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— -■.ni.^iy B^}^! ^m ■■■— . 






tsy^ AS 



cL. 5Qy, The foui'th letter of tli^ Arabic ailphar 

bet (being never used in words of Persiari 

origin,) in Arithmetic it expresses 500. 

Ij sa, The name of the letter cij^extenuationj 

infirmity. ' [animaf.* 

«_, li s^ah> Negligent, torpid.' t, li sh^ef, A young 

■iXj U sahiiei, A fixed star. Ji^XjSahik, Profuse, li- 

li U 15 s^sa/,Satist} ing camels with water, [beralr 

- 15 sajt Bleating, a sheep/ goats, &c. 

i 15 skdf An inconvenient place, earth, cold, dew, 

Si 15 sadxi, A: fooh^h girl, a sefvant-maid. 

»ii5 sadef, Fleshy. ^i>- sar^. Taking rev^enge^ 

^15 saret, A talkative woman. 

4j\j shred f Cold, moist, 

Ufl'^ sa/^, A servant- maid, a foolish girl, 

Xislj shtety Clay, mud, a stinging insect* "*^' . 

•^ \j ' sh^y, Stony, of a- istbne. 

-t C ,^ r-^ .O ^> - 

t 2 ] 

^15 sit'^Jiem, A whitish colour. ^15 saghee^ 

u-j li shfisiyht A Jiin^i of herb. [Bleatingt 

^'j .*«t//, Dung, sediment. [penetrating, 

^ -sif $'M, Sublime, bright (star,) burning, 

^ 15 scL I ?V, Heavy, troublesome, j.^ U sakel, De-; 

ijLJd«i/fs, .The third. [prived of a friend. 

IxJ Ij &alhb,y- In the third place, &c. 

^^J Is.'Va/^oo/?, The thirtieth. 3J li saleel, Amp- 

^^[j.^^ifiidj^^ting gentlj. [pie, a wart. 

^ 15 sarriir, A fruitful tree, pulse. 

^15 shmil, A delightful place of residence. 

j^l5 shmin. The eighth. L;ul5 shrahia, In the 

^j 15 sctnee. The second. [eighth place, &c. 

U3 15 shniyh, In the second place, secondly. 

5 ^ 15 shwet, A lean old sheep, remainder. 

^ 15 A'^/i?V, The throat, the gum. 

ts 15 id,ii, Burst (as sewing, corruption, wound? 

3L>15 *aye/, A stable for cattle. [ing.) 

I^svj 15 saejety Lowing (cattle,) bleating (sheep.) 

y 15 sairf Anger, ^Ji sebb, Sitting firmly. 

^. U5 seha^t, Durability, stability^ 

lo Ia5 sabattTluT. of lajj 5fi^e^. ^U5 salhn, A bag, 

CVA5 selt, Constancy, firmness. [a basket. 

5u5 solid, The middle of a pond or cistern. 

<v5 sclej. Aheap ofs^nd. 

jbs^5 sehejetf The mean between good and bad^j 

[ ? I 

^a5 sebr, Driving away, cursing, injured, 
'i^ sehret. Plain and soft ground, a trencl^ 
jaAj sehty Hindering (froni business J languid, 
^Ji>* sehki Overflowingt 
1". ^Aj soloof, Fi^-mness, proving, 
^yxj solfoor, Damaged, ruin, opened (a -wound,) 
lJj^aj 50^00/^", Filling a well, ^^aj soboon, Plur, 
tZ^AjJ seheet, Fixed, [of laxi; selet. 

Co 5e/^, Cracked (earth.) ^ ^e/ee^ Straw, or 
^- sejf, Pouring out, [chafF. 

2 1^* sejjhj. Raining hard, one who pours. 
3bsv5 s'ejjetj A pleasant garden, [titudes, 

j^ sejr. Broad, thick; sojer, scattered ^lul^ 
'ij^ sojrety The throat, breast, 
5^cv5 sejhy Having a large belly (woman,) 
" XJLs^j sejletj Amplitude of belly, 
^ijs\j sejrriy Hastening away, continuing;, 
^^^ sjeUf A road through rough grounds, 
^\5 seejee, SpeechlesSt 
gvA^ sejeejy Water flowing from a height. 
y^ sejeevy Broad, thick, a short arrow with a 
^ Ua:\S5e^-sa/i,Wateringconstantly.[broadhead, 
*ac\ls>o se^-siheh, A hoarse sound in the throat, 
w-i?^ s^^<^/, The rough tripe pf cattle. 
^jjyi\5 sehhen. Thickness. [ment. 

^^y^ sekheen, Thicks firm in mind and judg- 

I 4 J 

J ^ 5(!?t?if/i, The name of a pflatrit. ^ ^ ^' sidtim, A 
/ ju isdeghf Breaking the head. [strainen 

cJJo^' Wei, Shame, falling in a torrent, sending, 
jojsj sMeitiy Tired with speaking. * jg ^e<^7n', 
'^jj sedlrit Corpulent, heavy^ [Dull, stupids 
^oJ sedee, The bteast (in man or woman.) 
L ovj sedyh, Plui'. of t^ jo* sedee- [large, open; 
%id'3 5o</^ef, A little breast, yj serr, Separating,' 
Sj^ sera, Opulent, the earth. 
S^lji serarett A fountain/ throwing Cut water.- 
«s.jji sei^ai/ed, Plur. of jo»j sereedi 
t-j^- ser^, Death, blaming, upbraiding. 
Lj5 serha. Fat (sheep.)_;ly^5 sershr, Talkative, 
j^iji scrsoor, A plentiful fountain, [clamorous- 
^j2 serd, Breaking in pieces, slight rair>. 
%j^ serti Shoe-maker's wax, dung. 
«^ seriOi IT n seasonably. 
^y «erg/f,: Having ^ Iafrg6 mouth [kxi urn.) 
3U Uy- serghti'mct, A Woman, wife. [A she- fox* 
hky aerg/iotj 'i'bin clay or mud. ji^s sergkol, 
^p sorkel^e. An Egyptian cloth or garment, 
-^5 sorfnf Falling out (the fore-teeth.) 
^ Uji sermhri, A shrub eaten by camels. 
t^J seremity Thin mud: or clay, [died (man.) 
*l.«^v5 sormoleh, A fox. ^ylaj jj sereiifi/, Heavy-bo- 
^^ seroo, Rendering numerous. 

I 9 J 


1^^? scrwh, Wealthy, rich. ^ l^^j serwhn, Opu* 

ij^^a seroobjVluT. of u-j^ serl- [lent, wealthy. 

U 5 ^j serwit, Multitude, opulence. 

l^i/i 5greo^d/, Crumbled. ^^5 5€ree, Rich, moist. 

Ljj se?ya, Moist earth.. 

j^ljp ser^<3^w, Th&hair of the body. 

Li* s€tt,'J:hirh of hair* ILJ «<?f/A,' Acti^ng madly^ 

^ s. Uaj sot-af, A kind of spider. 

^Ikj sotaa. Rheum, running at the nose. 

^clfci- setayy Troubled with a rheum. 

kLj 5e/«, Seized with a runcting, at the nose, apr 

pearing clear.. -Jipi"^- 

SU^^Lj set-amef, Superiority (in speaking,) 
c-ikj 5e/e/, A plentiful year, ^- 5e^ee, ^ladness*^ 
t_^ bt5 sa-aheehi Pure water^ 
(j^j Uj sa-aleen, Plur, of (^^5 saleen^ 
^jjUj sa-hreer, A kind of asparagus. 
CL.J US- sa-cilef, Dry grass, the sjie fox. 
l^ U5 sa-hmety An adulteress. 
c^S s«^, Gliding, making fluid, shedding tears,. 
^^ Ujg- salan, Plur. of t_o:i- 5a^. [a channel, 
3ujt5 5a&e^, A mouse, a lizardwith a green bead. 
2**5 sa-sa, A pearl, the shell, red wool^:,; i, .; 
^5 sa-ajy A company of trayellersi ,v '-^ . 
jvx5 sad, Soft earth, fresh (herbs,) : /.; u 

j^^jjtj saf'oor, A short man, a small cucumber.. 

t e 3 

tmi sat, Corrupted (meat.) fpicabl^ 

XIaxi satefy A rotten egg. ^.^i ^al, Ignoble, des^ 
«_jLjt5 5a/t;^, A fox. ^^\AxJ salelkn, A n)ale Fox. 
Su.Ui- salehef, A female fox. yrs sdOi A sort of 
^^Jlx5 salool, Enraged. [date* 

Ujj ytS Ja-z/'^, Bitterness, gall. rg^g^> <^c» 

2yRj 5a-M/^ (An army) encumbered with bag- 
US segha, The bleating of animals. 
V ^ sighhh, Piur. of c-.Ais se^hb, 
^j Uj segha7'eer, A small red and yellow melon* 
uoKj seghly Digging, piercing, cool water, th^ 
Xxij seghhety A frog. [melting of ice* 

^liij seghsd^ghy Hesitation, stammering. 
i;aj segksegh. Stuttering, hesitating. 
S^ii stighret. The pit of the stomach or throat* 
pjti 6'eghim, A hunting dog. 
ki5 seghoo, A sort of dates* f tard. 

lUxS* seghi/ef) Hunger, a desert. U5 50^a, Mus* 
\^jxjj\jo sefareek, Plur. of 6^yii sefrook. 
^ liS- 5?/a/, A water pot with a spout. 
^ sufr, A crupper. 

tJjj.i3 sefroo^y The stalk of a grape ot date. 

^sqfl, Refuse, corn, pulse, the under mill -stone. 

;* seferty Becoming hard (the hands*) coming 

Syii sefivet, A saucer, a small dish, [behind. 

sik, Trust thou. i__» Ui 5/^4^, Stubble. 

I 7 ] 

u Ijtj se\b,letj Kindled into flame, shining. 
t_iU5 sekbf. Of an excellent genius (a woman.) 
*5 U5 sekafety Plain. 

^ Ui 5^^^/, Weighty, sullen, pregnant ( woman-,) 
CJ LXj sekalet. Ponderous, heavy, morose. 
«5^- sekb, A hole. juLi 5/Je^, Confidence, trusty. 
ujt*i5 5e^, Conquering by address, ingenuity^ 

or cunning, hitting upon. 
3.515 sekly Making weighty. 
CSi^ Sdkeht, Dulness, languor, baggage. 
^\j3 $e!ieleen. Making equal in weight, mak- 
\^ yiii sekooh, Fuel. png heavy. 

t-jiAti* seJieefy Acute, Sour. 
^jS^ sekeeli Weight, peevish, surly, slothful. 
\ <.'L*=^\ scksekty A mad- woman. 
jV.Sa5 soil, Childless, death. [the foot-steps. 
*^a5 selietP*, The middle of the road, following 
^.^aj sokn. The king's high-way. 
CJjCi* soknctf A sepulchre, a flock of birds. 
^^ sekool, {A mother) deprived of children. 
^5 sell, Destroying, overturning. ^5 iki selaseh, 
,. ^ yj* 5U' selcisoon. Thirty. [Three. 

Ji V^ selasee, Triangular, relative to three. 
ci^aS ^- selhs'tyety The lord of lord*, 
g ^- sellhjy A snow or ice seller, 
«-JJ 5d/^, Injury, overturning. 

. [plenty of monej, 

C^ seilet, A flock of sheep, wool, destruction,. 
ciJii Seles, Three, a camel's third colt. 
3.^ K^Lsa solsilcely The. third watch of the night, 
lUj seJesa, Tuesday^ the third day. 
j^^ljiXi* s^/c^aw, Kight-shade.. X^ 5^Z^e/^ Three.. 
^Xj Wse/, Destruction, ruin^ 
4.:ij iUXi sotsofkt, Kight^shadCj dry hay. [ing. 
i^y^ sehsooiiy Thirty. g\V5,5e//,, Snow, snow^ 
^U seWiy Duiig of oxen, &c, 
UXj self. Thin dung of an elephants 
^ sela, Breaking the head. 
^5 selel, Deatt^ shedding of the teeth. • 
^j.'selm, Breaking the edge pf a sword or vessel.. 
X<vU solmef, Cr^ek^ breach. k«dj selmet. Thin 
^^' 5e/oo/, Gladness, tranquil. . [mud> 
^^ seloosy (A camel.) . [storing. 

^ semm, Trading, establishing, adjusting, re- 
a l^ mincidy Beautiful o^face. 
l^ siniar,.V\\xx,Qi yi seiner, [Eighth 

^t? simali An assistant, a rnanager. ^^ l^ semrin, 
^^yi \i semanooHy Eighty .^^ U semknee, Eight> 
jjjl^'«<?«?a»w, Eighty,-, ; I.,; [eighth. 

"i^isemm^if Aft.Q'ld n)^n,;a handful of grass. . 
J;^ semsem, A]au.nting:dog.,5L*i^-^ef/25e/w<?/, Res- 
^ semj, Confusiox|,- XiiJ^tuiQ.^ [^t^raincd; jfirni. 

. r i i 

•^♦5 semedf A small quantity of water. 
^ sem>rf Fruit, advantage, gold, silvef. "^ « 
S j^ semr^, A fruitful tree, Plur. of k'^^i- semftL 
iy^ semret, A fruit, profit, the tip of the tdngiie. 
ttM semt, Thin shining mud. u^ '" 

Jm semgh, Tinging, breaking the heai. 
XxJ" semeght, The top of a mountain. 
3^>5 «e/w/, Drinking before eating, delay. 
tiX«j semht, Laxity. ^^5 Sfunen, Price, Talii^* 
^ytH semoom. Tearing grass from a sheep's lips. 
j.x«i«eweer,' Fresh butter, butter-milk. [head. 
txK^ semeeghet. Moist ground, a wound on thd 
XXa*j semeelei. Assisting with meat, drink, ad-* 
vice, &c. the name of a bird, [dry hay. 
JUa45 semeenet. Eight. ^- sinn. Blackish wood; 
US sink, Congratulation, wishing joy. 
, US * Uj sonaa-sonaa, They came two and two. 
j^alJo sen^dcee, Plur. of »^jj;S sendoot* 
k:i4j;S sennet. The fetlock of a horse, &c. 
Qj UiiS sinid,n,Two. 3b IXiS smthyety Obscene, ill* 
j|jg;S sentel, A rotten egg, helpless, [disposed. 
ijLssiS senjhret, A channel. [nipple* 

g^ jsaS sondoot. The protuberance, and also the 
^ senee. Doubling, repeating, removing; sinoi 

Monday, secondary. 
U;3 sonyh, An exception, a strong camel. 


[ fp 1 

(jj\^ sanyhn, Second in dignity, &c. 
\Ai senee, Two years old (cow or goat,) three 
years old (horse,) five years old (camel.) 
]y sawhi Remaining, dwelling in a place, 
i.^ ^^5 sawhh, A recompense, having merit be-r 
ti \ y $awtibet, A plant. {fore God, a bee. 
-. \ ^ sawbj, The bleating of a goat. 
%j \ ^seti/ar efyVodex^umenti. Jo \^ sewat, Rhcuin* 
1 •yy) saw.akib, A bright glittering star. 
li\^ saivillet, A swarm of locusts. 
ClO<>^ sQwqlis, Of the third generation* &c. 
gvj\^5 sawaij. Bleating, lovYJng. 
,^^5 soolf, A robe, returning, cqnng, a work. 
L ^ sQoLct, Slothful, g ^ sawj, A kind of vessel, 
^p saivr, A bull, redness, a lord, an assault. 
■^ ^j^ «a2^ey'^n,Assaulting, exciting (a tumult,) 
I J ,5 saivret^ A cow, [appearing. 

%j^j^ soflroprei, About to give. [or hive, 
g^- soipay A mountain, tree. ^ ^- sa^l^K swarm 
^Ji y sawholf A nipple, a wart. 
^^3 sQom, Garlick, wheat, gram, 
.I^U^S soamhlkt fi species of wild olive. 
l«^$ soomef, Garlick, the pommel of a swords 
^J^^i soomeieen, Spleenwort. 
^^y» suwuh, A robe, a garment, 
j^p «W2^wr, Raised, flying (dusO 

{ " I 

(jjhiy^ siiurhn. The appearance of bloo(|. 
OkAp sflzt^/ze^, ' Handsome and approaching to 
^y sawee, A guest. fpuberty, 

jsJLJ p saii^firf/c?/, A nqmber of boys, ^ heap of herbs, 
Mj ^y smveentir A rolling pin. {ground, 

CL)^^ sehit, IC^oisiqg. ^^ sehet, Spread on the 
b^^ sehtpedy A plump, jojly boy, {landson?^ 

^nd approaching to puberty. 

^ IaJ s?i/(ibee,One who takes care of the clothes 

' of the bather§ in a bagnio, [shedding tears. 

cji Ua.S seel; ik, Oversowing the banks (a river.) 

iJ seeyett A sheep-cote, or any stable or place 

for cattlfij. ^ [jor ox. 

^JL5 semi, A fat jolly man, a mountain goat 
Ow seid. Moist, atFected by cold. [Grass, 
jj^ seir. The cqver gf a w^ll or pit. j,^- seelg 
jjjAj seen, Perforating pearls. 

- jeem, Tte fifth letter of the Persian an4 
Arabic alphabets, an4 the character for three 
l^ jh, A barren scarce year, (in arithmetic* 
tj\ci, j^h, Gaining, selling. 
jH 1/ I U- c/Miit^n, A boot,, ^n upper boot* 
lj\^j^l;et, An answer, obedience, power. 
»jU. J^?V, Powerful, proud, camel, bread^ 

^\LjtLboh, Haste, -l^andsome* ^,,^,^ , 

[The \^^t. 
-XTC?' jhl'okee,,Ce\^T\ty, agility, ^^i^fdbiisd-^ 
ir^^^ Jililoos, Flattering adulation, 
j^ ^ ch'apjeh, A scabby head. 
^^^^ c//j/)oo/, Aholc!cotton-tree.[ingcantela. 
Hi^^fcibeet,k large 9tojne reservoir for water- 
^•^^^b- jhieeclujif To he lazy, to be vexed, to 
C?^ 'r' c^'hteelt^k, A doctor. [repent. 

*t^'^^ jhsy^ty Krie<Hng. 

5vW j^j^fj A small necklace; a glass bead. 
g^'^ chach, A heap of corn, thatch. 
^^^s^ chathclth, A peasant's shoe, madeof un- 
.^ V c/i^c/i(?^, A white bow. [dressed leather. 
IL^^if' jhhe%, Hiaving large prominent eyes. 
^\^ jahem, A hot place. [g^^^t, Tain^ 

Xts. U jhhtet, Prominent (eye.) a'U. Jd^jDili- 
Lji[e^ jhdil', False, a liar, 
ii A'Ujdf/t/«/, The high- way, the straight path, 
yyt? chh'dk, A tent, a Veil, a sheet, 
yi A U^drfi^, Obliterated (trace.) 
ju« a U jhdiseh, Undultivated. 
y^ W J^d^^f 'A robust youth, arrived at the 

' years of puberty. 
y.^\^ jtidoo, A roagidan, an enchanter. 
ij /^ ^^jhdoogeree. Magic, enchantment. 
•; ^ j^deh. The highway, a patent road^ 


. t 13 J 

^ ; ^ J^^^^* ^^ enchantment, 
i l^ ja^, Drinking, swelling, ,, ocwi't^ ^ t 
K^i\*>ja%{h, Alluring, attfactire*;>;. r.; • ^j 
*> i U jazibef, Loveliness, grace, attraction 
i i li> jd,^il, Standing efect and firm. 
^ ; \^ja%oo, A magician, an enchanter, [wife. 
jU-jar, Neighbour, a partner, an assistant, a 
j\^jaar. Groaning in prayer, j^^ char ^ Tour, 
'ij\^jxretj The' way leading to the watering- 
,^^ j\^ charjee, A crier, a herald. , . ;[place.- 

«;:^jU.j^ri^e^,' A rapacious animal. 
jjU. jan%, A severe cough, a barren, woman. 
y j^ char 800, A square, a market-place. 
L^jl^jarif, Death, or a distemper of cattle, 
-jU^yari/ii, Delinquent. [distress. 

^ / y charom, The fourth. 
ti-^ I b; chhrmegh%, A walnuti\ .,.,.^.t ^V ' ^i V 
♦^^ ; b charmeen, One of four, the fourth.: 
mj \:^jaroo, Mortar, cement.^ .".r . . - 
w^ . y V Jarooh, A broom, a brush, sweeping.^ 
^ ^ 1^ jhroody A bad or detestable man.* *° 
( l^ chareh, A remedy, a manner. ' ' 
tsj U. jaree, Running, passing, prpceeding., 
SLjjU jehryet, A girl, female slave. • -^ 

^_Jj ] ^ chkreye^, One of four, a fourtlu ^ ^" "' 
jls' jds;, Afrog.. \ _ . . , *• ^^ 

[ 14 ] 


•J U. y^jii/n. Revolving, concluding^. 

* J ^jatoo, A magijpianrari OQchanter. 

J ^ i^^^^> Value'/rfecompence. 

S Ui*. jhsht, Harnese. ; ^ ^ chasar, Ctrsar. ^-^ 

fyy^ ^ P* Vi. jhsoost An intelligencer, u spy.' 

'^ y^^ j^soosee, spying. 

jL\^jaas^y Disturbed, perturbed. [Taste, trist . 

/ /^U chash, A heap of corn. ,^l^ chhslmee, 

yjX>^ b cJiashieegueer, A taster, a cup-bearer, 
3* L* y^-'i/. Maker, framer. 
5Lc Xsf^jtL'iyety Foolish (woman.) 
'^ tj p. a. chigh. Time, season, a spider. 
L-JlA.yq/) Dry; jq/I Wandering. 
Ji [^jq/el, Light, ninible^/j^U.yd;/l'e, Inquiring,' 
y b^ chafer, A servant. ' • fcruel, a sinnci. 
^ y b' chako(j, A hammer, a mallet. 
3s; ^ choicer. Occupying an estate. 
J^ chhl, A gin for catching animals. 

^ a y chklkk. Quick, bald, running. 
^^^jhlil^, A merchant, an author. XJ [s>.jalcf^ 
yJU.y^/w, Sitting, sedentary.- [Tribute. 

JU-^d/ia, Impudent, conspicuous, [ing up. 
pj y chiilegh. An unruly horse. u>J \^Jali/, PuU- 
^[^jaleCf Polished, evident. pTribute, 

J b; chhlee, A trap for animals. XJ {^jhleyet, 
VjU ^ chkleesTi, Fight^^ battle, combat. 

I 13 1 

♦ ^JU eJih^een, A Gaftal for watfeing a g;>aV^ 
. ^y^J ^ P- B.. jhleenoQS, A physician^ t,4w 
> ^jam, A cup, a bowk .''^^^^^''At^'y^' \V| >^\ 
>W c/?a?/?, A grain, a coat button* v-J " -- "- 
dkA-o l^ja wd«t/,Congealed, fat. ^ I /^^j hmeedo^n^ 
^^{^jamia, Collecting, [A portmajiteau^ 

3*^ l^ J^;7im/, A large kettle, . .-^^.u^^ ^ . j^ ' ' 
CiAAJu* U^awi-i^^e?, Universality, ' "!•,*;(.' 
^ feC^ ^Jandan, A wardrobe in baths, [sanity, 
yc [^jd,mii^,A troop of camels. .*j^yjaniin, In*-. 
j^ U. Jcifhleey Urine, j ! ^ ^jamwa,r, A robe, 
(j^^ii^jamoos, A buiJalp, rsai tV>.^|^ bed, 
,^y jhmeh, A vest, a bed, coiich^ ^ 

J. -^ yjhmehlor, Scissars or shears, 
.♦/ 1 4 ^^ yjhmidan, A portmanteau. 
iS y^^^ yj^mkhdi,'. A washer of clothes. 
.♦j>^|p> chameeden. To piss, to blow, 
^^ p. a.jan, The soul, .mind. ^\^jann, A de^ 

.c_-*Jl*.JaweZ^ A part, contempt"^ I .VsvWv^Ji^ 
y IJ t?i^^^^«> Exposing one's lif<?, bold. -^ 
(/ ; U Ip- jhnhtL%ee,. Boldness, ;P, v.-^^^ ^ V 
V/^* CJ L^ J^^^^^^^§^> '^^^ giver of life. 
(3* ; I >j t? J &wiZrc/aree, Partiality., ' 
.J yjanilee^ Foreign, collateral. ;•'' 6' . .; tiif, 
4j^ Uj.^a;??66i?ze, Both parts, every side,. _ ;? 

r 16 1 

* Li* 
^)>! y^J^hd^r, Having a soul > animated, 

J^ CJ ^^J^^^^^^P^^> Giving life. [ing. 

^ {:uj \£,J dxisilhn y Ravishing the soul, raurder- 
ryjj \ff, jh mof^i Inflaming the mind. 
t*r^ \^jknisheent A successor. 

J I M}\^jkngodk%, Melting the soul> Consum* 
*^ I >X;(^jaworosjflr, Penetrating, [ing* 

^ ^CsX)\^ja?iionde?i, In the agony of death. , 
J 'y Ic^jafiuaroT ^y^ An animal, a bird. 
jj yjaneh^ The young of any animal or bird. 
.^Ic^Janee, Cordial, soul* as \^l:> J ctw at. Camp , 
i'^\^j(iawei, A barren year. 
^ I ^ • 1^ jcttvidkn, Eternal, perpetually. 
^ J ^ (cj jaz^^^ereJ, A w^hite thorn, ^j ^ {^jawreft, 
J * ^^ chkii'lehi A rose or bud. [Millet, 

^^l^jkuid, Eternal. ^^„ ^\c^ jawiden, To 
e^y^^, Rank, fortune. [scream^, 

t^ clMt A "Vvell, a pit. Sj^lj^jaJiet, Dignity, 
^j>ls>,Jd,hid, Industrious, a vi^arrior. [xank^ 
C.Siji\^j(i\khet, A crowed of men» ^l;pj ^ ., 
^j^Xs^jdhiz, Superior, acute, o'iv.r/; - •] ' 
ija^{^ifkki%etf A colt (of an ass, mare, &c.) 
^_XU chhhiJc, K small pit or well, 
^jb u. j^^ilf An ignorant man. ^^ u. fahee, A 
Ua Uj^Ad^^^'Openly, publicly, [ruined housQ. 

t if 1 

r[j Mflp'^ jaJieediin, To catch dold. 
j^U 3. p. chahyo%^ A four pronged hoc^k; 
\ is\.^jhai, Biting, retaining. 

Xs^J U. J<xi^c/, Damage. ^jt^Jaid, Benelicenti 
S,i\^jaiz» Swelling with drink; [raidt 

yKs^jair, Tyrannical, hindering. 
CJ ^ /L^,J^^^^^> ^ Ymdi of dde. [benignitjr. 
y\^ jai%, Passing; legal. k'^U. jaixef, A gift, 
^1 i^jaishy Enquiring, examining. [^"S* 

*io [^jhishehy The mind, soul. ^ \s>jkia, Starv-* 
t-JLl^jai/i Penetrating (a bio w. ) [ingaplace. 
e ^i^^ J ciigah , A place. >;^ ^ J "^^g^*^^* Occupy» 
^jj^vwJij (J U jciinishe&t, A station, situation, 
ji U jb^iyee, One place, ^,j^ c/»ip. The left side. 

L^ jell, Overcoming. U^ j^^a. Level and ejf^ 

u-j U^ Jelbb^^, Castrating. [tensive ground 

%j\a^ jelabety A wide desert* 

%^\j^jehtiheret, Plur. of ^Ia*. jeltar, 

J Ua. jMar, A conqueror, a giant, [garment?. 

Sj \x::>jehhrei, A bracelet, oy t^ cliepuLicli, An ol4 

^Ixi. joLhh,, A short woman. 

/ Vr J^^^S^^f ^ ^^^^^ 1^^^ ^ sturgeon, a shad/ 

^ Ix^ jehtil, Plur. of 3.*^ jeZre/. 

^ U* jeban, Trembling object. 

« U^ jehb,h, Plur. of *^a^ jelhehv 

w^xsfJQ^^^t Plur. of i^^joh^i^ 

I i8 i 

• ■• 

johleti A woollen waistcoat. [By force. 
j^jeher, Violence, consolidating. \ ^^ jehrun, 
CLt ^ ^x^ jeLroot , Becoming proud, dominion. 
f^jA^jelree, Forced, compelled, [mountain. 
tr^Aji. jebs, Stammering, plaster. ^^ jdel, J^ 
CXUr^yeJ/d/, The bunph of camel. 
J<,c chepleh, A blow, a box on the e^^;. 
'Ju^jelilleef Natural, essential. 
i^j^jolon. Cheese, pusillanimity. 
^^^ y^jelooh, Hard ground, surface. 
I ap- chipoor, The iron head of a spear. 
t^ jeheh, A coat of mail. ^ chepeh, A sagaci- 
C^^ jehhet. The forehead, [ous dog. 

y^:^JelM, A rude stupid man. [proud. 

*^*. fd'hehy The forehead. j^^y^J^^^r, Very 
^ j^^ chepeereh, Ready, assembled. [head. 

^AjLs. jeeleeXy Dry bread, ^^j^^ jeleen. The fore- 
Jfs' chetTt A tent, an umbrella, a veil. 
^ o«;^ jet-adel, Robust, strong, <jL^jess, Wax, 
i U^ ;>5^/, A sepulchre. [bigh ground^ 

ilUU. josa/d^ Scattered leaver, thicli hair, 
^\X:fjosam, The night-mare. 
%5^ joset, A dead carcase. 
^ fesi, Many, much. *^jesleh^ A black ant. 
'(^^ josmhri, The body. -^ Aat % 
fh^ josemeh, A sluggard* 

E 19 I 

fJij:>josoo)j7, Origin, perishing, ^^chech, A heqp 

^r^jehhy A small melon. [of grain. 

Xj^Lsxs. phareyety A strong came}. 

Jl L=«x:j. jehhshy Disputing, a crowd, 

^ Lsva» johhslnvy Having short ribs (a horse.) 

^Isas^jeh^shily Swift, quick, fi^ 

}o lao.^ jiha%y The hollow of the eye. 

cJL:*^^ jihafy Battle; johhfy A great deluge. 

^ Us<.:> johhl. Poison, venom. 

t—o Ijsvjs. jehhnib, Powerful, a dwarf. 
^ Irsv^. jehjahy A prince, a chief. 

^\^ss^. johjohy A large ram. 

«Xs:v:b. y^^^?, Refusing,, poor,, i^o^^is^- JehJcl, A 
_; jcscv^ jehder^ Short, a dwarf. . [dwarf. 

^ ^sxb, Jehdely Strong, fat. 'LoOs=s^^ jelidemef, 
^^ johvy Aden or hole. [Swiftness in running. 
\^^ ^^::> Johrariy Th0 den of a wild beast. 
'^.__. ^3:^^. johrehy Thick body, a horse, 
i^jjs?^ jehrety A barren season. 
\jijs^c* j thresh y Thick, compact of body, 
)pj^^ jehrety A decrepid old woman. 
^jssi^jehreth, A man of a bad disposition. 
fj,,:^s^jehs, A battle, killing. [quieki 

i^Ls^ij. jehsh, A colt, a ^QG.y£3i<s^jeh$hd, Hastej| 
lla^v^ye^xem. Large-eyed. - . : 

^iy*^^^ J^^f^h An -army, dignified, . 

t so ] 

Jac^y^/i/, A camelion* [mad. 

^f:^^:^^jeh?nesk or J^^3^J* A decrepid old wd- 
'i^ia.'^s' c> j ehme^ef ^ Running full-speed. 
^j^s^jchcn, (An infant) badlj^ nowrisLed; 
{g^j^:^ j'thneh. Powerful, a dwarf; 
jlAis^^jeh^ihar, A corpulent man. 
Uj.kL:^^ jeheuberet, A female dwarf, [or step. 
fJiSss^j^hjiesh, Thick. »^s>^ jehivety One pace 
^^yss^jekwesh, A boy. o y^s^jehoofjA bucket. 
^.Ks^jeheem, Hell, a large hot fire. 

^ c/^e^^. Altogether, labouring. [Hope, desire, 

cf i [ix^ jokhadee, A milking pail, yj^^ Je^ht, 

\*j /^^* jekhsh^eden^ To be twisted. 
hy^^s^jo^hoTS', An enemy, ^ ^i^ chekheeden,To 

ajs. Jedd, A grand father, ancestor, [congeal. 

\j^jeda, Common good (rain.) 

J \ ^z>.jedar^ A wall, worthy. J!^ ]^Jod)ghneJi, 

;^\y^Jodb,l, A hot contest. [Separately, 

^ ^ I j^ jedhwil, Flur. of ^^ j^ jedwil. 

3L. \ y^jidhyetyK^oe. ^ \ ^^jodtiyee, Separation. 

^o^jedeh. Scarcity, a vice. 

l^jeddet, A grandmother; ^jc/e/. Finding. 

J ^^jedri A wall. ^^^ ^^jederee, The small pox»' 

%i^>^jedef, A sepulchre. [animal. 

I ^ jedd, Contention-, Jedl, The limb gfan 

-3 2 7^^ 

{ 21 ] 

^M ; / \ ^jelMkerdun, To dispute, contend, 
^ d^jedlij A strong coat of mail. 
*-• ,yi^jedemehy A dwarf, j*, ,y^Jeddn, Sweetness 
L> J Jvib. Jedool; Ba rren, scai'ce. [of voice. 

j^S^/edoof, Proper, worbhj. [cotjitn&n good; 
ijj^ Jeduuel, A HvCr, a rule, is^^jodwa, A 
'^ Ss^jodee, A bird, the polar star. 
i^^^Jcdeeb, Severe (year,) desolate* 
Xj jsa»/e^3?ef, A Cushion, a piece of skill* 
«>u j^ jWeec/, New, 'fortunate. 
^^^;^^'JtdecdaT?, Night and day* 
Sj>y^Jedeel,'A leathet girdle, ^lov:* je%b.%, A 
»i?j^J<%^%e/, Eaten by rust [fragment, 

J \ j^ jc^a/. The Plut^. of 3 h^jixh '^ 

»\tK^jvzd,fn, The leprosy. 
^^ \';s4Jo%hmeer, Piui'. of j\^y^je%inaK- ^— ^ 
«^U j^a./e2;Mf, Plur. of uij^j^^st, 
IL i^ ./cjB^e^ Distance, a tract. 
ji^JH&ry A root, an origiri frejoicingo 

^ b<:^je%a. The trunk of a tree, j j^jexel, Joy, 
(jj'S i>^je^cla7i, Glad, smiling* [man.) 

U^je^^«>, Having the hand cut off ('a wo* 
^U ^je%mar/The stump* x« ^jhmef, A whip* 
fjjo^jixsri, A root ^.^ ^cy^jhoof-, Attracting. 
l^y^je%wety Fire.^^ o^jozoor, Plur* of^ j^^jCTin 
c 3 j»is. jo%u^<^> Flur- of g jto. jVsftt, ' . V ^ 

r " 1 


yf^jQ^ooI, PI ur» of }^y^jeteh [burij. 

S ^^i^jezee-^ef. Bruised wheat- 1^7er«^ Heat^ 

)^ cherhx To whom? for what? why? 

lA,^jcrkat, Boldness, courage. [turn* 

wj \y>jerah Scabby, (camels, &:c.) the scro- 

w ^/jorah. Water. ^ \j^jerrhhi A surgeoiy 

3U<^*. jerhheU A wound. ^^Sj^Jercihee, Sur-^ 

^\j^Jerad, A devouring insect. [g^^y* 

%:iS ^i^jefadeh, A small piece of wood* 

J 1j;tjera25, A sharp sword. 

^ ! j t^ chera%ar. Abounding in pasture^' 

U^ ) yf cherhsyhi A kind of fruit. 

^^j,,«v^|^ chhrhsiyeU Bulky (a man^ ->i?ca 

^ 1^ cherhgh, A lamp^ a candle. 

V ^ / ^y? c^era^^tt'ere^ A lanthorn, lamp^ • ^ 

cJ \j^J€rbf» A measure for dry goods. 

ySjs»,jerbfex, Thick, large of body. 

1^ \ j^jerafish, A big man. fjai \j^Jerafi%, Nox- 

^\j£>.jerhkef. Lean. [ious to health. 

t V-) ^^ cherhgcih, A meadow; 

^\^s>J€rhni Plur. of ^^^jereem. 

oo t^ jerayed, Plur. of » j^^ Jereedeh, 

*j \ j^ jerayem, Plur. ^ y* jorom. 

^^ ^ Jer^, A conqueror, oily. 

t_,^^ jerehy The scab, the mange. 

t »» 1 

if^Jerlh, Heaven* 

^^li^jarhaii. The gore ©f a gapm«n*i. 

^^jevLetr A BeldJeveRdeiyA hQiiy:. ofa strong; 

^' ^ jerliskr Fat^ liquid [inaiK 

^^j;^jarhQk, Speaking kkdfy;. 

>^^^/lJeTehHhky^Q,2^\q^ mangy. [Fat, llquic^. 

/ ^/^/? ^h^^^n%ary Fat and lean, ^^ (Jierhoo^^ 

j^/lJ^^^^^ or j^^ Macro w. 

\^ij£>jerl}2a, A westerlj wind'. [Wounding**, 

^^A. y^r^y, Moving ia a circle, ^^^ Jt;r^^ 

^ ^ cherkh. Fortune. 

^il^^A?-^ cherkho^f A wine, oir, or other press* 

J^ jp^ cherkliehhy A thistle. [Celestial, voluble*. 

^ ^ cherkheh, A wheel., a giix. ,^/f cherkh&c^ 

^pjerd. Turning lap ; jw^^c?,, Baldi 
%^ y>,jerdety A garment, barrer^ ground 
'i^^^^^jerdmvn, A rat, field-mouse. 
%jjjs^J€r%et, A bundle oi hay, grass, &c. 
0j^jer%em, Dry bread, u^jo. Jers^ A gentle 
-U^^yer.<?te, The pleurisy. [souxidL 

tf'^, cheresh, Pasture, relish, a feast. 
K^y^jorshoh, Short of stature* (a man.)? 
tjJi^y^jershehet, Meagre- 

'^ji^jera, Drinking water, [rude, misfortiMieC 
\s.ji>.jer-b,a,K sandy desert.t__A£^j^/er-at,GrasSj 
y^'ji>jeralfeel, Thick, . --f ' . 

t 24 ] 

v^yt^ jer-ool, Corpulent. .{A tricket.' 

i^f,^^ ^jerahel^TWick milk.yi^ chergked» 
y^ Z' cherghejw% A musical instrument. 
%ij^ .ftrf, A plentiful year, y^ p cherk, Filth 
-^^y^ c/;e?MhyDh'ty water, filth, [ofall kinds. 

. wi/ ^ chkkcst A Circassian* 
'y^^ j> jerlitnt, Lasciviousness. [Mot, acrimcr 
^^ f'^ cherkecn. Deformed, rusty. ^ ^s>^ jerm, 
>r^ c/icrm, Cow leather..^ srchermeh, A white 
^j ^j^?'embci, A multitude, [or grey horse. 
j^ Sf cherend, Grassy, a shepherd. 
^ysfj^roUf The whelp of a lion, dog, &c. 
'^^^y^jtrwaty Long, tall. [racious, drynessr 
^^^jorooht Plur. of ^ ^^j^er/i.^^j.^^jerooz, Vo-^ 
Ky>^y>jeroc%, Large bellied. 
^^j^Jorooni, A warm country. , -; 

CJ^^^/i c/i?er?t'€f^ww. To ask assistance. 
^^ p. a. orrek, Handle of a cup, jug, &c. 
6^ chereh. To whom. ^ U. y^jcvhas, A strong 
- U^Je;'"^ 2 m, Diligent, active, [lion, corpulent. 
1 1 ^ i ^ cherhb,war, A night bird. 
5^ ^ jerhiyefy A loud voice or speech. 
c<^A.yere<^, Bold, brave. 
cUy^f^^y^"-* Flowing, happening., 
^ys^jtreehy A corn measure. 
l^jsfjereyet, The murmuring of a stream. 

[ 25 ] 

'^ySfJBreehy Wounded. 
MJ<l,j^ chereedmi, To pasture, to crop herbage. 
%d^^j^jereedehy A book, a branch. 
'ijjj:»jcreeret. Crime. 
'i^^^j^jereesety Cattle stolen in the night. 
^i ys^ j eree^hy Bruised. c^L^/eree/, Art. 
j»^^ jereeniy Gathered, guilty. 
Uj y* j^eemei, A crime, a pecuniary punish- 
.^jpjereyehy The belly, paunch. [ment, 

yjo%, Besides, except. ^ je%%i Shaving, mow- 
f.y^j(yxhy Content, a portion. [i"g- 

I y»ye5sc)^, Compensation.^ \y^je%%(xry A butcher. 
^\'^jt%\%y Gathering dates. 
%j\j^jo%a%efy A cut, a shaving. ij\y^je%%hf, 
'iS\y>'jo%afety Rashness. [A fisher. 

tl\y» je%alety Sagacity, entire, 
^j \y^J€%ayery Plur. of » ^ y* jeteertt. [A part, lot* 
^ \ y=. je%ayel, Plur. of >j y». jexeeL ,_^ -^ joxl, 
iU -i. je%la%, The hard pace of a horse. 
« y* je%'XJ^t9 The sheep-shearing. 
J ^ jeiid, A cricket. 

^ y )/? je%c?drd^. The dry skin, a sparrow. 
^ ;^ jexfl, A kind of Arabian shell, sorrow. 
9- */[j^%eghy A frog, complaint. 
^ t^ che%eghi A species of white kite, 
^^^ je%l, Clipping, prudent, eloquent. 

r 26 ] 

fiy^jezlet, A part, a prudent woman, 
,^yf,je%rn, Amputation, determining, filling. 
\^ '^ je%mkn, Resolutely. 
iJK*jy^Jcze?ile%et, Thick, serv^ant's wife. 
^y>jc%oo, A few, a part. 
j^yfjepoor, A camel for slaughter. 
^^'j^je%ooa, Lamenting, impatient. [tent. 
.jf^^yo25i/;<?e, Alittle,afew. d *^je'»eh,A round 
ts'^s>jo%e?f A particle, a few, 
c U ^ jo%eyafi Plur. of iS ^^ jo%ee, 
Sj'^J€%eet^ Tribute, contribution. 
^^y^ji%eer€t, An island, a peninsula, [appetite* 
^y> je%eel, Many., great. , ^ jes. Asking, 
f^y^Jesa, Ice, a rough skin. [hand, 

U,^ j'es^, Hard. » u«j» josaty Hardness of the 
i U:^ jesskdy Saffron. » ^ l**^ joshret. Boldness, 
^l>,^Josa7net, Corpulent, large-bodied, 
,,♦/ L.^ chesphih Coherent, attached, 
.♦j^ Lw..?' cJie8ba?idu7i, To adhere, to glue. 
e>U«.^ cJiespendeh, A snail. ^ ^^jesloosec, 
^^^^jespeedu72,ToVme." [Hypocrisy. 
D yWv*.^ jepeedehf Inclined, turned, y^^y^ jost, 
\^-h^ jestan, Leaping,, dancing. [Sought. 
^jSx^^ chostlek. Agility, velocity. > ;. , 
^yX^ jestun,To leap; joiten,'Xo search. 
js*«^je2€d The body. 

t 27 ] 

cs d^sj, jcscJee, CoTi^oresil, 
^M*A. jesr, Large, strong (camel.) J J**^ j^sreTt^ 
^^:^jes»iy A body, a mathematical solid. [Long, 
^^lf,,^ josma77, A habit of body, body, • 
^5 l*v^j^ jesmaneCi Corporeal. 
*;*v:> jesnet, A species of round fish, 
i^y^^jesoodj A straight tree or stick. 
t >**^ josooa, Tenacious, avaricious. 
A.**.*^ jeseem, Corpulent. . A^- chesh, Taste, 
ifi^jesh, Breaking, beating, cleaning (a well,) 
U:^ josh ^y Belch. ,*j J^^-J ^£^ cheshhneedunj Ta 
ij^^joshreh, Coughing. [g'^^'C to taste, 

ii^*:j> chesheshj Taste, a frog. 

2i:^yt-'5^^^^^>I-^ongi"g after. 

■^i^jeslienif A heavy burden, afHiction, a fish, 

/'"i cheshem, The eye, hope. [a cup^ 

^^Xv-^'i^ clieshnek, A peep-hole. 

^Tv ckeshmeJiy Afountain. ,»;i^j> cJiesJm, A feast, 

tyCJi^ Qheshejideh, A taster. [nuptials^ 

.♦'>Jt.;y clieslieedun, To taste, 

y:.:^ jeshoo, A light bow. 

^;i,i>, jesheer, A large corn s;ack,'a quiver. 

j^s> chetouTy How ? in what manner? 

V bfa. ja-kh) Plur. of suje^ jalet, 

j\x>>, A camel going down into a well. 

SJ U^ je-(tlet, A good action. 

I 38 ] 


^^c^je-aly Overturning, throwing away. 
U«*ya-B, Throwing on the ground, [man. 
h^^ja-let, A quiver. ^Ajc^ya^d/', A short thick 
^^ja-hee, A red ant. j^ Je-at, Beer. 
'i*jju>, ja-telet, A desire, wickedness. 
. ^^.s^ja-sem, A weak bodied man. [camel.) 
^sssx^ja-jay Uneven ground, braying loud (a 
o^^ja-d, Generous. [water, 

ju jvj^b. /o-delety A spider's web, a bubble of 
% .Xfcj. ja-det, A curling lock. 
J .xxjs. Jader, Short of stature. [Strong, stout. 
^jAȣ^ jaderee, A greedy eater. ^^jti> Jadel, 
jx^ jar, Dung of wild beasts and birds. 
y->Ja-a% or ^J» y^^ jo- soon, Jjcan, contemptible. 
tgJixs^ja-sheb, Tall, thick. [dwarf. 

*iix^ ja-shem, The middle ; JosJiom, A fleshy 
j\Jas^je-%ar, Short of stature. 
ij Uis^/a-zkret, Corpulent, glutton. [slow pace. 
^]axj^ja-%ery Having large hips, i^ks^yaxere/, A 
if^^ltf^ ja-xeree. Deformed, a murmurer, vo- 
y^x^ja/er, A little stream, [racious. 

is^sfjaferee. The massy gold. 
i^Jii\kxs>,jafe'leeky A tall old woman. [Ignorant. 
Mw^i^-^^^^j Swelling, inflamed, ^jj^j^jolos, 
i^x^jamd,. An old she-camel, [ous old man. 
U^ox^jainere, A biting ass. ^B^ot^jomoz, A covet- 

t 29 ] 

^^^jduy Dying, languor. i^U^ ja7ieh. Short, 
J^is^jan%er, A corpulent glutton. [dwarf. 

^9Sx=^ ja-alnfelj Swelling, inflamed. 
^»i. jaw, A heap (of dung, &c.) % :, ^x^ju-udet, 
^ys>.jawili A young ostrich. [Foam, a curl. 
syfix^ja-t/let, A good action. 

-ji^ chigh, A spider's web. 

I Ui^ chegar. The sound of an instrument.' 

b J U^ cheghareh, A dry well, a pit. 

J Up; cheghhleh, A flight of birds. 

^/* U^ cheghameh, A verse, a poem. 

J U^ chegha?Jeh, A violin, ^c^joghd, An owl.' 

J^ A^ choghrestehy A thread fit for sewing* 

tif cheghx, A frog, j ! ^i^ chcghxkleh, A wa- 

.♦I ytj I tx?; chegh%hneedeny To croak, [ter fly. 

JU^ cheghneh, A martin, a small owl. 

e / Jc?; cheghwareh, A water fly. [let. 

Jc7Jeghoo, A small owl. y ^ cheghoor, A pul- 

Ui^joff, A troop. ULs. 7^a, Violence, injury, 

' zii^jofatj Plur. of ijt^jaf. [trouble. 

jl.^ \x^jefakar, An oppressor, a tormentor. 
**^ /o^e/, The body of a man, all, an old man. 
y^^Jis^ jeft, A crooked old man, toasted, a bunch 
^ij^ cAe//, A pair, a twin. [of grapes. 

^J^^jefieriy To be bent, ^jefteh, A vine ar- 
j^joftee, Copulation, equality, [hour. 


[ 30 1 

y»j» jeftf A camel, a kid, a large well, 

^yiSfjofret^ The centre, a cavity. 

,;>^ chefreesteh. Tongs, forceps, y^jffex^ 

o*A&. jV/d^, CJn worthy. [Swiftness of pace. 

t\j /^^^>^jef(^eden. To adhere, to be connected. 

tj\is>,jeflek, An inclosure of pales. 

izJ^ 9. p.j^/7. The eye-lid, a vine, a shealU 

'i^j(^enet, A vine-shoot. [(^f ^ sword.) 

^^ chifoody A Jew. yS^Jifeer, A large quiver. 

^j^xi^ jefees. Degenerated, unworthy. 

^>Ji^ chJceeden, To litigate, to dash. 

^.^ c/f^i. An oblicjation. 

fc- chekctt A lark. \ 1^ chekad, The crown. 

J^ 1^ choDCLsheh,' A pdrcupine, 

^fe^ c//e;?'<7/, A small partridge. 

JISc? eherral, A butt for archers. -^ Kr chekameli, ^ 
''C^ k^ chckan, Dropping, distilling, [Poetry, 
j^>* fec^ chekaiiden, To drop. 
U l>^ cZ/e^.it?^, Sprinkhng, dropping, 
^ k^ cheghWf A lark, the crown. >^ chckef, 
^ jeger, The heart, &c. [A hammer. 

•' • -^ chehreh, Spume. , ^-Jf chehish, A brazier's 

y^J^^ chckeky A chaffinch, a lark, [hammer. 

#M Uv chekman, An upper garment. 
^^ che'ien, A iine silk, the evening. 

4>G chehoo, A fiddle-bow. 

J^ cMgooneh, Hq w ? of what k}nd ? J^cJieJteh^ 
>(? chehcey Red goat's leather, [A drop,, 

^/>^ ckeieeden^ To distil dropa. 

[f c^i/, Forty, freckled, 
^ ye//, A ship's sail, to gathei- or pick vp, 
^jild,, Clear and distinct. 
^.^ ll^jol^b, AVater and syrup injxed; jeldifh 
y.ii^'^jolajil, Making a noise (an ass.) 
^•^^jolab, Undermining. ^R?^ p.. a. jW/4^, At\ 
S A ^i. jelhdeU Power, activity, [executioner* 
^ A iU jolideh. Long. [A miafortun^e, strong". 
J tAJelh'i:, Binding round about, y V<=^/elafe7i, 
/ ^hjelkger^ A polisher, a book- binder. 
^"^jelali Greatness, eminence. 

1 "^^jelalee. Grandeur, eminency, 

i^-l^jela-Ief, Great. ^H^ jei^??ger, Alockr 
* lb- jellhw, A wheel. [smith, 

e ^jolhh, A weayer. 3jil^ye/^e/,Pkir. of 3^^ 
fjexi>V^jolahi%, Corpulent, thick. \jeleeL 

t^jelb, Attracting. ,^[A^j6lb(ib, Swift. 
jlS^ jolohbar, The edge of a sword. 
-^ U^ chelpaseh, A small lizard. 
^_^lAlrs.'jD/Z;\72, Pease, pulse. 
XaX*. jfolhet, A part,- hunger, scarcity. 
S .XaI^ jellidety The neighing of horses. 

r 32 ] 

^A^jollolj An ornamented canopy. 
^^j'elej, Down, Plur. of t^^jeltjet, 
^)^je1jtL, A village, nsf^o^jeljet. The head, 
^ ':^^s^joljola7j, Coriander seed, [the skull. 
^^jeleh. Bold, t^ [^^:>.jel-hal!, A decrepid old 
J \ss^X^jelhh%y Avaricious, covetous. [man. 
)o [sB^jelhctz, Hard rough ground. 
fjx^Xi^jekhet, The forehead and temples. 
l::s>»)La. jelMx, Large and hairy-bodied. 

•sJls. jelhen, Narrow-minded, 
d^dyXs^jelehhamed^ Thick. 
^X^jeld, Swift, nimble, a skin, a hide, . 
1 jiX^ juledhi Plur. of jJia. jeleed, 
^^^^jeldel. Stout, hard, 
tf jsJii* jold^t A quick pace, a strong cameL 
J Ms. jel%k, Uncultivated ground. 
es'oX^ johePy Strong, thick (camel.) y^y<!fe, 
LJ^^jolsh, Plur. of ^JJ^ pis. [Laying down. 
- Uis^Jelshin.A pleurisy, ^^ U^jollesaJifStrew- 
'iLlc^joltef, Thick milk. [ing roses or gifts. 
UiLs. Jeha, Hard ground, ^jelia. Shameless, 
4_«^JtJLa. jel-ah, An untractable camel, [saucy. 
^^5. jel-ahee, Having a piercing eye. 
Is^ImJls. jelaleet, Thick milk. 
■«l3d^ jelhla, A porcupine, a beetle. 

;>J^X:r chelglioozeh, Nut, like the pistacho. 
uiJL:*. a, ^» jileff Ajar, unjust. 

is liX^ 3 elf at y Careening a shi|i. 

S AiX:?. jelfedet. Carrying for sale. 

>v chilom, The fortieth. 

XjLa. jolwet. The lopping of a tree. . ^ 

J IxXp' cholnar, The flower of pomegranaiei 

j^AsSla. joleeJ'jeheen, Conserve of roses. 

jt^^a^l^ jelenjuyeh. Penny- royal. 

^oJJU. jelendt'li, Heavy, unwholesom^; 

Ififc jJLX:s. jelendehetf A hardy she-camel; 

Jai)^ jelen%a, Broad shoulders. 

S UJls. jelenfat, Dry bread v^^ith meat. 

y^^ cheloo, A small club or stick. 

\^y^ jelwh. Serene Csky.) 

I^JLa. a. ^. jolwet. Splendor, the nuptial bgd. 

A^JLj. jelood, Plur. of oX^jeld- ^yX^yillawuZiA 

)o^\^ jeloot. Saucy, shameless. [filbert-niiti 

^^\^ jelool, Eminent in dignity. 

*ly}^ jelui%, A w^orthless felloWi 

*5, l^ jolhalf, A low place, a valley, 

^>^ jolhom, A large mouse. 

S^^Ls. jolhemet, Strength, felicity. 

- y^ jolhoom, A great body of men. [cross. 

jLa. jdeCt Evident, bright. t^J.^ cheleepct, A 

lAs. jeleet, Clear, shining, jjio. jeleed. Hardy 

i*)J^ JeZeeJe/i, To pick a bone, [swift, snoW. 

iX^jdees, Comrade, a companionj^ - ^_ ^ 

t 34 ] 

IxjXsfjeleefet.Ru'm. ^j^jeleel, Illustrious, gre^t. 

*JU. jekek, A place cleared of mud, 

A^ jenim, A multitude, concourse» 

U-^ jemht The body, a portion. 

- Uo. fommhk, A round headed arrow, 

^ Ua. a. p. jemhkh, Proud, vain glorious. 

^ L^ chcmakhy A bridle, rein. 

d Ua. Jemhdj Drying, wanting milk(a camel.) 

^U». femar, A crowd; jonmiar, the pitch of a 

J l^ ^ p. jemmhtj Going in haste (a camel.) 
^t^jl^ jemm^zewan, A camel leaden 
^ Ujj. jemkat Collection, a multitude, [tion. 
«r^fi x^em-at, A crowd, a meeting, a congrega- 
/Vl^ chomhk, A wooden stick, an iron mace. 
i U^jemhl, Beauty, elegance; yewni A/, Plur. of 
U U^/ewa/d/,A troop of male camels. [y^s^jemeL 
^{.^^ jemhleBf A large strong camel, 
mU=>- jemiimy Rest, quiet ;jew^?72, a measure for 
^ l^cAe7/;(iw, Walking, taking air. [dry goods. 
JL^ chomhneht or jomhneh. The middle, 
jtJi Ua» jemkheer, Plur. of j^^*^ jemhoor. 
%^ jemmetj A troop, a multitude. 
Ir*^ jemjhh, A place of assembly. 
3 ^S*;^ jemsoor, A heap of earth or dui^l*, 
S*;asw^ jomjx)mett The skull» '^ . 

[ 85 ] 

>^ chemcJieh, A wooden cup, a ladle, a scum- 

^^jemh. Throwing. [mer spooa. 

J ^;:kv4^ jemkhor. Hollow (reed, &c.) 

o^.^^ jemd, Concretion ; jemed. Ice, ielly. 

y^c^jemr, Plur. of i^^jemref^ 

ij.4^ jemret. Gravel, a troop. 

>»*• jeme%,Bein^ swift in travelling (a camel.) 

(j*.«va. /cms. Congealed (fat.) 

l:l*m»4^ jemset, A kind of coarse blue gem. 

j^U^ jemshf Rasure, making bald or bare, 

, A.,.g; chermhj The eye. 

. Ul^ chemshad. The light of the moon. 

^^ Av^ jemsherii. The back- bone. 

*^fema,A collection, congregation, conjunc- 

JS I**, fem-hz, Rude, thick. [tion, a troop, 

fx^xj. jom-at, Friday, a handful of dates. 

^ I >x^ jemadhn, A traveller*s scrip* 

jULj^^ joma-let, A quantity of honey or fat, 

about the bigness of a nut. 
^.aU*^ jemhleel, A collector, an amasser. 
IXJL*.^ femaleelet, A caroel. 
cILaax^^ jemayet, A collection, recollection, 
» \^!:^^JL^ jemaetigkht A place of rendezvous. 
'^.^^ Jem/, Melting (fat) iX^^^w/i/c/, The sun, 
. I y}^ jemloQl,A swing, a see-saw. [the whole* 
«,«^ jeimm, A heaped measure gf corn. 

i 46 i - 

>^^ cA^mcfi, Orchard, fruit garden, a garden 

pot or bed, border, parterre, avenue. 
t^-c- chememleh, Walking proudly. 
J.^ ^^ chemensofa, A garden-seat, [(man.) 
p, ,jv^y<;/wot;//,Un manageable (horse,) obstinate 
^^f^jemood,Dryf concretion, eyes that can- 
li. ^«^ j^^f^oosh, Barren season. [not weep. 
^^t^ Jt'ffiua, Plur. of «^ jema, 
Myt^ jcmooin, A well full of water. 
j^^jomhoor.K republic, high, heap of sand. 
^^cf, jomntee, Havii)g long hair. 
jH >-w,^ cheineeden. To walk proudly, to drink 
2<*^ jemia. Assembled, an army. . [winct 
\ju^ jetnian, In whole, altogether. 
iiL^x*^^ jem'iat, An assembly, concourse. 
^j^^t^jtmeel, Beautiful, <ilegant, melted ^fat.) 
t^%^^jemeeld,tt Blur, oi yj^jemeeL 
u^x^^ chetneetiy Urine. '" 
V t?:>. jtnhht Highness, majesty, dignity.; 
t^L^jil^jetMet, Foreign, a distance. 
^ Up jonaleh, A boy's game, \v..,*v. 
dliUi* jmnht, Plur. o^ c^ jtnneL'\^ 
p[j^ Jeniiser, Plur. of ^!j^ Jonsef, 
y\k^ jenkht A bird's wing, the man's hand.a 
2- ^, chenhhh, A double purse. [pinnacl^j, 
^^\^\s^ jen^hhn, Plur. of ^U* jeimah* V 

t if ] 

Ljii^^Jenhdef, Thick and short. 

jil;> jontidely Strong, great. jA^cJnfiar, A 

*3 l;^ jen%%eh, A bier, [plane-tree, a poplar. 

^ [^jo?iQghj A circingle, a mullet. [A mullet* 

j5> L>j(572a/ee, Cunning, deceitful, /j Ui' clib.ncbki 

^ij^jeraJi, A dark night, the heart. 

^ \X^ cJionkn, Like, in the manner of* 

J l^yowiwe/z, The heart. 

^>^j l^ chenhneedun, To advise, admonish. 

jb Kjj^jenhyet, A crime, iniquity, [owl or bustard* 

L.^x^Jenl', A side, a part-^ [xJ^jonbhr, A young 

/O LX?" jorihhn. Trembling, shaking* 

^>J ytsjorihaneedun. To shake, to elevate. 

'iij^^jonheset, A black woman. 

^y^jombakh, Large bodied; a large louse. 

1s:\is>.jomlokhetf One large louse. 

'i^i* jomhedct, A vault, an arch* 

j.yc^JoinLer, A large camel, a young owli 

^^ chemler, A wreath, ^ : ^ ' 

y ♦ V 

. AJ^ jomlosJi, Motion^ occupation. * 

'iAxi=^jomloJ£ety A deformed or bad womana 
J ^A^V chemhelool, A swing. 
^'-JiAxXs*. J erribeleekj A big aged woman. v«^ 

• >^7^ jomlendeh, Moving perpetually* .V >,^ 
.-^ chemleh, A large bar , n j^^jonheedan^ Td.^ 
«::^'e/2«ef,Paradise,heaven.[move, to be moYedJ. , 

I »8 } 

^:j^jon7ief, A covering, a shield, armour, 
^j^ Jortser, A large fat camel, 
ij^SjLa. jonsqorefy Heaped up earth or ^us.t. 
j^aRs>J€njek, Southern -wood^ 
,g^ chencheh, A hammer. 
^^s>.jonhy A watch of the night ; yoW^ Great. 
^->,jond, An army, raining \jendy Hard ground. 
jXcr chendy How much? how many? 
.♦I 1 >u^ che7ida2i, As many as, how many soeve;*, 
'J )>^ cheridhneet Just so pany. [so much. 
^sXc>.j07idokh, A large locust. 
^^^jendel. Stone, a stony country, a garden, 
•>?£ chend^h, A large bar, a bolt, a hammer. 
t$^^ jondeey One soldier. (/>^ chejidee, A 
.♦ j>^ chendeeVy So many, [quantity, some one. 
J I JL?" jeneral, A general, ^r^^ ^'/w5, Species,^je?2sh. The emptying of a well. [sort. 
^d^sfjmadeli A corpulent man. 
PjJ>^ che7ighoo%ilh A kind of pistacho-nut, 
i^Jus^jenify Deviating from the right way. 
j^s^ j 071 fond ^ Fear, fodder, dung. 
". Juj* je7ifoory An ancient sepulchre. 
^^.J^jengy War, combat. [A crab, a fighter? 

'^.J^ c/iew>^, A lute, a harp, &c. ; ^Jengar, 
J feu^ chengalehy A little flesh-hook, [thirsty. 
4*? ^ fe^'f chenghneedun, To make war, to be 

I 39 1 

jKt^ chengol, A hook, forest, a desert, tickling, 
^ lxvwfei.5( chengolistari;, A tree, thicket, grove, 
^^J^^ chengohq^,lLame, mutilated, [garden, 

^^jenguee, A braye soldier, warlike, active, 2\ 
■* swift ho^se. 

^j^^>^ye?2^«efi^ttw. To giveba^ttle, tobet^ 
c-j^^ jenocibj The south, the sputh-wind. 
^ys^jencpieey Southern, ^ ^ultrj day. 
b ys^jenood^ Y\\x\, Qf sj^^jond, [Wanderings 
^ ^ jonooSt Plur. o^ ^ip>.jens, L^y^jonoof, 
t^y:^jonooT?t Xq be mad, being dark (night, > 

flying round and humming (flies,) growing 

luxuriant (grass )j 

J.^ chenehi G rain, a bait for birds, [genii, or spi rit-* 

j^s>jeneei Gathered, pulled ;yi/? wee, Onedernoni^ 

^[j^jeneedun^ To distil, to drop. 

. jo^jene^s, Deceased, dead, i^i^^^jeneerit Bu- 

.♦-Jt^ cheiieeri. The heart. fried. 

C/^ V ^ • 

y^ jaw, Barley. ^^ choo, When^ then^ thus, 
1 4*. jiuf^f A large space of ground. 
l^\y:>.j^tvhb, An answer, a speech, [chicken.' 
\si ^ jja.^'a7/;aiee, Answerable, .s^ i *^ chowaeheh, A 
^ ) jj, jawad. Beneficent, running swiftly (a* 
3 A S y^j<^^^h Plur, of 3 Ars. jcdl, [horsc,^ 
Ay^jiWd'^i Neighbourhood, a farmer^ 


J I 4^ cJiiwar, Excuse. 
iSj\^jatvaree, PJur. of x^ ^ {^j'areef. 
^.^j6^,J^/^'^» Allowed, lawful,..going away, ^ 

> ' *^ jawat, A large wooden mortar; also, the 
*• j ^ f^jau'hxeh, The tripe of an ox, a fever, 
y- Sy^jawwhs, A spy. [haughty air. 

J.. >^.J«2^m;^J2, Corpulent, walking with a 
(^y^^i^Jowaf, A kind of fish. 

^^J *^ cbiwhk,. Flour dressed with oil.~ " ** 
^ <3^ jii^'ali Plur. of ^^^ 700/. 
^ I .^ jhdwhh A sacjc, a bag. 
^\y>.jawh.lihi, Plur, of 4-4^ /^Z^. 
XJ^^a. jawhlet, The best part of any thing. 
j^\f javihldo%, A large packing needle, 
i.JGJj^J^Wa/?'^, A portmanteau, _' '^'^ 

^ ^ I ^pjawcimerdf Generous, brave. 
i^^/*) ^jewhncrdee, Generosity, bravery, &c. 
^ ^^ ;OM*d/wm, Plur. of ^\^jamia. . v'* 

iM ) ^Joivh?},^ Young, a young man, a boy, Scci) 
^ I* f ^jowq,?ia7?, Plur. of ^ I ^Jowan,^ ^ "-"^ 
i^\ ^^ jQiuan^jiehf Manly, gallantly. ' ^ <^^' 

t ^l J 

j f y?- jawhneey. Youthful. 

■^_,jG 1 ^ jhtuaneeJt, A hen- sparrow^ 
jA\ya>jawaher, Plur. oi ^ y>, j aivhert 
ijai> \ y» jawahe^i, Plur*. of ^jait* U. jahi%,. 
y}\^^jau)ahe%t Plur. of s^uyaijzef, 
s^^s>.javol, Cleaving, cutting, tearing, a shield; 
w^«^ c/;a^, A rod, stick, a baton, a beam*, 
y t ,,__^ ^ chopper y A nut-shelL 
^ wajP- cliopnatij A rolUng-pin* 
^ I *^ cliohan, A shepherd, a pastor; 
'ijys^jawlet, A gap, interval. ^.,<^*^ chope^,A 
J ^ choLeh, A rolling-pin. [little stick* 

\*p ^^ chopeen, Wooden, timber. 
J^.\£^ choheeneh, Wooden, 'iy^jaivwety Rough 
^^ joajoo^ Sparrow, [ground, rusty, a ditch. 
^.■yc^ choochehy A swan. 
^y^jawe^k, Eradicating, ruining. 
^^£f,jedd, Gr,eat or plentiful rain, liberal. 
!i^^ juwedhy Plur. of ly^jvod. [good. 

i,^.^^jawd€f, Benignity, thirst; joodet, Being 
^^^jcLU^r, Injustice, oppression, 
>--ijy^ jci^reh:^ A shoe, a stocking, 
"i-/^ ^^oorpehy A small duck. [An ostrich. 
S-^, ya. jawereU ?l^r- o^ j ^jawr, 3j >». jawrelc^ 
jj^jaw^h^nsi^r^^ middle. 

t "^ 1 


[die of the body. 
\jyi>,jaw%h, A star, a sheep white in the mid* 
'^ ^jys. jflt^xa/2e/?;',A medicine, [fawn or doe* 
t^y>.jau)^^f> One nut. ^j.;*. joo%er, A young 
f^^^^Jawisei, Colton. 

»t/ ) ^ jooxgereh, A coat button. 

j^ yCJ J ^ Joo^gejidom, Santiix, bat-ley. 
Sjy^jawzel, A young pigeon, poison^ a bojr* 
t J ^ joozeh or choozeh, A chicken, a noose* 
AJf, j^^&heTy The sphere of the moon, a comet* 
ij*^„)f^ jaw%eenehy A dish made of nuts, k,Q.\ 
^^\m y». jiRvshnt Searching for with anxiety., 
i— Y^ ^a. J awsck, A place, a lofty building. 
•M yi^^ jawseeden, To adhere, to be fixed. , 
ji, ^javush, The breast, midnight, p. joo^^, A gi-* 
.>( i,v Iji' vj' jooshctnden, To cause to boil, [tation* 
^ ^ ^ jooshpereh, A kind of food* 
.ji^^jooshisht Boiling, cooking, heat. 

^^J^ ^jooshek, A button-hole. •;:.'> 

^ ^ jawshen. The heart* [the fereastJ^ 

^^yi,ys».j08hoosh. People, a w^atch of the night/ 
/♦J >*-ji^ *^ joosheeden, To boil> to cook; 
is^jflu^is;, Walking pi'oudly. [gerr 

^ ^ jua, Hunger> starving* 'u \ ^ jaivdt, Hun* 
^ *^ choogh, A yoke. (^ ^)^ •^ chooser ee^ Sout 
^^^^joqf, Extensive, hollow. [milk. 

•i^y^JdiVef, Amplitude, capacity. 
^»^^y«tt^e. Hollow and capacious withiri. 
cJ j^Jdi^^, Declining, a bodj of m\£n. 
X5 ^js. /att'to, A; crowd, a muititdde. [ficer. 
I J *^ chooIiOolf An observator, collector's of- 

^^ •^ choohy A profound inclination Vefore a 

't ^ ^ clioolslahy A district undet* a Foujdai*; 
.^.^^ 700/, A wall, parapet, herd, [agitation. 
'f^^^ y:^ jdwetati, Wanderiiig, walking round, 
^^ ^^ c%offih, A weaver. * ^Jawm^ Seeking, en- 
'>^ choom. Tallow. [quiring. 

yjf t ^ choomak, A stick, a hiace of iron. 
. j^^ yy^ ^jomherees, Ahea.m divided into partSi 
^^ A^'jcmerd, Liberal, beneficent^ 
-•j tfjhoori, How ? in the nlahner of. 
^^jawni White. /M ^ -p choonkji, Ju^t ds if; 
ijys».Joonef^ A canister. Ji^jawneh, The sum 
.J ^s^ jhoo7iee, iiow do you do ? quality. 
\*r^ *^ chobiieen. In this manner. 
..^joo-or. Asking with a loiid voicci 
Ji^y^ jdo-oshy Plur, of jt^jaivshi 
A i.^^t'jdwherdari Glittering; [melsi 

^^xys>juh-juh, A %Vord Used in checking ca* 
'Jiyiijawhet, A gem, jeweL 
i< fjdwii A |;rain of barley* 

[ 44 1 

esy^jawi, Inflamed by rage orlove,fcetid water* 
t ^ jut/ a, Ambitious, wishful. 
J ^V. f Juilkr, The bank of a river, a river. 
) >f*' f,j^^y^^> ^ ship- worm. 
^" ^juichehj A rivulet. 
i*jl,f^ jawhiy Of barley, broth, &c. made of it. 
j^^juyt, A petition, a prayer. 
*^J ^^^ ^^ jiiiyden, To pray, desire, demand. ^ 
^^^^^Juyinehy A swan, any aquatick bird. 
^cr chiy What ? J Ss^ chcfrotieh, How ? in what 
i\)^'^ ch'tsan, Of what sort? [manner? 

CL»\^£^jehaf, Plur. of c^jehet, [tie. 

A l^ jehkd^ A hard ground, an endeavour, bat^' 
j^^=»-J€har, Acting openly, reading with a loud 
) l/j^ chehar, Four. [voico.^ 

t*) ^ jK-^ chehargtin, Four and four, 
J (^ J t^ chehhrganehy Of four forms. 
' f )\^ cliehhromy The fourth. 
*j W j^^^o^rct, A loud voice. 
^\^s>jeha%,K portion given with a daughter. 
^{^johhal, Flur. of y^johl. XJ {^^jehalef, Jgf^ 
3lo l^^ jehametj Receiving sternly. [norance/ 
\^| L?^ je/z^tw, The world. , "* 

I I T ^ {^^jehanhi'a, Adorning the world. 

y ^ i I .*j Ip jeh(inafrc%. Enlightening the world, 
Cj\ Cj Uy^/iawZraft, God Almighty^,.. ^ . ' i 

J IjI> jakanlhnee, Imperial, ^^r^ cfic^itiH^ 
&[^jeJihnet, A youhg maid servant. [Manj» 
',) \pjelihneey Worldly. 

.i*J ^-^ ^ JeJihneedun, To cans^ one to leaj>, 
■(.--A^ jV^^, A heavy dull countenance. 
-^.x^ jihhed, Paying w^ith ready money. 
o^A^ je}ih6%j Acute, buying with ready moneys. 
CK^Jehet, The side- face, fespect. f vigour. 
t^sy^jehjeheiy A libii. o^^jehd, An attempt) 
^y^ cheKr, The face, countenance. 
)^^^jehrh, A mullitude, winking, beautifuL 
]^^jehran, Publicly, with a clear voice. 
^ j^s^^jehretj Open, conspicuous. 
^ ^i^ j ehremeyet, A kind of linen cloth* 
b ^^ chehreh. The face, the air, a wheel* 
•^s>jehet, Rushing into danger. 
ifi^^jehsh, Crying and running frightehedi 
^^i^\Ji.^jehshan, Fearing, springing. 
tii-^jehshei, A profusion of tears, a mob. 
^^jeh%^ Overcoming, removing. ^'ehl, 

^.^jehl, Ignorance. '^=>. johela^ Plur. of J^ 
tX^jehelef, Ignorant. / fi chehelom,Tht foi^^ 

^^jeJim, An austere- look. [tieth. 

^js. jeherif Coarseness of face. 
- U^ jehennam, A deep well or pit. 
^^^Jehennem, Hell, the infernal iire. 


r 46 1 

\y^jeliwhi A tent, with a roof, [we/?, A pudding. 
ty^^johood. Laborious, a jew. J 1 ^ ^johood^* 
tf ^ ^johoodee, A jew, Judaism. [Keen, clever. 
^j^i^jehweree, High-sounded. 'ii^^s>johoo%et, 
^ y^ j^^ool. Very ignorant. 
^y^:^jehoom, Weak, impotent. 
%^ y^:^ johoomet, Austere countenance. 
ilfy^sf-jewa, Having naked posterioTs. 
^j^^jelieed, Pasture . ^yL^^jeheedim, To bounds 
^isj^s>.jeheedee. Diligence, study. [to leap. 
yx^jeheer. Loud voice. ^^ cJieheer, The face, 
yx^jekee%, Light, swift. [complexion. 

(joA^i^jeheex, Abortive, not fully formed. 
^j^jehee'td, Hell, j ^^ cJiehi/ooz, A pully or 
^ ;iei, Arriving. [block. 

.£> chi, What? who? 'iUs^jeiad^t, Arrival. 
J'i^ jeri/ar. Heat in the stomach. 
)Q\j^jeiya%, Walking proud. 
I %\^-^jdyhfj An interred corpse. 
«^ Ue. jeiyhweii A seat for a pot or kettle, 
u^j^jeihf A cloak, 'ixj^jeihef. An answer. 
J y^jeipoovy The king's high-way. 
I *A^^ checpoor, The spear's iron head. 
3Ua. 7%ef, A ditch, yij^^jeeter, A short man. 
hyVj.^^ jeiseloot, A lying impure woman. 
gvAj> jee/, A ward. .)^a-. jeejel, A large stone. 

I *2 } 

J>J^ cheecheTeJi, Sickness, pai-Rv 
o^AJs. jeed, A beautiful neck* 
\i'j^jeedh. Having a fine neck (woman^J^ 
J 1 aa^ jeedar. The scarlet oak. [tear up^. 

^v^ eheeduHy To collect, to pull, to cut, to, 
xO' c^eer, Valiant, a con(^ueror, sublime, im-^ 
^^x^jeeri, Certainly. [pudent.. 

ijA^ jeeret, An edge ©r corner.. ^^4> cheer eh,, 
y^ chee%, A thing, an article. [Bold.. 

^j^ cheezoOyk hedgc^-hog. [One thing, nothings 
tj^ chexehy A small forceps, ij >-f^ chee%ee», 
^♦♦vs.wv^r'' chees-t^ What is it ? ,*j l:^,^^ cheesian^ 
A >iw*A^ jeesood. Tree or stick. [A riddle, 

f^j^Jeesh, An army, recreation, [with dignity.. 
U^j^jcity Turning away. 15/.^. jee^, Walking^ 
y^ u^^ cheeghoot, A bad pillow,, the middle^ 
CSj^^jeefef, A carcase, a corpse. 
y^jeeh A body of men, a troop, 

L^ cheel, A troop, a crowd. 
^ IL^ cheehn, A wood haunted by wolves* 
^x^jeem, The letter g., a silk robe, 
.♦r^^ cAeew, China, a fold, a wrinkle. 
^ >uj^ tJL.5r cheenhyeedun, To cause to assemble. 
^jA^ chindereh, A-playing. j ^^ cheenoor, 
J^£^ cheeneh, A gin, grain. [Right, straight. 
^ I * -J^f^ cheenehdt^n, The crop of a bird. 

yio- cJieenee, Chinese, china-ward^ 
Z^ ^j^juyooh,V\uv. oi ^^s^ jeil* 
^y^juyood, Plur. of c^s^jeed, [Qoick silrefi 
tr >^=* jiiyoosh, Plur. of iji.A^jeish,i ^ jeeweh, 
x-Ji j^Aj* j6ihelook, Moiree-dung. 
j>^Ai^ jeihoor, A flj. 

^ y^a. The sixth letter of the Arabic alpha- 
bet, and the character of eight in arith- 
*^\s>. hklf A sin, crime. [metic. 

Sj U» Jixlet, A court, a crime. ^.jU. haLel, Cast- 
j^ U* lihloor, A meeting of villains, [ing a net. 
^ U- hahee, A giver, bestower. 
3o U ^a^?7, A youth, weak. ^ U hatem, A judge, 
jjfj U ^a/ee. Drinking much. ^^ u ^asew, A 
O'. U. l-> hhjit, Plur, of c:.^ U /2d^/e^ [hot-day, 
vv^s. la. a. p. /fo/'i^, A porter, an eye-brow. 
c<^ L* hkjet, Necessity, &c. 
^'^^p, a. hajefmend, Indigent> necessitous. 
^U» hkjery A bank, a wall, j^ U hcLJi%, Hin- 
3^U /tayW, Having the feet bound, [dering* 
^^U. hajem, A surgeon, a barber. 
jys^Ls. hajooVy A dam, a dike. 
g^3i.U hdjooret, Blind-man's buff* fsour. 

^^ U Aa/ee, A IMahometan. ^ U ^a J, Sharp, 
c, ji U hkdesy Just appearing. 
»S a Is* hdidiset, A novelty, a misfortune. 

^ A U hader, Of a firm compact bod}% 
cJaU hbjdtk. Ingenious, industrious. 
^_5 i l=* hadoor, An ear-ring, i^ i la* hadee, A con^ 
i U. haz, The rump, . [ductor. 

^^U M%eA Avoiding, readj.^ Uj U». ^i/'^ar, 
^ U harr. Warm, sultry, [Breathing hard. 
ij U. haret, A street, t^^ U. hkres, A farmer, 
5 J U. hhredf Passionate, warm. [a lion.^ 

ij^j U» hares, A cqmmander, a centinek 
jjc^ls* litres, Desirous, ambitious. 
cJ^ Ui. hkreky Burning, ardent. *»^ Is* hhreket^ 
uij^ ^^^'f'oon, A restive horse. [Fire. 

-jU. ha%emy Provident. iu,U, hhsset. Sense, 
j^ U» hased. An enemy. w«, la. hb,sir, Naked, dis- 
^ U» /^a^/t, Except, God forbid \ farmed. 

ojt l-^ hashed, Ready, prepared. [garment. 

X^Ls* hhsheyety A margin, edge, the hem of a. 
.-**9U». hksehy (Wind) spattering aound^ 
^Ul hisedy A reaper, a mower, t' 
^tiai i h difer. Prohibiting, a restrainer,^ a^^tmait, - • 
y^\^ hhsel, Advantage, remainder, cjcinclusion, 
/^AoU. 'kdsen, A modest woman. .[bitact. 
jto\^ hcL%er, Present, ready money, an inha- 
g^ye\si hh%erjet. Present, quite ready. 
ju^ U., hh%net, A nurse, 
%j^\^hhtooret, Penetrating (sword. j 



[ ^0 1 

6U. haffy Surrounding. 

ixiU. hhjid, A boy, a servant, a brother-in-law* 

^U> Ad^r, A claw> a naiL 

iy U hhferety Commencing, path, [guardian, 

Aiii U. hafisheh, A water-course. Ui U» /ia^25, A 

XJai U. Ubfi-xetj A female guardian. 

^ U. /ia)2/, A fruitful branch of a tree. 

4,il> hdfee, Barefoot. t-Jl»» /laM, The middle 

M U. huikit. Worth. [(of winter, &c.) 

Sy U. haketet. Striking the feet. 

^^ U. haken. Having a diabetes. [tooth. 

3Lo U*' hakenet, The stomach. *^> U htiiet, A 

^S) U. kkkenif A governor, magistrate, &c. 

*:i\^^i\s> hkhemaneh, Judicially, &c. 

SU-S) U hhkemet, A ladj, a princess. 

^ySsU. hakee, An. author, historian, [present* 

^ L=> Aa/^ Condition, an affair. "S U. A^/d, Now, at 

ci, iJ U Aa/flt^ Plun of y[^ hal. [state. 

i—aJU hhleh, A milker, xi u. M/e/, Quality^ 

cJiJ U hklek. Shaving. [SlothfuL 

^L> Ai/ftt, Very black, pitchy. JU. halem,i 

Xif^U. Iialooket, Sharp pointed (a sword.); 

U la. htilcyunt At this time. i' 

'iAl^htili/et, Adorning herself (woman.) . 

U U Aaw^, A weight of four and a half drams* 

ow« U hamed, A praiser (of God.) 

. I si i 

^^ li* hame%. Sour, J>ungent, accomplisted* 
yjis. hhmel, A porter^ a carrier, • 
t5-c U hhmee, A defender, a camel. 
313 U /i^^e/, A wine shop* k3 1». hhnet, Very red 
i*U U haneki Very black. [skini 

is^ la. hjiiootj A shop, ^j U hknee, A wild cow. 
tf J U. hawee, Gollecting, a collector. 
Ib^jU. haweyett The interior (of the bellyO 
c--oU. hhyel. Sinning, offending, juU* hhyed^ 
jj U* hayeVj Astonished* [Turning from* 

(jijU* hayeshy A plantation, 
kj U. hayety A wall> inclosure. ib U. hhyeky A 
J.J U /i^z/e/, Detaining. [weaver* • 

i-^ hehhf A grain, a pill, affection, a lover* 
Us. helh, A royal favourite, a gift. 
*-j Ui* hetcthy A heap, love. 

^ tp- helcileh, A bubble of water. 

» * ■ 

ci* Ua» /leJa^, Pluri of cas. helh, t-o Ixa* holhheii 
J La. AeJar , A inark, sign* [Weak* 

gjUs* heihref, Plur. of ^^a^ helerif, 
if J U*s. holiiree, A bustard* 
A^ Ui* holasheh, A mixed multitude* 
i Ias. /ieZ»^/, Plur. of ^ hell. 
Xi Ufi* hehalet, A vine- shoot, unripe (vine.) 
y Uib. hehhlee, Plur. of ^^ AoJ/a. 
^U> heHy^h Plur. of x^r^x^ heleeieh 

f « J 

jL>c» h^lelef, Any thing agreeable, [of stature. 

Su&. hebief, One grain, one seed. y:>s* helter, Short 

3jUa> hebieiet. Tormented by avarice. 

^^ hchtek, Itittle, bare of flesh. 

^t,^ hcLeSf A trainless serpent. 

gvs^ heljr Approaching, ^ac^^ heljer. Thick. 

c-» Lsy* hel-hhb. Short, deformed. 

t-^££x^ hehhcht Small, slender. 

!ius>.. heb'ezii, O excellent! brave! 

^^ hd'r. Beautifying, gladness ; hibry A learned 

yjj^ hihj'ler, Any thing. [teacher, ink. 

.••'.jA^ hilrety A striped Arabian cloth- [lent. 

*^3i. Jeire/, A bustard. ^^X2> AeZ'ra^/i, Malevo^ 

^y3^:*^ heberhs, A small camel or ram. 

j*5^A2» hebcr^eshy A small camel. 

(jaS^^ASi. heler^esy A d\\'jirf, ^ small camel. 

^.^^As. nelerhelt Blubber-lipped. 

^|£,^A2i helerJihi Perishing, fin insect. 

Xfj^ hehremet, Soup made of pomegranates* 

^^.j^ hehsy Retention, a prison, ^^xz,, hebez^ Moy- 

j,^^ ^ei/. Ruined, swelling, [ing. 

9jSu^ hebkunst, Hail. [grain of barley, 

^y^aAa. hebJtely Short-boiled. iLSaA*. heleket, A 

jo^ ^p^/, A league, compact. 

jUUa. heblet, A shoot of a palm-tree. 

uXLlc*. he^UeiyJi. flesbless st^eep. 

[ 53 ] 

^Ass ho^Ia, Pregnant. ^Ais* helen, The heat of 
Ua^ hd'jiky Having the dropsy, . [thirst;. 

JoXj^ hehcniq,, Short ot body, corpulent. 
^A^ hehoOt Giving, being near, eminent. 
u-_.^A=» le'oohf Plur. of «»o* hejyh. 
B^Ais. hvhivet, A s^sh. J ^xs^ holoor, CheerfulncsSj 
^^A2* helaw?iei\ IMisfortune. [gladness. 

^-*AAs» hchcely A friend, favourite, 
^Axa. hehcer, A cloud. (j*,.aa2. heLeeSj Dedicated 
U^xs^hebeet^ Short bodied. [to pious uses,^ 

x^oAA^ heheekef, A track. ^^^ heleen, See Ua^s, 
SuAA^v heheenet, The cameli }n. 
i-iL'si. ^d^^. Going in haste (a horse.) 
Ia^ heta, Sewing. ci> U=. hetat, Spread. 
jU^b. hetar, A lappet, covering. -U^* hettani, 
yji^ hofr^ Giving sparingly. [How long? 

»jXs. Jietreh, Sucking. J:.yjX^ hetroosh. Short. 
c«i;'-. heff; Death. ^XXa- Jietek, Going. 
J.A-. /ze^e/. The refuse, a gift. *jb. helm. Juris?. 
^^^l<;^. hetmkny The commander. [diction. 
i^s^ hetUy Resembling, same manner. 
^A=» /ie/oo. Running quickly. [Plur. of ^Xs>^Jietni. 
cJ^A> hetoof, Plur. of ucis^ hetf, ^^ hotoovii 
^^ hetta, Until, in such a n^anner. 
tjLo* hess. Stimulating. . 
oUi* hesh>s, Sleep, a black eye-wash, 


[ 54 ] 

ijlia. hoosttreh, Chaff, a bit of stra^v. 
jb 11*. hosalet. The worst part, 
tjijl^vla. heshas, CovttouSt stimulated. 
cl^ysASi. heshoos, Instigating, many. [ful. 

oIJls. hesf. The rough tripe, ^jb* hcsl, Distress- 
»jj^ liesich Sediment of oil or ointment. 
Ji^ hesnif Giving, rubbing. 
iiU hesmefi A reddish hillock. S-^ heswa, Hav- 
<jL.yi=. hesooSy Avaricious. [ing much earth. 
Jk^ hesttt Sprinkled earth. 
^Xaa-* heseesee, Impulse, stimulation. 
JaXs. hesexly A mountain-tree. ^^ hcjj, Pilgri- 
IsKV:^ hejd,, Understanding, [mage to Mecca. 
v-_> Ls^^ hejhh, Modesty, shame. [pressor. 

g-U.-^^ hejaf. The eye-brow; hejjhj. An op- 
j Irs?^ hojjcir, A lapidary, j ijcs^ Ivja^, Mec- 
J la^2. hq/af, 1 he flux. [ca, 

^ bo.=. hejhl, Plur. of *X:s«c^ h(*jlef, ' 
^ l^i^^ hi jam, A rein, a bit. iix^ lr5s^=> hcjkrnct, 
y^^^ hojh, Breeches. [Bleeding, scarifying. 
AA2^^ hejehcty Plur. of 4_Ai. U hajijj. 
l:s^'he^jet, A pilgrimage. 
^ss^ ht^Jr, Hindering; In'jcr, A stone. 
c»\^ Jiojraf, Plur. of s,.:s hojre.t. 
ijj^j^ hojrkii, Interdicting, preventing. 
'i^ hqjret, A cell, closet. 

t 6S 3 


[Making peace." 
y^ hejz, Interposing, prohibiting. \ys: hej%z, 
»ys hoj'zet, The waist, the girdle. 
3^^ liejl, A jewel for the foot, 
w^ IL^ hejelahy The domestic swalloWi 
^^ ^jsv-. hejlh,n> Jumping with bound feet, 
♦sv^ hejem. Shaving, sucking, 
.^.sv^ hejoo, Stopping, avaricious, conjecturing* 
^^srvs* hejoor/l\\Q bosom, breast.. 
^y,ss=. hejooUy Far off. [margin. 

^^sf^hja. Intelligent, sensible; hejee, Edge, 
gvA3A=» hoLjcef, Plur. of ^ u ha'ce. 
Sys\:^ ]iejjee%a,RGConci[in^. [A limit, 

wji/^sv::* hejeef. Wind in the bowels, jv^ heddj 

5 w\^ hcda. Impelling, c» ^ <a^ hedacit, A two- 
«::^i• ! A=* hedqLsef, Youth, novelty, [pronged fork, 
i^j>^ heddad, A porter. 

6 5»Xi* hedak, Plur. of S3 ,>^ hed/ccf. 

oo \ *>^ liedaid, Plur. of H ju ,><i,hedtedeti 
i-Jijlj>.iv hedhik, riur. of ii^j^^ hedceket. 
c jvi. A/Je/, The edge of a sword. [tales. 

ciL- Jsc:- hedes, A young man ; hids, A letter of 
w Ij j.«^ hedes(tf, Plur. of JL- J^ hades. 
(jjlio^ hedsan, Beginning, novelty. 
^**X2. hodsa, An accident. [hibited, 

^ j^s. Aet//', Loading a camel, i js> heded, Pro- 

[ «9 ] . 

J jo> lieder, Haste, robust, depressing, 
%j .x>. hodref, A troop of camels. 
(^U.j45o. hUrifath Short of body. 
UM«>^ Jiedst A false opinion, going fast. 
X>' Jo. hedeiet, The pupil of the eye. 
^j^ hedl, Uncertain, wry-necked, 
3ul!uV=» liodeliketi The eye, &c* [a fire. 

X« wV2» hcdernett Ardour, the crackling sound of 
'jj^ 4>o J.S. hedendehce, A wonderful thing. . 
3^ *>» hednhy The north wind. 
t±>_jOc». hodoos, Appearing, discovery. 
d^<>o hodood, Plur. of jo*. ^e^J. 
J^«Xi» hedoor, A descent; hodoor, Compact. 
^j^jks^ hodoorei, A congregation. [tract, 

vJiojo hedees, Newly made, explanation, ex- 
^jc*. hedeesee., Narrative, fable. 
Ou<x=» hedeedf Bordering upon, iron. 
i(juJo> hedeedet, A weapon, a tool. 
XiuJca. hcdeekefi A garden, palm plantation.' 
I jc> hhhi Facing over against, a shoe. 
J 1 3cs. hizar, Caution, care. 
JUj ? j^ hozhrevieti Talking much, full of talk. 
4Sj\b^ kjzhree, 1*1 ur. of 3bj j.=* Jiixreet, 
Sli ! i^ hezafet, A bit of meat, morsel. 
i^ ! jc he%hfeer, Plur, of j ^ ^-^ he%foor. 

fbj heart. 
(_J!oo* 'hi%aJiy Quickness, getting the alcora» 
3u» \ j<a. he%bJieU Acuteness, extending, a mouth- 
\^ \ b<^ A^«^^^ee, Talking well, a sharp knife. [fuU 
^j^ \ bo ho%ameer, Plur. of j^ 4o. he%moor^ .. 
:> <x^ h€zc%. Nobility. 

J jo» hc%i\ Care, prudence. ; [date's- stalk, 
(LJ'^» ,b^ lic%rfo()J\ The paring of a nail, thQ: 
,SI^\3o. ho^roiet, A stewed dish,,SQU£, 
SLo.jv:^ hi%}^ei/2et,/£u\\ of talk. 
Ibj 0^ hizrect^ A cock's comb, rough ground;, 
.j3 ho. he%f. Striking with a stick, cutting ofF' 
(a syllable of a word, by apocope,) conr 
ferring favours, [large assembly. 

J ^ ho. ho%fuoi\ A side, district, illustrious, a 
tJj jo» he%k, Enlarging, reaping. [the eye. 
23 ho. hexket, A part. XX»>^ he%lelet. Rolling 
^ jcs. he%lf Love, inclination ; hozoJ,, Yoice. 
- j*^ he%my Cutting, being swiCtia walking or 
^ j<^ he%o, Sitting opposite. • [reading. 

CJ^^J ^^ 7/e%oors/io(/dw, To be cautious. 
(s ho. he%ip<, Biting the tongue. 
X jvi» lu%eet, A slice of meat, over against. 
•JO 5^=>. he%eelt. Cut, shaved. 
XjL> joa. hc%ec1iet, Quickness of understanding, 

*^. jsc^ he%eem, Sharp, (sword.) 


f «8 1 


^ hirr, iTeat, being hot ; Jion\ Free. 
\g,\js>^ hertil. War, fighting. 
L^ljft. heraf-ee, Vlur. of ,__, .=» herb. 
Ol^ hertit, A court, murmuring. 
cl>1^ ^dr(^5, A far men 
^\j^ heraj, P!ur. of sb>^i> hcrjef, 
^}js> herkd, ^yant of milk (a camel.) 
■^\y*' herctr, Becoming free. [Just, 

x^jiy^ hci^krety Fervor, heat, violent thirst, 
x^K^Sj^ heraset, Guardianship, 
j^*.^^ herasin, A species* of fish. 
\jo \y^herrh%y A maker of plaster or cement. 
Xi^j^ herbfety Changing, bitterness, anger, 
i^i^^^ hcrhfezy Plur. o( hiii j^herfi^el, 
\3^>s» herrak, An incencliarj* 
XS^^ herakdty Fuel for lire. Ji\^:^ h'r' leWy 
■^ \^ herik, Motion. [Reddish brown, 

^\^:^ heritn, Unlawful, venerable. 
SLot^s* heramef, Government. 
eJ v)^ hetaw%hclchj A bastard, thief. 
*k, ^1^ herhr/ntfcgh^, The spinal marrow. 
^ ^^ herhnice, A robber, an assassin. 
^ !^ herhr?, The obstinacy of a restive horse, 
jj,,,^^^^ heramees, Plur. of y**^!^;:-* herames, 
U^Sj^h^erhtoef, Acidity. 
u^ ^2* /ier ^, Fight, plundering, an enemy. 

X ^9 1 

L;^ herm, A camdion. Xj^^ hcrle.f, Friday, 
j^j >i> hcrhce. Warlike, near to. [Bending a baw. 
~ U ^-. herhhjj Corpulent, gross, li \j^ herha^, 
t !<^j J? herhgkhy A field of battle* [on. 

>^^ ■jp' A<?rt/,"Rnbbing haTd, of a bad dispositi- 
gj j^ herlct, A glutton. [tivating, gaining. 
>lVj^=* Jtcrteky Slender-bodied, ^^s^ heys,QKxi- 
^ .^ herej, Narrowness, a fault. ^^^ 
»^^=* hcrjef, A troop of camels. 
cJi^^»2* herjefj A cold wind. 
^^^-. h&j^l, A troop of horses. [wings. 

{^^y^y^ herjciViiv, A kind of locust without 
6^v^ herd, Proposing, an intention. 
.._, i >t* kcrdeh, "Ni^ht-shade, ciaj i .^ herdalet, 
uHa^ i -j:> Jierdeinet, Stubborness. " [Lightness. 
j^3 ij.r> henoon. The land crocodile, 
i*^ ^ heroref, Heat or sourness (of victuals.) 
Xj^, j.r* heroriyct, Good extraction. 
\_y^ //er 2;, Level ground, children playing. 
^^ hers, An ed/e. [Enmity. 

hershy Hunting the crocodile; hcresh, 
y^ hershrfy An artichoke, a thistle. 
Si-ij^ hershcfot, Unlevel hard ground. 
{jj^^j^ hershoon, A species of bramble. 
^ysj^ hers. Longing, desire, ambition. 
^p j^ here%t Corruption, lean, unable to move. 


t Co 1 


cj^^ herf, A letter, inverting. [Kage. fire, 

lij^ hhfdy Business. cJj^ Itcrli^ Brunt; hereli^ 

f.9j^ horkct, Flame, ardour. 

i) js^ heri/i', Ingenious, industrious, [a vowel. 

CS ^ herekct. An action, motion, procedure, 

VS ^ herJiClct, A leather saddle. 

-^2> herm, Despair, forbidden ; her em, K wife; 

Jiorm, Prohibited, character, &c, 
^Lo^:>7iermas, Smooth, light, hard. 
^^^Uji* heniKX??, flaking unlawful. 
f^^s> hcr'imct, Prohibiting; liormef. Sacred, a 

protection, reverence. 
'^y^y> hermes, A barren year. 3-o^a* hermel, 
^j^ Iicrniee, Prohibitive, [Wild nie. 

(j3v«^> Jicreinccn, Ihe two sacred cities, Mecca 
%^^^s> horoolff Plur. of «_»^-i. herb, [and Medina. 
1,^^ hertvet, Bitterness, sourness. [hot. 

a^j^ Jiorood, Restraining, j^^s* horooVt AVarm, 
Sjj^j^ heroor'itjety Freedom, nobly born. 
tjo^y^ heioc%y Ready to die (from love or nie- 
i^^js> heroofy Plur. of o^s* herf, [lancholy.) 
L3iy=* herook^ Fuel for /ire* 
Xjjj^ herociket, Pottage, gruel. ,^>*^^ hei^oon, 
%^ h^reh, Xight-shade. [Restive (horse.) 

a; ,r> hera, A court, a palace. 
«P^^^ her eel, Spoiled, plundered. 

^j.-> hcrreye^. Nobly born, freedom. [A friend* 
^/y=>. hereed, Single, living alone, ^j^^ hereer^ 
*s^^ hereeree, A silk merchant, 
(jij^^ hereesh^ A serpent, a griffin. [Covetous. 
Xii^^ hereeshel, A species offish, ooj^s.. hereeSf 
{^j^^ /zerf?^/', Impudent, audacious. 
iJtj^-* hereek, Burnt, flame. i£.i^ hereed, Dane- 
*.j^2> he?ee772, A comrade. f^"g» 

*<vjj^ her eemet, Any thing desirable, procured. 
j.a» /i^^^x, Scraping, boring, ^j Kc> he%citce, Thick 
j^ys* /zexd^/ Diligence. [and short. 

Ulv-* hexcbJian, Necessarih', by/orce. 
Xli* ^ •,=> he%akelct, The lowest rank of men. 
* K=* hezhm, A surcingle, belt, 
X5Ki^ hoxcinet, A Family. 
^*^^^> hethmter, Plur, of^^.*--. hetmoor* 
ji\y^ he%kvi'er, Plur. of^^^^. he%oor, 
L^'j^ he%ly A troop, a part. Xj-^^ he%ha,Vn*. 
Uy^ IiO%%et, The waist, the neck, [even ground. 
S^2*y*i^.2:e//-2:<3.'? Indisposition. * 
.C>y^ he%k. Tying with U rope. ^ v-. lieted, Reap- 
^'-^ he%er, A term, w^arlike. [i"g* 

3.5^2^ Jiezkel, Narro\\^ covetous, niggardly. 
-y^ 7ie%em, Binding (a load.) [king, splitting. 
^ ys^ho%met,Ahund\e of wood. ^^y^hezmer,A 
^y> he%mel, A vile despicable woman. 

i C2 1 

^y»)^ ^'C%moor, Taking the whole. 
^^3. he%7i. Rough ground; hezirit Sad; Aosj/?,. 
^joy^ he%crtileh Foolish. [Grief. 

• XJy* Itzmft A rugged raountainy„ 
%j^ y> htzwercf, A little hill. 
^^y- hc%aukJ, Short of stature. 
^ij^ lotccw, riur. cf -^ hc%crA* 
i^\s'j^ hi'%oon, Vicious (a sheep.) 
li^j^ lioxoonely Kuggedness of ground. 
y^^ji'j^ hcxeeran, The month of July. 
'm^y*- he%eem, A girih ^^.< y, hccxefv^ Melanc ho* 
^j^s>. ^e5s, Feeling, imagination, sense. [Ij, tud» 
Uo heshi A potion, drai^ght. 
t-»L«ca. lu&a^ f Calculation, proportion. [ ''['-^ 
ju U«^ hesalef^ Estimation, reputation, coniput- 
i A l*i*ft. hesadd. Envying j U^ hosai'y Unarmed^t 
(^ Lm> hos)s, Unhappiness, malignity. 
^Lo. heficikel, Plr.r. of 3*=-, — Iiea&eL 
-U*». //05.ini,-A sharp sword. 

U^ hossaif, riur. of ^^j,m*5» //05w. 
*p^3w hesb, Computing, a sufficiency, a surety. 
• iC:jJu*w«*£* hcselcl'imkan, As fiur as possible. 
/^U«»»- hoslhn, Reckoning, an arrow. 
*A**i» hcsM, A reward, price. 

.,.,^ heB'jee, Belonging to nobility, 
homt, A state^j^ circumstance. 

I &3 I 

ow»e- A i5<?<:?. Envy, malevolence. 
^ ^>j.s> hesdi'ly An ape, wicked. [ly at bearh 
J jsA»*r* /ig5<7e/c?5,Pretendingaversion,tho' fnenJ-. 
^^^ /le^iV, Fatigued; making bare, sighing for 
o ,<«*^ /ic5r^/, TmpalienGe, grief, longing, [grief. 
3"***^ liepfel, Piinj children. jJcama heslel, Large 
^^MO=. h^sek, Rough, conceiving hatred. [bqlUedi 
^^^ lies I, A you n^ crocodile. 
^..^ hesm, Cutting, searing a wound, 
^,., ^ hjsen. Beautiful, beauty ; hos?7. Goodness, 
iJilri ^^y*wu5- liQsnelihoUt A good disposition. 
U**^ hcsnciy A beautiful woman. 
Ciil>A^=* hes?7ixi, riur. of ^^s* /i^5^?2» 
5U:*^2* hcseiidt, A good vvcrk, a benefit. 
^•^2» hosjia, Paradise, victory, most beautiful* 
^**^ /;<?500, Drinking much, a. draught. 
ij.*^^ hesiiMt, Ohedraught. i^*»<^teooJ, Malig- 
j^-«*-. hesoor, Indisposed, pained, [nant, envious. 
^^*»^ hesool, riur. of ^,Mi> /i^^/. ' ? - [labour. 
-^«*2» hosoomy' Wicked, weaned^ fatigued with 
^5*,*2* /^6'SJ5, Water absorbed., 
v^--,-. hesechj Valued, conspicuous for birth, 
^A*«^ JieseeVy Tired, sighing, [dignity, merit, &c.. 
Xi/A-*i> //e5ep/e^. Rage, vile, [volent mind, hatred, 
x*:^....^ foee^'efj The .unfeelingness of a male-i 
j^AMCi /ic6'ee/, A calf.' jv,vs>7ioseg//, Beautiful, &o« 

I 64 1 

'^> Jieshsh, Inflamed with desire, a gardfen» 
U^* 1i€shh, Brink of the water, passage. 
^ UU. heshshan, Flur. of jis-. heshsh, 
^yijlii^ JieshayesJiec, One forager, 
^iio. heshd, Assembling a troop. 
^Jic^ heshr, A meeting, resurrection. 
OL>^^iJo. hefil^raty Plur. of » Ji^ hesliret, 
jJ^i^ heshrel, A reptile, &:c. [place. 

g.^-* heshrej, A small cup, a well in a sandj 
SU^ifci hesJiermef, The mouth and nose. 

^i;=* kcshesh, Dry herb or grass. < iii^ hesJ/f, 

*.fiii:£» hcsh/tct, Plentiful rain. [Dry bread. 

*>i;r> heshni. Angry ; heshem. Retinue ; hoahoin, 

X.vJir^ hesJimet, Enraged, ashamed. [Bashful. 

^jt^liCsheUf Smelling. 

'»s.L^ htshnef. Malevolence, hatred. 

'^ ^4i^ heshoof , The bowels, intestines, [ing sides. 

j yii.s^ heshooVf Firm-fleshed horse, having swcU- 

:i jiks* heshooJ, Milk collecting soon in the udder 

. (a she camel.) 
^jii^i* heshee, Breathing hard, corrupted. 
Xxio* hesheijet, A stulled couch or bed. 
(jji/ji^ Jicshee-'ih, Dry herbage, covetous. 
jli^Jia. hesheeshef. One herb. jUui;^ Iiesheelet, A 
*.*^a. hesheem. Having a great retinue, [family. 
cj4> /t<?55, Walkir.g swiftly, thinness of hair. 

r 65 ] 

fU^^ h^sh, Quenching thirst. 
^i*a^ Jiisad, Reaping, the harvest. 
jl*at^ hisa^, A castle, besieging. 
(je\j,a^ hss^s. Vehemence, quickness, rattling of 
Xi La:;, hesafef, Judicious. [the belly, 

*j \^^ hos^lefj Refuse, chafF. [chaste woman, 
3o l^a^ lusanef, Stout, a fortress. ^^^ l^a^ Jiesati,A 
*K;lAaj^ heshid, Plur. of jv^^a-* hesed, 
J.J Laiv liesail, Plur. of iixXAAa-. heseelet* 

he::]), Throwing pebbles; ^^52<^, Full of 
hesLetf Spotted fever, [gravel (a place,) 
l*a:^ hissef, A portion, lot. ^ {ss\Mi=^hes/i^s,Hdste, 
(.j^^sn^a^ hcsJiis, Earth and stone, [being clean. 
wV^> kesed, Harvest, hard, (cret. 

jjA=^ kesr, Detaining, numbering, keeping a se- 
Xj^^=» hesrt'het, Anxious, avarice. 
- y*2r=> h srim, Avaricious, tenacious, 
(ja^a^ /R'5<'5/rhinnessof hair, (.Jua^Ae^^ A rfng- 
*~aAtf^:> h'.sief, A candlestick, ' [worm. 

3aarv //iA<7, Unripe dates. ^^Lar* /??V<^1', Earth, dust* 
^jjAsc* /I'A'//, A castle, fortification, [a prison. 
jy^^ hesoor. Narrow-minded, chaste, a'Kin^, 
^^vr-^ hesooj. Acquisition, ^ ya^ hestoifK Break- 
^ ^t^y^ hesoofty Plur. of ^^ J/isn. [ing wincf. 
^g*asf ht'sa. Multitude, gravel. 
» >Ala^ heseedet, Cut ofF, harvest. 


I OQ ] 

yxj^u^ heseer, A mat, a case for a musical ir;« 
^JuMi=>^ heseef, Firra, sound in judgment. 
3Ju>a:a. heseelet, The rest. [a fortification, 

^jjuas^ ^e^ee/rt, Small gravel, jjy^as. hescen, A "pnson, 
^^ he%%, Instigating.^ Ixii* hezdJer,V\ur, of 
5^ l,a=> he%hret, Being present. [ jsv*a=- hexjer. 
*i l/aa. he%hnet, Educating, removing, vindicate 
l^Loa. hezhyh, Plur. of X>,i^ hcziyet. \}^Z* 

• ^*UU /ie«air, Small detachments, [ifi^'^', Ignoble, 
«^i» hexely Fuel ; /lexZ-, A male serpent. ^^ua=*. 
vaa. ^02:r, Leaping, a race, habitation, [ness. 
c:^yas>. he^rety Presence, dignity, pov^^er, high- 
l%&^ hetet, A species of herbage used for 
xj^tas^ hc'xf*^ A serpent. [medicine. 

j^^ hexeiiy Sitting on eggs. [vindicating. 

%x*as». 1ie%enet» Embracing, educating, averting, 
^>a> hexoo, Stirring the fire. 
^yoA. ho%oor, Presence, rest, repose. 

Vt- hezTice, A stone at the foot of a hill. 
juwbi. heziyet, Fortunate, lucky. 
i^Aifl*. hezeeret, A small body of soldiers, 
jjAA^a- liezepz Low ground. [house. 

, L:* 7/ito,Theremains of water. ll3:^/ie/a,A large 
cyj ik^ ^e/a^. Lopping; Jicttaly Awood-sel- 
|i» Uar>. /ze/df. The frpth of n^ilk. [lep. 

[ 6; 1 

-»ll»». hoihm, Small, broken. 

)aj lt> heihiff A dwarf, short of body, 

tj^las. heteh, A n important affair. 

*kr» hettefy Letting down, descending. 

^k> hytl, A wolf. Jas^ heiem, Breaking. 

^Ifvlaa. helm ^n, A general. [Weak, smalj* 

S*i2i. hetinetf Old age, barenness. k^kr* hetmiii 

_^tK> /^e/oo, Agitating, s^ka. hetooJt, A step. 

k_>ka. het%ot. Sloping, depressed* 

«■■ ...jks^ heteehy Woody (place.) 

lj=> ^<J2;%, Good fortune, pleasure, delight, 

Usa. he%hy Plur. of k'^k^a. heoiwct, 

5^U:c» hezhret, A sheep-fold. 

^ Ifs* ho%am, A meeting of guests, xt-* Aijjg^^ 

^2^ /t"2:jjer, Prohibiting. [Felicity, dignity, 

Mias* ho%oXj The juice of lycium. 

3Jc=» hezil, Eating the colocynth. [turning. 

5Mac=^ he%elky Restraining one from moving or 

^-i^^ /ie%(?/a?i/ Attention. [Becoming fa^. 

XJJis. he%lihety Quickness, hasty. ,^ ^^=^ ho%ooJt, 

5^l£> he%ivet, Happiness, (^ignity. 

3a ^ta. liezQO%, Plur. of ka. /le^s;. ^la-. /ie25fl', A 

ho Ua. htfasety A collection. [^''^'"g^ louse, 

^ Ub. hefazij\ Fleshy. c-J U^ 7«/a/, A troQp. 

»J Ix*- hefalety Worthless. 

• Uo. heJFo,!!, A youpg ostrich or camel. 

z^\J^ hefiirvet, Benevolent. Si> l^cffct, A wea- 
cLsjU lu'fi, Destrojing. [rer's beam. 

.Nii* tiefd, Going fast (an ostrich, camel, &;c,) 
jxs. hifr. Digging, hollowing out. 
»jic=. hefretf A ditch, a grave. 
^,j Jii* hefretee, Grim, deformed. 
6^ia» hefted, A grain of pearn, name of a plant. 
yb> lif,fz, Pushing, repelling, piercing with a 
spear. [tie box. 

^5* hefsh, Going at full speed (ahorse,) a lit- 
(jai^ hefsy A leather sack, a lion's whelp. 
^|^£lxs> h jTasehfOnc of Mahomet's wives. [Fleshy. 
^i=* fiefx, Bendimg, inflecting. g\*aia* hef^ijt 
laira. hefz, Custody, administi^ation. 
cjli£» hefi'f, Poverty, a margin, a trace. 
jis* hefi, A council, diligent. 'iXk=^hofie , Study, 
iiJiXfr* h'fik, Enervated, foolish. [diligent, 
^AsM. /i <?/>/, Taking up with both hands. 
^vsU. hifcnnejy. Short of body. 
^^k^ hifenja, Lnngtiishing. [Impudent, 

^jviib. hefviideU ^\<^\\ and careful, lt^s* Khfms, 
^l>aUi* h'rfinzaj, Em aged, i^l^ hifwef, Bare- 
jyj^ h'ifoor, A just sincere man. [footed; 

iy> yK^ hifoos, Plur. of (jdi^ hjfs. 
3 ^ji^ hofool, An assembly, congregation, [man.) 
^i£* hejee, Intelligent beat ia the feet (a wo- 

r % 1 

U{.»s>. hefeeth, A short squat man. 
jjS^ hefeer, A mosque, a moat, a well. 
lu.Ai-» hefeesh, Thicjc and idX, 
IsAia. htfeez, A guardian, ijiSs^ hefeef, Going, 
cJis. a. p. /ie/^. Just, gratitude- [servings 

UU. hei^, Really, principally. [of the naii. 
u--* IX> hekkl) A girdle, the white at the root 
c*^ ULt^ heJii^ret, Yileness, being despicable. 
^JJUU. hekhhy Litigating. '-rt»7.^.\ 

m;^ i|r hekhletj Water in the bowels. 
^ UU hekkd^n^e, Disinterested, purcj;'-^' ---c~ 
o Vis^ hekhyei\ Plur, pf 'ixjj^^ hekedtit. 
hekhet, A year, a space of time, 
iki heket, According to law, truth. 
|ji^x;> het-heket, Difficult andi dangerous. 
oSs. heked, Malevolence, rancovir. yis^ hoker, 
Uajia. herhan,' Swift, speedy. [Contempt.. 

Lte heke^> Agility. 
^^^Ukx:^ hektehan, The male snipe. 
juiaAs* h-ektehett The voice of a bird. [hill. 

4jlX-> heJf, Sand heaped up in a long waving 
3J(^ /ig^/, Good soil, land without inhabitants, 
jjjA^ Ae^w, Giving an injection. 
*;Xai. Tid^w^f, The cholic, a glister. 
^«». hekco, 'The notched end of an arrow.. . ^ 
Sr^Kk hekivet, The belly-ach. 

i 70 ] 

AyL» he^ood, MaWgnsLnt, 
l^yU hekooret. The fourth heaven. 
cJyiifc hekoo^, Plur. of (.^a, ^e^. *jL» heUteh; 
l^^^^./ie^ee^^^ A portmanteau. [A box; 

*>ji*» heJteer, Mean, contemptible. 
KjJi».Jieieei, Worthy, deserving. 
XLx» hekeeketf Truth, really, advice. 
jLA:»..hekeeke€t T^rue, unfeigned. 
^^S^ hekeen. Coagulating milk with oxygen. \. 
jU heiki Scratching, scraping, doubt ; hek, A 
^ i/c^«^ hekak, A jeweller, a polisher, [handle. 
*li£a>. /io^a77i,.Piur. of ^4£sk^ Hekew. 
Ckj, t^ -w hekhyef. History, fable, &c. .^^^^ 

s<= — hekk^t. Itching, rubbing. ijC^ hokrpff 
^jS^hekshy Collection, contraction. [Whatever* 
.fi^»^ hekek. Soft v^^hite stone. 
3*^^ hokl, (Any thing) giving fio sound. 
rt^<=^«^ hekenij A prince, a nobleman. 
i»^~^ hokemk, Flur. of^^ss. hekevi and hekeem. 
SU^Sai. hekeemet, A bridle, the chin of a sheep; 
o^^ia. hekoof, Languor in work. 
^y^i^Jiekooht Plut. of A:^ AeM., 
Ck-fl^^a:*. Aeloo/z^e/jJurisdictiony vfT: ' 
/♦ f ! ; ^>* v^ hokoomctrkn. Reigning power, 
c BCu* ^-^ hoAoQmeigg,bj(j:i%'^ s^t of govem- 
..-- . ■ ' . . [ment. 

IJiA^Mfc he^eeJe', Smooth, polished (die,) tne par- 
ing of a nail. [hela, Pounding. 
^,^=x=>^ hekeem, Learned, wise, prudent, &c. ^^ 
u*^ 5^ helhheSf A nobleman, affixed. ' ** *^ 
- 3\a* helliiTy A dresser of cottoii. 
Jc* iU hol^hel, A prince, k cHief,' tribute.^ 
cJiiU ^e/ii^, A sore- throat ; helihh, A b^tbeH 
jy=. Ae/d/, lifegali'a lawful thingi.'^'-^'^'^'^'^'J 
J iV^ /ze/a/ee, A light thin ddtlir"^ '^'^'^ -^"^ 
^'3b* holi&m, Cattle of the smallest kind."' "* "- 
j^ 5^ hdli^mee, Death; ^^^iu.Ae//d^;Dissol^^i 

-A .. ? 

3.,^:=. MA^/^e/, Plur. of ji^ fc/(i/r ■•""\-'" -^ »* 
v«-Jl* heleb. Milking; neW-aiilk: '^^^V ^* 

So Uu! heW^bet, A milk-camel. *xl::^ heItei,--A 
S^ helledfiK dwarf cainel.'''' [ho'rs^-c'dti'fs»i 
i^hl^met;^J>ck^^h^^ ^'^ '"^ '^'^'-^ 
^jmaXt* helhes, A nolJleniiiri, aMi(>n;'addidt^d# .^ 
w^>li:'M/i^3K^^rbiack M*?'-^'';;^ -V-'^-> 
jUb* /ie//e^, A clo2l:''6r t'pp'e^^gar&ent; i plic«? 
Ui^ /lo/zC^ii^^'^cofe^? fe!;'" |;b?siittrifiee; 
c,.JiU ^e/^'A;iriisef.'';^'^'tV^ .VAi\ ^: , 
^'Ujj, tra^flitjg^ui^ng fli^ ti^ii?} '^ -^ ^'' 
^^Ob* helje%, CovetBus, a nilfs^r. ^ ' * *^^ 

^/y&,1ielMoii» A horn^bekle, a Mt: '" ;^''' 
yjiai. helis,'A brave mafn. - -^ -•'•♦^ *^ ^^ ' 

p^h*, hehenh An avaripious man. 

U'i)^ helfy An o^th, confederacy, faith. 

4jJUb» helfes, A fleshy old camel. 

tJilbfc helk, Shaving, much wealth. [friendtj. 

JtSla* helket, A ring, a dqc^'-cing, a circle of 

oJULa. helked^ Difficult ; helekkod. Weak, a crime, 

^uXifc. hofkos, A fence of hoards qr poles. 

^ yiXs. holkoom , The throat, J^ beUern, Black, 

4^ heki, Blackness. 

^r> Mel, Weakness in the hough or pastern » 

^ helc^Jf, Destroying; //o/m, Slunqbering; 

hilm, Understanding, mildness, 
*Jls. helemeff The tike. 
fX^ heloo, S^eet, pleasant, reward, 
^j^ heliv-ajf A bird that feeds on carcasses, 
^S^>'.h$lwh.n, A broker, (place of sacrifice. 
u-i^> helqoh. Milking, ^^fs» Woo/, Entering ^ 
M^3^ fiQiooneet Variegated, 
CLfk^ heluieyaf^ A kind of sweet cake. 
vJi> heleelt Syveet milk, date-wine, 
gjbfc hfiltoj, Carded or dressed cotton- 
caaU. hekcf, A partner, a cppspirator. 
IUul>, helei^e't. An oatji. vi^a- hel^eky Shaved, 
jJia^ Ae/d^/, A spouse, associatCfx. ,, 
^W hdeeni, Gentle, humane, a fat animal* 
m»» hem, A father or biother-in-law.. 

I 7t ] 

l^ nemh, Clay, mud. gi^ kernht, A father-in^ 
^ a t^ hern.hdky Intense heat. [law* 

J l-i. hemar, A he-ass. 
»i^ \^ l^ hemkrkty Active, industriouSt 
ijjl^- hemaret, A she-ass, a large stone, thel 
upper part of the foot. [Asinine. 

u^j ^ hemareSi Strong, a liotl, (Sj l^ hetdkreei 
CL^m l^* hemaset, Steady in religion, bold. 
^je l^ hommhZf Wild sorrel, is l^ height, A can- 
XisLj- hemaiet,'Dry herbage, heat, [ker-worm, 
cJi I5* homaky Small pox, &c. [rier of burthens. 
CJf I5* 7?d7??^^e#, Foolish, folly. ^ I5. hem^l, A car^ 
XJ l^ hemklet, Receiving, conceiving, 
-l^ hemam, A dove, pigeon, a turtle ; ^dm- 
7W^W7, A bath. iu^si a \]iemm'inu 

c:>\^\i^ JiemmaKtiht, Plur. of -l^ hem am or 
3U l^ hemhmef. One dove. 
'^ l^ hemmamee, A bagnio-keeper. 
Cul^* hemhyet. Protection, defence. 
^^ l3> hem)yel, A shoulder sword-belt, a chafm* 
^.l^* hemayetfi, Plur of *l^ hem am, 

X5* hornet, The venom of a scorpion, [praising. 

*sx^ hern-hem, Very black, d^herm}, Praise, 

i\)^ j^ hemed^ii, Membrum virile. 

S *X5- hemedetj The crackling sound of fire. 

^^^•^ ^iemdooneh, An ape, a baboon, 


[ 74 I 

J.9- hewr, Skmning, shaving ; hemer, Bursting 
\ y^^ hemrhj Red, a barren season, [with rag§. 
p \^ hemerat, Active, industrious. 
5^ hornret; The rose, redness* 
*ij^ homredctflih^ slirpe of a crstern. [tastft, 
**^ henireket, Wool. ^9. henix. Bitterness of 
.»-^ hem%eh, Bar>ey broth, the name of ^ 
jjMi* hemes, Strong, hard. [brave niau. 

/i^ hemsh, Having slender leg*-. [Wild sorrej. 
fjo^ he?n%,A&ii\t bitter plant. L^A^a^ Jwz.emzeez, 
3Jo^ hemfel, The coloquint, gourd, &;c, 
ib^^ hemteety The canker-worm. 
015- homek, Folly ; homek, A fool. 
Ui^ /<ew2^a, Tlifi insipid herb (beet.) 
J^^ hemeJif A louse, nit, a minute thing. 
j.-.. ^em/, A burden, xx^ hemlef, An attack. 
^$- hemlee, Categorical. 
^^ hemmem. Fuel, ashes, coal, 
i^^ hcyffiawwet, A paroxysm of pain. 
o^^^ hftnood, Praised. ^^^9^- homoos, Subduing. 
hi>^:^ hcrnoo%et, Sourness, bitterness. 
^^ hcvfiool, Tame, gentle. 
p}^^ heinoolet, Carried, a beast of burthen, 
»'^9- h€ma?vht,-^\nT. of » I9- heniaf, 
*ri>5* ifi?emoo7/e/,.Heat, becoming hot. 
^59- /um^, A dovc; a pigeon; /tcwma. Heat, v 

! 75 I 


t^ "hr/mei/h, Heat. c>^ hemeef, Extreme rage. 
Xa9- 7?6'?/ifz/e/, Prohibiting, hindering, [ther strap. 
4X>5- /;o7??^er;?; Praised, glorious, ^~^ hc'TifjLeer, Lea- 
3^^^ hemeeh A son of a whore, a surety. 
*.>^ heme em, A hot bath or wat<^r, the heat of 
summer. * ' for privet. 

Ijb^ hhifja, The dy h)g or GolauriDgherbcjpruSt, 
j^ Us. heiihjery The wind-pipe, the throat.. 
3.^ Us* hjen^jel, Short and* compact of body. 
^^^^ Mnhdej, A large camel, a heap of sando, 
^ Vas. henvb^s; The deviJk !» l;=> hennat, A seller 
St U:s» henatet,The art of embalmrng. [of w^heat;*^ 
L-5l;=* henhk, Plur. of jii-. heneJc, 
S Ua.. henak, Plur. of x^;-* Jienhet, 
y^s Uiv kennel, Plur. of \y^a;^ henJteU 
^ Ua* henhloo^ Tinged with Cyprus. 
^i> U&. henhn, Pitying, parental toveo. 
3L> Us* henhyef. Flexure, bending, 
y. Us* Jienayer, Plur. of s^^as* keneereh 
jUIaJs* hembalei, A babbler^ 
gvAAs* Jiomhojy Long of body, fleshy, a louse, 
^x;=* hcmher, Dwarfish ; hmi^err, Magnitude* 
ij^xAs. hemherety Excessive cold. [streng^th, 
C<ijjS=. hemhereet. Pure water, weak. 
yj^s> homhel, Short of stature, dwarf. 
«;-. hennet, A wife, the foam of a camel. -^ ' 

I ?6 1 

&^ hent^, A dWarf. f^Zs> hen f em, A bucket, the 
it^j^x;?* hontoofy Scratching (beard.) [dwarf. 
^•'•/»^ hehSi A sin, obedience.^ UUs. hensar, A 
JU2» henser, Foolish, a fool. [weak. 

S^Sjo. hefiseret, t)ifficulty. ji;;** henHeh Teeble^ 
k^^^s^r^ fion/eh, i)ry. ^jc\2^ hevjer. The throat. 
(.^£» hevjef. The top of the haunch or thigh. 
Jar^Ab. henjel, A large bodied woman. 
* ys^ henjood, The wind-pipe. 
oJ>. honod, Plur. of ^yir* henood, 
^jj^ hendelf Short, a dwarf. 
yj js;ft* hendeles, (A camel) fleshy and flabby,' 
- j.x=> hendera, A red rooted tree. 
/.^U.>Jb* hendenihn, A troop, a crowd* 
dJb. /^ene^, Roasting (an egg.) u-, ^ys. hinzal, 
^y&. hen%e1iery Despicable. [A strong ass. 
t^^y=> henxooh, A flight of birds. 
ji^ hensh, A serpent. \4aas> Jietisa, A weak man. 
j\aaj^ hiiisar, i^UaX^ or 1;^. Large bellied, 
^ji^s^ hentereer, Plur. of x^^laJb* hefiteer^et, 
J ^^2* hentereeret, A cloud, part of a cloud* 

u;^ hentee, Large bellied, despicable. 
^ Itjb* hen%awoUy Short. (^.Jajc* hon%ob, A male- 
yju2» hinfes. Shameless. [locust, 

yovi,. lienfeiy Weak, cowardly. 

iXa. Jienefee,, Orthodox. Ju^ henek. High in- 
^^ henky A bridle, perceiving, confirming. 
%^=j^ henkety Strength, expeneiice,^ 
^^s.J^ hinlielj Despicable, rude, 
^> henoOy Crookedness, bent, 
tp^^^ow henwet, An odoriferous herb^. 
l^y^ henoon, Whistling (as the wind.) 
I LJLa. henyky A crooked back. Xxia. heniyety h, 

i±vJLa. hemes, Perjnred^ wicked. [bow, 

S^^ lioneeref. An ^,l^ch, d, bqvy without the 
yP^ henee%. Short. [string, 

UuJ^ heneef. An orthodox mussulm^a. 
jds>. henefee. Orthodox, ^^y^ heneen, Parental 
y^ huwou, Vlur, ofcf^s^! ^hwa, [affection, 
lys. hevcLy Eve ; hewa, A tent of wool or goat's, 
CLi\y^ hawcih, A spacious place. {^hai?, 

^^^^ hhwaticky A young ostrich. 
«g*».!^2» haivhjihyVXwV' of u-.t:S kejalf, 
^sf>^^ haWQjely Plur. of ^U /i^je^ or JUU.Ui 
dSj^^y hawkdes, Plur. of ^^^je* kfidees, 
^j\y^ hd^hrecy Shining. ^^ i^-^ hawxSt Sens^, 
i^^^ hawasett A mixed ^as^mblj- 
'^\ ^ haivhshecy Plur. of iU^la. hasheesh* 
^\y> hawusel, Plur. of Am^^ haw seleK 
f^]y> hawcLsen, A chaste woman, 



»^Syl^ hcLwhtetf A place for keeping grain. 

iSJy> hawh'ket. Any thing swept. 

^\^ hawhly A circle, changed. 

SlS^s>hawhlet, An etninence. 

J^_^ hawalee, Round about, surrounding. 

^^ )y^ hawcLWee, Plur. of ju^s. haiveyet^ 

^. !^ hawaeeft Plur. of tiXa. U. ^q;>/. 

Ly». hawhht The soul. iu^a. hauulet. Grief, 

o^ ^00/, A large fish. [want, 

iU^ hawiek, Short, lean. 

i^s.j ^ hawteJtef, Pace of a dwarf. [A sash. 

^^ ys> haivtekee, A short lion. iSs ^=» hawiekei/ef, 

^ys^ hoTviel, A youth, weak. 51* ^s* hawjilet, A 

^^^^5* haivjeii, A red rose. [cruet, 

^^\i^-. hatvxan, The water lilly. 
j^ hawer, A defect. 

*j:^^i* litiivereey The white poplar (tree.) 
j^£» h2W%, The brink, edge, a province.- 
Xj^sk haiizet, A congregation. 
*tf j^2» hoo%ee. Nimble, prudent, 
y*^ /ifl2^5, Separating, searching. ^jM^^hdivsek, 
^ ^ haivseh, Rich, opulent. [A castle, a palace. 
XX^^a* hatvselet, The stomach, crop, 
^^ lidivt, A pond, is^-* Aatf/, Preserving. 
eJ}^ Aoiy^, Sweeping. ^^2* hawk. Weaving. 
^^a* /iflzi;// Changing, returning. 



t;^ Iiawlan, Passing through. SJ^s* hoolet, 
Xja_j2» hawlckett Saying ^^^^y &c. as above. 
^U^a. hawmcLTiy A bird, [intestine, rotundity. 
UMJ^a. howennes. Immovable. t>^s.haiueyetj An 
^•» •p' hawij, A sweet-cake, [lage, a family. ' 
^£> /z6|j/z, Alive, blushing, the middle of a vii- 
i*is. hcf/a, Shame, bashfulness. c Ias* heyht^lAi^, 
lla U=* hyatet, Surrounding, guarding, [a porch. 
^ Ua.^«/^/, Shifting, a saddle. o>2> ^('^5w, Where? 
heiseii. Examination. ^ heeJer,A frog. 

J4^^^* heeder, A lion. (^U*x^ hcedaivan, A 
.AS. /jeer. Disturbed, astonished. [ring-dove. 
. ^a. heerew, An ox, a cow. o ^^ heereht The 
v^- /iee%, A vessel used in baths. [skull. 

y^ heej/h, A place. ^ tiUi* heesh^Ui Trembling 
^J^^ heis, Turning away. [greatly. 

^^A^ heh, Menses, kp. heit. Surrounding. 
heif, Injustice. *&>». lieifet, A margin. 
heik, Descending. Laat*. heikot, A wood- 
L? ^ei/. Power, deception. [cock. 

XJu^ ^ee/e/, Machination, j X^ heelehla^, A 
(;3p. /zeew. Time. [knave. 

Ua> heenhi Sometime. «;*=* hcenet, A fixed pe- 
o^Ai^a. heeneed. At that time. [riod. 

^^l^^Ain hiywhn, A brute, an animal. 

[80 ] 

Ct\i\^^ hewliuit, Plur. of ^^^.^ heywhn^ 
^^^^ heiwhrtee. Brutal. CJ.yp- hegtit, Life. 
>^A». hu^adt Declining, qo^^^ heyoos^ Timid, 
^ y^ hei^awiy Serpentiae, [burning away, 
^^ hti. Bashful. 

A i^/ia. The seventh letter of the Arabic aU 
phabet, and the ninth of the Persian, in 
t ihkt Chewing. [arithmetic 600. 

\^\^ kfi(ilf Sleep, i^\aL hlihhht Glad, pleasedi 
SLajU. khkleyety A jar. [down, to sleep. 

^>LJ ^ khhleeduUi To make equal, to tread 
- U Iji khhthvit Sealing, seal. ^ u khhter, A 
^ U hhhtelt Cheating. [cheater. 

•J U khktenit A ring, a scab, 
t^ Is. ih^timet. End, ^^ u. ihhfemee, A seal. 
Jyt khatoolehf Guile, cunning. 
/VyU P- *• khhtoon, A lady, a matron. 
^Ui. kh^sir, Thick (liquid,) ^|^ ^/id/. The 
> Ul khhd, A kite, [christian cross, 

jt\sL hhader, A lion. ^ a U. khkda. Cheating. 

• A U. kh^dim, A servant. 

# ^ ^ khkdeh, A coal-rake. [A thorn, a bramble. 
J U. khb,zir, A deserter, a run-away, j ^ ^/lar, 

^>J 1^^ kh^r^needen. To cause to scratch* 

J ^^ j^ khhrhwuVt Thorny. 

s-*^ las. ih^ril, A thief, 4 camel-stealer. 

I ^1 I 

^jU Jthar.e/ ^Outwavd^ out- side, [thorny plani, 
y j\J ^hrtTja, Pot-hei-b. w^; U kharjeiikt A 

J^ j\^ kharcheenee, A hard substance* 
;V; t kfitirkhhry Disquietude, anguish. 
j^)^y Mar(/ar, Thorny. [Splitting, tearing* 
, Ay t?'^^'^^^*^>The scab, the itch. Sj KsLrkharek, 
/ <y I ; U kh^rmakee, A sword-fish, 

^j l^kharoo, A fish-bone. /M*;^^ hharom, A resr. 
x^l^ khhrehj A common stone» [tive horse. 
0*;^ kh^reej Infamy, disgrace. 
i\/ >V. ; ^ khareedun. To itch, scratch. * 
Cj^ )\cr khh%ghbL7i, Brass. ^^ ^ ^ kha^een, A! 
,>(L- ^ khhsteguee, Increase. [treasure. 

^Y^ U khkstiin, To ri;^. ^m. U. kli^ser. Damage* 
(j^U kh^^sef, J^ean, discoloured. 
^^ U khasee. Rejected, solitary, dull. 
/M^-^U khaseeiiurii To grovy old. [ricious, 
/p'\^ khaf<h, Battle, combat, quarrel^orr^e, aya- 
^^ Lo ^^ U. kh^shmashj Furpiture. 
iJUl^ khash k, Mean, abject, trifling. 
^.^ [±^l ^ kh^shtenshapt A bird of paradise. 
y^sJi. Ul khhshjoo. Fond of fighting. 
^ U. khhsheVy The meanest class, of people. 
x^U. khashifi, Humble, peacable; desolate* 
without a path. [in the night. 

ijli U khashef, Being swift in motion, rambling 


C 83 1 

*.^ U khhs^ek. Vile, mean, contemptible* 
jj-iU. khasheCy Timid, fearful, 
fjo U>. ^/id5. Pure, excellent, particular, private. 
X^ Ll ihdssei, Properly, peculiarity. [mind, 
ijja\sL A"Adi*ere/, Melancholy, disordered in the 
ci^v-oU khhseyetf Property, intrinsic virtue. 
iM >u^ ^ ihiiseedun, To suppress, [yellow legs. 
*-*^ \^HtL'zeb, A young ostrich with reddish or 
^iflU. Iihizia, Humble, submissive. 
«^U: khhteb, A public speaker, 
^b u. khhter. The heart, soul, mind, affection. 
«.Jii, u. kliCLtef, Striking, lightingt 
jio U khhtect Committing a crime. 
L»3 U hhhft Fearful. [put. 

SiU- khafef, A leather bag in which honey is 
v:»iU. khafef. Becoming dumb, the dead, a 
^U khafci, Depressing. [corn. 

iji u khafth, Trembling, the horizon. 
/^UiU. khhfekau, The two horizons, the east 
^ U khafedy Hidden, covered. [and west. 
tfi U. khafeef, A concealment, a haunted place. 
^^\^ khhkhn, An emperor, a king. 

J 15U* khakhnee, Imperial, royal. 
,1/t y^^dif , Earth, dust. 
yj^i^^^ khkkkesh, A rake, a harrow. 
„.Xj *J U* khkknemcif Salt-soil. 

t S3 ] 

J ^/\o ^haJtrooleh, Sweepings. 

^ ^J^ khb,khee%, A large sieve for skreenin'* 

gravel, lime, &c. [disposed. 

^1 >/ y klMditn, A place where rubbish is 

J L/y khhhhr, Base, abject (people,) 

yi^ L=: khkhsier, Ashes. • [clay for building. 

J ^1^ kh^hhjor, One who prepares earth or 

Jt/^ khikshect A weight for gold, [ed-egg. 

J^\^ h h Aee, Earthen. *;us» U khdLJeeneh, A fry- 

A\^ p. a. khklt An uncle by the mother's side, 
the standard of an army, fancy, a mole, ar- 
rogant, pride, a mask, lightning. 
\ .xS U. k filled, Everlasting, perpetual. 

if J^ khkleree, Salt- work. [of any thing. 

^ U khkles. Pure, uncorrupted, the best part 

x! u. k/ictla, Desiring, a termination to an a- 

i^J6 U khhlef, Succeeding, the latter part. 

jLJ U. khhlefet, A tent- pole, a refractory man 

eJC U- khklek, The creator. [or woman. 

ijiaaSJ U. khhlekcyet, A creative power. 

JU. khxlcm, Equal, [place, a restive camel. 

y^* kh^loo, One who does not stir from his 
J ^ khhlee, A large carpet, a handsome man* 

f U. khkm, Stinking flesh. 

i)w« U Z^A4mec?,Dead, (juiet. y^ U kJihrnk, Tihhi 

[ «5 ) 

l„*uoU. ^/i\7W5ii, Fifthly. 

) ^*w* ^ hhkmsoo%t A raw hide, meat roasted 

fir^\^, Silent. [bUck. 

3Liiw« U hhhmeshet, A small stream. 

(jfi^ U khameSt Extenuated, thin-bellied. 

\a^\,L khamety Bitterness, sour milk. 

^ U.^/i^weZ, Contemptible. / A ^U Iihhmooshi 

tPy*^ ^^hhmooslicCi Taciturnity. [Dumb, silent, 


^>>J^y«^ khcLinooslicedun, To keep silence, 

'^-^ ^ khcunieliy A pen, a writi: g reed, ink, a sand- 
-^ ^Mme^, The filth, a snare, a trap. [heap. 

;.^«U khvmeez, Raping, kettle's mouth. 
♦ fU* i/ia?^. An inn, a shop, a family, a prince. 
*)\J'^ khmeiian. Family; the court; of noble 
iU. khania, Suspecting, an adulterer, [blood. 

w*i ^ klianek, A narrow street, a path, strang- 

o[fij\^ khanekhh, A religious structure, [ling. 

.♦jt^ U khanmkn, Household furniture. 

e * J J Ic^ kha?iwa/feh, A family, noble. 

J ^ khtbiieh. Habitation, a spider's web, a heap 

of corn, verse. 
I !* j\^ khkjiehdhr. Frugal, a good manager.^ r 

j\^ khhnec, A fountain, j y\^ khawer, Tjie 

// >; ^ ^ khawendee. Taste, [west 

Lf^l^* khawee, A broken empty house* 

[ 85 ] 

^ {^ Ihahe'r, A sister, is U hhai, To taste, to chew, 
^^Ks^ khayeh, Ruined, destroyed. [pleasure. 
jj\s^ hhayeTi Debilitated. 
^**aj.U hhh.isiky.K smith's hammer. 
o^U. hhhyes. Any small presen-t. [to danger. 
^Jii Ul h]ihye%i Entering into, exposing one's self 
k^ U Wtyety A taylor. [locust, 

cJijU lihb,yef. Pusillanimous. w-^L;^ Ithhiky A 
^i U. y^^/nrye/, A guardian, a pastor, an attendant, 
^j U khayen, A cheat, a rebel, [proud; a horse? 
^, U khhyehj An egg, a testicle. '?^ 

/M yU/^y khayeeduiiy To chew, to gnaw, 
^^ .g' hhcL, Silence, deceit, cold, [camel's hair., 
Ia:^. khelh, A rustic Arabian -tent -of wool- or 
Cf ^^ khalaree, Plur. of ) ^ kkehra. --• 
*5l>s. khehiseti Wickedness, impurity, bad» 
^U:=i khibajy Striking with a stick, farting, 
J U<. .khel'hr. Soft and loose earth. 

^j^lklkhehbtiSy Fond of game and killing much. 
CLx^lx^ khohlhshety A multitude. 
LU:*- kholkty Madness, senseless. 
^ U^ khebal,' Fatigue, a burthen. [on, &c, 

^1 ^cj t^ khehaneednn, To cause to trample up- 
«-o ix^ kheb lyeb, Cutting a garment. 
:m>^ khehtiyes, Plur. of cL.>.a^ khclees. 


[ 86 3 

i hJieleVy Going "with an ambling pace (a 

horse,) growing, a wave. 

i khehty Plain ground, a large field. 
kheltely Short of body (a woman.) 

^ kholesy Brutality, impurity. [A frog. 
gy=i khchjf Beating with a club, ^csj^ khoLda^ 
jj^ kheler, News, report, story, prediction. 
^^ ^ khelei'potshoo or ^ ^^^ An informer. 
\ j^ khf-'Wa* Soft, stony, soil. 
Uj*^ khibret, A proof, experience. 
^j^ khtlerlej, Excellent nourishment. 
yx^ khtlz. Baking bread, a strong impulse. 
^<?/;^ f^fi<^bc^doo, A beetle. 
lft>oi. kJiehi, Favouring strangers*. 
3Ujxi. kheblei, A troop of horse, a man. 
jJLjt^ kh'jl'ascn, A lion, lioness. 
UuaL khihk^i A woman of a bad disposition. 
^^2t khilckx Strangulation, 
j (<C> khol'ka/, A flower, fortunate, [peacable. 
^\ X^ khelkerdu?h To keep silence, to be 
^AiL ihellf Amputation of the hands or feet. 
SUxii khohnef, An armful. *x;a^ khelennckch, 
^ kfuloOf Extinguished, [Stupid. 

J ^>^ hholoor, Plur. of ^^.^i kheler, 
(j-3A^ kheloos, (A lion) seizing a prey, 
^^^xai kheioof, Plur. of ^ i5:Ae6/, 

{ 8; 3 


^ kheheh. Strangulation, suffocated. 
^,A^ khelee. Concealed. *>a^ liheliyet. Hidden, 
*^A:t hheheSy (Fern. jiSAAai) Impure, wicked, 

base, n)alignant, 
^v oy^ khehceckin, To chew, to seize. 
^/.A^^/i'LeeALearned, skilful, a farmer, an herb, 
•yc:^ ^/?e/:ee2e//, Winding, twisting. 
,^ kket, Causing to run. j Uat khet/ar, A de- 
^U^ ^/?«/d^/?, Wax, daj^ fceiver^ 

j^ Iju. khetb,n. Meeting on account of a mar^ 
COLi. khetef, Languor, enervation. [riage. 

3u^ khctremet, Silent, terrified. 
^ kheta. Travelling, yx^ khciel, Cheating, 
j>.x=L khefem, The seal, conclusion. [seizing. 
CLyU'ji^ khetemat, Tlur. of *JoL khetem. [cision. 
JU^ khelenler, A miser. SUXa: khoinef, Circum-* 
^ khetoo, Restraining, changing colour, 
^y:^ khetoo7\ Perfidious. 
ayCa: khotiiUy A guide, a young hare, 
tiyH^ kJiotoonef, The relation of a wife, 

kheteet. Vile, mean, unfortunate,*languId, 
kh^tecr, A deceiver, treacherous. 


D^-ji- kheteereh, A shepherd's double scrip. 
jj^ii khossy Any rubbish carried down or left by 
XiaL khossefy A faggot, camel's dung, [a stream. 
ljj;jU khesa?'ei, Disappearing, 

r . ■ 

I 88 ] 

^jch^ khesam, A lion. [paunch* ^ 

H^ijA. kfiesh'l. The lower part of the belly, the 

A«A^ kJwsmet, Shortness in a bull's nose. 

Ji^ liJiesce, Dung. i^^i:i. khesees, A collection. 

^ khcjf Diligence. L=sv*. khejaa, Marrying. 

ol^iL hhejat. Polygamy. . 

eJLs?^ khjaf, Plur. of (-Jlae^ci khejif. 

C^ls^cL kliejdflct. Ashamed, abounding with 

^>JU^ kfiejh,lecden. To [grass. 
^jjR^ Uiejer, The smell of the feet; khijer, 

*x*w^ kliojesfeh, Fortunate, happy, a species of 

i^Jla^^ khe/ef, Levity, celerity. [ilower. 

j^s?ci kh'jel, Modest, confounded, gladness. 
tiJLsva: Ihejleti Sha'mefulness. >X/^ khojend, 

^ryr^ ^^^'^jooj't Blowing violently. [Mallows. 

i\) ^^-^ ^ khcJQoleedau, To embrace. 

,o>^ khejceduiii To meet. 

^ j^ kliekhhheklif Labour, study. 

oci khedd, A check. 1^ klwdix or ^' ] J? God. 

u«j1 j«: khcddcihy A. liar, an impostor. 

sf\iSsi khedij, AbortivCj,, iinpv'ifcct. 

^)^J>*^ khodidkd, Granted by God. 

(/ )>^ khoddree, Very black, a dark place. 

<:<j^:i khedda, Deceit, cheater, impostor. 

a! \ .v^ kheddlet. Plumpness in arms and legs. ^ 

J 89 1 

^S^^ kht/d^ni, P^ur. of - a Ui ^hhdem^\i :.->■ 
^ * I y^ lihodawendj A king, a prince, a \oxA, ^ 
inaster, a man of great authority, [richeSa 

j L >} ^ I >^ kh.(xla,wmdema,l, A possessor o^ 
^Uy^^^y^ ^hoduiwendnhaneh, The master of the 
house** ^ i' i > [w,orI4« 

jY) J} ^\ J:r Jfhodhwendegary The creator of th^ 
iS ^ y ' ^ ^hodaivendee, A spvereigiity;^domi^ 
^ fc I ^ Jshodaygan, A great lor^, •■ ;>[nion« 
/<^J>^ khodayif Divine, divinity^ Vj.v!\ i,..: />, 
t!l_» j;;i Jshedh, Striking (with a- sword,) lyiqg- 
it jv;s: Ihoildef, A cheek, a pit. j; 

jiNai khedcr. Sitting behind the veil or curtail^ 

(women,) ^ veil, rain. A ,iiis 
tJij^.)oi l.h^derntk, A large male spidejj-x 
^ji<sL khodei?eei Very b;Iack camel, 
iji joi Ihedesh, A scratch, g^^ khcda, Deceive 
"SfS-dssL khod-af, Fallacy, imposture, [ing, fraud, 
/ S'jC' /7iot/- ate, An impostor. [steps,deli^ted, 
^^^^ l/v€4/> ^ Going fast with short quick 
i j<:^ iihedly Flumpness in arms and. legs* 
jUvJ Jet ^/ier7c//e/e^ji |*luropricss in arms aud legs. 
♦ ^'^-(awowian^'o'^' "^=> iiti* A ,\i".r vf' - 

l^.Xii khedleh. An 4)ld languid camel. 

-joi /ihodem,-MhT. of ^ yilL khadem. 

c:^ U Jv^ khedemkt, Pliir. of i;^ js=s. khedniet 

f 00 J 

i^ ^^ khedmety Service, office, emplojilienft; 

A^i^j^ hhedmetghr, A male domestic. 

♦if ^ Kju^?" khedmetghrkiz, A female servant. 

,^,A=i khedn^ A friend, a girl, a servant. 

xj A:^ khednety A friendi too many. 

^J^)j^ khedenk, A crab, a ti:ee of w^hich bov^-s, 

3«XiL khedoOy Spittle. [&;c. arrows are made. 

i^^^ /i'AeJoo^, Weariness, plague, conteilipt, 

a^ov^ kho-doody Plur. of j^ khedd» 

-v.«^^ khede^y An abortion. 

^«>oL khedeeshy The mistress of a family. 

XxjOw-i khedeeaty Fraud, cheating. 

>y,o>ci khedeeifiy A servant, friend, a girl. 

V ^j' khideoUy A king, a sovereign, a rich man, 

osd- kho%. Take thou. [a friend* 

tiJ^!os=L kJiozliteky A purgative salt-water. 

^^ r ^ kho^hreemy A ^ag. 

i_Jlj«i khozhky A large kind of fistb 

« i/?- ^/iessreA, A spark of lire. 

^ ici khe%ay Cutting, haahirig; ^ jci khe%el, A 

aUc jwi kho%'ohet, A segment, [foolish \Voman. 

<ij«'X-^. khe%fj Throwing a stone, &:c. 

i^b^ khe%ferety A bit of cloth. 6 jv^i khezek, 

^ jwri khezly Weaknesis, disappointed, [Dung,. 

.^ )^ khe%e.lety A deserter of friends. 

^ ov=i khezm, Swift in motion» ;.,..,, ^.-^ ^j ^-^^ 

f &1 I 

ijiS j^ci Hexenferet, Speaking through the nose^' 

^ 5»ci khe%oo, LooSe, pendulous, 

^J^j^ kho%ooki Anger, a threat; 

yj jssL khy%e,ou, A great prince. 

^ kher. An ass ; /^/^gr. ^ kherr^ FaHing.- 

,^ kJwra, High. )^ kher a. Buying, receiving- 

ii_j Vj;ri khorkb. Ruin, deserted. 

;^|i) i- khorahhhtk. Water strained, a bant, 

i < J 

CL>^^ j^ khorh^Lat, A tavern, a brothel, 
ju ^ j^ khorhhet. Devastation, ruined* 
^S^ kheralel, Piur. of ^.aj^ kherleeL 
4^1^ ^^ora/^e^, Plur. of u«.^j^ khorhh. 


khordj. Tribute, tax. j U ^\ j^kJiorhjmiit,' 
_^\y^ kkerar. Murmuring; [.A tax. 

iP% j^/ iheraroosh, A tumult, rumouf.- 
ji \^ kfierhsh, Irritation. «i J^ khorkshet, A 
. jS^ S p kherhshishy A scratch. [smaH: debt. 
•^ \j:i, iherkshia, Plur. of »z (i^ khorsha-hf* 
^\ys- khertLskee, Plur. 6i Ki, yL khershk. .^^ 
fe*J >c^ ' >^ ^^^^^sheedun. To tear, to scratch, 

to scrape, to smooth, 
fc i^ i^^em^. Stubborn (cattle.) • ' 

f^^y \ ^ai khoraiem, An elderly woman, [phanh 
/^ I /^ kherhteenh The proboscis of ah eie- 
^vls \j4. iherhteen, A worm. 
CJkft 1 >i i^Aorda/, Looseness, iiiamu'nity. >r^>*' 

t 93 1 


p\y&. khorhfef, An entertaining tale. 

-v> ^ v^ kherafej. Comfort, [beautiful wom^i^, 

^ ) ^ khiraWf Walking with a graceful air, ^ 

t*jl^ jk ^i^eraman, Wa(king pompously. 

t\J y<;^\ ^ P khlrhmhneedun, Tq cause to walk. 
iM >u^ 1 -^ kherameedun^ Tp walk gracefully^, 

to swing. 
^ U I ^ kherariJfar, A meeting on business. 
^>J )^ kheJ'a?ieedtm, To cause to buy. 
4Nj 1^ khdr.^yed, Plur. of » aj^ Jthereedek* 
uJij\j^ kherhih. Estimating by guess. 
^^\ j^hherhyeJt* Uncultivated land, a root. 
»»»jH^ ^^drei, Cleaving, running, a desolate place, 
tj'\/ kheibashy Cortfusion. 

rj ^; j^ kher-hatiy An ass- driver or owner. 
Sl^jc^ kherhety Any circular, hole. 
oojoi, khorehed. Thick oxygal or SQur milk,' ^^ 
^ Ji /" k^eriexeh, A J^^^lpn' 
^jf^j^yL kherleseeSy Strang, somethings ... ^ - 
-Jti^' i' k^ierposhteK A coffin, flame, " "" ^ • 
Jiv i^ kherpeshah, A fly. . , ,/ 
%jA^^f:L'krierveset> A young wom^n. , *• • 
.SufiA;^^ kherl-^sesetj Something, a b-ead; .»^ 
la^joL kherhet.ku idiot, stupid, wJi^j^ kherljh 
^^ J? k^i^vhendeh, MMltitex. j[Helletore, 


[ 93 1 


J ^Xi/" ^-Agr/^^zw/Miii, A butterfly. 

* ) yi/ kh&fl'ooxeh, A melon, a cucumber* 

y^y^ khcrlcely A foolish woman. 

Cyi. khorty The eye of d needle. 

y^ y^ khertoot, A wild mulberry tree, 

j-^ k^erejy Expence, cost^ revenue, duty, 

U.j.ii khcj'ja, Black and white. 

1?.^ kherejef, Going much out of door. 

,^JSp/ kherchenk, A crab, a kind of herb. 
^^-f^/ kherjeedim, To weep. 

^.^X^/' kherjeek. An extensive desert. 
,.^.:r h kherjeev, A portmanteau. 
.1^^ kherkhar, Flowing water. 
^^M^ii^ ^ khorkJiCsht, A wine or oil press* 
jLr^ khe'khcsheli, A crowd, a troop, 
) l^ ^ kh'f khe?/ar, A cucumber. 
;/' khjfd, Clay; khered, The judgment. 
• ^ khordy Small, minute. 
'^^ \p khordkh^fJJi Grinding, broken, bruis- 
L*J^)J^ khordkfihv, DisptTSGd. [ed. 

^>^))j^ khorddcst, Deceit, children's play. 
iC^ "i / khordeshfee. The wild-ass. 
tUa^ khordek. Broth, soup. .^ ^ f khet'ddkt 
^i^p. a. jtJiorcfd/, Mustard- seed. [Well-bred. 
jX» ^ / k r^iiment/. Judicious, wise, intelligent^v 
learned f 

C m 1 

^ y^ 

^1^ .^ /" kliordeivkt, Flur. of ^y^ kJwr'd.. . ' * 

? ^^'Moxckh, Smali.\ .j^, f^S khord.&^?h Sn;ialU 

tf i!S^2i hh')izk%ee, ^^ ine. ,\t'vh*vrA ^c&U 

>/^ p. a. kh^v^x, A small pearl, g1a;Bs bead. 

/M f y^i-/:«r%art,;iTh6 'first day of the Persiari 

i'j^a:-;?^d7(?a!^/,.A.glaBs beady small pearl, [year. 

p^ j^ kher%edehy A beetle. 

9 J j^ hherzehi A glass bead-maker. 

(/ J )< Iihere%ec, A seller of beads, 

t^ y:L k'leres, A wjne jar, drinking wine out 

rf f klipySy A. bear. [of a jar. 

U^^ hhersdy (A woman) dumb. 

^ U^ khcrshn, Plur. of ^^ hh'ires., 

J^ l^ !^ khorsawlch. Dirty, rusty. [A christian. 

^v-^^ ^-/icre^e/e^, A leech. i\j^^ /" kheresiyan, 

J^/ khirse?id, Content, satisfied, 

iS A^ )^ khorsandeCy Pleasure, contentment. 

^^'^ ^ khersejik, A large stone, a rival. 

i*)^::^/' k'iorsecden, To be corrupted (meat.) 

ji^ khorshy Scratching, enquiring, 

U^aL khershk. Pitch, foam, dust. 

C-JLi^ khershhfy Rugged ground. 

y^'ii^ Jihtrsjichy Tall and thick. 

tJ^ji^.khorsheti A kind of fly. 'ik^ y^khersliefet, 

^/' kJjorsheed,Thc sun. [Confusion in S|)eecb, 

J^U^y ihorsaivlehf Dirty f rusty, _' r 

t 95 I 

h ^ kheret, SmbotBing, unbarking; [bruto, 
^\]^yi, khertah Qats. ^^^s^ kheri^^ ; ^iu^i^ 
t^jti' khortom. The pcabospis af ^?i elephant, 
y^ Ui>^ khortomcm, ijQag, l^y^kherf^i, Acoj 
^^ii /?-/i<'ra,.Elevati(ig,. soft, langupr, [verlet. 
Xac j^ kh^uhci, rji h^utifnl giiiji- v \: [cw^l-) 
»^ ^ ^ kho7'rooL,JLong and;; vr^l; sjia^ed, (ca-^ 

^^ ^Z-orfc^ 4k fejt)te 'a.Wstory. ;. 

^j:?^ khfrefiu?h To^ ipauriif^^r, to snptfe. 
^^^ khorfej, Affluencfj; comfort. , , / . ^ 
i >?' Mo'/t^/i,- Purslain, ,.,, ,, . ^.^ • ^ ; ^ 

li\^ >^//o/-^a, Purslnin-seed. 

*3j.:i kh2rket, Cleaving; khirket', A religious 

'^y kherck, A small-ass. [habit. 

e (^ ^ kher^gah, A tent, a court. 

J Jf" p khe7'k'eboofef> / A^ v[\ea.sure, a handle. 

? r: / ^iheik 'hooter, A wood-pigeon. 
bffkhergereh, A young-kss. . 

ij^/ k^ek^sh, A shoe or slipper. 

^ .Z)' y^A^r^oor, The wild-ass. fP'/f khergosl?^ 

Xjr khergihy A tent, [A hare. 

-^ ^^erw,. Cutting off. [J^ khormh, A date. 

r^U^ Jiherman, A falsehood. 

.♦J ) ^y^ khoromdan, A leathern purss. 

I 9(5 3 

y^^ Hermes, A dark night. ^ 

,w*jC J^ ihermegus, A gad-fly. [candlestick; 
♦^^ khermun. The harvest, meal, a barn, a 
»^^ iWiwo/ire//, Small, shell-glass beads. 
^s^ ^ khorremee. Cheerfulness, &c. 
^•Ij^ hherc'mlja%, A crowd, a meetings 
i_i:^^ k he r 71 ef, Cotton. ^/i>^ Jihernoos, A 
I .y?" khenva, Garden mallows. [pi^. 

j^^x"^ hheriiar, A load of an ass, camel, &c. 
4:1, •^^ /rAeroo/, Pior. of cl>^ hhort, 
^<^ y^ Jihoroojy Rebelling. . ~ 

^ 4 5' k'l^^ooscheJi, The wind-pipe. 
/ P^ ^ / kliOToosh, An assault, rage, [ger, &c. 
Cj^T"^^/ khcroosheeihin, Inflamed with an- 
^^uj IJ- 4 i' Jt^ie?'ooshanecdu7i, To rendei; w^rm. 
c .^sL Jiher?ra, A species of plant. , - ^ v, 

^_/j i^ kherook, A sweet harmonious bir^^ v 
Ji •, p khenvcnd, A kir|d of seyv-ing, , v 

^^ : -_ .'i'^/,j\ .'\isiVv^'A -v.'.'^Aa -^ l'>t 

_53 j.^ kheroo, Dung, - • S" 

5 4 ^ khcrweh, A bird's comb, a cock. ^ 
^ 4 ^ khorooheh, The conib of a hen or cock. 
» >^ khereh, A heap of viscous claj, a rharshr 
J Jj' kheryar, A buyer, buying. ["place. 

*^Kj^ khereef, An intelligent guide, 
gu^ai khereej, A kind of game. ' 

i m 1 


-oo ^2L khereed, A virgin. )*f^ij^ iker^eJi/tjfTo biiTj^ 
>,^0l!^ sr khcreeshekf A farrier. [to receive. 
^■ytsAj^^ fiherc^sheeduny To scratcfi, to bite, td 
(jaj;^ hberee^^i The head of a spear. [tear. 
sja^,y£i.^he^eezeJh A beautiful girl. 
Ja^ ^ p. a. Jihereetth^ A purse/ a vohime* - 
y:w^aL khereetee. Crying bitterly. ^yL hKe.reect^ 
w*^^ khereef, The autumn,' [A bad womanv 
j^j^^ Jihcri/00%, A butterfly, a moth, [plant. 
^ i/u'ss. The beaver, \y^ hhetcty A species of 
j^y^ khe%h%, A raw-silk merchant, a moun- 
£ i;^^ kT\o%ha, Death, [tain.^ 

ȣ I ^=L klioxh-af, A section. 3 U ^ khe%hK Halt* 
o 1^ khez-ihf, A seller of earthen- war^, [ing^ 
- ^ j^^ kh:%%kvi, JD rope-maker. ■ ' r ' [»ary^ 
iji'^' khiizctnef, A treasury, a treasure* a gra-^i 
h\yL khi%^^yh, Plur. of *^\j^ khei-iyei^^ ^t^ 
ju^^ kLzkyet, Shame, bashfulness. i^v. >^ ^ 
^jlyai khetcLyerty Plur. of xjf^ khe^xnet* 
c--» Vii }ih:^%eh. Being fat, swell ingj,vi; At. ic^j,;^ 
v^i v^ ^ )e^ekhe%, Strong, robust* .>4\K O i v .. 
ft* •s' khexedehy A crime, an erro^,V,yi,^7?52^r^ 
^^j^^ khe%ra?i, A cane. [A small eye. 

^jj^ khezrej. The south wind, [male- spider. 
\ v:i klio%e%. A- male-hare, oii , yi khozernek, A 
r ♦^ khezreh, An expanded hand or paw, 

A I 


^y:i. hhe%%a, Prerehting. ^Uvai lihc%^l. Lame- 

^A^xyi. k/iozalcel, Foolish. [ness, 

Sb^ai hUet at, Lame. o^:fc hhe%ft Drawing, 

^5^ kheteficy A potter. 

<lJ>^ khezh. Transfixing (with a spear, &c.) 

^y^ hhe%k Cutting, hindering. 

5w^ khe%enety Treasury. e>J !^ khezendeh, A 

,^ khexoOy Subduing. [species of herb. 

^ 'jsL kh6%ee, Alfiictcd, disgraced. [tliction. 

l^^Uy^ k^e%yh.n. Blushing, c^-^ khexi/et, AC- 

t^)^>'F ^^^'^^^^^* Creeping, 

v>^ kh€%ee%, A bramble. 

Si;j« 2i khezeenef, A treasury, a granary, tribute* 

. K j^ •^ khczeenehdar, A treasurer* 

. jj> khes. Bad, a mean man, a miser. 
Uci khesti. Unequal, j l^^ct. khesar. Loss, damage. 
C^ l«»^'i^/ze5^5e/, Avaricious, ignoble. 6 UaiiJ^/ie- 
^ LwM^ kheshh f*lur. of ^..^^ai khcsel. {aak, A liar. 
.«f>J U.^ kheeskneedun. To chew, to bite. 
^, UoL. khesayel, Plur. of ^ L^ khesal, 
.i^jjuj^ khesht/eedun,To chew, [trample upon* 
,Myu5 L^ khespXneedun, To cause to kick or 

.♦j>-j* tv^ khesh^needun.To cause to lie down* 
. A.ww^ khoslesh, Lying down. 
^^«^ l^j^Qgl^jfj^ ^ l^etj^ a couch. 

[ £9 1 

i*j /-^^^ Hiosleedarj, To sleep, to lie down. 
lUoi kh^sset, Vileness. ,^*^^ khesf, A reptile, art 
.Jk^ khesfiguee, A disease, a wound, [insect* 

.*/^ khestun, To be diseased, to wound. 
yLj> khostoo, A mother-in-law, a confession. 
J I yUv^ kJmsiwivhneh, A patched wooilea or 

camelot garment* 
j^ khesfeh, Diseased, Wdunded. 
J ^ JU^ khestehdel, Indisposed at heart* 
j^^ ihoscr. Perishing, damage, fraud. 

y^j I y^ khosrarjgir, A son-in-law. [friendshipi 
C^ j^ ] ^ hhosrhvgiree, Alliance by a wife, 
i\ ^^ /J- /iosroit»i^77e/i, Resembling a great kin^. 
J f ^^ Ihosrowhnee, Liquor, wine, species of 
** cloth, imperial, a son^. [ther-in-law4 

Jo 4 ^ khosrhtvcench, A father-in-law* a mo- 
4ju.^ khesf, Lessened, poor, a vice. 
^..^ khessd, Vile, abject. 
y»^ khosoo, See n^ijy*^ khosi^hiOeenehi 
%}^m^L hhosoof, A well dug in a rock^ Which 

springs perpetually. 
^^ y^ khesook, Sordid ; khosook, Deformed^ 
^m^ kheshy An upper garmenti 
t\j ^'^ khese.edun. To become old. [ignoble. 

i kheseer. Damage, y.****^ kheseest Sordid, 

[ xoo ] 

^A*M.=L kheseeL V^^orst, ^jiis khesh, Good, a stick, 

li^ khesha, Fearirrg. [running fast, dry, 

c--. U:S kheshchhh, A wood-seller. 

t ^S^ kiwshadeh, A well prepared sown field. 

j^.U^ khosJuir, An enemy, an unburnt- brick. 

( J [^s kho-$hareh, Crumb, 

cJLii^ khoshshcif, A. bat, a swallow. 

-l-iaL khosh.m, A nose, a large nosed man- 

t ^^Jis^ khesLauch, A cultivated field or garden. 

,*] ^.^Jij^ AJicsha^tedun, To chew, to bite. 

w - ...1. .-. 

L-^ kheshla. Hard, wooden, despicable. 
^**,y±^ klicsht, A spear, dart, a brick, 
y^^ kles''ger, A brick-maker. 

^ ^ khesUhadi, Toppy. ' 

^;-^ khesjir, Cleaning from rubbish. ,> 

-^^ ^ter^iw?, Bee, wasp, 
J liLi^ k/iesJiogshar, Aquatic bird. 
«JLs^ A/ieshf, Moving gently. 
Mzisi kheshefetf Travelling, going swiftly. 
^tmX^ kheM, A pretence; Mo5/i,^, Dry, tena- 
j K^ khoshkar, Coarse bread. [cibus. 

^tKii^ khoshktumaXf Diligent enquiry. 

^ '^^ khoslikanjy Dry in body, ]arge. bread, 
^^ i^^ kho&hhaneedu7if To dry, [depressed. 

[ 101 1 

j^Ui^ ^hosJi^iTy Flour full of bran. 

^ * l,JJi> khoshkmh%oo, A dry withered or 

broken branch, 
^<Ji}? khoslik e, Dr\^ncss. [Anger, fury. 

yicLkhrsheU The dry fruit, refuse. ^ kheslum 
^^.X.gJi^ klieshm^Udeny Full of rage. 
,.^L*.^i^ kheahmnak, Passionate, furious. 
.-^^ kheshou'h, Travelling utensils. 
(jj^:^ kheshfi. Uneven, rugged. 
*;iioi khoshtiety Asperity, severity, disdairi. 
>J^ kfwshfied. Content, satisfied. v 

^jl^ khes/ienk. Burning vvith a hot-iron. 
« *Xi^ khoshnoodj Satisfied, content. 
^zL kjieshoo. Poor, a small date. 
♦ yi^ kheshoocl, A beast of burthen. 
I ytS khoslioor, A prophet, a messenger. 
*^iU. Uioshooot Humility, fear. 
cJ ^^i^^h c'.v Jioqf, Travel ling by land. 
^Jyt'^ khes/iook, A blockhead; a miscreant. 
t^^^i^ khoshoofiet, Rlgidness, fierceness, 
jyici khesJinCf Timid, ^^l/ii^ khesheyaiu Fear, 
»-*xiio: khe>heA), Uneven, unpolished. [timid. 
SLj^iic;. / ln'shf'd'et, Nature, temper, 
kh<^she,fj Snow, ice. 

*^J:^hhesheeny A darkish white colour,also raix- 
(.swi khoss, A tavern, [ed with blue and greenv 

B 2 

I 102 ] 

U»^ khcshf Castration, yol^^a^i khesas, Poyerty, a 
6 l,*cai khesshf, A liar, a shoe-maker. [hole. 
JUi:sL kheshl, Plur. of xx,«a:i ^heslet, 
m{*asL khescim. Litigating. 
.^^Ua^ ihesctJi, Plur. of ^y, \^ ^hhss. 
tj<ij Uft,< kheshyeSi Qualities, virtue. 
^ UiaL kheshyel, Plur. of xiAa;:^. kheslet. 
^j lAa=i kheshyemy Plur. of j».,kas;. khesm. 
«-*Afl:sL ^/lesZp Fruitfulncss. 
^-:. i'heser, The middle, the waist. 
>fl^ >5^/i^5/, Conquering, shooting or darting. 
5Ub»^ hheslet, A quality, property, virtue, an 
excellent w^ork. [law-suit or altercation. 
*^sL khesmy An enemy ; khesem. Carrying on a 
U^^ Jfhesmhy Plur. of j».a<s^ khesnu 
rfiX^^ khesemkoah, The slayer of an enemy. 
^yA:i- fchosoos, An affair, a thing, giving. 
haya^ khosoosh. Particularly, chiefly. 
cy^^ khosoom, Plur. of ^jazl khesm. 
o Uya^ khdsoomhf, Plur. of su^/^id- khosoomef, 
Cs^ya^ khosoomet, Litigation, a law-suit, en- 
^yiflsL khessee, An eunuch. [mity. 

SLuwaai khoseyat or *A>»a£i A testicle, 
•^ Wi khesseyhn, Plur. of ^a^:;. te5<?e. 
<-sA.*aat kheseel, Fruitful, a cultivated land. 
P^t*"^ ^he^eelet, A piece of meat. 

t 103 J 

'^kn^ iheseemy Litigating, opposing. 

j^>ka^ hheseeny A small axe. Ua-i khe%tt,, Bruising 

.__, Ua^ Jfhe%hl}y Tincture, [any thing, moist. 

^Ja=L \.*a^ kho%akh^%y Bounding with wood and 

J Uci kl\e%ar. Milk mixed with water, [water, 

ij Ua:5. khezctrety The sea^ 

^ J La^ /thozhriay ^YariciouS; 

^j l>a^ l[ho%b,ra. Green corn or herbage^ 

^{*a:s^ khe%\%, Writing ink, 

cJl>^:i- hhexhfy Eating meat. 

*^ IxiiL khozkmety Any thing eaten with cram*(J 
or distended cheeks, [cyprus, saffron, &c. 

"^ ^ ^^^-^' kliezhy Tinging the nails or hair with 

AA>a^ J[ho%eelefy Painting herself excessively,, 
and tinging her hair (a woman.) 

(ja:s:ui^ khozkho%, The east wind, a watery herb^ 

I^A^i khezrhy Green, fresh. 

'ijAoc^ khoxret, A green pot-herb, being green. 

fj*^t^ khoxrem, Sweet water, copious, over- 

CL, ^^^A^^ khexraivhbty Plur, of 'iy^^ khoxret, 

^^as. khe%a, Humility. cJui^ hhetfy A melon, 

^tasL khexely A pure pearl. 

cJ i^As^ khe%laff A wild palm-tree. 

aU-Aflri khezlet, A pleasant garden. 

xxX/o*. khe%lefetf A small crop of dates. 

t 104 ] 


^>aiL ^hc%%em, A large troop of men. 
*«*aii klio%emmetj The middle, the most impor- 
tant part of any business. 
J ^*aa:^Ae2JOor, Green, falling of half ripe (dates.) 
^^jed- khe^ooa, Humble; khc%ooa. Veneration, 
«-*A«bL kjuzeelj Stained, imbrued, [depressed. 
{ja**a£i khe%e€%. The foot of a mountain. 
*<^A>d^ khe^eemet, Soft soil. U^ hhett, A line, a 
lk=L liheta, An error, a sin. [character. 

^«_.lla;i khetah. Conversation, a word. 
L lL:sL khet^lh,To thepoint. ^j 11^^ khelhlee,\cv' 
z\.li^ kheidt, Sin, error. [bal, by speech. 

jlksL khefary Plur. of ^L^ Me/r. J^IL^ khetat, 
vJUa^ khetafi A ravisher. [Fine writing. 

*i Ua^i Jihetthletf An immodest woman. 
,-Ua^ khethm, A baker, a bridle. . 
Ulksi ^//e/ai/^, Plur. o^ \.\^:l kheth. 
l:iiMAsL khetciyety Plur. of iLALti khefeefeL 
«-*Ia^ kheib, A thing, the cause, nature. 
(jj\-J^:L khe/b^n, Yellow. 
iiil^cL khofief, A line, an affair, a history, [sword. 
JiasL k/iefer, Moving, striking with a spear or 
CLi I Ja>; ;?-/?^/drd^Elevation,brandishing(spear,) 
^ ^^kii klieterhji, A trembling step, lashing with 
*) iij.L^ kheternakt Dangerous. [the tail, 

e^^s. khotroof, One who goes swiftly. 


[ 105 1 

jiifli khitreefy Swift paced. 

<.,^-A khetef, Seizing, carrying off. [p^c6» 

Cika;. hhetfet, A butcher, ^^iki khetfct, A rapid 
3I33I khetel. Stammering. V^^kheilk, Speaking. 
Ja^ khetm. The beak, the snout. 
-y«.ks. khetrtiecy Marsh-mallows, 
^\a^ khetoo, Stepping, proceeding, 
J \^la^ kketwdr, Made of twigs, whipp'd. [feet,' 
s^kiL khetwety A pace, the space between the 
j ^\3.:L kholoor y Dignity y entering, recollection. 
t-^Ja:;- keieeh, A preacher, 
wk^ kheieety A sin, ^nne, whoring. 
y}a,:L kheteer, Honourable, 
H^jXz^ kheteetety Ground not watered by raini 
(thouglv situated between others which 
uJLk^ kheteef, Swifl (droitiedary.) [are.) 

XaXI5-l kh&%lehety Confused, chattering. 
^l£=;- khotwou, Firm, compact (in flesh.) 
%^x^ khoUio, Name of a plant. 

>„J^ khogh-jeky A certain root, smacking 

with the lips (to a horse, &c.) 
\J^ kheff, Crying,' \Ll hhefci, A secret. 
^c^ U^ l]i(fcijely An impediment of speech. 
^ [p^ khefachehy A raw cucumber, j ii^ khqfhr, 
»jli^ khoftircty Ashamed, blushing. [A reward. 
J; Ijui khqffctsh, The bat. 


\) UU TtTiofhf, Nimble, agile. 
t '^' UU ffhoffak. Broad-footed, before, 
fl Uai hh^f^lei, A flock of birds; also, the sounc^ 
made by thern. , funder armour^ 

/^Uii. : heffcin, A cuirass, the garment worn 
.♦« jji 'ip' kliffaneeduni To cause to cough, 
pi-i ^/i^, A low or whispering speech. 
Uci. hlieffety Levity in behaviour, travelling fast. 
,|r^^Ui^ a. p. kheft n, A coat of mail. 
.♦/>J U^ khqfa7iecdun, To lie down, to sleep, 
^AjLsi kheftcl, Wealv in paind and body. 
♦ ;d^ ]i]i)fleny To sleep, to lie down. 
U^^ kheftcjijh, A bed^ a bed-chambe;*, 
.;d^ khoftehy Sleeping. 
.♦j>a£^ kjiftecdiai, Rtsslng one another* 
>^ lihefcj^ An Qwl, a sepulchre, 

^if^ khefchehf Legal punishment. 
Si lsn.Li ^//p/y^/jV/e/, Speaking through the nose* 
|i;kvi^ kli^fkhefef, The noise made by an ani- 
mal whilst devouring its food, 
jvi-: k/fed. Going fast. ^ »xi:ti khqfdod, A bat. 
lyj y^. >^ khefdeedun, To suffocate, strangle, 
yai. khefeVy Protection, bashful. 
« ^isi khefrety Shameful (a woman.) 
4j<mjU- khefes. Derision, ridicule, overthrowing. 
^jhi.kliefrejef, Well nourished. 

I ^^7 2 

^J ^k^ lihefrenj. Tender, delicate. 

jsC-y khefi, A beetle, a may-bug. 

4jijUi. kheflsh, Siuall eye. jj^iiUi hjicfet^ Depres* 

^:^ hhejh, A veil, a* curtain^ [sion* 

^...Xas' kh^k, Suffocation, strangulation, 

f^i^ khefen, J^axity of the external belly. 

^ kfitfe7jj:, A black scoripoa* 

^srji^ klnfenjeh Indignation, oppression* 

^^A^ khefd7idu7i, To sprinkle with water, to, 

yhL khtfuQ, Hiding. [breath, bard 

c yi^ khefoot, A lean woman. 

c-3'^*^ khefook, Slender in the middle (a horse.}; 

J^ khefeh. The cougli, strangling. 

^x:L hhefec^ flaking manifest, qpncealed, 

SxLi khofeyeti Concealment. 

0^1^ kh feed, A swift going ostrich, 

^ jy.iai khefeeded, A nimble ostrich 

^^^ ^/?/?/eeJe/?, Strangled. 

jfx^. khefeer, A protector, tutor, 

yMxiai khcfees. Much diluted (wine.) 

ijaAX^ khrfee%. Submissive,^ living happily, 

i^^jui^ khefeef, Light, immoral, dexterous, 

iJui^ khefeek, Extremely fleet (horse.) 

^.JU khekk, A cleft ;. making a barsh, shrill, and 

disagreeable noise, 
^JiJ^ khvkshek, An earthen painted jar. 

I 108 ] 

b' khel, Vinegar ; Ihuly Snout of the rios^. 
5U. khelki A privy, vacant, parsing av^^ay (time.) 
w-^ It^ khilkh. Dirty- way, clay, dirty, soft 

earth ; khelltibi A liar. 
Xj S\^ khilhhet, Deceiving with words, tongs. 
jjMJ i^s- khetalBs, False, a romance, a lie. 
^^ 5U. khelhsee, K mulatto boy, a fowl from 

a cross breed. 
3u-w i^ hhelasiyei, Hair of twt> colours. 
*-5-^ 11^ hhelhshmeht A disease from indigestioni 
J^' !i^ khelhsheh, A stick, the rudder of a ship. 
^o bU. Jihelhs, Liberation-, redemption. 
'S.ja ^V^; kh^cisef, The best part of any thing, 
39 :^ ^/^zY^^ Mixing, mad, a troop, [fresh butter. 
^ i:^ khola, The epilepsy. [ing (a tree*) 

Iti ^^ IheltL-ctt, Sprouting leaves, and fiourish- 
cJ iViL TtlMcbf, Opposition, opposite, a lie. 

Cic^k 3 iU. JihelofihohJi, Contrary to justice, ini- 

5U khellcihd. Light, smooth. . [quitously. 
c3 5)U. hlidhliy A portion of good fortune or hap- 
I'^y^ khdhli riur. of ^:^ khul. [piness. 

OJ'^i. khelaletf Friendship* 
^ iU kheliilosh, A tumult, the noise of a crowd. 
uma^ :i'^ci khelhmees, Plur, of ^^^^^X^ khelmoos^^ 
^^ llff' khelhn, Thin clay or mud. 
6 C^ /^//e/ai^^ Clay, loam* 

vJ^^U^ lihdhyefi^ Plur. of *iu]b* kheleefet^ 

^Ju iU. I^helayeh J^ servant, a slave. 

t^sL ihelh,A nail, talon, [airily, a. female deceivei?^ 

SUi^ khelehet^ Walking hiaughtily, travelling 

^^j^lai khelleriy Foolish, Imi^^ty^.khellet, Quali- 

^U khelj. Drawing away. [ty, nature. 

j^^UcvLi hheljhn. Commotion, cuj^iosjty, 

j^atvJbi iheljem, Long, corpulentift 

jjLsi- kheledy TJie mind, heact. 

j5 jvJl^ khehdety An ear- ring, a bracelet, [iag. 

^a:a,p, kholler, A bean, apea^^^^Jiai khelsy Seiz- 

lUJaj. kholseti Rapine, herbage. [khitles^ 

ija\:L kheles, A sincere ftiend, Plur, of ^aJ U 

LaX:i khelsa, A desert. ^^ UaJU kholshrif Plur. of 

ialii ^Ae//, Confusion, mixed. [o^)^ kheles* 

xyu hMiet, Conversation^ company. 

xXaL ^/id/a, Drawing out slowly, deposing, hurit-^ 

ing, departing from any place,, 
\Aa. khol'h, Plur. of ^aU. khelea, 
SiXii khel-aty Investing with a royal rope. 
^ ULi kholfanee, Going or stepping back. 
SiXai khelfet, Posterity, a substitute person or 

thing, a pregnant camel. 
JAp khelfeh, Purslain. JJ^ khelefee, €uccessive. 
jlXri. khelky Production, a nation ; khelek, (Gar- 
^ IXU hholkhn, Plur. of j(U hh^kh [ment.) 

t no 1 

iuila: khoUict, Creation. ^Ju khelel. Disturbance, 
JLa khelm, A friend. [confusion. 

^^ki^ khelenloos, The marcasite. 
^^Lb^X^ kaeleftjciny The root gahngal. 
^*. khelooy Stubborn, vacant. *-_*^d^ khelooh, A 
i^-i khelwet. Retirement. [deceiver, a liar. 
p^^ h^doujt To make signs by winking or 
a^aL liholood, Etemitj, perennial, [nodding. 
^Ji^s^ kholoos, Purity, friendship, 
w l^^JL^ khohoskty Plur. of ^j^^ kholoos. 
l»>)l:t kheloot, Mixing. [drinking water. 

5^Li kholoof, Coming behind, drawing or 
yisi khelook, A species of aromatic. 
15 ^ kholooket, Torn, beautiful of faCe. 
^ ^ kholool. Friendship^ diminished, [the hands. 
J^ kliclch, A stick, any thing lost or dropt from 
JL«i khelee, Mowing, giving grass to cattle. 
CAA\:i. khcleet, Variegated in one uniform man- 
ner or in one part. 
jlJ^ kh elect ih, A purse, a linen bag. 
^X=i kheleej, A gulph, a river, a bank, a small 
^^Mr kheleek, A starUng, a stare. [ship. 

.*j^/^ kheleeciun/lo prick, to string, to sew. 
ij.aU kheleesy Half grey, clay, vitriol. 
ffiJ^ kheleesh. Warm- water. 
^1^ khdeet, Mixed, a partner. 

t 111 3 

Jhu^ kheleetee, A mob, confusion, [a wotf* 
^aX^ hheleea^ Wicked, a hunter, a torn garment* 
(-^iJiri kheleef. Mended, folded up* [deputy, 
XxaX^ kheleefetj An emperor, kirpg, monarch, ^ 
UUX=i kheleekhy The tip of a horse's nose, 
XjuJiai kheleeket, The creator, nature. 
jJL-i kheleel. An intiitiate friend. 
XXaI^ kheleelet, Friendship, poor. 
^>^s.^J^ kheleemeedun, To blow the nose. 
^Xp- kheleeneh, A purse, a linen bag. 

g-t^Ji^ /^/i^/eet^'aj, A kite. 


y^ kJietn, Twisted, crooked, a curl, a knot. 
A^ ^/iiw, A melodious voice, an empty garden. 
J l^ khemar, A veil, a woman's head dress; 

khomar. The head-ach. 
J U; t^ khomarhhkneht A tavern. 
^^l^ khomhsee, A word of five letters, a 

thing of five spans. [Roasted meat. 

'Hi, l^ khomtLshety A wound, injury, i^ l^ khemkf, 
cl^ khomaa, Limping, halting. 
^\^.k^omkU Causing to limp, 
xll^ khemhlet, The plumage of an ostrich. 
3U l^ khomametj The filth of a house, the mud 

taken out of a well. [rival, emulous. 

^ l^ khemhn, The elder-tree, u i^ khcmana, A 
^Ul^?. ^^^w^na?/ee, Similitude. 

[\j^ i^ khemaiieeduTif To distort the mouth, 

to counterfeit, to tell a secret, [dining to red, 

t*A ^ khemahen, A species of black shell, in- 

y_^^ khoml't A large vessel or jar. 


ly^ khemLereh, A small jar. X/>^ khemjehetef, 

J U"^ khomkhknehy A tavern. [A tumult, 

^ IchemeVi Covering, concealed, fermenting. 

3f^ khemret. Wine. ^^^ khems, Five, making 

3U^ khemset. Five. [five. 

^^*M> khomsoon, Fifty. 

^ lAfl^ khomsttn, Extenuated (in the belly.) 

Sjo^ khernset) Hunger, emaciated. 

la^ >|-^ew/e^, Roasting (meat.) [Salt-water* 

Jilla^ khemiet, Fragrant odour. ^_j!^ khemtereer, 

2^ kheinfia, Limping, a w^olf, a robber. 

*xiluX^ khemkesh^eh, Crooked. 

^ khemel, A carpet v^dth s', long pile, a sin" 

cere friend, the eye-lid, 
SlV^ khemiet, Silk velvet, a secret border. 
^J'^U^ khomnhk, Sick, deceased. 
^^ khemoo, Thick milk, a^^ khomood, Abat- 
j^ khemoor, Leaven. [ing. 

tp' ^ khemoosh, Silent. ^^^ khefHua, An a- 
^y^ khoraool, Obscure, mean, [dultress. 

*^5^ khomoom, Cleaning a vrelL 
«^ khemee, Cropkedness, curvature. 

[ li3 J 

fcjt^ >f7i^777^a5;e//, Tawning, stretchings 
ci*>^ ^he^neet. Thick grass, plump, 
yu-^ /^// meed, The female of every species^r" 
^^u^ khemeedun, To be clear, to be crookedjj^ 
^^ khemeer. Dough, a spring fountain. -' 
\y^ khemecs, A fifth. 
ocL^ kht'Ofiees, Extenuated in the belly, 
Sua^^ khsmeesei, A black garment, black hair* 
^;f. khemeel, Soft meat, velvet, satin. 
XAa^ khemeelet. The plumage of an ostrich, sa*- 

tin, velvet- silk, 
^jj^ khenriy An empty ship ; khenn, Lopplngj^ 

making a sound through the nose, 
Uii. kheticii Obscurity in conversation. 
v-_) ULsL khenahhy Long, foolish, having a thick. 
3u U^ khonb.^jL'U Wickedness, infamy. [nose. 
UMJ U^ khonaleSy A lion, antient, solid. 
t3M:L khonhset, Staled an old catamite^ 
j^-U^ A/iowast-e, Hermaphrodite. 
^Slici., Household furniture. 
j*.U^ khenhjer, Plur. of j^js«J:i khenfoor, 
o i U«i kh nadek, Plur. of (_J jjai khendeJs. 
jlJLri khonh%, A lizard, corrupted meat. 
'jj* iXai hhenks. The devil, a demon. 
^^U^ y5"^d7Z£^ser, Plur. of ^^..mJol khenser. [men. 
^AMiUi. khenicseer, Destruction, the lowest of 


t ^4 1 

^AlaUii k^rt^teel, Plur. of iil^iaLi khentookL 

^ U*. kfienhfeSt Plur. of jj^ij^i Vievfes, 

cJi Uct khinaki A rope ; khonak. The quinsey 

or inflammation in the throat. 
^.^ U^ khenain k> A species of herbage. 
^ Uci Vienkn, A disease in the throat, &c. ejed 
«,-jL:i kheneh, A rheum at the nose, [of birds, 
•u^ LX7 k^ionh^needuiiy To move, to shake. 
isNiC^ khenlejet, A small jar. [A small brass jar. 
•-^•^ k^ionhedeht Intelligent, o^^ khomhtneh, 
^y^sL k^ieJiles, Short of stature, dwarf. 
*j^x:^ khenheseh, A large corn- basket. 
ljiA;aL kheiilei^h, Moving one's self greatly. 
iyzj^::L kho?iLos, Spark from the flint. 
*j^^ khoTiloa, Fruit in its envelope, [licious. 
Sua;*; k'^onhoat, A small veil uJu;*i^^o/;/Z'0^, Ava* 
^^^Qp- khomhck, A small iar or other vessel, 
^yuj^ khonldedun^ To crook, to celebrate. 
„2^ khenti Shining, lightning. 
.Uiii kheniar. Excessive hunger. 
dL^sL khens, A dispersed crowd, a fold. 
s^yiSsL khe??selet, A good camel full of milk- 
yiJ^i. J5"A^wser,Rubbish encamped, [flabby woman. 
*,fcaL khenmat, Afemale-fox. yij^khonslt \Veak> 
Ju*;=i kheush, Asphodel, a hermaphrodite. 

'^ khenj, Mirth, dance. 

yf^^ khenjer, A dagger. 
^ ^yf khevjoroodr, Ridicule, mockeryo 
^^^ khenjeree, An ugly beard, 
^j^i. hhefijereer^ Salt-water. 
eJi«< khenjef ot j ^^ A camel full of railk* 
^„J^ kfievjek^ The mastich treC) a dry thorn. 
JjcU khenjel, A modest woman. 

* js 

^ >^f khenjeedeh, A balsam for a wound, 

y;^^ khmjeer, Any smell. 

3.^3d^ khenjeel, A swing, a see- saw. 

yu^ khend, Smiling, laughter. 

/H 1>A^ khend^n. Delightful, laughable. k 

/M>J) >X7 khend%ncedani To cause to smile, or 

wjOai khendeh, Bad-natured man. ^ [laugh* 

^ b>;ii khondebtin, Corpulent, fleshy. 

^y^> , juri kliendrees, Old wine, grain. 

£ «xlaL kliondoa, Vile, male-locust. 

(j^ a. p. kh^ndek, A ditch, round fortified 
town, garden, fields &c. 

OyCS khendeh. Laughter, laughing. 

i*j ^,.^ khendeedun, To lau^^h, to ridicule. 

r y&^ >^ khendeesh, Laughing, jesting. 

jvi Js;L:i khen%ee%y The highest part of a moun- 
tain, an excellent stone-horse. 

y^ khcn%, Stinkmg, corrupted. [jet, Pride, 

y^ y^i. khon%oh, Bold in villainy. i:» yi khen%&'^ 

l 116 1 

j^y^ Men^erei, A pointed instrument. 
^I^y^i ihonxowan, A boar, a male-ape. 
^.y*^ khenzeeri A wild bear, a hog. 
uMX:ii hhem, Returning l^^: hhensh, A lion. 
^AA»*;ii Jihenseer, Worthless, avaricious, 
^xiJai khenshefecr. 111 luck. j.ijjL:i. hhensliel, A 
Su/fiis;- ^'Aew5o^d/, Fleshy (woman.) [swift camel. 
y^i^ k^ienseer, The middle or little finger. 
cJ^AflA^ Ihenseref, A jolly corpulent woman. 
Xj ILIci khentahet, Mean,^ unworthy (man.) 
(..iLk;:;. khenteSi Walking with a proud air. 
uJ^^i^ hhentereff A decrepid old woman. 
. UzAj' khcntel. The coloquint apple. 
S^L;::! khentowet. The top of a ipountain. 
J^tuii khentoolf A long branch, or the man*s 

organ of urine. 
%y\a}ci, khentoolet, A herd of camels or oxen. 
Ux^ khentehi Bear, spelt. [wrinkled hog. 

\^ LkJaL khentey ) ??, Obscene. jAxXsl khenteer, A 
^;ci khenxely The coloquint fruit. 

ing much (a woman.) 
^^:L khenar Softness, abject. 
Sbu^ khen-hty A false accusation. 
i^JLk^ khonof^ Plur. of i^^ kheveef. 
3Ua^ khenefet) The segment of an orange. 

-viXai ihonfoj, Fat, a species of seed. 
iA> khenfer, Domestic utensiL 
jjjUaL kherifosy A beetle* 
IsJU^i khonfoshet, A kind of animalcule; ^^ '.' ; 
^ousi khonfoa, Indiscreet, stupid. ' . J '^ 

uJiAJuiAsi khenfkee}, Unpleasant fottttipic, ipi^ery^ 
troubled, a monstrous mai^^^,^^ j ^- ^, 

khenek: Strangling. .^^^ 4 |.^,^ ^ 

^.^ khenk, A white or grey hofs6.' . ^-.i) 
y ^ khonkar, An emperor, [scene in speech. 

.>^ khonokect Temperature, y^ khenoo, Ob* 

ci, ^Aa; khonooff A species of marine animal, 
J y\^ khctieivwerf The world. [ignorant* 

3 ^iii khonoo%, Stink, y*. ^.iii khonoos, A lion, an 
(jd y^ fihennows, A young animal. [ape. 

i^y^ khennhsety A young badger or beaver, 
^^ii khenooa, Submission, humility. 
c_Jy^ khe?2oqf, Tender-footed ; khonoof, Anger, 
J^ kkoneh, The cough. ^^ khenee. Obscene 
IsX^ khonyhy Melody, song, milking, [speech. 
e>J^ hheneedeh, A voice, echo, learned, chosen. 
<— Vaa:& kheneek. Strangled. 
0VA^ kheneen, A sound, resembling laughingor 

crying through the nose. 
^aL khawou. Hunger, a large river, [(the belly.) 
\yL khdwh, Falling down, empty and clinging 

E IIS ] 

w I f hhkl,, Sleep j;>5^., ,^ j,t .VXI^ojU iJU^ 

in sleep, sleepy. , ; s j^go to - bed or sjeep. 
C) ^ %^^-"f' i^i^PAn^^A^^,> J-^o permit :ope: t^ 
J U» 1 ^ Jthal^h^Miy A bed , a couch, a bed- 

^yo ) ^ ^^#6^5^; Sieving.-" <i^-'- ■- - 
Cj^j^ ^^^ay<a^,'VS&urid, ^the +i(^se^ 6f a %i«g 

%\-^ A^^^hr -Aj rjch iperghaqt, a doctor, a 
l).^/khary Contemp.tible>-fibj,ect. .[professor. 
^^1^^ ^/ta2^^r^j..flur. of -..U- -^/Ur//^.r .. . 

C/y '^^ ^^or^,. Baseless, mean ncssv A ^5^ .. 
igi^\A^'khawafeen, Plur. of /^ l^^^ khewran^ 
>->' J ' y" k]ia%mdeh, 4^,bride,, .-p t . ,,^ •- 

]^S ^ khasitar, A petitioAer, iin.^skier,. !'. 



^^y^ /i haivct fi'e',r]ur.^ of xJu^ hhoj^yeei. '- ''". 

'\Vr>p f^ /f'^a/'^^i?^^ To pr&diice;' to^spTelid; ^^ 
''&\j>^khawaleeg€r, A'coVkrarn'g^e'r;'^ *"-'" 
* '^"^ frfxkwwh'n, 'A lion; 'a* de5eiVer> % tt^oi. 

,.X^)^, fihkndee^ee. Invocation,, readipg. 
' lV ^ '^* ^A^ft&w/ To, recite, to. ^es^d, to iuvite. 

-5 ^* 

Jto ^qll, to ^g. 
»>^,l ^. hhb,mehy Read, s.uijg,^ called. . /^ . ^ 
byi^ 1 ^ ihhnehdeh, A reader, a ^rier. . . ^ 
t-Ju?^ khawanify Plur. of c^U-,^//4 ???/*» ^ 
iju:'t^^ Jiliawaneel:, Plur. of c_J ui kboTihi*^* 
e ) ^ khah, Desire, studious, desiring. ^ * 
^ t ) ^ Mi^han, Willing; desiring; X v ' "-» 
^ ^ i 1 ^ l^a/i^wef^««. To cause, to wish.*) 
^ )^ ^fiaher, A sister. ^^^ 1^ khahish,\A pe- 
*p>\"^d fhtifiil,' CtooktS.. [tition, deprecation. 
e/L \ ^ kh\handeh, Asking, one who asks* - 
l*J At y y" khiheedu?!, To petition.' [seizing. 
(J^f'"k'hbwai,T2iS,tei ^j^^^l khowayetj Falling, 
u-j3*s. ^Mii;^, 'Reduced to poverty; ^/i oo^. Ex- 
cellent, &c. •■ '" • " ' ; s; ^ 
.♦j>«Tw^'\^ ^fioot)aV>?ft'c?z/77, To please, to appear, 
!^^t f V^oobUheedu'n'tliO oppress, beat down. 

I 120 1 

t» ^^ ihawhet. Ground without rain. 

^^ f ihoolter, More beautiful. 

(J^^ khoolee, Beaut7,goodness.[Filled, satiated, 

^j^ hhawia, A skillful guide. 6^ iJiawes, 

U^ khaws^, A tender virgin. [A peach, 

^^ A'^oq/, A man of distinction, ^yi. hhawkh, 

U^ khawkhh, Foolish, stupid. 

3U.^aL khawkhety A window, 

d ^ khawed, A beautiful young girl ; khud. 

Himself, his, herself, her's, a helmet. 
i\J ) ^ khoodun, To cut. [Despicable, base. 
J ^ khawer, Debility, languid, j ^ khoor, 
1 J ^ khoorh,, Eating, voracious. 
w* I /^ ^/ioora?>. Muddy water, drinking. 
-J I ; ^ khoor aleh, A river. 

„^1 ; ^ khoorhk, Meat, provision. 
^1^^ khooran. Devouring, eating. 
i*jJ^^j^ khoor andiin. Eating, drinking, 
Cyft^ J ^ khoor cheen, A portmanteau, a wallet. 
^ J ^ khkrd, Preterite of m ^jyr meat. 
J^ ) J ^ khordkr, A domestic, a servant. 
ilj Vy'* khordun. To eat, to drink, to take. 

J^»^^ khordeneCj Provision, a repast. 
^^ ^ ) f khordeh. Eaten. 
^ ^ ) f khordee. Broth, juicy meat. 
j 1 ; ^ hhoorh%y The Greek dance or chorus^ 
^ J ) f khoorzee, A barn, granar^r. 

I 121 ] 

,%) f J^hooresh, Eating meat, and drinking^" 

^,^^1^ khoorsheed, The sun. 

\Lai^ khoorselh, A store- house, cellar. 

oL^ yhoormahy A summer month. 

OyUy^ khorendeh. An eater, a family./^ ^ 

e^^ lihoreh, The rust, the moth, the lepros^; 

(Sj^ k^iooree, Meanness. [gangrene. 

^^\)f^ khooreyad, A peasant, a clown, rustic, 
'iSy ^tjf" khooret/adee, Rusticity, rudeness, [rude. 

i*J'A!j^ khooreedvn. To invite to nuptials, 
jy^ khowr, Enmity. e^j^7 ^-^oojcJt^A, A beetle, a 

fij^ khowza, An old woman. [chaffer. 

XcjysL khowz-af, A large heap of sand. 

Xij ^ khow%(ihet. Impaling a man. 

Jj^^ khovoxlee, A slow tottering pace, 

*^j^ kh(nu%emety A cow. 

oy*^7 kho%eh, A cock's comb. [a promise* 

^ ff^ khos, K brother-in-law; khows, Breaking 

^*r^^ khosluUf To ask. 

/M J^f' khooseedun. To become dry, to shrivel. 

/J^^ khooshf Dry; khoshy A mother-in-law, 
fair, charming, cheerful. 

f^^ cr^ khoshkherhnif Walking elegantly. 

A^^ /pf klioslikhesaJ, Of an excellent dis- 
position, well bred. [(a woman," &c.) 

' /^ C/'f' ^/ioJire/Yar, Walking gracefully 

G X 

r 122 ] 


[late, delicious. 
\y*rp'f ihcs^nne%eh, Agreeable to the pa- 
Ui-^U^ ^hosh^^hoshd,, Well! very well! 
(J\^^ /ihosh^i, A cluster of grapes or dates* 
Xj:^^? lihoshier, Pleasanter, sweeter, kc, 
mf^^ Ihoscheh, Good, beautiful (little girl, &c.) 
\^^ khoshnoffihi Elegant, spacious. 
^y^-^f hliOhhiiQodi Satisfied, content [grapes. 
c^^f klioosheh. An ear of corn, a cluster of 
^p -^ji^^ khooshecheen, Gathering grapes»- 
^^^^^ khooshecy Excellence, comfort, plea!- 
** sure. [burn, to love, to be busy, to jest. 
^j^f khcshzedun, To collect, to wrinkle, to 
^ ^^ kliows, Blind. [head, a deep well. 

La ^^ kjioivs^, Having the eyes sunk in the 
yja *.^ khou%, Acting inhumanly, piercing. 
t>a u^ khmitci, A pearl. 

h y*- khocti A corpulent man. [Foolish. 

g.^ kliowa, A white mountain. ^cyLkhawain, 
f^^^khonf, Dread, fear, killing. 
^Ar khccfj, Power, strength. 
^^J\^'^ Ihaafnak, Terrified, timid, [or nose. 
(__j*^a. p.^'/iOU'.^-, A gold or silver ring on the ear 
Ij . klxowJtQy Wide, deep, scabby, foolish. 
^f khook, A hog, a pig. [of the face. 

ij^ khowl. Preservation, a standard, a mole 

XJ^^ Jthoivlct, A doe. 
^5^ khowlee, A good TnariageW 
♦J*p kJioolee'Z, A species ctf bird, a locust, [ou^, 
,^^ khown. Languor of countenance, perfidl-.. 
sm^^^ khoonkh, Blood, a torrent of blood. 
Lj^ lihoonLehh, The fine paid fpr murder^^ 

or the shedding- of blood. 
B>^^ khoonjedehy A gum for closing wounds, 

^"^ ^ khoncKeh, A small table, resembling a tear. 
jl/f khoonree%, A blood-thirsty tyrant, [board. 
iJ^yS' khoonish, Reading, intercession. 
jM \jJu^ khooT?fesha7i, Shedding blood, cruel. 
j^^ khoonkar, A killer. [singer, a cry er. 
t^Cj^h khoonejidjhy Reading, a reader, singing, a^ 
J^ khonch, A rolling pin. 

*'^ khoonee, A murderer, a homicide- 
"-;/^ kfiooneeUf Bloody, [^^f.: 

»e^ kbowch. Strangulation, y^^ khoolier, A sis- 

L^^ khoohel, Crooked, /♦yy^ khooheen, A fun- 
t5^-L khawee, Ruined. [nel. 

*Asxj^-L khiiwulliiyet, Calamity. 
/f. ^ khaviid. Green corn. 
t\)^.,^ khaweedun, To chew the cud. 
t.:L^\^i.^d.khaivecrkty A rustic. / A*,^ khysh. He,. 

himself, a kinsman. 
,C] ^H^ khydian, Flur. of -J^if kl^ysh. 

I 124 1 

^^ ^.^ khjshhwendy A kinsman. 
(/>*^li^^^ khyshawendeCy Consanguinity. 

^^f^,.f hhyshtuyi, H6, himself. A-^ khyteh, 

J^^f khaivyoo%, A bat. [Foolish, ignorant. 
^ yt^,^ khiiyeediuiy To sweat, to assemble. 
l^ kheh, Ridicule, derision. ^^ ^Ae/i^e, Well! 
.}' khee, A bottle, skin, bag. [very well! 

,»j Ia^. kheyah. Not striking fire (a flint.) 
SjIa^ kheyhlety Desperate, hopeless, 
j\^ khiyar, A cucumber, ^j^ [^ k/i?yasheem, 

Plur. of ^ yZUsL kheeskooin. 
fc 1*=;. kheyat, A needle. cl.I? Ui kheydifef, Sew- 
•^LjA. kheyal, A phantom, &c. [ing, creeping. 
t:i>:yiA:i kheyalatt Plur. of ^L«i 'khiyal, 
J lAji khcyalce, Imaginary. * l>^ k/icyam, Plur. 

of a>a5- kheemeh. 
Su Ia^ khiyanet, Treason, disloyalty. 
/V) / w^'^ khcyanetksrduny To betray, 
\f^^ kheyanefger, A traitor, 
*^I>/jI^ khtyaydedun, To chew. 

kheihef, Disappointed, hopeless. 
A^ yJ^AezV, Exclaiming. -Ua::^ kheithm, Plur. of 

^ U k ha fern, 
' ^^jXa^ kheitema, A restless woman, [a wolf. 
J yjj^kheise-07\ The world, a serpent, a lion, 
^j^ kliteduny To draw, to pluck, to sigli.' 

{ 126 ] 

j^ Ifheir, Good, a good work, best, well, 

iyj^ kheirett The blessing of God* 

^^^/'f khehkhah, Benevolent. [nails. 

/M>u,.^y^ kheei sheedun, To wound with th^ 

• ^ ^ kheirgcbh, Inside of a houses 

0^ Kheinh, An ill-natured man. 

{J ^ kheiree, Species of plant, a building, a 

^'> khee%. Rising, a leap, [beautiful womano 

wl^ kheexal, A wave, billow* 

CJ ^/i:^ kheezan, Rising, leaping*. 

45: .^ khee%ree, W^alking disjointed ly.' 

i*j^„>f khee%eedim, To rise, to totter,, 

^Ad- kheis, Breaking a promise, grief. 

j^^Ua^ kheesan, Neglecting, 

,*jju\ — 3r ^he€Sd7ieedii?iy To Aioisten, to mix,' 

5u*.>ai khecset, A lion's den. Aw^J^ kheesteh, M 

if^*^>. kheeseref, Loss, wandering* [nut 

^ >;;'vv,J' kheeseedun, To moisten, to knea'd.[nose,< 

/Aa^ kheish, Coarse linen. ^,ji^ khusheem, The 

yo^^ ^^^25, Few, one larger than the other 

L^:sL kheif, A thread, the aii*. [(eyes.) 

'j^^lW Iheetkn, Plur. of i,^ khoot or k*^ 

UsAai kheitety Passing quickly. [kheeU 

\lixii. kheitee, A herd of ostriches. 

SU Ua^ khetkmut. Obsolete, r^a worthless man^ 

j.xAai khceal, A shirt without sleeTe3, a wolf. 


I 12(5 ] 

f^i*^ kheift Fear. ^^^ hheifd, A knife, dread. 
J^ /ihtfer, Household furniture. 
eJi^A^ khe'ifchy Very swift, a pr.odig}^ 

A^'^ kheifeVf Linseed, ^^^f kheJh> A bottle, 
.y^ khe'ihcheh, A Small leather bag. [a bag. 
J^ kheikeleh, A kind of herb. 
^j^ khcilf Imagination, suspicion. 
iUs- kheilh A beautiful woman. 
Cj j^^ kheilaneedun, To bite, to prick. 
XIa^ kheilety Thinking, haughty, [sufficient. 
^as. kkdlce, A lie. ^^^^v kheileejeh, Enough, 

>^ kheim, Disposition, a mark, 

i^^ kficlmet, A tent, a shade. 

5L«^.v*- kheiiuoouiett Pusillanimous, villainous. 

^ kheiyoo, Spittle, ^ ^^ hWiyooshy Plur. of jU:L 

3Li^=: khi^yooshet. Minute, subtilty* [kheish* 

h^ kheyooty Plur. of i^^^ khcct, 

cJ^^ kheyoof. Terror. 

-^Aai khn/oom, Having recourse to fraud. 

^ c^a/. Eighth letter of the Arabic, and the 
tenth of the Persian alphabet, denoting 
four in arithmetic, and the fourth day of the 
week* [condition, thrusting. 

^ d^, Go, let alone. i«jli dh,h, Custom, 

iL \ a dalet, Beast, animal, reptile. 

t 127 ] 

y/^t^ dkd iT, The distributer of justice. 
j^\^ d^der, A brother, a dear friend, &c. [give* 
J^l^ dtidgir, God a just king. ^^)^ dAdun, To 
jy^^ dtiden^e, A present. b^I^ dkdeh or _jl^ 6?a<^, 

/ j^i fl^^r. House, habitation. [Pret. of ^^1^ 

^^^^^lyl^ dkrotxerhf The mint. 
,^,^^1^'^ dhrolherhy An enemy's country* 
^>^ly)^ dhr ineediin. To cause to hold, 
^^ ^ ^ dareh, A trained falcon. 
^.<i dhrehet, An ingenious vv^oman. 
(/*-• /I. dhrhooi Odoriferous wood, aloes. 
LV-Xy'^ d^^'hereen. Night-shade. 

J :i darej. Moved by the vi^ind (dust.), 

j(^^)^ ddurlihhl, .K branch, a sapling. 

4,1, daresh. Tinged. 
X^> 1:i dcireJcety The understanding. 
tj}j\y dkrendeh, Holding, a bearer, [or sickle; 
^ iL daroo, A medicine 5 J^ dareh, A scythe; 
(/,!- decree, A court. 

J ^3 direen. The present and future life. 
j\y dci%, A plasterer, plaster, [corruption. 
^']y ditsfi. Sweeping. rji^]ydas, A sicklejj 
rM'"_^^; dksthn. History, a narrative. 
jK^\y dctskakhy A small sickle. 
,^ )• dkseh, A sickle, an ear of corn. 
JjX L d^.&Md, A present, a free gift. 

r 12^ J 

*'*' • dhslituiit To have, to hold, [dhshtxiri. 

A- ); dhshteh or ^::^^ )^ t/as/i^ Pret. of ^*/^\y 
^ ^ i dhsliun, A new house, a place where 

new cloths are laid up. 
^\^ da%, FiHing (a bottle), angry. 
L^ \ :» da-yh, A player. ^ ^ ^ da-yr, Impure, a 

3Lj* \ a dk-eyetf A desire, necessity, purpose. 
^ 1; Jo-^//, Amark, a spot, wounded, [the hip, 
j^ 1 i d^Lgher, Ab}ect. x^ j ^ daghcset, The ham,- 
^i I A dafer. Stinking. 
^ ^^ddfea, Repulsing, averting. 
«Ji> ! i dhfchi Going quick (a camel). 
SUi \ A dhfenel. Toothless, a cow. ^ ! ^ <ii/, In- 
4*J \ ^ dalehf A live coal, a fire-brand, [dicating. 
S3 i A dklet, Becoming public. 
^i\:i d^lchy Modesty, shameful (woman). 
Jj^ dalea, Foolish, important business, 
jja ] ^ dalef, Heavy, laden, going slow. 
^ J a dMei, Drawing a sword. 
J[^ dUeh, An eagle, x^j \ ^ dkleyet, A vine, 
♦^1^ daleez, A chaffinch, a sparrow. 
^ t^ f/^m, A mare, a net. [ever. 

-.!:> ditma, (In prayer,) may it endure for 
U!i daamh, The sea. ^L I; am^d, Ason-in«. 
law, near ally. 

[ 129 J 


jllydamb,!, Doiaestic utcnsih 
^V-^ dkma.7i, ^ skirt, hem. [perate nighty 
^S^ damej, Dark night. ^^ 1^ dameh. Tern- 

]^ daVhca, Wet with dew. 
^^^U damghool, A scrophulous, hui^^ioi!/, 
j^i^ dameky Bad, worthless. 
*.^a.o^ i dimei&t. An ill fortune, [tock, ashovel;. 
^y« !^ dhmun. The tail ^^ |^ dumoo:^, A m^):-. 
fVj^ !^ datnooij A hot sultry day, [i"^-. 

^fji d^mee, Bleeding, u^^^ dhm'i^hy A bless- 
3u-« I ji dh,neyef, A wound ou the head, [known. 
^ .<^^^ dhtneeduTiy To appear, tc? become. 
iv')^ Ja?2, A vessel, a p^rse. [ing, knowledge, 
\,\^ danh. Wise, learned. A\^dtintLeef Learn,- 
i*j^'}i^^ dhnhneedun, To inform. [A lentil*. 
J 1 S^danhyhneh, Leaffied, wisely. jfS^dcinch^t^ 
*j;u^ )^ dknesteny To know, to ack^owledg;^* 
i/i^) dtunesh. Science, learning. 
jyi;^\:i dhneshwer, A learned man^ 
-5^^ dknea, Voracious, hungry* 
jis^^ dan eh. Lean, abject. 
»>Xl^ dhnendih, Knowing, wise. [approaching. 
J)^ dknehy Grain, knowledge. \\i, dhnee, Nea;, 
^>J|^ dhneedun. To know, to roll round. 
>^l; dane.zsheh, A lentil. ^)^ daiv, A wheels 
d,U dawedf David. [a reel. 


t 130 1 


jy^ dhvoer, God, a prince. 

j/y^l^ daweree, Empire, dominion. 

cf^\:>d^^^^f Milk covered with cream. 

b )^ dah, Ten, a maid-servant, a boy* 

j.* 1 i dkher, Time, reason^ 

^\^ dkhesh, Astonished, stupid. 

3y^ja dhhefei, A foreigner, fatigued. 

^\:^ db^helf Confounded, amazed. 

t,j^\^ dahen. An anointed beard, 
aU dhhee, Penetrating, shrewd.- 
SaaU dkheyet, An accident, misfortune. 
^ 1^ dcihecm, Dominion, dignity. 
{/1 5 c/az. Deceased, a maternal uncle* 
u^^]^ dhyeh, Diligent, fatigued. 
t\)^'^„ '; dheyhan, Night and d^y^ 
jLs^u^i dcLihety Alarge spreading tree. \}^g* 
^A ^ dhyeMt Dark night. ^^\ ^ dixir, Revolv- 
»i^j \ i dleret, A circle. ^^ | ^^ daycs, A barn, a 

'/MI^, '; dayeghn, Plur. of j!^ dayeh> 
*.j!a c/tt^^//2, Permanent, always. 
Ji^J^ dciierakneh, Continually, for ever, [nity, 
jL^j^-i ddimet, Eternal, x^^, ^:s dd^imeyef, Eter- 
/.oVa'^^^^w* A debtor. ^' 1^ (faai, A nurse, fos- 
^_^:^ c?cM,Ci'eeping, going slowly. [ter-»iother. 


I m 1 

dohf Cohditioh, property, i^^ delcCt A to* 
^___, ^ L :j dohadeh, A corpulent, noisy m^n. [cust. 
A b i dolkkh, A game at dice. 
^AjLi dehhlee%, Plur. of ^^^ delooa. 
.Li Je^ar, Destruction ; dib^r, A field ; dolaft 

Wednesday, [proper time, preposterously. 
!j b i diharhvy (Coming to prayer) after the 
^j b A djraretj One part of a field* 
Ubi debasd,, A female-locust, 
ibi dehhgh, A currier, "a tanher. 
«r<£bi c?6;Z,Ag-/?e/, The art of tanning- [woman* 
^ Ij^ dephyeh, A school. c--*ji t/eZ-^^, A hairy 

^ ^5Z>? -^inting with figures. [druni. 

^^^^ :> debheSy Large, a lion. c_i1 joi dcbd^h, A 
V j.^ i deldehy A warlike engine, a spy. 
*j ou ri debdebet, The noise of a drum, &c, 
'^^ ^e^e?% Elapsed, a field. 
/ .M ^ N dehraih A mansion of the moon.' 
^ j:> delrehy Unripe^ corn cut for cattle. 
^ , :i Je/ree, Posterior, [,^, ^ delergan, After the 
^ji c?dl5, A crowd. [proper time. 

'\ji^^ detest an y A school. 
^^ A debsh, Consuming, eatifig up. 
4j i^eig/?. Turning. 
tjL, i debek, Vicious, bird-lime. 
„jLj a tZck^^e, The cloth of Debek, in Bgy^C 

I IB2 1 

j.£3ji di])hdkeU Having a thick equal skio. 
j^^ JeZ/, Dressing, correcting, driving toge- 

t\ier; doll, A ^oung ass. 
jju i del'let^ A calamity, adversity. 
J^:^ delkli, Sugared almonds. 
\j^ dden, A bl?«cp-fold. ^V-s delen, Bird-IiiTie. 
^^^ dehnet, A larg6 mouthful. 
-^.^•^ dcpeuli. Fleshy (hoy.) 
u_>JJ:^ dejjool. Creeping, dreaming, hlcod. 
-5^^ depoochehi A leech.j>' ;i dcLoor, The west 
lyy.) delooSy An iron-headed stick, [wind. 
i^A dcloogliy J»Ioistening the earth (rain.) 
I ;'^. A dehooJi, A sport, a game. 
U>j5 dtlooJtk, A vicious plant, bird-lime. 
«^ a dchooJrett Plaited, braided lock, [place. 
y*^ deJjol^ A misfortune, ^j^ deheli, A sandy 
\^:i delhf A slow pace. 
«-*Aji (fe^^d^, 'Walking, going slow. 
Cvaja delej/efy A locust. >^'> JcZ»eeJ,Anclcctu- 
/n;) deheer, A writer, a notary. (ary,amediQine. 
/^w^ v'» delerestany A school. 
^xja WfiZe?^^, Tanned (leather bottle). 
ijA.i * deleijt. One of the names of Damascus. 
v>*ja dehyuh, A pinip, an informer, 
cbi <^655, Slight rain. 
iJij 15 A desas, Killing birds with a i^ing. 

j15a deshr, A hiantle/'air upper garment/ ' 
Xii dosset, A slight heaviness in the head, 
jji dewier, Slothful, ruined. 
«S i desua. Level ground. 

5* desoor, Slothful, oblivion. 
j;;J ;i desecmet, A mouse. ^i^S ^ deseenet, A 

small quantity of water. 
^li>^^^*4//A fowl, a heh, ' 
J U. i t/e/d/, A large body of travellers; Jt^}''.?/, 

An impostor, antichrist^ fals'ej \ " "^^ ^ 
/ . . U. :> dejan, Plur. of ,' -^""^ dejen, '\ '" fhe^?. 
X3 1^ :> dcjanet, Laden, carriel. -^^^ dejjel, Dark-* 
g^^s.i <^^/e;'. Fowl, hen, darkness.'" , * ^ "^ 
^a. A defer, A French-bean. 
3.^ jb ^0/7, The lower order of irien. , " ' 
f,s>^ dejim A' stocky onglri.^'^ !\T^3'^'ger, 
t4^ A dejweU A; speech'; dujm'ei, 'Darltoess, 
^js.i i^(y«, Stopping, cloudy day; //«;;/, MucU 
«i&.A dijnet. Darkness. - ' \ . , [rain. 
^A.a </e/oo, DarkMiess. \ ,^'i, dejivki Hairy." 
b'^i.:i'</e/>;o?r, A'veSvsel, a purse, 
SU.^i.i J^oo/'e/,* Stretched on the ground, 
g*.^^ :i deJoojee^'Y'cxy dark.' . ^"^ dejodn, (itn. 
^a»A c?d/ee, Dark night." , [tie, tame, 

XAiv k ^^py^li Dafkriess, a nest of laees. - '^^ c 
\j^ ^ dejeelf Black pitch, a branclj. 


I 134 } 

^ deh, Concealing, burying, 

3u L> i d.haleff Impelling, driving. 

y^U-A dchhs, (A house) full of people. 

^Ua dilid>t, Unwilling.^jU^ deh^les. Shin" 

^t>A dtihkne^. Dark. [in g bright. 

J^U.A de-hmel, Proud, c.^*. a dcheh. Driving. 

Xx».i d htlet, A number of cattle. 

ci-o. i dches, Elepant in narrative. 

^, 1 ^~> ^ dthjolf, High ground. 

-Tjo-a dehdah. Shortest of stature. 

-^ja.i dihclooh, A big woman. 

^ i <5^e^r. Driving off, objecting. 

r^j^^ dchernj, Turning, revolving. 

y^i* A dehs. Promoting, discord, concealing. 

*AMS>.j^' di'hsem, Fat and firm. 

^^:s d(hz. Examining, sliding, 

W'- A dhehth. The falling of the matrix after 

li?irth, causing the death of the mother. 
^yUd dekekoow, Large bodied. [hole. 

^A dehelj, Digging, enlarging a well; dohl, A 
D^&.A doheloy A well. jjcLi»3 dohelu, Shining. 
*^;) dihni, An origin, a root. 
j^-*A demes, A black thing, a stark. 
Xj^i dehemtitty Lean. 

, ;j^^ dehmoor. The insect, tribe. fed/ 

U5^^ A dthmook, Large bellied, large bodi* 

I i3S I 


»^i dehi?i, A dwarf, crafty, treacherous* 
^^ dehoo, God. -.^s»^ dchoth,, A big wor- 

man, a- she-camel. 
j^:, dehoor, Driving off, rejecting, • " 

^^^^:> d'hoox, Groundless, law-suit, &c» 
^^i dehooly An inipostor. ^^^ddhee, Ex- 
X^>i dehiyety A she-ape. [panding. 

^juis^js dcheek. Far, moveable, -r^ c?ei//, A 
i;*,Ui dikhas. Many. -e.c.K.>: [reed, a cane. 
% Ua dU'kal, A joint in the body. 
. l^ii dthlian^ Smoke, tobacco, [girl, a virgin^ 
■d^^ doklif. Strength, a virgin. ^:;^* doklteVy A 
„^/;:^^ dokhterekj A h'ttJe girt, aa> orphaa. 

^^fs dcJichekhdy A man of great integrity, 
i^ . ^ dtkhekhy Blackness. 
Xj Jci^ dekhddef, Firm in fleshy [pitifub 

^js=iLi d.k^deJih, A dwarf. ^^ dckher, Little^ 
jwj.sLA dekhcris, Acquainting. 
iyajy^i> d>khrees, The gore of a shift. 
yL*, dikke%y Strong, coitus, 
jj^s^d d'khcsT\-^ corpulent man, a dolphin. 
yw^j dokhser. Bold. ^.M^:^dokhsem, Thick, black, 
, jJ^« dikhish. Commerce, bargain., thick. 
-ja^i dekhh. Dung. [cion, vice. 

^:> dckhd, Disturbance, entertaining suspi- 

^A dehhdb,, Plur, of 3^^ ile\heeL 

X1a.a dehhht, The mind, a mixed colour. 

^JUa dcJthkl, Intimate, friendly. [ling a lire. 

^) dekhmeht A tomb, ^^^deJiUt Smoke, kind- 

Ui-A dehhncit Smoky coloured. 

JuUaii dckhnknef^ TidivVy foggy (night). 

Suaia dekhnett A smoky colour. 

li^fii^i dekhool, Entrance, arrival. [sury. 

^3 Jc^/i a. Darkness, x ^:>. ^ dikhera^ A trea- 

(j»»Aa: A dekhees, The fleshy part of the hand, 

plump. [dent. 

^pL:^ dekheel, Intimate, a friend, a conii- 
'iXf.^i de.kheeleiy The interior, the intention. 
;ii dt'd, A fierce rapacious animal; hdelb, Play, 

a portion of time, 
^y^';^ dddchnoor, Parsley, citrago. 
y^ Jcr, A gvitc, in, into, on, upon, above, for, 

to, about to, according to, by, &c. 
CJ))jy d^rxcdcji, To knock at the, gate. 
j^ derVi A present, benefit. 
]j^ derk,* A bell. [%oon, A fence.' 

^Sj^ deralehy Fraudulent. CJ^xK)-^^^'^^' 
^j^\j> dcraLeSy Strong (camel). 
2-!^:^ Jdrraj, A hedge- hog, a whisperer. ^ 

derrbjehy A long upper garment. 
i!j:» derrhdeh, Plur. of^:*^^ derdch. 


[ 137 ] 

j^js derrhr, Giving much milk (catri^/. * 
»-j'j^ derrhrett A womdi/s spindle. 
yly^ derh%, Long, ^-^j^ deris, Threshings 
'ij^Sj^ diirasef, Teaching, [treading out corn, 
i*J^^^j) denstaddn, To br^giti, to attacks 
Jk* !^i aerra-ar. An upper garment. - 

CJ^^J ^ ^t'rVg-^os/i, An embrace, rubbish, 
^^'^ly ^ derqftaden, To fall in, or upoft. 
t^llj'i derkji<, Lai-ge, corpulent. 
cJjM^i derrah. Treacle, wine. 
^t^i derrtily Following one anotbei*, "'* 

• f b ^ </t7Ta;;/, Walking, a hedge-hog. 
lU I . i d-rrhmef, A hare, a short womafi. . " 
-^^l.i dcrrhniej. Fraudulent. 
i^\M*S j s derhmodeti , To e nter, t o arrive. 
• \ i derhn, A fox. ii \j t ddfhnef/A species 
<a5 ], i deramj, Walking haughtily, [of plahti 
-i^. derou, A runner, repugnance.' 
Lr^^ji deraheSy V\uv. of ^^ji^ derhes, 
mA]ji deitthiniy Vlut. of derhem. 
X^J^i deraycty Quality, mode, habit, disposi- 
tion, boldness, science. [To hold. 
\iJj ) deraye. Silk, tafFety. /My^J; ; derhyeden, 
v_jjA G<2r^, A narrow road, a large gatej 
custom, vice. 

t 133 3 

^f ji ly ^erhkreh,, Once, one time, or tur«^ 
y*. U^ i dev'-aSf A Hon, a biting dog. 
i^^jy ^^^'rlo.n, A porter, ^ dpor-keeper, 
^^J Ly^ derlanii^efx The office of porter. 
C^^Wj^ .derhcty^^ty Proper, li^. 
*j^i dereh^t, Cystoin. [site-. 

J ^ Ji ^^'"^^^•^^a A b^gg2f». vagabond, oppo- 
-/* dcrHr, A bpve, in the breast. [After. 
^^j^jyderherden. To insert, /jrtj ^ dejpus, 
n^j^ derlesteh, Tied, fastened. 
Ihajj A de?'he33tf. Silent through fear. 
XXjjA derltlett Beating a drum. 
<^V > dcrlend, A dangerous road. 
o •J A dereloof. Obsequious, tame. 
^ ; ; derleh, A fragment, a rag. 
7 ^ j^ dtrtj, An old ca;nel. 
g^a x/i^r;', A closet, paper. 
wU^i derfhty Plur. ofx^s.^^ derejet, [case. 
SU-^A derejet or p. derejeh, A step, a stair? 
\j^ji derja, Pulse, food for beasts. 
^^_^i ^^n/>/, A strap. ^^^ <?tTeA, Supera- 

naated (she- camel ) 
SjU^ja derhaht, Short corpulent (man.) 

I U^ > d&rhhl, At the same instant, 
<^i^ji ^^r/ie;;?6e72. Misfortune. [lumn. 

,,^^^ derekht, A tree, plant, a beam, a co- 

I 13^ 1 

^i^^j^ derekhte'ky A little tree, a shrub,^ 
(j^^j) derekhhy Lightning, splendor. 
i\)^^j ) dcrelhshan. Shining, flashing. 
^>^i^y ^ dere^'hsheae?}, To shine, to flash, 
^:i^]^j ^ der' hast, A petition, request. 
^^ ly^y ^ derkhasien, To desire, to request* 
fjy/) derkhak^ Deprecatian, petition. 
j^j ^ derkhoor. Proper, suitable, {or dignity 
Cf )f i ) derhhoorten^ Agreeable to his quality 
^j ^ ddvdt Grief, pain, convulsion. 
«-» U ^ :i derclxhj The sound of a drum, 
^l^^i A. p. deodar, An elm tree. «j1aj a derdakt A, 

bucket, level ground. 
umS^a^, A derdakis. The highest part, a hell. 
^Aji derdehee, The sound of a small drum, 
pMAj tj i derdtlees, Misfortune, [cord, afiection* 
gdjA derdej, Wishful. L> a ^ a d^drc^/e/, Coa^ 
ic^^j^ derdehetj A toothless she-camel. 
^^ ^^ i> derdest, In hand, in readiness. 
'^_^a derdem, A toothless aged she- camel. 
«>i;-«AjA derd("tf\,end y Miserable, afHicted. 
^ /X^ ^ » y derdemende-, . Poverty.- 
i^A^yj^ derdemeeden, To blow, to inflate, 
^*P^ ) J ) derdnkkhon» A'whitlow. 

*«i/^ ; y > derdnhky Sick, afllicted. 
^,M^ . I . derdokt, Accusation, rumour. 

t i4t) ] 


^*/^*yj ^ c?^^'f?oZ/i/w?7, To cause. ^s^J^ derdee^Se^ 

diment. [rive. 

Cj ^•'^rn^J j^ der'7'eseedcn, To happen, to ar- 

jj:> A.p derx, A joint, the joining of the skull. 

i*j)j ^ dejzen. An entrance, ,^})) derteei 

ji jj ^ devxeer. Beneath. [Taylor. 

tj>.j:i ders, A camel's tail, reading a lecture. 

Cj^rj'J) deresshoden. To be instructed; 

i£^w- J ^ dorost. Perfect, complete, whole, gold^ 

or silver. [sive. 

\^*^ J ^ dorosht. Hard, rough, fierce, oppres- 

jj^j ^ doroshtecy Severi4;y, fierceness, 

*^j^^j^ dershoderiy To enter. o«j^ ders, A 

\aaj A der^a, Toothless. [kitten, a mouse* 

gjA drk, A woman's shift, armour. 

Uj^i deracL, An animal, c^c^^a deras,Kn old 

ci-AJicjA dcrhheh. Immediately after, [he-camel. 

*.cji deranif Unmannerly. [hilj* 

J^ j) di^rghdilih, A castle on the top of a 

<, i jk derf, A shade, patronage, [bodied man, 

uilijA derfashy A large camel or lion, big 

jj^jA *derefs, A great standard, a fat, gross 

. /^ y 3 d^refei-ht A bodkin, a standard, [man. 

^l^y ^ derefeshany Splendid. 

^>JU5/^ derfeshkiieedeji, To cause to shine. 

t "» 1 


>M >^; ^ derfsheden. To shine. [for wme. 
^J; 5 ^e^'^, Hard; dirky A shield, a^ measure. 
lijA derkk, A cloud. ^^ derkoa, A vvater.-bot-», 
J^i derkt^U A kind of garment. [tie. 

Ali*^ A derkelet. Walking elegantly^ a bpy's 
-.5^ A derkita, Lame, falling, [game, 

^y»ji derkua. Timorous, feajfd^ 
cijUsjji derkhty Plur. of is>j a derJtef. 
\\ij ) dergkhy The king's court, a gate, a port^^ 
a door, a court before a palace^ [degree. 
t^,ji derket, A descending step, the lowest 
.*f^/Jj^ dergo%eshten, To pass by [to enter, 
i*u/js darker deriy To place within, to cause, 
ja^, J i derkelet^ A kind of play, leaping. . 
ilu I * derkenkr, Upon the brink, margin, edg^. 
.♦j>j ( ^ dtrkenden. To dig 
•y^ ; ^tfrg-oor, An adversary, contrary. 
iVVO 'i ^^^f^^on* A high ground, place for sit-. 
J J y dergreh, A court, [ting, a saddle strap. 
-J A <fem. Travelling slow (camels, &c.) mo- 
ney, specie. 
»/y«J I ; ; dermhnd^ee, Misfortune, distress* 
Cj^^J^ dermhndeny To be unfortunate. 
JL«jA deremety A hare, soft, f earth, passing by. 
iU^a dermtk* A bread made of fine flour, soft 
^jXrtj^ dermendi, Poor, abandoned. 


t 1-12 1 

j^ clermenehy Wormwood, hyssop* 
Ci\f*J) ^^^^^y^^i The middle, before, in view. 
.♦j)^-w*)^ dermeydhn. In the market place. 
. i derin, Deep. 6^^^ derende, Ravenous, gree* 
l*jy<'^j) dernishanden, To put or bring in.^dji 
(j^UjA dernhs, A lion. 
Uij_,.i derenfehxi Swiftly, nimbly. 

x^^ js derenkt Tarry, hesitation, slow. 

' J^j* derengee, Slow, tardy, 

15 • • ; ' ■ 

Cj^Z^^^ derengeeden^ To delay, to stay; 

cJyj^i dernoif. Fat, big bodied (camel.) 

^ )« f/eroo. The harvest. ]*j^ derwb., Pendulous, 

astonished, helpless. 
T '^//) '^'^^rwhhlij Being cured. 
^jhj) derwh%ehy The gate of the city^ 
.♦) ^)Kj) dertva%laiiy A warden- keeper. 
. ^U i^ derwas» A weight, A large headed 
^'L - derwhi, Suspended. [dog» great. 

^^^^^)3J) derway'tsty Harmony, agreement, 
w^.,, derooh, Submissive, dutiful, tractable. 

^ derooj. Haste, quick, nimble. 
CJ^Jjy <^drooV,w, Advancing by degrees. 
*•;• deroody Congratulation, health. 
J*l- ,^ deroodger, A carpenter. [down. 

^^^y^ deroodm, To reap, to mow, to cut 

j^j^ derooii, A j oint. ,> 3^ s dero6$, Obliterat- 
/Al,-^j) derweish, Reaping, a bit of cloth, [ing. 
(jo^j^ deroos. Hasty (camel). 
^ ^j^ derogh, A lie, blasphemy. 
fij^ ^^^oo"h Walking ungracefully, 
ij^^j^ derawmes, A serpent. [hearl* 

^*)^j^ deioon, In, within, the intimate, the 
CyU^^^ derivendeh, A reaper, a mower. 
J^y^ derooneh. The bow of a cotton-dresser* 
^'ii'*)^ fl^<?^oo/?ee, Internal, interior. 
e^^^ derweh, A piece or patch of cloth. 
Cj^i) j^ derweeden, To mow, to cut. 
8^j^a derwee%eh. Begging. 
/j^„*j) derweish, Miserable, a monk, poor. 
jj^A t;?er/i, Prohibiting, assaulting, speaking. 
i j^ de?h<iy V\uT. of j^ der. 
zj^j^ derhereh, A sparkling star. 
jj^AjA derheSy Misfortune, danger. 
f^^y^^ derhem, Money, a palm garden* 
^\A jy d^rhemajhy In every place. 
.^^i 6^ereg, Deceiving, lurking, 
(/i. deree. The modern Persian language. 
ly; deryh, The sea. >*^ Oy^ deryb^b. Know thou, 

J L \j) daryahdiri^ Raining like a deluge. 

I W4 ) 

i*W^,kj^ (f^ryalhneeden^ To cause to know. 

9^'k.J) deryahemfth, Intelligent. 

^\j^ deryacheli, A lake, a pool. 

y*Uj ^ deryks, A lion. [to accomplish. 

i*p^»j') dtryhfien. To know, to understand, 

f^Sijti deiy h Treacle, xj^a deryet, Know- 

^w^a deneej, A drum. [ing, deceiving. 

e^;; dereechi'hr A window, a wicket. 

CJ^f./) dereederif To tear, to cut, to break, 

y^jA derees, Treading corn. ^^^ dereia, A 

\kij^ dereegh^t A^ I alsisl [little cuirass. 

f^„)y dcreck-soo, In some part. 

j^^aj^^ dereeket. Prey, game. [bond. 

^^i dereem, A robust lusty youth, a vaga- 

^\f„)y derecYi, In this. 

9 i**j J) deryutthy A charitable collection. 

N <^i(25, A fortress, castle, city* 

^^ dhshy The top of a mountain. 

p (^K'» di%shagh. Grumbling, immodest. 

ij j-^ dozsfpee, A glandule, a kernel in the 

/^ jy , An executioner. [flesh. 
^ ;*j do%d, A thief, assassin, 
it**^ do%d(ti\ The governor of a castle. 
irUy)^ do%d-dhn. The whole in a wall. 
(/^j^ dozdee, Eobbery, theft. 
CJ ^»)h dozd^eden. To rob- 

J Ipj^ dotghctleh, A tower. 

^mJj) do%sl\h, A towel, [ker's cduntbr, power.' 

t^j^ dozgakj A weaver's shop, a loom, a ban- 

>/V ;) ^oishgowaf, Meat> hard for digestion* 

^Jj^ doxshgeeT, Acid. 

^J*^ de%sheni, Grief, discordant, grav^. 

oj/*^ dozsheh, A seal-ring. >t^^^ do%eh-hem, A 

--"ij; de%eenelij A bodkin, a kernel. [jewel. 

tr ^ ^t?s^> Concealing. ^ 

^Ua desafeer, Plur. of^^^ ddsfoor. 

fcjyJ'UA deshteeriy Plur. of^,Lx*«i dcstb,nk 

y^U.i desks, A noxious serpent. 

X*.Ui J(fsd5p^ An earth-worm, 

j^sUjb deshkeVy Plur. of g^^a^^ deakereL 

- U ^ desam, A cork. 

.^i:^ 4.^^ « despoot, A prince, a despot. 

uilA^ji c^e^/, A plain, a desert. P. a hand, 

^^ ^ j . ,x^v^ ; dest-rhsty The right hand. 

:|^j,„;^ ^^ dcsf-ufrcL'Z, A manual instrument, 

,j:^v--, Itx'^ desikddst, Ready money, [kerchief* 
I l^'w-- 4 de8tb,r. The fine muslin cloth, a hand- 
Cj^f}^^ desfar-khan, A table-cloth. 
.♦il / bi^^ desiaran, A valuable present. 
^^ ilx/^ 4 destdr-bcst, A fine linen turban. 
• /W'^ destd,gird, The handle of a saw. 

N t 

^j^ ^ desthrchehy A towel, a handkerchief 

a soiall turban. - • - 

.>jb(/<, tiesfan, History, imposture. • 

J;b-^ y dfistaneh, The plough-tail, or handlew 
J l>:i->' * desibaneh, A gauntlet, a glove. 
*^^?t^ 4 desthourcJ, Superiority, advantage. 
>totv.r^ (le^ibe)id^ A dance, a bracelet. 
/ fy^'-^ y deslhoos. Kissing of hands. 
(/*! / yCi^ ^ des^de?\r-zee, Vidence, injury. 
^A^y destereh, A hand saw. " [rule. 

^^J^„/^ y dedercijf, A large saw, a mason's 

J fcu- ^ destkhlth, A reaping sickle. 

'^.J?:^ ^ defiiei, A little hand. 

'; ko^ ^ desfkar. A" artificer, expeditious. 

cl^^t^ ^ desfg'iJi, A work-house of any kind, 
tirf^^y destenjen, A glove, a gauntlet, [strength. 
6 /) ^x^ 5 destwareh, A cane, a baton. 
^♦jly^^ destwan, A gauntlet, a glove, 
lyv, <^/. 5/oor, Leave, permission, rule, cus- 
,,X^ * desfeh, A handful, a handle. [tom. 

.^y desfee, An earthen-pot, a cup with two 
J* Uv-, desfyhvy An assistant. [handles. 

t J \^y destyhreh, A bracelet of gold or silver* 
(Jjl^y desiyhree. Aid, patronage. 

Jtx-^j desfyaneh, A scourge, a whip. 

I ^ i 


^^^ ^es^f^y, A bancjle, an arm's gem of goldj 
J^^ y(iestemeh\ Gjoves. [prsUvecv 

y*.:^ desr^ Driving, piercirjg wi(;h ;a, spear,^ 
V/^a desra, A ship, [qaulkin^, 

^i, (Jesaa, Presenting, giving^*^ ^^'^^ 
XiiM.i dc'sfei, Leading, conduct. 
(.^M^a desel'y A ppnd full of; water. [^ill< 

*j.SaA«i ^es^er^/. The cell of -a hernait Qa .^j 
x^y^^A de^merehj A mean ignoble man, . 
^^ ^ deseh, A weaver's clevr. 
jjuxi, i' deseCSy Concealed, frau^> roastedf 
C^«A^ i deseeuty Expelling.. 
^*. i deseerrii Much rememberecU 
^i deshy Dispatching, going. [fracture*' 

>^j^; deshhcd, A broken, bone, a,. curjOtii 
^^ ,A^j (/e'*"?i/, A desert, a, ghtiDcni-jard* i , : 
iM ty^*-^; dedowariy A watch i^j^pa- spwj:^^ 
jt,^ ^ deshtee, Wild, gavagQ..v/.vr, v'V|6eld§, 

/>Cr.;. doshhhkd, Heavy^ dtifiAiitj.'sbrrc^Wv' 
(Sj^y^ doshkaree, Difficulty, trouble* 
/^ ^ doshom, Afternoon, evening prayer, 

>| P') doshmtiv, A foe, an adversary. 
X^cii doshmeti Worthless. 
^*kJ^ ^ dooshtiien, An enemy, foe, , adversary* 
f\^'^p ' da'shmd, Many, xnUcI^, ' , . 

I 1^3 ) 


^U^j doshrikm* Reproach, injustice, con- 

jS^-y dvshneh, A dagger, a sword. [tempt, 
yl^^ doshwhr. Difficult, arduous. 
^A daiir, Let alone, [on, invitation, provoking. 
•Ua doUf An invocation, prayer, congratulati- 
\--jUa daah, A jester. 
• 3tU:> daahet, Playfulness, a joke, a jester. 
«Ua du^'iit, Plur. of Ui (/^^(i, 
cij U A dukSf Plur. of cLj: ^ fl^wa*. 
giUi duhda, A watery herb. 
-IxA da-am, A pillar, a column. [jesting. 
ua-o U i daames, A mullet. i_^ ^ Jaw^, Driving, 
t_jj^xc^ daboohi A dark night, a fool. 
iy^yKti^ dauhoos, Mad, insane. 
luA* i doaheyeU A strong wind. . -^ 

«£ :k <5?ba/, -Jlcst, quiet. . . 

'ys.:t doaser, Foolish; diaer, Strong. 
•jJUa doasoor.y Abundance. 
2gvc6 fl^bq;". Large and black (eyes ) 
L*A doajhy Fury, large black eyes, a WIL • 
'e^j^cA doadaht A dwarf. 
'«jxA doada, Ground without herbage. 
j(c«X£A- dhdhat, Going slow, filling, shaking 

a measure to make it hold more. 
^ i ^ctar, Depraved, impure, 
Csf^cA darelet, A pledge for plighted faith: 


.^A i^a-arenij Short, worthless.. 

jjms i da-as, Filling full, trampling under foot^ 

piercing with, a spear. 
XjUca d^-asth^ty (night.) 
X5^*y^i da-a80o\ety A kind of beetle, 
(jar i daaSy A round heap of sand, 
[^As: i da-aski A level ground. 
lici da-a%y Putting in the whole of any things 
:^3l]isi da-azhnet. Corpulent and short. 
jUs ^ da-afeket. Madness, fo%. [rifjing,. 

wic:i da-ak, Urging a horse to the gallop, ter-- 
*iic:s da-akety A shower, rain. 
^s. i da-afpt Rubbing, appeasing an enemy; du'^. 
2ol.^i£i da-akanety Fat, fleshy, [i/^. Madness, 
A da-ak^'f A herd of camels, 
JCx :i da-akeset^ Dancing with joined hands,. 
XJl-^ac i da-ahUt, Beating a path with the feet, 
"^-^ i da-akefi. Good-natured, a beast of bur- 
then, [(a she- camel.) 
v"i: ^=^f N da-akeneti Full and round in flesh 
3x6 da-al, Beguiling, deceiving, deceit. 
gvXcA da-alej, A greedy eater, darkness, a 

wolf, a handsome youth, 
SLXXr i da-aleket. Often doing, to come near, 

^i da-am, Supporting. [draw nigh. 

o * 

[ 15b 1 

^ i da-an, A careless fello.w. [another. 

y^iXs. :> da-ankert One who acts oppressively to 
^^i da-ivh, A law-suit, pretension, 
o ^ A da-wet i A prayer, an assembly, calling 

together, charge, bid. 
^^ci dawojy Bage, foolish, large black eye. 
^ i dayecy A supposititious child, a bastard. 
/' ) ^^'^'^ A mark, a spot. 

^; ^^g^a, Cheat, one who misleads, false. 
■yUi deglihl, Plur. of j^:^ f/(?g/i/. 
-lii dcghhvu A disorder in the jaws. 
Xi^ deghct, A foolish woman, 
yA£i deghser, Out of order, mad. 
*£j^i deglideget, A confusion, titillatlon. 
^*:> dcgher, Attacking, orsittingupon, strangl- 
<jci i deghes, Full of rage. [ing* 

I_^l>w2£i deghsa7i, Boiling wnth fur}% 
<-^£ :i deghef, Receiving much and often. 
jil^ deghfer, A large lion. 
(j^ii:i deghfes, Full of flesh. 
^a deghel, A cheat, corruption, lazj, 
^Uii deghmhr, A hidden thing. ^ 
a^ri deghnieretf Hideous, jumble, ill act. 
<s^4x:> deghnieree, Of a bad disposition. 
J ^*£ i deghmoor, A depraved man. 

i 1*1 1 

^' . 

^^♦ii degJimoon, Depravity, [diment oFbuttefi 
S;ii deghennef, Darkness, ^i a deghoo, These^ 
S^A deghivei. Of a depraved and inconstant 

^^ci deghooly A bastard, a cup, art urri* - 
^^ <y/^, A drum with only single skin ; a. defy 

* o i difuy Heat, warmi [Scattering the surface. 

vjU^ defafer^ Plur. of ^Xii di.fta\ .i 

^lii defha. Driving away. 

cjlii t/iA/', Plur. of c_Ji dcf, 

cJiLii defakt Going fast (a camel.) 

j^^lijs defariy Warm clothing. 

^^,\i ^ defhyeuy Plur. of xtxj :» dcfceneh, 

Xii deffety A page. a. p./^"; defter, A book, a 
register, journal, list, account-book, &c. 

y js dtfr. Stink. (jm5 i defs, Smoothness, [stant, 

«5 i defca. Repression. ^9^3 ^ dijiaf, Once, an in- 
xii defee, Then, immediately, again. v 

%j^ defeghy Chaff, chopt straw, ^^ ' f-^ 

cJii i defeh. Pouring out water. 

^^jiSi difekkOf Swift fine mare. • 

y^^ defl. Pitch. ^5i defen, An obscure man. 

y^;ii:i defnes, Mad, mean, [termixed with gold. 
.^ *.A5i dcfnooky A saddle-cloth, cloth of silk, xxxn 
15^ defnee, A shepherd's garment. : ' <-<t;«6 
^^ defoo, Killing. c-J_>5i defoof, Below. 

[ 152J ] 

^j'>' A defookr Ha&tj, high blooded mare^ 
^^ydydefoon^ Wandering. 
A9::> defeey Cherished, warm day. 
uiAii dffeefy Walking slowly. 
(^h i dtfeerit Buried under ground, [terred. 
^>iA defteneht Hid, buried under ground, in- 
^wi difeyee, A pigeon's tail, 
^^3 i dcfee^ Rain at the end of spring, 
cJji dekt Beating, bruising. 
^ij\Ji^ dekareer, l^iyir. of yi c^ ddker. 
c U A dehaa. Earth, ground, 
L_J>L3i deli iky Small, minute, a crumb.' 
51>'Ua dekciket, A pestle for bruising corn, 
t^jli'A dak ay ('k, Plur. of Jui* ^ t/fy^dfi". 
*>5 dekefj Accuracy, a subtile or minute thing. 
•5 a d^J^er, A garden ftiU of flowers and plants. 
jVji'A dekrar, A garden, a lie, misfortune. 
SuM^'i deksitf Millet, animalcule. J^ ^ deksh, A 
«j»i Jci-a, Contented, though indigent, [bird. 
(_jli- i Jd^e/, An assault, [face, beard. 

^^ dekel, Colour with which they tinge the 
*i' a dtkm, Sadness, the mast of a ship, 
^'a ekcinst Silk, white silk, 
r /iy.- < dtkooky A kind of colly rium. 
SU^i'A dekookct, The trampling of oxen» 

t isi i 


9 ^ 

^i c?r/^d5, Fine sand, [flour, trifling buslaes^; 

cui'i ddheelty Subtile, a sheep, a moinenlf; 

ii:i ^:^^^, Grinding, diminishing, nlixing, 

t^ai de^ky^ Broad -backed mare. 

(j«L^»:i dehiisy Soninolencj, 

^l^ji ddkcLCLy A cough incident to camels. 

/^!^^ d^Jt^Uy A shop, airt office, fuel. 

J^^ '^ dokknchehi A little shop- 

^SdS ti dekdaJiy Earth", claiy heaped up. 

f ^ degeVy Another, agairi. 

i^y ^ dokrcin, A spinning rock, a distaff. 

{j*.^)i deks, Accumulation^ stuffing. 

^^> ^ doka, Having a cough (a camel)- 

i-^s i dek^ly Collecting, compressing. 

i^b dekerrty Pushing, striking. 

> 5 doctmehj A button. 

^ ^diw. Inclining to black, [the marrow<; 
dt'hhy Breathing. A ^ del, The heart/ 
^.^ • dellal', A wheel, a trick, 
i^^ delist y A small urri. 
djj ^ i ddlks, Going hastily (a camel,) &c^' 
*5:^i dclasem. Going nimbly. 
^ 5^ i delhkhy Having thick legs (a woman)* 
4 !/ ^ delhdy A son-in-law, a bride-groom. -^ 
il !lf « delaxb/Ty Tormenting, cruelv 


U^> ^el(lish, duieting the mind. 
ycIJ^A delcis, Shining; dellas, Bald (camel )« 
JaSJi 4<^la%t Struggle. ^^^ delh-a^ A kind of 
^"Si, dellhJt, A barber. [sea-shell, a meloi;, 
el^l^; delhghhy Provident, vieilant, 
^y^ <?^/d/, A catamite; dellal, A broker, a 
seller of horses, mules, &c. a road-guide, 
SJiJi delalef, A direction, mark, argument. 
^"S:! delam, Blackness. ^\}^ dolhm, Contor- 
ytfMj^i dolhrnes. Smooth, bald (head). [tion# 
J ^ II • delhwer. Intrepid, brave, generous. 
*l^^ delkvee%, Heart-ravishing, fragrant, 

Ll/^ dJ^yel, Plur. of Lj^ deileeL 
«-J:» dolel^ A plane-tree. 
^U^ deloh%, Eloquent, a juggler. 
SUJi dellet. Blackness, [woman. 

^^ deller, A ravisher of hearts, a lovely 
aJ^J ) delpezeer, Amiable, soothing. 
. JUvwJ* delhestegee. Anguish, attachment* 
.IXvwJ^ delhsleh, AfHicted, addicted. 
jX>^ ^ deJpesendy Agreeable, plausible. 
jXJ ^ delhend, Lovely; dolLendy A turban. 
SJi d&lUif Pretending anger to a beloved ob- 
i^jUx) ^ deltungt Mournful, sad. [j^^^: 

tSJ i deles, Gojpg with short steps. 
ms delsei, A crowds a band, a troop. 

^sJi tft?/*e»/. Travelling swiftly. 

gJi c?e/d/'. The journey made during the firs,^ 

iUcvJi dtljcU Part of time, [watch of the. ni^ht 

*/^ ^ deljoo. Salubrious. 

^ A deleh, A horse s.vveating much. [rible* 

• I 

^i delelihy Fleshy. ^ \^ ^ delkhirhsh,^os-*, 
,iL^ ^ delkliest^hf Afflicted, love- sick. 
j^snJ:i delkheniy Weighty, disease, a large ca- 
t)^ ^ del^h^, A lovely woman, desire. [mei| 
/^ ^fi ^ deWiosh, Contented,- gladness, 
,l^i^ deldar, A mistress, a lover, 
JmjJ ^ deldoo%, Piercing the heart- 
I J^ delroha. Heart-ravishing. 
, j£^J ^ dclreeshf Heart- wounded, 
yji deles, Darkness. 

^Ix^^^ deUeihn, Beautiful, heart- ravishing* 
jy^y dehoo%. Inflaming the hearts 
^bJ^ delshad. Cheerful. 
Oyt&J^ delskodeh, Deprived of reason, 
(jo! A deles, A shaved head. 
f.k! A deltem, A strong man or beast, 
tl :i delle%, Driving with vehemence* 
^J A ^e/a. Lolling out the tongue. 
v^:> del' ah, A corpulent (camel.) 
,u;i-Mj A del-ail, A strong camei* 

t 156 i 

^*3:> det-as, A lazy enervated camel. 

ijjt) i del-aht Full of fles^h (camet). 

l»i*xJ A delamh%y A disease, [ing before a troop. 

t-ila c?a/^, Walking slowly an (old man), go- 

<k_iUiA delfhh An elegant road 

j^j^y delferoozy Delightful, pleasant, [heart. 

^^^ -ai • deffereel, Charming, alluring the 

j^ ^ delfehhr^ Melancholy, sadness. 

ejoLJ delfeen, The dolphin. 

tJ3 i deli, Drawing a swor^. 

UUi delkh, A toothless camel, falling easily. 

i\Ji delek* Frictron, an obolus. 

f J^ ^ delgirm. Brave, warm-hearted. 

/AAJ ^ delkshy Amiable, heart-attracting. 

Z^) delgeer, Seizing the mind, terrifying, ab- 

Ji delm, Blackish. [horring,- 

^^^l^« delmal. Boiled milk. 

tJiV^y delmhndch, Melancholy, ^ad. 

Tlyj^ delnefvhz, A mistress, conciliating, sooth- 

^ ^ deloo, A bircket. [ing the mind. 

^jo^^ ddwes, Moyeable. 

Py\:> deloa, A swift she-camel. 

*Ja dehh. Insane, forgetting. 

tg>A delhhn. With impunity, 

• l^ a dd'hkm, A bold man, a lion. 

. L 157 J 

^ i delhem, A wolf, dark. 
yM*^!^ delhemes, A lion roaming at night. 
^ :, della, The highway. ^J ^ deleer. Brave, 
^/J i dek.ea, A patent level ground, [intrepid. 
U»aJ i deleef, A slow pace. 
^Ji d(dse/t, Dust'blown about by the wind', 
3. J i dele^J, A road-guidCj a director, aproof> 
demonstration. [time, 

^ ^ dem. Breath, gladness, a groan, hot^ 
-i demm, Blood; overloading, anointing. 
Ui demhi Blood, life, bleeding, a cat. 
^SUi demhser. Smooth (ground.) 
;r U :i dcmcijy Clandestine, y,,^ U a demb^U es, A 
^U:i demhkh, A kind of game. _ [lio'n, 

^^L; demhdew^ Now and then, frequently> 
it; demitr. Distress, revenge. [almost, 

y- U i dem as, Cloathing. 
^'U«a' Ai'Pi demagk, The brain, gravity, pride* 
iJ U^ deviaky A mason's rule, 
^Ui demal; Being cured, making peace. 
3UU»i demkinet. Walking, going. 
^** L; demameh, A kind of small brass drum. 
^A^Ua demaineel, A puriishment, a dung- 
^ L^ =^emcln. Being swift, power. [hilL 
y ^ t ^ demkwer, Asthmatick; 

I 15B 1 

pjtU A demayem, Deformed woma». 
^^L^ demayeJi, The cream of milk. 

\\^^ domhal, A tail. v>-^^ demhedem, Fr«- 
3U i d^met, Bloo,d.[qu€ntlj, from hourto hour. 
dL*^ ^ demisy A sandy place. [on, a friend. 
jA^A demser. Fleshy. ^i> dcai^j, A compani» 
^ ^ domchehf The small tail of a bird, &c. 
^«>s^A defhhedeh, A round heap. 
^^AMitfi demehe^ee, A black man, robust. 
c-Ji.32 o dewheki A medicine-box, thick milk. 
)^J^^ demdari Having a tail. 
S^ios^^ demdcimety A root resembling a carrot. 
- >-o a demd^tn, Dry forage. 
,^y<^ ^ demdemcj^y Disturbances, belching. 
.\*^) demdool, A potter. 
uwxA demeSy Concealing, hiding. ^ ^ 
J I ^ ^ demsa%, Concord, a friend, singing. 
. /^3 deme^hy The sensation occasioned by 
^jui^A demshtky Swift of pace, [heat or thirst. 
oa-* 4 d<ifnes. Being swift. cJi^^^ dems^k, A 
^U^:> dem-hn, Weeping, [silk- worm's web, 
Xjc* a dem-aty A tear, gum. 
Aj; > de,negh, Ruining, piercing to the brain* 

f*My domghe%Jidk, The tail, the rump. 
^ ^a demghool^ A wcDp 

t 1^9 1 

tJ^ A c^ewe^^, Snow and wind. 
jjaji^^ demeJts, Silk, silk.- garment, 
iX^:x dement Grinding^. ^ ^U a demlhj, Com^l 
jrx.U A dornlej, A bracelet, [pleating. 

XacOUA domlehet, Crossness, [cieffe» 

jiU^ domlek. Round and smooth, a wid.§ 
4)^Ua demlooki Smooth (stone), 
^^i deitien, The dung of cattle. 
3U^A demnet. Malevolence, a dunghill; 
^^x.^ demoory Ruining. ^^^ demoosy Thicl^ 
^ ^ A demooa. Weeping. [darkness, reconciling* 
i^y^^ demoo^y Worthless. 
^^^dcmoo^y A pulley, a mill-wheeh 
^ 3^ i demoon, Deformed, [snow, a cloud, a bag, 
^yy*^ demweey Bloody, x^:,de.)neh> Wind and 
^g^ i demee, Bleeding, blood. [ed. 

^ 3 demeegh, Foolish. JUm, a devaeeJiy Insert- 
Jjw^^ denieekee. Silk, weaved in the manner- 
Ilg^ demeem, A dwarf^ ' * [of^ a bed- tike, 
jjjy, a derneen, A manager of money matters, 
^^^A den, A wine- vessel. 
U A den^, Curved, a bunch, a swelling, 
SjUa denahety Short of stature. 
^uI^ew4/> Establishment, confirmation. 
^ Li ;i" denhfes. Of a bad disposition. 

I 100 i 

'LcVi :> denamet, A small ant, short. 
ItjUi denkweff Being near, affinity. 
csUi denay, Crooked, gibbous. 
ji U y denay er, Plur." of ^ L>u '^.denar, 
s^; defiel, A tail. ^J^ ; domhkl, The latter 
part, desire, the rump. fing a tail* 

Jw ^ domhaleh, The tail.y^U)^ do'ta^kwer^Hay^ 
gyji domleh, A-man of a bad disposition* 
>J^ domleh, The tail. 
Jw.i denef. An insect resembling an ant. 
^ lis? ^ denkhkn, Slow, heavy-loaded. 
^j^ ci denkheSy Fat, full of flesh. 
>' * deiid. Foolish, fearless, 
]J} ^ dendh, Destroyed. ^!>}^ dondln, A tooth. 
JlyU ^ dondaneh, The teeth of a saw or comb, 
^ 0s5 i demlem, A plant, black with age.. [&c, 
XJ AJ :i dendenef. Muttering. 
^>j>*^ dendeedurij To gnaw with the teeth. 
jj^JA Je;?s, Dirty, filth. ^^ <^wa, Glutton/ 
^5 .i deneghf A worthless man. [mad«» 

t-iji denef. Illness, distemper. 
i^^liJA denfas, Of a bad disposition, foolish. , 
-sn^su :i devfej. Thick, corpulent. 
(j*Jlj i ddnfes, . Foolish (woman,) tenacious.; . , 
Jui denJii Brown and emaciated (face)* 
3uuA denhtf Yoraciousness, 

t 161 1 

w^ ; c?-?,^. Stupid, ignorant. 

iP^) den-yeli Impuden^, cuckold, [baseness. 

y i denoUy Being nearer, the lowest degree of 

'iyt denoot, Worthless, bad, mean. 

J ^ denehy The body, glad, petulance, pride, 

^•^ dcuee. Contemptible, [warmth of temper, 

CJ^ ) deneedmit To take delight in wealth, 

2^5 a denca^ Foolish, without judgment. 

£^ji deneen, Murmuring. 

cf^AJi deneaee, Worldly. •^ dev, Running. 

I3A devti,, A medicine, a remedy. 

t__.1jA dewaht Cattle, beasts, 

Cj\^i^ dewat, A pen- case* an ink-horn. 

^^j^j dezrhj, A judge's robe, a carpet, cov- 

il^i dezvad, A swift man. [ering, a throne. 

jS^i dewkr. Round, giddiness, [able, a circuit* 

Sj 1 j A dewhrety Any thing round and immove- 

ij^-S^st deivaree, Circular, time, fortune. 

o^^*l«^ dewCb%deh, Twelve, 

fi)Jh) dewhtdehomy The twelfth. 

z;^ )^ ^ dewhSy A strong man, a lion. 

;,>^1^^ dawafipeh, A messenger, a soldier. 

*-*.^j:> dewasef, A crowd; dewwaset. The 

^^VjA dewasery Thick, firm (camel;) [nose» 

Ml 4^ dewb.1, A stirrup leather^ 

R 1 

f If; 1 


^^^}) dett'hldt, A little strap, a black alayci 
J^^^ deu'hrleh, Medicine, u leather strap. 
^»j* dew dee, Plur. of 4ull> d^lryet, 
fti^^i^A dew^Ieeb, Pluc. of w^'v^a dooixl: 
^1^4 dew^m, Duration, per»evrrii)^. 
^f^^ ^jifu^in. Running;, walking fiist. 
CJ-^^y) </crrMif^^/<;i, 'io cause to run. 
^jt^A dewhwc^, Plur. of ^^^•ja dewh^. 
tiiil{t^5 diwiyatt Plur. of »1^^ dew^t, 
^)^* dtw^eit Becoming greenish (teeth.) 
c^^a i/oo?', Custom. «y I • ) doolfdxoo, A rus* 
^^^ doafchcli, A bird. [tic instrument. 

jk^^ dffoledt A kind of cloth. 
iT^^ </oo/i, Double. .^%y doots^e, Perfume. 
r/^^ doi/ttn, Two persons, double. 
y«^A d'jo^ee, A cuckold, the oight-mare. 
^^a </c«A, A plated bracelet, a grove, bud-» 
^^A dookh, Abject, subjecting. [ding. 

j>jiQyj doo\hb,Ut Tobacco, smoke. 
^:^y^ dukht, A virgin, power. 
^y^ dokhtun, To sew, to stitch. 
^^^ dood, Smokc.i\> fi dowdet. The mur- 
muring noise of a number of men or cat" 
iA^* dowdet, A worm. [tie, a swing. 

r^i^ ^owdeh. Short of stature. 
v-wAj^ dowdeheff Fatoess. 

I ^Oa I 

A 5* 

jyxy dooder. The guckle of a belt* 
J^^* doodd, Uncertain, irresolute. 
J^^^ doodhh, A kind of game. [tiess. 

jmL^^^ doodman, A family, fragrance* Ull:;. 
^y^^ doh'doh, T\x.o and two., 
6^^^ doodeh, An humble family,, spqt* 
^_jA dowry A circle, an age^ 
^.)j^\ doorakh, Convalescenceu. 
,^^]^^^ doorcin, A revolution, time, fortune^ 
^ t /«^ dooriasht A ^yal king- stick. 
jy^^'j^} doorleen, A, telescops^ iAtelligenta^^^ 
>}■)$'> ^^^vf<^^^^* Profound, deep. 
tjj^^ doorekx Thick strained oxygal, 
*;/-^ dooroOf'A small brass coin, -:}Sy ,,c,, 
(/ / •• dooree, Distance, separation, 
j^ydoo%, Sewing, j^^dooxsh, Jilth, [tastitch^ 
^ J^^ do^ekk, Hell. M4,)^) doTieeduTit To sew^ 
u^^n doos. Beating with the feet (the ground) 
yiLv^^ ^dosty^friGnd, ^ loy^t, a 3we?t-heart,&c* 
J ^*«—*^^ ; dostaneh, Friendly, affectionately, 
A.^^^ dosfee, Love, friendship, ajection^ 

benevolence ' ■ [meL 

^^i closer, A strong lion, a corpulent ca- 
/M>;s,„*^^^ doseedun, To plaster, to glue, tq 

ji^A dosh, Cloudy, dimsightedness. 

r t64 1 

U^jA doshhi Squinting, or corrupted in the 

eye from disease. 
^ Uii^«; doshahh, A gold wrought girdle. 
J?(^^^ doshh\keh. The pillory. [to milfc. 
■i\)^^^^ doshhneedun. To milk, or cause 
/<l^^^^) doshmhn, An enemy, adversary. 
^^>^^>^^) doshemheh, Monday. [er. 

^\ ^^*^^ ^doshwhrit A breast-plate, stomach- 
'Cj^h"^^ ) doshecdun, To milk. 
J^^J^*^ dosIiC'jrwh, Of last night. 
^f'b do-a, A small red fish, [ness, folly, cold. 
/ ^^ ^00 o-/^ Sour milk U^c^ dowgh^f, A, sick- 
^^) ^^g/?(?<£). Sediment of butter or oil. 
J^^j doghwk* Meat dressed with sour milk. 
cJ^:i c^oo/^ Jumble, wetting.- > ^^ r";/' 
t-ji^i ^oc^, Insane, madv, *;^^fW5?».^»v 
if^i dooh, I^ounding small colours, -fumbling. 
U^-lr^y :^fc»^)2,^ A work -house, a shop. 
t&ii^ doket, 'A brawl, a quarrel, 
^j>/^^ doMkn, A spindle- case. 
^f^:/^ 5 dakre-esy Sewing with cotton thready 
1*1^/ *) dokxhn, Latitude, breadth. 
^^S <i?oo/, Fortune, a pitcher, ; 

fc... H^^jdool^l, A wheel, a trick, machinatioij. 
A^^^) doolLendj A turban. 

t 165 3 

^11^^) dowlety Fortune, prosperity, happiness, 
empire, conquest. [erful, rich, a prince. 
^'^^^ dowletloot Prosperity, fortune, pow- 
j^j^'^*^ doivletmedhry The residence of felicity . 
>X^«^ dowletmend, Fortunate, happy, rich, 

a prince. 
^^A dowlejy A cavern, a wild beast's den. 
^ ^^ doolchehy A leather bucket. 
^ ^^ dooloo. Folded, doubled. 
^^I^i doohol, Calamity, confusion. 
J^^ doolehj A whirlwind, a hurricane. 
-ji doivm, A short palm-tree, permanent! 
^jj U^ ^ doivmarij The circular flight of a bird. 
SU^^ doomet, A drunken woman. 
(ja,<i_j^ dowmes, An iron helmet. 
}^)) doomgJie%» An almond. 
'ijy*^) doomuif A man half grey-headed. 
^„y*^^ doomwyehy Beginning to have grey 
,*r-^ ^) doomeen, The second. [hairs, 

j^^jA doivrit Base, inferior, despicable. 
jJ^ ^ doomleli An imposthume. 
y l>;^^ doondkr, The van-guard, the reserve. 
o>>^^ dewendeh. Running, runner. 

-*»;^^ doOngeet A pinnace, an alembic. 

J^^ dooneh, A decoy bird near a net. 


I 1^6 ] 

&h>^^ ^oojieem. Two halves, divided in t wo- 
ts »> dewa, Distemper, foolish. 
^^l^'^s dewcycti An ink-horn or peri-case. 
i*]^,,*^ deveeditn, To run, to be carried high. 
f^^^ </ooyo/w. The second, o ^ i^tj^i, A giver, 
^i;^ dehar, A cavern. 
y-'^U&A dehkres, Plur. of (J^^i^:» deheres, 
^^U»A dehareer, Time, an age, always. 
y 1^ dehb,%. Noise. 3UUa c?d//<i5e^ Gentleness, 
c5L;6a dehhki Full (cup,) much(water.)[easiness. 
^JUa de]ialee%j Plur." of ^^ a dehlee%. 
^wcU>i dehb.T[\>ej, A camel, with a double 
'cJ-«Ui dehknick, Soft earth. [bunch. 

jM i ^ dehkUt The mouth, an orifice. 
J t ^ deJihneh, A weaver's instrument. 
/M yW i ^ dehaneedun, To cause to give; 
t-_-obA dehejjy An army put to flight. 
*5L*A dehsetn, A strong camel. 
* I o^A A dehddh, A small camel. 
^.N^A dehder. False, vain. 
Xjfj^A dehdeiet, Cutting, hashing (meat). 
jyo^^i dehedmoor, A greedy eater. 
(j^j^A dehden, People. 
*ji> ,sj> 1^ dehdeJiet, Rolling (stone,) heaping up» 
^ i c?e/ir, j^n age, time, danger, manner. 

I 3>^ \ 

»^^ i delirejet. Going hastily, 
u«^i dehresp Misfortune, agilit}:. 
r V ^ dehreh, A hatchet,-a dagger, 
^yfci dehree. Temporal, worldly* 
u^A A dehes. Soft, large hipped. 
bu>jfc^ deheshf Gentle, ipild (woman). 
3L^i dejieset, Gentleness of disposition. 
J^:> d^hesh. Striking with astonishment or,. 

C^iiiA i delishetf Amazement, abashed, strange. 
r^ ; deheshteht A present, a gift, 
»^^A desheret, A large she- camel. 
3Li.iji ^ dehjeshety. Deception, amorous. 
t.j(A A dehek. Torture, the question. 
^)Uuii dehk^n, A ploughman, a merchant,^ 
mSj>^ dehkct, Part of wealth. 
^jfci dehp.hy Breaking, bruising. 
cS^ i deliheSy Short of stature- 
X3L:£ai>i dehkelety Affliction, misery, misfor-* 
*.^iifcA dehJiem, An old man. [tune, trouble. 
Jufc :> c?e/z/, A moment, an hour, a part of the 

night, a little thing. [lion. 

LiiiUi dehlas, A large and strong man, or 
*5^Xi&i dehleh, Heavy, grave^ . . 

aU ;i dehleh, A bucket, a thorny plant. 

t 168 ] 

^:i dehem, A multitude, a crowd. 
l^ A dehmki A mare, a red sheep. 
(^L*Aa dehmkSt A solid thing. [plain, 

C^A i dehmef. Blackness, ^♦a a delimej. Great, 
Xiswifc :i dehmejetj Going slow, hastening witha 
3u^^ A dehmeset, Powxr, assaulting, [short step, 
*i«jfc i dehmtket. Breaking, cutting. 
.*yi • dehen, The mouth, the bit of a bridle. 
y^^*/t ^ dehenteer. The notch of an arrow. 
Ua a dehnb,j A field. 
SiA i dehnet, A portion of oil. 
^vjiib i dehnej, A gem like an emerald. 
t^ ^ ddhendehy A giver. ^. ^ dehoo, A moun- 
j^i&A deJioor, Plur. of^^ ^e/^r. [tain. 

, 4?jy6i dehweree. Strong-bodied (man). 
«^^i>i dehooh, A bar, a lever. 
f^A dehoom, Plur. of ^^ dehem, 
t ^n dehweh. An urn, a bucket. 
^ a dehee, Ingenious. 
^ i dcheer. Time, year, age, danger. 
^C * dehyeki The tenth part, one of ten^ 
^^ deheem, An evil, misfortune, a calamity.' 
t/A^ ^ deheendehf New milk. 
^aa-Ua deyhjter, Darkness, r 

{ i69 ] 

■J b i> 'deyhr, A country, a district. 
yo L A deyits, A fat short woman. 
i^^i^ deykn. Computing, a judge, religious, 
SjLi deyUnet, Observation of religion. 
tj, ^ deelhf Brocade, [treatise, a title, a cheek. 
«&»liui deehhjei, or p. del^djeh. The preface, a 
J \Ij ^ deelader, Winter. :^* deeleh, Brocade, 
tii^j i ^de^. Invincible hatred. [gold tissue. 
^l?ja deesafiy The night-mare., 
^ji t/^e^/ Going slowly, creeping, 
^^^j^ A. p. deejoory Earth, obscurity, people, 
^j A deeJilh A bunch of dates, [a country. 
j^^i.) deedtir. The sight, countenance. 
^MlyV,; dccdan, The first month of winter. 
.♦iO>;j deel'dd,?!, or l^>/.; A guard, observer. 
/^ Aj i deeden, Custom, habit. i*j>l) dexdun, To 
c/j* deedeh, Seen, the eye, the sight. [see. 
jj i c^efr, A monastery, p. deer, Slowly, long' 
^liLo^ii deermeghhUf A tavern. [^g<^' 

^■^^7^.3 deerwekt, Much time. 
(J l^/O; deerkoshhiy Difficult to be opened. 
^ J J deerend, An age, time, fortune, [slow. 
>^/) deero%. Yesterday. (/ j^ deeree, Lateness, 
•)[/u) deerkz. The world. [loured 

-^./; decreenth, Ancient. &^;^ de%eh, Ash-co. 

m^-Jl.) ^^^^^^^6^f A swelling on the neck« 

jj^ a det/cx, r)ug, a bull-rush. 

Jlx^j deesthneh, A woman in her courses. 

.•^^ dcesehy Variegated. 

j^ji di'tah, A dunghill cock. 

^^Uflji <ie Inclining, stealing, cheerful. 

wX»A deiki Causing to bend, or decline. 

ilia d ek, K c6ck; p. deek, A pot, a kettle. 

JKj deckhffe, A tortoise, a hedge-hog. 

.♦jl^UT^ deekdan, A trevet, a pot-hook. 

jS^^ deeger. Another, more. 

„^^X, deekshef'. Last ni^ ht. 
^Ji^^l^ deelmeky A venemous spider. 
jL^a deemet Always, unintermitting. [ing. 
^a £/«w, A debtor, a creditor, debt, repay- 
y>a de n. Faith, worship, obedience to God, 
j\;i:ideuhr. Money. [custom, condition, nature. 
Jb^jL;L.A denhroyety Wild anise. [king* 

!• vJoj dcevperwer. Defender of the faith, a 
^iL^'^ deenpenaht A sovereign, a monarch. 
SU.>a deenet, Obedience. 
j^^„) deendhTf Faithful, religious. 
JYi.) ^*^^foo^$ The ^^y of judgment. [ous. 
Jj^i^ deeneh, lesterday. ^ja deenee, Religi- 


•^^ deOf or deov^, A devil, giant, g^io*, th^t 
soul of oian, $ black, mushroom. [ingmill^. 

j^*l) deu dfV, A y*'4\h a species of juniper, yield-». 

^jj^_^,^ dttthrft A royal court, a Qoi^ncil, o^ 

J)*j^^ dettd,neh, Foolish^ paa.d, turio up. [stat^. 

^ » ^i i dewhneet Belonging to ^ courts a court-. 

^ 1*;^ devh dy A whirl vyind* a fieet horse.[iec,, 

uILaj^a deueeti An ink-born, or pen-case. 

ti-'^js deyos, A contented cuckold, an infe«» 
mous pimp to his own wife, 

^^ ^ deevcheh, A weevil, a leech. [lin,, 

>S^.^ dfi(^vd>ir, A demoniac, a devil, hobgob** 

ij';^; dtievddilf The poplar-tree. 

^'■'.^«.j> deevdesf. Dextrous. 

1*)^^,) deevsetb,n, A demoniac, 

^ /Xi^^^ deevgundoniy Rye, circumference. 

j^^^A deyojiy Piur. of ^^ji ^tiw. [villiige, 

(/•jij deovee, Gigarjtic. j^^ deeh, A town, s^. 

iL^ deehkry Earth, ground, soil. • 

X* J^.) deeh/hn. The chief of ^ village. 

>f^-^ dtthew, "^1 he tenth. 

^j dehewed. The 15th day of the month. 

^.j(L^^ dt^hmetky Ihe same, the 5 th day* 

^«K^5 dtiefioovy Heaven. 

icvl, ) dchctii A peasant, a villager* 

^ n2 3 

-^ *2^T; The \i*mlh ktter of the Arable al^ 
•phabct, denoting in arithmetic 700. 

l-i a^. He, this. ^. ! i ^alt^h, A sacrificer. 

vjli ?^M', Learning properly, learned. 

Jtj ! i xtbilf A spear, timber, [possessed of. 

"Ci^rs 55^f, Strangling; »«/, A lady, the soul, 

■gl3 5Ja/, Drinking water with avidity. 

y^ ] i ZiijV/, iJncertain. yL \ i %hkhit\ Fleshy. 

1i!i 2:^-«t4 Chiding. '' [the winds.) 

oi^^^i zhreyhty Passing swiftly, dispensing 

iUcii %aghe?/ety Foolish, froward. 

t-Jii % >/) Sudden death. [the paunch. 

XjSli xahenet, The lower part of the belly, 

^3<i isa/^a. He, that. 

^Ss \ i %klir, Recollecting, grateful. 

^^ \ i xh.kee, Having a sour smeli. 

•^^ti %ala(1evy Walking hastily, a wolf, •a 

"gli %altgh, Indispensible business. [dog. 

^\hzUii, He, that. ^ ] i xd.7/f, Vice, reproach, 

_«^i %amee, A throw, hitting the murk. 

u--a3 1 i %iinclf, A follower, 

■g^ ! i zaT7ij\ Driven by the wind (dust). 

Ui\y^O'?vet, Emaciated (cattle). .^ 

«y^tS zahcb, Going away, taken aside, lean. 

^ 1 3 zahel'; Careless, forgetful. 
U %ayd^, Melting. 

j^jli %hycd, Repelling, defending Uis rights 

eJij^i %oye}[. Tasting. [treme part. 

J>j \ i %ayel. The skirt of a g^rrnent^ the. ex.- . 

.^ i %ehf'^ Prohibiting, defending,^ 

V U o %el'al', A fly, a bee. 

-LS %ef)ah, A disease in the throaU 

_,SL.S %phk%eb, A little well. ' , 

i'jLS »c'i:aref, Perceiving. 

*3uS zt'lal''i. The wick of a candle. 

c^j i %eheh, Prohibiting, repelling. [bull, , 

L_i osj S z h-zeh, A little well; %ol%ol>, A wild 

ju jo S zefzdl'cty The tongue, harm, protection 

^. i ze' h, A sacrifice, cleaving- [of women. . 

^j 3» 25.^/*, Writing a book, the act of writing. 

51j i zeh/fi, Dry lipped (woman), 

*L i relief, 'Ihe smell of a dunghill. 

X;j S xdm-ttt Withering lips, from thirst. 

c-_»^ji zJooh, Repelling, prohibitingj 

^y.'a zehool, Languishing, withering. 

^^ 3 %ehce, A watch," guard. 

^.^i z^jel^ Injustice, wickedness, cruel, 

^'^ zejmct, A discourse, speech. 

'-.o^:^ zehxeh. Great -be I lied. 


3^^ i zehe/. Hatred, revenge. 
^U.«>>a.i Txkhxtkhdriy Eloquent, 
u I 


< ^ 

t t;4 ] 


jjS %erhi Scattering, sowing. 
5 tf lj i xerkaty Hoariness on the fore-head. 
Jlj^ji %erb.het, Sharp. 
j^jii zerar. Turning the face, malignant. 
^\j^ xefd,, Sewing expeditiously (a woman), 
^^ji zer^nee. Very white (salt). 
i^^ji %erb,wety Refuse in winnowing corn. 
4jji zerel, Sharp, speaking imprudently. 
xjja xerelct. Clamorous (woman). 
Loji zerehek, An evil, a misfortune. 
%j'^ %eret, A species of millet, 
JiUsji zertcit. Eating indecently. 
l»^ J i Zer-aiiief, Thick milk, desiring. 
t V j i xe//i Shedding tears. 
tJ} J i zer^, An herb, the dung of birds. 
^j3 zeroo. Winnowing, scattered, destroying. 
S^j3 zenuetj The summit, pinnacle. 
j^^a zeroor. Sun-rising, appearing gross. 
^yjA zeroa, An advocate, an intercessor, a 
^jA zerea. Protection. [patron. 

3L.j^3 zorej/ets Offspring, a race. 
«j^ i zerea, Sudden death, [foot. 

3ujj S zereat, Conjuncture, a present, swift of 
jIj U i zakret, Liberty, immunity. 

\ m ] 

cJU i :ia-tif, Venom. cJU i2:<7-a^, A mortal 
jjj Uc i za-hari, A joung wolf [disease, a sound. 
oa i za-as, Strangling violently, 
g ! o^cl %a-%ha, A publisher of secrets, 
^i %a-ar, Terror, i^':^ za-aref, A wag tail. 
ys. 3 za-al, A man confessing a fact whicli he 
t^y\& i za-Iooh, A bit of cloth [had once denied. 
*kf i zd metct, An unchaste woman, 
o^i za-look, Scallion. [stinately malevolent. 
jy£. i za-oor, Trembling, j^^ ^^ zeghmoot\ Ob- 
cJi ^jfi Going nimbly. 
t \ 'J i Kf^f> Venom instantly mortal. 
y i zrfeVy Perfume. 

I^ii zefrcif Emitting a strong acrid smell. 
(Sji'a z&freet Having a protuberance of skull, 
y'ci zefl. Thin liquid, pitch, [behind the eats, 
l^i zefdh, Having loose pendulous ears or 
la^ii zfutt. Weak. fnose (a camel,) &c. 

«^»A5 3 Zifccf, Hastening, 
la* U i zekjhct, A false dissembler. 
^lLi3 3 zekihn. Enraged. xkVi^e^/d/, Unclean, 
f^ 'c zckon. The chin or beard, 
djfl^ji z^'kaofy Burning. 
G^l^)i zch^ivet. Brightness of genius. 

[ 370 ] 

I^ j^s> S %Jizekdt A nicdest woman. 

j^, 3 %df[er, Male, steel ; %^ker, Memory, fame, 

S^-Sai %3hret. Recollection, an admonition. 
,^s>3 xcjiouy Flaming, enlighting. 
Cj ^^ i %thwhv, A species of small trees. 
^^^.i %cloor, Piur. of^^s %€kex. 
»j>^i %ekooreff The male sex. 
^y^i T-^hee, Ingenious, subtle, burning. 
^ i %iUf Gentleness, cjse. 
^:^i xolicih. Milk thinned "vvith water. 
^iJi «c7a/, riur. of ^^1 i 55e/c^/. [ouS. 

XJ^S %''fdlcf, Mean, base, wretched, obsequi- 
al' 3 T-elciw, A sickness. [swiftly. 
^^'S'^ ze!an. Abject, mean, wretched, going 
jl :^ zt'l^h, Larding (meat,) or eating it. 
ij i % //, Smrll nosed. 

J i Zd/I, Spredy, ready (at speech). 
J ,1 i zcloola, Mean, submissive. 
cJuI i %t'le(k. Sharp- tongued, eloquent. 
3.0 i z^/dt7. Abject, mean, base. 
Lo i %emi, Violent motion. , . '"* 

SU3 zjuiat, A shot hitting the mark. " 

jU3 %emhr, Guardianship, patronage. 
P U 3 zemam, Defence, sincere. 

t i7f 1 

1* !> tefneti A well Without water. 
^ s %emekh, A species of fruit, 
j.^ i ^eme)-, Stimulating (to fight,) roaring* 
3ii»^i zemteu Swallowing. 
^3 55^/?//, Going nimbly. 
jjiU i %emlek, Speaking soothingly. 
^ i zemeniy Plur. of x^ i %em€t. 
X* i %emeh, Astonished. 
^^ i zcniee, Struggling in the agony of death. 
^^^ Uai i zemeyhih Making haste, injuring. 
je,Awi zemeem, Reproached, depraved. 
/^^ i xeww, Languishing, perishing. 
Ij i xgW(i, Snotty-nosed (woman). [thing, 
ly, Ij i ^enahf The tail> the end, edge of any 
3ulj s zenabef. The end of time or of an age, 
J 13 S zeiMa, The tail or train of a bird, [a tail. 
_ U i zenhj. Intelligent. [fault, sin. 

Xi U i z^nhnet, Weakj perishing. c-J i zenel/, A 
d) Uj i zeiielkt, Plur. of i^ U i z^/ial. 
jLji i zcnehet, A tail. [ment. 

(^^joS zi?:ziv, The lower part of the gar- 
j^ii zencii. Snotty. «-__> y i ziiouh. Having a 
uJuJi zcneek. Fast, solid, constant, [long tail. 
c.^^i zeiv^f, Plur. of o ^ i za^ 
A j^ 2^ zcwkd, A defender of his right. 

V 1 

I i;3 I 

cJ^^S 2J^?M/f, Taste. i^\^'^ zswhiet, A wolil 

•sXa^^i zewantk, I^e. [sun.) 

4^5 S aj<>tt^, Melting, increasing in heat (the 

^U^i zodykn, Plur. of v_-aj i xcii, 

^^i 2oa.»^, Driving (cattle.) 

Aji zowd", Repelling, driving (camels). 

Sli^i %oo%hf. Agitation of the body. 

j^i zoor. Earth, somewhat. [spider. 

■fc J i z';zt>/, Strangling violently. 1)0 ^'azowtet, A 

£^i zoM/a, The poor, destroying. 

cJ^ i sjoti/l Going with short v^'ide steps. 

^^> li_5 3 zoofXn, Deadly venom, 

c3^i zoivk^ Taste, pleasure, trying. 

% j> zeh. This ; zohh, Quickness of genius. ■■ 

t__, U i ^c'haJh Going, passing by. 

I »^ i zchch. Gold, the yolk of an egg. 

jLjjb i zehhef, Rain, a particle of gold. 
3.* i z^/t/, Fo-rgetling, abandoning. 
3j.U. i zdhlooly A good horse. 
' ^i 2id/^", Apprehensio», remembrance. 
U5_» ^i^ S zf'hooh, Going, walking, passing by. 
^ytf>i zehool, Oblivion (^ i a; e//«^w. Ingenious. 
A Ij S zcyaly Long tailed, sweeping, 
a Li zf-yalefi A needle. 
W. j» ^^^» Vice; s;ee^, A wolf, a wild dog. : 

I: 1^9 I 

t.vbu^s %celh7t: Plun of t-oS %eeh. 
g.-v, i 2f?(?^/i, A wo]f, a. pack-horse, pride*/ 
^i ze^r, Angry, wrath. 

^>i zeeya. Divulging a. secret. [accusing, 
j^liu i zeef(i7i» Pcison, -o 5> «65^, Reproach, 
J rd, The tenJh letter of the Arabic aU 
phabet, and the twelfth cf the Persian; iiQ. 
arithmetic it expresses 200^ • 

«--j \ \j ra^^-y A mender of vessels* . v ^ 
o~ n J racLSt ^ vender of heads of cattle. 
«--» ^j rhl, Mending a broken vessel, a puj^^ 
^i^j rhhe/\ Full, perfect. 
^i^ J rahth. Gainful, advantageous. > 

^j\ rahcd, A hoarder, a preserver* 
\^j\yra^et, A chain, regulating,. ,..,,, 

«j ^^ rd^^'cr, The fourth. 
^\ raJigh, An agreeable lifci 
^ 1^ r(i^,-^', Ascending. [forth, 

Ik* \j rahfi/ef, A hill, augmented, bringing 
^\^r:i1eh, Fixed, firm. 
*Ai \ J 7'hfi hh, A salary, pay. 
Wi" \^ rktij, A large gate shut, in which there 
^ \^ rhtikhy Thin (clay), [is a little ;v\nndow, 
^jS J 7 Ma, Feeding plentifully, walking, 
■^ S^ rateCf Learned* 

t 180 ) 

CjjjMj rhten, A balsam for Wounds. 
:^j \j raienj, The resin of the pine-tree. 
•^i\j rasia, Desirous, receiving a present. 
SU^tj r^Jelet, The first joint of the finger. - 
^va.^^ rhjeh. Preponderating. 
ir^ ^j r<i;e5, Thundering (clouds). 
..^i. 1j 7iij?a, Returning, relative. 
i^vs. !j rkjf^, An ague, [feeding whilst loaded. 
^Ij r(i//7. Infantry. Xija. 1^ rhjelet, A ram 
P^lj r^f/w, Obscene in conversationi 
^gs>,]j rd,j€e, Hoping, interceding, a client. 
^\j rhhy VVine, alacrity. 
*.!_.«* ^^ rhhet. The palm of the hand, [ravan* 
^ \j rhhel, A traveller. XXs> \j rhhelety A ca* 
i>^1j r^^i/w. Compassionating, excusing. 
^^•^Vj rahool, A camel's saddle. 
^^ I J Kdheel, The wife of Jacob. 
^ty rovj-A, Conjecture, opinion. 
^^^1 rakh?teh, A rupture, notch. 
^]j radf Great, magnificent, a gfanary. 
ei^^ rhditty Prohibiting, a garment, 
"tjil^ radefj Succeeding, coming after. 

'Ci>^b ^^^^^> Saffron. 
-J »^ rat&itn. Giving milk (a camel). 
J ^j rh%, A woman twinkling with her eyes, 

^;,\j razeli, Decaying, consuming away. 

^Uj^i ra%dush, A confidant. 
cJijj r, rkziJt, Bestowing the necessaries of life, 
^ij ! , raz^ee, Weak, wine. -> • 

r)pj f&zsA^72y A heap of corn, &c. 
(^, !^ raas, A prince, a chief. [white. 

U !^ ?a*a, Having a black h-ead, the rest 
i^m ^j raseb. Tame apd fat (animal). 
^^M^v^l ) vast, Right, sincere, good, loyal, 
tiv-l, rasfa, Praise, commendation. 
.*j\:^]j rastaii, Good, just. 
(B^v-I; rasf^\r, Acting justly, good action. 
^'^]j rasteh, Dextrous, right-handed. 
i^^j , rastee, Rectitude, loyalty. 

^ \j raseJch, Firm, desirable, learned. 
^^\j rb^skhet. Antimony. ^*^\jrcisem, Seal- 
*j^]j rhsen, Elecampane. [ing, marking* 

•/^ I t rasoOy Ihe weasel ^of Tartary, &c.) 
^y^^j rksoonu A kind of wooden seal, used 

for marking the heaps of corn. 
^\j rhsee, Firm, immoveable, [tile, a colt. 
(ji\^ rcLsh, Thin, lean, g^^ \ j rasheh, A rep*- 
^ \ J rkshe(i,Ya\{hfu\, following the right path. 
vjii; \j rasheky An archer, penetrating (aspect).' 
*yKf\j rj.scdt An astronomer, an observatory* 

w * 

\ ra%ll, Rain, a shower. 
2^1j rhtecLy Sucking, milking. 
3U^ ^^ rk'xfi'at, A fore-tooth, a milk-tooth. 
^^i I J rh%ee, Content, satisfied. 
&^Sj rhtim, Necessarily, belonging to. 
v*c|^ va-yh, Filling the channel (a river). 
^^^j rh-yhee, A pigeon. 
3u*£ ^j ra-yset, Sprightly Cshe-camel). [tory. 
t— is ^j '^'^'Vfi ^^^ tip of the nose, a promon- 
^E ^j rh-yee, A shepherd, guardian, protec- 
t^^j rhghih, Willing, curious, [tor. 

tf* ^ J T-^^^ftf, Bracing (as a camel, &c.) 
t \Ss f'o.ffi Pi*y> preserving; if- raff Abook- 
XMa?4/\?/, Commiseration, favour [case, a shelf, 
^h\j rhfch, Living happily. ^\ j rafedj An 
y b '^^^ff'^i A pulse, an artery. [assistant, 
^b ^'^{/^^» Refusing, x^il^ 7hfe%dt, Heresy* 
«*Jj ^o/Fa, Elevating, repelling. 
^ ^ J '^^Jineit Walking airily. 
'^\ 1 of thy Living in tranquillity. 
V5 \j rhhht An observer, a rival, 
y\j_ rak'i%y A vein, an artery. 
(ja'sS^ rakis, Leaping, dancing. 
« \ J rahia. Barren (woman). 
^ Ij rahim, Writing, a writer. 

C-Jl ^j 

i /i\^ rhkooly A rope for climbing trees.. '^ 
JiSj rakeiy An enchanter. '[i-'fyeis. 

«-*^b ^^^^^> ^ disease iathfe- baofe,ijri\Jipg« 
o^Sj \ , rahid, Quiet, iixed^- "v - 'wM^-x ; ! ^ ' ^ 
^^>^ J rhh%. Galloping (.horse),/-' -loqu 
%^s\j rahia. Bowing the h^d.^'Vi^^"^'^ J <*.j 
A J raam, Loving, &c. r"'<]^V^'^' r f -ti 

. j:v« ly ramtsA, Cheerful ness,floWIii^/cbunJel^ 
^^.^^f^ rkmishgevy Yocal and instrumental 
(— X^ ^ J ramiJt, Glancing at a bird. [music* 
^^^ rhinokf Anelectuarj. iC^^J ^J-^^^^^y Aa 
^j^^^^ ramoo5, A sepulchre. [island, . 

' ^ \ rkmee. An archer, a jester, ; 

^. , Jo ^j i^hndiiii, To draw, to drive, banish, 
J) ( raiiehf A species of herb. i'.,,^ . 

♦ Jli raweew. Breeches, hose. , 

**) / rhwed, A verdant flowery place, [rian^ 
,5^1 . r^?^e^, A strainer, c^^^^ r^z^ee. An histo- 
♦jl^jy raweeyan, Plur. of i^^ i^ rdwee. 
tl^ r^^^, A way, a path, 
c^/ui) ^j rhhel, A monk, a lion, [ber, a traveller. 
^L ) I rkkebkny A guard of the road, a rob-, 
tD^^i}) rhhd^n, A road- guide. 
Ay/I; rhhroWt A traveller. /M^ 1 ; rhhzen, A 
eUvl^ rahshcih^ A great traveller. [robber j 

r IS4 3 

j^J^^:^ fiih^c^jLr, A passage, a cluinncl, the 

^:,;guUi^t, a traveller** -^-3 r.A [(a lioiae). 
'>KJiy!f4fiwa>',Xjoijr]Egjn a quit k ambling pace 
' LlJ^^h ^^^'^'^^ ''> A/.^wJfcrd^of itit road, a wattij 
upon ene|ii4c$<>0r >bitr\'es. - . ? s^dr. 
t5*b ^^^'^^> Corafoctable, perpetual. • 
^^j ra/, Opinion, knov^isng,'. 
^ij .j-^^ijT/I^ubting, balancing'.vN •^.•. 
«J<^1^ /'flsy^^r A:,standard, banner.^ colouriwdA 
.oaVyfa^^, Smelling strong, a wild bull. 
fi:^^y^fiiihd, rO.dour, perfume, stink, [mill. 
S*\\j, ihycdy Forager, the handle of a hand- 
(jjvx! S ou \j raid-'ol-yew, A inotcih tlie eje, mtik- 

ing it twinkle. 
'i^j\ rcnjeSy The master of the dogs. 
Cp ^ J ^^o7/cs7i, Cultivatic^ friendship. 
jalj* ^^V^t 'Increasing, svv ift (horse). 

^^j^ay* gh. Retiring prlvattl}', [beautiful. 
<_ «. \j r^;y^V^it^rt:lful. cJu »j rayi k, ^^ onderful, 

♦jl^l i raigar?, or jaiffhii, Gratis, gratuitous, 

... without labour or purchase. 
fn^j yhy^nit Fond< of her colt (a she-camel). 
i^j rebb, Csod) rolhh. Perhaps, now and thefl, 
Ijj rob(iy Stealing,, robbing. 
%Zjtl> relaat, A bucket of leather. 

5L L_; T el abet J A covenant or treaty^ 

*■=?- '■o f^ti^oj^fi Heaviness. 

.^^Lj rehajee. Stiff, drj soil. 

*>^b^ rehcLjeydy Evil, malignity. . t 

^Jo\JJ relk%, A lion, one w^ho reclines^, 

)o\jj relat, An inn, a troop of horses, a net. 

c^' b J rehak, Plur. of «u^ rellieL 

^W-ij relhhtj Corpulence. 

^^ L_^re6(iw> Novelty. ^U^^ rehhaneCy Divine, 

i\ij roLah, A fox. [a doctor of divinity. 

t^Lxjij^ reh^y^s, Plur. of v^^ reZ'^. 

■c>tjlf ( reltuyeiidehf Rapacious. 

> ^ , ^ / reJ-eh, A great quantity of good v^ater. 

«-l:^jj ?eAs Obstacle, preventing.' 

^•j f'f-'hd. Small and ligbt money., 

^.j reh^h. Profit, gain, fleshy, a kid. .. 

\ySfj ted'heej An usurer, 

isj^ reltz. Dextrous, sv^'ift of foot. 

is i^j rcbxee, A whip made of thongs. 

-y^ rel'e%y Fat, corpulent. [fortunated. 

'KJiyj Tel%ek, Night-shade, (jmj^ reles, 111- 

Xj^j^ relesh, Whiteness in the nails. 

X-i-j^ rehheti Ground abounding in herbage. 

{j£u^ rebs, Looking for, staying, waiting for. 

X I 

f 156 } 

jjA^^ releXf Reposing, a wife, mother, sisteiv 

country, fort iiicat ion. 
%^j, rclzcf, A place of slaughter, a carcase, 
tay^ 7c/t, Binding. [fin. 

^j, r,ba. The spring season, a hcuse, a cof- 
S«^ leJa-aty A casket, a box; relaa/, Going 
^j, re^'ce^. Vernal. (in haste (a camel). 
tu ^^'■^^'g^^' The happiness of life, petulant. 
uJij,rehkt A rope, putting a halter on a camel. 
*X^^ rehki'f* A halter, a yoke. 
^, f rchck* Silly, idle. [in autumn, 

Jj , re/7, All evergreen, a tred producing leaves 
S)^,reNet, The interior part of the thigh. 
^j. rehern, Thick, entangled herbage. 
\Xj J rchnh, Olour Lord ! 
^j^ i^cioUf Encreased growing, a hill. 
^^ \ ^j re^'Uan A n observer, a spectator, car- 
*^yij i\hjoh, Plur. of ,__, rehlf, [rying off. 
**-iyfr 7ehool<eyet, Dominion, divinity, 
kyjj. relw(.ty A hill, a heap. [noxia. 

ry. J fi-hookh, Animi delinquio in coitu ob- 
t .^ re}oo(f. Remaining in a place, containing. 
i*j^fj reboodun, To rob, ravish, 
tr ^ J reloos, A greedy eater. 
,*j*jj rchooti. Advantage, gain. 
L^'^o ^^^^^^f Large, thick (tree,) &:c. 

^yi, rd'Ool, A tree- producing leaves in» au^ 
. j't'hee, A spectator-.- [tumn. 

«y*Aj - rj-^ec^i A step son; SL, . rt'leyet; Anin-*. 
XXa^j. relfii^'Sdt, Aii^i-n pediment, [se^t, usur;)r,. 
^xjf rehetk-i. Large- bodied: (man.); 
^ji rt^becd', h confection, pickle* 
^jmaj., Fat, corpdent, big-bodiedi 
Laj rcheett Constant, bound, dev.ou^ a monk>. 
K>j reheea,'i\iQ spring. ,j*^iLj j rtVeeaf, Aq, 
^ rele.Jt, Butter, cheese, &c, [iron helmets. 
yj feJ'edl, A pi a:np delicate woman,; nlxjih, 
Baj re^ee/ef. Plumpness, affluence. [A robbec*. 
^^j ret, Empty, naked; a. re//, A prince^. 
L»' rt'ia. Stammering (woman\ 
^U relaj-y A great gate with tj wicket. 

x^Ij, reUijdf A rock. 


^ I V refaf, IMur. of «j1 rhtett^ • .*. 

43 L5 r-e/d/h Two garments sevvred' together^^^ 

Ij refhn, A gentle laugh, a smile. 
i^3. reteb. Adversity, difficulty. ^.^'.'/.':\ 
iL?^ rethe^, Dig'iity, office, a degree. 
3o^ re/e^ vStammering, j ttiio,. ,'b:. 
g^* y'-/d/\ A bar, a bolt, shutting (a gate.) 
^' retekh, A slight scarification. u 

Xi?" retekhet, Clay mixed with water. .•> 

t 186 1 

if J ^^'^' ^^^^ pasture in rich fields. 
xJj retek, Shutting, mending, cementing. 
^ reieh, Going with a short step. 
i»j retem, Bruising the nose. 
^ retoOy Making haste, 
x__i^^ refoof'. Strong, rising, constant- 
U^y^. fetiveU A step, ^ p- ^ roioociy Walking. 
tJj^J^ retook, Q\ovyy nobility. 
^ J, ref^elfiy A venomous spidei*. 
m.i3 J. reieem, Broken, bruised (nose, &;c.) 
Jljj. ress. Worn, torn. 

IS^ resh, Confounding, remembering, foolish* 
»li . 7^es(if» Slip-shouldered camel. 
Xili'^ resasfJ, 1^1 ur. of clo^. resets 
X^^j. reshn^ Rain following rain, 
oblj, resayafy Hired female mourners.^ ^- 
Xj - reset f Succession. 
«S rwflf. Great desire, malice. 
XS^' 7'esooset, Raggedness, going to pieces. 
Is J , resoof, Remaining fixed to a seat. 
i^j rd5de, Weeping* condoling, remembering, 
sj'-^v resees, Torn, covered with wounds and 
(just expiring. f by side. 

ooLj , rcsecd. Laid one upon another, also side 
^ J vtsecm, Bruised (nose). 

t I8§ 1 

^j ^^j\ Trembirhg, agitated. 

U.^ rfjd,y Margin, edge, brink, hopfe, 

vW^ r^'uA, Plur. of ,^^ rejeb. 

'i^j. rejat, Expecti»?g. 

^U.^ r/^'dj, Plur of ^^^ r^vy. 

^Uy. rr/aA, Having large hips. 

S^U^ rejhhef, A swing fhartl. 

i U^ 7T/nc^, One w ho carries the corn into ihe 

^*jU^ rejdZdi, Any thing put into scales to 

y^Uy. tvyds, Thundering [make even weight. 

^ U /. rejaa, A camel's halter, succeeding well> 

LJWr ^^«/i "^^^^ ^^''J of judgment, the sea. 
JV, rcchal, A confection. 

-I-.- 'icicvni, A large stone, a monument. • 
«y*a. r(^"<^. Recovering, the seventh month 

of the Miihomelan year. 
30^, T>jlet, The prop of a tree. 
Havs. , rejleyet, A propped palm-tree." 
^jj. 'i'fjcj, Ltan sheep, &c. languid, 
^a. lejeh. Excelling, overcoming. 
^\ss-^j. rjhiiji, Excellence, superiority* 
30.J. ^ejcd, 'Irembiing with fear or cold, 

Y 1 

[lency (a womanX 
-^" fe'rej. Moveable, shaking from corpu-* 
t:>^^^j rejrejety Agitated, a body of mea, 
y>j 7^€%, A species of verse, 
y,^ rejes. Thundering loudly; rejes, Va^ 

cleanliness, rage, doubt. 
^^ lej fl, Returni ng, repeating, answ^ering, 
xi^j ^^J^^f Bringing back, ansvrering. 
Sua. - rejaat, A return, an answer to a letter. 

x^j rejaee, Return, a second divorce. 
*-*=*/ ^^\fy Emotion, moved. 
jjjUa., refkn. Shaking through fear. 
iJLs. reji'fety Agitation, an earth-quake. 
^r '^^jdy A man potent in venery; rejl, An 

army, poverty, sleep, sucking. 
^. Tejl^i Rough stony (ground). 
{^"^r ^^i^^y Infantry, two feet. 
Sl:a. 7ejlet, Firmness of tread in walking. 
^.rejetn. Stoning to death, reproach, opinion^ 
jUjj. rejmef, A sepulchre, a mark, [a friend. 
iy^j rejwefy Hope, arrogance, 
w^, rejooh, Plur. of i^*^ re/eh, 
_.^^, refoohf Excellence, superiority. 

-, rf^'oos. Braying, dashing with vehe- 
ft^a. rc/ooa, Return,success. [mence (the sea.) 
&e ♦^ rqjoo-aU An answer to a letter. 

d^^ J r Jdofi Trem qr^ great emqtioQ^ 
*J ,a» , re oolef, Manly-min^^d., 
- ^xb. rejonm, Fajling stars, [hoped for* 

^j rejeh, A series, o;;der. Xa^*^ Tepyfit, A thing^ 
4— »io-, vcjfiefy E0:jotion, tremying, [speech. 
y^ rejeel^lufantry, walking,fast, qx.tpmpore^ 
f iUa^ rejeelaan. By degrees, qne after apqther,^ 
jLuA. , rejeeiieti Resin, gum. [iriare), &c. 

U, rd/if^, Having a broad flat fop|;;(a^WQman,^ 
«_, U. rohdl^f Large, convenient^ 
^pU. rohcLXi Sweating in a fever. 
cJ)U^ rohkk. Pure excellent wine*. [mels,^ 
JU. rehkl. Skilful in riding and, driving ca-i 
*lla.- rihhlet, A saddle' of leather. 
«-^jU, rehhye]}, Plur. of i^a^^rehh 
4,0* rehel, Large, convenient, spacious (place)^ 
3L* re^/, A coiled-up serpent. 
-y^r rehereJi, Broad, large. 
^Ja=>r reh%. Washing. [fever. 

\^^ rclizk, Sweating in the paroxysm of \ 
XX^ rehkt, Saddling or loading a camel. 
^.^ reheni. The womb, matrix, compassion,' 
^^ rehmet. Compassion. [mercy. 

^ ^ rehee, A mill-stone, the breast, [place. 
reheelf* Large, convenient, spacious 


jjiA=w reliPPt, Washed- * 

cJio , reheeky 1 he best wine. ^ 

ik^r T^<'hefl, A journey, riding a camel. 7 
l»>xa* Hehcem, God, the merciful, the eono* 
^ J 7\'khy A groan. [passionate, 

\:L rchhi.. Loose, soft, a gentle wind. 4 
^Uj. 7'ek'f)k'f, An easy, comfortable life, ^ 
SU?lii^ rck^'ciscfy Remiss, t'^nder. 
•*"U., rchham, A iar^e stone, marble. 
*>• lai^ rek'clvict, Soft, gentle (speech). 
♦ ^s^sTi rekhbetitt A portion, whey. .^ 

\,t:^y A, v'.rek'iti'ht Sick, wounded. 

^ J oekhj. Base, angry. 
iL!>^^ 7okhsar, The cheek, the face. 
J Lw-p- , 7o/i/iscL7i'h, 'J'he air, mien, cheek, face. 
Ici^i 7 eA"//.v/''d, Shining, flashii g 
.tj^^^^Jts^, 7 ekhsfiecdun, '^I'o shine, to flash. 
iya^r ^ <'k^/fi, Soft, lowticss of price. 
.%*as^ r rukhi^ef, Indiilcr^nce, connivance. 

^J^^. rckht'f, Soft, thin. 

^f rehfult An ewe, lamb. 

^. rckheia, Compassionating, soft. 

JU^;- rekhniefn Compassion. 

^ J reklin^h, A fracture, a notch (ia a sword). 

t i'93 1 

'^, f'ekhow, Soft, relaxed. 

i^^ rekhived. Small- boned and fat. 

**oyLj. rekhoosett Low-priced (provisions)^ 

^.;*.^ rekheekhy Soft clay. 

(ja^y. rekheeSy A soft garment> low-priced* 

^^f rekheem, Compassionating. 

6 -re^<^, Repulsion, restitution, [gence, honour./ 

1i^ rec^aa. Aid, help, a burden; re^(i, Intelli^ 

» ! i , redht, A hard stone, a rock. 

^ U ^ redah, A large dish, a wide field. 

Ss^ljiy. redkhett The den of a hyena. 

ali reddd, A repulse, abhorring. 

^lij. redaa, Mud; rof/a. Indisposition. 

X* I i - reda-aty A small inclosure. 

^a^ redeghf Clay and water. [another. 

t. ; A . fedefy Following or placing behind one 

-i r redem, Shutting, mending a garment. 

tjjij^ ^cden, Arranging, the clashing of ^rms* 

fe ; ; Tedeh, A rule, row, serieis. 

tA :i^ redhet, A hill rough with rocks. 

^^f redee. Hopping, walking, goin^ away* 

ijAjA, redeedee, Restitution, &cJ, 

^.^. Tedea, Losing the head (from a spe^r)» 

j^i^ redee m, A torn or mended habit. 

^.^r redeeneei A straight spear. 

I im I 


it^^ >*<?2;te A distillation of rain, dew. 

^Vi^ rexd/, The worst left after the best ia 

*^S^ rexhm, Sign. [taken. 

Slj 1 i y* , re%aJ/eff Made lean, lessening. 

^ctj re^el, Worthless, mean. 

^'^j rexem, Flowing, overfio wing. 

jijSy^ r€%oom, Fluid, ^ bone full of marrow. 

^3y Te%ee, Extenuated, worn down with fa- 

*Xj '^ij^rezee let, A hasQ worthless thing, [tigue. 

h re%, A combat, a castle. 

^■j rcxsh, Anger, passion, wrath, 

,^j rWf Receiving, --ij. ressa//, Tired, made 

^b/ ^^2Ja2J, A rice-seller. [lean. 

- ! J ^ Te%bfm, A cruel man. ju !j , re!?;awe^,Majes- 

Llj^ re%a^^, Distress, afflictions, [tj, modesty, 

CJ^,)j ^^^^a'^> The keeper of a vineyard, 

^ y^ rcxler, A vine pruning-hook. 

»j^ re;j{e/, A vineyard, a battle, a castle, 

^yy re%shed, Voracious, devouring. 

sJ/ ^^^<?/, The ferule at the end of a spear. 

oJaj^ retdiJi, A village, a market town. 

cJaj^ A. p. rexdek, A row, series, rule. 

t Ji ^e%egh, Sticking in the mud. 

** j/ Te%eghet, Mud. 

oj . re?;e/) Being swift, taking before-hand; 


xS)j. Te%ketf A gift, pension, aliowanGQ.. 

fjj re^m. Fight, war, 

jLoj, Te%met, A bundle of clqaths, 

i*j\*)j rezwkn, The keeper of a vineyard; 

f ^3/ ^^^oom. Receiving, dying. [doo^ 

ijj rezeh, A ring or staple for the bolt of a^ 

(j*^ rezsheh, A rope of hemp, cotton, &;c. 

*rfj/ ^^^.^y^^> Afiiicti^in, misfortune,. 

yjf ^^*^^*' -^ species of herb^. 

c^jj^ Te%eeff Going fast, braying inwardly (as 

*.j 5 rezeern, The roaring of a lion, [camel)* 

^^jj^ resjeew. Weighty, modest. 

- ^-p-^ ^<?^» Reaching, mature. 
L.^; reshp Much, many, arriving. 
Jf>jU^ reshteeh Plur. of cJu*-^ restak* 
^^laU- resatoon, Wine. yu*^. res^t A ca-?- 
J Uy. Testblee, A troop of camels, [mersfoot, 

- U , Tesanii A describer. - 

jhU 1 reshn, Producing, bringing, arriving. 
|MyJ U- J resandun, To arrive, to bring, to bear. 
^jU^ reshya. Harnessing for horses. 
JjU^re«^5/e/, Writing, &c. 
-u-A*,^ rest, Sunk in the socket (the eye,) penc-' 

trating deep (a sword). 
tm.f Tesset, A cap or bonnet. 

I 196 ] 

\^t0^ ) ^c$t, An order, a series. 
O'Ia*-^ A, p. restb^k, A village, a market town. 
^yw Uy'y resthneedun. To cause to grow. 
if ^ J ^esfdee, A village, a market tow^n. 
y^f^^ ) restekheet, The day of resurrection. 
^Iwv-y resteghTy^sStj free, escaping, [increase. 
^^^^^y. restun, To escape, to spin; rostun, T0 
gw - reseA, Slender in the hips or thighs. 
^^ resa, A disease in the eye. 
iu*.^ resl, A gentle pace, convenience. 
SUUy> 'reslet, Sluggishness, convenience. 
^y. ^e^m, A precept, a design. 
j^^U*.^ resman, Plur. of ^^ rgs???* [ing* 

ts^f ^esem^e, Belonging to, writing, design*- 

re^e??. Putting on a halter. 
^ re^oo. Immoveable, making peace. 
) yj 9€stvh, Ignominious, disgraced. 
Uymr reswctt A bracelet of beads, shells, &c. 
ty^4 ^^^^^^^> Firm, constant, [rier, a letter. 
^y^ resool, An ambassador, a prophet, a cou- 
-^M.^ resoom. Travelling day and night. 
^^ resee, The middle pole of a tent, constant. 
Sl3U*i. reseyhnetf The best sort of dates. 
>t;^^^/ reseed, Arrived, a youth, [inganend. 
^ ^/^ , reseedgee, Arrival at maturity, attain- 

t ^97 3 

'ilJ^h^^J ^^^^^^"^> To arrive. [mouJ^» 

ij^^j^r ^^^sees, Constant, :soiid, the beginning, ru- 
4aam^ reseeghy Pleiltifal, happy life. [then 
^x^j. reseel. One who sends or is sent to ano- 
^j^j. reseem, Leaving marks on the ground, 
Cjif^i^ J ^^^seeman, A rope. 

rJ>^ ) resh. Uneven ground, a cubit. 
Li^ reshht A young deer; reshh, A rope, &c» 
^\jh^ A. P. reshhd, The right way. 
y^ i^ y. reshash, Shedding tears, &c. 
XiU^ reshcthf, A gentle form. 
A^> re^/i^eJ, A body, hard, white and dry. 
^^^ty resht, Friable, stiff, a nit. [rope# 

^^^K^ J reshtek, A crime, a disease, a small 
♦^^ reshten. To twist, to plunder. 
jd^i reshteh, A series, a thread. ^ 

^^ fesheh, Distilling, sweating. 
Hi^y. reshhety Moisture, dropping, 
^y. reshedy Rectitude, the right wayi 
/p'/^i reshresh. Dry and soft bread, 
4^-i^j^ reshfy Sipping, sucking. 
i-Jiiiy reshky Making an arrow fly rapidly. 
^tmJ^j r shk, Jealousy, zeal, emulation. 
^j reshgevy Vitriol. ^yX^; reshken, Jealous^ 
J^t reshkch. Disgrace, a nit. 

A a 

[ iQS 1 


jv^xiy resMeen^ Jealous. ^ reshm. Writing* 
yx,j. reshny Coming uninvited to a feast. 
ySi^jTeshou, Corrupting with presents, bribing. 
{jj,\yi^j reshvan, Sporting and feeding (flocks). 
<— j^/ f^shoofy Cropping with the lips fa ca- 
^^^y. reshoon,See ^^ reshn^ [mel). 

^w;^ resheeh, Leaking. 

J^ y. resheed, A director, sagacious, [in a well. 
*ii f resheef. Sucking, remainder of water 
juiy, resheek. Of an elegant stature, swift- 

^jo ress. Cementing, joining, 

gvKj , reseh, Closeness of hips. 

OMOy resed. Seizing prey (as the lion). 

%sm>j resdet, A pit dug to catch a lion.- C\^^ 

^j. resa. Striking with the hands. 

sj^^ resef. Agreeing, firm. 

^j. resem, A narrow pass through hills. 

^^j.resen, Performing, overcoming, reproach- 

o^j^r feseedy Watching, observing. [ing» 

4ja>^y. re^ees. Veiled, the eyes only appearing, 

cJu*©^ reseef, Firm (answer), a rival in any art. 

^^ ^ reseefi, Solid, sick, benevolent. 

^JeJ re%%y Beating, bruising. ^^ 

-»t«c^ read. Consent, connivance. 

j«jjU3^ rezkh, Spittle, the froth of honey 4 ^ 

o^j^/ ^^^^^^*» Straying. 

fjelij. rezaz, A fragment broken o£^„ 

^U. r^s;^a, Sucking the mother^ 

XfiUfiy> rexk^at. Sucking. 

^ U^ rezdtm^ Plur. of x^^^ re^m^t. 

gv^ - rezehy Breaking (date-stonesX 

^v*fi^ t^exekhy Fighting with stones> giving ^ 

(^\yOp rezrhz, GraveK [small present;,. 

^^\J^ r€%rh%ee, A fish living among rojcktS^, 

^ J. r&sca. Asking, sucking. 

cjLoy> rezefy Roasting, burning. 

*jtfy. rc%my Ploughing, striking. 

^ \Joj re%manf Slow-paced, stepping elosei 

tttOj re%mety A large stone for building, 

^^j rezoo. Conquering (by pleasing). 

Xs^j re%oo-at. Giving suck (a womaa), 

^^J re%ee, May God reward him. j> 

^v^j re^eeht Bruised with a stone. 

(j^*:»ej rexeez. Bruised. 

^j^j rexea, A foster-brother, an infant. 

Uu^j re%eef, (Milk) boiled by a hot ironi 

A^j rezeem. Firmly built. 

'\^j rethy Madness, foolish. 

\2oj rethm. Keeping in fetters. [Arablck. 
%\hj re/^»e^. Speaking any language but 

( 20Q 3 

'xiJ<l9j retlf Fresh, moist. 
'Sxla^ reth^ty A tender delicate girl. 
^J^SJ r.desy A blow with the palm. 
.^^ reta, Rheum, or any thing similar. 
^j retel, A poand of twelve ounces, a cup 
y^j retenh Embroiling. [of wine. 

€^/j rehnetf A perplexed business. 
^j retoo, Foolish, ijyloj retoohet. Humidity^ 
^^j retoont Lean camels, weak, [moisture.. 
<l~^j ^eteel. Moist, soft, morbid. • 
U*Soj reteenht Unintelligible discourse. 
^_,U^ ra-dl, Filling the channel (a river). 
i^\kj ra-hs. An ear-ring, the crown of the 
a Ujt^-a^, Thundering, a talkative man [head. 
o^jiU^ ra-hdeed, Flur. of j^> j,c^ r a- deed* 
^Uj ra-aa, Pusillanimous young men. 
eJUj ra-hf, A hemmorrhage. 
^Uj ra^faey One who gives liberally. 
^Uj ra-al, Penetrating rapidly (a spear). 
#iUj ra-klet. Madness, folly. 
-Uj ra-d^m, Lean (sheep,) observing, snot. 
t^isj ra-kmet, A tree. 
Kls^j ra-dt^ee, Feeding near home (camels). 
ju^Uj ra-hiveyetf A herd of camels. 
*i*\^j ra-ayet, Respect, receiving kindly. 

/?i^ \d'\(k) 

t B0» I 

ijAt ra-ah, Fear, trembling, an aimuldt or ma* 
}.& J ra-bel, Silly, fojlish. [gick charm, 

*Xx=^ ra-helety Torn garment. 
V>**j r(2-^oo2>, Languid. 
Xj^acj ra-loolet, A slice of a cameFs bunch.' 
Ay^xXfi^ ra-theeh, A mild woman. 
»jJUcj ra-as, Wool, lic^ rasa. An oblong 
jiAC^ ra-sety The crown of the head, [grape, 
j^j ra-ad. Dressing herself (a woman). 
» j^ ra-dety Tremor, rigour. 
o^i j^j ra-deedy A delicate woman. ^ 

g^j ra-ra, An amiable youth. 
SLp^j ra-ra-at, (God) causing to grow. 
jjmSj ra-5. Trembling, walking slowly. 
^Jus.J ra-shy Trembling, tremor. 
,yi^j ra-shen. Tremulous man or camel, 
^^iixj ra-sJiooshy Shaking the head with age.' 
/jiAXic J ra-sheeshy Timorous, deserving well. 
ijt£^j ra-fy A hemmorrhage or bloody- ilux. 
j^j ra-aly A young man. [trich. 

SUcj ra-lety A great company, the female os- 
r >?_; rrt-//?00772. Tender, good-natured (wo- 
^j ^a-ariy Swooning, head-ache, [man)» 

U»^ ra-nay Good-natured handsome; comely, 

f^^j ^a-oowi> Poor in flesh. ^- 


t ^02 ] 

•c)>«J ra-oon, Stirring hard. 

c. ra-ee. Pasturing, feeding as cattle. 
ig^^j ra-et'ff, Affrighting, a earners bunch* 
Xk£j ra-eyeiy Plaid .ground, eatable. 
^{y>^j ra-ees, Waggling in pace (a camel). 
Itacj ra-eez, Broken at the head (an arrow). 
vJUc^ ra-eeh. Rattling of the bellj. 
.yx.j ra-eel, Short bodied (horse). 
tJ ^^8^^* Belching, eructation. 
*-r* ^j reghal. Wet, moistened (ground). 
cijUj reghas. Ground watered by rain. 
f Uj reghhmt Soft sand. 
S^ \lj reghhmef. Desiring. 
(s^^^j ^eghamee, The wind-pipe, the nose. 
S^lij reghatvet. Froth. [ness. 

^j ^^g^el', Ardent desire, expectation, kind- 
juUr^ reghhknet, Lowerpart of the shoe-strap. 
A.^^xlj reglboo^', A glutton. 
«^_) ^'^g^^^-'^y Sucking the mother. 
^j Tcghed, Affluentt 
•91^ J reglrcghet. Comfort of life, 
Ly^j ^^g^Sj Increase. 
i^Jiij reghef, Plur. of lJUIj regJieef*^ 
d^j r^^/i/. Sucking (the mother). 
XUj reghletg A fkl«e suspicion. 

f^j rf?gZ?em, Reproach, compelled, abhorrence^ 
^sj reqhen^ An order, desire; ro^htinj Per-ii 
Xiij reghnet. Level aad soft gcound/ [hapd» 
>Apy reghendy VociferatioA of beasts. of £pej^ 
^-^ J reqhneen, Breeches, dpawers. 
_^j regkou, (A camel) braying mucb,. . ^ ^ 
U^sj reghwef, The froth of milk. 
t^^j reglwos, Seven days old, giving suck* 
J >e^ reghool, Seizing and eating any thing, 
t-_yij regheeh. Wished, seemed, long paced* 
^j ^^gheed. Leading a free easy life, [horse, 
s Axsj regheedet. Fresh butter. [or wafer, 
Uukj reglicefy A thin round flat cake, paste, 
^ J reft A book-press, o^ re^, A glutton,, 
15 J ^^<i» Mending a garment, quieting^ , . ^ 
ci, li; ref at, Any thing bi:oken, a carious bone* 
A Li; ref ad, A stuffed saddle-cloth or cushion* 
o^li , ref^s. Striking with the feet. ; ; 

tpU . ^6/^5/2/ Turning corn with a shovel. ' 
o«Uj ^^(^25, 'Different and contrary ways. - 
3y*lij refaisei, Pasturing scattered cancels. 
Ss, \ij refa-at. An elevation of voice, high. 
i^iAilij re/ag^e/, Pleasujre, affluence. s 

'l^^j ref^f Saffiroo. -. - s,^ 

t J04 1 

C3\jjrefhk, Society, a rope for tying a earners 
luili^ refaneyet. Pleasantness of lite. [feet. 
« \3j refah, Making rest, enjoyment. • 
£Aij reflf Pounding, spoiled. 
^IsJy rtfihXi Travelling, walking. 
^^ reffun, To go, proceed, depart, travel, 
^j r'fidhy Gone, passed. [walk. 

- " X* J refst. Unclean, lewd, unchaste. 
^ . f'^S^, Bestowing granting, helping, kind* 
i^Sjijrefrhf^ An ostrich, a kind of spar- 
x^jij refref. An ajrch. [row. 

-yj r^f^> Striking, " - [with the feet. 

-ty**j '"^^fii -A. rope for tying camel's feet, shaking 
-iuaij r^/ie/. Observation, order, a proper op«" 
\y^j rf^/l'st. Abandoning, dispersed [portunity. 
^^^bwj rtfa-an. Getting to higher ground. 
3Uij ref-atf Eminence, sublimity. 
zSj refegh, Fruitfulness, plenty^ 
\jaj refeky Courtesy, aid. 

SSSj refktty A crowd, assembly. 
^y^rfl» Artless, unlearned. 
-?yA. p.. refoot Counterpoint, [©ra palm-treei 
CLi^j refoos, Obscene, ^^j refooj. The roG| 
^^j 'r^'Soodj A large cu^ 

Ofs, refoofi flMT. of ij^ re ff. [mending* 

jf^j TcfoogeTt A tajlor, a patch of cloth fo^:. 
Cr)>V ^^/^o"» Saikon. ^iy. Tcfehy Living easily. 
o^^V '^rf^^^> ^ partaker, a companion, 
^jaj.9, rrfeez. Rejected, sweat. 
2*5^ refea, Loftj, eminent* 
cjui, "^^ftff. Greedy eater, glistening^ colpu^:* 
tjio^ refeeky A eompaniofi, skilful, 
*A5 refeeh. Living agreeably. 
< Ji / reM, A sheet of paper, a bookv 
U»y> re-^^, Drying up (tears). 
vU" re^a^. Watching, fearing (GodX. 
suUy. rekhhet, Advantage, gain. 
^=*l>*/. rehhliecj A merchant, trading, * 
a U^ rekhdi Sleeping, 
(jolj'y. jyM** a dancer, a jumper* 
5Leli"y rekd,set, A barren ground* 
.gU'y* rtki-a. Black ^d white. 
Sfi IS , ockk-atf Doting, weak in mind, 
lJ Li'y^ reM^, Warm, hot. 
4^1*^ rekcin, Saffron, the blight of corn, 
ouli"^ rehciyek, Plur. of jui" ^^^5^^% 
re^e?;. Thickness of neck. 


l^- rekla, Hoping, taking a full view. 
Ixi* . reklcLUi A lion. 

C 2 

t 206 3 

'^j. reielef, The neck, a slave. 

^3 J reM, Sleeping. ^ \ j5^ rekdin, Exulting for 

SjvK^ ^ekdet. One sleep or slumber, [joy. 

^'ij reksh. Painting with figures. 

•liji^ rehha, A canker-worm. [wine.) 

.^5^ 7'cJ^.9, A dance, leaping, fermenting (as 

v«>u^?^ rekseeditn, To dance. 

ia>' rehi, Marking any black thing, 

'^s^ vela, Kepairing a well, being swift, iip- 

\f'i ^ rcka-h] Insane, a tumult. [braiding. 

**j'^ reka-at, A letter, the postscript. 

tJi*^ n:/^<^, A desert, sultry. 

9^3 J rekkt, A tall palm-tree, 

^j rekem, A character. 

Sjf^ rckmet, A charming flowery garden. 

» ;yTr^*; rek^'ii'zedeh, Written, put up on paper. 

MjXCj^j rckemkcshf Impressing characters, 

^■y. reken, Writing, &€. [crazing. 

^ , rekoOf A bandage for stopping bleeding. 

i^3 rekood, Going to bed. 

cJ^j . Tekoffy Shaking with fear or cold. 

-^•y. rekoom, Plur. of ^^ rekem, 

fjjyij rekoon, Saffron, cyprus, &c. 

jij. rekee. Enchanting. 

?^ rekeel, A rival, a preserver. 


I 20? ] 

jUV^ rekeyet, Inchantment, superstition* 
^j rekea. Defective in understanding, 
cjuif^ reJteek, A slave. ^^ relteem, A book, wise* 
'i'z Teh met, A wise prudent (woman). 

^^ reky A vein; a. tekhy Weak, placing one 

thing upon another. 
Is, reJth, Accusing, adapting. 
^ \^sj rekhl, A stirrup, a ship. 
J Is, ^ rehh%, A piece or mass of gold or silver* 
iJls,^ rehhh, Plur. of ^^ r^/f-^. 
l\^=>j rehily A vender of leeks. 
* ls> J rekam. Collecting, a heap of cloudSr 
*^^j rekelf Riding, having a large knee. 
\l)^^j rehbb,n, A tail. 

X3 Us>j Teklknet, A (she- camel) for the saddle. 
'ix^sj rekcLet, A body of travellers. 
>XJ^ reklendy A bandage for bleeding. 
g\rj tekeh, Angle, side. 
SssSjj rek-het, Square, quadrangle. 
oss>j re^^ti?', Fixed, quiet, 
*>SsSj^j rehhket, Having large hips. 
'iSs^Ss^ rekreket, Imbecillity. 
(jmSsj relies. Inverting, binding! 
'•^j reksheh, A terrible animal, 
^^j nka, Hanging the head. 

ts.Ssj7:elta'att A saered inclination of the head, 
^y rekem, Gathering, f^^ rcIieihK mouse. 
y y re goo, A napkin. [crime). 

V>^5j rckooh, Mounting, committing (a 
^^^sj rekoohet, A horse, camel, &c. 
S^S)^ rekiiet, A lake, cistern, a cloth- 
^y^^j ?v^'0^. Leaning, inclining. [camel.) 
a ySsj reJiood, Full dish, abounding in milk (a 
^y^j, rckoo%. Shooting far (a bow), 
'^y^s . rekoo-a, Prostrating, bowing the head. 
^^y^,^ rekoon, Retlining, poor in flesh. 
3y^^ , rekoonet, Fast, hard, solid. 
ts^s, reiae, A vein burst and flowing. 
«r*A.s» , Tekseh, Setting upon, one person, &c. 

carried along with another. 
»^A,*=by rekeezct, A piece or mass of gold or 
^^j rekeck. Thin, silly, vile. [silver, 

(3v^3- rekeen, Fast, hard, a grave steady man. 
mj remnii Repairing, devouring. 
U^ rcmk. Inhabiting. 
«5 U^ r(^mkset» A wild heifer. 
g. U J reuM, A maker o^spears, poverty, 
(ji^to^ ramahesh, Braye, fearless, stout, a lion. 
a L.^ remad, Lie, soap, rubbish. 
jUj rem(i:s. Winking, speaking by signs. 

I 209 ] 


^'Uj remhk, A competency, a little, 
ciU^ remak, Plur. of il^-o^ remkei, 
^V^j Tcmkm, Plur. of Uy remet, 
3t^ U^ rewitfnet, A competency. 
^;;,Uj rem^iu The pomf^granate, 
^^«JL 1 lemancedunt To terrify. 
*^j rt'inef. Becoming corrupt, rotten, a worm* 
(Jl^j rewv!'. Repairing, perplexed 
grv^j reinehf Piercing (with a spear,) flashing 
- {as lightning )v'-^j. ^ - ^; [An ostrich, 
^^jT^MieJy A pain (in the eyes,' Slc.) fe.i^eda, 
K^K^j rewe/et, A small remainder. 
^,j^j?etffddd. Destructive, deadly. 
\^j^^j remJedcL, Ashes. y> ^ reme%, A wink, 
^j^^j. rcmc's, Burying, concealing* 
ip^ rdwesh. Curling of the hair. 
U.^^ remshcLi (Ground) fruitful, 
ya^ remes. White matter about the eyesi 
^ja^j renie%, Sharpening, hot. 
k^^ remety Blaming, reviling. [swift, 

^ rema. Bringing forth (a child,) being 
"Isa^j. remkcL, A young camel, of the colour 
^*)^) remgaiiy Crines circa pubem. [of ashes. 
%S^^ rewkdty A mare of a bad kind, a large 

I ^10 1 

j^j. remei,Covtr\ngthe ground with mats, ruiv- 

9^^^ Ttnilef.K heap of sand, [ning, going fait, 

^j remem, Old, rotten, d ^l^j remcndehy Wild, 

^*)^y*j remwhrt, K shepherd. [timid. 

^y^ romoohy A kicking horse, &;c, 

jy^r reoiocx, Plur. ^^ y^ ^ reme%. 

n^r*/ ^^"^^^s, Plur. of ^^ reme^, 

Kfi y* s ^^'"^^0^* Dung of fowls. 

o^^y rewobJt, Poor, distressed. 

^ remeh, A herd, a flock. fsisting, 

^j rcYiteey Shooting an arrow, exceeding, as* 

gu-.y. remeeh, A little spear, [ror, to frighten. 

^ ^^,remee(ftw/^o be afraid, seized with her* 

yn^j^ remeet, Moveable, \olatile. 

(ja*.* , remeez. Sharpened, a sharp knife. 

^j. reweew. Corrupt, Fotten, worn. 

U^ renk. Admired for beauty. 

w^ remh, A locust with a short tail. 

Si , Tenet, Sound. 

t*J -^J ^* J renja7?eedim. To afflict, to vex* 

j^j 7e/fjf'er, A merchant, a mechanic. 

Ju/ I Teiijeshy Anger, passion, a distaste or 
^ J retjjen, A softbelly,havingaflux. [dislike. 
J^J ^^^^j^^> Disease, weak, feeble, crazy, 
-^; renjeh, Sorrow of heart, bodily paia* 

I sn ] 

/*J^/^j tenjeedun, To be sad, to be angry. 

C^f'y rew/'^fw, A plough share. 

^^ reneh, Giddiness in the head, 

o^r A p rewd/. Filth, a wanderer. 

CJ^^J^j rendhneedun, To cause to polish. 

^f'/i) Tetidesh, Briglitening. 

ijjj rendeh, A joiner's plane. 

^ y^j reiidee, A draught, a drink. 

CJ^»^J ^^^deediiVy To brighten. [willow. 

y^renz. Rice. eJij, remf, A kind of forest 

c-jij^ reneJt, Muddy water, turbid. 

Vkij. Tenkhi Sitting upon e^gs (a bird). 

*i; , renket, Muddiness of water. 

V ■ 

.,^^j renky Dectit, cheat, ridicule. 

^^^ , ^i \ reiighreng. Various-coloured. 

CjTT^j ^^f^g^sfif Coloured, figurative, elegant. 

*.3 renem, Sounding, fluttering the wings. 

^^ J. renen, A frog. 

yj. renwoii, Admiring the ladies, a musical 

Cf^j. Jenwef, A piece of flesh, [mode. 

^y» renoonii A kind of plant. 

» ij >i ^ Tenoonht, A cup for drinking. 

.Jj ^e«ee, A servant. ^ 

f^ J reiieem. Singing, jollity. 

1^^ renten. Fetching a deep and hard sigh. 

I 212 1 


\y. i-^^wht Sweet wholesome (water). 
45^ ^3/ ^^^^^'^^» ^^^r. of Ju.1^ rabcyet, 

-W- rewajt Saleable. 
t^uO^\^^ rewhjibf Plun of su^lj. rhjtbd, 
^s^ \^^ rewaja, Plur. of ^:s. ^^ r ja. 
^\^ rewiiht Going, coining. 

tU J retv-ihil, A caravan. 
'^\^ rewhd. Asking, requiring. 
M^t. * rewkdar. Just, true. * 

t^il^^ rewkdef, Plur. of ^5^ reJe^f. 
Sil^ tewkdci, A girl, tf^^) rewas, Sorrel. 
i»y*M^ . rewiseem, A book of the Pagan Arabi- 
^ I . . rea^a 9//, Vendible, in j>reat demand. [ana. 
^toS^ hw.xea, The milk teeth* 
fgt^^rJelV(i■y^% Turning hoary, [mal). 

i^^j. 7cuhgh,Dt\\g^\Uu\ (a horse or other aui- 

31^ leWikt A palace, a-saloon, a curtain, 

1^ i re?rhk. Pure, philtrcd. 
iS/ ^d2^'^^» Spittle. 

*v'l^; rf'vhJi, Life, soul. ["run. 

^>* .yl^y rewhii'shodun. To go, to pass, to 
/M;^/ ♦(). / rewkn-kerdun. To send, to make 
e i^^ rewd.h. Food for captives. [current, 

^•'j/ ^'^^cLi/df Hur. of ci^^S ^ ^ reiva^eL 

t 2i3 3 


CXj\^j. ^etvhyet, A history, relation, repotti 
^ <^ rewhyeh, Plur. oi hss^\ raihet. 
i^}^J ^^^^^^^^^* I^ignity. [Sweeping, 

*^^ fowl. Thick butter-milk, w'^j rooh, 
^^\j^ J rooh^roo, or ^y^^^j Face to face, opposite. 
^^^^r ^oojaft, Sleepy, disturbed in mind. 
SL^^ rodbety A ferment, apiece of meat, judg- 
ment, necessity. 
J^'^j Toohendy A lady's veil or ma§k. 
/j^,*j rooposh, A veil covering the whole face. 
^^; role.hy A fox. -^'v' *; "roohehiinehy Like a foX. 
^^(y}^j roohehe'k, A young fox, a cub. 
iv\^,*J ro^ tyhriy A little crab, a sand eel. 
•^.^^ '''0(peeyehy A rupee; 
«iv, roivsett Dung, the tip of the nose. 
^•y ^oochehy Unripe grapeS. 
^jJU.^ roohanee GoOd, agreeable (place)i 
"Z i) ^^^^^» Bald, mangey. 
^I,«f rood 111 f A busy-body. 
J '^^J ^oodbaT, A river in a valley. 
'^^)*j rood^liiineh; The bed of a rivet. 
iJi^j. Tood.k, Beautiful, blooming, [strument. 
e^^y toodih. An intestine, the string of an in- 
^^y roze, A day. 
^Cj\)y^ ^02j(iw, A peon, a foot- man. 

^E an } 

.♦4j';«y ro-ichesheny A feast day, a festivaU 
^^»yyj ^'0%7t'ef/tjA, Aged. 
^^j)*j io%ranth, A village, a inarket-town. 
J^JyJ ^''^^^^^t Ihe world, fortune, an age, 

v\ind, time, vanity. 
J^)^j ro'^gafh'h. Pay, a pension. [dow, 

yy >>> y'oz^oor. Purblind. /M;^; rowxen, A win- 
*^Cy^i roxnamchj A daily book. 
J^\^ rozcn^Ji, A window, a hole in the wall foy 

receivipg light. 
bj^j roxeh. Fasting, hungry, a fast- day, 
if J^j ro%ee. One day^ fortune. 
f^,j*j. ro%ee.neh, A journal, a pension, book^ 
»-**-j^ rows A', Distress. 
.^•j rospee. An adulteres$. 
^ ; 'y / <^;> rospee%adch, A son of a w hore. 
^/^ v/<^*y ^^o^P^'^po^f^^^'> A whore-monger, an a- 
l::/^«j*/ 05/dlt, A market- town, a village, [dulterer* 
t ^_^i ' rooseyah^ Distressed, mean, 
/^^y revesh, Motion, coming, custom. 
^^ »j roshen, Light, splendid, clear. 
^nj roshenb,. Light, a fire-stone. ^ 

/j'^^j roshenhs. Conspicuous, respectable. 
iA}^^j Toshcnayc, Light. 
*Ai_5^ rofw%et, A kitchen, a paradise, pleasur<f 4 

^^^ roof, A riven ^ ^^ rew-a, Terror, a combat^ 
U_5 , Tew-kj Beautiful, cunning. 

It.^. rew-efi Fearing, pleasing. 

^ 3 ^ rowoh, Stealing, xi^^ rowglidy Ensnaring, 

^.p«y TowgheJi, Fat, grease, butter, oil. 

/^^) ro.wghenger, A butter-maker or seller. 

Cr^*) ^^^^^^"^^'^ Bread baked with butter. 

d^^ ^Oit^j^ Merciful, benevolent, rest. 

i3^^'roio\. Clear (mne,) giving pleasure, grow- 

\^^^ roo^k^ A vi^ave. [ing (teeth),, 

J%, rooleh, A small lizard. 

!t^^ roomul, A handkerchief, a to V7el, wlp- 
^5U^ Toomafice, Of a ruby colour. t^^S^ 

^jUj Toomayee, Roman, 

>« 4>y roomce, Roman, Greek, Turkish, 
(^^ ^o?/.'w. The last breath. 

/r ^*^ ; roonhs, INIadder, a red-djing wee4» 
j^^yrewend, Rheubarh. 
• yJ^y reivcndeh, Going, a traveller. 
c-X3^ roii^Tze!, Beauty, loveliness, ornamerifc, 
CJ /^^Uj rootiom^-shodun'To show the face, 

to appear. 
u^3i/ ^oo-oos, A camel £at only in the head, 
iri^/ ^ew-oosh, Weak, feeh\e. [tated, 

?j^ roK^, Compassionate. %^^ roivh, Agi-* 

I 2W 1 

^35/ ^owvfy Fond of hercoU (a she-camel), 
(/^y reivee, A journey, a progress; rooye, The 
L^j. 70oyk, A dream, a vision. [face. 

»t;>*3U« . fooeyhnecdun, To produce, to stimu- 
X^^ rOoyet, Seeing, thinking, opinion, [late. 
»u3 rdweed, By degrees. [To grow. 

i^ '/{,•) reweedfm, To go, to walk, rooeedun, 
J^j*i Tooeinal, A handkerchief, a towel, &c. 
' <r t.^j rooyeff. Brazen, o >^^;/ rooyeyideh, Grow- 
^ jJl^^^y rooyjeiohJieh, A curtain, a veil. [ing. 
^^y rooyehy A small face. 
i!j^»^J fooeedun. To grow, to increase. 
b*J^»^) '^'ooyeeny Brazen; red. ^j reh, A way.- 
\j> J, re?ia, A large district; p. re//d, Escape^ 
i\))/i^ rehhk^rdun. To set free, dismiss. 
i_j lA^ Tehah, Plar. of u^^ r^^e^. 
34 U; rehalef, The breast- bone. 
SUj.U>, Tehahcnef, A monk, priest, a lion. 
SaU, rehiidct. Tenderness, softness. 
tlAy lehkti Household furniture. 
tJiU, re/iak, Some, ^u^ reM/w, Nameroujsr. 
,^<^U^ re//A/7, Piur. of ^^^reheti, 
i*J^i J rehxndun. To set at liberty. 
A t I rehkiVy A canal, a certain musical tone, 
j^ij rehkwer, A traveller. 

I 217 I 

^lA. rehciyee, Dismission. 

^ reheh, A sharp-pointed spear or arrow^ 

»aJ IaA rehbaneyet, A monastic life. 

^ J rehhery A way- guide, an escort. 

^xjfc rehhelf Unintelligible speech. 

^*xA- rehdel, Foolish, simple, weak. 

iSj^.Tehrkh, Soft white (body). 

xib!^ rehrcihety Bright. 

• w ; rehroWi A follower. yi> rehez^ Motion, 

^^y^y rehten, A robber. 

jj^^, rete, Treading under foot. [Liberality, 

^ji^ • rete^j Flour of sesam^. *>, rehshet, 

La rchet, A number of men under ten- 


Li^ rehtee, The name of a bird, [impending. 
ejiA, re//e/, Thin. cJiit rehtky Being near, 
^Ua . reMeet Walking fast, [ness. 

^i> reJieJfy A good work, 'i^xi- .rehket, Weak-^ 
. \ '^^=>^r reh^czxr, A passage, a road, a guide. 

. ^ rehel, A thin cloud; rchel, Trembling, 
CD^/ ^ahemkUf Going in a swinging pace. 
jUib rehmat, A small rain. ^^^ rehmej. Large. 
**.*^ , rehmeset, Hiding, covering, 
j^^ Tehen, A hostage, a pledge, solid, strong. 

' Cj^^'^J ''^tihen-db.diLnt To pledge, to give an 
l^ I reh-noma, A guide, an escort, [hostage. 

i 218 ] 

^ relioUf Standing, straddling. 
^^\^f rehwbjy Going easily (a horse), [blicg. 
,\'^ f rehivkr, A high-blooded horse, anam- 
*y^s 7'eAa^e/, Going swiftly, sitting or going 
gyjj rehooji Tender, weak. [wide. 

ti>y£>j. T^hwejetf Ambling (horse), &c. 
Sv.iyt- rehoodeyety Favour, assistance, 
J y J rchwer, A traveller. .^ f^,^ 

^^y>y refnues, A greedy eater. 
cJy. . rehook, A camel going swift,! y.^ 
25y>. rehook. Full of flesh (a kid or doe). 
TkSsy^ f ^ehookef, A laxity in the joints. 
f^r rehooifi, Lean (sheep). 
ji ,^^ rehoon, Poor in flesh, emaciated, [verer, 
.^ J, reliee, A slave. ^^ ^ > reheykh\ A disco- 

i' Ua rchei/af, Weakness, slowness in motion. 

jiUi^, 7'ehei/adj, A youth. 

co*^^/ ^'<^heeduji. To escape; to be liberated. 

ijAAdir Tehees, Hart in the feet and limping (3 

jui, reheckf Wine. [horse,) &;c. 

••^jlA , rehee^f, Bruised, very small, 
'j^.rehden, Pledged. [ceive a pledge.' 

.*j%U .*^^j' reheen'dd,dun, To impawn, to rt- 
• Ijf, reCt/tiy Looking at, thinking. [<\j^ reyeh, 

iiLtlj, ret/at The lungs, ^b^. reyah, Plur. of 


1 f ■ " ■• 

j^^s^lj^ rehheen, Plur. of ^^Irsrvj^ !re^a;3. 
\y*l», reyhSy Commencingo 
t^ij^ reydisef. Dominion, superiority. ^^2 
jtij reyashy One who puts feathers to arrows' 
Ij^lj^ reyh-z, Plur- of u,^^ rojizef, 
$Slj- rcya%etf Abstinence. [ehceSe 

^,«U^Vp2/d26'e, Mathematics, the abstract sci- 
t&^,j reykghet, A placfe for wrestling, [([q, 
'j^\jreycLktLr, A hypocrite: ^b, reyhh Spit- 
i^^j.j reyhn, Flotirishing, quenching tiiirst. 
jSo b^ reyanek, Plur; of jlkj . renket, 
'•^i^'.reeh. Doubt, necessity, bad fortune, 
r. ^'J ^d^^^Jy Sorrel, a gfafF- stock. 
u*.l*,j, A. p. reeid^s, A very sour herb, sorrel. 
^ Uj re(til, A lion, rapacious. 
C^j^^j rechct. Suspicion; [ter; 

SL. reei. The lungs; reyef, If'illing with wa- 
i.j: ^ f ?r^5. Delaying, coming slowly. -^ 
■j^ ree^e/, Pain in the joints. ' V'^* 

J l^M recchal, A confectiotj,' sweetmeat? . 
^. reyek, Perfuming, ^^[^j^y reehd.n, Coni- 
Sraeur ^eefidt, Alt, wind. [passion, kindness. 
^^ reckh. Relaxed, vile, breaking. 
^ipi"") re^^y§-/i/ww. To pour, to melt, to disperse. 
♦ h'j rcchhen, Soft in the belly, looseness* 

J^) r^ekJicex, The plongh-tai]. 
oo . reed, Equal in age, wealth, &c« 
Sjo^ reedef, Blowing softlj (wind). 
^,ij^^ l^d^hr ^^ slave, 

^ . ref'r, Tbja iflarrow, corrupted and black, 
^J^J ^^^^' Scattering, extending. [ing. 

Jj^y reezihj Desire. /M'^.; reezhn, Pouring, cast- 
Vj^^/irJ ^^<?2Jiw<i//w., Tq pour. [Friable. 

/&^/y ree^eshf Pouring. ^.^O^y rce%nb,kf 
^ G vy reezntin, The bar of a door. 
p vy reezeh, A crumb, broken smalK 
CJ ^"/^») ^*i^^^^^^^^i •f'o break in pieces, to pour, 
i*/hP,J fizjen. Most minute. [to scatter. 

y*.j^ re-?*fi, A chief, president, commander. 
jnl,-vw'^ recsmkn, A cord, a thread, 
(jijy, re.esh, Contracting friendship. 
-^xAjy resh/eh, A thread, a line, a series. 
/X^*^y reshikhend, Flattery, flatterer. 
JiJj resheh, A fringe, appendage, a wound. 
«jj r^-^a, Augment, return. 
ixjj rey-Gtf A hill, a high ground. 
i^^'j ^^^■^''» Increasing, shining. 
pi) J reegh, Malevolence, 
t— ijj ^eej^, A cultivated ground, a popular city j 

wvy ^ee^. Grave!, sand, ■^'■'' • - ^ 

I ?2^ \ 

^ K^ reekhseJi, An urchin, a hedge-hog, 

SL^u^ reeket. The Ipbe of a camel's liver^ 

it/^ywy reegdhn, A sand-box. 

/y^^j reeg'ihr, A sandy region or place, 

ly^/ij ^'"egve^n, A cheater, inchanter. 

^j reeviy A doe or deer; rime. Departing, 

yi^r^j^ reemkoosh, Ear-waij;. 

^Ujj. reembn, Affectipii, loye^ repairing. 

,^\X^j reemnhi. Tremor, pitiful, filthy. 

^'y reenej^ A violent pain. [of an animal^ 

^^j reou. Trick, cheat, blxindering, the namj. 

z}^»J reii'dj. Sorrel, sweet cane. 

t-J^j . roi/ook. Giving up the ghost. 

t)>?/ ^oy^^j Conquering, sealing up. 

^^;y rewenjoUi A timber- worm. [cape, 

i*J/i^j reetveedun, To set at liberty^ to ei^ 

^U^j reehekhn, Saffron. • , . - '"' 

Cj ^J feeheedun, To putrifv, to hecprae fit, 

^ - reyee^ Seeing, a large serpent. 

J %\, The eleventh letter of the Arabick 
alphabet and the thirteenth of the Persian ; 
denoting 7 in arithmetic; Saturday in th^ 
almanack; p^ y 

wty %hhy A fountain.. ff'ntire. 

g: S^ Mej, The whole, entire. ^^ \j »^ler,Ml 

G a 

t ^2i i 

ij 1 j i^Ag/, Short. ^^, ij za^ieVy A llfe-puard, a 
^'^*25^J,A wonianin child-bed. [man, a demoil^ 
y*\ J %^jeT^ Preventing. 
^^j, %b,ieh 'ihe yelk of' an eg^. 
^ !j zajce, Obtajning feasilv, rfcadjo 
tt^ij zd^^'/, Fatigued, tired. 
3^<j zahdl, Retiring, remaining behind." 
^ Ij Xaih^Ty Full, swelling (sea). . ^ 

cJUil^ zkkhcfi Vain, glorious, arrogailt. 
^ty tx^f/^/. He is born, age. 
/^ 'y ^t^ff^^y A bastard, a scoundreK 
^;ly zhduni To be born, to bring forth. 
t^'y %>ideH, Borrt, a sort, 
^^j zar, Growling inwardly (a lion). 
i^^ J ^hrd^ A cane or r6ed meadow*. 
tJ^j ^^^' ^ sovter. ftiorx. 

^,\j zveCi Blame, chiding; P. zhree, Atflic^ 
ib"^'/) ^^''^^^''^» To afflict, [chew the cud. 
j"! j* xshazsH, Lazy. >!/;;; ) j* ^shhisJicedun, To 
yiL^ ff %)ster. Go or sit a little farther olF. 
(♦/^ I ! zhsturiy To bear, to bringforth a child!;' 
^if^xtj j^-fl^/ TraV^Rrngj. Iviolcntdeatlii 

^ \' %b,'ar, A bad-natured man. kc \ j zi-a^, Ai" 
^\^ A. p. XigA, A crow, a raven. > 

'yp )y zhglier, The crap of a bird'. . • - 




^1^3 %hghee, Bowing down, dim mishi rig, de"'* 
^XJ>ly zdLgfwefieh, A v^rle^kthd crow , [ca^in^. 
c_5 \j %hfy A sudden death. 
*;i ! J xkfenett A lame camel. 
^..Jjlj zkfereti An assembly, a crowd, 
Jfy zhfch, A species of herb. [er's blaclc, 
^,^1^* sia^^, A woman in childbed, a shoe-mak^ 
w!^)j za&hl). Water of vitriol, writing-ink:. 
^*=j ij za^ee, Pure, pious. 
yi^* 2:a/oo, A leach, a quicl£-falling rain.' \ 
g.y<j zJloqj, Swift, nimble. 
^ !y zhalehy Dew, hail. 
^\j %am, Binding, puffed up ^vith pride, 
5U ij zCLinety A great noise. 
4v^ ! J ^(tmej, Entire, all. v 

*^ ■ J ^G^we^, Puffed up with pride, fment?, 
^^ 1j z\iiieri A performer on musical instra^ 
J^ !j ziimill A followet*, [knee. 

-/^'ty %aw. From that, thence. ^^j%h'noo. The 
^j ! J zknee, A whoremonger, an adulterer. 
Suil^ zinei/ef, A whore, an a!dulteress. 
|1y zok;, An artificer. 
]i^j 27U'er, Gull, black, an assistant 
p\!mIj zctw/kneh, A chain, fttter, 
^'^^Ij zxwouk, Quick- silver.- 

I 224 J 



^*^5 xhwehy A lamentation, groar^. 

%j^S'j z^LWey/if, A cell, a hermitage, 

Os^u z%hed. Religious, a monk. 

^1j«a^^,Shining, florid, [outstripping, fleshy, 

^jJ>\^ zhheree. Smell. oiAlj %khek, Retiring, 

^ \^ %hhelt Tranquil, secure, 

^\^ zhyedt Redundant, accessary, 

Cj^Jj ZaieduVt To be born. 

^?j %^ier. Roaring. UuS^ zaif, Plur ofi^j 

Jj\j %hkger, Fruitfull, bearing (a child). 

y.\^ xhiel. Defective, vanishing. 

Cj^Jj ^^li^dun, To bring forth (a child). 

\^j %elf. Easy, b^ »elh, Harry. [ed. 

*j Ly xelii^ef, A field-mouse, a mole, unskill- 

/X'ly %elahend^ A beggar. [of stature. 

llt^zthh-at. Wrath, an^er.^jLj xe^dza, Short 

Xj^Ijj Zdlctzeyet, Calamity, 

ibj xebal, A small thing, trifling. 

1*J^j "^olhut The tongue, a language, a flame* 

V* (^^y zolhnlereh. Plantain. 

^}^\j zob rtferfeteh, A liar, deceiver. 

{J j^ ,*j\.j zblkadereCy A purer, dialect, spokea 

J^'^CJ^J 5*^0^ -''^^'^'"» Fluent in speech, [at court* 

t\^^j zoldn^'hhh, A beggar. flevolently. 

J h ^^') s:o[>4w<;^crd^ Speaking much and ma(» 

t ^25 1 

^\j zohhheh. Fire, a sparki 
jV^J %ohhn6e, A life-guard, man, Verbal, 
tl— ^; zeM, Hairirness. 
Aj»j z^ied, A present, foam, froth. 
Sjuj zehdety The cream of milk, 
^.j %ehert Believing, coherencci writing. 
jij Xiher, Above, superior. 
\jjy %e^>rci. Wide betv^ieen ttie shoulders. 
•jirj ^dbf'efi A splinter, the hair of a lion's 
Sit^ j0^ J ^^^drlenk, A surcln He, a ^'rth. [mane. 
d^j^j ti^eherji'd, A kind of emerald. 
m^t^^jj %eberd''st. An athletic man, oppres- 
i^iy) telreeiiy Iiiferi(.ri below. [sive. 

Xij^zeht^ Quackinj^ ^a duck or gooisel. 
Si lisjj A.p.zr/'iawr/^A snait^forcatchirg wolves, 
iJux>3 zeb-uhe'c. Of a bad dispositioni [3lc, 
i)ujtjj zsh-ahe^i, Wricked, impudent. 
^yjj zi'-areei 111 disposed, 
ij ^ zcfegh, 'Ihe commt^ncing. 
^j«dAgWjA sweei-se<:hted herb fstrainin^, 
cJLj tj' k, MiiigliMjj;. Combing the beard, re- 
^j^ z hi, Dun^, rubbish* ,^:^^:\ tehhtyh morsel. 
iy'— i> «d^v.^/</i,??, Accumulated, heap of dung. 
.,i \ zthn. Whatever is necessyrv. 
Jujjj zcbucyct, Piur. of ^ tj zMn. 

I 226 ] 

^ f* J %elooT, Wr'iimg, a hooki 

^^jj^^fobf, '^"'^©^"g- vV^y '^thoon, Vile, siqlj^ 

^yij z^heiooiis I'rolit, gain, 

i^ yj ztifopn^t/ VVhateytT defends the back; 

ir"^\x) ^^?'Ooy/i-cf.v/^, Persecu.tin.g the \yeal^. 
t<'*'J 2c7K>owrfe?, Indisposition^ vilepess. 
^jy zelce, Sujpportin^, . 

JUjj, ^ieleyet, A hill, a pit dug for a lion. 
^A^j %eheery Distress, j^j %eheel» A basket^ 
Sj %<?//, CI oa thing a bride. \; ."'^'^ 

^j^'^ %otoohh. Adhering firmly. 
rj ^'^j* The tip of the elbow. 
Wj'S^V^, Successful, expeditious. 
* gWj J^<? V. G^liiss; %ijjhj\ A glass-merchanU 
'jUL*^ 2<f 4 V^ A cup, a bit of glass. 
gv^3 %^:/c^ Having long and thin eye-brows, 
jjj.^ %e,'cr, Violence, divinaiioii. 
jjj.. Zr*;7, Casting, making a noise, 
j^a.^ *l7/t^/< A crowd, a portion, 
'l^jj.. x^yw/. Muttering rnarticulateljr, 
IUi.j zejmef, A mutter, a word. 
(vr->j 256.'^^, Making late. " 
f ^^j jw^'oo/w, "Jhe twang (of a bow-stringX 
^j Kc?////, Bepellrng, removing, 
Uj «d/zir, Sinking. uJU.j zehkf, Crcepin^^ 

- Uj n^ehhm, Pressing, a crowd, 
i.jl>3 zehef. Making a progress. fvlle, 

i!L=*j Tehek, Tiredj fatigued lr^),£> 3 %o/^/oo/, Base^ 
^j ?^/^???» A cr9:wd-; a tumult. ^ ^^^^ zahnwok, 
^l^ji>} ^^h ff. Short of stature. [ Flax-seed, 
*A2kj zehneht A company of travellers. 
i^s>j zehool. Diminishing, decaying. 
■fcAa.j zeheeveU I'edicus, delay. [plete, flilL ■ 
^j %eJth, Casting Uovvn. j\^'j z^hJicirt Qotr^ 
tfjUj xekhhree, Abundance. 
C-J_^U; zcJtff^ref: Plur of c^i^^ij xehhr^fi 
UaLj zakhlkt Patient of labour, hardy. • 
iLij a:^y^^e/> Angry, ill-will, hatred. 
j^^ zekher, Completerwss, luxuriance. 
^«j^j zf^khnl^ Bi^^bodicd, tat, gross, haify^ 
i^ y::L^ zo^fhrf^f; GtAd, Qrnarcicnt, 
cJiai 3 zelinfy Pulfed wilb pride, yain-glorious, 
*>«ij zekffm^ Forcing, &c; p. z^khe^n, A wound, 
Irf. • »i'i/;///du Stinking (yvoaianr') 14 white dfer, 
j^/^j zekli^uidhr ; or „»/^^^l Wounde<J, 

struck. ^>'U ,*7i.i i eV^Vv^*>^V ' . ,• 

. .,„^^^^j zeUiemreSf Pieiiclng, wounding^ 
Oj^^-^) Zfkl.einkaree, A wound, a blow, j 
^jy^j ^^klioofet'y Pt;mpous (sjpeeqh). , 

^wL j zckhetkh, Shining, spi.i;kling. -^ • 

[ 223 3 

Aj %c(1i A war, combat, ^j zshcd. Gum, 
iy iedii^ Cleaning, wiping. [li^ht,' 

4ijA^ z^d.l, A portion, &c. Jaj zcdt^f Pure, 
--/^y zedgttce, A stroke, a blow. 
-«| ^jtcdun. To strike, to beat, to soUnd, blow. 
^^y z:dt'tt?\ Tallow. 
.♦J .•.,* z duoduN, To furbish, to polish. 
e^/* xf'dch, Beaten, stru(!kk [beaten. 

l*J ^fi)) zcdth-boodunt To be stfuek, to be 
jj zer. Gold, monexs 1:0^11, an v\d man. 
tf^bj 5K^r4^'d^, Plu'r of ^> jj i:e/Vr€p. 
cbj j&w^A, Going liastil^. 
v2i^;'>/ ^^f^^deahtt A worshipper of fire. 
i\*«^j j )K''''<is^^t Gold dust. , 

feUj ztf/'a/, A road> passaj^e, ffeoWti field, &c. 
jLt 1J^K?^A tf7y Agrirnhure. »::^ ^ ^3 z^rk-at, A 
• .^)j^-zefaghrfi, ^^, sandy place. .•;^._. 

»kii jj)*^''^/''', A "boti}' of intii.^^ ^jj x^rendood, 
"iS^^^yteT'ik, A dissent l>lt:n [Gilded, 

t^^^jj jferu76VW//, AristoUichy (an herb). 
%^\jj z^'?"d//e////'/, T hick, old 
ij^y^\ "^f'^ycf, dhkling, blaming • 
vJj '^'^ A fence of wood, a canal. 
vWjj X<*'^'i^. 'Splendor, yellow. 
^^Jjjj zi.Ttejtf Brocade. 


[ 229 ] 

^jj %e7'Tee> A cushion, a coucn. 
^^j) %erhey\iv. Melted silver. [Clamour, 
'ixjjj%erleyet, A fountain, coUch. ^^j %crej, 
A^j) %e7Jool, A kind of game. 
^^^y'-jj zerjoon, A vine, wine. XIao-^j %erjeenett 
yjj %erdy Yellow, pale, saffron. [A vine. 

Ajj %erJ, Strangling. 

y^Ji^\yj) %erdiheiik, A sandj place, firm. 
*Xrrv> ^^^f'dcherJeh, Inclining to YelIow^ 

J 'r'^jJ "Z^'f'dcft^i^l, Steel, hard iron. 
'-i^)j) z^f'd/i/it?/t!h, I'he yelk of an e[^g. 
"^^ )jj ^''^'destehy A stick. 
/^ )jj 2ie/v/.vdA', The vvorshipo'^r of fire. 
>.^r)j) '^o'do'^hf. The chief bird in a flight. 
f^^)j) 2; /f/^a'/;, Yellowish. 
, ,J:^S^\] %i'rdfTJosh, Hartfiil, flitterer. 
.J>)j Z',rd/gueet Of a deep yellow; 
l^f^^j) zcrdernen, The wind pipe, the throat. 
j*yj) «^?y/oo2, An embroiderer. (J^jj ^et^dee, 
>^^jjj "^ef-reshteh, K gold thread. [Yellowness. 
Jijj'j 2:C'rzoo«, A starling. [gold. 

.♦jUij %ershn, A gold thread, resembling 
• l^ jj %Ts IV, Unwrought gold. 
^^'*-^ \) %cres^)Jc, A species of fruit, barberry. 

. w- ^j) %ersheuX8, A gold-smith, banker. 


[ 230 ] 

^j3 %era. Sowing, producing:. {^j^%crf, Be- 
^ J J %sheif, A fnoat, a vessel, [ing swift. 
,♦/ (jyy zi7fi.n, A decrq/id old man. 
Cr^JJ ^sff^'^'h A bur, a ring of a door, 
w-'^yy ^ ^i?*^' ^"k ;^;y "^^rh.r, Gilded. 
./ j] ^cTg T, A gold smith. [bone. 

*jj rerem. Miserable, invidious, a tear, a 
i*jiij zetHian, A feeble old man. 
AiiiU^j A. P. %^'manhh, A garment of wool, 
U / i* *%orncit A trumpet, 
• U ;/* xoronl'k'h A Chinese root. 
>;yy xerend, A fruitless tree, hell, 
^ ^ ;) "ierneshani Gilded. 
s^''j) %erm^i. Magnificence, a large tree. ,, 
j^)) ziTengar, Inlaid with gold. 
<— ^>*j j 2:ar/ioo'r, A rivulet, a stream. 
«;y %'roo, A horse- leach. 
t3^J %d/*a;^//, A low wide spread hill. 
->5-jj z'>/'£^'?\ Plur. of J J zer. [melted. 

U*;y z'ruos^., Unv*rought gold, a melter, 
/ ^i) ztruo^/i, Fetching breath deeply, 

« 3^^ •, zerw)f\ Swift in motion (a she-camel). 

^»j) ztfro'/-^, A l^^ach ijj zei^el), A coat of mail. 

^ jj z^ree, i31aming, reproaching. 

JUj . •. zcrcedct. The den of wild beasts. 

* 1 

I m 1 

jijj ^^^^^^ Having a quick genius, a yel- 
yjjj zereez, Swift, wise. [low wood. 

*— *oJ ^^^^(/f JlValking i.r; a slow pace, 
Uj jj ztreddk, The fat of broth, 
.♦jISj , ! zrreehhn, Tenacious, avaricious. 

i*rijj *^?"^^'^ o"* A'J/ ^V^^^^^» Goldea» 

^:*y^J Tiost, Hard, acid, clear, 

^*/y^') zestcTiy To live, to rob> 

^^^j zeshty Out of form, mishappen,.. 

iJ^j^JL^) zeslit-rooye. Vice* 
■^•^ J zoshi^rii To unbark, to skin. 

. \^ J ^eshteaad, Drawing from. 

3ej %ettj, Buzzing (flies ) zoot, A tribe of black 

3^1*3 zakleh i*Iur. of zal'd, [Arabians. 

^iyjipj zactretj Ill-disposed;. 

i^ilsj zoaf, A sudden death (by poison, &c). 

y\z^ zahfyy Finn ^^ i^s^jr-^j zdfrhn. 

l3\s.j zoa'r, Salt (water,) gqiii^ haste* 
^jL^U^ znkmdr Being surtty. 
ri^^^ zahnef, ^ &beep-skin. 

ii-^- ^a-a/y Repeiling, giving (money, &c.) 

^rt^^ zc(.J'e7et',t Ak'md of arrows. ,>, . 

\ac • za-bd, A foolish mother. ' . ^/ ' ' ' 

ty,^A£y za-ioob. Short of stature.. 

^^ 2la-ar, Thin- haired, ill-disposed. 


I 232 ] 

iUl^c^ zrzh-af, A company of horses, 
^;U^ Z(iz.7, Storm, a hurricane. 
<— **/ ^^'f> K.iHing upon the spot. 
jUj zr//dr, Tinging with saffron. 
^^\^i«^ A. P. %nftrhn, Saffron. 
L3yi^j. zxfook. Ill-disposed. 
tJis. J. zh,'kt Terrifying, timorous at nighf. 
C-Jjyic^ zci'kooky Ill-disposed. ^j-^ix^za-^(?o/f, 
yzj. %a-a/, Brisk, alacrity. [Short, fat. 

jtacvix^ z iljch, Depravity. 
^j. «a-w/. Imagining, an opinion. 
Us.^ za why Piur. of ^jj zaym. 
tiJ^j. ^y-y^ifif* Short-bodied.^ '^^^ 
f^t.1 za-bom. Doubting, stuttering. 
' ^-.^ J znyh. The rust1ihg;of palm-trees, 
^ftft^ %nyer. Having little. [a leader. 

c-JiAC^ zace^fy Frig'itcd. ^kz 'Zahn, A sponsor, 
5; Xt'gh, A crow. 

V^li; zoghkdtl\ Much froth, rude, [voice. 
l!/'*-V > ^''5^' zccdtin, To; cry with a loud 
l^ ^ zegh /, A }\ vc coal . [y o li Hi^ \S\ rdl ) 
^/ »^^g''t7s 'Having ^t^llow hair or down (a 
^y ze^lif eTt "A collection, n species of ticrfe. 
^i- 2^^'/"/» 'Braying !oud (a camel),- . :. * 
juj^ . zeghcdleii Wrath, passion,* '*'''''^ ^'''i 



I 233 ] 

/j zegher. Meat. ^^ %eghr, A multitude, 
u-» ^ ; zeghrel, Copious, many, [redundancj. 
Xi^s • zeghredet, The braying of a camel. 
(P'^j^) zegherghhshy A strop of leather. 
v>£; zeghzeh, Much water. 
^ ^y zoghxogh. Upright, short bodied, a child* 



zeghzegheyetf Gruel, pap* 

Apj zshughel, A fire-brand, 

*s:>^j. zeghlejet. Bad disposition. 

X«Xi^ zoghlemet, Hesitation, persuasion. 

^^j zegherii A kite. 

>mJ^) zeghenky A sigh, a wink, a moment.' 

^ ,^^/^J zeghen-heeduTit To sob, to sigh. 

>^y zegheer, Linen, flax, cj^ J ^^f^^* '^^ 

C3p zeft. Becoming enraged, pushing away. 
»XAi^- zcftelet, Velocity, ^j zoftee, Glutton, 
y ; zefeVy Groaning. 
Cj^^}j 2:e/r^/ee<yMw, To eat much. 
'ijij. zefret, A groan, a sigh. 
^}jzefrehy Victory or gain at play, the mouth. 

eJ y ^ ^efief. Whistling, whispering (wind). 
^ } %ffleji The commencing of any work* 
^ - p. A. %efen, Leaping, dancing. 


r 234 ] 

ci3>V itefoon, A lame camel. 

j5»^ %cfeey Driving away, exalting, [camel), 

^U^ %efeykn. Blowing hard, going haste (a 

>ft»/ ^fjeery A flame. 

»/A5^ %efeercf, An inflation of the stomach. 

4— V/ 5!e/e^, A quick pace. [Crowing. 

cJ>^ %chki A bottle for wine, &;c. U ; »o^da 

iS li^. 350^4^, A street, a market-place. 

^ ISj zokahe, Belonging to inarket, &c. 

^IS^ xokkkea. Young quaila. 

JL» ; xekhet, A very narrow lane. 

^i xekeh. The chattering of apes. 

^j. %eJter, A kind of hawk. 

i^\yj. zeHak, A light step, a gentle laugh, 

^^ ^eka. Cocks crowing, ljw^ %e^'j^ Snatch- 

XaJj*^ zeileet, A narrow street. [ing. 

^•^ s:e^7», Eating quick. ^^ xe^en, Lifting, 

^j %'koo. Hooting, crowing. [loading. 

f ^*/ ^Mooniy A thorny tree. 

^j^ zekce, Crowing, hooting, 

^J'j isJiok, A traveller, lean, {^s-zekht Rea* 
^^^j zejal', Ink, spittle. t^ily, 

M\ssz%eJiht, Alms, charity, purity. 
tj^j zshekiireh, Quarrelsome, stubborn^ 
ji^j %Blieh^%sh, A small mirror. 

^y^^sj. %o^[\%'k» Censured, finding fault with. 
^ ^j %shck%^eh, A hedge-hog. [Rheum, 

^l^j* %sAo^.U, A fire-bran i, f'-^/ %ek'Xm, 
i*j^j zei-a/z, Miirniu ring inwardly (in rage), 
3u l&^ zekhnet, Finding out bj conjecture. 
» J 1^9 J %ehhwet, Purity^ ingenuity, [bottle), 
i-J*^ si^^.^Z', Concubitus. <::-S j. zeftt, Filling (a 
Ji^^f) zekrawejid, A kind of herb. 
, jj'^ %shehes, May God avert, let us fly to God. 
X»^^ zeimef, A colt. ^^^ zeJien, Completing, 
^s>/ 20^00, Quickly, flying to. [ending. 

> J %eJ[enjj A large earthen dish, 
^y^* xo^oor, A miser, abject, envious. 
Jf ' zehee. Pure, rich, continent. 
/J^'j zshekeed, Fatigued. 
MJ^j %ekeedunj Murmuring to one's self, 
aJu^, ; z^ieek, Walking with short steps. 
A . %o!l, A mistake, an error. 
3Uj sr ; zelhleyef, A thin pancake* 
o^; %ellb,t, Plur. of ^^ 20//, 
g 5J ; zelij, A bar, a bolt, 
^^^5^ %ela%el, Plur. of xiy • nehelet* 
ij^ J zelhk, A fall upon the ice. 
^S'Sj, zoU^kety A slippery place. 
J y^ 25o/d/, Pure, wholesome water^ 

Ji 236 ] 

fgjy* zelbeyh, A pancake, a fritter. 

9^J. zelletf A mistake, forget. 

gj^ jze//. Barring a gate, a slip, 

4-*^^ zeljeli Falling, slipping. 

^ ; zel^f. Trifle, a small thing. 

^)c:^l; zelehleh, Shallow (channel) 

JLrsdscO j zelehlehet, Thin, broad (cake). 

^^zelhh. Precipitating. ^_^>ls:^y zclkhaii, Pro- 

$i>}:zolkJief,A slippery declivity, [ceeding. 

^! vJ . zdzkt, Trembling, shaking, 

2jj3 • zelezet, A light giddy female, 

^vj . zdzely Household furniture. [pace. 

SJ vj . zehelet, An earthquake. iJ • ze//, A quick 

I ii • ziJft Being nearer, progress. 

*Sl3svjJ^ zolfijhneh, A sword, a knife. 

K^Js^^zelk, Sliding. iji^j.zeljtet, A slippery place. 

r>*^/ s:o/^oow. The throat, the jaws. 

iXJ; 2<'/t'^, A fire-brand. 

J • ze/w, A small present, filling (a reservoir), 

-IaJJ; zelemhaa, A man diffusive in speech. 

^'«;J; zelenkeh. Perverse. 

S;iaijJ ; zoleiiketet, A short bodied woman, 

Jy 2:i?/oo, Leach, a blood-sucker. 

^^ . zelooj. Mean, vile. [of a well. 

P-^ ' zcloohh, A slippery place at the mouth 

[ 23? ] 

^^^iiolaa> The steep ascent of a mountain. 
^^\j. zeloogh. Sun-rising. 
l3 ^j- %elook. Large, that reaches far. 
^^I • %elool. Deficient. Jy xie/eA, A bird, a bee. 
^^ xelhemy Having thin hair and beard. 
H^j. %eleetet^ A mouthful of pap, &c. 
^*J^) %eleefen. Dreadful, fearful, terror. 
M J. %eletk, A species of peach. ^J • teleelee, 
ft-iS j.%eleem. Straight, of a proper size [Slipping. 
^ J %em, A midwife; a. %emm, Tjing, seizing, 
t3Lo-%emhtety Bashful, sober, grave, [speaking. 
^i.U)^ %einajer, Plur. of ^s^-«j %ewjer, 
^Uj %eink-a, Swift nimble, fearless: 
JU; zefftcil. Limping (camel). 
-U; zet/iafn, A halter, a rein, a bridle. 
ijj U ; %enihny Time, an age, the world, chance. 
UU • ««w^wd, Sometimes, in good time. 
3uU • %em(inet. Love, calamity, time, &c. 
„5U • %?mhnee. Temporal, worldly, frail. 
^^ ' %em(jy Rage, wrath. 
Hasv-o ; %e,uejety The beak of an ostrich* 
^^=<^j. %emjer, A hon, a small arrow. 
Hjs!^' ienijercfy Report, fame, 
gv^; z.emmeh, Vile, dishonoured, deformed. 
• Ja^sv^ ; %eniheel, A leopard. 

^^^j ^eniklieret, Aharpei, a whore, a sm^U 

^i\^ J- %emkhek, Vile, ignoble. [arrow. 

^j. zrmer. Sinking, kicking, 
Sy^fi i'ffif'et, A crowd, a company^ 

iy^y "xen^rod, An emerald, 

i*i^y^) zoniroJeefif Of an emerald colour^ 

jH lx.w^ ,* zemi^i^Tit Winter, wisdom, 
. ^^ xewa, Bein^j swift, confounded. 

(jjbt^ ; %3wa-hn. Slow progress. 
, *jt^; zema-Qt, Hie spur of a cock. 
,4^'-o^* zetfii, Pulling out the hairs of the bear^. 

/c^/ xemiikae, The rump or tail of a bird* 

jL« • zoijiel, Languishing, faint. 

gvJLc^ zoinlej, A butter- fly, a moth. 

*.^y zemem. Opinion, projection, 
, ^^j. %evien. Time, fortune, 

i^y^^j^ ^inetioov, Plur. of ^^^^- zevien, 

ytj %sh<nioo. Borax. 

t y y^ J zunioodch, A swing or see- saw. 

A^*^j zshemohogh, A cylindrical stone,' 
with which they smooth the clay roofs of 

.♦'•/•y* zevioov, An ant. [houses. 

^ y* J zevmoneet ^ c^h\n, ^^ J. zemher, Rage. 
-Jijy^/ 35^w/?f'r<'^r, Cold, shivering, 

^j zemee, The earth, ground. 

Sa^ ; %emeety .Grave, modest* 
eJiA-« ; zen?eek. Divided (beard). 
'^j zemeely Sitting bthind another. .^r. 

♦^ J zemeen/l he earth, ground, soil, a cour^- 
^^ J %'jmeenee. Earthly. [try» 

^^J J zeriy A vvoman, a lady, a bri4e« &c, , 
^t %shc?i, Base, deformedi 
^- %cmi, A french-bean, 
U^ %e.nahy i^scendinga mountain. 
y^i^j. zenaheer, Plur. of ^ 1x3^ zeml;^r*^ 
'i\jj..%ennaat, A she-ape. 
j\jj. zonnhr, A belt, a priest's gowi\, 
SLlaljy zntutett A (^row<J. * 

^(^Cy zanaiar. An adulterer, ^^ fornicatqr, ' 
^Gy zcnan, Plur. of -o? x^w, 
, J Oy ze?ic^7Jehy Woppanjy, likea woman, ^se-*' 
jj^ii-j/ %^7idwde?r, Gi^velp pebbles. [raglio, 

J \xij.ze)nbar or j ^j j zeni]}Oot\ A bee, a hornet. 
^ j^^j J. zcwpare/f. An adulterer, a fornicator, 
/vV > z^inpan, The herb or seed anise. 
yJy z<jt/J'er, A little boat. 

.\^^.jy zemlerek, A cross-bow. 

;/v j zt'iitoor, A cymbal, dulcimer. 
: ^''y ?^wy, A drum, the chin, strong. 

1^ J %cnj^r, Rust of brass. 

[ 240 ] 

Cp^'^ ionjch A girdle, a belt. 

%Asr: zevjehei* Grandeur, &c. 

y^/ xen'eleeU Ginger, wine. [ance. 

lyx J. zenjeret, Smacking the lingers in defi- 

^fj xenjef yThe edge of a garmeot, a bor- 

^V^ xenjefeel, Wine, g'n^cr. [der. 

^*j zencheh, A common whore. 

j^'j %ci\jeery A chain. w/y^fV sstfw/Vfrg^, A 
^^ agw^, Applause, squeezing, [small chain. 
*i^; xenheftt^ A calamity, 
j^y zo7ikh. The chin, or pit in the chin. 
'ThI/j^* %endA7it A prison. 
^j.5 • zenddleeh A large elephant. 
^1 i>j i* zendrhny A nightingale. 
Xi'jJ • zeiidehety Ungodliness, irreligion. 
^^ ^> J zendeghn. The living /y^j zendguee, 

CJ^^^y zendevun, A nightingale. [Life* 

/ w^-^>^) zindost, A whoremonger. 

' ' *Si»>^; zendeekt Ungodly, profane, lewd. 

jJuj xovfet, A mouthful. 
u*5; ze;?>J-, Putting the rein on a horse, shoe- 
JUU; zenekety A narrow street, jing (a horse). 
jk£a3-a:e///5"^er,Thingof little value, somewhat. 
^jCTj zeneki A little woman; zew^. The light 

^Uv^* zenkba.r,X bell, a button, [of the moon. 

I 241 1 


J^'^ %engU(ih, Raining, a cymbaj, 

.^^y zengiiee, An Egyptian. 

p>:J ,* %enendehy Beating, striking, 

y • ZJ7/00, Ascending a mountain^ 

csy; xeneweCy A v/horemonger. 

•i yJ %enocyeby 1 h^ howling of wolves, dogs,^ 

Jy n^eneh, A woman. [^ continued groan, 

J. J zshevch. The sting of insects. [ment. 

J y> zf^nhar, Beware, defence, bargain, agree- 

yJy Zi'Tif'ir, Prudent, learned, understandings 

tJiAJ ; z^neek. Fast, hard, solid, constant. 

•XJ^* %rnee/eh/\hc case for a sword, knife, &c» 

*-aJ • zeneeniy Mean, base, a son of a whore. 

J^ • ze/M, Producej p. zozM, Thick and roundi.? 

t_/i^ -xo^i. Change or turn. 

^^!_5- zewcLJeTy Prohibition. 

t^^\^j. zeuckhif, Plur. of OU.!^ xa^^/*. 

^1^ r zewkd, Provision. »i ^^^«jii^dc;?e/, Adding, 

yU : zewar. An under goaler. 

iMyO )i« * zewcireedun y To become old. 

uj!^- zewhfy Sudden death. [feet, failure, 

cJJ^^^sjeti^ai", A painter. 3\^•ze^^'A/, Imper- 

^U; zeivam, A sudden and violent deatli. 

^jj* .* Z6'?i;aw, vVater; a. zowhiiy Aflame. 

^ »^ • zeivhneshf A star, bad fortune. 


{ 2:^2 3 


J!^y %eivhnelif Cotton. 

^l^. %ewhhir, Pliir. of^^zcjier. 

LJj^ %ewhyh, Plur. of i^^s j^ zaiityet. 

Oij\^^ zetv)y'd, Plur. of i :i {j, ^ z'y idef, 

i-»J^^ zewa'yd, Plur. df j^ i • %d/c'/. 

i^^jzoivh, Taking flight. • 

jyfrU^ . xohasheei A president, a confimandef. 

^^; xoivler, AH, wholr, entire. 

^j.; zowlOy Vile, mean, short* [eticaK 

^^^^y zoohec'ti, A short spear, a trident, po» ^ 

jj\^ Z)Otery Quicker, sooner. ^ 

E^y xoii^". Resembling, a spouse. 

ci,lij.jj zotvjht, Plur. of 2^ • %oii{/i 

^^j mood, Nimble, haste. 

(/^•J %oodey. Swiftness, expedition, 

y^j zor, Violence, power, strength. 

Jjjj powra, Distant, a cup, a vessel; 

jWj^j A. p. xoo/Zd^, Stout, of great sli-erigth. 

•j^j %oitTe/, Once, distance. 

/»y«y zowrehi A boat, a ship. [doing huit, 

j^j*j zoori^r, Hard, troublesome, crabbed, 

jj^j^j zoormend. Powerful, violent, robust, 

^ J*] zoorneem, A {)atch upon a garment. 

^^^^•y^y «even'gfi«, Superior, aliove,' high. 
CJ^"J^J xet^dreeJww, To rise upward. 

t 243 ] 

^'^J %oo%fih. Piercing; 
ts'j^'j zooxee,' Short, compressed; 
hji'j zoo%cyetf Large Tcauldron). [strorigi 
cr^j 2;oo5/?i A slave; p. zoosh, ImpetuouSi 
#*j»^jj* ^shosheedu??, To distill, to be trou-- 
c,) zotvay Bowing, extenuated. [blesomei 
lip .j* zsfiooghcir, A species of bird, 
li^j zoofh, Hyssop. ^^ y itoofer, Wild anise. 
l3 ^'j zow/i, Quicksilver. [t'^J* 

i^j xozi^/, Eloquent, handsome, walking has- 
. Lj zool, A cup. [change colour. 

,«f>.J«it x^hooleediniy To become intricate, td 
^^^j %oivmeh, Of mean birth, base, vile, 
-j^j aoo?7j Short bodied, an image. 
,♦(•*/' ziliOOfi, A species of bird. 
iu^3 zoo?iet,A virtuous v^oman, an ornament. 

^'^* zewenjy A sausage. 
*i.^<^*ij zooheedtw. To drop, to trickle* 
^_5j zewegy Hiding, being gathered. 
.♦lyS'.v ^-^^^^"''» To excel j to be high* 
^jj :iP7Ve^r, A prince, com maunder. 
Dy^,*y zewBerehf A whirlwind. 
<5^j^j 2!fc?n^eesB€P, Short, compressed. 
pj -re/;; DistilVing, power, fringo, lace, a bow- 
s^ \.j %ehah, A fountaiii, [string. 

C 244 ] 

8U3 %cli%t, The number (of loo men), 

Ci»il^j zeJikdety A religious life. 

ji J xtihaff A bladdtT, 

i\J^ i) %eh'ineedun. To cause to open. 

i^^ zt'hth, A part of wealth. 

Oi^j zehed, A small quantity, a sufficiency^' 

iMl>^* %Mhn, The womb, the matrix. 

-.«x^j zshdem, A young hawk. 

^ ,* zcher, A poison, venom; a. %j;//6^,Beauty, 

!^j Z'ltra, Blooming, beautiful, [ornament. 

w^lw ;* zchrai'. The nightingale. 

- »i^J zeliej\ The noise of devils. 

il» w y* z:iherdiir, Corrupted, poisoned. 

^0^ ! zehcrn.k. Envenomed, poisoned. 

/Aij zt'hesh, Emanation. 

^^ J zelief. Speedy. 

iJiA^ zehejf. Smooth (ground), moveable. 

L y zehel, Baldness, level. 
. ^ .Vaj z^hlebf Having ji thin beard. 
u>■Xi^J zehlekf A candle, a lamp. 
r V ^u J zehlook, Fat, equal and smooth. 
^ Aaj zehlooU Bald, smooth. 
*^j z^'herriy Stinking, offensive, 
l^y zehemk, A lover, smitten with love^ 
iUi«>^ zehmet, Stinking. Ji«^j zehmek, A dwarf. 

I 245 1 

SJuA^ %ehme^ef, Smell, yi>^ zehoo, Beginning 
jy&j zehoor^ Splendid. [to ripen. 

'iioy&>j zehootet, A great draught (of fish)* *' 
<_J^ifcj zehooJtf Blunt, vain, a deep welF. *i 
K^ybj zmhoomet, Being fat, stinking. [rate* 
^j %ehee, O! excellent! jsxA; 2e/?edc/, Tempe* 
^f>« y zeheedun, To go out, to hope, to open. 
O'J 2U3^, ^ • charming ! (J 'J zshee, A cistern, a 
cljLj %oyat, An oil merchant. [ditch. 

« VJ 2;<?y ^c?, Increase. 

£ i bj %eyb,dety Increase, addition, too much.* 
.j^l'J xeykdetee. Abundance. 
J* jj %eyhr, Forceps, pincers. 
%j t,j %eycLrefi A A^islt, a pilgrimage. 
Jbj U . %("ya%fyett A chariot, a waggon. 
feU^ xeyhtt Loquacious. 
cJlj^ 2 ^'o/, Plur. of iju^ %etf. 
3oljj zcycifet. Puffed with pride, vanitjf. 
l\j'j zeyal, Proceeding froni> -■', 
CJ^»J ^^y^^> Damage, injury, living. 
i*)^^j %shey\n, Dreadful, terrible. 
/>*^> ^^yhndaT, Hurtful, noxious, 
I Is; Oj'2e^a«)^ar, A destroyer. jKij-ieanee^VeT" 
Cj '^■^ ^'.; 2:6^<^??de Jww,To revivei'^dition, damage. 
J %e&b, Elegance, beaut/. 

I 246 1 

jj^j ^eclfCcly Worthy, becoming, 
/j^'y %ecleh^ Quiclc silver. 
^ A^„j ^e^henJeh, Handsome, adornecj. 
t^j^'^j xeeleedicn, To adorn, to agree. 
^;- vf^ zeif. Dressing meat with oil, 9;!. 
^b^* xaif^n^ The mother or dregs of oil. 
Qj%^,j ^eitooTij An olive^ [rule. 

gy j ^^<t7» An instrument of war, a mason's 
I 7/^y xeejek, The. entrails of a lamb dressed, 
gvj 5;dA, Disappearance, far off. 
gvjj, %ei^h^ Tyrannical,. oppressive. 
ouj sseiW, Augmentation, increasing. 
5 ju ; J?:^2W^, It is increased. [^esr^. 

Aj^eer, DQwnward, beneath, the vowel ( )or 
. ,J^yjj %eerpbsh, An under garment. 
y^^jj zecrienk, A girth, the sun. '^es, a sTiirt.. 
^ b^ ^* c^e;ya///e/i, A minder garment, a breech- 
Cr^ /•/ ^^^'f^^^i A bolt of a door. 
,^Aj zeerek, Witty, \y.cil known, wise. 
^ J ,* xeejeht Because, for. 
Cj^^Aj '^^efceduny To be under, to bring down," 
i*j^^/,j zecree'^an^ Vinegar, ^i/,) xcercev, Hel- 
^j A. P. %e€z, A wild onion. [lish, low. 

Syy zeczhf Rugged ground. 
y^v J zeezeJt, A kind of fruit. 

»y^ tciiuim. An inarticulate sound, whisp^^t 

^^Ij %ees, Side, briiil^, quarter, coast. [i^g, 

^W{,j zcesiur?^ To live. /A',> ^^^sh, A pipe, 

ti-j ^^^i^h. Going froiTi,. ' [^^ little tube. 

A Ix^'y zeeghhl, A cup^ a gpblet. 

/rAl> zeeg/^t^w, A hard thing. [ous« 

u-sjj ztfj/", Quickening, ill-dispoped, avarici-^ 

«-^^j zcefet^ Unmannerly, [coll^^'ofa shirt, 

^^ijj zeiferii Long and strong., u^j^ z^t|% Tha 

^1X^3 %echhlj A C"P or goblet.^ r- 

^-^y %^^^, A "^2son's rule. -<^ ^Ij zee^asehy A, 

Cj^J ^eyekhn,h. haughty gait, [hedge- liog^ 

jXj^* %eiier, Striking with the hands, 

Jjj ^eil. Departing fronn, distinguishing^ 

j^j J zeem, A troop of camels. 

,,, •. stef 72, Beautiful, an ornament.^ 

Jujj Zicnet, A dress, beauty. 

J \yjj z^enhkr. Take care, protection, 

gfjj zaeneef A short-footed (dog). 

^j 2ec2^, A ship- worm, a moth, [agreeably, 


Jf.j zeever. An ornament of gems, gold, sil- 

L^^ij zKyufy Clipt, light. [vefc 

5 »j/j zsheweh. Quicksilver. 

^ J z eyeVf The roaring cf a lion. 

^ jgfW, The twelfth letter of the Arabick; 
alphabet, and the fifteenth of the Persian. In 
arithmetick it denotes 60, and in almanacks is 
the character for the sun, in it's aspect. 
^_jU- sail, A large kind of bottle. 
^♦jO U shl^n. Remaining* [gel, a pious woman.' 
^uU shleh. Swimming, going hastily, an an- 
1:1, l^U sahehai, Plur. of guU aaheh* 
^^'*« skleree, The best sort of cloth, the best 
^U saleo. The seventh. [species of dates. 
Uj U salia h, In the seventh place. 
^ U 8u high. Full, finish, profuse. 
eJijU, salikj Foregoing, past, a conqueror, 
Uu U ^iZv^3t, Before this, formerly, [predecessor, 
cUjU, th'ckafi Plur of ^.jU m'/i.- 
3ji>U sabeket, 'Ihe past, ancient, custorrt. 
'^^^>5ijU. saWet'T?, Plur. of jjijU «a^i/f. 

L U si^e/, A kind of basket of cloth or tim- 
jUoU sahelei, Plur. ofj^AA^. «e[;ee/. [ber. 

/V>i^ U shheedun, To polish, &c. 
d,U 5aa/, Strangling, suffocating. 
JiU sd/t?*, Concealing, veiling. 
J5t»ii.s^/e/, Consequent, coherent. 
jr U* «q/, A kind of black wood. 
^ U sb,jed, Prostrate in adoration^ 

[ 2^9- I 

^U shja, Resolving,, aiming at. 

lix^\^ shje-afy Cooing.j^a.U a. P. shJQ.or, A 

^U shhhf riur. of Xa»U 9iM. [dog's coljar, 

O i5>- U sctfihi, Plur. pf x=>. U 5^//d^. R^ u scihet, A 

^j£*U ia/^/r, A magician, a wise man. [court. 

vjU U ^a/^i^. One who brays. or. beats, a brui3er. 

J^ U 5d/«/, The shore, brinli, coast, 

Ja^. U shhet/ef, A violent rain, a flux of water. 

^ U «a^A, A series, adjusted, accumulated, 

^^ U sakhiun^ Tcj do, form, to feign, to po- 
^ U sikher. Laughing at, ridiculing, [iish, 
jjjaLu. skfiheriy Hot, warm (day). 
dU ^adc/, Choaking, drinking, travelling, 
^^\^ U siidak, A stove or hot bath. 
^^ ^ U sadej, Indian spikenard. 
^ A U shdeh. Abounding in produce. 
Xff. A U s^dehet, A thick cloud, a reverberating 
jiU scider, Careless, perverse. [sound, 

y- ;j U 5a£?25, The sixth. U. a l^ sids^, In the sixth 
C-jfaU shdek, A kind of nightingale, [place. 
fV V ; ^ sid-kerdun, To make pure or clean, 
/j U aadgi/ee. Purity, equality. [to gild. 
^^ i U sa Jiw, The keeper of the temple of 


I 250 1 


^U^i\m fhdeh,^ Unmixed, a white garment for 

. ) ) 9 ^ K< sltiljh'dily Innocent, harmlesa.' - 

^^ yo^U' s^ddh'kerdurtf To make pureorcleani 

^^^ ^[^. $adej\ Indian spikenard. 

tf aImt shdaey The sixth, j^ sir, A starlings 

lyUsa^a, "Unmixed. u-j^U. sarel, Going out,. 

apparent.- "^ ^ ... 

■i*j\/^ serhciff, A- pflxi^ey a camel-driver. 

Cjl^ shrety The rope ^^ ^U^dre/*, A singing 

^jKm shteh, Ca^ttk; pasfiiring freely. [bird^j 

cj^jU fihf^, A thief. ^;,-- — 
. . . 

/f j^ shrneji A cistern, Te^ervoir. 
jr aX^ Mrimfj Plaster or iDortar mixed with^ 
r,Usarc/2,-^ A starling, an -Indian cap.^ "[sand*- 
c^jU sarce, Penetrating, contagious. ^'' ; /% 
*jjU sareyet, A column, a nocturnal cloudy 
j^ scCX, Concord, gain, advantoge, prepara* 
.♦j,/jU- 5az-/?"ere/w//,' "To prepare, [tion. 

^.i/l jU shzhJi, The entrance of an house, en- 

,^j^ sizd, A singing bird. ^ [try. 

;K;U sazikr, Agreeing. together. 
;)^jU .sa^ii'^^r, Deserving. 
CJ^L)^ sazeedun,' To get or make ready. 
V y-U 5^5, Delightful, agreeable, cheerf ul, raer- 
/^U U s^'Sa?i, Needy, indigent. [ry. 

I 25i ] 

'a^L* s^sein, An ebony- tree. 

g\l9 L. 5af g/?, (God) expanding (the earth). 

^\!ah s^ttti Lifted up, extended, shining. 

^IjL. s^fel, Raised, flying abotJEX^ust). 

j^JsU. sitoor, A large butcher's knife. v 

'ic U sk-af, A clock, a watch* an hour, a mo* 

S^^sIm. ^ittre/; Fire. [ment. 

^E>^ «-t/^.^ Attempting. 9^ U s.i^7?, A thatch* 

h U shgher, A bowl, a cup, [ed house. 

oU stifcr, An ambassador, a writer. 

" - U sh/ere*, A body of travellers. * 

. ^ - ■ f - 

3^5 U .^o/i/, Vile, base. L5U s'aJii/dL, Dust. ' - 

^^,,X1^ U s fees eh Perfume, a small melbn* 
(jjoU. safer?, A vein in the foot: 
6 a- 'S<^'"» '^^^^ l^g» t^^c stcl . of an herb. ' "* 
tl^U Mxly Near. Ai'U sdb/. The left fi he 
lai" L- s^yj-t;/, 'Falling. [of an army; 

^"U shhccy A water-carrier, a cup-bearer. ^' 
Xa5 1*w sh^ecy-'f, A river, a trench. *' "' * 

Jl^ shheg'r, A cup-bearer. 

=,Lw S'lkilw Flowing. 

U s^kdt or^s,L« shkeVf Quiet, silent, 
^s> U sakea,' Foreign, strange. \ 
^^Usa^ew, Silent, composed, undisturbed ij> 

mind/a consonant without a towel. 


I 253 } 

ci»^^3U* sh^'oof, Quiet;. 

XJ^^sU skkfiotct. Silent, silence. 

A^^Sxl, A year; a 5a/, A small channel. 

♦AJl^U shJattyeh, Concord (^in musick). 

10 U- salar, A governor, a king. 

^^Ji^j 11^ sala^jun^y.A leader in war, 

4^1^ sklch, Taking by force, seizing. 

1'^ saljff /.n armed man. 

AU s'lUkh^ A kind of black serpent* 

ftl^U s.(Llkliod^/h Fortunate. 

»t J'^U stilkhtih. Aged, an old man. 

4!L, shliglit (A cow, sheep, &c.) exceeding six 

years, when their teeth drop out, 
«ja U Bullf, Making smooth, going before, 
.jUU fialekf Walking. 

j^[^ shlghnee. Annual, an annual pension. 
pJi U s^///«, Free, full. ^J^^\^ saloos, Hypocrisy, 
JU saWh f'lur. of J U sd/. 
^U[^. salehneh, Yei^rly, annually. 
-U.5a7W,Tediovisncss, gold and silver; p. sam, 
«^U Bah^nett Irksomeness. [The rain-bow. 
rfv« U shmeh. Beautiful, generous, genteel. 
o^U shtncd, A good-tempered jolly fellow. 
^•U. samer. Conversing together at night* 
k« U S^met, Bread baked without salt* 

f . 

^ U shmd, A hearer, hearing. 

y^ U. Samel, Chaste, pure, making peaGe. 

*-* t^ scivieh, A standard or ensign. 

^^ \m scimee, High, great. [stone, 

^U San, Right, reputation, cause, a whet- 

^ U S2?ieh, A kind of serpent, publick. 

,jsA; U singeeTj A natural temper, adorned. 

.^ U B^n^eeti, Mode, kind, a bridle. 

A^ U s^neycty A carpel trained to vvatergroundj. 

jU saoz/, Inclination of mind- 

Ul^ fidyj., A filing of gold. 

1^^^ sctveUy A basket. *^l^ s^voo, Tribute* 

p^U saveh, A bit or filing of gold, 

i*j^l^^ saveedun, To file, to make clear. 

jjyjjU saveen, Dirt, soil. ^^bU 52 7;^% Violent 

^ U saher, Careful, watchful, helL [w^incK 

cii^ U shhef, Perishing, thirsty. 

a^U sahek, A distemper, a vehement, wind^ 

**A U sa/imef, An extenuated camel. 

j^U shkoor, The moon. 

jj-AU shhee. Careless, negligent. 

(/t^ sdi,/^. Making clear or bright, smooth. 

.♦iIjU- shyelan, A tent, an umbrella. 

'ixi Lw saibeti Set at liberty (a slave), [mandrake'. 

^ yj U sayelreh, A kind of small apple, the 

p 1 

I 254 1 

•^U shyeh» Full of devotion, pious. 

iXi L. 5^2^, A prince, a lord.^ L, «dir, A planet, 

y*.jU sais, A manager, [walking. 

J U*"-!/^ saiskkaneh, A beast of burthen. 

cJL U ^ai^j A sword-bearer. [impelling. 

xx> Um shifcty Fine sand, ju U- s^i^', Stimulating, 

^ \m sail, Interrogating, a beggar. 

XL U. sailef, A spot on a horse's nose, 

e^XjU' sayendehi Grinding. 

^U* sayeh, A shadow, shade. 

.♦I yuji U* shyeedwiy To grind, to wear. 

VA« «iM, A turban, a sash. U^. se^a, Striking. 

«Lx' 5ep^, A tripod, three-legged. 

;^^ L/^ sehahy Reviling, reproaching. 

3b Lam. «6^a^g^, The fore- finger, o \j^ selaffSltep. 

glx-- sehtbj, A seller of small shells, &c. 

-Um. sel'l^h, A swimmer, [sure, 

aIam< sclkkhy A salt soil, x^ilx*- seh^deret^hci^ 

iL^ sehiir, A surgeon's probe. 

. p'j\.^^ separesh, K recommendation, charge. 

\J X^ sephree, A plough, the stubble. 

«:Xj_,Um, sehareet, Plur. of c:-^ ;■>.*- sehroot, 

^sj^\^ seharecduiiy To plough. 

^ w^ U^ sepkSy Commendation, a request made 

.-•--Iaai. sebaseh, Plur. of i^^^x^sebseb. [to God. 

[ 255 ] 

CJ >V/^ ^ sephseedwu To prais6* 
h U.« sohkt, A gallery, a portico. 
'ils U-.M sohktety Kubbish. 
jL U*. sehater, A long-necked bird, 
eU-vw sohh-Oy A beast or bird of prey. 
^i>.lA*M seJjaye, Perfect, full, unmutilated. 
t_j' U*M sehh'h, Aforesaid, preceding, 
J t-- 5e/'a/, A whisker, red millet. 
7.^^'t'^ sephiajy Spinnage. 
e U^ sepcih, An army, soldiers, 
cVjUam s^i ayeby Plur. of uaa^ ,seM. 
^.^G L^ se.hayck. Melted gold or silver. 
j^ 'v^ sepayeh, A tripod, a trevet. 
4_*jk^ selthy A cause, reason. 
Xaaa-. seheheyety A cause, a motive, a handlci 
sehty Shaving, rest, fainting. 
sepety A basket. 
*^>>*« sekeyet, Shoe made of cove's leather, 
^v. A'cZ'/i, Swimming, liberty, coming and go-* 
ls\v. seleha, Plur. of ^. U saheh. C^'^^* 

olraw solohaf, ^^enerabieness, glory (of God). 
(^Lsv^ solhcniy Praising, glorifying (God;. 
r^^ sehkhy Retiring, empty. 
,*f^i^ selokhtun. To prick, to pierce. 
^.A^ sebed. Cunning, a garment of wool. 


[ 256 3 

j.*^ sep.2d, A M'icker basket. 
jK^ seber, A form, manner, root, beauty. 
(S^ Jr^ ^ P'^i^^y Gladness, cheerfulness, 
Jhyv^ ^^'^t-Tiiar, A shield- bearer. 
^mJj )y^^ scpzrdereh, A handkerchief. 
C) ^ /^ 5eZ>ert/f^«, To strike with the feeto 
J A^ S'^porz, The spleen, the milt* 
>^^v- soperghem, Sweet basil. 
y^^y^' sobroof, Needy, poor. 
iS/^ seperee, Full, compleat. 
cioj^ sehreet, Poor, indigent, barren ground, 
U^l/^ s^sreesh, A place for exercises. 
7^1/^ sepreegh, A full bunch of grapes. 
j.^ seb%, Recent, fresh, green. 
%^*} *^ selzenky Hoary with mouldiness, mus- 
Cl^l^ V^ sclz?wctt, Plur. of i jy^ scb%eh, [ty. 
^y.^ sebxch, A green herb, a pot-herb. 
J^J^/T^ «ete^-2;^r, A verdant place. 
, ^*.>s./-^ sepeSf Backward. 
^.^^^ sebseb. An extensive dessert. 
,*j Uwwv.^ sepesthriy A sweet scented thing, 
lu^v .(pester. Latter, that comes after. 
ji^^ s posheh, A louse, a moth. 
Lj^ sd'Cf, Of a good stature, tall. 
» kx-v* sebteret, Careful ia obeying orders. 

I 55? J 

^A** sda gr 2«a*« »ela-af. Seven. 

XjUxa** sela nxiiyet. Seven hundred, 

,y.%^x*M seha-oonci. Seventy. 

SijtxAM Sdla-eyefj Cruel tj, fierceness. 

p^.^. seles^hi Ciean, pure;^^ elegant, graceful, 

o»Aw &ibelf9 Excelling, o.vercoming, 

Ha*w sel^ef. Preceding, o.ufestripping, surpassing, 

^km, seheU Rain, a disease, in, thj? eye. 

Lv^ Sepd? ^^^c sun-flower. 

i<xj^ scLlei, Whiskers, mustaches.. 

tjXij^ S'lenieCj Bold, the leopard, 

^'^ scpenj. An inn, a lodge, an old house.. 

^vU^ sependy Wild rue. [a certain herb, 

t C) 'v^:^-^ sependan-t elkh , Tlie bitter seed of 

J ^k'^y S'pengoor, Night-shade. 

iuAA^ seheneyef, A veil of black linen^ 

A,vv- 5e?'Oo, A bowl, an ewer. 

«^»>^ se<ool}, Plur. of w.A*» Sd[>e^'i 

-^aL sehooh, A swimmer. 

*a* ,AA« sel'Oohef» Mecca. 

^ ^ selookh, A puncture, the bolt of a door. 

fJ'S'^,^^ ^epooJihtuv, To pierce. 

, y^ *A^ sepooSf Bran. U' ^>^ sepoosh^ Black, a 
^ [^yy sepooshm. The dandruff. [device,. 

]»yxm seloofj Lank hair. 


j^A^ seloogh, Profuse, a covering* 
SiyKm sehoolet, A head ot hair. / 

»xm seleh. Delirium. ,v^ sepeh. An army, sol- 
^ l^-^ sepchhned, A prince. [diery, 

y^-v^ sepeMed, A gorernor, commander. 
,y>w^ sepehr, Fortune, the sun, the world. 
, jiA^^ sepeh/tesh, The leader of an army. 
JX^«. sebehlel. Idle. ^ 5eZ«e, A shirt. 
Saajum seheelet, A tuft of hair, the gcarmentrf 
gw «d^(37, A shirt without sleeves. 
^^ sepe'id, White. 
9- \ >-v^ sepcidkgh, Whiteness, white. 
& !>..-*^ scpeidah, A cucumber, a plantain, 
VyUA^ sepeedbciy Boiled spinnage. 
i^>AA^ sepeed/thar, A kind of thistle. 
J ^ ^ ^^'^ sepeed-dhvy A willow, - 
i*\^sj^^ sepeed'dhn, Mustard. 
* J yuj»^ sepeedroOf Perfect, a beetle. 
{Ja j >.^J^^ sepeedrooye, White-faced, rice: 
J i^>-^ sepeedkhr, A flatterer. 
tyy^j^^ sepeedmohreh, A shell, a horn tube. 
8>.^-v^ scp^idehf The white of an egg. 
f >=...., seleeiet, A wedge of gold or silver.' 
3>ju« «^^ee/, A road, a manner, a traveller. 
C^ set, Behind. Uv. «e/a. The warp and the woof. 

[ 269 J 

IsjIx^ setaleh, A cheat, subtle, 

^^Uv' selkduHy To lake, to carry away, 

'ij \yim settbret. Protection. 

'P> '"^^ setk'fJcheh, A little star. 

e^v;:/^ setkrehf A star, felicity, a veil, a mortis 

tf^ Iam, setaree, A covering, [ing stat, 

,.^t;t-- %ethki A sucker, a kind of tree. 
jmI;:^ setan, Occupying, seizing, reclining. 
U tu- sethncby Getting. 

^ ,u li-- setandun or (^M y^^ s&ianeedtin, To 
Jbu^ sethneh, A threshold, [marry, to lake; 
>*^ Iv**^ seiaivcjid, A portico, a stage, a theatre. 
}l,^^ setaweez, A market-place. 
^ IXw setahee, Having large hips. 
-,lx*»# sjhyer, Plur. oi 'iyj^ sotret. 

*^y Ix/^ Commendation^ 
♦j >jIju^ seihyecdun. To praise, to call, 
f ^ .v,„ sg/e^. Creeping. ^^^ seteher. Thick grass* 
^^ setekhf Certain, lawful. 
^ >Xv.. setedun, To take, to carry off. 
yu« «e^er. Suppressing,, covering. [solete.) 
^ so/or, Shaving. >^/^8etreh, A satrap (ob- 
»jX^ sotrei, A veil, a shield, a wall. 
. H ^ x^ sotordtin. To shave, to scrape, to cut ofi: 

^/^ soiork, Courageous, stout* 

( ?eo } 


,„^yu sctrcnf:^ A bad woman. 
^yi^^fipfoi^eff, A razor, y*^ scfel, An r?.g-!e, 
^^ setewy Oppression, affliction, injury. 
3b Ua*. S(^/ew^t/({/, Six huudrcd. 
^i^^ seiemh^r^ A tyrant, an oppressor, 
^I^C^ sefemgri/i, Qutr^^eous^ eruclty, oppres:? 
^■^^ Sdtemlet^, Coura^epus, hard. [sioq, 

y^ «do;?, Three-fold. 
^ yL^ sefoochehy Variegated hird. 
j»j '^yv seioodhriy A coffin, an urn. 
i*J^y^ setoqdun. To praise, to bless,, 
^ yj^ setoor, Plur. of yU- Sd/er. 
iM i^y y:^ setordkn, A stable, a stall. 
^^yiww sotoorehf A rgzor, a bee. 

^, yi^ sotoo^, False m%oey. .\y^ so fool, A r\ 
^y^ sotQpm, A species of herb. [eagle. 

[Jx^ 9tdoon, A pillar, prop, a beam. 
*>r^ ^Ojtooh^ fright, sorry, helpless, 
s*j j^ ^ BotoolieeduUt To avoid, to keep frmm* 
*;•*.» seteh, Backward, backside. 
tff^ se/ehee, Belonging to the backside, 
l^ Sfit'h^, Having a large backside. 
*>yv setehenidehy Importunate, contending,' 
^CJ ^^Y^ seteheedun. To contend, to con^plete^ 
i^ eetee, Very hard iron. 

li 26l 1 

y^ seteehh, ^A pike pr lance pointed with 

^>jvX^ seteedun. To take, &c, [irou, 

j*x^ seteer, Civil, innocent. 

^;;^V sefeez, A war, fight, emulation,. / //f^clC 

ej>^ seieezshelf, A weaver's shuttle. ^ 

^Ai'*- seteegh, A straight spear or arrow.. 

^^ seteem. Blood mixed with water. 

^ ^^^^y^^ seieeheedurif To contend, to completCi 

to be obstinate. 
gw. sejj, Thin (clay,), bedaubing a wall with 
g L^ sejaj. Milk mixed with water. [clay. 
a^Uff sejhhet. Smooth, equal (cheeks), 
a l:ef sejjhd. Adorning, g bss sejjk-a, Resolving, 
^ l^ sejj til t Plur. of j^ 56/ e/. [aiming at, 
-IrfiE sejb>m, Flowing ^tears). 
^^ l^ sejjaff. The keeper of a prison, 
U l;fr sejtyyh,, Plur, of Xajs? sejeyet. 
^^ sejeh. Smoothness; sojoh, Beautiful. 
»:s\^ sefhetj Nature, proportion. 
6 l^>/^ sjedghh, A mosque, a church, a tern- 
j.:s? sejer. Kindling, heating. [ple» 

(j^ s^es, A tumult, corrupted, 
^.mc^ sejsef. Temperature. 
«^ 5e/flr, Metre, cadence. cJbs? se;*^ A veil, a^ 
j^ se/*e/, A bucket, a large udder. [curtaij3u^ 

[ 262 ] 

Jlifiir sejlb., Having long udders. 

Jo iVjfif sejelkt, The covering, a fine painted 

3Ui^ sejelet, A young hare. [cloth. 

•jfif sejem. Pouring down (tears, rain, &c.) 

j^^ sejen, A captive. 

tslis sejenjel. Pure, a mirror. 

^ sejoo, Dark, quiescent. \y^ sejwky Steady 

a^ sejood, Adoration. [eyes. 

^y^ sejoo- a. Cooing. 

ci^ sejoof, Plur. of < i^ sejef, 

^ ^ sejoo?, Plur of ^ seJeU 
my^ sejoom. Tearing. 
^^ sejoon, Plur. of ^ sejen, 
^ sejee, A friend, a companion. 
3u^ sejeyei. Disposition, nature, constitution, 
Xjbu^? sejeehef. Nature, measure. 
CJ '^'^ sejeeditn. To be very cold. 
jjjs: Stjeer, An intimate friend. 



sejee^. Corrupted, muddy (water). 

y^--^ spj ef, A bow-string. 

^^ sejeel, A large bucket. 

(^jyijf sejjeen. Continual, a dreadful prison. 

gw sehh. Striking, whipping. 

X^seht, A sheet of paper, the band of a book* 

oL^ sehkh, A cloud. 

[ 263 ] 

gLas? sehhj. Scratching, striking the ground 

with the feet a (camel). 
Xfi^l^jr selihhefy Flowing with tears (an eye). 
jlsuw sehd,r, A magician, ul^s^v. sehaf, Con- 
LjiLre sehctff, A rubber. [sumption. 

^b^ sehal, A bridle, a bit, [ness. 

jUl^ sehalef, Loss, abuse. ^[^ seh^m, Black- 
wajU^ sehhyel', Plur. of v^U^ sehab. 
«-Aj^ seheV, Eating or drinking to excess, in- 
AA^i- sohbef, Dimness of the eyes [temperance. 
y^ sohlel. Large (bucket, channel, &c.) 
XXa^ sekbelet. Hanging down. Oj^ sohot, Vn" 
wj^ sehteb. Courageous, stout. [lawful* 

A .N^? sehdod. Rebellious. 
j^ seheVy Twilight, dawn, 
i y.^*^^ seherhelhl. Poetry, poetical licence. 
j\i /^ seher' aZy An enchanter. 
X y^ seheitt, Plur. oi ^\^ sehkr* 
\j&j^ seherlekj Enchantment. 
<?^ sehre.. The morning, dawn. 
\-ij^ seheryx, Very early, 
^l**^? sehstbhj Pouring down (rain). 
ci^ sehef. Shaving the head, taking the flesh 
Jfj3isss sehef neycty Shaved-head. [from a bone* 
14^^ sehek. Distance, removing to, a distance. 
^^£sL^ seh&ook, Very black hair. 

f 264 ] 

^ sehel. Grinding, smoothing. {ntsi^ 

i\:tff sehdlet, A young horse. ^ sehem, Black- 
U^ sehemk Name oi a tree, 
jjj^ Sf'-heyi, Making (a board) smooth by rub- 
Vss sehenet, External form, colour. [bing. 
^y^ sejiooh. Raining eJ^sr seJiool', Long of 
^ Siihee^ Pulling off, scraping. [stature, 

y^^ soheer, In the morning. 
sJuss seheef, Noise (of a mill), 
♦jujfi? seheefet, A violent rain. 
v-Xa^ seheeht Very remote. >,;« seheel, A bri- 
*JLa^ seheelef. The bank of a river, [die, a bit. 
^^ «g^^, BeadS; glass ware, 
lie aeJchh, Liberal, generosity. 
u_j la? sekhaj), An ornament for the neck. 
^ lie? sehhahht Soft earth, (jy^ lis? sekhMieeri » 
Silitf Bekhhfef, Weak, soft. [Hot water. 

m\-s! sehham. Blackness, softness. 
8^1^ sekhkwett Liberality, 
^^l^ sehhtitvejf A country without water, 
and without land-marks to guide travellers. 
ts^Us? sskhhweCy Plur. oi \ ^ss: sckhvotu* 
c^.<s^ sekhel, Vehemence of voice. 
CL.^ae' sekht, A. p. Strong, secure, firm. [hard. 
-j;^ sekfitun, To weigh, to turn or render , 

I 565 J 

^ii/^ sehhioo, The intestines of a bird« 
^y>iar scHt e^ ^dversitj, hardness. 

^ \.:^ seh^iteyhny Morocco leather. 
^ sehlteh. Coin, weighed . d-ss: sekfiod, \yater^' 
jssg stkhor. Laughing at, ridiculing, [paleness. 
es.y^ sokJ'Tee^ T*lay, derision, a masquerade. 
^f^ s(^h(sh. Old, stumbling. 
L^ sehht, Indignation. i_aitt sehhef, Imbecillity 
Us£! sekhefety Lameness. [of intellect, 

^eis sohholy Weak; seJihek Plur, of cJir se/tjikh 
*l^ sekhlet, A Iamb or kid. 
Uisf sekhmhy Black, ic^s sekhmet. Blackness^ 
S>-»itf sekhmeety Hatred, malevolence, 
^gcMi scklipiee, Smooth wine, 
^•^ sokheyij Warm (day, water, &c.) 
il/^ J L*/"^ seklionrhn, Lengthening a discourse,. 
i;^ sokhnet, Heat, warmth. fprolij^, 

^ty^A^'^ sekhofidan, An eloquent orator. 
^ \XtJj sekhovshcnhs, Eloquent, fsiveoraton 
J \)X>^ sekhotigoz^r^Aveady speaker,apersuaT 
y ^*f sekhon^b. Eloquent, an orator. 
^i» sekhoo. To stir the fire. 
5^ sek^why A field of soft earth. 
j_^,^ seklwon, Warm, making warm (soup.) 
„iff sekhee. Liberal. uJIa^ se^/ic^, A foolish ma% 

s « 

[ 266 ] 

Xy^ seJtheefch, A falsehood. 
X^^ sek/iecinet, Blackness. 
SX^ StJi'heenet, A kind of gruel, rage. 
^ scdy A hundred. .__, \ a«. sedii!}, The herb 
3 \ .X*- 566^^^ Tlie woof, the sixth. [rue. 

.^S^ seddj\ A liar. 

A < jw. A.P sedad, Rectitude, happiness, firmness, 
^\d>^ sedasee, (A garment) of six yards. 
*5^j^ sedtfjty A veil, a curtain. 
*i\o^ sedanet. Superintending a church, &c. 
s jw. W<^^, A strait, a frith. ^ .x*. sedej, Suspect- 
.^yi^ sodcliee, A milk-seller. [ing. 

a ^w- seded, Well-directed (action or speech). 
jj<*- seder, Dazzling the eyes. 
» i>^ sedereh, A kind of game. 
« ju* Sc^t^fl, Striking against one another. 
i^s^sedt'f, Darkness, night. 
a)j^ s.di'k, Studious, expeditious. 
, wJy*^ sedhcs, 'J he rainbow. f^ame. 

^ ju* sedcly A fable, &c. ^^,y^seddlee, A kind of 
-«N*- scdem. Repentance. [pl^'» ^c. 

(j^ jw. seden, Superintending a church, tem-» 
S'y*M sedoo. Intending, moist with the night- 
dew (the earth). 

{ 20? I 

(j^^ ju« sedoos, A kind of green hood and mati- 

<<j j<^ sedeeh. Prostrate. [tie. 

o^jjsAv sedeed, Righj:, well-directed, salutary, 

yMj 4>*M seders, The sixth part. 

4^0^ sedeef, A camel's bunch, or the fat. 

Jj jvM. sedeel, The awning or canopy of a ca* 
mel's litter, called ^:iy^ hoivdehs 

tj ^ JsM- 5e% 2 h, Th e herb rue. Xj o^-*- sezlet, A sheath, 

^ 5er, The head, top, origin,- chief, desire, 

]yM Serb,, A palace. [intention. 

'it\y^ sera-af, An egg of a locust. 

w-^ ly- serhhy A watery exhalation raised up 
either bv the sun or any other heat. 

\^ seraph. Wholly, utterly. 

* y /" '/^ seraperdehy A veil. 

^ \ ^^ *er(i/,The sun, a lamp, a saddler, a groom* 

j\^'r \^ serbj-khaneli, A saddler's shop. 

^ I >^ seracheh, An inner apartment 

fs=^^j^ serajee, Resplendent. [terror. 

^\y^ 5er^y^, Dismission. aS^serhd, Flying in 

J ^ ^ ^y^ seradaVyK landlord, tavern or inn- 

6a<^*« seradek, A curtain, a veil. [keeper. 

^1^ seraser. From the beginning to the end. 

X'^j^ serasmeh, Wondering, amazed, hesi- 

) ^^ -^ t >^ 6erasJiee\ A decllvltj 
Jsl^*. ser^i, llie road, way. 
^k^r^ s&rhtee. Sharp (sword,) &c. 
^ 1^ sord,s^i, A sign, enquiry. 
j^^j^ serhghhty A preamble, commencement, 
j[l^i^ serafrcix, Thp general of an army. 
e^c^A?!^ serfkendehf Confused, abashed, 
cjll ,*- sorhk, Plur. of cJjU ^^re/J-. 
X/y !^l^ sorai^ree, A fault, a crime. 
>^ \^ serktmd, Full, complcat, accomplished, 
^l/'ly^ scranjhm, The end, an accident, an e- 
y !^*)^ SiZandaz, Warlike, a line silk. veil, [vent^ 
. ^xi^Xj L^ serangQ^htce^ A ^ish of meat, peas, thin 
^\y^ serd^w, Plur. of i^jj^&erctvet. [paste, &c. 
(/•I v-- serciwee, A precious stone, 
3^^t^ s&ratveel, Breeches. 
(/! >^ serb,ie, A palace, a king's court, 
L»!^A- serayh, Plur. of jLj^^-, sercyct, 
*jl^^ serkyety Walking by night, ^n infecti- 
on^*- ^erhir, Plur. of K^^-s*. seJ'ee7'et. [on. 
o>0 )>-- ser^yendchy Chanting, reciting. 
i^jj^.}/^ serayeedun. To sing, to modulate. 
V **» *^^» A way, road, j^ /^ serlkz, Stout, 
/j\^ serpctSy An iroi^ mace, [couragepusi* 
^Lj-w serial, A shirt* 

t 260 1 


yO^ serlhlkt A mountain, a high ground* 

^^0^ serhkleerit A pillow. 

(^^ L ^ «ere? ^/z, Dropping or trickling (water.) 

{J^S[./^ serpkykut A turban, a helmet. 

Xj^ seihety The mind, soul. 

\,„^y^' j^ serbejeiby Hanging the head upon the 

bosom in a contemplatire attitude, 
vH^^^/-' serperesiy Worshipping the head« 
^i^fM. Stirhekh, An extensive country- 



serleJihet, Lightness, agility. 

1*!^ />^/^ ser] cxemeen. Bowing the head. 

y,^;^/^^^ y^ sjrle&t. Free, at liberty. 

*Xwj^ sj7'hesteh, A promise, contract, 

^*w ^ se?'lfc'S.^r, Eqnal, wholly. 

yXh ^ 8^-rhelend, f Ji^h-headcd, eminent, glo- 

XL^^ serlelcfy Wearing. [rious. 

-^♦y^ se/pjncheJi, Stout, hard, powerful. 
CJ ) V^V^ sfiheiicfib,(hin. To be unmanageable, 
^ y^ sorheh, A virgin, a young girl, [stubborn. 
Cj^>i/^ Sd7/>j//t'/2, A species of herb. 
.J^'f ^^ st'rfyehenjeh^ Bare-headed. 

L<^* /^ Sd'^^t^wee, The tip of the nose. 


^y j^ serfcLpkoT (/Vl)*^ From head to foot. 

^ ^' /^ 8 rtaser or j^/^ From end to end, 

^ /^ 9ertehteh, An iron plate pierced with 

T a holes 

ho\e% of different dimensions, for \sripc- 

drawing gold and silver, 
1^1)//^ serieroon, A barren woman. 
Jr^y'^ ScXteex, A sharp pointed (sword, &c.) 
f.^ serf, A saddle. U^ ^jr;^. The chief place 
^ v^ sercheshmeh, A fountain, [at a feast. 
^^ ierjem, T^ll, big, long. 
^Jr^^j^ serjenkf A commander, a leadei*. 
S>*^ SQKPoj, Fpolish. 
}t^yf,jM* sorjoojet. Disposition, institution. 
tVirT/^ ^erjeew. Compost, dung. [a wolf. 

^^ serh, Setting free, ll>^/*- serh^n, A lion. 



se?hedd,. Confinenpents, boundaries. 

v>^^ serhooh, A long-bodied horse. 
^ ^sor^hfRcd, w^y^ soT&hah, Red water, 
j^y^ serkhhr, A lark. [blood, a bright bay horse. 
9 J (7^ 8erJthQ,reh, A comb, a gold bodkin. 

^^i^j^ ser^/^^rew^", Inclining to red. 
ty^j^ sorVitereht A red or bay horse. 
^gj^ j^ sorkhchenht A red-beaked sparrow, 
. Jpj^ serkh^s. Laurel, fern. 
j^y^ sorkhshr, A red-headed sparrow- 
r^Jo j^ sorkheh. The cornel tree or fruit, 
y^^ soikhom. The cover of a pot, &c, 
^ ^fj^ ser;5"^al. The first sleep, ' " . 

I 2;i I 

L/'f/^ s^^/2005^, Drunkenness.' 

^j^ sorkheh, The wind- pipe, red tincture* 

jS^ 3y^sor^//e7/c/?ir, The alder- tree, as produc- 

}?^ sorhhee, Redness, red ink. [ing a red dye, 
1\m, serd. Knitting, sewing; p, serdf Cold* 
^\:^yH serdd^h, A fine she-camel. 
jh/^ «^rc?dr, A chief, a commander. 
/^Uy> serdash, A confidential friend. 
p S-^j^ serdagJi, A kind of gruel. 
^^j^ terdeh. Plain soft ground. 
"^"^//^ 9^'^^^st, The wrist. » ^)/^ serdef^ta?}, 
^>^^^ serdesteh A walking- staff [A turban, 
/:f"y/^ scrdeseer, A cold place, 
y^^ jr^ serdefteT, A preamble, a summary, 
i\y/^ serdely An anchovy* 
CJ^^^/^ s^^^ciW^n, Nodding the head. 
^_ji^«. serdookh,J5^tes moistened with water, 
9^y^ serdehf Presenting fruits of bes,t kinds. 
jj^ sereTy A secret, a feature. 
ely^ sererhh, The higher part of the road, 
^}/^ serr.shteh, A thread, a rope, a cord» 
CJy /^ ^e/^ec/tt//, To appear, to happen. 

±j jj^ser%eve$h,Qtr\s\xxQi blame, reproach* 
jj y^serxeer, With the head inclined, [brain* 
-Uj-N sershm, Stupified, an inflation of the 

I 272 ] 

r foolish, 
wy/' se rselx.y ery oj^re^n.^^f^erser, A curtain, 
6^ >^ siT^efeh, 'J he top of a mountain, &c, 
(J ^j^ serseree^ Folly, easily, gratuitously, 
CJ ^J^y^/^ seTsuwkran, The high-constable, 
the master of the horse. [lin. 

i^^ j^ seTsinehy A dimple. /^/^ seresh, Mus- 
^ ^ ^ sershakh, Ihe main beam of a house. 
j^- j^ sershar, Full, redundant. 
>^.J^ ^ seres fit J Nature, complexion, intellect, 
tj^^ sereshtun, To mix. [Swallowing. 

f^ /^ fiefi she r, The cream of milk, is^^ serf, 
^^\hj^sertkn, Arrab.a sore, a disease, a sign in 
^SjiejM. serttrkt. Gruel, pottage, [the zodiac. 
^ jM* fe^(el, 'i all and tottering. 
0-^j^ ser em, Long, speaking softly. 
^j^ At? o, A tender youth. ^^^ U^^ ser-hn, He 
ts.yM 8cr-af, Swift, speedy. [hastened. 

jC^ j^ scikiker, A chief, leader [shoot. 
i^ycj*^ sertojp Tender, lean ^^*. scrgh,A vine- 
^v y^/^ Atr^Aoo/, Opulence, beneficence. 
»^^ serg/ieeii, A corn -pipe. 
^ se/i AVodigal, exceeding bounds, [mour, 
^/^ so/f, Lead ^^ j^ seijhk, V^oic e, cla- 
♦jyk.j'.Jy-- Sirfjjieeduu, To cause to cough, 
%oym sofeL, A ship- worm, a luuth. 

I ^73 


ti 5^ serefj\i^j Exaltecf, eminent. 
4 )^ serferoo, Bowingi prostrate. [tie, 

>r ^^ sor/boh. Swelling of the veins on cat- 
J>yw soffeh, A caterpillar, ^i^^er/ve/?. Dung 
.♦f^ci>v^ soifeedan. To cough. [of birds, 

( 'i,y^ serelii Robbed, assassinated- 
^i^». serJia,^ Sour wine, -r y^ serkooj,K plume 
.^yv^serJieerij Dung, compost, [of feathers, 
{^v^ serkcii V'megsir. ^^^ser^'ifebee, A secret 
M ^ serkhvy A chief, "agent, knowledge, [tary. 
l!/V/^ iserg-ero-w. Having the head confused 
4, >r^ sergerd,^ Giddiness. [with drink.* 

'* #*■ *» y ■ 

.♦!),/>y^ ser^erdhn. Confounded, astonished, 
^ fy^ sero'^rm, Inflamed with love. [humbled, 
if^/^ serkeshf Obstinate, disobedient. 
^^±J ^ sergeshteh, Astonished,' wandering, \ 
, J^^ sergeloo, A disease in the Jbrairi. ^ 
^^ •/ y^ serkoohy Striking the head, ^ ^ 
5j\^=>-w- serkook, Weak, lean, emaciated. 
(/y ^ Sirkooije, The top or end of a street 
J^serkeh, Vinegar, a nit. 
^ ^ serkdejeh/ihe vertigo. ^A/^.>- ser^eesh^ 
^^J^s^rgeejiy Dry dung. [I he rain-bow, 
^ ^ soreut, Wild mustard, cold 
^ ^ senna, The winter, cold weather. 

u » 


[ 274 ] 

^2>^>** sormhn, A malignant species of hornet, 
^ I -^ sermhheh. The handle of a wimble. 
{J^j^ sermhie. Cold. [pal sum, 

^l^^ sermhyeh, A stock in trade, a princi- 
^^^ sermejt Orage, a kind of ivy. 
jwc^^ sermedy Eternal, everlasting, perpetual. 
• ^•yrf^ sermereh. Numbering by the head. 
,^>w«^ sermest. Very drunk, intoxicated. 
/jf-ii.^^ eermeshJtt A copy (for writing). 
b-«^;*» sermef. Long bodied. 
9^y^jM, sermoozek, A kind of hose put over 
boots to keep them clean. [clarion. 

r*Jy^ sere?i. The white lily. C^ sornhy A 
If C^^ sernkSt Impotent, o U^ ^erwo/i Long, 
^y*^ serenf, Vermillion. [fast, solid. 

/J/^ serendy A gin, ivy. ,g ^^ serendecy Firm, 
{*) A^/^ seretideedutt, To sit cross-legged* 
^^ j^ serej}fy A garment of three colours. 
t*j^y^ sernegoon. Bringing down, humbling, 
i^j^/^ serengeeduriylio wager, to wear. base. 
■^^ J ^ semooshef, Predestination, fortune. 
^^/^ sernehboriy An oven, a kettle, a chal- 
^^m seroOy The cypress- tree. [dron. 

^^y^serw^i A romance, false, bare-headed# 
^h/^ *pru'^c?, Poetry. 

t 275 ] 

J \^^ senuaz^Bvave, resolate. 
^\^y*> serw^l, Breeches, 
!l>;!^^ serwa'ndb,%i The top of a declivity, 
V— 1^^^ serooh, Pasturing at liberty Ca camci), 
_^^^ sorooji A saddle, 
(1)^4^/^ 5eni^^"^?2, A young girl, a tree. 
^^^ sorooh, Pasturing at large in the morning, 
»j^^soroodj Fearful, tinaorous, ^ying in terror. 
J ^ j^ server, A king, a cpmmander> business; 
j^j^ soroor, Gladness, pleasure, contentment. 
J*/^ serwe^f A coYering for the bead. > 
//> ^/^ seroosh. An angel. [cough. 

0_5^ seroof, Mighty, large; ?. sorocf, The 
y^^j^ serwekt, A bed-chamber, a cabinet^ 
ja^^M, serwelet, Putting on breeches, &;c. 
i*J^j^ seroon» A horn. [tiful woman, 

j^^y^seroonhz, A kind of tree, darlings a beau.* . 
(y«. sereK A fiame, vapour, a web of cloth. 
•^jm $erhel, A greedy eater, fat, b%ilky, gross. 
tssAjj^ serhejeu Denying, twisting, 
.XA^iw serhed, The fat of a earners bunch. 
^*^t/^ ^erhenky A chief, leader, a com mis* 
\^j^ seree. Greatness, bigness. [sary. 

*j^^ sereyety A troop, a body of men, 
^_^U=ssj^^ serejeyan, A beautiful nose. 

t 276 ] 

<<jy^ scTeeh, Vn'clo^thtd, bare, a woVlc scoi) 
.♦f^u^ sereedun. To sing. [finished. 

A"^ sercer, A kingdom, a throne/ a coffin. 
• v^ seretTy The rain-bow. 
» ^ ^*M serecrci. Private, hidden. 
fjij y»' serees^h, A curtain, a covering,^ ''") 
/^" j^ serceshovi, A gum. 
♦y ^ v<^ screeslieh'JiOii, A baker. 
^jyuSu ^ ^crees/iet'<^^/w,Brangle, dispute, qiiar* 
k#^^ scnretty Any thing swallowed. [reU 

^ VA* sereay Swift, active, making haste." 
^;^ scree gh, A bunch of grapes. 
,♦-♦ V-- ^orffew, "Chosen, a sweet-heart, tumult. 
^^^^sereenehy A wound in the head. 
! Vv. A'e%^, Honourable, deserving, recom pence. 
A^S*^ sczhivkvy Worthy of love. 
C)^"}^ 5c^e^</z//?, To be M'orthy, to suit. ^^ 
^>.vw.^ sost, Tender, soft^ careless, slack ihbu- 
.J^^ seshemlehy Tuesday. [siness. 

/^<2^ sesad, Three hundred. ^^ILu*, 5^/ar, A sou- 
-II2-* scthwy The edge of a sword, [rish wine, 
>d2x' seiohr^ Corpulent, fat, dense. 
g^l3^ ^eiehy A surface, a platform. 
^,kw ^c/d^, A row, describing. 
^'S^\^j^ sotorlab, An astrolabe. -;, 

I 27t J 

ttuM 8etef, An oppressor, a tyrant. [ing. 

-'.b^ 9eta, Extending, scattering abroad, spread- 
Ula« seta-h. Having a large neck (an ostrich.) 
^fc^ A. p, seteh A brass kettle, a large bucket. 
^k« ^d/oo, Making an attack, assaulting, 
^^kw, setooh, Plur. of ^isu*. *ef^^. 
£^kM seioo-a. Perfuming. . [travellers, 

g\Ak^ seteeh, A leathern water-bottleused by 
^** sete-a. Break of day, aurora. 
,».^ U/^ sa-hlech. Phlegm, rheum* 
SLaw 5a^d/, Plur, of ^c U sh-yee, 
lal>u» sa-adef, Happiness, felicity, picity; 
•^l? ^^^^ ^fl" kdet'khhneh, The mansion of fc- 
^U*- sa-kr. Vehemence, vapour, heat. 
^ U*. «a-^/, The cough. 
^oIju., sa-aneeVt The festival of palms* 
^ ^ Uu. 5a- dtt'^^jPatient of labour. Jess, graceless. 
wou.5a-a/,Pov^^er, ability* yjr^w sa-ier, Shame- 
^jXum sa-teree, Crafty, liberal, bold, valour. 
*::«^*a-/c^,~A wound in the hand, [fortunate. 
^^r^x^ sa-teeritKn onion. ,>usu, 5a-ac?,Happiness, 
^J^^^JsJ^*. sa-dhn, A kind of tree, galingale. 
^ sa-ar^ Flaming, ascending, exalting. 
%j\jXam sa-rarety Sun-beam, aurora. 
* CD ',/«*- m-ariin, Mad, furious, runnings 

t i>3 T 

h*M, 8a-att Piercing with a spear.' 

Vi^ 5/7/e'/,Akind of ulcer growing on theheadi 

ysm SO' alt A bad species of dates, [of infants, 

5U-. ga-il, A hideous dragon. 

i\juM sa-let, Coughing, -.ju. fifl/w. Going haste (a 

^j^^**« 5flw, Fat of meat, [camel). 

ftyfc^ sa-ood. Prosperity, fortunate, favourable. 

hys^ sa^oof. Medicinal snuff. 

-yu. sa»oow. The quick pace of a camel. 

^»m sa-ie. Purpose, intention, enterprise. 

0^-. sh-yeed, Happy, fortunate, a brook. 

kwu. e^yeeff Tartar of wine. 

^ *egh, A horn of a cow, an edifice, 

VJ^ seghe!'. Hungry. 

*A*^ seghleh, Dutiful, very ready to obey. 

9^X00, seglif. Fast, hard, solid* 

jjty^ seghd, Ready, prepared, bent with age, 

{^ ^j^ s.'ghdeCy Readiness, &c. a pudding; 

A^ seghcT, A hedge-hog. ify*^ svghree, The 

p-iu. seghw, One badly fed. [crupper. 

.^_%^ sift The shoulder, 

Uu, eifdy Leanness, a species ofplant, a thistle, 

'gU*» 5tA^, A shedder of blood, a tyrant. 

f^ ILm. ee'fAref» An embassy, setting out, an a- 

JU» XUsof^tct, Household furniture, [greejnent^ * 

t 279 ) 


J [jJi spfhl, A low rank, descent, deptession* 
^\i^ sef^len, A potter, a vessel of earth, 
j^bU •seffan, The commander of a ship* 
gUUw sefhnbj, Spinnage. 
liliu, sef^neti The art of ship-building; 
s Um *c/a^, Folly, imprudence, rashnesSf 
^i}im sef (teeny Plur* of ja*i«5(/£;e«fi/. [shoulder; 
^^^yS^ seft. Solid, hard, constant, gross, the 
1^^ softun^ To pierce, to bore, &c. fsew* 
^A^d^ softeedun, To perforate, to insert, tp» 

gxiw «^/J', Tempest, g^i^ Sifeh, Pouring out. 

>ft< «^c^, A wicker basket. 

y^ sefer, A voyage, a journ^i whitencsi# 

^^ seferjol, A quince. 

«5^ sefrekeh. An Ethiopian wine. 

C^L»ju. sefshf. Wicked, any thing bad* 

iiiA^*- aefoost, A lemon or citron tree. 

SkiJU sefsefef, Any thing bad or trifling* 

SounJu. sefsefef. Spoiling (one's work,) sifting, 

Suu. sefet, A strong basket, a leather vessel. 

3Lxi^ sefa-at, Fierce, mad. 

l£ai*^ sefketi A wink with the eye. 

'3i^ »e/?. Inferior, mean, ^\%mSeflej, Long, tall^' 
^ j^^^^ sefieedun, To blow a flute, to com«» 

' / press, to bore. 

[ 280 1 

^C^ seferTf Scraping, sweeping, a hatchet. 
^^ sefi'fj, A globule of paste, a sponge. 
iijeJm seftinjeh. Rest, peaceable, q^uiet. 
jCJ^ sefend. Wild rue or the seed, 
^ sefdOy Swift in running or flying. 
A^*«< sqffboJr A roasting- spit. 
j^ sefoor, PJur. of jLm s^fer, [cine. 

^^y*" s/oof, A pomegranate grain, a lAedi- 
^ j,i*» n.fool. Meanness of rank, depression, fall, 
^v^^*" sfoouy A wind sweeping the^rouaJ. 
\x*H:sefeh^, Plur. of ^aI**. sefee.h, 
^.Im, Stfje, A tenipest, a cloud* 
\gS46 ^(Jcy^f Going haste (a muV*) 
^Uvju. sef.ehhn. Two sacks joined together 
/Jl^ S'fceJ, White, hoarv. [like saddle-bags. 
wsi^ 3efe(r, A broker. 

4JLJum 6efeef, The belt or girth of a earners 
c.V>«M« Sffeeh, Solid, Arm, shameless, [saddle. 
.sXajU scfeeU, Overflowing, ^^a^ s^feeu, A 
m^ sefeeneft A ship, a bark. [wedge. 

*,Ju- 8'feeh, Mad, ignorant, impudent., 
j-^aLw- sefeehee. Stupidity, madness. 
.L-JUJ'*. seh'Sck, A word used in driving bulls.' 
UU. Beth, Vide, a water-carrier. 
h\Am seJtiit, A sleep, deficie^it,. carrying away. 

[ 2«» 1 

tj\tM, seHkyet, Presenting (water or wine^) , 

^j^^U-w sehayoon, Plur. of Lii*. sehk. 

f .y... 5eA:^ff^ PufF, and in flesh, long» 

Sxjl-. sekbet, A female-ass, a colt. 

L^^jji^ sekaf , Ill-lucked, hss^i^, sek-hef, Baldness, 

i'^JLw sehdet, Redness, ^^^i^ sekdod, Poor in 

^. «e;5"^r. Hell. {ilesh (a horse)^ 

Ki» sckerJcay Ethiopian \yine. 

k«.«, se.^A Fire, sparks struck from a steel. 

^taiu- seJitee, Lame. ^X^ s^.^a^ Crowing, goi=»|5 

<f^LJu» SdktereCf Long of stature^ £a>yaj» 

t^AM. s^^, A roof, a dangling beard? 

J ^,„^J^ $ek/-khaneh, The roof of a house, th^ 

yi^ se^el, Cleaning, polishing^ [j^siling. 

j^ lUlv- se^e/df, Scarlet cloth, kaIJu* se^lele' fi^str 

^'i^ SL^iem^ Disease^ sickness, [ing on thegroy pd^ 

U5^*«*« sekinooneehj "X species of herb. 

^yjUy stimee, Indisposed. Jo yi^.se^ooJi, Fallings 

i^ ^».sekoof, Pjur. of(.^jL« sekf^ [hoar frost, 

ju. 5e^e€, Watering, a palm.kJi-.. sekcet, Saow^ 

SttiAiU sfke^tety A mean base woman. 

^jJ^sekeeni, Indisposed, disease, infirm, [ears, 

^„J^ seky "Night- shade; a. jse/frf, Mutilating the 

^ Sf'^k^, A quiver. 

V ,^^a*w sthkb> The castor or beaver. 

w » 

k5t>tia-». sei^t, Silence, happiness, prosjJcHtj. 
jLa.t,^M, sek^jeh. Ignorant, simple. 
><f fel*. sekhcheh. The night- mare. 
^IC' sogir, A knave, a scoundrel. 
^ylC' sekhrcheh. Madness* [flour, 

^j^ solihroo, A large oblong loaf of fine 
Cj*j^ sekarooj?. Full, a hedge-hog. 
^xtfelv- sekhshtuUf To hold by force, [lace. 
^ ^ sekhfj A clew of 5ilk, burnt silver, 
i^ seJi^fehi The bow of a violin* 

^>-^ sekkki A plank, a board. 

j^LSjm. sekkkeen, A cutler* (ji^\L^ seghlcsh, 

JiC' sekctleh. Dung. [Thought, controversy. 

fMytJLCl gegaleeduft. To think, to deceive. 

iM K^ seghr?, Three and three. 

0i IC- seg^fieJ?, Triple, of three kinds. 

^I^IC' sekcLwkneh, A hard nut. 

«yX- sekel', A tall man, flowing. [&c, 

U.^1.^ sekha, A dish made of meat, wheat, flour, 

*M LO seghd,n, A dog-keeper, a life-guard. 

^^Jc^^^^sX^ seghestek, A sagacious dog. 
tn^^^ sektet, Silence. i*j\j^ sekteyan, Leather. 

0^ segecheh, A little sagacious dog. 
^I>u>jC' segdendarit A canine tooth, toxicated. 
>^w. «dl'(jr. Damming up (a river); iokor, In- 

[ SS3 3 

t]y£x^ seJicry, Swoon,, agony* 
y^l^^a^ se^ird.n^ Drunk. 

♦^ ^ so^er-peer?j, March pane^ 
^ X^ sokorcheh^ A saucer, a measurfr. 
yu3 Jw^ segerfend^ A stumbling horse. 
X^j.^aA« sokerket, Drink made from millet, 
e X^ soJtoreh) A saucer, weigh- 
vG ^c^^^-^i, A carpenter's tool. 
i*j y^ segaen, A broad-headed pointless a&» 

row with which boys learn to shoot. 
i*j^,,y^ seg^eedurf) To commit a crime. 
J LX-^ segsbiTy An avaricious man* 

♦y: X.V- sokostun, To be broken or torn up^ 

^^JL^X^ sokso/t. Going hastily (a horse), 

XSCaX- seheket. Weakness, strength. . 

K^*- sekdffi Strange. 

.^Ife' sek^aiee, A castor or beaver. 

Z:^M. sikdrrii Going with short steps* 

^*=^-- sekev^ A dwelling, fire. 

*A,£3*, sekenet, A habitation* solid, constancy. 

^^ stkonj.K putrid smell from the mouth. 

i^j-^^J^^ sefcenjo'eeiiy Oxymel. [cough. 

♦ r 
i*j >^^f^ s^^enjeedun. To select, to choose, to 

^:Sa-*. seJtennee, A kind of hatchet, a carpen- 
yl^^C seguhr, Mourning, [ter's instrument. 

{ 284 ] 


^'^SAm seliool. Flowing (blood or water), 
tu^^a*- sekoot, Silence, quietness, quiet. 
"^ jy^^*** soliOOTj Becoming calm (as wind) after a 
^_^U'' yL^ se^ooshhhf Shining. [storm. 

^ y^^ sekook. Comforting. 
f.yy^=iM. sehoon, Rest, dwelling, poor, mise* 
J^ sehchy Vinegar. [rable. 

jx£=^ sekecT, Drunken, ^a^^^aw fieheet^ Malig- 
L\l^lj:r^ se^ee;2;^eJz/w, To gallop, [nant. 

f .-*=^" screen, The quick pace of an ass, 
i**.£=L^ sekeenef, Gravitj, repose. 

U sol, A tumour. iU selb, Melting, 
u-_. %^ Sfilal, A mourning garment. 
CLi ^*^ sellat, A greedy eater, a glutton. 
*.&. iL. S3lhjenif An arrow with a long head or 
^ ik^ selhhy Armour, arms. Jpoint. 

^ i\«, selaJth, A skinner. ^ 

1 ^ lU' selahhor, A breaker of horses, 
^ylL^ selhs. Madness. x^5)u selasef, Facility* 
}ff >W. selat, A cloth for holding straw, &;Ct 
SisiU selktet. Sharp, authority. 
i^ iU seltifeeif, Plur. of ^ UaJu. soItan» 
c-J 5U ^d/^)/, Wine, juice. ' 
^'iU. 5(?/a>f, Performed with a light hand; 
Jyt'iU . selak^t Boiling, 

'^^jU srlkHy riur. pf ^%«. $.dka'^ 
i iU» selal, 1 he consuraption. 
Xl :kV-«» solalet, 1 he} oun^ of^lJ kinds of creatur5», 
P y*«, sel\??ff A salutation, safety, [a runniiigy 
fc_^ iL« sHihe^f, Plur, of t_-A^X-s« selhebf 
^,4^ 5;«/g/i^Rapirve, plunder, spoiling. 
CLaX*« ^e/e/, Cutting^ striking, rejectrng. 
IaJU, selta, ^it nosed. ^aU ^dtem. Distress, 
*:vU seUej, A gift, swallowing. [tortoise. 
♦..-svX^ ^i'lfem. Long, a turnip. Us\X-w^ selchfk, X 
^U Sf^/^'/, Skinning (an animal,) tl\e end of ^ 
•yA^^vX- $elkhe'', K thick foot. [month, 

OwsvW sel.W/ed, A strong she-camel^ 
^UJU- selmh A chain. 

jtU salt, A long tongue. »IW.<^. *7d^^ Sharp, 
#^llaX^* sohkn, A .monarch, ting, absolute 
^vtaJLw $oltchf A smooth level mountain, [p^^vyer, 
fcsssJaJL- solfe.het^ Broad, wide. 
3Uyu, soltene*^ Power^ magnificence, territory, 
^-w seliif Breaking, a crack, a faille, leprous, 
SxJi^ Bjsla-aty A fracture in the head. 
t_Jul*« $ela-f{f\ Puffed with pride, nodding. 
i)u« sele -h. The toughness of old meat. 
oJti.*- sc/ghed, A greedy eater, a fool, a vv olf*. 
i.JU3u- selghef, Kohust, full gro^rt^n, firm. 


f 286 I 

iJXju, selef. The past, a predecessor, a pilf^i^. 

^*j^'jlU so[fy?iee(fun, To cause to cough. 

^\^ selfa, Courageous, bold. [is thrown. 

y*iA^ solfut/T; Any back place where rubbish 

j^^^JJL setrfooUy Preceding. AiU solfeh, Thfe 

Ul*- se^lck, Bedaubingi [cough* 

SLXU sclief, Level ground^ good soil. 

^il^ sjlix, A desen, rugged ground. 

*sXiy^ sehklekety A terftiagant. 

aaIm, Se/h'tti, A lion, a long-nosed camel. 

i'ioii-v. seiieniety A she- wolf. 

^U 5c'/^, Threading; silt, A thread, a train, a 

j^^iX*^ solkee, I^igging well. [series. 

^U selwtj, A long slender artow head. 

,.4^ selmehj A mushroom. 

-nJi«, ^elenj. An ulcer on the lips. 

jt ILuJu. selenth-a, A tall man. 

^vLiXa- selefjfehi A large plain. [Satisfied. 

^^ A. p. 5:'/oo, A kind of coarse shoe; a. soloo, 

]^ sdtvb,, Honey, martna, quails. 

»^)u- selwef) Content, Satisfied. 

i__,^^ selooh. Liable to abortions (a camel), 

cJ^l«, stlouf, Passihg, preceding. 

c_j\jJU selook, Nature, genius. 

^ ^Ju selook, A journey, manner, rule. 

t^k^ selweJi, A ihbfe, slipper, sandal. 

^^X«. setweCy Honey, manna* [taJL 

J^seleh, A wicker- basket. u*jIm» sdheh, Long^ 

^^L. selhe'rn, Slim and long, 

j^*. sellee, The consumption;. jUJU ^etykr, Spit- 


j,U seleeJ'i Carried off by violence^ [tie. 
^^ seledkhf An ulceration of the lips. 
tiJu. sdeet. An abandoned woman, [herbs, &c. 
e-iJiv- seleef, A purse. Jij.^ seleek, Boiled pot- 
^\^ seleeiiiy Wholesome, mild, healthy. 
Jf^ «e/w. Venom; som, A claw, hoof, the eye 

of a needle. 
U*« semci,. The heaven, cloud, ah umbrella, a 
SUv. seniht, K sign, mark, &c. [roof^ 

_U*« stJnkjy Plur of ^♦^^ «e/;j/. 
*^l**», senmjett Filthy, base, deformed. . 
*^4.*«, sernkh, Beneficent, merciful, liberal. 
X t^ senitikh, The ear, the orifice of the ear^ 
aU-w semad. Dung and ashes mixed. 
TUw 'semd^r, A kind of herb. 
^ • lU^ semhrooghy A white mushroom* 
i^^lcvs*. s.masert, Plur. of^Lucw semskr. 

Jalfvw semkt. Series, order. 

gUv^ semdL-a, Listening, hearing, singing/ 

^.Us*« sem^-aie, Belonging to^a^khce^ 6r song. 

t 2^ J 

cJ)W BemhJ^t Pure, genuine* 

J^ l^M*, semakeel, A species of plant*- 

^\\c^ sew^lej. Sweet milk. 

A^ sc7)/atn, A kind of swallows, 

^{/^ semiln, Heavep, the 27th day of the 

Persian month. 
. J;i;y^ ifimtunjoonee, A hyacinth, a saphire, 

w U^5ow(^we>^, Heaven, t^j lrs*M j?(?mawee,Aquail, 
^^\e^ semciu'eti Standing, a roof, 
4f^lfM*. semnveCy Heavenly, sky- coloured, 
gv* l«v«. semdkij, Insipid. ^^ \j^ seninheeJ^An. 

« • L/^ somlhdeh, A clean and smooth stone. 
3.A*«^ semLel, A flower, an odoriferous plant. 
C^f^ semetf Road, country, way, path. 
f /'^ /^ semtcrrcish, A farrier's instrument. 
^'^^ somej\ A miser, a rabbit's hole; A. sewjf 

Deformed, stinking. 
^ygss,^ 8cnihej,K long-backed mare orshe-as% 
y^ semer, A pack- saddle ; 4.. seff^er, The 

night, darkness, time, a porch, an accident. 
ii^j^^ eemrtjlehut Let it be given to him ! 
J- /^ semetrejy An assessment, tax. 
^Utf *«w semrctcll, Nodding, tottering. 
rPpjf^ icmrood, Of great extent in length. 

w^<v^ semree, An Egyptian thorn/ 

J Ivw^ Semsd^r, A broker,, a rnediator. 

v..Ju«^^ semsek, lessaraine A^m^Cw a. p. semseky 

^«w sew^em, A fox.. [Base,, vile, shaijieless, 

ta^w Semet, Displaying, suspending,^ 

^Ufvw. sevietec, A versCj nimble, active.. 

2«^** Si^ma, Hearing, the ear. iJ^seiuegh, Gum,^ 

^Jte^ sem^li^', Rich and sweet milk. 

j^X^ ^mghemi, A woman in her courses. 

«Jicv*M sewek, Tall, long. Ae<^ semeJf, A fish, 

^9^ seniel. Cleaning a well, Vessel, &c. recon". 

^^^AM- semlakh. Having no taste or relish. 

^♦^ semlt'jy Light, nimble, sweet milk. 

^X*A« semella^, A wolf. 

U/^ senwh, A sweet- heart, a lovely girL 

X;^^ senmet. Full of flesh, 

^/OU^ semend, A horse of a noble breed, 
A fj^ semeTJz^r, A jessamine garden. 

LjU^ semensa^, Resembling jessamine. 

«X/^ semvQo^ Any sweet dish. 

,JU^ SfitDneh, A camel kept for fattening. 
,^ semoo, Height, sublimity, dignity, high. 

CL>^y*^ semtvkty Pluf. of u^ sew^. 

r^*^ ^(^fnooh, Affable, beneficent, 

Y * 


I Z90 I 


J y*^ seinoor, Of a tawny bro\vn colour, 
^^4AM semooky High, elevated. 
w.Ls^«vM. semookat, Plnr. of A**, semeh 
^y^ semoolf An old worn garment. 
^^♦A- aemoon. Fleshy, corpulent. 
^y^ setnooh, Astonished, running. 
>^ semeh, Thunderstruck. • 
p.l^*Av semhhjf A falsehood, fictious. 
^^^ semheJ, Any thing hard and dry. 
A jv4*Av semheded, A fleshy camel, 
,.N^**« &emheder, Full and round in flesh (a 
cs j^^ semher-ee, A spear, {young man,) remote, 
( V^^^ semhook A large tree. 
^^ semehee, A falsehood, external air, scat- 
^^ setnee, Going a hunting;. [tered, 

gvk4-M« $ertieej. Ugly, without form. 
^A4->« semeeh, An easy step or pace, abandoned, 
^u«M A, p. sem^eJ, White bread. 
^X4^ seniedT, An historian. 
i< vA**- sem&eree, A k'^d of ship. 
IsA*^ senieef, A verse, ^x^-*- semea, A heareW 
l.Sa**M. 8^meeJih> A species of small'fish. 
,yA4^ Semeeh Plur. of ^^^ scitiooh 
(jjy4-«» semeen, Fleshy. 
>p^^^ eemeenej, Ill-disposed, 

[ mi I 

^^*M semehee, Alie, vail, the atmosphere, exter« 

.♦^ .sew, Colour, sort, a rude, age, holy, [nal air? 

jjjM. *ew7z. Forming, polishing, cleaning.* 

Uv« 56720^, Shining, light, splendor, brightness 

v-^ (JU^ senhhy Swimming. 

>j iju- senalel, Plur. of 3^x*. somheL ^ 

^ l;*w senhhy Manifest. 

jUUav senakheff A noxious smell. 

g. i Um. senhdoj, A stone with which glaziers 

.U^ sonnhr, A cat, &c. [cut glass,. 

AsU^ sennat. Beardless, having a thin bearq? 

-IjUm senhm, A hill, a earners bunch- 

• Ua* senttn, Illuminated, clear. 

^IjU senaiieery ^\\xv» oi ^ ^^ senewer. 

'ij \Xj^ senayet, Compleat, all, the whole. 

.♦j>;tw^ sombaneedun, To cause to bore< 

Xaaa^ semletety A short space of time, 

jj*,aLm. €emles, Being swift, soon. 

-wwJt^ semheseJi or ^J^ semleh, Once, for 
« ♦ ' ■ 

^u senibol, A flower. [this time. 

../^ ^.^X*y semLoosehf A kind of triangular pasty, 
ij ^^ semlook, A small boat. 
^ yuJ^ somheedjin, To pierce, to penetrate^ 
se?iet, A year ; senef, Worthless. 
sonieh, 0£ a bad disposition. 


[ ^^ 1 

^"''^ senf. An examiner, aSvergher. 
%.^y^^ senjah, A mouse, a grej squirrel. 
Cj^ If^^ seyrj^rieedun. To cause to weigh. 
c-i«0<^ senjtf or i^^^jim Cinnabar. 
A^^ sejijehj A weight, a scale, balance. 
^ ^jf^^ senjecdun, To weigh, 
i*j<^ senjeeyiy Any thing hollow within. 
^um. S€f?eh, A good oiHen, happiness* 
^U^«. senehnehj Sleepless. 
*acw senkheti A noxious smell, 
i)*^ setJcdf Relation, connection, a vine> ar* 
v^^x^'w 8end<iL, Strong, hard. [bour» 

J !^v,V se-ndkr^ A species of large stone. 
rj^/^ send in i An arrvil. 
^<.>J^ Seiidhfrt Courageous, speedy. [sure* 
Sj.>j*« SdWt/e/'d/, Swiftness, expedition; a mea- 
.^♦y^JU- sendcroos, A species of red ars^- 
fc i^v!^^^r?t/ereA, A bastard. [nick. 
ij I /'^ sendcree, A lion, courageous, hard. 
. f/^ so)7dos, Brocade. 
^>U- sendif, A kind of drum. 

Si^ij^ sendkceshi A vapour, the rainbow* 
^ s'a^ sendel, A kind of bird. 
'j\)^senden, A species of oil. 
t >U- sindeli, A branch. ^>^ sindee, Indian. 

t 293 't . 

^ ^.>^ sen^eyhcl, A species of oak." 
^/'/j^;*,. A. p. sindeyhn, A kind of oak, Indi^ 
^^>tv- sindeeii. Hollow, within. . [ans, 

ym sener, Ill-disposed, rj.*^ sens^Jc, A short- 
^^ sensen, Thirst. [myrtle, 

tu^ sent, The wrist, the wrist-jointi 
v-j ILJa- 5ew/^^;, A hammer. \^\.^^ sent^I, Lon*. 
^*M sena, The ancler [gitudew, 

txxim senahetf A tumour on the lip. 
c-JiA*;-*^ senaleii A bad-smelling plants 
jjjjL^ senfi The leaf of a tree. ,,^J3^ seng, ^ 
I l.sXL- senkbhr, A stony place, [stone 

.<<'^ senhcheli, A hail- stone, hail, 
^I^^aL^ senkdb^n. The crop of a bird, [ten, 
Jl>,w^ seiigdknelh A place for idols, a pot- 
^..w- senger, A porcupine, 
^^w- sengerfy Cinnabar. X^^^ senJishr, 
.^*j{x.,M^ Seng est ^r?, A stony country. [Stoning. 
\Ji^ sengoJi, Hail, ^ IL^ sengol^kh, Asto* 
,^JU]L^ senoelkkckt A wag- tail, [ny place. 

y^ senkom, A cricket. ^ ^/L, senkoor, A kind 
ju-' sengeh, A hedge- hog. [of basket. 

.*,J^ s^ngeen. Obstinate, stony, solid, iirno# 
^ Senem, A high bunched camel. 

i 20* 3 

J,UI*« scnnQmXr, A thief, an assassin. 
^^ senemefi 1 he top. ^^Im. sonen, A way, path, 
^i« 50W00, Watering (ground). fa rulct 

1 *A/^ seiiawh, A burying-ground. 
c::^^;*w senoof. Honey, ^p^ senooh, Manifest- 
« Jl/^ sonood, Leaning upon. [ing» 

^ym senawii'er, Armour, arms. 
u^y^ senoos, A heap of grain in a barn. 
lo^ senoQt, Having a thin beard. 
«y*« senoo-a, Fair, excellent, beautiful, 
.^^yyj^ senwrif A dentrifice. 
y y-M- sonoonoo, The domestick swallow# 
c^y^^ seneivce, Annual. J^ «(jwe^, An year, 
\'^ senhk. Old, ancient, grand. 
^l^iM. seneCf Lofty, great, precious. 
:J^ senee. The ipon head of an arrow ; sinff^ 
ZvJ*« scncef, A year. [A tabl^. 

*^j^ seneed, A bastard, base-born.* - ^ w 
••^-J^ senecx^heht The vveaver*s reed; shuttlCj, 
'^^ ^encem, Lofty. headed (plant)v^.^ . "[&c» 
^^ seni-eti, Acute, barren..gropnd. 
IUaam. seneenef. Wind, a heap of sand. 
''^'^^atid, An evil, mischief, calamity? 


t_^*w «aii^^; Ugliness,' ill-frovvardness. 


iaivet, Pudenda^ ^ubes. 

lid rftj?fl A 


t ^*¥ 

^}^Mi sawhlelf. Past events, 
%\y.^ sawity Acting wrong. 
Js.1>*- seiuaheh Plur. of j^U skMt^ 
y^^ y*. sawkkher. Having a fine gale (ships)* 
fs^\yH sawkhhee. Moistened earth. 
^\ ^^ sauu^d. Blackness, a body of men. 
j\^m sawar, A bracelet; p. suwar, A horse* 
\j )y^ sawoLvky Rubbish. [maji, 

9j^y^ sawareh, A species of herb. 
iSj^y^ suwarce. The art of horsemanship. 
^I^Av suwa-a, The first watch of the night, 
U-^Sym suwhf, A sickness, disease, a herd. 
«!^«, sawajia, Scorching (blasts ofwind), 
^SyM satvafel, Plur. of XXiU shjilet. 
i^\ ym sawivh'k, Ix>ng- legged. 
'h Sym sawakee, PJur. of sa^t-yet. 
^^^^^' sewhkin, Plur. of ^'SjU shhin, 
*^Sy sawdhetiu Over fatigued (camel), 
*)i^y^ sdivayef. Disliking, melancholy^, indis* 
cJLr^M, sawdyef, Plur of wuU scijf^t. [pQsed» 
^\j ^ soohbAi, A medicine. 
%jyM soolety A long journey. 
^^jy 8oiuw,.Littl.e,:$tnalU a few. 
v^^ sooner 1 Far. ojfij fiirther, beyoo4- 
^^^ ««f>/i, €umiiig,:j»ppeari^. 

[ 20^ 1 

cJu^^Zm soolich, Long. 
^yn saw/ch, Sinking in the mud. 
./^y soo^lifegee, Combustion, burning* 
^^^ sookhtun. To burn. 
t yM. sau'd, Dominion. 1^ ^^ sawdh. Black. 
^^y^y^ sawddwee, ASliction, sorrowful, 
da^ sttwdet, A house, dominion. 
J^^) y^ ^^^^^^^^^' -^^ insurer, a publican,' 
^/J^ 4 y^ soodmendy Useful, salutary. 
,*j^ y^ soodun, To wear, to dissolve, to anoint. 
jyM» A. p. «oor. Feast, entertainment, a rampart. 
j^^ SOOT, A wall. 
}• ^ i y^ soorhkh, A passage, a hole. 
J^) r ^y^ soorkkhdhry Perforated, full of holes. 
^ J y soornh, A multitude of people, a trum- 
^y^ J y^ soorenjhn, A kind of medicine, [pet. 
^j^^ sooree, Vitriol, a beautiful red rose. 
>^ I *^ sooree h, A drug. fver. 

J y^ 800^, Inflammation, ardor, a burning fc- 
.♦lywli* *^ soozitneedun. To set on fire. 

^J^ jy^ soozesh. Burning, conflagration^ 
^j y^ soozen, A needle* 
i^^jy^ sooznkk. Ardent, burning. 
t\)^- j^ J y soozendkv, A needle-case. 
^J) J y^ soozendeh, Kindling, burning. ^ 

I m 1 

'/^ ) y^ soo%enger, A needle-maker. [Iove,griel, 

j^'*' ^jy** . sooxoosax, In^amed with passion, 

^J T^ ^oozd^, Elevatioa of mind, dignity, 

(J ) y^ suozee, A conflagration, [pride, 

i*j^l,jy^ soozeeykUf Advantage. 

i\^/i) y^ soozeedun, To burn, to be burnt* 

J L^^ *^ sooswar, A kind of lizard. 

^^.^^ soosen. The Hly. 

hy-M sowft Flogging, lashing, a scourge^. 

^y*, sow-a. Camels pasturing. [present, 

^^ {p y soirghht or >^^y^ A magnificent 

L^yn Boufr Discovcring by the smell. 

j^ y soofaneh. The notch of an arrow. 

^ y' soofchehy Gum of the eyes. 

cJ>>-. sowky Stimulating, leading out, hurting 

Xi'^AM sowJtct, A deputy, a lieutenant, [the leg. 

y^Jy^ sooki Distress, melancholy. 

j^y sowgend. An oath, swearing. 

i*Jj^y SQOgeedun, To lament, to vyeep]' 

^yM sowal, A question, an enquiry. 

^ y^ soolcbkhj A hole, i\ ^m ^o)vlet, Aa 

.J y sooleei A plow. [ inquisitive man. 

^*^*M sowm^ Estimating, injuring, pasturing. 

i^l^ ^QOiuhny Somewhat, a little. 

^> ^^ soompilTieh, A mass of gold or silver* 

A 3 

I 298 1 

iL* yM soomef, A sign, a mark , a price, pasture. 
x^ \X^ ^ sooinenitt or ^^ U, ^ An idof. 
^/•^ soonieh, A mark, banner, dust, filings. 
^>^^ sawer?, A lover. 

^Xj ^ sooiihefcee, A kitid of ship. 
>''^ sewevj, Congratulation, joy. 
A-'^ sooneshy Any fragment that falls in 
filing, polishing, &c. 

. &^ry^ sonookhoshj An untermitting fever* 
>v*^ sowneez, Coriander. 
4«j^^*« sool;, Plur. of vU 5a^. 
j^y*, s^tvur. Attacking, sitting upon, furious* 
-^^-w soom, Faint, weak, satiated. 
v> ^ y^ sawee-khreex, C^nal, conduit. 
ULft^^ sowhek, A violent storm of wind* 
■^ y^ soohehy A smith's tool, 
tf^*- saweCf Equal, whole. 
3L»^*w saiveyety Equal. 
Ooy« saweyedy Inclining to black. 
CJ^^..y saweyedhrit A burial-ground. 
U>j;*^ sityerghk, Sick, sorrow of "heart. 
•y**^ A^ seweeshem, A green stone, an agate, 
)aiym sawyty Mixed (flocks) or other species 
^,^^ seh. Three. [of wealth. 

iS I _^ seh'paie, A tripod. 

J* V 

t ^m I 


A l4*v sehhdt Inability of sleeping,' 
j^^ seJvir, Plur, of ^\^ skher. 
' l^ seharfit Emaciated, a earners disease. 
4-^j«. sehel^, A wide extended plain or desart-, 
c^x^ sMeti Deep. 

0^^ seliedy Waking ; seM, Beautifal, elegant, 
jus^ sehder, Far, distant. 
^^ seller, Cow; seJier, Waking, sleepless, 
i^^^^A- sehrhn. Watching. 
^^ sehleBi Feeding on a plain (cattle), 
^^ sehem, A transverse beam of a house, 
S*4*^ sehmetj Nearness, nighness, share. 
,*^L^.^ sehemheen> Fearful, formidable. 
^ IX^y^ sehemnk^. Horrible, frightened. 
Cj^^rwy^ sehneeduriy To fear, to dread. 
.^ sehoo, Inadvertency, a fault. 
\ y^ sehawa, An hour, part of the nights 

..\y^ sehivauy Imprudent, careless, 
i->y^ selwdby Plur. of »-»€*« seheb. 
c^^ sehweU A subterraneous cavern. 
^y^*M sehooj Violent, vehement (wind). 
^^^ sehood, Waking, sleepless. 
c_^>4iw sehooj 3 A liar. 
iJ^^*« sehook, A storm, a violent wind» 
•*J^^ seJiOoIet, Readiness, gentleness. 

[ 300 ] 

my^ sehooTji, Poor in flesh, changed, 
.^ sehee, Straight, erect (cypress). 
!V ^ee, Thirty. ^^ siyu, Resembling. 
V l^*- seyal. An unripe .date. 
cijL^^, seiyhty V\mv,o{ Cu<m, seyef, 
^ U« spyaj A thorn-hedge, a fence. 
»U«, seyah, A pilgrim, a voyage. 
^ U^ seJyar, A press for wine, oil, &;c. 
3w L** seyasef, Government, publick punish- 
ioUm seyaty A scourge. [m®nt. 

y 5 1^ ^cfyaf, An armour, armed with a sword. 

^U* spyhfee.y Pliir. of cjL**, «e(/I 

^ « Uw scyal'. The agony of death. 

2W^ seyalf Raining, current, rapid. 

Lv- seyah, Black, ^ft L^ seyac/ieli, Blackish 

.wU^ sey hee. Blackness. [brown. 

«1^A^ 6{ci/', Flowing (water,) a present. 

w.^.^ «ei[». An apple. Lv^ seelh., A cuttle- 

ILu« ^f^/e/, Agreeableness, likeness. [fish. 

jcw. seiA, Going on a pilgrimage, 

^^ Lacs-M^ seehati. Travelling, a journey, a voy- 

/^ seikh. A sp't, a furrow. [^S^i 

J l>/^ seehlidkry The holm-tree. 

^^Ji^ see/shtk, A small spit. 

/jj^ fied^, A wolf, a lion, a goat. 

t 301 ] 

(syl*^ tep^ee. My lord, royal. 
^«, *^(T, Travelling, amusing, show. 
SjA^ secr^i A silk yellow striped vestj 
%«•^^^ seef^U'i Wet, moist, dump, juicr. 
'ijK^ seerct. Disposition, form, an instrument. 
. A-^ y^. seereesh, A curtain, a veil. 
iki,y^^ sereegh, A cluster of grapes. 
^^' ^ scerecf, The cough. 
• ^ scaroOf The hedje-hog, the porcupine* 
{J j^ seeree, Satiety. 
,*ji,y^ seereen. Dressed with garlick. 
D * !^ $eezdehj Thirteen. 
A y >^ seezdahemj The thirteenth. 
^y,J^ 5m, A groom, a horse-breaker, [of a hors6^ 
Lmaa« see&a. The interstice between the shoulders 
ws^v.^ seeseher, A kind of herb or flow^er* 

yyij^ seeghoor, ^ ^ kind of sati n , [margin.' 

cJu^ self) A sabre ; ^e^/) A bank, a shore, 

^^^ULm*. seef^n. Slender, shaped like a sword. 

t CJii^, sse^yck', painless cjouds driven by wind. 

^ w%*—''^*fi^» The third part. i,. ,!.,:,, 

w*-%-^- 5t;e^aZfi 'An inundatioi>. [of stone^' 

^^ "^^ 5ed/A9v 3 l]:^,back of weapons, a spepi^s 
^Jwv^ seel^hf An animal herd. •. a.. \ 

A J 

k^ seelee, A blow, slap. ^ seem, Silver 

W^ sc^mh. The face, likeness, aspect. 

>„^ U^ seemkhf Quicksilver. 

yT^*^ ^eembevy With a bosom like silver. 

JUa- sceviPt, A mark, a sign. 

,jj.x.^ sjemten. Resembling silver (a bodj), 

ir^z^ ssemee, The third. 

V-»--^ seemeeh. Enchantment, magick. 
V/r.'^-^ seeiriacn, Of silver, the thirteenth. 
X"" see/itj. The plough- share, furrow. 
^.v sceneh^ The bosam> the breast. 
y^ seou. An apple. 

^ y<M, SH/^yuh, Plur of gru^ s^i^. 

J ^Av, secyur^ Plur. of^ seir. 

il^jy^ Ave;j/wrg//a/, Feudal tenure* 

£^A-- sec'yti-a^ Flowing.. 

e_5^A^ sceyufj Plur. ofc^ix^ «ei/l 

^ y._^ seeivuin, The third. 
';,^,^^v set.ych, Black. 

^^^ seehe', A violent w^ind. 

yi sJieeVy Tlie thirteerith letter of the 

Arabick alphabet, and the sixteenth of the 
•Persian. It denoted 30a in arithtneticki,,.^ 
t^^^'^;^^. A kind of fruit-trees. 

/^t't,i/ ^h^lhs^-f^ Bravo! cxcellenfef 
--^ ti shahdn, A heajthy vigorous youth, 
4UL';s A. p 5//aM'l^> A. species of hard Egyp«. 

tlan wood. 
^jU shklH, A lion with close set teeth, 
ij^bLi sh%hloo\ Oil q/ cinnamon, &c, 
SLs ^^^', A wamaaj a wild ox, a sheep, 
ijjts 8hb.tein^ Treating witKcO'^t>iinely. 

5 Li s'la^en^ A weaver. 
j^Li ^h^jen. Troubled with, sorrowful, 
«j»:*U sh.xhe^\ Wanting; flesh, emaciated. 
^:*.Lii sliJikeni, A seller of tallow. 
ixs.Lii &h\heyefy Opening the mouth widely. 
*^ ^ shaJtht A branch, aa horn, a shoot. 
«-^=:Li shtblilheb^ Spurting out (blood).. 
A^^'^ !ihk^fr,tb!\ Full of branches. . 
^^^j^^ IS^ shak/iesf. Victuals, provisions. 
iyasLVi &hahlii^. Lifting up (the eyes). 
iULi shkkhehy A species of herb. * 

e f^U' slihkooreh. Brick or tile furna,ce, 
i^^^^^ shakliclh The pillory. 
^ LiU^ s//d^. Gladness. ' 

w-^l^t^ shiidcil'y Wet, pleasant, lively. 
,ji.ljl'^ shxdl'Mj See /^ t^ L^^ f/ii^^ft. 
•.iU di^de/i, Copious (pasturage). 

■^ i 

[ 804 ] 

^!>lii shhdekh, Deviating from a purpose, 
w^l^p^l^ shctd-^hah. Sweet slumber. 
If^^ shiid^ihor, Cheerful, exulting, [chamber. 
CJ^^J^^ shhdirwan, A king's court, a bed- 
uJ^U shared, The sun rising and shining/. 
^j Li shb^rek, A species of nightingale. 
j^j^ s]i\rJib.r, Idle, sluggish. 
/M)^; l^ sharwh?i, A chamber, king's palaca. 
^•j^ shhroof, A (thick) rope. ^ 

.t J t^ shkreh, A curtain, veil, a turban, - vj 
^^ Li" shhree, A sect of schismaticks. 
/*/>iI.;^ shareedun. Criminal, guilty. 
jU s^as:, A stony place- ^--jjIk shhzeh. Dry, 
u^{^ shas, A hard place. [rough (way,; 

«-v*.U; sltisel', Meagre, dry, shrivelled. 
>^:^^l^ s^a.v/, A wild turkey. '■ ' - \^ 

yj^l^ shash, Sinful, wicked, urine. • - 
j_J^ ^ shcishhJt, A large lute with fourstrings. 
^'yvi' li' shashdan, A bladder, the poplar. 
jJ^ l^ s^(i5//e//, Publick fear. 
^>^l^ shasheediuiy To piss. 
4««w»U shtiseh, Oppressed w^ith penury. : 
^^\ji, ^libfSer, Pricking (with a thorn), dig- 
Ci»^U shkseret, A snare, a n6r. '^ ' [g'I>g- 
^U Mfee, Stretched (leather bottbV ' 3 

I 305 1 

h U. sTihtif A tall and straight 0giirei 
f^h\Ji shcbtcen. Criminal, wicked, 

uu shhtee. Brink, shorei 
^ U shk-yr, A poet. 3* U shh-yU Flamingv 
jl\j4 sh^gheVy Deserted. 
3i U sMghil, Diligent, hearkening to, heedful. 
Ci*£\^ sJiagheyet, Redundant, distorted (tooth.) 

♦^ l^ shhfturif To swim> to be worn. 
«iU shbjiay A he-goat, a ram, interceding. 
^j l«i shafen, Looking with half-shut eyes. 
«5 1£ shafijiy A medicine for the eyes, 
^li shhfeey Salatary, healing. 
Vj J^}^ slibfeeduiif To stumble, to fall. 
tJi Ci 5^ ^< ^/f', Difficult; t roubles o me, perpleriTJg. 
^*l^ shaJfee, Wretched, unfortunate, pitiful^ 

^\^.&//hh A small sproqt of a tr^e, ai' 

tumour. , 

iVlJ. shahctrj An apprentice, a servant, a grooiii 
iSsU shaket, A tumour in the thicat;. .'^ ^^ 
^^ U shaker. Celebrating, praising, thanking.' 
'ij^ U. shaker etf A 1)ag, a purse, a sack. 
^yTi^ shhgird, A scholar, a boy, disciple, 
^Sj Li shhkee. Bewailing, weeping, a lion. - 
I IJ' s/i>i/, A shawl, a small carpet, ., Z' 
,^JcJ^ Bhhi'hmk, Miserable, guilty, poci*^^ 

■ ^ 

B 3 

f U «7/flw, The evening. 

^^/L li' slihmkk or ^..^ It A short female 

X\,\!^ ahaffiXUh, Hard pitch. [garment. 

J l\!^ shtifnUeh, Black, brown. 

^'tlt shiman, An ell, a taylor's yard. 

ju Li shanieft Affliction, calamity, misfortune. 

&v«ti shameHt High, lofty, sublime. 

5w* U shltihz* A fruitful tree. 

tfeC-lt s//a»i^ct^, The evening. 

^La sht^nfel. Understanding^, 

^\ji,8hameh, A chief, commander. [Damascus. 
^ U shamee. Supper, the evening, a citizen of 
^Lu ^h^Hj A business, nature, condition. 
<ii sh^nibf Clean teeth, sweet breath. 

.♦|1>3 U-. shhtidb/n^ A comb- case. 
-♦j>* li- 6AxW?/w/rocomb. tsy^^shhnxdeh. Six* 
fi^i^^ shut zed ell om^ The sixteenth, [teeij. 
^U shanee, Misanthrope. 
^>Jli- sh i7ieeduv, To comb, to card. 
p\A sh(l-aWt A boundary, mud. 
tf ^ lu shd,vee, Of sheep ^ A'.^^ shhweedutif To 
*^y D Ct shkhroodf A large river. [be* 

? L li* shah- 6,%, Noble, generous, royal. 
j.Ay^ shahheiider. The receiver general of 
duties, tribute, &c. 

J so; 3 

A^li ^hhhedf A witness, a belored object^ 

(/x 'v^ sh.ihedee, A false witness. 

e ly D l^ slicthrah, The king's high- way. 

e^K li- sh^hzbbifeh, A prince, a king's son* -, 

c-Ju>U shahek. Lofty (mountain,) the artery. 

^ li' shahen, A shepherd's pipe, [ry of kings^ 

v« l^ l^ shxhnameh, The royal book, an hi3io-»j 

e liuX^ l^ shh>henshhh. The king of kings. 

^^il.^ l^ 8hb>hemhe^n, The seat of the king, . 

|y.l^ shahwX, Rojal, noble. 

J^y l^ sh hool, A plumb-line or level. 

^ l^ shahch, A turret. 

^li shih^e. Sharp-sighted ; P s/zate. Royal, 

^^ l^ shMiejn, A rojal white fakon. 

^l IX 8h\ykn, Lawful^ suitable, agreeable, 

•poLi sh^yeh. Mixing. , 

-vU shhyeh, Careful, fearful. [perhaps,' 

J^y^ shayid, Ll4 it be! suitable, w^orthy, 

^t^ti' shayerad, A circle round the moon, 

'^>Uwjli' shtyestegee, Conveniency. 

'^*x>rA^ shui/^sfuf?3 To become, to assist, 

^lA shxya. Disseminate, published. 

JL [^ sh lyekf Wanton in behaviour, lustful. . 

-^ U shiiikee, Armed with sharp weapon^ 


( ^8 1 

^^^Jt^'. sh^fgan or r^^.^ Immense, nume« 
.A^y^ shaigiieenee, Small, cheap. [rous» 

J^l£ shhyet, Without milk (a camel). 
fcU bh^ychi Sharp-sighted, a lynx. 
sf^/i^ sh^yediin, To become, to suit, to b« 
•L^ sheli Night, [worth, to assist, to destroy. 
C-» l>-6 shjlil'. Youth, commencement, [pool. 
Sj>.l>^ shj^c\ef, Broad, ylji' sW^r, Awhirl- 
tiJ^, Ui shchirie^, A species of tall tree. 
J • j^ shclMx, Ni^ht and day. * 

iJLj Ui ^hei re^f "^^g* ^^ ^^ piece of cloth, . 
Vi^ U' Li' sheb^sh^b, The night time. 
^ i l^ ^i(e/aJfl,"Plur of 2 a*j£ *A' Wa 
fcL^ sliolb^t, A Svro - Macedonian months 

(corresponding to February). 
XcUi sjid'a-at, Satiety. 

36 Ui she!fu,/tcf. Riotous, given to excess or de* 
I^l^A theha]t^*-9 Net- work, [bauchery.. 

t^^ ihiban, A shepherd, a pastor. 
XSUi shcltinef. Stoutness and beauty (of 
^XjJi shtib .nee, Red-faced. [youthX 

j^/^ shel;hner(j%. Night and day. 
b Iv l^ shebang . h, ^ he evening. 
iU^^shelb^ieh, Supper. [dawn^ 

^.jX Li- shdfii-henJt, The morning-star, the 

I tou I 


^ -J tj^ shelfyhi^h' A. .hat, lAjJi. shdehef, 'The- 
3U^ shebct, A young girl, ' f youths 

ii^^ shiht "Anisie. /^/,-f^ shdcJur^glh Acar'* 
gv>wi> shehejy A tiigh gate. [buncle. 

<v>.^ shells h't Ant object indishnctly «e>nl 
- ^, l^svjJ; shcl'hin, Lon^, .*) *^."^-s^i'/>^ A^ow-,; A ri 
♦^"^ shel:khc'(^'». A ni g h t . vv at ch,. ^i '«> asi uii, 
«jl j^^i sleldaref, JeaJtias (miin)> .'^ 

^ o^Ai; shel'dd, A scorpiorij the tongne» 
|v>.'^ shelddc%, Iran grey coloured horse* 
^^ sheber, A gift, conjugal duty, measuring 
ooj^-i sheherbci, A smallloaxi. [with tlie spax^ 
»ij..-i shelre-icit, Swittness, nimbleness. 
l3^ shehnkf A kind ot" plant or shruK 
fsifjJi. shebreiet, Cutting in pieces, tearing. 
Ay>^ shelrem, Covetous, niggardly,, night-^ 

^^;^^ s^d^r^?^^ A dark bay horse> [dnesd. 
• ^.t shehrpOf One who yv'alks m the night*. 
ty^t shcperi'h, A bat, / w,^ shjeles, A lx)usei^ 
Ct.Avw^^ shepooshf, A hideous ndonster*. . 
f* ' ^ ^-'^ shebt'sthnt A chamber, a. bed. 
o>wv^ shdlsedth. The epiphany, a bat. 
,.**v^ sheOekh, An insect resea)bhng louse.', 
♦^-..wvJn^ shoposeeriy Lousy. ^ , 
w^JU^ shebsheb. Going well (a horse). 



t 81«> 1 

-^i*^:!:^ shcposhf, An ill aspect or influenced, 
fja^ sheles, Asperity. 

^^ shcLa, Satiated, disgusted with repetitioni 
4,>U>it i^he!>*art, Compleat, perfect. fing« 
eJiA«i «/je^;?^, Concupiscence, iu^ ^^ -^eL Insei t* 
p \X^ s/itJ^jc/i, A (night place) for sheep, &c. 
$«S)A-i sh'ljJt^ff A net, a net- work veil, 
5^,£aAi; shsl^dte!, Turblindncss, 

* jCi slu'hgenf, Walking hy night. 
jXJ^ shef gtZi A flea (stinging severely^ 
^"^^ shMo/ah, A black hat, a night-cap," 
y^^ slulkoor, Any animal purblind. 
.♦1 ^X3^ sh'tlhoon, A black colour, 
A^-si sheleith, A net. 
jC^^ sJclgeer, A niglitlngale, a servant, 
^aZ; ehdot, Growing, *.Ja^ sUhIeni\ Dual, 
^>J^ shehlecdun. To hiss, to fart. 
>^»""^ slihncm, Dew. ^^ shiloo. An agate, • 
wKjJ; shcl;h,wai, Plur. of »Li; shelaf, 
v>f^ 6hehoiht Strength, stout, fresh, 
i^il shelwtt, A new-hatched scorpion. 
'cL,^A^ shtboos, Making lively. ^^ sheloor^ 
h'^^sheloot, A species offish. [A trumpet* " 
(J A<^J^ shelooie, Ajar, "^•* '' ' ."• •i-^ 
fi^ A." p, «/ieZ^/i, Likeness, aii image, * 

{ sn I 



Uixt shf'lhef. Suspicion, hesitation, doubt, * 
v^^ shehhem. The porcupine. 
^ ^^Y^^^ shehhen^hm yTliQ. night, the evening, 
l(^^^^ $fiele€. One night, [ache, 

'J^^^-^^J^ shelyhr, An electuary fjr the bead'. 
tH^'xfi, sh^hiieh, Xhc beginning of anj thing, a 

T, * 

juAA^ ffheheSef, Obtaining the age of puberty. 
Cjy^'^ sluhelihoon, Attack or surprise by night, 
^>M<% sheleekt A small net. ^aa^ shtbea, 
,X^^ sheheehfi, A gin, a net. [Manyt 

^.^-^ sheLcench, Nocturnal. 
*AAii shi^ceh, Equal, resembhng, alike, 
cll*^ ..«"^5/^ Distinct, dispersed, scattered, 
iXi shefhy Winter. >,^ tx^ shetah. Swift quidj* 
/M ^l:t,.i^^ft:;:i!;^w, Making great haste. 
^/'jh.^^^ shetciVendeht Being swift. 
♦ f^ ^^^^ s he fhl-eedim. To be swift. [\fgt^ 
^.jCj i**v^ shetkliink, The sole of the foot, tha- 
-Ix^ shefcan, A supercilious man. fmediiry*; 
J^ ih^tor, A camel. ;^^Ji.'^ shoiorlcid, A dro- 
y' V/^ ^^iof^^f^^^y A camel's load. 
^ ^\^i^Sl^ shotorpkloogh, Camel's dang- > -^ 
i*)^^,j^ ahotorhhn, A camel-driver or owner, ' 
^ shoiorgkdcz, A kiaji of thistle. 


tfij/^ shotorgosh, A-jcara^t butth-er..; [pard. 
S- /*/^^^ shotor-morgh, Arir Dstricjj/- ,, V \ 
^ /^ slio/renj, Choss ^"^^ tl^ilh'ihy fj^U^f 
•Ji; shclem, -Des^ tc, scoin, upbraidtd, 
^^i;i sjwleti. Go mposu re » ^ii .vA <;/(/'<(^ 'V^ ^ptrj:^ 
C yj^ ch )ioof, A lody of clifit rrnt kinds u-l iHcn. 
^yiii.^fJi'jluaiJi, Plur. of i^ ^ttoewr. 
j^^ii shdwee. Winter. 

-^*Xi; iheteem, Reproached, frightful, a lion- 
1^',^ shess. The bee, bitter. 
^^ &hes:r, The summitof a* mountainr C-s;:^ 
vj^ shesel^ Thick (finger,) t&xture, weaving^. 
A^ shesoon, A weaver^ fv^ ith rWater.. 

«3^ shefj,-^ Breaking t'he , head, diiotitig vv irie; 
l^ shcjh. The chimera, vexed, snfTocated. ^ 
V^' iliejhh, A stopple or any thing similar^, 
^K^ shejajt Combating, wounding. 
iL:^ shdJhTt A sling for throwing stones. 
cLsK sh<^k'a% Swift, warlike. 
«-c^ shejeh, Sorrowful, mourning, corkinga 
Susff shejet, A contusion, [boule. 

^v^ sliefej, The murmuring of flowing water^ 
Ia^ sheJeescLf A key. 
ii jy.-^ sh^'zet, A gentle rain. ^ ,^ 

[ 313 } 


j.^ sh&jer, Diverting, disputed, piercing wltl\ 

(a spear,) a controversy, a tree, a plant. 
.^ sfieja, Haste, quick, (^y'-*^ shoja-kn, Cou- 
'iju^ shoja-at, AgWity, [rageous. 

^x^ sheja-am, A lon^ bodied or necked mar^ 
^ shi'jegh, The quickness of pace. 
^Ji:^ fihejefy Embarking. 
^ sk^Jem, Destruction, death. 

^ shejefi, Keeping or with holding. 
c^^ shyoon. Intermingled. 
ii^ shejnet, The entangled roo^ of trees,, 
\^ shejoo, Affliction. 
\^ sh-jtva, A desert difficult to pass. 
. . ^^ sh^Joob, Destruction, full of sorrow. 
. y^ shejoor Cutting a way pendulous branches^' 
^^ shejee. Anxious, vexed. [on the head, 
^^ shejeej\ Having a contusion qr fractqp© 
^A^ shejeer. Abounding in trees, 
-x:^ shejea. Courageous. 
gvi shohh, Covetous, niggardly. 
Ij^ shcha, Large, wide, spacious, 
^l^ sh>h'ij\ Growing old. 
^l^ sheh^h. Covetous, niggardly, sandy 
^ L^ shehhaz An importunate beggar, [ground- 
cjL^ shehaf, Milk. 


^ UJ shehhm, A vendef of fat. 

L^ sh.'heb, Lean, pale, 

js^ shehe'X, Gnawing the stomach (hunger). 

Vj«>^ shohzool'y Sharp. 
^aff sheher. The aperture of the mouth, 
jli.:^ shehshkr, Long. [ing away> 

io^ shehef, BiiFering, absent, departing, go- 
wi^ shehef, The sound of milk wheh. milk- 
1^ sheheni, F^t. [ing» 

^shehen, Oppressing, vexing, filling a ves- 
U^ shelienh, Hatred, variance, [sel. 

^'^^ shehneh, A deputy, king, representative. 
j^ sjiehoo, A large and deep vi^ell, opening 

the mouth. 
V3^ shehool, Changed in Colour (the facCj) 
S^ shehivet, A pace. [making smooth* 

hys: shchoot, Distant, absent. 
-^ sheJioom, Plur. of *.:^ shehem. 
gv^ s^ehechj Avaricious, unfortunate, wretch- 
*j^ sheheem. Fat, greasy. [ed. 

J^ shekhy Hard ground, the summit, v 
^ sheJchkh, Snoring U'^ shc^ha, Tearing, 
il/^ shekhhr. Ashes, a brick, a shot, the lungs, 
i'j^'" shekh^reh. Dung. 
>J U'^ sheilianeh, A religious order. 

I ^15 J 

wa^ sJiei'heh, Blood, ^j^^ sheJtTity Slendel 
j^ shekhevy Troubled. »_,^:as «Ad^AreZ>, Thick, 
)^ / shehhroor, A black mulberrj, [hard, 
y^ '}thekhe%y Difficulty. 
o*ac sheJihes, I'otterirjg, moved frbtti a place, 

if^ shekheshi A slip, wfping the nose. 
^ \ii^shekh^hhkh, Making water, fer's beetle. 
g\-ii^ p, she^h-shekh, Hard ground, a bleach** 
<j<3^ shekhs, A person, an individual, 
j^ shekhel, A friend, a boy. 
/M>uA^ shekhleecliiTiy To prompf, to endurCi 
C)yyv^ shekhtm-%edun, To plough. 
.♦-^ shekheiiy Trouble of mind, bodily pafn[» 
'^y^ sheklmood, A scratch with the nail> 
^X^ shekhnehy A vicegerent. 
*l3 »:^ shekhootety Thin slender (man). 
^ A^^ shekhood, Wounded with the nails, 
^ ;^' ^ shekhoodun, To teaze, to oppress, to 
assemble. [stature. 

tjoy^ shokhoo^y Raising, travelling, of long 
&>Uc^ shokhoolendch y To cry out, to thun- 
der, to neigh. -'^ ^'^ [bling, to star^. 
]^ J^ shekheedun. To recover when stuiiiw 
g<MA^ shekhees, Disagreeing, different. 

I 3l6 3 

iyi^ sksk^ees, Corpulent. 
j^ shod, Preterite of /M>^ shodun. 
^ aheddy Runnings binding. 
^1o4 shodkkein, Having a lar^e mouth. 
^^\^ shoil yed, Plur. of k\Nj^ shedeedef, 
Jsdji shedet, Violence, macrnitude, afBiction. 
*>jwi &hodhety Compleatness, perfectnessu 
^ j^ii 5 /<i'^^//. Spotted on the face* 
4^j^ shedef. Tall, nimble, 
*ij^ skod/et, Cutting, 
lJ>^ shedk, The side of a valley, 
li'jwi $hedkky Having a large mouth. 
AJ'A^ &hed'fem, A lion, having a large mouth. 
j^ j^ shodkary Tilled ground. 
. j^^ shodkees, The rainbow. [remove, 
i*j ^ shoduii, To be, to become, to pass, to 
» ^' L.^^ shodefiirah. Any place where one is. 
^^ sh'doo^ Vexing, repeating v^ith a loud 
■ L^}<y^ shedoof, Plur, of c3 ^Ji shedef. [voice. 
/.^jtX^ shf'doov, A stout colt. 
tyK^^y shedeh, The bill of a bird. 
^j^ shedee. Calamity, misfortune, 
j^^^jl^ shod^ar, Ground tilled and sown, 
jaj^ shedeed. Stout, hard, courageous, co- 
vetous, niggardly. 

I 317 1 

gjoJ^ she^feedef. Misfortune, misery, cala* 

i^^ shezz, Solitary. [mity. 

I joi shex^, Abuse, offence, wrong, a kind of 

Uj 1 Jsi shczhrety Jealous. fshipu 

-^jo; s1i€zb,m, Salt, the sting of a scorpion^ 

^1^ \ js<u shezhn, Jumping, solitary. 

t_. j<i; shexeO, Cutting, lopping, peeling, 

Ju 3wi shezebety A lopped branch. 

»j os^ she%ref. One particle of metal. 

^.>i sha^oo, Musk, or the smell of it. 

J^ sher, A city; sJierr, Malignant, wicked^ 

J^a; sh'-rky Buying, v^j-^ aherah. Wine. [ness. 

tjii.jl^^i ^/i^ra^tff. Thick in the hands and feet* 

il^yl j^ sherhbdkry A cup-bearer. 

dji^ii shorHy Murmuring. 

s i^ shorht, A sect of schismaticka. 

- 1^ f her ah) A commentator. 

.^S ^ sher^hee, A dish of roaat meat. 

J\^ aherb^r, Plur. of r^ sherr. [chiei 

S^^yi sherzref. Ill-will, a spark of fire, mis* 

g^^i sheira-a. The string of a bow, the sail 

HcA^-K s/iercf- a/, Courageous, stout, [ofaship^i 

^,E?^ shera-ye. Along spear. 

^Sj.i, s her hgh, A veil, curtain, a shade. 

Xfti ^jui sherdj'eyet, A long ear^ 
•. E3 

^\j& sherah. Shoe-strap. [tef» 

ijj^ji!' skeran, The murmuring of flowing wa« 
Ra |^«/idrd/if?/, Immoderate eating or drinking. 
Q^,^^j^ sherciwecz, Plur. of^^^y- sheriuiix* 
ijai\j^ sherhyes, Flur of hojj^ shereeset» 
Ut\yi sherai\ Plur. of jilw^A sheredef* 
u_,^ shorL\ Drinking, cloth, imbibing (sweat). 
»j^^ sherab, A draught of wine, [drinking, 
SLy; sherbet y A draught ; sherbet. Thirst, much 
CK^yi. sherheyet, A sheep at water. 
\\<^,/^ sherleen, A kind of tree. 
8^ sherret, IJl-will, hurt fulness, mischievous. 
«-Lj ;.-i; sheres, Cracked, a worn slipper, 
gj^-i sherj, A troop, a body, a sect, 
v^j-i sherjcb, Long, noble (horse j. 
(jj^^^ii sJioijif'hiit A fruitful plant. 
^^ sheijcif A bier, long. 
X»r^ sherhH, A slice of meat. 
^^ shcr/.h, The blade of a sword, 
«::XiSL!ijii aheruhesht. Pottage, gruel. 
i^^jy^j^ sherkhordun, To -scratch. 
'^Siys. sherdkhy Broad, thick, long, flabby* 
^ U^ sherddkh, Ha^'ing a large foot. 
jj^ Aherer, Ill-will, grudge or spite. 
\jj^ ^hereref, A spark of fire, malignity; 

I 5i9 1 

jj^ ^liert. Cutting. 9 j J^ shenehj A bi-awler, 
u^jJi. skers, Hard, uneven ground. [fierce. 
i^yo jii, shorsoof. The cartilage of the ribs, 

the head of a ligament. 
^^ shersher, A brisk youth, a churning-bot- 
2^^ shersheret. Cleaving, cutting. [tie, 
j^y^ shorshoor, A species of sparrow. 
\-f^'p /^ shersheeb, A ship-worm, a moth. 
ijojJi:. shers. Uneven ground, the first walking 
o«7^ sherzi Hsurd uneven ground, [of a colt, 
h^ shirt, A condition, law, the bank. 
SUa^ shertet, The watch, the life-guard. 
h^ii, sheriee, A centinel, a cofnmander of In* 
fan try, a notary. 
c^>i s/^era, Religion, justice, a road» 
CAC^>i sher-a^', Long 

^x£ j^ sji^rah'e, A species of striped garment, 
*£^ sher-af. The law, a pair, a bird-net, 
cJ^c^ *A^?' <>^>/i Name of a plant, 
^^s Ji. sher-yee. Equitable, ^yiisherghy A frog. 
I l^jz-. ftfierf. Glory, excellency, a horse. 
Uj.^ sherfk, A high structure, more eminent* 
CLy^ji!^ shorfkt^ Plur oi C^i ^L shorfeU- [ 

,_ J I? .^ sherfkk, A low sound of a walkingr 
2i^ shorfet, Dignity, honour,; ■- 

(ftJyik slicrftish, A kind of sliivib. 

^yu Bherfcnj, Aa uaeven road. 

i^yi^ sherfeyct^ Fame, reputation, nobility. 

cJ^ sher^. Rising, the east. 

15 Li sher/ia, {A. sheep) having slit cars. 

jfH^ aherket. The sun rising, the east. 

c-3ljj^ sherkrali, A green magpye. 

^•yi sberktt£, Oriental, exposed to the sup. 

^ Ji fiherk. Society, unbelief. 

\m/ /-^ she?ek. Stubborn, obstinate. 

^5^*^^ shcikee, Frequedtly repeated. 

m^ sifi'rm. Cleaving, a gul ph. 

J t — ^ ^ shcrmesar. Ashamed, 

t ^K^ J^ &hermendiht Disconcerted. 

^ j^ p^ slier meedurif To, be ashamed. 

(^\^ ^herrif Split (as a rock). 

( 5liyL ^hernaf, Corn with long leaves. 

^_/^l' J^ shjirnakyK disease iq the eye. [v^orm. 

Jiiij ,i; shonickett The cone or clue of a silk" 

s^'i/^ sherevky Poison, bitterness, a wiuk. 

^ J ..j^ sJiornooghy A small frog. 

]^^^J:^ sJxorvky A falsehood. 

pi^^j.4; ^kenchz, Full of milk. 

i» l^^ii sherwat. Long bodied, swift. 

I 321 } 

y^ •> 

4^_j^-K shorooh^ Plur of ^^ shereB,- 
^^A shorooi//, Flwc. cf ^f^'sherJt^i. 
i^ Ji, sheroody Running awaj, tercified^ 
j^vi; sheroor, Plur. of ^ A.^errM^X^b^ 
i5_j^ shorooty PluF. ©f i^^ «ike;e>Ut)sb«\^ S..^ 5^ 
^^-i shoro-a, A beginning, comnieiic^^ricJiitN 
c_3^^ sheroof, Aged (camel)b. >.ow^ 

cJ>\5^ ^ifirook. The sun rising* 
tf ^^ sherivee, Resembling, alike. 
«^ ^A^reA, Intemperance. . ■ ^ 

tsA sheree. Flashing repeatedly (lightning, J 
!wi shera, Excellent. [inflaming with rage, 
» ^ M yj shereehy Wine, a pot- companion, :' 
^KiAshereeh, An oblong slice of meat. 
Jkj^sy^^ree^/, Flying away. 
^ ^ .^^ shereedun, To flow, to murmtir^ 
J ,^^ shdresr. Beautiful, hurtful, 
l^^J;,' sheteestty The cheek. 
luJi, shereety PI af o^ ^\xj pi shereeteh^ 
iBrntM 'shereetcf, A condition, agreemeAti" '\ 
*ef/'^ fiA^r^i/ Coura?geoa»/bold. ^ "^^^^ 
JLj _^ shefeef. Holy ; rfoble, ^^minent. /^ 

Jijji. sheree f,' A beautiful (youtb^i ; 

^^ j£ aheretky A partner, a schoolfellow. 
*Ij^ ehereeneh, A "dry scab-. _^ »Ji&i»,:Drj» 


^ t 522 J 

wyi shekel. Uneven road, lean, extenuated 
i^yi, shezlet, An occasion, law. [(horse;. 
^yi shezer. Brandishing. 
J^yi she%rh. Reddish (eyes or milk). 
%j\^ shezret. Redness in the eyes, &c. 
\jj *J^ nheiee.ria. The back- bone. 
c-Ajyi shexeehi A rough unlopped branch. 
^^ sh'ss. Hard ground. 
^,^<^ sheseb.i Dry, withered, wrinkled, 
^^j^.-ji- sliest, A net, a bait, a lancet, sixty, 
e y^uJ^ shostegkhy Baptism, 
^xJ^ sJiosfegee, A washing. 
Tlx^ slioslun, Tp wash, to baptize, 
«^ii shesa, A shoe strap, a narrow spot of 
/^ sheshj Six. [ground, a small quantity^ 
Ij-ftJ^ sheshta, A lute with six strings. 
^^^^ sheshlom, The sixteenth. 
^d^^^iJi. P. shcshhhenj, A game, beardless, 
./.iJJ' sheshder, A die, dice. 
/^^ sheshalem, A species of carpet. 
y^'^^ sheshfeJijt Breeches, children's play, 
^•l£i^ fhcthkakel, A root of a tree. [beardless. 
XUu;i gheshkelet. Changing, adulterating, 
^Jji!^ iheshekt Gum of the eye. 
X she^hleh, Glass* 

- — _ . - -^ 

I S23 J 

J^ sJiess, A net, hook ,&c. 
Uflii shesar, A piece of wood, fdi^ent* 

qo U^i shesas, Having little milk a (camel,) in* 
U lajSi sHes^Sfi, Misfortuae, af^iction, calami- 
ty, swift.. 
4^ Ui-a sheshyel, Phir. of t^MaJi> sheseelet, 
Qo^ La^ shesiyes, Plur, of t.*!*-^^ sheseeset, 
i^ 5Ae5Z>, Calamity, scarcity, a lot* 
^<i*i' 5^^s/, Sixty, a hook, 
^^'**^ shesfoni, The sixtieth* 
^.ii «/«<^e;', Pricking, digging, a young deerj 
oaAa>» shosos, Milkless sheep. 
u--» y^i shesoob, Poor, wanting, afflicted, 
j^v«i skosoor, Having the eye inverted* 
^je^*^ske.3oos Scarce (season); shesoos. Poor, 
^^AAft skesee, A tumour, [needy, going away, 
v^AAflA sheseebj A foreigner^ [well, 

JEj^i; ahaeebet. Misfortune, the bottom of a 
^ *A ^ t ^he$ee9ef, Calamity, scarcity. 
t^ slieti. The bank of a river, long,far, distant 
fiU^ sheta. Subduing, the bank of a river, 
jWi^ shofkr, Plur. o£ ^h\^ shAter, 
Uj\\a^ ahetarefy Cheerfulness, briskness, cou* 
"Ib Uo^ shetat, A fine shape [ragQ* 

^V>U^' «/ie/^^,Cutting, splitting, turning, distaulo 

"^ I $24 2 

g^kii slietehy Pious, adorned. 

^txi shctr, A part or the half of a thing, 

^ J^ slietrenj, Chess. 

^ ^ ^ Ja^ sheirenj'lexee, A chess-board. 

jjja^ shttcSf TravelUng, walking. 

Jaki ^//e/^/, Oppression, injustice, a lie. 

^^ sheterij Stubborn, resolute, a rope, 

^Ixii aJietoo, Plur. of ^OLi shetb,* 

t^^ki Bheioohy Plur. of *Ak;i sheilet, fent. 

^^ki sheioor, Confusion^ departing, disobedi- 

<9 cki; f/icioo/,.iH^ving a large bunch, (a she-ca- 

c^^ki shctoof^ Far, distant. [mel), 

i^JlAf^shefoony Remote, deep well. 

^ki sbetce, A cultivated land, a kind of cloth. 

fJ^ shetee7^» Far, distant, a stranger. 

J&Uiii shexax. Scattering or spreading abroad, 

2i I2<;s she%<ifft, Beconriing hard. 

<jk\^J;, »/iV**/', Severe,. ha rxl ; sh^^if, A small royti, 

iuki shiz'f'i/et, A chip, fragment, [dry bjre^d. 

^kka sfuii€e%, A fastened sack. c ;vi 

Kii >Aii.^pi»eading.^ .:;^ . U 

^^txA ahikr. An under garment, a sig^, deatb. 
iijlt^ shehret, A needle. uJ Ui ^ft'«>-<\/» Mad- 
^ U^ s!ig-'at/br» Plur. of ci^j Ui s/^ecfr^^ [ncsj. 

[ ^^5 J 

3^Ui sha-hyih Plur, of iUUiit^ sha-yleh 
^itA shah. Collecting together, interpolating, 
X>jti shoLet, Derivation, the^i branch of a tree, 
0^ shaLe^, Enchanjtm^t>.^ILS.;^a/', ..JfelTf; 
(^^^^ sha-rM^ey Hairy, n. ^hViHiix^.; 
'ijxi, ska-ret, ^ One hair, hoarinessr -'« ■■:■. 
J i jx^ sha^roar, rA li^in4 of game, a sm^ll cu^ 
if^ $ha-reej Poetical^ _ ,^^' ,. {^umbq;> 
gUjjci ^^a-$/?^-«,, 3 veift; dispersed. .^ 

^iix^ sha-^ha'. Long, a- light- shadow, . '".J 
f^\xS^^ sha-sha-afit Tall, beautiful woman* 
piM^ sha-shat. Mixture, splendor. ,. 

i^^^sc^ sha-seb, A decrepid old man.. ^.^ g 
jyaxf^ sha-zoor, A wood-nut. .. .^ 

sha-fet, The summit of a ,mountaipi; . . 


. - V ' ■ 

jjuj shah Courageous*' 
)l^s siha-tk, partly white on the tailj -b -vx?^ 
XXjbK sha-Jet, Lustre, shining, flame. 4Ji>^> - , 
jfc^ s^flTW, Reconciling differences. - 

f>*jui^/i(i-wioomv Tall, long: {diffused branches* 
^^^ s^a?2, Dry.ikllem leat \ y^Ji;.^sha'ioa,Widc 
V-ia^ fc?» iJ tOPlfp JPlur. of u**i' §/i ah, ^ 

cf ^^si: shawi'zeey An express, apo§jt-boy, 
,yx^. sha-oar, Plur. of yei sftaf. > ;^ 

c_j yci sho'pQf, J^iw^i<3(i,SkvA jkqfct. V j>., ;^^ 

[ »26 ] 

fcA shd-ye^ A lock of hair* 
U.KX& aha-i/elfi A provision bag for travelkr* 
yx*& iha-yr, Brfley* />v'oi^i :.**jl 

8-jx«i^ sha^yerett A ^^n of barleyV^'^'^'* •i^y:. 
«A>ti shae a, A chariot, wa^grtn. ^' ^*V, 
i:i»liA»;s «//o^/ti/^zr Small forelocks. ' -<.* 

•^^\ sha yU Parti/ white on the tail. 
^^^ha-ykt, A match, candlev'>^ ij« ^ 
^ s/io^h, A little, the horn of an ox. ■ 
U.^ sffogh^^ A qui;yer and bow case, 
^Us Jf/it^^er, Empty, /vv^.,iU-».i\/. .; ^ 

z j^^ f A^g"^flr^:7V A species of sweetmeat, 
b ^ Uii' ahrcghareh, A brock, *^ liadgcr. 
*.^lxi she .^ ha > lie em, hong, tall, handsome.~ 
i...AA sheghehy A bustle, uproar; p. sh:ghch, 
^^^lAiLi sheglibtin, Hungry,- desirfe, 'Modest;. 
.>JL^ shoghtehy A stick u^edft>rbeatingcr>tton. 
i*j p /^ Qhoghoddeji, To escape, to be conclud* 
yLS, shegher, Driving, ejecting. ' [ed. 

■ydi sheghe^. Cruelty, tr^chery, insolence. 
%\i^ shegliezhet,' Ttl^^tigiti wrestling. 
(__*f;> sheghefy Violent love> ^xtremeijoy, ori* 
glnalfein, '^'i'"^ nA ,^^sr h«i>v.'' t-^. : <j 

^ shoghcl, Occupation* l)usiness, attentiox^ 
^i^ i/ic^/ii^ CoYj^on»5/«iggardly« .^^^--^ 

* ^Li sh^ghmoom, Long^tall, hatxdsomi 
tg^'X ihugneb,' of wy&& thognoolf, A tfn(3^ 
ykS: ihrghoo, Vnc\cn t^eth," •'• [branch, 

J jA^ thoghoor. Somewhat, a badger. tt. 

jLyLi sh^ghoofh, Wheat mixed with darnel.l 
J jii shegh'y)!, Occupation, study, business* 
JlH' ihegheh. Clotted blood, bard haa<i« 
yki. sht'ghef, Bl disposed, i i' *vtb\\>4« " " v> 
.^^ tf^^'^/i^e// Busy, cmp]o;fe3.*' ' :,iiU* 

OLi 9^^JF, Ad^'anragc, gain, emaciated* 
•lijft ihtfht Medicine, remedy. 
-* Ifit »hef^d. Stately, nbble, grca(nesf« 
jlLi fh^/(ir, Plur. of S^Lft tksfret, .^wi 

IjUi ih^/ireft Rrdured to fxtrcooity or miso- 

• i^% near setting (the sun).' 
g,ai eh^fiiref A species of sweetmeat, 
tfjii^ iffeftr^ft Having hairy ears. 
Cc *s±ihf/h'a(, Praying for pardon, recommen- 
X-Jl>i;»*e^/, Transparent, very thin, [datiotx^ 
^Uii sheff'^n, Ciy\i wind veitli rain. 
juU* shc/Ttnef, A sparrow, a lark. 
^ULi ff/i<'yaAt«, Having large lips. [bed 

Zi-i shefet, A lip. ^ij,;!^ */<f//, A couch, a day- 
Sjjjut shffferei. Divided. 
^^/At sheftcrenh, A red peach, a wart^ . 

I S28 } 

w^^^ */«*/Ve/ie;i^,-A red peach; -^ 

'if*/^ shift un. To become mad- ^ 

»,;w^ shifteh, A cauch. ,^ >/,. Vi» 

^jLi s/io/er, Afi edge; a margin, ;, ./;• 

5.yLw shefret, A servant, tHe side of a spear* 
^ ^ yft;^' sAo/er<ittw, To be liberated, 
^.wjI^ skofseh, Sun-tise. ii:j:oiO . ' j. 

/^iiij^ shofesh. The branch 6f a tree. 
ixiJuii shofshefet, Sprinkling, bathing (a wound). 
uJulKXi Bhefiheleeht An enervated old worn aiv 
Jti^ shefsht'h, A rod used by cotton dressers, 
Uis sh^a-jat Plur, of^ALi shefia, [gold wire. 
3Ui;i shofat, Fury, madness, redemption. 

cJuL^ sh^ek, A day, shore, the crepuscu}e, 

SuuLi; shefret. Compassion, indulgence. 

^^^Ji^ shefek, A bad manJ'poor,^",^.\^ •- 
• JJUULS sh^felhket, A kind of gaipc [backw^ards, 
^jr) ^/oJs^shifleedun, To hi^ssi to break wind 

' ii sh^n. Ingenious, penetrating. 

j:jjLs shef enter, Bald. 

>^J:<:jLx shefentera, Separated. 

-•^A ^hefneen, A pigeon, a turtle dovpi :- 

J^^iii shefewht, Plur. of .rJLi: sJiefyi.',,^ .^^ 

J ^ ■shefi)od, Forbid . by religion. ^ ; ; ;ji , 

{ 320 3 

>o^ -^ shefooJun, To look earnestly at.' 
j^i^ shcfoor, A wasp, a hornet. 
\^^ slif^foof, Dimrnishing, losing, gaining; 

i^ shr'fee, l/abial.' ^j^^' shdfeedan, T6 
^y^ s^iefeer. An ed^, m^rglrl. ' [expect^ 
KAi^ shefiit, An advocate, ^ patrbiiV^^'^^ '^'^ 
c-ixi^ shefeef. Gaining, increasing, dltriihi5&*- 
\JU%& 9hefeehy Affectionate, merciful. [ing^ 
x-aLj; shefcehet, A small lip. -• 

cJi^ shekkt A crack, the dawn; lab diir; trotrbT'e^'' 
ULi shekciy Petulance. ^^ liLi shoJthh, A kind 6f* 
tf^Uus shokb^raCy A lie, falsehood. [herb,* 

cJJLiu; shok^k, Oppos-ition, felony, rebellion.'^ 

jif'iS;^ shekakety A wild carrot; 
Ojlju; shokhwef, Misery, disgrace, poverty. 
JiiVUi shekayek, Plur ofcJi.>Jt-i shekeeket* 
XJui shekeff The half, rage, distance, passion. 
gvJLi shek^h. Lifting up the leg to piss (adog,)'^ 
IsOui shekhcti Froth, [breaking. 

v^UsOLi shekthfeb', (A sheep) having crooked 
45s\jl-i shekhee, Red (gown). [ugly horns> 
»*x«L£ shMetj A kind of herb- 
cJjsXi shekdcf, A kind of vehicle. 

I 1 ^iii' sfickcJdLr, A commander, superior*. 
i^»^%^ shehcrikf A green magpye, 


I Iff. J 

gyii ^hoWef, A clear shinif)g r^d colour. 
UiiiaiJi. sheksheket, Splitting (wood,) pronounc- 
4jaju; 6h-kes, A portion, pai ticie. [ing, brayii^ 
cJiiu; she/>f. An eartjien pot. ...:hj\,9 •:„• 

u#ii; she^iek, Plur, of xiui sJicket. 
ijjjli shtken ox 0Xi^ shekeeii, Little, few. 
^ sheJfeo, Combing (the hair) growing (a 
j^ ^he/toor, Descripiion. ftoothi^, 

O^jLi shokook, Plur. of^JLi «/ie^>^.' .5 

^^^^ , ^fto/5w^ _ A, small pre^nl, / ^ ,\ •^.' . 
^ jshekeh, Cleft, or. open. . .' -T .;| 
^fjf^kce. Poor, unfortifp^e,s,^^^X,-. bold, 
^vju; «/igto, J}efornie4»:.,^q(;^> ^> ^ {proud.; 
^xJui shekcc%, A reptile; .^ young camelioij.^ 
^'ij-, S.hekeer, A species of camelion. r\^ -^j^ , -^ 
(jaJLi ^kekaes, Going haste {a bprse), r^xvajn^j 
^Sii ^M'd'e^ Earthen jug. ..1 ^ ^^.^U -.^^ 

tJuiui sUekeif, One half, a stout palf. ' 
TSSji, sh'kiikelf A cavern, cleft. 
^..^ A'Ae^. Suspicion, jealousy, doubt. , 

jV:;k shikar, Pillage, sppil, banting, cbace. , 
(Ji^ shi/iaree^ A^hyinltT, a bird or animal; 
t\j y'lj ^■shikarectiun, T,o hunt. fpf prej'. 
^ VCi ihckax, Libidinous, of a bad disposition. 

lU^^-i ^JieYasef, Hut tfulf mischievous, depravl* 
^[£^ shelasch, A hedge- hog. [ty of nature-, 
(JO ICi sheias, Having uneven teeth. [tain, 
c_5 1<^ shikqf, A cleft, open cavern in a mouri» 
^IC^ shckhftun or ^iCi*^ To tear, split, 

to be torn. 
ilCj^ shjikhf<ihy The bow of a violin. 
X^. 1^1^ shekhket, A tract of land. 
M tCiy sheJihl, A jackal l. [care, 

/ i^i-'' tXji^' shekMcth, Treachery, thought, 
J tCj^ shekaleh, An hedge- liog, an urchin, 

^^ U,^i^ sheialeeditrj, To thirik, to betray* 
JU l.Si;i shekhmet. Stubbornness, rebellion. 
^ tCX shi'kcLf?, A breaking a breach, a wrinkl^^ 
»u^a.i sheka^y Vieinitv, resenibiin-i, like. ^'^ 
CI, i_5 l^i; ,shek^fvcit,VUiv. of . ^^.^^fc shckwdt* 
4lu>l.^a<i sh^k'^iycf* A mourding; a complaint,' 
Ail^i-i sh^kh'ji'^k, Plur. ot t^A^:^^ sh'^kcekett^ 
♦2^^a.i sfiok'i'h, A present, gnythiH^^ t-epaiil. 
j^^U=ii shck^'^^f, A net for holding grass, 
2r«=i^ sh'kef, A dart, an arrow^, schism. 

jOO .-JiXl:l< she^£teh^'end, A girdle, a zone. 
^Wi sheki'dy Returnirig thanks, a pieseat? 
a ir/?£?yj^r; Su^ar ; shokoVy Prailse, 

MJ^ sA4<^>^^irr Bai:ning, ^sweetness. 


[ 332 1 

{^\yS=^t shehari, Being pleased with,' assent, 
$^Ci shekreU Full of milk. [gratitude, 

*M;/^^ slvik^rdun, To hunt, seize, catch. 
1^^/^ shekeristiin, A sugar-chest. 

y^jK^ ^h^gc^fi A magnificent man, active, 

vigorous, good. 
t*j^y& sht'ger/eedtin, To be great, strong. 

tyXS shekreh, A h^wk, pudenda ; shikreh, A 

she-goat, a she-camel, going haste. 
4f^i shekra, A milky (sheep). 
'^^M^shehz, 111 disposed, digging, penetrating. 
^y^jji sheks. Of a bad temper. 

♦ .j:*v.X^ s/u*^(^^W7?, To break, to be broken /posed* 
^.^a^ ^Ati-(i, Rage, pained. ^0^:.^ A/i^^iojIlldis- 
.v/u*'*^/, Wonderful, e?:cellent, a 
ji^^ shikfiegueei Flourishing, [miracle. 
^'AL_^J sliikfiiit?, 1 o look with wonder; 
thokfiunt 'I'o open or expand (as a flower). 
JiJ^J;;^shelftiht A club of wood, a gimlet, a fold, 
^^A^N^Ci-^ shegfcedun, To wonder, [a wrinkle.^ 
3^=^^ ahek'ih Shape, manner, form. 
'^'=^p, shekla, Having reddish eyes, doubtful. " 

^,„JjJ^ sheklek. The upper part of the thigh* 
J^J^J:^ sl^ikleh, A slice, 'a cut^ wool. foqe). 
CjjsXCt^shekleedun, To tear, to disturb (anjr ' 

I m 1 

Jil ffTiekm, Biting, reward, recompensirtgi' 

f^ shiienif The belly, the stomach. 
.^J^ she'emheh^ The belly or stomach. 
J 1 >Tr-C^ 9hekcmd^ry Having a large belljr; 
^*X^^^ shihcn. Breaking. 

^itheiemhfThe belly, the paunch, th$ 

shekenj, A fold, [stomach* 

sheienjeh, Pain, a model, a bleacher. 

CJ ^^rT^ theienfeedun, To put to the rack7 
yCj:^ ahekoo, Bewailing, bemoaning. 
j\ yKji^ %ho:ywkrt Sorrowful, mourning, 
i^^i-i s/ie^ti;^/, A waCeror mill;-bottle made 

of the skin of a sucking kid. 
^ ^■^;i shekoosee, A species of herb. [t^'ip* 
^ ^K^ shogookk, Unhappy, stumbling, apt to 
t^j^ y^ shogookheedun, To stumble* 
j^.£ai {'hokoor, Plur. of ^^x^ shokor, 
U^Xi shokoofci, Flourishing, expanded. 
'^ ^K^ shekooftun, To admire, to wondeF. 
iyK^sHokoofeh, A bud, a flower. ^ y^=ji, shok^o^, 
^^Sai shoiool, Piur. of ^^1^ ' [Plur. of ^ 
J^XS* thokoolelf, A hard nut. 
^yJ- shokooneh. Turned up, inverted. 
^XS' shtikooh, A small toWn, handsome, j-es*? 

pect, dignity, majesty, magnificeupp. 

[ 334 1 

/XA^A sh^konmend. Grave. 

^^Xi-A^-Jtvo/z/A, Excellent, gracefulness, [afraid. 

i*j ^^ y^ shokooheeduu. To be grave*, lo be 

J^J:^ shel-'h. The noise of the feet; ahikkehf 

A military instrument. 
' Sai fh'k'ef*,' A rough or sharp bridle. 
^^^-^^ fthvk eh, Fortitu^e.^patience 
^j >,^-^C- sh'^k'el'Mtiiiff, To, be patient. 
,*ijkX]^y ^heki't^i lath. To ielk to narrate, 
^x^a-i 5/i^^'e/T»5fXhe bar:k of a tree. 
JLSiASa,i ^A ld<'^T(« A^crowd^, a fruit- basket. 
^*^^ sink ^iiiy Biiing.^, 
3l»A.;=ui slieke('fttef,S)£ » bad temper, the bit of 
y;. fhe/^ Paralyticki. sijf. [the bridle. 

Jli six Illy Having; a drj'paral^ tick hand, blind. 
Sa. 5Vi sht^llcthJi Urine of a mountain-goat. ^• 
tS ^ shrl/^fet, A concubine, a whare. 
,^Il^ shellok, Fjagellatipn. 
li^sheliet/^^e. ir^ten^ion or object of a journey, 
/ sl-JiA ^A^^^ '^» A tumult, accusation. - f 
AJKv^-i sheljem, A turnip. VssJii; shelhb,. Arms. 
A shdhek. Tottering, weakly by nature. 

^>A she/ekli, A ground^, origin, a race. 
3ii'4 shehht'/. Flowing perpetually (water). 
LU skdf}t» A knife. 

f its- 


% AM 

, 2«A^ gjj(.pg}igj^- 'j^ ttjrtirpr, ihe rape-root* v-' \ 
JiA^ sjie'gheh, A" corn or h^-fofrk. 

U sfelk; The strolre given by a' seourgei 
ULi shelka, 1 he Coulter of a pibngh. .:>-'Z\ 
juUui i^hdek:^^, A goosp, the eggs'of a croeodile* 
y^^JX^ sheleJt. A species of htrrb orplan^^'V 
*J.^' */ie/ew, Jerusalem/ ^^^ t»si. 
^.^ l.J^s/if'/wa^^.Br^ad grated' and boiled witlt 

a little water, sugar, &c. I^arlej water* 

^^'^ 5Wt7;;\ A' mat 'f(r/r*ktieeling oti;^ ^'*'^?^ 
^Li shefoo, Carrj ing xVfF;' |(6ing awayi'^ ^ .^ 

) I^A:^" s/ic^/^rdr/'A brd^chepvyrawer^.'-^ -'-'' ^^ 
J^^ sholookeh^ A nut, a walnut:' '* i-J^-C:^ 
^^jLii shelaol^ Driving camels, active ani. irest* 

n^'dy'ih seiPvingot-hefs."-^'''' ^^'^^ "''^ Ci 

^^sh'loirfrej, A kmd:x^^tHist1^■'^^- - ^S 
i-lt shvtielfi The- moiiiK ¥ ^tin<AilI. .. * v 

%.\:- 9hd'kij:;f,The rerftaihk of a cattle^ ''TmaJtCf 
^'^rshehek^^th cushion; a small carpet, a 
^ i^hun. Flight; 67ie?/?, A subterraneous habt- 
\s^ shf'i/id. Wax, a tapei*, ' naked. ' ftation. 
[^ iiliom:,Yo\i.c,Vg^.sIiemdLff Rejoicing at the 
rUci shemaf, Tnflie, [distress' of anotheri 

^i^ shcma%, Impregnated (a she-camel)^ "-^^ 

i 336 1 


/^ J^ shnmhr. Computation, an equal num* 
J '«& ihemhr, A kind of herb, [ber. 

t-JjUi shomhrek, Torn garment. 
^^yL^ shemhreedun. To calculate, 
^'j\j^ «^ewd%e«5e/, A bashful woman, 
4)- Us shenihs, A horse of a bad disposilicn. 
0b U\i shomtis, Swift, nimble, expeditious, 
laxtUtf shemitieet, Plur. of islt^i ihemtat, 
*l^ shem^-a, A maker of wax-candles, 
^W6 sh^ffio-l, A bad omen, equality. 
J»<ci shemaleot A cold day, northern. 
^aIUc sheTJid^leal, Remainder, a garment, 
m Uvi sAm^w, A small odoriferous melon. 
4i;:-»UU« she»ihmat, ?\\xr, of ^^shetneem* 
w^ K^ sheni^meh, Naked. 
.t\;i^ shemhn. Lamenting, sobbing, tearingr 
Jl^ showantht Any thing odoriferous 
.^11^ s^ow^ydw, You, (when more than two). 
^^\^ shomhyel, V\\xu of ^\^ hhemuL 
^j i«tt shvmhyem^ Plur. of ^a«c; shemeem. 
X«A nhommet. An odour. 
^""^ sheiiij, A crack, open, a cave, a grotto, 
kswci shemhet, Very long. 
jBVa shemehht Lofty, great, high. 
>:a:\^ shomeihter. Distressed, base, mean. 

I 3S7 ] 

yS^^' dhommdhe^, Sharp-sighted. ' 

'♦j^r.jf*'^ sfiTsmkJiehzeduJt, To pierce, to bbr€<. 
ds«c sh^m%, -impregnated (a she- camel)?' 
^ci *ftemr,. Liberal, penetratif]^ ; :*^,dmirr^ ]^Iis« 
g ? yeii shamrcy* An idle lie, [fortuiie, 

^js^skemret. Numeration, coinputation, 

^ Bhomrojy Cloth of a flimsy texture. 
i*)>rv^ shomordun. To number, compute, 5 
UH ^ffi shemreSt A kind of thorn* 
j,t>!i «/2ewer?d/, Tall,r waving. 
t5 ^«c; shemmeree, Quick, nimble. 
,*\^i/^ shemreeduiiy To be terrified, to sigh, 
jj,^ s^^/ws, A. necklace, the sun, a fountain, 
ju,^ shemsst, The figure or resemblance of the 
^...^ shenisehy A citron, an orange, [sum 

^^ shews ee,So\ar, ^\.t/^ shemshad^ThQhoiL-' 
^ijT ^herashir, A scimitar, a sword &c.[tree, 
^jacci cvAcJwe.9, Speaking fast. 
yc^ shemser, Cruel, to be strfct, harsh, 
fci^ s^t?////, Mixing t\7o\things, 
Mi3«c ^he.iital, A part divided fjrom a whole. 
X! I3€« ahomthleh A piece of fat meat. 
^^ sheniz, Instigating, taking by degr^es- 
^•i ehenih. Jesting, wax, a wax-candle.. 
CJ^J^^ sheinadin, A candlestick. 



[ 329 ] 

Jjtpi sJiemal, A tall elegant man> a brisk camel. 
^ff€i»/&hemayee. Of a cao^dle, waxen, [stifiking. 

e>U/^ shemghendeh, S\n(\A, lewd man, iilth, 

^ >ji >ti/^ she7vghe)jdeedu?i. To be bad or fetid, 
cic^ shemek, Playiti^, brisk, cheerful. 
^^ shemel, Univ^ersal, common, capacity. 
SXes, shemillef. Going haste (a she-camel).. 
iMct shemlclet. Hasty, nimble. 
^^uA/** shemleedej, Wild saffron. 
»^ shomem, The length of the tip of the nose. 
♦ j/^ shemen. An image, idol. 

ftyu.^ shemendeh, A bestower, giver. 

g ^ shemoqif Sewed with wide Btitches. 

r^«^ f>henioohj A thin flimsy habit. 

r>«ci sbcniookh, Hi^^h, sublime* 

(jo^eci shcmooa, Being swift, 

^^ shemool, Cold wine, the north wind, 

- 3ci shemoom. Any thing fragrant. 

4::,^ sh'-ffiee!, A brawl, shame, upbraiding. 

0,^^ shdfneed, Astonished, amazed. 

^^A<^ sheweer, Careful, watchful, studious (man)* 

IxA^ shemeet, Mixing two things. 

*J^ sherneeiiu Perfume. 

^ ifiin, Plunder; a^ shenn, Old, worn,^ 


U* thenh, Mean, base, acknowledging*' 
U,J^ thenh, Swimming. 
^>w U^ shenMeedtm, To understand, 
jfr Ui shenkht A Ull man, a young fat camcU 
^ Ui; shenk ter, PI ur. of j ^Zii *7;e n /er<r/. 
^Ui^shgn^khf A mountain, hill, a high ground, 
i U^ shanitr. Shameful ness, a port, a kind of 
'1^/ij^ ihen^reeduitt To swim. [herb, 

. - IX^ «AenU, Intelligent, unknown, [kaow^. 
U U,i^ */i«7i V4, Comprehending, one who 
^^w-Uii* shen^seedun. To perceive/ under* 
ypUif/i^V*, Tall, strong (hor3e), [:>taBi« 
tUi shen<ii, A beautiful woman, 
«UA t.^tr»a-a, Swimming 
j^yyUi then if i It X To unJfimtand, to bear* ; 
cJ Li .Mheiib, V, Tall, long,/ 
^^iLi shen^ii. Hatred, ill-will, Cvl,l w*4ttfr. 
ihonhn. Dropping from a hottie (water). 
^t^ shifi^w, Ssvimining. 
J ^^ shcnawcr, Quick, lively, awiaiini>ig. . 
• U;t shenah. Cinnabar. 
jM/j^Ui- shena^eeiiun, To hear. 
^iLi zhenaycft Hurtful, miscUievoud. 
^Ui ihenaya, Plur o^ *^ iheuca. 
vosA thetUb, Freshness, beauty of the tectlv 

f ^<^ J 

C^j^ shemlesct, AfFectiQn^^-attachment*- 

iS ^^ shcnilnl, The yellow yiolet. 

ijZi, shdfjteref, Au ^ar-ring, 

^ sheu(j, Shrivelled ; p. shevj^ Hard ground, 

meat soured .with vinegar. 
^t/^ shenjar^ A red paint for the face. 

\.Jf^ shctijood.^VioMndit^y a wound. 

'^^•/^ bheryoodnnTo vex, to drop, to scratcif. 

iJLsXki sh^Ti'heff, Long. 

iUj yisJA shenhhooh The peek 6r top df a hill; 

"j^ shend, The bciak and claws of a bird. ,^ 

\S tyVi^ shindal; A kind of thistle. 

K^ \ o^x^ shendarei. Obscene; jealous. 

^>^ shendef, A drum. 

v«>^ ^/;ewxfe<;r," ill-disposed. • 

v-.jXi shenzeb, Fast, hard^ solid, sharp, 

lai/i ^honoty A piece of meat dressed. 

t«ilIi;A shenzqfy The summit of a mountain. 

vJali^ shonxel, Of a good disposition. 

Sf^iliA sh^nisowel, The side. 

>i^^ shemcer. Ill-natured. ,;^ shenat Bust*. 

t_5 Uj;^ shtnafl 1 he top of a mountain, [ness. 

Xju^ nhetiot, Meanness, ugliness. 

^nii, shenam,^ tall man. 

ti^liijLi ^enghafj, A long slender -branch^ 

i: 341 J 

5^>a shengheret. Wicked ness» 
eJU;ii shenghefy Tottering, staggering* 
jjjtiii, sheiigheer, Impudent, ill-disposed. 
Sjlij:^ shenfkret, Activity, nimbleness. 
♦yd^ shenoftun. To hear. 
\^she7?Jta, A f'dlcon, u^\jj^ s^heni^l, Odout. 
^xi£, sfienhem, A little, few. 
L3\i%xi^ sheniknaky ^lisery^ 
^.^^ shenJt, Beautiful, a tall man, indo]erxt> 
1^ shengh, The night time. 
yl^ shenghr, A species of herb. 
^yW shengerf, Vermillion, cinnabar, 
j>,j^^ shengeree%, Syrup of ginger. 
/Jw' shengol or shenhol, A sweetheart, 
)yi^ shenkoor, A mendicant's basket. 
^jXX^ shengeenehf A bar, a bolt. [nent* 

yj^ slienoo. The cypress, s ^ii shenoot, Abstl-* 
^'^ yj^ shenoodun. To hear, to understand,. 
**»y^ shenooseh. Sneezing. 
ijoy^ shenoos. Adhering, twisted. ' 
e>'yjJ' shemvendehj Hearing, an auditor. 
j^f^ shenehber. An aged woman. 
^•^ shenee, A large pan of copper or brass. 
c^jifSJi sheneel. Clean teeth, sweet breath. 
>jjX^^/ie«ee^, Heard. ^MyuX:^ sheneeduti,TohQSLr,, 

L 3 

t 848 3 


^fX& sheneer. Ill-disposed. 
^i, 8henee%t Hurtful, mltchicvous. 
» •jA slenee%eh, A comb. [hideous. 

^^ shensa, Shameful, abominable, hateful, 
^yciw^ sheneeftun. To be altered, confounded, 
jUJLi sheneek, A bastard. 
I^i shewht Roasted meat, 
V ^^ shejvdh, A v^ild turkey. 
^^^ shewajen, Plur, of ^^us^fl/en. 
^1^ shewarf Household furniture. 
vj^>^ shewurib. The whiskers, the gullet. 
f^j]^ shewMky Plupr of c_j*j U «/iire^. 

-^^ ) ^ sheivasht Aniseed. 
^joS^ shewas. Depravity, villainy. 
Ijiyi shawm. The ere. 
^* t^ shawa-yiy Plur. of y^\j;,shci't/U 
X-«<^i shaivatfiet, Vlur. of Lo\^ ahdmet, 
^v*!^ shawantekh, Plur. of ^L£ shamekli* 
^sASyH. shawaheih Plur. of j^\ji, %}ialed 
i3vj>!^i shawaheen, Plur. of ^^4,1^ shciheen* 
%.^ yi showb. Mixing the juice of meat. 
i J5^ shauha, Gruel, weavtr's glue, 
.♦f I ^ Shoolan, A shepherd, a pastor. 
>iy^ sloobej, A rolling-pin. - [of yew-tree. 
•yi ^ shaivpereli, A bat. *>. yi shawhet, Akiad 

I S43 ] 

^ Jt^ sfioo^h, Gladness, impudent 
«*^ r y^!^1'0ckh7iah, Sordid, nasty, [the nailib 
Cj ; fy" shook, ^oodiin, To tear the fiice wltli 
^ J^ shookheet Gaiety, good humour, glad, filth* 
^jj?^ shook dedun,TohQ chttvlvX, to be fil* 
^ay; shawdehf Long-bodied [thj, &c. 

j^^ shooder, A kind of plant. [ter, 

t*J ) ^ shodun, To be. j y> sjioor. Salt, bit* 
yji^*^ y^ shorbekhi, Misfortunate, infamous^ 
rj^^j y' shooraneeduTj, To cause to mix. 
l»^ y^ shoorlct, Broth, soup, gruel. 
/ ^V>^ s^^oorfagh, A wood ofyellov/ col ouiV 
fM U,^^y^ shoristan, A salt-marsh, a marsru 
> ,,^j^ shoorhl. Confusion, a tumult* 
S ^ J t^ shobrwa, Broth. 
f> J ^ shoonh, A fruit, salt-petre. 
i^>i.j^ shooreeduTit To mix, to be confused, 
j^ shawtt Loving with ecstasy, [to wash* 
^js^ shawze\ An impression, a matk. 
^j^ shfjcz'^hc' , k garment, 
. ^^ y^ shoo>h, A branch cut from a vine, 
i^^yH, shoodid. Going haste (camel)* 
^ ^ i,h(io.h:^kf A heap of sand. 
\*Byii. shows. Cleaning, having the tootli-ach* 
fc^-ftftau'/, Once, one course or U^at, .-.» 

^^^ shawa. Bora immediately after another. 
f y' «^ooo-^, Afflicted with purulent pimples. 
li'^ shoogha, A stable, fold. 
u^ shou'fy A harrow, furbishing. 
^J5^ shouk, Gaiety, inclination, love. 
>_o^ ihoivkeh, A large hoof, a tall man. 
^yi i/iyu'^t'^ Gaiety, alacrity, loving. 
^^ ^hmk. A species of plant. 
]k^yi, %howheti A weaver's instrument. 
C)^ /y" 6'/ioo^T^r7, An herbof a strong scent. 
Ju^^i show}el, Raspberry bush, infantry, 
^y^ showlath Lifted up. 

Smm^y^ shooiek, A bird that often changes co- 

Jy" ahooleh. Dunghill. [lour, 

^>Jy^ shooleedun, Undetermined. 

t^cJy^ shcohedeh, A stable, a ruined house. 

«^ A. v,shoom. Unhappy, black. . 

v-jty^ «^oowflr/. Again, r^ y' shomeili, Par- 

^J^ shoomee, iJi-lucked, disgrace, [sley. 

*.,.^^ sLoomeen, Spinnage. 

^ -jJ' shoonel, Mad woman, a granary. 

^ ^y bhootider, A carrot. [per. 

e >yy^ shewendeh. Formed. ^*y^ shoneez, Pep- 

fc^^iA^o-^t;/, The heat. D^i' sheweh, Agate#, 

♦-r-*^^ ^howheb, An hedgehog, an urchin, t 


[ 345 J 

i, •^ sJtooher, A husband. 
^ AT^ s/ioo/idrc'A, Ploughed land, a pale, 
^y y^ shou'hee%, Looking upon, observation,, 
♦ ,^*^ shoo/ieen, Spinnage. 
CJ^iy" ^f'<itveeclu?i. To become, to be- 
ll;^ shoilhy A species of herb. 

/yuj 4^ shooyendeguee. Washing. 
?}^^J.*^.^ shot/eedun. To wash. J^ sheh, \ 
K'^^ shehh, A king., [bridegroom, a king, 
^Ia^ shehaf', ^Iilk diluted with water. 
^[^ sluhdid, Y\\ir. of ^^ sheh ed. 
S js t^ shehhdet. Evidence, proof, testimony, 
j\^^ shth^Ty Agreeing for, or giving monthly, 
^iljA shehkroQ, A cement for building* 
- 1^ .shehcnn, A witch, a hag. 
lUl^ shehi-meL Bravery, cottrage, liberality, 
J'^' sht^hknehy J^Pyai, royally. 
«-A^ Jheh&t^r Of the colour, of ashes, [night. 

-•-U^A;«f/rtA^'ai: A biting mule; shohhk, Clear 
^yty,j^ sh'hi'tiroo, A ditch rounc^^a city» 

' j^-yi^ shehh z, A krge soct of h^w^k-. 
^^>U^ thek^'dn, Plur, of^i^ shelialf,lh}ack', 
SU^^ siiMct, Incliniog more to white thaa 

^\M~y sUehbed, The leader of ari afrmy. 

'l-^yj^ sJiehteTf Aged, l^rgQrbeaded. 


^J^ shcTfper, The longest feather In the wing. 
t^X^ .^hi'h'>fhof, A chesnut. [tribute, &c. 
y >i^ shehfem/er, A receiver-general of duties, 
vi^ vy^ sht'htooft A mulberry, a blackberry. 
lU^^i; shehjfbef. Perplexing (business). 
^^ sheht'd, Honey, a honey- comb, sugar, 
Jj<^ii i-h'hdd, Pluf. of jsA^ sheheed. 
\^\^^ f-h^dab, Hydromel* 
S^^j<^ shehd^ref, A wicked man, 
^^ jy.^ sl^ehdaneh, A large pearl, bead. 
jOv£-i shihder, A bOy, a girl. fa palace. 

1 1 V aA shehdt'euar, A hi^h wall surrounding 
'^ shaker, k city. ; ^-^ /y^ sheherb^r, A river. 
5rf^^ shchrtlef. An old woman. 
>o J5- shcherlend, The walls of a city. 
5i;.^i; shtheret, Renown, divulging, celebrating. 

iM ^yy^ sheherhtan, A large city. 
C-J^/i; nhchr-cf, A spinning-wheel, reel. 

jX^ ^ fhehetvand, Covelous, full of desij-e* 

[S j-f^ shehene, A citizen. 

jyy^slit'hreer/ihe sixth Persian month (Au- 

«~ gust,) the fourth day of every month. 

H 1^-vA shchsowiir, Brave, a valiant champion. 

jL^^ shehkar. Sown land. , ^ [red, 

^^ shehtl, Dark grey (eyes,) with a shade of 

[ s^; 3 

»^ llA sJiehla^t Honey njixed with wax. 
Xl^ sh^hlei, Understanding, perceiving. 
JyJ:^ shehlf^h, A bat. ^ shehem, Afraid, 
^ ±y^ 5/id«g«^,ProcIaime(^,3n ^Rormqus crime, 
^,^^4^^^ shehmsheetu A royals^at, a gallery, 
C->S^^ii. shehwat, Fiur, of i;^^ shdWet 
.1 J A-A shehwhr. The most precious pearl, 
^, ^3^;i shehwaii, Lascivious, desirable. 
»^4>i shehweft Desire, appetite, sensuality. 
A^^-w sJu'hooJ, Being present or an eye- wit* 
^^£: shehoo.m, Terrified, frightened, [nesa* 
-a^ sheheed, A martyr, */ .• 

^A^ sheheer^ Famous, celebrated. 
(^{-^ shih'&rn. Discreet, wisely managing. 
A^ sheiuen. The gum of a tree. • 
.^ shet'^ Roasting, dressing, being willing. 
Ui sh&ea, Plur. of jiU shat. 
J U- shehlee,^ dram weight. ^ i^^ sluyahfiztt-^ 

jU^ sleyar, Sa(ufday»?.ity',hrl/i[ful, laborioufi, 
/*j >V.; ^ sleareedun, To behold, tQplqugh* 
^U;i shii/ns, A malignity of nature. •; .-. v 
l» U;i shhjaf. The smell of burnt cotton. 
(^h Ui sbeyatjen, PJur. of ^^ IW-i iheiian* 
XJiLji shei/nzimet, Piur of ^la^i; shei^em, 

• fcU^ sh'r^-u, ProclalKied, reading, divulging. 

[ 343 ] 

cJU;i sh^hf, A fine collyrium/ 
-l>i; »hiy(inf> PJur. of jLe U shamet, 
rj\^ sJvi/)n, A recompense for g:ood or evil, 
»Us f'hiyih, Plur. of »t~ 5/ii/. [dragon's bloody 
%g,jj5i 5/ie/i, Becoming old, white hair; p. sheiL, 

The lower part, the base, 
Uxxi' ^heebh, Grey-haired (woman) ; p. slieibh, 
^IjjIaJ^ s^ee^j^oAi?/, Eloquent. [Clear, light. 
^L^' shcebhny A cloud, cold. ^ « 

> T:t^ «/^ec?>6or, A tube, a flute. TS''^^* 

,»'_vw^5/i^d^<?5W, Lower in place, rank, or de- 
*A<i sfwity Willing, desire; shlfj/i^t, a mark* 

(^^l^A^b sJieehkn; Watchful, a zealot. iV' i^^^*^ 
^^ s/idc^^/f/'Grbwing'old, a mad of authority. 
'iss^'^ shcMet, An old woinan. 
0^ sheid. Plastering, (a wall), perishing; £• 
" '**' ilided, 1'he sun, shame, clear, -'v ? . ' •- 
) /^ sheedkt \^l'd<\, distracted, astonished. 
^('jii)j^^^sjif^6(liihh, A'suift (grey^ horse,, 
^tjwu; ^heedoi/ec, Madness, distraction. 
f^^Wiy^'^^ sheedetfifin, A. wolf. 

^■^'^fei*, Saturday) ; iPil B/lir^ A tyger, a lion; 
^^^j^ sheer ad J A sackii'-.boil ./.[^if^^^VV M^^K* 

i 349 3 

Cj^J^/i^ sheerhzolan. Soft, gentle in speech, 

© yl J^ sheer a%e}iy Sewing. 

0>y^ sheerhneh, Like a lion> brave, 

(/l^^ sheraie, Ebonj. 

^ y^ sheerlhy Meat dressed with milk, 

^A/^ ,9^eerpdr72<?/, Milk dressed with rice* 
{J) /^ sheerxeJt, A phy sick, urine of a bat. ■ 
^j j.J^ sheerxemeh, A congregation. 
^J/^^ sheerzenefi, An oblong butter-dish, 
*— ^/rr' shersek, A hare-hunting dog. [pent, 
'*^r j^ sheerkook, The cast skin of a large ser-* 
t//^ s/ieer^ed, A kind of Chinese animal. 
'a ^ sheererriy Mixed, confused. 
/V^/C'^ slicerman. Courageous, warlike, 
.^v>>.^ yJ^ sheet nienL A fat lamb, a raging lion^ 

jt^^^ sheerlnkar, A maker of sweetmeat;5« 
•/T' s^'eereh. New wine, juice of fruit. 
^ jir^ .*Aeer(?e, Lion-like; sheeree, Milking, 
"^../ip sheeretnch, Scurf on a child's head, 
^/ii «/i(%. Moveable, 
w-^ISlJI' sheeslia/enk. The wao:-tail. 
\^v^'^^ sheeshet, Going heavily on. 
J\±^ sheeshelth, A ny thing corrupted from age, 
JuJ^ shcesheh, A glass, a bottle, a cup. 
ytfu^ «^ees, A species of bad date, a kind of fisW 

^^ Ita^ aheithri^ The devil, a demon, stubborn, 

g^laxi; sheefrej, An Indian medicine. 

^^ sheczenii Long, tall (man, horse, orcamel)% 

^ sheca, A shoe-latchet. 

j^jl-A^ s/teifirit Nature, habit, [ed with love. 

^/^' sheeffiin, To become insane, or distract- 

^\ ^ sJiei' efa/iy A species of hemlock. 

.♦ IL^ sheeian, A royal table or entertainment* 

^^ »« . ' * 

*ju^ shcilem, A short mean looking man, a 
J^ shc^Ich, Rice soup, wormwood, fmiser. 
^y\ sh-eh'ein, A ray or skate. 
/^ shiem,. The scale of a fish, castor. 
iU^i sheernet, Nature, babit, custom. 
(jJ: sheifig Shame, disgrace, defect. [Publishing; 
^^ shiou, Mean, base, below. ^^^ sli.eyua, 
« .A^ sheyonh. Dishonest, shameful. 
•- 8h<yJ\^ The neighing of a horse. 
shiiyeCy A small thing. 
^vjJSi shcryikh^ A little or old man. 

j_y9 sad, The fourteenth letter of the Ara- 
bick, and the seventeenth of the Persian al*-^ 
phabets. In arithmetick, it expresses 9.0, and 
is the abbreviature for ^*^ se/er, The second" 
Mahometan monjth. 
ifl^salff A kind of bitter plant.. 


I 3" J 

^•^-^ sh^er, A man renowned for patien-cei ^ 
(j_>^Lo saloon, Soap. 

4---*=. U? ^a/??^, A lord, a master, a commander, 
JUs^U f}b,hihet, A wife, a ladj, a female eom^ 
^^U, shkhee. An unclouded sky^ [panions. 
jUU. skkJiet, 111 luck, an evil. 
^ U 54^/16^, Sound from the collision of irori» 
%y^ \ja scikhiret, A kind of earthen vessel. 
^ L^ sadt The letter y^, Copper, brass, a ket^" 

tie with handles. 
jiUtf ehdeVy Emerging, returning, produced* 
^iUa sadikt Shining (as aurora). 
cJJiU» skdek. Just, true, ingenuous, good. 
4f A U sadeCf Thirsty, dry. [done. 

Kj U» sflre/. Thirst, any thing necessary to be 
^jU sarekhy An assistant, one who calls for 

cJjW sarif, A cheat, extravagant, changing. 
^lyi^a sa:rhn, A sharp sword. . r 

7. •; ^ scif^^RJ* Pl^ister. <sj\jo saree, A sailor. 
^ U^ s4-fl, Even and plain grxDund. 
'is. U> sa-af, A place .where women card cottOJO^ 
jUiiUtf Sftr-yket, E^eath, punishment* 
^ U sagheTy A measure, a large dish. 
^l^ saf, Pure^ clear, candid. . .- 


t ^^2 ] 

jsito sqfir, A blower on the flute, or pipe. 
^9 Iff s^fen, The saphena vein running trora th« 

inner ancle to the great toe- 
\yi \.^ scbfce. Fine, clear, pure, candid. 
tJ)L«? sak, The leg. jjfu? SikH, A polisher, 
*~Mm> salilf, A burning fever. 
aJ U shlit. Danger, misfortune. 
^^U? shlch, Honourable, apt, proper, good. 
^ ia3 shlehhi Corroding, scabby. 
Jl^U> 8b,lkhaneh, A slaughter-house. 
43 Up sklt^gh, A sheep of six years old, an ox, 
Cx^ \iff s met, Silent, a score (of camels), 
^ l-e safiiely Dry, withered. 
»JUo sknia, (God; the creator, an artificer* 
jfjUr skwee. Dry. xXaU? shinlety Neighing, i. 
jf U» sk-aee, The inward growling of a dog.^ 
4:^j1.^ sayil-. Right, straight. 
4,:i^ U» *fl?/i^. Exclaiming. [ing wool. 

4jU» sayigh, A goldsmith. cJuLs *«^>/, Bear-* 
cJbUo sayik, Adhering. 

JLSaj U? eayifiet, The smell of moist wood*. ^ 
3^ l» «a^i/. Presumptuous, furious. ' . -.< ci a* 
j^ \jo saim, Thirsty. L^^^a seLl, Effusion* : ' '•? 
Uao *e/^a, Youthful ardour or love, a gentle 
1^ U*« seitilet. Desire, love* [wind. 

[ 353 1 

^ Iaa» selaJff The morning, tomorrow morning, 
Sb^lAAo sebahet, Gracefulness, elegance. 
^\AAa sabhhee, Blood, ^[aus sihar, Patient. 
Uj Im9 selkret, Answering for another. 
^ij^ seba-a, Any thing eaten with bread. 
^\.^ sebogh, Tincture. 'i^l^sebXwet, Child- 
<^M se/jel. Steepness, downwards. [hood. 
Su^ sehhety Inflamed with love. 
ciAAi.^ sebftj Mending a garment. 
^^jua sobh, The dawn, aurora ; sehh. Drinking 
tac^j^ sohhef, Morning. [in the morning. 

il^"^ sobohgkhy The dawn, morning, 
^XAs sehvy Patience, toleration, abstaining from. 
ij.K^ sobref, A heap of corn. 
KM*a sela, Puffed with pride. 
i^ sebegJi, Baptizing, colour, dying (cloth). 
^yXAA^ sebghee, A vender of colours. 
(jj-kjio sebn. To forbid, to keep from. 
yAja seboo, Foolish, - < 

^y^ sehawhn, Plur, of ^a*^ sehee, 
5^x» sehn^t. Childish, foolish. 
^^xAo sebooh, A breakfast, a morning collation. 
jy^ seboor, Most patient, gentle. 
^^Ai soboogh, Distended, sleek (udder). 
^^ selQe, A boy, a youth, the edge of a sword* 


I 354 ] 

vaa)« seleel't Ice, a kind of shrub. 

SuA^ seheyeti A girl, child. 

^UA*^ seleeh, Elegant, beautiful, a lovely face, 

S-SVXAA3 seleehet, Ihe dawn. 

^^AA^ seheer. Patient, flgur, 

4jL*>^ se//, A crowd, a violent concussion ; sitt, 

-U^ soithiJh A huge head, [Opposite. 

^^ix^ sottarijA seller. Xaa^ 5o//e/, The contra- 

^•^ seiewy Solid, strong, firm. 'V- [ry. 

^Xao fic/oo, Going along, ci^.j^i^ select, Noise, 

C,e^j^ seteemctt A hard stone. 

^w sojjy Sound of iron striking iron. 

^^ sehh, It is true, authentic. 

SLlisNi^ seJMet, Society, plur. of lii*aj^u> 

P l:^ sehhhy Honesty, sincerity, just/ ' 

^1jl«^«? seharhn. Publicly, openly. 

\<ss^ sehel, Plur. of «^^s. u? saheh 

SA£s^>0 Bohlel, Conversation, friendship, society. 

'iss^ s el let, Truth J sincere, perfection, integrity. 

^*u« sehr, Extending wide (a place). 

\jss\io selirh, A desert, plain, extremely red. 

^tjjcuo sehrhyee, Compestrian, rustick. 

Xiisww selifety A plate, a large dish, 

.y^suo 8ehel, Hoarse, [dish* 

^flKuo seAew, A l^rge cup or goblet, a small 

[ 355 I 



\Xs:ua sehnh, Jelly of ixskjUasaua sehnef;,Otie blow, 
^s;^ sehoo, Unclouded sky, recovery from ebri-- 
i^isssja sehoon, flur. Qf ^^JSs^sehen, [etj,, 
fXf^sxfo ^eheeh fK'ight, true, unbroken, fulU entire, 
g ^^^ seheeret, Milk into which butteror ^ouz 

is put. 
^^ sekh, Deafening with a thundering voige, 
tjl^*5 seJihal, Plur. of ^^^^ sekheO. 
t_>A^ sekheb. Noisy, murmuring, resounding. 
3Us^ sekhet, The sound of striking stones. 
Ov:i.-w seJihed, Intensely hot, scorching (sun). 
f^^ \ j<^ seJihdan, A sultry day. 'i^sekJiret, A 
icj^ &e/ihm(i, A rocky country. [rock, 

\^ s^kjiee, Dirtying the cloths, iilth. 
^A^ sekheer, Immense (stone). [ing from^^ 
>i? sad, A hundred ; a sedd, Forbidding, keep- 
J,«^ sed^, A sound, tone, noise, an echo, 
8 ] Au> sodat, Of a rusty coloi^r» 

] Sao sodah, The cfowing of a hea. 
yS «V0 soddad, A species of serpent. 
J^.is*o sed^r, An under garment, 
'ij\^s*o sedci,retT\iQ of^ce of a prime minister. 
^ \ iN/o soda- a, The head- ache. 
Xi^j^Ao sodaghet. Feeble, not strong, foolisU* 
1!«xa? i?eJ^^',.'A maraage settlement;. 

I 356 ] 

*3 \ jsac sedhhet. Sincerity, loyalty. 

f lo^Atf sedkm^K disease of camels, horses, &c. 

I >i^ sedphi A scorpion, a centiped. 

(/y t >tf sedparee. Torn in a hundred pieces. 

*i\j^ s^dpai/eh, Ship- worm, moth. 

«i^j<*9 sedberkt CentfoiL 

^^^ sedtoo, A hundred folds. 

A ,Sm> seded, Purpose, design, opppsite, near. 

jOvAtf seder, The breast, the beginning. 

^ ) i-^ sedrcDJ, A hundred cares, chess. 

^j<>tfj seda. Strong-limbed, light herbage. 

cLjU jw*? seda-dt, A herd, a flock, 

S«j^^ sedaaty Having different opinions. 

^y^a sedefy Clear, receding, declining. 

^ j^ sedefcheh, A small fine shell. 

cJjw0 sedek. Speaking truth. 

Sw4X^ sedhef. Alms, that part of an estate de- 
dicated to pious uses. 

m^^ sedem. Bruising, beating. 

t^Os*0 eedood, Turning away the countenance." 

'^^j^ 8odoo-a, Having a strong propensity. 

jg A^ seda, Thirsty ; sedeey Stained with the 
rust of iron (the hands). 

Ou'^ sedeed, Vociferation. ^~^'^ 

^«V0 sedeea, A herd, a fissure. 

fj xte se(feegh, Aii infant trnder sertn day*^ 
«-Ji.ij^ S6deefc, An intimate friend, 
XXj A4i> sedeeket, The Virgin Mary. 
^ 5err, Shutting a purSe, gnashing the teeth* 
\^*o8erat A yellow melon. *r?.^^ serhjeh. The 
^ \^ :, 5er^//, Publicly, openly, [scrophula orevil. 
"ic^Sj^a serhket, Ture, genuine, evidently. 
^ ^^ serakh A great nofse, a peacock. 
\^\j>o serhJihee, A flask with a long heck, 
Islyo sera/, A road, way. 
LJ\ ^ serrhf, A banker, a grarnmanarri 
^^ .^a sertnii. Cutting or pulling dates, thornsj 
i^\ya 8ey\mit,^ohmty strong (man). [c^lC. 
%^ j*o 'sera7/efy A yeltow ibelon. 
ji^j*o scrhycr, Plur oiij,^ sereercf, 
Vj-A^ seftf'y A collection of any thiilj. 
tj >*a setlet A poition of sour milk. 
Sor ya SdtelJt ' e'ty A ptncss to iiiove ot' be moved* 
iyo serrety Noise, a company of tlieti, ruin* 
'^jj^ ^irehjA fortification ; st?76/?, Unadulterated* 
l^^j*o se'rchliteft Lightness, Fgility, [Wine. 
3U^*o serhhet. Crying out loudly ,s^j*o set k't^^U 
^ j^ sered, Changing one's mind, cooling. 
/^li^ serdiin, A kind of bird, a white mark on 
a horse's back. 

Ifi >^*<^ «^r^i?g/i5/. Heat, passion. • 
yaj.>a ^c^r-scr, A noisc, a cold wind. 
• ^ ^e/'fl, A kind, maqner. 
^^^ya ser-k^t (Dual), morning and evening, 
tz ^^ ser-att Throwing down, wrestling. , 
\^^ sc^ff Ex pence, xronverting. address, ex- 
^^^{i.yoS.erfi??, Lead, a species of date, [cellencq. 
? -^ sc?feh. Gain, profit, addition, advan- 
\s\yo &crfee. Grammatical. [tage. 

{^ j*o sqro\. Thin, slender. 
31c IS^ serka-aiy Smacking wnth the fingers. 
^ ya son?i, Pruiiing, a segment, section. 
L*^ sermUt A desert without water [iloud. 
1L< ^*o sennet i A lierd of camel?, part of a 
y^^y^ j^sormett Protection. ^'^ scincj, A cis^ 
A^^ sorood, A cold region, [tern. 

'ij^yo serooref, A batchelor. 
3^j*» s&f'ooa, riur. of g^« sera. 
*^yc seroom, A sharp sword. 
^y0 ^^rtje. Breaking off, averting, prohibiting, 
*f*jjja iereeh, Milk, ^^^o sereeh. Pure, clear. 
8j^ wc sereeref, Noise. 

«jj4e ^ereea, Prostrate, thrown down,a spourje> 
i^ljw streef, Creaking, silver. 
tfij^^ sereejiyet, A Cl^ldean vine. ^ ^ 


txj^ta sereeket, -Thin bre^d.- 
^^ya sereefn, Cut ofj, pruaed, lopped*. 
X<v.r^ sereeniet, A full purpose, intention, ua^ 
uotAo fio^h^ Difficult, perverse. [dertakiii^ 

CUxM sa-at, Square in stature. 
jXx^ sq-tcr, H^vicg; a good taste, 
Okjuc suredt Lofty, yiolent (torture}* 
S j^^ sa-dx. Deep, long-fetched breathing, ** 
k ^t*a sa-det, A cane, a spear^ ^xte 9a-ar, Look«» 
j^js^ .^a-roary Gum, [ing awry|i 

](f^*e sa-sa, Separated; dispersed. 
JU^«JU9 sa-sa-af. Separating, anointing witii 
fjix^ sa-ef. Wine, a little bird. [oiJ (the bead). 
^li3U9 sa-Jkn, Fond pf wine. [brayingt 

XjL«^ sa-ftt. Trembling. uJCxa* s.a^,Aloud noiss, 
A**»'«a-a/, Small n ess, slenderness. 
^^KxMf^d'loo^, A robber, poor, indigenjt, 
jft^x,^ sa moor, A water-wheel. 
v^;s*? sa-fieby Having a little head. 
^^XAa sa-ooJj Lofty, di^culty, torment. 
hyr^ sa-ivef, Snuff, a medicine.. Fferinff. 

o^xm si'^ed. Dust, earth » ^^s^ saieJct, An of* 
i^.^KMf soghabn The^g of a louse. 
.\Jt^ 8e£rh^r, Little. 
%j \ji^ segk^ret, A low ^n^^ smallaess^^ .. 

t 3^0 1 

'Sj[ija i^ghhnef, A violin, a shepherd's pi^c. 
\jXM9 sogherb,, IMur. Qi ^^ segheen 
i^iso segheret, Plur. of ^u sd^ghen 
^ M soghree, Less, least, 
^ sfghoo. Bowing the head. 
If ^x^ S'^ghwee, llie cavity (of an urn). 
^ scghee^ Decliniil^, setting (a star). 
^xiU segheer. Small, slender. 
s„J^ Bf'ff* A series, rank, order. 
V*o itfki Content, delight, diversion, comfort, 
>liuo«CA^» Plur. of ^40 sefah \ soff^h, A broad 
d \xio sqptd, A fetter, a chain. [thin stone. 
jiiM>sofb.r, A hissing ; Sfffhr A melter of brass 
%j\xto s^JT^ret, A hollow tube. for copper. 
CXijU40 sefkreet, Plur oi CLiyhe sefreet, 
C.XM sififf. One who conquers others. [^j* 
ijjLAc S'cftef, The oVerlhrow or defeat of any ene* 
fyjo sefeh. Turning a\^'ay the face, a tract. 
tacAM) stf'iel, A face, a side, a page. 
oJ*o srff(/, A fetter, a present. 
j>a^ sjclaff Courageous, warlike. 
y*» ^'y^T, A disease, a worm, autunoln. 
\jija S'ferhy Yellow, the bile, gold, saffron; 
d /*o sefrodf The nightingale. 
^jiaa se/eree, Autumnal* 

t 361 1 

&^yuo*^efreet. Poor, needy, wanting. 
^J i*Ax*o 8ff$af, A willow. 
.kJ^'-*a sefsef, Plai(i level ground, a sparrow, 
MuaiAf sefsefeif A species of food. 
«uo 5^^. Tapping gently on the neck. [handSo 
eJiiA3 5e/dl, Dashing<» striking, clapping the 
^^%^ sefen. The coat of corn, grain seed, ^c= 
^ sefoOf Brightness, the purest part, 
^ \ ^k*o sefivan, A clear and cold day. 
'i^x*a sefwet, Ihe best or purest part. 
^^ sefooh. Forgiving, liberal- j y%*o sefoor^ 
cJJ^ftAo sefook, Plur. of v-JCi^s sefek* [Empty. 
Jira srfect J ust. Sincere, pure, bright, clear, 
%:s.jS.*a sefeehet, A plank, a broad sword, the, 
^aL^ sefeeVy Sound, a sapphire. [surface, 

v.juiAff sefeek, Shameless, saucy. 
1.^ \.%»o sekhh, Plur. of uS,a sekefu 
jVi^ sek^^r, One who trains hawks. 
J IX^ «eJr^/; Polishing a sword, the belly, &:c, 
«-Ju3 sekel', A young camel, 
j^S Ujus sakbkfiee. Odoriferous, aromatick. 
^Ouo seinh. Baldness. 
^ ^^'^er, A bird of prey, sour milk. 
UX^ ^ehk, The sun, a white mark on the forcr 
^*jxi^ ^eiah, Long. [head (a mare or sheep^^ 


I Z02 ] 

JjtjU? seial, Dry date macerated in milk. 
yi^ seJtel, Striking, furbishing. [door* 

^Ao seJik, Striking with violence, shutting a 
SLSi^ sekket. The violence of the meridian heat, 
^E=L*a sekmet, A vehement collision or impulse* 
A^ g^^ sekeeky Feeble, not strong, silly, 
au? selcii Advice, news, the sound, beingjust. 

. , iUy selab. An astrolabe. 

%, %a selahet. Majesty, reverence, formidable, 
» iU» selht, A prayer, mercy, a church. 

4^1, %^ silat, Piur. of jUu? se/tY, 

»3 SUs selateh, Sal lad. 

^iU» selhh, Rightness, uprightness, peace, 

Suifc iV>o selaheyetf Rectitude, virtue, honour. 
0^^ iU» selakhid, Plur. of jvs^l^ selkhed. 
mt%*o selaJenf, Plur. of -\jdAtf> silc/am, 

ys %^ selasel, Broad. ^ "^ijasHa-a, Summer, heat, 

is. i^o solla-at. Large (dishX 

cJ SJU> selakt Eloquent, speaking well. 

^ iU» se/d/. The lining leather of boots, 

- 5ilo sellam, The pulp of the lote fruit, 

'i^'ik^o selhmet, A multitude. 

CfSy'La selawaty Plur. of s^^eZ*^, 

ujfj ^litfj^fi/fl^/e^jPlur. of«LXAtf>Sd/edto. [real, strong. 

ju*ju» *c^^* Roasting meat, burning ; soil, Rud^ 

f S63 3 
lAAa selhee, PrOCteeding from the loins. 

solf, A sharp sword, a broad wide front 
or forehead. 
^UJL» seleidn Swift (horSCi) burning fiercely 
^^ selej. Deafness. [(fire)» 

*as\La seljehy A silk- worm's donei 
^L» 8olh, Peace, reconciliation, compacts 
^s:sXto Si'lkhern, Tall, hardy (camel). 
^JsXa selkhed, Strong, piercing with an arrow. 
5<^itvJU» selkhedat. Robust, hardy. 
i^-is^Ao sitkhfff, ^^ggage, furniture. 
^saX*o selhheniy Furious, standi r)g erect. 
a^jsvX»e» se/Jthod, Brisk, robust (she camel). 
l^ha seld^, A ground full of stones, 
^YjXtf seldam, A lion, strong. 
^0\ha seldph. Large- bodied girl, 
^ yXja seldem, Strong (horse,) a lion. 
^UaX*? selsal, Clay mixed with sand. 
^trJU? selteh, Thick, broad Ju^ «e/«, Baldness.' 
UX4fi> 8elh,-h, Barren ground, misfortune, 
.>od« «e/-a</fl?, A red excoriated nose.^ (ground). 
i-U*© selefy Hateful, heinous. KiLo selfa. Hard 
^sx\jo selfa-at, A ranting lusty bold woman. 
«JilA9 seleky A noise. [woman, thick. 

mSXMf sel&em, Shedding blood ; eii&em. An old 

I 264 ] 


^*a sehm, Cutting out by the roots. 
^X^ selmaf. Poverty, shaving (the head)o 
^UjJLitf selenhah, A kind of large fish. 
^^•Ak> sehndelet. Hardy, patient (camel). 
^Xha selenkehi Strong, curb, a loud noise* 
^a\m> selenka^ Hard, stout. 
^iJiL* $tf/ewie^, Talkative, ^l^a 5e/oo, The thigh, 
c^Ju? selawetf^lux, of 2i^ selat, ^^*o seloot, 
« yl^ solooh. Excellent, proper, right. [Prayer. 
^^1^ sdookh) Deadly, unluckily. (a horse). 
&^\*e selcody Striking the ground when leaping 
j.i^X*a sdawdehy Strong, hard. 
^^*a soloogh, Full grown (ox or sheep). 
^^La solooL Making, lining, or ornamenting. 
iha seleh. Conjunction, union, 
-yu? selham. Courageous, a lion. 
i^^*a selheb. Tall man, large house. 
gv^lA? selhej, Hardy (camel,) a large stones 
JU» selee. Deceiving by caresses. 
• \J.^ seleedn, A km.d of herb. 
u**Iac seleel. Strong, hard. i^ssA^ seleejet, A piece 
UtA^a seleef. The side of a hill, [of pure silver, 
Sisi^Mf selee/iet, Meat boiled soft. 
^ sern, A misfortune, breaking* 
\^ setimk, Deaf, duwih, misfortune* 

[ m ] 

ol«w^ SenihU Respecti honour^ tiotitity* 
^ Uw> semhhhy The ear, a little water, 
d U»^ sefftad, A hangman> ah executioner, ontf 
^t U« somadeh, Strong, pure* [who scourges. 
^jU*o somare^iVure, unn[iixed> sincere, [milk. 
^ji**a sjmareet Podex ^\Um> somali'Jiy Thick 
-Lmc* semam, III luck, deafness> inisfortune, 
CX*^ seniati Cessation of ttoise or speaking; 

simmet, A ruale serpent, a courageous man, 
^**o semjf A lamp. [a lion. 

Ukv^ semha, An uneven ground, 
^vt.2cw<%9 somehineh^ A strong (man,) firm and 

compact of body, bald, 
d <yss^**o semekhdi'd, Pure, excellent. 
^9^x3 semd. Contrivance, invention, purpose, 
€v«3 semr, Covetous, niggardly. 
:> je^ semred, Having abundance of milk (ashe- 
^j^og^ semsem, Extremely covetous, fcamel). 
»«>->« sema. An ear of small size, well -formed. 
Ucv*? sema'b,. Rising, or projecting high. 
yi.^*o semar. Strong, stout, hardy. 
3L,^*.*>o se/ware^e/, A mali'gnant serpent [body. 
jy^^ sem-oor, Short, strong and compact of 
i^^ semegh, Gum, an aromatick. [milk. 

^^ji^M semghed, Strong, stout, U.^ seme/tat, Bad 

i 366 3 

'ij^4J^ sem'kef. Stout (camelX f(manV 

*^)^^i*^ semkooJcy Hardy, powerful, stupid 
y^sfmel, Solid, stout, abstaining (from meat), 
AU/w semellockf Robust, a segment, 
^JU^ semieel. Lean, poor in flesh, 
*>♦« semeTP, Deafness. c> ^^^ semoof, Silent, 
r^f^ «e/wooA, Hard (hoof). [piercing. 

^^, {a4^ semeeyhu. Inversion^, darting, an assault, 
" ^>vA«^ semeet, Saturnine, silent, 
• <>A«M» semeedeh, A sultry day. 
^♦^ semeer, A man having dry withered 5esh, 
Ja*^ semeel. Dry, withered. f^gg* 

»A*^ $eineemt Unmixed, pure, the shell of an 
^j*A.^*0 semeemBey Comfortable, hearty, sincere. 
^ senn, A little basket, 
v^ Uu» senaLef, Long in back and belly. 
^U*e> senalev, Intense cold. 
^U« sewaT'ee, Mustard. ^l;« s<?»4^ A player* 
SU La5 senaJihett A man of large body. 

^Ue seyar, The plane- tref* 
^\.i^ senh-a, Laborious, diligent (woman)^ 
»fiU^ sen h,- at. Art, a profession, trade, 
3Uas «<???A^, Braving long (a camel). 
SuUao &enyet, 7 he entire, all. 

^Uo senaya, Plur. of juO^ sen-at. 

"[ 36f J 

J^l-i* soml'ol, Crafty, cautious, diffident.' 
^^*e somboor, An aqueduct. [thin cheeks^, 
^*a sotifa. An ostrich, a krge forehead ^n^ 
CL'^ju^ senfooty A part, a piece, &c. 
^^XUd senteety A legion, tss^i^ se?ijet, A baknce, 
^sa;-^ sonjer, Large, tfiih [scales, 

^^ senih, The root of a tooth, ^^s^semkhet^ 
• .jj^ sendehj A broad stone. ^ ''^ ' [Filtb, 
f V jJxo seiidohy A chest, a tomh. 
cJi^ jCLitf> sendocit, A chest, a coffer, a sepulchre, 
j^;idJito sendeed. Violent (heat orwrnd). 
-i^ «owa, Creation, work, preparation^, 
%sho sen-aif A profession, art, trade. 
^gsOja aennaee. Industrious, clever- handed. 
iJiJJa senfy A part, portion, species. 
ijuja senck, Solid, hard J^ senem. An imager 
y^ $enoo, A small stream between two mounr 

jyi» senoor, Of a bad disposition. [t^inj, 

cJI^->« senoofy Piur oi Uutq senfi 
^*e seniuy X present, performance. 
i^S yo sawhh. Rectitude, the right way. 
j,j/.Ay<} sawhbdded, Approbation, a just opinion. 
t^l^^ sewkbnomcLy Showing well, reasonable. 
r^ya sewahy Plaister, clay. 

' ^]ya sewar, A herd of wild oxen, musk» 


;[ 368 ] 

0j^ya sewhrijp, Plur. of ^^u sarerHl 
^\yi^ sewk-u, A dry measure. 
,^S ^ saww^crji, The goldsmith. 
t^l^As sawivaf, A woollen-draper, [manteau,' 
(jj\^^ soivhn, A repository, a chest, a port- 
ly ?^*5 setvanet, A rock, the podex. 
^Syo sewahel, Plur. of iUU «a^d/e^ 
,_,^A» 502^'^, A part, a track, the right way, 
*j ^*a sooleft A granary, a heap. 
cij^-o sawty Clamour, noise, voice. 
^^^l:>.yt, s6wjcLn,Dry, ^^.^sa^/i, Splitting, cut- 
(J^\ffy<y sookharee, Biscuit. [tingi 

jya sowr. Causing to hang down. [ture. 

%jyo sooret, An image, visage, a copy, pic- 
\j J y^ sooreth Apparently, extrinsically, 
■Uji^^ fiooretnomciy Apparent. 
{J jy^ sooree, Envy, exterior, face, 
^ ^o Sfiwtel, The red carrot. 
^ya soo-a, Plur ofgU» s^-a, 
fya sowghi Creating, melting, 
^^Myp stuvghan, A pair. 
i^yo sou'f, Woolly, declining. 
9jil y^ sowfa-at, A mitre, turban, cap, 
iyo sowjeh, Asopha. ^y9^*osofee» Wise, a re- 
Jiyo soohee, Goodt [ligious man. 

t m 1 

^y^ sawl, Puffed with pride, angry, [stick, a cluB; 

- ^M saivm, A christian church, a fas^i 
2^ yja saivma, A eel I, hermitage. ^^ y^asawn, De- 
^y*a sawna, A bird or animacule. [fence, 
*«s seh, An interjection, cooimanding silence. 
^yjl^^ sohkbee, Of a reddish colour (a camel,) 
«jl^ seharet. Marrow, melted fat. [compleat* 
g-jl^/e seharej, A pond, a bath, a cistern, 
^l^ 50^g/ or y^^ The neighing of a horse. 
CLi ^j^ seherh\ A mother-in-law, «&;c. [mixed," 
*)Ja^ sehtelct, Looseness, ^k^^ sehmeem, Ua- 
j^^ seheCj Moist, running (wound). 
^*^ seheer, Liquid, melted. 
U-* Ua9 sci/ab, The better sort (of mankind). 
X L.^ 5 ya^. The matter coming from the uterus 
A lyo seeyaJ, A hunter, a fowler, [after delivery. 
t-J^L^ se7/\ref, Plur. of c_J^^ seeref, 
^^ Uo seyasei, Plur, of sUs/a:^ seeset. 
*i Ua^ seyaghdt, The art of a goldsmith. 
^ Ia>« seyal, Insulting, assaulting. 
*Iaa5 seeyaniy Fasting, (jji*^ seyan, Keeping. 
t_^^ seaby Well-directed (arrow,) hitting the 
X:ffVA^ s^e//e/. An exclamation, torment, [mark. 
'\^j^ seecia. Rough, rocky ground, [bulent* 
'^\x<Aa seeddh, Noisy, speaking loud and tur- 


'i^\^to seedunef. Loquacious bad wortian. 
K-^y'^:r^ seedgah, A place for hunting, 
(jj d^*a , seed^^Tf , The hyena, a l>.ing. 
ts jy.>«> sedee. Brazen, copper. 
j.^ seer. Reduced, becoming, end, success- 
f^^\j.Ma seeran, Plur. oi jSya sowar, 
8^*A(? seeref, A house for cows or sheep. 
ii'y^ seereghee, A purse -bearer, [money, ^^c, 
C-S^*a seeref, A banker, a judge of jewels, 
^AOMo seesjsf, A fortificationj the spur of a cock* 
^jiuM9 seeyaree Ve:i*y red, a large bunch of a 
^M> s^egh^Vlxkv. oi ikhj<Ao seegheh. [carnal. 

*iAA« seegji^jfi' The moQi^of^ v^cb,. sconjuga- 

i RxAs seef. Summer* • '' n [tion. 

Xi ^i.^ s}efii,fet, Erring from the mark. [polisher,, 
Uuu}Seek,J^anb,dusX.y.xA^seeke.h Brightness, a 
4Xa^ see/i. Strong lusty (man,) coagulating. 
*l/^sceZ£?/j Ihekn^t on a scourge. J^»o seelem, 
^x*o seem, flui> .pf ^^ji^ ^oiw [IJazaidcusncss. 

A^AAs 5^^oo<:/, , Ahimjting.doj. 
j^jjo s^eyoor, vV-jsdom in maFic^gingaff;iirs,,mind. 
'ujL^Aio seeheh, A sultry day.^^a liard stqpe. 
^Ai^iseehcj, A utjbust (cam:€j,)ia large stone, 
jl^ s^e/^^«?, A vappur> lo^ig ^^4^.9d//OQ;',BrightT 
^' seeyee. The cry of animals, [ness, even. 

^^ 25^^, Arabick fd^d,}:The £fteenih\c%^ 
ter of the Arabick alphabet, and theeighteentt^ 
as adopted bv the Persians ;. not radically bcr 
longing to theit language. In arithmetick, 
it expresses 8oa. 

ij,U %abb, Restless (camel), [Ashe?, 

^ la %ahia, Being swift in motion./^ L** ^cuLeOt 
i^yj>'%ajet. Promoting insurrections.. [ly. 

^ i^ %ajia. Reclining much from .laziness, silr 
d!b*U xkheji, Ridiculing, a.mockeit', flashing 

(cloudsX .^, -aa ]Ji^.\:^[z 

: ,^ \,a z kh ee, O ut ward , ex p.osedT ta feh§, s\;in» 
Xac^U? jt.i/z^yc/, Misfortune; ):.'fi .". :y. - .-j,^ 
jU3 %ar?\ Hurtful, mi^chievoua. , 
:*.--> j'Utf zkr^h,'. Beating,, bruising, striking* 
tf^Ua 2ir<?;^i. Trained tiaJiuQting (a dog). 
13 l*fl^.w2:42f, Deceit, inj;u6ti£se« .' A *' 
4S 'j\40< %k%ie, A part, deEcient, unju$t. 
.L*i i«o..x.7.^/«A;'Tl^e cry'^of a hareMnd wolf. 
laaLi ^.ighef,. Bu!kine*s ur grosgrii^^ of body^ 
h^zla zhg'iiKtf, The. iV^^t-1Tiar^;^'t,<i,|^>;; •. < . ■ 
^^la %.<7^//eA/, Restive, $tul>borf>(li9'rse). 
Li [*o -xafcty Making, ^ di.$(^n^'JQiir^^©y^^^,; ^, . .. 
^ U S5 /iyft'iSi , : I^ong gi^ r /r^en t,; ) ,\ -A • - : : .' Sf 
^U 15^//, VVandeiing fj-Quaii^e,^<>xn^^nj.j; 

E 372 i 

«J U zMef, Becoming lean, weak. 

^\la xkl'ia, Erring from the right way* 

j.^U zi^ncff Slim, not thick. 

y^\,c %kme%, Silent, dishonourinec, disgracing, 

^U %hnie7i, An undertaker or surety for ano« 

^ U %hny Sheep, ram. [ther, 

U\to ^aneti A camel's nose-ring. 

Sl^ zknee. Fruitful woman, is ^i^ zhwee, Lu* 
^A l^ itahert The top of a mountain, [cifer. 
XXib U %xhilett Small in quantity (water). 
>j U %hyir, Mischievous. ^j«o U zciyes, Decreas- 
^AJ» %\yaf Wandering, lost. [i"g» 

(j^l*^ zhyen. Sheep, beautiful in figure. 
I'^ImS zainet, A large heap of sand* 
*^ Zehh, K pain in the breast (camel,) fat 

(limb,) anger, adhering to the ground. 
SL Uo zebabeff A cloud. XJ Ia*« zobciseyef. Large 
^U^ zot)^hj Breathing hard. [fleshy arm. 

y U«fl zolhr, A species of tree, name of a stone* 
ijXj^ zob^ref, Firmness of body, compact. 
jjl^>c %ehart-9h Strengthened, 
-jLa*^ zobhrem. Courageous, a strong lion. 
t^^^Kjuhzobkzeb, Plump and large-bodied. . 
IUbl^*tf zebkiet. Government, administration;? 
regulation, controul. 

[ ^n ] 

Ix^ %ellet, A kind of lizard. \^ . a :.^^ 

tji^^ %eheSy Striking. ^^ zebsem, A iion» , 
^yi tchehy Ashes, the yelping or barking of a 
^^^ %elker, A bottle. [fox. 

^Sa^ %ehed. Mixing ripe with unripe dates. 
^^ zeheVy Leaping (horse,) heaped together 
yxtb zebet. Purblind. (stones). 

yy^jh zwhes, Harrassing a debtor* 
k>.fl zelfy Direction, discipline, checki 
jUaAAfl zehte*. Name of a game. 
^!2A«9 zSter, Fast, hard, solid, constant. 
. ^^ zela. An arm. 
lxj>J3 Zi'.b-atj The female hyenna, lust. 
1$ ^IsjuJ) %:'.he^htereef A scare-crow. 
^^^3kx^ zeleg/ifee, A bug-bear for children. 
^JX»a zshen, Detriment ; zilen, A narrow place. 
JsXj.Ji zelsnteey Stout, robust. 
^io zA}00, Roasting, changing, 
-v^"*^ zeboohj Adhering to the ground. 
c^A^ zebudj Going quick, extending the neck, 
throwing out the fore-feet (a loaded camel, 
^yj^ zehooh, Herbage just sprouting, [or horse). 
%ju.A*b seheebet. Butter, wine. 
Vaa*9 Zdlee^j Dangerous, fierce. [Ill luck. 

jjMAA*d %slces, Harrassing a debtor. 3^ zele&l. 

^ Keify Humbling one's self, crying out, 

ILar«tf xeieK Noise, cfainour. 
:^3^v5 zt^jery Braving (camel,) narrow place, 

^acv«tf ze,a. Reclining, soap. [oppressed in mind. 

^ss^tb zt'Jdtu, Crooked, disturbed in any inember. 
^^ss^ zejooj, Braying whilst milking (a she- 

« ,^»-i zij'ua, A woman disobedient to her 

l«v^ ztha, Ihe meridian, dinner, [husband, 

^.ae^^zehth, 'J'hundering, astonished, laughing. 

t^^iss^ii xehket^ A laugh; zohket, Ridicule, 

^s^^ %nheli Small in quantity (water), [day. 

ysv^ %ehoOy Clean, pasturing in the heat of the 

(.^Lis?«i> %eheyan,^'dskm^ in the sun, dining, 

5Uar^ zeheyety A sacrifice. 

"*B^«j. z'kheniy Corpu'lent, broad (way). 

•>*« %edd. Filling, gaining a cause (at law). 

jjh %crr. Damage, loss; zorr, Injury, a bad con- 
\^\fta %frah. Combating, conquering, [dition, 

^^^^ Tteraheeny Plur. of (^jU^ zerbcin. 

j\j^ zerar. Wounding, injuring, [tooth-ach, 

'ij^j>a zerareA, Blindness. ^J^^^ zoras, Ttie 

Sirlwo zora-af. Humbling one's self. 

Ui\j^ ^orifet. Big- bodied, fat, gross. 
. 4 \j»e zorak, Strong, a lion. 

t 875 1 

-1^^ ^eratxi, "Flaming. 

X^^^ TierknieU ^ f^ie turpentine tree, 

%^^J^ zeraivet, Being trained, accustomed. 

^v^, Plur. of ^jj, zeret. [pricking. 

^_j ye z^reb, Honey ; zefh, A stroke, force, 

L.*a %erbh, By force. ^^ U^^ zerc'^A«,The pulse, 

»^^^ zerahet. One blow, ^rsr^,© zerhejeh, Vio- 

i*jv ^^ zer'ozen, A piece of artillery. [lenty, 

„j ^»5 zerhee, By force. 

S^o z^rret. Adversity, need, want. 

g. ^^ 26? ^y, Splitting ^^^-^ 2i<^/;/tf, A leopard. 

^^xe///, Casting otF, refusing, digging agrave* 
.^\^ ^ zerdakh, A fruitful tree, great. 
.^ zeier. Injury, damage, calamity* 
\yo zar^Zy Covetous, niggardly. 
'%Q-jyh zf^rzemef, A penetrating bite, 
tr^ zers. Severe, filling up a (well) ; smV^, Se-» 
-3^ zef'zem, A beast of prey. [vere bite, 
*J5 -^ zerfem, Large, fat in the belly. 
^^ xerflfj Submission. 

Ifi^ xe/a-d. Having a large breast (woman)* 
X?^ zer-amef. Thick milk, desiring, 
fis^jAO zerghhtety A mass of clay. 
ax^ %erghetiiy A lion. ^ 

\^^ zeref, A mountain fig-txee* ^ :^u^^i 

t 376 ] 

• t 

tiya zerfet, Much wealth. 

^3^ zerf ctee, .B']g-hod\ed, fat, gross. 

^^ zerem, Rapid, fleet (horse,) hungry. 

l^jjf zerinet, A fire-brand, a kind of herb. 

^ye zeroo, The g^m of an Arabian tree. 

CLij^jto zerooret. Violence, indigence. 

^j^j*e zerooree. Forced, constrained. 

0*3^ zcroos, A strong camel. 

^ij*e zeroot. Farting, a fart. 

^sjta zorooa, A breast, a pap, a nipple. 

^jto zeree. Bleeding profusely (a vein). 

i^ye zereelet. Disposition, nature. 

g\j -*d zereej, Quick, haste, swift (course). 

j»j*o zereer. Blind, disease. 

^J>*JHO zerees, (A well) filled with stones. 

^^ zeriOf (A woman) having large breasts* 

%A]oXjjtc zoreefeteyeff A kind of game. 

^ jc zereek, Unhappy, unfortunate. 

•j^ zereem, A conflagration. 

\\yc z zaz, Ill-natured, passionate. 

t,)\^ z^zen, Snatching, taking by force. 

LU? zefet, Strong (man). 

^ %h. Exercising or training camels. 

Si \xJi za-afef. Infirmity, i*^ %a-at, A tree. 

Ijjkx«a zodtartt, Hen^fowL 

I tl7 1 

^\yi, «£«^«, lU-hatured, passionatcii 
^ye %e%en, Snatching, taking by force. 
Sfikfl zetef, Strong (man). 
M 7My Exercising or training camels. 
liUo %a-hfeU Infirmity. 'Utb za-at, A tree. 
Ij^jufl zoderet, Hen, fowl. 
^jliue %a-7ia, Weak in body or mind. 
^ za-al, Thinness Cfrom starving). 
CL>^^3ua zawaty Plur. of lIIaju^ %at. [blind. 
C-iA»,tf za-eef, Weak, impotent, powerless, 
Uo zoghct or ^jLS teghoo. Fallacy, cheat. 
»,_* Km zoghab, The cry of a hare or wolf, 
u^xja zegheb. Crying like a wolf or hare. 
'^M zeghes. Taking by hand-fulls, or in the 
ycja ^^gAer, A lion or other wild beast, [hand. 
co^he zeghreSi A glutton. 
ihiiM zegh%eghet. Chewing, muttering. 
hai^ zegkef, Squeezing, pressing. 
fhxja zoghtef, Difficulty, anguish. 
^i^ zegheiiif Biting, cutting with the teeth. 
^x*9 xeg^e??. Hatred, malignity, malevolence. 
fj.hb zegheegJi, Prosperity. 
Ik^M zegheefet, A garden green with, herbs. 
%.^hh zegkeenet. Hatred, enmity, 
Cj U*tf ?iefat, Plur. of cHa*^ zpffat, 


t 979 ] 

■^ i Uu^ zefidla, Plur. of ^ sJi zefda. 
jiLe »e/{ir, Twisting (a rope) of hairs, leap- 
^ li^ zcffdz, A detractor. D'^g* 

)0 U*3 zffhf, A hirer of camels. 
XlsU*^ %f\fefi Foolish, stupid, large-bellitd. 
li\.yjc Z'^fifcfy Weak in mind. 
y\x2 zef.njer, Plur. of x^^ zffccref, 
Ixta Z'ffcti One compression, one act of vjo- 
^jjfi> z'^fdiu A frog. [lence. 

^ %'fer. Twisting (a rope) of hair, running, 

a heap of sand, 
i?^*p z^'frcty Large-bqdied (camel). 
y,c z^feZy Thrusting, U^ahc zefzefety A crowd, 
jlkiL*^ zfthTi An q!d ugly crocodile. [&c. 
Vaxi zeftet, Silliness, impertinence. 
^ %efa. Dung of elephants. [swift. 

. i^i^ ^rf<f» Unhappy, unfortunate, calamity, 
yi^ zejn, Kicking, dashing, striking with 
^«o zefoo. Abounding. [the foot, 

i ^^ zsfwety Felicity, good fortune. 
j^ zefoor, Plur. of^ U^ zefkr, [sea shore. 
(^ yMzefoofy Milky (a camel). ^>i*i ^tefecr ^\ht 
%'^M zefeeret, A heap of sand, a mound or 
yJuff zefeez. Thick. [bank. 

Um zrfeet, Dull, senseless, ignorant. 

{ ^79 i 

4i*i %e^Jc, Pressing, oppressing. 
i\»oK^ ze^azek. Compact, short-bodle^, 
i'=^^^=^ j> ze^zeketi Going haste. 
3-^^ %(kt'1. Small in quantity (water), 
>^i %:;U, An error, vice, &c 3,^ :>'^ zelaxel, A 
IciH-tf 2Jg/d-a^ Power, strength, [skilful guide. 
^ ilU zdkl, A crime, an errrjr, disappearinj^, 
XJL^ zellet, Speaking of the absent, over^^i^ht, 
^*^J) zehet, Uneven hilly ground, ^an error^ 
«i.<^ tela, A side, a mountain, [of ^y^ zku 
^l^ zelel, A mistake, blunder, c ^^-i zol(^0(t, 1 lup, 
Sx^X^ zoloo-at, (A bow) of flexible wood, 
«A.\,i zelee-a, Having ]arge uneven teeth. 
JAi*^ 2e/<^e^, Erring. 

^to zemm. Making short, incorporation. 
aU«o zemad, A bandage for the head, a plais- 
* .tl**^ zeinhn, Distress, calamity, love. [ter. 
m.Ae^ zemhyem, Plur. of 'U^c^'O %emeemtt. 
#4^ zemet, A horse beating another in a race, 
-cv*^ zemejiK disease, accused of a crime, ad- 
hering to the ground. 
'^.e zernhht Anointing the body profusely. 
^icv«v*tf 5: c?« Me/", Puffed with pridr, fat, corf u- 
lent. [or a vn ound. 

^^ zemdj'SYct, a fillet for binding the head 

{ 380 ] 

j^ Werner, Lean ; zomor, Blindness, leanness* 

(^^^^ti zemrhn, A species of plant. 

^j^ ^emrex. Hard ground, a lion. 

^v^ xeinef. Fat, corpulent. [The middle. 

y«^ zemen, Disease, smitten with love ; zeinti, 

JLUti %oninett A disposition, sickness, an in- 

^\ jX^ zemindhr, A sponsor, assistant, fjury. 

. ^jlk3 xemnce. The palsy. ^ y^ zemoor, Slim, 
J ^4ta zemooz, The lion. [not thick, 

i*j^y^^^ zemseran, A kind of fragrant herb. 
IUl^ zemehty Halting or going lame. 
p.A^ zemeem, Joined- 0"g' 

lff.A^ zemeemety An augmentation, incorporat- 
^^A«^ zdineen, An undertaker, a surety for ano- 
^^ zimi, Covetous, niggardly, peculiar.[crowd. 
Uff zeua, Going away. LU*3 zetiAt, A great 
^l;^ zenak, A kindof large tree, firm in flesh. 
Jy&U^tf xewai-e/, Narrow (in circumstances). 
^^l;«3 zenarif Hard, strong. [mud. 

t^ii zc7ieb, Apprehending, bedaubing with 
cr'*''*^ xenl'esi Deprived of strength, fraudulent^ 

^ Jio zendely Having a large huge h;^d. 

.Ifi^ zenei, Cheerfulness, briskness. 

^'^ ienou. Offspring. 

%i^y^ zenooket, Weak in mind, low-spirited. 

;i> %enee. Increasing, abounding. 
^wJ^ xeneei, A follower, a domestick. 
\yc %awk. Brightening, light. 
t\^A %aivht, A tumoufi 
^i^o tawhhee, Fiur. of ?>wU^ ^hheeyet, 
h\yh zow^d, Having a rheum-. 
wj^^Afl zaw^reli Plur. of _^jU %^riL 
S*^\^ia zewhzeyett An unhappy fortune. 
^ \ yc %awk-ay A fox. .S:S) ^^*« zawahdt, A crowd. 
i_^>V>^ ^i^lcirit A strong camel. [a troop. 
I yi %awivet, Noise, 
-^.tf zawj. The winding of a tiver. 
f^\s>^^ zatvjhn, Strong, hard, dry* a j*h mood, 
jyih zawer, Hungry, a black cloud.^^The rheum. 
hjyc zooret, A trumpet. 
^yo zawx. Decaying, chewing (dates). 
^*jyo zoczce, A part, unjust, failing, wanting. 
Uyi %aw%h> Brawling, or crjing out aloud. 
' lo y,o zoozoo^ An origin, root, a kind of bird. 
y, y,a zooty A distortion of the jaw« 
■'^yo zawa. Motion, repelling, striking ■witti 
ja^^ zoolef, Lean, poor in flesh. [^eixoft 

^yo %awla, Having a strong desire. 

V 3 

f 382 1 

lyi titnv, Cheating, abusfng", injnring. 
ti^^r^^*^ S5j?i77/j/dw, A species of herb. 
%} y»e zaTnct, A little girl, [nuated by distemper. 
^ ^jtzawee. Thin, slender by nature, or exte* 
Sutj^ii xa2:^eecif,'^stn^\\ estate, [spit for roasting, 
*gA^J> %eheh, A mixed multitude, u^^c 2e//^a, A 
^k^ %ehed. Forcing, subduing. 
I ^q»o 'xeheref, A tortoise, top of a mountaia* 
v^ 2:c//tjK, Trampling upon. ^-^J: xdzem, J^ow, 
^^ %ehely Returning, a collection. [poor. 

SJ^ xeheleti Small, few, 
5>4^ jcehwhf A ground without herbage. 
^T-*^ic %ohooh. Deficient in promise or duty, 
1^^^ %ehivil, A pond. 
h ^fyc %ehoo1, Having little milk (a sheep), 
45^ zsfice, Likeness, answering for another, 
•Xa^-s %ehedd. Solid, strong, [a kind of shrub* 
^*i xeeyee. Increase, v*-**^ x^ycihy Plunging into 
•.Ix^ zeyaJi, Milk mixed witli water, [business. 
^Wib zey^ier, Corpnknt, a mean worthless 
- twr jK eyX-a, Destroyed, decayed, [tellow. 
^Ia*9 zeycil» 'i he wild lote-trce. w_*/o zeih, ^ 
^xJ> zeeOtil, 111 luck, unhappy fortune, [pearl. 
. ^KA»o zeih, Honey, ihin milk, 
\,^ ^<ii^» Abuse, ofieuce, wrong, 

I «8$ 'J 

(jjtyj^ teexen, A rival, offspring, 

5f ^ zeexee, A part, deficient, unjust, 

(jMAAflXeew, Decreasing, a kind of herb 

^]a^ %eefer, A meichant that does not travel, 

^ lib^ zsigham, Biting, ^ju^ x^tf. Erring, setting 

«Ju>e xdi, A nguish, sadness, avasice, [(the sun).. 

juTAA^ zeej/ee-af, A small eslat^ 

SJuAii zeeyeeUtt A slender serpent.. 

ij /a, The sixteenth letter of the Arabic!^ 
alphabet, and the nineteenth of the Persian j 
expressing 9 in arithmetick. ' • '^ 

V ^^ t^^f Lawful, sweet, good, agreeable* 
3L Us ia^et, A kind of date wine. > 

^ ils ttilekh, A burning fever, ^j Us/d5a, A seaU 
tXUb ikieki A pan for frying. [r^ngj 

yjUs talen, Very skilful or cunning.- ^' - ■• v > 
^ti> /^^e^, A skillet, a pan for frying, 
^ lis taser, Thick milk, 
^^li^^\/e^^, A frying-pan. y^\h f(the!,Tmhldf 
3U^ 1X9 tahinett A back-tooth or grinder, 
Su^a-Ua thhoonef, A water-mill. 
^Uj ttihee. Large, filling up, elevated. 
^^\h tbbhhee. Great (darkness), [persecutor, 
ts A iJb ihdee, Established custom, a^ lt> td,redf At 
hj^h tdvet^f Having thin eye-brows, -- 1-'':*, 

lJj l^ tttnf, '"Stw, lately discovered. 

cJijUj /ire^, A nocturnal traveller. 

ji^j^ throomkr, Disposed, scattered. 

^3 J It t^roonee, A beaver, 

^jUi /iree. Intervening, coming from a dis- 

y^ Ifc A p t^s, A <:up, a goblet. [tancc* 

,^l^li9 tassht, A bason, cup. 

1^ l^ /^se^. Digging to a cavern. 

Ju-Ub /<i527. Flying (dust). ia\h fht. Long, tall. 

CL's. Ub M-a/, Obsequiousness, obedience, 

Jx ijb Z^-^/^, A straight firm arrow, fplague. 

*.ellr t i-y//2. Fed, clothed. (^^\h ia-oon, A 

^^Ub ihwee,. Any one, somebody. 

4:ii^U» /.x^Aoo^ An image, satan. [tisement, 

^ U> tkghee, A rebel, a tyrant, thunder, cha«- 

i^\]o thfy Wool of the neck, 

jjvi Ua iiifeh, Full of drink, overflowing. 

cJ> Ub /d •% A garment, a fold, a cupola, a balco- 

3u> lia /al•e^ Povi^er, force, patience. [ny, 

^^ .tkkfeh, A balcony or gallery, 

JlyJJll? tciManeh, The cornel- tree, 

^iJb /d/t^e, Froth of urine. 

AlJb i^/o, (in. prayer) May it be long! 

«-r-J,U* Mib, Asking, demanding, 

^\h taleh, Wicked, villainous. 

( 3 35 ] 

^lis i^Ud, Chaiice, destiny, arising, dawn. 

ip-ilUs t^liJty Repudiated (woman). 

JLXlUs taliet, A temperate night. 

^^UUs tu levari, An Italian. 

i^UUs timit. Speaking barbarously* 

fji^iia thmes, A wdman in hercoursejl. 

^ lis tartieh, Lofty, y,^ [^ tkmd. Wicked, crt*^ 

^Ufl t^ut\ee. Tumour, a wen. [rainaL 

^jj^h tkut Full of clay. ^ ^ Ub th,Wed, Heavyo 

u- ^^lo taooSf A peacock, a beau. 

tf ^ lia tktvee, Starved y^ u^ txher, Clear, chaste; 

tj^ Lb tkheret, Chaste (a woman). 

4i^-*jU9 ihyeh, Lawful, pleasant, good. 

14 ^ tbyet. The flat roof of a house. 

^ \h thyer, Running, an omen, a bird. 

4^j Us tayesh, Inconstant, light. 

c^JjUs thyef. Surrounding, a spectre. 

SjLUs iay^jety k people, tribe, a company. 

^wJiji Us thydp, The prominent part (of a moun- 

^jUs /d^d/. Power, pleasure. [tain). 

«^l9 /e^'6. Science, magick, desire. 

X^Uls ie^a?. Nature (good or bad). 

^IaIs tehakh. The tormenting angel, heat. 

3L^ l>Jb tebaHeyet, A beautiful & sensible young 

jIaL tabboT, A species of tree 6r plant, [woman* 

w J 

{. 3S6 1 

gUi, tclk-a. Nature, disposition^ intellect. ... 

c_3ub tehah, Concucring, happenirij^ together. 

XiUb icbahi'f. Any thing corresponding with 

^Uk teibaly A drummer. [another. 

XjIaI^ telknety Sensible, knowing, intelligent. 

^M^"' U? tebanjet, A box, a slap. 

-^>J U? tepaneedun. To perform any thing 
*' commanded or desire~d. 

«jlxl9 tehaya, Plur. of' XxaaJs felee-at. 

l^j^ig tcbheti An oblong tract of ground or clouds. 

^aIs t^bejt Out of order, foolish, or stupid^ 

^ \i te^jekh, Cooking. 

y ^^ t^ tebhhet. Quite foolish. 

^ teher. The an^le i iobloi\A. tool to grqb yp 
roots of trees, weeds, &c. 

'f\)fy>}3 teherklioon, A kind of red fruit, the 
red Hyrcanian or Tabristan, willow. 

^J/k ^^^^f'^*^^* Si^ar-candy. 

tjmj*)o ielres, A liar, a scoundrel. 

yfcU tel£%, The angle of a mountain. 

y^ teles, Black. »,^ ichseh, A carpet, ta- 

^j^ ie^esh, A crowd. fp^'slry. 

SaIsaIs tebtthi t. The sound made by the dash- 
ing of torrents or water- falls, &c. 

f.,. u.u tihtcbi'yat, A wested garland. 

I 387 J 

^xto iei'a, T^ust, dis^^race, coining (money,) 

yUxls tob'^n. Sealing ^yax pr clay, [signing. 

„jrAt. ieh-yct Natural, 

-^r* teleicheh, A small plate, a iaqqer, 

Axt. ^^W, A ^Fum, people, tribute. 

J U . ielel-khaueh. Warlike musipk. 

^^JX^ teHeli^ A little drum, 

v^J? telleht A large wooden dish, in whicl^ 

"fruits are exposed to sale. 

%\j^h tellecyet. Tributary inoney. 

^^ tehen^ Quick of apprehension, subtle, 

shrewd, intelligent. 

^* tehenjeh^ A blow, a box, a slap. 

jjjAia tehender, Ill-wiH, grudge, mischief. 

1 ^aIs hiftv^ or ^^ Aq u4der, a dug. 

^ ^ teloo-a^ Eiur. of ^xi^ (t^^a- 

^ ^c'Z'd//, An Europe carpet, with a short pile, 

' ^ .jA^ ffbet'hy A doctor, physician, 

^a19 ieheekh^ Crooked, a brick, a melon. 

-^ >.^>sl> tepeedan. To fr€t, to totter, to fall, 

u«.AA^ ttifdeSt Overflowing. [disposition, 

Suuxb Jebee-af, Nature, quality, complexion^, 

c-iL>Ai9 tehecka Beginning, commencing^ 

sjL^ tess. Children's game. 

j^ ieser, Thick miik, iioyered with cream. 

r SS8 3 

^Jih tesr^\ An ant. J^ieseri, tiarmonj, me- 
Jih tesee, A small rod, lath. ^Uifc iesyhr, A 
ys^)o t^e»* A lie, a falsehood, [lion, a gnat. 
^ /eAA, Extending, expanding, bruising. 
J^^ia, teh-tt, Fetching a deep sigh. 
^\se^ tehal. The milt, the spleen. 
•\^h tehhn, A miller. 

^vs^i, /d//e//, Any thing hanging from the heel* 
ti y^\h tehcT^ef, A Small or thin cloud. 
Jop-t tehcl, Filling, corrupted (water,) muddj, 
t»-dsvi9 iohleh, Water, moss, 
SUiacvis tohlet, A whitish ash -colour.- ) 
lU^^s^la L'h/emet, The mist. 
U^c^ fchma, A species of plant, a miser. 
S^sxls iohmct, Thrusting, pushing forward. 
^j^-^^^io tehmereer, A small cloud. 
^^-sOs /<;////, Turning, grinding, meal, flour, 
ji^ssvfc iehoor. Haste, quick. 
0ys:<^ te.hoom, Once, a moment. 
jjj^3Ai9 iehoon, A crowd, a fight. X>s\l9 toheyet, 
y^sssi> teheer, Sighing. [Part of a cloud. 

gvlj ttkhkh. Throwing out, removal. 
Ls^l^ tekhh, Sadness, a high cloud. 
iP^UvJto tokhhrem, Furious^ angry. 

I 390 J 

r ,e;i 


^Is ter-al, Tall, i^'^^ieref, A border, tract, 
4j» li ^L tcrfh^, A heap of-sarid. f part, corner. 
E5 ^Jb /er^^/, Shutting the 133^06, a red spot on the 
/l^i i> terefd^t\ A.partizan, a fbliawer. [eye. 
£, t*.J>If 4e}jis^ny^i^ heap of sand, especially 
J^^fc /t^r/ig|p/« Xr^fftiJf, cloror. [round a tree^ 

Xi'^ terkef, Once, a snafe> an «rt, a series. 

. * yb . tepfim; , Bw t te;r,> ho ae^^Vy wAm; hV -J - [di sh^ 
i u ^i> /e/'waaj, A bps^ter... jii^ii./awgfjChafEng* 

^ji?;(t^wii^, Goijag with If og ^trideSi :. ^-X 
XaS Wfev^>>^ rtermdi^ihi^t^t i Ft bud.wM\'vo\ -I ,^ --* «^ 
i^jh fertftezet\ ?pMating.iv4untin^# l '^^^ 
W* -is t^rmcsa-t. Darls^n^ss, .dust, thick.- .V 4.^ V 

JL*^1) termes^t,j,QonXxf(QX\Gt\t retiring, * ■' -=--« 
iS:^y9jio ionjioos, Debility, bread baked undef 
^^^j^ tormoohy Lwigi-tall, stiiaig,ht. [the ashes^^ 
cJJ^^^U tormoQki A bat orcere-^waui^* ., j 
£,.^ r/^.i?,^Eaw. silk.-^ , »Mo»inl?iM-':'I ^^iv«,'A <,^ & 

. (^ ^)?{ief:nAy.cin, A 1 basket>'>a? itessfciv -^"^ ^ ' ^ 

3 ^k /oroo^. A priyif^,- passing by, 

4^ l^^ tonvan, A butter- batt or beateii 

. V 5 /i» ^^^^oojb. Moving with alacrity. ' ' \^ 

x^/^ ^^wA»:iA,di$t^»t plapes, ^ strong bdwi 

■-«.< •<TJ) 

[ S89 ] 

cj{jip9 terhyef, Plur. of lJi.^ ttreef. 

'xJ^J^ terhyek^ Plur. of jb^ tereek. 
V/I9 tereh. Gladness, a large stone. 
'J L^ terftil, A high building. >a.^ ierleel, A 
E,^ /etr^;, The shore, bank, tract. [flail. 

X«>^ tersemet, Fixing the eyes upon the ground 

in pride or anger. 
«±j^*^ iorsoos, A species of plant, [ter. 

Bj l^ ^]e ferjeharet, A vessel for drinking wa- 
-^jio ^dr/i,rnjection, fixing, disposition, [shoulder, 
U^^ ttrhet. Apart of the turban over the 
mys^^)e torhoonif Tall, corrupted (water). 
^jia terhee, Plur. of ^^ tereh, 
^Jp ierkh, A ditch. ^^ l-i ^ torihhn, A prince 
*^ jis terJihetj A large reservoir at the mouth of 
Stsi^ terkheaetf Activity [a canal or aqueduct, 
iJt^/ts terkhef. Thin butter* 
i^ys- ^ terkhoorif Terragon, an herb. 
A yb tered, Banishment, expulsion, persecution. 
S 3^ terdet. An attack or onset of combatants* 
jjy ierez, The border of a garment. 
y^ teti, A leaf of paper, book. [aesir 

/P/y ter ah y Darkness, i:^^ ^ tershehet^^oh" 
h^^.lcrety^oWy .\&^ /gr/fl,Having no eyebrows, 
£^9 ter a. Wanting meat and money. 

[ 390 ] 

i^ y)o ter-ab. Tall. cJ ^1? t^ref, A border, tract, 
^li^ t€ffd,Sy Ah^ap of sand, [part, corner. 
ii ^ ter/ef. Shutting the eyes, a red spot on the 
yf^J^i? terefdhr, A partizan, a follower, [eye, 
^ Lj^ ierfiskn, A heap of sand, especially 
^jh terfeely Trefoil, clover, [round a tree, 
' 6'jio tereJc, Limping. 
iSjlo terhety Once, a snare, an art, a series. 
jjjAxi'^ terketeeuy Once or twice. 
J. ^ terem, Butter, honey. [dish. 

& u ^Is termh,%,K. boaster. U ^\s (or;wd/,Chaffing-* 
/u^ termeky Going with long strides. 
.XJlaBc^jib termehkneyet, Proud. 
»^^ls termezety Boasting, vaunting. 
t-^^ fen;/e5>, Darkness, dust, thick. 
JUu« Ja termeset. Contraction, retiring, 
tii,^^ /or//^oo5, Debility, bread baked under 
^y^j^ tormoohy Long, tall, straight; [the asheSj 
cJf^^^ tormooh, A bat or rere- mouse, 
<^^ torriy Raw silk. 
C^V/^ ier7ieyhn, A basket, a vessel, 
^^ ioroo, Arriving, passing by. 
^1^^ torwhn, A butter- batt or beatefi 
V^yJ^ ^^roo^. Moving with alacrity. 
C^/^ ^^''oo^f A distant place^ a strong bow. 


cj;^<> ferhyef, Plur pf^.^t /t-r^^pf. 

tj jl, /erW', Gladness, a larce stone, 

JL ji9 /cr/^7, A high building, w.u (erlej, A 

% .\sjeiret, The shore, bar)k, tract. , Jfl^il. 

XJ"*!; terser?i£t. Fixing the eves upon the croqna 

in pride ox anger, .. .^ t 

odfn* tV"- L!ij .1CVC40 ^licV*!'^ A^H'*-'* «iv^'4 
cL^ ,5 ,b iorsoofi, A species or plant. Iter. 

U ,L^, ,1s fefjef/a?ef, A vessel for driokinji wa- 

^^Ifl/r r/i, Injection, fixing, disposition, [shoulder. 

te..^ tcrhef, A part of the turban over the 

'fy^j]i>lorhoom. Tall, carruptpd (water). ] 

^»l9 ierjice, Plur. of ^uOs iereh, 

^ ^b /^r^/?, A ditch, (^-jli.j,l9/or)f/?^w, A prince* 

'i^ Jo terfihet, A large reservoir at the mouth of 

Xfcii^Is tejrklieset^^ ^ctivit^;[a canal or aqueducts. 

t.XsL^]o terkhef. Thin butteix . ' ^ 

i^^yfi-^^' ferifioon, Terragon, an herb. ^ . 

A jja feT^(L Bauiishment, expulsion, persecution. 

**'•'■ - J ■ " ■■ -J ' "^ ~ ' ' ■ ' ■■ * ' ' >* • • ' ^ 

SaJs tercht. An attack 01* onset of combatants. 

J J:' /errx, The border of f^garm^jit. 

y-vl? fpr^- A leaf of paper, book. »[ness» 

/P'/'^ tergh, Darkness, i^t yhtershelet, Soft- 

3» ^.Is ^re^^FoJIy lis^ /er/rt,Having no eyebroWSi 

s.jh tera, Waqting meat and .money. 

liiL teshshef, An infant* 

- [xh ta-hm. Meat, victuals, eating, grain of e- 
,^^U!s ta-an, A slanderer. [very kincL 
xkstls tofa. Plain level ground. 

j.*l9 ictr, Marrying, bringing to justice. 
yxio tax, Driving back, repelling. 
xj-yds tazehdi Ridicule, irony, ^tal, Family, 
^x\3 tarn, Satiating (meat). [nation. 

^jx^ ta-an. Censure, accusation, reproaching. 
Ufh tk-net, A v^oman of a bad disposition, 

- ^jtJs fa-oonifk camel in good plight. [ignominy. 
\^xV ta-yn. Pierced with a spear. 

"iXj^h fa-1/fid, A numerous flock. 

Uls t(^gh !/n. The worst species of birds or wild 
aia togher, A kind of bird. [beasts. 

t^^h teghmeshet. Weakness of sight. 
n>.y^k\3 toghmoony Debauched, perverse. 
5 Jilo te.'yUwef, A high place.- 
is %\a ^^J^/'/^'i^e, Disobedience lotia teghyOj A wild 
,. >Lil3 toghyan, Sedition, insolence. [covy. 
Xftils ^fg/?y('^ A chastisement, a tract, a coast. 
lits fefci. Extinguished (fire,) darkened. 
-UJb teftih. Plenitude. **., lils ttifusct, Sordid, 
i^llis tcfaf, Sun-settif)g. [nastiness. 

'^UJb iefal, Plur. of y.i, tefl. 

[ 3Q4 ] 

»U1» iefhlei. Youth, the latter part of the 
^jjjiio ieffan, Filled to the brim. [evening. 
,|^Ut iefaneyett Upbraiding, shame, disgrace. 
^Ub tefkneen, A lie, idle, triflirJg discourse.- 
5^ lils tefawet, A halo round the sun or moop, 

the overflowings of a boiling pot. 
^1, tefeh, Full, filling any thing till it over- 
^_^U^'ir tefkan, Overflowing. [flows. 

y^ Iffz, Interring, ylo tefr. Jumping. 
^ySio iefes. Foul, base, ^ila it'fsh, Soil, dirty* 

^iji^ iefshec'l, Boiled, t j Liaib teftaf, A shore, 

v**^ /r/<^y, A bank, side, shore. [coast* 

***^ i^f<f^'^> "^^^^ redundancy of any measure. 
Oah tcfel'. Fixed to, or busy in a place. 
^ tefy beginning to turn dark, young, ten- 
der (boy or girl) ; fyfi, An infiint, a little 
^AUk iejle.eL Coming uninvited to a feast, [boy. 
\iiixl3 tejevshh, Fearful, timorous, deprived of 

'yh tojoo, Darkened, become blind (the eye). 
.5^ tefwett A slender plant. 
^yi'^ tejtoh. Full, running over (a vessel,) havf 

ing a numerous ofl^spring (a woman). 
(jf-yOa iofoos. Dying. [terp, 

^*3^ tefeel, Remai;ii»g muddy water in a ci«? 

I 395 ] 

ijih ieH, The sound made by the collision op 

(j*»*l5 teks. Ceremony, order, [rattling of stone^^ 

^'ih tehoOy Going hastily. 

^h tell, Beguiling, delaying payment of a debt. 

wj V^ telcihy LooJcing for, searching. 

« iUa ioldt. The neck. ^ ^is tdtih, An execrably 

tm yij telaset, Napkin. [disposition. 

^*H "^lo telasem, Piur. of ^^),h idsenh 

Sh ^.'ja talktel. Death, disease. \}^Z' 

e "^ tela-a, A medicine, considering, bedarfb- 

<vi iUs telafeh, A broad mark on the thigh. 

(_ > iilj ^e/(iA% A dissolution of marriage, ' 

SuiUs ielvket, Temperate day. 

a SUs telhUt, Delightful, merry, agreeable, 

^ iHIs /t'//flfw,Hemp-seed, l^Va ?eAa'eif,Eleganti 

^^Ji?^g/g/>. Ask, demand, a petition. riovelinessa 

UXis tolha. Studious people. [(woman). 

X\I, i&llet, Delightful, merry, a wife, beautiful, 

XxUj talsety Weak in mind and body. 

gOiis tel&h, Tired, i^ tis^U> tehliun, A camel andl 

via;^S.J^ telhef, Hungry. [his rider. 

^ y%^)o tolhoom. Stinking watei?. 

jl.^IsdI^ telheyet, A sheet of paper. 

i^A;»Xl5 telheef, A violent blo\v. [meld). 

y^ telhh. Bitter; a tolekhi Fatigued (ca- 


7 ^96 1 

Uvllj i?t;//^^^, Foolish. ^l:ivlw teWihm, A shej- 
. wJJ? /e/«, Marring, spoiling. [elephant. 

X^Us tolsd, An ash-coloured satin, [fortune, 
^mXlatehem, A talisman. ^j^LXls felfeen, Unhappy 
»Xt) ie/fl, A follower, quantit}^ the new moon* ' 
i»X^ felat, Countenance, face, aspect, appear- 
^jUXIs iehghan, Tired, lassitude. [ance. 

<_iXi3 ielef. Licence. (jiUs telk, Divorced woman. 
A^ teUniy Foulness of the mouth from neg- 
lect in cleaning the leeth. 3^ 
l:i\^,,A^£telmes(lnct,D'dx\i (night,) land 'withoi>t 
UuJCk telenfa Talkative, loquacious. [water. 
^sxtMs ielenfeh, Tired, hungry, starving. 
^h teloOy A wolf, contracted, 
s ^ telivef. The young of a wild beast. 
«.— »^U© leloohy or i^^aaIIs Asking, searching**^ 
tij^ ioloos. Flowing (water). 
g^lL toloo'-a. The rising of the sun or star. 
o^Xis telook. Set at liberty (camel). 
jJLfc toti'h, A thin cloud, "x^is iolhef, Remain- 
J.y iel€C, Bedaubing. [der of water, 
IfXia iolcef, 'Hie iieck. ■ , 
^h Uleeh, Wearied (a camel), 
(y.f\\i iUUeSy Blind UfX^ teieot, A watch, a 
<JiaX^ ielci'f, Receivedi ^ i [centinel, a spy. 

[99? J 

^xaIIs teleefee. Full of talk* prating, 

uJUJUo tekek^ Set at liberty (a captive). 

Jo temm. Overflowing, prevailing. 

-UIs temtih, Greediness, eager, desire, 

^Uls fot/iiJier, Having a large kelly, 

jWlo tPifi-ir, A high place. 

SU.IJ9 temkst't.h guesS; supposition, 

g UI9 tett'^-Ot Desirous, v^'ishfiil, • 

SUUls temk af. Avarice, covetousness, desire, 

iiAJl^ls temdneenef, Repose, [glutton, 

%j UJa temiyety Ex^eme anxiety, terror. 

fc±^ls temSt Deflowering (a woman,) touching, 

£j LsBv^ia iemehtif. Adverse (fortune), 

^.j^«v4j temhereer.A full vessel. [veiling by land, 

^ temevy Jumping, leaping (a horse,) tra* 

^y^h temreer. Springing, leaping (a horse)* 

jjmJs tents. Corrupting, destroying. 

^^h tomsel, A robber, (ji^la /e/ws^, A'compa* 

Ja^ teni'tem. Stuttering. [ny, a crowds 

^ tema, Covetousness, avarice, desire. 

U.^ tewghh, A mark made by burning. 

^♦1- temU Driving- hard. 

I '^i^ temiaff Wretched, poor, ill-natured. 

TfX^h femht, Clay, mud. \^^k, temn, Peaceable* 

^ tewQQ, Raised, lifted up. 


^ ^]e temoolk* . iV/er}r f efrActOry (hof se). 

(jH^*io tomooSt Blptted out, t'orgpjbt 

KJ ^la ionf^Ut, . Shamelessness, Aauci^c;s5L.^ , ^j ^ 

ij^K^lo iemees^ Blind,- 

^1j /ewidtVjvConeealing, hiding, a kid, mud: 
^ ienieem,, flying, running, 
^b' 'f^nv.i ' A ; 15 wee;t and) ;f r^;h d^te ;. i2(7)n, \ 
K^Uh'ttnnh, A tent-rope;' \bf»^>ttt>u«|t>^qdJe*, 
J Uifl /q??,a8:, Pleasant^ .pr.Wittyj rnerrjj^. play fob 
v^ ifi««^A Jbe . rooit > ofV . a , tree, a ' tcint <; rope ; 
/e?2(?Z;, A cro^keid spearHl. ,\46NV4ma\ e!.^.. .-• 
^^^s^i?; temyi,i:A .small. d[rftna.^.v^H^\v^.A [c)ent^ 
->.;1? ipmhei, Ap open,Tffont;^d . summer apa^t- 
jJi==v;k..?d/t?'e«ir,:,A $ort of gieat kett\Q. .^ ,.^ / 
yja idiiz, Abuse, .ridiclile,. .t^^^ /e/^ Doi^bt/ul, 
y*.i;]9 ^ei//i;*,Ugl)\,outot.form. U^ajoua, 

gji^ .tenfosQt] A carpet. ^:'^*'^^ 

^ilJs 7^>i/aj>/»f ^Pepriyed of strength^ "wre^k. 
^J^.h ieuaUi Quacki.iig (a di^ck,) fallii^g^dpwQfc 
i^^Aia tenoof, Suspicipus/a pent house,^ . f 
^gih ff?/^^e, Adipteiiiper, ^^^ ten^en, J^f oise, ecjjq, 

ss*'Vki»'^^^^^,'^^» -A bripk- maker* \ [r^PgiS-. 
^^^^)o tawbjeny Plur. of ^^l^^fa/ew. .^v ^^ 

L^j\^ tawarik, Plur. of cjjlis' /«re^^ 

W v.; ' ^ ' '^^^S reedun, Tb wa ter, 

^\^h tewitf, ^toxxt, YSilUnt/^actiiei' ^'fdi^nee* 

Xac I ^t, tew^-aej/ef, Readiness to oblige, obe-- 

«^4^i'^i^ feeA^i^^ee^ Plur. of ,.:i,^ljs thghoot* 

cJI^ tewbf, Surrounding. 

^ ! ^la ^e?^a// Length, the space 01* l^rtti of Iife< 

^V;t tawalia, ?\\xr: oi ^^Vo'^iiectJ'^^-^ - 

•*^^-jife iewames, ■ Plur ^ ' of j^i;^- tt. ^(tme^ ;^ * ^e* 
\jsj;^'t3¥Ifeit;toee.«?, Plur, of |j« jn»' /^Oii. ^'v . 
^j\yh tezuhi/ek, CbnttstTy, oppo^ite.^ -^ 
<LLi J 1 -^Is teti)ai/Sf, P^r . of xju Us' ihyefet* 

XJU^ tobalet, An ewe. ' ' ' .. fpg2. 
•';j^y^L*'-7^e^Z'^<?j--'G66di'S<^e^^ delicate odour. '* 
y^ ■ fotvri'^^^fiio^k^ condition, q^u-antky-jacili-i 
\^i\ J y)oioor knee, ^yi\^^ " « ■'^' fmitf 

tsj^h iooree, One, some person. [^f mind*, 
y-^t totvs, Obntttiuation \p'^la tow^/ylAyity 
•fe'^fci /od^^'LOng, tall,- ^a serpent/' stout. ■ 

1? J?' fd^^P-A" piirrot, a parbquet; 
*£i^' ' '^o?^a/ Obedience, voltintary submission* 
■t:£5"5l9"*?f?tl^//Gfoing round, surrounding, [pest. 
^ li^l5 -A'^'^i^^^/^, Theutiiversaldelwge, tem- 

[ 400 ] 

cJ^ls tawk. Powerful, 

%S ^ tawketi Plain 'ground surrounded by rocky 

^^le toot, Extt'nsive, long, length, [districts. 

^ ^)o fool I, In length. 

^^^ tooloniheh* An instrument, a trumpetr 

jy? tawUh» A stable. 

^ tootfiar, A book, a volume. 

^^yh ^ooueeyAnyone. [ backwards &: forwards. 

fg.^ iatvcey Hunger; iootva. Filled, walking 

Sj>y]e tau'eydy Belief, opinion. ^^^ y^ iooweist K 

^^ taweel. Long, tall. [small peacock. 

\^ ieh^ or cjl^ iehdf, A high cloud. 

J, l^ iehireff Uprightness, cleanness, neatness. 

SLjl^t) tehaftt, The pellicle on the milk or coa» 

gulated blood. 
JXa^ tMelef, Travelling in foreign countries. 
HJ;^ tohset, Bigbodied, fat, gross, weak in mind. 
^ toh)\ Unmixed, purity, 
^ji^ tehsh, Confusion, spoiling. 
t_>qU fehj. Bread, &c. of millet. 
lx^\s feftftit, Butter, ui^ teh' , A swift pace. 
XJl^I, tehlebei, Travelling, peregrination. 
*Jl^ toh/et, A species of herbage, [cloud. 

^\^ tellies, A large army. hX^ tehliet, A small 
^ ^Xy tMeedfj, A species oi succory. 

[ 40i 1 

g.;^^ iehke%ej, A kind of herbage. 
^ iehom. Mankind, tiie human tace. 
}U^h tehmei, Thin-fade^d (vvonian). 
^^ iehoo^ Travelling, a work, dressing nieat, 
^^ tche.Ci Roiled, a c jok, a luker, a waffJ>,. 
u_.l>b fn/al'f Good, exceHerrt, sweet, lavvlul. 
jUb ieei/ar,\^'dp\dy fleet (fiorse). .^ 

jjiUls teyksh, \Vavering,nncertain, vaia, 
\^ Lis iceyhn, One that prepares plaister, clay, 
i__AA!9 teeyehy Perfume, loyai, (ielicate. (&c, 
IL^fi teeyef. Opinion, wrapping up \SL\\y thing). 
^J^^s^A!^ te.->jen, A frying-pan:--'- ♦* "- ^'» 
Xsx^la teehef, Any cause of discord. 
>^AI^ ieeJt'h Defiling -or polkiting, strutting. 
j.xfc /ter, Running-with rapidity, a bird. 
Sj-aIs teeret] Activity, nimbleness, an unfortu- 
(jmaIs /tfe^, Abundance, dust. {natc emeu. 

jj-M^i, /dd5a, A covetous man, 
"Sm^As teesel, A darrk night, a violent wind. 
iJLAs teesli, Folly, levity; kxL feet, Foolish, tail, 
,^lIaAj3 tcet^u, A wild leek or scallion. 
^^tiAt teetewee, A kind of bird. 
%/.\3 teya, Dutiful, submissive, willing. 
iL_»*l3 terf, A phantom, a vision (in a dream), 
j^juia ici/oor, Name of a bird^surroundingv 


I 402 ] 

^^UaI, teeJihriy An arch» 
^ feel, Long, tall, extensive, lasting long. 
XLia teelet, A breath or blast of wind. 
i^A^ teen, Earth, mud, loam. 
^JaIs teenee, Made of clay, natural. 
^jyA^a iocT/oorce, A dealer in birds. 
hyt^ teyoot. Calamity, misery, trouble, 
r^^ t^^hooj, A kind of small partridge. 

]a za, The seventeenth letter of the Ara- 
bick, and twentieth of the Persian alphabet ; 
denoting 900 in arithmetick, 
xUa z^-fl. The breast of an old woman. 
vUS zalf, A noise, speech, to be married, vi- 
ij\]e> zhret, Hiring a nurse. [olence, 

^jUs zhree. Happening, flowing. 
Ifc Je zh zb,, Muttering, bleating softly, [the neck. 
X^\]o %k'eyet,K nurse, c— Sli^ ^cif, The skin of 
yU& zhfer. Conquering. [side. 

m^Mjazalta, Feared or mistrusted, leaning to one 
A \]b zalim, Wicked, unjust, barbarous, cruel. 

-03 zkmee. Thirsty. 
(_^Ui zhrt. Mistrusted, jealous. 
y> US zaher, External, apparent, the surface, 
outwardly, high ground. [(of sheep), 

c-j L^ls zelzal, An outcry, a bawling, bleating 

I 46$ 1 

^)o %elee, A wild buck. 

Ia^Io zelyet, A doe, a cow, a sheep. 

^]a zerrj A sharp stone. 

u-j?^l3 zerah, Plur. of t^^ zerei, 

.^ ^ ^ere^, A small hill, a projecting and sharp 
part of a stone, 

i^^ %erf, Full of wit or invention, diligenti 

Uujlo Zi-reef, Beautiful, ingenious. [neat* zeshsh, A rough rugged place* 

^Ufe za-am, A slanderer, [ling litter on a camel. 

^^IjJs ta-hn, A rope for fastening the travel* 

^ UJS za-hyen, Plur. of a;ajJ5 za-yeenet* 

^^x)c %an, A journey. 

X;A«t zi-yeenety A Imivdej or camel litter, ia 
which the Arabian women travel. 

xJib zf^ffy Need, poverty, want, binding. 

-iUS zelam, Darkness. 

l^iUS zol^mef, Oppression, injustice. 

3U^ zollet, A covering, a couch. 

^Xls zeld, Narrow, confined. 

cAXfc 5!e/f, Curbing, refraining fi*om, abstinence^ 
hard ground, spilling much (blood). 

SiX]o zelefef. Rough, hard ground. 

^]i zelerti, Dark, obscure ; zolniy Injustice, op- 
pression, whiteness, cruelty, barbarity. 

[ 4C4 } 

C-»UXt xolmat, Plur. of IJL^ xohncU 

., UXJo ze2uj(i}ii Plur. of ^.ib zeke^n, 

Jil^ %oIffii7iee, Obscure, dark. 

^]o x'>/w/ef, -Darkness, obscurity. 
'♦JiA^Ua aio//(/cy(;/, Breach ot faith or trust treg^ 

uJ^\ie T^eioitf, Piur. of ujiUa [chf ry, injustice. 

^;*U» %3loonif Most cruel, unjust, 

^juJda ::Sf^tJ-y Ill-disposed, ;ibject. 

jiJ^ ziUejei, Restraining, cLecking, tracing 
or following footsteps, 

i^Ui xeleely Shady place, earth dug from a place, 
^x\\o %elcem,K maleostrich, oppressed, an op- 

Jib %ema, Thirst. [pressor. 

&»^ %eme\h, A fig, a kind of plantain. 

^]b zemee. Thirsty. v/ 

X^ia xeuie^f Slender (limb,) brown, pale. 

jjjis ?:e?m. Opinion, imajrination..; 

Juj;^ zojilot, A macerated nerve from ii camera 
neck, which fastens the feathers toan arroWf 

^ .^^ib %onlooh. The lower part of the lej;,^ 
nail or stud, in the side of a spear-bladc» 

li^ zenei, Jealousy, fear^ conjecture. 

(^^yCl5 zonoort, Piur. oi ^^^srzcviu 

jjjAiii zeneen, Suspected, supposed; 

i^ ^awa, Congealed water, ice. 

[ 405 J 

j}^ %ewhr, A nurse, a foster-mother. 

J \?p xohthTf The upper feather of a bird's win^, 

gj l^ zehkret, Power, ability. 

^Is zeheTj Complaining of a pain in the back* 

%j^ zeheret. Household furniture ; zihret, An 

<s ^lo ^cJiree, Place4 behind the back> neglect- 
jt^ zchoorj Appearing, reign, fame. [ed. 
^A^ zchcer, An assistant, associate. 
Jo %eei/a, Honey, guii zeiyit^ Foolish, fool.. 
(^"^^ 'Zeykn, Wild jessamine. 
*>15 zciyef^ A dead carcase, ^^i? %eer, A nurse. 
**aI9 ziemet^ A draught of butter-milk. 

g ain, The eighteenth letter of the Ara-- 

bick, and twenty- first of the Persian alpha-' 

bet; and denotes 70 in arithm'^tick. 

4^ U ii^, Charging witli a crime, censuriiig, da-. 

^j U abed, Furious, an adorer. [maged. 

Jl>;l^ hhedan^hf Respectfully, awfully^, reve- 
rently, with adoration liketi servant of Gotl^., 

^ U hhir. Tearing, passing. [idioXnatic phrase. 

»^ U aberet, Current or admitted (as a word or 

(jmjU hbes. Harsh, crabbed, sour. 

XajIx kleyet. Excellent, beautiful, 

cjij U ^teJs, Manumitted. 

*XjU atthet, An old bow. 


i: io6 } 

4)U;U A /^^, Noble, precious. ^Is afem, Dull, 
^3 U af&e, Puffed with pride,.an old man. [slow. 
^^SU hsoor, Calamity, misfortune, a pit dug 
. for catching lions, 
»U A/> Ivory, a road full of people. 
y> U ojez, Hopeless, powerless, impotent. 
Ji^U bjeli Hastening. 

au U hjelcin. In haste, x^a. u djemet, A topth. 
j^^U ^/eg, Made of ivory, 
d It ^<(» Hitherto, an Arabian tribe. 
» A Lfi d^dt, Manner, custom, right, observation. 
t^Silft ai^^^, Uncertain (in opinion). 
^dU d^£j/. Righteous, equitable, deviating, 
(^ i li aden, Continuing at one pasture. 
^^{s. hdeey Trespassing, dismissing. 
1.^ d Ix d,%el. Stopping, preventing, 
yiiUi hzer. The scar of a wound, 
jji U hxoor. Calamity, misery, trouble, a long 

mark impressed upon cattle. 
-.U tiV, Upbraiding, contempt, shame, shame- 
gj U hret, Any thing lent or borrowed, [faced. 
gjU drd/. Rising upward. 
^v^JU (inz, 111 luck, distemper, an accident. 
Uj U arezan, Accidently. 
c-Jj U aref. Understanding skilful, sensible. 
^ l*^ U arefaneJh Skilfully, a symbol^ 

I 407 3 


I* J U hrefeff Full "of wit or inventiori> likeness, 
iJjU ^feh, Men?truoys woman. ^, f^gilt. 
f J U a^^Wi Shameless, sa\^^cy, gfac.el'y«S| ill ^i^- 

posed, black and whit(^ 
j^^^Ib hretiy, A far distaut plac^ ^^.v; 
j^^U hroor, Fou|>;ba5^,-pitifirl. 
tf^^lc drt^fj. Amazing;, destitute, pureg. 
^^jU areyetee. Any thing, lent. 
I--J J Ic ^"^eh, Distant pasture. 
-3 U dzew, Appl^'ing the mind to, undertal^T 
ijm\x. (tss, A night-watch. [ing (a journey), 
^l&^sel, A wolf, a good-natured man. 
XJU* le aselet. Flowing with honey. 
A^lfi 4*e?/2, Earning his bread by labour. 
^y^m U tiseei A branch and hunch of datea, 
_^^ U disher, A collector of revenue. 
kJi^ ic ashek, A lover, a sweetheart, amorous, 
4> IXi l« ashehaneliy Amorously. 
45^ U ashee, Eating in the evening. 
o^ U ased, A dying camel turning his hea4 

over his shoulders. 
^m\x. d,sef. Stormy, strong (wind,) decaying, 
p^ U ^sew. Continent, incorrupted, protecte4» 
^«>U asce. Apt to rebel, disobedient, [rivulet. 
^ I* hzed, A row of ^alm- trees planted near a 

[ 408 3 

^tflls h%er. Hindrance, bar, let, or rub. 

«.flU tzeJi, A magician. 

^fcU a^er, Odoriferous, benevolent. 

^yjy^s. htes. Sneezing, aurora. 

ci!b U atefi Kindness, beilevolent. 

SwlsU htrfety Good-vrill, affection. 

^la at eh Slothful, vacant, wanting. ^ 

^..^JbLfi d/005. Any thing exciting sneezing. 

c--Jilfi tLtel, Living in a sandy country. 

tiU hfet. Bleating, sneezing. 

j^5U hfoor. Calamity, misfortune. 

3lfi A/ee, Abundance, arriving, one who asks 
uJU a^^/L)isobedient, rebellious, [favour, 
. ." u d^eZ', A successor. [in the end. 

XaS U hkehet, Conclusion, end, accomplishment, 
jJU i^ei/, Tying, fastening, binding. 
^U d^er, Barren (woman). 
ji* U ^^<2/, Wise, prudent, sensible, intelligent. 
^ 115 Ip- hkelaneh. Prudently, consiJerably. 
i-ATU hk-h, A great multitude, dust. 
cjiTU a^y. Assiduous. 

^Ifi (i/, Walking pompously, travelling, "Vvan-J, 
^{s: aLk, Hard, tough (meat). [dering, 

^!U A p tiJum, The world, the universe, time> 
^'' "-age ;- flZ^w, Learned ,„ wise.- 
^^^ b^kinhneh. Wisely, learnedly. 

[(d royal title)* 
llU-^ 1p hlumpenb^hy The asyliim of the world 
(^^llx alomoouy Plur. of Jlc ttlum. 
^yj Ic (tlomee. Worldly, existing in the worlds 
*! U ^kh. Astonished, an ostrich. 
^Ic alee, Above, the tipper part, 
3uJ U hleyet. Lofty, the upper part of a spean 
%J\J^^ is. ttleejenhl. High in dignity. 
^ La ^J Ip aleeshb,ny Imperial, royal, digni-* 
- Lc am, A year. [iicd* 

X^U kmd, A handful, a garment, a roll. 
^^ U ft7Jier, Precious, rich, imperial, popular* 
3*^ Ifi amel, Performing, a workman^ 
*-« U b,meh, Amazed, confounded. 
Su U iimiet, A cloud ; ^wd^ A herd of asses* 
OsJlc «we6^. Stubborn, resolute. 
^jMJU awe^i An old maid. [soner, 

Ai U dw^^, A fleshy woman. ^^5 U anee, Pri- 
SLbU d^e^, A murrain amongst cattle, or a 
y> Is d^er, A whore, a witch, [blight in corn, 
^jb U d^e/, A mighty king, having no husband 
1^ Ix ahen, Hereditary wealth, [(a woman). 
^ U d^eo^. Related, returning, visiting the sickt 
fj^j U ayes, A manager of an estate. 
y£w,U b.yesh, Living comfortably (a man). 


[ 410 3 

^ Is 

^jojU kyes,' Given for another, an hostage. 
^JLU ayef. Loathing, augur. [accident:. 

«_X, u hyeh, Stopping, tli verting, detaining, an 
^.U hyel, Indigent, inclining to one side. 
«--kfc al or a^hy The light of the sun ; all, 

Drinking, a species of herb. 
Uft aha, A coarse cloth, u^-, Uc olhh, A wave. 
II Iax ^/Aa^ A black striped cloth of goat's hair* 
^ Uc ahad, A society, a fellowship. 
I A Ixt alxdet. Worship, adoration, 
jUfi al^r. Robust, always travelling 
i^Uc abaret, Explanation, commentary. 
^j Uc G^areJ,Tender, delicate, beautiful (girl). 
3l9 Us. aba^eft Dwelling, 
3u5 Uc ahakeyet, K sticking or cleaving to. 
gM.-islAc ahciJiecs, The remains of any thing. 
^ Us abhly A rose-tree. «] Ut abhlef, Thickness, 
^ Uc abj,m, A stuttering man. 
^Ixc ob^'ikil, TvcG, without a pastor (camel). 
^jUc ahhyer, Piur. o( . ^x£ dhoor, 
^c fl^e,v. Useless, idle, playing, a trifle. 
p^ a-ed?, A servant, a slave, [sliame-fiiced. 
|i.Xx» abedcff Servant, disdaining, full of flesh, 
■^ aher, Tearing, passing a river, goin^away, 

Hying, interpreting (a dream) ; ebr, Shore, 

bank, of the sea, river, &c. 

fjj^ y*.^ oleihn. Weeping, an Hebrew* 
u-i^AC abrel>, A species of eatable herb, 
t> ^j^ olrod. Tender, beautiful girU 
a^^A* ohrood. Soft, tremblingo 
jf^*' dt^ree. Weeping (female), 

j^M^ obsoor, Going hastily (a camel), 
6ac nhtf Cleaving, cutting asunder. 
i^\.*xs. ahhb, A'tall man. Ixxxs. ahkMyK quarir 
f^ IXxc ahkav, Naturallj bad. [tity of red wool. 

yxxc alker, A great devil. 

<s jXms. alJteree, a chief, a commander, a kind of 

u<*iLA£a^^e9, An animalcule.[carpet, embroidery;,' 

'iSiks. aleket, A" bit of bread, butter. 

^ all, Twisting, ikxr allk. Whitish (stone). 

tXxc ahletj A man having long arms, a beau- 

*>x alem. Long in stature. [tiful woman, 

^^ e^hn. Corpulent, big- bodied. 

yMiU>js ahenkesy Of a bad stature or nature. 

\*hSuxs. dbeiikcski Glad, joyful. 

^^ \ ^^Ac ahotvseran, A species of herb or tree, 

A^i* al'ood, Plur. of j.xs cihtd, 

Sa^ac aboodet, Humbleness, slavery. 

j^^s. alooVy A young lamb, 

u« ^xs. ahoos, Surly, peevish, unfortunate (day)i 

jU,^ abooset, Peevishness, 

"^As alher, An excellent (woman, ) fleshy. 
^^>c ahheh Expostulating with, recriminating* 
Xaae vlHyety Loftiness, vain, boasting. 
cIaaxc ahees, A species of herb. 
tX^ aleeseti A mixture, a man of a mixed race. 
OsAA* aleed, Plur- of j^^c abed. [(arrow). 

^*A£ aheer, Saffron, ambergris, full feathered 
4->l*c itab, Upbraiding, disgrace, shame. 
Oj lii itaty Carrying on an altercation. 
A Uc at ad, A large cup. 
J Uc a/ar, A strong horse, a rugged place» 
cji uc flfa^i Liberty. 
5i& Iat atahef, Dullness, senseless. 
jUc athyek, Plur* of juXc fl/etl'. 
aiehy A step, a woman, corruption. 
^^^UXr at flan y Upbraiding. 
SuAc atclef, A royal court, a gate, a port. 
jyAA< ctbee. Favour, grace. 
CL*Xs. aid. Roughness of speech. 
^»Aft ated. Ready for the course (a horse), 
jifi aitT, Powerj a kid or doe one year old, 
tiM.jyis. atrcset, Seizing with violence. 
u*o^A£ atrees. Powerful, cruel tyrant. 
iijXz atrofaiiy A dunghill cock. 
jXs. itreef, A rogue, pitiful, rascally fellow. 

[ 413 1 

Jkc itf^, Manumission, being swift, biting;, 

ViXs. at/fa, Plur. of jIaXc afeek, 

yXA «/«/, Being swift; all, Carrying oS^ using 

with violence (a man). 
tk'jis. afelef, A wimble, a saw, a gimblet, 
^ atnif Slothful ; otunif A wild olive. 
zj\^ tfward, A bed of musk. 
6\^ii citood, A kid of one year old. [rallying* 
^yj:c. ofco/i'. Going up and down, travelling, 
x^ atoohy Out of order, light-headed, raving* 
jCiz a/d^, Senseless, 
^xc afee, Proud, violent, an old man. 
s ^x& ateedef, A dish in which are placed the 

perfumes for the bridegroom and bride. 
c-JiAA£ ateek. Free, bountiful, a swift pace of 
^Xaas a'.eek. Sultry, hot (day). [a horse. 

J^ atee^t Mercenary, ci-^s ass. Gnawing. 
Iac a^a, Hairy. cL, fi- ma*, A song, melody, 
j\Xs. eshr. Falling in going, 
^^lis osan. Smoke, smoking (fire). 

Si* c 655c^, Unable, weak, a worm. 

^c asej, A body of men travelling together, 
jrsv}^ av/d/. Large-bellied, [drinking, sipping, 
yic «5r, Looking from a height. 
y^ifi o^roZ', A kind of pomegranate. 


[ 414 3 

»j.A z asret, Sliding, a fall, a sin, crimt^o 

as-as, A heap of sand. 
ase^, A tree, the highway. 
Xaas asehety Fruitful (ground). - ij.:// 

3^* t aselt A guardian, large, thick. 

*.Ias astclet, Thick, .(sour milk), 
*A« asern, A broken bone grown crooked* 
itis. asma, A hand become distorted by frac- 
(jjUSa qsmhn, A young bustard. [ture. 

^~t^ asmoretf A sucked grape. 

*Jtc asemsetn, A large stout (camel,) a lion. 

*- asen, Smoke. . ,- 

^^y:ic oswoo/i. The beginning of rain or wind. 
yx. asoo. Committing depredations. 
i^Xc aswa. Dull, senseless, liairy. ::./_^ 

J jjAfr P5i)or, The understanding. 
}/: y'^ osool, Stammering, very hairy. 
^yb osoqn, Smoking fire. 
M ajj, A tempest, bustle, a great noise, 
wL=sxft ojahf A wonderful th<ing. 
g l.=s».c aj^Ji Dust, saioke ; ajjoj. Blowing hard, 
Sii. Isss^ ojajef, Dist, or smoke, [murmuring. 
^lac>* ajbjeel, Plur. of j^sv^ ajU. ^ 

S, lisvr jjfiref, A curtain, a veil. 
£ :>j lis\_-s . £^'^red&t,. A- sec t, of schismaticks. 

I 4i^ 3 

pj {ccKc oja^rem. Strong (man,) the penis. ' 
U lasNs qf^sckf Ohscunty, a troep of camels. 
t-Jiacsc ijhf. Misfortune, ledii, :, 

^ La^t q/^/grf, 'Ibick milk. [bafe 

M l*\x e/^w, The stone of fruit ; ajjamyK largti 
^^ijB^s i/a??. Simple, foolish, [to the hoof* 
%^ irsNs ojhwtt, A tendon funning from the knee 
^ \s^s, ojahen, A bridegroom, a pimp, a cook. 
»-.=K>x (ijcl. Wonderful, marvellous; the adn^i« 
UiS. ajha, A mii-acie of beauty. [ration* 

SL# q/ei, An egg fritter or omelet. 
aifi tged, K plantain, a dri€d grape. 
i(45efi QJedety A cow. [jecting, coming otit«\ 
^ ajer, Coarse, protuberance, rushing, prO^J 
^y4- cijred. Light and ninible. 
19^4. ajrefet. Hurry, swiftness, expedition, 
^ ^4- t//'^w. Short-bodied. 
^j-4 ojremet, Gd<ijiflg haste, a kind of tree. 
u^»-^ "f^jf^fr A Species of long-legged ffltit. 
tsyt ojree. False, unhappy, .: ,ni;e f>rl 

-^ a/e%. Feebleness, sickness, debility. 
Zj4, ajfxefy Helpless. [ir»g- 

um:# c;;V5, Stoppings withholding, apprehend- . 
ob£ «;V» Leamiess ; - 2{//; Abstaining froift, 
. eating:. -•";.» 

t 416 1 

U =^5 fl'iA, Lean, thin; 

3 ^ «^ ojely Quick, swift, mud. 

■^^ ^2s\. 5 ajlcin, Very swift. 

SLXiS c;7e^, Quick, swift, speed, a carriage, a 

OvX:# o/e/tc?, Thick milk. [wheel, 

i^L-S ajlezet, Lusty, strong. 

^A. ajlce, (fem.) Making great haste. 

*^ ajerrii A Barbarian, a Persian. 

t^ ajma. Barbarian or Persian woman^ 

3U^ ajemet, A stone, grain or kernel of w heat. 

SUass.-^ ojeipjemety A strorg she-camel, [vice. 

^js^ ajmee, Barbarian, an unskilful man, a no- 

.^ «;'e/7. Fat (camel); an, Rising or leaning 

[S:S. ajtih, Fat (camel). [upon the hands. 

^■S. ajoo^ Suckling (an infant). 

iy, ^ ajool\ Plur. of ^^^S ajd', 

S »-£ ajwcf, A fine date. 

j^ ajfooz, An old woman, a king, a compa- 
jiion, heaven, the sea, a ship, the universe, 
the sun, a well, hunger, calamity. 

5j^^ ajooz^t, An old woman, 

u-y# (ijoos, A heavy cloud, raining, 

^^ qjool. Furious (a she-camel). 

' yfi ajoom, A Barbarian, a Persian. 

Ij^ajeheret, Disquiet of mind, disturbance. 


t 4iY 1 

i^ aj>«^, Admirable, strange. 3u^ ojeyet, A 

»va4 ajee%etj A woman's Hip. [dried skitl. 

o-^ ojjees, A slow step. 3^^ ajeeh Being 

.«£ fl/eew. Flour and water, paste. [swift. 

*iAj£ ajeenet. Hurtful^ mischievous, a crowd. 

osc add, Numbet. 

Ijs* flt/a, Diverting from, averting. 

\^\ cXc ac^^/'', A place thin of sand. 

A^j^c adad. Enumeration, the hour of death. 
j\o^ adhr, A Ijar, \}^o> cultivating* 

Syjb. adhs. Departing, wandering, laboui** 
3\jsc adafy Any thing (eatable). 

^\^^ adal, Crooked. 

Xllj^c addety Just, right, lawful, justice. 

Q^^ltXr adhmes, A heap of dry herbage* 

f^ \ Ac adh.71, A bank, shore. 

*j ^ <xc hdaneft A body, a sect. 

S^^*Nc adatvef, Enmity, hostility/ animosity, 

*.#.\j^* adayem, A kind of dates. 

y«^t4X£ adhl'hes. Strong (camel). 

^g^^^^ adhbee, Rare, excellent, 

» »xc Ci/e^ Predicting, law, promising. 

\±,Ss. ads, Softness of disposition. ["rains. 

5 J^ aded. Number. ^ j.^ odr, Courage, excessive 

%M.,y& adset, One lentil. i>u- ^s. adstyet, One dish 
of lentils. 

I 419 ] 

[body of men, 
S5 Aft adfet. The border of a garment, a small 
^ j^ flc^A", Beating wool with a mallet, 
3 «xc at^e/, Right, justice, legal, re(juital, re- 
^o^c flJtJw, Wantt defect, [war4« 

^oye ademee, Privative, depriving. 
3 j,c «(foo, An adversary, [refractory (horse), 
J^osfi odwhf An unequal place, unmanageable 
^!^o^ ade?van. Passing by or through, run^ 

ning, dismissing. 
v^<X£ adooh, A great quantity of sand. 
I^j^ odtvety The riverside, 
^^«Xi: oc?oo/. Diverting from, turning, [justice. 
XJ^ j^ adoolet, Just, right, lawful, a court of 

\ ^ Ac adaivlee, A sailor, an old tall tree, 
^ ^ Ac adivee. Supporting, assistance. 
^ ^x culee. The advanced guard. 
Aj Ac adeedj Abounding in number. 
VjAc odeeli In the same manner. 

jAc adeem. Left, forsaken, senseless. 
SU^, j^ adeentt, A patch on the bottom of a 

. leather-bucket, 
t_,\ jsc fl^x^t, Great trouble of mind, torture, 
^\\s. o«a/. Excellent, plain. [whipping. 

\ J.C i«a»% The face, jaw, the side of the beard* 
^ \ Ac ozhfer, A lion. 
C:^ 1 J i Ac azawat, Plur. of c-» ^^ ^^^'* 

I 419 1 

s^ iwfi fl«e^, A flag ; azel^, Preventing. 
gOvfi Gxg;', A drink. 

^ osc a«er, Sinful, excusing, circumcising. [ture« 
\j j^ flzrd, A virgin, ^n iron irxstrumerit of toi** 
fj 3^ a%eret, A court^yard, dung ; e%ret, Excus- 
cJ «xc a%fy Any thing (eatable). fing, 

>^jv£ oxfoot, An anirpalcule, white and soft, 
i^ j^£ axe^, Artful ; ^xl. Accusing, restoring, 
distinguishing any^ thing by its own pe- 
U^ azkety A mark^ . [culiar mark* 

^ Afi a%ely Accusation. ^ ^ a* a%lajt Agreeable 
r^^ ozloojy Excellent, beautiful, [(life)» 
f ^ azirif Biting (ahorse,) eating voraciously, 
%^^'oss. a%oohi Plur. of ^ilc iixeh. 
«j^js£ o%oohet^ Purity, or sweetness of water» 
jih^ axawwer. Ill-disposed, a ninible animal, 
^^o^ axawjer. Large, strong. 
-^Afi azoom, Biting (horse). 
^ j^fi hee, A field watered only by rain, 
JLjJoi axeyett Plain, excellent, wholesome soil^ 
00^ a%eer, A situation, 
S^ Ax azeerety The scar of a wound. 
X^ js£ azeemet, A crime, reprehension* 
ia ^ ovc 225yoof , Impotence. 
^ arr. Ulcerated ; urr, A slave, boy, dung» 
1^6 arh, Intense cold ; arrh, A girl. 

t 450 1 


*i^js^ Ctrahet, Obscene conversatlort. 

/J ] yp arcihehy A curricle, cart, &c. 

tiil^c araf. Flashing greatly (lightning). 

a^j.£ ar^^, A thick hard plant. 
*taljx aradefj A good situation. 

^jmja^^c aradees, A joint of the fingers, 
jl^c arkryK woman bringing forth only male 

{j>*\j.& iras, A rope for binding a camel. 

{j*^j.s. aras, A thundering flashing cloud. 

{jo\^ iraz, A manner, a side, going away, 

m\jr arazetj Having breadth, [making equal. 

cJ^j.c arraft A priest, an augur. 

o^^c irak. Leather doubled in the bottom of 

^o^^c arhkcel, Plur. of 3.3^0 «r^t'/. [a bottle. 

i^\fs. iraJc, Hayin<:^ her courses (a woman). 

-^^c ork')}, Huriful, mischievous, rude (boy). 

/.-jKc iran. Distance, a fight, a club. 

A^ljx arahem, A lion. 

Xy^i\je. arhyes, Plur. of ^^ ^^c aroos, 

^lj.c arayeky Plur. of *5Cj^r areeket. 

^^ys. areb, Arabia, suppurating (a wound,) glad; 
e7eb, Dry (grass) ; fl/aA, Pure and most 
clean water. fportant, weighty. 

«,Ijj.c orhkriy Industrious, diligent, eager, im- 

»ijs. arelet, The soul, self, a wheel. 

t 421 2 

^>r arM, t^ast, Hard, solid, constant 

«^^ ardedef, MischievoTis, hurtful. 

u-f^ irdes, Sown level Jand. 

u^j» orboon. Earnest. 

«f.*^ arbeK A carriage, chaise, wa-gon &c 

5^^ «^^&^^, A civilized Arabian, tie arabick 
language, white barlej. 

ijj5^« flr/eir?, A species of shrnb. 

^^c «^^. Flashin^^ (lightning.) trembling. 

S^« ^^•^•, A troop of camels. 

6 l^^e flrp;a;?, Lameness. 

«^^ irjeU Readiness, proneness, inclination; 

•^z*^ or;^. The bud of a vine. 

<^-^^c or;or>/; A strong she-camel. 

J^^ orW, A crowd, a company, a herd. 

6>^>* orjoon, A bunch of dates. 

*^= ard, The basis of a hlH. [for beast. 

e.^ U . ,c orr//,;.^ n. Stubborn J ,^ ^, h t il, A bait 

^jy^ arzcb. Hard, S( lid, strong. 

^3^r m%.'w. Compact, sobM. 

"'ca, Sj.i It n^, necessary; 
J tt ^u.mi, //.y, ^ spouse. 
^^ «''^^'. A throve, the roof of a liouse. 
u.,= ^'•^^' Gladness; ar,, Fui,i„^. (j.^j^^^ 
^U^s arsknt, A lion. t \ 

^^ at^icm, A greedy eater. 

[ 423 ] 

^^ arex, An accident, spoil,. desire, 

Ltf^c arezhfi, Accidently. 

^Lo^ f/'Tidw, Plur. ofyju^ areez' 

JLtf^arxc/, An offcring,oblation.^ ^carae^,Ac- 

fc^ a/7. Slandering the absent. [cidcntal, 

^^ artcby A lute, a harp, jij^c arteh Thick, 

cJ^= 0//, A benefit, known ; irf, Patience. 

c li^c arefat, A mountain near Mecca, 

yli^ eV/d*, A camel bearing great fatigue. 

^li^ hfiis, A whip made of thongs. 

^^_y\.9js. arfan, Understanding, recollecting, 

TISyt. orfet, An university, a large fertiledistrict. 

(j*.*mJ^c arfesces, Large-bodied (camel). 

^jjx Of fie, Accumulated, pubUck., 

juJ>j.£ arck, Sweat, the breeding of cattle. 

SJi ^ arekef, A string of birds. 

futS^ arhcset, Jumping. 

^^ arkcl. Misfortune, difficultv, 

iJUS^ arelmiih, SweatiuTf to excess, , [tain. 

x^^y ;^ orlioobt A narrow pass over a luoua- 

^^j^arJiOivet, A cross bar on thq top of a 

^js. areh, Voice, spund. [bucket. 

yS j% arkel, A drum. 

-,^ arem. Violent, eager, fierce, passionate. 

tj-^js, hrcnirem, A numerous aroii/. 

g^^ armes, A^fock, a strong she-caipel. 

I 423 ] 

Sue^^ arme%et. Water covered with greec^ 
lentiles, or other slimy substance. 

%^s. irnef, A stro;)g unqonc^uered wrestler. 

^^ ornoj, A fat dog. [Hard* 

yijz orojid. Thick (nerve), ijo^c oronded, 

fjm o^js. arendes, A strong camel, a great torrt^aC 

_. J ^s. irneeUy The interior or projecting part. 

, (of any thing,) the nose. [ague^ 

\^^ arwi, A trembling, or shakin^^as in an 

.«jj ^ ,£ aroob, B.elQYed by her husb^^nd (a wife)*. 

»^-c orivcl, The handle of a jug, a uiaa, ^ 
multitude, a Hon. -,?, :r. 

t ^ ,c orood^ Spiinging up, bard. 

^^^ .c arooSi A bridegroom. 

^^/--^^ aroosekj A species of flying insec'c, 

,^ • jp aroosch, A bride, 

ji^^ aroosh, Plur, of j* j. ar5,^. 

^;3^^ aroo%f A goat, poetry, measure* 

tr.^js:. aroofeti Previous, w^ise. 

cJJ^^ orqoky Departing, wandering, 

^ if- orook, Plur. of )ii « «rc^. 

4f 5^ artvee, A shower of large drops. 

^ c irhell, A strong camel. ^^ z arlian/llit 

^:^i>f- orlioom, Soft, fresh. [lion. 

f^^^j£ orhooiif Mushroom. [business. 

^i* oree^ Naked, ^j^ areej^ Lanie^ triding 

t 424 I 


fgt^jt ttrr?.?, A bridegroom, a spouse. 

i^j^nretxh. An arbour, a vine, prop, a shad^ 

ir^.^i ttreet, Much, larj^c, broad. 

1— i'j^ week. Of noble blood, 

skl,^ oree/i'etd, A species of animalcule. 

j31.^c2/re'e/, Disposition/thebunchofararoeU 

^>jj^ arccf?, A forest, a thicket. 

^ (Hkt Violcfit, strorjg, impetuous, fierce, pre* 
cious, rare, corroboratinij. , 

^^^yt aithdt Plur. of »,>^c ozetf, 
ji^c azdz, Hard ground. [hement* 

•jlye az:>xet. Rare, precious, honourable, ve* 
ejty: oTxbfy The rolling of ihunde^. 
^!!yt azcilee, Phir. of ^ifj^^ azlk. 
-1 vc oz-h^n, The lion. ^)\-^ aziycw, Plur. of 
,^ yc axcl't A battbelor. ['*f>* a^cemet. 

lys. izzef, Greatness, ('igfiity, power. 
^Aj'js. ozrayel, 'J he angel of death. 
Js^ r?&^ Marriage* fments of music* 

<_J>c oi/> Pbc sound of winds, or of instru* 
<_J>v= oz/»", Running haste, digging. 
^yz a%l, Removal from office* 
^y azlcii The mouth* (^"Syz. ozlifi, Plur. of 
tA ^c mlcict. Marriage. [ J>« ^^*^^' 

Siy: cjk/e/. Retirement from office. 
^y& azem, Resolution, design, aa undertaking. 

[ 425 ] 

t»^« o^metj Paternal kindred, a tribe, [ship. 
tj^y. 02500^6/, A single lifC' g^^fsso^ef, Relation- 
j^yp a%wei\ Hurtful, mischievous*, wicked, 
j^ vs ozooz'^ FoFbearing, loathing; 
3b ^^c izfceety SboEt-bodied (fox). 
%ys. i%h, Or>e who abstains from Vk^omea 9n,(| 

all amusement, a surly dog^. 
^yi>y. ozhool'^ Light, swift, 
^^» i%e(^, Phr. of iir^c aib^.t. [magnificent,. 
y» vs aneeTSr, Hol'y, venerable, precious, glorious^ 
cJLv2 ozc'f, the noise of tlinniler. [pose^ 
|h^\a (1% e^nu A a uiult^rtakin;^, a design, pur- 
X^vc ««et*Wtf/, An incantation, verses of A I CO:^ 
U»'. a <x. Unripe date. [ran, resolution, 

i, l«*c flA^/'^'^t t^ifficult ^^l-w»2 as^ree. One af-i 
^l.,^ «^a*, A wolf. [ten. 

fj^ i,,^ ascii/s. Pi UP of ,j*,«MAe fl^fifcs. [larynx^ 
(^U-jt'OS^/; The trerablin* or falling of thq 
J)aj>iiii'to«(^'^€«/, P)«n of j,jt*^ askeL 
jr\:^ nahkBTs Plur, of jjC.^ a^^dr-, 
^(ui^'ins'ft>ir A spean a wolf, 
^'u-^'tfA/^', Plur. of ^Ju*c eshj, 
I'jKx.^ asbhret» A whelp between a wolf and 
JJAi^s o*/'elf, A cleft in a mountain. [hyena.^ 
tjix^e Qfihek, A species of plant, 
iX^^'-aslr^et, A popular com motion., s-^^i" c^^.l 


[ 420 J 

gvM*JB a^\ Stretching out the neck (a horse or 
o^^s,^ asjed, GoUI. ;.=sw*= r? .«;>/-, Salt* [camel). 
14^,^ asjemeti Agility, velocity. 
^^*mx asey\ Difficult, cruel* oppressive, a miser, 
\j*hx asra, Cruel, white oIi the left part ofihe 
i^ymx. asrel'i The lion, [wing (a bird), 

»Sv-«*c osret, Difficulty. 
XXtMMc asteietf An incoherent speech. 
^j»»»^c as-as, A hedge-hog. fcup, 

< i,,^ afief. Extorting w ith violence, a lar^€|- 

ljU*fi osefa, Plur. o^ ^Jt.K^s. aseef. -/Jl.,^ 

uJfyNM* aseJi^ Diligent, continual. ,\^^s ?r » u/ s^ 
JU?U* ishehet, K small bunch of ,grag,e§^i «,. ,jj 
^*«.£ 05i5f^(/, Long, tall, fouli^lif: m^ J ^i^ p ,^ 
Siju^ ashejety Proposing, iTii'*'! '-V 6f^^k.j{j 
^jUc as/re/, A large whit'(?i!8f>Psbro,Qi3»,<^ a^.' -^ 
3you*c a.^Ae/t-'^ A roclyr groiMikll ,v«av<d r^/ -^^ 
SjjL*«'fA:/^^^^;: A; sB>«4Jl bumh of gj^fie^v-..; L-) 

XJu-x asc/c'/, Sotne haf)reyk> i.i[cuni»^.^'a,teiv 
^X^ osloj\ A little .gri9tlfi.i:{^«l^4^i: ,hi:m^t 



X^iA^- W Wi^, I>aihty,vfieQt;^, 4eli^'^#a(girJ),.| 

^4**.t/?^e"p, Qummioeasp^ tli« ^ye*.; .lo^wo Dexj? 

sirous. .iitxi((|*to ^oi'Jtjq^; A- /ibvVu a^^^Lj 

U^ asmay Having crqtjked hancJ^'/prA (^(^^^j^ 

I «7 ] 

y^s. dsoo, Becoming beetle (from a^e^) grow'' 
i^**E asooh. Commander, cHieFr [iog'OlcJj^ 


5^M*c asooj, Jporcible, vehement, cruel, an op- 
^ ^v*= (i^oo/, A "man ofgobd disposition. J^pressor.^ 
^*m£ fl^e^?, Lonvenient, fit, apt. ^ ■ 

c^^ dseeb, Tfie bone of the" ta:il, the skin' 

"''Wh^hce the' hairs grow. '^"^ 

^****c aseer^ Difficult, untaught, (mercenary. 
^J^K^^ aseest The night- watch. Ui^^^i. aseef^ A 
IKx^' as^e^e^,' Wine TiiiXed with water. -^ 
3iX/yu*c ebeeltty rteasure. ^ 

^ as/v. Diminishing, extenuating." [herbage]' 
K^i'ashhi A suppei-, XjUc asha^et, Plenty of 

Aii.s ds/tctr'y Ihtens. j-liU 'diih^sh, Plur. of /•£.»' 

•^ , ., . r . 1 ( , - 1 ; ' ' .,,... **.•.. r 

c_J.-i>« cisMk] Plur. of *JLiU, Cbshik- 
Lj ur as/ta?ief, rlur. or k^iii: ashennet* 
Sj'^c w?/?aem, rsocturnal bhndness. 
♦jliic ashair, Pliir. of"ii .^c asheeret* 

. .iic <fiv<et^ vj rowing up, adult, 

Su^ii^fi' dmehet, Ari army, a dwarf, a tooth. ^' 

X^E as7/sA<;/,' A tree, lean, ^iij: as/^er, Tin* * 

»"*"n''';'^ .'".'!*■! . •".= . ''' . .■ , '. 

c-j^S^ ashfeh. An arrowflying, or a lion run^ 
''-■.'j»..'-i' 'i^I ". ^ i'. ■•• ^^, -. "■ .■' i-.', ',.'. ^ . ■ ^ ' . > 
'niiig" with vehemence [quiet of the mind* 

S^-ic ashret. Conversation, living in peace and" 

c-^^-i* iffhshreK, A lover, most amorous, i^weet- 

heart. '■ 

I 42a ] 

- viifi a^rerrfy A strong army. 
f^^rS^ ishrooji^ Twenty^ the twentieth. 
jLjj Jifi hhree»fi[af, A monthly pension, paid 
y^ axhz,, Big hodied. [upon the twentieth day.. 
„.^y:£0:jff/Z' ff,K stronglion ^\^ a.«A«dw,Natu* 
^xiU ai/t ash, A ne&t built on a tree, 'rally hard* 
xj^tr iM, Love of the most passioaate klndu 

sick or dying for lovfr. 
Xi'As aahikel. Ivy, con volvulus. 
^jLix ashekeriy Going a good pace (a horse») 
^iu (isht'jn. Dry bread. [travelling fast* 

\.Ji.z ash ma. Two-coloured. 
jL-Kwc aahevictfKn old man or woman, a piece 
gsAiia aahennej. Ugly-faced. [af dry bread. 
Joiiic QiilienneU Tall and handsome. . 
vj^iu ashentn'k, Tall and moderately thick* 
^iic Q'ihoo. Design, nQcturtial ramble, supping. , 

1 .ii^ «'<^/''<i. f^ur blind, obscure, , 

S^iieO.v^/*'^/', Compliment, a cajole, ogling, dan- 

^*# oshoor, Plur. ^^ J;,^ oshr. fgeroual 

j^*ji ashiVyx, Hard ground, strong ^camel), 
3^iac ashotrzetf, Trouble, difficult, strong. 
t5^c aaheivee. Evening, ^ii* fl^Add, Blindness. 
(^Vvis asheyan, Supping. 
^ -.-•>.> asheeh. Grown up, adult. 

ashfyet, A cloud, the evening.' - 

[ 42^ ] 


^f^ asheeVy The tenth part, a friend. 
%jjdi.& asheeref, Parentage, a family* 
iJUiic ishsheek. Desperately in love, fa debtor. 
o«ft ass, Firmly rooted, strong, inexorable to 
Uac asdb, A bludgeon. 

ij Lac isskhett A bandage for wound, a turban, 
il La* asht^ A stick, baton> striking with a stick 
jl;»ac assctr, An oil-man. [or sword, 

sjIaoc osaret. Pressed juice, dfegs. [or presser, 
*i Lac oskfetf Chaff. ^ l^c isx/. Curved, cross. 
^\*As. iskni, The rope of a leather bottle, 
jo^ Lac asatvid, Plur. of ^ ? ^>ac aseivkd, 
'\ ^,nr a^e^, A nerve, a tendon ; «5^, Round- 
ing about, twisting hard. 
i^s*Ax*As. asebseb. Intense, heat. jaus. a^J, Bending* 
^s. asr, osr, or ossor, Time, an age. [dience. 
* j*as. aseret, A whirlwind ; os'ref, Refuge, obe* 
(ja**a& osos, A worthless fellow. 
m*ds. asf, A storm, carried with velocity* 
JL*ac osfer, Saffron in the flower. 
jyuAc osfoor, A sparrow, a vein in the heart, a 
^ yiLoc askooly A male locust, [lord, a king, 
^t flse/, A crooked (tree). 
5^c osola, A sea- leek. i^\j^& osleh, Large, robust. 
j^aXasc aslebeeyK stvong man gvUir as/dy, Crook- 
taLofi as/e/. Solid, hard, strong. [ed. 


[ 430 ] 

^j^s. asim, Acquiring, defending. 
*»Aac ismet. Defence, continuance, integrity. 
^y^AAcOsmoor, A bucket, ix/^eic a&efine^, Thick, 
:s\^Aaz oswid. Hurtful, mischievous. [strong. 
a^^Afic asobd, Dying, 

f ^AAc asooi/iy A greedy eater, a devourer . 
^As. a^eSy Disobedience, rebellion. 
i^^fjAs aseeb, Violent,ea^er, passionate, intense. 
tjjkaft aseeddf ^vo\h, a kind of sweet cake, 
jxtAz. aseer. Juice pressed from grapes. 
'i ^K*a.z meeret. Pressed j uice. 
^A,*az aseefet. Collected (leaves of trees). 
?j j.AiAAa£ aseefeeret, A species of violet. 
♦.AAfli ascem. Sweat, filth. [able to travel. 

^Jaz a-iz. Seizing with the teeth; izz. Strong, 
t_«i^= azzcib. Reproaching, abusing, railing. 
» iz^l, A niark impressed on the arm. 
S^!/^: izaddfj The side-post of a gate. 
ef :i \.*a.iaiia,dee» Having large arras. 
u.,jUas ozciris, &il, snow, cold water, 
^l^it-- oxo-H/, The podex, the rump-bone, one 
,.^- who works for his victuals. 
^^hj l^s. ozarefee, A flabby woman, pod.ex. 
,j« 1*43 hiz, Adversity, calamity, grief. 
^i>^=0x<i4 Troublesome, important (business). 
»La£^izil^fn, The rump-bone of a m^re, &c» 

t 431 3 

y Lfi£ izhJi, A spedes of shriib. 

c^*ac «5:e/;. Upbraiding, disgracing. Striking, r-e-e 

l4*ac ax^^, Defencelessi. [turning, nqiUtate4» 

%j^£ a%et, A lie, great niultitude. 
^^c pxfl?, An ^rm, the elbow, 
ij^ ^c ar.res, Snow, hail, a plant of a red colour. 
i>j.*ac o%ret^ The podex ; ozrott The wind- 
pipe, running, 
^*As. a%el, A mouse having long ears ; Q:iel, 
Distress, calamity, trouble, a field-mouse, 
^.Ao&azfn, The plough-tail, the handle or mid- 
dle part of a bow, 
^♦«U azenimor. Covetous, niggardly, narrow. 
^s. atoo, Cutting in pieces, a member of the 
»_,^>^i azooh, A reproachful tongue. [body. 
uo^Aa= oz')oz, Biting, a deep well. 
fy»as. a%ooiJu A hiirdy she-camel, a gluttor^. 
ou^oc azeedf A low palm-tree. 
(j&AAit azeez. Distress, misfortune. 
^AA^ izieiif Inchantment. 
X^*>ac azeehett A false accusation, 
lac «^^ Tearing (a garment,) throwing down. 
Use Ota, A present, a gift, a favour. 
.ILi: tf^ar. Perfumer or dr« J^apjst. 
Sjlkc atlirety'\\\e profession of a perfumer or 
Ajlkc otarec^i Uuicksilver, mercury. [druggist. 


[ 432 ] 

J*lti£ otas, Sneering, aurota. v..s. j^> 

1»U3£ alhf. Courageous, a lion. ^^ts) ^t 

C^llai ittif, A g\n, a sword. ^ ILc 2Vflf/,PIufi of^laa 

Lkc atet/d, Plur. of x^ks ateeyet. 

i^& ateh, Destruction ; oto^f, Cotton. 

jls£ ater, Odour, perfume, fragrance, 

s ^lai: aterety Excellent. 

A^c ate? red, A quick step, noble. 

^^li^Lic aterofan, A roost or dunghill cock; 

-^kc itrenii Lion's dung. ^jja.& ats, Sneezing. 

jiiss. ate^h, Thirst, 

^^\ii\3.s.atshan, Thirsty, burning with desire* 

kkc otottKnj garment cutout and ready for 

sewing.^ \}ngy bounty. 

«_Jltic atf, Favour, affection, conjunction, turn- 
^ias. atel, Idle, idleness. ^\\as. atelles, Long, 
Jiasi atm, Perishing. (tall. 

u«^«Jac otmoos, Beautiful, young (female). 
^^ aten. Stinking (skin,) the bottom of a 

J^t. atoo, Overcoming, raising the head or hand 

when receiving any thing. 
fi ^fctc atawwed, Patent, a quick step, generous 
cJ^tac atoof] Favourable. [(man). 

Sw^Lc afooj'ef, Affection, favour. 
^.>Ia* otuol. Needy, poor, wanting. 
lUlafi ateyet, A present, a gift. 


[ 433 1 

cJuIja aleef, Gentle, mild (woman), 
^^kfi ateel, A young shoot of. a palm, 
jltfi izciJ\ Repletion (with wine). 
lo His. i%a%, Biting one another, vehemence, 
-lijfi izanij Plur. of Jas. a%m, 
iU U^c azamei, Magnificence, pride. [fat. 

v^t* a^^. Wagging the tail briskly (a bird,) 
XIafi izet, Exportation, preaching, [conceiving, 
5jJa£ ozeret. Taking the male (a camel) an4 
laK]as. izaz, Retiring froip battle, wagging th^ 

- ^]as. izlkniy Obscure, 'U^]^s. azlemit, Darkn€S3. 
Joe. azm, A b')ne; izem. Pride, ijiagnitudQ,. 
X^tc azenht. Magnificence. 
J^ oz>nec. The greatest, the most supreiTJQ. 
*./.!=» oKC'em, Great, high in quality or digmty^ 
iJlc (^if* A bstine^ice, chastity. 
\j^ afk, Degtriiction, decay, [cious, cunning. 
J lie afh.ry A kind oF tree x^Uc qfaref^ M^li' 
gjjUc af\r eyel,V\\i^ of o^-* ifreetf 
IjUc afi'net, A hill, tumulus. 
y.,Uc '/i^*'. Holding fast, using gently^ 
Jk^lic *f shet^ A company, mob. 
njoUfi <^//<iv, A little purse of leather. 
i? lie afat. Stuttering x:*u« afdtef, A shep, 
fe,J U* ^i/'/i Abstinence, chastity, [herdcg^, 


I 4Z4 1 

f^ Utt df^lreti Podex. (^Uc iffdtf. Time, seasom 

wirf Ur c^At/*, Chaste matroa. jjic q/i/. Jumping, 

.ifi fl/er, Dust; «/r, A.hog, a boar. 

iJLc ffAtk* The 13th day of the mooii* 

% Lie ifrM, The mane, hair, or feathers on the 

neck (cock). [inhuman, 

cr>;»jic Ifreet, A giant, a demon, dangerous, 
kps qfzi A cotton pod» 
j'Ss ffkr, A meddler, a busy-b6dy» 
jjm4c' fifii, Imprisoning, cuttin^^ driving with 
^ liii* ifshol, Thinly clothed (man), [violence. 
-sv^cUc ofshej, Longi tall, corpulent. 
^Jlxs. afslieh Heavy, agreeing badly with thfi 

Constitution (meat or air). 
^^is^ afshckel, A flabby old woman. 
jj^ifi afa, Closing the mouth of a bottle with 
-v>A« oftejy Big- bodied, fat. [leather. 

laic aft, Sneeiiing, calling to sheep. 
Jaic ift^e. Stammering. fgoi"g» collecting. 
i-iit afeki Going at discretion, at full liberty, 
iXia afek^ Left-handed, foolish, inconstant,. 
^Ss. afkel. Out of order or health. afel Having a rupture (a woman). 
LJUfi iflet, Foolish, aukward. 
uJiUe ijflek, A lazy woman, speaking ill* 
^>)U* aflQohi Foolish, aukw/ard, dull. 

I 435 3 

[a rope)^ 
^•£ ^firt. Getting up a mountain, rotting (as 
^(v^iis ofetijcj. Dull, thick* •, ^ 

jjwwjuix dfenJi^Sf Mean, sullen. 
jLc fl/o(>, Excuse, shearing (wool>) clean water* 
lyks. if wet. The purer or better part of anjr 
lUyic qfooset, A lover, a sweetheart, {thing. 
U^c afoonefi Corruption. 
jLfi ofee. Asking or receiving benefits* 
^fAs. ofeeVy A kind of wheat boiled without 
jbAifi aff.tti Coughing, sneezing. [meat> &;c, 
K^^juJx. nffiefi Ab&taining from. 
jyuix ajeifef, A modest woman* 
A*xs. aftek. Left-handed, inconstant, stupid. 
.xSs. ahk. Cleaving, slaughtering a sheep» 
,. . \xs. tkaf i Punishment, torment. 
i Vic ok^fy A maosion. 

A U^ ilXiii A plactj to which a man is appointed, 
, I iL^_ okir. An iai moveable estate in land; 

okaK, Barren women, wine- 
wjUtc ak ird\ Flur. of _j^Xc akreh, 
^yjlij «y{'a5, A fillet for th(? Iwir. 
eJ lie t>A'0[/, A distemper. „,..t a,V.\, . 
4_JllJLii z/fi^, Plur. of cJiK* okoi, disobedience. 
, li'Uifc a^ikct. Pouring down rain (cloud). 
^Uus ik'ih NV'hatever is given in one year by 

way of tithes or alms. 

[ 436 ] 

-lib akhm, Having no children, ill-disposed. 
j^Uc ik^n, An excrescence at the roots of 

palms, which destroys them if not pruned. 
<,^.jv5i£ akahy The heel. Uic okbk^ Another world, 
/, UiU 2^^^7?,Gold. i^i& akd'Cf, A nerve, a tendon. 
^« okbee. Hence, success, accomplishment. 
XJifi tkkctf The hair of ^bung animal§. 
^£ aked, Alliance, a compact, knot. 
I j^c akdii, Knotty tailed, a maid-servant. 
V'JsiU okdety An impediment in the speech, a 
* perfect u re, estate, = 

Jic ak$r, Misfortune, injuring, damaging, 
s-^ Jir akreb, A scorpion, the hand of a w^atch, 
(.^Ij Jis okrehhiiy A male scorpion, 
ji-iu airef. Barrenness (of women). 
3^5 .sic cik(ifteJ, 'J'he female elephant. *- -^ 

tsjis. okrecy Flpr. of ,**- akeer. 
(pis. ak<fu A species of herb, accumulating. 
{ja^s. akeSj 'J\visting the hair. u.^iU ak'^k, A 
ouU fl^y, A fox, bending, ["^^gPy^. 

JJifi ai-/. Intellect, judgement, knowledge, sensCf 
^i* ok^ti, Flur. of j.Xc fi^-/. 
XXic (ikliti Tripping j:is, aklee. Judicious, 
■ Xc ckow. Having no child {a man,) srlent, 
,,vic oktnee, Obsolete, a man of bei^ditary nO' 

bility or virtue.' ' ' ' •' 

t ^^7 I 


lUXt^^ewWtf, Having sharp talons (a bird). 
^y^AxSLi^akenles, Vicious, bad. ii 

3JUit^ akenJtel, A lofty: hill, -^f^':^^^^')^'? A^^^-X 
^'jakoo, .Retaining, detaimng;'ablibTrirtg^i^c/^ 
i^yi& akooht A stiGt^^&^r> x^^te <i^oo?6/, Pu« 
j^' iaioory Bitingi W^uiidingl '^ ' [nisUment, 

J.^^c #<«S^/ <^toelligehGe, wise, prudence; 
jis. akee^ Abhorring, [okooly Genius, judgment, 
«ii*le a^&ihy A follower, behind, 
^c aheed. Confederated, coagulated. 
SaaKc flv^oWie/, Faith, belief. v-. 

^jic aider, Un fruitful. "^ '' r fthe le^, 

ifjjU-wieerei, A kirid of wild beast, hurt ir; 
r^*A*xs a/iesseer, J^ri\inc\eRn aninfial. [cornelian. 
^Ajifi akeek, A channel filled by a stream, ^ 
XJIaji> aheeltti Any thing excellent in its kind. 
-jjiA a-{-ee/«. Barren, having no offspring (a man j» 
^i ill-; Strong man, explaining (a speech,) 
v^V^c a^iA, Smoke. . ;ii.iii [repeatingi 
j\<c a^4r^ Carried violently backward, 
^\<^ a^das, AstafFwithaniyon ferrule, a short 
^ V:c a^4s> A rope, - caif , ii 7. [spe^r, 

4_*^c a'ii. Hurtful, mischievous. vJixii . i 
S-.aJCs o^^oTi-e?, A rude inhuman woman, 
y«<^ir oMes, Compact^ firm^-fle^hed. 

»aCc a'tedd, The.j^t i?jfs^he/topi.gUe,or>ligjijr^ 
^ alti^r, Feculent, .fot^dy'*)! A \\^b\4?> r.x;j^ 

^: -^l^vi Qf]a ba^o^i|j^|sdtM^i?T t>»^'ktl'6S,.-I«v^^^ 
^jaJCr a/fj?* Hurtf*jl»!Q$srj>:cni|'3{fiop,>refi'aftiqn*j 
I^S^p: aH/ B.u\)h'mg with the ihl«ll, <;ttAi?pdliog/ 

^z iktk, Uni.i|itamJUj-ng' (ftvpr^) ^UMtJf day*. 

^fi </y^e;;i, Loading «!^'atv<^lii:^^P^Mn^» 4*^2 
y^lak'y^it, A fat woinJ>«*]iinicrJ ^vy^io aJ^ 

^- akod^ ,Erop,i;tioJus> atFeptionaftej,fat»H.ifwH 
i^'>ok^'et, -1 'tie. %^t/» 5tl\,tj: thicker 1 0r gjfta te^ 

»^i'part<.:ofjany thing* .,>;!oit»H ,A\i\» ss^f t_j 

^.^]aiofvka, Dwarfish,, L;ijtt*^'fl^fes»; S§iHt 

^c «/4(-.nBrJt^ing,i a 'Siul^sstitMte (fe5..3npthei5: 
thing>i> j^^iWlie ,«pper.pfti^jDf M.hpiXtPey:^ 

w^jt il(th, An oblong mark imj)i=^is'^ b'tl^^hft 
^Spi^^^FAti^aif>f«y%5€ferM^<>7 A Visv^\5[n€clc; . 

tJj -iU 'i5^(i^, Ariyti!iiittj^,,St?meWteWerhmf?i'i^%' * 
M ^s alhhcyet, Dedicated'^^li^bUy'tt^Arkyafjin^^J 
XI ike o/r??<^/;''WHa'te<v^t<*^Hv^ris .6n6 froni^^H^ V 

S^' allaiih Omniscience, God (a% knowing 
^iWaM7?<^4 Pubfieir^p^nS'^ [every thing)*-^ 

<JL 5Vc alaycky Plur. of XjLaU aiecJtef- [[iefpart. 
.-Jic*''a?'^^; Sblfd; consfeii^/sW6rig;4egi'#i>iVig 4'oin 

hCff^e's'^freeJ^^ between ^'feik;li*- the rniwie 
xAfi -oBfiv'A Vrotfery-a-^s^;'^-'- A ,• fgrdw&i^ 
li^Xfi' 'hles,\ An.^dbpfed'sort ; ' rfZ?\t; Mixingi col^^ 

(^>ls\Jic ahjhiii The v\^YiiVg'pae€i)fagbe"catwel. 

^jya6\.U alejen, A woipap careless of what sh©: 

sajs or-dpes. ;t Jf^J:r^^ ;5nolti ^ 

*^X« o//'dW, A robust rshcTcam^l, the male frc^^j- 
^JLs a^. Hard, a ^erve in the neck; [|liick<? 
\.U a/ez, Avaricious, fretting. ^j<^X«(z/^*, Hard, 
U« fi/^(/AiFning at, or hitting with an arrow*,^ 
u^xU* ulfeles, Resplendent, smooth, ^ 

X1»U, :^Mryh necklace, chaj^, a black i^q)^.-^^ 
^J^)<^,t. fl/^d/«e/?, Delicate girl, a glutj:pfl^i, ..^ ^ 
UU'^'^^^^^^^SS' straw. '^y^'Jj^M 

(jj^Vooifi ''alefdiiv. The maw of a bird, . -j^ js. 
^ I^^aAp alefxQjr, Pasturage, a meadow, . ; j^ 
XikaUc alefeset, A stronger adversary, forcQ, .. 
c:i-i^iU p//oo5. Unacquainted with, ignorant, 

corpulent. . «.>4.,mi,^i [^"gv 

iJ^Lr fl/e^. Attachment, love, adhering, depend-* 
XXU aTehett A p^ii't or quantity of coag ulated 

blood. ..y.j^ 

^'iX^^'oTlsevi, Any thing bitter, bitter water., .^^ 
^U fi/te, A broom. iXX* a/eA', Chewing. 
XJClc aleket, A fine fat she- camel. v.v ajUi 

.yCU 27^d^, A monstrous looking old hag.,; 
;^r alkex, A strong big man. (ofagarmen^. 
^U alem, A standard, flag, a sign, the border 
*Ufi iVwac/, Any thing upon which threa4s 

are winded into clues. 

[ 441 1 

fjSt)^ alefnex, ^ wonderful thing. 
y^A«U Uuiet'fi, A fatiguing journey. 

U alefi, Published. ^^AiU alendes, Vehe* 
^ aJIc alendc'.e. Full of flesh. [ment, strong. 
^U aliM), Flame, fire. 

/. ^ V^Xc vlnkn, The title or preface of a book. 
A^U ilnu(f,Gr<^t, a man ofiankand gravity. 
j^s Ulawt, '1 he cholick, madness 

u- \s. a/noa, Eatahle. . j^U al<Mtf\ Decrepid. 

so^c oloolt, A drdu^ht of' milk, a conception. 
iJ •!« ' aA>o/j-, Phir of iiXs G/t'^» 
^ y\s. ohttttit, Srit nCe, knowl<rd}j;e. fversanv 
i^^ oloon, l*uhlicati(;n. ts y\s. iliVee, An ad- 
*X« aleh. Admired, fa lin^into a mistake, 
l^ alhh, A v< St d(»ubled and lined with ca* 

mers hair, worn under armour. 
^l^Xfi Hhas, 'J'he stopper of a bottle. 
^^l^£ uHiv, Starved, i^sv^lr alhejet, A skin 
^^1* ithtiHy Large, fat (rameP. [when roasted. 

U g/^v. According to, opposite, upon, in, from. 
IaXc olyh, A h»rge high mountain, a high place. 

^U.c alydti^ Corpulent. 
IUlc aleeyet. Sublime, high. 
uL^\£ olees. Wheat mixed with barley. 
j^aXc a/ees. Any thing roasted in the skin. 
UjX& Utree/tet'AS^tcUoUf detachment. 


[ 442 ] 

^IaU alee^, AhovQ. [ed, "\^e» 

3.aU ali'el,We^k, indisposed. *.a\c aleew, Learp- 
i^a/w<7,Blindnesso l^x?*'//^^, A coluoifi, pillar. 
jl*fi aniir, Any covering tor tlie head, any 

kind of building. (brick, Icniple, &c. 

Sjl*© 2//i^rv/,' A .public edifice, a sacrr<l ta- 
^jl*« awhrtee, Interfoemineum mulitrisam- 
IbjUe amireyetf A camel's saddle. [piuin. 
y^L^ amas, ^Jisfortune, furious war. 
tSUs atjta'ei, Deep, deepness. 
*Jl*r amalc'ty '^ be pay of workmen, &c. 
SUUc aniamety A turban, a head-dress. 
• Uc or/iman, The ocean. 
_,l*c amayn\ Plur of ij^Uc fl/7?(i?'e^ 
iJoUc amhyjf, Plur of jj^^ av/ee^. 
*.jUx amhyein, Plur. of ^,« ♦^ amh^neU 
&♦£ anmii^f, An aunt, a tu other's sisler. 
i*v<<* ff//'<^y\ A snake, a serpent. 
^w^ ri///f/, A design, resolution, intention, 
I ^s. omilet, A pillar, support, a minister. 
^s. otftr. Life, age, time; hmr. The gum. 
i ,T omret. The sacred visitation or pilgrimage 

to Mecca. :. .^, .fill-disposed^ 

jj ♦c onicrred, Lonoj ; amerre^. Great distress, 
ioj^zomrot, A robber,, a poor wretch. 
o-^ a//id^-. Hiding, a troubled (business,) a fight.^ 

[ 443 I 

l^&arJisJi, An opportunity ; aniishjWedikncsn of 

^\»a*s. omnf^jy Headstrong (horse, &c). [sight. 

laȣ amtt, Disgracing ji^ omok, Profundity. 

3^ amel. Action, work, labour, 

u3 ^s imlhki Deceiving with the eyes. 

3JL»s ifiilet. Hire for working, wages, work* 

j] jX^ ame/ilhr, A receiver, a tax-gatherer. 

]aUc umelleti Stroog, lusty. 

IsXys. amlchet. Pissing, urine, [tical laboured), 

jyUc flWieZec, Practica^in opposition to theore- 

^^♦c am men, From that, which.- ^'■^*^''' 

^♦r amoo, An uncle of fat her*s sidel'^^^** ~^ ' " 

A. -^fi amooj, Flying aside (an arrow). 

a_^*.£ anwtxJ, A column, pillai*, the support of 

a family, a tent- pole. 
S.s^*« *a>fiOod)ti, Perpendicularly. 
jy*c omoor, Plur. of ^y& a 'fir 
iP'^^t o>/<rx)<JiHeavy, dark (-day) [hour, practice, 
^^♦c amool, An actio"/i, opt^r»itiori, work, fa- 
-^♦c omooni', Common, nniversality. 
3U'^-uOwoowe^, Being an uncle. 
^t^^,'i 6inoh, Astonished, wandering, 
^- aniet^. Blind, obscne (business), 
y;s;>£ a^ne^aelf Slow, a lion-, dragging, 
XVisjvc rt 'd VL'/d/ Ftcshy, bi^-bodied* 
Ow^^vs auiccd, A couimander, supreme. 

[ 444 1 


3^4« ftmpeHvr, Wealthy, very nrh fvafed, 
^4.t ann'et\ Ri)yal, imperial, abundant, culti* 
c...ii*<fl a.utek, Trofoundi widely extensive. 
J>^fi iimet'I, I'eifoiniinji^, an operator. 
*.a;^ <!'//«?/'//// Full, the tiigli Tdnk, dijrnity, 
Sua«^« aN/ect/ef, A |)!ain» level ground (fore, 
^ an. Of,, uith, after, on, above, be- 
Ua aw/, Calan)itj, sorrow, tired. 
««g^ La andh. Large- nosed. 

JjUc of/abd, A thick bow-btrirg. 

„j ;* oHhLre, Of a carnation colour. 

g-Uc ?//a;, Speakirijr inconsistently. fcious. 

d lifi ?//W, SiubbornneFS, resistance, contuma- 

IaUc?/M<M//, Ohstinately.y^Uc innhs» Fight- 

,y*s i;« at/ast'/, Mur of 3.^^;© o/mo/. * [iiJg» 

Xj Ufi (ii'h.i/ t. Av^sisfance, solicitude. 

ijis. ami, A side, a part ; iwJt/, Near, before, 

about. ir<, iiceording to. 
6 Jot Qiideifi An irTja^it , an idol. 
Xi'j^ic oiult'k't. "^1 he low <r part of the belly be- 
^o<;ft ^/w</c;/, A larjie can;el. flow the navelt 
XJj.« amhht. La iJe headed. 
^ j.*s nti'lcin. The jium, dragon's blood. 
Ijj^lr atf<feftd, (\»iin«^eous. 
ty,*^ anJch, A lizard. 

[ 445 ] 

yis. am., Turning away from, 
djjj vifi anxeroot, A Persian gum or balsam, 
w ^ yLfi iazehwef. Pride. 

^s ans, An eagle, Groolced wood. ti>«*^^^* =^ 3 
y^c onsoly Going haste (a sbe-camel«)jS(3«^- '■ 
i^iaXsi anshef. Long, of a bad disposition. 
(^ziSs. aneshnesh, LongySv^'ift (manor horsit)^ ' 
^J:^S:^l£ onshoosh, A. remnant, ^' ^^ (hair. 

i^e. inset y Dispersed, herbage, dishevelled 
^ico/z5or, An element, foundation, constitution, 
^^is. onsol, A sea-leiefe., ,^T\o»N''.ft aC^, « 

^^iOLKs. Qnsewefy A handful of hair. 
Uic anef, Length of a beautiful neck. 
julaic antenet, A vial for oil or vinegar, laver, 
^^^Uaj:* inteyhrtt Beginning of youth, [long.- 
4_^I£a£ on%oL\ A male locust, y^is. atJzel, A^ spi- 
i^^^^IaXc orizuwkriy A wicked mar^ [ders web. 
ijds. oyif, Severity, violence, oppression. 
lAUac itijash, A servile man. ftums amill. 
*i;Lc anefet. Any thing forced by-water which 
ijix^ anfesh, Having a long thick b^arti-i pride. 
oaUc anfeSy Disloyal (woman,) pujSied with 
Idus onfety Ill-disposed, in a mean conditioh*.. 
*ki;c onfotefy A philtre, a love^cliarmi.uv a'/K.^. 
juuufi anfekety The hair between the.under-lip^ 

d)uufi anjeky Foolish. [and tlie beard.j^^ 


[ MQ ] 

, [ment, 
'iy}^'onfitiV0ty Stoutness, strength, conjmeace- 
^tXs. oyifee. Full of rigour, overharsh/tjrannU 
/ liUs flw^<>., J[^ong- necked. [cal, 

iUi;x: ii/k^d, A bunch of grapes, wine. 
JkIs. o>M'«''> Mankind, the pith of u palm tree. 
^jpiftW^fei A species. of sweet herb. 
\yiki\(tnk e%et i Tqigon, misfortune. *^w^ a-'" 
^^'t anUi^ffeKi JyxsX^ss^ misery, an impudent 
4^-iii J j9!ii^^<^i^ Strong. [noisy womarv* 

Silxs ankeref, A long.t^ll cameJ. '.V v 
^Jj^ ajikisJ/^i^'^^Mgtnt. ; JC^ a/z^e/, Solid, 
Jiks. ajikuifiiVtotn you. : ^ [strong, stout- 
4;5^«.^;f//^«^^ A beautiful rudcty face. 
^^ O7i?do, Humble^ ^elained<>(Qaptive). 
»->x^'. cikuMv F\orce^ publrshed. 
is,^:»tinh0(fi Deviating^ streaming with blpdd* 
»j± anhu, lVon:| hio> or it, ^x anecj A few. . 
'i^ aneyat;- Camdi's urine dried in the sun, . 
used; for the "scab or ninrtge, ,.»\b.\^^ *;*« 
Os/sit a?2^ci^,i Stubborn, wanderinj^ .^>^%>A d^iiTj 
yi&i arie&i^ Misery, unfortunate, i \'^'^\^ *^^fi^ 
cJlutiflrte^ Cruel, rigorous, troullleiome. 

^iic" d7i<?0?r,j} Appearing, hefone the eves, 
^yi- ziu;^, I Ad inarticulate sound. 

g. V^s awwhj\ A dealer in ivory. 

jM^ \ ys. atvkjem, Plur. of ^r^s. Ic hjemet. 

tiSyiUwhdt Any agreeable object to which 
one always returns with pleasure. 

j\ys. uwar.kny rent in a garment, any mote, 
&c. paining the eyes. 

ijojSyt. awb,re%, Plur. oi ^jis. hre%. 

{j>.S^ awwhs, Calamity,- misfortune. 

Xa« \ ys. awhsett One draught of milk. 

S*^^y& awasely Plur. of 3.^* U useL 

>t S yj awasher, Plur. of .Si.s. ashr, 

y-^Sys. awhmely Plur. of y^\& hmeh 

^^^ys. awan. An assistant, a lady, a middle 
aged woman, mare, cow. 

ii^^s. aw^net, A sand- worm, ground over- 
flowed w ith rain. 

^-^^i mvlet, Distress, calamity. 

'iy& awwet, Podex, howling, bending a bow. 

gvS^e aivsej, A fleshy camel. 

g. ys. aivej, Distorted, constituted, receding. 

A^c awd, Returning, becoming (learned,) fa- 
vouring, restoring, custom, experience. 

Si^c awdety Coming back. 

cJJi^£ awdek, A hooked instrument, with 
VN hich they piill buckets out of wells. 

'd yz awe%, Refuge. 


[ 448 ] 


^^« flff/vr. Blind, corrupted, having a bad con- 

• J >« iiii*iift> A succession of bad after good. 

^^j^ (iwrcf, A wife, a woman, 

. • awi'T, Wanting, a thing not to be got. 
. - auzcm. An old woman or shexamel. 

^^^£ afi'sej, A kind of bramble. 

^m ^s. att'see, A kind of rsLm^ ^JO ^ rt7^'^s, Speak in^r 

tc ^c a^r*^, Foreign w^ord, &c. [like a foreigner. 

jje^iV'rz, A reward, a recompense, exchange. 

lals^x atvief, Not conceiving for some years 
(a woman or camel,) though not barrep. 

C-i^ a?iTf, Gladness, circumstance. 

cJf^c awk, Delay, preventing. [lihood. 

£l ^ aw ' , Supported ;^by hope,) gaining a live- 

3J'^fi fl?ri5"f/, Biting wolf, a short-bodied man. 

y^yc «//7, Deviating, leaning to one side, over- 
coming, excelling. 

«J8^ uuliikj An appendix, libidinous. 

^ ^ atilek, A vein in the uterus. 

^ jc mtm, Sailing, swimming. 

^^^ awuifj, A serpent, a snake. 

•r*>* aivinerety A multitude, clamour. 

^^^ atrn^ Aid, a defender. 

J^^fi owool. Having a large family. [mal). 

-u&^r aah'j. Having long neck and leg (ani- 

wJid ^ aw/uJi', A crow, long, a mountain swal- 

[ 449 ] 

**• > 

eCa^ mvhe^ct, Yociferating, struggling. 
y£>^s. aivbel. Violent wind, swifi ^she-came)). 
jf,ys., A little crovv. 
4j^^£ awees. Difficult to be understood (verse, * 
XC,^ aweekef, Figbt, war. f&c). 

jo^c atveel, BeUiOan. t^s. ahh. Shameless, sau« 
A l^ ilij^d, Plur. ot\x^ a^e^, [cy. 

ijl^r aharet or ,^c Adultery, whoring. 
U^ft ihibi(i, 1 he beg inning o f y o« t h. 
j^ a^r^, Agreement, vow, commission, re- 
verence, commanding, leaving a legacy, 
fcj4* o^'W, Fixed, remaining in a place [offending, 
a^^c ohood, Plur of j^c «//<W. 
Iac fl'^/, Difficult, incurable (disease). 
u-» L*>s ^l/(ib, Plur. of CvAAs «i/vV. fsick). 

ii Ia£ fl^Av, A lion, i va£ /yd'A Visiting (the 
i Uc a?/d,z. Refuge j Uc <7yar, A mark, a proof, 
tr^bx at/ashy A good companion. 
qs Iac ?^a.9. Struggling ^^^^ ii/hz, Exchange. 

< sUi ?j^(\/, Aversion, loathing. f^"g* 

^Iac «^a??. Clear, publick, evidence, observ- 

XJUc, A spy upon another's actions* 

U ur: oi/\i/a, Impotent. 

4_-AA£ a?Y', A disgrace, vice, crime. 

i'AAr ff/7'C'/, A portmanteau. [big man. 

^^^f iXibhkk, Disgraceful. -- ^iVc aitoom, A 

N * 

X 450 J 

^Ja* oiseni, A hrac camel, an elephant, 5 species 

.xas aid. Festival, holiday. [of tree, 

is j.^ oiilei\ Belonging to Easter. 

^ <^if\ An ass, an eye- brow or lid. 

j\j^s. aizar, JJard, sohd, firm. 

^o'>;* ^izhf'f^d, A kind of glass cup, 

l^.^ a'ish. Life, pleasure. 

-.iiA£ (iish'em, Dry mouldy (bread). 

- ^>£>= n'tzfjow, A greedy eater. 

It^c aita, Hi^h, exalted, proud. [Auguring, 

i^AC aJf, Suspended in the air. ^ U^ ayeflin^ 

Xi.c a'lfct, A bird flyii'g or balancing itself in 

^^ICfi oik iJi, Runnirig. ,^ the air. 

XS^Ac aU.t, A grove, thicket. 

J^ o//, Ran.blino;, v^ alking, destitute, poor. 

^ ^^« uflnti, A male hyena. 

.^\<c a'lltv), A well juil of water. 

^^^Vc-c ailav, A male, ^ac a/'/w. Thirsting. 

U>* «///a, (fern.) Having large eyes. 

^^^u\ft (linhn. Flowing (as u ater, tears, &c.) 

(dual) the two eyes. 
S;Ar uind, ^loney lent or paid in adrance, 

handsome (garment). 
J, ^Xjs. oirioqm, A male frog. 
^^j.c aiftee, Natural, real. 
s^yx.- 'aiyoob, Plur. of u-*a* aib» 

[ ^51 ] 

dL> >*c myfios. The lion. 3 ^c o/voo/, TraygHing, 
^^As aufoori, Looking stedfastly with a mahg- 
t_,l^c mhb,h, A seducer. , [nant eye. 

,_.^.£ rtf?7/^^, Fat, thick. 
X^-s fl//?e/, A murrain amongst cattle, or a 
cJi^Ac mheh. Alacrity. [bhght in corn, 

^^e a/7/t/, Tempest, quick-paced (she-camel). 
^AE oiA^'^'.^^'ick, speed, ^^g aiyte, Slanimering. 
Jfx aii/cer, A httle ass. xJaa- aijeenel, A hule 
• '■ eye, ^-^ "• 

A or ^/A////, The nlrietecntli letter of the Ara- 
bick a^pTiabt't, atul the twenty- second ,,of 
the rVrslan. In arithmetick, it expresses 
1000, a? id denotes quadrature in the aspects 
of the stats. [second day, corrupted. 

^^Ip gffcih, Foohhh, (a camel; watered every 

\^ ghaber. Remaining, 
tjli ghhh.'tf. Wishing one's self to possess 
something equal to what another enjovs, 
^li ghahen, h cheat, impostor, 
^j li ghkhee. Stupid. 
♦J ^<,p' Ip ghateedun. To revolve, to bind. 
c_J:5ii g^f^^^rf> ^^ rower, a seaman. 
3b i Ir s^hadeyet. Morning rain or clouds. 
iu gli^%%, Having a galled Ijack!^^' ^*,'''' 

[ 452 ] 

^li g^hr, A cavern, the den of a wild beast 

i^jU gharcl'. 'I he top of a wave, 

S^l- ghai'tf, II under, booty. 

^^J^'t j^ gfiikrttiik, 1 lie bar of a door. 

7' M 8^^^''d> ^ morning colliition of wine. 

mj^^'* f/^dr^tf. One wlio drinks in the nsoinintf. 

^jli gh(^ri'Zt Havinp Jitllje Hiilk (a canjtl). 

u-'jKs f^lhns, A planter. 

^ {:i^j[i' glarefftat), A place full of caverns. 

Xi^li ghtifefti* Having her forelocks cut off 

siiy J ^ g/'CLJCi, Plunder, a cavern '(a wonjan^- 

(/^Ip gh jree, A bushel, a spon<^e. 

j^ ghazs/f, A lar*ie- mouthed man. 

ylpj'i ghnz-ghaz. Scattered, driven away. 

^lpjti> ^// zghrm, A kettle, a caldron. 

©^'Ip §// z<heh, Ked colour used lor painting 
the women's tares. 

^jU ghh%('e, A htro,conqneror, a chief leader, 

i-Ju, Lc gliasi'h "J l»at part of the night imme- 
diately succeeding; the crepuscle, the moon. 

tr^^^ gft'is^', A dissembler, pt^lulant. 

li ghanLeijci, 'J he day of judjrcment, ati 

internal comphnnt, a leather-covering fdr 

i^ li g^^^'Ji 1-oose, VN orn. [a saddle, 

^5«e'r gh(i,zee, I)ark iii^ht- (low. 

U li gitii-gha, The cry of the mountain sv\ al- 


[ 453 ] 

(^is. ghkki A crow. 

^ JIp ghhly Going round; a ghhlh Thirsty, 

4---Jlx ghbleh, Overcoming. [level ground. 

iJ^lli ghalook, A play-ball. [ble. 

JIp ghaleh, A kid. j u gh'hhe, Dear, valua- 

^>JU> ghahcduiu To surround, to instigate 

^l^ ghUeyehy Perfume, [or animate to iight, 

-«li ghamer. Uninhabited, abandoned. 

fjt^ Ic ghh,m€%, Obscure^ unintelligible speech. 

^U ghhn, A forest. [string. 

Juli ghhnetf A loop at the end of a bow- 

*jli ghaneniy Laden with spoil, 

J> U ghanec^ Rich. 

Saj L£ gltaneyef, A girl much courted yet re- 
maining contentedly unmarried in her pa- 
rent's house. 

^^,Js^ *^S' gJiawshenh, A goad for oxen, a ru- 
inous wall thitatening to tumble. 

i^^U ghawee, Wandering* 

3L> L U gfi(iy^y^U The splendour of the sun, any 
thing overshading and causing darkness. 

SjjU gfioyet. The end, extremity, a standard. 

_> Ic ghaycr, Jealoue^. [er. 

S J li ghairef, 'I he mid- day. ^ja^ U ghais, A div- 

lajlx gf'^y^ty Low ground, excrement, 

3jU ghayel, Oppressing, running, 
04 . 

I 454 ] 

{xz gliilkn. Seldom, rarely. 
jUi gMhr, Vapour, dust, 
*> . ^AoZ^fiige/?, A plough, a yoke for oxen. 
■^ Iax ghelj&sheer,. The twilight. 
XiUc ohel'hnet, Infiraiity of miad. 
if^Us ghcbhwef. Stupidity. 
,j^ ght'beb, The dewlap of an ox or cock. 
Xxi ghobbclf An eagle, daily fopd. 

^^ ^hebj, A ditch. ^ ghelef, Dust, a mis* 
\^z ghaberet, Dust. [fortune, remaining. 

»i*^ ghehrehef, (A woman) having very black 
Lxr ghebet, Emulation. [eyes. 

*kx£ ghebtet, Emulation without envy. 
Jlax^ ghebtee. Raining incessantly. 
•y^i^i ghebghe^'j Dewlap, the throat. 
^^ IxKi ghebkhn, Drinking wine in the evening. 
t^j^s. gheben, Fraud, negligent. 
j^A£ g'loboor, A great misfortune. 
t_5^Ar ghobooJt, Wine drank at night. 
\yxs ghebee, Negligent, imprudent. 
XAAi gbebeet, A slight rain, quick pace. 
LajJ: ohebect, Low level ground. 
ufj^ gbeheev. Weak in hiind. 
Cvi ghofy An unlearned man, a fool. 
*s^ ghefrefet. Puffed with pride. 
« jUi gheiliQHh^ Unlearned, inexperienced. \ 

[ 455 j 

^ glefelj Planted with trees (a place)^, 
^ ghi'tem, A sufFocating heat. 
t*Xc ghotnit'ti Barbarisjn in speech. 
^gi'Jic ghotwee, A person speaking unintelligibly* 
%^ \XzghesaSi t , Being lean (sheep,) corrupted 
j\^ ghoscir, A hjena. £(word)« 

ui^f lis ghoscighes, A lion. 
XSi gbosset, A sufficient part. 
I^xi ghosrciy Somewhat red, of aglasscolouirj. 
•^xi ghesnt. Plenty of provisions [a multitudes 
'LL^i^si ghesghes, Combat without arms* 
^ ght'see, Distress, affliction. 
SXjXc gheseesef. Degeneracy, corruption. 
j;^ ghed, The day after ; gliedan, Tomorrow., 
S,S£ gheci a,' Meat, victuals, breakfast. 
%\\yi' glied'at, The morning, the dawn. 
j1«xr ghedfL7\ Relinquishing. 
0)1^ ghedareh, A two-edged sword. 
(^\s£ gf'^(^^f> A black crow, [hang clothes.. 
j^ \ ^k ghedkn, A cane or pole on which they 
^ jsi ghodlek An easy agreeable life. 
i^ghodet, A tumour. J j^ gheder, Dark night, 
o J^ g^^^^^fy Plenty of provisions, [boldness, 
^ jsi g/iodcfely A worn garment. 
i3-o^ ghedeJf, Flowing. [taxation. 

^jj<ys. gheden or Xj\x£ ghedejiefj Softness, re- 

[ 456 1 


\^ (-^ gJ'odonJc,Y\n]p\c, tumour. 

j^ ghodoor, Fraudulent. 
<f^ov£ ghedeweey To-morrow. fdious. 

(^,\j^s g'ledyh^i, Dining, ^j j^i ghedeer, Perfi- 
ab ghtzt, Swelling, inflamed (a wound). 
\b>l ghe%h. Aliment, meat or drink, 
-jlj^i gJiozirem, Indetermined. 
JU!5si ghezamtty Impurity> inconvenient. 
]^^jsi ^/?ojj:^wer, Much water. 
iovi ghczcZ, The evil, a tumour. 
lU jv= ghczmety One word, [certain quantity. 
*os-ojsi ghez^mzenu Any measure of an un- 
»^ j.i ghczmeret, Mixing. 
if, js= glidzewee, Newly born (a lamb or kid), 
ji gherr, Cheating, a bird feeding it's young, 
!j.£ g^eri, Attached, glue.^puttingbillintobill, 
i__j^^£ gherkh, Raven, rook, crow, 
Sul^r ghercihet. Admirable, strange. 
j\yk gherhr. The edge of a sword. 
»j'7= ghf^rciret, White- faced. 
y,y\ ^ ghercizeeh 'Ihe devil, 
u-!^ gherhs, The season proper for planting; 

ghok^liecdiuh To be angry, to chide. 
Si ^^£ ghcrhfet, A draught. ^ ^ ^ gheram, De- 
L I P gheramh, A half dram, [sire, calamity. 
jU^^i gherhmet, A tax, tribute^ 
^1^ g her an, Rapacious, iron. 

[ '457 1 


ii\y£ ghorhne^, A beautiful youth. 
^^\^£ g^iorawee, ¥Toih, foam. 
^^A ghc^^al, A large sieve. 
(^y^iy- gherhan, PKir. of u-»lj.= gherah 
ijji gherhttf Going away, distant. 
.♦J ^ h gherloon, A present, a lizard, 
^ ^ ghorbeh, Hiding tears, weeping privately, 

.^c gherlecy Western, west. 
5^ gherret. Cheating, sloth, inexperience, 
ciL.ji ghere^y Hunger, [whiteness. 

^ i> gherchehj Ignorant. ^^ ghered, Sing- 
. 1 j ^p ghorthd, A base fellow. [ing. 

z\ys. ghorzet, Sewing with close stitches, 
(j-;i ghersy Angry, weak, a black crpw, 
^jojk ghcrez, Tired o^ any place. 
j^^i ghorzei. The breast-strap which fastens 

(be camel's saddle. 
£*J ^ /^ glorghhn, A loud voice. 
yzys. ghergher, A species of herb, [ing water, 
'i^js. ghergheret, Gargling, the sound of boiU 

< i ys. ghenf, A draught, clipping, fasting. 

'il ^g/zer/e/, One draught. cJj^i^//e/T^-,Drown- 
i_rl3^ gherkkh, A whirlpool. [ed, 

S'i ,s. ghereket. Very moist (land). 
^ ys. ghereh'd, A species of large tree, 

"^ gherkcey The w bite of an eg|. 

t 45d ] 

^^l gJ?erel, Delicate. 

^^i' g/toim, A wild sheep; a gherm, Debt, 
i^^i gliermool, Penis crassior. 
^ yk glieremte. Pain, torment, yes. 
^yp ghereniy 'Jo weep aloud. 
(^'^V /" ^/'^^^ew/e*//, Aloud and dreadful noisf, 
*J/> ghoremheh. Exclamation, a tumult. 
C'^*rA^ gl'OrethLccdun, To thunder, to bra v. 
^ j^ g^<'feiiej\ A hook x^ijL gherendeh, 
i^ijl ghem f^ Jessamine. [Roaring, rapacious, 
HmJ^ j^ gfti'renk^ Disproportioned. [bird, 

<-^>J^fi ^'/'o/7?(;6^, A craneoranj long-necked 
^y. gheroo. Gluing, full of wonder. 
s-* J 7* 6'^'<^' oo/', 1 he west, setting (as the sun), 
jii^ ^^*^>rooi\ Pride, deceit. [moon. 

^ / ^//c/e^, Sloth, the first day of the new 
^^^ S^^erec, Beauty, elegance. [ordinary. 

*-r-*^/* ghereeb, Foreigner, uncommon, extra- 
CJ^»/^ ghereeduHf To thunder, to cry with 

«^ loud voice. 
jijs^ ghereer, Deceived, of a noble disposition, 
^yl ghorcizett Abounding in milk, nature, 
^\jji gheie^xeej Innate, nataral. 
^jjk gherees, A sheep. 

i^j^i g^ ere>f. The haunt or den of a lion, a 
t\ ^ g^i*^^^c\n, Debtor, a creditor. [thiU;k forest. 

t -"sg 1 


^^z gfiereen, A haunt of lions, a forest. 
^^yS" gheri/Uy Lamentation, bemoaning, squab- 
ll) ^./^ g-ierynn, A present, [bling, 

^ glwzsh, A rupture, a wbore. 
\\k ghczhy War, combat, victory. 
jSy ghtzar, Pinr. of ^^i ghezeer, 
^mf ^ y^ ^/ic"j;y'/<i^, A bad smell. 
^ l^c g'mzHl A young deer ; ghezzkl, A vender 

of cotton thread, 
ja^).? ghezalet. The sun, light. 
^^ y^ ghczshohy A grape stone, cow's milk, 
.•ys. ghezer. Plentiful, abounding « (cattle in 
^ftp gh z^h^ts'f, A specie^ of herbv'?- imilk). 
^ Ip jiP ohz^hgfioir, A sea-horse or CO W. 
y^z £,h'%el, An O'.ie, an epigram. 
*»jt yJ'P c/» Zi'ftf^n, A lady's work-box. 
Qjvz gh'Z'n, A species of eagle, a crab. 
/.>3.c gh zifi. Weak. ,,^' i ghezen/r, W"eep- 
3 >« gf^t'z o, rig'iting. fing in silence. 

I • jp gh')Z)0'\ A sj>ecies of plant, [ing swift, 
,♦) >J« Ap rr\ot'ik itiee lun. Attentive, 
IS ^'ys. gli zs/i'de, NV^nlike, a pannier. 
^^^ ^iifz3ecl, A deflowered woman, [heaps. 
L*J ^',/^ ^Ae%s/ijf^/w//, To heap up together in 
jjy ghezeer y Abundance. . ^p ^Ag5s,Blaming. 
^^Li> ghosakt 1 he putrid smell of the dead* 

I 46o J 

Ji\*^c gheshlee, Plur. of ^.^^c gheseeK 
^*** gheser. Dark, perplexed (business). 
iJuyi ghcsl'. Dark night. 
J*Mi gheseh Wairhing, perfoimirg ablutions, 

enfeebled with pains or stripes, pouring 

down sweat (a horse). 
J Ip- Lp ghesel-hhinih, A bath, a bagnio. 
i».4«*i gliosel^t Plur. of j^^ ghesccl. 
SaX-m* gheslelet. Removing, drawing, 
-v)^*m£ ghoslcj, A slender green twi^. 
tjyJui ghe^leenr^ JDirfy water. ^ 

*.***£ ^/i¥>^)?7,^ Darkness, ^^i gliosv. Weakness, 
JU-M^i ghosiiat, A ringlet, a lock hanging over 

the forehead, or from the mane. 
^i ghosoo, Dark (night). {<Jates* 

(j« ^-*i ghosoos, A cat, a palm-tree bearing ripe 
cJ^**r ghesook. Dark night. 
^^*Mi ^Aesoo/, Any thing used in washing hands. 
3-«.*^e gheseely Purified. [ing, 

\pz gleskshj Cheating, defrauding, adulterat- 
Ui ghi'thd,, A white- headed animal, the co- 

veiing of a sword. ftd, 

u»j {iil[hesh^reb, Courageous, stout, undaunt- 
tr^^ gheshhsh, The -beginning and end of 

darkness. [ly« 

Itt \Ji& gheshasla, About sun-set, unexpected- 

[ 4^1 1 

f^lii gh^Mwef, A curtain, covering, vcU. 

Jb'iii [ihehMt, Swooning, feinting. 

*^^j&i ghtshcrrtf,, A lion. 

Jilii gh^'she^h. Impurity, unclean. 

«Ju:x ghcihek, Striking any thing gently. 

jMKi gheshim, Cheating, using false pretences. 

♦Ac gheshni. Abuse, offence, wrong. 

Mj^i gheslmefi'ty Boisterousness, pa^ion. 

X^zi^ gheshmeshetf Boldness, courageous, au- 
dacity, [severance. 

^^Lh gheshemshemt Intrepid, stubborn, per^ 

^Ji^ ghi'fhen, Striking with a sword. 

-^-i-^ ghcshnch, A kind of herb wilh which 
they clean tloaths. 

S^iii gheshivef, Curtain, veil, covering, 

ip-^i;;^ ^hosJiOonh, 1*1 ur of ^jCi ghesfish. 

f f^£ ghcsjioonfy Ifiiquitous (man,) war. 

- ,**♦ ^ ghefheh. Name of a drug, frequehtly 
mixed with musk. [with a scourge. 

^yKx gheshee. Confounded, fainting, striking. 

l^ g'neshyct, Swooning ; ghoshyet, A curtain, 
covering, veiL 

c-Mor ghesh. Plundering, ravishing. 

Suai ghosstt. Sorrow, grief, 

i^j^ ghosleh, A tall slim fellow. [ing. 

ijai gho%Zi Fresh, lessening, diminished^ check* 


[ 462 ] 

\^i ghrzh, A tree used as fire- wood. 
»__. lACf frJiOzal, Any mete in the eye, the small 
;.j lA^i ghozi'er. Hard, thick. (pox. 

jWi ghc7ar, Pure, grfenish clay, [and water. 
vj ^*Acgh z)rel',(A place)aboundinginheibage 
3^3 L^ ghezarcf, Comfort, happiness. 
^Ja l^a- £lie%h%y Casting down the eye, 
^^^l^ ghc%o.n, The abortion of a camel. 
v^ai ghc-^h, Violence. [skin. 

%Mis. ghexelety Rage, a hard stone, a goat's 
^^ll' tp ghcxehmJtt Inflamed with rage^ 
j,Ai.£ £^h zdee. Enraged, 
jj/fli ihozz.t, Detriment, a mean condition. 
j*£i£ Lh zer, Having fine h)ng forelocks. 
i^>ii ghezra, Conveniency, happiness. 
^ y^s. gfiezrem, Daister, mortar. 
c_i/ai ghf^f, Daik ni^ht ; ghrzif, Urcakirg 

(vvood) ; [h(n(if, A kii d of black biid. 
'f^tas. ghtzetf, Keeping or v\ itl.holding, hinder- 
y;^i ghezf//ti Ai^i^rh ss, undiiui.tcd,a htro. [ing, 
t-_j •Aoi ghezooi, Angry, a bull, a cow. 
j^»as. gU'zwef, A species of plant. 
t^ y*eLz gh'zoozet, Strcng(man,) flesh. 
^^^Asi ghezoon, Plur. of ^j^z ght'zen, 
'ij/jAs. [hizecrdy Sod of pure c!ay. 
^i*L£. gliezecZf Dimiiiished, languid. 

[ 463 ] 

jjAAfli gi^etyee^ A hundred camels. 

Iri g\n'tt. Plunging head foremost into waterj 

Iks gheikt A cov^rinj:^, a veil. 

iy,y\yk gh'ires, PuiFed with pride, tyrannical, 

Xi^.ki ghefre/c'f. Pride, petulance. 

d_5^l3r ghotroof\ A handsome youth. 

y^ti ghefSy Throwing (into water), 

^fcii ghitshf Weakness of sight. 

Xkxti ghe/ghefef, The cry of a bird. 

i^kf glcft[f\ Length, comfort of life. 

^jMxz ghctelles, A wolf- gi«wkc ^J^efetnmesl^V n* 

^kc glittoOf Dark night, raised [just, violent. 

(j-^kc gLt'foos, Courageous. [iii^htj. hiding. 

^l'£ glif'tec. Covering with darkness (as the 

%>kc g^eteeVf K corpulent dwarf. 

\aA=T ghrfeet, Braving (a camel,) snoiin:^, 

^^^ ihj, A curling lock; a. ghe/f,. Forage 

Jiixi gii'ffinety Time, [sufficient for cattle. 

e^ii ghifdch. Hard. _. [ment. 

yi g\efci\ The hairy shagjiiness of a gar- 

'i\jil '^lioj'af, Hair on a lion's forehead 

j^^^jc ihoftan. An excuse. [Twinkling* 

Ifilghefercf, Plur. of yi rrhefcr ^j Vz ghe/esh, 

v-JiiLi cheft'c/i, A gentle rain, an assault. 

Lr/i gf^ffket, Sleep,' a slumber, 

^ ghejl, Comfort, happiness. j 

I 464 ] 

jUii ghcflet, Imprudence, forget fulness. 
^^"^ ghefcnj, Broth, any kind of spoon meati 
^ii ghefoo, SUf ping, swimming. 
jjH^hJoort One who forgives, clement. 
2»ii gh'^foolf Neglecting. [Excusing. 

Ji- gh'ffA, A garment of skin. i^;i ghifdertt^ 
«— i« ghtk^, HaA'ing a hoarse voice (a crow). 
y^ gli-U, 'J'hirsty. i'.i ghcf^. Precious, want. 
wi^ ghffhh, Contending for victory or supe- 
cijiU ihellht, Phir. of jai ghe/it't- [riority, 
hyi gheiit, lli^'owing into confusion. 
cJ ^ ghe/af, The sheath of a sword, knife, &c, 
SU ^ glulalety An under garment. 
^ iVi gholhm, A boy, servant, slave, 
jui iVi ghol.imct, A servant girl, a slave* 
*-Jii gjielcl', Excelling, victory. 
J LA^ gficllar, A sieve, a scarce. 
' JuLi gleltle't Superiority, power, a multitude. 

'^^Ss' ghdMcn, A latticed door or window, 

>CJi gheleleguee, Victory. 

J *^}p ghelhor, A sieve, scarce, 

^.jAp gholhchy A magpie, a crow d. 

claXI f^ht'lef, A mistake, an error. [&e. 

LXp gl eict, Tumbling. xXi ghellet, Corn,grain> 

/H x^^la^ gholtecdun. To tumble. 

[ 465 1 

cLXi gheles. Staggering, insane. 

gdi ^helej^ Running (a horse) ; ghoIqj\ A beau* 

y^ gheIJee,AmiiTsh, a ditch, [tiful youth^ 

(]^ gheles. The darkness before dawn, the 
cock crowing. [head and neck. 

)Uv>»flXc ghehemet. The fleshy part between the 
^ IkU gheithn, Rolling, wallowing. 
fcX£ ghelz, Uneven ground, gross, cruel. 
XBXi ghelxet, Adversary. ^viXi ghehfiej, A yel- 
.yxXfi ^holghol. Contest, rumour, [lowish bee. 

^^*^ ghelghelleej, Titillation. 

cJiU gehleff The prepuce, uncircumcised. 

iiXz gholfety The prepuce. jiiU ghelfeh. Dainty;. 

ciU ghelekt Shutting a door, vexed. 

joiXr ghelhet, A species of Arabian shrub. 

Jci ghe/em. Libidinous. 

Ils^Xi ghelootet, Any question liable to error, 

reprehension, or criticism. 
J'-o^U gholoometf Youth, 
JLp ghelleh, Corn. ^U ghelee, Boiling. 
^d£ gheiees, Mixed. ^ >J^ gheleedun, To de« 
y*»4i gheiees, Wine, [scend. 

lofXi gheleez. Covetous, nigrgardly, rugged. 
XtJii gheleexcty Rocky ground, 
il,^ glitkeiiiet, Plur. of ^ iu gholdtm. 

K 4 


[ 466 ] 

Jf ghom A gheftim, Calamity, sadnessj distresf. 

Ui ghem^i Theroofofahouse. [norant, rude, 
J Ui ghomd,r,A great crowd g j i^ gh(jmaret,lg^ 
\\4ki phejvm z, Accuser, tale-bearer. 
hi^ ghem^%<^t, Low level ground. 
ijll^i ghometf Plunging (into water). 
ifvi ghemej\ Drinking (water). 
^IjKvi ghemjhr, A kind of glue. 
S^v^ ghonjel, One sip or draught. 
i)^ ghemed. Sheathing a sword, knife, &c. 
^i^Aemer,Water overflowing, appearing above. 
S^ ^hemretyh whirlpool, a crowd, calamity. 
J glieme%y Accusation, defamation, limping. 
\^ *^ ghomzedcht Distressed. 
»^ A p ghemzch, A wink, an amorous glance. 
u^i ghemes, Dipping, setting (as a star). 
ijoi ghetheSt Ingratitude. 
Ifci ghnn%t Low level (ground). 
Li ghefnet, Ungrateful, being in distress. 
Jii gheniekt Watering (ground, herbs, &c.) 

X^^X/^ ghomkoskr, A friend, confidant, 

♦ -^^^ ghomkeen, Melancholy, 
y-ii ghendes, Coura^^eous, a wolf. 
^ ^ ^/io/«/oo/, A species of herb. 
*| ghemem, Ilaving much Lair on the head. 

[ *G7 } 

^ ^ ghemtiak, Sorrowful, sad. 

S^^i ghomoorety Profundity, liberality. 

vyi ghemoos, Difficult, pierjnry, 

fja^ ghomooz, Lovr level (ground). 

f )-f ghomoom, Plur. of j,i ghom. 

^ ghonee, Swooning; v ghemee, Unhappy, 

Xr^ghemeyhr, Yawning ^/i^g^eweer,Anherl?# 
irfti gh^niees, Obscurity, invisibility^'*'^ 
JLoAf ghemeeiet, Any thing censurable. • 
y^$ ghemeeh Macerated or corrupted (skin), 
^ ghinieem, A kind of green herb, niiHt 

thickened by boiling. 
Uc ghena,^\viv, of ^^ ghenee ; ghln \, A song. 
CLi Ui ghonnksy Beauty. 
»»^ i U^ ghsnadcb, Plur. of Cv, sXl ghondoheU 
2 lii gheiikji The smoke of a furnace. 
*-iUfi gheiihyem, Plur. of j^i ghenetn, 
i-Ji ghenb. Much plunder. 
Si;^ ghenseref, A small head with miich hair* 
gv;;i gf'enj, An old woman ; p ghonj\ A bag, 

an amorous gesture. 

^ l/^ ghonjdr, Red paint for the face. 

jj ^f ghonjaly Green sour fcuit^ 

iLsfiui ghenejety Lovely, 

• ' j 

/M>*2f ghenjeeduti. Jesting, toying. 

[ 468 ] 

>Xp gh end. Congregation, crooked, 
ti 0^ ghenMet, A hard gland or swelling 
jOJ^ghotidor, Fat, thick. [about the throat. 
• /^ gho7ideh, A smsiW insect, stink, [confused. 
^f^ghendee, A cloud, g^ iji glie?i%eret, Evil, 
JL^ij;i gbonsjioosh, Somewhat, remains. 
^>jJL:i ghensheediw. To speak triflinglj, 
lyaXi ghenes, A pain in the breast. 
^ii ghenetf Affliction, mourning, 
^Iftlijx glienxeykn, Shameless. 
^^^ glxonk,K strong piece of hard wood, a mor« 
^ ghenem, Sheep, cattle, [tar of wood or stone. 
^^Ua« ghonmun. Stealing, robbing. 
CJ 5 Y^ ghenooditn, To sleep, repose, 
J ^ ghonooZf A monthl)' pension. 
^ ghenee. Rich, abundant. [fortune. 

IUaJx gheneemetf Spoil, booty, wealth, good 
♦P ghmv, A voice, a tumult, thunder. 
11^ ghawwht, A pit for catching wild beasts. 
KZL>\yc. ghawhs. Crying for assistance. 
j\yk gheuiir. Making a hostile excursion. 
U"'>* ghnt^'^t A day of flight, phinder, or 
\jo)yi ghau'os, A diver. [robbery. 

^•^ •p ghoct, Gladness, a fresh herb. 
K±j^i ghewes. Crying for assistance. 
-^ gAeu;«7,Doubled,large.-^^g//acA, A ran^ 

funripe griapes* 
l I ^ ghorla, MeatdreBsed with the juice of 
ij^ ghotvreff The sun, the meridian. 
^ ) ^ ^/^orci^. An army, a cotton pod» 
Cj ^» J ^ gf^oreedun, To encourage to fight^ 

to satisfy, 
tj*^ ghozshehy A cotton pod oi* nut. 
jj* ^ g^ooshf- A birch- tree, an ear of corn. 
(/ 1^ ^ ghoshhy, An ear of corn, dried cow's 
^^lA' f g//osAf, iS'aked. [dung* 

*«-^^ ^ g^^oshenhi Ah ox- goad, 
xys ^s. ghawes, Diving, plunging. 
is ^ ghawit. Dipping, a wave, surge, [a pigeon. 
Sh^sghotet, Soft ground, ^£^£ ghooghoo, AdoYCi 
*— ^ ^ gf^ook, A frog, a butt for archer5. 
CJ ^ ^ ^/lOoM^?, Plur. of ^J yp ghook* 
^jj'S y^ ghhwlaiiy A ispecies of plant. 
^>Jll y> gholaneedan, To put to flight, 
.♦-J^ gjiooleen, A cushion, a little dog. 
^^y£ g/ioor. Descending to low ground (water). 
^ >c ghewect Disobedience. c.j ^ ghewes, Full 
ft»>= gheweer, A little cavern. [speed* 

^^s ghuyeh, A churn, staff. 
*^ gheheh, Doing any thing carelessly. 
' fi g^ee. Erring, seduced* .^ l^i gheyah, Ab- 
sent^ a tomb. 


I i7o I 

c±.. Us gJieijhs, Assistance. 

^l*i gkej/hr, Providing for one*s dependaut^j^ 

beins: useful, doing good. V 
(«Jl>i ghet/af; Having a long Tbeard. 

^{^ ghepal, The lion ,^ \ as ghei/hhel, Davkf 

^Ai ghetb. Invisibility, absence. 'ness, 

Jua£ gheehet, Absence ; ghethet, Detraction, 

^x*i glicclee. Concealed. [si an den, 

Jui gheye.t; Rashness. «-i^i ghees, Rain, raining^ 

i3^ ghee(^, Of a soft disposition, softness. 

!*XAi glieeda, Soft, waving. 

^^l *xab gheedaii. The tender age of jputh. 

eJjJSAfi gheedcky A noble man, long (horse,) 

j\i.*fi g.hee%ar. A" asa. [delicate (}puth)« 

4^^^^ gheexhn. Guessing, 

^ gheer. No, not, except. 

Ci^'/t^ gf/.e(9ra.w. Jealous of honours. 

?/t* ghserct, Enmity, emulation. 

<s j^s. gheeree. Another, besides, except. 

Cj^.y^f g^iti^^^h^^d4m,To move alqng, or hitci^ 
forwards on the hip. 

^^Lmac gheeskn, A species, youth, 

— '^ g^^^shee, The rolling, or wallowing 
of a hors^, dog, &c, [a hallo>v; 

'^ Itui gkeelhn,A lurking place, low groun^, 

yLiAz gheitel, A. cat, a forest ■ 

^ I in 3 

a-IsaI gli^Uem, Thick milk, 

J^ glieil. The niilk of a pregnant wo,man, a 

large garment, a corpulent young \^oman. 
^V/i gheelhTiy PI ur. ofj^^ g«<>o^. 
XXxi gheelet, A fat woman, 
*.)L*i gheelem. The male tortoise, 
-►xc gbeem, A cloud, thirst. .^^^ gJieeyoob, V\u£, 
j^As gheyoor, High-minded» [q^ v*/^ 

fcx^Ax ghtheb, Darkaes§, an ind^olcntfool^^l^ man. 

i^ fa, Th^ twentieth letter of the Ar^- 
bick alphabet, and the twenty-third of the, 
Persian, expressing 80 in arithmetick/gainst. 
Is /a. The mouth ; p Again, once more, a- 
C> \ifhty Fate, death. ^15 f<tttK A conqueror?, 
p iijater, Careless, vyeak. jlili ^t^g/f,Strong,a. 
^li fhtetiy A t-empter, a provei^. [robb?^,^ 
(jis- li fhhifih, Bashfu^, dishonest, ugly. 
1^\3 fhheMt A wkore, a courtezan, 
^li fhlth, A twig, a branch, 
j^\s fkkher. Excellent, precious. 
j^^Li fakhor. An odoriferous herb, 
L*J ^-^ t5ya^/»ee<^</», TopuU, to card cottoa, 
^ A iifadeh. Important. ^ i L;/a</6^r, Agocl, weak, 
.li y^y', A mouse, a human muscle. 
-Ah fhr&j, A tunick a shirt, 
\j\i fcLVtZ, Clear, distinct (speech). 

i ^>-2 ]• 

i^jU fh,res, A lion, a cavalier. 

jji-jli, Aged, large, hj li fxrety A leaded 

^j li farla. The upper part of a mountain. 

^jM fh^egh. Free, contented. 

Aj^ j\h fareflun^ To excel I. 

t '^ j li fhre^t Distinguishing. 

^^ li fkreky (A woman) hating her husband. 

^j li farehi Clever, brisk (horse). 

^j li /ajgpr, Spacious. Dy ^jTazeh, An ambling 

^ I? y^i?, Eating striking. [nag. 

^ j^^\ faster cli, A swallow. [bertji 

.^sm li fakejy Arriving early at the age of pu« 

gv« li fciiiekh, Dissolving, violator* 

iX-w li /^si(i^ Corrupted. (.;_ju» li/<iidi, Shame- 

Iam. U fksieya, A beetle* [less, saucji 

^^ ^\ fash, Publick, clear. 

^-,J!*^ l^ fasfier, A white wild vine* 

^;i li fhshee, Diifused. }.^\.i fdsel, Deciding^' 

i*i li fa%%&ty Uiihappj fortune. 

^ li fhzil. Learned, wealthjj virtuous. 

^ ^^ y^^ Poison, is li /(i^^r. The Creator. 

•.Lli fafem, A female colt of a camel* 

^^ li fateiiy Penetrating. [active. 

3^ li fhyl, Making, an agent, the participle 

u-ytli fa-aweSi A sluggish old beast, 

^ li /^-.yee, Angry, rage. 

[ ^/^ 1 

litk\^fhqheyet, Hos5}: fioweis (aS of .(^prUsi. 
li li /a/(X, Stammering.. ,.;:'. .i'j^Jcf^et tLi 

'i^\S fafit, A .vicious pronuricial'fon' 61 tiifc 
cjjli /a^> The notch.of an arrow; o^i\ixi^ 
X5 li /d/^e^ Want, poverty^^oe A .,.\^jAii>JX ixJ -a* 
I ^Ki fhhcret. Distress, a bridle. i' • j.vl^.'SlJ'x. 
^\3faka, Very yelk) w. A ^^Vti^^vJX i:;;i-j 
^^fty'i Simple, foolish ("old mati)i?\; jc>V:J> 
*rii fhkehf Tenderly educated^ ■' ;5f6-t^\ ^-K- 
%\3 ftilet, Weak in m in d . u «i> i -j jxj a r> ^i 5 >^ 
gJ^ /a^^» A measure for dry goods.. i'V ^^t-y 
oUli fiilek. Deceiving, splitting, [gin to sho^jF. 
.iJJU jfa/i^, (A.young maid) whose bueasts bo^r 
i}\9 falee, A soothsayer, enchanter. K\t\\t>;^' 
L.« Li /"dwi^. But, surely, , ;, . 

^ Li faniee, A vender of wheat. [teting, 

u« ^j li k^p fhnoosy Light house, lantho.mj muts- 
J ^ fitriwh, A wooden pe^, a wedge;'tV?^f^ v, 
^5 U fanee, I n co nstant . ^f^ IJ! jT^ heKHJ.^ T wq9-^ 
<| li fihee, A prating, bluck liea<V;v I ,\\>. v'^jX^e-'l^y 
^ U /j«/V Cleaving X^cvili . jT/ytf/'c?, /A.\^o\yd, 
^\.'i fdyeht Difiiising odbur,i:7^ ^. '- jlbody* 
5*>oli fanii't or- J^d?^^t7A,- Profit, 4dv*lintiage:' ... 
jj,^J^'ir, Stout, firm . yU />x;Zsc^iOyer^akj>ngx/, 
(^ J U /*/ i.s'/^ A vain boaster. "" J- ' , - • i\ ^(^ 
^j, li /i??;, A^uent, abundant. .. ^^.\\^m^. 


[ 474 ] 

IkAh fa,yeghet, Acrid (smell). [ridicuk. 

Uu li fa^yeky Superior. // •-^ jepoos, Jester, 
IXi fetct. Youth, d. Ui fefaty A fragment. 
^ UJ fttfhhy A judge, a conqueror, 
s^Vjii fctcihet. Assistance, conquest. 
^XXifjar, The beginning of ebriety. 
yiUi fettash. An exact enquirer. 
cJU:- y^^^d^. Ferment, leaven. 

J Iri /I'/d^, I'earing from ; fetthly A rope-ma^ 
ker, a species of nightingale. 
\^\jis fetknj A leather saddle-cover ; y^d/^w, 
Ijiifettel, Any thing crumbled. [Pitiful. 

fCi^ feteh^ Conquest, an opening, 
^.yi'/t'/i://, Softness and flexibility of the joints. 
^ faier, Fafntness, w^eakness, a muscle in the 
,^\ 'h fjrhik, Saddle-straps. [body. 

S^A^/e^re/, Feebleness, infirmity, intermission. 
'T^pfdr-.j, A choral dance with joined hands. 
T^''^ y^jiterdiin, To ruin or lay waste, to tear, 
^Ai fetsh. Examination, enquiry. 
tMi fdeh, Aurora, open ; fdik, Loosing, 
Uxi felekhy Vitiated. [cleaving, breaking. 
y^:? feteliy A badger, a brock. 
Sjilfeteke)\ Unlucky, a wonderful thing, 
y;s fetel. Twisting (a rope,) converting. 
^Xi feteii, Proving, seducing, burning* 

i 47S ] 

VjH f el net. Melting gold or silver ; jilnQi^ lrt« 

surrection, disturbance. 
^yM fttbh. Having open eye-lid^. 
j^j fotoui. Feebleness, warm. 
i3 y3 fotook, Plur. of K^Ji'jisfeteJt. 
tg i'ii f etwee, A judicial or religious decree,^ 

(pronounced by a muftee, &c.) 
Kjifjii feteek, Eloquent, shining (as ttie dawn), 
^fXi feteel, A wick, a match, ^^ii feteen. Stony 
Ixi feshi Pacifying, averting evil, [ground* 
grvii feseh, Conceiving^ the belly, [pectedly. 
^ fejy Roughness. \:s\if<jkt Happening unex- 
9^\.s\9 fojhjety Rawness, 
, lrs».5 fejhr, Feebleness. [ed outward. 

^^.fd^jy Having the heels close, the toes tura- 
-so f/er. Beneficence, honour. 
y«js\i fejs. Oppression, haughtiness. 
.^vi /dyft. Affliction. ^:ss3fojfoj, LoquaciouSo 
S2c^i^^i fojfojety The sound of whispering. 
.yasNi fejel, Thick, i yssS fojwet. An interval, 
jL\s\'fehhsh, Wicked. [a court-yard* 

jLsvf fehhet, Colour. 
ci^:so fehes, The belly or paunch. 
^sssifohoh. Vipers in motion or irritated. 
yioc\i fehesh, Shameful discourse or action. 
(jojKNi fehes, T)i^^mg, enquiry, rainiiig> runniftg. 

[ ^7S 1 

^Us^; fehfXh, K river in paradise^ 

.Jcssi fehel, A male aniraal. 

^9 fehem, A coal, being silent 

\ys:^ fi'/twh. Meaning, signification. 

lysss fiihwetr Appetite. 

'^_^:^fehoo!ihy Plur- of Jus\i fi/iah, 

^^«\3 jtliool. Plural of y^^; fchel. 

*^>fehooni, Hoarse-yoiced. i^ ^:^;/choomcf, 

t{;ss^y feheity A small draught. [Black, dark. 

^^Afsspjje/iees, One who enquires into the secreU 

. and faults of neighbours. 
^^^Jeheel, Potent (man or stallion). 
*.*3tv5 ftheeni. Black, coal, ^i fchliy A snare, 
J l:^ fekhai\ Glory. , 

jf J l^ fehhXrce, A vender of earthen- warci 
- Usvi fehham , PI ural of j^^ivj fekhem. 
ClJ.i^^ fekhet. The light of the moon, a noose; 
liAi yd/f/?AV/e/, Sleeping, snoring, a fat woman, 
yss^^k!<9 fikhjel, Having the toes turned in. 
^<ss3 fikhckh, Weakness in the feet. 
ck^ ftk}ie%. The thigh, a family. 
/:s=^ fekhcTy Nobility, glory, ornament. 
^s\i fiikhem. Illustrious, honour. ['"g* 

jiSAi fekhocr. Boasting, ^j^sxh f^kheekh, Snor- 
.Aarsi fekheer. Vain -glorious; proud. 
^.Ac&o fdkhearii Great. 

U*^ fekheemett Elevation. S yafedh, A sacti- 

:i \ jsi JeJdady A ploughing ox. ffice, exchange. 

i:i\^ fedd^det, A.frogy timid, 

^^ ^ i ! *X5 feddddoonOf Plur- of a 1 ^i feddkd» , 
\f I >J fedakel. An important affair. 

t^\^9 fedhmet, Turban, an impediment ia 

speech, heavy. 
1^ ^ o^> fedhn^ A yoke of oxen, a plough-share. 

(i* 1 >5 fedaiCi Courageous, a volunteer. 
j^feder. Foolish ; yit/r. Weakness. 

tj 66 fedret, A part, travelling alone. 

^^ j^ fedrenh. The bar of a gate. 
(J- jj jedosy A spider. ^^ a* Jedshj Sluggish. 
^ jsi ycJ<^/a, A distorted joint of the hand, &c, 
^ »xi fedeghf Splitting, crookedness in the feet* 
Osi j^i fed fed, A hard rocky district. 
« Jo fedem. Covering (the mouth or a vessel). 
jjj o^s feden, A strong castle. 
ji^s fedoor, Impotency. 
^\ ^^ fedhivhsy A lion, a stout man. 
Q^^ifedeed, Crying aloud. 
o^5 /(^2, Driving with violence, separated. 
^';^\':yi fezh%eey Separately. 
^\/yr. Magnificence, dignity; Aferr, Flight. 
J h fcrci, Over-against ; xferk, A wild ass, 
/ *A^ ^/ f<iihpesh. Before, in the presence of. 

I 478 J 


1:l,\ ^i forht , Sweetwater^ 
,/^/ feratery More before. ^ \j ferhh^ Cheer- 
rj Ji ferhkh.. Large, broad, a chicken. [fulness. 
\*/^ S )> ferkhhiarit To lift up, to raise. 
/<f 1 *^ ferakheey Largeness. 
j-f ^ } ferhkheex, The tottering pace of infiints 
a s^sferad, Plur. oi:^ ^ferd. [ordrunken people, 
\>\jy.ftrdidiin, Separately, one after another. 
T' ^» y\ /'ft^f^ad^ddeJtThQ Persian computation 

of the year, ,--»/\,' 

4J.O a \^ ferhdees, Plur. of u<.^ a J fdrdaivs^. 
j,\ ^9 fcr^r, Examination, disquisition, 
if ^ j^ / fcrhrooi, The hind head. 
/M ^ j 1 ^ feth&t'dun, To discover, open. 
^^)\ / fcrhziudeh, A raiser, plaater« 
Cj^,,j yi ferhieediui, I'o erect. 
vf^yifiiras, A kind of date. 
tf:^^5 A pjc/itsh, A thin bone, a butterfly, 
^'/ ferashiy Trembling, 
^ii>\ fh feikshety A butterfly. 
iH.>vt ) J fi^/ cisheeduHyTo tremble with horror, 
ijo^yi ^fcfh^y A garment, red, strong, [menf, 
x)o\ji ferciZy The month of a river, a gar- 
ii> Syfiirat, Endeavouring to get before another, 
V^\ ^ feratef. Preceding, ■ 

U ^j9 fcr^'iiU Einn, the top of a mountain* 

[ 479 ] 

9- Sji ferdgh, A cold wind. 

i^\^ feraJt, Departure, separation, grief, 

Da'i\y ft' rakes, Strang and thick, 

t^\^ fer^wet, Panniculiis menstruosus. 

J j^Sp ft'rhmr<%, A spring. [An animaU 

u^l^t ferknes, A strong man. i_JiS ] ^i Jordfiekt 

l*J^*^/ /erciwhn, Much, opulent. 

^^ \/ feraiuct^, Edging, fringe. 

*j>\y /dr 7/?^/;;, Contraction, collection. 

M j^*p ferhceihin, To cheat, to be cheated. 

»^ i fcrt, A spider's weB, a species of her^. 

jEixj ^ fertekhet, Beconr)in^ easj, 

\j3 yi fcrfenxj A maid-servant. 

y^ Ai *> fertooty A decrepid doting old man» 

J ^ } ftrtooteJi, A decrepid old woman. 

«±j^ fareSi Sphtting, tearing. 

\s> ^ farja. Having (the fore- teeth)- distant. 

j\^ ji ferj^.r, A pair of compasses. 

• U. y/erj(tm, The conclusion iU yjcrfefy Dis-» 

^^ja.^9 ferjawi, A curry-comb, [pelling grief, 

a^ y» ferjee, A kind of garment. 
^yijerfh, Gladness, ^^icr^? far^hhsh. Tight, 
.\\^/Xdtkha/, A lock of hair. [openly. 

'^L^ } f^'khet, A broad spear-head. 

>^ i fcrhhej. Sordid. 

^.^s\zLj9 fark/iejee, Straddling in walking* . 

t 480 ] 

.♦j>u**s^ ) fcrTihcseediin', To soften, to dance, 
if^ } f^r^l^esh, A dish made offlour, honey, & 
^ jjl*7 h ftrkhcsheediai , To dance.'almonds. 
^ J-^ yferhheemeedun/To card cotton, to 
^ ^} f^rkhendeh. Fortunate. [pluckf 

f ) ferkhoQy A croccdile. 
CJ ^"f} f^'f'^^'^^duny To dance. 
A^ ftrd, Ont thing,one of t\vo,a half; vferd h, 
Xftj Ia J ferdjL neyety Unity. [To- niof ro w, 

>\ I ^ ^ ferdaiviim , (Business) of to-morrow. 

f >/ firdom, Sadness, 

^^^ A ferdaivSy K garden, a place of pleasure^ 
d,lji 3 ferdeyii A topical remedy, 
j^ ferzy Separating. 6^ ^ ) } f^^fzadeh, Larg^ 
^\ J ^ fer%km, ^^'Drthy, [mass of leaveo* 
jH I y 3 ferzhn, Science. 

^^ ) } ferzaneh, A learned man. 

%^jjfcrxet, An occasion, a part. 

^ j) /erzejeh, A glyster. 

tS^i^jferezdc'k, A crumb of bread. 

fc^jftrzat, A handfull of grass. 

^j J forzol. Fat, fleshy. >} j Jiferzendy A soHj 

^J2 J } ferzenk, A young boy. [a daughter. 
j ^ Jerzth, A species of herb. 

[ 4Sl ) 

\3H^ feresj A horse or mare, Tkill'hg. > 

^ } firsf^> Destroying, worh' hwti ' ^- ' -< • 
^Im,^9 fersah, Large country. ;i>e*rq 

^^, l«. ^/er^i;^ -Cavd^ry, Horsemen . 
'ju^i feres&i, A rt/aVc.a liomp'from- the birth. 
^ ^} feresfoogh,' A 'SW'dliow. i 

*^wy /dr65^/?e/,The^rspeHing of grief. fpeacJv 
>^^ fersodyOid^'^JO.'^^ifersek, The finest red 
f^*^ ji fersen, The hoop of a camelaj^ sheep. 
>^^Jc^ } fersenky A parasaftg. ''^ ' ' '^ 
C) "^ y^ P f^T'^^^'^^^^> I'o rub^ to detest* ' . j 
\_^ } fsrsaeh . A large beam, [cloths', a ^eld. 
ji J fersh'/'K bed, a mat, couch, a carpet, b6d 
»^{^CJ:, A fershctkhaneh, A rafter, a transom. 

%'^^yfj'e'rshedct Straddlirigv>'j\V-»^ii' {Striding. 
a^/ feres, Splitting; '^ ' -'M vvj>\t> 
aia j'ferya<y, A grape-stoniB, a '-b'^^m'ble, . 
L f ? f^f"^* A duty,'a divide command, clear* 

*^^jfe'r':^7r^i''A's^i^^iori'/J M ^\-i 

^th y»fer%em, A large olkf'^eep, having a broken 

0>a yifirzee. Skilled in law. [horny toothless. 

'is yi^fefet, Greatne§s: •^•l!d^*';^/'^d/ir*, HiigCr 

3U ^is'j* forfhosef; Th€ tip of the nose, [headed. 

f^'jifortoonr, A boot-H^i**^ ^Uv^tAu\^v -5 


r ^S3 3 

^ly ^iferf^e, DvfBcult to be managed. (a man), 
Uy /drd, Cliipbing (a mountain,) descendt?d> 

Xs^ far^at, A large louse^ a bqw of one solid 
^* y, fer-olyA young hjenna^ Ii^^?5"^i<?|^ooci. 
lUs jj/er-a?ict^ Subtle^ shrey^di,.,,: i Si 
(^>^c^ ferawn. Boasting, forcing. 

l^jSjeri/i Apt to produce or bring forth. 
lAf^^S^' Ability. , 

)^}f^rghciry Moistened, kneadj94' • 
/M >;, /* / ferghinreeduriy To moi&tea: wel 1 , to 

,^' U^^T^rg^a/?/, A- vineyard. [scratch thehea<i. 

J>-^ / ferghrindy Kneaded, ayx)^d. • v . '. 

.-f^iy^r^^f/. Cheerfulness. ,i»„. t - ■ ., . ' 
^//er^/?oo, The lopping^ of fl.^]j^^^,.;^ ^ :\,^ 
^ ^ /fc^g^^yyeeyK merlip, aspari;9"s^-ha,wlc. 

j,\iy> ferfkr, Full of levity., ,.,^^..,^ ^..^^'>^^;. 
i*P } f^f^fiurt. To deceive, tp be deceived, 
^iy f erf thy Soft grpund.y-,^,ij A ,s: '^/v'-^ f^"' 
i 3 ferfer, Reading or writing expeditiously, 
^ yi ys ferferety Unsteadiness; changeableness. 
^ p ferfenjy An aromatick reed,,^,^^. _. ' 

j^ yi forfooTi A servant, a fleshy camel. . 

i } ferfehy Actskne.^/feffehen, Parsl.ain^. 
5y ferek, An interval, trembling; /crk, Se- 


^U^ /ery^^-flf, Farting, [paratipn, distinction. 

X.AA»^i ferkvheyati A kind of Egyptiaii line^., 
U ^ fereket, Sc^lttereci verdure* 
jjf^i ferkedy. A cdf> a bright star. 
tttSjiferkafj Jumping wlently, podex. • 
^ j^ yjerhendun. An Armenian carnival b^« 

fore the beginning of ^fast.* 
^j}i-p ferhhn. Hatred., : .0 , 
W^ / f*irkei\dun^ T<X^A\^^c^\i^l, and bring 
^-' water into fieb^s and- gardens, to destroy. 
^'^ifirvi , Affluetkin; tlie en dbf any. work , d isease. 
J»rj ^yfctmhir, (A>:commandr «r4er,. i©^ndate» 
.>if; 4y» Jcj^mkni/ The leaf of a tree.^ ' '. 

^^, furon, Belowi. an oved..'. 
,\la "J^.yerc^xpt!^ ignorant gtirpid man. 
A -;*J>:j»j^7tWA»i. Inconsiderate, un.wia@A decre.- 
.^il>>yS /ar/iAJa^ Kjip'wicdgiB., » i\^v vt* \ ' , [(>y- 
c^; ^i:f&^anhf A inciiiie, tha^ grida/of a poixi^'. 
^ (/-^^ Tdrd^jAw?^ '^Tbe e?id; v}\v<i<,vs\ {grana,te. 
^ ^ ferenj&dj '^\ic night-zinftre; ? 
jj ^ /erewc?, A halter, aJ>ridlcfJ ,kK.r.r, 
iXiKi^i fereudht, K species of l^rdr 
■%^r^ferenesety An oeconamici|f woman. 
»5 ^5 /crwca, A louse. ^^Jd y>feriwk^ Corrupted. 
■^i^' } y^raizg, A frank, an Italian, Europeaat 
7, ^ } X^^noojr^^turxif-ivM^iy. 

t 4S4 ] 

' '. i yferme, A dish of rice' and mllL 
Xiferoo, A garorient of fekin. ■ 
il • i fervfiT, A large beam; or rafter. 
%^^ferwet^ A-'purse in which a mendicant 
O** iyeroo/er. Lower, inferior, [puts his alms, 
^*y ^/ /^rco^^/?*SikbmissiyeH:i;^-^'^ /<»r^ 
t^yiferood. One of tvirOiJrr^ , tjSubmtssiqn. 
^,;j^ ) ^ *hf<(iroo(Jdishf^ An endy extremity, the 

latter part of any thirg, 
/J 4 • 3 feroodecd. The first summer month* 
J ^^5 f&roorj Flying (woman). (the lowest. 
J * ^? fcrocz, Inflaming. ^ y •' 3 jferooxg^f, Kindle. 
• yjy ^^ ^ro6«677c?e^, Kjndiii]^,'a polisher. 
u^^^fervosy A horseman."^Mifi .< , . ^ 

3U*-^^ ferooseyett The art af^horafemanshipl ^ 
iji^^i fei'oosh. Plural of ^p^ftrsh\\ foroos^, A 
Uii^^ 3 f^roo&h^y Selling, a seller. v?\ fsellec. 
t*/^ ^P foi^ooshiun. To let or iend, down. • > 
e /^ ^ ? feroosheruhht A veoder.a\b v. i. - S 
l^jJ^ ^h ferooslieddun, Toisell. ^ t ^ 
h^yferoot, Preceding, out-stripping. 
p ^/ fe.rooghy Light, brightness, splendours 
t_3^^ ferooki Retiring fro ma herd (a she-x:ai<- 

mel or ass when near delivery,)* )^v\^\e^ U 
^^^j ferooh, (A woman) hating her "liusbS^' 
»>; t^/ foroomctndeh, ViiUgiic6, broken. .^' 

i ~^ 

ij,v*/ foroomhyeh. Base, vjfe, brmean t)iftti^)l 
%^s ,9 ferbohett Ingenious. ,; . f^ii^r. 
V ^*i> ^^ fetodheedehf Witty, fnyehtroij. , ^ 
t i /t'7v//, Repose, dazzling abundan^ce. ' -^ 
* t 1^ ferhad^ J^ .cuttef of stones, a digger pf 
"^ mines. [ference of the mputH. 

^^ I ^ferlknj. Heaviness in sleep^ the circiipi* 
,pf^ } fcrhekltfim, 'I'o teach o^ polish. 
^ ji Jerhed, A handsome j'outh, compact, ' 
,j*,^^ } ferhesfi Fascination, 
/Cl / ferlinngaee^ A preceptor, [finishing, 

K ^* f^ree. Cutting, cleaving, ijivpjiting a fje, 

i !;■./ ./^^^i/ A'A Lameu-ii^.tiQf?,. ^, CXY 1^r jbelR, aix 

exclamation, , , ■ . r 

y^^l) /cret^. Fraud,, treachery, a. clje^t;, , 
ll^-firyet, A lie. >^ Y";/. y«^^!^^'^^^ ^^ 
^j ^5 fereekK . Ill«strjous. ,, , . . , ; [rain, 4*^Wf 
C/'f^'' / ATeeihtun, To- l?e,.skilfi^l, to J?e weljL. 
bred, to be disturbed. rparable. 

Ps»^ f<teed,^ji'. pear J, ?i bea^ of gold, incom:- 
l^jiferecdety A. precious stone, a pear J. • 
^^ •yi^/J^r^edoon, Wandering. .;.^, -{herb. 
«>-/;/ fereedeJ)^ Pride, ji^y /erfcjr, A Ijind of 
{r^..^J^Tec^t Silain. . ju^ ^ifereeset, A lion's prej^.. 
oa^.^i ^^rees, .Qije who.dritiks Of does any thiog 

alternately with another, - 1 »Nls 


[ 4^6 ] 

j^ji J rse^y Properly notched fan arrow)* 
%^^ljcrec%etf An ordinance of God. 
^ ^i fereegh, Going with long steps (a horse). 
♦ ^^ ^ feretfiwt. To beguile, to cheat. 
i^Jijy ftreeJi, A troop. i^jiJcT^ k. Ripe, dry 
IP fe^sh. Mean, false. [(ears of corn), 

y fex-'x-, Retiring, removing. 
\^ ftz^y Increasing. 

^y fe^er, Ragged garment ; fczer, Cleaving, 
^y fe%(ii Assisting, calling fur. 
TUy fe%a-att One who implores. f* 

> *h fdxshem, A disease., sadness. 
.*j A »p fizoodun^ To increase. 
^^^ ^y fczooleedurit To dispose or cause, td 

quench thirst, to fly. 
M ^^ fexoon. Multitude, greater, \-r^^ 

^ ^ fdzeh. Nasty, deformed. ' fttring^. 

^y/t^%^c**. Running (blood from a wound.) re- 
ft U.i f^shd. War, wickedness, iniquity, ma- 
,Ui/dA<ir, Gaping, reins, [lignity, corruption. 
^y*3 Uj festifes. Wall or paper lice. f gown. 
^ Li/d5^»i, The crane, ^h^fedciny A loose 
iJjimS feiteht A pine-tree ^v^; fosefi, Capaci- 
^ccvm..; ftishom. Having a large breast. [ous. 
*rv^j feshh, Violation, dissolving (marriage), 
tewi faskhet, One unable to manage his own 


C 4BT I 

^ d^9 fcsde^, rinr. of j<^ U f sed. 
y^ feserj Declaration. ^^ fcsetd, Hunting, 
,*j • y^ jTo^adut/, To coT)gvixl. Ij^'ly* 

\y*x^ f^fi^i Blunf, a certain smelling herb. 
ti^ftitajti^f^set^lhe. citron-tree or fruit, 
^mSmifti'f^see, A kind of game, [ing behind, 
«j«*-i foscJt, Very w icked, ^^^ifeshol, Remain- 

;y*v5 f^'slt The tendril ot a vine, a worthless 

J^ f<sleh. An history. [man. 

.^\ yX3 feslcyoon, A kind of herb. 

Syni fesood, A mitt who aims at greatness. . 

^ »*Mi /hsooSi Joke. 

|H >J Ls^ feseehkneeduriy To hold or lead (a 

^s^^9 ftSeeht Capacious, [horse). 

^^^fcseehh or ^j^I Weak in body and mind. 

^i^fisecdi Vicious. 

Ua^5 feseet, A paring of the nail* 

iJL^9 /eseefff An adulterer, a catamite. 

. y23 /i'^^, A particle of similitude. 

LsLi feshb,, The breed of cattle [constriction. 

j^i^S feshash, A thief ^lii/is^dr, Piercing, 

iii;i fcshbghy A kind ot herb.' t\H\^s'Ji\ 

••j^U^ fi'shaiidun. To scatter. .\ r^i. 

.•J yJth fcshordutf. To press, to; squeeze. 

i^i;i fsljisff, Vapid wine. -'»^ \ -^^/. 

Uai /l'fi%/^a, DishtiveUed (forelocks). 

JvKi fesM, Xaiigui-d, lazy,, [Coasting fellow, 
0:iiiif^shciJ8hf S.cM^eringv 0; female milkqj, 
4jaiJ'esSf Separating," making a whizzjngnpise. 
\^, Jo8cl\\ a gr^jpe' stone. , Xo. jij»^ Jmufrsty E)o.- 
i^*ai fe:8e4, Bleeding, ^ssigrtipg,, ., [gMenc^e^ 
Is^^ fee<i^a, (fem.) A mcrusei / ^.^ uX^'i. 
^f^aS fas^dl, A scorpifon, sa miser/ b9se,\ i,;^^ 
*W^ feifesBt, A species of grecri cltJv^j-'gras^ 
y*ai fcsly A section, chapter, i - ^^>A^^ i^V^ 
^403 /e^^wj 'Dfcmotishingv u'\i'\v\v/?r fr^ture. 
h iJ^ fesfool, Goifvg.DUt. /3tAAd5;/e5^</, ^IXiijpC'H 
^A*ai feseeh, Having the {aclilly qt^^Q pt^pi^ 
4s\iua5 feseek^, X^rifortuhate. \^,n \ i^J '•'\'*\ 
d^t^^.fckecd, Bleeding. ■-'> , ^ ' ' '^ • . r^ 

ooAAsi f^sveSg Purulent (wpund,) .a fountain, . 
^iy^i /dAve/, A child or young «fam!elweane4 
from the" mother, a judge., \ ,V% z\\ ;.^*,i 
!fXfj^i feseMet, A family, a smalt tribe.^ v. C.i 
^*a'i feseeittf A large battle-ax or halbert.' 
^JCiyJc%%, Dispersing. Ui f^%h, A field, a court, 
uf. i^iffizaz^ A fragment. ^ i^i'fe^hl. An every^ 
t^\*a'y fezhlet, Eswbfei-anGe.;4 A [day garment. 
S/a^ yf«2:d/, Silver; -gravelly, gbound.^ t:Jaj». 
^>ii fe% kh. Breaking, tearing out (theey^e). 
4^>ii /( Z( 2, Apart .separated ^ scattered. . i , ^ 
yilA/^ /«r4/;isJ/- Convenient, eas^. ,gi>\\^i\^y\ ti^j 

[ 48^ ] 

tta'fi^ jfdzfexett Conveniency, 
^>ai Jhzl, Excellence, wisdom, sense, advan* 
fX^ fexlet, A remainder. [tage, a gift* 

^^i fetooy Large, wide (place). I 

^^*ai f^?:ooh, Disgrace, ignominy. 
^i*ai /('ZOoJiht Intoxicating wine. * . 
ly^ fotool. Excessive, disproportioned. UJ*J? 
J yAoi Jozoohe, Puffed with pride. , r 

^y^ fez<ieH».l^hG pressed juice of grapes. ''• 
SJu^ fezeelet,. Virtue, science, doctrine, a re*i 
Um ft^t I, Flatness of nose. fi ; :f^ [ward, 
^ K]ai fotir. Cracked. 4Sj KWifethree^ A mush^t 
^y^\\ci fethtees, Plur. of \j„A^fottees. [room. 
f^ Jeteh, Largeness of bead or tail^ ^he tip^ 
of the nose* .j no:?/.A\\(l .Hi^^.A-'v?^ <kx 
^asvtai fethel, A great fire, large-bodied, [nosed. 
i.jki fihetf Nature, creation. ^^ ft^tes, Flat*,; 
»Xi5 jet em. Weaning. \^ifeiun, AVise, com- 
%;h».fetncty Intelligent. (]i>!tf' ..[preheoding^,^ 
^ ^ Jetooh, ; Large-bellied* ; ' ! , 
jyUs fetoor. Any thing on which one break-' 
^juy^i fotoost Dead, flat-nosed. [fasts, 

^%y^ /p^oo/^e,. Very crooked in the back. 
^y^ fettQesl A large smith's hammer, [bird. 
^Alsi fefeem^ Weaned, 'ifjai fcieemet, A kiado£ 
(^.Ui fetcen, Perceiving, understa^ding.^V ^.u^,^ 


[ 4Q0 3 

\eife%ty Barbarity of speech, inhumanity. 
Vb\m fczhztty Inhuman, villainous. 
^s.X'ii f&ihaty Disa^.r.eeable, shameful. 
Iffyliifuzox, ViuruX of 1:3 Jdzz. 
^^]£!9 f.zoo-d, Sweety fresh, cold water. 
^\x9 fa-ah An action, nobility. 
t^Ui fa-tamJ, Brawny, nervous (arm), 
^6 fd-al. Acting Hxi fa let, A work, cus- 
^ foghy A lover, a sweetheart. [torn. 

\jiS feghciy The crumb of bread.. 
j,U5 feghhr, Penetrating (blow, &c.) fmy.' 
^^[ji.feghahy Ignorant, an impostor, an ene- 
^/\i^ feghkkevy Deformed. [las! oh! 

^\jO feghkUy Clamour, complaint^ fame, a- 
Jij fegJtghety Diffusion of odours. 
jSii fegher, A full-blown rose. ;.' 

U>.':^; feghlcLS, Foolish. ^16 feghem. Kissing. 
S:jti fi'ghmety A svveet breath, odour, [ful. 
^/ifiifeghend^h]^^^* e^ I ^ feghwarcyl^dbh'' 
fy6 feghoom, Expanding itself (a flower). 
\SS fcka. Tearing out the eyes. 
^\xi felikhee, A garment of a rose-colour. 
^ Ijii fekcbkhy Striking, sic ^S^fMh-at, A bub-r 
cjiUi fekiki Delirious, ' \ ble on ^ater. 

'i^\Xi ftkiihely Learned, in the lawsi^\*^Vj\e,. , 
_^ Ui yi^j^er,' Poor woman. .i^^*^ ■ V. 

I 491 ] 

'f^-i J(ikeh, First opening the eyes (a whelp^p; 
^ssJii fok-holy Irascible. dSs/i^ed, Ctvttim\y; 
^*i /ehr. Piercing, \)ovGrty\j.x^fokeia,Viurs[ 
'ijis fckr-etj K segment, a section! v^.t?{iafv>i*i 
i^ ^9 foJtree, Lending a camel for riding. lUi 
^ii fehos, In consequence. ^:i/J;' 2^, Under- 
kXi feh^t, Only. flaking. 

^ fikla, A worthless man, boasting, >; ^ 
^ f kely A fanning in gathering wind, a win- 
nowing of corn, [portant (business). 
*Ai fekem. Seizing with the teeth ; fckm, Irn-^ 
* y'is fukiveti Superiority, altitude, excellence. 
jyii fokoori Plur. oi^a ft:kei\ 
Qmyxi /oyj-oo^, Killing (an animal,) breaking, 

her eggs (a bird). J . 

^^9 ,/c'kit-a, Yellowish, a flower. 
f. Jxh fekoom. Serious (affairs).; , . ., 

Aiti fckeh. Knowledge of religlort .ai|td4a,y.; 
\%i fekMt Plural of A-^/ai^eA./ \ ;•;" 

^jii'/^^5a«^, Destitute. ., , , ,r ^ ... '^ ^ 
>iA9 Takeer.. A poor man, a rebscioiis order or 
mendicants thus named by the ^rajj^ans. 
J) ^ftkd.'rcineli,^ixov\\\ ooAJii /?i*de5, Brot^n> 
^fahk. Aged, unbuttoning, liberating Jl^g^)- 
,V:5/d^ar, Lame, disturbed.' ' ' . . * i^ 
^ ^jekdK, A pledge. ^ K? jckanen, ADorilon.-^ 

I 492 J 

tjb KsJ^M^^^Gladness,ajest. iSiifeHettRehx" 
^/e^er, Thought, opinion, advice, care. [cd. 
iXJCi fehek Relaxing, the cramp. 

^U^ fekeUf Throwing, casting away. 
*;Jo feknet, Penitence. 

f*j y^ /e^endtin. To throw away. Jay aside* 

j'jSiifckoor, Thoughtful, Jifckeh, Jovial, &c. 

c-J/0 f^kerfi Why then, so much the more 

or less. . [distinctly.- 

9S9 fekeeh, One who cannot tell any thing 

y/ell, A notch on a sword-blade, destitute of 

• every thing good. ■ ^vhio^h/^^' ."tvs^^, ->,^ 

iki felct, Weaning, undfertaking a journey. - 

9 ^ felht. An extensive desert without waters 

- -a. ili felajerem. So that; whence, and, alto- 

^ iVi felah, Safety, prosperity. [gether. 

-**. 5Hi felhhet. Deceit, cheat, cunning. ^ ; 

♦,^ tl? felkHen, A sling. _j ^ felhd. Useless 

H3 fdhTy A species of white root^ [thing, 

y^^X^^ folh^cnh A sling'." '" "? *'* '/-x^ " 
XT ^i felfiket. Distress, misery, misfoi-furie. '"^ 
^ll*/e/a^e/?,AsImg. ?. ,^>... ;. 

c^Xi/e/e/, An escape ; /(;Z?e^,Swift.^ . T'' 
^UXi fetetan, Spirited (horse), [covetous bf." 
gvU /e/e/. Tears i felij. Separating, biutopfi,'- 

i ^^3 1 

M'^y^ feljhn, A cup, saucer, [covetous of. 
^)3ft'leh, Prosperity, safety. ^y^^Xifelhest Very 
y^^ fdekht The beginning of any work. 

jMyC^-,./'^ felkhemeeduv,To beat and geparate 

^J^ felkhen, A sling. [or dress cotton,- 

jjLi/<^/«2:,Cutting. H b^sJihetjThQ liver of a camel. 
J Xs felrczy A knot, a linen. [need-^ 

^Xi^//fx, Big-bodied, ^Jii /e/es, Poverty, w^ant, 
Xi,jLi felsefety Philosophy. UXi /^/e/. Sudden^ 
^llski'/elthht Broad, large (head, &c.) . 
l**kU felfeseif'rA hog's snout. [Compleated* 
Kii ye/a, Clea>;ing, <:racking, yuAii felghendp 
^s foJfolf I*<^PP^r» long pepper J. 
i^i fclek^ The dawn. fportent». 

^JLi/t'/zJ-ew^, Large, ample. Ji\^felkee» Calamity, 
S^)3 felekt Hea^'^en, the, world, tim«, fortune,^ 
JjCXi feleket. The whirl of a woman's spindlQ»- 
^ii/elel, Abiokenedge or notch of a swords 
f^ii fchiiy A kind of dry sugar, ! 

^d^ys felendclif Dull, gross. 
^^XjJci J^Uiiies,. One borii of a sjaverfathep. 
^Is JeloOy Weaving, drawhig out. ^^ , ^ 

Ci»'^Ai felivhi, Piur.-of i^V.^ f^^^-,\KKv\ 
i^^li.filoof. Small, narrow (gaiment), 
g^JJ /tllooj, A w/i^j;,. a j^v^fibc, ^ ^ 


t -«94 1 


t^^fclhojety Ground rmc^y for sowing. 
i/«.>Jli foioos. Tint of ^j^)> /e7r.«. e^i; / /oort, 
^^Xi fdlorf\ P\i\r, of }9 fill [Sharp (sword), 
J#^J Jote/i, The first milk afttr biiih. 

^ \: ful/iOtf, A stout }CULh. 

tj^^li /e?/6/'<'2:(i, 1 lierefore ^^i /d/^ew. Puden^ 

f^f} i fcleeje ft Part of a ttMit. [dum Uiulichie. 

iJul; Jeilefk, A kind of prach. 

^Ai ftleeh Hair tied np in a knot. 

aJ3 JeleoUy Deceit, cheat, saticv* 

^5 fehiee, Oral, belonging to the mmith. 

5 J^wr,Kn owl edge, learning, art, cheat, delajr* 
\X9 f^fi(tt Mean. 5l;5/c;«a/, A wild ox, 
^Ui puhfi^Kty Plur. of^a^ii fonkhur. 
t \js f^nhK Mischief, damage. 
M^Kii ffunhUj An onager or wild ass. 
iJLUi fKincit/"\ Plur. of ixA;i ftnecJicU 
%li fcnmU An hour. 

g^ f^ne\ A princf sp, lac'y of qualitv, favour, 
\fi fi'njh, GapiiiJ^. appearing. 
Cj ^^ f^^^ (in, A poridain d'.sli. 
}ssj.} fetijiiy Having straddling legs or fect» 

ff/^ feUjtedt'li, A diitcmper. 

^y.,a:J3 fenbes. Large, ^is^i fonhhor^ Large* 

ijss<ih Jenkhcret^ Vain- glorious. [bodied. 

%y\y9 f^indhwet, Flia/p hatthcf* , 

^jji fcnJelcr, A qqantity of datei. 
y£ yii fdiidefih. Robust; ,(youi h). 
^ JIjJl; fomhk, A b^ll for cannon, . 

! >^ fendel, A c I'pss ba f, of a / ga t e. 

•j %>5^nf Gain, a tie. 
, ji f'uraz^ A dauce >^ tiv jbin^d hand^ 
j'JS ft^"'!t'ii^> A lioiise built tor crntint^s . 
^y^^ii fiinici'i, Mca I, base, baying a broad 
l^aXi fefi'^asei, A hoji's sitout [nose. 

^ /t«tf, Toll of riclit's, fiiwc. 
»jL'3 /<i«ii. Death. J ^isrfjfi^ naf\ 7'be rm'is. 
^^a3 /,;//Ar, An hour gf thfr Q'i^lit. a gite 
.*j]}j} /dnian, A lie ^'ifaien, A niaiiner, ii 
yi fcn()0. Fallacy, frjuj, repos i [biaacii. 

! ,5y^;i/f7. Full of. brandies a tree). 
Ct^ /*-» fi^atciif, PlurarqtiU;, flit^t. 
y. JLS fetiivdj, A dati^Ce witli jj^ned hands; H . , 

J yi fciwod. Faith, ^epos.e.^hT^«j^^. 

<*J ? y^ fen<Midun, 'IV c,lieat».'tt6 be chcatC'l. 

> -# y3 fonnos\ A p.haio^ oi/Janthoraivi^ i>4_, 

,^ ^j;i fuwtikt Adht rinx, eating, 

j^^^ii ^//oof?. Plural of y»/u/?«. v,,ft.o.i. 

t^jui.; ffji'tk,. Stallion (a camt J or horse). 

1%^^ faucckd, k lar^esack ior. c toeing curilv 

t 306 1 

C:j \^ foivhf, Passitij^ away. 

^fi^^Syi ftAvhhish, Pliii^al oi j;:.^^ U fhUsh, 

^\ ys faivad. The heajt, the liver, the lungSi 

%jSy3 faivaret, ^e?il,iToi\\, ' -^ 

i^\y9 foiifky A sigh, faintiftg. ^ ., 

i5u ! ^ fawaid, Plural • of jj j.^ li fiiidet. 

Oj-i /o«^^/. Death, elapsing, neglecting. > 

^' J footehy A cloth which they wrap rounei 

the middle when going to bathe. 
''^^ fi>i^> A troop, a body of men. 
^y fawhy Perfume. 3^ faicd. Death, dying." 
gi^i fawdfj, The camel litter. *- 
jyi faWTy Heat, swift. /^^ «* ^j >. c/,^ 

Cl> ' j\>* jctvoerhn. Excessive hfe^t, sfreammg* 
Ij^i fawretf Intenseness of heat. [(blood)4 
•7 ^'fopreh, The waist- band of the breechesf^ 
j^ A vfawx. Superiority. ^ 

^' y fox^h. The circumference of the mouth;* 
^ \ y ^ f(jo%cL7i^ A fearful sound. - 

Is ) ^ foo%eey Triumphal, l^y/flerjr, Death. ; 
^^iyaa^^^. Thickness of niouth. lii^i faicgheK 
i^yfifoqfr An ex sr bladder* [Fragrance^ 

3J^5 fatvfel. A; species, of Indian nuti A «^; ^ 
^^\:i ^fawJiknee, Supreme, ^^fook, A bean, 
1*)^ ^ fobghn, A kind of drink. ' ' 

h p^ S^^h A kind of bean, - j^^A l^^^* 

[ 497 3 

<jBy fooled, A large basket, a covering. 

f >* ybo/7i, VV'heat, pulse, [fingers. 

S^ y9 foomctf Any thing carried between two 

«^ fawchi A large mouth; yhzt^i^ Speaking, 

][> ^ foohety The mouth, a word. 

^j> yh fawhed, Fat, near the age of pubertj. 

Ckj yi fotveet , Death, passing away, omitting. 

*».>» foweeh, A little mouth. [shovel. 

*i feh, A mouth ; fih, The stomach, a rake or 

fj^ J {^9 Jehares, Plur. oi ^y. ^^ fchres, 

l^fehheti Stuttering ^ j^^i fohdor. Juicy flesh. 

(j*.^ fehreSf An index, a canon, rule. 

»U4» fehfahy Managing well (money, &c ) 

cJi^i fthekf Full (vessel). 

JL^ fehelommay Come along then, do so, 
-5 fehem, Apprch.ending, apprehension. 

i*j ^^r) Jehmeedun, To apprehend, under- 

^ fehwa. And, in Jeed. d ^ fdheh, A mouth, 

^^ feheeni. Learned. fj^'aloiisy, 

^ fee. In, into, among, above, of, to, with, for 

i u> f'tjht. Return. [by, notwithstauvJing. 

^K*.' f<'ycihy A cavern. 
1 Lj feycir. The conimencement, employment* 
Ji^^iS fy^^h. Boasting, glorying. fing river, 

- g« Ui/t'^a2, Abundance, generous, un overdow* 


I 4DS I 

i M f<'y^l*^ \i\T\di ofgame among the Arabians ; 
P fyalf 1 he first ; fi^ya/, The keeper of an 
t.Li fci/alet, Ttt:hkt\ess, weakness, [elephant. 
^\A feynm. The covering, a body of men. 
Sa* J('i/if, A multitude, army. 
fjj^j^i Jeyf'ttert The meeting of two armies. 
,jc:a5 feaitk, A porter, blacksmith, a carpenter. 

' Jf^ feej, A messenger. 
K^^As feehh, (fern, of ^i A large (house), 
gvo feekh, Dispersion. i^Kifeehhet, A plate, ex- 
^csxiJ fttekhfr. An earthen*'VesseI.[cessiveheat. 
cvi y^/V/, Walking pompously. 
y^ j>A* fehfcs. A kind of great jug. 
^ ./.^ ftiilooniy A species of white manna. 

j^' A^ /(c/dwand s^AS Plurs. of jli/dr. 
J • y^ fterooz, riappy, triumphant, 

^! 4 ^5 j^Woow, A wretch, pernicious. 

y^' Ji'i/'ZT, A strong nervous arm. 

J^AOo fciscL A decision. [dance, dying. 

j^*i yj^/jK, Quick -paced fa horse,) grace, abun* 

t*» /l'/2, Expiring. *^ifria, 'J he beginning of 

, ^?^i f't'if or \juJ Jcffa, A solitude, [business. 

y:- ft'il. Corpulent (man)* 

^'^ fcilejffh Strength, power. [army. 

ir» ^^9 fJliJous,A precious stone. jD^feileif^n 

^^^3 fi'cleJi h lar^e arrow with a fiat head. 
^\*9 Jnlcvii Bi^-bodied (a man). 
^Jeetf, A strong man, 
K^feein, Why, whilst, in that which, ac- 
^ l^} fiioiai?. An agreement, [cording to. 
t^i9 f^inet, An hour, time, 
^^y*9juyoo%y Death, dying. »j,i Jeeh, The 
^^5 A. T./deheJ, A measure for wine, (mouth. 
^^ f ether or i,Ji^ftilieki Large, robust. 
OsAAi f^edf Heartless, fire, roasted meat. 

cJJ khf. The twenty-first letter of the 
Arabick, and twenty- fourth of the Peisian 
alphabets; expressing 100 in arithmetick. 
^i^ B hal'^ J he ankle-bone of a sheep. 
>j|j; h i\'t. An ejrg. a young bird, 
y&j li' Ift^ez, Seizing, a constipation, a receiver, 
pj 9 k :lhi. Breathing hard 
^iik if'el, Capahit', skilful, the following year. 
SLL LV /d '•%<*', Capacity, skill, conveniency, 

^^' B k(iJ'i,<yi , A beam projecting from a build-. 
e-3^li; kJoo^, A handsome man. [i^g* 

U IS ^//r^fV, Worthier. 
y\S kiter. Smelling agreeably (meat). 
^j Uf ^a/('/, A murderer, mortal.-' '^''' 
ikj \S k^Urn, Dusty, blackish. 

t coo ] 

\S khheh, Vehement (cough). 
X».U khh.t, The middle. ^\s kiihel, Wither* 
i\3 had. Quantity, length. fed, dry, 

- i li* ktideh, A black corrosion of the teeth, 
J A IS holder, {ftm, U^aU) Predestinated, capa- 
y<.iU khdes, A large sheep [ble, skihuU 

-ili* khdem, Arriving, the head of a man. 
IUaU kademetf The first feather of a wing, 
jjj s U ktidertt A lady of quality, a queen. 
JL^U* k^deyef, A small body of men. 
tJfiU kazek, Damned, reproaching, 
Sj^ili* kazoorefy A misanthrope. 
JLilii kcizeyety A body of men. 
^li' Mr, Pitch, a herd of camels. [bear. 

»jl* kiret, A large stone, a small hill, a she- 
Vj lj> khreb, A small boat belonging to a large 

'^jlS y^ar^^, Five years old, a full-a^^ed horse# 
ijmj^ kd,res, Cold, frozen, frozen water. 
ifCjis kxris. Acrid, sour milk, a bug. 
c^li* Ihria, Gaining at drawing lots. [tant« 
fj\j\S karen, An emperor; k irin. An assis- 
I ^ U kiiroorety A bottle, decanter, glass, 
j^ l>- k^ree, The appointed time. 
. Uj kd.zz, Satan. <--_>jlS kizdbt A merchant., 
y^ li k^s, Quantity* ^u.U kaseh, Thick cloth. 

[ 501 1 

^U khseY, Violent, unwilling. 

^15 Hsem, Distributing. ^U khsee, (fem; 

^0* Ms^, Resembling. [x.-wU)Hard» 

^ Ij hhsherj Excoriating the skin (a blow), 

^ \s kcishee, A bad obolus, ^ u kctss, Anhista^ 

^^ IS khsedt A messenger, a traveller, [rian. 

yo\S khser, Hanging down the head, passing 

y^JksoVi khsefy Breaking, thundering. [by, 

y^ U khselj Sharp (sword or tongue). 

^^ li' Jt^zeCf A cadi, a mayor, a judge, 

x^^ l>* ka%eyetj Fate, death. 

^U khter, Propping urine. 

^h IS ^a^m. Separating, peremptorr, 

^iali* katen, An inhabitant, ^u 4'd^-<7, Level 

v^is i^^-o^, A kind of wolf. [ground.- 

X*IS ka-at, A gutter, a court-yard. 

iSclS ka-ad, Sedentary, a discharged soldier. 

g JVC la ka-ydet, A column, a rule, [tain. 

sJ^ IS M-^/, Rain, deluge, l^ is k^f,^ moun- 

^i IS k rfcl. Dry skin, returning from a journey, 

c3'S k:ik» Silly, flesh or fish smoked or dried in 

JiSlS ^aW^e, A species of salt herb, [the sun, 

^' IS kcikcm, The ermine. ^tS M/, A wordf 

«yj IS kilebjA form, shape, turning, changiqgr 

y^JlS /J-x/dS, Vomiting. u^llS M^^*» Contracte4 

^ y t* kiUoon, Beautiful, good* [within himself. 


[ 562 ] 

fj b ^alee, A large carpet, tapestry. 

^ t';^^W2,Species, kind. x^[iMmet, Stature, stop- 

gvoli'Mw/e/z, Raising the bead, [ping, fatigued. 

2-« Vi^^mia^A conqueror. \j^ yo U ikmoos. Ocean.' 

\t\^\ Li* kanet. Obedient to God. 

\jai Vi kcynes, A hunter, fcj u khnei. Desperate. 

^ U hhnia, Satisfied. ^ U" ka7iem. Rotten nut, 

^ ^ IH kanoon. Rule, regulation* 

J U khnee, Very rosy, red or scarlet colour, 
jfjUf khwee. Taking. 

» U i"a^. Comfortable (life,) humble, power. 
^ U ^^/?t^r,Forcible, a conqueror, triumphing, 
Sy> l» kahcreti A conqueress. 
jjAli khhee, Active, swift. 
4-1*^ li* kayeh. Absent, x^^ U kayehef, An egg. 
tiiAj ij- kdT/et, An egg. jo l* kayed, A president. 

« i^ U kayrf, A chiromancer, [vigilant, erect. 

yj li* khyeh Consenting. ^ ij» ^A^^ew, Fixed, firm, 
^^^* >5"eZ'Z', A commander, a prince, dry, mur- 
muring, the a^cle. [earth. 
Ia3 a. p. kehhi A garment ; kola, The ground, 
lU Ia* kelhhet. Meanness, dishonest, disgrace- 
jf^iUi' kohh%eyet. Old, spoiled (wheat), [ful. 
It^ Ia* kohkzet. Swiftness, 
ft US kobct a, A foolish man. 

Ui' kehkheb, Abounding in forage. 

[ 503 ] 

^U5 kei'hl or *lUi", Blowing from the east 
*liAi* kohaleh, A contract. [(wind). 

f^ U» kebhhn, A great pair of scales, confidence. 
,s\jS hebhi, A garment, tunick. 
Jj I A* k eh ay el, Plur. of ^Juxi* keheelelu 
i^ heieby Slenderness round the middle. 
Xa5 ^^^e/. The rough tripe. ^^ hobtor, A 
yj3 kehsery Base, mean. [dwarf, short, 

*vA5 >5'eZy, A partridge. ^aJ kebeh, Deformity, 
^Ai" ^e^r, A sepulchre, tomb. [meanness, 

(j*.^* kebris. The finest Cyprus brass, 
c (^ J keberghh, A burying- plafcej » [mean. 
^^ kdberree. Long-nosed. : y^s Aebe%, Short, 
jjMAi* /fete, Lighting, asking fire, learning. 
ua*S kehes, Spirited (horse). 
XaA9 k bsef. Somewhat, pulled, 
(joA* kdbei, Quickness, seizing, constipation. 
^«A5 keberzeey Leaping, running. 
La* kcbl. Gathering together with the hand. 
^aJ keba, Rolling itself (a hedge-hog). 
^«A» k^haseVy Great in fame or size, 
j^AJf kebasee, Large-footed. ,.5:.,r.v 

SfclxA* kebalet. Distance of heels, a fitm stej). 
^_, Ua5 kebkhl. Roaring vehemently (a lion).^ 
t_JuS kebkebi The belly, a species of sea-shelL 
^Aj /^e6d/, Having the toes turned inward;. 

L 504 ] 

^ihel. Power, a side, 
XXas kehelety A spindle. [traction, 

jsisij^ keLenJer, Large^bellied. ^x» Itehoo, Con- 
£ ^^ kohooh, Mean. ^ ^xi" kehoar. Depressed, hal- 
^yjja hehool. Consenting, approbation* [low# 
*A3 hohbeh, A vault, an arch. 
u^A>' kehees, Entering quickly. 
jjiAAs kebee%. Taking quickly, hasty. 
^]» kebe^l. Capable, a midwife. 
^Axi* k^i^^eelh, A little before, 
fJU>3' keb&elehj Family, wife, &g. 
CiiS Ae//, Detraction, slander^ lying, 
lii* ketan. Serving welL 
t;jlA» ietthii Tale-bearer. [aloes, 

J Ui* kotar, Perfume, the qdour of wood of 
i\x$ kethlf Engagement, combat. [meat, 

m Ui" ketam, Black. Xi Uj> ketanet. Having little 
w-*;:i' ^eM, An ass' pack-saddle, a small sad» 

die for a camel's bunch, the bowels, ^ 
ipu* k^ed, The timber of a saddle. 
y3 keter, Dust, half-starving, the flavour of 
^ jjj ketred. Having many sheep. [victuals. . 

'«X» kda, A wood-louse or worm* 
aaX;;^ ketektety Detraction, whispering*, 
^ ketl. Murder, slaughter, death, 
i^a? keielk, Plur. of JJ3' kdL 

[ 505 ] 

1 VOLaS Jtefelg^h, A place of execution, 
f^ ketlee, ISIeriting death, a murderer. 
X«;s* lothief, Of a reddish dusty colour. 
Ci, f'J3 ketootf A spy, a scout, a listener, a tale- 
jy<i ketooT, Covetous^ niggardly. [bearer. 
^y9 kofiva. Base, abject, ^^x* ketool, Sangui- 
^yS kotoom, Raising (dust). [nary, 

fj^y^ kotoot?, Becoming dry (musk). 
3ua;:j ketcehct. The bowels, entrails. 
^Ai' ketecr. Hoarseness, y^ keteel, Killed, mur- 
i^'i kess, Tearing out. [dered. 

dL, Uli* kosh,s, Household furniture. 
* Ixi" kesani, A female hyena, a maid -servant. 
•Si* kosa, A cornet, a trumpet. 
^ kesoo. Chewing. ^^ teit^a/^, • Stuttering. 

^^jy kechek, A kind of musical instrument. 
[/ kechely A magpie. g\i" ^o^^. Brutal (man,) 
..__>L=svi' kohah, Coughing, [certain, real, true* 
- Ls\S kohah, The purest. cJ l;s^S kehhf, Drink- 
4»_<»saj kchcb. Aged, coughing. [ing much. 

^ kehbeh, A whore, a courtezan. 

^^i=^ ^eter,Throw ing away, i »xj^ kdiedet, A ca- 

yss^ kehr, Decrepid (old man), [rael's bunch. 

vacsi* kehe%, Jumping, leaping. 

iys:<S kehzd, Causing to fall. 


[ 5o6 ] 


t\ ys\i fcehezeleff A staff. Viyssi hahzenet, A 
Ls:vj; kehft Barrenness,* hunger. [club. 

cjLs^jf ^ehf. The skulk fman). 

^s^ kehloT ^^3 Z't^/?///, Shrivelled, decrepid (old 
'iyl=s^ hehlezet. Going the pace of a dwarf. 
Zi^^s^ kehwa7itCaimomi\t, jy^ss kohoozy Failing 
iysxi hohooly Dry. [down as dead. 

^ysss3 kehoom, Decrepid, shrivelled (old man). 
^ss3 hekhoUf Corrupted internally. 
4>J ked. Stature, abridging (speech,) body. 
»!jsj» kedaf, Wei I -flavoured (meat), 
^IjJ kedahf A iire-steel, a tinder-box. 
ij*s>-\^ kedkhes. Ill-disposed, a lion, a strong 
i ^ Jvi' kedad. Authority. [man. 

^ \ jsi' kedx^. The mass^ the bread of the eu- 
c_iiJo kodhf, A dish. [charist. 

^ losi" keddcim, A commander, prince. 
3U!jsi- kedctmet, Eternal, ancient, preceding. 
^-ol4xi' k&dkmeCy Plur. of j».jAi* kedeem. 
*e* *x5 k^dhet, Upbraid. ^' 1^ J: kedehkaft A cup- 
|[«^^' kedhemef, Elucidation. [bearer. 

jC>3 keder, Quantity, destiny, providence; 

, kidcr. Worth, dignity, office. 
ijdS kodret, Power, authority, force, virtue. 

A l± , y ^ 3 k^der-shefiks, Acquainted with 
the value or quality. 

[ ^07 ] 

^ d3 ^edctt A large vessel with two handles ; 

fiodos. Pure, holy, paradise. 
^^i leda, Being near, prohibiting, diverting. 
6j^* ^e^</i Exhausting the water (of a well). 
^ *N> kcdem, A foot, a footstep, merit. 
U sS kodeina, Plur, of *j jo Redeem. 
3U J<» kedemetf The step of a ladder or stair- 
t fc* /? kedemgah, A necessary. [case, 

^^-•oof kodmoos, Antique, ancient. 
»A^ js5 kedemeyet. Pre- excellence, nobility. 
*^ja kedoo. Propinquity. 
S_5j^i' kedwet. An example, a man of renown. 
^^jvS kcdohy A fly. ^ ^i>skedoodt Plur. of oJ 
^^j^i' ki'door, Being able. 
^_5 j^i* kedoos. Holy, pure, blessed. 
^_5A> kedooa, Making obedient to the w^ord 
-^jsj> kedoom, Courageous. [of command. 
^ ^y^ kedoomeyet^ A present from a prince to 

any person that approaches him. 
tf 3O0 kodooi, Rectitude. ^«xi* kedeeh, Broth. 
iSjsS kf^deed, Dried, shrunk. ■ [old. 

yid^'i kedeer, Powerful. *j j^S kedeem, Ancient, 
oJ> kczz, Striking on the back of the head. 
1 j3 ke%a, A chip, mote, straw. 
d 1 00 kezzaf, A pair ot great scales. 
^ I j3 kezamel, Wide, broad, large. 

[ 508 ] 

f ^ kottet, A feather, the wing of an arrow. 
J j3 ho%er, Impure, dirty. 2 j ovi* kozeret, Un- 
cJ^j^j; kozrooft Vice, [sullied (man).. 

gAJf ^e%f7, Turpitude, impurity. ["puleiit, 

^jo hi%Mt Worthless. J.*c <xi" kothmel, Cor- 
cJ JoV ^d«<e/] Impeachment, vomiting; -^~- 

ho%tf. Desire, love, 
** kdzfit* A battlement. ^^^3 kail, Injus- 
^ Jo kdtem, A present. [tice. 

^3^jv» kozmooTt A silver table. 
j^CKs ki^'^oor, A woman abhorring all impu- 
ci^^" ke%oofy Far distant (dwelling).' [rity. 
^ jjp kexeCt Chip, straw, swimming on wa- 
ter, or paining the eye. 
i_ «. ^ kezeef. Very remote, a cloud, 
^ .^dr, An ape, baboon ; a kerr^ Coldness. 
\j9 kerb,. Gathering together; keraa, Perus- 
ifi\yi karaaf, Reading justly. [ing. 

. _, \jS kerhh. Any business nearly accomplish- 
%j^y» kerhief. Affinity, alliance. fed. 

^ I J> kerkbehy A large flaggon or vessel with 

two handles. 
A \'i korad, A tike, an animal infesting cattle. 
j\jS k^rhrf Firmness, determination. 
%j\ Ji kerhret. Short- footed sheep. 
^j^^ kerb^ree, A taylor, a butcher. 

[ i>09 J 


SLa.* \ /s ierhnpyet. Robust, thick. 
l*a\jS kcrasct, Reviling. 
^\^ kerh%. Repaying, borrowing, debt. 
%»i>\y hoib,%et, A fragment (of gold), 
)o\ ^ her^ty The snuff of a candle or lamp- 
^^ herra^ Hard, firm. [match. 

'i^\ j9 herrh-at. Scarcity of pasture, podex. 
f}'^ i/ herhghoosh, A demon. 
i^\/9 kerhfy Slaining one's self with vice, 
j9^ /i korcikcr. Melodious. ^\ yi krhl, A king, 
^1 Jf kdfciw, A coloured garment. 
(^^/i ko/an, Reading, the Alcoran. 
ty 1^* kcraficj/a, A kind of tree. [An old ox. 
^^\j9 kerhwol, A watchman, i-,J>\ yi kcruhel, 
y-A j> kof/>, J^eighbourbood, kindred. 
^.y^^y9 kerhhUy A vessel nearly full, 
t^y'i kcrhet, A large leather water- bag. 
^/a k'->i^><'j\A ware-house, ^^* kerb(,z,h. cheat. 
c-.VV^> ke.rhek, A green- stall or shop 
J 3 kerbeh, A water-bottle, j jfjrc^/^^, AfH- 
'i jS keret. The pestilence, [nity, 

^Ijy kertkn. Evening and morning. 
i>*i' i* kortol. Receiving bad nutriment. 
li^* kersh. Fruitful (a palm-tree), 
«S /i kersa, Foolish (woman), [of yellow bird, 
^ yi kersel^ Bad, a dwarf. ^ ^ kerjeh, A kind 


[ £10 ] 

^y kereJ}, Ulcerous. 

& y? keredy Corrupted, small (teeth). 

i^^y^s Jiordhth Plur. of ^ ^^' korad, 

%^ ^9 kerdeff A she- ape. [mel-louse, a fowl. 

^A ^ kordeh, A striped cloth. ^ ^ yskerda,A ca- 

tA^^9 kerda-af, The neck. 

i*j^ ) / keredmhn, Salted, 

^^i^' kordooh, K large sheep-louse. 

^^^ yi kordooa, A small ant. [tains. 

3U_5 i ^S kordoo-at, A narrow path thro' moun- 

vj~ys kororety That which adheres to the bot- 

^'jji ^or^zjo^, A female garment, [torn of a pot, 

*^jy kerzehlef, An amulet hung round a 

child's neck, 
l^jjif korzoom, A round shoe- maker's table, 
(js^i* keresh, Gaining, splitting, 
- li J» kersham, A large tike. 
■«^^9 kersheh, Aged, old. 
«-s^' hershtty A whi'te eruption on the body. 
Xj»«>^ji!r^^s^-a^, Writing in close lines. 
l^\i Js kerzaby A robber, a lion. 
j\.i^tajS kerezdhr. In debt .k» ^' kcrit, A leek. 
u^\hyi kertas^ Paper; ^ir /as, A beautiful fine 

made girl. 
\^ yi horteh, Having a pain at heart, [a rag. 
i^js kertes, Paper, i^xhyi keitabel, A little, 


[ Ml ] 


j^xl9>S hrfhn, Foolish. 

uils-s k'rfeh, A kind of garment. 

XXls^i* kc-rlellet. An ass's burden. 

^\o /i kertom, Bastard safFron. Jb ^ hortehi 

tiAlflji" kerteef, ^Misfortune, [Sewing. 

X^ Uji kerhmet, Of full growth (a palm-tree). 

^c yi Jierabel, A species of animalcule, broad, 

jb-i* y^er-a^, Courage, [short, and thick. 

yc ^ keraws,Y{viymg a double bunch (a camel). 

$5 k^refy Happening, being near; — «• 
k'^rifi Un barking, accusing, 
Xtii J kereftet. Going with short steps, [mon, 
i 3 kerfehy A cap of an animal's skin, cinna^* 
I \:j^ kerkj A sound made by a fowl. 
jUf^* kerkar, Braying in a clear voice (a ca» 

mel,) thundering. 
^ j'i korkob. The belly, a little bird. 
Xxi'^i" korkobbety A hunting-dog. 
^ jS kcrker, A woman's shift, soft ground. 
S^i'^i* ker^erei, Cooing (as a dove,) rumbling 

(the belly). 
yjjS ^3 kerki'reer. The cooing of a dove. 
y*J»^* kerkea, A species of small gnat. 
1^3 yi ktirkef. Wine. [ing (a camel). 

USSyi karh'fef. Rumbling (the belly,) bray- 
ji j* kerkel, A woman's shift. 

[ fil9 1 

J yf ^5 korJ[oor, A large ship. 

jj*.y»^*^or^oo5, Fat, hard. [dove*s nest. 

(jo^iijS kerk'os, A whelp. ^j^U^i* kermhs, A 

3u^ kormet,k mark, stain, an orbicular cal- 
losity on a camel's breast. 

iyi^f kermeshf A crowd. 

^y^jji kermoodj A mountain. 

o^tt^^a kermeedy A roof or gutter tile. 

tJtf^jS kermeesh, A multitude. 

(j_>^' ^<;/vi. The sun, close eye-brows, a com- 
panion, a space of 80 years. 

Ijyj korenh, Plur. of ^^^ ^' >J"tfrw. 

jj- 'J V kernels, A part of a mountain projecting. 

«>j j* kerneht A mouse. 

juixj 5 k^^ronhezet. Short-bodied. 

^ x kerenheCy A kind of large beetle. 

X3 w hornet, A horn, the prominent part of the 

)^} kerenjoory Numbering, [belly. 

Ju*j J ^crwe^e/. Keeping (any thing) for one's 

own use, flying (a cock). 
^5 J» kernee. Having joined eye-brows. 
^ •» ksroo, A garment of skin, a wooden-dish. 
I^j; ^c;r^^;^, Having a long bunch a she-camel. 
^^ j- kertcah. Long-legged. 

.J 1^^ kerwhnee, Burst, split. 


^ X koroof, Assuming a livid appearaticftf 
(the skin from a blaw,) changing cdloqfv 
g,yj3 Jttrooh, Pregnant, ^^jji /tor ood, ?l\jr. of 
j^j$ heroor. Cold water. [^jsketed* 

^,^9 kerweshg A coJlection front all quarters* 
jf^ ^/ herooshej. An elk, a goat- hart, 
h^jfheroot, Plur. of Jb^* ieret^ 
^^U^^' keroomhn, An under- garment; 
' 5 'i keroon. The soul, the body. 
^^/» ^^^^f^&-* A villager. »^' ^dre^^ Black** 
t> s kerhhy Dirty (woman). [nes$« 

i«^^ 5 hcrhe^-, An old ox. 
Out J korhod, Tender, soft, [time). 

t^jjS kereely Neighbouring (place,) near (the 
s J^ >• k<ii^^'Sti Nest of ants, a city. ^ j.* kereeh,. 
l^sxjjSkcreehef, Disposition, [Ulcerated, 

jj" kereer, Having the eye charmed with thef 

sight of a beloved object. 
i ^ ,i' k^Herety Cheerful eye. i . .,. -.. 

(^/^ ^eree.«, Cold, jelly offish, colt watfer. 
J^^^} ker^.csheh, A tumour. (j&j>' kereezy A 
«* i" kereea, Election, a camel stallion, [verse* 
X'j^ keriaty The roof, slow of conception, (a 
i'i\P ^'oree^# A work -house. (she-camel). 
J j" k^re&nh, -Crim Tartary, having a loii^inj, 
'- desire for a mistress or friend. 


Vj ^ iereerief. Conjecture, a female- friend. 
^•^ ki^yeh, A viUage. jS ker.%. Jumping, ab- 
jly nHh%, A large dragon. [staining^ 

^^ ^ ^fd'^kend, A coat, of mail. 
^^y icz^m, Mean, base. 4-/vi" kezelfj Strong* 

/<;/^ ^^'z/r^Wde, Brass coin. ^ . .. 


^y keth. The rainbow. «JL=*y iezhelet, A bow, 

^. ay kcxdecr, A starling. 

jy? keze%. Elegant, polite. 

^y A'rza, Small camel, thin cloud. fpJo* 

^y kezel. Staggering. J p kezeleh, A mag- 

^y kezem, Small-bodied. 

3-#y kt'%nie1y Short-bodied, abject. 

iJUyoy kexmecle:. Penis, .y ^^?oo, Argry. 

i5y ^t?:^^, A surname. ^{/^ k'mheel, K black- 

^j^p kizeev. Silken. [berry bramble. 

. j3 kes, Sadness; a, kess. Backbiting. 

Uj; kesii, Monty coined of hard and bad silver, 

Xb. Ui kesh^^et, Hard. - Ui ke>b,m, A bestow er, 

S.4 UJ kesimet. One who laps or folds up 

XLJl*MJ* hesaneenety Hardness. [cloth. 

S^l*JJ kesatvet. Sorrow, affliction, 

t,*^ /J-^*/', Hard, a dry dsite. j^X^ keslend, A 

ci-*.S ^e^/, A pension. [belt. 

[ 5)5 ] 

J^ kessety A small village. 

ff^^S ksseh, 1^'dvd.; kheh. Lust. Spelling, 

4p,.s\^" keshobhy Corpulent. ^^ kesr. Com- 

IxnJJ ^t'*/, Justice. J lk«J» kosthr, A banker. 

ij,.lla»^ji A. p. hosths, A pair of scales, a balance. 

3elt*j; kestkt, A curtain before a door- way. 

jUa^Jf kostel. The leg. ^.k^* kostol, A castle, 

^ta;k»«i» kosten/een, Constantine« [dust» 

tgJimS kftskif'h. Large, thick, 

ijJuJ; hhk'is, A rod, a staff. ^^'>*^^^«^^ 

JL.1»J>' keskesetf Singing loud, moving, 

\JL.9 kes^etiy The crupper of a horse, -^ 

4jma5LwJ» kt-'akees. An expeditious journey, 

jM«i» keswy An oath; beauty. ' ' -^-^' 

JUv--i' kesewet. The fUce, a division. 

J«^.mS kesmel, A lion's whelp. 

c^^«J» ktistvehl'y Strong, stout. [Unjust. 

ijHy^ kesoos. Ivy, a she-carnal: t.'j ^ ...v kesoof, 

^y^ kesawee, Belonging to a bow. " ;- 

^^ kesee, Hard, coin of bad silver. ''" 

Vft**»5 keaeeb, Sound of flowing water. 

*jum5 keseem. Beautiful. Scva^' k^seemet, A per- 

^ y£i* ^^«^, Of the same kind. [fume-box. 

\js3 keshh. Spittle, t, Lii' keshkhet, Clean, white. 

^ L£i> koskhber, Thick and lon^ beard, [comb. 

> Lkj> keshah, A hyena, b^ l^* kesh^deh, A curry* 

I ii6 J 

I«U;S iosU-at, Spittle. r^i 

^ US hsU-nr, Trembling with horror. 

•g^S hsheh, Venom, an ignorant man. 
j\^> icihfhr, Having a long btard. 

$fi^ keshle*. Base, despicable. 
yts ieshUr, The refuse of wool. 

JLijf hahshet, A young gid, an ape. 

EjiJ? heMet, '1 he sediment of butter.' 
^ kesher. Red. i^^ij? keshrit. Very red, 
1^ keshret. Any covering, a shell. 
L^i ^c^aM Consenting. ^' ,te*K Inconstant, 
l^K^kesaret, Short. (prostrating, 

tf^ l-« ^tfAdree, The end, strong desire. 
^•^ j-m)*, The law of retaliation. 
JUl^a* k'sfi-aft Growing slowly (a boy). ' 
ooSl^' keshkes. Big-bodied, large camel. 
UUaif kes let. The bride s bed-chamber.- , 
V^ id^Z', Interrupting, reproaching ; M, 
U-ii ^ .r^i, A reed-bed. [A pen. a reed. 

JUam keseUt, A town, city. 
^^» he SI ieey A piece of cloth. 
o^aS to<*r/, Resolution, view, conspirac}^ v^^. 
5a*« kisd % A fragment. (becoming dsrk.^ 
^ hser. Being near, beginning (the evening,)j 
1^ ki-serk, riur. of ^5 ktseer^ [shorn wooU, 
oo^iJ /we*, following, narrating; kkes^^^ctch,] 

{ m 1 

yinjdS A. P. ^estel, A fortiification, a castle, (tu8t» 
^'i kesa; A rnfll,'chievririg thfe 'cuid, bithig* 
Xiuajf hes-aty A plate, a bex, 
c_r^' te'r/', Split (ispear) . ' -- 

udUi^^Ai'feMs, Hurtful, mischievous (serpent),' 
(jatj^ ^e^'k(^S) Thick and short. ^^^ 

^foS kesel, Cutting green corn as food for hor? 
ji ^A35 ?teslhw, Splittingi cutting. [ses. 

LSAAi hsh)l\ "Strongs, stout, liifrdy;'V:^^'*^ "-^^-^ 
*i>«i3 i^^A/c'/, A herdof cam els'/'*''' ^■•'-' ' 
j».4»flS Icescmi Hetii'triin^ to a place. 
X<w^j^<^."j';/ef/ A fragment. ''^^ 'kchGb, Con-* 
i^AA5 fo^^'7. The end. - ^''-'"''^ ::i'i!i>t-) [quering, 
j^^* kcsoor, A default, error- 'Sim 
tf^Aaa ioiiwee, Far> distant. iua5^?W/?, An his* 
Uaos kesyciy An extremity. T^^ory, business.; 
iSfj^i kested^, A poem, marrow. ' ' {barren* • 
8 .xaa^v keseeddy A poem. ^AAa'; ^e'^^^r, Defective, 
tf .AAoi' tee;er^r,'The Idv/ieSt ri-b of th^ •breastl; 
ijkJay'kesetiSy The plqicie 'in t!i0 brfc^s): wlj^p^. 
^ -thehairs grow/"-'^^^'''!'^^^ '^'''^ n) ^^^^»' 
Clifla* kehefl Thrustmg, impatient of hnngejv-^ 
^Kj^^^e's^ei; Green cotn cut for^horses*" 
^ja?' k^zz, 'Small gravel, [parture, appointing, • 
Iks5 kcz:i, Consuming ; kez%ct. Corrupted, de>) 
i l/oJT i{'cj;.i/, Yice, stain;- gl^iJ ^j-egf^^rf, J>is%j 

I 4i8 3 


y2>S\jaS ie^ctkeT, Tearing his prey (a Hdn)* 

l^Uc3 kiz yh, Plur. of UjoS kt^^eyeti 

La^ hezsby Splitting, cutting* 

|Usi» iezef, A species of herb. 

^j&^ A";Zf^2, Breaking in piecefe, cutting; 

*^* >J-c'«a, Subduing, ^x^j kez-^am, An ola mam 

tJl^Ai* ke%ef. Slender; i^" kt'zeWi Broken. 

>^aj» i^<?2Jc'6%Rottin <. *--u>ai' kjzeeb, A branch, a rod; 

SU^ kckeyefi A lake, substance, fact, a decla^ 
i-atiorl, narrative, death. 

jlHi^is kfii^efiii An old broken edged sword, bar- 

ki' ket, Only, at least; [ley given to horses; 

Hfti" /.eidii Going with slow steps* a bird rcsema 
blirig pigeonSi 

UUaS keth,ij. Collecting, mixing wine. 

glki* Kithji The cable of a ship. 

j^Uaif ketaVy A string of horses, eamels> &lE» 
following one another. 

\jsj WjS ketkree, A black serpen h 

gLki* kela-a, Fljin^ from a cold to a liot cli- 
mate (a bird of passage), [any fragment. 

XftUajf k^icL-at, Abashedj a part; a niouthfuU 

Itsii tu> kettkf, A vine-dresser ; ^/7^/j 'i be slow: 

ilki* ^etcily A soldier, [short steps of a horsCi 

ilk* ketkm, A kind of hawk, . ... . 

i^g^ A«7(i«, The frame of a camel hit«l?i . . 

lilLS hefhnet, A kettle, a pdh . 

t^lki* hcthyefy Plun of U^s kitieejet, 

>■ ^ — T-- - ketih\, Following, ciittingi filling \ 

kotb, A commander, a prince* 
UtS Aot/ct, Frowning brov^i fturnSi 

i^tas kotbety The iron axle* round which a w heel 
^'aV h<ifj, A ropefordrawing water fro:h a well. 
^}a» kcfer, • Dt-oppi ngi dropsy rain ; kotor, Th^ 

Wdod of aloes. ; ,j. .Ji^..^. .,.. .-^ 
Ijj^J^ k^terkuy Difetiliihg, the di^oppirig of 
4»>j>lai" kotroh, The wolf;. [waten 

j>^,Ia3 ketrehoos, A strong shei-tathel, a scor** 

L S riai' One drop. fpion» 

^'c ^* kcterghxttiy An eleetiiafy for all frigid 

I SjW^d^/'f'^e^ A kind of striped cloth, [diseases* 

I lakif ;|^d/e/i Curling much, having hair in many 
UlaS ^dfa-id,Byno meanSi in Aoshap^. [Hnglets. 
Xalai" ;h;^ti/> A division, a part, [with the fingers* 
\jLWi ketefy A kind of herb; kdif. Scratching 

I LiLi* ^d/^e/, Vi^ry small rain, 3^5 Ze/7, Gutting. 
i^W^ k:tleh, A wild strawberry, [eating flesh* 
J^ keie^ii, Biting, having a strong desire fo^ 
QjiaS keten, Curvature; k oi on, Co\,ton\ 
SalaS* keienef* A pomegranate. 
l^tiJ kotoneytify Pulse, grain. [slow step^ 

^ >i"<}to> Going with a sliGrt sprighUy but 

t 020 j 

if^hji ketool, Knitting the brotv's, frowning » 
J ^ki' koioor; .W[*i lining, dropping, '{liookiiigjsternu 
^^' i-e^oof* ;P]ur, of .Iflif ^e^t • i c_f-pajsj£J.n^ 
c ^Li' ^e/o«, Prescrib^ed, infestiag (tb^ road,) 
cjj^i" fietoof, Going slowly (a horse,) scratch-^ 
\Ay^i> ^(??oow. Dwelling, servings ' . i .. \[ing. 
♦j^aLS il'e^^ee/'.. Mixed (wine). 
t^fALii' koteycu, A species of date, dissention. 
'isiAz'i heii-at, Impost, a portion of laad. 
txAii ^</^f^^^,L" Velvet, 'satin, a carpet. tJ. ?/.^ 
j^la* - keieen , PI u r . of ^^is kh. ten» \ "i^^ <^. 

*ji Iti)^ Great bitte;;nes& / [at the point, 

bs$ hoL'ht Having a prominent noge turned up 
c4»ljt5 JtO-aAj A disease oki a- sheep's hose.' -^ 
A Ui ki hd, A spouscy a diseaseon ^ carael's leg, 
l?j Uj^^i-airef, Profound. i> Ui'^o-^^s, ,A kind of 
v^ is'i kq~hsheh» I>ohg. [:sheep'*s disease. 

^jdlxi" kk^aSy A |iah, a sheep's disteniper- :J*^ 
JsUi* ^«2'«^, A jdriyer of cattle. A .V*>bl ^ ;^ 
|Vv<«* A'flrdw, Prominence of the nosCu oi ••u.>.. ! 
JUsS kaf^et* A. little box. '. .'vS v. v:.' 

^;A^'- kh'heree. Bad, avaricious. 
y^9 kabel, k n\i\k disk s^:** kaUrety Destroy- 
i^kxi.kaseh. Plenty,, abundance. [il^gi 

»JLJ:jt5 ,l^a-*«/e/, A. weak, straddling pace. .;. >: 
ixjii- ka-^4, Weakness in a camel's tott. -^ ; . ^ 

[ sat J 

^ A« ia-dee. Unable, infirm, maimed* 

M kar, k gulph, d tdvrn, irivesti gating, de* 

vouring alLnp, eating to the bottorai- 
ILm ka-retef, Demolition of a structure, 
ij^s kas, A protuberance of breast, and a con* 
^15 kaser, Fat and strong camel [cavity of back* 
ifiM kashf A collection. « ■i^ ' / V- . > -,^ 
tjjis^ ka-sheUt, The sudd^ii^i^fiirf&fa'^i^rffied 
oaw kasy Sudden death," j i •* '^ - fperson. 

*>Ajc5 ka-sem, Worn but, 'tfifdtmess,' 
jjoM ka%f Curved. L.„ax5 ka-zeby Stout, thicki 
kw /S'a/, Furious, binding hard, clangour. . ^ 
^aLiw ^Wt'^'d^', Expeditious journey. ^.'^ '^''^.%. 
LJix3 A'fl/, Destroying, exhausting; being swift. 
eUUi* ka-khf-'O, Trembling fevel-, painful; 
JLixi' kakebet, A wound, ^s ko-ko, A magpiej 
^'i kal, Short- bodied, a 'trtiser.-^ tV.^l^vX Ui 
A.M yj-aw>, The mewing bf a cat.' '^^f^ J^ ^ 
Scnjo kd-tnetf The bhrtice part trf one's estate, 
yc^coci* JiO'tnoos, WhateVet is' contained in the 

Xis^.^xi" ka-viobieti K ball of dung rolled up by 
^_j.xi* j-aw, 'A Urge dish, short-nosed. 
c-_a1x3 ka-nelh Strong, a male-fox, a lion. ' ?. 
^w ^az/^, The two cheeks of a pulley either of 
wood or iron. ^^ 

[ 522 J 

Jyul hct^wer. Profound, deep. 

i/i^M k:i', Corpulent (a camel). 

Vft— 3tS ka-yh, A .great number. 

kZ>*sS ha-ySy Much rain, a great torrent. 

i3u«s ka-yd. Following, a locust without wings, 

S^xj? ka-ydet, A heap of sand, a wife. 
^A*5 ^flr-3/r, Deep. 

^^ kef, A pimple, a swelling; a. kfff, A 

,; crowd, a rugged hill, the hole m a hatchet 

for fixing it to the handle. 
'^liS kofakhf A beautiful woman. 

; ) ^ ti^ hi^jcidhx. Defender, protector. 

cIm hofk-a, A distemper on sheep's legs, 

C-i lis ^^/a/» P^^r. of c-i,,v ^0^'. [lection, a troops 

^Ui* ktffal, A locksmith, ^^xis kcffan, Kcq\- 

V^lii* kofawety Agreeably chosen. 

XiS koffet. Feeble (man,) a mouse, a decrepid 

old man, the trembling of an ague. 
^ Uajj kejiarif A robe of honour which eastern 

princes present to ambassadors, &c. 
^ii' kefckhj Striking. [the human foot. 

«>i* j^^g^> Completing, an. oblique position of 
^^ 1 jjuf A. p. kffdiin, A sheath, a leather-box. 
jiNii" k&fdeVj Ugly» out of form. 
ji5 ;lf<?/?r, Lean (a woman,) a wolf. 
^- ^e/?j«, Leaping, dying. 

^..^ hefes, Abird's cage, a lattice ; a. hefts. 
Having a long nose, seizing by the hair. 
^A-iiS kefsheleel, A ladle. 
(jak'ikefes, Of net work, [(an ear,) a pent-house. 
^^e/*a,Shri veiled or singed from top to bottom 
I jio kefa-ti. Having the fingers bent down- 
wards, a pent-house. 
Jwi» hef-at, A basket, a sack of hair-cloth, &c. 
d Jouf hefeded, Short-bodied. 
c-ixwJ krfkef. The jaw or beard of a camel* 
liX'x'i kf'fkefef. Trembling with cold. 
^.jSi* kefk, A young bear, a fox. 
^M» kofl, A lock, a bolt, a bar. 
*XiS kejlet. The hind head, the back part or 
1^ ^o ^ey?w. Beating, fighting, [nape of the neck, 
OoJS kefenned, A huge head. [hard head. 

^ »x;ii* k&fender, A species of herb, having a 
yuf A-g/oo, Preferring, accusing. 
jyii* kefoor, Plur. of ji5 ^<;/?r. [fear (hair). 
cJyLs kofoofy Wrinkled, standing on end from 
iyuf kojooly Return from a journey. 
fjj^ kofoon. Lapping (as a dog,) dying. 
^ kefee, Slaughtering, 
li\iji kefeekhet, Dates dressed with fat, 
^'jjf^ ke fee zee, A little leap, a boy's game. 
LSS hefeef^ Shrivelling. 

yjs ktfeef; A scourge. 

J Lg* kninoa. A kind of dinging bird. 

J? keieh, Ty I for sbame ! 

Ji ^eil or io//, A small quantity, diminishing. 

5^ W/^, A frving-pan-makcr, one that fries. 

c_* yj i^e'/d/*, A disease on a camel's heart, a wolf. 

CL.i>^ JtMi, Plur. of X3J iciet. 

i^y^ kcIhJct, A collar, chain or necklace. 

^ ys kcllhs, Selling hair. ^Jc^ U> kehteuk, A 
^VLS kei/dsh. Little, short. [sling, a ball. 

jLi i»i >tt7ds/<e/, Sraallncss. ^joy^kalas, Plur. of 
^y^ kelii-ay Plur. of^j /{-e/a. [i>»>J^ 

«£ ^ kela^at, The sail of a ship, a stone or 

.4 Jball thrown hy a sling* 
liy» kdhfei, The art of caulking a ship^^^ 
iji ^ kolak. The ear. [of ^ 

^ ivj kolal. Little, deficient;. ^. b^j; id/iw, Plur. 
?-• ^' kUkwett A nail -paring. , 

^^^5 kell'.A lie, rude, bad money ; a. kelf',The 
heart, the soul, understanding, the kernel. 
UJ keiOdn, Heartily. .1 .• 

%A3 kefde/, Sorrow, melancholy, pain. 

kCJi kelheght The center of an army, the fieart. 

iXJ5 l"e/e^/<»^ft€«, Sound, shoutingi [hearty, 

JS kMch, A ]^\ough. ^ kclLee, Cordial, 

[ 525 ] 

iXS Jtelef, Destroying, death* 
g\\j keleh, Having dirty yellow teeth. 
y-l;*\)ij helhtiSt Ugly. y-^Vi kelhexz, A vain 
l\s=\)3 keUiexef, A dwarfs pace. [boaster. 
f^s^ys ielhem, Decrepid. ^y^)S kolhoom,T.'drge- 
^vXi* k^iekh, Braying (a camel). [bodied. 

^.ssS'a Iie/kfiom, A large camel, [within another. 
oJLi" keled, Twisting a rope, folding one thing 
^■^9 kek%y The tike or sheep-louse. 
• U Mezy Trying down, nimble, assaulting. 
Su \.xj' kehemety Swallowing. [a vomit, 

yjii' kels. Spilling from an overflowing cup> 
*1S kela, Sail, a shepherd's bag, a castle. 
AjtXi' kcl-at, A castle, a fort. 
^*Xi* kd-arriy An old woman ; kel-amw, A decre- 
M3 k^Jf<if^> A sub- preceptor, [pid old man. 
t^\\3 kelek. Tottering, commotion. 
JliiJL* k^khh Violent motion or agitation. 
umjJsXU* kelkedees, Shoemaker's black, vitriol, 
jlLiXi" ^o/^o/ar. Yellow vitriol. [of bird. 

JJiXi" kelkely A kind of pomegranate, a species 
^^^ikiXi' kolkolan, A wild pomegranate, a kind 
jiXi' kdkee.y A kind of bird. [of plant. 

JXV We/, Scattered people assembling together. 
jLi" kelemy A penknife, a character, an en- 
graving tool, a pen, a reed. 


[ 526 ] 


^^Jj^^ [^J3 lelmaser?^, A sling', a ball, a slin|X* 
jji ItfJS' kolmash, A slothful man. [sloiie, 

^ & I /'L^ hele^nterash, A penknife, 

ijf^^^ liclewjek, A small pen, tv\ig. 
^ I >-,JJ> Jtdemdhn, A pen-case, 
j.NtfvJi'f kelemder, A young tree. fpire. 

^y-r^ Tielemroo, A country, jurisdiction, ein- 
liye^ kelemmczef, A female dwarf. 
ij^fA'i hekr}}vieSj An intelligent, generous man. 
J !i^5> helenikar, An engraver, 
t^ ^.»-A)> kehnoneyht The resin of the pine-tree. 
»^*gjJLi* kelensmvet, A mitre, high cap. 
^' keloo. Trying, a large club. [tard. 

ooy)3 heloosy A young she-camel, a young bus- 
Jyj kcloolehy A yarn-wheel or reel, a clew, 
J^^y'i kelawleej A birdsoaringinflight. [a globe. 
J3 keleh, The top of a mountain, a tou er, a 
c^^XS kelheh. Dull, thick, corpulent, [castle. 
-j^^JLi* kehhdem, Nimble, swift, the great sea. 
- <x^>' kdehtem, A short- bodied man vNitha 
'i^^i kelehmet, Swiftness. [large head. 

3u^" kelehnet, A tall man. 
J3 kelee, A kind of soap- ashes, striking on 

the head, cooking in a frying-pan. 
i^r^)3 ktleeh. An old well. x^Xa kt'leijet. Any 
iJLi- kcked, A twisted rope, [thing fried. 

[ B27 I 

p 3^aV5 kdeexem, An overflowing well. 

t_Jl^)J kelcef, A date- basket. J>JL3 keheU Little, 

\*,*.^3lideemeyci\ A kind of white earth, [small. 

iM 4^X*9 kclevan, A worshipper of lire, 

^.sii kelyiht Fried, a kind of earth, flesh, meat 

Ji kd'fh Sweeping, [dressed With any thing. 

IfS kernel, Growing fat. 

-.1^' k^inah, Refusing to drink (camels). 

h^Us k')fnmahef, Dving yellow, saffron. 

,Ui' kemar, Dice, or any game of hazard. 

u«,US komares. Acrid, sour (milk,) a bug. 

cfj.l*j* k^'UCf'sc, A species of wood. 

fj^l^ kotnmcis, A diver. [hold furniture; 

ji l«o kommash, Silk cloth, merchandize, house- 

(joUV kcniis, Dancing, jumping. 

h [c» kemkf,A rope for tying a sheep for slaugh- 

>l.-o komaler, A calamitous day. . [ter.- 

•.i'Us k^ffti^kem, Plur. of if^'i.AJ* kt'fnkemet. 

3L. i^i* komanidt, A multitude, a body of men. 

Xi Ui* keuicinet, A sheep-louse. 

X»5 Z-e////we/,'rhe body, figure, grease, [(a camel). 

^t3 keinh. Millet ; kiiinch, Refusing to drinic 

X.s^4J* kenihct, A mouthful, a handful of wh«^at* 

ji^V kemeJ, Having a long neck ; ^-c'////./, Re- 

i*x^' k^''fi(^^t Long- necked. jecting. 

^s^ kemder, Long. ^ toi.r, The moon» 

[ 528 ] 

\j4^ kemerh. The splendour of the moon. 

w> hemeZf Scraping together. 

k*^»3 komxet, A handful of dates. 

UM*3 kemes, Moving (as a foetus in the belly)* 

ifi^ kemesh. Collecting, gleaning. 

i>a#i» hemes, An insect perpetually swimming 

on the surface of water. 
^♦S kernel, Binding a captive or a sheep for 
li4Jf kemetr, A book-case, a library, [slaughter. 
riM^ kemefreer, A calamitous day. 
K^'i kernel. Throwing down, subjection. 
Ijtjj kema-d,. Having the fistula lachrymalis. 
X**a >5-crn,-a^, The top of a camel's bunch. 
y<^ kom-ol, A large goblet. 
*J ^**i" kom-olet. The cup of a flower, a bud. 
- U»» komkhin, An important affair, a king»a 
*A»> kemkem, Drying, intelligence. [chief. 
^^UjUS kettikeman. Liberal, noble. 
JUJui" kemkemety A jug, a pitcher. 
3^- kemely A large belly, lousy (head). 
„X*5 kemlce, Base, little, short. 
^' kenioo, (Sheep) growing fat. 
j-^<x3 komooh, Wheat, millet, 
«^«s5 ketnoo-a. Having a pimple on the lip. 
^ffS kemeh. Desiring little meat, 
jX^«o kemhcd, ^Mishapen, out of form, base. 

.iA«v» l-ewe^r, An antagonist iitpjayv 

po^ kemeeg, A kindofinn^rgarn^ent. of linen; 

rk^'; ^^T»f6dA Eii-fcir^; whole (year )i^.\v; • 
,^^j^ kemeen, A phinif?ey. fof a rtiessenger. 
^^ /^^«w. Striking with a stick, examination 
Ui* ^cna, A Roman or hawk nose. 
^5^Ui' konhb, A tent-rope or bow-string. 
.tfjjUjf kenaheree, A species of herb, [spear, 
i' Ui* kenhty A §ubterraneous canal, a cane, a 
*ft.Ui' konniihet, A long crooked key. 
^:s. Ua konhkher. Corpulent. 
^3Ui* kofid^zia. Distress, base, sbameful. 
'i^bs kehnaret, A butcher's shop. 
'^^9 kenateer, Phir. of ^tU;* kc^ritar, 
^\'/9 kena-a, A large handkerchief. 
iiV/s kena-at, Oon tine rice; satisfactioh. 
(jm£ l;» kena-as, Large-bodied. 
y<*At Ui' kena-ys, ^lur. of (j^b^i keria-^s* 
^ • .\:'i k(in6.f\ Laf^e- nosed. 
oo Ui* ke7ioJizt Plur. of jsi^i' konfox. 
yUi" kenhfery A dwarf, [a neglected .beard. 
(jiiUS kenkfishy Having an excoriated nose or 
cJUj ktnakt A finger-joint. 
jLii' kenaneey A glass winq-bottle. fveil. 
5 . US* kenOfWet, De^e^t, merit. 4j«x* /i^^o/^^, A large 


I 530 1 

J L^ /fvwA/Vr, Cinnabar. I^^jj? ^omher^, A lark. 

4j«u^a:5 ko'iilHtrt'eit, Sonr milk thickened by 

(j^aIS i''/////o«. A Sfrpent [straining. 

IXao' ki'tiiht'let. A small body of men, a troop 

JUaaI* i""'/'/rv//,Grnntiiiji ot hojis. [of horiieinen* 

, l^ A p k iffl'f*'L A spcciLS of herb. 
V'" ^ 

XH'i h'ritv.1^ A deranter. a flajrgon. 

y:^ kenfcr^ Short -bodied, (when running. 

JUL'::* k'nselufy fltiising the du^t (as a horse, &c,) 

jf^ Jtrtj, Counterfeiting disguising. 

^ss\S hinjol, A s^rvafit, 
j^:sscl Jfcujonr, Having a small head. 
*jsv;5 k 'njch^ Elegant, the cup of a flower. 
js^9 k'uehher. Warlike, having a large mouth 
and nostrils, a substance like stone, but 
^x:9 kentifhfr. An opponent. [softer- 

A jOo> k^'ndt'il. Wine. 
c_3jwi; k**ndrek. An osier twi^. 

\ jSS komfoz, Castor, y^^js kand-al, A fool. 

j^ /^ k'ud'^fter, An old woman. 

yi^9 i"<W/^t'/, Thick, large-headed (camel). 

A.Jci* k'fidtmi. Long-backed (camel). 

^jwii' Icndtiet Made of sugar, 

0^ y^ kauiiaed. Any kind of strong f^rink, wine* 

^ joj> ktnded, A candle, a lamp, &c. 

■[ «31 I 

Z ^ /^ ^vwroo", Storax, or it*s perfume. 
yS kem, A s;n.ill Hi^iijon or wine vessel, 
^9 kenes. The herb elecampane, the crown* 
•^9 hen^er, Worn out, old 
I ^*.j( heruhooret, A woman free from her 
^jeuS kene^, 'I'akin^ by hunting. [menses. 

yi*a^ h'^nS'or, Contracted in the back, 
KS kene.t^ Despairing. J llavi* ^sJ«/ir, A quin- 
Jia3 konfer. Distress, calamity. [tal. 

I^aJ* ktinterety A bridge, ^j^, j^is k^ntereest A 
^9 ketui, Satisfied. [large camel, a mouse. 
»^. Uia kena-hs, Hairy- faced. 
J U:S kena-hr, A large fat wild goat. 
^j^\m kena A?, A man stoat in walking. 
^^^U;jf ken(t-an. Sufficient. 
4,^^vA* ken-alt Gluttonou'', greedy. 
lxJ3 kt'n-af, The top of a mountain. 
tk X'i km atef. Running away in terror. 
tj^ t$ ken met. Having a short neck. 
iyk;3 !.en<Therf.f, A «5pec«e5? of tree. 
ci*i kenef\ A small rhick ear, 
^'^ ki'f/foj, A eorpulent ass. 
^i'i k'ftjt'k\ A calamity, misery, 
yjJi k nifc%, Afi hedge- h)g, an urchin* 
iiiiui* kenfesliet, A species of reptile, with a 
^AJU* kanf^ti, bhoit- bodied, [shrivelled skin. 

I ^32 ] 

i^^ \3ix» kenkal, k shdL [aspeclt, 

^iuS konliay A mous^ ; ionkoat Of a hideous 
^is kenlel, A measure for dry goods. 
^^5 kenketi, A skilful gujde, a field-mouse. 
':^J^ kwkt A ft-uit or herb- worm. 
^^ Jt^fwo, Mixing, f))MkMwith water, very red. 
\y9 kemvh, Iii^xipg ^ hawk nose. , \^. 

j^^^yi konoohi Setting {sun>) a bud. 
,t^y5 ^ewoo/,. to. God^,; ohedience, 
.i^ teoof, :QbtAJnii3;g,',;,c; /^ ,\'n'/\v.-d t%:,, 
3^, ^ .J&ejwoo^*, ..A -lopg-oecjced glass bottle. 
A ^' ieJiood, Presuming in sa} ing or doing any 
J yS heitawwetx '. X^ar^€- headed, ... [thing. 
h y*s. Jionoot, Besp^ir. ^yii* /J-ewocr, Satisfied. , 
*;* konneh, A tourer, ^^^i* hnehiier, TaH« , 
^y/'i' keJice, Obtaining, acquisition* ^ 

^ tsXiJ ^e/rgyo;', ,Cin^ahar> 
^ Uo? i-^wc^yaw, Acquired wealth (in flocks, &c^ 
his keni/ef, Vov,'cr, :for^0, \\gqviX' 
lJuJ3 heneef,. Katir>g little '(a man). 
i^i'i keneei?, The Grecian lyre. . 
lUJJi kenneenet,. K phial, a glass bottle. 
t J V kaich; Uncultivated ground. 
c l^y^<»6'a^ Aliment, nourishment, i ^^tez/a</, A- 
p i^y^ie^^W^/?^,Plur. of ^ A u[rufiian, a cut-throat. 
^^\js kcwhdec, Plur. of 3b a li" kb,deyet, ^^ 

I 533 1 

tj^y9 kotvhref, A slice (cf a melon, &c) 

^/.ip k tbitreh, Plur of ^^is /J-4?e^. 

ij*<^^a?^7r^5, A bow-maker. 

5lit^ koitkshet. The stump of a lopt vine. 

is\^9 kawwht, A shepherd. 

^Ui' iowk'a,(hm.%A\^i) A hare. 

^^\y9 hawb,-ad, Plur, of j^ IS hcu-ad. 

cJt^S katnihf, A shoe- maker, 

f Kjf hnvaniy Justice, equity, a pillar. 

f^>\^9 fraiihneen, Plur. of^^^yis klinoon, 

^\iS kaivd,lm, Plur. of ^\ji kai/snj, 

L>^9 kcfti^ib, Flying f digging, breaking^, ap- 

3b^5 koohet. Remaining at home, [proaching. 

clj ^'i kooty Nourishment, food. 

*j^i* koofef. Short. 

^ ys kaivkff, Corrupted internallj. {back. 

^/s kdivedy Retaliation, having a long neck or 

^^ kaWeVy Purblindness. \j^ kawrk. Large 

,* y koozy Curved. [(house). 

4^1.^5 kaives. Crook-backed. 
U^s kwvsdi, (fem.) Having a crooked back. 

«, /s k^osee, Troublesome. [of stature. 

fj.j3 kiosh, A: word for checking dags^ short 
% y*a ^9 haivserrct, A basket, a woman. 
I9 ,i* knot, A flock of sheep. 
»9 ^ hoQtetf A ^arge date- basket 

[ 534 ] 

m^ ^atva, A piece of plain ground. 
i^^^fS kaw-cin, Mounting (a camel). fcl, 
ly^T ^5 kaiv-an. Thick necked anil stron^-back- 
Ip y ^arrg/th,, Tumult, ^yi ^o/tr/i Folio v\ in^ 
cJT^ ifok» A species of bird, [the footsteps* 
sup k utkit^ Clucking (as a hen). 
^ ^ kawkJ, Tire male partridge. 
^yf koohe. The unicorn-fislu 
^p* kawl, A word, consent, pronouncinp^. 
m^^Sj^ k'jolcif', A hook. [cliolick.' 

^\ yS koolen\ A kiud of disease, having a 
Ji ^ kawhe. Verbal. [a certain person, 

my ifi7/i»w. People, a tribf, family, somewhat, 
JUp kaweinef, Flur. of ^^is kd^yatft, 
$j ^ koonet, A thin plate of brass or iron. 
>^J k'tnjt A kind of beech mast used in tan- 
J^yf /fo w/, Loquacious. ["'"S leather, 

X^ji kjjhfit. Milk beginning to spoil. 
^ y> kjo/iee, A kind of cloth. 
Ifyf ktivja, (fem. Lp) Lust, strong, a ropa, 
f.! p kaiveeuit Justice, equity, straight. 
** ;fc;''> Loud laughter, derision, scorn. 
jl^ kdhiir, Mighty, avenging, a tyrant. 
c-A^* ktilidh, Of a brown colour. 
O^p kehdf A small ox, brown, dark, [nation. 
^ ^dAtf/',ViQ}eace, oppressioii, ^vef ity, iudjg- 

r 535 ] 


J t ^ ^eJieraneh, By force, bj authority, 
i^\i y^ -ichrthari. Amber. 
,.^1* ^ kehcniah, Angry, disturbed. 
'j{s keL%, Cloth made of red wool with a mix- 
s^^^S kehtehy Short-bodied. [ture of silk. 
.♦1 l-tvv^/fo/fe«/aw, A place full of trees, a forest. 
m^j he}^tew^ Timid, base, clamorous. 
« li"^' Icithkhh, Grinning, gnasbing the teeth. 
t_.^- hehkeb, Tall, handsome. [old. 

yi^i hi'hhi'rr^ A hard stone; Ifehkrr, A goat, 
i^X^d kehke%ett High-blooded (she-camel). 
^^3 kehkem. Gluttonous, i^^i* ktil^jhef, Go- 
^^3 ^cV/e/, Ungrateful, inhuman, [ine; hastily. 
5^«v^5 kchemezd, A leap, slow- paced. 
t<^«v^5 kchmezeey Celerity, alacrity. 
I ^^ kefuref. Coffee, wine u-^^* ke/twes, Hand- 
lA^y^9 kthwesef. Quickness, speedy, [some, 
■ ^f^ kohmly Shrivtlling, nasty. 
^A^v kt'hecz, A coarse silk. cijUi k^yhft ^fain- 
Al*i* keyadt A bridle, halter. [tainin^. 

jfilA* keyadet. Leading. 
^LS keyhr, Besmeajred with pitch. 
^j^ Lo kcyhSt An opinion, comparison, measure, 
.«*y Lo keyctsee. Imaginary. X^Ui* keyb^SiVti, 
. J3 ^^' keya%. Summer, heat, [Plur. of ^x" keeser, 
JliLS k^yhfctt Representation, appearance. 


t 536 ] 

^W$ hyah V\vit. of 3^15 khif* 

f\jSJtef/^m, Assistance, dignity, application. 

. ) •Ij keyhwar, A badger, a jackall. 
4.^*3 kech. Quantity, interval. 
j\a^ keethr, A guitar, lyre. Uj3 keefef, Food, 
^4f ^'^eA, Matter, pus. [provision. 

^^i^^ar.j keehvhn,0iic who acts agreeably lo 
" bis own >vill and pleasure. 
^ji ^e/t/. Chain, ligament, compact 
^9 h'er, A kind of pitch or bitumen. 
^^sj<9 kairavm, A body of travellers, a ca- 

u^^j keeroofee, Flaister, cere cloth, [ravan, 
ti keez, A grain mixed with campiiire. 
^^m^'i keesereCj Worn out, large. 
jym*s keesoor, Silver, a stone. 

" -, « 3 kecsooSf A kind of shrub. 

ua,5 kees, A commotion in the belly. 
S3 l4fl>3 keeshnet, A kind of fish. y^jS keeser. An 
'^^9 kcex, Breaking, cracking. [emperor. 

X-io ksexet, A hot stone. ]a*s kciz, Midsum* 
Ijus ky^af, Plain ground. [mer. 

SXx^ ky-alei, A little hill, a hillock. 
-.V* ky-anu A cat, worn out (camel). 
JUaS keefdly'Xhc cephalic vein, [sheep's skin. 
%^isi Jfd(Z, Clucking (a hen.) jyUS^lM 
yi kcti, A baying, a Word. 

[ 537 ] 

^ yl3 keehol, . Sleeping at mid- day. 
%^» keemet, Certain, proper, resurrection. 
(^ keen. Collecting together, composing, a- 
yS kiyooy Vomiting, an emetick. [dapting. 
A^ k^yoody Plur. of j^aV kexd. [Kx* 

j^a} keyoor. Base, mean. ]byS keyoot, Plur. of 
j^*5^('^ao/, Milk drank at mid-day. [nal God. 
^y} keyoomy Durable, lasting, firm, the eter- 
J^Ajf kiiihely An. aspect, face, countenance. 

^ hbf. The twenty-second letter of the 
Arabick alphabet, and the twenty-fifth of 
the Persian. In arithmetick, it expresses 20, 
£j kci Is an inseparable adverb of similitude, 

prefixed to Arabick nouns or particles. 
v_j ^ k^^'f An ox. tj ^ kihety Sad, sorrowful. 
e X' <& khbtereh, Foolish discourse, [minent. 
J ^ kdheVy Great, glorious, y^ ^ khhes. Pro- 
u**y^ k^loosy A bottle, the night-mare, 
„^«^ ^khlook, hr\^&t*^yi^kb,hoolyk hunter's 
^yj^ kilee, Falling prostrate, great. [net. 
.♦^' & kkheeuy Matrimony, 'a marriage por« 
^ K katem. Hiding, [tion or settlement, 

;• ^ k^seVy Many, much. [thick lip. 

jyiS- ^ khseat. Swelling with blood (a gum,) 

^ kdj, A blow, a wild pine-tree. 

I «38 ] 


J^ ^kaclihlf Household furniture, silk cloth. 
^,j(f ^ k^chel\ A cousin, u- nq)bcw by tliQ 
JvjG i^ iachkeeneh, A nia jpie,.[br9ther's side^ 
.^.^ k^jee> Milk potuge, ^'^. i^fi, Thcside 
3^j^ kahehety Plenty, i^iuch. [of a mountain|i 
l^^^s»^'M/ifi«, Strikiog, with tUe feet, 
]oe>^K^> kqihet. Scarce, barren .(season), 
l^ ^ khln<^, A vicegerent ^ l^ h^khy A hut, 

a house without windows 
>^(^^^^//67, Stain, rust. ^ ^kkkhenj^K vine, 
J) J> fe' kkkhwal, A crow. [a leach. 

J^ ^ k^lthooU A kind: of bird. 
Jo>l^ >^.W^».pifficult of ascent. [brace. 

^A l^ kkdeh. Attentive. j*j^^ khdun. To em» 
I4aI;S> k^deyd. Hard ground, ill-luck. 
(^Ul^» ^izi//, T^fge, corpulent, 
w^, dls» kh%eh, False. Zil:s» Mze/, The groin, 
tf i ls» kilzee, A species of tree. [a work; 
j^ kh7\ A leather- bag ; p. kdr, A business, 
\y'p\ j^ ^.kareJ%shool or c l^lyfe^An inspector. 
CJ'^h ^ khraneeduHt To cause to labour. 

Lj* Aj\^ k^raw%shoolt An overseer. 
^ ; (^ ^ar^a, An artificer. 
j^ J ^ khrlhr, Work, labour, commerce. 
^0 j^ kkrhani A caravan, a body of travellers. 
>X; y 1^ khrlend. Giving attention to any work. 

J^j^ khrtcneh, Fenqgreek,,. yflT>w^f;ic\ ~ 
A l^ j^, Mrchah 'Xh6 rump of liMrd;-^ ' . 

^ J l^" k^rekh, A conductotY)f'Water,'[disfrogitio||. 
X^ J ^ kkrkhaneht A w6ri-lioiiafe,a siiop." 
ijM kb,td, Xkm^Q. Ji- .?.:<! ,^;y.^^;:. ^^:;; 

•^ I ^ ; i^ kardhn; UnS^fsTta^^cfif^/^expe^i^i 

^5^1^ iardoo, A fragment, the flower oftbft 
" palm-tree.'" .^•^}' >* '^*^'*'ci "'^-» urs^i.v ^ (^« 

^j^ kdrh, A ptibliceneir/a preacher. 
j] J J 1^ krir%rir, A fi^ht,' Engagement. 
A ^j j^ kkrzshooV, Inspceting, a wofkmaiife 
J Uj fe" ^dr^a^.Experiehceti, dextroli^, consentx 
^■'j\^j^kcirsa%eef Dexterlfy,;prepai'atlon. png; 
i} j^ kkrfermhy A chief, minister. - (jhoiise. 
^% ) ^kcirgAh,A weaver' s,in«trument, a wofk- 

/J^j^ kh>rgo%ar,t>exttou<s, fekilful,anoverseei?? 
jjj ^ khrger. An intelligeat mah.*'**''*^""' ' "^ 
^ y y (^ iarkoon, Aii bp<E'rator, lafedtiting. 
>^ 1^ ; ^kdurkaf, A crab, [an/bifsifiess, icd^^ 
^/j ^kargeer, A man who bears the weight of 
jX^ J ^ karmend, Performing Work, 

[ «40 ] 

^ I*; I^Mr«^e^, A design, specimen, com mrn- 
^ j}^ khrooy The pt)isonous egg of a bird, [tary; 
C)^ ^'j^ J^iiravan, A large body of travellers, 
u_>j\^ hhrehj Detesting. [a caravan, 

i*J ^Ij ^ khreedun, To work, to sow. 
yijj^ khreezi K subterraneous canal, a com- 
i*ji.j^ khreen, Distant. [mon shore, 

J ^ kcx. Shears, scissars, theden of a wild beast. 
j'j tf khzer, A bleacher, a washer. 
*>/^ k(ito7'eh. Wild saffron's seed. 
«j ^ kaxeh or gh-zehf A hut in a garden, a 
^ A)^ k^^eereh, A sjoall cauldron, [milker, 
J U 1^ khsanch, A green magpie, 
v^^ kitiseh A gainer, an acquirer. 
y^*^ V khstf Abating, decaying. 
jm ls> kascr, A breake:r, a kind of eagle. 
^ \^ ^d*efl, Clapping the tail between the legs 

(an animal). 
\_i,, ^ khsef, Badly situated, frowning. 
JUC- 1^ khskeeneh, A species of bird. 
^ ^ k^sel, Slow, (/y^ ^ kcisnwoi, Ignorant, im- 
.J^ fe'M^wee, Endive, the sun-flower, [proper. 
1'-^^ !^ yj-^soo, A cloth at the end of a long 

pole with which bakers wet their ovens. 
^ l^ A. p. k^seh, A plate, a cup. [&c. 

/^ ^ k^sehger, A maker or mender of cups. 

/^i 1^ ^^5^, Would to God ! I wish toheavenl 
A, hhsh. Affrighted. 

/M l^ !^ khihan, A winter habitation. 

J ^ ^ kclshaneh, A house, a hall, balcony. 

ly^ \^ khshtun^To plough,to sow. [his family. 

Ouj ^ kitshed, A man who labours to support 

cjli \^ kkshef, Revealer. j^ ^ kUshoftehy Out 

*^a-i\^ kashkf Sour milk, [of order. 

^^ khshem, Lovage. 

j^ Is, kashenee, A sal lad herb. 

^^ ^ kashoo. The crupper of a horse. 

(joiiSj ^^s, Covetousness, going hastily. 

Jbi^s kh%em, Restraining anger. 

«--Acl£j kti-yh, (A girl) with swelling breasts. 

^cl^j kay. Taking flight. 

/ ^ khgh, Sucking greedily. 

o<r^ A. p. hhghedy Paper, a letter. 

cJ ^ kbf The letter ^, A crack in a wall. 

li^ khfet. Universal, all, /Myci ^khfteduiiy To 

jY^ 1^ k^ftun. To dig. [enter. 

j l< khfer. Denying God, an impious wretch. 

Jj V kkfel. One who fasts often, administrator. 

J3 fe^ kafioOf A species of bird, a shirt. 

^5 Is' kbjee. Enough, perfect. 

J^h ^ kafeeloo, A kind of Arabian thorn. 

^^H^kak, The pupil of the eye, biscuit, bran. 

I 642 ] 

1^,^ i)ib^, An Indian captive or slave, 
ijs o kdkelt Marjoram, a rope. 

j^ ^ khkenjt A kind of ni»:ht-6hade. 

KS \^ kkkeya, A spider's web. 

./>! L; i^ Mhkcyaii, The seed of wild safTron^ 

^ \^ i:a/. Transferring, bu} ingor sellin^/a tJt bt. 

U 1^ k Jvi Ahy kind of household furniture* 

^y^^^ kklau'tt'cl. As, like, before, the first. 

^^ ^ hhlch^ A form, model, niould, the body. 

jj ^ kulhed, The human body, a model, form. 

i*J^'^ ^ khlteedutif To wallow. 

J. ^ khleh. Dreadful, terrible to look at. 

^ ^ khlesehf Household furniture, a cotton 

^^ khleh. Ugly, dreadful, [reel, 

p ^ kahnif A w oman who marries a second 
husband, a virgin. 

\_J ^ ^ kkle»k» A fiirrier and his pa ring- 
er ^ (^ kklooj, Tlie httle finger. [knife* 
*P^ kdlooz. Going to sea armed. 
/ r J^ khloos. Dull, out of order. 
^^ J ^kalooyeh. Amazed. J ^ kcLleh^ Ah unripe 
J^ kalee^ Debt. [melon or cucumbex. 
Ul \^ k ilcfja, An unripe melon. * 
^ ^ J 1^ kdleeduiit To defeat an army. ^ 
•^' l<^i'(k/io(;. Senseless, out of order, fper Up. 
> ^ khm. Desire, intention, the palate, the up- 

, '* \ 

I 543 1 

.•..^^^^ khmleerty Prosperous. fnejrar^ 

^^^ ^ Jtnvt^yi, ^feat 6r fish pr.'^pn red with viv 
« I >Crf {^ kk'ugn^ar, t^ortunate, ha^py* ricii. 
3^ \^ kcimel. Entire, full, complelel '• 
^ (^ /{(tmoo, A kind of skin, 
i '^j ^^^ Jixmooreezslieh, Appetite, desire. 
\j^y*^gatno6s,A bufTald.^^ k^mee, Armed, 
^y^^ Jccimeeduriy To desire, wisti,' ;[l>l-ave. 
^ 1^ karlf A sheatli;'^A."fe>irt, It Was. 
^ C !^ ka?id,%, A bunch bf dates.' ' ' ' '-^ 
^>5 !^^iw</«f, I^ecaiiSe Wit1»iii. [ox, 

y<.5 ^ kanes, A st^r, a planet, ah eagle, a Wild 
l£i\^ kcinefe\ A fortification, bulwark. . Ij 
e fe^; (^^a/?^a^/!he'nuptial bed , yi^k^inoXir,'\ 
,s^% k(i.nonn\ Chaffi ng-dish. ' f fruit basket. 
3 ^ /^iwed. Calling by a figurative riame. v. 
• ^ >j'i/^V Exariiihation, digging, C'dara>>oits.V- 
D>l-I^ gkivkreh, A cradle, an ox's head. 
^^\*, ^ kciwafi, A hoUow thing. 
♦ .f '• ^ kiwa/ien, A ploughshare, 
^t ^^ gtw^an, A buffalo, a blacksmith. 
/AJi^^^ ^ siawdeshtet^ A dcef, a wild ox, 
> « ^ ^ ghwdem, A trunipet, a tube, ^ " * > 
/ p' * ) * ^ gifcdoish^ A* churn, rhitking piif. 
• J *^ gaii'rooshe'i, An urn or bucket bf wool 
or kalher. 


[ 544 ] 

[(a cow). 
/ A; * ^ ghtvreesh, Fool, besmeared with dung 
Cj^)^^ gdws:o^fl'w, Bugloss (an herb). 
1*))*^ gjJi'zai, A large deer. 
^^Jc^ ^^ gawshcnh , ^n ox-goad. 
^^ • ^ ghw-ambere. Ambergris. 
. A^ ^ ^ ghwmeesh, A buffalo. fg'strate, 
0^1^ ghweh, A wooden wedge, a chief ma- 
t\l^ ^^ hb^weheedurit To agitate, to shake. 
(/ ^ 1^ ghuee, A bull, 

e ^ k^h, Straw, diminishing ; gkh, Time, 
place, a throne, a bed, office, a bridegroom, 
.n L (^ kbJibhn, Stubble. [sometimes. 

^f I >- 1^ kahdhUt A hay or straw loft, 
l^ fe^ k^hrolh. Yellow amber. [the wind. 
♦j w ^ khhreex, Dust blown into the eyes by 
^>^-X^ l^ ^dAcs/e^-5^o(/«w, Tobediminish- 
^ liX 1^ khhkshhn. The milky way. [ed* 
U- (^ kkhgel. Clay mixed with straw for 
plaistering walls. 
^ \^ khhel, Idle, negligent, languid, slow. 
#^3 ^ khhen, A conjurer, an administrator. 
^ 1^ k^hoOf Lettuce. ; ) ^ ^ kithwkr, A cra- 
/<r ^ g^^^^f Sometimes. [die, 

/VAjt '^ k^heedun. To diminish. [many? 
^ (^ gkiyan, A buffalo, ^^j^ \^ ^4m, How 

[raunti tottering, 
t^ kehb, Inverting, twmbling ; p. hoi), Kr 
\jS keha. Filth, the wood of aloes^ 

l^iIaT keh<ih Roasted meat. 

■. » .t,.- - ' — ' ■■ -. . 

iTlxT kebkhety An arqmaticjc. [shop. 

y\h \^i ieh^O-kli^^hj A kitchen, 3 cook'^ 
4^. U/ k^bis, Thft ripe fruit. f^-s«.r kebeer, 

. Ij kobad, A disease. , IaT kebkr, Plqr. of 
( J w gobhreh, An herd of oxer). 
D j w b'phteh^ A strong bo>y. 
y^UT W'^*, Larg?- headed. X^-IaT i-cV4?(?/j 4 
^*ur kebdbsh, Plur. of ji^. {bupch jpf d&|;p% 

t_u.r ;feW', Pjur. of S Skobbrei. 

j^^J^kfhef, A bee. [crowd, an attack in battle. 
XaT kobbetj A troop, a J^p^j^i^pfinen ;.^ti&k^^4 
^aX ^o^«, Strong. . {3 part, a gardjen. 

^vAf >f6'&y,^ 4. sS'^^all ass ; p. /^citjy,Scjif- praise, 
jJ^ gcbr, An ancient Persi^Q, a; priest of tli^ 

worshippers of fire^ 
SjxT kobcrh, Plur. of ^xT kcbeer, 
I yS keJrety The last born, son, or daughter, 
) - v/^ kf^b^rwa. Meat dressed with capers. 
D.yJ' W/'j^A, A cpat of mail. 
1/ ^ g^br&s. The religion of the magi. 
U^ k^lreyk, Qrandeur, power, pri4?. 


^^,, y>/ icl'reef,Su]phuv. jJ^ie^t, Great, thick» 

(>xr ^<*/\s A house of mud. [fat. 

jjiAJ* lehJif A ram, a cotnmander. 

^*r ^vAfl. Distinguishing, restraint, cutting off, 

%^f hM\ A partridge. 

l^iJ^ ke'k'Mt, A troop of horsed, 6v6rtiim* 

^ hell, A large thain Or fetter. [ing. 

fc>X iti bonnet , Niggardly. 

by y^-/ h^fiOQfreh, A speech delive^ed Xvith 

^ ir^oo,' Jgnotiahtk [ragCi 

\yjS kdhVef, The sluftibling of a horSe. 

/ yf io!>t)o(ey', A pigeon, a doVe, 

^ ^J^ kel'ood. Blue, ^ spfecies of WilloVir. 

^^ ^ i^Ji/bdei't Ah ahimalcule living in wa* 

It^f. Which th6 fish devours. 
I ^ yf ke'oodehy A Species of tree ot plant* 
> ^ ♦J^ kepooih. Lame, crookfed. 
s^ yf kebook. A nest, a ciickow, 
i^ /eZ-oo/, Plut-. of JxT kehet 
J mJ kehooleh, A kind of medicine. 
^ kohleh, A cupping-glass. 
/^/ ^a^t-e, An ape, a babooiii 

livJ koheeiii, A kind of sweetmeat* 
^^sAfi^r^/^, Stinking (meat), [in povi^er& wealth. 
^ kcleer, (fem. keOeeretp) Large bodied, g-reat 


^k^ ieleest A Species of d^tCi 
\ilX ket, A royal throne, a bee ; kett, WhU* 
peringj abusing, numbering, boiling, bf ing 
tejj IaT heihht A book, a writing, letter, f pacified* 
J l> ^^^ k/ kethhhhdnehj A library, mtjseum. 
3tj l:r fietahtt. The title of a book, an insorip- 
t / bJ kefctreh, A sheaf. [tion, writings 

4_J U^5 ^d^ /, A chain, fetter. ^ lX:£,^a/d^/ Short, 
*^>lxs> kof^n, A species of red animal. 

s,^/ kiitt'b, A bee> amazed > a. hetel, Deserib* 


iica^ k<d^ef. Sewing* [iDg, joining. 

^ b - .^ >::i koiobstdn, A library* a fliuscum. 
^Ai':^ koibth, A cupping*glass» 

>^ ^0/7, A garden- house, a palace. 

) /}" ko^khoda^ A vicegerent, deputy. 

{/ J j^ kotkhodhif A lord-lieutenant, viceroy,^ 

^i£» i^efer^ A ratners bunch, quantity, dignity. 

^ 1 y*v kcfrktt. Liquid pitch. 

t ^ iotfreh, A cast aiilong the Hindoos. 

Y-^j kt'iesfxta^ A species of .herb» [woIf, base. 

^vs» kotih A young hare of. a bad kind, a 

^ U>Sj A'»Va/,A whore-monger, a worthless fel- 

^ Ui^s kofjan, A locust beginning to flj. [low. 

«ji.. tC:^^ ketkat, A blabber. 

liC^s ketket. The voice of the bustard. 

I H^ 1 

IXSj:^ hfketeff Actiog wrong, 
Ij'^eUtt A mountain phioi. xir^, ir>//^^, ^ 

*i£» k^lepi, A kind of herb. (n)ass bf clay. 

^Ws»l"<i/»'«/», Concealing, covering, hiding. 

^^i^ ietev^ Dirty, nasJy. ^a^ >^t'/w , SLoi t- 

J I, ^ iuiwal/ThQ porter of a castle, a kin4 

. ,qi officer of pplice or, magistrate, who ap^ 

prchends rogues, inspects taverns and 

houses of promiscuous entertainments, ancj 

determines many disputes of inferior mo- 

j^XSb Jtctoor, A large basket incrusted with 
^y*=^ ketool. High ground. [clay* 

« ^ kdooUt A vein under the neck of ahorse, 
^^^ kcteeh, A chain, a manacle. 
IaaaS) ietcehetf A troop, an army. 
v'^l^y^ kvieett Any gentle noise, telling, whfsV- 
«aZ£3 hetia. Any thing, any body. [pering* 
ui*xr htUtft Broad (sword). 
i*jii^ hctcejkn, Going hastily. 
» ^ee^jrt?/. Malevolence, an iron bar fi)r k 
ILXxXS) kdUelj, A palm-tree. [door» 

keieem, y^^W sewed (bottle). 

JUu;:^, ketcenttt An odoriferous tree, 
kess, Having a thick beard. 

[ 540 ] 

li^ ies(l. Cream of milk, a species of flow- 
V li^> iosahy Plenty ; kessah. An arrow, [er. 
CL, Vi^s kesksy Plur. of cLc^ kess, 
15 IaS> kesask, Ground of a strong deep soil. 
^U^, )^05ar. Many, much, XiU^> kesafet, A- 
«y<^i^, ^g5d^. Neighbourhood, [bundance, thick. 
^ ujt^j koshan, Plur. of -aa^^, keseeh, 
?>5^3 kosbet, A pail of milk, 
CJ:^> kesseff Cream of milk, scum. 
^>j:^, /^25e/?, Collecting, taking, 
^•■rg:^ koS'Jiom, A man having a thick bushy 
. i-*=y ^e«er. Abundance. [beard, 

i^i^, kesret, Superfluity, multitude. 
tSjSi^3 kosree. Much addicted to wine, [mud, 
^^5^, kesa. Red, tumid (lip). **xs> kes-at, Clay, 
^jcis, kes-am, A panther, a rough spotted 
i^A^i kerf, A multitude. [wolf. 

^X^, kesem, (fem. kesemet,) Thick. 
fe^^s kesemef. Drunk (woman). 
XjLas, kosnet, Any thing made of myrtle, osier, 
palm leaves, &c. 
kesfX), A little, a heap of earth. 

y^ ^osse, Plur. of L__x^3 ^e«^. 

, .ji^a keseeb, A hill of sand, 

^i^a Jse.seer, (fem. keseerety) Plentiful, abun- 
4^aJ;;~, keseef, Much, dense. [dant. 


I 550 ] 

^ . [mel litter. 

[/ Ifjjh, Where? whither? j[> kcjklch, A ca- 

5/T kejroin. Going obliquely. [pliants. 

^J<fi kfj(kf A hook used in driving ele- 

kejguery A plaisterer. ^^jCCt kejelek. A 

,*f^ gecheti. Elapsed. [magpie. 

\ yf kejool, A juggler's art, a game. 

,♦) *y kechoon, A coat of mail, 

^ kecheh, A ladle, an iron hook, f mortar, 
y %'<?e, Raw silk. ^ kejeer, A maker of 

^^ hohh. True, aboriginal (Arabian), [num. 

^Ucvs, ^e^a/, A species of antimony, a colly- 

l\3LsvS» kohselet, Protuberance of belly. 

jcvs^^ kohoh, An old decrepid woman. 

ijass<^s kehes, Defacing, running round, a spc- 

la^vs, keht, Barrenness, vileness. [cies of plant. 

^Si^c^^=> kehkeh, Worn out (camel,) a decrepid 
old woman, [black eye-lashes or brows. 

ys^^s ke?iel,'The blackness of the eye, having 

aiU\^> ^a/?/4, (fem. of kehel,) Having natural- 
ly black eyes, eye-brows, and eye- lashes, 

fjoyss^^ kohoos, Spoiling, blotting out, disap*- 
pea ring. 

^.A-sss, keheel, A collyrlum or colour for the 

gNatvs> hklij, Broom, vitriol, [eye-brows, &c. 

.{ ^st ] 

^5^sA^) kM-MJi, Labour, crying, heat. 
>/ iecl, A den ; a. kedd, A house, trouble, eriw 
\ »N^» ^edh, A kind of plant, [deavour, vexing. 
5U\^> Jied(t,ty A collection of meat and drink. 
.♦^ ) ^w godcMtun, To melt, clean. 
^ I >/ godb^d, A worn habit, a wide garment/ 
1 J >/ godh%, Melting, consmning. 
•/& J ^ >^ godazesh, A disease. 
vM >/ y I >' goda%eedun, To melt. 

fi >^*y '>* godh,%endch. Melting, dissolving. 
o-Uv^. koddas, A shock of un threshed corn,- 
SU ! ix^3 kodhsety Any thing collected from dif- 
ferent quarters. 
^^jsiSj kodhm, Aw old man; p. Who? which? 
5l«^A^3 kodhviety Fragments, a kind of pear. 
3U S 4X^) kedhnety Unintelligible speech. 
/M xVy ^>^ kodhieedan. To value, to nourisll*' 
(/ 1 >/ gedait Poor, indigent. 
/V. ^ /^ ^<^fl?T^eJ, An habitation, abed-chamber, 
/^, 1// kodciyeshy A disease in the navel, 
^ J^^. hedeh, A scratch, a scar, scratching (the 

face,) combing (the hair,) studying. 

J j^ /) kedkhoddi, God, a bridegroom, mag's- 

S i ,s^ kededety The sediment of butter, [trate. 

j^^s kcder, Trouble, vexation, grief, darkness- 

);«N^ kGiirb^f -Dark (colour or hight)) "brbw^ 

[ 652 ] 


kederet, A thin cloud, the largest sail 
^j A*^ hodrcc, A kind of bird. [of a ship. 
^J^ ,y^ lodes, Going fast (a camel,) accumulat- 
^^ 0^^ hedesh, Striking, gaining. [ing. 

Is 4>s> kedefet, The noise of feet, or of any 
'ScsSs gedeJc, A little, small, [thing unseen, 
•- ,v.f^ kcdem. Biting, marking with an iron in- 
3uwV^9 kedemety An impression. [strument. 
^0.^) keden,{(cm, ^eJ/^e^) Corpulent; keden. 

An upper garment, a camel's saddle, 
"i/^ kodoo, A plant of the nature of melon. 
Sj^j^^s kedoobj, Fair (woman). 
'^^ov^3 kodooh, Plur. of ^j^^, kedeh. [A welL 
^ ^ /J kedookh, Unripe, a bath, a^ as» kedood, 
J ) ^ ^yW kcdoodknehf A fatal disease. 
3 ^ .N^ ^ec/oor,Trouble. i j^ as* kedoorel, Afflic- 
j^^jsS) kodoon, Plur. of (_o«x^> keden. [tion.^ 
,,^ ^jf kedooneemeh, A wine decanter. 
^ »>v^> /tv/<'fi,Biting, vomiting, coughing (a dog). 
^ 1 y (/v^ kedeezhdf The son of a man of dis- 
tinction bv his female slave. 
jL.o^s> ktdeet, Ill-luck, hard ground. 
OuJ>^> kedeed, Trouble, fatigue, endeavour* 
\jjOsSs kedeerh. Drinking, milking. 
J AS, ke^^> This, that. [or observed. 

wj I o^Ss ke%hh, Ikying, necessary to be done 

f performing, 
yS^'S go%hr, A passage, nimble, paymenti 
jHytJ I ; 1 /{ gothr kneed an f To cause to pass? 
i^j^j^P goz.i7(hin,To perform, to pay, to pas^, 
,^ / ]/j gozitres/f. Payment, tribute, [ger. 
t ;jJ I ] JJ^ gozd^rendeh , Transmitting, a raessenr 
l*J^!,j ^ M gozhrecdun, Tp pay, to perforni. 

to pass, to discerri. 
^ i /J gQtoft Vain, inconsiderate word. 

c-^ i^s= kczelf A falsehood. 
^^ ^j h.^3 ki^m or CL'j J..S3 kexhety A liar. 
^ J }f goxeresJi, Payment, tribute. 
6 !^^ jj goxergah, A ferry, passage, [proceecf, 
Cj^..j)^ gozereedurit Tq pass over, pass by^' 
»„^>r^«'2;/e^', A pen-knife. ^^ bS ke%oohtk\\virf 
J her. Desire, \yiU, deaf; 4. ker^r^ Repeating^ 

u-j^^s, kei'ab, Ploughing and sowing land^ 
CL>^yS:> kerht, Plur. of <:l> ^^s kcret, [vexed, 
d..^^^ korrhs, A leek, p') J kerhjee^ A renter, 
%:l\ y^s kcrcikheff A rug, a niat. fan hirer. 
.Nj i \y^s keradeed, Plur. of s Jo :> ^s, kerdeedet, 
(j,*ji!^Sj k<iradees, Plur. of ^^^ji^.^, kordoos* 

Jj.^3 kerart A little bead, a shell, 
3 l^^s kerazy A little bottle ; p. goraz, A hog, 

a ^hovel, a large iron mace. 

f *54 1 

Mjj/j\ ji h'orhtsheedun, To i\y away^ 
.^\ J K, p. hOras, The Coran, or a section 
X-I^Ss ^orrflwe/,A volume, writing, &c. [ofit» 
f*r^ I y gerasiun, To believe. 
^^^£, kerasee, Plur. of ^^^«, korseet 
CJ ^ ^ / keraseeduUi To be an impostor. 
ip' 1 y kerhsh^ An impostor, a horse-hirer* 
^ j^) jj^erashe edun. To be disturbed in mind, 
gl^r kora-Ot A friend to the poor, giving a 
' flock rain-v^^ater. f&c. of cattle, 

l^t \^ k(^r^'i/, A dresser and vender of the feet 
cJl^ hercif, A follower of women. 
aJ !y korhk, A wagtail, a kite. /\ / herhger, 
• iy lerhnii Noble. [A cupper, a bleeder. 
^\jSs kerhmee, Authority, dignity, [nerable. 
t^\^&> kerhmef^ Generosity, excellence, ve- 
t*Jj^ I y keritmeeduTtf To honour, respect* 
»rt ^.H^ ker^n, A lute, dulcimer, or psalterk 
^**»^s'/^» kcrhnseer. Going slowly. 
f)^/ gerhnee, Gravity, weight* 

C)/^ ^ ./ geraneedun, To weigh, to be heavy. 
,^^^ !>^. kerkiveen, Plur. «f (_o '^z^* kerew >n, 
t \ J korkht Of the same kind. [chandize. 
ij \ / gertiit Inclination, diminution, mer- 
^.^ )Ss k<^f^ciyedf Involution, ivy* [hides, 

Cr^x, t j) ketai/estuji, To scatter, to soften 

f &55 ] 

t A>,^/ gerhyendeh, One who diminishes. 

#jt;^ kerhyeh. Adverse (fortune). 

^yuji^ I f gerhyedun, To examine, to love, to 

have an affection. 
t_,^^ kef^eh. Unfortunate, melancholj.^i^ Hrl)b,St Finehnen; "p^kerhas, A green 

African lizard, [is separated froni thepods> 
^ 'j^ kerb'hL A large bow, with which cotton 
(^>ij;^> kerban. Almost full (vessel). 
liy^s kerebet, A water- cburse thW a valley j 

k'orbet) Distress, affliction. 
^•i ;^> korhej, A ware-house, a shop. 
SIsAj ^s» kerleheft Throwing down on the 

ground, a load. 
^* / kerebejoo. The night- iTiai^. 
J y horbor br gorhor^ A flatterer, cheat, skil-» 

ful, liisty, strong. 
V A; fkerljcsh, A lizard, [with the feet bounds 
lii^jj^i kerheshef, Binding, going or leaping 
t^ jjSa kerbelet , Relaxation, travelling slowly 
y / keihooy A lizardi [or lanpjuidlVk 

^ f korbeh. Ill-luck, sadness, a work-house* 
*iy^i k^rref. Once, entire, whole. 
^U^.Sj kertaiu Morning and evening, 
3b£\j^^> kertehef, Going like a dwarf, throw-x 

ing one on the grounds - --^^ ^^c^ V {* 

I m 3 


JJs j) keriek, A wooden mallet ; ^orteit \ 

species of sewing or embroidery. 
j^j ^' /kert^ldiiy An instrument used in spin- 
^' / k^rtemheh, A spider's web. [ning. 
J / hort^ht A shoit waistcoat or shift. 
p.AJ'^^3 Jtorteem, A hatchet. JJi J kcrteeneh, A 
^^ kersee, 'An egg-shell. [spider's web. 
ar^ jf ker^chy A piece cut off from something, 
^^^3 korrej, A horse colt, a foal, 
y*^ / kt:7'chegher, A kind of owl. 
^ ) ^y fki'.rjevant A kind of crown, adorned 
^ ;^ kerb, A herrnit's cell, [with gold & jewels. 
T / kerhh. An abiding or dwelling pUce. 
i^ f kerkhaneh^ A work-house, a shop, 
ij^ kered. Persecuting, cutting. 
f ^ Jk^rda, Yesterday, encircling, 
wj^ I ^ J^ getdkh, A whirlpool, gulf. 
jV y / gerdbi\ Mangey ; a. ki^f'di\r^ A bulld- 
^ y } ^ y gerdhgerdy Round about. [ing, 
Cj ' ) /gerdaiiy The npck, changing, turning, 
J ) i^y^er//dwe^, An iron ring, a child's curricle. 
^ >J ) ^ y gerdkneedurif To change, turn, 

convert, to cause any thing to be done. 
\ I y / gerdhhd, A whirlwind. 
. fi)^ y / gerdbklishf A pillar, [shirt collar. 
CJ ^ ) / girdbhn, A qoramander in chief, a 

3b» A 

I 5-7 ] 

'^ ^/ gerdler, A gimlet, [ing to mid-thlgb; 

, hordebeyetjK half-sleeve(itiinick,re^c^- 

, kerdehe.ty Waddling. 
J )/ gerder, A small rugged hill. 
»*- jk^jS) ierdset. Leaping with the feet boun^, 
Yp'^/g^^dish, Kevolution, conversion, turning 
J^ 5/ ^<?rr/i^ir,God the omnipotent, [round* 
O ^ ^ / ^^r</t?^<x72, A walnut. 
^ ^ )/ g'^fdgfik, A track or beaten way> 
^ )/ gardi'OJihy A collector, surrounding, 
« :s j^s kardeiiV, Short-bodied, [ing or running. 
J^ i ^^ ^cr^/w^/, Leani ng to one side when walk- 
Cj ) / ktrdnUf To do, to perform, -to prepare, 
^ ) / hvrdna or ^erdna* A spit, a wheel. 
tf^ ^ / gerdenktah. Disobedient, stubborn. 
•^ ) / gerdenehy A musical instrument. 
Lrji^s, kerdoos, A tro^p of horsemen, a 
i\J ^ ) /^ g'^fdooHf FIcaven, [number of horses. 
(J * ^ J s^erdoof, A nut, a walnut. 
'0 ^ jJ kerdeh, 'Made, a maker, 
u«iji)SD kerdeyas, A cardinal. 
sJ^Ji i^:S> kenleedetf A hamper of dates, 
1*1^^,)/ gerdeedun, To turn, to return. 
'" ) / kordeyehy A short coat. J jf keT%, A boy. 
tV '-' >^* / ker%ehhn, Heaven, ^"j Jhorxesh, A 
-jv^) ker%emy A large hatchet, [si^i. 

[ 553 ] 

)*j i^ yJgerzeman, Religious abstinent people. 
f^j/ i^rzee m,ShoTt-hodiedi c^ ^ ieriieh,Ct\' 
S^j^D Dorset, A button, a clasp. [lery, 

^Cf^ / g^^^iun. To cry, to weep. 
#M y^/ korestooHi A large public standard. 
Sju. ^s=, hersat, A troop. ik^jS:, korsejet. Ham- 
, ^^y ^(>r«e«e^tte5,Hunger. [stringing cattle. 
iiJy*^j^> korsoof, Cotton or any thing similar. 
^j^» korseCy A throne, a chair, a seat. 
i*)^^ / kereseedun or gereseeduti, To endea- 
4^^ /^ers/?, Reflected light, [vour, to shrivel. 
U^^ kershti. Having a big belly (a vs oman). 
«--Ai^^j korshehh, Aged, old. 
TtJ^ ^ kershet. Seed of a melon. 
U^^^D kershefef. Hard, uncultivated ground. 
'•^ / gereshmehj A wink, consenting. 
^y^jSs korshoom, Deformed in face. 
(joj^a keres. Mixing milk wnth dates. 
ieJijSs kirzemet. Marching against an enemy. 
}o j^D kcrz, A slanderer, [row or horn of a bow. 
i^^^a korzet, A notch in the head of an ar- 
^y^s keray Slender limb'd. if^.j^skcreyetyTiQ-^ 
l\SjSs kevf^ty Compact, [sire. 

^^j^y gereft, Detention, seizure. 
J ^"^ /g^f'^f^^^i ^ captive, slave, [er, to begin. 
^^ /giriftiin^o take, catch, to make prison- 

[ 559 ] 

Sjc^s^Sj kerfehef, Any thing roasted. 

iy^ j^> herefs. Parsley, co tton . 

J^^ / kcrefgehf A double cuirass. [wolf. 

%mJ/ kerky A species of red goat ; gork, A 

t*J ^ / gorgajiy Plur. of ^^ / gork. 

7 / g^^S^^^> The scab, the itch. 

y y kerger. An attribute of God. 

Zf^>y^3 kerksrety Re-entering, repetition.' 

tf^/ kergesh, A species of bird, 

/ / kerkeuiy Saffron. ^ ^V/ korkom^in, A 
I*/ / gergeriy The scab. [kind of trefoil, 
A* / keikend, A gem like a ruby. 
*^>^s, kerkehy A loose upper garment. 
f / geriiiy Hot ; kerem. Liberality, nobleness. 
lyJ gorma. Summer, warmth; a. keremb,, 
Plur. o^ ^ j^, keree.\ru [or bagnio. 

C) ^ ^ ^ / g^^^^^^^^^y The keeper of a bath 
^ I'o ^ tygo^waz^d^Aw, The keeper of a bath, 
^„ljJ gormayehy A hot bath, [A vine, 

.w ty gerrnhhee, A shad- fish. t< y^s kermet^ 
^ U / gorin-khineh, A hot-house. 
j-^ / gormkhee'^y Nimble, swift. 

^ J germseer, A warm climate, 
, A'^/ gor meshy A fever, heat. 
^..jL^ y kermeky A small worm. 
) feC*y keremkar. Most generous, benevolent. 

J 56o ] 

t K^y gon77ghh, Warm place or season. 
/^-Ji* / hereuiliOBtery Meekness, diffusing libe- 
A^/ hermendy Being swift. [rality. 

/^ y* / hermoosh, A mole, a mouse. 
*^/ gormehy Hot, white bread. 
1^/ kormee or c^'*/ Heat, warmth, 
/Myt^y gormeedun, To be hot. 
ty kernhy The red gooseberry, a trumpet. 
cJIj^^s kornhf. Having a thick nose. 
*^ y^> heTcnli Cabbage. 
^ / hcrcvj , Pottage made of rice and milk; 

horenj. Rice, black pepper, a hawk. 
^^J / kcreiijoo, Ni^ht-mare. 
^^5 / horonkt A rendezvouz. 
J J gernehf Unless. [^'"&» tottering. 

^/geroiv, A wager, a pledge ; a. keroo, Dig- 
J_5j^ kartukj Slender-limb'd woman, 
j^ 1 ^ / kcnvhdeh. The foundation of a wall. 
\;j^:^^s kerauhn, A species of bird ; kaia- 

van, A caravan. 
Cj^^ korooh, Near setting (the sun,) ap- 
J « / kcrooieh, A thorny herb, [proaching, 
^ ^ yj froroocheh, A cartilage. 
J ' ^ ^y ^erflz^'c/^r, A layer of betts. 
^jj^ koroor, Plur. o( ^':^r. [ness, play, 
• ^y^ kerewe%, Cellery. j* ^'^ koroozsh, Gkd- 

( 56i 1 

[and legged (a camel); 
(j^^^ hrawives. Large- headed, large hoofed 
/ */ keroogcr, An attribute of God. 
-5^r koroom, Plur. of ^^^, ktrrm^ 
i\) ^/ korootj. Adorning. [duct. 

^^^ ^ jf h. rownanieh, A pass-port, a safe con- 
o^y gerwehy A species of herb, a medicine, 
y. ^f horooheh, A ball, a clew. 
ii^^J^ kaTivihy Caraway seeds or plant, 
CJ '" */ g^^^i^'^^dnn, To follow, to believe, to 
^„^/ keroyeh, A species of herb. [return, 
^j^> ^dr/z, Abomination, difficulty; p. kereh^ 
Bust, froth; gere^, A knot, a joint, a button. 
U^s> k^rhkn. Inconveniently. 
/X^^ / gerehhend, A knot or button-maker* 
*J^J^) kerhet. Hard ground. 
La j C i gerMoshh, A looser of knots, 
*.s=i> ^ kcrekehy A loose upper garment. [&g, 
t§ ;^) /^d??ee. Si umbering, ahirer of mules, horses, 
y keryat A species of red gooseberry. 
I*j Oy ^e7'z/aw,Crying ; h.keryan. Somnolent, 
Cj ^'^^ \ / g^'ryhneedun. To cry, lament, [sleepy, 
4-0 >^3 kereebf Cultivated, sorrow, 
.♦iL; y gereehbiii, A collar, the opening of a 
i'A^^^ kereehety Ill-luck, distress, [garment* 
it^j^s kerees, Troublesome. 


[ 552 1 

[cellar, a closet. 
:jf'/ hreej\ Any fragment j / h^eech^il), K 
Cf^"/ ^^^^^^'^'^""» '^^ ^3ke retuge, to retire, 
Cj^i/ gereedun. To itch, to surround, 
^^s> Jterecz, Tender, sour cheese, 
■^1/ gerecZy Fugitive, an eloquent man. 
*j^j^ keree%ct. Preaching. 
t^}l^jj gereez-gah, A place of refuge. 
t ^ *Kj) gereezcndehy Running away, flying. 
'0^/i,^^/ ger,e€%cedun. To fly, to flee, 
. y^x^f Kereestu^ The Lord Jesus Christ. 
iJij^ kc^reesh, A lizard, jj^ kerigh, Dis- 
J K^^^yT kereemhmh.QGn&vayx^ [tance, absence. 
*po^ kereemet, Generous> a lady. 
fcj^Sj kereenet, A female musician, 
\^Al/ gereendehi Bewailing. 
CJ ' ^>>/^^'^y^^^^^^> A. collar, [garment, a path. 
b y^^yjgereeweh, A pen for cattle, the collar of a 
A»j.s» kereeh, Abhorrent,, dirty. [purblind. 
^ ke%j By what, from which, whence, bitter, 
y kezs hyCrooktd, deaf, aslave. I^^ics^a. Biting. 
^J ^ k^^shaheh, A camel litter, a kind of 

palanqueen used by women, 
J ^ J^ go'zctr, A pass, a passage. , 
J ' Jr go%shar, I'he crop of a bird. 
jl^^ y^^2d2, Dry, shrivelled; ^c<r:4», A desire. 

[ 563 1 

If' '>r te^*^> Severe cholick. 
yUi> \p go%shhghendj A quilt, a coyer! ng. 
^ \y kozaf. The eholiek. [quilt. 

jX}\y- kezshcihndf A coyering, counterpane, 
^^ \ ^ gezhn; Biting. [nature. 

<,,^\^ kezhngoheen. Bitter honej, male, 
ff^^y^ kezshawe/t, A camel litter, or a kied 

of palaiiqueen. 
aV^. f jJ gozhyestun , To pervade, to pass, 
LJ^"^ / §^^^i/^^^> ^^ i'^jurjr, ivy. 
i*JJ^„^/ gozayedun^ To injure, to desire. 
8^s> ^^z-Xi?^, Contraeted, shrivelled- (woman)'. 
A" "^y' kezsh'Cheshm, Squint-eyed, 
yy gezshedf The sea coast, a ^jf kez^hd^m^ K 
t^/ kozdeh, A wrestler, [kind of scorpioit* 
/ * ^ >.'. y/k^zshdeedurtf To be cha^nged, to s treteh* 
. *J goz5r,'Acarvot. ^^Ji j^ getsrank, Whitle. 
j^jj/ gozerneh, A root. • 
'\\^s kczez, Contracted, shrivelled.- 
>v^) k^Zi-gh, A med'icin'e, a kind oi" herb*, 
c_J)^5 4"oz/', Liquid pi tehi 
^ / y koz^koreh, A coat-button. 
^y~, kezem, Covetousn^ss, shoVtness of nose, 

fingers or lips ; k %?«", A kindt of herb, 
^^ ) ^r ^'^^'"^^'^^> The- tamarisk. 
^ykezshmezs/iiCrookcd Mjikoz^^K orowiq. 

I 564 ] 

^ y hetenloo, Manna, /i y ketend^ A swan, 
^y iezoo, A tamarisk. [a cjgnet. 

CJ ' *>r ^<'Z2^<iw, A species of herb. 
^ ^jJ liezoodt A kind of worm. 
f j^^ kozoom, A toothless camel. 
t^ ^/ kozoone-e, A currier's instrument, the 
j^ hozeety A poll-tax. [top of a house. 

J^„jJ gozeed, A tribute imposed by conquerors. 
Cj^l/ gozeedun, To bite, to sting. [ing« 
^„y kezsheeghi Departure, ^'j; teeew, Bit- 
^, ^ Ttczyeliy A poll-tax. . j^f kes, A man, any 
U.SP ^d5a, A part of the night. [one. 

*-» UmSs kessah. Gaining much, 
^jUSj keshhcr, Plur. of_,.A*«.^ kosher, 
S^l-M*^) koshhetj Rubbish, purgation. 
J IamS> kessar, A hewer of wood. 
^^,y Lj ^cskreedun, To carry off. 
Stf i***^, keshfet, An eclipse. *!U^j keshht, 
t^ Im»s> a. p. >^d5aw,Plur. of ^ kes* [Slowness. 
J Lw/ keskneh, Humanity. ^,,^-vJ ^oa'^, Sedi- 
cXA^r keslet, A robe, figure, form. [ment. 
SscvA-wJ* keshehet. Flying, j^ kosher. An ivory 
S^x^ kos'^ret, Coriander, [bracelet, 

jX^ koshend, A girth. 
,^*y^ kost or ^es^ Corrupted, shameful. 
/ UvJ^ kostakh, Courageous, cruel. 

[ 665 ] 

JCwJ koster, A spreader, a strewer, scatterer. 
.♦j ^ 1 yuJ kosterkndun. To spread, to strew, 
,♦1 )/t*J kosterdutiy To expand, to diffuse. 
' < /^ kosterdenee, A carpet, cushion^ bed, 

ij/^ koateree. Scattering. f pillow. 

\^>j^;twJ To scatter. Jji^kostch or gosieh, V^ist^ 
^*M^ ^esd//. Sweeping. I'^g- 

^^ls^->^''^5s/^a//,Infirm in hands or feet, lame. [en. 
^^'xs:\^gosekht fin, To break, to burst, to be brok- 
j4^^3 keser, A. rupture, breach, rout, putting 
to flight, affliction, anguish, contrition, the 
vOwelpoint Itesr ov kesra ( ) or i. 
»^*mSs kisrei, A fragment ; kesret. See ^*m»^,. 
> ^y — ^^ k^^'^oz. Gladness, fond of women. 
(j*»*«^> kese!^. Shortness of teeth. 
^'^ kosesteguee, Breach, interruption. 

)^*.*^>kost. Justice, equity. . i u .^<=. A-e5t'dr,Dust. 

*«M»^ ^a.vfiff, A white spot upon a beast's fore- 

u*''..^***:^ keskcis. Short-bodied. [head. 

i^^ ^ ^^s kitsk''!>et, A man, any one. 

J*»^i=3 hesely Slowness, cowardice. 

^yU.^, kt'slee. Laziness, cowardly, 

j,..--^ kescm, Labour, endeavour, rubbing. 

»U*v.S3 kesmelet. Going slowly. 

c>^y kesendtih, ^yish, appetite. 

t 566 ] 

. ^iL/go5«e^wce,Hunger. J.Ukesnch,A purse. 
*'J^ kemee, The sun-flower, an herb. 
411,1 ^-w^ l-eszx'^^ Plur. of 8^.M^ koswet, 
^^•^^fh kesooh. Gaining much. 
^y^<^ keswet, A robe, a habit, manner. 
j_Jy^^ kesoof, Eclipsed. ^ ^.^^ ^c^^^oo/, Sloth- 
jpy^<=, kesoom, Passed away. [ful, duTt. 

Sy ke&eh, h purse, ^te^f?, Any one. 
.^Sv*-^ rteeeA., Lame;*impotent. 
^x, .,, <^ keseed. Worthless, deficient in quantity. 
keseeVy Broken, torn off. 

^..,,^ kesees, Date wine, broken bread. 

LJ" keseeU Broken by tearing off. 
lU./ toeeZa, Binding forcibly. 

s/ kesh Drawing. U/ te/^a, Opening, 
SU^ te/iai, Vice. [making cheerful. 

\^<=i, keshhhy A brand. 

/ i^lt/ koshadehgiiee, Openness, cheerful- 
iviu^ koshaty A skin, a covering. [ness. 

cJLu^ keshafy A discoverer, a detector. 
Xj;^^ Ikoshamery Ugly, out of form (man). 

♦J lii/ y^^^'/^^w, Drawing, a drawer. 

J ^j U/ keshaneedurh To cause to draw. 
[±/ keshawer'iy An husbandman. 

♦j^'b \ji/ k^shhyaneedunyli o cause to open. 
A;"u/ koshavesh, An opening, clearness. 

C ^^7 1 

t /<iAitf ftosJiayendeh, An opener, opening. • 
L^Sii^ kesheh,(Mv^toxi^ yju keshper, A goat. 
J t;i±J koshtar. Killing.' j ^ hJif kesJitiiwery A 
t yiJif koshterehfk hatchet, an ox. [husbandman. 
^XJliJ koshtgueer, A wrestler. [throwing, 

vUiiJ geshtguee. Seducing, corrupting, over- 
"^pJif geshtun, To return, to depart. 
,XSJ gushteh, Seduced, prevented, become. 

ii^ keshteSi A ship, vessel, bark, [of arrow. 

"y^ '^^sAe;, A jspecies of mushroom, a kind 

^sL^^ keshed. Biting off, plenty, gain. 

^J3 I >iU keshdatiek* Rust, smoke, [grapes. 

ii..'^, kesher, A smile ; '^e^^gr, A bunch of 

'i J;S heshret, Showing the t^eth when laughing, 

, AiL/^2sto/?,Tempting,thehissittgofaserpent« 

Li.^, kesh&t, Tlie partakerSi, • . -[solicitude. 

».v.<=^ kesJia, Vexation, great trouble of mind, 

j^kiiJ koshgheer, ShelMsh, a goat, a brcechesr 

• string. '■' '' [keshef, A tortoise. 

eJcii^. keshf. Discovering, declaration ; p. 

*j.t6jif koshoffuti, To dissolve, separate. 
Jju keshefeh, A fiat wooden dish. 
.sXix^5 y^es/?e^, Barley broth ; p. i^esM, Butter- 
milk, a magpie. 
^ ^ ^^JJ 'koshkash. The hissing of a serpent. 
y^ jktf keshkeret, A talking bird. 

I 56s ] 

^.^fXtf-keshltelif Barlev of witl| 
A yfitJ koshkod,\h.c\^:^i'^ gohh^i^^^^ .[meat. 
^ * X^ A _/ koskkodhch, A spairovr;. 
IhC^/ 4•o^s^'(//I'c;/i4>:• A i^^ind of milk di6t.;\-J^">j^* ^ 
.tfjjj^ heshkeen, Wheat macerated* Tfi sour 
-milk and driedan, the sun. folf tlie nose, 
^iicsri ^c'.v^ew, A terror, ii^ calculation, cutting 
Xi\*iiJ' ^05////>f?^V/^/, A kindof f)eJP^3.£bitter kernel. 
(ji«-i;rA' v.Jiishmk]i,^X\)LQ Armenian apricot with a 
*Jtf gosjien, The m^ale of any animal, a stal- 
j^tJ goshonlort A goat.-^i •;.; .[lion, many. 

keshnesh, Co fi a nder* '^vh A i : 
:kosheHdeguee,; Slaughter, 
kosliendeh, IVIurdering. 

keslicnJs, A rope, a large meloii. 
kosjtneh, Pease, pulse, a goat. 
>^ ^tj keshtvet,l^[&x.-sQcd. ^ ^ ^iu koshoodim, 
.J ytf ke$hwer, A climate, coun.trj. [To open. 
^ ^^ keshoof. Dispersing, ^tf kesheh, A 
^X^ koshte:^, Murderifig. [poor man, a girtl^. 
^*ii^j >$"e5/id<?, Overloaded with food, repletion. 
**:ii.r ke shelve fjl he fat of a crocodile or Ljbian 
efv^-iir kesheekhy K kind of mushroom, [hzard. 
M ^<^tJkesheedan, To draw, attract, to bring, 
^^tJ kesheeiiy The lip, [t,o exhaust. 

(joT fe5, A congregation, an assembly. 

I i>^9 3 

f^i^f kosoom, Retiring, driving. 

^^ kesseht A worm, a bieetle. 

(jaKj^i kesees. Thunder, shrinking with fatigue, 

a^t^ ke^kezet^ Going fast, [a shrill small voice, 

Jsr ke%%y Indisposed, confounded. 

la UiT Aex^^y Doing business with difficulty,' 

. Itr ke%am, Solidness. [delaying, trouble* 

SBi^ hexteiy Being filled, vomiting* 

m^JClar hezkexeti Distended (as a bag with Wa«? 

ter, or the belly with victuals), 
*.tr kc-xeniy The mouth, restraint/ 
w^tr ko%oohy Full of fat, ^ yisS koxoom, Toab* 
tfttr ke%ee%, Over fatigued, [stain, to be silent* 
-.^tr kezeent, A porter, afflicted, checking, rage* 
^T ka, Fearful, restraining. 
i^ur ka-alf. Ill-lucked. [building, 

XA«r ka-let, A kind of comb, a die, a square 
Dyu*/ ka-ledehf A place for public spectacleSf 
l^xr^aterg/, A species of flesh, restless (woman). 
SA>^^> kn-leshet, Seizing an^ binding, leaping 

with bound feet. [or compact. 

If^^Axs, ka-looref, Any thing drawn together 

^j:l*x^s ka-at, (fem. ka-fet,) Short-bodied. 

Qjlxjt^, kafaiij The stopper of a glass bottle, 

»^Xx^3 ka-toret,A bird resembling a sparrow. 

iM^ kad, A bag made of coarse cloth, 


I 5?o J 

V^x^ ^a-deL, Fair, faint-hearted, cowardl}^* 

h ^xSs ko'delet, A bubble of water. 

i^x^j Jt^ret, A glandulous tumour. 

ys> taz. Scraping any thing together with 

*.4,*jc£jtee7w,AnonagerorwiIdass- [the fingers. 

>>-u**s» kctscoviy A domestick ass. [the nails. 

^x^> iatcl, Stretching the body, expanding 

^„^MJ i^k, Biscuit. fof any animal. 

^Ss kaly A careless shepherd, the fresh dung 

0*^3 ^aWjKissing, a sheath, closings, stoppirig. 

X;*^> ^a-7?tj/,Short, a lion. ^>x^ hu-n, Faint- 

^>x^} htt-oniy Kissing* [hearted, feeble. 

c::^xS) ku-aif. The nightingale* 

9jfj(^, ka-yreft Large- nosed. 

oaAJtT k^-ys» The peeping of a chick ot mouse. 

^KiS kd y^t Short bodied^ 

m.fjiS> kt-y^^h A bridled camel. [foot. 

^%) ki'f, 1 lie handj a handful, the sole, the 

X. ^ ,^^ ki'finereew, A species of flower, the 
hand of Mary. [Resembling, c(.mparing. 

U/ /i^fu Calamity, misery, disease ; kef^^ 

%\x^s kefd,t, A place where any thing is col- 
lected and contained, going fast. 

^\i^ kfjiih, Opening, undertaking, battle* 

J ^ k'f^^» A sickness, trouble. 
kfcif* Enough, equal to. 

{ sn 1 

j8Ui£> kefhletf Security, a pledge. 

JbUi& kefhyet,^u^citncY» aiT^^/, Diverting 

liS keffet ,T\\ch-dson or scaleofa balance. [from« 

I {^ gqffar, Conversation, speech. 
CJA.J ^^ gf^fi^f^^<^i^n. To speak, 
^bs/koftiiny Speaking.ydi ^e//or, A pigeon. 

•yd/ g'>ftuyi, To speak, to say, to repeat. 

• /^ 

J U^ kefch^leer, A skate, a ray. 

x_J <f^ kofj(/ii or ^^mJ y A saddle-cushion, 
•^jy^^ kf.fchelee%, A mullet.-/^^ kefchd,K saddle, 
^si^ iefekj Revealing, discovering. 
^^3 keftklij Striking with a spear or stick. 
ts^A^> k'^'fkhet^ Froth, foam, (ty, a village. 
JL^s k fir. Concealing, hiding ; ^^r,Obscuri- 
)Jii kofrhf The envelope of a flower. 
^</^, k'>frany Ingratitude. 
1^^ kofrety Ingratitude ; k<ifret^ Darkness. 
^ Jifb'freh.K lock. \^ kefax^ Deviating from 
^JijS hf^ck. Froth, foam, (the ri^ht wjy. 
ifi^ kcfsh, A slipper, a shoe.^^Jii/ A boot, 
^^ y(^k fkook. All old cap [shoe, leat^, tin. 
kefel. The crupper (of a hoisj); k j'el. 
Educating ; k^fl, Resembling, conveniency* 
*^kir kef^eezy A ladle, skimmer, 
f^y^a k^f^ii* Winding- bheet. 


t m 1 

lix^> Ac/net, A kind of tree, a cultivated ground' 
^i:^i,.hfoo. Resembling, alike, 
j^iLSs hofoor. Ungodly, profane, lewd. 
I ykss kejool, Being in security. 
ilyn^s ^efoolet, Sitting badly on horse-back. 
Jj kef eh, A bunch of herbs, a melon, a wal-. 
f^^.Iiefee^i Resembling, alike, equal. [nut, 
j^^ ^^^eA,Equal, alike. ,/J/^f/^ec/, Broken 
jM j^Jif hefeedun. To break, crack, [asunder, 
\»xSs kefeely A cautioner, security. 
^,^JT kek, One who exonerates himself, [versal, 
^ gol, Any flower, a rose ; a. koll, All, uni^ 
s^ y^^ kelhh, A keeper of dogs ; keM, In- 
sanity j p, kelq,l;, A reel, a clew ; golah. 
'i*J ^ >. ^ golaldhn, A vase for rose-water. 
'^., ^^ k^lO'peeseh, A dimness in the eyes from 
W-) iJj golalfyeh,A wafer, march-pane, [rheum. 
J ti ftolhteh, A small village ; kelat, A fire 

hearth, an opening, aperture. 
^^ lu kolaj, A wafer, march- pane. 
^ ^p II; kclbjood, A small dish, a plate. 
^ '^kolhh, A sour grinning countenance, [hair. 
^ \U kel^kh, An hair-lace or ribbon to tie up 
■^*^ j\U kelhrek-cheshm, The fore part of 
the eyes. 

^lu kcJ(iKfih, Hoariness, rust. 

^^V 11/ kclaftmkt A stone for a slin^, 

sf> lu ke/(tft/i, Mus^iness;a watchman, a cock, 

^ iU k l\gf>» A niN-^n, a crow [a night ow!. 

^ti Jt'Jii'f, A wiiHtT (lav, with frost and 

^t) hl\^i'r, A kind of food. [snow. 

^'^£=i h lahH, The breast, a bracelet. 

^ i^s> k Ikl, Fefbletie^fe, fatigue- ■' 

ja i^^ Jcclklet, Wt.*ak, bhiht: (isword). - "-^'^ 

JKa kelihhy Hair, a nospg'n\ 

-»i^ i'yVd'//^ ;A> a Wor<j, djscourjse. 

^ \L/ /fe^atJi.A great bulk, a large public «tan<i- 

ard for weights, orjneasures. 
jij k'-lkneh, A necklace, a fire hearth. 
• lu hsilh'Uy A red, a clew. 
tg ^"^s^i kelaiveei Plur. of 1*K" kohjeL 
% ilks, kolcih, A cap, a night-cap,' a coWl. 
^^\^^^}^ ^olbobnk or ^.^.J^ Fame, rumour, 
SaK" kc/ftef, A little dog or bitch. [spMnd. 

^^^U»K keihetcin, A blacksmith's or farrier's 
Lt^\^ kolLys, Avapcious. [forceps. 

^^^ golhdrky A rose-le^f, [liiertt* ; 

^ lu^i^ kdhestan, .A. tooth-drawing ins|:i'U? 
X± ^ iiolheshekery Conserve " of ro^es. ' '^-- 
,.^b crolbotu A rose-bus.h. , , . . 

^^ kjlbeh, A closet, a cell, a house. ^ ^ 

I 574 ] 

cHa^ kiilh'f. A collection, ccngrepaf irn. 

$>>'' kJlet A lar^c blunt kn'ift-. . .;X W^«^, F7y- 

JU)^ /iv//<7, A portion of meat or corn fjitcri^y. 
X^v'-a^ kdJcfti't, A nioile of v\ulkir>ji. [tilialion, 
„„^Cxl^/f7/tfW^,l^iqaid ^ ^')i htiv*tjih,h tVol. ti- 
^ ktltehy Curtailcil ; kt/tih, Any aniujul that 

can no longer hunt from a^e. 
S^vUi kelsemel, IMump-dicrked. 
*\1^ ij"^'/'/, Oenerous, celebrated, strenuous, 
Xa;sO^ kJjelet, The crackling of fire, 

* K^f^ kelchekiih Having the scald (a fox). 

^ kefcheh A talkinij bird. ^srvK kelhcu^'VhQ 
^*j U kolk'ijtf, 'i he chimney, [earth, dust. 
^'s^}^p '.eikhrj,'lhv fillhof ihebovly [titdlation. 

J> / kdlk-'ffj^^h 'be potiring out of liquor^- 
I \ /^ g(>ldxi\t A rose garilcn, full of clay, 
i.>Jo kii^i'ife^t A tract of hard ground. 
JU.jJ^ keUlehe!, A mode of v^alking. 
J's'^^J^ goUesfch, A liandful of roses, 
^jJ^ kdldem. Hanging. 

Z X gf>l^'^kh. Rosy-cheeked. frose. 

Up Xf'golrana, A beautiful delicate-scented' 
l^m J^ gnlru'i. Rosy- faced, having a blooming' b 

complexion. , " 

J S *Kt gjlzj,r, A garden or bed of rosefc " • *J 

[ 675 I 

.\J^\ p ^^/.v,Quick- lime, also mixed with sand 
or formed into plaistcr. 

^*2^^.Sj kuUit, A b'ackish ash- colour. 

(^>Ia^K go/, A rose ga? den. 

•..Jj'claoo or * - **« J j A piece of wood fas- 
tened round a do •;'» neck. 

.*)XLyjgols/id,n,A place abounding with roses. 

Jjx^S giiUhaltr, Conserve of roses, 

3i«viJaW«/'e/w<7, An old woman, [person enjovs. 

tjLkigohben, A rose garden, any place where a 

JkJ^ kdefet. Limping, lialtinjr. 

^K kcliay (fern, h^luil,) Filih adhering to the 

. feet, vessel, bottle, &c fissnrts in the feet. 

1 1 *^f gijl-ijzhry Rof^y-chcckt^d, 

..y^*^ golghonc'ft'h, A rose bud. 

i^X kfl>J\ liiclining to a dirty black red, at- 

tendinjj; carefully to any tlilni^. 
LK kelf\i, Ot a blackihh red colour, 

r^sXt go-Jam^ Ot a rose-colour. 

^^^L^f go//esl.at7. Scattering roses ft'az'n;^, 
ty^f.ofet, A blackish red colour, torfncnting. 
^sJ^i b>lff^t '1 1'C bill or beak of a bird. 
.^_J3jijr keif, kli'^henf;^ or .^UiJiSf A n icicle, 
^ *s,yf £,olj{Htnei't ^ta vmniliou or rose-co- 
lour, paint for the face. 

I B/6 ] 

fi^U^ .'golk(*T7ci', Candled conserve of rose8« 

^^^ A bad melon, a wolf* 

y K<^ srn^hir, A. potter. 

^^t^J^gol-esht, A pleasant place forwalk.- 

- in^ or recreation, an evening walk. 
#M ^; yXXj gol poorest h^n^ A fungus. 

^ ^Aj golgooHy Of a rose-colour, paint for 
(/ yUj gelkooi, ^lud, dirty. [the face. 

- f^Jjj kelkeeSy 'Furned about. 
^J^^qollck, A rose-garden ; gellek, A place 

full of mud or clay« 
*:i^i^<'/^//i,Cabbage, cauliflower ; kehmy^ovir\&* 
Ui^ kulloihh,. Every time, whatever. [ing» 
ci, '^ ^eAi.4/, Plur of £*\r ^f/we/. 
^ji<Ji< kt'hnhvee, Full of talk, prating. 
X*l^> ki'/.nff, A word, saving, discourse, part 
g^«v'^9 ^'littrj. The fin of a fish, [of speech, 
^\«JLf=r k< hneht 1 he earth, dust. 
^^^ gohhetkht A large headed nail, 
y ^~^ ^'>///a ', A sour cherry. [a mattock. 
>U; kflcndy IJarf^, solid, stout, swift, shovel, 
e ^Sfkch'nile.h, A measure [jolly countenance. 
^*/ kc/n(Tc, Of a squat shape, with a plump 
^,J^xXr k'tlenk, A crane. [gullet, throat, 

yss ijf'/oo, Watchful, guarding , P. goloOfThe 
w y/ koolubb. Forceps, pincers. 

"I *7f ]; 

^ Js gohlevdf A neck-clolh. 
-> .^ keloo\ A cake, a biscuit, filth, rush 
j^ J^ ki4oohh, A slinger, a tirick; ^ turf, 
Cj ) >•* goioodfw, Tq fill. 
-^^ ejb koloosheh, A wound. fpease» 

^ -^ golook, A clew, a gl^be, a ball tQr bows, 
^^Ass kiloql, Blunt, an impediment 
J^}^ kolooleh, Pease. ^ ^Jis, i^o/o«7//*,Plu^ of »)l^, 
» .i^ keleweh, A stone for a sling 
(/*,i5 gelweCy 1 he capital or cornice of a pillar. 
^)^ geieh, A flock, a heap. [by young girls. 
, p, •. -i^ kelleh poosh, A square bonnet wort^ 
.^i^J^ gel/iom, Ploughed or dug up ground. 
^X.s» kehe» (Ground) covered with plenty gf 

herbage, ; .koiiee, All, universal, 
^^ ..I'—, hieeb,. A pack P^ doga. 
^2LxAsz> kdectt An oblong stone. 

,^ kohiicheh, A bar or mass of gold or siU 
ver, flour, the disk or body of the snn op 
/.i^ kileed, A ploughshare, a key. [rijoon, 
♦ tly. J^, A lock, stocks. 
Oy^'K' kfi^&edehy Scattered. 

\^.)^ kdeesh, A church, the shrine pf an idol, 

iA*)^, kdeeky Short-sighted. [a disease. 

jC.J^ ktUeger, One who makes mortar.^ [e4 

^A^skeleeh Acrjw,an OK,Y-t^^c;/^c^w^,WQua4'' 


[ 573 1 

ff hem. Defective, less, poor; gum, Absent, 
missing, confounded; a. ^^z/i, How much. 

Us, kemk, A mushroom. [manjt 

S«l»S9 hcmhat, Plur. of u«, JtemA, 

^ Us> Jtowaser, Short- bodied. 

'r. t' howhrj. Unleavened bread. 

^ \*^> kom^hhy Pride, ^ l^^j kcmhd. Hot bread. 

t f\/ li(^riib^, A lock, a wooden peg, defect, 

JLi U^j lemixshct, Swift, active (man,) cutting, 
Jc'^ \/gnniash/egitee A minister, agent, factor. 

%;:,^ \/ gonicishtvn/To dismiss, to commit, 
consign, to trust toanother (any business). 

^^.A^ \J gomashteh, A vizier, superintendant, 

-^^ t' goffiftsheh, Silver. [agent, factor. 

^xiiUs, goi/icLsheer, An Indian, gum. fality. 

^ U:S>^<?//'4/, Completion, conclusion, punctu- 

XJUs» ^owa/t'e/, Perfection. ^\*^s kenihni, An 

j^^U^a kemhn, A bow. [halter. 

♦J t* gottfhu, Thoughtful ness, 

. il>^ keni.imlar. An archer. 

/m'>'^' kefniifidd,n, A quiver, a bow-case. 

y^\^^ ki'mh,usb.Zj An archer, d vC^A cross- 

. ^xX'lT k(^'naiik.»h. An archer. [bow. 

J^ ktinianeh^ A lute, an harp. 

jM>J ^ gowhneedun. To think, to doubt, 

.1^ l^^ kempiiijeh, la a mean condition. 

C 579 1 

\>^f ^emlehhi Low-priced. 

yV' kcnifer. Less, viler, meaner. 

tj'^t'^^ kemteret, Taking short steps. [ble. 

t'^i^^kemtereeHf Least, nniost defective, rab* 
^ive, kemielt Solid, strong, stoqt. 
i\yL,^> kemesrbft, A pear, 
ly^^3 kcmesret. Squeezing or pressing toge* 
(f^«£> kemesree, A pear. [ther, 

^^j kemesle. Equal, according to. 
^*^o k<^'fi<ij\ The hip joint, the point of the 
U'^ ki'mkha, Damask silk. [huckle-bone, 

yj;^Jf^ komokhef, The back of an horse or ass» 
iV^> komcd. Fomenting, oppressed. 
y^ kcmcr. An arch, a belt. 
]j^ kiwrki h. sheep-fold, [man, wandering. 
( I -^^r>wfa^,Fearless, fearing neither God nor 
t^j^^s kemereef Having a short body. (form, 
yj* kemex, Rolling any thing into a globular 
^r kemtsh. Amputating, 
^•r ^cwcf, Feehle, going slow (a horse). 
- V^.J kemkcLin, Compressed in body. 
S^t hoinhom, A tankard, an hillock of sand. 
y^^s kernel. The whole, ^♦^ gomlck, A shirt. 
l^U^D komlool, A desert, an herb. 
^<^ kemlee, A piece of leather which the 
** dervises tie round their middle. 

i 580 ] 

m\X4,^ hemiiam^ Unknown, nameless. 

*A#^j komvelf A dullness in the eye-sighl, 

/X.^ hemend, A baiter. 

(j-^4^» hemoosy Suily, peevish, 

^^♦*=^ kenwoly An area, an inclosureorfold for 

(^i)^*^. hmioon. Concealing, hiding, [cattle. 

^J kemeh. Mitre, cap, fillet. ['"g» 

SUi.^4^» k^niheht, Tucking up the garments, hid- 

^^♦^) kemehjiee. Wandering at large. 

^f<^> kentee. Sleep; kcffirnee. How much??. 

Itemee, Deficiency, an ambush. 
<^^ ^-^^ kewyal. Uncommon, hard to be got. 
^:1aa«vS> ^v'/'/j/tJ/, A chesnut or bay horse. 
^^u.^ kem^etiiiUy To be lessened, to suck. 
^.^^ ke.nieez. Urine, dung. 
^ y^ h'jiitee%eh. Clover mixed with grass, 
p j^-pJ kemee%shtihf A bay horse with a black 
^ yVw^r^emee%eedut2/To urine, [mane or tail. 
yA-^ kemeesh, Hasty, (juick, active. 
2t*^> ktitfiia, A bed- fellow. 
%^*^ kcfftee?h^^^G^» lesser, deficient [defective. 
J>^^~^ kerne neh. In a mean condition, servile> 
U> konx. Hardness, a sickness, doiag, 
Jo Us> konabed, Ugly, out of form. 
SL'Sj kon^t, P|ur. of ^s LS) kknee, 
rU:Sa k^najf Deliberation, consultation* 

I 581 ] 

J w henki\ A port, ^\de, brink, coast, e^gc^ 
Sj\^i^> ke^tinavjet, A Ivite, a h^rp, a drum, 
^J^ w kenq,rgueer, A circle, hoop, ring. 
^.^y w kena^revk. The governor, weeping ia 

secret, whrspering, 
pji^kenareh, Seej[XJke^tLr. ^rij\Xiiev^rfett9 
J w ^d7?^2, The sta)k. [The en4, edge, hf iri^lf. 
y- U^ kenks, 1 he place where a deer lies,;;!^ 
1*mUS9 kcn^sef, A congregation or religiouf 

assembly among the Jews, or the place where 
^U^s> konhst Rpbust. [they meet. 

^l;^) kcni-yr, Plur of^xi!^, ken-ar. 
9^ Uj konb,gh. Silk, a thread of silk, a silkr 
«ii U^s kenhfeSy Short, [worm's clew or con^ 
-%5 U^ kenhfej. Plentiful, copious, fat. 
> IXJ konkm. The den of a wild beast. 
^ Ix/^ kenhrit A round tent, 
^ Ia^ kenaneer, Plur. of j^Us^ k^y^rihret, 
t w gonhh^ A sin, crime, an error, a fault, 
. kl b' gonhh-k(irt A sinner. r^. 

i^ Us> ^^wiiye/, An allusion, metonymyV ; 
^mjIa^ kenh-yss, Plur. of i^^i^, keneeset,\, 
^^ U^. kenhyen, Plur. of x^^ kemeU 
jUi^i keubary A rope made of ih.e fibres of a 
. . •••.^:<i> konhos, Strong, contracted, [cocoanut. 
/^Xj kon}be4f An arch, a yauU, g leap. 


i 582 ] 

J ) j^ koneldhneh, Hemp- seed. 
Ja)^ komholt Hard, robust, e j yp Sound, 
,^1^ kenet, A bee, hemp. [conversation. 

JUS, hennety The viafe of a son or brother. 
A ^konthh Short-bodied. gOU^j hentej^YooX- 
^i^s kontuat A dwarf. [ish. 

jPis, te/e^,Large, hard. ^J^^E:, konsel, Strong, 
^s> kofisor, Short, contracted. [robust. 

S/aJ^s henseref, The brajing of an ass. 

■f ^^ /'/J*:' ^ M^^' ^^^^^^^^'^ ^^^i/' Speaking, chosen ; 
^ / ^ ' konj, A corner, a narrow street. ^ 

^ konjh, A place, a repository. 

rA- ♦ honjhyesh. Authority, [same; 

j^ konjod Qv /^ konjeed, The grain se- 
iyJ^ hoiijedeh, A kind of gum. [ditch. 

kotijshonj, A subterraneous passage, a 
konjoshh, A sparrow, a pigeon. ^- 
gonjolonj\ Any thing small, (tained. 
,, A^ konjeedun, To be filled, to be con- 
JU^ gonjeeneh, A magazine, a treasury. 
y^ konokh, Sour milk thickened. 
^CU >^<?wrf. Hemp, a village ; guend, A bad 
i >;U hondk. Wise, learned. {smell; 

w^ ^^ gundhlf Fetid, a pool, a ditch. ^\^ 

[ 583 ] 

I j >X; hendhr, A kind of fish. 
J ) ^UJ gondhnehy A leek, a bed. 
J « I yJLf kondhwer. Fearless, hero. 
S jj:.s> Jendet, A part, ci? jols, kondos. Strong, 
J U >^ kendkhanehf Humble, depressed, 
fij vi'^T kenddvet, A nest, high, rough ground- . 
^^ J ^yX) konderooj y A bee- hive. 
(F^ ^ ) •w kendcroosh, A stony road. 
5 >l' kondcz. An old castle. 
^ lj>^ kondezkn. An angel./, v.. 
'£ r'J^^^^^^^^* ^ talking bird, a medicinal root. 
t^ j^ kondeseh, A poisonous weedT. 
f f' A^ kondoshy A clew or hank of cotton. 
^ jCJ kendeky A fortification, a ditch. 

k^ndegueey Engraving, [a rotten egg, 
'^ t^/fkiiideliishyK kind of dulcimer or harp, 
^ /^f kendom ox gondoiUy Wheat. [li"g* 

,^yCf gondomehy A kind of small hard sw^el- 
«M // kenduriy To dig, tear up, root out, to 

skin, to carve. 
1^ >w ketidefi^, A species of bitter herb, a leek. 
^yW kondoOy A spade, a hoe, a shovel, a bee- 
e y 1 *y^ kondwhrehy Valour, hero, [hive* 
Jl^^J kondwhlehy Fast, strong, stout. 
^^ ^ >Xr kondoojy A bee-hive, a hook, a hoe, st 

spade, a corn sack, . 

{ 584 ] 

J ^ j^ Jtondoor, A large basket. 

J ^A^ konilotz, A large needle. froot. 

rm^ ^ /J iendoos, A magpie, a mediciu^l 

^^«yw kondook, A ware-house, a shop. 

J *Aj kondoolehf A basket, fling, a freckle. 

«^^>U kenduomeh, A kind of small hard swel* 

e>w konddh, A ditch or furrow, carried away, 
engraved, misfortune. 

»0 yW y^ kendeedun. To dig, pluck, extirpate \ 

guendeeduii. To stink, to putrify. 
^ J^iSs kendeer. Big-bodied ass, [tude. 

S^jiXiSj kondeeret. Greatness, bigness, magni- 
]jXf ken%h. Learned, wise, a species of herb or 
lyJ^S:, kenes, Sweeping (a house). [flower. 
iXj konesh, An auction, business. 
^^tW/ keneshtoOf An unripe fruit, an alkaline, 
to**-, kencz. Grieved, troubled. 
iSoA^a kon%et. Excessive pain or grief, misery. 
^i^, kenia, An old man. a*jls> kenad, A kind of 
^*;^, ken-ar, A large she-camel. fsea fish. 
uSi^s keneff A brink, shore, edge, margin, a 

wing of a bird ; A;(?«?7i Guarding. 
Ui^> kenfa, A hump- backed sheep. 

1 1 - - il/ ke^if^l. Fond of women, a hero. 
liu^j kenefety A part, coast, brink, &c. 
c"o>'^ konfos, Short, 

r 535 1 

l/;.s> kenferei. The tip of the nose. 
3Jii;s> Jt<^rifeleel, Having a large thick beard. 
^^J3f kenek, Hump-back*d, a cock, a cat; 
k'nik^ A mandate ; gotik. Dumb, stupid, 
J \^ ionkhlehf An old man. 
jXxT kengir, A kind of artichoke ; konioVy K 
i\) ^ j^*J ' ongerhv , An o\\'] [large owl, mean, 
-J 'J ^^J kof?grr:ssh((f, The gum of the lentisk' 
iP^ grH'ngftei, Jtt>t, joke. [tree» 

/r^ y^^ k'tfgoosh, A demon, genii. 
,^J gf'figuc''. Dumbness, [ground, a shovel. 
/X^>^ 4" *^«<7/</, A tt instrument for turning up^ 
I /X^ k^^titudehy An inbtrument for digging up 
^i^cV/o»;'Hemp. [stones, ^ digger, ^ hatchetf 
i-jy^> k^noob. Blundering. 
8ys> hojiwef, An allusion, metonymy. 
^ y\Si kertood. Ungrateful, j yf kondor. Hemp. 
^^/^ konoo%, Piur. of -^^j kenet. 
^y^D kanoo-a. Approaching, humble, 
^^sy^' kefioon. Now, God willing. 
^ goneh, A fault, sin, crime. 
l^I^s A. p. kenliti. The turpentine-tree. 
yjjf h^nthder, An instrument upon which they 
I ^^&> kenehdel. Hard, bigness- [carry grapes. 

I \^yj gOfiehkaVf. A sinner. 

^^^>^» lieneJnver, Tall, large (man), *^- 


f 586 ] 

§j^^ Jt^iehwereiy A large she- camel. 
*.»a;^» keneeh, A kind of Egyptian wheat. 
Xa;^ koni^et,h roetaphg^r. ^o^^ji^d kenccdt'rJVygf 
j^ koneery A greedy eater. fcorpuknt. 

vXT keneez, A maid-servant. [temple* 

iM»*X^> ke^n.eesef. Beautiful woman, a pngan, 
»*JL& kenia^ Straying from the right path. 
tJUi^» kaneeff A curtain, veil, a shield. 
•/^ j^aztJ, Fearless, honoured, strength. 
J^s, kawkt Fe,eble, crazy, 
w' iy gowaht A ditch, a cushion, 
-l^^ lowah, A good manager of cattle, 
i)os>'\ ySs kaivaheSy To blot out or raze out o£ 
j]^ gow^r, Digesting. [memory. 

Sj^^s, kotvhrefi A bee- hive, 
J J I y^otf'ar/eA, A butterfly, [assistingdigestion.^ 
gcwiirish, Any kind of electuary for 
gowhreh. Digesting, a fruit- basket. 
CJ^»J ' z gowareedun. To digest ^ kowareC" 

diw, To quench thirst,, to leap. 
^^* J ' ykotva%&hcnk, Sliorthair hanging over 
t J ^ ygotvazeh,A poached egg. [the fore-head, 
i^ vV.i ' y gmvhze^dun. To cease, relinquish. 
(^ h^ Iciiash, Fish dressed with rice. 
«-r-^«i^^3 koiiayl', riur. of c_-A* Us ku^-eO, 
^J\ y kowak, A wagtail. 

t *Sjr ] 

ijA^^^fe keu'hheh, Plur. of c-»^^^j koivk^'h. 
I J ^ y g*^^f^^ly A private chamber, a sack, a carp. 
t^ I y goiLCiUvdeh, An infant creeping da 

hands and feet. [to gain^ 

jH ytJ t y gmikUedun^ To creep (as an mfant)f 
^}^ y0i> bnvalce%t Flur of y^!is, kciloot^ 
e I y gowcih, A testimony, witness. -^^ 

lef ^ 7 ^o^^'fl^/if^, Evidence, testimony,-— <■> i» 
11, !^^r ^"^'i^a^', Large- headed. VC v 

1^ tji kotvepaVj A muhitude, a troop.- : ^— » 
1 1 y Jtoobal, A siioemaker/ a builder. , 'j 
ib^^j koivhet, The game of chess, a sigh foi? 

any thing lost. '^ ^tt^^.rO 

J y hooper, Peppei*, the corn marigold. 
^ y* kookeh, A vessel in w hich butter i^sepa*.. 

rated from the milk. 
M ^'^ *i koohetduiiy To strike, to beat. 
C:^y lioot or gootf A hill, unable to rise, 
eO'y;J-oo/(3B^, Short \ ^ 

w»j ^' yl kooihin, A butcher's chopping bl(>ck»r 
„j^s. ^o2*7ee, Short- bodiedi [agarrisbri iBoMier. • 
dL.' ^ li^fwSt A shoe, an fea4^-boot. 
T^ ^^sJiawseUYvLW of fro-it [phecy, a liberal man* 
h y^s hawser. The Mahomedan Yeligion, pro^ • 
^^^D kaiPsel, Tlite stern or" heop of a ship.-- 
^ yi hooch, A night-bir4 ari aasu^rrii:, '^^'s^ 

t ^88 J 

j U y koochhl, Household furniture. 
vu^J^'ooc^eJjFlesh, meat. ,,,,,^ yj-ooc^e^, S m all, 
^ yi Jioochehy A thread, market place [little. 
^i^> kmvehy Overcoming, plunging into wa- 
^ J hoohh, Hateful, a small hut. [ten 

t ^ hawed, }Adi\6\y being able lo accomplish* 
^^ ) ^ y hoodhhy Roasted meat. 

5 ^^^ knwdei^ An heap of earth. • [shoes. 
J ^ yi hooder^ Thin leather for lining boots and 
^^^ y" koodei, A boy, child, a youth, an in* 
^ ^ yi kawdun. Weak in mind. [fant, 

6 ^ yi kodeh. The bow of a saddle, a naii. 
CJ^»^ ) 7 ^oc?eA^^?2, A club. 

.♦ j 3 y^ kQ%en» A wooden mallet. 
j»^ k^^^^t Swift, indisposition, copious ; 
p. kor, Blind. [sash. 

Sj^Ss kawret) One spiral fold of the turban 
^ J y korja, A burying ground. 
,^ U ; y korkhkneh, A tomb, a cavern. 
y jy hord, A curd. \^ j yJ kordel, Mad, 
ij J y korzeh, A club, a mace, [senselessj. 
Cj^ J y goresthrif A burying ground. 
.^ J pi korsee, A pulpit, 
liJ^ J yJ korshlek. The mole. 
^^Jj y korek, A hen with chickens. 
^y^j^gQrken, A digger- up of grayeg. 


^/^Jj^gorguendom,^ kind of wheat [niture^ 

iTC*; ^ gdW^i^n^ieTii A furrow, household fur>« 

ij^korenehfAn onion, ijj^&oree. Blindness. 

\y^s kawez, Assembling, drinking out of a 

*j ^ JcootshyKhsA smell, a nail, crooked [cup. 

)^ ) ) y goczdar. Hump-backed, deformed* 

^b^ J ^ gozestan, Trembling.. 

^ • ^ y y Jiotcsekkweneh, A hard nut. 

^y^ J J^ kozish, Pity, sufi^ring. 

ti^ J y b^'^kanee. Goat-leather. 

D / ') ^ kozshguer^h, A button, a button-hole,' 

♦ ..s^ I <J gaivz<'nieen, A ditch, [in the chin,' 
CJ ) yS^'^^^* ^ deer, a doe. /' j ^ ^ diiii|jlt} 
^ } ^ ) ^gozwati. An under- f^arj^eat, 
* J ^) 7 kozoorehf A glass bcttlo. 
^ J y) koozch, Earthen \Vt*re, put. 
I '^ yi koi%'iheh, A plain flaggon or bottle, 
Mj^ f:o%-7ter, The head and tail of tlic dr4gor!f 
JL' y* 5/ ko.Xi^enehf A large hammt-r. 
^£^-^ •; koiivctt, An ass, a coljquint. f locL?^ 
i*S •/^y ko-ieroon, Thefleshy part of tlie batj? 
j^s^ yf kosfend, A sheep, a ram, a goat, 
, -_V y hjsehy Bturdless (a man), 

^ y koosee. Wise, virtuous worn in. 
^ \^ y kosh<i''t New wine boiled Wiih liC|?I^§^ 
syrup of grapes. 

.5 l^ y gooslihd, Gentian root or herb. 

i*J)^y koshcidunt To open. 

^^M^AV'l^y koshhst, A nocturnal phantom. 

;^„^ \^ y koshhienk, The crane, 

sZJ^ y koslit or goshf. Flesh, meat. 

p IxS^y^ koshtaheff, Soup made of minced meat. 

.*j^ y koshteen, Fleshy, 

,X"y ^^5W?d.^ A hearer, a spy. [tion,work. 

^ ^ ♦*♦ ^'^ yi kjsheshj Study, endeavour, applica- 

y^*^ yi koshk , A place, a village, [cuffing ears. 

% J ^ y goshmhlt Chastisement by puUing or 

J 1 ^ y goshwkr, An ear- ring, a large pearl. 

J^y gosheh, A corner, an angle. 

C)/^^ J gosheedurit To hear, to listen. 

^ y koogk, The elbow and vi^rist. 

li^^o^^^^y,Doublingr^own and sewing the edges 

.J^^i koofteguee, Spht, bruised, [of leather; 

Jy^y koofiiuu To break, bruise. 

i*j\f yf koofjeykn. The throat, the neck. 

jyikooJeh,K coffin, a basket. ,.,^/y>{-/i^,Lettuce. 

1 _ -^=3 y^h kauk^h} A star, the white of the 

Ia^>^S3 kauki^f'f'f. Shining as a star. [eye. 

^yJyJkokcrd, Sulphur jiX) ^T k(kf?fir,Vo\)py, 

y^ googoOy A ring-dove or wood-j>igeon. 

% ^ .Ss kawkewet. Being swift i a motion. 

jyS»^s» kawkee, Mean, base, a ^ap. . 

\ ^kawel, A ba^age horse, a skin of coarse 
tS^^s hooleh, Measured corn. ' [leather* 

i_jj^!^^^> kooloiv, A kind of herb, [cholick. 
f) ,:S> Latvia, Uncleanne&s. ^ y ^lolotij, The 
J/goolch, A cannon ball. t\) J^^y'^o bark. 
f ^^5 kawem, Mounting on horse-back. 
l^^^s koomet, A heap of earth. 
^ y koomjeh, A narrow street, a cell. 
^*f* y koomen. An owl, a kind of goose» 
^« J koomehf A coat of mail. 
^_^^^ koivrit Happening, becoming. 
-ij^Ss koonhm, A lion's den, pasturage, 
^y katvevj, A falcon, a sparrow-hawk. 
.jfykdwenjeet Mighty, excellent, noble. 
tji Sgawendeli,K corn sack ; koiideh,K basket. 
Jy ^07fe//,Form , external appearance, manner. 
♦^*y kmvneex, A measure, a basket. 
«y ^0^, A mountain, hill ; 4"02i:'^, A sky-light,a 
t^Uyj^M«r^/?,A troop orhorse,[cuppingglass. 
^ t y koohar?, A camel's bunch. 
^"^y fiohejt The oxyacanth frurit. 
^^^^9 kmvhedy Tremulous from age. 
^*jS /.^gohdhv,A necessary, {a noble family. 
w ygohcr,k jewel, a precious stoi>e, a man of 
^XX^T^ J^ goherd,lgiteeneh, A turquoise. 
^j^ I)' w y gawhertdO, Transparent. 

I 593 I 

* y, »f Jfoohrrvce, Honourable. 
Cj^..n r koo!. creed tin y To txchanpe. 
j[^ ^ k i')sh'% Mountaimup, a hilly ronntrjr. 
.1 J k't'icL A km! dftVult, ^ ^ hohvh/\\\.Q 

w tftfioh e, A inouritaii ecr ^buiich ofa camel. 
*>^ y kitheejt r-urni lime, gravt;!. 

♦ .-w yf/ioheen, A ditch, a channel [Lor.rlu cd. 
^ J iooiy A town, a village, a farm, a i»ei^h* 
I y soyk, A speech, a magpie, talkative. 
^J I y hnyhfl. Mean. 

^ J kyicheh, A narrow street. ftune. 

"" "/ 

j^) ioivecr, A barren ground, a stave, a for- 

V y ketvee-i or gewcez, A ditLl),a corner of a 

^::^*^y ^o«^ Struck, [house. 

^l^i koyeh, A stable. [tain, dung. 

Jh^h, Straw , Xd//, Slender ; ^aA^ A mouu* 

l^^Sa hehht, A a old she camel. 

• l^^a kcham, Blunt, slow in speech, 
j^^l^ kuhhiLii, Plur. of ^^;M:S> Ad,heii, 
tJi^Sa hi'hhnct. Turning prophst. 
c«.A£i=» kt^heb. An old buii'ulo. 

o^^s» kohbeJ, A broker, a treasurer. 
^^A-tf W'tf^The little finger, t^^ ^j/i//j/, A lar-e 
^ hehter. Very small. [old c;jmcl. 

fj x/ kch'eree, Smallncss. 
(V^^/V kMcrcen, Tbc least, the smallest. 

t m 1 

^ohj, A large strawberry. 
«x^S) kehd, Endeavour. \ ^^s hehdh, A female 
(^>^*X£:Sj kehedan. Haste, nimble, [servant. 
^^^Ss kehdel, A plump girl. 
j^^i keher. Advancing (as the day\ laughing ; 

goher, A precious stone, a jewel. 
(J Sgoheree,K grateful return, a recompense. 
jLyi kohshr. Mountainous, a hilly country, 
cJȣ^ hahef, A large cavern. ,^,,i [a forest* 
3U \<£^ kehkhmet. Fearful (man), ;, 

saK^^ kehkahet. To-morrow. [galaxy* 

^ [,^^^Xyl kehkosh^n, The milky way, the 
^J^Jkelikt I, Mud mixed with straw forplais* 

xV kehkem, Fearful, old* [tering walls* 

i^^i^^s k^^^k^^^^f. Braying, roaring. 

civ M^r kehelht, Plur. of iJ^T kehlet. 

t__-.X^ kehlebfJhe love-apple, [stamped money. 

*X^ kehleht An old woman, uncoined or un- 

♦^r^e/^fw/, Spoiling, dejecting one (misfortune). 

jjM«v^r kehmes, Vgly, short-bodied, the lien. 

^^T kehmel, A dwarf . ^J^hehen, Ancient, old, 

jf^ k hot) f, A kind of fruit. [a priest. 

^*y kehetjd, A villager. 
v(^/ kehnegueey Old, worn. [ancient. 

J./ kohneht Having no beard, a youth, old, 

Y5 -r^ 

I ^04 1 

« Ayj kehood, Nimble-handed. [c!er, 

^ ^ kehwer, A large cloud. 3^^ hehwel,K spi- 
.» ^^ hohooh, Decrepid. ^ kehee. Feeble. 

V^f keheej, A mushroom, a wild plum* 
iV>/ /ioheex, A ring, a handle. 
*iv/^ keheeleh. Unskilful^ unlearned. 

r Aeef, That, in order to ; p. kai. When, a 
great king, a stout giant. 
XfS heyht Timid ; p. kcyhy A king, defender, 

the four elements, the devil. 
^ Ia^ keykj. Madness. ^ UT heyhh^ A manager 
XSheyary An assistant, slowness, [of cattle, 
\' y Li keyhrh. Affliction, pain. [army. 

^ iSS keyhrevguee, The commander of aa 
^l;^ keyhs, Faint, weak. 
^l*^> keyhl, A measurer of grain, 
(jj^f^j^ keyhn. Existing, essence. 
XJL^s keyhnef. Existence, defender, [dicine. 

J \J k'y^nee* Royal, cii Uj Uss keyhney ) /,Me- 
S' U gueykhf Grass, herbage. [to another. 
/♦yr M keykhon. Respect or service convened 
*yij kcepoOj Lettuce, unskilful, senseless. 
''*S\»if keepoos, A crooked tree or stick. 
^^y ke^peh, A cupping-glass, [much, a bee. 
ci^ft^ keet. Thus, only ; p. ^ee^A mazed, how 
'^ge/e/ea,The world, the globe,fortune,time. 

[ 595 ] 

\Jj^ ^eejeJc, Twisting. ^ Jreeh, The side 
/^ heekh, A mask. [of a mountaia. 

*s;v.^ keeHem, A king of kings. 

I J^ heehhoort Treasure. 

^ vg=^ ^dft^ Cheat, adopting, vomiting. 

.j^^--, ^eer, A smith's bellows ; guer. Keeping, 

SJ^gueerh,^ captive,treating, [holding, ataker. 

y*. \ y^^ ^eerhs, A cherry. 

,. Kx^> keeyerhn, Plur. of^*^, heer, 

.♦j>J \ jJ guerhneedun^o cause one to take,to 

i ^a:S> keerety Plur. of ^/j^a ^eer . [hold together, 

* I j ^^f keerdhroo, Fern, brake. 

^p ^f guerefiiiiii To hold, take. 
{$ jJ^ gueeree. Taking, holding. [cence. 

jjMftT ^^25, Inventive, skilful, physic, benefi- 
(^l*g>A^> keishrij Cheat, deceit. 
e 1 lXwv.J^ kistareh, Affliction, pain. 

.♦J IxwwJ ^ees/aw, A wine-press»yiwwJ tes/oo, A 
J^^S k^iseeneh, A rope, [wild gourd, 

j ^^^g^ keisoo, A small ring, a circle. 

, AJ kahh. Wedlock, fine cloth. 

^JiJ kcesht, The flank. 

,^,tJ^ keishen, A leather fetter, lead. 

51x^3 ^^z/rr, Avoiding, desisting. 

litA^s keeghh, Adversity, cruelty. 
I liL; hecghkr, A punishment, correction. 

I «96 1 

« xJ^ ^rcgJirrh, Sorrovvful for having com 
t-JxS, ^e/fa, How? [initted any sin. 

XiAj* IcifJ, A segment, a part, section. 
Cr^ h^^ftun, To Jean towards, to bend to. 
I^JaSs keefdmh. In whatever manq^r, how, 
JiS keefeh. The palm of the hand. 
w-V^ ^^^^* '^^^ pupil of the eye. 
kl; ieekci, Worthless, good for nothing. 
^A^ keel, Weighing, a measure, warmth, 
iUs» keelb,^ Lest. ^^^ keelas. Meal, flour. 
^ IL; keehn, ^ sort of large water- fowl, 
)Uu.s, keelet, Pleasure, [a swelling. 

aXj keeloo, A royal mandate. 
y^^XSkeelet, A measure of corn. 
U*^» keemhy Why ? in order to. 

\z^J^ keemekhfy^ho: back leather of an horse 
C^<^A^, keemoohy Warmth. [or ass, 

t/«^cvA^3 keemoos, Chyle, [philosopher's stone. 
\*c^^> A. vjieevieyhf Chymistry, alchymy, the 
.^J^ keen. Running slowly, becoming fat. 
I yU/ keeneiver Malevolent, inimical. 
Viyj^ towoowg/jBeing, happening, suspecting. 
y/ keoa. When, a king, a genii, a hero. 
"^ I 3 ^^^ keyozcit, A mountain. 
,yy^ikeyoos. Crooked, ingenious. 
ya^A^, keyoos, Abstaining, cautious from fear. 

[ w ] 

^^aS) ^eei/ool. High ground, fearful, the rear of 

an army. I Persia. 

D ^ gueeveh, A kind of cotton shoe used ia 

vu^> keehehfln this manner; o^//^6*/?, Mastich^ 

1 LJ^^eeh il,Lofty, ^ \yS keehkn or gfieaffkn, 

^jSa hee. Terrible, timid. [The world. 

I ... 

4,j-A>^s» keeh. Sadness, afflicted, '^t^*^^? ■' > .i 

^ ZAw, The twenty-third letter of tha 
Afabick alphabet, and the twenty-seventh of 
the Persian. In arilhmetick, it denotes 30. 
-iy Ih-nm, Union, agreement, peace. 
y^^ y Ihh, A supplication, a root, a jest. 
y*L^ Ikhasa, It is not bad, there is no harm. 
Sj y lal^tit, A stony place, ci^ ^ lales. Delay- 
Ou^ IkMi Copious. (''^g« 

>^N /^^ew. Abounding in, or drinking milk* 
;j II Ihle/i, Earnest and submissive praver, ri» 
dicule, a root. [pagan Arabians. 

Ul>jy /a^ Name ofanidol worshipped by the 
^•^7^^e,Hungry.*.5 :^M.<f^»/, Breaking, hunting. 
^ j^'S la Jeremy Doubtless, compelled, defrnce. 
Jjj. y IhjeL Because. ^ y ♦:? U lcL;ou'e*<f, Blue. 
^♦-^^ U Idchecn, A slave. , y td////,Karrow place. 
/ .^ "^ Ikheh, A beaten path, a broad patent 
:^ Ihhes f. Calamitous (year). [road» 

Jis^^^hei, Adhering, conjoined, adjoining. 



I «98 ] 

^s*'^ ^>^^w,Eating flesh, giving ment,^-^^ Pro- 
jp» ,£* 3? /(x/'OOa', Unhappy, [nouncingimproptrly, 
Jt 4! /d^'/. A' stony place, hard, a stone. 
^M dit'it Soft thin silk, a wall, the foundation 
,^^^y JAJdni, Repairing, stnklng. [of a wa!L 
Jt/^^P. lii^jeht i^ool, blockhead. {ingtrough>a hia. 
I i V /A^#'/,Surr6u^ding ali^ 3J IdrenJt, A kneaU* 
Lf^^J^Kdd^ 'A Persian silver coin. 
-5-0,;^ Ik^'eeh, Unquestionable, certainly, 
v> loL^., Quaking (hands). 
^S^'^ la%(if. May it last for ever ! fhering. 
,^^j::^ld,%eb, Fixed, strong 6^^ /dt^c/r, Ad- 
-j^ Irizem, Necessary, proper, important. 
S^j'S Ihzemef, Necessity, obligation. 
stjf'y'S lazenerd^ Lapis lazuli, a blue colour, 
^ Aj^'j'SlhZi^w^rdee, Azure, cerulean, [silk. 
tj y lit%sheh,W\\A saffron. ^^ iils,K kind of 
. ii U lash, A dead body, bread, [doubtedly. 
^.A-i ;^ M«//e/ee//,lncomparable, iJui ^/ i.v/zY^/S'.Un- 
J^ i' /As7/c7/,Uncivil, slow, ^^i iJ /a.v//<^e,Nothing. 
.♦j/J^ U lashct'duTiy To spread by scattering. 
iji<»» N; /a«('^, Joined. Ia-o ^, A woimd in 
j^'i lutein, Boxing, striking. [the head* 

«^ li-a. Timid, distempered. [man. 

w*i 'i Ici-ab, A player. Ic )i lA-af, Prudent wo- 
gvfi ^ /a,-f/;,Passionate love, inflaming with love* 

^Wf fhgff. Play, jest, burlesque. [rabliit, 

■jf^^ id'gher^ Lean, meaner, ^k'i thghem, A 
Icac ^ /^ghci/ef, A shameful or foolish ^ajiag. 
^ii) ^^J^ fdghcedun, 'To jest, play. 
il^i 7<i/, Boasting, vain-glory. 
2^ /n-Ze;^, Scorching (wind). 
-^^K A/2r^77, A boaster xijiv Ihfe'xei, A miff, 
l*j y-^^ lhfecihiHy To boast, fthesea, the world, 
.^' >{ Iftkefty Distressing, cfuel (w^r), 
•lai* ^ Ik^t'ff.k freed man, a mender of ctoattifir, 
^ U ikk, A tiinctupe for dying eloths red; ' 
•^ IW /i5'e/rtw. Let it pass, '[agree, there is tip 

more to be said, undoubtedly. 
^Y /did//, Nevertheless, but. ^T)i llii^et) A-^v^i^ 
J If M/, Dumfb; a. /or/, A pearl. [senger. 
^^ /A/A, No, not at all ; f. ////t/, A" ^lave. ' 
^UU /a/aworjv, Plur: of J U /A/. 

^1/ /a/fv^, A fritter. " •> [flower. 

feCil /A/y^r/, A slipper. JH •/^?e^' A beautifid 
^.^ /aw. The letter ylhniy consolidating (a 
wound,) pntting feathers nrroW;; 
/o//w,']Mi8erablc, unlearned ; li-am, A peace 
• between two persons. 
j.^U'if /d/wo//, Avaricious; p. laman, SwiB, 
t^^ ItL'fn-.t, A coat of mail. ■'^ *"' « •[acttvc» 
^^M Id^mcii, Looking, shining, , 

I 600 1 

J\^\J Ih7ielb,It'l,^i){ tobeshunnedpravoi(*ed. 
U^^ Ihmcs, reding. ,^^^ IH/na, Sljining, * 
^o^* ^ ii'n*'kiii. Having no abode, [splendid, 
*^ ^ Itnieh, An ornament, fpidor to, 

^^^ Ian, A hole in tlie ground, becaus(t^ ia 
♦A^'j ^ l(inezeer, Incomparable. .J«^^ 

->lf i^neh, A nest, slothful, a guide. 
1^^ A/r^, Distress calamity, pain, 
^ t ^ U Ihwar, Painful, labour. 
^^« If lhtrtk,h kind of tub, a kneading trough, 
t^l/ liiweh. Supplication. iS ^^ l^wce, Levi- 
«M>i«II /^a^^<////i. To ask. [lical. 

y^'i tiihtz, A high ground. 
kJtA'i Wteft Abused, damaged. [head. 

.Cl»>^ X MiiAiff 'i he divine nature, the God- 
ly 1^ li-aee, Detained, slow, adverse tortune* 
^jvaXjJJ I lyel-ieiUiclt Unchangtable. 
J«v3P^ ^ Ihyct-hcninul, Intolciable, 
^ ^aevj ^ / '^ 7^>«?5, Proli J hi ted . 
g^5»>J Ijyefh ^^hite, clear, appearing", shining, 
^f^:, V Ihyahsee, Innumerable. 
^jd^/i li-yediekf Incomprehensible. 3.^v»^ 
u-»^^.^ Ik-yezat, Indissoluble, [lilt gitimate, 
^l^iV l(i-ye%al, Ltcrnal, durable, 
4jHt^ /^^*» A greedy eater, ouo^ lai odd. In* 
^£ji^^ Idi-aiel, Senseless, mad. [numerable* 


f^^ ^^-yf'fh^fi J^P^^t<?Uig,ijble» {convenient. 
c^ %fMi^^i, yy Of til/, SM i t al>kv p rope r^ d uCi 

-♦-^0 Ihyen, A short shirt wijti^narrovy slaves. 

i'ij/il %pw/e^ Jndivisjl^ff^f ,q j^,^ .^^neiit^ 

,MXj If layecclun, Ta ho.wL,,tP beat a. doff. ' 
^4*Z/',;Ratipnal,j discreet ; /ef, Stpppii^g ; 
^ \lM\li]}& heart, the 3QmI> the lip, marrow, the 
^vL J /e^a/vA iit tie fQ^der.[)bestpart ofar>y tlung. 
t, U Lfnletf XuU of \\4ti Of inyenti^n* < , .^ 
£,\^\ /f^^i;.I)e1p}ing^ gl|jj //i/j^;V.JFt^l^l^, ter- 
•rU Ubacheh, An hahit* >,,r,^:>f .wiFrified. 
JUjwU /o/Jd/^A^^f/, Flesjiv, taU, hi^ndsomie. , 
a UJ /eMl^* ,A ^JJ^^; 9^f >vpp)len cloth. \ , 
C ^ y hhidiei,. 4, wpoll|?n. coat. ^^^ {j^J^fffi^'Mp. 
yi..y ,/f A**,^ A robf, garment ; [bKuhful/slQw. 
.^^lU^ lei a Jeff. Full to the lip,..rwning Qver. 
^. V) ,/e/i^/?, 'The breast, bospra .n)ijk-.; , p /o'M/v 
^} U; /t^p^w. Si|>le4idid. [A I>aFtn^^^Ubojj^r. 

iii^4\:.fe>^t.i^Mtyi^^,vy;aten.,;,,.| ^,:..; 

S^Jii/fiA<^A'^AiJi^'}!^ss, jCi^l /d/x'f,,,, Delay, 

g^ /tf^'^V : ^^Kii-A^gi. tJirP wing. oQ l^i^;^. grpuod. 

A 6 

f 602 1 

^ leleh. Courage/ '•ability. • 
i^if^/'(*if-A/ Laying inhres, killlff^V.*^^ [bly^ 
h'j^* hifkhendeh. Gladness, Sniilin^aLfeeaJ 
ik\1ebeH\ TeaziifJ^ stopping, ' Uhttii^tichd^ 

^'';:j'!ebreez, FuU'ti>'ttt6 b^in^^'V^ ',u,^ U a;> 

jj lef>ez, FlebH^, long b6di6d fft^4^y^>;>-c 
y^^ ' tWSy ^ Put t i 1% on a gaVmeht . ^ [fiiisJoiJ^ 
L^ hhet, A kind of habit, 'dbscufity, coh«* 
tJ /<i^e/, Throwing Upon the ground, si rising 
iLiAj ' ftj^tf^, Skilful, prudence.' [the grounds' 
iUJ /e^rjt, Confounding, mixing '^^ " '* h' ^^ 
«Lli iixi /d^/A^, ivy, .bind- weed, pfellitory. *- * 
4Xj U/oA, Kindness^' '^^^ *'^' cV^^vjivi-A U j. 
^ Ubem, A tremour of the shoulderi. -j^ '->^ 
j^ /e?;pw, NJilk ; lebn, A brick or tile. ^ ; ' ' 
tx^lebcnefi A brick, abound rhg* in milk (a ca-^ 
'^A.Vlchnee, Black frankincense, [mcl or sheep).^ 
*^J^ lehoo, ?\^r:' oi \j: lobh, fa- lioness^ 

t ^j lofjoot.h n iron covering for the head, bra veju 
^ yj iep<H)t^ The interior part ot the cheekj 
A^ leboodf Lighting (as a bird on the ground). 
ij»,>! leboos. Putting on a garment, a coat o^ 
/.^•aI /f/'OOw.A bounding in milk (cattle), [mail* 
i*^ icbweh, Rennet for curdling milk. 

r 6oi J 

-iiJ 7^/'^<?, Cbnsiiihing a grc'at deal of meat, 
£^>j/^/'eeA, Discreet, uhderstahding, sagacioUsu 
jSaujJ '/fto^e/, A kind'of fcldak. ' '^ 

i!l$>te^/re5e^ "A mU]titiide;deIa3^^^''*^,^V 
^S'leheekh^: k bkg of music. '\-?^*'^^^ 
i^ Me^, Cf6thed. tqu^rr^**^;''^^^^''^ !^ 
cJuJ /e'/'Pf**; 'Wise, prud^rtt; ^kilfcl/**^^ ^ 
AaaJ lehtekt Here lam, I Wait ydiir commands,* 

luJ /d^('W(i,A' ^i^rt'aih'nlusicalmbd^' fbi^ sheep). 
JUxJ /eheenet, Full of milkf (tfie udder of carme!:' 
uHaJ /<?//, Mixing, bruising! i/ kti 'A' ih^Ce;^ 
CL> bi '?o/^/, The' bark 6f tr^ysl '^''|st)Iitting;;' 
£bl ' ietih, 'Hunger. "viiAl^ui lettLkt, In pieces;* 
ilrr /l5/c///''Flx^d/strikirig''veith k's^^kri''^ ''•*^ 
^ '/^^A, Hunger. ^V^^^-^'^^ ''''^^^.^ 

^ /«/«^yfA, Cutting (Vith"^ k6bufge)i^^^.^< 
^ Vm, ^Striking (with- the h^rAis)^'^^'^-^ 
*i' iif" BtfelU Tn pieces, to^rnj itieari.' ■' ' ' '^- '^rj 
j,:i /e/e?//. Striking \vilh "a "spear.bedtiVrg:--^?'* 
*ll!a fei't^^^er; Sltiggish, a greedy eater. [lineniv 
%^ te.inet, A hedge- hog. \^ /e/e^. In piec^si 
^ c^Mj?w,^'IList]n.'' '^ ■- -'^ *• »^[l)I^ditii^ 
cLJ /es5. Raining fors^^aTilaj?^-,''d^v\^i lCfou- 

SjJJ /eWd/,*'A'^i:owdi'a-m^ ^tVui 

Xiia leslest'f, StQppif^, Uiixjierifl^" t IHM Uliiig* 
1^ iesetff, Kissin^d br€U}klng,.veijiii^ th^ l^):e« 
^ /«f6r, jM»>i*^ei^i^g (,a gariiieiii). VA t, ;_, 

gvj /d/. Making a noi^e, sharp (s word) ;. /o^i^ 
^ Plenty r a j^real bqjy of w^te^^ ^,,^.v,\ L;j 

c^l^ Aja/, 'l,be upper linUl of a door. .. 
*,UaJ /ej\i¥i»^ .bridle. Tjcins ^ssa^.lt^jeffi Ru^rin^. 

.5^ Ai/Vx, LickinjC. .TiiinyU ,^^'J?!^^if% 

•j^ ii'j't^. Blind of,an.eTfj,,j,.') - > \ ^^a 
^^^/eje.k;, 'J he fii«iiif.f , , . fwliirh 9;)^^rEa, 

fgo^ J^efiit ^1''^% Us^\y ItJ uiei, A mountajii, 

XLjcd /(S7V«'^ A number of m^n consenting Xpi 

g^acO /<^*(^,, CuntentiouF, quarrelsome, 
. e^>58d Ijioout Stubborn (camey.^VdbWiV it-.i 

t 005 1 

^si lejee. The ocean, the deep* 
ijL^ l^eef. An arrow, the side of a door, 
t^jisy]fUjepnt Silver, a leaf. [cutting (eves),' 
^^ J^fik, (fern, leket,) Twinkling of the eye^ 
l^ /d/?A, The bark, la lasvj kh^dei, A piece 
l^i^I hhhset, A lioness. '^ ' * ' [of nieati 
AM Uri lehdisem, Plur. of *.*»»«o lohsem, 
^*o\^ leh^see, Ill-luck, distress. [serving,. 
}e l«rJ /tf//^2, Looking with half-shut eyes, ob- 
c«5 larJ lehhf^Kn upper garment, a counterpane. 
CJ l^ lehahf A bow-case. ^ i^cvl lehhhm, A 

butcher, a seller of meat. [impropriety, 
Qx l«0 lehhnt One who pronounces with great- 
«y,c^ /■7/e'^', Going straight, throwing on tho' 

grounH, drawing flesh from a bone. 
^s^\ lehcj. Sticking in the scabbard (a sword);;: 
^\^s^ leheh, Narrow (place). \lehj\ K crow, 
jk»l hhed, Leaning, burying, disputing. 
\ss^ hhex, Covetousness, niggardliness. ' ''■"" 
jjjy^j lehes, Licking (a dish,) eating, 
^^.^se^ lohsonit A narrow water- course. - "^ 
t^-sv! hhes, Theshrinking of the upper eye-lid. "' 
j^^l^xs^l leheshn, Swiftness, jumping, "^ 

tscJ lehet, Sprinkling with water or oil. 
uA*vJ leheh Any thing following and joining ' 

another. ^ ^ *•;...' -^ -y..:^^:;a ^'^^ii^-i 4^;*^ 

I 606 J 

^icO Meh, Joining, striking. 
i^si^JMa, An aninmlcule like a lizards 
gvXxJ IthUh, Narrow (pl^ce ) \ 

hsXzs^ yiUhety Dry hTt'4ih " ^ n^ ' ^ 

]U«4 khew&tt Apiece of meat; lohmef, Baft, 
'^jsej leht^n. Wise, underst angling, deviating. 
lU^ lehenet. One soi\pd,. one barbarism* 
^*0 lehoo» Stripping the; barH off a^ bija^^dju 
'Sjb.^3aJ khtvejef^ Mixing togethef. ..^*^\ >^ 
^^ lohooht A kind of Arabian cakc; 
^^i9s^ lehood. Deep (the water of a well), 
^^aevi lehwes. Greatly or passiopately de-^ 
i^'^arJ /cf //oo^, Reaching. | siring or wibhiMg for^^ 
^y^l Jo/ivi, Belonging to the beardv or jaws# 
^rJ lehee» Defaming, tke chin. 
-^Ua;^) I oh ^ an ee, Hawing a large or long bear(?#^ 
V*«0 lehee'; Having little flesh on the back 
Ia^ lehyei, A b^^ard, whibkcrs. [(a camel)... 
^A^hheej, Cheat,, deceit. , , 

ly*«0 loheixh , A ti casure [n?f», looking back. 
4^aMKv] hhees, Narrow, strait. Jt^acU /c7^c^sJ^Likc* 
tJ(p;0. h'heeft 'riie» upper lintel of a door. 
imjkO leheem^ Full of flesh, slain j/^/^eew^Sil- 
jkvJ lekli, Full of tears (an eye.) [ver;^ gold» 
UO lekhby^TQ talk, or chat, a gaJIy-pot.-^ 
y^ kkheb. Bruising, \lokhk, A sbpe, sandal. 

w»a:0 hJihf, A boot, shoe, slipper, a pieces atl 
iron macd. [pillars. 

^.;>/^ l^hhteeneht A place raised on wooden 
gidW M/;yj A wbite humour congealed ^bout 
V. ti^e eveS'i W/zef', Yitriol. 
i»ips?J Uhhjtm, Large- bellied (a catiiel). 
y&9^\ithiti.y A sharp ktiife. [an asvlura; 

/♦vt*/ hkhshkit, A supporter, an undersetiv 
^' ♦*» ^ hhhshchf A burnmg coal, [abominate^ 
^« i ^ A V lekhsheedurij To support, to move** 
*kxj Zf^/za, Weakness, feebleness. 
i.JbssO li'hhef, '1 hin foam or froth, a hard blow*- 
Jt^ hhhfett A thin White stone. 
cJj^y^ lelili^icoJt, A crHck in the earth, 
fcOi^ hkllckb, Feeble, weak, debilitated. 
^UxVsEvi ItkhUhhan, Speafcirtg improper! j, 
If^JW itklfiM^r Perfume, odour. 
^i^ kkhmt A kind of sea-^fisli, 
jjjivJ Itkkou^ Stinking, unciFCumcised* 
, -^.'V - J^ IMnenih, A kind of blue flower. 
t^^ic^i hkhircei A prating woman. [ther. 
^lehhee, Ha\tngone knee larger than ano- 
jj /ef^, Td, v^ith, at, after, nigh ; a. p. lod ov 

lodd. Contending, disputing, a bag* 
\2Ly V oJ ledb^iy Plur. of » jj ledet, 
* \ oJ kdb4i i*lur. of ^ o4 kded, \, 

[ 6o8 '] 

i^jj ledhgh, A sharp thorn, a sting. 
%i \ jj lodtighet, A curse, a cutting speech, 
^ VaI leddim, A cobler. 
«3o»jJ ledknet. Soft or limber, pliant.- [ra'.y, 
SjJ ZcJt^/, A birth-day, begotten, cotempo* 
a oJ leded, A formidable enemy, a violent 'con« 
^^ jj /et/d*, Licking, a blow with the hand. [test, 
^jj ledeght Stinging (as a scorpion,) biting 
4 _ J /<?^r^, A plaister. [(as a serpent). 

X^ 1 jj lodonnet. Any thing necessary to be done. 
.AjOJ iedood, An enemy, a pain in the mouth 
tf *)J ^efl?ee, At, aftcFj near, by. [or throat. 
iXjjJ ledeed, Physic, 5 ju oJ /e^/eec^e/, A flou- 
t}>^j^ ledees. Fleshy, fat. [rishing garden. 
^jjJ ledeem, A garment. osJ lex%, Oratorical, 
CLi 1 oJ lerzkt, Plur. of cii ^ lezzet. [agreeable, 
i^jJ lethz, Taking delight, sweet, voluptu- 
^j \ jj Icihycz, Plur. of g 6^ i.j le%ee%et. [ous^ 
I 3J/e?5se^, Delight, pleasure, sweetness, taste, 
« ia /eac^ S'PPJ'^g* importunate. [savour. 
^ W /^;Ea, Burning, reproaching. 
il^oJ le%lk%t Swift, active. 
4J oJ lezleka. On account of, because. 
- jJ U%dm, Pleasing. »--.^3J lozoohy Stopping. 
4?^ /cs;ee,That. iooJ /^zde25,Sweet, delightfuL 
j) lor. Old, aged, a rugged (ground). 

^'s^yl Ierjee,Odour> J J ler%, TremhVmg,drc^&^ 
'CJ^J ? ^^^5S^77, Tremulous, [blei 

CJ^^J ? fer%^needun, To frighten, totrem* 
6 ) J Jer%eh^ Trembling, tremour. 
C) ^Jj ferzeedini, To tremble, to be moved; 
/f J ^ars, A bldW',a'cuff. (rating cotton; 
^J J forck, A bow for cleaning and sepa-' 
y^ lerler. One of the names of Omnipotence^ 
tJfereh,The leprosy. vi /d:?:3i, Joining, fastening.' 
cJ ly /d2;^^, Glue. ^ i^i /^^z.Vwr, Reproachful, af- 
^j) lenej, Extensive, long and limber, [front.' 
*;s.y lezjef, Keeping much at home. 
^ Ijjji le%sJufd,n, Blacls. mud- or clay. ^ 

ly lexem, Urgent, adhering. [luck.' 

j^^y leze7?, Pressure in a natrow place;' illx 
^*jp) le%shen, ]Mud at the bbttom of a pond. 
*3-^ leznefy Need, poverty. 
^ ')) lezsheencheh, A< clev^ or hank of threadi 
Lj^y lezooh. Fast, settled. ''^'-"ffoV wound* 
c_J^y Ivzoohf Adhering; kzOol', A medicine 
-•y /e%oom,Necessity,del)t. eV /<?.<? //'e^, Thick* 
;j<.^ lez^echchj A clew of thread. [ag^d; 
'Svy lezeexet, Neighbouring. 
V Y. ■ j lezeek, An inseparable convpanton. ■* 
'^X^y hzeekee. Any thing agreeable (in speech) 
which ^Tiheres or is remembered*^ * ^sr^j ^ 

{ 6)0 1 


.yj los. An agreeable flavour, 

•^♦•U lesshsei, A sliee of a cameVs bunch, 

* '*J les\m. Tasting. fa book. 

^UJ kshn, The tongue, language, Hie stile of 

V^^) /i;*<;^', Stinging (as a scorpion,) persisting. 

^^y**J lest. Fast, solid, hard 

^uJ lesedt Sucking eating (hone}), 

2*J, Stinging, abusing, travelling, 

ir iV^l hslks, A slice of a camel's bunch. 

«^ lenient. Dumb. ^^^J lesen. Orator. |ing. 

V>m4 lesooh, Somewhat. cJJ^*J iesook, Adher- 

t*J j-^ leseedun, To lick. «a*J iesia, A punc- 

4^ leshsh, Compelling. fti.rc. a sting. 

CJy losht, Fast, hard, altitude, a battlement, 

y^Ci^ hshkar. An army. 

^jiiUJ lesh/hsh, Interrupted, fearful man. 

Si iiLiJ leshlkshetf Restness, commotion. 

4^ leshen, A prop, support. 

iiJ Ic&hee, Becoming wretched after being in 
^JljJ /&s//^ewtf/2,The ring- worm, [a hi^ih station, 
oal /c55. Robbing, shutting a door. 
X^l^ lesd,set. Robbery. [bard,) adhering. 
tg^ lesel't Sticking (as a sword in the ^cab- 
CuaJ lest, A robber. L^I lesset, A female n^b- 
^yu<^ le&ses, Robbing, robbery. [ben 

4^^J /e^/i The caper-tree or root. 

[ ^n 1 

^jj^ leseh The side. tjoXA^l leslesef, ^fotion, 
wyaJ lesoo/', Plur. of i^^ leseb, fjunciioii, 
tfjc ^«fll lesooseyt't. Robbery. t-Ji ^-^l lesook, Con- 

^JC^ lezx, Asbiduous, persevering. [•"^» 

(joMLiJ Md,z, Intelligent. [lefu 

Ju<aLaJ /t'2;/d«f/. Looking to the right or to the 

^aJ lezee. An intelligent guide. 

y /(*//, Necessary, fastening to, shutting a door, 

lU /??/^, Adhering to. [concealing news. 

,iliy /<'/4/, The forehead, a place. (^ 

Xiiy leidfet, Beauty, elegance, grace. 

^lU letam. Giving a box or blow. 

. •; .U! /d/e«, Corruption, assembling. 

^vU 7e/e^, Striking gently on the back, with 

the palm of the hand. 
^LJ leickh, Staining, defaming, accusing (of 

a crime). 
jjmLI /t'/<?.9,Dashing, kicking UJ /d/d/,Toothless. 
^y /d/f/, Licking, kicking C^*^ IctJanBcnC' 
SiL\ let fefy A small present, [ficent. 

JaJy let let. Toothless (woman). 
*.t:J Intern, Striking with a palm twig, 'stain, 
4,4L1 lefwee, Aroraatick. ^ ^y letookh. Filth, 
cjOtl /^7rv^i Beautiful, elegant, genteel, pene- 
-^y Ideei/i, Cut with blows. [trating. 

I 612 1 

Jal Jeita, Blligent, continual. 
1^ ^W lezlkz, Warm, hot (day), [indignation. 
%]£^^e^ lezlezet. Coiling, turning the head with 
^tl iezee, Hell or hell- fire, 
«I la. Of a bad disposition and mean original 
^1*1 loh-a. Herbage just sprouting [(a man). 
cJ i*J lU'hJt, Licking the lips or teeth. 
-II liiini, Out of form, ugly. 
|,^IjJ /rt-a?/,Cursing, sentencing (as a judge); 
V^j Ihb, Playing, g:ime. 
3U*J^/a-/'e/, A game; lo-Ut, Play of any thing. 
J Uu*J lu'het'haz, A player. 
^%\ lo'bee. Belonging to play. 
Jul iatt, Beautiful, chaste (woman). j 

iJLk'A las, Slow. ^i6 lajy Agitated. [tivc. 

l^':^^ la zcmet, Delajing, hesitating, atten- 
ua*J laSy Hardness, severity. 
Ijijtl /o%, la king (with the tongue). 
Ui& latf Equal, resembling. 
XtuJ lotet, A malignant eye. [Licking,. 

SUJwiJ lazeinety Devouring (flesh). «-JijtJ lak^ 
UJ 111, A gem, a ruby of the most brilliant 
«W lald-a, Fearless. [lustre. 

•UJ /a- /a, A wolf. JjJ la- kit, A tulip. 

♦^AxJ la-leen, Ruby, of a ruby colour. 
}0\^ k-mdz, A vain boaster. 

t 613 3 

^t^] td^mez, A gluttonous mart. 

^jtl /aw. Cursing, ijjt] la-net, Animprecatiorij 

^^ ys\ ia-oh. A beautiful (girl\ [eurse* 

g^i la-wet, Excess of hungefi 

i^^«J laos,k wolfjSome,a man suddenly dev6ur* 

ijcyj lawez, A kind of animal, [ing any things 

cjiytl lawek. Licked^ ignorant. [of millet* 

\^\ la-y. Ill-disposed. SxjjJ la-yat, Bread baked 

f^\ layn. Abhorred, hated, execrable. 

U) leghk. Sinning, attentives 

IjU] loghcbhetf Feebleness, folly* \ 

djiy log hat, Viur, of c.i!i loghat. j 

^UJ leghgha%i Slandering (man). 

IsliJ leghaty Name of a mountain. 

-U! leghhm, A shoe; logJikm^ A bridle, the 

foam (of a camel). 
(L-_jy /f^g/^d/"', Wearing, injuring, [a dictionary. 
liJ loghct,The tongue, idiom, speech, language, 
ooJ /f^g/zet/, Keeping in order, erecting the ears. 
viJ legl.ez, Changing, distortin^j. 
.♦tl'ij leghzhn. Apt to make one slip. 
^ /jj \ ^ leghzhneedun, T© make any thing 

slip, slide, fall. 
.♦I yW. iiJ leghzeedun. To lean against, to slide, 
^ij legls'V, The scald* [fall, slip* 

JLii kghtt, Making a murmuring noise. 

D k 

ijUJ Uoliefy Making up meat irtto balls. 

Ux) leghftut Plur. of ^^^ij legheef, 

XrXxJ leghleghet. Stammering. 

«x) leghetn, Foaming (camel,) uncertain news; 

p. leghem, A bridle, reins [milk and fried, 
'^y^ ^f^g^ifioon, A species of cake steeped in 
yH leglioo, An inconsiderate speech, barking, 
^yil leghoo^>. Foolish, feeble, 
Xj^ kghoolety Follj, feebleness. [of herb, 
u->*J leghoos, Some, a wolf, a robber, a kind 
ju-^xl Icghweset, Tottering from weakness^ 
^ya leghwee. Foolishly spoken, [triflingly. 
A\ leghee. An inconsiderate speech, talking 
4«-AAiJ legheebf A bad palm. [with barley), 
vii^il le ghees, Mixed, adulterated (as wheat 
4— iA*3 Icgheef, A friend, a receiver of stolen 

JuujiJ legheefet. Broth, a kind of sweet cake. 
w«l l^ff* Wrapping, folding, collecting, deny- 
ci>UJ lefhtj Of a bad temper, foolish, [ing. 
fcUJ /e/^2{, A kind of sweet herb, 
^Ul lefk-a. An upper garment of a man or 

woman, a covering. 
L^liJ /e/d/, A mixture of sour and sweet. 
U UJ lefafetyAny kind of bandage wrapt round 

the feet. 

I 615 3 

cJUJ Iefai,.Two cloths sewed together^ 
-UJ lefcim, A veil which covers the tip of the 
h UJ lefayef, Plur. of Si UJ lefhfet. ["ose, 
ij lefet. Crooked (as a horn,) bending. 
UiJ /^/(i.. Having crooked horns (a goat); 
SKiJ lefdety Striking cruelly. 
jLXiJ lefteyety A dish of carrots or grapes. 
^j Ze//, Distress, misery, ^jj /e/*^, Burning, 
^iJ lefehh, Giving one a blow, [fomenting. 
^iJ lefeshy Hanging down. liiJ lefe%t A word, 
4j^;j///^/,Stammering. [pronunciation, ejecting. 
t_-V 5 /<vWi', Sewing two things together, 
xb •Icfgtier, Smoke, soot. 
^\] I ''fief, In^rm, weak, [mouth (a woman). 
*.L' /^f?wi, • Binding a fillet over the nose or 
ci>^iJ lefooft Perverse. ^ ^il lefooh. Scorching 
XaaIJ lefeetety A kind of thick soup. [(wind). 
laAil lefee%, (fern, lefeezet,) Spoken, thrown 
AjiJ l*ifeek. Of a bad temper, [out. 

cJ3 lekJi, Striking with the hand, [assailing, 
ijU Ztf/ra, Meeting, opposing, seeing; /eM,Face, 
51jlJ lekat. The pavement, the middle of the 
^\%\ lekas. Railing, calling names. [road* 
JsUJ lekai, Meeting from opposite quarters. 
g'iJ lekh-a, A kind of garment. 
c» I* UJ lokk^-at, Sound, iioi«e. 

[ 6i6 ] 

Ju 11! lekhnett Having a quickness of apprehcn- 
«^ leheb, A title of honour, a surname, [sion. 
cija We#, Confounding, mixing. 
^ lekeht A mountain^ a horse. 
P^«J lekoohf A he-canrel. ^^XJ leltoom, The 
„»J /e^ec, Reproaching, [middle of the road. 
^*i lekeeh, tigty, out of form. 
^«] Itheet, Collected, a foundling boy» 
^ ^Wa^H lekeetee, A tell-tale, a spy, 
cji^ i^keef, Tumbled down or sunk at the 
^'i\ hJceem K globular morsel [bottom (a well), 
^^J3 lah, A hundred thousand, 
fe3 lekb,, A stain upon cloths, a calf *s skin. 
ci» i >=n< lohkSy A sparkling stone amidst plaister. 
^ L.Sa! lekasee, White. [sembling it. 

iji Lsil lekash, Money, or any thing round rc- 
glsJ lehk'ttj Throwing, enraging. 
aJL^il lifkciJi, Compression. 
f tt legliin, A bridle, the reins. 
.^ K) lekkmehi A pudding, a sausage. 
jH l<5 leghn, A water-pot, a bridle, the reins. 
>JJ lekpedy A kick. 

^..jCCCr leJfpek, A fool, running up and down. 
WT /t'yt/a. Gruel, pottage. [camel). 

i^:- ^^\ hkes. Having pustules in the mouth (a 
OlsJ kked. Striking with the foot. 

V 6ir ] 

>^ 7eh7:, Winking, striking, covetotij. ^ 
u-^ Ickes, Stubborn. [pion,) suckling. 

e^l h\a, Dirt, filth, biting (a snake or scor* 
USil leJta-h, Mean, servile (woman), 
^i lekem, Boxing, [vessel, a candlestick. 
^^/^e7/,Stammering; p. /d^tf;z, A washing 
w^^X'/e^oope>^,Foolish, running up and down, 
^j^\ Ickood, Nasty, dirtj. [an old carpet. 

^^^aj Mofl, Vile, wretched. 

rJ^ lehelh A stain> a spot, fearful. 

^^yV lehehen, A fast-day, hunger. 

j^.^EJ Mee, Addicted to. j^^] lekkeyet, Fleshy* 

2t^J M?fl!, Abject, vile, mean, wretched. 

^ lemm, Collecting, assembling; km, Not; 
hmh, Why ? for what ? 

U /dwat. Not yet, why, after that, when ; 

iMJ to/7/a/,Plur. of t,\ lomet. [Icmtt, Why? 

2;U Zewo/, A small* bit of meat, a taste, a 

C^ /ew^a^yi-^, Striking. [morsel. 

I :>UI lemaza. For what reason ? why ? 

jUl /o/W(7«, A slanderer, detractor. 

« l^J lemma- at, Shining ; /owg^, A body of 

cJ UJ /dWfl^, Any thing. [^^^^ 

UUl levmmh. Sometimes, from time to time. 

1,1 hinet, A small body of men. [of robbers. 

/^ lomier, Fearless. ^ U-^ /o/z^/'fiw, A natioa 

It » 

[ 6l8 ] 

^ Umehf Twinkling, flashing. 
X«\^j lomhetf A glance, a wink. 
^ lemed. Submission. ^^Ij^ ieiyidhn, Sub- 
8y«J leiitxei, A slanderer. [missive. 

^j^^sJ Icmes, The touch, feeling. 
ij_^ lemter, A bold intrepid man. 
JSrJ Umex, Haying whit^ on the under lip 
•^ lemat Glittering. [(a horse). 

oW loma-ht, Plur. of Xr^J hm-at, [&c. 
j?<sj /6;n-a/,0ne flesh, iL»j/eme;^, Kneading leaven, 
^ lemoOy Eating the whole. 
^y^ lemoohy Looking slily but attentively, 
^ y^i lemoos. Base-born, bastardly, [shining. 
^ lemee, A brown or blackish colour of the 
IaJ lemi^t Having brown or black lips. [lips. 
gvA^j lemeej, A greedy eater. 
^J^ lanees, (A woman) soft to the touch. 
i3u«! lemeekt Painted eyes, [never, not at all. 
jj len, A particle preceding the futur®, no, 
^ lemher^ Salt, strife, quarrel. 
^ lemleht Full of flesh (a man), frheek, a lip. 
^ lenter, A corpulent man, ^ hnj. The 
\ / y^. lonjeh. Waving from side to side. [ing. 
jjJ /<?mf,Membrum virile. I>J lendci, Murmur- 
l*) J^^ letideedun, To limp, to boast, to mur- 
*U ^nk, Lame. [mur. 


I a^9 I 

^ kij lenghkt Abusive. 

.♦I ^ lengan, Limping, sneezing. 

\k} lenker, An anchor. 

J yjj lengoomh, A cloth wrapped round the 

middle when in the bath. 
^^ Unniehf Fleshy (man), ^j laii\ If, but if. 
\^ iaivht The coiling of a serpent, a banner. 
t_><^ leivhh. Spittle* SJ^J lawai, Pudendal 
-1^ hivah. Thirst, [pubes, 

A \ ^\ letva^ht Butter melted amongst milk* 
itjl lawa%. Taking refuge, 
y\ ^\ lawiva%, A fruit- seller, 
-3^^ lawaxcm, Plur. of^j^ la%em, 
y-^^1 lawioaSy A greedy eater ; /az^a*, Any 

thing agreeable to the palate. 
tM>S^ lawas&t, A morsel, yil^ lawash,A cake, 
\ja \ ^\ Ictwast Pure honey. [a biscuit. 

^\yi laiva'OJ, Plur. of ^at^ /a-q;. 
<_< \ ^\ lawwafy A maker of carpets. 
^s^ lawah What is eaten or chewed, 
L^S^ laivalel, Plur, of «-^^ lawklt* 
-l^J lawwam. An accuser, ;«f>,oJ ,v . 
t^i^^^J lawayett The spear staff of a banner. 
g\j!^l lawayeh^ Plur. of g^^ :; lay eh, . .*, 

^ .^^ /oo^ or /oitZ', Thirst, a bee, f pulse, 

I^^ kobet, A Lybian. U y looheyb,, A spe-cies of. 

X <520 ] 

c>y\ loot, Manifesting; p. loott Victuals, 
6^1 /ot^'e«, Surrounding, taking refuge, wrap* 
ping a turban round the head, [feebleness. 
U ^ lou'stt, Feeble. Xj^ /oo*e/,Might, strength^ 
U.^ loojht Need, wanting. 
^yi ioweh, Plank or table of bone, thirstj. 
S«»^ lowfief, One table. ^s»^ lowhee, Thirsty," 
A^ lookh, A reed. ^ ^ lookhen. The mooa« 
i^ lowez, Taking refuge, the edge, skirts of 
^c i^J lowta-yee. Eloquent, ingenious, [a field. 
j^ lowt, The almond. 
J J J looxleh, Seduction, [tion of almonds. 
>^ J J lott'xeenejt A confection or prepara* 
i^^J lows. Tasting ; P. loos, Deceiver, full of 
J U y loosiineh, Swiftness, speed, [clay, mud. 
>^ y looshy Black thin clay, mud adher- 
ing to cattle, impotent, flattery, 
^^^ looshnhk, Muddy, black thin clay^ 
^ ^ y loosheedim/To be insensible, careless. 
^^1 lotves, Peeping through a chink or win* 
1j^ lowt, An inclination. [dow, &e. 

c^I Iowa, Covetous, niggardly. ' L'l 

Se^J lowat. Inflaming with love. • --^* 

^ J /oog^. Drinking, milking 
cJ^ lowef, Chewing, eating. -' • - 

5^ lowJt, Senselessness, dtillaes!^. - 

i 621 ] 

w^y 7oo^cf^,i A large pot. x5^/©olc/. Butter-' 
^^S^l loiikeiiy The paunch. 
^ J /o?/'/?". Chewing, gnawing.' 
J J lookeh, Cotton taken from the pods. 7 
y.I loiL'lk, Unless. i^\ ^ laivleh, k screw, ar 
3 J holery One of the names of God, [eanaL 
«1^I latt'ta. Blackness round the nipples. 
p^ looho/A pearl i^^J^ /00/oi, Belonging to' 
J J Yoo/t?^, A canal,^ tube. [pearUr 

♦ ^J /oo/gewy A vessel, a jugki«^i* ,*r-\>. i.,^-u» 
^^'2oom, Of mean birth, base, fti^ghrdly. ''^ 
bd^J hwrna. Reproach- «^^ /o2^/;ie/,Blamingr 
^ p /w^wied,Upbraidijig, disgracing. [aGCusing.^* 
^^^,^ low7i, The calour or e^tternal form. 
<'p lou'6ft, Oreatlng, creation; j" • ^'f A vesseV 
^ ^l lowee, A tiisease, a crooked arrow ; p. lot, 
V^lwjh, A kitid of pbnt< = iXy^ iotv€eut,-h^ 
^y\ loweed. Large cattle, [mixed multitude. 
Jrtaj A- Idiveetef't k disii of diiFerertt kindsof meaL- 
ij* M?fy Fdr him.'i4J Z^^!,, f\)r'lier. - - - 
cU^^' kh^bf Burning, flara'iitg' (^i«e)i-^*^^-« ^rv,j 

fc^^A.J leheeh, Burning clear, flaming (iire)r" 

t {^ Nheit, The uvula. c±ii l^ :/«^d«'r Strength*. 

h\\ Ifjfiad^A sighv^^'il^ /<;M25e/7i,P]ur. oL j*^*. 

Si^N^j lehhiicmi\ Vlur. of Ij,'J^ lehtieuiett -? 

y^l^l /uMj^k A- little food4 j».wl^:'Plui:. of j^;^^ 

[ 622 I 

lU^J /^A^-fl/, Weakness, carelessness. 

cJl^ lehdf, Plur, of cJ*^ leheef, 

t«jl^ lehak, Whiteness, a white cow. 

^l^ lohhm, A numerous army. 

«jy«l^ lekkmeem, Plur. of -^jJ lohinoom. 

c-A^ /eAe^,Thirst, flaming (fire,) flying (dust,) 

a valley. 
l^/e^^er^AUnintelligible speech, going slow. 
^ky) lehbelehy Senseless, ignorant, a brute, {^ 
c£s^ lehes, Thijrsting. (^>li^J lehesdn, Thitst;. 
Ijy lohset. Lassitude, thirst. ^ lehej\ Nig- 
3(^sv^ lehfet, The tongue, [gardiy, avaricious.; 
^sff<^ lekj'em, A cup, a goblet, a high- way. 
^ lehcheh. Ugly, tremour. 
1^ lehet, Distressing^ licking, eating, a graye^ 
J.4^3 iekaxd(,i Because of, therefor<c., v., ^ 

l»i^ lehxem. Sharp, penetrating (^e^r^Xain-; 

plum pudendum rtiulieris. J > . \ 
^ lehe%, The first appeai^anc^ of grey hairs« 
jUv^ lehzemet. The jaw bone projecting ]anw 
^^ /e/ve«. Licking. , '.[dertl^eie^rs^ 

t^ lehsetf Somewhat, a little, , .; ; ,• . 
jM«^ lohsom, A narrow part; of • I St ream*. 
L;^ /eAe^ Shooting an arrow, . [mouring# 
fla^ lehtef. Doubtful news; ^^ ZeAia, Hu- 
c-J^J khef, Oppressive, iamenting. ^;^\ i^ .^ 

[ 623 1 

jy lehek,^h\t€, whitenessi *X^! leJileh, VWmsy^ 
^ lehem. Eating ; Iehevim<if Out-stripping 
JU^l lehmet, A grain of barley^, [{a horse,) liberal, 
-^44! lohmoom. Full of milk (a camfel,) a fine 
iijL^ lehemiek, Becae^e you. [horse, a libieral man. 
^J Mjo, Playing, amusing* - 
i^^^ ilehooir, Plur, oft-p^ lehth, 
$j^ lehwety' A prese n t o f great val ue. 
Ii3'y^ lelnvek, A vain boaster. ^^ lohee.ljoy^ 
L^^ leheedf Ardour, beat, [ing, dismissihg«i 
^ leJieeci, A large- cauldron or kettle. . - 
i^x^l.lehee^eff Pottage, panado, &c. 
Uu^l leheefy Afflicted, injured (woman)^ -. 
^! leheevi, IlMuck, distress, death. \;W 
^ lee, A vessel, a easket; a. Zee, Tome'; life, 
- Bending, denying, dissembling, preferringi 
U kt/it, A beautiful woman. 
t^jlLuJ lei/hb, A mouthful. \i^ 

^{A ftii/ah, White, a white bulL - 

^\A leyaJih, Butter'melted amongst milk* % 
^ {A ley at t Lime, plaister, colour. ^ 

gUl /e^flni?. Violent strong (wind), 
ltx\*\ JeyagJiet, love.- . 
eJU leyak. Flame, heat. 
liU leyaketi Dignity, skill, merit, excellenca 
JU %4/, ^iur. of ^A kek" .-^^--1 o^'S'i \^ 

I ^24 \ 



fV le.yam. Base,, foul. [humarfely^ 

^^IaJ leyan, Softuess, convenience, beUaving 
«ji*a1 let ft Beguiling. 
XJ /^^d/. One piy or fold* 
dsJ lees, A spider, a lion ; lees, A kind of 
^ysKA kejoor, The bank, shore. [plant. 

fj^A leyes, Fearless, courage, valour. [tide, 
tfi^ leeseih. Licking; J leeseh, A tes- 

/*;>:>— <;^ lecseedun. To lick, ^j leet, Any^ 
^^^ IkJ /edaw, Satan, itbipg agreeable, colour. 
Slla-i ieetet, 'J he bark of a cane or reed. 
^_jjIji>I Iceya-'in, Oppressing, melancholy, 
XxJ l^eyat. Flaming, starving. 
^^J U'cf\ A kind of herb, a loose cloak. 
jjf\^^ Ivi'Jhneet Large- beard ed.;,.-^//. [fuge. 
cJiJ leek. Containing, reserving, taking re- 
^.X^ leek, Notwithstanding, but, neverthe- 
^ Zee/, Night, bustard. [less. 

iUJ leeltk, A fowl. x*vJ leemet, Resembling, 
'c}7 leemoon, A citron.' [equal, 

^ lean, Soft, gentle, smooth, slippery, but if. 
^ lioo. Butter- milk. (jj>^>*l lewan, A royal 
iJ^J letvikf A kind of moth., [tent, 

»^*J leweh, Fawning, flattery. j 

Jul lech, Hiding, covered, eminent. ;j 

^ /ecw. Base, worthless, ignoble, avaricious. 

[ 625 1 

-, wcem\ The twenty fourth letter of tho 
Arabick alphabet, and the twenty- eighth of 
the Persian In arithmetick, it denotes 40, 
and in almanacks, is the character for Sunday* 
Lo ffid,. No, not, if, what, whatsoever, thal^ 
which, why, wherefore, often, always, somev 
,U vi^-n. Water. [what* 

4_,U vtb.b, A repository, a center or point* ' 
^^\j\^ maf)akee. The remainder, the rest. 
OoU wkbeii, A place, a mansion, 
^j u inkhezy The back part of the knee-joint. 
cij^jU wahoot. Flaming with rage. 
jyi^ vthhoor^ The aspersion of the male flow- 
ers on the female palm, and thereby ren- 
dering it fruitful. 
J3.J U mhhool, A well surrounded by a parapet. 
'^^ to maboon^ Scandalous, base. 
^jU fnabee, Abhorred, pestiferous, 
(^jl-o mabeen, Between, an interval* 
^i:^ I w?^f,Conquered, reduced to extremity (es- 
^ Ur;zd^d^,Drinking water, [peciallyatchess). 
^jU nthtia. Long, well twisted (a rope,) very 
red (wine,) excellent, pfeponderating (the 
^ I /;/d/ew. Mourning, [scale of a balance.) 
U^U maiootid,, Asses. [coming* 

^ U mktee, Came, a place to which one comes. 

i 626 ] 

lUU m(imt, "Wbiipering:, slander* 
■xS U mksed^ A beJioMer, an observer. 
^U mhser, Plur. of^i e«dr. 
Ji U mA5^/, Adhering tju;the ground. [Relation, 
^U> masBOi, Sioiiing, iniquity, ^^^u nf4>toofj 
fyl« rnttsoanif A guUty or suspected person. 
IjUjri't/;, Full of salt; p «4,. 7^be*noqn.^,';, 
Oisf.}^ .il^Qjedf^A, man) conspicuous for bopour, 
^j^lf jniijer^t Event, past. [nobility. 

j^U mhfel, ^ pond, a ditch, 
^^ UW'Cijen, Fearless, speaking, speech [paid. 
g^ U mhjoqf, Magog. J ^ U mkjoor, Requited, 
^^^fifU fiitg'ooshoon, A ship shaped like the 
^ U m^^ The white of an egg., ; ;; >[jnoon. 
iA^-U mhhesh, A greedy cater, if • .; '. 
Jf4to, UnjAAd?«e/, Any thing collected, the harvest, 
4jib* U wa/^r^Havin^pure oiilk [produce of fruit. 
,^«a».U mb.hfi%ery Whatever is ready. 
•JisfcU m^hek. Hot (day,) excessive hpt. 
^U m^/W, Barren (coui;>try or season)^ ,_^ 
j^U «i.i^O€»«, A kind of fine- scented herb, 
j««*"U mahee, Spoiling.blottingout, obliterating, 
^U wakhy A perfidious man, a scoundrel, a- 

dulterated gold or silver. ;;. ,'^^^ 
^U mhklhx, A receptacle. , [Momeotary, 
gaai>U mc^khe%. Bringing forth. >lU inakh^l, 

t 627 1 

j^ U nih^hoor, A tavern, a company of drimlc-* 
y^ t ffthkhooftai Mad, sensdes*. '^ •'[arda. 
^U w^c/, Soft- plant. ' iial^ m^fl^dfw, Diiring, 
Xj A U mhdelet, Punishment [whiUt, until that. 
l-^'Mt^riihddety A^ article, subjects a^rgumeoti 
W^ 5 • ^hdtheen, A loop. ^ a U'H 
ji-VU fiiadekh, Precious, [Prafelnfg; 

^ <l i •rjid«^«r, A mother. {^ j yi mhd^ree^' Ma.-^ 
jyaU mctddbr. Having a ruptute. ■ *[temal. 
pjA-lio ffthdoom, (Bve^d) dressed with nreat, or 

fish. ■i^>ifj"< .♦.'V'l ' ^^\^,\M\'^:v: 5^. ,^»ij 

J. 3 a U rnkdooTtt Short (iri the neck or hanils)Li 

%:> U rnkdeh, A praiser ;' ip rahdefi, A woman^ti 

^i(^ m Wee, Belonging to ^ wom^an. [female. 

i*j-{y » X midn/an, A mare, a she-ass. „^ 

J^ji inkdeencht Female in general.''* *-^',t«^ 

I J i masaJr, A mother. m^./^j^ 

^U Widr, Envoying ; p. ttihr, A snake, sefp^nt. 

) J I mhra, Us,cto us, [of the Persian month;* 

jjj^ ]j t# rnd /dv/t^Wf/j 'The twenty- riiti^ 

.♦lilt mi^rhw, Plur of j\ ninr, {sary%usFness* 

^j U mhr^el^^l:\ie ti me 6r palace for^ahy necefi-^. 

Jt; J U Mrhet't' W^t of the coarforts^ojf . lifej 

'j U tnarej, '^iahring^.' ^'' " ''^ -^ • ' {or flower^' 

J *^ ji mhrthopob, A kitid'o^ ycUbw teffe^ 

[ 628 1 

AjU mkred. Stubborn, obstinate, puffed with 
ijS ^ j^ mcirJee, Red, (pride. 

^jL, m^ret, A lurking place. 
t\) ^j I iii^rastan. An hospital, a place a- 

boundin^^ with serpents. 
JljU jukrek't^ Schismaticks. [flower, 

y J I mir^cf^i. Asparagus, a yellow herb or 
Jty L //i4rmflWt;//,Likeaserpent, a female snake, 
» A*^; I iiiire-mohreh, A shining stone found 

in the head or brain of a large serpent. 
4) U^ '^ «i irwtf^, A place full of serpents. 
KTij^ 7//£trooaA, Created, formed. 
xy>^j\^ miiroott Afflicted with a lethargy. 
jj^jU mhroot. Tanning (leather). 
o^jU'W'i/00.^, (Corn) mildewed. 
iJ^jU w^'ooA", A foundation, root, [serpent. 
• j^U miroom, A field, o ^ L nikrehy A Urge 
If J U fSihree, A white young bullock, a worn 

V !i J I mkryaneh, A bit of sugar, a confection. 
»Vi;i iiikreedeh, A nurse. * ;• 

-jj U mkreev, 1 he bridge of the nose. 
? I m^x, A chink in a wall or gate, [confection. 
lS it' ; L mazlaree, A kind of sweet dish or 
SiijLo mhzffetf Unclean, of a bad disposition, 
ujj U mb,%tk, A narrow place, [excrement, 

t 620 1 

'^jU rh^x^m, A valley, narrow place, 
^> J U fiiKen, 1 he eggs of ants. 
>j U tni^ioo, A gall or oak-apple, [marrowil 
6 j L fnhzeh, The bark of a tree, the spinal 
^j U tfiat/'e, Asunder, - ' [confection, 

6y ty L ifi^i^f/^reht A kind of sweet dish oj? 
u* U w^«. Light ; fln^a«, Inflaming. [dog* 
4!^^ u fn>Lsf, Soup milk ^ u mhstee^ A lap* 
^-r. U fn\sch, A liar. ^ U mhsekhee^k bow- 
« 0^*. u »ft isedet, A lioh^s den* [maker, 

t^ U W(iA<'/, Corrupticd wat^. " ■ •» ;; 

d^*.U masch, Holding, ''*'• ftain«J 

J*M U* f^hs^h ^ dwelling between two moun-^ 
cJiX*- U Tna* /a/'. The past, the bef ore-IB en tioa* 
<_j*. U wta.w^. Ihe oUfside. [ed, 

^3-M-U wiv^/or,Clf>tli, a weaver's reed. 
X^:- ^.^ '^ 7hCLs'ooAeft A n IJ ncircumcised woman* 
x^t wiv^/?;'Palse, pease. ^^-wU rnxsee, One 
^ '^rna^/^ Gram. pulse. [whoJistens to no ad vice* 
ti; '*« tn\shef,K tire- woman, comber or dresser 
. (of a bride, &c ) [a stick, 

■J:^\ vdbshoo. Drawing (a rope,) striking with 
(3*/ A^i mnishooree, Cloth, a weaver's reed. 
J^ i m^sheh, A weaver's instrument, round 
- which the. threads .are winded, a smith'jj 
^ U fncLskee, Wandering, walking, [foxdeps. 


I 630 J 



Ji«-iU mhsheyei, (A woman) having many 
children, (a she-camel) having manv colts, 
J^U w-^SjDrinkinga little, sucking, the moon, 
IL0 l-o th4.u^ a disease. 
^U tfikser, (A sheep) giving little milk, 
^U inisea. Glittering, salt water. 
y^U mOfSel, Little milk, small (present ) 
^U mizer, .(Milk, wine, &c ) becoming 
.vr,acid, pricking the tongue. 
m^U fUthzeghet, Theja\v. ^*aU r^Axcr, Past. 
^U m^ieM, Kqaping (a horse,) 
^IjU ftiiter. Raining. 
^\(,Lt fTk^tia, Eating with the fore-teeth, 
%jyislo fiihtooret. Anything crooked. 
JJ^U m^'iula, The sequ-eJ, besides, except, 
^ U tni'Oay A he-goat, the skin, 
tij^9 U mii-oH, Rain, pure water, obedience, 
-^two 7n-a-j^<rd, Soft meat, [submission to GoJ. 
•^ L iJiighcheh, llie pack-saddle of a horse, 
cijUU nihfaU That which is past. 
«J^iU in\foo^, Veeble, inconsiderate, rotten, 
I Vu TTii/^, The corner of the eye near the 
. nose. fmerpart. 

JU5 U widi'e^e/, That which precedes, the fur- 
US U vicvhi, A field of battle ; ma/ici, Lean, a 

r m ] 

,^ u 

A£,'^ mkhdf Eternal, immortal. : v.:. ;*.^ 
,^i^ tnxier, A deceiver. y^>\^ mhkel. Eat- 
XJL^U W'xklet, Food, victuals. [ing, 

I»^,L« rfixkerr^et, (A woman^ having a pro- 
tuberance of hips. . i^ iw 
^_j^^U in%kool, A v\^eaver*s shuttlei.; j 
^^s,U mJ/yfW, Food, eaten, itiliabitant.subject» 
^£iU mi to. Pissing. 

^U m4/, Wealth, estate, riches ; i»x/, A.bparer 
^ ^ Lo mklel. Fast, [ready in doing snv thing, 

J L H nialkmkl, Fnll, helped up. 
^:«^ ^ U mklhyanee. Useless. |3 U wiA/e/ Plur. of 
^U m^lej\ A plaisterer's trowel, [j u ir^i/. 
^J U mkleh. Salt water, salted fish. 
^ L taklekhy A fugitive. ^) >J L wi/^«'', Kirh 
^ y .« maUzenfh That which is necessary [man^ 

/A^ tmct/^^^, Gleaning, rubbing, f A flatterer. 

^ U wkleghy Dreadful (man). cJiJ U «!< // ;&* 

eXJ U vdMek, A king, Iprd, master^ pQssessif>g« 

*4l.SaJU A., p. mklckhneJiy Possessing, in sole 
property, with despotic povv^r. 

JU^JU mhlekeyet. Property. [ned. leather. 

L m%lmee%,k blood sucker. J U m^/o^>,Tan- 

^l , mhlooSf Out of order, demoniacal ^ 

* ^1 L* in l^/o<3, Insane, p. mftloos.A kindofUzard. 

f^jiU m^ioof. Customary, familiar. ^ 


( Ci2 ] 

L3^U rnhJookf Out of order, mad. 
* P U uii/oofTi, Sorrowful. J L male/i, A streett 
^Unii/e^?, Belonging to riches, weahhy. 
^^jfcv.JU m'^^<*^^'^o<'^^Qt, Mad, sadness. 
^>^ L mo^leeditn, To furbish, to anoint. 
yJ I m^leer, A blood-sucker. 
«>L m(^w, A mother, mamma. 
„Aa^'^ rn^m^sJ^^, That which is past. 
\,^/*t'Tii)i«* ^f, A littlie mother. '^ 

^^ U ■ ttv ; men, A place of securi t j. f terriH 
oV^U m^n^'ioty Fixed, i 3^ U A bonndarj, 
\>-o~U in^Hioor, Determined, commanded. . 
ib^^ U in<xmor<^e?,Commanded. [expectation; 
y*^-«U mamoos, Fire. ^ ^^ U wAwioo/, Hope, 
.-^U vfihrn^ovmi A follower (in prater). 
^-j_^j«U Tiiaitioow, Rendered secure, the namfc 
of a king ; P. niQVMjon, An uncle by the 
iV^/""^^ 7»vofii;'(?ri;7, A medicine,[mother*s side. 
j>;t tJi'i", Good opinion, collecting, a family, 
UU ifihtia, Resembling, lest. [bestower. 

liU m^tiet. The lower belly. ^U ^kneh, A 
Vy >*5 1 ii^andiin, To remiin, to be fatigued. 
j5U v^hna, Hindrance, refusing. 
yJj i mhhend, Like, resembling, 
w^ I >A; t manendah, The rain-bow. 
^B,^ I m^nk, The moon, y L miiwoo, The echo. 

[ 633 ] 

cijylo mhnoot, One who is envied. 
.^^yU manoos, A friend, companion. 
SU. ^ Lo ttianooset, Fire. c*3 y U . mb,noof, Having 
^^ J I mhnehgaw, A cow. [a sore nose. 

^ >J L itiaiicednnt To forget, to err, to wan- 
_5 U Jn'^^^^^ Enlarging, stretching, [der. 

J^U mhwa, An habitation. 
S^U m^wet. Low ground* 
A^U mawed, Distress, misfortune. 
5^^ U fiihwerh. That which is behind or after, 
j^ Lo mawez, (A place) abounding with ducks. 
;^jJ^ U wia?f e^a, An accident. 
^^Ifi mawee, A dwelling place. 
D I m^hf The moon, a month, water. 
wU I W'^hthh, Moon-light, the moon. 
^ U I w^aheyhhehj The jell): of fish. 
clj^Lo Ktihheyety Worth, quality. 
/♦/t^ L mhheecheen. Catching or gathering 
fish, a cormorant, a cataract, ; 

^ I mbJieeneh, Monthly pay or pension- 
's U.wdi, Enlarging, stretching, whispering ; 
^ L mhyariy We, us. [p. mhi, A city in India. 
.*.:i*jU mhyety Dying. g^JU inhyej. Tossed by 
8 Jo u vihyedeti Table. [the waves. 

y**jU mayes. Walking with pride. [liquor. 
(/i>U mhyeshj Milking. ^jU mdiya. Melted, 

t 6 

I 631 I 

3jU mht/el, Crooked, affectionate. 
3iX*U nidyelet,{A woman) walking gracefully. 
V^l »wiy6;//er, More affectionate. 
\> t inayeh, Ferment, the origin, 
td\j^ vieda-af, A mansion. 
JAfclj^ mehahetet, Honesty, uprightness; 
^ lw« niel'od, Let- it be, by no means. 
H^Ia^ meh}idht. Publishing, discovering. 
^ilA^ mehk(]ef\ Swift, speed, commencing. 
U a Ia-* »H3^^<)t^^/d?^ Exchange. . 
it^ w<j';dr, A puddingi a sausage. [hero. 
j^La^ wolhrez, A warrior, a brave soldier, a 
«^j Ia-. liiohhrckt Happy> august, blessed. 
XL-^U^ melhsctetj Gladness, mirth. 
«— X.* U-. melfdsek, Plur. of Juo-* viobsek, 
^ lau. ni')bashert Agent, procurator. 
S^'x^ tnch^shereti Agency, a beginning. 
%y^Kx^ mobkseretf Endeavouring to spy. 
XAI9U-. 'mobaieshet. Seizing by force. 
g U^ itiob^-a, Exposed to sale. 
• •xe U-c mobi-adet, Removal, separating. 
•SL»U. vdobkkat. Fighting. 
i^{j^ v^'tbkltit. Thinking. iaUa^ mobaledef, 
ImAKjJa m^'balesety Rushing upon. [Combating* 
XJtlu^ v^obkle^het, Heaping up, endeavour. 
I^Ju.« liijb^lehet, Behaving foolishly. 

t 635 3 

iJ^U^ me^hwokt One vho interf<^tes in his 
neighbour's concerns. [boasting, 

SUIa^ ffi'^bahat. Renown, reputation, pride, 

y> \,'^ molMel, (A she-camel) ifree from marks 
(( f burning, &c.) 

#1^ \m V[i»>hcLhelef, Cursing or banning, wish- 
ing mischief to one, a dreadful oath. 

^L^ Vi'thcihee^ Puffed with pride, boast. 

j^l>^ mof:(iy(z('t, Contending for whiteness, 
and having the superiority. 

Th<>^^ violaye-aty A trade. 

tij\A^ mohhyeneff Forsaking, parting with. 

\oS^ mcbted^j Commenced, begun. 

,«xx>^ tnohteder, Rushing to seize anything. 

«jj:a^ tnobtedia, kn author, inventor of new 

^ SjJ^ if^obtedee, Beginning. [opinions. 

^hJj^^ mobtexel. Mean, deserving, to be dee- 

^^Ax* mob fere If, Being swift, running, [pised. 

^^x>-« tn-v^'/er^^. Hewing, chipping. [er), 

^yjix^'mol'tezelj Bursting (the bud of a Uow- 

jj^x^ mobtesery'T>o\ngy or desiring to do anjr 
thing unseasonably, beginning. ' '' 

±Xm^ ttiobteshery Receiving good. news. 

\Jui>^ fivybteglh, A debt, duty. 

^.Xaavo wobtekdi Changed, 

^AA^ mobiela,- Tried or innured to distress* 

I 6s6 ] 


JJiXx* mobetellet, A beautiful woman. 
^VXx* mobtela, A greedy eater. 

mobtcnee, Erected, a builder. 


-ft^^ mobtehej, Being merry or glad. 
^^Six^ 'niobtehei\lm^\xUng falsely, assiduous (in 
,y^ix^ mobtehcl, Supplicating, cursing, [prayer ). 
^J^AXx^ vnohleeSf Complaining of fortune. 
ciL>^>^ t)iobsoos, Scattered, displayed, 
^^^ raobejjil, Venerable. 
ciAs>^ ttiobhes. Tracing, diligent search, 
ysx^ TtiMer, Salt water, ^i^ Perfumed. ;, 
ij^\^ v^ohekheret, A censer, burning incense. 
3uii\-o mohkhezetf A churn. ; 

fcZij^s^^ Ttiolkhoot, Prosperous, felicitous. 
jys:yo tnolkhoor, Any thing perfumed. 
lo^y, ttiohdcL, Principle, the beginning, 
(^Ijol^ mobclhn, Inclined to corpulence, 
'^j^ mobdd, A finding out, discovery, 
^«x^ nioibcddelf Turned, changed. 
,^, oo>^ mobedden, Fat, gross, big. [ginning. 
5 «x^ mebdaWf A rural place ; meldoo, A be- 
»jo^ mobdek, All on a sudden, immediately, 

without premeditation. 
^ jomj 7wo^£?ee, Doing any thing first, beginning. 
J isj^ inobe%%ir. Profuse, wasteful. 
*jf ^A^ 7nobziht, More by words than deeds. 

t 037 1 

i jo^ niotzel, At! evefy-day or workinoj habit. 
* j^-« rnchtem. Stout, robust she- camel. 
^^jvA^ m^hzool, Suitable, expended. 
SjM mehrlt A penknife, a razor, any sharp 
ijXjQ meherret, A public work, [instrument. 
g^^A-o moberrejy. A painted garment. 
^jj^ moherreJh Rough, cruel. 
^ y^ viohred,' A file, a polisher ; a molrkd, A 
j;A.« violerrer^ Justifying. [post- master^ 

^^^ viehrez, A field of battle, a privy. 
L^la^A^ molerteSi A hired driver of camels* 
fjijo yM mohsrteshy A broker. 

-j«^> ^ ifichrenii A spindle for a distafTj 

mo'<ruvi. Strong, urgent, pressing. 
5jo_^a-« Vi'theniedttt Very plump (woman). 
.^ .A-o muhroort Godly, religious. 
\y jx^ 'n^ohrorn, Spread abroad, produced. 

. ,ifc fj-^ wJferhe?iJust, certain, demonstrative. 
^y^ ifiihfee, Hew^n, cut, chipped [fuL 

-y.* tnul>etzej. Clothed, ornamented, beauti- 
^^jM mttzool, Split. 

-U^.* tfiiihsGin, Looking pleasantly, smiling. 
L*ma^ iti'^hesset, Stretched out, expanded, 
A.-«*A^ m^'l^ftem, Smiling h ^«*a^ faehsootj Publish* 

.♦fyUw^v«md^.v^('</«/?,'Io murmur, [ed, expanded^ 
^i:A-o mohaheit Rejoiced with good news. 

[ 538 1 

iJt^Si^ ifiebsJioosh, Cheerful countenance. 
yAM^ Vfiohser, Beholding, clear, understanding, 
BjjiAx^ inobseret. Testimony, evidence. 
'^la^ mohxa, A lancet, a penknife, a razor, 
XflExtiA-« mcUekhet, A raelon ground. 
JtsA^ mohiel, Defaced, destroyed. 
J^ vfiobeffen, (A garment) adorned with aa 
tA>^-« vieLtoosh, Seized. [elegant lining, 

(^^k>^ ttieZ^/oo??, A disease. JLix^ mol>tee, Sloth-' 
AxA-o moh-adf Remote, a traveller, [ful, slow. 
y%x0 tneL-ar, A stable, stall. 
^yuu« tuelf-oojt Burst in the belly. 
SUx4 mehghht, A mode of acquisition, gain# 
^xxA^ viidheghhegh. Quick in doing any thing, 
ijak^ m^olghozy Odious, [mixed, 

^x* melghce. Desired. 
Hau» moleklietf Senseless, foolish, 
i ^S^ mohkeret, A way, a path, 
yLk^ mohkelt (Ground) sprouting herbage, 
JUlSa.* mohkelett A kitchen garden, 
J ^5a-o melkvor. Split, burst in the belly, [ripe. 
j,3u-* mobkee, Preserved. ^ VU-. mol)khr. Early 
l:EaA.« mobekkei. Striking, terrifying. [ing. 

}'=-'--, mobek kel,Supj)osing, conceiving, think- 
^».j£»x* mob kern. Dumb. 
IJ^^A^ mebltoonetf Mean, base (woman). 

[ 639 3 

^^^g£:lM meHee-aleih, Bewailed.' 

Jx* mole/. Being cured, unwilling. 

cIJIa^ mellet. Exacting (an oath). 

-v)i>-« mellej. Discerning, shining. 

^vJu^ melleh, A palm bearing unripe dates. 

oJu-o mobledy An old cistern or pond. 

'(jjl>^ niohles, Miserable, wicked. 

tJuuc rnohletf Destroying, reduced to poverty. 

JjjXa^ molIatjA well. jXa-« mollegh, A sum, rea- 

t_ji)L*^.wio&/e^,Discovering,opening.[dy money. 

^>^ molellel. Moistening well, 

*JLa-o vioLkm, Deforming, dumb. 

t^M molloody Unlearned, blackish, senseless* 

^yi-M mellooa, Swallowed up, 

^^Xa-o meLlooI, Wet, watered, [way, content. 

jjXx.« mellee, Destroying or wasting, pining a- 

^^A-o melenn. Stopping, standing. 

gU^ mohennej, Akind of sweet herb [ningevil. 

fjSx^ moleneSf Going away; mohnis, ^hun* 

fj^^ix^ molennesh. Negligent, slack, careless. 

uSJU-c tnolenneky Standing, contracting, 

rj^ mehnee. An edifice, building. 
r »A-« melwer, A stallion camel, 
yi^ju* molawu^esh. Mixed. 
t^jl^A^ molawivch, Foolish (speech), ^^x^ Uri- 
^l^A.0 fnelfhdj, A beautiful jolly girl, [uai. 

I 640 J 



^i^!i mcleJihet, Surprised, amazed. 

«v^A^ vwlhej. Making merry, rejoicing. 

ija^jyo ViohheSt Forbidding. 

{^^j^ Tfiohhett Perplexity, afflicting. 

^Ty^ mMeft, Family, a native country, a place 

of safety, butter. 
C»^£A^ webhoott Fatigued^ breathless. 
Cu^ Vfieheet, A bed- chamber. 
Saaa^ mfibeyefef, Married woman. 
^^ VMbees, Enquiring into, examining. 
^>^ mebdefii A lion. ^aa-« mehtekh, Extin- 
duA4 meheed. Ruining. [guishing. 

^A^ mtheer. Perishing, ruined. 
l^w*^ meheeyesh. Causing to bud or produce. 
IJ&AA4 mehetz, A bleacher, a fuller. 
lUoAA^ mohet'yexi\ Bringing forth a white child* 
^A-« mobia. Sold or bought. 
juAM molet^i/e^lt fGo'ing away f remaining behind. 
^^-At 7iiobet*.n, Apparent, clear, explaining, 
Cw. metiy Extending, [passion, 

V, . t;^ 'nie.tah. Repenting, moved with com- 
c— Aill-* motfihheb. Hoarse, full of wonder. 
tiKL, motahbet, Burning, glowing (coal ) 
OuUU mot Med, Wild, flying. 
ij»jU# m'jtibd^. Despicable. [arm. 

t^U^ mottMet, Carrying any thing under the 

i S41 3 

^j [t* tntihta, A follower, obedient, fsanctf* 

titj U^ moihlat. Readiness to oblige, complai* 

\X\jU motkleJif Hi^, concealed, refusing, 

*j Ix-o motttleh. Bold, contemptuous. 

^ Km motattee, Prepared, arriving, happeningi; 

«jLolx-» moihsses, Wealthy, opulent. 

^ [m jnofasser, Disturbed, preferring, thinking. 

^IX« motcLSsem, Repenting, avoiding sin* 

^vs. U^ ftiotajjef, Burning, angrj, enraged, 

.xs* Uu tnothlihedt Unity, one action. 

^Iju mothhJikher, The last. 

JUjilXo mothhhkhemet , Bordering upoti. 

fc_^ A \x« mofadeb, Well-bred, learned. 

Ailx^ wotadded, Strong, restored to health. 

4f iU^ w-oihddee, Prepared, arranged, perforni- 

^il;U viota%%en, Signified. \}^i\ 

4f Slx^ moih^ze^, Abused, blamed, 

h,^ motdreh, A flexible leather, a drinking 

cup used by travellers. 
tjjVj!^ mot^redef, A cOmpaiiiort. 
^jij [jLo mothrre'i. Befalling, cropt (grass,) what-* 

ever occurs, meets, opposes. 
X^.jU^ mothreket. Dismissing, unmolested.' 
. . vji^ rfiota%%e%. Boiling vehemently. 
'-VJ^ moihzekhy Slow, stopping by the wa/, 
^j\ji^'motJi?iee, Retiring, abstaining from. 

L 6 

if 04$ I 

JjUlx^ tiiothsaf, Injuring, wounding^ 

^^ [Zt motassed, Furious. ^ Uu 7nota$ser, Hei? 

cJu. Uu motasspf. Groaning, [sitting, slow» 

^lz« in,oi(issel, Resembling (a father.) 

^_j_j**lX* viothssen. Changed^ 

«**U^ moihssee, Assisting, comforting recU 

♦— Aili« mothshel, Mixed. [procally, 

^IZ* mot^ser, Neighbouring, contiguous, 

^'Xa mef^ «» Furniture, merchandize, 

-yiix^ n.Uhffen, Abused. 

c3^^ 7«o/d^, Lusty, stout, brisk, 

p^s» U^ mo^7^W,Corroborated, strengthening, 

^ IX^ mothihrt Digging. 

,y^iA*« motakch Eaten, glittering^ 

<-JiJ U^ motallef. Conjoined, familiar. 

\J&\jJi 7Jio/^/e^,Shining, J u^ moMlenif Pained, 

^lX« ViOtartkOf Feeble, weak, [afflicted, 

«N(«lx« mot^meniy Attempting 3-«U*« wothmelg, 

^^yjio tdofbnien, Secure, [Contemplative. 

^Uu moihmee. Buying a female slave. 

SjUu rdotanef. Firm, a castle. [ing, 

v:Lo ix^ nio/iwe^jOf the feminine gender, sooth- 

I^lx,^ v^otciJieJihett Opposing in battle, 

yi^SUU viotdnes, Tamed, familiarized, 

t^^i'vy motanef, Seeking, seizing. 

^uu mothnctii Agreeable, pleasing, 

t 6^3 ] 

yit* ?}Wfhnnce, Deliberate, waitin^^ 
A ^ U'x niof(t?rw€d, Crooked. LJJ^ ix^ Defective. 
i^jUU mothicelt Kn interpreter, the first. 
«^lx« 'W'Oihweh, Sighing. 
^^U^ mefawee, Assembled. t--<Al;u Ready, 
3^* Uu woMhel, Worthy, marrying. [prepare4» 
*^lx^ mott^kheh, Sadness, afi^icted. ' 

o^^Zc mothyed. Strengthened, y*^ U^ Softened. 
*jU^ THo/o^/eTT?, Unmarried (man or woman.) 
A \j^ matlhd, Attacking singly in battle. 
, A Iaa^ moiehhder. Rising, making haste» 
^ t VkU moth^dee, Rustick, rural, 
\jUv.« rfiotel/are%, Striving, quarrelsome. 
^j \xji. mofclhreet AhsoWmg one atiother, strive 
gj \jf^^ mnfel-^xfif, Boasting, glorying, [ing. 
jJi, Lax, 10'O/ebasher, Telling good news. 
^\i\j^^ motelafeef Weak in mind, delaying, • 
^ \^^ moUhk-yd, Absent, distant. 
^jfli IaXa, ifiiotddg^'^x, Mutually persecuting. 
^ly^ iTiitih^gfiee, Wished, suitable. 
^U'jic 'metthhhee, The remainder- 
^\^ VMtehhly A tumultuous crowd, 
'^\j^ motcbhhej\ Verdant, flowery, 
A\^ motelhhee. Boasting, glorying. 
^IjuLo itiothaiy Equalling one another. 
^Ux^ aifOtdmsh, Taking, receiving. 

f 644 ] 

metellel, Losing, destroyed. 
^«;JU vioteheher, Very learned. 
j^'U motehelihkher. Perfuming one's self. 
A d^ 'itioteleddedy Dispersed. 
^«x^ moieleddel, Changing, altered. 
j^ niotLer, Prohibited, cut or broken off. 
ijo^AL* moteberres, (A field) quite eaten up. . 
^j^ moielferrei, Blessed, consecrated, happy^ 
fj^ moteherrem, Languid, sullen, 
tf^xx^ motcherree, Freed, intervening, 
3 iAL« motebe%%el. Cloven, split. 
y«»AA*« motelfheSf Dry, dried. 
jt*,^ motehesser, Being cold (a day.) [ating. 
mot eVess at fExtcnded farand wide, expati* 
»AA^ vnoiehessely Contracting the visage. 
iiiotehessenit A smile. 
tMj,*euJ^ Ai^oiheshesij Adulation, cajoling. 
"tSp^ motUesser, Discreet, considering. 
fjiu^xX^ motehez%i^» Performing by degrees, 
^OsaL* motehetteh. Extensive plain, (water) 

diffused over a plain. 
^jii^ tnofehettin, Internal, walking. 
-jIsaX^ motehetteei Being tedious. 
^ajU motela-yU Obedient (wife.) 
4yiixx)U motebeghghh, Showing hatred, 
l^iuJU moieheghghim, Crying, 

[ 645 I 

j*AA^ ifiofelellier^ Profoundly learned. 
3JUA^ motebtkktl. Feeding cattle with herbs. 
^^aAL« fnotedeHer, Preceding, going before. 
JiULc woULeHeh^pt'dk'wg perplexedly, oppos* 

ing, conquering, 
^^>A^ 7uof(lekkenit Stuttering, wavering* 
yyu w/^/^'^^AWeakening, wasting. [Proud, Jofty. 
grU;-^ ?i f./e^'t'//^', Laughing ^\jy.^ tn^tehlkhh^ 
•3Ju:-<> rtiotel^el/ed, Blackish, senseless. 
y^Zc nVife^el/el, Moistened, wet. 
»)<{U motrhelleh^ Simple, ignorant. 
^^'^ w.<^/ //''^//Jntelligent, intent on any thing, 
^j^^ ihoiehi'nnej^ Boasting, a noble race. 
^aX^ vioteLcnneh Standing, remaining firm* 
^>x-o fnotebennee, Adopting. 
4^^aX^ inotthazvwesh, Confused (crowd) 
^^>JU vnofehoa, A commander, chief, lord. 
iS^iV* t/iottlfdwwjk, A mortal epidemical dis* 
^ . temper (amongst cattle) 
.^^*Zo motilawwol. Making water, 
^v^"^ moteMheJ, Rejoicings cheerful. 
^^ Viotebehher, Glittering, filled. 
if^juU mMehhesh, Assembling, meeting. 
'^>X« motehehhetn, Doubtful, concealed. 
.^j\jit4 rtiotetMa, Consecutive. 
.^^UX« fuMeto^rek, Abandoning. 

I 6iQ 1 

^Iaa^ mofethlia, Walking errct. 
*1J LuU ttiitethlee, Ooe following in succession* 
«^'aa« TnottitamefrJ, Coming or drinking all 
VS- mofehlf. Making feeble. [togctUcr, 

' ^i-~t viOtMthy Destroying. 
g^t*OX« mofeiehtah. Moving, moved. 
fc^^AA-o moteterre^t. Staining. 
''m.yCU motet ereh. Sad, mournful. 
yy^* motetertery Staggering, agitated. .^ ■ 
ijm y*ji^ TtKAeterres, Arming with a shield. : »> 
i^jZU moteterreff Affluent, enj()ying plenty. 
^JiXLo mo'.etelke, Following one another. 
^kOXo motetemmem. Split, walking lame. 
gviijU m')feiennej\ Oppressing the stomach. 
«aa2^ moteteya^ Rushing, plunging into vice. 
^ \jJi6 moteshher, Rushing upon one another. 
y>\XU motesciicl, Heavy, slow, gravitating to»- 
l^)\iJio inotesawen, A cheat, f wards the earth. 
«-"vri^"ff motesehhct. Fixed, delaying, perform- 
^JuZ.4 moteseftem* Speaking obscenely, [ing. 
^j&jU ttiotesa ijin, Pleasing. 
^JUuU moteseUely Rained house. [or dish.) 
JUuu* iiiQ/e«e//ew, Broken in theedges(asa sword 
3.«Jtz« motesemme^,^ protector, devouring, ab- 
^jJx« motesennee, Folded, doubled [sorbing, 
jyJU metesawwor,Bcii\g incommotion, boilnig* 

t 647 1 


^^AA* m^femiOwol', Getting the better^; fVu5tj 
i«-<;>A^ ffi'oieseel', Negligent. [ful (woman.) 
vjilcsu^ Vfio'tjk^ieet Sitting/with joined knees. 
c^> IjsenXo n^ofrjahef, Fencing-sticks 
^;s:OL« ii^atjer, Cum merce ; mo/jtr, IVa^Ing ; 

'f//(/tipji'r. Taking medicine. 
cf \:ssO*.^ li^oitiiizzee. Dividing into part*. . - 
jovJcOU m jftejessed. Incarnate, corpulent. _, „ 
*.^.3=ou vii ffejessein. Embodied, incarnate. 
■^r^S^ iit'O <ja em. Greedy, eagerly desiring. 
^:s\Lc motdjeff'er, A kid four mOntbs old- 
y^^ssX^ niotejelleU Concealed, cover^^, over- 
coming, silting on borseback. ..^ ;,:,^ :,j 
^«:su^ VKjfejemmedy Congealed, concrete, , 
^.c^:^^^ 'W-'ffeiemnieey A. congregation. 
*^> v^otejeh. Falling upon, recollecting. 
.^»Xo vwtejee. Packed, togetber (dates.) s^j 
yvi"^ nv^'/t^A, Drawing water, advancing (as the 
c^iacOU liiotthhtt , Flowing, scattered, [day.) 
.cli t=2o:-c motehass, Retiprocal imiti^tian^ inr 
spiring one with desire. ^ ,..:,... j 
.Js'^seu^ iiiutthtljer^ Having the cholick. 
ji. jjixJ^ mrfithftresh. Assembling. 
3^am:J^ ni iteheftek, Swiit- paced. ,: . 

.^s^^ iii'> iehessiij, A plant beginning to bud, 
J.s^A^ up'OiUhcd, United, made one. ■ :'; .,;^,^ ^ 

r 6i8 1 

oj^^CU f^ofeJie^xeI£, Skilful, wise, 
jj ..saju mo/eAerrciSr, Moved, moving one*s self. 
^^««j«w« motehcsscn. Retiring to garrison, for- 
uA^x^ tii'jt'hef. Devoting, [tifying one's self. 
^i^OU tno/ehiffee, Leaping for joy, rejoicing. 
i_JuLj«uL« fii'jteheie^, Indeed, certain, true* 
J^JLkCU iTKjiehelhel, Scattered, removing, 
^♦aKvZ-i nio/eAtfm/nfr,Speaking, called. [in religion. 
ij«^:«vi< motchemmes, Resisting firmly, constant 
y^^g^x^ mo/ehemmef, Supporting, bearing a bur- 
^^*jfi»w:u tt^oteheyer, Amazed, astonished, [den, 
JLa^OLc TTi'-'/e^^^*^' .Terrified, tearing, hastening, 
c-«ft«vX-o m'^fekeyef. Abating, decaying, dimi- 
,j,*«uL<, mofeheyen, Past time [nishing. 

^gsl^ msleJth, Removing, fixed, 
j»-<»liou 'm.tehhhsenXt An opposer, an enemy, 
uAl li^;:-• viitekhhief. Opposing, ['^g^* 

^j U^i« motckhail, (Ground) abounding in her- 
\jpJLt mofek/iiheZi Choosing, taking, assume 
oa*aJsui, mofekhesses, Appropriated. li"$* 

^f&i>^,ai!C^ moieJthetkhez, Moving, moved. 

'.io:.. my.'t^//e//tftf,At liberty, free, disengaged. 

*^7^ motkhem, Having an indigestion. 

^>^i\Lo motekheel, Conceiving, supposing, a 

cloudy sky. [pressing, 

mt\xuinoteda'am, Heaped up, oppressed^ op* 

[ ^^ ] 

^\yjit moiedahes. Abundance, of a bad dispo* 
^J Vy2^ iti'>te(lhkecfivo^d\ng onedponanotheR 
^S jff^ vvofeda-ay, Disputing, agreeing;i c^-. . 
•y^'jj-. inotedtli^'er Considering with attentionw' 
'Ji^sSj^ i(ini<'dehder. Tumbled; rolling about. 
^'ssl*, 'moledt'hhee, Pacing oi*. walking softly, 
t^ usXie tH'>f/e<:.^«. Cent)e, ^^f^^^ ptJxtende^* 

'L:J»9]s^. »'Mir<'^/r^e^, Spreading widei^ ^.'^ ' K^ 
•i^JjXc Tno/^<ye//eA', ''Rushing upbhv'-^^w ft-n^^ 
■y*J j^iU- nioWeZ/ip*, Hid; eating a little* ' «2>;» 
v^iL i:«'iUi/f>;^t/«/<'e^,DriveA out,cutting off [Bald; 
^ jsii Wo?ecfe//ef,Rtfbbing; xya^S dCWmi'ite^el'uiGS^, 
'ii'jou tn(//e5'&//ft^' (Love) driving to roadn^^» 
ji js*« t;ii^f^^t//^e, '©^niing near, tbying. . -^ 
• jjL« l/^^>^'^ Moi^eried/macerated. 
« yfjJsli^'l^ibi^VfcVrt^^^/y "RughingLOpori corrupted. 
jjj? s 3^^M6tedc}i^n^'-:k^^hi\vk\:ti^' chief-»of^jthp 
husbandmen:^^^'^ '.^^ A' " ^s^^M^^^^i.v' '3^ "c^ , . 

}r%y^ '^Mf(;^«^ii^er,-Fa'lfen do^Mii, rol!ed,-x3 
•';'^^ixii^.TH(^?^<fefr^"i''^^i'oiiT'<it>gv^ ■ .::. ^h^ 

civ. v>X«v^^J^^(J^2«3(e5/ Pby^ng>tli€? ba\H.^ ^' .^ 
jj^ jsA^ nhfk^dbet/em OrthodbxV^^i ,tS\oiw ^X c * *^ 
sfjijx miici^rreei Fahnei'or'cosoifedii" ^^^i 

N 6 

I 6S0 1 

.«5asJuL* mofezaxc. Wasted, divulged (secret.) 
^ jX« molez'aer. Fearful. ?' f ulhsV 
4^U o«^iU ftitetaleljt, Wtthdrawinp^ privatelj, 
^^ iu^ Tttoft^d^^dT, RecolUictin^, recorded. 
4f 3^X« motez^ee. Reproached, chid. try. 

^>x*iift^/«»r,AinpiJtating, cutting, leavinjja <«>un- 
t. < ^ ji^ 'ttilteraf. Compassiortate, mercirul. 
to.^X# tlloter^i^,. Returning, a lyU r^otenul, 
Aji*»!/i^Wi'?/d7?4-^^.?laGing regularly jPvriiJ^tjng. 
^ < ^ Wk»/er^gActf, Braying together ^catnels),. 
^^^ moter^fee. M^\>^U-.J^\'MV jlit ixu {^d. 
^^ \ y>U »ttoiferij':^/>> Ji>A0^d^ Cprftpact, arrange 
.Ig, ^ y> tn'jtcrd hfiU, ft»«i» d'e used k | »ea ped u^. 
^^y\j^ imierhwih, FaV<>aral^lej beneficetrf. (fj, 
. J:-^.V^ wr^/t-rdz/VgAc Str^ggjli.t^g'v;^ wre.>l hng, 
««^j v^ illi(4erd'bti\ ^^e.O)bled, e^cicm:int', > 
4^^T^ wo/ere/i/t^v^ >De,lnyirf,(, sep^rif/;^^. ,^;^ .* 
.^/U n^'iferehk'}» A gc)<><i;»moth^,r^,^j^>li8b^ ^ 
^.j^jC^'^tertb'tef, li4uGat^M»^rPt«lsc|,Yin/j|>^ , ^ 
•yoy:^ motet ef I eh. Fast, s<>hd.jji,fij5/,Ylcf^'yrf 
2 ^^ ^ f//<}/<;rfy>^7V:i1VfiA Wiftftt ■ totteririg, f$- 
f^:^jZ«fnofer c///^lpte;rpreted,;t^tisl^a(c<i. ^^|»gu,ed, 
^^^ ji>o^dr*^j>ej, ICxpfccting^^ *^«fc>ii«g-.xi yi;;^ 

3^ i«c;/<^f-es5,Ll|ardenin^, dpy-ip^VoHr \^;'^^-;^^ 

« 11 

[ 651 ] 

^tt y£js ^nvit^i cf>it!iiit:K^ Itcduuj^ n-iuxxiy* *.' "-^ 

* <- mofereshshee. Treating kindly. 

jjo^r^ moteres, ConfinrHn^, rectifying. 
^^ yU moteressedi ^^ho\d\ng, /.J.^ 

•■ ^ --^ y.a rHoierc%%eb, Sucking, kissin^»U'«?J^-«i(, 
■^^ y^ mofere7z"h. Bruising, poundiiigj;^ &. ^ t^ 
^^ jM mfjtert'zzee. Satisfying, contenting. «, 
"^lojSU- wvtareftcl. Having a soft nose or Igosf 
flaggmg ^arj$. ♦--'5^i'P- .V:^<"-^r H^w . .::. jjc* 
gpu ni'jlerra. Shutting (a door,) filling. 
4-_*i^A-4 tnoferegh-'ghehy Wishing. -4 

i^jSM niofref. Lavish, profuse. - I'vj 

«g<^^x^ inoferckkdlf, Expectuig. guarding, -^'^ ^ 
(J:S jX^ moterekkesky Dressed, adorned. ' 5^ 
]^ ^jmoterekken , Fast, hard, firm. -I 

-y-*^ nioterenivem. Grumbling, 'silent*^' t^^^ 
^ jZt mcterennehht Adhering firmly, '.i^ 
^^ yi^ viioferetine?!. Resounding. ^.t 

Jt/ji^ nioierennee, Gazing as a lover. 
^ ^jZo wetrooh, \ eft, abandoned«:vfit ,^,^^^,^ 
i^jji^ moierthhet. Of God, threatening;.. / rj 
jiyu ruoU'/xtxt, Rota ring^ (lion,) murmuring* 
jo<^^ niofezdyd. Multiplied, ericreased. r:.«; 
%j^y^ wo/^z.72/gA, Bowing; ^huking;:U:<j o.V* 
^j^\X< mot%aycl. Separated, departing. :.VT^ 
^yU viote^ehh^e. Digging. ;; A ,va'nt •^rj-j 
cj^ i/u>/e:6e/(e/, A'^'^^'iiog (a bride \::^ ^ 

I 652 ;i 

^^y^ fnpf^xejjee. Satisfied tvilh a littU*-. ^ 
^ y^ yUVf^otezehzeht Retiring, distant, ^ 
i_ i^ y^ moie%ehhef. Advancing towards.. ^^^ 
ya,'yL«i!Wtexehhel, Avoiding, shunriing, departr 
jjX^ 7tfo/^^zer, Committirtg^crime [ii?g ffom* 
^j'y!^mote%errcmy Bearing a child. ..^ ,.;;, i^ 
^yic ifhoiexfiliaih. Throwing down, sliHing 
owyi* motexenned, Squeezed, pre&scjd.^Lddwn. 
«5j^>a^ n^otezendak;: Ungodly, v' ,^vjr« ^-^^ ^ 
jjyC-» victtezet'i/el, Scattered, separated. • • ..^ 
^*yU fnotexee^en, ^6q^\)^d. t^>^ ^vno/^zefiy^e, 
i t \^:nndeshil, Asking Qtie another {,Pres3ed^ 
^ jl^^mottscbrea» Hastening together. , .. ..^ 
kS Ua« ifiotesithtp Fallidg, or throwipg vpne*^ 
Vf jUU.:wo^ej<i«^/je, Eqoa}, , . vi fio\« t [^ei^* 
f^l*.»;u moteshhem, Casting Jots.., j>4i^ .j:^:^ 
v*-^^^ mo/esd/aV', FloVviig (water)^ : 
^^s^'n^ motesejjem. Raining.,,, .vvv.;. a ^i, 
^acwx.« vnotesohhej. Excoriated, peeled^ . c-. 
^jwXs« wof^sgtiiiee, Afecendrtig, ,i)\v»\%i •a*<^>^ 
^4-JU mo^te*efl,Largei broad. ^,ii,ju Imbibing, 
JlsJU motessUee, Contentdd, consoledt^ ^x; f»^ 
^-»*(X« mottesem, Sigmingv ' 6ealirig.oj Avnw; ^^^z i» 
•m*X« .77io/ftjew«ee, Old, cotrrupted. l v.u >;• ' ./ 
i^ mctsh, A defect in the ey^aight^i ^-^ ^ 
iL Uix.«< mo/ei^^e4',iIntai%l0d;.pcrpiexedi^LO 

r • •■ 

[ 65a 1 

[semWing, a parabk^ 
«» ViiA^ inofeshh,Leh, In the same manner, re* 
^^^ii^'Ji^ rnofeshhresh. Hurtful, mischievous, « 
^fciiiAw moieshhzeet Reviling one another* .. 
^liiJ-« wo/d.v/?d7w> Smelling, .snuffing up. .,, , 
^i^AzU'^) wo/e^W»^$, .Grasping strongly. , :., 
*x^^^ Vtoieshthiiiy Boastijfig, a diligent searchcf, 
^-iij'^ motesheiteel Wintering any where. » ^. 
(jeiK^s^ matesIwkhkheSf ,T9t"n avi^ay, separated^. 
^^Zto 'motesherredi Scattered, put to flight* 
e ^iJU moteshtrnky Skilled in the laws. ,, , :^^ 
^.^s.1;^ mote$hcJikelt' Transformed* . ^r^ ^zd'r^ 
^ij:^ motesheHee, SovTow^\,v^'i^^,ri^ ^:l^ 

f^^iXj, ^rnoieshemmeSf Exposed to the surt." 

i:x^ iiicpieshe^i Cured, restored to health. ,^* 
CL*lj»al< mo(^§d>t. Combating, fighting, [ing*. 
^'\iaX^ -Tiyo/e^a-eJ, Higher, superior, ascend- 
ifAMiiif rd'teseddee, Turning (the face,) ob- 
jecting, imagining, conjecture. 
i-ytoj^ K^'jteserrekhy Crying out. 
cJ^;.< mateaerref, Occupying, enjoying, a 
m^ax^.^ wiofes(i5da» Timorous, fearful, [master. 
^^Mxi^ 'inqte^salcki Poverty. 
^ju^^U.m'ottesf^y/ln^}^ct6.yf\\hy describing. 
>aX^.fiSt|^C^«/i Close, adjoining.. ;^^ 

iyaU ipof SBWwer, Conjecturing, thinlclng, 

^m-^v m^letejer, A bqsedj grieved [supposing; 

^•.•^w.o//('jB(;/f, Apparent, clear, r«veal, publish» 

^j4^ moitt-xerrer, Abused, injurecj, scattered* 

^jtiiUviotezerria, Supplicating. *'*^ .^^- -, 

«/«&• ri\t'iieziay Base* mean» humbled. 

^4viiU wo/t^uaaia, Sobmissive, overthrown. 

isJ^tf wote'AfiiOtfjek^ Stained* 

U^ltiX^ ri^ntetkwweh^ Throwing at one ano« 

cli^tJw»w4fi/e7T^, Moving. [ther/ 

L3^]tM 'ffkoieterri^; Meeting, opposing. -'^-t^ 5> 

^bS^ moteleghghetn. Madness, sulJiness^Hi:. :^ 

j^kx^ mo/' /t^, Dwelling Jn. ^v^^^i-'^^^^^vv c[enedr 

ji^XLXc in >/rj»>//5i^, Afflicted; tPOoWfed, 4i^rlfci», 

«-_o&u:« »/(>if-i-^^^<^,<>^iicce88iv6^"'^^"-'^o»«^ %iiU;^ 

V«"^' '»»<>/-' eft; 'nri^ig: overwork fhg."'^^:>ur ^jij^ 

V^JU. Vibt-ahll,] A'dd^ct^d^^ wii^^V^^^t oJCoJoj 

JOfc^jC*' tiiiry/w/ecf', Sfu-bborh (^.<?ftTO^ii &c ) relb^. 

d jv»A- woUi-adiPefK 'Crt]f)idili/ pient jr^ read^^ 

^^yi '^ 7»*^>/«-02««r, . Spotted i defiled. -^ *._) 
^JkX-. fft ,rftfsii;f ;ImposBibTe,difficult. [lortgirig to. 
V— iX*x^ Wf.tii-al/ek, Dedicated, a kinsman, be- 
dL> ^*yjo initta-awwes, Admired, confounded* 
(;5vju^ mota^aiye^n, Clear, easy to be seen. - /, 

[ 65S> J 
i,U» W-i/^JeJ, Ruinlngi'destrbyitfg.' •■*'=»!« 

pa*\'Xx. v(kotiifMe.$> SearttiirtV, "feiainf^qtj; ^'--* 
yix^ fn-'^^^^ Copio'ws; nrimer6tii ^^^'^i^*'** -^ 

JCix* wto?/!; l-iFer, Admired; <jb'flsid^f itigt^Cdnt^iilw 
u3^ix^ Tn'''/^/e?^?^e^,Sucking, sup'feriBr.'fpl'ative, 
^ luL« 7H5/e;?"42W,Sedentiiry, stiatFoW$>y; ab^ainv. 
* aXa^ mfOtekeddem, 014; ^ rfcifent. '' {rrt^ froin.^ 

lit* moiekh; A d4y-l«d, ccrtidh,' cafpet.""^'» 
^;Sa;U THO^f^d^ter/I^Qfty, haughty.^ '^'''''' 
fX^iZo m'^i^Mll^'mv Spealting* ati ti'dvoGar^i- 
^/J^ \imhiduii\ Tq inurmui'/tQ dhi*dei~''% 

oi> 5iu^ mofe/a/>^^;^oiWV*^if^g;''s:ii"d(^fe5^isBh/'^(f(f^.> 
^iU^ moielhshee, 'Di^i'^'^^artW^/'^Oi^hrgito 

( 65fl 1 

m^JL. nxrt Mcf, Softening, smoothing, . ^^^^ 

a\x< f9Ptlia» Raising the head. 

w»Xa^ fi^Uef,k place of danger ; iwo/Zi/lDcstroj- 

^^ ^VJL. ;;4<<:f/<74V/'i/i, Variable [ ing, a prodigal, 

LL^'lm .HiotlehheSt Quick, haste. 

^ in.Ue'n, Finisliing. the full-inoon.[pocri tc^ 

^^lUX mWd'/ii^de* Prolonging. c»j Ul« An by- 

^^^♦L* »i9/<fW:;<Mtf/i, Filling, or receiving a 

^^ mo(i/i<?r,Abounding in dates, eating dates. 
A >*Ju# motemerreJ, Obstinate, beardless. 

4lU« mottnei* Fattening (a pasture), [siding. 
fg£^*XM Knt'jtumekken.Mighty, an inhabitant, re- 
^L« 1hutemetn>» Finishing, consuraing, cleave. 
^i^ jjfotemennee, Wishing, asking, desired* 
2^«u motcniewtjf Framing, overflowing. 
jfi^ mote/neer, Long, strong (spear.^ .'.^ 
y^9^ fnitemeel, Tall, erect. V^.t ' 

^Za moten or moten^t. Wandering, blowing* 
^Ux. v^Hen^hec, Compleated,^^^^ ^ ^^J 
gyA-» i»i/eijtf/%'^ Tumour. A\>/\.^v.- . -;• * 
*Avt« motenebbeh, Tajcing notice of, circurjispect^ 
'^^^Ji^ VhAcnteitf Abandoning relations.,, ^^ , 
j^^:^.motevJjQfhpl^^}d\nt, spearmint, f me?jt J 
gwu mjieni^ekh. Oppressing, the stomach (fat* 

[ 6S7 1 

jSiL* mofetie^kel, Translated, transported, por- 
A « 1 yU mofeivb,edy Advancing by degrees, f table. 
y 1 ^^ mofewhter, Successively, one after ano* 
ijl^iu tdotewhredt Following [ther, 

^j\yj» motewkree. Hiding, withdrawing, 
^t\yi» moteivk-es, Meeting, asse nbling. 
>«lyU tfiotewkseli Connected, joined, 
^ 1 yc^ m9/<^iwV«a, Respectful, humble, afFablc. 
^<yL« tiiofefo^lee. Continued, following. 
^y'JU motewwej\ Crowning. 
*a.^Lo fri'jtewejjeh. Wandering, walking. [cd» 
l^j^jU motewerra, Continent, abstinent, reject- 
jjjXs^A^ motetvetfen, Abiding, fixing the mind 
j» iXx, fjiofeef;cjfdr, Abundance, copious, [upon* 
4^yU moteweff'ee, Deceased, dead, satisfied. 
cJ>x^ mofewweJt, Desired, wished-for. 
o^x^ motewivekia, Expecting. [expecting. 
cJt^yL. mofewelthf. Persevering, delaying, 
oJ^ fiiotewellcd, Ingendered, born, [ri table. 
^ >z^ itiofewellee, Alliance, turning back, cha- 
-yU mofewem, A collar, a necklace. 
^^yU motoon. Remaining in a place. 
z^jU mofewweh, Destroying, confounding. 
^^x^ itiotwee. Lavishing, spending or wasting, 
- ' dissipating. [Misleading, error. 

^ mcteh, A rope-maker, a ^orm ; a. meiek, 


f 65S ] 

f waving^, 
^) 'aX^ mnfflhhIe^.Wa}k]n^,(^pStroy]nf[, tailing, 
iXjsx^a v^ Ifhe'jed, Wdlkincr. rising at n^ht. 
*^X« vi'>*ht',n, Perm vi n^, think i nor. 
^y(^ fii, iteht'fVWtr, Afury. stiimblinj^. 
^ I'U ' nhutehcvyce, Rca;1y, preparing one's self. 
•*x. w/<;d,Wben ^aa^w Yrt;//,Uniit disagreea- 
^s'l^ mdt'ek'i' A lon^ arid soft branch [ble. 
^jCU 'liO'ei^fp Repffdtin^, inspect ini^ 
^J^^x^ iti'tt'e^* Breaking or exercising ahorse- 
*.*K^ inft'yn. Vomit I nj^. 

^•kU ,.Mt>i<'f'(i, Kais'J, lifceliip. [m'nincr, 
f^"'Jie vi'tf. ekciff, KriowioJ tor certain, e^a- 
^^ ntftfeefn* Kedncinor to sl.jvery or servitude. 
f^::* mtteen, Fnm,stn»n;; (castle) 
C-.W* m 'S-.V, Wiping the hands. [Lining. 

\^^ 'u mm', A premium. j^*i lt« m' ah fee J, 
^ Ia^ m •< i/.Cvmi})arison, likeness, a form, man* 

n r, a table, a be<l. 
SJ il# w •« /(j/. Staridiiiff erect, rare, choice, 
S3l*^ Vii-<hn(*f, The urine blidder. 
^} I5u ?<*- a /ecf, The tirst section (of the A Ico- 
SJuU 'uo^i,}}''yetV\^\r of « u>U //<<'.<//(//. ran ) 
^^-^A-o »nKtiV'>A't Pliir. of iS yii> meaw'e. fing. 
1^ x'; . wi 's7.'e/, Contirming, tormenting, kaow- 
JassJU iu06tiibe/et. An owl. 

t 659 1 

. A 

yTjt meaf'^r, A n assembly, a place of slaughter, 

Laa . nioihiity A di!»te»ivper. ance. 

„.S '«»»"'•'•:? '.M'etlfi^ assembling, perse ver- 

-x'.« '«rwf^ , Exhiu'scifi^. 

*.^\« w>*'(? '(../Riitil'i 4. incessantly. 

^*ss<'-« ,iJ)skhc^*f/\ I'labby loose flesh* 

jjjioLi-o mtt'^'f /«,\V"e.ik''ni'ig,fainrinjj, conquer- 

fc;2cv\« m ift^fftefit^f, Bi^-bod ed (a wor^jarij fing, 

« t j>JU m>t^el Ix.ii, \ striiiiur. f Mtilriplyiri;^, 

^^^ -VA* 7fi t^e'/ /ct'i. Fat, fl. s'l y. » ^ ^ /// .9 ^4/, 

A * ^ me.'it'iiJ, Brt»akinfi; or Ciauiblinj^ (bread,) 

^ fi< innxeiaer^ J'alkative. 

*^ ji^-c mt^rti^', Finding fault with, covetous. 

* ^ v^ tared, Crudib'ifi/ (bread ) 

-yv« wt'M" m. KeinlerinJ toothless (diseas*.) 

U X« ifi'f^^'rneft Hvavy irj b >t^y [with ra-n, 

X ^ X<, . mt'^ruody ^^'niinM -d. slightly spriokled 

^/:.« iiuffierrfp, Wrarinji a j:arnient. 

w> '.'it, Pressing xla'v« tii/*. ^/Vi, Breaking. 
c^-\*l« ///o^ (?A, A pij>e for CijiiveyinJ water. 
^^ mos-tf/', taking notice of any novelty, 
yp. A* iijuafffer. Flowing (biood or tears.) 
^ "^ ,i.L{iu(i, A smooth skined youth. 
*.iL -« ///'>,9 ///^///, Burning with rage, joyful, fill- 
jfi^ m'>vr^'''>'".^^heddi fig teeth (a child.) [i«^* 

I 660 ] 

[two other wives. 
tl»i« mosesfht, A woman whose husband has 
oJu^ inoseffed, Lining with cloth (a coat of 
yi^ moseffer. Driving. [mail.) 

ytt mosfil, Eating bread with milk. 
^At« ffiesfen. An intimate companion. 
^lLo ifiosfee, Having many wivest [genius. 
li UjU mosekhfet, Contending for superiority of 
^lit* msuM, A gold coin, a kind of flute, 

(L-aSJU tii'^shlr, Subtle, shrewd, a large road. 
LJut« ftiose^ieft Making straight (a spear.) 
yx^ mosk<il> Grieving, troubling, disquieting, 
y^>.i^ moshel. Childless woman, [distressing, 
^ mssj, A history, proverb, resembling. 
CLi i^ meselat, Plur. of EXt* meselet* 
t^~J^X^ moselleb, Becoming old and weak (a 
IaXLb meslehetf Abuse, offence. [camel.) 

IXto mcselei, Punishment, proverb, fable. 
cUll* mosles. Making three, triple. 
gvVjU moslej, Merry, joy ful, snowy (day.) 
JA3U moseseliel, Gathering, collecting, 
fX^ mosemfliht place where they cut the navel 

of a horse. 
AUJU me^wis. Troubling, vexing, perplexing, 
g^&t mosnh^\ Making various coloured vests* 


[ 66i J 

^-^ rriosmer. Fruitful (a tree,) increasing in 
jjt^^ vnosfneghed-, Fleshy (kid.) [yve^ltli. 

^^: mo.smel, A ]^l3LCQ of refuge, \, ,» ^ 
lU^: mesrnektf: A large, well, 
A _^«A^ mesrmod^ . Being ruined. _^>*JU wemooK, 
*K^ . mssen, Pai ned in the Jjladder- [ Vy^alth. 
KUt* mesnai, Bending*, .>.i>j ^ijyi;.,^,,,!^^, /,^ 
k;*^ in9S:'WW?/. Cleaving, Clotting asunder. . 
•^y:5U mesneivee. Rhyme, poetry* 

rnesnep, Two an,d two, ; memeCf Doubled,^ 
folded ; mosnee, Propping, ejecting. 
yix laesoolf. Slothful, sluggish ; mosivib, Re- 
Xj^L« mesoolet, A reward.* [q.uiting^ 

3^5L« mosool, Moving, standing, sticking.. 
^yoo meswee, An habitation. 
4_<^ ffioseehy Prostituted, deflowered. . 
^ moseer. Ploughing, forcing, 
^ mej, A species of herb, u,* Ujcvx). Reply, 
^J^ Isvo 'ttiof^see. Sitting opposite to another. 
^ isx« fdojaj. Saliva running from the mouth* 
^ IcsEcc vf^jkh, Puffed with pride. 
tm:s^\^s:^ viojaheseti Pressing, removing. 
liis-Uscv-* mojhheshet. Fighting, hindering. 
XLs. l:^Vv« mojhhefet^ Squeezing, a Ux* Bragging, 
%j i Ls^-« mojhdelet. Barren, scarce (year). 
U.:iisss^ fi^ojkda-at, Disputing, reviling/ 


I 662 } 


% ^ lasv^ mojhzehef, Fighting, contending. 

;, lasv^ moj(ir, Teazing, oppressing, delaying. 

ts^j^ss<^ v^qjhrehet, Wounding one another, . 

L^j Lasv^c wio/^re/", Gaining little profit or praise, 

^l;sv^ mofhreaf Having little milk, 

J Lsu> mofaz, A way, lawful, convenient. 

ci, Jj Isi moj^xat. Recompense, making amends 

s 'j lafi mojhzet, A metaphor, [for a good turn. 

^j Lafi mejhzp.e, Metaphoric, insincere (love.) 

^M.U2 mejb,sed, (Cloth) well dyed, 

IrUa mejh-af. Ridicule, mockery. 

'^Uss mejdl, Ability, vigour, a field of battle. 

fuJ l:^ tnsj'iileleff Assisting. 

XILas «iq/*d/e^, Competition, quarrel. 

}U:v! l^ 7iioJalehet Opposing with vehemence, 

displaying enmity. 
ijJU^ imjaledet, Combating, fighting. 
'^y^ Us mejcbtes, Plur. of ^as m.'jles, 
XL! las mojkktet, Opposing. [or at game. 

X*] Lacv^ mojhlat, Contending in hard drinking, 
Ji l^acu» mejcllee, Very bald on the fore- head. 
x^lasv^ inqjama, Plur. of ^^;^ mejma. 
XJuliss ifiojkmekty Courteously, politely. 

l^ mj^nehef, Approaching. 
Lai mojawel, A proposer, an answerer. 


I 663 ] 

te^las taojhtvetet, Calling camels to watert , 
fi^l^ mojhwedef. Beneficence. 
j^li^ tnoj^wer, A neighbour, 
Ij^Lss Tfwjhweret, Keighbourhood, intimacy, 
j^l^ filQjdirWe%, Passing, transgressing. 
U^\sss^ moj^tvat, Hunger* 
XJjlasv^ mojawehti Contention, competition, 
S U l^^ viojhhhti Bragging. ^6> \zss^ A fighter, 
S^Aliscv^ Vfiojaher^f, Upbraiding, conquering, 
$y^l:f}^.moj(ihelef, Unskilful, ignorant, 
^^'acv^ itiojayelf Power, strength. [Entire* 
t*ss<^ vwjehbet, A high way. J>;s^^ vwjberi 
f^ssy^ mojhen, Coagulated milk. '^A^^u^i [force, 
«^^a:^x« wejbooby Gelded. ^ ^Ai=U) Obliged by 
^^>s^^ mejhooli Inbred, natural. fjecting, 
moy/e;/', Walking, *xXsx« mejteheh^ Rcv 


ttioj tehee, Culling, collecting. 


t^sv;'.;^v« mojfehefy Seizing, plucking. 

3<>a:s£v^ w>ojteze%i Cut, broken. 
jy;s:y^ vi^ojterer, Chewing the cud. [i"g» 

^jAsa^^ mojtereh. Wounded, ^jm jl::f\^ Acquir* 
-^X=s\.« mojteremi Fault, crime. * 
^ /a^ss^ tnojfhree, Courageous, undaunted. /. 
yss^ ritq^'te%. Cut off ^^;:;s:«u« Slaughtering, 
u^Asx« mojtezem. Receiving (part,) bujing, 
^yf:-^ inojle%ee. Distributing. 

[ 04 I 

^jOT^ss-* ffiojia'ali Performing, ^xsc^^ Puliing, 
oJuacv-c wo;7eZc€/,Fepeing, dririlting, [rejecting. 
^4AaE^^ tnojiemeVi Fumigated wUh.jodours, . 
^^•:=cv^;;w^Vi??4, IlJding, bur^^^^^^ ^ i, a 

• v^'*-?^ fMyjtenel, . Decliningi halting. . v.- , ,. 
^U':;s^ mojtenef, fjanging down, inclining^, 
^iix^jcv^ ; in<>;/ewe;e,, CoHectiiig, ^ ^ 

ji^i^ss^ : niQJtewQr% Keigbbouring. , ^,~^. ^ ;■ 
j^;isx«! Tno/Ye^z'^jK, ^Departing. • >,, s 

^p:=<v^ Vii'j teivee,kh\\oxvmgy disliking, indist 
j^K^^ .'ttijtther, Considering. . [posed. 

««Ju3usv« rnojteef, Fetid (carcase)<|v,>Mv ^,.,u 
^.^iss^Ai] mojseel. Erect, ^vscs^ mojej, Conceiving, 
uJus\jsA-c mo/Vif/) Haying the flux. . »y:-w._i 
^^ssp^ mojchhel, Throwing. >, 
^&i=^;^ viojMhheey Far spent (the night.) _j 
OvisEv^ fn>ojd, Greatness, glory.,. \n v 4?t 
Cj-» J^;s^^. mojdtbf Distressed, barrep (ground,) 
.^yjsx* wc/VeAy: A kind o^ladle. 
ij J^.s^-« tnojcferety Worthy,' fit. .. '^}^ht .. [py. 
^ j^sxo mojeduy k. crop. :a ^ .y^sx^s/O^jdoodJiaj^T 
^s^!^ fiiejdoor, Hiaving the small pox, ._ 
J^jcciv^ wojdool, Slender (man) 
|5Js:sx* wq/Wec, Bleeding. cJ V Jss:v^ wie/x^/lA 
J Jk^i^ mojzer. Eradicating, [scourge, an oar. 
£<xa?w« 7W»«> Ignoble, irresolute. 

[ 665 1 

u«»j3^:sv< isioJTOol, Attracted, lessened'. 
h^if^sss^ mojzccz, Interrupted, 
*j5.siv^ niejzoom. Leprous. 
is3>js?-< mejzee, Erecting, beholding, 
^;sx« itiefer, Much tinderstanding. 
Sj:s\^ m^jrhfA channel. 8^^^ mejtrntyCtihty- 
^j^^ m(>j erred, Stripping naked, 
'j^^f<^ mojre%, Barren ground, - ^ 

^ ,^^ nif^rcTf, SufTucating. ^ ;:s?^ 'HKn'ria, 
li yss<^ mejrefcf, A wooden shovel. [Drinking, 
A ;^^ wiP/e/Ym, Criminal, sinner. 
^ ^ ^s\^ Tnq;roo/?,Coiifused, reproached, wound- 
& ^yp^. Ktiej rood, Skined. [ed. 



mpjerreh, Divulging, publishing. 

'mJ>jss^ ttiqjreheWf Diligent/active. 

I'j^p^ wq/'ze/, Liberal f;y^==v« fS^^jzeiiiy Fill-. 

-^:ff:u mcjzom, Abrupt, cutfi^'^fi rig, clever. 

^ ysy^ w>j%ee, A convenient mansion, 

Im^^'^'ihiej^ssif, Feding; bantiling. 
^»w.^=v^ wlf>;5d^,^ Cloth well •dyt'd. - 

^M^isja fdrjessein, Corpulent, ii\corpora(e J. 
'y:i^'7n0jesh, A hahd-mili,' 

wlii^sx* mejshkht Coarse. •» 

*^^'^kxs^ rnffjs/^ooi'^. Broken into large piecel 
"l^Mi^ rao jesses, Opening (eves,) pkistering. 

i^*cspJ'W>ojze%, Going hastily;'" \^i'*''* i^^^^u* 

K 6 

( C66 i 

•aV^cv^ ;jfj,o'x^er. Tall, strong. -, 

-a:^ *w<7^'. Foolish, delirious. 
ju,;sx# '"^Jotf Impudent, immodest (woman ) 
^.jufs^ mo/ ad, Cur\\ns,ha\r» y:ss<^inojel Grant- 
^as>^ tny'-aifi, A refuse. [i^gt fini&hin*. 

ij^iff\^ ii^SJftkli, Bragging. 
y^f^ fii-yj/er,. Shunning, dismissing. 
y^ss^ mojfcl^Going hastily. y;sx^ rtiojfon, Ig- 
-£a;^w nt'j/A'fi''* Haggling, [norant, injuring. 
J.3SU my'^lt Revering, magnifying, 
a)Lsv« mo/dlld. Polished. ^ ilac>^ luejlaff, Hardy 
■ ^)^^?^ rn.'ielleh. Transacting. [(camel.) 

^JLacv* raejUd, A leather strap, skining. 
^JLsx« ffli^/es, An assembly, council. [Splendid. 
c-iJi^apM. itKij'eUef, Destroying. ^Isc^^ ifn'jluo, 
«W* mejld^. Bald ; mojlee. Banishing, libe- 
^,;sc« mojem. Approaching. [rated. 

0i«.3sc« v^ojemedt Congealed. 
K«^c^^ rtiejma, A concourse, convention. 
A«£cc« tti^jeiiimei^ A summary, abridgement. 
c^4^ ffifjtfioo-a, Contained, collected. 
i£yt,s^^ mejmoo-af, A collection, maga^nc. 
^5Kv« mojen. Hard and thick. 
t J '• •TAt nipjnelf, Copious, plentiful, [dining, 
fc^x, vifjennet^ Insanity. fJ^cf<^ wojneh, In- 
•kJifffv^ fXio^ennefi* Assembled ^troup§.) 

v^*^-« vipjnool. Having a pain ih the side, 

„;j^co jiiojnee. Ripe fruit, much. 

^j^ m'joo, A lentil. v>^?^ wp;oc?t, A shield. 

jjja.^^»^« mejoqfen, Stinking water, 

d^i£\^ mqjeiviced, Learned- 

j^ssu «n'/^?i^W'^,' Dismissing, holdina^. 

tr-»=s\^ r7;<?/oos, Eaving small ears, 

«J^^x> rafjoof. Having a large belly. 

l^s^u mejool, A shield, a necklace. 

x^.^^ tn^jetviveh, Raising to dignity. 
yi_j:=sv-o majewhcr. Adorned. %?^s:,^ mejiiee, 
^ niocheh, The eye-brcw.[HaHging(a kettle^ 
^i^sss^ %'i^'jhhr. Speaking distinctly. 
^;^ mejhht. Miscarrying (she- cam el. ) . 
o^jsx* inojhed. Vexing, injuring, 
^s:^ mojher. Speaking publicly, 
^jsx* wO/'e^^esj, End owed .^^-BXt 'ffioj/iesJi,Jomp* 
^^isss^' vdojheli A desert. [ing, fearing., 

a^^axo mojhoodjQave. J ^^s\jo rnqjlioor, Cleaned, 
^y^sA^ fnojhee, A high road* [purified. 

„.^co mqfee. Arrival, adducing. -n ^.^' 
»..^Asi\^ ihojeehy Accepting, granting, fnoble. 
^A2Xc TTig/ee^, Ruining. .X/srv-o mejeed. Glorious, 
^ /^ mojeedun, To wash,' to fry.' -.j^. 
^a:sx« inofeex, Approving, granting liberty. 
{fi^fps^ vv^ijeeslh /Raising an army. 

I «69 J 


fji^M^sx* mpjeeiy Declining. , 

n.csx^ tfioiee-a. Starved. 
cjiA^^< ;7|Oy'ey^Concave^shiitti*f)*g/ [connivance, 
^ wd//, Oldgarnrent.' Ij-Gc^ moAd^^, Regard, 
If laDw* mohd,blet. Loving, regard. 
ij.i»jl^« inohales, Plur. of ^j^^acv* uiohvhes, 
«-*fjl3:u« tiioliahcel', Plur. of c^ja^sn^ mo/i^4;c&. 
5lo»ljKv« mdJihjkt, Overcoming. j]i3/i'>7'er. Pleading a cause, • 
»^^ ^mojdjezjy Prohibiti'ngvnv^'j'X^ 
tji:*. l^su* mohhj-ef, Combati^ng, opposing... -[Jiar. 
gtacv^jJ^P^^x^* Hunger ;- TJirt/jra^, . A cheat, a 
A Issv* 7//o7/v)t£i. Preventing, pp|)o^ii^g, angr/. 
Hi ^is:!^'inoh^desett Conyei:§ati<i;i» 
i^iU=v^ niohhzht, OppositOkV ,^^\oitr v- 
t ^ i Lcu« viohhx^^nti Shunning; ,^Jj«^f>: 
If oUxC* 7n<3//dz^e>-Opposite obje>5ts. [warrior, 
J lajv^ mehhty Returned, u-i/ j tacv^. iiioh^rcb, A 
jj^W^;?/<o/if4jr^i A^overnor, keeper. 
Xi J Ua^ l^Joh \ 7'6'«^i?3f,/ Irritating. 
cJjljcv>« wohhr'ift Unfortunate, 
Uj.Ca^^ viohhrjkdtt Cupning oae another. 
•^^rt^^^/^4'^^^/^» J*l.ur. of.AJS^« mehreni, ,^ 
t-Aj J Uu. me^r4}eh, PI ur.. 6f v^^j^bi^ fiCehch h* 
^\o^:jn.Qh(iss.yA follovvep. 5 * .^ .: ^ . 

Uc^^ molidiSicL^ Cahwl^Uing, cpmputii^g* 

r 669 I 

JfA*.ls=v-« vwhhsehef. Calculation. 

^^[ss^^ tnehhsh, Furniture, wealth, burned. 

5UU*\^ mohctshatt Abstaining. 

(ja'aru« mehb,s. Flashing, yo Iss^ moJi^ser, Suf- 

3u9 lisuo mohhzzeti Compelling. [rounding. 

la laa^ mohatf Comprehended, surrounded. 

«--Jolacv^ raoh^teh, Eating dry thorns, - 

Slilacvo niohbfhty Fighting, disputing. 

kilacu* mohkfiz, A defender, governor. 

Xl£iL:cN.« rH'Ohafezet, Custody, guardianship. 

c«5 lacuo mohhk, The wane of the moon. 

Sl^jlrcv^ mo^d^^i^ Equal, like, little. 

jiS>la:\^ mehhkety A weavers shop, 

.^♦r l:s^ moJihkertiety Citing before a judge, 

J Ucu« mohhJ, Deceit, art, a large pulley. 

CJiJl«u> moh^lhty Behaving kindly. 

Sa! Un^ mohklehet. Assisting, 

o^ ijciA) moharned, Plur. of » j^^ai melimedet, 

Xii^ Us2 mohh'tnekety Acting foolishly. 

3u«lsx« mohhtndy Plur. of 3.^ax« we^me/. 

Xj^Lacu* ftiohhivetet. Ensnaring, larking. 

Sj^l^v« moliciweref, A conversation. 

S^^Ux« raohktvezef, Commerce. 

Jl4Njlacu« Wiolihyedet, Abstaining. 

JusjI-sxo moJiayeset, Seizing insidiously* 

ii*^ l=sx« lOtohtiyeket, Envying. 

s 6 

I 670 1 

Ii*Uv« tiiohhyenett Fixing a time. 
c-Jijcu* t»oAe[>, A friend, a lover, 
jUkw* fkUhlhrt Quickly producing h^rhpge. 
t^sg:^ mvhelbet. Friendship, love, affection, 
^A^^v* iHohheji Appearing unexpectedly. 
yx^s^ »2e//^tT, An ink-holder. ^jA:^^viohebrem, 
jj,,.>ccv^ mehhes, A prison. [Pomegranate soup. 
^JLxs\^ iftf>A/6<?«A,B]ack ; wo^ittes//, Assembling, 
^jkai\^ mohl'ik. Fastening, strengthening. 
3^v^v<« mohal/eif Impregnating. 
v>>a^^ it^Mooh, Beloved, beautiful. 
J y^ae^ mehho)r. Cheerful, fortunate. 
(jM^xs^^ mehlfoos, Detained confined. 
^ yjKsfi ,/ieA^ W,Taken in a net. ^^ ^astu* mchhoon^ 
eli/svo fiiihett Vehement, excessive. [Angry. 
gUjKv* mohtaj, Necessitous, indigent, fcheat. 
)o lXaeu« iiiohtaf. Surrounded. ^ Usx-* nwhfal, A 
yMA::a^« mjhieh'S, Imprisoned, containing. 
jjjAVacvo taohtcbent Having a dropsy. 
..a:«v« mohtebce, Binding the legs o\ thighs. 
^^pae^ mohteterit Congruous. 
mohfeses. Instigating. 

mohtefe^'. Sequestered, veiled. 
g>^EO:*v^ mohfejej. Bringing proof, pleading a 
^^jsvr^v., iiiohtejer, Rocky groundt [cause, 

jjj^cvx^^ mohtejen, Drawing, 

I en 1 


y^scy^ moJifezee, Imitating, J o^Xsa.* 772 o^teteTf 
ycss^ mohter, Tying a knot. [Abstaining. 
u^ jXsss^^ rfiohtered, Contending, fighting. 
tiL^yCac^ fiio/iterest Tilling, a sower, 
^^Xsv^ rdohterm. Cautious, safe. 
(j«y,a£ niohfereft. Guarding against, preserved. 
(jojX:^ mohtereSy Desirous, studious. 
(^jX:ss mohteref, An artificer. 
cJ^^ mohtereJi, Burnt, kindled, 

^ ^'Ji:^ meheterem, Venerable, revered. 
jy^ m>ohtc%e%. Notched, cutting. 

-•jAas iiiokfe%em, Armed, putting on clothes... 

ij^y^ inohf€%e?i, Afflicted. .Ta-i? c?, 

L^^iiiz^ vfi'.hfeseb, Comparing, numbering. 

f,£^:^ mohteshem, Powerful, bashful. 

^jjtr^ mohteshee, Crammed, filled. 

jjjAfi's; uW/Zez^w, Embracing, a sheep reclining. 

^I ;'a2 vwl/ete^t A conqueror, happy. 

«xiX:^ molfefed. Sharpened (a sword). 

^:'afi wohtefcr, digging a well. 

tiJ*^ mohieftZt Provoked to anger^ 

^ X^ vwhtefil. Meeting, assembling. 

^.XA:^ mohfefen^ Eradicating. 

^i;-:^ mohtejee. Tearing up, pulling. 

^i^'iXsi j?wlit eM,D^Ecientf failing, [governing. 

jSu:^ rtioMekcVf Mean^ base. ^i=aX^ Rulin 

[ ^72 ] 

4»^!LX:si moliteleh.'^lWking. y^Lss moIfte^if^SweTkr- 

^JtJL;L«u« 7Jiohtele^, IJ'dlry, shaggy (vest.) [ing. 

y\Xx^ ItiohteleU Staving, descending, 

^s^ mohtelemy Dreaming 

^s^j.x>^ fnohtemedt Praising one's self. 

lj5^X«uo vtohetewpsh, Inflaming to rage* 

,VX:tf mofdemcl. Doubted, seemed. 

CA. iiL>x^ fiiihtemelat. Suspicious. 

*«Xacuo vioh/efnew, Anxious, 

'^y4l:*v« moheiemce. Avoiding, cautious. 

jl>a*u« mohtenek, Skiltully, eradicating. 

^pyae\^ ftiolitcivish. Frightening. 

h yi^^ mo/i/ewef. Besieged, surrounded. 

4f ^i*»^ ffioJi/etvee, Embracing, comprehending, 

^^A^^^ 7/io/z/ee, Strong, (irm.iicg^7nohesset,Vrg' 

u±A»iiEv^ moheS'hist Moved, instigating, [itig. 

l^sEvon^ melijh, A place of refuge. 

S ljtfv*u« 'ttielijat. Worthy, proper. 

Cs\^\^ rnohelfef, A way, road. 

-#v*n.scv;=«x« 'iiiohej'hejy Retiring, retreating. 

ysKa^ niohjer. Stony, forbidden, the socket, 

4^.sufiv^ ffiohjef, Going out. 

♦.3s^«u» vdohjem, A glass, pusillanimous. 

^^sc^acuo viohjen, A club, a large stick. 

i--?^s:<^Eu« mohjooht Covered, modest. 

j^jjsvagv-c mohjoor. Hindered, prohibited. 

I 673 ] 

\y^M^ vnohjooz. Having the feet bound. 
^y^\ss\^ frto^/ee,Substituting. j«v^ woAe^.Sharp- 
<±) A*v^ mohdes,An innovator, a relater. [ening, 
g,>ccv« mohdej, Beholding. 
A >a:u« mohded. Terminated, 
^ A«w« moAr/er, Swelling from a blow (the skin.) 
c^j^:kv« mohdeJt, Surrounding. 
AjjcKv* mohdood. Bounded, forbidden. 
^As^ inohdee, Endeavouring. 
J3^su« mohzelem, Quick- paced, 
f 3s&u9 mehzem, A sharp sw^ord. 
ij ^ \:kvo moh%oorefy Dread, a hobgoblin. 
t-J^ j.^^ taeh^oofyA bottle, J j Aacu* meh%ooh, 
yax>« moher, Fervent, warm. [Cut. 

ol^a^v^ mehrhs, A coal- rake or malkin for 
cJl^a^ mehraf, A surgeon's probe, [ovens. 
/^'i*uo mehran, A honeycomb, honey, 
- ^jsyo wo^r.?;, Prohibiting, a ^^^^nioWrd^^Bent, 
jj^x^ moherrert Consecrated to God. [arched. 
j^^^ moherezp A sparrovr. 
^JOJS^^ inohrezt Distracted with love. 
t iym^ tiiohref, In good condition, 
t 'i y^^ mohrekf Incentive, inflaming. 
iJ^jcv.* itiohrek. Moving. 
-.«v^ mohrem, Unlawful, a spouse. 
y^f ^_^^ miliroobf Robbed of possessions. 

T 6 

t 674 ] 

^j^iKu* mehroor, Cholerick, written. [Worse. 
t>.3>»v« 'Oichroos, Preserved, ^^j:^^ mehrooz, 
iS^jjc^ mehroofy Changed. 
«^^^uo fMhroom, Debarred. 
' ^y%\^ mehree, Proper, fit, worthy. 
ii^yf^ inehzen, A Rioted, vexed. [ceiving. 
^^^y^^ me//zoow, Grieved ^r^u* ino/iess,PeT' 
^^Ims^^. meJishbt A banker's counter. 
' _ -iir—. f mohscl', Enough, contenting. 
3U*«»aa-o mehsemef, Cutting oiFany thing, cau- 
^^**,.«v^ mohsertf Benefiting. [terizing. 

!_»» y^^i^ niohsoob, Calculated. 
^y«ocv« mehsoor. Discovered, tired. 
^•_j*»«cv^ inehsoos, Feeling, perceiving. 
t^ i^^.^^ mehsoof. Wealth, abundant, 
^^atuo mchsool, Mean, vile. 
.^^jKv« mehsoom. Badly nourished (a child). 
^*u> mehesh. Grassy (ground.) 
Vri^acu* rnchshef, A palm producing bad dates. 
«.i;dcuo moltahemy Respecting. 
^^t^Kx^ int'Jishoosh, Having swelling sides. 
S LfljKv.* mehsb^t, Stony (ground. ) 
cJtAos^^ inehshf. Passing suddenly by. 
*sAfljK\-« mohesscd. Steady, twisted (rope.) 
^xaxuo mohser. Forbidden, prevented, [naging. 
e-juvsix raehsef, Running, twisting a rope, ma- 

f 675 3 

^*^isM> ftiohesstlff Collecting, producing, di- 
^J*a:%:\^ mohsen. Married^ continent, [gesting* 
A^Aflsn-o mehsood. Harvest, cut down. 
jyas^^ mehsoor, Restrained, surrounded, . ^ 

. ) >! ^^2/* viehsooldtbr^ Fruitful. 

^^^^ vnehsoom, An infant. [Fartiqg. 

/.)ya:sv^ mehsoon, Forti|ied. ^y*ase\^ mohsee^ 
(jas:y^ tiiehez. Pure, sincere (love,) millet . 
jhAsA^ ffiehzhry Ruqning much. 
u^tas^^ mohe%%e^, Stimulating, provoking, 
ujtA^^ molizen, Disdaining. u_->Ia^su< mohteh, 
^♦b««w9 mohetmer, Angry. [A pruning-hook, 
i^jla^<^ moh€%reb, Vehement in speech,crook- 
jylix\^ mohzoor. Prohibited, prevented. [e4» 
}£)^ss<^ mohzooz, Mirth, merr J, contented. 
cJLkvo mohef. Overloading (a horse, &c.) 
Ja^^ mohzee. Preferring, favouring. 
ja^u« mehfed, A measure for corn. 
^ySss^^ moheffes. Moving in bed. 
^:ss^ fdohfeZf Provoking to anger. 
Tiijjff^^ mehfezety A magazine, a hoard, 
i^ia£ 7neh/ood, A master, ,, 

.yLcwo mehfoor, A mark, carved. [rnory. 

]b^xsi<^ mehfooz, Preserved, committed to me- 
tiyis^v-o 7Wd/?/bo/jOppressed by poverty,covere4. 
^ia=v« whfee, Barefoot, disputing, kindqess. 

f 676 } 


meheJi, Cancelling, flaming* 
^^li•s^^ Vdehkan, Pissing. 
^Xacu« mohker, Scorning, disdaining. 
»^ta^ me//^ere/;Baseness,vileness. [ing good. 
<— jiiacuo mohekkekf Affirming, proving or makf 
j^yjl*wo wehkeji, A churning bottle ar hook. 
cJy«a^ nt^ehkook. Worthy, deserving, 
^Xjkuo mehek, Brawling, a wrangler. 
Ov^a«vo mehked. Foundation, original, a re- 
i\5Cacuc mehekkih. Truth, certainty. [fuge. 

J ^^ ^ mehkel, Dark, doubtful. 
^.^uKv« mohkem, Confirming, strengthening ; 

mohketf?. Fortified, robust. 
S«^&sv« mehkemet, A tribunal, a court of jus» 
^^3.*=iTu« wehJtook, Cancelled. [tice. 

JjKv« m^Ae/,Fraud, adversity, dust, layingsnares; 

mehell, Post, situation, time, adapted, de- 
3ik-Ev^ mohellh. Roasted meat. [seen ding. 
c-» il«u« mehlhhy A milking-pail. 
c» i>^!KVx ffiehellhttVluT. of tX^^^jnehellet, [grain. 
•-aXs^^ wo/i/e^% Assembling; mehleb, A kindof 
HLkvc THe/i/e/,Barren (ground) •/mehelleffStrett, 

square, an inn. [drops. 

uJi3cv« mehleSy Raining incessantly in small 
LXacv^ woA/d/,S wearing, enraged,quick. [afFair, 
|lJULcu« mohlef, Exacting an oath, a doubtful 

I 677 } 

i^\aa^ itiohelleht Scraped, shaved, shorn, 

^jjVLsuo mohhfien. Half-ripe dates. '-^ 

*Lkv^ tnohlem, SJumbering, dreaming, ' ^'^ 

»^p^-« mehioof, An oath, swearing* — * 

^^ssM mehhol, Absoked, lawful, empty.-^- ' 

^«\^ mehcm, A vessel for warming water. 

*jsv<a£*w« tnohemhetn, Neighing, 

^♦«\A> ni'^^ew^', Beholding, looking steadfastly. 

Oc».rss^ mohmeJ, Acting laudably. 

Ujk4:^\^ mehmedet, Praising, proclaiming/ 

^^^sn^ "XTiehmer, A pack-horse. 

4je*:s<-fl TTiohemmes, Toasting. 

(ja«s\^ mohemm&t, Diminishing, lessening. ^* 

Jg^;^c« -tnohmek, Bringing forth. 

J«.2£^^ wie^wte/, Velvet, satin, i'^^^s^ mehmood, 

if ^^4a:v.« meJimoodee,A silver coin. [Laudable. 

^^♦»re9 mehmoo%f A spur. 

cJ>»«u» mehmook, Having the small pox. 

3 3*sv.« mehmool, Loaded, charged. 

-^ai mehmoom, Feverish, warmed. 


mehmee. Guarded, protected. 

^^«u« mehen. Lashing, tempting, bestowing. 
Uarv.* nwhennhi Bent, crooked. [row, 

lUaewo mehfiet, Calamity, misery, trouble, sor- 
c1aL«u« wohnes, Perjured, wiclted. 
^ss^ mohnej., Distorting, squinting. 

V 6 

I ^79 J 

^Ijc^^ oTio^ntf:^, Mixing wat^r Vvith w{ne, 

laXacu* fnohennetf Burying, 

^joii^ m<ih€rifLee, Affronting, abusing. 

K ■ «;v mohnt'if Wrath, anger, passion. 

4U^ WQA«w«e^,Experieiice, trie4. [annihilating/^ 

^j^/ffUihnes, Affectionate, ys^ vacJioo, Defacing^ 

f^y^ mehooit A shower, an erazure, 

jyies^. nielioor, A rolling-pin. 

j^-rt moheivwe%. Driving camels to Water. 

^sa ^ tiiohetvfvez, Making a pond. 

h ^^ Wtoheivwet, Surrounding with a fence. 

XJ^ mchoonet, Inflaming, abolishing. 

if^aev« rnoheivwee, Seizing, detained. , 

^«vo mehee, ObHteratipg. Ujss |»d/^eya, tiife., 

I U*i molieycit. Infested by serpents. 

*j^^.^ niohees. Subverting, turning up. ^.; , >, 

gvAjtf mo/ief^. Making poor, indigent. 

.Xa^ vieheed, A place pf refuge. 

^A3s2 ffioheeVf Admiring, wondering. 

ooAst viehees, Glittering (helmet,) a strong ca- 

]a^ai moheef, Embracing, knowing. [mel. 

i^i — •- tiioheef. Diminishing. 

»Ju-cw« Vf^eheek, Enclosing, sharp spear. 

dU^^ fnoheeJtf Making an impression, having 

3.Aacu« nioheel, Dtefrauding, a cheat, [an effect. 

f^^x\^ fPteheem^ ^n ingenious boy. 

r m J 

jjjjyacv-e woheen, Destroying, stopping. 
^*«v^ rn-ohi/ee, JievWmg, saluting. 
^ mokh, A bridle, t»9^rovr, 

9^\sss^ mokhhtemet, Finishing, ^ndipg..^ iv^ 
^3\j£<^ Tdiokhhteem, A measur^'.foi'cprn^ \^ 
3LlLs:v« rnokhakhef, Mar.row. .^^^ j^l^^^ A c^t^ 
%^ 6\is^ mohhaihshet , Excoriating/ scratching, 
3b i ls:v-« mo^/?a(/a-fl/,Cheating, circufi) venting, 
-ils^^ mekhadem, Serving, being ;i slaves • ; 
3iil^ r7itf^/jaj2e<^/. Poor, destitute, 
^ J IsA^ mekhhrej, Plur. of g. _jaE\>« xi^ekhref* •[ 
tc>jV=&.^ mekhhrejet. Separating. 

^j ls^^ 'ttiokhhrem, 1 he brow pf 3 hill, 
S Ij Is^^- niok1i^?>ht. Disgracing. 

'(^'j\ss^ mekliazee, r]\j^r.p{ fs ysA^ mokhxee, 

XXac 'jkv^ mohhaseletf Shooting, throwing. 

^*o \ss<^ ftiokhhsem, ^Cox\itu\!\o\^5. 

lf^\s\^ mckItkseffiet,V^nimty, competition. , 

Qo\aa^ tneA'Mx, The pains of birth. 

Ujth IsEv^ ttiojilihxe'^'et, Selling herbage. 

\i \s>^. 9iio^'//a^, The ipucus of the nose. [son. 

.c_-vl9 \s\^ 'ttiofiiiatel,' A $ipS'9^^, the second per- 
#>.L.s^.* IHoA7.^f^^e/j, Speaking* conversation. 
i .Is l^^ mohhb^tevcU Danger, hazard, ga mi ng. 

[ 680 1 

lili* meMhfst, Fearing, danger. 

S:;iax« mokhhlat. Dismissing, bidding adieu. 
4--AJLa:*^ fnekhaleh, Plur. of < .^Lkv^ nukhleh, 
IaJL=a-« laokhhiebet. Deceiving. [J"g» 

Si) lix« Vfiokhalet, Showing an affection, favour- 
faeOUx* mohhhlejet. Anxious, doubtful. 
SLJljkU) mohhtilesiify Snatching. 
JiAaJ Lscv« mokhaleset, Sincerity, candid, 
sy ls^-• Tno^Ad/e/e^,Commerce, confusion, per- 
4_JJU=v^ 7rvo^//a/^, Contrary, adverse [plexed. 
XiJla:v«Tn^;^//<i/^^Y,Contradiction, transgression. 
5^ L:ku> mokhhnieret. Concealing, covering, al- 
i _% ^ Lacw melihhwefyk dangerous place, [tering. 
X^laaui mokhhiret. Boasting, glorying. 
^Las^ mokhtLil, Phir. of iJu^v^ mehkeehU . "^: 

mokhebheh, Destroying, seducing. '^ 
mokhbes. Corrupting, wricked. 
•^Aicco mokhher, Announcing, certifying, tell* 
iyx^^ mekkbezet, A bake-house, [ing news# 
f^^axikv-* mekhbeset, A kind of ladle, 
^y,,^^ mokhehhel. Fortune, time, insane, 
•xsxo 7nokhboo, Concealed. 
i^j^^jjs^ raekhboon. Embraced, preserved. 
^sKss\< vfioklibee. Pitching a tent. fed, 

woMe/,Depressing, diminishing, asham- 

[ 681 3 


J l>:fev-c iaohhthr. Excellent, selected. [Cheated; 

J l;^^ 7no^^/d/,Haughty,vain. ;^^ U^ moj-A/^ifi 

^Is4 mohhteher, Export, iiitelligent. 

vaXs! rabkhtehety Feeding with bread. 

umaX^ viokhteleSi Possessed by conquest; 

ip*jiss. mofihtehesh^ QoWcQimgy receiving. 

Um^ mokhteleti Asking with importunitj; 
shaking thfe leaves of a treei 

,^uXs! mohhtebeki Stfengtheitrri^. 

JaX^ fdokhielelf Corrupting or depraring the 

^•^ mohhtebee. Hid, lurking. [mindi 

f^^ iKioihtefetn, Completion, conclusion, end. 

^AAsfi inokhteteej Cheating. 

.i,ss<j^ mokhtejejy Inclining. 

jj^ss mokhteder, Kept, covered, or concealed* 

*,>.>i2 mokhteda, Cheated, circumvented. 

t-JjJifi mokhtedef, Snatching. 

« ov/s! mokhtedem, Employment as a Servant. 

^>Aai mokhterej, Extracting, deriving. 

iP-y^ Vfiohhtefish, Scratching, seeking provi- 
sion for one's iamWy, [cluster of grapes; 

ij^Air iJiokhteret, Drawing (a sword,) a small 

g^As2 mokhtera, Cheating, an author, deriving 

cJ/ji^ rtiokhhterefy Gathered (fruits.) [from". 

o^s:^^ fdokhterekj Blast of wind. 

^^Aic^-• mokhterem, Tearing, destroying, losin|^ 

u 6 

[ 682 ] 

3^3=^ tJiD^-A/ftsei, Piercing with a spear. 
^y'jikx^ uiohhteta. Rescinding, tearing away, 

cJ^Xix* mokktezekt Unsheathed (sword.) 

^\isB<^ moUitezd, Retaining, separated. 
vLsA^ moihteaeii, Preserved, laid up. 

•.-.^iiiic*^ tnokh/eskeh. Composing careless urv» 
«iiJja-» iAohhtesha, Huoibkd. [polished versesw 

yeiacv* mokhies, Worthy, peculiar, elected. 

. ..r':-^^ vaokhte^ehy Abundance, fruitful. 

^AAAisx* tfuokhteser, Abridged. 

^ i ^-^^ moJthfesef, Sewing (a slipper,) 
crowning (one's self) with leaves. 

^MxZss^ mokhtesem. Disputing, 

^y^'iccc ftiokhitsee. Castrating. 

«^«aXsx« it^oJihteteb, Tinged, painting one*s 

Kj^« mokhiexa. Passing, depressed. [self? 

fuaXss^ mokhtezem. Amputating, giving, 

iaXss^ mokhlet. Drawing, a lion. 

v^kocv^ 7noi{'/j/e/e^, Asking ^a woman) in mar- 
riage for a son, affiancing. 

f^tlaXsA^ mokhtelef, Seizing, snatching. 

^^3Xs^^ mok^iietee, Stepping. 

i-iiifcu tnokhii^k, Blowing loud (wind,) 

^iXiou mokhf^Jin, Assuming. 

^'Zacs^ vwk'ifrf^e, Absconding. 

JJLkv.* mokhtcUt Extenuated, disturbed. 

I 683 ] 

^J^Jss<^ iti'ikhteleh. Plucking, wounding, 

^)Ji^sy^ niokhielef. Abstracting, winking. 

yMXiss-« mokhteleSy Snatching, seizing. 

LlxsEv^ 'mokhteletf Perplexed. 

< Isjjss^ wolthtehf. Different, discordant. 

tJiXx^Ev-* tdolihtelek, Feigning. fXi=s:^ moJihteleni, 

^Xi=c»MO ifiokhtehe. Sharp sword. [Ch using. 

^xacv^ mokhteni, Sweeping. ^♦Xsa^i moHtemer, 

3.♦Is^^ moklitemd, Lame. [Fermented. 

t •; . ^iss^ mokhtewet, Failing. » y^ mokhtoom, 

/^^a:sn^ mo^/^f oo?i,Circumcised. [Sealed, signed. 

cf^ASA-fl viokhtewee. Travelling, taking. 

*.«Ajk\^ mokhesam, A lion having a plump face. 

*Asx« tnokheasem, A shoe broad in the point. 

^vjs\sxsu. mikhejkhej, Concealing a design. 

^y^svikv^ mokhjel, Admiring. 

js.^u> mokhed. Emaciated, shrivelled. 

ij jdsv^ moJihedderet, A virtuous lady, 

jsj^i\-« viokheddesh, Scratching, excoriating. 

ft j<^v^ mokhda, A store- house. ' - 

fj^sx« unoklidem, Ordering to serve. 

A 5 >»iE^-« vieh hdoody Lean camel, 

^^« liid-fhdo-a, Beguiling, defrauding 

^ ^ j^svo mekJidoomy A lord, a master, an infant. 

<fj.^v>o 7?ioIt'kdee, Walking step by step. 

cJ»j <xiKv« 7nokhezrek, Filling a vessel. 

[ 634 ] 

^ jcsx« unoihezzia, Mincing, circumcising, 

S& j<icv^ mekhzaft A knife. <^Aiv-c A sling. 

i ^cs£v^ mokhezzilt Despising, disgracing. 

^ o^jsrvwo itiokhexzim. Cutting well. 

^^,xsx« mei/izool, Forsaken, fru'stated. 

^jckv^ mekhzee, Humbling. 

t-3»^^sx« mekhrak. Twisted wreaths. 

*—-/ ^icv-o niekhrel', A destroyer, desolating, 

osj^^^v^ mokhrehes, Wise. 

ttJij^jk*^ mokhrehek,Q\iiX\T\g, tearing, spoiling,. 

8^*^ mekhrei, Chosen. o^i\^ mokhret, A 

^^js^ mokhrej, Leading forth, [straight road. 

:i js£<^ tnokhred, Bashful, modesty. 

^a^^v^ mokherdel, Cutting in pieces, ;^ 



mekhrex, A shoe-maker's awl. 

U9^!sc^ mokhertem. Boxing. [the autumn. 
t-J^ax« mekhrefy A road ; mokhref^ Beginning 
ti ys^^ mokhrefet, A fruit-garden, a road. 
c5^^ wvo^^re;?-, Admiring, confounding, [limbs. 
^js\^ mokhrenshem, Proud, contracted in the 
Jojss^ mokhcrnek* A country full of hares. 
c^5^sx^ mekhrooh, Split, plundered. 
^^jsss^ 'tnekhroot, Long-faced or bearded, peel- 
jfc jss^ mekhrootet, A cone. [ed. 

cJ^^x tf^ekhroofy Pulled, gathered. 
J^jcv., mokhez%etf The form of a hare. . 

[ 685 ] 

Ai^^ i^ohTie^xem^k bird having a perforafed 
f^s'ysx^ uio/ftew, A magazine, agranarj. [b.i|]; 
^^y^^ rtiekhzool, A camel having broken 
(^^^\sx« mekh%oont Hid, . [back. 

-cf3.==»^ 7/?^^^%^^,, Despising, ruining. ->./^t^L->\ 
^**,^^ vwkhsei\ Injured. \iu*m >--.:^'j 

J^:sv4> wie^Z/eA'so/,. Reprobated, rejected. . . 
^^*«^-o vdohhsen. Becoming ignominious. 
^yu^ss^ mokhoor, Stained, abused*'^ ^i^^.; ,_, 
J ^*.^^ . mokhsool, Wicked, 
\^i:u> 2noitee,Play-ing. (jjijix^.mo^^es^, Bold, 
S lxi.s?w« mohhshkt. Timid, fear, , [brave, 

%^sss^- mokhsha, Humbling. 
cJii:.jkv^ mokhshef, Bold, a lion, a doe. 
^ii.,;s:v«o. nwkhesMeni, Drunk, corrupted (flesh.) 
«--*Afijs=v.« mokhseL, Becoming populous. 
^s?*« mokhesser, Tiiin,! slander. 
ija*as^^ mokhess^s,. Appropriating, retaining, 
4--i*as^.« mekhsef* A. cobler's awl. 
3.Afia=v^ mekhsel, A sharp svvord. . 
jjfi^A^irv^ meikk&OQS, Dedicated, private. 
^^^y*Asi^ mqkhsooseyet, Property, friendship, 
^^s:<^ mokhzekh; Finishing, dissolvings 
^*a^sv.« woAV?e22gr, Verdant. [Humbling. 

- ^/^ars^ mokhezrenii Spurious. ^s:\^ mokhza, 

J..^5:vw# WK/ite/, Wetting, .. 

w 6 

{ 6S6 ] 

^yA^wt mehhtoo-a, Depressed, a subject, 
ka^^ mekhef, A prince ; mokhet, Shot off, ex-* 
« . ^trVv^ TrioiA^ei,(Prey) approaching, [tending. 
v-_ij.b:^^ mehhtereh, Bending (bow,) twisting 
cJ;.l=ix« mokhteref. Striking, [a rope. 

^'02X0 mokhettet, A young man. 
^ttacv-o mokhtel, Speaking indecently. 
*.li)isc« mokhtcm or - ^LLs^^ mekhtoornyThe nose. 

, ,^la;sv« viehhtoohy Betrothed, promised. 

jyitissy^ nieihfoor. Supposed, imagined, 
^la^kv^ mokhtee, Causing one to step. 
(ji^s^ fO'okhef, Easy, nimble. 
jufcv« mokhfer, Protected (by a patron.) 
U^iuk^ mohheffif, Alleviating. 
uiXss^ mokhjik, Repulsed, riiss^ mokhfekef, A 
^y.ix« f(\>ekhfoo%, Submissive. [scourge. 

fiyiss\^ f(\>ehhfoO'a, Insane. [Mad. 

6 ^Ls\^ nie^Ay^o/, Alleviated. oyl^v-« mekhfook, 
jL:kv^ niekhfee, Covered, concealed, secretly. 
ys!<^ vwkhel, Spoiling, disturbing, 
s;^^*^ viekhlh,K sickle, s V>isv-o mck^ilhttk wal- 
ls i)L^v^inol/i/d^Abusy-body. [let, a saddle- bag. 
1- X^ir mekhleby A claw, nail, 
u«>Jl3=v^ inokhelfjes. Going mad. 
XXjkN^ rajkhellet, Herbage ground, 
jikv)^ mokhelkhel, Laying bare, a bone. 

t 68; ] 

odivs moViled, Pjerennial, leaning upon, sup- 

jjjLacv^ mohhles, A kind of herb. [ported. 

oaXiiv^ mohhles, An asylum, a surname adopt- 
ed by poets. 

J luA^ mokhlesaneh, Sincere, candid. 

kX^v^ rneUilct, A busy -body. 
■ ,^U^ mokhlof, A young pigeon, 

Cl>liXs^^ mokhel fat, Succession. 

jyjisx* 'diekhlefeti A willow ground. 
'v>J^^^>^ makhloob, A deceiving (woman.) 

^3.JL^vx> mekhloojet, A just opinion. 

l9^.^»w« w>ehhloot, Mixed, confused. 

c^Lsv-« mek/iloo-a, Rejected by friends, [ed. 

i3 y),:k\^ laekhlook. Smoothed, produced, creat- 

JL^v^ moih/ee, A solitary place, a desert, 

-K^kv* inokhenf, Sweeping, corrupted flesh. 

j^4.s\-o moUtmed, Quenching a fire. 

j,tsx«, fiiokhrner, Conceiving, covering. 

IUa4.ix^ Vfiokh trie set. Hunger, wretchedness. 
. ^.^ss^ ftiekhmelf Velvet or satin, 

J y^ss^ unekliWQor, Drunk, 

My^ssMo ftiekkinoom, Free from envy. 

4«-^i;kv< mokhneb, Running, losing. 

iLkv^ inokhennet, h. nostril t_-AX.;ix« A dwarf. 

c:Ljls\^ fiiokhefines, A fool, infamous. 

cj ,^^ac^^ mokhendek, Making a ditch. 

r (?S8 ] 

jj«j.k«^ moHries, Repelling, rejecting,. 
.^^.;lsc« f^okhenshel. Depressing. 
^Js\^ viokhiiat Hiiinbling., [neck, 

i—ji'ts:^ itieihnekf A collar, a chain for the 
ji^iEv<o mokbcwtvesh, Diminishing. 
uo^=5E<-« m')^/ie2^;i^e*,! Receiving a gift* 
ijo^:ky^ m(j£hoo%, A pot used to stir, wine. . 
^^sos^ moJihewwla, Diminishing, paying debt. 
C-3^3=v^ tiiehhoqf. Dreadful, horrible, a road qf 
c-J^sA^ ttiokheivweky Enlarging. [danger, 
^^iv^ vnokhewwelf Having many, uncles. 
h^,Ass<^ wo/J-/i^6'^/?, Little, lurking. 
5yJ:^ mokheez. Pushing. 
^^A^Ev-g mokheer. Turning, bending. 
jj^Aatx« mokhees, A prison. (jaAicv* mokheez, 
IsA-ixo 7/iokkeet, A needle. .[Fording. 

cJuas mokfieef, Terrible. ; v ^.-••: . 

uJLstf rtiok/ieek, Walking, rambling. 
jJUia mokheelet, Supposing, perceiving. 
*:Aa2 mokheem. Pitching a tent. 
0^^ meJd, Extension^ lengthening. 
?U1j^ taodajht. Counterfeiting, defrauding. 
S^^^j.^ modb^jerdty Running off, 
JUa. \ js-« woJd;'e;2d/, Counterfeiting, dissembling. 
^\jw« viedd^h, A praiser: xX>!j^ Cheating. 
^1 jw« i72ed^khel, Plur. of ^ ^ fi^pd_fihj^L 

I 689 ] 

aIa^ tnedhd, Ink, dye. 

jJju. »WAr, Dwelling, a circumferencet 

\j\^ modh.rh. Civility, dissimulation. 

i^J^^ modir^t, Affability^ gentleness. 

u-jVa^ medhris, ^Imv, of i^y^^edreset. 

JU J ! 0^ modb^reset. Giving or taking a lesson, 

f&jS:^ itiodarehet, Insatiable in lust. 

^j \ Jc« medhree, A dissembler, 

u^\c^ fiiedd,s, A kind of shoe. ^]^ vtiedhs^, 

XacJj^ modk-ald. Jesting. [Pearl fishery*: 
l£a*lo^ wodh-aket. Making war, opposing/^ 
SU1.x^ »no£/(i-a/eif^ Circumventing, [treachery. 
X^l4X^ modkgheshet. Crowding, ensnaring, 
hai]^^ modagheset. Hastening. [man.) 

Slilj^ mod^fat. Rushing upon (a wounded 
2» \ iS^ raodhjia, One who repels or averts. 
cJlJ^ medhky A field of battle. 
IS I Jc, modhhet, Calculating. 
^J j^ modkhia. Eating herbage (cattle.) 
^Si^ medahes, Plur. of ^j^-j^ msdkes, j 
i)i\.y^ fnodhlht. Kindling. . . : .. _i 

J8!o^ moddlet, Cheating, beguiJiiig. ' 
S*J5i>.« modhleset. Defrauding. ..'. 

ftjw* modern, Perpietual, always. ••' »-^. . ' 
JL^v^ 1 j^ mod^mejet. Dissembling, dattenng. 
los^ modd>vie$et, Lying kid. 


t 690 1 

jJUlj^ idedhmelet, Treating t^ifb kindnesi. 
.*\oc« lixodhn, Condemned. ^-^ 


|l^\o^ tnodd,wat, Reraedjing, r^toring, 
r,^lA^ itwdhweretf Goin^ about, 
ja^^Xf modoAveletf C\idiD^\r\gi turning. 
^^S^^ itioJilwefJi, Assiduous, ^ 

Xy> ? jc«. niodiiheretf A grotto, a cavern, [black. 
ji^^ mo^Z^grjRetiring. ^y^^^ modheSt Reddish 
i^j^ moddeiegh, Tanned, dressed (s^in ) • 
3^j j^ itLodehhel, Gathering together (cattk,)- 
jyjw« iSkod^iheh, S.turubting.[tv.f,Vvi*f ^ 
^^0^,4 medloogh, Tanned (bag orbpttjo.) . , 
2>< J^ medbooly Dressed, tanned^,\,;,,<» *'»fi.:.' 
^j^ modesser, Making a nest (a bird.), f ;.^ 
jyva. jc« viod^ejt Cloudy sky, covering. ^,^ ^ 
l^j^o^ modejdej, A dark night. ,*.^!ir ../?.,, 
^^j^ fdodjen, Cloqdy! day, raining. •* , 

^X« f»e</e/i, Commendable. u>^^modhet,hi^^ 
^^jut modehr^. Revolving. [plau^ing. 

^^,jc« mqdhez, Rejecting, damning., ^.^ ;,^ 
c-¥j> ,>w4 modheJc, Reprobating, repelling^ « I ^^ 3 
LJLft.,>y« modehlet, Speaking cojnfusedly^ [ipg^: 
jjLft.Oc« mo£/e^/e//srailing.^4^ j^ waci^/i/«ef,FiU'»; 
^44. jc« modehmel, ^^^cing under^; ^;^,;, ^ ^^; 
^ju «iiO£/eA:Z^, Large, support. .Vi;j«i ^f^^ 
^joiLjs.* raodekhdiskh, Submissiye/, ^.-j* ^y^r^ojc 

i 601 ] 

^j^ modekhert Scorn. 
Qfi^j^ modekhres. Declaring, opening. 
^s.J<^ medkhel. Entering, entrance. 
^♦^ jw« 'ttipdekhmer yY\\\mg a bottle, concealing* 
jjMJ-j^ nioitekhmes. Dissembling. 
J^ js^ medkhool, Benefit. ^ jc« meded, Assist- 
j ^:^/M mededkar yknussisiixnt', [ance, help, aid. 
jS^ meder,kc\owdi. t^ j<^??iec?M,Large-bellied. 
^ <j jw» viedraj, A barren camel, :,j 

j^j'^^ medrar. Great rain ,j<, lj oc« tnrcdras,Xn 


1 « tX»o 

medran. Dirty, [university, a college*; 
V J wS-« moderreh. Patience, trained, disciplined, 
g.;j^-o iHo</7Y»y/ Folding, rolling.- --w 

c-j 'sj «>^ laodetdebi Humbling, running,*--'. ^^ 
y*.j j<-c 7;iec/re^,A boakv a com mentaryi-[ college, 
t*Mj ^^ medreset or vtedreseh, An university, a 
jjjs-o moderkay Flying, running from dangerj 
^jdu Vfioderkelf Obedient, walking.' 
f ^jjc« itiodrek. Comprehensive. 

X:2i)jjv.« itioderket, Memory, understanding. 
X^^j<-c viodermet, A hare, soft. 
yM.«jA^ w-odermes, Concealing, silent. 
^^ji^ modermekf Breaking, making smooth* 
\^y^ J j^ modreJi, Dry wood> dirty, soiling. 
fj^^j,y^ medroos, Defaced, indistinct. ^ •^A** 
^^jj^ 4uedrook, Comprehended. 

I 092 1 


' Ajj^ medtrhem, Worn out, rich. 
^ 0^ tnedree A horn, a comb. 
y^0w4 rnedes, Rubbing (a skin.) 
*Mt ow* tnedsa. Conductor, a narrow place. 
eJ^j^^ tnedsef. An ambassador, 
'»jU«Ni« medsek. Filling. 
^ j^ niedsem. Corking a bottle, stopping. 
^^ ju fi^odessee, Covering, corrupting. 
*o^ medesh, Dimness of the eyes. 
^ ju0 iV« 'inodesdes, Moving, or shaking a sieve. 
SUjw* nv^da-ht, Invocation, calling. 
Ac Jwo tnod-aser, Demolishing, throwing down* 
•ft «v« mod-ar. Any dirty colour. 
....sjw* med-as, A lace; »noc/-<w, A furnace. 
^v^ow« mod-asej\ Quick-paced. 
jUsout li^cd-ak, A rubbing instrument. 
^f^Ok^niiod-ale/, Collecting water in a cistern. 
iJUixjM ifiod-alek, Engaging in business. . 
*s«x« mod-am. Supporting. 
o«»»« iX-. tnod-ames, (Water) full of worms. 
^ jc« med-arvy Invited, called. 
cJi^jc« Wted-awok, Worn, beaten path. 
^ A.* meda-yee. Called ; modda-ee, An ad- 
versary, pretending. 
^j^ taodeghgher, A dirty colour. 
ua£jw« tnodghes, Angry, contending* 

[ 693 ] 

xJkio^ itiodeghfek, Raining, flowing (water)^ 
^ j^ imodghel. Hiding ohe's self. c .; ?» 

*^c.Jm) modghem, Covering a vessel, eating 
^♦1 jco niodeghmer, Absconding. [fast, 

^i j^ lIlOc?eg^7?/ei/^,^Valking fast, [country., 
cJ .x^ «iOi/^_^, Running. 2 U jsx medfatyk w^arn> 
^^^lij>,^ medfan, Hid, concealed (welK) 
xij^ niedfaj A canal, conduit, &c. [leratin^* 
jijtS js^ medfatyk repulse, oli .>v» modefef,Acce^ 
jiij,^ modfek, Pouring, water, [cealed, flying*, 

JOs^ modjin, A buriafplace ; modeffen, CoA^, 
^i j>^ modefnes. Heavy Ijodied. >i s^v; < 
c^jjK^ filed foo-at Repulsed, .^^.^.j j^ tnedfootif 

5 j^ modfee. Rushing upon. [Hid, buried. 
6<y^^ li^^deki Breaking (a stone.) 
^y^i s^^ medics, Strong (camel.) [ing a man; 
«3 j,^ inec?^a,Meager, swift, (poverty) depress- 
es .x* modkel, A slender-boned sheep. 
Js j^^ mediem, Mulier laxo pudendo. 
2\ w\-o wedek, Strong, lusty, 
(j/^^xx^ modhes. Ground producing herbage. 
^ «*♦ J x^ mef/te/i, Wire- drawing machine. 
Ij,^:,^^ tiiedlioobetf War. [(ahorse.) 

c.^^,^s^ medkooa, A disease in the breast of 
^js^ medel, Mean, baise. 

ciJ *x^ . i»ei//c5, Concealing, cloathing. 
. Y6 

^j^ Wtodlej, Setting out in the evening. 

^^s^ moilelea, Thrusting out the tongue, 

yiJ J^ vOfOiUefi Scolding. 

^^ medclldt Wheedling, toying (lovers.) 

^x)oc« Vdodienzi/t Full of flesh. 

itii/l wV* KiioJlenftk* Swiftness of motion. 

^^J«x« mecilool, Straight, demonstration. 

*ljfc« mcdeUek, Insane, distracted w^ith love. 

tjM^tX^ ?nodelkes^ Going fast. 

^•x^ niodlehem, Dark night. 

^Jjc*. 'modlee, Drawing, sitting down. 

3UUjwo 'fAednikjety A turban. 

4J'U 4,v« modmah, A row of stones in a watt. 

<^ A« iJioc?wjf?5,Mollifying.[strengthened, even, 

^j^ modmef. Veiled, confirming, rolled, 

^.«v*j^ modemhelf Compact, rolled up, 

C-JLSV4 .x^ modemhek, Starching linen, 

Jazwcj^ modemheh Involving. 

'iXss^^^ modem helet, A beautiful woman. 

«Jii^«x^ inodemHeJt, Going slowly, 

^A^iVe mod^mdemy Diffusing, ruining. 

iJu»^ jc« modetnsekf A garment. 

^^j^ modemmegh. Foolish. 

^ Js^ modmek, A baker's roUing-piti. 

^^ ^^ medmel, Drying up wound. 

^^ j^ lAedmilej, Round and smooth. 



LxUjs-. modemlek. Smooth, worn stone or 
^)U4\« modemlekt Polished arrow. [hoof, 

j^«x« modenwicti, Assiduous, frequent. 
lyoCK^ modmoogh, Foolish, stupid. 
^y^iS^ medinooni, Red, flesh j. burthened. 
^-oo^ ffiod'mee, WouTiding* 
^^^ riiodenneh, Low, hanging down. 
^«x^ inodennekh, Humbling, weak* 
iJu«x^ THodennek, Contemplating. 
(j»K«>«>w8 modenies. Promoting discord. 
(j*»±=i3js-« modenkes, Keeping constantly at 
t/id^ modneyeti Near the birth. [home.. 

P_5«x« fdedook, Dissipating (wealth ) 
j^^jv^ ruedooJihj Expedientr [with worms, 
& ^ jv^ mode wed, (Meat, cloth, &c.). infested 
j^iis^ iH3<i^^6r, Con verting. <j_5 ju m ^doqf, Mix- 
If ^ j^^^3^//^'^^, Thro wing into a distemper, [ed. 
^ U> ,>wc modham, A kind of plant. 
I s .vA s^: modehdek. Cutting, breaking, 
(jMi>»x-o modbes, Walking, travelfing. 
u&d><x« modhcz, Making haste.- [indisposed* 
i/is jc« modhek, Filling, ^a jv^ Unfortunate, 
gv^o^ modehmcj. Going slowly, 
if^4jfcj^ viodehmeret, A short-bodied Woman. 
jj*,^ 4X^ modehmes. Concealed. 
iwJi»jt> jw« iPfiodehmeh) Cutting, breaking. 

I 690 1 

Jt^^jc* meclhoosJi, Admired, wondered 
^jc« wedhee. Declaring one to be ingenious. 
ts j^ medee, A boundary, goal. 
ci^«x« fiicdees, Rendering abject, enslaving. 
^j<4 inedeekh, Precious, excellent. 
j^jO^ mcdeedf Tall, long. 
c-JuwVo medeeht Loathing forage or pasture 
J^wV« niedeeh Aiding, helping. [(cattle.) 

^jOwo medeem, Raining; medeeff, A servant, 
IIjwV* medeenety A city. [mean. 

Qj5j»>c« tnedeezvon, Involved in debt. 
^ 7H02:, Light, unsteady. [wolves. 

u-» J i^ 'mo%ah, Melted ; mexhhy Abounding in 
^ ^ < ou niezltheh, Plur. of <Vi j^^ ^rmzfich, 
j^'\ ^ mezhhhcr; The lower part of the bcll3^ 
jSbs^ moz^r. Vicious (a-she-camel.) 
^_y\^ mexaree, Flur. of ^^^^ nii^zree, 
f^\j^ taeziik. Tasting. [tion. 

i .s> \ X« nvjzah^iret. Remembering, conversa- 
•j \ ^ mozair, Confident, over-bold, 
ujj j<*« itiezebt Infested With flies (a place.) 
bwo^ mozehhehf Going fast (a horseman;) 
fsj 0^ mezbahf A sacrificing knife. 
-^ \ .x.« tnozelzehy Hesitating, irresolute. 
yj'^^ mozetber, Written, painted garment. 
J^ ov* mozlelf Making lean, languid. 

t 69? ] 

ja^^j^ 'mezlooh, Insane. 

^yj js^ mezlooh, Slaughtered, [tenuating* 

jfi^ mezloor, Written. ^ yj i^ mezhoolj^K^ 

J i.^ mezer, Corrupted egg. v j "^ meterrelt 

^j jco wie«emfl,Confessing, strangling. [Sharp. 

uJjO^^ ino%err\f, Encreasing, augmented. : 

t^jiy^ fdoterrehy Milk and water. 

vjjo^ iniezroob. Sharp, having an edge, 

tsj o^ mezree, A fan, ^ ^ me;i;a, Colouring. 

^ j^ ^ mczazia. Dissipating, squandering 

js. ^ mozar, Frightening, [(wealth,) divulging. 

( 5c ^^ moz-af. Killing. , > -v. .,. . 

cJ^£ j^^ moza-oof, Poisoned '^ictuMif. 

j^ajs^ Twoz^ew, Aiding, helping. » '^'>; 

^^> X« mozker, Applauding, commeiitlat)!^. 

zjSs^mezfteret, A memorable deed. 

jy^s js-o mezkoor. Remembered, 

45^9 -X* mezJtee, Stirring (the fire.) 

t ^^ mezel. Liberal, confounded. 

»! b.^ meTcellef, Meanness, contempt. 

iJ-5^ mezlegh, The pedis, ^j os.« mezeUel, Vili- 

- js^ mezem. Abject, protecting. [fying» 

i^ :v« mczemmet. Scorn, contemptible. 

i os^ j<^ ftiozemzem. Giving little. 

->^ j<^ mezmoom, Disdained, scorned, 

^^X* me^ere^. Constrained, forced. 

z 6 

t^^ fft'Btwed, The tongue. 
j^hsjt moxtver, frightening. 
.^^M) nhe%hel,' Cinjsing one to forgeL 
r^b^ mczhen^ Overcoming bj ingenuity, 
*^A«« fdozeyh-ay Full of chinks. [man. 

«— -<^ ^ n^e^el'f Melting, ij 5s^ nie^^eycty A v^'Q- 
5^3^ fficzee^Jfetf A wolf. 
pj js.« jfiozeer. Provoking to ange^. 
•i^ ^ezee^ty Defiled or polluted. 
j^ $mrr, Passing thro' or by. 
5^ V^er^^ Fighting, disputing, 
»U^^ merhhkt. Avoiding, guarding, 
^1^ meriiifia, Plur. of ^j^ isierba, , 

^.Sj^ meraO^e, Plun of U^^ ftherld,* 
uy^Ji, V¥^iit, A woman. 
i—ajI^ merciteh, Plun of lUjj^ merteleL 
^^^ fiherata, Plur. of ^ ^ morJa, 
J»\^ fnerhsee, Plur. of 5 13^ ijia's^f, 
lacva.^^ mer^ehet, Excelling. 
S«>:^tj^ n^r^jcmet. Contending. 
f^\j^ jnerafeehf Plur. of^u^^ merj^h, 
^Sy Xii'irhh, Cheerfulness. 
J^!^ merkhcly Plur. of si-. ^<c 'Hierhelef, 
XX^I^ rfierhheleti Assisting in lifting a load. 
^^ )^ inerakeni, Plur. of **s»^ merhemet, 
^jaAs^\j^ tnoi'^heex, Plur, of ^la.^.« w*crM;?j. 

I m 1 

S U. 1 ^^ niierbMctt, Dropping. 

ai^ morkd, Wish, affection. 

w ^ i <^^ morcidaf, Plur. of a ^ ^ morhd, 

5^5^ Tfi'Oradct, Saucjs boW, proud. 

Xsi^^-a ftLotada-at. Staining, pghting. 

^i^^^ nior^degh, Plur. of u^ yo unerdeghet, 

$S:i\j^ 'fiicrkdcfett Succeeding, 

^ ^ Ij^ fn'Oradee, Plur. of cf^y^ mordee. 

S . ^^ ffkerkret. Bitterness, the gall bladder, 

j\y^ nierht, A hempen rope; .•' 

iS'j^j^ mer^T^e, A species of tutty. 

^J^^J^ merrcLs, Potent, robust. ^•'^ ■ ,'" 

^>^\ ^ nierctsel, Plur. of |3^v«^ <mors(ikt, 
tX^Sj^ jaerkseUty Corregpotjding. t:^'''*^ r-/f 
JU ij^ fuorkshet, llaining in smajt drops. 
^ 1^ merkshedf Plur. of js>£y^ Tfhershed, "^ 
XXA J ^ morasheM Stretching o^t the neck' 
Sj^^^ morhudd, Seizing t^^ attacking (a^ 
^jdl^ merhxy Plur. of ^^^^^ merex. [enemy.) 
SUfl!-« rrior^sJdf, Being agreeable. » •-/ - 
«.i ? -« merktia, Plur; of ^.^ ^^ mer%H,^ } ■' ^' 
'5bci>'!> wi«»*<iaa-<3f^ Sucking, avaricious.' "^ 
la? -« Iticrkty Plur. of is^^ mo/-/. <: - • 
2l»1-:« »n(»^*A/, Reflecting. .''iirr * , ♦''- 
^£?-« m^r^^-a:?;, Rebuking, bt'^'wllng. 

t 700 ] 

S ic \j^ ffior h' ate f, Contracted. ^ \ ^ merbgh, k 
t-^ !-«infr(Vo-/?e^,The necessaries of life, [stable. 
Iac\^ meraghelef, Vropensityf affection. 
S^\j^ rnoragliemet. Fighting, shunning. 
1*)/^^/^ fifer(tgheedufif To wallow. 
Slilf^ morhfatt Renewing, agreeing, 
^i!^ merhfed, Plur. of .xi,^ vaor/ecL 
XAi1-H» mercifa-at. An action, a lawsuit. , 
^i^<i\^ merhfeJty Plur. of uJii^ merfek* .« 
XXi^^ merhfeket. Crowd, society, 
y-i^^ inorkfehet, Shewing compassion.., ?j.^ 
t_^Vj^ nierhkeb. Inspecting, perceiving. .^^ 
JtAi!^ merhkchet. Fearing God, observation. 
$9\ ^ faQt'kket, Plucking out (hairjv, ^ ' .. ,\ 
^ ^^ mertikee, Plur. of s \ji^. werkkt.^^ i ^x 
,^^\^ merhk. Ignorant, foolish. ^^,-^'*:-'* 
jtyXg^i^ «i:ir(^tee/. Running a race. 
^^>\^ merhkeh Plur. of 3.^5^ merkel, 
ty^£y\ j^ morhJie^, Perennial, unfading. , 

3U^ i >. merhkeyct, A kind of trec-i ».^ . ^ 
^ 1 -« merhm,. Curiosity, intention. ., ' c-j 7 
iUK^,«iordw?a/, Fighting, assaulting. 
Ju J^ OTcr^ne/, Ex^ness, suppleness;, mrn:' 
rhnef, A ye^r, 'i* ■ !'! \ ' A'^if? . / : 
S*i^--« vneraneket. Turbid (water or urine.) 
^*!^ tnoriXne^h, A species of herbage. 

{ 701 ] 

Si^^^ W>erawedetj Desiring, carrying away. 
^ 5 ^ r* 'w^^^^'^^ie/, Endeavouring to conciliate. 
5i* ^ morhtveghet, Frauding, wrestling. 
f^\j* merdbhem,. Tlar. of *3^ merhem^ 
'y;j» \ .-c merhhenef, Fighting, contending*-^ '•^^ 
« b < _« Kierhyat, Beholding, advising. 
^S*^ fH^rayel, Going haste. [preaching. 

L«j f^ Kiierehy A stable for camels; moreh, Ap.«- 
t-o titerii, A raised ground. 'cL^^ W>erL^z, 
I f^ J- merphs, Strong, hard. [A blunderer:, 
^L -e merlh-a, Rain, a fourth part. 
c--*j^ vdorehheh, Educating, making sweet, 
3L-« moreLhet, A preserve, 
^j^ morIM, A sandy place in a desert. 
^ ^ morlez, Cutting. 

J^j r< fnorlesh. Bringing forth leaves (a tree.) 
iijj^ m»erlet,k stable; rfierlet, A halter, rope, 
2' r« ft^^'i'lcL, A spring habitation, [bridle. 

*jij _« merheket, A lizard. 
«-_»^jy>-o merbooh. Educated, encreased. 
Is^j^ merhoot. Fastened, depending upon. 
^y.j^ merloo-a, Short-bodied. 
^ r< itierhee, Brought up, multiplied. 
gU^ filer thjy A bar-bolt'. 
4^1^* wior/^s/i,Enjoyinggood fortune, [flicting. 
o© U y^ j^of*/^?;, disciplined. t_^ -« tnorteh, Af- 


I 7<^^ 1 

l*J -• mortelct, A degree, dignity, officd, 

ijf^j^ vierteheSt Separated. 

XsAj .4 tnoriel'cf, A ligament, chain, friendshifJ. 

^^ merlebee, Lfarned.^Sj-* mertesee. Thick 

gxj^ morfej, (A field) full of plants, [milk. 

ysTj^ mortejcx. Rumbling. 

«--^ mortejea, Bringing back. 

.MxT^ morlejem, Heaped. 

lyLatp^ rnorUheZf Rendered ignominious. 

t^j^ wiO/'^e^A, Disturbed, remiss. 

Jijss3j^ mortehhesh, Moved, in commotion* 

jjos^J^ mortehhes. Buying at a low price, 

dJ^ vioried, An apostate. 

» Jo -• mortedea. Abstaining, contaminated* 

\^^j^ morteden, Making a spindle. 

2j -• morfe^i, Immaveably tenacious (miser)* 

t/f y j^ moriezee. Injured. ^^ mor/«5,Pubiish* 

^-^.^ rtiortesem. Praying to God. [ed. 

*j^ morieshee. Suborned, bribed. 
m3j^ mortesea. Sticking together (teeth) 
^•aj ^ morteze^'k, Aimed at or hit with stones. 
^^'j^ juortezea, Sucking. [approved* 

^*aj ^ mortezee. Satisfied ; morteza, Choseti^ 
i^kj -f morteieni, A troublesome business, com-* 
^^ tnorta, A meadow. [pressing. 

>i:^^ morta-as, Putting on ear-rings* 

I ro3 ] 

^j^ mcftta-ad) Trembling. [junng* 

tjsjjj^ ftioria-ash. Frightened. <--^x3 -« Con* 

OoUi -« mortefedf Gaining. 

^3^^ motte^eat Lifted, exalted. 

c^aj^ moriefek, Leaning, firm, assistedi 

«-JLr -« 7norttheh, Guarding, hanging over* 

ifijj-* morfhsh, Mixed in battle. 

^j » morttkea, Attentive. 

^^?j^^ niorieken, Tinged with saffron^ 

„jtj,^ morfekee, Addition, advancement. 

t^r* tncrtekebi Engaging in, perpetrating, 

^£aj^^ mortekehi A dish quite full, leaning 

j^s.ij^ morteke%i Steady, solid, fixed, [upon. 

Q^£nA ^ moriekes. Inverted, precipitated* 

y&^irf wc morfekc%j Disturbed, confused. 

jisSaj j^ morfekem, A ugmented, heaped up* 

jj-i^j -« mortekee, Rel}/ing upon. 

Jj wo morettel, Reciting with a clear voice. 

ijfl*j -c nwrteme%. Indisposed, rushing upon* 

*-»j ^ morfemem. Eating, devouring. 

^y^j ,-0 morfemee, Thrown, cast forth. 

l!3 ,^ THOr/e/ie/, Bread kneaded with fat. 

^^j -« mortewee. Quenched, strong rope* 

ij>^j^ morieheSf Pressing upon one anothet. 

^^-« vnorieheshy A thin limber bow, galled, 

^^ morteJieti, Pledge, a surety or bondscpaii^ 


[ 704 1 

Jl3-« fnershff Bewailing, mourning. 

taS^ iiwrset, Sitting or riding languidly,' 

^^ Vfiersetn, The nose. 

aP^ ifiersood, Laid one upon another. 

^p^ mcrsoom, Having a bruised or sore nose. 

^f^ merej. Mingling, confounding, 

-.U-« Hfierjhh, Prudent man. > 

^ Uy-« vierjtnriy Stretching the neck (a came!%) 

^U.j» jp. A. mot j din, A small pearl, coraL 

^g>cfr« W-orejjehy Honouring, respecting, sup- 
porting (the branches of trees.) 

f^j^ Vfierefjek, Preponderating, excellent. 

^r* wi^^^> Refuge, repetition, returm 

3.^.^ merjel, A vessel, pot.- [Hard, strong. 

^s^r* vjorfjjetn, Doubtful suspicion ; merjem, 

y^^ tn^erfoo. Suspended, last. 

u-»^a.^ nierjoob. Reverenced. 

^>^ -« merjooh, Preferring, prevailing. 

^yf-j^ nif^rjoo-a, Returned, answered. 

^y^j^ merjooh Bound, seized. 

^> merekf Gladness, active. [water. 

o« l^ r« vfierh^ZtA. washer or bleacher's beetle^ 

(^i^r^ Kt^erhhn, Corrupted, hurt (eye.) '" ^' 

t— A^-^ laerheh. Convenient, large. 

y^^ vnerhelfk day*s journey ; merhel, Strong* 
lusty (camel.) 

[ m 1 

%i^j^ merlidet, An inn, a day's journey. 

j^s. ,^ raerhem, Pity, compassion. 

U^r^ merhemet, Merc}^ favour, cooipassioii. 

ijb^s^j^ tnerhoot. Washed. [body with oil. 

^ -« meiekh, A kind of tree, anointing th® 

SL=L-* merkhat, A" fox, laxative. 

^^^.e merekhshehj Ashamed, sordid, dung. 

i3a!^r* in>erkhes. Permitted. 

*.«;-^ tnor^hem, A hen sitting on eggs. 

5-0 mered, Stubborn, smooth, bald. 

tj^ vnored, Returning, dead, rejecting* 

y I j^ fdordarj Impure, obscene^ deadly.' 

(j-^i-« merdas, A liand^mill. 

l^ ] ^ ^ 'merd^sh, Tall, manly (youth.) 

/^ ) ^ ^ merdash. Relation, an history. 
- b^^ merdam, Mean, base, worthless. 

i^j^^y^ merdhneguee. Boldness, valour. 

J f^ ^ merdhneh. Courageously, brave. 

t*j^ ) /* merdol'hn, A stair-case, a ladder^ 

iA-« moredded. Rebelling, opposing. 

(J J ^^ morderee, Vacant, lazy, 

(JJ!^ J /• 'mordsheiveei A washer of dead-badiey* 

*: i ,^ W07'<fflr, 'An arrow, shoTt. 

Xi i -« merdeghef,^ flourishing garden, [thef. 

c_5ij.-o mordef, Following, carried after ano^ 

^p .^ mcrde^fA. little man, occasioning death* 



^ ^ yjff. xaord^ghn, Plur. of o ^^ tnordeh, 

'/P' ^) /^ itierdegoosh. Marjoram, 

f \ j^ nierdom, A man. 

i^)/^ IP-^^^^^^^* A dwarf, a little mani 

'•^^^^.picrdom^et Humanity, courtesy. 

^J4 ^ ynordiiri, To die. 

^y*^ ^ flier Joo^w, An habitation. , 

^^ ^ -0 merdood, Returned, rejected, excluded, 

Jlii^A^ merdoodej/et, Rejected, repulsed, 

iji^A -* merdoosh, Difficult, 

p ^ J« ilhordeh, Dead, defuncf:, 

^i^ ffi'Ordee, An oar. &^ tnorr^ Dewjj 

^^^^ meraool, Contemptible. 

^*:ijj, moT%ce, Abject. [A limit, border. 

3^ Vf^ereZy Disparaging, disgracing ; ip,mer»^ 

\j^ rtiorezza. Injured, munificent. 

*-r-*b/* V* K» merthh, A warrior, a canal. 

CJ^J/^ 7«or«s^<i«, A narcissus, 

3^^ -« merzehet, A way, a mode, 

tyi^f* ^^^^^^^* A dwelling place. 

5j -• wiersjg/. Arriving at, a piece of pasttfi 

Cjy-* w^^xeA, Level ground, a vine prop. 

i Jr* ii*orezze%,GlazQd paper, meat'dressed with 

^3^ i»or5{eg^,Rain turning dust to mud. [rice. 

9 J > inerzt^k^ A mouse* 

hjr* rnerzei/ti^ t)e^iment, eviU 

C 1^^ 3 


tijf^ Wieriiiee^, Having a strong voic^. 

^Lm-« mersal, A short arrow, swallowing.' 

UM^j*«y.-o merserees, Misfortune. [eye- lids. 

K^j^ fP'Orressa, Having a disteniper in tU^ 

i^^ mor^^§egh, Infirm (in mind.) 

D^jjo morselet, An epistle, a letter. 

f^r« fnersetn, An argument, a mark» 

^ j^ lift'ersee. Confirmed, fixe^, 

Jiyo ^eresh, Kneading, scratching* ^ 

Uj.-« mershct. Hurtful, mischievous. 

f^iij^ p^ersheh, A saddle-cloth, ^j^ The 

lui;^ VCiersheket, A ring- worm, [right wy# 

* Lc j-o niershd, A broad patent way. 

SiU?^ tnersbfef, A hammer. 

i>a*o^ raoresses, Coyered with lead. 

^f^r^ moressaf Covered with gold. 

fjj*oj^ vtiersen, An iron for burning cattle. 

(yoyo^ mersooSf Solid, fixed. 

fjoj^ tnerez, Falling sick. 

Lif^ merx^. The weaker part of the natior|. 

Sl»fl^ TneJ'^^/jSatisfied. a \.^ ^ niorx^fet^Adte^ 

iJ) ^ inore%%et, K hammer or mallet, [stone. 

^^y9 mer%a, A nipple, teat. [stone, 

a ya ^ Kier^oof, (Meat) roasted upon a ho^ 

^ ^ iner%eef Agreeable, laudable. 
loj^ ftiort, Light, active of body. 

I 705 ] 

L^ ^ morteh, Wet, liumid. 

^.t. w« mortal, Long, tall (man.) 

tXisj^ inertelet tStain'ing with mud, injuring hy 

K^yhj^ fiiertooh, Wet. [slander, 

S-o^^ merioomeU Jealous, unchaste. 

V^ mera, Cultivated ground. 

SU^ vticra-att Pasture, a meadow, [pieces. 

««.^^ moral, A camel's bunch cut into 

txsmyi met- abet, A desert, j^e^^ 7//or-ac?,TeiTi- 
^^ mor-esh A kind of dove. [fyJng, 

oac^ mer-as, A mean man. ^^ mer-al, A 
t-.'^.t^^ mer-awehy Fearful. [sharp sword. 

£ ;.^ TTierfg/zjPasturing forage ; p. morgh,k bird. 

A \lj^ mergJiadt Angry, indisposed, confused, 

C]^ /* inorghaJif Plur. oi ^ ^ morgh* ^ 

J Ip ^ morghaneh, A n egg. 
y^y^ moTghor, A goat, a buck. 

i*JJ^ /" mcrghzen, A Jewish burjing-ground. 

tj*^^ mern^te. Enriching, ^y^mergh em, The 

Ui^ Knerghemef, A kind of game. [nose, 

5^ij-« raerghetvht A bad situation, evil. 

v^fi^ vieighool. Beautiful, lovely. 

\jHyi.y^ merghooSy Prosperous, felicitous. 

A ^ j^ merghoolf Elegance of shape. 

J>^ tnorgheh, An egg. 

^k^^ merghee, Cloudy-minded, dvill. 

^ I 709 } 

U^-* morfl, The mooring of a ship. [A fati, 

oJ y^ Kdorfedfk. cup, dish, goblet. Ji3 ^ merfeshf 

Ji}^^ merfek, The elbow, a cubit. 

XXs^^ merfeket, A carpet, cushion, 

CLjysj^ morfoof, Broken, bruised, 

^y^m^rfewa, Lifted up, raised, 

«3^ moreffeh. Satisfied, prosperous, 

»U;.-« rtiorh^t, A stair-case, ladder. 

l3\S yo merkak, A baker's rolUng-pin,; 

3lj»^ merkil. Quick, curvetting, 

$Syt vnerekef, A quantity of broth. 

^^ 7?ieried, A tomb, a monument, ajbed, 

tf«x>^ morkeddee. Active, diligent. 

mSj^ morekka, Patched, mended* 

^_^Us^^ merka-an, Ignorant, fpen, a stj4e« 

^ y^rnorksl, Swift, prancing ^i j^ merkim, A 

-p*^ merkoom, ^Yritten, predicted, marked. 

^•^ mer&ee, Defended by magic. 

^^j^ tnerg. Death, tj^^^j^,^ merkeh. Riding, 

^fi>^ Vfierkez, A centre, [a carriage.. 

(jo£B^.« merkex, A coal- rake, 

^^5 ^^ merkelt A way ; vierkel, The foot. 

j^^,^^ flier^302:. Concealed, buried, fastened. 

U^ mermh, A small arrow. 

oto^ mermht, Plur. of «.«^x> meremmef. 

^yLU^ merrnhkhooz, -^ kind of herb, 


JU^ mormhr, A pomegranate. 
5^L«^ mermtirei, A beautiful girl. 
e i* L^ mermkzeh, An elegant thing. 
^U^ mermhah, Winking. 
Ju^ meremmetf Reparation, mending. ij 
«X4j^ mormed, Meat broiling upon tbe coals, 
^^^ A p. wierwer. Marble; mermer, A raur* 
jj,^^ mermes, A tomb, a grave. [mur. 

j^ y4t .v^oremmeshf Having blear eyes. • [ccU 
(j&^^4 tiiermet, A place where meat is roastr 
?u^ merma, A white stone. 
J^^ mermel, A kind of small fetter. 
15^ -• mermoosci A confusion of things. 
\)oy^ mermoox. Roasted meat. 
1—5^^^ fAermook, Looking back. 
j^^ iiiormclihe^, Any thing wished for. •., 
^jf» mermee. Cast forward. ?p ^.-/-:. •, 

fjjj^ meren. Tumult, nature, state. 
^^U^ mernan, A stiff bow. t_-*j^ A kind 
gi^ mernej, Aloes. [of garmeuti 

%*^ tfiernejet. The prow of a ship. 
C*xij^ vaerna-at. Convenience, liberty. 
4.ju^ lAorncf, Making haste. 
cJu^ ifierenneft. Dim-sighted from hanger^ 
(a bird) having broken wings. :-..:; 

aU^ merenJt, A lock, bar, bolt. 

j ^m itierotv, t)o not go ! 
1^ -« 7?ien6;a, Felicity, good f*ortune, a gooddi 
^jl^^ morwkreed, A pearl. [men. 

(j«^^ merwcts, The first in a race, &c. 
L^jr^ v^'ertveh, k milk- vessel, .C'^m*. .)-: 

i|_5^ rtherwet. Do not go ! fresh ambergris. 
-.^^ meroo/i. Shaken by the wind. 
-Xa.^^ wierei>e^e^, A fan. ^^^ fiiore^e^, A look* 
li_5r^ moroodet. Bare, beardless, [itig-glass. 
J J -« raeroovr A pass, passage. - ■!"'.' i^ 
i^j^r* merwerat, A barren desert. png." 

ir^^-o vnerooshyA loud cry, lamentation, cry* 
(jo^r^ meroos, Speedy, swiff (shc^GameL)'" » 
X^ir^ Vf^oroo'kj Deviating. • A' ^^ \' ^'it , » v-: 

"C^'^i^ 'merooh. Subjected ;; morooii, Slow, 
jj*-^^^ meroos, Hurt on the headv [quenched. 
45^-0 menvee, Alledged, told, having the thirst 
9 yM'mvrreh, Calculation, measure, number. 
i^ f^ tnerhk, Bright (wine). ^ •■ 

»U^ merhtit, Quick-paced (a hnrscv) 
^j^^^ inorehbel, Speaking unintelligibly. . 
^f« W>orkej, (A star) portending rain. 
**atf ^ merkeset. Dignity, rank, degree. 
la^ ,vo rtiorehhet, Inflamed. 
^jt> J, diierhefity A thin-edged Sword, [secret. 
-Jii .^ k; p. merhem, Plaister. o^^/* t^i^^ 

t /J^ ] 


ut^^'f^ inerlioob, A lion, fearful. 

*)y>^ morehweh, Weak, perplexed business. 

f y^ j^ merhoom. Raining, ^^^^r* Pawned. 

•y^ w« mereeb, Suspected, hesitated. 

|L^ meree^Suspected. c^^^ttiorees. Dull, heavy 

gvA^ mereej. Troublesome, confused, [(^eyed ) 

^jr« meredh, A long arrow. [A philosopher. 

<tSi^ mereed. Obstinate, disobedient ; moreed, 

**)«x^^ p. tnooreedifiehf Like a scholar. 

i^Ji/^ iKiereedun, To freeze, to congeal. 
^-4 mereer, Hard, firnn. ^yij,^ Indisposed, 

«j -o meree^at Cultivated (place.) [disease. 

1^^ W>ereek, Saffron. 

Slj^ fnereelet, A she- ostrich having young 
y* mex. Sucking; miz. Excellence, [ones. 
i y^ mezkt A species of wine. .■■■■. ^.. • 
S^l^* ino%(tlferet, Hairy. • ■? 

4«X \yt tnezklek or rtiozehlek* Base money. 
^Sy* meihjt Temperament, constitution, a 
^Iy« me%hht A jest, playing. [mixture. 

j.^!^-< fnozahentf Hindering. 
Us>^\y moTiahemetf Disturbing, p crowd. 
i^^\yM moziikheret, Proud, glorying, [a bag. 
t ]yt tnezdid, Auction. 'i^\yc mezd,det,A purse, 
^\^ inez^r, A tomb, sepulchre. {ment. 

wXv^/^ meTikrsenk, A tomb- stone, a monu- 

g^^^-o me%ara, Plor. of g^y, jHexra. ' * 
clyo tne5:A-ct, An hedge- hog. '* ' ■ 

'^Syo itieih-am^ Y\ut, oi^Ay^ me%'dfrL 
l3\'j^ fUe'^b.k, Quici^ swift (a carnal.) 
^ I V me%h^, Ignorant, stupid. 
JUulyo rfiottimenet. Fixing a time. 
^\'j^ raezhmeer, Plur. of^u^^ inoxmhrl 
{jj\y6 fdo^zhnf Adorned. 
l^\yo 'mozknehet, K^^\^\xA\hgp '^ H 
JU^t^-« mozhivejet. Joining, coupling; 
A^l^^ fiiezhtvedy Plur. of i^yo mezwed, 
JU^!^ fuezatvelef. Curing, managing. 
**jb t^^ Tfiozhhemet, Approaching to fifty. 
^i\y« vnezhid, Plur. of 2iV^ vdezhdet, 
f^^^j^ mezain, Y\\xv,o{ f^\y^ flioz%^n. 
^■iyo Vfiozhed, Foaming (sea.) [adorned* 

y^yt mozter, A pift. ^^y^ i(no%elr^\ Dressed^ 
XJLj^^ mezlolet, A dunghill. 
^yiy9 mezloor. Above-mentioned, written, 
'j>^>-* ff^^^hooret, (A well) filled with stones; 
^y> mezef, Mixing wine with water, honey, 
ys>yo mezjelj A short spear. [alAiorid. 

^ys^y« mezjooj ,Y\Q,tctA with a spear, [playing, 
^a. y mezjee, A sm al 1 thin g • ^ ^-« mezeh,JtsXm^, 
t_jl2*'j.« im^aff Fatigued (camel.)'" ^<^^^ 

{ 714 1 

4JI>^ mozhef. Having tired cattle. 

^•5*^^ mezhel J)ecVining, departing from. [man. 

^/^ Kne%hem,Vressing. hL yMtnezekhkheifA. wo« 

t^ysLy vdoz^khref. Painted, varnished, de- 

i^^.,X^yoV^^ekhleb,A buffbon, awag. [ceitfuU 

« u mc%ed, A salary, reward. 

-^ 1 A V-. tno^dhnf Dressed, adorned. 

• , ^v» inotdelee, Taking up a burden. 

yf&y ftio^defer. Prohibiting. 

jia.Av-« mozdehehi Sliding, falling. [Jng* 

^dv* ifioxdehemt A crowd. ^^i^Swallow- 
• j^y^ viozderia, Cultivating (ground.) 

tj^y* ^f^c%derem, Swallowing, fspeed. 

igjtyc viozderee, Disdaining. cav-« Quick, 
- ^ '" ^ • ^ moxda-ah, Taking up, carrying. 

^A^ vio%defer. Lifting up, carrying. 
mS ^y« Itiozdekevii Sucking, swallowing. 
i*j ^ )/* moxshdeghn. Good news, joyful. 
*=T N \^ mezdekcct Receiving what is due. 
cJUd \^ moxdclef, Coming near. 
^!a y# mox^^e/d^WjCutting ofF (the head, nose.) 
f^^y^ moxdemeWi A wolf hunting prey. 
^^>y mezdtver, Visited, ^^ty* rnezdetvel, 
?^^ vw!^shd eh, Good news. [Moving, removing. 
I ^^ iao%dehh> Plur. of ^^ mozed, 
*^Av^ vi^^dclicd. Esteeming moderate. 

t 715 1 

yAay^ iKi>o%delier, Taking care, being fond of^ 
cjlAiy« mozfi^tj/ze/i Destroying, making haste, 
j^i^ mozdeheet Disdaining, slighting, [er. 
j^ me%er. Sipping. !j^^ viszrh, A slander* 
i^^Sjy^ me%rhb, A. canal. D"g» 

l\jy« ffiozrht, Chiding, censuring, reprqach- 
cJ>Mj>-« mezrcbifA javelin. ^jy> me^reh, De- 
^jy me%ra, A sown field. [clivitj. 

L3jy« fUezrek, A cup, a phial. 
t^jyt mezrood, Choaked, squeezed (in the 
jjj>* ff^€Xi^oor, A plated bridle. [throat.) 
^^j>'« v/^ezroo-af Sown, seed. 
*fj>* '^czreyet. Reproaching, blatning. 
fijy'* ^^^'^^^'*' Constipated. 
-. U y« mezci'Cijy A restless woman, 
X« jvo mc?5-a/, A draught, an hedge-hog. 
yiiiy« nio^-oferf Yellow. 
** v-« mez-ajn. Matter of doubt or opinion. 
cJ^^-o Ti^a«-««^e^, Affrighted. Utly^ me^ghef, 
liyo vdeteffety A camel litter. [A greedy eater, 
cJyfl rn-exek* Defaming, tearing cloth. 
sSy9 mozkaif A kind of small arrow. 
*^'y« moziem, Ordering to swallow. 
Lji^y mez&ook, Skined from head to foot. 
^J^ mezefi or jnezshek, The eye- lid, the 
c:us»^ mezhch, A small, mosque^ [hair. 

r 71Q 1 


f^j&>yt mozeHen, Performing, perceiving. 
ci>^S3>>» mezioof. Filled. 
/ /*, me^eguee. Dainty, sweetness. 

^^y« 'f^ezloj, A bar, bolt, latch of a door* 
f^^y* mezlak, The key, a bolt. 
f} y me%cllet, A slippery place. 
ts^yo vfiexleket, A slippery place, lubricityr 
^Uy» mo%mar, A flute, a psaltery. 
zj'^y raczmeret, Tall big (woman.) 
^yo mozmOt Steady, resolute. r: ^rt •. 
^^yo inoxmen. Delaying, continuing long. 
jy^y mezmoor, A psalm, a canticle. 
j^y« moznieher, Furious. ^^ motmehel, 
^^yo 'xnozmeej. Very angry. [Pure water* 
(jjy« we2:e«,Coftdition,sitaation.»5y« 7W03J72e/,A 
^y* niGzenneJ ySm^li in quantity, [whitecloud. 
^y« mozeiJTied, Avaricious, tenacious. 
MmJ^ ^ tnozskjnk, The wooden lock of a door,- 
^gi yo Tnozejiee or iJuyo An Arabian tribe. 
A\^y Tnezwhd OT ^^y A traveller's provi«^ 
^iy* vioztvef. Conjoined, married, [sion bag, 
j^y* mozwer, A cheat, a knave, a liar, 
Kfjjyo mozooree, A beam, rafter, [Taste, 
Cl>^>* ^^oov. Shining, fillings & u mezeh, 
i^ mezshek or mezshgan, The eye-lids. 
o^y mozhed, Poor. 


_^jfc -^ me%hoo, Puffed with pride, isj^ me%ee^ 
Ijj^ m€%eyety Excellence, [Elegai^ty 

-u ;^ rae%eej\ A bitter almond. 
4>ji« mexeedy Increased, augmented, 
/♦'Vi > me%eediin. To taste, to suck* 
yi^ me%ter. Firm, bold, generous. 
J^^ mezeel, "VVittyj jnoxee/. Repelling. 
^^J^ mexeen, A dresser. [handled,. 

i f**^ mes, Brass, copper; a. w^5.9, TouGhing, 
Im^ mesh, Froward, saucy, discord. 
i^{»M^ mesai, A fault, a crime. 
k^Im^ mesaL, A large bottle. 
Kt\4*^< mosklef » Provoking by reproaches* 
XLL«w« rnoshiekety Excelling, surpassing. 
_U*-o messhh, A land- measurer, [ting ashore. 
ls> l*M.« meshhet,¥ee\\ng..sX!^ L<^ mosahelet, Get^ 
^^U»^ mesahee, Plur. of Sla^^*^ mes-hht, 
*ksL\.M^ W>es(tkhefef, Showing madness. 
o«.l-M*^ «n.^sd.v, Worthy, a foundation. 
._j_;L-^ meshreht Plur- of X^^.*,^ mesrelet, 
SjUmi rrtosareff AVhispering. 
X£^U«« mosara-af. Quick, Yelocity. 
XVjU^ mosdbrekef. Turning- the face. 
Js Up^ f»eMer, Plur. of ^Iim<^ mosetter, 
j>^K*M^- inesb,-ad. Aiding, assisting, 
jiJiFV^ 7Woi'd-a^e/, Aid, assistance, favour, 

I 718 •] 

^ l**-4 ifi^ash-^ifet, Succotir, ^elp. 
^\m^ if^psh-yeef Plur. oi ^^ se-.yee, 
S li U-« meshjht or X^ Uw« niesdJehet.A reproach^ 
tiLmM mosd/et. Distance, an interval. 
JbsxiU^ fdoskfehetf Debauched, whoring. 
^i \m^ mosdfer, A stranger, a foreigner, 
jUiUu* iiiosafa-at, Driving, repulsing. 
tijU**« tn^5i^, Impulse. [gui<i. 

jUaS Lm*^ vnos^ketet^ Filling up, becoming lan^ 
S Ife Uw9 ines(ikh,t, Perplexed. 
XS)L*^ 'ttiesb.ket. Avarice, stinginess. 
jjjS> Ia-w« fUe^^lew, Plur, of ^^^.*^ fiiesien, 
i^jN^j L*-9 meshkeen, Plur. of ^,^a-«^ misieen* 
30l*-u« 7n,e«(i/^/, A question. Ja 

i>J U.« mes^lef, Plur. of jUJumo m^sleftt, 
aXlL»^ w-e^^/ei", Plur. of 2JJl«m9 tneslek. 
]r«l i*»^ mosklemet. Making peace or friendship. 
LaJUw* mesaleef, Plur. bf ie^u*^ »»cs/d^ 
^U»-» mor^//ieA, Negligent, languid. 
jt^L*^ v^vskmcret. Conversation. 
^ Uw« meaitma, Plur, of ^4*:« stiesma, 
yj^ U»4 fiiesameer, Plun of ^l^^u we^rw^r. 
itljL^ 7nosa?icit, Sutisfjirig, acting kindly^ ^ ' 
Jo U^*^ meshned, Plur: of jj*^ .trw^m?^*' % v~*'c!. 
I oJ Um« 7;iosa/2eJ(j/, Em bracing. i^it-A,^ A sti-* 
s i ^ Uj. nivs^tv^t, Equation. ; [pend, salary. 

I 7^9 1 

j^\*^ fnesawer,.T\\ir ofSj^.^*^ meswereL 
i^^U^ liioshiveret. Springing upon another. 
I.«^l».^ moshwemef, Bidding against. 
2 1* l*»»^ moskhht. Careless. 
S ^ U^ moshheret. Watching (with another.) 
^ U^ raoskhely Negligent, indifferent. 
^^\m^ mo5a^ew. Concerting with, a compa- 
XxjUmo »ncs^j/e/, Fencing, duelling. [nion, 
Jj U*« mesail, Plur. of Uu,^ itieseiet, 
L-ww* mesla, A way through mountains. 
*c--*>*«^ wi05e^W, Causing. vii-AM*^ mosZ-e/, Cau?- 
^w-« mosehbeh^k praiser of G od. [i ng deep sleep, 
»^A**-« mesheret, Shape, manner, form. 
laAAv>^ moshetf Hanging the head (in grief.) 
yj^ TTiosel/fer, Inspector, superintendant, 
^^^ moshcu iBlihd. -' "• -'''''' *-^^ ^■'. 

^^*^ fiioslfcg!?, Compleatiiig, armed. ' ffeoyi 
^^a>-«.^ rtiosheker^ K beautiful girl, a harfdsome 
cij ^a*.m« mesboof. Overjoyed, in' an e<:rstasy* 
Xc>>*»<u« meshewat ,K wild cow. [swooning, dead, 
cJj^A^^ 77/e^?'Oo^, ■Prevc'nt^d. 
lajU'^^ viosthbet, Digging, making a ditch. 
'.Ji KjJ*^ mosthterij Ktiying t)r takirig an ass. 

s lA,M^»/?osfG?<?e,'Desi ring the male(a she-camel ) 
^5 UsM^ mosihsej, Coveting the whole oi any 
thing, much wealtK 


[ 720 J 

^SU^iy* inostb^ner, Sole, eminent, electing. 
jjf. \Z»>^ mosfhjcr, Hired. 
3^s. U,^ mostOfjelt Begginp time or delay, 
j^^Uu^ mostkherl. Remaining alone. 
«^alx*^ inosf^del'. Studying. 

- a Um./« vostddem, Asking victuals. [cd. . 
i* ^ U**^ vwsth(ke, I><*gging assistance, distress- 
^j^)iU*,«^ nwstazev. Asking permission. 
^-_»jU«.-« fn>osthreJ\ Overloaded with debt. 
O^U,**^ itiost^scdJ^oXd^ rushing upon. ^^IL*^ 
j^ U*Mv« iwo.v/a."?tT,Prisoning, binding. [Sticking. 
Ji-tf Ui^ mostasel', Eradicating. 

^SIa4^.« most^fer. Passing by, running, leaping. 
J:£»bu-« fnosth/fel, Taking any thing to eat, 

- Ia*..h» inostkmt Receiving as a high priest, 
^ Um^ mostd,nier, Asking advice. 

^ 'Oui*-« n^ostcimay Weak in mind. 

jj^Um*^ niosthmen, Imploring protection, free. 

^\:l^ f7iostamee, Buying or receiving as ^, 

y<JUuMM« mos/dwe*, Accustomed, familiar, [ous. 
LJ6\jim^ jnosfhnef. Beginning, i^^^^--* Industri- 
^ U««i^. iHQi/(i/i6/, Agreeable, w^orthy. [the sea ) 
^ss<lm^ vi9$lebelicr,Lon^ in speech, extensive (as 
jiaX^w^ mostehed, Doing alone, claiming exclq- 
^d^^Zm^ tnosiehdel, Changing, [sive property. 

k ni 1 


^^*M-o mostelrex, Calling forth, appearing, 
is jj*«^ mostebree, Dismissing a wife. 
jAxL^ mostelser, Considering attentively, 
2«aX^^ mostelza, Exposing to sale in a market. 
mostehek, Endeavouring to outstrip^ 
mostebree, Reserving, leaving a remain- 
^j£ijj:<^^ raostelkee. Forcing to vv^eep. [der. 
^A^^ mostelel, lltcoyering. 
^jfU^ fdDstelet, Carrying away captive. 
fc^AAi:*^^ mosUbeet, A poor man. [water. 
guAA**^ «iO^^^^'e^,Eradicating. ^j^^^z^ Making 
^^jMjim^ iiio5?eZ'e^7?, Appearing manifest. 
^AJXwy* mostethiaj Drawing after. 
JuZh^ mostetlee. Calling one to follow.. 
jjiXA*»»*« raosteslielj Oppressed with disease, 
o«^-w^ tiifostesmedt Enquiring. 
1^^^^^ mostesweh. Asking a reward. 
i^\spjim^ mostejab, Acceptable. 
^ cs<L^ mostejreh, Spoiled, marred. 
>acvA.M^ mostef-al, Full of lust (she- camel.) 
^aKs>**^ most ej fee, Pulling away. v -"" 
fc«-.Xiso:*«-c mostejkl, Causing, attr^cftirig. 
^jfsCi^^mostejenit Resting comforted, [garment; 
j^:*Oum^ mostejenfi\2idi, protected, covered with a 
y^ifsjj^ mosWhel, Despising, considering a* 
puaesx**.^ fnesteje^d, Finding. * - [ignorant. 

df 723 ] 

^9K^x«*^ most^eert Imploring, protecting. 
(jiAacvX*Mw« mostejeesh. Desiring an army. 
«---^3sX-.^ tnosteheh, Loving, ^sev^o:.^ (Clay) be- 
js«>^» mostehed. Sharpening, [coming hard. 
vi» j«u«*^ viosiehdes. Novelty, an inveiition. ^ ^ 
^^MapJiwMi mosteh$er, Fatigued. 
^ ^ «M,^Y^< 7no«/^te;i, Approved, beautifuL 
jtass^jis*^ mostehzer, Forcir\g to run. 
IaijcOM*rw# wostehfen. Committing to memory. 
wiscOl*^ mostehekt ^y^o^thy, deserving. 
,>-=u*v-« mosfehel, Esteemed lav^ful. 
'.y^acoU*..* mosteheel, Impossible. [Retiring. 

g ^sevXm*.^ niostekhrej ,^%sictiDg. jj ax*^ mostedber, 
^jJU«w« liiostedeer, Hound, circular, 
*j«xx«M^ fiiostedeem, Perpetual, ancient. 
^j^jLm^ mostezrea, Coming nearer, 
^j^Sm*.^ mostexree, Suing for protection. 
^:S) sjim^ ftiostexker. Recollected, recorded. 
y^s Skk^.* vwsiczkee, Inflaming. 
^ 6^Km^ mostezel, Rendering contemptible. 
f ^jUmw« nwstezem, Despised, disdained. 
^^COm^ mosiezmee, Receiving a remainder. 
^|Jum.« W2 Oi/er^^, A necessary,perfumed. [camel,) 
^j*j^ tnosferbea, Raised (dust,) going vv^ell (a 
^jji*^ mostertej. Unable to speak or read. , 
i^ Xm^.mQsterjel, Wishing to walk. 

I m 1 

^ t^*>^ ffibsierJiel, Wishing to travel. 
fjasi, yi^^ w»osterhhes, Estimating. 
^ j:**< mosferkhee, Relaxed, languid. 
LJ i Jw^ mos/^rc^i^/iBeggingpermission to ride be- 
^ jjUm^ tTios^^r^^/, Affable, polite, [hind another, 
oo^x*-^ most erf ed. Asking assistance. 
fja9jZ^^ moiterfeXt Torn, dispersed. 
^^2yi^ mosterfea, Wishing to carry off. 
c-JJ_yA*M^ ttiostreki Removeable, carried off. 
^yi.*^ mosterkea, Requiring to be mended. 
^^yU^ mosferweh, Snutling. [a pledged 

-v^ j:-^^ tnesterhen. Demanding a hostage or 
i \yi,,^ nlosieziai^/Jncreased. tsj -yi^^ Disdained* 
yi'J^***^ moste^eer, Asking otie to visit, 
^sx^x*^ rnoteskher, Mockery, jest. 
j.A*JuMM» mosteseTy Disappearing. 
4s ^ji,M^ mostesree. Nocturnal ramble. 
j^h^mXm*^ mostes-adf Blessed, favoured. 
JiM^z,^ mosteshee, A dravv^6r of w^ater, 
y^^^ji.^ mostesel. Unsheathing, 

( iXvj:*-^ mosteskf, Desiririg to borrovv^ 

^^^t^,,Z**^ mostcsmen, Supposing. ^,4-«*x.vw^ Going" 
ek;-«JLM.*« mostcsned, Supported. [a hunting* 
I ^^.jii^^ mostes-heh Equal, making easy. ' ' 
l/iJ**^ vtosteshiri One' who is consulted* 


\ajL:Ut^ mosieshrei, Being distempeied. 

I ^4 ] 

^yJLyi^^ mosteshree. Attentive to business. 
yi^M^ laostesh-ar, Hairy, putting on a gar* 
^JiXM^ viosteshjee, Wishing health, [rtient. 
JkjiXmK^ mosteshlee, Being enraged. 
j^jU,^ mosteshcer, Y'dt, a stallion camel. 
IsA-ii-*^ mosiesheet. Angry, becoming fat, 
. i.^jjaZ^ mostesraf, Wishing to change, pre- 
^^ ^>y.;' — mostesaOj Difficult. [vent. 

^iAOji*^ most£sfee. Purified, brightened. 
^JUaX**^ miostesleh, Being agreeable, pleasing, 
^jftaL^t^ 'mosiezree, Cheating, surprizing. 
^^r*^ mostezhel. Enquiring. 
V \^laXA,^ Vft'Ostetah, Good, elegant. 
A ^U::*-^ mostetrcdt Wishing to repulse. 
^uJai«*^ mosteieel, Behaving proudly, conquer^ 
^I^Xm^ 'xnostezel. Sitting in the shade, [ing. 
^ \xjim^ mosta-kr, Borrov^ed. ^^ UXm*^ f^osta-hn^ 
4Vuu*M wao5^a<f,Capable, apt, worthyt [Aid, help. 
i^y^^^xX^My* WfOstateli Hindering, sweet. 
^ju*«^ mosta-ar, Seizing and spreading. 
\jefxJi.^ mosta-reXi Enquiring, killing (men.) 
f^^Ji,,^ mosta-ref, Rolling in waves (the 
yui^ mosta-ax, Firm (flesh,) defunct, [sea.) 
«--AJux*^ mosta-hch Railing at any one. 
«--.l3uL«M. mosta-leb, Stinking (meat.) 
y^sL^ mosta-inel, Vsurj^in^, using. 

i m \ 

mosteghrel, L^ughlftg vrltti vek&i 
c_j5 jx^^ niosteghrek,V\\inged, filling, [menefi, 
(_^XA*^ mosfeghesh. Lie, untruth. 
^x«*^ mosteghfer. Repenting* 
^^ixZ,^ mosteghnee, Fortune, rich, satisfied, 
i UXwMMff moste/ad, Understood. ^ UX*^ Spread. 
j^AXAA^-^ mostefiee, Consulting wise men. 
^fsr^i'JU^ raostefkheri Buying any thing, excel* 
^j^lJi^^ mostefzel, A remainder* [lent» 

ju.xA^^ mosfefeed, Gaining, acquiring, ^ 
jAjSX^mjs viostefeez. Spread, diffused. 
jjitx^^ fnosfekielf Wishing for death. 
o^aam^ mosteked, Continuing. 
- ^'iz^^ rnosteMem, Unquestioned, preceding* 
j^'iJiM^ ffioste^%er, Blotted, dirtied* 
jjiZ^^ mosteker, Abiding, resolute. 
^jjijU^*^ mosteJiTea, Hiring a stallion cameL 
(jaju^o^ moste^es, Asking one to retaliate. 
^gAoH'J^^,^ mostehee, Desirous. 
yiXM^ mostekfel, Covetous, niggardi j. 
jjLx*^ moste^el, Precise, express. 
jax^w^ mostekeey Drawing water* 
^.aXiXmm) mosteheedy Being submissive, 
:»^xLMi^ mostekeem. Certain, truth, [drunkard, 
eXx*«^ mostek, Becoming deaf, i fe ^ -^ A 
xj^iy^^ viostekrch, Hateful, abhorred* 

G 7 

I 12Q 3 

ig y^xtm^'tnosteJireey'Rivingy renting. [Sucking.^ 
Q*»AVXMfc* mosidhest Dilatory. ^^,^ mostelbee, 
ui:«JiXm**« mogtelhei', Assuring, adopting. 
^m^yx^^ mostelhcvi, Broad way, enlarging, fol- 
^'^jim>^ W05/<?/xew, Motive, an author, [lowing. 
c—ilaXX,*^ tnosieUt'f, Joining to the side, 
^x*.^ mostertitea, Possessed of, enjoying. 
j4Xm^ mosterjicr, Solid, strong, constant. 
A.M»y^o mostewscJt, Apprehending. 
^♦x*«>^ triostemshce, Having a flux. 
y^uZ,^ mosiemsel, Laxative. ^k«i'*«^ mosiei/ifer, 
J^M*^mos/ew(?Z, Disliked. [Praying for rain, quiets 
jyUw* mosiemleey Endeavouring to be rich, 
^4Xm^ mosfemen. Asking a favour, 
>^-,-X.w# inostemend, Poor, plaintive, lamenta* 
^M^-o viostemee. Going a hunting, [ble.: 

t3>»A.i^ mostcmeen. Preserving, supporting. 
tn>;?,M>.< moateuihef. Overflowing, appearing. 
^yji-m^ Tnostemhee,^x\<\\\\v\i\g after news, [fat, 
jaX^^ most ens er. Attracting ^^oXwu* Becoming 
jJLX%>r^ tfiostened, Supported by, leaning upon, 
^^X*-^ mostenser, Becoming like a vulture, 
^y-iiW* mostenshee, Smelling, 
v^aajiXm^ mostenseft Receiving payment of a 
.y^-sAAi*.^ mostensel, Producing, shaking, [debt. 
Vi VLsM^M^o mostentei, (God) making rationalt 

I m 1 

lj&«A***^ mostenghex. Shaking the head, 
^iix*--* mosteTlftr, Frightened. [drawing. 

^^kiX.^ rfiostenfez, Prjing, searching intQ, 
uJiiJ^AM*^ vfiOHtcnfeki Spending, laj^ing out mO'» 
(jiX;X«»A^ mostenkesh. Painting. \p^y* 

gx^jjiMM) mosfenhej. Made open, 
u&^z^M^ mosfeiihez, Exciting, rousing. 
^^z^ mosieneer. Glistering. 
»m1^^ mosfetieem. Reposing, trusting to. 
^•^A*MM« mostewser, Surprize, asking much. 
<— X5^X*>A^ mostewsekf Strong, lusty, steady. 
f-r^e^^A^^ moatewjeh. Condemning to death, 

meriting, an author. 
(j£ft._^x*^ mostewhesh. Troubled, grieved, 
^^Z^^ vLosiewhel, A muddy i^]ace. [mitting. 
^^^Xj,^ mosteivdeay Recommending, com- 
c-5 i >X«-^ mostewdeJt, (A mare) desiring the 
^^^A««^ 7tiostewdee, Owning, declaring, [male. 
J y'lm^ Ktiosioory Concealed, veiled. 
^j^*^ riiostewree. Striking fire from steel. 
J J ^Zm^ mostetvxer. Conveying, choosing. 
£ J yj:*^ mostew%ea. Praying (God) to inspire 

(a person with any sentiment.) 
^}yim^ iiiostewzee. Ascending, 
^^Am^ mostewseat Broad, wide. ^ '* *^--'f*^ 
yjU^M*^ niiostewse^P Assembled in a body. 

t 728 ] 

^^^ ^X-*^ mosfewsen X^zy, beginning to sleep. 
mjcyi,^ mostetvzcmj Ruining, injuring. 
^.^y.^ mostewteji, Frequenting (a place)* 
^L ^A*^ tjwsiewlee, Agreeable. 
^ y»^« mosteiv-ar, Finding to be difficult. 
^^Im^ ffiosfotrghel, Washing the groins. 
^y'Him^ inoslotvf er,T-dking or paying the whole. 
^JakZM^ vfiostoii>fe%,Qo\ng haste, ^^j^x**^ Pien- 
^ yim^ mostoivked. Kindling fire. [ty, 

jSyZ,^ ifdostowkery Fattened, receiving. 
^yL^ mostowhea. Waiting for, sharpened. 
uJli* ^MM« niestou'hf, Standing. 
^ ^A*»M» TTiosiowlee, Surmounting, overcoming, 
A-^yU^ mesiowhel. Asking a present* 
(f ^am<^ mesteweej Likeness, direct. 
JU^ mosieh, A little food for cattle. 
. l^X-^M. mosieJihm, Surprized, w^andering. 
(_^l^x*«^ mosteJiati, Mean, (j^a^^^ mosfehbesh, 
^^««^ mostehzet. Jesting. [Gaining, accepting. 
^^km^ inostehel, Glad, raining. 
AX^-**-* mostehlekt Destroying, consuming. 
.V.,, ^ mostehem, Casting lots. ^x«*x mostehnee, 
, Jt««* inestee, Drunkenness.[Asking assistance. 
J!m*x^^ mosteeser, Haste, arranged. 
JcJLxx*^ inosteeke%. Watching, provident. 
^^♦.AA^a-* mosteQTTiQn, Fortunate, adjuring, y , 

[ ?29 1 

^^^^ mosefjeh, Pardoning; 
<xsc\.wM^ mesjed, A mosque, temple, 
cJi^sw^ n- osejjef. Dark (night.) 
jocw^ mofjelt Free. c^arw*-o mosjooh, Nature, 
a >3:w.^ mesjooJ, Adorned. v. 

hc^ca^^ 'xmsjooviet, (Ground) watered, hy 
(^^33-.-^ vaesjoon, Imprisoned. [rain. 

^u<*^ meseh, Cleaning, cutting off. 
Slssa.*^ mes-hat, A shovel, rake, hoe. 
ciL^aeu*^ twes-liet, Rich, dissipated. 
^acu»^ rfiosehher. Enchanted. 
Lucw^ mes-hei. Slaughtering expeditiously. 
^.jcvm^ ineS'helfA file, ^^sva^ mos-ken, A beauti- 
j^a:u»-« tties-hoor. Enchanted. [ful horses 

lsy&>^ mes'hoot. Wine diluted with water, 
cJ,>32wx» mes'hooft Consumptive man. 
cJi^acu^ mes'hook. Brayed, bruised. ,v^^ 

^^xu^ mes-hool, A ready eloquent tongue. 
^*»MJ itiesekJu Metamorphosing, changing. \ 
^dcvu.^ mosekhkher. Conquered, subdued. 
S^iruK^ mesJtheref, A jester, pleasantry. ^ 

isyaoM^ itieskhoot, Odious, angty/ .... ^. 

z \ Jw»^ mesdb.t, A weaver's instrument. '*>jL 
AOw^ uiesedded, Well directed, rectified, 
^ jw^ viesda. One who goes where he pleases. 
^^Ow^ fdesdooh. Idle, careless^ negligent. 

[ 730 ] 

jMJt moscr, Hiding, di^cldsing.' 
^^/-^ mesrdd. Permitted by religion. 
i^y"*^ moserrtBr, Good tempered. cj^*«M)Long. 
%i^4^ mesrebei, A meadow, pasture. 
Sj-N*M9 meserret, Cheerful, happy. [lamp* 

^^^.moserrej. Saddled hors^. I^^^m** A 
^j,,^ moserredy A coat of mail strongly form- 
e;.M^^ tnesrea. Expeditious, nimble, [ed. 

c«i^*M^ mosref. Extravagant, 
jij**^ niesroor, Jeyful, content. 
i^^y*^ liie^/'oo^, Robbed, stolen, j Ikvw^New, 
j^Lui^ tae^teh. The pillar. [new wine. 

^la*^ mosetier^ Writing, a writer. [neck« 
Mtu«v« mosetta, (A camel) marked on the 
y^kuM^ ifi^estoofy Expressed, delineated. 
^J^*^ W'estewa, Raised (dust.) 
^^ mesa, The north wind. [ment. 

^Ijumn*\ A poker, long (neckj veh^- 
^x«^ 9n»es-al, The throat. 
SiyJLm^ l»>es-awe(J, Lucky, formidable, august, 
^^x**^ mes-awer. Angry, covetous. 
J9^**«w« mes awet, A snufF-box. 
H*iM^ m^sghelet. Famished, hungry.' 
i^JuJit niesef. Beholding. 
^4.^ mesfer, Travelling fast (a camel.) . 
^^^u^ mes/en. An axe, a hatchet. < c ^ 

t 731 ] 

ak^^ mosfeh, Drinking often. 

.$Jyu,M9 mesfook. Shed (blood.) 

vlJU-« mesWf, (A she-camel) bringing forth, 

f Uum» ttieshhm. Infirm, often sick. 

lih^ musket, VaWing* XLi.^*^ mos^etet, A psLiron* 

^yuM» itieskoom, A disease. 

^ yi*^ meskewee, A subterraneous aqueduct. 

Ay*^ mesek, Hard ground ; mesek, Holding fast, 

restraining. [of leather. 

l^s.m^ mesekef, A bracelet ; mesltet, A piece 
^^^a-w^Wio^^er, Making drunk ; mo5eMer,I>runk» 
^jj^i,wy>^ mesken, An habitation. 
RLSau^^ meskenef. Wretched, povert)^, 
j^^=M*^ meskoor. Intoxicated. 
iJ^^jea**.* 'wes^oo^'^ Coined, struck. 
fjjy:^s,»^ meskoon. Appeased, inhabited. 
jL^ meskeht Fresh butter. ^^Ba^^ Muiky, 
^j^£zum^ meskeer. Intoxicated. 
<^^a*M-fl KKieskeen, A beggar, a poor man j 
^ iiU-« raeslakh, A skin. [p. imeskeeriy Musky. 
fc bJU*-* meslat, The tooth or ward of a key* . 
t_<> iU^ meshk, Eloquent [large needle. 

XX*«w« meselef, A question, action ; t^eselletsA 
^\Mt^ moselleh, Armed. .^AacOU^ Extensivci- 

broad way. [and skin animals;* 

^JUj« mesk&h, A place where they slaughter 

r 732 ] 

(jmU«4 mosles. Bringing forth, an abortion. 
S'Jum^ tnosekelf Enchanted, coherent, placed 
tak*-* mosellet, A ruler, governor, [in order. 
^«M^ mosla, A leader of men or cattle, [Under. 
oiJu*^ nt'Oslaf, Thick, XiJu*-o raoslefat, A cy- 
iJJu^ mesleky A road, way. [liever. 

/.^VJLm^ fiiosolman, A Mahometan, a truebe- 
^ Uu*^ moslemhnee. The Mahometan religion. 
. . A^^ meslooh, Corrupted, snatched away. 
ci» >Xmm> mesloof. Shaved on the head. 
^^X***^ Tfieslookh, Skin'd. 
(J* ^X*»^ mesloos. Out of order, mad. . 
U^4M.« meslooi. Having thin hairs on the jaws. 
^^X«y^ meslewa, A swelling. c_3^,«^ mesloof] 
^ ^U^ .meslook, A road, inserted. [Levelled. 
^ ^Lm,^ raeslool. Drawn, unsheathed, 
l.^jJLh.^ mosleel'. Plenteous rain. 
l^M«*-o tnosemmhf Called, named. 
oUw^ Vdosemmhtf Plur. of i<-^^ 'ttiosemmh. 
^U«*-« tt^esmciTy A nail, peg, stake. [k road. 
^ 1,^^^ fljieswdl, A tent- pole, j s.^^^ niosemder, 
Ix^^,^ mosemmet. Dismissed, discharged. 
^k«Mk*^ mosemter,' Huge head. 
^♦^^ mesma, The handle of a bucket, the ear, 
SJuUa.^ vnosmegheliet. Long (camel.) 
^IL»»«./« raosmeier, Excessive heat of a day. 

i 733 ] 

^♦«^ mosmen, Naturally fat, 
J ^^**M m'smoor, Fixed toojether with nalls^ &C4 
«^««ww« 'Oiesmefva, Audible, heard. 
A4u«»^ mosemmeh, Mad with love. 
^i*M^ mosejHhel, Slender round the belly, 

,,^^ raosemmee. Named, called. 
3^M»^ mesmeel, Extenuated in the belly^ 
j^«^ mesen, Whipping, lashing, scourging. . 
^.^ Uw^ mesnhb, A water-bottle made of lea- 
1\.'m^ mosennat, A bank, dike. [ther. 

cUm^ mesnct-a, A well-shaped camel. 
^S*M^ tnoseiiibekh, Travelling. 
jjL,*^ mosnod, A throne, a prop, a large cushi- 
y^XMK^ mosentel, Liable to stumble. [on. 

3uUm<-« niosTiefety A mare outstripping horses. 
3,;^-^ mesnoo, Watered ground. 
j^yi*^ mesnoon, Changed, formed. 
yM^ mesoo, A restive ass. ^y*^ mesooh, Oint- 
*^*«^ TTif^oo^, A disease, [ment,^ or liquid salve, 
^^r*^^ fiisstveret, A leather-cushion. 
(j^ f*M^ mesoos, Water somewhat salt, 
L-5^*^ moswek. Pressing on prey. 
^ ^ mesool, Demanded, requested, a petition, 
-^*«w« mesoom. Signed, sent. . .., ^^m.^ Prating. 

Xa4-«*-« mos'heLet, Deep well. ^>j^ mes-hej, 

,w^ mosehhed, Roused. [T-^lking much. 

1 7 

[ 734 ] 

cJ»^*-« mos-Jfpf, Meat creating thirst. '* 

^.^..^ mos'hel. Laxative, ^ ^^a^ meshoom, In- 

«■; «/■%»« mo^eehy Set at liberty. [disposed. 

*w-» mesech. Bare, smooth. Urvx*^^ nieseehk, 

^m^ mescckh, A monster. [A christian. 

i^j^^^*^ mescedun. To pluck. 
tnesee?'. Travelling, going. 
wesed. Clay, impure water. 

|xA4«^ 'Uicsee-at, A plaisterer*s trovi'el. 

kJuj,^ meseefy Bearing a s\Vord. 

^*»H^ tnegeeky Covetous, niggardly. 

^A^^ meseel, A channel, a stream of water. 

^.v»w^ tjieseen, Bra2;en, (JLo «v<?s/2,Milkinga ca- 

liU mesliLi, A kind of plant, a carrot. [meU 

i*Ui^ meshk-at, ^ting willing. 

j<4 liU ineslMeh, Plur. of *a^ sheLeh. , 

j^LiL* Kweshkhehet, Likeness, comparison. 

SjfcLiU ineshajjet, Contending. 

^U^ meshhjer, Pliir. of ^^cviu meahjer, 

S^Li-« meslihjeret. Resisting, controvertingi 

i'aUU meshitcldety Fighting, contending. 

%.AliL« viieshhden, Plur. of ^o-Ja^ moshden, 

iii^ vicshar^ A hive of bees; m.eshcirf Indi^ 

X:a> « l4M^ 

•jl^i^ vieslihrejety Resembling. [cated, 

ijyULt meshhrezet. Viewing, disputing. 
^jUU vieshhra, Plur. of ^jiU meshra. 

[ 735 3 

cJfjU^ meshhreki Plur. of cJ>^<J5-« meshrei^ 
iijjlK^ mesh^reet, Plur. of 1?^:^ meshreti 
» jJs liU meshateref, Halving with another. 
^ U^ mosha-ay Published, spread, proclaimed. 
^ U^ ineshk-ar^ Plur, of «iu mesk-ar, 
«^Lciw« meshh-aret, Disputing, contending. 
«»»,<£ lii^ 7iieshkgheb, Bashful oess, politerjess- 
J'xiAi^ 7nes/i^g^eic/»Backbitipg, discrediting. 
jli:>-o meshhfer, Plur. of ^iu^meshfer. 
/jf L A _ ^ itieshhkj A servant. 
Sli'liU meshaJiht, Contending, opposing. 
S^liU meshhhertt. Showing gratitude. 
J^ Ik-« meshakel, Likeness, worthy. 
30^5 Lk^ tneshhhlet, Suiting* agreeing /yyith. 
^[^^ fneshaniy The palatcy the -smell. ^■ 
ljc\Ji^ vfieshhmet. The left hand or side. 
(jj 14^ :niie«^aw,,A sweet date ; meshan,.An im- 
X) J UL« 7«es//dzreZe/, Lifting up. [pudent woman, 
X^liu mesliahet, {A place) abounding in 
fSJ>\^ 'meshahed. Contemplating. ; v. ,[*l\eep, 
^\li^ meshktkh, Plun oi^^j^ sheikh* 
.^^^ meshehheJi, Grated^ latticed^ 
u^i^A^^ meshbooh, Blaziijg (fire.) 
Axiiwo ineshebleh. Counterfeited^ a,iV6u;u , 
> Aii,^ meslilee, A boy like his father, 
jUJi^ nheshthr A bee- hive. ,x;^ , 

i 736 J 

^^IaAm* meslithft, Derived, full of desire, 
juuOiU ideshtehehf An ambiguity, obscure, 

vtfOi-o meshtejer, Contending, leaning on the 
osXiL* vneshted. Increasing in strength [elbow. 
'^jo;iL« meshtedeh. Fullness, freedom. 
^«xLi^ meshtedekht Any thing hollow. 
$5 j:^ meshteret. Making a condition. 
^fjiA^ meshtereJc, A partner, an accomplice. 
y < JLi^ meshferee, Buying, a buyer. 

ix^^ ffieshtegher, Copious, plenty. 

Vfieshteghel, Employed. 
'^ giXiU meshtefee, Recovering health/ 
ijiXii^ meshteJt, Taking the half, scolding. 
*^jSaX^ meshteker, A milky udder, raining,. 
^j:i^ meshtem, Discovered by the smell. 
jcCk^ meshtemer, Adhering strongly to the jaw. 
ysCi^ meshtemel. Containing, embracing. 
v.^^XiU meshtewel, Mixed. 
^^A^ meshfeher, Famous, named. 
^vcU meshej. Mingling, disturbing. 
jS!\^ fiieshjer, A gfove. li^x^^ mesh-het, Dis- 
^ ^arvi;^ Tiiesk-hooii, Full, repelled, [tant, absent. 
J^y^ tneshekhteh, A kind of sweatmeat. 
^*xi^ mosheddekh, Broken. ^^, .xiLo tnoshdiin, 
9 y j»ii^ meshdood-y Fortified, bound. [A doc. 
^--> o\^ vnesh^el;, A prUning-hook. 

[ 1^1 ) 

^^ ytU ifieshreh, Intoxicating, imbibing, 
r)^ weshrehj HeaJ , Wa r id th. 
3^-ii-c fjwsherrezf Punished, intricate. 
c^-i-« 7Jieshrd, A road, street. 
C^jii.^ rfiofifiref, Approaching, rising, gr-oun(J, 
<_3'^^ ^neshrehj The .east, ^^s^-:* 'Oriental, 
h^yi^ mes/lToof, Prefixed, agreed upon. \ 
ka^ meshetj Combing; nwshot, A eomb<.:^- 
*n^^ ines^a. Attaining, milking, striking, 
yt^ mesh-oTt^rhe temple of Mecca. 
'd yxtjt ,meshaived, A conjurer, jy^ia^ ff^eshaivets 
t ^ '•• ^ rneshgheb,A tumult, nqise. [Perceiving, 
^ ^i«^ meslighool, Diligent. 
^iL« moshefier, Standing erect. 
jiii^ tiiosh/er. Hindrance, vehemence. . : . ^^ 
i~Jiiii^ '■ moslfi^h Pitying, mercifu^.^OArr 
c*^ rtioshh, A n ;eicample ; meshe/t^ Piercing 
U^ftios^ei/ietfC^lamity, distress. [with a spear, 
4li!^ mes/i^, A leatberrbattle ; p. mosk^, Music, 
}*=-'■ t n oshkii^ Difficult; doubtful,' >V/. n 
JttjSiii;^ inoshhilett Difficult, obscure. ' 

jy&iU^meshkooTy iJaudable, revvarded. 
s^ ^^ii;:^ moMook y I>qMhi{u\, [tie milk;. 

j^*=^A4 «xo^Moo// Marked, jii^ w.6shel,AYily 
^^k^ moshlowx, A n apricot, kernel. 
ii^uXtt^ ■ ffjcr^-t/^, '^I-iaughing</^^n.\'Mji>:, , r. ,^ ,.j 

t r38 ] 

m,L^ Vdoshetn, A verse, alienated. 

^ UiL« moshmhl, A woman's head-dress. 

«^^ tno^/ie/jimcr, AVax- cloth. 

^yx^ii^ moshmal, A swift canicl. 

J^«^ Tue^/^rttoo/, Surrounded, comprehended. 

^,-:-..^ mesknioom. Musky, odoriferous, 
...ik-o viieshefi, Marriage, milking. . ^_^ . 
Ui;^ ineshna. Odious, disagreeable. [Adorned* 
XX^^ rfeshnet, An excoi'iixtion. ^Jdzi^ liioshenn^, 
z^AZi^ meshnoot. Hatred, deformed. ,j4,t ^^ 
li yii^ fueshoof. Adorned, bright moncy*^^.^^ r.- 
cJi^iU meshook, Desirous. J(^}j>' 

^^^^ fdoshvek, Bearing thorns. ^\\ ^j:jk^l 
-^iL« meshoojtit Unlucky, miserable. 
(f^ii^ meshwee. Roasted, toasted. > 

^A^iu \[\oshMer, Having a large head. 44xiu-i 
j^^ lifiesh-hed, A burying place, a place for 
^^ mesheey Travelling, going. . [meeting, 
^ v^ ;^ mesheebt Becoming old, hoariness. 
luiLo itiesJieet, Pleasure, strength. .i ♦.^itii/, 

-yiLo mesheej, Mingled. [fice, £rm. 

oy-iw* mesheed, Plaistered ; meshed. An edi- 
masheer, A senator, a courtcellor. 

mesheem^ Marked with a black mole* i 

(^i-o nieshaen, Basfe, pitiful. (business, 

U.^*iU mesheey oh^, Diligeace, expcdiatinu 

[ ;3§ J 

^jajo tnesy Sucking. [sheath it* 

lU-^l*— *a« moshhht. Inverting a sword to 
i^Ui^ moskherety Bearing patiently. . ..^.. 
t-^=*Ufl^ nieskheh, A companion, a friend. * 
JUt* \iA^ moshhehety Familiarity, society, com* 
i Ua^ ra&skd. The top of a mountain,; [pany«. 
s 1 A La^ moskdkk Counterfeiting, flattering^ 
J a Ufl^ 7nesadef\ Plur. o-f ^ aa^^. {disposing. 
L_i i i*a^ mosadpf^ Finding, meeting. : i^^^^m^^ 
iJi^La^ moshdeket, Sincerity, mutual friendn 
jil^a^ iJieshr, Entrails, bowels.Ai6h,iit »..r.[5hi^j 
^jUa^ mpshr^h. Acting opeoIyV'»'M'.v ..-'-^^.1^^. 
fj Ua« w^^aWa, Wrestler. . i 

Ojl^a^ W65cltrt?/', Plur. of-i^j^^ mesref^ 
xyolt^^ mo8^. Sincere, pure. 04iT p-.. _> 

dUa-« raosafy Plur. of \juajo w^^ef. av ^fi*^tr. 
s U Ufi^ inoshfatf Sincerity, pure friendship J ^ 
JwWiH mo^afety A^ppearing, before one another 
^Ux« mosqfee,, Plur^ pff^AA-o. .fin opposition,. 
J Ui.» fwi^sa tee^ Pdur; af s 3V>^^ . w>eslaU ■ t -. . c 
*Us^ rnesam, A dwelling- pi ace. r<t »>s*^^o 
Iv> ti-fl^ mosaUf G uarded, preserved. Jiit ^ak^^ », 
JbtiUa^ Tiiiesdwff-tflfvEBdieavouriflg to concijiate. 
^;U»i» mesair, F\ur, of^^f,^^ n^es^iver^itf •.c--^^^ 
i^j«&k jk0seh.y Srtutten : ; with lo^'e, banging 

[ 740 ] 

f ; -%' Tff fl wng^7.g/>7', Spending money, disband* 
•«xAa!« meselbegh. Tinged. [ing an armj^, 

^^AAo^ wesloor. An: oath. '-* 

i[J%^MU'>rnt)S'hat, A^cuT^, sl silver goblet.. 
jUv>«a-« fpeseh'hett A plain, a wholesome thing. 
^5jsNAx« taoseh'heh'y A corrector, 
^^x^ia^ wos-her. Going into a desert, >■ 

*^^»a^ iin>eS'hooIf, Accompanied* -^^ « 
Xa*euw9^ m'^S'heyet, Clear, fair, serene skj. * .; 
duto^ mesed, Sucking, coiens (cum muliere.) 
c^^jya^ fdesdai. Rectifying. 
(^ 1 jwwa.* mosdah^ Plwr*.: of ^ l^a^ fties^d, 5 

So^Aa>c inesdeti Cold; refresh mient; 6' '«* ^t*^\-^ 
jd^^cLA mesde)\ An origin, theme. >^* «i.fJ o 
cJJaa^ woWJt'^, Proving, ^^aa^ iH^^mA largf 
^'SjjA^ mesrhd, Soousensible of cold, [city. 
^\^*eu mesr^-a, An hemistich; ;t»toWuftJ*i« 
-^j^^.^mo&er refit Open, pure, clean, serene diay. 
^ ya-r vwsrekh. Giving assistancc.'iv>;ft ¥.ftJ i^ 
a^As^ moseired. Giving in a small quantity. 
ti^AAv* ftiearef^ Expence, disbursement. 
^ fMXA niesrcm, A crooked knife. j^j.ta^ Tied 
(.^^y^a^mesroof. Expended, turned, [round, 
s?^^^ mest'ee. An Egjptian. m<v.rr [out. 
^ Itwa:** »ies/dr,Sour wine. < \ oUaa^ mosteb, Voured 
^IsAO^ mosteheh, Taking a morning draught. 

■ r , 

IxtflAfl-o nios/eZ'er,Pursuing, pretending to be pa- 
^*3-« me5/e^, A desert without herbage [tient. 
v^^^ia^-* mosieli^heh, Making a great noise, 
o^b^^ mosieJ, Covered, retiii^d (a woman.) 
^t^laAo^ mostedefn, Dashed together. 
ijjkj^A^ ffiosteref Possessing, dextrous- 
tyJlIsAax t7J05/e/«/>,Roasting meat, sucking marrow>»a^wo5/e/dw, utterly, [from bones* 
y^AA^ niosteher, Yielding, ^^'wesa, Striking 
A U^'O mesa-ad, A rope. [with a sword. 

ooi/a^ tnes-ad, A ladder, a stair, merit. 
i_i;»a^ mesef, A fieM of battle. [scarce. 

\f^.^ riiesfa. An instrument of filtration, a 
^*A^ mesfeJi, Leaned, ^i^^ Destitute, hissed. 
i*A^ mesfee,. A strainer; moseffee, Purged, 
mj^Ao^ meskray Eloquent. [pure, clear. 

^JUa-o meskel. Smooth, eloquent. 
ipuA^ meskool, Polished, furbished. 
3.-a-« mesel. Distilling, a vessel made of palm 
ci> ^*^^ mes/^/. An active man. [leaves, 

2 iiUo* 7??e5/d/, Lining leather. 
iJii^X^a^i rheslet, Quick, nimble,- ready to act. 
j^Xa2^ mosleh, An empire, reconciler, corrector. . 
^sAJia^ moselkhem, Long, -tall, hardy camel. 
%:^\a£i^ iiioslok, A covered 'water-bason or re- 
jjua^ inoselleui, Having jio ears. [servoir. 

L 7 

r H2 1 

c-j|^Ld^ fiiesJooh, Hung up. [cd« 

JLo^ meslee, Roasted, burnt ; tp>osellee, Pray-j 
^.jo^ niosenif Deaf, dumb, 
%^Mi^ tiiosniet. Solid, closing softly (door.) 
^i^*a^ mosemghed, Swollen, rising up., lofty, 
jji^jai^ mosmeier. Excessive hot day. 
SXa^jaa mosmeelety An ill,- luck, an eyH, 
^J>a,^ mosen, Boiling with rage. 
iJo.^Ax» tiiosennej. The composer, editor of a. 
g^^^ mesneivck. Produced, formed, [bopk. 
Vya^ mesiva, A woman extenuated in the hip^ 
f^^\yA^ nieswan, A bow-case. [or tliighg^. 
jy*a^ mesewer, Forming, a painter. 
Kja^^*a^ fi^ssoos, A dish nxade of boiled meats;. 
/.>^*a^ mespon, Protected, defended. 
2«.^4Aa^ moseJirej, A cistern of rough stones. 
c-Jl>Aa^ mescf/af, (Ground) having plenty of 
^M3^ meseed, Taken by hunting* [rain,. 

^-wA* ifteseeTf A dwelling-place, departments. 
ij**A^ moseertt, A small city. 
(jflAAo^ mesees, Wet, damp (earth or sand,) 
jju^a^ mysee/tel. Brightened, burnished. 
^y&^ me^i, Grieved, pained, troubled. 
Ui^ mezh, Transported. [Hurting one another. 
ij Ua< mozarei^ThG whey (of milk) ; mozarret, 
%jLa^ v^a%archfit^ Speaking opprobriously. 

[ 743 J 

^j \ja^ moxhra, The future tense. [ble(}, 

y«l.a^ rfiozax. Pure, (^dxi^ -Multiplied, dou? 
cl/^ vtt%aghy Ghewing, somcvvhat. 
^ l^a^ 7no%&f, Joined, added;, ^ noun place.} 

in regimine or cqnstructlon. 
CLj^iy*a^ WQxhfify riur. of cJ i/i^ mo^af. 
t^l*a^ liiO'naifimeft Shortening, shrinking. 
yA^Xta.^ i^ex^rrieer, Pliir. of ^Uya^ 'a^ezf/id,r* 
Ci U l*a^ mczhhat. Equaling. 
^A*fl^ tnoxelher, Firrn in body, compact. 
VA>a^ moT^elheXt Fixed, solid, strong, bounds 
^^>a-o tdezhaoht The flint of a tinder-box. 
J yx^^ inezloor, Solid, compact, firm in body. 
hyxjo^ Vdezlootf Occu|)ied, held, checked, disr 

cipline^, ^ [(^ beast of burthen ) 

^^^*a^ mczloon, Afflicted by age or labou*^ 
f l;sv.»a^ Vfiezhat, A sun-shine place, 
^larufi^ Htkezha^, Mirth, laughing, [lently. 
^*fl^ tnez^hem, A noble wan, striking vio- 
potfl^ mezed, Ill-will, hatred, spite, binding the 
j*^^ mezerySour, acid; ?;iosJe7',Injurious. [head. 
L--» \jj^ me%rai. Any instrument for striking. 
% j*a^ mozerrei. Injury, detriraept. 
-^Afi-o fiiczrej, A thread-bare every day gar- 
^yta^ ri\>ezreh, A long- winged hawk. [ment. 
jj*jA<L« mczerres, A rough strong place. 

[ 744 ] 

u-j^^>fi:« in>e%rool. Struck, forgot. 
S:^^ yi^ V(ie%ronjcf, (The eyes) wide openldg. 
^ yM ffiozree, Training a dog to hunting, 
inciting him t,o attack a prey. [greatly. 
y*}*^ flie^rtfe:?, Loving or admiring one's self 
ya^ tnuze^f Fond, passionate, jj^^^ jnozcz, 
hjci^.tnozt, A comb. , [Afflicting, 

^la^ moxter. Distressed^ forced by necessity. 
^^Ao^ mozferem, Causing to hght or burn. 
^\13mL« mo%telea, Making any thing possible, 
^^iXaa^' viezie?iee, Ashamed. [power. 

^^ mezegh. Chewing. 
XijcL^ mozghet, A piece of meat. 
3>AC-c mozeh A seducer, causing one to err. 
jU*a^ inezmar, A large plain, -.y 

^**a^ mozmer. Hid, conceived in mind. 
« 34.^0^ Tnezmoouif Joined, added. 
, i^^ vioziiee, A man having many cattle. 
y,a^ mczow, Going away, being carried too far. 
j^*^^ woxoo/', (Milk wine, &c.) becoming acid, 
3 ya.^ Wfzox, Aged woman, [pricking the tongue. 
A 3^>^ mezswooJ, Having a rheum in the head. 
t-v^Afi^ mozeh^heb. Meat cut and half roasted, 
\jia^ mozee. Going away, illuminating. 
£Ua>« niezeya~a, Prodigal. 
^XAO^ mezeeiti, Ravished, abused, damaged. 

k« met, Extending, i^iu^ nwtkbhef. Curing. 

«JL Ux« wo/d'^e^, Agreeable, conformable, equal. 

^^*.lk« metahen, Plur. of ^^larili^ met-hiin. 

A Ua^ methkh, Blockheaded, senseless, 

J Ik^ fiiothr, Fled by force, split. 

v^ijlL^ mothreh, Plur. of v_j^ metreb. 

Uj 11m mettiret, A country abounding in birds, 

^jlL>^ methreh, Plur. of^^mefre^. [ther 

cjj Ik* mothreky Having one thing above ano- 

glk^ moth' a. Humbled. 

o lti-« inethf A place round which they walk 

in procession in religious ceremonies, 
^Ik^ we/a/, Hammering, extending. 

«yj Ik^ metklehy Plur. of <--Ak^ metleb. 

l£_jlk« motawatt Consent. 

J! ^ Lk^ motaivelet, Delaying payment. 

^Alk.« met 1 her, Plur. of 2^^ inet-heret* 

^ula^ mothekh,k kitchen. 

^xk^ 7y«e//a, A place where any thing is im- 
printed or mark made, 

v>t^ metbooby Fascinated. 

ry^ metbookh, Dressed, fermenting, 

^UOa-o' weNM»2, A mill. . 

^«vU« met'her, A lion, an arrow flying far, 

V A^u^ wo/<?A/e^,( Water) covered with moss 

3Uac\k.« met'henct, A bake-house, [or lentils. 

M 7 

I 7A6 ] 

^9:\aj»yti^-.hoQ, Wide spread (shade.) 

3,*vU^ iaet^f^ool, Splenetic, full (vessel.) 

^k^ meikh, The remainder cxf dirty water ir^ 

j.l2^ meter. Raining, [the bottom of a cisterr^, 

t^\j!lM taeircub, J»Ioving with alacrity. 

(^^Lu9 metreh. A, divided or narrow way, 

^ y\a^ metreh, A statio/?, a place, Jiituation. 

aLivW-i Viet red, A short hunting spear ; rnof', 

-„ re*/. Straight spear. [garments^ 

3;.k* meterrez, A worker of lace or fringe fo^- 

C-5>b^ «^Q^r<?/*"A species pf garment. 

iS jU^ metreket,. A smith's hammer, a rod. 

5c«^l2^ motermez, A vain-boaster. 

^i^^^ ff^^troijh. Refused, despised. 

i^ ^ jSa^ metroof, Beholding. uJ^^la-* Langui(^^ 

^ j^^^ tdotreet Praisirig one to excess. 

y^^]a^ fiietreer, Shameless, graceless woman<^ 

y*.k« meies, Giving a blow or boi^i^ 

jfJa^ mria, J.ourne^'ing. 

^Uk^ mefa-hm. Hospitable, giving food. 

Juj*!:;-* ii ot-amet, A boWj^ the top of the wind- 

^y'\i^ tnet-an. Piercing with a spear, [pipe. 

cJik-o moteff, Being possible, 3J^n^M^,%,^pve, 

comprehending, happening. - ^ .• 
^ik* motfer. Causing a horse to leape^,,^ 
^jik, i»t?//t'e. Extinct. v..„i^ .. 

I'mg Jiis wiv^.' 

<_3' il k^ metlakt A man frequently divorpt 

♦jJituo inetleh,k question, petition, desire, pro- 
^>c meila, Arising, appeacipg :.[p£>sition, 
t^Xla^ metlef, Granting, perinitting, unr^ta^, 
uJiXLi^ '(notk/t, Supreme, absolqte. .[lviate;4» 

lliu« motlee. Detained, anointed. 
jjUJa^ Pketniar or mofmer, A mason's rule 5, 
V'^etmar, Figure, form, . 

(^UJfl^ metm^n, A place of pepoae, • ;,. 

S^^Lai iffLofemvieret, Hiazardous. . \;:-4i . 
j^J^ Wi>.etmoor, Stored (grain.) .'oAcsi'^'iv »ilj^ 
^ ^♦ko met moos. Losing tl>e sight* 
^(^^ ino/weew. Quite secure, safe,[mdicu>o.usI.j, 
fcjUk« met neb y Tha .^hqulder. K.yxli«; -Beha^vlng^ 
uJi;k^ Tjio^w^/, Standing upoa- a pinnacle qc 

a irpountain's top, i'S /v^^i 

^k^ Tiie/09, Goir^g hasto, raating haste. . 

l^Ia^ 'motiiht Yawningi • 5 V>k»« ^Wf^^'^V A 
i* 3.k« vaeUvetf An: hoqp*. i *V'>2j sV, ,, [sta^. 
j^la^ nkOtoort Wandering about, : . ./.^ 

^ ^\s^ ti^etewes. Beautiful, ornamented* '. 
^^la^ viehvee, Employed, folded. .j?J,-c?i 

i\;^L.« me/-//<J?='e^,-A -dentifclde, aa ewer^ . 1 ; 
f^\x< vxoiehhem^ Full^ finis^bd. ^^Ak^ Vicious 
^^jj3^ meteen, .Cpvercjd- with clay, [corrupted^ 

[ 748 ] 

^ Inez, The pomegranate, dragon's blood, 
5 jlla^ ttiozciret, Hiring or receiving a nurse. 
y> lli« mozdbher, Plur. of^k* tnezher, 
t^j^^Ifl-o nietroof. Contained, placed. 
j^^ niozeffer, A conqueror, lucky, superior- 
m^ tiiozellel. Shaded. 
SjilL* inezlemet, Oppression, cruelty, 
f ^Ul« viezloom, Abused, damaged, soft, gentle. 
jLl34.Ia^ mezfnezet, The noise of a drum. 
^yi^ mezmewee, Afield watered by rain. 
(.>yJa-« laeznoon, Doubled, thought. 
^^\a^ mezher, A theatre. 
Ix^ ma-an, Along with, together. 
k--» lfc« ma-kh. Disgrace, shame, vice. 
^ Iju^ ma-'aler, Plur. of ^^ viaher. 
«-*j Ia« rna-ateb, Reprehended, [on, ceremony. 
dL* l«-« fria-4.9, A sect, a religious order, regulati- 
jUlx^ Tiia-A«er, Plur. of j^jc* maseret, 
gU.« fna-kj, Retiring, receding. 
5 v».Iju« ma-djezet. Departing, excelling. 
3Ul» U* ma'ojelet, Pursuing and catching, 
seizing. [ing from one to another, 

i 1 i but mU'Cidcitt Odius, enimity, hostile, pass-^ 
UaijL* ma-hdet. Counting, numbering. 
JaU.4 wa-^Jfi/, Resembling, equal, opposed. 
^^aU* ma-tidan, Plur. of ^^Jsx>9 maden^ 

tjii*^ md-hzerei, Making a false excuse". 
j\jxx> tna-^r, DisgracefuL s^u^ Making s^- 
g^Lj«^ Wia-^re/, Plur. of ^^^ ma-re;, [nois^. 
lJj\n^ ma-hre^ety Contradictionf 
»jlx^ ma-hzet, Overpowering by worcfs. 
4j* U^ Wia-ds, Fearless, brave, j. U^ 7na-d,sh,L{v^ 
^M9\x^ ma-hs'ef, Cotemporary. [irtg, life.- 

^y^a\^^^ mahsee, Flur. of xaaojc^ ma-seyet, 
'is^\jt^ ma-^zedet, Saccour, mutual aid. 
cJIju ma-iif, Acquitted, discharged* 
»libL« ma-hfaf. Safety, security, 
c--oU^ ma-d^e^. Going behind. 
jj U^ ma-kkedy Plur. of joU^ tfia-ked. 
Sjj'lx^ ma-(X/5"dref, Disputing, contendirtg, ^f- 
Xaoj U^ ma-hkeset, A desert. [tentivCrf 

*j» U^ ?na-^kem, Plur, of j».K«^ ma-kem. 
S^i'U^ yna-tikemety Altercation. 
J U^ wa-a/e/w, Plur. of Jiie^ ma-lem, 
^^ U^ 7wa ^/?ze/. Trading. ^ u^ wa-dw, An ha- 
SJU^ 7wa-d«e/,Opposing, resistance, [bitatioav 
» Jo Ixx) ma- hnedety Stubborn. 
y^U^ ma-hweny Plur. of ^^^^ ma-iven. 
li ^Kx^ ma-hivenet. Help, succour, assistance. 
jyfc U^ ma-ahed, United together. ? 

o^AJc^ ma- bed, A church, temple. fa god,^ 
^Ax^ maher, A pass, a ferry. a^«^ Adored, 

N 7 

[ 7*0 ] 


__ .. mat, Rubbing or smoothing a skin. 
4 1a3k« ma^iiid, Custom, b^bit* [bunting. 

u^Ufc* ma'thh, Causing a horse to gallop, 
^^x^ utia-tebed. Taking as a servant, (mel, 
Laajc* ma-teheU I^igging a well, killing a ca^ 
4xX3u« ma-ted, Counted, computed, 
^ aajc* ma-tedel, Temperate, sober, 
^3oJt* ma-te^el. Reproaching, 
jXx^ ma-tisr. Miserable, wretch. [ed. 

pM^AJt* ma-ieresy Separate, diiFerent, dispers- 
al^^ ma-terek, Pressing one upon another 

in battle.. [a favour. 

iS ^*^ ma- /erefi, Surprising, approaching to ask 
y^x^ ma-iezel, Abdicating, separating. 
^'jMUM mo-tezee, Related, denominated. 
c-jUmajc* ma-tesef. Iniquity, oppression, 
ifrjjuo ma-tesh. Building a nest. 
« ■ »^A3c< ma-teseb, Content, firm, a company 
y^usu- ma-teser, Squeezing one's self, [of men. 
jxitu ma-tefer, Covered with dust. 
fj^iXK* md'tefeSy People in commotion. 
^^JJu^ 'ata.-tefeey One who approaches another 

to ask a favour or what is due. [slave. 
cJiXit^ mo-tek. Manumitted, emancipatied 
{^JxXkxm VfiO'telei, Loving, a lover, [on the back. 
^UK* ff^a-tekerf Hurt, (a camel or horse) galled| 

r T5i } 


ma-tekeh, Raised (dust.) 
^Xjr^ Ida- 1 el. Feeble, indisposed. 
^s!^Jx^ ma-telejt Contending, making war, 
laXijt^ ff^a-telet, Litigating. 
jtJix^ rfia-temer. Visiting, putting on a turban. 
JitfvZ*^ ft a-teweh Doing any thing by one'5 
t-JuA** vfia-fenek, Embracing, [self; 

iUx*^ ma Une^t Shutting the door. 
^;x%^ 77?a-/ewg€, Careful, watchful, [ing loud. 
J ^xx^ matewer.BoTTOw'wg j ^Xx^ V^a(ewelf2iXyr 
tsyxxx, ma-teweeyV vf\st\r:\g\\2aT , making a noise^ 
^^k*^ ma-seret, A snare, a noose. 
^%^ ma-seleb. Filled up (a ditch.) f(wind,)' 
gvx^ mnj, "Going hastily, blowing furiousiy 
^ Usu ma-j^/JIastening, causi ng to make haste. 
^aau ifia-jer, A woman's head-dress, a veil, 
i^^2u ma-jered. Naked. [living* 

yAo ma-J€%, Weak, maimed, unable to get a 
^as^ ma-sj^m, Speaking or writing arabickin- 
A3t-o mad. Wandering about. [correctly. 

««xx^ ma-fl?e^,The stomach, J ax^* i»a-a?'(e/,Law« 
- 0^^ mti-deWy Depriving. [ful, just* 

^^y^ «3oc^ ma-den, A mine; a quarry. 
^p jot^ ma-denee, Mineral, metah 
J S CKT^ ma-zdbr, A pardon^ a coveringr 
tj j>)w ma-%ebf Tormented, punished. 

i 752 1 

«. jor^ ff a-tej, A slanderer, a rivaf .' 
jhouo via-zer, Making an apology. 
ij hvt^ ma-xeret, A pardon, an apology. 
^l JssiM ma-%elejj A handsome boy. 
g^^jt^ iiia-rbj or ^^t* ma-rej, A step, ladder, 
^Sjxs ma-rhzy An arrow. [stair-case, 

i^n^ ma-rit, A crime, fault, treachery. 
i;-^x-o tna-reSf An inn. 

ijoyt^ ma-res. Flesh exposed to the sun to dry. 
f^ yjui ma-rex,^ An occasion, a place of meeting, 
c^jjc* ma-ref. The face of a woman. 
cJi^x^ ma-rek, Gnawing or pricking a bone. 
^^^ vfia-rek, A field of battle. 
^j.x^ marrow, Seized with an ague. 
iP'^^^ tna-roosh, Shaded by a tree. 
o«>^x« ma-rooz, Presented, exposed, explana- 
<3^^)c« vaa-rooff Famous, celebrated, [tiort. 
dJj^^ ma-rook, Heaped together. 
(^^yt^ tna-roon, A leather bottle or bag. 
^ ^x^ 772a-re«, Deprived, naked. [Weak, 

yc« wias;. Hardness of soil. ^\y^ ma-xctl, 
u-J^jL* ma-zef, A musical instrument. 
^ yt^ ma-Txm, Undertaking. 
^yx^ ma-zee, Covetous> niggardly, 
^J^x^ mas. Any thing sought or asked after. 
U*iu« «Hra-«jt, Marriageable (girl,) 

t m ] 

JMtio ma-ser, A rigid exacter of debt. 

i^*M^ ma-seret ot jy^^ fiia-soor. Difficult. 

^/*jc^ ma*selt Preserved with honey. 

««j Ux^ mashhl, A ground abounding with 

jUjt^ tna-shhr. The tenth part* [herbage. 

\;^jijSij^ ma'sheh, Adult, grown up. 

j.ijjt^ masher, A society, companyi 

cjjikx^ Vfia-shek, Affection^ loye* 

I \*axA ma-shl, A hooked pole, a curved club, 

yojt^ nia-sel, An arrow j^aa^ ma-sem,The wrist, 

jyfl.jc^ ma-spor, Squeezed. 

*^A3jt^ ma-soom, Defended, an infant, 

%^*ax^ ma-seyct, Disobedience, yajt* ii\a-%, En* 

j^^ix^ ma'%ed, A bracelet- [raged, sick* 

^as^ fna'%el. Troublesome. 

u_>^>a*.« ma-'Woh, Feeble, unable to move. 

Uaju* ma-t^, One who gives liberally. 

^UsJt* ma-thr, Perfuming- [or jewels. 

^ IL»^. ma-tal, A woman without ornaments 

c.^^kx^ ma-teb, A place of danger. 

i'^x^ ma-terei. Excellent (she-camel.) 

yjaR^ ma-tes, The nose. H^.-jj^^iaa-teshet, Dry. 

^x^ ma-teli Uninhabited, neglected, obsolete. 

t-J^^^ tna-tooff Turned, distorted, coupled* 

lajt^ ma-tee. Bestowing, giving. 

i^.t^ nia'tcemef. An important event. . 


I rM ] 

L3li«-« 'idci'fi'^* Frequent in visiting. 
y^ ffia-foOf Forgiven. 
(j«yuu« ffia-foos. Imprisoned, shut up. 
oSjt* maht Distance, depravity, deep. 
SjU« 77ia^'-/f^^Obstinate, disobedient, [founded. 
o^juu* 'maJi'ked, Obscenity, perplexed, con- 
^juo r^a'kery Barrenness of woman. 
ijaxjc^ ma-kes, A crooked arrow. 
yixM if^a-hel. Refuge, a man. 
Juu« ma-kem, A knot on reeds, straw, &c, 
^^yi3i^ ma-kooL, Wrapped round with a nerve. 
A^Jut* ma-kood, Tied, fastened. [ther* 

4X)t« maJt, Senseless, demurring, rubbing lea- 
j^^ajue 'itia-ked, A holy or sanctified place. 
rt-*=^-fl ina-kem, Fleshy, a stout man. 
u«^^ix^ ma-ioos, Reversed, preposterous. 
o^^&jL« mx-koof. Combed, one who is detain- 
ed or confined. 
y^K^ mal, Ravishing, diverting, hastening. 
51^ ma-lct. Elevating, exalting, 
cJf ^jr-. wa-lhk, Any thing hung up. 
jjjLx^ ima-les, Essayed, tried, well skilled. 
iJE.*^ ma-lek, A small milk- dish. 
J^x^ tiua-lem, A sign, a mile-stone, certify- 
ing ; raallem A tiitor, preceptor, school- 
^U« ma-len, A publisher, revealer. [master. 

[755 ] - 

o>U^ ma-loof, Fattened with fodder. 
J^U. ma-hol Sick, produced, appeased. 
f >Xjc^ laa-loom, Known, distinguished, fa. 

nious, notorious, apparent. 
J^ ma-lee, Lifting up, raising, [architect 
l^ mam-mk, An enigma, an ora'cle. ^ l^^ An 
-x^ mam-med, Baptizing, a baptizer. [stood. 
OM^^ mam-mes, J^erplexed, hard to be under- 
lie mrzm-inem, Adorned with a diadem, tur- 
^^*^ mcL'inood, Sick with love. [ban,&c, 
^^ ma-mol. Prepared, made. 
^5^ ma-fnee. An enigma, an oracle. 
<jx- man, Flowing (water,) active. 
tJ> lix-, ma-nkhy A fine-necked horse, 
ifjl;*. ma.«a^2^;ee. Significant, true, essential; 

.^Ai^ ma-maLer, Perfumed with amber. 
, Uu*^ via-nek, A high raised ground, [bolt. 

Ui.. ma-nelet, A collar. ^^ A large bar,' 

r^ waw-wm. Broad-growing fplant.) 

i?^;*. ma-newee, Expressive, certain, essential, 

i^^^x^ ma-ivhri. Aiding, helping. 

^^ ma^wej, Quick-paced (a horse,) crooked. 

A^^ ma-wed. Indisposed, trained. 

'j^j^ ma-we%, A garment for daily use. 

S^j«^ ma-weket, A combat, battle. 

i:jy^ ma-wen, Assistance, favour. 

[ 755 ] 

i ^^x^ ma-hood^Fixedy established, distinguished* 
Ux^ Tyia-C3/^r,The mark or standard of money. 

t^n^ rua-et/et, Affection, conjunction, favour. 

o,x*^ tna-eyed, Experienced. 

yaxjt^ ma-eyes, A thick grove. 

y^ ma-eyel. Wanting, indigent, frustrating. 

f.^,yft^ ma-eyetven. Touched or struck on 
the eye, fascinated. 

SUfl.UU mvghaheset. Attacking unavrares. 

J UU meghar. The covert of a deer. 

u\j\JL^ megharhh A den, a cavern, grotto, 

a trench or ditch. 
j_,j\.i^ meghareh, Plur. of v^*^ meghreh. 
5 Iju vwghhret, A den, a cavern. 
S .ijU meghazeref, Giving somewhat tore- 
Si) • Uu ineghhzeleU Soothing. [ceive more. 
^jULo meghazee, Plur. of ^j^^ mtghzee. 
^UU meghhsel, Plur. of 3-..i:^ meghseL 
^jb\J^ THeg/i^25, .Diminishing, causing to de- 
^ U^ meghui, A pit, a ditch. [crease. 

XJUL, ineghhlet, Perfidy, accusing. 
fcJL^Jl£* moghhles. Fighting hand to hand. 
y, \xA moghhme%. Blaming, disgracing. 
y^ liU moghb^me^, Plur. of ^af^ moghme:&. 
j^\ju, moghiiwer or^^yU , A warrior. 
ibViU fneghayat, Defending with a sword^ 

[ 7^7 1 

y^M mogJicti/cr, Contrary, adverse. 

i^ ULo 7wo^//^i6Te/,Exchanging (mcrchandizei) 

t^Aiu meghhyetitf Controversy. 

^M moghber. Raining, straining every nerve 
to perform any thing. 

jjjAi« mcg/iZew, The arna-pit. ^ ^m meghlooz, 

i^-^^ajU vneghlooriy Beguiled. . [Odious. 

i Ui^ moghthz^ Burning with rage, [garment. 

d jOjLo moglitedef. Taking much, tearing a 

m oJx^ moghtezem, A greedy eater, cf sXUa 

JyjLo moo^^^e:2e/,Spinning cotton. [Nourished. 

<sy.3U moghte^ee. Being willing, proposing. 

y^xi>« moghiesel, A bathing- tub. 

j*aXi^ moghtezevy Dying young and healthy. 

cJJU'i^ moghtelefj Getting a sheath. 

JLXjU meghielee. Nimble, going haste. 

«N«A]l« tnoghtemed. Nocturnal travel. 

j^XJU Vfioghiemer, Drowned. 

yXjLo moghtemezy Defaming, wishing 111 to. 

'uM*;'ic^ moghtemes. Subsiding, sinking, 

^ya^'Jii.^ vfiogtemeZy Winking. L^XJLo Superior, 

^iSLo moghtenem. Enriched, possessing, en* 

^yjii^ moghtewery Using. [joying. 

^aIx^ moghieeiy Full and round in flesh (youth ) 
tneghes. Macerating, submersion, injur- 
ing, combat. 

P 7 . 

^jf meghed. Educating, becoming fat, sucl;- 

ing ; meghd. Tender, great and long. 
^ S ouU meglidhdf Angry. 
iSx^ vieghder. A* pool, perfidious. 
SjjoL* mogJiderei, Dark night, [inclination. 
^ 3oU moghezmer, One who follows his own 
o^jL. Vieghreh, The west ; T/JOgAre^', Whitish, 

having white eye-brows, 
^.yyc^ mogherhely Killed and swollen body, 
^yt^ mcgkrelee^ Western, zjils meghret, Red 
^5^ moghref. Swift horse, [clay or earth. 
l3 ji^ mogJirek, Gilt orornamented with sil- 
- yhe moghrem, Desirous, drowned in debt, f ver, 
(^jo JU vwglirendee. Conquering. 
j3 JU meghroor, Cheated, presumptuous. 
$?J3/*-* meghroor ee, Pride. u-^^-« tneghroos, 

tf jU meghreCy Glued. [Planted. 

j*^ rJicg//!&,The brain, marrow, the kernel, pith. 

hi/* fiiegh%h, A place whither one goes, 
^yu miogh%er. Abounding in milk (a sheep.) 

iyi^ tlifghzel, A spinning spindle. 

"J^-^ meglzehci A spindle- maker. 
j^yiM vtcgltzoor. Afield plentifully watered, 

sf^U n^eghsee, A fiel^ of battle, war. 

y^JU meghsel, A kind of bathing vessel. 

^y*oU meghsool, Washed, ckaned. 

^^iLfl megTishoosh , Cheated, adulterated, 

\gSiSc^ meghshee. Disguised. 

(jai^ meghs, The cholick. u--A*ai^ meghzel^ 

,*a3t4 meghzcr, Leaning [Burned, furious. 

^*ii^ rtiOghzee, Dark. ldL« 77z<?g^e/, Stretching, 

(jikaU moghtesht Dark nighf. [extending. 

^lax^ moghtel, Cloudy sky. liSo moghfer, A 

S-iiU meghferef, Forgiving. [hedd-dress. 

^ix^ mogheffel, Destitute of genius, attentioi^. 

j^iiU meghfoor, Forgiven. 

Is iki^ ineghlat, Mistaking much. 

f VMULo meghlak, A key, bolt, &:c. 

^ MUU moghlak, Wanted, poor, 

♦^:/**^ faogholcheen, A line black eye. 
^jJUU tnog/ilenihce, A conqueror, 
u-j^Xi-o faeghlobb. Conquered, subjected, 
Cij ^iiU meghloos, Mixed, adulterated. 
/ i ^i«J • meghloo^. Shut, barred. * *" 
Ujc« meghmh. Corrupted, 
^-•iU mogJimer, Intoxicated vsrlth liquor, ' 
fja^}i« fn'eg^iennne:^, A low ground. 
^^♦jU tneghmoor. Base, vile, obscure. 
^^♦jLo w^of^'/woox, I'aultless, M^ithout gitilt. 
f^*x^ megfimdom; Grieved, troul^led. ' 
S Iji^ meghnkt. Supplying thd place df a;n6tti.teK 
'^ UJU meghncLf, Attractive, lovely."" ' ^ ^ 

[ ;6o ] 


aIU fneghiem. Corrupt. [wild beasts. 

S \yi^ megkew^tj A ditch made for catching 
Sjyk^ itieghooset. Aiding. . 
u^yU moghewes Stript of thorns (a palm.) 
U-^i/* meghoosha, A sect of the Magi. 
y^J^ ^^^ifieghooshek^Qhi'isii^n monks. Magi. 
J^ meghefvelyA sword. ^ 7neohee,Soft skin. 
J lX« vfiegheyaz. Alms, [taogheeh, Concealed. 
» -*..»■« vneghceh. Absence, the sun-setting ; 
CMAX^meg/jeesy A field watered by rain. [rain, 
^x^ megliee?, Changed ; we^^eer, Watered by 
(^Ij^^ito mogheerehan, Beginning to go down 
Sj^i^ mogheeret. Running swiftly. [(sun.) 
u_>^x^ megheeiveh, Concealed, invisible. 
iSLfyjjL^ inegheewe^i Watered by rain (a field,) 
^U^ iticfuteh, Plur. of ^ UL* [auxiliary. 

t*A^ U-o mqfhhesef, Inveighing against a com- 
S^UU mojakheret. Boasting, [panion, 

A UU mefad, A spit, a poker, 
»jjlJU mqfhrezet, Breaking off, interrupting, 
iMjjiLo fnofcireset. Doing any thing alternately 

with another. 
*i>jU-« mofiirefet, Disputing, fighting. 
6 J [Lo mefkrek, Plur. of c»3 y^ itiefrek, 
X*jljU meflLreket, Separation. 
t&j\L% in,q/d.rekel, Dismissing, unmolested. 

I 7^1 I 

S3IJL0 mefazet, Flight. i 

jwwU^ riief(tsed, Plur. of i^^i^ mefsedeL 
Ja»UU mefhseh Plur,-- of j^saL* 'diefset, 
^^ U^ m-e/'d-z, Large, extended. 
^•UU rfbefcLher, Plur* of ^jli/e^er. 
X^jfli^ mofakehef, Discussing a point In reli- 
X^ liU 7uq/a,^cy^e^, Jokingv [gion, law or science, 
3u! U^ riief^Ietet, Coming unexpectedly. 
uJij li^ Ttie/hnekf Easy, delicate life. 
Jij^lju mefkweeh, Plur, of 01*1^ mofeef:* 
^j>£^ wio/if. Gratis, without payment. 
j-UjL* w>efiah, A key. [^e^, A kcy« 

^i^ mefteh, A cellar, a store-house ; mif- 
^aojjL^ Tii-oftehem, Forbidding. ^s:OjU moftekher, 
(j^yjiM 'in>ofteres,A lion tearing prey. [Bragging. 
jiydU mofteresh, Beating down, 
i^jXi^ mofieres, Seizing an occasion. 
• pLo wo/ifma. Violating, deflouring a virgin, 
^ jaLo mofteregh. Pouring out water. 
i_JjAi^ fdofterek, Scattered. 
tf jjM mofteree, A liar, lying, [dant, visitor- 
(j^Ai^ taoftjttesh, A commissary, . superinten* 
>aXiU wioyV^se/, Transplanting a palm. 
jjiXi^ moftekev. Reduced to poverty. 
^XL^injfettel; Twisted ; nwftel, A spun thread. 
iJLAJtt^ mofteleji, : Partaking. 
Q. 7 

I 763 3 

UlxLo tnqftelet, Seizing suddenly^ 
^XXL* iiiojteieet Educating^ weaning, 

CLyy^ Vf^oftool, Brokco, crumbled. 

-^l^ vfi'^fiooh. Open, occupied, a consonant 
marked with tli^ \o\xg\ Jatha ('a) 

iy:i^ mpftool, Twisted. 

l^ ^iU ffiefioon. Out of order, road with love. 
'^A^ viofte^f Wise, discreet. 

^acvjU mofekhJcheVj Praised, glorified. 

j»-=cu^ f^ofekhkheiiii Magnified, illustrious, 

^i^ 'Tiiefer, Noble horse ready for flight. 

l-^^iuo 'inefrhhy Cheerful. [oriron]* 

\jo\i^ ^i^fi^s, Scissars used for cutting silver 

V Juo ff^rfrejj A hen having chickens, an archer, 

y. JL. rfiofreh. Insolvent, poor. 

^.i^ W>ofrekh, \ bird having young ones, 

d Ju» vfii-frcd^ Huge^ extraordinary. 

iyt:i/-« m^oferdes. Propped vine, large. 

^m yiuo 'tnofersck/t, VVide breeches. 

Ji^i^ m oferresh, A camel without a bunch. 

hjx^ tiif^fret. Exceeding vast, great, huge. 

^yu tno/cT/€^, Huge-headed. 

^^^ fdoferregh, A liielter of,m^etaIs•^ 

Iky* A imfi'eglfet, MsLSsive, firm, 

l3jL* mofrek. Combing the crown of the head, 

i^ moferrch, A man hated .by women* 

[ 768 ] 

^^Xk^ Vi^cfrofjy Cleft, cracked, broken. 
^^yi^ vaefrooh, Mirth, cheerful, rejoicing, 
3 ^ ^i^ mefrocz. Separated, a cloth of an ele- 
u^^jx^mefioos, Crook- back'd, [gant border^ 
yji^yi^ tiiefioosh. Laid open, stretched out. 
\jo^^x^ wi^ oo2,Necessarj to be observed by di-^ 
o^jA^ me// 06/^,Divided. [vine precept, notched. 
% jk^ rnvfrthj Bringing forth (a she-camel.) 
jf^U twfreCy Cutting leather, opening a vein, 
^y^ in(fi'%'Aaf Fearful, bashful, ^ 
^smx^ viefsed. Spoiling, a destroyer, 
SjmJI^ mefsedet, Destructive, an eviU 
^aJU mcfesser. Declared, explained. 
^M»L« nvfsow. Weak, broken-back' d. 
^^M*i^ ^niefsookh. Dissolved, 
yi ^iijLo mefshdosh, False, vain. <xa«U. mefsed, 
^Aoi^ unefsel, A joint. * '^i" (A lancet^ 

^La^Lo .inefzaj. Thick, corpulent, soft. 
^l*fli^ vdcfzhl, A daily garment. . - 

fja*aLt iiufexze^, Silver-plated, 'i*^ '^^*.^'- **'"-? 
yaj^ mofzel. Remainder, leaving somewhat, 
Z y^^ mc/%ool, Conquered, ^kjto fiiofier, Break-* 
j^kju mefloor. Created, innate. [fasting. 

-^IfliLo ^lof-zeay Shameful affair,- sweet, eold 
\Mi^ ftitif-am, Finished, fufU; ' " ' {wateci 
^y^ vffool, Made, the passive voiee* 

f ?64 1 

S^xi^ mefgheret, A cave, [in catching birds. 
^wjUuU mefkas, A crooked piece of wood used 
^yu^ imifkoodj Unlucky, disappointment. 
j^fX^ ttiefTcoor, Pierced in the nose (a camel,) 

going hastily, digging. 
tj«yuU mefkoos. Broken egg. 
2^=S^ mofekker. Appointed to manage any 

affair, one who deliberates. [cused, 

^ y^ajua mefkook. Made a bondman, free, ex- 

Lir« stiofoly The wild gourd, gum ; a. wo- 

fel. Destitute, bankrupt. 
^Oii^ moflej, One who escapes, free. 
^>JJU mofleli. Fortunate. 
^^^ mofles, Deprived of wealth, poor. 
.yXiU mqfellel, A blade or head of a sword 

notched or teethed like a saw. 
g^U meflooj. One troubled with a pal^y, 
u*.^^ tnejioos, Shining like a fish scale* 
£^^1* riieflook, Unhappy, unlucky, 
JiU nieflee or me fleet., A mare having colts, 
cJUL* mefnak,A girl delicately brought up. 
^JjU mefnekhf A conqueror. [under the groin. 
Q3^U-« vaefnoon, A camel having a tumour 
iyi^ niefoood. Heartless, roasted meat. 
fjo^ taefoo%f Committed to the care of any 

one, submitted for opinion. 


cJ^i^ tnefoof, A coloured thin garment. 

«f ^i^ mefewee, Tinged with rubia. 

c^'l^i^ mefhaiy Full of water (a well.)i >^ ^^ 

Sj^ mof^ed. Useful, salutary. 

ua^^ mefees, Shunning, -j^-^ 

(jSiJuo mo/eez, Shedding tears, a bestower, ^ 

i«juiu mofceJt, & mofeeketj A wonderful poet. 

Ju tdehh Splitting the branch of a femaj^ 
palm in order to inject "the male flowers, 

UU mek^, A mare having a long body, dis- 
tant country. 

^Uu vneialer, Plur. of jj^aL* tneiherei, 

JuUU mokhbely Over-against, opposite, meet- 
ing, collating, of noble parentage. 

XL UU mohcibeleU Opposition, comptroll, ren- 
counter, exchange, retrospection. 

jj U^ w ehhXel, Plur. of ^.xJLo mehtel, 

SJLj U^ mokhtelet, A battle, slaughter. \ 

S A li^ mehhdeU Conduct. 

j.jaIjU mokadeer, Plur. of ^IjJU iti>ekd^r, 

-J a l»^ tueiffl^eem, Plur, of ^jgi^ me^^ewi. 

»!ilJL« 772oM%a/, Recompensing. 

t«^jU^ mokhrel. Neighbouring. 

fjjlJU mokhrehety Approaching. 

« . IjU Vkokhrret, Resting, becoming firm. 

X^ UU mokiireze^, Paying back, fighting, _^ 
R 7 


t 70« 1 

Uj^ mo^kra-att Beating one another. 

c^j\SU itiekhren. Joined, domesticated. 

ijj Uu mokarenet. Joining together, familiarity. 

«__ajjIjL. ine^areel, Plur. of w»>a-o w,okreb, 

i U ULc VMkb,8iit, Obstinate, tolerating, 

u© M^ mekas, A rafter, shears, 

I-*Uu mok^set, Retaliating, making equal. 

^SifiotL* mekased, Plur, of sjosm vieksed* 

yo\JL< mokaser, Plur. i ^aojU tiickseret, 

^Uu mekater, Plur. of ^kSU mokter, 

S J<t UU ifiokiL-adet, Sitting down by another. 

^Iv* wekal or mekalet, A dialogue, speech, 

sentence, proverb. 
oulUU mokaleed, Plur. of ^ iuu nieklad. 
* GLo mekhm, A dwelling-place, state, a musi- 
vHa^ UL« mokhmeUk society, a meeting, [caltone. 
i^UU viok^meret. Playing at dice, [tinual. 
SUUu moMwci^ Fit, seasonable, suitable, con- 
st^ Uu mokhivb^tf Disputing, contending. 
y«^Uu mekhwes, Comparing, corresponding, 
^ J Uu iiii'k^tvel, Plur. of J ^ju wgioo/ [another, 
-k^ UU itiekkwev},kn opposer, one that is against 
*.•:.*.« 3 UU rtiokhtoemctt Opposition, resistance. 
IUjUU mokhisef, Running a race with others 
Ij<u Uu woJ^^i2e/,Exposing to sale, [onthecourse^ 
SXjUU mok^iiet, Hetaliation. 

[ 767 1 

ovAjlS^ rnekhyeed, Plur. of axX^ meJteed, 
t^j UU tnekkbes, A spark of fire. 
. _ .AVtr fdokehheb. Vaulted, arched, [ground. 
'ijjS^ mpMeret, A motiument, tomb, burjing* 
<f ^jju ttiekberee, Belorjglrrg to a monument;. 
yMAJi^ mohles. Granting, presenting. 
oaJU tnokhes, A goal, a starting place., v -.. 
i^JL« mekbezsLYid inc^^^jse^, The hilt or handle 

of a sword or bow. 
«.^>A^ mokebkeb, A lion; moJteb^el^, The 

fourth year from the present. [tracted. 
yxx^ nho^bel, Flappy, rich, ^a*»^ mohbow, Con- 
,jtf^^ mekbooz, Occupied, held, restricted. 
^^a3U mekbool, Acceptable, pleasing, [hatred* 
jyjjU meklee. Fat, greasy. a'jU we/rf. Enmity, 
iUju niekthd. Dutiful, submissive. 
^ IajU mental, Killing, c_-o;5^ mokhb. Saddling 
jj»^jLc moktebes; Obtaining, getting, [a camel^ 
"^aajU nw^tebel, One in the flower of youth. 
\^:;o3^ mektetee. Taking, hiring as a servant. 
clL-A*^ molites, Pulling away, tearing off. ' 
cJsaajU moktehefj Drinking all up. ' > 

^ya:ujU woktehee,Gettingy receiving money. 
^Zi^ mohtedt Arranged, distinguished. 
)«}0:jL« moktedk, Imitable, followed, [ness ) 
ioj:iu« 'ihoktedeh, Ordering, arranging ^busi- 

r 768 ] 

J j^AjLo , it^okt^^^Tj Strong, powerful. 

cs iXAjL* rnohiedee, A follower, an imitator. 

jXa^ moktery Sparing, thrifty. 

. . yx^ mokiereb. Being nearer. 

„^ajL« mokterehf Asking, soliciting, repeating 
verses extempore. 

j^^av* mokteresh, Falling one upon another. 

^^ yx^ mokterez. Borrowing. ^.. ,^ 

^^isLo fnokteria. Chosen to be stallion.' 

C-i^XiLo vaokterff^ Getting, censuring. 

(^y*A^ mokteren. Connected, associated, fol- 
lowing immediately, [secuting, travelling. 

IS ^*JU9 mokteree. Designing, contending, pro- 

j^AJLi mokteser. Forcing unwillingly. 

4-_AiiAii-« tnokteshehj Praising or blaming. 

OQAJU mokies, Relating truly, revenging. 

iXasajU moktesed. Being in a moderate tempe- 
rament of body or mind, [part any thing. 

t-AAaxji^ mokte%eh. Rude, untaught, cutting a- 

\g»AK>u« viekte%ee. Exacting, requiring. [seizing. 

<»_ixXJi^ mokta-af, Tumbling down (a wall,) 

^^ i"m^ iHo^^e;^, Shrivelled, contracted, shrunk. 

■jAJU moktefer. Following footsteps. 

jCkx^ 'ttioktefee, A follower. 

^xjU inektel, A place of slaughter. 

f^jU moktem, Managing any thing properly. 

i fSg i 

JsX* mokteuy Stouf, strong man. [cupyirig^ 
f^ujJ^ moktenes, Hunting. ^j;aju mohenee, Oc- 
^yjU ifiehool. Slaughtered. tf^AJix) mektewee, A 
5jj3i4 mokserei, Rich, [servant, a domestic^ 
A is\ii*mek'had,A. earners bunch, a large pulley. 
jk.3Kouo mok-h^nt,Weak, changing the foreteeth 
^aOU mek'hoiUi A medicine, [(a camel) 

oJU moked, Plain and even ground. [box. 
^ ^ ooU mekdah & ^ jju , A steel, fiint, tinder-^ 
jljJu* tiiokdar, Quantity, number, measure* 
jdoU moked^er^ (God) the predestinator. 
i^joU mekderetj Ability, authority. 
^J^^x^ mekdes, A holy place, hi^ju, A staff'. 
-»«>jij:» me^d'd/7j,Coming, arriving J mokdem^Cow* 

rage, diligence ; inokdem, Fearless, attack-* 
cljUj^iu) mokeddemat, Plur. of 8^ j^*C« . [ing. 
3U «>45U moleddemet. The premise, preparation, 

the preface, the front. 
a^ja.« mekdood, A handsome man. 



mekdooTy Ability, possibility, fata!. 

(f J0L4 mekededy Wine made of honey, mead, 
S oJ.« niekez%s%,0{ a fine stature, [metheglin-r 
i^isJU fiidzrfy An oat. 
JU moker, Confessing, professing ; Tne^er,'fak- 

ing, a place of rest or quiet, bitter ; Wi€^ 

ierr, Striking upon the neck. 

[770 ] 

^\yi^ nhr^rhsh, Having a huge Jicad. 
y;^}j'i^ v^ekr^^'f SrissarR, gbpars, $nufiefi. 
^^j^ rnehr^-af A mallet, dt hammer, 
y^ tnpireh, Coming near, honoured ; wot-* 
rib. Near the birth (a woman, sheep, ^c.) ; 
Vfioierrch, Admitted, nearly related, 
i J^ meve^ref, A trough for* watering cattle. 
jj$^ mo^^rrcr, Established, confirmed. 
tj^yic 'Oie^erreshd, A barren year. 
ijo^ WhrcSf Any ornament or jewel of q 
^y'i^ ?]ioArrj:,Lending, an usurer, [round f^vv^s 

h^ inoherrett (fern, mokerretcfy) Adornccl 
- '^itji ear-ring3, 

yj^ >SU ffioiertesy An arrow. tutting the m^k*. 

^^ molcraf Struck witb fea^ ^ 

wj-Ax: >jU ifiohrr, ghy Hanging tbn head i;i angerj. 

V^. wpircfwcl, A veil jjajn ted with figurea^ 

ijej^ mokeimes, A. ha wk. kept for hunting, 

y^ we^/op, Xegiblie. ^>*^y^^ Cut, lent. 

b^^vA^ rniekroq%i TannejC^ X>Y drqag^d leaJther. 

i^^jff^ m^roof, , l^lamed, $V^p^oted. , [ed, 

^3^Vf mehrooti, CqnjoU)(u^ihcmn^j conn/sctt, 

tgy^^ mekrce, The ha^pitftWe ; cup ; ■'Oiokree^ 
Ordering* to be -fead^ 

^>i^ 7ncJiez7^at Q^icfc, bri§k. 

iUoU meJishf, Ajpy thing causing hardness. 

[ ?71 1 

UmJ^ ^ohet. Just, equitable. 

•v« ta^eJr^em, A portion; mo/isem. Swearing, 

m ^am'Co wctoo?7i,Distribat€d. jjiJU W2ofo/^,Hast- 

^3ufl mokeshsher, Barked, skin'd round, [ening, 

^iJU tnekshwv. Peeled, barked. 

tjai^ nitkeSf Shears, scissars. 

l^ \*ax^ mekesfihn, The two blades of scissars, 

i.^-<w^x^ inokesseh, Twisted hair. 

O^JLo meksed. An idea, design. [or goat, 

^Ju ifi^i-ser, The evening ; ??io^5er. Old sheep 

U y*ax^ meheref, The evening, [ears cut ofF. 

^*a.x^ meksoWy A camel having the tips of the 

» ^iU mcJcsood, A design, desire, proposaL 
jyoji^ moksooTy Deficient, coAtracted, dimi- 
nished, [kept' at home. 

g.^AdJU meksborety A large house, a woman 

i^y*aS^ rneksoos. Cut (the wings.) 

^^kaSie fJioksee, Remote, removed. 

»J La*^ mek&hhy A pruniog-hook, ground n^* 

bounding with clover. 

A^^ 'fCiek%eey (fern. 'mek%ei^i,) CompTeated, 

yu meket, Breaking the neck.- [finished, 

eUajL« mektci-a, Tnconstartt in friendship. 
c * . 

J^juo moketteTy Vrofi^mg, 

,. ^.laX>o nhktereiiy Bedaubed with .pitch, 

jjjL^ moJIiaUeJ^ti Short-bod iedr 

I 772 J 

jy^S.A fW6|/oor,Dropped,bedaul)ed with pitch.' 
^^l3JU iiK?^/e?rflf, Amputated, mutilated^ inter- 
^^lojL* mektool, SJain, cut, [rupted. 

^jU v^eka. Drinking eagerly. [arraw. 

jjobuLo nieka-tiSt A lion, ^ju*^ me^ asel. An 
• JotV^ mek-adei, A seat, the buttocks, [on. 
^^jou i/ie|^-flry Concave, deep. (jaxJU mck-as, A li- 
twJU mok-at, A burden. [per, 

jL«^|u^ me^-ae^'e^e/, A sheep having a distem- 
lAiU mok'ffi. Preferred before. J UX^ A desert, . 
*juU mokeffa. Having wrinkled. 
3jjU niolfel. Locked, shut (doon) [by. 

^^ ftiekfee, Esteemed above or set more 
y^ tiiekid., A club used in a game. [shng. 
A ^'i^ miehl'^d, A bolt, key. ^ ^,« mekld,-a, A 
tJiikt^ tneklhk, Tottering, commotion. 
4^jL« mckleh, A spade, jjji^ fnekled, A key, 
S *xX*.« mekledet, A granary, [a measure, forage. 
^jjLiL« viekelleSf A drummer. [Making sail. 
^jaliM viOkeUes, A swift horse. ^^ljU mekla^ 
uJUlX.« ti^oklify Uncircumcised. 
jJuU mokellel, A sword vi^ith a pommel. ' 
XJJU mekktfief, A pen- case, 
t^^i^ meklooh» Inverted, turned. 
ca^AjU moklehef, Thick, long, [unripe dates. 
jUjU mehnar, A palm-tree bearing white 

I ;;3 J 


/y^ wohmjer, A bow- maker. 

jju moJtmer, A moon-night. 

VitJU tnekmekei. Tender, gentle. 

jjj4iU mekmen. Convenient, apt. [not shine. 

i UJu m^inht, A pkce on which the sun does 

^i^ vnoienned, A dish made of wheat and 


yl^ moJtenner, Corpulent. ^tuJu moJtenferef; 

^*SU me&na, A legal evidence. [Solid, firm. 

cJujU vnokennef, A large shield of leather. 

^^ho mokennen. An author. 

tyji^ mektiooty A place exposed to the sun* 

y>^ mekoo. Cleaning, polishing, guarding. 

y^ mektM, Full of talk, prating. 

ijm^iU mekweSf A quiver, a warrior. 

2yu« mekool, A word, said, abovementioned. 

^yLcinehvem, The tail or handle of a plough, 

tf yU mokfvee. Confirming, strengthened. 

juu mekek. Grey or blue (the eyes.) [plants, 

l^^ wie^^a,Blue, far off, a plain field without 

j^^jU mek-hooTj Oppressed, conquered. 

y„US^ ifiekeyas. Quantity. [signed, 

OujU nioi-ea/, Bound, fixed, diligent, registered, 

ILJU mekeez, A summer habitation. 

-JU ?/io^eew,DweJling, constant. ^^5.4. tneket/ee, 
,^jC* ine)5', A javelin, spear. [Vomitive. 

l£i^ me^i, Swelling the hand with lal5D\lr ; 
p. fnek(l. The hole of a fox. v^c»fu ♦.i*^ 
IL\C« taekhhe.aeti Leaning, yi^a^^- [Hiding. 
lyiK* moiuleret'i Loftiness, t^ VU moiatemet, 
c,.^7 \C« mokkt^eb, Plur. <)f w U.S9 ketd,b^ » 
I^K* moihsebet. Approaching^ acceding*'.* 
JUSIC* laokhsemet, Mixing, approaching* 
^^3 IJU fw>^<itrdf , Hiring^ fo') .-{hiding tlierc. 
ijj'VU mokb,re%eU Running to any plaoe^n^ 
tf jIjCo tnokcuree, A camel-hirer or leadei^::;»^ 
S U \C« mohcishty Contending for glory. ..^ 
litt :iC« moiashefet. Acting openly with anor 
lUc iCk raokk-amet. Kissing. [ther. 

5 li \Co mohhfdti A recompense. 
IxilSa-p 'tfl^ekot^etet, Surpassing, overcoming. 
JQki IC* TJittAtfl/e/ef^. Disputing. (happening before. 
^jfe« nle>^^/e(!^;^(fem^ >^oM/te/,)To be equal* 
^ !<♦ /«oM^^. Any, thing: suckfcd* 
^ \jU: wiV^ii./, Sufficient ;ih,raea8uce^ ertough. . 
JU^):)iC4 inokhkMti Being severei^byeitsQiningy 
cii^^kU ihekdmetj.'A married wotnan» ^; ., , 
(byKj, iiiekhn, A place, habitatjojic . ^. 
»ii»bU; wo/^awc/^/i Aiding, assisting. 
Ib^^lCa tiiekd.wehct. Conquering in fight. 
i UftlC^ VfLchcihcity Contending. 
Jdis.bU mdk^helctfi A^ed, marked* 

t rn 3 

^}^j^ niekkil, PlUr. of ^j^d:^ v^€)teel. 
jj^^ in^^/er, Of an advariided age. 
y^£s^* Hfiohlhel, Chairied. - ' v »\i7^'4.: ..; ^ 
t±»3A^^ »ne^oo5, Stinking, 6br?tipfea{!Hfeat.) 
>;^a£i^ rr^ekhoorh, Pluf. of ^^ /^e^-eer, 
vJKC mokteteh, Writing. yXxCo ititktetem, 
^^Xi^a^ iHo^/e/'e;?, Adhering? fGohcealecL 
v-;f>X£a^ rtiokterehy Troubled, painfed , *- "-x 5 
^ jAi=ri^ mokteree. Renting, hiring,- - '^i^ 
y^s^ tiio^to, Con ti'acted With c6ld,-*^"^t^*^ 
y^ mokfeser, firuiging, brfeakibg.- • 

Ifli^i-o mohte%, Distended with t*ep]etioH< -^ 
i)iX.£x« tnoitefifl, Placing any thing bebind^ 
ju^i^ mokfefee, Content, tHrftifig ddV^n (^ved^ 
.'^♦i^a-i mo^/ef/j«>Drinking out (a b^t^lfe.) fsel.) 
j^^i^ mokten, Cdnceal^d, u-f ^Xi^s^ WrekUol^ 
^ j V^^ i^efctooidi DlsseitiMed, hid. [Wrkle»» 
*;).^i^Ea^ ffioMeMli GGm|)l^ed/ '*^>JW -.«a;*wi c 
^^£t« niokf6h^e,' Asking,' sp^akiftg lo-^w- -j 

f^\i.Ea^ nicrks'ari/Delap "^ -^Hoib^'v [atire, 
^^g^^ moJtser, Ftbdp^toudi ti^h*''-^*'^ *^^v i^sa^.i.^ ^ 
"^ ^^L^'hii?i€k$o6li iriserteid, {)otii^6d tfut* 
jjcSi^ iiiakedder, dHeted, disturbed?; ^-^^^^ 

«,o^£m tneideyet, A foolish woman. 

t^ y^aj, mokxeh. Discovering a falsehood, ac» 

cusing of Ijing. 
yCi meguer. Except, perhaps, unless ; a. me* 

ker^ Cheat, treachery, a pretence, 
i^^^fe^ wiojjerto. Having a compressed head. 
j^^M viioJterrer, Repeated. 
j j^^ 'Oiokerrez, Mean, worthless. 
2^^i^ fjwkra, A horse strong in the feet, 
f j^=-^- mekrem. Generous, liberal. 
t^j^^ fiiekremett Honour, dignity. 
iJu^^^M vi^ekernef. Having a broad thick nose, 
v^^^^a^ mekrooht Sorrow^ful. 
^Pj^^ mehroodf Shaved (sides of the beard.) 
»^^£m ff^ekreweh. Hated, abominable. 
ff ^^u« moJtree, Hired, y^^ wokeTS, Affecting 
^fJ^ niegues, A fly. [severely with cold. 
v^^M^^^ m^^hskh. An obtainer, a winner. 
^ \ '^^ tneksiil, Slow, lazy, a girl delicately 
£a-« meksel. To attain, gain, [educated* 

< * w i 

Saa»,„^^ meisehet, A broom, brush. 
'y^^=^^ me^ser, Fracture, nature. 
^MM^M meksa, Unmarried man. 
y^*^^ meisel, (Family) having few illustri- 
j> *=-^ meisow, Cloathed. [ous ancestors. 
meksQolf, Attained^ won. 

jym^n^ fneisoor, broken, ciit. [Disclosed, open* 
//U;^ wehesh. Sucking. cJ^C« 'mekshoof^ 
*^l=^x-« me^-xoom. Sorrowful, melancholy. 
yi^i^ mnkar, A fleshy camel. 
^x£=i^ vneh-atel. Stretching the body, 
yi£=i^ meifoo. Overturned. 
y,^JJ^ meke^y A weaver*s shuttle. [A leach. 
J'g^^ TiiekeU A welLwithoutwater; p. nii:iel, 
ilSo-c moMla, The banks of a river. 
,pJLsa-« tiiokelleh. Fettered (captive.) 
yjLjC« mekelles, Calcined, a lime burner, a ma* 
wiX^i^ mokellef, Choiccy elegant, [ker of mortar, 
pj i*c-.^ meklooirit Hurt, wounded. 
JLSi^ meklee. Pained or hurt in the reins; 
Jt^=-^ tnekmel, A consummate man. 
1^3 ^-*=^^ raekmoorit Dissembled, covered. 
3(l»^^^ mokemkel, A cotton nut. 
jjj^M meken, A locust or lizard full of eggs* 
i--a;51« taekneh, (Callous) hoof, claw or nail. 
Jkk^3^ mokanser, Thick, coarse (face.) 
jA^i^ mokemier or ^^jLSa^, A turban, &c. 

loose upon the head. [soms. 

yMA^x* mokcnnes, A maker or vender of be- 
«:-g^^ tno^ewwa. Contracted, having the hand 

v^iSa., tELdknoo%, Hid, laid up in a treasury, 

y 1 

i r7«i 1 


'j ig^^ fifieJtnooti, Dissembled, hid. 
S ^^1^ mekwet, The hole of a fox. [ed. 

^ij^^^ fueto^, Delay. s^.^a^ taekwe%, Gird* 
J j ^=^^ mehooTy A cheat, a knave, an impostor. 
j^^a-o me^^^^e2:, Long-headed. 
^_^^£a.« meioon, A locust, lizard, or any sir 

milar animal full of eggs. 
^ U^a.« mekyal, A measuring instrument or 

vessel either for dry goods or liquids. 
c^AA^M mekees. Composed, undisturbed iq, 
3s jy.^x* mtJteedef, Ensnaring, cheating, [mind. 
Q-^-f^^ r/ieAe6«,Sagacity, medicine, beneficence. 
^5l« meJteelfA measure. ^^^AL, mekeen, Abiding, 
^ yS^ fwe^ddzi^d/jMeasured. (gravei fixed firmly. 
^^ \ iU meldn. Complete, full. 
JUm^ MU melkbesety Commerce, transacting. 
dij V^ $nelas, A tribe, family, man. 
&» iU moldjetf Contending, wrangling. 
^ iU inelcbh, The head of a spear, 
iU.iU ftiolahaf. Litigating, contending. 
cJb» iU molhhcf, .Plur. of l-jUOu molli^f. 
^^ JU moltihem, Connected, a twisted rope. 
^ iU vfioWiee,- A kind of oblong grapes. 
jt iU K^elhk, Fugitve slave. 
I A i)l.« Itiolkdet, Contending, disputing. 
A>U mclk%i Refuge, protection, a protecto?;. 

[ 170 I 

_j 5U melht, A wolf. [rablQ. 

- J iU vield,%em, Assiduous, attentive, insepa* 
» y* 11^ ?wg/dxey^,The palate, the top of the wind^ 
XXm. ^ molaseneiy Railing against. fpipc. 

^ 5U melhs. Sliding, a smooth white stone, ^ 
«Ju9 5to wie/^5e^, Assembly, ight girl* 
la iU melat, Clay, mortar, the side of the body, 
l^Js iU molhtemet. Boxing one another, 
f^ iU mola%%ei. Fearless ness^ courage* 
i^s. 3iU mclh-ahf Plur. of c^.JL^ mtl-ab, 
Uic iU melcb-ah, Plur. of Xjud-* mel-aket, 
tXs. iU vfiol^'anet. Execrating one anothei^, 
^ iU molhgh. Fearful, dreadful (man) 
S li* 51U molakcit, Meeting, conversation. 
^ 51^ mel^keh, Plur. of ^"iU molkefh 
^JJi V<^ rnolahis, Calling one by any nick-name, 
Ji iU molakee, Meeting, joining. 
^J ^ molh/t, An angel, x.^3 iU Occupation, 
iS^s V^ molaked, Making a fetter. 
^Jli^ molhly Sorrowful, melancholy. 
-JiU melknt. Dishonour, accusation, 
JJJUi^ melanet, Complete, full. 
4±j^JiU melhwes. Plur. of c:l.JiU melhs, 
5 i^JlU tnoiawexet, Flying to one another, 
:U^ i»^ inold,wesef, Looking thro' the chinfesf 
pf doors, looking ou all sides^ ^^ • - ^^ *.^a^ ^ 

r 780 1 

xMU melhh.K bull-rush. »UU^ Approaching* 

4j»o iU Tno/<i«,/Dull, slow, tardy. 

^iU melayeJt, Plur. of^JJu vneltk» 

l»jlU inolayem. Gentle, affable, tame, docile, 

tender, equitable. 
jj.»aU molljes, Dark, doubtful. [with fat, 

uJtJLo molellek, Thick cake mixed or softened 

t , ^jju vmIIooL, Quick-witted, inyention, 

Xf*yxLt melboos. Confused, cloathed. 
Is^jLo melboot. Having a rheum in the head. 
^ ^Jl* melboon, Brought up or fed with milki 
jju rtiolehee, A sheep having biestings in the 
Xl-o Vfiellet, Loathing, fatigue. [udder. 

oi^iL* moltesek. Moistened. 
„aaL« molteseet Collecting the gum of a tree. 
gOL. moltej\ Deep, furrowed (sea.) 
„s\aJu moltejee. Taking refuge with one* 
jj(„«oJl« moltehes, Receiving a debt. 
ija^oJu molteheSt Compelling. 
c^JCsaXJu moltehek, Added, numbered amongst^ 
„««;Ju moltehee. Getting beard. 
^^anjJu moltekhee. An infant fed with soften- 
* jJJu moltedem, Disturbed, [ed bread or pap. 
^U molieZf Pleasant garden near a city. 
tJI JOJu mo//e»e^,Connected, adhering, [ed to. 
f yJU fnolte%em, Compelled, conjunct, attach- 

t 781 1 

cSauaX^ itioltesehy Convey, adhering. 

oaxX^ moltesy Cemented, patched. 

La1*o fnoltety Scenting musk, hiding. 

„txL« moltuzee, Burning, flaming. ; 

^;Ju ftiolta-aj. Indisposed, 

*.iA3u moUefem, Tying a fillet over the nos^, 

^txLo ifioliekem. Swallowing, 

dU)u molteli', Drinking much. 

^^^j)^ mol tenia y Shining, withdrawing. 

j^iLc itioltemee, Electing, choosing, [fused, 

xSijyX^ molteives, 'iVoubled, confounded, con- 

•^yCX.* moUeiveh, Thirsting. ^^'U Mingled* 

tf^^Ju meltetvee, Curved, perverse. 

«-*^.aU molteheb, Inflamed, ardent. 

cL^aU wo//e/?e*, Lolling out the tongue from 

thirst or fatigue. 
c.Lc ifieles, Coaxing, making many promises. 
cJJu makes, Importunate /^X:^^ii«/^*, Sucking. 
LsaJL* meljh, A retreat, a place of refuge, 
v^^'^ viieljah. An arrow without a point. 
jtfvJu itieleh. Whiteness mixed with black, an 

unnatural swelling in the hough of cattle, 
iy*:svX-o melheh. An instrument for cutting. 
JsvLo in.oMe/,Blue or grey, a story, narrative* 
ilvs^JU mcrlhcd. Impious, an heretic, pagan. 
ok.s\)U v^dhes. Avariciously,- niggardly. 

u 7 

t 783 J 

i^osOu melhes. An asjlum. [body, 

wised-, nnelhef. The outward covering of tho 
4 , tVOu molhek. Added, coherent, joined. 
*j!sOu moihem, Fleshy. 
jj^^iaJi^ meMoo5,. Sucked, licked, 
Jb^:«OU in?Moo:3j,Observing w ith love, contem- 
'«acOu melhee, Defamed, slandered, [plating, 
^tvJU meM/i, A locust. ^,:kOi.« melihee, Pap for 
oJl.4 vieledy Tenderness, tottering. [infant. 
jjJu meldiiy Tender, delicate girl or boy. 
i jsJL* meldegh, A slanderer or false accuser, 
m jJL-« taoleddem. Patched garment. (ning. 
iJU tue/ej:, Lying, throwing out the feet in run- 
i,^1 jJL^ iive/ejK^w, A pretended friend, [(man.) 
^ ^X« molTtem, Addicted, y^.^ melez, Muscular 
•u-^^yu nielzhh. Extremely avaricious, 
j^u ftiole%ze%t Solid, strong (body ) 
^ '^^ fiiohem. Conjoined, convinced. 
f^*JL« mehoowt Joined, inseparable. 
Uu m^/«(>, Delicate wine, mid-day, bare; p. 
meUh, A stretched rope. [A liar, 

cJLJU violessek, Adoptive. ^,^*Ji.« melsoorif 

m\,.t nieisee, Swift camel, smooth. 
o<Ju TfieleSt Slipperiness, fickleness. 
laU in.elet, A hairless body, [to the braia» 
UJL* ifkelta or^iaJU tfiellee,k wound penetrating 

I 783 I 


- *IJu meItem,A floor-cloth cspeciallj of leather, 
♦-^xJu fiiel-ak, A play, show, a valley. 
t]as\^ molazet, A tall plump girl. 
jobtJU m^laket, A ladle, a skimmer. 
j^^jdlc melaiven. Cursed, detestable, 
^ melgh. Out of order, foolish^ 
XixX^ fnolghefet, A band of robbers, 
*jUIo melghem, Unguent for sores, [blanket. 
^j^y^^ luelghoos, Crude, raw. UCu Vdohf, A, 
^iU Wiolfej, Wretched, a bankrupt. 
cJyJu ro^elfoof, Involved, collected, _ ,_ ^i^ 
cjOu melek, Gentle, swift horse. [spider. 

\jiLo melH, Meeting, h ijUu melkhi, A pen, n 
g UJLo melkh,-a, An obscene, impudent woman. 
^jUu molkeh, A stallion. 
XxKU ttielJtd-att Shameless, saucy (a woman ) 
Xs»yji)u rtielkoohett A mother, iix^ A place. 
,«)JLo irtelek, An angeL 

, #>j£3Ju molkebelt, A fleshy camel. 
iL^iLo mtleket, Possessing. js.^U A mallet- 
I )>XC* molkdiir, A great landholder, rich. 
4jjlxSX««ie//5"a-^w, Abject, vile, , 
Cl>^JX« melkoot, Empire, dominion, power. 
^fiL* melekee, Orthodox, rojal, one who fpl- 

lows the religion of the king, 
»1^ mcUvif Vile, base, worthies^, 

I ?84 1 

>JL« molemmef, An accident, misfortune. 
JuU molemlew, A company, crowd, a hard 
5^4l« nu'lmoot, A repository. [stone. 

|i ^Ji^Tnc7?woow, Assembled, collected together. 
^JU tneloo. Going in haste. 
^ 1^ nielwhn, Day and night. 
w,^U inoletveh, Mingled, curved. 
5^U molewetf The day-time. 
4±j^ moIeiL'es, Stained,- nasty. 
i^ ffiel£U'(^, A pretended friend, [monds. 
^y\^n\€lewe%, Beautiful face, stuffed withal- 
Ju^^JU mclew^sei, Soft, smooth, bare. 
53 ^U mthtve%f A whip, a stick. 
Jti ^]u meluoghet. Unclean, lewd, foolish wo- 
iJ^U molook, Plur. of iUu me/c*^. [man. 

J l^y^ violookhnchf Royal, princely. 
^^^ melool, Weary, melancholy. 
-^ meloom, Reproached, blamed. [ed, bent. 
^ ^ meleive??, Co]our€d, ts ^k^ melewee, Curv- 
gl^l.* mo///^*, 'Confused ajftair. [white. 

ov^ r»ioZe/?/?ff/,lVodden. ^..^^X^ //?o/e/?/^e^,Made 
^^ melhen, A place abounding with palm 
««_; ^^ mei/wohj Burnt. [trees* 

A ^.«»ne//?6oc/,Pushed away in contempt. [hairs, 
j^^ melhoQ%, 1 he first appearance of grey 
5^^ mclhoof, Afflicted for any thing forgot 

I 78^ J 

'^iHe/de,Lastinglong; i»e//<?,A kindof cake. 

cIaaX^ melees, (A man) corpulent, flabby and 

^X^ meleef. Giving to suck. [slowrpaced. 

^A^ melee^h, Elegant, charming. 

LaJu m elect, Foetus without hair. 

xJu neleea. Barren desert, an extent of 

iLU meleef, A king. [level ground. 

^A^ meleelf Bread or meat baked in the ashes. 

j»^U rneleem. Reproaching, reprehending. 

(jj^L. meleetf, SoftiCiiing, laxative. 

l^ Vdemmh, From that, which. [dreds. 

S!l^ momhat. Acting or computing by hun- 

^js.\^ wiojTKi-fltr^^ Committing mutual hosti- 

i:Li^ Wtemh-t, Death. [lities, boasting. 

^^Ji^f nomafen, Large, great, distant journey. 

3uil^ momatenet, Retiring a great way off., 

^Sli" niomascl, Resembling, alike, comparabl-e. 

to^ic mowajYv/^/,^ Disputing, boasting. , 

S.sv2*'r momcihejet, Hammering, extending. 

As* U* wow>z/?e/,Small-bodied. 5 i l^ Pralonging. 

ji'iV vwmazek^t. Insincere love, engaging. 

i\j\c momdr'at, Dispute, quarrel. 

ci,'u.j\c momaresief. Managing (affairs.) 

£jl^ momaztt, Separation, distance. 

^\ff momcts, Touching, contiguous. 

JyuiU- momasheket, Accusing, blaming, 

w 7 

[ 785 J 

t^a^ic vnomk-aJtet, Delaying. 
^[f memitl, Inclining, deviating from, 
I^U" mojnald,t. Aiding, assisted. 
I^ksJU* momhlekhet, Plajing, joking. 
Sil ic ftt'Omaleket, Flattering, soothing. 
ILJl^ momanhi, Expecting, repaying. 
gul^ rOiOinhneh, Raining continually, 
^\c momhna, Preventing, opposing, 
j'Uff momth%, Chosen, eminent, geparate. 
^Xc momiesel. Submissive, dutiful. 
u&aajic niomtehez, Drink, ^pure milk. 
Lji^vZ^ momtehek, Ruined, abolished. 
ysKSji^ momtehher, Giving a preference to, 

choosing the best. 
^j^ inomted. Prolonged, protracted. 
I^jj:^ momtedek, Praising, commendable, 
*? xHt^ momteedee. Extracting, 
w^y-t^ momteres. Scolding, 
^yX^ mofnteree. Doubting. ^yU^ Accustom- 
y^mX^ momtesel, Drawing a sv^rord. [cd. 

^Ki^ viomteshee, A numerous progeny. 
^joX^ momtesa, Departing, travelling. 
JaiuU-* vikomteghetf Long day. .jjix,^ rdomteieV, 
y^ tnomtel, Passing by. [Plunging. 

XaJu^ momtelet. Snatching to one's self. 
jjXa^ i^},Qmtelce, Replete, heaped up. 

I T«7 3 

^Vx«-« Ktiomtenehy Accepting a present. 
Oc^v*^ inomejjed. Famous, glorious. 
jjj^\4^ nionie^jen, Wide road. 
^J,,,^y^ momhes, Elapsed, falling as a turnoUP, 
ifi^sx^ Dfiomhesh, Burnt bread, 
ijaxx^^ momehhes, Firm, strong (horse ) 
yaa4,^ mofnhel, (Earth) parched, [obliterated, 
^x\*^ memhotVf (fem. mernhewet,) Defaced, 
^ (jtf^rsn^^ memhoos, Shining (helmet,) strong 
^^ mevied, A prolonger. [caoiej, 

r<y4^ momeddej. Deferred, delayed. 
5^4^ itiomeddedf Stretched, extended. 
r y^'^ momdooh, Commendable, praised. 
c-5^o<^ memzook. Milk mixed with water. 
^ 5v«w« momzeeh Amazed, surprised, 
■yc memer, Going away, a passage, a canal* 
^Je^^' memrhz, One often indisposed. 
dij^<^ memreSy Enduring, patient, [singeif, 
ysj4^ momera%y A hairy garment. (_J^^ A 
Q.^4^ momerren, Of a rigid countenance. 
isj4^ ifienn^ee, In a proper train (business.) 
cJ %4-« mome%%€kf Lacerated. [avaricious. 
^*«.4-« momsek. Holding, retaining, seizing, 
-.^M»4^ rU'emsook, Cleaned, wiped, anointed. 
^y^4^ memsood, (Jem, n^emsoodet,) Elegantly 
£i^ vaemsheef A privy, [formed by nature, 

fjo^ia^^ memsoos, Slender (pastern of a horse.) 
«/i^ memzee, Subscribed, authenticated, 
j^k»^ memtoor, Wet with rain. [mach. 

t ny^u» memawek, Having a disordered sto- 
IjiU-* ihomeghghet, Tall, handsome man. 
j^^si^ niemhoor. Steeped in salt water. 
^^ niomel, A worn thing, a beaten path. 
jjjU-« ino;;ie//<?s,Smooth, bare. [Castrated (boy.) 
^4^ me Woo, Replete, filled. ij^^U^ mem loos, 
^^ tnomneh, Bringing forth (a camel ) 
*^;*-4 meuinewa. Prohibited. 
^^y^^ taemnoon, Obliged, abrupt, strong. 
^ ^^ metnoont, Having a pleurisy. 
»34-« momeiveJi, Adulterated, insincere. 
l^^ memhu. How often ? how ? as often as. 
J4»^ momhefy Low. [signed. 

j^^*^ .menilioor, (fem. memhooret,) Sealed, 
^y^ men, I, me; a. miti, From, of, for, on, 
than, by ; vicnn, Fate, cutting, weakness, 
u-j ^i^ tiiienkl-f Supplying, i L Iju Removing. 

5 ouLumow^^cxe/, Carrying on a war openly. 
^lu menaljer, Plur. of ^aL, member, 

^ UU menkteh. Pores of the skin. 

6 LU lAenhs, Far off. g U U^ tnonbjatt Speak- 
iJo.tu Vkonhjedet, Assisting, [ing privately* 
»>»»U« 'monb>j6%%et, Preparing for battle. 

f 7^Q 3 

S» Iju vtienhhet. The house of mourning, 
^Uu moji^kh, A camel stable. 
IIaILo itionhdatf Proclaiming. 
* A Iju monhdem. An intimate friend. 
tf^A Ijl* monadeey A crier, an herald, a pro-* 
iljl^o wowd^zre^, Victory. [claimer. 

^ J Iju ijiew^sse/, Plnr. of i yu mewxe^. 
^ ; um U^ 'iKkonhsehy Conformable, apt. 
claa-vwIm menhsehef. Proportion, relation. 
-.**. iju mo?idLsen}, Plur. of *.^^ tnensem, 
««.^U-« monhsheh, Plur. of < ^r^;.>« i(kenshed>i 
Saubli^ vfionhshedet^ Praying, adjuring. 
(JO 1;l« Wt&nhSy A place of refuge, retiring. 
<-t-*^ljU 'monhseh, Plur. of c-^>w3i^ menseh 
S^^Uo tdonhseret. Assisting reciprocally, 
S«*a li^ mohhzehet, Defending one's self. 
•MZ-« Wigwag Distance. - ,*'/ 
it lis U-« monathty Contest, lit'JgMfron, opposing, 
vlflljL* menh^er, Plur. of k'^Ia;^ ra>sfi%eret. 
^[m niena%em, Plur. of ^tj wfze?/*. ^i 

*.c 1;l« vnond^-a'n, Gentle, smooth, [boasting, 
iolju monafcret, Contending for honour,. 
>CJi5U^ monhfeky An hypocrite, an atlieist,- 
J\j^ 'non^feCy 'Dispelling, repugnant. 
lA\h« 111072'i^e^e^ Meeting unexpectedly, 
1<&>*IJU tnonitkeskei, Disputation, contract. 


I ^90 1 

(^yiJU moiMet, Contrary, opposite. 

fc-JSUU menhkefi Plur. of c^iliUi^ menhhf, 

^ UU monaJiel, Swift. 

u^:Es iju vdonbJitht Plar. of t^E=j^ menkeL. 

5«i,s» U-« monctkehet, Marrying* 

Ij.^ iJU W'OjMeret, Contending. 

^Lu Trteni/, Constitution, manner. [sleep. 

-»U^ mencttn, A bed, a dormitory ^^ dream, 

^^IJU menan, Beneficent, benign. 

c:i,ljlJU riionhnht. Weak in mind. 

i^^UU TJioti^wa-af, Disputing with. 

I^^Uu monhwelet, An alternate succession. 

lUi^Uu tnonhweshet, Accusing, blaming, 

Su^^lJU itionhwesetf Struggling. 

lAit Uu fnonhJiebetf Plundering. 

i j^ iLg monkhedet. Drawing lots. 

ciLaxju membet. Sprouting, fertile. fpillow. 

^AAi^ n^ombeter. Cut, &c. s >xaJu inemLe%ct, A 

^^aL« memLer^ A pulpit, a high chair. 

kMaJk>« mombeset, Delated, rejoicing. 

cIaxx;^ momba-as, The origin, excited. 

^x^ fiiomba-aj, Heretical, [upon. 

t—jiuu *Jio«i^aE-fl:/i',Tvaining abundantly, rushing 

^yuJU mvnheghee. Required, agreeing upon. 

sJu2^ KiionebbeTiy Planted in a row (trees.) 

jy^ajju momle^ee. Forced to cry. 

t 7m 3 

.\^ ni^fntAk p^cAet, [positious,afdun<i1Iftg, 
'^'^X'^ tniemboot, Grqwing. i^^xiu »»fiwi[>o(w,Sup- 
i^-y^jo memboosh, Eradicated. 
v^jj^jo memlot^i, Solemnized, famous. 
#aJU momleh^ Consigned to obliviohi [tory; 
*u meii7iet, Duty, a bond ot writings obliga- 
^ IXU mentttkhi Tweezers, going slowly (a ca- 
ci^AXi;^ motitebes, Digging with tbehahd. [meii) 
^uxu rhontelej, Sv^'elling (as a bone.) 
asAXU montehez, Retiring. 
^aXju monteLer, Exalted, mounting tbe pulpit.' 
yiju wow/^/gV-, Dragged, drawn. 
tdt2xL« wow/fi/<?/. Torn up* 
j»j:i*i« montetem. One who speaks obscenely. 
^AJLo w^ow?6scr. Spread, scattered^ • 
JiiU montesel, Taking out of a well (niud.) 
^XX^ moTtfez, Bringing forth, 
t-^^s^j^i^'fiwntefelfj Electing, selecting. 
i^:;su;u rfiorittjtff Drawing out, emptying. 
' ^sisJ^ fno?iiejee, Darting a malignant look. 
^•'i^■ts^:ij^ ^ioniekel'. Lamenting loudly, 
ijas^ku f?iGni^he%, To lessen. 

acui* mbnfehee, Ihclinirtg to ohe side. 
'«-->i?JSL« viontekhehy Selecting, torn «p. 
LiuL* montekheti Blowing the nose. 
^Sioj^ Wontehha». Going far from home. 

iT 79^ 1 

,-^ ll>^ ntentedtlr. Having an obligation. 

-%^<>ykM viontedtl^ {God) propitious/exsuding,' 
^ jJuU moniedt^. Assembling,. a place of con- 

j^jIm wow/e«er. Making a bow. [fereoCQ* 

^yLt monter, A mushroom, a fungusi. 

ty^ jwofi/ejsfl. Plucking, eradicating, desistr* 

^yM monte%ee. Inclined towards. li^g- 

I f^v:^. monteseh, Deiiominated, named. 
^^x^ montesejy Weaned, ^aju Defacing. 
^,,juU montesegh, Going a great way tq pas- 

j; fture ^camels ) 

montesef. Eradicating, speaking in a 
tiionteseki Arranged. [low voicQ« 

^ .{yr.^imnn/fixhrl)j Fixed, ifiherent, 
kiii-o jnorz/esAe/, Scaling (a fish.) 

(^LxIm itiontcshea, Pulling out. 
4»Jiiij;u monteshef, Drinking milk, 
uJuaJL* vionteshchy Smelling, snuffing up, 
^Js^ijuo «iow/cA'Ae/,Takingout of the pot (meat^) 
.iKiXJL* taontes. Raised, standing erect. [(' a • ) 
•yAAfiAJU vioniesel', Pointed w^ith the yowtlfatha 
^jojix^ moniesel, A spear without a head. 
„^;u^ nmniesee. Choosing, long hair, 
^v^i^ Vioniezch, An ^ye sunk in the socke^» 
cJuaXJU riifiniezef, Sucking. 
^4ami TUQntczel^ Contending for glory. 


r ^03 1 

monhzet, Drawing a swofd. [bottle. j 
^laXL« inontetel, Pouring out a little (from a 
jtx;^ rtiontexer. Expecting with impatience, 
Ipcuu montash, Standing, rising up after a falU 
jjOiU monfal. Travelling on foot. 
^LLo iaojitegh, A reprbacher. 
^vixu ntoniefej\ Swelled, prominent (sides.) 
^jhiXJ^ montefe^y Shivering with cold> shakeii 
^juU^ fTuOntefea, Using, enjoying. [(trees.) 
7Hionifee, Refused, despised, destroyed. 

LOo ino«/^A'c^,Covering the face (a woiiian.) 
yuJU moniehr. Dug, trying, choosing, 
^^juju iniontekesh. Extracting, choosing. 
oaXxu monteies, Diminishing. [ing.) 

jj^Jixx^ ino7i/e^e2,Corrupted, defnolished (build- 
^SXIU motitekea. Slaughtering a camel ; mion^ 

ti'ka, Changed (colour.) 
ilJxjiL^ mohtekify Drawing out, breaking egg^ 
yixLt Kiontekd, Transported. [^a bird.) 

^jUjLo Vfiontekem, Revenging, punishing. 
■ lixJU itiontekee^ Choosing, taking marrow from 
i" .4^ :1^ mojitekeSy Dissolved. [a bone. 

LJl^sJ'Lc miontektf> Being exposed to rain, an^ 

supportable, travelling from piac e to place. 
^^^^ flfiow^fW, Prohibiting. 
^^jx^ monitkeej Receiving v^hat is due, 

Y 7 

.^^yC^ fnow/fw, Smelling. u-»^5:;-« Approaching 
XayX-^vQ/i/w^/, Suspending. [again, 

ir^^i;L« fiimtaheh. Robbing, spoiling or talking 
♦ .. sway by violence. 
'ij&4X;u motitehet, Provoked, rising up. 
'ijj^*^ montehee. Completed, terminated^ 
cCSaJvU mon$ede^, Angry, passionate. 
^^^ monsefiee, A verse, receding. 
.1^ IJH^nja, A raised ground, 
.4--^ LsU Tiicw;*a/;,An arrow without point or fea- 
(S LcU i»©^fl/,Flying^ escape. [thers, feeble mai). 
«-A«dU xnetijch, A large cup or goblet. 
^xs6^ mofijeher. One who sets broken bones* 
^ysi^ rifionejjekh, Coughing. 
o^ss^ menjedy A broad gold necklace or other 
S«xsd4 mofijedetf A lash. [jewel. 

^ j»js\<4 mojjfedel. Throwing upon the ground, 
i^oB^ monejjez^ M^itty, knowing the world. 
u-j ^s^ mot?je%eh, Going in haste, drawn. 
^jcsU monjexer, Shaved, cut. 
^:sfu moHjeTf Right true road, driving camels. 
A 3p^ monj erred, Extended, 
'jsp^ mOfijc'z, Performing promises, [et. 

y-'so^ ww/w; a/, Deposited, cx^itiovjefj A bask- 
„w-o monjefee. Removing, parrying off. 
^J<f^ meftjek, A conjurer, a juggler. 

I 795 ,1 

^ss<M menjel, A reaping-hook, lurunan^ 


w^ 11^"^ monfelab. Polluted water. 

JLsdU monjeliee, Conspicuous, appajent. 

*j3:lo taenjem, A promi;ient bone in the foot, 

»y^^ monjemed. Congealed, concrete. 

^^^;s\^ nionjenoonf A wheel for ra^ising wa- 
ter from M^ells. 

jf^ vdenjoOt A kind of pulse, a leaiLy,, 
•4-^ysU mefi/oojj^A large cup, goblet or vessel- 
'4^20.^ fmenfood, Grieved, troubled, disquietecj. 
>^ ff^enjoor^ Planed, cut, chipt* 
jycU monjeweZf Deserting^ declining. 
't >'^^^ p. A- nionjopk, A crQ,wn, the ball gr 
< spear-head of a ^i^nner, 

.^j^uf^ ino7ijeedun., To lie on the bellj. 

gU luewd/z, "Granting, presenting. 

S l^^ menkatf A vvinding channel,, 

Jls^^ menja'z, A pestle. 

u«l=sU menkas, A tall slender wom^n. , 

♦Assv-e monkebery Published, discovered, 
Ccsv^ menJieit A hatchet, a plane, [deg. 

S:sU menhet, A gift. ^=f»^s\-« niQnkeje^, Forbidr 

A^sivA. nwnheredy Dispersed, separated, 

t_5^c«u^ monheref, Altered. 

^j**=cvU tnonhes, Torn up or away, [as hair. 

^*«.*vL« monhesee, Sucking. oa«ou Jailing. q^ 

I 70 ] 

iusULt monhef. Descending, falling. 
Jacvi* wow^e/. Loose (knot.) [imageJ 

^^jLsvi^ idonhenee Curved, bent, c^tu^ An 
j^a^;^ mehhetvez. Collected, assembled. 
u^y^ju menhooSf Unhappy, unfortunate. 
ji^^is^JU menhcwesht Affrighted, flying. 
(^ya^;^^ metjhooz. Sharp pointed arrow of 
•jl^x^frtewMd^, Worthless, weak. [spear. 
jlisU menkkar or ^SsL^ m6'w^^cr,The nostrils. 
h jssx^ monk her et, Disobedient, weak, swift. 
^^icU monkherea. Split, rent. [of wind. 

l3js^ monkhereht Tord, a blast or breath 
^yss^r* motikherem, Chopping, splitting. 
^yjissL* inonhhefes, Impure, cofrupted water; 
aASs^ monhhhefee, Concealed. 
^arU nionihol, A sieve, a scarce. 
liJ^U monkhenes, Folded, fl^accid. 
L>yss\^ menkhoohy Lean. 
cij^isU meT/^oof, Darting On prey (a hawk.) 
4JO t «>JU iTicwrfd5, Foolish (woman,) troublesome. 
w-^ .yJU itiOJideh, Undertaking a dangerous affair." 
tjoou mondeLk, Swift, activej haste, 
g J juU inonderej, Inclosed, comprehended, 
^j<xjL« menderes, Obliterated. 
^j jJU mondereei Spreading (as fire ) 
^ JOU mondcsr Concealed^ covered. 

I f§7 3 

(yiit s.L« morida- as, 'Dissolved, ^.ma Satirical^ 

<J iXJU tnondef, A bow for separating cottoa* 

dii CiM mondefek. Scattering, a swift horse. 

(_5«xL« tnondelf, Bruised, knocked at (a door.) 

„^>^ ttiondek. In pieces. [ing upon. 

dJ «xJL« mondeles, Blaming, going awaj, rush** 

y J^ mondelef, Forced along by a torrent. 

cJUwVJU nwndelef, Spread over. 

cJO j»A^ mondelek, Reraovingj running, 

iL« jJU mendemei, That which one repents of* 

,>-* 0^ tdondemel, Healing a wound. [ed, 

J -yu^ ta^ndoor, Covetous, niggardly, wretch- 

u*,^jJU mondewes, Beaten, threshed. 

e >^ inendehi A pitcher. 

..j^4x;-« idondehen. Anointing one*s self. 

y .na^ tfiendeelt A handkerchief, a napkin, a 

table-cloth, a turban-cloth. 
jsJLcW0772;, From, since, beginning of anytime. 
.3 cxj^ menzoor, Devoted, promised, offered up. 
y^ menez, Moveable. . [verts. 

«_. • i^ utietizerehf A hunter lurking under co- 
O . -x^ monzerek, Lying on the back. 
^ u-c tnetiza, A root, a dart. 
uJiry^ monzerek, Affrighted. [ates* 

z .ju menze^h. One who reviles or calumni- 
^y^ ftienzel, An inn. 

i 299 ] 

^^i J /^'^ menzelghh, An inn, a day^s journey. 
-yL. j]io?i2eAW?;j, Obligation, tied; menzem, K 
jy\ji^ nienzoor, A small present. [tooth. 

C-5^yu nienzooj, Bleeding. 
J^y^ monzewel. Decaying, failing. 
^^y^ menzewee, A solitary monk or persoa 

devoted to religious solitude. 
g vu vionez%eh. Innocent, pure, holy, free. 
ui^ yL« monzehe^, Jumping, assaulting. 
^y^ inonzce. Desirous. [boundary, 

l) ^X/* Wtin%e^l, A ruined house or place, a 
^^ mens. Black spotted (the face ) 
S Uj-« mensaff A stick. 
«^*M.L« monseb, Abusing one another, [cusing. 
^gjk^^j^ tTionseJjee, Skinned. ^^s\>,J^ monsejeh,^x- 
yss<^»4iA mowse/g/, Poured out (water,) [thing) 
ksv«x« mojisehet. Falling out of the hand (a 
«JiaxMJU monsehek. Reduced to powder. 
>s:w;^ monsehelt Rubbed, polished. 
ouimU monseJ, Shut up. j ju-JU Hanging loose* 
K^^M^ tiiOHser&b, Creeping into a hole (a fox.) 
^jmj^ monseree, Dispelled. 
^,mjir mensa, The north wind. 
j.?uJU mojisa-ar. Burned, inflamed. 
lL,fir* nionse<y/ief, A handiiil of feathers. 
jLnJU monsefcr, Separated. 

[ 790 ] 

mo7iessek, Joined in order. 
^mX^ mensel, Generation ; monsel, Begotten ; 

mofisil, Shooting out, putting forth. 
«-J.*-jL« monselehj Taking away by violence, 

^^Xm*^^ menselee. Going off (as terror, grief.) 
*.^MJU mensem, A niark, a trace, path, a mode. 
1.^^^ mensooh. Relative, depending upon- 
^^«*j^ mensoof. Gold wrought garment. 
^3mJu< metisooJth, {fern, monsookhef,) Blotted 

out or raised dut of memory, abolished. 
^i^A^ mensoo-a, Long, 
eJ^w^ nie7isooi, (fem, mensooliet,) Smootb 

skinned (a horse,) manured (field.) 
^^mJLo niensoo. Protracted. 
^*jLo iitensee, Neglected, mistaken, omitted* 
. j&Js^ mensh. Fancy, inclination, dignity. 
Ljjju mensh^. Motive, origin. [ed.> 

i Li;^ monshht, A ship having her sails hoist- 
.LkJU laenshar, A fan, a hand- saw. 
tJijLo mensheht A noose, net, snare ; monesh- 

sJieb, A kind of painted garment. 
C&M monshety Spread abroad, separated. 
^dJi^M monshedee, Lenvnmgy reciting verse in. 
2 ^iiA^ momherej;Splitimg, gaping.f a loud voii:e, 
i^jAj^ monsherek, Split, cracked (bow.) 

t 800 1 

-^iju momlierem, Cleft, cut asunder. 

«i^ monsJfa, Tearing with violencCi 
monshek. The nose, the nostrils. 
nionshemer, A swift horse. 
monshemel, A short sword worn under 

^^iiX^ monshooby Adhering. [the garment. 

J ^'f^ menshoor. Scattered, dispersed, divulg- 
ed, divided, a royal mandate. 

S^^iiJU tnortsJiooret, A disposition. 

4f^jL« tnonshetvee, Roasted. 

^L* monsheCj A writer, the author of a book, 
a secretary, a teacher. [high plnce, 

'•-^ ftionscL, A beginning, origin, office, a 

Jjj>aX^ raonsehet. Toil, work, pains. 

J S 4X*jejL« mevsehdar, A magistrate, appointed 

f^AK^ fnonseh, A needle. [to office. 

ry^ fjwnsereh, Appearing clearly. 

(^^M3ju itiotise7'ef,T\irned, changed, departing. 

fyoLt monserem, Completed, abrupt, 

iJua^« monsef, A domestick, the half of the 

\juLtaL, monsefek, Opposite, covered, shut. [way. 

3^i^ monsd, A sword. [ing. 

C^^AoX^ tnonseldt. Passing by, running, gallop- 

^JuaL« monseleli, Returned to favour. 
u^ monsemee, Overflowing, 

f m • ] 


j^'^ meffsoor, Assisted, protected (by God.), 

zj^*a'^ raonsooret, VVaterjed hy vsi^^n ,(groiind;) 

-. l*^^ men'&)j\ A spit. 4_*>i;^ mofi^O, Dfaw* 
t, • • j 

^svAi;^ moTizej^a, JiGcVming, • [ing a bow» 

g.^^« nwnzerej, Split, divided, diffuse^iv^ >l 

yOaJLa nion%efer. Two (ropes) twisted together* 

*j^^ wow^e*/!, Adhered, heaped tQgethqi>,: , 

A y^tJ.^ ffkenzoodt Laid one thingupon anothejC?^ 

j^>ai-« me7izoor, Fl<).yrishipg with flowers. . 

^ ^xiL* me?jzewea, Movipg its win^s (a .bir4») 

cA*./iJU tiionzccf, Cementing party. ,nt ^> ^ 

caLju montely An instrurnent of filtration. , , 

- X 

^lai^ monteheJih, Boiled, dressed. _ 

t^jixl-;^ monteheJc* Likeness, congruous. ,\fj^^ 
A ^U^ mo}\tercd, Ejcacted. driven away. : 
*.vaI4.<o wonteseWy Defaced, i 
j^ta;^ ^i^iontefee, Extinct, quenched. 
^^]al^ vaontekeey Logical^ dialectic. ; 

yj»XkU fiiOnicleSt Hidden, concealed, occult* 
uJiJLLi;-« monieleky Discharged, -.,v' [related^ 

^ ^ai^ tn(3fw/t??^€c, .W;-apt, foldedv.A .. ,. : 1 
^ mewjg^r. The face, aspect,. a. .5^,^(;j^;^clq,: 
«^!aJL« monzereif A raised gnoanci*,.\^^,^^< v^ ^ ;^^ 
uJiliJU rwonez^efy Cleaned, purified. 
j^lsi^ K^eii%Qor, Seen, admired, visible. 


A { 

I BG7 ] 

#3.Ujl« memoojn, Metrical, arranged in ov^e^^t 

kJL« mena. Refusal, hindrance. 

* UjL« mewa-dw, Very beneficent. 

_»j,jL4 mon-ahee, Filled, stutfed. [Removed. 

^joiju monadeey A^t. to infect, ^jxk^^ i[nqna%e}^ 

AAax*-» raonasem. Protected, aided. 

tJilsjuL« nionatef. Turned, inflicted. 

jCJbcjU monaf. Sitting upon a declivity, 

tJuxJU monafekf Quick, ninable. 

jtrl^monak. Driven away, dispelled (cloud.) 

ojLjcI-« inofiaked, Agreed upon. 

jLiou vijonahcr. Hurt, detained, lopped. 

^,.^=^.1^ motiakes. Reversed- jjtJU menal. Hard 

paXau-* fnonales. Taking sparingly. [ground, 

^i^ monam. Gracious, a benefactor. 

X^JL* rnonamet, A benefit, a pleasant life. 

\jnA^ ffionyee. Temperance, forbearance, 

cjjjou mortgheref. Split, torn. 

^jjyu n^ojighes, Plunged, immersed in watep, 

3^jiJU laonghesel. Washed. 

(j&xJU moTtgheZf Wretched, poor. 

kxu monghet, Plunging one's self, immersed 

jJL*-nionghefeef Broken. [in water. 

3i;.« mojighei, Immitted, entering. 

iJXk^ fnonghelek. Close, shut up. 

jfx^ ^onghemer, Prowned. ^yU-* Cheated. 

I 8^< I 

A V%x^ menfhhJii A pair of bellaws. 
^liju menj^kf One who spends mupb^ 
j^xiuu monfeiehy Open (door.) 
(ju&A^ Vionfeteky Cut, broken, 
J^xiju menfetelf Twisted rope, [enemy,) 

^JUL« mff^f^s. Broken, fragile, put to flight (ar| 
^J^ss^L^ monfejeh, JDiffusivp (lightping.) 
ypM monfejel. Conceiving, thinking, 
^^s^jULo monfejeet Open (gate.) 
j^vijL* monfeh^ A meddler, a busy-body. 
^jL. 'qienfelihy A pair of bellows. 
,>oLU flfio«/e</. Making empty, wretched, mise<!'' 
^j^TjL* rponfcdeey Redeeme4T [yable lif^, 

y.Lo fiionfdr. Frightening. 
is^jjULo luonferes, Burst (belly or liver.) 
^^x;^ monferejf Satisfied, welj pleased. 
A^i;^ motijered. Alone, singular, simple, -' 
p^> ^Vihfereh, Spread abroad, separate, 
jyy^ V^ovftxery Torn (garment.) > 

^>JU nionfeSy Wealthy. 
-wju monfeseh, GLad, cheerful, full of mirth. 
^v^iJLo mew/dse^^pAnathematized, broken, dis* 
p^^jJU tnonfesedy Spoiled, defiled. [solved ^ 
1^^^ mortfesy Separated, disjoined, distinct. 
^joxU ffionfeneli Taken from the breast, ausi* 
tomized, separated. ' v . ... . ^, 

I 804 1 

ajiaIU ttionfeseni. Broken, dashed to pieces* 

^^JU motifes^e. Disjoined, dissected, cut off. 

Jjrju-. vwnfal. Grieved, disturbed, performed. 

^ijU vdonfegher, Opea wideJy (aiouth.) 

^Sm mor\feky Removed, distinct, separated. 

jyuLo metifoor. Abandoned, dispersed. 

y«yu<« monfoos, Born. 

ijiyJLo menfooshy Carded (cotton.) 

yyo yi^ fnenfoo%t Shaken with fear oi*an ague. 

c-S^ii^ vaonfeiveJi, A broken arrow, 

ci^i;^ morifehc'i. Scattering, dispersing, 

^.^s^ mojifehem, Perceiving. 

^xL« itiefifee, Negative, rejected, banished* 

A Uu^ monk ad, HunTbled, obedient. 

^J:\xLo monk ash, Tweezers, pincers, 

jjoUJU Vionk(is, Pulled up by the roots. 

cJ Uii^ monkafy The beak of a bird, a smith's 

pointed iron instrument. 
SxiJU rneyikeletyK narrow way between houses, 

a wall, a bridge. 
-^jU^ monkeha, Flying to her nest (a bird.) 
ysx^ monkeielf Rilled, slain. 
o^XJU nionkcdy Split, separated. 
^^%l^ itwnkeder, Predestined ^by God ) 
«joLJL« monkedea. Forbidden, averse. 
^JUU monkez, Liberating, a redeemer. 

I 805 3 

tjSH^ fnonJfered, Pixed, stabled 

OOjSJ^ monkerez, Split, elapsed, completed; 

^^u mxynkesem, Divided into parts. 

(^ju meiikeshy Pincers, tweezers. 

^iijijL* me?ik€sher, Sliined, barked. 

ha'iUia menkeset. Detriment, loss. 

^jaxJU monkesel. Separated, split, cut. 

yiiio -monkcz, A hawk darting upon his prey# 

i^^aaJiLc monkezeh. Split. 

^^axu monkezee, Perfected, finished, [spotted. 

Li;^ monekkef. Marked with points or vowels. 

xk£;-o inonkefa, Compleated, perfected, 

XxKjLo menka-aty Made lean, eradicated. 

iJCxLt vnonkef. Unequal. 

3ijiju nionkefel, Shut up, locked (a gate.) 

3a;^ menkel. An old boot or shoe. 

Ly^'ij^ monkeleby Converted, averted, struck^ 

^1^ monkelea, Torn out or up, extracted. 

x«.ii;^ moiikemedy Conquered, tamed. 

w^^3u.« nankooby Bored, dug. 

jiyiX^ msnkoosh, Embroidered, carved. 

^yJJiLo menkoos. Stained, spotted, damaged* 

ioyiL< tnenkoot, Marked with points or vowels^ 

^Jiu menkooly Spoken, recounted, [spotted. 

u'ijL* monk^helyVeeble. ^;.« wiow^ee, Purified, 

^^^ menk, A die, dice. [fat, 

B 8 

€06 } 

Jl^iJU monJchr,' Ungodly, debauched, vile. 
cLx^Eai;^ mew^^jZ', The shoulder, the track of 
j'g-^:^ monker. Den)' in g. [any thing. 

y«,^£a;^ vionkeres. Inverted, inverse. 
mj^xL^ monkerein. Respected, regarded, 
^4^SaJU mojikeser. Frail, broken. 
^«^:^ mon^esh, An examiner, 
tnonkeshet. Dispelled. 
iii£=vJU w<onheshcfy Eclipsed. 
tiiifiaJL* menhos, Departing, retiring. 
k^iJLo ifionkay Flat-nosed, retiring. 
4L-i^iJU monehh^f, Departing, retiring. 
ciAxSaJU "nion^tefet. Averse. 
xytj^^:)^ nionksfeSt Twisted, distorted. 
^;<3^:^ raonkefee, Returning. 
J <=-. I ^ 'niruJreL A bug-bear; mon^el, Smiling; 

p. ftien^'tel, A robber, a wart, 
ciiOL^Sai-o menkelei. Infused, contracted, 

. y, J}iXM ruefigueloos, Large, huge, 
fj,*.^^Ai^ mon^emes, Nimble, quick. 

-r^^: ^ moiikemee, Lurking. 
« :g^:^ tnon&eneaj Having an affection for. 
^^XA^ menioo, The water of life. 
wj^.Sa;^ menkooby Afflicted, miserable. 
*^^^x;l^ inevJiiioht A married woman, 
^^^a^« menhood, A small present. 

^^£a;^ vjer^oor. Denied. 
J j.^;u mehkooz, Trodden, thrown. 
4j«.^.^ijLc Tue/riJ-oo^Jnverted /^yX* An earrrlng, 
^>jX^ viOfi^eedun, To abhor, detest. 
iU.0 menia, A judge, a lord, a con^roander. 
,,^IU/^ nunlah^ Miserable life* 
^^ss^tX^monmehee, Going towards any person, 
)o^*X^ monmerei. Falling off (as hair,) 
•jjJt^JLo monmeles, Cleaned, polished, liherated^ 
fjaUX^ monmeles, Dropping, failing. 
«^jiJu;^ monmeleh Soft, smootJi, escaping. 
e Wi^ raenua-a, A weaver's beam. 
l\y<^meniihly K mode, form, texture, a wea^ 

vers' beam ; iiimwxl, A weaver, 
S^jLo wenwetj Wish. 
\o y^ menoot, Bound, tied, fastened. 
e^JU nienewa, An impediment [arranged^ 
c_3 J^ monewsk, Trained, disciplined camel, 
iy.-o tnenwel, A weaver's beam. 
J? JL« menivee. Designed, purposed. [city. 
*;^ meneh. The chin ; . mormh, Ability, capa- 
il^i^ inonhht. Discreet, understanding. 

\^^ mcnhaj, A wide road, ^l^x Provoking, 
-l^^ mcnhkniy (A camel) obeying a word. 
t-^^;^ nienheh, A swift horse, uii^^u Roaring. 
.^j^^ monhetekt Torn, vitiated (virgin X -^ 

[ S08 } 

«v^^ vaorihej, A road, way. j^^^ Raining* 
Jj^^ ttionhedel, Hanging loose. [Enlarging. 
i.^jU tnonhedem. Demolishing.^^ nionhcr, 
0\^ monhe%a, Crumbled. 
^S^L* monheshem, Broken, feeble (camel.) 
^^ mofihez. Bruised, crumbled, 
4iL^^ itionhefttt Depressed, ^i^u Enraged. 
^s3^ monhc^, Overcome with wine. 
3^ menhel, Water, a tomb ; nwnhel, Drink- 
ing, inflaming with rage. 
CX^iA monhelet. Withdrawing. 
^u morihem. Melted (fat,) pining. 
T4^i^ metihemet, A carpenter's shop, 
y^^ monhemezt Marked with huw%ay (*). 
^4^ monhemel. Flowing with tears (eyes.) 
ij*^-o me?ihoos. Lean (man,) large- footed. 
«J^4i-» Wiew^oo^, Debilitated- ^^ inenhee,^rO' 
^ menee. Death, fate. [hibited. 

^ < 'I'r moneeh. Copious rain, a favourable 

spring season. 
^jp^ meneeh, A bestower, a giver. 
^aJU wioweer. Glistering, ^i^ meneea, Impene- 
ujUju mefieeff High, exalted. [trable. 

j^JU meneen» Feeble, a strong rope, 
y* »7/ooor ^^Thehair. x^f\^^ mowct-amet, 
*""*' >• mowd/, Death. [Satisfying, obeying^ 

I 809 J 


flj^^ tnowafhf. Agreeing^, obsequious, aiding. 
IaS<^ moivhftehety Leaping. 
Ipr^ moio^s^'rety Electinp:, preferring. 
^\y mowisek, ConMerated. fswiftnesa. 
1*51 3-* ffiowhf!emet, Inimical, contendina^ in 
^* 1 yc inowci,«€e, A n a d versa ry . ^ ^ ^ motv^j, S t o r-* 
t-_A;s,t^^ wozM;>^;, Plur. of i_A^ ^ woo/V). [my. 
ib;^>-« ino?aaf;h^t, Brotherhood, iiitirnate 

^^)j^ mowhhhez, Reproached, chastized, 
%jA.\yt mozi'hiiheret. Delaying, 
a \y^ ff owhdy Plur of » a U mhdet. 
ii>\ ^ vnowadet, Mutual affection, 
V»i\^^ rtioivhdemcf. An exanaple. 
j\yo moTvhr, Swift camel 
i\j\y^ moiuhrat. Covering, concealing. 
JLbjI^-c mowjra-af. Discoursing, conversing. 
t^j\y^ mowhrefyVrisnn, a boundary, rrallel. 
L3j\yc motvark. Near. S^j 1^ me/M«^/, Pa-t 
if' Syo fii')?t>a2;ee',Parallel, resembling oneano- 
U \^ r;/o?M.v^, Assembly, agood action, [ther, 
nM.\y^ Viotvksehety Equal, alike, 
t^\^ ivowkf^ety Water for washing. 
%\^\y moivhzhty Disputing, making quarrel. 
5lL>W-« vfiowhihty Satisfying, agreeing with 
i^'^^y vwW2ten, Plur. of^^hy^ . [another. 

[ 810 ] 

t,.^)o\y fitotraxel, Diligent, 
%xio)yo mowazefet, Conformity. 
U[s\y tnowh'at* Having the care of a pupil. 
f*Mx!^ moivh-asett Walking with another. 
S li i ^wo?t'4/<i/,Performingapromise, arriving, 
«JU1^ vaownfthy Agreeing, consenting, pros- 
perous, correspondencct 
^ \ y mowhicz, Plur. of j3 ^ mowekez, 
^^ y V^cwhha, Plur. of ^i*^ meweka. 
L^SaSy ffiewd^kef, Plur. of,jtSy mewekef. 
4--<^!^^ mewb^k^h, Plur. of c— a^.^ metvekeb, 
JU^aSy mowhkebet, Riding with another. 
ti^\y tnowclkefel, Opposing an enemy, 
^^\y raowhkel, Unequal to. 
l^\y mowalat, Love, aiFection. 

^^y mowhlee, Plur. of ^!^ niowelee* 
^^ y n owhm. Coming nearer. 
y^y tfiowkmer. Multiplying. 

ly\y mowameret, Advising. 

Iljl^ laowhnhtt Wearied, tired. 

^Sy mowanis, Familiar. 

^\y mowhna, Plur. of ^ mena, 

tM*A S y mowaheset. Going in haste, declaring. 

^y mowebbed, Continual, eternal. 

^y mowebber. Rendered fruitful. 

i^iy^ mowebbetf (God) humbling any one. 

Ui/^^ fncwel'leJt, A place of danger, 
Jj^^ moivdlel, A bundle of faggCs.' 
^^^ movell'en, Blaming, prosecuting. ^ 

j^^^ mooLee, A small quantity of water. 
S^^ moivf. Death. i_^lj^^ Coming back. ■ 
^. ^ Ij ^ mowetan, Dead stock (as house, land,'- 
&c.) barren ground. ^ 

|3AJ^^ mootelet. Peaceable, equal. 
^3r".-o mootfjery Rented, mercenary. 
cJjj^^ nioofcre^. Wakeful, 
^y; mooteree, A bee making honey* 
^«*3^-« mootesee. Following, an imitator. ♦ 
^^=iiy^ itiootehely Eaten, corroded, ['"g* 

JiJ^A) mootelee, Swearing. ^ y^ mooteuiy Elect- 
2*^ y^ mootemer, Humbled, obedient. 
4f^j^^ wooteweey Compassionate, moved. 

J y^ mowtee. Deceased, the dead. 
cL.j^ mowsy Mingling. 
ysy^ mooser. Supposing, thinking, selecting* 

I ii'^^ viowessefy Short-bodied. 

vJiS- ^ moivsek. Bound, constrained. 

yi y^ moive^sel, Of a noble race. 

/.^J^^ ViooseHy Bestowing liberally* 

I^S^x viowsooty Sprained (hand.) [firm. 

ej5^5^^ mowsoohy Steady, resolute, constant, 

^^5^ Tnowsool, Conjoined. %g^^yo A cause. 

I 813 [ 

i^lAij.^-. moofelhf» Plur. of ,^^if, ^^ HHooJeh^ 

JLj.^ tnonjef, The vigour of youth. 

f^ y vroojehf A skin. 

d<£>y moofed. Corroborating, restoring, 

yf,y tnoojer. Repaying, renting, 

ysfy* mnojex. Compendium. 

y«»^^4 itioojes. Conceiving terror. 

^^y moiu^'jen, Large- cheeked.. 

yj-y^ mowjoOy Struck, castrated goat, 

^.^y-^yt mowjooh. Rendered necessary. 

r^^i-y mowfooJ?, Shut (door) 

A^jj.^^ vwiirfoodf Existing, found, 

s.^^^ unowjooh, Struck on the face. 

^o^ wowhedy Singly, one by one, 

iji^y moohesh, Feajful, -^ ^ An ensign. 

^<s.^ mowpJcHhez, Taken, snatched. 

hy^i-* mowkhoot, Wounded. fsert ) 

■ 1)^^^ fwoac^ctf, Full of danger (a place orde- 

^i^^ moodchy Humbling, submitting, 

c3 » 3-. moivdci, A -place, 

-i.-« moodemt Joining, making peace. 

^ > yt moodee, Firm, aiding, favouring. 

jy* piower. Shaken, agitate^. 

VJ5-4 nioorcb, Becoming rich. 

t^ jy» moorcs, Possession. - 

^jy, motverrej, Rebellion, war, sedition* 

t 813 1 

^^ J •*. rc^oorcheh, A little ant. - 
i^j^ mow red, A passage, entrance, way,, Foad» 
jj*,j5^ inoores (Ground) abounding with thisT 
j-.j^^n^otverresh,fhnnng,kind[w^,xhvG. [ties. 
^JCJ^^ moort^, Fasting rigidly. 
*.j^^ mocra, Separating, [ful or sleepless. 
<— ^^5-* fi'oorekf A standard, rendering Wtils^Q"" 
(^jj^ vioorek. Loyal, innocent. 
i^'^j^^ vwivrooSy Hereditary. 
i*j J y' moo%shc7ii Black large eyed. 
rji^ THOC^f?/, A boot jj^ls :nowe%ze%, Mnr* 
tji-^ inoit'ez:?;^, A divider. [inu|-ing, boiling* 
iij3-^ woti'wor, A maitfactor. 
tiji-^ Wiai^'^ootf, Instigated, thrust, derived, 
$ J y vioo%eh, A boot: ^j^-« ntoo-zt'e, Beriefit-" 
^ ^^ mows. Shaving. [ing, dreading. 

U^^ moosa, A friend, wages. 
^^^^ ifGOsekh, Dirtied, poihng. 
j^^^ rnowcsser. Squeezing 



obset, The middle of a house. 

uJ^\^ trioosef, Grieving. 

)Ul^** Kioosehar, A practitioner of music, 
^jU^-o vwosehee, IMusic. [season. 

y,^^ tnowcssel, Sharp ^^^ mowsen, Time, 
«3AN^^ mowsoom. Marked. 3^ y, moosee^ee^ 

yj^^ mmslh A mouse, a chafiinch. [Mugiq, 

D $ 

[ eu 1 

•i^ty* moiveslis^elf Provoking, causing. 
Ji^^ mooshely Dropping, diminishing, 
^_5^ vioosherrt, Full of herbage (ground.) 
j^^-« mowshoor, A prison. 
^y rnoivshee, A painted cloth. 
^y)^ mowes, A kind of fig, washing. 
tr'^ y mooseh. Diseased. »v«j^^ moo^cJ, Shut. 
^j*oj-o moosool, A bearer. ^ ^j. Bequeathing. 
^y moozeh. Publishing, explaining. 
Xs^iiy^ moozelietf A wide open wound. 
'i}&^^^ mou^fzxess, Constraining, forcing to fly. 
tt^J}^^ ffiowzoo-at, Contradictory (word.) 
Us^ inowth, A footstep, a footstool, a sock 

or wrapper for the feet. 
^y moivettem. Protected, veiled. 
i^^y mowetten, A dwelling-place. 
^y mowtee. Trodden. 

I it j-« viowezzefy A tribute, pay. 

c^«^£^ mowa-ooSt Disdained. 

s^^syt mowa-oodi Foretold, premised. 

^^y mowa-ooh, Weakened, made feeble. 

4^ mooghf One of the magi. 

^y mooghel, Entering. 

ijii^^ moweffef. Crying uph! {y\ pho ! &;c. 

tjij 5^ moweffehf Directing, prospering. 

Q^y mow fee. Perfected, paid, performed. 

t «15 1 

tJi^ *Hoivi, Cheap. 

g<S^^ moiveJikeh, Experience. 

4^*3-* viowJied, A fire hearth, a grate. 

^yt mowiez, The extremity. 

^^^ niojvJiay An accident. 

«jwj>* riiowkt'ft A station, post. 

jj5j^ mooken, Sure, undoubted. 

u- ^^^taowhoos, cr um«^-« Full of scab (cameL) 

S ^» ^-« laotvkoot. Prostrated. 

^j5^^ mowkoo-a, A sharpened sword, 

i— 5^.3-« viowkoqfy Left, bequeathed. 

^" ^^ mowkee. Dreaded (a man.) [ment. 

V— A^y^^ mowheh. An army, a large detach- 

«\^,^^ raowekkedy Confirming, firm. [eat. 

^.^s^^ fnookel, Slandering, giving any thing to 

CLi^^a^-^ unowkooSf Sorrowful, thoughtful. 

^^^^ mowkoom. Unfortunate. 

^^^^ mowl. Prosperous, fortunate, rich. 

"^^^ mowlii or moola, A judge, a lord. 

4yJ^^ mowelleb, Going in haste. 

oJ j^ mowled. Nativity, an infant, procreating. 

.a) y, viGolesh, Hope, expectation. 

t^\y^ moolefy Familiarized. 

djl^ mowlood, Born, a son. 

'^^-0 mowla, God, a king, prince. 

^^U^ viQWleyhrif A benefactor. 

t 810 1 

My» moom, Wax, a wax-candle. 
U^ vwwma, A desert. 
y^^^ riiouiiter, Making copious, multiplying. 
^y* vowemmdf Giving hope. 
^^^ in,owtnen, Believing, faithfuL 
jy^y mowwofk-, Known, dcfinedf 
«-«^^ fiioomeet Consenting to* 
iL^y* mowiec-h,, A niummy. 
u*J^^ mooncfi^ A fellow, a friend* 
vJu ^.« moont-kt NVoiulerful, pleasing. 
^j-« moonec, Dt tainin;^, deferring, delaying, 
jj^^ Ifiowood, Cui-vin^. 
i^^^ mowool, Bringing hack, explaining* 
*^_5^ tfwtvoom, Large- headed, 
... .*^ inowoon. One hundred. 
9yy»^ mowooh, A well full of water- 
u^y moohch, Accepting of a present. 
vi>y» fiiowehhe%. Treading hard. 
(jatf» .^ moiiheif Alow ground. ^^ Mid-nighty 
(^^yo iiiowhooh. Feeble, ^^^ inoivhee. La* 
If 3^ mou'ie, The hair. [cerated, torn. 

,1}^ moiveyhrt ^^'eariug long hair. 
0^^ mou'eecit Confirming, corroborating. 
xiy tnciveer, Indulging much in venery. 
^^M vn,')weeni. Depriving of a spouse, 
«.« wkjA or vkcliCHt Desist, abstain I 

r 5if 3 

t^l^ Vdolihl, Awful, revered (man,) ^ 

Jbi^^ taehhhetj Fear, dread. 

%\3\^ Vfiohatat, A concession, grant. 

1^=^ 14^ viohkiehttt Walking in the dark. 

1^14^ niohujezet. Whispering. 

% I4-0 mehad, A throne, a bed, a sopha, 

S3 A t^-* tnoh^denet. Peace. 

IJil^-o mohd^zelet, Being swift, doing a thing 

I *y mohhr, A bridle, reins. [quickly* 

Uj 14^ viohcii&eletf Negligent, slack, careless 
IUI4-0 mohatati Looking w^ith contempt. 
fSi^ mohkl^ty Contending, disputing. 
^ 14^ mehtim, An important transaction, 
S^ 14^ viiohhmeret. Inverting. 
y«l4^ wioA^«/e«, Plur. of y^^ tfiehmex. 
^ 14^ mohhn, Despised. 
»M^l4^ moh^waty Quarrelling, disputing. 
Jii^\^ mohawesh, Unjustly acquired wealth, 
JlA 14^ mohd>het, A thing easy to be done. 
Xlajl4^ mohhitet, CaWing out, making a noise* 
» I Uy» mehpkreh, Beautiful as the moon^ 
g>4^ tnohMej, Heavy, dull. 
ja4-« ttiehbcl, A pass through a country. 
ci*^A4-» mehboot, Deprived of strength, feehl<|, • 
i^3A4<« raehboosh, Attained, collected. 
X9_jA4^ mehhoot, Poor, in flesh, slender, 

£ % 

r 61 ii J 

kilx^ mehtaJj, Tlie full-moon, moon-light^ 

the splendour of the moon. 
^'^^ 'niehtebed, Taking awaj, boiling* 
^aX^-« mohteheTi Cutting. 
f^jjui^ vnohtetesh, Irritated. [outrageous.: 

^X^ tnolitej, Saucy, bold, proud, insolent* 
^^JZs\yi^ tnohtejertt Squeezed cloa6 together. 
^^sf^ mohf(yee, Upbraiding, disg]r^qe,rsbamer 
^*\a^^ mehtedee, Directed. ' nr'Ao; 

ii^ mohfer, A commander, lord, chief, greaterj^^ 
tSJ^>^ inohterflBi Largeness* grandeur. . ;! 
my^ viohte%emt Depressing, thundecifig* ' ^ 
\p'^^ 'XiLohtesJi, Behaving .affably. , w;,. jic ,^. • 
y£i2^ mohteser, Rejected of. despiB|$d. ^.-.' ^,/> 
A^%.o inohtezentf Inj ured, srtat^^hed, away^ . ; ^ ^. 
2^%^ mohtekay Forbidding, cliaqging colou;r'. 
^^j^ mo/fe/g^a. Respectful. • ; ;, 

^;^ mohtel. Showing the (teeth. , v\uafr 
^^ nwhtemy Solicitous, fev6l\vtigr;.\iuir ^^ ^i 
gt^A^ mohtemej, AN'ithetring. debilitated* 

J ^"^A' mohtoory Perishingv ruining«v'^«V>»«' •.,*.' ifl 
iXscv^ mohjed, Sleeping, causing sl^eifV^,,.' ^^, 
|^:^v^ taohjer, Noble, beautiful..'. ^^ 

iy^sc^ mohjeret, Fo6lish; jahiexectatipn^, ,. ,^ 
^fss^ mohja. Insane,): senseless. , [cut qt^jt 
^if>^ raehjoo. Satirising'.' y^aa^ .mejQor, Split,,^ 

[ ai9 ][ 

Vj >«^4^ ni'eJijooree, ' Absence^ isephrationr 
sr4X^ 'Xiiehdkt, Situation, Gcmdition. 
g^VJsar* niohdaj\ Whistling (wind/) - >^."i-u 
3w ip^ maMef0ty Fleshy, corpulent' (woittani]^ 
- j.^ wjp^/efewv Libidi hpus (shC'^catKeU )a ' .^ ; . ♦ , 
tf^^^x^ mc^oorcf*, Utrlucky, 6nhafxpy^ c- 
tf^s^rtiebd^e,zA plate. used for>'pre$enting pre-* 
Xj a^ laehdeyMi i A -present'.: b n i o'i ^ -^ ivu£.seixtsii 
t«j js^.n vfifJi^xzeh, A g^ood^riatttPed tnWdkt .. .3. ., 
jj^^ meh%er. Delirious, lo^^^iiy/fgoldtoiif J 
-^ me/?r, itiohr,' mofior^ A igeal^< av«eal*riog> >|^ 
^!^4-<) m^hrhsh, A wooden HiorCar. • ^^ 
cJ^^^.mo^M, Diffused* >'i .tiiiviVju • 
j^i^^ mohrdhrj A seal-keepefi^NtV-Jw t^v^^/y^ 
L3yi^ rnQhe'ruek, Shut up in prison*^" *» •'•H:4i 
\^y [Sj^ mokrekh n\' ' The sea;'' <.w»\^iu * j 

*^^ mehrevi, A decrepid dld^-iliaft. fmoonv' 
^yy» m^hrdo', Bea'utifal f^aced^; res^mtoii^ the 
ti;:y^^/'«le/iyao/. Having' a/ wide mbUtfi. 
^^^^4^ iirie^rd®. Indisposed wittii cbld. 
-^^4^ moh^kni} A toweflK'^^'*^ »^^ [lean., 

^ Ic;^ nwhshhfn, /A she-camel Incoming sooa> 
-jAfi^^ w e^:xoo?7i^ Slendier.'^i'^i • 
Sii^ 'molieffefeti Slender- waisted^^ifl. rwatet. 
%^\/l^ «i^/ie^,Blue colour of eye^s, ^eeriness of 
kXjj^ rtichkhf \V%ite bki,e or grey (ej:e»;) ' . 

f 820 ] 

^^ moheJt, A hillock, y^ meheL Doing bj 
UX4-« mehlekh. Beautiful. [degreeSi 

y->^^ ttiehlooSt Extenuated, ftive, 

^^ niohetn. Urgent, important, j U^^ Talka- 
♦ J /-vy^ mohemtereen. Most important. 
j^q^ ritehmer. Verbose, talkative, 
y«4^ mehmexy A spur. (^■♦4-« Bruised barley 
j-»^ mohmel. Indolent, slothful. 
^^ ifiehen, Serving, striking, injuring. 
U^ viiehndL, Light, easy. - -^ 

^^-0 ftiehnooTi, Strong, bold, fat. 
^^^ mehoo. Milk mixed with water. 
J 1 y> mehwhr. Resembling the moon. 
^^j4^ viiohwhn, A desert. 
\jHy^ tne/ioos, Loving to distraction* ^ 

(T^ y mekvesh. Like the moon, ^ 

^ j^ iAekook, A kind of bow* 
J|^4-« mehool, A gin for catching birds, 
^_5^ mohween, A wide extent of low lying- 
U^ mehee-a, Prepared, arranged. |groun4# 
^U^ fiiehee-a, Clear, patent road. 
t^U^ mehee-^f, JExtremely thirsty, 
tJiA^ meheeki Distant ground. 
j^^ mohtemen, (God) protecting, 
y^ moheen, A contemner. .^ Wfi?', Wine^ 
^u» meykh. Walking, "^^ .'.,'. 

I 621 ] 

ts^xLs meyhliet. Making a present. 
SYj^La^ meyhdb,ty Recompensiiag. 
^ V* ^t-« meyadhUf Moved (thing,) agitated 
(branch,) walking airily. 
• iU-o meyhdeen, Plur, of ^^\ju-« meidhn, 
.w^j,L*-« tneybjZeb, Plur. of u-*^^^-* iaee%kb, 
%ym\^ meyaseref. Gentle, humane, [tionate. 
h U« meykt. Driving aw^j. j L^ mey^l, Affec* 
^j^U« vieyhmeen, Plur. of ^^^^a^ meimoon, 
>H L» W2(?^^w,The middle, the centre, the waist;, 
-^U« meyhwem. Daily, lasting long. 
» U.. Wf^^^, Plur, of ^ U TH^a. Ar' '^• 
J Ua-« meelkr, A needle-case, a string. 
S^AA^ meiheretf Thin, weak, ^maa^ irieiheg^ 
^A^ meebel, A stick, a whip. [Withering, 
,A^ rneeh^K 1 hin syrup of quinces. . 

meiV, Dea4, an interment. ftiguity. 

meetd^f A goal, a road, the highway, con- 
« ,. sXt.^m€e(eh, A short sword, a plain ground, 
Is^Xa^ meetckhet, A club, staff. 
yt^ meetoo, A kind of sharp edged stick. 
i,y^j<^ meiioon. A preposterous birth, 
^x^* meefeh, A kind of worm. 
Uu-. Twewd, Level ground. 
ji^lAA^ ttieesd,k, A promise, bargain, 
^^.Ja^ meesem, Beating, treading. 

F s 

t S2^ I 

mees6ci, Distress, sorrowful, 
J Iscva-o meejitr, A stick, club, staff, 
>)l:su>o vae^jtiXy Brief, short, very concise. 

^^ metjoo. Lentil, peas. 

A l;«u^ meehitd, A series of units. 

j^ fdeekhy A nail, hook, a tent-pin, money, 
Jb lsx*«o meekhaty Entering. [coin. 

^ \f^ veLeikhaneh, A tavern. 

o^ itiecd. Agitated (branch,) walking.'" 
,^ljvA^ meidati, An open field, a race-ground. 

14Xa-« meedetj A covered table. [Continent. 

^jy-« tneedekh, A grey horse. ^ Jl^ meedek, 

^aa-* meedee. Having the haml cut off.'-*^ '- 

<ol^^ meerhs. Succession, patrimony. 

t*J^ ^/:f vneerhndun. To kill. 

^^' ^ meertun, One who kills himself. 

^ ) ^^meerJct^, A president. 

J J j^ meerzh, A gentleman. 

# ^. meereh. Concord, food, meat, &c. 

(J ^ meeree. Belonging to a prince. 

^^^\<Kjt ni€e%hht A canal, spout, drairii 

^\ ^ meezhdy Cheerful, glad, joy, 

I j >N. m>ee%ar, A girdle, an apron. 

. ♦; >J I ♦n* meezhndun, To kill. 

-^ t ^ meezLin, A landlord. ^^ A banquet. 

P^ mee^shed, A concubine. 




'Jyi^ H^eeter, A girdle, an apron. 

\^ >f meezeky Mingled, mixed. 

"^ t^ mee%shek. Making a noise, murmuring. 

* ^s* meezshoo. Lentil, ^j \,j^ mee%eedun,To 

^y,^ meis. Walking airily. [make water. 

XLLt' vieesky Walking, a bright star. ^"^' 

'c^L»A>« raeeshh, A yellow date, 

cJ Ua^ meeshk. Flapping wings (a bitd.) 

j^j^ wmer, A play at dice, cards. 

I JM.M meiseret, Wealth, riches. [saw. 

J y*^M meisoor. Fortunate. ^ iL^ meesh^r, A 

0^i!u^ mm/?aow. Unhappy, offensive. ^ 

♦ -Jiw^ meesheen, A tanned skin of sheep. 

Ij [joM iiieexcinety A basket, Lkx^ Low ground, 

aUa^ mee-tid. The place or time of a promise. 

\jM Ua^ rtiee-hSy Sandy ground, [ed time. 

5L* meegk, A cloud, a fog.^iA,* Weegher, A fix- 
Ua^ meefky Throwing out, casting forward. 
iMkM meifa-at. Raised ground. 
^.^iA^ meifookk. Hurt on the head. 
^A^ meifee. An oven, raised ground. 
cij Uu-o meekht. An appointed time. 
t \Xm> meekhdj Soon striking fire, 
4»J>*A^ vieekef, A long staff of wood, [tavern. 
fejfcA^ meehoM, Wakened. c>C* meejtedeh, \ 
i*jy^ meegueren, Beginning to rust. 

i 824 1 

J LJL» tneegshTf One who drinks much wine, 
»^="f t meeka, A watqr-bottle made of leather 
or skin. [travellers, 

JJLSiA-* meeJtelet, A species of kettle used b^ 
j^jCJ^ meeguendcr. Corrupted, stinking, 
^ meilf K-indness, inclination, passion, love* 
^ tneel, A mile, a column^ a statue, a tract 

of ground. 
5U* tneil^t A sand hill, a kind of tree. 
5 5U« me.elhd, Nativity. [tion. 

^ iU^ mtelhn. Love, kindness, passion, afFec- 
cJiIa^ Vdeilek, Nimble, hasty, quick. 
«JL^ ni^eleh. An uncultivated ground, a de* 
«^ meem. The letter ^. [scrt. 

^*f^ vieememfOne who possesses all he wishes. 
^ j*^ meimoon, Happy, lucky, successful, an 
^-^• weew, I, me ; a. niein, Lying. [ape. 
lL» meew^,Vitriol ; tneena^ A port, a glass. 
tj\Lk^ Vkeenkset, (Ground) abounding with 
^ \X^ mcenhn. Confluence. [pot-herbs* 

j^ mecnoo, Vitriol, the blue-stone. 

*^ tneoH, Full of fruit (a branch.) 
o- y*^ meeives, Desperate, c ^ meweh, FruiU 

♦ ^—^ meehmen, A tribe, family. 

j^iux^ meeytien, Almost certain of any thing. 

I 825 ] 

\ i; 
^^ noo, The twenty- fifth letter of the 

Arabick alphabet, and the twenty-ninth of 

the Persian. In arithmetic it denotes 50. 

U nhy Our, ours, us, to us ; p. nh, A nega- 
tive particle, prefixed to nottns in Persian. 

til^US nh'ht, Sighing, groaning. '/ 

. t y^ 1 nh-astowaTy Inconstant, perficnous. 

ju. I nh omccdy Despair, hopeless. 
t f nh-ahel, Disagreeable, incapable. 

t^ i; p. A, nhh> Clear, pure, sincere, equal. 

^^ l nk-pb.k. Impure, unclean. ^ T" '0 

^ t t nahaleghy Under age, unripei. 

cIIajU nalefy Sprouting out. 

StsNj U nhhtjety Unpleasant, an evil, a species 

gsj U nahehy A barker. [of food. 

Jis^U nhbekhety Mentioiring, speaking.- 

t j 1^ a j^ ^ L' nhlehhshendehy Avaricious. 

> AC^ iMedeed, Invisible, scattered!; ^'^ '' '^ 
K^ l naperwhy Fearless, -bold, careless. 

/Xvw t nkpesendy Disagreeable, displeasing, e- - 
jji^li nh,he%, Enraged, [normous, reprobated, 
,.15 nhUay Bursting out. '^^^^ ^^"^k^^^Liy ' -\j 
^jU nhhek. Raised, lofty (grotrnd.)' '' ^" ' • 
^fc t* nhleJihry A vagabond!^ «.^<^^^- ' 
j^U wfi^e/, An archer, iii'arjf6w*niaker, inge- 
nious, a quiveiv'' bf>Vf::>£m:^ 

[ 82S 3 

1 y t nhlood. Destroyed utterly, vanishecj. 
*jU nhheh, Celebrated. ^ l^^. ^ nh,behenjd,r^ 
^ G nhhee. Deprived of sight. [Irregular.- 
)^' t /2(^pdt/d, Reduced to nothing, vanished, 
Ug, L «dto//<i, Blind. ^j u w^^e/, Bringing foxtht 
^l^Lj naiemhm. Deficient, imperfect. 
,5U w<iie^, A tumour. 
J U ntiser. Sneezing, coughing. 
^^ t "'V» ■'^ cypr|5ss, a vine, [strained by force, 
/ U'l «(icA^?\ Wretched, poor, destitute, con- 
/j b naja^, A battle-axe. 
v^ Ij nhj'ce^. Troublesome, inconvenient. 
j^G nhjed. Senseless, stammering, 
jyi^-U nhjezy A grinder. ^U nhjeXy Sultry 
"^X^nhjez, Present, ready. [(month.) 

y^^U ntj€»^ A mortal disease. [oned, 

^Uw^ ii\jespanj Unworthy, disproporti-, 
^IJ 724;W, A parent. >^»U nrjjood, A cup, a 
^s»U «q/'ee or 2^5* tj Escaping, [large vessel, 
^C,. 7ihcliei%^ A trifling silly thingv. 'j ^.,v\ 
2^.i;,^«d//d/e?/, The last day and night of the 
^^ '^ nhhek,Kn injury, unjust, [lunar month.. 
^tj «ri Acer tip cjining. i^^Vitihlieyet, kcoun^ 
J y^ 0* nahhoda. An atheist. [try, district. 
t^,?l/, nakhQz(tf A ship-master, a seaman. 
o«^U Jikkhes, Emaciated (old woman.) - 

t 82; 3 


^ nhkhon, A nail, [hie, villainous, 

itiei U nhkhone, A claw, a naili a web in the eye*^ 
9 I*? U nhkhewah. Unwilling. [disposed. 
j^ ^ji^ ^ 1j nkkliGosh, Unpleasant, wicked, in.-.^ 
4 yi^j^ ^p- 13 nhklioslinood, DiscoutentQdv. 
^ ) ^ U nhdcin, Ignorant, rude. 
ji 13 A. p. nadii\ Singular, rare^ 
Jil^6 J ) t* nbudirghr^ An excellent artificer^ 
-iU nadem, Repenting, cf i> Uwa(fee, Calling*. 
w^^ ^. "; ^ ^^ cCrpost, Ginnam oo. [na te, 

^j t* nhrkhoo^ The flower of t^e. pomcgra- ' 
^/t* w^rJ, A small bullock. [Fastened-; 

^^iiJ *^JA. ■9.nkrdeen,^i^\\ienkrdi. j'd j^ narefieh^^ 
lJ« > ^ nhrgueel. An Indian nut, purple^ 
^jli A. p. nhrinji An orange. )^ / t-* Uniifcy. 
jM « ^ fianveji, Tender! fresh, [of fire, 

e^ 'j nareh, A stone bridge. <$j 13 nhree, Fuli^ 
ry^ y 0. . nhreen, . Polished, shining. 
J U nci%> Endearing, expr«ssioas used by lavers, ;^ 

a wild; pine-tree. 
[S ^,5 ^ nh%hei^ee, A species of heiK 
,^j nhzeshy Dissimulation.- 4»' ^ 

^jlj w4»0f> Shooting, a stranger, vv^v^^,. 
^j 13 nhzeky Soft, slender. } ^13 wte/, Descen^-^ 
Xljli wd^^J^iip^^; Ill-luck. ;^in;:3<:j'^/> ^v , [iiigi,. 

I «28 ] 


• yWjC na%endehy Elegant, amiable, 
4 j'G na^shoo, A pine, a juniper, 
iy/V.>^ nazeedun, To brag, to dissemble, ta 
4_^lj wis. Mankind, [^'^^g'^* 

y U fj 7i^s^, Differing from, disagreeing, rude, 
^ iy^" U nh-'p^s. Ungrateful. 
gx^Lj ?2a5?7, A composert [ground^ 

c ^ U n^sereh. Current coin, a cultivated 
j^-j* I* //a^^t^^^, Unworthy, impertinent, foolish^ 
^«. ij nasia, A long- neck. 
*;d^ t* 7iksqftch, Not perforated, whole. 
.sXwlj 7ibiSeJ(f Devoted to God or virtue. 
XX%i. li ncLSdhft A lean thigh. ^ u nhsem, In- 
c;j^*«.Li nksoot, Human nature. [disposed. 
j^-wli nasoor, A disease in the eje. 
^U wdsde, Mistaking. j*U «a5^. Getting, re* 
«-^U. nasheb^ Sticking, [ceiving. 

^ U niiikcr, Spreading abroad. [bage. 

z^^ij nksheret. Ground abounding with her" 
^^ li nhshe%. Stubborn woman. i^ 

^Li nkshia. Prominent, projection^ .^V' J- ' 
*ijl.^ii 15 naJiokofie/i, Unspht, unpierced» - \^ 
w G nhshna, Even, equal. - ]^''. < 

vy Ixi- jihshanast Ignorant, a rustic. 
y y^ C nhshoor. An old sore. 
<a.^ li nhshae. Appearing, inereasing* 

t 829 1 

ii nhsebi Erecting, tired, motion. '^ 
^ 15 nkseh, A councellor, a friend, a dutiful 
^ Vi ndLser, A defender, protector. [wife. 
^ U nasa. Pure, clear colour. 

L5 nhsefy A slave, v. 

\ya\j A. p. nksewahy Bad, nndean. ' Hj 

i: 7iasey6t, The forehead. [fruit. 

{yiU nhz, Possible, power. ^ L3 nh,t(if, Rlg6 

gvtf U nkxehy One who carries \Vater for ca- 

^>a[j ?iazer. Splendid, florid. [mels* 

c-aIsU nb,teh, A strainer. 

J^ 13 nater, A gardener, a servant at a bath. 

^y^lo \} nates, A speculator. 

4«Ji\3 U natef, A species of confection. 

UilsU natc^y Mentioning, cattle. 

y.h U 72ct^e/, A measure for wine. 

^ Ij ?ia%er, Seeing, inspecting. [Sleepy- 

J^U nhzem, Adjuster, composer. l,*^U w^-a*, 

^\j nh-al. Strong (hoof,) a wild ass. 

*xU nh-am. Tender, mild, delicate. 

SUcU nk-aynet. A garden, a meadow. 

^c U nh-yee. The messenger of deathr [tef. 

, ^ *p L Tidighoosh, Plunging the head into wa- 

<,_5l3 wa/, Sedulous, eating, loathing; p. naf, 

j^ U nhfejy Thick coarse voice. [The navel. 

^\,i^hihferman, Disobedient. 

H s 

f 830 I ^ 


lj*5U w^/f«. Trembling. [mous^. 

^U w^/ea. Healthful. Jlilj wfl/<?Ar, A field- 

lasu nhfelet, Pillage, prey, spoil, plunder, boo- 

^i J nhfehniy Not understanding, [ty, children. 

jysU 7?a/f?e, Rejecting, negative. 

L IH t* nhJialeli Ignorant. 

,J aJ L* nhkahoolf Loathing, nausea. 

3 6 w^A:er, Striking. jj^'U iihkeret, AfHiction, 

V»U MyJ-fsf, Poor, trifling present. 

ijMi' 13 nhhes, Acid, sour. - 

yaSli nak^s, Imperfected, niutilated. 

loSVi nhket, God. t^su wcU^/i Breaking the 

3JfU nakely A porter, a reporter. [head. 

» y y C n^kooty/i, A vessel used in drinking. 

c^>i*U nhhooSf A bell. 

, . ♦ '' ' 

^ I 7/d.|-, Adulterated muslf, 

if ^ naJiam^ Disappointed, discontented. 

U JikHl't Blowing down, declining. 

^v^stJ itikch, A wife, a married womap.. , 
c-i:^ U r}Q,k(ift Disdaining, pusillanimous. 
J^sU ?2^kcl, Infirm, prevaricating in- oath. . 
J ) y^O n^go?tJar, Indige-sted, indisposed. 
J^^ nhgueh. Suddenly, unexpected, 
it U nUf. Jumping, going, . ^^ ' 

^U l! nalany Aiiiicting, Janjenting^.-one who 
^Xi tl nhlaik. Improper, W^^..•^/^,tiJ^Jl^t^ 
/ .C\i nalkh, Afflicted. ""^ 

I «3t 1 


A G nhm, A name> reputation," renown.' 
3U 13 7ihniet, A melodious sound. [ceivable^^ 
J ) ^>a;:» t* ncirjwtcsetvwar. Impossible, incoa^ 
^^ U;^ ncimotnahee, Divine favour. 
'^ y* ^ nhuiniowka, Sudden, unexpected, 
yJ^Ki nhmehreuiy A foreigner.. 
j^r^"^^ nhmeksoor, Immense, infinite*, 
y I >* Ij nhffidar. Illustrious, glorious. 
^1^0 nkmrady Unhapp}% frustrated, discooc* 
t^^O n^werhoot. Impertinent. [solate^ 

,A/-^ nkmerzee. Unacceptable, 
j'l^O nhmzad, A betrothed virgi-n, 
.J^iiL.G nhmeshghool. Inattentive, ^; 

\> y^ nh'ne%hoot. Saucy, bold. 

jyju* U nhnmtcdely Intemperate, excessive. 
^^ juU nd^maroof, Unknown, incognito. 
^ ^ju nhmalooniy Unknown, uncertain. 
/Jf^^i^O w^,7j2f/roo^*, Inseparable. [ble. 

j^Jl* I* namekboolf Displeasing, unaccepta- 
. y^ U namely Slandering, [greeting, opposite, 
£jp 1*^ ^ nhinow.Jiky Differing, absurd, disa- 
^ *. /?^/wo/f;e^V?, Disapproved, disagreeable, 
j^<« U nhwoor. Blood, an iron hook. 
{J J y^Ki nhmweree. Fame, reputation. 
^^j y. I* namofnoon, Disagreeing, jarri-ng, un- 
U nd,mQQs, Esteem>, reputJvtiQn [tuneable* 


f «32 I 

w ^ nkmeh, A type, history, writing. 

jmI ^ nkmehrobatiy Unfriendly. 

.>\) Mmee, Illustrious. 

rif^c^U nhmecdurif To name, 

^.^ 1} n^mceser. Impossible, difficult* 

^ tid;^ Bread. ^ ; * ^ nhucrd, A battle, 

^*j ^Kt iikwetsheh, A little boat. [combat. 

'^^•0 nkives^ A church yard of the magi. 

fti/^ nhtvekf The sting of a bee. [boat, 

/j^ • nk'outeedy Hoprless. d ^ nbiweh, A 

^^ij nhwce, Corpulent camel. 

J l nhhbir, Unknown, undistinguished. 
gxA U nahejt Finding the way, aa U A garden. 
xJs^H riahehj Braying, neighing, [ing thirst. 
.»l6 U n^hcky Endeavouring, y^x^n i hcl, Quench- 

bA nahemiAf Repugnant, incomparable. 

(/jl^-^-^t nhhemwaree, Inconvenience. 
j^H 71^ hoor, A clond. ir^ y\> Suddenly, 

^U nkhee. Forbidding, preventing. 

(/ 1* fidft* , A reed, a pipe. [turning. 

«-^ls nkycht A lieutenant. Ix^u naibet, Re- 

^U ndir, Bright. iy^\jt2hiret, Fire> heat, en- 

«^15 nliixsheh, A canal, a reed. [coity. 

^li nail. Arriving at, acquiring. 

*jU ndt/ji. Slumbering, 

I c ^ w"^«^> A player on the flute, &g. 

[ 8*3 J 

jb--o fieh, Behaving haughtily. 
U nelfaf Projecting, considering. 
{ IaS nebht, A low voice, snarling 
I^Ui nebbkhf Loud, noisy. 
>^ IJ nehb,hhi Turning sour (leaven.) 
jUj nelhTt Eloquent, clamorous. 
fj^.)^ nehhreshyJAugxouSy quarrelsome. 
i (J nehhghf The end of a thread, 
^ U; nelack, Plur. of ^>J nehek* 
\ U3 «eZ'^/, Plur. of \jj 7?eJe/. 
S^UJ fielfdifWef, The higher part of ground, 
»LJ nelkh, Celebrated, noble. 
4,ilaxj nehet, Germinating, vegetating. 
yuj nehtelf A place, strong backed. 
♦ju5 nehteety A sharp pointed sword. 
«S.o «e^^5. Cleaning- a well, rage. 
^ W6^^*, Oakum. 
b<j3 nehez, Throwing from the hand. 
i j^ nolxct, A shore, side. [shanieless. 

^AJ we^er. Exalting, piercing with a spear, 
»^AJ nebrety High, exalted, a tuniour. 
^j*.<^x5 nehrhsy A lamp, a candle, a lanthoriv 
j^j nehred, A battle. 

e K * vj nelerdghh, A field of battle. ;^ 

* J J neberdeh. Warlike, chosen. ? 

w nele%, Disgrace, shame, a surname. 

I « 

ijJ ml%€h, A sur name. ^j*.>j we J<?*, Hasten Jngi 
'^^ nebesh, A marked came^. [sp^aking% 

^. JLJ nob'esht, Writing, he wrote, 
oa^j rieles, Speaking. UaxS nehsk, Twanging 
/»aJ we&«. Motion, the pulse. [(^Q^«i 

jjjUflAj tielezhn, Beating as an artery. 
^ nebeghi Seeing, published, appearing. 
^ nelit Steepiness, downwardness, a decH* 
^ neheh Great, a large stone or turf, [vit^^ 
^ WJ nehlad, A foundation, 
i^ nehwetf The higher part of ground, 
^ yj^ nehooh, A mob, crowd. 
^^aJwo^M, Souring, j^^ neloar, Thepodex. 
h_^ nehoot, A lame sheep, 
g^ nehoQ-a, A spring. 
<i^ nelookf Flur. of ^Juj «e^^. [blemaiu 

iu4 neleh, Recollecting, remembering, no* 
^ we^ee, A prophet. 

ciLuxi neleet. Vile, worthless, mean, abject. 
IXj^ neleetet, A twig, 
^^ neheez. Thrown. 
$^ neleereh, A grand-son. 
;jajj neOeel, Great, skilful, good, standard. 
JUuxj neheeleii Elegant, beautiful, a carcase. 
.Uj w^/a. Excellent, high, great, renowned;, 
prominent, produced. 

[ m I 

ii Ia) nei^f, Joy fnh gay, afiablc, pleasant, hcalthv 
i;U5 nethnet, Stinking. 
XXi nottet, A small hollaw in a stonci^ 
gvxs we^tf^, Perspiring, evaporating^ 
^Xj n^teVi, Spoil, perdition. 
^ netcsh. The first sprouting of planSs^, 
netef, Jlqcking hairs, feathers, 
a5 netek. Shaking, laoving* 
^ nalel^ Withdrawing, attracting, 
^^a5 %^(i/2, Stinking, [pearing polite, kind* 
^ netoo. Exalted,, eminent, superior,^ ap:» 

Lv ne/ee/,Deceit, guile, cunning, cheats 
c;i-o i?e^, Spreading abroad, proclaiming, 
i±,lxj wesflf*, Anointed< 
m^ nosalet, Earth taken out of a welL 
^ nesef. Timorous, worthless, [an oratioRfc 
yo n$ser,Sp.reading abroad,dispersing, rejecting^ 
i Jo nesret, The space between the mustachoes,. 
^ nesel, A ditch; wese/. Cleaning (a well.) 
j^. nfisoovy Fruitful. hyS nesoot. Peaceable, 
c±*AiJ nesees, Sweating.^ [q^uiet^ 

^^ neseelt Pung.. 

la,* ne/tt, Escaping, expeditious, peeling wocxj^ 
SL U?. iiejahtt. Nobleness, liberal* 
-l^* nejahy Success. 
g U? nejahh, The sound made by coughing. 

C «36 3 

ilasf ?2e7W, A sword-belt, ^lur, o( ^ nejedl' 
lilat: nejadet, Fortitude, boldness. 
J 1=6? nefar. Nature, colour. 
JUtac* TJoyfltse^, Unclean, dirty. 
cJW yz'^'rt/'. The lower threshold of a dooi^ 
^ U^ nejam. An astronomer. 
"83 lac nejawet. An extensive tract. 
t^x nejelt The bark of a tree. 
^ss: we/e5. Imploring help, an inquisitor, exa* 
iNsr nejed, AHliction. [minings 

^' nejez, Biting, chewing, ^ar nejer, Thirsty. 
Kjsf nejer et, Thirsty. 

ysff nej€%t Performing a promise, perishing,^ 
tjM*? nejes, Nasty, filthy, unclean. ' i 

(J^ nejesh, Provoking, rousing, making haste. 
**a? nofat, Feeding, 

cJa? ngef, A raised ground, a hill, tumulus^ 
^* nejel, A large black eye, 
^ nejoo, A malignant eye. 
\^ wo/etyflj, Yawning. ^\ ^f nejwan^SiEroxi, 
zyaf nefwef, A hill. ^^.js. nejooj, Swift. 
^^x nejoohh. The roaring of the waves. 
^^x nejoonif Appearing (the star.) 
45^ ^ar nejoomee, Belonging to the stars* .i 
^uar iiejeehf Just (opinion.) 
.Smcc nejeed, Fearless, strong. 

i 83; 3 

[use ot by weavers, icC* 
■^^ nejeer^ A kind of starch or glue, made 
•ASS nejeea, Salutary, a mixture of cakes. 
^J^^J^ nehhs, Brass, ^g^l4: nehhsee, Brazen,^ 
Si; lac nehashet, Burnt bread. [copper; 

]o l^ nohdbt. Puffed with pride. 
li L^ nohiifet, Leanness, [ing, demonstration, 

I ^ nehiby Devoting, walking, diligent, cry- 

i U^ nehbaf. Funeral lamentations. 
Iasc nohbety A lot which is cast. 
■t^ nehhet. Having a hoarse voice. 
^^ neher, Wounding on the throat, 
^j^ nehreer, Skilful, industrious. 
ys? nehe%, Repelling, pounding. 
y«^ nehs, A bad omen, a misfortune. 
^Ja^ JieheTi, Pressing. Elxi- nehtef, Lamenting, 
}Jr Jiehel, Attributing. [sighing. 

^ nehem. The cough, spittle. 
^ nehett, We. \ ^d: nehivhy Tremour. 
Xam^cs? nehoofee. Unfortunate, unhappy. 
^ysyk nehooSy A fat she- camel. 
ijeyk nehoot, Mitigated, extenuated, 
l^s: we/ioo/, Making lean, ts ^^ds nehtueCy Gram- 
is-^ neheeby Crying, weeping. [maticaL 
C^j^ neheef. Smoothing. • 
»^i- ncheeief, Nature, marrow,' 

K 8 

-j^ neJwem, A voice, howling. fmucug. 

^ nekhy A carpet *«lisf nekkit-af, Spit'tlc, 
cJlae? nekhhf, A boot. xWhs nekhalet. Grain, 
Julis? nekhhmeti Phlegm. [!>i'^t^. 

Cess nekhet. Extracting, biting. 
^^ nekhej. Vitriol, broom. 
^. riekhjed. Hard bread. 

•'J- ^ekJicheer, Prey, hunting. 

J \ / neJihrht or /MI J^*' A ram, goat, kid. 

x^ ^ y^ nekhrodb ,K hole, a cell in a honey-comb^, 

i^is? ne^te. Cutting, cl:|anging colour, pushing. 

c^mS^ nakhodi The commencement, the first. 

(jicff nekhesh, Injury, barking, an emotion. 

^ nekhh. Confessing a debt, kiUing, [tree. 

4— ii^ nekhef. Swelling. tXsss nekhlei, A palm- 

^^ 7iekJileh, A cane, a stick for walking. 

^ nekhem. Blowing the nose, fatigued. 

j^^is? nekhwar, Noble, elevated. 

iys: nekhwet. Haughtiness, magnificence. 

Xj^is? nekhoohet. The buttocks, podex. 

'^ ^^ 'nokhoodf A pulse. 

ij^yss nekhoos, A young mountain goat. 

^xic nekheeTy Blowing the nose. 

y,»Asr nekhees, A pulley. cjLic Me^//e^Sneezing. 

^AAsr we^'^fier, A den, cave. ' 

I 839 J 

03 nedf A deserter, equal, a hill of sand^ 
!jo neda, Calling together, a clamour. 
f^\^nedawef, Wet ground, nedeh, Afflicting, bewailing, weeping; 

nedeh, Hazard, a scar. [tude. 

^ Jo nedhj, A spacious tract of ground, ampli- 
J oo nedcVt Destroying, appearing in sight, 
jj^jj nedoSy Cunning, 
j^jj nedeshy Separating, carding cotton. 
\yad^ nedes, Protuberant. [Carding cotton.^ 
« ^3 ncdat Bastard marjoram. cJjo nedej^ 
Jli Jo nodfety A small quantity of water. 
^ ^j nedeniy Repenting, 
(_^ U .xj nodmhn. An intimate frienc^. 
^jo nedoOy Convoking, assembling. 
^^.y'i vedwet, A congregation. 
j^jo nodoor, Falling one thing upon another, 
X Jo w ^"^^ Rebuking, {jravvUng, checking 

(camel.) [humidi 

^ j,j iiedee, Moisture of ground, day dew^, 

L,jj nedeeyhriy A tree full of juice, 
fc^jo nedeeh, Having scars on the back. 
^ nez. Pissing. 5j ^ <^ nezhret. Dread, great 
XJ\^ ne^cdet, Mean, vile, base. [fear^l 

^ no^evy A vow, a gift. 

i 840 ] 


^jjo nonTec, An admonition, 
^jki nezl. Vile, mean (a man ) 
^3 ^ nezoor, Plur. of ^ jj noxcr, 
oo jo nejtees;. Making water, spittle, [news. 
jjoJ ne%eer, A prophet, a messenger of bad 
j^jo nexeel, A low, mean, abject man. 
^ wer, Male, masculine. (J^j^y nerjeesh. The 
^ y> nerkh, A tax. [narcissus. 

^ytierd, A trunk, the game of chess, dice, 
^K ) J' werJo^'^7?, A ladder, a stair- case. 
.^jjji^ nerdeen, Nard, spikenard. 
J ^5 nere%, Absconding, withdrawing. 
^^J^ J, nersci, A lentil. 
^^U**^5 nerseeyhn, Fresh date* 
^ ^ nerm. Tender, soft, gentle. 
i^Ji^ y ncrmeJif Tender, plain, smooth. 
s y* } nermood, A swing or see-saw. 

C) ^ y* / ^*^^f^^^^^^^^ 1 o swing, 

^^ J. nermeh. Soft to the touch, mild, gentle, 

e J> nereh, A wave, membrum virile. 

l*J^ * J' ncrregan, The poor. 

y ne%, Active (man,) copious. 

\y ne%hy Forcing to do any thing, repelling* 

«--^ \y no%ah, A surname, nick- name. 

^ 1 ^ nezshad, A family, principle, [to evil. 

J ^ ji ;/e;ear,Thin, slender. ^ \y iiexhx, Addicted 

^1y ne%)a, A quarrel, dispute, i-etiriiig. 
I»1y ne^thati Contention, controversy. 
^^ -jj fiozhgh, A slanderer. 
LJi\y nexhk. Nimble, hasty, quick. 
t^\y n&uikct. Politeness [journey, 

13 \y 'ne%kltty Ground overflowed by rain, a 
«5# O ndel, A surname, a reproach. 
ty nezzety Wish. ^^ ne^tkhefj. The night- 
^p nezed, With, near, a side. [mare. 

•^ mzshd, A commander, chief, sorrowful. 
^^j u ^ V nezdtek, Near, neighbourhood. 
jy nezer, Small, cheap. 
- y neza. Pulling, drawitrg. [ley. 

t£y nczat, A path through mountains, a val- 
^yw<'«^g"A, Upbraiding. L3y ii<;%e/J, Unsteady, 
^y nezls. The male- crocodile. 
Ct'iy nezelhty A right arrangement. 
f y ne%m, A severe bite. [^^g' darknesy. 

^ ^ netsheniy Crying in triumph, a cloud, af 
(^ ; y**i nezshoodurit To clarify. 
^^ nczshend, Terrible, dreadful. 
fjj^^y nctcwauy Assaulting. 
%j^y tiezooret, Small, mean, vile, bastf. 
C-J^y ne%oofy A well quite emptied. 
tJi^y riezQohy Variable, unsteady, levityV 
^^^ ncmjl, Ali;jjhting. 

[ 842 J 

»y neneh, Pure, a pleasant place. 
e^ nezsheh, Au arrow, an anguish. 
^^ mzeej\ A state or field horse led before 
^y 7ze25(3c/?, Corpulent. [a great man. 

^^y ?ie%eer, A sn^all quantity of any thing, 

yy ne%eez. Running (a 4^^^,) njoveable. 
*->iy ne^eezei, The head-ach. [ated. 

^Jby Wdxee/jWeak. by loss of blood, inebri- 
' Hy ^^^^^k -^ stranger, magnificent enter- 
pjvj nezeem, A deluge, a cloud, fog.[tainment. 
/;**/ nes, A shade, bovyer, a house, the beard, 
UJ nesa, A lady, woman, [a slippery place. 
g. Up neessaj, A weaver. ^ l^ noakh. Rubbing. 
cJUJ nesafy A kind of bird. 
^\m^ ne$hm, Plur. of j^a*J neseem, 
yMJUJ we5(X»<?5, A she-marmoset. 
^ W nesq,yet7h Plur. of ^^^ tieseem* 
' ,u^ «je^^e^. Related to, of the blood. 

ts^ neshecl, A fishers net. [weaving. 

_:uj wester, The narcissus. ^v*»o ??e^<!/, Twisting, 
*\-^ wese/?, A confused mass, rubbisli, 
jLkwi noskhet, A model or pattern, 
csj-mJ n^sree. Aquiline. 
^Mo nesegh, Striking with a rqd or laj^I^, ;• 
(^UUJ nesfan, Full, overfio vying. 

[ 843 ] 

A w* 

y^,^^^ W55^,GQdly, devout, the blood of a vic- 
tim ; nesekt Washing a garment. 

3-*J neselt Being swift in motion. 

^ ^mJ neslarij. Quickening the pace. 

-.-wJ nesem, Wind blowing gently, 

3l*^5 nesemef. The breath, the soul, a mun, ^ 
purchased sl^ve. 
L^ nesmeel, Convenient, meet. 

^J^ Um^j nesnas. An ape, a fawn. 

**J nesoo, Slippery, smooth, a. nesoo, A wo- 
man supposed to be pregnant, [of milk.. 

S^mJ neswet. Abandoning (work,) a draught 

2^*J nesoojy Going fast, carrying a burden 

i^^«^j nesoos, Thirs(y. [steady (a camel.) 

£ ^-uJ nesewa. Wandering about. 

^ ^ nesool. Changing feathers, dropping oiF» 

^j^w neswee. Womanly, feniale. 

^^UjJ nese^an. Forgetful. 

«y^>^ neseeb, High in rank or birth? celebrat«»^ 
ing a mistress in verse. 

Iu*j neseet, A little woman. 

i^juA^ neseefyh. secret spoken in a lowvoicci 

1 >•.,/. neseekf Joined in order. 

53u*J neseek, Gold and silver. 

*^ neseem, A gentle gale, the fragv?int ai|, 

^A^ nesee. Differed. 

[ S4i ] 

f£j nesJi, Resembling, like. 
Uj neshki Head-ach, smelling. 
|*Lij neshk-^atf A creature, appeafing. 
Itsj neshht, A dry tree. 
.\^ neshshaf, A full bottle. [strengthen^ 
^^ U^ neshakktun. To fix in the ground, ta 
A Lai neshhdt Beseeching, entreating, 
jliii fieshtiXf Plar. of yij neshe%. 
jfj^ neshiistej,StsiTch, ^^Ltj neshhitun^ 
jy« lkJ neshitsketf A barren ground. [To sit* 

; l^ neshift Dryness in the mouth from 
extreme hunger. 
ti liiJ neshafet. The froth of a milk. 
(•J^ neshkn, A sign, mark. 
^*j j^\jtj neshhndun. To mark. 
6 J}\^ neshhndeh. Planted, fixed. [archers; 
• K liij neshkngah, A goal, limit, a butt for 
Jj {£u neshknger, A pair of compasses. 
J l^* neshttneh, A mark. e^^^AJ neshperehy A 

L^ neshheelt A net, a hook, [shade, 

-viij neshej. An aqueduct. gviiJ nesheht Quench* 
,>w5ij neshed. Searching. [ing thirst. 

S^j noshret, An amulet.[sun does not penetrate* 
- ^ neshreniy A place where the rays of the 
^ ^i neshree. Diffusive. [Projecting* 

J neshez, A raised g^ round, aged ; p. neihe%, 

I «45 ] 


t Ki«Jtj ne.shcsfgahf A place of meeting or 
abiding. [abide, to extinguish. 

^yUJiJ neshestun, To sit down, to dwell, t6 
.J^±i neshestenee, A seat, a place in which- 
iiwJij neshesteh. Sat. [one sits, 

oe-ij neshes, Ascending, being exalted. 
Jaiij neshez, Carrying off rapidly. 
ouiJ neshek. Smelling, perfume^ 
^JSi neshki A pomegranate. 
Lij neshel. Hanging* a hook. 
^*r-^ neshmen Happy, prosperous. 
3^ neshoo. Examining, encreasing. 
J f ^j neshwhr, Chewing the cud. 
jjj VyjJ neshu'^n. Drunk, intoxicated. 
v^^^ noshool. Inherent, tenaciously. 
Syjj neshwet. Perfume, examining into any 

-^ wesAooA, Small quantity of water. 
jySii neshoor. Scattering, (cloud) causing rain.- 
j^ noshooz, Standing high,, prominent. 
^yiij neshoos, A straight spear. 
)oy^ neshoof, A deep well. 
]b^ neshooZi Sprouting, just appearing. 
^Bi neshe'e, Appearing (cloud); p A porcu- 
^^^^ neshetly Declivity. [pine. 

^VA^; nese^\ Ah a(iueduel, a canal. 

M g 

t |4§i } 

^f^ msheer, A zone, a, girdle. ^ _^H a 

iffxJii msJiees, Straight, upright (a spear ). 

LxiJ nesheet. Gladness. *• < 

yj^ nesheel. Dressed meat ; p. Suspended. 

j^** nesheent, A bird's nest. 

.•j^ n^heen. Sitting, a successor, 

^^j nesa^ Talking hold of another's, forel,ocks 

when fightipg. 
v^IaaJ neshhy ^Ihe, foundation, root. 
^Ufli nesah, A thread in a needle. 
^Ufli nosaVy Plur, of ^ neser. 
cJ *^ nesaf, Dividing equally into parts. 
^Uaj nesb,l,^\yiv of ^.Aai neseL 
<, >Aa.> w<?5f//. Weary. ^AaS /ze^e^, Adyising-^ 
jj>fl> neser. Aid, assistance, a present. 
^.y^. noserh. An assistant, a defender. 
(^\y^*aj nesrhn, A christian. 
i^L,y*ai, no^ett Defence, vlctpvy, ^^ 
^j*ai. nesree. Triumphal, victoriouji, 
(j^\i*a) nes^fan, Half emptied (a vessel) 
Ijuaj nefifet. Justice, middle-aged woman. 
y*aj nesl. The back of the head, the point of 

a spear, or sword. 
IW neslef. The crown of the head. 
Ituwu nesmef. An image, idol. 
ije iLkii nesnaSf (A serpent)^ writhing much. 

f »^? i. 


'^yoj nesooh, True, constant 

J fAo^ nesoor, Aiding, ^yaj nesewa, Pure, pul^^ 

iy*s^, nosool. Expunging, [Uc, whitislu 

^Aoj ncsee, A white thistles :.:!:» ' 

^ ^;^« Jieseeh^ A portion, division^ park. 

txA*Ai n^^ebet, Any thing erected for, a aignaV, 
i j >^>aJ neseebd^r., A partaker. 
, ft 1 >^r^ itts_eehdksht A campaniioni, fortuaCi I 

f*^ nesyet. Elected, chpseri^ 
-^ nesser, One who helps^ a defender, 

QOAAai nesees, Making a crackling noise* ' 

j\jcj nezctr, Plur. of^Afij n£7.en. 

ijlAaJ nezhrett Shining, beautiful, freghnesst,, * 

yiUiJ nc'zazy A, serpent ; no%a%^ The best sojri^ ? 
of people- 

^^v^ nezeh, Sptinklitig, drinking water;^ . 'j 

^» nezeik, Sprinkling, scattermg* aj 

ouaj nfzed. Illustrious, noble. ,\;;^ow t-:>_j 

wai nezer. Beauty, brightness*! njiv 

i >flj w^sjrc/. Splendour, opulenc©, :J-* o 

t-J>*a^ W6«e/, Wild marjoranii 

y^ ne%cl. Darting, filthy, nasty^ 

^jc\i^> ne'zna%, A kind of serpent. ; •' j 

i_, yej nezoolt Running, sunk in the socket (aOj 

^^ nezeej, Riipe fruit, dressed meat. [eye.X^ 

,>»AAai ncT^eed, A carpet, a cushion, a^pillow« - 

[ 848 I 

^AAflj ne^eer, Gold, silver. 

fjiiAtaj nezeez, Weak (ia body,) exsuding, 

fc_.V4' nezeqf. Unclean. kJ net, EhlargiKg. 

Ik3 neiia, A distant journey. 

u-JlkJ ;^e^a^. The head, a pain in the neck. 

s ILi nettat, The stalk of a date, a twig. 

,t^ Uaj netasee, Plur. of jjmU wa^P^. 

Istiaj ae/d^ Light-headed, raving. 

XiUai netafet. Flowing. [girdle, zone. 

t-JUaj nefai^, A species of woman garment, a 

i^^ netseret, Having the stomach overload- 
ed with fat meat^ u,.^ 1j 

gvlai «e/e/f, Butting With tlie horns. 

\jia» neterh, Plur. of ^^ U wi^er, (^^^ netroorit 

g^IaS «e/d*. Ingenious, a physician. {Nitre. 

4jsJaj neteshf An ordinance or decree, consti- 
tution, strength. 

cJilu we/e/. Spoiled, corrupted, a wound, a 
vice, evil, a kind of distemper. m\ ^ > 

^ilaj we/e/tfw. Flowing (water.) .nij^it e'r^ 

«— jilaj netekf Skilful in speaking. x\'ix ^^C. 

a^Iaj «d//a, A large urn or bucket, a misfortune. 

lai^ notnot. Tall, long. 

^ we/oo. Far, disCaiat, absent. 

cJ^tJ notook, Speaking, articulation; 

J>y wfif^o/, A gutter. 

^laj tieteelf, Odioqs, mifortunatCt .', 3 

umaIoj netee9, iRtelligent, ingenious* [my* 

fJL^^j mteesht Motion j lUi ni%ar, Physiogno- 

IjUai ne^re^i Inspection, administratioa. 

tjjlfcj nexaree, A weUr shaped camel* 

-llpi n€%am. Order, arrangement. 

Qjyl^ ti€%eran, Seeing, a vision. 

ijlii ngwet, A look, a malignant eye, 

if^t; tigxree, One who ga;i;eiB at. women, an4 

^i?ak$ with then). » • v 

'^fej ne%cm, Arrangement, [ther, suspecting. 

J ^t 3 nexoor, One who attentively looks at anor 

^Aia3 fiezeer, Resembling, equal. 

u-ixlii nexeef. Nasty, filthy, pure, [crowing, 

^1 ficf, Lean man. u^Ui na-ah. Croaking, 

Sj UJ na-^bet, ^Nimble, quick, swift (camel.) 

SJUi na-hiet. Swift ^horse.) 

jW» «a-^r, Snpring, rebellious, cunning. 

IjUi iM'hrety Shameless, siaucy (womar^.) 

^ix» na-^s, Sleepy. 

^Us na-am, The ostrich, a deserts 

^U; na-amee, The south wind* * 

/^LLjo na-ahaHy Croaking as a rayeso* 
Saw naUtt An a^ljective, an epithet, 
ci^itj «a^. Receiving. 3i« nassel, The male 
gv*5 wfl/', Qgi^g in haste, L^y^^^i 

N 8 

i 660 ] 


^^*j naretj Disobedience, rebellion. 
^yJJtj naSf Soft bodied, q\iickness, sleeping, 
^jo riashy A bear, lifting up the eyes. -j 
laxi jiaz, Rising. c-Jj*j naf, A kernel, a tumour. 
XixJ nafit. The strap of a shoe. 
JULjo nalet, A shoe. [footed aniinaL 

j».xj waw. Yes, thuSj it is so ; na-atn, A fore- 
^^ Uxj naman, Blood. [the sole of a shoe- 
^xj nametee. Good thing, comfort, iron on 
^jo w«wa, Mint; nofio, A tall nian, tottering. 
Stxhii nonat. The crop of a bird, 
^jo naWi A circle under the nose, 
u-j^w naweh, Quick, swift (camel.) 
g^x3 wa?^vj, White. "^r-^^ ?"-..> 

_, ^xJ nawer, Snoring, rebellious, cunning, sly< 
o^y^i nawes. Giving much milk (a she-camel.) 
t^jo nawe%y Rising. cJ^w naivef, A flagging 
«; na-eCf The messenger of death. [ear. 

«-t-*/.xj naih, Croaking. [a race. 

iiiAAsj nait, (A horse) outstripping others in 
jj.%i nalvy Snoring, crying loudly. • 
*^xj wm/7z. Peaceable, pleasure, ' •' 

jlAj neghhr. Bleeding ^^a wound.) 
jL\sJ noghhshy Short-bodied, a dwarf* • 
^ 1x3 wc^^^j2,(0ne thing) moving after cTthers. 
^ U; ?ieghitghf A vessel for drinking4 . 

f Ui J 

Juij neghheki Senseless, insanfe, 

i^ij negheret. Jealous (woman.) 

*i^ neghez. Excellent, beautiful, quick, ha^ty. 

i\)^u}*^ neghzeedun, To become good- 

^xj negkesk, Shaking (thing,) nodding, trem- 
bling, leaning. [in his draught; 

(jaxi negheSy Despaired, disturbing a camel 

^jtjo neghexi Moving the head, tottering, 
chattering, the male-bstrich. [horse.) 

^>aij neghzely Slothful, idle, heavy (post 

laii noghoty A tall man. 

jjw neghely Bad, villainous (intention,) having 
an aversion to another. 

«iii noghnoghyThe riesh adjacent to the throaty 
the division between the throat and wind-*^- 

a^3o neghoody A kind of tree. [pip^« 

(^ IjX Ju neghoshaiei Dried cow's dung* 

^' Jtj neghooshehy Hearing, 

^jo fS6 neghot. The large bunch of camel. 

^yti neghooly Deep, profound, a ditch, thin* 
\^ neghoolee. Depth. ..V. 

jUiJ negheeky Braying (a cameli) croaking. - 

^Mi negheel, Base born, bastardly, false, spurt- 

. y.Xj negheeived, k kind of large tree. [ous. 

ijb nefy Sowing [thing* 

\^ nefa, The refuse or worst part of any 

i U5 »e/i/,Thc segment of 4 plant, cut herbagfi 
CJ 15 Uu ne/^$d,(, Blowing (as 9 cqnjuror wher\ 

making incantations or playing tricks,) pror 

nouncing verses. 
-Vm JicffhJ, Puffed with pride, pursuing, 
• U5 n^f^h. Beneficent, a husband. 
^U^ nnfikkhy A flatulent t^moiir. 
i.U; V^f^%i Penetration. 
j\*j nefkTy Fearful (4nin>al ) [assembly,^ 

ljU5 nofliret. Fright, terror, abomination, ai> 
^Ui nofhz, A diversion of pumping, 
t^lv «^/a«, Esteeming valuably. [ XcAt»«>M i*<, 
I^ U; nefhset, Of a great value, dear, 
y^'ju nBf^%^ Trembling, scarcity of provision 
isUi »^^^ A Uipp, candle, [on a jqurnpy, 
f.\f>j m^fohi Benefit, emolument. -» •• . 

i> U; V*'f^^h, A large cup, 
(^iii nefhfc^ Liable to sale (any thing) ; niftthx 

Falsity, [ed withdyst. 

^U3 nofavi, Deformed, muddy, foggy, stain- 
Ij Uu «^a^6'/, Rejected, ci^in^//, Angry, passion, 
ijLgii w^/^»i Tricks, pouring out blood (a vein.) 
^vi> mfch^ Diffusing odour. [png. 

^w nefekht Blo\ving with ^he mouth, inspi- 
^ nefcd^ Exhausted (4 W€ll,) varjishinj 

disa^ipated wealth. . . 

f 853 ] 

iSj nffe%. Pervading, [Preceding,emigrating, 

j^ neJer.A companyof men, one person; uefer, 

g \jij tiofraj. Base, mean. 

S^ij nefref. Detestable, a body of men. . 

-fu Sj nefreej. Verbose. ^ >,• jl* To execrate, 
♦ J X* neireen. Abomination, aversion, an im-" 
precation, terror, weeping, 

jj^w nefeiij The breath, singing, the sound from 

U*ij nofeshi A woman in labour, [the breast. 
XUii »w/s^nee,Luxurious.^«jlJwefsee, Wishful. 

^jhxi we/esj,. Whatever is fallen from a tree. 

U^ij nefezh. The trembling of the body in an 

^Aflij nef%ee. Agitation, tremor. [ague, 

laij we/if, Afflicted. *kti nefetet, The car. 

^kxj neftee, Anointed with bitumen, 
^si we/a, Gain, advantage, doin^ good, 

c-jiii nefeh. Perishing. 

Jliij nefeketf The necessaries of life, 

ijSineffieghfThG division between the throat 

cjuii nefnef, A valley, [and wind-pipe^ 

c»yL5 nefoof, Boiling over (as a pot.) 

- ^iS nefooh, A bow shooting far. 

i>iS nefooz, Penetration* j^ij nefo(yr, Abhorr 

j^ju nefoo%, Bounding (doe.) [ring, averse. 
fjM yij Ji^oos, Flur. pf ^> nefi [fruitful season, 
gS.>iti nefoosh, Possessing the produce of a 
P f 

I 654 1 

iy>y>i nefooz, Having many children (a wo- 

^yi} n^fd/qly The leg, the shank. [i»an.) 

»yi nefooh, Idle, lazy. »*j nofeh, Low, idle, 

cii^. f9€f.e(}$, A wound bleeding much. 

^^^uefecj, One who interposes between two. 

^^. nefser. Going before, a crowd of men.. 

ijMAsi nefees, Precious, exquisite. 

(jiiAii uefeeehy Scattered, furniture. 

(joAi* nefees. Fresh water. 

I?A«i nefeet, Angry, squalling (as a child.) 

Uu ncih^ A hill of sand^ exquisite, 

w--. Uu nekhh, A veil, a signal, mark, learned. 

Jb IK» nckcibet, A leader, chief, magistrate. 

uL. Ix) nekas, A hyena. 

^ Ui nokhkh, The back part of the head. 

A lij nahJt^d, A banker, a shepherd. 

^lij fjckhr, Expostulation. 

J Uu nokcLTif A kind of distemper on cattle. 

JUUu nekhset, Upbraiding, disgrace, shame, 

j^lxi we^s/f, A painter, embroiderer, [ridicule* 

cJUo nckkhf, Discreet (man,) enquiring ea- 

K u; nehhtikeU A frog. [gerly. 

ilXi nekkhl. Swift camel. 

^ U^ nekhm. Muddy water. 

»Ji5 ix: nekjinehy Plur. of i«_X;jo nehnek. 

•%^^ nekebf A rabbit's burrow, a mine, [ing^ 

g\ju we^e^, A white cloud. ^ nekekh, Fierc- 


^ heid or cs dSj nekdi/.'Ready money ; neiedf 

Full of flesh (a goat) ; noid, A boy. 
iJiJ neke», Escaping. [ing, hallowing. 

Jo wtj^fr, Enraged, a distemper oh sheep, strik* 
\y,yj A. P. we^r^5,Death, destruction, an omen^ 
tsyOi neiree. Defamation.. - 

yfu neke%, A surname, fresh clean Water. 
fjjii nelces, Upbraiding, disgrace, a vice. 
(jixi nehsh, Painting, drawing, a picture. 
ooAJ neJtes, Diminution, imperfect, defeGtive.i 
fj&'ij neJiez, Rupture. [with points, 

]»iu nehet. Marking (a consonant, a book,) 
*lfljLJ nokteh or nohtet, A point> a stop, a vow- 
t-J»5i «e^^ Striking with a spear, [el, a part. 
JjU we^e/. Volubility of tongue j «e^/, A his- 
tory, tale, relation. , 
jJu nekem^ The middle of the road, enragedi 
SUaj nekmet, Revenge, punishment, 
uUSi neinek, An ostrich, s yij nekwetf The re- 
A^jo ntkoody Plur. of 4Nx> wei^<;?. [fuse, sifting. 
j^^Xj nekoosh, Plur. of jijij nehhm 
ijeyij nekooz, Plur. of jjaXi w/^ejc, 
4 ^Xj nekooly Plur. ©f 3^ we^/. 
»yw «e;fooy^,Convalescent, attention [ceiving. 
*io nekeh, Understanding, well known, per- 
Jij nei^e, Clean, excellent, chaste^ 

[ 656 ] 

IaJ} nekeehet, The soul, mind, nature, ad vice* 
SuXi neheetfk word, ^j we^edr,Deep, a camel. 
(^^ nekeeshi Resemblance, [voice of a man. 
ijbjjij nekee%. Contrary, the cry of an eagle, the 
«^5j nek^ea. Good, quenching thirst. 
cJuju nekcek. Croaking, yj^ nekeel, A foreigner, 
^^ nek. Behold ! lo 1 
)i) negk. Killing, wounding an enemy, 
w-' ^> nekiil, A glove, news, a picture. 
g. l^ij nekkh. Matrimony, marriage, 
y W negitr, A picture, an idol, beautiful 
»^l.SaJ nek^ret, Crafty, cunning. [woman. 
i^ jK") neg^rendeh, A painter, a writer. 
i*J >{, J K negi,reedun, To paint, to embroider, 
^L£ai nc'kiTt, A serpent. [to write. 

o~ I^-Saj fiekhs, A relapse. [of a camel. 

4»^L^j nokafy A swelling on the upper jaws 
'jK^a i^xi nekakee%, Plur. of j i^ij nek(i%» 
^ l.SxJ Tiekalf A punishment, a restraint. 
ft ^; negah, A look. [flicted. 

]u LSai /ie^^j/e/, Killing, a wound. ixCjnekbet^Af^ 
*.L~s^a} nekat, Restless (horse,) piercing and 

tumbling head over heels, 
cl^^ai nekiis. Dissolving, separating.. 
0^=3.) nekdy Miserable, a small gift, [crafty, 
£ neguer, A grape stone ; n^kcr, Intelligent, 

% W7 I 

8 ^£a5 neheret. Undetermined. 

y^=>j nekez. Trampling upon, exhausted. 

^y>,^sj nekesy Miserable; ae^^e^, Inclining do wn-* 
ward, inverting. a L^J (^ 

^fiJ^ nefcesk. Lazy, idle, slow; a. Consuming 

ija^=^ nekes, Going away. [(herbage.) 

Ja,^ii nekeZy Hungry, diligent. 
-^.Saj neka, Removing, repulsing, aversion. 

3>^j nekel, A rope fastened to a bucket. 

Jil^J noklet. An example, a punishment, 
.^ nekoo. Elegant, beautiful. 
jy^=^ nokoor. Disowning, denying. 

^ U ^ nekooskr or negooskVy Inverted, a lo^y 
. ^ ^^aj mkwa,A. dwarf, [bodied beast of burden. 

^ ^.^aJ aei5'Oo/,FJy i ng from an enemy, refraining. 

t yl^ nekooh, A woman having a short body* 
J yC nekowee, A good thing, goodness. 

j^'j nekeh. Intensely hot (sun,) 

^ \^yQ neguehbiiny Guardian, observer. 

j^^j nekhet. The smell of the breath. 

J ^^y^ neguehdar, A guardian, keeper. 

j.*=-.; «c^eer,Mischicvous, heinous, reprobating* 
''Llr^ 7iegMeea,Under, below, a ring. 
\i 72^/, Follow thou I •. J . 

4XU nolkyk medlar; p. Achesnut, orit*stree, 

jjJL5 nolnol, Feeble (a man.). 
? * 

i «5« 3 

l^ nenih. Increasing, s UJ nemht, A snvall red 
»jl*5 nemaret, Piur. of ^ nemer. [ant. 

>tjj,<jLJ nemarek, Plur. of cJ^ nomrok' 
J l^ nemhx. Prayers. & l^j L^ A place of prayer. 
;ibwUJ wewf;ids,A slanderer, a false accusation. 
^ US nemhs, The thread m a needle. 
jsUi 7iomat, Plur. of L^nemet, 
(/'l^ ^nowhi. Showing, pointing out, ah in- 
.♦j 01^ wow/o^^;?. Appearing, apparent, (dex. 
jij.UJ 770//2d^i.v//, Appearance,face, figure, spectre* 
t^oU* wowfiyewJeAjShowing, shown, ashewer, 
*j Uj nemhyentt Plur. of *«j^ nemeemet. 
•.*j /^Ji^-nomhyeedun, To showy to exhibit. 
.^f^-* tiernj. Wet, J I >^ wcw</dr, Wjet> hanQid. 
»>i>r^ t2©wc?e^fl?d/i, Weeping, crying. 
'^ nemer, A moveable bed to lie down on« 
t Kj^nomrok, A jsmall cushion, a pillow. 
ij«^ nemes,' Hiding, concealing a secret. 
i^J<^:^ nemsliek, Pepperwort. 
L4J tiem^t, A mode, way, manner. 
j,la^ Jiemetee, A bed-maker, a mode^ m^n^r. 
^IuUj ntmegJief, The top of a mountain. ?. 
»jL*i nemeket. An execrable man. i {humid* 
,^,jC^ nemek. Salt. -^^^X^ «ewgt/ee«, \ Moist, 
^ neni/. An ant ; nemei. Brisk, spirited 
(horse,) swift, abusire. 

[ B6g J 

JJUJ nemlet. An ant, a crack in the hoof sA 
J^ nemleh. Full of trouble. [a horse'. 

i»5 nemUe, Restless woman. 
^ ljL«j nemnkk. Humid, moist. 
3*5 7/e»ioo;Increasing, becoming full, coloured. 
^ ^ nemood, .An index* [tation.copj. 

.y I K.y^ jiemoodar, Aneicrpplar, spedmenJrnU 
^^ ;^V nemoodej, A prpof, symbof, re-prfsen-* 
tation, model.«eem, to\dec.lare. 

1*1 ^ y^ nomoodun, -To. shew, tocdemonstrate/ 
.-_^ Jiemoom, A slanderer or; false accuser. 
CD>*^ nemoon, A guide, an index, 
.*^ nemeli,^ Surprized, . confounded. 
.^A«j nemeeryHasy of' digestion, copious j lazy^ 
ijoA^j nemees, Pulled out hairs. [glutton. 

JUu^j nemeekt, Detraction, slander. 
^A^S nemeefn,iA vestige. ^ /zo/z. The letter 
2 ,>J3 nendelj The night- mare. f ^. 

^.^ w^w^. Reputation, honour. 
i*Jj)^ nonheedun, Ta conceal, cover. 
J wd«;, wa«^, or now, New, fresh. . 
^p netva, Getting up with difficulty, befall-* 

J y wo«t'^. Voice, song. [ing a misfortune. 
*.^\^ nowwhh, Plur. of t.^-^j ij nhyeb. 
J II p. Tififf^/, -Intending, a date stone, 

J \y newatee, Plur. of ^jy uowtee. 

[ 86o 1 

*&^^p newbje%t Plur. of j^ w^/^. 

JL^ I ^ newhjesteh A vineyard. 

-.1^ newhh. Complaining, 

jft^l^j netvhliet, A hired female mourner. 

^ip newkhee, Plur. of jUs^U nbheyeU 

^^ I J 720?i'iA'^^,Singing. ^ I J we2^4</» Nume- 

i,^ ^ I y neivadsheh, Clay, rubbisU. [^ration. 

• ^ I y ne.wb.deh, A grandson. 

J ^p newhr, Fearing, causing to fly. 

y »f y nowb.%, A performer on the musical in-* 

• j y ) J nowhzdek, Nineteen. [strum ent. 
>( j^ )y wow;dzc^eAo«i, The nineteenth, [voice, 
v^ ^ I y nowhzesh, Trying to sing, tuning the 
» >j j ) y nowazendeh, A flatterer, a caresser. 
</ y ) y nowb,zeei Clemency, courtesy. 

Cj >lj ^ y nowkxeedun^ Waving. 
ij»\^ nawkSi Waving. ^*/^\ y To contend. 
^p>\ y tiowksh, A melon, a cucumber. 
^y;^ I y newhshtuny To be, wrinkled. 
-A I y Hew^sheh, The cement for building* 
^1^5 newhier, Plur. of^u niiser, 
^<y newktel, Plur. of j^i^u nctte/. 
gv^ip weit'd-djf, Going sv^^ift (a camel.) 
^ ^^ ne^tvhfel, Plur. of iOi ij nafelet, 
^ \y new^^. One who is fit for any thing ; 
rieww^k,^^x]^exi^ncQd, sagacious. 

I «8i ] 

jji\^ newh/tcr, Reproach* 
y^o ty neivhheesy Plun of (>^i'l5 nhkoo^. 
STi ^ Jiewhkvt,Yo\\y.J^\^ newaguer, A musici-' 
^!_^ niwal, A present; benefit, [an, a singeiTi 
XJip netvahtj A gift, a cellar, a cottage. 
J I ywo?i^i/e/?, A mouthful, a dish of meat, lis- 
m\^ netvhrn; Slothful. [tenin^^r* 

! *• ) J newkmoozj One who learns any thing 

new, or from the beginning. 
fy.j^i^ nez:;amees/J^{ir. of \j^ ^^.\j nhmoos, 
« !; ) y newhndeh. Nineteen. [liew* ' 

* I • I J newaivordf An intention, any thing- ^ 
yoi>1^ newahez, Firm, a large camel. 
^\y neivb!hee, Plur. of ^ nehee. 
tjV^ netvaity Becoming fat (a camel.) [windi 
. J I J neivhyes^ Voice. » ; ^ y nmvlhdeh, New 
C;^ y nooheh, A vine twig or shoot. 
^ y nooleh, A complaint, the root of a trees. 
fgi^i noohei. Seasonable rain in spring. 
Cj^i noot. Staggering from weakness, 
^p nowtee, A seaman. 
g>5no2t7, Violent wind ; p. nooj, A pine-tree. 
2-y we^^;eA, Afflicting, groaning. 
ciiiU.^^ noiuhht, Pliir. of Xs^y noivheU 
JU.'^ 7wwhet, A mournful complaint. 
jUi_^ nowkhet, Stopping, 

[ 85? ] 

i^ y nmvliheezy New rising, i. e. A youth^ ,,. 
^y newedy Ninety. 

D 1.^ J twoderch, Beiovevl offspring* _,..^* ,^ Pa 
' ;|^y nooranee^ Ciei^r, serene. [hot iron. 
zjyx noivr^t. One flpwer, ft mark made by a 
a^y netvercdy Surrounding, a traveller, [fold. 
. i^/U) J ^ ^^^'i^^^'deediuif To travel, stray, to 
// j y fioiaresjf ^qftf fresh, young, jiewly 

sprung up. 
e ; y nooreh, A mark ipade by a fipt iron. 
t s ] J y nowzadehf Lately born. - ^ 

i*J i J ^ noo%shan> A fearful vpic^. 
e J ,* y nooxdch, Nineteeq, ? ., ^ . . 
A))^ noczdchow, li^e nineteenth. 
^ ^i news. Moved, driving camels; p. noos^ 
j^ Lv- y noosephs, Ungrateful. [The raip-bow^ 
^y newesh. Receiving, rising, enquiring. 
^^ J noiveshiiint To write, to spare ; neiveshr 

tftn. To bemoan, to go far way. 
^(i y nciveshkofteh. New blown rose be* 

ginning to expand. 
Jt^ y woos/?e//, Prosperous, gla^s, the rain-bow. 
jH /p-i:^ ^ noosheedun, To drink, to digest, [ass, 
fjo^ newes, Pec lining, escaping, delay, a wil4 
^y netvezj Perambulating, shining, motipfit 
yy mwet, Appending, 


{ 863 J 

[above watep. 
$io^ notvtety The crop of a bird, a place high 
a ^5 neiva, A sort, species, a supplication. 
icy newaty Fresh fruit. '. 

!L_iy newef, Hanging over, eminent. 
J y woo/6'r,The water lily, [flictjou, calamity. 
^^5 newfel. The sea, a handsome youth, af-:; 
jJkiy newfelet. Salt. ^'>^** nqfeedun. To re-f 
< V^i newehf A reddish white. [sound. 

XSp ncwkety Dexterity. ^Jy newek. Senseless* 
Vp nowJib,, Senseless, stupid (wpmar).) 

! i^ J nookali Deception. 
^ ^y 7ioogan, An anniversary, feast. 
y\ jf ^ nooMkry Sharp pointed, 
/y nooker or ?ioogiterj A man or maid-servaRfj 
6\/^ nowkerde.h, A grandson. * •' noofifar, A talkative maq. 
^.^j newel f Presenting, a mode. 
Li>5^>^ wozi^/oof?. Freight. 
* ^i newem, Sleeping, i^ y noomei, Careless, 
xv« y nowmedf Hopeless. 
il j^^ J nowmeidee, Despair, out of all hopes. 
^/i 7ioow,The letter ^^ , a lisb ; p. noon^ow, 
%^ ^i noonetf A fish. [firm, 

J. J nooneh. The pit in the chin. 
Ji^j^ neivoosh. Snatching, firm. 

[ 864 ] 

^^ ^ newool, Go'm^ {nsk'mgly. 

^^y newoom, SIcfeping much. 

%y neweh, Being exalted, generous. 

l^yi nowhet, A meal, an. allowance. 

,^ y weu;<»g. Purpose, absence, a house, travel-. 

,ling from place to place. 
gvj^i neweeh. Ivy, wood-vine. • (ing, 

5^jy7/eti;6'erefyA little fire. , ^*^^ ^ neweeStWiii" 
, A;, ^ wea'e€s/?. Describing, writing. .> 

Cn-^!m^»i neweeslitun. To write, 
(vij.i wetiJd«5,Retiring, flying towards, strength. 
s^!, ^ 7ieweeh, A time, turn, a llute, apipe. 

L J newcel^ The forehead, the front, 
^j y ncween or noveen, A prince, the most 
excellent of any thing. [of a tree. 

^', y nooyeh, A complaint, ^sucker at the root 
i*J ^„ ^ neweeduriy To lament, to cry aloud, 
J neht No, not, neither, not yet. [j"g» 

l^; wc/i^, H'ilf dressed meat; nelih. Fault, a 
%^\^ nelMy Plur. of 4-*^5 neheh. 
^ l^ nehh,her, Plur. of g^A^ neheheref. 
CL^l^J nehitt. Bellowing, murmuring, 

/y\^neJiadegucejL\\t she w-bread.[administer. 

"^ ^ L; nehadun. To place, to put, to apply, to 

^jl^ we/zarce. Much, many, breakfast, fgry. 

[J ^uj \^ neh^reedun, To be terrified, to be huu- 

Ij '^ fiehh'^.et, Quantity, number. flioft* 

fj^i^ nehhhSy The sparrow- hunter, a bird, a 
j^^j vehk%, Plur of l/i^j nehszei* 
c3l^5 nehb.ft. Braying. [plant. 

^ U tu'hd,lee, A small carpet or cushion, a 
I'i^ nehhm, A blacksmith, a carpenter. 
l^ [^ nohhmet, Ghittony, a lion, 
jj-« l^ nelidbinee, A blacksmith, a carpentef. 
i\J'\} nehhn. Concealed, secretly. 
J y nehd^nee. Privately, secretly. 

|H >j^ * L5 iiehhweedurii To fear, to dread, 
lb l^ neh^yetJThe end, term, boundary, excesiik 
t—*^; nehcl;, Spoil, plunder. 
^ >J ly nohkneedun, To become beautiful*- 
.j^,^ nehbetf Division, 2^^ nekberet, A ditch* 
^k^ nehhely An old man. [danger. 

jyj^^ nehboor, A heap of sand. [of death. 
ijy^ nehbooret. Long, meagre, at the point 
^ nohbek, The understanding, intelligence. 
^^ nehheher. Exceeding bounds or measure, 

a large tankard or vessel. 
^ nehbee. Plunder, i^ nehseret, A step. 
gv^> nehej. Pointing out the way, making cleaf. 
0^3 wcAe^,Generous. high, fleshy, a lion, [a body. 
Ij^ nehdh, A sandhill, i^^ nehret, Ac^owd^ 

i 860 1 

I ^ nokrehyk jar, jug. ts ^ Belonging to a rlrec 
v^j jiehe%, A lion, repulsing, shaking the head, 
i^ nehxett Au occasion. ^j**^ nohes, .Th^ 
y^ nehser, A wolf, quick, [sparrow-hunter, 
ji^ nehsek, A wild carrot. 
ji^j Tiehesh, Quick- p^ced (a horse,) biting. 
yi^ nehshel, A \volf, a hawk, aged. 

i i^ nehef, Surpriz^e, admjration. 

^,::^jy* nohoft, A certain mode of music. 
ji^neheh,k species of bifd, the b;*ayingofan 
^ n^hel, Eatable. [ass.. 

i^ nehk^, A draugh^, [greedy eater. 

m.^ nehtm. Addicted to gluttony, appetite, a 
. U^ nehi/i^r, ^ni^umerable, a dangerous war. 
J l^ ntth/ncLTi, Trqublesome, hardness. 
^ L^. nehmkn,k troublesome war, [to. be done. 
JU^i nchemetyQvQdit yvish, whatever is necessary 
♦ -Jy nohenl'on,ThG coyer of a furnace. [cloth. 
^^^W nehenJt, A crocodile ^ nehneh, Fine 
>^^ nehood, Rising up, or springing upon ar^ 

i i^ n^ehoodet. Fat, tall and beautiful horsey 
^ ^ nehooSy A lion. ^ ^^ «eAoo/,Plur. of 3^ nehef. 
^ lithee^ Forbidding, an hindrance^ prudencei 

a furrow, fat camel, ^ ,. 

[ 86^^ I 

\^K^ neheeLee, Booty, corrupt, plunder. 
,;;s-^ nejieet, A cry, 4 deep sigh. [tremity, 
Ji^s Jiaheeti Hindrance, intelligence, the ex- 
^^ neheed. Butter, j.*^ neheer. Plenty. 
y^*^ neheek, To bray or cry like an ass. 
C^ nei^et. Design, purpose, will i ne&t, No4?i 
ding froip age pr weakness. J^(^ 

• yuo neetooUt A species of tree, .^it l\ ■ 
ioySy^ neesrhn, Full of talk or pratirtg. 
^ neehy Solid (a bone,) becoming hard. 

jjj nsedel, A burden. [ble blow. 

jjj neereb, A stout man. »^aj neeret,A palpa-f 
z /^ /2Cdrey, Any thing marcid or withered. 
^ j^ neereJt, Beguiling, deceiving, decei^, ' 

fraud, a mark. 

* J neroo, Strength, power.. 

! * J neerooz, The first day of the ye^?» 

} yy^ neeroofevt The water lily. 

/U ^ J neeroojnend, Powerful, prosperous. 

^ J neereh, An earthen churning vessel. 

♦J weex;. Also, likewise, again. [speari. 

^ y^ neezei, A javelin. 9 ^ nee%eh, A shor^ 

^ neezsh. Frankincense, perfume. 

•;5-**Naj iiQeseby A plain road. [grow* 

,* I Ix.^ meithn, A fieldi where canes or reed& 


t 8C8 } 

iL^ nee^t, Aiuiihilation, ruia, destructioo. 

L^ »«mo,A lancet. , A^ neesh» The sting, a 
*itJ n€ihoo,K kind of plum, [puncture, a lancet. 
JLj neesheky A pipe, a flute. [The pulse. 

jjaAJ W€(;«, Walking, a hedge- hog j^j Jiceai, 
kJ «€e/, Distant, the bst breath, death. 
jkAJ neetely A bucket, -a lar^c urn. 
^..jCJ wecyf, A small reed or pen, 

v^ nehlohJit, Fortunate, happy, blessed. 

{^ * 

j^ neeiter. Better. 

^ [XXj neekrem, Famous, celebrated. 

•<0 neekoo. Good, elegant, excellently, 

^ neel, Acquiring. i\) ^-^^ neelgoon, Blue. 

J I5 ^AJ neelooftir. The water lily. 

/'"^ neerrit A half. a».a; neemet, Slumber. 

^f^^ neemcheh, Dimin. of ^"'j A small short 

J ^ /^ neemrooz,T\\c mid-day. [sword. 


^♦^ neemeh, The half, the palsy. 

^j neeiv, Wise, skilful, learned. 

s--» yt^ neyooh, Plur. of t-j U nal, 

/^ ^ neeweSf Listening, weeping. 

w/^* neewek, A bride. ^ y^^^ neyomerd, Pru- 

^ w^ee. Far off. [dent, warlike. 

^ neyem. Groaning. 

t m ] 


^^'^^'Whw, The twenty-sixth lettef of thd 

Arabic, and the thirtieth of the Persian al* 

phabets. In arithmetic it denotes 6. -^ 

■' wd^, And, as, like but, with, still. 

\^wa. With, agaifi. ' ' ' [large camel. 

«>ij1^ wao, Contracted together, ashamed, a 

SjI^ wkhet, A well, a hollow in a stone. 

1^ J^,,y ^ ^ wd,lforeedun. To cut off. 

. y^ ) ^ whbos. Only, 

. f^\ ^ whpes. Behind, again, afterwards. 

i*/--^ ) ^ whhestuny To tie, to refer, 

^iiwj I ^ whJjesieh, Bound. 

^'^^^ I . ivhpeseerif Last, posterior. 

juajl^ tl'hheset, Fire, m^ it'd^<3^ Lean, timid. 

y^*)^ whtguer ot wittier, Onie who makes gar* 
ments of skins. 

^^ ivkten. Continual, running water. 

tJiSM^ fl/d^e^. Depending upoti, firm. 

^\^tv^$en. Perennial, fixed in a place. 

^ \^ wdj\ Hungry. [necessary. 

. .^ \^ 9i)(ijph^ Proper, worthy, convenient, 

4iijlA».5_5 w^jhat, Proper, est pedient, requisite. 

A:».1^ iv^jed, A finder-out, contriver, an in- 
♦j^tvvw.^1^ wkjespeedun. To grow, to adhere$ 
]^ wajef, Palpitating (heart) 

s s 


jjjt^!^ wAcheedun, To gather or pick up, tQ 
iNa.!^ wxhed, Sole, oqe, singular,., [collect. 
4— 5» ^^ whhef, Full of herbage, fconjecture. 
/I^ ?:;^M, Rightness, uprightness, truth, a 
.>^)^ ivhhhcheetK horse with a pack-s^ddl^,^ 
jUi^ tokkhed. Going ^n haste (a camel ) 
Ci)^»/^> '^AiJw^^Uiti, To purchase, huy. 
'M^jf\yu;hkhcrdL{7i, Tq ^ke Q^re qr tl^ii^it 
of, tQ perforni hj labour. .w.\^v v . * 

i^/^^y^ wit/fhe^dun. Beating (cotton) 

(*/)' ) '> ^i^^dhdun, To restore, to Return. "* 

^yi^ 'o ' ^ li^hdhshtim, To forbid, restrain, op- 

j^ i ! ^ wkdekh, A vin6-bu4. [pose, to cofice^l. 

unaI^ ivkdes, Springing up (a plant ]j 

^^il^ wb,dA, Letting alone, qiild. 

t_5:klj tukdeJty Sharp sword. 

^^S^ wtbdek. Full of flesh (a man) 

If aIj W^de&f 4 ysl^cy, low ground, a river, 

/M L )^^ tvhdee-ariy Tl^e herb fennel, [a corner, 

^a!^ whdeef, The swing or see- saw. 
ji?^ ti^3{er> l^eUn(](uishing, forsaking, 

J )^ mr^ ]pqual, endowed with. feast. 

1^1; 1^ f^^AyaWjThe elbow, o 10; 1^ e^;fi^r/^g^A^Th€j 

>^ ; ^^ w^res. An heir. 

4 yl^ whrehK A beam* a Iizar4. 

(V^^^;^^ whrdk&htunf^ To exalt. 

I ^P 3 


.v^>^js] MfXB^i^\hos6: . [sack. 

'i^\U/^; whrdhUfk bucket, amid-"veife, 9 large 
/p j^^ whreshf Eating, coming uninvited to 
.^yl^ zi/teg*, Belcbing. ^fl's»r' [a feast. 

^ ^\^ w^rtf^ A fan ; a. Ample, fresh, v^c-; 
l*J^jU whro/ti'n, To walk, to gp, [dant. 

ii^j^ War eh, Becoming full of green leaf. 
^j\^ w^rein, A sweUing. /^/^ The elbovf, 
J^U u^roneh. Unfortunate,' unhgppy, dumb^ 
^j[t^ ip^roo^ A fan, a ventilator.' * [inverted.- 
A'yjh ^^^roogA, Eruct^tipji. [excellent ipusk. 
^ j\i tohreCy A flesby camel, a disease, subtile, 
/iyf^ xphrechh, Going fast, the elbaw% • ,11 
•OAA:^ tt'4re£(/ttw, Tq 3walIoAY* } -■ ' 1 
t*r,.j^} iT^r^^w, Being swift in going, the elbpwv 
J \*f whz, Forsaking^ parting wi^li, desisting^ 
^ 1;^ u;to^, Inverteii. '.:::; \ .z. (careless, 
C^>>/b ?^'^^^^«» To cojic^L \Q teaze, tpbpaJt 

or separate cotton. 
g^\^ wd^zsa, A prince, governor, magistrate. 
^ J [^ ivazskegh, A rope. [verted,. 

J •IjK tpaxshgoneh. Opposite, contrary, in? 
j^^ \^ wU%enj liawful money. 
/^'}^^. wh%eeklh Scalding. 9^J\-^ iv^zeerek, 
«^lj wasea, Large, spacious. [Tim% 

uSm. ^^ whsek. Pregnant, y^ \ ^ zi?j^5ij/,* 
^\y waseK ^ Vv.tterfly. 

[ 873 1 

ft ykivhsli. Provision, food for cattle, [affinity. 
l^cV^ wtishejet, 'Connected different ways by 
.♦I /^ I * ' wh^hoduv, To be dissipated, to be va- 
jJ- L ivhsheh, A sparrow hawk or merlin. _^ 

^ I3 11^45/266, One who speaks in a low voice, a 
\ ^whseh. Eternal punishment, [slandei'ef. 
x^\^ whsef, A prais^r. 
3^1^ whsel. Added, coupled, arrived. 
^*a\^ w^see, Very near, close, adjoining, con- 
^vtfW tvhxeh, Evident, doubtless. [tiguous. 
kto \^ whzea, Establishing. v»? J >; 

jjfll^ 2i^^/e/, Low ground. [crop. 

Sj^^^ wh-adst, (Ground) promising a good 
(/ ^ j , wk-adee, A fixed time. [fretting, 
J^ftl^ O'^-fls;, A preacher, ^c \^wagher, Angry> 
•^V^ tvbfedf Approaching, an ambassador. 
^^^ tvhfer. Plentiful, many, wealthy. 

«iM it'd^"i. Falling, happening, intervemng. 
Kii'lj wb,kkt. An accident, a misfortune, ai 
d, l«iM ^ ivdikh-at, Plur.of Wi Sy [battle, a dreamt 
iJ>S\^wakefi Standing, learned, a legacy. 
jj]^ whguefy But, if, however. [more. 

^ . /)^ whherdun/To seize, to cover, to r^- 

CJ'^-^J h ^^g^^^^^^^^^^h To return, to be la* 

verted. ^j^Lj 

[ J^rs ] 

^J^ ] ^uMoshiunyTo retaliate. 

Aj >Ji/l^ ivahsheedurijTo protract, to extraci, 

ly^^^ t^agoftun, To upbrdid, reproach. 

^,^,\^ wakel, Slow, sluggish (horSe ) i 

^^^i wa^eti. Reclining, sitting down. 

' i) >^, ^/K wMeWeeJuriy To search, to examinii. 

i ] ^ u)hly Taking refuge, escaping ; p. A whalci 

a large fish, 
y ) ^ whlh. Eminent, respectable, power, a 

friend; A. But, yet, still, nevertheless; 

tjnless, notwithstanding. 

4 IM • walad, The plaistering of a wall, a large 

c_-.n^ it'd^^e/', Enterirlg. [brick. 

«j]ul\^ H'ales, Heavy, everlasting eviU 

SL^Mj ivcilejei, Grief. ' ' "^ 

jsJ i^ ivkiedy A parent, a father. [ing lies. 

ijJ!^ waledety A mother. ^1_5 tt>d/dfl. Tell- 

JUJI^ waleaty Any thing which obstructs. 

*1S^^ wallaheh. By God. [love. 

a! ?^ ivaleh. Surprised, confounded, mad from 

] \j tvd,lee, A command'er, a' prince. 

> 1 • ifaW, Borrowing, debt. [to desist. 

.♦j>* L ty whmhndiiii. To remain, to hesitate, 

Jul, wamet, A companion, peer. [tor. 

I 1^ U ivilinlihahy A creditor, j] /^] ^ K. deb- 

j^ lXw*-« ^ J wamsitan, A debtor, a creditor, 

T s 

{ ar-i 1 


lJujI^ wh,mfit Loving, enamoured. 

1^1^ wameet. Ill-luck ^\^wd,n, A guardian, 

J U)^ tvunskz, A pair of compasses. 

^^^ wkneh. Sitting. 

.♦i*^;)* u'hnomoodan. To show. 

i^js\j U iv^nehxduri. To pat down the feet. 

^ \j waneQ, Benumbed, slow, heavy, languid, 

^ Sy wb,w. The letter ^ [vile. 

ilb^ <3 wawjelh, A loud qry, 

» ) ^whh l^y ! pho ! c--^ ^^«z^tt^^^,A bestower. 

X I* zA'^/^ew, Resembling, wrinkled, crooked, 

a badger; a. 2i?(i/^<?/;2, Supposing. 
4^^\^ lokhen^ Feeble, enervated. 

A^^ w^hf.e. Dissolved, broken. 
^]^ loaie. Promising, conceit, fancy, thought. 
(•/^y^ ^^yftftuH, To perceive, to apprehend. 
^ )^ w^yeh. Alacrity, joy, a portion, a lot. 
lo ^j Wiiyeeti A large pot and saucer. 
,^^^ web^ Making, or getting ready. [ease. 
L J webiti The plague or any epidemical dis- 
4j«ijj webbhs, The moon. *^ ij^ Timorous. 
. j ijj webdi. Unwholesome air, a sin, crime* 
^^ webed. Angry. ^^ weber. Wool. 
yM>^ U'e^*, Equal. 

4iaj^ii?eZ'e5,Cheerfulness, agility. [wound. 

ia^y webet, Wavering, entangling, gaping 

\^^^ Wtltk, Perishing. 
^^weUee, Giving much milk (a she-camel.) 
IX, ^tvehiiet^hl}xr\^&c.^i^ ^^wehwekp Perishing, 
jjj mtheh. Apprehending, Wj^Oto* 

J^^^i)^i'C6/, A country aiSictedwith plague. 
^y:uuy 'ipehee^, Flashing. 3^^ .lUeOpel, Unwhale* 
^^^ zvet, Cooing of doYQs. [same, 

, ^ wstoJiet or ^j ^ivelehj Low-.pricedo 
^U^ wetay^r, Pluc. of »,^-i^ taetes^net. 
u^'^ wefTeb, Steady,, fixied.A^A3^tvetekhei,Dir:t, 
j^'^ VJdte^, A stake, a club. [clread> fright. 
^.^ weler. Sole, singular. 
S^j^ loeiereii The bridge of the nose, Jthe 
4^ »jj> n^etree, Separately. .J[.niargiQ. 

jij^ wetshy Base, meaq, vale. .[cnuje, 

4j_5 weteghj Stupid, penseiess, cornmiUiqg a 
^^^'^ wetenk, A bunch of.giiapese 
QjP'^ ivetoQTii Ranning water* 
»^j_3 weieeret, A path, a furrow* 
4._jlj_j wes^bf LeapiFig, iissaulting™ 
%,[^^ iveshhet, An assault. [fleshyc 

lb»lj^ wesbjei. Thick, entangled, asking much, 
.\^yWe3ar^ Soft, /^ ^':^ ty«j,sal, A hcusca 
ti \3^ tveshhet, Constant. 
^\^^ tveskm. Producing little (ground ) 
wesel, Assaulting, leaping. 


[ 8;o ] 

jS^ tveser, Softening. ^^ Brfaking the head; 

Itdy wesghet, A little water. }^ ^ wesel,A rope. 

j».S^ wesem, Pcnurv, rareness, scarcity. 

jjjS^ tveseti, An image. [rushing. 

*-r^>*j tt^d50o5. Assailing, leaping, springing^ 

c«j>p_5 wcsook, Confidencci trusting to. 

^wi^ tveseef. Thick, densfe. 

1^aS_5 iveseckhtty A bunch of herb6. [firni. 
^j tueseer, Soft, tender. uJiaS^ Strong, solidj 

^^ weseelj A weakly young deer. 
*.a5^ weseem. Firm in flesh. -^^ ^ ii^e/, The 
U._5 wejh. Striking, beheading; [sweet cand; 
^ l.a.^ wejtLh A curtain, a veil. 
SU.J tjUejd.%, Piur. of j^^.^^ tveje%^ 
J U. J wejdr. The den of a hyena, 
I3U.J tveju^ef, Ready, expeditious. 
-U.^ wejk-a, Plur. of ^^ it'^yd. 
JUj ivejhl, Plur. of }.^^wejel. 
^Wi w;<?;a//, Face to face> opposition. 
^. ^^ « luejel, A span, nine inches. 
Xa^3 tvejbct, Falling with great noise. 
^i^^wejooj, An ostrich, ^a. 5 ti>ci/eA, A hole^ 
Aa._5 tt^C76'«?» Wealthy, rich. [den, cave, 

(^^^jcj.^ wejdan, Recovering any thing lost. 
i^^ wejex, A cistern, a cavity in a mountain 
where water collects. 

i ^77 ] y 

^^ wefer, l^imorous, a den, 

W^ ^^^^f Trembling (a female.) 

^3 W(je%, Nimble, swift. 

u*^3 ^^J^s, A low sound, tremor. 

«c».^ iD9(!it, Disease, complaint, mourning. 

Sxs^^ wejat. Disquieted, troubled (woman.) 

■f^^^ wejayee. Troubled, affected (person.) 

cJU.^ wejef. Shaking, staggering. 

i^j wejel. Fear, afraid. 

^^ wejlh. Timorous woniari. [ous, niggardly. 

•ca.^ tvejetfit Drowsiness, a hill of stone, CO vet- 

jjji.^ wejerit A blow, prostrating. 

Ua.^ wejnh Large- cheeked, [confimed. 

JULa.^ wejnet, A cheek. u-j>^_5 wyoob, Duty^ 

h^^i u^'ofoohet, Timid, timidity, [individual, 

»^=*^ wojood, Invention, substance, person^ 

\y^^ tvojooi, Quick, nimble, ready. 

tJ>^^ w^'^/oo/i Tottering. ^^^Wftjooiiiy Dis* 

^^^ it>e/ee,Covetous, worthless, [quieted, sultry* 

4y*A=*^ iD^jeeh, Palpitating (heart*) 

Ua^^ tOejeehi Thick cloth. 

«Xa^_j wejeed, Smooth ground* 

S .Ajs.^ t£)?jedre/, Timorous, timiJ.^*^^ wjeet, 

^K^^wfJjee-a,Vdtient, injuring. [Epitomized. 

cjiA^3 lOejeef, Tottering, palpitating. [hot. 

^3 wejed, A ditch, ^a^^ wejeem, Excessive 

U 8 

1^ «r78- J 

^x^^ wejeertt Hard ground, the bank of a 
river. [a chief. 

^A^^ Wf'jeeh, Respectable, dignified (man,) 
^^ weh, A pin, the pole of a tent.'l-*^ wehd, 
i^{s.^wehhlf,A disease on camels. [Quickness. 
ci,U.^ ivehcit. The distant rolling of thunder. 
aIs»*_j ivehadf (plur ) Ones. 
cJU^ ivehhfy Plur. of 3U=>^ wehfei. 
J:s^i>} welh'jet. Low ground. 
^^ ivehed, Sole, alone, incomparable. 
SLJ^j.-*^ n'eM(i?z^t/6'^ Unity, singula rit J. 
SiNs-^ ivehdet, Being alone, a solitude. 
^ju^^ ivehesh. Desert. - '^[fortles».' 

cL-Jii.3 wehshety A solitude, a desert, coin-» 
/^li;=»^ ivelishef?i, AfHiction. 
^»^ wesheCy AYild man or beast, 
(jas*. Wdhes, A pimple on a woman's face- 
iuajs.^ wehsef, Cold. [^^g^ 

cJUj ivehef, Lying down, hairy, full of her- 
U-*^ ivehjh^ Red earth, covered with black 
Iis»_, ivehfeti Black stone. [stone (ground.) 
^3 meliel, A marsh. 

1:^^ ivehnety Slippery clay. fincomparable. 
^y^^ wehooh, Swift, baste. ^^2*^ wohood, Solci 
if^y^^ tvohoosh, Desert, desolate. 
*s^i»^ ivohoofct, Long llo wing black hair. '^ 

I m 1 

^ywehee, Sudden death, suggesting; we<-> 

hee, A noise, 
'^aa.^ weheed, Alone, unique, only, single. 
rj^j weheedefan, (fem.) Alone, only, single. 
^Ks>^ weheem. Excessive hot (day ) 
t& U^ wekhashei. Of the worst kind 
i^Uj lue^hamet, Indigestion. 
J^ yWekhch&e, A date stone. 
^^ wekhez, Pulling up, removing^ ^.c* 

. £^ ^ wekhesh, A commencement. [Piercihgv 
♦ yt^^ wek^shood, A prophet, j^i:*.^ weUie^s, 
^ !^^^ "Wehhtvhhhy Feeble, impotent, flagging 
ics^^ci.^ a'e>^/?iye^/ie/,The noise of a bird, [belly,, 
a^ai weJihoody Going quick fa camel.) 
'jvj^ai^ 26'e^Aoo5, Motion. ^^ we-ihee, Intend- 
yAsL^ fvekhee%f A honey cak^ [^g» goii^g* 
^^ wekhecz, Wounded^ 
i^ U'^<^/ Friendship, loving, affecting, , '. , n, 
8^'^A^ tvedh-af, Death, destruction, vw ^ i. ^^ 
Aii_j wedhd, 'Friendship, love. • , 

jj^U^ ivedhSy Full of herbage. . 
^\ii wedA-a, Adieu, farewell. 

j^i^ wedaf, A gleet, the penis. 
LJ>!^_5 ivedhki Intense heat, lust. 
/.-^^:s^ zi^^'c^r^w. Dressing a bride., V;i:'> '• , '. - 
g i ^ zt'cc/f/, Thejugular veinofa horse, a caus^. 

[ «80 1 

^^\smtytvedejhnei The two jugular veins ol^ 
3b* A ^ wedehet, Somewhat^ [a horses 

j*]ji weder, Turning (face.) 
^5^ tvcdeSi Full of herbage (ground.) 
^^^A^ tvedesh, Depravity. [voicd. 

yoA^ ivsdeSy Whispering, Speaking in a loiy 
eji^ ivcdefy A sling, a slinger, melted. 
Hi 5^ ivedfei, A meadow full of herbage. 
x_Ji ay ^edekt Dropping, raining. [&:C. 

X5i^ wedeJtetf A pimple upon the eye, ear^ 
a) 43 wedejt, The fat> the interior fat. 
Ja^ U'c'Jt;/, Shaking a bottle in order to 
mak^ butter. [passion, or anger. 

'•^t^^vedun, Wetting >^ ^ y^ wedoof, Fury> 
a 3 A3 tvedood. Affectionate, a loVet. 
cJJ3 ^3 tvedoo'ki Libidinous. [Forbidding* 
4J^A3 wedoohf A £esby fowl- *^3 tvedeh, 
^i^ wedee, Destruction, dying, advancing. 
i>ja^ ivedeed, A friend, loving. 
yM^a3 wedees, A palm-tree. 
XJA3 wedee-a. Quiet, mild, tatne. 
Ju^a3 wedeefet, A meadow verdant with her- 
«La3 wedeek. Fat fowl. [bage. 

j^a, wedeen, Wet, macerated, 
r&3 zt'^itt^. Disagreeable to the ear. 

t 881 ] 

Vl ^^ tvezhly The stomach, the paurich. 
i1i_5 ivezht. Disease, detriment. 
^15^ wez^h, A procuress, a bawd. 
'6 ! i ^ wezb,h, Membrum virile. 
S^n ^ ^ woxhlet, A piece of meat. 
SjA-j Wezeret, A piece of boneless meaL^^^ 
^^'iij luetfcin, Making haste, 
^ 3j wezcrn, A rope fastened to the bucket. 
Ui^ wezmht Barren, 

X^ ij i£?yf%6'///ci, The fat tripe. [behind. 

Sj^ werh, A grandson, what is before ot 
dLi \j^ werhs, Receiving by inheritance, [shrub, 
alj^ ivertid, A rose, any flowering tree or. 
^ ! j^ wera-a, Timid, cautious, moderate, slen- 
^Mj^ iverkkdc, Plun of Li'^^ ti)or/Ji; [delr, 
iJlj^ w&rb,};, A carpet, a cushion. ' 

u_j^5 z^er/;, The den, a member, a joint. 
7. ^;^ iverlajy Great, a quail. 
♦^ O'y * wortkftun. To kick or tread upon. 
y*y ^ ivertej, A quail. vJl^^^ zt^ers. Fresh, re- 

^^ werj, Largeness. [cent. 

-r , « tvorchee, Although. 
**r^ ^ J ^ e^or^/i^s^MT?, To rise or stand up, 
j^ ^ worhhet, A species of herbage, 
^ ^ fferc?, A rose, a flower- tree. 

♦/^ J ; J ^ werd^shtunr'i^^ exalt. 
^ V 8 • 

[ 88:2 J 

^^Si^j'WW^Aw, A baker's rolling-pin, 

gij5 werdef^ A rose, ft ; ;^ wordeh, A pipeoq, 

a pi^'eou-house. [fit, habit, a sown fiel4f 
tf Aj3 Wdfdee, Rosy. ^ ^ « ?^.'er2s. Acquiring pror 
}j^ iverezsh, Tbe gi^'ingale. 
/ r' ) J ^ wer%esJip Profit, custom, habit. 
fj J ^ u^erzguer, A worknian. 
i*)^») J ^ ^^^zeedun To sow, to acquire a 

habit, to glory, to labour, to ^ain, to blow. 
(j«j^ iMGrs, ^m^ro^, if J ^wers\, A starling of 
aU«j^ tverestAd, A stipend, [stare^. 

^ ,5 wersee, A kind of r^d pigeo^i, a species 
^^ j ^ werseej/lhe roof, ^ floor, [of wood, 
^li- I ^ woreshhUt A pigeon, a dov^. 
u«j5. ^<>r^*4 Layih;/ ap egg (a hen.) 
^ ^ ^ wergh, A ditch, a marsh, a weasej. 
L^j^wertf, Long, large i^j ^wereh, A leaf. 
Vij^ werkh, A she-wplf, a female-pigeon, a 

ye^r vyithout rain. 
l>j^ wereket, A leaf, a letter, paper. 
aJ^^ werek. Reclining on the hip or side ; 

p. An eagle, a dove. 
ls>j^ Ufprka., A womani having large hips. 
j^ J \ wergar, A thorn, bramble, brier. 
7 y (^^^ werkkkooj, A broken finger. 
c/^j^ if^^XgUj^shiun, Tp hq dei^troyed. 

I S83 ] 


fp ^j ^ tvergoosh, An ear-ring. 

cJ J^ zi'ori-fie, A cause, fsembling it, 

^^^ werel, A lizard or any other animal re* 

fji w?«re//i. Swelling, angry, enraged. 

%j ^ werna, A dove, a pigeon, a yoiuh. 

IJ^ t* y ^ Wifrnh^, Supine, lazy, insiensible, carer 

-^ U . ^ werukmeht A surname, [les^. 

>^C i * tvemkut Useful, a mediator, 

>; y * werend* A spider, a spider's web, 

j^j^j^ «;ert^«Ja»,Taking the measure of gar- 

>mSi ) ^ wereti^, A darniiig, a patch, [merits, 

^y ^ 2fdr;jri/'f, If not, otherwise. 

^^j^ ^^^ood, Arrival, alighting, 

ir3J3 u^oroush, Devouring foq^< 

l^js t^oroogh, Belching. uJt^j^ woronf, Ex-s 

4^j^ aoroo^. Reclining, [tensive shadow. 

*j^ zfc^re/?. Senseless, corpulent ( woman.) • 

[^j zverhh. Foolish woman. 

^*^ J * worheeri, Imitation, learning. 

t^j^ Were€t A disease on the lungs; p. weree, 

l^indled (fire,) fleshy cattle. 
Ij ^ ivereyhi A large hammer of iron. 
s^„ J y, tJ^^retl, Bent, a part of any thing, 
clajj^ wereyety Full of flesh, tender, 
»>ij3 wereexet, A vein stretching from the. 
tfTiJj werees, D^ed (^loth. [heart to the liver. 

[ 884 1 

«j J J wereea,TemptT^tc in meat or drink, cCrt*- 

cJ^j^ wereef. Extensive shadow. [tinent. 

tjbj^wereek. The leaf of a tree or paper, lofty. 

h*j i wereehet, A woman full of flesh. 

^ ^ tvozsh, Rage, malignity. [lusty, 

j^ we%Zy A goose, a duck. \j^ tVe%a, Strong, 

*ft\\^ tve%zhf't Craftiness, ingenuity. 

ij]\^ wezb^ret, The dignity of vizier or minister. 

^Sy^ we»)ffi. Swiftness, nimhleness. 

^*J^ J ^ we%hn, Blowing (wind.) 

WJ3 v>e%uh or w,^3^ Flowing (water ) 

^j^ wezer, A fortification; wezr, Fault, sirt> 

crime, a burden, 
y^l^i^ ) ^ we^gheshet, A species of herbage. 
J J 3 tvez^fy Making haste. 
C)^ j^ we%sJifkny An intercessor, mediator. 
(j/^ wezek, Galingale or sweet cane, 
^ J ^ wexeky A towel, a frog, a lizard. 
J y ^ wezel,A. poisonous reptile of the serpent 
^*J J ^ u^}Ee72,Mcasure, weight, [kind, an adder, 
Uj3 weznet, A talent, a certain measure. 
^^Jj j^ wezetikt A patch. 
J ^3 J J ?^C3{w;^5t, Swift, brisk, a dwarf. 
j^J3 U'e»iye«, Deaths a plank* - :.. ■ 

ij^j_5 wezwezet. Making a peculiar motioji 
of the hips when walking. 

iif>J^j^^ fbozfiTiooIeedun, To instigate, t'6 

quench toblow. [short body (a man,) an ass. 

6 J ^ wezshehfThe span, c^j^ wezee, Hsiving A 

y^j^ wezeeVf or verier, A minister, a vizier> 

a councellor of state, a Vicegerent. 
gU^ wesshj. Swift-paced, 
ili.^ tveshd, A couch, pillow, a cushion. • 
fl9 U3 weshtet. Intercession, mediation. 
*U_5 wp.sctm, Elegant, handsome, 
OuL.^ wesiidt Plur. of aU^ weshd\ 
(^ Iaa«^ westhn, Sleeping on the back, 
^^^ wesekh, Nastiness. ^^^ Plur. of :iU^ , 
ki«3 wesef, The centre. 
j,l2*»^ wosiee. Middling, the middle finger. 
^^ tveskt Ample, possible^ opulent, vi^eal- 

thj, Opportunity, 
jju-j ivesek, Collecting tears in the eye, heap- 
ing up, conceiving. [stone. 
*^^ wesem. Describing, marking with a hot 
^^^ wesemee, Rain. ^^ ^ we^en. Sleepy, drow- 
U--^ weshh. Plentiful, perfect, [sy, slumber. 
j^ \lm^ loestikn. Drowsy, dozing, 
i^ wesnee, Sldthful, sluggish (woman.) 
ivesoo. Leaning upbn, the circumference 
of the mouth. 

jiA^^ weseek. Rain, driving, 
w t 

[ 88G J 

^iumy weseelet. Nearness, nighness. ;. 

m^j^ tvescetn, Marked, handsome^ beautiful* 

U^ tpeshi^t Wealth, riches. 

/jfl*'^ weshai, Good news; a. A little milka 

*U3 tve^ham, PJur. of ^^ weshenu 

IjU^ tve^hayett Informer, accuser, 

v^U, i^e^Aay^:^^, A well stuffed cusWon. [ness, 

h^^ weshicl. Alive, life. . ^ ^ weshtee, Good- 

^3 weshehh, Weak, worse. 

yi^ weshe%, A raised grouncj. [Moderate, 

^j we&hti, Mixing, climbing. ^^ weshegh^ 

%Jii,^ tveshek. Gum ammoniac, assa fpetida, 

ilij tveshek, Hasty, swift, nimble, active, 

y^ f lueshel, A little water, dropping 

f-i^jj v^eshem, A mark, a sign, a pictu^-e. 

jjjij weshen, A hill, s,^ Ix;^^ Cherry win^, 

lA^ui weshwashf Slender, swift, quick. 

^^^ w^eshuueshee. Swift, quick, brisk. 

(J y' ^ weshooi, Embroidery. 

ssyji.^ weshwee. Marked, stapipt. 

<^> weshee. Embroidery, ^ying cloth. 

ijjlJi.^ tveshykrit A reward. 

laxi^ tvdskee%f A crowd, a body of people- 

Ijui^ vjeshee-at, A clew, a track of dust. 

yjj:.^wcslieek. Meat parboiled andrtben dried. 

*\J^ ^ wesheek, Nimble, active, swift. 

[ 38; 1 

t#^ wesk, Planted close together (plants.) 
aL?^ wes^d, A 'Weaver, ^^ba^wesaf, Ades- 
^ L*j weskl, Arrival, joining, [criber, praiser. 
JjU»_j tvesaeh Plur. of xXa*?^ w.sseelet, 
^^^^ weseh, ^ick. ^^^ ^ mesekh, Eilth, dirty, 
,Xi<»^ wesedy Texture. [nastiness. 

{ i^ ^ wesef, Harrative, praise, description. 
^^ wesel, Attachment. 

i*fi>^ i^eslee. Copulative, conjunctive. 
oMf^ ivesenit Indisposed; wesem. Breaking, 
^raising, cleaving. [ed-for object. 

3^4^^ ii!!550o^,Arrival, the enjoyment of a wish- 
^^Aa * wesee, A testator, an executor. 
ijOwA^^ wssaedet, A stone, ericlosure. 
fjj^^ Wf.seeretf Compact, contract. 
^to^W^seel, A companion, an intimate friend. 
SXm>^ weseelet, A cause, [ness, force, violence, 
ga^ ive:^, Indispensableness, necessity, earnest- 
ipU^ we%bj'at. Cleanness. 
iUtf^ ivezhhh, Quarrelling, contending. 
M^ et'^ssz. Condition, disposition, gesture, 
Ix^^ we%^at, Position, posture. 
m^ ^ wezem, Placing meat upon a mat or board. 
U*a^ we%met, A company, a body cf men. 
^^j iDe%en» Interlacing, weaving. 

-.^*tf^ ivezooh, Proof, evidence. 

[ ess 1 

^yi ^ weiookh, Filling a bucket with waten 

^^^^ wezewa, Walking, troubling, [doubted. 

^A*i>^ wezeeh. Evident, manifest, clear, un- 

K^^ wezeemetf A crowd. 

j^Aj*^ tvezten, Twisted together. 

U93 tveia. Treading, kicking. 

1*1^3 wetk-at, Smooth, soft ground. 

vli>3 tuethht Plur. of ^..^^ weth, 

ilt^ tvetht, A footstep, compulsion. 

yrfU,^ wetb.s, A shepherd. 

fc^;.^. weth, A milk-bottle made of leather. 

i,juio ^ weieSf Treading. [veiling, treading. 

dio^ weted. Consolidating, joining, solid, le- 

jh^ wetevi Vse, [ing. 

ii»i3} iz;e/c5. Breaking into small pieces, kick-' 

^^ tVetesh, Relating any thing in part, giv- 

Lls^ U'otet, Feeble. [ing. 

^y tvetem, Letting down a veil. 

j^^ tveten, A country, a dwelling, abode. 

jyt^ wetee, Trodden under foot. 

»--J3^ wezeh, Keeping, preservings 

y^^ wezer. Big- bodied, i^^ tvezmet. Doubt. 

v^fc^ tvozoob, Diligent, continual, persever- 

1*3 wa-h^ A sheath, repository. [^"g* 

cJU^ wa-df, Flur. of lJU ^ t^a-o/I 

*-rAc tfo^. Taking the whole. 

I 88S^ 1 

Cl^c^ was, Feeble, lean, soft ground, 
Ufi^ wasct Difficulty in travelling. 
^^ wad, Promising, threatening, 
S J^ ^ tvadd, A vow, determination, 
^Ej war, A rough mountain, rocky, a decli- 
ys_5 tt^ass, Nodding. [vity, 

l^^ 2^.'osA, Hilly ground without a path. 
^^ wa%, Advice, admonition, a preacher, 
^ 2^o/, Hard ground where water lies, 

jbj 'i^oky Sullen, morose, ill tempered^ 
^c^ i^ak, A fever, a pain. 
y. ^ wal, The mountain goat. 
^\^^tvawh a, A noise, murmur, a multitude, 
c^^ wawa, A wolf, a hyena, eloquent. 
%,3y&i wawef, Weakness of sight. 
lys.^ watvel, Plur. of 3^ _, wal. 
^ ^ 2i>ayee,Collecting, custody, remembering, 
4y^fij waebfA large house, [restored, pus, matter. 
^^ ^ wayeed, Promising any thing good, 
U y iveghh. Combat, fight, war. 

l^ wegher, Enraged, indignation, a tumult. 
i^y^^ wogh%on, The church-yard. 
^« J tt^eg^e/, A man of low condition^ 
(^^ weghem, Mischievous, hatred. 
^£3 weghoo. Noise, clamour. 
i^^s^ weghoof, Dimness of sight, 

5 X 

[ 890 ') 

h^ weghee, A voice, tumult, a battle* 
^^ ivegkeej, A ditch, pool. 
is ^ wefa, Sincerity, sufficiencj. 
iU^ wcftit, Decease, death. [formityw 

c-Jli^ ^eftik. Approbation, agreement, con- 
^} > ^^f^^^i A weaving instrument, ffriendi 
jyi^ wofood, Arrival. jUi^ we/eek. An intimate 
d 15 J tueJtad, Understanding, intelligent, skil- 
j\j^ wekar, Peaceable, modest. [ful. 

«Uj wehkk'ti. Malevolent. 
i^\S ^tvekaf, Tardy, refraining from fighting, 
^\S ^ weJtam, A sword, ['"g* 

X* 153 wekaniet, A shameful repulse, subjugat- 
• IS^ ivakahy The head man of a church. 
4-0 J wekeh, Entering, eclipsed, the sun-setting, 
*:xSjU;e^/, Time, season, hour, [approaching. 
JiS^ wektee, Whilst, when, 
^j tveieh. Hard hoof, impudent. 
•JJ^ weked, Lighting (a fire) [riolence, 

iJ?^ wekez, Quenching, calming, beating with 
^3 weker. Ill-will, modesty, gentle, deafness, 
i^^ tuekret, An impression. ^>*^ The scab. 
U^ zi'e^^ A hollow in the ground or mountaim 
^ ^ wekfeei A pious bequest. 
^ ^ uekcl, A stone, an ascent, mounting k 
^^ wekern. Forbidding. [horse. 



ip^ tuelcdod. Fuel for fire. [(woman) 

jy9^ wekoor, Grave, excellent, beautiful 
kfiy tut'^oo-a, An accident, occurrence. 

i3y9y woioof, Knowledge, practice. Stoppings 

MP'^ ^^k oof eye f. Experience. 

^y^ i^okool, Ascending a mountaid. 
^ weiee, Protecting, keeping, 
ui'^ wekeehy Shameless,^ar^etifid (man.) 

AaK^ wekeedf Lighting a fire, the heat of fire; 

L^^ wekeet, A large hollow in a mountain* 

JffA». wekeet. Immoveable. 

Kxii^ luekee-a, Sharpened sword or knife. 

Jui' luekesfee, A Christian priest. 
4sJ^ Wd^, Repulsing. 

U^ ^ wekiL, An avaricious man, a chain. 
u-jl^5 w)^>^^^» AiFecting, mourning, 
Jls.^ wekar, Trilnsgressioil. 
jl^ wekhl, Sluggish, slothful. 
3b l^, J wekkyct, A stick, a club, [attentive. 
c__^S5 tueksb. Unclean; wekeh, Assiduous, 
^^_5 ivekdh. Treading under foot. 
•^ zx^e<?'6'2i, Beating, treading. 
.^^=. ti'^/fe^, Detriment, deficient, 
j^g^ ■ tuekel, Impotent. 

^5 wekcm, Melancholy, dull, sad, afHicted. 
tt^l wekmet, Saturated, 

» M 

I 902 1 

^£,5 weien, Sitting upon her eggs (a bird.) 

«jia^,!^£»j wehwhket. Having large hips (a 

^y^>i tve.kood. Stopping, [woman.) 

f J welky Time, a thing, business. 

1^3 welht, Government, dominion. 

* II ^ weltbd. Silk, o- ^^ welas, A wolf, 

c_3^^ Welti f. Familiar, friendship, 

J 1! ^ welaneh, A wound. 

cii^j^ lye//. Imperfection, want, defect. 

^^ wolgh. Sipping, lapping. [incessantly. 

V-*!^ welef, or c-J^5^ Lightning flashing 

cJil^ ireW, Swift, haste, active, ready at false- 

'jijj wel^ee. Prancing, nimble. [hood. 

J^ weletn, A fetter, a saddle-girth. 
3J5 iveloo, At least. [solicitude. 

^\ ^ ^ivdwaly Vexation, great trouble of mind, 
Sa^J^ wolocdet, Procreation, begetting chil- 
{jM^j woloos, Going in haste (a camel.) [drcn. 
e^^ woloo-a, Desire, avidity, 
^^J^ weloivee. Rainy. 

J * welee* But, yet, however ; welee, A com-' 
" panion, a favorite, a prince, judge, a skve. 
jss^A^tveleejet, A company, an intimate friend, 
^ ^ weleechch, A jsincere friend, a sack. 
^a1 ^ tveleekh, A linen cloth or garment. 
o^aJ^ weleed, A son, a slave. . ^^ ^ u^e/ce5,Good, 

iJ^ weleef, Nimble, swift, aclive. 
U^ wemh, A knot, a sign. .av^-i > a.vS 

gU^ tt^dW^/V Pudenda vulva. [tvifh rage. 
il*3 tuismed, Extremely hot (night,) flaming 
5 j^^3 wemzet. White; .'{. . r 7 a ,.i. ..'•>*. ,. ,,„ 
y^- wemer. Moreover, besides, f^^ightly^ 

jjcr-*_, it'ewz, (Lightning) glancing, flashing 
uJt.3 wemek. Affection, love. [fatigue. 

S.£a^3. ivemh^ty Liberty; ^^ iijew, Languor, 
G j ivena, A wbod-pi^eon, a turtle-dove. 
> ^ wendy Commendation. 
«j^ fiy^wa, A small quantity of any thing. ^ 
Ao^ wmehky The top of a bunch of grapes. 
^^ iVeneni, (A Hj) leaving a mark. 
Xaj_5 wenytt, Benumbed, slow, slothful, a 

pearl, a string of peafls, a sack. 
thJ ^ weneezsheh, Pure frankincenses i'iyii . t?> 
^^ wefteem, The dung or mark of a fly, 
) ^ ^ tvewh, A good omeri. 
^^^j ^f^*o^ooli Taking refuge, 
tf ^^ tvotvee; Writing the letter j [ness. 

i^ ti?e^, or s_jji^ Ah! alas! ivekk Grief, sad- 
U[^'^ iUehah, A givef, bestower, liberal, 
,U^ tvehhaj, Flaming. [generous, 

i$\j^ ^ wehhfety A sexton. -^Vjv^ 

^Uj ivehhiimi I)oubtful, suspicions, v^^i:^ „^ 

Y % 

[ 894 ] 

»^ tveheh Granting, p resent! ng« 
ix^^ wehtet, Low ground. 
»5^^ tuc^*. Careful, laborious, watchful, asai- 
gvA ^ wehej, The heat of fire. [^uoua# 

0^^ tuehed, A valley, a declivity. , ^,^ j 

«^3 w$hem, Mistaking in calcul ation, hatred ^ 

tvehem. The naind, sense, opinion. 
g^^ i ivehmee. Conjectural, imaginary, 
^^ wehen, Weak, enervating, midnight.^ ^^j 
*\^ y tvehivhh, Ninxble, (juick, swift (horse.) 
i^yi>^ wehoob, A giv^r, generous. 
^_^ J lu^^ee, Broken, split- u^^weheet,Ach\nk 
^^y weheetiy An overseer, ^pr cleft, a crack. 
^ * M/ei, He, 0'. strange I i^\ wonderful!; 
^y wcej. The wooden socket of the plough- 
x^^J^"^ toeej^k. Clear, pure. [share. 

*\^3 week or ^3 weekh. Oh I >u.^ 'ipeedy Lost. 
ij Miy ^^^*c^» rhe leprosy. [companion,. 

• ^ V^eefy The mind, intellect, interrogation^ a 
\yl^ weerU, To him. ' Vy...^.,v. 

♦J )^^ tveerkn, Desert, ruined, depopulated. 
^ I y weeree. Cloth, the leprosy. [disease. 
^f ^ weezsh, Clear, sincere. ]^, ^ weeshel^ h^ 
y weel, Woe to you, fy upon you, cala- 
J^ ^ weeleh, Cunning. .--^ /^ [mity, distress^ 
*{^ me^hr Coine pa !. aiong ! away tb^p \ 

^ he, The tweftty-seveiith Ittteh of, the, 
Arabic, and thirty-first .of tho Persian iaa- 
g^age. It denotes 5 in arithmetic. 
\j> hit,. She, her, it. «_-^l»r /ia^, A serpent, 
ijo U ^<i^dSJe/, Nimble, going iq hastCi 
^jU hb,her, Dividing, ciitting. 
ji,Ai> halfeshi Qne who ccrlkct^ much* 
Jajl> hhhetf Descending. > " ' . ^ ' . 
CL,U A^^e, Qiye ! grant J Jet i^ hc-StO I 
c-ijU /id/e/J Crying, ^f t: - tbr--*. 
^ja. U. hkjer, Deyirious, moving. ' 
ijsf U hajeret, SenselesSr niad, profane. 
(ji^\j^ hhjes. Recalling to mind. 
laii.U hkjeshety A crowd just assembled. 
Jo.liJ> ^4;*e/, Sleeping, walking, [der-boxv 

^^ Lb hhjen,i A girl married toQ young,a ti%- 
^U hdjee» A satirical podt. .; /, 

aIa A^, Disturbing; adilptrng, repulsing. i».x 

^ A U hkdevr Base, meaii. {^ ^U lihjdefy Coming 
MSitA hkdefet, A crowd. : [iiear,. entering* 
j^ i lA A^c^/, Hang-iftg the \ipitb A .s'-^ w *A /^ V< 
1 a lA hkdetnf A deSttdyer,^ deiridWiingiN <tJ ^.^j 
J S lift kiizht This: j^iu Mae/^, Excessive hot. 
; k hhr, Aged. A^jiin h^teby Fiy'itip,'^ A\i^^ ^ iv 
^ y i handy The^^tkday of tl^e mcath. , ii 

[ 896 i 

fjj^j^ hhrobrii A wicked horse. 

J i ha%, A curling lock, fj i htizsh, A nolstfj 

j^^li* ^Axf^eje,, A kind of, fish* [clainouri 

-^li6 b^%em. Oppressing. 

l^jU hazeniet. Ill-luck, miserable. 

I*<?l^ hasset, Tbe elephant's eyes. 

^^ Ia haser, A lion tearing his prey. 

t—^ U hh%ehy Raining ^ La hazem. Gentle, 

^ U hii-a, Greedy^ vile. [soft, tender. 

3u£ U hb,-ayet. Senseless woman. 

^iU M/dd, A famished man. 

jJflA hkkeh k male-mousCi 

^< U hklej. Sleepy, loquacious; [ent. 

UiA hdiei^ Loose bellied. %)\ji h^la, Impati- 

^ L* hkle^', DestructiTe, destroyed. 

jySil \^ haleke/^y A blacksmith, a polisher* 

^ U lA hhmaly Uniform, harmony. 

JU U hkmetf An owl, the crown of the head^ 

g^^ U hkm(j A remainder* [the chief of a tribe, 

^ vi> hhmedy Corrupted, i-^r/: ,«?.•» ;? -vA 

y^\A h^mer , Poi|ring down rain (clotid ) [tears. 

y* U hamezy A defamer. 3^ U ^dtoid/. Shedding 

^ U A4w6/w,The meked fat of a camel's bunch. 

^y* i h^moon. Level, evctj ground, [know \ 

jH i; ^dw.Far from It ! have-a cai'e ! make haste I 

ju U h^net. The interior fat erf the , eye. ] 

^^lA hhwee. Fallen headlong, locusts. 
UU hhhcLy Laughing* Uibu hkhonk. This, 
^U Me, O! ah! alas I wonderful! 
t^li My eh. Fear, formidable, dreaded, 
^lA ^/3^e/, Rage. ikj\J, licii/edy Repenting. 
yj{^ Jiayery Tumbled down, ruined. 
*j lA hkeyd. Dark night, c-o U hkyef, THirstj. 
3^U hhyel. Hideous, fearful. 
Li\^ hhyem. Amazed, distracted, 
• "\ ^A Ae^i, To stir up. 
v_jU6 ^e^a^, Kimble, quick, libidinous. 
kj\j^ holkreky A youth grown up of age. 
^ Ua holfcti, The top of a mountain, the crowa. 
XI lAi> heblaiet ^Bearchy endeavour, [of the head. 
Xj ui kolhyety A book, the bark of a tree 
cIIaaA /^efe/. Descending. XajJ* y^e^^^ A gift, pre- 
isAi> helez, Going in haste, running. [sent. 
i^x* hehrej. Walking proudly, a light quick 

pace* a large fleshy bull. 
^ yjki> helreieCj A goldsmith. 
^^J^ Kebrek, A youth grown up of age. 
X^^Aik liehreJiety K tender polite dehcategirl. 
yso yj<^ heherJiely Handsome youth. 
yj>'hebezy Sudden death, ^j^ hehes,The violet; 
^aA hehesh. Collecting, acquiring'. 
4,aA^ htbes. Joyful, gay. 

z % 

[ 898 1 

^yiflAib hehsee. Cheerful, brisk, active. 

txik hehet. Decreasing, decaying. 

kj^ hebegh. Sleeping, ^j^ hehel, Death. 

JLaA hd'eUee, A haughty or strutting pace. 

(_J>^;uA hohnooky A slave. 

j^ heboo, Flying in the wind (dust.) 

c--»^xA heboolt. Blowing (wind); hohooh, 

Watching, waking. 
|^a4> hehoott Dust, ashes mixed with dust. 
jyj^ heboor, A spider. 
Is^aa heboot, A steep or ^loping place. 
^^xA heboogk. Sleeping. 
.._j'4aA hebhkb. The dawn, a goat. 
jjxtf> hebee^ A word used in calling to a horse, 

a young boy. [garment.) 

*.. MAtf* he(feeb, Awaking, watching, torn (a 
i^xA hebeebegk^ Ignorant, foolish. 
lacuA^ helefjett A canal, a low ground. 
gwA hebcekhf A young boy, relaxed, a large 

river, a channel. 
^Jss^^kA hebeekheef A haughty air ifi walking. 
.XaaA liebeed. The 'wild gourd or it's seed. 
I^>A^ holeeref, A hyena. fgrc. 

IsAxA hebeet, Slim, craggy, thin, slender, mea- 
* CL,A /^d/fl'. Time, an hour of the night. 
cijUifc hetiit, Babbling, talkative. 

if m I 

r *-■ ^ ■■ ■* 

'^{t^.hothf, CaHing to onq. 

TUXj!^ hotamet, A fi'aginent, piece. 

^ yjiji hetreh, A lion, [torn veil or curtain, 

l^^"A hothetf Upbraiding, shame, disgrace, 

]by> hotlee, A species of plant. fa crevice. 
s\.*x^ hetmeret. Loquacity. jj»hetoo, A rent, 
<_J^Aii) ^e/oof. Twanging. ' - -t^ '- 

r3 /je/ge, Time, an houc, (especially of the^ 
cii,6 ^^s, A lie. [night ) 

JUi hesm. Giving, pounding into powder [ed. 
clj^^ ^65-^5, Quick, nimble^ swift, confus- 
X5^ hes-hesety Treading under foot, kicking, 

Vt ^^y. An eye sunk in the socket. 
Lkvi> hej^. Eating, starving with hunge^ 

s l:^ hnjat. Senseless, foolish. 
^i^sJ> hejdr, A chain, a bow-string. 

ijmjisg^ hejhres, Plur. of jj<.^^a hejr^&j, 

^y4 Isxtf* hejjhs, A lion, 

^Isc^ hejb^-a, A conceited or stubborn man. 

(^LsxA hejan. Beautiful woman, respective,' 

<_j.A.^ui Zfe/eZ>, Quickness in business. 

,ks?j6 ^g/ec?, Watching. d>^ hejdeh, Eighteen. 

'ys\^ hejer, A village; hefer^ Elegant; hejr. 
Separation. [friends, departing from. 

ijss^ h^'ref, A year, separation of lovers or: 

ij^^s^^ hfjrest A (ox; or fo^^'s, ci^b, an ape, i. 
^y^ hejra, TalJ, senselea^ stupid, [beat*, 
fjijsfjx hjesji,^ IJi^sl^ij^g, nodding. 
^*vi> heja^ Y^Un^^ filling the belly. 
%^x;sx6> hefamet, Confidenpe, rashness, saucir 
iJis^hejefyL^y^sin old QStrich.[ness, boldness. 
(^U:=cv4> hejfb^n. Thirsty, 
j^^sA h^elt Tl^fpwing a. cane or s^pear. 
^:fi<^ hejem, A bowl, cup. ^x^^J^ hqjenna, Long 
^;s>J> liejQO, A satire., a pasquinade, [and fat. 
jys^ hojoqr, Tying a camel. 
^ys^A h^ool, Viciqus, lewji, (woman,) flow- 
m^cssj> hejoontf An assault, an attack. [ing. tears. 
Jj ^J^ hejeeduri, To get dry. ^ >^ To grieve. 
^a:so h^eer^ Mid-day, a. l^rge. cistern, custom', 
E;As:u& hqfeeret, A whole v ear. [con^ition;^ 
i^^A^Kub hejeeree, Manner, custom. 
li^AJSAi^k hejeeshet, Corrypting, souring (niilk.) 
y.^SoJ> hedahj Impotent, slow. 
i * «sii, Imljd^^tf A.p^a^f of. Uie night, a third of i^,;^ 
i 1 jvA. //ec?4f , Ar^ . i nstruraent. 
ii'ljcA hedhdet, Timorous, 
A^ A ! j^ hcdhdech. By degrees, slowjy. 
^S^^ hodhker. Even, sj:pooth. 
i^juft hedkl, A branch hanging down'. 
\sji> hoditip. Giddiness wjien sailing. 

>^1 jiA hedcln, Senseless, foolish, laiy. 

tf J ! *xi> hedhivee, Plur. of ij d^ heJyet, 

Ij \ jvib hedhyhi Plur. of ij o^i> hedyet. 

Cjj *Xii> hedelf, Unable, weak, infirm, maimed> 

iftipotenti slow, milking. 
L »>;^ hedlb,, Having large eye-brows or lashes. 
JL,>^ hedebet, Milking, impotent, slow. 
Jo j^^ hodeled, Thick milk, weak in sight. ' 
^y^j <\tf> hedehbes, A male-tyger, or his whelp. 
y,j^ Jiedebel, Hairy, tardy. [<^ing blood, 

a s^ heded, Thick hoarse voice, j j^ hedar, Shed- 
ijj^ hederet, Mean, base, abject. 
uiO j^ib hedlekt Relaxed, meagre* 
* ^j> hedenii Destruction, ruin. 
^^4Xi> heden, Much, copious, plenty. 
jGj^ hednet, Peace, .^a* hedoo. Peaceable, 
-.3 Job hedooji Boiling. [tranquillity. 

/.jjj<A JiedoOfiy Peaceablfe* 
0^ j.i> hod-hod. The lapwing. 
.♦jlj X hedeyhn, Delirious, vain, 
Ijj^a he.deyet. An institution, conduct. 
> j^ hedeer, Cooing, braying, [(turtle,) cooing. 
\j^i> hedeeU A pigeon, a dove, murmuring 
^yj> hedeenty Libidinous (animal.) 
j j^ ^ex^. This, lopping off, putting an enemy 
JL ] is^ hezd^letf Qtuick-paced. [to flight, falling. 

A 9 

[ 902 ] 

i! j^A hexhz. Doing any thing expeditiouslj. 
J \ o«^ hex'^hVy Delirious 
- J ^ jufc hezhrem, Reading fast. 
f^^ \ jsifc he^anCt These two. ,^ j.a hp.%ehy Lop- 
^ b^A hezcr. Insanity. [pi"^» cutting. 

4^bjA^ hezroban. Active, ready in speech. 
X^j jwA hezrehetj Loquacious, speaking easily, 
lUj ^ Iiexremet, Making haste. 
g^j^ hezramee, (A woiiiau) raged, pained, 

afil'cting, bewailing. 
o^j j^ hezroofy Expeditious, haste, quick, 
^bj j^A he%re.yan, Active in serving, easy or 

ready in speech. 
Jul sJ> htzlehdt. Ability, activity. 
i^ ^ hezooz, A sharp knife, cutting. 
c5 isA /2<J2{i;e,Delirious.[/ierr,A cat, abomination* 
yiAerr, All, every one; Aer, Abhorring, drying ; 
i^l^A herdbezet, Plur of joy> herlez* 

« ^ ) w horhdeh, A present, a gift, 
j^^ib horhr, A swelling, a flux. 

^ U 1^ herdsan, To rear, to defend, 

. &)- heriish, A fall, a vomit. 

.♦i>ji-)^ herasheednn. To vomit. 

Ulc i^A htrti-alet, Base, mean. 

ISi^A herhkett Pouring out water. 

^ ^ ^ ha^kt Terror, fear, dread, confusion. 

{ 0Ota 1 

ll^A herhm, Plur. of -j-« herem* 
^y^Sy^ herd,mes, A young panther. 

ji^ herhnedy A l^ettle. f^f ^ herhwh, A 
»^J^ herkivetf A stick, club, [nightingale^ 
./^^^A herhheVy Much water. 
ij\ji heraie. Religion, a sect. 
^^^ hereb, Absconding, flying, 

^ /*^A ^^^'l^^* ^ stick, club. 
• Ljjb herb^n, Running awaj, absconding. 
. '■ . ^A Aer«, A worn garment. 
-.J .^ hersem A lion. ^^ herej. Abounding, 
\.^^4> herjhst Big-bodied. [plentiful. 

j{p^ j^ herjciyee> Unsettled. t--j«k^ j.i> herjeh, A 
,jj.j.A herja, Lame. [tall man. 

^ j^ hered, Boiling meat to a jelly, tearing 

a reputation or garment. 
fji^itherdehet, A leap, an old woman. 
t ] ) j^ ^drc?d^, A small black grain. 
♦^^ herdOf Both. [the hand. 

\j^ hen, A violent blow or squeeze with 
^*^ hereshy Black head, senseless, indolent. 
^j.A heshen, Having a wide mouth, 
00 jA heres, The scab, 
IsjA heret. Detracting, careless in speech, an 

old she- camel or sheep, a rich man, 
yis^A hertdh Long, tall (^Uj;A Oats, pease. 

[ 904 J 

g^ her a, Celerity. 
i jA hereft Expedition, delirium. 

/ ^ y^ herk^reh, A cauldron, kettle, a bucket. 
\j^ji herkesh, A centinel, a watch. 
JUL^^ herkekf, Of a good disposition. 
^y> herem, An old man, the understandings 
^ L w hermhn, Long life ; a. horman, The 
l^^i> herme%et, Chewing. [intellect. 

«^^ heremma, Nimbleness, prone to weep. 
^^ hermee, Decrepid, dry wood. 
vAJyfc herenbez. Of a bad disposition, [vessel. 
^^A horna, A louse. ^^ her ney eh, K long 
^^iiheroo, Striking with a stick. 
JKw herwh?ieh, An hospital, 
^ yy horoohy A kind of mulberry. 
W^yb her we let, Trotting. ^^^^ heroom. Mis- 
sy. /jerre^, A she- cat, [chievous, bad woman. 
d»^ y hereety Wide, ^u^ ^ hereed, Honorable, 
*/jA hereer. Abominating. [respecting. 

M jiyA hereeret, A kitten.yMj^/ie^ee*, Bruised* 
lUflj^ heree%et, A fish-pond, pod. 
♦- A^a:, Flabby; hoz. Tribute, daily expense. 
#^ hoza. Ridicule, smiling. 
^ lyi hezkher, A lion, strong, hard. 
S ly> hoz(itf A way, ridiculous. 
^t> ^ex(^r, One thousand* 


t 905 3 

\jj^)yi JiO%b,i, Puffed with pride, tenSeledsi 
^\y, bezhl, Leanness. [ignorant, 

gv^^iA hozhmejy A continued sqund. 
^ vA ho%€ber, A lion, hard, stout. 
Ivxb he^Li^et, Gladness, setting (star*) ;..;^ 

g -A hetejf The sound of thunder,iV.»-f{eatth« 
» ^ A^ hezshdeh, Eighteen. iys> hezfet, Thitt 
lijy^ he%refet, An old woman, a canin/S 
ItySi hezrckety Smiling, ridicule* [tooth, 
A vA ho%ai Tearing his prey (a lion.) A ^>.* 
eJyk ^ejge/", A swift ostrich, t-jlyb hetek,Jpy* 
3 ^ hezel, A Joke, emaciated with age. 
kl^A hezla, Nimble, haste, expeditious. 
> *. hezem, A staff, a stick, 
^yb hvzoo, Smiling, laughing at. [quick. 

j^jfi> hezoor, Weak, ^va hozhoi, BrLski 
^ vA hezeet, Sound. ^yi> heZee-a, A third, ^ 
^L^yb hezeel. Thin, and lean, [fourth, foolish, 
y^ ^05, Used in crying to sheep, [to exist. 
i,,^AM*,£> heseht Sufficient. */^ hestun, To bci 
dKMjJ> hesed, Strenuons; stout, a lion. 
j,^ hoaer, ice. sj^ii* hosret. Relation, kindred* 
^^£i hese/ri) Breaking. 
y..l^**j6 hes'hiis A butchet, quick-paced. 
, A, hesh, The team of the plough, to which 
yiUiA Soft bread. [oxen are fastened* 

B 9 

I 90Q ] 

^ \JiJ> heshkm. Generous, liberal. 
u:.JiA hesht, Eight ^ ^ ^' ^ heihihd, Eighty, 
>^ hesbtom, The eighth. 
*,;iAw heshiun, To dismiss, leave, 
^> hesher, Thinness, softness, milking. 
fjJSiA hesheret. Ingratitude, sauciness. 
^j£ij> heshem, Liberal, distress. 
t^^ heshv^ei. Respecting, magnifying, ^ 
^^JL I^eshen, Study. [mountain go«^« 

•^ heihoo. Marrow. 
J^yi^ heshoosh, A milky sheep. 
I IjL h^shry^r. Cautious, intelligent. 
if I Li- heahei^^ree, Prudence. 
^jijjiu^ heshees/i, Affable, humane. 
^u^ itesheem, Bent, dry, stubble, weak. 
4jai> h'ss, Freasing, bruising. u--^^>aifc hesO, Flight. 
jj^A^ baser, Driving out, attracting. 
%j*ASi he^ret, A lion- ^.*a^ htisem, A stput man« 
y*aJ> hesoo. Aged. [a lioi^. 

fjoAJ^ii hesees. Beaten, trodden. 
jjiA hezz. Walking, travelling. [horses. 

tiA Ae^a, A crowd of people, a body of 
pUcA htxz^m, digesting. 
v^ ^rflA Ae2;e/', Talkative, raining. 
^^aA hezl, Great quantity, much. 
UoA he^mdtj Having thick^ fore teeth. 

t m 1 


^A>i(^ hexeem, Abused, oppressed, a woman 
• slender round the waist, 
y\isA hettitl, Weeping, an incessant rain. 
.la;i Jieta, Beholding, running in terror, 
(u-itib heief. Thick milk. 
uJilaA hetek, A swift nimble quick pace. 
^\aA hetooy Casting away. 
^]ijt he tee, Throwing down, a violent blow* 
^*1^ he'teem. Ripe. 
^ ha. Very covetous, or c^gei: ^ftep, 
liL* hefa, A slight rain. 
i^Uj>hoffhf, Swift, brisk, »ptive, cool shade, 
■/^ hrfiom, 1 he seventh. [glistering, 

^ hpftehy A week, o ^^i/ hefdeh^ SeYeateea, 
>i >iw hef dehorn, The seventeenth. 
^^' Ae/gw, Even plain ground. 
^_5 1^ i> hef/taf, [quil, light and activOt 
^Jtxiib hefecfi Whistling (as the wiijdj twu-t 
uJub ^e^, A long-bodied male o6trict|%«tA e,l-' 
gUiA heki-ay Niggardly, covetous. 1 ^^a\..A .*^ 
4.^iiJ> ^e^ci^,L»argeness, amplitude ; hekeL, Hav^ 
lajiifc Ac/f ef, Nimbleness. [ing a large body, 
Kxi* heka. Desirous, niggardly, covetous. 
LJSi> hekef, A moderate appetite.. V;,,\ ^jv>_, 
^ Ae^e/, Hungry, a tall man. ..VVvA ,*u, 
-kju6 Aoto^ Starving? very hui^g^y, ;nM:[ 

{ 908 1 

ylA hekoo. Light-headed, raving, doting, 
c^'^Xa hekoohj Qui multum impetuose coit. 
^^. he it, Full, hail *.^£iA heied. Ridicule. 
t^i^A Ae^e/, Running, going in hastc» 
/Ji< ^g^e/, A mushroom. 
-»\ j^=^A hekooh, Impudent, hard ground. 
^j^A hekeek. Labouring in mind, lessened. 
J^ /le/. Whether or not? hdl^ Thin bread, 

the beginning of rain. 
iU /i^/^, A dish made with veal, also veal jell/, 

almonds dressed in vinegar. 
6 bJiA holhs, Feebleness. [dition, death* 

^ iu ^o/a*, A consumption, a) 5U> ^e/^i, Per- 
^ikA ^g/^/, A male- serpent. 
%fXii heleO, Hair, the podex and the hairs a- 
gvU holtheji Thick milk. (round it. 

c:^A. ke^t. The bark of a tree. 
^mU Wtf#, Extenuating, leanness* 
WaU Ae/^/, Doubtful news, 
^ helOt Avarice, great impatience. 
t-i*XA helghefff Moving (body.) 
^ ISU^ helkilm. Tall, large-bodied (a ILon.) 
yJiU hdleks. Very hungry, big-bodied. 
i— ijUL* helkeff, A thick broad foot. 
^jXi> helkem, An old wom^n, 8tron|;, tall, ii 

lion ; hdiemm, A glutt<oi]» 

Ma helei, Destroyed, ruined, ^ precipice | 

holek, Destruction, perishing, fearing. 
3JUb helel, Timorous, the beginning of rain. 
^\ji helomma, Draw near! approach! cdme ont 
^♦JlA hdma, Prone to weeping. 
-^ ^JU helooh, A woman fond of her hU^band^ - 
^ _^li> heliva. Extremely impatient, or dastardi/. 
c«3^.\jb heloqf, A wild boar, hairy. 
sl^A hdook, A faithful wife. 
J^^ heleh, Let alone I desist ! yet, but, stilly 

however, notwithstanding. 
JcX heleeleh, Tne myrobolan or citron tree. 
A heniy Likewise, equally, both, together. 
^A hem, They ; hemm. Great care, trouble, 
L hemh, A rain. [anxiety of mind. 

\j\^ hemhra. Always. 
u« l*^ hemvths, A lion tearing his' prey. 
/ /i if hemhshi Base, abject, confounded. 
^ L hemhH, Resembling, alike. -. 

]L^ he mill. In the same rnanrief; 
-I4A homhm, A hero^ 3i great prince. . 
;♦» l^ hemhri) Only, thus, eq^ually, continually, 
t* l^ hemhnht The imagination, immediately^ 
^ /} {^^ hemccndem, Suddenly. [again.- 

Jji^ hemhnith,As soon as, the moment that. 

4j vl^ ftow^wcr/ylmperial, fortatiate, blessed. 

, f 910 ] 

^ L^ hemhhr, A companion in oppression. 
J L^ henhhz, An associate j U^ A colleague. 
f j'^^ liemhe-x^m, A convivial companion. 
j.:iv^v^ hempjsfer, A bed - fellow, [ner, spouse, 
^A-^ hem pell loo, hn equal, companion, part-^? 
.^^j^.,^ hewpeesheh. Of the same college, art, 

. or profession. 
Ck^ ^tfwmc/'. Intention l:^^ /ie/7i/<i, Likenesa. 
^v*^ heme/, Ginger, living meanlj'", 
^ U^*^' or ^*jirf^ * ^" ^^'*s manner, thus. 
-?v^ CJ ^f^ ♦^^^f^Asjlike, thus, evenas, asif. 
^'U^ hemhdl. Of the same station of life, 
a partner, [lodge, a companion, a spouse. 
*.^ Urt hemkhhneh. One who lives in the same 
(^U**^ A^ hemd^setariyh confidant, secretary, 
I 1 >^ ^emr/d/,UnanImous [a contented person. 
^y».* hemer, Gross, a large heap of sand ; hemer, . 

Impelling, pouring water, shedding tears. 
J ly-»v hemrciZt A confidant, an intimate friend..^ 
P ^/^^ henirhh, A companion in travelling. ' 
^j$ hemerrebh. An old woman. 
\m} rrf hemrff, A camel in the prime of life*' 
^^y.^^ hcmrev^. Of the same colour. 
• j-wx hemrerv, A fellow-traveller. ■ b~ s., ., % 
^ ^<?wp%,Squeezing, driving, piercing, dashing. ^ 
y^ hemes. Chewing, breaking, pre8gure^.'>4.v 

I dtl ] 


'^^$ hemsh, A collection, loquacious, a liifo,.! 
^$ hemshee, A noisy talkative wonfian. 
U$ hemet. Devouring, plundering. 
^$ hemea. Shedding tears, raining. 
^ hemegh, Breaking the head. 
K^$ kernel. Disturbed. [ptic«,; 

yj^^ hemkedr. Of an equal dignity, value, 
^ hemek. Vexing, provoking. 
^^/iO'TiooJ, Death, dead, a species of herbage, 
p^ hemooa, Fluent. ,jt^^-^ At the same time* 
*^$ Iiemoom, A well full of water, raining 
^ ^_. hemoon, In the same manner, [much. 
^ hemeh. All, every one. [a lion. 

^\rrf hemhhm, A great king, a hero, liberal, 
*^ hemhem, Braying. 

.Ji hemee, A particle prefixed to almost eve* 
**. ry tense of the Persian verb, but more 
generally to the present and preter im- 
' perfect. 
^VA$ hemeejj A young deer, a disease, torment- 
^4jj^ hemecd,ln this way, thus, [ed by gnats. 
jA^ Acwieer, Elegant, handsome. 
yj^ hemeez, Fearless, keen (man.) 
^iLs^ hemeeshch, Always, ancrentty." 
«x$ hemee'a, Sudden death, a species of tree. 
k^ kemeeghf Untimely death/' ' 

i 912 1 

^ hemeemt Creeping. ^^ heiiieen, Soletj'^^ 
^ hciii Somewhati Ua hojia. Here, [equaliy* 
t_3UA henhf, RidicuUnj^, smiling:" 
^Ua Ao/i^^a, There> in that place. 
jLiUA The interior fat of the eye^ <=J^ 
• 'A heneh. Carelessness. U;la homhkf Insaiul 
i \jjj> hemhiigh', Hunger. . [cQaq, 

^Ai* henehber, An ass' colt, a stohe house. 
(j^xiLA hemheSi Weak, contemptible. 
2*iiJ> homha, h kind of veil or head-dress. 
^/jLA homboglif Exjtreme hunger, a lion. 
k^Jaa^^ homlfokf Having a short body. 
^^ hcnj, Opulence, riches. 
yjfsJ^ honjoli Heayy, .. [dia, an Indian. 

^Jji heud, A company ofcatnels; p. hind. In-* 
m 1 *x;a Jk€/idi iH, Sta^yre. -^j*. jj^ hendes, Skilful^ 
ju««n;^ hendcset. Geometry. [intrepid, 

^.oJLA htndesee. Geometrical. ^ ^\L hindoo, A 
yo^jj^ honduos. Experienced. [melon. 

(/yJ^ hindee, Indian. .-.a C '=-» 

^ honeri Art, virtue, ing