- 
tect the community and sent it to the provincial govern- 
ment in Boston. No action was taken. The feud between the 
Fort and the settlement became more intense and the Indian 
troubles more bothersome. 

January 1, 1756, William drew up another petition, ask- 
ing that he be allowed to build a blockhouse for the pro- 
tection of t he community. He carried it himself, travel- 
ing Indian style, on foot and stealthily, to avoid attract- 
ing attention from hostile forces. He presented his peti- 
tion and argued for it until he was able to return with a 
commission of Sergeant and an agreement that if he and his 
companions would donate the land and erect a blockhouse by 
the first of March it would be recognized and a detachment 
of ten soldiers would be assigned to help guard it. The 
clinching argument had been that, situated as it was, in 
the mountain draw at the river crossing, it was a much more 
ideal place for defense of the province than the original 
fort was. 


On his return, William could only find three other men 
who were willing to undertake such a task. In the dead 
of winter and with a frenzied determination, William and 
his three companions completed the task i n the allotted 
time, using William's lot #6 and the next one to it, #8, 
which was donated to him by Capt. Williams, the originator 
of the town project. The town now bears the name Williams- 
town in honor of this founder. 

All went well with the CHIDESTER family for a time. 
Tensions between the fort and the people of the blockhouse 
eased. That is, until 11 July 1756. All had been fairly 
quiet on the front. Then cattle began disappearing. Will- 
iam and his son James, with Capt. CHAP IN, went out to hunt 
for some missing cows. They were ambushed by Indians and 
killed. William and his son died instantly, but Capt. 
CHAP IN was just wounded. The Indians dragged him away, 
tortured and scalped him. It was two days later before 
men could be sent from the fort to retrieve and bu ry the 

Today, the site of William's blockhouse is a spacious 
field alongside the Williamsburg College and is used as a 
park. Near the road is a huge granite boulder bearing a 
plaque honoring William who pioneered there, his son James 
and Capt. Chapin who died with him, 

(See: Williamstown, The First Two Hundred Years, R. R. 
Brooks, 1953; Cong. Church Records, New Haven VR; 
Families of Ancient New Haven, Jacobus; Origins of Williams- 
town, A. L. Perry; Barbour Collection VR) 


4-5 3-1 2-1 

5-2 Ebenezer CHICHESTER, s of James (James James 

Jamesl"!) and Ruth ; md 25 Apr 1734, in Hunting- 
ton, N.Y., to Ruth WHITMAN, dau of J oseph WHITMAN and 
Hannah. She d 11 Jan 1750/1. 

Ebenezer was a cordwainer (shoemaker,) His will, 
dated 25 Dec 1749, was probated 11 Nov 1750. In it he 
names his wife Ruth, father James, cousin BenjaminLESTER. 
He mentions putting his sons out to trade (apprentice,) 
speaks of four sons but names only three, one either al- 
ready been taken care of or having died. 

Ch b in Huntington, N.Y: 

6-1 Ruth CHICHESTER bp 21 Dec 1735 

*6-2 Ebenezer CHICHESTER bp 18 Oct 1741; md Phebe 

6-3 Mordecai CHICHESTER bp 3 Feb 1744/5. Named in grand- 
father's will. 
6-4 Joseph CHICHESTER bp 11 Jan 1746. 

(Ref. Will, Liber 17 p 298, N.Y; Hunt. Ch Rec; Nat'l Soc Daus 
of Founders and Patriots of America.) 

4-5 3-1 2-1 

5-6 Jeremiah CHICHESTER, s of James (James James 

James 1) and Ruth; bp 17 May 1730, Huntington 1st Ch, 
Suffolk, Co., N.Y; was not mentioned in his father's 
will 1769; md Ruth ; and had ch: 

*6-5 Sylvanus CHICHESTER b 12 May 1739; bp 24 June 1739, Hunt- 
ington, L.I; d 15 May 1828, ae 89 yrs 3 d (cemetery recs) 
md Catherine NOSTRAND 

*6-4g Timothy CHICHESTER, although not named in the grandfather's 
will, was probably the s of Jeremiah CHICHESTER. He, with 
Sylvanus, Eliphalet and Ebenezer, was a signer of the 
Association iti Huntington 8 May 1775, pledging never to 
become slaves and to uphold the constitution. He was also 
listed at that time as capable of b earing arms. He was 
md in Huntington, 7 Oct 1761, to Sarah WOOD or WARD. 

xnere may have been another Jeremiah CHICHESTER living in Hunt- 
ington at the same time, but to all appearances it was this same 
Jeremiah who received a discharge as follows: 

Capt. George LeHUNTE Esq 

Commanding His Majesty's 80th Regim. 

These are to Certify that the Bearer hereof Jeremiah 
CHICHESTER Soldier in the 80th Regiment and in Captain 
James Graves Company, Born in Long Island in the province 
of New York, hath served honestly and faithfully for the 
space of three years, and the time for which he Inlisted 
for being expired is hereby Discharged, he having first 
received the just demands of pay Clothing & fr om his en- 


try in the said Regiment the date of this Discharge as 
appears by his Receipt on the back hereof 

Given by my hand at Camp before Detroit the 11th day 
of Sept 1764 


The endorsement on the back: 

I Jeremiah CHICHESTER Do Acknowledge, 

Jeremiah X , Chichester 

As a result of this service, after having made requests 
and being issued various warants, Jeremiah was awarded 
land in Charlotte County, adjoining the north bounds of 
the township of Hyde. It may have been that his removal 
to the mainland accounted for the omission in his father's 
will. He had signed a release and disclaimer to Queen's 

Village, 27 Oct 1735. 

(Ref: N.Y. Colonial Mss. Indorsed land papers vol 35 p 51; 
Huntington Ch Recs; Wills; 

5-10 Eliphalet CHICHESTER, s of Jeremiah^"^ (James ""'" 

James2~-'-jamesl-l) and Sarah BRUSH; bp 23 Oct 1737, Hunt- 
ington, N.Y; d 7 Feb 1804, Huntington, N.Y; md ( 1) 
11 Sept 1758, in Huntington, N.Y. , Mary PINE who was bp 
29 May 1737, Huntington, N.Y; dau of James PINE of Hemp- 
stead, N.Y., and Mary BRUSH; and had ch b in Huntington, 

6-6 James Pine CHICHESTER bp 26 Aug 1759; md (1) 2 Apr 1782, 
in Huntington, N.Y. , to Rebecca HARRISON, probably dau of 
Nathaniel PIARRISON. She d 18 Oct 1795, of yellow fever. 
James md (2) 28 Mar 1799 in the Dutch Reformed Church 
at Flatbush, N.Y. , Mrs. Fanny HAVENS. 
6-7 Abigail CHICHESTER bp 7 June 1759/60; d 18 Jan 1843; md 
Josiah SMITH 
*6-8 Ebenezer CHICHESTER b 5 May 1763; bp 10 July 1763; d 31 

Aug 1840; md Keziah KETCHAM 
*6-9 Eliphalet CHICHESTER Jr. bp 5 Feb 1764/5; d 5 Dec 1811 
ae 47; md Mary (Polly) NOSTRAND. 

Eliphalet md (2) 23 May 1765, Mrs. Margaret Carmen OAKL^ 
EY, widow of Nathaniel OAKLEY. She d 11 Sept 1793. 
Ch of Eliphalet Sr. and Margaret: 

6-10 Mary (Polly) CHICHESTER bp 11 May 1766; d 20 Mar 1846, 
ae 80, in Huntington, N.Y; md 23 Sept 1788, in West Hills, 
Huntington, N.Y,, by Rev. Wm. SCHENK, to Oliver BAYLIS 


who was b 1765; d 11 July 1821, in Huntington. This 
couple had a son, Timothy BAYLIS b 1807, in Huntington; 
md in 1830, to Susanna NOSTRAND. He d 1870. 

6-11 Elizabeth (Betsy) CHICHESTER bp 15 Sept 1773; d 21 

Aug 1812, ae 38 yrs 11 mos 5 days; md 26 Feb 1801, Alex- 
ander SMITH of Cow Harbour. Md by Rev. Wm. SCHENK. 

6-3.2 Rebecca CHICHESTER bp 6 July 1761; md 1 Sept 1800, in 
Huntington, N.Y. to David KETCHAM 

6-13 Phoebe (Phebe) CHICHESTER; md in Huntington, 7 Dec 1780 
ti Elias BAYLEY (BALIS) 

6-14 Sarah (Sally) CHICHESTER bp 10 May 1772, by Rev. John 
CLOSE. Unm. 
^ 6-15 Margaret CHICHESTER bp 27 Jan 1771, 1st Church, Hunt- 
ington. She was still living, unm, ae 80 in Huntington 
at the time of the 1850 census. 
*6-16 Nathaniel CHICHESTER d 11 Dec 1848; md 21 Jan 1802 to 
Phebe PLATT 

6-17 John CHICHESTER d 11 Sept 1793, in Huntington, unm. 

Like his forbears, Eliphalet CHICHESTER , known as "The 
Elder," was a man of high principle who suited his actions 
to his words. A fisherman by trade, it was probably when 
he had to post a five hundred pound bond in order to obtain 
a license to marry Mary PINE that he began to take note of 
laws that he would later rebel against. The bond stated 
that he was : 

. " . . firmly bound unto our Sovereign Lord George - by 
the Grace of God, of Great Britain - Ireland, King, 
Defender of the faith &c in the sum of Five Hundred 
Pounds, current money of the Province of New York, is to 
be paid to his Majesty or his Heirs and Successors; For 
the which payment well and tr^iLy to be made, and done, We 
do bind Ourselves, and each of us, our and each of our 
Heirs, Executors, and Administratories, and ev ery of 
them firmly by these Presents. Sealed with our Seale, 
Dated the 7th Day of September in tiie year of his said 
Majesty's Reign, Anoque Domini 1758. 


That whereas the above bounded Eliphalet CHICHESTER 
hath obtained a License of Marriage for himself of the 
one party and Mary PINE of Suffolk County, Spinster, of 
the other party. Now if it shall not appear hereafter 
that they or either of them the said Eliphalet CHICHESTER 
and Mary PINE have any lawful Let or Impediment of 
Pre-contract, Affinity, or Consanguinity to hinder their 
being joined in the Holy bonds of Matrimony, and after- 


wards their living together as Man and Wife, then this 
Obligation to be void and of none respect, or else to 
stand, remain, abide, and be in full force and Virtue. 

Signed: Eliphalet CHICHESTER 

After such a binding contract no one could afford to 
change one's mind, have an accident or let anything inter- 
fere. Fortunately Eliphalet and Mary were married four 
days later. 

It was just such exhorbitant demands as this that light- 
ed the freedom fires. This particular one accounts for 
the absence of confirmation of many marriages, especially 
in the colonies of Virginia, New Jersey and New York where 
magistrates and governors were adamant in enforcing such 
monetary demands , 

Conditions did not improve; they only got more so, until 
in 1775, Eliphalet was one of the first signers of the 
Association Against England, which was a pledge to refuse 
any assistance to the authority of the King of England. He, 
Eliphalet, was a Minute Man and ready to back his words 
with action. A regiment was raised in Long Island to oppose 
the British authority. Eliphalet was a private in Capt. 
John WICK'S Company, Col. Josiah SMITH'S Regt. , Suffolk Co., 

Opposition to Great Britain was so strong in Huntington, 
that after the British won the Battle of Brooklyn, a detach- 
ment of soldiers was stationed at Huntington to control the 
rebellious population. 

Huntington Harbour offered a convenient spring board to 
the continent. Connecticut and Massachusetts, hotbeds of 
revolutionaries, lay just across the Sound, making Long 
Island a strategic point of operation for t he British. The 
town was subjected to the most ruthless treatment. Prop- 
erty was confiscated, cattle and provisions seized, and 
the people left in an impoverished condition. Those that 
remained were forced to sign an Oath of Loyalty, which in- 
cluded a declaration that they had surrendered all arms to 
the British. 

Many men escaped to Connecticut to join the revolutionary 
forces. Some were able to take their families, Eliphalet 
was one of them. Having earned the reputation with the 
British of being "the worst rebel of the lot," he was able 
to escape detection and to evacuate his family to Strat- 
ford, Connecticut, in 1776. He had been active, and would 
continue to be, in underground activities, smuggling arms 
and ammunition across the Sound to the Continental Army, 
carrying them at night in small boats. (See "Refugees of 


1776 From Long Island," by F . G, Mather) 

It was at this time and under these circumstances that 
the "Peace and Plenty" was being used by the British as 
an "Ordinary" and the CHICHESTERS were forced to entertain 
them. However, this very fact gave Eliphalet the power 
to serve the revolutionary movement so successfully. His 
trade of fisherman, knowing all the coves and island accesses 
so well, provided the means of delivery of messages, mat- 
erials and refugees. He was indeed a patriot. No wonder 
the British hated and feared him! 

In the "Public Records of the State of New York," 
vol 3 p 220, is recorded: 

At a meeting of the Governor and Council of Safety 
at Hartford, the 2nd Day of November 1780, Upon the Mem- 
orial of Margery SQUIER, Philon BEARDSLEY, and a woman 
whose name is CHITESTER, all of Stratford, praying for 
liberty to go under a flag to Long Island where their 
husbands are, and to carry with them such of their chil- 
dren as shall be thought proper; Resolved that General 
STILLMAN be directed and authorized to grant a flag to 
carry over to Long Island the memorialists and their chi- 
ldren, as prayed for, at their own expense. 

Mth this, the CHICHESTERS were back home in Huntington, 

(Ref: Huntington Ch Recs; Dutch Reformed Ch of Flatbush, 
Long Island; Nat'l Society of Daus of Founders and 
Patriots of America; other refs as listed.) 

5-16 Dr. Abraham CHICHESTER, s of Daniel"^" (James"^" 
Jaines2-ljamesl-l) and Abigail BISHOP; b 5 Aug 1725, 
Stamford, Fairfield, Conn; d 25 Oct 1807, New Canaan, 
Fairfield, Conn; md (1) 5 Nov 1752, by Rev John EYELS 
in Stamford, Conn., to Jerusha STEVENS who was b 21 
Sept 1725, New Canaan, Conn; d 23 Sept 1790, ae 67, in 
New Canaan, Conn; dau of David STEVENS and Jerusha HOYT. 
Abraham and Jerusha were admitted into t he Church in 
New Canaan, 2 Dec 1753, reaffirmed 6 Nov 1774. Their 

6-18 Martha CHICHESTER b 10 Sept 1753, Stamford Dist. , Conn; 

bp 2 Dec 1753; md (1) 4 Jan 1786, by Rev. Justice MITCHELL, 

to Benjamin WARREN; md (2) 8 Nov 1792, to Peter BROWN 
*6-19 Abraham CHICHESTER b 8 Sept 1755; bp 9 Nov 1755; d 2 

Oct 1823; md Mary ARNOLD 
*6-20 David CHICHESTER b 26 Aug 1757; bp 4 Sept 1757; d 17 

Nov 1803, in Fairfield, Conn; md Mary NICHOLS 
*6-21 Nathaniel (Nathan) CHICHESTER b 28 Nov 1759; bp 9 Dec 

1759 ; md Theodosia WEBB 
6-22 Jerusha CHICHESTER b 4 Feb 1762; bp 4 Apr 1762; md (1) 



10 Nov 1797, to David WARREN (brother to Benjamin 
above) and had ch: 

(1) Nathaniel WARREN 

(2) Cynthia WARREN 

Jerusha md (2) David WEED and had a dau: 

(3) Betsy WEED 

6-23 Samuel CHICHESTER b 1 Sept 1765; bp 3 Dec 1767, in 

New Canaan, Conn. (VR vol 1 p 37) . Samuel does not appear 

in the census of 1772 so probably d young 
6-24 Mary CHICHESTER bp 1 Jan 1769, New Canaan, Conn. She 

does not appear in the 1772 census. 
*6-25 Stephen CHICHESTER b 26 Aug 1770; bp 14 Oct 1770, New 

Canaan, Conn; d 14 Nov 1842, New Canaan, Conn; md 

Betsey WEED 

Abraham md (2) 30 June 1791, to Mary ROCKWELL (New Canaan 
VR vol 1; Stamford Register, vol 1) 

Abraham was mentioned in his Uncle David BISHOP'S will 
14 Aug 1781, in Huntington, Long Island. (Vol 10, N.Y. 
Hist Soc Collection, p 160) He seems to have been very 
familiar with Huntington, the country and the families 
there, although he spent his life in Connecticut. A prom- 
inent doctor, he was known throughout the Connecticut 
countryside, serving the St amford to New Canaan area. 

He was chosen ruling Elder of the New Canaan Church 2 
Aug 1754, and was sent as a delegate to the Presbytery at 
Brookhaven, Suffolk, Long Island. 

He and his three eldest sons, Abraham, David and Nathan, 
served in the Revolution at the Battle of Ridgefield. One 
of the boys enlisted four different times. During the 
battle of Ridgefield, the youngest son, Stephen, ae 6, 
and his mother Jerusha had to hide in caves for safety. 

Abraham bought part of Cherry Brook, his father's home 
place, and established a fine home which his son Nathaniel 
succeeded to. His son David became the owner of the orig- 
inal David CHICHESTER home at Cherry Brook. T he Rev. Wra. 
DRUMMOND reported visiting in this home on Christmas Eve, 
1772, and meeting Abraham, David and their families there. 

(Ref: Stamford Registers to 182 5, vol 1; Commemorative 
Biographical Records, Fairfield Co., Conn; Stamford Reg- 
ister, vol 1; New Canaan VR vols 1 & 5. The births of the 
above children are recorded in Stamford (the district) but 
all baptisms are in New Canaan where the family was living) 

5-22 David CHICHESTER, s of David ~ (David James 
James^'J-) and Alice BALEY or BALES; bp 20 Dec 1724, 
Huntington, Suffolk, N.Y; d 5 Mar 1764, Huntington, N.Y; 
md 31 Jan 1749/50, in First Presbyterian Church, Hunt- 
ington, to Sarah LEWIS who was bp 16 Apr 1732, in Hunt- 



ington, N.Y; dau of Joseph LEWIS? and had ch: 

6-26 Mary CHICHESTER b 23 Feb 1751, Huntington, L.I; bp 
7 June 1751; md 16 Apr 1769, Gilbert BRYANT who was bp 
9 May 1744, Huntington; s of Augustine BRYANT. They 
had ch b in Huntington, N.Y: 

(1) David Chichester BRYANT bp 9 Dec 1770; md Ruth 


(2) Augustine BRYANT bp 13 Dec 1772; md in 1805, 


(3) Gilbert BRYANT who md 22 Oct 1805, Mary CONKLIN 
6-27 Abraham CHICHESTER bp 7 July 1754; d 12 Dec 1771, Hunt- 
ington, N.Y; md Sarah SAMMIS. His will 2 Dec 1771, leaves 
all his property to his wife Sarah and makes no mention 

of children. It was proved 9 Oct 1780. (N.Y. Hist. Coc. 

Collections, vol 33 p 144) 
6-28 Jemimah CHICHESTER 
6-29 Abigail CHICHESTER bp 7 June 1761 
^ 6-30 David CHICHESTER bp 15 Jan 1764; 

The will of David CHICHESTER, 17 Feb 1764, (Liber 24 
p 330, N.Y.) mentions his father-in-law Joseph LEWIS, 
wife Sarah, his brot her-in-law Ob SMITH, dau Mary and 
son Abraham. It was proved 14 Mar 1764. This would 
indicate that th e last three children were dead by 
that time. 

Sarah LEWIS md (2) 11 Dec 1766, Matthew BUNCE . 

5-23 Elizabeth CHICHESTER, dau of David^'"-'-^ (David"^'^ 
James2-ljamesl-l) and Alice BAYLEY or BALES; b 1726,; 
d 15 Oct 1769, ae 43; md 19 Jan 1747/8, in Huntington, 
N.Y. (actually, that part of Huntington known as Smith- 
town) to Obadiah SMITH who was b 1 Mar 1720/1; d 20 
June 1794; s of Obadiah SMITH and Susannah STEPHENS. 
Their ch: 

6-31 William SMITH b 10 Sept 1751; d 27 Jan 1791; md Cather- 
ine SMITH who was b 18 Feb 1753; dau of Joseph SMITH and 
Sarah SAXTON. They had ch: 

CD Sarah SMITH who md Samuel W. SMITH 

(2) Elizabeth SMITH, md Gershom SMITH 

(3) William SMITH, d 1834; md Mary 

(4) Catherine SMITH, md Mr. BOYCE 

(5) Samuel SMITH 

(6) Rachel SMITH md Julius ASK 

(7) Josiah SMITH b 28 Aug 1784; d 1 May 1852; md 

, Mary COBB 

(8) Jacob SMITH 


6-32 Samuel SMITH b 25 June 1753; d 27 Jan 1791; md 29 
Jan 1783, Susannah BLYDENBURGH, who was b 5 Apr 1761; 
d 19 Sept 1850; dau of William BLYDENBURGH and Mary ARTHUR. 
Their ch: 

(1) Mary SMITH b 18 Apr 1784; d 30 Dec 1848; md 26 

Jan 1804, Ebenezer SMITH 

(2) Thomas SMITH 

(3) Samuel Prior SMITH b 2 Sept 1738; d 24 Nov 1840; 

6-33 David SMITH b 4 Sept 1755; d 7 Apr 1835; md 22 May 
1778, Martha MILLS who was b 11 May 1760; d 10 Aug 
1826; dau of Jonas MILLS and Abigail MILLS . Their ch: 

(1) Jonas Mills SMITH b 14 Mar 1779; d 8 Mar 1848; md 

(1) Joanna MAPES; md (2) Sarah ASH 

(2) Ebenezer SMITH b 8 Dec 1782; d 6 Feb 1853; md 26 

Jan 1804, Mary SMITH, his cousin. No ch 
C3) Elizabeth SMITH b 24 July 1784; d 16 Aug 1794 

(4) Thomas SMITH b 19 Oct 1785; md Esther ARTHUR 

(5) Obadiah SMITH b 10 Feb 1788; d 10 Sept 1852; md 

12 May 1808, Rebecca SMITH, his cousin, who was b 

11 Feb 1788; d 6 Mar 1846. 
6-34 Lucius SMITH b 9 Nov 1758; d 19 July 1839; md 11 Aug 
1783, Dorcas GILDERSLEEVE who was b 2 Sept 1765; d 31 Aug 
1848; dau of Thomas W. GILDERSLEEVE and Rebecca ROGERS. 
Their ch: 

(1) Esther SMITH b 9 June 1784; d 1 Jan 1815; md 14 

May 1805, Rowland SEAMAN 

(2) Charity SMITH b 22 Feb 1786; d 8 June 1832; md 

26 Jan 1806, Henry Jarvis BRUSH 
C31 Rebecca SMITH b 11 Feb 1788; d 6 Mar 1846; md 12 

Nov 1808, to her cousin, Obadiah SMITH 
C4) Moses SMITH b 28 Sept 1792; d 19 Sept 1846; md 

9 Oct 1846, Keziah STAGE 
C5) Hannah SMITH b 14 Oct 1795; d 9 June 1824; md 2 
Jan 1816, Piatt VAIL 
6-35 Jotham SMITH b 22 Aug 1761; d young 
6-36 Elizabeth SMITH b 6 July 1767; d young. 

Obadiah SMITH md (2) 20 Sept 1774, Sarah . In his 

will, 27 June 1790, proved 9 July 1794, Obadiah makes 
his three sons, William, David and Lucius and the child- 
ren of his deceased son Samuel, all equal residuary heirs 
of his estate. 

(Ref: VR recs of Huntington, L.I; Wills.) 

5-24 Andrew CHIDESTER (CHICHESTER) (note change in the spell- 
ing of the name) s of Samuel CHICHESTER^-H (David3-2 
James2-ljamesl-l) and Mahabel TULLER; b 18 Oct 1720, 


Simsbury, Hartford, Conn; d in Morristown, Morris Co., 
New Jersey; md Susannah . His known ch: 

6-37 Moses CHITESTER. In a court case in Newtovm, Fairfield, 
Conn., Moses stated that he was the son of Andrew, son 
of Samuel, son of David, son of James of Huntington in 
Suffolk, in the province of New York; b 7 Aug 1743 (See 
Newtown, Fairfield, Conn. VR Vol 1 pp 13 & 517) 

Moses was probably born in New Jersey b ut returned to 
Connecticut as a young man and bought his first proper- 
ty in Newtown 3 Oct 1763. On 15 Dec 1763, in Newtown, he 
md Cybel CABOT, dau of John and Mabel CABOT. She was 
listed as "of Milford" althoug h her parents were living 
in Farmington, Conn. (See marriage Rec of Newtown, vol 8) 
In the Huntington, Fairfield, Conn., census of 1790, Moses 
is recorded as having 1 male over 16 , 3 males under 16 
and 5 females. The names have not been foxind. He does 
not seem to be in Connecticut in 1800. 

*6-38 James CHIDESTER of Morris Co. , N.J; d ca 1820; md 
Peninah OGDEN 

*6-39 Phineas CHIDESTER b 13 July 1757; d 22 Apr 1814; md 
26 Mar 1780, Rebecca BYRAM. (His Bible records were 
published in National Genealogical Soc, Quarterly.) 

Andrew CHIDESTER was a weaver for a store in East Jersey 
from 1735 to 1746. The area is now known as Boundbrook, 
Somerset, N.J; He appears in the account books of Jacob 
JANEWAY, to wit: 

9 Oct 1747, Adam RHEMER's wife Katherine paid a debt 

to Susannah CHIDESTER 
1749/50 Andrew bought articles from Joseph MUNDAY 
(N.J. Archiv es v 30) 
Rough times hit the family in 1771 for Andrew was impris- 
oned for debt. A New Jersey newspaper reported: 

"Pursuant to an order of the inferior court of common 
pleas held at Morristown in and for the County of 
Morris, Notice is hereby given to the respective 
creditors of William MOCKERIDGE, William THROCKMORTON 
and Andrew CHIDESTER, Insolvent Debtors now confined 
for debt in the Gaol of the County of Morris; that 
the said Creditors appear before Jacob FORD and Samuel 
TUTHILL, Esquires, two of the Judges of the said court 
on Wednesday the third day of February (1772) next at 
two o'clock in the afternoon at the courthouse in 
Morristown aforesaid, to show cause, if any they have, 
why the said prisoners should not be discharged from 
their imprisonment agreeable to the directions of a 
late act of the General Council and General Assembly 
of the providence of New Jersey, entitled. An Act 


For The Relief of Insolvent Debtors." (New Jer- 
sey Archives, 1st series, V28 p 371) 

The most coiranon cause of court action in New Jersey at 
this time was debt — the provincial governor really riding 
that hobby horse. It was no doubt to avoid such string- 
ent action that Moses decided to go back to Connecticut 
where life was freer and times not so hard. 

The children marked in this family as being carried for- 
ward will appear in a future publication. 

(Refs as noted.) 

5-25 Samuel CHIDESTER, s of Samuel^""'""'" (David^~^James^~"^ 
James ) and Mahabel TULLER; bp 30 Mar 1729, Waterbury, 
New Haven, Conn; md Mary TITMAN, dau of George TITMAN 
who, in his will dated 13 Feb 1792, made a bequest to 
his "daughter Mary CHIDERY." 
Their ch: 

*6-40 Eliphalet CHIDESTER b 12 Jan 1750, Morris Co., New Jer- 
sey; d 12 Feb 1821, ae 70 yrs 2 months, in Preston Co., 
Virginia; md Mary PENCE 

*6-41 Ephraim CHIDESTER b 1753, Morris Co., N.J; d 27 Mar 

1817; bur in Kendall, Stark, Ohio; md (1) 1778 or 1779, 
in Mt. Bethel, Wash., Pa., Isabella MARTIN; md (2) in 1811, 
to Mary HARTFORD. 

*6-42 William Jennings CHIDESTER b 1755, Morris Co., N.J: 

d 1803, in Cross Creek, Wash., Pa; md Margaret WILHELM 

*6-43 Silas Thomas CHIDESTER b 1760; d 16 Jan 1820, ae 59 yrs 
(cemetery record) in Harmonsburg, Wash., Pa; md Jane Clair 

The history of Hackettstown, Sussex, N.J. Presbyter- 
ian Church names Samuel "CHITESTER" as a member of a comm- 
ittee. Sept 1785, to raise funds to purchase a parson- 
age. In 1786 and 1788 he paid taxes and was living in 
Upper Mt. Bethel Twp. , Northampton Co., Pa. In 1792 he 
was again living on a farm four miles west of Hacketts- 
town, Sussex, (now Warren Co.,) New Jersey. 

May 7, 1779, Samuel CHIDESTER was executor of Obadiah 
AYERS will of Hardwick, N.J. (N.J. Archives vol 34 
P 25.) 

April 21, 1793, Samuel CHIDESTER witnessed the will of 
the wife of John BLOOM of Mansfield Twp. (N.J. Arch- 
ives vol 37 p 361) 

Mary CHIDESTER received 150 pounds from her father's 
estate, Georige TITMAN, of Knowlton Twp. Sussex, N.J. 
Will of 13 Feb 1792 


The children in this family that are marked as carried 
forward will appear in a future publication. 

(Ref : Wat VR; Family record of Mrs. Amanda Chidester 
Scott; fam Bible poss editor; refs as noted.) 

5-29 William CHIDESTER, s of William (David ~ James 

Jamesl'l) and Eunice HOLLISTER; b 11 Aug 1729, Wall- 
ingford. New Haven, Conn; d 16 June 1766, Williamstown, 
Berkshire, Mass; md Esther CARTER. Their ch: 

*6-44 William CHIDES 1ER b l757, Williamstown, Berks, Mass. 
(date from his bible record submitted with his pension 
application) declared by his mother t o be a minor under 
age 14 on 26 Aug 1766. He d in Canfield, Mahoning, Ohio, 
26 Feb 1813, ae 52. He md (1) Jan 1781, Chloe PECK; md (2) 
Martha DEAN 

6-45 Jonathan CHIDESTER, b 1759, Williamstown, Berks, Mass. 
By deposition of Elisha HIGGINS, his step-father, 30 Aug 
1768, Jonathan was said to be seven years of age at the 
death of his father. Jonathan grew up in Williamstown and 
enlisted there in the Continental Army, 1 May 1775. Massa- 
chusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the Revolution, 
vol 3, lists his service as " Jonathan CHIDESTER, Williams- 
town, Pvt. in Capt Abiather ANGEL's Co., Col, David BREWER'S 
Regt. Muster roll dated Aug 1, 1775, enlisted 1 May 1775, 
service three months one week; also Capt. J ohn WRIGHT'S 
Co., between Jan 21, 1777 and June 1778, by Truman WHEELER, 
Muster Master, enlistment three years or during the war; 
also known as CHETHSTER and Jonathan CHIDISTER, Pvt. 6th 
Co,, Col. John bailey's Regt., Continental Army pay accounts 
for service from May 18, 1777, to July 18, 1779; enlisted 
during war, reported died July 18, 1779; also Capt. Isaac 
warren's 6th Co., Col BAILEY 's Regt., return dated Camp 
Valley Forge, January 24, 1778. 

6-46 Mary CHIDESTER, said by Elisha HIGGINS in his deposition 
of 30 Aug 1768, to have been two years of age at her 
father's death in 1766. Elisha charged the estate for 
Mary's care, 4 pounds, 10 schillings in comparison to one 
pound ten for Jonathan for the same period. Inasmuch as 
t here is no further record of Mary it is possible that 
she died and the extra charge was for those expenses. 

William CHIDESTER ~ took over his father's holdings 
in Cornwall, Connecticut, in 1754, when William Sr. left 
to go to Fort Hoosic (now Williamstown,) Mass. He seems 
to have remained in Cornwall until his father's untimely 
death just two years later. William then made arrangements 
for the care of the property and, with his young wife 
Esther, went to Williamstown to care for his father's 
affairs there and to take care of his mother. Just ten 


years later he was to lose his own life in a skirmish with 
the Indians. It happened in this manner: 

There had been trouble with the Indians as long as the 
French came down from Canada to stir the natives up — the 
action known as the French and Indian War — until 1763 when 
the French withdrew their action against the English sett- 
lers and life on the frontier became a little easier. 

Almost immediately the pioneering blood of the English 
settlers began to stir anew and the adventurous among them 
began to look for new frontiers. Word got around that the 
valleys of the Susquehanna and Delaware rivers in Pennsyl- 
vania were very fertile and free for the taking. 

Nathaniel CARTER, William CHIDESTER's brother-in-law , 
with several other families went there to settle. They 
staked out their claims, planted their crops and began 
trapping; built their cabins and seemed to be fairly free 
of molestation from the Indians, although they main- 
tained a watchful sentry all the while. 

Late one September afternoon while Mr. CARTER and his 
oldest son and the other men of the settlement were busy 
building a cabin further in the woods, Mrs. CARTER and 
her daughter Elizabeth were gathering corn for supper. 
The sentry, no doubt feeling secure, left his post and went 
a few rods from the house to tend to some traps and was out 
of sight of the buildings. 

Elizabeth happened to glance up from her work in time to 
see war-painted Indians come out of the woods. She called 
out to her mother, but too late to save her. The Indians 
buried a tomahawk in the mother's head and then took Eliz- 
abeth with them to the cabin. The other women and child- 
ren of the settlement were in the building. One woman and 
a sixteen year old girl were sick. T he Indians tomahawked 
them, then picked the CARTER baby up and dashed its head 
against the wall. The other woman, Mrs. DIXON, the three 
CARTER children, Elizabeth, Sarah and Nathaniel, and three 
children of the other family were taken prisoner. 

Upon hearing the cries of the women, the sentry came 
running but could only get one shot off before he was killed, 
The Indians set fire to the cabin and other buildings and 
then travelled for three days before stopping. After they 
made camp, a war party of about 100 braves was dispatched 
back to the settlement to see what else they could do and 
to forestall pursuit. 

In the meantime, when Mr. CARTER and companions return- 
ed home and found the damage, they set about making up a 
posse to follow t he Indians and try to recapture the host- 
ages. It is not known how far reaching the alarm was nor 
how it was that William CHIDESTER became a member of the 
part y. Most likely there was a second attempt to recover 


the captives and to punish the miscreants, for Elizabeth 
CARTER reported later that it was about five or six days 
after their capture that the war party returned and dangl- 
ing from their belts were the scalps of Mr. CARTER and Mr. 
DIXON. Imagine the grief and despair of the prisoners when 
they saw that! 

It was the following July, 1766, that William CHIDESTER 
was reported dead in the pursuit somewhere in the vicinity 
of where Wilkes Barre, Pa., is now situated. William must 
have been gone on this mission all winter and have been 
given up for dead by his family and friends long before he 
was actually reported killed. 

Eventually, the band of Indians arrived at Niagara 
and there, after being persuaded by British officials 
under the leadership of Sir William JOHNSON, the children 
were ransomed — all, that is, except for Naithaniel CARTER, 
the boy. 

Somehow Nathaniel had attracted the love of the Indians 
and became their favorite. He enjoyed their sports and 
the attention he received and when he was given the chance 
t o return to his people the Indians refused to let him 
go and he, himself, elected to remain with them. He grew 
up as an Indian, married and had a family, but kept with 
him the family bible which somehow had been taken along. 
He read from it, taught his children to read and became 
an influential member of the tribe, sitting in their coun- 
cils and acting for t hem in conferences with the govern- 
ment. He ended his life on the reservation in Oklahoma 
with his Indian family. (Historical Sketches, J.M. Edwards, 
1884; Early Migrations to the Middle West and Massacres 
on the Frontier, Thos. G. Carter, Pres. S. Dakota Sons 
of American Revolution.) 

The next month after William's death was reported, his 
widow, Esther, appeared in probate court as Esther HIGGINS, 
wife of Elisha HIGGINS, to petition for the guardianship 
of her three children. 

Elisha had been a soldier stationed at Fort Massachu- 
setts and later at Fort Hoosic for a number of years and 
had acquired property there. He appeared as a signer of 
William CHIDESTER Sr.'s petition for the building of a 
blockhouse in West Hoosic. He had evidently been married, 
inasmuch as he brought two children to this new union: 
Josiah HIGGINS b 2 June 1762 
Hannah HIGGINS b ca 1765 

With his marriage to Esther CARTER CHIDESTER, Elisha took 
over the administration of the CHIDESTER estate. By the 
end of probate the property was all used up. In 1769 the 
two original CHIDESTER lots, #6 and #24, were sold by the 
state to the SEELYE b rothers. 

Very soon after guardianship was granted to Esther and 


Elisha, young William CHIDESTER was sent to Cornwall, 

Litchfield, Conn., to live with his uncle, Hezekiah CARTER, 
who had a mill at the "Bridge" close to where the first 
William CHIDESTER had operated a ferry. Here young William 
was no doubt regaled with stories about his grandfather 
William, for he developed a deep respect for him. Later 
he would be the descendant who would sign a quit claim 
deed for Cornwall property which "formerly belonged to 
my Honor Grandfather, William CHIDESTER." He received 
&1.68 for the deed (Apr 1802.) This same William, for a 
sum of $40.00 paid to him by Ephraim and Reuben SEELYE, 
13 Nov 1799, signed a quit claim deed to clear the title 
of the two lots, #6 and #24, that his grandfather had pion- 
eered in Williamstown, Mass. 

Elisha HIGGINS and Esther Carter CHIDESTER had ch : 

(1) Elisha HIGGINS b ca 1767, Williamstown; d 30 Aug 1818 
probably at Willsborough, Essex, N.Y. 

(2) Isaac HIGGINS b Williamstown; d 28 Sept 1818; md in 
1784 to Asenath CLARK (dates and name of wife given by a 
descendant, Mrs. Florence SOUTHWORTH, Saginaw, Mich.) 

(3) Mary or Lovila HIGGINS who md Thomas ADAMS. 

Elisha HIGGINS served in the Revolution, 1775, enlisting 
from Williamstown. By 1781 he was moving his family to 
Vermont where they staid briefly, moving from there to 
Willsborough, Essex, N.Y. , where Esther d 7 May 1778 and 
Elisha d 23 Mar 1801. 

(Ref: Probate recs from Courthouse, Adams, Mass; Land 
and vital recs of Cornwall, Conn; Origins of Williamstown, 
by A. L. Perry; refs as listed.) 

5-33 David CHITTESTER, one of the many enigmas of the 
early CHICHESTER-CHIDESTER puzzle, was "of Farmington 
Hartford, Conn." 

"David CHITTESTER and Jemimah HOUGH Boath of Farmington were 
Joyned together in marriage ye 2lst Day of August An^ Dom 1723. " 
(film #1680 VI p 60 IDS Gen Lib, Salt Lake City, Ut.) 

Where David came from, his parentage or other salient 
facts have not been found. However, 24 May 1725, Jona- 
than HOUGH deeded to David, his son-in-law, part of his 
own home place, reserving part for his (Jonathan's) son 
John. The same Jonathan, on 23 May 1732, deeded land to 
his beloved son Benjamin, mentions his son Zephaniah 
and his son-in-law David CHITTESTER. 


David, in turn, sold land to James LEWIS 4 Jan 1784. 
On 30 Jan 1734/5 Jonathan HOUGH deeded more land to his 
son-in-law, David CHITTESTER. On Mar 12, 1734/5, David 
sold property to John HOUGH, his brother-in-law. (See 
film #1480F, New Fairfield Land Recs pp 370-376, SLC) 

7 May 1783, David CHITTESTER of New Fairfield, sold 
land "being part of ye farm which Jonathan HOUGH took 
up." (Fairfield, Conn., Deeds, pt 3 p 158-9) 

The home place of this David CHICHESTER (CHITTESTER 
or CHIDESTER) which he obtained from his father-in-law 
Jonathan HOUGH, was so situated that it lay on the south 
border of New Fairfield, touching and partially belong- 
ing to the touwnship and town of Danbury, The owner 
of the property was listed variously as "of New Fair- 
field" and "of Danbury." It is entirely possible that 
this last transaction in the name of David CHITTESTER, 
occuring as it did sixty years after the marriage date 
of David CHITTESTER and Jemimah HOUGH, could very well 

have been made by a son David, although no record of a 
family has been found. (See next generation, David°~ 


6-2 Ebenezer CHICHESTER, s of Ebenezer^"^ (James^"^ 

?-l 2-1 1-1 
James Jams James ) and Ruth WHITMAN; b 18 Oct 

1741, Huntington, Suffolk, N.Y; md Phebe who was 

b 1744; d 1 Aug 1837, in her 93rd year in Huntington, 

N.Y (old cemetery headstone.) They had ch: 

7-1 Ebenezer CHICHESTER who md Olive 

(Ref: Will of Ebenezer CHICHESTER ? cemetery inscription.) 

6-5 Sylvanus CHICHESTER, s of Jeremiah ~ (James 

3-1 2-1 1-1 
James James James ) and Ruth ; b 12 May 1739; 

bp 24 June 1739, Huntington, N.Y; d 15 Nov 1828, ae 

89 yrs 3 days; md 9 Apr 1767, to Catherine NOSTRAND 

(Recs of Rev. WOODHULL, Huntington, N.Y. for bp and 

md; cemetery inscription for birth and death.) 

Their ch: 

*7-2 Ebenezer CHICHESTER bp 27 Oct 1771, Huntington, N.Y. by 
by Rev. CLOSE; md Olivia (Olive) SAMMIS 
7-3 Gilbert CHICHESTER bp 20 May 1787, Huntington, N.Y; 

d 7 Sept 1852, in Lebanon Valley, New Jersey. The "Christ- 
ian Intelligencer" (vol 23 p 95, issue of 16 Sept 1852) 
reported: "Lebanon Valley, N.J. on the 7th inst. Gilbert 
CHICHESTER, an old, respected resident of this city, d in 
the 66th year of his age." 
7-4 Abigail CHICHESTER bp 7 May 1769 


Sylvanus was the grandson named in the will of James 

He was also one of the signers of the Association in 
Huntington 8 May 1775, being capable of bearing arms. 

An interesting letter in the LLOYD accounts, written 
by John LLOYD to his father, Henry LLOYD, dated Stam- 
ford, Conn., 23 Mar 1761: 

Honored Sir: 

By the hearer^ Mr, Silvcmus CHICHESTER I send your 
Saddle and Bridle allso Three Sorts of pease viz. Early Hot- 
spur Soundsoufull and Doctor Hubbard Sort allso white & 
common Onion Seed. Should Sent more onion seed but had 
little. You have allso my Letter wrote by Brown if you con- 
clude to send your four hundred pounds here all the wood I 
had of you to it which shall answer as well as the money 
tho the Big est part Remains Unsold yet tho I shall make a 
Bad hand by it would not have you Suffer as I encourage you 
to Send it here for Sale. John Temple is Surveyor Generall 
in the Room of Mr. LEECHUM by purchase he had good Friends 
in England or he could not obtained. Poor Uncle NELSON tho 


he could Get nothing for himself has introduced John TEMPLE 
to the post, our Assembly Setts next thursday to Baise men 
for this Somers Service. The Generall demands 2/Z as many 
as we raised last year the Packet supposed to he lost arriv- 
ed last Saturday Retarded so long by being damaged by Light- 
ening. We are all well. My Love as Owe 

Your dutiful son 

(Ref: Papers of the LLoyd Family Vol Up 59 5 j Rev Woodhull, Hunt- 
ington, N. Y. Reas; Genealogy of the Benedicts of America, by Henry 
Marvin Benedict, 1870; Huntington Hist, Soc recs; Old Huntington 
Memorial Cemetery, Vol 22. ) 

6-8 Ebenezer CHICHESTER, s of Eliphalet^""^^ (Jeremiah'^"^ 

3-1 2-1 1-1 
James James James ) and Mary PINE; b 5 May 1763; 

bp 10 July 1763, Huntington, N.Y; d 31 Aug 1840, ae 78, 
Huntington, N.Y; md 8 Feb 1795, in Huntington, N.Y. , to 
Keziah KETCHAM who was b 2 Nov 1774, Huntington, N.Y; 
d 5 Mar 1855, ae 81, Huntington, N.Y. She had a sister 
Elizabeth KETCHAM who d 13 Aug 1853, ae 84 yrs. Both 
are buried with the CHICHESTERS in the Old North Ceme- 
tery, Huntington, N.Y. 

Ebenezer 's will, dated 27 Dec 1831, was proved Oct. 
1840. Ch of this family: 

7-5 David CHICHESTER b 5 Dec 1787 .Huntington, N.Y. 

7-6 Elizabeth CHICHESTER b 1 July 1801, Huntington, N.Y; 

md Mr. BUFFETT and had ch who were named in their 

grandfather's wills 

(1) Henry BUFFETT 

(2) David BUFFETT 

(3) Nathaniel BUFFETT 

(4) Elbert BUFFETT 

*7-7 Ketcham CHICHESTER b 21 Sept 1802, Huntington, N.Y; 

d 27 Jan 1877; md Nancy BRUSH 
*7-8 Eliphalet CHICHESTER b 4 Feb 1804, Huntington, N.Y; d in 
Iowa, 28 July 1877; md (1) Lydia H. CONKLIN; md (2) 
7-9 James CHICHESTER b 17 Mar 1806, Huntington, N.Y. 
7-10 Mary CHICHESTER fc 16 May 1809, Huntington, N.Y; d 24 
Jan 1890, ae 80 yrs 10 months. Her interment in Amity- 
ville, N.Y. , was reported in "Republican Watchman of 
Suffolk Co., N.Y." which was published in Greenport, N.Y. 
It was also published in "The South Side Signal" of Baby- 
lon, N.Y. 

Mary md Philip KETCHAM 

(Ref: Rev, Wm. Schenck Church Recs of Huntington, N.Y; headstones 


in Northport Cemetery, Huntington; N.Y. Wills v 2 p 289) 

6-9 Eliphalet CHICHESTER, so of Eliphalet^~-'-° ( Jeremiah"^ "^ 

3-1 2-1 1-1 

James James James ) and Mary PINE; b 9 Dec 1764; 

bp 5 Feb 1764/5, Huntington, N.Y. (see bible rec on 
file Huntington Hist. Soc.) md 24 Oct 1787, to Mary 
(Polly) NOSTRAND. (Rev. Nathaniel Woodhull Rec. Hunt- 
ington 1st Ch.) Mary was b 11 Aug 1767; d 6 Nov 1852, 
ae 85, Huntington, N.Y; dau of Jacobus NOSTRAND and 
Phebe CARMAN. This couple lived in West Hills, the 
suburb of Huntington where the old home, Peace and 
Plenty, was located. T heir ch all b there: 

*7-ll Asa CHICHESTER b 18 Oct 1788; d 13 May 1841; md 

Elizabeth VAIL 
*7-12 Abner CHICHESTER b 18 Nov 1791; d 23 Sept 1862, West 

Hills, Huntington, and was bur in the CHICHESTER burial 

ground back, of Peace and Plenty; md (1) lantha SAMMIS; 

md (2) Agnes M. CONKLIN 
7-13 John CHICHESTER b 1 Sept 1794; d 18 July 1820, ae 25 

yrs 10 mo; md 8 Jan 1816 at "Peace and Plenty" to Martha 

WHITSON who was b 13 Nov 17 — . 
7-14 Abigail (Abbe) CHICHESTER b 22 Aug 1797; d 29 Mar 

1835, ae 38; marriage banns published 3 Oct 1814; md 

29 Oct 1814 to Zophar OAKLEY. Their ch b in Huntington: 

(1) Polly B. OAKLEY b 24 Aug 1815; md 16 Feb 1835, 

Elbert CARLL 

(2) Margaret OAKLEY b 29 Mar 1821; d 13 July 1823 

(3) Juliet OAKLEY b 17 Apr 1823 

(4) Catherine OAKLEY b 13 Dec 1826 
(Chichester fam-ly bible. Hunt. Hist. Soc.) 

Eliphalet' s will, dated 22 _Nov 1811, was probated 
18 Jan 1813. In the 1850 census Mary Nostrand CHICH- 
ESTER was living with her grandson, John Vail CHICHESTER 
who had become heir to Peace and Plenty. 

(Ref: Rev. Woodhull First Ch Hunt. Rec; Chichester 
Fam Bible, poss Hunt. Hist. Soc; 1850 census; Rev. 
Wm. Schenck Recs. Huntington.) 

6-16 Nathaniel CHICHESTER, s of Eliphalet ~ (Jeremiah 

James^'-'-James^'-'-James"'-"-'-) and Mary CARMAN; b ca 1775, 
West Hills, Huntington, N.Y; d 11 Dec 1848, Huntington, 
N.Y; md 21 Jan 1802, by Rev. Wm. Schenck, to Phebe 
PLATT who was b 1781, of Frog Pond, Suffolk, N.Y; dau 
of Obadiah PLATT and Mary PLATT (who was dau of Epene- 
tus PLATT.) Phebe Piatt CHICHESTER was living, ae 69, 
in Huntington, Suffolk Co., N.Y. in 1850 census. 


Their ch b in Suffolk Co., N.Y: 

7-15 Nathaniel CHICHESTER b ca 1804; d 12 Jan 1823 
*7-16 Eliphalet CHICHESTER b ca 1806; d Jan 1854; md Susan — 

7-17 Mary Ann CHICHESTER b ca 1809 
*7-18 Piatt CHICHESTER b 31 July 1812; d 5 Aug 1897; md 

(DAR Cem Rec Albany, N.Y; West Hills Methodist Ch records; 
Methodist church cemetery headstones, West Hills, Huntington.) 

5-16 4-9 

6-19 Dr. Abraham CHICHESTER, s of Abraham (Daniel 

James James James ) and Jerusha STEVENS; b 8 
Sept 1755, Stamford Dist., Fairfield, Conn; bp 9 Nov 
1755, New Canaan, Fairfield, Conn., by Rev. GAYLORD 
(New Canaan Ch Rec Vol 1 p 25) d 2 Oct 1823, ae 69 
(Wilton, Conn., Columbia Register;) bur in Hillside 
Cemetery, Wilton, Fairfield, Conn; md 30 May 1782, 
Mary ARNOLD who was b 1758; d 19 Oct 1834, Wilton, 
Conn; bur in Hillside Cem there. 
Their ch: 
*7-19 Abijah CHICHESTER b 6 Aug 1783, Norwalk, Fairfield, 
Conn; d 12 July 1850, Allegan, Allegan Co., Mich; 
md (1) Elizabeth OLMSTEAD; md (2) Margaret HANMORE 
7-20 Abraham CHICHESTER b 6 Feb 1785, Norwalk, Conn; d 

ae 27. He was a medical student. 
7-21 Samuel CHICHESTER b 1 Feb 1787, Norwalk, Conn; d 2 
Feb 1860, ae 73 yrs 23 days; md 15 June 1838, in Dan- 
bury, Conn., by Rev. J. SHAW, to Fannie SHERMAN who was 
b 1797, and was still living in Norwalk at the time of 
1870 census. Their ch: 


(2) Martha CHICHESTER 

In the 1850 census there were, also living in the house- 

Mary McBRIDE ae 71, b in Conn; 
Charles BENNETT ae 15 

Robert SHERMAN ae 23, a carpenter, b in Conn. 
7-22 Polly CHICHESTER b 28 Nov 1788; d 10 Jan 1874; 

probably the Polly CHICHESTER reported in the Hartford 
Courrant, 21 Oct 1820, as md to David STEVENS. Their s: 
(1) Cornelius R STEVENS md Adeline SEAMAN and had 
three ch, all of whom d yoxong 
7-23 Phebe CHICHESTER b 27 Oct 1790; d 16 Dec 1833, ae 43; 
unm; bur in the Wilton Cemetery. 
*7-24 Aaron CHICHESTER b 15 June 1792, Wilton, Fairfield, Conn; 
d 19 Nov 1856, ae 64 yrs 4 mo; md Betsy EDWARDS 
7-25 Hezekiah CHICHESTER b 15 June 1794, Wilton, Conn; bp 


22 Oct 1794; d 1864, in Shelton, Fairfield, Conn; md 
22 Mar 1831, Phebe (Phoebe) Mariah LEWIS, a widow, who 
was b 22 Oct 1799, in Conn; d 4 Sept 1871, in Bridgeport, 
Conn. The census of Fairfield Co., taken 26 Sept 1850, shows; 

Hezekiah, 55, a fanner, assets $2,000.00 

Mariah, ae 50 

Mary, ae 16 Cdau of Hezekiah and Phebe Mariah) 

Frances LEWIS ae 26 
Two administrators put up bonds of $2,000.00 on 6 Feb 
1864, to settle the estate of Hezekiah CHICHESTER. 

The will of Phoebe (Phebe) M. CHICHESTER, Bridgeport, 
Conn., made bequests of $25.00 each to sons Azur LEWIS, 
Henry LEWIS and Silas LEWIS; to dau Nancy POOLE, wife of 
George POOLE, $300.00; dau Mary Ann CHICHESTER, wife of 
Quartus CHICHESTER9-26 ^ $300.00; to dau Frances BEARD, 

wife of James W. BEARD, . Signed 7 Dec 1865. 

(Ancient Rec of Norwalk, Vol 1 p 28; WPA Cem Rec p 444 ; 
1850 census; probate recs of Hartford.) 
7-26 Betsy CHICHESTER b 26 Sept 1797; md 24 Feb 1833, by 
Rev Samuel MERWIN, in Wilton, Conn., to John BOUTON who 
was b 1792; s of William BOUTON and Sarah BENEDICT. John 
was md (1) to Hannah BETTS. 

Ch of Betsy CHICHESTER_ and John BOUTON: 

(1) Mary BOUTON 

(2) Clarissa BOUTON: md Nathan NASH 

(3) John BOUTON 

(4) Elizabeth BOUTON 
C5) Sarah Esther BOUTON 

(6) Hannah Harriet BOUTON 

(7) Phoebe BOUTON 

(8) William BOUTON; md Margaret HUDSON 

7-27 Susan CHICHESTER b ca 1800; md 27 June 1821, George 
BENJAMIN, s of Gideon BENJAMIN and Sarah BOOTH, both of 
Wilton, Conn. George d in Rochester, N.Y. Their ch: 

(1) Frederick BENJAMIN 

(2) Theodore BENJAMIN 

(3) George BENJAMIN, d in infancy 

(4) George BENJAMIN 

(5) John BENJAMIN 

(6) Jane BENJAMIN 

(7) Harriet BENJAMIN 
C8) Adeline BENJAMIN 

(9) Augusta BENJAMIN 

(10) Henry BENJAMIN 

(11) Frank BENJAMIN 

(Wilton VR vol 1 p 3; Hartford Times, 10 July 1821_ 
7-28 David CHICHESTER b 15 Nov 1806; d 7 Mar 1868, ae 61 yrs 
4 mo 24 days; bur Hillside Cem, Wilton, Conn; md (1) 
Mary Ann CRANDALL who was b 12 Mar 1818, Dalton, New Hamp- 


shire; d 25 Apr 1859, ae 36 yrs 1 mo 13 days, in New York 
City; bur in Hillside Cemetery, Wilton, Conn; dau of 
Deacon _Joel CRANDALL and Susannah BREDIN. Their ch: 

(1) Edward L. CHICHESTER 

(2) Mary Augusta CHICHESTER 


David md (2) Ann Eliza or Elizabeth ERMAW who was b 14 May 
1823; d 9 Mar 1860, ae 36 yrs 11 mo 29 days, in Wilton, 

Conn. Dav id md (3) Charlotte . (New Canaan, Conn. VR; 

Elder John CRANDALL of Rhode Island and His Descendants, 
by Courtland Crandall.) 

Dr. Abraham CHICHESTER Jr. was so widely known and 
respected that his death was reported in the "Connecti- 
cut Herald" of 2 8 Oct 182 3; in the "Hartford Times" of 
21 Oct. 1823; the "Danbury Times" of 25 Oct 1823; and 
the "Hartford Courant" of 28 Oct 1823. 

Abraham no doubt trained under his father, the first 
Dr. Abraham, as well as in the school at Norwalk. His 
son, Abraham, studied medicine and hoped to continue the 
medical tradition but died before he had a chance to do 
much about it. 

In his youth Abraham served with his father and broth- 
ers in the Continental Army, Revolutionary War, notably 
in the Battle of Ridgefield. After he became a doctor 
he established his practice in Wilton, Conn. , near Nor- 
walk where he had trained. 

(Refs: Ancient Hist. Recs. of Norwalk; Stamford Regist- 
ers to 1805; Early Puritan Settlers of Conn., 1852, 
p 571; National Soc Dau and Pat of America; other refs 
as noted.) 

6-20 David CHICHESTER, so Abraham^"""-^ (Daniel "^"^James^"-"- 

2-1 1-1 
James James ) and Jerusha STEVENS; b 26 Aug 1757, 

New Canaan, Stamford District, Fairfield, Conn; d 17 Nov 

1803, New Canaan, Conn; md 17 Feb 1784, in New Canaan, 

to Mary NICHOLS who was b 20 Apr 1760; d 23 Aug 1839, 

ae 79 yrs 4 mo 3 days; dau of Daniel NICHOLS and Mary 

^ ALLEN. Both David and Mary are bur in Parade Ground 

Cemetery, New Canaan. 

Their ch b in New Canaan, Fairfield, Conn: 

7-29 Polly CHICHESTER b 17 Apr 1785; d 29 Sept 1794, New 

Canaan, Conn. , ae 9 yrs 5 mos 
*7-30 Isaac CHICHESTER b 21 Nov 1786; bp in New Canaan 18 Mar 

1737; d 27 Aug 1863; md Emma Eunice WAKELY 
*7-31 David CHICHESTER b 22 July 1788; d 17 Nov 1874; md 



*7-32 Alanson (Anson) CHICHESTER b 8 July 1791; bp in New 

Canaan, 14 Aug 1791; d 9 Feb 1863, ae 71 yrs 7 mos; md 
Sarah WEED 
7-33 Enos or Enoch CHICHESTER b 11 July 1793; bp in New 

Canaan 11 Aug 1793; d 29 July 1865, in Pound Ridge, West- 
chester, N.Y; bur in Pound Ridge Cemetery on the east 
side of a dirt road leading to Sarles Corners, about half 
a mile south of the AMBLER burying grounds. (DAR Cem Rec 
vol 161, p 43, Albany, N.Y.) 

Enos studied medicine and after his marriage to Mary 
BUSHENLIN he practised in Pottsville, Schuylkill, Pa. His 
ch, probably b in Pottsville, were: 



(3) Mary CHICHESTER who on 5 May 1833, was admitted to 

the church in New Canaan from the Presbyterian 

Church in Pottsville. 



7-34 William (Billie) CHICHESTER b 13 Jan 1797; md Anna 

He and family are reported to be buried in New Canaan ' s 

Old Parade Ground Cemetery. 

*7-35 Polly CHICHESTER b 6 Oct 1798. In the 1850 census she 

was living with her sister Mary Ann. She was md 16 June 

1864 to Samuel DEAN, widower of her cousin Cynthia CHICHEST- 

7-36 Mary Ann CHICHESTER b 8 Jan 1802; bp in New Canaan 

4 Apr 1802; d 2 Oct 1870, in New Canaan; md 8 Oct 1823, by 
Rev, William BONNEY to Charles or Carlisle LOCKWOOD who was 
b 27 Sept 1801, in New Canaan, Conn; d there 16 Feb 1883. 
He is listed as a tailor but in the 1850 census he reported 
himself as a carriage maker. Their ch: 

(1) Mary LOCKWOOD b 1824 

(2) Charles S. LOCKWOOD who gave his age as 26, b in 

N.Y. 1850 census 

C31 Sarah E. LOCKWOOD whose age in 1850 is given as 
21, b in Connecticut 

(4) LeGrande LOCKWOOD ae 18 in 1850, b in Conn. 

C5) Adelaine LOCKWOOD b 9 May 1832; d 23 Sept 1900; 

md David Card BROWN 
C6J Francis or Frank LOCKWOOD b 19 Oct 1835; md 

Betsey Ann KNAPP 

David CHICHESTER, baptised into the church in New 
Canaan in his infancy, was admitted to full communion 
4 Jan 1785 (New Canaan Ch Rec vol 1 p 62) As a young 
man he enlisted in the Continental Army with his father 
and brothers and fought in t he Battle of Ridgefield. 
He enlisted in Capt. Reuben Scofield's company under Col, 
John MEAD four separate times: 1 Mar 1779; 1 Mar 1780; 
1 Mar 1781? 1 Mar 1782, serving 9 months each time. 


In all his service, he came nearest being wounded at 
Ridgefield when a ball tore through his clothes. 
In 1838 when his widow applied for a pension, his 
clothes, showing the bullet hole, were still in the 
possession of the family. During the 1870 enlistment 
he was stationed in Norwalk to guard that port from 
enemy invasion. 

Before the death of his father. Dr. Abraham CHICHESTER, 
David became the owner of Cherry Brook, the home owned 
first by his grandfather Daniel. He was not permitted 
to enjoy it too long, though, for death came to him 
at the early age of forty six. His family continued 
to live there, however, and the estate eventually came 
into the possession of his youngest child, Mary Ann 
Chichester LOCKWOOD, who in turn made a home for her 
mother, Mary Nichols CHICHESTER and her unmarried 
sister, Polly. 

On July 7, 183 8, an act was passed in congress grant- 
ing pensions to the widows of Revolutionary war vet- 
erans. Mary, aged 78, applied and was granted a pen- 
sion of $80.00 per year. David's friends and military 
companions testified concerning his service. Alanson 
and Polly, children of David and Mary, testified of 
the long widowhood of their mother and a certified 
record of the marriage was filed. On 4 Sept 1839, she 
received $240.00 back pay and $40.00 for the current 

When Cherry Brook was being repaired in 1933, a small 
tattered, black book was found in the attic. It prov- 
ed to be a record book that had been kept by Carlisle 
(Charles) LOCKWOOD when he was clerk of the school board, 
1825-1848. He had been a most efficient clerk for 
twenty three years and had recorded every decision made 
and each penny spent for and by the school. 

The Cherry Brook home remained in the possession of 
the CHICHESTER-LOCKWOOD descendants until 1871 when it 
was sold. 

(All birth records are listed in the Stamford records 
which included not only the t own of Stamford, but the 
entire district, of which New Canaan was a part. Stam- 
ford Recs to 182 5; New Canaan Ch Recs; The Delavan- 
Chichester-Thomson House, Parker,) 

6-21 Nathaniel or Nathan CHICHESTER, s of Abraham^"-*-^ 
4_9 3_i 2-1 1-1 
Daniel James James James ) and Jerusha STEVENS; 

b 28 Nov 1759, Stamford Dist. Fairfield, Conn; bp 9 
Dec 1759, New Canaan Congregational Church; d 1 Dec 


1837, New Canaan, Conn., and was bur in the Lakeview 
Cemetery there; md 4 Jan 1786, by Rev. Wm. SEWARD, in 
New Canaan, to Theodosia WEBB who was b 22 Aug 1767; 
dau of Benjamin WEBB Jr. and Sarah WEED. Theodosia 
d a widow, 17 Apr 1844, and was bur in Lakeview Cem. 
Their ch births recorded in Stamford District: 

7-37 Sarah CHICHESTER d of fits in infancy 15 Feb 1788 

7-38 Nancy CHICHESTER b 21 Feb 1789 > bp 15 May 1796, New 
Canaan; recommended to church in Norwalk, Conn., 24 
Nov 1816; md 24 Sept 1816, to Abram or Abijah HANFORD 

7-39 Sally CHICHESTER b 16 May 1792; bp 16 May 1796, New 
Canaan; dismissed 31 Aug 1827 to 7th Presbyterian Church 
N.Y; returned to New Canaan some time later and d there 
27 Apr 1863, ae 70 yrs 11 mos 11 days, unm; bur Lake- 
view Cem, Chichester plot, 

7-40 Lewis CHICHESTER b 21 Mar 1795; bp 15 May 1796, 

New Canaan; d 28 Dec 1875, ae 80 yrs; bur in Lakeview 
Cem, New Canaan; md 1 Oct 1819, Sophronia WOOD who d 

7 Feb 1822, ae 29 yrs. New Canaan, Conn. Their s: 

CD Edward Lewis CHICHESTER b 27 Oct 1820, New Canaan; 

bp 18 Mar 1821, presented by his mother. He became a 

a medical doctor; d 4 Dec 1849, ae 29 yrs* ipd and 

had a dau: 

(a) Edith CHICHESTER who md E. Abbie THAYER 
Lewis CHICHESTER became a teacher of such renown that he 
commanded a salary of $15,000.00 a year, a sizeable fort- 
une in the 19th century. In 1850 and probably long before 
that, he was teaching in New York City. The census shows 
him living there in the 7th ward and with him was his 
sister Clarissa, ae 46; Mary SMITH ae 45, b Conn; and 
Bridget DAVITT ae 26, b in Ireland, possibly a servant of 
the household. There is no doubt t hat his maiden 
sisters helped him raise his son and manage ..his house- 
hold during his widowerhood and accounts for their removal 
from the church in New Canaan to the 7th Presbyterian 
Church in New York City. They all returned to New Canaan 
in their later years and died there. 
7-41 Polly CHICHESTER b 22 Mar 1797; bp 25 May 1797, New 

Canaan; md David CAVENY 
7-42 Mary CHICHESTER, known also as Marie and was bp as Mariah, 
22 Sept 1799, New Canaan; a member of record in church 

8 Sept 1827; dismissed and recommended to 7th Presbyter- 
an Church in New York, 4 Sept 1829; d unm 8 Dec 1842, ae 
42 CBarbour Collection) and was bur in Lakeview Cem. New 
Canaan , Conn/ 

7-43 Clarissa CHICHESTER bp 23 Oct 1801, New Canaan; was 
active in the church 3 Nov 1822; gave deposition in Aug 
1839, declaring that she was with her father and saw him 


before he died in 1837, affidavit presented to obtain a 
widow's war pension for her mother. Clarissa d unm 25 
Aug 1872, ae 70 yrs 10 mos 2 days. 

Nathan CHICHESTER , with his father Abraham and 
brothers Abraham and David, spent the years of his youth 
supporting the war of Rebellion. In his application 
for a pension in 1832, he stated that he belonged to 
the Connecticut Militia as early as 1775 and was called 
to duty intermittently until 1780, serving anywhere 
from a day or week to a month each time. At one time 
he substituted for his brother David for a month and a 
half when David was unable to serve. He was in the 
Battle of Ridgefield "when the town of Danbury was burn- 
ed" and was lying next to Lieutenant DAVENPORT when 
that officer was killed. His last assignment was with 
Capt, Reuben SCOFIELD's Co., and that worthy gentleman, 
(in his 90th year) bore witness to the fact. A certi- 
ficate of pension was awarded to Nathan 31 Mar 1834 — 
the amount: $36.21 per annum. In Sept of that year he 
received $108.63 back pay, plus $18.10 for the current 
year, making a total of $126.73. The pension act had 
been passed 7 June 1832. 

After Nathan's death, Theodosia was awarded his pen- 
sion as his widow, under the act of 7 July 1838, 

Nathan and Theodosia lived and raised their children 
in New Canaan, owning and farming much of the land of 
the original CHICHESTER estates in New Canaan, living 
in the home place that his father, Dr. Abraham, had built. 

(Refs: New Canaan Ch Recs; Stamford Register; Pension 
records from Gen Services Administration, Washington, DC) 

6-25 Stephen CHICHESTER, s of Abraham^""""^ (Daniel^"^ 

3-1 2-1 1-1 
James James James ) and Jerusha STEVENS; b 26 Aug 

1770, Stamford District, Fairfield, Conn; bp 4 Oct 1770, 

New Canaan, Fairfield, Conn; d 14 Nov 1842, ae 72 yrs 

3 mos; md 18 June 1796, in Stamford, Conn., to Betsey 

WEED who was b 29 Dec 1777; dau of Peter WEED and Esther 

BOUTON; d 25 July 1855, ae 81 yrs 1 mo. Both are bur 

in the Parade Ground Cemetery, New Canaan, Conn. Their 

ch, all b in New ^Canaan, Stamford Dist, Conn: 

*7-44 James Harvey CHICHESTER b 8 May 1797; d 15 Oct 1844; 

md 24 Jan 1826 Julia Eliza LOCKWOOD 
7-45 Harriet CHICHESTER b 11 Dec 1799; md William 

*7-46 Cynthia CHICHESTER b 19 Feb 1801; d 26 Nov 1861; md 

Samuel DEAN 


Stephen and Betsey lived in New Canaan, Conn. In 
the 1850 census Betsey was living in Norwalk with her 
daughter-in-law Julia. 

Stephen was too young to serve in the Continental 
Army during the Revolution. During the Battle of Ridge- 
field he and his mother hid in caves for protection, 
Mother coming out to aid the wounded and anxiously 
care for the four other members of the family who 
were fighting. 

(Ref. Stamford Register; New Canaan Ch Recs vol 1; 
Natl Soc Daus of Founders and Patriots of America.) 

6-44 William CHIDESTER, s of William^'^^ (William'^"-'-^ 

3-2 2-1 1-1 
David James James ) and Esther CARTER; b 1757, 

Fort Hoosic (now Williamstown) Berkshire, Mass; d 26 

Feb 1813, Canfield, Mahoning, Ohio; md (1) Jan 1781 

Chloe PECK who was b 14 Jan 1761, Cornwall, Litchfield, 

Conn; dau of Benoni PECK and Mehetable MILLER; d 17 

Oct 1781, in Cornwall, Conn., ae 21, after the birth 

of her son: 

7-47 Alborn CHIDESTER b 10 Oct 1781, Cornwall, Conn; 
d Feb 1782. 

William md (2) 9 Oct 1783, in Cornwall, Conn., Martha 
DEAN who was b 9 Oct 1759, in Conn; dau of Thomas DEAN 
and Martha CARTER; d 19 Dec 1843, ae 84, in Canfield, 
Mahoning, Ohio. Their ch were all b in Cornwall Bridge, 
Litchfield, Conn., except for the last one. They are: 

*7-48 Hezekiah CHIDESTER b 17 Jan 1785; d 13 Oct 1849, 
Canfield, Ohio; md Lydia (Lizzie) BUEL 

*7-49 Philo CHIDESTER b 13 Mar 1787; d 12 Jan 1838, ae 51, 
in Canfield, Ohio? md Betsey CHAPMAN 

*7-50 Erastus CHIDESTER b 25 May 1789; d 10 Mar 1866, Rich- 
land Grove, Mercer, 111; md Lydia SACKETT 

*7-51 Chloe CHIDESTER b 14 Apr 1791; d 13 Feb 1824, in Warren 
Ohio; md 21 Feb 1815, by Rev. Shadrack BOSTWICK, to 
Walter D. SMITH. 
7-52 Betsey CHIDESTER b 12 Apr 1792; was a sdhool teacher 
and d in 1852, Canfield, Ohio 

*7-53 William Rush CHIDESTER b 4 Mar 1795; d 7 Feb 1866, in 
Akron, Siommit, Ohio; md Almira BOSTWICK 
7-54 Julius CHIDESTER b 24 Aug 1797; d 1865 or 66, in Medina, 
Ohio; md (1) in 1820, in Medina, Ohio, to Harriet A. 
FERRIS (DAR md recs State Library, Columbus, Ohio.) There 
were no ch. He md (2) Mrs. Mary TOW, a widow, who d in 
Medina, Ohio, in 1889, ae 90. Julius served as auditor 
for Medina County. 


7-55 Velorus CHIDESTER b 26 Mar 1800; d 1 Nov 1821, ae 

21, of typhus fever; md Priscilla 

*7-56 Royal Canfield CHIDESTER, b 22 June 1802, Canfield, 

Mahoning , Ohio — the first male white child born in the 
Western Reserve; d 27 Mar 1874, Canfield, Ohio; md 
Caroline Elizabeth GRDVER, widow of James JARVIS. 

William CHIDESTER, orphaned at an early age by an 
Indian massacre, grew to be one of the stalwart men of 
his time. He had the sad duty of straightening out the 
affairs of his father and grandfather, both of whom 
lost their lives in Indian actions. It made him a ser- 
ious, dedicated man. At the age of 20 he entered the 
service of his country, being first drafted as a mil- 
itiaman under Samael CANFIELD of New Milford, Conn., 
in the War of the Revolution. 

He then enlisted in the company of Capt. Theo. WOOD- 
BRIDGE, Second Conn. Line, under command of Col. Heman 
SWIFT, in which company he served four years. He part - 
icipated in the battles of Brandywine and Monmouth. 

During the years of his war service, he married Chloe 
PECK and had a son, Alborn . Both Chloe and the baby 
died before he was discharged. After his discharge 
he returned to Cornwall and later married Martha DEAN. 
They started housekeeping near Cornwall Bridge where 
William followed the trade of tailor for three years. 
He then bought a nearby farm where he lived until 1802 
when he exchanged it for land in Canfield, Ohio, the 
place being named for his former militia commander. 
The site was in what was then known as New Connecticut 
in the Northwest Territory, later known as the Western 

Until his removal to the new territory, William had 
remained active in the militia. In the Public Records 
of Connecticut, vol 8 p 114, is recorded: "The assemb- 
ly do establish William CHIDESTER to be Captain of a 
Company of Light Infantry in the 35th Regiment in this. 
State." Dated 10 Oct 1793. 

"William, with his family, left Cornwall 27 Apr 1802, 
arrived at his destination, Canfield, Ohio, 2 June 1802. 
His large family and household good and store were con- 
veyed in two wagons, one drawn by a team of horses, the 
other by oxen with a led cow. His route was up the Hud- 
son to Newburg, where he crossed the river in a pirogue, 
at one load. Thence he proceeded to Easton on the Dela- 
ware, which was crost in a flat-boat, in two loads, 
thence by a then lonesome and dangerous road, over the 
Allegheny mountains to Fort Pitt, crossing the Monong- 
ahela here, they journeyed down the south bank, over 


a mere trail in the hills to Beavertown. They forded 
the Ohio about a mile and a half below, thence reached 
Canfield, Ohio, in two and a half days. He selected 
a plot No. 15, first division in the woods. The next 
house west being then 15 miles distant. Three years 
afterward he moved to plot number 18 in t he third div- 
ision, where he lived, and in 1811 built a frame house 
for his son Royal Canfield, t he first white child born 
in the settlement. After t he admission of Ohio in 
1803, he was elected justice of the peace, which off- 
ice he held until his death Feb 26, 1813. He also 
served as township trustee and commissioner of Trumbull 
Co." (Nelson^s Biographical Dictionary, Erie Co., Pa., 

His wife, Martha, applied in 1838 for a pension. She 
was granted $80.00 per year and was given, in Sept. of 
that year, $240.00 back pay. 

Thus, William, the pioneer son of pioneers, was instru- 
mental in founding the illustrious CHIDESTER family of 

(Ref: those quoted; Family Bible rec. filed with 
William's application for Revolutionary pension; pen- 
sion papers; William^s will dated 23 Feb 1813; Litch- 
field Co., Conn. Hist and VR) 

6-47 David CHICHESTER or CHIDESTER, was of Danbury, ir- 
field, Connecticut during and before the Revolutionary 
period. Records of that time and place were casualties 
of the war. During the Battle of Ridgefield in 1777, 
in which so many of the CHICHESTERS of Connecticut 
were involved, the residents of Danbury were forced to 
flee their homes. The entire area was pillaged and 
burned by the British. Town, church and family records 
perished. The only documents concerning the town and its 
inhabitants to survive were land records that were fil- 
ed, fortunately, in other places. From these sources 
many salient facts emerge, but no clues as to David's 
parentage have been found. 

It is possible that he could be the son of Samuel 
CHICHESTER-CHIDESTEr4-11 who lived in Danbury for some 
time. Samuel had several children but only the names 
of the two born before the move to Danbury are know^^23 

This David could also have been the son of^£avid 
and Jemimah HOUGH, which seems more^JJLkely . As has 
been se"en7~David and Jemimah owned land that lay in 
Fairfield Co., in the townships of New Fairfield and 
Danbury, which joined each other. Both this older Dav- 
id and the Dav id with whom we are now concerned, are 




listed as being alternately from New Fairfield and 
from Danbury in their land transactions, according to 
which seemed most appropriate. There are other poss- 
ibilities but no way has appeared to prove either one. 
*■ . Certain it is that David lived and married in Dan- 
\^ r\ bury. Family tradition says that he was a doctor and 
V y served in the Revolution. No official record proves 
If j it, but, just after the war, two of his children, 
k ( listed as the children of "Dr. CHIDESTER," were bapt- 
ised in Weston, Fairfield, Conn. This was the nearby 
area where Dr. Abraham CHICHESTER lived and practised 
but Abraham had no children by the names of Hannah and 
Rebecca. Birth records are so complete in the 
Weston-Stamford area, that it would seem that the 
two children were born elsewhere. It can be assumed 
that David moved his family to Weston to the care of 
relatives during the destruction and rebuilding of 
the town of Danbury. 

On 15 March, 1770, David CHICHESTER and his wife 
Hannah, of Danbury, Fairfield, Conn., sold to Thaddeus 
WARING a parcel of land in Norwalk, Conn., that Hannah 
had inherited from her father, John WARING. Thaddeus 
was her brother. ( Grantor Deeds, Norwalk, Fairfield 
Co. B 1 14 p 376) 

April 6, 1773 "Benjamin CHIDESTER, son of Daniel 
CHIDESTER of Mallbury Precinct, Deed. a minor of Danbury 
being of age for the choice of a guardian & having 
made choice of David CHIDESTER to be his guardian." 
court approved and David posted a bond of one hundred 
pounds. (Probate Recs., Hartford, Conn.) 

July 19, 1777 "I David CHIDESTER of Danbury, Fair- 
field Conn." sold land to Ezra STARR. (Danbury Reg. 
of Deeds V 3 p 233) 

Weston, Fairfield, Conn., Church records, p 8: 
"A record of those who have been admitted to renew 
Covenants, 12 Dec 1779; Doct. CHITESTER and wife re- 
newed covenants." The same day, "Rebecca, daughter of 
Doct. CHITESTER, baptized." 

Sept 2, 1781, "Hannah, daughter of Doct. CHITESTER 
j^ baptized by Rev. Samuel Sherwood, Norfield Congregation- 
al Church in Weston, Norrield Parish." 

Oct 6 1780 — a deed was issued for property laid out 
for David CHIDESTER in Danbury. 

Oct 12 1782, for thirty nine pounds, bought a lot 
with house from Samuel HIGGINS. The same day, "I 
David CHICHESTER in Fairfield Co., State of Connect- 
icut" sold other property in Norwalk to Ebenezer 
GILBERT. "Furthermore, I the said David CHIDESTER do., 


. .bind myself, , ." Signed: David CHIDESTER (Deeds 
Bl 15 p 290) 

According to these documents we know that David was 
an adult by the year 1770? that sometime before 15 
Mar 1770 he married Hannah WARING, the dau of John 
WARING and Katherine TUTTLE, natives of Norwalk, Fair- 
field, Conn. There were no doubt children born dur- 
ing the 1770 's but no record of them has been found, 
althoug a David Jr. went with the family later to 
New York, The known children are; 

7-55 Rebecca CHIDESTER b- 12 Dec 1779, Weston, Fairfield, 
Conn; md probably in Pompey, Onondaga, N.Y. to Phebe 
or Pa ley HALE 

7-56 Hannah CHIDESTER bp 2 Sept 1781, Weston, Conn; md 
probably in Pompey, N.Y. William OLDEN or OLDREN. 

Hannah must have died soon after the baptism of her 
last daughter , for all land transactions from then 
on concerning the property that had been held jointly 
by the couple was sold by David with no mention of his 

On 27 Aug 1782, Rev, Joseph PECK released and quit 
claimed property to "David CHIDESTER and Mary his wife," 
of Norfield. (Deeds, Danbury, Conn V 2 p 86.) This 
particular bit of property had been willed to Mary 
PECK (now the second wife of David CHIDESTER by her 
maternal grandmother, Elizabeth Starr CHURCH, 17 Apr 
1778. At that time Mary was a minor and the property 
was given to her father to care for. By 1782 she had 
either reached her majority or marriage had given her 
adult status. 

The following month, 9 Sept 1782, "David CHIDESTER 
and Mary his wife, both of Fairfield, Conn" sold this 
property to Joseph WILDMAN (Register of Deeds vol 1 
P 182) 

Sometime before Aug. 1787, the Chidester family left 
Connecticut, moving first to Stillwater, Saratoga, N.Y. 
Their next move, before 1799, was to Cazenovia, Madi- 
son Co. , N.Y, , living in that township until after the 
1800 census was taken which showed the family with 2 
males 16-2 6; 1 male 4 5+, one female under 10, 1 female 
10-16 and one female 45+. 

The picture had changed a little by the year 1810 
when another census was taken. Boundaries had shifted 
and although t he family had not necessarily moved, 
they were now in Pompey, Onondaga, N.Y, and they had 
2 males 10-16; 1 male 26-45; one female under 10; one 


one female 16-26; 1 female 26-45 and one female 45+. 

David must have died about that time or soon after, 
for he is not heard of again. His wife, Mary, survived 
a number of years. In 1830 she appears in the Wood- 
stock Baptist Church, Cazenovia, New York, as having A 
been dismissed, whether by death or removal to another ■ 
parish is not clear. f 

Ch of David and Mary: 

*7-57 John Peck CHIDESTER b ca 1784 or 5; probably in Dan- 
bury, Conn; d 10 July 1809, Pompey, Onondaga, N.Y; 
md Mary Ann (Polly) GIFFORD 

*7-58 Clorinda CHIDESTER b 2 Sept 1787, Stillwater, Sara- 
toga, N.Y; d 2 Jan 1879; md Solomon LOVELAND 

*7-59 Betsy CHIDESTER b 23 Nov 1793, Stillwater, N.Y; d 16 
Feb 1872, Blissfield, Michigan; md (1) Jared PRATT; md 
7-60 Polly CHIDESTER b ca 1795, probably Stillwater, N.Y; 
md Aaron TUCKER. Polly d quite young and Aaron md (2) 
Sara ; md (3) Phebe COLLINS. 

*7-61 Katherine CHIDESTER b 1799, in Pompey, Onondaga, N.Y; 

d July 1885, DeRuyter, Madison, N.Y; md Eleazer SWETLAND 

(Refs as listed; Family history of John Peck CHIDESTER; Presby- 
terian Ch Recs Blissfield, Mich; tombstone inscriptions. Bliss- 
field, Mich.) 

6-48 Timothy CHICHESTER, s of Jeremiah (James 

3-1 2-1 1-1 

James James Jaimes ) of Huntington, N.Y; md in 

Huntington, 7 Oct 1761, Sarah WOOD or WARD; and had ch: 

*7-62 Henry CHICHESTER b 17 Sept 1762, Huntington, Suffolk, N.Y; 

d 25 Sept 1849, ae 78 yr 17 days, in Norwalk, Fairfield, Conn; 
md Deborah HOYT 



Timothy was a signer of the Association in Huntington, 
8 May 1775, along with Sylvanus, Eliphalet and Ebenezer, 
declaring that he was capable of bearing arms, that he 
would never submit to slavery and would uphold the con- J 


(Ref: Town and Church recs of Huntington, N.Y.; Nor- 
walk VR) 



7-2 Ebenezer CHICHESTER, s of Ebenezer^"^ (Ebenezer^"^ 

4-5 3-2 2-2 1-1 
James James James James ) and Phebe ; 

bp 27 Oct 1771, Huntington, N.Y. by Rev. CLOSE; md 

Olivia (Olive) SAMMIS who was b 1788; bp 11 Feb 1788; 

d after 1855 when she was recorded as living in Brown 

Co., Ohio. She was the dau of William SAMMIS and Sarah 

CONKLIN. Their ch, born in Huntington, Suffolk, N.Y: 

8-la Mary CHICHESTER b 1806; d 5 Sept 1857; md Nathan 
BENEDICT who was b 29 Aug 1802; d 13 Mar 1861, s of 
Nathan BENEDICT and Susannah SAMMIS, This couple lived 
in Milford, Litchfield, Conn., and had ch: 

(1) Henry BENEDICT b 1831; d 4 Feb 1866 in Claremont, 

(2) Amelia BENEDICT who d young 

(3) Gilbert Chichester BENEDICT b Mar 1810; d in Clare- 
mont , Ohio 

8-2a Hannah CHICHESTER b Mar 1810; d 1 June 1810; ae 10 

8-3a James CHICHESTER b May 1815; d 23 June 1815, ae 25 days. 

(Ref : Huntington Historical Society Recs; Old Huntington Mem- 
orial Cemeter y.) 

7-7 Ketcham CHICHESTER, s of Ebenezer^"^ ,^^ . , ^ ^5-10 


Jeremiah James James ~ James ~ ) and Keziah KETCHAM; 
b 21 Sept 1802, Huntington, N.Y; d 27 Jan 1877. bur in 
Amityville, Suffolk, N.Y; md Nancy BRUSH who was b 16 
July 1804, and d 4 Aug 1881, ae 77, in Centre Moriches, 
Suffolk, N.Y; bur in Amityville, N.Y; dau of William 
and Margaret BRUSH. Their ch: 

8-1 Oliver CHICHESTER b 8 Jan 1824; d 21 July 1870; md 15 
June 1854, by Rev. A. T. Dobson, Presbyterian church in 
Moriches, Suffolk, N.Y. , to Mary E. TERRY. 

Oliver was a seaman and ship's captain for the New York 
and South Carolina Steamship Company. His last command was 
of the SS Tennessee which left Charleston 28 June, 1870, 
with a cargo of cotton, resin, and vegetables. There were 
also 53 passengers. A few miles out at sea a fire broke 
out and when it proved to be out of control, Capt. Chich- 
ester ordered the ship turned to land, which happened to 
be Little River, just south of Cape Fear. He and crew work- 
ed untiringly to save the passengers so that no lives were 
lost, but the ship and cargo were doomed. Later, all were 
picked up by a passing steamer. In the rescue and fire 
fighting activities Capt. Oliver had ruptured a blood vess- 


el in his stomach. He had not been well when he left 
home for the trip, but he returned home with this new 
complication thinking that some time at home would repair 
all ills. He was unable' to recover, however, and died 
shortly after his return. He was well-loved and respect- 
ed by his crew members, neighbors and friends. 
8-2 Amy CHICHESTER b 6 Apr 1826 

8-3 Sarah CHICHESTER b 2 Sept 1828; d 17 May 1833 
8-4 Chauncy CHICHESTER b 11 June 1831, Amityville, Suffolk, N.Y; 
md 11 June 1874, Mary H. CONKLIN, widow of Mr. CULVER. 
She was b 26 Jan 1838; d 11 May 1875, in East Moriches, N.Y 
ae 27 yrs 3 mos 15 days. Although she lived only a year 
after her marriage there were two children, probably twins: 



Born in Amityville, Chauncy was raised in Moriches and re- 
mained there all his life, attending the common schools 
until he was seventeen years of age, when he began working 
for his father, driving the stage, and was made mail carr- 
ier for his route. In 1887 he opened an office in Centre 
Moriches and engaged in real estate, later adding insur- 
ances. By hard work and good management he accumulated a 
fortune and was highly respected in the community. He was 
a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church and in politics 
was a Democrat. 
8-5 Sarah CHICHESTER b 3 May 1834 

8-6 Mary T. CHICHESTER b 6 Jan 1837; d 6 Apr 1852 
8-7 Ira K. CHICHESTER b 17 Mar 1839; md 31 Jan 1863, by Rev. 
A.T . Dobson, Presbyterian Church, Moriches, N.Y. , to 
Amelia E. RAYNOR who was b 1845, New York. Their ch: 

(1) Emma N. CHICHESTER b 1864, N.Y. 

(2) Oliver CHICHESTER b 1871; md 2 Nov 1901, Adele 

(3) Henry J. CHICHESTER b 1874 

(4) Charles Young CHICHESTER b 1877; d 30 June 1899, 
East Moriches, N.Y. 

Ira K. CHICHESTER also was a ship-'-s Captain and commanded 
the Arapahoe. He was respected by his men and had the rep- 
utation of being jovial and good company. He was known 
by all who worked for the Clyde fleet of ships. 
3-8 Edward CHICHESTER b 22 July 1841; md 1 Aug 1863, by 
Rev. A.T. DOBSON, to Mary A. SHERWOOD who was b 1839, N.Y. 
They had ch: 

(1) Alfred CHICHESTER b 1864 

(2) Amy CHICHESTER b 1868 

(3) Harriet CHICHESTER b 1874 

(DAR Rec vol 239 p 12, N.Y. State Library.) 
8-9 Elbert CHICHESTER b 19 June 1844 
8-10 Charles Henry CHICHESTER b 2 Feb 1848; md 20 Nov 1873, 


in Moriches, N.Y. , to Naomi SMITH who was b Aug 1847, 
New _York . They had a dau : 

(1) Nettie CHICHESTER b Sept 1882. 

Ketcham CHICHESTER began his adult life by transport- 
ing produce from Long Island to New York City. Later, 
he abandoned this business and drove stage from one end 
of the island to the other, holding t he mail contract 
for 37 years. He was a great admirer and excellent 
judge of horses and his opinion was respected all over 
the island. Because of his stage and mail activities he 
was well known throughout the communities of Long Island, 

(Ref: Bible rdc of Ketcham & Nancy CHICHESTER, Hunt. 
Hist. Soc; Presb, Ch Recs. Moriches, N.Y; Rev. W. 
Schenck Rec. Huntington; DAR Recs Albany, N.Y; Long 
Island Forum, vol 30.) 

7-8 Eliphalet CHICHESTER, s of Ebenezer^"^ (Eliphalet^"''"^ 

Jeremiah James James James ~ ) and Keziah KETCHAM; 
b 4 Feb 1804, Centerpoint, Suffolk, N.Y; d 28 July 1877, 
Harlan, Shelby, Iowa; md (1) 28 Jan 1828, Lydia H. 
CONKLIN who was b 5 Apr 1807; d 4 June 1832, in her 26th 
year; bur in Northport, Suffolk, N.Y. cemetery. They 
had a son : 

*8-ll James P. CHICHESTER b 15 Jan 1828, Northport, Suffolk, 
N.Y; d 24 Feb 1911, LaHarpe, Allen, Kansas; md Mary 

Eliphalet md (2) 13 Jan 1836, in Suffolk Co., N.Y. , Mary 
GILDERSLEEVE who was b 5th or 10th July 1810, Suffolk 
Co., N.Y; d 24 Feb 1898, in Walnut, Crawford, Kansas; 
dau of Jonathan GILDERSLEEVE and Deborah ROGERS . 
Their ch: 

8-12 Lydia Deborah CHICHESTER b 25 June 1839, Northport, N.Y; 
d 4 Mar 1907, Wayne, Wayne Co., Nebraska; md 20 Dec 
1865, John Leonard SIMONTON 
8-13 Mary Elizabeth CHICHESTER b 5 Feb 1841, Northport, N.Y; 
William DUNCAN and had ch: 

(1) Frank DUNCAN who md Ceelia HOSKINSON 
C2) Bessie DUNCAN 

(3) a son 

(4) a dau 

*8-14 Eliphalet S. CHICHESTER b 26 Jan 1843, Northport, N.Y; 

d 13 June 1919; md 31 Jan 1872, Anna M. SWAIN 
*8-15 Ebenezer CHICHESTER b 27 June 1846, Northport, NY; d 11 

July 1932, Wayne, Nebr; md Lucinda Rebecca bONNAWITZ 


Eliphalet CHICHESTER appears in the 1850 census for 
Suffolk Co., N.Y. He later moved to Wayne, Wayne Co., 
Nebraska, but died in Harlan, Shelby, Iowa. After the 
Civil War his wife, Mary, moved to Walnut, Kansas — prob- 
ably to be near her son Eliphalet. 

(Ref : Ch recs. Huntington, N.Y; Nebraska VR vol 66 p 231; 
Mrs. William L. CHICHESTER, Dalton,, Nebr.) 

7-11 Asa CHICHESTER, s of Eliphalet^*"^ (Eliphalet^~-'-°Jere- 

miah James ~ James " James ~ ) and Mary (Polly) 
NOSTRAND; b 18 Oct. 1788, Huntington, Suffolk, N.Y: d 13 
May 1841, ae 52, in West Hills, Huntington, Suffolk, N.Y; 
bur in family plot back of Peace and Plenty, the ancestral 
home; md 16 Feb 1809, in Huntington, to Elizabeth VAIL 
who was b 8 Mar 1790, in Jamaica, Queens, N.Y; d 19 Dec 
1867, ae 77 yrs 9 mos 11 days, at West Hills, Huntington; 
dau of Samuel VAIL and Mary ROGERS. At the time of the 
1850 census Elizabeth was living with her son, John Vail 
CHICHESTER in the family home. Peace and Plenty. Ch of 
Asa and Elizabeth, all b at Peace and Plenty in West 
Hills, Huntington, N.Y; 

8-16 Mary CHICHESTER b 6 Aug 1809; d 23 June 1866; md 5 Dec 

1827, Elijah SEAMAN , s of Samuel SEAMAN and Charity TREADWELL. 
They had ch: 

(1) Mary SEAMAN b 5 Sept 1828, West Hills, Huntington, N.Y; 
md Nathaniel NOSTRAND and had two ch b in Springfield, 
Queens, N.Y: 

(a) Mary NOSTRAND 

(b) John W. NOSTRAND 

(2) Samuel Nostrand SEAMAN b 22 May 1831; md Jane A. 

8-17 Susan CHICHESTER b 11 Jan 1813; d 5 June 1890, Jamaica, 
Queens, N.Y; md 5 Dec 1836, Israel Youngs WHITSON who was 
b 31 Mar 1807; s of Israel WHITSON and Sarah YOUNGS. Susan 
and Israel lived in Jamaica, where they owned a livery stable. 
Their ch , all b in Jamaica, Queens, N.Y: 

(1) George Youngs WHITSON b 9 Oct 1837 

(2) Asa C. WHITSON b 17 July 1839 

(3) Agnes C. WHITSON b 19 Mar 1841 

(4) Mary C, WHITSON b 20 Jan 1843; d 20 Mar 1847 

(5) Samuel WHITSON b 9 Aug 1844; d 12 July 1845 

(6) Sarah Youngs WHITSON b 6 Apr 1846 

(7) Mary E. WHITSON b 13 Feb 1848 

(8) Samuel WHITSON b 22 May 1849; d 24 Jan 1852 

(9) Susan C. WHITSON b 3 Feb 1851 

(10) Emily WHITSON b 18 Dec 1852; d 15 Aug 1853 
8-38 Abigail CHICHESTER b 11 Jan 1817; md 18 Apr 1838, 



George Watts HENDRICKSON who was b 31 Aug 1812; bp 9 May 
1813, by Timothy ALDEN, Christ's 1st Presbyterian Church, 
Hempstead, Nassau, N.Y; s of Skidmore HENDRICKSON and Mary 
WATTS. George was a farmer in Plainfield, N.Y. Their ch 
b in Plainfield, N.Y: 

(1) Skidmore HENDRICKSON b 11 Apr 1841 

(2) Asa HENDRICKSON b 16 Sept 1845 
8-19 Elizabeth CHICHESTER b 29 Feb 1820; md 29 Sept 1845, 

George A. SCUDDER vrtio was b 24 June 1813 ; s of Jesse SCUDD- 
ER and Mary BRYAN. George was a merchant in Huntington, N.Y. 
*8-20 John Vail CHICHESTER b 23 Mar 1822; d 1 Dec 1883; md 
Susan Elizabeth SMITH 

Asa died intestate, leaving Mary, wife of Elijah SEA- 
MAN; Susan wife of Israel WHITSON; Abigail, wife of 
George Hendrickson; Elizabeth CHICHESTER and John Vail 

; (N.Y. Biographical Recs; Family Bible Rec on fiel Hunt. 
I Hist. Soc. Huntington 1st Ch Recs._) 

-12 Abner CHICHESTER, s of Eliphalet^'^ (Eliphalet^""'"^ 

Jeremiah ~ James James " James ) and Mary NOSTRAND; 
b 18 Nov 1791, West Hills, Huntington, N.Y: d 23 Sept 
1862, and was bur in the family cemetery at Peace and 
Plenty; md (1) 26 Aug 1813, in West Hills, to lantha 
SAMMIS who was b 4 May 1794; d 4 May 1819, ae 25; bur 
at Peace and Plenty. T heir ch all b in Huntington, N.' 

8-21 Lucinda CHICHESTER b 14 May 1814; d 3 Jan 1815 
8-22 Lucinda CHICHESTER b 16 Oct 1815; d 16 Mar 1816 
8-23 Catherine CHICHESTER b 14 Dec 1816; d 5 Nov 1877, in New 
York City; md 11 Jan 1838, Jackson S. SCHULTZ who was b 
9 Nov 1815, in Hyde Park, N.Y; d 1 Mar 1891, New York City; 
s of Abraham SCHULTZ and Mary SMITH. Their ch: 

(1) Abner Chichester SCHULTZ b 23 Oct 1838; d 25 Apr 1840 

(2) Theodore SCHULTZ b 12 Nov 1840; d 25 Jan 1886, in 
Astoria, Long Island; md 28 May 1863, Lucy A. BRITTON 

(3) lantha C. SCHin^TZ b 19 Sept 1842; d 29 Dec 1870; 
md 19 Sept 1865, John HALL 

(4) Charles SCHULTZ b 18 Sept 1844; d 21 Mar 1846 

(5) Kate Carroll SCHULTZ b 8 June 1846; md 31 Dec 1889 
Edward Walter RICHARDSON 

(6) Gertrude SCHULTZ b 1 Aug 1848; md 28 Apr 1868, 
William K. BAXTER who was b 19 Nov 1849; s of Edward 

(7) Julia West SCHULTZ b 11 May 1854; d 13 Dec 1887; 
md 11 May 1878, William W. PHALEN who was b 4 July 


1848; s of William and Emily Malvina PHALEN 
C81 Louis H. SCHULTZ b 11 May 1854; md (1) 9 Nov 1881, 

Laura BROWN who was b 20 Sept 1856; d 11 Jan 1883. 

Louis md C2) 17 Nov 1887, in New York City, Mary Clark 

REED, dau of Frederick REED. 
Jackson SCHULTZ was of the firm of Jackson , Schultz and Co . , 
large leather dealers on Pearl St., New York City. After 
Catherine's death he md (2) 8 May 1879, Mary FAY, widow of 
Edward WELLS and dau of Rev, Elijah FAY and Mary H. LEE. 
Mary was b 12 May 1830. 
8-24 lantha CHICHESTER b 20 Jan 1819; d 20 Nov 1832. 

Abner CHICHESTER md (2) 18 Aug 1824, by Rev. Jacob 
SCHOONMAKER, in West Hills, Huntington, N.Y. , to Agnes M. 
CONKLIN who was b 9 Mar 1795, Jamaica, Queens, N.Y; d 
30 May 1870, New York City; dau of Jacob CONKLIN and 
Harmpie LEFFERTS. Their ch b in West Hills, Huntington; 

8-25 Isaac L, CHICHESTER b 6 Mar 1826; d 2 Mar 1841, ae 15 
8-26 Agnes M. CHICHESTER b 25 June 1828; d 1908; md Robert 
M. STREBEIGH who was b 1826; d 1890. It was said of him 
that he was "principal business manager and one of the wealth- 
iest and most liberal stockholders of the New York Tribune." 
He had a fine mansion on East 25th St., New York. To this 
couple was b a s: 

(1} Lefferts STREBEIGH, 1 Nov 1851; d 1916; md Anna A. 
FISHER »^o was b 1857. Their s: 

Cal Lefferts STREBEIGH, b 5 Sept 1880. 
8-27 Mary CHICHESTER b 1 Mar 1831 
8-28 Juliet CHICHESTER 

8-29 Louise CHICHESTER b 1837; d 18 Sept 1839, ae 2 
Abner was a dry goods merchant in the 7th Ward, New York City. 
(Ref : Old Merchants of N.Y. by Barrett; 1885, vol 2; Chichester 
Family Bible, Huntington Hist. Soc; Index to land recs. Queens, 
N.Y., N.Y. State Library, Albany, N.Y; Rev. Vim. Schenck Recs. 
Huntington 1st Ch; cemetery tombstones at Peace and Plenty and 
Northport, N.Y: 

fi — 16 
7-16 Eliphalet CHICHESTER, s of Nathaniel (Eliphal- 

^5-10^ . ,4-6^ 3-1^ 2-1^ 1-1, , ^, , 

et Jeremiah James James James ) and Phebe 

PLATT; b ca 180 6, probably in West Hills, Huntington, 

N.Y; d Jan 1854; md Susan , who wasb 1816. Their ch: 

*8-30 Nathaniel CHICHESTER b 18 May 1835, New York City, N.Y; 
d 1 Oct 1911; md Louise Rebecca West HUX. 
8-31 James CHICHESTER b 1836 
8-32 Eliphalet CHICHESTER b 1838 


8-33 Elizabeth CHICHESTER b 1840 

8-34 Piatt CHICHESTER b 1843; md 17 May 1871, in Cold 
Spring Harbor, Suffolk, N.Y. to Patience UNDERWOOD 
who was b 1851, New York state. The 1880 census of 
Huntington, N.Y. lists their ch; 

(1) George CHICHESTER b 1872 

(2) Robert CHICHESTER b 1874 

(3) Jane M. (Jennie) CHICHESTER b 1876 

(4) Nathaniel CHICHESTER ae 8/12 - (b 1879) 
8-35 Edward CHICHESTER b 1844 

8-36 Jane (Jennie) CHICHESTER b 1848; md 9 Nov 1870, Joshua 

Damon HEWES 
8-37 Louise CHICHESTER b 1852. 

Eliphalet owned and operated a livery stable, 

(Ref: Huntington Ch Recs; 1850 census; Family recs of 
Mrs. Elsie Chichester JONES, 520 Virginia St. Roanoke, 
N.C. 27870.) 

7-18 Piatt CHICHESTER, s of Nathaniel ^""'■^ (Eliphalet^""'-^ 

Jeremiah James James James " ) and Phebe PLATT; 
b 31 July 1812; Huntington, Suffolk, N.Y; d 5 Aug 1897, 
ae 85 yrs 1 mo 5 days, Huntington, N.Y; md 25 May 1847 
in the Methodist Church, Huntington, N.Y. , to Hannah 
BENNETT who was b 1823, Long Swamp, Suffolk, N.Y; d 27 
Mar 1909, ae 85, West Hills, Huntington, N.Y. Piatt and 
Hannah are bur in the West Hills Methodist churchyard. 
Their ch, b in West Hills, Huntington, N.Y: 

8-38 John CHICHESTER b 20 Mar 1848; d 19 Dec 1864, ae 16 yrs 

9 mo. 
8-39 Phebe CHICHESTER b 4 May 1853; d 15 Dec 1864, ae 11 yrs 

7 mo 11 days. Both ch are bur in the Methodist cemeter. 

West Hills, Huntington. 

(Ref: Huntington Ch recs; cemetery inscriptions, Methodist church) 

6—19 5—16 

7-19 Abijah CHICHESTER, s of Abraham (Abraham 

Daniel'^'^James'^'-'-James^'-'-James"'"""'') and Mary ARNOLD; 
b 6 Aug 1783, Norwalk, Fairfield, Conn; d 12 July 1850, 
Allegan, Allegan Co., Mich; md (1) 23 Oct 1805, in Nor- 
walk, Conn., Elizabeth (Betsey) OLMSTEAD who was b 20 Jan 
1788, Wilton, Fairfield, Conn; d Oct 1837, Allegan, Mich; 
dau of Reuben OLMSTEAD and Hannah BASS. Their ch: 

*8-40 Abraham CHICHESTER (Col.) b 4 Mar 1827, Danbury, Fairfield, 
Conn; d 1 Mar 1879, Danbury, Conn; md Caroline HOLMES 
8-41 Mary (Polly) CHICHESTER 
8-42 Aaron CHICHESTER b 1811, probably in Unadilla, Otsego, N.Y; 


d 5 Feb 1850; md Mary Ann IVES 
8-43 Laura CHICHESTER b 2 Aug 1815, prob. Unadilla, N.Y; 

d 29 Jan 1896, Plainwell, Allegan, Mich; bur in IVES Cem- 
etery, Gun Plains, Mich; md 22 Jan 1843, in Otsego Tv/p. , 
Mich-, Charles W. IVES who was b 4 Mar 1813; d 9 Feb 
1872, Gun Plains, Allegan, Mich, They were md by C. P. 
WEST M.G.; witnesses, Charles L. PARKHURST and Aaron CHI- 
CHESTER. Their ch: 

(1) Charles S. IVES b 18 May 1846; d 17 Oct 1868 
after a brief marriage to Hattie BINGHAM who was b 
9 Dec 1847; d 3 Aug 1872. 

(2) Vesta IVES 

Laura came to Michigan with her parents about 1833. 


8-45 Esther CHICHESTER b 29 June 1820, Unadilla, N.Y; d 2 
July 1851; bur in Mountain Home Cemetery, Otsego, N.Y; 
md 11 Dec 1845, in Gun Plains, Mich., by Rev. C. P. WEST to 
Willard Gould EATON who was b 6 Apr 1821, New York; d 19 
Mcur 1865, at the battle of Bentonville, North Carolina 
(Civil War) . He was then a colonel in the Union Army. 

Willard was md (1) 19 Apr 1843, in Brighton, N.Y. , by 
Rev. A. G. HALL to Vesta GREEN. Vesta d 20 Feb 1844, soon 
after the birth of a dau; 

(1) Vesta Marie EATON b 1844 

To Esther CHICHESTER and Willard EATON was b: 

(2) Cora EATON b 1849, Otsego, Allegan, Mich; md James 
W. HOPKINS and had a s: 

(a) Willard HOPKINS. 
After Esther's premature death, Willard Gould EATON md (3) 
Betsey Ann CHICHESTER ) (Fam recs. of L. Warrick, No. High- 

land, Ca; news item from Rochester Daily Amulet, 24 Apr 1843; 
census recs of 1850-60; Cemetery recs. Mountain Home, Otsego, 
Mich. ) 
*8-46 Ira CHICHESTER b 6 Mar 1823, Unadilla, Otsego, N.Y; d 2 Aug 
1903, ae 80; md Mary Ann IVES, widow ojf his brother Aaron^"'*^ 

8-47 Betsy Ann CHICHESTER b 6 Jan 1826, Unadilla, Otsego, N.Y; 

d 20 Apr 1905; bur in Mountain Home Cemetery, Otsego Twp. , Mich; 
(cemetery dates) md 12 May 1852, by A. M. BUCK M.G. at Gun 
Plains, Mich, to Willard G. EATON, widower of her sister 
Esther. Betsy was living with Esther and Willard at the 1850 
census. She raised her sister's dau Cora who was ae 1 yr in 
1850. She also raised Vesta, ae 7 in 1850, dau of Willard *s 
first marriage. 

Abijah moved from Connecticut to Unadilla, Otsego, N.Y. 
about 1805. In the early 1830 's he moved from New York 
to Otsego Twp., Michigan, He was the Otsego Twp secre- 
tary 22 Sept 1832, and had real estate valued at $305.00 
and personal property $70.00. He was school commissioner 
in 1836; school inspector, 1837; highway commissioner 


1837-40; director of the poor house 1840-45. 

In 1833-34, settlers in Allegan Co., took their patents 
from Andrew Jackson and later from Martin Van Buren. Mich- 
igan represented the lure of the rich and free west — the 
moving on of the frontier. 

In June 1834, Abijah CHICHESTER and Oka TOWNE ran a 
raft of 30,000 feet of lumber from Pine Creek to the mouth 
of the Kalamazoo river where a saw mill had been erected. 
It was the first lumber ever floated down that river. 
They made the run in two days , stopping overnight with 
BUSHONG, the Indian trader. 

The Allegan Co., settlers found the Indians friendly 
and did not have the frontier problems the family had ex- 
perienced in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania earlier. 

Abijah md (2) 28 Mar 1842, in Martin, Michigan, 
Margaret HANMORE, ae 40, a widow. They were married by 
F. GAGE M.G., witnessed by Ashbel GATES and Abraham 

The estate of Peter HANMORE (File #18) on 14 Jan 1843, 
set aside one third of the estate to "Margaret CHICHEST- 
ER, widow of old Peter HANMORE." 

(Ref: History of Allegan and Barry Counties, Mich; Hist. 
Collections Michigan Pioneer and Hist. Soc. 1896; 
Norwalk, Conn. VR ) 

|i 7-24 Aaron CHICHESTER, s of Abraham^" (Abraham ~ Dan- 

4-9 3-1 2-1 1-1 
iel James James James ) and Mary ARNOLD; b 15 

June 1792, Wilton, Fairfield, Conn; bp 26 Sept 1797, 

Wilton, Conn; d 19 Nov 1856, ae 64 yr 4 mos at Wilton, 

Conn; md 24 Mar 1833, in New Canaan, Fairfield, Conn., 

to Betsey EDWARDS who was b 1813, Wilton, Conn; d 3 Mar 

1871, ae 58, Wilton, Conn; dau of Justin EDWARDS. Both 

Aaron and Betsey are bur in the Hillside Cem. , Wilton. 

Their ch b in Wilton, Conn: 

8-48 Henry Edward CHICHESTER b 18 May 1840; d 1911; bur in 
Hillside Cem. Wilton, Conn; md (1) Anna or Annie E. OLM- 
STEAD who was b 5 Dec 1857, of New Jersey; d 7 Apr 1882, 
ae 24 yrs 4 mos 3 days; bur in Wilton. 

Henry md (2) Mary S. OLMSTEAD, sister of his first wife. 
She was b 20 June 1860; d 13 Aug 1885, ae 25+. To this 
second marriage was b. 

(1) Howard CHICHESTER who d at birth or soon after. 
Henry md (3) 17 Apr 1890, Hannah OGDEN who was b 1857, of 
Wilton, Conn; dau of S. E. OGDEN. They had a son: 

(2) Sherwood CHICHESTER. 
Henry was a farmer, justice of the peace, and served as clerk 
of the court for over twenty years. He was elected to be se- 


lectman of his town, which position he held for many years, 
during seven of which he was chairman of the board. He was 
chairman of the Republican County committee for sixteen 
years. He was elected to the state legislature for the 
term 1889-1892 and was county auditor for four years. 
(Commemorative and Bio. Rec, p 82 f) 
8-49 Nancy CHICHESTER b 1834, of Wilton, Conn; d 31 Jan 1878; 
md Henry BENEDICT who was b 10 Nov 1835; s of John Harvey 
Their dau: 

(1) Edith BENEDICT b 31 Dec 1867, md Charles BENNETT. 
(Gen of the Benedicts in Am; 1870) 

Aaron was a farmer all his life. He also served as 
Justice of the Peace for a time. He entered 

the Connecticut Militia as private under Lieut. Samuel 
SMITH and served in the Bridgeport area, War of 1812. 
In 1852, he applied for and received 120 acres of bounty 
land in the west as a reward for the service. In 1855 
he applied for more land, saying he had disposed of the 
first grant. 

Aaron invented a machine for working hat bodies. He 
also served his town as selectman and as assessor. 

(Ref: Stamford Reg to 1825; Barbour Collection; New 
Canaan VR vol 1; Commemorative and Bio Rec of Fairfield, 
Conn., p 827; Norwalk VR vol 18 p 22-24) 

7-30 Isaac CHICHESTER s David^"^^ (Abraham^"" ■'■^Daniel'^"^ 

(James'^'-'-James "■'■James •'■'"■'■) and Mary NICHOLS; b 21 Nov 
1786, New Canaan, Stamford Dist. Fairfield Co., Conn; 
bp 18 Mar 1787, New Canaan, Conn; d 27 Aug 1863, in 
Bennington, Wyoming Co., N.Y; md 24 Sept 1810, to Emma 
Eunice WAKELY (WAKELEE) who was b 29 Dec 1786; d 2 Apr 
1881, in Wyoming, Wyoming Co., N.Y; ae 94 yrs; dau of 
Abner Abel WAKELY and Eunice HURD; Their ch: 

*8-50 Eliza Ann CHICHESTER b 9 Aug 1811; d 12 Mar 1901, Wyo- 
ming, N.Y; md Edwin STANLEY. 

8-51 Emily CHICHESTER b 11 Dec 1813, New York; d 16 Apr 1898, 
Wyoming, N.Y. 
*8-52 Darwin CHICHESTER b 2 Apr 1817, Rochester, Monroe, N.Y; 
d 11 Jan 1876; md (1) R. Amanda HARRIS; md (2) Caroline 
Elizabeth CHAPIN 

8-53 Sarah Augusta CHICHESTER b 7 Jan 1820; d 23 Sept 1819, 
prob. Monroe Co., N.Y; 

8-54 Mary Anise CHICHESTER b 9 Feb 1825, N.Y; d 18 June 1898; 
md Chauncey Loomis HAYDEN who was b 4 July 1814; d 20 May 


1884; bur in Wyoming cemetery, Wyoming, N.Y, 

Isaac was a minister in the Presbyterian church and 
started preaching in Ridgefield, Conn., moving later to 
New York state. He and Eunice mortgaged some property 
they owned in Penfield, Monroe, N.Y. , 31 Aug 1825. Prior 
to that time they had lived and served the church in 
Rochester, N.Y. He lived last in Bennington, Monroe, 

His wife left Bennington and in 1868 was admitted to 
the Presbyterian church in Wyoming. Her father, Abner 
WAKELY, was the first shoemaker in Rochester, 1812, and 
was fire warden there in 1817. 

(Ref: Norwalk, Conn Ch recs; Monroe Co., N.Y. Probate recs; 
Albany, N.Y: Wyoming, N.Y. census, 1860; Settlers of Western 
New York, Foley Historical Wyoming, Henry Douglas. Hist, of 
Rochester, N.Y — typed pamphlet, ) 

7-31 David CHICHESTER, s of David (Abraham Daniel James 

2-1 1-1 

James James ) and Mary NICHOLS; b 22 July 1788, Stamford 

Dist., Fairfield, Conn; bp 22 Aug 1788, New Canaan, Conn; d 17 

Nov 1874; md in New Canaan Congregational Church 26 Apr 1813, to 

Phoebe LOCKWOOD who was b 29 Jan 1791, in Connecticut; d 12 July 

1871, ae 80, in Rochester, Monroe, New York. Both David and 

Phoebe are bur in Mt. Hope Cem. Rochester, N.Y. Phoebe was the 

dau of Sergt. James LOCKWOOD and Elizabeth WARING. Their ch : 

8-55 Charles H. CHICHESTER b 1816, in Conn; d 10 Jan 1849, 
Rochester, N.Y. , ae 33; bur in Mt. Hope Cemetery. 

8-56 Sarah A. CHICHESTEB.; b 1819/20; d 6 Apr 1840, ae 20, in 
Rochester, N.Y. 

8-57 James Lockwood CHICHESTER b 27 Feb 1821, Norwalk, Fair- 
field, Conn; md 24 Dec 1844, in Rochester, N.Y. , to Lanah 
WHITNEY who was b 26 Oct 1819, Warwick, Orange, N.Y; dau 
of Morris Fought WHITNEY and Bridget JENNINGS. They had ch: 
(1) Mary Elizabeth CHICHESTER b 18 Dec 1845, Batavia, 
Genesee, N.Y. In 1875 she was living in Buffalo, 
Erie, N.Y. , unm. 
The marriage of James and Lanah was reported in a Rochester 
newspaper. Church records show that James joined the 1st 
Presbyterian church in Batavia, N.Y. , 4 May 1845, on a 
ketter frOffi Rochester. The Erie Co., census of 1850 shows 
the family living in Buffalo, Erie, N.Y. , where they seem 
to have remained. In 1875, they were living at 188 So. Div- 
ision St. , Buffalo, and James was working at his trade of 
book binder and manufacturer of blank books. 

8-58 Mary E. CHICHESTER b 1822, in Conn; 1850 census shows 
her living at home , ae 28 


8-59 Lewis A. CHICHESTER ae 23, a printer, living in his 

parent's home in 1850 census 
8-60 David Nelson CHICHESTER b 1829; d 13 Aug 1835, ae 6; 

bur in Mt. Hope Cem. Rochester, N.Y, 
8-61 Esther R, CHICHESTER b 1831) d 26 Sept 1846, ae 17, 

Rochester, N.Y. 
8-62 Augusta CHICHESTER b 1833, in Conn; t he 1850 census 

reports her as ae 17; md James L. SHAW, a machinist (1870 

census) in Rochester, N.Y, b 1839 in New Y ork. 

They had ch: 

(1) T^thur L. SHAW b 1866, New York 
C2) Florence L. SHAW b 1869, New York. 
8-63 Virginia R. CHICHESTER, b 1836, Conn; was a school 

teacher , 

David was a shoemaker, working at his trade in Conn- 
ecticut and in Rochester, N.Y, By 1870, when the census 
was taken, he and Phoebe were living in the home of their 
dau Augusta Chichester SHAW. David had served the count- 
ry in the war of 1812 and drew a pension from the govern-] 

(Congregational Ch Recs. New Canaan, Conn vol 1 p 191; 
New York Biographical Rec; 1st Presb Ch recs, Batavia, 
N.Y; Cem recs of Mt. Hope, Rochester, N.Y) 

7-32 Alanson (Anson) CHICHESTER, s of David^'^° (Abraham^ "-"-^ 

4^9 2-1 2-1 1-1 

Daniel James James James ) and Mary NICHOLS; b 

8 July 1791, Stamford Dist, , Fairfield, Conn; bp 14 Aug 

1791, New Canaan, Fairfield, Conn; d 9 Feb 1863, ae 

71 yrs 7 mo, in Pound Ridge, Westchester, N.Y; md 30 Nov 

1815, in New Canaan, Conn,, to Sarah (Sally) WEED who was 

b 11 Feb 1795; d 2 Mar 1871, Pound Ridge, N.Y; dau of 

Enos WEED and Kesiah POWERS. Their ch: 

8-64 Hannah W. CHICHESTER b 18 Oct 1816, New Canaan, Conn; 
md 10 Dec 1835, Augustus DIXON 
*8-65 Francis Enos CHICHESTER b 15 Nov 1822, New Canaan, Conn; 

d 12 Jan 1887; md Adelia J. BARRETT 
*8-66 George Alanson CHICHESTER b 15 Aug 1825, New Canaan, Conn; 
d 1900; md Abigail M. AMBLER 
8-67 Sarah Elizabeth CHICHESTER b 16 May 1830, Pound Ridge, 
Westchester, N.Y; d 14 Feb 1874, Pound Ridge, N.Y; bur in 
Miller Cem there; md 12 Oct 1848, Daniel MILLER who was ae 
25 at his marriage; he d 1 May 1868, ae 77 yrs 9 mos. 
They had a dau: 

(1) Agnes M, MILLER b 28 Dec 1850; d 20 Aug 1853. 
*8-68 David Nelson CHICHESTER b 24 June 1833, Pound Ridge, N.Y; 
d 6 May 1906; md Nancy Jane AVERY 
8-69 Mary Powers CHICHESTER b 17 May 1836, Pound Ridge, N.Y; 

Heritage 67 

d 27 Nov 1891, New Canaan, Conn; md 24 Sept 1862, to 
Charles COMSTOCK who was b 27 Sept 1834, New Canaan, Conn; 
d 27 Apr 1912, Allston, Suffolk, Mass; s of Watts COMSTOCK 
and Nancy HOYT, Their oh prob. all b in New Canaan, Connj 

(1) Genevieve COMSTOCK b 21 Aug 1863; d 6 July 1915; 
md William BRINKERHOFF. 

(2) Frank Alanson COMSTOCK b 1 July 1865; d 20 June 
1906; md 17 June 1886, Katherine WEED 

C3) Lena Chichester COMSTOCK b 6 June 1867; md 27 Nov 

1889, Alfred S. WEED 
(4) William Watts COMSTOCK b 7 Aug 1872; d 7 Feb 1905; 

md Julia Doane DIXON 
C5) Charles Augustus COMSTOCK b 15 Nov 1877; md Edna 

(6) Mary Powers COMSTOCK bp 6 July 1884; d Feb 1939, unm. 
Further descendants of this family will be found in "A Com- 
stock Genealogy" by C, B, Comstock, 1907. 

Alanson CHICHESTER was serving on the school board of 
New Canaan, Conn., 27 Apr 1825. Two years later, in 1827, 
he and fajtiily moved to Pound Ridge, New York, where they 
remained. The youngest dau, Mary Powers CHICHESTER, born 
in Pound Ridge, was seemingly the only member of the fami- 
ly to return to Connecticut to live, 

(Info: from family bible poss Mrs. Harold A. CHICHESTER, 
Braddock Heights, Md. 1954,- also New Canaan Ch Recs and 
fam records of Alexander CHICHESTER, Pound Ridge, N.Y.) 

7-44 James Harvey CHICHESTER, s of Stephen^"^^ (Abraham^"-"-^ 

4-9 3-1 2-1 1-1 

Daniel James James James ) and Betsey WEED; b 8 

May 1797, New Canaan, Conn; d 15 Oct 1844, ae 47 yrs 5 
mos 7 days. New Canaan, Conn; md 2 4 Jan 1826, by Rev Or in 
F. HOLCOMB, Norwalk, Fairfield, Conn., to Julia Eliza LOCK- 
WOOD who was b 15 May 1806; d 22 Jan 1892, ae 85 yrs 8 mos 
7 days, New Canaan, Conn; dau of Isaac LOCKWOOD and Mary 
BETTS. Their ch, all b in New Canaan, Conn; 

*8-70 Rodney Sidney CHICHESTER b 29 Aug 1827; d 24 July 1914; 
md Rebecca Ann MONTFORTE 
8-71 Mary Eliza CHICHESTER b 8 Mar 1829; d 18 Sept 1908, New Can- 
aan, Conn; md 6 June 1852, George DIXON who was b 13 Oct 1829; 
d 13 Mar 1896. They had no ch. 

*8-72 Julia Emma CHICHESTER b 26 Oct 1831; d 25 Apr 1920, Stam- 
ford, Conn; md Edward H. BRINKERHOFF 

*8-73 Harriet A. CHICHESTER b 16 Aug 1833; d 1918, in New Can- 
aan, Conn; md Samuel W. S, BRINKERHOFF 
8-74 Sarah A. CHICHESTER b 10 May 1835; d 17 Aug 1927, New Can- 


aan; md 20 Oct 1858, Amzi L. PENNOYER who was b 4 Aug 
1828; d 20 Mar 1891, New Canaan, Conn; they had ch: 

(1) George PENNOYER b 16 June 1866; d 26 Aug 1895; 
md (1) Battle COLEY; md (2) Gertrude Lena DOW 

(2) Frederick PENNOYER b 3 Apr 1862; d 17 Sept 1890, 
ae 24, unm 

*8-75 Hannah Betts CHICHESTER b 4 Apr 1837; d 2 Jan 1917, 
New Canaan, Conn; md Augustus S. TUTTLE 
8-76 Sidney Rodney CHICHESTER b 17 Dec 1843; d 17 Mar 1922, 
New Canaan, Conn; md 26 Sept 1879, Sarah Elizabeth BANKS 
who was b 24 Oct 1860, Fairfield Co., Conn; dau of Joel 
BANKS and Julia HULL. No ch. 

(Fam Bible poss Mrs. Aaron A. Jelliff, 88 Jelliff Hill Rd. , New 
Canaan , Conn . ) 

7-46 Cynthia CHICHESTER, dau of Stephen " (Abraham 
4_9 3-1 2-1 1-1 

Daniel James James James ) and Elizabeth WEED; 

b 19 Feb 1801, New Canaan, Conn; d 26 Nov 1861, Dean Hill 
Stamford, Conn; md 2 9 Aug 1819, in New Canaan, to Samuel 
DEAN, a shoe manufacturer, who was b 10 May 1796; d 8 
Feb 1876, Dean Hill, Stamford, Conn; s of Samuel DEAN. 
Their ch all b in Stamford, Fairfield, Conn: 

d 18 Apr 1905, unm 
d 12 Sept 1844, unm 
d 12 Mar 1903 
d 8 Aug 1844 


8-77 Harriet DEAN b 10 May 1822; 

8-78 Stephen DEAN b 30 Apr 1825; 

8-79 Cynthia DEAN b 27 Mar 1827; 

8-80 Adeline DEAN b 14 Jan 1828; 

8-81 Henry DEAN b 12 July 1830; d 5 Aug 1874 

8-82 Emma DEAN b 20 July 1832; d 2 Sept 1855 

*8-83 Mathew DEAN b 29 Apr 1838; d 14 Aug 1924; md Pauline 

Samuel DEAN md (2) 16 June 1864, Polly CHICHESTER^""^^ 
who was b 6 Oct 1798; dau of David CHICHESTER^'^O and 

(Ref: New Canaan Ch Recs; Stamford ch recs; family 
records of Dr. Winthrop H. HALL 400 Elm St, Westfield, A 

N.J., grandson of Samuel Dean and Cynthia CHICHESTER.) I 

NOTE; #7-48 through 7-56 — see p 76 a-d follpwian . I 

7-57 John Peck CHIDESTER, s of David and Mary PECK; 

b ca 1785, probably in Danbury, Fairfield, Conn; d 10 
July 1809, Pompey, Onondaga, New York; md in 1806 to 
Mary Ann (PoTly) GIFFORD who was b 30 Apr 1790, New Haven 
Conn; d 24 July 1875, Washington, Utah; dau of Jeremiah 
GIFFORD and Phoebe WILLIAMS. Their ch : 

*8-84 David Starr CHIDESTER b 30 Nov 1806, Vienna, Oneida, N.Y; 



d 7 Sept 1875; md (1) Nancy SHURTLEFF; md (2) Mary 
Elizabeth LYON 
*8-85 John Madison CHIDESTER b 22 Jan 1809, Pompey, N.Y; 
d 30 Aug 1893, Washington, Utah; md (1) Mary Josephine 
PARKER; md (2) Leah Jane THOMPSON; md (3) Anna Charlotte 

John Peck CHIDESTER, like his father, was a doctor, 
probably working with and learning the profession from 
his father and his close relative Dr. Abraham CHICHEST- 
ER. He no doubt attended and trained in the school in 
Norwalk, Conn., although no record has been found to 
prove the medical training of either of the Chichester- 
Chidester doctors. Until fairly recently in eastern 
states men "read" with a practicing physician, much as 
lawyers "read" and learned law by working in a law office. 

John seems to have moved with the family through the 
various towns of Fairfield Co., Conn, and New York to 
Pompey, Onondaga, N.Y. It was in near-by Vienna, N.Y. , 
(about 20 miles distant) that he met and married spright- 
ly, young Mary Ann (Polly) GIFFORD whose family also had 
originated in Connecticut and had been drawn into the 
western migratory pattern. 

At the time of John's death Mary Ann heart-brokenly 
said that she would never love anyone else. For a time 
she lived with her parents-in-law in Pompey and then prob- 
ably with her own parents. It was not long, however, be- 
fore she md (2) George DARROW, a widower who had lost his 
companion about the same year as Mary had lost hers. At 
first it was no doubt a marriage of convenience. Mary 
had two small children and no visible means of support. 
George had six motherless children and needed help. Lat- 
er the union developed into a genuine marriage of love. 

George DARROW was b 29 Nov 1777, Saratoga, Saratoga Co., 
N.Y; d 23 Jan 1843, Siommerf ield Twp. , Monroe, Mich; s 
of John DARROW and Hannah FULLER; md (1) Bulah BIERS 
or BEERS who was b ca 1781; d ca 1810, in Oneida Co., N. 
Y. They had ch: 

(1) Hannah DARROW b 30 July 1803; d 1868; md 1 

Jan 1822, Isaac GRAVES 
(2) Deborah DARROW b 23 Mar 1805; md James BARBER 

(3) Rhoda DARROW 

(4) Phyolilia DARROW who d 1883; md John HUMPHREY 

(5) Andrew DARROW who md Lucy WILLIAMS 

(6) William DARROW who d 5 Feb 1872 

By her marriage to George Darrow Mary became the mother 

"^^ 8-86 Bulah DAKROW b 7 Jan 1811, Vienna, Oneida, N.Y; d 9 
Sept 1861, Montrose, Iowa; md Timothy SPRAGUE who was 
b 7 Aug 1806, New York; d 18 Aug 1875, Montrose, Iowa. 
Their ch: 

(1) Mary Ann SPRAGUE b 1 July 1833 

(2) Hannah A. SPRAGUE b 18 Jan 1836 

(3) Daniel Elias SPRAGUE b30 Jan 1838 

(4) Matilda D, SPRAGUE b 15 Aug 1845 

(5) Timothy SPRAGUE b 15 Oct 1846 

8-87 Polly DARROW b 17 Oct 1813, Vienna, N,Y; d 8 Apr 1862; 
md Elias CLARK who was b 19 Sept 1808; d 13 _July 1889. 
Their ch: 

CD George CLARK b 23 Oct 1834 

(2) Sarah CLARK b 15 June 1836 

(3) Mary Elizabeth CLARK b 7 Mar 1839 

(4) Harriet CLARK b 8 Apr 1842 
C5) Angeline CLARK b 7 Mar 1847 

(6) Olive CLARK b 20 May 1849 

(7) Amanda CLARK b 14 Sept 1851 
C8) William CLARK b 29 July 1853 
C9) Isabel CLARK b 6 Nov 1859 

8-88 Betsy DARROW b 19 Jan 1816, Vienna, N.Y; d Feb 1859; 
md William Wallace PATTEN who was b 4 Oct 1816, Newport, 
Herkimer, N.Y; d ca 1851; s of John PATTEN Sr. and 
Abigail STILES. Th eir ch: 

(l)Phebe Ann PATTEN b ca 1841, Montrose, Iowa 

(2) William Wallace PATTEN b ca 1843, Nauvoo, Hancock, 

111; md Louise LEMMON 
C3) David W. PATTEN b 6 Nov 1846, Winter Quarters, now 
Florence, Douglas, Nebr; 

(4) Edwin Darrow PATTEN b ca 1848, Kanesville, Pottawa- 
tomie , Iowa 

(5) Edward Darwin PATTEN b 1850, Kanesville, Iowa; 
8-89 William DARROW b 6 June 1818, Vienna, N.Y; d 5 Feb or 

Apr 1871 
8-90 Reuben DARROW b 1823, Ainsville, Oneida, N.Y; d 1826 
8-91 Amanda Salome DARROW b 28 Jan 1828, Ainsville, N.Y; d 
17 Jan 1911, Salt Lake City, Ut; md 18 Jan 1845, in Nauvoo, 
111., to Alfred Wainwright CHILDS who was b 3 Dec 1820, of 
Orleans, Jefferson, N.Y: d 15 June 1890, Salt Lake City , 
Ut; s of Parker CHILDS and Betsy BOUTROUL. Their ch: 
CI) Lila M. CHILDS b 14 Mar 1847, Montrose, Lee, Iowa; 

d 17 Mar 1876; md James T. CLASBY 
C2) Alfred D. CHILDS b 20 July 1850, Kanesville, now 

Council Bluffs, Iowa; d 22 Nov 1851 
C31 Alverro Delvan CHILDS b 11 Sept 1852; md Mrs. Anna 

C4) Orpha E, CHILDS b 7 Feb 1855; d 13 Sept 1882; md 
George E. HARKINS 
8-92 Darwin DARROW b 1831, Dundee, Monroe, Mich; d 1834 


In the courthouse, Utica, N.Y. deeds show that 
George DARROW, on 7 Oct 1795, bought 226 acres of land 
in Herkimer Co., N.Y. In 1822 he bought other land in 
Vienna, N.Y. and probably owned land there prior to 
that time. Some time soon after the birth of their ch 
Amanda, the Darrow family decided to move on to Michi- 
gan, a newer, more promising frontier land. Before 1831 
they were settled in what is now Dundee, Monroe Co., 
Michigan, on the banks of the beautiful Raisin River. 

Michigan deeds show that they prospered there. It 
was a beautiful, fertile land, fairly level and easy to 
clear and farm. The Indians were not troublesome any 
longer and life was smooth. 

After George's death Mary Ann yielded to the persuasions 
of her son, John Madison CHIDESTER, and with his help 
settled the estate in Michigan (1844) and moved to Nau- 
voo. 111. 

Later, during the Mormon move to the Rocky Mountains, 
she was married (3) to John YOUNG, brother to Brigham 
YOUNG. During the last years of her life she lived with 
her son in Washington, Utah. 

(Ref: Chidester family rec poss Thelma C. Anderson; 
deed from N.Y. and Mich; fam recs of Childs-Darrow fam. 
Mrs. Iva Weight Waters, Provo, Ut; 1800-1810 census) 

7-58 Clorinda CHIDESTER, dau David^"'*^ and Mary Elizabeth 
PECK; b 2 Sept 1887, Stillwater, Saratoga, N.Y; d 28 
Jan 1879, ae 91 yrs 4 mo 26 days, in Adams, Berkshire, 
Mass; bur in Elliptic Hill Cemetery, Hoosick Falls, N.Y; 
md 16 Oct 1808, in Pompey, Onondaga, N.Y., to Solomon 
LOVELAND II who was b 29 Nov 1787, Glastonbury, Hart- 
ford, Conn; d 18 July 1866, Hoosick Falls, N.Y; ae 89 
yrs 7 mos 10 days, of heart disease; s of Solomon LOVE- 
LAND and Lucy M. MORLEY. Solomon Jr. was a weaver and 
a veteran of the War of 1812. Their ch, all b in Pomp- 
ey, Onondaga, N.Y: 

8-93 Malina LOVELAND b 10 Sept 1809; d 23 Oct 1892; md (1) 

James L. WELLS; md (2) Seth PARSONS. She is bur in Hoosick 

Falls, N.Y. 
8-94 Mary LOVELAND b 22 May 1811; d 24 May 1824; bur in 

Cohoes, Albany, N.Y. 
8-95 Alonzo LOVELAND b 28 June 1813; d 1 Feb 1814; bur in 

Hoosick Falls, N.Y. 
*8-96 John Chidester LOVELAND b 26 May 1815; d 25 Oct 1875; 

md (1) Derilla Tracy DEMING; md (2) Elizabeth Bell NEWTON 
8-97 Clorinda LOVELAND b 7 Apr 1817; d 17 Apr 1885; md John 



8-98 Flora LOVELAND b 13 July 1819; d 7 June 1877; bur 
Hoosick Falls, Rensselaer, N.Y; md James DARROCH s of 
William DARROCH and Ann BRUCE of Hoosick Falls, N.Y. 

8-99 a child b Dec 1821; d Dec 1821 

When Solomon LOVELAND applied for a bounty land 
grant for military service, 14 Apr 1855, he declared 
that he was a drummer and musician in the company of 
Rangers commanded by Asa WELLS during the war bet- 
ween the United States and Great Britain, which was 
declared 18 June 1812. He was honorably discharged 
from this service at Smith's Mills about the 15th Nov 
1814, and was allowed four days time to return to his 
home in Pompey, N.Y., having at that time served 3 5 
days in the New York Militia. At the time of the appli- 
cation he had moved from Pompey to Hoosick Falls, N.Y. 

On 15 Apr 1871, Clorinda, widow of Solomon Loveland, 
made application for a widow's pension and stated that 
during his service Solomon had been ordered to Oswego 
and to Sacket's Harbor; that before his decease he 
had been issued warrants for forty acres and one hund- 
red twenty acres of bounty land. She stated that she 
was married under the name of Clorinda CHIDESTER, 16 
Oct 1808. She also applied for funeral reimbursement 
and listed: 

Coffin, hearse and services $40.00 

Four carriages attending hearse 12.00 
Use of receiving vault and interment 5.00 
Total $57.00 

His assets at time of death did not exceed ten dollars, 
one bureau and six teaspoons. Cause of death, old age. 

(Ref; Cemetery rec of CHlo rinda Loveland, dau of David 
and Mary CHICHESTER; death certificate of Clorinda 
Chidester Loveland, poss of grand dau Muriel Macfarlane, 
Kansas City, Mo; Hale, House and Related Families, Jac- 
obus & Waterman; Census recs Onondaga Co., N.Y. 1810, 
1820; Pension and war service rec, Nat'l Archives; 
personal rec of Muriel MacFarlane.) 

7-59 Betsey CHIDESTER, dau of David^"^"^ and Mary Elizabeth 
PECK; b 25 Nov 1793, Stillwater, N.Y; d 16 Feb 1872, 
Blissfield, Lenawee, Michigan; md 1814, in Pompey, N.Y. 
to Jared PRATT who was b 26 Feb 1792, Glastonbury, Hart- 
ford, Conn; d 16 Aug 1855, ae 64, in Metamora, Ohio; 
bur in Pleasant View Cemetery, Blissfield, Mich; s of 
Manoah PRATT and Elizabeth LOVELAND (half sister of 
Solomon Loveland above.) 

Their ch b in Pompey, N.Y;, 



8-100 Darwin Darius PRATT b 21 May 1815 ; d 6 July 1838, 
Blissfield, Michigan. Darwin was trained to b e a doctor 
and had just begun his practice when he died. 

8-101 Mary Ann PRATT bp 14 Mar 1817 

8-102 David Chidester PRATT bp 19 Feb 1818 

8-103 Harvey PRATT b 1819; md Clara or Chloe — ; and had ch: 

(1) Allen PRATT b 1837 

(2) Albert PRATT b 1838 

(3) Leman PRATT b 1840 

(4) Henry PRATT b 1845 

(5) Bella PRATT b 1847 

(6) John PRATT b 1848 

(Census rec. Blissfield, Mich. 1850) 
8-104 William PRATT b ca 1822 
8-105 Jared PRATT bp 29 Apr 1824 

The families of David CHIDESTER and Manoah PRATT were 
neighbors in the tovmship of Pompey, living about half- 
way between the village of Pompey and the town of Caze- 
novia. When they first settled there it was thought they 
belonged to the latter city, but the boundary later put 
them definitely in the Pompey district. The two families 
were united in the marriage of Jared and Betsey, a union 
that was happy for both families. 

The "Pompey, Onondaga, N.Y. Reunion of 1871" p 143, 
reports: "Jared PRATT resided in Pompey till about the 
year 1830 when he moved to Jefferson Co., N.Y. After 
residing there about five years he moved to Michigan 
upon the territory in dispute between Michigan and Ohio 
and this left him in the latter state where he remained, 
engaged in farming. His failing strength obliged him to 
abandon that vocation and only one grandchild now remains 
of that family," 

The upper portion of Ohio and lower portion of Michigan 
comprised a territory that was hotly contested by the two 
states for some time. The dispute was known as the "Tol- 
edo War." Both states wanted control of the belt of rich 
farm land. For a time no one knew which state to support 
until the boundary line was finally drawn as it stands 
today. The Pratt farm ended up being partly in Ohio and 
part in Michigan. Metamora, Ohio, and Blissfield, Mich. , 
were close neighbors. While the family lived, technically 
in Metamora, they attended church and were most active 
civically, in Blissfield. 

Jared and Betsey were admitted into the church in 
Pompey 30 July 1815, and were dismissed to Antwerp, Jeff- 
erson, N.Y, 13 Mar 1825. In the 1830 census they were 
shown living next door to Abial SHURTLEFF, whose dau Nancy 
later married Betsey's nephew, David Starr CHIDESTEr8-83 . 


On 20 Feb 1833, Jared and Betsey were admitted to 
the Presbyterian church in Blissfield, Mich., and their 
dau Mary Ann was admitted 30 Aug 1845. Jared PRATT was 
ordained an Elder in the church by Rev. John WALKER on 
22 Dec 1839. He served the church well, officiating many 
times in behalf of or in lieuof the minister. So devoted 
were Betsey and Jared to the church, and so generous of 
time and means that when the present lovely frame church 
was built, a beautiful stained glass window was dedicated 
to them. 

After Jared 's death Betsey married a Mr. HOUGHTBY. No 
record has been found of t he marriage, but her tombstone 
bears the inscription: 

She was probably the third wife of John HOUGHTBY, the 
original immigrant from England. The "Portrait and Bio- 
graphical Album of Lenawee Co. Mich (1888, Chapman Bros) 
says of him: "John HOUGHTBY was married three times," 
but it names only his first wife. 

At the time of her death Betsey was living at the 
home of her son William, 

(Ref. not named above: Presbyterian Ch Recs. Syracuse, 
N.Y: Cemetery headstones of Jared, Betsey, Darwin in 
Blissfield, Mich; Presbyterian Ch Recs, Blissfield, 

7-61 Katherine CHIDESTER, dau David^"'*^ and Mary Elizabeth 
PECK; b 1799, Pompey, Onondaga, N.Y; d July 1885, in 
DeRuyter, Madison, N.Y; md Eleazer SWETLAND (SWEETLAND) 
who was b 20 Aug 1799, Truxton, Cortland, N.Y; d 5 
Sept 1877, DeRuyter, N.Y; s of Joseph SWETLAND and 
Rebecca MIX. Their ch: 

8-106 Ethan Mix SWETLAND b 19 Mar 1832, DeRuyter, N.Y; 

d 23 Nov 1903, DeRuyter, N.Y; md 9 Mar 1864, in Herrick 
Falls, N.Y., to Mary W. WELLS who was b 1843, Rensselaer, 
N.Y; d 1 Jxine 1890. They had ch b in N.Y: 

(1) Agnes M. SWETLAND b 17 Apr 1867; d 4 June 1892 

(2) Ethelyn SWETLAND b 1880. 

8-107 Sarah SWETLAND b 27 Jan 1837; d 1902, Syracuse, Onondaga, 

N.Y; md Ethan William WAGNER and had a dau: 
(1) Kittle WAGNER 

The family lived in Syracuse, N.Y. 
8-108 Mary S. SWETLAND b 28 Sept 1840; d 1 Apr 1915, Syracuse, 

N.Y; md John Quincy MASON who was b 1826; d 17 Mar 1892, 

DeRuyter, N.Y; and had ch: 

(1) Willie E. S. MASON b 31 Oct 1862; d 5 June 1864 

(2) Wilbur Wagner MASON b 23 Oct 1864; d 12 Jan 1907; 


md 25 Oct 1885, Elizabeth J. NICHOLSON 
The "Onondaga Centennial" by Dwight BRUCE, 1896, vol 2, 
reports that Mary Swetland Mason was living at that 
time with her son Wilbur who was "educated in the city 
schools and Syracuse high school." Wilbur worked in 
Syracuse for six years and then established a flour and 
feed store which he operated for two years. He then pur- 
chased the "Eugene Pratt farm of sixty acres in Fayette- 
ville, paking a specialty of fruit culture. 

"In 1884 Mr. Mason married Elizabeth J. Nicholson of 
For Byron, Cayuga Co., by whom he has two ch; 

(1) Wilbur W. MASON Jr. 8 yrs 

(2) Katherine Sweetland MASON ae 2 yrs." (This info 
sent by Mrs. Wilbur W. Mason, 59 Commonwealth Ave, Spring- 
field, Vt, Feb 1968) 

Eleazer SWETLAND was md (1) to Amanda MERCHANT who d 
5 Sept 1824, DeRuyter, N.Y. By this marriage he had a s: 
Henry B. SWETLAND b Mar 1823; d 5 Sept 1829. 

(Ref: Sweetland, Swetland Fam Hist.; Partial Gen of the 
Swetland Fam, B. S. Swetland, 1907, pp 31, 44; Madison 
Co. , N.Y. VR) 

7-62 Henry CHICHESTER (Capt.) s of Timothy ~ (Jeremiah 

4-5 3-1 2-1 1-1 

James James James James ) b 17 Sept 1762, Hunting- 
ton, Suffolk, N.Y; d 25 Sept 1849, ae 78 yr 17 days, Nor- 
walk, Fairfield, Conn; md 1 June 1784, in Norwalk, Conn., 
to Deborah HOYT who was b 8 Oct 1763; bp 9 Dec 1787, Darien, 
Conn; d 7 Jan 1835, ae 71, Norwalk, Conn; d at home. Old 
Mill Landing, Norwalk; dau of John HOYT and Sarah PICKETT; 
and had ch : b in Norwalk, Fairfield, Conn: 

8-109 Walter CHICHESTER b 31 Jan 1785; bp 23 Aug 1793, Darien, 
Conn; d 2 Mar 1816, Norwalk, Conn; his death reported in 
Connecticut Mirror, 27 May 1816; Connecticut Herald, 28 May 
1816; and Hartford Courant, 28 May 1816. 
*8-110 Sally CHICHESTER b 12 Feb 1787; md 28 May 1807, James 

*8-lll Amelia CHICHESTER b 27 Mar 1795; md 25 May 1813 to Henry 

*8-112 Henry CHICHESTER b 18 Mar 1799; d 2 Jan 184? ae 48, 
Norwalk, Conn; md Caroline Mary St. JOHN 
8-113 Alfred CHICHESTER b 4 July 1801; d 29 July 1870; md Sept 

1824 to Susan J. WATERMAN 
8-114 Ward CHICHESTER b 28 Nov 1803; d 15 Oct 1833; md (1) 

Mary Jane REEHILL; md (2) Fanny . Item from Danbury 

Times: Fanny CHICHESTER, of Brooklyn, widow of Ward 


CHICHESTER of Norwalk> bur in Norwalk, Conn., 7 Sept 
1884, ae 84. 
8-115 Elizabeth CHICHESTER b 8 Apr 1806; md 27 Nov 1826, in 

Norwalk, to John R. WHITE 
8-116 Emeline CHICHESTER b 1 Nov 1810; d 5 Aug 1840, ae 29; 
md 20 May 1833, in Norwalk, Conn., to John A. WEED who d 8 
Mar 1872, ae 72; s of Daniel WEED and Martha BENEDICT; and 
had ch: 

(1) Edward P. WEED who md 19 Dec 1865, Sophia A. LYNES 
dau of Samuel LYNES and Elizabeth Hoyt ISAACS and grand 
daughter of Benjamin ISAACS; and had ch: 

(a) Samuel Lynes WEED md 24 Feb 1892, Edith STREET, 
dau of Edward STREET ; and had a s Ralph Lynes 
WEED b 13 Oct 1895; d 11 Apr 1897 

(b) Edward Payson WEED 

John A. Weed was for some time an inmate of the Nehemiah Bene- 
dict home. Growing into a promising young man, he was public 
school instructor for a time. Afterwards, through acquaint- 
ance with Dr. A. J. McLEAN of Norwalk, he became familiar with 
drugs and started, prosperously, in that business. "He was 
for many years a reliable and highly honored citizen of the 
town." (Rev. Charles M, Selleck's History of Norwalk, Conn. 
1896; p 33) 

Henry CHICHESTER enlisted in the Revolutionary forces 
1779. He was taken prisoner but was exchanged in 1781. 
He re-enlisted under Capt. Ebenezer JONES for guard duty 
off the coast. In 1832 he received a pension for services 
as a private in the Connecticut Line, 

(Ref : Town Recs of Norwalk; The Ancient Hist. Rec of 
Norwalk, Conn, by Edwin Hall, 1847; Earn rec of Miss 
Mamie Chichester, Norwalk.; pension rec.) 

7-48 Hezekiah CHIDESTER, s of William^"'^'^ (William 

4-12 3-2 2-1 1-1 

William Dav-dd James James ) and Martha DEAN; 

b 17 Jan 1785,, Cornwall, Litchfield, Conn; d 13 Oct 

1849, Canfield, Mahoning, Ohio; md 11 Feb 1808, in 

Cornwall, Conn., by Rev. Shadrack BOSTWICK., to 

Lydia (Lizzie) BUELL who was b 3 Feb 1799, Cornwall, 

Conn; dau of Jesse BUELL and Lydia BEACH; and had 

ch b in Canfield, Mahoning, Ohio: 

* 8-117 Horatio Nelson CHIDESTER b 22 May 1811 j d 13 Feb 1893, 

Mercer Co., Ill; md Rebecca STEWART 
8-118 Munson B. CHIDESTER 1809, New Windsor, Trumbull, 

Ohio; d 18 Feb 1856, Columbus, Ohio 
8-119 Harriet CHIDESTER; b Apr 1814; d Apr 1875, Canfield, 


* 8-120 Sidney CHIDESTER b 1 Apr 1816; md Rachel Ann STEWART 


8-121 Lafayette CHIDESTER b Feb 1818, Canfield, Mahoning, 
Ohio; d 8 Feb 1855, Mercer Co., Ill; md 5 Sept 1854, 
in Mercer Co., 111., to Matilda Elizabeth SNYDER. 

Lafayette moved to Illinois about the same time as 
his brother Horatio Nelson CHIDESTER did — about 1839. 
He helped his brother to establish and operate a school 
and was a teacher for quite some time, acquiring pro- 
perty and establishing himself as a citizen of value. 
In 1844 he was witness to a will made by Alexander M. 
Imbric of Mercer Co., 111. 

A brief year after his marriage, he died intestate 
and his wife, Matilda Chidester, was appointed administra- 
trix 15 June 1855. Her last accounting of the property was 
made 23 Nov 1864 when she signed herself as Matilda ALEX- 
ANDER and stated that there were no children, she being 
the only heir. (Probate recs Mercer Co., 111.) 

8-122 Benjamin Rush CHIDESTER b Sept 1820, Canfield, Ohio; d 
Apr 1896, in Poland, nr Youngstown, Ohio 

8-123 Velorus CHIDESTER b 12 Nov 1822, Canfield, Ohio; d 29 

Apr 1888, Canfield, Ohio; md Priscilla A. DEAN' 22 Mar 1851. 

8-124 Chloe CHIDESTER (twin) b 1 Aug 1825; md 3 July 1854, 
by Rev, S. BRIMHALL, to R. R. JORDAN 

8-125 Almyra CHIDESTER (twin) b 1 Aug 1825; md 1855, to 

The first wedding performed in Canfield, Ohio, was 
that of Hezekiah CHIDESTER and Lydia BUELL. It was per- 
formed in the home of Lydia 's sister, Lucinda Buell and 
Richard FITCH. 

(Cornwall, Conn., VR; Ohio VR, State Library, Columbus, 
Ohio. ) 

7-49 Philo CHIDESTER, s of William^"'^'* (William^~^^Will- 

4-12 3-2 2-1 1-1 

iam David James James ) and Martha DEAN; b 13 

Mar 1787, Cornwall Bridge, Litchfield, Conn; d 12 Jan 

1838, ae 51, Canfield, Ohio; md 1 Jan 1809, by William 

Chidester, J.P, , to Betsey CHAPMAN who was b 15 Jan 

1788, of Salisbury, Conn; d 1 Jan 1829, in Canfield, 0., 

of consumption; dau of Titus CHAPMAN and Elizabeth KEL- 

SEY. Their ch: 

8-126 Norval CHIDESTER d of consumption 20 Mar 1829, ae 19 

8-127 William CHIDESTER d 18 May 1837, Canfield, ae 28 

Philo md (2) Sybil JOSLIN who d 4 Sept 1870. In his 
will, dated 30 May 1837, probated Mar 1838, Philo 
names his wife "Sylvia", brother Royal, sister Elizabeth 



CRef: Litchfield, Conn. VR? Ohio Will Bk 3 p 481; Tomb- 
stones, Canfield Village Cem. Canfield, Ohio; Descendants of 
Robert Chapman, Conn Fam, by Rev F. W. Chapman, 1854.) 

7-50 Erastus CHIDESTER, s of William^"^^ (William^"^^ 

William^~-'-^David^~^James^~''"James'''~''") and Martha DEAN; 
b 25 May 1789, Cornwall Bridge, Litchfield, Conn; d 10 
Mar 1866, Richland Grove, Swedonia, Mercer Co., Ill; 
md 30 Nov 1815, to Lydia SACKETT who was b 1 Nov 1790; 
d 23 July 187 2, Brookville, Jefferson, Iowa; dau of 
Benjamin SACKETT and Betsey ELDRED; and had ch: 

8-128 Julius CHIDESTER who d in infancy 

*8-129 Clark Sackett CHIDESTER b 1818, Canfield, Ohio; d 1884; 
md Clarinda SACKETT 
8-130 Caroline CHIDESTER b 1820; md 11 Oct 1848, by Rev. J. R. 

8-131 Martha CHIDESTER b 1823; md 18 Feb 1845, to Daniel 
*8-132 Julius CHIDESTER b 21 Feb 1826, Canfield, Ohio; d 20 

Dec 1884; md Elizabeth Harriet MASTICK 
*8-133 William Norval CHIDESTER b 20 Apr 1834, Canfield, Ohio; 
d 10 Sep 1913; md Martha TITUS 

Moving to Ohio in 1802 with his father's family, Eras- 
tus spent his teen years there in Canfield. He met his 
wife, Lydia Sackett, when she came from Warren, Conn., 
to visit her sister, Mrs. David HINE. In 1820 he was 
on the building committee to erect a house of worship for 
the village. It was a good, substantial frame building 
that stood on the east side of the public square. In 
1835 the Congregational divided and the present Presby- 
terian church was organized. 

Not content to remain in Ohio, Erastus moved his 
family to Illinois where he died. His wife and some 
of the children moved from there to Iowa. 

(Ref: Hist of Trumbull Co and Mahoning Co., Ohio vol II; 
Ohio md recs. State Library ) 

7051 Chloe CHIDESTER, dau of William^""*"* (William^"^^ 

William ~ David ~ James " James "'■"■'") and Martha DEAN; 
b 14 Apr 1791, Cornwall Bridge, Litchfield, Conn; d 13 
Feb 1824, ae 32, Ellsworth, Mahoning, Ohio; md 21 Feb 
1815, by Rev. Shadrach BOSTWICK, in Canfield, Ohio, to 
Walter D. SMITH, a farmer, who was b 1789, New York; d 
26 Oct 1867, ae 78, Ellsworth, Mahoning, Ohio. Their 
ch probably were: 

8-134 Chloe Chidester SMITH 

8-135 Samuel SMITH b ca 1819; was ae 31 in 1850 census, 

a drover, md Martha FITCH who was ae 28 in 1850; and had 
a ch 

(1) Chloe C. b ca 1848 

8-136 William SMITH 

8-137 Sarah E. SMITH 

After Chloe 's death, Walter Smith Sr. rod 18 Nov 
182 5, in Trumbull Co., Ohio, Mary Ann CRAWFORD who 
was b 1802; d 11 Feb 1862; and had ch: 

8-138 Eliza SMITH b 1829; d 7 Mar 1904; md Rev. Wn. 

8-139 Daniel Fitch SMITH 
8-140 Walter D. SMITH Jr. b 1837, in Ohio; d 26 Feb 1862, 

New Haven, Kentucky, casualty of the Civil War; md 30 

May 1860, to Judith Perkins RIPLEY who was b 2 Dec 1838; 

dau of Harvey RIPLEY and Hulda Henrietta SACKETT; and 

had a dau; 

(1) Jessie May SMITH b 15 Apr 1861, Ellsworth, Ohio; md 
John Sherman MILLER 

8-141 Mary SMITH b 1841 

CRef : History of Ellsworth Presby. Ch. 1818-1968 p 41; 

Early Marriages of Trumbull Co. , Ohio; Civil War Pension Rec. 

of Walter D. Smith Jr.) 

7-53 William Rush CHIDESTER s of William^"^^ (William^"^^ 

William'^'-'-^David^'^James^'-'-James-'""-'-) and Martha DEAN; 
b 4 Mar 1795, Cornwall Bridge, Litchfield, Conn; d 7 
Feb 1866, Akron, Ohio; md 18 Feb 1823 in Canfield, 0., 
to Almira BOSTWICK who was b 19 Mar 18 03, Greenville, 
Mass; d 24 Mar 1885, Medina, Ohio; day of Shadrack F. 
BOSTWICK and Maria Diver GREENBUSH; and had ch b in 
Medina, Ohio: 

* 8-142 William Bostwick CHIDESTER b 10 July 1828; md Ellen 
Estella CLARK 
8-143 Harriet Maria CHIDESTER b 5 Mar 1838 , Medina, Ohio; 
d 3 July 1883, ae 50, Medina, Ohio; md 8 Nov 1863 to 
Edward E. SHEPARD who d 7 Mar 1883, Medina, Ohio; and had 

CD Sarah Bostwick SHEPARD b 1 Jan 1865; md 20 Aug 
1885, Frank W. STEEL 

(2) Jessie Prudence SHEPARD b 23 Jan 1869 

(3) Harriet Julie SHEPARD b 4 Apr 1872 

(Gen of the Bostwick Fam. in Am. by Henry A. Bostwick, 1901) 

Quote from History of Medina Co., Ohio, 1818:— 

"One of the early taverns of Medina was the 
CHIDESTER HOUSE. This was the stage house, after a 
line was established from Cleveland to Wooster and Col- 
umbus, and , like the frontier tavern, was a place of 
considerable resort. About stage time, everybody 
flocked to the tavern to see the stage come in, just as 
t he boys of the present day gather at the depot about 
train time to see who can swear the biggest oaths , chew 
the most tobacco, squirt out the greatest quantity of 
juice and use the most obscene language. As the stage 
rattled up with the blowing of the horn, and the pranc- 
ing of the 'Fiery, untamed steeds,' the people around 
milled, ready to pick up any stray scrap of news from 
the outside world. 

"Chidester House was long a famous stopping place, 
and a well known tavern in this section of the State." 

W. R. CHIDESTER, Proprietor." 

(Ref: Litchfield, Conn VR; Ch recs of Rev. Shadrack 
F. Bostwick who performed md ceremony for his dau.) 

7-56 Royal Canfield CHIDESTER, s of William^"^^ (William^"^^ 

4-12 3-2 2-1 1-1 
William David James James ) and Martha DEAN; 

b 22 June 1802, first white male ch b in Canfield; 
d 27 Mar 1874, Canfield, Ohio; md 3 Nov 1852, in Can- 
field, by C. A. BOARDMAN, to Caroline Elizabeth 
JARVIS, a widow, who was b 21 Feb 1820; d 1 Sept 1908, 
Canfield, Ohio; and had ch b in Canfield, Ohio: 

8-144 Delia CHIDESTER b Oct 1854 

8-145 Evelyn (Eva) CHIDESTER b 21 Aug 1856; 

d 6 July 1922 
8-146 Etta Maria CHIDESTER b 28 Dec 1858; d 16 Mar 
1943, ae 84 yrs 7 months 16 days, bur Canfield, 0; 
had lived in Hagerstown, Md. 
8-147 Elizabeth CHIDESTER 

8-148 Charles Philo CHIDESTER b 27 May 1862; d 15 
Oct 194 8 , ae 86 yrs, in Hagerstown, Md; bur in 
Canfield, Ohio; md 20 June 1909, in Canfield, 0., 
to Naomi Vernon LANTZ who was b 1870, Haymaker- 
town, Virginia; d 24 May 1929; was md (1) to 
Andrew DOOLEY. Charles and Naomi had a ch: 
(1) Curtis Philo CHIDESTER b 10 Aug 1910, 

Youngs town, Ohio; md 11 Jan 1937, to Martha 
Helen RUDBECK who was b 5 Aug 1915, Struthers, 
Ohio; dau of Carl A. RUDBECK and Anna Marie 
JOHNSON . No ch 




8-11 James Pine CHICHESTER, s Eliphalet " (Ebenezer^" 

Eliphalet Jeremxah James James James ) and 
Lydia H. CONKLIN; b 15 Jan 1829, Northport, Suffolk, 
N.Y; d 24 Oct 1911, LaHarpe , Allen Ksnsas; md 25 
Jan 1857, Mary M. ENTRIKEN who was b 5 May 1837, Ches- 
ter Co. Pa; dau of Joseph ENTRIKEN and Hannah LEONARD. 
They had ch: 

9-1 Frank Elmer CHICHESTER b 30 Mar 1861, Marshalltown, Mar- 
shall, Iowa? d 17 Dec 1945, Walla Walla, Washington; md 
14 Feb 1889, Amanda Alice BAI^RETT who was b 22 Nov 1860, 
Muncie, Delaware, Indiana? d 20 May 1943, Huntsville, 
Colximbia, Washington. Their ch: 

(1) Mary Pearl CHICHESTER b 1 Jan 1890, Nebraska; md 

(2) Lydia Gladys CHICHESTER b 28 July 1893, Kansas; 
md Harry FORD 

(3) Frank Elmer CHICHESTER Jr. b 16 Dec 1897, Kansas; 
md Agnes Ring BARRETT (widow of Dorsey BARRETT, 

by whom she had a dau, Dorothy BARRETT) 
C4) Anna Belle CHICHESTER b 4 Mar 1902, Kansas; md 
1 June 1921, George MOULTON 
9-2 Lydia S. CHICHESTER b 18 Apr 1872; d 29 Jan 1948; md 
Russell E. WOODEN 

(Ref. Mrs. Wm. Louis Chichester, Dalton, Nebr.) 

7— ft fi-"ft 

8-14 Eliphalet S. CHICHESTER, s Eliphalet (Ebenezer Elipha- 
let Jeremiah James James James ) and Mary GILDERSLEEVE; 
b 26 Jan 1843, Northport, Suffolk, N.Y; d 13 June 1919, Wayne, 
Wayne Co., Nebr; md 31 Jan 1872, Anna M. SWAIN who was b 22 July 
1850, in Genescoe, Henry, 111; d 16 Nov 1910, Cherryvale, Montgom- 
ery, Kansas; both ar bur in Walnut, Crawford, Kansas. Their ch 
all b in Harlan, Shelby, Iowa: 

*9-3 Eliphalet Lester CHICHESTER b 9 Nov 1872; d 19 July 1933; 
md Bethia NORTON 
9-4 William Henry CHICHESTER b 17 Oct 1876; d 1 Jan 1934, 
Cherryvale, Kansas; md 18 Nov 1903, Stella KENSINGER 
They had a s : 

(1) Paul Eugene CHICHESTER b 11 June 1907, Nass City, 

Nass, Kansas; md 30 Dec 1928, Bernice Mildred ASH- 
LEY who was b 22 Feb 1911, Independence, Kansas; dau 
of Francis Pearl ASHLEY and Flora TAYLOR. Their ch: 
Ca) Jack Eugene CHICHESTER b 29 Oct 1929, Inde- 


pendence, Kansas; md in 1954, Jane WRITTEN 
(b) Carol Jane CHICHESTER b 24 June 1938,, Bart- 
lesville. Wash,, Oklahoma; md in 1958 to 
George E. OAKES. 
(Info: Paul Eugene Chichester, Pasadena, Texas, 1964) 
9-5 Nellie M. CHICHESTER b 4 Sept 1878; md 8 Oct 1903, Frank 
*9-6 Frank S. CHICHESTER b 24 May 1882; d 15 Nov 1940, Inde- 
pendence, Kansas; md Gertie Mae LONG 
9-7 Ansel B. CHICHESTER b 12 Dec 1883; d 6 Aug 1884 
9-8 Fredrich E. CHICHESTER b 4 June 1887; d 24 Dec 1937; md 

Sept 1916, Bertha WEILAND 
9-9 Bessie Ann CHICHESTER b 2 Feb 1890; d 7 Feb 1890. 

(Ref: Recs of Mrs. Wm. Louis Chichester, Dal ton, Nebr; and 
Mrs. Harry CHICHESTER.) 

8-15 Ebenezer CHICHESTER, s Eliphalet ~ (Ebenezer 

Eliphalet^" Jeremiah ' James " James " James ) and 
Mary GILDERSLEEVE; b 27 June 1846, Northport, Suffolk, 
N.Y; d 11 July 1932, Wayne, Nebr; md 10 Jan 1871, in 
Marshalltown, Iowa, to Lucinda Rebecca BONNAWITZ , who 
was b 6 Nov 1852, Marshalltown, Iowa; d 3 Sept 1905, 
Wayne, Nebr; dau of William and Phoebe BONNAWITZ; and 
had ch: 

9-10 Phoebe Ann CHICHESTER b 22 June 1873, Marshalltovm, 
Iowa; d 24 Aug 1925, Dal ton, Cheyenne, Nebr; md Frank 
PANABAKER and had ch: 

(1) Earl PANABAKER , b 21 Mar - in R andolph. Cedar, 
Nebr; md Martha 

(2) Ralph PANABAKER b 14 Dec — in Laurel, Cedar, 
Nebr; md Bernice 

(3) MeU^r PANABAKER b 1 Apr - in Hardington, Nebr; 
md Harry MARTIN' 

(4) Lucinda PANABAKER b 19 Nov — Wayne, Nebr; md 

*9-ll John Henry CHICHESTER b 30 June 1875, Marshalltown, Iowa; 

d 29 July 1913; md Stella LINDSAY 
*9-12 Elbert Arthur CHICHESTER b 27 Jan 1877, Marshalltown, 

Iowa; d 14 Aug 1954; md Rosa LEMKUEHL 
*9-13 William Louis CHICHESTER b 25 Jan 1883;, Harlan, Iowa; 

md Ethel Leona GAMBLE 

(Recs of Mrs. Wm. Louis Chichester , Dalton, Nebr.) 

8-20 John Vail CHICHESTER, s Asa^""^"^ (Eliphalet^'^Eli- 


phalet ~ Jeremiah ~ James James James ) and 
Elizabeth VAIL; b 23 Mar 1822, Huntington, Suffolk, 
N.Y; d 1 Dec 1883, ae 61 Yrs 9 mos 3 days, Huntington, 
N.Y; md 25 Mar 1843, in West Hills, Huntington, N.Y. , 
to Susan or Sarah Elizabeth SMITH who was b 24 May 1823; 
chr 16 Feb 1824; d 23 Feb 1901, ae 77 yrs 9 mos. West 
Hills, Huntington, N.Y: dau of Ezra SMITH and Susan 
IRELAND. Their ch b in West Hills, Huntington, N.Y: 

9-14 Louisa CHICHESTER b31 July 1845; d 11 May 1882, Hunt- 
ington, N.Y; md 25 Feb 1869, David Parlee BRUSH who was 
b 19 Apr 1836, West Hills, Hunt. N.Y; d 13 June 1913; 
s of Ellas BRUSH and Ann PARLEE. Their ch: 

(1) Annie Louise BRUSH b 28 June 1871, Huntington; d 
20 Feb 1894, ae 22 yrs 7 mos 20 days 

(2) Ida Chichester BRUSH b 7 Aug 1868; d 4 Feb 1954; 
md 7 June 1907, John M. LUTZ 

9-15 Abner CHICHESTER b 9 July 1849; d 5 Apr 1916, West 

Hills, Huntington, N.Y; md 26 Jan 1870, Sarah A. TOWNE 
who was b 3 Jan 1855; d 3 Feb 1936, West Hills, Hunting- 
ton; dau of Capt. Kendal TOWNE and Ann POWELL. Their ch: 

(1) Josephine E. CHICHESTER b 20 Dec 1872; d 28 Feb 
1917; md William JARVIS 

(2) Irving CHICHESTER b 23 Mar 1874; d 13 June 1916 
C3) Arlington CHICHESTER b Mar 1877 

(4) Susan CHICHESTER b Jan 1878; d 27 June 1878. 
(Note: This info taken from Huntington, N.Y. Hist, and 
Bible Recs. Stamford Register and Powell fam history claim 
that Abner 's wife was Sarah POWELL, dau of Richard POWELL 
and Amy SAXTON, rather than Sarah TOWNE. We believe the 
Huntington records to be more accurate.) 
9-16 Ezra CHICHESTER b 29 Oct 1851; d 15 Mar 1903 , West 

Hills, Huntington, N.Y; md 28 Dec 1872, Frances J. VANSIZE 
who was b 1 May 1864; d 21 Jan 1908, ae 44 yrs 8 mos 20 
days. Their ch: 

(1) Ada L. CHICHESTER b 21 Apr 1873 

C2) Ella CHICHESTER b 26 July 1875 

C3) Emma CHICHESTER b Nov 1881 

(4) Arthur CHICHESTER b Feb 1885 

05) Alice M. CHICHESTER b June 1892. 
9-17 Mary Emma CHICHESTER b 22 Aug 1854; d 25 June 1922, West 
Hills, Huntington, N.Y; md 24 Jan 1876, C. Edgar (Eddie) 
VANSIZE who d 9 Nov 1917 and was bur in West Hills Meth- 
odist Churchyard. 
9-18 Florence A. CHICHESTER - bur on John's lot, but may have 
been a grandchild. No dates available. 

(Ref : McDougall Recs. Huntington Ch; Moses Vail Hist, of Long 


Island; family bible recs, Huntington Hist, Soc; demetery head- 
stones. Met hodist churchyard, Huntington, N.Y.) 

8-30 Nathaniel CHICHESTER, s of Eliphalet ~ (Nathaniel 

Eliphalet^~"'"^Jeremiah James "" James ' James ) and 

Susan ; b 18 May 1835, New York City, N.Y; d 1 Oct 

1911, ae 76 yrs 4 mos 13 days, near Brinkleyville , Hali- 
fax, North Carolina; md 5 Feb 1867, Louise Rebecca West 
HUX; and had ch: 

*9-20 James Peterson CHICHESTER b 18 Aug 1872, Littleton, Hali- 
fax, N.C; d 30 Nov 1949; md Lila Alice DICKENS 
9-21 Nathaniel Henry CHICHESTER b 13 Dec 1898, Littleton, N.C; 
d 30 Aug 1949; md Martha Powell HARVEY 
9-22 Susan (Susie) P. CHICHESTER 
9-23 Lucretia CHICHESTER 
9-24 Edward H. CHICHESTER 

(Recs. of Mrs. Elsie CHICHESTER JONES, Roanoke Rapids, N.C.) 

8-40 Col. Abraham (Abram) CHICHESTER, s of Abijah 

.^, , 5-16^ . ,4-9^ 3-1^ 2-1^ 1-1, , 

(Abraham Daniel James James James ) and 

Betsey OLMSTEAD; b 4 Mar 1807, Danbury , Fairfield, 

Conn;d 1 Mar 1879, ae 71, Danbury, Conn; md Caroline 

HOLMES who was b 9 Oct 1809; d 15 Nov 1883, ae 74, _ 

Danbury, Conn. Their ch b in Danbury, Conn: 

9-25 Stebbins CHICHESTER 

9-26 Quartus CHICHESTER md Mary Ann LEWIS, dau of Phebe 

(Phoebe) _Mariah LEWIS. (Phebe 's second marriage was to 
Hezekiah CHICHESTEr7-25^ In her will of 1871, Phebe names 
her dau, Mary wife of Quartus CHICHESTER.) 

9-27 Lewis or Levi CHICHESTER b ca 1835 

9-28 John N. CHICHESTER b 1836,; d 1896, Danbury, Conn; 
md (1) 3 Mar 1859, Harriet E. (Hattie) BATES who was b 
Feb 1841, Danbury, Conn; d 11 July 1863, ae 22, Danbury, 
Conn. They had two sons: 

(1) Abram D. CHICHESTER b 16 Feb 1860, Danbury, Conn; 
d 6 Dec 18 62 

(2) Emery B. CHICHESTER who md 10 Aug 1889, Susie 

On 11 Apr 1864, John md (2) Ellen FREE, ae 21. The Bates 
family seems to have assumed the care of the son, Emery B. 
A process was served 20 May 1875, "To John CHICHESTER of 
Norwalk in Fairfield, Co., Conn., you will take notice 
that your son Emery B. CHICHESTER now residing in Danbury 
in the probate district of Danbury is entitled to estate 
not denied by you. You are thereby notified in pursuance 


of the statute in such cases made and provided to appear 
before the Court of Probate in the District of Danbury 
the 29 May 1875 at 11 o'clock to show cause why guardian 
should not be appointed . " 

The result of the action was that Joseph T. BATES and 
Stephen BATES, of Danbury, put up bond of $300.00, Joseph 
T. BATES to be the child's guardian, empowered to sell 
about 15 acres of land and buildings and invest the proceeds 
for the care of Emery B. CHICHESTER, minor. (Marriages 
reported in Danbury Times and Norwich Courier, 1859; 
Harriet's death, New Haven Palladium of 17 July 1863.) 

9-29 Mary CHICHESTER B 28 Mar 183-7; d 17 Apr 1917; bur in 
Wooster Cemetery, Danbury, Conn; md William H. TWEEDY. 

9-30 Betsey CHICHESTER b Dec 1842; d 24 Jan 1850, Danville 

9-31 Charles M. CHICHESTER b Nov 1843; d 1 Oct 1844, ae 10 
mos 8 days, Danbury, Conn. 

9-32 Emily or Emma CHICHESTER b 1847. 

Abraham CHICHESTER was a hatter by trade. He owned 
the old hotel known as the Wooster House in 1859. Ste- 
phen BATES, bondsman of Abraham's grandson, Emery, was 
the administrator of Abraham's estate, 30 Dec 1879. He 
had filed an inventory of the estate 14 Mar 1878, all 
of which went to Caroline CHICHESTER, Abraham's wife. 

(Ref: Probate records from State Library, Hartford, 
Conn; Danbury Times and Hartford Courant, Mar 1878.) 

8-46 Ira CHICHESTER, s Abijah^"-'-^ (Abraham^'-'-^Abraham^"-'-^ 

4-9 3-1 2-1 1-1 

Daniel James James James ) and Betsy OLMSTEAD; 

b 6 Mar 1823, in Unadilla, Otsego, N.Y; d 2 Aug 1903, 
ae 80, in the Village of Allegan, Allegan Co., Mich; 
md (1) 21 June 1855, at the home of Friend IVES in Plain- 
well, Mich., by A. M. Buck, M.G., to Ann Mary IVES , 
widow of Ira's brother, Aaron CHICHESTER^"^^ . Mary 
was b 8 June 1827, Medina, Ohio; d 12 July 1880, ae 53 
in Allegan, Mich; dau of Friend IVES and Hannah WARNER. 
Their ch: 

9-33 Ernest M. CHICHESTER b 9 Apr 1858, Otsego, Mich; d 3 Oct 

9-34 Willie Wilton CHICHESTER b 8 Apr 1861; d 6 Mar 1862. 

Both of these children were bur in Oakwood Cem. Allegan, Mich. 
9-35 Leon CHICHESTER b 15 Jan 1863, Otsego, Mich; d 29 Feb 

1932; md (1) Dec 1892, in Alleghany Co., Pa., Nannie BLAIR 

who d 2 Jan 1893, Aiken, So. Carolina. 

Leon md (2) 24 Oct 1900, Jeanne A. CASKEY who was b in 

Allegan, Mich; dau of Charles W, CASKEY. They had a dau: 
(1) Edith Hunt CHICHESTER. 


Leon was president of First State Bank of Petoskey, 
Emmet, Mich. He got his start in the First National 
Bank in Emmet Co., Mich., where he was a teller as 
early as 1880. 
9-36 Fred T. CHICHESTER b 27 Aug 1866, Otsego, Mich; md 
18 July 1890, in Allegan, Mich., by Rev. Henry W. 
HARVEY, to Clara (Callie) B, SHERWOOD who was b 1867, 
Allegan, Mich. f dau of Austin W. SHERWOOD and Cather- 
ine MAYHEW; and had a si 

(1) Leon CHICHESTER b 27 Feb 1893, Allegan, Mich; 
Clara was ae 23 at the time of her marriage and the 
witnesses were Leon CHICHESTER and Carrie ROWE, both 
of Allegan. 

Ira CHICHESTER was only 12 years of age when the 
family moved to Allegan Co., Michigan, but he was soon 
to let the weight of his presence be felt. In the 
1850 census he was listed as a carpenter. In 1860, 
his profession was given as surveyor. He was county 
surveyor from 1858 to 1866. During that time his 
knowledge of carpentry was put to use also, for in 
1859 he was on a committee to build a jail. In 1867, 
he was on the committee to build the county Poor House. 
From 1867 to 1874 he was county treasurer and in 1875 
he was share holder in the Allegan Literary and Library 
Association. Five years later he was trustee of the 
First Presbyterian Church; assessor of the school 
board for Allegan Village; vice president of Farmer's 
Mutual Fire Insurance Co., of Allegan and Ottowa Count- 
ies and a director of the 1st National Bank. He was a 
versatile and most enterprising man! 

(Info: Biographical History of Northern Michigan, 
Bowes, 1905; Cemetery Recs of Oakwood Cem, Allegan, 
Mich; Hist of Allegan and Barry Counties; Census 
of 1850, 1860.) 

8-50 Eliza Ann CHICHESTER, dau of Rev. Isaac^''^^ (Dav- 
id " Abraham ~ Daniel " James ~ James ^" ■*" James "'■'■'") 
and Eunice WAKELEY; b 9 Aug 1811; d 12 Mar 1901, Wy^ 
oming, Wyoming Co., N.Y; md 14 Dec 1836, to Edwin 
STANLEY who was b 1 June 1798, Litchfield, Litch- 
field Co., Conn; d 17 June 1887, Wyoming, N.Y; s of 
Thaddeus STANLEY and Betsy DOWD. Edwin was md (1) to 
Sarah LAKE. 
Ch of Eliza Ann and Edwin STANLEY: 

9-37 Sarah Ellen STANLEY b 4 Nov 1837; md 18 Sept 1860, 


Albert C. GIDDINGS and had ch: 

(1) Horace Edwin GIDDINGS b 14 Aug 1861 

(2) Almira Eliza GIDDINGS b 27 Apr 1866 

(3) Stanley Albert GIDDINGS b 5 Nov 1868 

(4) Claude Wakelee GIDDINGS b 12 Aug 1876 

(5) Henry Garfield GIDDINGS b 15 Apr 1880 

9-38 Frances Eliza STANLEY b 26 Aug 1839; md 21 Feb 1867, 
Maurice Lewis STONE, a druggist, who was b 8 Aug 1843; 
s of Harvey STONE and Eliza LEWIS. Their ch: 

(1) Frank Maurice STONE b 24 Nov 1867, Orangeville, N.Y. 

(2) Mary Eliza STONE b 1 Feb 1872, Orangeville, N.Y, 
Maurice STONE was a merchant and for many years was trust- 
ee of the Presbyterian church; also serving as treasurer. 
He held the office of mayor of Wamego, Kansas, and was 
president of the Kansas State Pharmaceutical Association 
in 1884. 

9-39 Thaddeus Chichester STANLEY b 16 Sept 1841; md 28 Sept 
1866, Olive D. WRIGHT; and had ch: 

(1) Frank Edwin STANLEY b 8 July 1868 

(2) Ray Gilbert STANLEY b 8 Mar 1874 

(3) John Dean STANLEY b 29 Oct 1877. 

Thaddeus Chichester STANLEY was in the commission business 
with his brother Elliott, in 1887. The firm was called 
STANLEY BROTHERS, Topeka, Kansas. 
9-40 Mary Richmond STANLEY b 28 July 1843; md 28 Oct 1873, 
to Thomas W. GILLETT; and had ch: 

(1) Carrie Eunice GILLETT b 5 May 1876 

(2) Elias Stanley GILLETT b 27 Nov 1880 
9-41 Carrie Emily STANLEY b 10 Mar 1846; d 1931 

9-42 John Edwin STANLEY b 29 Feb 1848; md 27 May 1877, 
Amanda PINKERTON: and had ch: 

CD Thomas Edwin STANLEY b 15 Apr 1878 

C2) Carrie Margaret STANLEY b 29 Jan 1880 
John went to Kansas in 1869 and assisted in laying out the 
city of Wichita. In the fall of 1871, he took charge of 
a herd of cattle numbering 1180 head and took them to Colo- 
rado. He prospected for coal but didn't have much luck so 
returned to Wichita. In 1881, he went to New York state 
and engaged with his brother George in the manufacturing 
and sale of bee keeper's equipment. 
9-43 Willie STANLEY b 2 May 1850; d 1850 

9-44 Elliott Lucien STANLEY b 23 Aug 1851; d 1928; md 20 
Sept 1872, Mary G. TOKLE and had ch: 

(1) Arthur B. STANLEY b 27 Oct 1873 

C2) Daisy Maude STANLEY b 17 Aug 1878; d 15 June 1881 

(3) a dau b 4 Nov 1884 

Elliott was in the commission business in Topeka, Kansas 
with his brother Thaddeus. 
9>~45 George Walklee STANLEY b 18 Apr 1855; md Lizzie BAKER. 
He was a manufacturer of bee keeper's equipment in New York. 


Edwin STANLEY was living in Wyoming, New York, in 
1887, and was a harness maker. The family had lived 
in Rochester , Monroe, N.Y. for a time and then moved 
to Hillsdale, Mich., in 1843. They left there in 1847, 
returning to New York, and settled in Bennington where 
Eliza Ann's father, Isaac CHICHESTER, was pastor of the 
church. In 186 0, they moved to Wyoming, N.Y. 

(Ref: Recs of Presbyterian Ch. , Wyoming, N.Y; Histor- 
ical Wyoming, Harry Doublas; Settlers of Western N.Y., 
Foley; the Stanley Families of America, IsraeJ. P. 
Warren, 1887.) 

8-52 Rev. Darwin CHICHESTER, s of Isaac ~ (David 

,^ ^ 5-16^ . ,4-9^ 3-1^ 2-1^ 1-1, , „ 

Abraham Daniel James James James ) and Eu- 

nice Emma WAKELEY; b 2 Apr 1817, Rochester, N.Y; d 11 
Jan 1876, in Rochester, N.Y; md (1) 24 Oct 1843, in Cuy- 
ahoga Co., Ohio, to R. Amanda BARRIS who was b 1822; d 
28 Apr 1848. Darwin was the Reverend in the First Cong- 
regational Church in Jackson, Mich., July 1843-July 1844. 
Amanda was a member of the First Baptist Church in Jack- 
son, but was dismissed from there by letter to the Presby- 
terian Church in Attica, N.Y. 

After Amanda's death, Darwin md (2) 19 Feb 1850, in 
Rochester, N.Y., Caroline Elizabeth CHAPIN who was b 27 
Apr 1822, in Burdett, Schuyler, N.Y; d 1 Apr 1896, New 
York City; dau of Judge Moses CHAPIN and Esther Marie 
WARD. Their ch: 

9-46 Maria Ward CHICHESTER b 13 Jan 1851, Hawley, Wayne, Pa; 
d 18 Nov 1944; bur in Genesco, N.Y; md 2 Mar 1892, in 
Rochester, N.Y. , to Abraham GOODWIN who was b 14 Dec 1829, 
and was of Genesco, Livingston, N.Y; d 30 Sept 1915 ; s 
of Abraham GOODWIN and Sarah MYERS. They had an adopted s: 
(1) Henry Lifford GOODWIN b 19 Mar 1893 
9-47 Caroline Chapin CHICHESTER b 5 Jan 1853, Mt. Morris, Liv- 
ingston, N.Y; d 7 Oct 1948; bur in White Plains, N.Y. 
*9-48 Edward Louis CHICHESTER b 27 Mar 1856, Rochester, N.Y; 
md Emma Elizabeth WRIGHT 
9-49 Harriet Amanda CHICHESTER b 23 Dec 1857, Corning, N.Y. 
*9-50 Charles Darwin CHICHESTER b 11 July 1860, Walcott, N.Y; 

d 25 Jan 1941; md Ethel Lindsay CUNNINGHAM 
*9-51 Susan Seldon CHICHESTER b 2 Oct 1863, Burdett, N.Y; md 

Dr. Clarence Austin SMITH 
*9-52 Mary Dwight CHICHESTER b 29 June 1865, Burdett, N.Y; md 

There were three other children born to Rev. Darwin CHICHESTER, 
but it is not know whether they were the ch of the first or 


second marriage. They are: 

9-53 Henry B. CHICHESTER graduated from Yale and studied 
theology at Union Theological Seminary. He settled in 
Trenton, Mercer, N.J; md Harriet SMITH of New York City 
and had two children 

9-54 Charles H. CHICHESTER md Elizabeth KIDD of Rochester, 
N.Y. and had four children 

9-55 Harriet W. CHICHESTER md Rev. C. W. HIGGINS; had three 
ch and lived in Newfield, Tompkins, N.Y., near Ithaca. 

(Ref: Natl Society Daus of Founders and Patriots of America; 
fam recs of Miss Harriet A. CHICHESTER, 25 Cottage PI., White 
Plains, N.Y., 1955) 

8-65 Francis Enos CHICHESTER, s of Alanson (David 

^, , 5-16^ . ,4-9^ 3-1^ 2-1^ 1-1, -.on 

Abraham Daniel James James James ) and Sally 

WEED; b 15 Nov 1822, New Canaan, Fairfield, Conn; d 

12 Jan 1887, ae 64 yrs 1 mo 28 days, in West Norwalk, 

Conn; md 29 Jan 1845, in Pound Ridge, Westchester, N.Y. 

to Adelia Jane BARRETT who was b 1 Nov 1819; d 22 June 

1902, ae 83 yrs 7 mos 22 days; dau of Frederick BARRETT 

and Polly St. JOHN. Their ch: 

9-56 Amelia Jane CHICHKSTER admitted to New Canaan Church 

3 July 1864; md Samuel WHALEY wbo was also a church mem- 
ber in New Canaan 4 Sept 1864. 

9-57 Helen Frances CHICHESTER b 4 Jan 1856, New Canaan, Conn; 
d 21 Mar 1887 

When Francis Enos CHICHESTER was in the fifth year 
of his age, the family moved from New Canaan to Pound 
Ridge, N.Y. where he rmained until his marriage. He 
had spent his boyhood helping his father on the farm 
and in attending school. After his marriage he returned 
New Canaan and began farming on his Grandfather Weed's 
farm, working it on shares. Later he bought the farm. 
On May 21 1871, he was appointed alternate in a convo- 
cation in Greenwich for the dismissal of Rev. Dr F. E. 
CLARK from the Congregational Church. 

Jan 14, 1875 "A special meeting of the church was 
held tonight after the prayer meeting by order of the 
church officers to elect a deacon to fill the place of 
Bro. SCOFIELD declining. Choice was made of Bro. F. E. 
CHICHESTER." p 85 New Canaan Ch Recs. 

He was elected treasurer for the year 1887; re-elect- 
ed after having served in the same capacity since 1883. 
(New Canaan Congregational Ch Recs; Hist, of Fairfield 
Co. , Conn. p 453-4) 


8-66 George Alanson CHICHESTER, s of Alanson (Dav- 

id^~^°Abrahain^~ Daniel ~ James ' James ' James ) 
and Sally WEED; b 15 Aug 1825, New Canaan, Conn; d 
1900, Danbury, Conn; md 14 Apr 1847, Pound Ridge, West- 
chester, N.Y., to Abigail Mary AMBLER who was b 1825; 
d 23 Oct 1893, Danbury, Conn; dau of Joshua and Abi- 
gail AMBLER. Their ch: 

9-58 George Edward CHICHESTER b 1848; d 1926; md 9 Oct 
1872, in Danbiiry, Conn., to Fanny Van VALLIER de KLYN 
who was b 1854; and had ch: 

(1) Frederick William CHICHESTER b 9 Aug 1873, Dan- 
bury , Conn , 

(2) Gracie A. CHICHESTER b 26 Aug 1875; d 7 Mar 1882 

(3) Edward G. CHICHESTER (twin) b 1879; went to 
Pittsburgh, Pa., to live. 

(4) Marie CHICHESTER (twin) b 1879; d ae 7 weeks. 
George Edward CHICHESTER md (2) Ella S. HULL who was b 
1861; d 1924, in Danbury, Conn. 

9-59 Sarah Ambler CHICHESTER b Nov 1852; md Willis H. 
AUSTIN and had sons: 

(1) Lester Chichester AUSTIN b 30 May 1878; d 14 
Oct 1878, Danbury, Conn 

(2) Bryon W. AUSTIN b Aug 1887 

(3) Robert H. AUSTIN b May 1893. 

(Ref : New York Bio. Rec. vol 65 p 163; DAR Cem Rec vol 154, p 
237, 253; Danbury Times 25 Oct 1893; 1880 census) 

8-68 David Nelson CHICHESTER, s Alanson^""^^ (David^~^° 

Abraham ~ Daniel ~ James ~ James James ) and 
Sarah (Sally) WEED; b 24 June 1833, Pound Ridge, N.Y; 
d 6 May 1906; bur in Wooster Cem, Danville, Conn; 
md 24 Sept 1862, in Pound Ridge Presbyterian Church, 
N.Y. to Nancy Jane AVERY who was b 11 Mar 1834, Cross 
River, near Pound Ridge, N.Y; d 1 May 1903, Danbury, 
Conn; dau of Alanson AVERY and Jane Ann OLMSTEAD. 
Their ch b in Pound Ridge, Westchester, N.Y: 

9-60 Allan Avery CHICHESTER b 20 Sept 1863; d 21 June 1864. 
*9-61 Alcuison Avery CHICHESTER b 27 May 1865; d 29 Nov 1946, 
Danbury, Conn; md (1) Hattie E. STURGIS; md (2) Minnie 
*9-62 Adeline Amelia CHICHESTER b 21 July 1868; d 10 July 1934, 
Danbury, Conn; md Levi Theal JENNINGS 
9-63 George A. CHICHESTER b 14 Apr 1869; d Oct 1889, Pound 

Ridge, N.Y. 
9-64 Charles Comstock CHICHESTER b 6 Feb 1872; d 25 June 


1957, nr Danbury, Conn; md 26 Nov 1903, to Mary 

Isabel HULL who was b 21 Oct 1883; d 1961, in Conn; 

dau of David HULL and Ella CLARK. They had a son: 
(1) Cecil Charles CHICHESTER b 16 May 1907, Dan- 
bury, Conn; md (1) Mildred POST. They were 
divorced and Cecil md (2) 10 Mar 1934, Les- 
ley Berry BURWELL who was b 31 Mar 1902, New 
Haven, Conn; dau of George Wilkes BERRY and 
Josephine MARCOTTE, Lesley was md (1) to 
Thomas Ivers BURWELL. (Family bible of Mrs. 
C. C, Chichester, Fort Worth, Texas 
*9-65 Fred Nelson CHICHESTER b 5 Sept 1873; d 7 Aug 

1939; Danbury, Conn; md Nellie Eliza SEYMOUR 

CRef: DAR Cem rec vol 154 p 253, Albany, N.Y; Gen of the 
Olmstead Fam, H. K. Olmstead, 1912; Mrs. C. C. Chichester, 
Fort Worth, Texas.) 

8-70 Rodney Sidney CHICHESTER, s of James Harvey - 

(Stephen Abraham Daniel James James 

Jamesl-1) and Julia Eliza LOCKWOOD; b 29 Aug 1827, 
New Canaan, Conn; d 24 July 1914, New Canaan, Conn; 
md 4 Nov 1851, in Pound Ridge Presbyterian Church, 
to Rebecca Ann MONTFORTE who was b 15 June 1830, 
in Sidney, N.Y; d 20 Mar 1910, New Canaan, Conn; 
dau of Garrett MONTFORTE and Patty SMITH. Rebecca 
was ae 21 at her marriage. She and Rodney lived to 
celebrate their 58th wedding anniversary. Their 
ch b in New Canaan, Conn: 

9-66 Mary Eugenia CHICHESTER b 8 Aug 1852; d 1933 in 
Waterbury , N.Y. 
*9-67 Charles Edward CHICHESTER b 18 Nov 1855; d 17 May 
1920; md Nancy L. WATERBURY 
9-69 Anna E. CHICHESTER b 12 Dec 1859; d 9 Sept 1936; 
md (1) 26 Jan 1902, Theodore TERRILL who d 26 Feb 
1913; md (2) 23 June 1914, Samuel Jesse AYRES; md 
C3) Emmet HOYT. No ch from either marriage. 

Anna was a member of record in the New Canaan ch 
Jan 1873; she lived for a time in Stamford but was 
again a member in New Canaan 1 Sept 1889. 
9-69A Jennie E. CHICHESTER b 24 Jan 1863; d 8 May 1864, 
New Canaan, Conn. 
*9-70 Alton Betts CHICHESTER b 21 Apr 1865; d 26 Feb 
1941; md Bertha Adele WHITNEY 
9-71 Emma C» CHICHESTER b 30 Jan 1868; d 19 July 1871, 
New Canaan, Conn 
*9-72 Sidney Rodney CHICHESTER b 2 Oct 1872; d 8 May 1915 » 
md Harriet (Hattie) E. VALIEN 


9-73 Caroline (Carrie) Louise CHICHESTER b 27 May 1875? 
bp as adult 3 Mar 1895, New Canaan ch; d 11 July 
1939, High Ridge, Westchester, N.Y; md 10 July 1904, 
Ellsworth WATERS and had a son: 

(1) Charles H. WATERS b 1905 or 1906, who d 28 

Feb 1957, of a heart attacl in High Ridge, N.Y. 
(News item sent by Elmer E. Chichester, Bridge- 
port, Conn.) 

(Ref : New Canaan Cong, ch rec vol 2; bible rec of Charles 
Edward Chichester.) 

8-72 Julia Emma CHICHESTER, dau James Harvey 

,r^^ r- 6-25,^ ^ 5-16^ . ,4-9^ 3-1^ 2-1 

(Stephen Abraham Daniel James James 

Jamesl-1) and Julia Eliza LOCKWOOD; b 26 Oct 1831, 

New Canaan, Conn; d 2 Apr 1920, New Canaan, Conn; 

md 2 5 July 1852, Edward H. BRINKERHOFF who was b 

16 Apr 1827; d 4 June 1906. Their ch: 

*9-74 Edward H. BRINKERHOFF b 12 June 1853; d 4 June 
1906; md Clarissa HUXTON 
9-75 William A. BRINKERHOFF b 26 May 1856; d 9 Oct 1901; 
md 27 July 1884, Genevieve COMSTOCK who was b 21 Aug 
1863. Their ch: 

(1) Mary Genevieve BRINKERHOFF b 20 Dec 1886 

(2) Howard Chichester BRINKERHOFF b 18 Oct 1894 
9-76 Julia E. BRINKERHOFF b 24 Aug 1858; md 28 Dec 1886, 

Rufus R, INNES who d 21 Oct 1908. Their ch: 

(1) Irving INNIS b 17 Aug 1888; d 6 Jan 1893 

(2) Ethel INNIS b 11 Jan 1891 

(3) Harry C. INNIS b 7 Jan 1893 

(4) Edward W. INNIS b 4 Nov 1904; d 4 Mar 1905 
9-77 Harry C. BRINKERHOFF b 12 Apr 1861; d 19 Apr 1895; 

9-78 Anna L. BRINKERHOFF b 1 Sept 1863; md 29 Apr 1884, 
George E. BANZHAF who was b 5 Nov 1858. Their ch: 

(1) John G BANZHAF b 24 Dec 1888 

(2) A. Christina BANZHAF b 3 Feb 1896 

9-79 Harriet H. BRINKERHOFF b 7 July 1866; md 28 Apr 1887, 
Frederic B, LIGHT who was b 4 July 1858. Their son: 
U) George T. LIGHT b 24 Dec 1888; md 30 June 1913, 
Margaret DAVIDSON 
9-80 David BRINKERHOFF b 8 Feb 1869; md 1 May 1901, 

Minnie L. SMITH who was b 14 Dec 1876. 
9-81 Sarah A. BRINKERHOFF b 24 Apr 1873. 

Edward and Julia were married by Theophilus SMITH, 
New Canaan, Conn; Edward was 79 when he died and was 
bur at Emanuel Chapel Cemetery, Stamford, Conn. Julia 


was 89 at death. 

(Ref: Mrs. Aaron A. JELLIFF, 88 Jelliff Hill Rd. 
New Canaan, Conn. 

8-73 Harriet A. CHICHESTER, dau of James Harvey 

(Stephen Abraham Daniel James James 

Jamesl"!) and Julia Eliza LOCKWOOD; b 16 Aug 1833, 
New Canaan, Conn; d 1918, New Canaan, Conn; md 
6 Nov 1855, Samuel W. S. BRINKERHOFF who was b 14 
July 1830; d 26 Apr 1903. Their son: 

*9-82 Charles Elbert BRINKERHOFF b 24 Mar 1857; md 
Caravelle E. LOBDELL 

(Ref: New Canaan Cong Ch Recs; family recs of Mrs. Aaron 

A, Jelliff, New Canaan, Conn.) 

8-75 Hannah Betts CHICHESTER, dau of James Harvey 

,^^ , 6-25,, , 5-16^ . ,4-9^ 3-1^ 2-1 

(Stephen Abraham Daniel James James 

Jamesl"-^) and Julia Eliza LOCKWOOD; b 4 Apr 1837, 

New Canaan, Conn; d 2 Jan 1917; md 11 Nov 1856, 

Augustus S. TUTTLE who was b 22 Dec 1834; d 30 Sept 

189 5; s of Samuel Pennoyer TUTTLE and Aurinda or 

Orinda TERRILL. Their ch: 

9-83 Ida Elizabeth (Libbie) TUTTLE (adopted) b 4 Oct 1856; 
d 27 Nov 1880. The "Whitney Family of Connecticut" by 
Henry Whitney, 1878, says "Adeline WHITNEY, dau of George 
Gradison WHITNEY and Elizabeth Ann BLANCHARD, b 4 Oct 
1856, New Canaan, was adopted by Augustus and Hannah 
Chichester TUTTLE a few days before her mother ' s death 
and was living with them at New Canaan under the name 
of Elizabeth TUTTLE in Oct 1874." vol 2 p 1244 
9-84 Julia A. TUTTLE b 22 Nov 1861, New Canaan, Conn; md 
28 May 1899, Howard S. NORTHROP who was b 24 Oct 1873. 
They had no ch. 
*9-85 Carrie L. TUTTLE b 21 Mar 1868, New Canaan; md 14 Oct 
1886, George Houston JELLIFF 
9-86 Samuel H. TUTTLE b 11 Nov 1877, New Canaan, Conn; md 
10 Oct 1900, Bessie L. WAKEMAN who d 25 Dec 1935. They 
had a dau: 

(1) Ruth L. TUTTLE b 19 Aug 1901, who md Percival 
Raymond GREGORY and had a sons 

(a) Raymond GREGORY b 13 Sept 1926. 
9-87 Jennie E. TUTTLE b 1 May 1866, New Canaan, Conn; md 
23 Dec 1886, William A, SMALLHORN who was b 10 Mar 1866. 
They had a dau: 

(1) Hazel Agnes SMALLHORN b 8 Oct 1893. 


(New Canaan Cong, ch recs; Mrs. Aaron A. Jelliff, New Canaan.) 

8-83 Mathew DEAN, s of Cynthia CHICHESTER " (Stephen 

Abraham^" Daniel ~ James James James ) and 
Samuel DEAN; b 29 Apr 1838, "Dean Hill" Stamford, Conn; 
d 14 Aug 1924, Huntington, N.Y; md 20 Oct 1863, New 
York City, N.Y. , to Pauline HEADLEY who was b 9 Aug 
1846, Endigen, Germany; d 1 June 1932, Huntington, N.Y. 
dau of Felix and Lucretia HEADLEY. Their ch: 

9-88 Jzmes Edwin DEAN b 17 July 1864, New York City; d 31 

Oct 1896. 
9-89 Josephine DEAN b 24 Sept 1867, New York City; d 30 Jan 

9-90 Florence DEAN b 5 Dec 1868, Brooklyn, Kings, N.Y; d 

9-91 Samuel B. DEAN b 12 Jan 1870, New York City; d 19 

July 1872 
9-92 Pauline DEAN b 14 Sept 1874 
*9-93 Adeline DEAN b 12 Oct 1876, Brooklyn, N.Y; d 25 July 

1957; md Philip Wells HALL. 

(Ref : R ecs of grandson, Dr. Winthrop H. Hall, Westfield, N.J.) 

8-84 David Starr CHIDESTER, s of John Peck CHIDESTER^"^ 
(David6-47) ^nd Mary Ann (Polly) GIFFORD; b 30 Nov 
1806, Vienna, Oneida, N.Y; d 7 Sept 1875, Syracuse, 
Onondaga, N.Y. of typhoid fever; md (1) Nancy SHURT- 
LEFF who was b 27 June 1804, LeRoy, Jefferson, N.Y; 
d 11 Sept 1834, Philadelphia, Jefferson, N.Y; dau of 
Abiel SHURTLEFF and Catherine CHURCHILL. Their ch : 

9-94 Abial CHIDESTER b 26 July 1826, Jefferson Co., N.Y; 
d 4 Feb 1830 

9-95 Nancy Jane CHIDESTER b 9 July 1830, Jefferson Co., N.Y; 
d 7 Oct 1835, 
*9-96 David Delmond CHIDESTER b 22 Jan 1834 , Theresa, Jeff- 
erson, N.Y; d 2 Mar 1909; md (1) Betsey CLARK (div) ; 
md C2) Elizabeth BRIGGS; md (3) LillianHOLBROOK 

No reason has been given for the divorce of David 
and Nancy. It may have been that the deaths of the 
two older children at such early ages frightened Nancy 
and she decided to leave the itinerant life of a min- 
ister's wife and devote herself to raising her sur- 
viving son. She never re-married. Living near her 
parents she reared her son to manhood. 

David md (2) Mary Elizabeth LYON who was b 1 July 


1816, Ogdensburg, St. Lawrence, N.Y; d 9 May 1895, 
Clifton Springs, Ontario, N.Y; dau of Harvey LYON 
and Eliza MILLUS. After David's death she md (2) 

Ch of David and Mary: 

*9-97 Alban Benson CHIDESTER b 7 Feb 1836, St. Lawrence Co., 
N.Y; d 23 Aug 1878; md Diana Josephine WIGGINS 

*9-98 Wilbur Fisk CHIDESTER b 7 Nov 1840, Waddington, St. 
Lawrence, N.Y; d 16 Feb 1900; md (1) Mary Elizabeth 

*9-99 Mary Elizabeth CHIDESTER b 29 June 1847, Waddington, 
N.Y; d 8 Dec 1924; md Nathaniel Brightman BRIGGS 
9-100 Hattie Florence CHIDESTER b 19 Sept 1854, Syracuse, 
N.Y; d 21 Sept 1885, Rochester, N.Y; bur in Syracuse, 
N.Y; md (1) Dec 1880, W. J. WOLVERTON who was from 
Milton, Northumberland, Pa. She md (2) 9 Nov 1884, in 
Rochester, N.Y. , Dr. Charles M. LUKENS who was b 19 Sept 
1854; d 12 Jan 1927, in Guadenhertter Village, Tuscara- 
was, Ohio; s of J. D. , LUKENS and Sarah BLISS. He md 
(2) Jennie WESTCOTT, 

Hattie Florence CHIDESTER graduated from Syracuse 
University as a B. S. in 1875 and M.S. 1879. She was 
a member and one of the founders of the Alpha Phi frat- 
ernity at the school, the first meetings of which were 
held in her father's office. The advent of a mouse 
ended that place as a rendevous. 

Hattie was "ellocutionist" (dramatic arts) at State 
University of Minnesota; "elocutionist" and teacher 
of English at State Normal School, Shippensburg , Pa; 
taught in Young Ladies School, Clifton Springs, N.Y; was 
instructor at Teacher's Institute in Pennsylvania and 
Iowa; gave public readings in fourteen states and terr- 
8-101 Carrie Genevieve CHIDESTER b 15 Apr 1860, Syracuse, 
N.Y; md (1) Fred T. SAVAGE of Geneva, Ontario, N.Y; 
md (2) Mr. HATCHER; md (3) Mr. STEVENS. 

David Starr CHIDESTER said that he was raised in the 
home of his grandparents but did not specify whether 
they were the Chidester or Gifford family. He could 
have been with his mother and George DARROW when they 
lived briefly in Jefferson Co. , New York, enroute to 
Michigan. It was possibly at that time that he first 
became acquainted with the Shurtleff family, with whom 
he elected to stay rather than go to Michigan, eventually 
marrying Nancy, the daughter of Abial SHURTLEFF. 

Sometime during the early years of his marriage, he 
elected to become a minister and was to spend seventeen 


years in the service of the Methodist church, mov- 
ing from place to place as required. In the Central 
New York Methodist Conference record is the follow- 
ing, speaking of David: 

"He was received into the Black River Conference 
in 1838, and into full connection in 1840. His fields 
of labor were in the following order: Canton, Louis- 
ville, Hopkinton, Herkimer, Frankfort, Marcy, Newport, 
Lee, North Manlius, First Ward of Syracuse, Belgium 
and Collamer. His health was early broken, obliging 
him to retire for seven years upon the Superanuated 
list; but so strong was his desire to return to his 
work in the field, as to lead him to make several att- 
empts to return. . .when he would again be compelled 
to retire. 

"When not in pastoral work, he practiced medicine 
and dentistry, and occupied honorable positions in 
each of these professions." 

The home his children loved and knew best was in 
Syracuse, N.Y. where David was pastor 1859 and 1860. 
In "A Century of Methodism in the First Ward of Syra- 
cuse, formerly Salina" Rev. Geo. E. Hutchings, 1907, 
we read : 

"It is sufficient praise for the pastorate of D. 
CHIDESTER — the man who was both preacher, doctor and 
dentist . . to say that at this time Thomas REDHEAD 
and his wife were converted. If no others had been 
reached and no other work done, this alone was well 
worth the two years effort." The Redheads went on to 
become "pillars" of the church. 

When the "College of Missionaries" was incorporat- 
ed 2 Aug 1871, Dr. David Starr CHIDESTER was one of 
the first trustees. 

David was a generous, kindly man, and above all, a 
good father. He saw to it that his children were well 
educated. His home and office were centers for their 
every activity. His office at No. 12 South Salina St. 
Syracuse, was even used by his daughter Florence as the 
first secret meeting place of her fraternity. 

David developed and sold a syrup which he claimed 
t o be a cure for cancer. In many instances it served 
the purpose. 

With all his activity and varied pursuits, he had 
too many philanthropies to become a wealthy man. His 
wealth was his church and his family. 

(Ref: death certificates and fam recs poss ggson. 
Dr. Augustus Chidester, Hendersonville, N.C; will 
probate recs of Syracuse, N.Y; recs named.) 


8-85 John Madison CHIDESTER, s of John Peck CHIDESTER 

(David^"'*^) and Mary Ann (Polly) GIFFORD; b 22 Jan 
1809, Pompey, Onondaga, N.Y; d 30 Aug 1893, Washington 
Utah; md (1) 28 Dec 1829, in New York state, to Mary 
Josephine PARKER who was b 2 Apr 1809, Verona, Oneida, 
N.Y; d 3 Feb 1879, Washington, Ut; dau of Joshua 
PARKER and Esther HULL. Their ch: 

*9-102 John Peck CHIDESTER b 23 Dec 1831, Petersburg, Summer- 
field Twp. , Monroe, Michigan f d 10 Jan 1897; md Susan 

*9-103 Eunice CHIDESTER b 18 Feb 1834, Florence, Madison, 
Ohio; d 20 Jan 1905; md Levi Nehemiah HARMON 
9-104 Mary CHIDESTER b 30 Aug 1836, Liberty, Clay, Miss- 
ouri; d there 11 Jan 1837 
9-105 Jared CHIDESTER b 18 Mar 1838, Far West, Caldwell, 
Mo; d there 11 Oct 1839 

*9-106 David CHIDESTER b 5 Jan 1840, Nauvoo, Hancock, 111; 
d 7 Mar 1929; md CD Rebecca Ann PRICE; md (2) Mar- 
garet Jane PEARSON 

*9-107 Joshua Parker CHIDESTER b 1 Feb 1843, Nauvoo, 111; 
d 17 Apr 1894; md Juliette BURGESS 
9-108 James Madison CHIDESTER, b 11 Apr 1845, Nauvoo, 111; 
d there 16 Apr 1845. 

*9-109 Esther CHIDESTER b 18 May 1846, Montrose, Lee, Iowa; 
d 24 Nov 1914; md (1) William PULSIPHER; md (2) John 
Chauncey SNOW 

*9-110 Willard Darwin CHIDESTER, b 29 Mar 1850, Kanesville, 
now Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, Iowa; d 9 Nov 1917; 
md (1) Amelia M. SOUDER; md (2) Caroline GUBLER 

John Madison CHIDESTER md (2) in Spanish Fork, Utah, 
Leah Jane THOMPSON who was b 1 Dec 1840, Nauvoo, 111; 
d 20 Feb 1858, Spanish Fork, Ut; dau of James Lewis 
THOMPSON and Matilda Delila WILLIS. They had a son: 

9-111 James Thompson CHIDESTER b 2 Feb 1857, Spanish Fork, 
d 10 May 1863, Washington, Utah. 

John md (3) Anna Charlotte ELDREDGE who was b 10 July 
1818, Stokes Co., North Carolina; d Provo, Utah; dau 
of Frederick William ELDREDGE and Anna ElizabethHOUSER. 
She had been married previously to Mr. HINCKLE. 

Left fatherless in his infancy, John was fortunate 
to grow up with loving grandparents , a devoted mother 
and considerate step-father. At an early age he was 
apprenticed and learned the carpentry and millwright 




Top: Mary Ann Gif ford; David Starr Chidester; Elizabeth Lyon 

tV- ff" «^1"°" Chidester; Mary Parker; John P; Susan Foy Eunioe 

ttn. Esther, Willian, Pulsipher; Willard Darwin; Caroline Gubler 




<i3 -^ 

S^ K 

CO (3 

q; Co 


O O « 


rs; •• ■^ 

o ►-5 

^) •-:) ^ 

, O 

O H !s 

Sh h ^ 

r^ :§: K 


. <^ CO 
-« -^ 

CO 3 
CO c I-:) 

Q> 2 •• 
C> Sh nq 


trade, becoming a skilled artisan. He was probably 
still engaged in his apprenticeship when his mother 
and family moved to Michigan where they lived for at 
least two years before John seems to have joined them. 

In his family record John records that he was 
married in New York to Mary Josephine PARKER. Like 
him, Mary had been raised by relatives, her mother 
having died when Mary was very small. An uncle, 
Eli HULL and his wife Polly, had cared for her and she 
was probably still living with them at the time of hec 
marriage. Her father and his family had moved to 
Michigan several years before and lived in the same 
general area as the Chidester-Darrow family did. With 
both families living in Michigan, it is no wonder that 
soon after their marriage John and Mary decided to join 
them, settling in Summerfield Twp. Monroe, Michigan, 
near the town of Petersburg. 

In the summer of 1832, two itinerant missionaries of 
the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints came 
to Michigan. John liked the message they brought and 
decided to join them. On the 20th day of June, 1832, 
he was baptized by Elder Joseph WOOD and confirmed by 
Elder David PATTEN. The following summer he was or- 
dained an elder in the church. 

When a call for volunteers came, to make a march to 
Missouri to aid and defend beleagured church members 
there, reached Michigan, it found ready volunteers 
in the Chidester family. Selling his property in Mich- 
igan, John, with his wife and infant son, set out on a 
great adventure. They traveled as far as Florence, 
Ohio, then paused to wait for the main group to come 
from Kirtland, Ohio. While there, a daughter was 
born, making four members of the family joining 
the camp. 

It was to be a long, difficult march - a time of 
testing and trial. John and his family stood the test 
so well that many years later he was to bear testimony 
of his increased faith as a result of the experience. 
He told of the time when, after a hard day's march, 
they came to a lovely camp spot on the bank of a river. 
Everyone hurried to make camp, but Joseph Smith, their 
prophet-leader, insisted that they go on quite some 
distance to a much less desireable spot. Some grumbled 
but all eventually complied. The next morning it was 
learned that there had been a mob gathering the night 
•f ' „^^tending to descend on the camp to destroy 

t^'-r >, ^f! '^t''^ "^^""^ ^^^'^ incidents that so inspir- 
ed John with the leadership of the Prophet Joseph that 
fnr-^^K ^"^y^^g allegiance to him and would never hence- 
forth be engaged in anything that was not a part of the 


church. Every demand would. be met willingly. 

After the emergency was met and the Camp was dis- 
banded, John settled his family in Liberty, Clay Co., 
Mo. They were not to remain there long, however? mobs 
were incited against the Saints again. It was here 
that John acted as body guard for the Prophet. It 
was here that he was taken by a mob and condemned to 
be hanged for, as they said, the theft of a horse. It 
was a false charge but there was no chance for defense. 
As the mob prepared to carry out their sentence, John 
stood and defied them, saying that the first person 
who touched him, he would "lay out." So courageous 
was his action that members of the mob became sympa- 
thetic and said that so brave a man should not die. 
He was freed. 

Mob action increased in intensity and the family, 
with other members of the church, was forced to leave 
their property and to move on. The story was repeated 
again in Far West, Missouri. Two children were born 
during this time, neither of them surviving the hard- 
ships. Eventually the family moved across the river 
to Quincy, 111., where they remained for a year, going 
from there to Nauvoo, Hancock, 111. 

In Nauvoo there was comparative peace for a few 
years. For their protection, the Nauvoo Legion was 
organized and John joined it. On 8 June, 1843, John 
was commissioned 2nd Lieutenant of the 2nd Cohort, 
Nauvoo Legion. He became 1st Lieutenant of the 1st 
Cohort, Nauvoo Legion, 14 Dec 1844. (Executive Record, 
1843-47, vol 4 pp 54, 238.) 

John prospered in Nauvoo, although he had lost all 
his worldly goods in the previous moves and had arriv- 
ed without means. He was able to leave his family long 
enough to serve a short mission for the church, going 
back to Michigan where he converted his mother and a 
sister. A year later, in 1843-44, after t he death of 
his step-father, he returned to Michigan, disposed of 
the last of his own property there and helped his mother 
settle her affairs and dispose of her property and move 
to Nauvoo. 

As the Saints prospered and built their small empire 
in Illinois, persecution from neighboring communities 
flared up again. The Prophet was the main target and 
was constantly under the necessity of evading the per- 
secutors. The family tells the story of one time when 
John was out in the country peddling apples. The Pro- 
phet met him and asked his help, for a mob was after him, 
John re-arranged the apples so that the Prophet was 
completely covered — all but his feet. There wasn't 


time to do more. The mob came up and demanded that he 
submit to a search. They looked all around, did not 
see the uncovered feet, and finally left, whereupon 
John turned his wagon around and headed for home. At 
a fork in the road John decided to take the shortest 
route. but as he turned into that road a blinding 
flash of lightening struck just ahead of the horses. 
They were frightened and began to run, out of control. 
By the time John was able to calm them he found that 
they were well on the way down the opposite road. He 
drove on and when he arrived home he discovered that, 
had he gone the first route, he would have encountered 
the mob again and probably not been so successful in 
evading them. 

The Prophet was martyred and events forced the Saints 
to abandon their homes yet another time. John moved 
his family across the Missippi River to a camp on the 
edge of Sugar Creek, near Montrose, Iowa. He then 
loaned his wagon to one of the general authorities, 
Ezra Taft BENSON, so that he could accompany the 
new leaders in their scouting way west. He and family 
would wait until the wagon was sent back for them. 
While waiting, John and his eldest son built a raft 
and busied themselves in helping other church members 
to cross the river. While there, a daughter was born. 
John, disguised as a woman, cared for his wife and baby. 
Most of the Saints had moved on and he was alone with 
his family. Mobs would not, at that time, hurt the 
children and women if there was no man around. 

In Kanesville, now Council Bluffs, Iowa, the family 
stopped to recoup their fortunes and prepare for the 
difficult journey across the prairies to the Rocky 
Mountains. John built a horse-powered grist mill and 
ground corn and wheat into meal to sell as well as to 
sustain the family. He and his sons worked to fashion 
wagons and carts for the pioneers. Eventually, the fam- 
ily was ready to move, but not before another child 
had been born. Again, as had happened twice before, 
Mary would walk the weary miles with an infant in her 
arms . 

Arrived in Utah, the family camped in Salt Lake City 
for a time, then went to Bountiful for a year. During 
this time John made a living by building spinning 
wheels which were desparately needed by the women. 
Then the call came to settle in Spanish Fork, the area 
south of what was to become Provo, Utah. No other settle- 
ment had been made in that barren region. John became 
a spiritual and temporal leader of the group, serving 
as their branch president, as chaplin for all civic aff- 


airs and as a military leader during the time of the 
Walker Indian War. 

In 1856 there was a terrible grasshopper plague 
that took all the crops and left the family so desti- 
tute that it was decided that they should leave, 
although they struggled on for another two years. 
Spending a short time in Parley's Park to recover a 
bit, they then returned to Salt Lake City where they 
lived in the Sixteenth Ward. The children were grow- 
ing and some of them married when John and Mary re- 
ceived their last pioneering call. 

In the fall of 1862 they were asked to join the 
"Cotton Mission" and go to Southern Utah where they 
would be involved in the production of cotton and 
cloth. John's skill as a "turner" was deemed necess- 
ary in the new community. They went without a mur- 
mur to this new, very difficult land and settled in 
what is now Washington. They were to experience 

many things. There would be want, Indian troubles, 
malaria and all the problems of building a life in 
a forbidding land, 

John sold his water rights in the Mill Creek so 
that the cotton factory could be built. He helped to 
build and operate the factory, hand carving the 
reeds that went into the looms. His skill was con- 
stantly in demand. His next and last big venture 
was to help in the building of the St. George Temple, 
doing much of the hand carving of the interior. 

As the temple became a reality, John was inspired 
to begin a family record. He wrote letters, research- 
ed all available means, and compiled a record that is 
the basis and inspiration of this present work. 

Back in New York, his brother, David Starr CHIDESTER 
was instilling the same love and respect for family in 
the minds and hearts of his children so that they, too, 
would keep family records religiously. 

After a life of hardship and trial, but content 
with his life, John died peacefully at his home in 
Washington, Mary having preceded him by several years. 

(Ref: Fam hist of John M. Chidester; ward recs; stories 
told by his children; Journal Hist, of the Church.) 

8-96 John Chidester LOVELAND, s of Clorinda CHIDESTER^"^^ 

(David ) and Solomon LOVELAND; b 26 May 1815, 

Pompey, Onondaga, N.Y; d 25 Oct 1875, Springfield, 

Windsor, Vermont; bur in Hoosic Falls, N.Y; md (1) 

8 Sept 1840, Derilla Tracy DEMING who was dau of 


Henry K. DEMING and Mary P. LOTHROP, Their ch: 

*9-112 Lina Wells LOVELAND b 29 Jan 1841, New York State? 
d 28 Nov 1905; md Gershon Lyman CLOSSON 
9-113 Mary Delia LOVELAND b 1 Oct 1843, Hoosic Falls, N.Y; 

d 28 Mar 1844 
9-114 a son who d in infancy 
*9-115 William Henry LOVELAND b 6 Apr 1852, Fairhaven, Bris- 
tol, Mass; d 5 Apr 1903, Springfield, Vt; md Emma 
Lorinda MAYO. 

John Chidester LOVELAND md (2) 5 May 1857, Eliz-a- 
beth Bell NEWTON, widow of Dr. Isaac WOODWARD. She 
was b in Antrim, Hillsboro, New Hampshire; d 19 Jan 
1868, ae 40 yrs 8 mos 19 days; dau of Giles and Sally 
NEWTON. They had ch b in Springfield, Vt : 

9-116 Mary Brown LOVELAND b 4 June 1859; md Alexander B. 
LINDSAY; and had ch: 

(1) Florence May LINDSAY b 1880, Rome, Oneida, N.Y; 
d 10 Aug 1892, ae 12 

(2) Ralph LINDSAY b 7 Dec 1894, Worcester, N.Y; d 
18 Aug 1895, ae 9 mos 11 days 

In his early life John Chidester Loveland's parents 
moved to Hoosic Falls where he was apprenticed to Seth 
PARSONS to learn the machinist's trade. His specialty 
was the manufacture of shear blades for cloth dressing 
machines. He moved to Springfield, Vt., in 1851 and 
remained there the rest of his life. Although still 
living in Springfield when his son, William H., was 
born, he had sent his wife to Fairhaven, Mass. , for 
her confinement so that she would be near her brother- 
in-law, Dr. William FORD. 

In 1859, John C. LOVELAND joined the Congregational 
church in Springfield and had the reputation of being 
an honest, temperate, strictly moral person. 

(Ref : VR Barre, Vt; cemetery recs, Hoosic Falls, N.Y; 
fam recs and pers knowledge of Muriel Loveland McFarlane.) 

8-110 Sarah (Sally) CHICHESTER, dau of Henry"^'^^ (Tim- 
othy " Jeremiah ~ James'*~^James'^~"^James^~''"James''-~-'-) 
and Deborah HOYT; b 11 Feb 1787, Norwalk, Conn; d 
26 Aprl859, Norwalk, Conn; md 28 May 1807, in Hunting- 
ton, Suffolk, N.Y., to James QUINTARD the 3rd, who was b 
12 Oct 1786, Norwalk, Conn; d 29 Feb 1848, Norwalk; 
s of James H. QUINTARD and Sarah RAYMOND. Their ch: 


9-117 Margaret QUINTARD b 6 May 1813, Norwalk, Conn; d 

30 Jan 1889, Norwalk, Conn. 
9-118 James A. QUINTARD b 18 Dec 1814, Norwalk, Conn; 
d 15 Apr 1887, Norwalk; md 16 Nov 1834, in Norwalk, 
to Eunice B. HOYT who was b 20 Apr 1813, Norwalk; 
d 18 Feb 1888; and had ch: 

CD Harriet Virginia QUINTARD b 19 May 1836; md 

George MEAD 
(2) Oliver Perry QUINTARD b 26 Oct 1838; d young 
C3) Vanetta QUINTARD b 26 June 1852; unm 
9-119 Walter Chichester QUINTARD b 14 Jab 1816, South 

Norwalk, Conn; d 10 Nov 1899, Ridgefield, Conn; was 
a dealer in hardware; md 19 Mar 1837, in Ridge- 
field, Conn., by Rev. Jacob Lyman CLARK, to Sarah 
Clark SMITH who was b 2 Sept 1816, Ridgefield, Conn; 
d 3 Nov 1902; dau of Daniel SMITH and Sally NORTH- 
ROP; and had ch b in Ridgefield, Conn: 

(1) Emma Louise QUINTARD b 29 Dec 1839 ; md 2 June 
1862, Robert BACKSTER 

(2) Theodore Francis QUINTARD b 22 Mar 1840 
9-120 Orestes Penthilus QUINTARD b 10 Apr 1818, Norwalk, 

Conn; d 22 Mar 1885, Brooklyn, Kings, N.Y; md 20 
Apr 1840, in Norwalk, Conn., to Jane M. BENNETT. 
They had three children. 
9-121 Lucretia QUINTARD b 6 May 1820, Norwalk, Conn; d 

8 Apr 1890, Norwalk, Conn; unm 
9-122 Francis Egbert QUINTARD b 24 June 1822, Norwalk, 
Conn; d 25 Apr 1875; md 20 Oct 1844, Ann Mary 
JOCELYN who was b 11 Mar 182 3, New York City, N.Y; 
d 11 Mar 1903, South Norwalk, Conn; dau of William 
H. JOCELYN and Annie KNAPP; and had ch: 

CD Mary Estelle QUINTARD b 21 July 1847; md 

Francis BURRITT 
C2) Anna Marie QUINTARD b 23 Nov 1849; md 
Clarence L. WHEELER 
9-123 Mary Amelia QUINTARD b 27 Aug 1824, Norwalk, Conn; 
d 3 Oct 1868, Norwalk, Conn; md 16 Oct 1854, in Nor- 
walk, to Samuel D. SMITH who was b 23 Nov 1822, Nor- 
walk, Conn; d 5 Jan 1891, Norwalk, Conn; and had ch: 
(1) Howard D. SMITH 
9-124 Sarah Deborah QUINTARD b 29 July 1827, Norwalk, Conn; 
d 12 Mar 1904; md 8 May 1849 to George SELLECK who was 
b 1827; d 1881; and had ch: 

CD Lottie Virginia SELLECK b 5 June 1854; md 

William MOORE 
C2) Elizabeth Lucretia SELLECK; unm 
9-125 Harriet Emeline QUINTARD b Mar 1832, Norwalk, Conn; 
d 15 Aug 1832. 


(Ref : Norwalk, Conn VR; The Whitney Fam of Conn by Henry 
Whitney, 1878, vol 2 p 1775) 

8-111 Amelia CHICHESTER, dau of Henry (Timothy 

^^-6 4-5 3-1 2-1, 1-1, , 

Jeremiah James James James James ) and 

Deborah HOYT; b 27 Mar 1795, Norwalk, Conn; md 25 

May 1813, in Norwalk, to Henry LOCKWOOD who was b 11 

May 1795, Norwalk; s of Stephen LOCKWOOD and Sarah 

BETTS; and had ch: 

9-126 Alfred Chichester LOCKWOOD b in Milan, Erie, Ohio; 
md Sarah COLLINS, dau of Isaac COLLINS and Betsey 
WARD; and had ch b in Milan, Erie, Ohio; 

(1) Lottie Collins LOCKWOOD b 5 May 1850 

(2) Walter Chichester LOCKWOOD b 30 Sept 1853 
9-127 Henry LOCKWOOD 

9-128 Theodore LOCKWOOD 

(Ref: Md rec in Connecticut Herald, May 1813; Fam Gen of 
Jonathan Barlow and Plain Rogers, 1891, by Geo. Barlow; 
Lockwood Fam Hist p 369) 

7 — 62 6—4 8 

8-112 Henry CHICHESTER, s of Henry (Timothy 

. ^5-6, 4-5^ 3-1^ 2-1^ 1-1, , 

Jeremiah James James James James ) and 

Deborah HOYT; b 18 Mar 1759, Norwalk, Conn; d 2 Jan 

1847, Norwalk, Conn; md 1 Feb 1818, in Wilton, Conn., 

to Caroline M. St. JOHN who was b 8 June 1800, Norwalk 

Conn; d 24 Jan 189 5, Brooklyn, N.Y; dau of Stephen 

St JOHN and Sarah BETTS; and had ch: 

9-129 Amelia CHICHESTER b 10 Dec 1819, Conn; d 26 Aug 

1894, Norwalk, Conn; bur in Riverside Cem there; 
md Peter Leonard CUNNINGHAM 

9-130 Theodore CHICHESTER b 26 July 1821, Conn; d 9 Nov 

1892, Brooklyn, N.Y; unm 
9-131 Amanda CHICHESTER b 8 July 1823, Conn; d 8 May 1866, 

md 15 Oct 1843, William HOWARD 
9-132 Mariette or Harriet CHICHESTER b 14 May 1825, Conn; 

d 23 Oct 1892, Norwalk, Con^i; md 11 Dec 1844, in Pound 

Ridge, N.Y., to Isaac Harvey BROWER who was b 29 May 

1822, Conn; s of John BROWER; and had ch: 
(1) Susie BROWER who md Robert P. BEATTY 

(Md rec of Aaron E. Fancher J. P. Pound Ridge, N.Y; 

vol 134 p 180) 
9-133 Caroline CHICHESTER b 28 May 1827, Conn; d 1 Feb 

1895, Norwalk, Conn; md Mr, GREEN 

9-134 Myra CHICHESTER b 5 Oct 1819, Conn; d 13 Mar 1899 
9-135 Margaret CHICHESTER, b 17 Oct 1832, Conn; d 28 Aug 


1909, Norwalk, Conn; md 12 Jan 1852, Norwalk, Conn. 
CHartford Times of 24 Jan 1852) to William DeGrand 
CAMP who was b 6 Sept 1822, Norwalk, Conn; s of Abra- 
ham CAMP and Mary St JOHN; and had ch b in Norwalk, Conn; 

(1) Theodore Chichester CAMP b 1 Nov 1855; md on 
Easter day 1897, Mrs. Eva Burchard HOYT 

(2) Myra B. CAMP b 8 Sept 1857; md Aug 1884, to 

(3) Antoinette Betts CAMP b 17 Nov 1859; d 1892; 
md May 1882, in Norwalk, to Frederick J. GRIS- 
WOLD chr 1857; and had ch b in Norwalk: 

(a) Jerome GRISWOLD b 18 Feb 1883 

(b) Virginia Antoinette GRISWOLD b Feb 1887 

(4) Stephen St John CAMP b 1 Oct 1864; d 29 July 
1888, Norwalk, Conn; unm 

9-136 Ward CHICHESTER b 12 Feb 1835, Conn; d 4 Dec 1872, 
Norwalk, Conn; md 23 July 1855, in Pound Ridge, N.Y., 


9-137 Emeline CHICHESTER b 12 Mar 1840, Conn; d 23 Oct 1859, 

Norwalk, Conn. 
9-138 Annie Betts CHICHESTER b 11 Mar 1842, Conn; md 23 Jan 
1868, Alfred MOREHOUSE who was b 19 Mar 1840; s of 
Henry MOREHOUSE and Lydia MATHER; and had ch: b in N.Y: 
CD Harold St John MOREHOUSE b 1886; md Ruth ABBEY 
who was b 22 June 1889, Boston, Mass; dau of 
Charles Smith ABBEY and Emilie A. BRUCE; and 
had a ch: 

(a) Mary MOREHOUSE b 30 Mar 1910 

(2) Alfred MOREHOUSE Jr. b 1870 

(3) Theodore C. MOREHOUSE b 1879 

CRef J Hist of Norwalk, Selleck, 1896; 1880 census, Brooklyn, 
N.Y; St John Gen by Orline St John Alexander.) 

8-117 Horatio Nelson CHIDESTER, s of Hezekiah^' (Will- 

. 6-44^,. ,T. 5-29„.,,. 4-12^ -03-2^ 2-1^ 1-1. 

xam William William David James James ) 

and Lydia BUELL; b 22 May 1811, Canfield, Ohio; d 13 

Feb 1893, Mercer Co., Ill; md 29 Oct 1834, to Rebecca 

STEWART who was b 29 Mar 1817, Pennsylvania; d 1907,9 Jan 

Mercer Co., Ill; dau of William STEWART and Nancy . 

Horatio, known familiarly by his second name, Nelson, 

and Rebecca are buried in Hopewell Cemetery, Rivoli Twp, 

Mercer Co., Ill, Their ch: 

9-139 Loama H. CHIDESTER b 1836, Ohio; d before Sept 1922; 

md 4 Dec 1856, William POWELL; and had ch: 
(1) William N. POWELL 
9-140 Royal CHIDESTER b 11 Oct 1843, Mercer Co., Ill; d 15 

Sept 1922. 



Quote from "History of Mercer and Henderson Counties, 
111" pub by H. H. Hill & Co, Chicago, 111, 1882: 

"Nelson CHIDESTER and his wife, Rebecca, are among 
the early pioneers who still live to enjoy the advant- 
ages their labors have helped to build up out of the 
privations of pioneer life. Mr. Chidester. . .came 
to Illinois in 1839, spending the first winter in 
Little York, Warren Co; removing in t he spring of 
1840 to the northeast of section 16, in this town- 
ship (Rivoli) where he still resides. Mr and Mrs. 
Chidester were original members of the Wesleyan Meth- 
odist Church, to which they still belong. The second 
school taught in the township was on Mr. Chidester 's 
premises, occupying a back porch when the weather was 
pleasant and moving into the kitchen when it rained. 
This school was taught in the summer of 1843 by Mary 
Stewart. The next year (1844) Mr. Chidester built 
a temporary building in his yard with l\imber designed 
for a barn, where Miss Pollock, of North Henderson, 
taught when the weather was pleasant; when it rained 
she had to adjourn the school to the house, and that 
was a frequent occurrence that year." 

Horatio Nelson Chidester taught the school at 
times, and his brother Lafayette was hired as teach- 
er. School records show that Lafayette received $1.15 
one quarter. He served as Assessor at different times 
while Horatio Nelson Chidester served as Collector. 

In January 1921, Royal CHIDESTER, son of Horatio 
Nelson, presented a petition to the court concerning 
the last will and testament of his father, stating that 
his father died in 1893; that he left his widow and 
his two children. Royal and Loama H. POWELL; that the 
said Rebecca S. Chidester had since died intestate, 
as had also, Loama H. Powell; that the only persons 
interested in the estate of Nelson Chidester were him- 
self and his nephew, William N. POWELL. The following 
year, William N. POWELL filed an affidavit on 22 Sept 
1922, saying that Royal CHIDESTER had died, leaving no 
widow, no father, mother, brothers or sisters as heirs. 
That he, William N. POWELL was the only surviving heir. 

(Ref: as listed; probate records of Mercer Co., 111.) 

8-120 Sidney CHIDESTER, s of Hezekiah^"^^ (William^"^^ 

William "^^William'*"-^^David-^~^James^"-'-James-'""-'-) and 
Lydia BUELL; b 1 Apr 1816, Trumbull Co., Ohio; 


md 30 Mar 1842, in Mercer Co., 111., to Rachel Ann 
STEWART who was b 1823, Triimbull Co., Ohio; d 10 Aug 
1853, Mercer Co., Ill; dau of William and Nancy 
STEWART; and had ch b nr Boston, Mercer, 111: 

9-141 William CHIDESTER b 15 Feb 1843; d 26 Aug 
1929, unm. William was enrolled 26 July 1862, 
in the military, to serve three years or dur- 
ing the Civil War. Mustered in as private 10 
Sept 1862, at Camp Butler, 111, in Co G 124th Regt. 
of Illinois Infantry. He is on the Muster Roll for 
that Regt. May and June 1863. He was reported in Hosp- 
ital since May 16, 1863, also the same on rolls for 
May and June 1864. Transferred to Invalid Corps, April 
24, 1866, he applied for a pension. Never married, he 
lived in various places until 5 Sept 1925 when he was 
confined to his home in New Boston, 111., under the 
care of his sister Lydia. 

9-142 Lydia CHIDESTER b 4 Apr 1849; d 11 Feb 1940. 

Never married. Spent most of her life caring for her 
invalid brother. 

9-143 Rachel CHIDESTER b 1853; md Milton F. WEEDEN who 
was b 1851; and had a son: 
(1) Sidney E. WEEDEN. 

From History of Mercer and Henderson Counties, 111 
pub by H. H. Hill, Chicago, 111., 1882: 

"Sidney CHIDESTER, farmer, worked with his father 
at the carpenter's trade until twenty-two years of 
age, when he came west and settled in Mercer County, 
where he has lived ever since. Being one of the early 
settlers of the county, he had to endure all the hard- 
ships connected with pioneer life. His education was 
limited to a common school course. In politics Mr. 
CHIDESTER had always been republican until 1875 when 
he joined the party known as the greenback party, of 
which he has since been a member. He was elected school 
trustee in 184 5, and served twenty-five years consecu- 
tively. In 1847 he was elected justice of the peace, 
and served three years. In 1849 he was elected county 
associate justice for the term of three years. He was 
the first supervisor of the New Boston township and 
served as chairman of that board. In later years he 
has served ten years as township collector. He has 
always been an active temperance man." 

(Ref: as listed; 1880 census for Mercer Co., 111.) 



8-129 Clark Sackett CHIDESTER, s of Erastus (Will- 

iain^'^'^Williain^"^^William^"-'"^David^~^Jaraes ' James " ) 
and Lydia SACKETT; b 1818, Canfield, Mahoning, Ohio; 
d 10 Feb 1885; md in 1844, to Clarinda SACKETT who 
was b 1 May 1820; d 1907; dau of Simmons SACKETT 
and Ede HAYES; and had ch b in Mahoning Co., Ohio: 

*9-144 Simmons Erastus CHIDESTER b 12 Aug 1845; d 18 Jan 

1920, Fairfield, Iowa; md Lucy Marian BABET or BABBITT 

*9-145 Frank Grear CHIDESTER b 2 Apr 1853; d 27 July 1931, 
Fairfield, Iowa; md Ellen WISECARVER 

(Ref: History of the Western Reserve and Mahoning Co., Ohio; 
Iowa VR) 

7—50 6—44 

8-132 Julius CHIDESTER, s of Erastus (William 

William^'^^William David ' James ~ James " ) and 

Lydia SACKETT; b 21 Feb 1826, Canfield, Ohio; d 20 
Dec 1884, Tampa, Hillsborough, Florida; md 24 Sept 
1850, in Burton, Geauga, Ohio, to Eliza Harriet MASTICK 
who was b 16 May 1831, Claridon, Geauga, Ohio; dau of 
Owen MASTICK and Harriet COOK; and had ch: 

9-146 Mary Eliza CHIDESTER b 28 June 1854, Canfield, Ohio; 

md Andrew L. CARYL of Marysville, Ohio 
*9-147 Charles Burdett CHIDESTER b 17 Oct 1858, Parkman, 

Geauga, Ohio; md (1) Frances Amelia HODGES; md (2) 

Ella J, VANCE; md C3) Florence C. HIEGEL 
9-148 William A. CHIDESTER b 5 Jan 1861, Parkman, Ohio; 

d 8 Nov 1875» 

(Ref: Erie County, Ohio Hist. 1896; Nelson's Biographical 
Dictionary; fam recs of Julius and Eliza Chidester.) 

8-133 William Nerval CHIDESTER, s of Erastus (Will- 

. 6-44„.T,. 5-29„.,,. 4-12^ -^3-2^ 2-1^ 1-1, 

lam William William David James James ) 

and Lydia SACKETT; b 20 Apr 1834, Canfield, Ohio; 
d 10 Sept 1913, Black Hawk Twp. , Jefferson, Iowa; md 
5 Mar 1857, to Martha Ellen TITUS who was b 9 Jan 1836, 
Indiana; d 21 Apr 1914, Fairfield, Iowa; dau of Ben- 
jamin TITUS and Lucretia LONGLEY ; and had ch: 

*9-149 Carrie Genevra CHIDESTER b 9 Dec 1858, Wasmills, 

Mercer, 111; d 1 Apr 1934, Southgate, California; 

md Alonzo BARR 
*9-150 Flora Eva CHIDESTER b 17 June 1863, Mercer Co., Ill; 

d 29 Dec 1931, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada; md 6 Dec 1881, 

to Harrison Doran THOMAS 
*9-151 Adda J. CHIDESTER b 1864, Galesburg, Knox, 111; d 15 


Nov 1943; md Columbus D. McPHERSON 
9-152 Vera D. CHIDESTER b 27 May 1976, Jefferson Co,, 
Iowa; md 9 Apr 1901, Ira BRADEN 
9-153 Bertha A. CHIDESTER, d in infancy. 

Reared to farm life in his native Ohio, William N. 
CHIDESTER acquired the education available in his time 
from subscription schools. In 1855 he left home and 
went to Mercer Co., Ill,, where he was employed in 
farm work for some time, then entered the employ of 
the John Deere farm implement manufacturing business. 

After his marriage he engaged in farming in Mercer 
Co., 111. for about eight years, moving in 1865 to Jeff- 
erson Co., Iowa, In Iowa he purchased one hundred six- 
ty acres of raw prairie land in Polk Twp, , where he be- 
gan farming and also raised carriage and road horses. 
Another specialty was fruit culture. 

He assisted in the organization of the school dist- 
rict and served as County Commissioner of Jefferson 
County. In his obituary it was stated that he was the 
parent of seven children, three of whom died in infan- 
cy. Only t he name of one is known, all probably being 
born in the interval from 1865 to 1876. Of the sur- 
viving children, Mrs. A. L. Barr was living in Jeff- 
erson Co., Iowa; Mrs, Thomas in Shanahan, Canada; Mrs, 
McPherson in Topeka, Kansas, and Mrs, Braden in Golden, 
B.C, By the time Martha Ellen Titus Chidester died. 
Vera C, Braden had moved to Great Falls, Montana 

CRef : Biographical Album, Jefferson County, Iowa; 1890; 
Obits of Vftn. N, Chidester and Martha Ellen Chidester; 
fam recs of Mrs, Kate Stanford, g-dau, Santa Ana, Cal) 

8-142 William Bostwick CHIDESTER s of William R^"^^ (Will- 
iam^''* '*William^'"^\ill iam'^'-'-^David^"^ James ^"■'- James "'■"•'■) 
and Almira BOSTWICK; b 10 July 182 8, Medina, Ohio; 
md 16 Nov 1849, in New Haven, Conn (Bible record; 
New Haven VR places the date as 1 Nov 1849) to Ellen 
Estella CLARKE who was b 8 Mar 1833, New Haven, Conn; 
d 27 Apr 1872, in Dunkirk, New York; dau of George 
CLARKE and Esther TRYON; and had ch: 

9-154 Loverayn L. CHIDESTER (twin) b 25 Sept 1852, Ohio 
9-155 Charles E. CHIDESTER (twin) b 25 Sept 1852, Ohio 
9-156 Mary Esther CHIDESTER b 17 Mar 1863, Medina, Ohio; 
md 8 Oct 1884, to William Boswell GOODWIN (a mechanic. 


who was b 18 July 1860, Hamden, New Haven, Conn; s of 
William Catlin GCXDDWIN and Ellen WARNER; and had ch: 
(1) Ray Edson GOODWIN b 26 Sept 1885 

(Ref : New Haven VR; New Haven Colony Hist. Society; Bible recs; 
and The Goodwins of Hartford, Conn, by James Junius Goodwin 1891) 


9-3 Eliphalet Lester CHICHESTER, s of Eliphalet S. 

Eliphalet^" Ebenezer Eliphalet ~ Jeremiah ~ James 
James^" Jamesl"!) and Anna M. SWAIN; b 9 Nov 1872, 
Harlan, Shelby, Iowa; d 19 July 1933, Wichita, Sedge- 
wick, Kansas; md 15 Jan 1899, Bethia NORTON who was b 
5 Oct 1876, Canada; d 31 Oct 1957, Wichita, Kansas. 
Their ch: 

10-1 Glenn CHICHESTER b 30 May 1901 
*10-2 Melvin Eliphalet CHICHESTER b 30 Oct 1902, LaHarpe, 

Allen, Kansas; d 14 May 1957, Wichita, Kansas; md 

Laura Emma WACKER 
10-3 Alice CHICHESTER b 7 June 1904 
10-4 Anna CHICHESTER (twin) b 28 Oct 1908 
10-5 Marie CHICHESTER (twin) b 28 Oct 1908 
10-6 Roy CHICHESTER b 21 Sept 1909 
10-7 Grace CHICHESTER b 6 Apr 1913 
10-8 Archie CHICHESTER b 1 Apr 1917 

(Ref: Fam recs of Duane Chichester , Huntsville, Ala.) 

R — 1 4 7 —8 

9-6 Frank S. CHICHESTER, s of Eliphalet (Eliphalet 

6-8„, . ^ T ^5-10^ . ,4-6-, 3-1., 2-1 

Ebenezer Eliphalet Jeremiah James James 

Jamesl~l) and Anna M. SWAIN; b 24 May 1882, Harlan, 

Iowa; d 15 Nov 1940, Walnut, Crawford, Kansas; md 1 

Oct 1904, in Walnut, Kansas, to Gertie Mae LONG who 

was b 14 Aug 1882, Walnut, Kansas; d 1 Mar 1968, 

Wichita, Kansas; bur in Walnut, Kansas; dau of Albert 

LONG and Syrepta COLGIN. Their ch: 

*10-9 Harry Raymond CHICHESTER b 11 July 1905, Harper, Kan- 
sas; md Elizabeth GRIGG 

10-10 Stella Mae CHICHESTER b 6 Dec 1907, Independence, 
Kansas; md 26 Apr 1926, Robert G. GRIGG 

10-11 Cecil Eugene CHICHESTER b 12 Aug 1909, Independence, 
Kansas; md 25 Dec 1939, Dorothy M. MORAIN 

10-12 Alta Margarete CHICHESTER b 2 Apr 1911, Cherryvale, 
Kansas; d 21 Oct 1938, Independence, Kansas; md 21 Oct 
1928, Leon M. KERR 

10-13 Erma Joyce CHICHESTER b 24 Dec 1918, Wayne, Nebr; 
md 1 Dec 1950, Edwin SHIFLET 

(Ref I Harry CHICHESTER ) 

9-11 John Henry CHICHESTER s of Ebenezer^"-""^ (Elipha- 
let '^'^Ebenezer6-8^, . , , ^5-10., . ,4-6., 3-l.r 2-1 
,_, Eliphalet Jeremiah James James 

James " ) and Lucinda Rebecca BONAWITZ; b 30 June 1875, 
Marshalltown, Marshall, Iowa; (farmer); d 29 July 1913, 


Wayne, Nebr; md 7 Mar 1906, in Wayne, Nebr. , to Stella 
LINDSAY who was b 11 Dec 1885, Wayne, Nebr; d 22 July 
1967, Kearney, Buffalo, Nebr; bur Wayne, Nebr; dau 
of Archibald LINDSAY and Mary E. McBROOM. Their ch b 
in Wayne, Wayne Co., Nebr: 

10-14 Arthur Lee CHICHESTER b 25 June 1909; md 26 Sept 1931, 

Millie KUGLER 
10-15 Madge Maria CHICHESTER b 30 July 1910; d 21 Feb 1912 
10-16 Mary Etta CHICHESTER b 2 Nov 1911; md 30 June 1938, 
Theodore MORRIS who was b 13 May 1910, Carroll, Nebr; s 
of Newton F. MORRIS and Elizabeth ELLIS. They had a dau: 
(1) Jeanne Kay MORRIS b 29 May 1939, Oto, Iowa. 

(Ref: Mary Etta C. Morris, Kearney, Nebr.) 

9-12 Elbert Arthur CHICHESTER, s of Ebenezer ~ ^ (Eliph- 

-. ^7-8^. 6-8^T . , T a-5-10, . .4-5^ 3-1 

alet Ebenezer Eliphalet Jeremiah James 

James2-ljamesl"l) and Lucinda Rebecca BONAWITZ; b 27 

Jan 1877, Marshalltown, low; d 14 Aug 1954, Page, Holt, 

Nebr; md 16 Jan 1901, Rosa LEMKUEHL (or Lemkuhl) and 

had ch b in Wayne, Nebr: 

*10-17 Morlin Arthur CHICHESTER b 28 Oct 1901; md Gladys B. 
10-18 Raymond Alfred CHICHESTER b 17 Mar 1904; md 1 Feb 1928, 
Elsie THEIS; and had ch: 

CI) Charles Ray CHICHESTER b 29 Nov 1934, Omaha, Nebr 
10-19 Lucinda May CHICHESTER b 13 July 1906; md 28 June 1930, 
Charles William HACKENSMITH who was b 8 Jan 1906; and had 

(1) Barbara Louise HACKENSMITH b 13 June 1931, Chicago, 
Cook, 111; d 3 Mar 1933 

(2) Darlene Mae HACKENSMITH (twin) b 16 Nov 1932, 
Lexington, Fayette, Ky; md 31 May 1952, Eugene 

(3) Marlene Joy HACKENSMITH (twin) b 16 Nov 1932; 
md 12 Aug 1956, Charles Daniel THURSTON 

(4) Kymillo Marie HACKENSMITH b 16 Feb 1942, Lexing- 
ton, Ky; 

C5) Charles William HACKENSMITH b 23 Aug 1943, Lexing- 
ton, Ky 

(6) Linda Lee HACKENSMITH b 28 Oct 1948, Lexington, Ky 

(7) Katherine Louise HACKENSMITH b 23 Jan 1950, Lexing- 
ton, Ky. 

10-20 Elbert Alden CHICHESTER b 23 June 1911, Lexington, Ky. 

(Refi Willard H. Gildersleeve, Hackensack, N.J; Mrs. Wm. L. 
Chichester, Dalton, Nebr.) 


9-13 William Louis CHICHESTER, s of Ebenezer " ^ (Eliph- 

alet " Ebenezer ~ Eliphalet ' Jeremiah " James 
James2-ljamesl~l) and Lucinda Rebecca BONAWITAZ b 25 
Jan 1883, Harlan, Iowa; d 1968, in Dalton, Nebr; md 
18 Dec 1907, in Wayne, Nebr, to Ethel Leona GAMBLE 
who was b 21 July 1888, Lone Elm, Kansas; dau of 
Oliver S. GAMBLE and Sarah E. FOX, Their ch: 

10-21 Louis Lynn CHICHESTER b 10 July 1911, Wayne, Nebr; 
md 12 June 1934, in Sidney, Cheyenne, Nebr., to Doris 
Louise HENNIG who was b 30 Mar 1911, Pender, Thurston, 
Nebr; dau of Gustav John HENNIG and Minnie FELDMAN. 
They had ch b in Dalton, Nebr; 

(1) Virginia CHICHESTER b 19 Feb 1939 

(2) Carolyn CHICHESTER b 14 Sept 1942 

(3) Jane CHICHESTER b 12 Nov 1944 

(4) Danny Lynn CHICHESTER b 27 Apr 1952 
Louis Lynn CHICHESTER is a medical doctor. 

10-22 Ethel Ellen CHICHESTER b 10 Sept 1914, Wayne, Nebr; 
md 16 Mar 1940, Maxwell Chester HUNTER who was b 10 Oct 
1917, Blakesburg, Wapello, Iowa; s of Henpan Edwin HUNT- 
ER and Ada ALLBRIGHT. Their son: 

(1) Gary Raymond HUNTER was b 20 Mar 1941, Long Beach, 

10-23 Sarah Faye CHICHESTER h 6 Aug 1918, Lodgepole, Nebr; 
md 31 Dec 1937, Douglas J, ANDREWS 

10-24 Vera Belle CHICHESTER b 25 May 1922, Lodgepole, Nebr; 
md 5 Feb 1943, in Sidney, Nebr,, to Joseph Louis PAPPAS 
(his birth certificate says his name is Joseph Nini 
PAPPAS, but he always went by Louis) who was b 4 Dec 
1921, Bridgeport, Morrill, Nebr; s of Louis A. PAPPAS 
and Blanche LOJEA. Their chz 

(1) Tommy Joseph PAPPAS b 18 Feb 1945, Dalton, Nebr. 

(2) Rhonda Jean PAPPAS b 5 Feb 1953, Riverside, Cal. 
10-25 Oliver Dean CHICHESTER b 17 Sept 1925, Lodgepole, Nebr; 

md 11 Aug 1949, in Stevenson, Skamania, Washington, to 
Naomi STEAGER who was b 30 July 1927, David City, Butler, 
Nebr; dau of Louis STEAGER and Bonnie Mae GAINES. Their s: 
(1) John Philip CHICHESTER was b 19 Oct 1950, Hood 
River, Oregon. 
10-26 William Rex CHICHESTER b 5 Nov 1931, Lodgepole, Nebr. 

CRef: Mrs, William L. CHICHESTER , Dalton, Nebr.) 

9-20 James Peterson CHICHESTER, s of Nathaniel^'^^^ (Eliph- 
alet^'-'" Nathaniel ^'■'■^Eliphalet^"-'-^ Jeremiah'*"^ James ^"■'■ 
James^-ljamesl'l) and Louise Rebecca West HUX; b 18 
Aug 1872, Littleton, Halifax, N.C; d 30 Nov 1949, Little- 
ton, N.C.; md 15 Feb 1899, in Halifax Co., N. C. to 


Lela Alice DICKENS who was b 9 Nov 1877, Hallifax Co., 
N.C.; dau of Charles Augusta DICKENS and Willie Scho- 
field LUCAS. Their ch born in Littleton, N. C: 

*10-27 Nellie Mae CHICHESTER b 26 Dec 1899; md Samuel Will- 
iam SMITH 

*10-28 Joseph Alvin CHICHESTER b 14 Dec 1901; d 9 Nov 1968; 
md Alice Victoria AYCOCK 

*10-29 Clemmie Augusta CHICHESTER b 31 Jan 1904; md Lonnie 
Frank WOOD 

*10-30 Lewis Milton CHICHESTER b 19 Sept 1905; md Elsie 
Gray WOOD 
10-31 Willie Leonard CHICHESTER b 14 Jan 1910; md 5 Sept 
1951, Nora Hazel CRAWLEY who was b 10 Jan 1909; dau of 
Albert Ellis CRAWLEY and Leonora Anne HUX. 

*10-32 Lila Alice CHICHESTER b 14 June 1917; md Ben Nichol- 

(Ref: Mrs. Elsie Chichester Jones, Roanoke Rapids, N.C.) 

9-21 Nathaniel Henry CHICHESTER, s of Nathaniel^""^^ (Eliph- 

alet 2_-|Nathaniel Eliphalet Jeremiah James 

James ~ Jamesl~l) and Louise Rebecca West HUX; b 13 
Dec 1878, Littleton, N.C; d 30 Aug 1949, Halifax Co., 
N.C; md 16 Jan 1900, in Halifax Co., N.C. to Martha 
Powell HARVEY who was b 22 May 1881 d 31 July 1960, 
Halifax Co., N.C; dau of Robert J. HARVEY and Frances 
F. POWELL. Their ch all born on the farm in Halifax Co, 
North Carolina: 

10-33 Eva Clyde CHICHESTER b 24 Oct 1933; unm in 1970 
10-34 Nathaniel Wilson CHICHESTER b 9 Jan 1908; d 17 Oct 

1965 ; md 29 Apr 1944, to Alma Crawley SHEARIN 
10-35 Maudine CHICHESTER b 19 Aug 1911; md 20 June 1934, 

to Albert STALLINGS. 
10-36 Mary Agnes CHICHESTER b 18 Mar 1915; md (1) William 

TIPPETTS. They were divorced and she md (2) 17 Apr 1954, 

to Edward Lee PARISH 

(Ref: Mrs. Elsie C. JONES, Roanoke Rapids, N.C.) 

9-48 Rev. Edward Louis CHICHESTER, s of Darwin^"^^ (Isaac 

Davjd ~ Abraham^"-'-^Daniel^"^James^~-'-James^~-'- 
James-*-" ) and Caroline Elizabeth CHAPIN; b 27 Mar 
1856, Rochester, N.Y; md 5 Mar 1896, Brooklyn, N.Y. , 
to Emma Elizabeth WRIGHT who shared his many years of 
ecclesiastical life and was b 3 Oct 1868, Newark, N.J; 
dau of William WRIGHT and Emma DAGGETT. Emma Elizabeth 
Wright Chichester d 18 May 1944. Their ch: 


10-37 Charlotte Wright CHICHESTER b 19 Nov 1898, Umadilla, 

N.Y; md 1 June 1927, Edward J. WOLFSOHN 
10-38 Hazel LeCount CHICHESTER b 31 Oct 1900, Pawling, N.Y. 
10-39 Edward Darwin CHICHESTER b 22 Oct 1902, Pawling, N.Y; 

md 10 June 1924, Lydia E. LOCKWOOD who d 13 Nov 1938. 

Their chL 

(1) Elenor Beth CHICHESTER b 20 May 1925 

(2) Doris Page CHICHESTER b 29 May 1929 

10-40 Samuel Chapin CHICHESTER b 6 Mar 1905, .Pawling, N.Y; 
md 21 Feb 1931, in Baldwin Park, N.Y., to Olive Violet 
Jesse SCHMID who was b 21 Nov 1911, in Astoria, Long Is- 
land, N.Y; dau of Jacob SCHMID and Madelin Amanda MELDT. 
Their ch: 

(1) Olive Emma Natalie CHICHESTER b 14 Aug 1937, Maho- 
pac, N.Y; md 1 Aug 1954, Gene MARTIN 

(2) Samuel Chapin CHICHESTER Jr., b 15 Mar 1940, 
Mahopac , N.Y. 

(3) Barbara Madelin Alene CHICHESTER b 2 Dec 1945, 
Bremerton , Washington . 

Edward received his last school training at the 
State Normal School, Buffalo, N.Y., and at Union Theo- 
logical Seminary, New York City, from which he graduat- 
ed in 189 5. He was in charge of "Good Will Chapel," 
New York City, 1895-6, From there he went to the Pres- 
byterian Church, Umadilla, N.Y. where he served from 
1896-1898; was secretary of the Quaker Hill Conference, 
1 June 1906; later became Chaplain of the Hampton, Vir- 
ginia Institute, Hampton, Va. , which position he held 
for many years, leaving there eventually to preach at 
Mahopac Falls, N. U. , from which position he retired 
in 1936. He was still living in March, 1956, and cel- 
ebrated his 100th birthday 

(Ref: Edward D. Chichester^^"-^^ , San Jose, Ca) 

9-49 Charles Darwin CHICHESTER, s of Darwin^"^^ (Isaac^~"^° 

^ -^6-20,, , 5-16^ . ,4-9^ 3-1-, 2-1^ 1-1, 
David Abraham Daniel James James James ) 

and Caroline Elizabeth CHAPIN; b 11 July 1860, Walcott, 
N.Y; md 21 Feb 1907, in theBronx, N.Y. , to Ethel Lind- 
say CUNNINGHAM who was b 5 Mar 1874, Brooklyn, N.Y; d 
31 Aug 1952, Hampton Bay, N.Y; bur in Mt. Kisco, N.Y; 
dau of Andrew J. CUNNINGHAM and Elizabeth SHAFFER. 
Charles Darwin Chichester d 25 Jan 1941. 
Ch of this family: 

10-41 Caroline Elizabeth CHICHESTER b 29 May 1908, Dunellen, 
New Jersey; 

10-42 Charles Darwin CHICHESTER II b 17 Feb 1910, Mt. 
Kisco, N.Y; md (1) 1 Oct 1934, in Harrison, N.Y. , to 
Dorothy BAKER who was b 1 Oct 1913, Springdale, Conn; 


dauof George BAKER and Mary LIPPOTT. Her first husband 
was Joseph TRONECK. 

Ch of Charles and Dorothy: 

(1) Sandra CHICHESTER b 3 Aug 1935, White Plains, N.Y; 
md 21 Sept 1961, Samuel RIVKIN 

(2) Lindsay CHICHESTER b 16 Sept 1937, Greenwich, 

Charles md (2) Lisolette DOELLE and adopted her son Paul 
who was b 24 Dec 1942, New York City, N.Y. 
10-43 Barbara CHICHESTER b 14 Mar 1912, Mt. Kisco, N.Y; md 
24 July 1943, at Hampton Bay, Long Island, N.Y. , to 
Whitney W. HALEY 

(Info: Edward Darwin Chichester, San Jose, Ca.) 

8—52 7—30 

9-51 Susan Selden CHICHESTER, dau Darwin (Isaac 

^ .^6-20,^ , 5-16^ . ,4-9^ 3-1^ 2-1^ 1-1, 

David Abraham Daniel James James James ) 

and Caroline Elizabeth CHAPIN; b 2 Oct 1863, Burdett, 

Schuyler, N.Y; md 2 July 1890, in Genesco, N.Y. , to 

Dr. Clarence Austin SMITH who was b 24 Jan 1861; s of 

Eli Stone SMITH and Elizabeth HOLBROOK. Their ch: 

*10-44 Eunice Wakelee SMITH b 13 Apr 1891; md Harry Edwin 
10-45 Austin Chichester SMITH b 22 Apr 1893; md 19 Feb 1921, 
Louise URQUHART and had ch: 

(1) Elizabeth Manning SMITH b 20 Feb 1922, Evanston, 111 

(2) Austin Chichester SMITH b 25 Apr 1926, Oconomoc, 

10-46 Harriet Holbrook SMITH b 17 May 1897 

10-47 Dwight Chichester SMITH b 30 Oct 1900, Elizabeth, N.J; 

md 17 June 1925, in New Haven, Conn., to Josephine WOOD; 

eind had ch: 

(1) Cynthia M. SMITH b 2 Apr 1928, Seattle, Washington 

(2) Dwight Chichester SMITH b 23 June 1930, Belling- 
ham, Washington. 

(3) Cornelia Jackson SMITH b 24 Sept 1933, Bellingham, 

(4) Andrew Ward SMITH b 17 Dec 1938, Bellingham, Wn. 

9-52 Mary Dwight CHICHESTER, dau of Darwin^"^^ (Isaac'^"^° 

David ~ Abraham^'-^-^Daniel^'^James^'-'-James^'-'-James"''""'") 
and Caroline Elizabeth CHAPIN; b 29 June 1865, Burdett, 
N.Y; md 7 June 1892, in Rochester, N.Y. , to Samuel WOOL- 
VERTON who was b 27 Mar 1864, and was from Scarsdale, 
N.Y; s of Maurice WOOLVERTON and Caroline HOPPUCK. Sam- 
uel became president of the Gallatin National Bank, New 
York City. Their ch: 



10-48 Caroline WOOLVERTON b 6 May 1893 

10-49 Janette Ward WOOLVERTON b 24 Jan 1897; md 5 July 1926 
Harold INGHOLT, and had chs 

(1) Mary Ebba INGHOLT b 15 May 1927 

(2) Harold W. INGHOLT b 10 Jan 1931 

10-50 Frederick Tappen WOOLVERTON b 16 Nov 1899; md 18 
Jan 1929, Margaret WOLF; and had ch: 

(1) Frederick Tappen WOOLVERTON b 2 Feb 1930 

(2) Robert D. WOOLVERTON b 21 Mar 1933 

(3) William C. WOOLVERTON b 8 May 1937 

10-51 Maurice WOOLVERTON b 6 Aug 1907; md 6 Oct 1933, Cynthia 
EATON and had ch: 

(1) Mary C. WOOLVERTON b 20 Mar 1936 

(2) William E. WOOLVERTON b 18 Oct 1937 

(3) Ward D. WOOLVERTON b 28 Feb 1939 

10-52 Elizabeth Dwight WOOLVERTON b 2 May 1909; md 6 Sept 
1934, Chrystal H. TODD; and had ch; 

(1) Alan TODD b 11 Feb 1939 

(2) Carol E. TODD b 24 May 1941 

9-60 Alanson (Allen) Avery CHICHESTER, s David N^~^^ 

,,, 7-32^ .,6-20,, , 5-16^ . ,4-9^ 3-1 

(Alanson David Abraham Daniel James 

James2-ljamesl"l) and Nancy Jane AVERY; b 27 May 1865, 

Pound Ridge, Westchester, N.Y; d 29 Nov 1946, Danbury, 

Conn; md 11 Dec 1895, in Bridgeport, Conn., to Hattie 

E. STURGES who was b 16 Mar 1869; d 13 Feb 1900, ae 30, 

Danbury, Conn; dau of F. E. STURGES. Their son: 

10-53 Harold Allen CHICHESTER b 13 Mar 1897, Danbury, Conri; 
md 24 Oct 1920, in New London, Ohio, to Hazel Pauline 
CURTISS who was b 28 July 1895, New London, Ohio; dau of 
Sidney Orville CURTISS and Frances Virginia ROWLAND. 
Their ch: 

(1) David Curtiss CHICHESTER b 30 Nov 1921, New London, 
Huron , Ohio 

(2) Mary Jane CHICHESTER b 19 Nov 1925, Erie, Pa; md 

5 Sept 1947, in Huntsville, Ala., to William Richard 

(3) Robert Allen CHICHESTER b 27 Sept 1920, Pittsburg, 

{4} Virginia Frances CHICHESTER f b 9 Nov 1935, Summer- 
ville, Chattanooga, Georgia 

Alanson (Allen) Avery CHICHESTER md (2) 28 Oct 1902, 
Minnie Alicia GOODSELL. 

(Ref : Fam recs of Mrs. Hazel C. Chichester, Huntsville, 
Ala; obit and wedding announcements in Danbury Times.) 


8 — 6 R 
9-62 Adeline Amelia (Adelia) CHICHESTER, dau of David N 

(Alanson^~^^David^~^°Abtaham^~-^^Daniel ~ James 
James2-1 James^"!) and Nancy Jane AVERY; b 21 July 
186 8, Pound Ridge, N.Y; d 10 July 1934, Danbury, Conn; 
md28 Nov 1895, in Danbury, Conn., to Levi Theal JENNINGS 
who was b 2 Feb 1866, Danbury, Conn; s of Eugene JENN- 
INGS and Anna GRAY. Their dau: 

10-54 Hazel Mildred JENNINGS b 9 May 1897, Danbury, Conn; 
d 9 Sept 1963; md (1) 30 June 1921, Arthur Hull FOSTER 
who was b 9 Sept 1897, Danbury, Conn; s of Royal Francis 
FOSTER and Carrie A. HULL. They had a son: 

(1) Stuart Jennings FOSTER b 2 Sept 1922, Danbury, 
Conn; md 29 July 1950, to Ruth KILLIAN who was b 
3 Mar 1924, Bridgeport, Conn; dau of Charles 
KILLIAN and Hedwig SIEFERT. Their ch b in Bridge- 
port , Conn : 

(a) David Scott FOSTER b 13 July 1953 

(b) Jaime Charles FOSTER b 26 July 1957 
Hazel Mildred JENNINGS md (2) 26 May 1940, Arnold W. 

\ MacKINNON who was captain in the merchant marine. He was 

b 29 May 1893, in Nova Scotia; d 12 Dec 1960, Danbury, 
Conn; s of William and Esther MacKINNON. Capt. Mac- 
KINNON' s first wife was Ethel MOON, 

(Reft Stuart Jrnnings Foster, Danbury, Conn; Danbury Times 
Nov 1895.) g ^g ^32 

9-65 Fred Nelson CHICHESTER, s of David (Alanson 

and Nancy Jane AVERY; b 5 Sept 1873, Pound Ridge, N.Y; 
d 7 Aug 1939, Danbury, Conn; md 4 Nov 1896, in Danbury, 
Conn., to Nellie Eliza SEYMOUR who was b 9 Oct 1874, 
Danbury, Conn; dau of Charles H. SEYMOUR and Eliza Ann 
BANKS; and had ch: 

*10-55 Clinton DeWitt CHICHESTER b 12 Apr 1898, Danbury, Conn; 
md Juanita Gamble SUYDAM 

(Ref: Allen Ronald Chichester, Brockfield, Conn, grandson.) 

9-67 Charles Edward CHICHESTER, s of Rodney S^~^° (James 

H. Stephen Abraham ~ Daniel James James 

James 1-1) and Rebecca Ann MONTFORTE; b 18 Nov 1855, 
New Canaan, Conn; d 17 May 1920, Bridgeport, Conn; md 
2 4 June 1885, in New Canaan, Conn., to Nancy Lavina 
WATERBURY who was b 26 Oct 1861, New Canaan, Conn; d 23 
Feb 1939, Bridgeport, Conn; dau of Isaac Newton WATER- 
BURY, Jr. and Mary MILLER. Their ch, b in Bridgeport: 


10-56 Bertha May CHICHESTER b 1 July 1886; d 1 Apr 1973, unm 

10-57 Elmer Edward CHICHESTER b 14 July 1888? d 4 Dec 1956, 
Bridgeport, Conn. 

10-58 Clarence Charles CHICHESTER b 7 Sept 1890; d 13 Jan 
1891, Bridgeport, Conn. 

10-59 Bessie Irene CHICHESTER b 16 Dec 1891; d 28 May 
1959, Trumbull, Conn; md 11 Nov 1915, in Bridgeport, 
Conn., to John F. KUEHN who was b Dec 1891, Fairfield, 
Conn; d 11 Aug 1949, Trumbull, Conn; s of Frederick 
KUEHN and Rose MILLER; and had ch b in Trumbull, Conn: 

(1) Wilbur Edward KUEHN b 25 Aug 1918 

(2) Russell Charles KUEHN b 10 Jan 1921 

(3) Ernest Eugene KUEHN b 13 July 1923 

(4) Leslie George KUEHN b 12 Nov 1927; md 21 Apr 1951, 
Julia Ann BROWN and had ch b in Bridgeport, Conn; 

(a) Karen Marie KUEHN b 13 Apr 1953 

(b) James Leslie KUEHN b 10 Oct 1955 

10-60 Mabel Louise CHICHESTER b 22 Apr 1894; d 16 July 1972, 

10-61 Ethel Lavina CHICHESTER b 9 July 1896 

10-62 Susie Waterbury CHICHESTER b 20 Mar 1898 

10-63 Mildred Evelyn CHICHESTER b 30 Apr 1902 

10-64 Harold CHICHESTER b 12 July 1904. 

(Ref : VR State Library, Hartford, Conn; fam bible poss Elmer E. 
Chichester-'-^' , Bridgeport, Conn; Last dates from sisters Ethel, 
Susie and Mildred, living in fam home, Bridgeport, Conn. 1974) 

9-70 Alton Betts CHICHESTER, s of Rodney S ~ (James H 

Stephen Abraham Daniel ~ James""" James " James ~ ) 

and Rebecca Ann MONTFORTE; b 21 Apr 186 5, New Canaan, 
Conn; d 26 Feb 1941, Stamford, Conn; md 15 Oct 1890, 
by Rev. John BRIAN, Darien, Conn., to Bertha Adele WHIT- 
NEY who was b 30 Jan 1867, in Darien, Conn; d 15 May 
1949, Stamford, Conn; dau of James WHITNEY and Sarah A. 
TOTTLE; Their ch, b in Stamford, Conn; 

10-65 Grace Whitney CHICHESTER b 29 July 1891 . Unm 
*10-66 Harriet Whitney CHICHESTER b 30 Oct 1896, md Leslie 
Bishop SUTTON 

(Ref: Mrs. Beverly Sutton PREUSSER, Stamford, Conn.) 

9-72 Sidney Rodney CHICHESTER, s of Rodney S^" ° (James 

Jamesl~l) and Rebecca Ann MONTFORTE; b 2 Oct 1872, New 
Canaan, Conn; d 9 May 1918, New Canaan, Conn; md 21 
Dec 1898, Harriet (Hattie) E. VALIEN who was b July 1867; 
d 1915, New Canaan, Conn; and had ch: 


10-67 Julia E. CHICHESTER b 26 May 1900, New Canaan, Conn; 
md 29 Oct 1924, White Plains, N.Y., to Christopher FLYNN 
who was b 3 Jan 1891, Waterbury, Conn; d Feb 1958; s 
of John FLYNN and Mary DWYER. They had a s: 

(1) Kenneth FLYNN b 11 Aug 1925, Stamford, Conn. 
10-68 Rodney Sidney CHICHESTER b 19 July 1902, New Canaan, 

Conn; d 6 Feb 1951, Stamford, Conn, unm 
10-69 Emily Adell CHICHESTER b 12 Mar 1904, New Canaan, Conn; 
md 11 Aug 1928, Robert HUGHES who was b 12 Dec 1902, Stam- 
ford, Conn; s of Robert C. HUGHES and Margaret WILLIAMS; 

and had ch: 

CD Robert Sidney HUGHES b 21 July 1930, Stamford, Conn; 
xfid 5 May 1956, to Dorothy WOOD and had ch: 

(a) Donald Robert HUGHES b 20 Nov 1957 

(b) Mary Ellen HUGHES b 8 Aug 1960 

(2) Ruth Ann HUGHES b 7 May 1940, Norwalk, Conn. 
10-70 John CHICHESTER b 23 Oct 1905, Springdale, Conn; d 11 

Aug 1949, Stamford, Conn; md 9 June 1938, in Brewster, 
N.Y. , to Florence Marie :WATERSwho was b 29 Sept 1909, 
Norwalk, Conn; dau of Clark Lewis WATERS and Charlotte 
Gertrude MORGAN 

(Ref : Mrs. Robert Hughes , Springdale, Conn, 1951; added to 

by Bertha M. Chichester, Bridgeport, Conn. 1962) 

8 — 7 1 
9-74 Edward H. BRINKERHOFF Jr. s of Julia E. CHICHESTER 

7-44 6-25 5-16 4-9 3-1 

(James H Stephen Abraham Daniel James 

James2-ljamesl"J-) and Edward H. BRINKERHOFF; b 12 June 

1853; d 4 June 1906; md 17 Sept 1874, Clarissa BUXTON 

who was b 5 Apr 1855; d 17 Oct 1894; and had ch: 

10-71 William W. BRINKERHOFF b 2 Oct 1877; md 26 Dec 1907, 
May J. STEVENS who was b 31 May 1887. Their ch: 

(1) Rita S. BRINKERHOFF b 7 Dec 

(2) Helen M. BRINKERHOFF b 10 Sept 1910 

10-72 Clarence F. BRINKERHOFF b 19 Sept 1879; d 1881 

10-73 Harry C. BRINKERHOFF b 23 Jan 1882 

10-74 Susan M. BRINKERHOFF b 11 Aug 1884 

10-75 Clara I. BRINKERHOFF b 20 Feb 1887; d July 1887 

10-76 E. Hartson BRINKERHOFF b 9 Feb 1889 

10-77 Emma L. BRINKERHOFF b 2 June 1891 

10-78 George E. BRINKERHOFF b May 1894; d 1 Oct 1894. 

(Ref: Mrs. Aaron A. Jelliff, New Canaan, Conn.) 

9-82 Charles Elbert BRINKERHOFF, s of Harriet A. CHICHES- 

TER^"^^ (James H'^"^'^Stephen^"^°Abraham^"-'-^Daniel'^"^ 
James-3~2james2-2James-'- ^) and Samuel W. S. BRINKERHOFF; 
b 24 Mar 1857; md 2 Apr 1882, Caravelle E. LOBDELL who 
was b 2 Oct 1856; and had ch: 


10-79 James Elbert BRINKERHOFF b 16 Mar 1883; md 16 Nov 
1908, Martha B. RAE who was b 29 Oct 1883; and had ch: 

(1) James Rae BRINKERHOFF b 27 Aug 1911 

(2) Harriet Eleanor BRINKERHOFF b 7 July 1915 
10-80 Samuel Segbert BRINKERHOFF b 14 June 1887; md 15 

Nov 1913- Ethel Mae RODIMER who was b 21 Sept 1888; 
and had ch: 

(1) Segbert Harrison BRINKERHOFF b 21 July 1915 

(Ref: Mrs. Aaron A. Jelliff, New Canaan, Conn,) 

8—7 5 
9-85 Carrie L. TUTTLE, dau of Hannah Betts CHICHESTER 

7-44 6-25 5-16 4-9 3-1 

(James H Stephen Abraham Daniel James 

James^-ljames^"^) and Augustus S. TUTTLE; b 21 Mar 

1868; md 14 Oct 1886, George Houston JELLIFF who was 

b 18 Dec 1861; and had ch b in New Canaan, Conn: 

10-81 Helen L. JELLIFF b 7 Aug 1891; d 11 Apr 1894 
*10-82 George Houston JELLIFF Jr. b 7 Sept 1893; d 28 Oct 
1968; md Florence B. WEBER 
10-83 Ethel M. JELLIFF b 15 Sept 1895; d 29 Feb 1944 
10-84 Gladys I. JELLIFF b 8 Dec 1897 

10-85 Gerald JELLIFF b 26 Jan 1899; d 26 Jan 1899 ae 6 hours 
10-86 C. Louise JELLIFF b 30 Apr 1901; d 3 Mar 1937 
*10-87 Aaron Augustus JELLIFF b 19 May 1906; md Alice E. 

CRef: Mrs. Aaron A. Jelliff, New Canaan, Conn.) 

9-93 Adeline DEAN, dau of Mathew DEAN^' (Cynthia CHI- 

James2-ljamesl'l) and Pauline HEADLEY; b 21 Oct 1876, 
Brooklyn, N,Y; d 25 July 1957, Cranford, Union, New 
Jersey; bur in Rosedale Cem West Orange, N.J; member 
Presbyterian church; md 20 Oct 1897, in Brooklyn, N.Y. , 
to Philip Wells HALL who was b 12 Apr 1876, New York 
City; d 17 Feb 1952, New Brunswick, Middlesex, N.J; 
bur in Skanateles, Onondaga, N.Y; s of Thomas W. HALL 
and Ellen Josephine GRAVES. Mr, Hall was a manufacturer 
of printing machinery. Their ch: 

10-88 Marvin Dean HALL b 11 Sept 1898, Stamford, Conn; md 
20 Sept 1920, in Cranford, N.J. to Georgia HANSEL who 
was b 19 May 1901, New York City; dau of George and 
Minnie HANSEL; and had ch: 

(1) Marvin Dean HALL Jr. b 2 Aug 1921; md 15 June 
1942, Patricia Anne ENRIGHT 


(2) George Philip HALL b 18 Dec 1924; md 11 Nov 
1948, Sarah Ann CHERRY 

(3) Hansel HALL b 26 Dec 1931; md 21 Mar 1953, June 
Carolyn KUEBLER 

10-89 Philip Wells HALL Jr. b 29 Mar 1900, Cranford, N.J; 

md 7 Dec 1923, in Cranford, N.J. , to Catherine KEPNER who 
was b 25 Aug 1900, in Walnut Hill, Pa; dau of John B. 
KEPNER and Evelyn BIRD; and had ch b in Cranford, N.J: 

(1) Philip Wells HALL b 11 June 1925; md 5 Sept 1949, 

(2) Evelyn Bird HALL b 31 May 1928; md 18 June 1949, 
to Thomas Alexander SPERRY 

10-90 Winthrop Huntington HALL, MD, b 23 Apr 1904, Cranford, 
N.J; md 19 Dec 1932, in Bayside, Queens, N.Y. , to Edna 
McKinley McCLURE who was b 9 Dec 1907, Beaver, Pa; dau 
of Edna McKinley McCLURE; and had ch b in Rahway, N.J: 

(1) Winthrop Huntington HALL b 19 Mar 1936; md 8 
June 1957, Susan Gray HARTMAN 

(2) McClure Huntington HALL b 31 Mar 1938; md 19 Dec 
1960, Regina Delores YOUNG 

(3) Stella McClure HALL b 4 Mar 1942; md 13 Jan 1961, 

10-91 Mathew Dean HALL b 12 Mar 1906, Cranford, N.J; md 

Elizabeth Plummer CRANE who was b 6 July 1907, Cranford, 
N.J; dau of Robert Ed CRANE and Florence PLUMMER; and had 
ch b in Summit, Union, N.J: 

(1) Adelene Dean HALL b 9 Sept 1932; md 28 Dec 1956, 
Harold Aloysius VOGEL 

(2) Robert Crane HALL b 22 Feb 1936; md 28 Dec 1958, 

Mathew Dean Hall is a partner in a brokerage firm 
10-92 Pauline HALL b 4 May 1910, Cranford, N.J; md 10 Nov 
1934, Frank Herbert DICKISON Jr. 

(Ref : Dr. Winthrop H. Hall ~ , Westfield, N.J.) 

9-96 David Delmond CHIDES TER, s of David S^~^^ (John P 
David6-47) and Nancy SHURTLEFF; b 22 Jan 1834, Theresa, 
Jefferson, N.Y; d 2 Mar 1909, Milwaukie, Wisconsin; md 
(1) Betsey CLARK who was b 19 Dec 1832, in Philadelphia, 
Jefferson, N.Y; d 1889, in Philadelphia, N.Y; dau of 
Gardner B. and Hannah CLARK; and had ch: 

*10-93 Herbert B CHIDESTER b 23 June 1858; d 28 June 1910; 
md Ida Estelle BAXTER 

David Delmond Chidester served during the Civil War 
as a private, Co G 193 Regt. N.Y. Infantry, from July 


through December of 1865. Most of this time he was on 
detached service as clerk, Cumberland, Md. It was prob- 
ably at this time that the misunderstandings arose that 
caused the marriage to end in divorce. Betsey never re- 

David md (2) Elizabeth BRIGGS of Clifton Springs, 
N.Y. He md (3) ca 1880, Lillian HOLBROOK who was b 7 
Sept 1849, probably in Theresa, N.Y; d 2 May 1924, in 
Milwaukie, Wise; dau of Timothy HOLBROOK. They had a 

*10-94 Raymond Clyde CHIDESTER b 20 June 1881, Binghampton, 

Broome, N.Y; d 25 June 1941; md (1) Myrtle VAIL; md (2) 
Paula Clara MITTELMAN. 

(Ref: Fam recs of Mrs. Raymond Clyde Chidester; 1850 census, 
Jefferson Co., N.Y; death certificates of David and Lillian.) 

9-97 Alban Benson CHIDESTER, s of David S^"^'* (John P^"^^ 

David^"'*'') and Mary Elizabeth LYON; b 7 Feb 1836, St. 
Lawrence Co., N.Y; d 23 Aug 1878, ae 42 yrs 6 mos 6 
days, Syracuse, Onondaga, N.Y; bur Brookside Cem. 
Watertown, N.Y; had a brief first marriage, then 
md (2) 16 Apr 1862, Diana Josephine WIGGINS who was b 
11 Nov 1837; d 24 Jan 1894, of pneumonia, in Syra- 
cuse, N.Y; bur Watertown, N.Y; dau of John WIGGINS 
and Jane LeCLEAR. Their ch: 

10-95 Kittie Genevieve CHIDESTER b 11 Sept 1863; d 29 

June 1869 
*10-96 Adelbert Byron CHIDESTER b 11 May 1865, Townworth, 

Jefferson, N.Y; d 18 Dec 1938; md Mary Smith HALE 
*10-97 Nettie DeForest CHIDESTER b 20 Aug 1869, Syracuse, 

N.Y; d 7 June 1906; md George Washington CHRYSLER 

Dr. Alban Benson CHIDESTER was a dentist and farm- 
er. At one he owned and operated three farms near 
Watertown, N.Y. He also engaged in the shoe and boot 
business in Watertown, becoming very successful in 
both ventures, until some financial reverses took 
his assets. He then moved to Syracuse, N.Y. , and 
entered the Syracuse Medical College, graduating with 
honors in the class of 1878. He had begun practicing 
his new profession and was doing well enough to warr- 
ant establishing a larger office in the city center 
when he died. He was taken back to Watertown for 
burial . 

(Fam recs poss Dr. A. B. Chidester, Hendersonville, 


N.C; obit from Syracuse Courier, 26 Aug 1878) 

8—84 1 "SI 

9-98 Wilbur Fisk CHIDESTER, s of Dav id S (John P 

David^"'^'') and Mary Elizabeth LYON; b 7 Nov 1840, 
Waddingtoo, St. Lawrence, N.Y; d 16 Feb 1900, ae 
59, in Watertown, N.Y; md (1) 26 Apr 1860, Mary Eliz- 
abeth CONANT who was b 1842, Madison Co., N.Y; d June 
1909, in New Jersey; bur Syracuse, N.Y. , 1st Ward 
Cem; dau of Daniel and Susan M. CONANT. Their ch: 

10-98 Lillie B. CHIDESTER b 1861, Onondaga Co., N.Y; 
d 1879. 

After their divorce, Wilbur md (2) 11 July 1872, Ellen 
E. WOODRUFF, the service performed by Rev. J. H. STEW- 
ART in Watertown. Ellen was b 13 June 1852, Wadding- 
ton, N.Y; d 28 Oct 1935, ae 83 yrs 4 mos 15 days, 
Watertown, N.Y; dau of Clark S. WOODRUFF and Julia 
B. DRUMOND. Their ch: 

10-99 Nellie Maud CHIDESTER b 6 June 1873, Watertown, N.Y; 
d 14 Sept 1925, Jefferson, Wise; md before 6 July 
1898 (when her mother applied for military pension) to 
Frank HADLEY of Seneca Falls, Seneca Co., N.Y. , "a real 
nice chap," said the family. After his death Nellie md 
(2) 4 Dec 1905, in Milwaukie, Wise, Charles W. OWEN of 
Baldwinsville, Onondaga, N.Y. , who d 20 Dec 1943, Water- 
town, N.Y; s of John OWEN and Mary BAUER. No ch. 

Through her mother Nellie was a descendant of Col. 
Nathaniel WOODRUFF of the Continental Army, Revolution- 
ary War, and had relatives in every war fought b y Amer- 
icans. Her father was in the Civil War and she rolled 
bandages and participated in many ways in World War I. 

A milliner by trade, Nellie was a gifted lady with 
needle and also with brush and canvas. She was a mem- 
ber of t he Christian Science church. 

It is said by the family that Wilbur was named for 
Wilbur Fisk, founder of Wilburforce College in England. 
He enlisted in the Union army 24 Sept 1864, and was a 
corporal in the 185th N.Y. Voluntary Infantry, Co. I. 
He was severely wounded in action 29 Mar 1865, near the 
South Side Railroad, Gravelly Run, Virginia, sustaining 
a gun shot wound in the left thigh. He was in the hosp- 
ital in Washington D. C, when his father. Dr. David 
Starr CHIDESTER, and his sister Mary came to tend 
him. As soon as he could be moved and after his dis- 
charge, 6 June 1865, he was taken home to Syracuse 
where his father continued to care for him until 1870 


when he moved to Watertown, N.Y. 

In Syracuse he had worked as a salt inspector. In 
Watertown he was Justice of the Peace; a collector; 
super intendant in a cheese factory. 

The Syracuse, New York, directories give an inter- 
esting picture of the entire family at this time: 

1869-70 Wilbur F. Chidester, barrelhead maker; 

boards at 351 Park St. with David Chidester, 

1870-71 David Chidester, physician, 12 S. Salina; 

house 351 Park St. Wilbur, salt agent in North 

Salina, boards at 404 N. Salina 
1871-72 Wilbur F. boards at Richmond House. Is now 

salt inspector 
1873-74 David Chidester house 59 Montgomery St. 
1874-75 David house #1 Rust St. 
1876-77 David Chidester house 132 E. Genesee 
1876-77 Alban B. Chidester, cancer cure, 12 S 

Salina, house 329 1st north 

Mary E. widow of David, house 45 W. Genesee 

Wilbur F. engineer, house 394 Carbou 
1877-78 Alban B medical student boards 405 Park 

Mary E widow of David house 45 Genesee 
1878-79 Adelbert B student boards 405 Park 

Florence Chidester, dramatic reader boards 45 
W Genesee 

Mary, widow Dr. David, house 45 W. Genesee 

Nettie Chidester boards 405 Park St. 
1879-80 Diana J. Chidester, widow Dr. Alban B., 

house 44 Wolf St. 

Florence dramatic teacher boards 45 W Genesee 

Mary widow Dr. David Chidester house 45 W Genesee 
1880-81 Diana J. widow Dr. Alban B. Chidester, 

house 44 Wolf St. 

In the directory for the 2nd election district, 
Lysander, Onondaga, N.Y, for 1875, is the entry: 

"Elizabeth Chidester, ae 32, widow, b Madison Co 
N.Y. seamstress, Marcus Conant 29, brother, b Onon- 
daga Co., N.Y. widowed, coal merchant, and Lillie Chid- 
ester age 14 b Onondaga Co., N.Y." 

Mary Elizabeth Conant Chidester lived for a number 
of years, also, in Baldwinsville, N.Y. She is buried 
by her daughter , Lillie, in 1st Ward Cem. Syracuse, 

(Ref: Dr. A. B. Chidester fam recs, Hendersonville, 
N.C.; war recs and pension of Wilbur F. and wife Ellen) 


8 — 84 
9-99 Mary Elizabeth CHIDESTER, dau of David S 

(John P'^'^'^David^"'^^) and Mary Elizabeth LYON; b 29 
June 1847, Waddington, St. Lawrence, N.Y; d 8 Dec 
1924, Clifton Springs, Ontario , N.Y; md 5 Mar 1868, 
to Nathaniel Brightman BRIGGS who was b 17 Oct 1842, 
Albion, Orleans, N.Y; d 23 Mar 1917, Clifton Springs, 
N.Y; s of Brightman BRIGGS and Emeline C. FOX. Their 
ch b in Clifton Springs, N.Y: 

10-100 Grace Leora BRIGGS b 7 Apr 1869; md 4 May 1893, 
in Clifton Springs, N.Y. , by Rev. McKINLEY, to William 
Henry LLEWELLYN who was b 23 Feb 1867, Clifton Springs, 
N.Y; d 1942 in Palmyra , N.Y; s of William LLEWELLYN 
and Julia Winniefred COX . 

William H. Llewellyn, an insurance accountant, receiv- 
ed his education in Academy and business college. His 
father was b in Chepstow, England. Grace L. Briggs 
was educated in Hahn Seminary. There were no ch 

10-101 Clifton Chidester BRIGGS b 7 June 1871; d 12 Oct 
1952, Clifton Springs, N.Y; Md (1) Grace CORNING; md 
(2) 10 July 1946, in Albany, N.Y. , E\inice May FOX who 
was b 24 May 1875, Clifton Springs, N.Y; dau of Truman 
Valentine FOX and Evangeline GALUSHA. Her first husband 
was Burt REYNOLDS. 

10-102 Ralph Ernest BRIGGS b 13 Dec 1881; md (1) 6 Apr 
1912, Edith Estelle TRIMBLE; md (2) 23 Oct 1930, in 
Geneva, Ontario, N.Y., Rose HEMMER who was h 14 Oct 
1886, Mansfield, Tioga, Pa; dau of John HEMMER and 
Hulda SCHERMERHORN. For many years Ralph was the 
official photographer for Jackson & Perkins Nurseries. 

Nathaniel Brightman BRIGGS was a druggist in Clift- 
on Springs for forty six years. He spent three years 
in military service during the Civil War and was a 
member of Garden Granger Post, GAR. For many years 
he was warden of St. John's Episcopal church in Clift- 
on Springs and belonged to to the Masonic Lodge. 

Mary survived her husband by several years. 

(Ref: Ralph E. Briggs, Newark, N.Y. 1956) 

9-102 John Peck CHIDESTER, s of John M^"^^ (John P^"^'' 
David^"'^'^) and Mary Josephine PARKER; b 23 Dec 1831, 
Sxommerfield Twp. , nr Petersburg, Monroe Co., Mich; 
d 10 Jan 1897, Washington, Utah; md 23 Oct 1851, in 
Salt Lake City, Ut. , to Susan FOY who was b 4 Apr 1831, 
Wheatfield Twp., Indiana Co., Pa; d 14 July 1902, 
Panguitch, Utah; bur in Washington, Ut; dau of 
Thomas Burk FOY and Katheritie FINK. Their ch: 


*10-103 John Foy CHIDESTER b 2 Feb 1853, Spanish Fork, Ut; 

d 7 July 1917, Richfield, Ut; md (1) Mary NICOLL: md 

(2) Almina WORTHEN 
10-104 Mary Catherine CHIDESTER b 15 Feb 1855, Spanish 

Fork, Ut; d 13 Apr 1857 
*10-105 Susan Emma CHIDESTER b 2 Dec 1857, Spanish Fork, Ut; 

d 20 Feb 1938; md George Carlos DEV7EY 
*10-106 Lodema Elizabeth CHIDESTER b 9 Sept 1859, Salt Lake 

City, Ut; d 1 June 1935; md Alfred Amasa RUBY 
*10-107 Myron Alphonzo CHIDESTER b 6 Mar 1862, Salt Lake 

City, Ut; d 18 Apr 1921; md Sarah Ann JACKSON 
10-108 Robert Edgar CHIDESTER b 23 Sept 1864, Washington, 

Ut; d 3 Oct 1865 
*10-109 Emeline CHIDESTER (twin) b 18 Feb 1868, Washington, 

Ut; d 29 Oct 1942; md (1) Samuel Hood Murray STEWART; 

md C2) Joseph SYLVESTER 
*10-110 Eveline CHIDESTER (twin) b 18 Feb 1868, Washington, 

Ut; d 27 Apr 1946; md Andrew SPROUL Jr. 
*10-111 Lucinda Jane CHIDESTER b 29 Aug 1870, Washington, Ut; 

d 27 July 1947; md James Robert WATERS. 

Growing up in the turbulent early years of Mormon- 
ism was not all bad. There was the companionship of 
the sons and daughters of the great leaders of Mormon- 
ism, the great excitement of military clashes and the 
challenge of the unknown that has always been manna to 

By the time John was sixteen years of age he had 
learned to work beside his father as carpenter and 
turner. He had helped in the building of many of the 
homes in Nauvoo; and most importantly of all, he had 
helped in the building of the Nauvoo Temple. In the 
fateful year of 1846, John helped his father to con- 
struct a raft and ferry the Saints across the Mississi- 
ppi river. More often than not it was John who quided 
the craft until it reached the Iowa shore and disgorg- 
ed its precious cargo. 

In Winter Quarters, John continued to work with his 
father as they built and operated a grist mill to pro- 
vide flour for the bread of the migrating Saints. 

In the spring of 1850, not yet nineteen years of 
age, it was the turn of John and his family to cross 
the great plains to "Zion." That same year the Foy 
family was making the same journey and it is entirely 
possible that the two families journeyed together as 
Independent Pioneers, arriving in the Great Salt Lake 
Valley in the late summer. 

Thomas Burk FOY, listing himself as of German desc- 
ent, and his wife, Catherine Rebecca FINK, who said 


she was of Welsh descent, had joined the Church in 
western Pennsylvania early in 1840. Leaving Wheat- 
field, Indiana, Pa., almost immediately after bapt- 
ism, they and their five children settled in Warsaw, 
Hancock, 111., just a few miles from Nauvoo. Three 
more children were born to the family in Warsaw; an- 
other was born during the trek across Iowa; one was 
born the December after their arrival in Salt Lake 
City in 1850; and the last child of the family was 
born in 1853 after the family had moved to Farmington. 

It was inevitable that Susan FOY (the second child 
in the Foy family) and John Peck CHIDESTER, with so 
much in common, should be attracted to each other. 
They were married and soon were pioneering the Spanish 
Fork area on the edge of Utah Lake. Their first 
home was a dug-out. Timber around Spanish Fork was 
difficult to obtain and very scarce. The dug-out 
was comfortable, affording protection from summer heat 
and winter cold alike. It was constructed by digging 
a hole in the ground about five feet deep, with steps 
leading down into the room. A roof of willows and mud 
stretched over all and a fireplace in the end opposite 
the stairway, provided heat, light and a place to cook. 

The young couple entered into the life of the new 
community with vigor. Not only did they work to esta- 
blish a home in this new frontier, but they were con- 
cerned for the welfare of their neighbors, a trait by 
which they would always be known. 

With the eruption of the Walker Indian War, John 
was commissioned a Captain in the re-activated Nauvoo 
Legion. His wife and child, with other families, sought 
refuge in the adobe schoolhouse, the only public build- 
ing in the community. They dug roots for food and liv- 
ed the best way they could. The men were away in serv- 
ice so there were no harvests that year. The ensuing 
grasshopper plague and drought decimated the fortunes 
of the family , eventually forcing them to leave. 

After a short time in the resettlement center of 
Parley's Park and a brief time in Salt Lake City, they 
were called to participate in the re-settlement of 
Southern Utah. 

The journey south was an easy one most of the way. 
The Indians were at peace again and the young couple 
had high hopes for the future. Beyond Cedar City, how- 
ever, the road became more tortuous. The Black Ridge 
with its deep, winding canyons and rocky hills, defied 
the travelers. Many times loads had to be lightened 
so the oxen could pull the heavy wagons up a steep in- 
cline, then the goods portered up. Brakes had to be 
applied on down-grades and sometimes a cedar or cypress 


tree attached to the wagon to slow the descent. At 
least once the wagon had to be lowered down a precip- 
itous hill by the use of ropes. They reached Washing- 
ton 1 Jan 1863. 

The first winter, their home was the wagon box in 
which they had made the journey south. John worked 
hard to add a brush and sod shanty to ward off the icy 
winds and add room for his family to flex its muscles. 
He learned to work with adobe bricks and with rock to 
build more substantially and as the years passed he 
was able t o build a fine home for his family. 

John was quick to clear his land to begin plant- 
ing crops to sustain the family and to bring in much 
needed cash. He planted cotton, vegetables, grain, 
fruit trees and vineyards. His skill as a carpenter 
was used to build the school house and other public 
buildings in Washington and St. George, as well as 
homes for the people. 

In order to have farms it was necessary to provide 
water to irrigate the land. Washington had ample 
water from springs for culinary and town garden pur- 
poses, but water for the farms had to come from unpre- 
dictable Virgin River. Dams would be built only to be 
washed out in spring floods. There was constant need 
for repair and rebuilding of canals and dams. Finally 
after years of trial and error, it was John P. Chides- 
ter who engineered and superintended the construction 
of the diversion dam which held and is still serving 
the people of the valley. 

From 1865-68 he was the chief carpenter and super- 
intended the construction of the cotton factory, cutt- 
ing the timbers and doing the mortise work with hand 

By the time the cotton factory became operational 
the Chidester children were old enough that they began 
working there. The mother no longer had to spend most 
of her time spinning and weaving at home — the factory 
did it better and faster. Susan found time to help 
there, too. From then until its closing the family 
took an active part in its operation. After it ceased 
to operate continuously, it was the Chidester girls 
who hastened to man the looms when important visitors 
came to see the mill. 

Susan and the girls converted their attic to the 
production of silk fiber. John planted mulberry trees 
close about the house so that in tending their charges 
the girls would only have to open the windows to pick 
the leaves for the worms to feed on. 

The family was close-knit and full of fun. They 


took their hardships stoically, made the best of them 
and enjoyed life. It was said in the cotton factory 
that Myron, the second son of the family, kept the 
work from being humdriom with his jokes. Both of the 
boys, John Foy and Myron, played the fiddle and comb- 
ined with other musicians to provide music for the 
dances and celebrations. 

During the erection of the St. George Temple, John 
served in the surveying of timber sources and superin- 
tended the scaffolding on the building. During much 
of the time he was also serving his community in lead- 
ership capacities, from being member of the bishopric 
in the church to heading committees for civic vent- 
ures. He cared for his aging parents and accepted 
from them the responsibility of continuing the work 
of record keeping. 

After t he completion of the temple and the dam, 
as his health deteriorated, John contented himself to 
the care of his farm and orchard and to making the year- 
ly trips to peddle his fruit and molasses — and to work 
on his genealogy. At his death he had compiled 1500 
names and had kept his family busy doing the same work. 
The record was turned over to his eldest son, John Foy 
Chides ter. 

In 1882 Susan Foy Chidester was sustained and set 
apart as Relief Society president of the Washington 
Ward. She survived her husband by five years. 

(Ref: Chidester fam hist; Journal Hist of the Church; 
Ward records.) 

9-103 Eunice CHIDESTER, dau of John M^~^^ (John p"^"^^ 

David ~ ) and Mary Josephine PARKER; b 18 Feb 1834, 
Florence, Madison, Ohio; d 20 Jan 1905, Price, Utah; 
bur Huntington, Ut; md 8 Nov 1854, in Salt Lake City, 
Ut. , to Levi Nehemiah HARMON who was b 22 June 1829, 
Elk Creek Twp. , Erie, Pa; d 25 Dec 1874, Washington, 
Ut; s of Oliver HARMON and Sarah HOLT. Their ch: 

*10-112 Eunice Emily HARMON b 22 Apr 1855, Spanish Fork, Ut; 

d 24 Apr 1922; md Simeon Adam DUNN 
*10-113 Levi Nehemiah HARMON Jr. b 22 Mar 1857, Spanish 

Fork, Ut; d 15 Dec 1950; md Frances R. NEGLEY 
*10-114 Oliver John HARMON b 16 Mar IB59, Parley's Park, Ut; 

d 19 Dec 1937; md Almira TERRY 
*10-115 Melvin Myron HARMON b 11 Apr 1861, Salt Lake City, Ut; 

d 12 Apr 1938; md Alice Cannon WOODBURY 
10-116 Elmer HARMON b 1 Feb 1864, Washington, Ut; d 9 Jan 



*10-117 Esther Ella (Tessie) HARMON b 3 June 1867, Washing- 
ton, Ut; d 28 May 1934; md James CANFIELD 
10-118 Willard Darwin HARMON b 16 Dec 1870, Washington, Ut; 
d 11 Mar 1882. 

Eunice Chidester HARMON, born on a pioneer trail, 
grew up knowing how to work hard and make the best of 
every situation. She and her husband, young newly- 
weds, lived for a few years in a dug-out in Spanish 
Fork, Utah, as did her parents and older brother , in 
the frustrating experience of opening that area to 

They lived briefly, after that, in Parley's Park, 
a sort of resettlement community, then moved back to 
Salt Lake City. In 1862 the family answered the call 
to the Cotton Mission in Southern Utah. Eunice's 
parents and brothers were also going and her younger 
sister was already there, so it would prove to be any- 
thing but lonely. 

Eunice would need the support of this loving family, 
for in 1874 her husband died, leaving her the sole supp- 
ort of her family. She was an expert seamstress and 
did millinery work. By thrift and diligence she was 
able to fulfill the monximental task of raising her fam- 
ily and seeing to it that all the children received 
the best education possible. All of them were able 
and did teach school for a time. 

During the years of their widowhood, the sisters, 
Eunice and Esther, were very close to each other. 
Eunice would visit Esther in Provo and together they 
would re-live the happy times of their family life 
together and recount stories of their parents and 
brothers . For a short time Eunice made her home in 
Provo, then sometime after 18 85, she decided to move 
close to her son Oliver John HARMON who was then liv- 
ing in Huntington, Ut. Arrived there, her son built 
a small shop next to his place of business and Eunice 
set up a millinery shop again and continued in gain- 
ful employment there. 

(Ref: Chidester fam rec; rec of Melvin M. Harmon j 
Ward recs of Washington, Ut.) ' 

9-106 David CHIDESTER, s of John M^"^^ (John p^"^^ 

David6-47) ^nd Mary Josephine PARKER; b 5 June 1840, 
Nauvoo, Hancock, 111; d 7 Mar 1929, Richfield, Ut; 
md (1) 26 Jan 1864, Rebecca Ann PRICE who was b 22 Aug 
1845, Pickens Co., Mississippi; d 8 May 1929, Rich- 
field, Ut; dau of John PRICE and Elizabeth Jane ADAIR. 

Melvin Myron Harmon 

Alice Cannon W. Harmon and 
children, taken when Melvin 
was on his second mission 

Eunice Emily Harmon 

c'rank Harmon, son WendeLL 
and grandson duane 

Twins Vera & Verna & brother 

David Loran Hirsohi taken 
whild on his mission 

Claudia Hirsohi^ Miss 
Cedar City 

Riohard Loran Hirschi 

Ina Mae Harmon j accomplished 


Ch of David and Rebecca: 

10-119 Rebecca Jane CHIDESTER b 21 May 1866, Washington , 

Ut; d 31 May 1867, Hebron, Ut; ae one year minus 10 d 
*10-120 David CHIDESTER Jr. b 2 Nov 1867, Hebron, Ut; 

d 15 May 1942; md Mary Ann SKOUGAARD 
10-121 Eliza CHIDESTER b 21 Feb 1869, Hebron, Ut; d 25 

Feb 1869 
10-122 John Wiley CHIDESTER b 4 July 1870, Hebron, Ut; d 30 

Mar 1871 
10-123 Darwin Willard CHIDESTER b 11 Feb 1872, Clover Vall- 
ey, Lincoln, Nevada; d 16 Aug 1890 
*10-124 James Madison CHIDES TER b 1 Oct 1873, Clover Valley, 

Nev; d 28 Jan 1962; md (1) Sarah CASTO; md (2) 

Cornelia TERRY 
*10-125 Lorus Pratt CHIDESTER b 11 Feb 1875, Clover Valley, 

Nev; d 9 Mar 1966; md (1) Agnes MUNSON; md (2) 

Kjersten Maria SORENSON 
10-126 Alanzo CHIDESTER b 2 Feb 1876, Hebron, Ut; d 21 

Mar 1877 
*10-127 Mary Elizabeth CHIDESTER b 17 July 1879, Hebron, 

Ut; d 3 Mar 1956; md Walter Erastus DODGE 
*10-128 Don Carlos CHIDESTER b 11 Dec 1882, Washington, Ut; 

d 12 July 1958; md Louise Hazel PEARCE. 

In the first year of the marriage of David and Reb- 
ecca, a great problem developed. Rebecca had a half 
sister, Margaret Jane PEARSON who was b 13 July 1839, 
Pickens Co., Miss; d 29 May 1912, Cowley, Big Horn, 
Wyoming; dau of Moses PEARSON and Eliza Jane ADAIR. 
(Moses PEARSON d young and Eliza Jane ADAIR md (2) 
John PRICE, father of Rebecca Ann PRICE. ) 

Margaret Jane PEARSON md (1) , David LEWIS and 
had two children by him: 

(1) Joseph Pearson LEWIS b 22 Oct 1858, Minersville, Ut; 
d 10 Oct 1904 

(2) Adelbert Valentine LEWIS b 21 Apr 1862, Washington, Ut; 
d 28 Jan 1910 

After the death of David LEWIS, Margaret md (2) 
Tarlton LEWIS, brother to David. This was not a happy 
marriage, however, and they were soon divorced. Marg- 
aret was a young woman with two children and no visi- 
ble means of support. The best and most compassionate 
way to care for her, it seemed to David and Rebecca, 
was to make her a part of the family, Consequently, 
11 Oct 186 5, Margaret became the plural wife of David 
CHIDESTER. To them were born: 

10-129 Thomas Moses CHIDESTER b 15 Apr 1868, Hebron, Ut; 
d 3 Oct 1910, Stockton, San Joaquin, California; md 


Mazelle or Mozella JENSEN who was b May 1876, in 

Virginia. They had a dau: 

(1) Thelma Isabell CHIDESTER b 14 Jan 1899, in 
Missouri; d 24 Mar 1916, Stockton, Ca. , of 
cerebral meningitis 

Thomas was a miner. He died of tuberculosis of the 

lungs. His wife md (2) 31 Aug 1912, John Jospeh McGIN- 

LEY, a native of Scotland. (San Joaquin VR vol 15 p 

114; Book 345.) 
10-130 Lovina Jane CHIDESTER b 18 Oct 1871, Clover Valley, 

Nev; d 29 Sept 1909, Salt Lake City, Ut ; md 

James Bell WHYTE 
10-131 Ann Eliza CHIDESTER b 3 June 1874, Clover Valley, 

Nev; d 12 Aug 1960, Powell, Wyoming; md 19 July 1897, 

Lewis Arthur MEEKS 
10-132 George CHIDESTER b Apr 1878, Hebron, Ut; d 4 June 

1932, Sacramento, California; md Fanny ; George 

was a car salesman at the time of his death. 
10-133 Jessie Brown CHIDESTER b 5 Feb 1880, Hebron, Ut; d 

ca June 1880 
10-134 Sarah Elizabeth CHIDESTER b 3 Feb 1882, Leeds, Ut; 

md Howard CROSBY and lived in Cowley, Wyoming, for many 

years. She d 28 Mar 1916, Evanston, Wyo., of typhoid 


The home which John Madison CHIDESTER built in 
Nauvoo was on an acre plot of land described as block 
#34 lot 4, located on the northwest corner of the inter- 
section of Hiram and Woodruff Streets. It was in this 
home, about six months before the city of Nauvoo re- 
ceived its charter, that David, the third son and 
fifth child of the family was born. David was just 
four years old at the time of the martyrdom of the 
Prophet Joseph SMITH. Two years later he was moving 
with the family across the river to begin the long, 
tedious journey to the Valley of the Mountains. 

The custom of the Saints in their journey was to 
plant crops along the way. Succeeding pioneers would 
harvest them. David, at age 11, as adept at tying 
bundles of grain and had taught his friend to do the 
same. All the boys in the field made the work inter- 
esting by racing down the rows. The first time Dav- 
id and his friend participated in a race they didn't 
do so well. The second race, they ended about a 
third of the way down the field; but the third race, 
they beat the other teams by more than half the way. 
Making a game out of the back-breaking task got the 
wheat harvested and there was food in the camp. 

The boy grew into manhood during the trip across 


the plains, the years in Parley's Park and in Salt 
Lake. Before 1862 he had begun to strike out on his 
own, for the journal record of Shoal Creek Branch of 
Hebron Ward, Utah, records: 

"To keep all parts of the great work in motion 
JohnCfiSRLES and William PULSIPHER (David's brother-in- 
law) and David CHIDESTER undertook the herding busin- 
ess and on the 1st of Jan 1862 started out for the 
mountains with a herd of cattle, sheep and horses. We 
built a log house and coral about 20 miles north of 
St. George and wintered there. When spring came we 
moved on north past the mountain meadows over the 
rim of the great basin of Deseret, turning west 12 
miles to Shoal Creek, a small stream fed by springs 
that runs a few miles and sinks again. This is about 
4 5 miles from St. George, quite a distance, but the 
nearest location for a large stock that we could find. 

"We had spent considerable time exploring during 
the winter by advice of Pres. SNOW. It was on the 5th 
of March that CHARLES and PULSIPHER started with a 
span of horses and cart to explore Shoal Creek. They 
located a road, visited the natives, a band of Piutes 
that inhabited the place, and they expressed themselves 
well pleased with our coming to live with them. We 
arrived at this place with our families, flocks and 
herds on the 27th April, 1862. We were very busy all 
the season taking care of our flocks in a strange 
place; for the first year we could hardly get a 
chance to rest on Sunday. David CHIDESTER started for 
Salt Lake City on the 14th of June and came back in 
December, sold out his share in the herd and settled 
in Washington City with his father." 

David had gone to Salt Lake in time to be called 
officially to the Cotton Mission and had returned with 
his parents to accept the call. He didn't lose his 
interest entirely in the Hebron venture and was to 
return there later. 

The summer of 1863 David was called to return to 
Winter Quarters, Nebr. , with a wagon and help some of 
the Saints to come to Utah. He is said to have been 
paid for this service with a trunk, a set of dishes, a 
violin which he could not play and about ten pounds of 
sugar, a priceless commodity in the territory. 

Between March and May of 1866, having acquired a 
family by this time, David moved to Hebron. The Fourth 
of July was celebrated in good style that year. Joseph 
HUNTSMAN fired a formal salute, flags were flown all 



day; the men enjoyed themselves in a game of ball; 
the little boys had a military parade. "We enjoyed 
the good things at several tables in the shape of 
big dinners. At 2o' clock C. PULSIPHER formed the 
people in procession and marched to the meeting house 
with music under the charge of David CHIDESTER." 

During these early years in Southern Utah, 
David served in the armed services for a short time, 
defending the settlers from Indian attacks. His 
official service was not long enough, however, for 
him to receive a pension, but there was almost cons- 
tant need to protect the people from hostile bands of 

David participated in the erection and operation 
of a sawmill in Hebron, 1869. Cattle and dairy busin- 
ess remained the chief activity. Many acres of past- 
ure land were fenced and hay was harvested for cattle 
to produce milk and cheese. The records say: "Be- 
sides our herding and building we helped our women 
some in the dairy business. We made about 3,000 lbs 
of butter and cheese which helped our friends in St. 
George to a better living than they would have had 
without it." David was always a good cheese maker. 

In July 1870, J. W. HUNT moved back to Hebron 
from Clover Valley. David traded property with him 
and moved his own families to the Valley. Clover 
and Meadow Valleys, as well as Deseret Springs (now 
Mesquite) had been settled and farmed by the Mormons 
and considered part of the territory belonging to 
their state of Deseret (later known as Utah.) In 
December of 1870, after David had moved to Clover 
Valley, surveyors were sent in by the government to 
determine the boundary line for the new state of 
Nevada. The line was fixed about 15 miles west of 
Hebron, leaving these three settlements in Nevada. 
The new state was heavily in debt so levied heavy 
taxes on the farm communities. They also endeavored 
to extract back taxes for the years that those taxes 
had been paid to Utah. Many of the Mormon settlers 
moved away rather than pay such unjust assessments. 
David and his family remained until the latter part 
of 1875 when they returned to Hebron. 

About the year 1881, the family moved again, this 
time to Leeds, Utah. Pressure against plural families 
was mounting and David was forced to divide his inter- 
ests by moving Rebecca and her children to St. George. 
He now had two families to care for but separated by 
a few miles. David, Rebecca and Margaret suffered 
from the persecution heaped upon them by foreign off- 


icers, but David refused to desert either family. On 
22 Dec 1887, a Thursday, in the Second District Court, 
(Judge BOREMAN) David CHIDESTER of Leeds was sentenc- 
ed to six months imprisonment and a fine of $300.00 
and costs for Unlawful Cohabitatiofi . The next day he 
and three other men were imprisoned. His term was 
served in the old state penitentiary that stood in 
what is now Sugarhouse Park, Salt Lake City. He said 
that he would serve his time peacefully if they would 
let him have all the salt he wanted. During his stay 
he carved the pieces for a rocking chair with his 
pocket knife and put the chair together. That chair 
is still in the family. On 22 June 1888, a Friday, 
David CHIDESTER and four others named were discharged 
from the penitentiary. 

After the Manifesto was issued by Pres. Wilford 
WOODRUFF, David gave up his second family. He could 
no longer visit them although he continued to provide 
for them. 

At the turn of the century the Big Horn basin in 
Wyoming was opened for settlement. Margaret's daugh- 
ters and their husbands, along with other Mormon fam- 
ilies, moved north to obtain rich, new land. Margar- 
et moved with them and died in Cowley, Wyoming. 

The family always raised its own sheep, carded the 
wool and spun it. They also raised cotton in St. George 
and made their own clothes . It was hard to get shoes, 
though, so the children went barefooted. Times were 
just as hard in St. George as they had been in Hebron. 
By 1903 David was supporting his family by raising 
a garden and turkeys. 

One hot summer day Leland CHIDESTER, a grandson, 
visited his grandmother in St. George. Rebecca Ann 
was fanning herself with her apron and Leland asked 
her how they could stand the heat. She replied that 
"when Brigham young sent people to St. George to est- 
ablish the Cotton Mission he picked only those who were 
too green to burn." 

About 1907, David and Rebecca moved to Richfield, 
Ut. , where they rented two vacant lots, raised veget- 
ables and sold them. They would dry corn and before 
they could put it away they would soak it, boil it and 
eat it. David enjoyed cantaloupes. He would eat them 
three meals a day as long as they were in season but 
would not touch them any other time. The last place 
they lived by themselves in Richfield, David would sit 
by the hour and peel apples and put them out to dry as 
long as the apples lasted. The last job that David 
held was as a night watchman at the Sigurd Gypsum plant. 


David loved his grandchildren and would greet 
them as "You little darlins" when they came to visit, 
but as soon as home was mentioned he would have their 
buggy loaded and was pushing them out the door. He 
would say to Rebecca, "Now, Ma, you know they got to 
get home to the chores." Later, David and Rebecca 
gave up their home and went to live for a time with 
their son Matt in Venice, Ut. David would keep the 
weeds out of the garden and watered it from an artes- 
ian well. He hated to hear a child shriek and would 
appear out of nowhere and pull its ears. 

He was old and grey for a long time and was stoop- 
ed from arthritis. His hands became so crippled that 
he could barely pinch a wash cloth between thumb and 
forefinger, but pinch it he did as he struggled to 
help Rebecca with the household chores. He did most 
of the cooking and housekeeping as Rebecca got so that 
she couldn't get around very well. 

A kindly man with a Santa Claus beard, many child- 
ren thought he really was Santa Claus. Stoop-shoulder- 
ed and bent with age and hard work he would walk with 
both arms swinging forward and back simultaneously. 
He never wore glasses but used a magnifying glass for 
reading. He had all of his teeth at the time of his 
death, claiming that they were good because he always 
used them to crack nuts. 

David and Rebecca went briefly to Delta with their 
son Matt and his family, but returned to Richfield, 
which was home to them, and lived there with their 
son David Jr. The last years of their lives, both 
David and Rebecca were bedridden. Each morning one 
or the other of them would reach over to see if the 
other was still there. When found, they would be 

Added note by grand daughter, Barbara Michaelson: 

While living in Hebron and just a few months after 
losing their first child, they were expecting another 
baby. It was 1 Nov 1867, and they were living in a 
log cabin. All through the night while the baby was 
being born, the family dog barked, snarled and growl- 
ed. David could not leave Becky to shut the dog up. 
They supposed that he was barking at a wild animal or 
something. The next morning when David went to the 
creek for a bucket of water, he saw all up and down 
the other side of the creek the tracks of Indians. 
David and Becky had become the proud parents of a fine 
baby boy, David Jr. They told him, later, the story of 
his birth and of their love for the dog who had protect- 


ed them during that long night. 

(Ref : Chidester fam red; Ward recs of Washington, 
Hebron, St. George, II Ward of Leeds; combined remem- 
brances of grandchildren accxommulated by Robert D. 
Chidester, Draper, Ut.) 

8 — 8 5 
9-107 Joshua Parker CHIDESTER, s of John M (John P 

^"^^David^"'*^) and Mary Josephine PARKER; b 1 Feb 
1843, Nauvoo, Hancock, 111; d 17 Apr 1894, Manti, Ut; 

md 6 Sept 1862, in Salt Lake City, Ut. , to Juli- 
ette BURGESS who was b 18 Nov 1846, Winter Quarters, 
now Florence, Douglas, Nebr; d 28 Oct 1917, Altonah, 
Duchesne, Ut; dau of William BURGESS and Mariah PULS- 
IPHER. Their ch: 

*10-135 John William CHIDESTER b 23 Nov 1864, Deseret Springs, 

Iron, Ut; d 19 Dec 1924; md Hulda Samantha HEATH 
*10-136 Mary Josephine CHIDESTER b 4 Sept 1866, Pine Vall- 
ey, Washington, Ut; d 27 Apr 1897; md Jonathan HUNT 
*10-137 Alfred Gideon CHIDESTER b 13 Aug 1869, Pine Valley, 

Ut; d 1 Feb 1941; md Sarah Susanna HUNT 
*10-138 Lafayette CHIDESTER b 28 Sept 1871, Bloomington, 

Bear Lake, Idaho; d 9 June 1929; md Elsie Cyrene HICKS 
*10-139 Joshua Parker CHIDESTER b 15 Jan 1873, Bloomington, 

Ida; d 24 Feb 1912; md Eletheir (Althea) Maude BUNKER 
*10-141 Esther Violate CHIDESTER b 25 Sept 1878, Panguitch, 

Ut; d 27 June 1929; md Raymond BURGESS 
*10-142 Joseph Harrison CHIDESTER b 3 Apr 1881, Bicknell, Ut; 

d 30 May 1938; md Sarah Mabel IDE 
*10-143 Enoch CHIDESTER b 11 May 1883, Annabell, Sevier, Ut; 

d 31 Oct 1960; md (1) Martha Mariah HEATH; md (2 ) 

Martha Low OLIVER 
10-144 James CHIDESTER b 3 Nov 1884, Annabell, Ut; d 1888 
*10-145 Charles Ray CHIDESTER b 27 June 1887, Kanosh, Millard, 

Ut; d 7 May 1942; md Winnie May HEATH 

Joshua Parker CHIDESTER was only eight years of age 
when he, with his family, crossed the plains to Salt 
Lake Valley. It was there, at school, that he event- 
ually met Juliette BURGESS who became his wife — she 
15 years of age and he 19. 

A carpenter and furniture builder by trade, which 
he learned under the tutelage of his skilled father, 
he moved his family rather frequently, seeking better 
working opportunities. He built houses in the summer 
time and in the winter he made furniture whenever he 
could. Some of the chairs he built were used in the 
old Semloh Hotel in Salt Lake City. 

Baak: Luoy, James P, John William Jr^ Mary Mariah 
Front: John William Chides ter, Milton , George D. 
Hulda Samantha Heath Chidester 

Amanda Smith Chidester holding picture of 
herself and John William Chidester Jr. 

Children of Joshua Parker Chidester & Juliette Burgess 

^ * 


Joshua P Jr Eletheir Lafayette Elsie Cyrene 

Bunker Hicks 



Charles Ray Winme May Joseph H. Sarah M. Ide 


Alfred Gideon Sarah S. Hunt 


Martha Mariah Heath 

^ * *wj 

Raymond Burgess 

Esther Violate; Charles 
Ray & Joseph H 



During the years in Bear Lake Joshua also carried 
mail and supplies over the Shoshone Indian Trail bet- 
ween Bear Lake and Logan, Utah, traveling in the winter 
on snow shoes over the rugged mountain terrain. He 
thus established the first line of communication bet- 
ween the two communities. 

He had a reputation for being a great speaker and 
could speak well on any subject, although he preferred 
religion. At one time some friends challenged him to 
speak extemporaneously on a subject of their choice. 
He accepted the challenge and, as he rose to address 
the congregation, he was handed a peice of paper. 

"My friends," he said, "I am here tonight accord- 
ing to agreement to preach from such a text as these 
gentlemen might select for me. I have it here in my 
hand. I don't wish you to become offended at me, for 
I am under promise to preach from the text selected; 
and if anyone is to blame, I knew nothing of what text 
they would choose. But of all texts this is my favo- 
rite one. You see, the paper is blank." 'He there- 
with proceeded to preach a sermon on "Blank and the 
Gospel. " 

During their early years the family went through 
Indian troubles and had to be on guard at all times. 
One night while Joshua was away on business, Juli- 
ette heard sounds outside the house that sounded like 
marauding Indians. She took the gun down, went to 
the door and shot into the darkness. Next morning 
there was a trail of blood that had been left by a 
fleeing Indian. 

While working in a sawmill, Joshua had the misfort- 
une to cut the fingers off one hand. The wound did 
not heal very readily and the pain was intense. 
A physician advised that he take his mind off the pain 
by studying mathematics. Having always been an avid 
student, he took up the study and soon became an ex- 
pert mathematician. During this time of healing he 
also attended the Brigham Young Academy in Provo and 
taught school in the city. He also taught in the comm- 
unities south of Provo and in Kanosh, Ut. 

The children were still quite young when Juliette 
became critically ill with consiomption and doctors 
advised there was nothing more they could do for her. 
It was winter time, but her faith was such that she 
knew that if the men would cut the ice from the river 
and baptize her there that she would get well. At her 
insistence it was done. She survived. 

During the latter years of his life Joshua was 
stricken with cancer of the stomach. The last year he 
lived in Manti, Ut. , where he built harnesses and spent 


a great deal of time in the Manti Temple. 

After Joshua's death Juliette moved to Wayne Co., 
where her brother and two of her married children 
lived. When a child, she had the misfortune to have 
lye spilt in one eye. Of course, it took the sight of 
that eye and left her handicapped to an extent. In 
spite of this, she was a fine seamstress. She liked 
to embroider and to make beautiful quilts. To supp- 
ort herself and her two minor sons she spun yarn and 
knit garments from the wool the boys were able to 

About 1899 Juliette went to Huntington, Ut. , to 
take care of her invalid father, William BURGESS, who 
had become bedfast with rheumatism, caring for him 
until he died. She then md (2) Zenos Wing DODGE 
and moved with him to Mesquite, Nev., where they 
raised a large garden and made yearly trips to Utah 
to sell the produce. In 1903 they moved back to 
Thurber (Bicknell) Ut. , for a short time, leaving 
there at the invitation of Juliette's three sons 
who had taken up homesteads on the Reservation in 
Duchesne Co., Ut. The boys built her a house and 
provided for her there until her death in 1917. 

(Hist by Mrs. Virginia Chidester SMITH, Myton, Ut; 
added to by Winnie M H. Chidester; family data from 
Eliza L. Powell; Winnie M. H. Chidester, Eldora M. 
Chidester; Lucinda Chidester.) 

Q_Q[r 7_(^7 

9-109 Esther CHIDESTER, dau of John M (John P 

David6-47) ^^d Mary Josephine PARKER; b 18 May 1846, 
Montrose, Lee, Iowa, the beginning of the "Mormon 
Trail;" d 24 Nov 1914, Provo, Ut; md (1) 27 Oct 1861, 
by her father, John M. CHIDESTER, in the old Endowment 
House, Salt Lake City, to William PULSIPHER who was b 
21 Jan 1838, Kirtland, Lake, Ohio; d 12 Mar 1880, 
Hebron, Ut; s of Zera PULSIPHER and Mary BROWN. 
Their ch: 

10-146 William Zera PULSIPHER b 4 Mar 1863; Washington, Ut; 
d 18 Aug 1887, Provo, Ut. When his mother first moved 
to Provo, William remained in St George to tend the 
property and to work on cattle ranches. After the pro- 
perty was sold he went to Provo and attended the Brig- 
ham Young Academy for a time. He died of Bright 's dis- 
10-147 Mary Esther PULSIPHER b 20 Nov 1364, Shoal Creek, 
Ut; d 4 May 1868. 
♦10-148 John Madison PULSIPHER b 22 Apr 1867, Hebron, Ut; 


d 1 Mar 1941; md (1) Rowena Elizabeth R0^4NEY; md 

(2) Laura ANDERSON 
*10-149 Eunice PULSIPHER b 15 Mar 1869, Hebron, Ut; d 20 

Nov 1945; md Alma Miner CARTER 
10-150 Charles Henry PULSIPHER b 27 Feb 1872, Hebron, Ut; 

d 13 Aug 1876 
10-151 Augustus C. PULSIPHER b 21 Oct 1873, Clover Vall- 
ey, Nev; d 2 Aug 1876 
*10-152 Minnie Minurva PULSIPHER b 17 Dec 1875, Hebron, Ut; 

d 3 July 1934; md (1) Albert Grafton THOMAS; md (2) 

Charles Thomas WESTOPE (or WESTROPE) 
*10-153 Sarah Edna PULSIPHER b 12 Feb 1878, St. George, Ut; 

d 18 Nov 1961; md John Tranham TAYLOR 
*10-154 Anna Luella PULSIPHER b 22 Aug 1880, Hebron, Ut; 

d 22 Feb 1959; md Edgar Lafayette CROPPER 

Two Indian children were adopted and raised by the Pulsiphers: 

10-155 Susan PULSIPHER b Feb 1860, bought at age 6 from 

10-156 Amos PULSIPHER b 1871; bought when he was about 10 
years old from Clint McLANE. When grown, Amos went 
east to study and the family lost track of him. 

Esther md (2) 25 Oct 1883, John Chauncey SNOW, a 
widower who had four children: John, Harriett, Warren 
and Ernest. Mr. SNOW was a plasterer by trade and was 
43 years of age when he and Esther were married in Salt 
Lake City, by Elder Joseph F. SMITH. John C. SNOW was 
b 28 June 1840, Lima, Adams, 111; d 10 July 1909, 
Provo, Ut; s of James C. and Eliza SNOW. To Esther and 
John were born: in Prov o, ut: 

*10-157 Mabel LaPrele SNOW b 10 Sept 1884, Provo, Ut; md 

*10-158 Myrtle Blanche SNOW b 24 July 1887; d 2 Oct 1945; 

md Charles SUMNER Jr. 
*10-159 Arietta Estella SNOW b 16 Oct 1890; d 30 Sept 1971; 

md William Isaac DAW 

Esther CHIDESTER was a very young child when she 
crossed the plains with her family. She grew up dur- 
ing the hard, hungry pioneering years in Spanish Fork 
and Parley's Park, Utah, and was living in Salt Lake 
City, a girl of 15 years, when a neighboring boy court- 
ed her. Small and winsome, she was mature for her 
years. Pioneer life had made her so. 

William PULSIPHER, eight years her senior, had been 
called by the prophet Brigham Young, to go to Southern 


Utah as a missionary to explore and settle the count- 
ry. He was reluctant to leave as a single man for he 
didn't know when he would be able to come back. Be- 
sides he was in love with Esther. He proposed marr- 
iage to her but she thought she was too young to leave 
her parents so far behind. Anyway, she wasn't quite 
ready to take on the responsibilities of married life 
in so primitive circumstances. William persisted, fin- 
ally taking her on his knee and telling her that he 
would not let her go until she consented. He also 
promised that if she would say yes that he would never 
go into polygamy. At this, she capitulated and the 
young couple was married in the Endowment House with 
Esther's father, John Madison Chidester (a former 
Branch President of Spanish Fork,) performing the 

For a time in Sou t hern Utah their home was the 
covered wagon in which they had made the trip south. 
Esther cooked their meals on a camp fire. Often she 
would ride with her husband as he cared for the cattle 
they had accummulated; then again, she was left to her 
own devices at camp. These times were hard for her, 
and frightening, for there was the ever-present threat 
of Indians who, although they were not war-like, were 
still a problem. They had no conception of the mean- 
ing of private property and would take anything they 

Realizing her fear, William made a pact with the 
chief that during his absence no Indian would molest 
the young woman, saying that she was afraid of them. 
He gave the chief a pony and saddle to bind the bargain. 
Not many days later as Esther was working in the wagon 
she heard an Indian singins, "Wait For the Wagon and 
We'll all take a Ride." Frightened, she quickly cover- 
ed herself with a blanket and lay still hoping that he 
would go away. As he continued to stay by the fire 
outside, Esther finally concluded that the best thing 
to do was to pretend that she was not frightened and 
see what would happen. She left the wagon and went to 
sit on the opposite side of the fire from the Indian. 
In a little bit the Indian got up and came to sit be- 
side her and began telling her the Indian names of var- 
ious objects. 

When William returned the Indian said, "You say 
your squaw afraid. She no afraid, she brave." After 
that he came every day to converse with her and teach 
her his language. From this beginning Esther became 
fluent in the Ute, Piute, Navajo, Mexican and Spanish 



After they had built a cabin, probably in Hebron, 
Esther had another experience that frightened her. 
William was away and she was alone with the children. 
A tribe of Indians surrounded the cabin. Some got up 
on the roof and beat tom-toms, damaged the roof and 
made wild noises. Esther got her pistol, loaded it 
and started for the door, intending to shoot if ne- 
cessary. She was an excellent marksman and would not 
have missed her target. Suddenly the disturbance ceas- 
ed and she felt sure that someone was approaching. 
Sure enough, William had been warned of impending 
trouble and had returned home. He grabbed the first 
brave he could reach and jounced him up and down on 
a pile of rocks, continuing until the brave begged 
for mercy. William's superior strength earned him 
the respect and love of the natives. 

William was a shrewd business man and fearless in 
all his transactions. Soon, he owned ranches near 
Hebron, Clover Valley, and Beaver Dam, Nevada. For 
a time he had mining interests in Pioche, Nevada, but 
eventually sold them without realizing anything for 
them. There was a fine home in St. George where the 
family lived in the winter time, but the summers were 
spent on one of the ranches where they made butter 
and cheese for sale. 

The first sewing machine in the country was a 
Howe which William bought for his wife. She became 
very proficient in its use and when her husband was 
away on business she would do sewing for others, mak- 
ing suits, hemming yards of ruffles. When paid for 
the work she would exchange the money for $2.50 gold 
pieces which she kept in a little box. 

Esther and William loved to go to Salt Lake City 
for the conferences there, taking a week each way over 
"the worst roads in this country," said Esther. Each 
night they made a bonfire and had a hot supper and the 
next morning there would be a hot breakfast. During 
conference they camped close to the tabernacle area. 

A mid-wife tended Esther at the birth of each of 
her children. When the fourth one was to be born 
Esther had been sick for 36 hours. Her father-in- 
law, Zera PULSIPHER, worried about her condition, 
covered her body by pulling her night clothes down 
over her feet, then taking her by the feet, stood her 
on her head, shaking her vigorousely. Then he laid 
her down and said, "There, my girl, you will be all 
right." It was not long until the baby was born. 

A prevalent practice among the poor Indian tribes 


of Utah and Colorado was to sell their children, us- 
ually to traders along the old Spanish Trail. Norm- 
ally the traders took these children to California or 
Mexico where they sold them into slavery. After the 
Mormons settled the area, many of the children were 
purchased by Mormon families who raised them and, when 
they reached their majority, gave them a dower to be- 
gin life with. Sometimes the first one to obtain the 
child wouldn't be able to keep him and would in turn 
be re-imbursed for the purchase price by another 

While the Pulsipher children were still small, Will- 
iam purchased a little six-year-old girl from a fam- 
ily that had not been able to care for her. Her hair 
was matted to her head, her clothes dirty and unkempt. 
The night that he brought little Susan home, Esther 
bathed her, cut her hair and cleaned her, then sat up 
during the night to make new clothes for the child. 
Little Susie was so happy about the new circumstance 
that she looked into Esther's face and said, "Are you 
going to be my new Mother? Please don't let anyone 
ever take me away ! " As she grew up she became a good 
cook and her services were welcome everywhere. She 
remained in St. George when the family moved north. 

In a like manner, Amos was obtained and raised by 
the Pulsiphers. 

In the spring of 1875 William was called on a miss- 
ion to the Pacific Islands. He had a great deal of 
property but not much ready cash. The family did not 
consider that he wouldn't go. Esther got her cash box 
out and turned over the accummulated gold pieces for 
him to use. He was gone for a period of only eight 
months for he was sick most of the time and had to be 
released. In the meantime Esther took care of the many 
family interests. Her sister Eunice had been widowed 
so Esther invited her to come and stay with her, for 
she was to give birth to another child soon and would 
need help. There was no one Esther trusted more than 
she did this older sister. 

William arrived home 16 Dec 1875; the baby was 
born the next day. 

Back home William quickly recovered his strength 
and soon was again riding the range. Along the old 
Spanish Trail bandits were as much a problem as were 
the Indians and they had hideouts in the wild south- 
ern mountains. Indians and outlaws alike respected 
this fearless man. One day when he and Jacob HAMBLIN 
were riding at the mouth of a big canyon they saw five 
Indians on the war path. William had a gun called a 


"needly" gun. You could touch a lever or spring and 
three long spears would come out, one on each side of 
the barrel and one straight out the center. William 
worked it so fast that it frightened the Indians. 
They wanted to examine it, but William said he would 
show it to them. To Jacob HAMBLIN he said, pointing to 
the Indians: 

"I'll get this one and this one and that one with 
the gun and the next one with my dagger. You take 
care of the other one." The Indians left and didn't 
bother t he men again. 

William would trade horses to the Indians for pine 
nuts and buckskin. There were always plenty of nuts 
for the family and Esther made clothes out of the buck- 

Ben TASKER was a noted outlaw of the area. He 
and his gang had a hideaway in the southern mountains. 
From there they would steal anything they could get — 
from household goods to cattle and horses. William 
was a thorn in the side of the lawless gang. He was 
fearless in his pursuit of them and was instrument- 
al in having a number of them arrested. 

Once, when he and Esther had been out to obtain 
berries for canning, he saw a dust ahead and knew that 
the Tasker gang was driving the horses he had heard 
about having been stolen. He got down from the buggy 
and prepared to mount the saddle pony he always took 
with him, instructing his wife to drive home alone 
while he went after the thieves. Esther, realizing 
the danger he would be placing himself in, also dis- 
mounted from the buggy and refused to move a step un- 
til he came along. She knew it would be foolish for 
him to try to capture the desperadoes by himself. 

As they neared St. George she finally said that 
she would drive on alone provided he would ride the 
pony into town and get help. This he did and the 
thieves were captured. One of the captured men swore 
that this would be the last time Bill Pulsipher would 
ever arrest him for he would kill him the first chance 
he got. 

Ben TASKER felt the same way and sent word to Will- 
iam that he would be killed on sight. William didn't 
know what TASKER looked like so decided to find out. 
He had been riding the range one day. It was late. 
Bill was tired and found himself close to Deseret 
Springs (Mesquite) in an area known to be close to the 
Tasker ranch. He rode up to the ranch house, tether- 
ed his horse, then approached and knocked on the door. 


A man who was known to Bill, opened the door. In 
amazement, he said, "What are you doing here? Are 
you acquainted with Tasker?" 

"That is my business here," said Bill. Leading 
him through the room filled with men, the man took 
Bill to the far end and said, 

"Mr. Ben TASKER, allow me to make you acquainted 
with Mr. William PULSIPHER." 

Bill said, "Mr. Ben TASKER, I understand that you 
are going to kill me on sight." 

"Oh, no," said the wary Ben, "I wouldn't do that. 
You are my best friend. You keep my animals from being 

A good supper was ordered and a bed made for the 
visitor. Tasker made it a point to place his gun and 
scabbard on a cupboard — the first time he had ever been 
known to be separated from them. William laid his own 
weapons beside them, saying that he was not in the hab- 
it of carrying them except out on the range. 

The man who knew William slept with him that night. 
William was so tired that he was soon fast asleep. Dur- 
ing the night he had a ht^htmare that caused him to 
utter a terrible yell. The household awakened and was 
nervous. Bill asked pardon and promptly fell alseep 
again but Tasker was sure there had been a posse out- 
side and this was a pre-arranged signal. When morning 
came a good breakfast was served and Tasker took his 
visitor on a tour of the place, showing him the excep- 
tional storage facilities. 

There was one thing William was to regret. He had 
a difficult time realizing that his sons were growing 
up. Young William Jr. began keeping company with 
some young people of whom his father did not approve. 
William Sr. scolded and threatened and finally gave 
his son a whipping. Young William would not submit. 
He left home. The father's intolerance estranged the 
older boys so that they had gone on their own and 
were serving other men as cow hands and catching and 
breaking horses for sale. So it was that, when Will- 
iam succumbed to exposure, contracted pneiimonia and 
died, neither of the boys was there to help Esther to 
assiome the heavy burden of operating so vast a ranch- 
ing business. 

In 1882 Esther applied for a release from the Cott- 
on Mission to which she had been called so many years 
ago. The two older boys had their own stock and could 
not help with the ranch, so all property was sold and 
Esther moved her family to Provo, Ut. , where there 
would be better facility for educating the children. 


After she was settled there Willie and John took turns 
coming to Provo to attend school in the winter time. 

Esther bought a large lot in central Provo and 
ordered a home built. When she moved in with her four 
little girls, she found the home to be much too big so 
she turned it into a hotel. For a number of years it 
was known as the Pulsipher House and was a favorite 
boarding place for students at the Academy. It was 
later to be known as the Oxidental Hotel. 

Willie came to attend school. Some of his southern 
friends, thinking to have a little fun, wrote to Dr. 
Karl G. MAESER and asked him to teach Willie to pray. 
In a morning assembly Dr. Maeser called on Willie to 
open with prayer. Willie, seeing no way to escape, 
arose and began by saying, "Oh, Lord, bless - bless- 
who?" A girl in the audience called out, "Bro. 
Maeser." Willie continued, "Brother Maeser, Amen." 
and sat down. He was asked to pray every morning for 
a week. He then told his mother that he could now 
pray with the best. 

After her marriage to Mr. SNOW, Esther sold the 
house in town and moved to Provo Bench where she had 
farm land surrounding a large house. The children 
grew up there and attended school, all receiving the 
fine education their mother had planned for them. It 
was a great sorrow to her when Willie died so young. 
He had been her main support and they were very close 
to each other in those last years. She had won him 
back completely and they enjoyed being together. 

Her home was the central interest of her children. 
She loved to have the children gather around the old 
organ and play and sing during the evening. When her 
sister Eunice was visiting they would enjoy singing the 
old songs together and reminiscing about their lives 
in Southern Utah, telling jokes, relating special 
instances, re-living their times good and bad. Her 
daughters had the highest regard for her and would care 
for her all her days. A wonderful wife and mother, 
and a worthy daughter. Her life's motto: Honesty is 
the best policy. 

(Ref: Histories written by her daus Eunice P. 
Carter, Edna Pulsipher Taylor; in poss of Kenneth 
Cropper, Provo, Ut.) 

9-110 Willard Darwin CHIDESTER, s of John M^~^^ (John 
P'^'^'Davidfi-'^?) and Mary Josephine PARKER; b 29 Mar 
1850, Kanesville, now Council Bluffs, Iowa; d 9 Nov 
1917, Marley, now Richfield, Idaho; md (1) 1 Jan 1878 
Amelia Vilate ALEXANDER who was b 1860; d 24 Feb 1879; 
dau of Horace Martin ALEXANDER and Julia OWEN; and 

had ch: 


10-160 Amelia Minerva CHIDESTER b 31 July 1885, Wash- 
ington, Ut; d same day. 

Willard md (2) 10 Apr 1884, in Washington, Ut. , 
Caroline GUBLER who was b 14 Jan 1863, Fraunfeld, 
Switzerland; d 9 July 1923, Carey Elaine, Idaho; dau 
of Adam GUBLER and Mary Elizabeth WICKLEY. Their ch: 

10-161 Willard Darwin CHIDESTER b 31 July 1885, Washington, 
Ut; he and a companion accompanied a train load of 
cattle to Chicago for market. Both were asphyxiated 
by gas as they lay sleeping in their hotel room, 6 Sept 
1905. He was sealed in marriage to Lydia WILDE. 

*10-162 Lorenzo (Wren) CHIDESTER b 4 Aug 1888, Washington, 
Ut; d 26 Jan 1968; md (1) Helen DRAPER; md (2) 

♦10-163 Eunice Elizabeth CHIDESTER b 15 Nov 1890, Washing- 
ton, Ut; d 11 Mar 1919; md Guy Townsend PHIPPEN 

*10-164 John Madison CHIDESTER b 28 Jan 1893, Washington, 
Ut; md (1) Arta Mae DRAPER; md (2) Marie HENRIKSEN 

*10-165 Esther Laveme CHIDESTER b 22 Jan 1895 , Washing- 
ton, Ut; d 30 Jan 1973; md Oscar Leroy JOHNSON 

*10-166 Mary LaPreal CHIDESTER b 3 Sept 1897, Washington, 
Ut; md William Omanuel JOHNSON 

*10-167 Josetta CHIDESTER b 18 Mar 1900, Washington, Ut; 

d 2 Mar 1920, in Mil©, Benneville, Idaho; md John Oscar 

*10-168 Christa CHIDESTER b 17 Oct 1903, Tikura, now Carey, 
Idaho; md Allen Ross ARTHUR 

A youth of eleven when the family moved to Washing- 
ton, Utah, and the only child still with the parents, 
was not a bad situation for young Willard Darwin CHID- 
ESTER. He enjoyed roaming the countryside in search 
of quail and rabbit for dinner. At that early age he 
was assisting his father, also, in the carpentry shop 
and before too long he was going with older brothers 
to Pine Valley to burn charcoal which was then freight- 
ed out to the wool and cotton mills and to Silver Reef 
Mine to be used in the smelter there. 

Willard became most proficient in the latter pro- 
cess which was a matter of delicate timing. A huge 
mound of green trees was formed by standing the trees 
close together with the right cover of twigs and green 
branches to hold the fire in and still allow the whole 
thing to smoulder for about ten to fifteen days. There 
would be a walkway toward the center of the mound to 


be used for inspection trips by someone wearing pro- 
tective clothing. If the burning was too fast, the 
air would be cut down to slow the process and allow 
the fire to seep through the green logs to complete 
the burning throughout the mound. At the completion 
of the task the fire would be extinguished either 
by spraying the fire with water or throwing soft 
dirt on it. It took skill to regulate the burning 
process and recognize the point of completion so that 
the residue would be charcoal and not ashes. 

The untimely death in childbirth, of his lovely 
young wife was a great tragedy to this sensitive 
young man. For several years he went listlessly about 
the business of living, not being able to content him- 
self at any one thing or in one place. Mostly, he 
did freighting, hauling goods to the railroad and 
bringing other goods back to the people of southern 
Utah. Some times he hauled rock salt from St. Thomas, 
Nev. , to the Silver Reef Mine above St. George. The 
salt was used as a flux in the smelting process. And 
he burned charcoal. 

Eventually he was attracted to young, lively Caro- 
line GUBLER, and after their marriage life took on new 
meaning. T he assets of the young couple were very 
limited, consisting of a few peices of furniture, one 
span of horses with their patched harness and a sec- 
ond hand wagon, but they were young and their hopes 
were high. 

Willard settled down to farming and soon had a 
five acre tract of land on the south side of the Virgin 
River where he produced five crops of alfalfa each 
year. There was a garden and orchard on the north 
side of Washington and there were ten prosperous , hap- 
py years. 

The growing family soon began to demand greater 
assets and soon Willard was augmenting his income by 
freighting again. By this time he had sons who were 
old enough to take along for company and help. How 
the boys enjoyed those times, camping out with their 
Father, having the chance to see trains and even be 
lifted up into the cab to see how it worked! 

Then came the time when reports of free land and 
greater opportunity in Idaho enticed the family to move. 
The decision made, the family began to dispose of 
all they owned except for the necessary items that 
would be packed into two wagons. Besides the two 
teams and wagons , there was a saddle pony that was 
to be kept saddled each day of the trip and used for 
scouting the way. There was also a 22 calibre rifle 


attached to the saddle to meet emergencies or provide 
extra meat for the meals on the way. 

The trip was begun 1 May 1902. The long, dreary 
journey was nearly all in desert country and was to 
take a month. At Wells, Nevada, the family ran out of 
bread that had been baked before they left Washington. 
Willard sent into town and bought some "store" bread. 
It was so light and spongy and tasted so different 
from the bread they had always had that the children 
marvelled. Somewhere along the way they were also 
treated to some store candy, the first they had ever 
had that was not made at home out of honey or molass- 
es. That was a real treat to the starry-eyed child- 

When the Snake river was reached it was found that 
they must cross it by ferry just above the Shoshone 
Falls. The ferry would accommodate the two wagons, 
but they were so heavily loaded with stuff packed on 
the outside as well as the inside that the ferryman 
had difficulty shutting the gate. He refused to move 
until he had devised a way to anchor the wagons suff- 
iciently that he could close the rail, saying that 
he had tried to take a chance once and had lost a 
wagon that was swept over the falls. He wouldn't take 
a chance again. 

It was 2 June, 1902 when the weary family pulled 
into Carey, Idaho and camped that first night. When 
Bishop Cyrus J. STANFORD, with whom Willard had corr- 
esponded concerning the Idaho prospects, learned who 
the travelers were, an invitation was sent to the 
family suggesting that they enjoy the evening meal in 
the Bishop's home. What a treat that was to people 
who had been camping for a month! Fresh strawberries 
and cream and delicious vegetables fresh from the gard- 

The first three years in Carey, Willard and his 
sons operated a farm on shares. Then they took up a 
homestead of their own, which they proved up on and 
seemed to be well established at last. To be prepar- 
ed to meet a threatened drought the entire valley was 
bonded to build a reservoir on Fish Creek. Drought 
came, all right, but the reservoir never filled. The 
Chidesters, along with many others, lost their entire 
investment and had to move back into town. Fortun- 
ately, by this time, the children were old enough to 
obtain jobs and help defray family expenses. The old- 
est son was dead, but the next in age obtained good 
employment and the next taught school one year and 


then went into a bank job. 

In 1911 Willard and his wife, Caroline, and young- 
est daughter, Christa, accompanied the t hird daughter, 
Laver ne and her husband Oscar L. JOHNSON, to Deweyville, 
Utah to attend a family reunion. They visited many of 

their friends and relatives, some of whom they had not 
seen in all the years they had lived in Idaho. Bro- 
ther David and his wife were there and many others from 
the south. 

Again in 1917, they were able to attend a reunion, 
this time in Richfield, Utah. It was October. The 
harvests were in and everyone could take the time to 
visit. On his return to Idaho, Willard expressed his 
pleasure in the trip. It was the finale to his life 
of hard knocks and varied experience. He died sudden- 
ly, 8 Nov 1917. 

(Ref: story by son John M. Chides ter; fam rec by John 
M. Chidester and Christa C. Arthur.) 

9-112 Lina Wells LOVELAND, dau of John Chidester LOVELAND 

^"^^ (Clorinda CHIDESTER^~^^David^~'*^) and Derilla Tracy 
DEMING; b 29 Jan 1831, New York state; d 28 Nov 1905, 
Wakefield, Middlesex, Mass; md 21 May 1862, in Spring- 
field, Vermont, to Ger shorn Lyman CLOSSON who was b 20 
Apr 1838, Springfield, Vt; d 4 Nov 1917, Seattle, King, 
Washington; s of Henry CLOSSON and Emily WHITNEY. 
Mr. Closson was a banker. 

Their ch b in Springfield, Vt: 

10-169 John Henry CLOSSON b 14 Aug 1866; d 18 Sept 1929, 
Seattle, Washington; md 12 Sept 1894, in Seattle, to 
Mildred BLAIR who was b 28 June 1877, Menomonie, Dunn, 
Wisconsin. They had a dau: 

(1) Joan CLOSSON b 28 June 1919, Seattle, Wn; md 
1 Aug 1942, William J. COUILLARD 

10-170 Gershom Loveland CLOSSON b 14 Apr 1873; d 29 Mar 
1931, Seattle, Wn; md 15 May 1895, Springfield, Vt. , to 
Adelaide Eliza PARKER who was b 13 Nov 1872, Ascutney, 
Vt; and had ch: 

(1) Marjorie Olivia CLOSSON b 30 Jan 1899, Burling- 
ton, Chittenden, Vt; d Aug 1950; md (1) 

md (2) Otho GARDNER 

(2) Louise Emily CLOSSON b 7 June 1904, Springfield, 
Vt; md 29 Aug 1930, Dean ARCHEY 

(3) Dorothy Grace CLOSSON b 31 Mar 1906, Wakefield, 
Mass; md 19 Mar 1928, Stuart W. THOMSON 

(Ref: Mrs. G. A. Wright, Las Cruces, New Mexico, 1970) 


9-115 William Henry LOVELAND, s of John Chidester LOVE- 

LAND^"^^ (Clorinda CHIDESTER^~^^David ^~ ) and Derilla 
Tracy DEMING; b 6 Apr 1852, Fairhaven, Bristol, Mass; 
d 5 Apr 1903, Springfield, Vt. ; md 1 Aug 1876, in 
Springfield, Vt., to Emma Lorinda MAYO who was b 27 
Oct 1854, Saxtona River, Windsor, Vt; d 4 Aug 1918, 
Springfield, Vt; dau of James H. MAYO and Mary Jane 
FARNSWORTH. Their ch b in Springfield, Vt: 

10-171 Ethelyn Mary LOVELAND b 10 Aug 1877; md M. C. LOVELL 

10-172 a son b and d in 1882 

10-173 Merle Alice LOVELAND (twin) b 26 June 1895 

10-174 Muriel Jeanette LOVELAND Ctwin) b 26 June 1895; md 
19 Jan 1929, Omie Peter McFAKLANE who was b 28 May 1885, 
Cowansville, Quebec, Canada; d 28 Apr 1932, Kansas City 
Mo. Muriel was living in Kansas City when she sent the 
family record of the Lovelands. 
William Henry LOVELAND always lived in Springfield, Vt. In 1894 
he was proprietor and manager of a freighting business. 

(Ref : Muriel L. McFarlane, Kansas City, Mo; VR in in Barre, Vt) 

9-144 Simmons Erastus CHIDESTER, s of Clark S ~ ^^ (Eras- 

^ 7-50„.,,. 6-44,^., T- 5-29„.,,. 4-12^ -^3-2 
tus William William William David 

James2~ljamesl~l) and Clarinda SACKETT; b 12 Aug 

1845, Ohio; d 18 Jan 1920, ae 74 yrs 5 mo 6 days, 

Fairfield, Iowa; md 30 Sept 1868, in Mercer Co., Ill, 

to Lucy Marian BABET of BABBITT who was b 10 Feb 

1845, Portland, Chautauqua, N.Y; d 24 Jan 1925 ae 

79 yrs 11 mos 10 days, Fairfield, Iowa; dau of 

Charles BABET or BABBITT and Maria D. DEVEAUX (also 

called DEVORE) . Simmons was a farmer in Black Hawk 

Twp. , Jefferson, Iowa. Ch of this couple: 

*10-175 Charles Clark CHIDESTER b 21 Jan 1870, Jefferson Co., 
Iowa; d 2 Oct 1941, Fairfield, Iowa; md 18 Dec 1894, 
Charlotte (Lottie) Estella NORTON 

(Ref: Iowa VR, ; 1880 census of Fairfield, Jefferson, Iowa.) 

9-145 Frank GRear CHIDESTER, s of Clark S^""^^^ (Erastus^~^°William^~^'* 

5-29 4-12 3-2 2-1 1-1 

William William David James James ) and Clarinda 

SACKETT; b 2 Apr 1853, Mahoning Co., Ohio; d 27 July 

1931 ae 78 yrs 3 mo 25 days, Fairfield, Iowa; md 4 

Sept 1873 by Rev. R. M. Tracy, in Fairfield, Iowa, to 

Rachel Ellen WISECARVER who was b 12 June 1854; d 31 

July 1943, Fairfield, Iowa; ae 89; dau of Samuel 

WISECARVER and Mary WILSON; and had ch b in Black 

Hawk Twp. , Jefferson, Iowa; 


10-176 June A. CHIDESTER b 27 May 1873; d 26 May 1957 

of cerebral arteriosclerosis 
10-177 Delia E. CHIDESTER b 6 May 1881; d 16 Feb 1961; 

md at home of her parents, to Harry Clarence FAIR 

who was b 4 June 1874, Agency, Iowa; d 14 Feb 1947; 

s of George W. FAIR and Eleanor Virginia CLEMENTS; 

and had ch: 

(1) Harry Clarence FAIR who d 11 Apr 1916 

(2) Mary Ellen FAIR who d 12 May 1909 

(3) Elizabeth FAIR b 22 Dec 1915 

Harry C. Fair was md (1) to Amanda Smith by whom he 
had a son: Paul Art hur FAIR. 
10-178 Edith CHIDESTER b 13 Sept 1876; md 1 Sept 1904 
in Fairfield, Iowa, to John Joseph TEETER who was 
b 28 Oct 1875, Osceola, Iowa; s of Noah TEETER and 
Susan FORDYCE; and had a ch: 

(1) Junella TEETER b 12 Feb 1909; md 31 Aug 1936 
to Paul B. ANDERSON 
10-179 Mary Clarinda CHIDESTER b 9 Aug 1884; d 3 Aug 

1963, Fairfield , Iowa; md 31 Dec 1919 by Rev 
R. H. POLLY, to Harry O. CROW (clothing store clerk) 
who was b 25 Aug 1888, Unionville, Appanoose, Iowa; 
d 9 Dec 1963, Center Twp. Jefferson, Iowa; s of 
William H. CROW and Augusta BRAY. 

(Iowa VR Bk 8 p 212; p 230; Bk 7 p 531) 

Simmons Erastus CHIDESTER was a nursery stock sales- 
man. His dau June was a graduate of Parson Coll- 
ege, Fairfield, Iowa, and took her B.A. from Des 
Moines University. She served for twenty five years 
as superintendent of Jefferson County schools. 

(Ref: Iowa State VR; fam recs of Mrs. Kate B. Stan- 
ford, Santa Ana, Ca.) 

9-147 Dr. Charles Burdett CHIDESTER, s of Julius^"-"-^^ 

7-50 6-44 S-PQ 4-1 ? 1-7 

Erastus' """"William^ ^^William^ ^^William^ "^^David 

James2-ljamesl~^) and Elizabeth Harriet MASTICK; 

b 17 Oct 1858, Parkman, Ohio; md (1) Oct 1885, 

Frances Amelia (Minnie) HODGE who was b 26 Apr 1864; 

d 12 Aug 1888, Middle\fdedd ,Ohio; dau of Waterman 

Sweet HODGE and Caroline Betsey ROSE; and had ch: 

10-180 Rose Ann CHIDESTER b 14 July 1887, Burton, Ohio; 

d 8 Aug 1887 
10-181 Frank Charles CHIDESTER b 6 Aug 1888; d 14 Aug 1888 



Dr. Chidester md (2) 19 Feb 1889, Ella J. VANCE who 
was b 16 July 1850, Fairview, Erie, Pa; widow of 
Francis Hopkins DURBAN (who was b 24 Nov 1849, d 
28 Jan 1885; s of William Durban and Frances Launder. 
They were married 16 May 1878.) 
To Dr. Charles and Ella were b: 

10-182 Minnie Ada CHIDESTER b 25 Dec 1889, Burton, Ohio 
md 23 July 1910, in Detroit, Wayne, Mich., to Charles 
Francis BICKFORD who was b 6 Mar 1887; s of Charles 
P. BICKFORD and Martha LOCKE; and had ch: 

(1) Gladys Marguerite BICKFORD b 8 Mar 1911; 
md Donald SCHMITT 

(2) Charles BICKFORD b 19 May 1912; a teacher 
10-183 Mabel Olivia CHIDESTER b 11 May 1891, Erie, Pa; 

d 29 Apr 1915 
10-184 Frances B. CHIDESTER } L ^ "i f 

Charles Burdett Chidester md (3) 29 June 1922, Flo- 
rence C. HIEGEL who was b 4 Nov 1881; d 10 Sept 1960 
Erie, Pa; dau of George and Mary HIEGEL. 

Florence was md (1) to Willard Francis BURROUGHS who d in 1909, 
ae 33; and had ch: 

(1) lola BURROUGHS b 22 Apr 1908, Erie, Pa; md 25 
Apr 1936, Charles J. KUNTZ who was b 27 June 1907, 
Erie, Pa; s of Peter Bernard Kuntz and Minnie E. 
Rinderle; and had ch: 

(a) Burdett KUNTZ b 23 Jan 1938 

(b) Robert KUNTZ b 6 Sep 1941 

(c) James KUNTZ b 23 Sept 1947 

(d) Peter KUNTZ b 20 June 1945 

(2) William Henry BURROUGHS b 7 June 1910, Erie, Pa. 

Dr. Charles Burdett CHIDESTER was educated at Hiram 
College,; at the Medical Department of the University 
of Michigan, and at the College of Physicians and 
Surgeons, Baltimore, Md. , from which last he was 
graduated Mar 4, 1881. He practiced medicine in Ohio 
until 1890, when he moved to Erie, Pa., and estab- 
lished a lucrative practice there. He was a member of 
the Ohio State Medical Association and one of the 
founders of the Geauga County Medical Society, serving 
as its president two terms. 

(Ref: Hodge Fam of New England; Mrs. Charles J. KUNTZ, 
Erie Pa; Mrs. Donald SCHMITT.) 


9-149 Carrie Genevra CHIDESTER, dau of William N^""*""^"^ 

^ 7-50„.,,. 6-44„.TT. 5-29„.TT. 4-12^ -^3-2 
Erastus William William William David 

James 2 "-'-James 1-1) and Martha Ellen TITUS; b 9 Dec 
1858, Wasmills, Mercer, 111; d 1 Apr 1934, South- 
gate, Ca; md 19 Sept 1877, in Fairfield, Iowa, to 
Alonzo BARR who was b 10 Sept 1851, nr Chapin, 111; 
d 14 July 1935, Southgate, Ca; and had ch b at 
the old farm in Brookville, now Fairfield, Jefferson, 

*10-185 Carrie Mae BARR b 10 July 1878; d 8 Mar 1955; md 
10-186 Raymond Alonzo BARR b 2 Mar 1880; d 18 Sept 1896 
*10-187 Eliza Martha BARR b 7 Nov 1884; d 11 June 1956; md 
Paul Russell LSUGHLIN 
10-188 Verle BARR b 14 Apr 1887; d 3 Mar 1888 
*10-189 Adda Kathryn (Kate) BARR b 26 Sept 1888; md Carl Reno 

*10-190 John Nerval BARR b 28 Oct 1890; d 11 May 1946; md 

Nina Wilamina STEVER 
*10-191 Ruth Irene BARR b 13 July 1895; d 28 Dec 1953; md 
Winfield N. HOWELL 
10-192 Edna Elaine BARR b 1 Nov 1897; d 18 Jan 1969; md 
30 June 1923, Fred M. RANEY. After Edna's deA^^T/ 
Fred md (2) 1 July 1869, Mary Margaret LAUGHLIN 
Edna and Fred had a dau: Mary Elaine RANEY b 3 May 1933 
Alonzo BARR, s of John Cook BARR and Eliza MARKHAM, 
moved to Iowa in 1865, just three years before the 
Chidester family arrived. He and Carrie raised their 
family on the farm, took care of their parents in 
their old age, then followed their children to 
California when they retired from active farm life. 
They were able to enjoy fifteen years of retirement in 
the sunny southland. 

(Ref: fam recs and personal knowledge of Mrs. Kathryn 
Barr STanford, Santa Ana, Ca.) 

9-150 Flora Eva CHIDESTER, dau of William N^"-^^^ (Eras- 

7-50 6-44 5-?q 4-17 1-9 
tus' """"William" /^^William^ "^^William "^^Dav id"* ^ 

James 2-1 Jamesl"!) and Martha Ellen TITUS; b 17 June 
1863, Mercer Co., Ill; d 29 Dec 1931, Winnipeg, Man- 
itoba, Canada; md 20 Aug 1941, in Winnepeg , Canada, to 
Harrison Doran THOMAS who was b 11 May 1855, Harris- 
burg, Dauphin, Pennsylvania; d 20 Aug 1941, Winnepeg, 
Canada; and h ad ch: 

*10-193 Volney Earl THOMAS b 3 Apr 1892, Fairfield, low; md 
Florence May YOUNG 


(Ref: Mrs. Kate Stanford, Santa Ana, Ca.) 

9-151 Adda J. CHIDESTER, dau of William N. ~ (Eras- 

James 1 James 1"1) and Martha Ellen TITUS; b 1864, 
Galesburg, Knox, 111; d 15 Nov 1943; md 16 Feb 1892, 
in Fairfield, Iowa, to Columbus D. McPHERSON who was 
b 1861, Richland, Keokuk, Iowa; d 1928, Mt. Pleasant 
Iowa; s of Enoch McPHERSON and Keziah MAY; and had ch 
b in Fairfield, Iowa: 

10-194 Hila Floy McPHERSON b 23 Aug 1893 

10-195 Hobard M. MxPHERSON b 5 July 1896; d 1 Oct 1955 

10-196 Raymond C. McPHERSON b 19 Feb 1898; d 31 Jan 1929 in 

Topeka, Kansas; md Elizabeth GRAGERT 
10-197 Ila Elsie McPHERSON b 9 Feb 1901; d 9 Mar 1929 in 

Los Angeles, Ca; md 8 Dec 1923, J. Lyle DONOVAN and had ch: 

(1) Jack DONOVAN 

(2) Joanne DONOVAN 

10-198 Earl Waldo McPHERSON b 16 Nov 1902; d 24 Apr 1920, in 

Lawrence, Kansas, unm 
10-199 Elizabeth G. McPHERSON b 24 Aug 1906. 

Adda J. Chides ter taught music for many years in Hedrick 
Normal Institute, Hedrick, Iowa. From Fairfield, 
the family moved to Topeka, Kansas. 

(Ref: Fam recs of Mrs. Kate B. Stanford, Santa Ana) 


10-2 Melvin Eliphalet CHICHESTER, s of Eliphalet L 

(Eliphalet S^~"'"^Eliphalet^~^Ebenezer^" Eliphalet 


Jeremiah James James James ) and Bethia 
NORTON; b 30 Oct 1902, LaHarpe , Allen, Kansas; 
d 14 May 1957; bur in Whichita, Kansas; md Laura 
Emma WACKER who was b 12 Apr 1910, Wayne, Nebr; dau 
of Frederick August WACKER and Marie Anna FLEER. 
Their ch: 

11-1 Carolyn Marie CHICHESTER b 7 Dec 1931, Wayne, Nebr; 

11-2 Joan Bethia CHICHESTER b 3 Feb 1933, Wayne, Nebr; 

md James ELDER 
11-3 Duane Eliphalet CHICHESTER b 6 Mar 1935, Wayne, Nebr; 
md 26 Nov 1959, in Wichita, Kansas, Elizabeth Joan 
TENBARGE who was b 14 Oct 1932, Cheney, Kansas; dau 
of Albert TENBARGE and Rose Marie KLEIN. Their dau: 
(1) Jane Marie CHICHESTER b 3 May 1962, Wichita, 
11-4 Warren Fredrich CHICHESTER b 18 Feb 1937, Wayne, Nebr 
1J.-5 Mary Ann CHICHESTER b 8 Nov 1939, Wayne, Nebr 
11-6 Ronald CHICHESTER b 17 Sept 1949, Wichita, Kansas. 

CRef: Fam rec of Duane E. Chichester , Huntsville, Ala.) 

10-9 Harry Raymond CHICHESTER s of Frank S^~ (Eli- 
phalet ^"■'■'^Eliphalet^ "^Ebenezer^" ^Eliphalet ^"■'■^ 

A ^ OT on TT 

Jeremiah James James James ) and Gertie Mae 
LONG; b 11 July 1905, Harper, Kansas; md 28 Nov 
1928, in Mt. Vernon, Mo., to Elizabeth J. GRIGG who 
was b 17 July 1910, Salem, Colorado; dau of Harvey 
L. GRIGG and Laura J. VANCE. Their ch: 

11-7 Harry Richard CHICHESTER b 16 June 1930, Chicago, 111; 

md 24 Oct 1968, Esperanza DANIELS 
11-8 Roberta Joyce CHICHESTER b 29 July 1931, Chicago, 

111; (twin) md 18 May 1951, Robert SAMUELS 
11-9 Alberta Carol CHICHESTER (twin) b 29 July 1931, 

Chicago, 111; md 27 Feb 1955, Wayne VAN ZANDT 
11-10 Nancy Jo CHICHESTER b 3 Oct 1935, Cherryvale, Kans; 
md 21 Aug 1954, John SANBORN 
11-11 Carolyn Sue CHICHESTER b 9 Jan 1939, Fredonia, Kans; 

md 7 Dec 1957, Gerald SNYDER 

Ref : Mrs. Elizabeth J. Grigg CHICHESTER 



10-17 Morlin Arthur CHICHESTER, s of Elbert Arthur 

Ebenezer^"-'-^Eliphalet'^~^Ebenezer " Eliphalet 

4 /- 7—1 ? — 1 1—1 

Jeremiah James James James ) and Rosa 
LEMKUEHL; b 28 Oct 1901 Wayne, Nebr; md 14 Jan 
1925, in Wayne, Nebr., to Gladys Blodwin SYLVANUS 
who was b 11 Sept 1902, Carroll, Nebr; and had ch: 

11-12 Dorothy June CHICHESTER b 19 Sept 1928, Lodgepole, 
Nebr; md 10 May 1947, in Reno, Nev., to George R. 
DECKER; and had ch: 

(1) Michael Dean DECKER b 19 Aug 1948, Boise, Ida. 

(2) Robert Joe DECKER b 3 Jan 1953, Boise, Ida. 
11-13 Gilbert LeRoy CHICHESTER b 24 Oct 1929, Lodgepole, 

Nebr; md 10 June 1952, Elizabeth Jean CHRISTON 
11-14 John Elbert CHICHESTER b 30 Mar 1932, Wayne, Nebr. 
11-15 Jerald Lloyd CHICHESTER b 27 June, 1938, Page, Nebr. 

(Ref: Mrs. William L. Chichester , Dalton, Nebr.) 

10-27 Nellie Mae CHICHESTER, dau of James P (Nath- 

an iel^~^°El iphalet"^""^ Nathan iel^"""- Si iphalet^"-'-^ 

AC '^T 0^1 1^1 

Jeremiah ~ James James James ) and Lela Alice 
DICKENS; b 26 Dec 1899, Littleton, Halifax, N.C; 
md 4 Apr 1920, Samuel William SMITH who was b 9 Jan 
1899; s of Cicero (Shote) SMITH; and had ch b in 
Halifax Co. , N.C; 

10-16 Joseph Clifton SMITH b 26 June 1921 md 20 Dec 

1947, Ethel Irene HARRIS 
11-17 Frances Nicholson SMITH b 20 Apr 1923; md 7 Oct 

1947, Nunzio (Tommy) PALMA 
11-18 Samuel William SMITH Jr. b 2 Nov 1925; md 28 Oct 

1958, Hazel GIBSON 
11-19 James Linwood SMITH b 21 Mar 1928; md 28 Jan 1962 

11-20 Dorothy Mae SMITH b 20 Nov 1929; md 27 June 1963, 

11-21 Fred Waverly SMITH b 25 Nov 1932; md 6 Dec 1960, 

11-22 Louise SMITH b 22 Sept 1934; md 1 Dec 1962, Henry 

11-23 Marvin Roy SMITH b 10 May 1937; md 1963, Christine 

11-24 Franklin Delno SMITH b 23 Oct 1940; md 6 Nov 1965, 

11-25 Robert David SMITH b 23 Sept 1943; md 25 Oct 1969, 



(Ref: Mrs. Elsie C. Jones, Roanoke Rapids, N.C.) 

10-28 Joseph Alvin CHICHESTER, s of James P (Nath- 

. ,8-30^,. , , ^7-16„ ^, . t6-16„, . , , .5-10 
aniel Eliphalet Nathaniel Eliphalet 

A ^ OT on TT 

Jeremiah James James James ) and Lela Alice 
DICKENS; b 14 Dec 1901, Littleton, N.C; d 9 Nov 
1968; md 29 Jan 1929, Alice Victoria AYCOCK who was 
b 7 Feb 1899; dau of Dolly Claybourne AYCOCK and 
Sarah Mildred STALLINGS; and had ch b in Halifax 
Co., N.C; 

11-26 Lois Virginia CHICHESTER b 24 Apr 1930; d 2 July 

11-27 Mildred Christine CHICHESTER b 2 July 1933; md 7 

Sept 1950, Edwin Carlton MURPHY 
11-28 Joseph Palmer CHICHESTER b 15 Feb 1936; md 25 

Sept 1956, Erma Lee JENKINS 
11-29 James Claybourne CHICHESTER b 19 Apr 1939; md 21 

Oct, 1967, Alice Wilmer Vaughan KING 

(Ref: Mrs. Elsie C. Jones, Roanoke Rapids, N. C. ) 

10-29 Clemmis Augusta CHICHESTER , dau of James P 

^,.T o-u • i8-30^T. , , ^ 7-16„ ^, . ,6-16„T. , , .5-10 
(Nathaniel Eliphalet Nathaniel Eliphalet 

Jeremiah James James James ) and Lela Alice 
DICKENS; b 31 Jan 1904, Halifax Co., N.C; md 15 
Dec 1921, Lonnie Frank WOOD who was b 5 Nov 189 5, 
Franklin Co., N.C; s of William Calvin WOOD and 
Minnie Ida INSCOE; and had ch 

11-30 Edith Marie WOOD b 15 Jan 1922; md 18 Sept 1942, 

11-31 Edna Earle WOOD b 5 July 1924; md 23 Jan 1946, 
Johnnie Ray HEIGHT 

11-32 Margaret Louise WOOD b 1 Oct 1926 

11-33 Sybil Dawn WOOD b 17 Dec 1931; md (1) 11 Oct 1948, 
Johnny Wilson HARRIS; md (2) 23 June 1955, John Thom- 

( Ref: Mrs. Elsie C. Jones, Roanoke Rapids, N.C.) 

10-30 Lewis Milton CHICHESTER, s of James p^"^° (Nath- 

. ,8-30^,. , T ..7-16„ ^, . ,6-16^T. , , ^5-10 
aniel Eliphalet Nathaniel Eliphalet 

. ,4-6^ 3-1^ 2-1^ 1-1, -, T -, ^T- 

Jeremiah James James James ) and Lela Alice 

DICKENS; b 19 Sept 1905, Littleton, N.C; md 5 Jan 

1930, Elsie Gray WOOD who was b 8 Mar 1910, Louis- 


burg, N.C; d 5 Nov 1968, Roanoke Rapids, N.C; dau 
of William Calvin WOOD and Minnie Ida INSCOE; and 
had ch: 

11-34 Elsie Lewis CHICHESTER b 9 Jxine 1934, Littleton, 
N.C; md 19 Sept 1954, Franklin Lee JONES who was b 
14 Nov 1933, Littleton, N.C; s of William Charles 
JONES and Alma Mae McPHERSON. Their ch : 

(1) Janice Lewis JONES b 15 Oct 1956, Roanoke Rap- 
ids, N.C. 

(2) Karen Elaine JONES b 3 Nov 1958, Roanoke Rapids 

(3) Franklin Lee JONES Jr. b 1 May 1966, Ahoskie 
Hertford, N. C. 

(4) Lori McPherson JONES b 4 Oct 1971, Roanoke 
Rapids, N. C. 

Elsie Lewis CHICHESTER joined the Church of Jesus 
Christ of Latter Day Saints after her marriage to 
Franklin Lee JONES. His parents had joined when 
he was small and he had been a member all his life. 
In 1975 he was president of the Branch in Roanoke 
Rapids. Elsie, an enthusiastic member, spent a 
great deal of time collecting the information con- 
cerning her family and has cooperated in every way 
in the compilation of this record. 

(Ref: Mrs. Elsie C. Jones, Roanoke Rapids, N.C.) 

10-32 Lila Alice CHICHESTER, dau of James P (Nath- 
aniel Eliphalet Nathaniel Eliphalet 


Jeremiah James James James ) and Lela Alice 
DICKENS; b 14 June 1917, Halifax Co., N.C; md 
Benjamin Nicholson ROBERTSON who was b 15 Sept 1911, 
Halifax Co., N.C; s of John ROBERTSON and Mary 
Elizabeth BUTTS. Their ch b in Halifax Co., N.C: 

11-35 Ben Douglas ROBERTSON b 16 Feb 1941; md 7 June 

1964, Betsy Shaw WILLIAMSON 

11-36 Horace Carroll ROBERTSON b 29 Nov 1943; md 29 Aug 

1965, Eunice Mae BLALOCK 

11-37 Harold Richard ROBERTSON b 29 Jan 1950 

(Ref: Mrs. Elsie C. Jones, Roanoke Rapids, N.C.) 

10-44 Eunice Wakelee SMITH, dau of Susan Selden CHICH- 
ESTER^'^^ (Darwin^"^2j3^^^7-30j^^^.^6-20^j^^^j^^5-16 

4—9 3-1 2-1 1—1 

Daniel James James James ) and Clarence A. 

SMITH; b 13 Apr 1891; md 2 July 1915, in Seattle, 

Washington, to Harry Edwin SMITH who was b 6 Dec 


1882. Their ch: 

11-38 Bums Dixon SMITH b 12 Apr 1918; md 5 Feb 1942, 
Margaret SCHUEBLE who was b 25 Mar 1916; and had ch: 

(1) Dixon James SMITH b 18 Aug 1943 

(2) Rosann Marie SMITH b 6 Oct 1945 

(3) David Burns SMITH b 15 Dec 1946 

11-39 Susan Chichester SMITH b 24 July 1919; md 16 Aug 

1941, James Ellsworth McCOMB 
11-40 Harry Edwin SMITH II, b 12 Mar 1921; md 19 June 

1943, Jo Ann BATTERTON: and had a son: 

(1) Stephen Richard SMITH b 8 Mar 1948 

(Ref: fam recs of Eunice Wakelee Smith.) 

10-55 Clinton DeWitt CHICHESTER, s of Frederick N 

,^ . , „8-68^T 7-32^ . ,6-20^, , 5-16^ . .4-9 

(David_N Alanson David Abrahcim Daniel 

James ~ James3~2jamesl~-'-) and Nellie Eliza SEYMOUR; 
b 12 Apr 1898, Danbury, Conn; bp 25 Dec 1898, Dan- 
bury Congregational ch; md 6 June 1927, in Danbury, 
Conn., to Juanita Gamble SUYDAM who was b 13 Oct 1898 
West Haven, Conn; dau of William Lloyd SUYDAM and 
Martha Marie EVART; and had ch b in Danbury, Conn: 

11-41 Doris Marie CHICHESTER b 27 Oct 1928; md 14 Aug 
1949, in Danbury, Conn., to Herbert CAREER, s of 
Joseph and Lillian Ellen GARBER; and had ch: 

(1) Deborah Beata GARBER b 3 Jan 1951, Nyack, N.Y. 

(2) David Aaron GARBER b 31 Mar 1954, New Haven, Conn 
11-42 Allan Ronald CHICHESTER b 19 June 1933; md 14 

July 1951, in Danbury, Conn., to Judith M. PARMELEE 
who was b 26 May 1931, Danbury, Conn; dau of Carlton 
Radley PARMELEE and Ruth Louise OATIS; and had ch: 

(1) Doree Lynn CHICHESTER b 14 Mar 1954, 
Chateaurous, Indrea, France 

(2) Ronald Allan CHICHESTER b 28 June 1956, Dan- 
bury , Conn 

(3) Linda Ruth CHICHESTER b 13 Oct 1957, Danbury, 

(Ref: Allan Ronald Chichester, Danbury, Conn.) 

10-66 Harriet Whitney CHICHESTER, dau of Alton 

Betts^"^° (Rodney S^"^°James H^^^^Stephen^'^^Abra- 

i,=,„5-16^ . ,4-9^. 3-1^ 2-1^ 1-1, J „ ^i, 
ham Daniel James James James ) and Bertha 

Adele WHITNEY; b 30 Oct 1896, Stamford, Conn; md 

24 July 1926, in Stamford, Conn., to Leslie Bishop 

SUTTON who was b 8 Nov 1880, Pound Ridge, N.Y; s of 

Charles William SUTTON and Ida Ruamah DENN; and had 


ch b in Stamford, Conn; 

11-43 Marjorie Chichester SUTTON b 21 June 1927; md (1) 
23 June 1950, in Stamford, Conn., Luther H. POTT- 
BECKER. They were divorced in 1953. Marjorie md 
(2) 20 Apr 1956, in Stamford CONN., William Edgar 
TAFT who was b 19 Sept 1921, Winnipeg, Canada; s 
of Walter TAFT and Jean Evelyn BUMSTEAD; member 
1st Methodist Church. Their ch: 

(1) Karen Adele TAFT b 4 May 1957, Nyack, N.Y. 

(2) Beverly Arden TAFT b 12 Sept 1967, Etabicoke, 
nr Toronto, Canada 

11-44 Beverly Adele CHICHESTER b 15 Aug 1928; md 14 
Aug 1953, Charles Frederick PREUSSER Jr. who was 
b 22 Jan 1921, Norwalk, Conn; s of Charles Frederick 
PREUSSER and Martha BUCKLEY; and had ch: 

(1) Charlene Elise PREUSSER b 7 Dec 1954, Stamford 

11-45 Leslie Alton CHICHESTER b 7 Dec 1954, Stamford, 
Conn; md 24 Se'^ 1966, in Brooklyn, N.Y; to Arden 
Patricia GAY who was b 10 Mar 1941, Brooklyn, N.Y; dau 
of James Joseph GAY and Olive Lucille MEGERLE: and 
had ch: 

(1) Leslie James SUTTON b 21 July 1969, Brooklyn, N.Y. |j 

(Ref: Mrs B2verly A. Preusser, Stamford, Conn; Mrs. William 
E. Taft, Etabicoke, Canada.) 

10-82 George Houston JELLIFF Jr. s of Carrie L. TUTT;^ 

9-85 8=25 7-44 

LE (Hannah B. CHICHESTER James H Steph- 

and George Houston JELLIFF; b 7 Sept 1893, prob. 
New Canaan, Conn; d 28 Oct 1968; md 7 June 1916, 
to Florence B. WEBER who was b 9 Sept 1896; and 
had ch : 

11-46 George Houston JELLIFF III b 9 Nov 1919; md 10 Jan 
1942, Gladys AHRENS; and had ch: 

(1) Aria Ruth JELLIFF b 15 June 1943 

(2) Alan Richard JELLIFF b 24 Sept 1945 

(3) David Jonathan JELLIFF b 21 Oct 1950 

(4) Lois Bonita JELLIFF b 29 Dec 1956 

11-47 Florence Bertha JELLIFF b 19 Sept 1921; md (1) 6 Aug 
1941, John Vernon SIMMONS; md (2) Donald Sinclair 

(Ref: fam recs Mrs. Aaron A. Jelliff, New Canaan, Conn.) 


10-87 Aaron Augustus JELLIFF, s of Carrie L. TUTT- 

9-85 8-75 7-44 

LE (Hannah B. CHICHESTER James H Ste- 

^ 6-25,, , 5-16^ . -,4-9^ 3-1^ 2-1 

phen Abraham Daniel James James 

James^"^) and George Houston JELLIFF; b 19 May 

1906, prob. New Canaan, Conn; md 9 July 1927, in 

East Quoque, Suffolk, N.Y., to Alice S. FERGUSON 

who was b 25 May 1901; and had ch: 

11-48 Caroline Elvira JELLIFF b 14 May 1933; md 30 
June 1956, Thomas Martin FARIS and had ch: 

(1) Robert William FARIS b 30 Sept 1958 

(2) Carolyn Alice FARIS b 16 Sept 1960 

(3) Thomas Aaron FARIS b 19 Oct 1961 

(4) David Arthur FARIS b 9 July 1963 

11-49 Marguerite Louise JELLIFF b 29 Jan 1937; md 30 
May 1958, Louis John NICK Jr; and had ch: 

(1) Louise Jeanette NICK b 6 Mar 1959 

(2) Steven James NICK b 18 Mar 1961 

(3) William Aaron NICK b 15 June 1968 

11-50 William Aaron JELLIFF b 15 June 1938; md 1 Sept 
1962, Barbara Gail COPPOLA; and had ch: 

(1) Victoria Paige JELLIFF b 13 Mar 1963 

(2) Laura Yvonne JELLIFF b 20 June 1964 

(Ref: Mrs. Aaron A. Jelliff, New Canaan, Conn.) 

10-93 Herbert Benson CHIDESTER, s of David D^~^^ 

(David S^~^'*John P^~^^David^~^^) and Betsey CLARK; 
b 13 June 1858, Theresa, N.Y; d 28 June 1910, 
Alexandria Ba-, N.Y; md 4 May 1882, in Philadelph- 
ia, N.Y., to Ida Estelle BAXTER who was b 23 Dec 
1858, Philadelphia, N.Y; d 24 Aug 1922, Alexand- 
ria Bay, N.Y; dau of Andrew BAXTER and Emaline Jane 
BENNETT. Their ch b in Philadelphia, N.Y: 

11-51 Lola Ann CHIDESTER b 29 May 1883; md 14 Apr 1909, 
Frank N. WIDNER who was b 17 Aug 1877, Lowville, N.Y; 
d 6 June 1935, Lowville, N.Y; s of August and Theresa 
WIDNER. Their dau: 

(1) Lorena WIDNER b 10 Aug 1917, Ogdensburg, N.Y; 
md 10 Apr 1940, Henry John ZIAJKA who was b 6 
July 1916, Utica, N.Y; s of John W. ZIAJKA and 
Julia GLASAROWSKI. Lorena d 14 Oct 1943, in 
Utica, N.Y. She had been a nurse in Memorial 
Hospital, Syracuse, N.Y. 
Lola C. WIDNER was living in Alexandria Bay, N.Y. 1966 
11-52 Cora Betsey CHIDESTER b 9 Sept 1885; d 13 Oct 1938, 
Alexandria Bay. N.Y. Cora was a graduate of Potsdam 


Normal School and taught mathematics two years in 
Patchogue, Long Island, high school. The following 
twenty-eight years she taught in Putnam Ave High School 
Brooklyn, N.Y. She was on sabatical leave in Alexand- 
ria Bay where she owned a duplex and where her sisters 
lived. One half of the duplex was empty and Cora was 
measuring the rooms for re-decorating when she inad- 
vertantly fell through a t rap door into the base- 
ment, hitting her head on the stone base of a post. 
She died five minutes later. Her estate was divided 
between her two surviving sisters with small trusts 
set up for her neice and nephew, 
11-53 Belle Estella CHIDESTER b 7 Aug 1887; d 13 Oct 
1942; bur in Watertown, N.Y; md 21 Jan 1914, in 
Alexandria Bay, N.Y. , t o Frank LeRoy RAPPOLE who d 
31 Aug 1937, of heart failure while swimming off the 
Thousand Island House Deck, Alexandria Bay. Their 

(1) John Herbert Chides ter RAPPOLE (heir in his 
Aunt Cora's will) b 13 Feb 1915; md 4 Oct 
1939, Margaret WILTSE who was b 17 Oct 1919, 
Alexandria Bay, N.Y; dau of Clinton R. WILTSE 
and Nla May Van DRESAR; and had ch: 

(a) Clinton LeRoy RAPPOLE b 21 Sept 1940, 
Buffalo, N.Y. 

(b) Sandra Belle RAPPOLE b 23 J\ine 1942, 
Buffalo, N.Y. 

Cc) Karen Jane RAPPOLE b 15 Aug 1944, 

Alexandria Bay, N.Y. 
(d) Lorena May RAPPOLE b 17 Aug 1950, Alex- 
andria Bay, N.Y; d 21 Aug 1950 
11-54 Blanche CHIDESTER b Nov 1888; d Sept 1890 

(Ref : Mrs. Lola Chidester WIDNER, Alexandria Bay, N.Y) 

10-94 Raymond Clyde CHIDESTER, s of David D^~^^ 

(David S^'^^John P^"^'^David^"^^) and Lillian HOLBROOK; 
b 20 June 1881, Binghampton , N.Y; d 25 June 1941, 
Milwaukie, Wisconsin; md (1) in 1904, Myrtle VAIL 
who was b 16 Apr 1886, Coshocton, N.Y; d 20 Aug 1935 
Milwaukie, Wise; dau of Mathew VAIL and Sarah 
REILLY; and had ch: 

11-55 a dau b 1906; lived one week 
11-56 a dau b 1908; d at birth 

Raymond was an automobile dealer in Columbus, Ohio, 
in 1909. It is possible that is where the children 
were born, but no record has been found. After his 


wife's:, death he md (2) 16 May 1940, in Milwaukie, 
Wise, Paula Clara MITTELMAN who was b 4 Feb 1893, 
Milwaukie, Wise; dau of August F. MITTELMAN and 
Dorothy BUNKEL. 

(Ref: death certificates of husband and 1st wife; 
recs of Mrs. Paula Chidester, Milwaukie, Wise.) 

10-96 Adalbert Byron CHIDESTER, s of Dr. Alban B 

/r^ -J f^8-84^ , -7-57^ . -6-47, j t^ • -r u 

(Davxd S John P David ) and Diana Joseph- 

ine WIGGINS; b 11 May 1865, Townworth, N.Y; memb- 
er Methodist Church; d 18 Dec 1938, Dexter, N.Y; 
md 15 Oct 1890, in Saugerties, N.Y. , to Mary Smith 
HALE who was b 14 Nov 1864, Glasco, N.Y; d 13 Jan 
1956, Watertown, N.Y; dau of Capt. Augustus Wesley 
HALE and Maria LEWIS. Their ch: 

*ll-57 LaClaire Hale CHIDESTER b 9 Sept 1891, Walden, N.Y; 

d 3 Feb 1963; md (1) Helen May TRUMBLE; md (2) 

Florence Jean TEAL 
11-58 Ruth CHIDESTER b 18 Oct 1892, Lyons, N.Y; d 18 

Apr 1898 
11-59 Gertrude Anna CHIDESTER b 19 May 1894, Ssugerties, 

N.Y; d 14 Aug 1895 
*ll-60 Augustus Benjamin CHIDESTER b 4 Oct 1896, Syra- 
cuse, N.Y; md Carol Luie BULLOCK 
*11-61 Mary Elizabeth CHIDESTER b 1 Dec 1899, Syracuse, 

N.Y; md (1) Millard Fillmore BRIMMER; md (2) James 

Warren MUNRO 
*ll-62 Joseph Lawton CHIDESTER b 17 June 1901, Syracuse, 

N.Y; d 21 Aug 1949; md Carrabelle WHITTIKER 

Adelbert Byron Chidester 's great regret was that 
the early death of his father prevented him from con-r 
tinuing the long line of doctors to which he was born, 
He obtained an education through high school at var- 
ious places in Syracuse and Watertown, N.Y., fin- 
ally settling on Genesee St., Syracuse, where he 
went to work carrying staves to men who were mak- 
ing salt beds. After a bit he worked for Dr. Merr- 
it B. FAIRCHILD nights and morning, tending the 
horse and cleaning the office. 

In 1883 he went to Rome, N.Y., to work for his 
uncle, David Jerome WIGGINS, who had a furniture 
store and was an undertaker. After a time he re- 
turned to Syracuse where he obtained employment with 
Austin K. HOYT, the leading undertaker of the city. 

His next job was at the YMCA as the first assist- 


ant general secretary for the new building under 
Rev. A. S. DURSTON, the general secretary in 
Saugerties, 1888. By 1895 he was back again in 
the furniture and undertaking business. He served 
the town of Lyons, Syracuse and Dexter for twenty- 
eight years. 

He was a charter member of Dexter Lodge, A.F. and 
M. , chapter at Sackett Harbor. His wife, Mary Hale 
CHIDESTER, was active in the Order of Eastern STAR 
at Syracuse and member of White Shrine of Jerus- 
alem in Water town, N.Y. Both were devout Metho- 

Adelbert had a great love for his family and kept 
a journal record of every member, turning it over 
to his son Augustus. He loved his children and when 
six year old Ruth died he expressed his love and 
grief by writing: 

"Ruth, a precious little darling whom the Lord 
loved and took to his loving bosom April 18, 1898. 
Oh, how can we spare you, Ruthie, our dear, prec- 
ious darling! You are safe in the arms of Jesus 
and never feel the sins and hardships of this life. 
You walk the streets of gold and those feet step 
along so pretty and that happy face beams with 
praises to the Lord. .We will have to come to you. 
God keep us pure that we may, dear Ruthie, lovely 
Ruthie." Written 8 Aug 1901 

(Ref: Adelbert B. Chidester Journal; courtesy Dr. 
Augustus B. Chidester, Hendersonville, N.C.) 

10-97 Nettie DeForest CHIDESTER, dau of Alban B^"^^ 
p ,^ p c n »^^n ^ — ^7 

(David S John P ~ David ) and Dianna Jose- 
phine WIGGINS; b 20 Aug 1869, Syracuse, N.Y; d 7 
June 1906, Syracuse, N.Y. , ; .md 25 Aug 1887, in 
Sayracuse, N.Y; to George Washington CHRISLER who 
was b 30 July 1858, Cicero, Onondaga, N.Y; d 1 
Jan 1914, Syracuse, N.Y; s of Christopher CHRISLER 
and Tibitha BALL; and had ch b in Syracuse, N.Y: 

*ll-63 Mabelle Aurelia CHRISLER b 18 Sept 1883; d 5 Aug 
1943; md Royal Eugene STOCUM 
11-64 Genevieve Diana CHRISLER; b 15 Aug 1888; md 6 

Feb 1917, in Jefferson, Wise, Charles Herman TAPPERT 
who was b 10 Jan 1887, Fairfield, Iowa; s of Julius 
Herman TAPPERT and Emma CLARK; and had ch: 

(1) Allen Clark TAPPERT b 9 Nov 1929, Joliet, 111; 


md 23 Apr 1955, Marjorie May SMITHERS who was 
b 2 May 1930, Rochester, N.Y; dau of Sid- 
ney Fleming SMITHERS and Kathryn WATSON 
*ll-65 Harold Jerome CHRISLER b 6 June 1895; md Marie 
Jacquette TRANOUECZ 

(Ref: Mrs. Genevieve D. C. Tappert, Joliet, 111) 

10-103 John Foy CHIDESTER, s of John Peck (John 

M^~^^John P^~^^David^~'*^) and Susan FOY; b 2 Feb 
1853, Spanish Fork, Ut;d 7 July 1917, Richfield, Ut; 
md (1) 22 Oct 1874, in Washington, Ut. , to Mary 
NICOLL who was b 22 Mar 1856, American Fork, Ut; d 
13 Jan 18 83, Washington, Ut; dau of Alexander NICOLL 
and Sabina Ann ADAMS. Their ch: 

11-66 Sabina CHIDESTER b 17 Aug 1875, Clover Valley, Nev; 
d 11 July 1969, Salt Lake City, Ut; md 14 July 1900, 
in Salt Lake City, Ut. , to Stephen Ernest YATES who was 
b 29 Apr 1876, Salt Lake City, Ut; d 20 Jan 1948, 
Salt Lake City, Ut; s of William Owen YATES and Mary 

Sabina, familiarly known as Bina, attended Brigham 
Young Academy and became a school teacher. She was 
known throughout the state for her beauty and wit 
and represented the state as "Miss Utah," one season. 
Active in civic and lodge affairs, her circle was wide. 
Her husband retired from railroad service having work- 
ed for many years for the Denver and Rio Grande Rail- 

*ll-67 Theodore CHIDESTER b 17 May 1877, Washington, Ut; 
d 18 Nov 1951, Panguit ch, Ut; md Ida Josephine 

*ll-68 John Nicoll CHIDESTER b 20 Oct 1880, Washington, Ut; 
d 9 Feb 1913; md Mary Elizabeth WORKMAN 

*ll-69 Mary Aseneth (Cenneth) CHIDESTER b 5 Jan 1883, Wash- 
ington, Ut; d 8 Dec 1974; md (1) Charles Jesse DEWEY; 
md (2) Elijah BAKER 

John md (2) 4 Mar 1885, in St. George, Ut. , Almina 
WORTHEN who was b 6 Oct 1864, Harmony Springs, Ut; 
d 9 Oct 1940, Richfield, Ut; dau of Samuel WORTHEN 
and Maria Louise GROW. Their ch: 

11-70 Worthen CHIDESTER b 1 Mar 1886, Panguitch, Ut; 

d 27 Aug 1886 
*11-71 Almina CHIDESTER b 7 July 1887, Panguitch, Ut; md 

Leonard William OGDEN 
*ll-72 Samuel Henry CHIDESTER b 11 Oct 1889, Panguitch, Ut; 


■?hn Foy 
hides ter 

Man/ Niooll 

Almina Worthen 

Home in Panguitah^ Ut. 


^r. anb JHrs. ilolin JF. Cljibcfiter 

rrqur«t tbc (ilensttre of Qour compaitQ 
at lljc cclrhr.ttiicin of tl|eir 

(Tltirtn-ftrst ine&bhtg iVunitirranrg 

Mn::h 4, 1916, 9 p. m. 

Anoua |3n6ilimt 





















































































• . 


















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d 28 Feb 1968; md Mae Fern DASTRUP 
*ll-73 Arnon Alphaeus CHIDESTER b 6 Nov 1891, Panguitch, 
Ut; d 2 Mar 1977; md Adell Christina Christensen 

11-74 Maria Louise CHIDESTER b 4 Oct 1893, Panguitch, Ut; 
md James W. JOHNSON and had a son: 

(1) James W. JOHNSON 
Louise trained as a stenographer and worked for some 
time as her father's secretary. She filled a mission 
for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 
and on her return moved to Ogdei?, Ut. , to work. 

After her marriage she moved to Idaho where she has 
been active in civic affairs and has represented the 
business women of Idaho in national conventions. 

11-75 Fenton Rollo CHIDESTER b 6 July 1896, Panguitch, Utl 
d 22 Mar 1975, Santa Rosa, California; bur in Rich- 
field, Ut; md (1) Patricia Rowena BRIDGE who was a 
native of Decorah, Winneshiek, Iowa; dau of Emerson 
T. and Rose BRIDGE. Patricia had md (1) Frederick 
MARTIN and had a son: 

(1) Frederick James Martin b in Tacoma, Washington, 
whom Fenton adopted. 

This first marriage ended in divorce and Fenton md (2) 
16 Mar 1938, in Creston, Washington, Maxine Frances 
SCHUMER of Reardon, Washington; dau of Peter SCHUMER 
and Rose ADAMS; and had ch: 

(2) Gary Fenton CHIDESTER b 13 Dec 1938, Reardon, 
Wn; md Janice GUNN 

(3) Donald Duane CHIDESTER b 4 Sept 1945, Wenatchee, 
Washington; d 23 Dec 1959; bur in Richfield, 
Ut; Donald was killed in an automobile acci- 
dent near Garberville, Ca. 

Fenton Rollo Chidester was a career man in the United 

States Navy, a member of the medical corps. 
*-ll-76 Susan Vera CHIDESTER b 23 June 1898, Panguitch, Ut; 

d 21 Apr 1972; md Frank Melvin BARTON 
*ll-77 John Denzel CHIDESTER b 5 Dec 1900, Panguitch, Ut; 

*ll-78 Thais Elizabeth CHIDESTER b 3 Oct 1902, Panguitch, 

Ut; md Byron VREELAND 
*ll-79 Alton Parker CHIDESTER b 25 Jan 1905, Panguitch, 

Ut; d 1 Feb 1968, Henderson, Nev. md Nellie HOUSTON 
11-79A Mae CHIDESTER b 22 May 1908, Richfield, Ut; d 12 

Feb 1909. 

John Foy CHIDESTER was a lad of ten when he moved 
with his parents to Washington, Ut. There were no 
doubt times when he went hungry in that harsh land 
but the resiliency of youth carried him through the 
growing-up years. The family was close-knit, work- 


ing together in every venture. They were a fun-lov- 
ing family, too, and always found challenging things 
to be involved in and to enjoy. 

It could have been the violin that his Uncle Dav- 
id brought home from his wagon train call that in- 
pired John to learn to play that instrument. He was 
a natural born musician and learned to play his "fi- 
ddle" very well. He may have had some training but 
in the main he was self-taught. His musical gift 
and his ready wit made him a favorite in all surr- 
ounding communities as well as at home and as he 
grew into manhood he organized a band and played 
for weekly dances around the countryside. In the 
summer time the favorite dance spot was in the open 
air on the old Shinarump ledge. This huge rock, out 
by the Virgin river had been worn flat and smooth 
by the flailing of the grain harvest each year. Event- 
ually it would lose its recreational allure as it 
was flooded by the waters backed up from the dam 
John's father built, but for many years it was a spot 
of fun and relaxation. 

As a youth John worked hard on the farm and in 
the cotton factory, taking advantage always of every 
opportunity for education. He did not have a chance 
to go away to college but he read everything he 
could find and became a well educated man. 

His first marriage was to Mary NICOLL, a girl 
who had grown up in the same community, daughter of 
pioneer parents. The ceremony was performed by his 
father, John Peck Chidester, who was a member of 
the Bishopric of Washington Ward. The young couple 
went to Clover Valley to make their first home, 
farming there for a few years until the territory 
was claimed by the state of Nevada. When they 
moved back to Washington they were a family of 
three, their first child having been born in Clover 
Valley. Eventually they purchased the Nicoll home, 
Mary's parents having accepted a call to settle 
what came to be known as St. Johns, Arizona. 

They were very happy in this home and seemed to 
be well on the way to propserity. John was elect- 
ed to be constable of the county and proved to be 
a most effecient and dedicated officer of the law. 
Mary worried about him when he was away on danger- 
ous missions but John thrived on the work and began 
to acquire a taste for law and order that would shape 
his life. 

He was relentless in his search for "bad men, of 
whom there were a number. One time he pursued a 


a Mexican desperado. Catching up with him, a scuffle 
ensued and John received a serious dagger wound in 
the abdomen. He secured the man and while taking 
him to jail, had to hold the edges of his own wound 
together to keep his vital organs from protruding. 
It took a while to recover from that episode! 

All court trials for the southern part of the 
territory were held in Beaver, Ut. , quite some dist- 
ance from Washington. If he had a prisoner being 
held for trial it was John's duty to transport such 
prisoner to Bea-ver. At these times he would take 
his team and wagon, load up provisions for man and 
beast, and be gone from home for a week or two. 

In Dec. 1882, as he was returning home from one 
of these trips, he was met by a messenger who in- 
formed him of the serious illness of his wife. 
Lovely Mary had never been really robust and at 
this time was carrying their fourth child. Now 
she was ill with pneumonia. In his anxiety for 
his wife, John decided that wagon travel was too 
slow. He tied one horse to the wagon, gave him 
an ample supply of food and water, mounted the 

other horse and raced for home. He would send 
someone else back to get the rest of his outfit. 

With the tender care that John and his mother, 
Susan Foy Chidester, gave to Mary, she was able to 
improve sufficiently to complete the term of her 
pregnancy. But in January, still weak from pneu- 
monia and the ordeal of giving birth, she passed 

John was beside himself with grief. His mother 
took care of him and the older children and a sis- 
ter, Lodema Chidester Ruby, took the baby to nurse 
with her own child. 

Time has a way of dulling the pain of such sorr- 
ow and eventually John began to take an interest in 
law and studied in earnest. This interest led him 
over the hills to Panguitch, Utah, where he met a 
fine young woman who promised to love him and be a 
mother to his four children. They were married in 
the St. George Temple and the family moved to Pang- 
uitch where John could continue his legal studies. 

The move was a difficult one for the older child- 
ren. They did not want to leave the home they had 
loved and the memories of their mother. They didn't 
want to leave gentle, sweet Grandma Chidester who 
had taken Mother's place. There would be some 

friction between them and the girl who was to raise 
them, but John insisted that his family should be 


"one" and be with him. Soon they all adjusted to 
the new situation. 

Making law his vocation, John read Kent, Black- 
stone and other coininentaries and came to be known 
as one of the best versed men in law in the state 
of Utah. He was admitted to practice before the 
Utah bar in 1885. Later he was admitted to pract- 
ice before the Supreme bench of the state. 

Early in the year 1889, John was called to go 
on a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of 
Latter Day Saints, to serve in the Southern States. 
He was to travel without purse or script and his 
family would have to be self-supporting. He and 
Almina were expecting their third child and there 
were four older children. 

Almina moved to Panguitch Lake and worked on 
a ranch there making butter and cheese on shares. 

The times were hard for them. Many times the child- 
ren cried with hunger, but they managed to survive 
and at times she could even send a small amount of 
money to John. The children learned to appreciate 
the sterling worth of this girl who had taken on 
such heavy responsibilities. 

Life in the mission was equally hard for the 
young man. At one time he and his companion were 
without food for three days. John received twenty- 
five cents from his wife and with that the two men 

bought a watermelon and made it last for another 
three days. There were times when he and companion 
had to leave a house by the back door and hide in 
corn fields to avoid mob action. 

Called to come to headquarters for a conference, 
the two missionaries wondered how they could do it 
in the time allotted. They had no money for trans- 
portation and the distance was too great to walk. 
They retired to a grove of trees and knelt in pray- 
er. A sheriff came up and arrested them for, he 
said, the robbery of a post office and murder of 
the postmaster, saying that the two men fit the des- 
cription given by witnesses to the crime. After a 
day or so in jail, the sheriff released them saying 
that the real culprits had been found. To compen- 
sate for the false arrest, he gave them money for 
a railroad ticket to any place they would name. 
They got to their conference. 

Returning home, John continued his law practice 
and was a veteran lawyer of about ten years exper- 
ience when the territory became a state and John 


was caught up in all the problems of creating a 
new state. He was a member of the Constitution- 
al Convention and while there made a determined 
effort in behalf of women's suffrage and other 
progressive measures. Afterward he was elected 
senator from Garfield County to the first general 
assembly in Utah in 1896, where he participated 
in the formulation of public policy and interests. 

After his term expired he was elected district 
attorney for the sixth judicial district , which 
position he held for a number of years. He was a 
recognized leader of the Republican party, serving 
as the^- first chairman of Garfield County. In 1902 
he was appointed Judge of the sixth judicial dist- 
rict and later was elected tc" that office, which 
he held for ten years. During '--this itime he had 
only one decision ever reversed - that of a negro 
for murder. He was then acting in place of a judge 
from Salt Lake who had been disqualified. Some 
time later the original decision was honored. 

In 1912 he was appointed to the state land board, 
holding that position until his death. One comment- 
ary said, "Throughout the entire period c' his 
course was marked by the most earnest devotion to 
duty — a devotion that manifested itself in close 
study of every vital situation or problem and un- 
faltering effort to bring about the best results 
for the commonwealth." 

His church activity was equally as impressive. 
Besides his mission, he served as Sunday School 
superintendent and as high councilman. He was call- 
ed to travel for a time throughout the southern 
part of the state to teach and encourage the adopt- 
ion of the Mutual Improvement Organization, for the 
benefit of the youth of the Churhc. 

He built a large home in Panguitch, which became 
a community center in the town. He also lead out in 
the developing of Panguitch Lake as a recreational 
resort. He maintained a cabin there; built a race 
track and dance hall and sponsored civic events for 
every holiday. 

By 1906 the beautiful home in Panguitch had been 
turned into a hotel and Judge Chidester moved his 
family to Richfield where he owned a large farm. His 
home there became the gathering place of the Chid- 
ester clan that had by this time Ldivided and moved 
to various places in Utah and Idaho. It was then 
that he originated the custom of meeting in family 


reunions. Being the oldest son of an oldest son, 
he had kept the genealogical record that his father 
and grandfather had begun, and continued the re-- 
search. He spent part of each year in St. George 
for that purpose. He thoroughly believed, also, 
that a family should be kept together, know each 
other and enjoy themselves. At these reunions there 
was always plenty of food, lots of laughter and 
general love and camraderie. One year it would be 
held at John's home. He and his wife would cook and 
prepare well ahead. Beds would be made everywhere. 
The next year it would be held in Deweyville, Utah, 
so all the folks up north v/ould be sure to come. At 
that time he would do all he could to see that the 
folks down south were able to get there. 

An evaluation of him, quoted from t he book, 
"Utah Since Statehood.": 

"He was a man of jovial, kindly disposition, 
who easily made friends by reason of his sterling 
personal worth and always retained their warm friend- 
ship and regard. He was steadfast and honorable, 
kindly and helpful and his enemies and political 
opponents never once, even in the heat of party pol- 
itics, questioned his integrity. He was charitable 
to a degree but without ostentation, and so quietly 
were his good deeds performed that ofttimes none 
knew of them save himself and the recipients. He 
was every inch a man and one in whose death southern 
Utah lost a most valuable citizen, the bar an ill- 
ustrious member and many poor families a generous 

friend. It has been said, 'Not the good that comes 
to us but the good that comes to the world through 
us is the measure of our success,' and judged by 
this standard, John Foy CHIDESTER was a most succ- 
essful man. " 

(Ref: Chidester fam rec; ward recs of Washington, 

Clover Valley, Panguitch and Richfield; Treasures 

of Pioneer History p 291; Utah Since Statehood p 642) 

10-105 Susan Emma CHIDESTER, dau of John p^~-^°^ (John 

M^~^^John P^'^^David^""^"^) and Susan FOY; b 2 Dec 
1857, Spanish Fork, Ut; d 20 Feb 1938, Washington, 
Ut; md 22 Mar 1875, in Washington, Ut. , to George 
Carlos DEWEY who was b 23 Dec 1857, Bountiful, Ut; 
d 2 Sept 1930, Deweyville, Ut; s of John Cook 
DEWEY and Harriet MAY. Their ch : 


*ll-80 Susan Emeline DEWEY b 30 Jan 1877, Deweyville, Ut; 
md Christian HANSON 
11-81 Stillborn ch b ca 1878 
*ll-82 George Chidester DEWEY b 19 Dec 1879, Washington, Ut; 

d 16 Mar 1942; md Fanny Estella LOVELAND 
*ll-83 John Alfred DEWEY b 18 Aug 1882, Washington, Ut; 

md Lillian LOVELAND 
*ll-84 Harriet Eveline DEWEY b 13 Nov 1885, Washington, Ut; 
d 14 Dec 1964; md James Alva GARDNER 
11-85 Bertie Alphonzo DEWEY b 20 Dec 1887, Washington, Ut; 
d 20 Sept 1970 , Washington, Ut; md 31 Mar 1921, in 
Washington, Ut. , to Julia GOULD who was b 6 Nov 1902, 
Panguitch, Ut; dau of Samuel Lyman GOULD and Sarah 
Jane MONTAGUE. They adopted a son: 

(1) Bruce Gould DEWEY b 11 July 1933, Cedar City, Ut; 
md 27 Mar 1953, Earlene MERRILL who was b 7 Aug 
1933, Mesa, Arizona; dau of W. Earl MERRILL 
and Louie Louise NIELSEN; and had ch b in St 
George , Ut : 

(a) Denise DEWEY b 24 Nov 1960 

(b) Bradley Kay DEWEY b 11 Aug 1962. 
Bertie Alphonzo DEWEY was a veteran of World War I, 
serving in the navy. He returned to farming in Wash- 
ington. Bruce Gould DEWEY became a teacher cind was a 
devoted and loving son. (Info from Bertie's fam rec.) 

11-86 Horace Madison DEWEY b 16 Apr 1890, Washington, Ut; 
md Edith Genevieve WALKER 
*ll-87 Lettie DEWEY b 27 Aug 1893, Deweyville, Ut; md 
Orion Woodruff SNOW 

11-88 Natella DEWEY b 16 Oct 1897, Deweyville, Ut; d 
22 Oct 1897 

11-89 Vera DEWEY b 14 Oct 1898, Deweyville, Ut; d 11 Jvine 
1967; md Melvin Leo SANDALL who was b 7 June 1890, 
Layton, Ut; d 5 Sept 1944, Los Angeles, Ca; s of 
Joseph SANDALL and Mary Louise ANDERSON. They had a s: 
(1) Glenn E. SANDALL b 14 May 1934, Los Angeles, Ca; 
d 1 Nov 1947. 

11-90 John Arthur EASTMAN, foster child of the Dewey fam- 
ily; b 9 Apr 1907, Ogden, Weber, Ut; s of Heber EAST- 
MAN > and Mary ROSE. He md 6 Oct 1946, in Los Angeles, 

Susan Emma CHIDESTER, a Sketch by Herself. 

T was born 2 Dec 1857, in Spanish Fork, Utah. . . 
the daughter of John Peck and Susan Foy CHIDESTER. 

My father was out in Echo Canyon at the time 
Johnston's Army was coming to Utah to get rid of 
the Mormons. Shortly after that we moved to a place 


called Parley's Park, then back to Salt Lake City. 
In 1861 my Father was called to take his family and 
help settle Dixie in southern Utah. Here we made 
our home, living in Washington, Ut. I remember many 
of the hardships the pioneers went through in those 
early days. I was taught to spin and weave cloth , 
made candles and colored cloth with the roots that 
grew around there. At the age of fifteen I was 
chosen a teacher in the Sunday School in Washington 
Ward. I was married on Mar. 22, 1875, to George 
Carlos DEWEY, at Washington, Ut; and that summer we 
lived on what was called the cotton farm. My hus- 
band had been called on a mission to Dixie to raise 

In the fall he was released and we went to Dewey- 
ville and staid one year. Our first child was born 
there. We later went back to Washington. 

I was chosen secretary of the Relief Society short- 
ly after our return. Was also counselor in the Prim- 
ary and President for two years. 

We moved back to Deweyville and my husband was 
called to be Bishop of Deweyville Ward. I was cho- 
sen counselor in the Relief Society, which position 
I held with different presidents until I was called 
to work on the Bear River Stake Relief Society Board. 
I was also chosen first Superintendent of the Reli- 
gion Class in Deweyville. This was in 1906 or 1907. 

After being released from the Relief Society 
Board .1 spent twenty-one months in Los Angeles at 
the home of my daughter, Mrs. M. L. Sandall. I then 
spent two years in Caliente, Nevada, taking care of 
an aged aunt . " 

In addition to raising a family and doing the 
things she told about, Susan spent a great deal of 
time caring for the sick. She died at the home of 
her sister, Mrs. Andrew SPROUL, in Washington, but 
was returned to Deweyville for burial. 

(Info: fam recs of Susan Emma C. Dewey; ward recs 
of Washington, Ut. , and Deweyville, Ut.) 

10-106 Lodema Elizabeth CHIDESTER, dau of John P 

(John M^'^^John P^'^^David^"'*^) and Susan FOY; b 9 
Sept 1859, Salt Lake City, Ut; d 1 June 1935, Wash- 
ington, Ut; md 6 Nov 1876, Alfred Amasa RUBY who 
was b 9 Oct 1855, Springville, Ut; s of Alfred 


Amasa RUBY and Mary LISONBEE; and had ch: 

11-91 Susan Eveline RUBY b 28 Feb 1877, Washington, Ut; 

d 24 Apr 1877 
11-92 John Amasa RUBY b 12 May 1878, Washington, Ut; 

d 1 Aug 1879 
11-93 Mary Emeline RUBY b 24 June 1880, Washington, Ut. 
*ll-94 Jennie May RUBY b 8 Nov 1882, Washington, Ut; md 

Augustus P. FULLERTON 
11-95 Pearl RUBY b 12 Feb 1885, Washington, Ut; d 20 

Feb 1887 
11-96 Almina RUBY b 9 Nov 1887, Washington, Ut; d 16 

Jan 1889 
*ll-97 Rozina RUBY b 15 Apr 1890, Washington, Ut; d 14 

June 1954; md Edwin HOSKINS HALFORD 
*ll-98 Lodema RUBY b 16 Aug 1893, Monroe, Ut; md Berl 

11-99 Alfred Alonzo RUBY b 9 Nov 1895, Washington, Ut; 

md Henrietta BELKNAP. They had no ch 
11-100 Zella RUBY b 7 May 1898, Washington, Ut; d 1 Feb 

11-101 Elma Isabelle RUBY b 27 Dec 1900, Washington, Ut; 

d 21 Feb 1967; md Henry CARLSON and had ch: 

(1) Utahna CARLSON 

(2) Merrill CARLSON 

(3) Dean CARLSON b 1926; d 1956 

(4) uelores CARLSON 

(5) Colleen CARLSON 

Lodema Chidester RUBY assisted other members of 
the family in the work of the cotton factory in Wash- 
ington and in the culture of silk worms, learning all 
the skills necessary to life in a pioneering comm- 
unity. After her marriage she became a practicing 
mid-wife, which service she performed for many years. 
Because she was willing, in 1883, to wet-nurse her 
brother's motherless child, along with her own infant, 
she saved the life of Mary Aseneth CHIDESTER. 

Amasa RUBY was postmaster in Washington from 1905 
to 1909. 

(Ref: Chidester fam recs ; Washington Ward Rec.) 

10-107 Myron Alphonzo CHIDESTER, s of John p^"-'-°^ 

(John M^~^^John P^'^'^David^"'^'^) and Susan FOY; b 6 
Mar 1862, Salt Lake City, Ut; d 18 Apr 1921, Dewey- 
ville, Ut; md 31 Mar 1881, in St. George, Ut. , to 
Sarah Ann JACKSON who was b 25 Sept 1864, Ackerington, 



Lancastershire, England; d 20 Mar 1945, Salt Lake 
City, Ut; dau of John JACKSON and Mary Alice ROB- 
INSON. Their ch b in Washington, Ut: 

*11-102 Myron Alphonzo CHIDESTER b 20 Feb 1882; d 4 Nov 
1928; md Lucinda Maud LOVELAND 

*11-103 John Elmer CHIDESTER b 1 July 1884; d 3 Dec 1940; 
md Florence Ethel LOVELAND 
11-104 Mary Alice CHIDESTER b 24 Feb 1888; d Mar 1888 

*11-105 Ray CHIDESTER b 11 Oct 1891; d 26 Jan 1966; md 
Priscilla Dorothy JOHNSON 

*11-106 Blanche CHIDESTER b 10 July 1895; md Robert 
11-107 Clora Peggy CHIDESTER b 2 Sept 1899. Peggy, as 

everyone called her, a most gracious lady, remained at 
home in Deweyville with her parents. After the death 
of her father, she and her mother moved to Salt Lake 
City, where they opened a successful pie shop. The 
death of her mother brought another change in Peggy's 
life for she sold the shop and went on a mision for 
the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, serv- 
ing in England. While there she spent a great deal of 
time doing genealogical research, concentrating on 
her mother's family. 

Returning to Utah, Peggy took a beauty course and 
eventually opened a shop of her own in Midvale, Ut. 
Her free time was spent in visiting elderly relat- 
ives, giving shampoos, permanents, waves and doing 
whatever else she could to bring comfort and peace to 
those she visited. 
Our lovely Peggy! 
11-108 Ethel CHIDESTER b 28 Sept 1906; d 6 Oct 1906 

Myron A. CHIDESTER learned to play the violin 
when he was a youngster. He was witty, too, and 
when things got dull in the old cotton factory in 
Washington, Myron could be depended on to liven 
things up. With his older brother, John Foy Chid- 
ester, he had an orchestra and was in great demand 
at all socials, not only in Washington, but trav- 
eling to neighboring communities. 

All of southern Utah regretted his decision to 
move away, but the time came when he decided to 
look for greater opportunity elsewhere and moved 
to Deweyville, Ut, up north, where he established 
a fine farm and soon had another circle of friends 
to delight with his music. 

Sarah Ann Jackson, his wife, came to Utah with 



her mother in 1869. Her father had died in England 
while serving a mission for the church. The ocean 
crossing was made in the old sailing vessel, "Con- 
stitution." She was just five years old at the time 
but remembered vividly all the experiences of cross- 
ing the plains by ox team. 

(Ref: fam recs of Clora (Peggy) Chidester.) 

10-109 Emeline CHIDESTER, dau of John P (John 

M^~^^John P^'^'^David^''^^) and Susan FOY; b 18 Feb 
1868, Washington, Ut; d 29 Oct 1942, Pintura, Ut; 
md (1) 2 Dec 1886, in St. George, Ut. , to Samuel 
Hood Murray STEWART who was b 14 Nov 1854, Perth, 
Perthshire, Scotland; d 4 Sept 1896, Washington, 
Ut;s s of John STEWART and Isabelle FAIR or FAIRSTER. 
Their ch b in Washington, Ut; 

*11-109 Samuel Chidester STEWART b 10 Oct 1887; d 21 Jan 

1970; md Martha Pearl RANDALL 
*11-110 Evaline STEWART b 31 Mar 1891; md William Ruthem 

*11-111 Mary Isabella STEWART b 25 Aug 1892; md Archie 

Edmond BATTY (also spelled BEATTY) 
*11-112 John Wallace STEWART b 8 Mar 1894; md (1) 

Innes or Inez Lynette WILLIAMS; md (2) Evelyn Jane 

11-113 Stillborn infant b 1896 

Emeline CHIDESTER md (2) 14 Dec 1906, Joseph 
SYLVESTER who was b 9 Sept 1861, Springville, Ut; 
d 2 Dec 1945, Pintura, Ut; (Joseph was md (1) 1 Jan 
1880, in Parowan, Ut. , Jane Allie HANKS7 No ch) 

Ch of Emeline and Joseph: 

*11-114 La Veil SYLVESTER b 24 Apr 1908, Pintura, Ut; md 

♦11-115 Jane Allie SYLVESTER b 5 Mar 1910, Toquervilld, 

Ut; md Robert Cox MUMFORD 

Emeline was a twin, born and raised in Washing- 
ton, Ut. With her mother and sisters she spun and 
wove wool into clothes for the family until the 
cotton factory was built. Then she spent a great 
deal of time working in the mills. She had the 
experience of raising silk worms and winding the 
precious floss into skeins. She frolicked with her 
brothers and sisters at home and in the civic affairs. 



When Samuel Hood Murray STEWART came to town it 
wasn't long until she fell in love and was married 
to him. 

Samuel had been studying to be a Catholic Priest 
in his Scottish homeland when he heard the mission- 
aries. He listed to their message and joined the 
Church, whereupon his parents disowned him. He 
left Scotland with an Elder MATHESON and migrated 
to Parowan, Ut. He worked there and in Cedar City, 
then because of his early scholastic training, be- 
came a school teacher and was hired to teach in Wash- 

In April 1888, Samuel was called to be a mission- 
ary in the Northwest Mission. While he was gone Em- 
eline supported herself and child by making hats for 
sale, sewing for others and taking care of the post 
office. On special holidays she made ice cream to 

Before he was released from his mission, Samuel 
was called to serve in the Washington Ward bishop- 
ric. Later he ran for the state senate but lost by 
a few votes. He served as justice of the peace in 

After his untimely death, Emeline married Joseph 
SYLVESTER, a widower, and lived in Pintura and To- 
querville, enjoying the opportunity to raise her 
family in the peace of a farm. 

(Ref: Fam recs of Mary I. S. Batty, Orderville, Ut; 
Samuel C. Stewart, Bur ley, Idaho; LaVell Sylvester, 
Brigham City, Ut.) 

10-110 Eveline CHIDESTER, dau of John p^"-'-^^ (John 

M^'^^John P^'^^David^"'^^) and Susan FOY; b 18 Feb 
1868, Washington, Ut; d 27 Apr 1946 ., Washington, Ut; 
md 30 Jan 1889, in St. George, Ut. , to Andrew SPROUL 
Jr. who was b 2 Jan 18 69, Washington, Ut; d 12 Mar 
1960, Washington, Ut; s of Andrew SPROUL and Ade- 
line ALEXANDER. T heir ch b in Washington, Ut : 

*I1-116 Mary Eveline SPROUL b 6 Nov 1889; md (1) William 

Richard PRINCE; md (2) William MATHEWS Jr. 
*11-117 Emeline SPROUL b 31 Mar 1891; md James Ervin WIG-i 

*11-118 Lyona SPROUL b 29 Apr 1893; md Henry James Evan WATTS 
*11-119 Angus Mazel SPROUL b 23 Feb 1895; md (1) Agatha 
11-12'J Elmo Chidester SPROUL b 23 Aug 1897; md (1) 


Jeanett ELLIOTT; md (2) Pauline SKOFAU 
*11-121 Leonard Murray SPROUL b 3 June 1900; md (1) 

Emma Grace GATES; md (2) Velva CHIDESTER-"- ^^^ ; 

md (3 ) Elaine Platta OSBORNE 
*11-122 Edith Sproul (Twin) b 8 Oct 1903; md Paul 

*11-123 Ethel SPROUL (twin) b 8 Oct 1903; md (1) David 

Leonard PRINCE; md (2) John A. WAITE 
*11-124 Elva SPROUL b 5 Jan 1906; md Alvin LaMar HAMILTON 
*11-125 John Denzil SPROUL b 21 Aug 1907; md Gwendolyn 

*11-126 Ardell SPROUL b 21 Mar 1909; md Laura Phedelia 


Eveline CHIDESTER was always aware of and 
interested in her family. As a youth she help- 
ed her father and older brother with the records and 
research. It was only natural that when her bro- 
ther, John F. Chidester, passed away, that she should 
take the records over and really become the family 
center. For many years and at her own expense, she 
researched and added to the store of family knowledge, 

Her home in Washington was also a social center 
of the town. Andrew Sproul was musically inclined 
and for many years was the best choir director in 
in all of southern Utah. The family was a gifted 
one and their talenrs and ready wit enlivened every 
civic and church activity. 

(Ref: fam recs of Eveline C. Sproul, Washington, Ut) 

10-111 Lucinda Jane CHIDESTER, dau of John P^~ °^ 

(John M^'^^John p'^'^'^David^"'*'^) and Susan FOY; b 29 
Aug 1870, Washington, Ut;d 27 July 1947, Washington, 
Ut; md 18 Dec 1895, in St. George, Ut. , to James 
Robert WATERS who was b 22 Jan 1875, Minersville , 
Beaver, Ut; d 19 Aug 1947, Washington, Ut; s of 
Allen Benson WATERS and Mary JAKEMAN. Their ch b 
in Washington, Ut: 

11-127 Iva WATERS b 16 Oct 1897; md (1) Fred GORDEN 

md (2) ARthur WIE 
11-128 Theda WATERS (twin) b 2 Feb 1904; d Aug 1967; 

md (1) Jesse LARSON; md (2) Joseph KANE; md (3) 

11-129 Leda WATERS (twin) b 2 Feb 1904; md (1) Carl 

GOSS; md (2) Ernest C. WILLIAMS 
11-130 Larue James WATERS b 1 Apr 1908; md Ila FINN 



In the settlement of the John Peck Chidester 
estate, the old Chidester home in Washington came 
into the possession of Lucinda Jane. The land had 
been divided among the other children, but this 
youngest of the family was the last to live in the 
home. In later years her children had the place re- 
modelled so that there was an indoor toilet and 
shower bath; a sink in the kitchen with running 
water there. Other than that the place remained 
the same, the walls and attic whispering the stories 
of family fun and solidarity. No doubt Lucinda 
remembered with tenderness the times when she climb- 
ed to the attic to tend the silk worms housed there, 
or raced to the cotton mill to set the looms to 
work. She and James were content to remain in Wash- 
ington to keep alive the legend of the Chidesters. 

(Ref: Chidester fam hist; Washington Ward Recs.) 

10-112 Eunice Emily HARMON, dau of Eunice CHIDESTER^""''^^ 

(John M John P David ~ ) and Levi Nehemiah 

HARMON; b 22 Apr 1855, Spanish Fork, Ut; d 24 Apr 
1922, Manassa, Conejos, Colo; md 6 Nov 1876, Wash- 
ington, Ut. , to Simeon Adam DUNN who was b 13 Jan 
1851, Salt Lake City, Ut; s of Simeon Adam DUNN and 
Harriet Atwood SILVER; and had ch: 

11-131 Simeon Harmon DUNN b 21 Nov 1877, Washington, Ut; 

md Annie Belletta JENSEN 
11-132 Levi DUNN b 9 Jan 1880, Washington, Ut; md 

Emily Jane SMITH 
11-133 Jessie DUNN b 19 July 1882, Washington, Ut; d 28 

Oct 1882 
11-134 Elmer DUNN b 28 Sept 1884, Washington, Ut; 

md Almira Jane JARVIS 
11-135 Emily DUNN b 23 Nov 1886, Washington, Ut; md 

11-136 Eunice DUNN b 9 Oct 1889, Sanford, Conejos, Colo; 

md Charles E. WILSON 
11-137 Etholen Silver DUNN b 9 Mar 1892, Eastdale, Cone- 
jos, Colo; md Albert Daniel HOLYOAK 
11-138 Charles Albert DUNN b 2 Jan 1895, Eastdale, Colo; 

md Allie Violate OYLER 
11-139 Jared Willard DUNN b 19 Sept 1897, Eastdale, Colo; 

md Leola CURTIS 

(Ref: Washington Ward Recs; fam recs of Melvin T. Harmon) 


10-113 Levi Nehemiah HARMON Jr. s of Eunice CHIDEST- 

ER^"^°^ (John M^'^^John P'^'^'^David^"^'^) and Levi 
Nehemiah HARMON; b 22 Mar 1857, Spanish Fork, Ut; 
d 15 Dec 1950, Salt Lake City, Ut; md Frances 
Regular NEGLI; and had ch: 

11-140 Levi Negli HARMON 

11-141 Tessie HARMON b Nov 1892, Toquerville, Ut; d 1918; 

md 7 June 1917, Willis Earl SPAFFORD 

11-142 Joseph Roscoe HARMON b 27 Sept 1895, Toquerville, 

Ut; md 29 June 1922, Louise BIRD 

11-143 Frances HARMON 

11-144 Melva HARMON b 11 Feb 1904; md Mr. WRIGHT 

11-145 Conrad HARMON 

11-146 Margie HARMON 

11-147 Leland Parker HARMON b 22 Aug 1911 

(Ref : Fam recs of Melvin T. HARMON) 

10-114 Oliver John HARMON, s of Eunice CHIDESTER 

(John M^"^^John p'^'^^David^"'*^) and Levi Nehemiah 
HARMON; b 16 Mar 1859, Parley's Park, Siimmit, Ut; 
d 19 Dec 1937, Price, Ut; md 4 May 1881, in St. 
George, Ut., to Almira TERRY who was b 2 Mar 1861, 
Little Cottonwood, Salt Lake, Ut; d 18 Jan 1936, 
Price, Ut; dau of Thomas Searles TERRY and Mary 
Ann PULSIPHER ; and had ch: 

11-148 Oliver Terry HARMON b 21 June 1882, Washington, Ut; 

d 4 Apr 1944; md Anna Barbara McINTIRE 
*11-149 Melvin Thomas HARMON b 22 May 1884, Provo, Ut; 

md Sarah Ellen HORSLEY 
11-150 Almira HARMON b 1 Sept 1886, Huntington, Ut; md 

Howard Nicholas ROBERTSON 
11-151 Enid HARMON b 23 July 1888, Huntington, Ut; md 

Victor Carl JOHNSON 
11-152 Zelma HARMON b 7 May 1890, Huntington, Ut; md 

William Mathis McINTIRE 
11-153 Gerald Ray HARMON b 18 Jan 1894, Huntington, Ut; 

d 2 June 1898 
11-154 Eunice HARMON b 13 Mar 1896, HuntL-ngton, Ut; 

d 6 Oct 1896 
11-155 Wilford Glenn HARMON b 16 Apr 1898, Huntington, Ut; 

md Wanda Elizabeth BOYACK 
11-156 Lora HARMON b 11 May 1899, Huntington, Ut; md 

John Henry THOMPSON 
11-157 John Harold HARMON b 18 May 1901, Huntington, 

Ut; md Winnie Ethelyn BARTLETT 


11-158 Joseph Willard HARMON b 14 Oct 1903, Huntington, 
Ut; md Chloe Verna WHETSTONE 

Oliver John HARMON, as a youth, walked five miles 
each way to go to school in St. George, Ut; He ex- 
hibited such a desire for an education that one of 
his teachers offered him the chance to attend school 
in Beaver for two years, working out his tuition, 
board and room. His father died when he was but 
fourteen years old and he had to assume part of the 
responsibility of supporting the family. He didn't 
get to Beaver. 

In 1879 he was apprenticed to Mr. Joseph JUDD to 
learn the trade of cabinet-maker, serving there for 
two years until his marriage to Almira TERRY. The 
young couple built a small house in Washington, liv- 
ing there for two years before moving to Provo, Ut. , 
in 1883. Oliver took a few music lessons and learn- 
ed to play the piccolo. He enjoyed playing for his 
children and they enjoyed listening. 

In 1885 he decided to move to Huntington, Ut, a 
new area that was beginning to be settled. His 
worldly possessions consisted of one Singer sew- 
ing machine, one Charter Oak cook stove, one wooden 
bed, a few dishes, one hundred pounds of flour; cash 
on hand amounted to $2.50. 

Arrived in Huntington, they found a community con- 
sisting of eleven small log houses, two rough lumber 
shanties and a few dugouts. When Almira saw what 
they had come to she cried as though her heart was 
broken. She plead with her husband to return to 
Washington where their house had not yet been sold. 
But Oliver talked her into staying for three years 
to give it a chance before returning to Washington. 

The log houses were roofed with slabs or small 
poles on which a layer of willows was placed and 
then covered with a heavy layer of dirt. Many times 
the heavy rains caused leaks all over the inside. 

Three days after their arrival Oliver took sick 
with rheiamatism and lay helpless for the next four 
months. During this sick spell one of the discour- 
aged settlers who owned a half block on which he 
had built one of the frame shanties, loaded his fam- 
ily in a wagon and left, returning to Washington. 
When he got there he traded his property in Hunt- 
ington for the Harmon home in Washington. 

In the fall of 1887, Don ROBBINS came to Hunting- 
ton trying to promotec the mining of coal. He became 


very friendly with Oliver and the two soon bought 
out a small furniture store, with Oliver taking 
over the task of building the furniture for sale. 
Some of the first coal to be mined in the area was 
first burned in the Harmon cook stove. Besides 
the furniture business, Oliver pioneered in the 
planting of an orchard and soon had fruit of all 
kinds for his own family use and some for sale. 

Oliver's mother, Eunice Chidester HARMON, came 
to live with him in 1888. She set up a millinery 
and confectionary store in a small corner of the 
furniture store. Later, Oliver built her a little 
place of her own. 

In 189 0, the WHITNEY brothers had the "Colorado" 
fever and sold out. Oliver became the new assist- 
ant manager of their business, which became the 
Huntington Co-op Store, owned by the town. Oliver 
began buying stock as fast as people wanted to sell; 
hQ was now making a wage of $60.00 per month, 
which was more than ample to sustain his family. 
He was doing well enough that in 1893 he was able 
to build a two story brick home and at last keep 
his growing family in style. 

Shortly after he became manager of the Co-op 
Store, Oliver's partner in the furniture store acc- 
used him of falsifying the records. A Bishop's 
trial was called. By use of a small magnifying 
glass Oliver was able to prove that ROBBINS had 
scratched out the HARMON figures in the books and 
written over them to falsify them. Robbins confess- 
ed, the trial ended, and so did the Harmon-Robbins 

In 1894 the settlers launched a move more effect- 
ively to take care of their farm produce. A mill 
company was organized with Oliver Harmon as one of 
the men to do the construction work, taking stock 
as part pay. Water power was used to operate the 
mill during the summer and steam power was used 
during the winter. Oliver gradually acquired add- 
itional stock and became Mill Manager. 

About 1895 a company was organized in Price to 
build a telephone line from Price to Ferron. A 
station was put in the store at Huntington and Ol- 
iver also extended a telephone line to the mill and 
to his home. He continued to manage the Hunting- 
ton Co-op and to buy stock in the business. 


In 1899 he was called on a mission to the Central 
States. He wrote to his older brother, Levi, who 
came to purchase some stock and take over the manage- 
ment of the store and mill. By the time of Oliver's 
return the two brothers held the controlling interest 
in both the store and the mill. Levi took over the 
management of the store and Oliver retained the mill. 
Eventually, together, they built a store in Price, Ut; 
sold out in Huntington and moved to Price. 

This latest venture did not turn out so well. Levi 
was elected to the state legislature and Oliver open- 
ed a store in near-by Wellington to which he commut- 
ed daily. 

Oliver served his community as Justice of the 
Peace; was appointed president of the first school 
board in Carbon County; filled a term as Emery Cou- 
nty commissioner; worked continually in church org- 
anizations, as member of a bishopric and stake high 

In 1920 he leased the Wellington store and the 
following year, with his son, opened a carpentry 
shop, doing contract work, building caskets and 
other necessary items. After the terrible Castle 
Gate Coal mining disaster the two men went into the 
undertaking business, their last major venture. 

(Ref: fam recs of Melvin T. HARMON.) 

10-115 Melvin Myron HARMON, s of Eunice CHIDESTER 

(John M John P David ) and Levi Nehemiah 
HARMON; b 11 Apr 1861, Salt Lake City, Ut; d 12 
Apr 1938, St. George, Ut; md 27 May 1891, in St. 
George, Ut. , to Alice Cannon WOODBURY who was b 
16 Nov 1870, St . George, Ut; d 10 May 1964, St. 
George, Ut; dau of Orin Nelson WOODBURY and Ann 
CANNON: and had ch: 

11-159 Melvin Myron HARMON b 14 Apr 1892, St, George, Ut; 
d 30 June 1892. 

*11-160 Irvin Woodbury HARMON b 18 June 1893, Laie, Hono- 
lulu, Hawaii; md Winnie Agnes MIDGLEY 

*11-161 Frank Nelson HARMON b 3 Nov 1895, Laie, Hawaii; 
md (1) Lillie ESPLIN: md (2) Mrs. Emily Esplin 

*11-162 Alice HARMON b 18 Apr 1898, St. George, Ut; md 
David Waldon BALLARD 

*11-163 Emily HARMON b 18 Nov 1900, St. George, Ut; 
md Phillip FOREMASTER 


*11-164 Vera HARMON (twin) b 16 Sept 1903, St. George, Ut; 

md David Loran HIRSCHI 
*11-165 Verna HARMON (twin) b 16 Sept 1903, St. George, Ut; 

md George Conrad SCHMUTZ 
*11-166 George Willard HARMON b 24 Apr 1909, St. George, 

Ut; md Clara HAMBLIN 
*11-167 Elmer Woodbury HARMON b 25 Oct 1911 , St. George, 

Ut; md Iva TANNER 

Trained to be a teacher, Melvin Myron Harmon 
taught in Leeds and Kanarraville, Ut. The first of 
the year 1893, both he and his wife were called on 
a mission to the Sandwich Islands where he taught 
in the mission school and Alice worked in the mission 
kitchen and store. Two of their children were born 
there in Hawaii. 

Returning to St. George, Melvin became the manag- 
er of the co-op store there and was doing well when 
he was called on a second mission. 

This time Alice and the children remained home. 
They had acquired a home and a small farm in the 
Washington Fields. When he came back from Hawaii, 
Melvin concentrated on his farm and the raising of 
fruits and vegetables along with hay and grain for 
the cattle. Fruit was most varied of his crops, 
consisting of peaches, plums, pears, apricots, pome- 
granates, figs, grapes and melons. After providing 
for the family needs the balance was sold along with 
milk, butter and eggs. That income supported the 
financial needs of the family until he was appointed 
to be recorder at the St. George Temple, for which 
service he received $100.00 per month. He held the 
the post for fifteen years. 

All of the children received good educations, hold 
college degrees and are active in educational circles, 

(Ref : Recs poss Irvin W. Harmon, San Pedro, Ca; 
Frank W. Harmon, Provo, Ut; story by Vera Harmon 
Hirschi, Cedar City, Ut.) 

10-117 Esther Ella (Tessie) HARMON, dau of Eunice CHID- 

ESTER^"-'-°^John M^"^^John P^'^'^David^"'*^) and Levi 
Nehemia HARMON; b 3 June 1867, Washington, Ut; d 
28 May 1934, Enterprise, Ut; md 4 Nov 1887 in St. 
George, Ut. , to Jesse CANFIELD who was b 9 Oct 1850, 
Provo, Ut; d 22 Mar 1933, Enterprise, Ut; s of 
David CANFIELD and Elizabeth Story DEPEW. Their ch: 


11-168 Esther CANFIELD b 19 Aug 1888, Hamblin Valley, Ut; 
md 9 Dec 1908, Jacob Truman HUNT who was b 23 Mar 1888; 
and had ch: 

(1) Amos Arnold HUNT 

(2) James Roscie HUNT 

(3) Harmon HUNT 

(4) .Levi HUNT 

(5) Kay HUNT (a son) 

(6) Florence HUNT 

(7) Delsie Rhoda HUNT 

(8) Elwood HUNT 

(9) Heber HUNT 

(10) Maxine HUNT 

*11-169 Beulah CSfjFIELD b 7 Apr 1890 , Hamblin Valley, Ut; 
d 17 Oct 1944; md Thomas George HUNT 

11-170 James Willard CJ^FIELD b 19 Dec 1891, Hunting- 
ton, Ut; md 28 Nov 1917, Hortense WOODBURY 

11-171 Lillian Emily CANFIELD b 23 Nov 1893, Hamblin 
Valley, Ut; d 24 June 1894 

11-172 Luella CANFIELD b 2 July 1895, Hamblin Valley, 
Ut; d 31 Mar 1896 

11-173 David Lester CANFIELD b 28 Feb 1897, St. George, 

11-174 Eunice Story CANFIELD b 25 June 1899, Enterprise, 
Ut. md 22 Sept 1920, Clyde Samuel CARPENTER who was b 
19 Mar 1890, Golden, Colo; d 5 May 1945, Sandy, Ut; 
s of Samuel Morgan CARPENTER and Caroline BRUMMER; and 
had ch: 

(1) Harmon Clyde CARPENTER b 28 July 1921, Delta, 
Ut; md Sept 1947, Margaret THOMPSON 

(2) Bonnie Jean CARPENTER b 23 Apr 1932, Cedar 
City, Ut. 

11-175 Bernice CANFIELD b 6 Apr 1903, Enterprise, Ut; md 

30 June 1956, Hillman Delmar JONES 
11-176 Phoebe CANFIELD b 8 May 1905, Enterprise, Ut; md 
18 Sept 1925, Arnold Chadburn ORTON; and had ch: 

(1) James Doyle ORTON 

(2) Eldon ORTON 

(3) Gay land ORTON 

(4) Janice ORTON 

(5) Myrtle ORTON 

(6) Phyllis ORTON 

(7) Katherine ORTON 

11-177 Phyllis CANFIELD b 25 May 1907, Enterprise, Ut; d 
16 Apr 1935; md 20 Aug 1931, Paul Branch BARBER; and 
had ch: 

(1) Bernie BARBER (a dau) b 15 Feb 1935, Coalville, 


(Ref : James W. Canfield, Fresno, Ca; Myron T, Harmon) 

. ^9-106 ,, ^ .,8-85 
10-120 David CHIDESTER, s of David (John M 

John P^~^^David^"'^^) and Rebecca Ann PRICE; b 2 Nov 
1867, Hebron, Ut; d 15 May 1942, Richfield, Ut; md 
6 Feb 1889, in St. George, Ut., to Mary Anne SKOU- 
GAARD who was b 23 May 1869, Parowan, Ut; d 21 Apr 
1906, Richfield, Ut; dau of Niels Mortenson SKOU- 
GAARD and Mary Anne ESPLUND; and had ch: 

11-178 Myrtle Laverne CHIDESTER b 17 Jan 1890, Parowan, 
Ut; d 12 Feb 1971, Richfield, Ut. 
♦11-179 David LeRoy CHIDESTER b 3 Dec 1891, Richfield, Ut; 
md (1) Sophia Ellen JENSEN; md (2) Clarissa Josephine 
11-180 Mada CHIDESTER b 8 Sept 1894, Richfield, Ut; d 28 
Aug 1895 
*11-181 Fern CHIDESTER b 11 Apr 1898, Richfield, Ut; d 8 

May 1972; md Arthur Elmo STORRS 
*11-182 Leland CHIDESTER b 10 July 1900, Richfield, Ut; 
md Aretta HOLDAWAY 
11-183 Lynn Price CHIDESTER b 7 May 1903, Richfield, Ut; 
d 19 Apr 1936, unm 
*11-184 Grant Howard CHIDESTER b 7 Dec 1905, Richfield, Ut; 
md Alice Augusta BELFORT 

A news item from the Deseret News, 3 July 1897: 
"Elder David Chidester of Richfield, returned 
from Texas in the Indian Territory Mission field 
this morning, for which part of the country he left 
home May 11, 1895. He reports the conference in 
splendid shape with the Elders laboring diligently 
to promulgate gospel principles. The Texas Confer- 
ence was opened up June 17, 1893, at which time it 
was part of the Southern States Mission." 

David was a farmer in Richfield and active in the 
church and civic affairs throughout his life. 

Excerpts from a tribute paid to Myrtle Chidester, 
eldest daughter of the family, written by Elva 
SORENSEN, 15 Feb 1971: 

"Her's (Myrtle's) was a noble life, unselfish, 
kind, charitable. Her patience, thoughtfulness of 
others, her sense of duty made her a good friend 
and neighbor to all. 

"In 1906 her mother passed away leaving six child- 
ren. . .the youngest only five months old. At six- 



teen, Myrtle assumed the role of mother of the fam- 
ily, all except for the baby who was cared for by 
the grandparents. She cared for the family in love, 
trained them well and they love and honor her mem- 
ory. . She had a gift for sewing and sewed for many 
people to help with the family expense. I remem- 
ber how beautifully she dressed Fern, who always was 
a picture of beauty. She helped Santa Claus dress 
many dolls in town. Our dolls in those days had 
kid bodies and china heads. They were lovely and 
needed new wardrobes every year. Myrtle did hem- 
stitching, quilting, made over little suits for 
the boys; made bedspreads, curtains and drapes. 

"In 1926, twenty years after her mother passed 
away, she went to Iowa where her sister Fern and 
her husband lived. Elmo was manager of J. C. Penn- 
ey Co., store. Here she worked for two years until 
she earned enough money to pay off an indebtedness 
that had occurred because of delinquent taxes. This 
was a new experience for Myrtle and she enjoyed be- 
ing with Fern and Elmo who made her time there so 
happy . 

"When she arrived home she found her grandparents 
both bed patients. She nursed and cared for them 
until they passed away in 1929. Then for a time she 
was alteration seamstress for a dress shop in town 
and worked part time at the court house. During her 
father's lingering illness she gave him loving care. 
It was at this time that her brother Roy's daughter 
came to live with Miyrtle. . . .Then Evan, Roy's son 
lived with her two years, helping her with the chores 
and yards. Myrtle was very proud of all of these, 
her children. She was always so happy for their 
visits, letters, gifts and many acts of love.. . 

"A tribute to Roy, who has been so wonderful to 
Myrtle, doing her shopping, keeping fuel in the house 
for the heater, taking her on little trips in the 
car; taking her to church and other meetings, she 
could not have attended without his help." 

(Ref: fam rec of David LeRoy Chidester, Richfield, 
Ut; Richfield Ward recs;) 

10-124 James Madison CHIDESTER, s of David^""*"^^ (John 

ft-»ftR •y__tr'y ^—A"? 

M John P David ) andRebecca Ann PRICE; b 
1 Oct 1873, Clover Valley, Nev; d 28 Jan 1962, Salt 
Lake City, Ut; md (1) 11 May 1897, in St. George, 


Ut. , to Sarah Jane CASTO who was b 9 Dec 1876, 
Salina, Ut; d 19 Apr 1905, St. George, Ut; dau of 
George Ezra CASTO and Sarah Ann HARRADENCE; and 
had ch b in St. George, Ut; 

*11-185 Glen Madison CHIDESTER b 26 Feb 1898; d 3 Oct 

1976, Salt Lake City, Ut; md (1) Hannah June BARNES; 
md (2) Doris Fidelia MILLER 
11-186 Cecil CHIDESTER b 13 Apr 1899; d 26 Jiine 1907 
*11-187 Gordon Ezra CHIDESTER b 21 Nov 1900; md Leah ENCE 
11-188 Pearl CHIDESTER b 18 Oct 1903; md 27 July 1925, 
George Sullivan ELLIS who was b 26 Apr 1895, Salt Lake 
City, Ut; s of Charles Everett ELLIS and Elizabeth 

James md (2) 6 Sept 1905, in St. George, Ut. , Corn- 
elia TERRY who was b 17 Dec 1881, St. George, Ut; 
d 8 Mar 1971, Newport Beach, California; dau of 
Charles Alphonzo TERRY and Emeline WILSON; and had 

*11-189 Reta CHIDESTER b 28 Aug 1906, Richfield, Ut; md 

Wiley Emory PINKERMAN 
*11-190 Thelma CHIDESTER b 21 Oct 1907, Richfield, Ut; 

md George Victor PETERSON 
*11-191 James Earl CHIDESTER b 2 Jan 1910, Richfield, Ut; 

md Thelma Esma STRASBURG 
*11-192 Rebecca CHIDESTER b 10 Nov 1911, Venice, Ut; md 

Clarence Gordon EDWARDS 
*11-193 David Terry CHIDESTER b 13 Mar 1915, Venice, Ut; 

md Carol ABRAHAM 
*11-194 Vera CHIDESTER b 1 Jan 1917, Venice, Ut; md (1) 

Calthorpe Kimball FARRINGTON: md (2) Asberry Benjamin 

*11-195 Eldon Price CHIDESTER b 22 Apr 1918, Venice, Ut; 

md Martha Elaine JONES 
*11-196 Constance CHIDESTER b 20 Nov 1920, Venice, Ut; md 

James Frederick MOORE 
♦11-197 Lois CHIDESTER b 7 Jan 1923, Venice, Ut; md Ray 


James Madison CHIDESTER, more familiarly known as 
"Matt" , was born during the time that Clover Valley 
was considered part of Washington County, Ut. Later 
it was to be included in the boundaries of the state 
of Nevada and the family returned to the St. George 

The family lived in a number of places when Matt 


was young, While in Leeds he and his father haul- 
ed cord wood for the Silver Reef Mine. In Hebron 
they tended cattle and fanned. Branching out on 
his own, Matt went to Delmar, Nevada to work in the 
mines, but finding that the mine dust was very un- 
healthy, he returned to work with his father in 
St. George. It was here, one summer, that he met 
Sarah Jane Casto who was visiting from Salina, 
Ut. During that summer, the young people met fre- 
quently for picnic outings, usually going to Red 
Hill where there was a natural spring and shade trees. 

After their marriage they continued to live in 
St. George and it was there that their children 
were born. Two years after the birth of the last 
child, Sarah died, leaving a disconsolate husband 
and four children to mourn her passing. 

It was not too long, however, before Matt was 
fortunate enough to win the consent of Cornelia 
TERRY and they were married. At this time he was 
working on Kimberly Mountain in a saw mill so the 
family moved there for a short time, going from 
there to Richfield, Ut. , where Matt's parents had 
moved . 

Some time between Jan 1910 and Nov 1911 the 
family moved to Venice, Ut. , just a short distance 
away . 

In 1924 Matt moved his family again, this time to 
Delta, Ut. , where he acquired a dry farm. To do 
so he took out a government loan. For a time 
things went well, then the great depression came on 
and Matt, along with many others, was unable to 
meet his obligations and the farm was lost. 

Matt's oldest son, Glen M. was in Salt Lake City 
running the Economy Coal Company which was located 
on 22nd South and State St. He offered his father 
a job if he would move to Salt Lake City. 

Matt promptly borrowed a large flat-bed "bee 
truck" from a neighbor, corraled the cow in an 
area back of the cab, loaded up his possessions 
and headed for the big city. His family was quite 
grown up by this time — the youngest being already 
in the last half of the first grade, while some of 
the older ones were married and on their own. 

Hauling coal was a very hard job. Coal was the 
main means of heating of residences as well as bus- 
inesses. Sometimes it had to be carried in sacks 
to storage areas that were not accessible by truck. 
But the depression was on and Matt was really fort- 


unate to have work. The family lived in a 
house in back of the coal company for quite some 
time, finally moving across State Street to Went- 
worth Av into the house that was to be their last 

Matt may have moved away from the farm, but the 
love of farming did not leave Matt. He continued 
to plant a garden in any available space large 
enough to raise corn, peas, potatoes and one 
could even find a cantaloupe vine growing among the 
flowers in the yard. He had chickens and a cow for 
as long as he could possibly manage the care of 
them. Even when he was unable to sit on a milk 
stool he felt he and the cow could work it out 
" some way . " 

He never looked more natural than when dressed 
in a pair of overalls and carried a shovel in his 
hand. "Dressing up" for some special occasion, 
such as Thanksgiving dinner with the family, meant 
putting on his new overalls and a suit jacket. Then 
he was ready for anything. 

A home loving man. Matt always wanted to be 
home by dark. He loved to keep his fireplace a- 
blaze and was forever foraging for scrap wood, 
stiamps and any material that would keep it that 
way. If ever a member of the family had to be 
up early on a cold winter morning to be to work, 
he or she could count on "Dad" to be up an hour 
ahead of time, stoking up the furnace and fireplace 
to get the house warm before others had to go out 
in the cold. 

There was a large family, but depression or not, 
they never went hungry. There were not many frills 
and luxuries but the necessities were always pro- 
vided for. The home was always open to visiting 
relatives and friends who were in town for a day 
or two, and it seemed to the children that there 
was a constant stream of people to be entertained. 

As he grew older and could no longer deliver coal. 
Matt still kept active working his garden. He also 
took on the job of walking eleven blocks to Sugar 
House to work in the Deseret Industries plant, ty- 
ing bed springs or doing any other task available, 
then walking home again at the end of the day. 

One day he sti:imbled over a wire fence that was 
hidden in the garden weeds. This crippled him and 
he was forced to sit around in his easy chair for 
a time. He was never again as able to get around 


as had been. It was t hen that he began to "grow 
old." Eventually he contracted pnexomonia and was 
not strong enough to recover. He was buried in the 
Wasatch Lawn Cemetery, Salt Lake. 

Cornelia Terry CHIDES TER, whom everyone affect- 
ionately called "Neely" , was a wonderful helpmate 
to her husband. She was mother to a ready-made 
family in her youth and raised a large family of 
her own. Both families revere her as mother. She 
carefully kept a record of each of the children 
and their families, always encouraging them and 
loving them. She passed away while on a visit to 
her youngest daughter. Her body was taken back to 
be buried by the side of her husband to whom she 
had been so devoted for so long. 

(Ref: Recs of Cornelia Terry Chidester; added to 
by dau Lois Salmans, who also wrote the history.) 

10-125 Lorus Pratt CHIDESTER, s of David^"'''^^ (John 

M John P David ) and Rebecca Ann PRICE; 

b 11 Feb 1875, Clover Valley, Nev; d 9 Mar 1966, 
Gunnison, Ut; md (1) 8 Mar 1908, in Richfield, Ut. , 
to Agnes A. MUNSON who was b 4 Mar 1888, Elsinore, 
Ut; dau of Leavitt Washington MUNSON and Agnes 
SHAW; and had ch b in Redmond, Ut: 

*11-198 Mabel Gwendolyn CHIDESTER b 3 Feb 1910; md 
Darrell Clare DESPAIN 
11-199 Grace Leda CHIDESTER b 15 Jan 1912; md 14 July 
1932, Jay Leith MARTIN 

Lorus md (2) 13 June 1913, in Richfield, Ut. , 
Kyersten Maria SORENSEN who was b 1 July 1889, Red- 
mond, Ut; d 5 Apr 1928, Redmond, Ut; dau of James 
Bertel SORENSEN and Josephine JOHNSON: and had 
ch b in Redmond, Ut: 

11-200 Mary Lucetta CHIDESTER b 11 Apr 1914; md (1) 

Edward EDWARDS; md (2) Vern SLAUGHTER 
11-201 Louis Clifford CHIDESTER b 14 Sept 1915; md 
25 Mar 1933, LaRee LEWIS 
*ll-202 Sybel Marie CHIDESTER b 15 Mar 1918: md Lavell 

*ll-203 Or land Ray CHIDESTER b 25 Sept 1919; md 
11-204 Gloria Eunice CHIDESTER b 28 Jan 1922; md Dallas 
*ll-205 Josephine Ann CHIDESTER b 3 June 1925; md (1) 



Rudolph Valentine SIMPSON; md (2 ) Walter Absolum 

(Ref : Richfield 2nd Ward Recs; Redmond Ut. Ward recs; 
fam recs of Orland Ray CHIDESTER , Redmond, Ut.) 

10-127 Mary Elizabeth CHIDESTER, dau of David 
o_Qc 7-57 6-47 

(John M John P David ) and Rebecca Ann 

PRICE; b 17 July 1879, Hebron, Ut; d 3 Mar 1956, 
Salt Lake City, Ut; md 27 Jan 1897, in St. George 
Ut., to Walter Erastus DODGE who was b 20 Apr 1878, 
St. George, Ut; d 21 May 1934, Salt Lake Cit y, Ut; 
s of Walter Erastus DODGE and Eleanor Caroline 
MALONE; and had ch: 

11-206 victor Rossell DODGE b 24 May 1898, St. George, Ut; 
d 30 Sept 1965 ; md in 1922 to Mary CHIPMAN (div.) 

11-207 Effie Rebecca DODGE b 3 July 1899, St. George, Ut; 
md 3 Nov 1921, in Salt Lake City, Ut. , to John David 
PARK who was b 13 July 1888, Provo, Ut; d 23 Sept 
1956, Orem, Ut; s of David S. PARK and Epsy PACE. 
Their ch b in Orem, Ut: 

(1) Nadine PARK b 14 Mar 1923; md 1 Apr 1942, 
Sterling HARDING 

(2) Jack Donald PARK b 12 Nov 192 6; d 19 Nov 1950; 
md Jeanette KIRKWOOD 

11-208 Vera LeRoy DODGE b 24 Jan 1901, St. George, Ut; 

d 13 Aug 1973, Salt Lake City, Ut; md 4 Oct 1921, in 

Sandy, Ut., to Clair BAGLEY and had ch: 

(1) Beverly DODGE 

(2) Marilyn DODGE 

(3) Stephen L. DODGE 

*ll-209 Anna DODGE b 20 Sept 1902, St. George, Ut; d 12 
Jan 1975, Salt Lake City, Ut; md (1) Arnold Call- 
oway RANDLE; md (2) Morris L. GROO 

11-210 Lorus Clifford DODGE b 8 Jan 1907, Richfield, Ut; 
d 23 Feb 1908 

11-211 Carlos Lester DODGE b 2 May 1911, Richfield, Ut; 
md (1) Margaret GARFF (div); md (2) 10 Apr 1940, Raye 

11-212 Howard Walter DODGE b 2 June 1918, Provo, Ut; d 
21 May 1919 

(Ref: Recs of Mary E, Chidester DODGE.) 


10-128 Don Carlos CHIDESTER, s of David ° (John 

M^'^^John P^'^^David^""*^) and Rebecca Ann PRICE; 
b 11 Dec 1882, Washington, Ut; d 12 July 1958, 
Sacrariento, California; md 17 May 1904, in St. 
George, Ut. , to Louise Hazel PEARCE who was b 31 
Jan 1836, St. George, Ut; dau of John Harrison 
PEARCE and Sarah Louise HARDY; and had ch: 

*11-213 Nita Hazel CHIDESTER b 29 Jan 1906, Cornish, Ut; 

md Carlos Adam GUBLER 
*11-214 Lloyd Carlos CHIDESTER b 22 Sept 1907, Cornish, Ut; 

md Hazel Ruby ANDERSON 
11-215 Virgil Arnold CHIDESTER b 3 June 1910, Twin Falls, 

Ida; md 13 July 1935, in Rupert, Ida., to Alberta 

Adelia WORLEY who was b 19 Aug 1909, Twin Falls, Ida; 

dau of Fred E. WORLEY and Lillian Frances HEFFLING: 

and had a son: 

(1) Ronald Lee CHIDESTER b 26 Apr 1948, San Pedro, 
*11-216 Rebecca Louise CHIDESTER b 27 Mar 1915, Burley, Ida; 

md Marion John AMBROSE 
*11-217 Kenneth Ray CHIDESTER b 13 Oct 1919, Buhl, Ida; 

*11-218 Gwendolyn June CHIDESTER b 11 June 1921, Buhl, Ida; 

md Price Reid NASH. 

Don Carlos Chidester left his family and didn't 
come back for twenty years, leaving Louise to raise 
the children alone. She finally divorced him and md 
(2) George KIRKMAN. After his death Hazel md (3) 28 
Sept 1924, Joseph RICKENBACH, but was a widow again 
when Don Carlos finally returned to the family. 
Upon Hazel's refusal to accept him back as a husband 
Don returned to Sacramento to live. 

(Info: Louise Hazel Pearce Chidester, Buhl, Ida.) 

10-135 John William CHIDESTER, s of Joshua Parker^"-'"^^ 

(John M^~^^John P^"^^David^~^^) and Juliette BURGESS; 
b 23 Nov 1864, Deseret Springs, Ut; d 19 Dec 1924, 
Price, Ut; md 11 June 1884, in St. George, Ut., to 
Hulda Samantha HEATH who was b 8 Jan 1865, Wash- 
ington, Ut; d 18 Jan 1937, Bicknell, Ut; dau of 
James Harvey HEATH and Hulda Mariah HOLDEN. For a 
while the couple lived in Pine Valley, Washington, 
Ut; moving from there to Bicknell where they engag- 
ed in farming for a number of years. Their last move 


was to Blue Valley (Giles) . A daughter-in-law 
Amanda Chidester, said, "He (William) was one of 
the best men that ever lived and he was kind to 
everyone he came in contact with." 
Ch of John William and Hulda: 

11-219 Mary Mariah CHIDESTER b 10 June 1885, Bicknell, 
Ut; d 27 June 1917; md 5 Oct 1904, Alfred C. BAKER 
*ll-220 John William CHIDESTER b 8 Mar 1887, Bicknell, 
Ut; d 24 Nov 1962; md Amanda Melvina SMITH 

11-221 Alice CHIDESTER b 10 Apr 1889, Bicknell, Ut; 
d 10 Apr 1889 

11-222 Hulda CHIDESTER b 10 Mar 1890, Bicknell, Ut; d 
10 Mar 1890 
*ll-223 James Parker CHIDESTER b 16 Nov 1891, Bicknell, Ut; 
d 5 Par 1964; md Eliza Lucinda SMITH 

11-224 Lucy CHIDESTER b 10 Apr 1895, Blue Valley, Ut; 
d 15 Mar 1927; md 29 Mar 1922, in Duchesne, Ut. ,to 
Harold Dean ALLEN who was b 8 Apr 1896, Peoa, Summit, 
Ut; s of Robert ALLEN and Ellen MAXWELL; and had ch 
b in Prove, Ut: 

(1) Ellen ALLEN b 19 Aug 1923; md 30 June 1941 
to Orlo DURFEY 

(2) John G. ALLEN b 13 Jan 1926; d 22 Apr 1929 
*ll-225 Dewey CHIDESTER b 9 May 1898, Blue Valley, Ut; 

md Lavina HILL 
*ll-226 Milton CHIDESTER b 22 Mar 1902, Blue Valley, Ut; 
d 8 Nov 1968, Richfield, Ut; md Mae Jean RASMUSSEN 

(Info: Mrs John W. Chidester, Jr. Bicknell, Ut; md recs 
of Wayne Co. Bk A) 

10-136 Mary Josephine CHIDESTER, dau of Joshua p^"-'-^^ 

(John M^~^^John P^'^^David^""^^) and Juliette BUR- 
GESS; b 4 Sept 1866, Pine Valley, Ut; d 27 Apr 
1897, Giles (formerly Blue Valley) Ut; md 7 Mar 
1883, in St. George, Ut. , to Jonathan HUNT who was 
b 25 Sept 1845, Greenville, Kentucky; s of Amos 
HUNT and Nancy Garrett WELBORN. Jonathan was md 
twice before (1) 11 Dec 1864, to Clarissa Ann 
LEAVITT; (2) 15 Sept 1879, to Mary Ann HUGHES. 

Ch of Mary Josephine CHIDESTER and Jonathan HUNT: 

*ll-227 Charles Alford or Alfred HUNT b 30 Dec 1883, Gunlock 

Ut; d 19 July 1952; md Alta CURTIS 
11-228 William Albert HUNT b 14 Fgb 1885, Gunlock, Ut; 

d 14 Feb 1885 
11-229 David Oliver HUNT b 24 Apr 1886, Gunlock, Ut; 

d 22 Jan 1889, 



11-230 Lorenzo HUNT b 6 Mar 1888, Lawrence, Ut; d 15 

Mar 1888 
11-231 Mary Josephine HUNT b 14 Feb 1890, Lawrence, Ut; 

d 11 Mar 1890 
11-232 Willis LaFayette HUNT b 26 Apr 1891, Bicknell, Ut; 

d 31 Aug 1938; md 12 Jan 1912, Rua Ett WATSON 
*ll-233 Moroni HUNT b 12 May 1893, Giles, Ut; md Delta COOK 
11-234 Andrew HUNT b 26 June 1895, Giles, Ut; md Olive 

Rozanna CURFEW 
11-235 Melsen or Melven HUNT b 12 Mar 1897, Giles, Ut; 

d 15 Feb 1898 

(Ref : fam rec poss Albert E. Hunt, Salt Lake City, Ut; Recs of 
Torrey Ward #6546 which includes Giles and Blue Valley; 
Gunlock Ward rec #6312F) 

9 — 107 
10-137 Alfred Gideon CHIDESTER, s -of Joshua P 

(John M^~^^John P^'^'^David^"'^^) and Juliette BURGESS; 
b 13 Aug 1869, Pine Valley, Washington, Ut; d 1 Feb 
1941,. Huntington, Ut; md 31 Jan 1890, in Richfield, Ut. , 
to Sarah Susanna HUNT who was b 13 Jan 1870, Paragonah, 
Iron, Ut; d 18 Jan 1944, Blackfoot, Bingham, Ida; dau 
of Levi HUNT and Phoebe Louisa FELLOWS. 

Alfred was first and foremost a farmer, but eventu- 
ally owned and operated a threshing machine and went 
about the countryside in the fall doing the threshing 
for the other farmers. He bagan married life in Hanks- 
ville, Ut. , moving to Bicknell for a short time and 
from there to Giles. About 1896, he moved his family 
to Huntington, Ut. , and remained the balance of his 

Ch of Alfred and Sarah: 

♦11-236 Phoebe Louise CHIDESTER b 1 Dec 1890, Bicknell, Ut; 

d 30 Mar 1955; md Henry Fayette GILES 
*ll-237 Juliette Ella CHIDESTER b 1 Apr 1892, Giles, Ut; 

md (1) Francis Marion ALLRED; md (2) Jesse S. HUNT; 

md (3) John H. B. DEAN 
11-238 William Alfred CHIDESTER b 29 Aug 1894, Giles, Ut; 

d 23 Feb 1912 
*ll-239 Amelia Emeline CHIDESTER b 23 Feb 1896, Giles, Ut; 

md (1) Herbert RICHARDS; md (2) George STRAKEY 
*ll-240 Sarah May CHIDESTER b 30 Oct 1897, Huntington, Ut; 

md (1) Leroy HOLT? md (2) William Marquette HEATH; 

md (3) Howard YOUNG 
11-241 Wanda Drucilla CHIDESTER b 8 Apr 1900, Annabella, 

Ut; md (1) Marion WAYMAN; md (2) Mr. JOHNSON 






















































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^^B --'^^l 


^^H Jj^H 


to -^ 

^^r ^i^^l 


G J^ C3 

^^ ^^^^^H 


(a <» S^ 



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►CI d, ICI 





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<3 •• S 



tJ S ^ 



Co o 5: 




■ -' ' — iM 




..*•• w 

Age 55 

Charles A. Bunt 

Afle 54 

Alta Curtis 

Home in lori'y^ WaynejUt. 1967 

Year 1967 

Floyd A. Hunt Laura 


Year 1967 "^'^ ^967 

Age 60 '^a' 55 

Rulon S 



Ruby Ruth HUNT 

Cecil Cccclyle Ileen Rae 

LaDonna Ruth Lawrence Allen 

Evan H 

Brenda Joyce 

Rhonda Ann 

Brian Dale 


*ll-242 Alta CHIDESTER b 13 Oct 1901, Huntington, Ut; d 2 

Apr 1927; md Hyr\mi Stephen ATWOOD 
*ll-243 LaPreal (Prealy) CHIDESTER b 4 Apr 1904, Huntington, 

Ut; d 26 Dec 1954; md Fred WAYMAN 
*ll-244 Susanna CHIDESTER b 25 June 1905, Huntington, Ut; md 

(1) Edward ENGLE; md (2) Ray Allred BERRY 
*ll-245 Maria CHIDESTER b 21 Feb 1907, Huntington, Ut; md 

James HILL 
*ll-246 Lovira CHIDESTER b 13 May 1909, Huntington, Ut; md 

Clair Alexander LEWIS 
*ll-247 Levi Parker CHIDESTER b 29 Jan 1912, Huntington, Ut; 

*ll-248 John Morris CHIDESTER b 18 Dec 1916, Huntington, Ut; 
m Anona Belle FOOTE 
11-249 Lynn Hunt CHIDESTER b 14 Jan 1914, Huntington, Ut; 

d 1914 
11-250 son, stillborn, 5 Jan 1915 

(Ref : Fam recs of Maxine Crapo, Provo, Ut; story and picture 
courtesy Winnie May Heath Chidester, Salt Lake City, Ut; 
Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah) 

LO-138 Lafayette CHIDESTER, s of Joshua p^"-'-°'^ (John 

M^"^^John p'^'^^David^"'^^) and Juliette BURGESS; 
b 28 Sept 1871, Bloomington , nr Bear Lake, Idaho; 
d 9 June 1929, Price, Ut; md 26 June 1901, in 
Murray, Ut. , to Elsie Cyrene HICKS who was b 28 
July 1883, Elsinore, Ut; d 19 Aug 1963, Price, Ut; 
dau of Starks Lafayette HICKS and Hannah Abigail 
RUSSELL; and had ch: 

*11-251 Elsie Luella CHIDESTER b 12 Apr 1902; d 9 
Sept 1969; md Clarence Dean POWELL 

11-252 Florence Vera CHIDESTER b 25 Sept 1903, 
Bingham, Ut; md 11 Aug 1925, Wilford Edwin ANDERSON 

11-253 Edna Juliette CHIDESTER b 18 Nov 1905, Bingham, Ut; 
d 30 June 1945; md 1 Aug 1923, Lionel William MERRICK 

11-254 Virginia CHIDESTER b 19 Feb 1908, Bingham, Ut; 

md 7 Mar 1927, Willard Alvin SMITH who was b 19 Jan 1899, 
in Bear, Adams, Idaho; d 5 Mar 1972, Myton, Ut; s of 
Clarence Eugene SMITH and Ada Rebecca WARNER; and had 
ch b in Altonah, Ut: 

(1) Betty LaRae SMITH b 10 Dec 1927; md (1) 23 Apr 
1945, Ervin D HARRISON: md (2) Carl Peter HARRI- 
SON; md (3) Blaine AUSTIN; md (4) Edwin Watts VAN 

(2) Willard Bert SMITH b 20 Aug 1929; d 8 Jan 1974; 
md 6 Nov 1953, to Peggy Ann MUELLER 

(3) Ada Genele SMITH b 26 Aug 1931; md (1) 29 Sept 



1950, to Chris GORIS; md (2) E. Fay RIPPON 
(4) Virginia Darlene SMITH b 4 Jan 1936; md 26 Mar 

1956, to Ray Leroy PERRY 
(Fam rec of Mrs. Virginia C. Smith, Myton, Ut.) 
*ll-255 Esther CHIDESTER b 11 Feb 1909, Bingham, Ut; md 
(1) Leonard ALLRED; md (2) Irvin LaDUE; md (3) James 
*ll-256 Joseph CHIDESTER b 14 June 1911, Bingham, Ut; md 
(1) Rose May TAYLOR; md (2) Lucille Minnie TURNKETT 
11-257 Lafayette CHIDESTER b 2 Sept 1913, Bingham, Ut; d 30 
June 1972; md (1) 27 July 1942, Ruth O'NEIL who was b 
4 Mar 1922, Al terra, Ut; dau of John Alexander O'NEIL 
and Mary Elizabeth WINN: and had ch b in Price, Ut: 

(1) Ronald CHIDESTER b 5 July 1943; d 26 Jan 1963 

(2) Juanita Ruth CHIDESTER b 19 Aug 1947 
Lafayette md (2) 8 June 1956, Marie DALTON 

*ll-258 Louise Hannah CHIDESTER b 23 Jan 1917, Huntington, 
Ut;md Nolan D. MECHAM 
11-259 Alton Parker CHIDESTER b 22 Mar 1918, Altonah, 
Ut; d 15 Sept 1921. 

The Chidesters spent most of their lives in Bingham 
Canyon, Ut. , where Lafayette served as sheriff of 
Salt Lake County. While he was sheriff, he was in 
the process of arresting some criminals one day and 
one of them shot him in the leg. Infection set in 
and the leg had to be amputated. He wore an arti- 
ficial leg for awhile until it broke. He then made 
himself a wooden leg out of a cedar post. He always 
walked with a cane. 

He had a great sense of humor and could always tell 
a funny story to fit any occasion. The following 
original story illustrates his vivid imagination and 
quick wit: 

A group of men were sitting around one evening 
bragging about what great teams of horses they own- 
ed. Lafe (as he was known by his family and friends) 
just sat and listened while the stories became in- 
creasingly unbelievable, Finally, one man said his 
horses could out-pull any team there because they had 
just pulled a very large building several blocks. To 
confirm his story he turned to Lafe and asked, 
"Isn't that so, Chidester ?" 

To which Lafe replied, "Oh, I know that's so 
because my horses came right behind them dragging the 
basement! " 

(Ref: fam recs of Mis. Elsie Powell, Duchesne, Ut; 
story by Winnie May Heath Chidester, Salt Lake City.) 


10-139 Joshua Parker CHIDESTER, s of Joshua P^~ 

(John M^"^^John P^'^^David^"'^^) and Juliette BUR- 
GESS; b 15 Jan 1873, Bloomington, Ida; d 24 Feb 
1912, Salt Lake City, Ut; bur in Delta, Ut; md 17 
Apr 1899, in St. George, Ut., to Maude Elethier 
BUNKER who was b 26 Mar 1883, Annabella, Ut; d 17 
Jan 19 31, Price, Ut; dau of William Edward BUNKER 
and Sarah Vilate BURGESS; and had oh: 

*ll-260 Violate CHIDESTER b 17 May 1900;. d 25 Nov 1939, 

Salt Lake City, Ut; md Stephan Or an STODDARD 

*11-261 William Parker CHIDESTER b 1 July 1904, St. George, 

Ut; d 1 July 1976; md Margaret Ellen ARNOLD 

*ll-262 Lafayette (Lafe) CHIDESTER b 30 Mar 1906, Bicknell, 

Ut; d 30 June 1972; md (1) Fanny BONE; md (2) Sylvia 


11-263 George Albert CHIDESTER b 11 Feb 1908, Bicknell, Ut; 

d 23 Mar 1908 

11-264 Earl Bunker CHIDESTER b 21 May 1909, Deseret, Ut; 

d June 1909 

*ll-265 Joshua Edward CHIDESTER b 15 May 1912, Deseret, Ut; 

md Ora Pearl GURNEY 

The first years of their marriage, Joshua worked 
at a sawmill in southern Utah. He went hunting 
one day and his gun exploded in his face and a piece 
of it entered his forehead. He was very ill for over 
two years because of this. He continued to have 
severe headaches although those around him would never 
know because he was very good natured and never com- 

He and family moved to Altonah, Ut. , where he took 
up farming. As his headaches became more severe he 
finally went to Salt Lake City and had his head oper- 
ated on. A steel plate was inserted to relieve the 

He had a pleasing personality and made friends eas- 
ily. While he was in the hospital recuperating 
from the operation, he would go from room to room 
cheering up the other patients. Just a few days be- 
fore he was to be released he contracted spinal men- 
ingitis and died. 

(Ref: fam recs of Stephan Oran Stoddard, Delta, Ut; 
and Winnie Maty Heath Chidester, Salt Lake City, Ut.) 


10-141 Esther Violate CHIDESTER, dau of Joshua P 

John M^"^^John p'^"^^David^"^^) and Juliette BURGESS; 
b 25 Sept 1878, Panguitch, Ut; d 27 June 1929, Price, 
Ut; md Raymond BURGESS who was b 12 Mar 1873, Pine 
Valley, Ut; d 4 Feb 1919, Altonah, Ut; s of James 
Calmer BURGESS and Mary Louise HEATH. 

Esther and Raymond spent their early years in Price, 
Ut. About 1904 they moved to Idaho where Raymond 
helped build a canal across to Rupert, Idaho. They 
returned to Price briefly, moving from there to Alton- 
ah where they took up a homestead farm. In 1919 Ray- 
mond and the two oldest children died with the "flu". 

Esther was a wonderful woman, devoting her life to 
serving other people. She was especially good at 
caring for the sick and was willing to help anyone 
she could in any way. 

Ch of Esther and Raymond: 

11-266 Raymond Lavern BURGESS b 27 Jan 1897, Price, Ut; d 

3 Feb 1919 
11-267 Thelma BURGESS b 15 Sept 1899, Price, Ut; d 8 Feb 

*ll-268 Kenneth BURGESS b 8 Mar 1901, Price, Ut; d 29 Apr 

1928; md Edna May FOOTE 
11-269 Earnest BURGESS b 13 Oct 1903, Price, Ut; d 9 Dec 

1937; md 21 June 1922, Mabel Nielson NORTON who was b 

22 Sept 1909, Panguitch, Ut; and had ch: 

(1) Laverna BURGESS (twin) b 20 Apr 1934, Bicknell, Ut; 

(2) Lavera BURGESS (twin) b 20 Apr 1934, Bicknell, Ut. 

(3) Ruben E. BURGESS b 2 Aug 1935, Altonah, Ut. 
*ll-270 Lafayette BURGESS b 6 July 1905, Albion, Ida; d 25 

Nov 1957; md Elda FOOTE 
11-271 Glen BURGESS b 30 Dec 1906, Albion, Ida; d 19 Dec 
1967, Provo, Ut; md '6 Jan 1936, in Vernal, Ut. , to 
Velda Irene PERKS who was b 11 Apr 1918, Altonah, Ut; 
dau of Israel Dustus PERKS and Artemisia FOOTE. They had 
a ch b 21 Aug 1936, Roosevelt, Ut. , d the same day. 

Mr. Burgess was a farmer most of his life, then about 
1957 he moved to Provo, Ut. , and became a carpenter and 
builder. He was an active scouter and for some time 
was president of the William Burgess Family Organization. 
11-272 Earl BURGESS b 1 May 1910, Altonah, Ut; md 25 May 
1937, to Ruth BOWEN 
*ll-273 Belva BURGESS b 9 Aug 1911, Altonah, Ut; md Charles 


*ll-274 Mary Juliette BURGESS b 15 Apr 1913, Altonah, Ut; 

md Harold TAYSOM 
*ll-275 Blanche BURGESS b 7 July 1915, Altonah, Ut; md Jack 

11-276 Lynn BURGESS b and d 1917, Altonah, Ut; 

(Ref : recs of Raymond Win Burgess, Provo, Ut; story by Winnie 
Mai£ Heath Chidester, Salt Lake City, Ut.) 

10-142 Joseph Harrison CHIDESTER, s of Joshua P 

(John M^"^^John p'^'^^David^"'*^) and Juliette BURGESS; 
b 3 Apr 1881, Bicknell, Ut; d 30 May 1938, Price, 
Ut; md 2 Oct 1916, in Fillmore, Ut. , to Sarah Mabel 
IDE who was b 6 June 1890, Loa, Ut; dau of James Mon- 
roe Cranson IDE and Sarah Ann THORNTON. At the time of 
his marriage, Joseph gave his birthplace as Altonah, 
Ut (se Millard Co., md rec Bk C p 39.) However, the 
family had not yet moved to that area. Being so young 
when the move was made, he probably did not know the 
difference. The record book also gives his wife's 
name as Sarah Ann. 

After his marriage, Joseph became a farmer near 
Bluebell, Ut., but soon moved to Price, Ut. , where 
he hauled coal. He was always kind and considerate 
of his wife and children. He wasreligious and well 
educated; he enjoyed a good joke and liked to dance. 

Children of Joseph and Sarah: 

11-277 Sarah Donna Belle CHIDESTER b 11 July 1917, Bluebell, 

Ut; md 29 July 1941, Anthon Charles MORTENSON 
*ll-278 Joseph Aaron CHIDESTER b 27 Aug 1919, Bluebell, Ut; 

md (1) Wanda Marie O'NEIL; md (2) Emma Jean SCOVILL 
11-279 James Lamond CHIDESTER b 13 Sept 1926, Price, Ut; 

d 13 Sept 1926 
11-280 Eunice CHIDESTER b 26 Feb 1928, Price, Ut; md Don 

Clinton JOHNSON 

(Ref: obit and md rec of Joseph H. Chidester; fam recs of 
Joseph Aaron Chidester; Winnie M. H. Chidester, hist and 
pictures. ) 


9—1 07 R — R ^ 

10-143 Enoch CHIDESTER, s of Joshua P (John M 

John P^'^^David^""^^) and Juliette BURGESS: b 11 May 
1883, Annabella, Ut; d 31 Oct 1960, Price, Ut; md 
(1) 11 May 1905, in Bicknell, Ut. , to Martha Mariah 
HEATH who was b 8 May 1883, Bicknell, Ut; d 19 Aug 
1958, Price, Ut; dau of James Harvey HEATH and Ellen 
THORNTON; and had ch, besides stillborn twins (born 
in 1906) : 

*11-281 Walter Ray CHIDESTER b 23 Apr 1907, Huntington, Ut; 

md (1) Hazel CARR; md (2) Delta Johanna JENSEN 
*ll-282 Clin J. CHIDESTER b 17 Aug 1908, Lawrence, Ut; md 

*ll-283 Loren E. CHIDESTER b 1 Aug 1910, Altonah, Ut; md 

Violet Ellen JACKSON 
*ll-284 James Orville CHIDESTER b 1 Jan 1912, Altonah, Ut; 

md Sadie Elizabeth (Beth) TRINNEMAN 
*ll-285 Enola Ellen CHIDESTER b 23 Dec 1917, Sunnyside, Ut; 

md (1) Willis Lane GRUNDVIG; md (2) Theodore Edward 

SHANNON; md (3) Ray KELLY: md (4) Harry Lee ELLIS 
*ll-286 Julia Ruth CHIDESTER b 4 Nov 1921, Price, Ut; md 

Eugene MACKEY 

Enoch md (2) in 1960, Lois Emily Baker Hastings 

A child of nine years at the death of his father, 
Enoch remembered the hungry years when Father was 
away teaching school most vividly. Then there were 
the lean years when even the shool money stopped and 
all the children had to do everything they could to 
help the family to survive. The three oldest were 
married and involved in their own struggles and 
Juliette, his mother, worked as a seamstress and kept 
the family together as best she could. It is no 
wonder, then, that Enoch did not have a chance for 
a great deal of education, nor did he have the fun of 
care-free childhood. 

By the time he was fifteen, Enoch was hiring out 
as a farm hand and about that time, too, had gone 
to Bunkerville, Nevada, to work, where he roomed with 
another young man on a farm. Despite the long hours 
of hard work he had developed a keen sense of humor 
and was somewhat of a practical joker. One night a 
passing prospector stopped to ask the boys for a 
night's lodging. The two young men were happy for 


company and entertained the best they could. For 
breakfast the next morning, they served the visitor 
pancakes with sorghum syrup. The propsector ate 
heartily and expressed his extreme liking for the 
syrup. The boys decided they would give him some to 
take along, but could find no container to put it 
in except the man's pant pockets. Later when they 
encountered the same prospector, they asked how he 
had enjoyed the syrup. He said, "Oh, the syrup was 
fine but it sure ruined my pocket!" 

It was probably from such visitors as this that 
Enoch conceived the idea of doing some prospecting 
on his own. Leaving the farm he went to Death Vall- 
ey to try his luck. Talking to another man one 
evening, the man showed him a ball of clay in which 
he had hidden his gold dust so that robbers would 
not be tempted to steal it. Playfully, Enoch grabb- 
ed the ball and slung it into a thicket of bushes. 
Immediately the two men began to search for the ball 
but it was never found. That night Enoch began to 
grow up and leave his childish ways. 

Acquiring a companion, Enoch went further into the 
desert to find his fortune. The day came when the 
two men found that besides their donkey they had only 
a gallon of water to sustain them. They cast lots 
to see who should have the water and who would get 
the donkey. Enoch won the donkey and set out immed- 
iately, heading towards Beatty, Nevada. It was pitch 
dark when he arrived there and he could not find 
anything so decided to sleep through the night, then 
make some contact. When he awoke the next morning 
he found only the dry bones of the former inhabitants. 
He buried them, then started on the dreary road to 
Las Vegas. In Las Vegas he learned that people there 
had become alarmed at the long absence of the two men 
and had sent a search party out to find them. They 
found the man who had kept the water - dead. 

That was the end of his prospecting days. Enoch 
returned to Bicknell, Ut. , and engaged again in farm 
activities. There he met and married Martha Mariah 
HEATH. A wagon had been packed and prepared for the 
honeymoon and the young couple was to sleep in it after 
the wedding ceremony, all ready to start out the next 
morning. A friend, knowing the chivaree customs of 
the community, suggested that he would trade wagons 
with them for the night. They agreed and retired 
with the friend going to bed in their wagon. During 
the night some young fellows attached ropes to the 
honeymoon wagon and pulled it far out into the country- 
side, when to their surprise the friend opened the 


wagon cover, pointed a shotgun at them and made them 
re-attach the ropes and return the wagon to its or- 
iginal place. 

The honeymoon was spent on the Henry mountains, 
then they moved to Huntington, Ut. , where they re- 
mained until 1909, moving then to Myton, Ut., where 
Enoch engaged in hauling freight from Myton to Price, 
The round trip of one hundred sixty miles required 
five days to make it. One winter Enoch and several 
others made the trip, but when they got to Price, 
a big snow storm arose. His companions decided to 
remain in Price until it had cleared up, but Enoch 
was anxious to get home so started out alone. The 
conditions were so bad that it took him eighteen 
days to make the eighty miles. He ran out of feed 
for the horses so fed them sugar from the freight 
load. There was a real celebration when he arr- 
ived safely in town. The only thing he had to pay 
for from the load was the red handkerchieves he had 
cut up to make face masks for himself so that he 
wouldn't go snow blind. 

The following spring Enoch moved his family to 
Clay Basin, about three miles east of Altonah and 
four miles north of Bluebell, to homestead a tract 
of one hundred sixty acres of land. About sixteen 
acres could be irrigated, the rest dry farm. He 
installed a big horse-powered threshing unit, with 
the horses traveling in a circle to make the separ- 
ators work. At threshing time the farmers would 
bring their grain to him to be threshed. The women 
would assemble to do the cooking for the crews . To 
the children it seemed a grand picnic time. It was 
good to have those times to remember , though, for 
by the time spring came there would often not be 
enough food left to satisfy a growing family and 
they would have to dig for Indian and Sego roots 
and snare rabbits. 

There were Indian troubles, too. One time when 
Maria and the children were alone, three squaws 
and four braves came to the house. The braves 
started to enter the house while the squaws headed 
for the garden. Maria cocked an old 44 rifle and 
told the men she would shoot if they came in. 
Then she gave the gun to her oldest boy, went out 
the back door, got a hoe and drove the squaws out 
of t he garden. The Indians left and didn't ever 


Enoch chewed tobacco, a habit he had acquired in 
his prospecting days. One spring he was working in 
the field. The spring season was very short so 
it was important to make the most of every day. 
Enoch lost his tobacco one day. He stopped work, 
took a horse and rode twenty five miles to Myton 
to get another plug of tobacco. When he got home 
he began thinking about how foolish he had been. 
He threw the tobacco out and never again used it! 

In 1916 the family moved to Sunnyside, Utah, where 
Enoch worked in the coal mines until 1918, when 
they moved back to the farm. That was the winter 
of the terrible "flu" epidemic. Fortunately none 
of the family contracted the disease but kept busy 
doing the chores for the neighbors who suffered 
from it. 

The next summer Enoch and his sons took a job 
digging a tunnel to the bottom of the lake for 
the Farmer's Irrigation Company. The lake was right 
at timber line, 11,000 feet high, and they encount- 
ered snow until July 24th. When they left in Sept- 
ember it was snowing so hard they could hardly see 
their way out. 

That year, 1919, debts were so heavy that the 
farm was lost and the family moved to Price where 
Enoch bought six town lots and pitched tents on 
them for the family to live in until a house could 
be built. Eventually he sold four of the lots for 
enough to pay off the two remaining ones. 

Going out of town a ways, Enoch started a lime 
business by digging a shaft in the side of a big 
wash, then constructing a chute leading to the 
bottom of the shaft. Gathering rocks from the 
side hills, they were rolled into the shaft and 
burned. Besides this venture, he and boys hauled 
gravel and sand for builders. During this time he 
served the city of Price as councilman for twelve 

Energetic and versatile, Enoch worked hard all 
the days of his life to support his family and train 
his sons to be self-supporting and free. A man 
among men, trained in adversity, always self- 

(Ref: fam recs of Walter Ray Chidester and James 
Orville Chidester, sons,) 


10-145 Charles Ray CHIDESTER, s of Joshua p^~-'-°^ 

/-r L, »8-85^ , „7-57^ .,6-47, , ^ ^. ^^ 

(John M John P David ) and Juliette 

BURGESS; b 27 June 1887, Kanosh, Ut; d 7 May 

1942, Duchesne, Ut; md 26 Apr 1911, in Duchesne, 

Ut., to Winnie May HEATH who was b 26 Jan 1888, 

Bicknell, Ut; dau of James Harvey HEATH and Ellen 

THORNTON: and had ch: 

*ll-287 James Ray CHIDESTER b 11 Apr 1912, Altonah, Ut; 
md Zora Irene BOOTH 
11-288 Mae CHIDESTER b 3 Mar 1914, Huntington, Ut; md 
3 July 1935, Manti, Ut. , to Arland Clive CURTIS who 
was b 7 Apr 1911, Aurora, Ut; s of Wallace CURTIS 
and Amanda WATSON. Arland served in the Sea Bees (Con- 
struction Battalion) during World War II and Mae work- 
ed for Convair in San Diego, Ca. They have a home in 
American Fork, Ut. , where Arland has worked for Geneva 
Steel Co. They have no children. 

♦11-289 Zella CHIDESTER b 14 May 1916, Altonah, Ut; md 
Earl Eugene INGRAHAM 

*ll-290 Sylvia CHIDESTER b 8 Nov 1918, Altonah, Ut; 
md Delbert Eugene HUNT 

*11-291 John Lindon CHIDESTER b 10 Jan 1924, Storrs (Spring 
Canyon) Ut; md Eldora Jane MAUGHAN 
11-292 Nina Lou CHIDESTER b 2 Sept 1926, Price, Ut; md 
18 Nov 1960, to Leif Evert DAHLSTROM who was b 15 Dec 
1932, Kalmar SWEDEN; s of Axel Albert Adrian DAHLSTROM 
and Edla Edith Matilda KARLSSON: and had ch: 

(1) Lisa DAHLSTROM b 15 July 1963, Salt Lake City, Ut. 

(2) Dennis DAHLSTROM 

Nina Lou, a graduate of Carbon High in Price, worked for 
Convair Aircraft during World War II, in San Diego. She 
worked for several years for the telephone company in 
Salt Lake City. A talented musician, she keeps busy 
with church work and volunteer work for the blind, putt- 
ing books on tapes so they can listen to them instead 
of having to read them. 
*ll-293 Julia Ellen CHIDESTER b 17 May 1931, Price, Ut; md 
Roland DeGraw BUTLER 

Charles Ray CHIDESTER, youngest son of Joshua P. 
and Juliette Burgess Chidester, was four years old 
when his father died. His mother took him and the 
other children who were still at home, to Blue Vall- 
ey, Wayne Co., Ut. , where they lived with Alfred 
Gideon (Giddian) Chidester,, Charles' older married 

\ Chccrles Ray Chidester 
the Hunter 

Ellen Chidester & Roland D Butler 

Kathtene B. HepDorth 
and dau Nicole 


to 5^ 

a: to 




n 0) 
to +i 

?H ta 

Si » 





4^ <0 to 

cc; O 



brother, until about 1898, when they moved to Hunt- 
ington,. Ut. 

By the time his mother married Mr. Zenos Wing 
DODGE and moved them to Mesquite, Nevada, Charles 
was the only child left at home, the others either 
married or away working. One time when Mr. 
Dodge and Juliette took their produce to Utah to 
sell, Charles was left alone at home. He ran out 
of food and subsisted on melons until their re- 
turn a week later. 

Charles had a little pony that he rode wherever 
he went. He always went alone. One time he decid- 
ed to go to Utah on his pony. He got nearly to 
Beaver, Ut., when his pony seemed to be shaking. 
He got off and discovered that it really was an 
earthquake. The quakes continued for three days 
so Charles didn't stay there very long. He went on 
to Bicknell. 

About 1903 the family moved back to Bicknell. 
T here Charles met Winnie HEATH and became attract- 
ed to her. About 1910 Charles and his brother Joe 
took a band of Indian ponies out tor the reserva- 
tion (Duchesne Co.,) to sell. They staid there, 
homesteading some land and beginning farming. 

In the meantime Winnie's family had moved to Alt- 
onah. She and Charles renewed their acquaintance- 
ship and were married in 1911, in Vernal, Ut. They 
lived in Altonah for ten years and suffered all the 
hardships incident to pioneering in that difficult 

When the "flu" epidemic hit in the fall of 1918, 
Charles moved his family to Huntington, Ut. The 
"flu" found them there and in 1919 the entire fam- 
ily suffered from it. Charles had gone to Storrs 
to work in the coal mine there and came near dying 
with the "flu" while his family in Huntington was 
nearly as ill. 

September 1, 1919, he took his family, consist- 
ing of four children and his wife, to the Manti 
temple. In 192 3, after an extended strike that 
had closed the Storrs mines, Charles bought a 
home in Price, Utah, and moved there. For awhile 
he worked as an auto mechanic, then he went to work 
for Harry GORDON, traveling in Southern Utah as 
a buyer of pelts and wool - mostly from Indians. 
The Indians had a high regard for him and trusted 
him implicitly. 


In 1932, Charles moved his family, now consisting 
of seven children , to Green River, Ut. While they 
lived there he operated a service station, a small 
store and camp cabins, or motel. He also contin- 
ued to work and travel for Mr. GORDON. 

They lived in Green River for nine years, then 
Charles developed kidney stones to such a degree 
that he had to be under the constant care of a 
docto£> . Since there were no doctors in Green 
River, he took his family to Price. He had sev- 
eral operations for stones and finally one kidney 
had to be removed. He was bedridden for over a 
year before he died of cancer of the kidneys. 

Charles was very good in mathematics. He was 
interested in geology and was a part owner in a 
copper mine in Wayne Co., Ut. He loved to travel 
and was always interested in going to new places 
and meeting new people. He had a talent for mak- 
ing friends wherever he went. He was very gener- 
ous and was always helping anyone he could in any 
way. He was loved by all who knew him. 

While living in Green River, Winnie not only op- 
erated the motel, but was active in her church, 
serving as Primary president, Sunday School teach- 
er. Relief Society class leader and a counselor in 
the genealogy committee. 

After her husband's death she continued to live 
in Price and continued her church activity, serv- 
ing as counselor and teacher in the Primary, 
teaching Sunday School and Relief Society. She has 
traveled all over the western United States and in 
Mexico. She sings, plays the piano, does oil paint- 
ings and has written a book of poems. She has al- 
ways loved genealogy work and has spent many hours 
doing research. 

On her eightieth birthday, a grandson, James Ray 
CHIDESTER, took her for her first airplane ride. He 
was the owner and pilot of the plane. A great thrill 
for a doting grandmother. She has lived in Salt 
Lake City since 1949. 

(Ref: Mrs. Winnie May Heath CHIDESTER.) 


10-148 John Madison PULSIPHER, s of Esther CHIDEST- 

ER^"^°^ (John M^"^^John p'^'^'^David^"^'^) and William 
PULSIPHER; b 22 Apr 1867, Hebron, Washington, Ut; 
d 1 Mar 1940, St. George, Ut; md (1) 10 May 1892, 
in St. George, Ut. , to Rowena Elizabeth ROMNEY, 
widow of Mr. WOODBURY. By her first marriage Rowena 
had ch: 

(1) Tina WOODBURY who md Joseph WALKER of Hollywood 

(2) George WOODBURY, who became a doctor and lived 
in Indio, Ca. 

(3) Joseph WOODBURY who moved to Fresno, Ca. 

Rowena d 16 Nov 1917. Ch of John M. Pulsipher and 
Rowena : 

11-294 Esther PULSIPHER who md Rodney SNOW and lived in 

Santa Monica, Ca. 
11-295 William PULSIPHER 
11-296 a dau who md Harley JOHNSON and lived in Glendale, 


John and Rowena lived in his home in Enterprise 
Ut. , in the summer, but returned to her home in St. 
George for winter. 

John md (2) 6 Oct 1920, Laura ANDERSON who had 
been born and raised at Anderson's Ranch located 
at the junction of the highway south and Zion's 
Park highway. It was a lovely place and a recrea- 
tional spot for many years. Her parents were well 
enough off always to have the first fancy buggy, 
the new type wagon, or later, the first automobile. 
Small in stature, Laura yet had learned to do many 
things and at the time of her marriage was teach- 
ing school. 

Having been taught to work hard in the days of 
his youth, John had become rather self-reliant by 
the time his mother was moving to Provo. He elect- 
ed to remain in Southern Utah with his brother 
Willie, and the two of them rounded up wild horses 
to break, train and sell. They worked as ranch 
hands and learned all the tricks of the trade. It 
was no wonder that he should become a very success- 
ful ranch and cattle man who always preferred the 
wild country to which he was born. Companions on 
the trail and around the campfire testified to his 


kindness, unselfishness and gen-ine worth. Although 
he elected to leave his family at an early age, he 
was still a devoted son and went frequently to the 
north to join the family for all important events. 

(Ref: Kenneth Cropper, nephew, Provo, Ut.) 

10-149 Eunice PULSIPHER, dau of Esther CHIDESTER^""'"^^ 

(John M^~^^John P^~^^David^~^'') and William PUL- 
SIPHER; b 15 Mar 1869, Hebron, Ut; d 20 Nov 1945, 
Raymond, Alberta, Canada; md 16 Sept 1887, in 
Logan, Ut. , to Alma Miner CARTER who was b 20 Dec 
1865, Provo, Ut; d 17 Oct 1939, Raymond, Alberta, 
Canada; s of Dominicus CARTER; and had ch: 

11-297 Florence Elf a CARTER b 25 Nov 1888, Provo, Ut; 

d 1889 
11-298 Alma Ervin CARTER b 4 June 1890, Provo, Ut; md 2 

Apr 1913, Estella WALTON 
11-299 Eunice Ferl CARTER b 5 Jan 1892, Provo, Ut; d 18 

Feb 1972; md Joseph Arthur LITCHFIELD 
*ll-300 Lamonde Lial CARTER b 17 June 1894, Provo, Ut; d 16 

Nov 1973; md Viva JONES 
11-301 Esther CARTER b 28 Oct 1896, Provo, Ut; md 28 

Oct 1915, Forest L, PACKARD and had ten children. 

A son, Forest PACKARD, was a prisoner of the Japanese 

on Johnson Island in World War II 
*ll-302 Elmer Pulsipher CARTER b 17 Nov 1901, Provo, Ut; 

md Maleta MORRISON 
*ll-303 Melvin William CARTER b 13 Dec 1907, Raymond, Alb- 
erta, Canada; md (1) Birdie lone THUESON; md (2) Joan 

WATSON; md (3) Marian Frances MURPHY 
11-304 Darwin Dominicus CARTER b 13 Oct 1910, Raymond, 

Canada; d 9 Nov 1910. 

After Eunice had been widowed and retired to a 
small home in Raymond, Canada, she wrote a letter 
to her sister Anna, dated 10 Mar, 1941: 

"I have been so happy in my little home. My home 
on the lease was good, but it was so isolated. I 
had to ride wherever I went. I bought a nice black 
crepe dress last week for the Old Folks party Mar 
19th. I shall also go to the Relief Society gath- 
ering Mar 17th 

-«&9t*bJ^i »'^.i.3fi- 

Eunice Pulsipher Carter 

Lamonde Lial & Viva Jones Carter 

Jim GroLjy Staoey, Wenona Carter Gray. 
Michael Hann and John Lial Hann 

Insets: David 

Wilburn Lamonde 
& Evelyn Carter 

Kenneth & Daragh Carter 

Brian Lamonde Carter 

Keith and 
Ferl (Carter 

Wilson C Carter 
family: L to R: 
Kathleen J Wilson 
Kent L; Mark A; 
Todd S 

Front: Burt C 
Lisa; Shelley 

Ardell Lynn Carter; Lori-Lynn; Shara-Lynn; David W 
ana Lyle Woodrow Green 





*-^ CO 





CO (3 N 

K Q> Q> 
•-S S3 

•«» .J^l S) CO 

Ci ca J^ 'tj 
K cc; S § fei 

O 1 CO CO 
SL, 40 ?L< Q> Q) 

-1^ i-q r« e Q 

^ .. §^^^ 

r-o CO Q -P 
G M V +^ S 

J^ o o 

l-q fej Co t=- Ct, 


Family of Marvin Brail CARTER and Mori Jo HIXON 

Gary A. and Loretta Carter^ with children 
Jennie Lynn^ Mamie Rae and Rhett Lamonde 


"We lived in Clover Valley, Nevada, when Father 
died. He was out riding the range, saw a big band 
of his horses being driven off and, in spite of 
very cold weather, he overtook the horses, getting 
them back on the range. He took a heavy cold which 
turned to pneumonia. He stopped at his brother 
John's in Hebron. He got worse, raved and called 
for Tessie. Just as soon as he saw her he quieted 
down. She could keep him quiet but he kept getting 
weaker. All of us came from Clover Valley. He 
died a day or two later. He was buried on my birth- 

"We returned to Clover Valley until it was warm 
enough to move to the ranch on Shoal Creek, five 
miles the other side of Hebron. Mother hired 
Darwin CHIDESTER to gather the cattle to sell. She 
also hired Aunt Eunice Chidester HARMON to stay with 
her that summer. Three or four weeks before you 
were born she sent to Gunlock for a midwife, Mrs 

"We moved into Hebron for the winter. I was 
eleven years old. The next spring Mother got per- 
mission to move. Susie, the Indian girl, would 
not go. Mother bought land and had what is now 
the Roberts Hotel built in Provo and made her liv- 
ing by boarding students. Mother made the beds, 
I did the kitchen work. 

"One day when you were carrying around the toilet 
chair, you fell with it against --the heater, burn- 
ing your face just awful. Mother held you in her 
arms, holding your hands so you could not scratch 
your face. I scraped raw potatoes to draw the fire 
out, until there was only one blister on your 

"In Shoal Creek and Hebron I used to be afraid to 
go to bed at night for fear Ben TASKER and his gang 
would come and kill us all." 

The boarding house in central Provo was eventually 
sold and the family moved to a large home and farm 
on Provo Bench. Eunice and her brother Willie walk- 
ed each school day, from there back to Brigham Young 
Academy where Eunice finished her schooling. She 
then taught school for three years until she marr- 
ied Alma Miner CARTER. 

After their marriage Eunice and Alma lived for a 


for a short time in Clover Valley, Ne^?. Returning 
to Provo, they lived in a brick home which Eunice's 
mother had given them. 

For some time Alma worked in the mines. His com- 
panions there were rough men and Alma began to absorb 
some of their bad habits and manners. Eunice toyed 
with the idea of leaving him, but one night she had 
a dream. A heavenly messenger seemed to come to 
her and advised, "Do not leave Alma, for he is a 
good man. Put white garments on him." She thought 
that had reference to his under clothing. He had 
been wearing grey flannel garments because of the 
mine work. 

In 1902 Alma joined a group going to Canada to 
settle. They were under the sponsorship of Jesse 
KNIGHT who was interested in settling the Alberta 
country. Eunice and the five children did not make 
the trip until the following March. They settled in 
a small house in Raymond and assisted in the cultiva- 
tion of two hundred acres of rich farm land, ninety 
of them being irrigated. 

After seven years on this cooperative farm, the 
Carters moved out on the "Coulee", six miles away. 
They had a bumper crop of wheat that year, with tlfe 
proceeds of which they bought cattle and began home- 
steading at Twin Rivers. Two more children had 
joined the family and they grieved at the loss of 
the youngest. 

Life in Canada was good, though. The family 
prospered and gradually the old conflicts disapp- 

Eunice and her sisters were very close although 
many miles separated them. While she wss in Canada, 
Arietta was in Montana; Minnie, Anna and LaPrele 
were in Utah. They corresponded frequently. If 
one learned something of another she was quick to 
pass the word along. At first they wrote to learn 
about Mother. Then they wrote to keep up with each 
other and their families. 

Life at Twin Rivers had been good. The Carters 
prospered and raised their family to maturity. But 
as the years passed the severe winters began to take 
their toll. At first they tried spending the winters 
either in Raymond or Lethbridge where they would be 
near the children and have medical care. Then, 


after Alma died, Eunice found life on the farm too 
isolated and lonely and she moved to a small home 
in Raymond, near her son LaMonde. She had been 
blessed to have her companion for more than fifty 
years, her family was raised, and she was content 
to live quietly, caring for herself, raising her 
own garden and tending flowers, remembering and 
writing of her eventful life and doing fine needle 
work. Various ones of the children wanted her to 
live with them and a brother made an attractive 
offer, but she remained in her own home. 

Frequently she went to the Temple in Alberta 
and faithfully she attended her church meetings. 
Her sistersand their families visited her several 
times and one lovely Christmas she was able to 
spend in Idaho with members of the family. 

In March, 1972, Alma and Eunice could count 
forty three living grandchildren and many great 
grand children. Their eldest son, Ervin, had 
filled a mission to the Northern States in 1918. 
Their posterity filled church positions in many 
branches and wards. There were missionary grand- 
sons from every family. 

(Ref: Mrs. LaMonde Carter, Nelson, B. C; Kenneth 
Cropper, Prove, Ut.) 

10-152 Minnie Minerva PULSIPHER, dau of Esther CHIDEST- 

TER^'^°^ (John M^"^^John p'^'^'^David^"^"^) and William 
PULSIPHER; b 17 Dec 1875, Hebron, Ut; d 3 July 1934, 
Darby, Montana. , while visiting her sister Arietta 
Snow DAW; bur in Provo, Ut; md (1) 24 Dec 1894, 
Albert Grafton THOMAS who d 10 June 1906; and had 
ch b in Provo, Ut; 

11-105 William Wallace THOMAS b 16 Sept 1896; d 25 

Dec 1957; md 17 Mar 1920, to Eva KILLPACK of Idaho; 
In 1917, Wallace was a U.S. marine and served a year 
in the Gulf of Mexico. In 1934, the family was living 
in Twin Falls, Ida; their ch: 

(1) John Wallace THOMAS b 17 Feb 1921 

(2) Helen Minette THOMAS 

(3) Zandra THOMAS b Apr 1932, Provo, Ut. 

(4) Edna Lucille THOMAS who md Bill WARNER and had 
five children 

11-306 David THOMAS who md 22 Aug 1932, in t he Salt Lake 



Temple , Eianice PERRY. David went on a mission to Holl- 
and Nov 1925. When he returned he completed school at 
the University of Utah and then taught seminary in Eagar, 
Ariz, and in St. Johns, Ariz. He and Eunice had ch: 

(1) Dalene THOMAS b 20 Oct 1933, Eagar, Ariz. 

(2) David Ray THOMAS b 18 Sept 1935, Preston, Ida. 

(3) Albert Ralph THOMAS b 8 May 1937, Logan, Ut; 

(4) Ruth Marie THOMAS b 29 Nov 1942, Logan, Ut. 

Minnie began working at age fifteen in a jewelry 
store. The next year she attended business college, 
studying bookkeeping. At age seventeen she took a 
normal course at Brigham Young Academy and in Sept 
1893, had her first teaching position at Fairfield 
(Camp Floyd,) Ut; Married the next year, she liv- 
ed in Fairfield until 1896, when she and her hus- 
band moved to Provo. 

After a long illness, her husband died in 1906 
and Minnie returned to teaching in Provo, where she 
was especially valuable because of her training in 
mathematics and bookkeeping. By the time she moved 
in 1919, to Salt Lake City, she had taught in all 
of Provo 's high schools except the Maeser school. 
She eventually moved with her son David to a home at 
833 So 5th East, Salt Lake City, where she spent 
the remainder of her life. 

A severe attack of influenza in 1918, left her 
health impaired and she developed diabetes two or 
three years later. She spent two weeks in a hosp- 
ital under the supervision of Dr. Gill RICHARDS 
learning how to measure and control her food. 
Thereafter she took pride in being able to take 
care of herself. 

As she grew older and retired from the teaching 
profession, her sister Anna would often ride in 
from Midvale to spend the day with Minnie. They 
would visit and shop and enjoy each other. Money 
did not seem to worry Minnie for she had been frugal 
over the years, never wasting, never wanting. She 
was a fairly tall person and stood erect, much the 
posture one would expect of a strict, dedicated 
teacher. She never seemed angry with anyone. She 
resembled her mother most of any of the sisters; 
she wore glasses, combed her hair straight back 
caught in a bun at the back and ornamented with a 
few colorful pins. She dressed modestly . 


Minnie bought a car, learned to drive it and 
enjoyed traveling in it. She was active in church; 
taught Sunday School and Mutual classes during her 
working years. After retirement she taught in 
Relief Society and also did tutoring. 

In the spring of 1932, she md (2) Charles F. 
WESTROPE of Farmington, who survived her. His 
funeral was held 11 Oct 1944. 

(Ref: nephew, Kenneth Cropper, Provo, Ut.) 

10-153 Sarah Edna PULSIPHER, dau of Esther CHIDEST- 

ER^"^°^ (John M^'^^John p'^'^'^David^"^'^) and William 
PULSIPHER; b 12 Feb 1878, St. George, Ut; d 18 Nov 
1961, Provo, Ut; md 3 Jan 1900, to John Tranham 
TAYLOR who d 23 Apr 1960; and had ch: 

11-307 Nadine Louise TAYLOR who md 24 Jan 1943, Morrell 

11-308 John Max TAYLOR lives in New York City 
11-309 Wendell H. TAYLOR who became a doctor and lived in 

Santa Monica, Ca. 
11-310 Norma TAYLOR md 9 Oct 1943, Frank H. GARDNER 

of Provo, Ut. 
11-311 Henrietta TAYLOR md A. J. FOWERS and lived in 

Alban.y_, N.Y. 

Sarah Edna PULSIPHER trained as a teacher and spent 
her first year in the profession teaching in Rich- 
field, Ut., then taught in Provo, Ut. Her teaching 
career ended when she married Mr. Taylor, for they 
went into the grocery business on the north side of 
Center St. in Provo, Ut. In partnership with Mr. 
Taylor was his sister Polly. Edna's career from then 
on was her marriage and the raising of a fine family. 
She would be able to celebrate her sixtieth wedding 
anniversary, eventually. 

A letter she wrote to her sister Anna, 4 Jan 1934, 
shows her dedication to her family: 

"Wendell came a week before Xmas and we were so 
full of joy that I neglected my correspondence . . . 
Isn't it grand that our boys do not smoke or drink? 
Max is down in Saxony from up by the Baltic Sea 
(he was serving a mission to Germany at this time) 
transferred Dec 2nd. It is soon two years since he 


left. He sang over the radio at Leipzig on his way 
down to Mittweida, also had some phonograph records 
of his voice and sent home for Xmas. He is now 
laboring with Oscar KIRKHAM's son. They are so 
happy together. I wish Wendell would get the des- 
ire to go on a mission. It would just finish him 
up right, he is doing so well in school. 

"We had a delightful time during the holidays. 
Nadine and Wendell entertained eight friends at 
dinner, after which they attended a Norm party." 

A card from LaPrele, her sister, tells of an 
accident, July 1954: "Edna is in the hospital. She 
was taking food on a plate to Norma 's children Sun- 
day, as Norma is in Calif. She had the plate on 
the seat. It slipped. She grabbed the plate, putt- 
ing her foot on the gas pedal instead of the brake. 
She sheared off a metal light pole, wrecked her 
car and bent the steering wheel against her chest. 
Her nose is broken, lip cut, face swollen, eyes 
black, chest and arm, knees and ankle bruised. I 
hope nothing else more serious is the matter and 
that she gets well." 

She did get well and three years later was able 
to write, "Isn't it good that we have been spared 
all these years? If I had not asked my Heavenly 
Father in prayer, I would have left Nadine and Norma 
just little girls, but I told Him if He could see 
fit to spare me and let me live, I would serve Him 
as long as I lived." 

Edna kept her promise well. Among other teach- 
ing assignments, she was a counselor in the Relief 
Society, helping with the nursing, sewing and cook- 
ing. She was a chorister and her group sang in 
many places. After she became stake Relief Society 
chorister her group sang in the April Relief Socie- 
ty Conference. She trained her children to sing 
and play musical instruments and to live clean 
lives. She spent a great deal of time in her later 
years compiling and writing the stories of the lives 
of her father, her mother, sister Minnie and 

(Ref: Kenneth Cropper, a nephew, Provo, Ut.) 


10-154 Anna Luella PULSIPHER, dau of Esther CHIDEST- 

ER^"-'-^^ (Jo-n M^"^^John p'^'^^David^"^'^) and William 
PULSIPHER; b 22 Aug 1880, Hebron, Ut; d 22 Feb 
1959; md 7 Aug 1901, in Salt Lake City, Ut. , to 
Edgar Lafayette CROPPER who was b 17 Sept 1875, 
Fillmore, Ut; d 8 Oct 1946, Salt Lake City, Ut; 
s of Leigh (Kate) Richmond CROPPER and Fanny 
Louisa POWELL. Their ch: 

*11-312 Harald Leigh CROPPER b 2 Apr 1902, St. Johns, 

Ariz; md Marion DAMRON 
*11-313 Eugene Wise CROPPER b 10 Aug 1904, Kanosh, Ut; 

md Pauline HABERMAN 
*11-314 Paul Pulsipher CROPPER b 30 Apr 1907, Provo, Ut; 

d 2 May 1975; md Louise FENN 
*11-315 Kenneth Fay CROPPER b 1 Jan 1909, Charleston, Ut; 

md Leora CURTIS 
*11-316 Carmen CROPPER b 28 Dec 1911, Charleston, Ut; 

md Hillary WALTERS 
11-317 Muriel CROPPER b 2 Aug 1915, Midvale, Ut; md 

12 Sept 1934, in Salt Lake City, Ut. , to Richard 

Andrew BUSH who was b 27 Sept 1909, Tooele, Ut; s of 

Charles Clarence BUSH and Martha Matilda ISGREW; and 

had ch b in Logan, Ut: 

(1) Judith Karen BUSH b 20 Oct 1935 

(2) Richard David BUSH b 29 Mar 1939 

(3) Charles Douglas BUSH b 13 July 1948. 

Anna Luella PULSIPHER was born after her father 
died and was very young when the family moved to 
Provo, Ut. She did not experience the rugged life 
that older members of the family did. Her first 
memories were of life in the boarding house that 
her mother kept during her early childhood. Of 
course, she yearned to know her father as the old- 
er brothers and sisters did. Her position as baby 
of the family, yet the contemporary of the younger 
family her mother had, gave her the enviable posi- 
tion of pivot of family interest. She was the conn- 
ecting link between the two and she would always be 
the central figure — the older ones concerned for 
her welfare, the younger ones looking to her for 
leadership and guidance. 

When, a baby, she fell into a heater and receiv- 
ed severe burns, the older family members nursed 
her tenderly until she recovered. 

Family of Anna Pulsipher 
and Edgar L. Cropper , 1913 
Back row: Eugene Wise; 

Harald Leigh; Anna ; 
Front: Paul Pulsipher; 

Edgar L; Carmen; 

Kenneth Fay. 

Back: Harald Leigh Cropper 
Front: Eugene Wise, Muriel, Paul P. and Kenneth Cropper 

Seated: Kenneth Fay and Leora Curtis Cropper 

Top: Ilene; Max Hale; John Curtis; Honey ^ Lindas Leigh 

Paul Pulsipher and Louise Cropper 

Jerry and Marge Cropper; 
Janet Ronald 


As the bride of Edgar Lafayette CROPPER, having 
been married in the Salt Lake Temple, Anna made her 
first home in St. Johns, Ariz., where Edgar had a 
teaching position. As teachers are wont to do, 
there was a period of time spent in gaining exper- 
ience and working up to a place of desireability . 
In rather quick succession they lived in Kanosh, 
Ut. , then Provo, followed by a lengthy stay in 
Charleston, Wasatch Co., Ut. 

When Edgar first began teaching in Charleston 
there was no place available for him to rent so that 
his family could be with him. Anna and the children 
remained in Provo, living with her mother, with 
Edgar riding the narrow guage railway up Provo Can- 
yon to reach his school. He boarded during the week, 
then returned to his family for the week end and in 
the summer he went to Deseret to work in the fields 
with his father, taking the boys with him as they 
grew older. 

After a year or two, Edgar bought a small hotel 
in Charleston and moved his family there. He had 
been offered a teaching position in Provo, but he 
had become involved in the affairs of the little 
mountain community and in the school problems of the 
district. Being an innovative teacher he rose to 
the challenges and preferred to stay until they 
could be solved. While he was teaching, Anna cared 
for the boarding house hotel and the family. Two 
of her children were born there. Both times she 
was confined in the lobby of the hotel where she 
could be cared for most comfortably. 

The time came when a lucrative offer was made for 
Edgar to teach in Midvale, Ut. , a suburb of Salt 
Lake City, so the hotel was sold and the family mov- 
ed. Four years in Midvale, Edgar taught and super- 
vised the school, the last year spent in teaching 
history and government in the eighth grade. Ending 
fifteen years as a successful teacher , he was 
attracted to other more lucrative employment. 

For four and a half years he was in charge of a 
smelter. Finding promotions rather slow after that 
time, he quit the company and spent some time on the 
farm with his father and in electioneering for the 
Republican party. During the 1921 session of the 
state legislature he served as "Minute Clerk". 
When the session ended he staid on to .-h elp correct 


and revise the House Journal and had it printed. He 
was then appointed an accountant in the new department 
of Finance and Purchasing under Lincoln G. KELLEY, at 
$150.00 per month. Home improvements were made and 
life was easier for Anna and the children. 

In the fall of 1922 he was made State Purchasing 
agent for the University of Utah, Utah Agricultural 
College, Branch A. C. , and the Mental Hospital, State 
Prison, the State Industrial School and the School for 
the Deaf and Blind. 

A party change in state government in 1925, 
changed his employment and Edgar worked for a time 
for the Granite Lumber Co., then became affiliated 
with the Chesterfield Coal Co. Energetic and crea- 
tive, he was an asset to any company or group for which 
he worked. 

Anna spent her days raising her children and pro- 
viding an attractive home. As they grew older, she 
sometimes accompanied her husband on his many business 
trips. Their vacations were visits to her sisters in 
far-away places and she was in constant contact with 
the sisters who were close to her. Many times she 
would ride to town with her husband and spend the day 
while he was at work , visiting her sister Minnie. 

Anna raised a fine family and taught them all 
to be proud of their heritage and loyal to their fam- 
ilies. Her son Kenneth, at her urging, succeeded in 
gathering and preserving the stories and data that 
make the Pulsipher and Cropper families beacon lights 
in the story of the west. 

(Ref: Kenneth Fay Cropper, Provo, Ut.) 

11-157 Mabel LaPrele SNOW; dau of Esther CHIDEST- 

ER^~^°^ (John M^'^^John p'^'^'^David^"^'^) and John 
Chauncey SNOW; b 10 Sept 1884, Provo, Ut; md 21 
Jan 1914, John Leo HALLIDAY and had ch: 

11-323 J. Reed HALLIDAY b 2 May 1918, Provo, Ut. Diiring 
World Weu: II Reed was a coinmunications specialist in 
the United States Navy. In 1950 he was class D 
Atomic Energy Commission and an officer in the re- 
serve. He is married and has two children. 

LaPrele began school teaching in Charleston in 
1906, where she boarded with her sister Anna. She 
gaught until her marriage in 1914, then lived in 


Provo, Ut., caring for her husband, raising her son 
and tending to the needs of her aging mother. It 
was LaPrele who was able to keep the family informed 
about Mother's health; who worried about Mother's 
welfare when she went on a visit to one of the other 
children and who welcomed her home on her return. 

(Ref: Kenneth Cropper, Provo, Ut.) 

10-158 Myrtle Blanche SNOW, dau of Esther CHIDES- 

TER^"-^°^ (John M^'^^John P^'^^David^"^"^) and John 
Chauncey SNOW; b 24 July 1887, Provo, Ut; d 3 
Oct. 194 5, ae 58, in Provo, Ut. , from a heart 
attack suffered while returning home from Relief 
Society; md 12 Oct 1904, in Provo, Ut. , to James 
SUMNER Jr; and had ch: 

11-324 Elton James SUMNER d 16 Feb 1965, ae 59 in Provo, 
Ut., of a heart attack; md 2 July 1934, Nedra PRINCE. 

At the time of his death Elton was appraisal 
engineer, Utah State Tax Commission. A graduate of 
Brigham Young University and Blackstone University, 
New York City, he held an LLD degree. He served as 
District President of the East Canadian Mission for a 
time. He also had a real estate and insurance 
brokerage business in Provo. 

11-325 Byron R SUMNER 

11-326 Stella SUMNER who md Arthur E. McARTHUR 

11-327 Keith C. SUMNER 

11-328 LaPrele SUMNER 

(Ref: Kenneth Cropper, Provo, Ut.) 

10-159 Arietta Estella SNOW, dau of Esther CHIDES- 

TER^"-^°^ (John M^'^^John p'^'^^David^"'*'') and John 
Chauncey SNOW; b 16 Oct 1890, Provo, Ut; d 30 
Sept 1971, Anaheim, Cal; md 14 June 1911, William 
Isaac DAW who was b 20 Oct 1889, Fairfield, Ut; d 
11 Apr 1971, Anaheim, Cal; s of Royal John DAW and 
Mary Emily CARSON. Both Arietta and William were 
returned to Hamilton, Mont., for burial. 
Their ch: 

11-329 William Elgin DAW b 27 Apr 1912, Provo, Ut; md 12 
Feb 1934, Lila Jane GREENUP 


11-330 Mary Esther DAW b 22 July 1914, Provo, Ut; md 16 

June 1935, Melvin Wallace LARSON who d 18 Jan 1975 
11-331 Keith Earl DAW b 12 Mar 1918, Dillon, Mont; md 6 

Oct 1938, Helen Amelia THOMPSON 
11-332 Murray Dell DAW b 18 Mar 1920, Jackson, Mont; md 

6 June 1942, Josephine HARRINGTON. 
*ll-333 Wanda Afton DAW b 17 Dec 1921, Dillon, Mont; md 

Harold Edward COX 

Sometime between 1914 and 1918, Arietta and Will- 
iam decided to try the ranching business in Montana. 
It was to be a rough life reminiscent of the pioneer- 
ing experiences of her mother. In a letter to her 
nephew, Kenneth Cropper, Arietta said, "I have had a 
lot of frontier activity. We were thirteen years in 
the "Big Hole" among a rough element that drifts in 
for haying season. I took care of one shooting and 
one stabbing, besides setting broken bones. Twice I 
had to come to your Uncle Will's rescue." 

They had ranches near Dillon, Mont ., in Jackson 
Hole, and their last home was in Hamilton, Montana. 
Arietta kept in touch with her sisters and visited 
them whenever possible. She was really at the half- 
way point between Provo, Ut. , and Raymond, Canada. 
She could report on the sister living so far north, 
and when any other member of the family went to Canada 
to visit it was convenient to stop off and spend a few 
days with Arietta on the ranch. 

Will and Arietta were living with their youngest 
daughter in Anaheim, Cal., when t hey became ill. It 
was Wanda who had the privilege of easing their aches 
and pains and listening to their memories in their last 
days . 

(Ref: Arietta E. Snow Daw, Hamilton, Mont; added to 
by dau Wanda A. Daw Cox, Anaheim, Cal) 

10-162 Lorenzo (Wren) CHIDESTER, s of Willard Dar- 

win^"-^-'-^ (John M^"^^John P^'^^David^"'*^) and Carol- 
ine GUBLER; b 4 Aug 1888, Washington, Ut; d 26 
Jan 1968, Seattle, Washington; md (1) 14 May 1914, 
in American Falls, Ida., to Helen DRAPER who was b 
2 Dec 1887, Moroni, Sanpete, Ut; d 19 Apr 1933; 
dau of Oren DRAPER. Helen had been previously md 
to Ernst GUIVER and had a ch Ace GUIVER. 
Ch of Lorenzo and Helen: 


*ll-334 Lorenzo Lynn CHIDESTER b 30 Apr 1914, McCammon, 
Ida; md Doris Marie REQUA 

11-335 Effie lona CHIDESTER (twin) b 16 May 1916, Carey, 
Ida; d 11 May 1977, Greenfield, Mass; md (1) 
Bronson Jabez BRIDGES; md (2) 21 May 1950, in Green- 
field, Mass., Robert Henry HEATH who was b 9 May 1906, 
Sutton, Caledonia, Vermont; d 18 Aug 1955, Green- 
field, Mass; s of Max V. HEATH and Nellie TWOMBLEY; 
and had a dau: 

(1) Janice Helen HEATH b 21 Nov 1952, Greenfield, 
Mass; is a "graduate nurse; md 27 July 1971 
at Natick, Mass., to R. J. GLEASON 
(Info Mrs. Effie C. Heath, Greenfield, Mass; added 
to by John M. Chidester. Bell, Cal.) 

11-336 Eva Ramona CHIDESTER (twin) b 16 May 1916, Carey, 
Ida; md (1) 1 May 1934, Francis Von McCREERY who was 
b 1 May 1894, Gold Beach, Oregon; d 21 Nov 1945, Eureka 
N^v; s of Patrick McCREERY and Anna Blanche. 

Eva md (2) Fred A. SWINERTON who was b 15 May 1902, 
Dorchester, Mass. 

11-337 Merrill Madison CHIDESTER b 22 Jan 1918, Carey, Ida; 
d 14 Aug 1938 

11-338 Onez Beth CHIDESTER b 7 May 1920, Carey, Ida 

11-339 Darwin Claire CHIDESTER b 1922, Carey, Ida; d infant 
*ll-340 Florence Beth CHIDESTER b 30 Aug 1923; md Richard 
Oliver KARNES 

11-341 Nola CHIDESTER b 20 Nov 1925, Carey, Ida; md 25 
Apr 1943, in Los Angeles, Cal., to Robert Holly THOMAS 
who was b 23 Nov 1922, Bristol, Vt; s of Thorp 
Ridley THOMAS and Hazel NEEDHAM; and had ch: 

(1) Robert THOMAS b 18 Feb 1944, San Diego, Cal. 

(2) Holly Anne THOMAS b 17 Aug 1946, Middleton, Vt; 

(3) Thorp William THOMAS b 14 Feb 1949, Bristol, Vt. 
*ll-342 William Leo CHIDESTER b 29 May 1927, Carey, Ida; 

md Louise MATTHEWS 
*ll-343 Delorne Lavar CHIDESTER b 23 June 1929, Carey, Ida; 


11-344 Delmar Leland CHIDESTER b 16 May 1930, Carey, Ida; 

md Louella Patrice HILL 
11-345 Helen Carol CHIDESTER b 11 Jan 1933, Carey, Ida; 

md 21 July 1950, Loy G. COX and lives in Yakima, Wash. 

Lorenzo, or Wren as he was known familiarly, was a 
farmer in Idaho. After his wife's death he md (2) Anna 
Mary OSMASSON and moved to Seattle , Washington, where 
he became the proprietor of a small cafe near Renton, 
Washington. He also operated a trailer court until he 
retired in 1964. 


(Ref: Mrs. Christa Arthur, Huntington Park, Cal; 
John Madison Chidester, Bell, Cal) 

10-163 Eunice Elizabeth CHIDESTER, dau of Willard 
p9-110 (jQ^^ M^"^^John p'^'^^David^"'*'^) and Caroline 
GUBLER; b 15 Nov 1890, Washington, Ut; d 11 Mar 
1919, Idaho Falls, Ida; md 26 June 1907, in Shoshone, 
Ida, to Guy Townsend PHIPPEN who was b 8 Oct 1885, 
Salt Lake City, Ut; d 5 Apr 1952, Thermopolis, Wyo; 
s of Adelbert Smith PHIPPEN and Stisan Esenath LUFKIN; 
and had ch b in Carey, Idaho: 

*ll-346, Kenneth Merle PHIPPEN b 18 June 1908; md 

Elizabeth BAILEY 
*ll-347 Clara Asenath PHIPPEN b 6 Jan 1910; d 13 Mar 1966; md 

(1) George Ernest BLAKESLEY; md (2) Dr. Lloyd C. GOODMAN 

(Ref: Fam recs of Mrs. Kenneth M. Phippen, San Bernardino, Cal; 
Mrs. Christa Arthur, Hunt ington Park, Cal) 

10-164 John Madison CHIDESTER, s of Willard D^"-"- ° 

(John M^~^^John P^'^^David^""^^)' and Caroline GUBLER; 
b 28 Jan 1893, Washington, Ut; md (1) 20 Aug 1917, 
in Carey, Idaho, to Arta Mae DRAPER who was b 7 Jan 
1901, Monroe , Ut; dau of Oren DRAPER; and had ch : 

*ll-348 Roma Fontella CHIDESTER b 26 Oct 1918, Shoshone, Ida; 
md Wendell H. GOESMAN 
11-349 Kent CHIDESTER b 3 Dec 1923; d 19 Mar 1924, Carey, Ida. 

After a divorce, John md (2) 3 May 194 0, in Santa Ana, 

Cal., Marie S. HENRIKSEN who was b 5 Apr 1908, Audubon, 

Iowa; dau of Peter HENRIKSEN and Minnie NELSON. Their 
ch b in Los Angeles, Cal: 

11-350 Carolyn Marie CHIDESTER b 15 Nov 1943; md 20 Aug 
1965, in Tacoma, Wash., to Jerome J. DOHERTY who was b 
31 July 1942; s of George DOHERTY and Marie Eloise DYCOTE. 
Their ch b in Tacoma, Wash: 

(1) Skye Marie DOHERTY b 14 Oct 1970 

(2) Scott Andrew DOHERTY b 4 Nov 1973 

11-351 Cheryl Kay CHIDESTER b 21 Nov 1946; md 12 Sept 1970, 
Rudolf HIX 

(Ref: fam recs of John M. Chidester, Bell, Ca.) 

W-ittard D & Caroline G. Chidestev; 

Baby Willard D. Jr. 

Willard D Chidester Jr. 

'^1 1 

Wittcwd Darwin Chidester ^ Caroline C; Rebecca Jane S 
David Chidester 

Jioss Allen Arthur Christa Chzdester 

Ross Allen Arthur Jr 
and wife Nedra 

1 .,- ^ 

Ross Allen Arthur III S Tzfani 

Eoma Chides ter 

Pamela Goesman 

Barton and Eric Shadriak 
Saott Seitz 

Steven and Faith Goesman 

Carolyn Chides ter 
& George Doherty 

Skye Marie Doherty 

Cheryl Chides ter & 
Rudolf Hix 

Scott Doherty 

John M. Chides ter, Laverne^ Chris ta, LaPreal 


Lorenzo Chides ter 

Lorenzo (Wren) and John M 
Chides ter 

Oscar and Lavem C. Johnson 

Guy Townsend Phippen Eunice Chidestev 

Elizabeth & Ken Phippen 

Kenneth Phippen Family: 
Elizabeth, Ken, CarolfReed 
Patricia, Joan 

Glen Everett & son Jeffrey 

James & Carol Edwards, Timothy 
Keith & Julie 


Amos & Joan P. Palmer: oh Michelle^ Scott 
and Heather Cheri 


Kenneth Reed & Vera 

Guy Fhippen 

Arthur & Patricia 

Tawna Leigh^ Jeff^ Wayne and 
Bradley Brimhall 


10-165 Esther Laverne CHIDESTER, dau of Willard D 

(John M^~^^John p'^"^^David^~'^'^) and Caroline GUBLER; 
b 22 Jan 1895, Washington, Ut; d 30 Jan 1973, Mount- 
ain Home, Ida; md 4 Oct 1911, in Salt Lake City, Ut., 
to Oscar Leroy JOHNSON who was b 4 Nov 1883, Price, Ut; 
d 27 Dec 1961, Marley, Idaho; s of Charles Peter 
JOHNSON and Annie CHRISTOFFERSON: and had ch : 

*ll-352 Esther Virginia JOHNSON b 23 Mar 1913, Richfield, 

Ida; md Edward Glen SAUL 
*ll-353 Willard Leroy JOHNSON b 5 June 1914, Richfield, Ida; 
md (1) Dolly Louise PANTOVICH; md (2) Jean BUGBY 
11-354 Darwin J. JOHNSON b 19 Mar 1916, Richfield, Ida; d 

26 June 1926 
11-355 Dorothy Ruth JOHNSON b 2 Dec 1918, Emmet, Idaho; md 
in 1936, in Merced, Cal., to Morgan CLONZ who d 17 May 
1971, in Cleafield, Ut. They had a son: 

(1) Dennis L. CLONTZ b 31 Jan 1941; md Eddie Kay SAPP 
*ll-356 Ruby Laverne JOHNSON b 17 Apr 1920, Melba, Ida; md 

(1) Frank HANKINS; md (2) Don NEEL 
*ll-357 Bennie Oscar JOHNSON, b 23 Oct 1922, Melba, Ida; md 
(1) Helen HUMPHREYS; md (2) Nadine BROWN; md (3) Sharon 
11-358 Anna Mae JOHNSON b 1 May 1924, Melba, Ida; md 28 July 
1947, in Nevada, to William P. AUGUSTINE who was b 3 Apr 
1923, Silver Creek, Nebr; s of William AUGUSTINE; and 
has a dau: 

(1) Theresa Katherine AUGUSTINE b 10 Jan 1955, Antioch, 
William workes for the telephone company in Concord, Cal; 
Anna Mae kept medical records in a hospital for years, 
and in 1975 was employed by the State Adoption Agency. 
11-359 Teddy Call JOHNSON b 30 Mar 1926, MacDoel, Cal; md 
11 May 1953, in Jerome, Ida., to Cheryl ANDERSON who 
was b 15 Jan 1930, Downey, Ida. Cheryl was md (1) to 
MR. ALLEN and had two sons who have been adopted by Teddy: 

(1) Michael Howard ALLEN b 16 Dec 1949, Wendell, Ida 

(2) Janice Sue ALLEN b 4 Mar 1952, Jerome, Ida. 
Teddy and Cheryl have a s : 

(3) Leslie Rick JOHNSON b 18 Feb 1955, Jerome, Ida. 
Teddy Call JOHNSON is an accomplished chef and worked in 
fine restaurants in Sun Valley, Ida; Las Vegas, Nev; and 
Tucson, Ariz. He went into Civil Service and in 1976 was 
head of the water department in Subic Bay, Phillipine 


*ll-360 Exonice Carolyn JOHNSON b 17 Dec 1927, Weed, Cal; 
md James Wayne POWELL. 

The following story was written by Ruby Laverne 
J.H. Neelll-356: 

Mother came to Carey Valley, Idaho, when she was nine 
years old, traveling by covered wagon. She attended school 
there and grew to young womanhood. She met Oscar who then 
resided in Marley (now Richfield) Idaho, where he had a 
farm. They lived in Marley several years, then moved to 
Emmett where Oscar had a ranch. At this time (1917) there 
were terrible hardships - banks closed, crops left in 
the fields because there was no help available to do the 
harvesting. All young men were in the army (World War I) 
Oscar sold out and moved to Melba, Ida., where he built 
a big, beautiful home and began again. They lived there 
until 1924; conditions got worse and Oscar had to sell 
for what he could get out of his farm and hired out as 
a farm hand. We then moved to Mt. Hebron, Siskiyou, Cal., 
where Oscar went to work for a friend. 

During the depression years we lived in many places, 
wherever there was work to be found. They returned to 
Richfield in 1942 where they grubbed a farm out of sage 
brush and lived there until Oscar died in 1961. Esther 
then bought a house in town. She worked in the L.D.S. 
church; was Relief Society president; work director; 
choir director; vocalist, singing with the "Singing Moth- 
ers." Two years before she died she moved to Grand 
View, Idaho. 

Oscar was the first white child born in Price, Ut. 
He was Presiding Elder from 1915 to 1917 and had served 
on a mission before he was married. He held two college 
degrees, was an excellent carpenter and did dry clean- 
ing as well as farming. He introduced irrigation into 
Richfield Valley. 

Both Esther and Oscar loved music. Esther played 
the piano and Oscar played any instrument he picked up. 
We children remember many times we could bring friends 
home to music and food. No one was ever knowingly turned 
away hungry from our home. We could go to a dance and 
bring home the orchestra and friends and Mother and Dad 
would make everyone welcome in the middle of the night. 
Ours was a very happy home. We might not have had all 
the money in the world, but we had family love and unity. 


(Info from recs of Est her Laverne C. Johnson; added 
to by Ruby Laverne Neel, Moses Lake, Washington.) 

10-166 Mary LaPreal CHIDESTER, dau of Willard D 

(John M^"^^John P^'^'^David^"'*^) and Caroline GUBLER; 
b 3 Sept 1897, Washington, Ut; md 17 Feb 1915, in 
Salt Lake City, Ut. , to William Omanuel JOHNSON who 
was b 16 May 1891, Price, Ut; d 26 Jan 1958, McMinn- 
ville, Oregon; s of Charles Peter JOHNSON and Annie 
CHRISTOFFERSON: and had ch: 

11-361 Etna Carolyn JOHNSON b 23 Jan 1916, Richfield, Ida; 

md 23 Dec 1941, Dr. Howard KRUSE 
11-362 Esther Loraine JOHNSON b 11 Jan 1919, Emmett, Ida; 

md 10 July 1943, Robert M. KIEFER 
11-363 Dean CHiidester JOHNSON b 7 May 1922, Richfield, Ida; 

d 18 June 1957; md 6 Mar 1945, Eileen Marie JENEWEIN 
11-364 Christa LaPreal JOHNSON b 16 Jan 1924, Provo, Ut; 

md 21 June 1943, Eldon L. WALKER 

When I was almost five years old my parents and 
brothers and sisters moved to Carey, Idaho. I attended 
school in Carey and inasmuch as Carey was a Mormon settle- 
ment, I attended church there. 

Because my husband was a returned missionary we were 
married in the Salt Lake Temple. We made our home at 
first in Marley, which is now Richfield, Idaho. 

One of my greatest desires was to have my children 
acquire a good education. My oldest daughter, Caroline 
received a master's degree in research Librarian. My 
next daughter, Esther Lorraine, graduated from the Brigham 
Young University. My son Dean went into the service in 
World War II as a dive bomber pilot and was a major in 
the Marine Air Corps. After the war was over he had a 
flourishing business in crop dusting and was killed in 
his own airplane, leaving a wife and two children. My 
youngest daughter married quite young and since her husb- 
and is a flier, she has lived many places in other coun- 

I have been very active in the church all during 
my married life and even after I lost my husband, just 
seven months after I lost my son. 

We were living in Colorado Springs, Wyo., for a 
time. I was Relief Society president there for three 
years. After moving to Oregon I was Relief Society pres- 
ident for ten years. I was called to work in the Stake 


Board and worked there for fourteen years. My husband 
was the branch president in McMinnville and was 
responsible for the building of the beautiful chapel 
there. Later he was appointed to the high council and 
worked there until his death. 

I have eleven grandchildren, two of whom are 
adopted; and I have three great grandchildren. 

(Info: Mary LaPreal Chidester Johnson, McMinnville, 

10-167 Josetta CHIDESTER, dau of Willard D^""^-'-^ (John 

M^~^^John p'^'^^David^"^'^) and Caroline GUBLER; b 18 
Mar 1900, Washington, Ut; d 3 Feb 1920, Milo, Idaho; 
md 3 Aug 1916, in Idaho Falls, Ida., to John Oscar 
NEWMAN who was b 7 Oct 1890, Milo, Ida; s of William 
Abraham NEWMAN and Amanda Wilhelma NELSON; and had ch 
b in Rigby, Jefferson, Idaho: 

♦11-365 Lennox Elmo NEWMAN b 8 June 1917; d 25 

July 1964; md Carrie BRENNAN 
*ll-366 Elna Amanda NEWMAN b 27 Sept 1918; md (1) 

Leslie Carl PABST; md (2) Dwain GRAY 

(Info: Christa C.Arthuy, Huntington Park, Ca.) 

10-168 Christa CHIDESTER, dau of Willard D^""'"'''^ (John 

M ~ ^John p'^'^'^David^"'^^) and Caroline GUBLER; b 17 
Oct 1903, Tikura (now Carey) Blaine, Idaho; md 24 
Apr 1926 in Vancouver, Clark, Washington, to Allen 
Ross ARTHUR who was b 4 Mar 1900, St. John, Tooele, 
Ut; s of Evan Bennett ARTHUR and Azalea EVANS; and 
had ch: 

*ll-367 Allen Ross ARTHUR b 22 Apr 1931, Gilroy, Santa 

Clara, Cal; md Nedra Arden BROUSSEAU 
*ll-368 Evan Chidester ARTHUR b 26 Feb 1943, Hiintington 

Park, Cal; md Carol Morse BUNTING 

I was the eighth child born to Willard Darwin 
Chidester. My mother's name before she was married 
to my father was Caroline Gubler. I was the only child 
in the family who was born in Idaho. At the time of 
my birth my family lived in a little suburb of Carey 
called Tikura. 


My parents and their seven children had migrated 
to Carey from Washington, Utah, in two covered wagons. 
They had heard of the little Mormon settlement from a 
man named Cyrus STANFORD and my fathj^Y was anxious to 
secure more land for his three sons to work on. 

After my father had worked on other ranches for 
some time he bought a home in Carey and then started 
proving up on some land about five miles from Carey 
in an area called Fish Creek. He and my brothers hauled 
logs to build our house on this land. Also logs were 
hauled from the mountains to build an ice house and 
many oth^r buildings. 

I remember my father as one of the kindest men, 
also generous and very honest and humble. My mother was 
a meticulous housekeeper and had many talents such as 
sewing and making beautiful quilts and was quite music- 
ally inclined. 

I think of the time that I spent on 'ithe ranch as 
one of the happiest times of my life. I had a very 
difficult time attending school as in order for my par- 
ents to prove up on their land they had to live on it 
seven months out of the year. I usually staid with 
friendsr^ of my parents until they could move in town 
for the winter. 

My father passed away when I was fourteen years 
of age and my mother passed away when I was nineteen. 
My brother John was cashier of the bank in Carey and I 
worked there for a short time, then went to Boise, Ida., 

and attended Link Business College and was able to 
get work in tiie Auditing Department of the telephone 
company in Boise. Later on I went to Portland, Oregon 
and secured work in the First National Bank there. 

In 1926 I was married to Allen Ross ARTHUR. He 
had been attending a business college in Portland and 
at the time we were married he was working in a lathe 

We lived nine years in San Francisco as my husband 
started working for the stock yards there, owned by 
Swift & Co. He was hired out as a lamb buyer for Swift 
and we were later transferred to Los Angeles as it was 
a big promotion for him as head lamb buyer for Swift & 
Co. , there. 

During the depression my husband was out of work 
and at that time my oldest son was born. I had worked 
at the P.G.&E. in San Francisco and we had been able to 


save enough money to see us through the depression. 

When we moved to Los Angeles, I became very active 
in the church as I worked in the primary organization 
for nineteen years as secretary, first counselor and 
president. Then I started working in the MIA as pres- 
ident until I was called into the stake MIA as secre- 
tary. All told I worked in MIA fourteen years. I 
also worked several years in Relief Society as presi- 
dent and first counselor, and also work director. 

All of my church activities have enriched my life. 
I have two wonderful sons, four grandchildren and one 
great granddaughter. I feel truly blessed as we cel- 
ebrated our fiftieth wedding anniversary on Apr 24, 1976. 

(Info and autobiography, Christa A. Arthur, Hunting- 
ton Park, California.) 

10-175 Charles Clark CHIDESTER, farmer, s of Simmons 

e'-^'' (Clark s8-129Erastus^-^°William^-^ Vlliam^-29 

„.,,. 4-12^ .j3-2^ 2-1, 1-1, , , ^, . 

William David James James ) and Lucy Marion 

BABET or BABBITT; b 21 Jan 1870, Jefferson Co., Iowa; 

d 2 Oct 1941, Fairfield, Iowa; md 18 Dec 1894, to 

Charlotte (Lottie) Estella NORTON who was b 8 Aug 

1869, West Libetty, Iowa; d 5 Mar 1939, Fairfield, 

Iowa; dau of George W. NORTON and Matilda GIVEN; and 

had ch b in Black Hawk Twp, Jefferson, Iowa: 

11-269 George Gouldbourne CHIDESTER b 16 Oct 1897; d 7 Aug 
1975, Galesburg, 111; md 15 Dec 1920, in Fairfield, 
Iowa, Willa Fern GIRE who was b 8 July 1898, Birming- 
ham, Iowa; dau of William Haney GIRE and Dema Mary 
Ann Quentei:^a WILEY; and had a dau b in Fairfield, Iowa: 
(1) Juanita Arlene CHIDESTER b 14 Oct 1924; md 10 
Mav 1957, in Galesburg, 111., to Henry KLEUVER 
who was b 31 Aug 1925, Peoria, 111; s of Andrew 
Henry KLUEVER and Charlotte Martha RUDOLPH; and 
had ch: b in Galesburg, 111: 

(a) Michael Leigh KLUEVER b 13 May 1958, 

(b) John Henry KLUEVER b 2 Nov 1960 

(c) Timothy Wayne KLUEVER b 8 Mar 1962 
11-370 Edna Marion CHIDESTER b 8 May 1903; md by Rev. 

Charles L. TENNANT, 1 Aug 1925, Fairfield, Iowa, to Fred 
Gilbert LARSON who was b 1 Sept 1898, Fairfield, Iowa; 
d 29 July 1971, Fairfield, Iowa; s of John Elmer 


LARSON and Ellen Rosina SANDBLOM. They adopted a dau : 
(1) Lois LaRue CHIDESTER b 26 Aug 1936; md 17 Nov 
1950, to William Allen FLEER who was b 18 Aug 
1936; s of John FLEER and Goldie DANIELS; and 
had ch: 

(a) Vicky Lee FLEER b 2 Apr 1952, Sioux 
Falls, S. Dakota 

(b) Sandra Kay FLEER b 30 July 1953 Sioux 
Falls, S. Dakota 

(c) William Allen FLEER b 1 Dec 1955, Sioux 
Falls, S. Dakota 

(d) Michael Allen FLEER b 26 Aug 1958, 
Rapid City, So. Dakota. 

(Ref : Juanita A. C. Kluever, Galesburg, 111; Mrs. Edna M. 
Larson, Fairfield, Iowa., 1973) 

10-185 Carrie Mae BARR, dau of Carrie Genevra CHIDES- 

„^„9-149 ,„.,,. „8-133^ ^ 7-50„.,T. 6-44„.,, 
TER (William N Erastus William Will- 

5-29 . 4-12 3-2 2-1 1-1 

lam William David James James ) and 

Alonzo BARR; b 10 July 1878, Fairfield, Iowa; d 
8 Mar 1955, Lynwood, Cal; md 28 June 1903, in Jeff- 
erson Co. , Iowa, to John Roscoe JOHNSON who was b 
27 June 1877, nr loka, Keokuk, Iowa; d 16 Sept 1949 j 
s of George Washington JOHNSON and Ellen Elizabeth 
HAIFLEY; and had ch b in Jefferson Co., Iowa: 

11-371 Kristina JOHNSON b 22 Aug 1904; md 16 June 1928, in 
Fairfield, Iowa, to Dewey Victor ANDERSON who was b 
1 May 1898, nr Libertyville, Jefferson, Iowa; s of 
Victor A. ANDERSON and Nancy Victoria LAWSON; and had 
a dau: 

(1) Virginia Mae ANDERSON b 25 Jan 1933, Fairfield, 
*ll-372 Florence Edna JOHNSON b 26 Aug 1907; md Gene McCABE 
*ll-373 Karl Barr JOHNSON b 8 Sept 1912; md Joy Inez 

*ll-374 Velma May JOHNSON b 21 Sept 1915; md Grover Dale 

(Info: Mrs. Florence E. McCabe, Fairfield, Iowa; Mrs. Velma 
M. Keely, Oxnard, Cal; 



10-187 Martha Eliza BARR, dau of Carrie Genevra CHID- 

ESTER^"""""^^ (William N^""*"^ Erastus ~ William 

William^'^^William ~ David ~ James James ) 
and Alonzo BARR; b 7 Nov 1884, Fairfield, Iowa; 
d 11 June 1956, Inglewood, Cal; md 12 Aug 1907 to 
Paul Russell LAUGHLIN who was b 14 Sept 1880; 
and had ch b nr Fairfield, Jefferson, Iowa: 

11-375 Dean LAUGHLIN b 13 July 1911; d 8 Sept 1912 
*ll-376 Keith Russell LAUGHLIN b 19 Jan 1914; md Helen 
11-377 Mary Margaret LAUGHLIN b 19 Apr 1910; md 1 July 
1969, Fred RANEY, widower of Edna Elaine BARR whom he 
md 30 June 1923. 
* 11-378 Pauline Verle LAUGHLIN b 29 June 1907; md Theodore 

(Ref: Mrs. Kathryn Barr Stanford, Santa Ana, Ca) 

10-189 Adda Kate (Kathryn) BARR, dau of Carrie Genevra 
Q_n/1Q R — IT? 7— SO 6 — 44 

CHIDESTER^ (William N° -^^"^Erastus ' '"''William'' 

William^" William ~ David ~ James James ) and 

Alonzo Barr; b 26 Sept 1888, Fairfield, Iowa; md 

26 Sept 1907, on old farm nr Fairfield, Iowa, to 

Carl Reno STANFORD who was b 4 July 1888, Fairfield, 

Iowa; d 29 Mar 1963, Buena Park, Cal; s of John 

Feigh STANFORD and Clara Clydena RENO; and had ch 

b on old farm nr Fairfield, Iowa: (Kate d 14 Aug 1977) 

11-379 John C STANFORD b 14 Nov 1908; md 5 Aug 1941, Mary 

Arlene McCUNE 
*ll-380 Carl Raymond STANFORD b 12 Oct 1911; md (1) Marta 

VITELLA; md (2) Jeanette (Jean) CROTEAU 
11-381 Charles Bruce STANFORD b 8 May 1910; d 26 Nov 1910 

John C. Stanford (known as Jack) taught 

flying airplanes in Thunderberg Airfield at Glendale, 

Ariz., training Cadets and joined the U,S, Army Air 

Force in 1942; was released to Army Air Base Unit and 

was inducted into the Army Air force training school 

on Thunderberg Air Field; paid by Thunderberg but 

under army control; received his honorable discharge 

June 1945. In 1977 he was living next door to his 

mother in Santa Ana. 


Mrs. Kate Stanford, who collected all the inform- 
ation from her branch of the family, enthusiastic and 
vivacious at age 89, became a member of the Daughters 
of the American Revolution, on application #135336, 
proving her descent from Justice SACKETT who was b in 
E. Greenwich, Conn., 9 Mar 1730; d 16 Mar 1815. In 1765 
he was commissioned Capt. of the Second Train Band of 
the town of Kent, Conn. , and during the war he partici- 
pated in several short campaigns. He was a represent- 
ative from Kent County to the General Assembly in 1775 
and later. She is also eligible for membership by 

reason of the participation of her illustrious Chidester 

Although, in 1977, she was hard of hearing and 
wore a pacemaker, she was a delight to be with. 

(Info: Mrs. Kate B. Stanford, Santa Ana, Ca.) 

10-190 John Nerval BARR, s of Carrie Genevra CHIDES- 

q-149 8-133 7-50 6-44 

TER^ ^^^ (William N° ■^''■^Erastus ' ^"^William" 

5-29 4-12 3-2 2-1 1-1 

William William David James James ) and 

Alonzo BARR; b 28 Oct 1890, Fairfield, Iowa; d 11 
May 1946, Inglewood, Cal; md 2 Nov 1911, in Fair- 
field, Iowa, to Nina Wilamina STEVER who was b 6 Apr 
1892, Jefferson Co., Iowa; dau of Jacob Oscar 
STEVER and Emma Clara STRUMQUIST; and had ch: 

11-382 Beulah Maurine BARR b 17 Aug 1912; md 21 Mar 1941, 

Anthony Padua ESCHEN 
*ll-383 Terence Oscar BARR b 10 Aug 1914; md Gertrude 

Gladys LENNEN 
11-384 Geraldine Marie BARR b 5 July 1916; md 12 Sept 1940, 

Abner Clement HORROCKS 
11-385 Emma Mae BARR b 6 June 1918; md 24 June 1941, 

Melvin L. DUGAN 
11-386 Helen Verle BARR b 12 Dec 1922; md 9 Apr 1944, 

Frank E. CAVOLA Jr. 
11-387 Leland Alonzo BARR b 13 Apr 1930; md (1) 18 Sept 

1948, Donna NICHOLAS; div in 1960; md (2) 3 Aug 1969, 

Virginia WALKER 

(Ref: Mr. Terence 0. Barr, Grants Pass, Ore. 1973 ) 


10-191 Ruth Irene BARR, dau of Carrie Genevra CHIDES- 1 

TER^-1^9 (William N^-133Erastus^-5°Williain^-44 

R-9Q 4-12 3-2 2-1 1-1 

William William David James James ) and 

Alonzo BARR; b 13 July 1895, Fairfield, Iowa; d 

28 Dec 1953; md 28 Nov 1912 to Winfield W. HOWELL; 

and had chb in Fairfield, Iowa; 

*ll-388 Huldah Lee HOWELL b 31 Dec 1914; md Carmie Earl 

*ll-389 Robert Marion HOWELL b 3 June 1916; md LaDanta 

Evelyn WHITE 
11-390 Billie Barr HOWELL b 1 Aug 1923 

(Info: Mrs. Kate Barr Stanford, Santa Ana, Ca) 

10-193 Volney Earl THOMAS, s of Flora May CHIDES- 
TEr9-150 (William N8-133Erastus7-50william6-44 

5-29 4-12 3-2 2-1 1-1 

William William David James James ) and 

Harrison Doran THOMAS; b 3 Apr 1892, Fairfield, 

Iowa; md 14 Jan 1914, Florence May ^OUNG who was b 

31 Mar 1893, Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada; d 3 June 

1965, St. Petersburg, Pinellas, Florida; and had 

ch b in Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada: 

*11-391 Shirley Eileen THOMAS b 3 June 1922; md James 
11-392 Erla Jean THOMAS b 8 Dec 1926; md 11 Apr 1953, 
John Marsh REYNOLDS who was b 11 Apr 1923, Crescent 
City, Florida; and had ch b in St. Petersburg, Fla: 

(1) John Lance REYNOLDS b 21 Aug 1955 

(2) Jean Annette REYNOLDS b 18 Dec 1956 

(3) Shirley Lynn REYNOLDS b 12 Sept 1959. 

(Info: Mrs. Kate B. Stanford, Santa Ana, Ca) 


11-57 LaClaire Hale CHIDESTER, s of Adalbert b-'-^"^^ 

(Alban^'^'^David S^'^^John P^'^^David^""*^) and Mary 
Smith HALE; b 9 Sept 1891, Walden, Orange, New York; 
d 3 Feb 1963, Columbus, Ohio; md (1) 24 July 1914, 
in Dexter, N.Y. , by Rev. A.T. CORT, Methodist min- 
ister, to Helen May TRUMBLE of Syracuse, N.Y. She 
d in Lansing, Mich: Their son: 

12-1 Stanley Hale .CHIDES TER b 10 Mar 1919, Indianopolis, 
Ind; d 25 Mar 1944, killed in a bombing raid over 
Berlin, Germany, during World War II. 

LaClaire and Helen were divorced in 1921, and he md 
(2) 5 Mar 1925, in Indianapolis, Ind., Florence Jean 
TEAL who was b 24 Feb 1894, McCordsville, Ind; dau 
of Charles Harvey TEAL and Sylvia HELMS. Their ch 
b in Columbus, Ohio: 

12-2 Robert Hugh CHIDESTER b 13 Sept 1926; md 1 June 1949, 
in Milwaukie, Wise. , to Joanne WAITE who was b 23 Apr 
1928, Milwaxikie, Wise; dau of John Palmer WAITE and 
Margarete WEGE; and had ch: 

(1) John Hale CHIDESTER b 8 Nov 1950, Milwaukie, 

(2) Patricia Ann CHIDESTER b 18 Apr 1965 

(3) child b 29 July 1966 

*i2-3 Thomas Howard CHIDESTER b 24 Nov 1927; md Emily Ann 

*12-4 Mary Claire CHIDESTER b 24 May 1930; md Charles Daniel 

*12-5 Ruth Eunice CHIDESTER b 3 Sept 1932; md Ben Mitchel 


LaClaire Hale CHIDESTER was born at the home of 
Dr. Jacob B. PETERS. His first school was in Salina 
#8, First Ward, Syracuse, N.Y. He attended high school 
in Syracuse and had a year at Columbia University. He 
was a great supporter of the YMCA, working first in 
Mercersbergh, Penn. He then worked for the organiza- 
tion in Syracuse, Indianopolis and in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. 
He was general secretary at Evansville and Vanderburgh, 
Indiana. He was also a very successful traveling sales- 

(Info: Mrs. LaClaire H. Chidester, Columbus, Ohio) 


11-60 Dr. Augustus Benjamin CHIDESTER, s of Adel- 

bertl°-^^ (Alban^-^^David sS-^-^John P^'^'^David^-^'^) 
and Mary Smith HALE; b 4 Oct 1896, Syracuse, N.Y; 
md 4 Oct 1923, Red Creek, Wayne, N.Y., to Carol Luie 
BULLOCK who was b 25 Dec 1898, Newark, Essex, New 
Jersey; dau of Frank Lawrence BULLOCK and Julia 
Mary PASCO. Their ch b in Memorial Hospital, 
Syracuse, N.Y: 

*12-6 Augustus Benjamin CHIDESTER Jr. b 19 Sept 1924; md 

*12-7 Nancy Carol CHIDESTER b 14 May 1928; md Kenneth 
Alden MAIN 
12-8 David Bullock CHIDESTER b 27 Sept 1929; md 26 Feb 
1926, in Watertown, Jefferson, N.Y., to Rose Eileen 
WOLFE who was b 11 Dec 1926, Fresno, Cal; dau of 
Jacob Warren WOLFE and Doris Elizabeth GLAVES; and 
had ch b in Fresno, Cal: 

(1). David Bullock CHIDESTER b 3 Nov 1957 
(2) Naacy Carol CHIDESTER b 26 Mar 1961 

Dr. "Gus" CHIDESTER graduated from Syracuse Med- 
ical College as medical doctor and physician, later 
becoming a gynecologist. He began practice 15 Oct 
1923, in Cato, Cayuga, N.Y. , moving later to Auburn, 
N.Y. , where he was prominent in medical circles for 
many years. About 1961 he decided it was time to retire 
but to do so he would have to leave town. 

He moved to Hendersonville, N.C., where he built 
a lovely new home. Retirement was not his "metier," 
however, and after a few short years he went into part- 
nership with another doctor and practiced on a limited 
basis with frequent times off to attend conventions and 
make extended visits to his children, relatives and 
friends. In 1977 he again decided to retire, but 
still kept an interest in the office and the practice, 
on an advisory basis. 

Dr. Chidester preserved his father's journal and 
took up the pursuit of family history, keeping complete 
records of the descendants of David Starr CHIDESTER, 
acting as the connecting link between the ever-scatt- 
ering branches of his family. 

(Info: Dr. Augustus B. Chidester, Hendersonville, 


11-61 Mary Elizabeth CHIDESTER, dau of Adelbert"^^"^^ 

(Alban David S John P David ) and Mary 

Hale SMITH; b 1 Dec 1899, Syracuse, N.Y. She was 
educated at high- school and at Dexter Memorial 
Hospital, Dexter, N.Y. , becoming a registered nurse. 
She worked at Memorial Hospital in Syracuse, N.Y. 
until she md (1) 19 July 1926, in Scotia, Schenect- 
ady, N.Y. , to Millard Fillmore BRIMMER who was b 
28 Nov 1897, Pamela, Jefferson, N.Y; s of Fred 
Sidney BRIMMER and Emma A. BARTLETT. Their ch b 
in Watertown, Jefferson, N.Y: 

12-9 Jane Elizabeth BRIMMER b 21 Aug 1930, Good Samari- 
tan Hospital; md 27 July 1947, in Watertown, N.Y., 
to Harold Major BROWN; s of Harold BROWN and Virginia 
RAGSDALE. They adopted a son: 

(1) Joseph Harold BROWN b 12 Mar 1954, Sendai, Japan 
*12-10 Millard Fillmore (Jack) BRIMMER b 7 Dec 1930, at 
home; md Patricia Diane LEONARD 

Mary Elizabeth CHIDESTER md (2) 31 Aug 1953, in 
Watertown, N.Y., James Warren MUNRO who was b in Ogden- 
sburg, N.Y; s of .Frank Sidney MUNRO and Mary Ann 
BANNETT. He was me (1) to Mary POPE, by whom he had 
two ch : 

(1) Donald Pope MUNRO b 20 June 1910, Watertown, N.Y; 
became president of the Adams Branch of the Northern 
Trust Co. 

(2) Ruth Frances MUNRO b 22 June 1914, Watertown, N.Y; 

became secretary to the chairman of the merged banks 
or the Corn Exchange and Chemical Bank and Trust Co. , 
of New York City. 

(Info: Mrs. Mary E. C. Brimmer Munro . ) 

11-62 Joseph Lawton CHIDESTER, s of Adelbert"'"^"^^ 

(Alban^"^^David S^"^^John P^'^^David^""^^) and Mary 
Smith HALE; b 17 June 1901, Syracuse, N.Y; d 21 
Aug 1949, Columbus, Ohio; md 2 Feb 1928, in Episco- 
pal Church, Syracuse, N.Y., to Carrabelle WHITIKER 
who was b 26 June 1901, Savannah, Georgia; dau of 
Edward Henry WHITTIKER and Phoebe BUSHING. Their ch; 

*12-11 Grace Ellen CHIDESTER b 1 June 1932, Dexter, N.Y; 
md George Leslie GODFREY 



*12-12 Joanne Carol CHIDESTER b 19 Sept 1934, Auburn, 
N.Y; md George Francis HURLEY 

Joseph Lawton CHIDESTER attended Northfield Sem- 
inary from 1917 to 1921 and became an undertaker by 
trade. His wife, Carrabelle (whose name was originally 
Carrie Belle) trained in Clifton Springs, N.Y. , and be- 
came a registered nurse. 

After Joseph's death , Carrabelle md (2) 10 Jan 
1975, in Sarasota, Florida, to Gwynne RICHARDS who was 
b 21 Oct 1900. 

(Info: Dr. A. B. Chidester, Hendersonville, N.C; 
Mrs. Mary E. C. B. Munro, Watertown, N.Y.) 

11-63 Mabelle Aurelia CHRISLER, dau of Nettie DeForest 

CHIDESTErIO-5^ (Alban^-^^David S^'^Sohn P^'^^ 
David^"^') and George Washington CHRISLER; b 18 
Sept 1883, Syracuse, N.Y; d 5 Aug 1943^ Owego, Tioga, 
N.Y; md 8 Oct 1903, Royal Eugene STOCUM who was b 
24 Jan 1880, Auburn, N.Y; d 1968, Their ch: 

12-13 Dorothy Ruth STOCUM b 13 July 1904; md 3 Feb 1941, 
Eugene Harris BOVEE who was b 12 Nov 1903 

12-14 Donald Eugene STOCUM b 18 Feb 1906; md 5 July 1927, 
Emily PUCKEY who was b 11 July 1907; and had ch b in 
Johnson City, N.Y: 

(1) Thomas Norman STOCUM b 24 Oct 1940 

(2) John Vance STOCUM b 15 Aug 1946 

12-15 Paul George STOCUM b 14 Jan 1916; md 3 Aug 1940, 
Anne BUCHEL who was b 3 Nov 1912; and had ch: 

(1) Marilyn Jean STOCUM b 12 J\ine 1941 

(2) Richard Paul STOCUM b 25 May 1943 

(3) Ronald Joseph STOCUM (twin) b 20 June 1944 

(4) Russell Allen STOCUM (twin) b 20 Jvme 1944 

(5) George Buchel STOCUM b 30 June 1948 
12-16 Kenneth Borden STOCUM b 27 Oct 1918 

12-17 Robert Eldon STOCUM b 14 Feb 1920; md 21 Sept 1946 
Dorothy Jeanne ASHMAN who was b 4 Aug 1926, La Jolla, 
Cal; and had ch: 

(1) Jon Frederick STOCUM b 6 Nov 1951 

(2) Robin Craig STOCUM b 4 Aug 1954 

(3) Joan Kristin STOCUM b 17 Sept 1956 

12-18 Beverly Alva STOCUM b 12 July 1923; md 5 Dec 1942, 
Earl William YOUNG who was b 17 Nov 1920; and had ch: 
(1) David Earl Young b 28 Sept 1941 



(2) Karen Elaine YOUNG b 4 Feb 1956 

(3) Debrah Mae YOUNG b 8 Nov 1960 

12-19 Jeanne Mabelle STOCUM b 5 May 1925; md 19 Jan 1946, 
Lester fiarl DUNHAM who was b 8 May 1920; s of Lester 
Earl DUNHAM; and had ch: 

(1) Patricia Anne DUNHAM b 10 Oct 1946 

(2) Ronald Earl DUNHAM b 20 Oct 1948 

(3) Cathlyn Lou DUNHAM b 30 Nov 1952 
< (4) Cheryl Lee DUNHAM b 31 Jan 1956 

(5) Lester Earl DUNHAM III b 23 May 1960. 

(Info: Mrs. Harold Chrisler, Johnson City, N.Y.) 

11-65 Harold Jerome CHRISLER, s of Nettie DeForest CHID- 

ESTErIO-9^ (Alban^-^^David S^-^^John p'^-^^oavid^-^^) 
and George Washington CHRISLER; b 6 June 1895, 
Syracuse, N.Y; md 27 Aug 1919, in Brest, France, 
Marie Jacquette TRANOUECZ who was b 3 Oct 1892, Brest, 
France; dau of Yves TRANOUECZ and Marguerite HERRIES: 
And had CH: 

12-20 Marguerite Marie CHRISLER b 2 Oct 1920, Davenport, 
Iowa; md 20 Feb 1943, William Joseph BURSIK who was 
b 18 July 1921, Binghampton, N.Y; s of Martin BURSIK 
and Anna KULHEIM: and had ch b in Johnson City, N.Y: 

(1) William BURSIK b 29 Sept 1946 

(2) Patricia Lynn BURSIK b 16 June 1952 

(3) Jeffry Joel BURSIK b 19 Apr 1957 

12-21 Harold Jerome CHRISLER Jr. b 15 June 1922, Des 

Moines, Iowa; md 28 Jvine 1947, in Johnson City, N.Y. , 
to June Beverly LAKE who was b 20 July 1925, Johnson 
City, N.Y; dau of William L. LAKE and Rachael D. 
WILBUR; and had ch b in Johnson City, N.Y: 

(1) David Jon CHRISLER b 8 Sept 1949 

(2) Nancy Ellen CHRISLER b 25 Sept 1952 

(3) Terry Anne CHRISLER b 1 June 1958 

(4) Richard Joseph CHRISLER b 5 Jan 1962 

12-22 Genevieve Ellen CHRISLER b 24 Oct 1926, Johnson 
City, N.Y; md 25 Jan 1947, in Binghampton, N.Y. , to 
Michael ROEBUCK who was b 24 Oct 1926, Dickenson, N.Y: 
s of Mike ROEBUCK and Anna MIKITCH; and had ch b in 
Johnson City, N.Y: 

(1) Michael John ROEBUCK b 14 Jan 1948 

(2) Anna Marie ROEBUCK b 8 Sept 1949 

(3) Brian Edward ROEBUCK b 25 Apr 1956 

(Ref: Harold Jerome Chrisler Sr. Johnson City, N.Y) 


11-67 Theodore CHIDESTER, s of John F ~ (John 

p^"^°^John M^"^^John P^"^^David^"^^) and Mary NICOLL; 
b 17 May 1877, Washington, Ut; d 18 Nov 1951, Pang- 
uitch, Ut; md 3 Jan 1900, in St. George, Ut. , to 
Ida Josephine SARGENT who was b 15 Nov 1881, Pang- 
uitch, Ut; d 20 Jan 1973, Tooele, Ut; dau of William 
Pickney SARGENT and Maria Lavina SNOW; and had ch 
b in Panguitch, Ut: 

*12-23 Theodore Carlyle CHIDESTER b 21 Dec 1900; d 4 June 

1962; md Rhoda Emma POULSEN 
*12-24 Myron Lionel CHIDESTER b 28 July 1902; d 16 Apr 1960; 

md Bessie Bell OTT 
*12-25 James Clarence CHIDESTER b 24 Oct 1903; d 21 Jan 

1966; md Elva BRINKERHOFF 
*12-26 Loris Elton CHIDESTER b 10 Nov 1905, ; md Hilda 

*12-27 John F CHIDESTER b 30 May 1915; md Kate B. SMITH 
*12-28 Lorena CHIDESTER b 27 Apr 1922; md Vernile Emerson 


Theodore CHIDESTER came to Panguitch when he was 
seven years of age and lived there from then on. His 
early life was spent in farming, then he operated a 
bus service between Panguitch and the railway terminal 
in Marysvale, Ut. , for several years. From 1921 to 
1951 he and his wife operated a cafe and service sta- 
tion and they also ran a resort at Panguitch Lake, keep- 
ing the tradition his father had started. 

Ida Sargent CHIDESTER was a most remarkable 
woman. Handicapped most of her life by deafness, she 
never let it stand in her way. She was a good teacher 
at school and in church. Active in all civic affairs, 
she was co-author and publisher of a history of Garfield 
County, entitled "Golden Nuggets of Pioneer Days," She 
was a charter member in the Daughters of Utah Pioneers; 
served many years as correspondent for a northern news- 
paper and was known in Garfield County for her excell- 
ent cooking — especially for her delicious pies. 

"Aunt Ida" was the matriarch of the Chidester 
family during her later years, encouraging genealogical 
research and seeing that the entire family had a good 
time at reunions. 

(Ref: fam recs of Mrs. Ida S. Chidester, Panguitch, 
Ut; obits of Theodore and Ida; personal knowledge.) 


11-68 John Nicoll CHIDESTER, s of John f"'-^"-'-^"^ 

(John P^'-'-^^John M^"^^John P^'^^David^"^"^) and Mary 
NICOLL; b 20 Oct 1880, Washington, Ut; d 9 Feb 
1913, Abraham, Millard, Ut; md 28 Feb 1905, in 
Panguitch, Ut., to Mary Elizabeth WORKMAN who was b 
14 Sept 1883, Panguitch Lake, Ut; d 6 June 1956, 
Salt Lake City, Ut; dau of Abram S. WORKMAN and 
Julia HATCH; and had ch: 

*12-29 Thelma CHIDESTER b 17 Jan 1907, Panguitch, Ut; md 

Elmer Clarence ANDERSON 
*12-30 Millie Sabina CHIDESTER b 28 June 1908, Panguitch, 

Ut; d 22 Jan 1973, Bountiful, Ut ; md (1) Robert L. 

LONGSON: md (2) Walter James SMITH 
12-31 John Leland CHIDESTER b 22 Mar 1910, Delta, Ut; 

d 23 June 1912, Delta, Ut. 
12-32 Julia Workman CHIDESTER b 28 Nov 1911, Delta, Ut; 

d 9 Aug 1917 
12-33 Mary CHIDESTER b 12 Sept 1913; Delta, Ut; d 3 Mar 


John N. CHIDESTER was an enthusiastic athlete dur- 
ing his school years. After graduation from Panguitch 
public schools he attended Murdock Academy, in Beaver, 
Ut., and Snow College in Ephraim, Ut. At both schools 
he was a star basket ball player and foot racer. He 
held the state record for the 100 yard dash. In all 
civic sports events he was the center of attraction, 
often entering every event. 

Immediately after his marriage he left for a 
mission to the Central States, spending more than a 
year in Kansas and Missouri, proselyting for the Church 
of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. While there, his 
health broke and it was found that unwise exploitation 
of his athletic skills had damaged his heart which had 
no doubt been weakened by a childhood bout with rheu- 
matic fever that had not been recognized at the time. 

Returning home, his health improved to a certain 
extent and he was able to work to sustain his family. 
During his absence, his wife had operated the Chidester 
Hotsl in Panguitch. They continued this activity 
for a time and John also helped his father at the Pang- 
uitch Lake resort as well as working, when able, as a 
carpenter and builder. 

After the sale of the hotel he moved his family 

John Niaoll Mary E. 
Chides ter Worhnan 

Thelma Chidester ^^,/%^%i I Millie S. Chideatt 

"^ iiiliilllilMii 

Elmer C Anderson Walter James Smith 

Leland D. S. 

Julia Chidester Mary Chidester 

Joan P Kibre 

Elmer Chides ter Mcam Anderson 


I V ml 

John H. Huffman 

John D Anderson JoAnn Damato 

Keith Eric Anderson 


to Delta, Ut., where his wife's parents had settled, 
thinking that the dry desert air there would be better 
for him than the high rarified atmosphere of Panguitch. 

In Delta John built a lovely home for his family 
and continued to work at carpentry but his health det- 
eriorated consistently. His daughters remember the 
lovely things he did — the stained glass windows he 
installed in the kitchen; the way he would take 

them for rides with him and converse with them as 

He t ODk a job selling books - the story of the 
sinking of the Titanic. Thelma accompanied him on those 
selling trips as he drove to neighboring towns. On the 
way, as the horse plodded along they would converse 
about the things of nature, the sun. It was on these 
trips that Thelma developed a love for things of the 

Then there was the night that his daughter Julia 
was being born. The labor was long and difficult. He 
waited patiently and did all he could for his suff- 
ering wife. But Thelma was upset and worried about 
her mother's illness. John took her out on the porch 
and talked to her about the stars, pointing out the big 
dipper and other constellations until she quieted and 
could be put to bed and to sleep. Later, when Thelma 
studied astronomy in college she would relive that 
night under the stars with her gentle father. 

It was many months before his wife regained her 
health after this experience. John cared for the child- 
ren and the house until he was stricken with the ill- 
ness that did not end until his death. Because of his 
ill health Mary, who had been a school teacher in her 
youth, went back to the school room, the first job 
being in Abraham, a neighboring village. Here John 
would spend the good days going to the school to coach 
the big farm boys in basket ball. On the bad days 
Thelma waited on him and tended the baby, going to 
school to get her mother when the doctor came. 

John did not live to see his last child who was 
born months after his death. He had been wise in his 
marriage, for he left a wife who assumed the respons- 
ibility of parenthood, being father and mother to the 
children and creating a good life for them. 

(Ref: fam recs of Thelma C. Anderson, Burbank, Cal) 


11-69 Mary Asenath (Cenneth) CHIDESTER, dau of John 
f1°-1°3 (John P^-l°2j^j^^ M^-^^John P^-5^David^-^^) 
and Mary NICOLL; b 5 Jan 1883, Washington, Ut; 
d 8 Dec 1974, San Diegom Cal; md (1) 8 Oct 1903, 
in Salt Lake City, Ut. , to Charles Jesse DEWEY who 
was b 23 May 1879, Deweyville, Ut; s of John C. 
DEWEY and Mary ALLEN; and had ch b in Deweyville, Ut 

12-34 Charles Merle DEWEY b 24 June 1904; d 14 May 1964, 
Long Beach, Cal; md in 1932, ±n Salt Lake City, Ut. , 
to Isabella HALTON who d in 1955. Their dau: 

(1) Patricia (Pat) DEWEY md Leonard SHEA 
Mr. Dewey retired from the Air Force in 1960 after 
a service of thirty years. He had served in North 
Africa and Italy during World War II and in the 
Korean War in 1952. 
12-35 Mary S. DEWEY b 1 Sept 1905; d 6 Apr 1908 
12-36 Almina DEWEY b 11 Dec 1906; d 6 Feb 1907 

Mary and Jesse were divorced, and Mary Asenath 
Chidester md (2) Elijah BAKER who was b 24 Nov 1875, 
Portchas, Canada; d in Midvale, Ut; their ch: 

*12-37 Max Elijah BAKER b 14 Sept 1911, Salt Lake City, Ut; 

md Gladys Lavon OSBOFNE 
12-38 EdytheBAKER b 26 Feb 1914, Union, Ut; md O'Neil 

GALBRAITH and had a dau but was later divorced. 

Edythe became an efficient secretary and eventually 

went into social service, operating the business of 

placing the aged in rest homes and tending to their 

other needs. 
12-39 Russell Boyd BAKER b 13 May 1916, Union, Ut; was a 

career man in t±ie U.S. Navy. 

Mary Asenath, known more familiarly as Cenneth, 
was left motherless in the first week of her life. 
Means of feeding an infant other than at the mother's 
breast had not been developed yet in 1883. Fortunately 
her Aunt Lodema Chidester RUBY had a young baby and 
lived nearby and v;as willing to feed this little one 
along with her own. Aunt Lodema was a midwife and, at 
least in this instance, was a wet-nurse. Between her 
aunt and her paternal grandparents , Mary was cared for 
until her father re-married and took his young family 
to Panguitch to live. Her new young mother took the 


infant to her heart and cared for her so tenderly that 
Mary would honor her by giving her name to her own 


There was a disappointing first marriage, then 
Mary Asenath became the wife, again, of a farmer and 
served her family well. Eventually the farm was sold 
and the Bakers moved into Salt Lake City where they 
operated a small grocery store on Center St. This 
did not prove to be a satisfactory way of life for 
people who were used to the open spaces. The store 
was sold and the family moved back to a farm, this 
time in Midvale, Utah. 

After Elijah's death, Max continued to run the 
farm for his mother for a few years, then the farm 
was sold and Mary moved to San Diego so that she would 
be near her daughter.. The children saw to it that 
their mother never did want for anything she needed. 
Merle and Edyth took her on trips with them so that 
she visited most of the United States and saw a 
great deal of Europe. Max and his wife cared for her 
months at a time, doing all they could to make her 
happy. and Russell contributed to her well-being. 

(Info: Mary Asenath Baker; added to by Max E. 
Baker, Salt Lake City, Ut.) 

11-71 Almina CHIDESTER, dau of John f-'-^"-'-^^ (John 

P^"-^°^John M^"^^John P^"^^David^"'*^) and Almina 
WORTHEN; b 7 July 1887, Panguitch, Ut; md 8 Apr 
1909, in Salt Lake City, Ut. , to Leonard William 
OGDEN who was b 25 May 1881, Richfield, Ut; d 6 
Oct 1948, Richfield, Ut; s of James OGDEN and 
Betsy MARSH; and had ch b in Richfield, Ut: 

*12-40 Leonard Ray OGDEN b 18 June 1910; md Helen 

*12-41 Verl Chides tsr OGDEN b 1 June 1912; md Esther MADSEN 
*12-42 Grace OGDEN b 2 Jan 1916; md Benjamin Teasdale LeBARON 
*12-43 Carl Foy OGDEN b 6 July 1918; md Jean Marie SPERRY 

Born of good Latter Day Saint pioneer stock, 
Almina was extra weak at birth and it was doubtful that 
she would live, but one of the general authorities of 
the church who was visiting at stake conference, was 
asked to administer to her. He blessed her that she 


would live and grow up to be a mother in Israel. She 
lived to fulfill the blessing and to celebrate her 90th 

Almina was the eldest daughter of her mother, but 
she came into a ready-made family with older brothers 
and sisters. Her father always said, "There is no such 
thing in this family as half brothers and sisters. We 
are one family!" Almina was the mediator, the one who 
linked the two families into one and made her father's 
words come true. All members of the family, older and 
younger, looked to her for leadership and love which 
she gave freely. 

At the age of fourteen Mina was given the assign- 
ment of primary teacher. At sixteen she was secretary 
of the Sunday School. When she was seventeen her fath- 
er was appointed District Attorney and the family moved 
to Richfield. There she finished school and went part 
of a year to school at the Agricultural College in 
Logan, Ut. Back in Richfield, she was given the job 
as assistant secretary of the Young Women's Mutual 
Improvement Association. 

After her marriage to Leonard Ogden in the Salt 
Lake Temple, the couple proceeded to pioneer the Hard- 
scrabble country southeast of Richfield. For many years 
the family milked cows and raised crops there. 

Mina has been a Relief Society visiting teacher 
almost constantly since her marriage, going first by 
horse and buggy and later driving her own car until 
age and infirmity forced her to give up the calling. 
She went monthly to visit and bring love and aid to 
her associates in the church. 

As she raised her family she filled many posi- 
tions in the religion class and primary. She served 
as Spiritual Living teacher in Relief Society for eight 
years; two years were also spent on a stake mission, 
working with the Indians and she was the first Relief 
Society president in the Yoomeenchoopeets Branch when 
it was organized. 

After retiring from the farm, Mina maintained a 
lovely home on Center St. in Richfield, still serving 
her family, going frequently to the Temple in Manti, 
recording her family records. Inspired by their mother's 
love and example, her children have rewarded her with 
love and concern for her well-being. She is an inspir- 
ation to all the family, brothers and sisters, nephews 
and neices , as well as her own children and grandchild- 


(Ref: fam recs of Almina C. Ogden, Richfield, Ut; 
added to by son Verl Ogden, Richfield, Ut.) 

11-72 Samuel Henry CHIDESTER, s of John F 

(John P^"^°^John M^'^^John P^'^'^David^"^ '') and 
Almina WORTHEN; b 11 Oct 1889, Panguitch, Ut; 
d 28 Feb 1968, Richfield, Ut; md 16 Jan 1909, in 
Sigurd, Ut. , to Mary Fern DASTRUP who was b 10 Dec 
1890, Vermillion (Sigurd) Sevier, Ut; d 27 Jan 1962, 
Richfield, Ut; dau of Ole DASTRUP and Maggie Alber- 
ta NEBEKER; and had ch: 

*12-44 Wanda Fern CHIDESTER b 2 Nov 1909, Richfield, Ut; 

md Lorenzo HEAPS 
*12-45 Clyde Dastrup CHIDESTER b 18 Apr 1915, Richfield, 
Ut; d 25 May 1952; md Hannah WHITE 
12-46 Lell Dastrup CHIDESTER b 10 Nov 1916, Richfield, Ut; 

d 30 Oct 1924, 
12-47 Ole CHIDESTER b 16 Oct 1918, Richfield, Ut; d 29 
July 1926 
*12-48 Jack Dastrup CHIDESTER b 15 Jan 1924, Bicknell, 
Ut; md Agnes Mary SHELTON 
12-49 Olean CHIDESTER b 10 Oct 1926, Bicknell, Ut; md 
Orson B. BERRY and had ch: 

(1) Steve BERRY 

(2) Mark BERRY 

(3) Chris BERRY. 

Samuel H. CHIDESTER started out with a farm and 
he would always have a peice of land and a productive 
garden; but really he was a musician. His soul de- 
lighted in song and his violin sang for him. He taught 
school in Escalante, Ut; in Panguitch and in Bicknell. 
But wherever he went his violin went with him. He 
always had a dance band going and would travel the 
countryside to play for dances, give musicals, parti- 
cipating in holiday programs. 

As his children grew up he taught them to play 
various instruments and soon his own family band was 
making the rounds. They brought joy to the country and 
were known far and wide for their versatility and prow- 
ess in entertainment. At family reunions there was 
always the time when Sam brought out his well-worn 
instrument and a brother or sister would accompany him 
on the piano and there would be toe-tapping music — 
the frosting on the cake. 


Before his marriage, Sam served a mission for his 
church, going to Germany. All his life he was an ardent 
member and participant in all church activities. 

(Ref: Samuel H. Chidester; Richfield Ward recs; 
newspaper obits; personal knowledge.) 

11-73 Arnon Alphaeus CHIDESTER, s of John p-''^'-'-^"^ 

(John P John M John P David ) and 

Almina WORTHEN; b 6 Nov 1891, Panguitch, Ut; d 2 
Mar 1977, Richfield, Ut; md 10 Sept 1919, in St. 
George, Ut. , to Adell Christena Christensen BROWN 
who was b 18 Feb 1893, Monroe, Ut; d 2 Apr 1965, 
Provo, Ut; dau of Christian Christensen BROWN and 
Anna Johannah NIELSON; and had ch: 

*12-50 Max Brown CHIDESTER b 1 May 1921, Richfield, Ut; 

md Clista Zelda BYINGTON 
*12-51 Lois CHIDESTER b 24 Apr 1923, Central, Ut; md 

*12-52 Arnon Reeve CHIDESTER b 30 Apr 1926, Richfield, Ut; 

md Rocena PLATT 
*12-53 Portia CHIDESTER b 18 Aug 1928, Richfield, Ut; md 

Leland Harvey Van ZWEDEN 
*12-54 Roger Burk CHIDESTER b 4 July 1931, Richfield, Ut; 

md (1) Sharon Lynn HOUCHEN; md (2) Betty Ann JONES 
*12-55 Karla CHIDESTER b 30 July 1934, Richfield, Ut; md 

James Orsman RICHMOND 
*12-56 Ana CHIDESTER b 28 Apr 1937, Richfield, Ut; md 

Conrad Ronald ZYSK 

As a young man Arnon was his father's main stay 
on the farm. While father was busy with politics, the 
law and various committees, Arnon took charge of the 
farm. During his mother's widowhood he and a younger 
brother maintained the farm for a time until the young- 
er one took over and Arnon was free to make his own 
family living. 

For many years he and his wife Adell worked with 
Indian youth who attended school in Richfield, giving 
them a home away from home, socializing with them, 
offering spiritual guidance and advice as needed. 

Arnon served as milk tester for the state, coll- 
ecting milk samples from the dairy herds and testing 
for tuberculosis. Bang's disease, etc. 

Family reunions had gone into a decline. It 


was Arnon who re-instituted and re-organized them and 
served for a nvunber of years as secretary-treasurer. 
When his aunt Eveline C. SPROUL found it necessary to 
give up the research and record keeping, Arnon assiomed 
the responsibility and got it rolling again. 

The avocation Arnon probably enjoyed most was 
during the years when he acted as guide in the wilds of 
southern Utah for hunters and fishermen. He knew 
every nook and cranny of the mountains; where one 
would most likely be able to bag a deer and in which 
lake or stream the best trout would be found. During 
the season his refrigerator was stocked with big trout 
and the family came to enjoy a real fish fry often. 

A dutiful son and loving father, his family 
stands as a monument to him. 

(Fam recs of Arnon A. Chidester, Richfield, Ut.) 

11-76 Susan Vera CHIDESTER, dau of John F 

(John P^~-'-°^John M^'^^John p'^'^'^David^"'* '') and 
Almina WORTHEN; b 23 June 1898, Panguitch, Ut; 
d 21 Apr 1972, North Hollywood, Cal; md 18 June 
1920, to Frank Melvin BARTON who was b 13 July 
1898, Hams Fork, Wyoming; d 20 Apr 1952, North 
Hollywood, Ca; s of William MOWER and Ruth FENN. 
Frank was raised by a step-father, Bert BARTON, 
who adopted him and gave him his surname. Ch of 
Susan Vera and Frank: 

*12-57 Keith Frank BARTON b 6 June 1921, Weber, Ut; md 

Katherine Mary McKENNY 
*12-58 Jocelyn Vera BARTON b 29 Dec 1924, Ogden, Ut; 

md (1) Robert James McCAUSLAND; md (2) Leslie Jay PAUL 
*12-59 Fred Denzel BARTON b 21 Nov 1926, Salt Lake City, 

Ut; md Isabell PACK 
*12-60 Harmon Bruce BARTON b 8 Nov 1937, Glendale, Cal; 

md Diane Louise TRACY 

Vera worked for a number of years as a secretary 
and was efficient and thorough in her work. After the 
move to California she and her husband went into the 
real estate business and eventually worked it into a 
thriving enterprise with Frank selling property and 
Vera taking care of the escrows. 

Both Vera and Frank were active church members, 
she concentrating on Relief Society and Frank becoming 


prominent as a choir director, among various other 

After Frank's death, Vera disposed of the business, 
did considerable visiting with family in Utah and Idaho, 
and worked as a seamstress, making swimming suits for 
Marie Reid Inc. 

At family reunions her laugh and spontaneous 
good spirits made her the life of the party. She was 
always in the middle of the action, serving the dinn- 
ers as well as cooking them and making a big event of 
each family get-together. She often accompanied her 
brother Sam on the piano , and in other ways contrib- 
uted to the joy of the occasion. She counts among her 
children, a bishop, a high councilman and a stake 
president who honor her name. 

(Ref : fam recs of Vera C. Barton) 

11-77 John Denzel CHIDESTER, s of John F 

(John P^~-'-°^John M^"^^John p'^'^^David^"'^^) and Almina 
WORTHEN; b 5 Dec 1900, Panguitch, Ut; md 7 Apr 
1928, in Manti, Ut. , to Lula CHRISTENSEN who was b 
3 Apr 1908, Salina, Ut; dau of Christian CHRISTEN- 
SEN and Carrie Nielson; and had ch: 

*12-61 Bonnie Gae CHIDESTER b 1 July 1930, Salina, Ut; md 
Terrill E. STAPLES 

(Info: Bonnie E. Staples, Richfield, Ut.) 

11-78 Thais Elizabeth CHIDESTER, dau of John F 

(John P^'-'-^^John M^'^^John p'^'^'^David^"^'^) and 
Almina WORTHEN; b 3 Oct 1902, Panguitch, Ut; md 2 9 
June 1931, Byron VREELAND; and had ch: 

*12- e Janice Thais VREELAND b 18 Jan 1933, Santa Mon- 
ica, Ca; md Andrew Emery VALL 
12-63 Byron VREELAND b 23 Jan Santa Monica, Ca; be- 
came a very successful dentist. 

(Info: Thais C. Vreeland, Westwood, Cal.) 


11-79 Alton Parker CHIDESTER, s of John F 

Q— in? 8—85 1 —SI 6—47 

(John P John M John P David ) and Almina 

WORTHEN; b 25 Jan 1905, Panguitch, Ut; d 3 Feb 1968, 
Las Vegas, Nevada; md 15 Feb 1927, in Richfield, Ut. , 
to Nellie H. HOUSTON who was b 26 July 1908, Pang- 
uitch, Ut; dau of James General HOUSTON and Lydia 
Maria TALBOT; and had ch b in Richfield, Ut: 

12-64 Alton Kent CHIDESTER b 23 Jan 1931; d 29 Jan 1933 
*12-65 Carol Louise CHIDESTER b 2 Oct 1932; md Donald 
Duane FULLER . 

Alton P. (Perk) Chidester bought the family home 
after his mother's death and maintained it, living in 
it when in Richfield and renting it during the years 
he lived in California and finally in Henderson, Nev. 
He was an electrician by trade. At family reunions 
he was often the accompanist for his brother Sam and 
his violin. 

(Info: recs of Alton P. Chidester, Hendersonville, 

11-80 Susan Emeline DEWEY, dau of Susan Emma CHIDES- 

^^^10-105 ,^ , „9-102^ , ^8-85^ , t,7-57^ -^6-47, 
TER (John P John M John P David ) 

and George Carlos DEWEY; b 30 Jan 1877, Deweyville, 
Ut; md 9 Oct 1901, in Salt Lake City, Ut. , to 
Christian HANSEN Jr. who was b 6 Sept 1877, Logan, 
Ut; d 24 Oct 1957, Salt Lake City, Ut; s of Chris- 
tian HANSEN and Annie MARTENSEN; and had ch : 

12-66 Paul Christian HANSEN b 11 Aug 1902, Deweyville, Ut; 
d 8 Oct 1938; md 24 July 1929, in Logan, Ut. , to 
Edria THORNTON who was b 25 Feb 1908, Neeley, Ida; 
dau of Thomas J. THORNTON and Mary A. STANGER; and 
had a dau : 

(1) Sandra Dawn HANSEN b 11 Jan 1938, Ogden, Ut. 
*12-67 Clothiel HANSEN b 17 June 1904, Deweyville, Ut; 
md Vern Edwin FAMES 
12-68 Joseph George HANSEN b 10 Dec 1907, Deweyville, Ut; 
md 12 Mar 1934, Kathern DURFEE who was b 19 Dec 1908, 
Filer, Ida 
12-69 Elaine HANSEN b 10 Feb 1911, Almo, Cassia, Ida; md 
25 Aug 1934, to Lloyd Dewey NEWSOME 
*12-70 Norma HANSEN b 28 Mar 1916, Almo, Ida; md Warren 


*12-71 Ernest Dewey HANSEN b 18 Jan 1918, Almo, Ida; md 

(Ref: recs given to Florence Foy, Bountiful, Ut.) 

11-82 George Chidester DEWEY, s of Susan Emma CHIDES- 

mT:.T,10-105 ,^ , ^9-102^ , ^8-85^ , t^7-57^ •^6-47, 
TER (John P John M John P David ) 

and George Carlos DEWEY; b 19 Dec 1879, Washington, 

Ut; d 16 Mar 1942, San Bernardino, Cal; md 16 Nov 

1905, in Logan, Ut. , to Fannie Estella LOVELAND who 

was b 9 Oct 1886, Deweyville, Ut; dau of Orson C. 

LOVELAND and Mary Isabel GARDNER; and had ch: 

*12-72 Glenda Estella DEWEY b 18 Dec 1906, Deweyville, Ut; 

md William Edward KIRK 
*12-73 Varsal George DEWEY b 1 Jan 1908, Deweyville, Ut; md 

Bonnie Faye SMITH 
*12-74 Emma DEWEY b 11 Aug 1911, Deweyville, Ut; md (1) Max 

TEMPLE; md (2) Robert Wayne TISDEL; md (3) Milton J. 

*12-75 Ira Neely DEWEY b 9 Oct 1913, Malad, Ida; md Cleo 

Hulda NEAL 
*12-76 Genevieve DEWEY b 30 Dec 1915, Mountain View, Ida; 

md Gordon W. ROSE 
*12-77 Letty DEWEY b 21 Feb 1918, Mountain View, Idaho; 

md Franklin Leroy KNOWLES 
*12-78 Devern DEWEY b 26 Sept 1920, Honeyville, Ut; md (1) 

Robert Reagan LAMBETH; md (2) Kenneth COOPER 

Fanny LOVELAND md (2) Alfred LUNDBERG 

(Ref: Deweyville Ward Recs; recs of Florence Foy, 
Bountiful, Ut.) 

11-83 John Alfred DEWEY, s of Susan Emma CHIDESTER °~ 

(John P John M John P David ) and George 

Carlos DEWEY; b 18 Aug 1882, Washington, Ut; md (1) 
14 Oct 1903, in Logan, Ut. , Lillian LOVELAND who was 
b 18 Dec 1885, Deweyville, Ut; d 11 Oct 1928, Brig- 
ham Cuty, Ut; dau of Chester C. LOVELAND and Louise 
FAULKNER; and had ch : 

12-79 Chester Alfred DEWEY b 26 Aug 1904, Deweyville, Ut; 
d 15 Aug 1933, Montpelier, Ida; md 2 May 1925, in 


Soda Springs, Ida., to Lettie Lee Or a RICH who was b 

5 Apr 1906, Soda Springs, Ida; dau of Landon Lorenzo 

RICH and Ida Lee Ora VERNON, and had a son: 

(1) Chester Owen DEWEY b 8 Feb 1926, Lava Hot 
Springs, Ida. 
12-80 Lila Lillian DEWEY b 23 Sept 1906, Deweyville, Ut; 

md 19 Nov 1923, Eugene Frank WRIGHT who was b 21 July 

1898, Brigham City, Ut; s of Frank WRIGHT and Amy 

S. PETERSON; and had a son: 

(1) Eugene Dewey WRIGHT b 22 Sept 1924, Brigham City 
12-81 Vonda L. DEWEY b 5 Mar 1908, Deweyville, Ut; md 

(1) 7 Dec 1927, Albert Earl FEFIELD. They divorced 

and she md (2) 14 May 1935, George Ezra LEE; md (3) 

12 June 1939, Stillman Joseph HARRIS 
12-82 Jane Louise DEWEY b 2 MaR 1911, Deweyville, Ut; 

md (1) 20 Sept 1927, Durad Lee ALLEN: MD (2) 30 July 

1931, Willard Martin JENSEN 
12-83 John Eldon DEWEY b 27 Dec 1914, Deweyville, Ut; md 

(1) 10 July 1933, Esther Elizabeth HOMAN, but divorced. 

Md (2) 6 Apr 1935, Doris WILSON; md (3) 8 Nov 1938, 

*12-84 Vera Othella DEWEY b 6 June 1918, Almo, Ida; md 

Richard C. MORSE 
12-85 Carlos Loveland DEWEY b 7 Oct 1920, Deweyville, Ut; 

md (1) 11 May 1938, June Thelma SKEEN; divorced and 

md (2) 21 Nov 1948, Bonnie Mae UART or STEWART 

12-86 Doyle Lamar DEWEY b 1 Oct 1923, Deweyville, Ut; md 

20 May 1942, Bernice DANIELS 

(Ref: Chidester fam recs; Deweyville Ward recs.) 

11-84 Harriet Eveline DEWEY, dau of Susan Emma CHIDES- 

rpirnlO-105 ,^ , „9-102^ , »8-85^ , t.7-57 ^ -.6-47, 
TER (John P John M John P David ) 

and George Carlos DEWEY; b 13 Nov 188 5, Washington, 
Ut; d 14 Dec 1964, Deweyville, Ut; md 29 Dec 1904, 
Deweyville, Ut. , to James Alva GARDNER who was b 7 
Jan 1877, Deweyville, Ut; d 8 July 1959, Deweyville, 
Ut; s of Milo Van Duzen GARDNER and Margaret MONTGOM- 
ERY; and had ch b in Deweyville, Ut: 

12-87 Alva James GARDNER b 27 Oct 1905; d 30 Dec 1911 
*12-88 Horace G. GARDNER b 4 Jan 1909; md Ethel Flora 

12-89 William Alma GARDNER b 26 Sept 1910; md 2 Jan 1942, 

in Holbrook, Nebr. , to Helen Janice DAVIS who was b 


17 Jan 1915, Holbrook, Nebr; dau of Samuel Francis 
DAVIS and Eva H. FRAZIER; and had ch b in Holdredge, 
Phelps, Nebr: 

(1) Harriet Sue GARDNER b 25 Dec 1942 

(2) Cherrille Lu GARDNER b 21 Oct 1946 

12-90 Veda GARDNER b 11 Feb 1913; md (1) 2 Apr 1946, 
Wesley Stewart MERRITT; divorced and md (2) 25 Nov 
1950, in Deweyville, Ut. , to Hynim Monroe PETERSON 
who was b 21 June 1906. 
*12-91 Emma GARDNER b 12 Nov 1916; md Vern Stewart 

(Ref: J. Lamar Gardner, Deweyville, Ut.) 

11-87 Lettie DEWEY, dau of Susan CHIDESTER 

(John P^"-'-°^John M^"^^John p'^'^'^David^"'*'^) and 
George Carlos DEWEY; b 27 Aug 1893, Deweyville, Ut; 
md 5 June 1918, Salt Lake City, Ut; to Orion Wood- 
ruff SNOW who was b 7 Jan 1890, Brigham City, Ut; 
s of Orion Woodruff SNOW and Marentha Althenia REEVES 
and had ch b in Deweyville, Ut: 

*12-92 Ruth SNOW b 6 Sept 1920; md Charles Daniel LITCH- 
12-93 Orion Dewey SNOW b 3 Nov 1923; killed in World 
War II 7 Aug 1943 
*12-94 Barbara Jean SNOW b 6 Feb 1927; md George Robert 
12-95 Donald Reeves SNOW b 11 June 1928; d 12 Oct 1963 
*12-96 Wilford Woodruff SNOW b 13 Sept 1930; md Elizabeth 

(Info: Mrs. Lettie Snow, Deweyville, Ut.) 

11-94 Jennie May RUBY, dau of Lodema CHIDESTER 

(John P^"^°^John M^'^^John p'^'^'^David^"'^'^) and 
Alfred Amasa RUBY; b 8 Nov 1882, Washington, Ut; 
md Augustus P. FULLERTON and had ch b in St. George, 

12-97 Golda FULLERTON b 25 Aug 1909; md Page R. THIERS 
and had ch: 

(1) Lola May THIERS 


(2) Zena Lee THIERS 

(3) Blaine THIERS 

12-98 Nora FULLERTON b 27 July 1911; md Wendell COOK. 
12-99 Augustus Prescott FULLERTON b 13 Oct 1915. 

(Info: Chidester Family records; Florence Foy, Bountiful, Ut) 

11-97 Rozina RUBY, dau of Lodema CHIDESTER 

(John P^'-'-^^John M^"^^John P^'^^David^"^"^) and Alfred 
Amasa RUBY; b 15 Apr 1890 , Washington , Ut; d 14 June 
1954; md 17 June 1917, Edwin Hoskins HALFORD who 
was b 5 Feb 1882, Portage, Ut; d 30 June 1957; s of 
Joseph Henry HALFORD and Eirana HOSKINS; and had ch: 

12-100 Joseph Edwin HALFORD b 20 Aug 1918; md Beverly 
HUTCHINGS and had ch: 

(1) Robert Brian HALFORD b 25 Aug 1947, Pocatello, Ida 

(2) Joseph Edwin HALFORD b 15 Nov 1949, Burley, Ida 
The family lived for a time in Fontana, California 

12-101 Alfred L. HALFORD 

12-102 Arthur Merle HALFORD b 13 Dec 1922, Portage, Ut; md 

Mary GIACCI who was b 8 Mar 1918, Cincinnati, Ohio; 

and had ch: 

(1) Dennis Arthur HALFORD b 16 Aug 1948, Salt Lake 

(2) Linda Rose HALFORD b 22 Nov 1949, Los Angeles, Ca 

(3) Shirley Ann HALFORD b 17 Nov 1952, Downey, Ca 
12-103 Shirley HALFORD b 20 May 1935; md Ruben J. BROWN 

(Ref: Arthur Merle HALFORD, Norwalk, Ca; Pearl Hawks, Portage, 

Ut.) in-infi 

11-98 Lodema RUBY, dau of Lodema E. CHIDESTER 

(John P^"-'-°^John M^"^^John p'^'^'^David^"'^^) and Alfred 
Amasa RUBY; b 16 Aug 1893, Monroe, Ut; md Berl 
WATERS; and had ch : 

12-104 Berneice WATERS 

12-105 Berl Edward WATERS b 17 Aug 1926, Beaver, Ut; md 

Alice Rhoene WAY 
12-106 Betty WATERS 
12-107 June WATERS 
k2-108 Rue Marie WATERS 
Two other children who d in infancy. 

(Ref: Florence E. Foy recs. Bountiful, Ut.) 


11-102 Myron Alphonzo (Alfonzo) CHIDESTER, s of Myron 

A^O-l^"^) (John P^-l°2john M^-^5john P^'^^David^-^^) 
and Sarah Jane JACKSON; b 20 Feb 1882, Washington, 
Ut; d 4 Nov 192 8, Salt Lake City, Ut; md 8 June 
1904, Lucinda Maud LOVELAND, who was b 17 Sept 1885, 
Deweyville, Ut; dau of Orson Clinton LOVELAND and 
Mary J. GARDNER ; and had ch: 

*12-109 Clinton Alfonzo CHIDESTER, b 10 Aug 1905, Dewey- 
ville, Ut; md Jessie Miiat^d REDDENS 

*12-110 Ursal Loveland CHIDESTER b 1 Jan 1908, Deweyville, 
Ut; md Sarah ANDERSON 

*12-111 Velva CHIDESTER b 24 Apr 1913, Deweyville, Ut; d 
13 Jione 1954; md (1) Llewellyn CRAMER; md (2) Leonard 
Murray SPROUL #11-121 

*12-112 Vaudis (Vadis) CHIDESTER b 27 Nov 1919, Mt. View, 
Ut; md Charles McCURDY 

After Myron's death Lucinda md (2) Thomas Raymond 

The following story was written by Lucinda M. L. 
Chidester Harrington: 

A story of a man who forgot himself and found 
time amid this world's strife to live up to Christ's 
teachings: "Do unto others as you would have them do 
to you . " 

Myron Alphonzo Chidester. . .had very little 
schooling as the family was in poor circumstances. He 
remembers working in the woolen mill while so small he 
stood on a box to run the loom. His talent for mugic 
led him to learn to play the violin and guitar while 
still very young. 

When Myron was about sixteen years old his father 
went on a mission to the southern states, so he and a 
younger brother, Elmer, went to a mining camp to work 
to help support the family. They were subjected to 
all kinds of temptations but they managed to keep clean 
and away from tobacco and liquor habits. After their 
father returned home, Myron and Elmer went to Deweyville 
to work. They boarded with their Aunt Susan Dewey. 
There they met the Loveland girls, Lucinda Maud and 
Florence Ethel and the following year Myron and Lucinda 
were'" married. 

When their second child was about a year old they 


filed on one hundred sixty acres of land in Cur ley, 
Ida; He was not a success as a fanner, being a musi- 
cian. However, they staid there thirteen years, being 
pioneers in very deed. He helped to build a school 
house there and established a school district. He 
also helped to build a chapel. For two years school 
had been held in his own home. 

He worked in the Sunday School super intendency, 
was MIA officer and was Stake Secretary for the 
Elder's Quorum. 

Their fourth child was born in Mountain View, 
Cur ley, Idaho, where Myron, together with his bride 
Lucinda who was a born farmer, cleaned the land of sage 
brush, ploughed and planted it to grain, built a good 
two room log house and fenced the land. They also built 
a barn and a granary. For two years they hauled water 
about two and one half miles for household use and 
for the stock. They raised horses, cows, sheep and pigs. 
They were always poor, but managed to pay tithing. 
Many times Myron came near to losing his life. Once 
when digging a well he was just ready to step in the 
bucket to go down over one hundred feet when they tied 
the rope on the windlass and it parted like a cobweb. 
He was always cheerful and could exercise wit in any 
situation. He would work all night if necessary to 
do what he started to accomplish. 

He hauled grain over the mountains to Malad in 
snow and mud and over icy roads when the wagon would 
slide until it was even with the horses. He was handy 
at fixing any kind of machinery from a watch to a 
thresher and would leave his own work anytime to help 
a neighbor, never expecting any pay. 

After eight years, when crops were destroyed by 
drought, grasshoppers, frost and hail, the family 
moved back to Deweyville where he worked his father- 
in-law's place for a year. About 1922 he moved to Salt 
Lake City where he worked in the service garage for 
a Mr. PECK and Mr. BREWER. He worked nights and when 
no one was around he would play his guitar and sing. 

While in Deweyville he was busy in Genealogical 
work and, as a ward teacher, converted his brother Ray 
CHIDESTER's wife to the gospel. He also took Lewis 
GARDNER and family to the Logan Temple. His musical 
talent and dramatic ability were in constant demand. He 
trained a group of boys besides leading the choir. In 
Salt Lake City he was chorister and choir leader in the 


South Gate Ward 

(Info: Lucinda Maude L. C. Harrington.) 

11-103 John Elmer CHIDESTER, so of Myron p}^'^^'^ 

IT V. T,9-102^ , v,8-85^ , T,7-57^ •^6-47, , ^ , 

(John P John M John P David ) and Sarah 

Ann JACKSON; b 1 July 1884, Washington, Ut; d 3 Dec 

1940, Salt Lake City , Ut; md 29 Nov 1905, in 

Logan, Ut. , to Florence Ethel LOVELAND who was b 18 

Nov 1888, Deweyville, Ut; d 12 Apr 1967, Tremonton, 

Ut; dau of Orson Clinton LOVELAND and Mary Isabella 

GARDNER; and had ch: 

12-113 John Eldon CHIDESTER b 3 Nov 1906, Deweyville, Ut; 

d 3 Dec 1906 
12-114 Ida Mary CHIDESTER b 28 June 1908, Deweyville, Ut; 

md 25 May 1929, Mr. SHELTON; md (2) 10 Jan 1944, 

Vernile VEST who was b 9 Sept 1907, Mona, Ut; s of 

Robert Aaron VEST and Mary HOUGHTON. No ch 
*12=115 Orson Myron CHIDESTER b 22 Nov 1910, Deweyville, Ut; 

md Gladys LaVon RAT 
*12-116 Wesley Lysle CHIDESTER b 28 Jan 1913, Deweyville, 

Ut; md Isabella Felicity BERTOLINA 
12-117 Woodrow Wilson CHIDESTER b 29 Sept 1916, Holbrook 

Ida; d 3 Apr 1917 
*12-118 Florence E. CHIDESTER b 22 May 1918, Holbrook, Ida; 

md Joseph Fielding PETERSON 
*12-119 Ray Elmer CHIDESTER b 26 Aug 1921, Honeyville, Ut; 

md Margaret June RUSSELL 
*12-120 Jerry Elwin CHIDESTER b 18 May 1925, Salt Lake City, 

Ut; md Wetonia Mae MILLER 

Florence E. Loveland md (2) 17 Aug 194 5, Thomas Ray 
STEVENS; md (3) 5 July 1961, John Franklin HANSEN 

(Fam recs of John Elmer Chidester; Deweyville Ward 
recs; Deseret News obit. 3 Dec 1940) 

11-105 Ray CHIDESTER, s of Myron a''-^'-^^^ (John p^"^^^ 

John M^~^^John p'^'^'^David^"'^^) and Sarah Ann JACKSON; 
b 11 Oct 1891, Washington, Ut; d 26 Jan 1966, Brigham 
ity, Ut., to Priscilla Dorothy JOHNSON who was b 8 Nov 
1901, Hyrum, Ut. , dau of Charles G. JOHNSON and 

Harriet ANDERSON ; and had ch : 


12-121 Helen CHIDESTER b 21 Apr 1923, Salt Lake City, 
Ut; d 3 Jan 1926 

12-122 Eugene Ray CHIDESTER b 14 Jan 1926, Salt Lake 
City, Ut; md (1) 18 June 1946, Viola Ray PRICE 
who was b 12 Mar 1928; and had ch b in Brigham City; 

(1) Lydia CHIDESTER b 12 Sept 1947 

(2) Karen CHIDESTER b 19 Apr 1949 

Eugene md (2) 28 Oct 1958, Mrs. Betty Sorenson RUST 
12-123 LaVon CHIDESTER b 18 Apr 1928, Deweyville, Ut; 

md (1) Floyd KETCHERSIDE and had a s: 

(1) Ellis Ray KETCHERSIDE b 6 Mar 1953, Ogden, Ut 

LaVon md (2) 25 Aug 1962, Murray Alton BLACKWELL 

and lived in Willard, Ut. 
12-124 Gwen CHIDESTERb 9 Feb 1936, Eoneyville, Ut; md 

Clifford BOBRICK and lived in Salinas, Cal. 

Ray Chidester was a high priest in the Brigham 
City T hird Ward, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter 
Day Saints. He served for two years as a missionary 
at the Box Elder Tabernacle. He retired in 1957 
from the Army Supply Depot, Ogden, Ut. 

(Info: Mrs. LaVon Blackwell, Willard, Ut; obit, 
Deseret News Jan 1966.) 

1 n-1 07 
11-106 Blanche CHIDESTER, dau of Myron A 

^ , „9-102^ , >.8-85^ , T,7-57^ . ,6047, 
John P John M John P David ) and 

Sarah Ann JACKSON; b 10 July 1895,' Washington, Ut; 

md 21 Nov 1912, to Robert William WILKINSON who 

was b 29 Jan 1875, Enniskellen, Lamberton, Canada 

d 21 Oct 1949, Carmel, Cal; s of James WILKINSON 

and Emma HAGEL. Robert was md (1) to Mary Eliza 


Ch of Blanche Chidester and Robt. Wm. WilkinsoN: 

12-125 Ethel Ann WILKINSON b 19 Feb 1917, Holbrook, 
Ida; md (1) 23 Sept 1938, William Raymond WILSON; 
md (2) 13 May 1946, Louis Albert SHONE; md (3) 
Robert I. MINIST 

*12-126 George Ray WILKINSON b 26 Aug 1918, Holbrook, 

Ida; md Marion A. YOUNG 
12-127 Faye WILKINSON b 15 Aug 1920, Holbrook, Ida; 

md (1) 27 Nov 1939, John Peter LAWR; md (2) 20 Apr 

1961, Calvin TOMBLINSON 
*12-128 Myron Dean WILKINSON b 7 Dec 1921, Holbrook, Ida; 



md (1) Dorothy Elma DARLING; md (2) Sady June 

MONROE; md (3) Theresa Regina LAWTON 
*12-129 Garth Odell WILKINSON b 18 May 1923, Malad City 

Ida; md Ferol LaRae POULSON 
12-130 Terry Dare WILKINSON b 26 Mar 1924, Deweyville, 

Ut; md 24 June 1950, Jean Elizabeth SILVEINA or 

12-131 Corene WILKINSON b 10 May 1929, Malad, Ida; 

md 26 Jan 1946, Herbert Lester THOM 
12-132 Joy Irene WILKINSON b 11 Jan 1933, Salinas, Cal; 

md 11 MAR 1955, Alfred Ira MATTHEWS 

(Info: Mrs. Blanche C. Wilkinson, Monterey, Cal 1965) 

11-109 Samuel Chidester STEWART, s of Emeline CHIDES- 

^^^10-109 ,^ , „9-102^ , ,,8-85^ , t^7-57^ -^6-47, 
TER (John P John M John P David ) 

and Samuel Hood Murray STEWART; b 10 Oct 1887, 

Washington, Ut; d 21 Jan 1970, Burley, Ida; md 

7 June 1922, in Salt Lake City, Ut. , to Martha 

Pearl RANDALL who was b 12 Dec 1888, Upton, Ut; 

d 23 Feb 1940; dau of George W. RANDALL and 

Charlotte DISTON; and had ch b in Burley, Ida: 

12-133 Fern STEWART b 27 Apr 1925; md 5 July 1944, 

Jesse Franklin CRAWFORD who was b 23 June 1915; and 
had ch: 

(1) Jay L. CRAWFORD b 27 Dec 1947, Albion, Ida 

(2) John S. CRAWFORD b 25 June 1951, Fayetteville, 
North Carolina 

12-134 Dorothy STEWART b 22 Dec 1927 
12-135 Paul STEWART b 21 July 1934; md 7 Nov 1957, 
Betty Sue BANDY 

Samuel C. STEWART was a graduate of Albion State 
Normal School and taught school for a niomber of years. 
He was also a farmer and an employe of Burley Irriga- 
tion District. 

(Info: Mrs. Jesse F. Crawford, Burley, Ida; obit 
Deseret News Jan 1970) 


11-110 Eveline STEWART, dau of Emeline CHIDES- 

TErIO:^?? (John P^-l°2john M^-^^John P^'^"^ 
David°~ ) and Samuel Hood Murray STEWART; b 31 
Mar 1891, Washington, Ut; md (1) 30 Mar 1909, 
William Ruthern LAMB who was b 26 Apr 1888, 
Toquerville, Ut; s of Edwin Ruthern LAMB and 
Eliza HARDY; and had ch b in Toquerville, Ut: 

*12-136 Elva Genevieve LAMB b 13 Apr 1910; md Lowell 

Heyborne SHERRATT 
*12-137 Stewart Wellington LAMB b 9 Nov 1911; md Belinda 

*12-138 Juanita LAMB b 25 Oct 1913; md George Clifford 

12-139 Anton Stewart LAMB b 24 Oct 1915; d 1920. 

Evelyn and William were divorced and Evelyn md 
(2) 7 Oct 1923, William SHERRATT who was b 26 Apr 1881 
Cedar City, Ut; d 10 Apr 1936; s of John SHERRATT 
and Christine BULLOCH. William SHERRATT was md (1) 
11 June 1907, to B eatrice SMITH and md (2) Jessie 
DAVIS. Evelyn was his thrid wife. 

To Evelyn and William were born: 

12-140 Alice Theon SHERRATT b 27 Mar 1927, Las Vegas, 

12-141 Evelyn Sherlene SHERRATT b 7 Sept 1934, Cedar 
City, Ut; md Gerald CJerry ) Brayden CONGER who 
was b 5 Oct 1934, Overton, Nev; s of William CONGER 
and Julia A. OSBORN; and had ch: 

CD Chris Ann CONGER b 7 Sept 1955 
(2) Sherri Kay CONGER b 8 May 1957 

Clnfo: Mrs. Gwen H. Sherratt, Cedar City, Ut.) 

11-111 Mary Isabelle STEWART, dau of Emeline CHIDES- 

^„„10-109,^ , „9-102_ , „8-85^ , t.7-57^ -^6-47. 
TER (John P John M John P David ) 

and Samuel Hood Murray STEWART; b 25 Aug 1892, 

Toquerville, Ut; md 18 Apr 1912, in St. George, 

Ut., to Archie Edmund BATTY (BEATTY) who was b 25 

Jan 1891, Toquerville, Ut; d 10 Feb 1950, Cedar 

City, Ut; s of John BATTY and Mary Ann DUFFIN: 

and had ch: 


12-142 Isabella BATTY b 19 Dec 1912, Toquerville, Ut; 
d 20 Dec 1912 
*12-143 Pearl BATTY b 25 Oct 1914, Washington, Ut; md 
Joseph Christian BOLANDER 
12-144 Zelma BATTY b 18 Nov 1916, Toquerville, Ut; 

d 14 Nov 1921 
12-145 Lavon Stewart BATTY b 24 Aug 1919, Toquerville, 
Ut; md 2 or 3 May 1947, Velva TOPHAM who was b 14 
Dec 1921, Paragonah, Ut; and had ch b in Cedar City, 

CI) Stewart Allen BATTY b 12 Oct 1950 
(2) Bemell BATTY b 3 June 1953 
12-146 Orville BATTY b 29 Nov 1921, Toquerville, Ut; 
d 23 or 30 Mar 1922 
*12-147 Iris BATTY b 12 Jan 1923, Toquerville, Ut; md 

Adrian Barclay FREDRICKS 
*12-148 Evelyn BATTY b 2 Sept 1925, Toquerville, Ut; md 

Keith Downing FOSTER 
*12-149 Emma LaJean BATTY b 7 Dec 1930, Toquerville, Ut; 
md Robert Harold LAMPH 
12-150 William Archie BATTY b 25 July 1934, Cedar City, 
Ut; md (1) 16 Mar 1953, Marlene SKINNER who was b 12 
Sept 1935, Provo, Vtf d 1958; dau of Earl H. SKINN- 
ER and Gladys Irene BALDWIN, William md (2) 8 June 
1960, Georgia RASMUSSEN 

Mary Isabella STEWART and Archie Edmund BATTY 
sealed their love and took one step ahead into eternity 
by getting married in the St. George Temple. They first 
became acquainted when Mary's widowed mother married 
Joseph SYLVESTER and moved to Toquerville. They happ- 
ened to live just across the street from the Batty *s 

Archie was an outstanding musician and athlete. 
He played for many dances and Mary was his companion 
as they danced in the lovely Dixie evenings into a 
deeper, more meaningful relationship. 

Archie played the violin, harmonica, guitar, mand- 
olin, piano and organ, to mention a few. He often said 
he had never picked up an instrument he couldn't play. 
He was one of the rare ones with true pitch and a wrong 
note or discord was most painful to his sensitive ears. 
It was only natural that music should set the back- 
ground in their home life. Later on he had a family 
orchestra to cheer loved ones and friends. 

In the baseball field, Archie was the main pitcher 
and his left hand curve ball was deadly and feared by 


the opposing team. Mary was ever by his side in the 
ball game to cheer and encourage.. They were a winn- 
ing team and after they had a family of their own they 
liked nothing better than to have a good base ball 
game, with all family members taking part. When they 
outarew the family yard they went to a level place south 
of pintura. This tradition has carried over into some 
of the children's homes. 

Archie played the organ from the time he was two 
years f^ld. Many times the family organ could be 
heard in the night as little Archie couldn't sleep un- 
til he got up and played the music that kept going 
through his mind. He was so small he would stand with 
both feet on one tread, hold on to a stop" with one 
hand, and play with the other. He related that many 
times he had never heard a piece of music he couldn't 
play and on any instrument. 

Mary was very industrious and hard working, her 
father having died when she was four. She was a lovely, 
fun-loving girl and a favorite of Washington where she 
lived. Bishop HALL wanted to adopt her but Grandma 
preferred to keep her little" family together. 

The BATTY home was one of love and dedication, 
where discipline, education, hard work, honesty and 
cleanliness were stressed. The hours of washing, iron- 
ing, mending, making over clothes to keep the family 
going were without nxomber. 

There were rows and rows of home grown and canned 
foods when your two years supply wasn't even heard of. 
There were bushels of fruit grown and sold to help the 
family along. Strawberries grown and fruits dried were 
numerous and each married child could return home in 
season for his full share. 

Family ties were welded stronger by two boys 
serving their country. By each child, who lived to mat- 
urity, graduating from seminary and being married in 
the temple. By living through the deaths of three 
family members at an early age and a depression when 
you had to be self-sufficient to survive. By learn- 
ing to respect our neighbors. We were always taught 
to address them as brother and sister. By learning 
that family fun is the best kind and the family orch- 
estra plays the sweetest kind of music. Even though 
family night had not been initiated then, it was held 
most nights in our home, where candy was pulled, nuts 
cracked and games played. 


This family now has twenty-five grand children 
and twenty one great grandchildres. We have mission- 
aries, educators, stake clerks, Relief Society pres- 
idents and good church members in our ranks. 

Archie passed away in 1950 from a heart attack. 
Mary is now (1976) eighty four years of age and enjoys 
fairly good health. She is still a wonderful mother at 
heart and is always concerned about her family. 

(History and fam info by Mrs. Pearl Batty Bolander, 
Orderville , Ut.) 

11-112 John Wallace STEWART, s of Emeline CHIDES- 

^^^10-109 ,^ , „9-102^ , *^8-85^ . t,7-57^ 
TER (John P John M John P Dav- 

id^" ) and Samuel Hood Murray STEWART; b 8 Mar 
1894, Washington, Ut; md (1) 22 Dec 1922, Innes or 
Inez Lynette WILLIAMS who was b 7 June 1901; d 11 
Jan 1928, Pintura, Ut; dau of John Davis WILLIAMS 
and Susannah M. ROUNDY; and had ch: 

*12-151 Regena STEWART b 17 Sept 1924, Kanarraville, Ut; 
md Ewald RAPP 
12-252 Erva STEWART b 23 Feb 1927, Cedar City, Ut; md 10 
Mar 1948, James William KENNEDY who was b 11 June 
1923; and had ch: 

(1) Robert William KENNEDY b 13 Jan 1950 

(2) Stephen Lee KENNEDY b 31 Dec 1951 

(3) David Alan KENNEDY b 26 Jan 1956 

John Wallace STEWART md (2) Evelyn Jane KEMPIE and 
had ch : 

12-153 Donald Wallace STEWART b 13 Oct 1933, Las Vegas, Nev 
12-154 Lila Elaine STEWART b 22 Mar 1935, Los Angeles, Ca; 
md 13 Aug 1955, Billy LITTLEJOHN; and had a son: 
(1) DeWayne LITTLEJOHN b 23 Aug 1956 

(Info: Regena Rapp, Springville, Ut.) 

11-114 LaVell SYLVESTER, s of Emeline CHIDESTER-'-^"-'-^^ 

(John P John M John P David ) and Jos- 

eph SYLVESTER; b 24 Apr 1908, Pintura, Ut; md 20 
Oct 1937, in Manti, Ut. , to Lena STEVENS who was b 
19 Apr 1918, Cedar City, Ut; dau of Oliver Carlos 
STEVENS and Martha LANG; and had ch: 

Arch-ie^Eclmond. Batty 

Mcwy Isabell Stewart Emetine Chides ter 

Stewart Sylvester 

Iris Batty; Adrian B; Terry Lynn; Adrian Barclay Fredericks; 

negena btewart tiapp; Dantel, Marianne; Ewald Eapp 


Evelyn Batty and Keith D. Foster 
Family: Back: Kase Cottrell; Jolene; Dennis; Lila and RaChelle; 
Gaelynn; Alan Werrett 

Front: Gary Gorringe; Margene and Glade; Keith 
Foster; Evelyn; Brenda; Alicia Gorringe hack of Evelyn 


*12-155 Dwaine LaVell SYLVESTER b 29 July 1938, Hurricane, 
Ut; md Linda May EDWARDS 

(Fam recs of LaVell and Lena Stevens, Brigham City, Ut.) 

11-115 Jane Allie SYLVESTER, dau of Emeline CHIDES- 
TEr1°-1°^ (John P^-l°2j^^^ M^-^^John P^-^^David^"^^) 
and Joseph SYLVESTER; b 5 Mar 1910, Toquerville, Ut; | 

md 20 May 1932, to Robert Cox MUMFORD who was b 3 I 

Dec 1908, Cedar City, Ut; s of Robert Gunn MUMFORD | 

and Flora Irene COX; and had ch b in Cedar City, 

12-156 Flora MUMFORD b 17 Sept 1933; md 17 Jtme 1961, 

12-157 Merrill MUMFORD b 2 Mar 1935; d 2 Mar 1935 
*12-158 Emeline MUMFORD b 6 Apr 1936; md Wesley Troy ADAMS 
12-159 Merlin MUMFORD b 8 Jan 1937; d same day 
12-160 Zelma MUMFORD b 15 Dec 1940 
12-161 Kenneth Sylvester MUMFORD b 13 Apr 1943; md 2 

Sept 1966, Janice HEATON 
12-162 Teddy Eugene MUMFORD b 22 Sept 1946; md 22 Sept 

1964, Caroleen Ruth NICOLES 

(Ref: Mrs. Robert C. Mumford, Cedar City, Ut; added to by 
Mrs. Flora M. Christensen. ) 

11-117 Mary Eveline (Mane) SPROUL, dau of Eveline CHID- 
ESTErIO-110 (John p5-l°2j^^^ M«-^5john P^-^^David^"^^) 
and Andrew SPROUL; b 6 Nov 1889, Washington, Ut; 
md (1) 19 July 1909, in St. George, Ut. , to William 
Richard PRINCE Jr. who was b 6 June 1890, Washing- 
ton, Ut; d 3 Apr 19 65, Gooding, Idaho; s of Will- 
iam Richard PRINCE and Jessie THAYNE; and had ch: 

12-163 Kenneth Richard PRINCE b 11 May 1910, Deweyville, 
Ut; d 6 Oct 1934, Salt Lake City, Ut; md 29 July 
1932, in Salt Lake City, Ut. , to Helen RICHIE who was 
b 1 Aug 1911, Salt Lake City, Ut; dau of Melvin 
RICHIE cind Elsie SAVELLE. Kenneth was killed in an 
automobile accident. 

*12-164 Clifford Andrew PRINCE b 24 Dec 1911, Deweyville, 
Ut; md Grace SCANLAN 

*12-165 Edith PRINCE b 17 Nov 1916, Buhl, Ida; md Frank 
12-166 Ethel PRINCE b 17 Jan 1918, Gooding, Ida; d 28 
Aug 1937 


*12-167 Dale Layton PRINCE b 9 June 1922, Gooding, Ida; 
md Dorothea MILLER. 

There was a divorce and Mary Eveline SPROUL md (2) 
18 Feb 1946, William MATHEWS Jr. who was b 4 Feb 1878, 
Panaca, Lincoln, Nev; d 21 Feb 1968; s of William 
MATHEWS and Ann CHARLES. William was md (1) 2 8 June 
1905, to Annie Matilda WAHLIN from whom he was divor- 

William R. PRINCE, Mary's first husband, was md (2) 
15 Mar 1936, to Jennie Bentina BEVINGTON. 

An active member of the Daughters of Utah Pioneers, 
Mary maintained a home in Santa Clara, Utah, for many 
years to which her brothers and sisters as well as 
her children repaired for family get-togethers and 
general good times. She was an entertainer with her 
one man band, playing guitar and harmonica together 
and doing her own vocalizing. After Mr. Mathew's 
death she sold the home in Santa Clara and lived for 
a time with her daughters, then made her home with 
her youngest son. Dale, in Burbank, Ca. 

(Fam recs of Mrs Mary E, S. P. Mathews.) 

11-lly Emeline (Emma) SPROUL, dau of Eveline CHIDES- 

^^^10-110 ,, .„ ^9-102, , m8-85^ , T,7-57^ -^6-47, 
TER (John P John M John P David ) 

and Andrew SPROUL; b 31 Mar 1891, Washington, Ut; 

md 20 Feb 1913, James Ervin WIGNALL who was b 17 

May 1886, Payson, Ut; s of William Henry WIGNALL 

and Matilda Jane LOVELESS; and had ch: 

12-168 Lloyd WIGNALL b 16 Dec 1913, Payson, Ut; md Elva 
Smith EARDLEY and had ch: 

(1) Joyce WIGNALL b 27 Feb 1940, Provo, Ut. 

(2) Jay Lloyd WIGNALL b 9 Feb 1942, Payson , Ut. 
12-169 Dorothy WIGNALL b 30 Apr 1915, Payson, Ut; md 

12-170 Dilworth S. WIGNALL b 13 Oct 1916, Washington, 
Ut; md (1) Kathie LENNEN; md (2) Violet KARR. By 
the second marriage, Dilworth had a son: 

(1) James Eugene WIGNALL b 5 Oct 1937, McCleary, 

Grays Harbor, Washington; md Deanna and 

had ch: 

(a) Debrah (Debby) WIGNALL 

(b) Allen WIGNALL 

(c) James E. WIGNALL 
(Recs of Eveline Chidester Sproul) 


11-118 Lyona SPROUL, dau of Eveline CHIDESTER 

(John P^~^°^John M^"^^_John p'^'^^David^"^'^) and 
Andrew SPROUL; b 29 Apr 1893, Washington, Ut; 
md 21 Dec 1912, Henry James Evan WATTS who was b 

11 Nov 1884, York, S. Carolina; s of William David 
WATTS and Nancy Christina WATTS ; and had ch: 

*12-171 Kate WATTS b 19 July 1913, Cedar City, Ut; md 

Leonard Lavem MORGAN 
*12-172 Thora WATTS b 16 Mar 1916, Delta, Ut; md Lyman 
12-173 Henry Arshell WATTS b 29 Oct 1918, Delta, Ut; md 
2 Aug 1945, Frances Lucille WOLF; and had a son: 
(1) Arshell WATTS 
12-174 Erva WATTS b 26 Apr 1920, Delta, Ut; md 6 Sept 

1937 Alfred Alvin (Al) MEYER 
12-175 David Ardell WATTS b 4 Oct 1922, Southerland, Ut; 
md (1) Edna RYMER; md (2) Anna Coleen HAMMOND who was 
b 12 July 1929; and had ch b in Salt Lake City, Ut; 

(1) Sherri Lee WATTS b 16 July 1947 

(2) Cindy Marie WATTS b 9 Sept 1949 

(3) Collette Kay WATTS b 22 Aug 1953 

12-176 Eveline WATTS b 19 Aug 1924, Delta, Ut; md (1) 
Lawrence HORTON and had daus : 

(1) Bonnie HORTON 

(2) Charline HORTON 

E^/^eline md (2) Richard ALTON and had a son: 

(3) Danny ALTON 

*12-177 William Sproul WATTS b 7 May 1926, Cedar City, Ut; 
md Venna Irene GALE 
12-178 Mauree WATTS b 29 Feb 1928, Delta, Ut; md 26 Jan 
1944, Cyrel Hiibert NAGEL and had a dau : 
(1) Dolores NAGEL 
12-179 Sharron WATTS b 10 Dec 1933, Delta, Ut; d 22 June 

12-180 Donald Myron WATTS b 25 July 1937, Delta, Ut; md 
14 May 1955, Luetta Joy NIELSON: and had ch: 
(1) Jeffery Donald WATTS 

(Recs of Eveline C. Sproul, Washington, Ut; added to by 
Florence Foy, Bountiful, Ut.) 


11-119 Angus Mazel SPROUL, s of Eveline CHIDESTER-'-^"-^"^^ 

(John P John M John P David ) and 

Andrew SPROUL; b 23 Feb 1895, Washington, Ut; md 
(1) 2.". Dec 1915, in St. George, Ut., to Agatha Walker 

McALIISTER who was b 11 Apr 1894, St. George, Ut; 
dau of Joseph Warrington Mc ALLISTER and Agatha 
WALKER; and had ch: 

12-181 Wendell Clark SPROUL b 27 Oct 1916, St. George, 
Ut; md 11 Jan 1939, Sheila STUTZENAGER; and had ch b 
in St. George, Ut: 

(1) Sheila Kay SPROUL b 24 Aug 1939 
C2 ) Wendell Kent SPROUL b 21 Feb 1941 
12-182 Cleone McAllister SPROUL b 27 Nov 1917, St. 

George, Ut; md 31 Aug 1939, LaHoma ROBINSON who was b 
25 Jan 1916, Jamestown , Kansas; dau of Homer ROBINSON 
cind Emma PLISTER 
*12-183 Evan Murray SPROUL b 19 June 1922, St. George, Ut; 
md Carma CAMERON 
12-184 Myron Elmo SPROUL b 27 Sept 1923, Grantsville, Ut; 
md 31 Oct 1944, Agnes Karma COSSLAT; and had ch: 

(1) Christine SPROUL b 20 Sept 1946, Cedar City, Ut; 

(2) Myron David SPROUL b 27 Dec 1951 

(3) Wendy SPROUL b 25 Mar 1955, Van Nuys, Cal; 
12-185 T^drew SPROUL b 11 Apr 1925, Parowan, Ut; d 6 May 

12-186 Angus Kay SPROUL b 8 Feb 1927, Pocatello, Ida; md 
Lois BOWERS; and had ch b in Salt Lake City, Ut: 

(1) Annette B. SPROUL b 26 June 1949 

(2) Tedd K. SPROUL b 27 Jan 1951 

(3) Mark K. SPROUL b 17 May 1952 

12-187 Ramona SPROUL b 31 Aug 1928, St. George, Ut; md 26 
Mar 1948, to Herschel HAFEN 

{Recs of Eveline Chidester Sproul; added to by Evan Murray 

11-121 Leonard Murray SPROUL, s of Eveline CHIDES- 

TErIO-110 (John P^-102john M^-^^John P^'^^David^'^^) 
and Andrew SPROUL; b 3 June 1900, Washington, Ut; 
md (1) in 1928, Emma Grace GATES, from whom he was 
divorced three years. ten months later; md (2) 
Velva CHIDESTER '^^'^^^ who was b 24 Apr 1913, Dewey- 
ville, Ut; d 13 June 1954, Salt Lake City, Ut; dau of 
Myron Alphonzo CHIDESTErH'I^^ ^nd Lucinda Maud LOVE- 
LAND. Velva was md (1) 8 June 1929, to Llewellyn CRAMER 


but was divorced from him. 

Ch of Leonard and Velva b Salt Lake City, Ut: 

12-188 Jennie Ann SPROUL b 27 Apr 1933; md John HIGGINS 
emd had ch: 

(1) Charles HIGGINS 

(2) Terry HIGGINS 

(3) Reese HIGGINS 

12-189 Leonard Murray SPROUL Jr. b 8 Mar 1935; d Aug 
1973; md Fay Ann CRAWLEY; and had ch: 

(1) Murray Leonard SPROUL b 9 Mar 1954, San Diego, 

(2) Dale Kay SPROUL b 14 May 1955 

(3) Steven SPROUL 

(4) Dean SPROUL 

12-190 Carol Lynn SPROUL b 18 Jan 1943 

Leonard M. Sproul md (3) Elaine Platta OSBORNE 

Leonard had the opportunity in his youth to be- 
come a crooner on radio networks. It was a temptation , 
but after a close look he turned away, not relishing 
the unsettled life of an entertainer. His fine voice 
and musical ability were reserved for his family and 

friends. He quickly became a tradition at both Chid- 
ester and Sproul reunions — neither ever being complete 
without Leonard, his ukelele and his songs and ready 

He sold insurance for awhile, then went into real 
estate, founding and operating the Sproul Real Estate 
Co., Salt Lake City, Ut. He became a director in a 
Savings and Loan Co; built and operated (for a time) 
a modern nursing home. 

One of his most admirable characteristics was the 
way in which he cared for his sisters who were widowed, 
visiting them often, seeing that they were able to 
attend family affairs and in every way meeting their 
needs and making life more pleasant for them. 

(Fcim recs of Eveline C. Sproul; added to by Carol 
Sproul. ) 

11-122 Edith SPROUL, dau of Eveline CHIDESTER"'"^""'""'"^ 

fT u T,9-102^ , ,^8-85^ ^ T.7-57^ -^6-47, 
(John P John M John P David ) and 

Andrew SPROUL; b 8 Oct 1903, Washington, Ut; md 

12 June 1923, in St. George, Ut. , to Paul Carroll 


SEEGMILLER who was b 14 Mar 1899, Kanab, Kane, Ut; 
and had ch: 

*12-191 Fayone SEEGMILLER b 11 Mar 1924, Cedar City, Ut; 

md Morris Blaine WHITEHEAD 
*12-192 Paul Darrell SEEGMILLER b 21 May 1925, Washington, 

Ut; md Lila BRADSHAW 
*12-193 Foy Ardell SEEGMILLER b 20 May 1926, Washington, 

Ut; md Ilene STERLING 
*12-194 Tana SEEGMILLER b 9 Jan 1928, St. George, Ut; md 

Leland Merlin SULLIVAN 
*12-195 Clothele SEEGMILLER b 23 Jan 1930, St. George, Ut; 

md Charles Joseph MANUELE 
*12-196 Van Dyne SEEGMILLER b 29 Sept 1933, St. George, 

Ut; md Wayne Kent WILSON 
*12-197 Janet LaRae SEEGMILLER b 10 Jan 1938, St. George, 

Ut; md Edward Wilson GUBLER 
*12-198 Eva Diana SEEGMILLER b 3 May 1942, St, George, Ut; 

md Gordon Lee PETERSON 
12-199 Linda Gail SEEGMILLER b 4 July 1946, St. George, Ut. 

(Ref: Eveline C. Sproul recs; Janes S. Gubler, Henderson, Nev; 
Mrs. Ilene Seegmiller, N. Las Vegas, Nev.) 

11-123 Ethel SPROUL, dau of Evelind CHIDESTER-'-^"-'--^^ 

r-r u T,9-102^ , ,,8-85., , T^^-S?^ -^6-47, . ^ , 

(John P John M John P David ) and Andrew 

SPROUL; b 8 Oct 1903, Washington, Ut; md (1) 2 
Jan 1923, in Gooding, Ida., to David Leonard PRINCE 
who was b 25 Sept 1895, Overton, Nev; d 1 Sept 
1949, Gooding, Ida; s of William Richard PRINCE 
and Jessie Margaret THAYNE; and had ch b in Good- 
ing, Ida: 

12-200 Fern PRINCE b 6 Nov 1923; d 10 Oct 1928 
*12-201 Theora Pauline PRINCE b 25 Jan 1926; md Floyd 

Marion KERBY 
12-202 Wanda Jean PRINCE b 21 July 1927; md 9 Feb 1947, 

Clay BURNUM Jr. 
12-203 Ronald S PRINCE b 15 Dec 1928; md 26 Oct 1951, 

Carole Lee BUTLER 
12-204 Carlene PRINCE b 10 May 1930; md 16 June 1950 

Ralph Albert EGERSDORF 
*12-205 Leatha PRINCE b 27 May 1932; md Ira Kimball HALL 
12-206 Maxine PRINCE (twin) b 4 May 1934; d 8 Feb 1935 
12-207 Max PRINCE (twin) b 4 May 1934; d 3 Feb 1935 


12-208 Zona Rae PRINCE b 8 Dec 1935; md 17 Oct 1953, 
Vernon Dale HARKMS and had a dau : 

(1) Cynthia Marie HARKINS b 6 Apr 1954 
12-209 Richard Lee PRINCE stillborn 26 May 1943 

Ethel SPROUL md (2) 25 Jan 1961, John Alphonzo WAITE 

(Ref: Mrs. Ethel S. P. WAITE, Mountain Home, Ida) 

11-124 Elva SPROUL, dau of Eveline CHIDESTER 

(John P^'^°^John M^'^^John p'^'^'^David^"'^^) and 
Andrew SPROUL; b 5 Jan 1906, Washington, Ut; md 
12 Dec 1922, in Los Angeles, Cal., to Alvin LaMar 
HAMILTON who was b 11 Dec 1900, Fairview, Ut; s of 
Otis Hoffman HAMILTON and Lula May SPENCER; and 
had ch: 

*12-210 Rawland Chidester HAMILTON b 24 Apr 1927, Washing- 
ton, Ut; md Mary Ethel Nadine SAMPLES 
*12-211 Darwin D. HAMILTON b 18 Nov 1928, Washington, Ut; 

md Evelyn JENSEN 
*12-212 Aaron LaMar HAMILTON b 7 Mar 1930, Washington, Ut; 

md Ursuline Virginia SHERBS 
*12-213 Lawrence Larkin HAMILTON b 8 Feb 1933, Fairview, 

It; md Barbara June MADSEN 
*12-214 Mary Eveline HAMILTON b 10 May 1936, Fairview, Ut; 

md Ervin Leonard DENNA 
*12-215 Bonnie Lee HAMILTON b 14 May 1937, Fairview, Ut; 

md Richard Aden NIELSON; see end of chapter Twelve 
*12-216 Myron Alvin HAMILTON b 1 May 1940, Fairview, Ut; 

md LaFaye SHEPARD 
12-217 Tony Alexander HAMILTON b 21 June 1941, Fairview, 

Ut; md 1 Sept 1962, Marianne FRANKE who was b 23 Nov 

1936, Leipnitz, Kr Wohley Schlesien, Germany; dau 

of George FRANKE and Luise PFEIFFER 

(Info: Mrs. A. LaMar Hamilton, Fairview, Ut.) 

11-125 John Denzil SPROUL, s of Eveline CHIDESTER 

(John P John M John P David ) and 

Andrew SPROUL; b 21 Aug 1907, Washington, Ut; md 
4 Oct 1926, Gwendolyn NISSON who was b 10 Sept 1907, 
Washington, Ut; dau of Edward Francis NISSON and 




Clara Reese ALEXANDER; and had ch: 

12-218 Douglas SPROUL b 20 Feb 1928, Washington, Ut; 

d 24 June 1947 
*12-219 Leatrice SPROUL b 24 Nov 1929, Washington ,Ut 

md Sheldon JOHNSON 
12-220 Fern SPROUL b 3 Oct 1931, Washington, Ut; d 

4 Aug 1937 
*12-221 Woodruff Denzil SPROUL b 25 May 1934, Washington, 

Ut; md Penny Rae PACE 
12-222 Gwendolyn SPROUL b 26 Feb 1936, Washington, Ut; 

md 13 Mar 1954, Lee Degray GIBSON who was b 8 Mar 

1935;, Hurricane, Ut; s of Rodney Elmer GIBSON cind 

Edna STOUT; and had ch b in Henderson, Nev: 

(1) Jan Lee GIBSON b 31 May 1955 

(2) Cindy K. GIBSON b 19 July 1958 
[ (3) Sydney GIBSON b 1964 

12-223 Edward Claron SPROUL b 7 May 1938, Washington, Ut; 
md (1) 6 July 1959 , Dorothy WELLINGTON and had a dau: 

(1) Jolene SPROUL b 14 Nov 1960 
Edward md (2) ; and had a son: 

(2) Douglas SPROUL 
12-224 Wilburn SPROUL b 15 Apr 1940, St. George, Ut; md 

29 Sept 1962, to Tony CARDOVA and had ch: 

(1) Threse SPROUL b 1964 

(2) Wilburn SPROUL Jr. 
12-225 Jean Marie SPROUL b 8 Aug 1943, Las Vegas, Nev; md 

29 Apr 1961, Robert SAENZ and had a dau: 
(1) Gidget R. SAENZ b 28 Jan 1962 


(Ref: Eveline C. Sproul fam recs.) 

11-126 Ardell SPROUL, s of Eveline CHIDESTER-'-^"-'--'-^ 

/T u T.9-102^ , .,8-85^ , T.7-57^ -^6-47, , 

(John P John M John P David ) and 

Andrew SPROUL; b 21 Mar 1909, Washington, Ut; md 

26 July 1933, Laura Phedelia HULLINGER who was b 

17 May 1912, Cedar View, Duchesne, Ut; and had ch: 

12-226 Inez Virginia SPROUL b 22 May 1934, Washington, Ut; 

md Howard SPEND LOVE; and had ch: 
(1) Virginia SPENDLOVE 

12-227 Eveline Jeanette SPROUL b 2 Dec 1935, Minersville, Ut 

12-228 Andrew Verdell SPROUL b 11 May 1937, Minersville, Ut 

12-229 John Harvey SPROUL b 26 Aug 1938, Minersville, Ut 

12-230 Lawrence LaVell SPROUL b 29 Nov 1940, St. George, Ut 


12-231 David Leonard SPROUL b 9 Dec 1942, Minersville, 

12-232 Irene Maria SPROUL b 7 May 1944, Minersville, Ut 

12-233 Rebecca Ann SPROUL b 21 May 1948, St. George, Ut; 

12-234 Charles Ardell SPROUL b 15 Feb 1952, St. George, 

(Ref: Evelyn C. Sproul Rec; added to by Florence Foy, 
Bountiful, Ut.) 

11-149 Melvin Thomas Harom, s of Oliver John 

(Eunice CHIDESTER John M John P Dav- 

id6-44) and Almira TERRY; b 22 May 1884, Provo, 
Ut; md 3 Oct 1907, in Salt Lake City, Ut. , to Sarah 
Ellen HORSLEY who was b 18 May 18 86, Price, Ut; 
dau of Arthur William HORSLEY and Margaret Ann 
WALLS; and had ch b in Price, Carbon, Ut: 

*12-235 Melvin Myron HARMON b 19 July 1908; md Lena 

12-236 Myrtice HARMON b 29 Aug 1909; md William Evans 

*12-237 Leland Elroy HARMON b 21 Feb 1911; md Lucille 

12^.238 Mazel HARMON b 16 Jan 1916 
12-239 Herald Leo HARMON b 7 Dec 1919 
12-240 Grace HARMON b 27 Oct 1921; md 26 Aug 1944, 

Willie Lee FRY who was b 1 Sept 1922, St. Paul, Minn; 

s of John Searle FRY and Zadie Grace FRYBORGER; and 

had ch: 

(1) Willie Lee FRY Jr b 24 Aug 1945, Hastings, Minn 

(2) Sarah Grace FRY b 9 July 1946, Salt Lake City, 
12-241 Bessie HARMON b 27 Jan 1924; md 15 Feb 1946, in 

Salt Lake City, Ut. , to Kenneth Harold JEIVETT; and 
had ch b in Concord, New Hampshire: 

(1) Melvin Guy JEIVETT b 29 Dec 1946 

(2) Harold Roy JEIVETT b 4 Jan 1947 
12-242 Arthur Elbert HARMON b 11 Mar 1927 

MEMORIES OF FORTY YEARS (1945 Christmas letter of Mel- 
vin T. Harmon) 

Now listen to me and a story I'll tell, of 
thrills I've had and remember so well. While walking 
through life, mid pleasure and rain, I'll tell of some 
things I've had in the rain. I think of the time when 
a boy I run, at play, on skates, on sleigh or with gun; 
of pals I had, both girls and boys; our lives were 
happy and full of joys. I wondered then in years to 


just where I'd be, with whom I'd run. Then one bright 
day while at work in the mill, there came a mission 
to fulfill. I went to see, some twenty miles away, 
my brother before the departing day. While there I 
met a lass so true, all through my mission our court- 
ing grew. 

Thirty months I spent in Father's work and tried 
my best no duty to shirk. Week by week her letters 
came, in which she said she felt the same. A short 
time elapsed, our affection grew and then we promised 
to each to be trus. Together we went to God's Temple 
grand and there made our vows with hand in hand. 

Our first year spent, we had much joy; for 'twas 
then we were blessed with a fine baby boy. And e'er 
the next year had time to pass, our lives were blessed 
with a fine young lass. 

I bought a lot on which to dwell, built a two 
room home. We thought it swell. Borrowed money, 
bought lumber, quite a large bill, then our babies took 
sick, grew ill. We thought the Lord would take them 
away, we dropped to our knees and sure did pray, as 
mother nursed them back with care. 

I borrowed more money, lumber to buy, a larger 
home to build I sure did try. The home I built — 
and Hanson moved in; paid twenty per month to live 
therein. We took the babies, on a trip we went, 
building the Enterprise Chapel. The winter I spent, 
came home in the spring and started work with vim. 
Hanson moved out and Harmons moved in. . .My work was 
spasmodic with little to gain, so I spent many hours 
myself to train. Some three years elapsed with very 
little change, times grew harder , bringing new plans 
to arrange. I helped build homes and the church as 
time passed. . .1 went to work as the depression did 
blow. I worked in Ogden, then in Columbia six weeks, 
then out by Tooele 'til the days grew bleak. 

When the Japs struck Pearl Harbor 'twas a slap 
in the face to Uncle Sam's children; grave anger 
you could trace. He called them to his colors from 
every walk of life. I helped build warehouses; 
younger men trained for strife. I found myself em- 
ployed with Uncle Sam's working force, so great was 
the war our family divided of courage; myself and 
three children in the city was no fun, while mother 
and two the home tried to run. We tried it four 
months then I began to sputter, called mother out of 
bed which made her heart flutter. I bargained for a 


place, wanted her to approve; this meant nothing else 
but for her to pack and move. Located in our home 
but a year did we tarry. With four married children 
andfour left at home, we were spending this Christmas 
with no need to moan. 

(Melvin Thomas Harmon) 

11-160 Irvin Woodbury HARMON, s of Melvin M. HARMON 

^°"^^^ (Eunice CHIDESTER^"^°^John M^'^^John P^"^"^ 
David^"^") and Alice Cannon WOODBURY; b 18 June 
1893, Laie, Honolulu, Hawaii; scientist; served 
in the church as Bishop, md 29 Aug 1917, in Salt 
Lake City, Ut. , to Winnie Agnes MIDGLEY who was b 
16 Sept 1894, Wales, Sanpete, Ut; dau of Jonathan 
Killip MIDGLEY and Mary Amelia REES; and had ch: 

12-243 Kent Midgley HARMON b 17 May 1920, St. George, Ut; 

md 23 Sept 1942, LaFaye STEED 
12-244 Elwood Melvin HARMON b 19 Apr 1922, Lovell, Wyo; 

d 6 July 1924 
12-245 Dora Ann HARMON b 31 May 1924, Lovell, Wyo; md 

29 June 1946, Donald Charles CRICKMORE 
12-246 Alice Rae HARMON b 31 Mar 1926, Lovell, Wyo; 
12-247 Erwina Mary HARMON b 17 Nov 1935, Glendale, Cal 

Irvin Harmon holds a doctor's degree in poultry nutrition. 

(Ref : Harmon Fam Recs poss Frank N. Harmon, Fresno, Ca,) 

11-161 Frank Nelson HARMON, s of Melvin M"'"*^""''-''^ 

(Eunice CHIDESTER^'-'-^^John M^"^^John p^"^^ 
David6-47) and Alice Cannon WOODBURY; b 3 Nov 1895, 

in Laie, Honolulu, Hawaii; md 30 Aug 1921, in 
Salt Lake City, Ut., to Lillian ESPLIN who was b 
21 Feb 1898, Orderville, Ut; d 8 May 1958, Fresno, 
Cal; dau of John James ESPLIN and Emily Alvira 
HOYT; and had ch: 

12-248 Emily HARMON b 21 July 1922, Logan, Ut; d 31 July 

12-249 Frank Wendell HARMON b 23 Nov 1925, Logan, Ut; md 

31 Aug 1949, Ruth ROCKWOOD 
12-250 Lillian Elinor HARMON b 20 Nov 1927, Riverside, Ca; 

md 10 June 1967, Eugene Francis HEIL 


12-251 Duane McMurrin HARMON b 29 Aug 1929, Riverside, 
Cal; md 14 Aug 1967, Dorgan Lynette ANDERSON 

Frank N. HARMON md (2) 22 Nov 1962, Mrs. Emily 
Esplin TANNER. He served eight months in World War I 
and is an agricultural researcher, holding a master's 
degree in horticulture. 

All three of Frank's surviving children hold 
doctor's degrees in education and have taught school in 
various places. In 1976 Frank Wendell and Lillian 
were both teaching in the training department of the 
Brigham Young University, Provo, Ut. The youngest son, 
Duane, teaches in the east. Lillian has taught in 
New York and in the LDS Church College in Hawaii. 

(Ref: Frank N. Harmon, Fresno, Cal; Mrs. Lillian 
H. Heil, Provo, Ut.) 

11-162 Alice HARMON, dau of Melvin M (Eunice 

CHIDESTER^"-'-°-^John M^"^^John P^'^^David^"'*'^) and 
Alice Cannon WOODBURY; b 18 Apr 1898, St. George, 
Ut; md 12 Dec 1922, in St. George, Ut., to David 
Waldon BALLARD who was b 22 May 1894, Grafton, Ut; 
d 30 June 1958, Cedar City, Ut; s of David BALLARD 
and Maria SMITH. Their ch: 

*12-252 Erald Langston BALLARD b 18 May 1931, St. George, 
Ut; md Jeanine BALLARD 

12-253 Dean Harmon BALLARD b 18 Mar 1936, Salt Lake City, 
Ut; md 16 Feb 1957, Karen Louise HARKINS 

David W. Ballard, farmer and stockman, served his 
church as Bisho; and as high councilman. Both of the 
sons were adopted. Alice has a bachelor's degree in 
education and has been a school teacher for years. 

(Ref: Alice H. Ballard, Rockville, Ut.) 

11=163 Emily HARMON, dau of Melvin M''-^" (Eunice 

CHIDESTER^"-'-°^John M^"^^John P^~^^David^~'*^) and 
Alice Cannon WOODBURY; b 18 Nov 1900, St. George, 
Ut; md 24 June 1932, in St. George, Ut., tor- Phillip 
FOREMASTER, stockman and farmer, who was b 29 Dec 
189 8, St. George, Ut; s of Ephraim Joseph FOREMAST- 
ER and Miss LANG; their ch b in St. Goerge, Ut: 


12-254 Phillip Lang FOREMASTER b 14 Oct 1933 

12-255 Mary Alice FOREMASTER b 2 Sept 1936 

12-256 Carolyn FOREMASTER b 9 June 1939 (twin) 

12-257 Marilyn FOREMASTER b 9 June 1939 (twin) 

12-258 Harmon Howard FOREMASTER b 24 Aug 1943 

Emily Harmon Foremaster holds a bachelor's degree in 
education and has taught elementary school. 

(Ref: Harmon Fam recs, poss Frank N. Harmon, Fresno 

11-164 Vera HARMON, dau of Melvin M ~ (Eunice 

CHIDESTER^~-'-°^John M^"^^John p'^'^'^David^"'*^) and 
Alice Cannon WOODBURY; b 16 Sept 1903, St. George, 
Ut; md 26 June 1931, in St. George, Ut. , to David 
Loran HIRSCHI who was b 3 Jan 19 04, Rockville, Ut; 
s of Daniel HIRSCHI and Amelia Vilate PETTY; and 
had ch b in Cedar City, Ut: 

*12-259 Merial HIRSCHI b 15 Apr 1932; md Glen EVERETT 
*12-260 Claudia HIRSCHI b 6 Aug 1936; md Harold Eldon 
12-261 Richard Loran HIRSCHI b 19 Nov 1940; md 11 May 
1960, Jolene V?EBSTER; lives in Salt Lake City, Ut. , 
and works in the office for Interstate Motor Lines. 

Vera Harmon Hirschi holds a bachelor's degree in edu- 
cation and has taught school for many years. 

(Ref: Vera H. Hirschi, Cedar City, Ut.) 

11-165 Verna HARMON, dau of Melvin m^'-^"-'--'-^ (Eunice 

CHIDESTER^"-'-°^John M^"^^John p'^'^'^David^"'^'^) and 
Alice Cannon WOODBURY; b 16 Sept 1903, St. George, 
Ut; md 26 June 1931, St. George, Ut. , to George 
Conrad SCHMUTZ who was b 17 Nov 1899, New Harmony, 
Washington, Ut; s of Gottlieb SCHMUTZ and Amelia 
NIEDERER; and had ch: 

12-262 Elaine SCHMUTZ b 3 June 1933, St. George, Ut; md 

27 June 1958, Harold Dean MOODY 
12-263 Sharon SCHMUTZ b 30 Nov 1935, St. George, Ut; md 

22 May 1954, Richard SWAPP 
12-264 Ramon Harmon SCHMUTZ b 29 Aug 1937, St. George, 

Ut; md 31 Mar 1955, Helen REBER 


12-265 George Larry SCHMUTZ b 24 May 1941, St. George, Ut 

The first child of this family, a dau, was stillborn in Cedar 
City, Ut. , 3 June 1932. 

Mr. SCHMUTZ was a farmer, stockman and county employe. 
Verna obtained a bachelor's degree and taught school 
for many years. 

(Ref: George C. Schmutz St. George, Ut.) 

11-166 George Willard HARMON, s of Melvin M"'-^"-'--'"^ 

(Eunice CHIDESTER^"-'-°^John M^"^^John P^'^'^David^"'^^) 
and Alice Cannon WOODBURY; b 24 Apr 1909, St. 
George, Ut; md 28 Feb 1945, in Mesa, Arizona, to 
Clara HAMBLIN who was b 26 May 1909, Nutrioso, Ariz; 
dau of Jabez Dudley HAMBLIN and Mae Julia BUTLER; 
and had ch b in St . George, Ut: 

12-266 Ina May HARMON b 28 Apr 1946 , accomplished pianist 

12-267 George Myron HARMON b 18 May 1948 

12-268 Marlin Charles HARMON b 18 July 1950 

12-269 Evan Dudley HARMON b 15 May 1953 

George W. Harmon holds a bachelor's degree; farms and 
works in sugar beet culture. 

(Ref: Frank N. Harmon, Fresno, Cal; Vera Hirschi, 
Cedar City, Ut.) 

11-167 Elmer Woodbury HARMON, s of Melvin M 

Eunice CHIDESTER^~-'-°^John M^~^^John P^'^'^David^"'*^) 
and Alice Cannon WOODBURY; b 25 Oct 1911, St. 
George, Ut; md 28 Dec 1937, in Las Vegas, Nev. , to 
Iva TANNER who was b 7 Oct 1914, Washington, Ut; 
dau of John Ephraim TANNER and Martha Mae AVERETT; 
and had ch b in St. George, Ut : 

12-270 Melvin Tanner HARMON b 10 Oct 1938 

12-271 Ilene HARMON b 26 Mar 1943 

12-272 Helen Mae HARMON b 10 July 1948 

12-273 Joan HARMON b 12 Sept 1952 

(Ref: Harmon fam recs. Frank N. Harmon, Fresno, Cal) 


11-169 Beulah CANFIELD, dau of Esther Ella HARMON 

(Eunice CHIDESTER^~-'-°"^John M^"^^John P^'^^David^""^^) 
and James CANFIELD: b 7 Apr 1944, Cedar City, Ut; 
md 2 Nov 1910, in St. George, Ut. , to Thomas George 
HUNT who was b 4 Jan 1886, Panaca, Nev; d 27 Apr 
1963, Cedar City, Ut; s of Elias HUNT and Aluna 
TERRY; and had ch b in Enterprise, Ut: 

12-274 James Kenneth HUNT b 21 Aug 1911; md 15 Jan 1935, 

Georgiana BURNHAM 
*12-275 Tessa HUNT b 14 May 1914; md (1) Raymond Freder- 
ick LAUB; md (2) Antonio G. MARTINEZ 
12-27 6 Beulah (Bula) HUNT (twin) b 25 May 1916; md 18 

June 1938, Arthur Wallace YOUMANS 
12-277 Eula HUNT (twin) b 25 May 1916; md 24 Apr 1937, 

Willard Carl TWITCHELL 
12-278 Thomas Edward HUNT b 19 Aug 1920; d 20 Oct 1923 
12-279 Ariel Monard HUNT b 3 June 1924; md (1) 13 J\ine 

1944, Elaine Mae KING; md (2) 2 May 1965, Kathy 

12-280 George Byron HUNT b 9 Sept 1928; md 18 Nov 1950, 

Shirley Mae WILSON 

Thomas George Hunt md (2) Beryl Harriet FRAZER 

(Ref: Mrs. Tessa Martinez, Enterprise, Ut; Mrs. 
Eula Twitchell, Cedar City, Ut) 

11-179 David LeRoy CHIDESTER, s of David 

(David^"-'-°^John M^"^^John P^'^^David^""* '^) and Mary 
Ann SKOUGAARD; b 3 Dec 1891, Richfield, Ut; md 
(1) 21 Apr 1915, in Manti, Ut. , to Ellen Sofie 
(Sophia) JENSEN who was b 8 Mar 1894, 01st, Randers , 
Denmark; d 7 Oct 1933, Gunnison, Ut; dau of William 
Madson JENSEN and Johannah JENSEN; and had ch b 
in Richfield, Ut: 

*12-281 Ellen CHIDESTER b 31 Jan 1918; md Melvin Leon 

*12-282 Norma CHIDESTER b 19 Feb 1920; md Norvel Joseph 

*12-283 Donna CHIDESTER b 10 Feb 1922; md (1) Herbert 

Harry SMITH; md (2 ) Garth B. HANSEN 
12-284 Mary Elieth (Elithe) CHIDESTER b 17 Mar 1924; 

d 24 Feb 1935 
*12-285 Barbara Myrtle CHIDESTER b 17 Jan 1927; md Mark 


*12-286 Evan LeRoy CHIDESTER b 20 June 1929; md Fern 

David LeRoy CHIDESTER md (2) 4 Aug 1937, Clarissa 
Josephine LEAVITT who was b 19 June 1889, Gunlock, Ut; 
d 1 May 1963, in a Salt Lake City hospital; bur in 
Richfield, Ut; dau of Jeremiah LEAVITT and Mary Ellen 
HUNTSMAN. Her first marriage was to Joseph PLATT. 

Throughout his life David was an ardent and de- 
voted scouter. Along with others in the community he 
became interested and sent away for a handbook, 
subsequently organizing one of the first scout troops 
west of the Mississippi in 1913. He took the boys 
camping, fishing, hiking. Taught them to make fire 
without matches, to climb the highest mountains, 
and to survive in the wilderness. It was no soft 
life he led them into. It was no doubt in such 
activity that he became an excellent fisherman, lov- 
ing the out-of-doors and all of nature. Or that love 
could have made him the good scout leader that he was. 

Besides farming, he developed great skill as a 
natureopath, gathering herbs from the forests and 
brewing tonics and remedies of all kinds. 

A thoughtful and considerate man of his fam- 
ily, one of his greatest contributions was the care he 
gave his sister Myrtle, the girl who sacrificed her 
life to the raising of her mother's family. He saw 
to it that she had transportation, that her wood box 
was always filled and that she did not lack. 

For four long, lonesome years, he struggled to raise 
his own motherless children, teaching his daughters 
how to make bread, to keep house and to be responsible 
members of the family, honoring the memory of their 
lovely mother. Such men are the cream of the earth. 

(Info: David L. Chidester fam recs; Richfield Ward 
recs; Evan LeRoy Chidester, Springville, Ut.) 

11-181 Fern CHIDESTER, dau of David ~ (David 

John M^"^^John P^'^^David^"^^) and Mary Ann SKOU- 
GAARD; b 11 Apr 1898, Richfield, Ut; d 8 May 1972, 
Provo, Ut; md 4 Oct 1919, in Richfield, Ut. , to 
Arthur Elmo STORRS who was b 3 Oct 1899, Gunnison, 
Ut; d 4 Jan 1970, Provo, Ut; s of Charles Arthur 


STORRS and Elmeada Francell STRINGHAM; and had ch: 

*12-287 Elmo Garn STORRS b 24 Mar 1921, Richfield, Ut; 

md (1) Elayne STEWART; md (2) VaLera Belle DAVIS; 

md (3) Beth PEARCE 
*12-288 Mary Ann STORRS b 9 Jan 1932, Perry, Iowa; md 
Marcus Norville MYERS 

(Ref: Mary Ann Storrs Myers, Salt Lake City, Ut.) 

11-183 Leland CHIDESTER s of Davie-'-^"-'-^^ (David^"-'-^^ 

John M^~^^John p'^'^^David^"'*'') and Mary Ann SKOU- 
GAARD; b 10 July 1900, Richfield, Ut; md 29 Aug 
1921, in Richfield, Ut. , to Aretta HOLDAWAY who was 
b 23 Jan 1904, Aurora, Ut; dau of George Lynn HOLD- 
AWAY and Sabrina Eliza MASON; and had ch: 

12-289 Howard Lee CHIDESTER b 14 June 1924, Richfield, Ut; 

md (1) Roberta HELLER (div) ; md (2) Lucille GOSSETT 

div) md (3) Monika LANDSFELDT 
12-290 Hugh Jay CHIDESTER b 10 Mar 1926, Richfield, Ut; 

md Jeanette SHANE 
12-291 Robert Kay CHIDESTER b 15 July 1933, Richfield, Ut; 

md 1 Dec 1967, in Los Angeles, Cal., to Carol Marie 

KOWALEWSKI who was b 31 Aug 1944, Washington, D.C.; 

dau of Edward Joseph KOWALEWSKI and Nancy Jane 

12-292 Linda Lee CHIDESTER b 10 Feb 1942, Alhambra, Cal; 

md Francis Walter STARTUP. 

(Ref: fam recs of Leland Chidester, Rose-ead, Cal) 

11-184 Grant Howard CHIDESTER, s of David"'"^"'''^^ 

,^ . -.9-106-, , ..8-85-, , ^7-57,^ -^6-47, , ^ 

(David John M John P David ) and Mary 

Ann SKOUGAARD; b 7 Dec 1905, Richfield, Ut; md 

3 Mar 1936, in Huntington Park, Cal., to Alice 

Augusta BELFORT who was b 22 Mar 1917, Big Pine, 

Cal; dau of August Louis BELFORT and Alice Ursula 

BLAKE; and had ch b in Whittier, Cal: 

12-293 Joan Claire CHIDESTER b 25 Feb 1937 

12-294 John Howard CHIDESTER b 16 Dec 1945 

12-295 Becky Ann CHIDESTER b 4 Oct 1949 

12-296 Susan Lynn CHIDESTER b 16 Apr 1951 

12-297 Janet Gayle CHIDESTER b 13 June 1953 


(Ref: Grant H. Chidester, Whittier, Gal) 

11-185 Glen Madison CHIDESTER, s s of James M-'"^"-'-^^ 

(David^"-'-°^John M^"^^John p'^'^^David^"^'^) and Sarah 
Jane CASTO; b 26 Feb 1898, St. George, Ut; d 3 
Oct 1976; md (1) 2 Sept 1922, in Farmington, Ut., 
to Hannah June BARNES who was b 11 June 1901, Mamm- 
oth, Juab , Ut; d 8 Jan 1956, Taylorsville , Ut; 
dau of Samuel T. BARNES and Hannah CHALDERS ; and 
had ch: 

12-298 Ronald Ralph CHIDESTER b 23 Apr 1927, Salt Lake 
City, Ut. , whom they adopted. 

Glen and Hannah were divorced and she md (2) in Apr 
1948, in Las Vegas, Nev. , Charles WILSON. 

Glen md (2) 2 Sept 1936, in Denver, Colo., 
Doris Fidelia MILLER who was b 15 Jan 1905, Beaver 
City, Furnas, Nebr; dau of William Edward MILLER and 
Ida May UPSON. She had been md previously to George 
Clement DAY. (2 ch) 

Ch of Glen and Doris: 

*12-299 Robert DeWaine CHIDESTER b 15 July 1937, Salt Lake 

City, Ut; md Shirley Ann BERRY 
*12-300 Verl Glen CHIDESTER b 25 Sept 1938, Salt Lake 

City, Ut; md Donna Joy SNOW 
*12-301 Phillip Miller CHIDESTER b 5 Nov 1939, Salt Lake 

City, Ut; md Patricia Ann RARDIN 
*12-302 Dean Stanley CHIDESTER b 28 Nov 1940, Salt Lake 

City, Ut; md Carolyn MUMM 
*12=303 Carolyn Lee CHIDESTER b 1 June 1943, Murray, Ut; 

md Earl LeRoy HUTCHINGS 
*12-304 Sharron Sue CHIDESTER b 20 Nov 1944, Murray, Ut; 

md Alvin James CLERICO 
*12-305 Larry Gale CHIDESTER b 15 June 1946, Murray, Ut; 

md (1) Leslie Louis Timpson HOLMES; md (2) Judy Faye 


Glen Madison Chidester, first child of James M 
and Sarah Jane (Sadie) Casto Chidester, was born in 
1898, the year that Lorenzo Snow gave his famous dis- 
course and challenge on tithing and promised the Saints 
of St. George that they would get rain. Southern 
Utah was at that time suffering from one of the sever- 
est droughts in its history. This drought had contin- 
ued for several years. Cattle had to be driven to 


the canyons for water. Thousands of them had died on 
the range. It was the middle of June and the people 
were so discouraged that many of them would not plow 
their land and were not willing to risk the seed for 
another planting. Some of the settlers had already 
moved away and many otherss were preparing go do so. 
The people had faith and the promise was fulfilled. 

When Glen was a youngster of about five his 
mother would stand him in a tub of sudsy water with a 
quilt in it. It was his job to tromp around on it to 
get the dirt out. Gifts at Christmas time consisted 
of a pocket knife or harmonica, or other small item, 
then there would also be a gift at New Years. Glen 
got quite proficient on the harmonica. 

"The first money I made as a boy was 15 <= for 
thinning three rows of beets, which I shared with my 
younger brother Gordon who was herding the cows while 
I did the beets. Later I worked for 75<J: a day tromping 
the hay down on the hay wagon . " 

Glen used to milk nine cows and his father Matt 
would throw water on him and Gordon if they did not 
get out of bed in the morning when they were called to 
go out and milk the cows. One morning after several 
calls, they sneaked out the window onto the porch 
roof and down the porch column. They went into the 
kitchen where their mother was fixing breakfast and 
told her their secret — to go milk the cows and let 
their Dad think they were still in bed. A little later 
as he was wont toe do, Matt took a pail of water up 
stairs and threw it on the bed that had been fixed to 
look like two boys were still asleep in it. When 
Matt came back down to the kitchen Glen and Gordon 
came in with pails of milk from the bars. Matt was 
angry and their straw mattress and bedding had to be 
dried out. 

"I took violin lessons from Sam Chidester. I 
took about 12 lessons and then some girl in the neigh- 
borhood came over and tightened the strings so tight 
that it broke them and tore up the whole violin. The 
pieces flew all over the house. That was the end of 
my violin lessons. My Dad bought the violin but I 
didn't like it even though I took lessons. I liked 
to go swimming in the canal, instead. I liked horse 
racing and basketball and baseball. Supper at night, 
when I was young was always a bowl of bread and milk." 

He and his brother Gordon, as they grew older. 


hauled all of the wood for the family fires. They 
would take a team of horses and pull the Jack Pine and 
Cedar trees over that were dead. They would go to the 
hills in the winter time when the snow was bad, work 
all day, then start for home. Their clothes would be 
soaked with the melted snow and would freeze before 
they got home. They could take their overalls off 
and stand them up on the floor they would be so stiff. 

"When I was 19 a friend of mine decided to join 
the Navy and he told me if I would go to Salt Lake 
with him he would pay my way. When we got to Salt 
Lake we went to get examined and I decided I would 
join, too. Well, they took me and rejected him. 
When I got back home Dad gave me a kind of a scolding. 
He said, 'There is plenty to do on the farm. We need 
farm boys to work on the farm. Let the city people go 
in the Navy. ' When I left our town to catch the 
train there were a lot of people who came to see me 
leave on the train. There must have been fifty or 
so and we had a three'^ piece band that played. 

"I went to San Diego and the first letter I got 
from home I had to go out behind the barracks to read 
it, I was so homesick. I had to take a lot of exer- 
cises in boot camp. I had a vetccination that took and 
I was swollen from my arm on up the back of my neck. 
Those exercises with dummy guns that you had to snap 
real hard, hurt my arm and bothered me so much I just 
couldn't keep a straight face. A Chief Petty Officer 
got me off and said, 'That isn't going to do you any 
good! ' 

"After boot camp I staid right there and worked 
in the galley where they fed the men. I started from 
the bottom, right from emptying garbage cans and 
working around the sculley. After I got out of that, 
they put me on what they called small stores, moving 
cases of food and stuff like a quarter of beef. We 
had joined for the duration of the war or four years, 
whichever came first. I was released after ten months. 
I didn't get a discharge until our four years were up; 
we were in the reserves and drew $1 per month until the 
discharge came. I went back to Venice and topping beets" 

Glen worked at many jobs around the Salt Lake 
City area. In 1922 he met and married Hannah Barnes. 
Jobs for him lasted only for indefinite periods. He 
went to work for Utah Copper and for the Bingham-Gar- 
field Railroad, but was laid off just before Christmas, 


in 1924. With $75.00 saved and $75.00 borrowed, he 
bought a truck and began hauling coal. He hauled ice 
in the summer and coal in the winter. His company 
slogan was, "You can tell our drivers by the slack 
in their pants!" In 1930, with profits small, he 
turned the business over to his father. Matt, to 
make what he could at it and Glen went on the road 
selling woolens for the Utah Woolen Mills. 

In 1927 he and Hannah adopted a son whom they 
named Ronald. In 1934, Glen found that Hannah had 
gone to California and when she hadn't returned two 
months later he divorced her for desertion. 

Back on the road. Glen met Doris Miller in 
Nebraska. She was working in a hotel at the tigie, 
but had been raised on a farm. After the death of 
her father, Doris had worked in the fields by the 
side of her brothers to maintain the family farm. 
As the brothers married and left the home farm, Doris 
assumed more and more of the responsibility until, at 
the age of 17 she was married to Clem DAY, by whom 
she had two daughters : 

(1) Dorothy Fern DAY b 12 Feb 1923 

(2) Ruth Marie DAY b 8 July 1926. 
Problems developed with the young family and 

Doris and Clem separated, finally obtaining a diverge. 
Doris supported herself by working for a time as a 
housekeeper in the home of her cousin, Burt MILLER, 
in Denver, Colo. She returned to Holdrige, Nebr. , 
and worked for an elderly couple for a time, moving 
from there to Fremont, Nebr., where she worked in the 
hotel where Glen found her. 

Glen and Doris were married in Denver, Colo., then 
returned to Salt Lake. Glen changed jobs and worked 
for a time for Shank Woolen Mills, then a few years 
later he started selling real estate. Moving from 
Salt Lake to Sandy in 1942, they bought a home with 
acreage where they could raise a garden and have room 
for the boys to grow. There were years of struggle 
and hardship but the children remember fondly how 
their mother worked hard canning fruit and vegetables; 
baking bread almost daily to keep them fed; working 
nights as a nurse to an invalid woman to help meet 
living expenses, yet always being home when they were; 
being the last one to get a new dress or a pair of 
shoes. They remember Dad being involved in an auto 
accident which nearly took his life and left his left 


arm somewhat twisted; the emotional and physical 
drain that came from the lack of money and means 
to take care of a big family through the difficult 
depression years. 

When the children were raised and most of them 
married, Glen and Doris sold the two and a half acres 
and moved to a smaller home. They later sold that 
also and became managers of a 34 unit apartment 
building in Salt Lake City. They managed the apart- 
ments long past the regular age for retirement and 
always kept the apartments rented because Doris al- 
ways kept everything so clean that people wanted to 
live there. After about nine years as managers they 
decided to retire and moved to another apartment house 
owned by the same man. Within the year the boss talked 
them into managing that 30 unit house which was easier 
because of less turnover in tenants. They managed 
that apartment house for one year and then retired 
again. They were able to take a few trips and enjoy 
life together before Doris lost her husband of forty 

(Fam info and history from Robert D. Chidester, 
Draper, Ut; and Phillip Chidester, Murray, Ut.) 

11-187 Gordon Ezra CHIDESTER, s of James M °" 

(David^"-'-°^John M^"^^John P^"^'^David^~'*^) and 
Sarah Jane CASTO; b 21 Nov 1900, St. George, Ut; 
md 27 June 1925, in Salt Lake City, Ut., to Leah 
ENCE who was b 25 Jan 1904, Richfield, Ut; dau 
of Lehi ENCE and Rebecca Ann DALL; and had ch 
b in Salt Lake City, Ut: 

*12-306 JoAnne CHIDESTER b 7 Mar 1930; md Lyle S. FORD 
*12-307 Dorothy CHIDESTER b 10 May 1934; md George 
David EGAN 

Gordon E. Chidester spent many years as a travel- 
ing salesman, during which time he made contact in 
various states with people who carried the same sur- 
name. Always interested in the family and its history, 
he has been active in the family organization, serv- 
ing four years as president. During his tenure in 
office he proposed the publication of a book and put 
into effect a plan to accomplish the feat. 




Frcmk Barton 





Katherine M 

James Madison 
Chides ter 

Glen Madison & Doris Chides ter 


Ronald & Virginia 
Chides ter 

Robert D. Chidester; baby Andrea; Shirley Berry Chidester; 
Center: Natalie; Sheila; Bryce 
Front: Arnold and Kregg 

Verl G. Chides ter 

Back: Verl L; Annette; 
Verl G; Marty (foster ch) 
Mid: Chris 3 Donna; Misty 
Front: Susan (foster oh) 

Dean S. Chides ter Family 
Top: Dean S. 
Boys: Rodney; Stanley; 
Seated: Carolyn R. holding 

LeRoy Hutching s Family 
Back: Carolyn Chides ter; 

Dehbera; Jeff; LeRoy 

Front: Michelle 

Phillip M. Chidester Family 
Back: Erio; Patricia B; Phillip; Trisha; 
Front: Corey; Christina 

Roy MoKee Family 
Back: Billy Jack; Roy MoKee; Sharron Sue Chidester holding 
Sharolyn: Front: Loretta; Ted; James Glen 


After his retirement, Gordon and his wife Leah 
performed a full term foreign mission for the Church 
of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Upon his 
return, he went into the business of operating a 
trailer court and managing a horse farm. 

(Ref: Gordon E. Chidester, Salt Lake City, Ut.) 

11-189 Reta CHIDESTER, dau of James M''-^"-'-^^ (Dav- 

id John M John P David ) and Corn- 
elia TERRY; b 28 Aug 1906, Richfield Ut; md 18 
Apr 1931, in Ogden, Ut. , to Wiley Emory PINKERMAN 
who was b 16 Nov 1903, Ironton, Ohio; s of James 
Elmer PINKERMAN and Bertha May MASSIE; and had ch: 

*12-308 Gene Emory PINKERMAN b 2 Feb 1932, Ogden, Ut; 
md LaVelle SCHICK 
12-309 James Keith PINKERMAN b 17 Jan 1935, American 
Fork, Ut; md 29 Aug 1968, in Salt Lake City, to 
Shari Lynn MALIN who was b 9 May 1938, Rapid City, 
S. Dakota; dau of Elmer Gunn MALIN and Letitia 
Elizabeth SMITH; and had ch: 

(1) Stephanie Lynn PINKERMAN b 4 Feb 1971, Phoenix, 
12-310 Bernice PINKERMAN b 5 Oct 1966; adopted by the 

The Pinkerman family lived for a number of years 
in Ohio near Mr. Pinkerman 's parents. While there 
Reta served on a home mission for the Church of Jesus 
Christ of Latter Day Saints. 

Returning to Salt Lake City, they lived in the 
Third Ward. There Reta served her church as visiting 
teacher, work director, social science class leader and 
as first counselor in the Relief Society. Wiley was 
a Junior Sunday School teacher, member of the Genealog- 
ical committee and ward clerk. 

The two Pinkerman sons were the first grandsons of 
James Madison Chidester to serve their church on 
missions. Gene going t o the Northwestern States and 
James to the Great Lakes Mission. 

When her mother's health failed, Reta and her 
family moved into the family home, and, at great 
sacrifice to themselves, tenderly cared for a beloved 
and gracious Cornelia Terry Chidester. 

(Info: Mrs. Reta Pinkerman, Salt Lake City, Ut.) 


11-190 Thelma CHIDESTER, dau of James M''-^"-'-^^ 

(David^"^°^John M^'^^John p'^'^'^David^"^'^) and 
Cornelia TERRY; b 21 Oct 1907, Richfield, Ut; md 
24 Apr 1933, Salt Lake City, Ut., to George Victor 
PETERSON who was b 1 Jan 1900, Fillmore, Ut; s of 
James Christian PETERSON and Anna TONSETH; and 
had ch: 

♦12-311 Luana PETERSON b 21 Mar 1934, Salt Lake City, Ut; 

md Harrison Ford SIMMONS 
12-312 George Wayne PETERSON b 16 Sept 1935, Salt Lake 

City, Ut; md 9 Mar 1956, in EVcinston, Wyoming, to 

Wendy Lynn RANCK. (div) 
12-313 Geneal PETERSON b 24 Oct 1939, Fillmore, Ut; md 

1 Aug 1959, Robert George SIMMONS who was b 23 Mar 

1939, Salt Lake City, Ut; adopted and raised by 

Kenneth JACKSON and Eva FORD. Geneal and Robert had 


(1) Dee Neal SIMMONS (adopted) b 17 Oct 1957, Fill- 
more, Ut. 

(2) Victor D. SIMMONS b 20 July 1961, Salt Lake City 
12-314 Rhea PETERSON b 16 May 1944, Beaver, Ut. 

(Ref: recs of Cornelia Terry Chidester, Salt Lake City, Ut.) 

11-191 James Earl CHIDESTER, s of James M''-^"-^^^ 

,^ . ,9-106^ , k;,8-85^ , T,7-57^ -^6-47, , ^ 

(David John M John P David ) and Corn- 

elia TERRY; b 2 Jan 1910, Richfield, Ut; md 5 July 
1935, in Salt Lake City, Ut., to Thelma Esma 
STRASBURG who was b 5 Aug 1915, American Fork, Ut; 
dau of Evar Merl STRASBURG and Esma Ann GOODE; and 
had ch b in American Fork, Ut: 

12-315 Wesley Earl CHIDESTER b 15 Sept 1936; md 25 Nov 
1955, in Provo, Ut., Community Church by Rev. Wade L. 
CARTER, to Kathryn Lorraine BEACH who was b 15 July 
1937, in Oregon; dau of Lawrence Langford BEACH and 
Lorraine Theresa THOMPSON; and had a son: 

(1) Gary Earl CHIDESTER b 15 Aug 1959, Salt Lake City 
Wesley began working for Kennecott Copper Co. , in 
1955 and works for them still. He loves the out-of- 
doors, sports and horses. He is an expert in the art 
of shoeing horses and lives in the farm community of 
American Fork. His wife, Kathryn, does office work 
and assists a veterinarian. 

Front: Evar Leon^ Earl, TJielma Esma, Wesley 
Back: Richard, Dale, Elaine Jsmes Reed, Robbie 

Family of Evar Lean Chides ter 

Family of 
Wesley Earl 
Chides ter 

Family of 
Elaine Chid- 
es ter Matthews 

Family of 
James Reed 
Chides ter 


*12-316 Evar Leon CHIDESTER b 26 Sept 1937; md Irma BROWN 
*12-317 Elaine CHIDESTER b 21 July 1939; md Verl Baxter 
12-318 Diane CHIDESTER b 25 Jan 1943; d 26 Jan 1944 of 

scarlet fever 
12-319 James Reed CHIDESTER b 8 Feb 1945; md 10 Dec 1971, 
in Granger, Ut. , to Lynette BONHAM who was b 13 Aug 
1948, Salt Lake City, Ut; dau of Harlan Duane BONHAM 
and Gloria GLADE; and had ch: 

(1) Clinton Reed CHIDESTER b 4 July, Salt Lake 

(2) a dau 

An outdoorsman at heart, James Reed, known most 
familiarly as Reed, excelled in football during his 
high school years, receiving an all state award. After 
a six months tour of duty with the active reserves he 
returned home and entered Brigham Young University to 
study art . Not liking the classes there, he trans- 
ferred to Utah Technical College where he trained to 
be a machinist. He obtained employment with the United 
States Steel, in Geneva, Ut. , and established his 
home in American Fork where he continues his interest 
in art. 
*ll-320 Richard Neil CHIDESTER b 17 June 1947; md Susan 

12-321 Lee Ray CHIDESTER b 15 Jan 1951; d 7 Aug 1952; 
drowned in an irrigation ditch. 

12-322 Dale Eldon CHIDESTERb 10 Nov 1953; is a graduate 
of American Fork high school and attends the Technical 
College in Prove, Ut., where he is training to be a 
diesel mechanic. He served a mission for his church 
in Bogota, Columbia; enjoys camping, fishing, hunting 
and music. 
12-323 Robin Franklin Strasbourg CHIDESTER b 5 Nov 1954; md 15 
Oct 1976, Nancy PARKER. 

Actually the son of Donald and Rochelle STRASBURG 
(brother and sister-in-law of Mrs. Chidester) he was 
brought to the Chidester home at the age of eight 
months because of the separation of his parents. It 
was to be a temporary arrangement until the estranged 
couple could be reconciled. That time never came 
and after years of anxious waiting, Robbie, who had 
become an integral part of the family, was legally 
adopted and became a Chidester. In high school Robbie 
engaged in sports and also played the trombone in the 
high school band and in a jazz band. Returned from 
a mission to Sweden in Apr 1976, he plans to continue 
his education at the Universityof Utah, his wife work- 


ing to help him through. 

Still a baby when the family moved from Rich — 
field, Ut. , to the small neighboring farm community of 
Venice, Earl did his growing up on the farm there, 
helping his father and brothers in all the varied 
activities of farm life. At the age of fifteen they 
moved to Delta, Ut. , then from there to Salt Lake City. 
It was the depression years and there were no jobs for 
young people. His older sister Reta and her husband 
had moved to Highland, Utah, to work on a farm and 
Earl followed them. Highland is a small farm communi- 
ty located between American Fork and Alpine, Utah. 

It was while living on the farm at Highland, 
that Earl had a blind date and met his future wife. 
Thelma had graduated from high school at age sixteen. 
A keen student and avid reader, she tried to find work 
but the only thing available to her was housework or 
work in the fields picking berries or other produce. 
This avocation prepared her well to be the wife of a 

Married in Salt Lake City, Ut. , by Justice of 
the Peace Mr. GYGI, the young couple returned to High- 
land to make their home. James Earl was a farmer, 
having grown up on a fainn and more lately hiring out as 
a farm hand. Eventually he and Thelma obtained a small 
farm and made that their vocation until the needs of 
their growing family could no longer be supported with 
the income from the farm. It was then that he went to 
work for United States Steel Co., at Geneva, Ut. He 
continued his farming and working for the Steel Company 
for twenty eight years until his retirement. 

(Info and history: Mrs. James Earl Chidester, High- 
land, Ut.) 
11-192 Rebecca CHIDESTER, dau of James M 

(David^"-'-°^John M^"^^John p'^'^^David^"'* '') and Cornel- 
ia TERRY; b 10 Nov 1911, Venice, Ut; md 22 Aug 
1942, in Salt Lake City, Ut. , to Clarence Gordon 
EDWARDS who was b 8 Jan 1909, Hutton, Calif; s of 
Frank EDWARDS and Minnie Bell WATKINS. Charles was 
md (1) 26 Nov 1930, in Medford, Oregon to Dorothy 
Elenor HIBBERT. 

Ch of Rebecca and Clarence: 


12-324 William Gordon EDWARDS b 27 Nov 1947, Medford, Ore 
12-325 Rebecca Ann EDWARDS b 28 Sept 1954, Grants Pass, Ore 

(Info: Mrs. Lois C. Salmans, Newport Beach, Cal) 

11-193 David Terry CHIDESTER, s of James M^^~ 

(David^~-'-°^John M^"^^John P^'^^David^""^^) and Corn- 
elia TERRY; b 13 Mar 1915, Venice, Ut; md 23 Aug 
1946, in Salt Lake City, Ut. , to Carol ABRAHAM who 
was b 22 May 1928, Kanosh, Ut; dau of Leonard ABRA- 
HAM and Anna Florence BOND; and had ch: 

12-326 Susan CHIDESTER b 22 Feb 1948, Fillmore, Ut; md 
23 May 1968, in Salt Lake City, Ut. , to Ronald M. 
JONES; s of Paul JONES 

12-327 Dennis Madison CHIDESTER b 2 Oct 1950, Provo, Ut. 
md (1) 3 Oct 1967, Nicki Fay CROOKSTON: md (2) 29 
June 1972, Sheila Rae ANDERSON who was b 26 Oct 1951; 
dau of William Ray ANDERSON and Coleen Rae KOFFORD 

12-328 Laurel CHIDESTER b 31 Aug 1955, Provo, Ut. 

12-329 Paul Terry CHIDESTER b 10 Apr 1957, Provo, Ut. 

12-330 David A. CHIDES ER b 28 Dec 1964, American Fork, Ut 

12-331 Todd L. CHIDESTER b 18 Sept 1966, American Fork, Ut 

12-332 Jonathan Grant CHIDESTER b 4 Mar 1970, American 
Fork, Ut. 

(Info: David Terry Chidester, American Fork, Ut.) 

11-194 Vera CHIDESTER, dau of James M''"^"'''^ (David 

John M^~^^John P^'^^David^"^"^) and Cornelia TERRY; 
b 1 Jan 1917, Venice, Ut; md (1) 21 Mar 1937, Cal- 
thorpe Kimball FARRINGTON who was b 20 Mar 1916, 
Salt Lake City, Ut; s of David Franklin FARRINGTON 
and Lenora KIMBALL; and had ch b in Salt Lake City: 

*12-333 Colleen FARRINGTON b 4 Nov 1937; md Leon Everett 
12-334 James Cxortis FARRINGTON, b 16 Dec 1938; md June 

1961, to Janette L. HADFIELD; dau of Donald HADFIELD & 
Connie GOLFF; Janette was md previously to Wesley D. 
HILL by whom she had ch: 

(a) James HILL b 26 Aug 1956 

(b) Terry HILL b 9 Aug 1957 

(c) Holly HILL b 8 July 1958 (a dau) 

(d) Jennie HILL b 22 Feb 1960 


Ch of James F*rrington and Janette: 

(1) Troy Donald FARRINGTON b 8 Aug 1962, Salt Lake. 

Vera Chidester and Calthorpe Farrington were divorced. 
He md (2) Jean FITZGERALD. Vera CHIDESTER md (2) 24 
Aug 1946, in Elko, Nev. , Benjamin Chapman ASBERRY Jr. 
who was b 13 Aug 1922, Sardis, Pushmaha, Oklahoma; 
s of Benjamin Chapman ASBERRY and Betty MARSH. (He 
had been md previously to Edna Louise YENIGUES.) 

Ch of Vera and Benjamin ASBERRY, b in Salt Lake City,; 

12-335 Deana ASBERRY b 30 Jan 1948 
12-336 Roger Marsh ASBERRY b 28 Mar 1951 

(Info: fam recs of Cornelia Terry CHIDESTER) 

11-195 Eldon Price CHIDESTER, s of James M"'"^"''"^^ 

(David^"^°^John M^"^^John p'^'^'^David^"^'^) and 
Cornelia TERRY; b 22 Apr 1918, Venice, Ut; md 14 
Dec 1937, in Murray, Ut. , to Martha Ellen JONES 
who was b 18 May 1921, Short Creek, Ariz; dau of 
Victor James JONES and Cory Nitola NOWLIN: and 
had ch b in Salt Lake City, Ut : 

*12-337 Douglas Eldon CHIDESTER b 8 Nov 1938; md Janice 

*12-338 David Lynn CHIDESTER b 16 Jan 1941; md Rose Marie 

*12-449 Lynda Jo CHIDESTER, b 31 July 1943, Salt Lake 
City, Ut; md Darrel WILSON 

♦12-340 Rodney Del (Buddy) CHIDESTER, b 13 Feb 1946, 
Salt Lake City, Ut. ; md Sigriin ANDERSON 
12-341 Russell Nowlin CHIDESTER b 6 Dec 1953, Salt Lake 
City, Ut; md 8 June 1972, Deborah LENER who was b 
in Australia; and has a s: 

(1) Joshua John CHIDESTER b 14 Aug 1974 
The last child of the family and so much younger than 
the others, Russell was the darling in his early 
years. At age 13 he was in an accident that almost 
cost him his life. He owes his life to the power 
of the priesthood. At present he makes his living 
with Gans Ink of Utah and enjoys working for this 
small company. 


Eldon Price Chidester is a hard working family 
man. He can do any type of work he tries, his motto 
being "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." 
He loves outdorr sports and traveling. He has been a 
locomotive engineer for Kennecott Copper for thirty 
years. Martha and Eldon have four sons and one dau- 
ghter, plus the love and respect of them all. As of 
this date (1976) they have 15 grandchildren, which 
gives them both a lot of joy. 

(Info: Mrs. Eldon P. Chidester, Salt Lake Cit y, Ut) 

11-196 Constance CHIDESTER, dau of James M 

(Davod^"-'-°^John M^"^^John p'^"^'^David^"'^'^) and 
Cornelia TERRY; b 20 Nov 1920, Venice, Ut; md 2 

May 1941, James Frederick MOORE who was b 23 Aug 
1921, Washington, Ut; s of Frank Carlton MOORE and 
Pauline HAGER; and had sons: 

12-342 Frank James MOORE b 25 Jxine 1946, Coliombus, Ohio; 
is md and has a son: 

(1) Kuala MOORE b 29 Jan 1975 
12-343 Jeff MOORE (twin) stillborn 20 Nov 1949, Dayton, 
12-344 Jack MOORE (twin) stillborn 20 Nov 1949, Dayton, 
12-345 Jerry Neil MOORE b 14 Mar 1951, Dayton, Ohio 

My first recollection was the family moving from 
Venice, Ut. , to a house in Delta, Ut. , where I lived 
just prior to and when I started school. We moved to 
another house in Delta which stays in my memory because 
it had a sink. It didn't work but it represented a 
real step up in status. 

When I was 9 we moved from that house to Salt 
Lake City where I lived the rest of my single life. 
I went to school at Madison grade and junior high 
school and then to Granite High for one year. It 
was two miles away and I dropped out of school and went 
to work for two years, then went back to graduate at 
South High in 1941. 

In December 1940 I met James F. MOORE at a skat- 
ing rink. He was in the Air Force and stationed at 
the Salt Lake Airport at the time. We were married at 
my home and then went to live in a small apartment on 
E St. and 2nd Ave. in Salt Lake for the six months be- 
fore he went overseas. His ship was at sea when World 
War II began. I worked during the time he was over- 


seas, first at a laundry and then at Remington Arms 
plant making bullets. 

He returned from overseas and I joined him at 
Pyote, Texas, moving from there to Columbus, Ohio, 
and then to Dayton, Ohio. Our first son, Frank James 
was injured at birth and has suffered from cerebral 
palsy all of his life. 

In 1953 Jim was transferred to San Antonio for 
a brief period and then to Neassuer, French Province, 
Morroco, where the boys and I joined him in Feb 19 54. 
We lived in Casa Blanca until Sept 1955. 

There was a brief assignment in Clearfield, Ut., 
at Hill Field. In 1959 Jim was sent to Germany for a 
tour of duty. I sold the home we had bought in Roy, 
Ut., moved in with my parents till our orders came and 
we flew to Bitburg, Germany, where we lived part time 
at the base and part time in town from 1960 to 1962. 
While there I had surgery on both ears for a hearing 
problem I had since the birth of the last child. 

In Dec. 1962, we had Christmas visits with our 
families and went on to George Air Force Base at 
Victorville, Cal. We lived there on base for six months 
and then were transferred to March Air Force Base so 
Frank could attend a special class in Redlands for the 
orthopedically handicapped. We bought a house there 
and moved in June, 1963. This was to be our last home 
together as a family. 

Our marriage was dissolved on 14 July 1972, by 
final decree. I staid in the home. I had started to 
college while taking Frank to school and have finish- 
ed two years. I planned to become a nurse but started 
working as a medical secretary and insurance clerk for 

Frank has married and lives with other people 
in a group marriage. Besides his son I also claim the 
other boy born in the marriage as grandson. His name 
is Kilynn. 

Jerry is living away from home at present and 
plays drums in a rock band. 

(Info and story, Constance C. Moore, Redlands, Cal) 

11-197 Lois CHIDESTER, dau of James M''-^"-'-^^ (David^" 

■"■^^John M^"^^John P^"^^David^"'*^) and Cornelia 
TERRY; b 7 Jan 1923, Venice, Ut; md 26 July 1947, 
in Salt Lake City, Ut, to Ray Dean SALMANS who was 


b 8 Nov 1923, Wichita Falls, Kansas; s of Glenn 
Bertram SALMANS and Pearl DAVIS; and had ch: 

12-346 Terry Dean SALMANS b 4 Nov 1949, Anchorage, Al- 

12-347 Sherri Lynn SALMANS b 29 Aug 1953, Corona Del 
Mar, Cal; graduate in 1976 of Brigham Young Univ- 
ersity, Provo, Ut. , trained as a school teacher. 

12-348 Gregory Burt SALMANS b 29 Aug 1958, Newport 
Beach, Cal. 

The first home I remember was in Delta, Ut. It 
was a large white brick house near the outskirts of 
town. It was here I enjoyed the companionship of my 
sister Connie and that of a neighbor boy, Franklin 
CARRY. When my sister and I found empty thread 
spools and fastened them tor our shoes with rubber 
bands, Franklin did likewise. 

Summer days were sometimes warm enough to warr- 
ant an excursion by the family to the "old swimming 
hole" — an irrigation ditch. Commercial swimming suits 
were something of a luxury, but one of our older 
dresses tucked into the elastic in the legs of our 
bloomers served just as well. 

Later on we moved to a house a little 2 further 
out in the country and it was from this home that I 
started school. It was necessary to ride the bus. 
Sometimes when I thought I was ready to leave for the 
bus stop, Mother would discover that I had not prop- 
erly rid myself of some honestly accummulated dirt, 
or that it was time I changed to cleaner apparel and 
I might be found correcting the oversight when those 
collected at the bus stop began to call, "Here comes 
the bus!" 

Half way through my first year of school the 
family moved to Salt Lake City where we lived for a 
time in a large house on South State St. I have 
many fond memories of life in this house. There were 
fireplaces in several rooms, an attic, a long hall 
and a very large yard which contained several horse 
chestnut trees. The move to Wentworth Ave didn't 
change my school at Madison. There, also, I remember 
attending the Burton Ward, saving grocery receipts to 
exchange for tickets to' the weekly Ward movie. 

Our third grade class helped plant trees at the 
school on Arbor Day. Graduating from Madison, I 


attended Granite High School, walking the two miles 
twice a day until my senior year when bus service was 
installed. I graduated from thisschool, proud to have 
made it through, but sorry for my Mother that she was 
so old that her youngest was graduating. 

I was able, with the help of my sister, to get a 
job in a laundry. Next, another sister helped me get 
a job in a bakery. It was ventilated by a fan so 
was better. I worked also in the fabric department of 
Auerbach's one Christmas season, actually getting this 
job on my own. Eventually, with the help of a third 
sister, I worked at United Airlines Commissary. 

One Saturday afternoon I stood before Herman 
GYGI, a justice of the peace, in the front room of our 
house and said" I do" to Ray Dean SALMANS. There was a 
very nice reception, after which we left for Topeka, 
Kansas, to meet Ray's folks. I really can't recommend 
Kansas for a July honeymoon. The temperatures soared 
to 110° in the daytime, cooling off to 90 at night. 

We had been married about six months when Dean 
left for Anchorage, Alaska, to take a job there. I 
followed him shortly and spent two years there, re- 
turning to Utah in 1950, and from there to Corona Del 
Mar. After the birth of our daughter, we bought a 
home in Newport Beach and have lived there since. 

Our oldest son has an apartment in Fullerton and 
works for Globe Union, making batteries. Sherri is a 
school teacher and Greg has graduated from high school 
and is working for a local butcher shop as clean up 
boy and clerk, beginning to learn the trade in general. 
Dad works for Benmar Marine Radio in the service de- 
partment and Mother is deep in genealogy and loving 
every minute of it. 

(Info: and story, Lois Salmans, Newport Beach, Cal) 

11-198 Mabel Gwendolyn CHIDESTER, dau of Lorus P 

(David^'-'-^^John M^"^^John P^'^^David^""*"^) and Agnes 
A. MUNSON: b 3 Feb 1910, Redmond, Ut; md 5 Sept 
1928, in Manti, Ut. , to Darrell Clare DESPAIN who 
was b 24 June 1905, in Fountain Green, Ut; s of 
Charles Livingston DESPAIN and Lorinda Carolina 
ANDERSON: and had ch: 

12-349 Phyllis Agnes DESPAIN b 28 Oct 1929, Salina, Ut; 

md 7 Sept 1948, Don C. QUARNBURG 
12-350 Claris Mabel DESPAIN b 16 Nov 1932, Axtell, Ut; 


md 12 Sept 1949, Warden Joseph STONE 
12-351 Darrell Louis DESPAIN b 16 Oct 1933, Axtell, Ut; 

md 25 Sept 1953, Margie DENNISON 
12-352 Don Ray DESPAIN b 13 July 1939, Axtell, Ut; md 

2 May 1957, Jerlyn RASSMUSON 
12-353 Charles Leon DESPAIN b 28 Mar 1941, Axtell, Ut; 

(Info: Mrs. Darrell C. DESPAIN, Axtell, Ut.) 

11-202 Sybel Marie CHIDESTER dau of Lorus p^^'^^S 

-^ .-,9-106^ , »,8-85^ , T,7-57^ . ,6-47, , 

(David John M John P David ) and 

Kyersten Marie SORENSEN: b 15 Mar 1918, Redmond, 
Ut; md 27 May 1935, in Richfield, Ut., to Lavell 
J. CHRISTENSEN who was b 30 July 1912, Aurora, Ut; 
s of Christian C. CHRISTENSEN and Mary Ellen JACOB- 
SEN; and had ch b in Aurora, Ut: 

12-354 Loris J. CHRISTENSEN b 11 Dec 1935; d 11 Dec 1935 
*k2-355 Jolene CHRISTENSEN b 1 Dec 1936; md Robert 

Gordon NASH 
12-356 Sharon Lavem CHRISTENSEN b 24 May 1938 
12-357 Norma Rae CHRISTENSEN b 26 June 1939; md (1) 

Eberhard HILL: div; and md (2) Thurston HOVEY 
12-358 Wendell Allen CHRISTENSEN b 2 Dec 1943; md 20 

May 1964, Sharon May AACOCKS 

(Info: Mrs. Lavell J. Christensen, Aurora, Ut.) 

11-203 Orland Ray CHIDESTER, s of Lorus p^^'^^S 

,^ . ,9-106^ , m8-85^ , T,7-57^ -^6-47, , 

(David John M John P David ) and 

Kyersten Maria SORENSEN; b 25 Sept 1919, Redmond, 

Ut; md 7 Aug 1946, in Salt Lake City, Ut. , to Betty 

Lou ERICKSON who was b 2 Aug 192 8, Fayette, Ut; dau 

of Eric Joseph ERICKSON and Justine Hedvick OLSEN; 

and had ch : 

12-359 Doris Fay CHIDESTER b 10 Apr 1947, Salina, Ut. 

12-360 Donna Vee CHIDESTER b 28 July 1949, Salina, Ut. 

12-361 Jackie Lynn CHIDESTER b 14 Sept 1952, Salina, Ut. 

12-362 Craig Orland CHIDESTER b 23 Mar 1954, Salina, Ut. 

12-363 Wendy CHIDESTER b 31 Dec 1958, Gunnison, Ut. 

(Info: Orland Ray Chidester, Redmond, Ut.) 


11-205 Josephine Ann CHIDESTER, dau of Lorus P 

,^ .j9-106^ , K^8-85^ , T,7-57^ . ,6-47, , 

(David John M John P David ) and 

Kyersten Marie SORENSEN; b 3 Jan 1925, Redmond, Ut; 

md (1) Rudolph Valentine SIMPSON; and had ch: 

*12-364 Betty Lou SIMPSON b 22 Mar 1942, Salina, Ut; md 
Clark Lynn EVANS 
12-365 William Ray SIMPSON b 8 Aug 1944, Los Angeles, Cal 

Josephine md (2) 13 Apr 1946, in Richfield, Ut. , 

Walter Absolvim WILLIAMS who was b 18 June 1916, Salina, 

Ut; s of Floyd Absolum WILLIAMS anf Florence POLK: and 
had ch b in Salina, Ut: 

12-366 Kathleen WILLIAMS b 11 Aug 1946; md 2 Nov 1962 
in Richfield, Ut. , to Dennis Lee MORANDY who was b 9 
Feb 1944, Salt Lake City, Ut; s of David Clarence 
MORANDY and Audry Roberta LIETZ; and had a dau: 

(1) Jody Lee MORANDY b 11 Dec 1965, Salt Lake City 

12- 367 Jo Ann WILLIAMS b 22 Apr 1922 

11-209 Anna DODGE, dau of Mary E. CHIDESTER 

(David^~-'-°^John M^'^^John P^'^'^David^"^^) and Walter 
Erastus DODGE; b 20 Sept 1902, St. George, Ut; d 
12 Jan 1975, Salt Lake City, Ut; md {1).-31 Aug 1921, 
in Salt Lake City, Ut. , to Arnold Calloway RANDLE 
who was b 13 July 1897, Springville, Ut; d 5 Feb 
1963, Salt Lake City, Ut; s of Isaac Arnold RANDLE 
and Charlotte HARMER; and had ch: 

12-368 Arnold D. RANDLE b 11 June 1922, Provo, Ut; md 27 

June 1942, Lois Beth TURPIN and lives in Tempe, Ariz. 
12-369 Max Clifford RANDLE b 1 Dec 1924, Provo, Ut; d 4 

July 1968; md 16 Aug 1949, Kathleen GROW 
12-370 Howard Dale RANDLE b 23 Aug 1928, Salt Lake City, 

Ut; md 17 June 1954, Ruth Marie WILLIS; in 1975 they 

were living in San Jose, Cal. 
12-371 Richard Earl RANDLE (Dr.) b 7 Apr 1935, Salt Lake 

City, Ut; md 15 Nov 1955, Elsie Kay GRAFF. Dr. Randle 

practices in Salt Lake City, Ut. 

Anna Dodge Randle retired from Sears Roebuck Co. 
She md (2) 7 May 1968, Morris L. GROO . 

Arnold C. Randle was md (1) to Gladys ARCHIBALD and 
had a dau: Maxine RANDLE. 


(Info: Mrs Arnold C. Randle, Salt Lake City, Ut; 
obit in Deseret News 13 Jan 1975.) 

11-213 Nita Hazel CHIDESTER, dau of Don c^'-^""'"^^ 

(David^"-'-°^John M^"^^John P^"^^David^~^^) and Louise 
Hazel PEARCE; b 29 Jan 1906, Cornish, Ut; md 5 Dec 
1925, in Twin Falls, Ida., to Carlos Adam GUBLER 
who was b 19 Mar 1892, Washington, Ut; s of Godfrey 
GUBLER and Mercina IVERSON: and had oh: 

12-372 Ward Sherman GUBLER b 30 Mar 1926, Buhl, Ida; 

md 17 May 1945, Elizabeth BURDENSHAW 
12-373 Phyllis Marie GUBLER b 8 June 1927, Buhl, Ida; 

md 1 Nov 1955, Gilbert© DIAZ 
12-374 Glenna lone GUBLER b 7 Feb 1929, Buhl, Ida; md 

William S. MURDOCK 
12-375 Wanda Louise GUBLER b 15 Sept 1930, Buhl, Ida; 

md 10 Dec 1950, James W. HARTE 
12-376 Merle Wayne GUBLER b 7 Oct 1934, Twin Falls, Ida; 

d 7 Oct 1934 

(Info: Mrs. Hazel Chidester, Buhl, Ida. 

11-214 Lloyd Carlos CHIDESTER, s of Don C 

(David^"-'-°^John M^"^^John P^'^^David^"'^'') and Louise 
Hazel PEARCE; b 22 Sept 1907, Cornish, Ut; md 6 
Nov 1926, Logan, Ut. , to Hazel Ruby ANDERSON who was 
b 16 Oct 1909, Basin, Ida; dau of Olof Edward 
ANDERSON and Ruby CHAPMAN; and had ch b in Buhl, Ida 

*12-377 Dean Carlos CHIDESTER b 2 Aug 1930; md Barbara 
12-378 Myrle Ray CHIDESTER b 11 Jan 1932; d 16 Jan 1932 
12-379 Vern Darwin CHIDESTER b 31 Jan 1934 
*12-380 Ruby Eilene CHIDESTER b 23 May 1937; md Richard 

(Info: Mrs. Ruby Chidester, Buhl, Ida.) 

11-216 Rebecca Louise CHIDESTER, dau of Don C ^ 

(David John M John P David ) and Louise 

Hazel PEARCE; b 27 Mar 1915, Burley, Ida; md in 
Buhl, Ida., to Marion John AMBROSE who was b 12 Aug 
1911, Buhl, Ida; s of william Olson and Clara AMB- 
ROSE; and had ch: 


12-381 Jane AMBROSE b 21 June 1933, Buhl, Ida; md 11 

June 1955, to Harriet CARMEN 
12-382 Elaine AMBROSE b 13 Sept 1935; md 15 Jan 1956, 

12-383 Jerry AMBROSE b 22 Nov 1937, Buhl, Ida; md 15 

May 1956, to Mary KING 
12-384 Don AMBROSE b 4 May 1943, Buhl, Ida 
12-385 Deena AMBROSE b 17 Jan 1951, Twin Falls, Ida 

(Info: Hazel Pearce Chidester Kirkman, Buhl, Ida.) 

11-217 Kenneth Ray CHIDESTER, s of Don c''"^""'"^^ 

,^ . ,9-106^ , ^.8-85^ , „7-57^ -^6-47, 
(David John M John P David ) and 

Louise Hazel PEARCE; b 13 Oct 1919, Buhl, Ida; md 

31 Oct 1933, in Hutchinson, Kansas, to Fiorina 

Agnes PFANNENSTIEL who was b 8 Oct 1924, Hays, Kans; 

dau of George PFANNENSTIEL and Martha HAAS; and 

had ch: 

* 12-386 Kelly Ray CHIDESTER b 5 Mar 1947, Buhl, Ida; md 

20 Aug 1969, in Salt Lake City, Ut. , to Virginia Sue 
WEST; dau of Mr. and Mrs. William K. WEST of Salt 
Lake City, Ut. 

* 12-387 Raynee CHIDESTER b 31 July 1948, Salt Lake City, Ut 

* 12-388 Kathryn Ann CHIDESTER b 28 Apr 1951, Hutchinson, 

KANSAS (See end 6f chapter #12 for these families. 

Ken was raised and schooled in Buhl, Ida; moved to 
Salt Lake City in 1948, then to Kansas and later back 
to Salt Lake City where he now lives. He was a pilot 
in World War II and was a First Lieutenant. In the 
South Pacific as a co-pilot of a B-29 he was shot down 
on his first mission and picked up by a submarine. 

He has been a salesman most of his life, sell- 
ing cars for 8 years and then real estate for 14 years 
and now owns his own company known as Chidester Realty. 
He met his wife in Hays, Kansas, during the war. 

(Info: Kenneth R. Chidester, Salt Lake Cit, Ut.) 

1 — 12 8 
11-218 Gwendolyn June CHIDESTER, dau of Don C 

(David^"-'-°^John M^~^^John P^'^^David^""^"^) and Louise 
Hazel PEARCE; b 11 June 1921, Buhl, Ida; md 14 
June 1946, in Battle Creek, Mich., to Price Reid 
NASH who was b 6 Nov 1921, Checotah, Oklahoma; s of 


Charles Henry NASH and Mary Jane PRICE; and had 

12-389 Michael Reid NASH b 3 Aug 1947, Oklahoma City, 

12-390 Charles Henry NASH b 21 May 1949, Twin Falls, Ida 
12-391 Susan Kay NASH b 3 June 1952, Twin Falls, Ida. 

(Info: Mrs. Hazel Pearce Chides ter Kirkman, Buhl, Ida.) 

11-220 John William CHIDESTER, s of John w^'-^"-'-"^^ 

(Joshua P^"-^^^John M^"^^John P^"^^David^"'*^) and 
Hulda Samantha HEATH; b 8 Mar 1887, Thurber (now 
Bicknell) Wayne, Ut; d 24 Nov 1962, Bicknell, Ut; 
md 10 June 1912, in Loa, Wayne, Ut. , to Amanda 
Melvina SMITH who was b 11 Apr 1891, Bicknell, Ut; 
dau of John Jorgen SMITH and Sarah Sariah DURFEY; 
and had ch: 

12-392 Mildred Smith CHIDESTER b 22 Mar 1913, Bicknell, 

Ut; d 18 Apr 1913 
*12-393 William Burdett CHIDESTER b 27 Mar 1914, Bicknell, 

Ut; md Mary Magdalene STEWART 
*12-394 John Clinton CHIDESTER b 1 Apr 1916, Bicknell, 

Ut; md (1) Lucile KING; md (2) Marguerite Chatterley 

LUNT; md (3) Rita LUNT 
*12-395 Wilma Smith CHIDESTER b 5 Apr 1922, Bicknell, Ut; 

md Metz LAY 
*12-396 George Wayne CHIDESTER b 19 Oct 1924, Bicknell, 

Ut; md Montez MORRELL 
*12-397 Fern Smith CHIDESTER b 23 Apr 1926, Bicknell, Ut; 

md Cornell Lee BLACKETT 
12-398 Don Smith CHIDESTER b 8 Dec 1928, Salina, Ut; d 

8 Dec 1928 
12-399 Norma Sariah CHIDESTER b 13 Feb 1934, Bicknell, Ut 

d 1 Mar 1935. 

Born and raised in Bicknell, John William Chid- 
ester was known as Will most of his life. He was a 
good athlete and had a chance to go to college but did 
not take it because he wanted to work and make a living, 
He worked in his father's sawmill and was a good sawyer 
and carpenter. He built a home on a lot in Bicknell 
and raised his own garden and animals for the necess- 
ities of life. After his family got too big for the 
first home he built another one on a part of the same 



He was a good fisherman and could catch fish when 
no one else could. He died while fishing in Nov 1962. 

His wife, Amanda, the 3rd child in a family of 
15, was also born and raised in Bicknell. When she 
was just 15 years of age she was returning home from 
a dance when the wagon in which she was riding over- 
turned. Amanda was thrown onto a rock and broke her 
shoulder. There was no doctor to take care of her 
and some of the men tried to set the shoulder by plac- 
ing an object under her arm and then lowering the arm 
to her side to bring the bones into position. Of 
course, it didn't get set right and was always a prob- 
lem to her. A small woman, she still worked hard and 
raised a big family besides three of her grandchild- 
ren and also providing a home for six of her brothers 
while they attended school. 

After Will's death, Amanda moved to Salt Lake 
City to be near doctors and to do temple work but 
still maintained her home in Bicknell which she visits 
regularly in the summer. At age 85 she has had five 
pacemakers installed at various times. 

(Info and history: Amanda S. Chidester, Bicknell, ) 

11-223 James Parker CHIDESTER, s of John W''-^"-'-^^ 

(Joshua P^"-'-°^John M^"^^John P^"^^David^"'*^) and 
Hulda Samantha HEATH; b 16 Nov 1891, Bicknell, Ut; 
d 5 Apr 1964, Salt Lake City, Ut; md 16 Dec 1916, 
in Bicknell, Ut., to Eliza Lucinda SMITH who was b 
30 Dec 1896, Notona, Wayne, Ut; dau of William 
SMITH and Mary MOSS; and had ch: 

*12-400 William Smith CHIDESTE b 21 May 1918, Torrey, 

Wayne, Ut; md Katherine Blenda KOUNALIS 
12-401 James Collins CHIDESTER b lo Dec 1920, Bicknell, 

Ut; d 15 Jan 1921 
♦12-402 Gwen CHIDESTER b 4 Dec 1921, Bicknell, Ut; md 

Franklin Meyer RASMUSSEN 
*12-403 Ross Nelson CHIDESTER b 26 Sept 1924, Bicknell, 

Ut; md Phyllis VOEGELIN 
*12-404 Leah Bernice CHIDESTER b 19 May 1929, Bicknell, Ut; 

md Merrill Emmet ERICKSON 
12-405 Mary Jean CHIDESTER (twin) b 29 Nov 1932, Bicknell, 

Ut; md (1) 21 May 1950, Alvin Lorin GRIFFIN and had ch: 


CD Vicky Jean GRIFFIN b 21 Mar 1951 

(2) Cindy Lou GRIFFIN b 28 Oct 1952 
Mary Jean was md (2) 9 Feb 1960, to William Leroy 
WOOLSTON: md (3) 9 July 1962, to Herbert J. DALTON 
12-406 John Leo CHIDESTER (twin) b 29 Nov 1932, Bicknell, 
Ut; md 21 Dec 1955, Faun MOORE 

(Info: Lucinda S. Chidester, Bicknell, Ut.) 

11-225 Dewey CHIDESTER, s of John W''-^"-'--^^ (Joshua 

P^~"'""'^John M^"^^John P^~^'^David^~^^) and Hulda 
Samantha HEATH; b 9 May 1898, Bicknell, Ut; md 19 
May 1923, in Huntington, Ut. , to Lavina HILL who 
was b 24 Dec 1904, Huntington, Ut; d 3 Apr 1966, 
Price, Ut; dau of George Richard HILL and Rosey 
Hana DAVIS; and had ch: 

12-407 Don A. CHIDESTER b 20 Feb 1924, Storrs (Spring 

Canyon) Ut; md 27 Nov 1942, Geraldine MILLER 
12-408 Lois CHIDESTER b 8 Aug 1925, Bicknell, Ut; d 5 

Mar 1970; md 27 July 1943, Lymar PRESTON 
12-409 Earl Hill CHIDESTER b 2 Nov 1926, Huntington, Ut; 

md 12 Jan 1948, Wanda ALLRED 
12-410 Bonnie Gene CHIDESTER b 9 Aug 1927, Price, Ut; 

md 12 Jan 1948, William S. ROBERTS 
12-411 Merial Dee CHIDESTER b 22 Feb 1931, Price, Ut; 

d 22 Feb 1931 
*12-412 Gordon Jay CHIDESTER b 16 July 1938, Bicknell, 

Ut; md Patricia Sue WILLIAMS 
12-413 Charles Glen CHIDESTER b 23 Sept 1939, Bicknell, 

Ut; md Ethylue GUNTER 
12-414 Rose LyRee CHIDESTER b 27 Oct 1942, Price, Ut; md 

19 Feb 1960, Robert W. STEWART 
12-415 Carol June CHIDESTER b 11 Dec 1947, Dragerton, 

Ut; md Douglas FREDERICKSON 

(Info: Dewey Chidester, Dragerton, Ut.) 

11-226 Milton CHIDESTER, s of John W^'-^"-'-^^ (Joshua 

P^~-'-°'^John M^~^^John p'^'^'^David^"'^^) and Hulda Sama- 
ntha HEATH; b 22 Mar 1902, Bicknell, Ut; d 8 Nov 
1968, Richfield, Ut; md 10 May 1941, in Evanston, 
Wyoming, to Mae Jean RASMUSSEN who was b 9 Aug 1923, 
Salina, Ut; dau of Francis Marion RASMUSSEN and 
Emlia Josephine MEYER. Mae Jean was md (1) to Mr. 
CHRISTENSEN and had a son: 


12-416 Ralph L. CHRISTENSEN who was adopted by Milton 

Ch of Milton and Mae Jean: 

12-417 Lynnda CHIDESTER b 25 Jan 1944, Salina, Ut; md 

Morris NELSON 
12-418 John Scott CHIDESTER b 8 Feb 1946, Richfield, Ut 
12-419 Beth CHIDESTER b 30 Sept 1950, Salina, Ut; md 

12-420 Gary R. CHIDESTER b 3 Oct 1952, Salina, Ut; 
12-421 David Milton CHIDESTER b 5 Apr 1958, Richfield, Ut 

Milton Chidester was a rancher in the high, mountainous 
country of Wayne County. He herded sheep as well as 

(Info: Mrs. Mae Jean Chidester, Bicknell, Ut.) 

11-227 Charles Alford (or Alfred) HUNT, s of Josephine 

CHIDESTER^°"^^^ (Joshua P^"^°^John M^'^^John p"^"^"^ 
David6-47) and Jonathan HUNT; b 30 Dec 1883, Gunlock, 
Washington, Ut; d 19 July 1952, Torrey, Wayne, Ut; 
md 15 Dec 1903, in Aldrich, Wayne, Ut. , to Alta 
CURTIS who was b 1 Mar 188 5, Aurora, Ut; d 17 Sept 
1962, Torrey, Ut; dau of Sidney Amos CURTIS and 
Mary Ann ANDREWS; and had ch: 

12-422 Floyd Albert HUNT b 28 Sept 1904, Caineville, Ut 

md 17 Nov 1925, Elsie Ann Laura OSTBERG 
12-423 Sidney Rulen HUNT b 28 Mar 1906, Aldrich, Ut; md 17 

Dec 1929, Martha Gwen GIBBONS who was b 1 Dec 1911 
12-424 Mary Violet HUNT b 23 Dec 1907, Caineville, Ut; 

md 25 July 1927, Fawn L. CHAFFIN who was b 19 Aug 1899 
12-425 Duella HUNT b 19 Jan 1910, Torrey, Ut; md 21 

Sept 1927, Herbert Bruce WEBER 
*12-426 Ruby Ruth HUNT b 1 Sept 1912, Caineville, Ut; md 

Cecil Mayhew GIBBONS 
12-427 Ora Lillian HUNT b 3 May 1915, Caineville, Ut; d 

15 Nov 1975, in an automobile accident; md 5 June 

1937, Erwin LONG who was b 7 Oct 1912 
12-428 Alta Lucille HUNT b 23 Sept 1917, Torrey, Ut; md 

1 Sept 1936, Russel JONES 
12-429 Charles Cleland HUNT b 16 Sept 1919, Torrey, Ut; 

md 9 Aug 1941, MaDonna PETERSON 
12-430 Vida Lorea HUNT b 31 Jan 1922, Torrey, Ut; md 

19 Apr 1938, Leland S. BEHUNIN 
12-431 Donna Lavoy HUNT b 24 Dec 1926, Torrey, Ut; d 27 


Sept 1975; md 9 Aug 1944, Robert Merrell LUNNEN 

12-432 Beulah HUNT b 31 Oct 1930, Torrey, Ut; md 2 

Sept 1950, Quincy L. PETERSON who d 15 Feb 1971. 

(Info: Fam rec of Alice Curtis Hunt, poss of dau Mrs. Beulah 
, Peterson, Bicknell, Ut; added to by Ruth Hunt Gibbons.) 

11-233 Moroni HUNT, s of Josephine CHIDESTER-'-^"-^^^ 

(Joshua P^"-'-°^John M^"^^John P^"^^David^"'*^) and 
Jonathan HUNT; b 12 May 1893, Giles, Wayne, Ut; md 
16 Dec 1916, to Delta COOK who was b Dec 1899, 
Teasdale, Wayne, Ut; dau of Joseph R, COOK and 
Mary Ann TAYLOR; and had ch b in Price, Ut: 

12-433 Enid HUNT b 30 Aug 1918; md 8 Aug 1935, Bert 

12-434 Leah Ray HUNT b 24 June 1920; md Lee ROWLEY 

12-435 Lucile HUNT b 17 Feb 1922; md Robert GOODSELL 

12-436 Clayton HUNT b 5 Mar 1924; d 16 June 1929 

12-437 Sylvia HUNT b 31 July 1925; md Arthur PHILLIPS 

12-438 Melva HUNT b 21 Feb 1926; md Larry SULLIVAN 

12-439 Wayne Merlin HUNT b 8 Aug 1928; md Nina MASOK 

11-236 Phoebe Louise CHIDESTER, dau of Alfred g''-^"-'-"^^ 

(Joshua P^~-'-°'^John M^"^^John p'^'^'^David^"^'^) and 
Sarah Susannah HUNT; b 1 Dec 1890, Bicknell, Ut; 
d 30 Mar 1955; md 1 Jan 1909, in Huntington, Ut. , 
to Henry Fayette GILES who was b 2 May 1885, Giles. 
Ut; d 9 Dec 1952; s of Henry Kingman GILES and 
Elizabeth Elmina MEECHAM; and had ch: 

12-440 Fayette GILES b 25 Nov 1909, Huntington, Ut. 

12-441 Sarah Elizabeth GILES b 6 Sept 1911, Teasdale, Ut; 

12-442 Alfred Henry GILES b 10 Mar 1913, Huntington, Ut; 

12-443 Clara Bell GILES b 19 Oct 1914, Victor, Emery, Ut 

12-444 Melvin J. GILES b 23 Feb 191 6, Wellington, Ut; 

12-445 Wanda Elnora GILES b 14 June 1918, Huntington, Ut; 

12-446 Phebe Louise GILES b 12 Apr 1922, Huntington, Ut. 

12-447 John Chidester GILES b 30 July 1927, Price, Ut. 

12-448 William Chidester GILES b 31 Oct 1933, Price, Ut. 

(Info: Maida T. Giles, Bicknell, Ut.) 


11-237 Juliette Ella CHIDESTER, dau of Alfred G'^^'^^'^ 

,, , „9-107^ , „8-85^ , 1,7-57^ -^6-47, , 
(Joshua P John M John P David ) and 

Sarah Susannah HUNT; b 1 Apr 1892, Blue Valley, 

Wayne, Ut; md 24 Oct 1912, in Castle Dale, Ut. , to 

Francis Marian ALLRED who was b 25 Oct 1876, Fremont, 

Wayne, Ut; d 11 Nov 1917, Huntington, Ut; s of 

Andrew Jackson ALLRED and Eliza IVIE; and had a s: 

*12-449 Alfred Jackson ALLRED b 3 Feb 1915, Loa, Ut; md 

Juliette md (2) Jesse S. HUNT; md (3) Henry Benner 

(Info: Alfred J. Allred. Price, Ut.) 

11-239 Amelia Emeline CHIDESTER, dau of Alfred G 

/T u T,9-107^ , »;,8-B5^ , T,7-57^ -^6-47, , 
(Joshua P John M John P David ) and 

Sarah Susannah HUNT; b 23 Feb 1896, Giles, Ut; md 

(1) 12 Apr 1915, Herbert RICHARDS of West Castle 

Dale, Ut; and had ch: 

12-450 Mary Udella RICHARDS b 26 Jan 1917, Cleveland, 

Ut; d 2 June 1953 

12-451 Herbert Movell RICHARDS b 29 Nov 1917, Cleveland, 


12-452 Thomas Reid RICHARDS b 28 Dec 1919, Huntington, Ut. 

12-453 Russell Earl RICHARDS b 26 June 1922, Mohrland, Ut. 

12-454 Robert Lee RICHARDS b 4 May 1924, Cleveland, Ut. 

Amelia md (2) George STRAKEY 

(Info: recs of Maxine Crapo, Provo, Ut.) 

11-240 Sarah May CHIDESTER, dau of Alfred G 

Q— 107 fi— ftR 7— R7 6—47 

(Joshua P John M John P "^ David ) and 

Sarah Susannah HUNT; b 30 Oct 1897, Huntington, Ut; 

md (1) 1 Mar 1917, in Emery, Ut.,to LeRoy HOLT who 

d 23 Nov 1918; and had a dau: 

12-455 Le Ora Eudora HOLT b 13 Aug 1918; md Nash BUCKENEN 

Sarah md (2) 26 Jan 1920, in Price, Ut. , William Mar- 
quette HEATH who was b 30 Sept 1892, Bicknell, Ut; d 
11 Apr 1956; s of James Harvey HEATH and Ellen THORN- 


TON; and had ch b in Salt Lake City, Ut: 

12-456 Wilford W.P.E. HEATH b 23 Oct 1920 
*12-457 Euila Evelyn HEATH b 3 June 1922; md Donald 

12-458 Herman Lavon HEATH b 1 July 1925; md Beula GRAMES 
*12-459 Thelma Alminda HEATH b 2 Oct 1927; md Glen LEMMON 

Sarah md (3) Howard YOUNG and had ch: 

12-460 Deloris YOUNG b 29 Oct 1929; md Arville JONES 

12-461 Howard YOUNG b 6 Oct 1932 

12-462 Fay LaRue YOUNG b 9 Dec 1933 

12-463 Franklin Roosevelt YOUNG b 30 Jan 1935 

12-464 Arlene YOUNG (twin{ b 26 Sept 1943 

12-465 Irene YOUNG (twin) b 26 Sept 1943 

(Info: Mrs. Do nald Irvine, Greenriver, Ut; and Mrs. G. W. 
Lemmon, Greenriver, Ut.) 

11-242 Alta CHIDESTER, dau of Alfred q^^'^^"^ (Joshua 

P John M John P David ) and Sarah Sus- 

annah HUNT; b 13 Oct 1901, Huntington, Ut; d 2 Apr 
1927, Huntington, Ut; md 12 Nov 1924, in Price, Ut. , 
to Hyrum Stephen ATWOOD who was b 8 Oct 1899, Cleve- 
land, Emery, Ut; s of William Stephen ATWOOD and 
Mary Alice JENSEN: and had ch: 

12-466 Laverl Marjie ATWOOD b 19 Sept 1925, Huntington, Ut; 
md Clifford G. ANDERSON 
*12-467 Lamont Ben ATWOOD b 21 Jan 1927, Elma, Emery, Ut; 
md Joy Elaine SHEPHERD 

( Info : Maxine Crapo , Provo , Ut . ) 

11-243 LaPreal (Prealy) CHIDESTER, dau of Alfred 

^10-137 ,^ . „9-107^ , ^,8-85^ , t,7-57^ -^6-47, 

G (Joshua P John M John P David ) 

and Sarah Sunnah HUNT; b 4 Apr 1904, Huntington, Ut; 

d 26 Dec 1954; md Fred WAYMAN who was b 4 Nov 1900, 

Ferron, Ut; s of Charles Emanuel WAYMAN and Martha 

Elizabeth STODDARD; and had ch b in Ferron, Ut: 

*12-468 Preston June WAYMAN b 7 Mar 1922; md Pauline 
12-469 Elna Deborah WAYMAN b 17 Nov 1923 
*12-470 Clement Keith WAYMAN b 19 Oct 1925; md Ila PETERSON 


12-471 Cloyd Hal WAYMAN b 6 Feb 1927 

12-472 Venice Kay WAYMAN b 28 Jan 1929 

12-473 Alice Lee WAYMAN b 12 Dec 1930 

12-474 Ferrel Dee WAYMAN b 23 Aug 1932 

12-475 Lyman Fred WAYMAN b 19 Dec 1935 

12-476 Inez LaPreal WAYMAN b 7 Aug 1937 

12-477 Owen Merril WAYMAN b 20 Nov 1939 

Fred WAYMAN was a farmer. After LaPreal 's deathe he 
md (2) 3 July 1959, in Price, Ut. , Myrtle Lake CURTIS. 

(Info: Preston Wayman, Pleasant Grove, Ut.) 

11-244 Susanna (Anna) CHIDESTER, dau of Alfred 

^10-137 ,^ , ^9-107^ , K„8-85^ , t,7-57^ -06-47, 

G (Joshua P John M John P David ) 

and Sarah Susannah HUNT; b 25 June 1905, Hunting- 
ton, Ut; md (1) 28 Jan 1924, in Price, Ut. , to 
Edward ENGLE who was b 24 Oct 1884, Glendale, Ut; 
d 19 Sept 1955, Provo, Ut; s of James K. ENGLE and 
Nancy UMBLE; and had ch: 

*12-478 Arvilla ENGLE b 30 July 1924, Huntington, Ut; md 

David Glen STEWART 
12-479 Clemen ENGLE b 12 Aug 1925, Huntington, Ut; md 

(1) 11 Oct 1953, Opal MARNEY or MOONEY; md (2) 

Mary KATZ 
* 12-480 Homer ENGLE b 1 Dec 1926, Huntington, Ut; md (1) 

7 June 1945, Lily Lucille SLAMA; md (2) Ruth HANSEN 
12-481 Thurmis Merrill ENGLE b 13 Feb 1928, Huntington, 

Ut; md 12 June 1948, Joy MASON 
12-482 Virgil Rex ENGLE b 8 Sept 1929, Huntington, Ut; 

md 21 Nov 1951, Helen Mae BISTERFELT 
12-483 Edna Dorene ENGLE b 29 Nov 1931, Huntington, Ut; 

md 21 Aug 1951, Benjamin Parker GOMM 
*12-484 Dempsey Bernard ENGLE b 26 July 1933, Huntington, 

Ut; md Norma JoAnn GOODWIN 
12-485 Daven DeWight ENGLE b 29 May 1935, Huntington, 

Ut; md 16 Nov 1954, Jose Ann PARRY 
12-486 Ellis LaVar ENGLE b 2 Feb 1937, Huntington, Ut; 

md 5 Apr 1962, Patsy JONES 
12-487 Afton Lee ENGLE b 5 June 1938, Huntington, Ut; 

md 6 June 1964, Louise Alice OLDS 
12-488 Dennis Kay ENGLE b 15 J\ane 1945, Payson, Ut; md 


<^ is 

fe: is 

ki ^ 

kl S 

fa ^ 

-— <3 

Co m: 

Co -^ 

Ci g 

"=!: a: 

Ct; r-i 

^ s^ 

fa 't^ 0) 



« - 


Edward Engle (I9l6) Homer Engle Luoille Stoma 

Eldean Roy Engle^ Melissa Lynn; Lynette 
(Anderson) Engle; Joshua Ray & 
Uelanve Ella 

Natalie Roahelle Clayton; Kathleen Ruth (Engle) Clayton; 
Stephanie Elaine Clayton 

Judy Lynn (Engle) Baaa;Taiynia Denise; Laura Lee; Staoey 
Nicole; Wende Michelle; Tommy Shane & Thomas Leroy Baca 

Girls L to R: Pamela Jeanne y Patriaia Kay, Mary Ellen 
Boys L to R: David Bart, Steven Del, Carter Del 
Sitting: Ardell G HILL and wife Joyce Wright Hill 


Susanna (Anna) Chidester md (2) Ray Aldred BERRY who 
was b 26 Mar 1904, Logan, Ut; d 28 Oct 1971; s of 
Robert Albert BERRY and Harriet ALDRED 

(Info: Mrs. Anna Chidester Engle Berry, Springville, ) 

11-245 Maria CHIDESTER, dau of Alfred G ~ (Joshua 

p9-107jQj^^ M^'^^John p'^'^^David^"'^^) and Sarah Susann- 
ah HUNT; b 21 Feb 1907, Huntington, Ut; md 21 Feb 
1924, in Castle Dale, Ut. , to William James HILL who 
was b 8 Oct 1901, Byron, Wyoming; s of George Richard 
HILL and Rose Hannah DAVIS; and had ch: 

♦12-439 Erman James HILL b 23 Feb 1925, Huntington, Ut; 

md Meixine FRISK ( see end Gen 12 for this family) 
*12-490- Ardell "G" HILL b 27 July 1927, Huntinton Ut; 

md Joyce WRIGHT 
*12-491 Daniel Lon HILL b 23 Nov 1930, Huntington, Ut; md 

(1) Barbara Jean JUCHAU; md (2) Shirley May EIMAN (see 

end Gen 12 for the families) 
*12-492 Reginald Leon HILL b 12 May 1932, Huntington, Ut; 

md Patsy Colleen BOWMAN (see end Gen 12 for family) 
*12-493 Joyce Arlene HILL b 30 Mar 1934, Sterling, Ida; md 

(1) William Kay OLSEN; md (2) Norman ORR (see end Gen 12) 
*12-494 Roger Delane HILL b 13 Feb 1936, Sterling, laa; md 

Sharon ANDERSON (see end Gen 12) 
*12-495 Roma Ann HTLL b 26 Aug 1938, Rose, Bingham, idci; md 

(1) Manuel ESQUABEL; md (2) Ronald E. DARKES (see end Gen 12) 
(Info: Ardell "G" HILL, Meridian, Idaho) 

11-246 Lovira CHIDESTER, dau of Alfred g''-^"-^^^ (Joshua 
p9-107j^j^ M^^^^John p'^'^^David^"'^'^) and Sarah Susann- 
ah HUNT; b 13 May 1909, Huntington, Ut; md 24 Sept 
1926, in Price, Ut. , to Clair Alexander LEWIS who was 
b 13 Aug 1904, Price, Ut; s of William Henry LEWIS 
and Janett WATSON; and had ch: 

12-496 John William LEWIS b 29 Nov 1927, Truyal City, 

Pennsylvania; md 29 July 1961, Alice KOTARA 
12-497 Clair A. LEWIS b 8 Apr 1929, Huntington, Ut. 
12-498 Ella Grace LEWIS b 4 June 1931, Huntington, Ut. 
md 2 June 1951, Laurence LOUCHART 
*12-499 Janet Loraine LEWIS b 14 July 1933, Huntington, Ut; 

md William John McGUIRE 
♦12-500 Vema May LEWIS b 6 Feb 1936, Colver, Penn; md 
Robert Roosevelt HOUCK 


12-501 Erma LEWIS b 20 Mar 1938, Colver, Penn; md Feb 

1959, Jack RUSHER 
12-502 Joan Elizabeth LEWIS b 16 Oct 1940, Colver, Penn; 
12-503 Zelma Lee LEWIS b 22 Mar 1943, Colver, Penn. 

(Info: Mrs. A. J. Allred, Price, Ut; Maxine Crapo, Provo) 

11-247 Levi Parker CHIDESTER, s of Alfred G''-^"-'"^^ 

(Joshua P John M John P David ) and 

Sarah Susannah HUNT; b 29 Jan 1912, Huntington, Ut; 
md 23 Apr 1940, in Huntington, Ut. , to Reba HOUSE- 
KEEPER who was b 30 May 1915, in Orangeville, Ut; 
dau of William Henry HOUSEKEEPER and Martha BURNETT; 
and had ch: 

*12-504 Ralph Lee CHIDESTER b 10 Oct 1943, Salina, Ut; 

md Lillian Grace GARDNER 
♦12-505 LaVee Agnes CHIDESTER b 20 Mar 1945, Price, Ut; 

md Glenn Arden THOMAS 
12-506 Glade Eugene CHIDESTER b 13 Jan 1947, Price, Ut; 

md 12 July 1967, Sally Jill MURDOCK 
12-507 Charles W. CHIDESTER b 20 Aug 1950, Provo, Ut; 

md 11 June 1967, Darla LeAnn SMITH 

(Info: Ralph Lee Chidester, ) 

11-248 John Morris CHIDESTER, s of Alfred q^^'^^'^ 

(Joshua P^"-'-^^John M^"^^John p'^'^^David^"'*^) and 
Sarah Susannah HUNT; b 18 Dec 1916, Huntington, Ut; 
md 31 Oct 1936, to Anona Belle FOOTE who was b 7 
Feb 1921, Hayden, Ut; dau of Charles Franklin 
FOOTE and Johanna Boletta HALVERSON: and had ch: 

*12-508 Madge Arlene CHIDESTER b 3 Dec 1939, Huntington, 

Ut; md Robert E. FRYE 
*12-509 Ida Maxine CHIDESTER b 24 Nov 1943, Price, Ut; md 
(1) George Robert AINGE; md (2) Lawrin Ray CRAPO 
12-510 Sandra Lucile CHIDESTER b 25 Oct 1944, Price, Ut; 
d 29 May 1945 
*12-511 Gloria Ann CHIDESTER b 25 Nov 1946, Price, Ut; md 
(1) Karl CARTER; md (2) Edgar Wendell KEARLEY 
12-512 son James CHIDESTER b July — , Price, Ut; 

lived two hours 
12-513 Juanita May CHIDESTER b 25 Sept 1949, Price, Ut; 

md 5 Aug 1967, Clive COLBY 
12-514 Linda Marie CHIDESTER b 13 Dec 1950, Price, Ut; md 

Phoebe Chides ter Giles Family 

Standing: Fayette: Middle row: Sarah ^ Phoebe 3 Fayette 
"Hank" Giles; Alfred ; Front row: Elnora on mother's lap; 
Clara standing; Melvin on father's lap 

Juliette Cfzidester Allred Hunt Family Sarah Mae Chidester H. Hunt 

L to P. Juliette; Ruth; Alfred 
Allredi oh of 1st marriage; 
Myrtle; Alice on mother's lap 

Sarah Mae; dau Teara Holt; 
husband, Jesse Heath 

John Morris Chides ter Family 

k ' 


^--^ .' ■ fl«*^ 

Back: Gloria Ann; Linda Marie; 

Ida Maxine 
Front: Glenna Joyoe; Nona Bell Fcote 

John Morris; John Lynn 

Ida Maxine C. Crapo; Ldtjrn^n~Bdy~Jr^ 
Jerry Lynn; Laurin Bay Sr holding 
Jason Lee 

Front: Sarah Susannah 

Top: Jerry Lynn Crapo 
Lower: Ruth Ann Spain and 
Cassie May Crapo 


Mar 1971, Dan Max JORGENSEN 
12-515 Lawrence CHIDESTER b 19 Oct 1952, Price, Ut. 
12-516 John Lynn CGIDESTER b 7 Feb 1959, Prove, Ut. 
12-517 Glenna Joyce CHIDESTER b 19 Nov 1962, Provo, Ut 

(Info: fam recs of John Morris Chidester, Orein, Ut.) 

11-251 Elsie Luella CHIDESTER, dau of Laf ayette"^^"''"^^ 

(Josh-a P^'-'-^^John M^"^^John p'^'^'^David^"^^) and 
Elsie Cyrene HICKS; b 12 Apr 1902, Bingham, Ut; 
d 9 Sept 1969, Roosevelt, Ut; md 25 Apr 1921, in 
Duchesne, Ut. , to Clarence Dean POWELL who was b 
16 Oct 1898, Deseret Lake, Ut; s of William James 
POWELL Jr. and Rachel Ann HADDEN; and had ch: 

*12-518 Howard Dean POWELL b 17 Aug 1923, Altonah, Ut; 

md Geraldine SPENCER 
*12-519 Calvin Jay POWELL b 27 Dec 1924, Duchesne, Ut; 

md Ruth Rogers BARLOW 
12-520 Elaine POWELL b 1 May 1932, Duchesne, Ut; d 3 

May 1932 
12-521 Richard William POWELL b 4 Mar 1934, Duchesne, Ut; 

md 14 June 1963, in Salt Lake City, Ut. , to Norma 

MOON who was b 30 Aug 1944, Heber, Ut; dau of 

Phillip MOON and Alice LINDSAY 

(Info: Dr. Calvin J. Powell, LaCrescenta, Ca) 

11-255 Esther CHIDESTER, dau of Laf ayette'''^""'"^^ 

(Joshua P^"-'-°^John M^"^^John P^"^'^David^"^^) and 
Elsie Cyrene HICKS;b 11 Feb 1909, Bingham, Ut; md 
(1) 29 Mar 1927, Leonard ALLRED who was b 11 June 
1896, Emery, Ut; s of Martin Ralph ALLRED and 
Rosetta Jane BARNEY; and had ch: 

12-522 Lucy Melda ALLRED b 6 Feb 1928 

12-523 Arnold Deloy ALLRED b 8 Dec 1930 

12-524 Dorthela ALLRED b 16 Aug 1932, Altonah, Ut; md 

30 June 1951, Richard Dale BAKER who was b 6 Mar 1921, 
Provo, Ut; s of James Mechech BAKER and Mary CHAMBER- 
LAIN. Richard was md twice before: (1) 26 Sept 1942, 
then divorced; md (2) Nona Urcleen DRAPER 
12-525 Ilia May ALLRED b 21 MaE 1935 

12-526 Navon ALLRED b 4 Apr 1939; d 2 Oct 1940 (Male ch) 
12-527 Tim ALLRED b 29 Dec 1940; d 11 Nov 1948 


(Info: Mrs. Dorthela Baker, Provo, Ut.) 

11-256 Joseph CHIDESTER, s of Laf ayette'^^"'''^® 

^9-107, ^ .8-85, ^ ^7-57 .^6-47, , 
(Joshua P John M John P David ) and 

Elsie Cyrene HICKDS; b 14 June 1911, Bingham, Ut; 

md (1) 21 Feb 1937, Rose May TAYLOR. They were 

divorced and Joseph md (2) 3 Mar 1944, in Grand 

Junction, Colo. , Lucille Minnie TURNKETT who was b 

7 Jan 1920, Wirt, Carter, Oklahoma; dau of William 

Henry TURNKETT and Lettie Lutisha ROBINSON; and 

had ch: 

12-528 Larry Wayne CHIDESTER b 20 Aug 1945, Dragerton, Ut 
12-529 Jolene LaNelle CHIDESTER b 26 Feb 1947, Price, Ut. 
12-530 Clayton Boyd CHIDESTER b 16 Oct 1948, Price, Ut. 

11-258 Louise Hannah CHIDESTER, dau of Lafayette'^^""'""^^ 

/T V- r,9-107^ , K,8-85^ , „7-57^ -06-47, 
(Joshua P John M John P David ) ana 

Elsie Cyrene HICKS; b 23 Jan 1917, Huntington, Ut; 

md 19 Sept 1935, in Vernal, Ut. , to Nolan D. MECHAM 

who was b 29 Apr 1913, Hayden, Ut; s of James Duke 

MECHAM and Zina Ellen DUNCAN; and had ch: 

*12-531 Noleena Lou MECHAM b 14 Mar 1938, Neola, Ut; 
md Donald L. DENISON 
12-532 Arlan D. MECHAM b 5 Dec 1939, Neola, Ut; md 6 

June 1959, Elmona JoAnn JENSEN 
12-533 Clive C. MECHAM b 26 Nov 1952, Dragerton, Ut. 

(Info: Noleena Lou Mecham Denison, Price, Ut.) 

11-260 Violate CHIDESTER, dau of Joshua P ^~ 

(Joshua P^"^°'^John M^"^^John p'^'^'^David^"^ '') and 
Maude Elethier BUNKER; b 17 May 1900, Mesquite, Nev; 
d 25 Nov 1939, in Salt Lake City, Ut; md 2 Feb 1917, 
in Duchesne, Ut., to Stephan Oran STODDARD who was 
b 2 Feb 1897, Cottonwood, Salt Lake Co., Ut; d 16 
Nov 1937, Sunnyside, Ut; s of Oscar Orlando STODDARD 
and Ann Elizabeth RYNEARSON: and had ch: 

*12-534 Stephen Oran STODDARD b 17 Nov 1917, Altonah, Ut; 

md Marilyn JONES 
*12-535 George Parker STODDARD b 6 Feb 1920, Rock Springs, 
Wyo; md Selma LEE 
12-536 Helen Elizabeth STODDARD b 2 Dec 1921, Sutherland, 


Ut; md 30 Dec 1939, Robert Edd DAVENPORT 
12-537 Luella STODDARD b 22 Dec 1924, Holiday, Ut; md 

8 Feb 1943, Frank John LEKAN 
12-538 Ted Dee STODDARD b 12 Jan 1935, Delta, Ut; md (1) 

17 July 1959, Sharon Kay STEELE; (div 15 Mar 1963) 

Ted md (2) 5 July 1963, Lucille TIBBETTS 

(Info: Luella Lekan, Independence, Ohio; Stephen 0. Stoddard 
Delta, Ut.) 

11-261 William Parker CHIDESTER, s of Joshua plO"!^^ 

(Joshua P^"-'-°^John M^"^^John p'^'^'^David^"^^) and 
Maude Elethier BUNKER; b 1 July 1904, St. George, 
Ut; md 6 May 1931, in Grand Junction, Colo., to 
Margaret Ellen ARNOLD who was b 11 Nov 1908, Heppner 
Oregon; dau of Ephraim Booker ARNOLD and Jessie 
GILLESPIE; and had ch: 

*12-539 William Edward CHIDESTER b 29 Oct 1932, Price, Ut; 
md Shirley Dean ROWLEY 
12-540 Loren Jay CHIDESTER b 25 Oct 1933, Spanish Fork,Ut 
*12-541 Ted CHIDESTER b 3 Aug 1935, Lehi, Ut; md LaRay 
12-542 George Lynn (or Linn) CHIDESTER, b 17 Nov 1937, 
Delta, Ut; killed in an automobile accident 5 Sept 
12-543 John Parker CHIDESTER b 12 Mar 1940, Lehi, Ut. 
12-544 Patricia Elethier CHIDESTER b 15 Apr 1943, Lehi, Ut 
*12-545 Marvin Charles CHIDESTER b 16 Feb 1946, Lehi, Ut; 
md Lillian Manuelita CRUZ 

(Info) Mrs. Margaret E. A. Chidester, Winkleman, Ariz.) 

11-262 Lafayette CHIDESTER, s of Joshua pl0~139 

(Joshua P^'-'-^^John M^"^^John P^'^^David^""^^) and 
Maude Elethier BUNKER; b 30 Mar 1906, Bicknell, Ut; 
d 30 June 1972, American Fork, Ut; bur in Lehi, Ut; 
md (1) 23 Oct 1934, in Lehi, Ut. , to Fannie BONE 
who was b 11 May 1912, Lehi, Ut; d 28 July 1940, 
Lehi, Ut; dau of Albert Henry BONE and Alzina 
Lucinda SCHOW. No ch 

Lafayette md (2) 27 Oct 1941, in Salt Lake City, 
Ut., to Sylvia Jane HAYCOCK who was b 15 Mar 1917, 
Spring Glen, Ut; dau of William Brindly HAYCOCK 
and Elizabeth SELLERS. Sylvia was md (1) 5 Nov 
1935, to William Henry OLMSTEAD who d 15 Nov 1938. 


Ch of Lafayette and Sylvia, b in Lehi, Ut: 

*12-546 Fannie LaRue CHIDESTER b 20 Aug 1942; md Ronald 

Avery SCOTT 
*12-547 Shriley Loraine CHIDESTER b 5 June 1945; md 

David Morrel ADAMS 
*12-548 Betty Lou CHIDESTER b 25 July 1946; md George 

Austin DeBELL 

(Info: Mrs. David Adams, American Fork, Ut; Mrs. Lafay- 
ette Chidester Lehi, Ut.) 

11-265 Joshua Edward (Jay) CHIDESTER, s of Joshua 

pl°-139 (Joshua p9-107john M^-^^John P^'^'^David^-^^) 
and Maude Elethier BUNKER; b 15 May 1912, Deseret, 
Ut; md 7 Sept 1933, to Ora Pearl GUrney who was b 
30 June 1915; dau of Francis Eugene GURNEY and 
Margary Ann KINDER; and had ch b in Lehi, Ut: 

* 12-549 Ann Alora CHIDESTER b 17 Oct 1934; md Clyde A. 

*12-550 Ora Janae CHIDESTER b 1 June 1938; md Don 

Maxwell YATES 
*12-551 Kathryn CHIDESTER b 25 Feb 1942; md Harold LeRoy 

*12-552 Jay Edward CHIDESTER b 28 Nov 1946; md Beverly 

Jean PENN 
*12-553 Louise CHIDESTER b 17 Sept 1953; md Michael James 


(Info: Joshua Edward Chidester, Lehi, Ut.) 

11-26 8 Kenneth BURGESS, s of Esther Violate CHIDES- 
TErIO-I^I (jo^j^^^ p9-107j^hn mS-85j^^^ p7-57Dav- 
id^"^') and Raymond BURGESS; b 8 Mar 1901, Price, 
Ut; d 29 Apr 1928, Altonah, Ut; md 17 Aug 1929, 
in Duchesne, Ut. , to Edna May FOOTE who was b 1 May 
1901, Emery, Ut; dau of James Franklin FOOTE and 
Emeline Sophia MINCHEY; and had ch b in Altonah, Ut! 

*12-554 Raymond William BURGESS b 6 Aug 1922; md Nola 

*12-555 James Ivo BURGESS b 6 Apr 1924; md Cleo Elaine 

*12-556 Nellie BURGESS b 1 Sept 1926; md James Wesley NOE 


12-557 Kenneth Millroy BURGESS b 8 Sept 1928; d 8 Sept 1928 
(Info: Raymond William Burgess, Provo, Ut.) 

11-270 Lafayette BURGESS, s of Esther V. CHIDES- 

10-141 ,, ^ „9-107^ , »,8-85^ , r.7-57 
TER \_^t (Joshua P John M John P 

David ) and Raymond BURGESS; b 26 July 1905, 

Albion, Ida; d 25 Nov 1957, Provo, Ut; md 21 June 

1922, Elda FOOTE who was b 27 June 1910, Emery Co., 

Ut; dau of Charles Franklin FOOTE and Lettie HALV- 

ORSEN; and had ch: 

12-558 Charles Lavern BURGESS b 24 May 1923, Altonah, Ut; 

md Cora DURFEY 
12-559 James Lindon BURGESS b 21 June 1925, Midview, Ut; 

md Mabel CRAMER 
12-560 Bertha BURGESS b 28 Aug 1928, Altonah, Ut; md 

Vernon Theodore PETTY 
12-561 Allen BURGESS b 23 Nov 1929, Altonah, Ut; md 

Berness Litton NOKES 

(Info: Raymond Wm Burgess, Provo, Ut.) 

11-273 Belva BURGESS, dau of Esther V. CHIDESTER'^^"-'-^-'- 

(Joshua P^"-^°'^John M^"^^John P'^"^'^David^"^'^ ) and 
Raymond BURGESS; b 9 Aug 1911, Altonah, Ut; md 
24 May 1937, in Duchesne, Ut. , to Charles Ralph 
ALLRED who was b 6 May 1903, Emery, Ut., s of 
Martin Ralph ALLRED and Rosetta (or Susan) Jane 
BARNEY; and had ch b in Altonah, Ut : 

12-562 Charles LeRoy ALLRED b 5 June 1928; d same day 
12-563 Virgil Udell ALLRED b 4 Feb 1930; md 4 Nov 1950, 

Glenna Elaine MAXFIELD 
12-564 Phyllis Cleone ALLRED b 5 Sept 1931; md Robert W. 

12-565 Rex ALLRED b 5 J\ane 1933 
*12-567 Ruth LaRae ALLRED b 22 Mar 1938; md Andrew Gerald 

12-566 Kenneth ALLRED b 9 Dec 1934 

(Info: Raymond Wm Burgess, Provo, Ut.) 


11-274 Mary Juliette BURGESS, dau of Esther V. CHID- 

ESTErIO-1^1 (Joshua p9-10'7john M^-^^John P^"^^ 

David^"^^) and Raymond BURGESS; b 15 Apr 1913, 
Altonah, Ut; md 28 Jan 1931, in Pocatello, Ida., 
to Harold TAYSOM, s of Eli TAYSOM and Mabel 
ROBINSON: and had ch: 

12-568 Vida Gean TAYSOM b 23 Sept 1931, Inkom, Ida; 

md Timothy LAVAR 
12-569 Lela Mabel TAYSOM b 27 Apr 1933, Pocatello, Ida; 

md (1) Gearry ANDERSON; md (2) Kenneth MOONEY 
12-560 Myrlin Ester TAYSOM b 1 July 1935, Pocatello, Ida; 

md Edward Eugene HEDSTROM 
12-571 Alta LaRay TAYSOM b 31 July 1940, Pocatello, Ida; 

md Don BOWMAN 
12-572 Shirley Gayle TAYSOM b 21 Nov 1942, Pocatello, 

Ida; md David DAVIS 
12-573 Harold Ray TAYSOM b 4 Mar 1948, Pocatello, Ida. 

(Info: Raymond Wm. Burgess, Provo, Ut;) 

11-275 Blanche BURGESS, dau of Esther V. CHIDES- 

^-.^10-141 , ^ , „9-107^ , .,8-85^ , t.7-57^ 

TER_._ ( Joshua P John M John P Dav- 

id ) and Raymond BURGESS; b 7 July 1915, Alton- 

ah, Ut; md 8 Dec 1936, Jack OLSEN who was b 1914; 
and had ch: 

12-574 Jimmie Raymond OLSEN b 24 Feb 1938, Duchesne Co., 

12-575 Vonay OLSEN b 30 Oct 1940, Duchesne Co., Ut. 

12-576 Dean OLSEN b 4 Sept 1942, Duchesne Co., Ut. 

12-577 Thomas Jack OLSEN b 6 Jan 1946, Dragerton, Ut. 

12-578 Earnest (Buddy) OLSEN b 7 Dec 1947 

(Info: Raymond Wm. Burgess, Provo, Ut.) 

11-278 Joseph Aaron CHIDESTER, s of Joseph H,-"-^""^"^^ 

/T u T,9-107^ , ^,8-85^ , T,7-57^ -^6-47, , 

(Joshua P John M John P David ) and 

Sarah Mabel IDE; b 27 Aug 1919, Bluebell, Ut; md 

(1) 23 Dec 1947, Wanda Marie O'NEIL; md (2) 13 Feb 

1954, in Orangeville, Ut. , to Emma Jean SCOVILL 

who was b 30 Sept 1931, in Orangeville, Ut; dau of 

Alma Ashel SCOVILL and Artimissia BURNETT. To this 

second marriage there were b: 


12-579 James Burnett CHIDESTER b 25 Sept 1954 

12-580 Vanessa CHIDESTER b 18 Feb 1958 

12-581 Darryl Kim CHIDESTER b 17 Jan 1962 

12-582 Jeffery Lynn CHIDESTER b 3 Apr 1964 

120583 Bonnie Jean CHIDESTER b 7 July 1967 

12-584 Michel Ray CHIDESTER b 1 Mar 1969 

12-585 Rosanne CHIDESTER b 28 Mar 1970 

(Info: Joseph Aaron Chide ster. Price, Ut.) 

11-281 Walter Ray CHIDESTER, s of Enoch^''^" (Josh- 

„9-107^ , ^^8-85^ , T,7-57^ -^6-47, , 

ua P John M John P David ) and 

Martha Mariah HEATH; b 23 Apr 1907, Huntington, Ut; 

md (1) 19 Nov 1927, in Green River, Ut. , to Hazel 

CARR who was b 15 Nov 190 5, in Sapinero, Colo; dau 

of Charles and Mary Ann CARR; and had a son: 

*12-586 Charles Max CHIDESTER b 1 Jan 1929, Pueblo, Colo; 
md Barbara WILLIAMS 

The first marriage ended in divorce and Walter md (2) 
5 Apr 1930, in Salt Lake City, Ut. , to Delta Johanna 
JENSEN who was b 28 Apr 1915, Cleveland, Emery, Ut; 
dau of Joseph Wilford JENSEN and Hannah Christina 
NIELSEN. Their ch all b in Price, Ut: 

*12-587 Barbara Ellen CHIDESTER b 23 Mar 1931; d 13 Sept 

1968; md David Joseph WILLIAMS 
12-588 Delta Rae CHIDESTER b 29 Nov 1932; d 5 Jan 1933 
*12-589 David Robert CHIDESTER b 29 Nov 1933; d 16 Jan 

1967; md (1) Ellen Sue CURB; md (2) Margaret Arlene 

*12-590 Wesley Raymond CHIDESTER b 11 Oct 1935; md (1) 

Harlene Faye RAKSDN^- md (2) Margaret Arlene 

BROADHEAD, his brother's widow. 
*12-591 Dixie Ann CHIDESTER b 1 May 1937; md Paul 

Warren KITE 
12-592 Buddy CHIDESTER b 20 Aug 1938; d 20 Aug 1938 
*12-593 Norma Verlean CHIDESTER b 9 Oct 1940; md James 

Edward OGAR 
*12-594 Linda Mae CHIDESTER b 26 May 1943; md Jess Ray- 
dean HANCOCK. 

Born to pioneering parents in a harsh desert coun- 
try, Walter Ray Chidester grew up learning early the 
value of hard work. As a child he helped on the farm. 

Enoch Chidester Family 

L-R: Orvill; Loren; Ruth; Enoch; Martha; Enola; Walter; Clin 

L-R: Loren; Violet; Gene & Ruth Mackey; Harry & Enola Ellis 
Walter & Delta; Orvill & Beth; Clin & Laura 


James Edward & Norma Verlean (Chidester) Ogar with 
oh: Ronnie Jean; Carolyn Bemadette; Dorothy Ann 
and James Edward Jr. 

« - 

Susan Williams & Christie Enola (Chidester) & Harry Ellis 

Walter Ray and Delta (Jensen) Chidester 

Ch of Wesley & Margaret 
Chidester: top to bottom-L-R: 
Steven; Camille^ Margaret Renee; 
Debbie; Virginia; Laura; Robin 
Adele; Deborah; Jeffery Scott; 
David George 

Don and Pauline (Chidester) 
Besse: ah Shawna & Sherri 

Charles Chides ter 

Bruce Chides ter 

Charles ' wife Barbara 
Walter & Beth 

Devon Chidester 

Pam Chidester 

Linda (Chidester) and Eae 
Dean Hancock & baby Linda 

Laurie (Chidester) and 
Gregory C Davis; ch Randolph 


herded cattle, and picked up lime rocks to be burned 
in his father's kiln. He and his brothers, during 
their high school years, learned to use their initia- 
tive in finding work of all sorts. One siommer they 
leased a sand and gravel pit and hauled those commo- 
dities for builders. In the winter they made a con- 
tract to unload coal at the rail yard. They would 
attend school during the day, then shovel coal at 
night. Each car held about sixty tons of coal. Work- 
ing hard they could unload a car in about four hours 
and for this they received $20.00 per car. 

The summer before his senior high school year, 
Walter was working on a road job hauling concrete, 
During the summer he suffered several attacks of append- 
icitis. Returning home for school the doctor advised 
that he must have an operation. He was reluctant, for 
he was a football player and didn't want to miss play- 
ing any of '^the games in his senior year. However, 
the need was acute and the operation was performed. 
The fourth day afterwards he was roaming the halls of 
the hospital and helping the nurses fold clothes, visit- 
ing with them and doing all sorts of odd jobs. The 
eighth day he walked two miles to go home and the third 
week afterwards he was playing football for the school. 

The sojourn in the hospital introduced him to 
the wonder world of girls and soon he was dating nurse 
Helen Csrr. An elopement to Green River ensued but 
the marriage was kept secret until Hazel decided that 
they should go to Colorado to visit her family for 
Christmas. The Chidester family was advised of the 
marriage and Walter set out on his life's trail. 

The trip was made in Hazel's 1926 Star as far as 
Montrose, Colo. The roads from there on were impass- 
able because of storm, so the car was parked and the 
rest of the trip made by train and stage coach to the 
Meredo Ranch, Hazel's family home. Remaining at the 

ranch for the winter, Walter worked carrying mail 
across the mesa from Sapinero to Meredo. When the snow 
became too heavy he and a brother-in-law fabricated a 
ski-mobile from an old Ford car, which they used until 
the snow melted. 

In the spring Hazel obtained work at a hospital 
in Pueblo and Walter worked for the gas company for a 
time, going from there to Denver. Work was uncertain 
at best. The telephone company hired him to help build 
telephone lines from Nebraska but that took him away 
almost continuatly. Hazel was working and living at a 


hospital, It was only natural that differences should 
arise and the marriage should end in divorce. 

Walter obtained a job with the railroad, engaged 
as a carpenter to build bridges, and was sent to Walk- 
er, Wyo. , where he met a tyrant of a boss. Never be- 
fore had he seen a bull whip used to intimidate men, 
but it was used there. After an altercation with his 
boss, Walter quit the job, sent the money he had earn- 
ed to Hazel, and hitchhiked to Casper, Wyo., where he 
obtained work with a rancher. 

Ranching was a familiar field. He enjoyed the 
work there and loved the family. The pay was good and 
he could save most of it. Living with a family like 

that, he began thinking of home and soon decided he 
had been gone long enough. 

After a short visit with the family in Price, Ut., 
Walter went to Salt Lake City and obtained work with 
the Mountain States Telephone Co. He helped to re- 
build the lines from Richfield to Kanab and back to 
Thistle. Then, on a visit home he met the girl who 
was to become his life-long companion. They were 
married in Salt Lake City and went to live first in 

This marriage was a good one. He was more mat- 
ure and had lucrative employment. That made a differ- 
ence. And Delta was the kind of a girl who dedicated 
herself to making the marriage work and who could meet 
the trials and emergencies of life with dignity and 

During their first year Delta bumped her leg on the 
stove and a sore developed that refused to heal. Walt- 
er took her to Price to see the doctor and it was found 
that she had developed osteomylitis and an operation 
was necessary. For several months Delta walked only 
with crutches and had to be near the doctor. In order 
to be close to his wife, Walter quit the telephone 
company and went to work in the coal mine that his fath- 
er had leased. On the side he also worked cutting logs 
and operating a sawmill. 

The family began to increase. Each time. Delta 
suffered difficult pregnancies and the births were 
accompanied by complications that threatened her life. 

After the mining lease ran out, the family tried 
farming in Green River. The depression years were on 
and the venture didn't work out well. There was a 
brief try at living in Bancroft, Idaho, and a job for 
a time on the railroad in Grand Junction, Colo. , foil- 


owed by coal mining in Sunnyside, Utah. After a per- 
iod of part time work in the mines, Walter finally 
was put on full time and for eleven years worked as 
carpenter in the mines. He bought a lot and built 
their first home that was fully theirs. 

A trip with his parents into Arizona and another 
one to California with his sister, convinced Walter 
that there were green pastures elsewhere. Coal min- 
ing was on the downgrade again and he was back on a 
part time basis; his children were growing up, marry- 
ing and leaving the family nest. It was time for a 

With a 1941 Chrysler car, a trailer and a tent, 
Walter and his family set out for California, arriv- 
ing 2 March 1951. Living in the tent for two weeks 
after arrival, they finally found a home they thought 
they could afford and moved in to 16126 Hart St., 
North Hollysood. Walter found a job under the carpent- 
er's union. Local #844, in Reseda and began work on 
big buildings, storm drains and freeway bridges. 

When the Van Nuys airport was enlarged their home 
was taken and the family moved to Sylmar, but didn't 
remain there long. Their last move was to 15128 
Marson, Van Nuys. 

The Mormon Church was building a stake center in 
Van Nuys and Walter went to work Saturdays, days off 
and evenings to help in the building. Delta became 
involved in the various meetings and activities and 
soon they were both involved. Since then she has 
served as librarian, teacher, visiting teacher and 
supervisor in the church. Walter has answered every 
call to be successively Elder's quorum counsellor. 
High Priest counsellor; ward clerk; teacher, 
building maintenance; home teacher; and together they 
served two inspirational missions for the Church, build- 
ing chapels in Japan. 

Since their release from the last mission they 
have been involved with raising the children of their 
eldest daughter who passed away; and in answering the 
demands of an ever expanding family. Counting those 
who have married into the family, Walter and Delta 
stand at the head of a family of fifty-three — children, 
grandchildren, great grandchildren. 

(Info: Mr. & Mrs. Walter R. Chidester, Van Nuys, Ca) 


11-282 Clin J. CHIDESTER, s of Enoch °~ (Joshua 

P^"-'-°^John M^"^^John P^'^^David^"^"^) and Martha 
Mariah HEATH; b 17 Aug 1908, Lawrence, Ut; md 10 
Mar 1935, in Price, Ut. , to Laura J. HASTINGS who 
was b 30 Oct 1917, Joseph, Sevier, Ut; dau of John 
HASTINGS and Lois Emely BAKER; and had ch : 

12-595 Rodney J. CHIDESTER b 1 Oct 1937, Price, Ut; 
md 6 Apr 1957, Mary BARTLOW who was b 4 Oct 1939. 
They had two ch before thai- divorce: 

(1) Cathy Ann CHIDESTER b 11 Aug 1958 

(2) Donald J. CHIDESTER b 25 Feb 1960 
12-596 Carl John CHIDESTER b 1 Nov 1941, Price, Ut; 

md 9 Dec 1961, in Price, Ut. , to Mary Michell VALEN- 
TINE who was b 8 Nov 1943, Price, Ut; dau of Mickell 

(Info: Mrs. James Orvill CHIDESTER, Salt Lake City, Ut.) 

11-283 Loren E. CHIDESTER, s of Enoch ^ (Joshua 

P^"-'-°'^John M^'^^John P^"^^David^~^^) and Martha 
Mariah HEATH; b 1 Aug 1910, Altonah, Ut; md 7 
Apr 1933, in Provo, Ut. , to Violet Ellen JACKSON who 
was b 17 May 1914, Lehi , Ut; dau of John Franklin 
JACKSON and Victory COLLEDGE; and had ch b in Price, 

*12-597 Lorna Jean CHIDESTER b 13 Apr 1934; md John Paul 

*12-598 Doris Ellen CHIDESTER b 15 Feb 1938; md Thomas 

Milton WRIGHT 
12-599 Jack V. CHIDESTER b 27 June 1942; d 11 Oct 1962 

(Info: Mr. J. Orvill Chidester, Salt Lake City, Ut.) 

11-284 James Orvill CHIDESTER, s of Enoch 

(Joshua P^"-'-°'^John M^"^^John P^'^^David^"'*^) and 
Martha Mariah HEATH; b 1 Jan 1912, Altonah, Ut; 
md 22 Oct 1934, in Salt Lake City, Ut. , to Sarah 
Elizabeth (Sadie Beth) TRINNAMAN who was b 8 Aug 
1914; dau of Thomas George TRINNAMAN and Sarah 
Ethel THORNTON. Sarah was the widow of William N. 
BUTTERFIELD and had a dau: 

*12-600 Clyta BUTTERFIELD b 13 Nov 1932, Lehi, Ut; md 

James Orvitl Chides ter Family 
Seated: James Orvitl; Sadie Beth Trinnaman 
Standing: Clyta, Nyron; Helen Arva; Insert^ Elizabeth Ann 

Family of Arthur Lake 
and Elizabeth Ann 
Chides ter 

James Orville Chides ter 
& Sadie Beth Trinnaman 















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Reed RI CHENS. After the marriage of her mother to 

Mr. Chidester, Clyta assumed the name of Chidester 

and when she was in high school she was legally 

adopted by him. 
Ch of James Orvill Chidester and Sarah Trinnaman: 

*12-601 Nyron George CHIDESTER b 19 Oct 1935, Lehi, Ut; md 

Karen Elaine LASNIK 
♦12-602 Helen Arva CHIDESTER b 1 Dec 1938, Price, Ut; 

md Arvin Eggelsen RUDD 
*12-603 Elizabeth Ann CHIDESTER b 8 Feb 1944, Lehi, Ut; md 

Arthur LAKE 

Orvill 's earliest memory was of going out with 
his older brothers to bring the cows in from the 
pasture. There was a strange looking animal with the 
cows and Orvill ran to the house to tell his father 
of the cow with the big horns on its h©ad. His father 
realized from the description what it, was, grabbed 
his gun and got to the door just in time to see a big 
deer jump the feace and disappear into the cedars. 

Each time the family moved there was a period of 
time when they lived in a tent that was mounted on low 
wooden walls over a wooden floor. During one of those 
times Father was away at work and Mother had gone to 
help a sick neighbor, leaving the four boys home alone. 
A wind came up and whipped the flap of the tent so 
that it went over the stove in which there was a fire. 
The flap caught fire and the tent was soon in flames. 
The boys had presence of mind enough to carry as much 
of the contents out as they could, all the while try- 
ing to put the fire out. Their only water supply was 
a barrel of water that their father had hauled up from 
the spring. The tent was a total loss but the boys 
had managed to save most of the household goods and 
were unhurt . 

Fire was to figure in Orvill 's life again, for, 
still a young boy, he was sent to light a fire under 
the tub that had been set up in the yard to heat water 
for the wash. There had been a fire there the night 
before, but boy-like, Orvill thought to make the job 
easier he would douse the chips with gas. An old ember 
was still hot enough to ignite the gas and it flash- 
ed out, catching the boy unaware and setting his 
clothes on fire. He made a dash for the ditch 
thinking to find water there, but the ditch was dry. 
He ran back towards the house where he met his father 


who had seen what was happening and had grabbed a 
quilt. Pulling the burning overalls from the boy, 
he then wrapped him in the quilt and extinguished the 
fire. There were severe burns and Orvill spent six 
months in bed recuperating. After the burns were 
healed it was found that he had laid in one position 
so long that his legs were set in a bent position and 
he couldn't walk. His brothers worked with him, mak- 
ing him exercise and trying to strengthen the weak 
muscles. To stretch the tendons they would have him 
sit on a chair and put his feet on another chair and 
then they would push on his knees to straighten them 
out. It was painful, but it worked. 

At the age of 16 Orvill quit school to go to work 
in the coal mine his father had leased in Dead Man 
Canyon. Orvill had been trained to work hard and he 
loved to work. He owned a team of horses in which he 
took great pride. He used the team to haul coal or 
sand and gravel, whatever his father should require. 

As he grew older and decided he needed a change 
of scenery, Orvill took a week end trip with his cousin 
who was hauling coal over the mountain to Lehi, Ut. 
There he met Sadie Beth and fell in love with her. 
After a short courtship they were married and return- 
ed to Dead Man Canyon to live. A year passed and a 
baby was expected. Sadie Beth returned to her home 
in Lehi for the birth and remained there for a time, 
with Orvill coming to see them every week end that he 

Eventually Orvill was able to build a house in 
Price to which he moved his family. He continued to 
work at the mine but was able to be home with his fami- 
ly. Exchanging his team for a truck he was able to do 
considerable hauling of coal, sand and gravel and other 
things on the side. 

When the steel mill was being built in Prove, Ut. , 
Orvill decided that he would like to see if he couldn't 
find work other than coal mining and moved his family 
to Lehi. There he hauled sand and gravel to the steel 
plant for a time, then operated a fork lift for the 
brick plant in Lehi where they were making bricks to 
line the furnaces of the mill. He was doing well econ- 
omically, but in 194 5, decided that he could do better 
back in Price. 

Home again, he began working for the Spring Can- 
yon Coal Company as a tipple mechanic, staying there 
until 1959, when the mine closed. 


Orvill was always kind and considerate of his 
parents and grandmother, ever ready to help them in 
any way he could. He remained in Price as long as 
they needed him. Then in 1961, he moved his family 
to Salt Lake where he obtained work. They tried 
apartment living for a short time and decided that 
was not for them. Looking around at possibilities 
they settled on a mobile home. They have exchanged 
homes several times, always going to a larger one. 
They have lived at the same location for 15 years. 

Besides their four children they have six- 
teen grandchildren. 

(Info: Mrs. J. 0. Chidester, Salt Lake City, Ut) 

11-285 Enola Ellen CHIDESTER, dau of Enoch 

(Joshua P^"-'-°'^John M^"^^John p'^'^'^David^"'*'^) and 
Martha Mariah HEATH; b 23 Dec 1917, Sunnyside, Ut; 
md (1) 26 Oct 1935, in Price, Ut. , to William Lane 
GRUNDVIG; and had ch b in Price, Ut: 

12-604 Laine GRUNDVIG b 24 July 1936; d 24 July 1936 
12-605 Willis Gary GRUNDVIG b 23 Apr 1940 

The couple was divorced and Enola md (2) 2 June 194- , 
in Price, Ut.; Theodore Edward SHANNON and had ch 
b in Price, Ut: 

12-606 Theodore Lamar SHANNON b 24 Dec 1942 
12-607 Wannona SHANNON b 3 Nov 1944; d 3 Nov 1944 

Enola md (3) Ray KELLY. There were no ch from this 


She md (4) 10 June 1946, in Price, Ut. , Harry Lee ELLIS 

who was b 16 Dec 1916, in Scranton, Osage, Kansas; s o 

OF James Virgil ELLIS and Anna Christina HEYL; and 

had ch b in Price, Ut: 

1-2-608 Nancy Lee ELLIS b 17 Aug 1947 

12-609 Boyd Dean ELLIS b 11 Feb 1949 

12-610 Virgil Ean ELLIS b 12 June 1951 

12-611 Robert J. ELLIS b 20 Oct 1952; d 30 Oct 1952 

12-612 Martha Ann ELLIS b 13 June 1954 

(Info: Mrs. James O. Chidester, Salt Lake City, Ut.) 


11-286 Julia Ruth CHIDESTER, dau of Enoch"'"^"''"^'^ 

(Joshua P John M John P David ) and 

Martha Mariah HEATH; b 4 Nov 1921, Price, Ut; md 
15 Oct 1938, in Price*, Ut. , to Eugene MACKEY who 
was b 18 Sept 1916, in Kennelworth, Ut; s of 
Nestor MACKEY and Kathryn BLACKHAM; and had ch: 

*12-613 Arlene Genette MACKEY b 8 Oct 1939, Kennelworth, 

Ut; md Alva LaDell PETERSON 
12-614 Patrick Wayne MACKEY b 17 Mar 1941, Kennelworth,Ut 
12-615 William S. MACKEY b 18 Sept 1942, Kennelworth, Ut; 
12-616 Terrance (Terry) Ean MACKEY b 8 Jan 1950, Stand- 

ardville, Ut; d 6 Sept 1951 
12-617 Lannie James MACKEY b 5 Oct 1952, North Hollywood 

12-618 Julie Gwen MACKEY b 22 Dec 1957, Price, Ut. 

(Info: Mrs. J. O. Chidester, Salt Lake City, Ut.) 

11-287 James Ray CHIDESTER, s of Charles rIO"!'*^ 

(Joshua P John M John P David ) and 

Winnie May HEATH; b 11 Apr 1912, Altonah, Ut; md 
4 June 1937, in Nephi, Ut., to Zora Irene BOOTH who 
was b 25 Aug 1917, Nephi, Ut; dau of Thomas Glen 
BOOTH and Zora BROOK; and had ch: 

12-619 James Ray CHIDESTER Jr. b 6 Aug 1939, Price, Ut; 
md 7 Feb 1961, in the Salt Lake City Temple, to 
Lynne HODSON who was b 26 Mar 1939, Salt Lake City, Ut; 
dau of Robert Milborn HODSON and Madalyn CLARK; and 
have ch : 

(1) J. Randall (Randy) CHIDESTER b 19 July 1964, 
Campbell, Cal. 

(2) Lee Emery CHIDESTER b 3 Aug 1967 

(3) Jenny Ann CHIDESTERZ b 6 Mar 1969 

James worked for United Airlines for four years in 
South San Francisco and got his AE and AI license which 
gives him Aircraft Inspection Authorization. He has a 
commercial pilot's license and an instriiment' s rating. 
Graduating from San Jose State University in 1966, he 
was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the Air Force 
the same day. He then spent four years in the air 
force and is now a Captain in the Air Force Reserve. 
He and his family have lived in San Jose all the time 
except for four years when they lived in Littleton, 
Colo. , where he worked in the Space Program. He was 












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Lillian (Manuelita) & Marvin Charles Chidester 
oh: Jeffrey & Anita (p 454) 

Earnest Wesley (S RaNae Chidester; daus Holly 
Jill & dog Peanuts (p ^36) 


responsible for the drill used to take core samples 
of the moon's surface by Neil ARMSTRONG. He now 
works for the Air Force as Aeronautical Engineer. 

He is a Seventy and is an active missionary for the 
Qiiirch and has been a scout leader for many years. 

12-620 Michaal Glen CHIDESTER b 9 June 1942, San Diego, 
Cal; md in May 19 62, to Alice SNOW who was b 13 July 
1943; dau of Aaron SNOW and Alice WHEATLY of Perry, 
Ut; and had ch: 

(1) Mitzi CHIDESTER b 20 Dec 1962 
Michael and Alice were divorced and Mitzi spends 
summers and holidays with her father but lives in 
Ogden, Ut. , with her mother. Michael works for IBM 
(Internarional Business Machines) as a computer sales- 
man, flying all over the world as part of his job. 
He maintains a home in San Jose, Calif; is a private 
pilot, rides motor cycles, skiis and enjoys all 
active sports. 

12-621 Clive Ricky (Skeets) CHIDESTER b 11 Nov 1945, 
Ogden, Ut; md 3 July 1975, in Cardston, Alberta, 
Canada temple, to Patricia Ann HENDLEY who was b 
2 July 1953, at Sandia Military Base, New Mexico; 
dau of Daniel Newton HENDLEY and Marie HARVEY. 

Clive graduated from Davis High School and attend- 
ed Weber State College in Utah. He served a two year 
mission among the Indians in North and South Dakota 
for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints; 
then spent three years in the Air Force at Malmstrom. 
He is a private pilot and paints airplanes in his 
spare time. In 1976 he and his wife were living in 
San Luis Obispo, Cal. , where he attends Cal Poly 
University studying architecture and his wife works in 
the Social Security offices. 

12-622 Leo Sterling CHIDESTER b 22 Mar 1947, Ogden, Ut; md 
23 July 1970, in the Logan, Ut. , temple to Susan MORSE 
who was b 11 Aug 1947, Ogden, Ut; dau of Andrew MORSE 
and Ella OBORN; and have ch: 

(1) Jan CHIDESTER b 14 June 1971, Ogden, Ut. 

(2) Holly CHIDESTER b 20 Dec 1972, Ogden, Ut. 

(3) Glen Charles CHIDESTER b 21 June 1976, Arling- 
ton , Texas . 

Leo attended schools in Layton and graduated from Davis 
High School in Kaysville, Ut; attended Weber State Coll- 
ege in Ogden and served three years in the U.S. Army 
He served one year in Vietnam at Chu Lai; with R & R 
in Manila and Australia. He then served one and a half 


years in Germany stationed at Nurenburg. While there 
he toured the continent, returning to the U.S. in 

Susan is a graduate of Weber State College and 
taught school. An accomplished musician, she has 
trained her girls to sing like professionals. 

Leo is a private pilot cind a certified scuba diver. 
12-623 Mark Booth CHIDESTER b 16 July 1949, Ogden, Ut; 
md 14 July 1973, in the Los Angeles Temple, to Jarilee 
JONES who was b 12 Aug 1951, Salt Lake City, Ut; dau 
of William Dean JONES and Marilyn PALMER; and have ch: 

(1) Brooke CHIDESTER b 28 June 1976 

A graduate of Davis High School, Mark attended 
Weber State College, Ogden, Ut. , until he left for a 
two yecir mission for the Chxirch of Jesus Christ of 
Latter Day Saints in the Southeast Mexico Mission 
from Jan 1969, to Mar 1971. Coming to California in 
1972, he has attended Los Angeles Valley College, 
Pierce College and Cal State Northridge where he is 
studying art. He is a private pilot; works for 
Western Commander at the Van Nuys Airport; lives in 
Granada Hills and is a certified scuba diver. 
12-624 Ben Gay lord CHIDESTER b 22 Oct 1951, Ogden, Ut; 
md 29 Nov 1975, in Los Angeles Temple to Kathleen 
Marie NAUTA who was b 3 Sept 1954, Van Nuys, Cal; dau 
of William Mets NAUTA and Jean PETTY 

Ben graduated from Davis High School in Kaysville, 
Ut; attended Weber State College and then served a 
two year mission in Coliombia, South America. He 
returned home to Van Nuys, California in April 1973; 
attends Pierce College and works for Marquardt Co. , as 
a machine shop night supervisor. He is a private pilot 
and enjoys making jewelry. 
16-624 Bonnie Sue CHIDESTER b 3 Oct 1953, Ogden, Ut; md 
5 Dec 1975, to Steven Evans SEALY who was b 6 Oct 1953, 
Logan, Ut; s of Ramon SEALY and Joan EVANS. Bonnie 
Sue began dancing lessons when she was three and stud- 
ied ballet, modem tap, acrobats, baton twirling, drill 
team, Hawaiian dancing for the next 13 years. When she 
was 10 she began dancing at University of Utah Exten- 
sion classes and danced in the production of Ballet 
West's Nutcracker Ballet each Christmas for several 
years. She was a cheer leader and a member of the 
elite drill team at Lay ton High, as well as an honor 
student. Graduating from there in 1971, she attended 
Weber State College where she was a member of the Chant- 


onelle Drill team. She worked at IRS in Ogden for 
about a year then joined her parents in California in 
1973 euid attended Pierce College. When Steven Evans 
SEALY returned from his mission to Japan they began 
dating and married. Both are scuba divers and live in 
Van Nuys while Steven is studying to be a doctor, 
attending Gal State Northridge. 

James Ray CHIDESTER was born on the family home- 
stead between Bluebell and Altonah, Utah, the first of 
seven children botn to Charles Ray and Winnie May 
Heath Chidester. At various times he lived in Altonah, 
Sunnyside, Huntington, Storrs (now Spring Canyon) and 
Price, Ut. He graduated from high school in Price, U. , 
in 1931 and soon thereafter the family moved to Green 
River , Ut . 

While living in Green River, James met Irene 
BOOTH who was there visiting her grandmother and work- 
ing. After their marriage they continued to live in 
Green River until 1941 when they moved to San Diego, 
Cal. , where Ray worked for Convair making parts for 
B24 bombers all during World War II. 

In 1945, after VE Day they moved to Clearfield, 
Utah, where Ray worked for thirteen years. In the fall 
of 1952 they bought six and a half acres of land in 
East Layton, a beautiful spot high on the mountain= 
side overlooking the Great Salt Lake. The land was 
covered with oak brush. They built a house and planted 
a garden. Irene went to work at Ogden Arsenal build- 
ing bombs for the Korean War, to pay for a Shetland 
pony, saddle and bridle which they gave to their six 
sons for Christmas that year. Irene's mother gave them 
a cow so the boys could have all the milk, cream and 
butter they wanted. They moved into the house in 
March 1953 and continued to build it around them. 

In 1957 after the oldest son graduated and went 
to work for United Airlines in San Francisco, he was 
able to obtain passes for his parents and they began 
traveling on their vacations. 

Fall of 1957 Ray quit working for the Arsenal 
and went to work for Marquardt Company in Ogden as a 
machinist making parts for the moon rockets. Irene 
worked for Internal Revenue Service and Hill Air Force 
Base as key punch and a data communications operator. 

In 1961 their house burned. They decided to take 
the insurance money and start to build a new, larger 


house on the property. They did all the work them- 
selves. Even the littlest ones helped. They moved 
into it in June 1962, then repaired the damage to the 
old house and rented it. In 1968 they built another 
house on the property for Irene's mother. She died in 
1969, so they rented that house, too. 

In 1972 Marquardt abandoned their plant in Ogden 
and moved to Van Nuys, California, giving their employ- 
ees the chance to go with them. Ray and Irene decided 
to move. 

They have always been active in the Church and 
held many positions. Ray is now (1976) assistant 
ward clerk and Irene specializes in publishing ward 
newspapers. She has continued her education since 
the children are grown and expects to graduate from 

(Info and story: Mrs. James Ray Chidester, Van 
Nuys, California.) 

11-289 Zella CHIDESTER, dau of Charles R.-'"^"-'"^^ 

(Joshua P John M John P David ) and 
Winnie May HEATH; b 14 May 1916, Altonah, Ut; 
md 10 Dec 1940, in Manti, Ut. , to Earl Eugene 
INGRAM who was b 8 Dec 1917, Nephi, Ut; s of Moroni 
Smith INGRAM and Mary Louise MARTENSEN; and had 

*12-626 Ruth Arm INGRAM b 30 Sept 1941, Payson, Ut; md 
Michael Wallace GARRETT 

12-627 Arlene Mae INGRAM b 1 Mar 1944, Payson, Ut; md 
1 June 1962, in Nephi, Ut. , to Richard W. GREENHALGH 
who was b 19 Aug 1944, Payson, Ut; s of Roy William 
GREENHALGH and Mildred Anna HEELIS; and had a son: 

(1) Richard Arland GREENHALGH b 6 Mar 1963, Nephi, UT. 

12-628 Linda Lou INGRAM b 3 Apr 1946, Payson, Ut. 

12-629 Edward Earl INGRAM b 20 Apr 1949, Payson, Ut. 

12-630 Vicki Lee INGRAM b 20 Feb 1951, Payson, Ut, 

12-631 Larry Lee INGRAM b 27 Aug 1952, Nephi, Ut. 

12-632 Charles Smith INGRAM b 12 Nov 1957, Nephi , Ut. 

Zella Chidester attended school in Price, Ut. , 
then graduated from Green River High School in May, 
1937. She then worked as an operator for the tele- 
phone company until her marriage. 

(Info: fam recs of Earl E. Ingram, Nephi, Ut.) 


11-290 Sylvia CHIDESTER, dau of Charles rIO-145 

(Joshua P John M John P David ) and 

Winnie May HEATH; b 8 Nov 1918, Altonah, Ut; md 
2 July 1937, in the Salt Lake City, Ut. , Temple, to 
Delbert Eugene HUNT who was b 12 May 1916, Aurora, 
Ut; s of James Carlos HUNT and May WATSON: and had 
ch b in Price, Carbon, Ut: 

12-633 Darwin Lee HUNT b 15 Aug 1938 

12-634 Erma Jean HUNT b 28 July 1941 

12-635 Charles Perry HUNT b 8 Apr 1943 

12-636 Merilyn Mae HUNT b 8 Dec 1944, 

A graduate of Green River High School, Sylvia and 
her husband lived in Green River until about 1972 when 
they moved to Moab, Utah. 

(Info: Mrs. Winnie M. H. Chidester, Salt Lake City) 

11-291 John Lindon CHIDESTER, s of Charles rIO'I^^^ 

(Joshua P John M John P David ) and 

Winnie May HEATH; b 10 Jan 1924, Storrs, Ut; md 
19 Dec 1952, in Logan, Cache, Ut. , to Eldora Jane 
MAUGHAN who was b 18 June 1930, Preston, Ida; dau 
of Howard John MAUGHAN and Eldora Catherine JOHNSON: 
and had ch: 

12-637 Ann CHIDESTER b 1 Jan 1954, Denver, Colo 

12-638 Charles Lynn CHIDESTER b 12 Apr 1956, Logan, Ut. 

12-639 Ruth Mae CHIDESTER b 5 Jan 1960, Logan, Ut. 

John Lindon Chidester attended schools in Price 
and Green River, Ut., graduating from Green River High 
School in 1943. He attended Carbon College in Price for 
a time, then went into the U.S. Army where he served 
during World War II. Following the war he attended Utah 
State College in Logan, Utah, where he later graduated 
and continued studying. He also studied at Massachus- 
etts Institute of Technology. 

Not long after his marriage in the Logan LDS 
Temple, he took his bride to live in Denver, Colo., 
where he worked for the government in secret experi- 
mental work. After the birth of their first daughter, 
John and Eldora moved back to Logan, Ut., where he 
taught school in Utah State University. 

Eldora (Dora) also taught school and the eld- 


est daughter, Ann , graduated from University with a 
teaching certificate. Charles Lynn served a mission 
for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. 

(Info: Mrs. Eldora M. Chidester, Logan, Ut; added 
to by Mrs. Ellen C. Butler, Salt Lake City, Ut.) 

11-293 Julia Ellen CHIDESTER, dau of Charles R 

(Joshua P^"-^°^John M^"^^John p'^'^^David^"'*^) and 
Winnie May HEATH; b 17 May 1931, Price, Ut; md 
7 Oct 19 52, in Salt Lake City, Ut. , Temple, to Rol- 
and DeGraw BUTLER who was b 8 Sept 1925, Salt Lake 
City, Ut; s of Jacob Alma BUTLER and Bessie Anna- 
retta De GRAW; and had ch b in Salt Lake City, Ut: 

12-640 Kathlene BUTLER b 26 July 1953; md 6 June 1974, 
in Salt Lake City, Temple, to Bruce Elmer HEPWORTH: 
and had ch: 

(1) Nicole HEPWORTH b 11 May 1975 
At the age of three Kathlene began training in ballet 
and tap dancing, becoming very proficient in the ball- 
et. Her vivid imagination created a "pretend" kang- 
aroo pet who lived in the bathroom. Then while in 
first grade, she accidentally cut holes in a new dress. 
When she arrived home she explained the holes by tell- 
ing of a huge moth that flew into the room and chew- 
ed the holes in her dress. 

A graduate of LDS Business College in Salt Lake City, 
she holds a secretarial degree and worked as a secre- 
tary to the LDS Church Building Administrator. 

12-641 Michele BUTLER b 23 July 1956, Salt Lake City, Ut; 
Bom with a hip defect, Michele had to wear a brace 
until she was 9 months old. Overcoming the defect, 
she studied tap and baL-let. At the age of five she 
began studying the piano and at eight she added violin, 
becoming very proficient on both instruments. Just 
prior to her graduation from high school she received 
two scholarships: one for violin solo and the other 
from the Board of Education. In 1976 she was in her 
junior year tha the University of Utah majoring in 
elementary education with a minor in music. 

When I (Julia Ellen Chidester) was a year old my 
family moved to Green River, Utah. One of our neighbors 
was a sweet old lady whom we called 'Aunt Anna' She 
had a slate so people could write her notes; she was 
totally deaf. When I was old enough to go to school I 


would hurry home each day so I could "converse" with 
AuntAnna on her slate. 

While we lived in Green River my father traveled 
most of the time on his job. In the summer he would 
take my mother and me with him. I looked forward to 
traveling with him throughout the southern and east- 
ern parts of the state where he dealt mostly with Ind- 
ians. He knew the country well and would always tell 
me stories to make the trip very interesting. 

We lived in Green River for nine years and then 
my father became very ill and we moved back to Price. 
About two weeks before my eleventh birthday he died. 

While I was attending junior high school and high 
school I enjoyed writing for the school papers. It 
was then, also, that I became interested in photo- 
graphy and was the secretary for the Carbon Camera Club 
for two years. In my senior year a blind girl, Lorna 

GRAMES, attended our school and I was asked to be 
her reader. This was a very enriching experience for 

After graduation from Carbon High School, I moved 
to Salt Lake City where I attended LDS Business College. 
While there I was associate editor of the school paper. 
It was there also that I met Roland DeGraw BUTLER. 

I have had the pleasure of holding positions in 
all the auxiliary organization of the Church of Jesus 
Christ of Latter Day Saints and doing genealogy and 
temple work. I have attended sessions in all the 
temples in the western part of the United States (with 
the exception of two) and have found great joy in doing 
so. I pray that I might be able to work in the church 
all the days of my life. 

(Info and story, Ellen C. Butler, Salt Lake City,Ut) 

11-300 Lamond (La Monde) Lial CARTER, s of Eunice PUL- 

in-14Q Q-109 8-85 


P^'^^David^""*^) and Alma Miner CARTER; b 17 June 
1894, Provo, Ut; d 16 Nov 1973, Nelson, British 
Columubia, Canada; md 1 Nov 192 0, in Raymond, Cana- 
da, to Viva JONES who was b 14 Dec 1902, Aurora, 
Ut;dau of John Florence JONES and Sarah Alice 
BEEBE; and had ch: 

12-642 Milo DeVere CARTER b 13 Jan 1922, Raymond, Alberta, 
Canada; md (1) 1 Dec 1944, Mabel LAWDON; md (2) 18 

















«<i K 


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Si» 9 

Ks -^ Ci 

•^ :i- 

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Q 1 CO 

ft, rC Q> 

. *=^ g 

?^ Q) « 


Q> CO "-a 


4^ O 



tj ^ O 

« CO 

tJ 4i t-^ 

pi Q) • ti 

•<-i t-:i :S: 


*\ •• 

"a Q) r^ 

S K « 

« Ql G 

Ki nq 






rS^ •• 

grC C 

<3 o <» 

'-^'-s :5: 

* • •• 

+i +i 

K <» 


!n K 

fe, H 






Jan 1966, in Oakland, Ca. , to Amy RALPHS 
*12-643 Joseph Sterling CARTER b 23 Dec 1923, Sterling, 

Canada; md Joyce Agnes PALMER 
*12-644 Wilburn Lamonde CARTER b 26 Sept 1925, Raymond, 

Canada; md Evelyn JEROME 
*12-645 John Lial CARTER b 25 Aug 1927, Cardston, Canada; 

md Yvonne Marie SHIELDS 
*12-646 Wenona CARTER b 30 Oct 1928, Cardston, Canada; md 

(1) John E. HANN; md (2) James Lee GRAY 
12-647 Lucille CARTER b 11 Oct 1930, Cardston, Canada; d 

31 July 1943 
*12-648 Ferl CARTER b 9 Oct 1932, Raymond, Canada; md 

*12-649 Wilson Clive CARTER b 14 June 1934, Raymond, Can- 
ada; md Kathleen M. DOAK 
*12-650 Marlene CARTER b 21 Apr 1936, Raymond, Canada; md 

*12-651 Leta CARTER b 13 Dec 1937, Raymond, Canada; md 

James Victor CHRISTIE 
12-652 Bernard Gregg CARTER b 30 Aug 1939, Raymond, Canada; 

d 23 July 1943 
12-653 James Evan CARTER b 26 Oct 1941, Calgary, Canada; 

md 18 Jan 1965, Peg Irene KEAST 
*12-654 Marvin Brail CARTER b 5 Dec 1943, Nelson, B.C.; md 

Mari Jo HEXEN 
*12-655 Gary Arnold CARTER b 30 Dec 1945, Nelson, B.C; md 

Loretta WOOLSEY. 

My father came to Raymond, Alberta, Canada, from 
Provo, Utah, with the Willie BULLOCK emmigrant train in 
1902 and had nearly completed a home to live in when 
Mother arrived with five children, Mar 3, 1903. 

I finished public school and took three winters 
of high school, a mid-winter course. Vocation was farm- 
er and rancher. I was a successful ranch man and a 
fair broncho rider after many years of hard knocks. 

Sept 28, 1918, I enrolled with the Royal North- 
west Mounted Police at Regina, Saskatchewan. The date 
of my discharge from that service was 11 July 1919, at 
Regina. Theaters of service were Canada and Siberia. 
Service number was 2772545. 

1 was recommended by the Locomotive foreman of 
Grand Forks, B.C; also by our Master Mechanic, Mt. 
BAR9R of Nelson, as a first class fireman. Places 
of residence during this service were: Provo, Ut; 
Raymond, Twin River, Mountain View, Cardston, McLeod 
and Calgary, all in Alberta, Canada. We moved to 



Nelson, B.C., Canada, 12 Oct 1943. 

A branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter 
Day Saints was organized in Nelson 12 Mar 1944, with 
Barton C. POULSON as Presiding Elder. There were 
twenty three members, ten of which were Carters. 

Lamonde L. Carter 

Lamonde passed away in Nelson, B.C. Two children 
had previously deceased him. He had filled a home 
mission in Cardston, Alberta, Canada, and was second 
counselor in the Twin River Branch and counselor in 
the Nelson Branch Sunday School. He bore a strong 
testimony to the truthfulness of the gospel and encour- 
aged the children to fill their minds with useful 
knowledge . 

(Info and story. Viva Jones Carter, Nelson, B.C.) 

11-302 Elmer Pulsipher CARTER, s of Eunice PULSIPH- 

ER"'"°"J'^^_ (Esther CHIDESTER^~-'-°^John M^"^^John p"^"^"^ 
David ) and Alma Miner CARTER; b 17 Nov 1901, 

Prove, Ut; md 11 July 1929, in Arimo, Ida., to 
Maleta Ann MORRISON who was b 17 Feb 1906, Franklin, 
Ida; d 17 May 1971, Calgary, Canada; dau of John 
Ervin MORRISON and Hester Belle HAWKINS; and had ch: 

12-656 a dau b and d 29 Dec 1930, Cardston, Canada 
*12-657 Helen Lorraine CARTER b 17 Apr 1932, Cardston, 
Canada; md Einar A. JORGENSEN 

12-658 Maleta Yvonne CARTER b 8 Apr 1935, Lethbridge, 

Canada; md 26 June 1957, to Jack William CHALMERS, a 
school teacher and photographer. They have five ch 
and live in Coaldale, Canada. 

12-655 Elmer Darwin CARTER b 28 Dec 1938, Raymond, Canada; 
md 9 May 1963, to June Elsie CLARKE 

12-660 male ch b and d 21 Oct 1940, Raymond, Canada 

12-661 male ch b and d 1 July 1942, Raymond, Canada 

12-662 Delbert Vernon CARTER b 13 Mar 1944, Magrath, Can- 
ada; lives on the farm with his father. 

12-663 Wendell Raymond CARTER b 5 Nov 1948, Magrath, Can; 
md 6 Dec 1975, to Paula Ann JENSEN; dau of Wendell 
JENSEN and Von Nada LARSON. Pauls was previously md 
to Mr. FITZGERALD and had two sons who have been adopt- 
ed by Wendell Carter: 



(1) Scott Fitzgerald CARTER 

(2) Kent Fitzgerald CARTER 

Wendell and Paula have a home near by and help his 
father on the farm. 

The three children of the Carter family who d 
at birth, had the chord wrapped around their necks. 
All the surviving children are active in the Church of 
Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the sons all ful- 
filling honorable missions. 

(Info: Helen L. Carter Jorgensen, Del Bonita, 
Alberta , Canada . ) 

11-303 Melvin William CARTER, s of Eunice PULSIPH- 
j,j^l0-149 (Esther CHIDESTER°"^°^John M^'^^John p"^"^"^ 
David6-47) ^nd Alma Miner CARTER; b 13 Dec 1907, 
Raymond, Canada; md (1) 8 Mar 1928, in Salt Lake 
City, Ut., to Birdie lone THUESON who was b 1 Jan 
1906, Monroe, Ut; d 26 Oct 1966, Buhl, Ida; dau 
of Constant THUESON and Birdie Ann HESSE; and had 

*12-664 Nola Jean CARTER b 15 May 1929, Salt Lake City, 

Ut; md Thomas Blair EVANS 
*12-665 Ronald Gary CARTER b 24 Oct 1932, Salt Lake City, 

Ut; md LaRae DUNN 
*12-666 Sharon CARTER b 2 Apr 1937, Twin Falls, Ida; md 

Gary Royce SEAMONS 
*12-667 Lyle Gordon CARTER b 24 Feb 1941, Twin Falls, Ida; 

md Susan BLAKE 

Melvin William CARTER md (2) Joan WATSON from 
whom he was later divorced. He md (3) 30 July 1971, 
Marian Frances MURPHY. 

He writes: "I am High Priest group leader in 
the Eighth Ward, Twin Falls, Ida, West Stake (Church 
of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.) As such I am 
responsible for the genealogy program of t he Ward. 

(Info: Melvin W. Carter, Twin Falls, Idaho) 

11-312 Harald Leigh CROPPER, s of Anna Luella PULSIPH- 

ER-^°"J^^ (Esther CHIDESTER^"-'-°^John M^"^^John p'^"^"' 
David°"'*') and Edgar Lafayette CROPPER ; b 2 Apr 

L to R: Delhert Vernon; Elmer Darwin; Elmer P. (father); 
Wendell Raymond; Paula Ann (wife of Wendell;) Maleta 
Yvonne; Helen Lorraine 

Baak: James Jensen (Paula's brother); Darwin Carter; 

Jaak Chalmers; Yvonne Carter; Einar Jorgensen 
Middle: Vernon Carter; Elmer P. Carter; Donna K. Jensen; June 

Clarke Carter; Helen Jorgensen; Wendell and Von Nada Jensen 

(Paula's parents) 
Seated: Wendell Carter; Paula Jensen Carter and sons Kent 

and Saott 

Standing: Dale and Darlene 
Seated: Donna; Dean; Denise 


1902, St. Johns, Arizona; md 14 Apr 1926, in Salt 
Lake City, Ut., to Mariam Alice DAMRON who was b 
10 Dec 1905, Deseret, Millard, Ut; dau of Joseph 
Warren DAMRON Jr. and Mary Abiah KELLY: and had 
ch b in Salt Lake City, Ut : 

*12-668 Harald Leigh CROPPER b 5 Apr 1927; md Alice 

*12-669 Claire CROPPER b 19 Feb 1935; md Sept 1955, 

Donald Dale ROLFE 

Although only about three and a half years of 
age when his parents moved from Kanosh, Ut. , still 
Harald Leigh Cropper's earliest memories are of .th©£'je% 
He remembers mostly the Indians: 

First: A squaw came once a week to help his 
mother with the family washing. The washing was done, 
in summer , outside in the yard where an old stove was 
placed to heat the water. Harald had a beloved pet 
cat. Her favorite nook was the oven of the old stove 
where she curled up to sleep. One time the squaw 
closed the oven door, not knowing that the cat was in- 
side, built a raging fire and left for other chores 
while the water was heating in the boilers on top of 
the stove. The tragedy made a lasting impression on 
the small boy. 

Second: A horse in the field across the street 
was one of the attractions a boy loved to watch. Some- 
how the horse sickened and died. The owner hired some 
of the local Indian men to haul the horse away. The 
boy connected the death of the horse with the Indians 
who had removed it and formed a sad impression of Ind- 
ians in general. The Kanosh Indians were among the 
most peaceful and friendly of all the tribes in all 
the west, but not in the mind of young Harald Cropper. 

Moving to Provo, the family lived in a house 
owned by the Darlings and were very near Grandma Esther 
Chidester Pulsipher Snow. There Harald played with 
cousins Dave Thomas and Elton Siomner and others. Then 
came the move to Charleston, Utah. He remembered many 
things about Charleston: his first year at school; 
deep snow and sleigh rides; going to Midway in Bob- 
sleighs in the winter to swim in the "Hot-Pots"; fish- 
ing; going with a small red wagon to gather mushrooms 
after a rainstorm; taking the town cows to :the mead- 
ow; learning to swim in the Provo river; water snakes 


around the river; Rattlesnakes on the hills. When he 
was about eight there was a flood that covered all the 
meadow land. 

The railroad depot was very near the hotel in 
which his family lived. It had a high platform made 
of planks withcracks between. One day Har^lQ wai 
exploring as boys will, in the dark place under the 
platform, watching the sunshine mage stripes of light 
in the dark, when he discovered a real gold mine. The 
sun hit a 50<: peice. This precious place was searched 
often after that discovery and was usually good for 
ten to twenty five cents. 

The first automobile he remembers was driven to 
Charleston by Mr. Auerbach who owned the store of the 
same name in Salt Lake City. Mr. Auerbach, along with 
other well-to-do men, came often to Charleston to enjoy 
the canyon and the fishing. He usually came on the 
train. The first automobile which he drove there chugg- 
ed along at about twelve miles per hour. It had no top; 
the back seat was two feet higher than the front seat 
and there was a big, square engine. 

The train, running from Provo to Heber City, came 
to Charleston once a day in the siommer time. It was 
really a freight train with a passenger car added. 
During the winter months the train did not run because 
ipf the deep snow. It is still operating and is now 
called the "Heber Creeper." 

One of Harald's favorite people in Charleston was 
a Mr. Driggs, son of the Howard Driggs who wrote the 
"Live Language Books" that were used in the grade schools 
for many, many years. Mr. Driggs taught the boys many 
things while living at the hotel: how to make bows and 
arrows, sling shots, flute whistles. 

Father Cropper was asked to be principal of the 
school in Midvale, Utah, a steel and smelter town. 
There Harald and his brothers were kept busy tending 
the huge garden which provided vegetables for the table 
and some to be sold to neighbors. During his teen years 
jobs included topping and thinning sugar beets. School 
closed for two weeks in the fall for beet topping. 
There was a large sugar factory in West Jordan. Harald 
was only fourteen when he first worked at the factory. 
. .pushing a wheelbarrow full of beet tops up a ramp, 
bringing it back empty to find another loaded for him 
to push up the ramp again. He worked a twelve hour 
shift each day, walking almost two miles to and from 


At the age of fifteen Harald, who was large and 
strong for his age, began work at the smelter. During 
the school year he would go to the smelter on Friday 
after school and "rustle" for a job, then work the ent- 
ire week end. He learned most of the jobs at the smel- 
ter and became what was known as a "swing man" 

Working as he had, made Harald strong and hard so 
that during his high school years he was a valued foot- 
ball player. During the last two years he did not 
miss one minute of any game despite the fact that he 
received a broken collar bone, three broken ribs, a 
broken right foot and a broken nose. When he broke 
the three ribs, the game was held up for half an hour 
while the team doctor taped Harald up. He played at 
half back and the last two years was center. 

At the University of Utah where he was study- 
ing engineering, Harald was in the quartet with the 
glee club. They sang in the old Salt Lake Theater; 
put on the opera "Sampson and Delilah;" and were off- 
ered a job with the Pantages Circuit. 

His first business venture was a sort of a hot 
dog-hamburger stand with groceries as a side line. He 
and his partner called it The Barney Google. One day 
a salesman who was also a distributor, asked Harald to 
sell for him on a trial basis. He took the job and 
was instrumental in introducing the Cardinet Candy 
line to South Salt Lake City and as far south as St. 
George. This line included the Baffle Bar and Uno 
Bar lines. 

Always active in the Church of Jesus Christ of 
Latter Day Saints, Harald has served variously as 
counselor and president of Mutual Improvement Assoc- 
iations; Sunday School superintendent; stake mission- 
ary; missionary to Texas; high priest group leader; 
counselor in a bishopric; teacher. He says: "I know 
t hat the Church is true, and many of my prayers have 
been answered. Wherever we have lived, I have always 
supported the bishop who was over the ward. I love 
the Temple. That is the closest place to heaven that 
we can enter on this earth. I hope that all of our 
posterity will be able to enjoy the temple blessings. 
My family has always been of utmost importance to me." 

Mariam says: "Harald was blessed at birth with 
a great voice. As a child he sang in public functions. 
As he matured, he developed a most unusual tenor voice-- 



clear, great range, great volume. He sang in all the 
ward choirs wherever we lived." 

(Info: Mr. & Mrs. Harald L. Cropper, Salt Lake City) 

11-313 Eugene Wise CROPPER, s ofpAnna L. ^PYLSIPHER^^"-^^^ 
(Esther CHIDESTER John M John P David° ^') 

and Edgar Lafayette Cropper; b 10 Aug 1904, Kanosh, 
Ut; md 18 Aug 1929, in St. John's Church, San Fran- 
cisco, Cal., to Pauline HABERMAN who was b 2 June 
1909, in Friend, Lincoln, Nebr; dau of Alexander 
HABERMAN and Katherine KACHLER; and had ch b in 
San Francisco, Cal: 

12-670 Barbara Jean CROPPER b 16 Feb 1932; md 28 Aug 
1955 in Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, to 
Antonio John PETROPOULOS ; md by the groom's father 
who was the priest. Their ch: 

(1) Paula Jean PETROPOULOS b 9 May 1957 

12-671 Bruce CROPPER b 6 July 1933 

A dry cleaning salesman for a time, Eugene est- 
ablished the St. Mary's Laundry in San Francisco. In 
1934 he was a delegate to the Labor Convention. In 
1938 he purchased the Reliance Cleaners, later add- 
ing the Stanley and New Parisian Star establishments. 
In 1939 he was elected president of the Dry Cleaners 
Union and was re-elected for several terms. 

(Info: Kenneth F. Cropper, Provo, Ut.) 

11-314 Paul Pulsipher CROPPER, s of Anna L PULSIPH- 
gj^lO-154 (Esther CHIDESTER^"-'-°^John M^"^^John 

p'^'^^David^"'^^) and Edgar Lafayette CROPPER; b 30 
Apr 1907, Provo, Ut; d 2 May 1975; md 1 July 1925, 
in Salina, Ut. , to Louise FENN who was b 1 Sept 1901, 
Salina, Ut; dau of George FENN Jr. and Martha Alice 
MURPHY; and had ch: 

12-672 Paul Kent CROPPER b 5 May 1929, Twin Falls, Ida; 
md 27 Dec 1951, in Manti, Ut. , to Deon E. PETERSON; 
and had ch: 

(1) Michelle CROPPER b 11 June 1953; md 13 Sept 
1973, in Salt Lake City, Ut. , to Marc S. DYE 

(2) Nancee CROPPER b 9 July 1957 



(3) Douglas Paul CROPPER b 8 Oct 1959 
*12-673 Gerald Fenn CROPPER b 18 Sept 1930, Murray, Ut; md 
(1) Geniel Trudy WALTON: md (2) Margie Fay COLLINS 
12-674 Richard Neal CROPPER b 14 Oct 1933, Salina, Ut; md 
26 Dec 1952, in Salt Lake City, Ut. , to Carolyn VANCE; 
and had ch: 

(1) Richard CROPPER (twin) b 10 Apr 1958 

(2) Randall CROPPER (twin) b 10 Apr 1958 

(3) Lisa Jean CROPPER b 28 Oct 1964 

12-675 LuAnn CROPPER b 11 Dec 1936, Salina, Ut; md 8 
Feb 1954, James Richardc. POWELL; and had ch: 

(1) Debra Ann POWELL b 2 Jan 1955 

(2) Jeff POWELL b 27 July 1959 

(3) Paul James POWELL b 12 Sept 1968 

Most of Paul's childhood, a happy one, was spent 
in Midvale, Utah, where his father was principal of 
the elementary school. He finished grade and high 
school in Jordan District and later graduated from LDS 
Business College in Salt Lake City, in Accounting and 

Paul was working in Salt Lake City for Lovinger's 
Disinfectant Compnay when he met Louise Fenn who was 
teaching school at Plymouth Elementary in Salt Lake City. 

After moving around at different jobs for a time, 
Paul and Louise went to Twin Fails, Idaho. After the 
birth of their first son they decided to return to Salt 
Lake City. It proved difficult to find work in Salt 
Lake so they moved to Salina, Utah. They remained there 
for nine years with Paul doing different jobs, rang- 
ing from WPA (Works Progress Administra.) accounting in 
an office and traveling doing government work as Dist- 
rict Finance Officer in three counties. Paul grew in 
his work continually. 

From Salina, Paul and Louise moved to Orem into 
a rented house and from there to a new home in American 
Fork a year later. Paul became Chief Accountant of 
Schulman Electric Company when they built Geneva Steel 
in Orem. The family stayed in American Fork until Aug 
1945 when they bought a home in Salt Lake City. At 
that time Paul went to work for the State of Utah in 
the Capitol Building as Chief Accountant for the State 
Road Commission. He spent several years at that job, 
then moved to the Utah State Prison to the position of 
Business Manager. He continued to work for the prison 
for nineteen years when he was asked to return to the 



State Capitol as Fiscal Director of the Correction 
Department in 1972. He held this last position approx- 
imately two years until his retirement in 1974. 

Very devoted in his church service, he filled 
two stake missions and was President of his 70 's Quo- 
rum and his High Priest's Group. Paul also did a lot 
of temple work and was looking forward to a mission 
with his wife, Louise. 

Paul's pride and joy was his family: his four 
children and their spouses, his thirteen grandchild- 
ren. He was very generous with his time and money 
whenever his family was concerned. They always said 
that he had a tough exterior with a marshmallow 

Paul and Louise traveled extensively through the 
years, taking their children as long as they were home 
with them. To celebrate their 50th wedding anniver- 
sary in 1975, Paul and Louise traveled to the Carrib- 
ean in January that year. 

Paul's life was one of service to his government 
and to the state of Utah, his family and his church. 
His jobs were of distinction and well performed. He 
had a very pleasing personality and everyone loved 
him. The Governor of Utah said that Paul was the only 
man in the state who could save them money! 

Paul died just short of his 50th wedding anniver- 

Dr. Paul Kent CROPPER is a Doctor of Dental Surg- 
ery. Gerald Fenn CROPPER owns a jewelry store in Rich- 
field, Ut., and raises quarter horses as a hobby. 
Lt. Col. Richard Neal CROPPER retired from the Army 
Service, owns a Phillips gasoline station in Petaluma, 
California. LuAnn Cropper POWELL manages the banquet 
facilities in a large hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

(Info 7 history: Mrs. Paul P. Cropper, Salt Lake City) 

11-315 Kenneth Fay CROPPER, s of Anna L PULSIPHER-'-^""'"^^ 

(Esther CHIDESTER^~-'-°^John M^"^^John p'^'^'^David^"'*'^) 
& Edgar Lafayette CROPPER; b 1 Jan 1909, Charleston, 
Wasatch, Ut; md 27 Dec 1941, in Salt Lake City, Ut. , 
to Leora CURTIS who was b 22 May 1912, Oakley, Ida; 
dau of Albert William CURTIS and Viola Mary HALE; 
and had ch: 

12-676 Leigh Curtis CROPPER b 18 Mar 1944, Seattle, Washing- 


ton; filled a mission in Germany for the Church of 
Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints; md Nancy DEN- 
HALTER; and had ch: 

(1) Kathy CROPPER 

(2) Bryce CROPPER 

12-677 Linda CROPPER b 9 Feb 1946, Salt Lake City, Ut; 

teaches at Brigham Young University 
12-678 Nancy CROPPER b 17 Nov 1948, Salt Lake City, Ut; 

md Ken POPE and has ch: 

(1) Andy POPE 

(2) Curtis POPE 

(3) Amy POPE 

12-679 John Curtis CROPPER b 25 Apr 1951, Salt Lake City, 

Ut; md Christine BOEB 

12-680 Max Hale CROPPER b 5 Oct 1952, Salt Lake City, Ut. 

12-681 Ilene CROPPER b 17 Jan 1954, Salt Lake City, Ut. 

Although born in Charleston, my boyhood was spent 
in Sandy and Midvale, Utah. In Midvale we had about 
two thirds of an acre of land on which many fruits 
and vegetables were raised. Schooling was at Jordan 
High and the University of Utah. Boyhood work consist- 
ed of selling vegetables, delivering the Salt Lake 
Telegram, thinning and topping beets, and various other 
tasks on a farm. Sports included swimming, roller- 
skating, sleigh riding, basketball, football, tennis. 

Following work at Walker Mine, California, and 
Bingham, Utah, and an extra year at school, there was 
a mission to England. Thea came work as an engineer at 
the Tintic Standard Mining Company in Dividend, Utah, 
for five years; then a year's military service in the 
15th Infantry at Ft. Lewis, Wash., and the 27th Engin- 
eers at Portland, Oregon. 

Marriage to Leora Curtis took place in the Salt 
Lake temple and after a honeymoon in Seattle^, Wash., 
there was work as a metallurgist for four years at 
Boeing Airplane Co., during World War II. Since Sept 
1945, we have lived ten years in Salt Lake City and 
fifteen years in Granger. There was work a short time 
with the Galigher Co; Utah Idaho Sugar Co; and War 
Assets Administration; then twenty five years as a 
mining engineer for the U.S.S.R.& M. Co at Bingham 
and Lark, Ut. 

It has been a pleasure to take vacation trips, 
usually with at least some of our six children, seeing 
the northwest, California, Canada, the Cumorah Pageant, 





New England and other points of interest. 

Always there has been church activity: with the 
youth, as stake missionary or in genealogical pursuits. 
The wife and children have been a delight. The last 
four years we have lived in a double wide mobile home 
in Provo. Our tiny lot is easy to keep beautiful with 
lovely lawn and lots of flowers. The principal form 
of exercise is riding a bicycle. Hobbies are genea- 
logical research, visiting relatives and playing tennis. 

(Info: and history: Kenneth F. Cropper, Provo, Ut) 

11-316 Carmen CROPPER, dau of Anna L.PULSIPHER-'-^"-'-^^ 

(Esther CHIDESTER^~-'-°^John M^"^^John p'^'^^Dav- 
id6-47) an^ Edgar Lafayette CROPPER; b 28 Dec 1911, 
Charleston, Ut; md 1 July 1930, in Salt Lake City, 
Ut. , to Hillary Walters St. CLAIR who was b 14 July 
1909, Ophir, Tooele, Ut; s of Edwin St. CLAIR and 
Pearl WALTERS; and had ch: 

16-682 Beverly Jeanne St. CLAIR b 30 Dec 1931, Walkermine, 
Cal; md Fred ORTON and had ch: 

(1) Michelle ORTON b 20 Feb 1958, Provo, Ut. 

(2) James Douglas ORTON b 28 July 1959, Oakland, Cal 

(3) David Lynn ORTON b 2 Dec 1961, Silver Springs, 

(4) Deanne ORTON b 5 Aug 1964, Bethesda, Md. 

(5) Steven Frederick ORTON b 21 Aug 1967, Arvada, Colo 

(6) Janetta ORTON b 11 May 1970 

12-683 John Michael St CLAIR b 18 Sept 1937, Washington, 
D.C.; md 27 Aug 1960, Sharon Victoria JOHNSON in the 
chapel at the University of Maryland; honeymooned in 
Salt Lake City where they visited the temple: and 
had ch: 

(1) John Michael St CLAIR b 14 Feb 1962, Fort 
Harrison, Indiana 

(2) Gregory Patrick St CLAIR b 17 May 1964, Bethesda, 

(3) Jeffery Wallace St CLAIR b 2 Apr 1968, Bethesda 

(4) Kent Matthew St CLAIR b 5 Apr 1971, Bethesda, Md 

Carmen met Hillary St Clair while both were attend- 
ing the University of Utah. After their marriage Hill- 
ary graduated with an MS degree in metallurgy. He work- 
ed in Walkermine, Cal., for a time, then in mines at 
Ophir and Manning, Utah, finally, in 1935 accepting a 
position with the national Bureau of Mines. The family 


was in Minnesota for a time and went from there to 
Washington, D.C.; thence to Maryland, back to Utah 
and returned to Maryland. Carmen was active in civic 
organizations wherever she lived and was always busy in 
the church organizations. 

(Info: Kenneth F. Cropper, Provo, Ut.) 

11-333 Wanda Afton DAW, dau of Arietta E. SNOW °~ ^ 
(Est her CHIDESTER^~"'"°^John M^~^^John P^~^^Dav- 
id^"'*^ and John Chauncey SNOW; b 17 Dec 1921, 

Dillon, Beaverhead, Montana; md 20 Dec 1941, in 
Washington, D.C. , to Harold Edward COX who was b 

in 1911, in Anderson, Madison, Indiana; s of 

Matson COX and Irene LYNN. Harold is a steam eng- 
ineer and artist. Their ch: 

12-684 Cherie Arietta COX b 29 Nov 1938, Hamilton, Mont; 

md 26 Dec 1970, Michael Dean ALDERSON from whom she 

was divorced Dec 1974. 
12-685 Harold Edward COX Jr. b 27 Aug 1953, Fairbanks, 

Alaska; md 4 Jan 1975, to Debra Kay BALDWIN 
12-686 Ronald Clarence COX b 8 May 1956, Long Beach, Cal 

(Info: Mrs. Wanda D. Cox, Garden Grove, Cal) 

11-334 Lorenzo Lynn CHIDESTER, so of Lorenzo 

(Willard D^"-'--'-°John M^'^^John p'^'^'^David^"'*'^) and 
Helen DRAPER; b 30 Apr 1914, McCammon, Ida; md 26 
Dec 1936, in San Diego, Cal., to Doris Marie REQUA, 
who was b 3 May 1915, Butler, Missouri; dau of 
Elmer S. REQUA and Stella Eva ISSOM: and had ch: 

*12-687 Craig Lynn CHIDESTER b 26 Nov 1939, El Centro, Cal; 
md Sharon Isabella HARMON 
12-688 Yvonne Marie CHIDESTER b 26 June 1943, Whittier 

(Info Lorenzo L. Chidester, Salinas, Cal) 

11-340 Florence Beth CHIDESTER, dau of Lorenzo 

(Willard D^"-'--'-°John M^'^^John p'^'^'^David^"^'^) and 



Helen DRAPER; b 30 Aug 1923, Carey, Ida; ;md 15 

Sept 1942, in Los Angeles, Cal. , to Richard Oliver 

KARNES who was b 3 Dec 1923, Lafayette, Tippicanoe, 

Indiana; s of William O. KARNES and Jane BEAVER ; 
and had ch: 

12-689 Richard Carl KARNES b 11 July 1943, Los Angeles, Cal 

12-690 Dennis Garland KARNES b 22 Dec 1947, Los Angeles 

12-691 Daniel Lee KARNES b 31 May 1952, Los Angeles, Cal. 

12-692 Dean Allen KARNES b 1 Nov 1958, Bellf lower, Cal 

12-693 Delom Loy KARNES b 13 Jan 1962, Bellf lower, Cal 

12-694 Dana Traci KARNES b 4 Aug 1964, Paramount, Ca (twin) 

12-695 Devin Lynn KARNES (twin) b 4 Aug 1964, Paramount 

12-696 Darin Jon KARNES b 27 May 1969, Paramount, Cal. 

(Info: John M . Chidester, Bell, California) 

11-342 William Leo CHIDESTER, s of Lorenzo-^^"-*-^^ 

(Willard D^"-'--'-°John M^"^^John P'^'^^David^"'*'^) and 
Helen DRAPER; b 29 May 1927, Carey, Idaho; md 23 
Dec 1946, Louise MATTHEWS; and had ch: 

12-697 Richard Lynn CHIDESTER b 25 Dec 1955, South Hill, 
Mecklenburg, Virginia. 

A letter from William (Bill) Chidester, 1976: 
"When my mother died we moved to Wendell, Idaho. 
Our family began to split up and I lived in various 
towns in Idaho with various relatives. About 1941, my 
father married Miss Anna OSMASSON, a school teacher, 

and they moved to Seattle, Washington, about 1942. At 
the time I was living in Garden Valley, Idaho, with 
Mr. & Mrs. John GLENNON. We (my brother Delorne and I) 
went to Seattle to live with my father and step-mother. 
"I finished high school in Seattle and went in- 
to the army in 194 5. While in the army, stationed in 
Fort Lee, Virginia, I met Miss Louise MATTHEWS. We 
were married. After serving six years in the army, I 
was discharged and returned to LaCrosse, Virginia, to 
live. We have been living in the community since 1951." 

In 1976 Bill was serving as mayor of LaCrosse. 

(Info: William L. Chidester, LaCrosse, Virginia) 


11-343 Delorne Lavar CHIDESTER, s of Lorenzo 

(Willard D^'-'^-'-^John M^"^^John P^'^^Dav id^""^"^) and 
Helen DRAPER; b 23 June 1929, Carey, Ida; md 10 
June 1950, in Gary Lake, Indiana, to Irene JEDLI- 
KOWSKI who was b 7 Jan 1929, Gary, Ind; dau of 
Frank JEDLIKOWSKI and Clara MARSHALL; and had ch 
b in Gary, Indiana; 

12-698 Jeffrey Lynn CHIDESTER b 21 July 1953 
12-699 David Lome CHIDESTER b 4 Dec 1954 
12-700 Becky Ann CHIDESTER b 22 July 1958 

(Info: Delorne Chidester, Gary, Ind.) 

11-344 Delmar Leland CHIDESTER, s of Lorenzo °~ 

(Willard D^"-'--'-°John M^"^^John P^'^^David^""^^) and 
Helen DRAPER; b 16 May 1930, Carey, Ida; md 27 
Apr 1957 to Louella Patrice HILL who was b 3 Nov 
1932, in Auburn, Washington; dau of Allen Russell 
HILL and Emma HILL . Louella was md (1) to John Wes- 
ley HALTON and had a son: 

12-701 Chris Terrence HALTON b 19 Jan 1954, Seattle, 
Wn; adopted by Delmar Chidester 
Children of Delmar and Louella: 

12-702 Shannon Dawn CHIDESTER b 1 Mar 1959, Seattle, Wn 

12-703 Sean Del CHIDESTER b 28 Aug 1960, Burien, Wn 

12-704 Colin R. CHIDESTER b 29 Mar 1963, Burien, Wn 

12-705 Julianne Marie CHIDESTER b 1 Dec 1966, Burien, Wn 

A letter from Delmar Chidester, 29 Dec 1975: 

"I was born in Carey , Idaho, and we lived in 
Southern Idaho until 1939. From there I went to live 
in Southern California with my aunt, Christa Chidester 
ARTHUR until 1942 when my father remarried and we were 
all brought to Seattle, Wn. , to live. I graduated 
from Renton High School in 1948 and went into the Air 
Force for four years. I served three years in Germany 
and was discharged in 1952. 

I entered the University of Washington and gradu- 
ated in business administration. I have worked at the 
Boeing Aircraft Co. , for eighteen years in Data Process- 
ing. In addition I have taught off hour courses in 
data processing. 

My wife Lou has lived in this area all her life. 
She has continued her education by attending collega 




at Green River Coiraimnity College in Auburn. 
(Info: Delmar L. Chidester, Kent, Wn) 

11-346 Kenneth Merle PHIPPEN, s of Eunice E. CHIDES- 

TER^°"^^^ (Willard D^'^^°John M^'^^John p'^"^'^Dav- 
id6-47) and Guy Townsend, PHIPPEN; b 18 June 1908, 
Carey, Ida; md 5 July 1933, in Logan, Ut. , to 
Elizabeth BAILEY who was b 1 May 1908, Wellsville, 
Ut; dau of Orson Adamson BAILEY and Sarah Elizabeth 
GUNNELL; and had oh: 

*12-706 Carol Jean PHIPPEN b 8 Jan 1936, Logan, Ut; md 
James Howard EDWARDS 
12-707 Kenneth Reed PHIPPEN b 15 July 1937, Logan, Ut; 
md in 1963, in Reno, Nev; to Vera YATES; and has: 
(1) Guy PHIPPEN b 13 Aug 1964, Van Nuys, Cal 
*ll-708 Patricia Ann PHIPPEN b 13 Mar 1944, Logan, Ut; 

md Arthur Randolph BRIMHALL 
*12-709 Joan Beth PHIPPEN b 1 May 1946, Logan, Ut; md 
Amos Bud PALMER 
12-710 Stillborn dau b 22 Feb 1943, Logan, Ut. 

Of his life, Kenneth Phippen says: 

"When Mother died we moved to Logan, Ut., to live 
with our paternal grandparents, Adelbert and Susan 
Phippen. We were educated in the Logan schools. I 
worked for J. C. Penney, graduating from salesman to 
manager, during which time I had married Elizabeth 
BAILEY. On June 1, 1951, we moved to Lay ton, Utah, 
where I managed a new store, living there for five 
years. Carol and Reed graduated from Davis High School 
and attended Brigham Young University in Provo, Ut. 
We moved to San Bernardino, Cal. , Feb 16, 1956. I 
owned a shoe store in Los Angeles which I sold in 1965. 
I have been in business most of my married life, retir- 
ing in 1976. 

I was always active in the Boy Scout organiza- 
tion until coming to California; member of Chamber of 
Commerce in Layton, Ut; counselor in bishopric in 
Logan 6th Ward; Sunday School Supt. , three times 
and at present am stake secretary of the High Priest 
Quorum. Elizabeth has also been active as teacher and 
counselor in Mutual, Primary and Sunday School on ward 
and stake bases. At present is in the Relief Society. 


(Info: Kenneth M. Phippen, San Bernardino, Ca.) 

11-347 Clara Aseneth PHIPPEN, dau of Eunice E. CHIDES- 

TER^^v"*"^^ (Willard D^"^^°John M^'^^John p'^'^'^Dav- 
id^"^ ) and Guy Townsend PHIPPEN; b 6 Jan 1910, 
Carey, Ida; d 13 Mar 1966; md (1) 26 Oct 1929, in 
Denver, Colo. , George Earnest BLAKESLEY who was b 
14 June 1905, Diamondsville, Wyoming; s of George 
Earnest BLAKESLEY and Elizabeth McPHIE; and had a 

12-711 Shirley Rae BLAKESLEY b 6 Oct 1932, Logan, Ut; 
md 16 Feb 1954, Raymond Bert SMITH and had ch b in 
Evanston , Wyo : 

(1) Kevin SMITH b 4 May 1955 

(2) Christa SMITH b 10 Feb 1959 

(3) a dau b 2 Oct 1960. 

Clara and George were divorced and he md (2) Elaine 

Clara md (2) 22 June 1957, Dr. Lloyd C. GOODMAN. Dr. 
Goodman d 5 Jan 1974. 

(Info: Shriley B. Smith, Evanston, Wyo.) 

11-348 Roma Fontella CHIDESTER, dau of John M''-^"-'-^^ 

(Willard D^"-'--'-°John M^"^^John P^"^^David^"'*^) and 
Arta Mae DRAPER; b 26 Oct 1918, Shoshone, Ida; md 
26 Nov 1937, to Wendell Henry GOESMAN who was b 21 
July 1917, Sayville, Long Island, New York; s of 
Wendell Henry GOESMAN Sr. and Rose Josephine BAUER. 
They were divorced in Sept 1962. 
Their ch, b in Los Angeles, Cal: 

*12-712 Pamela Dee GOESMAN b 17 Mar 1943; md (1) Donald 
Veryl SHADRICK; md (2) Steven SEITZ 
12-713 Steven Wendell GOESMAN b 11 Apr 1945; md Pamela 
Dee ALBERTSON; and had a dau: 

(1) Faith GOESMAN b 3 July 1969 
12-714 Russell John GOESMAN b 12 Oct 1950; md 17 Jvme 
1973, at Renton, Wn. , to Gwyn Donnetta GOODWIN who was 
b 9 Dec 1953; dau of Donald GOODWIN and Lorayne MELBY, 
They have a dau: 

(1) Autvfflin Nichole GOESMAN b 4 Sept 1975, Renton, Wn. 

(Info: John M. Chidester, Bell, Cal,) 



11-352 Esther Virginia JOHNSON, dau of Esther L. CHID- 

ESTER^°:^^^ (Willard D^"^^°John M^'^^John p"^"^"^ 
David^ ) and Oscar Leroy JOHNSON: b 23 Mar 1913, 
Richfield, Ida; md 27 Aug 1931, in Colorado Springs, 
Colo., to Edward Glen SAUL who d 1973, in Rich- 
field, Ida; he worked most of his life as a truck 
driver and heavy equipment mechanic. Their ch: 

*12-715 Edward Lynn SAUL b 19 Jan 1935, Denver, Colo; 

md Rose Marie MOORE 
*12-716 Patricia Lois SAUL b 23 Aug 1936, Twin Falls, Ida; 

md Eldon J. HARTMAN 
*12-717 Charles Leroy SAUL b 30 Nov 1937, Denver, Colo; 

md Carol BARKER 
12-718 Michael Wayne SAUL b 4 Apr 1957, Bellf lower, Cal; 

md in 1974, to Vicky DAVIS and had a dau: 
(1) Jackie Lynn SAUL b in 1975 . 

They live in Richfield, Idaho. 

(Info: Mrs. 0. L. Johnson, Richfield, Idaho; added to by 
Ruby Laverne Neel, Moses Lake, Wn.) 

11-353 Willard Leroy JOHNSON s of Esther L. 

CHIDESTER-'-^"-'-^^ (Willard D^"-^-'-°John M^"^^John p"^"^"^ 

David6-47) g^^^ Oscar Leroy JOHNSON: b 5 June 1914, 

Richfield, Ida; md (1) in Colorado Springs, Colo., 

to Dolly Louise PANTOVICH who was b 15 Apr 1914, 
Chicago, 111; and had ch: 

12-719 Dottie Mae JOHNSON b 16 Dec 1934, Denver, Colo; 

md Richard W. YOUNG 
12-714 Emily Jean JOHNSON b 26 Dec 1935, Twin Falls, Ida; 

12-721 Jimmy Darwin JOHNSON b 30 June 1937, Twin Falls, 
After a divorce in 1952, Willard md (2) 2 July 1953, 
Jean BUGBY; and had ch: 

12-722 Michael JOHNSON b 6 Feb 1943, Omaha, Nebr 

12-723 Sheran Lucille JOHNSON b 21 Mar 1959 , Lomita, Cal 

(Info: Mrs. Don Neel, Moses Lake, Wn.) 



11-356 Ruby Lavern JOHNSON, dau of Esther L. CHIDES- 

TER^°:^^^ (Willard D^"^^°John M^'^^John p'^'^'^Dav- 
i(j6-47j and Oscar Leroy JOHNSON; b 17 Apr 1920, 
Melba, Ida; md (1) 19 Oct 1937, to Frank Geddys 
HANKINS who wasb 31 Jan 1907, Genola, Kansas; d 
1963; and had ch: 

12-724 Donna Rae HANKINS b 26 Mar 1939, Twin Falls, Ida; 
md (1) Mr. ROBINSON and had a son: 

(1) Danny Dow ROBINSON b 6 Sept 1960, Carson City, 

The Robinsons were divorced and Donna md (2) in 1961, 
Bertrum CORNU and had a s : 

(2) Bertrum CORNU Jr. b 31 Jan 1964, Carson City, 

Both Donna and her husband work in casinos in Carson 
City, Nevada. 
*12-725 Josetta Ann HANKINS b 4 July 1942, Brigham City, 
Ut; md Mikeal BLACK 
12-726 Kathy Jeanine HANKINS b 10 June 1950, Hailey, 

Ida; md 29 May 1968, to Dennis STEFFLER who was b in 
Jerome, Ida; They were married Grand View, Idaho. 
Their ch b in Moses Lake, Wn: 

(1) Travis Kay STEFFLER b 3 Nov 1971 

(2) Tracey Rae STEFFLER b 12 Nov 1974 

Dennis and Kathy have 2400 acres of wheat and potato 
farm in Moses Lake, Wn. , and other investments in town. 
12-727 Debra Kay HANKINS b 28 Apr 1954, Jerome, Ida; 
md 27 Jan 1974, in Grand View, Ida., to Martin Rick 
SCHROEDER; and has a s : 

(1) Adam Neel SCHROEDER b 12 June 1975, Lethbridge, 
Martin Rick SCHROEDER is a musician. 

After Mr. Hankin's death. Ruby md (2) 13 Sept 
1965, Don NEEL. Ruby and her family had owned and 

operated a restaurant for many years. After retire- 
ment from that business, she and Mr. Neel moved to 
Moses Lake, Wn. , to assist the family in the wheat and 
potato farming business. 

(Info: Mrs. Ruby Neel, Moses Lake, Wn.) 



11-357 Bennie Oscar JOHNSON, s of Esther L CHIDES- 

TER^°:^^^ (Willard D^"^^°John M^"^^John p'^'^^Dav- 
id^ '* ) and Oscar Leroy JOHNSON: b 23 Oct 1922, 
Melba, Ida; md (1) 23 Sept 1944, in Boise, Ida., to 
Helen HUMPHREYS, dau of Brass and Loretta HUMPHREYS; 
and had ch b in Twin Falls, Ida: 

12-728 Terry Lynn JOHNSON b 16 Jan 1949; md Chris 

12-729 Esther Laura (or Loretta) JOHNSON b 20 Mar 1951; 
md Richard THOMPSON 

There was a divorce and Bennie md (2) 12 Oct 1959, in 
Richfield, Ida., to Nadine BROWN and had a son: 

12-730 Richard LeRoy JOHNSON b 28 Jan 1960, Mt. Home, Ida 

Bennie was md (3) to Sharon BURGHART. He is retired 
from civil service at Mountain Home Air Force Base 
where he worked for many years. He has fifteen rental 
units in Grand View, Idaho, where he lives. He has 
acted as mayor since the town was incorporated. 

(Info: Mrs. Don Neel, Moses Lake, Wn.) 

11-360 Eunice Carolyn JOHNSON, dau of Esther L CHIDES- 

TErIJiI^^ (Willard D^-llOj^hn M^'^^John P^'^^Dav- 
id^ ) and Oscar Leroy JOHNSON; b 17 Dec 1927, 
Weed, California; md 4 May 1947, in Richfield, Ida., 
to James Wayne POWELL who was b 1 Sept 1926, Gooding, 
Ida; s of Fred Wayne and Retta POWELL. James and 
Eunice have a dairy farm in Richfield, Ida., milk- 
ing approximately 60 cows. They also r aise food 
for the cattle. 
Their ch: 

12-731 Carolyn Jo POWELL b 6 Oct 1949, Wendell, Ida; md 
Herb SNOEY who is a civil service engineer at 
Mountain Home, Ida., Air Force Base. Their ch: 

(1) James SNOEY b 14 Nov 1967, Sun Valley, Ida. 

(2) Eric William SNOEY b 17 Sept 1971, Jerome, Ida. 

(3) Nichole SNOEY b in 1972, Jerome, Idaho. 
12-732 Freddy Wayne POWELL b 6 Dec 1953, Jerome, Idaho; 

killed in a motorcycle accident 2 Aug 1969 
12-733 Christa Ann POWELL b 1 Aug 1959, Jerome, Ida 
12-734 James Wayne POWELL Jr. b 25 Sept 1960, Jerome, Ida 


(Info: Mrs. 0. L- Johnson, Richfield, Ida; added to by 
r4rs. Don Neel, Moses Lake, Wn.) 

11-365 Lennox Elmo NEWMAN, s of Josetta CHIDESTER 

(Willard D^"-'--'-°John M^~^^John P^"^^David^~^^) and 
John Oscar NEWMAN; b 8 June 1917, Rigby, Ida; d 
25 July 1964; md 21 Nov 1929, in Coalville, Ut., to 
Carrie BRENNAN; and had ch: 

12-735 Mary NEWMAN (twin) b 5 Oct 1941; md in Salt Lake 
City, Ut. , to Glenn SALT 

12-736 Margaret NEWMAN (twin) b 5 Oct 1941; md in River- 
ton, Ut. , to Bennie RASMUSSEN 

12-737 Carroll NEWMAN 

12-738 John Robert NEWMAN 

12-739 Barbara NEWMAN 

12-740 Sally Jo NEWMAN 

(Info: John M. Chidester, Bell, Ca.) 

11-366 Elna Amanda NEWMAN, dau of Josetta CHIDES- 

TER^^"^^"^ (Willard D^~^^°John M^"^^John p'^'^'^Dav- 
id6-47) ^^^ jqj^j^ Oscar NEWMAN; b 27 Sept 1918, 
Elna, Ida; md 23 Sept 1936, in Logan, Ut., to 
Leslie Carl PABST who was b 1 Aug 1908, Pinckney- 
ville, Perry, Illinois; d 18 July 1975 , Idaho 
Falls, Ida; s of Alvin Casper PABST and Josephine 
Catherine WEBER; and had ch: 

12-742 John Alvin PABST b 31 Dec 1940, Salt Lake City, Ut 
12-743 Reva Darlene PABST b 6 June 1942, Boise, Ida; d 

7 Mar 1974; md Duane WHITE 
12-744 Carl Don PABST b 17 Mar 1948, Idaho Falls, Ida; 

md 12 June 1971, to Donna FERRELL 

Elna md (2) Mr. Duain GRAY. 

(Info: Elna Pabst Gray, Idaho Falls, Ida.) 



11-367 Allen Ross ARTHUR Jr. s of Christa CHIDES- 

^gj^lO-168 (wiiiard D^"^^°John M^'^^John p'^'^'^Dav- 


) and Allen Ross ARTHUR; b 22 Apr 1931, 

Gilroy, Santa Clara, Cal; md 3 Apr 1949, in Tia- 

juana, Mexico, to Nedra Arden BROUSSEAU who was b 

9 May 1931, Los Angeles, Cal; dau of George Conrad 

BROUSSEAU and Elizabeth Leona CLARK; and have ch: 

12-745 Allen Ross ARTHUR III b 8 Mar 1950, Lynwood, Cal; 

md 22 June 1970, at Yuma, Arizona, to Christine 

BABOFF; and has a dau: 

(1) Tiffani Ann ARTHUR b 23 Apr 1971 
12-746 Wren Darwin ARTHUR b 3 Mar 1951; Huntington Park, 

Cal; d 18 May 1953. 

Born in Gilroy, Calif., the first son of Allen 
Ross Arthur Sr. and Christa Chidester, I attended 
school, elementary and high school, in South Gate, 
Cal. Also, one year of Junior College in Compton. I 
attended the Walnut Park Ward until my marriage and we 
moved away from that area. 

I was married to Nedra Arden BROUSSEAU and we 
have two sons. We had the misfortune of losing our 
second son. 

I worked in partnership with my father in the 
livestock business in the Inperial Valley the first 
few years of my marriage, then I started in the live- 
stock transportation, in a business of my own. It grew 
to be quite prosperous, but I decided I would like to 
haul commodities as well as livestock, so I sold the 
Allen Arthur Transportation business and bought another 
business and named it the Thunderbird Freight Lines. 
This grew to be a very prosperous business, grossing 
$16 million per year. It was sold to Delta in 1975. 

Today I reside in Newport Beach, Cal., with my 
wife Nedra and I am currently a major owner of Del 
Taco Fast Food Co. I am still active in the cattle 
feeding business. 

My hobbies consist of boating and fishing and 
entertaining my grand daughter Tiffani. 

(Allen Ross Arthur, Newport Beach, Cal.) 

11-36 8 Evan Chidester ARTHUR, s of Christa CHIDES- 

TER (Willard D John M John P Dav- 
id6-47) and Allen Ross ARTHUR Sr; b 26 Apr 1943, 


Huntington Park, Cal; md 3 June 1967 in Oakland, 
Cal., LDS Temple, to Carol Morse BUNTING who was b 
21 Aug 1946, Colusa, Cal; dau of James Carroll 
BUNTING and Barbara Jean CONRAD; and had ch b in 
Phoenix , Arizona: 

12-747 Kimberly Gay ARTHUR b 20 Mar 1969 
12-748 Evan Shane ARTHUR b 5 Feb 1972 
12-749 James Ross ARTHUR b 15 Aug 1973 

Evan Chidester Arthur graduated from Brigham Young 
University in Provo, Ut. He was called to a mission in 
Central America for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter 
Day Saints. Before his term was completed he contract- 
ed yellow jaundice and was sent home to recuperate. 
Regaining his health he spent the balance of his mission 
time in New Mexico. 

(Info: Mrs. Christa C. Arthur, Huntington Park, Cal) 

11-372 Florence Edna JOHNSON, dau of Carrie M. 

BARR-'-^""'"^ ^Carrie G. CHIDESTER^~-'-'*^Wm N^'-'-^^Eras- 

. ^7-50„.,,. 6-44^.^^. 5-29„.-,,. 4-12^ -^3-2 
tus Wxlliam_ William William David 

James^-ljames-'- ) and John Roscoe JOHNSON; b 26 

Aug 1907; md 16 May 1937, Gene McCABE who was b 

9 Oct 1910, Putnam Co., Missouri; and had ch b 

in Fairfield, Jefferson, Iowa: 

*12-750 Richard Lee McCABE b 31 Oct 1937; md Mary Ellen 

12-751 Ann Louise McCABE b 28 Mar 1939; md (1) 28 Aug 
1958, in Fairfield, Iowa, to Ronald Lee SCHLORBAUM 
who was b 16 Mar 1936, Fairfield, Iowa; s of Emmett 
SCHLORBAUM and Caldone GRIFFITH; and had ch : 

(1) Douglas Duane SCHLORBAUM b 1 Oct 1959, Tachikawa,,, 

(2) Dennis Dane SCHLORBAUM b 8 Apr 1961, Tachikawa. 
Ann Louise McCabe md (2) 25 Dec 1971, James WILSON. s 
of Claude C. WILSON and Florence JOHNSON . They were 
md at Estes Park, Colo. 

12-752 Carol Jean McCABE b 24 Sept 1940; md 20 Jan 1961 
Donald A. WRIGHT 
\ 12-753 John Michael McCABE b 23 Oct 1943; md 29 Dec 1966 

in Memphis, Missouri, to Gloria Kay GIDEON who was b 
17 Sept 1940, Ottumwa, Iowa; dau of Ernest GIDEON and 




and Olive CRIST. Gloria was md (1) 31 Oct 1958, 
in Floris, Iowa, to Gary COLEMAN, who was b 5 Dec 
1937, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa; s of Stephen COLEMAN and 
Iva YOUNG; and had ch: 

(1) Christine DiAna COLEMAN b 5 Oct 1961 

(2) Marshall Ray COLEMAN b 22 Apr 1964 

(Info: Mrs. Florence E. J. McCABE Fairfield, Iowa.) 

11-373 Karl Barr JOHNSON, s of Carrie M. BARR-'"^"-'-^^ 

(Carrie G. CHIDESTER^"-'-^ ^William N^~ Erastus 

William^""* ^Williain^"^^Williain'*"-'-^David-^"^James^~-^ 
James^"-'-) and John Roscoe JOHNSON; b 8 Sept 1912; 
md 14 Feb 1946, in South Gate, Cal., to Joy Inez 
WORMINGTONy who was b 14 Feb 1920, Ada, Oklahoma; 
dau of Len Debray WORMINGTON and Ida Gertrude 
HOPPER; and had ch b in Lynwood, Cal: 

12-754 John Roscoe JOHNSON b 28 May 1948 
12-755 Joyce Marie JOHNSON b 30 Sept 1949; md 1 Sept 
1971, in Corona Del Mar, Cal., to Bryan Lewis CRAM 
who was b 9 Mar 1947, Dickinson, North Dakota; s 
of Clarence Paul CRAM and Marjorie Irene SADLER. 
Bryan CRAM received his bachelor's degree from 
Westmar College in Clemars, Iowa majoring in math 
and physics. While in school he sang with the 
Chorale and was able to tour Europe with that 
group after his graduation in 1969. He attended 
Air Force officer ' s training school at Lackland Air 
Force Base, San Antonio, Texas, then in Sept 1970 
returned to school at New Mexico Institute of Mining 
and Technology, receiving his master's degree in 
1972. He then went to work at the Naval Ordnance 
Station in Indian Head, Maryland, with emphasis on 
Internal Ballistics and studying Science Administ- 
ration . 

Joyce Marie JOHNSON graduated from Western High 
School , South Gate , Cal . , with Academic Honors ; 
a member of the National Honor Society; a Californ- 
ia Gold Seal Bearer; and with a scholarship from 
National Merit Scholarship Fund; attended Univers- 
ity of California at Santa Barbara from 1967 to 
1969; moved to San Francisco to sell encyclopedias 
for a year, returning to Santa Barbcira to graduate 
in March 1973, cum laude. Applied to law schools and 
chose to go to Catholic University of America, Wash- 
ington, D.C., graduating in 1976 and returning to 


California to take the Bar exam. (Info: Joyce M. J. 

Cram, Washington, D. C.) 
12-756 Joan Mae JOHNSON 30 Sept 1949 (twin) 
12-757 Jean Karlene JOHNSON b 23 Aug 1951 

In World War II Karl was inducted, 2 3 Aug 194 3, at 
Ft. McArthur, Cal; trained with the 9th Army Basic 
Training Unit, March Field and shipped overseas to 
Europe Nov 194 3, where he served as supply clerk with 
Headquarters Division for more than two years. He 
was discharged 15 Jan 1946 with the rank of Seargant. 
His home is Cypress, California. 

(Info: Mrs. Kate B. Stanford, Santa Ana, Ca,) 

11-374 Velma May JOHNSON, dau of Carrie M. BARR-'-^"-'-^^ 

(Carrie G. CHIDESTER^'-'-^^William N^~-'"^^Erastus^~^° 

6-44 5-29 4-12 3-2 2-1 

William William William David James 

James^"!) and John Roscoe JOHNSON: b 21 Sept 1915, 

Jefferson Co., Iowa; md 5 Sept 1938, in South Gate, 

Cal., to Grover Dale KEELY who was b 29 Sept 1912, 

Franklin, Penn; s of Grover Cleveland KEELY and 

Mary MILSOM; and had ch b in South Gate, Cal: 

12-758 Susan Eileen KEELY b 30 Apr 1942; md 2 June 1962, 
in Oxnard, Cal. , to Rupert Wayne ODGERS who was b 7 
Aug 1936, Butte, Mont; s of Rupert Archibald ODGERS 
and Nellie Belle WYATT; and had ch b in Oxnard, Cal: 

(1) David Wayne ODGERS b 10 Nov 1963 

(2) Darren Keith ODGERS b 30 Mar 1967 
12-759 Mary Ellen KEELY b 15 May 1946 

(Info: Mrs. Grover D. Keely, Oxnard, Cal) 

11-276 Keith Russell LAUGHLIN, s of Martha E. 

BARR-'-^"-'-^^ (Carrie G. CHIDESTER^'-'-'^^William N^""""^^ 

^ 7-50„.,,. 6-44„.TT. 5-29„.,,. 4-12 
Erastus William William William 

David"^~^James^~"''James-''~-'-) andPaul Russell LAUGHLIN; 
b 19 Jan 1914, Fairfield, Iowa; md 8 Feb 1946, in 
Los Angeles, Cal., to Helen RICHARD who was b 11 
Dec 1917; and had ch: 

12-760 Nan Jeanne LAUGHLIN b 26 Nov 1946, Los Angeles, 
Cal; md 6 Jan 1968, in Gustine, Cal., to Thomas 



BUNKER who was b 29 Aug 1940, Gustine, Cal; and had ch 
b in Gustine, Merced, Cal: 

(1) Susan Marie BUNKER b 17 Jan 1969 

(2) Patrick Edwin BUNKER b 24 Jan 1970 

(3) Kathleen Marie BUNKER b 27 Apr 1972 
12-761 David Keith LAUGHLIN b 11 May 1948 Los Angeles, 

Cal: md 21 Dec 1967, in Menominge, Mich., to 
Roberta CRESSON who was b 12 Oct 1948, Peoria, 111; 
and had ch: 

(1) David Keith LAUGHLIN Jr. b 29 Oct 1968, Oakland, 

(2) Misty Ann LAUGHLIN b 14 Oct 1969, Berkley, Cal. 
12-762 Dianne Margaret LAUGHLIN b 24 July 1949, Los Angeles 
12-763 Paul Richard LAUGHLIN b 9 Apr 1953, San Fernando, Cal 
12-764 Michael Dean LAUGHLIN b 9 Feb 1958, Sun Valley, Cal 

(Info: Mrs. Keith R. Laughlin, Sepulveda, Cal) 

11-378 Pauline LAUGHLIN, dau of Martha E. BARR-'"^"-'-^ '^ 

Q-1 4Q 8-1 Ti 7-Sf) 

(Carrie G. CHIDESTER William N Erastus 

Jamesl"!) and Paul Russell LAUGHLIN; b 29 June 
1907; md 2 3 Aug 1961, Theodore HARRINGTON who was 
b 11 May 1901, Houghton, Mich; and had ch b in 
Chicago, 111: 

12-765 Theodore HARRINGTON Jr. b 2 Oct 1934; md (1) 23 
July 1956, Joan KERN (div) ; md (2) 21 Dec 1972 
Margie ATKIN 

12-766 (Peggy ) Margaret Ann HARRINGTON b 1 Apr 1936; 
md 30 Dec 1955, Harold BERNARD; and had ch: 

(1) Lori BERNARD b 14 July 1956 

(2) Sheri BERNARD b 10 Mar 1959 

(3) Cindy BERNARD b 17 Oct 1965 

(Info: Mrs. Kate B. Stanford, Santa Ana, Cal) 

11-380 Carl Raymond STANFORD, s of Adda Kate BARR 

(Carrie G. CHIDESTER^'-'-^^William N^~"'""^^Erastus ~^° 

„.,,. 6-44„.TT. 5-29„.,,. 4-12^ -^3-2^ 2-1 

William William William David James 

Jamesl-1) and Carl Reno STANFORD; b 10 Dec 1911, 

Brookville, (Fairfield,) Jefferson, Iowa; md (1) 

18 Aug 1941, Marta VITELLA; and had ch : 

12-768 Steven Allen STANFORD b 21 Nov 1942, Los Angeles, 


Cal; md in 1966 at Palm Springs, Cal., to Mary Lou 
BENNETT who was b 15 Apr 1948, Montana; and had ch: 
(1) Steven Elliott STANFORD b 3 Aug 1968, Anchor- 
age, Alaska 

Carl and Marta were divorced and Carl md (2) 14 Feb 1950, in a 
church at Lake Arrowhead, Cal., to Jeanette (Jean) CROTEAO who 
was b 10 June 1926, Calgare, Canada; dau of Antonio I. CROTEAU 
and Maria Ange LACHANCE; and had ch: 

12-769 Timothy Blake STANFORD b 24 Apr 1951, Indio, Cal; 
md 27 June 1970, in Indio, Cal., to Jerilynne Sue NORI^- 

IS who was b 12 Jan 1952, Ness, Arizona; dau of 
William Clark NORRIS and Patricia Carolyn NORRIS; and 
had ch: 

(1) Deanna Michelle STANFORD b 21 Nov 1973, Palm 
Springs, Cal. 
12-770 Thomas Micheal STANFORD b 8 Apr 1952, Indio, Cal; 
12-771 Terrence Gregory STANFORD b 10 Apr 1953, Indio, Cal 
12-772 Jonathan Tobias STANFORD b 23 Oct 1954, Indi9,Cal; 
md 10 Dec 1970, in Las Vegas, Nev. , to Linda Lee JONES 
who was b 20 Nov 1955, Indio, Cal; dau of Johnny 
Dennis JONES and Donna Jean CONNER; and had ch b in 
Palm Springs, Cal: 

(1) Christina Jean STANFORD b 7 Apr 1972 

(2) Shana Lee STANFORD b 28 Sept 1973, 

12-773 Tina Susanne STANFORD b 18 Sept 1957, Indo, Cal 

(Info: Mrs. Kate B. Stanford, Santa Ana, Cal) 

11-383 Terence Oscar BARR, s of John N. BARK 

(Carrie G. CHIDESTER^~-'"'^^William N ~ Erastus 

Jamesl-l) and Nina W. STEVER; b 10 Aug 1914, 
Libertyville, Iowa; md 19 Aug 1939, Huntington Park, 
Cal., to Gertrude Gladys LENNEN who was b 16 Oct 
1921, Protection, Comanche, Kansas; dau of Harrison 
Morton LENNEN and Lillie Edna TOBIAS; and had ch: 

12-774 Thomas Lennen BARR b 28 Oct 1940, Huntington Park, 
Cal; md 16 Dec 1961, in Fullerton, Cal., to Janice 
DIXON; dau of Glenford DIXON and Virginia ENGLISH; 
and had ch: 

(1) Michael Terence BARR b 7 Sept 1962 

(2) Julie Diane BARR b 4 Sept 1964 



(3) Laurie BARR b 31 July 1969 
12-775 John Terence BARR b 15 Aug 1943; Long Beach, Cal; 
md 18 Dec 1965, to Carmen Rita NOVOA who was b 1 Apr 
1944, San Luis Obispo, Cal; dau of Leroy NOVOA and 
Isabella; and had ch: 

(1) Michelle Isabell BARR b 28 Oct 1967 

(2) John Terence BARR Jr. b 11 Feb 1973 

12-776 William Harrison BARR b 1 Apr 1950; md 16 June ' 
1973, Nancy Jean HINES. 

Terence Oscar Barr is an electrical contractor. His 
son Thomas is an electrician and John Terence Barr is 
an expert in farm management. 

(Info: Mr. Terence 0. Barr, Grants Pass, Ore.) 

11-3 88 Hulda Lee HOWELL, dau of Ruth I. BARR-'-^"-'-^-'- 

(Carrie G. CHIDESTER^"'^'^ ^William N^'-'-^^Erastus^"^^ 

James-"- ■*■) and Winfield HOWELL; b 31 Dec 1914, 
Fairfield, Iowa; md 16 June 1931 in Long Beach, 
Cal., to Carmie Earl BLANCHARD who was b 16 June 
1910; s of Charles Hinkley BLANCHARD and Angle 
Viola KINMAN; and had ch b in Los Angeles, Ca: 

12-777 Kenneth Lyle BLANCHARD b 6 Oct 1933; md 16 Aug 

1953, to Myriam Margaret SEISSRUTH 
*12-778 Robert Keith BLANCHARD b 7 Dec 1935; md Anna 

Ruth SAPP 
12-779 William Lee BLANCHARD b 17 Oct 1942; md 15 May 

1965, Tone Synnove FOSSAAS who was b 14 Aug 1943, 

San Luis Obispo, Cal; dau of Per FOSSAAS and Mimi 

Otilie FJELL; and had ch: 

(1) Christin Elisabeth BLANCHARD b 11 Feb 1967, 
Dallas, Polk, Oregon 

(2) Lisa Sidsel Rene BLANCHARD b 25 July 1971, West 
Covina, Cal 

Carmie Earl Blanchard joined the U.S. Navy 31 Aug 
1927 at the recruiting station in Des Moines; basic 
training at Naval Training Station, Great Lakes, 111; 
assigned to U.S.S. Pennsylvania 31 Dec 1927 as Seaman 
2nd Class. Sept 30 , 1929, he was assigned to the U.S. 
S. Oklahoma as electricians Mate 3rd class; discharged 
2 June 1931, as Electricians Mate 2nd Class; re-en- 
listed 5 Oct 1932, as Fireman 2nd Class and was assign- 



ed to U.S.S. Battleship Utah (converted to mobile 
target); honorably discharged at San Pedro, Cal. , 
Sept 1936 as Electricians Mate 3rd Class, Character 
of service. Excellent, total length of service for 
both hitches, seven years seven months twenty five 
days; monthly pay $66.00. 

Carmie has been employed with Pacific Gas and 
Electric Company, San Francisco, Cal., since 1952. 
He is a field engineer A Station Test Group, super- 
vising this department at Diablo Canyon Atomic Plant. 

(Info: Mrs. Kate B. STANFORD, Santa Ana, Ca,) 

11-389 Robert Marion HOWELL, s of Ruth I. BARR-'"^"-'-^"'' 

Carrie G. CHIDESTER^"-'"'^^William N^~-'-^^Erastus^~^° 

6-44 5-29 4-12 3-2 2-1 

William William^ ^^William^ •^'^David-^ '^James 

James^"^) and Winfield W. HOWELL; b 3 June 1916, 

Fairfield, Iowa; md 1 Jan 1936, in Christian Church 

Peco, Los Angeles, Cal., to LaDanta Evelyn WHITE 

who was b 30 Sept 1917, Cherokee, Oklahoma; dau of 

Robert Ray WHITE and Leona Marie JENKENSON; and 

had ch b in Los Angeles, Ca: 

*12-780 Helen Rae Dene HOWELL b 29 Nov 1936; md Harley 

*12-781 Evelyn Lee HOWELL b 7 Nov 1939; md James D.DONNELLY 

(Info: Mrs, Robert Howell, Cottonwood, Cal) 

11-391 Shirley Eileen THOMAS, dau of Volney e''-^"''"^"^ 

(Flora M. CHIDESTER ^""'■^^William N^'-'-^^Erastus^"^^ 

6-44 5-29 4-11 "^-9 9-1 

William^ ^^William^ ^^William^ ■^■^David'* "^James^ ^ 

James^ -•■) and Florence May YOUNG; b 3 June 1922, 
Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada; md 6 June 1942, in St 
Vital, Manitoba, Canada, to James Robertson WILLIAM- 
SON who was b 3 Feb 1916, Winnepeg, Canada; s of 
Robert WILLIAMSON and Jessie SUTHERLAND; and had ch 
b in Winnepeg, Canada: 

12-782 Robert Earl WILLIAMSON b 12 Sept 1947; md 2 Oct 
1971, Gail Susan BEARDSLEY who was b 1 Nov 1950, 
Winnepeg; and had ch: 

(1) Jennifer Leigh WILLIAMSON b 13 Apr 1973, St. 
Boniface, Manitoba, Canada 



12-783 Glennis Jean WILLIAMSON b 1 Sept 1950; md 15 
Sept 1972, Douglas Nicol ABRA who was b 1 Apr 1947, 
Wirmepeg , Canada . 

12-784 Murray James WILLIAMSON b 6 July 1957 

James Robertson Williamson was the son of 
Scottish immigrants. his father, Robert having been 
born in Edinburg, Scotland, and his mother Jessie 
Sutherland born in Thurso, Scotland. 

(Info: Mrs. J. R. Williamson, Winnepeg, Canada.) 



12-3 Thomas Howard CHIDESTER, s of LaClaire H"'--'-"^^ 

(Adalbert B^°"^^Alban^"^^David S^'^'^John P ^"^^ 
David6-47) and Florence Jean TEAL; b 24 Nov 1927, 
Columbus, Ohio; md 10 June 1956, in Columbus, O. , 
to Emily Anne ROGGENKAMP who was b 29 Oct 1933, 
Columbus, Ohio; dau of Carl Henry ROGGENKAMP 
and Zella WULFF; and had ch b in Columbus, Ohio: 

13-1 Paul Hale CHIDESTER b 4 Nov 1958 

13-2 William Thomas CHIDESTER b 29 Aug 1960 

Thomas H. Chidester served in the U.S. Army 1951-3. 
The family is non-denominational Protestant. 

(Info: Thomas H. Chidester, Columbus, Ohio) 

12-4 Mary Claire CHIDESTER, dau of LaClaire H''""''"^^ 

(Adelbert B Alban David S John P 

David^"'*') and Florence Jean TEAL; b 24 May 1930, 
Columbus, Ohio; md 29 Oct 1949, in Greenup, Ken- 
tucky, to Charles Daniel ACKLEY who was b 21 
July 1927, Athens, Ohio; s of Autmer ACKLEY and 
Fluorine Ethel SMITH; and had ch: 

13-3 Laura Lee ACKLEY b 15 Jan 1952, Columbus, Ohio 
13-4 David Autmer ACKLEY b 20 Dec 1955, Bryan, Ohio 
13-5 Carolyn Jean ACKLEY b 29 July 1957, Dayton, Ohio 

(Info: Charles D. Ackley, Dayton, Ohio) 

12-5 Ruth Eunice CHIDESTER, dau of LaClaire H"*--^"^^ 

(Adelbert B Alban David S John P 

David^"'*'^) and Florence Jean TEAL; b 3 Sept 1932, 
Columbus, Ohio; md 10 June 19 55, in Columbus, 
Ohio, to Benjamin Mitchell KRAMER who was b 15 
Mar 1932, Mansfield, Richland, Ohio; s of Ben- 
jamin Wesley KRAMER and Julia Margaret MITCHELL: 
and had ch: 

13-6 Douglas Wesley KRAMER b 3 Apr 1957, Columbus, Ohio 
13-7 Cynthia KRAMER 
13-10 Bradley KRAMER 

(Info: Mrs. Mary C. Ackley, Dayton , Ohio) 


12-6 Augustus Benjamin CHIDESTER, s of Dr. Augustus 

„ 11-60 ,^, ,, ^ „10-96^T, 9-97^ . , e8-84^ , 
B. (Adalbert B Alban David S John 

P^-STpavid^ ') and Carol Luie BULLOCK; b 19 Sept 
1924, Syracuse, New York; md 5 Aug 1950, in Kenmore 
N.Y., at the Cato, New York Presbyterian Church, 
to Joan Gertrude BAUER who was b 30 Mar 192 8, 
Buffalo, N.Y; dau of John Frederick BAUER and Gert- 
rude Irene LYON; and had ch b in Auburn, New York: 

13-11 Susan Bauer CHIDESTER b 22 Dec 1951; md 3 July 1976, 
William George HILL who was b 1 July 1955, Buffalo, N.Y; 
s of Jack Gardner HILL and Jo Anne FOSTER 
13-12 Julia Mary CHIDESTER b 3 July 1953; md 28 June 1977, 
Jacob Henry CAPLICK who was b 26 July 1955; s of Robert 
Leslie CAPLICK and Anna RAISER 
13-13 Augustus Benjamin CHIDESTER b 10 Jan 1955 
13-14 Philip Lyon CHIDESTER b 3 May 1956 
13-15 Thomas Bauer CHIDESTER b 22 Oct 1957 
13-16 James Bullock CHIDESTER b 10 Nov 1958 
Augustus B. Chidester Jr. was educated at Lakemont Acad- 
emy, Genesee Jr. College, Lima, N.Y; was a pharmacist 
mate in the U.S. Naval Air Force, having enlisted in 
Sept 1963. 

(Info: Dr. Augustus B. Chidester, Hendersonville , N,C,) 

12-7 Nancy Carol CHIDESTER, dau of Augustus B-'--'-"^^ 

t^^ iu 4. nlO-96^,, 9-97^ . , ^8-84^ . ^.7-57^ -^6-47, 
(Adelbert B Alban David S John P David ) 

and Carol Luie BULLOCKl b 14 May 192 8; md 28 Dec 

194 9, in Auburn, New York, to Kenneth Alden MAIN who 

was b 19 Aug 192 7, Ridgewood, New Jersey; s of Charles 

Edward MAIN and Laura DEXHEIMER; and had ch: 

13-17 Steven Charles MAIN b 12 Nov 1956, Dayton, Ohio; md 

28 Aug 1973, to Cherry BOOTH 
13-18 David Christopher MAIN b 1 Feb 1953, Ridgewood, N.J 
13-19 Laura MAIN b 30 Oct 1955, Watertown, N.Y. 
13-20 Alden Kenneth MAIN b 27 Dec 1956, Watertown, N.Y; 

d 26 Mar 1957 
13-21 Kenneth Alden MAIN b 10 May 1958, Watertown, N.Y; 

Nancy Chidester was in her fourth year of college when 
she married Kenneth Alden MAIN who was a graduate of 
West Point, with Lieutenant rating. Kenneth worked for 
Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, as assistant 
plant manager; then assistant manager. New York Air 
Brake Co., Watertown, N.Y; plant manager, New York Air 



Kalamazoo, Mich; and in 1968 was vice president of 
Rucker Co., Oakland, California. 

(Info: Dr. Augustus B. Chidester, Hendersonville , N.C) 

12-10 Millard Fillmore BRIMMER Jr., s of Mary Elizabeth 

CHIDESTER-'--'-"^-'- (Adelbert B^°'^^Alban^"^^David S^'^^ 

John P^'^^David^"'*^) and Millard Fillmore BRIMMER; b 
7 Dec 1930, Watertown, Jefferson, New York; md 24 
June 1954, in Watertown, N.Y, , to Patricia Diane 
LEONARD who was b 20 Aug 1930, Pulaski, Oswego, N.Y: 
dau of James A. LEONARD and Ellen GP.EENE; and had ch: 

13-22 Patricia Diane BRIMMER (adopted) b 21 June 1955, 

Newport, Rhode Island. 
13-23 Ellen Elizabeth BRIMMER b 1 Nov 1956, Norfolk, Va. 
13-24 John Leonard BRIMMER b 11 Jan 1958 
13-25 Charles Bryce BRIMMER b 12 Feb 1961; d Oct 1961 

(Info: Mrs. Mary E. Munro, Watertown, N.Y.) 

12-11 Grace Ellen CHIDESTER, dau of Joseph L."'--'-"^^ 

(Adelbert B Alban David S John P 

David6-47) and Carrabelle WHITAKER; b 1 June 1932, 
Dexter, Jefferson, N.Y; md 14 June 1952, in Teaneck, 
Bergen, N. J. , to George Leslie GODFREY who was b 12 
Apr 1927, Brooklyn, Kings, N.Y; s of Charles Leslie 
GODFREY and Elizabeth EDWARDS; and had ch b in Bergen 
Co., New Jersey: 

13-26 Charles Leslie GODFREY b 12 May 1953 

13-27 David Lance GODFREY b 17 July 1954 

13-28 George Russell GODFREY b 7 Nov 1959 

13-29 Sue Ellen GODFREY b 18 Apr 1967 

(Info: Dr. A. B. Chidester, Hendersonville, N.C.) 

1 1 _g2 
12-12 Joanne Carol CHIDESTER, dau of Joseph L 

(Adelbert^O-^^Alban^-^'^David S^'^^John P^'^'^David^-^^) 
and Carrabelle WHITAKER; b 19 Sept 1934, Auburn, N.Y? 
md 12 Oct 1957, in Hackensack, N. J. , to George Francis 
HURLEY who was b 5 Dec 1926, Brockton, Plymouth, Mass; 
s of Frank Leonard HURLEY and Lily CHADWICK; George 
HURLEY is a manufacturing representative. Ch of Joanne 
and George : 


13-30 Kimberly Ann HURLEY b 8 Mar 1960, New York City, N.Y. 
13-31 Glenn Bradford HURLEY b 10 Aug 1961, Morristown, N.J. 
13-32 Joanne Carol HURLEY b 9 Dec 1963, Morristown, N.J. 

(Info: George F. Hurley, Parsippany, N.J.) 

12-23 Theodore Carlyle CHIDESTER, s of Theodore"'--'-"^'^ 

.^ , ^10-103^ , „9-102^ , K>,8-85^ . „7-57^ •/i6-47. 
(John F John P John M John P David ) 

and Ida Josephine SARGENT; b 21 Dec 1900, Panguitch, 

Garfield, Utah; d 4 June 1962, San Diego, California; 

md 21 Oct 1926, in Salt Lake City, Ut. , to Rhoda Emma 

(Ann) POULSON who was b 8 Nov 1901, Provo, Ut ; dau 

of Charles Hilding POULSON and Lucy Mary WOFFENDEN: 

and had ch: 

*13-33 Charles Poulson CHIDESTER b 25 Aug 1927, Mt. Pleasant, 

Utah; md (1) Joyce PARKINSON: md (2) Joann YORK: md (3) 

13-34 Rhoda Ann CHIDESTER b 3 July 1932, Provo, Ut. 
13-35 Orville John CHIDESTER b 29 Apr 1936, Murray, Ut. 
md Sherril HUGHES and had ch: 

(!)_ Tristan CHIDESTER b 25 Oct 1954 
13-36 Erma Lucy CHIDESTER b 23 May 1937, Taylorsville, Ut. 

Theodore (Ted) Carlyle CHIDESTER grew up and was educated- 
in the southern Utah town of Panguitch. He taught school 
for a short time, saved his money and decided to go east 
to study pharmacy. Working part time to put himself 
through school, he managed to graduate and returned to 
Utah to practice his profession. He was manager of 
Greenhalgh Pharmacy in Salt Lake for many years , moving 
eventually to San Diego to manage a drug store there. 
It was while attending pharmacy school that he met 
Rhoda POULSON who was in Pennsylvania on a mission for 
the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. After 
their various returns to Salt Lake City, they courted 
and married. 

(Info: Mrs. Rhoda Chidester, Tucson, Arizona.) 

12-24 Myron Lionel CHIDESTER, s of Theodore "''■'""^'^ 

,_ , „10-103^ , ^9-102^ , K,8-85^ , t,7-57^ •^6-47, 
(John F John P John M John P David ) 

and Ida Josephine SARGENT; b 28 July 1902, Panguitch, 

Ut; d 16 Apr 1960, Salt Lake City, Ut; md 10 June 

1927, in Salt Lake City, Ut. , to Bessie Bell OTT who 

was b 22 Dec 1907, Tropic, Garfield, Ut; dau of 

Richard OTT and Christie Bell JOLLY: and had ch : 



*13-37 Joyce CHIDESTER b 18 Mar 1928, Salt Lake City, Ut; 
md Lawrence Cannon HINMAN 
13-38 Annette CHIDESTER b 11 Apr 1933, Panguitch, Ut; md 
31 Aug 1954, in Las Vegas, Clark, Nevada, Ralph CARO 
who was b 5 Nov 1930, Santa Clara, California; s of 
Ralph and Juanita CARO: and had ch b in San Jose, Cal: 

(1) Forest Jon CARO b 19 Oct 1961 

(2) Wendy Louise CARO b 8 June 1963 

13-39 Kay CHIDESTER b 13 Mar 1940, Salt Lake City, Ut; md 
(1) 20 Feb 1960, Dale Rogers PRICE who was b 1935, and 
d 22 June 1963. 

Kay md (2) 20 July 1965, in Elko, Nevada, Leslie Ray 
NICHOLS who was b 11 Nov 1936, Bingham, Ut; s of 
Ernest R. NICHOLS and Caroline Edith GEORGE. 

Cinfo: Mrs. Bessie O. CHIDESTER, Salt Lake City, Ut.) 

1 1 — fi 7 
12-2 5 James Clarence CHIDESTER, s of Theodore 

,^ , ^10-103^ , ^9-102^ , ,,8-85^ , t^^-S?^ ■^6-47, 
(John F John P John M John P David ) 

and Ida Josephine SARGENT; b 24 Oct 1903, Panguitch, 

Ut; d 21 Jan 1966, Salt Lake City, Ut., of a heart 

ailment; md 4 July 1925, in Panguitch, Ut., to Elva 

BRINKERHOFF who was b 20 Jan 1909, Glendale, Kane, Ut; 

d 7 Sept 1969, Tucson, Ariz; dau of Silas BRINKERHOFF 

and Clara CUTLER; and had ch : 

*13-40 James Junior CHIDESTER b 1 Jan 1928, Richfield, Ut; 
md Jessie Louise BEEBE 
13-41 Female ch stillborn 8 Nov 1929, Richfield, Ut. 
13-42 Rafael Brinkerhoff CHIDESTER b 21 Sept 1931, Junction, 
Piute, Ut; md 16 Oct 1953, in Roosevelt, Ut. , to Joyce 
HALL v^o was b 5 Aug 1935, Cedarview, Ut; dau of 
David LeRoy HALL and Fawn J. ANDERSON; and had ch b 
in Salt Lake City, Ut : 

CD Gregory Ray CHIDESTER b 14 Nov 1954 
(2) James Christien CHIDESTER b 16 July 1957 
James Clarence (Clare) CHIDESTER, received his education 
in the Panguitch schools; was a member of the LDS church 
and attended to his church duties. He was a farmer and 
rancher for many years, owning and operating a farm in 
Junction, Ut. , for some years, then moving to his farm 
in Roosevelt, Duchesne, Utah. He was a member of the 
Roosevelt police force for eleven years. After retiring 
from the police force, he sold the farm and moved to Salt 
Lake City where he owned a cafe for a few years until his 
health failed him. 


A charitable and generous man, no one ever left his 
home hungry and needy. He took in a number of boys and 
raised them. He was a good man, husband and father and 
was always so good to his parents, brothers and sister. 

(Info and story: Mrs, Ida S. Chidester, Panguitch, Ut.) 

12-26 Loris Elton CHIDESTER, s of Theodore''""'""^^ (John 

^10-103^ . „9-102^ , .,8-85, , t^7-57^ -^6-47, , 
F John P John M John P David ) and 

Ida Josephine SARGENT; b 10 Nov 1905, Panguitch, Ut; 

md 3 June 192 6, in Manti, Utah, to Hilda ORTON who was 

b 17 Apr 1908, Panguitch, Ut; dau of Henry S. ORTON 

and Elizabeth LINFORD; and had ch b in Panguitch, 


13-43 Dee L. CHIDESTER b 7 Oct 1927; md 4 Jiine 1951, in 
Fredonia, Coconino, Arizona, to Drexel RIDDLE who was 
b 14 Mar 1926, Escalante, Garfield, Ut; dau of Henry 
Romine RIDDLE and Cecelia PORTER; and had ch: 

CD Robert Romine CHIDESTER b 26 Dec 1948, Richfield, 

(2) Jo Ann CHIDESTER b 23 Feb 1952, Panguitch, Ut. 
13-44 Arthur Ray CHIDESTER b 1 Jan 1930; md 8 Sept 1955, 
in St. Goerge, Ut. , to Dorothy Ann COOPER who was b 2 Oct 
1935, Panguitch, Ut; dau of George Nathan COOPER and 
Cora Arvilla CRANDALL: and had ch: 

(1) Arthur Brad CHIDESTER b 13 Dec 1956, Salt Lake City 

(2) Lorraine CHIDESTER b 2 July 1959, Panguitch, Ut. 
13-45 Theodore Henry CHIDESTER b 27 Apr 1936; md 18 July 

1955, St. George, Ut. , to Shirley Ann MILLER who was b 
5 June 1916, Panguitch, Ut; dau of Wallace MILLER and 
Willameta OWENS; and had ch: 

(1) Bret Theodore CHIDESTER b 13 Jan 1958, Panguitch, Ut. 

(2) Julia CHIDESTER b 17 Apr 1959, Riverside, Cal. 
13-46 Lola CHIDESTER b 24 May 1939; md 18 Sept 1957, in 

St. George, Ut. , to Earl Carvel HENRIE who was b 28 Sept 
1938, Panguitch, U t; s of J. Carvel HENRIE and Shirley 
TEBBS; and had ch b in Panguitch, Ut: 

(1) Dennis Lee HENRIE b 16 Sept 1958 

(2) Jill HENRIE b 5 Mar 1961 

(Info: Mr.s Hilda O. Chidester, Panguitch, Ut.) 



11 — 67 
12-27 John "F" CHIDESTER, s of Theodore (John 

plO-lO^john p5-102j^^^ M8-85john P^'^^David^-^^) and 
Ida Josephine SARGENT; b 30 May 1915, Panguitch, Ut; 
md 2 Apr 1935, in St. George, Ut., to Kate "B" SMITH 
who was b 29 Jan 1915, Circleville, Piute, Utah; dau 
of Thomas William Henry SMITH and Hannah Daphne BARTON; 
and had ch b in Panguitch, Utah: 

*13-47 John "F" CHIDESTER b 1 Apr 1939; md Mary Kathryn HENRIE 
13-48 Tanya CHIDESTER b 16 Feb 1942; md 18 Aug 1960, in 
Panguitch, Ut. , to Jerold George HENRIE who was b 7 July 
1939, Panguitch, Ut; s of George Champ HENRIE and 
Neucile BOYTER; and had ch: 

(1) Lisa Marie HENRIE b 6 Apr 1962, Honolulu, Hawaii 

(2) Jerold Bart HENRIE b 14 Oct 1964, Panguitch, Ut. 
*13-49 Dan Smith CHIDESTER b 19 Jan 1944; md Mildred Del ROSE 

13-50 Beth CHIDESTER b 8 Sept 1947; md 12 Jan 1970, in the 
St. George, Ut. , Temple, to Roger Allen FOISY who was b 
26 Mar 1948, Richfield, Ut; s of Allen Edward FOISY and 
Alice Virginia COX; and had ch: 

(1) Brian Roger FOISY b 5 Sept 1972, Logan, Ut. 

13-51 Lionel Trent CHIDESTER b 8 June 1956 

Cinfo: Mrs. John "F" CHIDESTER, Grantsville, Ut.) 

12-2 8 Lorena CHIDESTER, dau of Theodore (John 

„10-103^ , „9-102^ . ,,8-85^ , o7-57^ -^6-47, , 

F John P John M John P David ) and 

Ida Josephine SARGENT; b 27 Apr 1922, Panguitch, Ut; 

md 6 Apr 1943, in St, George, Utah., to Vernile Emerson 

GRIFFIN who was b 31 July 1914, Escalante, Ut ; s of 

Orion Henry GRIFFIN and Dora Elizabeth ROE; and had 

ch b in Salt Lake City, Ut: 

13-52 Paul Vernile GRIFFIN b 18 Mar 1945; md 30 Sept 1971, 
Donna Elaine NOFFSINGER; and had ch b in Salt Lake City: 

(1) Brian Paul GRIFFIN b 10 July 1972 

(2) Jamie Ann GRIFFIN b 5 Mar 1976 
13-53 Susan GRIFFIN b 23 July 1948 

13-54 Janice GRIFFIN b 28 Mar 1952; md 9 Sept 1971, to 
Roger S. WILLIS; and had ch b in Salt Lake City, Utah: 

(1) Laura WILLIS b 21 Dec 1972 

(2) Rebecca WILLIS b 23 Nov 1975 

(3) Emily WILLIS b 1 Apr 1977 

13-55 Dale LaMont GRIFFIN b 8 June 1956; md 16 Mar 1973, in 
Salt Lake City, Ut. , to Janalee MEADS who was b 24 June 


1957, Salt Lake City, Ut; dau of Lee MEADS and 
Janice Elizabeth HALGKEEN; and had ch : 

O.) Jeffery Dale GRIFFIN b 4 Oct 1973, Aurora, Denver, 

(2) Connie Lee GRIFFIN b 8 Oct 1975, Salt Lake City, 
Dale and Janalee were divorced 20 May 1976 and Janalee md 
C2] 18 Feb 1977, in Salt Lake City, Ut. , to Kim PETERSON 

Lorena served for several years as secretary of the 
CHIDESTER Family Organization in Utah, and as program 
chairman. During her efficient operation attendance at 
the reunions grew and the files were enlarged and 
brought up to date. Her home is run just as efficiently. 
Her husband, Vernile, has served a number of years as 
Bishop of the ward in which they live and as high coun- 
cilman in the stake. The two eldest children have both 
served missions for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter 
Day Saints, Paul going to the Southern States Mission 
and Susan to Taiwan as a health missionary. 

(Info: Lorena C. Griffin, Salt Lake City, Ut.) 

12-29 Thelma Chidester, dau of John N"'--'-"^^ (John 

„10-103^ ^ ^9-102^ , K,8-85^ , ^1-51^ . ,6-47. , 

F John P John M John P David ) and 

Mary Elizabeth WORKMAN; b 17 Jan 1907, Panguitch, 

Garfield, Ut; md 15 June 1927, in Salt Lake City, 

Ut. , to Elmer Clarence ANDERSON who was b 3 Mar 1902, 

Salt Lake City, Ut; s of Eric Arvid ANDERSON and 

Lydia Alfreda SUNDIN; and had ch : 

*13-56 Elmer Chidester ANDERSON b 9 May 1928, Salt Lake City, 

Ut; md Joan Pearl KIBRE 
*13-57 John Delmon ANDERSON b 22 July 1930, Danville, Knox, 

Ohio; md (1) Rosalyn Cecilia ROSTEN; md (2) Jo Ann 

*13-58 Mary ANDERSON b 29 May 1935, Salt Lake City, Ut; md 

John Henry HUFFMAN 
*13-59 Keith Eric ANDERSON b 29 Dec 1939, Salt Lake City, Ut; 

md Marilyn Jeanette PETERSON. 

Close family relationships in her youth gave Thelma 
CHIDESTER a keen appreciation of heritage and ancestry. 
Living closely with her mother's people and working with 
her mother on the Workman family records taught her gen- 
ealogical research. In her early teens her Mother bought 
a typewriter for her and said, "You must learn to type 
so you can be the recorder of the information we find 
about our family!" After that, her summers and free time 


during the school year were spent in that activity. 

The early death of her father had separated Thelma 
somewhat from her paternal relatives. They were living 
in Richfield, Utah, while she grew up in mid-state 
Delta. Grandfather Chidester, who was a judge and 
active politically, made frequent trips to Salt Lake 
City . On the way he would swing around by Delta to see 
"John's family." Thelma looked forward to these visits. 
She loved him very much and then, too, it gave her 
prestige with her peers to have so illustrious grand- 
father. On these visits he would take the family riding 
in his car, a rarity in Delta; take them with him to 
visit other relatives and on picnics. Always there 
would be a box of flowers addressed to Thelma from 
Grandma Allie. 

Besides the school in Delta, Thelma graduated 
from, high school in Cedar City, Utah, and received 
her bachelor's degree from the University of Utah in 
Salt Lake City, Utah. There had been a delightful 
stammer when she accompanied her mother on a gen- 
ealogical expedition. They attended a term of summer 
school at the University of Illinois in Chicago, did 
research there, then went on to Ohio to meet and work 
with distant relatives there. 

Marriage to Elmer C. ANDERSON did not lessen the 
genealogical ardor. Orphaned at age 16, he had been 
self-supporting since that time and had spent some 
years at sea as a radio operator. He loved being a 
member of a big family. His parents having emigrated 
from Sweden, he hadn't known the companionship of 
cousins , grandparents and others. He was caught up 
in the family fever. 

Grandfather CHIDESTER, who had always taken care 
of the family records and reunions, was dead. So, 
also, was his sister who had succeeded him in the work. 
Thelma and Elmer decided that they would take up the 
task, with Elmer in charge of it. The Chidester s be- 
came his family in very deed and soon he was elected 
genealogist for the Chidester family organization. 

In the years that followed, vacations were spent 
in libraries, tramping through cemeteries, visiting 
people who carried the Chidester name. During the rest 
of the year Elmer pursued the project through letter 
writing and accummulated a valuable file of thousands 
of letters containing irreplacable data. 

In 1962 Thelma was successful in publishing her 
mother's work, the WORKMAN FAMILY HISTORY. There 


had also been a year in England with both the Andersons 
working on the two family lines, gathering a great deal 
of interesting information. A summer was spent trav- 
eling through Michigan, lower Canada, Ohio, New York and 
Connecticut to gather early records of the family, then 
home to record and organize the infointnation. 

After his retirement from the National Aeronautics 
and Space Agency, Elmer has spent the majority of his 
time in researching the Chidester family and has accumm- 
ulated vast stores of records. Thelma takes care of 
family matters, assists and abets. Together they have 
made this book possible. 

Always active in the Church of Jesus Christ of 
Latter Day Saints, Thelma has served as Mutual presi- 
dent; Relief Society president; teacher in every organ- 
ization; has held stake positions; raised a family 
and for fifteen years worked at Lockheed Aircraft Co. , 
in Burbank, California, a niomber of years in a super- 
visory position there. A graduate of University of 
Utah with a BS in education, she has taught school 
at various times. 

Elmer's chief occupation was radio operator, 
weather observer, field manager, aircraft inspector and 
was retired from National Aeronautics Space Agency. In 
the Church he has served as teacher, Sunday School pres- 
ident, stake clerk, stake high councilor and regional 
manager of welfare. 

(Info: fam recs of Thelma C. Anderson, Burbank, Ca.) 

12-30 Millie Bina CHIDESTER, dau of John N"'"-^"^^ (John 

p"-"='john p'-"2john M^-^Sjohn p'-^David*-"') and 
Mary Elizabeth WORKMAN; b 28 June 1908, Panguitch, 
Ut; d 22 Jan 1973, Salt Lake City, Ut; md (1) 1 May 
1929, in Danville, Knox, Ohio, to Robert Rowe LONGSON 
who was b 24 Aug 1904, Salt Lake City, Ut; d 19 Dec 
1955, Indian Springs, Clark, Nevada; s of Charles 
Faux LONGSON and Edith ROWE; and had ch : 

13-60 Robert Leland LONGSON b 25 Oct 1930, Salt Lake City, 
Ut; d 11 Nov 1963, Knox Co., Ohio^ Raised by his grand- 
mother, he was adopted by Mary E. Chidester WORKMAN and 
her husband, Delmon S. WORKMAN and given the name of 
LELAND D, S. WORKMAN by which he was officially known 
throughout his adulthood. He was a member of the U.S. 
Marine corps for a number of years and while in Hawaii 


he was md (1) to LaVanche Faye McCLOSKY, but divorced 
soon» He md (2) 26 May 1954, in Salt Lake City, Ut., 
to Esther — — — from whom he was also divorced. 

Leland was md C3) 3 Nov 1956, to lona Louise WELSH 
who was b 15 Nov 1923, Amity, Knox, Ohio; dau of John 
David WELSH and Ruby Pearl EXDUP. lona had been md 
previously and had a son : 

(1) Robert Lee HAMPTON b 26 Feb 1947. 
Leland was working for the county road department, Knox 
Co., Ohio, supervising a crew in the removal of trees 
and brush from a right-of-way. A tree that was being 
cut down fell erratically, killing Leland instantly. 

Millie and her first husband were divorced in 1931. 
Before her marriage she had studied and worked as a beau- 
tician. Moving from Utah to Ohio to be near her mother 
who then assumed the care of the baby, Millie again 
worked as a beautician. For awhile she maintained a beauty 
shop in the home; then took a large house near the 
Walhonding Dam that was being erected, she cooked for 
the construction crews. 

She was md (2) 22 Aug 1936, in Newport, Campbell, 
Kentucky, to Walter James SMITH who was b 8 Apr 1911, 
Georgetown, Brown, Ohio; s of Edward SMITH and Bessie 
KEARNS. He d 3 Apr 1965, Columbus, Ohio, of a massive 
brain hemhorrage. 

A few years after the loss of her son and husband, 
Millie decided to move to Utah so that she would be near 
family members. Her mobile home was moved to Bountiful, 
Utah, where she enjoyed the companionship of cousins, 
aunts and could visit and be visited frequently by her 
sister. While living in Bountiful she established a 
successful Nite Stand of the Nite Caps of America, a 
radio talk show. 

(Info: recs of Millie C. Smith ) 

12-37 Max Elijah BAKER, s of Mary Asenath CHIDESTER"'--^"^^ 

f-r^u r,10-103^ , „9-102^ . ,,8-85^ , t,7-57^,, . ,6-47 
(John F John P John M John P David 

and Elijah BAKER; b 14 Sept 1911, Salt Lake City, 

Ut; md 8 Jan 1932, to Gladys Lavon OSBORNE who was 

b 26 Feb 1915; d Feb 1975, Salt Lake City, Ut; dau 

of Charles OSBORNE; and had ch: 

13-61 DeEtte BAKER b 3 June 1932, Salt Lake City, Ut; md 
Pete R. GERBICH, s of Bud and Staka GERBICH of Czechoslo- 
vakia; and had ch: 

(1) Sharon Ranao GERBICH b 7 June 1954; md J. W. 


CHAPMAN and has daus : 

(a) Shannon CHAPMAN b 8 Aug 1974 

(b) Heather CHAPMAN b 26 Dec 1975 

(2) Gary Dee GERBICH B 27 June 1956 ; md Hollie 

and has a s : 

(a) Gary Pete GERBICH b Oct 1976 

(3) Wayne GERBICH b 19 July 1957; md Janet Lea COLLINS 

(4) Ricks Lane GERBICH b 7 Nov 1959 

13-62 Max Elijah BAKER Jr. b 23 Apr 1936, Murray, Ut; md 
Rosella DRAPER and had ch: 

(1) Diane BAKER who md Lee HANCOCK and had ch: 

(a) Clover HANCOCK, ae 4 yrs, Aug 1977 

(b) Christopher HANCOCK, ae 9 months, Aug 1977 

(2) Barbara BAKER 

(3) Linda BAKER 

(4) Robin BAKER 

(5) Wendy BAKER 

(6) Deborah (Debbie) BAKER 

13-63 Boyd BAKER b 10 Feb 1938, Murray, Ut; md 18 Sept 
1957, Catherine BISHOP 

For a number of years Max Baker was a farmer in Midvale, 
Utah. Eventually he and his wife went into the cafe 
business and owned eating houses in various locations. 
Active in the Credit Union business, he served as state 
secretary of the association of credit unions 

A gentle man, he lavished affection on his 
family and csred for the needs of his aging mother, car- 
ing for her every whim and making her life more pleasant 
during the years of her widowhood. 

(Info: Max E. Baker, Salt Lake City, Ut; Mrs. 
DeEtte Gurbich, San Angelo, Texas.) 

12-40 Leonard Ray OGDEN, s of Almina CHIDESTER 

(John F John P John M John P David ) 

and Leonard William OGDEN; b 18 June 1910, Richfield, 
Ut; md 6 July 1939, in Marysvale, Piute, Utah, to 
Helen Bernice WILLIAMS who was b 27 Mar 1919; dau 
of James Henry WILLIAMS and Cora CHAMBERLAIN: and 
had ch b in Richfield, Sevier, Utah: 

13-64 Judith OGDEN b 31 Mar 1940; md 10 Aug 1968, Bob 
USRAY; and has a step-daughter, Dorothy USRAY. 

Graduating from Richfield High School, Judith went 
to the northern part of Utah to work. Living in Roy, 



Utah, she works in the parts department of Merrill 
Bean Chevrolet and Bob is a civilian employe at Hill 
Air Force Base. 
13-65 Boyd Ray OGDEN b 24 July 194i; d 26 July 1941 
13-66 Verna Dean OGDEN b 8 Jan 1944; md 1 June 1962, in 
Logan, Ut. , to William ASHTON. Verna works in the 
Garlcind, Utah, post office and in a beauty shop. She 
is president of the ward prinary. Bill works in the 
Trenonton, Utah, post office and moonlights by driving 
a truck for J. D. HARRIS. Their ch: 

(1) Jeff ASHTON 

(2) Pamela ASHTON 

(3) Chris ASHTON 
C4) Douglas ASHTON 

13-67 Beverly OGDEN Ctwin] b 25 July 1949; trained as a 
beautician. Md 12 July 1969, to Duane F. LANAUE who is 
in the Air Force as a pharmacist, stationed in Louisiana. 
Their ch: 

(1) Lisa LANAUE 

(2) Michel LANAUE 

13-69 Barbara OGDEN (twin) b 25 July 1949; graduated 
from Richfield High School and Sevier Stake Seminary; 
attended Utah State University; md 6 June 1969, in the 
Manti LDS Temple, to Randall JONES, They live in Hunting- 
ton, Ut., »*ere Barbara is City Recorder and Randy works 
in the coal mine. Randy filled a mission to Texas and 
is active in the Elder's Quorram in his ward. 

Leonard Ray OGDEN worked for many years for the Sevier 
County road department as construction worker and mechanic, 
from which occupation he retired, 

(Info: Mrs. Almina C. Ogden, added to by Verl Ogden, 
Richfield, Ut.) 

12-41 Verl Chidester OGDEN, s of Almina CHIDESTER"'--'-" 

(John F^O-lO^John P^'^O^john M^'^^John P^'^'^David^"^^) 
and Leonard William OGDEN; b 1 June 1912, Richfield, 
Ut; graduated from Richfield High School and Snow 
College in Ephraim, Ut; filled a mission to the Swiss- 
German mission during the heyday of Adolph HITLER; 
has served as Young Men's Mutual president, Elder's 
Quorum secretary and president, scoutmaster, ward 
chorister, High Councilman and Ward Bishop; is pres- 
ently serving as Ward Aaronic Priesthood Director. 

A farmer and dairyman, he has worked as a super- 
visor in the Soil Conservation Service, director of 


the Richfield Irrigation Canal, and as a committeeman 
for the Farmer's Home Administration. 

In Manti, Utah, LDS Temple, 8 Apr 1937, he md 
Esther MADSEN who was b 31 May 1912, Mt. Pleasant, 
Utah; dau of William Lars MADSEN and Karen Marie 
PETERSEN; and has ch b in Richfield, Ut: 

*13-69 Robert Berl OGDEN b 16 Jan 1938; md Roxanne SCHOOFF 
*13-70 Lola OGDEN b 22 Mar 1940; md Samuel Phillip SPECKART 
*13-71 Lynn Verl OGDEN b 13 Sept 1942; md Wilma Laurel CROFF 
*13-72 Wayne Lloyd OGDEN b 28 Nov 1945; md Carren Lee COX 
13-73 Bart Leonard OGDEN b 10 June 1950; md 22 Nov 1974, 
in Manti, Ut. , to Alveda Cheryl NORMAN of Salt Lake City, 
Ut; cind has a s: 

(1) Norman Patrick OGDEN. 
A graduate of Richfield High School and Sevier Stake 
Seminary, Bart served a mission for the Church of Jesus 
Christ of Latter Day Saints in the Kentucky-Tenessee 
Mission. Returning from the mission, he attended Snow 
College for two quarters, then graduated from Utah Tech- 
nical College as brick mason and is presently employed in 
the Salt Lake Area. He is a Home Teacher and Cheryl is 
assistant Ward Librariam. 
13-74 Joyce OGDEN b 13 Apr 1955; graduated from Richfield 
High School and Sevier Stake Seminary. Attended Weber 
State University majoring in nursing and business and 
graduated as a licensed practical nurse. She has worked 
at Sevier Valley Hospital in geriatrics and is employed 
in the LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City, Ut. 

(Info: Verl C. Ogden, Richfield, Ut.) 

12-42 Grace OGDEN, dau of Almina CHIDESTER'^-'-'^-'" (John 

plO-lO^john p'-^'^hohn M^-S^John P^'^^David^'^'^) and 
Leonard William OGDEN: b 2 Jan 1916, Richfield, Ut; 
md 5 Aug 1943, in Pocatello, Idaho, to Benjamin Teas- 
dale LeBARON who was b 2 May 1913, Mesa, Arizona; 
s of Alma Dayer LeBARON and Maude Lucinda McDONALD: 
and had ch: 

*13-75 Jennie Louise LeBARON b 26 June 1944, Ozumba, Mexico; 

md Stephen Lynn GIBSON 
*13-76 Mary Melinda LeBARON b 22 Jan 1946, Tucson, Ariz; 

md Miguel Angel CALDERON 
13-77 Benjeimin Dayer LeBARON b 18 Aug 3947, San Juan, 

Atzacualoya, Mexico; d 15 June 1960 


♦13-78 Julia Ann LeBARON b 30 Jan 1949, Colonia Garcia, 
Chihuahua, Mexico; md Richard Donald JACOB 
13-79 Lila LeBARON b 17 Oct 1950, Colonia Garcia, Chihua- 
hua, Mexico 
*13-80 Fern LeBARON b 21 Jan 1952, Salt Lake City, Ut; md 
Lawrence Nelson ATWOOD 
13-81 Jonathan David LeBARON b 2 Apr 1953, Salt Lake City, 
Ut; md 29 Apr 1976, in Manti, Ut. , to Sharon LAFON 

Grace OGDEN was born on the Frank BAKER farm one 
hour before assistance came. Her mother and father were 
alone at the time, so Mother sat up and directed Father 
on how to tie and cut the cord. 

Educated in the Richfield schools, she accepted 
a call for a mission to the North Central States for 
the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, leaving 
Salt Lake City 13 March 1937. She returned from that 
assignment 1 Aug 1939. During the next year or two she 
served as president of the Richfield First Ward Young 
Women's Mutual Improvement Association. 

Moving to Salt Lake City, she worked in the Presid- 
ing Bishop's office in the church until her marriage in 
1943. There followed years of moving from place to place 
in Mexico and Arizona, finally returning to Salt Lake 
City. Problems developed in the marriage and on 23 Dec 
1958, she was divorced from Mr. LeBaron. After that time 
she supported her family by working in the hospitals of 
Utah County. A devoted and faithful mother, she raised 
her children to honorable adulthood. She is an honor 
and blessing to her parents and family. 

(Info: Almina C. Ogden, Richfield, Ut; Grace LeBaron, 
Provo, Ut.) 

12-43 Carl Foy OGDEN, s of Almina CHIDESTER-'--'-'^-'- (John 

^10-103^ , ^9-102^ . .,8-85, , t.7-57^ -^6-47, , 

F John P John M John P David ) and 

Leonard William OGDEN; b 6 July 1918, Richfield, Ut; 

md 10 Jan 1944, Manti, Ut. , to Jean Marie SPERRY who 

was b 18 Feb 1921, Nephi , Juab, U tah; dau of Gene 

SPERRY and Ruth CHRISTENSEN: and had ch b in Richfield: 

13-82 Car la Jean OGDEN b 12 Jan 1945; filled a mission for 
the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in South- 
ern France, 1966-67; and in 1976 was working in the 
First Presidency's office. Church office building. Salt 
Lake City, Ut; is a graduate of Brigham Young Univer- 
sity with a degree in Secretarial Science. An accomp- 


lished organist, she is active in her Ward having held 
many different positions of responsibility. 
*13-83 Kathleen OGDEN b 29 Nov 1948; md James M. HEFNER 
13-84 Sandra Kaye OGDEN b 15 July 1952? graduate of Utah 
State University in Speech Pathology; in 1976 was work- 
ing toward a master ""s degree in Speech Pathology at 
Kansas University, Lawrence, Kansas. She has served 
as Relief Societl^ president both at the student branch 
at Logan, Ut. , and also at the young adult group at 
Lawrence, Kansas, She has also been a Junior S\inday 
School chorister. 

"I spent most of my early years on the farm three 
miles southwest of Richfield, where we had a small dairy 
farm. My job was to help milk between twenty and thirty 
cows night and morning, by hand; bottling and deliver- 
ing the milk by horse and buggy to customers around town. 
In the Slimmer we had cattle and sheep to herd in the 
fields or the nearby foothills. 

"I attended schools in Richfield, graduating from 
Richfield High School in 1936, then went to an aircraft 
school in Los Angeles to learn the building of airplanes 
but never did work at this trade. 

"My earliest steady employment was as a truck 
driver for a wholesale grocery concern. I spent some 
six years driving between Richfield and Salt Lake, dis- 
tributing groceries to the various merchants south of 
Nephi and Mount Pleasant. 

"It was while pursuing this occupation that I met 
and later married Jean Marie SPERRY, We Hved in Salt 
Lake for a short while, then moved to Richfield where I 
became self employed as an auto mechanic. This became 
our livlihood for some twenty years. Then in 1967 I 
accepted employment with Utah Power and Light Company, 
where I have worked since, having held several positions 
such as meter reader; collector; ware-houseman; store- 
keeper; equipment operator and an automotive mechanic. 

"Our three lovely daughters have brought us much 
joy and happiness and are all devoted to the Church and 
its teachings. 

"I served as second counselor to Bishop Wayne 
CAMPBELL in Richfield First Ward 1956 to 1961; acted 
as Priest Quorum advisor; scoutmaster; Young Men's 
Mutual Improvement president and other positions in the 
Church. " 

(Info: Carl Foy Ogden, Richfield, Ut.) 



12-44 Wanda Fern CHIDESTER, dau of Samuel H''-"'""''^ 

,T ^ „10-103^ - _9-102^ - »,8-85^ , r,7-57^ -^6-47, 
(John F John P John M John P David ) 

and May Fern DASTRUP; b 2 Nov 1909, Richfield, Ut; 

md 1 Oct 1930, in Salt Lake City, Ut. , to Lorenzo 

HEAPS who was b 24 Sept 189 5, Escalante, Ut; s of 

William H. HEAPS and Cynthia Jane ADAMS. 

Mr. Heaps was md previously and had a s: 

(1) Lorenzo HEAPS Jr. b 10 Feb 19 26 

To Wanda and Lorenzo was b: 

*13-85 William Lell HEAPS b 3 Aug 1931, Bicknell, 
Wayne, Ut; md Ann MAXFIELD 

Wanda Fern Chidester, a gifted musician, played saxo- 
phone in her father's family orchestra. She continued 
to play as well as serve her community in other ways 
after her amrriage. Mr. HEAPS served many years as 
Bishop of the Teasdale, Utah, Ward, Church of Jesus 
Christ of Latter Day Saints and was a farmer. He d 
6 Oct 1970, Richfield, Ut. 

(Info: Patron File, Archive Record, Ch of Jesus 
Christ of Latter Day Saints, Salt Lake City, Ut.) 

12-45 Clyde Dastrup CHIDESTER, s of Samuel H. 

,^ , „10-103_ , -9-102^ , .,8-85^ , t,7-57^ -^6-47, 
(John F John P John M John P Davxd ) 

and May Fern DASTRUP; b 18 Apr 1915, Richfield, Ut; 

d 25 May 1952, Grand Junction, Mesa, Colorado; md 

21 Nov 1933, in Salt Lake City, Ut. , to Hannah WHITE 

who was b 27 June 1916, Lyman, Wayne, Ut; dau of 

Henry WHITE and Emily JAKEMAN; and had ch; 

13-86 Richard CHIDESTER 

13-87 Dortha CHIDESTER md Darrel TAYLOR 
13-88 Lora CHIDESTER b 17 July 1944, Long Beach, Ca; md 
1 Nov 1963, in Downey, Ca., to Timothy LeRoy LINER 
who was b 18 Oct 1945 or 1946, in Lafayette, Walker, 
Georgia; s of George LINER and Jeanette HUGHES; and 
had a dau: 

CD Lorene LINER 
*13-89 Phillip CHIDESTER b 17 Sept 1946, Richfield, Ut; 
md Marilyn LOCKHART 

Born in Richfield, Utah, Clyde moved to Bicknell, 
Wayne, Uts., at the age of five. As a teenager he played 


in the family band. Ee graduated from the Wayne High 
School in Bicknell and then attended the Branch Agri- 
cultural College in Cedar City, where he was prominent 
as an athlete. 

for a period of four years he was associated with 
Earl COOK in the ice cream business. He then became a 
uranium miner and was working at a mine in the remote 
Hansen Creek area of the Henry Mountains when he was 
injured by a huge rock that had been dislodged by a 
dynamite blast. The rock rolled to the mine entrance, 
crushing Mr. Chidester. He was taken by helicopter to 
Hanksville, then flown to the hospital in Grand Junc- 
tion, where he died. He was interred in Bicknell, Ut. 

(Info: obituary notice, Deseret News, Salt Lake 
City, Ut; Mrs. Lora C. Liner, Long Beach, Ca.) 

12-48 Jack Dastrup CHIDESTER, s of Samuel H."'--'-'^^ 

(John Fl°-103john p9-l°2john M^-^Sj^j,^ P^'^V^^^ .^6-47, 
and May Fern DASTRUP; b 15 Jan 1924, Bicknell, Ut; 
md 8 June 194 8, in Las Vegas, Nev. , to Mary Agnes 
SHELDON who was b 21 Dec 1912, Yoder, El Paso, Colo. 

Mary A. SHELDON was md CD 7 July 1935, in Colorado 
Springs, Colo., to Arthur D. JENCKS who was b 24 Mar 
1915, Colorado Springs, Colo; s of Horace E. JENCKS 
and Ruth Rahama SCHIDELER . They were divorced 17 
July, 1945, The three children born to this marriage 
were adopted by Jack Dastrup CHIDES TER and are : 

13-90 Lawrence Douglas CHIDESTER b 2 Oct 1937, Long Beach, Ca 
13-91 Caroline Ann CHTDESTER b 19 Nov 1938, Long Beach, 

California; md Robert GREER 
13-92 Phyllis Elaine CHIDESTER b 6 Oct 1941, Long Becah, Ca. 

Jack D. Chidester graduated from Wayne High School 
with honors in music and athletics. A member of the 
marine corps for ten years, he was discharged in Feb. 
1950. During World War II he was with the First Marine 
Division and saw action in Tulagi, Saysan and many other 
Pacific engagements. During his service he contracted 
malaria and jungle fungus. 

Since his discharge he has worked as painter at 
Hill Air Force Base, Utah. He plays the trombone and 
drums and sings and is an Elder in the LDS Church. 

His wife worked as a waitress in California and 
Utah for seven years; was a mechanic's helper and 


materiel dispatcher at Hill Air Force Base; member 
AFL Culinary Alliance, During World War II she served 
as air raid warden, block mother and first aid. 

(Info: Jack Chidester, Salt Lake City, Ut.) 

12-50 Max Brown CHIDESTER, s of Arnon A.-*--"-"^^ (John 

^10-103^ , _9-102_ . „8'85^ , t.'^-S?^ -^6-47, , 
F John P John M John P David ) and 

Adell Christina Christensen BROWN; b 1 May 1921, 

Richfield, Utah; md 20 Mar 1941, in Salt Lake City, 

Ut., to Clista Zelda BYINGTON who was b 12 Oct 1919, 

Lava Hot Springs, Bannock, Idaho; dau of Charles 

Norton BYINGTON and Ettie Sophia SMITHIES; and had 


13-93 Kenneth Max CHTDESTER b 6 June 1944, Everett, Snoho- 
mish, Washington 

13-94 Gene Roger CHTDESTER b 17 Nov 1948, Murray, Ut; md 
19 Aug 1972, in Oakland, Cal . , to Robyn LaVonne JOHNSON 
who was b 16 Jan 1953, Long Beach, Cal; dau of Norman 
JOHNSON and Claire LaVonne WAUGAMAN 

13-95 Susan CHTDESTER b 20 Sept 1951 , Murray, Ut. 

(Info: Mrs. Max B. Chidester, Kearns, Ut.) 

11-73 10-103 

12-51 Lois CHIDESTER, dau of Arnon A (John F 

^ , „ 9-102^ , K.8-85 ^ , r,7-57^ -^6-47, , 

John P John M John P David ) and 

Adell Christena Christensen BROWN; b 24 Apr 1923, 

Central, Sevier, Ut; md 24 June 1946, in Salt Lake 

City, Ut. , to Ray Calvin GALLOWAY who was b 23 May 

1922, Overton Nev; s of Felix Ethelbert GALLOWAY 

and Christiana Loretta HANSEN; and had ch b in Provo, 


13-96 Michael Bert GALLOWAY b 19 May 1949; md 19 June 
1970, in Salt Lake City, Ut. , to Esther Catherine EVANS 
who was b 15 Mar 1951, American Fork, Ut; dau of Glen 
Thomas EVANS cmd Edna BOWEN; and had ch b in American 
Fork, Ut: 

(1) Christopher Michael GALLOWAY b 8 Dec 1972 

(2) Wendy GALLOWAY b 20 July 1974 
13-97 Greg Alan GALLOWAY b 29 Jan 1956 
13-98 Glen Curtis GALLOWAY b 1 July 1960 

(Tnfo: Mrs. Lois C. Galloway, Provo, Ut.) 


12-52 Arnon Reeve CHIDESTER, s of Arnon A (John 

^10-103^ , „9-102^ . K>,8-85, , t,7-57^ -^6-47, , 

F John P John M John P David ) and 

Adell Christena Christensen BROWN; b 30 Apr 1926, 

Richfield, Ut; md 21 June 1950, in St. George, Ut., 

to Rocena PLATT who was b 29 Mar 1931, Kanarraville, 

Iron, Ut; dau of Walter Lislec- PLATT and Alice 

CAMPBELL: and had ch: 

13-99 Randall "P" CHIDESTER b 30 July 1951, Cedar City, Ut; 
md 28 Feb 1976, to Sandra Gay GINES who was b 30 Jan 
1956, Salt Lake City, Ut; dau of Russell Alias GINES 
and Ecco SWEAT; and had a dau: 

(1) Jill CHIDESTER b 7 Mar 1977, Granger, Utah. 

13-100 Dennis Lynn CHIDESTER b 21 Apr 1956, Salt Lake City, 

Arnon Reeve Chidester, an airline agent in Salt 
Lake City, Utah, was also a barber and a cook. At 
family gatherings at his father's place in Richfield, it 
was usually Reeve who was in the kitchen fileting and 
frying the trout. 

Cinfo: Mrs. A. Reeve Chidester, Kearns, Ut.) 

12-53 Portia CHIDESTER, dau of Arnon A-*"-*-"^^ (John 

^10-103^ . „9-102^ . »,8-85, . t,7-57^ -06-47, , 

F John P John M John P David ) and 

Adell Christena Christensen BROWN; b 18 Aug 1928, 

Richfield, Ut; md 14 Sept 1951, in Clearfield, Weber, 

Ut. , to Leland (Lee) Harvey VAN ZWEDEN who was b 14 

Aug 1925, Ogden, Ut; s of Cornelius Jacob (Carl) 

VAN ZWEDEN and Henorina CRena) SCHELLING; and had 

ch b in Ogden , Ut : 

13-101 Kristina VAN ZWEDEN b 20 Sept 1952; md 20 July 

1971, to Robert Leon PERKINS 

13-102 Ronald Lee VAN ZWEDEN (twin) b 2 ^ter i-955 

13-103 Karen VAN ZWEDEN (twin) b 2 Mar 1955 

13-104 Teresa VAN ZWEDEN b 19 Nov 1957 

13-105 John Stacey VAN ZWEDEN b 1 July 1959 

13-106 James Owen VAN ZWEDEN b 16 Dec 1961 

13-107 Maria Portia VAN Z^ffiDEN b 4 May 1966 

(Info: Mrs. Portia Van Zweden, Ogden, Ut.) 



12-54 Roger Burk CHIDESTER, s of Arnon A (John 

F^O-lO^John p9-102j^hn M^'^^j^hn P^-^^David^"^^) and 
Adell Christina Christensen BROWN; b 4 July 1931, 
Richfield, Ut; md (1) 17 July 1952, to Sharon Lynn 
HOUCHEN; and had ch b in Cedar City, Ut : 

13-108 Kathy Lynn CHIDESTER b 24 May 1953, md 24 Feb 1973, 

to William Charles MITCHELL 
13-109 Alan Roger CHIDESTER b 22 June 1955 
13-110 Kendall Burk CHIDESTER b 3 Dec 1960 
13-111 Gary James CHIDESTER b 4 May 1964 

Roger and Sharon were divorced 25 Dec 1972, and Roger md 
(2) 6 July 1973, Betty Ann JONES who was b 6 Apr 1942, 
Cedar City, Ut; dau of Arthur Rowley JONES and Violet 

Sharon was md (1) to Conway Martin LeBARON and had ch: 

(1) Teresa Ann LeBARON b 8 May 1964, Salt Lake City, Ut, 

(2) Elizabeth Ann LeBARON b 27 June 1966, Salt Lake City 

(3) Conway Martin LeBARON b 11 Mar 1969, San Diego, Cal. 

(4) William Bruce LeBARON b 29 Apr 1970, San Diego, Cal. 
Conway and Betty were divorced 17 Sept 1972. 

Roger Burk Chidester supported his family by working in 
a garage during the years that he attended the Southern 
Utah University. After graduation he became shop 
instructor at the school in Cedar City, Ut. 

(Info: Roger B. Chidester, Cedar City, Ut.) 

12-55 Karla CHIDESTER, dau of Arnon A ~ (John F 

John P^~-'-°^John M^'^^John p"^"^ '^David^"^'^) and Adell 
Christina Christensen. BROWN; b 30 June 1934, Rich- 
field, Ut; md 29 Apr 1967, in Oakland, Cal., to 
James Orsman RICHMOND who was b 22 June 1928, Penn 
Yan, Yates, New York; s of Lawrence Marsden (Jacobus) 
RICHMOND and Mildred Elizabeth WATKINS; and had ch 
b in San Francisco, California; 

13-112 Mark Arnon RICHMOND b 20 Mar 1968 
13-113 Christian Lawrence RICHMOND b 8 Dec 1969 
13-114 Kimberly Elizabeth RICHMOND b 28 Oct 1971. 

(Info: Mrs. James O. Richmond, San Francisco, Cal.) 


12-56 Ana CHIDESTER, dau of Arnon A-*"-^"^^ (John p'^^'-'-^^ 

_ . „9-102_ . „8-85, . r^7-57^ .,6-47, , ,, ,, 

John P John M John P David ) and Adell 

Christina Christensen BROWN; b 28 Apr 1937, Richfield 

Ut; md 23 Aug 1958, in Elko, Nev. , to Conrad Ronald 

ZYSK who was b 6 Feb 1932, Detroit, Mich; s of 

Alexander ZYSK and Rose P^LNOCK; and had ch : 

13-115 Kelli Ayn ZYSK b 6 May 1963, Fort Worth, Texas 
13-116 Kory Martyn ZYSK b 25 Feb 1966, New Orleans, La. 

(Info: Mrs. Ana C. Zysk, Salt Lake City, Ut.) 

12-57 Keith Frank BARTON, s of Susan Vera CHIDESTER"'""'""^ ^ 

,^ , „10-103^ , ^9-102, , .,8-85^ , t.7-57^ -^6-47) 

(John F John P John M John P David 

and Frank Melvin BARTON; b 6 June 1921, Ogden, Ut; 

md 12 June 1944, in Mesa, Ariz., to Katherine Mary 

McKENNY who was b 5 Dec 1924, Los Angeles, Cal; dau 

of Fred Nicholas McKENNY and Edith LAMB; and had ch: 

13-117 Kathie Lynn BARTON b 25 Dec 1947, Glendale, Cal; md 

8 June 1973, in Los Angeles LDS Temple, to Robert M. 

STURGIS, s of George M. and Barbara C. STURGIS; and 

had ch: 

(1) Trade Kay STURGIS b 21 Nov 1975 
13-118 Kent Prescott BARTON, b 12 Dec 1949, Burbank, Cal; 

md 15 Feb 1974, in Los Angeles, Cal., LDS Temple, to 

Jolene BROWN; dau of Mrs. Carol Durfey JOHNSON; and 

had ch: 

(1) Kimberly Jean BARTON b 27 Feb 1975 
13-119 Karen Yvonne BARTON b 7 Oct 1952, Burbank, Cal; 

md 20 Oct 1972, to Kenneth Henry ROBINSON, Jr.; and had ch: 

(1) Kendra Yvonne ROBINSON b 6 Feb 1974; d 6 Feb 1974 

(2) Kelly Mac ROBINSON b 31 May 1975 

(3) Lindsay Leigh ROBINSON b 24 Sept 1976 
13-120 Kirk Melvin BARTON b 24 Feb 1959, Burbank, Cal 
13-121 Katie Annette BARTON b 31 Mar 1964,, Burbank, Ca,. 

Keith Frank Barton came to California with his parents 
at the age of seven years. He graduated from Glendale 
High School. At a Mutual dance in North Hollywood, he 
met Katherine Mary McKenny, and baptized her when she 
was sixteen years of age, then left for a mission to 
the New England States. Upon his return they were marr- 
ied in the Mesa, Arizona, Temple. 

Shortly after their marriage, Keith was drafted 


and served in the U.S. Army Infantry for two years in the 
Phillipines and Japan (World War II) 

He has been a general building contractor for al- 
most thirty years. His Church positions in the past 
include ward clerk in the Studio City Ward; Elder's 
Quorum president;- Counselor in the North Hollywood 
Ward Bishopric; Bishop of the North Hollywood Ward on 
two different occasions; served on the Burbank Stake 
High Council; served as 2nd Counselor in the Burbank 
Stake Presidency for eight years and has been President 
of the Los Angeles, California, North Hollywood Stake 
since 1972. 

He is also now Chairman of the Board of the LDS 
Social Services; served eight years as Vice-Chairman in 
the Lankershim District, Boy Scouts of America; and 
was awarded an Honorary Master M-Man~Award in 1971. 

(Info: Mrs. Keith F. Barton, North Hollywood, Cal) 

12-58 Jocelyn Vera BARTON, dau of Susan Vera CHID- 

ESTErII-'^^ (j^^ ^10-103j^j^^ p9-102j^hn M^'^^John 
p'7-57 David6-47) and Frank Melvin BARTON; b 29 Dec 
1924, Ogden, Ut; md (1) Robert James McCAUSLAND 
who d soon after the marriage. She md (2) 29 Dec 
1951, in Boulder City, Nev. , to Major Leslie Jay 
PAUL who was b 19 June 1917, Ogden, Ut; s of Ezra 
William PAUL and Emma UNSWORTH; and had ch: 

13-122 Suzanne Lynn PAUL b 18 Oct 1948, Hollywood, Cal; 

md 14 Mar 1970, to Grant William MORTENSON; and 

had ch: 

(1) Sabrina Suzanne MORTENSON b 7 Apr 1972 
13-123 Leslyn Judy PAUL b 1 Oct 1955, Mountain Home, Ida 
13-124 Debbie Lovina PAUL b 23 Mar 1958, Mountain Home, Ida 
13-125 Patricia Ann PAUL b 5 June 1959, Rapid City, South 

13-126 Robert Keith PAUL b 8 Aug 1963, Wichita Falls, Texas 

(Info: Mrs. Leslie J. Paul, Shepard AFB, Texas) 

1 1 — 76 
12-59 Fred Denz^l BARTON, s of Susan Vera CHIDESTER 

CJohn F^O-lO^j^j^ p9-102j^hn M^'SSj^^n P^'^'^David^'^^) 
and Frank Melvin BARTON; b 21 Nov 1926, Salt Lake 
City, Ut; md 19 Oct 1951, in Salt Lake City, Ut. , to 
Isabell PACK who was b 1 Apr 1932, Salt Lake City, 
Ut; dau of Devar Marvale PACK and Irma CROCKETT; 


and had ch: 

13-127 Linda Lee BARTON b 20 July 1952, Glendale, Gal; 

md 1 Feb 1977, Monty Don ELLISON 
13-128 Oiristina BARTON, stillborn 30 June 1953, Glendale 
13-129 Daniel Scott BARTON b 18 July 1954, Glendale, Cal; 

md 5 Mar 1977, Eve ADAMS 
13-130 Patrice BARTON b 16 Mar 1956, Van Nuys, Cal 
13-131 John Kimball BARTON b 8 Apr 1958 
13-132 Steven Pack BARTON b 31 July 1962 

13-133 Matthew Sterling BARTON b 28 Apr 1965, Van Nuys, Cal 
13-133A Dawn BARTON b 6 July 1971, Oxnard, Cal 

When Fred Denzel Barton was two years of age the family 
moved to Huntington Park, California. He received his 
education in the Los Angeles area, graduating from North 
Hollywood High School in 1944. He enlisted in the U.S. 
Navy that same year; served aboard the U.S.S. Sarasota 
(APA-204) , flagship for Transport Division Fifty, 
Amphibious Group Eight. Also served aboard the U.S.S. 
Comet (AP-166.) Participated in the landing operations 
on Okinawa Island; landing, occupation and surrender 
of Japanese forces in Jinsen-Keije, Korea and the land- 
ing, occupation and surrender of Japanese forces in the 
Tientsin-Chinwangtae, China area. Also took troops into 
Sasebe, Japan, for occupation and surrender of Japanese 

After discharge from the Navy he attended Los 
Angeles City College and was then called to serve a 
mission in the New England States (S. Dilworth Young, 
Mission President .) Came to a much greater apprecia- 
tion of the gospel during this period of his life. Enter- 
ed construction work after returning home, completing 
his apprenticeship in 1952. In 1956 he was successful 
in taking out his general contractor's license. He gives 
credit to the aid of his brother Keith in his efforts 
to succeed in the building business. 

Fred has served as Elder's quoriom president, Seven- 
ties president. Bishopric and High Council. Their 
home is in the Newbury Park 2nd Ward, Newbury Park 
Stake, where one of their daughters is preparing to 
leave for a mission to the Canada, Halifax Mission. 

(Info: Mr. & Mrs. F. D. Barton, Newbury Park, Cal.) 


12-60 Harmon Bruce BARTON, s of Susan Vera CHIDES- 

TErII-^^, (John f10-103j^j^ p9-102j^j^^ m8-85^^^^ p7-57 
David^*" ) and Frank Melvin BARTON: b 8 Nov 1937, 
Glendale, Cal; md 10 Sept 1962, to Diane Louisa 
TRACY; and had ch: 

13-134 Julie Ann BARTON b 10 Sept 1963, Santa Monica, Cal 

13-135 Randal Bruce BARTON b 10 Feb 1965, Santa Monica, Cal 

13-136 Michele Susan BARTON b 17 Feb 1967, Santa Monica, Cal 

13-137 Scott Tracy BARTON b 26 Oct 1969, Santa Monica, Cal. 

13-138 Tricia Diane BARTON b 13 June 1971, Van Nuys, Cal 

13-139 Christy Jeanine BARTCN b 24 July 1974, Granada Hills, 


13-140 Holly Janette BARTON b 6 Apr 1976, Granada Hills, Cal 

Bruce served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ 
of Latter Day Saints and in 1976-77 was serving as 
Bishop of a ward in Van Nuys, California. 

(Info: Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Barton, Granada Hills, Cal) 

12-61 Bonnie Gae CHIDESTER, dau of John D""--^"^^ (John 

„10-103_ , „9- 102^ , »,8-85^ , t,7-57^ -^6-47, , 

F John P John M John P David ) and 

Lula CHRISTENSEN; b 1 July 1930, Salina, Ut; md 

12 Nov 1948, in Richfield, Utah, to Terrill E. STAPLES 

who was b 11 Aug 1926, Central, Sevier, Utah; s 

of Elva STAPLES and Delilah WASHBURN; and had ch b 

in Richfield, Ut: 

13-141 Cathleen STAPLES stillborn 20 May 1949 
13-142 Vickie Lyn STAPLES b 11 Feb 1951 
13-143 John Randell STAPLES b 19 Oct 1952 
13-144 Doris Ann STAPLES b 6 May 1956 

(Info: Mrs. Terrill E. Staples, Richfield, Ut.) 

12-62 Janice Thais VREELAND, dau of Thais Elizabeth 

^„_^„____ll-78 ,_ , _10-103_ , „9-102_ , „8-85 
CHIDESTER (John F John P John M 

John P'7-57David6-47) ^nd Byron VREELAND; b 18 Jan 

1933, Santa Monica, California; md 17 Apr 1954, in 

Los Angeles, Cal., to Andrew Emery VALL (engineer 

for Hughes Aircraft) who was b 18 June 1927, New 

York City, N.Y; s of Stephen Andrew VALL and Lucy 

Ella KERTESZ; and had ch: 


13-145 Laura Lisbeth VALL b 6 Mar 1955, Santa Monica, Cal 
13-146 Stephen John VALL b 2 June 1957, Harbor City, Cal 
13-147 Elise Mari VALL b 15 June 1961, Torrance, Cal 

(Info: Mrs. Byron Vreeland, Los Angeles, CaJ..) 

12-65 Carol Louise CHXDESTER, dau of Alton p^^""^^ (John 

Fl°-l°3john P^-^°2j^hn M^^S^j^hn P^'^^David^'^^) and 
Nellie HOUSTON; b 2 Oct 1932, Richfield, Ut; md 
26 June 1954, in Richfield, Ut. , to Donald Duane 
FULLER who was b 1 Oct 1931, Tilden, Nebraska; s of 
Marvin Arthur FULLER and Catherine Nellie BRANEN: 
and had ch: 

13-148 Louisa Donnetta FULLER b 11 Sept 1955, Nellis Air 

Force Sase, Nevada 
13-149 Duane Douglas FULLER b 8 Feb 1957, Tilden, Nebraska 
13-150 Deloris Kay FULLER b 28 Mar 1958, St. Louis, Nebr 
13-151 Deborah Sue FULLER b 13 May 1960, Neligh, Nebr. 
13-152 Larry Alton FULLER b 27 Jan 1964, Neligh, Nebr. 

Cinfo: Mrs. Donald D, Fuller, Henderson, Nev.) 

12-67 Clothiel HANSEN, dau of Susan Emeline DEWEY-'--'-"^^ 

(Susan Emma CHIDESTER-'-^'-'-^^John P^"-'-°^John M^"^^John 
p'7-57David6''^'7) and Christian HANSEN Jr; b 17 June 
1904, Deweyville, Box Elder, Ut; md 17 Mar 1924, to 
Vern Edwin EAMES who was b 22 Dec 1896, Almo, Cassia, 
Idaho; s of Henry Thomas EAMES and Julia Anne KNIGHT; 
and had ch b in American Falls, Idaho: 

13-153 Shirley Jean EAMES b 10 June 1925 

13-154 Sherry Joyce EAMES b 18 July 1929 

13-155 Vern Edwin EAMES Jr. b 15 May 1927 

13-156 Elizabeth Ann EAMES b 28 Apr 1932 

13-157 Jack Richard EAMES b 22 Nov 1936 

13-158 Susan Fae EAMES b 31 Jan 1939 

13-159 Karen Kay EAMES b 3 Aug 1940 

13-160 Donna Lee EAMES b 28 Nov 1941 

13-161 Charles Edwin EAMES b 22 Jan 1943 

13-162 Robert Lewis EAMES b 12 Mar 1945 

13-163 David Michael EAMES b 7 Jvrne 1947 

13-164 Valerie Jean EAMES b 10 July 1951 

(Info: Recs of Mrs. Florence Foy, Bountiful, Ut.) 


12-70 Norma HANSEN, dau of Susan E. DEWEY (Susan 

Emma CHIDESTER-'-°"-^°^John P^"-'-°^John M^'^^John p"^"^"^ 
David^""^^) and Christian HANSEN Jr; b 28 Mar 1916, 
Almo, Idaho; md 23 Feb 1941, in Reno, Nev., to Warren 
Cooper HAYCOCK who was b 4 Dec 1917, Panguitch, Ut; 
s of Joseph Scott HAYCOCK and Alice JUDD; and had 
ch b in Tremonton, Utah: 

13-165 Paul Warren HAYCOCK b 22 Oct 1944; d 5 Jan 1945 

13-166 Lynda HAYCOCK b 3 July 1947 

13-167 Joseph Lloyd HAYCOCK b 31 Dec 1949 

13-168 Susan HAYCOCK b 31 Mar 1955. 

(Info: Recs of Florence Foy, Bountiful, Ut.) 

12-71 Ernest Dewey HANSEN, s of Susan E. DEWEY 

(Susan E. CHIDESTER-'-^'-'-^^John P^'-'-°^John M^"^^John 
P'""57i3avid6~'^ ) and Christian HANSEN Jr; b 18 Jan 
1918, Almo, Idaho; md 7 May 1942, in Logan, Ut. , to 
Maxine BUCHANAN who was b 15 July 1919, Venice, Ut; 
dau of Archie Earl BUCHANAN and Florine DAVIS; and 
had ch: 

13-169 Pamela HANSEN b 13 May 1943, Tremonton, Ut; d 15 

May 1943 
13-170 Julie HANSEN b 13 Sept 1944, Tremonton, Ut. 
13-171 Jeanne HANSEN b 2 Apr 1947, Wendell, Idaho 
13-172 Christian HANSEN b 27 Jan 1949, Tremonton, Ut. 
13-173 Kenneth E. HANSEN b 5 Aug 1952, Tremonton, Ut. 

(Info: Mrs. Florence Foy, Bountiful, Ut.) 

12-72 Glenda Estella DEWEY, dau of George Chidester 

DEWEY-^-*-"^^ (Susan E. CHIDESTER"^ ^"■'■^^ John P^~ ° 

John M^'^^John P^~^^David^^^^) and Fannie Estella 
LOVELAND; b 18 Dec 1906, Deweyville, Utah; md 14 
Apr 1925, to William Edward KIRK Jr; who was b 31 
Dec 1903; s of William Edward KIRK and Ada COOK; 
and had ch: 

*13-174 Beverley KIRK b 7 Aug 1926, Smithfield, Ut; md 
Bert William FULLERTON 
13-175 William Dewey KIRK b 13 Oct 1929, Los Angeles, Cal. 

(Info: Mrs. George C. Dewey, Deweyville, Ut.) 


12-73 Varsal George DEWEY, s of George C (Susan 

E. CHIDESTER^°"^°^John P^'^°^John M^'^^John p"^"^"^ 
David6-47) and Fannie Estella LOVELAND; b 1 Jan 
1908, Deweyville, Ut; md 19 May 1934, in Riverside, 
Cal., to Bonnie Faye SMITH who was b 21 Aug 1913, 
Mountain Home, Arkansas; dau of Robert James SMITH 
and Alice Aldora NEAL; and had ch: 

13-176 Stanley Neal DEWEY b 18 Aug 1940, Redlands, Cal 
13-177 Linda Gail DEWEY b 10 Oct 1945, Redlands, Cal 
13-178 James DEWEY b 25 Mar 1953, Fortuna, Hiamboldt, Cal 

(Info: Florence Foy, Bountiful, Ut; Deweyville Ward Red 
film #6173 pt 2 p 60) 

11—8 2 
12-74 Emma DEWEY, dau of George C. DEWEY (Susan E 

CHIDESTERl°-l°5john P^'^^^^j^^^ M^'^Sj^hn P^-^^David^'^'^) 
and Fannie Estella LOVELAND; b 11 Aug 1911, Dewey- 
ville, Ut; md (1) 3 June 1931, Max TEMPLE and had 

13-179 Elaine Louise TEMPLE b 8 Aug 3931, San Bernardino, 
Cal; md William B. STANLEY and had ch: 

(1) Mark Belden STANLEY b 6 Mar 1954 

(2) Gregory John STANLEY b 10 Oct 1955 

(3) Kimberly Sue STANLEY 

Emma DEWEY md (2) Robert Wayne TISDELL and had ch: 

13-180 Judith Lynn TISDELL b 27 July 1938, Redlands, Cal; 

Emma DEWEY md (3) Milton J. GANTLER. 

(Info: Deweyville Ward Records; Mrs. Florence Foy, Bountiful, 

12-75 Ira Neely DEWEY, s of George C. DEWEY"^-*-"^^ (Susan 

„ ^„T.^„__„_10-105_ . „9-102^ . „8-85^ , t,7-57 
E. CHIDESTER John P John M John P 

David6-47) ^nd Fannie Estella LOVELAND; b 9 Oct 

1913, Malad, Idaho; md 14 Dec 1934, in Riverside, 

Cal., to Cleo Hulda NEAL who was b 16 Nov 1915, 

Mountain Home, Arkansas; dau of Thomas Franklin 

NEAL and Dottie Barbara SMITH; and had ch b in 

Redlands, California: 


13-181 Barbara Jo Ann DEWEY b 1 Aug 1935; md Jan 1953 
to Lawrence Edward WTLKINS who d in 1956; and had ch: 

(1) Christopher Norman WTLKINS 

(2) Jeffrey Wane WTLKINS 

13-182 Robert Norman DEWEY b 8 Mar 1937 
13-183 Michael Wayne DEWEY b 15 Feb 1942 
130184 James Gregory DEWEY b 7 Apr 1948 

(Info: Recs of Mrs. Florence Foy, Bountiful, Ut.) 

11 — 82 
12-76 Genevieve DEWEY, dau of George C. DEWEY 

(Susan E. CHIDESTER-^°"-'-°^John P^~-'"°^John M^~^^John 
p'7"5/David6-47) ^^d Fannie Estella LOVELAND; b 30 
Dec 1915, Mountain View, Idaho; md 17 Oct 1937, in 
Redlands, Cal. , to Gordon Winferd ROSE who was b 
2 June 1914, Banning, Cal; s of Norman Allen ROSE 
and Myrtle Lina CHAMP; and had ch: 

13-185 Tommy Gordon ROSE b 3 June 1939, Pomona, Cal; md 

14 June 1963, to Marilyn REEVES 
13-186 Karen Sue ROSE b 2 Sept 1942, San Bernardino, Cal; 

md 24 July 1959 to Ronald Lee WHEELER 
13-187 Wayne Allen ROSE b 24 Oct 1945, San Bernardino, Cal 
13-188 Nancy Lee ROSE b 3 Oct 1947, San Bernardino, Cal. 

(Info: Tommy G. Rose, Rial to, Cal.) 

12-77 Letty DEWEY, dau of George C. DEWEY ~ (Susan 

E. CHIDESTERl°-l°5john P ^'''''hohn M^'^^John p"^"^^ 
David6-47) and Fannie Estella LOVELAND; b 21 Feb 
1918, Mountain View, Idaho; md 21 Dec 1946, in Salt 
Lake City, Ut. , to Franklin Leroy (Bud) KNOWLES who 
was b 14 Feb 1926; s of Franklin Leroy KNOWLES and 
Lucille McGRATH; and had ch: 

13-189 Sue Ann KNOWLES b 14 Sept 1947, Salt Lake City, Ut 
13-190 Sheran Estella KNOWLES b 29 July 1949, Oakland, Cal 
13-191 Marsha Lee KNOWLES b 21 Feb 1953, Oakland, Cal. 

(Info: Recs of Mrs. Florence Foy, Bountiful, Ut.) 

11 — 8 2 
12-78 Devern DEWEY, dau of George C. DEWEY (Suaan 

E. CHIDESTERl°-l°^John P^'^^^^^^^ M^'^^John P^'^^ 
David6-47) and Fannie Estella LOVELAND; b 26 Sept 
1920, Honeyville, Utah; md (1) 16 June 1943, in 


Salome, Yuma, Arizona, to Robert Reagan LAMBETH who 
was b 21 Nov 1924, Beaiimont, Cal.; s of Robert 
Reagan LAMBETH and Stella May MARLAP ; and had ch: 

13-192 Richard Dale LAMBETH b 13 Nov 1942, Salt Lake City, 
13-193 Terry Reagan LAMBETH b 4 May 1944, Redlands, Cal. 

Devern DEWEY was md (2) 24 Oct 1954, to Kenneth COOPER. 

(Info: Mrs. Florence Foy, Bountiful, Ut.) 

12-84 Vera Othella DEWEY, dau of John Alfred DEWEY 

(Susan E. CHI DESTER-'-^'-^^^ John P^'-'-^^John M^'^^John 
p7-57David^~^') andLillian LOVELAND; b 6 June 1918, 
Almo, Idaho; md 14 Oct 1936, in Ogden, Ut. , to 
Richard MORSE who was b 1 July 1914, Samaria, Oneida, 
Idaho; s of Ivan J. MORSE and Agnes Ann CLARKSON: 
and had ch b in Ogden, Utah: 

13-194 Richard Gary MORSE b 29 Mar 1937 

13-195 Dianna Kay MORSE b 22 Feb 1939 

13-196 Dennis Chester MORSE b 9 Sept 1941 

13-197 Judith Anne MORSE b 1 July 1943 

13-198 Sandra Lee MORSE b 8 June 1946 

12-88 Horace G. GARDNER, s of Harriet E. DEWEY 

(Susan E. CHIDESTER-'-^'-'-^^John P^"-'-°^John M^"^^John 
P'7-57David6-47) a^d James Alva GARDNER; b 4 Jan 
1909, Deweyville, Utah; md 19 Dec 1930, in Logan, 
Ut., to Ethel Flora PETERSEN who was b 11 Jan 1909, 
Penrose, Ut; dau of Elmer Gustav PETERSEN and Flora 
Marie FREDERICKSON: and had ch: 

13-199 Flora Hazel GARDNER b 19 Dec 1931, Deweyville, Ut; 
md 4 Feb 1955, to Walter John WHITEFORD; and had ch: 
(1) Curtis G. WHITEFORD b 28 Nov 1955, Ogden, Ut. 

13-200 J. Lamar GARDNER b 28 Nov 1933, Deweyville, Ut; 

md 23 May 1958, in Garland, Ut. , to Janice Lena ANDERSON 
who was b 18 Jan 1937, Tremonton, Ut; dau of Kenneth 
LeRoy ANDERSON and Fern Emma COOKE; and had ch b in 
Brigham City, Ut: 

(1) Gary J. GARDNER b 11 Feb 1959 

(2) Diane GARDNER b 13 Jan 1960 

(3) Bonnie Jean GARDNER 

13-201 Horace Layne GARDNER b 12 Dec 1935, Deweyville, Ut; 


md 14 Mar 1957, to Donna Marie RHODES who was b 16 Dec 
1938; and had chi 

(1) Bobbie Lee GARDNER b 21 Dec 1957, Lawton, Oklahoma 
13-202 Karen Marie GARDNER b 26 Feb 1939, Deweyville, Ut;. 
md 23 May 1957, to David Earl JENKINS who was b 19 
June 1937, Malad, Idaho; s of David Thomas JENKINS and 
Mildred HADFIELD and had ch: 

(1) Kenneth David JENKINS b 19 Jan 1959, Brigham 
City, Ut. 
13-203 Gayle GARDNER b 5 May 1943, Brigham City, Ut; md 
(1) 20 May 1960, John Carlos DEWEY. They were divorced 
later and Gayle md (2) 25 Oct 1963, Stephen Oscar 

(Info: Mrs. Florence Foy, Bountiful, Ut.) 

12-91 Emma GARDNER, dau of Harriet E. DEWEY-"--^'^^ (Susan 

E. CHIDESTER^°'^°^John P^"^°^John M^'^^John p"^"^"^ 
David6-47) a^id James Alva GARDNER; b 12 Nov 1916, 
Deweyville, Ut; md 21 Mar 1940, to Vern Stewart 
SCHOENFIELD who was b 3 Aug 1918, Salt Lake City, Ut; 
s of John Raymond SCHOENFIELD and Alice Melissa 
STEWART; and had ch : 

13-204 Sharon SCHOENFIELD b 7 Jan 1941, Winnemucca, Nev; 

d 21 Apr 1841 
13-205 Valarie SCHOENFIELD b 19 May 1942, Salt Lake City 
13-206 Diana SCHOENFIELD b 17 Jan 1945, Winnemucca, Nev; 

d 1955 
13-207 Myron SCHOENFIELD b 10 June 1948, Winnemucca, Nev. 

(Info: Juanita S. KILPACK, Salt Lake City, Ut.) 

12-92 Ruth SNOW, dau of Lettie DEWEY"'--'-"^^ (Susan E. 

^„^^„„„„_,10-105^ . „9-102^ , ,.,8-85^ , t.7-57 
CHIDESTER John P John M John P 

David6-47) ^nd Orion Woodruff SNOW; b 6 Sept 1920, 
Deweyville, Ut; md 22 July 1943, in Tiajuana, Mex- 
ico, to Charles Daniel LITCHFORD who was b 17 Mar 
1912, Sikestan, Scott, Mo; s of John Thomas LITCH- 
FORD and Matilda Jane SHADION: and had ch b in 
Brigham City, Ut : 

13-208 Charles Daniel LITCHFORD b 21 July 1945 
13-209 Michael Lee LITCHFORD b 12 July 1946 
13-210 Charlette LITCHFORD b 6 Sept 1947 


13-211 Larry Donald LITCHFORD b 10 Mar 1950 

13-212 Patricia LITCHFORD b 5 June 1951 

13-213 Victoria LITCHFORD b 11 July 1953 

13-214 David Orion LITCHFORD b 17 Sept 1955 

13-215 Jeffrey Thomas LITCHFORD b 30 Sept 1956 

(Info: Mrs. Lettie Snow, Deweyville, Ut.) 

12-94 Barbara Jean SNOW, cSau of Lettie DEWEY^ ^^^ (Susan E, 

CfflDESTER John P John M John P David ) and 

Oricn Wbodruff SNOW; b 6 Feb 1927, Deweyville, Ut; ltd 16 
June 1954, in Logan, Ut., to George Robert "fflACKERAY \*io 
was b 19 Feb 1930, Clinton, Ut; s of Horace Ritnanuel THACK- 
ERAY and Margaret Dell BURNETT; and had ch b in Ogden, Ut: 

13-216 Yolanda THACKERAY b 1 July 1955 

130217 Greg Robert THACKERAY b 25 Aug 1956 

13-218 ZaneSnow THACKERAY b 4 Oct 1957 

13-219 Nancy THACKERAY b 27 Apr 1961 

13-220 Anne THACKERAY b 6 Aug 1963 

(Info: Mrs. George R. Thacakeray, Star Rt. Etna, Cal) 

12-96 Wilford Woodruff SNOW, s of Lettie DEWEY''" "''"^^ 

(Susan E. CHIDESTER-'-°~-'-°^John P^~-'-°^John M^~^^John 
P'7~5'7 David6-47) ^nd Orion Woodruff SNOW; b 13 Sept 
1930, Deweyville, Ut; md 29 Sept 1954, in Logan, Ut., 
to Elizabeth FLETCHER who was b 18 June 1935, Logan, 
Ut; dau of Calvin FLETCHER and Clara Irene THOMPSON; 
and had ch: 

13-221 Wilford Woodruff SNOW Jr. b 10 May 1955, Renton, 

Washington; d 11 May 1955 
13-222 Richard Donald SNOW b 18 Jan 1956, Renton, Wn; d 

18 Jan 1956 
13-223 Kelly Woodruff SNOW b 15 Jan 1959, Salt Lake City, 
13-224 Kathleen SNOW b 28 Feb 1960 
13-225 Richard Wayne SNOW b 15 Apr 1963 
13-226 Donna Lee SNOW b 1 Nov 1964. 

(Info: Wilford W. Snow, Bountiful, Ut.) 

Family of Ursal Loveland Chides ter 

Back: Myron A; C. Riohard Hutchison; JoAnn Fallentine 
Udell Lynn; Beverly Jean; Virgil Sessions 

Front: Jeanne Gerber; Darlene; Sarah Elvina; Ursal L. 

Family of Udell Lynn 
Chides ter: 

Udell; Brook; JoAnn; 
Kate; Scott Lynn in 


12-109 Clinton Alfonzo CHIDESTER, s of Myron A-'--'-"-'-^^ 

,^ ^10-107_ . _9-102^ , »,8-85^ . r,7'-57„ -^6-47 

(Myron A John P John M John P David 

and Lucinda Maud LOVELAND; b 10 Aug 1905, Deweyville, 

Ut; d 4 May 1962, Salt L ake City, Ut; md 16 Dec 

1931, in Salt Lake City, Ut. , to Jessie Mildred 

REDDEN who was b 14 Oct 1909, Hoitsville, Ut; dau 

of Samuel Grant REDDEN and Mary Ellen McGRATH; and 

had ch b in Salt Lake City, Ut; 

♦13-227 Helen Merlyn CHIDESTER b 7 Sept 1932; md Brent 

*13-228 Jeanne Revaud CHIDESTER b 4 Dec 1933; md Ronald 

*13-229 Clinton Richard CHIDESTER b 11 Feb 1939; md 

Kathryn MIDGLEY 
*13-230 Kent Alfonzo CHIDESTER b 11 Oct 1942; md Diane 

13-231 Jessie Linda CHIDESTER b 17 Mar 1947; md 30 Nov 

1963, Dr. David Keith MILLER 

A faithful member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter 
Day Saints, Clinton A. Chidester served a mission in the 
Western States 1927-1929. He and his wife settled in 
the Emerson Ward, Salt Lake City, Ut. He was a real 
estate broker and owned his own office. 

(Info: Clinton A. Chidester, Salt Lake City, Ut; 
obituary, Deseret News, May 1962.) 

12-110 Ursal Loveland CHIDESTER, s of Myron A''--'-^-'-^^ 

,^ ^10-107^ . „9-102^ , ^8-S5^ . „7-57 

(Myron A John P John M John P 

David6-47) and Lucinda Maude LOVELAND; b 1 Jan 1908, 

Deweyville, Ut; md 19 Mar 1928, in Salt Lake City, 

Ut., to Sarah Elvina Elizabeth ANDERSON who was b 

17 Oct 1909, Bear River City, Ut; dau of Anders 

Charles ANDERSON and Margaret SVENSON: and had ch b 

in Salt Lake City, Ut: 

*13-232 Beverly Jean CHIDESTER b 23 Nov 1928; md Virgil 

*13-233 Myron Alphonzo CHIDESTER b 24 June 1930; md Helen 

Jeanne GERBER 
*13-234 Darlene CHIDESTER b 23 June 1933; md Richard 

13-235 Ursal Dale CHIDESTER b 22 Sept 1936; d 23 Sept 1936 


*13-236 Udell Lynn CHIDESTER b 6 Aug 1937; md JoAnne 

Although born in Deweyville, Utah, Ursal's child- 
hood was spent in the Curlew Valley of Idaho where his 
parents homesteaded the land for thirteen years. His 
early schooling - through seventh grade - was obtained 
in Holbrook, Idaho. 

After the family moved back to Deweyville, giving 
up the struggle of the homestead, Ursal graduated from 
the eighth grade, then attended Bear River High and 
Granite High, where he played football. 

In 1944, during the Second World War, Ursal 
joined the Army, serving in the 645th Tank Destroyer 
Battalion and went to Germany. He was released in 1946. 

He had the experience of working in many different 
professions but settled on the plumbing trade, achiev- 
ing Journeyman rating and eventually became a Master 
Plumber. He was the owner and operator of Star Plumb- 
ing and Heating, Inc., in Salt Lake City. His two sons 
took over the business when Ursal decided to retire, 
although he still kept his hand in. 

An avid reader, Ursal's main interests are in 
history and philosophy. In his youth he memorized many 
poems and was always fond of poetry. 

His favorite sport — taking his grandchildren water 
skiing. Like other Chides ters in Utah, he claims to 
be the best fisherman in the state! 

(Info: Ursal L. Chidester, Salt Lake City, Ut; 
Darlene C. Hutchison, Salt Lake City, Ut . ) 

12-112 Vaudis CHIDESTER, dau of Myron a''-''-'-'-^^ (Myron 
A^O-lOVj^j^^ p9-102j^^^ m8-85j^j,, p-^-S-^oavid^-^^) and 
Lucinda Maud LOVELAND; b 27 Nov 1915, Mt. View, Ut; 
md 11 Sept 1937, in Nampa, Idaho, to Charles McCURDY 
who was b 12 Mar 1907, Tippett, Nevada; s of George 
Francis McCURDY and Alice Lavina LATHAM. Charles was 
md (1) 12 Mar 1930, to Josephine BUDD, but divorced 
11 July 1933. 

Ch of Vaudis and Charles McCURDY: 

*13-237 Charles Ronald McCURDY b 2 May 1938, Nampa, Ida; 
md (1) Donna Lynne HILL; md (2) Beverley Arlene May 



13-238 Lance Marlow McCURDY b 22 June 1954, Ely, Nev; d 

11 Mar 1973 
13-239 Don Valyere McCUFDY b 3 Aug 1954, Edmonton, Canada 
13-240 Jodi Charlyn McCURDY b 5 Dec 1959, Calgary, Canada 

My father, Myron Alphonzo Cgidester and his family 
moved from the dry farm country of Idaho to Salt Lake 
City, Ut. , in 1923 to start a new life. When I was 
nine years old, 1928, he died. Two years later when 
Mother remarried, we moved to Huntington, Oregon, where 
in 1937 I met and married Charles Ronald McCURDY. We 
moved through the western states, leaving a contribution 
of landmarks through the occupation of reinforcing steel 

Three chosen children (adopted) joined our family 
as we moved to Canada to help change the skyline of the 
beautiful city of Edmonton, Alberta, and the surround- 
ing country. Among other buildings, we worked on the 
Internation Airport, City Library, Canadian National 
Railway Tower, 1976 Centennial Building, and the 
Imperial Oil Project. We had also been party to the con- 
struction of the Geneva Steel Mill in Prove, Ut; the 
Magnesium Plant in Las Vegas, Nev; Nuclear Plants to 
Hanford, Washington, and Arco, Idaho, 

Our eldest son presented us with seven grand- 
children, some being the age of our young family, who 
enjoyed their association. 

We are now retired and have come "home" to Utah. 

(Mrs. Vaudis McCurdy, Bountiful, Utah.) 

12-115 Orson Myron CHIDESTER, s of John E"'--'-"-'-^"^ 

(Myron a10-107j^j^ v^-^^hohn M^-SSj^^n P^-^'^David^-^'^ 
and Florence Ethel LOVELAND; b 22 Nov 1910, Dey/ey- 
ville, U t; md 17 June 1933, in Salt Lake City, Ut. , 
to Gladys LaVon RAY who was b 8 Apr 1913, Salt Lake 
City, Ut; dau of Henry Thompson RAY and Clara ALDER; 
and had ch: b in Salt Lake City, Ut: 

*13-241 Ronnie Ray CHIDESTER b 4 Apr 1934; md Billie 
13-242 Sandra Claire CHIDESTER b 17 Sept 1936; md 
5 Apr 1955, Donald WOOLF 

(Info: Mrs. Ronnie Ray Chidester, Salt Lake City, Ut.) 


12-116 Wesley Lysle CHIDESTER, s of John E 

(Myron A^O-^O^John P^'^^^^ohn M^'^^j^^^ ^7-57 

David "^^) and Florence Ethel LOVELAND; b 28 Jan 
1913, Deweyville, Ut; d 5 Apr 1968, Salt Lake City, 
Ut; md 26 Nov 1936, in Ely, Nev. , to Isabella Feli- 
city BERTOLINA v^o was b 25 July 1914, Helper, Ut; 
dau of Ernest Leonard BERTOLINA and Alison JARVIE. 

Isabella was md CD to Antony Van Der STEEN. 
Ch of Wesley Lysle Chidester and Isabella: 

*13=243 Ernest Wesley CHIDESTER b 8 Nov 1938, Salt Lake City, 
Ut; md RaNae MORGAN 
13-244 Jerry James CHIDESTER b 23 June 1946, Salt Lake City, 
Ut; md 18 Nov 1967, to Karen Elaine ENGBERT 

(Info: Wesley Lysle Chidester; added to by Ernest W. Chides- 
ter, Salt Lake City, UtJ 

12-118 Florence E. CHIDESTER, dau of John E 

,„ ^10-107^ , „9-102^ , -.8-85. , r>7-57 

(Myron A John P John M John P 

David6-47) and Florence Ethel LOVELAND; b 22 May 

1918, Holbrook, Idaho; md 11 June 1938, in Salt Lake 

City, Ut., to Joseph Fielding PETERSON who was b 28 

June 1915, Riverton, Ut; s of James Ruben PETERSON 

and Margaret Elsie OLSEN; and had ch b in Salt Lake 

City, Ut: 

13-245 Joseph Eugene PETERSON b 29 May 1939 
13-246 Richard James PETERSON b 1 May 1942 
13-247 Judith Lynne PETERSON b 29 Jan 1944 

(Info: Mrs. John E. Chidester, Deweyville, Ut.) 

12-119 Ray Elmer CHIDESTER, s of John E"^"'"'''"^"^ (Myron 

^10-107_ . _9-102., . K>,8-85^ , t.7-57^ -06-47, , 

A John P John M John P David ) and 

Florence Ethel LOVELAND; b 26 Aug 1921, Honeyville, 

Ut; md 12 Dec 1941, in Preston, Idaho, to Margaret 

June RUSSELL who was b 2 June 1923, Kenmerer, Wyoming 

and had ch b in Salt Lake City, Ut: 

13-248 Michael Rae CHIDESTER b 5 Sept 1942 
13-249 Robert Kim CHIDESTER b 18 June 1947 
13-250 Randy Russell CHIDESTER b 10 Nov 1950 

(Info: Mrs. John E. Chidester, Deweyville, Ut.) 



12-120 Jerry Elwin CHIDESTER, s of John E"'"-'"""^^"^ (Myron 

^10-107^ . ^9-102^ - »,8-85^ . r.7-57^ .^6-47, , 

A John P John M John P David ) and 

Florence Ethel LOVELAND; b 18 May 1925, Salt Lake 

City, Ut; md 18 June 1948, Salt Lake City, Ut., to 

Wetonia Mae MILLER who was b 18 Feb 1927, Leeds, 

Ut; dau of Miles Edward MILLER and Edith ATKINS; 

and had ch b in Salt Lake City, Ut: 

13-251 John Edward CHTDESTER b 12 Sept 1949; md in 1975 
to Katherine J. DRESHER, in the Community Church, 
Bountiful, Ut. 

13-252 Jody Winn CHIDESTER b 15 July 1950; md 19 Sept 
1970, to Dorothy KUDNA 

13-253 Christi Lee CHTDESTER b 17 Dec 1956 

13-254 Kevin Kae CHTDESIER b 24 Nov 1958 

(Info: Mrs. Jerry E. Chides fer. Salt Lake City, Ut.) 

12-126 George Ray WILKINSON, s of Blanche CHIDES- 

mT:.T,ll-106 ,^, ^10-107^ , „9-102^ , K.8-85^ , 

TER _ (Myron A John P John M John 

P'~^ David°~ ) and Robert William WILKINSON; b 

26 Aug 1918, Holbrook, Idaho; md 24 May 1943, to 

Marion A. YOUNG; and had ch b in Monterey, California; 

13-255 George Ray WILKINSON b 12 June 1947 
13-256 Linda Kay WILKINSON b 7 Mar 1953 

(Info: Mrs. Blanche C Wilkinson, Monterey, Cal.) 

12-128 Myron Dean WILKINSON, s of Blanche CHIDES- 

,„^„11-106 ,,, ^10-107^ - „9-102^ , m8-85^ , 

TER (Myron A John P John M John 

P^'^^David^"^"^) and Robert William WILKINSON; b 7 
Dec 1921, Holbrook, Idaho; md (1) in 1941, to Dorothy 
Elma DARLING; md (2) in 1943, to Sady June MONROE 
and had ch: 

13-257 Geraldine Ann WILKINSON b 1 Oct 1945, Albany, N.Y. 

Myron md (3) 21 June 1953, Theresa Regina LAWTON who was 
b 5 July 1926, in Albany, New York; dau of Michael J. 
LAWTON and Ruth E. KEACH. Theresa was md (1) 12 Feb 
1940, to Richard J. HANLEY. 

Ch of Myron D. Wilkinson and Theresa R. Lawton: 


13-258 Deanna Robin WILKINSON b 28 June 1954, Carmel, Cal 
13-259 David Dean WILKINSON b 12 Mar 1956, Carmel, Cal. 

(Info: Mrs. Blanche C. Wilkinson, Monterey, Cal.) 

12-129 Garth Odell WILKINSON, s of Blanche CHIDES- 

TEr1^-1°^ (Myron A^^-^^^John P^-l^^^ohn M^'^^John 
p7-57David°~^') and Robert William WILKINSON; b 18 
May 1923, Malad City, Idaho; md 1 June 1951, in Salt 
Lake City, Ut. , to Ferol LaRae POULSON who was b 21 
May 1928, Richfield, Ut; dau of Wallace Eugene POUL- 
SON and Estella PAYNE; and had ch b in Carmel, Cal: 

13-260 Richard Garth WILKINSON b 4 May 1952 

13-261 LaRae WILKINSON b 6 Aug 1953 

13-262 Rodney J. WILKINSON b 6 June 1955 

13-263 Robert Brent WILKINSON b 25 Oct 1957 

13-264 Wayne Eugene WILKINSON b 13 Nov 1960 


(Info: Mrs. Blanche C. Wilkinson, Monterey, Cal) 

12-136 Elva Genevieve LAMB, dau of Eveline STEWART 

(Emeline CHIDESTER John P John M "john 

P' David6- 47) and William Ruthern LAMB; b 13 
Apr 1910, Toquerville, Ut; md 30 June 1928, to 
Lowell Heyborne SHERRATT who was b 18 Jan 1906, Cedar 
City, Ut; s of James Bulloch SHERRATT and Sarah Bladen 
HEYBORNE; and had ch b in Los Angeles, Cal: 

*13-265 Lowell Heyborne SHERRATT b 23 'Nov 1929; md 

Coleen Rae COWAN 
13-266 Gerald Robert SHERRATT b 6 Nov 1931 
*13-267 Beverly Joan SHERRATT b 8 June 1935; md Ray 


(Info: Lowell Sherratt Sr. Honeyville, Ut.) 

12-137 Stewart Wellington LAMB, s of Eveline STEW- 

ART-'--'-'-'--'-^ (Emeline CHIDESTER"'- °"-'-°^ John P^'"-'-°^John 

8—85 7—57 fi— 47 

M John P David ) and William Ruthern LAMB; 

b 9 Nov 1911, Toquerville, Ut; md 31 Dec 1934, to 

Selinda BRINGHURST; and had ch: 

13-268 Dorlene LAMB b 22 Dec 1937, Las Vegas, Nev; md 


11 Aug 1956, to Rodger Chester PARRY who was b 28 

July 1937; and had chj 

(1) Angelyn PARRY b 18 May 1958 
13-269 Garold William LAMB b 22 June 1939, Los Angeles, 

13-270 Carolyn LAMB b 30 June 1945, Cedar City, Ut, 

(Info: Mrs. Florence Foy, Bountiful, Ut.) 

12-138 Juanita LAMB, dau of Eveline STEWART-'-'^""-^"'"^ 

(Emeline CHIDESTER-'-^'-'-^^John P^~-'-°^John M^'^^John 
P'~ David°' ) and William Ruthern LAMB; b 25 Oct 
1913, Toquerville, Ut; md 27 Sept 193 0, to George 
Clifford KEMPLE; and had ch: 

13-271 Lois Marilyn KEMPLE b 1932, Los Angeles, Cal; md 
5 May 1951, in Cedar City, Ut., to Arlen Ashdown BAUER 
who was b 3 Nov 1927, Cedar City, Ut; and had ch: 

(1) Pamela Kaye BAUER b 2 July 1954, Las Vegas, Nev 

13-272 Pamela KEMPLE 

(Info: Mrs. Florence Foy, Bountiful, Ut.) 

12-143 Pearl BATTY (BEATTY) ; dau of Mary I. STEW- 
^j^^ll-111 (Emeline CHIDESTER-'-°~"'"°^John P^'-'-°^John 

M^"^^John p'^'^^David^''*'^) and Archie Edmond BATTY; 
b 25 Oct 1914, ToquervSlle, Ut; md 5 Apr 1934, in 
Salt Lake City, Ut., to Joseph Christian BOLANDER 
who was b 10 Apr 1907, Orderville, Utah; s of James 
Christian Julius BOLAJ^DER and Elenor CARROL; and 
had ch 

13-273 LaRue BOLANDER b 18 Jan 1935, Orderville, Ut; md 
(1) 13 Apr 1953, in Orderville, Ut. , to Richard Eugene 
FUSS who was b 13 Nov 1932, Craig, Colo; d 5 Sept 1958, 
in Denver, Colo; s of Conrad FUSS and Edith Louise 

LaRue md (2) Norman LaVar ANDERSON: md (3) William 
Eugene BRANDT and had ch: 

a) Patty Ann BRANDT b 28 Oct 1966 
13-274 Duane Joseph BOLANDER b 13 Jan 1938, Kanab, Ut; md 
16 July 1960, in St. George, Ut. , to Nila SLAUGH who 
was b 9 Sept 1941, Vernal, Ut; dau of Wallace Eugene 
SLAUGH and Naomi COLLIER; and had ch: 

(1) Teri BOLANDER b 3 July 1961, Page, Arizona 


(2) Duane Scott BOLANDER b 5 Sept 1963, Salt Lake 
City, Ut. 
*13-275 Karen BOLANDER b 9 Aug 1940, Orderville, Ut? md 
Delbert Ross PALMER 
13-276 Shirleen BOLANDER b 24 Mar 1942, Kanab, Ut; d 14 

July 1946 
13-277 Ronald Batty BOLANDER b 4 Aug 1948, Panguitch, Ut; 
md 14 June 1972, in St» George, Ut. , to Tamra Val 
McARTHUR who was b 20 Feb 1952; and had ch: 

(1) Ryan Ronald BOLANDER b 2 Dec 1974, Provo, Ut. 
13-278 Jo Ann BOLANDER b 22 Sept 1957, Kanab, Ut; md 10 
Apr 1971, in Orderville, Ut., to Charles Kirk KIMMERLE 
who was b 10 Oct 1951, Monticello, Ut; s of Howard J. 
KIMMERLE Jr. and Merna J. NIELSON; and had a dau: 
(1) Karli KIMMERLE b 22 Sept 1971, Cedar City, Ut. 
13-279 Laurene BOLANDER b 28 Nov 1955, Panguitch, Ut. 

From Pintura to Orderville to see a close friend 
graduate from high school resulted in my meeting my fut- 
ure husband and eternal mate. Our courtship was differ- 
ent then than the ones now. It was more on a group 
basis where all the unmarried people met and made ice 
cream or candy and played games. The jig-saw puzzle 
was just out and very popular. Joe had not been home 
from his mission too long and with the mission presi- 
dent's words, "If you're not married in six months" 
ringing in his ears it didn't take us long to decide to 
get married. 

We were married in the Salt Lake Temple. We made 
the most of our time there and went to April conference, 
too, which was a very choice experience for me as it was 
my first time to attend. 

Our first home was the old tithing office where 
produce turned in for tithing was stored. Here, with 
the help of my three new brothers and new parents, 
the place was made livable . 

Here, too, on a snowy winter day, our first child, 
a dark-haired girl, was born. She was the first girl for 
Grandma and Grandpa Bolander (they having had five boys) 
and the first grandchild on both sides. 

In our early married life we had a policy of hav- 
ing a baby one year and getting a new piece of furniture 
the next year. We accummulated more new furniture then 
than we have at any time since. 

Our second child, a husky boy this time, we were 
happy to call Duane Joseph, Duane had a stomach disorder 


at birth but, with constant care and medication, he 
was a happy, healthy baby at nine months. 

Having two children in the coldest month of the 
year, we were happy to welcome Karen in August. Karen, 
with the help of Dr. COVINGTON, made her appearance 
in our present home. She has always been an independ- 
ent soul, very religious and a welcome addition to our 

High noon, Mar. 24, 1942, brought a dainty, curley 
haired little girl whom we chose to call Shirleen. 
She was just nineteen months younger than Karen and they 
were much like twins. I liked to dress them alike. 
They spent many happy hours together and always sat 
side by side in primary and Sunday school. 

In 1944 Uncle Sam called Joe to serve his country. 
I was left to care for the four children. It was a 
time of worry and hard work, as he hadn't been gone 
three weeks before a series of accidents occurred. Broken 
bones, cuts, measles, and so on. It is times like this 
when you appreciate church, family, friends. 

In due time Joe was released and we were called 
upon to lay to rest our little Shirleen who was now four 
years old. She died in Salt Lake City, after brain surg- 
ery for a tumor. 

We have had many pleasant experiences church and 
family wise. Three times in one season we were to go 
to the temple and see two sisters and a brother married. 
These are choice memories, enriched each time we go back 
to the temple. 

We were to lose another baby midway in pregnancy 
before our home was blessed with a second son, Ronald 
Batty BOLANDER. Dark haired and blue eyed, Ronnie was 
a special addition to our family. 

Dainty, sweet JoAnn came to live with us. She 
was followed by Laurene, vibrant, fun-loving and quite 
a tease. Our home would not be complete without 
Laurene. We have always loved each child in our family. 
Each so different from the rest, has added something 
special. We have seven children and ten grandchildren. 

Church work has been vital in our life and the 
offices and callings varied. To name a few: MIA 
superintendent, high counselor; Bishop, Sunday school 
board and teacher, genealogy teacher, bishop's coun- 
selor and teacher, stake Relief Society board, visit- 
ing teacher, Sunday school secretary. High Priest sec- 
retary. These with missionary work and trying to live 


the cornmandments daily give the true perspective. 

We have always stressed education and service. 
One son served his country and the other went on a 

In our forty two years of married life we have 
had varied experiences — the good and the bad. We have 
lived through depression and war. Our lives have been 
enriched with our family and friends. 

We still live in the home we built in Orderville. 
Joe retired last winter and we enjoy average good health. 

(Pearl Batty Bolander, Orderville, Utah. 1976) 

12-147 Iris BATTY CBEATTY) , dau of Mary I. STEWART ■*■ 

(Emeline CHIDESTER"^^ ^^John P ^ John M° "john 
p'7-57David6-47) and Archie Edmond BATTY (BEATTY) ; 
b 12 Jan 1923, Toquerville, Ut; md 25 Apr 1946, in 
St. George, Ut., to Adrian Barclay FREDERICKS who 
was b 22 July 1921, Sterling Mines (now Sterling 
Forest) Orange, New York; s of Clarence B. FREDER- 
ICKS and Dorothy McGRADY; and had ch b in Tuxedo 
Park, Orange, New York: 

*13-280 Adrian Beatty FREDERICKS b 8 Mar 1947; md Carol 

*13-281 Judith Annette FREDERICKS b 6 July 1949; md Kent 
12-282 Terry Lynn FREDERICKS b 18 June 1951; md 30 May 
1975, in Idaho Falls, Idaho, to Jolene STUCKI who 
was b 8 June 1955, Idaho; dau of Delos Sharp STUCKI 
and Betty Rae OLSEN: and has a dau: 

(1) Stephanie FREDERICKS b 7 May 1976, Idaho Falls, 
Idaho . 

Adrian Barclay FREDERICKS is the second child and 
first son of his parents, born in Sterling Mines, New 
York. It was in Cedar City, Utah, as an adult, that 
he met and married Iris , taking her to the St. George 
Temple for the ceremony. 

"We have had the pleasure of one son, Terry Lynn, 
fulfilling a mission for the LDS Church and one son, 
Adrian Beatty, graduating from Brigham Young University. 
Also the additional pleasure of all three children being 
married in the Idaho Falls Temple. 

"We are now blessed with seven lovely grandchild- 
ren and are enjoying them all so very much. They are 
all so special in their own little ways. 




"We lived for about five months in Tuxedo, New 
York, then moved to Syosset, Nassau, Long Island, N.Y. 
and lived there for about five years. After this we 
moved to Uniondale, Nassau County, New York, and lived 
there for about twenty one years. It was during this 
latter time that we were privileged to see the New York 
Stake, LDS Church (which comprised part of New Jersey, 
New York City and Long Island) divided into three 

"We are now living in Orem, Utah, and have been 
for about four years now. We are happy to be here near 
to the headquarters of the LDS Church and to be so near 
to our children, grandchildren and other relatives who 
are living out here in the west." 

(Iris B. Fredericks, Orem, Utah, 1976) 

1-2-14 8 Evelyn BATTY (BEATTY) , dau of Mary I. STEW- 
ART ''■■'■ ""'■■'■■'■ ( Emeline CHI DESTER-'-^"-'-^^ John P^"-'-°^John 

M^"^^John P^'^^David^"*"^) and Archie Edmond BATTY; 
b 2 Sept 1925, Toguerville, Utah; md 28 Sept 1946, 
in St. George, Ut. , to Keith Downing FOSTER who was 
b 18 June 1914, Provo, Ut; s of Joseph Downing 
FOSTER and Thresa Marie KNELL; and had ch b in Salt 
Lake City, Ut : 

13-283 Dean Keith FOSTER (twin) b 1 July 1948; d 1 July 1948 

13-284 Donna FOSTER (twin) b 1 July 1948; d 2 July 1948 

* 13-285 Margene FOSTER b 26 May 1949 

* 13-286 Dennis Keith FOSTER b 18 Oct 1950 

* 13-287 Mary Jolene FOSTER b 23 Feb 1954 
^3-288 Brenda Kay FOSTER b 5 Aug 1955 

13-289 Gaelynn FOSTER b 25 Apr 1960 

See p #520 for famililies and history 

(Info: Keith D. Foster, Salt Lake City, Ut.) 

12-149 Emma LaJean BATTY (BEATTY), dau of Mary I. STEW- 
ART ■'■■'■ "■'■■'■■'■ (Emeline CHIDESTER-'-°"-'"°^John P^"-'-°^John 

M^"^^John p'^'^^David^"'^'^) and Archie Edmond BATTY; 
b 7 Dec 1930, Toquerville, Ut; md 18 Sept 1949, to 
Robert Harold LAMPH who was b 23 Mar 1923, Standard- 
ville, Ut; s of Nephi LAMPH and Nora B. MEMORY; and 
had ch b in Price, Ut: 


13-290 Robert Mondale LAMPH b 18 Nov 1950 
13-291 Delores Jean LAMPH b 12 Mar 1952 
13-292 Patsy Larene LAMPH b 12 Dec 1953 

(InforMrs. R. H. Lamph, Wellington, Ut.) 

12-151 Regena STEWART, dau of John Wallace STEWART 
(Emeline CHIDESTER-'-^'-^^^John P^'-'-^^John M^'^^John 

p'^'^'^David^"'*'^) and Inez Lynette WILLIAMS; b 17 
Sept 1924, Kanarraville, Ut; md 20 Dec 1961, in 
Las Vegas, Nev. , to Ewald RAPP who was b 1 Apr 1912, 
Minsk, Russia; s of Michael Joseph RAPP and Amalie 
WELKE; and had ch b in Las Vegas, Nevada: 

13-293 Daniel Wallace RAPP b 21 June 1963 
13-294 Marianna RAPP b 29 June 1964 

Ewald and Regina Rapp were married at Ewald 's 
home at 1116 Nassau Dr. Las Vegas, Nev. Ewald had been 
baptized into the LDS Church that same afternoon. He 
worked as "garde manger** chef at the Sands Hotel and 
then went to the Dunes Hotel where he worked for nine 

In 1971, while on a vacation trip in Utah, Ewald 
was offered a job at Brigham Young University in food 
services. We went back to Las Vegas, sold our house 
there and moved to our new home in Spanish Fork. Ewald 
has won much recognition for his art work using foods. 

Our two children are both studying piano and are 
in the school orchestra. Both are planning to attend 
college at Brigham Young University. Daniel wants to 
become a doctor. 

Ewald was born in Minsk, Russia, of German parents 
who were refugees. He served Germany during the war in 
Poland, France and Russia, until he was injured and 
lost his right leg. He was released from the service 
and became a shoemaker in Braunschweig, Germany. In 
1953 he came to Las Vegas, not knowing a word of English. 
He worked in a cafe owned by a German and worked his way 
up to become one of the top "garde mangers" in the hotel 
business in Vegas. 

I, Regina, was born in Kanarraville, Utah, and 
spent several younger years in Pintura and Toquerville, 
Utah. My father went to Nevada, Goodsprings, and worked 
in the mines. Graduating from the Las Vegas High 
School, I went to Salt Lake for a few years. In 1955, 



I went for a two year mission in the Spanish American 
Mission in Texas. When I came home I spent a year on 
a stake mission in Las Vegas, and was the missionary 
who taught the gospel to Ewald. When he was baptized 
we were married. 

(Regina S. Rapp, Spanish Fork, Utah, 1976) 

12-155 Dwaine LaVell SYLVESTER, s of LaVell SYLVES- 

TER-'--'-"-'--^'^ (Emeline CHIDESTER-'-°"-^°^John P^"-'-°^John 

M^'^^John P^~^'^David^~^'^) and Lena STEVENS; b 29 
July 1938, Hurricane, Ut; md 27 Nov 1963, in Manti, 
Utah, to Linda May EDWARDS who was b 22 Sept 1942, 
Fillmore, Ut; dau of Harold EDWARDS and Mary Jean 
TRIMBLE; and had ch : 

13-295 Delyle Dwaine SYLVESTER b 10 June 1965, Cedar City, 

13-296 Lisa May SYLVESTER b 1 Oct 1966, Cedar City, Ut; 

d 6 Feb 1967 
13-297 Katrina SYLVESTER b 5 Dec 1967, Ogden, Ut. 
13-298 Brent LaVell SYLVESTER b 21 June 1969, Ogden, Ut. 
13-299 Jason Harold SYLVESTER b 10 Nov 1970, Brigham City, 


(Info: Mrs. Lena S. Sylvester, Brigham City, Ut.) 

12-158 Emeline MUMFORD, dau of Jane Allie SYLVESTER"'--'-"-''-'-^ 

(Emeline CHIDESTER-^°~-'-°^John P^'-'-^^John M^"^^John 
p7-57David6-47) and Robert Cox MUMFORD; b 6 Apr 
1936, Cedar City, Ut; md Wesley ADAMS of Henderson, 
Nev; and had ch: 

13-300 Katheryn Jane ADAMS b 24 July 1952 
13-301 Connie Jean ADAMS b 28 Mar 1955 
13-302 Jennie Sue ADAMS b 3 Mar 1958 

(Info: Jane A. S. Mumford, Cedar City, Ut.) 

12-164 Clifford Andrew PRINCE, s of Evaline SPROUL"'--'-'-'--'-^ 

(Eveline CHIDESTER-'-°'"-'--'-°John P^"-'-°^John M^'^^John 
P'7~5'7David6-47) and William R. PRINCE; b 24 Dec 1911, 
Deweyville, Ut; md 8 Aug 1936, to Grace SCANLAN who 
was b 9 Feb 1913, Caldwell, Idaho; dau of Benjamin 


SCANLAN and Lillie Belle NORMAN; and had ch: 

13-303 Cheryl Ann PRINCE b 28 July 1946, Boise, Idaho; 

md Don DENNEY 

13-304 Charlene PRINCE b 27 May 1948, Salt Lake City, Ut; 

md Richard FRICKBERG 

(Info: Clifford A. Prince, Salt Lake City , Ut. ) 

12-16 5 Edith PRINCE, dau of Mary Eveline SPROUL 

(Eveline CHIDESTER-^°"-'--'-°John P^'-'-^^John M^'"^^John 
p7-57David6-47) ^nd William R. PRINCE; b 17 Nov 1916, 
Buhl, Idaho; md 16 July 1934 , to Frank VARIN who 
was b 7 July 1911, Gooding, Idaho; and had ch: 

*13-305 Jo Anne VARIN b 6 Nov 1934, Gooding, Ida; md 
Charles IRETON 
13-306 George VARIN b 3 Oct Gooding, Idaho 

(Info: Mrs. Mary E.S.P. Matthews, Santa Clara, Ut.) 

12-167 Dale Layton PRINCE, s of Mary E. SPROUL"'--'-"-'--^'^ 

(Eveline CHIDESTER-'-°"-'--'-°John P^'-'-^^John M^"^^John 
p'7-57David6-47) and William R. PRINCE; b 9 June 

1922, Gooding, Idaho; md (1) 10 June 1944, in Salt 
Lake City, Ut. , to Dorothy MILLER who was b 26 Oct 

1923, Blackfoot, Idaho; dau of Thomas and Elva 
MILLER; and had ch: 

13-307 Val Dean PRINCE b 29 Dec 1945, Afton, Wyoming? 

md Bonnie Lynn GREEN 
13-308 Joyce Gladys PRINCE b 31 Oct 1947, Salt Lake City, 

Ut; md Jerry MOODY 
13-309 Linda (Lynda) Kay PRINCE b 17 May 1952, Salt Lake 

City, Ut. 

After a divorce. Dale md (2) Helen BOUCH from whom he 
was also divorced. He lives in Burbank, Cal., and cares 
for his aging mother. 

(Info: Dale L. Prince, Burbank, Cal.) 

12-171 Kate WATTS, day of Lyona SPROUL"'"'''"''""'"^ (Eveline 
CHIDESTER^°'^^°John P^'^^^John M^'^^John P^"^"^ 


David ) and Henry James Even WATTS; b 19 July 

1913, Cedar City, Ut; md 6 Mar 1934, to Leonard 

Lavern MORGAN; and had ch: 

13-310 Gerald L. MORGAN b 27 July 1933 
* 13-311 Stanley Lavern MORGAN b 24 Mar 1935, Richfield, Ut. 

md Lujean DESPAIN 
13-312 Clyde Ross MORGAN b 28 May 1942, St. George, Ut. 
13-313 Robert Henry MORGAN b 30 Jan 1946, Heber, Ut. 
13-314 Betty MORGAN 

(InfO! recs of Mrs. Florence Foy, Bountiful, Ut.) 

12-172 Thora WATTS, dau of Lyona SPROUL ~ (Eveline 

CHIDESTERl°-110john P^'l^^j^^^ M^-^S^^^^ p7-57 
David6-47) ^nd Henry James Even WATTS; b 16 Mar 
1916, Delta, Ut; md 3 Apr 1937, to Lyman Neal WRIGHT 
who was b 8 Dec 1914, Linden, Ut; and had ch: 

13-315 Carolyn W. WRIGHT b 28 Dec 1937, Salt Lake City, Ut 

13-316 David Lyman WRIGHT b 4 Apr 1939, Salt Lake City, Ut 

13-317 Dennis WRIGHT b 2 July 1941, Salt Lake City, Ut. 

13-318 Jeneil WRIGHT b 7 Dec 1942, Salt Lake City, Ut. 

13-319 Kay WRIGHT b 28 June 1944, Salt Lake City, Ut. 

13-320 Joan WRIGHT b 29 July 1945, Salt Lake City, Ut. 

13-321 Laurie James WRIGHT b 20 Sept 1946, Murray, Ut. 

13-322 KARMA WRIGHT b 13 Dec 1947, Salt Lake City, Ut. 

13-323 Ruth WRIGHT b 25 June 1950, Murray, Ut. 

13-324 Lillian WRIGHT b 12 July 1951, Murray, Ut. 

13-325 Connie WRIGHT (twin) b 16 Sept 1953, Murray, Ut. 

13-326 Bonnie WRIGHT (twin) b 16 Sept 1953, Murray, Ut. 

13-327 Evan WRIGHT 

(Info: recs of Mrs. Florence Foy, Bountiful, Ut.) 

12-177 William Sproul WATTS, s of Lyona SPROUL"'--'-""'"-'"^ 

(Eveline CHIDESTER-'-°"-'--'-°John P^~-'-°^John M^~^^John 
P'~ David^"'* ) and Henry James Even WATTS; b 7 May 
1926, Cedar City, Ut; md 26 June 1949, to Venna 
Irene GALE; dau of Luther and Irene GALE; and had 

13-328 Charleen WATTS b 2 May 1950, Provo, Ut. 

13-329 William Ardell WATTS b 9 Sept 1951, Moses Lake, Wn 

13-330 Terry Jay WATTS b 27 Nov 1952, Moses Lake, Wn 



13-331 Maxine WATTS b 5 Dec 1953, Moses Lake, Wn 
13-332 Diana WATTS b 28 Sept 1955, Moses Lake, Wn. 

(Info: recs of Mrs. Florence Foy, Bountiful, Ut.) 

12-183 Evan Murray SPROUL, s of Angus M. (Eveline 

CHIDESTERlO-llOjohn P^^^^^hohn M^'^^j^hn P^'^^ 
David6-47) ^nd Agatha MCALLISTER; b 19 June 1922, 
St George, Ut; md 26 May 1943, in Henderson, Nev. , 
to Carma CAMERON who was b 30 Jan 1924, St. George, 
Ut; dau of Benjamin CAMERON Jr. and Effie Camilla 
CANNON; and had ch: 

13-333 Evan Murray SPROUL b 16 May 1944, St. George, Ut; 

md 15 Oct 1966, Linda Marie LARSEN 
13-334 Nedra SPROUL b 27 Sept 1946, St. George, Ut. 
13-335 Robert Clare SPROUL b 2 Oct 1948, St. George, Ut. 
13-336 Donald Leslie SPROUL b 25 Mar 1956, San Diego, Cal, 
13-337 James Clark SPROUL b 23 Aug 1962, Van Nuys, Cal, 

"I was born in St. George, Utah. As a family we 
lived many years in Washington, Utah, where as a young 
man I wasn't too active in the Church. During World War 
II I decided the Church had more to offer than anything 
else in life so now I*m very active. My present job in 
the Church is Ward Clerk, so I realize the importance of 
record keeping." 

(Evan M. Sproul, Reseda, Cal.) 

12-191 Fayone SEEGMILLER, dau of Edith SPROUL"'--^'''-^^ 

(Eveline CHIDESTER-'-°"-'--'-°John P^'-'-°^John M^^^^John 
P'7-57David6'47) ^^d Paul Carroll SEEGMILLER; b 11 
Mar 1924, Cedar City, Ut; md 28 Apr 1945, in St. 
George, Ut., to Morris Blaine WHITEHEAD who was b 
7 Apr 1921, New Harmony, Ut; s of Morris Reme WHITE- 
HEAD and Gladys GRANT; and had ch: 

13-338 Doyle Blaine WHITEHEAD b 11 Jan 1947, St. Goerge, Ut 

13-339 Gladys WHITEHEAD b 22 Dec 1950, Cedar City, Ut. 

13-340 Sandra WHITEHEAD b 16 July 1954, Cedar City, Ut. 

13-341 Edith WHITEHEAD b 27 Nov 1961, Henderson, Nev. 

13-342 Kenneth WHITEHEAD b Nov 1966, Henderson, Nev. 

(Info: Mrs. Paul Seegmiller, St. George, Ut. 


12-192 Paul Darrell SEEGMILLER, s of Edith SPROUL 

(Eveline CHIDESTER-^°"-'--^°John P^"-'-°^John M^'^^John 
p7-57David6-47) and Paul Carroll SEEGMILLER; b 21 
May 1925, Washington, Ut; md 17 Mar 1944, in St. 
George, Ut. , to Lila BRADSHAW who was b 6 Mar 1925, 
Hurricane, Ut; dau of Hyrvim BRADSHAW and Hortense 
Ellen SPENDLOVE; and had ch: 

13-343 Lynn Paul SEEGMILLER b 28 Nov 1944, St. George, Ut 

13-344 Darrell Hyrum SEEGMILLER b 1 Nov 1946, St. George, 

13-345 Daniel Scott SEEGMILLER b 15 July 1948, St. George 

13-346 Annette SEEGMILLER b 4 Sept 1950, St. George, Ut. 

13-347 Bonnie SEEGMILLEfl b 4 July 1954, Las Vegas, Nev, 

13-348 Dayne Bradley SEEGMILLER b 14 July 1956, Las Vegas, 

13-349 Quenton Foy SEEGMILLER b 15 Dec 1957, Las Vegas, Nev 

13-350 Polly SEEGMILLER b 31 Oct 1960, Las Vegas, Nev. 

(Info: Mrs. Paul Seegmiller, St. George, Ut.) 

12-193 Foy Ardell SEEGMILLER, s of Edith SPROUL"'--'-"-'-^^ 

(Eveline CHIDESTER John P John M° °^John 

p7-57David6-47) and Paul Carroll SEEGMILLER; b 20 
May 1926, Washington, Ut; md 26 Sept 1946, in St. 
George, Ut. , to Ilene STIRLING who was b 12 Feb 
1927, Hurricane, Ut; dau of David STIRLING and 
Annie Ethel ISOM; and had ch: 

13-351 Carol Ann SEEGMILLER b 19 Dec 1947, Cedar City, Ut. 

13-352 Myron Daniel SEEGMILLER b 18 May 1949, St. George, 


13-353 Marilyn SEEGMILLER b 10 Aug 1951, St. George, Ut. 

13-354 male ch stillborn 18 Oct 1953, Leeds, Ut. 

13-355 Ilene SEEGMILLER b 24 May 1955, Las Vegas, Nev; 

d 24 May 1955 

13-356 Donna Elaine SEEGMILLER b 7 Jan 1961, Las Vegas, Nev 

(Info: Mrs. Foy A. Seegmiller, N. Las Vegas, Nev.) 

12-194 Tana SEEGMILLER, dau of Edith SPROUL"'"'^"''"^ (Eve- 
line CHIDESTER^°"^^°John P^'^^^John M^'^^John p"^"^"^ 
David6-47) and Paul Carroll SEEGMILLER; b 9 Jan 1928, 
St. George, Ut; md 6 May 1948 in St. George, Ut. , 
to Leland Merlin SULLIVAN who was b 23 Jan 1927, 
Leeds, Ut; s of Leland George SULLIVAN and Lula 
BALLARD; and had ch b in St. George, Ut: 


13-357 Clayton Brent SULLIVAN b 29 Jan 1950 

13-358 Kelly Ray SULLIVAN b 3 July 1952 

13-359 Jeffrey Scott SULLIVAN, b ; d 20 May 1960 

13-360 Merlin Shane SULLIVAN b 25 Feb 1961 

(Info: Mrs. Paul Seegmiller, St. George, Ut.) 

12-195 Clothele SEEGMILLER, dau of Edith SPROUL-'--'-'-'-^^ 

(Eveline CHIDESTER-'-°'-'--'-°John P^~-'-°^John M^'^^John 
p7-57David6-47) and Paul Carroll SEEGMILLER; b 23 
Jan 1930, St. George, Ut; md 30 Jan 1954, in Los 
Angeles, Cal., to Charles Joseph MANUELE who was b 
26 Nov 1931, Los Angeles, Cal; s of Antonio MANUELE 
and Lucy BELLONI; and had ch: 

13-361 Charles Anthony MANUELE b 25 Nov 1954, Los Ange- 
les, California 
13-362 Michael Ryan MANUELE b 24 Apr 1956, Las Vegas, Nev 
13-363 Marc Stephen MANUELE b 27 Aug 1958, Canoga Park, 

13-364 Monique MANUELE b 20 Apr 1960, Van Nuys, Cal 
13-365 Gregory Scott MANUELE b 20 June 1962, Santa Ana, Cal 
13-366 Paula MANUELE b 6 June 1967, Nuremberg, Germany, 

(Info: Mrs. Paul C. Seegmiller, St, George, Ut,) 

12-196 Van Dyne SEEGMILLER, dau of Edith SPROUL-'--'-"-'-^^ 

(Eveline CHIDESTER-'-^'-'-^^John P^"-'-°^John M^'^^John 
p7-57David6-47) and Paul Carroll SEEGMILLER; b 29 
Sept 1933, St. George, Ut; md 29 Feb 1953, in St. 
George, Ut. , to Wayne Kent WILSON who was b 4 May — 
LaVerkin, Ut; s of Wayne WILSON and Amelia WEBB; 
and had ch; 

13-367 Karl Kent WILSON b 7 Sept 1953, St. George, Ut. 

13-368 Tana Louise WILSON b 30 Dec 1954, Laredo, Texas 

13-369 Toni WILSON (dau) b 10 Aug 1956, St, George, Ut, 

13-370 Terry WILSON b 21 Jan 1958, St, George, Ut, 

13-371 Kurt Wayne WILSON b 3 Jan 1965, St, George, Ut, 

(Info: Mrs. Paul C. Seegmiller, St. George, Ut,) 


12-197 Janet Larae SEEGMILLER, dau of Edith SPROUL-'--'-""^^^ 

(Eveline CHIDESTER-'-°'"-'--'-°John P^"-'-°^John M^"^^John 
p7-57David6-47) and Paul Carroll SEEGMILLER; b 10 
Jan 1938, St. George, Ut; md 22 May 1954, in St. 
George, Ut. , to Edward Wilson GUBLER who was b 3 ,Dec 
193 5, LaVerkin, Ut; s of Edward Joseph GUBLER and 
Thora WILSON; and had ch: 

13-372 Susan GUBLER b 24 Aug 1955, St. George, Ut. 

13-373 Joseph Edward GUBLER b 17 July 1956, St. George, Ut 

13-374 Boyd Wilson GUBLER b 21 May 1958, St. George, Ut. 

13-375 David Paul GUBLER b 20 Oct 1960, Henderson, Nev. 

13-376 Katrina GUBLER b 22 May 1963, Ogden, Ut. 

13-377 Julie Ann GUBLER b 13 July 1967, Henderson, Nev. 

{Info: Mrs, Paul C. Seegmiller, St. George, Ut.) 

12-198 Eva Diane SEEGMILLER, dau of Edith SPROUL 

(Eveline CHIDES TER"'"°"'^'^°John P " John M " John 
p7-57David6-47) and Paul Carroll SEEGMILLER; b 3 
May 1942, St. George, Ut; md 5 Sept 1964, in St. 
George, Ut., to Gordon Lee PETERSON who was b 25 
Dec 1940, Ephraim, Ut; s of Webley PETERSON and 
Marge P ETERSON ; and had ch: 

13-378 Jason Lee PETERSON b 29 Dec 1965, Mt. Pleasant, Ut 
13-379 Jacob Lewis PETERSON (twin) b 27 Jan 1967, Murray, 

Ut; d 27 Jan 1967 
13-380 Gordon Lee PETERSON (twin) b 27 Jan 1967, Murray, 

Ut; d 27 Jan 1967 

(Info: Mrs. Paul C, Seegmiller, St. George, Ut.) 

12-201 Theora Pauline PRINCE, dau of Ethel SPROUL 

(Eveline CHIDESTER ' John P ~ John M ' John 
p7-57David6-47) and David Leonard PRINCE; b 25 
Jan 1926, Gooding, Idaho; md 25 May 1944, to Floyd 
Marion KERBY; and had ch: 

13-381 Vickie Sue KERBY b 23 July 1946, Gooding, Idaho 

13-382 James Allen KERBY b 23 Nov 1947, Wendell, Idaho 

13-383 Richard Len KERBY b 8 Aug 1952, Gooding, Idaho 

13-384 Terrill Lee KERBY b 4 Dec 1955, Mountain Home, Ida 

(Info; recs of Mrs. Florence Foy, Bountiful, Ut.) 


12-205 Leatha PRINCE, dau of Ethel SPROUL"'""'""-'-^^ 

(Eveline CHIDESTER-'-°'-'--'-°John P^"-'-°^John M^'^^John 
p'7~5'David6-47) and David Leonard PRINCE; b 27 
May 1932, Gooding, Idaho; md 22 Dec 1953, in Idaho 
Falls, Ida., to Ira Kimball HALL Jr. who was b 2 Jan 
1932, Malta, Idaho; s of Ira Kimball HALL and Alice 
Abigail OTTLEY; and had ch; 

13-385 Kim "C" HALL b 18 Dec 1954, San Francisco, Cal 

13-386 Bruce Leonard HALL b 17 Dec 1955, San Francisco, Cal 

13-387 Stephen Prince HALL b 19 May 1960, Oakland, Cal 

13-388 Douglas Lewis HALL b 25 Sept 1962, Hartford, Conn; 

d 12 Dec 1962 

13-389 Michelle HALL b 13 Mar 1964, Sacramento, Cal 

13-390 Garth Thayne HALL b 26 Mar 1967 Carmichael, Cal. 

Christmas Letter, 1967 

Greetings from our house to yours. It is good that 
there is a "year end" and a "year beginning" so as to 
break the seemingly endless routine and give time to 
reflect on our past. Hopefully, also to plan anew for 
the future. 1967 seems from here to be somewhat of a 
paradox; ie : it seems such a short time since last 
Christmas and yet so many eventful things seem to have 
happened and some of these seem so long ago. 

Our most happy event was the addition to our family 
of Garth on Easter Sunday. He is now 9 months old and 
is a regular member — in fact the most regular member of 
the family. He is crawling and can manage a smile at 
almost anything that happens— except being left alone. 

Our girl, Michelle, is 3*5. She is a typical girl, 
we suppose, but she is so feminine as compared to the 
boys it is quite startling to us. Her most prized 
possession is her long hair, which is really only long 
to her. Her happiness is a half day nursery school 
two days a week. Her mother is very proud of her read- 
ing vocabulary which is now something like 40 words, 

Stephen, 7*$, is a very husky, active boy. He spends 
most leisure hours with Nikki, the pony. He had 4 
stitches on the forehead from one fall. He was not de- 
terred. He loves school and has developed some very 
close friendships. He reads quite well. He can hardly 
wait to be a cub scout. He causes great consternation 
in the older brothers by his desired close companionship. 

Bruce will graduate from Primary and receive the 


priesthood this month. He is very conscientious in all 
he does. He is in band, trumpet. Didn't quite make 
the 7th grade basketball team, has one more requirement 
for second class scout and has a morning paper route 
and still makes respectable grades in school. He is 
very sports minded. His little league team lost the 
area championship by one game. 

Kim is our individualist. He has respect for others 
but little concern for time or regulations if they inter- 
fere with what he thinks he should or would like to do. 
His first love is nature in any form. He loves scout- 
ing and is working on the star rank. He is the only 
trombone player in the intermediate band , He has an 
afternoon paper route and feels quite independent most 
of the time. 

Leatha has developed into the major family project. 
We are learning so very much how important she is to 
us and our happiness, A deteriorating health condition 
over a long period finally culminated in the discovery 
of heart infection, shortly after the birth of Garth. 
The infection was successfully arrested but subsequent 
test showed extensive damage to the mitral valve. Con- 
sequently, her activity and physical capabilities have 
been substantially reduced. We are somewhat saddened 
by tiiis and yet so thankful she can be as active as 
she is. We feel that it was only through divine help 
that the disease was finally diagnosed — Leatha diag- 
nosed it herself with the help of her nurses training, 

Kimball is still employed by Aerojet. The employment 
has dropped from 20,000 in 1964 to about 7,000. How- 
ever, his job is still very interesting and busy. He 
was scoutmaster for a short while. He also taught Sem- 
inary last year. Presently he is the Elder's Quoriim 
teacher. He manages to avoid most home duties but plays 
hand bail to keep his weight down to a trim one ton, 

CLeatha P, Hall, Carmichael, California.) 

12-210 Rawland Chidester HAMILTON, s of Elva SPROUL 

(Eveline CHIDESTER-'-°"-'--'-°John P^'-'-^^John M^"^^John 
p7-57David6-47) and Alvin LaMar HAMILTON: b 24 Apr 
1927, Washington, Ut; d 4 Oct 1960; md 21 Jan 1946, 
to Mary Ethel Nadine SAMPLES who was b 24 Apr 1920, 
Pittsburg, Kansas; dau of John SAMPLES and Ethel CLINE; 
and had ch : 


13-391 Dennis Lee HAMILTON b 15 Apr 1947, Richmond, Cal 

13-392 Patricia Annie HAMILTON b 4 July 1949, Berkley, Cal 

13-393 LuDeane Mary HAMILTON b 25 Apr 1954, Ukiah, Cal 

13-394 Lisa Joyce HAMILTON b 14 Mar 1957, Ukiah, Cal 

(Info: A. LaMar Hamilton, Northridge, Cal.) 

12-211 Darwin D. HAMILTON, S of Elva SPROUL 

(Eveline CHIDESTER-'-°"-'--'-°John P^~-'-°^John M^'^^John 
p7-57David6-47) and Alvin LaMar HAMILTON: b 18 Nov 
1928, Washington, Ut; md 8 Apr 1950, in Fairview, 
Ut., to Evelyn JENSEN who was b 1 Dec 1932; dau of 
Joseph Reed JENSEN and Rebecca MINER; and had ch : 

13-395 Linda HAMILTON b 13 Dec 1951, Mt. Pleasant, Ut. 
13-396 Jeanine HAMILTON b 19 Apr 1954, Provo, Ut. 
13-397 Steven Darwin HAMILTON b 4 Feb 1957, Provo, Ut. 

(Info: Mrs. A. L. Hamilton, Fairview, Ut.) 

12-212 Aaron LaMar HAMILTON, s of Elva SPROUL 

(Eveline CHIDESTER-'-°"-'--'-°John P^"-'-°^John M^'^^John 
p7-57David6-47) and Alvin LaMar HAMILTON: b 7 Mar 
1930, Washington, Ut; md 31 Dec 1954, in Baltimore, 
Maryland, to Ursuline Virginia SHERBS who was b 11 
Nov 1928, Gypsy, Warren, West Virginia; dau of 
Roscoe Merkle SHERBS and Ila Virginia SHAW; and 
had ch: 

13-398 Alan Laird HAMILTON b 19 Dec 1955, Hampton, Va. 
13-399 Erline Gail HAMILTON b 24 Feb 1957, El Monte, Cal 
13-400 Daniel Scott HAMILTON (twin) b 25 Oct 1960, Los 

Angeles, Cal. 
13-401 David Keith HAMILTON (twin) b 25 Oct 1960, Los 

Angeles, Cal. 
13-402 Mario Jo HAMILTON (dau) b 16 Jan 1963, Los Angeles 

(Info: A. LaMar Hamilton, Northridge, Cal.) 

12-213 Lawrence Larkin HAMILTON, s of Elva SPROUL 

(Eveline CHIDESTER-'-°'-'--'-°John P^~-'-°^John M^~^^John 
p7-57David6-47) and Alvin LaMar HAMILTON; b 8 Feb 

1933, Fairview, Ut; md 30 Jan 1953, in Manti, Ut., 
to Barbara June MADSEN who was b 10 June 1934, Fair- 
view, Ut., to Barbara June MADSEN who was b 10 June 

1934, Fairview, Ut; dau of Albert Zeland MADSEN and 



Ellis Terissa TUCKER; and had ch : 

13-403 Merdene HAMILTON b 10 June 1955, Salt Lake City, Ut 

13-404 Kathryn HAMILTON b 31 Oct 1956, Logan, Ut. 

13-405 Kenneth Larkin HAMILTON b 5 June 1959, Mt. Pleasant, 


13-406 Rebecca Jean HAMILTON b 10 Dec 1960, Renton, Wn 

13-407 Benjamin Alvin HAMILTON b 16 Mar 1962, Renton, Wn. 

13-408 Chad Otis HAMILTON b lo Nov 1964, Phoenix, Arizona 

(Info: Mrs. A. L, Hamilton, Fairview, Ut.) 

12-214 Mary Eveline HAMILTON, dau of Elva SPROUL'^-^"-'-^'^ 

(Eveline CHIDESTER-'-°"-'""'-°John P^'-'-^^John M^"^^John 
p'7-57David6-47) ^^d Alvin LaMar HAMILTON; b 10 May 
1936, Fairview, Ut; md 27 Dec 1956, in Manti, Ut., 
to Ervin Leonard DENNA who was b 4 May 1931, Susan- 
ville, Cal; s of Guss DENNA and Pearl Frances CAMP- 
BELL; and had ch: 

13-409 Eric LeRoy DENNA b 9 Nov 1957, Ukiah, Cal 

13-410 Maurene Elizabeth DENNA b 20 May 1959, Antioch, Ca 

13-411 Wade Preston DENNA b 3 Sept 1960, Ukiah, Cal 

13-412 Karrie LaNae DENNA b 21 Oct 1964, Ukiah, Cal 

13-413 Paul Thrasher DENNA b 16 Oct 1969, Ukiah, Cal 

13-414 Shane Hamilton DENNA b 2 Mar 1972, Ukiah, Cal. 

(Info: Mrs. A. L. Hamilton, , Fairview, Ut.) 

12-216 Myron Alvin HAMILTON, s of Elva SPROUL"'"''""'''^'* 

10—110 Q— 109 R— fiR 

(Eveline CHIDESTER John P John M John 

p7-57David6-47) and Alvin LaMar HAMILTON; b 1 May 
1940, Fairview, Ut; md 1 May 1958, in Mt. Pleasant, 
Ut. , to LaFaye SHEPARD who was b 3 July 1940, Fount- 
ain Green, Ut; dau of Alden Laraine SHEPARD and 
Hazel Althaleen HOLMAN: and had ch: 

13-415 Michael Allen HAMILTON b 13 Oct 1958, Provo, Ut. 
13-416 Lori Ann HAMILTON b 31 Jan 1960, Mt. Pleasant, Ut. 
13-417 Linda Kay HAMILTON b 10 Aug 1961, Murray, Ut. 

(Info: Mrs. A. L. Hamilton, Fairview, Ut.) 


12-219 Leatrice SPROUL, dau of John D. SPROUL"^"'"'"''^^ 

(Eveline CHIDESTER-'-°'"-'-''"°John P^'-'-^^John M^~^^John 
p7-57David6-47) ^nd Gwednolyn NISSON; b 24 Nov 1929, 
Washington, Ut; md Sheldon JOHNSON and had ch b in 
St. George, Ut: 

13-418 Kerry V. JOHNSON b 27 _Apr 1952 

13-419 Layne K. JOHNSON b 17 Sept 1954 

13-420 Kris H. JOHNSON b 29 June 1956 

13-421 Gale D. JOHNSON b 25 Nov 1957 

13-422 Brett E. JOHNSON b 15 Sept 1961 

(Info: recs of Eveline C. Sproul, Washington, Ut.) 

12-221 Woodruff Denzil SPROUL, s of John D. SPROUL"'--'-"-'-^^ 

(Eveline CHIDESTER-'-°~-'--'-°John P^'-'-^^John M^"^^John 
p7-57David6-47) and Gwendolyn NISSON; b 25 May 1934, 
Washington, Ut; md 4 June 1954, in St. George, Ut., 
to Penny Rae PACE who was b 22 June 1937; and 
had ch: 

13-423 Kurt Woodruff SPROUL b 21 Oct 1955, Henderson, Nev 

13-424 Jeffery Pace SPROUL b 4 June 1957, St. George, Ut. 

13-425 Scott D. SPROUL b 28 May 1959, St. George, Ut. 

13-426 Jodi Clair SPROUL b 8 July 1960, Las Vegas, Nev. 

(Info: W. D. Sproul, Las Vegas, Nev.) 

12-23 5 Melvin Myron HARMON, s of Melvin T. 

(Oliver J-'-°"-'--'-^Eunice CHIDESTER^"-'-°"^John M^"^^John 
p7-57David6-47) amd Sarah Ellen HORSLEY; b 19 July 
1908, Price, Ut; md 27 May 1937, in Manti, Ut., to 
Lena Janet NIELSON who was b 25 Oct 1918, Sunnyside, 
Carbon, Ut; dau of James William NIELSON and Janet 
DAVIS; and had ch b in Price, Ut: 

13-427 Margaret Ann HARMON b 19 June 1938 

13-428 William K. HARMON b 19 May 1939 

13-429 Bernice HARMON b 21 July 1941 

13-430 Donald Myron HARMON b 31 May 1944 

130431 Melvin D. HARMON b 11 Dec 1946 

(Info: Melvin T. Harmon, Price, Ut. 



12-237 Leland ElRoy HARMON, s of Melvin t"'""'"'"'"^^ (Oliver 

J^^'^^'^Eunice CHIDESTER^'^^^John M^'^^John p"^'^"^ 
David6-47) ^nd Sarah Ellen HORSLEY; b 21 Feb 1911, 
Price, Ut; md 26 Sept 1935, in Salt Lake City, Ut. , 
to Lucille or Louise HOUTZ who was b 3 Jan 1913, 
Mapleton, Ut; dau of Austin HOUTZ and Martha ALLEN; 
and had ch: 

13-432 Darwin Elroy HARMON b 8 July 1936, Mapleton, Ut. 

13-433 Sherril Allen HARMON b 6 Sept 1937, Price, Ut. 

13-434 Euleta HARMON b 10 May 1939, Price, Ut. 

13-435 LaRue HARMON b 15 May 1942, Price, Ut. 

13-436 Thomas Austin HARMON b 15 Jan 1944, Price, Ut. 

13-437 Wayne Odell HARMON b 24 May 1945, Price, Ut. 

13-438 Mezelle HARMON b 20 Jan 1947, Price, Ut. 

13-439 Dean Leon HARMON b 20 July 1949, Price, Ut. 

(Info: Melvin T. Harmon, Price, Ut.) 

12-252 Erald Langston BALLARD, s of Alice HARMON "'"■'■'""^^^ 

(Melvin M-'-°~-'--'-^Eunice CHIDESTER^"-'"°^John M^'^^John 
p7-57David6-47) andDavid Waldon BALLARD; b 18 May 
1931, St. George, Ut; md 22 Dec 1949, to Jeanine 
BALLARD who was b 1 Nov 1931, Hurricane, Ut; dau 
of DeNor BALLARD and Jennie HIRSCHI; and had ch: 

13-440 Laura BALLARD b 18 Nov 1951, St. George, Ut. 

13-441 Collett BALLARD b 25 June 1955, Provo, Ut. 

13-442 Julie BALLARD b 17 Dec 1957, Provo, Ut. 

13-443 DeAnn BALLARD b 23 July 1963, Provo, Ut. 

(Info: Mrs. Jeanine Ballard, Orem, Ut.) 

12-259 Merial HIRSCHI, dau of Vera HARMON '^""'""''"^^ (Mel- 
vin M-'-°"-'--'-^Eunice CHIDESTER^' John M^'^^John 

P "^^David^"^^) and David Loran HIRSCHI; b 15 
Apr 1932, Cedar City, Ut; md 17 June 1958, in St. 
George, Ut. , to Glen Exner EVERETT who was b 3 Oct 
193 4; s of Ellis EVERETT and Irene EXNER. 

Glen earned his PhD degree in physics from Chicago 
University in 1962, and began teaching physics at 
the University in Riverside, California, that year. 

Ch of Merial and Glen: 


13-444 David EVERETT b 15 Oct 1960, Chicago, 111, 
13-445 John Edward EVERETT b 17 May 1964, Riverside, Cal 
13-446 Rebecca Lynn EVERETT b 24 Nov 1967, Riverside, Cal 

(Info: Mrs. Vera H. Hirschi, Cedar City, Ut.) 

12-260 Claudia HIRSCHI, dau of Vera HARMON ■'■■'■""'•^^ 

(Melvin M-'-°"-'""'"^Eunice CHIDESTER^~-'-°^John M^~^^ 

John p'^'^^David^" ^) and David Loran HIRSCHI; b 6 
Aug 1936, Cedar City, Ut; md 22 Aug 1958, in Salt 
Lake City, Ut. , to Harold Eldon WARNER who was b 
5 Sept 193 4, Fillmore, Ut; s of Harold WARNER and 
Alice MORRIS. He is in the steel business and the 
family lives in Union, the Sandy area of Salt Lake 
City, Ut. Their ch, b in Salt Lake City, Ut: 

13-447 Linda Lee WARNER b 23 June 1960 

13-448 Richard Eldon WARNER b 29 Nov 1962 

13-449 Randall David WARNER b 12 Feb 1966 

13-450 Douglas Krehl WARNER b 5 Aug 1967 

(Info: Vera H. Hirschi, Cedar City, Ut.) 

12-275 Tessa HUNT, dau of Beulah CANFIELD"'""'"'"'"^^ (Esther 

Ella HARMON-'"°~-'--'"'^Eunice CHIDESTER^"-'-^^ John M^~^^ 

John P^~^^David^~^^) and George Thomas HUNT; b 14 
May 1914, Enterprise, Ut; md (1) 8 Apr 1937, in 
Mesa, Arizona, to Raymond Frederick LAUB who was b 
18 June 1897, Gunlock, Ut; s of John Franklin LAUB 
and Mary Elizabeth PULSIPHER. By this union Tessa 
took on the job of a ready made family, for her husb- 
and had md (1) 24 Aug 1918, in St. George, Ut., to 
Metina Priscella ALGER who was b 31 Aug 1898, Diam- 
aron Valley (now Diamond Valley) , Ut; d 23 May 
1934, Simi, California; dau of John Zera ALGER and 
Anna Mary BARNHURST. To this marriage there was b: 
(1) Leathra LAUB b 3 Dec 1922, Enterprise, Ut, 

(2) Val R. LAUB b 4 Nov 1925, Ogden, Ut; md 31 Mar 1949, 
Gaydra Marie WESTCOTT 

(3) Darrel J. LAUB b 23 Sept 1928, Sacramento, Cal; d 8 
Aug 1947 

(4) Mary Rae LAUB b 23 Nov 1931, Simi, Cal; md 7 May 
1949, Lamond Colima LANGSTON. 

By her marriage to Mr. LAUB, Tessa became the mother 



13-451 Raymond Myron LAUB b 20 Aug 1940, Simi, Cal; 

md 7 Sept 1967, in Salt Lake City, Ut. , to Sally Joann 
SAUNDERS v^o was b 14 June 1941, Chickasha, Oklahoma; 
dau of Jefferson Davis SAUNDERS and Emily Fay McDONALD 

Eventually, the LAUBS were divorced and Tessa md (2) 
20 June 1957, Anthony MARTINEZ. Raymond LAUB md (3) 
13 July 1951, Mrs. Mary Ellen SMITH. 

(Infor: Tessa Hunt Laub, Simi, Cal; added to by 
Mrs. Mary Rae L. Langston, Ogden, Ut.) 

12-281 Ellen CHIDESTER, dau of David L'^"''"'^^''" (Dav- 

. ,10-120^ . ,9-106^ . ^.,8-85^ , t,7-57^ -^6-47, , 

id David John M John P David ) and 

Ellen Sophie JENSEN; b 31 Jan 1918, Richfield, Ut; 

md 6 Apr 1937, in Richfield, Ut. , to Melvin Leon 

HOLLOWAY who was b 18 July 1910, Anderson, Missouri; 

d 28 July 1972, in Orem, Ut. , of cancer; s of 

Richard HOLLOWAY and Martha WILLIAMS; and had ch 

b in Richfield, Ut: 

13-452 Vonda Lee HOLLOWAY b 16 Feb 1938; md 29 Mar 1963, 
in Manti, Ut. , to Baker Valdez OGDEN; s of Baker 
OGDEN and Bernice SHAW; and had ch b in Sprinville, Ut : 

(1) Valerie Jean OGDEN b 4 Apr 1964 

(2) Stephanie Ann OGDEN b 30 July 1966 

(3) Michael OGDEN b Jan 1970 

13-453 Melvin Larry HOLLOWAY b 20 Jan 1940; md 4 Nov 1960, 
in Monroe, Ut., to Beulah Ann THORNTON who was b 12 
Sept 1942, Richfield, Ut; dau of Walter N. THORNTON 
and LuElla PETERSEN and had as b in Salt Lake City, Ut, 
(1) , Robert Larry HOLLOWAY b 28 June 1962 

13-454 John Virgil HOLLOWAY b 29 Dec 1941; md 3 Feb 1962, 
in Monroe, Ut. , to Cheryl CHAVIS who was b 14 July 
1943, Provo, Ut; dau of Eldon Helamon CHAVIS and Ella 
Velate PEARSON; and had ch b in Salt Lake City, Ut: 

(1) Christine HOLLOWAY b 2 Nov 1963 

(2) Mary HOLLOWAY b 1 Feb 1965 

Melvin Leon Holloway came to Utah in 1936 after 
having been raised in Missouri. He was employed as a 
meat cutter in Richfield, Ut. , for many years. Moving 
to California, he became manager of a Kentucky Fried 
Chicken outlet. The family returned to Utah in 1972. 


(Info: Richfield, 2nd Ward records; Mrs. Barbara 
Chidester Michaelson, Kearns, Ut; obituary, Salt 
Lake Tribune, 30 July 1972.) 

12-282 Norma CHIDESTER, dau of David L"'"'^""'"^^ (Dav- 

. ,10-120^ .,9-106^ . ^,S-B5^ , r.7-57^ .,6-47, , 
id David John M John P David ) and 

Ellen Sophie JENSEN; b 19 Feb 1920, Richfield, Ut; 

md 13 Jan 1939, in St, George, Ut. , to Narvel Joseph 

LEAVITT who was b 14 Feb 1917, Gun lock, Ut; s of 

Joseph Eugene LEAVITT and Essie Vilate BARNEY; and 

had ch : 

13-455 Gary Narvel LEAVnT b 27 Oct 1940, St. George, Ut; 
md 31 Aug 1963, in St. George, Ut. , to Merrilee HOLT 
who was b 9 Aug 1943, St. George, Utj dau of Leo Over- 
ton HOLT aind Mona FAWCETT; and had ch: 

(1) Lisa LEAVITT b 15 Nov 1966, American Fork, Ut. 

13-456 Steven LeRoy LEAVITT b 24 Sept 1944, Santa Monica, 
Cal; md 12 Sept 1969, in Santa Monica, Cal , to Nelda 
Lillian HULSE who was b 16 Nov 1949, Rigby, Idaho; dau 
of Julius George HULSE and Elva Mary HUNSAKER; and had 
ch b in Arcadia, California: 

(1) Laurissa Nadine LEAVITT b 26 June 1971 

(2) Kirsten Renee LEAVITT b 7 Sept 1972 

(3) Bradley Stephen LEAVITT b 7 June 1976 

13-457 Stanley Craig LEAVITT b 15 Feb 1946, St. George, Ut; 

md 15 Jan 1966, to Jo Anne WALKER 
13-458 Lynn Kay LEAVITT b 9 June 1950, St. George, Ut; 

md 12 May 1972, Rose Marie PICO 
13-459 Julie Ann LEAVITT b 31 July 1955, St. Goerge, Ut 
13-460 Cheryl Jean LEAVITT b 9 Mar 1962, Downey, Cal. 

Growing up in the farm community of Richfield, Ut., 
had its advantages. There were summers of pastoral 
pleasures, lots of swimming, hiking to the hills, and 
the fruit picking excursions to the farms of uncles 
and aunts who needed extra help. The picking was work, 
to be sure, but there was the chance to eat all the 
fresh fruit one wanted. This was the life of Norma 
Chidester during her early childhood. On Sunday even- 
ings there was always the additional special treat 
of the band concert in the town park. 

The first motorized vehicle the family had was a 
motorcycle with a side car. Father would hold sister 
Ellen as she sat on the gas tank. Mother and the baby 
occupied the seat of the sidecar and Norroa nestled 
at Mother's feet. The ride could be thrilling, esp- 



ecially when there was a stream of water to cross. 

The cycle gave vay, eventually, to their first 
car, a Chevrolet . What a thrill it was for the 
family to take a ride all together in this shiny black 

There was the morning of 20 June 1929, that was 
memorable, for "My Dad woke us up and asked us if we 
wanted to go visit our Grandma. I knew that the last 
time he did that, we came home to find another baby 
sister, so I remember asking him if we were going to 
get another baby. I don't remember what he said, but 
I do remember that about a month earlier our neighbor 
had told me that my mother had miscarried her first 
child. At that time, I went home and asked Mother and 
she said yes. I asked her if he was cute, and she said 
that he was too little to tell. 

". . .Sure enough, in the afternoon Dad came to 
get us and told us we had a big, bouncing baby boy. 
He was right. He was big — eleven pounds! I could never 
figure out why they said he was bouncing, though. He 
was a happy baby, and was a typical boy (later) hating 
baths , loving to play in the dirt and to eat everything 
in sight. When he was only a couple of years old Dad 
cut down a big tree up by the canal and Evan took his 
little wagon and piled the wood Dad cut in it, and 
pulled it through the trail in the snow to the woodpile 
behind the house. Dad would pull big loads in the 
wheelbarrow and Evan worked hard pulling load after 
load that seemed like such an impossible task for such 
a little boy. This was the beginning of a life-time 
of those two doing things together. 

"Dad was a scoutmaster from the time I remember. 
A group of boys, including his brother Leland and Lynn, 
were in his first troop. They had heard about the 
scouting progrcim and inasmuch as the program hadn't come 
that far west, those boys wanted Dad to be their leader. 
They wrote to New York for a handbook and instructions 
and Dad became the first scoutmaster in Richfield, 1913, 
in what I believe to be the first troop west of the 
Mississippi River. They were real scouts, not only 
learning what to do, but really applying it in their 
lives. They chopped wood for widows, helped poor people 
with groceries, went on hikes to Cottonwood Canyon, 
Fish Creek, Fish Lake, Seven Mile, Cove Mountain and 
many other places ... In their camps they made beds in 
the trees, made bridges over little streams and even 
harnessed the power of the streams and had their own 


electric lights in camp. 

"Dad didn't have any boys of his own for so long 
that he made scouts of his girls. My mother had also 
been a Campfire girl, hiking and camping with the 
girls. But that was before my time. . . 

"I dreaded Thanksgiving time for I was usually 
sick, so the family couldn't join with the other fami- 
lies for the big day. Dad would kill one of our geese 
and we would have a big meal at home. My mother would 
make something with wax in it that helped pull the 
little feathers off, and we Cchildren) would use that 
wax a year or two in waxing windows at Halloween. Oh, 
how I wish we hadn't used wax and had used soap in- 
stead! But kids don't think about the hard cleaning 
jobs after such stupid pranks. However, we weren't 
as destructful as many other kids. Halloween has 
changed now. 

"In the 30 's the older boys used to keep the mar- 
shall busy all night by taking peoples farm machinery, 
wagons, etc., apart and putting it together again on 
top of the farmer's shed? or tying their calves, sheep, 
goats, etc., on top of a flat topped shed. They also 
tipped over outside toilets. 

"The only time I ever did anything really rotten, 
was one time when I was about 16, the neighbor kids 
got together to swipe gates. We went several blocks 
from our part of town and the boys removed half of a 
man's corral gate and hung it on the light post on one 
of the metal things used in climbing the pole. We 
girls didn't do it, but were there, so therefore we 
were guilty, too. 

"The man discovered us and started chasing us. 
I've never seen so many directions for kids to scatter. 
It was every one for himself. I ran down a driveway 
leading to a corral, thinking he would chase someone 
else, but he followed me, I climbed the gate and 
saw to my astonishment a big black bull at the end of 
the corral. . .1 took a chance on the bull standing 
still, jumped down, ran across the corral, climbed the 
pole fence faster than greased lightening and started 
running for the corner. When I reached the corner, for 
once in my life I thought fast and jumped in the irriga- 
tion ditch by the sidewalk and quickly covered myself 
with leaves. When the man turned the corner he stopped 
running and I thought he had seen me. He walked past 
me about 20 feet, looking in all directions, confused 


because there seemed to be no place I could have got 
out of sight. " 

The man stood there for awhile watching for any 
sign. Norma managed to remain quiet in the ditch, her 
heart racing in fear, until he finally turned and left. 

"I remember my great grandparents, David and 
Rebecca Ann Price Chidester; going to their house when 
I was young and stepping across the threshold into the 
waiting arm of my great grandmother . They went away 
for awhile, then returned to Richfield to live with 
Grandpa David and Aunt Myrtle. I have many fond recoll- 
ections of going there after school and standing at 
Grandma's side while she was sitting in a rocking chair. 
She would hold me around the waist with her right arm 
so tight that I would have to bend slightly, not hav- 
ing courage enough to tell her how tired I was getting. 
From her I learned about the great Prophet Joseph Smith; 
and from her convincing stories I knew he was a pro- 
phet! I also knew the Mormon religion was true, al- 
though I knew very little about it. I learned about 
the pioneers and how my great grandfather once sat on 
Joseph Smith's knee; about the crickets coming to 
eat the crops in Salt Lake. I learned about a time 
when the babies and others were getting ill from the 
lack of sweets. One morning they awoke and saw a 
white substance on the tree leaves, washed them off 
and cooked the water, making a sort of syrup.. 

"The depression hit — starting in 1929, but it was 
a year or so before we really felt the worst of it. 
My mother used to help Dad make a living by taking in 
washings and ironings. It must be pretty heart- 
breaking to wonder what to feed a large family and how 
to clothe them. We had a large garden and fruit trees, 
chickens and one or two cows. Dad extracted honey from 
his bee hives and he had less and less work as he was 
an electrician and building and remodeling almost came 
to a halt. 

"We continued to eat more or less Danish food 
such as buttermilk pop (made with buttermilk and sego) ; 
red mush (a dessert made from cherries or red currant 
juice, etc.; soup and Danish dumplings. Mother made 
bread and butter and Dad stored the potatoes, squash, 
etc. , in what we called the potato hole, next to our 
underground cellar. 

"Times were really beginning to get rough, but 
in 1933 we had the blackest year for all of us. I was 


helping my mother hang clothes when I noticed her 
change a bandage on her foot. She had stepped on a 
rusty nail about five days before. She wasn't a corn- 
plainer so I didn't know too much of what had happened. 
I asked her how she did it, so she told me. I finished 
hanging out the clothes and she became more ill and 
her jaws could only open about half way. One of us 
called Dad on the telephone. I believe he was work- 
ing that day in the little town of Sigurd. He came 
home and none of us know how serious her illness was, 
except her. I asked her what was wrong and she said 
she thought it was lockjaw. I remember asking her if 
it was a bad disease and she said, 'Sometimes they 
don't get over it.' 

Dad called the doctor, but there was nothing that 
could be done. Dr. GLEDHILL, our family doctor, didn't 
know for sure what it was, having never seen a case 
before. The next day Mother was worse and Dr. McQUARRIE 
and Dr. GOTTFREDSON were called in and the three of 
them held a consultation outside the house. It was 
decided to take her to the LDS Hospital in Salt Lake 
City. Our Bishop was there, Vf. L. WARNER, and he 
offered to take her in his car. They made a bed in the 
back seat of the car and Dad sat on a makeshift seat 
on the floor beside her and they left. What a miser- 
able, emp ty feeling as they drove away, but after 
watching her take 11 convulsions, flapping around on 
the bed until we almost had to throw ourselves on her 
to hold her down, it was sort of a relief to know that 
maybe someplace there was someone with enough medical 
knowledge to help her. 

"When the car returned a day later, everyone rush- 
ed out to meet it and there they were, my mother lying 
still and peaceful now and my Dad crying uncontroll- 
ably. Mother had passed away just after they had 
reached Gunnison, Ut., never reaching Salt Lake and 
the promised help." 

After the funeral, the family took up the ser- 
ious business of living in a world without Mother. 
The older girls divided the care of the younger child- 
ren between them and began to take over the care of 
the house and family. Father taught them how to make 
bread and to cook. Aunt Myrtle helped with the sewing, 
cleaning and other matters. Grandma Jensen and the 
aunts and uncles helped all they could, but no one 
could really take the place of the gentle mother they 


had lost. Life took on a serious look. No more 
weeks at farms for fruit and larks. There was work to 
be done. And so they continued for several years until 
Father re-married. 

After her marriage in the St. George Temple, 
Norma lived for a number of years in St, George, Ut,, 
with a brief interlude in Santa Monica, California. 
Eventually, though, the Leavitts decided to make 
California their home. 

Raising a fine family has been Norma 's chief 
vocation; her avocation is catering, decorating beaut- 
iful cakes for weddings and other festive occasions. A 
gifted entertainer and story teller, she is a favorite 
at both Jensen and Chidester reunions. 

She and her sister Barbara took advantage of the 
opportunity to visit Denmark to research the records 
of their mother's family and to find living relatives 
to re-establish family connections. 

One of her daughters experienced a period of 
blindness. Through her faith and unceasing diligence 
Norma saw the day when her lovely child could see again. 

There is challenging excitement around Norma. 
Faithful and constant in her devotion to her church and 
her family, she bears testimony to the goodness of 
life and the truthfulness of her church. 

(Info: Mrs. Norma C. Leavitt, Monrovia, Cal,) 

12-2 83 Donna CHIDESTER, dau of David L"'""'"'^'^^^ (Dav- 

. ,10-120^ .,9-106^ , »,8-85^ , r.7-57^ -^6-47, , 
id David John M John P David ) and 

Ellen Sophie JENSEN; b 10 Feb 1922, Richfield, Ut; 

md (1) 8 Mar 1940, in Richfield, Ut., to Herbert 

Harry SMITH and had ch: 

13-461 Nancy Lee SMITH b 14 Mar 1940, Richfield, Ut; md 
(1) 29 June 1963, Thomas Martin WRIGHT who was b 30 
Feb 1933, Alliance, Nebr; d 9 Aug 1964, Seward, 
Alaska; s of Glenn 0. WRIGHT and Madelaine CAMPBELL. 
' Thomas was md (1) to Diane STOREY 

After the death of her husband, Nancy md (2) 
30 July 1965, in Elko, Nev., Andrew John PADGEN who 
was b 17 July 1942, Salt Lake City, Ut; s of Michael 
and Katherine PADGEN; and had ch b in Salt Lake City; 
(1) Charles Anthony PADGEN b 16 Sept 1966 


Donna and Herbert Smith were divorced and Donna md (2) 
24 Mar 1942, in Richfield, Ut. , to Garth B. HANSEN 
who was b 27 May 1918, Richfield, Ut; s of Charles 
HANSEN and May BARLOW; and had ch: 

13-462 Donald Garth HANSEN b 9 Jan 1943, Richfield, Ut. 

(Info: Mrs. Mark L. Michaelson, Kearns, U t.) 

12-285 Barbara Myrtle CHIDESTER, dau of David L"''-'-"-'"^^ 

^ .,10-120^ .,9-106^ . .,8-85^ , r^7-57„ .^6-47, 
_David David John M John P David ) 

and Ellen Sophie JENSEN; b 17 Jan 1927, Richfield, 

Ut; md 27 May 1946, in Richfield, Ut. , to Mark Le- 

Roy MICHAELSEN who was b 26 Sept 1922, Mayfield, Ut; 

s of Leonard Leroy MICHAELSON and Hazel Jeanette 

CHILDS; and had ch b in Salt Lake City, Ut: 

13-463 Patty Sue MICHAELSEN b 18 Sept 1953; md Dean DEVOR 
13-464 Karen Lynne MICHAELSEN b 22 Nov 1954. 

Barbara and Mark took three Indian boys to raise: 

(1) Michael MAHONE b 5 Aug 1947, Reno, Nev. , who has been 
blind since birth. 

(2]_ Bill STANLEY b 28 July 1949, Preston, Idaho, a para- 
plegic, confined to a wheel chair 

(3) Ron E b 1 Sept 1959, Salt Lake City, Ut; an 

artist of great talent. 

Barbara, with her sister Norma, made a trip to Denmark 
in search of her mother's ancestry. She is a guiding 
light in both the Chidester and Jensen family organ- 

(Info: Mrs. Barbara C. Michaelsen, Kearns, Ut.) 

12-286 Evan LeRoy CHIDESTER, s of David L"'"-^"-'-'^^ 

(Davidl°-120i,^^id5-106j^^^ M^-85^^j^^ p7-57^^^ .^6-47^ 

and Ellen Sophie JENSEN; b 20 June 1929, Richfield, 
Ut; md 15 Apr 1948, in Fredonia, Arizona, to Elsie 
Fern FERGUSON who was b 26 Apr 1928, Huntington Park, 
Cal; dau of Ivan Wilford FERGUSON and Rose Marie 

Elsie was md CI) 26 Oct 1943, to Robert Lee RICH- 


ARDS; md (2) in Apr 1946, to Byron Eugene GURR and 
had a dau: 

(1) Victoria GURR b 17 May 1947, Richfield, Ut. 
Elsie was divorced from Mr. Gurr. 

Ch of Evan L. Chidester and Elsie Ferguson, b in Provo, 

13-465 David LeRoy CHIDESTER b 2 Dec 1950 
13-466 Rose Mary CHIDESTER b 29 June 1960. 

(Info: Mr. & Mrs. Evan L. Chidester, Richfield, Ut.) 

12-287 Elmo Gam STORRS , s of Fern CHIDESTER''" ■^'""'"^■'" 

,^ . ,10-120^ .,9-106^ , »,8-85^ , ^1-57^ -^6-47, 
(David David John M John P David ) 

and Arthur Elmo STORRS; b 24 Mar 1921, Richfield, 

Ut; d 19 June 1971; md (1) 25 Dec 1940, to Elayne 

STEWART and had a dau; 

*13-467 Cheryl Ann STORRS b 19 June 1943, Provo, Ut; md 

Elmo Garn STORRS md (2) 16 Feb 1946, in Yuma, Arizona, 
VaLera Belle DAVIS who was b 7 Dec 192 6, LeRoy, Iowa; 
dau of Otto E. and Eunice W. DAVIS; and had ch: 

13-468 Steven STORRS 

13-469 Kay Denise STORRS Cdau) stillborn 

Elmo md (3) Beth PEARCE 

(Info: Mrs. Mary Ann Storrs MYERS, Salt Lake City, Ut) 

12-288 Mary Ann STORRS, dau of Fern CHIDESTER'^''""''"^''" 

f^ .,10-120^ .,9-106^. , ^.8-85^ , t,7-57^ . ,6-47, 
(David David John M John P David ) 

and Arthur Elmo STORRS; b 9 Jan 1932, Perry, Iowa; 

md 4 Aug 1950, in Logan, Ut. , to Marcus Norville 

MYERS who was b 30 May 1928, Boise, Idaho; s of 

Marcus Lemuel MYERS and Lucile SABIN; and had ch: 

13-470 Mary Ann MYERS b 11 Aug 1959, Rexburg, Idaho 
13-471 Mark Art MYERS b 25 July 1965, Salt Lake City, Ut 
13-472 Dora Jean MYERS b 6 Mar 1967, Salt L ake City, Ut. 

(Info: Mrs. Mary Ann Storrs Myers, Salt Lake City, Ut. 


12-299 Robert Dewaine CHIDESTER, s of Glen M^'"-'-"''-^^ 

(James M^^^^-^^'David'^^'^'john M^'^^John P^-^^David^'^^) 
and Doris Fidelia MILLER; b 15 July 1937, Salt 
Lake City, Ut; md 1 Sept 1961, in Salt Lake City, Ut, 
to Shirley Ann BERRY who was b 31 May 1935, Camden, 
Kershaw, South Carolina; dau of Maxie Lee BERRY 
and Ossie Alma CROLLEY; and had ch b in Salt Lake 
City, Utah: 

13-473 Bryce Lee CHIDESTER b 23 June 1962 

13-474 Natalie CHIDESTER b 25 Nov 1963 

13-475 Sheila CHIDESTER b 31 July 1965 

13-476 Arnold Berry CHIDESTER b 28 Feb 1967 

13-477 Kregg DeWaine CHTDESTER b 3 Dec 1969 

13-478 Andrea CHIDESTER b 19 Sept 1973 

"I was born in Salt Lake City in sight of the 
old prison in Sugarhouse. We moved to Sandy, Ut. , when 
I was five years old and lived there until I was nine- 
teen, when I enlisted in the Navy. I spent four years 
touring t he Pacific with the navy, then returned and 
attended the University of Utah, but did not graduate. 
I met my wife, Shirley Ann Berry, while attending church 
in Salt Lake City. 

"I am a High Priest in the Church of Jesus Christ 
of Latter Day Saints, having held a number of different 
positions, including counsellor to the Bishop of my ward 
in Draper, Utah. 

"I work as a technician in a research laboratory 
making solid propellant rocket fuel. Other interests 
are reading, genealogy, various crafts and travel." 

In 1976 Robert was serving as president of the 
Chidester Family Organization, and urging the publi- 
cation of a family history, active chairman of promo- 
tion and sales. 

(Info: Robert D. Chidester, Draper, Ut.) 

12-300 Verl Glen CHIDESTER, s of Glen M"'""'"^"'"^^ (James 

^10-124^ .,9-106^ . »,8-85^ , r,7-57^ -06-47, , 
M David John M John P David ) and 

Doris Fidelia MILLER; b 25 Sept 1938, Salt Lake 

City, Ut; md 13 Jan 1958, in Elko, Nev. , to Donna 

Joy SNOW who was b 23 Feb 1940, Salt Lake City, Ut; 

dau of John Harold WORKMAN and Elizabeth Jackson 

SNOW; and had ch: 


*13-479 Frederick Glen CHIDESTER b 14 Dec 1958, Salt Lake 

City, Ut; md Connie Marie RUSSUM 
13-480 Annette CHIDESTER b 10 Sept 1960, Murray, Ut. 
13-481 Christopher Madison CHIDESTER b 19 Aug 1962, 

Murray, Ut. 
13-482 Verl Lynn CHIDESTER b 30 Jan 1964, Murray, Ut. 
13-483 Misti Ann CHIDESTER (adopted) b 4 Oct 1973, Salt 

Lake City, Ut. 

Verl G. Chidester, raised in Sandy, served in 
the U.S. Navy; is a skilled sheet metal worker and 
loves to work with his hands in all types of crafts. 

(Info: Verl G. Chidester, Salt Lake City, Ut.) 

12-301 Phillip Miller CHIDESTER, s of Glen M"'""'""-'-^^ 

,,10-124^ .,9-106^ . »^8-85, , t,7-57^ -^6-47, 
(James M David John M John P David ) 

and Doris Fidelia MILLER; b 5 Nov 1939, Salt Lake 

City, Ut; md 15 Feb 1960, in Salt Lake City, Ut, 

to Patricia Ann RARDIN who was b 8 July 1941, Salt 

Lake City, Ut; dau of Earl RARDIN and Margaret 

HAYWOOD; and had ch: 

13-484 Eric Phillip CHIDESTER b 9 Feb 1962, Salt Lake City 

13-485 Trisha Ann CHIDESTER b 17 Apr 1964, Murray, Ut. 

13-486 Corey Earl CHIDESTER b 28 .July 1965, Murray, Ut. 

13-487 Christina CHIDESTER b 3 Feb 1967, Murray, Ut. 

Raised in Sandy, Utah, Phillip Chidester served 
in the U.S. Navy Reserves; likes to meet and work with 
people. He has worked as assistant grocery store mana- 
ger, life insurance salesman and Pepsi-cola route sup- 

(Info: Phillip M. Chidester, Salt Lake City, Ut.) 

12-302 Dean Stanley CHIDESTER, s of Glen M " ^ (James 

,,10-124^ . ,9-106^ ^ «,8-85^ , „7-57^ •^6-47. , , 
M David John M John P David ) and 

Doris Fidelia MILLER; b 28 Nov 1940, Salt Lake City, 

Ut; md 20 Apr 1963, in Salt Lake City, Ut. , 

to Carolyn Marie MUMM who was b 18 Feb 1944, Geddes , 

Charles Mix, South Dakota; dau of Joseph Frederick 

MUMM and Veronica Ann NOVOTNY; and had ch b in Salt 

Lake City, Ut: 


13-488 Stanley Alan CHIDESTER (twin) b 19 May 1964 

13-489 Daniel Dean CHIDESTER (twin) b 19 May 1964 

13-490 Rodney Dean CHIDESTER b 22 Apr 1967 

13-491 Bradley Dean CHIDESTER b 17 June 1971 

I was born into a family that I love very much. 
Raised in Sandy, Utah, with four brothers and two sisters 
at home, there were also two sisters married and liv- 
ing away from home. I also had an older brother liv- 
ing out of the state. We were a great family and had 
plenty of room on our two and a half acre farm to run 
and work! (I didn't do too much of the latter.) 

I was always thought of as the bashful one in the 
family and I guess I still am in ways. When I was 
young I attended Sandy Elementary School; Mount Jordan 
Junior High; and one year at Jordan High School, work- 
ing at odd jobs until I was nineteen, then I went into 
the carpet installation business, I've been in that 
same line of work since then and am with the same comp- 
any I started out with. 

Being the "bashful" one, no one thought I'd get 
married, but at the ripe old age of twenty-one, I marr- 
ied Carolyn Mumm. She was born and raised in South 
Dakota and moved to Utah in 1959 when her father was 
transferred there. It was quite a change to come here 
to the busy life compared to the quiet life in Dakota. 

We lived in a house in Salt Lake that I had 
bought from my father while he was in the Real Estate 
business. Our first baby--which turned out to be ident- 
ical twin sons — were born there. 

After the birth of our third son we moved to 
Sandy, Utah, where Bradley Dean was born. When he was 
about a year and a half old we found that he had 
Wernig -Hoffman disease, known as a type of muscular 
atrophy. In 19 76 he is a very bright child, confined to 
a wheel chair. He attends a school for the multiply- 
handicapped children in Midvale, Ut, , where he is in a 
group of children of the first through fourth grade 
levels and is doing exceptionally well. 

Stan and Dan are in junior high now and Rod is 
in the fourth grade. They are all very active and 
involved in a lot of things. 

My work and my family really keep me busy at this 
time in my life. The work gets to be a headache at 
times, but I am really enjoying my family. 

(Dean S. Chidester, Sandy, Utah.) 


12-303 Carolyn Lee CHIDESTER, dau of Glen M''""'"'"'"^^ 

(James M David John M John P David ) 

and Doris Fidelia MILLER; b 1 June 1943, Murray, 
Ut; md 16 Feb 1962, to Earl LeRoy HUTCHINGS who was 
b 23 Feb 1936, Salt Lake City, Ut; s of William 
Earl HUTCHINGS and Chloe WRIGHT; and had ch b in 
Salt LakeCity, Ut: 

13-492 Debbera Lee HUTCHINGS b 26 Sept 1962 
13-493 Jeffery LeRoy HUTCHINGS b 22 Mar 1964 
13-494 Michele HUTCHINGS b 29 Oct 1965 

(Info: Robert D. Chidester, Draper, Ut; Mrs. Carolyn L. C. 
Hutchings, Salt Lake City, Ut.) 

12-304 Sharron Sue CHIDESTER, dau of Glen M"'--'-"-'-^^ 

,^ ^,10-124^ .,9-106^ ^ »,8-85^ , t.7-57^ -^6-47, 

(James M David John M John P David ) 

and Doris Fidelia MILLER; b 20 Nov 1944, Murray, 

Ut; md 21 Mar 1964, in Salt Lake City, Ut. , to 

Alvin James CLERICO who was b 6 Mar 1932, Helper, Ut; 

s of John D. CLERICO and Deloras OLSEN; and had ch 

b in Roosevelt, Utah: 

13-495 Sheila Sue CLERICO b 13 Jan 1966 

13-496 Ted CLERICO b 15 July 1967 

13-497 Loretta CLERICO b 5 Nov 1968 

13-498 James Glen CLERICO b 19 July 1970 

The family lives on a ranch in Vernal, Utah. 

(Info: Robert D. Chidester, Draper, Ut.) 

12-305 Larry Gale CHIDESTER, s of Glen M"'"-'-'"-'-^^ (James 

^10-124^ . ,9-106^ . K„8-85^ , r,7-57^ -^6-47, , 

M David John M John P David ) and 

Doris Fidelia MILLER; b 15 June 1946, Murray, Ut; 

md (1) 17 June 1965, in Reno, Nev. , to Leslie Louis 

Timpson HOLMES ; and had a s : 

13-499 Michael James CHIDESTER b 2 Dec 1965, Murray, Ut. 

Larry md (2) 29 Aug 1970, in Tahoe, Nev., Judy Faye 
MITCHELL who was b 26 Nov 1951, Birmingham, Alabama; 
dau of Kenneth Allen MITCHELL and Johnie Fay LOWORN; 
and had ch: 


13-500 David Thomas CHIDESTER b 36 Aug 1973, Atlanta, Ga. 

Raised in Sandy, Utah, Larry served six years in the 
U.S. Navy after his high school, receiving training in 
electronics. In 1976 he was living in Atlanta, Georgia, 
where he was attending college and working in elect- 

(Info: Larry Gale Chidester, Atlanta, Ga.) 

1 1 —1 ft7 
12-306 Jo Anne CHIDESTER, dau of Gordon E. 

.TA».r.c mIO-124^ .,9-106^ . »>,8-85^ , t,7-57^ .^6-47, 
(JAMES M Davxd John M John P David ) 

and Leah ENCE; b 7 Mar 1930, Salt Lake City, Ut; 

md 28 Aug 1953, in Salt Lake City, Ut. , to Lyle S. 

FORD who was b 22 Oct 1928, Park City, Ut; s of 

Lloyd FORD and Mae SLACK; and had ch: 

13-501 Lorilee FORD b 1 Aug 1959 
13-502 Tracy Andra FORD b 11 Nov 1961 

(Info: Mrs. Jo Anne Ford, Salt Lake Cit y, Ut.) 

12-307 Dorothy CHIDESTER dau of Gordon E'^"^*""''^^ (James 

^10-124^ . ,9-106^ . »,8-85, . r,7-57„ -^6-47, 

M David John M John P David ) and 

Leah ENCE; b 10 May 1934, Salt Lake City, Ut; md 

29 Aug 1956, in New York City, N.Y. , to George 

David EGAN who was b 7 Jan 1933, Salt Lake City, Ut; 

s of Harold Easton EGAN and Annie Fullerton.. GRAY; 

and had ch b in Salt Lake City, Ut: 

13-503 Lisa Shannon EGAN b 29 May 1958 
13-504 Angela EGAN b 11 Sept 1965 

(Info: Gordon E. Chidester, Salt Lake City, Ut.) 

12-308 Gene Emory PINKERMAN, s of Reta CHIDESTER 

^T=m^o m10-124_ .,9-106^ . »,8-85^ , r>7-57^ -^6-47, 
(James M David John M John P David ) 

and Wiley Emory PINKERMAN; b 2 Feb 1932, Ogden, Ut; 

md 25 Jan 1963, Logan, Ut. , to LaVelle SCHICK who 

was b 17 May 1941, Alturas, California; dau of Stuart 

Murray SCHICK and Mabel ROPER; and had ch: 

13-505 Helen Lori PINKERMAN b 7 Dec 1963, Salt Lake City, Ut 
13-506 Alyce LaVelle PINKERMAN b 28 Nov 1970, Los Angeles, Ca 
13-506A Rawlin Gene PINKERMAN b 17 Apr 1973, Los Angeles, Cal 


In 1977 Gene Pinkerman was working as security guard 
at the Los Angeles Temple, Church of Jesus Christ of 
Latterday Saints; was elected president of the Chidester 
Family Organization of Southern California. 

(Info: Mrs. Gene E. Pinkerman, Alhambra, Cal) 

12-311 Luana PETERSON, dau of Thelma CHIDESTER-'-"'-"-'-^^ 

,^ ^,10-124^ .,9-106^ . »,8-85^ ^ t.7-57^ . ,6-47, 

(James M David John M John P David ) 

and George Victor PETERSEN; b 21 Mar 1934, Salt 

Lake City, Ut; md 26 June 1954, in Malad, Idaho, to 

Harrison Ford SIMMONS who was b 23 Aug 1934, Salt Lake 

City, Ut; s of Kenneth JACKSON and Eva FORD who 

adopted and raised him; and had ch b in Salt Lake 

City, Ut: 

13-507 Karrie Lynn SIMMONS b 29 Sept 1955 

13-508 Shawna Lee SIMMONS b 7 June 1961 

13-509 Christ! Jo SIMMONS b 12 Dec 1963 

13-510 Robin Jean SIMMONS b 14 Apr 1966 

(Info: recs of Cornelia T. Chidester, Salt Lake City, Ut.) 

12-316 Evar Leon CHIDESTER, s of James E " (James 

-.10-124^ . ,9-106_ , m8-85_ , ^,7-57^ -^6-47, , 

M David John M John P David ) and 

Thelma Esma STRASBURG; b 26 Sept 1937, American 

Fork, Ut; md 23 Nov 1960, to Irma BROWN who was b 

8 Mar 1936, Grantsville, Ut; dau of Roy Clark BROWN 

and Florence SUTTON; and had ch: 

13-511 Alyse CHIDESTER b 1 Apr 1962, Payson, Ut. 

13-512 Michael Leon CHIDESTER, b 6 May 1963, Payson, Ut. 

13-513 Maria CHIDESTER b 14 June 1964, Payson, Ut. 

13-514 Phillip John CHIDESTER b 17 Nov 1965, Payson, Ut. 

13-515 Marta CHIDESTER b 23 Oct 1969, Cedar City, Ut. 

13-516 Marcela CHIDESTER b 8 Apr 1975 Cedar City, Ut. 

Evar Leon Chidester, known as Leon, graduated from 
American Fork High School. He went to Brigham Young 
University until he received and accepted a call to 
go to the Spanish American mission in Texas (Church of 
Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) for two and one half 
years. Returning in August of 1960, he returned to 
school at Brigham Young University, Irma Brown had wait- 
ed for him to complete his mission and they were married 
in 1960. Irma taught school and supported them until 
Leon received his Master's degree. 



Leon then applied for a teaching position at the 
College of Siythern Utah as a teacher of Spanish. He 
received the job, which he enjoys. He and his family 
have made their home in Cedar City, Ut. 

(Info: Evar Leon Chidester, Cedar City, Ut; hist- 
ory by his moth er, Thelma S. Chidester, American 
Fork, Ut.) 

12-317 Elaine CHIDESTER, dau of James E ' (James 

„10-124^ . ,9-106^ , »,8-85, , t.^-S?^ -^6-47, , 
M David John M John P David ) and 

Thelma Esma STRASBURG; b 21 July 1939, American 

Fork, Ut; md 18 Mar 1960, in Salt Lake City, Ut. , 

to Verl Baxter MATTHEWS wfio was b 12 Jan 1936, Provo, 

Ut; s of Cornelius Baxter MATTHEWS and Genevieve 

LEWIS; and had ch; 

13-517 Verlaine MATTHEWS b 28 Jan 1963, Provo, Ut. 

13-518 Jeanette MATTHEWS b 22 Mar 1965, Provo, Ut. 

13-519 Lynea MATTHEWS b 30 May 1967, Logan, Ut. 

13-520 Laurel MATTHEWS b 6 May 1970, Roosevelt, Ut. 

13-522 Christian Baxter MATTHEWS b 17 Apr 1975, Panguitch,Ut 

13-523 Jennifer MATTHEWS b 26 Apr 1976, Panguitch, Ut. 

Elaine enjoyed school. She was active in sports, 
in music, in cooking classes and in homemaking activi- 
ties. She graduated from American Fork High School and 
then went to the Brigham Young University where she met 
and began dating a returned missionary, Verl B. Matthews. 
They were married and Elaine quit school to go to work 
to help support the new family while Verl earned his 
Master's degree.. 

After graduation, Verl went to work for the govern- 
ment and has been transferred to several places. Verl 
is County Agent (1976) over two counties and Elaine 
does all she can to support him both in his government 
job and in his church responsibilities. 

Elaine enjoys music. She plays the violin and 
the melodica. She has taught her children to sing well 
as a group. Elaine also sings with a quartette and the 
group performs at many civic and religious functions. 
All the family enjoys all outdoor activities, 

(Info: Elaine C. Matthews, Panguitch, Ut; History 
by Mrs. Thelma S, Chidester, American Fork, Ut.) 


12-320 Richard Neil CHIDESTER, s of James E ■'"■'•"■'" ^■'" 

,^ ,,10-124^ .,9-106, , „8-85, ^ r>7-57^ -^6-47, 

(James M David John M John P David ) 

and Thelma Esma STRASBURG; b 17 June 1947, American 

Fork, Ut; md 23 Mar 1968, in Las Vegas, Nev. , to 

Susan Lee SWEAT who was b 23 Dec 1948, Salt Lake City, 

Ut; dau of Ralph Samuel SWEAT and Helga Loni Hilde- 

gard AXMAN; and had ch: 

13-524 Wendy Ann CHIDESTER b 15 Nov 1968, Sandy, Ut. 

13-525 Shauna Lee CHTDESTER b 19 Apr 1970, American Fork, 

Ut; d 18 Nov 1973 

13-526 Cynthia Sue CHTDESTER b 8 Aug 1971, West Jordan, Ut 

13-527 Kathryn Louise CHIDESTER b 27 Sept 1973, American 

Fork, Ut. 

13-528 Amanda Marie CHIDESTER b 5 Dec 1975, American Fork, Ut 

Richard grew to manhood on hLs father's farm in Ameri- 
can Fork, CHighland, the suburb) and loved farming. 
He played football, basketball and wrestled his way 
through high school, then attended Utah State University 
at Logan, Ut. , for a time, then decided to go to Tech- 
nical College at Provo. After a service of six months 
in the Active Reserves for his country, he entered the 
Technical School and studied refrigeration, 

Susan lived in Salt Lake Valley until she was 
thirteen years of age when her parents decided they 
wanted their children to experience the joys of farm 
life and moved them to American Fork. Susan and Rich- 
ard met at church, Highland Ward, and began dating, 
They corresponded while he was away in basic training, 
then, after his return, they borrowed his Dad's car 
in March, 1968, Chis own had been wrecked earlier) and 
eloped to Las Vegas , 

After his marriage, Richard began working for 
Hercules, in Salt Lake City, and the couple lived for a 
time in South Jordan to be near his work, but soon re- 
turned to American Fork, 

The year 1976 brought a big change to the family. 
An idea developed and grew into the decision to make a 
difficult move. Plans and a trip in February helped to 
set a time and place. A beautiful farm was bought by 
Susan's parents for Richard to run and build a home on. 
One hundred forty five acres of pasture, timber and crop 
land, complete with NO irrigation. 

May arrived along with a rented truck and their own 


truck, and the move was made to Missouri. Quite a 
different place than Utah, but they are excited and love 
it. The crops are in along with a five acre garden and 
three cows with their calves. They hope to see many of 
their friends and family from out west. They are eight 
miles directly east of Queen City on route E, which is 
in the northeast corner of Missouri — right between Adam- 
ondi-Ahmen and Nauvoo, 111. 

(Info: and hist: from Mrs. Richard N. Chidester, 
Queen City, Mo.) 

12-333 Colleen FARRINGTON, dau of Vera CHIDESTER-'--^"''-^^ 

(James M David John M John P David ) 
and Calthorpe Kimball FARRINGTON; b 4 Nov 1937, 
Salt Lake City, Ut; md 14 June 1959, in Farmington, 
Ut; to Leon Everett OLIVER who was b 15 May 1926, 
Magna, Ut; s of Vernon Albert OLIVER and Lucetta 
JENSEN; and had ch b in Salt Lake City, Ut: 

13-529 Darcy Lynne OLIVER b 26 Nov 1959 
13-530 John Byron OLIVER b 29 July 1961 
13-531 Barry Jay OLIVER b 15 July 1962 

(Info: Mrs. Barbara C. Michaelson, Keams, Ut.) 

12-337 Douglas Eldon CHIDESTER, s of Eldon P"^"^""'-^^ 

,^ „10-124^ .,9-106^ , m8-85^ , t,7-57^ -^6-47, 
(James M David John M John P David ) 

and Martha Ellen JONES; b 8 Nov 193 8, Murray, Ut; 

md 14 Apr 1961, to Janice MARGETTS who was b 5 Feb 

1939, Murray, Ut; dau of Clarence William MARGETTS 

and Martha NYGREN. Janice was md (1) to James David 

ADAMSON by whom she had ch: 

(1) Valerie Ruth ADAMSON b 7 Aug 1955 

(2) David William ADAMSON b 4 July 1956 

(3) Jeffery Scott ADAMSON b 20 July 1959 

To Douglas Chidester and Janice were born: 

13-532 Cheryl Rae CHIDESTER b 5 Aug 1963, Tremonton, Ut. 
13-533 Michelle CHIDESTER b 2 Dec 1965 

Douglas attended school in Murray, Ut., and at age 
17 enlisted in the U.S. Navy, He was a fun loving boy, 
much like Tom Sawyer. He spent four years in the service. 


At hLs marriage he became the father of his wife's 
three children. So well has he performed the task that 
they love and respect him as do his own two little girl-. 
A friend to all, he is generous to a fault. He is a 
firefighter on the Salt Lake force and is very capable 
in other fields. He is 6 feet 2 inches tall and his 
wife is less than five feet tall. 

(Info: Mrs. Eldon P. Chidester, Salt Lake City, Ut.) 

12-338 David Lynn CHIDESTER, s of Eldon P"'"-'-"-'-^^ (James 

„10-124^ . ,9-106^ . «8-85^ , t^^-SV^ -^6-47, , 
M David John M John P David ) and 

Martha Ellen JONES; b 16 Jan 1941, Salt Lake City 

Ut; md 27 Jan 1962, in Portland, Oregon, to Rose 

Marie COURT who was b 23 Feb 1942, Lethbridge, Alberta 

Canada; dau of Frank Wallace COURT and Elizabeth Ann 

LARURNUS; and had ch: 

13-534 David Court CHIDESTER b 23 Jan 1964 
13-535 Raymond Scott CHIDESTER b 27 Apr 1967 
13-536 Lisa Marie CHIDESTER b 6 Mar 1970 

David Lynn Chidester was a loner as he was growing 
up and a peace-lover to the point he would not even 
defend himself with other children. He was always very 
industrious and as a boy could always find some way to 
make money. He loves the out-of-doors and is a great 
fisher man. He had a terrible time in school and is 
self-taught. He joined the Navy at age 17 and was succ- 
essful there. He was married while still in the Navy. 

He works for General Electric and has gone stead- 
ily up the ladder. His company sent him to Kenia, 
Alaska, to start a new shop there. He has found this to 
his liking, 

(Info: Mrs. Edlon P. Chidester, Salt Lake City, ) 

12-339 Lynda Jo CHIDESTER dau of Eldon P"'-^"-'-^^ (James 

„10-124^ .^9-106, ^ „8-85^ ^ t,7-57^ -^6-47, , 
M David John M John P David ) and 

Martha Ellen JONES; b 31 July 1943, Salt Lake City, 

Ut; md 31 Dec 1961, in Elko, Nev. , to Darrel WILSON 

who was b 13 Nov 1935, Salt Lake City, Ut; s of 

Orville C and Lenora WILSON; and had ch: 

13-537 Martha Anne VTELSON b 3 May 1964 



13-538 Amy Louise WILSON b 6 Mar 1967 
13-539 Michael Jerram VTELSON b 7 May 1976 

Lynda went to work after graduating from high 
school and the same year met and married her husband. 
After the births of her two daughters she decided to 
continue her education. 

While keeping up with all her household chores and 
church duties, plus taking care of welfare children, she 
continued studying for eight years and obtained her RN 
in nursing. Her husband is a quiet, studious man and 
has made her a wonderful husband. 

(Info: Mrs. Eldon P. Chidester, Salt Lake City, Ut.) 

12-340 Rodney Del CHIDESTER, s of Eldon P " (James 
m1°-124^^^.^9-106j^j^^ M^-S5john P^' ^David^"^^) and 
Martha Ellen JONES; b 13 Feb 1946, Salt Lake City, 
Ut; md 4 Nov 1965, to Sigrun ANDERSON; and had ch: 

13-540 Dallace Elaine CHIDESTER b 1 July 1968 
13-541 Christopher Anthony CHIDESTER b 29 Mar 1971 
13-542 Darcy Lynn CHIDESTER b 15 Nov 1973 

Known as Buddy for his sweet, loving nature, 
Rodney joined the navy at age seventeen and finished his 
education there. He works for Hercules in Clearfield, 
Ut; and is now a foreman. He has very strong leader- 
ship qualities and loves to read. He is an avid out- 
of- doors man and loves any kind of sports activity. 

(Info: Mrs. Eldon P. Chidester, Salt Lake City, Ut.) 

12-355 Jolene CHRISTENSEN, dau of Sybel M CHIDES- 

mT7T>ll-202 ,^ „10-125r, . ,9-106^ , m8-85_ , „ 

TER (Lorus P David John M John 

p'7-57Davj_(j6-47) and Lavell J. CHRISTENSEN; b 1 Dec 

1936, Aurora, Ut; md 5 June 1956, in Salt Lake City, 

Ut., to Robert Gordon NASH who was b 18 Mar 1936, 

Tintic, Ut; s of John Oliver NASH and Thelma Clotiel 

TANNER; and had ch b in Spanish Fork, Ut: 

13-543 Debra Kay NASH b 18 Dec 1958 
13-544 Nancy Ann NASH b 28 July 1960 
13-545 Jeffrey Gordon NASH b 5 June 1964 


13-546 Lisa Deanne NASH b 27 July 1965 

(Info: Lavelle J. Christensen, Spanish Fork, Ut) 

12-164 Betty Lou SIMPSON, dau of Josephine A CHIDES- 

TER (Lorus P David John M John 

p7-57David6-47) a^d Rudolph Valentino SIMPSON: b 
22 Mar 1942, Salina, Ut; md 1 Apr 1955, Richfield 
Ut. , to Clark Lynn EVANS who was b 1 June 1931, 
Hatch, Ut; s of Ephrim Lynn EVANS and Noreen 
CLARK. Clark Evans had been md (1) to Gloria 

To Betty Lou Simpson and Clark Lynn Evans were b: 

13-547 Rickie Lynn EVANS b 4 Aug 1958, Panguitch, Ut. 
13-548 Lu Ann EVANS b 3 Oct 1959, Salt Lake City, Ut. 
13-549 Sheryl EVANS b 19 Apr 1961, Salt Lake City, Ut. 
13-550 Dale EVANS b 17 Apr 1962, Panguitch, Ut; d 21 

Oct 1962 
13-551 Laurie Kay EVANS b 19 May 1963 

After their divorce, Betty Lou Simpson md (2) Lester 
Thomas NEILSEN. Clark Lynn Evans md (3) Roma Lee 

12-377 Dean Carlos CHIDESTER, s of Lloyd Carlos 

,r. ol0-128^ .,9-106, , .,8-85, , t,7-57^ -^6-47, 
(Don C David John M John P David ) 

and Hazel Ruby ANDERSON; b 2 Aug 1930, Buhl, Idaho; 

md 17 Sept 1950, in Buhl, Ida., to Barbara Lee 

CLAYTON who was b 9 Dec 1932, Springdale, Arkansas; 

dau of Robert Lee CLAYTON and Estelle Elizabeth 

ELISON: and had ch: 

13-552 Debra Lynn CHIDESTER b 20 Apr 1956, Lancaster, Cal 
13-553 Diane Elizabeth CHIDESTER b 24 Sept 1959, San 

Fernando, Cal 
13-554 Dina Lee CHIDESTER b 31 Jan 1963, Saugus, Cal 
13-555 Denise CHIDESTER b 14 Oct 1960, San Fernancdo, Cal 

(Info: Dean C. Chidester, Reseda, Cal) 




12-380 Ruby Eilene CHIDESTER, dau of Lloyd C" 

,^ ^10-128^ . ,9-106^ . «8-85^ , t,7-57^ -^6-47, 
(Don C David John M John P David ) 

and Hazel Ruby ANDERSON; b 23 May 1937, Buhl, Ida; 

md 22 Oct 1964, in Salt Lake City, Ut. , to Richard 

Kent WHITAKER, who was b 20 Oct 193 8, in Wapato, 

Yakima, Washington; s of Wilford Woodruff WHITAKER 

Sr. and Dora Edith BOYCE; and had ch b in Moses 

Lake, Washington: 

13-556 Erin K. WHITAKER b 13 Sept 1965 (dau) 
13-557 Richard Kent WHITAKER Jr. b 2 Sept 1966 
13-558 Noel Ruby WHITAKER b 21 Jan 1968 (dau) 

(Info: Mrs. Ruby E. Whitaker, Moses Lake, Wn.) 

12-393 William Burdett CHIDESTER, s of John W"'"''""^^^ 

,^ , „10-135^ , „9-107^ . „8-85^ , t,7-57 

(John W Joshua P John M John P 

David6-47) and Amanda Melvina SMITH; b 27 Mar 1914, 

Bicknell, Ut; md 24 May 1939, in Loa, Wayne, Ut., 

to Mary Magdelene STEWART who was b 24 May 1918, 

Loa, Ut; dau of Walter Ernest STEWART and Mary 

Magdelene PETERSON; and had ch: 

*13-559 Rhea CHIDESTER b 11 Mar 1940, Salina, Ut; md 

Joseph Dilworth ARMSTRONG 
*13-560 Keith W. CHIDESTER b 17 July 1941, Salina, Ut; 

md Marlene STOCK 
*13-561 Sharon CHIDESTER b 11 Jan 1944, Salt Lake City, Ut; 

md Daniel Niel IPSON 

William Burdett Chidester went to school in Bick- 
nell and one year to college in Cedar City, Ut. He was 
a good athlete in school, then worked for twenty six 
years as a mechanic for Continental Garage in Salt Lake 
City. He was known as a hunter, fisherman and hard 
worker , 

(Info: Mrs. Rhea Armstrong, Cedar City, Ut.) 

12-394 John Clinton CHIDESTER, s of John w-'--'""^^^ (John 

,-10-135^ , „9-lC7 ^ , »8-85, ^ r,7-57^ -^6-47, 

W Joshua P John M John P David ) 

and Amanda Melvina SMITH; b 1 Apr 1916, Bicknell, 

Ut; md 18 May 1933, Teasdale, Ut. , to Lucile KING 

who was b 29 Apr 1917, Teasdale, Ut; d Sept 1963, 

in Sacramento, Cal; dau of Leland KING and Anna 


Victoria HIGGINS; and had ch: 

*13-562 John Darwin CHIDESTER b 8 Sept 1935, Teasdale, 

Ut; md Arlene Martha WEBB 
*13-563 Robert Leland CHIDESTER b 25 Feb 1938, Bicknell, 

Ut; md Mary Jane PATTEN 
13-564 Bruce King CHIDESTER b 25 Dec 1939, Roosevelt, Ut; 

md 12 Aug 1965, Margarite LUNT 

John Clinton Chidester was a good athlete in 
school. Living in Las Vegas, Nev. , he works as a car- 
penter for a big construction firm in Los Angeles, Cal. 
After his wife's death he md (2) 17 Sept 1952, Marguer- 
ite Chatter ley LUNT; md (3) 1 June 1957, Rita LUNT. 

(Info: George Wayne Chidester, Kearns, Ut.) 

12-395 Wilma Smith CHIDESTER, dau of John w^''-'''^^^ 

,^ , ,-10-135^ , „9-107^ - »,8-85^ ^ r,7-57 

(John W Joshua P John M John P 

David6-47) amd Amanda Melvina SMITH; b 5 Apr 1922, 

Bicknell, Ut; md 22 Nov 1941, in Las Vegas, Nev., 

to Metz LAY who was b 24 June 1922, Escalante, Ut; 

s of Edward LAY and Ada HEEPS; and had ch: 

*13-565 Marva LAY b 25 Nov 1943, Salina, Ut; md Arlie 

13-566 Donna LAY b 10 Feb 1947, Salina, Ut; md 6 May 

1966, Roy Neil HARRIS 
13-567 Marlin Edward LAY b 9 June 1949, Murray, Ut; 

d 11 June 1949 
13-568 Donald Metz LAY b 29 Sept 1955, Salt Lake City, Ut. 

d 2 Oct 1955 
13-569 William Jeffery LAY b 30 Sept 1958, Salt Lake 

City, Ut; d 10 Sept 1958 

Wilma and her husband lived for a time in Kearns, 
Ut; before moving to West Jordan, Ut. Wilma is noted 
as an outstanding housekeeper and cook. 

(Info: George W. Chidester, Kearns, Ut.) 

12-396 George Wayne CHIDESTER, s of John w-'-"'-"^^^ (John 

,-10-135^ , ^9-10f7^ . »,8-85^ ^ r,7-57„ -^6-47, , 
W Joshua P John M John P David ) and 

Amanda Melvina SMITH; b 19 Oct 1924, Bicknell, Ut; 

md 18 Nov 1945, in Fremont, Ut. , to Montez MORRELL 

who was b 24 Aug 1928, Bicknell, Ut; dau of Milton 


Frederick MORRELL and Ruby BRINKERHOFF; and had ch : 

13-570 Kenra CHIDESTER b 4 June 1949, Richfield, Ut. 

13-571 Milton Wayne CHIDESTER b 18 Mar 1951, Salt Lake 

City, Ut. 

13-572 Denice CHIDESTER b 29 Oct 1954, Murray, Ut. 

13-573 Margo CHIDESTER, b 2 June 1957, Murray, Ut. 

13-574 William Brett CHIDESTER (Todd) b 13 Aug 1963, 

Granger , Ut . 

George W. Chidester worked as a barber most of 
his life, then went to work for a trucking company, 
loading trucks. He is active in Church and has held 
many different positions. His wife works as a beauty 

(Info: George Wayne CHIDESTER, Kearns, Ut.) 

12-397 Fern Smith CHIDESTER, dau of John w-'""'""^^^ (John 

„10-135^ . ^9-10?_ , ^8-85^ , t,7-57^ -^6-47, 
W Joshua P John M John P David ) 

and Amanda Melvina SMITH; b 23 Apr 1926, Bicknell, 

Ut; d 18 Jan 1951, Salt Lake City, Ut; md 20 July 

1945, in Evanston, Wyoming, to Cornell Lee BLACKETT 

who was b 8 Nov 1908, Springville, Ut; s of Harvey 

Valentine BLACKETT and Rose TAME. Cornell was md 

(1) 12 Feb 1930, to Laon E. MOORE. 

Ch of Fern Smith Chidester and Cornell Lee Blackett: 

13-575 Connie BLACKETT b 31 May 1948, Salt Lake City, Ut; 
md 25 Apr 1966, Ronald DUBY and had a ch: 
(1) Brent DUBY b 4 Nov 196- 

Fern Chidester developed heart trouble at the age of six 
and died at the birth of her second child. 

(Info: George W. Chidester, Kearns, Ut.) 

12-400 William Smith CHIDESTER, s of James p-^"'""''^^ 

(John W^°"^^^Joshua P^"^^'^John M^'^^John p"^"^"^ 
David6-47) and Eliza Lucinda SMITH; b 21 May 1918, 
Torrey, Wayne, Ut; md 24 Jan 1945, in Salt Lake 
City, Ut., to Katherine Blenda KOUNALIS who was b 20 
Oct 1925, Salt Lake City, Ut; dau of Samuel A. KOUNA- 
LIS and Blenda A. BERGSTROM; and had ch b in Salt 
Lake City, Ut: 


13-577 Diane Ellen CHIDESTER b 6 Jan 1947 

13-578 Blenda Joan CHIDESTER b 5 Aug 1948 

13-579 Karen Kaye CHIDESTER b 27 Dec 1949 

13-580 Sandra Ardith CHIDESTER b 19 J\ine 1953 

(Info: Whi. Smith Chidester, Salt Lake City, Ut.) 

12-402 Gwen CHIDESTER, dau of James P (John 

wl°-13^Joshua P^-^°^John M^'^^John P^-57^^^.^6-47^ 
and Eliza Lucinda SMITH; b 4 Dec 1921, Bicknell, 
Ut; d 3 June 1963; md 5 Dec 1939, in Loa, Ut., 
to Franklin Meyer RASMUSSEN who was b 14 Mar 1917, 
Salina, Ut; and had ch b in Salt Lake City, Ut: 

13-581 James Franklin RASMUSSEN b 30 July 1941 
13-582 Ross Niles RASMUSSEN b 8 Apr 1943 
13-583 Neil John RASMUSSEN b 7 Sept 1948 

(Info: Lucinda S. Chidester, Bicknell, Ut.) 

12-403 Ross Nelson CHIDESTER, s of James P (John 

„10-135^ , „9-107^ , ^B-SS^ , «7-57_^„ . ,6-47. 

W Joshua P John M John P David ) 

and Eliza Lucinda SMITH; b 26 Sept 1924, Bicknell, 

Ut; md 28 July 1950, in Pine Bush, Orange, N.Y., to 

Phyllis VOEGELIN who was b 5 Feb 1928, Pine Bush, 

N.Y.; dau of Henry F. VOEGELIN and Adelaide MANCE; 

and had ch: 

13-584 Jennifer Ann CHIDESTER b 16 June 1951, Norfolk, Va 
13-585 Jeffrey Bruce CHIDESTER b 8 Sept 1952, Washington, DC 
13-586 Carol Lee CHIDESTER b 10 Dec 1956, San Diego, Cal. 

Ross Nelson Chidester was a career man in the U.S. Navy. 
He retired in 1968. 

(Info: Ross N. Chidester, Point Mugu, Cal.) 

12-404 Leah Bernice CHIDESTER, dau of James P 

,^ , ,,10-135^ , „9-107^ . m8-85^ , t,7-57 

(John W Joshua P John M John P 

David6-47) ^^d Eliza Lucinda SMITH; b 19 May 1929, 

Bicknell, Ut; md 23 Mar 1946, to Merrill Emmet 

ERICKSON; and had ch: 

13-587 Lee Merrill ERICKSON b 23 Dec 1936, Salina, Ut. 


13-588 Judy Beatrice ERICKSON b 14 Apr 1948, Salina, Ut. 

13-589 Kelly Fred ERICKSON b Salt Lake City, Ut. 

13-590 Deborah ERICKSON b Las Vegas, Nev. 

13-591 William James ERICKSON b Las Vegas, Nev. 

Cinfo: Lucinda S. Chidester, Bicknell, Ut.) 

12-412 Gordon Jay CHIDESTER, s of Dewey ' (John 

Wl0-135joshua P^-lO^John M^-^^John p'^-^'^David^-^^) 
and Lovina HILL: b 16 July 1938, Bicknell, Ut; md 
28 Dec 1957, to Patricia Sue WILLIAMS who was b 13 
Mar 1941, Harlan, Kentucky; dau of Robert Perry 
WILLIAMS and Bertha Cordelia PAGE; and had ch: 

13-592 Valine Kay CHIDESTER b 15 Sept 1959, Dragerton, Ut. 
13-593 Jaylene CHIDESTER b 18 Aug 1962, Murray, Ut. 
13-594 Gordon Jay CHIDESTER Jr. b 16 July 1963, Salt Lake 

City, Ut. 
13-595 Sherryl Ann CHIDESTER b 22 Mar 1965, Granger, Ut. 

(Info Patricia Sue W. Chidester, Granger, Ut.) 

12-426 Ruby Ruth HUNT, dau of Charles Alford HUNT-*- 

(Josephine CHIDESTER-'-^"-'-^ ^Joshua P^"-'-^ John M^~^^ 

John p'^'^^David^"'*^) and Alta CURTIS; b 1 Sept 
1912, Caineville, Ut; md 25 July 1931, in Torrey, 
Ut. , to Cecil Mayhew GIBBONS who was b 10 Aug — , 
Hanksville, Ut; d 28 Nov 1973, Fruita, Colo; s of 
Benjamin Smith GIBBONS and Martha Medora MAYHEW; 
and had ch: 

13-596 Cecil Carlyle GIBBONS b 1 Nov 1932, Helper, Ut; 

md 24 May 1952, to Ileen Rae POTTS 
13-597 LaDonna Ruth GIBBONS b 15 Jan 1935, Torrey, Ut; 

md 26 June 1954, to Lawrence Allen GAMMILL 
13-598 Evan H. GIBBONS b 8 Jan 1947, Moab, Ut; md 12 

Apr 1968, to Brenda Joyce 

13-599 Rhonda Ann GIBBONS b 26 Nov 1953, Fruita, Colo; 

md 15 June 1973, Brian Dale METCALF 

(Info: Ruby Ruth Gibbons, Fruita, Colo) 


12-449 Alfred Jackson ALLRED, s of Juliette CHIDES- 

John P David ) and Francis Marrion ALLRED; 

b 3 Feb 1915, Loa, Ut; md 6 Aug 1938, in Orangeville, 
Emery, Ut. , to Inez FULLMER who was b 15 July 1911, 
Orangeville, Ut; dau of Thomas FULLMER and Lovina 
Laurette VAN BUREN; and had ch: 

13-600 Nita LaRae ALLRED b 28 July 1939, Orangeville, Ut; 
md 1 Apr 1956, in Spring Glen, Ut., to Vernon William 
KEELE who was b 12 Apr 1933, EHichesne, Ut> s of Fred- 
erick M. KEELE and Pearl Valentine PETERSON. 
13-601 Thelma LaRue ALLRED b 5 Oct 1940, Payson, Ut. 
13-602 Barbara Jean ALLRED b 29 June 1942, Murray, Ut. 
13-603 Ronald Alfred ALLRED b 18 Feb 3944, Price, Ut. (twin) 
13-604 Donald Jackson ALLRED (twin) b 18 Feb 1944, Price, Ut 
12-605 Katheryn Lurette ALLRED b 23 Apr 1947, Price, Ut (twin) 
12-606 Keith Marrion ALLRED (twin) b 23 Apr 1947, Price, Ut 
13-607 Larna Jo ALLRED b 16 Sept 1949, Price, Ut. 
13-608 Thomas Sheldon ALLRED b 9 Aug 1951, Price, Ut. 

(Info: A. J. Allred, Price, Ut.) 

12-457 Euila Evelyn HEATH, dau of Sarah M CHIDESTER-'-"'""^ ° 

,,,-, , ^10-137, , „9-10^^ , ».,8-85^ , t,7-57 

(Alfred G Joshua P John M John P 

David6-47) and William Marquette HEATH; b 3 June 

1922, Salt Lake City, Ut; md Donald IRVINE who was 

b 31 Jan 1919, Elgin, Grand, Ut; s of Johnson Fenton 

IRVINE and Minnie MARTENDALE; and had ch : 

13-609 William Johnson IRVINE b 18 Mar 1939, Price, Ut. 
13-610 Betty Grace IRVINE b 7 May 1940, Elgin, Ut; md 8 

May 1957, Marvin Claude DENNIS 
13-611 Donald James IRVINE b 9 Feb 1942, Elgin, Ut. 
13-612 Nancy Jean IRVINE b 8 Jan 1944, Price, Ut; md 7 

July 1967, A. Wayne MITCHELL 
13-613 Roy Dean IRVINE b 7 May 1945, Price, Ut; md 3 Jan 

1966, Anna Rose FUGATE 

(Info: Mrs. Thelma Heath Lemmon, Green River, Ut.) 


12-459 Thelma Alminda HEATH, dau of Sarah M CHIDES- 
TEr11-240 (^^,^^^ g1°-137j^^^^^ p9'107j^hn M^-^^ 

John p'^~^"^David^"'^'^) and William Marquette HEATH; 
b 2 Oct 1927, Salt Lake City, Ut; md 8 Feb 1946, 
in Green River, Ut. , to Glenn W. LEMMON who was b 
24 Jan 1918, Virgin, Ut; s of James Andrew LEMMON 
and Viola Merla PIERCE; and had ch b in Price, Ut : 

13-614 John Leo LEMMON (twin) b 16 Aug 1947; d 29 Oct 1947 
13-615 James William LEMMON (twin) b 16 Aug 1947; d 27 

Oct 1947 
13-616 Alice Marie LEMMON b 26 Aug 1948; d 13 Nov 1948 
13-617 Nora Ellen LEMMON b 7 Apr 1950 

The children were born in the hospital in Price,- but the 
family lived in Green River, Utah. 

(Info: Mrs. Thelma H. Lemmon, Green River, Ut.) 

12-467 Lament Ren ATWOOD, s of Alta CHIDESTER"'--'-"^'^^ 

,^,^ , ^10-137^ , „9-107^ , K^8-85^ , t.7-57 

(Alfred G Joshua P John M John P 

David6-47) and Hyrum Stephen ATWOOD; b 7 Jan 1927, 
Elmo, Emery, Ut; md 3 Aug 1949, in Springville, Ut. , 
to Joy Elaine SHEPHERD who was b 16 Jan 1933, Spring- 
ville, Ut; dau of Charles SHEPHERD and Lula HOLT; 
and had ch b in Provo, Ut: 

13-618 Jeanie Diana ATWOOD b 7 Aug 1950 

13-619 Lynda ATWOOD b 13 Jan 1952 

13-620 Douglas LaMont ATWOOD b 28 Oct 1954 

13-621 Gary Ren ATWOOD b 9 Dec 1962 

(Info: Lament Ren Atwood, Springville, Ut.) 

12-468 Preston June WAYMAN, s of LaPreal CHIDESTER-*" 

,^,^ , ^10-137^ , ^9-107^ , »,8-85^ , „7-57 

(Alfred G Joshua P John M John P 

David6-47) and Fred WAYMAN; b 7 Mar 1922, Ferron , 
Ut; md 1 June 1955, in Pocatello, Idaho, to Paul- 
ine Sharon LEFFLER who was b 4 Dec 1936, Park City, 
Ut; dau of Wayne LEFFLER and Fawntella ALLEN; and 
had ch: 

13-622 Mary Linda WAYMAN b 23 Jan 1954, Salt Lake City, Ut 


13-623 David Preston WAYMAN b 3 Sept 1956, Pocatello, Ida 

13-624 Pairany June WAYMAN b 2 Dec 1957, Pocatello, Ida 

13-625 Ronald Jay WAYMAN b 27 Sept 1959, Pocatello, Ida 

13-626 Favm LaPreal WAYMAN b 21 May 1962, Pocatello, Ida 

13-627 Denis Paul WAYMAN b 31 May 1966, Pocatello, Ida. 

Cinfoj Wayman fam recs submitted by Maxine Crapo, Provo, Ut.) 

12-4 70 Clement Keith WAYMAN, s of LaPreal CHIDES- 
TEr11-243 (;,ifred G^O'l^^Joshua P^-lO^John M^-^^ 

John p'^"^'^David^'^'^) and Fred WAYMAN; b 19 Oct 1925, 
Ferron, Ut; md 26 Nov 1944, in Huntington, Ut. , to 
Ila PETERSON who was b 4 Aug 1936, Altonah, Ut; 
dau of La Faunt PETERSON and Jennie OLSEN; and had 
ch b in Provo, Ut : 

13-628 Sherril WAYMAN b 24 Dec 1950 

13-629 Steven Fred WAYMAN b 8 Aug 1952 

13-630 Gregory Paul WAYMAN b 27 Oct 1954 

13-631 Marilyn Marie WAYMAN b 20 Nov 1955 

13-632 Trainbra Lynn WAYMAN b 11 Oct 1957 

13-633 Ila Christine WAYMAN b 20 July 1959 

13-634 Laurie Ann WAYMAN b 22 July 196- 

(Info: fam recs of C. K. Wayman, submitted by Maxine Crapo, 
Provo, Ut.) 

12-478 Arvilla ENGLE, dau of Susannah CHIDESTER 

(Alfred G^°-13^Joshua P^'l^^John M^'^^^^j^^ ^7-57 
David6-47) and Edward ENGLE; b 30 June 1924, Hunt- 
ington, Ut; md 3 Jan 194 5, in Salt Lake City, Ut 
to David Glen STEWART who was b 21 Mar 1918, Mount- 
ain Home, Ut; d 14 Aug 1971; s of Edward Thomas 
STEWART and Edna Alta FARNSWORTH; and had ch: 

13-635 Joyce STEWART b 3 Oct 1945, Dragerton, Ut. 
13-636 Raymond Glenn STEWART b 19 Mar 1949, Price, Ut. 
13-637 Boyd Milo STEWART b 29 May 1954, Salt Lake City, Ut 

Cinfo; Mrs. David G. Stewart, Salt Lake City, Ut.) 

12-484 Dempsey Bernard ENGLE, s of Susannah CHIDES- 

,^„„ll-244 ,^T^ , ^10-137^ . „9-107^ , m8-85 
TER (Alfred G Joshua P John M 

John p'^'^'^David^'^'^) and Edward ENGLE; b 26 July 



1933, Huntington, Ut; md 17 Apr 1957, in Los 
Angeles, Cal., to Norma Jo Ann GOODWIN who was b 7 
June 1936, Beaver, Ut; dau of Joseph Eldon GOODWIN 
and Norma Leola HOOPER; and had ch b in Inglewood, 

13-638 Sharlene Rene ENGLE (twin) b 22 Jan 1958 
13-639 Carlene Diane ENGLE b 22 Jan 1958 

(Info: Dempsey B. Engle, Inglewood, Cal.) 

12-490 Ardell"G." HILL, s of Maria CHIDESTER 

(Alfred G^O-l^^Joshua P^'^^^John M^'^^John P^'^"^ 
David6-47) and William James HILL; b 27 July 1927, 
Huntington, Ut; md 17 Mar 1948, in Salt Lake City, 
Ut., to Joyce WRIGHT who was b 17 Aug 1928, Salt Lake 
City, Ut; dau of Lloyd Davis WRIGHT and Cleo ROBIN- 
SON; and had ch b in Pocatello, Ida: 

13-640 Steven Del HILL b 2 Nov 1949; md 16 Jan 1976, in 
Los Angeles, Cal., to Shelley Sue FINCH who was b 27 
June, 1957, Council Bluffs, Iowa; dau of Neil Leonard 
FINCH and Nancy Lee RICHARDSON; and had a dau: 
(1) Lindsay Ruth HILL b 10 Nov 1976, Ojai, Cal 
13-641 Pamela Jeanne HILL b 1 Jan 1951; md 14 June 1968, 
Meridian, Ida., to William Wayne LACKEY who was the s 
of Donald and Gloria LACKEY; and had a dau: 

(1) Connie Jeanine LACKEY b 10 Dec 1968, Boise, Ida 
13-642 Carter Del HILL b 28 June 1952; md 27 Dec 1974, in 
Salt Lake City, Ut. , to Lu Anne Glenda BERLIE who was 
b 18 June 1954, Crawford, Nebr; dau of Junior Raymond 
BERLIivJ and Mary Colleen EWEN; and had ch: 

(1) Benjamin Jared HILL b 10 Dec 1975, Rota, Spain 
13-643 David Bart HILL b 26 Feb 1955 

13-644 Mary Ellen HILL b 28 June 1956; md 23 July 1975, in 
Salt Lake City, Ut. , to Dean Ross SMART who was b 31 Dec 
1953, Nampa, Ida; s of Eugene Ren SMART and Betty Elaine 
KELLER; and had ch b in Boise, Ada, Idaho: 

(1) David Eugene SMART b 28 Apr 1976 

(2) Robert Ardell SMART b 9 Aug 1977 
13-645 Patricia Kay HILL b 30 Nov 1958 

(Info: fam recs of Ardell "G" Hill, Meridian, Ida) 


12-499 Janet Lorraine LEWIS, dau of Lovira CHIDES- 
TEr11-246 (Alfred G^O-l^T ^^^^^^ p^'lOVj^^^ ^8-85 

John P^~^^David^"'^^) and Clair Alexander LEWIS; b 
14 July 1933, Huntington, Ut; d in Clymer, Penn- 
sylvania; md 13 Nov 1954, in Clymer, Penn., to 
John William McGUIRE who was b 22 Mar 1929, Clymer, 
Penn; s of John Moody McGUIRE and Dorothy 
Rose-ell en CRISSMAN; and had ch b in Indiana, 
Indiana Co. , Penn; 

13-646 Dorothy Marie McGUIRE b 10 May 1955 

13-647 Kathleen Elizabeth McGUIRE b 24 June 1956 

13-648 John William McGUIRE Jr. b 28 Feb 1958 

13-649 Patrick Michael McGUIRE b 28 May 1960 

13-650 Ruth Ann McGUIRE b 28 Oct 1968 

(Info: fam recs of Maxine Crapo, Provo, Ut.) 

12-500 Verna Mae LEWIS, dau of Lovira CHIDESTER-'--'""^^^ 

,^,f , ^10-137^ , _9-107_ . w8-85^ , 1,7-57 

(Alfred G Joshua P John M John P 

David6-47) and Clair Alexander LEWIS; b 6 Feb 193 6, 

Colver, Cambria, Penn; md 25 June 1955, in Hollidays- 

burg, Penn., to Robert Roosevelt HOUCK who was b 28 

July 1934, Greenwood (Altoon4) Penn; s of John Martin 

HOUCK and Myrtle Minerva GERRINGER; and had ch: 

13-651 Pah Jo H OUCK b 16 Apr 1955, Colver, Penn 

13-652 Robert Clair HOUCK b 29 May 1956, Altoona, Penn 

13-653 Davm Lovira HOUCK b 20 Jan 1959, Altoona, Penn 

13-654 Mark William HOUCK b 25 Nov 1960, Altoona, Penn 

13-655 Robin Lyn HOUCK b 17 Feb 1963, Altoona, Penn 

(Info: Verna Houck, Duncansville, Penn.) 

12-504 Ralph Lee CHIDESTER, s of Levi p^^~^^^ (Alfred 

^10-137^ . ^9-107_ , m8-85^ , t,7-57^^„ . ,6-47^ 

G Joshua P John M John P David ) 

and Reba HOUSEKEEPER; b 10 Oct 1943, Salina, Ut; 

md 11 June 1964, in Salt Lake City, Ut. , to Lillian 

Grace GARDNER who was b 8 July 1946, Salt Lake City, 

Ut; dau of Blane GARDNER and Ivy Lillian ROBERTS; 

and had ch; 

13-656 Byron Lee CHIDESTER b 9 June 1968, Provo, Ut; d 
10 June 1968 


13-657 Lillian Grace CHIDESTER Cadopted) b 22 Dec 1968, 

Provo, Ut. 
13-658 Polly CHIDESTER b 22 June 1970, Provo , Ut. 

CInfo: Ralph Lee Chidester, Mapleton, Ut.) 

12-505 Lavee Agnes CHIDESTER, dau of Levi P 

(Alfred Gl°-13^Joshua P^-^^^John M^'^^John P^'^^ 
David6-47) and Reba HOUSEKEEPER; b 20 Mar 1945, 
Price, Ut; md 17 Aug 1964, in Elko, Nev. , to Glenn 
Arden THOMAS who was b 25 Sept 1945, Provo, Ut; s of 
Edmund Arden THOMAS and Tranquilla BROWN; and 
had oh : 

13-659 Lori THOMAS b 21 Feb 1966, Provo, Ut. 

(Info: fam recs of Maxine Crapo, Provo, Ut.) 

12-508 Madge Arline CHIDESTER, dau of John M 

,,,^ ^ ^10-137^ , „9-107^ , ^8-85^ , t.V-57 

(Alfred G Joshua P John M John P 

David6-47) and Anona Bell FOOTE; b 3 Dec 1939, 

Huntington, Ut; md 16 Nov 19 57, in Salt Lake City, 

to Robert Eugene FRYE who was b 3 Oct 1934, Lander 

Fremont, Wyoming; s of Robert Cecil FRYE and Arlow 

May APPLEBY; and had ch; 

13-660 Arlow Ann FRYE b 15 Sept 1958, Provo, Ut. 

13-661 Danny Lee FRYE b 30 Oct 1959, Provo, Ut. 

13-662 Larry Morris FRYE b 8 June 1963, Provo, Ut. 

13-663 Dave Eugene FRYE b 28 July 1964, Provo, Ut. 

13-664 Boyd Dale FRYE b 19 July 1966, Granger, Ut. 

(Info: fam recs obtained by Maxine Crapo, Provo, Ut.) 

12-509 Ida Maxine CHIDESTER, dau of John M ~ (Alfred 

^10-137_ , „9-107^ , x,8-85^ . „7-57_ • -,6-47, 

G Joshua P John M John P David ) 

and Anona Bell FOOTE; b 24 Nov 1943, Price, Ut; md 

(1) George Robert AINGE but was divorced. 

Md (2) 31 July 1963, in Salt Lake City, Ut. , to 

Lawrin Ray CRAPO who was b 28 May 1934, Fillmore, Ut; 

s of Lawrin R. CRAPO and Adelaide PAXTON; and had 

ch b in Provo, Ut; 

13-665 Jerry Lynn CRAPO (adopted) b 13 July 1959, Provo, Ut; 


md 5 May 1976, in Casper, Wyoming, to Ruth Ann SPAIN 
who was b 12 Aug 1960; dau of Jim SPAIN and Audrey 
ANDERSON; and had a dau: 

(1) Cassie May CRAPO b 23 Feb 1977, Casper, Wyo. 

13-666 male ch (adopted) b 25 May 1960; d 25 May 1960 

13-667 Lawrin Ray CRAPO b 6 June 1964 

13-668 Sarah Susanna CRAPO b 18 July 1967 

About 1970, Ida Maxine C. Crapo became the repre- 
sentative of her Chidester line in the Chidester family 
organization. Through her untiring efforts, the descend- 
ants of Alfred G. Chidester have been urged and inspired 
to submit their family records. Many other members of 
the family have benefitted from her activity on the 
committee for the planning and holding of reunions. 

Her husband, Lavnrin Ray Crapo, works as a park 
meter reader for the city of Provo, Ut. 

(Info: Mrs. Maxine Crapo, Provo, Ut.) 

12-511 Gloria Ann CHIDESTER, dau of John M-'-"'-"^^^ (Alfred 

^10-137^ , „9-107^ , .,8-85^ ^ t,7-57^ -^6-47, 

G Joshua P John M John P David ) 

and Anona Bell FOOTE; b 25 Nov 1946, Price, Ut; md 

25 June 1968, to Edgar Wendell KEARLEY who was b 

1 Aug 1946; and had ch: 

13-669 Debra Ann KEARLEY (adopted) b 27 May 1965, Provo, Ut 
13-670 Troy Dean KEARLEY b 18 Dec 1969 
13-671 Brandon KEARLEY b 5 Nov 1971 

(Info: fam recs of Maxine Crapo, Provo, Ut.) 

12-518 Howard Dean POWELL, s of Elsie Luella CHIDES- 

rrT7T3ll-251 ,^ ^ ^^ 10-138, , „9-107, , ka8-85, , 

TER (Lafayette Joshua P John M John 

p7-57David6-47) and Clarence Dean POWELL; b 17 Aug 

1923, Altonah, Ut; md 24 Aug 1949, in Salt Lake City, 

Ut., to Geraldine SPENCER who was b 20 June 1929, 

Neola, Ut; dau of Henry Dellie SPENCER and Zola 

Felicia OLSEN; and had ch: 

13-672 Patricia Ann POWELL b 15 June 1951, Roosevelt, Ut 
13-673 Robert Howard POWELL b 25 June 1954, Roosevelt, Ut 
13-674 Steven D. POWELL b 26 Apr 1958, Vernal, Ut. 


(Info: Calvin J. Powell, La Crescenta, Cal) 

12-519 Calvin Jay POWELL, s of Elsie Luella CHIDES- 

„^„11-251 rr 4= ^4. 10-138^ , „9-107^ , m8-85 

TER (Lafayette Joshua P John M 

John P'7-57David6-47) and Clarence Dean POWELL; b 

27 Dec 1924, Duchesne, Ut; md 13 Aug 1948, in 

Logan, Ut. , to Ruth Rogers BARLOW who was b 24 Nov 

1922, Tooele, Ut; dau of Nathan James BARLOW and 

Alice (Allie) Parkinson ROGERS. Ruth was md (1) 

to Mr. JOLLEY and had a s by him who was adopted 

by Calvin Jay Powell. 

Ch of Calvin and Ruth: 

*13-675 Clark Barlow Jolley POWELL (adopted) b 19 Mar 
1941, Cedar City, Ut; md Gaylene BECK 
13-676 Kristin Barlow POWELL b 25 Apr 1949, Salt Lake 

City, Ut. 
13-677 Julie Ann POWELL b 26 Oct 1955, Glendale, Ca. 

Calvin Jay Powell became a dentist, maintains an 
office and practices in La Crescenta, Cal. 

(Info: Dr. Calvin J. Powell, La Crescenta, Cal) 

12-531 Noleena Lou MECHAM, dau of Louise H. CHIDES- 

^^^11-258 fr 4= 4.4. 10-138_ , „9-107^ , x,8-85 

TER (Lafayette Joshua P John M 

John p'^"^'^David^~^^) and Nolan D. MECHAM;b 14 Mar 
1938, Neola, Ut; md 14 Dec 1956, in Salt Lake City, 
Ut., to Donald L. DENISON who was b 1 Sept 1934, 
Emery, Ut; s of Miles LeMar DENISON and Bertha Elsie 
ANDERSON; and had ch b in Salt Lake City, Ut: 

13-678 Diane DENISON b 10 Apr 1962 
13-679 Stephen L. DENISON b 12 Jan 1965 

{Info: Noleena M. Denison, Price, Ut.) 

12-534 Stephen Oran STODDARD, s of Violate CHIDES- 

mT7T.ll-260 f^ , „10-139., , ^9-107^ , .,8-85., , 

TER (Joshua P Joshua P John M John 

p7-57David6-47) and Stephen Oran STODDARD; b 17 

Nov 1917, Altonah, Ut; md 9 Nov 1946, in Nephi, Ut. , 

to Marilyn JONES who was b 7 Feb 1927, Oak City, Ut; 

dau of Jefferson Hall JONES and Belva LOVELL; and 

had ch b in Delta, Millard, Ut: 



13-680 Katharine STODDARD b 18 Nov 1947 

13-681 Stephen Edward STODDARD B 27 Dec 1948; md 24 

Jan 1974 in Manti Temple, Manti, Ut., to Anne WESTERN 
who was b 10 Apr 1954, Provo, Ut; dau of Harold Floyd 
WESTERN and Mary Lou RAWLINSON; and had ch b in Delta, 

(1) Stephen Ray STODDARD b 27 Oct 1974 

(2) Marylynn STODDARD b 19 Dec 1975 

(3) Jerimiah Alan STODDARD b 26 Aug 1977 
Stephen is a bee keeper 

13-682 Debra STODDARD b 11 Jan 1951; md 13 Aug 1971, in 
Manti Temple, Manti, Ut. , to Richard Edward SHELLEY, 
a teacher, who was b 23 Oct 1949, Prescott, Yavapi, 

Arizona; s of George Eldon SHELLEY and Zaida Mari ; 

and had ch b in Salt Lake City, Ut: 

(1) Christopher Michael SHELLEY b 9 Oct 1972 

(2) Jenifer SHELLEY b 1 Aug 1974 

13-683 Patricia STODDARD b 27 Apr 1953; md 8 Feb 1975, to 
Stephen Allen MEYERS, a Doctor, who was b 26 July 1952, 
Memphis, Tennessee; s of Charles Louis MEYERS, Jr. and 
Janice Fay SCHLEY; and had ch: 

(1) Brian Stephen MEYERS b 21 July 1976, Denton, Texas 

13-684 Gregory Jay STODDARD b 20 June 1954 

13-685 Bradley Dean STODDARD b 6 June 1956 

A honey merchant and keeper of bees, Stephen Oran 
Stoddard places the hives in Utah during the sununer time 
then transports them to Riverside, California during the 
winter, realizing two crops a year. In Utah the bees 
produce Clover and Alfalfa honey; orange flavored honey 
in California. 

(Info: Mrs. Stephen 0. Stoddard, Delta, Ut.) 

12-535 George Parker STODDARD, s of Violate CHIDES- 

mT7T,ll-260^ , ^10-139^ , „9-107^ , ^8-85^ , 

TER Joshua P Joshua P John M John 

p'7-57David6-47) and Stephen Oran STODDARD; b 6 Feb 

1920, Rock Springs, Wyoming; md 15 Sept 1943, in 

Mesa, Arizona, to Selma LEE who was b 1 Sept 1925, 

Thatcher, Arizona; dau of Arthur LEE and Amy Valine 

BUTLER; and had ch: 

13-686 Diana STODDARD b 1 June 1949, Blythe, California 
13-687 Cherie STODDARD b 28 Apr 1951, Salmon, Idaho 

(Info: Mrs. Stephen O. Stoddard, Delta, Ut.) 


12-539 William Edward CHIDESTER, s of William P 

(Joshua P^°'^^^Joshua P^'^°'^John M^'^^John p"^"^"^ 
David6-47) and Margaret Ellen ARNOLD; b 29 Oct 1932, 
Price, Ut; md 2 Feb 1952, in Orangeville, Ut. , to 
Shirley Dean ROWLEY who was b 6 Dec 1934, Orange- 
ville, Ut., dau of Samuel Herbert ROWLEY and Margaret 
Jean HUNTINGTON: and had ch: 

13-688 Kathleen CHIDESTER b 22 Dec 1952, Price, Ut. 
13-689 Joni Ruth CHIDESTER b 21 Feb 1956, Price, Ut. 
13-690 Margaret Kelly CHIDESTER b 12 Feb I960,, Grants, 

Valentin, New Mexico; d 11 Mar 1960 
13-691 William Layne CHIDESTER b 10 Mar 1961, Grants, N.M. 

(Info: Wm. E. Chidester, Grants, New Mexico.) 

12-541 Ted CHIDESTER, s of William p-^ ~ (Joshua 

^10-139^ ^ „9-107^ - .,8-85^ , „7-57^ -^6-47, 
P Joshua P John M John P David ) 

and Margaret Ellen ARNOLD; b 3 Aug 1935, Lehi, Ut; 

md 11 Oct 1953, to La Ray JOHNSON who was b 6 Oct 

1935; dau of Eldred Allen JOHNSON and Anna Fern COX; 

and had ch b in Utah: 

13-692 Betty Jo CHIDESTER b 26 June 1954 
13-693 Teddy Allen CHIDESTER b 19 July 1955 

(Info: Mrs. Margaret E. Chidester, Winkleman, Arizona) 

12-545 Marvin Charles CHIDESTER, s of William P 

,, , ^10-139^ . „9-107^ , ,^8-85_ ,„ ^7-57 

(Joshua P Joshua P John M John P 

David6-4 7) and Margaret Ellen ARNOLD; b 16 Feb 

1946, Lehi, Ut; md 5 May 1972, Evanston, Wyo . , to 

Lillian Manuelita CRUZ who was b 22 Dec 1941, New 

Mexico; dau of Annie CRUZ; and had ch b in Salt 

Lake City, Ut: 

13-694 Jeffery Lee Marvin CHIDESTER b 11 Dec 1967 
13-695 Anita Margaret CHIDESTER b 1 Oct 1972 

Marvin has worked as a carpenter, coal miner, 
diamond driller, and served two years in the service in 
Viet Nam. Now living in Salt Lake City, he has seven 
step children. 

(Info: Mrs. Marvin C. Chidester, Salt Lake City, Ut. 


12-546 Fannie La Rue CHIDESTER, dau of Laf ayette''""''"^^^ 

,^ , ^10-139^ , „9-107^ , K,8-85^ , t.7-57 

(Joshua P Joshua P John M John P 

David6-47) and Sylvia Jane HAYCOCK; b 20 Aug 1942, 

Lehi, Ut; md 15 Sept 1965, in Provo, Ut. , to Ronald 

Avery SCOTT who was b 23 July 1942; s of James 

SCOTT and Mildred AVERY; and had ch: 

11-696 Joni Sue SCOTT b 5 Jan 1963, Lehi, Ut; adopted 
by Ronald and Fanny in Sept 1966 

11-697 Ronda SCOTT b 4 Oct 1967, American Fork, Ut. 
13-698 Kimberly SCOTT b 29 Jan 1970, American Fork, Ut. 

(Info: Mrs. Sylvia Jane Haycock Chidester, Lehi, Ut.) 

12-547 Shirley Loraine CHIDESTER, dau of Lafayette ~ ^ 

/T u T.10-139^ , ^9-107^ , .,8-85^ , t,7-57 

(Joshua P Joshua P John M John P 

David6-47) and Sylvia Jane HAYCOCK; b 5 June 1945, 

Lehi, Ut; md 7 May 1965, Lehi, Ut. , to David Morrel 

ADAMS who was b 19 Aug 1933, Alpine, Ut; s of John 

Quincy ADAMS and Bertha BREMS; and had ch b in 

American Fork, Ut: 

13-699 Sherry Lynn ADAMS b 29 July 1966 
13-700 Sherman Morrell ADAMS b 24 May 1970 
13-701 Vivian Loraine ADAMS b 1 Sept 1973 

(Info: Mrs. Sylvia J. H. Chidester, Lehi, Ut.) 

12-548 Betty Lou CHIDESTER, dau of Laf ayette'^"''"^ 

,^ , „10-139^ , „9-107^ , ^.8-85^ , t^7-57 

(Joshua P Joshua P John M John P 

David6-47) and Sylvia Jane HAYCOCK; b 25 July 1946, 

Lehi, Ut; md 28 June 1971, in Lehi, Ut. , to George 

Austin De BELL who was b 25 Mar 1939, Keene , New 

Hampshire; s of Felix Henry De BELL and Violet 

Ann RICE; and had ch: 

13-702 Laura^ Ann De BELL b 21 Aug 1975, American Fork, Ut 

(Info: Mrs. Sylvia J. H. Chidester, Lehi, Ut.) 


12-549 Ann Alora CHIDESTER, dau of Joshua E-*--*-"^^^ 

r^ t. „10-139^ ^ „9-107^ , «,8-85, . t,7-57 
CJoshua P Joshua P John M John P 

David^""^"^) and Ora Pearl GURNEY; b 17 Oct 1934, 

Lehi, Ut; md 28 Apr 1952, in Lehi, Ut. , to Clyde 

A. TURNER who was b 22 Dec 1933, Virgin, Ut; s of 

Isaac Amo thy T URNER and Hetty Arema MATTHEWS; 

and had ch b in Lehi, Ut: 

*13-703 Kim Clyde TURNER b 22 May 1953; md Sherry OLSEN 

13-704 Lora Lin TURNER b 13 Aug 1955 

13-705 Kris C. TURNER b 18 Apr 1960 (a son) 

13-706 Jay Isaac TURNER b 28 Mar 1962 

(Info: Mrs. Joshua (Jay) Chidester, Lehi, Ut.) 

12-550 Ora Janae CHIDESTER, dau of Joshua E 

/. u ^10-139^ , „9-107^ , „8-85^ , t,7-57 

(Joshua P Joshua P John M John P 

David6-47) and Ora Pearl GURNEY; b 1 June 193 8, 

Lehi, Ut; md 5 Apr 1956, in Salt Lake City, Ut. , 

to Don Maxwell YATES who was b 19 Mar 1936, Tooele, 

Ut; s of Hyrum Isaac YATES and Zina OBORN; and 

had ch: 

13-707 Don Alden YATES b 11 Feb 1957, Lehi, Ut. 

13-708 Doreen YATES b 21 Sept 1958, Lehi, Ut. 

13-709 Tyler Edward YATES b 21 June 1962, Lehi, Ut. 

13-710 Todd Craig YATES b 30 May 1964, Lehi, Ut. 

13-711 Stacey YATES b 3 Sept 1965, American Fork, Ut. 

13-712 Travis Val YATES b 7 July 1971, American Fork, Ut. 

13-713 Derek Quinton YATES b 22 Jan 1975, American Fork, Ut 

(Info: Mrs. Joshua (Jay) Chidester, Lehi, Ut.) 

12-551 Kathryn CHIDESTER, dau of Joshua E ~ (Joshua 

„10-139^ , „9-107^ , »,8-85^ . t,7-57_ ,, . ,6-47. 

P Joshua P John M John P David ) 

and Ora Pearl GURNEY; b 25 Feb 1942, Lehi, Ut; md 

5 Aug 1960, in Lehi, Ut. , to Harold LeRoy BERATTO 

who was b 4 Feb 193 8, Riverton, Ut; s of Albert 

BERATTO and Florence May STEADMAN; and had ch: 

13-714 Kirt Shane BERATTO b 12 June 196;, Lehi, Ut. 

13-715 David H. BERATTO b 8 May 1963, Lehi, Ut. 

13-716 Darren LeRoy BERATTO b 19 Dec 1966, American Fork, 

13-717 Teresa BERATTO b 2 May 1971, American Fork, Ut. 

13-718 Dustin Cody BERATTO b 17 Feb 1975, American Fork, Ut 


(Info: Mrs. Joshua (Jay) Chidester, Lehi, Ut.) 

12-552 Jay Edward CHIDESTER, s of Joshua e-*--"-"^^^ 

(Joshua P^°"^^^Joshua P^'^°'^John M^"^^John p"^"^"^ 
David6-47) and Ora Pearl GURNEY; b 28 Nov 1946, 
Lehi, Ut; md 7 Sept 1968, in Covington, Kentucky, 
to Beverly Jean PENN who was b 13 Nov 1945; dau 
of Chester Cleveland PENN and Dorothea Lucille 
LANDRUM; and had ch: 

13-719 Byran Neil CHIDESTER b 23 Dec 1965, Fort Thomas, 

Kentucky; adopted 7 Sept 1972 
13-720 Jeffrey Wayne CHIDESTER b 21 Sept 1969, Lehi, Ut. 
13-721 Jaymie Lyn CHIDESTER b 17 Dec 1971, Lehi, Ut (dau) 
13-722 Brandi-Diane CHIDESTER b 2 June 1974, Lehi, Ut. 
13-723 James Edward CHIDESTER b 23 Mar 1976, Lehi, Ut. 

(Info: Mrs. Joshua (Jay) Chidester, Lehi, Ut.) 

12-553 Louise CHIDESTER, dau of Joshua E"""""""^^^ (Joshua 

_10-139_ , „9-107^ , .,8-85^ , t.7-57^ -^6-47, 

P Joshua P John M John P David ) 

and Ora Pearl GURNEY; b 17 Sept 1953, Lehi, Ut; 

md 10 June 1971, in Lehi, Ut. , to Michael James 

BOWMAN who was b 19 Dec 1952, American Fork, Ut; 

s of Neldon J. BOWMAN and Shirley Kae KIRK; and 

had ch b in American Fork, Ut: 

13-724 Michael Joshua BOWMAN b 29 Sept 1973 

(Info: Mrs. Joshua (Jay) Chidester, Lehi, Ut.) 

12-554 Raymond William BURGESS, s of Kenneth-*"-*-'^^^ 

Esther Violate CHIDESTER''-^"-'"'^ ■'•Joshua P^~-'-°'^John M^~^^ 

John P David ) and Edna May FOOTE; b 6 Aug 

1922, Altonah, Ut; md 1 May 1946, Salt Lake City, Ut, 
to Nola Rae JENKINS who was b 30 Mar 1928, Menan, 
Idaho; dau of William Albert JENKINS and Dona Mae 
SHURTLIFF; and had ch b in Provo , Ut : 

13-725 David Ray BURGESS b 13 Mar 1949 

13-726 Nancy BURGESS b 11 Dec 1952 

13-727 Julie BURGESS b 19 Feb 1954 

13-728 Michael Ray BURGESS b 18 May 1956 

13-729 Ann BURGESS b 3 Nov 1957 


13-730 Joseph Ray BURGESS b 10 Dec 1961 
13-731 Mary BURGESS b 14 June 1962 

(Info: Raymond William Burgess, Provo, Ut.) 

12-555 James Ivo BURGESS, s of Kenneth"'"''""^ ^^ (Esther 

Violate CHIDESTER-'-^"-'-'^ ■'■Joshua P^"-'-°'^John M^~^^John 
p7-57David6-47) and Edna May FOOTE; b 6 Apr 1924, 
Altonah, Ut; md 1 June 1946, Manti, Ut, to Cleo 
Elaine HITCHCOCK who was b 4 Sept 1930, Rochester, 
Ut; dau of Seth HITCHCOCK and Alice ALLEN; and had 
ch b in Price, Ut : 

13-732 Kenneth Ray BURGESS b 26 Mar 1947 

13-722 Paul Franklin BURGESS b 17 June 1950 

13-734 Bruce Wayne BURGESS b 9 July 1953 

13-735 Dianne Elaine BURGESS b 27 June 1957 

13-736 Deborah BURGESS 

(Info: Raymond Wrn. Burgess, Provo, Ut.) 

13-556 Nellie BURGESS, dau of Kenneth^'--'""^^^ (Esther 

Violate CHIDESTER-'-^'-'^^-'-Joshua P^"-'-°'^John M^'^^John 
p7-57 David6-47) and Edna May FOOTE; b 1 Sept 1926, 
Altonah, Ut; md 10 Jan 1944, in Grand Junction, 
Colo., to James Wesley NOE who was b 19 Feb 1920, 
Elm Springs, South Dakota; s of James A. NOE and 
Olive Ammie PETERSON: and had ch: 

13-737 Steven Wesley NOE b 3 Jan 1945, Price, Ut. 
13-738 Cathy Ann NOE b 14 June 1948, McCook, Nebr. 
13-739 Vickie Lynn NOE b 29 Dec 1952, Spokane, Washington 

(Info: Raymond Wm Burgess, Provo, Ut.) 

12-567 Ruth LaRae ALLRED, dau of Belva BURGESS"'"'''"^'^"^ 

(Esther V. CHIDESTER-'-^'-'-^-'-Joshua P^"-'-°^John M^"^^ 

John P ~ David ~ ) and Charles Ralph ALLRED; 
b 22 Mar 1938, Altonah, Ut; md 21 June 1957, in 
Salt Lake City, Ut. , to Andrew Gerald ALLRED who 
was b 26 Apr 1928, Bluebell, Ut; s of Claud Hillary 
ALLRED and Mabel ANDERSON: and had ch : 

13-740 Shirley Ann ALLRED b 7 Nov 1958, Rangeley, Colo. 


13-741 Lucius C. ALLRED b 28 Mar 1961, Roosevelt, Ut. 
(Info: Raymond Wtai. Burgess, Provo, Ut.) 

12-586 Charles Max CHIDESTER, s of Walter Ray"'""'""^^''" 

/T. ulO-143^ , „9-107^ , .,8-85^ . t.7-57 
(Enoch Joshua P John M John P 

David^"'^'^) and Hazel CARR; b 1 Jan 1929, Pueblo, 

Colo; md 11 May 1950, to Barbara WILLIAMS; and 

had ch: 

13-742 Devon CHIDESTER 

13-743 Pam CHIDESTER ae 18 in 1972 

13-744 Bruce CHIDESTER ae 15 in 1973 

(Info: Walter Ray Chidester, Van Nuys, Cal) 

12-587 Barbara Ellen CHIDESTER, dau of Walter R'''"^"^^"'' 

(Enoch Joshua P John M John P 

David^"'^ ) and Delta Johanna JENSEN; b 23 Mar 1931, 
Price, Ut; d 13 Sept 1968, Van Nuys, Cal; md 15 
Mar 1949, in Price , Ut. , to David Joseph WILLIAMS 
who was b 14 June 1928, Scofield, Ut; s of David 
WILLIAMS and Marvel Opal GREEN; and had ch: 

*13-745 Dennis Brent WILLIAMS b 11 May 1950, Standardville, 
Ut; md Sherry Belinda McADAMS 
13-746 David Ray WILLIAMS b 30 Dec 1951, Van Nuys, Cal 
13-747 Susan Merie WILLIAMS b 13 Oct 1955, Encino, Cal; 
has a dau: 

(1) Christie WILLIAMS b 12 Apr 1972 
13-748 Lucinda Ellen WILLIAMS b 29 May 1961, Van Nuys, Cal 
13-749 Lisa Johanna WILLIAMS b 27 Mar 1966, Van Nuys, Cal 

The first of her family to take an interest in 
ancestry, Barbara Ellen Chidester was keenly interested 
in genealogy and worked diligently to collect inform- 
ation concerning her grandparents, uncles and aunts, 
her brothers and sisters. At her untimely death her 
parents assumed the responsibility of raising her child- 
ren and continuing the work she had initiated. 

(Info: Barbara C. Williams, Van Nuys, Cal; added to 
by Mrs. Walter Ray Chidester, Van Nuys, Cal.) 


1 1 — 2 81 
12-589 David Robert CHIDESTER, s of Walter R 

(Enoch^^-l^^Joshua P^'lO^John M«-^^John p'^'^'^ 
David6-47) and Delta Johanna JENSEN; b 29 Nov 1933, 
Price, Ut; d 16 Jan 1967; md (1) 4 Mar 1951, in 
Price, Ut., Ellen Sue CURB who was b 6 Apr 1933, 
Maud, Seminole, Oklahoma; dau of Guy Eugene CURB 
and Ruth Elizabeth HART; and had ch: 

13-750 David Robert CHIDESTER Jr. b 26 May 1952, Van 
Nuys, Cal; md 11 Oct 1969, Betty Carol SIMMONS who 
was b 20 Jan 1952, Lusk, Wyo; dau of John Thomas 
SIMMONS and Betty Marion PRY; and had ch: 

(1) David Robert CHIDESTER III b 12 July 1970, West 
Covina, Cal 
13-751 Ricky Eugene CHIDESTER b 28 May 1953, Van Nuys, Cal 

David and Ellen were divorced and David md (2) 3 Dec 
1955, in Sherman Oaks, Cal., to Margaret Arlene BROAD- 
HEAD who was b 20 Aug 1937, Glendale, Cal; dau of 
George Avery BROADHEAD and Mary Margaret WOOLSON: and 
had ch: 

13-752 Margaret Renee CHIDESTER b 22 July 1956, Encino, Cal 
13-753 Laurie Elizabeth CHIDESTER b 27 Jan 1958, Encino, 
Cal; md 6 Jxine 1975, in Van Nuys, Cal., to Gregory 
Charles DAVIS who was b 4 Feb 1956, Artesia, Cal; s of 
Robert Earl DAVIS and Joan Iris HURST; and had ch: 

(1) Randolph Phillip DAVIS b 25 Dec 1975, Panorama 
City, California 
13-754 Camille Marie CHIDESTER b 11 June 1959, Encino, Cal 
13-755 Robin Adele CHIDESTER b 13 Apr 1961, Van Nuys, Cal 
13-756 David George CHIDESTER b 9 Jan 1965 

Margaret Arlene Broadhead md (2) 9 Nov 1968, Wesley Ray- 
mond CHIDESTER (#12-590) brother of her deceased husband 

(Info: Deborah Chidester, Sylmar, Cal.) 

12-590 Wesley Raymond CHIDESTER, s of Walter R'^"''"^^''' 

(EnochlO-l'^^Joshua P^-^^^John M^'^^John p''^' 
David6-47) and Delta Johanna JENSEN; b 11 Oct 1935, 
Price, Ut; md (1) 14 Apr 1956, in North Hollywood, 
Cal., to Harlene Fay RAWSON who was b 19 Apr 1938; 
dau of Harley RAWSON and Isabel REIDELBAUGH: and 
had ch: 



13-757 Steven Michael CHIDESTER b 20 Jiine 1960, San Jose, 

13-758 Deborah Lynn CHIDESTER b 12 June 1962, Mt. View, 

13-759 Jeffrey Scott CHIDESTER b 20 June 1963, San Jose, Cal 

After a divorce, Wesley Raymond Chidester md (2) 9 Nov 
1968, in San Fernando, Cal., Margaret Arlene BROADHEAD, 
widow of his brother, David Robert Chidester. Together 
they have raised the families and have also adopted: 

13-760 Virginia Lee CHIDESTER b 1 Sept 1958, San Fernando, 

Cal; adopted 30 Dec 1969 
13-761 Debora Ann CHIDESTER b 13 Dec 1960, Encino, Cal; 

adopted 30 Dec 1969 

(Info: Margaret A. B. Chidester, Sylmar, Cal.) 

11—2 81 
12-591 Dixie Ann CHIDESTER, dau of Walter R 

(Enoch Joshua P John M John P 

David6-47) and Delta Johanna JENSEN; b 1 May 1937, 
Price, Ut; md 1 Jan 1955, in Van Nuys, Cal., to 
Paul Warren KITE who was b 22 Mar 1931, Rogersville, 
Hawkins, Tenn; s of Homer David KITE and Cordia 
WALKER; and had ch: 

13-762 Myra Pauline KITE b 5 June 1955, Van Nuys, Cal 
13-763 Steve Edward KITE b 11 Jan 1958, Van Nuys, Cal 
13-764 Michael Warren KITE b 20 Sept 1963, Panorama City, 

(Info: Dixie C. Kite, Van Nuys, Cal.) 

11 — 2 81 
12-593 Norma Verleen CHIDESTER, dau of Walter R 

Enoch^O-l^^Joshua P^'^O'^John M^'^^^^j^^ p7-57^^^.^6-47j 
and Delta Johanna JENSEN; b 9 Oct 1940, Price, Ut; 
md 24 Nov 1956, in Van Nuys, Cal., to James Edward 
OGAR who was b 6 Dec 1932, Shelter Island, Suffolk, 
N.Y; s of Harry Jerome OGAR and Maria BENCASEYS; 
and had ch: 

13-765 Ronnie Jean OGAR b 17 Aug 1957, Greensport, N.Y. 
13-766 Carolyn Bernadette OGAR b 26 Sept 1958, Greensport, 

New York 
13-767 Dorothy Ann OGAR b 27 Jan 19 60, Greensport, N.Y. 


13-768 James Edward CX3AR b 7 Apr 1962, Van Nuys, Cal. 
(Info: Barbara C. Williams, Van Nuys, Cal) 

12-594 Linda Mae CHIDESTER, dau of Walter R''"-'-"^^-'" 

^t. v,10-143^ , „9-107^ , .^8-85^ . t.'^-SV^ -^6-47, 

(Enoch Joshua P John M John P David ) 

and Delta Johanna JENSEN; b 26 May 1943, Price, Ut; 

md 6 Jan 1962, in Los Angeles, Cal., to Jess Raydean 

HAi>fCOCK who was b 2 Oct 1942, Farmington, New York; 

s of Alonzo Reed HANCOCK and Car ley STOLWORTHY; and 

had ch : 

13-769 Linda Ilene HANCOCK b 7 Jan 1963, Canoga Park, Cal 
13-770 Anita Marie HANCOCK b 28 Oct 1964, Van Nuys, Cal. 
13-771 Carley Jo HANCOCK b 28 June 1966, Oceanside, Cal 
13-772 Philip Dean HANCOCK b 3 May 19 69, Van Nuys, Cal; 
d 31 May 1969 

(Info: Mrs. Walter R. Chidester, Van Nuys, Cal) 

12-597 Lorna Jean CHIDESTER, dau of Loren e''""'""^^"^ 

(Enochl°-1^3j^^j^^^ P^-lO^john M^'^^j^^^ P^-^^David^"^^) 
and Violet Ellen JACKSON; b 13 Apr 1934, Price, Ut; 
md 22 June 1949 (the temple record says 18 June) 
Price, Ut. , to John Paul (Bud) IMIG who was b 31 
Jan 192 9; s of John Henry and Agnes IMIG; and had 

13-773 Kathleen Elaine IMIG b 22 July 1950, Price, Ut. 
13-774 Kurt E. IMIG b 5 Aug 1951, Murray, Ut; was on an 

LDS mission to Oklahoma in 1970 
13-775 Baby girl (unnamed) b Apr 1953, Salt Lake City, Ut; 

d 7 days later. 
13''-776 Karen Ellen IMIG b 15 July 1956, nr Los Angeles, Cal 

(Info: Mrs. Orville Chidester, Salt Lake City, Ut.) 

12-598 Doris Ellen CHIDESTER, dau of Loren e-"--*-"^^"^ 

(Enochl°-143joshua P^-^O^John M^'^^John P^-^^David^'^^) 
and Violet Ellen JACKSON: b 15 Feb 1938, Price, Ut; 
md 25 June 1955, in Price, Ut. , to Thomas Milton 
WRIGHT who was b 12 Feb 193 2; s of John C. WRIGHT 
and Agnes MULLEGAN; and had ch b in Price, Ut: 

13-777 Steven J. WRIGHT b 19 Nov 1957 


13-778' Michael T. WRIGHT b 19 Nov 1957 

13-779 Lorry E. WRIGHT b 10 June 1959 

(Info: Mrs. Orville Chidester, Salt Lake City, Ut.) 

12-600 Clyta Butterfield CHIDESTER, adopted dau of 

James o":^^^ (Enoch^'l^Joshua p'-"^John M^-^S 

John P David6-47; and Sarah (Sadie) Beth TRINNA- 

MAN; b 13 Nov 1932, Lehi , Ut; md 13 Aug 1952, in 
Salt Lake City, Ut. , to Alfred Reed RICHENS who 
was b 21 Feb 1931, Rock Springs, Wyo; s of Reed 
RICHENS and Aurora Lucile PROCARIONE; and had ch: 

13-780 Claudia Beth RICHENS b 16 May 1953, Price, Ut; md 
23 Feb 1974, in Price, Ut. , to James Albert BLACKBURN 
who was b 2 Apr 1948, Dragerton, Ut; s of Elden H. 
BLACKBURN and Charlotte Ann CONNER. After graduating 
from high school in Price, Claudia went to Salt Lake 
City and attended LDS Business College for three years. 

13-781 Irene RICHENS b Dec 1954, Salt Lake City, Ut; d 1954 

13-782 Ruth Ann RICHENS b 27 Oct 1958, Price, Ut; d 27 
Oct 1958 

13-783 Steven Alfred RICHENS (adopted) b 2 June 1965, Salt 
Lake City, Ut 

13-784 Paul Duke RICHENS (adopted) b 9 Sept 1968, Salt 
Lake City, Ut. 

Her parents had separated before Clyta Butterfield 
Chidester was born, so she never knew her father. Just 
before she was two years of age her mother married James 
Orvill Chidester who became in very fact, her father. 
Although she always went by the name of Chidester, it 
was not until after her high school days that she re- 
quested that her name be legally changed. Accordingly, 
she was adopted by James Orvill Chidester and became his 
own daughter. 

Clyta was fortunate, being a member of the Church 
of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, to live in a 
ward in Price, Utah, where there was a goodly group of 
her peers who were interested in doing the same things. 
They attended dances and parties and were closely knit. 
It was to a member of this group that she was married. 

Alfred Reed Richens , home on leave from the Navy, 
proposed and married Clyta, taking her back to Rhode 
Island with him when he returned to the service. There 
followed several years of commuting for Clyta, back to 
Price to stay with her family while Alfred was out on 


six month cruises, returning to Boston or Rhode Island 
when he had shore duty. Part of this time she was 
accompanied by her baby daughter. 

The second child of the family was born as the 
young couple was returning from the east for the last 
time. As they stopped in Salt Lake, the little girl 
was born prematurely and died*. 

Price was home to both the Richens and they did 
not desire to live anywhere else. They lost another 
premature daughter, then adopted two sons, steady, 
handsome lads in whom they put great trust and faith. 

Alfred Richens worked for the state road commi- 
ssion and in 1963 was called to be Bishop of the Price 
Third Ward, which position he held until 1968. He 
served on the stake MIA and Primary boards, and in 1971 
went into the high council. 

Clyta has presided over both the Primary and 
Relief Society organizations. 

(Info: Mrs. James Orvill Chidester, Salt Lake City,U) 

12-601 Nyron George CHIDESTER, s of James o"^-'"'"^^'* 

(Enochl°-143j^3hua P^'^O'^John M^'^^John P^'^^David^-^^) 

and Sarah (Sadie) Beth TRINNAMAN; b 19 Oct 1935, 

Lehi, Ut; md 23 Feb 1963, in Salt Lake City, Ut. , 

to Karen Elaine LASNIK who was b 18 Feb 1940, Boulder, 

Colo; dau of Lawrence Frank LASNIK and Ora Flo 

Delmar MOCK; and had ch b in Salt Lake City, Ut : 

13-785 Patrick Nyron CHIDESTER b 14 Sept 1963 
13-786 Aimee Cainille CHIDESTER b 24 Jan 1968 

Graduating from high school, Nyron George CHIDES- 
TER left for the Air Force in June, 1954. His basic 
training was in San Antonio, Texas, at Lackland Air 
Force Base; had a time of special training in Denver, 
Colo. , then spent the remainder of his four year ser- 
vice in Oklahoma, with the exception of three months 
spent in Guam. 

After his release from the service he entered 
school at Carbon College; spent a year at the Univers- 
ity of Utah and then attended Salt Lake School of 

His wife, Karen, graduated from the University of 
Utah School of Nursing and is an RN. Working for many 
years at the Salt Lake County Hospital, she eventually 


transferred to the Veterans Administration Hospital. 

Nyron works as an electronic engineer at Litton 
Industries in Salt Lake. For a hobby he works with 
turquois(^ and silver, making jewelry. 

(Info. Mrs. J. Orvill Chidester, Salt Lake City, Ut) 

12-682 Helen Arva CHIDESTER, dau of James o'^''-"^^^ 

(Enoch Joshua P John M John P David 
6-47) and Sarah Beth TRINNAMAN; b 1 Dec 1938, 
Price, Ut; md 2 June 1956, in Price, Ut. , to Arvin 
Eggelson RUDD who was b 2 June 1936, Oakdale, Cal; 
s of Martell (Marty) Roland RUDD and Roda or Radia 
EGGELSON and had ch b in Price, Ut: 

13-787 Thomas Eugene RUDD b 14 Aug 1957 
13-788 Murry Dean RUDD b 10 Sept 1959 
13-789 Roberta Lynn RUDD (twin) b 13 Aug 1962 
13-790 Robert Lee RUDD (twin) b 13 Aug 1962 
13-791 Kelly Ann RUDD b 28 June 1965 

One thing I am thankful for in my life is that 
Mother took us to Church (Church of Jesus Christ of 
Latter Day Saints). Daddy wouldn't go so it was hard 
for her but she went faithfully and taught us the gospel 
as we grew up. 

When I met Arvin E. Rudd I felt we had known each 
other before and we enjoyed each other's company. It 
just seemed as though we were meant for each other. 
The Lord has blessed us with five special spirits. We 
have enjoyed our children very much. 

Tom, the eldest, is a very serious boy. Having 
strong leadership ability, he has been an influence 
for good on his companions. Always active in his relig- 
ious duties, he is preparing to go to the Philipines to 
serve on a mission. 

Murry is a light-hearted, fun loving individual 
and makes people happy just to be around him. He earn- 
ed his Eagle Scout award when he was 16 and a year 
later got the Duty to God Award. He has been active 
in the priesthood. 

It has been a special privilege to watch the twins, 
Robert and Roberta, grow up together. Robert is very 
protective of his sister, very affectionate with the 
family. He earned his Eagle award at the age of 14; 
is athletic and confident, Roberta is a sweet, sensi- 


tive girl who loves to tend small children and is a 
popular baby sitter. The summer of 1976 she spent two 
weeks taking care of her Grandma Chidester during an 

Kelly is a happy little girl, helpful in the home, 
gats along well with all the family and loves pets. 

(Helen C. Rudd, Springville, Ut.) 

12-603 Elizabeth Ann CHIDESTER, dau of James o^^~'^^^ 
(Enoch^O-l-^^j^^j^^^ p9-107j^j^ M^-SSjohn P^'^^David^-^^) 

and Sarah Beth TRINNAMAN; b 8 Feb 1944, Lehi , Ut; 
md 6 Jan 1962, in Elko, Nev. , to Arthur Albert LAKE 
who was b 3 Nov 1940, Helper, Ut; s of Clyde Elwood 
LAKE and Alma Ethyl STARBUCK; and had ch: 

13-792 Jeffrey Arthur LAKE b 12 Sept 1962, Salt Lake City, U 

13-793 Gregory Orvill LAKE b 1 Mar 1964, Salt Lake City, Ut 

13-794 Terry Elizabeth LAKE b 14 Dec 1965, Murray, Ut. 

13-795 Sarah Ethel LAKE b 11 Dec 1972, Murray, Ut, 

13-796 Kattie Ann LAKE b 29 Dec 1975, San Diego, Cal. 

Born in Lehi, Ut. , I was named for my great aunt, 
Elizabeth Ann GOUGH. My folks moved to Price, Ut. , when 
I was a year old. There we lived close to my father's 
parents and his grandmother. My father's grandmother 
was my favorite grandparent. We called her Grandma 
Burgess. She had out-lived four husbands but had all 
her children. 

I attended school and the various church organiz- 
ations in Price. I was a member of the 4H clubs and 
learned how to cook, bake, sew and do wood work. I 
also attended their campouts and that is where I met 
my future husband, Arthur Albert Lake. At the time I 
met him I was only twelve and he threw me in the creek, 
so I had no particular designs on him at that time. 

Art and I started dating seriously when I was 
sixteen and he was nineteen. He was in the Navy when 
we started corresponding and when he proposed marriage 
to me. 

At the age of sixteen I went to stay with a friend 
of the family for the summer in Glenwood Springs, Colo. 
I got a job there as a maid at Hot Springs Lodge. At 
the end of that summer Art came home on leave and came 
to Colorado to take me to meet his relatives that lived 


in Salida, Colo. (His mother and brother lived in Helper 
Utah, and his father was dead.) 

The next summer I stayed with a cousin in Van 
Nuys, Cal. I got a job as a nurses aid in a Jewish 
Rest Home. Art, who was then stationed in San Diego, 
came to visit me on week ends. 

My parents moved from Price to Salt Lake City so 
I was there when Art was discharged from the Navy, in 
1961. He obtained employment at Graver Tank Manufactur- 
ing where my father was also working. It wasn't long 
until we eloped to Elko, Nev. , and were married. My 
sister Clyta gave us a reception in her home in Price 
and my Aunt Rose held another one for us in Midvale, Ut. 
We bought a small trailer and moved in. 

When our son Greg was born, he had a hernia and 
a hydroseal that strangulated when he was three months 
old and he had to have an emergency operation. 

By the time we had three children. Art was working 
at Sears in Salt Lake. We asked for a transfer to the 
Price store. We got the transfer but there was also a 
cut in pay. We were barely making ends meet so Art 
checked into going back into the Week End Reserves. He 
was offered a permanent job back in Salt Lake with more 
pay and medical benefits. By 1966, Art was in the Navy 
again, in the reserve branch. We moved to Granger, Ut., 
had a big trailer, and while there I attended evening 
school and obtained my high school diploma. 

Transferred to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, we found a 
home on a farm — a two story frame house that was very 
hard to keep warm in the winter, but we loved living 
on the farm with all the animals. Our landlord let us 
have all the milk we wanted and sold us our meat. It 
was here that we began being really active in the Church. 
I taught Primary and was first