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Full text of "The English Emersons; a genealogical historical sketch of the family from the earliest times to the end of the seventeenth century, including various modern pedigrees, with an appendix of authorities"

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I « 


Zbc EnoUsb Emctsons. 


t*dul Ray At the Hoiipttal s n PCvturc of L^nclon Hvdlcal SC'udc&t Life. 

Pictures of IHftAt AnxlUn Ufe. Fnlfo. tlliuUntod vtu »^ Coj^p^t^Iauw 

t'l-AlPMj K'Uti'^-n. l^nitUi] lo ,vxi fn[4L>«. ilV ^'pk italr HI Utl. All pUUi ilmUfrHl. A 

Pictures from Ufc In Field ftnd Fen. A rortfulio with :jrj Photo- 

i::> rv. ^/J tti^/, OnllTiii^y Blitiun, EimbT^l tt ^Oi> wftin. ^i 3rk f1/f i»M. AIJ ii1il|« 

Idyls uf thr Norfolk Brofl«lA. A Portfnlio ntLli 1? HiOtn^rmvnTCv of 

^^fjTf-'lX Urcpvl Mcmii^tv, n^Uinn til Xuc. Iimj|4id lu li^ coi^u^ i!J IIl Ud. UrdliMij 

IrfHUplrjIl. E'llhlLal^PIX. 

CnfflUh MyU. Toat Sro. sidoII. ObLh. Vh ^Mond Bdilion. A few loft. 
E&firlai frriik Llio Nuif Jl^ UndiliL 1^ l^fW 4 Uo., Piibtiftlifiv, W, D^uvtaii'ii ll4ii«. Fuller 
Luno. VltPi 4»Tr1, tj*-n>l"n. E C« 

Wild Ufr on a Tiilal Water. 4to. Illiinnttxl wStJi Itr^ (V>iii«r-j>IiiCi>iL nf 

cd-iiEh, 4:> :u. itrdinAL'j t^Lliri-m, Umlmt it< :]Qo niiai>vm>1 irigiiiv, i:l Ip. A ftn ivft. .\tl 
ljJ4bi« iliMnirnL N, Irftw A r^<.» k'lt III kail 0rA T]^al4>r} ni tt Hniiuiidf ipiNni Lii a hniiv-biiil 
^jn n**fHl.p»i U'iii«i ftMli i».»)np* llp^iinn jijlI nik aniandlic -rf all blnla citot l}teiv.>n, 

NnturftlUtk Pholojcraphy. irq, rbird Edition. (.Vnii'/w fj^jiy.) 

NdtiiiH* SlorlrA, MythA nntl PtuntiuKliMt. Kmnll J^vn, ^rrf^n ckith- Fnirj 

Tnk^ 'if LW ]Leiiii|jh [r. C'TTf {'/j'Tlrpf, RaiV. lOOO IXJIiii-V publikljcil. 

Cfldl Cuaat Y4rn». PniK^r bimrU". U. ^^ Low 4^. f;o, FuliliMLfuii 

A Son i>f the Pcrttt. CtothSvn. i>«l A lif^^-hUtoryof ft Norfolk ppannnt bdld 

5Ikii^>'' LIppo: Uiirut-cork Aribt> «vu. ktJtT tio^mr cwi-c*, Jo. Th« Llfo hqiI 
M'dttiirnnf *>'4]ih'TllliitLr«L ViHWn friun tif&. b. Low k Cci., PuMMicn. 

On Hnjfll^li LAjf00n5* Mcillnm ^va. cEoth. K'ltrfitin tti: JMim,iU^uinied 

Vdth Lt Cit.|<«L- iPlhtid *nil icyi'itlI «lLi«JI t>lii'jk«^ iLniLlol Ut IrXI It li Ti 1 1>ar*rl ooplH, it! Ck. A 
f'-w ;-fl ur<liniii7 XilJti-jn. "UtjrtiK ir^c <:tit4i«f-i«lniB. 7l Gtl. i'ittmj'imva^^i^ iJo|ip«r- 

Wclsh fairy Tales nnil otber Stories* Crowu f<^o, boortlii,:^*. U. Nurr, 

:j;u, sir.iiiii, J'tiijiuij'^j, 
Talc* Irxwn Wcl*h Wales. Crown '^vo, faauy oloth, Ha. fSd, Ohonu liuu^ 

Birds. Be&ataand Fishes of the Norfolk Broad land. llEuRtrntod vith 

LH riLl[jiBif4 ijJatu aiiil i-fi Miu».Ur.i ilJuAEraliiJiK r>r Mnt* JUiJ iliutinrnU, iiliuUpfimiJliid from 
hfp. Miuli[i['. SiL>, 0kiih^ lA ivl. FWhtili,.! KitlUjii. II- Sin, h>l>ll>ihii-, Aji artlitk 
flOhPimt ipT th' rnikiuiif I]i0 iIULtipL, f^nitilat ciujraij* or <]tBiTVb(Ji>i4 vul vtiutj'- 
Marnh leaves. -Ito. A'diti^m d* Linpi-. flliialntivl with lU fboioc CvpiAr 

t'ni^ iiii Jft|*D<MV4lrnniH (til on lurnl-invlt- ]A|M-r ; U»ijiji] )u i<ii»itA-:-< ntnl whaclluvn. 
iMi.u-1 «« too »'|iiw, vA*^ £t i*. Onlinurj R.l^i.H'h ^-it 'vlktt' i^t^-tf. ^ilki jiUm cib iJltkLia 
•iD't lianil'iu^iilr |ia|irt, Ixiuitd In b]ii?4iltAb.1liu]tv"] (ji UiiLUniiiwk ]>iit« 10*. ilil, A fow U(]tiai 
of |*,ili EJHjihhn It^ri. Ii, NviT. Pulifidlirr. iVii-iLnr m-m r*viml, ubiimiicd Ah<1 not 
llllialrmuJ. tuiWJ bvii. clulh- 

Caoba, Th« OlMrtlls Chief. A Tulit tit Uiu Cnhnn K«tHi]Hoii. CfDwn J^vo. 

>M«iiil J&lKliai. h Oil A tni> rii«1nriM) ntvul or iI>k lEiIwJltnn, miH -T^ 1>. NtriT. 170. 

CollKitora ■booJd compute tb*lr»eti of Dr. Emcraona Work* &« «oo& aa 
iio«albl«, for m&ur of thorn a^ o out of trrlvt ftiid nlmulr tiu«, 


Life and Landscape on the Norfolk Brcnds. Folio. )IluF<tmt4Ml with 

111 lalium, i.i*i Um *iuu iM^ry kn_ Oidinqf} J^tiiivu. tiound m ifrauii ^ Imh, hmllhl W Ku 
coj'la, CA l^ A Ji*' ioXi. ti. LuW X KJu.. ISiMtihon. 01. IrTinitLin'* lloiu*. LundDA, ■.<! 

Perspective Draw iny and Vision. Fs[>crcciei. till. O^tv/ Pti%f. To 

tlbe Bnglisb Bmereone. 

A Genealogical Historical Sketch of the family from the earliest times to 

the end of the Seventeenth Century, including various modem 

pedigrees, with an appendix of authorities. 


R H. EMERSON. M.B., B.A. (CantaKX 

etc., elc 

Illustrated with four photogravures, nine line drawings and seventy-alx l11uetratlon« from 
photographs, and Including eighteen sheet pedigrees. 



270, Strand, London, WX. 


{All rights reserved.) 

This Ordinary Edition is limited to 2jo copies, of which 
this is No. J~^ 






Xeloveb parents 



B? tbdt coct otateftti mb ever minbhil 0011 


■ " And still we sum 
As in a dream^ 
To watch the old Rdgime, 
Tie old Rigimer 

" Our nameSy 
Familiar in their mouths as household words" 

W. Shaktspeart. 


Every human being i», willy njlly, interested ia the fundamental questions— whence 
he came; and whither he goes; and. in my humble opinion, the j^cncal^^eist alone 
can givr aU answer that ever will be given to tht^G queries ; beyond his limits all is 
mystcfy. urUbinkahle, incomprehensible. 

The Mudy of genealogy is invaUiablc, too^ as a training in the weighing of 
evidence and as an intrutluctioii tu history. I can conceive uf no inure atlractivc ur 
thorough manner of teaching history to ?;chool classes than to provide for ihem a 
well-equipped antiquarian library, and make each pupil work up the history of a 
man, family, or town, from the printed records. 

AnJ lastly, the history of a family, properly studied, should ser\^ as a gwldc to 
tlic future career and behaviour of it^ membert. For example, if I may say so, a 
study of the? F.mer>nn family leads mc to think the genius — if I may use the word — of 
our family is for a life of ac/hn, ^^,, commerce, pioneerinj^, military' or naval :fiervice 
or administration. 

I trust the general reader will p&rdon my offering a genealogical hi%tT)ry of our kith 
and kin, for there U a danger of cvcr>* genealogist overrating the importance of his own 
family. 1 huj^, however, I ha\xr not fallen into this error, and this tmtorical sketch 
must speak for itself 

This sketch then can be of interest only to the mcmben of the family and a few 
antiquaries^ who care for these thiny*, 

Th-.' writer hopes he will be forgiven the importance he hJus given to the Ipswich, 
Massachusetts Emerwm* : but he feci* that that family has perhaps dofic more for 
humanity than any other branch, in that they have the proud distinction of bdng 
amottgst the original Knglish conqucrom of America (for ibis English conquest wa,^ a 
far noWcr and greater conquest than the Norman conquest, and lis influeiKe on 
ctviUf.atiafi incalcufabEc ; a thousand yean hence any details of any of the conquerors 
who lived 1620 — 1640 will be f^girij sought for and treasured by historians). Besides, 
many of the members of this family have fought for thetr country, whilst a great many 
others have, from the cadicst limes, done much to shape the intellectual thought of the 
keen-witted citiiem of the United States of America ; and, above all, there has never 
yet been a singir member of this family who has dishonoured the name. Sacrificing 
everything for frocdom to worship God in their own way, they hax-e e\-cr mainiained 
that independence of mind, chivalrou.^ honour and courage which Arst started them in 
a sm^ll vessel across the great, stormy and comparatively unknown Atlantic Ocean in 
1638, to settle in the wilds amongst blood-thirsty, cunning and brave savages. 



This sketch docs not deal with the various carl>" fjtinilies after the yenT 1700 ; it is 
iotcndcd to trace the various roots to the original ancestor and then leave them ; and 
thu-s of course, arc omittef!, with a few c^eccption*. the familic^i whti rose to wealth 
and disCirtction in the eighteemh amd nineteenth crmturics— a goodly number 

The writer ha?i cndeAvourcd to make the pedigrees as accurate as possible, but 
with such a multitude of similar Christian names, errors there must be ; and be would 
point out that he has not^ in ihc pedigrees, printctl all the evidence attainable for each 
step, for the ca»t of prinlirg had to be considered ; and as the writer thought the work 
would be more valuable if all the abstracts from the original documents were printed 
in an Appendix, he decided to avoid repetition by giving meagre data in the pedigrees. 
Any interested i>cr*i;n can therefore fill up the liicuikt fr<nn the Ap|x;ndix. 

Some modern pedigrees have been printed in (Chapter V. — answers sent to a 
circular is-sued in 1896 ; but the writer wii;he« it to be clearly understood he takes no 
responnibility for ihc .accuracy of these pcdfgrcca. They arc printed as ointributed — 
racr^^ly having been cast into a more coin-cnicnt form for the printer. Some great 
man muy one d^ty anise from some of these familieis, and they iiiay tlieii prcjve u&cful 
guides to rc?iearch. 

'ITic writer oflTcrs his apology for includinj; the biographical sketch of himself 
with its multitudinous photograph'^. But as he has often been fiskcd for "bio- 
graphical notes." he took advantage of A. A/s kind offer to gel together some facts 
to which he could in future icftr the curious, and some i>f the numcnms photographs 
he possessed, for being connected a great deal with the photofyraphic world, he 
ha^ been, a* most other photographers have been, an endless target for the 
"snap-shooter," and hence these picturei*, which may interest his posterity. His 
thiinka arc especially due to Mr. T. R. Dailmcycr, Mf. Boughton. Me?rara, Gibson and 
Sons, Mr. Maxwell, Mr, T. H. Gla*c<jck and others for their "sun-pictures," and 
to A. A. for the kind compilation of facts of his early career 

And now il i» the writer's pleasant duty tu thank the various courteous 
correspondents who have helped him in his task. Unfortunately, the only ill-bred 
correspondents he h;is had to deal with arc clergymen— but not all clei^^ymen are 
so, he is glad to say — for some whose names are given bclow^ have been kindness 
and c<jurte*y itself. But there is a class of upstarts in the Church, the result of cheap 
universities and theological collcgeji who are a dittgriicc to their pmfcwiioo- Several 
dergymei) ha\e dclibcrttlcly attempted extortion, asking Ihricc their correct fees, 
and one man actually ston|>cd to \y\»i a letter 111 a ilisguisL-d huuil at a place distant 
from his residence, in which he stated he was a " gentleman." and proved his ignorance 
of the law regarding the fees for searches In registers But I am glad to say the 
men from the /^ood colleges of Oxford and Cambridge have behave^l -is one would 
have expected from their training, rV., as gentlemen. In ihc writer's opinion 
parish registers should be placed in the I'ubtic Record Oflfice, London, for oftai 
a willing and Icinrl elci^yman is unable to read his own register. The writer then 

Piter ACH. 


begs to acknoivleclge fnof<t gratefully the help and kindness cf the following 
correspondents: — C, H. AthilL Ksq.. Richmond HcraM. G. Ambrose Lcc, Bluc- 
mantlc, I'rofeitsors York-Powfll, Oman, Moniagn-BunYjw-s B. K. Emerwin, Rev. 
H. M. Gih'atkm, the Bifihop of Ely and his courteous Chaplain, the BUhop of 
Richmoodft Rev. Canon Grccnwcll, ArchiJc>«con Watkin,**, Major-General A. L, 
Emerson, J. J. EincTNon. Esq.. of Easby llall, for much kindly help ami hwui 
of books; the Utc Dr P, E. Canftcld^ for coniribuling legal proofs of the greater 
portion of the Ipswich Emez^ons; Captain Gordon of the N. Eng. HJ^ft and 
Arch. Soc. ; Dr E. W. Emerson, of ConcoixJ ; Mr. E D. Emerson, of Waltham, 
Mass.; Mr. W. J. PhilijHon, B.A., for assistance in compiling the pedigrees; 
Mr. Lonsdale. Librarian of Lichfield Cathedral ; Mr. Heckethorre, author of 
"Lincoln's Inn;" Mr. Wright, Lihr^iHan of the 1.nndon Lrt»rafy; Colonel J, P. 
Slcel, R E-, for much valuable help : Mr. W. Brigg, Mr. C I*. Glatcock, 
Mr. W. M. Etiglcstone, Mr. Phillimore, Mr. E, Fry, Mr. W. Rye. for the law 
r€ fees for searching ]»ri>h reglMcr* ; Rev. Dr Brcjwtic, author of " The 
Pilgrim FiUhers and their Successors;" Mrs, C C. Stopcs, Mr. A. C Fox'Davics, 
for publishing queries in the Geneaicgicid Magacinc: Mrs. Batsoo> Mr. Gepp, of 
Chelmsford: Mr, Kylaads for examining tlic "disclaimers" for Mi&s Walford ; 
Captain R, P. Ux, RE., of the Oidnancc Survey Office; Sir J. Evans, K.CB., for 
his kind loan of the ''medal;" Mrs. ScwcU, for copies of two early Lincoln 
pedigrees; Mr, J. J, Taylor (Gloucester), Mr. Venn, Librarian of Caius College; 
Mr Sharp*!, of the Frie-rd*;' Sortety : Mr C, Golding (Sudbury), Mr, C. T, 
Shcrw'tKjd, Mr S. H. Miller, Mr. Sweeting, Editor, Fffiiaruf AWi-jr unJ Qurn'^; l^rd 
Braybrookc, Mr. A. S. ElILn, Mr. C Grant, Buraarof King's College, Camb, Mr. W, J, 
Wat-strti (Bamanl Castle), the Registrar-General, Mr J J. Wall (Durham), Mr. F. A. 
Manlcy (Durham,\ Mr. Gouldiiig (I,outh), Mr Kcnyon W, Wilkie (Ram*^tcX 
Mt H. A, Miiion, M.A., Master of Shcrburn Hospital; Mr. Smith, the Bishop's 
Sccrctar>% Lincoln; Mr A, T. Geare, Head Master, Bishop's Stortford Grammar 
School ; Mr. \\\ C« Ellison, of St Margaict's, Wcslminstcr ; Mr. T, Jassofi, F.GS- 
(Chiswick). Mr. Jordan (Teignmouth Cemetery Co.), Mr Mcwby (StocktonX 
Mr Warner, Chaplain to the Bishop of Ely. And the following courteous clci^y* 
men:— Rev. Aircy(SL Helen'*, Hiihopsgatc). Rev. W. M, Shepherd (Appleby), Rev. 
A, Cooper [Filey), Rev. R. Kennedy fWrcssile), Rev. Isaacson (Kirk Fenion), Rev, 
T. Scaton (Clcckhcalon), Rev. W, Rcid-Smith (MkldlchamX Rev. \V, M, O-nbornc 
(Bulnicr), Rev. A, Grimston (Stillingnect), Rev. H. Knight (Laccby), Rev. j. Bailey 
(Addlcthorpc}, Rev, W. Tuckwell ^Waltham). Rev. W. Wcatbrookc (Caislor), Rev. 
W. Purwy (Kir*by), Rex". C. Brown (Middlcthorpc), Rev. "E. R-" (Swaby), Rev, 
J. Duncan C. Wallace (Melton Ross), Rev. F Goold (Sowerby), Rev, J, Mont- 
Bomcxy (Thdidlolhoqw), Rev. E, Moxon (xAlgakirk), Rev. A. 11. Lamb (Worlaby), 
Rev. fL E. Nofth-Cox (Barton-on-Humbcr), RcvJ, Pearson (Scawby), Rev. \V. WyatI 
CBrooRhton), Rev. W, Giffard (Wootlon), Rev, W. Dunnings (Hutof*) Rev, W Hacon 


(Scarby), Rev. C. F, Brothcrton (Harnetby), Kev, W. Seed (Goxhill), Rev. jMng? 
(Goxhill), Kcv. J, Mason (liariby), Rw G W, Rowntire (Wraby}, Rev, W. Banilt 
(Blctchlcy), Rev. H, Southcy (Woburn), Rev, E. Drcwe (Lostwithicl), Rev. A, J. 
Begbie(Horton), Rev. C Balfour (Coldastoo). Rev. G. Alford (ManeouifielciX Rev. 
R C. G. Cass fMonkcn Hadley}. Rev. E. R Hay (Kelvcdon), Kev, R K. S;*dgrovc 
(Ke!ve(Tnn), Rrv, \i. Boddy (Grindon), Rev. W. Symons (Thorncy Abbey), Rev. A, 
Greig (Cottenbam), Rev. P. Beaumont (Coventry), Rev, T. W Downing (Coventry), 
Rev. J, R Millrt, D.D. (Coventry), Rev. Cbichc^tcr (Sandwich), Rev. E. Payne-Smith 
(Sl Lawrence). Rev. H. N. C Hewson (Cosgrovc), Rev. M, ColIin« (Welion Bui^h). 
Rev. E. Woodniffc Pc^icock (Cadncy). Rev. S. A. Stoodicy (Folkingham), Rev. A. T, 
Ryan (AdlingHcct), Rev, R. Mann (Sv^aton), Rev. IJ. M. Mirlville (Market Rascn), 
Rev. Harrison (Bishop's Norton), Rev. H. T. Lane (Bishop's Stortford), Rev. J. R. 
Olorcnshaw (Ratllc^deanjj Kcv. J. Nh Spurgeon (Gui>it), Rev- J. R. G-irret [Uc-lfning- 
ham). Rev. Canon Bccching (Hilgay). Rev, W. J. Packc (Peering). Vicars of Rcd» 
marshall. Long Ncwlon, Hurworth, Conni*icliflre» Denlon. R/ton, St John's, Newcastle, 
Stranton, Marshfield, and the Rev, Cookson, of lpi;wtch, Co. Suffolk 

The photogravures and prints therefrom and line blocks arc the work of 
Mr. W. Co]]?i, u( hiuuc^. and ihc half-lone blocks and prlati m the Kc)iti(in <le 
Luxe were done by the Meisenbach Company. The writer had the good fortune, 
loo, to secure the services of Miss WaJford and Mim titolccs for research in the 
Public Record Office, Mr, J. J, Howe for the provincial wills, and Mr. F. Jcjhnson 
for work in East Anglia, and he is greatly indebted to their accuracy and courtesy, 
and most cs|x;cially to Mr F. Johnson of Gt Yarmouth, who kindly sent him many 
Hfraluilous noted. 

And slill the writer feek he hiu forgotten some Ifind correspondent, and 
will strive to make amends for the omission hy a sitory repeated to him by 
Mfi R Jijhnaon as it wa^ given him. 

In J8yc5 the writer issued a circular (v/c/t Cajj. VI.), pasting one tu evcrj' 

address in Kelly's Directories. It chanced one of these circulars went to the 

CDttagc of an Emmcrson in Norfolk, a labourer. Very puzzled was he, and 

rustic-like suspected the Government, but since he could not read he laid in wait 

for the village Mjrgeon, to whom he handed the pa(>er. asking him to read it to 

him. Alt proceeded merrily until the question came—" Do you bear any arms, 

and if srj, what ? " The labourer's face wa-s " ;ill eyes and mouth," and scratching 

his head, he said, with puzded voice, "Wal, ncow, sir, to think them Govcr"menl 

chaps .should be so sharps I sartinly hcv an owd guni but she ain't bin loortcd 

now twenty year, su I never lot^k no licence- But do you make it all right with 

the gentleman, won't you. sir?" 

"TriE NcxjK," Olltok Buoad. LowtsrotT, 

Oift>^r 2orA, 1898, 

arable of Contents. 


ICMArFKft L— Tick SVKXAHKt E>ifcK'to^ 1 
CllAt^KK tl.— AvUOMrAl. liK^ttNi^i 8 
I. Ralf BnurHin, gent-, of Foxton, Co. Durhaoi 9 
ti. Alnitnikr Etncncin, K^ii(m uf Scrliy, Cvu 
Uncnlo IC 
iJL Arhur Fmcrvm. fcnn, cf Dublin, IrcbncJ,.. jS 
jv. SillAinu Cnms^u-TfDntni.fifTsmpoMdnoTt 
Co. KcFfnin^h, Ifrhrd ... .,. 19 
V, Jamriv Kinrr*iTn, K*q., uf Stokt^by, Co. Votit 30 
vL Per«r llcnrv ICmcnon, |[cn<^ uf Oiitiun. Co- 
Suffolk 31 
AnnJctfn>UK l^tncnoiu at iir^KiH living ... 30 
^P genuine ',. .>, -< ... .»- JO 
SfKiiimm riMii HiiJ cfau of nn auilwmjr — 33 
OlAiTKii lir— TliK KiiY rai^mttB 33 

CHAFTBalV.— Ilismsvot riic various EMKfc*os 

i. KniciKiiu (^<-<j^ N'jritiuiiilf ildnil ,.. .,. 43 
Shnfl pcdieict of Ncvouilc Ivmcnons 

Tot>ccpip? 43 

SwalvglJ Emur^onH -., ..- .„ ,-, 44 

ii. EiDcrwruurCa t'^irh/ni 45 

Shed peilrervc uf Duihnm Ciiy Kmcnun* 

To fAcv pigc 43 

Dorhaoi Olv Enicnonx 45 

l^nrhc^Icr KmriHinu ,, — '.. ... 45 

Wirri-n l^illH-ir Kmnknn^ .- ... ... 46 

WittUOi-k'WcJf Emciunft -. 46 

llaouUf l«y, LynchAC %nd LAnglcjr Dale Cincr- 

ton% 4^^ 

SL An Jrcw'K, St. Hrk'nS»nd tti«h(i]i'i Auck- 

Unil Atid tlifK* (ifccn Km<rki>iu ... 47 

SrOcrfieM Eihcnoiia ^ ,40 

Flihbuni, Ettt tnd Wox MuricTi. IfratlbuTf, 

^honon, Suindroi^ ai^ Sliinntori l^Dior- 

■31U 49 

Shcft ]>cdi|;r(c i>l StrKOtOf, RrcAfion uir] 

Owl'tn Kmnrwan* ,.. .-. Tci fuv jia^Et 49 

CoicloM and Unu <frecn Kmcnonji ... 50 

lldglUngloft Emcnoni ... 50 

SuuiMfbe pAriih 50 

Sheet perlisrte of LuclweU Enicrwnt 

]lonl«v Knicnoai %l 

Liilwdl Emciviiu 51 

l^TtD Kifx an*A i:*>(eiblachdcni; I^nicmi^., 51 

BnMhcikeitnd Gaicc;is4W Emciwm ,.. $1 

SMnhopf Kmtrwrtii 51 

Shnl pef)i|;rd uf HnmLey, I^Dn K%z "*<' 

1i^ricjL«rlc KiiHTutn* .„ To face ptt^v 51 

Woluoffhflm tlmcnonj -,. - 5a 

Wotplv, Dofiln^hivlft uid Swinhofic Eiv- 

cftoni. $t 

lluiChloAftnd Buvvion «ni:l AycllAc Einnr- 

•om 5» 

Bunard CkMtc Eoxcnonb ... ». ... 52 

ConucllfFc Enicnons 53 

Sbvci f<i}i|^R of TlnD(;h[on snil Danncion 

Emenmu To bcf |n|^ ja 

Sltv«l pvdignc of (bnuiiil CmUc BnicrwnK 

Tu t»ix \>ti^e 53 

llrAEicvpcih Emcnom ... ..» ... ... 53 

ill. Kmcmn^orCo. Oimbcrhuid 53 

Itupoctiy, naimgill, Worltington anH Cockcc- 

motith L^mimoiM ... ... ... ... 54 

[V. r.mcrunn of Cix WaUnofcUnd ... ... 54 

Appleby Krncnont ... ... ... ... 55 

T, Enicnons of Co- Vorh SJ 

Huwdrn L^cnona .« >■• ... ... $0 

Sti^'Uon Riii«fKi(it -.. ... ... ». 5^ 

Kclficlil. Ilun^wniih. IjAckingian, WcllioniCi 

Cliflon. ?^i>ltti^ilcel ftod \'atm Eoicnonv.. 59 

^, Emcn^nA of Co^ IjincMhlrc 60 

Totlifigton KmciMini 60 

vn. KnirrKKit i>f Dx Oit^hiic *.. **. ■*. 61 

Tiii. Kriici>om nf I'L Ili'rLiy .» .„ „, 6t 

U. Erucrtcin& And Ivoiotuiu of Cx UnDoifl ... 61 

Sht-^c fjcdlgrcc of LincolmhEfc ind Nuiu 

ExncnoDs TofuccpitfC 61 

Kolktn^im £incrv>nt . ••• ... •*. 64 

SirfttU or Cecil pOEtigroe ... ... ... 64 

Boivtljy, WoiUby, ThnSdlcihorpc «]u3 Gayion 

tfticiHiii' pciUgirocA... ... .•• ... 65 

Srrr<1inKron Dnrt Tydd Si. Mary 'Emenanm' 

I^edigrcvi 66 

KmoiAutti or ISitri'h iwlii^Tvc 66 

V. Emertmit fif Cfi, Ni-tM inghacn ... ,„ p^, frt 

n. ErDcmniof Co. Northampton A 

jdi. EDivttoiii of Cu. WonkicL ..« >■■ ■.« 69 

Covcniiy Emcnoto' pcdieree 70 

liil. Knicr«onR ol Co. Lcicnin -. ... .»• 70 

Kiv. Kmciiium »f Oj. Hunliiuploiutbifv ... „, 70 

PcftiKrceof B|unii»him Enionnonii 71 

XT. EmcrscniicH Efnioiuof Co. CambviJgc ... 71 

Sh««t pedign* of CMEonhAiQ Kinrnoru 

To bee page 71 

iTi. liLmccBom or Co. KorTotlc 7t 

X»rwlc4i mml HiluHr KmtMvtnt;* ptffigrr^ ... 73 

xrii. EmerMiniotCa Suflutk 7c 

Eitiun Emcrwni^ ncdlercc ... ... ... 70 

xvnx. Ivmerviin of Co. Bf/I^vi] 76 

xlx lvnvn«in« ofCo. Ehcx ... .,. ... 77 

Sheet pctli|£tcc of &«cx KmcrKcit 

ToIkc pa|^ 77 

i*cdi£Tcc C4 WcariUk ami Euci E^nenoiu ... 79 

AX. CokvrM/iH «r Co. Mviff^jiJ ».. ... ... So 

Stuidon EtnctvjEu' pcdicrH $0 

Stonfbfd ftrid SAwbridgcwof^h Emennu' 

podJgreo* S| 

xxL Enicnonf of Co. Bufiingham .,. ». 89 

IftclcUey Eiiwrwiu' podiicrce-.. is 

Kxii. EtncnonofCo^ Oiibrd St 

Oxford Oijr £n«r»nu* pcdijfrc« S3 

xxiL Emcnouof Go. CfknKoUr Sj 

STi#tfl pvvlifR* nf (flitiirrvrf En'rvHi* 

To Ua pse 83 




xxiv, Kirvrvjiu of Co. Bcrkahite t- -.^ ,., 84 

XXV. EmcntonsoT Lanclonand Col MidUlcMv ... 84 

St- Bride*! EmcnonA* pcdifKc , H5 

Knfirld nmrraoTifi ... „. „- .„ 85 

llacliicy Etnemon* ... .» 80 

St. Jiin<v-^» Clorki-nvroll, Emcrmu* Mitigrcc... 86 

Trinily, <Jui:c:»>iiihc, ELUcnom' pedigree -^ 87 

HcpLforil KiiU'iu^rih' pCL^i^^rc 88 

Wopping plmrrwW ]>«li|fTrv.« .-. -,, 8S 

»vL Bnir:r»Tis of Co. Kent .» ... ... 89 

Itjiniigatc ftnr] SuidwicK Km^noni' iHttlgteei 90 

Dan FnrH nnri D^fcnrh Kmfr%rtn\ iktiligrcp ... 90 

SnotlUnd ami Slruoil tlmmr^m* prdij^rcta ... 91 

Aivii. KincixMU uf Co. Suiicy .., .., ■•, tfi 
Sheet i^cftJem of SouEhwAtk Emaiii>im» 

To face fH^ 91 

Monken Ha<lle;f Enicrtoaa ... ... ... 94 

KKviii. EmcmniofO^ llamp^re ^ 

jtkii. En>cnflnH of Cu^ Su»<wx ... 98 

)i;«x. EiUctkurih uf Co. SoiLiijracI ... ... ... 9S 

kHxi. KmciuniofGx llt/cford ... ». ... 98 
ssxii. Oihcf Engiwh lim^rnons 98 

i(ii«in K-mrTinn"* of W.iW ..* „. ... 98 

xxxlv. IvmcfAf^nH nf ScutlAn^l ... ,., <«. 98 

XXXV. ICnicr«)nA of ItdoniL, 98 

Chapthit v.— MoTHiHv Rmicbson PWnitiRBK* AR. 


1. Noitlmmbcrlaijtj Ciiicisnim ... >». ... Juo 

I. J. G. Kmi'twn. of lU-Khim ... .., 100 

a. lilranor Kmcihian, "/ lliTwick'>n'T*'<*cc|.,H lOo 

J, <i. W. I^uLmE;i)i'jn. of Kcwciuilc-uii-Tyuc lol 

4. J. G. Emcriitn, of Kcwcftfpilc-(in-T;ikc ... 101 

ii, Durbnni Kmcrv>n> „. ... ... ... Toi 

I. Ilntrli^t d»mflrfii>n, of r>.iflinj2ij-»n ... tor 
3. T. W. Ettn-rv>n, cjf Sou^h Sliiclils WrJir- 

Jftlc 101 

3. R. tln^c-rum, of f'ru*iprlcy,_ ,,. ,., loi 

4. IL \V. Emcnonp of Seahom Harbour ... loi 

5. ^ Efiimcnnn, orSundcilAnil ■•< aii Id! 
8. C Kmmn^cin. fiF n^rtinsron ... .., 101 
7, W, Kmnvm, *«f Wf]|h(j^nr, WdrJiTe ... lOJ 

Ul Vuikthifc EinnvLtiu -,- I03 

t. J.J. EmcTU]n.l':tq., LI..n,.nf Ejutiy Hall lOJ 
I, X R. P, Emerson, of Ma nchcitcr ... 106 

^. J' Cincrfcpn, nf Mnncbc^lcr .. .*. 106 

4. C K- EmcrviTi, of Kalifiix ... ,., lc6 

j. IhaTivtl.i t'lTiaikc'rvTin. of Knnrcftliuro' ... ro^ 
£. I*. KmtTkon. of Gijule ... .., ... ro6 
7. Wlllijim ICmmciion, of RoMn litxid^k Bay ro6 

£, li. b, Emcrwii, of l^n^fti ^ IO6 

^ J. Eiii«m>n, M. R.C.St En^-, «tc-. of Sal- 

taitt , ICP7 

Iv. Chc*hlrc Kmcfwn^ ... ... ... ... 107 

I. I [. I ■- KmmoriMin, (<( I Ir-aion NivrU ... 107 

3. Elixabcth Enhcnon. of Chcdcr 107 

2- U Enivrtuit, uf New Bil^liion ... ... iiA 

4. DdTi'l EnimfEion. uf Birkenhc^cl... ... roS 

j. Juh" M<i>.Mly Kincrwn. of Wc»l KUhy ... loB 

v» LniitulnKliiii^ Kmcnuri> -- .-. ... ,.. (o3 

I. H, KTiu^ncn,of TherMlrlhofpc to8 

3. I. Emcrun, of Lincoln 108 

3. W. Emnitr*or>j of ticdUcrtif Ul ,«. ... toB 

4. E. Eriimcrsip^n, of L>uth loS 

vi. NirllinfEtunihhirc Kincm>LVi ... IQ9 

I. C^. S- KmincTxcin. of NutTinifham ... ,.. 109 

TiL Warwii-lisbLri: Kiit^r^tnt .t. .«. ... I09 

I, {,. Einrnon. of ULrminehaiii 109 

vKl. I-ci*cilerthife EmHuons ... ... ... 109 

L W. L Emm^wn. M.RC.S*, of Lcicctio 109 


11. SlalltirtUhiie Kmcrmm-- - 1. lOff 

I. l\. Kmtrwti, of UurLanon-Trrnl 109 

«. CAmbridgcvbiic Emcrinn^ h.. -.. ■■. 109 

I. J. Emonon, uf Coltt^nhnrtit.. ... ... 109 

jlL. Norhilk Kjiicrvini .^ riO 

Shtat Ticrli^nc uf Hulkhfliu Emcnoiu 

To fiicepage no 

]. R. Emtvcrtnn, of Ayl>ihjtm ... .1. tio 

9. K. C- Kmmc-nan. cf l^r. Viimirpulh .-. ttO 

J. J. M. Emcntrm ft"'p/' Chi^hjic} ... ... llo 

4. C. KmcTtun. of NonvKh fil 

ill, Sitt)blU Kmntont ... ... ... ... Ill 

J. P. 11. Einvr»ii. M.a» EA. Ctalftb^ of 


I. J. B. Einmcrtcin. M.D,, Durham... 

3. II. ]|. lIiiiiiKfncin ... ... ,•. 

liv. EucA llmcnonK 

I. H. !. Kmenon, tif Billcriciy ... 
3- n. K. Utntncraun. of Lcyton 

tA. C. I^mrnon, of l.cylon,.. 
ndonand Middlwci Lmcmini ... 
I. Wilimm Fmeit-in, o( \^t\\\r,n !lill 
3. II. KtniDcrK<n> ol LAmliCth 
3. <i. Kmljoriit^n, (if Ijjndon, S.W. „. 
fl. VUrllm Krnmm, of f^md^m. S.\V. 

5. A Kmcrw>n, of London, N,W, ... 

6. IV Eine::)OEi) of E.i!ing Hi^iii 

7. Mary Emrmn. Iff I-ondon. N. .,. 
H. G. H. V.menoa, of London, K.C 
9. ICuinan KiiicrtOA, of L^niloii 

la M. HmbcrKun, i>f Lon<lon, S.K. ... 
1lp H. $. Emcrton, of London. 5,E.r.. 
II. Emtirnoni nf London, S.\V. ... 

W, U. EinrnKin, o( I^xidim, S^W. 
K. A. EnLii^rton, ol Willctdcn lireen 
A. tliriQf^on. of Ifrcnif'ifd .. 

\V. A. Emerson, of London. S.W. 
-, . ^ Einmciv^n, of Ij>ndon, S.E. ,.« 

18. W. Km<rwin. nf f^mdoti. S,W, .., 

19, H. KnicrhOEi, nf Limdun. W. », 
kvi. BcikiiUiii: Knii!jH>iik 




,. 119 
. J39 
I- 140 
.. 141 
, 141 
, 14a 
. 141 
,. 14> 
. i^x 
. 143 

■ 14' 

. 14a 
,. 143 

- 143 
. 143 
,. 143 
. 143 

- 143 

■ U3 
• 143 
. 143 

. 144 
,. 144 

■ "*4 


I. T. C. Kmonuin, M.rx.Ch.M.. of Wiinloct 144 

3. Dp Emerson, of Ncw[KJit PagnrlK.. 

t. R.J. EinmtrMwi, of Sondwich 

X. Capia-in T. Kiiitr<ont of KAm>i;alc 

J, Mr* M«y EmcrMjn, uf Kjuu^U 

4. J. Kmcrw^n^ of Swflnlcy ... 

5. A. T. EmcnHrn, of Shorlbindi 

6. P. Finincrv>n. i>r HrrdHntain 

7. .Mpi. Si?wd].„ 

S. Mfv KlLmer KlUs, of Bromley ... 

I, E. 0. W. Emersion, of Bojjnoi ,.. 
>. T. W. EiuorM.Kij of Bii|;hLoii 

Somttwt EmcrsniiB 

1. M»kir-<.icnrra1 A. ]» Eineniovii nfTaanion 147 
I. f. F. EniciiroD. uf Elflih ... ... ... 149 

Sheet pcdi^ec of Bnlh and Ijmdon Emcr- 
Bons ... Tofaccpftgc 149 



■ 145 

". I4S 
... I4J 
- "45 


... I4tf 

... 147 
"- W 
-• W 


R.. J. Emenon, nf WiocaDlon 

Emetions of Scoilind 
I. MiM A- Em^rvin. or EdknhufEli ,. 
3. T. Km«n>uii. nf Alirrdccn ... 
tii. Eii)trj.yn* lif Ifdaml ... 

I, Mito iiTivcc Lmcriun, <*f B^nUtrvriT 

kudivcmnd \fajor FinmuOt nf Ko^lrcvor 150 
*. ThcMiueftEinfnti[i,ofCMn«,Co.Limvrick Iji 







3. R«v. 1^ Emcnon. of Belfast and U.S.A... ip 

4. LC. Emcnon, vf BAlledffhob tja 

5. T. EmciMiDr afClLfdcn, Co- Galvay >'■ 152 
nil. Emcnoiu of India ... ... 153 

K r. EmciBM, EA., Indian Ca^I Scmol... 153 

Kkiii. Emtnotu b«7Da] tb« Saa ... 153 

l« G. Elmcfvon, oTOdaii 15I 

CHAfTSR \T— EMRR»>ie« OF Tt>«WtCII. Max*., 


SJioei pedicrccof ]ji«i«kh, Mi««^ADd llnt£i*4' 

fihL-c Emcmcra To fue piffC tj6 


Emu cl AddtndA 
G«acr»l IndcA ..< 



|p Fronli«plcce— P^tralt of ihc Aoihwr, I'. II. Km- 
ctMn, M.B., 1S.A, Ctntath {FAvtffx'^^rr) 

To face pxgfi 1 

a. Rilf Emcf ion's An» 9 

^. Dnvio^ of dilto iin«d« bf Mr. Dulc m 1709 <'- 1 1 

4, ToniL oS NMhuicI Einenon> Irawich, Masi#i 

1712 " " 

5. "MctUl" wah lUir EmcrtonV Arm* (obvcne 

And rcrene) 12 

6 and 7. Silver Cup miiked ' ,diL(c 1530—1550 

|2 vicrwi) II 

& AleuD'Ln Emcivnt^L Anr» .., 16 

9. Arthui Kmcnon'i Amu iS 

la Sir jAuict EincnfinTcnotnt't Arnu 19 

n. Jjnm Kmi-fYirrt Amu ... .., ,., „. SO 

13. P. 11. Eincivn^t Aiin» ... st 

tj, UttUngfirTfrwDrder'i Afiot 29 

14. Gmvdof J. K E.and EL E. E.. \VlhnIn£tonAnd 

Biintlyifinv^ C«metcnr..' -'- ... ,-. 19 

t<, EmcrKifi »r the RurgsieV Amu ... — y> 

1& Emcnon Wnr-hcid .*. ... ... i*. s> 

17. Brav lo Kcv. (^ritiovhcT Emcnon In Coigrova 

Oiufch -- ., ... ..* .*« tt 

1& Durhim Market Cnw, i6tr ». 9t 

19 EuLj* Hal] (/%i/qfnnwv} ... Tofiue piffe lOS 

»a DnnGU<4*Ciii>. 17S0 103 

tU QifiirvitgCupt t774 1^4 

9)^ Old Siumtn^i^un^an*! Prtiol [04 

13. J. J. Fmrrun. IM,J.LI>. (Cuit»K>,rP,. tS>7 KM 

AC C> A, Emrrv^n, Amiigvi ... „. 
3&. t^ri^hton Mtnot Hous^ ... 
*7. CltvcUnd Can Oub Oip, [SS5 ... 
2S. J.J- Hillcfkou, jumur, ■nuii^, 1897 
29- K. J I. Krt 


30. 1. M, Eincrvtn 

31. ]j» I*iJnH Eitatc (Cau Grwid«| (/^I^Avwun) 

„. 105 

::: IS 

... IfO 



TofACcpiflC Itl 

P- ILnrulJ-R Erocnutt „ ,„ lia 

Po<k 11. K. Kncnon ... „ ilj 

Cmnlcicfi School n\ K^oiUII XL. 1873—4 -" >U 

Onnlti^h -SchiXjl tA Cockd XI,. 1H75 114 

Crtflkiuh SfhocJ lUmkl PUy. (875 II5 

King'a CaUcct, London, i«t ^^tty Foalnll XV., 

187S-9 116 

3*. Kinir'<0>llcBc. l-nniW. ritCneVtt Xf, 1S7S.., IIT 

^. P. H. Em«n<in» M,K,CS. Eng.. 1S79 Ij3 

40. P. H. ErHcr*uii"> ChaailvtB ai Km^'i CuUccv, 

Lon^ttjn -,- .„ ,.. ... ... -., 118 

4t. P. IL EtncTKon't Chamben »[ King'* Collcfe, 

London-.- -- ... -■ .- ». It9 
4X Qarc Collcse lit Ru£br FootbaU XV,, 1SS1-* 

dJ •■• «>. .«' '.p .•* V*. fly 

43. RoddcnL ModJoU Officer*, K>D£^i Collc^ Ho»> 

piul. i83o -. i»& 

44. Tbininc Wud. K infi'i Colkffv HMfotal ... 121 

45- Edtlh Ani) Aitmvurlli ... -. ... ->. IJI 

46- Mcntuud'a Cluhj CABibiidcc:, 1S81 .>• »« l>A 

47- Kccycrtlcn Itt 

4S* Mn, J. U. Emawn llj 

49. Mk. E. A- Enenon l>i 

SIX L A- Emeivm 124 

51. La ?Alnu VitMt {{jtaortX View) (/?My>«mr#> 

To nr« page tA4 

52. Sytil Emetwn, 1S9G 
53- Dr. r. If. HmcrtoD. 1AS5 

54. Gladyi Rmenoa -. .- .*. 

55, T. W. EmenoiK B^. (CuiUt^)... 
ijL The MOJ^tM Mitt 


::: \U 

... uB 

57- Di. P. 11. Emcnon on bU whcnr 

53- Ilf. Kmcr^n'i modali ... .- .•• ... 

^^. Dr. Emctvin tAiliiig his whcnv ' 
0- WrttV of S.S- Vu^-* 

Cl. CLaiingtH^H Bioadslairif 

€^ Dr. EmcTKD on OuUon Rrcud ... 

63. BroAdtUin Rowing Oub—£rve fuur 

<i4. UroadiUln Krxatia, 1S94— Winners of ''Junior 


65. Dr. Emcrun't Athlctir PrUCT 

60- Dr. Lm^rion's Attvl«tic Vriua ... 
67- Garden of Oaiinff hold. Bnadviain 

68. Snflh Chft Lodfft, Lowestoft 

69. J»di:v« 4t Pull »&1l Phoio Eahlbttkm, 1893 

70. IjEinc-h H'ft^df'/ ... ... •.• 

71. Ijiunch tt'j^att ,.. -„ ,.. ... 

7J. Ttj«: N^A.UaUoDlboftiL 

7^ ^ocOrchU Emerson 

74.. Dr. P. H. Emenon 

75. Ba4-i«licf of Dr. P. tL Emcrtun ••. 

7& Zjot Ortiiis t^i^non ... — 

77. RAlf Iftthnc Emcnoo .-< .*. 

715. IL n. LiAdvoa 

79. 1. F. Emerson 

to. Kuthvcn EmcnoiL.* .1. — — •» 

Si. Mitjnr Jithn Kmrnan 

Sj. Dr- P. I-;. Cu^dd 

53. Hishfiii't SovtfoEd, Ox !I«n> [General Vkwl ... 

B4. St- Micheu-IV rhufchllnt'^«<>. Qi=diDp'» Storl- 


85. St. MidiacT) Chuich lEA^trivi), Bahvy't SUM* 


86. Braaa ui memotv of Kictttfd Enerson, Sundon 

87. Pba ol MueiEVt DaIc* frocn OtdnuiM Survey 

(25 in.} 

88. MufglcV Dal«, fikhop's Si*ir\$cn4 O'isw Nv. I) 
8^ Maggie's Btk. Ubhop's Stortford |V]c« No. 3} 


"- 134 

— »35 
." US 

■■■ '4 

... t3f 

— tj; 

... IJI 

... I3< 
,., 139 

... t40 

.„ t5» 
.- tsi 







Emeraon Willi 

EmenoD ChAncery Proceedingft... 

Hundred and Qose RolU 

Patent RolU 

Inquisilions PoEl Mortem 

Aocient Deeds 

Royalist Compu^tton Papers , 

Recusant Rolls 

Pedigreet, etc- 

Biofrraphies, etc. .„ 

Q.R. Licences to pass beyond the seas... 

Emerson Authoft... 

Fine Rolls, etc. 

Emerson Money m Chancery ... 

University Grads., Doctoral Surgeons, Lawyers, 


Stale Papers, Domestic 




Periodicals and County HUlorieSi Abstrads „, 



Genera] Flantagenet Hartisoa'A Indexes 



Court Rolls 



Lay Subsidies 




Durham Feel of Fines ,- 





SuTtees Society Publicatioos 



Ehxrham Surveys .,, 



Early Durham RecoidA, before 164O ... 



Durham Chancery Proceedings ... 



Durham Cur^iitor Rolls ,.- 



Parish Regisi era 






Further errata in text 





Index of Persons 



« ^«-*Tn«*- 

BJl. H.B. (Cu>u.l'> 

:ni,i>H iimu-:--^---^ 


l$ftc §iirname ; ^mcrson. 

The tumarae Bhersok U derived from Aiinvrk = Aimcrick — Hftiinerico = Enwrlcoi = 
Ainivrl = Eoicrk = Ainifrjr = Emtrrj =^ Aiiii«riB =i^ Eitjrj =; Kinrles = Eimery = Bw^rin 
T-T Imrio (ihc«a m\\ boing vltght dlflVri^nctfin ofMcnpi or^htWc fnr HaimfiHcufl) f- ion. tlditrr- 
■orit likcothfT" Kon'miiurii," tk 4>(;ly to be found in the paru of Urllatn colQni?:<'(t by thr. iHntn 
nm\ SoTihinvt\-^i.f.. aIwhvh in Iho nortli of Kngliiml, nerrr in (frff roath^ tare by yntyrittion^ 
HitMCKKUs, the oldest forfD I have found in any Etigtith Authorities^ ia adenvnlive from lUiin 
* rikii (luiim* ■nil rriks in Goihk, ihc ttMe^t furo) Lo b« goi m until nn^ gvit LmmtIe lu ih« 
Arch Tea l«tiie altogether). It i*, Uk« nil old Teutonic natna»f oompOActl of two clcinvnl* : 
vii., llaini -■ home, dfreUIof;, eatate, '-ff-^ O.N. Ilnin-d*^r ; and Rik ^^ rulr, powfr, klnffdam, 
^.f.. Mod Kng. Frederick. TA^riGofojr^Jit^'' r'f'Tiof TOfan onjft hint/, but lh4tf vuik« a nfln^", oflei) 
half of tiae namt; being iiaed by several of th« fnmily, ni Wolf from the Ylfin^, or in compnand 
tiamri •» Wolf -f ^rlin — Grim + wolf; Woli -f ben — hen + wolf, or Ethel + wolf + 
birrt + bolj -f ri>d 4- rio in Kip|* Alfrcd^fi fnmilj. Th« Dftin« vtiggcaU ^ clan nan'-cfMQ««f> 
e.ff.^ lbpr« were I^thelini^a iliere wouM be Halnilnga. 

Ainierie, ^ymer, I-tmerv. etc., are Gascon (Poitevin) and aonthera »»!»» and duI 
French, i.r. not from \hv rrankx of France, 

Tlie roriDiitlon of aurnumea wfL> ■ gradual ptoceu, and «o we got in early rc^corda — e.y,. 

Ji>kia WJl*>B 

which show theaom&m«i leii* «oiyW/onwtf^. In Ihv iMiino wuif wc get litiii* EiQDrici 

ri i«.ff.t Far* 
ay), "Foedm 

ItnmentAry writa fur thirteenth eenturr) and filti Kmeri. e.'j. (Riebmniid DonirMli 
mt11t«m, p. 27. De ftedo Alani liU Kmeri in Ayaderby Vi<»>nte Stitton and Syoderbj 71 F«d. 
lien. II. Be BrTant> Klio Alaai pro 4 foed," but no luninme waa yet formed. We ottgbt to 
And focnrthing like Ihia— » 

Bvicry RaITi ha 

Kiit I hDv<« found no early Emeryton* m filchmond. Vorkaliire, ao mu*t concludtf ihit Ihougb 
ftlluB Emeiici [whicb uould be In FreocU ^U Koteri} oocura th« aurnaine EmeryaoD wna never 
formtd there in early timet. 

Tlierc w«rv many Kmerya in eurly reeurda^ from AlmrriB of Leiund'a Battle Abbey roll 
(which, like all Baido Abbny roll*, li lulcr than it preloads lo h«. op«n to f^av« nutpieiun. and 
unreliable), lo HHimericun of Oocneaday Book. Later w-e find Eiuer>a in Durham, Lincelu, 
Northampton. Ilunl«, Middleaei, KeoU Ka«ex« Surrey. Norfolk, [>or»el and ll»nta, but Roi>e 
in Boldon H4]ok (Durham Doraeeday), 1143, nor in Hatlicld'a ^Survey, 13TT (Diirfanm)i tbougb 
it contnUm EmKrym7n. In other cottuliFS the Kucrya were : — 

LjlY Sufeeii^iEzt. 

LloGolntbirc. Poll Tax, 1 RIc. 11. W- 

Ne plaee, 
Vill de Fmtoii. 

Jolin Emry et Marg, gi. «i. 
John Km-'ry et Alio na. «i. 
U Hen. VIll. ll!, Botlon. Peter Kta^ry al* PalL 
NortliMnptoQifaire. lo Hen. VltL itl, WeldoD. Henrico Em'^ry, Newton Magba. 

Tfaonai Emmery. 

Vol. lit., p, 9$. 
Vol. IV., p. 361. 

Middlesex. 14 Hen. VIII. ft», Fjoeshttry, Rolwrt Emm «ngl. 
Ko»t. 8 Ed. III. Vj^f T#yf<>rcl. Ttoiuxa EiiXTfj. 
4 Ric ir. W- Glhprliin Kro'y, Fyscliw. 
SmmiL ux- cL 
Uftf^ery his servant. 
BoAtrli ., „ 
,t 16 ITcn. VIIL. EIcdcornR And MaldAtoTic, ThomnA Kmm*- 
EMtz. U Hon, VIIL l?', Dnnhupj {Chftlmrford Hundred), Thonm* Enwry. 
Sttrryr. U Hen, VIIL Hi. Fambum. William Kiin*»y, 

Q^K. Ortifli^Ateff of Ke«idence. 10%. I<i& Emcry« of Winchester, Mercer. Robert 
EDMrjt of WvMttnintlcr. Kdiv^ml Emcrv of NormnncroMe^ HujiU, 

CLtiO'L: Iiuu.a. 
Noivloli. 26 H«n. IIL. Lt^titia Efu4-ry, vM of Will, 
No plaoe. 4 Ed. VL« Thomas Em^ry, 5 pL 
„ ,. 2 Etie., I'cier Emery, clc. 
„ „ 10 Ell*., EmeHc— Will. 6 pi. 
Fa run Rolla. 
Ikqci«itiox p.m. 
22 Bic. IL, U^^. No. .14. Dowi, Wlnelicomb. Johan Emery. 
II Hen. IV.. 1410. No. 51. Will Eraerj*~Kent. 
VoL XIIL, Hon. VIIL 5. P.M, T^uli Emi>ry de Thorlby. Co, Li.icolp. 
Poll Tiv. Liacolo V/- 4 R»<?' 11., Kaf^ d« Fronton. 

TonKsniXK Dout-^^MT (RtauiotiD). 
Alani Jil Emeri 

^eiiw.vaUtinng ibc ruk oonGerninj^ *'fiOTi-n8iDG« '* we lind it lioldit good with r^fcard to the 
Emerfloiifl ; fur we find no EmeryHOiiH (Emcr*onN) in loitthfTn couiUi«« until t^'ter 1500— these 
being at course mlf^ratUA fruEu lUtt north, aa cao be pruvt^d in many cancn, e.g , TJiijiiijm 
(tV.P. 1667) of ColdAAton, Cv. OloueeBter, iD«ritioikS hi» ooitAin Arthar of W«ardalv. 

On tho other hand the rule is agflin proved by the fact that before 1400 Emerysooa are 
otkty to be found in Durham and VorkRhire — the hulk in the formi^r countyand but one in Co. 
York — tieoffery Emeryaott (who appenri in Falent Roll, I Ed. IIL^ I't. 3, for aMnnlting John 
Fitxjohn at nrypdr^ in llotderneas. Co. York), probably a relative nf Jc»Tiannvii liliniiKnivrioi- 
Burf-oif, roturncd for Fnrtinmvnt for Scarborough, liOfi.'^ A« thnrc »■ no furlhor reoord of 
thin Jolin or Gt-ortery In Co. York, i>r of any other Kmnrjioo up to 14^36, whao ihe will of 
William Kmeraofi of Scardeburj^lj ( Scnrborcin^l] ) iitprovi^d, we may fairly oouclude that Geoffery 
prolmbly left no progeny or returned to Co. Uurhain, whence he probably came, a* the 3iiho|M 
of Durhanj hvld vurioun Und« in Co. York, 

Oti tho othi-r hand in Co, U^rhniD we And aovcral Emoryaona bef<jro 1400, who laereaae 
rapidly between 1401J and 1fi(X), and mnr*? rapidly iitill tiilui^qu^ntly. whereat with the single 
exceptions of the two Yorkshire EmvrMOna cited above, we find no Emeryson^ (Emenonv) in 
any other county in Knglnnd until aJUr loOO ; and when we take into eouaidcration the fact 
that we find not a txnfjh fCvifnj in On, Durhnm up to 170f)ai any rnie, exuvpt the Archdeacon 
Aimerlc'a (119f>) son nod ifrnndioni, wc mt^y^ I thinks fairly suppose that tho EmoryHotia 
originated in Co. Durhafn; and aince ihry muHt hav4^ d(f«[?vTnde*d from an Emery we may go 
further and fairly suppofte ihey are all desoeiidtd from Aimerlc, Archdeacon of Durham 
(1196 — 1214], the only one of lh« nuine of whom we hav« any cnrly ntcord in Co. Durljant. 
We will now pause a morneii and give evidence of the existence of Emeryions or 
Emfirision«, for the niuno is vpult iudilfr^rently eirher wAy, in Co. Durham, bcforo HOC. The 
Hrlieil reeord I bare of the nam^ tMlhitt of Jobnnoeii Emeryxon. of Sianky. llrnncepMh Pariah, 
Co. Durham. Thinf John married in 1350 Agnes Raw. heire«s of Wtll-of-lheR«w, and 
inbclt^d, through IiIa vife, half of Comiey Manor and other property. An antiqaaiian 
Slated la a letter id Jh J, Etneraon, Esq., IiUD., rhat he had found a deed concerning thia 

• PftljfT»Vtf'* ParlinrceHtJHy Writ*. N«. tO, p, ttk 
f ttatcliiu*eb'4 " llittorj gf Co. DiirUiQi," Vol. 111., p- 9BS, 

Joha Bitd bis lands Aaitd 1312. 1 have been uDablr to tnbce thti dee<L It rauj Imt mvntmnvd 
hffri; thai EiDaTwJi* b«ld l^uidi at Su/ilej, Bvaiicepetti I'ahab, u lat« aa 16bl— Will or lUir 
£«iMr*on of Unuicepctb dfttcd 16$1- TIir nc»< «niiy I* Uutt mf KEfOaii, #jdo» of itvWrt 
KmryMn oT WMrdalc — Cur<i(or Roll {fU^ K»y Pmiigr**), Thf n«xt, HaH^^ld's Siirv»y, 
vbareCs ttobfrt EiDi?r_T«on and hi<< rion John Kiiii-*ry«oM.*/j'rii f/Dftn/*, an montioiu'i), Riil>ort «a 
bolding South Bedbuni Hall |lIai[i8t«H«y Pariah) aod UibWliMe, iiid John as tiolJin^ a ioii 
atid enift in WnnrdnlE^ (Ikiiaiihctvx). WillUin KoierjfXMi ia al»o u^ntioiied in the burvej, 
probably WillUin, Capellfl^iuii ot Lquchciitcr, vi\t*3 It aficrwudi tint iiivnti^Mivd In the 
Cur«ii4^r RolU. 

We thuaA^lli«vur1teHtr«cordaahou thefamilj tr«r«a«tt1ed in Braoveprth and Lniicheater 
TarWhre and in Weardale [Stan>tnpe PnrUh) and Uanaalerley Farishea, frun which xhej 
rapidly apnsad over the county in 14(10—134X1, aad latvr, after \&W, began to run over Uie 
bordera Into Yorkshire* CombcrUndr W«»tmorvlMid, Nortbuiabcrlnnd, «?tc. 

Now having got «o f^r, w« muat Be«W ihi» Eio«rj from whom thuy tprang, and ihn i>nly 
Kcnvrj 1 can tlnd at any time in Co^ Durham w&a Alrneritr. the Archdeacon of Uurbani* ItSti — 
1214, nrpos (probably loo or grandson) of Bishop Phillip of Poictou, Prince Binhop of Durham 
W^if, and prcvioufly cfencam et /amiiiaTetn ot Hichhui dtur^dt'-Iiou. We ihull go into tbo 
A rcbdetivun's bUlory fully in auutlivr cliupii?r, autt'ict* it to My hvcv Ibul Ahueric: left ivtuVf 
having obvWfdj b^oti m*rri4>d before be was m*di» Aruhdeaeon, aa waa BUbop Phillip of 
Foktoo. Tlie pedigree given in Surtees, Vol. [V.. p. 137, ta aa followa : — 

VorthuiuUfUad, ]314~UlDv | 


Urt Waller At W^i^ fnMi ntuitU Dpirt^n^dlj, 
■OffUdUMd in hlia Mbn itl'. hy Uwbry rk All. 

m wIUmb ic Tu1ou> CHiutan iiriDldJ In Hur 

Voi, %,, p. ivi. 
V*I, I,, p. •». 

VoL k Ik MX 
Vol. I„ p. ttM. 

V<4. IL,|Ln. 

<Ul b. found 4a 

ar I^itnlf- JtmuliV AtvMrL 

IM CV-roH?. >Uiiij«1iv AnIiU, 
AuicA Aiclild. 

»ii Clunavi 
UitinvHAi Amhl^ rt Carta il* Ti*oi^ 

I fill 


^^V llMiaid fil bDsta, ICtn«iir i^l Km«na. 

^^H riudiav. asUetf|»l*llMuilvf^«*d*CViA||, PlMdir ^^ E^M ml^ikl* Mu^oi u^ r<rcr d« i>h<Ii, 

^^H who ihinpi lb aao* ta CtuUiKiL vbo «hu8Hd tt* uAut I0 CiqdUuJL 

^^P *Fwt9fditoUii«uat, bu«4riAr»i:. 

^^^ Now the link U missing; betwc»ed the Arehdeacon'a grandaone and John Emer^Kin or 

Stanley, 1312. but when the av I dunce I hnvc adduced I« lakto ialo conaidcration^it ntay fairly 
be aappoft^d, I think, that John KniTviOfi. 1312, of Uranc4*iMah Hud Laocheater Pariabea, 
And Rob<?rt Knifrryaon of Wrardale. uho died 10 1-^dO, ui-rv inimedialt? de«c«ndant» of either 
Blchard fil Hmerie or Km^rie ft] Kmcrie^ It muit b« reoieu^b^red that Branceptth Parish 
eitenda right up to Durhim, a<id CrtiokhaU ia in Lancb^Mer PariNb, also nrxt to Durhaoi. 
I tua bwdiy: I havf not ^trrintd thi« df«cent. and loave my aiigg«tionB cind roiiKiTm for tbr 
jodgmt^nt fif olhfir*. And in this ronn*>rTion tba eloae r^lationaof the Knif-raona to tli<- llinhopa 
of Uarbaiti moat not b« forgotten. Tbia could not be mere cbanet. n''ebave William: Capel- 
lanua at LRficliesler, l!i77, Robert : Parker lo the Bisbopa b^foro IHXf, aucctrded by n long 
Uat of bitrtdiiiry bnilifla, parkera and high foreiterB of the name, aa uell aa Kicbard : fScriba f^ 
tbo PHory. 14^. Will KmcfMiti, aUo haJdf Unda of Fluebale Priory {Uil), M SoMilleya 
(Wok Pariah). 

Iliaworib wbn« polntlnitont h^re that Aimeric aom«ftIinM wrote hia name Ainerlffo, wLicti 
ii^ of coorae, VMrely nn [uliaoTii^ form ofAicoeric. and perhapa aaaumcd in I^xnfaaidy, where 
the ArcbdtAcon mar luve Tmjpu traini^d, sa iraa thf cnatom in iboae dayt^ 

tn tUfl ^arlirat rc<^ord* Iho name la written indiffcivnlly, Einrryaon or Eoatrlaaon, 

In lb*»ir mniniHed forma, Em^aon -^ Km^yaon — Kmy*flOn ; and llua bringa na to 

a onution, for car^leT^a acribea, by omiitiag the "er" or " "^ " of iIip tonlracted fomi, bare 

occaaionnll^ «rit1eci tbr ttum^ Kmaon or Kmyson, which ia quite tncorrecf, tlie*e being boih 

qmitc dUtinct nomci, li vrt ahall ahow later on. But where thie error baa occurred, 

> PK«Unaata«<f«**iioAi/^' katbMadayt, f BvtimtrSfc. Pvh. (Ttfe Appewlii.) 

^rncrnlly corrc<^tc^d lltiAT, ■",/- , oiw tiiuU ihr ■nun" or jcrniidvoni* numrn in ihe correal 
lllog, EuERBov; €,g,, Uo^vt Eitifton of Mnrablield. Co. Gtouot*9C«-r Ki^Uter; Htcliiird 
Emj«on of Church End. Coti«nliAni. W.T.. I6G7, h&ve descandanis w ri it »n correct Ij Eatcrson. 
On the othfr tiAiiij, Kmnori iind Bmy^on cftii n«v«r lifH^omcor bn writlcfk KmcrAon, mivi^ by witfiU 
dfCfptiftn. RnndiTi of i»nr]y rpi-nnU mnai. 1h«FpfrirA, kA0|> till 'fWy Kmtoni or Kmytamt nncli-r 
obKrr&tion, tnd irvtch thi^ir snlnnim-nt fDrinK, 

N«ict we i!ome to corruj>t (ortnn of tbe nAsie, due oHf^lnally to phonettc »crib«s. Tbntw 
Dii««piH}lng« Ate niiinrron** And it would t>9 idle to qiioir them n\\ I We rhall mt-rrly dincuM 
tlioie thut hav« become lixcd typ^*i i.^ , been tranimittcd from fnthcr to ion. Tlicy ur^ :— 

1. Ennninon (vory tomnion). 

2. EmWsoDB (common), 

3. ATnersonv (rarer). 
4,(?)Ai:ib(Trii«n (rnnwt). 

I ofti.^(t gut my own tiame itiLaap«[led ICrnmcrnon mid Amnr^on t^y^dny ; iind Kmbvrson U 
n fofm thnf iipmikg up by Inlroduclng tli* ■' uitruilve or exere#4'nt b," which wo know from 
the nominon word thumb, O.E. thuma, and uaa not uiKroimnon in earlier tiroea. 

All 1h(* Tiiiddle-|ienod rccontii of Co. Darhnni givo the rmmv Ctnerson ; yet iHu rL^tuniing 
offlrora for th« Uurhnm ileartti Tax Bolla choso to give themtelte^ extra trouble, and wrote 
rnont of the nniDea Emtnetaou (vicJf App«ndi^)r bnl in only a few cnsu« whs thi* forio u«ed by 
llie fninilini thcmsel^M, 

ExmnplcN of Em^rKon heromin;; £ml>crtnn, nnd then Kmrmon ngmn, are not rikre. Tina 
hiLppened even In the Cniti-d States, Tbo Hev. Ji>hti. mhi of riLornati of Ipswiob (u^> I6fi(i), 
\i written in Bn Essex land-deed, 2bih day. 9ih mo,, 11348. a« John Embersoo, but he lived and 
died and uns burir^d aa Eninnon, nikd [itH fjithrr lu ihn Hitmv deed la called Tliomim Kiner«on, 
fn Nurthumbcrlnnd, KinRt, lluntinad<»njihiT'rt, Horlfofdiiliiro and MiddlnMx we find ICinbenoun 
before 1701} ; aod in % podigme compiled by mts of the Emeraona of Hluntiabnm, we gel both 
■prilingfi. r,y. : — 

Rtchnrd Kmeraon of Blunliabam, W.P., 1537. 

Muttli(!H Einbirmon. a. iiid A, of tlir nbovc (mc in regimter). 

Wt find in the iwvcrileciith ec^itury Amerionn trnnsmLiting their numnh in Co- Vork nnd 
at Coveulry. The Coventry family wrote them<ii*[vrv« Am^rann far two or thrne g«fneTati»iu, 
but flnalty reverted to the correct Emeraon ; e.j., wilU : - 

Thoa, Atnersoo of Coventry, W.P,, lf>69» 
Jnhn KmcrKmi nf CovciitryH Adm<> 1608, 
John Kmeraon of Coventry, W.i'., IQl/i. 
All theiQ (ire momb«ra of the aamo fnmily, it\de podtgreo under Rmer«onii of Go. Warwicli. 

Aiuberaon I am donhlfut nbutit. ttnrdalry^ ^jwit two RHutol Aml>eraoTia and tuggeata 
It ia for EmvraoTi, bui I h^Lve been tinabli' to find exanipleK of Amberaona ftuWquerilly 
becontiiig Emerson^, or Kmemons aubaeqtiently calling themHelve* Anibereonft- It accmn to 
IDC, hoivevcr, Embc^raoa might vpnily he miiwrUtrn Amberson by a thick^ured icnbe. Bui 
I muftt lenvu Ms point open for further evidence. 

All Ernmi^rtoni, Krnberwtni and AtiK^r^nru. ihi^ii, who wlib to change tliL^lr named hack 
to the original and correct Em^raon arejuati^ed in dolnj; ao. They are all sprung from 
Einenvortfl. nml arr not. n? n fooliah person wrote lo roe,—" Kmanon, American ; Emtnuraon, 
Kiiglitih (Yoikshirc)— two difiVrent familir*/' 

Thvtfo, tfacn^ nru the positivu facts ooncfsrnlng the flrirnuitiv. It ia oiirtnak now to orUioise 
various writen on the <ul^t>ei who are gmernlly ac^i^eptud aa iLtilhoritlef, but whom, I regret 
to aay, 1 fiod generally quite untruitworthy. X aball cooaider only iha lat«it edition* of tbeat 

Taking flr?il W, A, T^ower't Bccond mlitioa of '■ rHlruriyiiiitra Brl tun idea/' Thitt writer 
oaya : — '* Em^raon is n bnpfiamul nntnU) xha gi'iiitirc cii4v of Emury from Ahni-^nc^ iiiid Ibnt 
Amery. Emery and Ain^^rigo Are from Ainntrlch, an evftlted ruUr (rif)'' At we hnve aaid, 
Emeric ia n narot^ of Teuton-heatben type. Moreover, Emery ia in no inatf connected with 
Enirtfy. nor i« it ckrivi'd fnun Alinen<\ m»r arc Kmnry iind Almaric In any way connected. 

We htivv referred to Anierl^ aa aa Italian corruption, Bardsleyj In hU " EugUah 

SomftOM*,*' fifth editi4>i), p. 29, giv:«B Rnn^fy undtT nmnifli introdaiMfd bj the Norm&nr 
'' Enivrj, tdouf^U iiuw utiwljr forguitcn a« s ^iFmfiial uaiut*, mny hv utiiil to Utv uu oiiIjf ni uur 
aarnnmsii. It wna «nc« nn unimportAnl «o(jrt<iuvU AnicTic, Almoriv, AlinuH<r, Eni4>ri« and 
Bimcrici^m to li«v« b«cn U* ori|;iiiJil »pFlliiig£ in Eng^Iand. aikI thus. mtleMt. it itoiorelikelj 
to remind utt thttl it i* the *anie Qitme to which, in the EuiU«n foriu of Amerigo, wcf nnw owo 
the litk of tliftt vast expttD»e of wefllem lerrilory wluch U fto iiidUBolublj coiiiiectt<d wiUi 
Engli»1i liiduvtry and Eiij^liib iiUtrv*i». Curler fofiDV tljHU ihe»« were found Ln Ayliuar, 
Ailattr, Almor, Aytner nod Amftr, Tho iitiTn«mo« U kn* bf^qut^mhi^d to ui &r« uot few. It 
bai had tbi? frcM* run of the vowdv in our AmorjA, Emery* nnd Iinrtrr*, nnii, in n mort 
Mtronymic form, u-e may itiLl ofteoliin^fl nit-ei with it in our Bm^^niou^ KmbenioiiB^ nnd 
iDftMoa."! Tbisvritrr niske« IheRAinn fircr of considering Emery and Almaric equivalents, 
and tbe addiilotift] one of mixing up n fourth nnmr, Ailmar = Aylmcr =^ JRx^Xm^r, otc, with 
AInicrio aod Kmury nnd Aioklric. Aymer and Aro«r arc not «(|uivnlcnti, nor arc thoy tbo 
aaine aa Emery ; nor doei Amory ^^ Eniery. On ihv other hnnd, Am^ry = Amnitry = 
Ainnlnc(Haiua1 -f- reiks) Gothic Nor dctealmeaon ^^ Emenon. It is probably a corruption 
of K«ime«on (^1 Emmv). 

»rgtia90Dr in ^'Kiigtiah Suroamira," aaya: — ^ Hari, a warrivr. Old Gvrtnitti, Kinahrr, 
Ehibari. Tonlh voutury^ Engliiih, Entber or EiD«ry. Frunoh, Imor, Bmniery.'* . . . '^ P^rhapj 
our Bmery and Emer^ork ruay be from Ymtr, a gi^ni of Nortbern Mythology," Eiiihuri hai 
nothing to do with Emorj, nnd l^of^aor York-Fovrcll telLa tiio Ymir can hav« do poiaJhle 
eoonf^lion uitb Kmiiry unJ Kmt-mon. 

lu addiiiuu ii> t1ie» uiitvra. FrofeiHur B. K- Em^reoii quutea other guetaei in hU " Kmer' 
«ona ill Acni^rifra/' He fjuotei ** a mo«t lcarn(.-d nnonymou* work/' " The Konuun F«oplt%"f 
in which the writer wys: — ' Amory nnd Amrry come from llnmnrH, nrnr Cuen/* Nou', 
Amory cannot come froto Hamar*, but nt wr hive miid, from a fi^rm which io Gothic would 
he Hamal -f r*ik*, moreover, once more, Eiiiary -^ Emory or Amory, and doe< not Emtry, 
A^ain, the author of " Th9 Norman Peopte " sayc : — " DoriDvr from Amnra or Aniory, oear 
Cncn,'* But Dormer cannot cotno from dv Araara or do Amory. Thia *' cnaNt It^ruod uork," 
likff thr n!«l. it ahuolutely uulnutworthy on nampn, 

A I'rofoKsur Ky)(h. of dirivtiniiia, 1% imid to hove dugfceated thai Aymer-aoti l» an early 
Scandinavian fortu of Eineriion, Aymer haa no more to do viih S^ndinavtan than baa Robto 
or nodgkin. 

A Prof<r««or Kmcrioni of BurUn^lon, Vermont, hnn tuggcilod tho nnmc oHginntcd from 
th« town Enm^rUh. vrhlrh U n Khrniih I'ruHian nami\ and hiji Dothini; t» do wiih Enivry. 

VrofvuMir B- K. Kmeriou ^at% on quoituir^Gfafr VI., 0S6 Patt, ''Die Per»<jn«n und 
Familien namen/' 1, li^^. nlio derives Emmencb from Emeric, old high German Emheri 
(heri =: aiercitoi), which in bud philology, 

])Ard«lcy fuggctu the I'oraiun Kotir, but Bnery and the Oriental tillen Amir, Emir, 
Amtwr, Aar« noitiing I'n mmmon. 

Thoie book* then ure kill useles* and untrustworthy, nay, mlflleadlng, and do peraon with 
proper phiblo^ical trainirg could have writien such stuff. Modern philology is a ccieoce, 
and the arigin of nurnamr* ii no guemwork, an Ibesv wril4T> have madr it. 

My chj«f delight in thia little rocarirh bai be«iJ in linding the rcflulta coafliming aay 
Ideaa gathered fruoi other *ource* a« to the origin of the family, 4.^., that it tint originatvd 
ifl AquilAnla. 

Up to 15^ I have only been able to trace the following Ejoersons in other conDtiea 
thnn Uurhaai, vir, : — 

Bobert Em'^soa of CotoD. Co. Cambridgeshire-, Lay 3iib, Roll \*^, 14— Id Heii< Vtit 

Jobs Ecn^fton of Bishop Lynn, Co, Norfolk. Lay Sub. Roll |te, 16 Uen. VHL 

Ed. Km<»iinn of Holl, (?». Norfolk. Uy Sub. Roll HI. 1^ Hen. VIII. 

a « niitafj AmWMti tbtl K^ilwt Ain1>rn>Qn vw W won in BunU'a ' Uuiovy of Brirtol ' (iatlH>. If oqt 

sprangfnoi Amhnm^ they *il1 bo but i Tviatioo of V«b««ui/' 

* BarnU'i *- HiOarj of UrintuL/' pf. IA» tod Ml, rv ren to Mr. Sobfrt iUnbsrsoa (ie&& u4 16M). No 

ctita of Ric. ADibamm, m» stated Vy \u^\alvy^ 

1 1 aaggcst tl^ b «u rtrnr and troui Euunvw Al Bmoicii aa EiauMsoa or InuoMOa. 
I Hsniy 8. Kioe X Os., 1874. 


John EoiSonnn of Pnpimnh A^nra, Co, HanU. Lm Snh, Roll HM^-^^^ Hen. Vllf. 
(ThU «nlrv ia of cuurve dout>tfuJ.) 

John Km^wn of FolklnghAin, Co. ^iDcoln. W.P. 1526. 

GoolTcry Emerjnoii of Co. Yorlc*. \^2i, Put. Iii>U, 1 £d. IlL, p. Si. 

WllllAm Emnrtnn nf Sr-krbnroagb. W.R, Hflfl, 

Tbomas KmvraOD of Skelloo. Co. Yorkt. Forc«l«r. W.P., IfilG. 

i«mM KiTierion of Lowlck, Co, NoriliDiaberlaad. IGU, mu^ht «otnclD«ry At Durbain. 

There arc munv nftmm thnt look like corruiftionv of E«ifrr«oti ttx tbe rtnt f[laoo^, but Arc 
no nkore ooiinccttfO wiiJi Em^-ri^n ihnn whb Sroith. Joneii, or HobiiiKXi. Tbe o*«iinon«>M of 
tbr-i^H t« Khme4oh And iu rArianr* Rninon. KmfriunH Kmiiinn. t^mminiioTi. K/ntriH, KmoirlMMi, 
Emmot^on. Ems, Kmmi, EmmeH, Emj^Bon. etc. All ibef« naraefi are denvoil from Rmm^ 
oil fonn Emmc — originally an Hnf^IUh pet num**. applied fini in hittory to ■ Norman 
oount'a wif^ Kmina. i>iVu phuj nam?^, iJarnc ^Tamu, was a popular sayiiig in the tlnjt of 
Pi>r« P'oirnKin. To be jutft, Hf. D«ril»lcj' ia quite correct on tW^e oamta,'^ y\t., wbcn tntkiog 
of ■iirnampi ilfflvfrd fratn Chrlntinn bbid^* of wom^'n, h« *ayt Kmrna U renniavfanfftlfld )» little 
compunicfl of Emm«, Emsoni, Empcona, EmmoU», EfDineil* and CmoiKona* nnd he might 
liAv« added EiD«ttt>iji, KminionK, Emif«oni. Eniiiionti, Rmmlaori*. Emineion* and Enjeaotia. 

Tlili, B9 I have said, tfl fully cannrmed by my rei«archeA, The«e iom of thmna »r% of 
OOUriS, T«ry naairro^u, nod ftpp«ar i» ali»o«l wrety couaty la early time*, bui rspcc'iKlly Od 
lh« nortfiirrf] and vaiil*m Mtt of Knglnnd. We g«1 lh«»m in pnrly r«»rordfl m fit* Kaioie : *OD 
of EmroA ; then, us il ralr, a« l-jnmrnoTiii, im in Norfnlk. ycnr 1200 (Jiibn Raimeitonf : then we 
g«^l the various oorrupiioni aud miiip<?lling>. ai Ein}i«on, Knilw>it^ Enimen»ori, EminHon. rlc. 

The tt/picnl tromraciion nnd rendeHng of thi* name \y of course, Enawn ; but many of 
the vnrianti hitve bi?conic^ fixed, and dncriidcd from father to iton, no that u^* ttipy lany b« 
loukhd upon >H M>p<irftt# nnmna, *,^., KEnpBftn, Kmintiaaii. Ktn*, Knini«t. KmHaon, *ie. We 
find a number of ihete lu ihe huadred rolU, Vol*. I. and [l. In Cloav RolU sprinted ^ Vol. i., 
W't Roberlua fill Bmme; 14 Hen. MI., p, 1^ Ko, 17, H«nry, *on of EmraR of Lin<Hi1ti : and 
many >ubarquent entrii^ al Nnrwich, Oxford, etc. In Chancery pmcf-rclingn, Bundle Al, 
No- 47, "re g«t William Kmvtaou of Croft, Co. Lincoln — the v«ry men nhonc vua iinpudviiUy 
adiipt«kd i1i'< fkhm^ r>f Ein^noa {pidr cliikptpr on Linco1fi«hir« Rirf»r«on«). In pHt«i»t RulU. 
12 Ed, I, No, 2. Richard, aon of Emma of CU(-ftt«r, 12H, in Salop. 12V9, in Applrby. tie. 
Atiyune who canU hla «yo over the Indei to Patent Rolla^ publiihed in Appr'ndix, wdl tee 
how Ihey were spread abonl «Ter thi- cQiintry, and how oumeroua the rarM ><>nB of dilerent 
Kmmat miivt be- la Intj, P.M. in Vol. IX-, Rich. Itl., we get the ua^n'' at (.lanthorpa, 
Cn. Uncotn • and in Lay Suhsidlet \t iibouTidv in r.i»M>1ii«bire, 1324 (Kinin«>ifin) ; in 
Nortbumbt^rtand. 24 Ed. L ^f. at vanoua plaices, and later as Km aon : in WeaimoreUnd, 
6 Kd. [Il.> 4H lil Erne and Emmeitou. and In 1^ Ric. 11. u EmMon; In Leiceaterftliire. f> Kd. 11 L, 
attUr Rmmf?, and 15 Men. VIJL U3. St Ameson ; In Cambrldgeahlre aa Empvon nnd Emion 
ahe latne penon), \U,, /,\ 14 Hon. VEIL, Kontintl : Thomas Empiaon, roll j%\ 14 Hen. V'Ht., 
K«nnvt J ThonjAa Emi»ofi ; In Northampton, t ) ^ 1& lli^n. VHI., un Ein4i>one, In ||i aB Tttomaa 
ErijpRon, and in \*h a* Thornai Emaun, iht* tuma pvrvon, aad a very wealthy fjiniily ; lltJ 
Warwickthiro, l> Ed, Mf., aa Emme»one and fli Enitiie, 2 Ric. II. n* Emsloii and Emnonnt^i 
and 14 Heo. Vlll. a« EinpMOn ; in Cnmberland, Ed. HI., na ftrEmiDe, in wilt na EmoUon, and 
III RegUter (La^onbj) as Emetson— ihetwolftntthetamv? pi'iaon; iii Co. G1ouce«ier, 1 Kfl. Ill » 
a* Emmcjon ; in Ruck^, C Ed. Ill, as Kminevooc ; ia Notta, 6 £d. III., aa fil Eioiae; in 
llerit, U f.d. i., na fi) Emmft, 

I have not rIv^mi the rjTf»r«nci:a to the rolli exctrpt wliere some poht ia made, i.e., when 
the onme la apelt Emsoa or Einpioii indiHorenlly; Liat the full refvranx^oi to tbarulla are given 
In the AppandiK (^.n.). 

[f the reader hiU now turn to the Appendix, he will find variooa wlllf of ihia 
family Kmiuin or RmyAon, printed aa ptiq>fMo to vkow dHfereiit apeUiiiga of tha name, as 
Emiaon unil Emy^on, Then if he will turn to the extmcta from Curtilor Rolls, Co. Durham, 
he will find refereows to the few fi! Emnie or ■i>ni of Emma in Co- DurhRni, for aome there 
were there lou, spelling the name Emson, or Emetaon, or Km, or Eronie, or Kmyson, or Emaoor 

* Uardilej'* " Knglith Saruunoi." pp. U 3. 93. 

but ther were Ttv mnd fir hetveen itnd confint'd chUfl^ to Stockton Wtrd. Ilovarer, wt fiwl 
the f^tirfiest In BUhop Pudtey'i tinic^KmcDe Ue Atonxilernit, Thi-n wt- fmd llivm in viriou* 
CursJtor Aoll« (iV«ftf Apptndix) ; and again In ilftiltrld's Survey, l^TT, w« ftnd them alt 
^CM-'ribcd. Tbcy hold by »^rriU lAnurv, and wvr* not w«ll off". Jti tlil« SutTvr wu f;ci in 
Eftlington Ward. Mntilds Rmiion, Prtrn* K<nmr4on. nlin writlvrn Pptrti^ KmHon, I^nberiiis 
KlDton ; In Stucktuii Wjird. Juhuruiii Alius Johatiiies Emmt^nui) and Tliotunii Kmmtnon nnd 
Witli'Imu» Kntme and John HI Uoberli Hiami*. Kvidenlly ihe Ahi>ve Jolinftod Thomat, written 
Eiuuifl or Kmm<<ii4in, ant] ongc wr get it nriitrn Kiui?. 

In Cunitor Hul), No, 12. 13iJ4 — U6'J, and No. 13. iv« got Kic. KmBOn. Will l-^iiiiKicson ; 
and at Sed^efldd, Will EmnieMtn and Jahit FrnmeHOn : nnd in Dnrtingloti. WiHlatn Hioidoiaod 
and Thomai Einmolaoo ; and at Middlefaam, Robert Emotion. It ji evident (be»e £iD04»oii> 
of Darlington Ar« thr wttf » iha Kmwnn oT MiddlahuD, apd in both rolls UabelU li giTMi 
M the w'ttv of WtUUm. 

In llie next Surviry. Ltng^lvy'i StirvL^y, ne get the aon« *>/ Emma in Enaington Ward njcain — 
P«*ier KmmritoH atid Ritli. Fmit/'a. HutohinAon^ Jn bin ^* Htittory of Diirhnm.*' imyh a familyof 
the name look ihe lot^nl nnnir of Morion — " A resident family aftviiroed the name Morton, and 
ire find Petrui dr Morton died nvtit^ti of We»t Morton fi^ Bury, which fnmily after fell into 
fecrtaU Iftsue." In an original P.M. Agnea flia Ename HT Rob of Mortoo ^'^O, Hutfleld. 1305, 
!■ mcnlioncd; aIho Sibilla lilft d* Knime I'^l^J, HniActd. Thiit taay account for tli«ir diaap- 
patnuica in Co, Durham* nnd the only will [ find of thii fnintly in the county i« that of John 
Enuoit of Greaihum. 

Perhapf nothiuf; could have proved more clearly that ibe E>iERTso>ca and Bmraaits (did 
ll reqiiirn proor^ tra altogether distinct fanaUir* than tha Durham rv^cord* cited. EmiEiesoiia 
vcrc to be found in muiy countiea before 1i>^K>, but no fCmerdoa* except in DurbAm and Co. York. 
In Hborl- thiT tant ofKinmH a.rf. un mar*t riunnet*(«d«ith the iontof Aimeric, thin ar« th« until 
gf John* Tboinaa, Dick or Harry. All KnierbHit are related, havioj^ coiqc from one common 
atcok. Kvidently very few Kmmaaon famtlica ara L-«nnocted, hm Ihey obvioosly tprutg from 
docena of unconnected ICmiaait. 

Tb«rc nrv AkiJjtoNtt, Atny»otii ond Aiiic» ; c.j/-. Patvnt Rulls, 21 Elis., but ihcfle oiunes hnve 
iM>thiag TO do uilh Kii»soK, and cuTinm btf deriveil from Kmericua. Ainirt and AiuyHoni «re 
found plentifully in Cheshire and Saffolk, for eMtnplen 

Other nnme* that are in no itay connected witb Emeraou are Kvn£Kp:i)f, £ii«Jiroi and 
AvoBr. We will briefly discuna these dUtioct namea, eliLng easmplea* 

In the Black Book of the Kxchequor,^ a.ix 116<j. vre lind Pa^nua da Erobarlon hotdiag 
n &#of lh*l>aro«y of Ou'ltey jn Co. Buftba. In l^y Sobnkly '|<6 FA- III-, vp find th« oamoftt 
Newport Pignel ; aUo mi roll {; H Hen. VUI , nnd Id many rolls of 14 Hen. VUL in iha 
aiime county {ride Appendix, Lny Subaidlea, Ducka.] lo 14 Uen. VUL, it mlio •ecura in 
NoribaiDptanshlre* Knib^rton ma) have here and thcrit become corrupted Into Emerton 
througb tbawHlin^ of the old contruct^ hHod, nbf^o it v;»ii written Em b ''ion for Krabcrton. But 
Kmerton ii pnMihly n dinlinet nnoii* in origin- In Ihr Hundred Uo\U {Vah ll. printed vnia,, 
p. t>09) we ifet Siinnp da Amerton holds two acrea uf litud for ]2d., Co. Ht:nt« In<]. taken 
7 Ed. I. In Lay Suhaidy Bucks £1 H Hefi. VHI,, we pel Kmertun. and frequently 
as Em^'ton. We alao fiod it Ump^ I't Hen. VUI. in Nortlnmptoo, and, like Embertcn. we 
du not find it in Durbanr. 

Taking Ix-tly thv namn Aaoar, wa gat in Isq. F.ftL, Vol. VL, U Ed, III.* 1 Rtc. IT, 
Auorys in Badfuidshire and Es>ex. 

And fatuily nouienclature la a loalter htraldi ihoald pay iltenlioci to. for I note a 
Nott* fsmily of Kniertons who have (tf it he genuine) what ia evidently an exempli flea t ion 
of Ralf of Foiu>n'a cont. Kmertout are juat aa much entitled lo the aras of Jonrs, being no 
mora counociod with lh« Emeraoni than are the Jonea, and tii« thould pa#ti<uliirly l>e noted in 
the case of the sons of Emma, a* Euieaon. Emmiaon. etc. Vor example, there ore unniirerDua 
Emaons, buc they are in no way connected with Bmer»;>ns, and citt r«r«d, Bnireona are in no 
way connecte<l with Emysona 

Ifl the Appeadii the reader will ponibly ix>te aeveral Emersons all (lUka) eonfbodjt 
*tUt AnhBOl<«ial»«c^Voi. Up. 197. 

04^^, Em«rion, tlTRobiftBOfk (Lar^Ib^'i Snrvf?). It natt not b« Hattilj concluded tkat ili»e 
an ii«c«M<irilj nil IllpfilllnnUf M>nii. On iKc otiicr band, in tsrly tiii>ea H w«a thv custom for 
piMthaRi<iii« vofii to lal;« the viidow'n miiid«f>-nflfDe, Later Ihe^ do ioin«tiiiief repr«eeDt 
llltffiliioitc Hon*, alio utunlljr t«1te Ui« motlwr'i nnnte. 

Of «ll tbci fttsriKimim buglnntng wllli" K," Dr. K«rr i'forai«Tly lU^atrar-Gnti^rd) cftl«uUt*d 
that 2-4 p«Tr i^rni. only of lh« populatioo of Grrni KriUin Htyin with iho l«lt«r B: aad vIocA^ 
thii li'iii<r include}* the common oamei Kvan* And Edwnnlii, EJr. Farr liflvino; ealimated thai in ' 
1HH5 iUeroir(-rc^3.f>fJa Kvana and 69,100 Kdvard» out of a total of :f,3d.*t,tPJl» natnea, it iboirs 
llijil, imriin jm Itart hvvit the fAmiliuH of iitAny Kii^t<riH>iJB, lEiny are coDi|MrAlitely rare. 

Kifinlly, let tlie niinie incroaicf und multiply, nod 1^1 bo fulte malthukinTi d(fctrin«< «he<*k 
Ita vpread, ]>k| every bearer of tt chcriih it tiutioorably an bircoruei men whoai- ancestors in 
n*tnu1(i llmcm vure f;«'ntlem«ji of worth {'.;/■, n66i7f«). who, thoogh fallen from tb^ir j^imhI f*«tnt4*, 
linvL* mil ilc|)rrc-iat«^ in honour ind wlour. 

CHArrcn IT, 

^rtnorictl ^cartnf)&. 

PlIiiM BO nd^Mt is morn miiundimtood of thti n«oi>]e than Heruldrv, and pcrhajM nothmg 
baa led cnore to Anobbi«hnB«s amongst the middle clAas«« than the legitimate use ofeont- 
artnour tiy liit; noMlliy nnd g«iiiry. To all Inlprenifd in ihr; aultji^rt, wr beartlly rccomnicnd 
Hr. Fi>N-t>flv|««' <'AriiiurU1 Familicn,"^ Ibo firnt sttciupt to puhli^h n iftrsclory of |wini<ina 
Iwiirinir arms with authnrity : and until nil thrrif Cullefteii of ArmKpLitilisb otHi-inI lints oifpnr- 
anns vntiOed to benr nrnts-gr^t d^sldt^raia— Mr, Foi-Daviea' book mill sutKce aa the bent 
acltievcmetit of thf kind in fiiUteiicp, 

I ahill now, iiH hritflly ah poaiiblo, for thv bcnitAt of my many correspond is nta, explain Ibe 
Uf^nt tii|>fol of tfit^ niritUT, nnd I Inlets l«nve ti> thank 0. H- Athill, ICsq., Eichmond Ut^rald, 
for mnny kind Ivftern of hi*)p and advjf«, 

ThtT U}f£n\ ri^bt 1i> hfiir uririA. tben, is an honour oonftrred by tlie Sovprti^ti only, ilirouj^b 
tbti nliorrs of ili« Ct^ltrgi^ of Arniji. Tbii honour \i ronferr^d on an individiiitl nnd hi* iHrtct 
Uf/UinaU Kneal tit^fcciulanlt (unlns otbtTwiup «iatrd In Xhv. |ni(t*nt^ for ever, by a jmlent 
gruntvd by Hor MiiJ4<pty t1ir<ru^h thi^ Kingb of Arms, uud dcu^cnds lo tbtr direct line (tinlt^sv 
oiherwUp aintHL and not to collAterAls. A ptrson, ilterf-fur^, <^lflimi»g an existing eoat- 
of-inns muat satiafy tho oflioora of tho College nf Arms by teijol proof that he ia a tffjitimnte 
difHcl dcacvndant in tbe male line of tin; ongiiml grnntee who was thi^ lirit arini|fer entiili*d 
to the claimed doai bj patent graaie<l, Tbe absurdity of persons of the unmr nfimf as ittat of an 
arinff^ftruLia Tiunily ttn\ng thdr nrmi Sa tht'n nppuri<i^t, aiidn nianmi^-btjiiKi h4 w^ll chitni KHiriiiigii 
nitifi4iniki^M property hrenunf. h« wm ikf thr Aame name» us claim th? Nnnn of r nHmosakn fnmily. 

MoruoMir, a itiaii mny Lte n li*giil di*>oiro<I»ni of an nrmiger bin^ dend, btit if hr cnonot 
precg. and does not register bis descent from thf? drcmsed aiiniger to the aiitiKfaction af the 
officers of tho College, bo is no more ^milled t[> use tbt.' nnns than he would br to toherit 
proprrty IcH in ChancN^ry by nn (kik<'rRti>r wLohc^ nUii-tlorjALEp hc^ covjid \ittiaT did nor j>rorr. Any 
othrr pnrinn uiinffurmii ii a flnobhijtb impontnr, mid tlm prny of ra;in}' nf thf vtill mori* difthonrAt 
"baraldio stationers*' of ihr baser sort, who would probably aell u fool ftfpurioua titU if any* 
one were stupid enough to buy one. 

Thera U n»uch niUoonception na to tha word gentleman. No man is a gentleman unleaa 
be be entlllt^d li> bear onus, or i* It^Uj grnnlcxl Ibu title, f,f., olflccrf in tbc army under the 
rvnk of piplAin ; and in nrmtgi^r ii the Uwciit ^rAda in th« nrditr of precsfdonoe, nnd nil oilii-rs, 
no raattrr what position in life tb^y occupy, dn not rank. Tbt* word ii derirvd from the Latin 
jr^nj, or family, ju opposed to jiUbf. An aimlger is a man belonging to an officintly recog* 
nisfd sriiiigtiroua family, lo farl^ a " piidi^rn* man/' lo use s Aporiing phrnip, whtTeaa all other* 
* A thlnl tilitlon tinflw ka pr«panCotltolObafabliih«<] iuiwn,--|-. a. K. 

(frith the exf^eptioni cit^) are plebehiii, and <he looite ilt-finltiobi of tW word (t«fit1emJin \9*'M 
iQftti of honour." '■ of upright character" etc^^ ^^ ^1' alik? fictions. UeatlcQisn ii 00 clrnrly 
mnd Ifgnllj" dfliflnrd m bnrcmci, thiko, vtc. 

Am iriui^cr is par »c a ^E^iktloman* but not nccuaaHU nn enquire, «nd i»«f« ivr«d au e^qoirv 
li not fllirnj* an armifr^T. An vMquiir. aixordinj; to Air. Fox-Dnvk^i (q.t,) i> Hiiy peraon 
wlioiD Her Mi^esCy in her patents uddr«B«a &> tuch. f.g.. RojaL Acaiemicmns ; but persons 
whom Ibe ^v«n;ment nctdreifl iik rfLquirev nrc not tiocMMrily *u<'Ii. KnnklnfC hh r4q[ijr4^]t 
nre f.g,, iu*llcc« of the Pence, Ofhn-M in ttie Army ind Navj of llir runk of Ciipiuin and 
upwartLt, cto. I>o4^lon(, Barristerr, Gradaaica of Iht Univcrsiti*?*, Ctprgymcn, *lc., arv not 
«>Mliiires, iiof are i\wy i^enllemen^tliouKb Otficera of Her Majeaiy's Army and Navy under 
the rank of Optaln are ityled **ge[iia.." as are Solicitors ^' by Act of PerlUinent;" but auch 
hav« ao pliice in the «cftln of pn-cedoncf and do not rank unleaa tbcy be Mroiigeroua. 

A man uhvm tht; armv or txest or both av grantril him or bU anvt^floro^ A marriod woiuao 
nay Q*o h4jr hijitbnn<l*[t coat ^hil«t he \» tk\\vi\ but if Hhv b«<x)int*v a widow nh^ |ilae«a bar 
btuband't armn Impa1f*() with Tier onn on « If^zong^; the uncnarried 4aoghipr» of an armigar 
Qae the arm* of their father only, alio id a lotaoge. And if a mnn dUbon^ttly auumra armi 
to which hti bat no legal cluira, an iDJunctioo can wj tnken out a^iimt him and b« made to pay 
the coaia thereof by the rigfaifu] owi^er of tbe coat^ 

By payirtg a gtiinea At thn Pout Ol^co fur a licvncu to uao arnt» many tlI]Sn^orn:k<^d pcopla 
think they are entitled to ime th^ hogti% nr nioleu nrmti hy whiok ihpy iiroclMim ihnmtclvDi 
iflob«; hut thlt ii not tm, thv rcvcnnr jLUthontii-i tafruly ovuct the licitncc fc-i* from all who 
cIaIid to bvararrni because it is not their duty to 0ni)uire iiilu tbe le^atiiy of the arinscUiined, 
and of couru the aaaumptian ia that only genuine armigvrs vlll ftpply* The licence does not 
c<ijt/<r a right to flrma any more than a gun lic«nc« coiift-re a gun- 

Whon ihc^ Ki;^liih nnd Irinb Cnlli^gpa incur otfit*ia1 MilM nf nrmifEen a ihort Kt\ should bp 
|MuMd compelling ihi^ rerefiue nuthoritJe*)t to ;crant ticencrs tii none- but prrsurn* included in th** 
official list- The Scotch College hat already i«fliied tuob a 
Hal, Oftidal litlit and n furtbrr flhort Act carrying tbia into 

dfcct nnd imponing o henry fine for pcriOEts llicgnlly using 
armii wonid ipredily »nd thi^nv abuaes. 

Another error h to aupiioHe that the daughter or a man 
entitled to bear arms tiho marriea a man iriibout arms can 
eontinue to um h4?r fnlhcr'i artnu. She cannot, and l^y 
runrrying a ptth^ loaca licr right to arm* pjo Umporf. I'liorc* 
fjtire 1«t all boneai m«n of th« name of E^meraon avuici tbe 
bat«r aorl of "heraldic stationer*' like a leper— there ia rtne 
aurhorily and only one on Kuch mnttcrs, and that is the 
College of AnnH. 

1 sliall now (iroce«d to give the aruis ainl pedigreea of 
«vrry armigArcHii iHrnily of th^ tinm* of Kin^rum as rerocded 
at the College* of AriDs of EugUnti, Scotland and Ireland. 


EuDtsoH, Raj^, G£ftT.. or Foxton, Cou^trr Dubham. 

(ThJa i« (be oldest recorded Emeraon coal.) 
Beurv per feise indeoled or and vert, on a bend engrailed 
axare three liona paassnt iirgent : crest, a demiOion rami>ant 
vefi snd b«SBBt^ holding a battlc-axcn shaft gulwi and hvad 
argffoL Thia coal vrns granted to Italf Kroarnon. of I^oxtoa. 
County Durham. 2t\ Henry Vlll. (1C3rO. by Sir Tho*. Wall. 
Oarler Kingof Ami«, Appended la certified copy oftbese arma. 
No aioito or pedi^ri>e wa« registered with the coat. Nearly 
crcry armoury hat giv^n tljin cunt nrongh — -including Hurkc, 
Kairhnirn nnd Mr Kox Duvin, They nil gi*'o for cfrsl a IJon 
nunpaut, etc, abermi n dtmi-Uou rnmpani i» correct. Hence 
tbe baser aort of" heraldic atationer" haa been over and over 
igaln ftsUtng Um nrms witli the lion ramiuLot cre^t. snd oritm 
with SirKnHirvoo-Tetinani's registered inoito, to their ignorant, 

vhidi vfi« eettBmk to bun •Ival (li« nas 
CnAktai H. Atvu, 

TAin or UDMropiiloGi vietlmt. vho bare pUsier^ thi» co»t nil ov^r tbt counlrr-iidc And the 
noloal««. «i ««n ■< in the Bi^ublioan Slft1«i uT Amuncft. AiiU ihe truth ii tlut At the 
|ir9aeat moiu«Dt nohodif lii ili« whutct wiilv world U e»ill1ed lo aw ilwse arnv. ffo one knows 
Anything for otfrtftiik ol RrtlFoT Fvj-/<ifi. no M)0 h<M y#l b^^ii •!>)« to triic« aiij siugU Kawnon 
to Fonton. Dr coiid«cI an^ Kmeraon family with Foxloo. anJ m far ft* 1 am ooucernvd il it oot 
for luck of trrinjT' Oity« aaiI <Inv« of work hni thi< <Lu*ivL^ uriDl;;i*r cutt me, and yet be haa 
not l>een eoHtiuaietly cultured. tiM Ernrruits abouad b«iweeu I^X^ and ItiOiJ in Co. Durham 
«T>d ^)acwtter«« but I cannot prove the exlsieace ot a siDgle Fo^ton Emrrvoo and my appendix 
it B hint ta th« w\n*^ Who wai h«, iht^n ? 

Thai iiitlu- qai<Ktion : bat bfrnEVHttPTnpiinj; loannwcr it, lat mc C(>DHder lonie oftheinorfi 
aariuua claimant* to (be armi and ihcJr jjrcieniioQa. 

The ariui were neither claimed nor dUcUimed at tbe Durham Vi»itAtion of l^To ; but 
ATiDi (ivbat BfiDK unknown) were dlt>cUlni«d by TLiomu Ecnaraon, of Darliu|fttin, and Brian 
Kmtsnon, of KaflijcnLv, nl th« Vliltalion of 16UV Flnplly, irm* ^-^n^ n«itUDr cUini«d cor dia- 
olaiaed by Kaivrwiaa »l that ^f lGlU>, tbe UaI Vi«tiation uf tba Couuty Durluiiu. Tbofnaa. of 
Darlingtofi. aad Brian* of Eaatfcaie, may bav« Lad a njifht to ariiK and difclaimed in 1U15, ao 
M to f«c«p« paying tbo fewa. or tk^j may hava been iti)po«t«ri and bucn dtKUim«d by ti^e 
Hvrtldi- tv any iuce, wa get no further on, Air w<? do not know tfkut srjua tbey di iw la 1 in ed- 
it may bkte tt*«a t^e Gmtftate ouat, nod it may hnvv b«i-a Ralfa ^tjnc, or aven tht Lia^oln^ 
nbirf ooat : tbareforo, il ia uavIiim to nay niorr on tLr» bead. 

Tlic oakt ptraoQ wbn muRl Uuve thought he woa related to Ualf, of Poxton, ua« Arthur 
Bmcraoii, uf Dublin, Gvfit, »'h(i got a ^rint of nrto^ from llie UlUer Ktn|> of Ariua irt lt^92, 
In DabMn, and woa f^raniad an fij^eiapUjieixtioitt but aa no pedl);ree of bim e^laiA* it h nveleaf 
to eoDaidcr bin cUlmH — if clujoii they were ^ «fid itH ht) vik» ifi hU likvUhood the too of Brian* 
ubo WHH dincUimvid ia tfi1*\ bla poaiflon la unenviable'- Thf low «ute of tri«L Heroldry, 
loo, preveiita uh from atlAchin^ any im|iorianc4 to this ox«mplificatjou. ( Vide nur remark! 
on Ihia head under 83r Jain«ii Knieraon-Tenneut.) 

Jamr-fl Kint;rj<on, afttrwarda tiir James Bmeraon-Tennent, aoDt an anprovad, bnl abort, fbr 
all that, pcdijircc to Burkr, And o*?d Unlf of Foaton'* amiA without autliarity; but in 1867, 
whtt> ht WH« fcnijfhtud and f.ampfUttl in prnvft \\\a Hjfht to armit or takn a new ooat be only 
registered bU fdtlier, aa Irishman, and wa* nlUwrd »n f^itiitylijic*itii>n. and most wrongly so, 
for he nvvcr provpul hiniaelf lo he, or ;;ave ariy facta to «how ihnt be h^td the sligbieM eluim 
10 be uoriitidered ei>n of DxirbRm origin, whictj Arthur Kiaerson aforrKUiJ mu«t burn done 
(tid*^ Pntivii), t Hi*d Ihnt Sir Jaroc* iCmcraoa-Te^incnt'* brother, who had dq 'iftbt whatever 
lo arma, nu^il H»\f of Poxlon** Jirrn*. Sir Jamci Kmi-rvon-Tt-nrient n«vi?r ^ve ihv fili^bleKL 

f'toof that be kni-w who wa^ bi>( graiidr;Ul]er, arjd y«t he i»lked of cowirig from a Foxton man 
ivjuK In lo3'> in County Dnrbain; and, ai 1 have taid bffore, tbe atati; of Irub U^mldry 
prevanu qt fruin attaehing any imponanci* to ihi; exemplificuTJorj. 

Ncut, ibe KtoiTjioaB of Kmby Uoll muBt be citrd : but moca they liave not given nuy 
Iffjj^a] proof of d^tvpot beyond iheir aiice«tor. Janiea Kmeriiivn, gmnt^id arma in l^(4^i, a 
Vorkabircman. their claiiuf are obviously wortfalasH; and i am pleased to Miy J. J> Emer- 
ann, Esq,. LL D-, the pr»i^nt repreacntuiivn of the fnmily. doua ttot cUim nny dfiflreiit frotn 
Eair, of Foxton. Moreovt-r, the grant to Jiimeii ECmersiou in 1&46 ia based on tha Lincolnshire 
ooat — why, it ia imfionHiblp to atnle, 

And taalk, the Kmitrton^ of Iptu-tob, Maat.^ IT.S,A.. or rather tbo Itneal dfairndHOl* of 
Thornan Ementon nnd Klisabeth hi* wifp. who appenrrd in lp«widi. Mats,, in 1 :t><, eluini tb« 
armi. and ure demorjuirably hy a toa^ way the oldeal rUiiojiniit to the coni.and by a loai^ way 
tlif^ iTioftt iLkely to turn out trutf faeir^t to the coat if tl^e laatter ever ba cleared up ; but al 
pre!tt;ot tbii fftmily lina no right lo u«« tb«»e or any wnns> uot hariag givsn 1«gal proof of their 
deacent from Ralf, af Kovton, nrmlger. Tba probsbilttUt aro in ibfljr fWvour, and Ikat ia ati, 
but th«y are airongly ia thair favour. 

Tbomoa Emenoo. who emigrated to Vaasacbu«atU about 1638 ^if a Kn«al deacaodftnl 
of Half, armigur), would probably ba either u>n or grandson (moat likely grandson), wtiich ia 
getting cloac, tie was s iohh ofaobstancv (i*><i< b»> irill) and * strong Punuti. If be 
bad not reaMy the right to ihn «rin«, st least hia fanily knew of ihoir cxtsttfnee at that 
period, which poinu to their having ori£taM*d ia Dwban aa tradition baa it. Oua 
mtimb«r of tha feoUly TiaiL«<l tbt ColU^ g? Arms In 1709 sad uarried butk a correct eot- 
bluxotiing of thr amra. 


^Mr, C H. Athill faai litndly crtpplW ntt with thr. fnWoving iio4«« I^A Atnonj[iii Mr. DaT^'« 
pap^ra. Mr, Dale nas StltTulk lleraid ExirmiriJlnury^ II >««ntB Uii- Hw, Jultn KnirrHoii «n« 
■nslota* to obuln Inft^rmatloD concerning «n AlkifiAon fninily- 

tlRBkSiH.— ^ft hau«r, IhalUwvBd Mr, Joho EfunnMip UtA-'j- aim* fFrtm N'*« En^luvl, iruiu iinna vnf r>EBuUaD out of foQr 
cAoh I b«f fon wonM um htm >i nij f rlukd uid jon vlll 1*17 mtttft ahti^ 

Tn Itihnt Data. btf|P , mx ih* BvnMn OAiw 

Xol* lo Uit IvndTTtili}! nf tht uM lUhst DiU^ 

The dnwinf atte<t^ by Mr. Dale of the Co11«f[fi 4>r Arm» U here reprodocecl vitb a 
c«rtiflcate of how it came Into the pf^»eitt po[ii«««or'ft hands. This emblni^inmcnl iriih ter- 
titicat«f hangR in Ihe rtKims of tb« Nru Knglnntl EIiHIorical Society, at BoaIoei, Somi^uhnt 

aimtUr iimiiurrc Af£alf],iii 171;^, carted on Ui«totab- 
vioiiv of Nnttiuniul Emtraon |ThoiiiD«' youfkgv^t 
aonj^nhoutflH horikln KKglandnud buried m tp«wLcb, 
MsHa,, U-KA. The tc>njl»&lonc Hlend" in i\iK uld 
IfwiA-Ich burying grouod to<day, and hervviib U a 
photograph of the atone erected in 1712. But to 
Judge by tli4* crest it wii> dooe from an earll^^r 
drawing than Dnle's — the family aeetna to hav« 
posaeaaed two or tbre« othrr drawing of tbe coat.^ 

DwWm, 4ii Divaaat* itf J<>(id »:iiier*in. td ll«*wa, MiM. 

ju tb# iivt iab HAdaf^ ^* 

Tbi Aiv» Hd Ovc ftWrt dnrfinal vwr fruiMd In 
lUtjia riaiMB i< rvftbiB, latlM 4^1017 PlCUllHttf |iui- 

tu T««ar Bob. Dak T'mUIi-, 

Tli^>b> t'lI^1Jc^ <^Elflf,, 
MJMKltta. Amuv R-tt*lnni iJi^njIaUK 

Oq Uh teA (f Ibv IfaBB tfT M^ 
Am<^ ta* Ik— Ml tiiHlli, 

■BVH. »W«.1«^ aiH-Mtt4dM 4f R^ A^BU.^ 

ttah C»iiaaiift ITm w M a. af O f ru a mnm, a n d f mn J^miUr 

«« pmTW. 8r<»«a^ <« tthm. 

ibi floaoram I •buk^ frOK Via lUrrVa Buwll, 
of Vmh TMumil^ platnA vImv ««• gnal fnaddaiMfttor 
of Hvf , euiOAl FllilUn of ATidonw. wbu w tian <J Ibf 
abBTff — mrf akuwl PbJilEpL, ^t M^brm. UuHM RomII 
4M Aft Konh TimbdqUs U^ 1, 1 t^l , H"^ n 

Tlilt papwBi AUiUa*4 U lua 

lL-inh>U4i* c4 VBtfcvn'al Ruvtvobv aU 1718. *«- 
(Nod uf llniiiiU Add ICIlLk 
OU «»«■■ iPmia4, lt-n»h, K** . lUl/ of r««Uw^ h 

NeiLt Sir John Evana, K.C.B., the noted nomiamntial, of Naah Mill*. Kemvl flenpafrad. bought, 
aoow yeara ago. from a (Tomtan dealer, the " medal '* Iwrc reproduced. Waring Rairt arma. 
TIm ItichiDonU H^ald, to vhom I vobioltted the pti«logri|kb, by the "mnntUng" pbccn the itate 

• t^of.B. ILBiiiCMn'a-'BBcnoitabAincria." 

ort1i«vorka»betw«f-nl6.>0 and 1700, but nv^nr^^r 1650 than 1700. ThiH "work." foritl* not » 
'■ medal " In ibe Imo aenne of llie worj. nm evjil«iilly done ffom an nutleniic drawing nnd 

BDay have been mnde to order for Thomas of Tptwiclk. whi><1if*d IGfJfi, And ltt»l!v, Mr, l^v-nrd 
D. Kmcrion. (if Wnlihnm, M^fi*,, ndJri^t d^i^rendnnl of liev. John Emerflon, of TopiScTd (who 
wuA tIii^ Hoii of Kdwurd Kmvriun and Ki^lx^'cii IVnMn, who vrh :ho ton of Iter. Joiepli Emeraoii 
and ELii. Bulkelcj, vbo vrtktt th« vuu of Thomai Kiucrffoo, of Ipnwicb), Iiar kindly Hral mt die 

two photographs hvro reptodaocd of n beotitiftil old ailror cop irhich ho hai iAheritcd from the 
Hw. John Rmcnon^ of TopHReld (TofMfi<*1d vam llii* nurEhorn pitriMb of IpHwU^h, Miu>.}, Mr. 
EiQ«raon eajs che IrHditioii he received with the cup ia thai U h«]onfced to an iuiG«8tor of 
TboiDa« Kmeraon, of Ipauirh. ni>d wm takori to Mas^achusells by fiiin In 1G:S&. Ott the bolloiQ 
are ihe initiATa w^, ibeold way of " marking " Wllltam ufid Mary or HarKAret Bnerioo.aiid 
betttdtftt tbu»o inuiala ar« tbc letter* l.U. iu a bvart, which Mr Kmcr^oD »uggMt< stand for 


"John Danid," irbo v«« registered as ft goldsmith in 1630 — 50. There se«ia< to b«r no hull- 
mnrt oii th« cqjj bj whicEi iU n^ecAitli« HccurAtcly (ixud. Mr Kmemon hnw aIm} b chair anda 
drawing of «roii OifKceiidtrd fruu) Kvv. Joliii Bmeritoii, of Topnlltfld, Muh-. t^^LA., iir wlioM 
widow** will, |>ror«d 171^0, llii* otip in il«vl*vd to \ii*r ion, Jotttpb £iDur«(>n. n< an h^lrloooa. 
Il Hai l>e«u «Liggest«d thai the '* medal '^ referred 1o iil>ove itaa part of the lid of a drinking 
cup, but we hnvo no proof to link the iwo. Il is worib while pointing out in this 
cnntii-clion that • poivible KalF, of Foxton. had b tioii Witlinm who dW in UVIi, bm wbo«e 
iidiuiii 151 ration otily tuiforttinaielv exifltr^. Mr. E> D. Ein«raon Hut^f^t'^u l\ttf \\\\\\Ji\tt ns i<leniit;Hl 
with the Soi^thwArk WiHiftm who dii>d \it7f>, —but hiH vIFp wilk Anne- Ut)l It is not*^ 
uorihr thftt bis grand<on Heni^ hnd a son Tliomms of whom I have no further recoil, and a 
son WillinniwhaM! wife Marjr died tt StBotolph. Aldjiutu, 16<^tl— WilliEim'sbroth(<r Humphrn 
taking out ati udininUiratioQ of his properly until WilllAm ■' should return from ftbroad" {eidi 
|iedt^ree of Emerson of County Surro)' fSouitiwitrk) for further details). 

Ail thU U not proof, I «rn ftwnrop And don not •itnbliili ihe cUio^, hut wh^a on« ronsidi'TS 
all ihi- eirruniitKncef. the Ttnuuc porilAiiiitn of Tluimai, of [pnwich, nnd thrrrforc hii wilful 
iup|ireMioE] uf nit tiueL vhnitii^it ns coat-nrmour. the ^ci that be wnrt a man of aiib<tAiic«. and 
also tU*t he er his familv knew of the existence of Kulfs nrnns and thought il uorlh while to 
get H i:>rninrAir of thi^rn from tbi* CoUpgL^ of Arfm \» tlncMntvtit which thry in thfirsbnplirltj' 
nknr have inkcn ni proof ilmt ihu_v wrrv cnlitPcd to the arms) And ihvn cnri'cd Ihom on tlio 
loriitwtuntT in tT12> and that his frieijil« were Mnjor-CirnerEil Denniion and Depij I y- Governor 
f^ymonds (both meniioiied In his willj. his son John marrjfne Deputy- (joter nor S^raoiidi' 
dnughlvT ICutb. snd hi" son*, the Her. Jni«ph and Ker. John, *Tere well edtieatpd— the baUnce 
of evidttnet* u in/aroar of ibv ndiuntpiioii tbcit ThomjiH Kinerwtn. of [pswicb, Mft«>.« waaa 
direct liocnl devc4<(idnnl of Itulf P^m«n»oa, aniiiger. With tbcHc factti «p mmi Uavit lh« rune, 
tner«ly ndJlng lliat if *' preaoriptive right ** held in HerAtdry (ir/oVA it does not) eertahily the 
descendnnts of ThnmAH. of Ipswich, iroutd hnvr the ripht to the arms, nn Ihey at least pive 
proc/n of having u*rd them for rirnrly l«'o hundred ymr*, and livfnre any ulhrr exiting family, 
buiiinct? lEieyeAunoi prove tlierlgfi(.ffi>f iinif"/th^m hts anjfrirjkt Louae iheantis jiny niure iliaii 
anybody e!no, aoJ no Ralf of Foxton'* unn* l^dong io-da^ to noUoAfj. Aad thiM furt Atnfrncan 
Rmer4mi« iihootri rftr«<fu1Iy Uy lo hi^nrt, for nny one luing thfim is performing no illegal ael nnd 
branding himself iiiiposi«r. And if X\\^. iMser aort of heraldic vtiitioncr s«1ls tbe^e Arras to 
myoiie as "Ilia arms'* it M'ould b« wise to pronecutt tliut per»on fur ''obtaining money 
voder false pretences." 

It would bo A uorb ontailing the expenditure of much tinic to trace all Balfi of iba 
period, ne^-erthelesi many a Snlf havo I foUotved in vnin, but T shall omit ta deal vilti 
abaotntely futile resvarcficsv 

As Ralf Enier»i>n, of WestgAie Cattle, is mentioned in the 1G15 Visiiattoa of Counly 
Durham. 1 shall chronicle him jit once as nn '*imp<>)tiib]c" Ha uas Ralf, of Wttion Gftberl, 
yeommi,** according Ut (Tur.iltot Itollii ; doublUan a forc»t otlicr^r of lomn Si>rt at Siaohk>pe, for 
WifMj^Aii- (^Ailte wa* not a |invite reiidi^nce, hut the Dtficial rnidcnce of Thn Wphnlule fnreU 
officer^ wherv ihe tenunit pfild the customary " joek pennita" and (^brio cihur foruvl busiiH-s> 
of ■ like kind was iransaeted. Ilia matter stands thga:— 

But Bvnucpa, -* 

^o. Iff IWf X..'^ WhtoB of r«T HiU. Ua. 1), IML* 

K*lVria«, . Aa*«w ll«bvii«, 

TTiia Kftlf Kmerann made an invATitory of Tarn per ley 'a rtfeclitin ]AT7,^ waatn thainustar| 
of 154(11 an a foot soldier in coat of fiiail armed with a lance (a retainer of the second son), 
B« had another daughter, Anna, buried Jan. 1st, 1^1.§ For fuUer details tidt the pedigree 
of the LQdwell Emeraons, of Co. Durbaaa. 

« Canitir KotU, &»(»i), KollNo, l,ot Uauhtf* HiiLloQ, Nov.H,3G KUa. KsDmon, Half, Miana. Bu bf«n>e 

tn alipo^Cv tn Ahtlinny Ifvutiiirn* Hnd C*lJ"^in* !i[« oiff*. * n«4«iiagip» Imd, *t4, th Wlttoa GiTWvtt. 

f- 8aft««a* ;<oci«ty. Pob. Wilb ami iDnrcot^w, £ Masisr lUdl, State IWs, Doai., SIU (IKB). 

\ Wiitoii Uil)>art ll4R^star. 

I hftve eliminnled X\\U RuLf merely btfcnud^, ttncv be li mentioned in ihe Durtinm Vliititwn 
of 1616 under Wilkinson as cf Wetii^Ate Castle, 1 know ftome people think he vas Rnir armi^or, 
mill I b«vc Hcen biiu in Nome genealogies! publlcnClonv devcrlbed n< ftjiir Kmemoa, irji^riJrv, of 
V«ilgaii) Cuitio- Uc WAP II y«oinan. 

Th« on^^ lUtlf nDd tn fftct the on/^ /ami/jr of Kmcrtonit I hnve be«n in any vay able to 
coonect witli Foxton, nre the l^inersons of Sbottun, Now there are Ivro Sholtons in Eurbtm^ 
but fvidoEitly Shotloii in Sv4gi-HeM I'flrJflb it mehnt, nnd since ShoUon nnd Kotton/y)rn on^ 
township \Hunvea* " HUtury uf Durbum/* vie ), thtra in r»Hon for ^>ing >>ito thv blntary vf 
t^ii fntnily, iw povviblj ihe Rulf» of Sboltoii, I rpfcr to «»ni Ibo ArmigGr, but it must itts re- 
tuecabered I finve no coiicluflive proof \o offer that be whm ib« armli^r. Houever, aa Shotton 
naU FoKtflrt form onp township, n nnlive who was not sure of the boundnrii^s might easily give 
Idt addrcA* hi of Koxloo or Sbr)tton, nnd 1 coDftluntJy hrar to-tUy tbo xinte sorL ol' itiiittakfi 
made, I lUe tn OuIluu Pirrish, :i<.T(iNt ihi* bndgif ii Carttoii Colville, but I cvriHintitly hear 
poopU Any £fidiv<^rEfTiriiH|«]y they live nt Oulton, or Oulliiii Ur<«jid, and Oultoii Broitd Poai 
OHice in in Carltoa Colville Parish, beiicfl conaiderabta coafusion : and no it may have been 
with F^oxlon snd Shotton. 

The tarlwl record I have of an Bmerfon In Shotton b of Rcilf Emerson, of Shotton, 
who«o will U dat«rd 1<^47, but wlivu b« died i» unknown tut \Uv dati? of probhte It iiot preserved. 
A copy of tbo u'ill i« in tbo tVohntK Ri>gi4trj »t Durham, ftrid I gi^'f> il in fut) f^rlntm vt 
iiti*rati'n tn i\\e Appifudii- Nnn' Jinrtholonifrw (kii: nan) ifi a nioiit uocommnn nnme nmongtt 
tlie Durbuiu KniifrKiins, *o I followr.'d Filin a litlk diMluncc hitt voon lout xi^bt of bim. 1 have 
brid hU the nvaUable r<<f>t«ters of th^ surround irifi; t^oun try- sides*! Arched, and ^ive berewltli the 
result in pedlgriw form m) ftir as I havs b«on able to trace ;he fanjlly from vsHoub records. 


01 Evl M Wr«tinr»r»l4ni.l. 
In UiirluTii liHi^ Jmi, Ut, 


'Rt(r Ehkimop = rJtiift P<4tif<nr«nf». 



te||■M aiH« ftl Wnk (it 
VsrrflT, \m>, T«tiU. in 

Tir4iiiic*< At Wdliv<itdi. 

Cnu>Ti»riJH B 

PinsJhtWahfFlleM. lAlS. 
luhmtd fflJiu ufidle Wm 
ATOportjr At VakwAfJil, 


CP- J Uhit, laij. In- 
h.TlU IahIi llfart rn»n 

fiiubublman. of AEiotiun , Sx. D 
W.O. U9k >rtt 1^' Taiual 

tfAiitttv W»nl*lB iiiluim U.f. I&tf7|. A Julm (^rtUnnbiUV 
lilt" PajuJi <!te(k if AUriltn|M m XX\U dalb 


l|UU = 


Adni 1494. 

Ajini. UU 




ti IMO. 



V imS h. lillU. h. IM?. Db. IU4T. -ll*- la lA?r 

lu Jdiin KD>«tm»n, "r tificittnn, mid lAUmlni KniBman, niihicr 
t A JcjIih K-tliflnbJiiv irr l^rr.lit<nU<nli4]K% And W. ^(Abi* i^rrs In lAW, »iirtll« Ajt Alt» KjuiIsLII. ttttfl* of Rotvnt E(ii*niim, of 
rlntnlDiia Ln>f' li<f I'^dl^nvJ, (jy, l* L(n]f t(«nL"r vnnir itAt^n juid A^liv llnrdgiJI' 

!|ri ICffj", lUrUiLrkfifrnp* ti tridaniljLltliir nl K'iiK*<rlli t^nA Lb Tvuhrr vf ilt« Kfri|r'vTanil>t trv^rf Au|i.l 
In llnmlMiiibnnAA f^niTut (I3fv|, ■ tl4)r Kuif'B'ij ha %^^n^ At vUl 'iJ Hullo «i«< m LAQBti^J'- Vt, It ht IbU fUJrT 
All th4 ncUtm (a ■rbr<iJi thia buiilj tn W|(iei k/fsi {o:Uh (.bi-' t^U.Uiilrt>VH wL<;n RAlf wu biirl*!, CoQitaeR WoJa.. Vltlnri'lfr 
Wvir, *io,, rtr. 

By the Stairidrop Ue^iater we see a Ralf Emerson, of Shotton, buried April, 1640. Of 
OUtirsv tlHi IB no proof ibtt lliiv i* Kiiir, the son of Rnlf of ibr will, btil U tA poMlbTv- 

Thftrs are mnny tCmersoriit. of Shottoti. Iftl^r on, Thpy mny bnvp mi^mod fmm nlflpwheret 
descended from the Jobn. of Shotton, the Emerson mcniLoned in Kftlfi will, or from tome of 
FUilfs M>ni. In this connerliort tboiteintiT^Med ttiioiild itudy ihe Staindrop Re|i:iAier, nod tbit 
r^Utera^ of CoobHeld. Sed^tffidd, WoUinphnm. Witlon-IeWear, Hamsterly, Auckland, 
Darusrd Castio nnd Slunliopv, I bnte h«tM o»iibk- to connect Ralf, of Sbotiou, ivltb nny uf 

■ tolDTtiuiateiy iDAny ot thfso ro|{lfter* are loit or iDiperieat,— V%d^ Appsudti- 


ibeiQ on iure or evun probable groandv, *o I bare leA it lUlf of Shottoa, wm m lifnnnt of 
tbe Kevillet, anil probably a parter or loreiit^r lu ib«)r ^ervK-e, aixl Julin, ^ SboUoa, In g«ol 
In t>tirb*Ri 111 Jmti., 1670, wjm ti> all |irvb«biliijr tbe i«io« John ai«otiou«d in Rair* vill. mnd 
prabftbly bii brotbvr. On th* iiihol« 1 «ni inclined to doubt Ihnl Ralf, of Shotloa, wu ihf 
tiTtnijitit, brcAute of hu d«4Cftplion at a "buibandmnn/* of bit |ErandM>n'ii dcMription ai a 
''jeomaxi," and ibct uc»n« of fbt family claimed arma aL tbe 1575 VjAiitilon of Co. Durban, 
mid vie Iloov maDy of tliem v/ere living tb«rc at the time. 1 IhJnk the Tcal Kalf nnnti^r vit] 
be found ill sonii: olticr pnrt of the country and ihril hv viH lui^rcly * icmporBr^ rciM*?nt at 
Kuxlon wbcn the arras wor« prn»t«d to him — po»ibly in connection uiib tU« dn«olutwn of 
the foxiuo Kiiiifhu Hudpiiallern, tbe oHnera of Fuxton Uaiior until 1^^. 

Ralf, the too of Ralf, wm possibly Ralf, of Braiioepeth, a (opy of uboee vUL dated 1581 
(00 dmo of probata), la in tbt Durham I'mbata UvgJviry, lit Ivh a wifo, I*ab«i (probably 
Isabel Ciiopiin^), and twoKHis, John and Ocnir^c, tnd a dnu^btcr Mary, wboraarnrd Nlclmlan 
KfftbcriEtonliungh — po«»ib1y a oooiin, ThU Hair held htlf of Sisiitey Manor with th« nid 
Nleholaa Feth«rtttoiibaugb, wai n retainer uf tba batter aorc in Muater HolL 1569, beioff a 
light horaeman, arm^d and horfed, poaaibly a foreater to the Earl of Woilmcrelanil in sac- 
ceaaion to bia lather Ha remiiinrd loynl to the Ijueea. hoiff»ver. He un* «cnt ju a ineAM-ug^r 
toTbua. Crt^m^elt, tfetsretary wf State lu Henry VIH., by the Eur) of WeniiDorirLnd from 
UrAnoapetb, Now ouriaubly eaough a Jotiri Einorvon, hi* ncn in all probubiliiv, follow* Lady 
Wefltmoraland into Norfolk ;iA«r tbo failure of tbe rebellion and take* a ineua^o lo Quven 
Kliaabath from Lady WfitmoreUnd from Kr^fminghnin. Tbn qntf«tio» in, did thin John rpioiiin 
in Norfolk and have a fiiuily, for la ]l>00 — IjOU we tintl nuiueroiu EinerMOs ai and tieiir 
Fn^mia^haiiL I eaiioot prove that Ralf, of Braneepetli, »a» the aun of Italf, of 6buion, nor 
dol think Ibia poavlble — (I) because tb^y vvrrebflth In volUlo-do positions; (3) beoaiMOof tbeir 
eonnoctinn with the Navillt* ; (3k b^auve of tb^r nenr rdaliocmbip to the KelhefalonhauftEbs. 

In Weardale two <]uite modem Emerson ramilienbave veiiUired lo pmctice tbisunfoiiannte 
heraldic tnobbery in reliKiooa edtfiGee,*' In St. Jubu's Chnpel h a memorial window, with 
Unlf r>f Fo^tton'a nrma, lo Bilvrard Kmer^nn, who died In 1858 ni llottt, nejir 8l. ilobo's 
C^npnlr B'ld a brius in memory of ThomnA Kniersoti, of Nouhousr, «vho died in 1^17, In one 
caie the nrim ahs wrontjlff emhiatontfd, the or and vert beinj( iratisposi'd. It t< needleaa to 
sav tliai neither of iljeae personH had any right uhni^toever to ann«, and the :ni|jister in chorgc 
of ^t. John's Chnpel wooM be doini; n |rood tervice to heraldry nnd honi^sty if be Mere to 
Insist on their innlnnt nmiontl. >>uch monuments do but bring ridicule oa the famillea wbo 
orectcd lliom and on tbe innoeeot dead lyioft beneath. 


KvntKin, AbEXAHDut. Gditp, of SsEftT, Ca Liucoul 

B*»nr? a tieTd mare on a bend arj^nl throe tortenux gnlnt. No err#t or motto. The 
ftichinond llersid infi>rnii me *' thiit U \% not knoun to whom lUese arm* were orii^innlly granted^ 
iNit that they were aiiowf^d to Alexander tjueraon, of Scrby, C^i, Lmouln. in 1^31 [r>«f« offieial 
pedigree*, nod ihnl tlit* f imiily have never eTttuliIislied a ri^ht lo a {-mt/' It Is a pre-TndoT coat, 
Ihto.and probably tbeoldect authentfc Knierson catt. Here are Me»rc. Burke, Fnirbnirnit C<k 
mUleading hk Hgaii- They givo as the cre«t of thia f^imily ctoudt iatuaai rti,v« fff thr tivn alt 
prirprr, and thp family never had mnd haa ao Hiflit whatever lo a creatof anj kind. No n»otio 
wn« rvf^iiitered either at the Visitntioiit of 1634 and 1*I^> 

Herewith are given a eopy of the nrtnn and eerllHed pedigree* of tbe fjimily aa reeorde4 
at the College of Arm*. The family do<>» not leem in recent yeara lo have regitter^d their 
pe^igrue. b»t 1 hjive given their nnre^inlerrd pedigree under the Roienoati of Co. Liticolo. 
All thai is not given In the certiHed copy herewith I will not vouch for, aa no proof* were 
aapplied with the stalemenU, and to obtMi the right to u«o thi:«ri Hrfnn the prc^nt legal 
dpae^edafitu of Al'^vanrler Kmernnn. nf St-rby (Il»it4f. mntl regUler lb*ir pedigre^i to date, 
I have mnde M}tne remarkH on ibia coal under Thomas Kmrruin. of Bradbury ind Bla^ikfriara 
(f.p. under Kmrntmi of Cci. Surrey). It aill he obfened from the oFfici^l pe^Jgreei that 
oaa of tbe family changed his tiatne to Acncotu, ajid received a koighibood for ParlltHwntai^ 
aerelcaa, but he went out in female iaeoe. 

* " AW Aivaad SMabope * W. U. figatMl.oH, p. 176. 


I bare endenvDUted lo Ira^e ihe full nuiiil>er of direct Ifiteal detcendaiils of Alexander 
KiDirmoii, nrmigcr, lO^i, irlo wo%td be ontilled to bear the nrni* iiou^ could cli«y ;>rove legal 
ind lc|;iliniftto dtrftcoikt from him. C^^rininlT they arc not nunicrouH, jui mai^y of hU dnHccndanlfl 
di«il wtthotJt Untifi or fpll inlo ftrmiiltT i%tnp.. This cilU fiimily of hlnK^rnniiii ant probAhty 
deiceiided from John Km^'non, genx^, of Folkiii^^ham. Co. Lincutn, vtUtinv will (p, 1541) it 
jmblii^hed in the Appendix, whose cou»in William, of London, is mentioned in the will, whtcti 
Willinm was probiibly th^ founder of iliv Southwark Kinrrfon» — nn imponnnt r«mi1y tuMy 
dctfcribod under the Knii;rfioni of Co. Surrey (f.c.). It vam a member of this Surrey fnmily 
who earvt'd hii nrtnit on the Durhnm Crovn, 16L2, Aud on the Knit Crnxa nt Nrwri^Hth nt the 
Mine period, vh.^ Tbornna KinerBoOi tiho was n barrister snd steward cf the Karl of Somerwet 
for thr liranccpeth and VLnhy properties, 

TheLinooUkHhirefniTiilj probably cninc fruui Durbacu rui VorkHhirc. Alcxandfr Km^raon. 

to whom the urma were grnfitird, wiu a dtdtirtguishi^d (rhnoc^ellor-al'lBW, find a niAn of lar^c 
f'>uiily, he having nmrripd thfioe^firHtly. hi« cousin Ktf£ttbelh K(i]tiriti>ii : HpronUtvH Kilber 
Mfrtcalf. dfloghter of Sir •!. Melcair. of Louth Park ; thirdly, Frances Ki^lke, duuifhitir of 
R. Keike, ar L discovered the tvo latti*r inarriajivei, atid tb(T Uichinond Urratd kindlr com- 
|mred the a]|^Daiuri*s uf Ihe twu Alttanderti ^Igiklnfz tb«Ir pet]i^*rees nt the Collrgr nnd sajra 
ihvj' are uodouhtedly the samu wriliiip, which corrohorati-s wlinl I hnd arrived nt by a study 
of I he records. 

Many of iht family solllcd in Notlinj^hamflhire, and for further pariiculflrs see the 
Hmersons of Co, Lincoln and Co, Surrey. To the latter Iraiit^h of the family, however, there 
fs no record of ibe arms having been allowed, thon^b ihcy iiMed and clainjttd cheai, and w>Tne 
<tt tbf^ai are descril>rd In public dr><^umcnla (n» the CIom* HoIU, *j,r.\ a« nrmigrrit. 

A family of KmoinonH (harh<>rv), nrij^inutin]? jit Thcrrney Ahbny. niArrij^d IntotMa Lincoln- 
ahire family and chanf^tMi their nnmeii tind impudently asnurnt^d thf- armnn but ti^ey have no riffhl 
whjitever to them. 1 have ;-iveri their pedij^rec in ihe Kmerson^ vf Qo. Lineoln— «oaie of iheie 
Kmoiflnnn bein/? now called Kminsoii — hoili Kmiilaon iirtd Kminson being aa distinct froiD 
Kmcriion ai arc Jonrra or 8>i^itb. A> il slnnda. then, nphodi/ at pr«setil lany um? tbeie 
srnia, sh pedi)fre<>ii of ihr legUimnic hf<'m havr not Im*«o re^^iK^ 
lertd 10 date- the ColleRe ijznoriiiK ibe existence of all per&ons 
not registered ; but ihe le^'itimate heirs (sonic of whom arc 
given in the tvinersonH of Co> N^meraet) could with very little 
IronbU and «3ipco«c regUtcr up to dbtr^ and I trust they will 
do so. Thf*K<>arnii, loo, nn> cnrvt^d on tombs in Hurr^ham Thorpe 
churchyai'd {Co. Norfolk) In memory of various inembers of a 
certain Iwiac Kniersoe's frtmily. The lombu iire dated IT3T, 
176$, ITWi, !S(»H rnd \Hil. But t regard tht»e people aa 
imposlerBf vide pfidijcrec of LrncoloAhir^ KuieraunDf in which 
aon« of their njim«« oc<.'or. la Cuniborp* ehorobyard thflr* 
it a altb with the same arm) in memory of a ct^rtatn Cbarlei 
TlH}maa Koicrsoti nnd hi» family, but I can find no aulhoriiy 
h>r this ftmilj using thnu, nor are they eotltled to them, and 
bvinf^ qoite modern they sboulJ he at oiw€ reaiOTi.-d by the 
elergyman in charge. 


ftrs^rliT. in r»». iJiw. 

AUCKtXOfH ICbltltinH, — JldfUtt*, Aani. vt 

tMrtjn, of Rurbr, I John QankM>, i»f Buubj'i 
^m^ld, I In Cfc Um. 

Vkhacu- IbrvK^kX. = Anna. <l*ti- of 
tMmi iinri, of Sf>rl>7. ^t^thrw Hiil<*i.lfii, of 

of York. 

of Ckd«if,ial1i« j UghUaar. 

Cvwilj vf ljb*«, I of .- 


Kftwiinl Krnpnau., 
1 wan. 


ALEuviiia Bunso*! = KlbshMh^vata'tlrt 

•ODD ihl l^r lurtr llalaCk | <I*u "'^ *■>'>■ "T 

\ I 

TncMAi, fpnn ftii>l hr. ii|i|*r«nV Avut. 




llcatH VriaauDif. — XlUriur,. Jl W 

Ann*, rx- 

Kiibt. Bukdi. 

Wn, Itaatfi. 


Ct%n«l) rso. BsuRMor. 

I bM*r MTdtr tiM«bat« WTtttMi ^Ljrm to U UtthfuUT rtUvtad rmm lUc £l-nlil« TmIMUuh of Ltnvola, 4.r. t«0«. 


O. Ajcbik« [-UE, 


<A*.on* haul uf. thftart— UE) I jN^ ■ Jaiii Bwj.cftgotfltoyig^l 

IkftClif Kn'iHii, l^n<l< Knwnnn Atrluiiln Knienuih. XlulioaU- BiMT- OoiUMI. 

lAt. 'ina Ivtd 4ty {Aa. .m * Iwml tf^ <&< ■■m >li#ii.|krc. (An '>i»4 bairiwK |Ai. m * bnul arc. fAi- •aftSm'luK 

■IdutialkiUiUitabvfft, F,KolkahkUilnl«tf«.-P.]LK. 

AueivmrIkkmon, b 
of OAt«r, Ok IdMPla, bivln. I 

iUxiA)iPflBSiaM«M, vVlBWlb.iUii. of llfff frond ftwrtit - flVTfnnil AtHtiu atfiun, 

Wad Daa. IT4& ■««« ■bant »r"ri«d ■> mttMl La I'lA Diod lit IT4I. bulcd *t Ulnl 8.F, tai I>UJl*od. 

ALalUJ*|[fc BUUDH, — BivuitHb, luil hIbu. had 

Mil tiAukr lq tlv «rtiijr. 

In I7M- Ll*ti« ITM. 

MunnflKfil. ma of WUnui 


doll, wd «»'brfr «t 
Xirt^ml AIIW41. <rf 
ItAfTlDfliUl ■alAifr 

Ugro ■! lUri^ni- 
tro, nuffTJsil M lb* 
CbBoqiur Cliurcti, 

IlBiHlil, lAth Abtlt 

of KrUMhnna IWIt IX 

fori O^* XoUlBibai^ 
fcqiilm. •«»* bitia Sur- 
|B la BtflivffMA A* 

Ibcvfik Ov. LI■vBlt^ in 
F*tk* lT*»-tO. AKtiiud 
(bi tananit uiil wvia of 
AbvH* 141^ hj Mtflin 

JkuxAVtn* Lnir Knimogt. 
Unn «i lUiiOallL C*^ Orrki, 


tf out IfuTlH KiMVlwIt, 

iK. n, \u I7PL 

Ar Jolm luiClv, ^ mpUf « BIfartttti, •aly 6kii- w4 bflr 
Ib-moUk Mar, 11U- Utlof Nib Jub*, ITASl MUtM *l 
V Oct., irin. Ufian IIK. 

biac«dd iHw tb« ramiU df til? (>>[1«* ftf dim LoodDO. tnl Auiuliiid th««-riUi U^ 

In the f(fJ/(T<:fjoiii of iho Coll«g« of Arm», London, are to b« fbund the following iUnu 
concrminf; (Irs fmnilj : — 

Pulmiui MS.-MurrtJippof KtiH^mcin nful Wharloii. Bn>o|:p US — MfliTiftgCof EmeraoD. 
AiDCOU*. Courlhorpe MS.— Pnligrvei of Kiii«rfon from ViKitaitioii of Lincoln to 18<Jy a»^ 
m pedlgfQ* Trom VUilaiioii of Lincoln down lo Kli/jibotb Emrrsun, wif© of iy'ir John Jng^lbjr, 
B«rt. Larkon M^.— A earcfnl pc^ligrpu of ihr Lincoluthire Eiuer»ons. 

Burk«^vcB n iCo^-Al descent ofthii fuoily Ibrough ihu Lothinglon*. I do not know kow 
mil«h of it rould be I«tgnlly prov<*ii, biil il ii printed »1iew)i«ire- 

la the lifforda of iht Coll*Ke of Arms, Londoft, U • Eoyal licence for tie change of 
iMmcj Kmi^son to Anxroiu. 



KMUtADK, Ahtitur, Oest., of PrftLIX. IlfirUND. 

l^nrR: i^ide grnnl herewith r^prodiipcd ; nopi'dlf^rppor 
moElo re^iHtert^d. 

To ttll aud Siii;;ular m ni^ll XoMnm^n aud OcutTrinifn u vlhm to 
wlifiniv llifw prrn'-iiu ■tmll fouo I Sir Kidinrl Oirnry K(kii I'lMf-r 

!i:ii1l Whit lli^' iiioti n[iti'<]ii cuitcuiH of 4)1 ^vdt jjuwriii'il Khiffifoma 
thai yi.' itrii-arvti^ij iLi^ln irf noTtliy pi>n<ni« hh^/titil Ik* r^rom^rictoil to yit^ 
Uthy liy SiJtulry HonanidnU nf ihrir k^x*! tli-^cirtJi junnn|t«t vLttri tliO 
i'l)iif<i>t liinl Mi'iht. 'i>uaU h*re Iwori Uw bfarinif of SitfiiL'Siinl T^kfiM on 

Eu tlid E](i«lilT Af tbif porviii PiiTnlit^tf thi- wtn- to lUn lul^iit lltnt latHi 
^xTwiiiM ILK havF Jttrit^ ^('rvErti tri tFirir fnnco or r«iiir]lrjr rtllirr tii H'&rr 
Iff I'liaro ino^ not nui^t rwfivt dun h<Jiici(ir tn tlu'lr (imu« live*, Tmt tliHb 
clitf afcuau mtv rMiuJiitkit eu uu Itkrru'lilhry ifnult f-f liMctDi' !*> ttiuir pi^itti^rily 
firr vvft- AiuL wliirrc^ Atlhiir Ktji(irt<iii blt'iff Hiirlmni O'tit,, mni iw* 
of IhcClty ul l^uUln linwlnff rftittOfcli*! mo t* mmkn wiirth in mv Odii'O 
fiir vlitt AiTiitw Uv nifly livrfutly Imcitu to diiiiii^niKb lii"i withm^t prr- 
jodir;)^ to nay nUu^r of liit imuii' i<r fmiuly fiiiil n]>iin «^tc1i tlionor I 
tln^io hi- mny lawfully fti*Te lliew Ana»» unrt L'r™i following vh i IVrty 
p^r Tk^ Iliiui»'i't1b Or Brii-l Vfrl, OTk h Bond Kii^nil"*! (liilt^i tiiit^rcn 
Twu KoDiidlojt CiHti)ttreh«zii^ 3 I^^odi Pauhuit Ar^titl, aud fnr bin 
Crr»t <>n n liclmtt iijJ ^Vrfrttli of Itii ixiliivjn A l^-iny l*yftD Vcrr, 
<-1i*iVi^I ^^^1' <'j llujiunlfe, holding a IV>li^-Ai.<ir, Maiii!aI CfiiL**- IIohUinI 
Argnit n* in [lie iniiFifirLt ■boi-fl tlipiftid niore idjiiuly doili ujjywiin'. 
Whk'h Armuii Hid Cfnl lUil woF} ftirt & iiarcrl Lhrrviif, l tltc«%M 
CUecr KinjT nl ATmc^by ibo I'bvrt^ iihd Aotliorily ti> mc [fmutAl midrr 
Uic Grmt Saxle t»f Ifclftod do lirrrby piv*. grinl, mtiflf^iLiid coiifimi 
unto the laid Artlinf l^nictTtd imd liH Poilt-rlly fuf vt't-r, t>j^ tlic^t^ iitk'ijU tttt; bviiiu to n^v^ bL<ft(i:, and rnjiy bL 
ntl t[im'i,n:i<l Uptui all 'H'tiHiL»»i kiti'Thi- IMt (fofi Jifffrenoo a^cerdiiitf to ihe l^w of Ai-iiir«. wiUioul UU.. ImMty 
orcautnilf-mfTit of nuy iiimiui<r <>f iHivon or ptmiiq uiiabLji'iYr. In full Tntfmnay wlicrcof I have Iwri^anto 
dubvcrtWd nij linm\? *ini\ Tillr, and ^iIHk^ iW Sinlr c-f mjr Oflla] Oiii Wiitli diky of May Auiw DouiIilI ir^;^. 

Itili t* • tru4 QUjiy wt the urkHiinl tvcvht. 

IMA ^<rpf«hW, ll»^ 

CiuuH It. Armu^ 

ThU exempli lie a tioii wfii gr«nti*cl lo Arthur Kincr^cni, gent, of Dublin, iii 1(193. 

From Ihii grnnt in^ giilbttr Arthur JCin«rtion cuine irom Vo. Dtirliam- It ^oulJ l>c iill^ 
to spend inucli i'tmi^ iu coujvcltiriiij^ Troiii whM Durhina fziinilj- Uv iinginntml, hui I would 
vi>ntiirii to viiggwt \iu may \tuve Up^^n ihp una of Kri^n Kiii<>rHitri, who wnt iliscljk!tiH>d in 101:1. 
For by nn inileiiluri' ui ilie Uook of Mprthoni Arfvenlun-rs, Neucanle. Arrliur Kmi-rxon. ihu 
linn of ISrynil Kmc*r«ou, y*»i>miiti, of tin* Kftnt^lr, in Co. Diifhuiu, wan on 3'>th of April, IGKI, 
u;ipreiilic«d to WiLiinm Jenui^iii tlit^ elJi.-r, tiierclianl Ji<J%eulur(tr, for 111 )<-nr^ lodeiilure 
dnied 20th ofjuiie, }G\2^ Arthur KmhU^^ btirnmo m merchunt ^dvi^niurcr, and poMihly wtn)! In 
Dublin to i«t ap buj*ittr««, llv Tt-gUtort^d^ no p«dlgrn«, or Ml I<4ft«| ili4fr« ii none on rcoord nt 
lh« Collrgw of Arms in Dublin, «(> thai his flriiiB, loo, nnt nobody's lu-d»y, And niiy ln>h:iinn 
imiigimn^ himflelf to be n descendant tnuiit prove h\t pndigrc^c hnck to the grantee, wlucli 
should be no ilifticiilt uiaUer if there arc an; of his descendants, aud to «uch E tvould KUgt^cit 
continuing the venrch fur the link tluil blndii Arlhor to RriHn iti ihu direoiion J hnvv UultcnU^d, 
nnd if ihi.' diBolninivr nnd Arlliur woro fnlhcf nnd son tlirn n>y Itwj- pvdi(*rc(^ will hulp iUq 
s^^jirobm *m a step or two higlirr, for thi? disclaimer of KUo wn* always well lo do, at lpn»l 
for tho*e ^oyt.— ViHf my tobsei|uenl note* an ihi? ditcluitnem. Thutitfli this Arthur Emerson, 
of Dkibliit, Willi gruotcd aoc\en])>UHeHLion there isno evidenceof aiiv kind that he irnftr«^hted 
lo ItJilf, cjf FuxtOD, indeud thr i.'viJcnc^ in nil thv otJmr witj— Imi L Uttvv rtmrnrLed upou thU 
cUrvhcrc, 1 cnnnot l^nd hia will nt Dublin, but J luivc rocord of his duughter ntarrytn^ 
Wr Antbooy Pefcy» Lord Mayor of Dublin, in ItiDO. 

* On tlH> ftutlicvity of th« Alorisiciid Q«ntd. 


FutHsnif.TDiKKirr. Sin Jamis, of Texpo Manoif, 

BMra: wiiif original grAiit printed h«rcw!ih, 

coinv I !?4r John BtrnftrJ Burke ULlrr KinKof Artiitkod 
I'rIttctfftI llvrM of mh IrtrUnii Kui^Ut AttfQ<lAJit m tlm 
Mo«t 1lliial^na« (Mrr of 8l |X,D. Jd Irorvby 
ivttify «ui] iJ«cImv tiiftt Ibe ArmorUl Btvrlnic* «bova 
dtfpMnl vUt. giiArt«rlj[-]il «ii^ ith Ar^tml • lloftr** 
)tmtd wmtfd (liiUa bvtwvciu t«r> Crfiflwoti In |juIii ^)^1c, ■ 
CviUm of t^ liit. Sod Md Snl per fe»o inikntt^i^t Vert 
and Aiitrr a h«ii(| eiiKmileJ Ir^imt chargnl with \hrro 
IJi-iii^ |iu«iul VcH btHiit^, In |)>c ilnitlfr L'ljitf ad 
RIv^Iiadl'h li«uiJ cTMfd Or^ Cr«U tit n l)«r'i hnd 
trMMl HuIm ihfttVftl villi two CrrACrdla iii frflio Or. 
?uJ ■ (lnini-IJon ninjiAht Vtrt botAitVi |(Of|rv^ B>lh U 

KMlaro Cni«i) OrA lioUin^ in tbe p«WB » InUlc-ue 
l^l4ir ^n1i« 411' Ari^vnt. Mcrlto *' Dra* protti^tor ruvtcr" 
Ja of tiflit br4<tng mil np|tfrtflm nuln Hir Jiiino* Rmi-rvin 
Tcnoont ot TviniA Mrhot in tlip Cinxntj of Krrroarin^h, 
Kuljrlit, Mid (wftlioul tltif Cu]t»n (11 U^u jHl and 4Ih 

3u»t«ri) unto lui 'IrmniUiita witli tlmr Jtiit tnA pmiirr 
IffvKSMi accoriUrt|f to the Lmwi of Anni. In Wiinns 

Aft«riktli iliy of Fnbrniir^ in |li(> ThMlj^iU lynr of tl^o 
RoUn of Our SovKntij^ii \jn\y Vlrt^iriA, l^y ilw UraCO of 
Uoil of lliL- lt(klLn| Ktiib;ilur» of titvml ItrLUiiii miil IrvUlld 

UiuTtt Itoftnilvr of th« Knftb «iirl lo fortli, ami tn tb« V»r 
of Oar Lord Oiw tfJouAiid dftbt liuodrmt *in\ KUty-«[^vf' n . 

Hiu I* ft UiL* v^ nf Iht KlflBil rwonl' 


X«H«ikr, isai 

IL Amm 

1fiiX(«il ICirtMBW, -* 'ian4, fonnjaii 4»iiffriUi «f 

WIT lain Arlhilhitil, ^J ll^ifh- 

tfjlj*^ ill 0*u r*4\tHijnAl OifHu, 

irutUni tMnHMh > Klonui. lUuhkvrnf DOifa 

ntfn lAia Jbm. |j*nt. 


gi» Jamc* gMKMwtJfta— g ^ Llltta nBunk «4r 

Bam I lib U^. >a>' 

nr THwa luaor iiM«C, XilM 
TaEUi*iiO0liG>LuiiJ 1uidft«MllnruUuiiiliffft<uiiitf 

KliBiMJV ttBinin-TvniMiL 

VtlHisi Twai, fit 
Bun nh Fvkmmr, 

feditli Mnli d a m m-TttmnL 

Oloit nnurnvd. >'iimi1 m K^aAU 


nda b « tnit aifigr of tbt oriiliuil r«anL 





- [H^ii1i|n«it«HiL-r. K.B. 

OiuuA U- Amu, 


Tl will he KMn ih? Kmpraon pnrtion of thin ooAt in ad fix^mpUjiention of Ralfof FnttmiV 
ftTOu. ^ir Jnqi^s KiotrraunlVniMrDt t<vi<triilly co«i)d not n^iter [leJIprei* be)ond hU fatlirf, 
yi!l U Iwiiij? tli« IHith Co1Il-^4> of AntiA an ex^mpll6cat!oD of aa En^ihk UmWy'^ arms vaj 
granted to liini. Tht- Lotr atnteof Iriib and Huiteli heraldry it wfll knoiroand litis 19 aoollivr 
unfortunate Plata pK* of it. J.kcnn KmrrM^n look tho ukmic of KiuortoU'TrniMiot and waa graaleij 
arm* bv Sir John Itvrtinnl llurk<*, ITJitfr Kin^ of Amiii. Hi* Armi^ itntrnt And «>rtiAffd p^di- 
gr«r arv |)Htil4jd nbuve. 'Hie oaly stou, WiUiuiu WilJiaiD, diod without iiiui!. «u thai beyond 


^oariorrni;:* oii th^ femnle «ld« Uir« cout U nlr<*ady «xUnct, tliough li^raldlo sui1one» liave been ' 
ASppl^in^i; thi_- liklu J^ir JiiiiLL-a^ rugistprcd moilu, " Dcuit Proterffn- nofrff^r,^' fri^vly with Riilf of 
PoNloii't octut mill u apuriuiiH pr^Kt brlongiii^- lo tiohctf^y, la \v)inin«npver oTioqa to pay th^m fnr 

lli^'ir c!ishon(*«ly. Thrrr- i5 n^ rrcorH ^vlulov«r of 
Sir Jflme« Kint'rtan-Ti-im<?ni*N origin urid will; I cun 
find Ohiy iwo Irish wlEla before ITik). It Is lo be t(op«d 
ib^f Irish Hcr»ld« will iiovtT gmnl «« cxcnijiUfioAtioii 
of Knlfof Foxto»'annnB tonii Irichmfln, bill iovriil frRili 
cotiU for ricw grantecft Nothinjc turn be more culculntvd 
to bring boraldr)' Into dUrepute tlinti such iiraoiices. 

Bean, atureon a beadTftgulyorahnrtbeiw^ntwo 
annulets of the Held a borduru wH^^y of ihe secotid. 
Croiit, A dciTii-lioii giinrdunl rruited mxure holding he 
twcr^D tlie piiwft a huwk'n lure anil ^or^red with n pUiu 
collur «r....MoltO, '* Flc^l^/vr ir( UonctU.'* Thia pst- 

empliAculion of Ihe Lincolnshire anna WHd allowed to 
James Kiriervon, of Stokc^lcy, by pat^nc dat^d Nov. l^nd, 
1845. A dmvrin^ of tli« iirmi iv uivea hc^rewilh, jmd 
the legal pedigree aa regUiered li> the CollejJC« of Aruia 
iv mpEJ4iiidL>d. 

Pbtkniliif. N'urtli r<kdlQjr, (''*>- t-rrk. 
J.r. fnr Ui4 CAM >'M^Lh Uiillne. 
anm SM »irpL, |j>V4> E^aI v-iU ^ui, , 
1S^. Iruriad In th« KibuwJeoiu iti 
EB*l>y lUH, 

AtTi4itBii|>'>nj4 <~'rt, ihirhnin. ,ioui JnJr, 
IHUv iJivtl ITLli Ma>» kSU), hurl-l it 

JOO JU» SHMMOL - l^tbHSH Mnij KU^iut. 

Turfc,l.L.lX UnlvoriJly 
ufCtrjilnltlKD, D4k'il«rf r< 
aU-Iaw lluiiur Tuiiii<lH--l, 
lOldvfet luji Alii Mr. 
Ildm Vljit Hu. U«i, 
lUlil. at SVJJV^T IflUi 
JunoHtumMr Lk«lnii 


PUnuk Krai. lOI^^iot 

4.rrjti'<i>, CV<. Slurry. 
IJOL^ATTll.LblO. Living 

Ktnirf.h llrni^EMi Rmibh-vk, 
of T>>ir».W I1M1, Ujtil-iii. 

-NiiiUi UidiiiH,(<>-SVk,J-r. 


Horn (ill M»Ji, »*"* Pnirt. •! W"»f.l. 

OUiimifivii. I^Lli JBiiDiBni«7«u. 

R,..n ''Ur Iiilji. Ut7 1U|.» flB H«l«r 
■TorvMi-L '.j^nil Aii]£. 4Piid fC4r. 

iif |riiititBrb>ik) 

lUdUic C'l. T»rli. 
Dial irrU. Feb,, 

ruaxUBi Ahtiiiih Kuvmi^it. 

iLklini. cv lrL>rV. H^iil Ami 

IK't7. iSfli'i UM'ikJwIi-y till 
iliy fLiLI"niii|;. Litiiui »ii- 

LIMfMiAl IF»7. 

CnmUnuaALli D'tnithy. 

(^llAlEUdfl ||. A Til I LI. 

llioac finlitl<id io huar thoe uriii8 at pretiuiit nra : — JniueBi John Kinvritoti, LL. D- (Cantab.), 
J.P , Ksq., Kruhy H*ll, Gi. Aylott, Co, York: Kleazer Biggina Einerflon, B.A. (Canuh), -I.P,. 
Ek|.« of Tolleaby Hall; Charles Arthur Kmerson, gent., of Manor House, Dtighion. North* 
alTertoD; and their mno na per annrxed pndigrvo. For n fuller account of thU VorkflxitQ 
uporting family ict- under KuiL-rfluii* of Co- VorJc. 

NoT£ L— 'In the Viailallon of Yorkshire, 15G3— 4, is recorded " Mowde, dau, of Jaiie and 
WUliam ParcHiay, wyff to L}'onel] Emerson." 1 have betn unable to connect this Lyouell 
EnaeraoD to any family. 


NcrTR ir — fn 1I10 VUitAlloii of Glotii»il«raliiro, 1623, U r*oo*^»d (li« MIowlog vikort 

I linvc bvtrn iinati]«» dHtnilvly to Itleoilfy tliitt 
Titonuu KmorMn; Un wa* «*ld*iiltjr tlu- " FilA««r" 
lI1cnticKi4*il m John Pnrcii'pir)! will, and wai id mH 
probabiJily one of the f^oulbnark fminily (jj^ip.)- 

RaERMW, PtTKu Hi^MT, Got., ox Ocltox, 


Bpart, per f^»e nebuly or and vert, on n bend 
inve<:lr<l murr guit^t d>Aii a l)atlk-axc between two 
\\o\j» fiHflniiit urfti^ni, ^lnntliitgoriind vort. C^^%t, 

<*» » wriiilh of lli« colviin, ill fruiil uf 11 d«r[in-lJuD 
vert cliHrgri<d an the ^hoiiMTM wiili lwi> burnil^l* 
dftiicftloe or, hot^ini: in tlte dexier pMw nnd re^lJnf; 
un ibv viiiixtcr pair a baliltf lue rn^cV * club frvjiruiRt; 
entwiaed uitb a ««r|itfcit proper. Uo(tk>, " jluJarUr 

Thi* »v4»mpliHr>1ii^n of Hftir of Fovt^n'ti RmiA 
wiu allowod to W il. p:nitTrfon. ^tfiiL. Jtl.M., B,A. 
(Ctntih/t, by patiTnt datM Sept. 24lh, I8t*7. Dr. 
P. 11. Enierfon and his children nlone are entitled to 
UAV ihU coat. For furllirr lurl&culnrjk of ihi« family 
■oe following nolci and the KiuffrcDnfl of Co. SufTolk. 

Itrrnnjib ciTtiHtd copy of drmnlnfi of ftrmi nnd 
legal pedigree, bh registered at tUe College of Arms, 
London, and reprint of original grant. 

r<> IlM uiil Sirik'iilur fo whiJH) tli«M PMwlU ihall i^Omo Str AlWt WQtbm Wood« KnljElit Cumm»nd«r of 
tlir m<:hit lirjjior^blii ttMi*' of the Kmli mhI KniffTit CNuDinhuilrr uf lJi« iDUhl dltUiif^iAlitid Order of St, VIohMl 
ftnilSt. niyiri(«,lUrt4r, priiiui^l KU^ of Annniind (li«r|C«lCrUanl Coluycw* Rtquir^ rbrirnrrui, King of Anna 
nf tlv S<iiit,(i ICait and tt'Mt Pkrt* ^4 Kn^lnud fn^m tti>r ICi?itr Tmut SoutTruAnU ttnd titt<*lii))C. Wfaorau 
Ppif llanry Boavcm of Oultun in tliv CoDiitjr of tiitlTailk, nwmliur nf tliM Ifoybt Col^tfifrv »/ AuFffMiifl of 
KiiirUnd. Uitcbtlor 'if ArU and llikctiftlor of UgdJcino in tli« U|]tv(ir«it> of (.'«»> liridxr. balb (vprMtbtcJ auto 
Tli(» Umi SM*t Hmry Dcika of .N^^tfolk Knri Uaraludl and HtrrfdlUirj Mtn^tll of KnglimEl ^li muj dF \,«r 
MHJi^tlj'a rmr^t flinnr^Mn IMvy Oiimrrl tTiiT Im^M^ (l#>ivnuH lli^t Annitn*! ItMring* ftiny Th> i^LKbliabnl nnd 
nvordoil trihiin nmlvrltHC'l Anthnrliy, he thvrvfon* rvqoMtod llip favour of bi*<)nio>'« ^Vftrrmtfor Our tooling 
*ni1 M*J|riii(iv ntt\' trniih s\SKi cTCit ai nuy bo propvr 10 bo homo liy blm aad b^ d^tceiidantft acccvdlrift lo Ibo 
l^irt nf Ai»n« Ami IWmTifirh h« Uio mid EaH Maf*lia1I dul bj Warrvit itodvr I111 b«iid and otal Uwing 
l)nt« tbt* fiinrt*t-i4li day i>f Jdu« laM autlmriie aiiri direct Vt to iinJit nad awiip mch Arnwriil Kjiiigna 
jic<tFn1]ntfly liiiow Yotbcrvforo Cbat thcmUGnTlor and nurrncrui kn |mniMl)Co of Ilia Grace* Wamnta and 
hy Virini* Af th« 3i#tt«n Pftlont of Onr >Arimtl nfllm I0 rarh ttf un r*»itr*uy]j |J-nknU<d dn by tbvav Prt^>iila 
Orant attd AmI^h nati tbe utiil l^ut^ llcnry Kimriii iliv A not followiajf tfiat u lu My Ptx fciHf nt^buty Ur and 
Vtrrt on a b«nt itirof^/d Aran Outf-V d'l^u a |Wui« tir between two l#b>r« |thaH4nt Argent And for tbv Crtol 
On a Wmdli nf lb* rnliinra i» fnuiL of * hi-uti-Lion Vrrt rbfirirni un Ibii ■WiiIiIpt wil^ Itfn HamilfU dkurrtto 
Or. lialdibir Ib tb(i d«il4^ f>aw auJ rnt^nc on lL« ilnlat^r |Hia a Itnulo ain Krfct a Club f««t* niii- ftutwiuod 
trith > i^frJH'Ml jin^H-T. lu (bi- k*iuc oro bi Cbo majg^ii hoiruf luurv pUinlv di*|>icb^ l» Ijr borne and ii*<d furvrvr 
lirraaftfT V ^i'" ^'^'' "*"' P< l«r Iftiiry Rmcrtna and bia dAtiVftdnuU m-iiIi diw aiut prupor dilTmnr** acmrdiag 
to iho La«4 of Ann* Id Wiutm v-Uonnf Wo Cho lakl fierier aiiiJ Tlnriiumu Kinic* of Arm« Kavt to thaav 
PrwivnU vnlsrriboil Oiir iwno aini alDied Iho St^L* of Our h-vi^ml KitRv%% ilia i^afuty^fuuftb day nf ^jibviuWr 
iu tbaKkty-fint jfnrof ihv Hri^ of Our J^ovonnjcn L\,*\y Vicl>irJa by tn^ linci of God oftlieUaitod Kiiiffdani 
of Ureal llritaJn '-ind ln>land Qucon, Defender of tlia Faith, git^ and in tbv y»r df ottr Lord Ono Tlioonand 
•Ifbt baodml uid nii-cli ti'iT". 

On the back of the Pittent ia written the following : — 

KicorUed (n tli« Collrff* of Anna^ l^ado«. 
|0WMU> Uau^Btj {lt9Milrr **i Sjf^f«r% PvmaI b; CtUhUA & Amu, itt/Amatd Ihrald. 

la iho drawing "depicted in the margin*^ Ibe tnaotling ia or And vert, and tlte tootto 
regi«tCT«d ia " Andacter <( Hilars." 

tt, & Chaiwb, 



KOTV« TO |t»aiFreEBl) PKlflObBS i>F TUB ■tfOLlSU UmCBTlirAfCra OF HUM. V»li*»>A, 

op iPbiricu, MAaaAcuraiirra hat outxtMy. 

ilf>« H Amino inlifTflL Bin tridi il » iu£ Ktw sun* n^M«r»4 la tlia [— Lfr^ ta Uwl<ir&« Ki^lbkntn^ All kvm IhTifn 

tHAhrr '/ofitfeVbaLBikt tr^u Hnti^k ■n1|jK<' Ankanh fHlHilaU ^ ihn* >4r|«4inlr>iLi4 *k*«ii4inrAl ^-n lL<LlUx «iil*>«<4,4p«hA«>ilf 
felliffbiiM lo trtim otrtiktrla. te> «d 111! -liiiii j>nu («. "in ai^i^v^ all Mh^IaI^mi !■■ laawiptooihvriiatttHi, ' Um; MtJI j*ta#Jii Ka||lBh' 

I < . < I < .iM Htlf tit I'-l-ii- 

f > - 

■-*—» !#■ Mf* U* —-in 1ft tlH 

- - ' r : ' «tanH 

nlMi ip<i» iib'Hi Hi|TfiitiP 'lilt ■intmtiB, (tUll llirvL id IIUi 'l"l<— " 'HIlJ [mC K^.iliT h'^ Ci4l>'>'i| i^'iik Ir^''^^'^' '- •***ll I 'Of 4^-1 t^/tt*J W9t9 p* 

IVfiirp Ifi^v^ri'K, 1iowvr4', ifflth 1>ir<b* t'^r**. <*• wlf) vIhtv * ('1ia]ih M thaMflr T»>>|fHl '>m Iri ^^r taslM»>, (4 whi't *ni--nfc 

itrw tfllh, f'lT ar fEKl^ I«fi1i7 irclll U' ^■- ^ Ililiail4 tvA «vt-*«lLti aoItT trt \rv Kir^luifl f^Ji'H .i 

tu ' < < n nnf (d S E< I bi, III A ; Ip^l *■' <«« ^ < 7 . 

1- 'HfiT^ft^Hl l»i-r' '^r " ;-•■ (rtitl iiiifnU^bB -lli>- flirt \'i Jiiiru ftn ii 

■ ■ i i*/7 Pi'HHh iJif .*-. <4k( UfTiri'tnif iji ('*«"! Ufln^ nt-'il l-»» «-'"■■■ ■ ■ 

*|.. I f*-—! F-'Viii* -iMic-^:lici ».. ^IfMBKh'lflDtl* M41 cn"T *• fii-"rl» t .. ■■ 

t\^' I ..ik#Lp»v.tMiiL .1 

.' I I'lljflU t'-All---' 

n. ■! . I . 

't<-t*^ U I I '--If 

,■1,4 f,,» '■ lrr"fiT|,| 14 
I ' 'I rul 

ii.l ^11 ..<,' I 

Unrttn*! I 


.1..- -■*, li..*.. 

'■■ ft'M' ""f ,'— - 

- |6«Ui.I 

'.flof* I 

.1 l^-M.iii ri L 

VAfl ilLH^iliiU -i, u 

IL Lftl br<-] .-J . 

Vf^^qit fltrAlik- ' 
in lL- — — M - 

'Tift :?tni|>lr (.^'tX'''^ 

T^ ,.in i:..,.i--.-- 1.1 M 

M» Blllh fr«ii th* n . .i. 

■ r-ntfUlbl. An-ltl*t LI I ^1 ' I. ' ''t 

:>i i1o- H'vi -ibiliif. f .i-. ^^«biB(i«it iF. ' «. ( Mi-H> 

JL tnpl l^ijtJ In DiK^r Ailwlifn'>ii tv> i^i« ^''I'U^h uJ 
I iitffV Pt'w " 11V(<«I* «, whrtt tkn i\,m^tU t,:^i 

- i ).iiiii.iiro<^In Jtni^i^luiltaUvChffallurklcAitoUcn, 

■ ■iriif ' 
M»'iy \rijm<.mu dlalmini I* littf< A,-"iir i<«*( i± ih^ .Uix^vwr. 
'f'rt Iptt- A. -I v>Tf«|-- 11 < ' ■ 1 nf iha 

« 1* I A>|ilat ttj U-n 1 1 , , - -I i^^^klfl 

. Kiial^ 4TJir«li 4^ Ih^ l»^tui Ii4»<' riciUVuii. 

I . :^.t^ a.r. u< If'* \dtLii>ui ^ < --r 

I.I if. . 'iitd Wkkttmi|i •no**-! ' ' 1 

"■iH'-ihi. 'h-^r«»i»r«>ntU*«nrTlv«riti«M 

> L.-- r .... '.. -^ ■.-•.■: I i-m" Ji^uun. I» IM ttbten^tt 

Lh*!* d t^ vfHi^f c>K>dfu>k uiil -|ualik/, ittf'ij vl 4bHu L*a*rtllf lib' Jawt f 'VtHW* of lu^ WsJ> 
' ' i'~ « ll'tcf ncm, ~ 

^1 I't 'Jli'M.M K(Hrw«iiKi»l hitbibit* El 10^ trifdtcv tin r<Uf I* I* tbiinviL Mtav* h^ l&d 

ii lfj.< «kjlp .tl'iur/l Thki J>*- fi?aiM b4 llAta l««n JiAa, ll**f « vf TWoBlfi. Tw Jbhn Imt 
<l . I < .'. i,1l-ff *.,<iL. «u 1««|| hB >f4n *^'' -III Jtr^'lAlJi .Tkfi*ll4« - .i-^-m 111 114 

1^ 4i>4 a*]^a»crik.' I. II' 

' II .. II - , -, I., ... .. ,.ku>iw*k mH 4Ala ttf J-i. . ..1 ...... L _. ^ , :44a 

. I,, I. «fKMlljr»ki]ffrl<lAtf| Iffi l.ivUn4 frrTi*(^»"""" -*■ ". »ri<-,-^ ^. r, v-^^... « r^Pn-nrBi 
**k p**f«li<A4 |h |«4»)li. KsfViB-n 4«vl« * r*!^ .,...,..--., .j.:,,. ,,...,., i,„. trt«lte 



iWKiliiUdar«nuHirfLjinLlAUkn;Aj4k«"rn«irLhiti'Vi" i«iii4>iitlrmrii|. r KarififLjnKtinLlfrnlif LlkiftJiBi«i*anU*nlr-r'»li.EirlJ4BiatHMin, 
tfTuufcnrWhuilial ■(. lVitji4ii«-ft I' in k'mt.-liia] tl^Ar, K-f'-t-in vNkJ> hi Ivrift vlftf £4rdift*iid«ilAiiKlit«f LT^i4.vbBlDiitli*d 
IftnthblnBik i Billrtrtol itm^Vvn Tint r-^<ii[ .<'<<lni-«] .l-ijiti* li',4i»<r».tn I han T>«n k^ f^r niiilit* la ■iiifiii'*iit wIiIia'h fnnt]!?, Bh'! ho inAy 
H tho nwn mrniwl Eo in iliv wiH «1iif U l" r«>f<^lTPAl<ipii:T " JT li'-nhikU ><^n*4'o\KTjE]E4it]iia«abnti;-" 1'Jii>iejia' it.vrnhiT^ Hai '^-^la-t At 
£^'^1 ^, = Jt1f.^.'■ \'* •<< f\n lu'Mwy, vi'l. fiii*i<ti'nin^ liiiti \— linik n]ii<t'\f K^kfin hi* ifn** InrnU, "U-. Ihl* iv4> a Rtk'nl iinn <kf n^^^nfl/ f^^F 
till inrioilanU fn Ih' Ml'VIi^, ■litrtvlMDilwurpf orAUVBronjjkiPMt^vljiiliHii. T1i4llit*nt«T7 k^vm im iiUimllvQrimpt'AiiiiUItidiaLlnd 
uir I j ihl^ hk i^nirn^idu. liiil u> j uili^r f ruui Ltiu ^aIiiaLIifii ipf it,c t'niiliara tlw [laiiitf niut hivyr J>fvn w^U /nfulibti! For thv 11ms. at 

Hu BdmlUad * neilukTi uT Ipawu'li, EJik,, ^^HK IIq (iihrrimL Kluutwt'i WmlrnfiiiiT^Ailniiirlilerrtf Hi. Itobf. UMH'irAfrtW'>vdinMi>r. 
ft flOflkm Ukl IpntJuli^ Mr- WkhIiixukv «vb a ktimrtiuH^^r aL HmtvD and liell Iviiil &Cl|awlfilt. I[ L» fmlttUv «« *«»»»?"( iht 
oliiatjr DaiimiLf mtn vJiu fiiilci3Ed>1 bolIfHUirlkHi^-ii* [\i]E»(]y (wT^voh lik^ULiitl IrtJO. TIid fl^v. ilovciili Tind Iw ehlMtni 1^ tliii 
m*nrUcv» JdH^ib. Jun-, tiul Jaiuo^ lit li}i.: PJiir«brtIj, hin wift, hhrl inlLviitof IjliiJ tiv^u Uvrfinhai. Mr. FL">>L nVvdiiinntv, jiiiiT Clie 
Hot. JciPtiih(iii'liu^hiia*n tah«'f hMa » RUEiifLr^r » nrli u |Ej-kshA>MEhf lanil Eo hrji tniUm. Ml. TlioEiuu Kihuiikhi, t^n e|^ b>iiL« 
lUtod mi>L 140], |nA^. In Jiirp.^ tic HvctllK^n* a uut\Mait-> Wdl^ Mjkod. nml loi^k ttie firvrikui t^ili Ibni-c kij JiiEj. ^lUI, Jl i* 
oni knifim 0X4i:[1t wlfii 'm lufX. IidwlLiFi tM 1Ai'«Jl« EkTAmr, nIitiEn hi« iibmnm Hiw j^'*.'' ]»■' aiiminL tr mnFi, l>«ct|toi ititI] u aiiFtturli'tUtii 
tnini \'\>r\, il*1llO, «ld LitJ larkflhtnEHU* »i™ (r. RlTC JlEi(nll7 lMil|k llrit dLHanalon BlTiK JEa thcI'KllMilk InthTvIt llt« UjumfhlinftEJ ILml 
UaiAfi patty uipI ihi ■('<. .^ibpiiIl \'ti. txtnf a »if>ini; Fiilhirf-nr <\T Um Mum^ti-hnfuUA ;t4nj', Sn ldii«r «ii4ilii« Uir hi tlint ilif Mbikb 

ibiUillA3l)tni1 Jh'kim. u'hir ii.-F^''>*^'vK'irt AE W*ll> U^iif, <-nr riHi ftfijtinijr Biri'fiwiii fi K fiittn'B'in VF«. hhhI 'Iiij'a O'ff-t'l) Teb^^'Ii 
r^BtnbftTvlrtil, thd VV>]I« inkH»r1r hiLi * pn m'ULl o1 nK'lh l>:iEh« An J r]if< Ti^ik rtiool' tvpnt (jiirr^T., thti lE^irUi nlEl iirntu^hlv n#*pr M 
OlfltnduiK It id ivvitdu liic hv^. Jim-pli -TLIl h<^-.\ pci'ii^ (injiimTv Lii yjiri» Afi*:! h*^ IitTi, t-rf lil» £mai1«OQ JUHLift licIO iueup LiuiI ft| 
rnlnjODlf. WklD^-ftljiLiinr^ hii<UkS i>^n fiiTtiK^rlj n'.<|]ft. rr>»ri«>.>r U. K, Kioofk^n M>it lEiAt itft«rlMilng W«II>n'1<l4» W v*i>itf Mflpnt 
mkn^ilfir (ftMiltHi, UBMaetiutDlEfv nml tnu <hiii]t>*i>il f^jr .tfikiEie t-it i.a Liti'fAiD nF ■Alai7 Ut ttctf vf kii ■(Hiriinrftiuf i^Aniil jitArrlMBt 
whl^h vould i«il kit to 4<iiuulMdt Ilka ar»t hL/* itii<l Ut Mnliir. Tiiifr^tui' ft. K. KraUfvii H}* lin li«<l * Lbufhtflf tuMi ■( JlLlt4>u alJal 
LmV Ann. th ol VnilOcL, . Irr^?, bf Ieiv ^t! <vifi'. KIlilIveK Wo^i^EitJiri^y. fitii buuffur* m* LH'«}'*Tiubv4i vf Lit ibiuiikcnit. Art J iStv:' lad 
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vui, EJliftbttb Bulltalor' 'l^u/hUr □( tUt- IVIw, HuUilav, t4 rHjnn-jril, an^I ma'liUnuhEdr of ILat, IVor lliilkalur,! nr>L ijhlnjaij>r cf 
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Oul. ?l, l^P'V - (li,t lluilftt RliAt'Hih, k IMI -'J. MiitiJw4Ei, iwtiiai* K- A- i.'a^^^x (^M.) Jiwt Pkvluhci, h IS\A - %. HufiSv-o, . 
Mil hH l«i]i>— Lfir.],, It IM:, ICkiftiHrn^ M., K L>W4, Jmiia K,. K L^ti. Gh« M., b. 1^7^. U4IUI A., b, ibTil; Ci-0 UlEn Ann, b.] 
1A4A — Rov. J. W. !.«:<*.> Jivc > flwyl h. KJ7: (<t.) Mjij^ M,, h. |iM : (Tit) Wklltmii Hniry, b. iVAfi, T. Piiutim ^ 
Dultflkl VU\t\\'Uit,. I>. 1^1 L, K P'fi'Jinr fWl'fy, K |Hl^ ili«d in irfaCK^- V. Jntdph. h. E^tT «^ 1"^^ 

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fimnJ^ttitK liAid lUa cArly iPiipnunrinj iE»tiii[*tL tftf tUrlal tor iiUutviiitt UUiHidtrt Ih* nt, but Almn n utioartiitn, J« w* itouul 

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(telmiMl C<iif4l«T, hL rmibuut, l^likiA, Hi' *iJ<j» Ai*A <ia J»ii- IJ. I«M, Hi Oiwn iZrvAl. 0>iU>, tnil |a tH|f\nl In Urn «ij»0 ivhial«T7, 
JvtaB PliecBtn^. IiIb tikii'Lii-kAw, ■■> a wiUkn* iv lila wiU, liL lili «U1 litf mjtitLluu* Muhpi. Jih^ ttiiiBiM^ Mr|>|jiiik KnhNl* AtiA 
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allJH tnUfnw. fit) IL 1 Avn, St,!"-, fhjvltUn kOliuli-IL 

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I^Mf f»l>4. ILj'.im^Ii, <lM(*Ht n^i»«M|<kl-<.iJ-Ap'.4#^ 'lip lil'i'i'b, |ii3^1<,,0*4i->4] ILUUi^ 

fiifttant>■la>rVr3f n*\\^ {^tVhM-i ^iil i^\ HiiLpi>, TIiLb Hi'^Uxil "fMVPrioT HcvlnA-IJ 
iJlIn^ *r*il A"(J ll'-*h*ip, n'*<n- l>*-i* vf fSL hli'-r-t in-r AfitrnMnl* ipf "'It I.^>Ji*, iij 
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vul h4 l>hl ■ 1m<llfcr Julkii 

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br tha lUr, — Unfrwr, l>Jv^ 4l GranLi4V> but, 
■t Tr^nuxiiKh, l>ncin, Sv^il iMi, iraL 

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VjAMilivniii «iii>]i iPi*ti«n 1 |<i*(4 hiti fLicIf r4TE» in iUf -tilanivnt. itiiiu{7|fdr1d4 v It "m l^caMvnn' 

1- itiN T,it;t..| )-MtH Ui i}i' «at 
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W«>l Hi<T*t, W\hif'ii«w«, |iu}r*dtr>. 
If J <iB|ur And r^UrrT dM tli<rt tA 
Ma) Wll>. lWJ>Hd Uws ■««I>.1«I1T. 
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ftxik. tiL OSh iLiimatn 11^ I wh 
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H«>. T, L»«. imlind 17 K«>. 
HitM«, tA Jne* »b4, 1*^. W 
Hew* M S«th JhAJf AAwwU, 

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TTh«m, Ju, tUh, Ita4. Dlhl lill|L u 
0|.I««nCk»t^iAMfef ikiM*h n^Jtoa. O^ «tk< lt^«. Ifj'>l'< ti> JM«ndM«>« tlrtiife«i«M'*A.l]]r of ATntWcH^o' ->li"-<4lli. 

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J, 11 K, 



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killer irtni And p«i1rRT«e WB ncbMMd ftt (tif Cnri«c^. An«»— 1 pot^ 

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HKH vvTDl on 4 «UJ«ld |u1k Ku Qtwl UT muUa. 

Mj vMJ4iVD— l^rninl A[ru-Air(li »■* bunk «1 4, Puk Sfilt, Cbiu^^Mkc. Mi; IS. IKS. nd Inpllnil th«rt prlvat^t; lij Iho 
Il4v. T. J. QarDCw JuEr ^j i^nt^ mil hi»< 4*t"piA| inn!\Uiviit\g u lil* ]ii-iTfWLi-ii, ff|(*iJ wta Nrnt nl <, Pnri Si^, lunliriilfa, 

^i. Uunuklrtf HUt. HamtBlaiul, Umdim, S-W.. 1iI»t ;i, t»^ K-i«* iimhlji «n* loni »e t'Uni»r>*iM, iJfumlfUirt, Krtit Sov. If. 
IXil itui Ifii^Ucoil li^ tlio Ktfv Mr N. Kaaftuy ab Hulbui Mkitfaii, iiut, A-, Wi;, itilf Uilllnf <« » Ihitii nl "Tlic !l<«ih." OiilVii 
11^4*1. u» J hit tlt1\, tAD'.iHfi lai'UK^t ai lhitt-«ji rferi'li «,t*rii\irk tir l^v, M >~, Kf«rM>t. iM. n iv'T- 

Ht Imthifr. Jiut Willujii Kijiarbiu, hjw licrnm Iht M'Afuml huiUvnl e>t IL«t -I- i^ ViiMin» I^ifCLkili n-DorHla] in llio bw^t 
bf SL Huta VJMtdAli^k lUfripmIj~^ i^Tihn, fin wk%f^ lnU-'yi -P • iiiui>ii«r ^»r iXn^uirif f>i]|<<£v, 1'<lmhn■l|n^ "i^-i l'»A hU KA. Ln Itx,. 
Up iwfdaJ to K1jin>K, L'.aA.. jiimI cumAl »"> ' M<-j:ini uml " l.kVnM^ ' in r.ik«l4i»L|. 4ni1 ii^jn-^l lil* d>ui1d, Ktmot i ^ALi>]1»|i1r 
Ittty hail au* tihlM 1i-xtl>iiiiii"i>L n'lHkfM iiiiilli^<l Knuifii. l-in it CuMno! i^f*i(4. K^riWk Sr|iL s ISOS. Ilttntf tn lAi^T, Mf 
biutl>at (tl«1 4t T«n>|A, VUitltin^ MAjnh ^ ivji;, a/i^ "«" tiH'iiHl ilI I'Mlkir.xiil rVTit«l<fy, Fnriikonr, <>hM, 

ft witl Nf mn fpim llitw cntrea KriJ tfit? twli^inr (W itic i^jfilinK hhJ i<ii)E]ixriiiK uiaLiiK'U tmf# |n<1i4ijj[n4tftt in uur tftni'ti 
of (li* fMUlj. >^nit Ib^rt w^ NnllianLv], "Im vtit*I «£^^ri<>t 1^*J iLitLLniih, ilimT ^rv**tlll >>< Lult*'* vJii th>^J OBipLv'n J<'l>Ot 
ii|}io*iT««l III Ihf 1^iii]utluutj-|i U^r. lilt >TriiLltar Liiliu 1>rtrii;ilfail, l^t* f^tlioi ^T.ikiu Loi> -^IrL md hL> ru-iihf rL'iiiuv, luymiKlfittipr, 
» Imbt i vnt mj bhijitial <nMf Aikidi . Jvmt 9di<n«, Pditiiii; ffidii Ertmi]|il"(i Altnci iilJ iIii'>iikJ:i llit? >ri»r. t-tfrtliKr wi^lf Ibrtv nf 

ttli^nnrrloiE, mkJ ]w<T;. K-^U 11^7*1 Kmt^t^it. ut; tMiinin, kLtlal in Uu Ci<lJ Unr ^li«l Af ilie utbof dnoCflduiU Lif Hhuh*. uf 
LHwk'li, Ilbid iTofirnBiL Uv ^f^n (lh ffiu aronL ihiri hoM Wfn ih- nifljl^nir lintnLiL^ 4iifl | tnwt anou of mr diaccinlAittt miy 
diftH IbC tWOri ^u Um liuiiuiir uf Sn^luid, and L hH>|ir iiunt iirthnii Wll Uda u> [jnnUr^fL 


Thu rotlowiu^ hu^in^ givc-M otiicini pr(H>f i^.v.) ihiit ihry nrc eiiltilt^d l» bear urmii htv nil 
the livipi;; ]:i;mer!EniH who ure ao eiititleil, Tur tlkOuf£li >oiik' of ttie LiticoliiBliirQ anuigerous 
KtiK-raorM Kouli] liavr thv right OitJ ihey regiAtfir ih^ir prUi^rorH uf> to dnic, ili«j h^vmpro 
Umporfi fciHt thai rigfil nnlil ihey do i^o r^g^Ht^r th^m, ThoHa whoiw p«i1i^«ifl %r« fully 
rvpiiH^rril rthd lln-ir pntuiiu <»f ^rniiU urc *Jaly rerorrinl At the CuIIvec of Arnw »rc :-- 
(Ij John -Ittiu^i EiiitTrimi, iMiptre, LTj,D, (CHufnb.) \ 
\^i) Kletuer Bigeiiitf KmtrMon, e&ijiiire, B.A.. (Cauinb.) vTorkghire. 

(3) ChAjrlva AriliUL' diiL*r^oif, ^ont- ) 

(4) Pa1«r Hffitry Krnorflon, g«nt., )IJ{.. B.A. (Cftntttb.), Suffolk. 
Anni£fi*ri>ui tniiKirH. — Jilitidi John Kmmton, i[\^t\\.t of Triiiily Hull (Ciimb-) : Klhel 

Mnry Alice MauJ Emerson, Bpinitlcr; GoiiHlaiice Ano Dorothy Mmerson, spinster; Leotj^H 
Alniworth Kroerfton, |!erkl. ; Sybil Kmenon. spififtt«r; Oindy* Kmer«oa. spinvler; Zoo Orchi* 
EintTHun, Mpia«ur ; Unlf DtlEIng Kmer»oii, gi'TJt. 

Tho following living mcmbcra of iho nrioigoroui Linoalnihiro lumily of EtiieriLOQi wouH 
ht ontitt»d to bi^r nrra* did tlH^y rcjtitti<v tlitrir pttJiffreed at tho College of Arriit : — 

aXho*. Wharton KmtjrHoti, ftenl, ; (2) Mfljor-GeoOTal Alexander KmenoD, esquire; 
fxanderTheodoreKniBrson, t^enl. ; (-1) ClurJcft lidvnrd l^moMon, genl. ; (5) ^Vbnrton 
AmcotlB Enienwn, gent. - (0) CMthirrini; Mary Kincrvoii, vpinmer : (T) Lyon Emenon, gent. 
Minors:— (8) ICthi^l Mary KmcrAon, ipin^tvr, only ciaild of Miijor-GeaurAl AU*xnJi<ivr 
Hnatr«Lon, * 

Na KmeraonA tn the ITDiled Suites of America or Colonies nre entitled lr> liearnrms, nor 
laanyKmerson In Scotland, IrelimO, or Walr* enlUifld lo bi^ar nrmi. Sir Jiunw Kmrr*on. 
Tennant's only non died without l^vuc, bnt oni; iluujflLtvr—MrEi. Itutkr — U entltlnl to have 
her nrmii inipnled oa her huBbnnd'*, if he be no nnnigur. 


Excfutox, Of Eaxtoatc, Ca DutiiAVp 

Beara, amre on a bi»nd argi^iit threi' Aprnjid eitglvt unblf. 

Thii caul waB found in LHMtdonri MK. Uf)5, fo. ST, In 
180», by MIjc* Wiilfuid, tvliooj i hud rifqumitctd to vtfurrli tlje 
MS. It \% obvjoiiflty It prc» Tudor cont at no oroaL Is r^glatored 
with il, and bcforA the Tutors only porsoni of knighlly rank 
were allowed orents. The Eupitffatc U Enj<tenl« in Connty 
Durhntn. Powibly It was smndd lo the early foreHt officcra 
^^ho dwelt 111 Enstgaie kn W'trHrdJile. but aa tht.* nuitter siHUiJa 

no one fi vntitlod to um* ihtH c<Jnt, nr>r will imjOMti ever lie 
MktitUd lo do )EO, fnr it \% not iveorded in Jiny of the Vi«iiAtion<, 
or nt thf College of Aimi. It ik probtihly (if genuine] Ifco 
firrt coHl ever i^ranted lo an Emerson, but (bisi aUo is mi*re 
aonjectnre, Thi* coat, then, la ai presAni of purely historical 
intoreat and ia tik«ly »o to rcmaip. Thb oi>at la triched aijove. 


It vrlU be ««Mi bj reCer^nc^ 1o tK<» koy p«digrov of Durhum Emerson* Oia< tU** fir«t F*»lgnte 
Em^rsoD described b the Cursltor ItutrurilH ha t;«nt. »»» Oeorff« Koaerauii. uf llie I^Mgntc, 
High Pi>rt«[4fr ami JUiliil'to tho ]ti«hup of Dtirliftm. n^, ir^O^.^Curvitor Kolli. Ifilic coni ^vai 
t>n|;iEi:itly rrcorijrj iirid lost tighl uf on jujiih? f^ojit* imtm* during ;h*- Comrnoriwt'Jklth and after* 
Wrtrdn, ltii« uai |>robab1jr thv ivial i^tnijni-il liy TbuiiiJiH^ nf llitrlinytou^ and dtKrInJmt'd bv the 
lUmldt ill iGlr'- [i wfitildf loo, nei^ourkt for Ihr ror«i4C«r« hiin^ 4o«crib«d n* " grnU." Hul 
*ll itrooriff nbt^nt, in> ihai i>v«rjrthirig i« mere conjpcUirp, ?x*^i*pi i!ip pxUiemr* of tb(? cant 
in llic Litiiftdo^rn MS^, nnd the nl^it^itit-nt llifU ic b»lor»^ii to Ktniirion, of ibc tjuti^ate, Co. 
IHrbMm. Tbe peUIgree of ibU branch of the faivily in ^i%-«l1 mora fully under K<aerEiins of 
Lcdufill (Co. DurhHiTi), many of whom nrc certainly d«>cHbed In Curaitor Records n» 

liie ofiioUl re4-orda of the College state ibtLt TUomju Kmerfton, of Darlinjtton, and UriAD 
Kmrrnoit, of ibi; EdkHtguiv, ilIsclHlnivd sriiiituiul (*L-nir| ul :Ul- VUiliiltuo of If! IT* (8v|>L Vhh) of 
V*r. Uurliara. Ttmir numc< do not occur in Rylmnrii OiMclAlmerc^ b^w<<vor; nod Bincct xhvy •naro 
&nc.\ii\mfd or dtd not i»ut in an jippraranc? it in nMiimfd tbvy had no right to firmH, A[j 
rei«nrche4 prove thut hotk couM m>1 EiAve had n right to ihe •ini« ftrniit ind Brian vm the 
nrcnlcUmnt — for iie vtsk conriecI«d ^vJtti the Darlingiiin Emcrsj>iiA mfrtl^ hjf tunniaje. 'I he 
Darlington KiD<;rKjn( uuri; oni^ of tlir moit ImporUint P^ioerson fAmdltt hi Co. Durham, «nd 
I luirpirct had a right to ih« Kiistgmt« coat nforviiaid. CWtninly I caii find no Ualf in ihvir 
pt*digree, dr^^i [u70 — lllO(>. m> luium^ ibt^y mo>t bAt-« clntmi^d Home oihtir cont ihan Ralf of 
Foxion's. In making up taj key pedigree for the County of Durluim 1 aooii found I wm 
engaged npon ibt IJ^Htngton Kmi^raont, in later timet called llie Hill Clo«e Hoo»e linivrftin*, 
nnd it vurt unn of fh^rHi- wtiu viji« iliu^laimetl in l3)-^i ( IjungfliafTv'f; " ElUtnry of Diirhnm*'). 

My kvy fi«(iigTe« will ho j^ublinhrd in A Bubtc(|uciil fbiiptcr, so 1 will conHnc i>iy»i>lf tirrv to 

publiiliiiig the pedigrees of Ibe two diM^taimvrH tliut 1 have iTompiletl^ nwrtly pulitiHtiiag here 
ihr ilir<Tct de^conr of ondi and allowing Drian itie disclaimer's ttetii«l reUtionahip to ThoinftN, 
of Ditrliiigton. 

o« HmiU B«1tmr> mil «»d OilitK t 

19«^ iWH> HnnOi lui I 

1»|Ffi llntll-' KllP« j 

b tSUf. 1&|, PM. I 




J<4in. - Btfkta^cr. 


«f naiciMUtiiun^t. tULPukin- 

Tb« render Will ■t#tll9#1d#«t*0nof Roborl Kmervun nntl Robiiieon goeaoni in fiimali? 

!•»«. Uargarel thelielressman^lllfrTboft, rhillip; ibetrduupbier, Kaiherine ThiMip, marrying 
BnKn the diAchiiuivr, who wan n Hongblon KincrKoii (iff)- L>n thr other hitad, the i^ue of the 
iCcond von, 'rhoinuii, i% coniinucd to Ibt Darlington fninily, repr^A«nied by ThOEua*. dJMrlained 
in 161fi. I caiiKut Iraee tliuL ihin family ever had a ri^ht to ttrmaitnd think tbvy w«rr probably 
quite fnirlj dlfi^Uimed in \^\6. Rut, n«verlh(-lvM, I iMvubeen M* to compile ngood pMligrre 
of theio. bQt who ar« the living repr«ientalivee of tliU ancieot family I know not^thvy are 
probably pretty DutDcroua, ai townrdM the end of tke Bevente<Ttitb century tliey were very 
pruliAo, aa can be x«cn i>y the key pi^digrctr. Hut they sold tbvir propi-rty to the Kichnrdaont 

ftttd I premme scattered far and wide. And Ibeae are tbe only two Kmeracna I faav^ been 
ablM to litid wtio wtiro di?tvljiim«fd uriiis and gvutrj Mt Miy of tliv YtMtation*. 

ijpL'ittous Cniisra ak^ Arx& of no acthoritv. 

Uurke. FHirbairii HnrI otlii-r» give Arm^ and cr«sl>i aft hclongiog to Fmcr«onft »nd Hni< 
toniA nhich art of u» nuUiorily whatever, and of whicli no ruccird ^\Ui« nt llie Coll 
Mr Fox-Uavica* editlun uf Putrbaini'a ore«ta, lti^2y p. 14'J, Vol. 1., givea tho following 
crehiti : — 

1. Kmeraon, Northumb.^ a ainialer vring ppr, charged with a bend or, and thereon 

three tortraux, 

2. Kinenion. Lines, and Norf., isauiug froiD t cloud rnya of tlie ami all ppr 

3. F<iiiiTicrBOn, a cock ppr. 
l^i* fir«t Croat t4 npurioiK, Th(»r« \» iio record of aticli a «reil In thv Co1l>g<i of Arma, 

neilber i» there an j armiKeroiw Nonbiimbcrland fnmily of Emenons. This crt-M wa» iloubltcn* 
inreiiled and firnt u^ed ivitti llii* Lineotttthire arms by Jolm Finerianr merchant, of Newcaaile> 
upoD'T>ne, the son of a yeoman and a oiember of the LudweLE fmnLly of EniersonL Ilo 
JuubiWn copied tUv artu^ from the Kali CiX'sh, NewcituK-, wbt-r« tlirjr \un\ Wvn placed by 
Tljomiii9 Kincrnoii, uf Itrudbury^ nno of (hn Snrftfiy ICnKtrftom, who himt^lf Und na IpvhI righti 
to tbcm EiliTionjfh hr u'ai in all probability retnted tu Ihi* Lincolnshire Emcrcona (ryiiif htnemonft* 
of Co. Lincoln and Co, Surrey). ThU cre»l wat carved on a memoHal tablet pUoed In St. 
NtcholH«^ Church. Newcastle, to the memory of the abore John Kmerson, with the Lincolnshire 
ariiiitt and tcnpnlcd upon th<:ai arc the arniB of bii three wItca. It It to ho hoped thoy liad more 
cUim to the utmt limn the utid John I'lm^raon. Tbe«« arma ou^ht to ho at oiietf rvmoved from 
thr church. No Knier«ooii of N j rt h urn Ikt land are or ever ^ere entjileil to armn of any kind. 

The aecond crest, suppoaed to belonjf to the Emeraona of Lincoln and Norfolk, Is et^unlly 
spiirioua — the Liurolnsliirp family have no cTf»t, it being a pre-Tudor coat. And no fnmily 
of Norfolk Kmcrjioii* nai ever {granted urtna or proved any roljilignahip to Ibc LiiicoIq 
nrmi^Eorotii fimily of UmrrvunK. 

The ihiril cresi, the -'proper cock crowing,'' it pure invention also, nor i* afiy family 
particulHrJxed. No auclt cre«t xraa ever granted to an Emeraon or Kaimert»on, nor have any 
Eatiflersans rver been grnntrtl nnna^ 

FJnallj, in Americd the duacendmitB of Michael Kmeraun, of Bnverhill, U.8>A., claim — 
Of out of the miilst of ■ feast) eiitilv^ a lion mmpAnt, nuianant giilus nrmtfd and litifpiid (>*'<') 
nxure. Motto, "! will or die." No crest, Thit coat la Apurioua like the above, no auch 
coal ever haviu|; been griiktcd to any Kmenaon or anybody else, lo jndge from the " heraldry/' 
nnd it prohahly thr work ol' John Colev, I lie infiimima tpiirimis hrraldic painter of Honioir, vho 
lived durin;; the him etfoiury. Ttie tte?icendjiiil9 ol AlicUiitTl Kinenon have no aruiB of noy 
kind, iind ure po««iU]y d^Hcend^d rroni Jo. Kiuorvon. h^kvr, vho uiiiii^rutHil in the Ahig^til^ 
tCHr>, <k-i. IfOih, fur Neu' Kn^latid {vide Licences to pnsa bevond the hvak). Thia Jo., as given 
in the origtniO Mceni-e, w(i« poanibl) a eootnu^tion for Jonnthan, father of Ahchuid Knierflon. 
who ftctlled at Haverhill, circa UVt^a, and left u large family, one of whom watt the hi-roie and 
bhtoriir Hhiimih Dusiiu (n^€ Kiueriton) ^vho avenged her family by aualplng a number of 
Indiunit with her own hiindn— a ^relUknown hiaiorical eplaode. 

ProfeBRor U. K^ Kmeraon, in hia " Kmeraons in America/' aaya Rev. John, grandaon of 
Thoroafl, of lpiiwEch,hn<l *'anna certified to him*' — this ii ahrcr nonnen»e. Before the College 
wonld have " certified armi " to him he would have tad to prove hin rtf^ht 10 arimt, which b« 
never did. All he did waa to buy n certlHed oopy of the ama of lialf of Foxton, which 
<»nijhi'iitf can do who in aol cv^n nu Kmerrion. An equally rldicolout atatnnient in iUe Wi>rk 
referred lo ia ihnt a d^JCflndnnt of ThomnA, of Ipqwieh. thn Rnv, Dnni^^l Km^raoit, viho wna a 
chaplain of the force*. 17j5. * waa con^i'lrrnd the ranking nffiecr, bccnnse of hi> family coat 
of urms benrinbE tJirei^ Uolib/' The Rev. Daniel Knii^rNoi) wax never cntith^d to anyarm<, and 
if be had tM^eti, that be aheuld be considered ranking oJtlcer on account of the ^' three liorii " 
ia grot«*que. 

XnA here w^ mimt Wv«> tb«> mnttitr of •■ arn^a," and tniat th«» vnriouR eorr^spondenTa vho 
have written iia a«) many <(ueiitioa» on thn aubject will now clt^irly underatand the matter 
And I truit American readera will see how ridieutouv are their tdnima to ttae amu^^nt 
cannot be a republican and an arlatocmt at the eaTQe time. 

John Hm MT M i, ~ Ague* Raw, 

<ir tnulB}, du. of WIU., or Iha Raw, 
lAdofBtuluHuwr brfon IBSa 


Bobart, - Hulofl*. 

to Bnn- 

Thom. , — 
Ink AVL bofn. IMK JohnHn Ud^ uu 

AjTuaftirDuliBftoaWHd, I^SStakd 

Tboni., '' 
a6. 1M». 

of BlUiDcibldl*. 

■ JohuukL 







or Bu(«M«. ]»7BnAhBr'i luds, 1M3 burn. 1S4B Nfmlmndiida. 1M7 Vuih^li 

IfrMofr. Altvud WhlbBold no- IuhIa, sto. |UuwiUuUpvMi1 toBriu, of ^■t' 

wd Id hlft aOoH of ^h«r Jtod ^U, »d erf Edw., bj Duvrkffl *iui KiU. 

?Dn«t«T. Phillip. dAughtn of (b« kbf>T« burrU^}- 

HbiS-. « Tbom, Phillip, 



UTO „ Bt 

]4fM „ Kl 
Of BnniDp, Lmob— iTMtd 

IfiOO UkB KLUMfleld. *; 
(». rt.P. ant. 1521, '™" 
ttf Bnaoapflth- 


1A9S takfli BrormoBplaoB. 
101 a dlHUliud vnu ud iVDtry, 
lfl17UtHmrook«ton. Ifi&aoA. 

Tboni., •■ 1 iHb. lb loev, 

of HiU Clova Hdhh and 

BoDduU, b«b ]JS«0^ iei7 

Tddd^d^ ud Lubd At 


BllL, - Jofan HodffDb, Gillu, — Bobt. Fruon, 

bkp.lftM. tB l0tT. talk ]M«. HUJudT, b, 1000. 

IB 10^ 

Abb, Jbh, Fnotim, 

In. lOfJ.bu. lOM. b^ in^ 

Jut. IOTO. a8.P. 




llbrtco. HinCkH, 

■udPtftdds Hooab 

- BllL Boww, G*x, 

In lOM, bwL buh 

1Mb OoL. lOlO, l^ 

■UiLflfWULBomr, 0MOH. 


1 tinlth' 


I Iriuh Ptrke, 

Id 11^4, 

Ob. li«f. 
3 Amu (tadler, 

Ln IHS^ 


G«nr, Ml 

bap. lav^. Ik| 
06. 16W. 

h. 1000. 






RlfdL, R«U., 

iW. iohI loift. 


J I I 

"" S^ JSS, ."SE. ^l > 



nv> ch» ph* »■) 

amCkBBHo»BpMdlotifHlqhirJw»wbg»ldiHoO«af. AUm, la 173& 

lost, rruuift ■• Juba Ilainoa. 

lOOS. Robe, of H^ B«H. aA^ 

]»l, BBlph, «^ 

l«fi& AlL,wtdffW,0k 

IMS. rxMMd^afr. 

John, of VavUodilds, iob J 
Cuth. or Oftth, „ 0b ig 

CuAlTXft HI- 

. bflfore Ibia U n gcnealogLCftl history of <h<! Kin^frranfl. of ibe tons or Aimerjo, 
Aitd iDj first ditHculty in ttiv mnttor of Lh«lr urigiii, rff., Hte ilioy aU JcNceutlrat JV^oi one iitnti— 
Alnerio, ArcMeAcooof Durbiun, or wore thtro two rHmilivK* oitc this Archdoncoti'ii nnd n iccond 
lh« M>n* of Kmi'Tj', of Co. York, raiTntiouRcl in Ili« Itichmoiid Domeidvjr ? I !i«vu bren uiinliln 
to obt^n iuHiptent evjdetic« lo dvnt thii matter up, or lo connect the earliest routs, the filii 
Kiovri of Ourlum nud York, ttith ^»ch oIIit. or with thvi carlirit r^rcordnl KitirrjMmt: hut 
what tfvideticc 1 have \wva able to obtniii lv»d* mr tu think tho fuitiily iprQu^; fintn thr 
Aroliil»u<^on uf Darhntn, the onHicnl Kriivry«^n h(«l<l manorinl Uf>tii» lo St. Oaw->l(l'i nii4 
Brnnce|)«th I'ju'JsheA cloHe to Durham uiul the i-iLrlieAt mt^mhers uf ibem liiM utiiiT thi* 
Bbhop of Uurhjim, nxid were fore*l oR&cert^ bailtfTa ami ^rri/^ir to the Hbhnnji, which otiic*fl 

tXUoy contiiiuttd to hold in Wirardalc to comparatively itiodnrEi tiiQc»— /i-m/^i <f«c. [. 
.Some future );t;ii«ri|o);i»L Jiuy bo ntil«, Hith tnr>rv lueAiiv ai \i\» cou^mnnil. to trtuttr \h*s 
tsallur up^ H* it dfvuhtUvH couM b^ w«ro iho vi-ry votuntliiou* onrly Hpo R^IU Hiid otUtir 
Teeordf •edrched- Uvs'ides theie tiicnrut^ l have b<ieti uiinble to coimvct sovcml collBtaraU with 
ibe main stem for l^ck of proof, wbich doubtksii ftjrthur r«in7itrch irmild p^oduol^ 

I We will iiot» procei-d to ^Ive thi; renuU of my fltudt^ of thJd kej p&dlgree «ii(] the 
v&rlou* di>ciiiiitiit« coiitiecied ttivrewUh. 
To bfigm vith Alm«ric, ArohdttACon of Durham, t<tn or nephew (^mtpot) of Riihop of 
Durlisjn, Phil1i|i of I'oictou. whom I hold to be the founder of thi? f^mily^ takn u% At oncu lo 
the time* of Hichurd C*"urde-Ltoi] and Ai^uHluiila. fur Bithop l^hilljp of LWctou w« clerk4n* 
Mticridiincr to thp gr<-rti lioo heartird Kio>^ Orchard I, Util in order that iho r«Ader will the 
kftlvr UEidrritHud ihe ennnvction of Aqnaianm vith Ko^Utid ntid the c-hunLi^trr of iu pi'ciple, 
w« venture lo give > lonf* extract from t'rofoaor Montagu iturrowK'** (with his kind periaistioiO 
writing on this anhjeci, m tbU period of hiitory it ignored in mudt bUtorioi] workt, 

" Titer* an no ivosrdi for tho iv<]jtufy vhicli rl&p*cd ^tttr ElL^ituor i>f OuiounCit or Aquitubfi (for the w«rJi 
tr» reatly th« umr, anJ in ht^r m*e htn\ the nm* in<b-iniii};)» bmn^fHt (in M'tl] n duchy aDil a mu&ty, which wvrd 
Tfiry Ilk* a kjo^Eih^tn, tu ]f<nry rUiiUAvuvt, Cuuut t^t Anj^ni, nlm ««* w wM, iinmMhiit^Tljr aftvntitnU. Jm lyaha 
tt Hnitluid til lLt« nval poiVftMom. The OpiMion ttclli du nut ooriiin4-rLi.'jj lill L2li X ^* 1"^' of httlu o\»c m 
thkoMEury bnld«« thifcvatfeuiliil barDnBgu of tb« pn>vii)iM*», All lh« noting which nw:1i uk iti the rrif n* ^f 
Htmrjf IL nail iticbiitd I. hc^x «nii*pii;noa< miuk* of • p»Wffful and *im!'iiiihipoi»driit twdjr ''f lord*, wlm p|iiy«tl 
an LnportaoL part !n the ilruirah!* betwrvn the banKL<4 faibuf ami hi* rvhvllino* »on*, Kurcvd to yiM to the 
kaud of a lanattr In Comr lU |jou> tUo xpefllal Iktwl nf hU muLltvir'* lulii-ritAiiov, mid to ihf lo fvnn wh+n Ih< i>m 
a nuvrv boy, t^«y did prtUy moch a« tlvfijr tik^l irh«.n thu »iroH^ hand w whUdnfn. liiJctil, bj hu jiiitctii>» 
trUli tlk* fWnrii khi^ i^i»ht hi< own frttlicr It'ii^lian! laujfht thvrn a 1«4od which tJie/ wrr# nnt alow t«> Irani, 

"Tlie RnglUh ^oll>rl'lhf11tir hitd |>[affd llimr htnxiii in i [K&Ktmi morv ruiivonlunl attd afn«ibltf %•> * fomUl 
MctMy Ihau any otUir >ii Kur-ixi- ^l^hiU tlw ' Itoy Ouiromor ' wv their litt^ lord, W hliwl'v Counter Aiijon 
aod ra(£>«, and Dukt ut fttijroot'^ owed fvaJty fE>r tht^nv pnivhicvq t<i lh« Kiiiipi ccf Prmncit ; aiida^ lh« tatter, by 
ftbiurbibg tti« pciM4-uLoiii uf IW Tifri or t'raiio-, ^i^i^'l^ vmirifM out at Ibv rank at potty •ovcral^iia, tliey, 
rorj l^atarallj', tli* mart jiut«(ud "n a d^'flnitv r*«u|pi]tiL>u u£ thvir tuiBniutf uivr tba ICoghib loiUcblpa xm* tlii* 
fotfii. Tlioi tbo n(ibli« ■Brinl two iiiaitm, wliicii. with the bf*i hiUnlitint, it not thfj. Uut lk«a« w«r« not 
imiBMCan In thoDrdlnarj M-natf : Ihiry tfrrvtwoklnjfi. Ikicb apoattlonoftcninvolvvd dlai^tvoaUocDnBeqQcncM; 


bat tb«y wwa mow Ottn WlaorcH] lu Ut**j4 af thuv khL* hy th* ««|iiiatta «iitbfacliiuv of btlog Uia« anahliKl to 
plaj tm, on rnfj pooankle orcikinn^ ant* aff^lniit tbr 'ilUvr. Tlik Uioy vert accoilonLvd la dn » eftrcloallj that 
Ike pwif— alvuat adiaiiofd to the nok vt a nncnor; auU it wva by tlUa pruofai Ui«i ttu-y* u a«U m \ho piu^U 
finanUly. aniaind cJb« ^:ri|;tUb ■■iac|i.»i i>r lli«ir Vftliinbtit wid ^miiliAr fwlt-Lliifn |l wu tJiid that ihvy loamt 
ta ■yi''*^!*'** ""'^ * hvtfu prvpoKkju i»f iJii^m ta rUii|f vLtU afTiclitia II^. aitjria*tic arraujfciBCEit which firab fart 
•r rtrog«l>fd tUnr ni^ IJt«, aud then, from the A4:tiOH of nulanl cmuAa, lenilod to »ii«rrT0 t)>tm- 

** And hrrt U nay ba fv<nnrk«<1 that lli« afuvnalniift fvlaTianh uf l^i^taud ti hvr iihtrlnco* h«7anil tu, formad 
Aa they had hem at rtntlij thcpfnohal ttia uf luh-niaiicc^aud nut by ocmiiucti, otoU norcr have huted for three 
Onitailf auln* It tiB'l bL^flik for the Inlercit of IfJtli pulJw that tbcj •h'julLl c.mUftna. tt Unnntfkabh} IhatofU 
ta efaatnaiiL a uritiTr •*• ICaLlam elHiuM huvn ta^Wtd !>> iintiK ||»li cnwl li>e4or4fa] tneL Siut^Dal upon the 
frindptf of niutul ad^'ai>tt^ far uiort lha<; on aiiciout feudal and tmmt\y nlaltmi, the luh taatial aXectum ol 
1^ InWdtanla for Oic Kugllali mto, rapw.aUy In the loarltlDiQ uid comtw-rt-bil wiiUn, U the l«wUng f^tura \a 

• "The Faniilr of Brwaa of ll«vireiiair« vnd Korhe UmH," pp. 13 -U. 
ifUHiBj.''r. it K. 

> t TUt^PnbnttrtxdDHlMtir^UnaHvQb «pmrai&f IMv|> PbUliptrf ^*Maii aai bti napliv* Aliuans U< AnMH«« of 


"Tlir onfM&oa of CraAd obllgMisw km if Ikdwl wa in a Mwa ^•■ban, Ul avnrvo ■ntt^taited 
M Is JI^«SttiM^aiCnrid«a vUfc Uh JMwwu^ of vmv a^ bM«Q wUife <Utt i igi>t *J tl^ PM»I* fnn <1m^ 

lb* TivtUkU aca qw fow of tba rvt of OhL Eivb m Uu m tte Mrir pvt of t5*« lir«IrUi ntOnrj tkmy vfr* 
bvdiTiAAUecnMcUrf vlilick«Ov<rBur ri«wv. Thoy had loog pc a rtt arf y Iwj^ • pwdiol i o Hop — ^ ra e t bj 
ttM liSDik«rt of all rUiM*— »lf-a«iaiv for rWi«l«vfe«i. It «m anlfr ■ Conl af Ai|vl^s«» a nlnl hi^^ 
lUlfcr InlfiweooMilcf tWlor^lbff H«m* ■*! AnW, brfor* t^ti* ftiiU ovorthfov at tU bwidof CUHh 
Martrf, WM fflondMI J B<ia«d«lMU*r<db)rtWClrtiaiuub*tv«a4f tbt prvrlDcc Tbf ladt^wnAnm iflitl gf ihrft 
l» % hfcu l», U« Bmui^ who f»t Ui#ir laiD« (a Hafrixaj, wia not vitLaqt iu iBiftwiafv oQ tkm fhWEfOr of th« 

pM^j mi tW H*fa»* drft*!^ of OMU U^n, *iUi ^nnnha l bMl righu Tir —wfft lyabi^ U« Uofi. D9alil 
not tot aAmK ft oeofttfj vHb sUdi It wtm In cImc itIsUou. 1hu» wm ■nintyaad aad wumtgtimmd (rmB 
p nt f wtt on li>CM«nlkn mi t^Urn. vtendy, rivDrooi lulnrK ^A milk* tel of th* RaoUak CbonaiilTaw hut aon 
lliid^. iu(f« Imfntf vUt*! wkli tlir Wlflitona of aoMbfrv mv. 

"Tlir Tvkty -jf Uir clluiaic Mwl Mniboij— ^BOUtiUln and ^laCa, lamti wiBtcai4 ftftlk valky, itir BPig— 
rivir vyvtrtD. f«d fruui tka I'jmaaia wmowK au *pt«kL lik« a lu-tiinrk onr tlia wbolt noairy. fffccrlng dd late 
liar aUUiy 'Wmuw, bdJ Mntniiic la Bonkaai, Ikr i|iMni 'if Krcacli aaritiiiu eick*, Ibc loatf aotbovd •nd 
RWticabI* nl>irit* »Ucfa bud « nev i^ liu-ij ■rmutu, tin- »plitad« uf Uio mjH iur ih* grantb of tt* ilnc— «ll 
UiialMdalaoitapacdiaf «ff*ct ; bqt f^ «lii/f « all tiii^aJvitv iW Baaqoc aail i^Hubli liiianwM. abafa ami Uit 
aflioti of follaut r*tfMwiC4i la ntrmaj fon, w vniat ulaca Ua ^arfyiay Uadituw ttt ittdivldyal Ulicrty dtTtrcil 
fnuB tb« aU IwUiutlm* «f tbe Koimii |>Po*bi(w. Tbc traow aC ttMa* batHntbuu, f«p«Uly U Il>i< all^dtal 
kiidel i^ftan ti AquiUbt^ arc tu be fotnd *vorvvWM rooUvcliaff atlh tW fcaiU ayKctn laMdnvod ti;r Uic 
Ttvteoio aittiff «. andfto IomUdv lo oatUvillM iwl iKMliu U>p vIhIc proviaf^ 5a4 kmnktn^haw tkw ni^iU 
a«l irlvlk*]^ kail b««n toqalrrJ and prrarrrol tinroiiak tkc r^rilrt ' iHfb A|rr*.' tJiv iJu|j1« fHi|de of Afvlteliw 
wm* a guia ta i od to aoooanl for Ukvd at foUu«i :— ' Vrb«b tbt ^n«« Kiiiir Qiorlu vmt to rmaaatt tW covnUj 
ff<itti ilw fenOfiiit ba trok lolo hit paTthanoUui and kiiL|fKU*>WvouMiJotrA>if mite ■ftte him, but tbc wbtdod 
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•Mpvdvui Uid ritwiol of that i«ft of Kiim|i«, ihv rblialii'tf ivntrv otf a f rnib rivil and BLi'ki4ry u lininiilratjuii.* 

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'• Xo coTnTcrcIftl Aty \i\ Fmntp or EnnfUnd could PompnT* with ftordfuini, Londo.i »*■ wpiUby und 
iqanlld : Ucrdcaui wu wchIUjV nnd bnutifoL Va LU ample aaayi *ron Unilot the corn, chea«, battcf, vkLuPt, 
6tlii t«iilTif-T, ra\M\ tml, aItova aII. tlio lin, tfid wail, nii't thn rlotri of Kn^laihl ProDn t1uimi?i< IhhaI forth Tj^ tJiA 
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ftid lit tUe modi of tbc province rnnrcr^ to Bordrntii. bat Jt w\tt the ccninj of that mnnrlinb^ river- Biy>Ll«in 
ntrvbitj uitiitloDod, The Oarnniii^, tlii< Dordoi^'iic. nihl t^o j^'lour, with tlii;lriiuinemiiiBrHui*iitB.riT>'Iod (^nnjffhuut 
the tvholu uitAi^t of tho lund, jirid afFiinlod ndiniTablo uieiiiii of eonimnhic-Atloii wtth ihc neijirltlKmrinjr [>n>TiiiOPi. 
Hunoc the txtncrdinaTy mnfiiitiiLle nf the Oaic^h nine trndc Tliit formed the itAjile romtiioitJty of the »Iinl« 
prvvlncft, BDd \>Bitowf1 llf? and vrLntUh mi tbe nbolc [Hr|iit|iiLkfn. Thf mmctiianl* oullcJ with ttiHr o*mi « mn in 
thoir own sbipi. Of in^h vatiie were thvtc winci to Kniflaiiil that Ihe unbTaa, binhopt^ clenrr. tbii kilij; hiim^lf, 
and the queen, all trnrlvl rm their own itrc^oimt.* ^uro uf ■ li^pitnble vekome in tlic KcBlifih porls* this Anr 
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the OaBfon and EujfHsh tridori fouK-lit <<ii thi? mimfi lidc ndiuziit llii'if nv&lt of Ihc northerti and iipirth^tTrff1«ni 
CoiiAta (if Fmiioi*. ThiMe coiitesta iJi'ter ktTaiiinl the diii^vrifiooi of the i^at Htid fuHumi battle betvtMii tlto 
AnjclcCljinrtpn uod FrantQ-Noimiin (Wuhj; fleet*, wljich Wm tUp prelailr of the Hundred Ycwn' Vinj , bqt thry 
were tba nme id kind, 

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Iajn|E-liint!oli to conc^iir^ N^ tvcndrr, Ib^t), thai tlip ]>oliry of the RnjiliMli (invomiiHiit wm unifnrdily lUirl 
ntDriitantly favonnhl« t^vnnlt ila Oa«i>i[i vubjtfct*, «nd » formed a poHHrfol evdnLenniie to the iiiJiiri.tti(nilB 
tthieh trvre Ai#hy> jirixirtitintr thmiipvirfx itj favour uf Ujv iffiiwin^; Frtnch tovennj^nty, Aa Uik uoribxrii niid 
MiL>th-<'n'<t'^tn, nnil thou thn oa^tana ncid t\n> north-aoBttfrii, pntiinrr« nf Fnnt-v ntme, rnip nftt^r nnntli^r, nmler thtf 
direi^t domiuio*] of the French Criiwn* it n'MlmpOMiblc buttb«t thr» fnilnoi of the li*ro". the jirtBsmi* of flu^ evfr* 
ti^ht^-niiiif r'lT^^v ilravn murui iWm IioIiiImI j^rntln^v. and thv Hvk iif h\o<n\, thoTihl [>|ti'nitJi in niioy dtriirti<>iJ« 
l^wnrdt iiioi^rpcrrption wilb Vnnca. Kvvu thv iHuguH^ <pf thu hitudilitty tCnffllah pnniii'P and p^iwiimtr tUhb 
waa bi'irimnnif to fbuuj^i* iindcr Ktmlt*h indu(>iim; ami Ihif <b»cmiK, however tHitrir?Hohl1y Lhey mj^ht *dhi»r»" U> 
thvir own prvjvinfial <tLfl]«(t hi pr«l(T*ncc to FfbtidIi, ccmld not hut fttfl ICnitli«ii t» hf< a ftmu/n tnnjfait, Koc^h 
gienflraticn f)rMn(Tht out tb> forwinn ultfinuol uior* utid lurtni. On tUv atluT haiut, ((unrTvtion nfcur i^ofntrntiMi, hud 
gjDwu nji uiidvr iiiixit tilvkntfljfviai r«'lat!onf wit-h ih«Tf iHN'ddttary pTtn''4.<*» iiritirw ivhi> lind jxiurml thn riHi)um:iii 
[>f Knjfluml )i;ta Lhclr U]>; aiiii they felt thut they were lioldiu^r h lii^liirr fUinitioii *a KriifUiiil'iL fjirouMd 
denmdflTifv IHkh t\i*y i^rciUI ^fpi'i^t in hold 4B ho EtK^orivirdttfTl pjrtioii nF <ivi«c^niw[i Kf*o«'er If Aqultainc* hiul 
been bound-ul Ify jiny DHturtU Froui^ef. itJ independence, St U ftny to n^r. would litvi^ hud a inrjclk hnijfrr tlonitiou. 
A* Lt wn*j iioritfnuji, tlici henn to nnd frein which the irterlet iknd vein* of ^i»i^ml and pUticftl Llfn trl forth and 
rvbumed, wt^iiml iIa f^n^ttih vltalitj to oiiich loTiffi>r f.hHfi nit Lh« ri'tt oF f Jupknxijt, THimiEici' it liarl n frEtiirittr iif 
iU Dffn In tho brovl rivLrr which MiJibed ila rfimyt. Only bfter a Lin>hmjf<id *1rukEtch-, mainUiin*^! by thu loyal city 
U> <!c»pnrQWon, ww \U final Irnniferrnce lo FrfcOce oecom ph iheii. Only hy the l^ght of thi»i^ vTonta ran lh« 
■nb»e(|"ent liinl/iry of ibft HonJi»ljUa bft undi^nlflod. It Li a viirv iiiti'ri'uiinjr liintory. Mid not» liltht ftntw**"tivrt, 

■'Th«c obuTTiiUonB app^y tij a minor dpgrre lo the wWleuf \(|ulta^np, thuiitfh nf roun^'tliu iiil^r^iUof the 
dtira «rrc nol only for froiii ideutk'hl with thdir of tho pruprietorf of bind, liul oftvn nppnied- The toeljit and 
couimercial i[iiiirr*^l» oijminon Tj^ the Middle Apci were to bo found in full vtir>ur. yirt pi'iliai* not nvtri' <!t»vclrtpt*l 
than uIm'.w lii"fe. But it muy tic mfely m\d that tirmhere woi % politle nilo nii>r« noo*nnry in order to ki'i-p tb« 
tWi« i-oi]rttrLe* working 1j>^'elhi.'r lu tolerikbU^ Iktrii^'Oii, ivid this |kr]ic:y wnd ULOtv I'Otily UUilvrat^Krdi firL'Uiu1at4?d, nnd 
ntaintiiiEErd in rcfcenee to the coinmerrinl citJei and vhsiet than to th<> r4-Ht, liiiltwd, II rKini- tu viii7 )illt#. mor« 
iu the end than letLing tbcm do wlut tln-y p1ea*ol. The popnlur Aummhly gradnally bpcairtp Like ortokl 
flovetUEiiQUth thuu^h iimirr fhe irentle (rpnlml of Ki>(r1iAh, or An^'o-OaaUfu, ufl^cialji. Itut it nui a niueli iimrc 
difficult nMUr t> deal with Uk- irrcat noMca nnd inland propHoton. It ij of 1h<iiu rhi<^fty. no doubt, that 
Froiiunrt apoaki when ha tayi i ' Never worr Ihp Uatronn finnly atlHL'hed Ui one lord for thirty yntn to|fel1ioT. 
Sueh U their imalitble iiiliire-'t Thii rrry nncywiity undrr which the Ei^i^IedIi luj Lm i^iant e<intL-*iiuiit. p^rduus, 
ihnd pritfU(v*^ fonnfd an inc^c»aEt iiida«!tviont t? turhuh.iic'e. 

" Kor wni it to be opi-rU'd (huE, biinncr plainly tbo ^vcmiig race ml^bt. as i whole, perceive the 
iicfistity uf B mild and bcnetlriKit i\iU^, itji pj^rllvnUr i^iririben, plaeed in pjtoarlotii of i-oiiiuiaud. tboold nlwaym 
mnkii IhcmnelTet agreeable. The Kngh*)! bavir n^i olwflyn beon cdlcbrni^d f^r cfjnelhalory rondui-t and tliat 
thoio In ccmmand mutt ho Fn^hpli ao* in tiiiii.4 of imnbh?— and theje were the rule- a neosiity. The chief 
mUitiiry mf} vwW pO*M vpn- tluia hnld by ti4'M«mcn. Itii^hla, (■Kjiilre', uiid rfLdiwifltiieal 1i«yer>j vbo wen tno 
oTti'n riir*Jded with jfolouay ami ditlikr PcrhapH, nti hi ll^c (wc of Simon d* Monlfort. thi»y wore not mo innch 
dliliked by the lataller Umdholdi-ni ah by Eho lant^r; but nc doubt At^ MonUmn ii Hgbt nben he oayv: ' Wc 

lElH UirvUntA t'inHt'] ft lIji' qu-tf^; tiiil* iirillLn LLc* ThHiiiut. Iham 'tiiAy» rqUln tUnir nrn^lml Bliftli^ny i>iiMlniirllm>» v tli^t «li{|w 
«r« ri!II Ih^uI'-I "i-I »rp|i.a.|n| Ln fhn *inHn> ln'i nfl UiivT Vi^iu lu iJmi iiFiiD 4if ilif RtutIIbIl Ff w tifl*i an Aiiur tlinii tijal fE'ipiii Hit? fnd 
of Cic (riHt briilK'*. fr^»irt Ahimv n f^nvi 'rf mjvd iehi a a^fitiDii'^Tn inx^foi nf IkMMJ^'rvip 'ikLIiUiii^ losel ikc f JF Air nimi: I'lkn IhMrf 
AilTw. If t>>1iM nif'ff iirllJji^ «t nLiilit- 11>* t>11(»^ii> i^in Wnllf 1« ItUiiinI fiti xH\\-KtuUfUfm\int in lutiiii tf-iL rul .^f iSc orll 
limliliigr>p rr(vt<>i1 \*y lhr< KnjflU^, fur rhnj- hnv« Atiniillj lariAl ^'*^y (la* tcwiUfn] niiJ riMl<|ii( R'ljiuin im-oihiiiciit ui^Ia! " Tilkfnda j 
Tui«Il« " Hhicli, Hiv-u jii II t4- l«>r- (innfiir;, Lii<(Mbrti<ta1 f-l-o lit- >jf tNv |u<wtiit (kill l*^'*'^ lioiiK' : tpjl |E E* ncnuEihpl'iiB Im' Umi I'lf ^mlf j 
limMmp, tvUli'-nf-nIlKtit '«^ti(l-«^ »lor1i titwlmirt'^n -^aii ih«i|<I« wiCli itjiPKimtuiitrTitttBi'f AptotCJiiEiv, nm llii^cliuinclti*. --r ilmiD, t|4 
r^ktlkvlni lA ilix >»<»<- ii*-m* lft«4^f tilnl Villi tli4t KnirHaK. 1>ti li 4ii Pi>it iif A atvt' wldkil) jii »"« uiEi.^li nTiillt ij> t]"-ii A/nhJifMiU, #r>i] Icinrllr 
ull' f»r]iiLh<^l'iii' rc"t'THEEii(i TlitT Imi'Hrfnl IjrtiJirtp^viiir fif/Ailtn »rf I ji ^jnf* l~ri>ii, j^il E-hr ruiiiniHtirtf Jnicni'T 'li Kt. Scimiit viv 
hiiUl 1rlV>»1liKir rhiK*. fjul wLbliiEiOi'wHiLlI- likny •nrrliLiiL-jl Thi'iJiifTivritilninE sUTjot v,* Y,nli\*h^'r\•M^U^^n^ii kn UnnliBUi, 
but ih iJiB ht^idK-im' i>-iitiTrj (iliureliA *LSuli >]>mD|r u^i uorlii EofLiili inrtiLtfrnMn^tKlUiil nn\. u tW' ■ Jxl'm <*f 0n"<rtit]]4iit IM, 
btflBl «ntii«y Ami hnrLl'kdiiAl tvij" 

* "tlliL d(iOiDnict»,fCc.JL&Qrtl«uL" Fat M, FnncUtu^ Hldttt. f ISook LU., a ». 


GmoDi. *J*J And Itiwlj tftcc, ffor* nc^vcr ftbl» to mUpt mintlTV* to the jcf»v< uid •ulviiiin niftiin^n of Uw 

Sn^Qib. To Utii ftntipatli/ viu •»» aJJod thn pnJn af K^iiiij^ j»ll tUn HmiMichutti^ had CkptuDOH ^rco tu thfl 
DMB "d'oatranoT."'* Bucho UcontrwUtt^-l t>y a titiiLtitt;d« of f«^U wlivn W aftkcii tha AWf^pLDK tUUntirnt 
tbtt 'the EngtUh GoreruuicuC hjid iiovcr boiru fivourftbty m><ivw1 hy ItiH OMOOaAj ttOtwitluUndliijf Uio 
ed*1«t1i.I 4't^«nt*^cw Ibvy li«d pvftfJTwt tram ■(.' UqhL ubora tru!^ dovt tUv l^rbrd htiitwuD of tht MnihmUr/ of 
St. !icT«r rcmtrh : *TUo elUuauftad monk* of Si. Av\w wvrvklwfty* futtiful lotb« KokImK, ttOt only bACftOBV tli«j 
rtfcu^iual tlieoi u the lagitinuM lordftof the ]iri>viner. (mt litL^^aB* >f tha nuaiHraa» liui«BU tfaaj nwc^ral from 
thtm. For tbii rai^uii ia«uy 4 tlotf Imro thtfv BufffruJ rr>->in (hn licvlUitv of bb« Pmwh: bot llvoj b^N tWu- 
telvcB like bnvo m^a, iU!CllMoiil«il to Arnw, imi ovi^r »(nl uv pr hit*!" dn^vt Mok tta« Nunj/t Xr^r umf we r«ftue 
to b«twTftthiit moit kc-curvU f^ico^nphflr. Ado|pb« Jocuna. wlicuht^ t«IUtu Ihnt' Lm Luidcji, Ukva UrK« partQf 
A4|D^Uina. ti^ibiieH tba warmttt »yn[iftthy Im tlitf EouIihU, wbo, in ■ ovrta-in iiiMUUrt* v*pr«DQlM lltHH^, 
nqnicipftl privllrgea, and downtnliiatioii-' [ lUfflrcuM* af tho «imv un nxliflu hn init]tij>Uod to any rxt«t. 

*" fiotwr lli«w cvnenl oircQuutAan* a vtrry Urgo poflion cf the U«*can iU>Ui ti, un mipit upKt, ccdipM 
wHb MibiMlwMid nJKuiow, gnitt^ «n>] furfi-ilunv, ■DpointoMut' of offipun, cominiaaicai vt jDnairy, moitan «f 
trwpB. moil comtiwraiul pHrilr^i. Kor U it iTujAntilblo, trhon oum wt qp<m tht trti^k, to parrcIv^ m lima |Foe« 

■ptHnffly Jddaod. but [Ht^■i■T'^n^1y piirniiivl. Thi« Lt tba poJl^ of ^frmlinUJ^ ftiiLnuUiia ttia Gmcoha (ImiiihIvo* 
wi(h tbotrowo KwrriiTiuut, L-<lu»tifi^ irith thit vitv pruiolflog jooHg moa at tb« Knguab Coart— «fwi lettliii^ 
Ibem Ed Bd^iiiI, «i)d itaiTi^ tliv wrv]LTL<t of tin* uiorv capable Amon^ dum lit dvfl aud mtUtary porpotM In 
KoiflMUl itadf. Tliua the two part« of tbfi Uttio Kiopin wok to be knh to^ctlu^r, 4nd tUo reciijmcal ftdvunlitf** 
In tndv tad t^namtno, whloli ftrrmnl tLie Itta of tb« ^naucctioa^ t^ be cit^itdhl to tbo lodal 1if« bnd tvrntfirial 
loktfritHiii-Mk (rf twill piv|ilii». It ii uv«dl«t to *«} ttmt It L« uiidpr tbc rvi^n of Ibv icrwt hiAlt'm»»i'iuo(iJirv!i, 
Bdw&nl ]., tl^jit wv b4«iu Id tnoo tb« pmsTHi of tUoiO idou. but tbo irty b«d been prepKned by hJniiKlf dartritf 
tb«i^nof bi*fktb«r." 

Tht roiuler now unih^rMandi the typ0 of mnn th«t (jiiMCony br«d in thofte tUjr*, find thnt 
Rkliard C'lvur-de'Lion h«0 nbcui him, iiid Philip of Poictuu vtns one of hin mott uu^tviJ 
folio w«r«. 

Torning from i^e hi<U>ry of the ntiltru in which Philip of Polcton lived, let m me wh«t 
mcdi«TAl hiatDry lin« to t9y of the man himtelf, 

III llie ClironicA Rogert du Horeden «o roaU: — 

JLD. 1195, DcC' 30. " ICodcm &iLno, ^luinto Xitaitt Domini dl«. Bcrtnidnui.|| DonclinaDia eeoMv IiHoTj 
occurrit Muberiu C«Dtivi4n*i &r< hicplacopo ftpud Alvtji'/ttfem, et Ibi dothd co nlglt in^btmni Pmi|ipBOI 
cUrieom tt funlliarcm Uiranli rv|rl> JUglL«» in [Vu^ivtiaeoMm uplicopftu/' 

Oervaaiu«§ too tells ut of the elecitoo of I'hUEp to the Bishopric of Durli&tD. ^Valt«r 41 
Covcntria hut much to my about Philip of Polctou. lit t«lU iih hi^ wnH m«dv Archdcjiron of 
Canterbury by Kiofc Richard 1 11 [r^) nnd riitiniaatiMl by Geolttiry to the deanery of Ycrk, bdng 
olecicd to th« »ee of Durhmn at Northalk-rtoti. Jlti wan sent to England by RicburO to visit 
tUe eicb*quef, had a lirpnuw fo ixnn. g*ve ihfl Archdpaoonry of DurhBrn in hu nephfiw 
Aiuit^ricita, mud in addition procurea th^t of Carliiilfl for him^ lie then went to Rome on 
Kichard'a b«balf, and waa couHucratc^d thtxe ; after which he went to Cologne to thv Imperinl 
•iMtloci. He rooovered tiadber^e and had llceDse lo Clilfe aad Crayke. At thia Uaw King 
Richard corrcapond* wUh blin and h<* loa«a the Manor of Clilfe and haa di»putea about 
Cotditfghafli, In which ha yi«>l(ied. Aft«iF thia ha was din»ct«d to mevt the King of Scota and 
to consecrate the mi><^ratife Giratdiia, Hu wa« allowed a fair at North at l^rtoci, and la again 
dirc<-lF«l to take thi* Kiog of Scota to London, being pn-ieiit at the homage c«reuoay. He 
thi<n weru on a pilgrimage to Compoiiella, and waa at St. Jean D'Aogteby at Kaater in the 
year 12i.>l, aflvr ahtch he rctumutl froui CifuipottvlU, and waa a viti^rM of Derangarina'i 
marriage, dying in r^)^ — iho aco of Durham romnintng vacant until I2lli, 

Bisbop Philip wjid originally lhi7 clcrk-jn-atteudancr on Richard C<riir-doXion, and 
Profcaaor H. If. Gwatkin of Cambridgt; tellv me it muHt not be nasiumed that he waa then iii 
prieal'a ordera. He coald roceive them after election, if he were unly a deacon before. 

The aaroe then can be nMumvd of Alniifrlc, hia aoit or ntrphcw, for after all it la to tiliii 

wa tiave b«aB working. Ind^od wa know that both Bishop Philip and Aimerlc were Uymec 

before lliay " took or^era," iM u« aeu then what the hiatoriana of tbe Ididdle Ages have to 

Ull ua of Aiineric, hla »ou or nephew : — 

U^aU^JtC^teiana,^. 103, Lt, (R.kU. 8«tIcs), 

" A.U. 1190. llcm wdniu uiuo obiii PetriH dc Um, 40a dtftUUSo Uoiria* rva AiigllR d«W Aimcdox 

■ vui, in., i* iwih 
I Utriivutitu iku \iTi4it uf LMirliam li»y-)anp. 

3 "0WeBlMkdait*n4M,^inU>dillMl. 

I "OBTIItllMvUHlll 

blUdcK" Via L, |k lilk 


Mpoti PUU|^ D«nalm«Btla tkcU, arefaldifl«onitiim UkrUeli, »t AcHi Phllippiu dadit ditto AhnHSro lupoCi mo 
AmdRAcvastoiii d* Doiwliiia, «t #«cH«iuB dm Acvlvt, j^nn pntilifltiia Bof^rdv li«liiiBitt" 

J^m, AJ>. IIW, p. UK V<k1, II. ^fEudftt viao AliMriokii, Dttu«]n#tuU uchldlMiDiu* diM«likrili 
motihrho* nanii]<i]*iui« •mJIwIs da VliU lU* tlanartllU, q'omm HcnrtciM dt PsUaco «i« dedent Is ponui fltf 

mt'mt f iu>niiii it4 |intfilAiii dl«0i*tiiiiip lW^n'l«iii. fnfptfnnt eat** 4omoram nomvrliiffvni, rt ni'/iinrhfu ibi iuvaitiH 
Tlctcnfr 'jivBfitiit- Cam iHiltin tilvm Almiirteui. JntcrrafrMiu «i violcaitlft ilk per Ilium f&cui raliiK, *t 
reapondiitwt i|iiik1 q<irj, mmiaHti tliinvlrnvnuf*, fOfivantU Atnt at pi^ulo KriUtk m fieUm^ h«ti rutliWrtC| 
aiDJmniDuicavipruiit o€in« hujui ilalento uictonM, coTudhirloa, tKotarm^ jicr«ii«Ia c&odctU. «t pulMto aiNJorlliiu' 
vmlodjG c«niipani4.'' 

fd«iii, A.l>. U&A, VaL II,. p. ]3ik ''dfdfial Alnu^i^an tJiineLmnnaia ArdikdkcQnai oWdU ftcnUiun hucll 
Otwftldi lb SlrftUlDqiumoTMcbl h rvcepemit, itI turn prmoBtt TtcUulJA mI #o* d«f«rri. Qudonaatrai dk, pcMftj 
•p|]elUtEon«m ft raiMi«cli&i Bd^DiPViiin poDtiaonu fAcUnr, [iloia Almcricu* fcdC Ignrmmioot ottlo cccMu, M •laf 
T«r f sniiin r« vAporcm \g^U monacho* rjlorrct. Bcmliuto fflitur Oilfo. niiwid Mtdlltev Itttmrrunt ocrlMbm, at ' 
V) «t ■MiiBtA niitnrj cjiHnLut naiUbcbcM." 

Wh itTJit tlitrn from the «buv« Ui«t l>« was elected Archdmco» <>rC4r1tHk aii«t OuHiam In 
IIIH^. ftii{t litkil tho cliiircli iif Ac<^lirt |>r«i<ATLlixi to litm. In 1 ld>^ h« gi»t4 i|uBri^lliri^ with ih* 
monk* aboat IIifr«4*rviUc Chiirrfi, aik) bin MfnanCfl [?j€Ot iliem bj force, vliich Aimeric 
denied. Ttic eiifii}r*»d niotik< uicommunicnted hU their riulent ejector*. Aimtric then 
bp>ie|;ed St. Qiwald'^i Cliurcli in Ourliam^ in which the monks bad biken refuge, and col of' 
nil foiHj MippUi'Ji, and AEinllf nmoLcd th«m out of the eHurcli. 

Konidnn Adding bin Bi^nntur^ to vnriaui daodi (aln^ndy qaotod) Aim«He did not ronAo 
miieh hblory that we not of* unit in 1214. whtlm tlill Archde^tim of DnrtiEim, hu was mndel 
ili^h SbentPof N'>rth umber laadf for the year. 1 bave reHd^onie other italt^TUt^oU reg^rdlog 
bim ofdoublfulnuthonty, f.jr- tli«t he vim innde Prrbeadnry ot LiclifieM 1215. 'njclibmrhm 
of Lii-bfl«id Cutliedrn) lia* kitidl^ inndc ^^urch in ibe Lichfield recurdv, nnd ulU mv iberc In 
no record of an}^ such fnct nt LiohBeld. 

Alineric Ufl Itiyue. jirobubly horn before hU consecration ai Archdeacon, and Sartet^nt 
ettrs the iHue as printei in iIk- prcviom chnpter, n xon snd two gr«nd»cns called Hichard fil 
Kmerie nnd Kmcrie 1i1 Kmprie, celling iheir Inn^ln in f^t. Oii^ald*f l'ari«h to I'eter dd Crook 
in 1200 aiid vomelhiiii^ (duit? cihllienitvd. ai> Surieet tells us). 

'riiuu ir« ni-it liejir of Johflnm** Kmerj'eon. who holdri Und En 1812(?)at StJinlit^, in 
Dnmcepeth Pariah, next to Stn U^wnld'n l'Ari)ih> Johannes* niu»t have been bom in 120U at 
the lali^nt to be of ugii in LU2, and u«i kno^ he wak alirc afrer 1350, at natchin^oH xvWn; 
quoted In the previous chnptvr. The earlienl Kni<-r>oiiti then ui? hare reiord of tiere lord^ of 
iDanors, end freeholders po«fe"si[ig n hftil nnil other tencmertis and niei;«uagC8. 

Thon wo j[«t (icofTrcy Kmcrvfinn lo Yorkrihirtt (I32lj, and uatxt oor tfArlio't CuroUor 
Roll rb(n>rdii Kifjitnn, tnid^te uf Itdhvrt KiiJiTr}>ton, of Wejirdnlr, mrnliorifd in !3>^U; aad 
Ruhcri of Hatfield*! Siirray and Williaio of HaifieM, ihi? e4Lpullania uf Lancln-iier. firat 
appear in the Curtilor l£ecoi'di|[ before 1100, ami from llie^e the ke> dcac«nd« without dllR- 
[rulty to modern tinier. 

Jad^in^ from the dato^ Aimcrio muKl bave broiif^ht hia von over with him in HQS^ 
nh«n he voa jippointud Arflideneon, and in this connnction it ia iritureitiine to follow Peirr ' 
del Crook, and lee how Crook Hall reverts to the Kmersuns for a [inie. For an Gmersen 
marriea Knimn de Kyton. a widow (nlive in l^rlO) and heir lo John dc Kirby of Crook EEall. 
They bave \%*\iti Tborniuc Kinervion of Hwalwtll (nlive in Hl<1r, wh'> has i«iue Kitbert 
KmcrMon uf Svrulwi.>1lf who fii.'lli innd« %*> Rof^or Thornton, Jan., in 140^. Crouk Hall «ecmf 
to have ptuvi^d awny from the Kmeraout agiiiti. 

And ne shall Hnd the Kniery«on» connreted with the Church tbrouehotit early titn«a, aa 
tenant*, n« '-Scriha/' av pnrkiTH, ni high fonrvlen i>f the lliiiho|». Wo lind» too^ Ihi' rinme 
Iticbard coming dowi: fn>m Ihe earliest tiii^ev, nj< also »<- find on one oecflaion Inter liit^ nnine 
written nj;ain Einfrri*:, and rjn tho oth«r hftnd iho 4tirnani« Kiui-ry nov^r occur* hi iKirham 
rec-nrdt. Miss Walford d<i«*4 nnt rem^mtter havSrkg metwiih it ir> nil hersearche*. Mr. Howe 
of the I'rohnto iCe^jistry ftny» there are no wttl« in the refriscry unrier that name up to 1700. and 
I have not once aecn the name Kmer/ mentioned in conncnrtion with Co. Durham finoe KHOO. 
Tbe Emerya settled in the Bast and ftouih of Kngland* -Lincoln. Kent and Ilampahire. 

f Bnnd'i " llittory of Tfowwtlu." I ** Hi«L of Durham.'' ^'oh IV,. p. W. 
I lldt C'unitor 

Uocordi printed in Appcndii. 

An I have naid baforc, I am aware the nlmvc ta not proof of niy conteolloti, but uatit il 
l« iiaprovtfd I «hnU iibid^ by it, 

Th^iD we itart on Brm g[round with Rr>ti«rt Bmeryann, aJ* HAlR^H'a Sunday— Robert, thft 
firti pArk^r nf Iht Htthop't I'flrk in Weflrriale. *o far at U known ; but wncir tho rarly tiH7or<l« 
are iti such n ImtJ jiUiro Uobcrt thf? huNhnnd at Kiratflii mny have bvcn iwrker bol'ore him. 
Robert and liia soci Juliii w^^ru thv/ree fendnfjf (liburi tennntL^a) aud li<?Ld by no avrvlle tenure, 
bnt by laiUlnry cen^iru, nnd ECobvrt wn» cc»ni|iaruHri-ly nvell olTfor tb« linkL^*, IliouffU not •O 
wollolfai John Kiorr^non, of Stan1(«y. I merely ftral'^ ihi^^ facU to ihow \h^ earliuat 
EaertiiiiK wen^ no orditi;try frifi* locfij^rni, but minor gentry and ocyblr fn^inni^n from iht v«ry 
earlkit ttmtA, and if of Atpiutaninii orlj^in* ak 1 aubinil, nei«r vitre other lha» free uia 
ind^rpfndrni men, nnd their descendants hate Inheriied their Independence of mind In all 
tinnf^ and placcB. 

Wc 6iid, accoHinjc to ilalfii^M'n (l-'^TT) Survey, ihnt Itobrri Krnf^FTKnn hold South 
Bedbarn tUII (Hamttertey Parish) aiij Gibbselo^c, mid land itt \Ve*nliik' (HoTs]ey]> John 
hii eon held Innd in Wenrdftle (ltruN«ihoii«), And William the eapelUnui ef LnnchrAt<;r, 
tt\m> held In Weardulir. I'rofe^vor York4'i>wcll found the following nt the Bodleian, sbowmg^ 
thni Rob«ri, Jutin'^, wife'i namu wa« Mnrgcry^Bod, Cal. UolU, cb- 153: Kabtn Efni-ry)Ei>n 
and MnrgL bU wife, etc., etc.. Apl. 20, Ri^ 11. {1^99). of Hitm-tcrly and S. Bedburn. Tlie 
Cursilor Rolls then give us Uobert's children and thaae of Adam, one of bta eooa, and tliey 
lell oi that Adam and Thomna went sppotnted psrki^nt ftrni Eind bigb foreitera of Weardile 
uftcrwarda to the Risliopn of DiirUan^ 

On ovAioiding the pedigfu<^ wv jwo then how the Wol«ngham family originated with 
Rolwri hiirtBelf, who held property there, whtch defended to Adnm, whiei* d*>4cendnni4 hrld 

t property there to motlorn timea ; bov ThomAt' de^ccndiinta ioherited the Weardale properly ; 
lOwRobert, •OQofTtLomaa,bfouffhc tbeDsrlifk^ti>n (HondgAte) properly Into the family ; bow 
Iheee properties were divided bet^reen his sons Hot>ert and Thomn#; how Rohert'c anna 
Rietiard, ThomaB and ChrUtopher died wlihoul iovui? — ihi^tr proprrlj dcsc^rndcd Xo Rohcrtf a 
dvun-ndant nf Lpnniirdj th<< younger bmtlipr af Thrtman and Robt^rt aforA«aid ; and liaw 
Thomaa' children Robert and Georfce iaherittd part of the properly, and ihey dying wHhoot 
Issue it descended lo the sole aurvitor Miirgarer, who married one T. I'hilllp. one of whoae 
daeghtvra, Katherinr, married Itrian Emrrsoii, of Weardale end llougbton, nnd to be joined 
the family by mnrriagf?, aad vxa Lfisclaimcd hi 1615 ^Itb Tbomea of Dartingtofi. n true 
deieendant imd ibi^ dinn?! Hn^'al diMcendant of thi- faoilly. 

Thii fAniity WAS connected niib the I-laHt|^jite, and possibly it vas one of them w]to had 
the Keslgaie coat granted in him. They were ainayg in good poaition. 

As for John, the eldcjit wn of Robrrt of H.iiticld, be may hAve l>een John Robinson 
Rmervon rt^ferred tu in the Cunrtor Roilrf^ and probably was; if 'iio he bad a sou John 
Robinaon Rmi'i-aori, who proh.ibly di<'d wilboul Uttiv. in he hi-^aeaths Roitkhojie propr^rty and 
hisoAce to Wlllidm, tbesonor William, vU^ pe^gree. IfUe was net John Robinaon Kmereon 
I c«n find i>o further record of him aa bcering ieaoe. 

1 hare incorporated Riehard lit the pedigree ei n eon of Robert of Hetfield, on the 
oothority of the Court Rolls, but lbi» i« not proof of identity. 

It will be seen that down to 1A0O moit of the namei mentioA^ c-itn he linked on la iba 
tree, but in IliII n nunil>er of nnmes nppesr as foresters and tenenta of the RIsheps whieh I 
have bi<en unahh^ to plnce. Thry were obviously cbiMren of Robert'i or Willianra M)n», and 
eJI deueoded Crotu one or the other; and ihcugti muny nf the records existing at tke end of 
Ibe aixteenih oaolury arv obvjonaly r«CL)r<la uf i]\vtte vrry aame por»oiiis one in uniblo to giro 
legal proof nf thk> rcmnoolian. The nAin^n of 1511 too akavi m how thi> fjimily Srgnn (o 
speeed nnd lake np pnnitioaa. where niany of tbvni are to Iw found in modr^rii limei— «uch as 
ol Horiluy, Rrotherlee, I'^iinigale, Wvatgate. etc, end other pnrts of Weardale; Eistgtie 
being the reskdence of the foreu olticers; and Westgate Castle the place where the forest 
coert was held and the niiliiary teitaots pnid thvir "Jock -pen nica/' 

Ihtt coonff>(Ttion of tbn family with Brane^peth. Brcartoa, Hoogbton (Bemeion), 
StmderUnd, Newc4Ntle, Wolsingham, I^ncbest^rrt and other ploeea In the county, are thovti 
by the records, bot it bsa not been wonb while to elucidate the«e more fnlly in Ihia place, 


and anyone eompllin^r n peiiigree of Ini family uUl probaT>1y find malerlal «iioagh at hitnd lo 
carry hitn bitck lo i^'tW ; ftiwer wtll iod material enough to carry Ihem back lo \^^0. 

Turning iiovr lo WilHam of tlrttni-lij, '* uApol|»iiu« '* of LAnrlirvIiTr^ plated in the )}wligrc«, 
INlH«ld'< Survey (IJ{77 — IS^) givca him m holding lundif vnloe uliugvthcr St.^ but iii ihtf 
mHr^ifi itt addeJ Hobcriua Emrriutoii, which leuvta a doubt. Thit William may liave be«ij ft 
brother of Robert of Llatffeld. or a AOn— «ilh«r (s poasibl^^and it will he noiiced ht held an 
uffice at LanchrMier, whrii John of !^t«ik]«y h«)d *' ladylftiid." Robert uf Hatti«ld may have 
bevn Ihe HOit of Koljvrl. whom- widou' KirHtnu llrnd iu 13«f*), atid Willitttu uia^ Iihv« bveu issue* 
of Jolkn of Suiil''y, wKo miirried Af^rtow Riw, nlH> cn&y have b«^rk hrothtfr i>r Kob«rl of 
W«arda1e, who^e widou Kirelan died in l^CO : if «o. this liret Robert who mnrried Kirstan. 
and Juhn of Slunli^yf wtrrc ^irobublv ttonit of Richnrd Krncric — nt the iiatnc Richard dinoriidit 
HiTDuijfh the pi-di^ree of Rubt<rt of Ualfield. But it is unproJilabte lo f^o ou conji^cturLng, n^id 

I hav* only doii^r io much to ludicale llnus of Hcarch tu my Micc(^»8or v^hcu lir uppti^ni- 

Wiliiam'ii family d«ic«nds to 1^11, whau William la parkor lo thu Nov I'arlc and Iivoa nt 
Bralhi*rkif. lli« will cxiittii. and ht« dciGundnnti may be traced on from thii tiinv iboutd any- 
one hnd it trorth th^ir while tn da ao. 

1 have tried laler on In all cnM» to give whit night be called tho alolon pedigreee of 
the real Kmervoiii in every couniy up to the «;ud of the eighteenth century, »u thcit future 
f^nL^jilogiNt* u'itthiiig to truce buek would havo little difficulty iti ^luf? bitik to my root*, and 
should any important mnn ariae from ane of th^e roota th^y could euAlly work hark : for it 
is ebviounly not north while to trace enilleM «lolon families of uo importance to the fonnttiin 
hevd, v\-tu if ve were able tu do #o rind willing lo givt valuubit* time to the work, 

Thv WeHrdflte Korvat, ulii^re so many KiueriioaB held ollicu, »aH ihv iiuniiiig i^ruuiid uf 
the Prince Biihop of Durhuio. who lu thoa^]* dayt wi^a ntor^ of a man Ihin Uie ItUhupFi of 
tO'day. A number of the ^ illuini In Uolden Book held by forest flervico. uhiUl later other 
portioTiit were lirld by militnry tenure by free ttiiiaul*, M the Fethi?rAlnriehalgh«, Kmeraojin, 
UofcerleyR, Merleys, MnddJ^iiona, Nevilka, Ulackelta, eiCn, all of wboiu were eonnected by 
marriage and the anciialora of Imporlant English OimiUvn. 

*(*radanlly the incrcnie of tonsnti began to coerofloli upon ibc Fciroflt, ho thut n chA«e or 
park was eneloHfd and kapt tn order by the palaeer, four ht^h foruilerit and pnrk-krcpi*rt, 
and later circa 1119, a rieu' chase or park w^s enclnfied. The^e enuloHureji vrvrt* kciou-n t>y 
the names of Old and New Tark, The Now I'ark lay hi^lween Kastgale and Wi^stgale and 
Northgatt; nnil (>aie CuMtte on thi^ 8ouih, at whiub cjirdiniil pofnts thff forKHletv' lodges were 
flituatvd — many of ihe«o olVtciaU holding furmi (lb welt. Lvland givoa its nron at som» 
fourteen mileji. 

It wouM be oit of place lo go into this matter in a genealogical history, and we give 
Ibofie Tw noten to Hhow what manner of life wus h-d by Ihi^ early t^mi^rsons, for they were 
homdllary foruilera nnd pnrkerA, jis the foUumu^z iiDpf^rftiut lipi which I have oumpikd will 
shoWn There witt a foratit nt Wolslnglmm luo. nnd the hailifrs ofti^u li^vd at WuUiiij-hnm. 
Thia ofHre in the pnlallnale of Uurham was a very important olllce. the duiiea devolving on 
the officials being the sane as tho^e that occupied the Sheriffi* of other coiintie«. 

I3SL Robert Smiiryvvn, Pnrkor r>r SUuhni>v Psrk. 

I40t. Tliocau ICi ami Adbin l^mirmiD. rjiii af llol^vrt, hirkf^n nt i<Unlaopo Fork. CnftAtknoil 1^0. 
i^i, TUomu KiiiDraou, mn of Hoberl Kin«rio(i, Ilitrli Ponsti^r of WeardiiLi!. 
I4W. John KiLnTwn l,of Son<lur|jiTi(|j, Hitli KiHVflt-T of Wwiriluk', 

II lu, Itobprt RnnTiOn, Jim., I^uLit of Imlf Sl*tnli(-jM" I'htV for Kfo. 

li&<I. John KmmoD, ParLcr t'f ■ niinrtct- of Wi>Ui]i)c1iiin Park. 

ll&T- John mtvl Jtobcirt b!mor»o(), rirltcm or Stinhnjio Nvn Park stkI \i\nh Piiroftcrii of Wasrdiblc. 

t^l' Itoland KmiTflOn lUWiKd* Jolm Kmonon {<,? Siinilv^rliuiil] lu )li|rh Vrtfcator, 

ICOi^. ^Villkm EiDcnvd, ion of liDluni), pKrkur id ftacr of John Eiiiurtou (allvv) ftDil UiifU Farvt«r, 

]&0f!. ih^oftcry, livury viil Ki>U*rt Kmctvoii. Hi^h Korr ilvn of Wvardak^ 

IGOfl. It«btrt» AUi^ndor unil llonry Kmi^fvin, Vori^tiir* of i^tftnliirpv Pibfk. 

IQGQ. Kilmril Kmcncn, Purbor of IturD^iupc. 

IA35. CntlilhTt Kiovraijii (of lUis K^st^tcJ, Siih-t'oru<tflr and Fsrkvr. 

ISUS-^I^V^. Hnliuid, PnrkiTof WoUhiahflta Pftrk. 

IBti. Hoiiry Ein«noD, Porcfltcr of lluu|^l]«idc^ 

« " atouhopc and lU If tiglibourhood/' W. U. EgflceLonfi. 


IS . Robvrt Rm*nan (of tJw RMl|r«U). PWrkar. n^/f ntMn/*— I'unftUlL 
lAO^ Gfurffc Envnon, Uigh Forcitor tn<I ^ailkff of Wt>likin|flift<n, lijOtl- 

l(m. Qiwrp Kfn«rvii. Jun,, Ttrktr of Sunh^pa for lifiv Itnilif! of Wolaiiitrh^ni, lOOH, 

ll^llk Ororvo Kmervm, DaJUff of Wolim^'Uiu, r*leiit 12 Srp-, lOlC, 

tOIG, tUlf Rmtnon. Uaillfl of WoUlf^jcltAai. 

ItHG, Siati Qtsot^v: Itobcrt Bmorwn kI Qoliukdo Knicrtou otim tf^ittrt. 

162l< Williftm Kmcnoo. 

Down to 1511 most of che family were in good civcttiii«taiir^« ; «.jr,, Id lf>ll Robt. ind 
John KnK^rjMin giv« 100 mArki for the potlurAgc of SlfiiitkO|J0 Park Hn4 vnrioiu frilbopt-*. But 
Aft^r thtl lin« Ihcy incr^aivd to rapitlly thiit niJiny Mi to y«o(n«n snd <oro« ovan to Ubotir^r*, 
ai (he Cunitor R«fCord« •liow. At I hav« waid iK-fore, ihe*e We«rdi1e tenants hutiJ by mitiivry 
tenure, i,«., "The leitantr^of Wejirilnloin I hose timet held by military iciiiure. a ftt-rvice on lb« 
bordrrs, und kerpiirg wMtcb and wvird in th<; bifihopric, Uoing troubled by iiiroada from the 
Hcots, tbo cuntomary ttiiiAnts nnd IvuiLrhuldrrn Imd to do their Acrric« uiito Iler Mnjt-'ty upon 
the liordura fourteen day* »|>oit ihvU own ootXt aiid <*hargo«, having titn dayi' doty on tho 
borders, iha other four davs beinf; Fillon'ed fur the repairing tJiitlier and the rvlum jouraey, 
Bo4b night and day nntith<Ei wifcv also to be obv^rvod in the park nrtd forest, u|>oa ibe fell* ai 
Dccmsioii n^uired, but more p^mcuinrly from l^mm^Li till MichiLeliaas. wliich, liowevtir, vii« 
olteii vitended lilt St. A»dr«u'*» Day. Tlie »evi;rn] wnlchrv were to hv ubirrvcd nt 
Northgflt*, Wiotar Gnp, Woollay (3ata, While tlilU, Dn<rk«h«4d, \fidd]«hoi>«, Wellhead, 
H»tAv Newk^, Cheaterbookt, Sledjfapp, Whiifilones, Baylhill. Lan^iugei>d. Irongrovehlll, 
Old Irohgrove, burnlhllU, Cowhouse head, Greenlnwi, Windiep Sike (there scvurnl watche^a), 
In Hnrlbope Cleugh (thera Mvcra) wutches); and the duties being stated tbal th<- itibabtianu 
within iht; foreat and jiark were to keep due aud true wrHtcti<<P at the hbovir ^1ut-e4 ub np' 
pointed by tha ofli«pr»."0 

Tbtfre were walch-placei ofi the low grounds loo, iodudiug Ludwell tield. Wheslnophope- 
biini-pol, Buniiel)0|)e und Shittlebope — all residences of early Entersoo famillea, wboie duty 
it wsH to unteh and kill thi: thieving and '^ I'air-Kpokrn " ScoU. They also had to follow 
llieir ehicf\jili)i on s«rvJoi? aod appvar at muiterv, on bone or foot nocording to Ihelr nutans. 
Thvy un- rflported \tt hive Wen good soldtvrs and ever moru than u mulch for lh« bragging 
Scots* at the old ballad of ' Kookhope Uyde '* comiueoiomte!!, whereiu less than AC Kntfllibmen 
\rni hy Knwlaad Kmi^*ou, after na hour's lighting, killed four Scots, captured eleven, and 
muted Ibe remaiaiiig H^, with Ihe Insa on Ibe Kngliah aide of tlirir lender, Uowlnnd Kmerson. 

RooiitOFB iUudi in a plcaabnt plart. 

If the hAt* thirr«t wbJ i«t U bo , 
Bat avsf (hsy stral oar iroitU ^fioM, 

Aad tWT aa ill death may tbey Are f 
Aadsoiattemanof Thirlm'iid WiUkf-htm, 

And all th«>f rDuiT«u!i-* llionahoai. 
Thai Is mindal ti >lcj iniiflilpf, 

Anil St thi'ir ■CAliog tfand* not out- 
Bat >»t <«d wUI <Lot ilandsr tlivm aU 

For tlu-r* U of ihom good cxl«w ; 
It b a sort consnmod trc* 

nafi ou It bvara nut one fmb IwDgh- 
LonlOoll U nMlUsapitirutoau. 

Tliat nsn dare uai drive their gwrili to t* foil, 
Dni Uumuir tbicm drivn tbotu away. 

Thai fObDi ikOitlirr bmtr«D Uor boll ? 
Lcnl« Hud ns pcaa> btto tbd r^alm. 

Thai wtMj man may lUe on liia own 1 
I tnHlt<iUod,irittehis wilJ, 

Thai W«ar^e man majr ne'er he ortfthmva. 


(OLU BlLrjlS.) 

For ^nut trciqblcs tliSf'Ta had la baad, 

With Etonl«iYn pricking KlUicft «imJ tbjthvr, 

Bui III* groilsAt fny tliAt i-Vr ilivj had, 
SVm vith On- men of VlurUa' 'i>d WllUe-havor. 

Thev gather'd together SO rmlly. 

The •tniiti4t man and th* batt (d gSar; 

And h< tlial raile not uij a hone 
I wat he mile on a w««l<ted metr 

So lb ihe tnamlnci httotm they cwsa aat* 

»o*or1 I wotthty bmksthdrfMti 
la tito (forenooit thoy otm«] unto a bw fdl« 

^^1ltrp AoiJiv of ihviu ilitl ia1 Hmr h*t. 
Wlivn tKi^j lubd wttfii, bVit and doM*, 

Tbe^ ny'd. »me «pCaii)« b«fv nrvidj muvtbal 
Thvv Ihpy <h.>ii«f«l fnrlh Harry C%rt^^l, 

And Syiaan Fall, luiA Jlartiu Ridley. 

Then o'er ili* mi™, whrtp m tin^ ra^a. 

With maajr a brank and whew, 
Ontf of tliaui ceuld to anoUier say, 

" I think Ma i\mj V4 afv mift anew. 

• W, M, KiTvlmlDue, ** Stsi^hopc «»d Kc«ghboarfc^." p. 24. 

Thcj are io fur nul a>r j^n All, 
Tliftt •iirnit fif ItkPfr'ii wrth tliD (,40 Mrl^ 

Afi<l othct» flit in Horiuud C*Jt*!l. 
" Tlitfra «v ithBll gtl nyar onougli, 

I^vr iheiM Is n&Du bub t^'iiucu nt harod . 
The Mmiw/nl food that tlioy c%n mnko, 

1i loutlLy cripf h tb^y u-t-rc lUin." 

Than in ■! Kfwkh'jpe lif*d ttif^y cani«| 

AiiH |li«rv Ihvy tiiociifht Cul 4 hid Choir pivy, 

Hnt tlu-y u?rr ipf'd rvriiiu^ ovtr tho Dt^-Hit, 
Sni>n i)|K)n SHinl tiirtiott*' iIhj. 

riini lu*i El(»tEho|w natd th«j cAfav* 

T\\py n\u thi? foTMt hat a mi1« : 
TUi<y KHth(<rM tfii^iXlKir m four houn 

flii hutidrrtl fehui*ti within ■» whilv. 
And home* t ti<>i* lh#t ppib^ 

llitt pithtr iiji<< rir twa ; 
Ami thtijr jptt lliifiii ■!! bul «n«, 

TliAt balvitc^d Io irtnt Howlfty. 

Thitt, Rairlpy *%* thf 1tr<t miiii iliht diit thtm f^y, 

WUh IhnL lit nimnl h tuiiflity cry j 
Th^ c:ry it CHiut i]a*<t lto<jkiii]|W Hitrn» 

Ami tpPMfl lliR»ii|f>i W(^trili-1r< hiutily 

TltfMi v/tPd niEio (0 th« b»iliir« ]yno9f. 
At tlirt Riutf;ftli« iihtrtf h« dtit drtoll ^ 

Whii^h araiitU aLovit tlio Hkiieii>|f-«vlL 

Mix wiffl WM «ftr ttbm >)i4 himri! l^^ll, 
fill tvfbfl tho viit hoi hoahftQil waik1«c| ^w*i i 

iSlni i^rVl MddU hJiM hi* Kor** in hiuto. 
And iioithi^r f'lrifol ivorti, jvkp nor ipoar* 

The lifuUff hfut tt'it Wure bT« iCBf nUMr 

That ftuctk newt mu In blio Ivitl i 
Ra ttnAhorw tn^nhliHl in hin hi'iirl, 

I'hut un DO ««rtfa thftl lio couM nUntU 

fIT* Hrollipr WM Unit ihrco day* borur*« 

With Liiuiiior thrci^n th^t dtti hiiu lirii'k; 

Sirit'U'cn hloody wciuiuU hj h%m iijHia, 
What fcity Wb't thflt 1a l^y tki ? 

Uiityot tlic tuihff thriiiknl □DDghti 

Ifiit fii<l iifl«r tboni fac.^ <]^tl hU j 
And HO did all hti iioigh1>oun dcbt, 

'JtiBt vtnt to bnu" liijn comp&iiy. 

Jlui irbL'ii thtf bvitJiT WBi GBtbcrvl, 

And %]\ hU tomjmhy : 
They wvrv numbprvd Io novcr « man 

Sut fottj uii^lrr fktty. 

Tb« thtorct naa niKubr-rviJ « kaodnd men, 

] Wat they won iiot of thft ytcvtt 
Thit oculd be riMnit^ nut uf Tltirlivfr' 'lul Wmif- 

f I t«w Ihflj *™f» tba voty llr«t,*J [Iravor, 

[1(ir aH that ttvi in HimLHrtpp-hfltd. 

And »I] thftt WM i* XukGtoii-<r|BD9l), 

Whftn Wtf»rd«lc-moD oVrtook the Ihirip*, 
And thnv thoy f^vo th^-in A^lil^rije cocTii^h' 

So MTt they Linda thifio f aIu to rlec* 

A* many wiu "4**^ out of bund ; 
Awl, for Inl liAvo bccu «t hijmi'' Btfuin, 

They ^iruld ha'v bn-n hi Jn>n biitiil*. 

And tvt the tpiioo of toni; fo^cn ytrnM, 
At lore tlu*/ inightvn a' h4d tbtir lWc« i 

But there wu never i>ni> of tbeoi 

ThM oivr tlkOQjfht to Iihtb wen tboir wiw«. 

About th« ttino tho fny hv|£Ui, 

I ttQv it hutinl but all hoWp 
UN many a man lay wcuoiilMai 

Aikd WH tnru woundad in that nU'ar. 

Alio bpforc that hour vr» donv, 
Kour Hf ihv tbicvtu wt'r» ulain. 

tlfmidf* all thiiu that nouudol ttvrrw 
And ri|«vm priioniTt th«rv »■• taVn, 

0«0Tgu CMrick and 1ii« hndbcr Kitt«^ 

Tlieu l«<<s t wrtt tlivy wor« lioih tbda ; 
ftarry Oorhyl, and [^riiii'i ('■rri'^k, 

Hon- thtiii company in thuir |Ahi. 
Our of our Wiianla1{^-ni«n wu iluhi, 

Rpwtnod KiHvrMin hi* iiaiiiH hiKht ; 
1 IriuE to iJod hiv w>uJ » wtfll, 

llpcaUHt* he foiitfht (into ihw ri^rl^t. 

Bal tltui thoy ujM, " wp'll mA dvittrt 

WhJln irn Imm our> j - i])r4d backagiiul" 

AitJ wb«Tj thcr C41DV moonfTil tti» Ama tu^n, 
ThtTV IhuyfoUtid l)iK>r|rq (!arricb tiahi. 

Anil wliot) th«y frinnd (itorffo Carrick •Uin. 

) wnt it H-iHii ti'tfU nuur ihidr liBHTti 
Lonl. U't iKctn ui'iriFr mali« a iMiturand, 

Tlml ri)ioo« To play Ihoin ii«k»u a pare 

] Iruit til OihI. nu mora ihuy thalt, 
Kii<c»vt ^t Ui '>0f fnr «im!Bt nkniifai 

Kor ItM will imnjitli uM thoM 
With ■ ^miit hc«¥j |ji4tilf^ic<- 

Tbir hiniDiTr ihlcrtvH, ih^^j' h^vc ifOuL hoirta, 

Th«y nwirthiuk to b* o'rrthmwni 
Tlifoolttiiiivn auttiritt W44rdak-iP«u llioy ban, 

Aa \t llio vinrld had bnni Ihnfruwu. 

Tliir WMantHln.mam, thay liatn tfiuid hoarta, 

Thvy arv a» vtiff ai aoy trv« i 
far if ihttyM »rtfity ooa 1w*n alaln, 

No\rr ■ foot Iwk man wckuld Hm. 

And mob a ■b>rui am-mic^ tUi*m fHI, 
At 1 think you lu'vt-r bnLnl thi^ tikoj 

li%)r he th4l Iwar* bin hiMul to hiKh. 
]fu oft-timi4 falls i»to tho dyke. 

And non- I do vntn-at you nil. 

A4 many of nru prvMnt hrrv, 
T(i pr«y f'tr [tlx^J HiiiKor of tida aong; 

Kor ho ftinj^ tv mako triitho your clioer 

U ia curious to note huw lh« AquAlnnian emigrnnlH ti> KngUnil won* tiolnhle for tMlr 
ToTfr of »porl. A* I'rofrwur Mofitn^ut- Itiirrows Itsu shown iji in tbe history of ibe BroL'AB 
rnniily, iUa hettil'iXnry mntXvn of ihe Hoyftl HiicbliouniU wvrt: of A()untHniaii origin, «o I 
find were tlie hereditary high furvalcr* qT Wear^iile -ihe Kmerttoiii Uoubtlesft mauy of tlie 
Ecn«rM>n<, who •arly in Ihu s)«t«onth conltiry mif^ratcd to othir |>*rtH of England, went 

" For VTmrdvIc men ii a ymrnvy tii*an, 

Thoj 9rv to far Omt oW yon f*ll, 
T)iHt KUDO at Ihom'i »ith the two enrlft, 

At»l utlkpn tut in btrntnl ChiUIL 
" Thnv wr 4T111]] p^rL lo^nr rri'iii^li, 

Fnr Uirff II "HUP *i"t WTPini'ii Ht |uim« j 

Tlitf •0Tro«fn1 fmid th»t thv^ cmu tank*. 
It luudly crifv w ttie; wvrc ftTiklii." 

Then !ii ^ Honkhripv llnbl tlu^y fjimc. 

And lhor<* t()«y ih<»]j;ht tul « WT tlivir f*nj, 
JtBt U>«y Wfr« ■yj'Ujfumi!!^ uvlt tlw i)ry-rl^. 

Anil then (liay g«'ti th«q fightinff wktl^ 

Sn ■nrit ihi^ mnilt> them Tmiii to I^M. 

A* tnAiiy mi* " 4' " out of liAlk'l ; 
AuiL for Ml Imp* been iit Lwr Afcvn. 

Tlivy would luv« been b Irou Imsc1«. 

And for Uit ^Moi of Uog ievon Vfwv, 
Aa soro tbcf mlgbMn •' Wl iiirir live* 1 

Out tIior« wAB ocitr ono <rt ibocn 
That cv»r tliooRbt to have •*bu tholr wit**^ 

About tlie tLmo the J 

4a. WJ.UMl 

t M^^ « A«% dim IU«. (Tttta OvTEit Wd Rnbm ia..t 1IM> nlMvl *> «■—■» if lJ«awKl (J 

tf«lli*feMa.| mta^mui K>ih. KiwfwA, 4>f DbbM air, itfotid MSVlJ i 

J^u 1 ttm» K IhutiMiaiofWIilcfc- 

rim kilil, 
iDil BtMbm 

■«*.1«^. aiul Which' 

= JllH 

RulKTl, - 

«. I«M. 

1 \ 
Ami. flnW BofT. Bartami. 
k 1014. klA^ th U6. 

' 1 k 

> Jobn Akrv. Smrr. Kl^nnt 


Adai. I»U± 




Baft all that vu in ttiwIeUopr^tiMd, 
Anil bJI th«t WM k' X«k<<t<i»-i-l<^gh| 

AB luauy (M fin ^ic«HUk iiviv, 

T{> i.»r»y fwr [the] *ihj:*>r ofth** *^ir>' 
l^ur lie v^nf* to nankr ItlUlw fnur ctiM 

U IB curious Lo Tiuttf huw th« Aquntanian ernlgranta 10 BnglaniJ wctrc ttotuMo for th^ir 
lov<* «>f «port, Aa l'rof«L«»ijr Mi>ntuf;utf Burrc>w» hnn hIiowii u* in llio hiatory of tlic Uroca« 
fnniiljr, iho hrtrdilnry mnatera of ihe Roynl Iturkhfiitnrla wrr* of AquntiniAn oHffin, no I 
find were lh« li«nHtttiiry high forraters of Wtfiinliilfi— the Emerttona l)ou1>t1e«s many of the 
Emersoiis. who eirly in the Mxlecolh cGDtury wiftfated lo olber pcrts of Kngland, w«it 


thitlier oj forritfn, for w« find ihvtn nfUVing in districtt nhere tbvrc were King*' chaie^Mn^ 
oihtrr foreitfl, r^,, ITioniAB Kmer«i>ii, »(' Sk^liun, hi^h Toruslcrr, WJ'. I5]*> ; Tlioma* Kin«rnon, 
of Kliig*v Bnrtun* Co. OloucMier^ BiufrrsonA. of &tili«M ; Hini?r«Q»B nWui Walthmu, Co. 
K]»9i>x, »fni iCmpntntia fif Hnlvti^lH^ nifintlnnfid In tliA Hlflrk BrtAk ttt \Ui> Norf li<»rii For««1i, dIo. 

Then Jv>bfi Kmrry*oTi. of Kolkirij^bnm, is found ou t1i€ Kurt of Linci>1n'ft |»roperiy, und thu 
SouUiwark funtlLy, onginftteil wiih a Liricotn^hire I>uwj4*r,^ WlUinm Rraprtoii. W.P. I^To, It 
i« not turprismg. therefore. If in modern limes Uii^ love of war, «port and nnture ahuuM Hhow 
iUcir Iti tUn fninlly. 

Thi^rr t* ]itilf> mora to any of lhi« ^nr\f fnmily npnrt fram gdn»«togicfll facli. A famtly 
of minor gentry ipmnfc from A()UHt«niu. where mm h^ul vvcrr been fror. thry brought this 
Iov« of freeUom, uar and sport wilh them, nnO far from the madding eruvkd lived tionounbli! 
jintl h«tiUhy Uvck with nuturf jind their f(<w «yin|>Jtihittic frirnds, doing Ihcir s^hnre to protect 
the RiAruhea of KngUnd from the rmritiokeh Si^ul, uitd iUt rcil-duei from lu niullifuriou^ 
4<neraiM-^lvndiiTg ■ mne And heiilOiy fife, nvTfhrr nnibttiou* nor diitln^uhvd — and w^uM 
that more of the name could follow «ui:h n life tO'day. 

4&i&iorQ of tf]c ^ariouo @incr&on ^amilico in S)iffcrcnt 

t'vr]i-<Tixs or Co. NoKTiiuHnFSLAivik. 

A% Hill tie remembered NorilmTiiberland was (unill qaitr ritcenity) under the gnvemmenl of 
llie Bi«h<i|> of Durlmir), and jirobulfly iho fiml connection of the Em^mofi family with Ibe 
onitTiiy will irj 1:^14^ wht^tt Aitiitf-rir, ArchdnMCon of Diirhnni^ »iik niadv High ShtHff »f 
Northumi^rrlindf foroncyeAr; viry poK*iL>ly leaving a »on or grjindftofj in ihc €oul^ty, for 
Uy the early Anviie f-Cull, Norihnmlit-rUnd, 40 lien. III, {a.i\ lU^'O). thvr« is tnenlion of 
Kicardus de Plmmerzt— possibly tbt' ArchdvAcon's grnndHon, liichard Kuicrie, wiiMv. nnnie 
vrnw niituprli by a scribe, Uichurd niay hnvo bc«n tivhig in Co, Durham liontvi^r, »nil 
iniiAl likoly no, fcir th<> nAnio doai nol onvc Jippi^Mr In the early NorihniiitiprTniid ri*<*ufi)i^ 
incll^lin0 ihr Lay Sciluidii^si to ^'2 Hen. A'lll. — In which, however, it ta noleworlhy In renmrk 
■ome tihi hniine appear And though Kmmers ia a curiuutt >p:!ll]ng of Knierie, Ihe acnljei of 
that day weri* gmUy of fnr more careleM Vf-mions of a name. 

Tlic next ICmcMon tint 4ppcnT» (In Durham rt'corda) I* Jnuie* Kmeraon, of Lowyk, In 
NorlianiMhirv, who »ekt ttflnetonry «t Durham in ir>l4 for having killed mifi Wiilk^r at Louyk 
with ''banUirdo vworde'' for insulting bim. This Jam** waa doubtlea* in the border aervice 
to cherk ihe inroads of the thievish Scots, and it ii to be hnp^d ihe man ft'ulker waa a Scot, 
AS hU name: imggnta. The hot blood of A<iuataDia evidently still ran strongly in Jamet' 
vcinh " NicoltiD H>*inburii, (Urmitf, tcalihus/* 

Tlii» noxt i< a inilor, Rowland (n good WenrdaTo naini-) Kmfimoii. mafllnr mnrlnf-r. and 
probably the finit marine KniL-rfton ihst ever lived, who Hp|H-«r)i in ibe mLiiier roll of 
30 Men, VllL, V>l^'J, 'as ofn» of sKiy-foor who promised [o provide hanieat for the Ktiig'a 
aervicr/' Uowland evidently knew a g04id kin^ lAben he bad him. 

We now eiitnt? to unduubinl Durhatii faiuiUva •titling in the cnnikly, hut cbSufly ni 
Xeweasile; tkvMirlJ«*l ivrord (hul I hnv* of iheni b^iitg nn indtriituri-. djlnl 7 Marvh, \C»*M — 2. 
betwi-en John Marley, of Wbickliam, yeoman, nnil George Kinerson, of Newc^iftle, yminan. 
conerrnttig land in Whiekhnm (printed in A|ipendix)4 Hie^c early Newcaalle Kn^enonx 
demonstrablj cnme from Durham, aud tbc^v arterwards h«Ld land* at Whickham and Laoieiley 

• A nmker of hnwt. i Bruid*a " lli«to9y of !«e«(WU.-' 

] rvU Deed! Mt App. 


4lCM by. Thfly apem l*> have inUnniirncil with »oTnc or ihn girnt mrrchdnl fjtJniU^ of 
NtWQwtle, ua Carr, Tomlinsan and Iturkerr Hs gaii bet teen by tbe wilU of tlieiic niercliuiitEi in 
lb« Appeiiillx. Si»iHi of Ihti rdinil^ iv[\i lu uj-ricu1iur«, utlivrtt becaiue mer^httnU. •kinitpni siid 
glov«r«, Mid other* mu)l«ti>r* — ^whlvli J t\tk» "hoitfttRioti" 1oiiii\&» — ontl«otiit>»iualUrirad««mon.j 

The gftpi ill rfigiflter*. nnd more oprcinily mils, of the period Are too numerou< io buiiij 
ap a M>lii3 pudi^rctf of tlie fumilj; bttt lucli an one m I hnvc been ublt? to coinpiit^ 1 nppefid, 
and tieorge Eiueritoii, yeoinari, wiiJ proved 15%, U the fim irmn I can placv nt ibe tap. 
Prnm wIihi Durham branch hr cnmri I canhoi posUireltf S8y, bin ibe eviilence net')"* lo hic 
»utHoibn1 to hjizanl a conjecture- that ho va< a »on of EEtimplkrcyi <tf Rjton, who marnod 
a Mar ley. 

Ktnma, uridow of Thomns d(> Rylon, hvir Ia John d« KirkJjy, of Crook Hnll, iDnirEea «n 

~ KmerKon. Tlicy have q tox>, Thomnn KtnrrKori, viUa hm lundn nt Swiilwrll. J Ec ti;ii4 ji hoii, itobert 

KiuerMoii, ol' Swul«t-U, who ttelh laiid« to Roj^er Thortitoii, of N«wt'««tle, K;>b(^rt Imv a «na 

Gcorg4T, of ^walnall, who Km a eon Ralph, of Swalvrell, Crook liall U ka Lanclteater 


0-H<l^, *- rtlfllfl hIiIajwp 
«r bt>A)n«tJ. AllvfliaU AUrtlOAO^ 

Allt« IMO, Clim ■* Tbr«. d* ll|«flA 


IMM Jib l.untl<> ' 

lavr it>>«rt. uf swijwflii, fau ihB h.ul 

At the cud of tbi* sixteenth century wo And unr Thoinui Kmeriton k(*cping a tairrrn fit 
Bnrwick (Ucrwick), 1502 3^ who ia n freviuati of Lundnii and f^WcH uvid«tivc before ih<t 
Cfmiiaittee for the North clunjin^ that he was ever in Flandtrw, " or spttke of nn «niiy comiii|f 
to Ovtend/'f It doe» oot nay wliere he was born, but his pedigree is givea under the l*lmeraoiii 
of London nnil Midd]tiK4*x [q-r-). 

Ill the Htvenietfoih ct?mury we And Bcv^ral Exixvrstma uuiuiii){ to he apprt^iitlced to 
Nrwcutille m<jrchAat udvuitturerfl : (\) Arttiur, iton of EtriuO) of Kuatf;Hl«i, nppri^iiticud to 
WilliMiTi JennUoa, 1>]12: ponsihly afterwards Arthur Kmenon. of Dublin, annSfcer, 1692. 
(2) doha Kniervon, son of George, of Ladwell, npprvnticcd to Kobert hi;wick, Kil^i (rid^* 
Ludweli Ktnenonv) — the jipunouN>irmi)^er. (3) ThomHA, «oa of Thoiuas, geot. (?), ol' Kilbflm, 
apprentiCL'O to Herbert KItlsoii. lGTfJ> (4) Joha, ion of John, of Newcaatte, appreittked to 
Sir Natlinoit-I JohriHon, k»i^ht, IGBL 

Tlie a1>ov« ThoTHfls was si>n of lifllf P>mi9rfton, of Kilhjitn (ndnj, lfi."4 by his wife Alloo), 
who was the oatnAou oi' Knlf KnirrKon by hu wifi* Alive, uf KiUiiiin, whoKU [iilininixtraliun was 
granted \^ii\. rboinaii, the father of Thomaf, Jun., waa convicied of revuSEtm^y (Kecuumi 
Kolttf. iijG9). Whence tlds family came 1 know not. Since 't'bomnti ia described as A 
''geollrmuit,'* tli<T fiimily mii^t linvv bcvu of sonac «ub»tDiicC' FoUcr dvlAils of iKeao 
indenlnrpA will he. fonoc) in the Appt^ndix. 

Jobii KincrMun. of N^wcat^tle, wUo trav of the Kjint^'Ati- KineraoiJA<f?i'4fe Ludwt^ll Kiui^rsoDv), 
WH« nn Importani aud wealthy merchant o( the time: a Puritan, moreover, and elected a« 
•herIM lu JG^9. In troublout times. He wa* alderman and mayor of the town at the Vtsitatioit 
[lE>Cl'). He t« the Jobii Kiiicrfton %vho bought part of WoUioghnm Unnor in IG*!!?, and sigavd 
tli« iiidenltirp for P^rlifimnra- Ho wan ji uxortaiin man and mBrri^tt biit thriM> wivni bi all gi>od 
EmcrvoriH Khould. tfAvin^ mostly fem/ile i»uA. as far ai 1 can truce, Thi^rt- is a mural tablet 
to his mi-mory in St. Nlcholiifl Cliurcb, Newcaatl^. the amis he ustd heiag impaled with tfaoae 
of his three wives ; Ijut 1 rt^grfit to sjiy. though Joho WBt a good eiiiic^'n, he wa* an imposter ao 
* i}walw«li tbuugh iu l^urtjum ii inciudv<i htr^ lu tias ruiDLly wars &n aJt probatfiUtj ooimeoled cbivQy with 

Kitwoh-tJtf,— Rlf. R, 
t S.K Uom«>tw> Kill,, 2-I&, >o. 14. 


far Af hU iirm« wvrp concfrnei], for on this tnblet Is given th^ Lincolnshire cost s,th\ oiher 
tlotaiU rcforrcd to hi Cijitiklor JI., on nrmorinl Kiticrton*. The No^cahi1<- KmcrKonA never 
liMilueont ofariDH. jini) jtnilmbly Mr John Emnrxon tOAk IhntntWim tlic< KaiI Cnvmnt Nrn-f^iifltltk, 
wli^r« tliey had been placei) \q 161T by ThoiDiu Emer.'ioii of thtr SvuthtDark family, when he 
pmentcid ttie croBi>er» tn Durhem ftnd Newcastle. Let it ht hoped we sbnll never bear of the 
urttis of lh« NrwcAMtlr Ktuenont njciiin. H« wnit n merchnnt; his brochvr Balft of W^iU<tn 
Gilh^ri, wjAt ■ jcomHti, hb were his otlitrr brother*, lh« ^^fltg*lo Kmurfoni, vrhich #1;* tindftr 
LudMen Kmor«oiis. Htf waa not i<veh otio of lUt> N^iAfUHlIf* fiiiiiilirti of Kinor»on«, 1.^,, 
dOMenilnnt* of G^or^e. mho Cr«t Appears in ISGl in ihe indeoiure ntih Marley r^ WhiekluiBi 
UdiIs, ElfT Irft no n>u1» i«(Ue- 

I find other itr^iftgltrv or thi? faintly m N«vc4st1«, ftiid one* John Kmi-non n1 Screnwood, 
vrhofl^o Inventory nmiruntrd to£3>^7 -!v. 4d,. tlio Adininiilrntion bvinf; diit«ii AuguBt. I6i^3 (he 
left fl M>t> George snd ft wido« Jnnp) : lini no olhrrs of tnnc*h coriHt^qoi^nce beyond \\\tv^' 
aln^ady maiiiioned or ihi'ir dcficrndsnti, nlthnu^irh the first Kmcnwn vho entered Uir medical 
|trv>fetsioH it probubly Cutltburt HrniTHon. who iigiit the orHinitnov of the iMrher-surgvonR of 
Newcastle, 13 June. W<&b -probably Cuthbert of Gatuabriid, In 1657. Kalph (qy. brottii^r 
of Thod, or KilWnn), of DiUlou, NonhninWrUiid, vritnost*" Sir Kd, ItrtdcUflo's will, A 
Robvrt Kmpnon^ of Lndvri^Uj w*nt in KAth^rfltonehAlgh. prnhHlily on thR hnrdcr vrrirp, nflpr 
1610. I Had une John Amerson^ in NorhiimiihiriT Ajcain in 1670—1, whn hm to pay £11 for 
moiety of corn liihe to the Anoroft Chaplery^ Subsidy Aet. 1*m() — t, poHiihly n ilencendunt of 
jAmm, of t^wyck (Norhsmshir^), «ffho killed Walker I rtnd » Hobert Kmher«oii ai New- 
0A»t1r in ]-'>7'J^ one of the mrlioit apcllin^* in ihi* TArUnt. 

Tl IK eridi^ot Ihiit the Kiu<.'r)ior]i nwi-r grew vciry thickly in N«wciAHtl<> or in NortbamUt-r' 
Und, antl that »uch raniiliea aa there were halted from Co. Durham. 


KMiinsons or Co. Dininav. 

All OTeeniiAl detMils of the mnjoritj of ih<Do feniUtve are ^ven in the priaicd jiedlgreee, 
fto we will not repeiit them h«re. 

J}uit\ara (Sty. 

Tbd earliest record Df the family U of eourie lb« Arcbdoncon, 11'.^, and hii sent and 
srandflons, Lorda of Sidfratn Mnnor (just outside Durham), nflervardti cuUed Crook HmII. 

Our next record ib llobert Emervon, ij^^U., 1433, ^iven in s Ibt of gentry publif^hed ia 
Svrtcifs^ '* Jlislor^' of Co. E}nrhnn],'' This Uobert 1 cennot ■! present pUce for crrlitiiL 

Neifct wvt bavt< ttlchnrd, ihr scribn of thi; IViory* HfiG, whci iiinrrieii iuibvll, ntid who h ith 
Oeor|^ ^ Alicv nr* in the? Libcr Vil.c m nubiifribvri la th« rvhuildiiiK of lh« c:itbi/drhl. 

Then xvUIh i^nd re)ct*l<<rs sllow us to compilt- i\\v fotlouinit pedtffree of Durhsin Oily, Lru< 
chc«t<r. Hmnrepcth, Trimdori, "iVt/^ll, \Vhi!e Hurworlh and Reedmsrshsll— all in thv nd|;h- 
boitrlHwd^ Soiai- fantilies wv. cannot connect at all. It will b*' s«ea loiue of Ihem are 
cvtiiiected by ouu'risgi? with the Walton*, Fsllicers, Ravtdons, and other uld fauiilln. 

i?ini?rj(^nv of h^nchcu^tr. 
Ai we hsre *aid John Kmrry»on, of Stanley, Bruncepeth Parish, appi^srud early In IhU 
pkHUi. 8urt«p% Vol I., p. Mf>. In l^-W Will dr lU* (Cornsey) died, seiied Jointly with 
Jemima his wife of half insiior of Oimiow by f<«>lty flad j'„ kiilj*ht*s feo of vervice. leaving 
Allan. »on of Jolin Bell, his nejihew and bc*ir. Dv Inq. 7~ IUtti«ld \\'Ait*£) he i» s»d lo have 
beld 'J^»arr<-« of the Ili-hop asd 'iS\ acrea of Lord HedUy hv fealty snd 12d. and ^ acree. 
Wilbam Betl. brotherof Allan ball, wai now heir. William Bell fonook the name of B«11 
aad took (kAl nf Rjiw (Cornmty IUv> itflir lU iHAiior, and hr died 2if llsifleld, 1d&^, as WUI- 
u'-lbo'ttuu. Asd lefi Agnts his sitter, wife nf Juho Eio*ryionH 'if Stanley, us heir. 80 John 
KniprTuin h^mirie Lord iif F l^ml in Nedleyho[»c and l"dii" Innds of 

|jio«hf-«tef IVptrirry. Wr i Caprllnnii*, vvideatly hii H>f>, thoufib 

I hare moi lite proof of the ui^in^ Iwih. \\'\\\ u «Uo dcacrihed of UnttrsUeld, BroomsheJb 
and Satley, 

* IUl£W4 *^ llbMy^ Muftk DurhaiH." 


Neil we gel Robert, of Lancliester. For in Surtee* we read that In lf07 Sir H. Uiiiilejr 
«iid Auotber gmni tndlc'tnniH. formerly occupied hy R[>t>crl Kiiierton, evidaticly a ileicrndant 
of Jolin Kmrr^jion, vrho ronrricd AgocA iCiivr. Tbc I«ri(J<'hc:iUT Rcglnlvn nrtt tin fort uitnlcly 
vrj-y imprrfpot nnd mmc lo*t, ihr only ri"<!or<l hcinff that of Rnlf Kmcnnn, W** luv* rHofrfld^ 
h> Km<!!rHi>rii> of Broume uiifler Co. Durlmni. Thvn wc hnvti Robert EinfrKun, who tnurrie 
Alice ilnrdj^ill, colleclor of LRitchetler, Rnd holding Inods nt Bunitiop^ &i>d HAiuMe^ls* whicTl^ 
dnc^nd lo iiifi soiin. Thomn*. chnplAiT] of D»irliiigtoti, «nd Olinsirtjih^r, coHector of BrAiireiH'ili. 
14^4, who both die vrithout i»uc, mid so llirj pnsrt to Another bmncb, ride 1Ciiicr*t>oa of 
Dnrthigton, In l>^4'i ur* find H<*rtry. Kori<r4lur uf Kotjgli4ii!o, in thtt pnriMh) nml nv titfd liiler 
It WiUmm* of E«1i«, cUirolng latida at ColUtirly, aad later ADtlioiiy, of I'ontop, tidt Durbam 

Wr cfituici coiinec^t tbene people, and ala« no Lnnchesti-r KmerionEi' viUU narvivi^ but thCM 
and Lliust^ uf HiJiiiLtfp^tli nt« obviously dr«uetidjintB of Jotiu Kinrrysun. uf Staiili^y ( Bruttci^pclh)^ 
»tu\ Agri*-H \hiw. wbi-j h»?M property m hoth plur***. Jfihn FiiLHrynon bat-tn^ bv*-!! on-I^ir^ of 
lb? Mnnora i>r Slnriley fUrniif'cprtli) nnd Cnrn»i?y (Lufjcli^sler rnriHhi. Slnnl^y paHf^cd into 
juatttpfKitm of ihu NrvilU% ni^vurlbvlvM ne liiid tho vilT bvbl by Kfilf Kmersoti |of llntiice* 
jwlbj ;i»d lii« », Nii^boIsB KHbeT8lotre, l^UU (lluiiibvrxluiie'it Survey, etc.). Tbia 
i^ilf lOiuwri^oti wiij* w«11-to-dii fitid itp^ntrtm H M^C^ jts ii light burstnini^ urinvd unU bormil, 
ibn upnbliiptit of lhr» i'mcrtifiiiK Jii ibat mu«t<>r. Ili^ ivft« probably n nkljiifior of tK<> boltoi* 
vnrt, but wbrm^r lil* ori^'in 1 nm mrMv to vjiy. Hii aviII ih duled loKf. I h8v« bcvn utiiibk 
to trjic'tf bif later ttt!<ut- for cerialn nnd ^ueasea are UM-Iexii. 

Tbere are several rererences lo V>Tncr*on» or lljf pansbes close round Uurhnm city In 

tlir frcui'ilA printed bi llio Appendix, but noi milHciirJtt lUtn la cinopilr pvdlgrrr* ulbrr lltiiii 
thoMT gkvnn. U ti-ill thu< be ioen that tboug^i the fnrnily probubly ori^^innicd in thofio pjirltifiaii 
and befT^n a:^ Lord a of Manont nnd iret tenants, or t^entlemen of ilie pmod, owing to lott 
re[-ii>lerB, etc.. a complete pedigree caikuot jet be itiado out. ll will be aeen, too. ibat tbe 
wealthier member* cf iJin famUy moved away to numHtcrtey and into Weardidfi and d»wh«rr, 
Rftlf, of Bi'AntupotbH I uncr Ihougbi wjm pOMib^y Ibe hnig luBt nniuj;cr, Unlf, of Koxtoa, but 
uij furtbvr ivurcb ibvrv ik nothing whHt«vf>r lo uoncivct bim wttb Ko<(toii artd nil tbe i^tideEtcc 
pcpinti tlie oilier way, iLai he was not tbe armig[cr. Tbe chief iaterefll la thetie fdiTJilleh ia 
ihi^ir pedigrees which nre publish^^d above- I'rocftcd we now lo nrigbboTirin^ pfirishes In « bicb 
data latHcient for building abort pedigreuti cxUt. 

ICmcrnont of Wttton Qitbcrt. 

Ralf. of Wilton, wbose pe^Jigree la given ia the Ludwoll t^mertont. Htsr daugbter^ 
married Wilkinvion nnd Meabum. He vfa* n yeoman ami beld oflicc at WntgMe ntHcc, tbe 
A>rc«t cnnlle wbi-re renta, etc., were paid. In ^u^1eel^ Vol. I., p. atSS, IU»bvri WrAiigliam, 
Knlf Mjilome mid olbrrit pnrdvdud fur purch^i>ttt>g lU mKBw., lU bArnf*, ft lol\i». 6 gnrdeaa, 
"ilO Tiere^, 3*W^> mi>Hdr>w, 100 pnMiiiv. 40 wood, 500 fnr?e. ^fKlitiftor; and n linle lflt*<r, '2f* Klit, 
we get Half Kmersrin and others pnrdonod fur piirchflHinp the ftbovn Muiif>r of Wiilon fk^m 
TboSn Knevelt, so be, too, wai part Lord of u Manor though a ycornan art doacribed in tbe 
Court Itolls. He was in the muster of 10<>9< armed with a apear and coraelet. lie wua not the 
urimger Kalf u« »>iu« bai'e thougbt, and went out In fvruAlc Issue. 

EmevManso/ Witicn ChapUry (North Bcdbum^ Wiiton-le-Winr). 

We tind few reeorda of Pluieraontt in tlila parish. From the records wo have been able 10_ 
compile tbe folloif log abort pedigree :— 



cf W H€gnl0-W«ii. I in mi (by tic}. 


tticai b.i«3L tMcna, (2. iiHEi. h. ji^^a hiiUK. hti&i 

In 1714 B^ra KmmersoD, U.A. (Kdia.), was cural«f of ibl* Cbajilery t;ntll 1T3G — 4he 
«anie K^rsk Em»rson who 1d\ £^0 iu bis will lo tbo Hnrnnrd Cnativ poor. 

^mTf^Titf of Uam*iOrtfy Chaphry {IlavtBterhHy Lymaas and Softly^ South iSctlturti). 

Bishop Thtlip, of Poictou, held Uads her« In 120O, aud curiously enough wi: flud Robert 


Kmffr^ i»an in liitfinldii Stirvny hnldinp South 1t«»flhurn Hall rm vf]] ttn GMiImc^1o«#, In Wpftrdnitk. 
In l?t9d Uolwrt niiil liit wife- Ujir^vry Hun-<tnder Ihi? property to Kurr ('Bodlpinn Cnl- Roll*, 
o]i> 1^3). Il iti evidenl lti« faniUy forluiir'A uiidurwi^nt u Htntigr uiih bim^ fur though ht whs 
UiiM ^hr\j» 1376, ia nufficknt Bttiurnce lo oun South Uedburn HhII, Ills family «ooii d«4C€Dded 
to iho |>oiii<)^n of yeomen nficr bla jinlc of the |>r<iprri^ ii> Kiiri^. Some iif thr ile»ccii>lAiil« 
miitt have livr<| cirj in thi' piri^li, for n* ituHy ,ih XfAh wv find a John, f»f I.ym-iino, «nd vnrii>iu 

olheriof the tiiuiie ajippdr 1 huvi; compiled tht; folUwing approximul« p^?dij(re(T froni the 
Ctmitor RolU and wills: — 


Win. - 
c4 l'jiiwk««_]Ml, I 

UMlUfc <- WaJloft. 

tUTt;l>iHU from II otic. ih. | mXnUL ■!. lo3& ij LjiiB«lidtnfir|)«(iHUtl*/- I la tflX. C« of l^nw^ 

.J )Uii»i«rlrr ] __^ I MM wilt f4l«nf ll^ulHtirr. 

I f " "( I I I i ^ I ! — ^ 1 "'^i 

of JjiMHk^ UtMI. Kltfir. kltUL kia9ih)ttaa.b-lUl£ I b. tiU?. b.lA?, b. I«£b. h.li44- jUi>rIfd« felctdiKSVl 


rnncku i«aa 





HkmiiriLa)'. V 




It will he M!eii th»l till' ftbuve pudign-e is vi»ry Iviilnlivci hy thit dott«(] liiivi of diftibl, but 
I ihliik it will, ^r rocord* turn up, pruvw uvnrljp c-urr«cL 

Em^raonii ti/ Si. Antireac'^. Si. Utl^n$, Iti»hop*if Auehl^itd rtml fly^ri Or^fti. 

W<^ have iHoLiit<:d rcci>rd» of ehrtj Knieri*ona in ntftny of these pUcei, vi^,, (^uiiduii^ 
OM Thirkli*y. Kv(^(iwood, BJriUy (Ancient l>ishop'« forMl), NvnlioM und K«(*oub, wh^r« K^ra 
KuierfOfi, M,A. (Kdin.), vrnn air.-itc. 1718^df>, Iwt not enough data to compile a pe<ligr«e. 
'ni4 rtcordt of tliete iaolated iiidlviduaU vill ho fouod in th« Appiriidix, 

llycfK Grtffln. I'jirt of ihi- |»o«ftestLoitfl of tho N«viU«d^ Wt Ijnd Humphrey Ki&erBon 
de Kylon^ loll, nftrrwurd^ dcM^rilicd nii of Bj^rt Greeu, ^hrre he died, l-^t>7, lie hend* llio 
New^KNtk timerfloiilt (7 r.) nnd ti ini^ludtd in th<» Uy«rh tfroeii pvdif^re^. Olht<r iKotAtpd 
i)uine« are Robert, oi Hy«i» Hill, l->30: a Martin, of Bycf*, h. at Aocklaod, I06O, alive At 
Uyrn J<;iU (Uiigford Cloie), 

cf >i>bJii, »i>4MU«uia j Ota, tdt. ItorM/, 


will.. ^ f 4u aUchsU<U£X 


•» lASil. 



Hh.. il*.* - J, Vlifk, Ibri^ JWo. ^ Abu 

k int. h. MM. iWildL b. l«r. k IHt. k lOII. T«^, k 

11&. Aitf«i 
b, l«*4. b. t«l& 

JdIib, -Bui 

V. IMI. OvBlIk I 


BivHop'f Auckland, 
from tb« rt^giatvr : — 

'rh« rollowing nhoti |jedtgm U ftll iliftt I can ciMnpiU of lbi« pUco 


John, «* Jmitfl T|f nd. 

uf Illii1iii|'^i An«kluii 


in IL41 

Kev. Kzrn Kmtneraoii, E'nrtton of Bishop's Aocklani), ob. Dec. 35lb, 1793^ leaving £60 
pi-r flonum ti> piKir uf J^arniirJ Cnxtlp. 

Tlmrn in nn in>«d Jomoi in Muvtcr HoU, T5'>1# ob. irAiO^ ami Kobort, alivu 14^4. 

Hrl«Tti*9( Auoklnnil. Th^^rt* t* a ahurt pe(li|£r«r of Tubiua Kmt^rHoi^ who h evidently 
ToMhi^ 4 »ciou of lim Lyiieanlie family ; ihe pedi^^ree will be found under Lynesabc. There 
is an isolaled ItaJf. of Elclen** AiicklanfJ, in 1^74, 

Th« eArlieat record of JCrjier»on« in this pUco is Joho KiDer«on, of SedgeKeld (1CI6)j 
Cursitvr Roll. il« wn* on tbc }ttty Aiid ifacrcfore <rno of iliv iitonE proiiiifKTnt tikbjibiliuitai, 
(ivld«i)t1y n ft^rmer; ovidcoily tliv mnii dctcribod its n '- cummon r-nllivpr " in ICl?. Kmrr^ooB 
Ihvn Appear an eopyboldt^rn, wiled Jufiii KmvrHii fuopyholiler. ](i-Hl)) buys 4 houw in 
Nurlh Street, rent 2d., fined ttLln, wbtch descends to Jobo^ admitted 1 7Ul (tid^ Afvpn)- The 
ne\t record in the mimtioii of Morlnnd iIi»UKr in ^^rd|£rlirTd, IT'JT^ belonging lo dobn Kmerson, 
of Sti»k(r»3py, Co. Turk, an anoaotur of ibc Kiuor^oiji of Kiiflby Hull, 'y-p, under modern ppdi- 
grco fCO' Vork). T^ii* hoiinr vrtM probubly bougbl hy Jobn l^nivMou, Si*nior. av Soil^rlit^Id 
WAM noted nt that period for its gejial cbniate. 1 bavi* been unable 10 compilL> any Huli^faclory 
pedigree from Lhc uclUkopt regUtcr, but givo a icntAtivo skeleton. It is potaible Jobn, of 
Morland^ snd John the Uvt of tbe copyholders arc related. 

Jjftih, — KUr-. Ann, 

l«B«Mi« I lumH in !<nnh I tn 1410. pib. 1 ATI. «&.!«<>. 

V t0lS,«.qiiit1i. rLdmtttod I 
1071, t Ob. i:oa^ I 


%. idiri, ?0&. inn. 

■.And h, odm^ttAllTQ], { 

Johu, » Juioh 



I la mo. 

T«e.lT|«. I 

Mtfjr. ^ John HuUniuiii. 




li. IVU. F 

Win, ^ 

fMir, - 

ti. mi. 


Mir. Ftolritt. 
b ITU. b, ITMh 

Kllbui-n. ill \H&. 

Alxtut 1600 a gardener moved to ^edgeAeld, one John Jobniton Kmmerson, end 1 nppead 
his pedigree compiled from the regiHU»r 

ob-lMl.iH. it. I 

Jiitin, <- llV3. Mait-, RlJn-, R(lt, M^rr, 1'h<ihiUi, » I P 

Juit Ann, Udniuli, John Juhiuun, ilAnnAJi UurtJL, J^^hn J^firHun. vljl, Jiu»^ 

b, llifO, b. IUIh K l«Eia- Ll 144H, h. 1m:, b JftOO, b. It^J. 

oMwr, vLU. 4&, 19M, (rf, 4. ofl, IKUl, oA. IftOO. 

OM, I. ve.4. 


Emersong of Fhhhum and Weti Murton. 

We find fl flraall family of EmersonB here. John, s. of Thos., and John, of Fishburn, are 

probably related. 

Tlios. = Hanna Hutcliinwn, 
I in 14553, h1 EmbUtOD. 


John, =? 
of Piahbuni, | 

b. 17M. 

John. = inn Wltson, 
I in 1767- 

b. naa. 

b. IT^i. 

fit, 17P3, 


MiiMTfufciiif TmIi ,n ri im 


'II -I 


■ ■■■ 

■'*H, ' 




!.(,. ' 

Jl r 

i[ 1- Hi. 


P J.I ■'!■ 

. 0' 

V"' -i 


_ >..^|, X ,ju. oioiiiM ni oe i^mme, etc, ao ;£tj tiatneja. inis accounts tor the dis- 

uppearaiice of some of tlie family of Emmeaons given in Hatfield, etc. A few members of 
the West Murton family survived and migrated to Yorkshire, one Ralf, of Romanby^ a yeoman, 
going uut In female i»iaue \^nd.e will in Appendix). 

Etaer&on^ of Sfranton Parhh. 
Stranton, The presentation of thia living was in the hands of the Prior of Giabbum. 
A family of Emersons appears here in the sixteenth century, and I append a long pedigree 
compiled from the well-kepi register^ wills, etc* It will be seen that one vicar, Rev, John Semer, 
al. 1539^1561, married an Emerson and left lands at Reedmarshall to Francis Emerson, of 
Brearton {oh. 1582), 


BiflhopV Auckland, 
from the regisler : — 

The following short pedigree is all that I can compile of thii place 

of Bitliop^a Aqckluid, 

John, — Janet H jnd. 

tn \bS2. 
T Ob. IflLO. 

ot fiiahap'a Auclifaiut, 

Bllcn Hoalej, 

J'thn. b. 16«S. Ann, b. 16ST. 

Rev. Ezra Emmerson^ Parson of Bishop's Auckland, oh. Dec. 25th, 1733, leaving £50 
per annum to poor of Barnard Castle. 

There is an isolated James in Muster Roll, 1569. oh. 1590, and Robert, alive ^^^^ 
Helen's Auckland. There is a short pedigree of Tobias Emerson. 

CoajiiaA from Rflgiit«n<, WLJIb 

Mf Bnnbin. W,P- 1I>82. LAnda at 
RvedmvilLAU tiotu R^v. Julm Honwr, 







Ur to wlJf of JoliD Bmiaa', 
let If onk' H»lBd«lDlMT. 





•6. ieo». 

OaofTB. ^ 1 Slivbolh 

Slnntim» ■ 






b- lOST- 

3 BhL dtooti, 

in lOU. 

WUL, < 
b. iwe. 

Bdw., = Agnn lUohudnitlJ, 


b- liJ»0. 

b. isni, 


It"*. 1W3. 



b. ISOO. 

b. 11«A. 

'. lOSl. 


b. t»J, 

b. IH3, 

b. IHd 

b. low. 



^.., — i,i.ig. Lewiis 

of Adkham, A Oardmier. I oA. liJOU, 4rf. Vi), 
06. 1S4I, «/. W. 

Riibflrt, = 
b. IHDB, 
1 Qjirdaneti 

- Harf, J<]^m, = 

A nanlener, 
oft. 1S70, «Mm. 

1 1 1 1 
= Mu-y. Uar^,, BL^ii., RhA., Harj, Tbr^mu, = 
b. lUJ]- b. IHJJ^. b. I»]4, b. E»1H. b. wm. 
M Ji»in«T, 

^ If 
2 J&no 
in IHSH, 

J*ii« Ann, 
b. ]e:». 

Hannah, J 

1 1 
ihn Jvhiuvin, [iBnnali H 
b, 1S&8. b. IMfl, 

triH, Juhn Jiplinp"n. Will., Jnhv, &1arv., 
b. 1^47. b, lAM, b- 1HS3, b. ISriO, 

Kf- A- at. 4. 

b. isflj. 




EmertOMB of Fi§ihutn ^ud WrH Mnrfan. 
We Ami a moall family of RmetKttiM liere. ■John, tt> or Tliot,, nnO Jolm, of FiihiHirQ, nre 

probnbly related. 


uf rubtaro. I 




Dmdbtiry. Th« manor lieloiif^i] to TIioium Kraeraoii, K«q>, of London, BarHeter (vidt 
£mffrM}0» of Oi. Surrpy for liii hislory nvjil pedigree). This is ihe same man who wn» ni'tt'flnl 
to Karl of flouivnwi, uiid p1uc«!<t hii RrriA on Market Durbnin C^roM and Kail CroMt, N«w- 

Tovnaliip : Foxt<io and Sholton, Thi^ oilier KnxiTfton* of Shouon, <I«ftc«n^ed from Ralf 

CmcrsioD, nr« fullj di^HC7i{>i'd and their iiediKr^es f^rett in Cliapler U. No Ktnervon tvcr 

btild of the RUIwp in Po\ton, nnd none claiined a1 lo7<'> VUilAlion of nnn«. It in pOMJble the 

rnii^er italf, of Foxton, wu im-relj living lii-re Tcir a ahort Ihoo vhen gmnied armi and 

ii> gave liiH ■ddnkflf n« Foxtun. and lliut he Udoni^ed to a ramily in a diff«reiil ^ikti of tb« 

mntrr E hnrdty think ih<> ShoU/tn Hnirwiii lliir nrifilg«rr, at he is diurribed 3fl a huiihand- 

iinn ill hist uiU and h'la children arr described an yeomcD in their wil1», and oo onn appoannl 

IbH l^T<j Vifliiation lo cLaim tha nmii. 

John,- I ELUh.M.IMI 
At HhoUoii, J t Huvuve nravA. la 160, t^. UO. 




Em^riont cf Staindrttp* 



■ »«>T. 



EOt. WUl.. - t MHTTttmr, 


t V kfaitM TtHmhanoir. 





£fiitt Murt4iD. la S«dgeR»ld Kexittpr wd find nn« Ralf Kmcnon. of Kaxt Murton, and 

family of Kmmi-aonN of S'^dgrfiHd r*niiU (WrM Morton) took the namr of Morton, \i*„ 

Peter Emmeion of Hntfiiild'f Surrey. Iiiq. KM. Ajfoe« fil Kiome fil Koh. de Morton, Ao 20 

HaTlield. Inn- P.M. Sit»Jll* fil de Kmme. etc., Ao 20 iUifi^ld. lliis occounia for Uie dis- 

(tppeuriucr of nojiir of th^^ fmttilv of HmntrJiout ^ivcn in JIalHeld, ctC A fovr rociubirrN of 
tbtf Wt-mi Miirtoii riLnkity lurvivid iind mijcrntod to Yorkihirc, one RnlT <>f Rofnanby, a yroniHii, 
dut in feniAli: imiiu {piile nill iu Appendix). 

Hnirrtfona ^ 5frflttfow rari«A. 

Strnnton, Th4» pn^cniaiion of ihft living war ib the handu of th« Prior of Gi^bbnrn. 

A family of Koicniijns apjH-nra here in the tixicanth centory, and I app^d a long prdigreu 

eoiDfriledfronitJjrirrn.kopi regiaier, wilU, etc. It it ill be iv^n that one vicar, iUiv. John bemer. 

.ftl ]539 — IdGl, married an Eikeraou aiiU 1^ landfl at Kee^liaarvball to FranciB Hiuersuii, uf 

ireart^o (ob. I£d2), 

in* w 



Owton. Some of the above family lived here. 
Brearton. Some of ihe above family lived here, 
descendants of Adam R, Emerson (^-p.). 

Vide also key pedigree. These were 

Emersona of Coxelose (Lantesley Chap.) and Lintz Green, 

Compiled rrom HF«iBtfln. WIIU, «t4. 
lUfi Biohudt of Llntc Oreon, from Huttoa Hapr?, par Hvlailfln. T 

Gtio,^ = 1 AllEsoji Roa. 

b, 1577, T of Sbittell.ope and DotdifljtTilBl*, 
ofCoxcIoH, HojHBpftrtCeyfroiiiRtibt-Euitir- 
«on,of S]»ttIu;&i]dL[id"Qll(a recuunt), in 
less, »I1t0 10AT, hUb SpartloT to Ric, of 


of CoicloM, W.F. IMO, of 

Frkar^iciuHu and AllenfllL 

^ Bur, tX Ltimoiiy. 

a widow. 

0&. lOSL 

OoOT^p = Cicely, 
(of LoDdun 
Bl Nicholu, 

Jobn, — Jans, 
of CoicloH 

W.P. irofl. 

JohD, =AnD. Wm., Jans, Ann. Dorotbj, laabel. EluDor, Tbn., 
b. lUIS. b. tC39. b. 1&40, b. l^^ b. ia!T>, of 

oA, ti^as^ Albw- 

Joha. ■ 


mln. La 


of UaU 


and 0»K<]li:«e. 

W.P. IdTfi. 

John, = 



b. i«:i, 

o6. 1070. 


■Din. In 



mln, iii 



= HalL 

I Tajlor. 

= Fenwlck. 

aJ. ITtJO. al. 1706. 

al. 1706. 


Bl. uiya. 

al. 170O, 

EmersoHi of Eeighington. 

CompJIetl from Reg)flt«TB and Witla. 

1511. WjlliaiTi EaiHEvou. 
1A3S. TliuiDna EmenoD. 
lOlT. Wiiliam Enjenon, 

John, = Widow, 
oi. 1611. I ob. lOlS. 

Rich., = T UarJDTiv, 
dA, lOOA. i oit. 1&S7. 

John, =^ Elinor Smith, 
b. 1&S4. I in 1000. 

Rich. ■ 

Oeorfe. ■ 

b. 1028. 

b. i^s. 

h. 1609. 

b. 1013, 

da. ims. 

b- iota. 

b. lU^ia. 


b. 1040. 


Stanhope Pariah. 
Weardale in tbis parish is not the cradle of the Emersona aa some have thought ; Indoad. 
the evidence ahows conclusively that the Emersons migrated to Weardale from other parti of 
the county, and the Weardale family was probably founded by Robert Emeryson, His totftl 
properties are not given, but he was in good position, holding Gibbs Close, in Weardale, tnd 
South Bedburn Hall, in Wolsingham Parish. His aon John held (by Uatfield) a toft tnl 
croft (Brussihous) in Weardale, and William the capellanua held a small tenancy- Tl^e 
family came hither from Wolsingham Parish. They at 6rst held small holdings, but as they 
increased and became High Foresters, Parkers and Bailiffs to tbe Bishops their holdings 
became larger and more numerous. They held by military tenure as we have said in a previous 
chapter, and evidently divided later on into three seta — the chief or High Forester set, the 
mining families, and the purely agricultural familiea : the foresters living at Easlgate, West- 
gate, Norlhgate and Gate Caatle, the four entrancea to the park ; the miners living about Lynn 
Bigg and Easter Blackdean, etc. ; and the pure farmers at Horsley and Ludwell, etc- Doubtlen 
Weardale forest was a training ground for many of the family who went as foresters elsewhere 

gihivlmod SlMihu, 

'iIwbU »nd 

•>f Lodvvll. 


of Loifinll, 
Alitv 1:^3]. 

- 1 

.:P- = 

f *ni. 



will., -^ 

t^ bar. lU^u. 

Adu. 14VM. 

In liMl- 

1A>1- A uIds 
to liindDO. 


Ji>lin» ^ 
b. 1IH7. -- 


?i^WLfllDi>p)Hirn. j 

■ III' 

Ttali>h, Vi\L, Jiilin. Mati;., iHb,, Btihl., ^ Hvhk 

h. IU51. b. liVi3- U lAU. b, Kitt, h. Ifa4. uf l.udwi-U. b. mi-'i, 

(Intwuvd. AHin. 

b. L«IT. 


bL IfOI. 


b. 1084, 

^1,, law. I 

The above moat liWflly belonged to families In the neighbourhood of Stanhope; the 
-^gUter ooly give, ?„'e V Emerson of Stanhope, bnr. 1621, but since in the will, thej sre 
*^3l!3 of St«"^^^^^ *^**"^ *^«^ "*>' ^^^"« ^**'^ "^ *^'*°°^* *'"' elsewhere. 


WeArdale foTCit wai a traiDiog ground for maoj of the fHmilj/ wdo weui » j 


- in Eo^liiQd, for 0Ti<l«iiee gtnw to potnt thnt lh« GVon^ftter, KntiHiI, SkHtr>n, HttyHeM and 

Witnlior KmerMiHi were firJici^iiillv foiuiicr*. und Ju the cnse of Uie filoutrsicr rainily «« 
. I^nil tliey cam(< f(Mm Wi-Hniule, ii« probiibly did the uthvr«> McjuV^'tv of tW fimily ir)ti>r- 
^tn«rri«d witli the other eliief We^rdale fttKuUlts, f.ij.^ ihe Fcther^tuni'linlgb^ Marlcys. Itlnclitt*, 

NvvilltTK, Muddig'HjH und AhHchnmp^ etc.. And some doubtlcsi itiigmti-d tht^ticc, inheritiog 
I laiulri m oibtir partji of the county And powibljr iii other counticft, e g^, the Km^nouB of Nev- 
tcitktle iuhtfritvU Marluj lurids. 

Though StAiihop«> v'Att th« chlft town of tli« Woftrdnt*^ but few En«r«OQ< •••m to hftvo 
Ircsided lEiero in earJy times, tliough Ibe register (q^v.) U fuU of them. There are more of tlio 
I DAdie in Wf nr^jihf ItMluj, loo, thiin in unjr other p1iic«, tome holding the ^nmc farm« \hny held 
\4*)0 jtan d^o. And though Weardulti hua been for io long the erndlt? of so many of Hie 
Ifnmily, not n fti»g1r lUfllKngd^^hi^d utid hut ouu rery we<aUhy iiihn — John Kijemuu, of New cum Ir, 
IjAkfd of Wol*. Manor. 1'Ji^> — <»f thii iiiiR)« liftft hh yvt ori^inuled iHrrctly from Iho dalit ; lJi« 
[siiccetsful mrn htvt- n^quired other influc-ncec and associations, e«pceinllj' tlic inteUtctual 
iBtiBiulua of toif u life of tome HOrt. But though the WcArdste Kmernuna have, ltk« a well* 

{OTeraed countrj. i>one hut faum- 

Arvm history to hoait of, yet thvy 
lbav« produced m long lino of *iine 
|vnil lit?iiltby h«ing«, who ner« snd 
eperbftpa happier in their peaceful 

and agricultural life than lho«« who 
Ihnvn gone farihrr and grown more 
idiflinf^ukthud. MorcovL-r, vhiUt lhi< 
IfdiiiilyhjLi much H [iur*»«ryit can never 
[die out. u>i rminy A family ha» already 

We will now give vurioua |Mdi- 
Igrcea of tht«e Weardalo fanlliea, 
Iroinpiled from willa, regi&lers aad 
lUurham record*, mcludtng tlit< key 

peHigretT (f-^)* The accompanying 

40h |M»l»iii-| 

<Di«iriDff b? J. IL MtM^DVfb KngnvtBt hj Ca\Ur±) 

pillock !■ an engraving of a funn in Wviirdalf called Hmeraon lVcar*lieud, and i> tsken from 
^RUr, FetlwrBlone'a " Men urd Mnnnc-rA in ^Vca^<UIc." 

A' far bnck mt Hntlicld*a Survey, 1377, Miiior«on» held Uuida licre, vide pedigree af the 

Eracrtcm of Ln^^tteli 

Thi» too iH nil old family, and conuiiiM mikit of the Foreaterv, I^rkera and Baillfft wio 
ived al the EUtlgate. One of thi* famity migrated to FM»e%, but returned, ricf^ pedigree^ 

^Wr#oa« of L^hn Ityg^ and E^tst^^rhiarkdcnr.. fU. 
Thia family eonialiied the min«ra, tid* pedigree for further details, 

EwervoAB of BrotherUe and QaUeaith. 
lliiK family if vrry old too, and produced aomc of the foreet ot&ccr*, and Williain Kmcrsofi 
lie MittheinBtidnn* For further d«tHil» cide llie p<nllgre«, 

Em«TtQW9 of Siauhopt. 

&4b]il*l A**» Wlilt **4 K««htefh 

«<»■ " ^^^^^-^^_^— ^_ 

I I ■ ~ 1 

M«^ 7 Uok, • tlmnr. - 

MvWfliMlhWBnvt IKt, I rnmlm^ tMj. Fui*H«. IMS. 

Ttie above moat likely belonged to fftmillea in the aeigbboarbood of Stanhope; the 
rrgiflter only given oat? >V, tloienoo of Stanbupe, bur. 1G2I, bat ginc« in the wIlU they are 
called of Stanbopo, I print ttiea here not being able to connect tben elaewlier*. 


For full detflUi of the Rookhope, Pow, DDrlington and Wolsingham Eraersons, »ee the 
key pedigree ; but there is one Wolsinghaui family that I cannot attach to the key, so I 
give it here. 

ud Vbit4 CloH mad Jarxv C1ua4, alive 1&47— 01- WuIl, Id 167U. 

Cntbbert, = liibel 1 JmakMoo, 
L and b., allfB 1AT6, ■dc«alH i:frS. 
m2 InherlCi " The Wutat," d&. ant. LS9!. 

Geo. Nic. = 


Unrgt = Ale 



L udb. ol'*Tbe WsatH," BQDCfcdfl liW^. 
Lvtda from Cngg, 


I Id UtuihctM I n 
John, Vill. t 

b. Idlfi. b. 161S. 

»- ^^ ^^ « 


b, 1017. 

The multitude and similarity or Christian names in the ullls^ register! and records of this 
parish make the work most complex and puzzling; but though I have endeavoured to be 
as accurate as possible, errors I here must be, 


Complleil from Willi, Regiitan aiid otber reamla. 

14A3. Rogflr^ of Weal^te, fonuerlj of ^SundfTliml rmd before ttiAt of UiJdl«ton. 

lail. Ktcb.. of Wnl«mE4, 

lAll. Alei^, of WatgDte. QAtecutl« add S«^nbop»(1478^ 

l^^BO, H«U7, vt W«igKbi, held LujaI/^ landt. 


Wn,U*¥, — 
TvkH Dohtnythleli, U98, j 


oT DordnTobJelL 

W,P. iWft Wit- 

n«a« to vtlE, 

Thorn .and Ralph. 

' Jjuet. 

TfaoiD., 1 
of DordreTuhielL 


of Dordrtyihleli 

and Bwlnhope. 

All TO 1003, 


T 1 J&net 
lnlti;i,of>. laio. 
^ Uarr, ob. 

Adh. Blix. Jaoe. 




b. iSai, 

ob. ll^^1. 


Ralph, = 

of Rowoires 

and EJIlop. 


Dordruj, 1032. 

John, = Haijorlo. 
of fiwlnboue. I 
Adm. im. 

b- IMS, 
alt. lG4fi. 

b. 1008. 

John, t 
of fiwinbopa. I 


of Dordi^. 


Blk., Tvb., Vary, Uarj, Sanh, 

b. IOTA. b. lODO. b. 10»2. b. len. b. 1091. 

Emersons of Houghton. 

This family originated in Weardale; one of them, Brian, was disclaimed in 1G1£, and 
several of them also owned considerable property in Weardale. Many of them appear in the 
Recusant Bolls. Brian, of Houghton and of tbe Easlgate, was probably the father of Arthur 
Emerson, merchant, of Dublin, who was granted arms in 1G92. This conjecture is based upon 
the Newcastle indentures of apprentices ( For further particulars see pedigree, 

Emerions of Barnard CaBtle. 

This family seem to have migrated somewhat late to Barnard Castle, but whether they 
originated id Co. Durham or Co. York is uncertain. One of them, Arthur, of the Hearth 
Tax Rolls, was in good circumstancea, but beyond this is no history attaching to them that I 
koov of, save that they " increased and multiplied/' a good enough work. Vide pedigree, 

Emertons of ConUcliffe, 
We find in the Threkeld pedigree compiled by Mr, Jackson and published in the West- 

moreland Arch. Soc. l^ibs., « John Kiaenoa miirrf ing a ThrekeU, anil Surte«« jives a ii4»u 

In irf'lG Ri<TbiiH 'riiirfe«)1d (Thrftkold), of ConUelifltf, niad# h» vill and Di«iilUHia Agn«i 
Kmerioii, ^' my vUter'a (lnujcblar-" 

III 147J John THirkoM And Maud hi» wife give tbeir landa In Statntoo for Ufa to lili son, 
[ John Thirkeld, »nil Agnf'M U\% «i»tvr till nhr murricd 


_ ->. I«7> I 






TliU fjcinily cuaj Unvv miivod to Uriinrp|wib, 

Tb« CoviWIifft* R4»gifeler« ullow um to coni|>il« the full out rrij^ «hur1 pudl^rv* 

*i9k r 




Aoi] llii» inugro mforinatioii is all we bave of t!io CoiiiacliJTe EinenoiiB. 

flurworth-OD-Teea. The birthplace of WiUiam Kmi^mon, the celebruled matheniatidaii, 
n deacendnnt of tbe Gmtueaftllv Mmtrinti* of ^Vfnr<lH]if, nV/r prJigreir- Thu Witt Lifo of this 
f;euliu Is th«t written by K«v, W. 3owl% nrid priute<l m *'lYactji" by W. Kiii<^rton, Nuuriw, 
IT1I>!> }St. IWvL' U only unjust n* lu the grout inMthrutfttici&o'fi r«ligiotij| bclic-f. W. Kni«irBori*« 
view ^f tTiPKH mMl^r^ vrA4 purt^ly ngiiofttii?. Ho 4od hiM wife u^er«i biifl<^ nl Hurworth, He 
left no miia Tbc life of Williaoi Cmer«on in Mr. L«a1i« Sttphea'a " Dictionary of Nutiooal 
Bio^npby " £i na feeble i« it i« commonptnce in Mtyle. 

Btacrtons c/ Bntn^t^pcth, 

Tncladed tii Durbam City pedigree (^,r,). Half, of UrjinccpMli, waa a retainer of th« beller 
aurl ; hu »on Jobo w^nl ai ''(crrnut " to Lady Wcstmoirlnnd, to Co. Norfolk (^.r.), aiid ia 
tbi<rt< l<iNt ri'cord of John Kiopmoo, jioa of Thoina*s of Uriidliury (ride SvulIiwiHi Kmifrvone), 
bircd tbv Wost Pnrk of Uritiovpvtb. anil bis father held >vluindrop oburoh, but Ifai* fecnily U 
not otb«ru'i«e cunnected wiih Co. Durham. Thaoias, of Bradbury, came bither as steward to 
the Earl of Somerset, of Raby and Braneepetb Caailea. 


KitKEttora OP Co. CosibGiaAiCD. 

TbeoHTly Liiy Sahmdirv^giveti* no KmorwoM, tlou^b tbeduliiiidy of B Kd. Iff. gives a«v oral 
filii Kmmis Hod sunic nt l^xonbj. vrherv we tin] them in later ti[u?« in iUe fill of Tlromas 
KiuutM>u, given in tbv L-uooby KegUier— 'rhi>«. Koinlit»n, s< of Tboinas. If nnyonr u^Ui tube 
n rn«|i tbtjy will tind I^ifonby U jii«t i>v#r thv Dtirlinm bnrd»r. Aod jo«t ibc wrjik spnl in lb* 
Cumberlind marches where inovercrnvtjftdVVfiirtlnlefiiiiiilf of Kiiierionswou Id Miouexr ibnniab; 
nnd one ilohn Kiiii<r«on inoit bsve eruised Ihr bordvr tn the litter end of the lixleentb 
century, for we find bin idiiiinistrttioii at Cariiale dsled 15y7 ; but up lo 170Q there are only 
tbrvo ttilU* tluhiJifU by the lle«rib Tux RitWt for thu county wr flod nine of the name 
lAted (li>7^— 4) aX fhe latter mni of ihn Rpvanioanlb cwntury: and in the Durhfttn wills we 
find a fsinity itetiled in Onrrsfill Chapelry in the serente^'nlb ctiitury. There are aUo 
spvernl wilU of tlie Workington und Cockerniouth familiL-* aoongst the Bit-kmond willa ut 
Somerset llotisc 

From ditfereat ttourcee I Iisto eoiu|ii]ed tbre^^ sborl pedigrees — one of the liatcvntb 
eeolory family, and two of iko s^rentccctb conlory fsniilien. 

Lazonhy ^nersons. 

of JM oabj. Adm. 15&7. Yeomaa. I _^ 

Rowland, = Rob. = BUz, Will, = 
otiAUDbr. W.F. kfiSO- I I TitOBHtoRowlud'i vlll(9-v.), I 
|_^ I Mk., Ifllfl. 

TbomH. *- Dorotby. Agam,\i. 11112. The*,, Chrlitcnther, RowUnd, — HvT. 

ik l«38^ b. IMS. of UKnbj. W.F. 1007, I b, 16U. 

b. isai I 

Sod- Will., of l^Mtrnhf. 

Qarragill EmerstmM, 

of Tumingi, la 
Ovnglll CliApleij. 

ArUmr. ■= Niobolu, =; G»., — Satb. 
of Fcyand&le, Gungill [ of FiTendat«, 
OhflLplerr. Ada. 1086. W.P. IMS. 
Ywnm. f D. S.P, 

Art2iar, « Cnthborb, = .Ann. Uaj?. = Fonter. 

of Eiffia, 


W,P. 1*M. 


g^ All mlnon in 16§9' 

Joteph, yiobolu, lubaL Hut. 

of Pr^endalB. cif Uiddle Bb^U- 

Workington Einerg&n$, 

LUDBlot, - Robt, " IfutAnt 

ofOt, Clifton Par, I tyt Oi. CUtioD. EmbsnoiL 

ffQrklnHtoa- Bond 1633- | Bd. 168i. Bgnd ItlM, 

Ttao*. -^ BUi., John, = lubtd. Mu-g&ret. = Robort, Jul, = Jftpt, 

bd. 1001. W.F. 1699^ i at Qt. GliftoD, oA. lOSO. 

Bond 1«S1. 

Jo&n. Jobn, Jvrt, » Helen. Patrick. — BUrr. Hiuo.. = HatidbleD. Enth. ^ Deot, Bridoot. ^ Falun. Robt. 

€b. 16SI. w.p, 1737. 1 w,R nae, 

Jofatu Catb. TbaI»L Dorotb^. IE Ealbeck, Uuj. = Ghuhwocd. AniL 

Coekermouth Emer^ong. 

John, » Anne- Tboa., — EUi. (AtkinionT). 

of Oookenucmtb. 1 Idt. loeo. 

W.P. l eao, TaUor. 1 YeomuL 

Vuj. HiiDDbb. John. 

It ifl more than likely that all the above are connected, as the Christian nam^a Roland, 
William, Nicholas and Arthur are found together in contemporary Durham famiUea. And to 
anyone interested a fuller pedigree could doubtlijaa be compiled without great research, when 
the names given in the Hearth Tax Rolls and Lazonby Register, that it has not been possible 
to include in the above pedigree, could be added. My object has been as hitherto merely to 
trace the roots of the Emersons of Curaberland who were undoubtedly the genuine breed ; 
whilst the wrongly indexed will of Thomas Kmatson shows us descendants of the various filii 
Enime to be found in the Lay Subsidy. 

N.B. — Part of Cumberland was formerly under the jurisdiction of the Bishop of Durham. 


Emkssons of Co. Westmoreland. 

Though there are some Emsons in the early Lay Subsidies for Westmoreland, I find 
no trace of Emersons until the seventeenth century, when Robert Emerson^ of Appleby, 
appears in a chancery suit (22 January^ 1612), having bought a mess., tent, and burgage in 
Appleby of John Winter una Rowland Wilson, who now try to "stripp and defeat" him of 
the same. In the Appleby Freeman's Rolls^ the name of Emerson occurs betweeu 1611 and 

* Kmdly luppUed by the Applsby town clerk to Ber- W. M. Shaphstrd, who vezy Liodlj fonrsided Um 
InformitioQ to me. 

1661, *fter Ihft R^vcrnl Cbmtian namo» of Cbarle*, Willtanj. Robert nntl LwiiiaH, Charlea 
Kmerflon is tiriit mentioned in 161-1 Mn<] UivR ifie »aiii<> jcar, and between 1614 nnd IGiU tir^d 
Willinn] KmerAon, and beiwucri I*J1'S nud n>:5'J lived Koljcrl fcmrr»on> nil* -^w doabtl««« 

R ytattinn fmiiilv, whi.' njigmlcd into Wriliuun-lnntl roo*l pm^Hiblj- from CuiitbcrljUid, pOMlbly 
from Yorksbirfl or Lfttickfihir«. Jn lb« Corltvlv Itogivtry otity two Kmerion wilU Kr« to bo 
found up to 17*>0— from which this short pedigree ii comptled. 

Wlllluu XiDibBi^pfA, A Anne 
<4BtfuJltUI-Ui-lU«t[iiUiinrh, ID ~ 

or Uouliil*, iMlt\^. - 
W.KlffTaL lluibudiuut 

Dwbtm. - lUab«lL 



Jelm Hiul Jdot. srukdoMIdrai «f John, V.P. 1073, Imb vTMbv ehUdirn (tf lobn ur Wlllvku unkEWWb. 

Cbnrles wm probably tbe father of WilliAm (W.P. I$6S) tnd tUAHri (Chancery 
ProoeedingK 1042). UfifortunaEely Itiv rrgiNtfri of »t\v church vtrt burnt, and the ii>rufnbcnt 
nf tb€ other oburch wa« not nble to hnd any KintTflonti up lo 1<> lU, but h« fetnicd It)* no tni^Aiis 
tun of hi9 power of rettding ihtt rcgiiirr, mo it U po»4ibl<f ICiiin-#onH nre to be found iu tli« 
St. Miebftol R«|-i«t«r for lUnt pvriod ; but the fomily wnii not of BufKcicMit impoTt»iic« for n« 
to Ciny further. Tbert* Is a i^ood iporlirij; nnmi? in thi? pedigree — MnohcAl, Aiid that Is all 
that In intcrt-iting. Finally I bavo uot found Lh^ link that binds them to UurbatQ, but ib«j 
are within all human probability rcml Kmeraons from Uurhaio. 


RxKftKiNi Of Co. Yonis. 

Lrtr^fl M It this division of Buglnnd nnd nUboujcU it bordvra Co. DuHiain I haw Uevit 
unnbU to traco many Rni^raona tberclti and ooly <fne family wbcsi* do«0«ndantit nuiy ba fouad 
tb<Tr« tO'day. t.c., the Sk«Iton Kmfntous. 

Tlie earliest n^nd I h^ve Is of Geolfrey Hracrson. who is uientioiieil In tli« |iat«dt rolls 
ID 1321 for asaeultinfE Alan FiuHugh, of l)r)r]ioU\ foruhidi h« had lo appear at th« courts 
of f^^r ft itrmiufr at Lincuhi und arEi-r^*nrds ut Nouiu^liiini' lie eiidcntly livcil near 
Hull, and it would W intvr^xtiiif^ ovuld the bok uitb Durham bo found. Ho waa poaiibly 
psmud after Groflfrey N«Tille, of llrancepelh. 

Ju tlio |irJut<!d Lnv SubfiidiVi for York City nnd County only— Klrkby's Iai|ne9t, 1284 — 6 ; 
.Subsidy :.';> Kd. I.; Poll lYx itic. II., L:i:S— 9, and Subsidy 15 Hon. Vill., }y^i (York 
Citj and AiiJtij only) — I llud no Kmeraons^ 

Tbo ngxt oarlioal rooord 1 liavtj i8 (bo will of a William Ivmorsoo, of Scsfborougli, proved 
ID I486 — a man of considftrahle means, who orders hi* land in Thwyng to be aold fof tbe 
Itencftt of biscbildreti by on« Johanna Wright, thoiroaraes being uriibheldi but m Yorkshire^ 
¥eti of Fines ^ Uen^ VlH. (1A17), ue find Sir W. Cony«rs, Simon Km«raoo lud othns 
acntialiuft a iraouci^on of Ibe mnnorv of Thtemj nnd Ocion and fifty mv^i. lo Swathorp- 
Kydaoi and LaiifEtof\, At Kilcy, close by, ve And a little hUcr two brothers Edwird nod 
John, hilitbnudmen. wltoir wilK provod ]^iA mid l.i-S>1, uAi ui that KiUzird died wtlhout issue 
nnd John leH a sou Tiiomi>H whom 1 lovo mght of. It is probable ihete threoweri' William^s 
childrrn, The Conyer^ were a Durhuni family. This doubtIrM aceouniK for William 
Kmeraon's mi^rjition to York»Uire, The Conyors brid Skelion Mutior and it Is probutilt? thut 
Scarborough anJ Filcj- Kmcr#onit were dcaccndflnta of Thoinai Xhc for«Blur of Skaltoo. 

Hsviuf; dittpOHed if ihii litlle irAcidfi ciittrriflwir will rrlurn lo the fteeond earliest nienttoit 
of tha nsnie in Datne Klixabetb Vsrnsor's will, prnv^d WJ^^ of 'nioriiton-le-llil!, wbrreln Ibe 
old lady, widowof William Vavasor, of Tborn1onHgenl.,givps HvnrTntid Edward VavaM>rand 
lUchard Kmerson a borw each, and appoint* William KmtTson one of her ex^utort. In thia 
oonnectton wo will go oo with the will of John 1-jncmon. of Wrr^le (llowden), proviJ IC-IO, 
for in it be mentionit Miitt»r John Vflviitour We find thi^ John \n the Feet of Finf^j L>17f 
* VcffkiknArvh «EjrlTup.&jc ItwM^U. Vnl. IU p. M. 

t TfriG>hii«Aicb.aiidTop,a3tf. B<oxdi,Val It, p, 907. 


— Tltof, Abbot p, John Enoiton niul Antin hU vrtiv. rr Undit tn HoQ'<lon. Nrtw Wrenlc iH in 
llowdeij i'liri^b and both Hotvil^ii am) itniutiii;;hi»iii wvrt> htiltl ol tliti Palntinnlc of UarhniiL 
T^iU lltUc group of EI('i»<len Hfiierton? ihnt yriA>M\ily li^lJ frum tht^ njnliu)> uf Uurhniii, ttiid 
U'pr» evidrnllf prntty w(>]l olll In 1>j^2 it^ tirid Kdtf.trd Add lj<Ml>el W>ll)vrr<»ri*«, hi* ivif^i ^t 
liuwdiMi. Jn Yorkihirt^ Finv«,* liilii, wtt liiid*Fohti Kmcr^nTi ngnin r« UtiHn in Jlottden utid 
W««1h(»Im«,ftiidiuilitvc'oat)ecliofiai(- iii^riltOMtrd th« Hi^nmv.u DurJirim fjimil}, ind in Dr Haiico 
BolK 2;} flfin. Vin. (L$;j2], we find Geur^e Lecil. of HowtJeti, mi»g Kdtrtund KmtM^nn mid 
I*n1>cl liiH wife, dAU^htcr Jind lii-in:M of AdNiii Wl]l>i-rfu]|t, foi' " 1 eiicm, vuMtilu. '* ni Ifuodeii* 
1 a[ip4'nd nlint I'rufi-JiRcir Montuf^Ufl Hiirrowii would cnU ah npproximniit ppdigr^>e of th« 
Hovrieii F^nefaonn — the unproved WuVk indicatt^d in thu usaal w»y. 

MiWHkif' ta Dull* V««itau4u^ > 

irm. ftvtta uaa. | 



Win,, - UutiiK, 

of BniiUniBiAin J 
W.P. LWa J_ 

J aim, ^ JoAQU 


JahTi. Rin. JoMh 


HIrur- Id 1540. 

dF JlamliT, A how 
r,!o HwUt In 
Vflvaiour. lion Jon, 


sa B, riu. Mi-'>jS'Jl| Aiiujirubtt<. 

of Howd«A. ban! foit. 
W Owl (**ci1. of 

In Joseph Fouer*H YiiiitaUoiis of Yorkihire, 1 o31 — 5 and ICI2, (lie only mciiliun of Kmer^on 
In in the LjOR*Maude Tercehay pedigi^je^ where we have the names of Vavasour and Kmerson 


Will P«roo1tv< ■ Juir. (L of JuUd VbvuuuJj 

UjkiiJv. - LJjmol Bmw'EL, HuyarBU « J. CbflsuiA. 

lu the W.P. luS9 of Rio. Snit^rion, of Ludwell, vrt lliid hb brother Lionel referred te 
a« being in Kydale, Co. York, Wlielher these ttvo Lionels are idBiitical J have bf^on uiublfl 
to prove, nrid since Mr. Pnrchchjiy In ile^crlbcd a» uf Ryioiir Co^ Durham, the in/rrcncc is tb«y 
ar« not tbo »amc ; fit the fumc time ih« Lionel that Is niontionod in the will r«fered to if the 
only po«itivc link I Imvc connecting Durham and Yorkvtiirp Kiuer«oti». 

Id Yorkshire Kine*4 l^H, vie hai-e John Hcruu, 1v»<|,r aiid George Km&rBon re the 
nsapor of Hy«omc and Inndi in Hollington (vat he ihe Thomas of iSkcltoii the forenlcr'* 
aon?) ; and >ii ii (inv Irvk*d ir>OT IIi.-nry Wyitt. Kai]., nnd Gci>r{2;(^ ICiut^fJiiin uc(|uinn)jE lutidn in 
Great aud Littlu Fonton, Co, York. IX. iVyntl. Ki«|-, wai afEerward* Sir Honry Wyult, of 
AUfngton CaAtH, Kenr. mid prubaljly " HolUtijitim " $tLj/ra t% for '' AlliriBtoD." Waa Alice. 
Kjr. George Emrrson, sister to H. W^yatt ? Tlje only Kysome i can find in Co. York is near 
Skefiington, m hich iji near tlull, where wc found GeofFery Ktiif r«on in Vi'M. 

A liLllc ^'ruup uf AiiitiDuJii iiKXt call for iitlt?iitU>n, tin? uurlicjtt rtcurd he'w^f, thi? will of 
Itol>vrt Atuifrnott. of Fairburu, provc^l 1520, leaving two Hun% John Aad Thomas AuicrdOTi, 
A John Amerion*B (of Br«iljertoii Close) wHI in proved l&iS. hut only bis wife ia named. 
Nvxt is a will of Kobi^rt Ameriun. of 8ti»ckton in Bugthorpe, proved 1^>7->, kariiig a son 
Seth and dau^. Uubel and J»uct, [Rkbel = an Kmcritoii anil ban a son Will., and lii*tly an 
Hdi[ijolalraiioii of UL>heri Aiuerson in the Honour of Knart^sboro. I'MCi. Tliey are probably 
all cTOnEiedod, hut I havi- no ri;<iord of Thoina*, bom uf itobi-rt, of F»iHmrK <■!/. 1^K\ or 84<lh 
Amerson* non of Koberl. of Slocktun. But It is aa well li> temind the reader thai the 
Cov4^nLry KniorsonK Hpclt tlicir name Aini^rxon in earlier tunca^ but I found no link binding 
tlie fauiiliea. Tbe AnieraoxiA, lu judge by wilh, i\ttn pretty rare Id Yorkibire, and evidently 

I find an cnrly fnaiily ot Grlnntoa nod At Kn^l Coilingwilh, hot havo nothirjg to >tig$c«t 
their nrigin or oinneetiori ; and I ftiiKpprt Williaia KinernoN, of Kiiat Cotlinffwilh, ihmild be 
William Kmiiaon, a bn!(rU of the old Ilolnti; iri-Spaldin^inre KnidLrAunK, KnuNona or F.uiaona, 
whoie name ia spelt urongly a« Kineraou once ur twice id the wills aud ouce or twice in 
llolnie Kegiater. 

A EiAlf Kmerson U found at North nllrHon, and hla will U proved 1597, Uo U probably 

• Voi'lwhift" Afuh, und J'oj:. Soc, KDCordd Vol. V., p, IWk 
t Vcrkihiis AroU. and Top, Ko«v lt«<ord^ Vol. VIL, p, 100. 


Ifae ttmt Bdlf Id Uie Fines * )8 KHu, rr a niet& witli limd* iti parUli of ?jigMon, aiid balled 
ffXrui Svd^vAi^liJ, C<>. Durhniii ; bu4 wliu cht? iCu^^r Kfiitr>viii of Picki^ntii;, ib, ] know iiol, 
m«Tilion4td id t1i« uini** Fii)irA.| llnH avicl4*tiily h«ld of ike Bilhop of Duthnm aixl vaot out 
In fomnk U4U« am bin vill |irQii!». 

Ill 1598 (40 Klijc) w« h«nr of AiitboNv, ne^«r iW Slitrbiirn, in the 8ei«ioo RolU of 
Vork.t a husbeodniRo. In Kirk Feiiton Uo^isur u^ liuil thti niifa« recurTiiig in I0:f2, «vhea 
Antbouir< *i^^ of Tbotuju, ii ljii|ai£4]<l, hUo ThuiiijU* noii ofniumun. \ti 1C3^. 

Two of tho iilKt«viith century YorWibirc riimiUt^it 1 htivji Irfi iioltl iko proM^nt bocAUJn I 
lliiiik ihry unr conoi-cird xrid tji?nLii»ir i>i)c of thrm hut rr-pre»entati%'e« livjng tQ-djiy — tlin 
proneiit occHpitfr of ib« propert) btiti^ 1"2 yewrw ol rtf[i-. 

Id AH tincicni dtrd. Vol. 11., r, ^^1. Mfitrv W^al, Ksq., cJli^d above, grnntt <o tieovge 
KmcrtoT) nud Alice uj-. UiidB in f^frniford L'^ijctltortt W^^i lliini, Kkhcv. Tliif G«iOi]^ 
iivc^uircd by Hrm Uvied t'nMvr l£07, Undi in Gru<tt and Liillo Kcntoii. Co. Vork. and iP 1^11 
hind% m iii^BOiiif, Co, YurL Now ] linvc bi*«n onablr to XrMcr. tW >oti Georgia of llie next 
oiifly famlljr of Skoltoii : pi>««IMy tlip abovi* cxphiiTipt U\» ubseitce fniiti Skeltun. po»ibly 
another Uc'orge in rrforrcd li>. Hut tb(;r« U « vill uf u Thos^ KiD«-r(on, of (Big^n) Fviiton, 
dntrd I0r>s, jwHtbly a denavti^lAtn of Gvurij[c. llv iiAnic-H i lirnlhvi' Htrury, wife Jane or Joan 
and crhiLdrf-n Tho^-, KliJt-, Anni* and Auilioiiy- 

At Soutli Uurioii ili«re is an earl>' fmiiil^. v'ti . Itulwri itud Jului. brolhen: Uoberl (WP. 
ir>G6) = Kllen, ulto h-iivc i»uo h^», -Idnet = Slovenfloii, Cliristi^plier ; but 1 am ool lure 
wbelher ihc^e be Kmi*rm>iiv ur KiinnetKiiii^ 

At GriiiisioN aforeMuid b Wiltmm Kiutraun (ff.I\ 163?i) =: Kli*., who leaw isauv Gr«gorr, 
cbild »t Huby, Aiitli«ay, Margu 

Ai Turby-fm Ihimlipr w* hnvo C1imtoph«ir = Jndilh (ffh. ^'^^)f ^^<* Unve mitt CKarlea 
(b. \m^\, Cliriitophtr (b. [Gmu Will. (ofr. 1702). KliJ!. ^b, I70U). 

We now cone to the oldest exlatiii^ Torkflbire lataWy — tb« KmiT»ncia of Skollori In 
CleTeUod. By the will of Tlioniikc Kmersoi), foretier of M«rgreve Pirk In Skelion, proved 
May 1, ]A2i>, wr And ho bold« Imtid* of GUhuritr I'rtory, Icavoh a Htfc Agnv9 Aod ■one 
Ohmtnpherand Gt^orf^e (tidf nvprn), "Mnrgr^w Vntk U in SkeUou ParUb. Skclton nf^er 
the Conisuuit liplon^fd ici the Unicri mid in Tm ll^ii, MTit deftcunded by niarriage lo Wntter 
de F)mfoubri(]}>i?. Sir Thoma?! Fjiiuonbrid^^, a di'arenilanf, liad a daii|>Mer Joan, who 
ninrri^H] Sir W. Nryillr, Kl, wliu in 7 Hvji. VI, wb* in her right rnrnli^ Lord Fauconhridgi- 
and uru-rwnrdft Kdirl of Kent. He dji-O -- KJ. I V.^ and it pnsM^d by it\nrri»f!v to Jolm Conycrv, 
afir-ruvnrdt l^nrrl (MnyiTJ. in uboir fiimily tt rrmainrd nntil S Htid 4 P. nnd U. Tbe 
lwDrrKi>n« iloii1»tk-HB T:aniL' Ibere viih Sir W. Nei'Uli-, Kl 

Gtsburne Priory lidd divrr»ientMueni» in brranton PnrUh, Co. DurhAm, and tht- chua-b of 
Strantoii WM in the gift of ibc Prior of Gi«1>urnc, ThU »n^i^is ihc ruutv by which ThuniaK 
the forcKcr m*ij hare cotn«. For « \Vi'ftrd«1c brrtncb of Knurrvuhi •eltll^d nl Sirantoo in 
«nrly limp«r nitd evidt*nee gortt lo provi- ikene Kiranton Kni4>r«tin«, were deacended from Adam 
liobinaoa Kmeraoii, aon of Uuben Fineraon, of Soutb Bedbum Hall, r»o doubt the aanw Une aa 
Thomaa the forufttcr of SktIlorL 

by the help of thi? Pariab Kt^ister and milli I hnvebt-eu nhU to compile a p^dlgrve of the 
fkanily, but one curly link la mi*ain^ — th« link tliat cot^nertv Tboiiids, the forealer, and PhilKjs 
who beads th« peidigrce — oUi^r-wi^e ill go«« uerrily. l'hHii|^ ntfty batre b*N'ii «i>n nr grnnditon 
of Thomaa tbe foreater, mor«< probnhly inn, and not tiami^l tu the vill for Minn- rt-ttvun — a not 
uncommon pricticfi in lhc«4f diiyn, a> I hare frcqnirntly noticed. Nov PhiUip uaa h rHro 
Chrialiaih ncune Mnivrifr*t the Kineraont in tho»e dajii. M^nt^vi-r U ia obvloitii Phillip wok 
di^M-^entlvd fruiu Thuninb ihe fvrHster, bot I have not the link nnd have not thougbt it worth 
while lo Mjiroh further for it. bol doubtleaa wiih much work and vexation any futnrr and 
Interested aa«ker can recover the link 

The foHowtng ta the pedigree compUvO up to to^day-'a jcood pedigree it is too, vbich 
many familiea lar Hnperior in poeition to tbe present repreaentalivea loiglit be proud of. 

• Totk»lLirT AtcL aud T'Tp. Sue. B«voTda> Val. VIL, ya. I6l,iu3*n4 H«. 
t Tcrrl«liirr Arcb. ami Tkip, 800. BccotiIb, Vol. 1I-, ik t4. 
I Yorkthim Anh. iadTop. Soc. B««imU Vol, IM^ p. IZH. 
\\ rUU Emamiu of Sinatua. vudcr DorbAin. 


— t 



— It 





Tliere remain onlv smnH and tcnttrrod rAmiliftc to defti vitb. 
At KelfleW— 

At Hum wo rill — 

At LockingtoD — 

JflllB. ' Al1o«. 

At WHborne— 
Al Clinon* 

V.P, ML 

Jjuii*, - IflUttl 

i i 
Hiik4ii KnMfwib- Ann* WiUb*<r 


ri/. W P. IMOl r 


iliL ciiia 


Tli«ii ve Rih! NichoUn -- Margt, of York, Adro. IfilS; Kotrt. = lubM, d. Ann<», nf 
Ror*ey (rn^flr Hiilh. Adm. 1633; Bic, = MnfKt. for Ric, -.of Will, A^m, 1603 of S, CTiffVr : 
Kubt. = Joaiiiin, fi- ? Hj>1j.. Adm. 15€L of Oraitib? : Will,, of ('Hmko Houm* iKasiofttOD). 
W.P. 1638, onmlii J^nt Kmrrwon, of WhltUy: Anthony = Ellen, of Itedcar, Adm- 1069. 
At Bt>lby ror. Kuiiigton — 

Vjjwnl, - IaWIk 

vllk B^ 


At SUlllngJleol— 

Al Yarm- 





John. — Aab*. 





h t7ttK 


•«. low, 

Jobn KoKrMTi, of Ynrnt, wa« a felon. On© of th« StntMon, Co. Durli*m, Kmer*on«» 
Frftodi, \a d«eDrlbijd of Ynrm in the tiiti^rnth c^nturr. probably Ihi- fuuDd«r of ttiii ft^tuUy, 

At KryKoliD* (fiore ««■ a Rnv. .lolin Kmar»o<i, \V,1'. \^7\,oh. .S.P,, and Later Job ii, a 
tailor, at Gilling f Ann«. hie moihf^r'ii W,?, I6>2), vhiUt Inter slill tliere i« Another fiimJIy 
m^MtiiKU'd At Richmond (rhorana, W.P, 172L leaviuft; a mdow, Marst,, and children, G«a., 
KIJL. and MkrgL). All three of these wilU AM found in the Uicliniond wllU and ibey are ibe 
oa]j York>bir« v/\\U in thai cotlvclion. 

Amoii|^l the Ifoodun will« < Principal Rejiiatry) of ib« «ixt««olh c«ntufy tker* U only 
one Kcnerffon from Yorkiihire, tv., ttiu h^v. Ctirtxtopher Emervon, of Barton- In-Street, utll 
provf^d l'>i>7, *0M of Ro^r. of PIckmnit. Now though partona, widowt and orphan* are lh« 
dell|;ht of the" outmdi- broker/' to thpgenenlogist they are ibe devil. You never know whence 
a partoTj caue. nor CJtti I trace the Rvv. Chrbtophi-r, for he la not in lUo "'Varniiy *' LIrI*. 
UowereA 1 bave traced bi> num«rou» pro^ny to Uft«kaey, and Ibay can be followed up bj 


renilcr und^r London P'mcrsonia— thU link is sure nad strDiij;. The rL>:H[>ii for the rAitiily 
learlpff York Mwimtto havr (if^tm Kcimirnct ofomlnurj. fur I'l Utu. Lii- PrI. Li> KlU , jiu 1, m. :it^ 
u'isBna a panlon lo T. Uawne^ lalcof C<j^ York, Chriiilo^iliiT KM-nr-on, UU of Harion, lUrhnnl 
P. K«lbe, of Co. Lmcoln. y^-ninurK for failriig to Appuiit* tn Qu<t*n*B Uundio* iti un*wer to 
Ri, Thorrtlon, who tri^'d to recover a ilebt. 

The Yorkshire wilU iit London nnd York and the vdfioas peculiar courts durltig the- 
«ov«iiteeiith ci^uiury uTni>uiit lo uiidor iwo doi^n And moHt of them urn of mro Jit iuferior 
punUioiiv and noun r^fllly vp'talihjr. EftrK Yorkshire Kmcnoni for thnl ptriod wre acarcfilj 
tvorih noliotiig: fhey tir^ di>ithtle«« icfttlerc^d b^ir« of rh<« fMmiliiM iioIii^fi] pjiftier, eKe«|>lir»g 
perhaps a fumily at Yario, ^^'hicli possibly doacendejl from Frmicia of the StraDton (Co, 
Durhitm] fmiiily. tnit I h«ve no liuk. A *ir*y Lt'oniird Krnersoo,* i>f Mclsonbj'. U mvoliotitfd 
In (ho nrill of Mur>,'i*ry J'trikttey. lO^j j. Tbe Bulnii^r JCi^j^Mcr ^hcst thi* Impiiitm of one Uarla. 
in 1G^3, whiUc Still in^llu^t Itvt^iHtvr girts us n Willt-im Kinvraoti, who wjta churchwardifn, 
And hnn a ni^n Itirhnrrl, hapllmd liVJ2, jidd «j>rni' i^nuglitHrA : tiiiF, ulatH ! ih^re >ir(> few nni^ie<nt 
cburclirtin Yorkfibirt- nnd iheir n-^iilcrs like I hat of jflowdon- ure ofl*i» Tpported " hurnl" or 
*■ l<mt," Ncttrtheic!** iUc Yorkitiiru EiD^Monti nnuSt-nt nun* of *omc impi»rUiiorf, Uttn the 
ParhniieritRry ivril» for tSc^rborou^h, etc.. but uiosl of ilicuj uere }'eomen. I lind ni> ^^niry 
smonghi ihnm nod ootj- our wliit Uvcd lo rUt; lo jin^ruaniuunl Ktullon — the lt«v, Chrifttnphor ; 
bill th^ Thwii^f, Uvsomo, ilcitfdi^n Hod Sfctrlton Kknpr*on< nre i)ndoiilif4»c!ly th« ffrtl br**^d from 
Co, OurhftniH ihoojph vonio of xUv othor* called Knivrf^oti I Uavh my doubu iiboul, i<'<pccinlly 
W. EiaerAOD, of KasC Couingwtth, viUom 1 think wuh an KinisMin of llolnivin-Spnldin^niora. 
The nod^«onii witop^Mrd m<ir« ihao ono vill of that fami)/ of l^mtftftona. 

Alto^t^llior U in not much ihfit 1 havi^ ^nlhmid ^^\> fvitM ihw timi Wri*L«;it of rrcord^ of thin 
wild njid Girjg;{|iiif{ county, iiml t'ii< ^rcAtcst curioniiy is tho burisl of fourf Kniur<on« in on? 
coffin in ITf^V at l)r)'p*>i*l, E. (tidini; — the roKi"t*-*r Kivinn amuo^fit the bunjvts I7&j. 0<:t. Ifi, 
Mary, wife of Wm. Kmrnirrsoii : Abrnhaiu. «on of W^m. ETniocr»on; Ituac. tarn of Win, 
Kmmorfton ; Jacob, «oij of Wnu Kniinvrion ; al) buried in one cortin. Woa this ntluciion or 
economy ? 


l-lHfifiooNS or Ca LjiNCA^mttE. 

1 can find none of th« ntimo in thin oounly until the upreolennlh ccnlnry, when two 
lamilit'i nppehr — one at Bury and on^ cLo«e by at Ufipt^r Houleoais in Totlin^tnn. Tb«M« 
fainiHev wer^ evidently related acid iUaic recorda af« to be found in Uury Churi'h itogiitcr} 
and onv will. 

Um - AJlOf. T 


lit ToMaglmt uA | amUnnfd In will. 



tl, IMS. 

b. T6'^, 

b, losa, oiouUoDvA ta wUI- 

TUe«o two, George and FrAOL-U, ^ure inovi likely Uroibtrra and a» nu will remaitia of 
Goorgo, h« may have Irft iho couaty Art' htH ddtti^ Krancia (w^ll pro^oil I <rT I ) | wan m ntnall 
millor And yeomati finvantory £2 IKh. 4iL). a i^opyholdrr of ihi- manor of Tottingl.on. Lis 
holiHaft* ^^iiig named in the wilS ; and Mince; be unly ajvntiont IMer and Joavph in hiK wiU. 
ll U probable the two elder soaa bad died before iti execution, Wb<-nce ihey eame 1 do not 
know, hut it may Ih< noted there vaa a miler, ICobtiri Kniernon, m IluiiiiMorLh, Co. York, vJll 
proved at Vorki t'>^0, nnd IIuriAmirth in only acroMJi tli« nio(»rp- 

In M)7'2 wt Had a Hu^fli Kmrnrrnon brnnj{bt hi'f^re the NfnnRhi^ttrr CVinrt L**olronrM?rnlri|^ 
^' ft nei;r measure half a (|Uartcrn advanlaj(e in . . . vi.d/'§— po»ili]y tine of the fAntily. A 

• S.ilt Awh. Sop.VoLlt., p, aa. t *"TlwR*»liauarj." Vol. IL. p.91- 

I Tbp rLor^inpin of IIjfb pitritb puind my Ictltr ou l*) an ilbtcmlc dtrrk, who dcinauflod lU^ti viturlioaato 
fw« tibil i \kv\ U> UirL>:itt<(L V, Uw «Hir>ij. iktui no bv^^ifSl'l biiii U' ri'uuu ; but 1 cualil nut under iU*i drcuautanoea 
obtain farther dctaib from tbo re^Liptcr. vhicb an doubtlcB to bo baiL 

1 i'ids Appenctix. 
) Farkcr Socloty, Maavlwlvr Court L»u RMt^nki VuU UJ^ p. 3nr7. 


William Emmerson is also beadle about th« wme period- It is moat probable Bome of the 

^.ii ^.-i ,- 

were allowed to Alexanden of CaUtor, in lbfS4, e.g., XDomas ciiuvrHiH 



.«* .!■■ intrfffntwr^rr*" 

■Ulwd Ptdlcmt, ate 

B<lwiinl, = 

ufQIubfordBrlw- I 

W.P. I*i7— S. I 

■r, ^ Jui04 llumasj. 

Al«., — AUiB HviiKU, 

W.P.IMfl.of GoKhj 
3«n, Qau. B to, : 

W.P. int. 


1l lAOT, 

tmOM. IwptlHdJiiHl Ik 1(300. 

In 1011. 


Ann, -n J, IjArk, 

0-i„ - 


b.lttlT. -^in l<;:i»- 

b. l^U. ^!. 

of <;»lrtor. 

o6. m*. ■ 



b. Idlfl, 
o6. lAAfl. 


b. ttn*. 




'it Brut Retford, I In HW 
ylLldn tod l Oftl- iKrt.P^ \_i KHjl Oc 

U LOU. b- 1«4«, 




06, 1004. 

df Cflilijaj. 
b- 1021. 
W,P, 1«SS. 


d«d 1041. 



tu Ui« UDCuJiHbfn;*rniii{ri'ir CbAiK 

1>d]v Inapodtor-Otfiiflnl of ] 


of UTrerhSTrA Abbafp b- 

H^,-0«n. Al«i. 
b, IflM, AllTB 1)»7. Sn^ mth Wool, l«»f^, Hr*»l l^>b. llUi, Id Crim«, In lUlU, India. JaiiMitt (an 
Hmgkorif , SofUud uid IrvUnd ; Aaik <jqvt«rnivt«F On., PorUmDalh. i^d 'm lUff nf Friim Edv 

HHX«-Wa1inAr ; oooiiDaDdeil lit QLudohEbt Bogi. two 

flto ft« |HC* ••-> 


II » uu App«naii. 
S Parker Society, MaDcheat«r Court L*eU Records, Vol. 111., p. 277- 


WiUmm Knimervon is also beadU about tliu siuitQ period. It Is mo4t prob&ble Mine of th« 
ruintif upri^iLil iiljoiit tli4f couttly nitd tb«ir dfiscendAnU may be lb«^« to-tlAy, for in Warrington 
Pnriah Re^iatiT, 1754:, I (iiiU Jonathan Emenan, of LTrwIcke, roarrieii Cailierlii« KtcliardHtii . 
At finjr rntu, LunGHshirf l^rucroous trying to truce their |>pcli|{rv<s will know in irlint direotmn 
lo lonk rouml. Itut the only l^vo fumiliifit 1 hnre fouiif) up to Ihv end of tfie aev«nt«»efklb 
C4*iitnry nri^fAf too tinimporlaTit for mo to carry further \ but 1 should It a tc clou red uptliir Btiry 
Register hud a c<mrt«^oiiM man htivn thp p«rsion, and A c^pTiblcr and acrupuloua man thu clerk. 
Again I repeat, pariah re^nAE«ri abould bv placed at the Public K^^cord Office. 

Tbc future piidif^rfe tmiilrr i» »earcb of tbit lamily iiiiut not forget ibe Warwickshire 
Kn)rrw>n« m pfMiiblfi Cionn^cfloos, r.e,, 0<tfa1d Anefti>n { Fnterfton) «rkl(iMui>ii the ivjil, 1lVi.*l, 
of Rev. Molyocux. paraon of Seftoi^ Ca Lancoibtte. iliere loay b« nolhbg in ii, but iberr« 
may be lomethin^. 



A 0ii>F:U* family in bumble circum>tHnc«t U found at Nantifficb in thi- aevente«ntli century. 
Hugh Kiuiucrsun, a joirier.of Nantwicti. Ivavt?ii n vrill proved in l'>3^, hy uhich be btrque^tbs 
hit prop»riy to lii« M»n Rtchnrd, who *Kna foartcen yenrs of nge at the time tba will was made^ 
and if be did not attato hh m^ority the IlLtle property went lo persons named. 

1 find ther« warv aev«ra] farailiE^s of iini^sont in Obesbim and nhniil tbia vtry di«triel, the 
name Hufch being common nmotigst tb(*m^indr«il there arc a iiumher of Anijaon wIIIk In the 
Cheater Begtstry of thi» perjud and ibe Irstatoni too w«r« in much the iAiav po^illun as thi;i 
Hii^b Kmm<rrftOp; »nd sinco tbere ii» no record in Nsntkiieb Cburoh R^iittorof ib<* btrlh of any 
Kmrnmnnii or Kmnierionn ^lAer iCtifi and up lo l*\^^. 1 am inclined to think thia Hugh 
KiDmernon vr^ a miAHpcllin^ fur Hu^h Amy^on^ the will having been writlen by aome 
llliteiate scribe, and a> w« liear rjo more of (be family my thesis is strengthened* 


KuKnsosn or Co. Dust. 

1 find one will of William Emer^ou and Fflltcm hii <*ife granted to BLiaofaeth Bmeraon, 
the daughter, of the parish of All Sainia, Derby, datetl 2G Mar.. IfiOl. and as they went out 
in femalft iisua I have no furthi^r record ; but I wrote to tb« parson in charge of All Sainta, 
and he proved to be one of the mitiinerli^ss tz]i>n — a "coprolite/* t^rb^ sap. 

In Triuity College. Dublin, Js Ibe will cf Sir Hugh Cidleti, at Cloughvater, Co. Cavan, 
Kl.. olr, 19 Feb,, 1630, who inarned Usry Emerson, or Ocrbyabire, aad loft issue, 


The EnKKSoys asd K>ioTflos$ jXs Ekuxsoxs or Co. Lotoour. 

The elucidation of the biiitory of t^eae faiulliea baa given me great trouble aid all 
1wcati«e u family o\' the sons of Kmma ( Hraotaona. aaid to be of the TUorney Abbey Kmolsona) 
TeniumJ to lake a nsnif lo ^hi<'b ihuv ^arc not oiiiltled. The Llncolniblre I^iy Sub^ldKcfl 
grvr 01 no help and dovn io 15 llvn, VI I L (152^) I liad do record of th» rtnma in th« county, 
fbnngh ibe ubi<imtoiii filii Kmnie appear in the foarlcenth century |I:1H2) and curiously 
enoufib wUh the names Robert and Alexander Emmeraoo, of Brougbion. A family of Kmerya 
we have, some of whom kept the name nnd sopm took Ibil of Patill, but ufver an Kmeryaon. 
Id the Uuilcf Roll of Henry VlIl. (no date), liourior, I And two lUif**ot\», William and 
Ricbsrd, Able-bodied inun, at BilUby: and at an all the<» chk« IlkcM enrly Km^totii muit be 
looked upon with a ctirtnin amount uf >u«picion, for ibe name may havar been a misspelling for 
Emm4>% but I aiu inclined to Itiink tliem genuine Kineraona, though It ia '' not proven.'* 

Wills sre our next earliest record, and in UtiX irH« provrd the will of John Km'^'on, of 
FolkinghaiD, genilemun, who inenti^^nn bin couvin Willinm in I^u^idua and vnriuui children. 

^ e ki>ow ihftt ihc arms ntfcirrtt to tbc Lincolnshire Kmeriont in 10^4 arvpr« Tudor, i.e., 
tl»ere ia no cre#t l>elonglng to ibem, and we know that the Soathwark Kmersons, originating 
vith William Emerson, a bowyer, also claimed and used these armsseveoteen years b«fore tbey 
were allowed to Aleiander, of Cuistor, in l<h'f4, '.^., Tboinaa Kmeraon, h^^, of Blackfrian, 


plAOfd them on the Durham Market CrD»a jo 1617, and rfimenibeHnf^ the repnlfttion of 
LJm^cfhkihliiTf nrdtfTN hu can ttu]y iturinlte (hut WilliiLm, of Loitdoti, nuil John, i>r Kulkm^ham, 
wcro coiiBiinfl or nopticwii, for tin* old t<*Dtntor4 ofci^h i]«iiig»nt^d thair n<ppU4fifl* ai " couiiiii,^' 
Kor lurther tiijftfcfituiJiH on EhJi point th« ri*ni]rr muAt coiiMult the hiivtory cif the Suuthnurk, 
Co. Surrey, Ememunii. Thu« we hiive three Kin^senw >n the luuth of the eouiii; in Ueiiry 
the Kighth's reign^ prt>bAbl^ all cotintsct^d. 

In PnUTnt Roll 3^ llen^ VIIL, pt. &, U recorded a grnnl to George KiDcrion of a oin*. 
ID fhv Xtoyo) Dcm«iiic of Scrby, Co. Lincoln^ with n clo«e, and 10 bovatei of Uod^ all purt of 
the poMetskiii <»f Sir Robt. Conitiible, Kt.. fullen into thir Cro»n from hi« attainder, and let 
to Georg« KmerAOD for t^ventyone yt^ars at GOf. per antmm and a £3 fine. 

Now the point that I have been unable to clc4kr up Is thia. WnsJohn hlm'^aon (Ktnereon), 
of Kolkfugbnin, thr father uf thin Oi'orge, of ^i^rhv, or did Gcorgr come iliri^ct from Durbaio 
or vt0<!vrher4.' ? John, ort'olkinffham, mcntionv n George in hiB will and a GilcH. uiid nmoiigut 
the d««c«ndanlii of Thomas RrocrMm related to ihii family ia a Gikd, Thia may be 
coiucidence, but I am inclined to think Oeorge, son of John* of Folkinf^ham, gent., and George, 
of Serliy, arc identical^ bnt I cannot prove the idi;ntity» and thus mnut leavu thr question. 1 
have placed Joha, of Kolkinghnm, at the fai^Ad oflho j>ttdigreir, with the uaual dotted Hues of 
'* not provL-n/* but (imbubUs We find amongat the carty wilU u Xtiohtird Kni~'»on» <if Swubyi 
will proved 1534, nndn William ?Uiiiaeaon, of Ciili^elhorpe, u-ill proved 1547 — posaiblylh« two 
at Bitlsby, ia the atuiter* and if ao the evidence ia again coiifusinff fta to tbvir being Kmeona 
or Kmerfona; but aa Richard only Icnvca a ion Robert, whom I do not find afterwarda, aud 
WilMam j-oea oat in femal« isaue, no lanre time need be ivhitvd on ihein. But the will of 
XhoGiHa KiDcrHOn, of Cudncy^ provvd lutil, irviitently rcfL'rs to thv father of Thoioaa Emtraon, 
of Cfldn«*y. y^'niDHii. vho in Chnncery l'ri>e(*edii]^ B. and A . VA'tj. \^, 10 May, }^t(\H, (^implninn 
af d»<trnlion of his drcdn relntinp to landa in Hoothb>. Now Hwlhby i« n^niii in tin- fonih 
nml nirt fnr fruni Fulkinghaip and HilUhy, *t> it l»(>k* aa tf he too had moved iitirtb, po«Hildy 
with George, of Serbj, on bia K^od fortune in IMu, But on the other hand George, oi Serby, 
»p«uk(i In bip will, proved 16G7, of his brothTr PUUttfi, and 1 can firjd no trm^ ut a TbilUp m 
Llncolnihirr, though it must be r^m^mhered Thomaa. tb<» fontaier of Skcrlton, hivd a son 
Qcorjte and probably n <on PhillriK Thia ao^gtala a Vorkuhire oiigin for Georjfu, of Srrby, 
and if be \^aa the siou of John, of Folkingham, we know be had two aistera. Uy John of 
Kolkinghara'a will, proved 1641. John, of Folkingham, gent,, in the will apeake of aix children, 
Liut int- nlioii» only iwa »on«, Oi1«« and Geutf^v. I bav« a<lded 10<]ward, of Serbj, ^**^ Tbeoifls, 
of Dadnay, an tbc other two likely Bonn, but wiah it to ht* (^loarl)' undnrBla^d thin ia '* not 
proven," and I have indicated tbii by the unnil dotted lint^n of doubt. The |iedtj;ri^e annexed 
from George, of Serby, Thomas, of Cadney, and Kdtvjud, of Serby, Is, however, on firm 
i;round. and having aaid thii much we may proceed, neglecting John, of Sorby, admon. dated 
i^Ct^, aa vre hnve do record of hia i»au«. ijo ibiit the doubtful portiona ore bore cloarly 

of FuLkioflnim. jfdnt-, nknittiam hU 
wiuLa Wannia. i4 Loit4i-.'n. Ln 
W,I-. IMl. 






at ftorlij. 





Fdward leavct n number of daugbtera and a aon Williiiii] by hU t»ocoijd marfingc- Gilca 
ia probably the »on of OiUa, vho dien ^ Thfar, l'^"2. nnd th«r» la no ftjrth^r r«nord, George, 
of 5erl>y (yeoman), is the farulder of the importaiil family that follows him in tbr pedigree, aad 
wheae lineal descendant Alexander, of Caiator, waa alh^td the arma in ltA^4, and Thomaa, of 
Cadney (yeoman), ia nUo the forelder of a aitiall family of yeomen, none of whom, however, 
got allowed arms, and tbtlr hUtory ia ahown by ibe pedigree, and ibey aoon ditfippear. Bnt 
GoorgQ'fl dctuuiidiknta need fiiHbar treatment. He bad thrut* »ion», Edward, Ab^v^ndor and 
Riebard. Richard wnx fnthrr to nnmeroiH dunghter* and one son^ nho mnrrinil hii eouiin, 
daughter of Thomaa^ of Cadney, and i« evidently tbe Richard rrfvrred to in Chancery 
Proceedings B. and A. liliz. S.i, iV. 1572, na jicnnKtnbli^ and truaHH' re properliea in GoihilL 
Ue waidvaiincd tobc ibrleuai tmjiortant of Ibe three. Kdward, on Mie other hand, waa father to 

IV family [Ainander niid G«orti«) of brotb«ra who •t*iil«d nt GUroford BHd^, tbU Aleundcr 
becoming rery urealtliy indeed, and the lord of Mitral manorfl^ whilst George's issue moBlly 
mt£r4te<l to Kmt KKforfl, ntid founUcil xhv unimporUnl t'lLmily of KmI Hctford Kmrrxon^ vilio 
Siwn Bfi}>cnr Ui ImTr itic<] nut. AlcxHiidcr uf Urij^;^'* history U lu bv rvad in tjjv rcc^irds. We 

litid liJm Ui Patent Holl 4-1 Kliz-, pt. 10, m. 2^. tukii^i^ the mnnor of Kniultiurpe Hh Raiitliorpe, 
a meu. Mid tfi»« cottagei, 20U Acrca of land, 30 auf e« of murvh, -lO A(r«4 of pMtare^ 40 iiorea 
of ufiderwood^ 40 acres of ling and 40 acrra of moor in Kanthorpe and A|>pu1hi«, Co. 
Lincoln, from iho Crown-in-chief In Rot. Lit. CUu«., 10 Ju. L, p. S!>, to. 14, 1612, vie BnU 
him and hit ion Alexander taking half Coniholine Manor to go to Robert, ton of Alexandvr, 
or ^rby. In default of hit Aon. In Kov Lit. Cl«ufl., 11 J»». L, p. 31, m. 20. we Itnd him and 
the aniue aon taking half the r^QUtry ami advivwaoo of Goxhllt Rectory, and In the annio 
r^corda Vmt. I, Re, 1/1^1, w^ And the unfnrtunata hiaiory ofhii w^ak ion Alevnndpr^ wh« la 
inviujclc^l into marriAgfr with KAthvrine N<?ville, iUv dnu^litrr of nn innki^cptr, Chrlstuphtr 
Nei'tllv, of Liuculn city, and lhert:by get* diAinli«ril4td, the bulk of the greut jiropenies held 
by Alevauder, senior, of Brig)^, S^'"£^ ^^ Georga'a descendants, through the niarrlngo of 
Alexander, of Ctflstor, |;raiidMMi af George, of Scrt>y, with Alexandrr of llngg'a daughter 
Elizalwth. And though ihp vnnlth^ hrolhor %PPta» lohnvi* had other aoiiK thnyprobahly dii*d 
in minority or were uquall> foutinh, and ao irvre puMcd orcr. The it^erri'iiii riche Ale.tander 
uf Bri^ die* In 1G31 and Ida will la proved the »ame }^ar, and In in inqaiattion, P.M„ laken 
at Lincoln, t Cbaa. L, p. 1, m. \f(^ {\G9\t, we get a record of hia wvallb, for to account 
of vblcb I rcArr th<^ trader to thi? inijnltition print<fd in the Appendix, lie died very wealthy, 
though, poor tnen, pouibty with a broken h*ari, due (o hm vcak ion. And tbeae prop0rti«ta 
ptMed over to George of Serby'a dt'iccndantM through tho marriage. a« 1 bave «4id, of 
Alexander (Georg^'a gnndaon) with KliEab«th his eouun. 

Two of ti«org« of Sorby'B aont go ont, Georgfr, -f un., in femalv iaaue, and Mictaud tine 
irrcle. Tiro iBorr, Thoma*, of Cadney and llovrftnin, and Ji>hnf nrc the forpldcr< of ycotunn 
t'antiliee, John^i family dwindling oul and Thoinia of Cudney'i iiivreuiiing Urg*ly, but never 
riHtiig beyond the position held \tj their fulher. Some pecpU huve thougbt Thomu Eni^raoDt 
of Ipawicbf Maas., was this Thomas, of Cadney, or one of his sons, but the pedigrM dbprov«i 
thii for good, though otic of Tboioaa of Cmdnvy'fi d^McntlAnta, Michael, miiy ha^e been Iho 
Miohuel nho cmij^rnted to llnvi-jbil], Unified Statca, circa IG&C ; but if ao it (oust be 
reinembervd tht« Lrnnch of the fumily la Dou^armlgcraua : no nrtna were erer allow-ed to ihem. 

Richard, AQOlh^r of George'i flons> hod several aona, yeomen, living about Govhill, and 
possibly oue of thew^ Samuel, wns an early emigrant to the Cnit^d StRi#:s, iind if »o it cnust 
bt rciDemtM'red thut tbiv fntnlly too waa not nrmig<iron», bring yoon^en and labonrent. KolMrrt, 
however, hnd Ivnue, two avna, Michael itnd AUxumler, buili eiidetilly burrimert. Michj^el 
wont out fivf itffAa^ and ifo Alvxauder, deaoribcd a« of Serby iind Ihter of Calator, nnit X\av 
man uho raised the family* He Is described ua a councellorat-law. and was eridenlly able: 
rich vo know he was as heir to Alexander, of Glamford Brigg, whose duughtrr Klixsbeth he 
married, and prolific and uxorious we ahall «hov he wai, for he marned Ihrice, 'lliia wnj 
the man who had the aruiH on page Iti allowed hini in 11^34, Hnd hia dirort lineal and 
logitiniAta d«s<endanttf only hare any right to ihea^ artii«. Wl* find hint in on« or two 
lauaiiita r« parcels of bii property, but lh«y are Dot of suffldeiit account to notice fullyp In 
S.i\ Domestic, Vol, A. Ml, p. 70, 19 June, 165t>, we find n rcconl of himas having fqrmflhed 
two horves and arm* in the siege agamst Hull, and having helped the King with muoey, 
Alexandtrr of Cuisior's couvin iinO wife did not live long (o6. 16^4), and we iludbim laarryiiig 
in the ssme yetv Enther Metcalfe*, daughter of Sir P. Metcalfe, of Looih Park. 8he too died, 
and the plucky and amorous Alexander marries for the third time, Frances Kelkp, daughter 
of Robert Kctke, ar.j an old Lincolnshire raiaily, who hwl held the rectory of Jtnrnnhy Iho 
Wnld for some 20(» jear«, w appears by two Chancery Prucwdings K.e. **, 2i May, Jfi47^ 
wh«n Sargent and Keike, who bAd formerly demised Rectory of Uarnetby lo Aleinnder of 
Cniator, who d«ibl»ed it X<^ Bishop of Lincoln IC Ap,, l€ll, for lives of Thonss, Alexander 
tind Dorothy, hii children. This shows Alexander probably inarri«vl R K*lka before 164K 
Alevnndtr r«igiatere<l himaclf snd his d#acendnnts at the College of Armn, but no date is j^iven 
with the regiHtrntion of the KeIke portion, but the Richmond Herald tells me ibe aignsturea 


'the AlexanderA re^BSf^^VS^^sj^ andoubi«dly ihe sftme, and thU mty be uk«u m 

Alf^tnniilpr, of Cai*lor, Ml »pvvr^\ cKildrnn. but iionn HtP nf noln pxf^rpl bin mn nml bi*ir 
Ttiomni, of CiiUt<}r, w1i4» Htilt hiyfuT rjiixnl itir ftiinil^ f(irttin«!M M' nrt tfllijiriCi' tiitb Mildred 
SnLiiiiIt-r!ioii only ddUjuhliT of Geur;;i.', tbtrd ViH(2uuiil CntlUion. Hit son intermarried vthh 
Uic Whnriuns of Wen Itciford, Noit«, and *o inberhed Wesi Keifnrd Uou»c, Co, Noli», wbcnr^ 
tbcv tim lo liu found nftiir iIilh <Intt^, AEkd in *' 'l'\w l^liqunrv "* wc rend (hat Mr, Alex. Km<!r*oii j 
of Itmlford, di^id nf nmnUiinv 1745. Smna of tboin thm rt^mHm in Lincolnthtn; go out in 
feinala ihuu, like Alexander, of Lac«by. 

The Dexl Keiford Uoute fiiitiilj gare binU to Alexander, vho married & Boivilbp nnd to 
Wharton, «vho took ibo name of Amcoti«, wn# knighted for pnrlinmeiitary tervicc, mnrried « 
iolc hcircj«, and witb Ihr uiunl result, went out in fetoolc inuc. The Boavillo mArrivge 
liiroiiffht Ulv«iri<?r<ifl Abbi^y, Co. fjeit^cifler, into the family. 

The next Alexander marries a Lyon^ and we ee\ ATexander Ljon Knker«on, M.D., 
according lo MA|or-Geiiernl Enu'ref»t», iIki valy ni«ft of real laleni tin: family hnK produced. 
For furthi^r detail* Kcrt the Entiinoni of Co. ^oiucfnel. 

Trom JHf ourrw|Jundcnc« 1 am aMnrc ihnt vnrious bincoliiAhifo KmcmoD* lliink ihey havo 

A oinim to EiriMii. bul tliiH |iedigrei.' wilt u«iifire th«rn ibere »re but few with daim lo (be 

Lincolrisliire arms, and I have ei^df^xnured, for the sake of my enquirers, to ^ircoaiu for aII 

the dc*<^nndJhnt« \?f Alexander, of Cai^tor eraiited arinn iti l(vH4r but have uut ia nil cakea 

succeeded* ao there ii nt ehntice for these seekera, but & poor one. On the other hand U mun 

he emphnticnUy fttuted thai there am scvorni |>e<ipte in Liii€o]ri*hire bcarlojf tLie name of 

Em^rion who Are not real RoitirAonii at fill, hiil KniolHoniq, and 1 iiball HprI with thf>m prrttitnlly, 

but first 1 mny expre«« the opinion that the above family arcff^nuine Kiner«nn«i thoij>fh I hire] 

not the link to eonnent ibem with Durham. But the following' euriou^ mutter found in 

Lansdowii MS. 4465, folio 1C6, by Miss Walford, at the British Museum se^ms to gite colour 

to uty vitiw lUtti there were Kmcrnon* in LincMnihit^ a |(ood deal ciirlier than K'il^ for here 

tbi» nnm« ia ivnttciti cl««rly ttnoctgb KmctJion, and h«ro I muil laav« the niftltor for export* 

to decidOp 

Itfihen tfit-iik >* 

JiTDb ^lt■tI^ = 
who tank iivt wtCli iClutiTTv 
Maud apdtuX Kiaf («nw«i' 

kDisi.ud\tr Bvi. ir. | 

ItoU. - 

Junoi- — 

Qmrd. ■ 



ti^ mitm. 

l-ltniH-irj, i1, H 

Haftln Unjoap, 

U^lwrt RriiutQiri. 







Allowlftfr JO yearjt fbr n ^nerAilon tbi« would brfn^ Stlgviil u living cirto l^tOO, jiud 
we ii)u*l romcmbor that there wtit a Gf'ofler^ EiJiory»oii f nbout thia Dcigbhourbood in 13^i, 
prnbahly li\Mr>ff iinar hlull, but irho hnd to appear at Linenin and Notl« ar ronrtof Urmiarr *^i 
oypT for HMuiultiiiK Pitr^'Huflb. It U qtiite potuJbtp tbiM Robert Kmvritoa, if he i^vcr exlated, 
WHK a reUlion of this Geoffery, who did exist, or Robert may have been an Kmeion afl*r all 
and conjecture U nselest. The above pedigree nay bo quite worthless, and it certaitity took* 
rather *' hnn^rj looking;" and mcnjpr*. 

Mr- A.S. KtlixinN. ntid Q. :i. 7; S.xti. 144, in a no1,#>on tha OcilV YorkKhiro. not VT^Ith, 

• Vol. XStl,, p. aw. t PtaUnl Ut^ll- 


origin glv«H(h« previously quol«d i— De Banco, Knstcr, 23 IT. VIII., 1532. Gc«>rfr« Ccdl, of 
flowd^cj. sued KiimuMil Kmer»oii and Isabel hU vrtfc. daughter And lieirMi of Ailnm WilTirr- 
foiu, for '* I mtivi. vnM^kicir" in llnwden, Mr EIHh teU« tii« ilils U not in ttie Wilb«rr<)rc« 
p«di|{ree, PDviibly thitt KJnmni) ii Jidr^citiidniitof tho Kobcn wbof* daughter J a itc i*>ijppined 
ti^fis*H iiMirrkit Entu ttie Cf^cH rmtillv- 

tn ftdililton \r^ )iavii 1I115 fi>tl(iwtnf; Emcrtfon fAiniTl^s in Co^ Lmcoln in tnrly l\tnt^», ibe 
mjLjoritj- of tliRin hrini; in lowljr cirruntitaiiceR—ukinv of ihena may be ci>niie<Tl«d with the 
Serby and Catlncy fnmilit^j^ bin I bAv« not Xho ]iiik«, 

Beginniijf^, tbeii. ill (lie iiorib «>f th« oouaty va ftiiU fvntilic* at S«kby, Woflaby and 
B(>ndby, v\t. : — 

«4 0i«n|tt, I 

Dail >*niviDb 



W.f, 1^. 

Ou,kf AWH^ 


of lUfTuW. 

Aktt. ^ CrrtAvwnrtfi- 




At \V«rbiby_ 

Jtkl'ii, ** Xw\^ 

of VmjIa^i. I 





J>ilm » iUK H«ll, r44. 

Ai llulKr^unl, tif the va«l, U Simon lCm«-riton, whn marnc^a 3Tnr|ii, Stucka ia 1027 nad Utia 
ao«N Will., Iti^, Atid Jolin. Simon ii rare itod a Snxby i>niitv -probtiblj lb«jr are r«Uv«l# 

At WVv^lioii »nd Urovlcelsbio, iuMf^fihofiring plnceit, v^ hnvf* ivo r^inUieH, tit., at VVoal[i>n 
four bfxillifTffi, Kii-.» Sncn,. Gm, anil -lokn, \V^,P. lO'Ji = L'rtulfl, Irnvin^ Iaku^ Jobti nad Ann«, 
and at Bnickc1ibi« two brotbtfra, Will, ViA*. I'>fiM, and Godfrey Anne, lonving i*iiu« Str|ihfEn 
ai»d Judith ; whiUt At Oboum fivarl>y vit' lied (vo brother*, WIIL and John, with ttix tistcri^ 
Will-, \V,b* l^-TiO, UftVOK a w>ii Will, and J«u», Jo«n — W. Symonn And Mury — MvrklmmH 

'nit hrm|rfi us 1^ thn ikiiddf** of ih** county vrtiori" wa Hod ■omt' vrrnlihii^r riiniiiii>« in lr*d*» 
nl Alliffliio (HisH{>|i'4 Norli>iO >«nd the [{ju«nf. Kobrrt, uf Alterbi^. W,K Iti^.T, uah n ininlthy 
milltir, mIiu leavi'i n hulf-brf»t1ivr Thotii4^ and cUtlUren Itob^rt and Anne : whilst at Kant and 
Marfcpt Raten ^v flad three ramiliea--two broilivrf. Will. And Gro. =^ ilucusa Kleld^ fitt. \u 
lOOH, l4TA>Iiif( iit4U4- Klix,, JAnr, John nnd u ih>ii (nanto toal); Kd., luivinj^ two duoghtcrit and 
a ion K-ftr,, IGr)l> — 22; mud Juhvi ^ Ann, Adm- tflliv But I have uo link* iti ccMin4*et time 
fninlliea. Then aiotln); eiHiwnrd lo Ihi* ra^teni midland cuaat ve curnt- apoii Mnuthfr Krotip 
af^ain In poorcircumuanct'a, cfiiefly small farmer* jind latH>urer« resldtog nt llie Theddltrthorpea^ 
Tniaihorj>i\ (ttyt'>n-k-MAr*h, Sutton, lluioft aiid Swaby. 

At Thi:dJlclUoT|ic ve b«vc — 

Jol^ - Hilt. &a)B, 
w.t.uaau ♦ w.r, uaft. 

ibdbc, ■« Ai^ Ata. 
w.p. itM.t 


Mkfe. '-lluvl. 

At Gaytoa-le-Marsk 





1 wi>.ia»t 

iMi«i - AJIflL 

AUvaU. *11ufataML 




Mule. SUiiKflb Alk«. 

no, Jnanta. 



And n Mnry, j^ifJua, W,P. 16*37, Iparhip; chililrcii Thnn., DorolSy, Kd., Alice, Will, nnd Joiiiu, 
nnd Ji gi^nElrliild ¥a\w. whom I OJinuoi liirk on, and r\ Geo. = hlij: , IrHving itnuv Jonu», UiirlliA, 
llcrttcr mid i}ct>ri^c, vtho »rt Mso " I<>o»l'" brjuit^liiTEi. Al TrmilliurjjfT 1 ^ci -Juhitf W^I*. 1588, = 
Alii^i; Jolinncinr iitid lit Mitl)li^lli"r|H-, ICuht,. W.V. IfiUO^ l^nvinj^ a widow Jonn And m son Tho». 
and a itticr wlio mnrriva a Madilisoii, ^iid ul Swaby lo rbe Hrmtli m e&l u Hlcbnrd, W J\ lA'M, 
1«HV]Tig Isttuo liobt., Kll?., Jiiiirt nnci Afrnrn, nnd hfiTly ni 8i>Uon we tiod Tho«., W,P. WJl, 
IvuvUig n iJAu- Atin nnd a lirorlitr NntlJiiiMi*! nnd Hiilcr KHxHbelli, 

GuM>;; eotttlnrzird lu Ifiir^li w« tiiul ntiolb«r group, possibly vncc* Kmolsons and dr8C«iidnnt« 
of KmoiaoiiM niv Km^rHOiiA «jioki-ii nf beliiw We find Kd.. i»f Unrgli. W.P. Ifiol, »nd hi* 
cbildreii TIuk.. Ann nnd Mary; nml Alice, <ifi., of Firsby (i\tvir by), W.l*. If>y3. nilh Iwo 
dtughu-rs and m *(in Siitl, vrlui Ihik ji ^oii ThitinHit ; niit] Ann, of AJdbtltdrpr, fiil., W.P. I^IT, 
iNivirtff a alMiT Knuicr*. \VorkLik|> f^tnllt nv lliirl n Ijunily nt Alt;nkirk. ncur ]^o»lon — n vtdl- 
Tir-du niHii l«JMt% W.l'. 1 liiEO, U-iivid^ KIb'ii. vitl., Jiud bralhiTi? I'lioh, iiiid ^Villti TbtM, bnvin^ 
tVfo nodH. TIttfiA. itnd Jdliii, 'iiiil Will n Mih TKnmMs Wiirkirij; loxvHrcI* Kolkinifbuni. tli^' rrndlfl 
of tlio lumily in tbi» coiuily, v-ts find inruilicit nt ^uutoii nnd Scrrdln^loiin t>ul uf do imporliuice. 

JotU). < 



1 7X. 

OilliL OMJit. ClilM, i.'Ji^lfL 
WhilM al Tyijd St. Mary on i\nf border* of Norfolk we find— 

Bdn *- LJiLl 








Ajl»t. - BllJDiBJLL 

KA- iCiiiPrMn- 

Tlitrrc firo vjtrioiiji otlifrr ii»i>lnrvd And Hniltvrvd records, fimvlnij limt iri)ii?r fniiiilirB ci^btvd, 
but no ilciiila of uny vhIul^ -i-xcnpl porliupa nn Kiion, of Scorior, W.P. \6'.>\*, wl.o Iuhvm a M>n 
p-h08 rtfid Iwo duu^'hit-rK. TIii'tis nrv nUo nirny rnniilipn Rbnni Wniby nnd S<*rby, who evidt^illy 
brioiig lo ihe L\i\iiv[u9\t\rv Knt*^nonn, but I i^m uiubli? to cminr^ct Ibein. Such nre some of tho 
Goxliill nTid Uudncry fnniiUc*. n» Ric. of Cnd^cy. W.P. ]vi7S. who Icnici two )k>ns, Kd. and 
liic-., nod live dnugliltrr* ; Will-. i>f CmloL^y, who Unvp* •oni ICdwnrd nnd Will, iind dnuKhlera i 
Tho«., Iff Cndnov, who bna n lur^u fumily born boiwi^vii HI I -I nnd l€2U, vi^,, sons, Jobrit KA.^ 
Tho*., Michael nnd Ktili.. and four dnii;;htvrH: aud ihc f>i>xliill Kinerfona, r; r, 

And now M-Q cnmi.' to the fipaniiu4 Kmersorm or Emoiftons who look Ihr hjuup of Km«*non> 

Al the Principal Ki-)iiidry Jn Londtm we htix'c ih^ nill of tjojttt KvtJistts (I I Uiicki?), diited 

Dt^'' 3l| 1-juO. of Ifuri^hdo'Mnrsb. L-uomt-rutin^ vHriuuH jiliicci round abuul. Bvidenily thiH 

Ifljin wnn n lonnoholiltir und<>r iine Air, Klon, n'ld i^ Juhii Eniot«OiJ of the MubIap UtiHt Umjrn 

Uvu. VllL. of fturglic. Ni^^t in *2't Klin. (h'^rS:^) uc bnvo nn ]ni|. f-M. rr Jljuv ICuoiios auj 
KuchSOH, of (lUiiby, nrar llurgh, ypoinnn. who hidd \»uda nt (Tniiby, Gl. Slcepinif. ItrataH. 
WninHt'et, all places tieur Uurghde-Murdb, evid<:iilly n d^'i^iTendAnt of tlie *}ous Emotsoh of 
Kurgh whoM^ will i* daled L^bO, i.e. 


i't lli]rv1iilA<\TAr*b, jv-nutn. 
Will ■iat'si ii«r. ^Irl. IVrfJ. 

Allflr - T'-rtfll, 


WUllntn kmoteoik 

It will h» iH^liivd thur Willinin i* thf* only Ann mfit>lioni>d, nnd he ia dpttrrihed ak ihi* heir. 
liiU eurio<i»]y eoouf^lL tUe !rnj, i',M- n-ferriTd to jtt*e» u» Jtm\ Kv(rrM>u .tt,i K^fitiiwh near Ilia 
aumr phoe. Now ih«rv it no dxte of fjidin E^morMoii of Uurif h'« proof of will. Pos«ibty he b 
ihe niuD who di^-d artw ]&HA ; but lh« Inif P.M. td^ys Thomas in his 4on ai»d heir. whervHi 
WiLLiAH was HOii nnd bitir of Joeik Of lioitoif. 1 >boyld eav that Willinin hnij diifd nnd John, 
ofCiunby, W4IS n younf;i?r brother^ but in imy Ga«o w<t ^«l the following pcdigrvv from th« 
In*!. KM,: — 


lliDiiiiu Kniulun 4K HiiitffviD, ~ 

iTitllnm ■ni<pl*in aI*. Cucivqi) ^ 

The inquisitions prove hII ibU, but th« exact links betupcen /oAa EnoTtoif, o/ ffuryi^, «nd 
■loHET KnoiKiif AL^EuiitESov, ofGuiib5(n4*irby), I Ii4ve noi found, nor dt)lparUcul>rlyri!qiiirfl It, 

I grve til is to nlion « rrimily in Xhn net of liikWi^ llir tiHUic E^ueraon- Kuifi^tu^tN or lruQ-bli>uJr4 
«oii* of EuvA, nnd ubvttiuity u1] i^ixinecliM]- Mow if lh« rcnJcr will tarn to the nbstmcl of iitqui- 

■iUon of JoBv, uf Gunbj,^ ii« vt'tW ttvft IiixIk rtffrrreil i'> all muiid Gimb^ nniJ Uurffh. Tlio 
rvuder. Iiow^v«t. niDnt remember that in ibv Ljty Subaiily H Hon. Vllf., iIhto v>ere luo, lilc. 
Km foil unci Will Km 'uin^ at ElilUby. ctu«p In Jlurgli, iW lljrri: tiViy bn ^rniiiiiL- Krm*rftuu» iind 
Fpunuui KiurrvouB in tlint ditirict lt>-ilH3t di'ACPiKl-iriU uf tbe nbuve ; anil cirily (wr«oU« 
itorkt»g oiil Ibelr own |ivjJigr4*4< utll bt* iibt« lu tell from utiipb iht>)' xprinif. hut my object 
bill bt^n Itj prove ihAl a family of Eniuiiuii4 (Ml Kniine) took tli« name of Einmt^rtoti, Hhtl 1 
b^vi- htvn \n((tnnt*t\ Ibut tboir dpseriiiUnls <|p4cribo themtiftvu« ju Tbornry Abbey KmrrMon*. 
A« [ Imv« Ahown in Ibi- cbnptur on Ciimbfid^c^liire ni> huuIi b^ioc*nM>iii evt-r t-nmietl. but « 
buEiib)« f«im]y of Eniolfons <l>iJ live at Tlic^riivy, atiJ ibeir kUdiry 1 bnvr gi*eti under 
CAiDbrldg^sbir^, A dtifl{;i»ii(lHiil of lb« rifst\ Ktm-'aoriH, of S^rby, ntHrHHcl oii« of ihf«» 

I{nkol«oa« aU KmcriortB. lo MMjor-Giinonit A. J#^ Kmofnoti iufann* m**, n'^Jo rrffiAters ipfi. 

And brrVf I niUHt pnrt com^iADy with tbc rval Kmenuiis ^(l|o at vjtrioit>t porioiU have 
owned «o luucb projitrrly in Liui'olniiliir«, end tiftfn coftnecled wjifi s»> mniiy |><rod Lic^cuffi^blre 
fjiTnilit^f^ bnpiiL|E tbAt 4Uc>tlK-r Atemnilrr uill arisi^ Mnd conquer n^w narld« fi>r tbc family 
fallen frum itn uld i^iatc; aiitl utt fpr tbe K|»uHgu9 Emer«ottB, luuy Ibey speedily iviiBtc and 
bvoome i>ktiuet. 

And finnlly tliere Is a family of li^mmUoot iu Llncolnvbfre who claim dt*«cent fVoni ibe 
Kmnt«ons, of Tborn^y Alibev. mid it in quiio pn««ibli* ili4fy rm hLibilHtiiiati- thi* eUiiii. aad t 
truKl l>r. It- K Mmtniston will wurk 4h« niutlcr «vit. Unt 1 li^ve nut iuL'ljdi>d ibtm in Ibii 
uort brc:tu»e they atv nut Kmeritoiis. Thuj arir uuduiibl^ii Hlii F^rninr^H IfrivtbtT* aiiU siitvra uf 
tho KtnAUitti, Htripvitiif,, KinoifnuriSf Kinutttoiia. KuiwIromb^ KruMtAOUJi, Kiniuiiia and Cniy60flS| 

s«atlered ovtr the hiri^di>m, which makr* the folloaJag moit ridicnTumt. 

Oue mi-Tiibrrnf thin fuTnily, ii CobuH'l FnimiMin. ufScahai^i ItarlHiiir. wasUHinf-amnsitill 
l»fot>Ably trnvfi ICalf I^ttLerduii », uf Fo^iou, Co. liarbam, arm* (like crett being inctrrect), 
logL-thtT wlih Sir -TanivH Etiirr»on-T«Qoeiit*» regimervd moilo, aad m Mrs. KcninUon, of 
G4>i)aurbr, cininicd the namo arai*. 

l>r, H F. Kinmiiian. wbo i% us tnoilrit n% }w i> fully informed i:ancvniiiig ibis fsroily, mu 
outy v^F»r«&a fjity for »ucb puerile vaFitty. and per^ouslly I cnn only v^prrat o-nt«fnpt forAUoh 
ftrr»nt snobbiibpe^s. Tliew Emmifinii^ mij>bt a» uell tutf. any c-o«t of anna in VKiatciicc. 
Tbvy liavu an c^jiuil ri^bi to tbrm all, which U no ri|;Ut, Nor ma I aware lliat »oy BminiaDU 
ever lied coat armour itrented blu. 


K>iKit*4>xa <i¥ (X XorristiM.tM. 

The Suhnidy HolU down lo M H«n. VIII. (iri23) give noau of tlHtname, Ibougli thiftons 
of Kmine Itouriahtrd ibvre, and llie flrM record I bave tu of the niigralluii uf Alexander Kmervni 
from Glamfurd Un^ft, l,lMe>o]iisliir«, nh» H»-ttlt-d tLt &■«! Hi^if&rd, eirtra hiWK Tliey do i>ot 
appear (ride Linci>1rif>hire pedi^reej 1o bave left many, if any, desuradanta. 

Later on a wiMlthiiT liranib of tbr %amt* familv mftrrfi*d iato tbe Wbarlon family end 
Miigratetl to Wrtt Relfurd. owiijiif- WeM Itelfufd Hon»r. abiuh tbey Mtbier^nt^nily si>ld ■»■! 
Iirf^ tbe county. As all the Lii^ior) of ibjs fmnily and pe<lIgri-« l^i^ivni Miidrr ib(< I«i<jeoln«hiriT 
Kmceaona ibere is no i^e^^d to rvpeni it lu-re, for I bave rraecd no Kmeisoas but lbeB« to Ibis 
county down to ITOU. 

• rUsAppcndii, laq. P.U. 



K»Hll«Oie» Of Co, NoJ(TBllt]-TOE?. 

Aft utunl tho Lay Sub*idie« giv«r ii» HI Hinmc iind Kiobcrtoiktt in tlie cuunly, but no 
Tlrut^rttoiis, tiveu In tlit- subsidy or 14 llvu. Vlll. Nor «n; iiriy iu bcr ftmiid hi Ihe MuAtvr 
lliAU of [l:*ii. Vl[[, Wi* M\iy lUvn ffiirlj ooiuOuiIl* llinl ontf Cutld>«*rl tfbo A|)|>niirH looft nftirr 
tiii» dait* AEitl Milled at Cof^^tovr. linvitjg bouglii laiiils of Henry Kiehir. wnx the lir«l 
immigrant into xhU county. 'lUv CltHncrrj iVoccirtlings^ givi- u« n tilt!« [it*digr4^<.- of ihii 
fmiiily— alt coiiipleitf. CulbberUvoaltlnpi^'ar Ircuu llii* li> liuvt? bt-eii th^lirj^t t^merson setllH 
ill Cti NiTlliiiiuptuii, urid Oultibt-rl i<i u fii^uurtEe Durham Christ inn iiaint-. Wr And loo (liiu 
Culbbert*A j^^rj^tidituii, hIho o CutUbvri, liuv luovf^d Lo Hbu)iU|I|»(i, Co. BucLu, utid >■ d<i»crib4.'d 
n« « yvoniJiEi. 

tif H-Kl(lrj,iihlbBttlmBHDiik I 

C\f»- »(V *«, II, \ 

Rat, VhiirtA^iAipi , -> JiHui, Qiicb. ~ Aifjwpu 


of ilajmJoiv*. I 

Win. V tma. Tlinn, JiMii|<li- 3ii4b- » J. iWktfd- Kmotih •• 



Acnfc -Hmuiu. 


Unrh. IUW^mI- 


1 1 

AU liilnjE irt IS90, 

JuIml, ]>]fiEi., U t^ll. yaCrio, UfriHiTiiiw. r>V'. ll,A~ iiUru 

Jobopli Ementnii, n millwvij^bt of Northampton, will provvd 1G86. I«jiv€« Itenjnmiu and 
JClizjibdih. but 1 ciumol id<tnlify tlti.-t Joiscph ivith lb« &bciv« and he may have be«n ocie of ibe 
■unit of ThomHa, who is mentioned ntt having had live children In llu^lfe svill, I5i'0 ; tUi^rvforc 
tUift it tiul Thonjjin, of JpkwjcU. M onc« atuiiird to mc probnhl^^. lie hnd n hoii Will., b. IG^4- 
Ni.*\t ItobfTi Kikinr&oi^ jooinnii, fif Coogrovo niid Knrihovfj iTmki>» bin niipmranrL* in tbu 
Clo^i^ Jiullv,| y K\h.^ l''j'>7, in nn inHcnlurr, when^n he ifriiiiU '"i thrt^i? tru-si,, lands, olc,iii 
CuHgrovit, i'oiccrs Perry ami Fiirthci. Cn, N'urtlmiiipton, to od£ I'Vc^iuaii^ a nierchanl, he 
but'iiiK bought thrm^ landA of Fernando E'ullon for XriiJ/' 

CoutvrDponiry with him ntii4i hnvr been the ltf<v. Chnilopher Kiner»on, ■' parnon uad 
rpplnr " nf CMvenj^rove, Tho Chufch of CiKftrovt* u-n» nriginutly in itie gift of ihe Prioi- and 
Kni^fhtr JIospitaHer* of St. John, who htUI land ]ier«. Al the diaaolullon the H«v, Thomas 
Todd hold* liic Iivhig 1549, He|>ina rAiroii, and i» mccrvdod by Chrinloph^r Kmer»on, who 
re];-i)3 miill 16G4, wh«n onif Ri7V. Hrn(Uhii« tuL:c«edN, Uhriatopher KEUervonJ al«o holdi 
Fortho in l^Cr 

In iTif Niirrlijioijiiiiri Rc<^i«iry »ri> only twjt wHlBof thia fumily nnd in Lrndoii non»*» nor 
hHV<» I h^cn nbU" to ^ralfier much inforomlh^n el*ewher« <ToMOi.'rniiiif tliin funitly, though Ibe 
Uev. ik'wion, Iht; prrsi-^it incumbent ni Co^grove, iian bi'rn iiio«t kind in fjiving m« 
information and flt^arching tombiloiH^x jind oliit-r matter ; for the early re^i«tera appear to b« 
lodt tbrfurr liilJit), ihuu^h Mr. Utid;;cB said ihr Congrov^ Urgiklcra l>e^no hi l.**ia, 
Air. flouHan fniind ih« followijig on un o1d grav«toiiL*, bnt unforiunnlvly was unablo to 
dectphur thtj date. The done U in Coveagroi'c clmrchyard, 

Thouiaa Kinvraon 

Diod Oct. 4 .... 

A^ed Si 

He \Wc*l long nil inujlvntii^r llfoi 

A Chriiilinii »trorig ^vllhoot nn-ChriHtiiin mrif**, 

Mr [[eAAfton kindly took a rubbitii; of the 
brits» nn ChriBtophur KintTnon't tomb, a 
rvproducEion br^int; ^ivi'ii hert^wiih. 

ICHunol Mild thnt Cliri«tuphar Kntertton 
va* ev4>r nt the Unlvorsity, nnd Proffai'itr 

M. G. Gwalkin, of Canhridiro, kindly 

"~ ftc«rchcd vitriouM re4^ord< lo seo if he could 

f Eot Lit, a*u<., 9 K\U., |)U *£. : ■' Wormu An^tliav'* VoU IJ-. it 982. 

.^<^:3LfeESANH^)r,v\ri\ _ 


mc* b[n«t Ccllegr^, btit coiiKl Jiot Hoi^evpr, 1 Hud n Jufiii Kri»trf»i>M.^ <tf Nor I ti ii mp I un, pleb., 
nrn««noaA ColUf^c, loHtric- :J1 Nov,, ]r»9S, ngod 17. U.4. from St, KfJiuttiid'n Hull In July, 
U\W. Afkd Mr. Elt'WHiti tfilln ma iNrro ar^; i1ci'^« rviiiinj; wiiti rvfi'roiic« to lUo Undfluf u 
John Em«rftcrt, of tlji» period. There vtuaaJohii Kinenon, M.A-r curate urHomlmmuDil rector 
of btiorirtiam in Su««r\ in lfi^4 ; tvhelher llieso are one Aiid th« laaie J know iiol. hut L find 
DolliitJg ulicrvlif I can ittiix wUo<ii:i: llii^fHiuLlv cuiiic \utit N»rthjinipli>iixlilru Biid conjuulure !« 
qmIom. CbriB(u|>hvr U iigood UuHiAin uamv nnd thnt U ull thtit c»n bv n.ktd, oxcopt ttut it wtt« 
IMfpelualBd in the familT nfler Uie dantli of I lie H^tv. C1kriil<i]jh<!r, for iti CIu*i^ Roll, 22 Ja». I., 
I '!i5, I find Clirijcluplier Kaif^r^on^ of Coagrove, Co. North Arupt on, yeoman, Roh now lodging a 
d€t)t of £&U to one of tlie inafiti*rn of tliv Court of Clmnccry. 


KuT^RSCnrs of Co. Warwick, 

In the tiirtou* Laj 8ub*ldiM ne huve the uinal Al Kmmc, Kmoinon and Ktntoo. Imt no 
Amcrfon or Kmcnon, or Arjythinf liko it, not oven in the »ub»itl;)* of H tiro. Vltl., Iii2^l. 
And Ihnrn ii no MuKirr Roll for Wmrwii>k Umpt- Hi»ii, VIII. Nor doe* the Cov**tilry Utmlrr 
Roll Umpe Meiiry Vlll. help \ia-^noiie of the Tiau>e apfiear; but wilU coiue lo ibe re»vue. 
and tho eariipHt of ihc nnmif U a pnr«oii, i«^^ K#v. Willtnm Amtnon, r^fcinr uf SolihtiH 
(Birmingham) nnd curate uf KoltHhitt in thv city of Cov«ntrTt v ht-ru hv evid^nily ilit^iJ^ tlie 
iov<*niory of his guoda bvin^ dulled Ml* Hen, Vili. or 154*1, \Vhcnce \ic c*nic J lciiu«' nut, iiinl 
t|n«« hiEt nnini* id upelt Ani^rtivn and hU brorhi^r'* Ainorton, it inLi^i be lookfl iipOD uiih a 
ceriAin amount of siwpidon, ihoui^h it U prnlinblj ti hrond ^jHiUing of Kmernon, und n« the 
Utrr lui'tiiWrt of the fnmilj mpeU tli« nimd Kmi-rinn tbiH in nuirc itiinj prol>ui>ti^ I'mbnhly 
the family moved Into Waiwick«hlre wUh the person. Hnd It mu6t be rei^tenibervd ibere wenr 
AiiiFrvoni in Yorhnhif nboiH Ihi* prrio I, but 1 hnvr \\<t litik binding ibo fiiintly t<* imy oOiiniy. 
It !■ pvidi>nt, Unu'irvpr, lliny n'f>ri> [irolty well U* dn, a fimbabln m4*mbr:r nf th» fninily gn<u l^i 
Oxford, other" ftre chnndlert mid invrciiatitic, and wk know by Koittr^M '^ Altimni O!torneniii« '* 
lliat another gue« to Oxford, and may have been the tnaji who aftenrnrda becamo canon of 
CltlchoBter. ItJlO, or rector of Witbrnch. tOU, 

N«at wt Uatc an 0>wnld Kinerf>>n wltnctiving tbc vilI of Aathonj IkJolyncuiCrt parnon of 
Sfffton, in C-n. Lnno.^ in l^.^i*^. 

liicrt- ii n will of a Paul Anioraon % (l&GG^Tfi), ^uerlvler of New College, Oxoo, who 
menlloutf his brother John. A Paul is iDiaaingi i.t.^ brother to Ro*. WiUiaiar and this le 
probably the man. 

Willi iJicTY carry m on to If^'J^. when wc find 0*wcll (Oawnld Kiocnon) and Mftr([nr«t 
Kmonikn ^n^n/^r^l in a Chancery auit (Ch. H^ nnd A- Rlir. B-K ^\) re properly In Coventry. 
Mnrgiiret ijf »aid lo be a " widow tnd very nged." 

In Foiier'« " Aluisni Oxonluntii'' ue tind Thoioai HmvrMou, of Co. AV«nrick, p1f*L, 
mainrulnted at Queeii'« Cot)., Oxford, loHH. tfi, IG. nnd graduateiJ B.A.. I5l#0, M.A. tdli^. 

W« Bnd io Stepney l£egi»t«r John GmerBon, of Covontry« roercbaet* fnliier of a ohild 
bapttxod iti 1615 — It>. 

Nevt we gel the family in Rot. Lit Clau*. 'JJsk. L, p. 4o, a 141, 10 May : John I'ywftlL 
par. of Si. Peter, Cornhill, London, uher, nnd Ojiirald KiDer»on, of Ci>veutrj, in the count nf 
the city of Covmtry, ebiindler, acknowledge a debt of £lf>U lo Kd. PbllHp*, Kt., maMer of 
tin* roll*. 

Th« regUtern of St. MichavP* vere destroyed by Hru In \Cti\f^, And ■« ibi? tl^^hflvld 
tmimertptH only b«^in in \f**j'\ that «oarcn of information ii nnt nft', and nit the mnjorUy of 
tbeM teilatorn werr bnrind at St, Mkbael'i w« may a*Mn>o their rveonU of tMptitniii and 
iiMrringe* were lodged there. The Xrioity R^giMer of baptUio* bMvreen 1^16 and |f>36 
•nly eontain* one nuiae'-lCHth.^ a duugbter of 0«wn1d, ba|i. Oct. 1, IGIT, 

■ " Alun^ni OKOuimvU," J. foittfe. 
t CbKkMD 8<>c, tM<<,>nfir-h<4H WilU, Vol. ||„p.&4a. 
X Princi|«l K«tet«try. 


jMm^acum atm. KWKAsoais oir covntmtx. 

Rflt' VIUEtnj AruBnon, 


%. Mnlyunix' wlU T'-^rit; >itil '.'}if*JiirV 


WUUI- nnxvM itt CUnntviy mtiti^ 

0*»B W.P. 

nib ^ Wl^. EitBbtlollvd 
j In wlU of bnitlicr 

John, i«n.. - MMkfoi. 

of Cormtri^ 
W.P. l«K 

UlaoT. I»5tt 

W.P. ]4af. 

&9.P, (f) 

John, — eif*. 

Vimr of WUbnuli ur 

Jrihn, JufL. - AMik OrH*h1, — 

W.P. 161*, 

Jan. .1J, Mil— 10. 

* Jo*. L, 



t Ut«. I>U|. I 



The 8bov« pei]i;^r^e la aniy iippri>xitnHip, na records are 00 incoinfjlele, Wbclher Paul 

wn« doit of 'niifitiHH all J whrl lirr lit? »■ Vati\ of Nittv Ci^1l«giT )» not proven, Wbtfther Joliii 
«nd TliumnA aro «oim nf Kk'lmrit it iLnpmv4>n, itiid wtiir-h OnvalH df^s 111 Ifi.M iidi) Ii^nvea all 
his property in Sunt id not (irovi-u; Imt I liiivi< indicjitvtl tlif< nori-prorf^n linkv in Ihi? uniinl 
wa]^ with llie Oolfeit lines of caulion, oihervi^e tt Ih prc!tty tirtii, nut) ua wc ^rt nu hvIUk sfitT 
Itidl \i|» to ITCH) ir« mjiy Tnirly concIii<Ie nut mimy maid tnembera lived at Covciiiry Uuring 
tbnt peri oil. 

Th<* vhirf iiil«r««t concerning tliiM FiLmjIy i« tlieir ptMnibU eonn«»ctUin with th« Km4»r«>oiia 
a|ji Skiikrii|*ny<fr, tniitatijr, of JIuEimm, Co. Lmcfliior, cnncornlng vhom ride lmcvMev«Utr^. 


The h%y Subddics down to And including 14 lien, VIII. give nonv oT tlie nAme; 

ni^virrtlieliTM in 131C we gH at Lekester Re^i^lry the will of Itobert SkttkrJpeyi^r Eit« Kmirrfon, 
of lluiliuni, 

Befi>r*i JjJAviiiit lliiH vt^ry cnrloim will I wtll jiini Pvtrtird ih^t Job" Mo^hrny, Duki' uf 
Norfolk, mnrriod Knthf^rino Nevilf. dua^hier of Kntf. Eurl of We»tmor«1iLodH iind he d^eJ in 
M^^, when thtf hud Gtiicote Mjinnr uKuigniN] lo hrr nn widoi>~. aflr^r which i^hc* mnrri^d 
Thotnui Straiigwayff (a UuHiAin fiimily;. Uot, LKXliius,, II Henry VI-, No. l-i,* Mr. Nichol'it 
Ilintorj contrtiuf no RirirraoEis in lIiu iiiJi^i^, nor LjAve w« nny ratrord uP iiuv, lliit curium will 
OXC(<pV''d tpiAfl uilT prinN^d Jif ^:r/^^]i4^ in Apppiidi\), 

Now' it vill l>unoii<^<Tci in tl:is will tliiil Sir Kdwnrd Ki^hvr And Miry l^rown are tc line usei. 
On tuniiuj; to Dugdiile'i * Hi>t{>ry of \V»rwicUhire," Vol. IL, p.IiiH, wclitid Kiih*»ri, bul not 

ficonttimpurary Ed^md, ihougli 'Ihos. HAnkiiia n)a Fisher, of Warwick* oh, It^'G, l^ffl a «ori 
Kdwardt knighted 31 Kliz. I'OKAibty the )-^dwnrd Kinhcr itho V'itt]e«»ed ihe will, bowev^r, wai 
a relative. Oji pitjjjc VO *te find Hrownri of Wnrwlckiljirc referred I0 — ^Hdwnrd Bruvrne, tri. 

22, 37 Hftn. Vnr The fjuvrvtioii nriitcH, watf Uiis Kobcrt Kwvnon nJi Shakvipeiire the 
progenitor ((^rnudfnth^r) of ihu immorlnl Willijun .SIiJik<i4pi<ftro ? It Is iBOro than po«*iblc 
and I wiTI leave aome Sh&kewpeare adioljir lo clear the mailer up. 


EltlUE>UN» UK Co, Ht.'KTIKUnO.HTlllU):. 

Thi'. «iarly Lay Subsidy relLinu give u:* no Kjnsonti or Kmtirtonit, liut in th« aubsldy Hi 

10. — 16 [Ipti. VUIh, wcj j^L'l at i\ipworth A^tici. JuIii-b. Kndi.<n)oti, jil bonin XK,9, viii.d. Now 

thi* RndtTvnn inciy be t mmnpHllini^ fi>r Emhrrron or KmiTinMn and '^g"Mi, tin lb« nth<-r hind, 

il may he a inii^pelliiii;; for Hcnd^raoti. But aa we Hnd no Km ergons a i r^pworth Aj^ne* 

• Kkhor* " Uiiloiy of l^eotl^nUn,'* ITJ&, Yol 1 1„ p. I3S. 

until 1710, ^bi'n Ihefe la iUe witl^ nrThomn* KJiierftOn, proved 1*1 Srpl., ITIil. whose brolher 
ift one of tlic UIuiiiiHliHin KmurBurti or [CmbcrAonM, w« mjiv, I thuik, f-iirly eandudtf thni lh(j 
ntmvc, if nri Rrnornoi). wliic^li i« monl udlikcly. lufl no progonj. 

The eadkil rcci>ril ofan undoubted Eiotraorj lluil I pos^usH i« thai of Richard, of Blunt- 
tMbflin. Il i> obviuuA [tiuhcirHl. of lUuniiiUain, eam« from elsewhore, f^r Ilie births of hi« 

^nrly ch&UriJt m Die HluntUhum Church UugiiiteM, which hrgiu pufictLmlly in lii^^, 

t.Tb« llrM &p;>' . jCiaMfcAaiamii-miintiMli|^it| !■ in 1Q03. whcu tht- li]rlh of n chilli of 


41 iM 





Chn,, will proved |fj:ti. All the vrWh aTH'T thi^ <Iki« «po1l tti« nam^ b;nieri4>t) or«»oii, 
^Aw/ra to John Kmifnon of tho njim^ place, wjl] tlated 174!J. 

Thisfiiniiljr witc yrfomvn, nnil htOtl undrr i(TrHcctor*«UHrior, Kin;;'* Ci>l]«|ce (Cnmb.) and 

CrojUdd AWrtjy. oh oun bo guthorod from ihdr willn. Now iho Uiffiiully urtnivj*, from wbom 

irnn thitf old yKciinnii family, itill rrprcKi'MVcd ul tlottnnhnm. d^ftcvnded ^from Kinaoft or 

KtDenon ? 'riie Bunur d Kinit'i* CollifRfi, Cambridge, kindly «Garch«d the CoUoge book* 

■ rvtcrboni* fU^iatry. ikhUn Evc^ IWl. 



luvun. 1^40- 


Hini,, = * Mftrgnret, 
W.P. 1&^7, I Miving 1M4. 
Ill Cuv'tntiy. 

Puiili T1ii>«,. = AUdb WiHe. Rio. — Wlf^ meutiMiitd 

TiifypwCuU.. W.I'. U^^it^, I J in iriUuf btitUidr 

Ox4jn. W.P, Chandler, of - TIl'HUU. lA&l'. 

iiwntlH.Ti-i In Hav. WUl.'i ^H. ^itatm to 
A- Mrpijuuuj' 1*111 (Jjirc, nud Ulrfsbini 

John Bnwztaii, ^j Atkn. 
of Cottsnhuu, I 

w.r. I Ml. 

of CnUnluiar 
W.P. Iflftl. 

WllL, ^ C^»tK Ciwpi^ll, 

Cfauo. Pro- a * A. 

Ji^D) ~ Gnoo, 

I. EiurnHQi". = >i>ri« EnuD«i«. 
f Cambart^mn | W.P. WW. 

W.P, low. 

JuiiB. SkU., 

Il21 ABg.» 





oA. SU Anr. p 


b, SO MbJp 



W.P. IflW, 

: Ann- 


b. 4 1JA., 





■Dr j 

I I > 

fllii. JubD. Kite Vd4 

b. IflTf, 

jirtiA. Huvli. 


fTo fuH piffl 71 J 


The early Lay Subsidy returns give us no Emsons or Emersona, but Id the iabtidj f g| 
15 — 16 Hen, VIIL, we get at Pnpworth Agnes, Jolies. Eiiderson, in bonis xx,t. viii.d, Nov 
this Enderion may be a misspelling for Etnberson or Etneraon, and agiiin, on the other hand, 
it may be a misspelling for Henderson. But as we find no Emersons at Papworth Agnes 

'Nlchol'i"UiBt4Ji7of IieLCst£nIjin],"17U&, Vol, IL, p. 138. 


antll 17-10, wWi) lh«ri« U the w\\\^ nfThomM Kmoraon, prL>vi-4 1<> S<»pt., 1740. whocc hmih^r 
is one or the BlunlUham Etn^fBona or Btobunons, we m^y, I think, f^iirly cunolude tbut Ibe 
«Imivo. ifAti Km(^rwi>ii, which ii ino»l unltkely. Wfl no \)To^vtt}\ 

Th« trnrUeJC record »f im uml(>at)tt^il t^inrrsvn thui 1 po»«9V!i in that of Richard, of Hlunt* 

•Hnin, II if ubvjout Uichrirj, of Ulitnii^htirii, cjimc from dic^bi'Tc, far the bircha of hU 
fifirly rWiUh^n Hrv not in the III tint intiHrii Chtjnh Itrj;i«lcTii, uhit'h ln>i;iii puiiiriunllj in 1688, 
Till? Hrnt Hyipf-arflNco of this fumily at Ulunii^ihaiu is in 10^)1^. when ibe birth of a cliild of 
RIcliArd KmerHciii 1% reuortlod. Iti ihi; «■ i;gTileQntb ceniurr vt gi<i tome vt ilii* fAcnily tnif^nt* 
ing^ 10 CAiDbritli^eAliire, r.e„ Kichard, of b'vndrajrtoii, W.V. iJVJ, and in the Kame couoty <re 
ff<Tt Thoninx. of I'apwonh A^cv, W.P. 1710. The linC of Xh« ituatlj wa« OTtd<Tntly a 
■tttwljinlul yi'omnn in a fliiHirinotly jfood f>iHll(ot) In bK d«4eribi>d aa "gpnl.** hj thtft ditllprin^ 
writer of Ui* wiU; (iiit no proof of hu ^nliJUy ii lo hand or any nutucn^lioi^ "^ ><- Hit 
uriftin 1 lifiow notn 

Krom wilU and the rvgister 1 have been able to compile ibU shon pedigree of ttie 

lUlIivit - MiiMQ Thm^ XlL, tJm. 

U.^ I, «Il S.P. im. M ^ 3^, ^^ 

.>f KrnflntTluD 

(lUiatii.J. W,P. 

I., Kia, 

1IU<>-L ]«10l mo* 

1. Tl4, 

tit Pfeirtkvrtli Ajri« (QiniibX 
we. «^ i;i'u«i.«e 

T r 

Hi»« Rainpf, th« R«clor of Bluolialuim's dau^thter. kindly t«lb me that a Miit l^rnlmrinn 
wju Itviofc at Oluntiihsra aJtliln Iter memory, aad it «U1 b* notieed in the rv^isier exlracii 
that Matthew** nnme is aprlt Kmberson. a variant of Kmcrxon. 

EuxHMiis Oft Riui>H« oy Co Cahibiiioic. 

TIl^ fA'ly h%y Siab*ldi«4 and Pull Tiixo« (Rio. II.) for Ihia ooaiaty ar* mtwing, lint En tb^ 
Kulk«idy of II Hen. VIIL (\'i2^). neflnd nir^ral soi» of Emma, apelline their nameB Emp«Hi 
and Kmwn. at vanon* pliu'e*, InchidinfT Coitenham, vbtr* Alioo Knitoii i« tavcrd in gooda 
iiiji. iLviii,d. ; but we Knil« lu«. i>ni- Kolit-rl Km'^KOTi taxed in w^yt xx.f, iiiLd., evidently a 
labtmrcr livln|; nl Cotun nnd uvcr sixiL-en yt-nn of uf^'v, ind we find tiu will of hia later oo. 
The qucHtioii iigain iviiiefl, v a4 Iiq progenitor of ihv C»(tenhnni family ? I'lifitrtuaatclj, ihero 
nrr noiiamea j^ive^i ia the Oaiabrid^eflhire Mutter Roll« for Ifmpe lEenry VIIT 

The enrlint will I have it ttint of A|£nev Kamon. nt l.ittleporl, bnl in the printed Court 
Etaroiif with ttelect pleas frcm the Biihup of Kly'a Uancr of Littleport. I find no Kmer- 
aoa«, oor ia the early Court Kotli of Croylaod Abbey. The next will I hnve !■ that of 
Iticliiird Kiaykoa, of CoUvaham, wh^ boKU propeHy ici tho Church Rod in 1-'>G7. A tubce* 
tn^fni will (prived lOt':^) of t)i# family hat the name apf^U Kiehiird ^mijon, whilat one 
Thocnas, of Comberton. t>oft»iMy a member oT tlie Aame liniily, Itaa the name apelt Emme»taUf 
Tboa.. will proved 1033, All ihd wilU af^er lhi« dateHpell the name Emenob or Kmai«rion, 
down to Joim Emeraon of the tame plnce. will dated IT 1^. 

Tbi> family were ynoioen^iuid hutd undrTike Rector '* M« nor, Kiojc'a Coltc^ (Camb.; and 
Crrtylitni! Abhny. an ean ht^ ^ulhrri^il i'mm ihpir willfl. Now the dilliimUy arUei* from wbom 
wtui ihia oM veoaian family, vtill reiiriraentud at Cotti^nhim. deaoeaded — from Emaon or 
Kraertuo? The Buraar of Kiii^'a Callt^, CflmbridfEe, kindly searched the College hooka 
• P<ttfl-bc»v- R4«iMry. Sfiden 8or,, IHOl. 


ror Tn*», uni finds no Enaoneor Emereons hoMin|; of the Colle|*e fn thtr «ixtotiith c^ntur?* 
Jill llifkt till')' niuHt hnvfl boconir tciuihU IhKt. i%n »liowtj bj ihi^ « iIIm. Thi.' via\y CruylMiitl 
Abbi>y (^ourt Unltii Imvc been Mfnrohflil iri thn hope of clonrin^ up th« mMil«r, but ^vUli^r 
Kiu«i>M nor KmrrHori Hjiptum. Firmlly, tUr Mii»ii«r UoH* for Curiibridijo have been s^srcbwd 
(leiupf Uen. YMl.). but ttiere are no iiatiieH ^iveu. 

Now if itir Uiibftrt Krn'soiL in ibe ^iibal^iy of H Hi;n. VIM. wju Ibc progentlur, I liavfl 
nu eviileiicu Ihut he left nnj i»»tic, ani] ci^rtuiLily hv Ml no will, Tot Ibe ltr?t will ia ibiU of 
Rivlinrd Kiuyscfn (vpclt ns is ihv oamc of iho Ilolrriti in Spnldinginor^ RioyKOTii or KiniBOnn). 
AUo^lher, 1 am incUned lo think ibU family ar^ spurious Emersofis, and liav« obiuiued the 
namu bj the mixipdling of icribcii; but tlii« j« by no mmru ftrtmu^ aud no doubt d«ep«r 
aenrch of 5lh«r tetiurds to the inUrenti^d would revenl Uie Truth. But the fftmiljr U iioi of 
«uincE«ril iTiJpi>rt:iM<^if lij wai-rHMt lhl«i, aiicJunt ihuu^b U be; iMid tit.- vvtik-nco oi> thf whole 
point* to tli4rir bcijig noua of KiAinn, dvitooiidnrilii of Alien RmsLjn, of Cottirikbnrnf givuh in ib« 
Uy SubMily 3:( Ucn. VEIL 

The CacnbridKetthin; wllU pniiled io the Ap[>ertdix ^how the family history— yeomen, 
mrchnnicj", Kproiiding over Tin? county, some turning trnileAEDiMi nud bvuoniing luikvrjt, whoiie 
difHi^rifdunli nrr to br M-cn lo t]i\% t]ny supplying brcud nt CnnibrJdge, ibv fini lu \m\kV bring 
Hii'hvrO, of Linton, uill proved I March, I731I, 

The will of Chrinropber Emi*r»on, the Kly walehiniin (proved 1G80), however, doei not 
beloni* 10 this family ; he wns one of the Norfolk Kmersonb, ol Ililgny, Co. Norfolk {if.r.). 

I give n pi-dtgrec of tb(t Cottcnhnm fnmily, compiled from wilU down to ll^UO, «> tbil 
ujiy luembpr of ibe rmnUy cno t?n»ilycnrry U luriber. 

[n tliid e<]UnCy> too, iil Ttiornvy, woru a fnrnily df EitntHoii*, nljicli I brivlly »knniin»l 
hccAiisc »otne coTrc>ipondenr« spoki- of Tliorney Abbey Em^rsofu. No meh people pver 1Wc4> 
A family of Kmoixotii \W^\ Iherf, and thc-ir wilU during tbo cigbti^^'ntb i^t^nlury I print^ 
begintiinjj; witb ilial of a burU'r, liohurl KmutHon. who h«ld n h^Hse under the Uuke of Uedford. 
Alnjor-Gcnrral Ak^iumli*r Lyon EuierBoti, of ihi- Lincohmbiru Kmirsuji^propi-r, telU nivihit a 
biflnch of ibono Thorn ny Abln>y Kiiik>li4riiih w^^ti^ lo Liiicobitibirft and ti^ok lb« oMiof' of KmorAon, 
luid lu) doubt Ihe fnmily r^tfrrred to 19 lh« l.inotaon nlinii Kmirrjion family of llurgti, fully 
deaehbed tinder LtncolNaihir«. 


EusnsoKa rr Co, NonroLK. 

Th« very h«hvy Lay Subtidy Kolli^ including the tirat j>nyment, of lo H(.-n. VIIL, for 
this county have bt^n aenrcUed, itnd we grt two of the nnmv in tbe early part of ihe i<i%le«iit]i 
century— Koll fn !*> 'ff^n. Vlll., Biiibops Lynn* John lOmerson. in goods, xl.s. nlLd.: 
Uoll Hi U Ilc^n. VIIL. llurjdrtid of Hole, Molt Mnrkirt, 1-AUjtrd Kiii'iton. in gootU, xl.a. 
nn.d.-^lurogeooinc Kmvriona cnmforlubly off, Bvidt^ntl^ in buvinosi, au lb«y aro taitcd in 
Itonii and are living in townii. 

Of Kd*flrd KmeraoTi. of HolL I have no further feuord; but of John, of Lynn, yei. Id 
the Tiiu»lt'r fftr Lynn, 1573, S,l*. Uom.,<> Vol. XCIV. No. 12, we get— In th« warde of 
Rubert Duiitiiigc, Aldoniiin, Julin Kmcrnon : rvidirnlly th<f John of thi< Lay Snbiidy, 1524, 
or hit son. But curiouvly vc get na wHU of nny Lynn fimJly until W>0, wh?o un ndmini** 
tration ia grnatod lo Kalf EmorHon, bu^bnnd of Alice EmersoTi ult* Dal^, late of Lynilt 
dect^^uvd. Thin U ilpb wna the ^AoTer of Lynn. But probably n thorough aeart-h of the Lynn 
reKi*l*^'> wouU give thi; pedigree of thiji fnmily, o few of thene arc given in th* Appendix 

The next enrllest record Is of John Emcraon, retainer of Lady Jane, #lfe of Chailea, 
Enrl of Wejilmorftlnnd, who wut ruined by the n*ifig of b"ii>^. I publish two abHtruots from 
Mr. Swjilluu'i bislory of Ihp NpviIW. which will explain ihe matter. John cjime <Vom 
Braneepetb wiih Lndy Wi^nttnorrlAnd after lb« failure of the rixlns of ]WJ and ruin of tbe 
Nevilles, for we find hi:n taking a letti^r to Qaeon FJt/abi-lb frcai Hnintop«th before ttief 
movod to Norfolk. As to bla origin. I have ri*ferr«d lo thai under Brancepeih and Rat^ 
Emi^rionB (fi'iie KmcrBona of Co. Purhum), Whether h* wti» «ne of iboao burled undi>r the 
''four old Htonex** nt KrrnninghaU, 1 know not ; tiot there iit no ri-r<>rd of any Kmprioq in 
KeDnlnghall and FraminghuTii Rr^ijtic^a up to 1700. 

• " Norfolk Ant]q. aJUoftlacy/' Vol. I., p. 103, 


Ahiimctt r^/vrrinj/ Ic Jckn Em^rion. o/ Brancrjtftk arid Frami^i/hitm. 

H. J, Sujilloiv'* " Du Novn Villn " :^" AbitrAci from Irtirr frum L»u)y Wettmorelund 
to Lord Burftliliry : 'In conajderation wliertuf I ti«k«che jruur L^. lo bIicwo int' *n niuvli 
favour iLf I JDitye hiiTo n n«we leae ^annced for twvTiiy yean . . . > tnd thnt it mii}v 
pnifl in tho unmc of (hy« barar, my vervnnt Johfk KnierM>it, . . , . From FmnyngUiim, 
ihe l'>th of (Mnbir. 1.074. Jank WKjitwoRn^AXn.' ^* 

" ' Th«re arc,' mjh liloomBeld, in Iiik ' Histtiry uf Nurfolk.' ' four old aionra in the mro 
of Ki^nningliLtl] Church, in the sliape uf foIHija, bat no inBc;ripiii>u or in^inotinU uf nriy kind : 
yei I lind ou lUi; ^Oxh of 4iinr, Ih'^i), hare whi burtrd Juni}. Counter* uf Wcvttnorelund, wife 
of Cbnrlo* NcviUc, Karl of Wc^t morel und, Lord ofUnby, Stpindrop nnd ltr«nc«}>vth, Witik- 
worth ami SWrryhDilon iMid Middli'Knm, d«iighli*r of Henry Huwnrd, K«rl of Sumy, and 
»ifter of I'lionuLs, Duke of Norfolk ^llenf}]nj(hall Parish HcgUter),'" 

Shnrp'ii 'llrbdUon of ir.OS,^' Appendix, p. -115:— " ]G16. Tbomu Eoterfon, Ef(|., 
Stt^vturit 4n'l Simeyor IScuvrnt of »U ih«* ruitiiur<r etc, btlongiiiii; lo ilii* Karl of Somtr*rt/* 
AUo li ri.-iDriin» in tiuatody of the ofKoora of Lndy WcfrtmorelitQE), -^ who I tUiAko will n&Kw«r 
upon Ihfir 1iv«-ft for nriytbing iloii^ thereon '* — Lord SuK%ex lo Octl. 

W« mu»t lwiT<^ John the Knitbful lost in oWurily, The nu\t rc^cord i* of Hunry ICmcrtoii, 
of Loddoi), y«onijin, \n CiiJiii. Pro. li And A., KlU. K.i;. ,V* t5d^» by which w« leiirn ilat ho 
married (eirec '^*> ilWi.) Joah SmUlie^ widow of -Inmes 8mtih«. uf Loddou. Dy Ltxldon 
Ri'giMor *<' know he wa> Wried in Ifj23^ cvic^cotly 1ciivin|^ no iantic. 'Hic origin of thi« 
npnry 1 know nol. Th« Loddnn Httgiater record* hi« dMith mid nnntt nthvr of the name 
apprnr up to 171)0, nor yet at Ch<Hljiravtt. Mr. F. Johnson, of Ori-'»C YarmoutliH got the 
Bttoon Atlanor RolU learchtd {tide Appendix; Miscellanea), and ii is evident this ilrnry died 
vrkliout Issue. Henry, however, ia a name preserved In the neit family, of which he van 
pckMihly ■ ratntlve, *.«., the Knif^r^ont of Norwich, draper*, of whom Alien Kfnrrwin (val) 
privrd, NAru'irh Ri^jjintry, IC-ll) in ihm firit ra!eord#d. Alleit learuii prop«r1]{*» at North 
Rfppi, freehoM and eopyhild. Hi* lenvea ioiiit—Ht*nry, Alleo, Robert, ChrUlopher and 
■j4>liM, atid u daafrhter Sunan. who married VTarren. Mr. Walter Kyc. in hi* '' Itougli 
MalirTiah for n Hijitory of the llmidrcd of North Krpinghatn/* quotes, iu xubMldy l^ Chaa. IL 
ilt i^-'O - ^'* North Reppi, AIIcd Kmcrioo, oa. ; in 15 Chm. 11-^ Allvri BiDL<r«i>i). 
x%.^. riii.d. ^obvionily Al]i*ii, Jun., thp MOn of the tMtJitor, who jiIho ba« three li»artha 
At North Beppft 21 Chaa, U. 

At Hilgny* Co, Norfolk, we find Christopher Ecner«oo dioi, and his will proTi*d UTA 
(7.r.). ani] in 16^8 Rubvri diu at the laaie place, and hai hU vjlt proved ; a<id n widair, 
Mary, nlito diei at IIi}g«y in lG7tt, This llilj;ay family in all probability dvacuodcd from 
ytmnger *on« ^f Al]«fi Emenon, thv dnip«r of Norwidi, oh. K»4r 

lit \CtjO an adminiatration ifl j^ranted to Half Kineraon, huibatid of Alice Kmanon nltma 
Dnie, laio of Lynn, deceased, at Princi|>al Registry, la 1777 we find aome morv KmeriMini 
nt Lynn {Hdt Uew'K " Moriumeatal ]Q»cri|>tioni of Maodred of Holt '). a« aUo «t Ijongham 
ClrurchyariJ> lillt and iTlfO^ jind lalur at sirmtoii Novm Churehjard. 

Allan EiMiinLiu. ^ &uui Bi**, 

N«fihR>H>. W.P.Jad,ili<vil Hur tn. I^ur Mwiiv.^ Dot, K 
SV falW« tUprr-jfl. liK !t. IMI, I 1*14, 

ll«arT< ~- Hhaatii ^ J. Wuih, 

Cf If OTWloh. 

I, mxLl mU, RaU. 


tk 1^1. u ia». %i)m I K tats 



■I ^1^4 OaloM.. 
rUt Guut>nile* »UU. 

ib<r, - En>klMli. 

A*. 4 nit J U'im 






Mvc*. rX. »mj. Bit. vlu. Tiu^ 


Robot, «> JftDA 









N,B. — Tbin pi*<ligrec i« cwnpilrd from willn i^ide Appendix), but it muvl be clearly^ 
u»di*r>luud thil ihv \iT*n>t uf the iOc'iitiij of Clifiiluphvr, ivii of Allea, tH|iliu.'d 1C«^, mekI 
ChrUtoji>i4>f. »r Hilgny, will (iro^vil lti7>S 'J. in not to bat>d; nor iKhI i>r WilUam, ft'>n of 
All«ii, iind WJllJAm, of Uilfray, «riU dAtfr-l I'j&S: and it may pcMJbLy turn out these nre two 
diJlifrx*EJt Chrijrioph^r* itnd Williamt — tiul I ilo not ihink no. OlUvtvito tUv |wdigrrc U on 
le^l ba«U (cf^c WjIIk mid :)(, F«tvr JUAiicrol^ Kcgi»lcr m Appvudix). 

Cvlotiel St«vlL% tttiu tiHB tn^nuiintftl huuiv lhirljr>>i& Iranicript* of Norfolk RvgUlcrt ^tid^ 
ApiModix, Nurfblk R«gt»t«rt), v^y* litf> only Ao^a En t\mtta -WilliMiu Kmc^Mxi, tmriod at 
North WnUhim, lO^H; Kllzabelli Kmerson, buried At North ^Vultliam, lOiB, ISul Minic 
other* of tliiH rnmily will he found in tlic Appundu (P«r. R^^^ialcrx », also at (luitt. 

In the Chancery ProcL-«diiifcs, 1.^ Cliai. I., pu IL 1637, we act William Emereon al« 
And^rfton. ot Wig^enhall, St. Peter, Co. Norfolk, yeoman, »«lliiig hpark* Chantry and Undt 
In Wlggi^nhmll, ±41, Peter. Posaibly ihU wni the North WnI*hiiiD Eni«non. 

In iho Knot Angliiii, Vol. III., p. 34. cxtnicis from St. Lawrence KcgiHt«r, Xorwwl). 
I Iind i\ui fiillottiTiit vi-ry niirit>ii« *ntry :— *' Y* day of « gtifut hlowe by ptjwder iti yt city, 
Cliarl^ KinertEoii 9\i>cult^ on ihd Ca«tlo Deckes m ohp of the pretended iiiutineer« when tlie 
then Cornu^lttee lioniw wiu blown up with «tighty bJirryU of powder. Jhil 2, Uj^^— If/' Who 
thU muiiiKiui Chfirli^s w», tvhat he did, vtc, remains cryptic. 1 have m> record of any 
Chorks Krucrion in Norfolk, niij wht^thcr he tvns a nntivo or '* foreign i«r," ^* 1 miiBt leave," ^e 
they tjiy in Norfolk. I dan- Hy, if Norfolk hofii, wny deacinidMTit hunktring tnr a vilUinoua 
aiiceitor coiild enaily tfnd hini- 

Anj>lhcr Norfolk fimily conteniporAty with the draper^a U a Yarmouth mariner, aained 
Nichrjtiii KmeriOfi, will provtd »Princii«il ItegUtry) IGjU— unil well off for a fnarlnar, too! 
This fniniiy Mere llugnenutv, And llicir iiarrn.^ Aro recorded in ihe li>lB of HugMonola vho 
L-nme to Knglmid; wli«fi they l^ft It, [ know not, 

NUbollP KU4IV»1. - PlWK 

At Norwich Kritinlry thrnr i« h nill of Widoi& E;aeraou, 1G64 (wife of Richard Rmrnion. 
marinur), who Wvev h sun, Itoberi, and aa the will iit made in thi- preitence of Widow Kiner< 
aOLi, Utv wife of Thomas Ernt^rsort deceaaed, we may coojoclure the above Thomaa i> referred 
to, nnd ibnL thi; famllicit nvrf rHiitrd. 

The llojifth Tnx HidU ihow how vidoly thrso i-urious fRmilioa bad cprvnd over tlii« 
county, for vfv find the nami- ut Wiekhampiuii. Hilf^a)'. Wooduorton, Gulat, Scrowth}', 
Klbur^ti p:irva, Mi<thwo1i1, B^^rnvy, WicLmore, Doc^king. SuatTieM. Pajitorir Dlckleburgli, 
NiirtEi Rqipfi, jlinhiim, llindrini^lkiim, Grent WnUirigh^iin. Norv^ich. 

In tli<'i<ighlLH^[ilhct^i)(ury wt? (hid two KmerM>nAnL Lungham ('hurch^^Nov. 0, 171 J — 20, 
John EiuurBon burit^d, tnl. SU; F«b. 12, 17:20 2V. Mnry Kinornon buried, mt. 7ti; and at 
NwaritoiL 'Mnry Efnenun, d. April \X 1782. ffij. CI ; Mary Kmercun. d. Miiyii, 1782, irr. \'J: 
Elizabeth Biuereon, tt. June 2'^, 1813. <et, 7^; John Kirjerflon, d. June G, 1811^ ai. B5j 
po««ibly descendanli of Jobn, of Lynn, in the Lfty Snbjody of Lj Hon. VIII. 

Mr K Juhuion tclla mc that in Gunthorpe and Biinihain Thorpe churub«a arc incfnorlnti 
Gommcmoratihg twu ICmorsonA, niid on whose tombannnrmaonrvcil^ I'-f., iiEuruon u bend orfrcni 
ihree torttnux : crtnl, iMviiitj^ from clouds ray» of the nun all ppr ; a»d Carth^w in hii 
'' ili«ioiy of Lounditch Uui^dr^d " gives -Jacob Kroeir»on, gent., 2(> Sept., 1S04. «W. ^i); 
Mary, bJe :ufe, U'> Nov., IH1!<, o-f. '^7. In roster** *■ Altimni Oxonieiisia*' *pgfl— Hmcrton, 
U^tbtTt, s, Uohurt of Tiichwell. Norfolk, 'jrinfv/frrr Mjigitali^n llull^ matric IS (h't., ll77,at.'Sfi. 

Now, n* ulrcftdy anid, 1 have been unnblr to trace a siii;{}e armix<^ri>UA Hmeraon to Norfolk, 
nor do E flad the nMMim Jai^ob, l^licrt. eto., in the Lincolnshire pc?dign*i* Jibout ihi* period thoae 
peraona lived, aod I am forced to believe theae pvrsona have been claUi)iiig and UAias the 
LiriGulntbiro coat, and certainly they prove themselves impostera by using n creai that never 
Jcgiilly «xittcd. No Norfolk Kmer«ons were ever granted armx, nm\ i cnn find none before 
1700 that ever roao to «ven profo^ionnl rank — (ocrcly Iradcamcrt and mrchanici, farinera aod 
• '- Uouumt^iit&l Iiucrtttloii- ii^ Ihir llDudrvd of UUW" W, N. tWw. tia. by W, iLy v, Vp, UO ftnd tlU. 


\ntn; «> Ibat I trust ve tlull kftir no m^re of thr nrm* of B[nrr«onfl r>f Norfolk, for 
. never exUlvd ; tliutigti poNlbly H Ml<ni of tho Lin l^oIjiji lure rLniiigprtiUH ruitiily mny 1)Av» 
eilttfd in Norfolk, but 1 liuvn nL> ri'floril of *»i^H ; iinU if uilivir Liiu'olriHliiri: Ktiivir«oiia did 
^miKrjiKT to Norfolk in tjnrly thnrs, ha \n prnhuhtft. ih^y would, having c«me from tlie soiiih of 

tli« coimty. very puMibly bt npiiriom Kmmniiit alf KmoUonii — bat ibftt U f<ir indiviilunl 
edLj^ree hunters lo prove. 

One vi*n!(hr mnn, TftoimjiB Hmerfion, uf Norvticb, n vucarbaker, of Lon<lon, gave a ffoMen 
coll^ir for tkie mayor'v line tii the Mrtenteriitti century, mid trie llolkam KinenoDB vtW l>e found 
niider EiocniuiiB uf Cboihir« (Uoilcro IVJi^oci, C«p. V.). 


Khosoxs of Co. Svffols. 
The Tcry hoHvv Lny Sabitiiiioit of thn county down lo and includini^ tho firiit jinyment of 
14 Hen. Vlll., lo23, f^tve ua no Kincnons, though the utiuptituui KmsviiH Arv t-«miuoii 
pBOUgh. The rnrlicHt rreord I ljnt« of Kitiersona in thr comity ih in Cliniic«ry iVocvodinga 
H, nod A-, I Vh.tit. K,P, ','. ]i\*J7, «h*re we \**strit Ihm Rhlf EmPMon. of tht^ KnM^HEe, On, 
Durhum, m;irrji'd nbout thirty year* ngo ^l■Jft7^ Mttry Wrij-bl, daughter of Jowph Wright, 
^vnl., of KelveduEi ifnll, Cu. VA'ivx, »iid lield Uiid at Itnindon Ferry. C>. !>iiirolk, vhcre HM 
ntii! hU utfe lived for mmpv ten yeac^ (tolfT- -li'iOTj, »Eid tlietj returi»«U to Co. i>urhniii.^ Th« 
ehfly regiHTcr of Brmidon Ferry In lunt, mid we find nfler tlii» ne get itviie vf the "Hme then; until 
IfiH^ — 172:^, when we K^t J'/iAii, Lyon«l, Kx^kUl, Kliinhpth. Mnry. WiliUm, JMrnen, FrAiirii. 
PhtMij>, ./uAn, Jiirnei. CiLthcrine, Chnttiiin ; Atid in Henrtli Tax EUilU, 1670, John> Joseph 

and Eiaerson. 

The next rot^onl U of an I[itwich family in tht will of William EiDor*on, of Hnry 8tok« 

next Ip«wicb, in the Ipiwlch IlcgUtry, and proved ICM, wberr hU wife nnd dnii^hter nitd 

•nng«it eon, ■lohn. ai^ nainnl^ The Sioke Rpginter hrm ti^eti fl^urchnl ap tu \ft'A\ nnd only 

ibe tMUIor, Wiltiain Emerson, ten., buried fi June, IG14, Appenm. Mr. Johnioij b^i uUo 

[aiaminefl all the Ipswich KcgUTer*, leo in number, of the period IGl^ — 1G35, snd Qoda the 

I following KnicrsiiiiK rcjtiding nt Ipswich at thiK lime, and prolwlOy of llic aame family. At 

Qt, Clomciit'* he findd -jQim ICiuerion. married ICITi -, Gcorg« Knicr»on, bnplixed 1627; 

Unriaq KnierM>n, baptized |t^2!) ; Sii<(Uii Knivrvon, haptixed \G32 or 37. Aiirl laler on In t1>a 

laaine rcgluor he hndA^Mary, baptiied; wife of Krnmerionp buried 1GJ>> ; J^jhn. 1>kpiixed 

1^3, UG€ (Mr); l£oberi, beptited IGoT ; Mary, baptized U^tiL Liter atill he find* at St. 

Unr)r Key, Ipawich, Thoinan Kincr«on, iriarried 174^, and at M. helor'a, Thoniai Ktunienon, 

hagttifted 1778 — !> ; Tboina« l%mtuerjiuii, buric^t 17*8 — U, ])ut ut Woodbridur, 2<> June, IGII, 

ba fiddi Thoinn* Kin«rt.un naarri^d to Agne« l>river^ hut xhv iiiime doea not oet;iir aga>n In 

lie r0j{I«ter» an thi« was probabljr an [pxwich Kmerson ; aoO be <lnd« a TtiniiiHa Kmer»on 

dving at Beecle«, Iljd7, and lewiii); q widow, lie bus GKitmined Ha^kelon, Grifut lieullngv, 

IJ,illiii|r(ioe, fSirettoD, ItAniull. near Ipttwiclj, and innny othera but with no reauli. 

Bnt it is evideitl tltat tht^rt< wds a family at Jp«nlcli enrly in ihe seienteeutb century, and 
fion iba regialera and wiUa ve gel 

lnir.atH«<iJw,JqA«X »oll- 


«0u 4nit lOU 

lunad in ■Cll- 

Tbe admini^tmtion at Priurijial Kegi«lry vaagTAut^d ii> Anne, relict of John of Ipswkh, 
1&83. Tbua Jolin Wiui dtnO Iwfure )Ij33. Ttienr ii im rridenee Ui place ibe otbrrt, but It ba 
■vtdant thr-y arOpruUtbUdeaecnilanta ufihl* William, wbo^ewiU nanpnued lG14.bultb#reia i»o 
Ipcttleb will except tht* one at Ipswich up lo 1700. At Burj SU Kdniumlt th«re U voe ad* 
luiiiiatrmlion only and no wills nji to 17<ll>. 

of Cblfln<ton.' Artin, 690.% jm._l 

I I 

* fli tinliMliTf lif Till— TiimiMlilii Iflaij 

• IW« Rawi bMnoM wd Itarban hay p«aisi«a. 


hnve. no fnith^r record o( llti» fninily, l>ut llteir probfiblv onfjfiii U indiouteil belov. 

And Inallj, nt ihe end 4>r llir Aevcn list.' t till ceniurj wt f^cl Ui iUn LVJiK-ipJtl Ue^islry lb« 
BdiniiiUlratii>n of Klrstubcih Knjar«Dn. of ICiitton Ruvfriu, CV SiitTolL, \Pt!i>i, avkI uilU itf i\m 
clii)<Jre» (al Ijiaivich I^giiitry), from wliioh the followmg short pedigree hn» boon coupilml. 


(if ChprEDffaci, I 
Ad. Ltaa Ik lani. 

W.p, iiyn. 


Tb«re fn eUo a will of ftobi^rt, of Bromeiwell, Co, SufTolk, sftckcloth veaver, dated 1679, 
dmiviiig Uitds at Cl<fpton Aiiil PutiMrj li> tiU ftlit^rr Rojm- (1Cie>^), inollior Hlin. (Fi>oii 


K'bDiC, W.P- lil7U^ tVi4, ^ V. King. MMV^rrl. - Cfllh 

It wjll bcnolLCf^fl thut GfforjEo, Robert iin<l Sutna occur in tbercj(litu<rur Si. Cltrmenftf, Ipfwlcli, 
ftiii] in all pmbubllUj tlie«e Kinonuntt <krlj(innt«d fri>m ibi^ Ipnwiob family above. 

Mr. K. Johnson kitkdij gave me the reference for thti Sutiblk vliip tax iHHO;, Harl. M8. 
7Jf40, fi>, 4^, nnii tlicrc^ wr find Kfi>cr«on* nt Diunlt, llclniinghain, Frcifingflcld, Saxttd, 
Hovno (?), WinfffioIJ jiiid I'Uyford, In sonw of than p»riihoi the tnriy tof^itUru nrv lost ; 
in other* tlitfy h:ivr been exnmincd tnd are printed in the Appeiidisi [q.p.y Tlie Ht-jirili 'Vttx 
Rolls, taken some lirenly to thirty years Inlvr, Abow some of (he name ai Kjb (V). Oakley, 
ll<ixn?, iimndHtoN and Kaston, where «oinr sre foi^nil in tho niurtircntb century, bui none of 
tlitiui «rcm to liAvu bcni fimiilit^a of nnj hnpurtAncc. 1 uno Mr, J. Jubiivuti lunay thiinka for 
Ibu virion* roftiitcr «xtrnct« pnbtiihvd in ibe Appvndiit (Pur. UogiNt^rn). t^.v. 

Colanel J, V. Sieele, in irHnHcribini; the Luneatoft Regisieis lo 1756, fouEid l«o uf tbe 
name, vh., IHH^, buried Miir 13. Mnrg^irer Kmerson ; IClfl, buried Fvb. 1, Urid^pt Kfiierfon, 
doubTlpM rrln1ivr4 of the Will Kmmoii, tnnner, referred lo in tbcenrloLiN document iiupp)i«^l 
by Mr. Cox ^ptd*: Appendix : Mi«evltunuaJ. 


Ehciiaoms OiT Co. Bc^rono. 


I cnu find norie of iho name uotil Lbe latter half of the alxtecnth century In this county, 
and br vrnit fri^rn I/ondou, 

In Mny, ir.tll, nan proved ihs will of WiUinm Kxiiorson,^ of Woborn, by KUtabetb La:t* 
nlin% Itrointijy, bin iiitt-r. ThiH Kmcnon. thoujfli iluicribtrd tut a yt^omnn, wa« rvidrntly wry 
ueultliy, for he bequeaths hii ainnuty of £22 Git. (>d. to bis xistvr Klr^eabeth Luxe; 
bis lenses of Biirsefl and Urenltoll to Mr John Kaston ; to his sister £l^t> l-1s. 4d. ; " also 
£C3 for chc occupfUiQn of my niuit nitll nt Uobonrni?^ my Ic^nsn of ChitTch IIhIc nnd It^'gyngeae 
in PAchilflnm and Grvnt Siiunbridgv, Co. Kajk^s: ; '' n\mo \us Unscs of the innnorA of Wnmore, 
Aiplinnfl and Ncwbmdi in Greut Wnltbum in Co. Esstx ; aho half of £CA uiu of lenlbs, 
first-fruits, etc , of the parsonage of pL-cholsham, and also his bouse at Ooborn*! tWoburn) 
Aiid several minor le^eieK- I'retty good for a yeoinan. 

Now thi- Itof, Lit, CUii«. record n tittle of hii hintory. Ilcwai h yconmn of F^*ndon, for 
in roll I and 2, P, end M. (15iM}, pt, 8, wo find a grunt by Honry Wnrner, of Gr<?at Wnlihani, 
Co- K«Hux. to William Kint^rtmn, yeomiin, of London. *^ in considcrntion nf bid help nnd «ert ion 
in Wnriier's dilftculties," and aid in recovery of srud Warner's bond^^ of an arrrralty of 
£2'J Gs. Sd. outof tbemunororClmrchu^ve. parish of Piracleslinm, Co. K^scx. In roll 2 nnd 3, 
P, and M., pt. ft, we tind that '' William Kmerson^ of London, enters into hi* own recugs. In 
£€00 to Thomas Segreo, of Ooborne (Woburn), Co. Bcdi, tu nbido dociaion of nrbitratof 

* IMucipal HogUtiy. 

■ ppi>intfr.| to <1rcirln all niAtrert lirtw^pn lliom." In roll 3 and <, l\M- (15561, pi, 2, Willinm 
Kniersoii, now ik*«cHbeil of P«c]iuUEmm, Co. Kmeic, yeoinNii, enter* iiitc h'u own recog«« to 
riiM. Broke, of E^rl'a Couri, aa atfcuniy for one Henry Cmche, of Greysbufg* Co. I>fby, 
Anfl ri«^t wc gvt iiU cluntli uud willi »iii| ^omIMj' Ue wsn n bftchoTur saA Icti no h«ue, miiiI m 
Hromti^y «niip4 up lh« HiAlfti? nr fttili»r-iii'1]i«r, ICliiiiihtfrh T-hta, Who ihit lun^ innii i^jit^ %»d 
*htitf.ff hiT <!4mr, [ know nut, llLnui:>S h«^ conid pmbjiblv \w irnci'il, wpr« it de^tnible, llirou^h 
Ihv Unil r^'onU- 1 |]k« hi* a tr:uf* hi forward rvmirkt on hia i^m-niii't in \i'i<t mIII. 

A ICftif Kmcrvon nitfl vic4ir of Potion (ritfc Appen<lfx). li^U — 3^, and Ihoogh lliere 
it DO rrc<rril of him, llirrr i> itic burial of a Minn or Mr*. HmE^r*>>a iu 1<j33, Momo y»rtt« l>vfor« 
hU itiruiiihrnry. Tbin ^iciir nrii-rnnrdi vrrni In l^tiiidon. 

Tlitrrc iffiLi u pruliHc nnrtiljr uf Httiin'Mnroiii jii Liltlr Birkfurd, iui<l I bnrft prinled tlic wilL 
of ooe (proved I637), but ihe^ nre evidently Eii]Tiie«oii«. 

Finally, thcrv vtn* mn Mwun) Kmmcrsiin, a huxiiAnflmnD. nt Bedford, whuw wilt it proved 
in tG57. Thin i« in aII probabijiiy the brolhrr of Si^^phcn K(nmen»on mbovc« ibe nniuo bjtviug 
be«n mi«p«lt, 4iid ■« b« tiviiltrutlj ffoiM out ivne pro/n, il mnllnn Kltlc 

Th«re t> DO Ktoerfion In any of tli'^ churches of Bedford Iitelf between 1^1^ and 1035. 

I buvo referred to lUiNae two familiea in ca»e any pedigrv^e banter tracer hit ^t^t'^y lo 
Co. Bedford and f^ttU fo^gtu), for of cour«e th« name Kinnnrnnoii in IIm^ irjlt may huvv iM-en 
•|f«U wrou>{ly. niid I'M ward Biiiinc-rwxi, uf Bedford, maty uut bv !^it.'phe»*[» br<il1jrr, and bv ni^y 
hHv«> IH^ Ufliiv, ihntig^i not r«rvrf«d lo in the will ; but lh«f onn4 ftrol"i/^Ai of thfMv niiitor* 
re»i8 ivitb thp pedigree bonier, and |>«r«onally, I think these tiro fainilled arc iiut Eiiieraons al 
«ll. but KniineKins. 

And Ibia It alt Bedford baa to tell ua. 


Ekeiuoxs of Co. Fssv^x* 

Tbe (farlient l-'mcrMon J have found in lbi« ooitnEy \* Geor^t* Kmerion, whoae wife la Atic^, 

probably Alfce Wyatt> daujchter or viaier of .^Ir Henry Wyutl, of Allin^ton Castle, Co. Kenu 

Thi» George went from Yorkuhire, ond ymf obviotmly a man of coiknitJr-niblr importaitce, wealthy 

httod tiiHue-atJfiK 'tlic flrnt mmIIc-c I have of hint jh in VorkAhirv Fiituii, luU7— Hcitrj WyRtt, 

|K«q,| and Gvorjfc Kmvrton neqairioj; lundu In GriMt and Littler Fi^ntun, Ci>, Vorlt^ Hvnrj 

■Wyatt, F^q-, ihih aflernirdv Sir Henry Wvati, t>f Atlii^j^ion Cn*tte, Co. Kent, and In 1611 wo 

[find it Yorkshire Fines John Heron* K«q^, ani Ororge Kmer«on re the maoor of Kjionif and 

[imndi in Hollington. In Ancient Heeds, VoL II., C i'^i, Henry WvatI, Ksq.,grinU in George 

FtiicrBon et Alice Uf^ lindi in Slratfonl Liin|{thorafl. We«l Ham. K^scx — hit Wnt nppeamoce 

tn Cv. h:%€vx. In 15, IT mid 2:1 Hen. VH. ftiidif Hen. Vllf. ivo find in D« ItMneo Rolls, momb. 

i19. *l3n,S'JandG33, Geor^ Knierson actinK attorney for several jECnllenien ; tnit in memb. fi^S 

(Koll '<l^),'t Hen. VI IE-, v^m rind thii *nmc '* Otor^e gAvti the Itlii^ G«.8d. for a licences rr«ni?il 

to bim vith John Ituthe, Seti., And Joluinna u/., Uoberi Warreni aad l«Abel1a a^. and Kulb. 

Cbaperfeld : 3 parts of 4 iuipm,, 00 a. of Iflnd^ 4 ■%. uf nieudotv, ^ a. of paHture, 3 a. of aood, 

el^., II tJjr,^el« (U^t4>yf. RierJen {llord^nt, Rolyaglon and StAnal<>d'» Mont Fiebet ($tasi* 

itesd Monthcheti, in Cn^ Kpt«t- UndntihtirdiT the snmr Gcf>ritr as ttir nitovc, for u'e Hod do 

farther rt^c^jrd of him iu Co. Yorks; «o th^tt George htld lundi in West ll^m Pariah and in 

Stansfead Montdchel Parish and neighbourhood soon aOer 1 'jUI) — as I hnve said before, a itisn 

of eousid^iitblu whUIi. Nou^ Thonum KiaRr«oo» ihr Skeltou forester, W.P. lo2^^, had a son 

UvorjfD. of vhoni 1 hiivo no furibvr reeord ; pomibly tb« two Goorgon are idonileal. 

Nowcuriomdy the nvxi rurltetl of the name ■• ThomaaEiiienioii, of Great Dnnmow, a ftw 
miles from Stanstead ManiAchei, and who bas a aon Robert, baplll«d loSL in all probability 
Robert of Sinrtford; and probiibly ihp llitrts h^ersona of Standon, Binhnp** Sioriforg, 
Grral Ai>d Liubf fUdhatn ar)d Sawbridgv^viurtb, uhich arL< next to }^inna|«<| MontAobet 
(ihaufch in f^. ilurt«) nre ■prnnjt from lbi« Geor^v »nd Altre. P(»uil>ly William Ktnrrvnn, 
Irene, who mnrrie^ M^rv Nui:e it Gr4«t Hsdhini (Herts) in 1o*J9 (London Marriage Alle- 
frulioiis) 4as bii son. This WllUjknf hud a Mmtr Alice, it in woriby of remark. And |HMsibly 
Tboinis >-!^nori4ori. of Uoinford, whniKT ad in in inl rati on wan ;trartlrd tn Joan. h\* rrlif:!, iti 15U5, 
Lb idvotlcut with Tiiouiai of Great Duniuow- IiDporLani Ktnervoaa li^ed iu thvMf parts iu Inter 


|iti)» too [vidr. RuiftMonn of Co. llrrH), In 172:^ iiii Knifimoii ua* Vkmr of Lktiv lliillingburr, 
mill pr4>»rtnt«d ii book lo Hicho|)'c Siorcfnrd tTrflmmnr School,** Thry uo-r<- hUo ooriiiL-oivd 
vilf] London ll v/\]\ bt. nodct^d in X\\v re^t^orili tliut Williiim Kmi^non^ of Tliwrnic, W.P, at 
8cikrborou};h 1'18G &nJ Williarii Kiuersofi, of ThurrUon-le^tlilJ, Co. Yurkft, Af« both c'ajiecUlly 
drai^nnU'ti hi ■•yeymcn," whcrrnt Uror^ir Kmi^rton eforejiftiil has no deftcriptLon, dlhcr in 
Ancient Deed* ar Xic llartro Itfilln. Thoiika«, of Uutitfurd niid Grt^l [)iiLHikow, Eiitvi: ito dvnct'tp 
lion of vtnloi* ; wliurum I III* uthcr K^iwk Kincr«onK bcWu I^jOO wcrv yconirn nod liUAt>jiiid[iivn 

eg.. David, of Wi-m Ueiijlmlt, W.P, ir^wrj, » ji-onjan : Kiev, of FeUleJ, yeomftii, W.P. 1025, 
ICfllf, of Uiiihnnic« und KelvedoQ (tir he noticed pri^aeiitly), returned to Co. DiirhBiu, and jiostibly 
th« vurioiJH yrmiimi fiiniJlirn round Urcni U'Altbnm arc ftpruti}; from thr vctLlthy WilUi 
Kintfraoii, of London, ycuumti* »\liu dit-J at Woburu. Co. IJrd*, W,l'. l.iO I (^.f.). 

Oh rpfi*rnrig io ihtf liurlK l^iuenonB, il will be luuii tbul Uiii(h«>ii tn lulcr lltnt^ rr>id«d ■' 
SUiiidon, llert*, and it tim«L be remembered Gecirf^t* Kmer-ioti. of 8ta^i«ieud 31onttidieT. bad 
Und« liofftmitd to him, and n Uutlifr Had hi* wife. TItU lookn as if the SianaCead Aloaifichet 
KinvrHonri nnd the Herts nuti Jtome of thi< KiHct Km<^r»unH nrru ull )i|>ning frotri tbi* Uoorgu, 
«lio tti*ot LtiitTitr ill I^jIC. And ikii tliv Herlv Kiiiei'tun:^^ Wiltlaiu zuiU IiIh boh Itlc-, Mrt? calTvi 
In «url^ doDumi»nt« (En<|. P.M.) *' fr«»iitrt./' At a |>4>riud \vUvi\ junu*^ vtv., lyeria >vry purtintUi 
about iheie matt«rB, it look« a* tbougb they were araiiger<fua : lords of maoors we know tbe; 

In the lilflck Book of the Northern Forenln, »p pi-t under Huljelield Forest (Co. Kamx), 
fo. Tf '' TUe ciiKLoD de Jlrod^hoiut* aajretb thut one Kicbnrd Einersoa and otbvranbout rixyearf 
flffo vltiw thr«n do«r. — i> Jtnri^^ 'tO IIpm. VIII." Thli Itichnrd wiu probably a fortkni^^r of 
Hstfield I'on^fit, nnd most liitcly m dMccudnnl of (loorge and Alici\ and related to tho llerta 
Etnersoiir Other facFi thiit lunke me think Lh« HcrtM Kmeritciiia origiimled in Co. Kiitex mm 
that Lxy Subsidy, 34 Hen. VUl.^ no Kaiersons are idxed —the tenants ih ^npiV would not be 
and tbut iu iferiA Jri ii hst of pt^r^txiit nhlir to dlspttirmtr xl.i. [irr yvTV, 1 i^f), no Krucrtuoft * 
lound. nnd we knov the Sl»mdon |-^mor*onfi woim vcty wct\iUy for the timtrfl. 

Tlie ue^t record m 'ui Eiot. ]jit. Clam. 1 and 2 V. snd M . pt. 8. whert^ \Villiain Kitirraoi 
yeotnna, of Lojidou. h granted an annuity uf £'J2 Gs. 8d, \ty one Wurner out of the iiiaMur 
ChnrdiCLve, Paracleshain. ] ii ^ and 4, l',M., pt. S, we find tliis William d^icribrd of tirM' 
Wjilthmn and l^vckt^UUnm. and in ibe IVindpnl Urgixtrr u hiit ^illl. prttvrd May, 1361, b 
hiivin^ dibd ut Wt>burn, lIcdforddbirifH My hirf »i)l {cifte Ap}iL'iidiK}, b^ poAsibly voat onl 

in ft^male iaiue» Ic^nvin;; nil bit propurtiei in Uttt dnii^htei' Klixiib<*th. Curiounly I'liuu^b, 
Mr. John K?\ston is frequently mentioned in tbe uiU, and as the Kaatone were closely connected 
Willi the !>outbu-Hrk Knicrsons. and a* tbis William is tirvt dcicribcd of I/)ndon, I siiipet^t be 
is a Hcluu of that fnmily. 

TLi» B«t0x wUIh »t Somerset Housi? re^aord vnrioutf cnrly nietnburs of the fnmily io RfiMx. 
'rb« pecnliiiri of Boekioj^-. Writtle and Good Kaiter give ut no Kinersons, but in the arch- 
deaconry of Colchester, li^JS — IJ>iSo, we have a David Ivmerwon.of We*t Itergbolt, W.P. 1584, 
■ Pbillalego Kmmon, of Wivniboe, W.V. lo^^, nho gorx nut in (fmnle is«ue, and a Thomatt 
Emerson, of KomfDrd. WJ'. 15115. David fCmersoLv family U given In the pedtgree (y-t), 
And of ThuToait, of Romford, 1 huvtf no furlht^r r«uord. He is (K>aHibty Tbotnni, uf Gnml 

Nrxtnv meet with a doubtful Emerson, Ed,, of South KftmhntiK*^. Jti Cbanwrrj- PnK.^ordinjra 
B. and A,, Cbm. L, E,e. A, 25 Nov.^ ir.JG. bets citllod Edward EmcrMon.uf ' Southtabrid^e" 
(South Fnmbrldge 7^, and U deac^ribeU «a it yeoman, and Mnrj. hl« wife, as widow of Joseph 
Jlnd^c, Into of Sl Lawrenco, Co. Eeso^i;. But in Ship Moiii>y Ta^, S P. Dom., Cbus. L^h 
VoL ti^H (Ui37l, \\p u dvnrn'bfld jaa Kdwnrd EmArann, of KnAtwnod Willmvi, Ed. Kmnson, ^^H 
Eocbfurd nnd Wooden and in his will, P.C.C. Wnolloii, fo. 1<f, he !■ described av Ed. Eml»un~ 
of Lee. W.P, IC57, A |fr4iidchild. Snrab Emyson, h mctJlioned. and hio wife is styled Sarali 
(vividently a second wife;. X inuat, iherefore, place him an an Emison or Emt^Hon nnd Wre 
him. The other Eiucsons of ihut dJstrict ivhoi^o tvllla arv at ±>omurAct llousv nrc probabljr 
bis r^1niiv<-s. 

The Dext family coancctod with Es«ex is Half Emerson, uf the EaatiEate, Co. Durh«in 

■Bithoj^'s titortford Ursmmsr Schovt Iteourds. 


but yi lielh^r ho wh* liiititelT ever Sn Ewex ^v^ix^n douliifuV for he a^i-m* !i> huve lived for sora© 
ymrs Ht Bmndoii (F«rrry), ih Co. i^uftalk ; hut lieeividoiitLjrlield properly luthecoarttyihrougli 
niHrruti^r, for in Chan^^i^ry Pruccrdingn, li, nnii A,, Chiw. 1.,, V* I ^'^7* 1GI£T, wognt the 
iiictn th»t li^iTr Kmrri^n, fcei't, llivii living nt \Vi>1 ting bum. inzurltid iibt^ui thirty ycur* r^o 
{eirrit \ft^f7) Mnry W'ri^'hr, ilimghr^r or Jou<ph Wright, gvtil.. of K«lvci]oii Uiilh Co. tCuen. an<l 
thin i]ift|>iile l8 abooi hnd M HruiiSuit Ferry. Co. Sutfblk. ihHt l>e!Dii)ii*(l (u -Kiaeph Wri^hl, li«r 
fiilher, toffrthrr iriih lnii(l>: itt KcKHon. U npprnrii from ihr |iri>ceedin|; Mint Hilf nnd iit» 
wife Uiiry lived for nb»ut ti^ii yi'ars al ttrHiiJot) Kerry, unil thru n^tnrnrd to hi« (ICAlPf) nuliv« 

COMufy, DurliHtUn 'V\\v rni ly riiiriH* in tija Ki-lvtr^tin Kv|;i?((rr ftirjijiliniili: l^f^) f(<^» 'lo 
KniDr«nn« iiiiril )'>!^-l. ;in<1 ihv ^;ir1v HmnHoi) V^rtv ^^^iHtK-r ii riiijiiiiiii;;, II tuny hri ■uiffTy 
concluded th?n, I ihiiik. iluii iiaW uml hi* wifr. Aliiry Wright, never lived here, but probably 
f«fti)riied In Co> l>iirhnTn (riitr the firdigrre nt Luduoll KinerranK). 

Ifllifl render «iU now Xunt to ihe |>edii;rep» he will w*e ttanl there «e probnlily i\ri» con- 
Icip^ioriiry Ktsri fKiutJirfr nl ihv hr^timitig iif ihv ^virntvtfiilb crntnry, i>nt* Mytiii;^ tlit'niivjvcti 
" gtntiL*' »t VArifco, l)it|2«nh.kni, Ntkvftndon and K«it Jliuinliigtiold ; aikI thn othora yiioni^u «t 
Wi^Kt ISrrnhiih jmil Kflv^don ; nt KcfHii^nd, Rayni;. Slehbin^ nitd Lltl]« Dunmow: Rt ^ibl« 
]Iedin>;burn nnd Whttt< Notify; nnd tnHily at Black Nnthiy. 

Now. cunoiisly. the Ship Tan Alon^y [1637) giv« only— HlncCord Hundred, fit«bbi»^ 
Wm. VUaWrMtit, :f«. 0|d. ^ «fnliiig 31iignii (out-dwrllerA). WidoH Kinbumun* **> 'Id, ; Rmyite 
Pbtw*, Widow Unitr«onf 3b. 9d. Thi« proves, I ihink, thut tbf inx rciun^B »to impt^rriwi. 
] hnd thp FnCstriid Seliool Remitter svun-lied. and the only record U '^Eitriiordinnry l:hu^J£el^ 
IH'JL pjijd to I£ir. and iUihn Kni«rstiii fur (traw 'H." 

The viirioUK r^lAlinttflhipn of thnc tnuiilit^i ^ttill hr nn^u from the fivnligrte. and tin furlhrr 
noticuji of them an rv<|uirc!d. ll Iv evident tife notao naci v|>elt indifiercutly Kniber«vu or 

In Patent RolN, Vol. 218, n. 103. May 12. 1594, we hare ft Tho^niia Eiti^rwtTi j^ivinf 
evidence ibat *' Nicholns Owen* vvlio wiu uith Mr. GerrArtI, 'Fv<nil, »i Xmtiit at Mr. ICaierwn*! 
home at Fplstend/' KrUtend i* id lb« (mmedinie noi^hhourhood. and Ihe Mr. Km mo » of 
FotsCend is evid^nily Jtair Einetitoti. the Jviiiil. wbo li a'frrrvd to in (he JNteni Roll, 1A8f. 
Thi« Tbumns njw prob^ibty » rvUtivt* unO of th« Si- Ilridv'A fnmify 1''^^ r, f. He lelU in hU vnain- 
inaliofl that he wa» never in FUndiri, and only w* nt In Norway, thni lu- wh<i nppn-niiced. 15H4, 
to John KHwwrdK, nflb** "KinR*»HHid." in New Fiah Stre^-i.miJ »i'r^ed fur hif fri^i-iloni lix yrnrs, 
viUi^a three yenm ntfo he took a tavern, ihe ''Three Kkn];E«/' iu Fi^h Sireei. whiih be ke|rt lilL 
reeenlly. when he Vfiit lo Itfrvlrk-on-Tweud. And twn loirh hr ktim ntlvjhed the J.ord 
ChiunbvHiiin'a livi^rr, ihrtkii^h Mr. S^idUr. It miiBi bo ri^mnmbi-rud tho SiidlcPi bvld hind in 
Herlfonlithirff Inn, and in C^, Glour-enter, where the other KmbrrMint iippeiir. Now Foley's 
" Hiaiory of the ileiuit* '* fthown Kalf Kmeraon waa n natix'e of Co^ Durliam, and botn eirtn 
1661, and the Reoti«ant HolU. No. 4^^ vhow ua Knlf, of U'ciUingham, to have bttn a recuiant ; 
alao hia »onH. l^^corgo and WilUam^ of Bantielon (Uon^htunJ, roll 4'i. Now lurtimg to the 
Lodw«l1 iir^llgrcc we get^ 

KfK Ulali r«>nB«*r, I 


wTrioii [ 

tf blt9l«B0dVv««.. I 

K*lf«i|iwii«i411i«di^>ii I 

ft*Tji H'tf'wnt I — ^__^_ 

U„. -' 


Thffroforv, Half, of Woliinghnm, and ihe J^ijit Rnlf are not connecled. but tl>e Half who 
married .loacph Wriifhr* daughter, of KeUodoo, !• lb« rtcoMUt lo tbe roll, and ao are hii 


TiirTjiiig nnw to Rnlf» of Ff-Nttrnd. ifvii]c»nlly tho Jesuit, it mny t>e *jutl he wnn n Durlinm 
luAii, aud muKt Ukel)' bouglit ur took n houi»ti ut FvUtu^ud j/ro fetajrore, hiiJ of ouurae 1t;ft no 
bsue. He seems to hnve had a rouj^h time, mid ciiUflf<}erin^ the cause be served, one docs not 
re^cl li. I ^Ive rlHcwbeMT n i^oiuli'iinoJ sUsrrnci 4>r hh liru frcim K«ley> ** Hinlory of iho 
JaAuila/* nnd ndmira only Lti loimcily nnd ptuc-k, and daplora tiiv batvIcm in «uoh n loiitliBiMii* 
CAUftc- U ivould l>i; difficiiU tc* my from nhut Ourhain brani'li lit* Kprnnt;. but it t* ti^iile ^Ksiy j 
to point to many brMiichea fruiii wUidi lie ^Jiif ncf de«cend, uml oTie of itiojte ii Hnlf, of Slkotti>nt' 
for Ins »^n Kalf itn* evidently of Age in IfiGT, wlieo his will was dnied, And this llslf Is «aid to 
bwn been born rlrr^r ITifjl, 

Turning lu-xl to the JK^nrtli Tnx RoIIb, wu find ifae family hm greatly ii>orcEiiii'd !n ibei 
eounty. and Kmt-rsonf* are iu ItSfi t»\ed at Feli<i<"ud, Great Waki-ring, V»iigc. Moulsham, 
East Mersea, White NotTey, Terling. Utile Wslcham. Hayiie, Kayietgh, Fast lianningfirld, 
Dsgcnhnm uiid Ncveodoo, full deliLiU of ^hich iirc fihf.n in the Appnndu, undtr Liij 
Subntdici (I'^'i- It "^ill he jhtpii lUiii ilie ulnquitoun, imd to m <]i>nfu«ii% sous ufKtomu arv 
albo plentiful. 

In the New Court HepeHoriuni Ec«?., London^ — a compilaiion from various lourees — we 
find Thiinini Kmerion prt^Airiiiing the living of I)o#nhni» Kr^ctory. in Ifilf4, to T\\on. Hervey, 
M-A. Pnibuhly thii Thoma* was one of the VHniit* fuintly, who are deHcribed as gents-, 
probably a tlvi^i^vtn\»iii of rhairiJKh. of Groiil Dutituini, who wu^ prulinbly an xnidger* fur \t 
Bytnond's MS, C(dl,, KfliK^x^ in tha Collfigr of A Finn thi?r<» U r^rrord of ii oont In Great Dunnuiirl 
Chufch. which appear* to be the ■■ LtncoliiHhire " cant Klighfly differenced. 

And, Untly, in Fm»vx WWU, No. 4, Eusi Aiiglinn. p. ilft-*, yva find in the will of Tliomajj 
Curtwrit;h% Biihop of Chestei' and Vicar of Barkin}*. J68^. that lie mentions Inndf in UarkiD^ 
bought from Mr. Eiaerfpo at £1Q pi^ annum. ThEs Mr. Kmer«on was pr^bJibly Mnthvwl 
KTavFAon, gont., one of lh« &>uthwiirk family (^<<v)i ^'ho According to Rot. Lit. Claus., 
7 ChR«. I. (1i^H2), p, 21, n. 2Z, buya Tnotingbeck Manon in Co. Surrey, and other parcels in 
London and parcels tn Ail UaWotDt, Bnrkh'j^ and AU Saints, Bttrkiii^. The ref^isters of 
AH Hallows and All SninK, Harking^ givp no Kmemous horu between IfJl.^ and U^-'i-l, or 
about and previous to the purchane by Maithpw Kmi?rsi>n, ivblch Kirenglhens thi< conjecture 
ibat he cnmo from eUewhvre and is the Muthfiw of the Clo^u Roll abovo^ 

E»EiisoN5 OF COp IIkhtfouu* 

In a list of penoux ia Co. HertK taken in \'\W who could "dispense xl.s. por yero," no 
Kru^trxons occur. 

Thv Lsy Subsidies down to 14 Elen. VIIL (1^23) give none of tlie name, and the earliest 
record we Ijavd tflthc w!ll ot WiWUxvn Kincntoii, geni., <if 8tnndon, provi>!d *dl Mnrob, lfi^^> A* 
1 have aaid under (Uy Ksf^'X, l think all lbPKt> ITrrls Eniprflons nriginnii'd in Kimph^ aad arv 
drucrndjinti of (tputge Knitrnon and Alice Wyutt, fonnil at Stnnstead Montfiohet in 1516. 
From tbia document (q-r,) we get the following abort pedigree :— 


M4 ' 

i(4>ik iu>ih*iii, 

AliAk = W. llMiuifih 

In a Chancery Inif. KM.. I Mary, pt, I. No. 40, tak^n it IEishop'« Storlfor^ 4 June, 
ITjAI, wv Had tlie iibL>ve Williiin) wus !*ci«ed uf Doiih Manor Hitd olhei Uadti iri Standon Pari»h, 
Ihbit the manor was held incapttf itnd besiJtsco|>yhutd lands ivere held of Sir Ralf ^t^dler, Kt. 
They foMrtd that ihai Willian^ dind ^i yc^ir IhLi.t than bi? did. that Hii;hard na* hi» M>n and next 
heir find i:dim« of affv in lolU, nnd llirtt Mury di«i 2'J Atig,, I 'j*:,', Bi^d li*'ld (he nboiu propt^riivs 

unlil hi"T death, when one W. Vant^u (Mrrupifd them, Kiiiir Henry VIII. consenting. 

Th Ittu Li I. CIniiH pL 2. H Klix. (15ij2), ue ^'>-t ClenienI Nuce. Sen., pas^in^ to Uiehard 
Knienuntur ?^lalldun, gent., aud oibirs, viirinns manors and messes, in Much Jliidimm, StuDtlon, 
Tburiey and danbridgvwurth, Co. Uerts, 


In an Inq. P.M,. 5 EliJt, pi- K n. 76 (Ifi63), Uk™ jii Wan? iiAtr thp death of Richnrf 
Mmtnton, gpnu, ii wb» found tUat he liied m^IzcJ of Hoos Mjtiiorand utl^er UdiIh, Hnd ad ««iz«d 
he nadi; )iiv vill (qr.), '2'S Oct., K>(t:j, In uriiich ho icenlions in mlililion liis house in Trinity 
Gfttif wJthuut Aldriclic- (Ald^^tc)^ in Li>iiOuii^ Junes llc-nii«KC >■ hU kinjitn«ri and next In-ir 
to wit, tttn itn<t K^ir cif W. H^tmitgf nml Atic^ liia urffe, tUtur of Will. Kmunan, Tuihcr of 
HichnrJ. So pa«s'*d Doos Munor to the Heniing^es, RichArd'a uUI. P.C.C.h was proved 
H^^"2 (q.f.*. Titc Nuwcp*, or Nticwi^ vrvp- pco^lp of noirn? imporrAn(*i>, Eind Mr. J. K. Cnwrnae 
In hjft extfUein " IJiftiory of Hertforjiliir^ " undor SlimJoi^ K«r*, *' Thonin^ Ncwc<t, Km\., tctXA 
Biirtmiij* lo Wtllij^jti FViit of IInrru«>i>n-lht*-Hi1l, having vbtjiitipd it from lUe B«iid»/* Oo 
ilii^ Floor ^r lhi> tiAvo of Sinndon Chor«h U ft bratJ to Rkhftrd F^m^noo, which b«ftra ibo 
following rpiljii)b — 

,tKnr>(ijr rAiT iHiv. . , vIdw dfiaik in tnmtfd wUc 
Hath esU'ii /rw rr^tifs ttr^t and tnrkirtff rtirv 

Cff roretcktd w^rU^Uere JtU^r4 EmffTttfn im, 
2V Sm^ thm tr$t that lyiH irtn irkat fAry «M, 

TUner tymtv f}/^* Ammtin/A yr'n rAnf jcrnr turj fnwu^ 

He c^AHn^'d iji/i\ M cold nM firr^ rwvdyVA, 

Hit tywc V4if ^/ijfdf /tfp to lAr -Siarifttirfit Ivy, 
iitam mart tupotat ptttt invrffn /tfin4 4%fitfttC9* 

In London wilU ih the ndmm^»iratlon of Mary Koiemon^ 1fi39— 40, of St. Botolph beyond 
A1d|:nl«, ^rntitcd to .SciAan Nciacr, her ii:«tiT. Wo have no further rvoord of thtv fnoiily, m 
IhiT HiBEidvn Uv^isipr bej^ini lonu; aHvr thh dato. 

The riirxi r<n*ord I hnvo U the will of SoWrt Kntbervoo, ft "currier" and UDdLold«r of 
Biftho|ra St onford, proved 1620—1. He probablj vma a migrant from Estex, ^ind iho aon 
of Thoain» Kmer^on, *if Grc^t Dnnmovr, bnptixi*d l-l^il, A »isler Joih in baplited lo'j'J, and 
a bruthi*T duhn bnpti-tpd l5^i-3. (itvHt Duninow nrd iiitbop'a Siorlford urr within a few 
fijilet uf e»cli i>ilit-r i>ev^n), and hh tht^ Siorrford Ke^iaiirr be|;ii»t I^VGl iiad tio Kmenoui 
npponr till Robort, m. In 1.^78, wo mnai conchifl'* b« vainv from <'la<'wh«re- The Mfoe rein«ri£ 
■ppli« to Thoma*. of firfnl Duninow : \\\\> M^^Uxt^r hutginn in 15*17, «nd iha firgt bAptUm ia 
in lACL. IIU pedigree from th« will iii m» follovi: — 

yt.V. ii;ii2-i. 0*ui I 

atWnj]n ??tcirtf-^ji|- . 

Th'BiiMfk. John Aniktr. Minurt. — T. BnTira^ c^fb^nUmrkh 

In the cJiurchwurdene' book of St. Mirhat^Vi, BEihop'a Stortford.f wc flnd-^lSJC, 
Thomna hmermn, collector for poor; l*it2, Souihatreate, ftohort KmorMn ^for clerk'v 
wagra). -Id. We bnvc ntr further rvcord of ibU fiiBilly. hut it U wrib vbjlv poititJiig uut that 
Ijuulentint- Colon vl Jnmci Kinarnmi, of Tjinpnrt, W.P. 16fi4 — 5, lalt« of liii a«phew Jlr. 
]luh«Tta of Biihop 4 SiortiorJ, 

In KecuMni Rolls, I Cliaa. L, we fiod Geor|;e Emberton, gent., of Much Iladbnm, 
fined £€U. i h&vr bad Muf;h or Great lladham and Lilllc Hadham and Thorl(*y HaplUm 
lte|;iftorii from l.'>ri!} — t'i3o Mr«rrhvd, with oo re«ull. And Inter, we find B(niner«on« at 
SawbHdgvftorth, ui the foUowiuf; abort pvdifcrrc, kindly vupplied ine by \\\m Rldiinond 
lleraJd. proves. I tmd the hapiism* froia lo58 to I7i>0 aearcbed, and no Emcriona appear; 
an that Ihia again |>ointa to ih« family haviog originated olaewhorc — in Co. £s»of I again 

fWph Innmoa. -^ ^^^ dto. <if mcuun. 



r — ' 

JoHn L ' 


of Ilk* GMt «tf Vi>r^ J d4ii, id JAkJaa, 
«,tm,0&.liie- 1 liitif. 

WUlLui KiunnMi K^aObka f,**1*W, a«[W 

aui4Mi'«^lA«. CtoiL 

KiVHtal ff fin a>* JI3^ of Uir iMt JiiUi iMlmu, tealn, Clvfowrf Xiu «l JUttk mM «uh1ii*4 UitMvtUi tU* 

Su-I AiB of OimmWi, U«r, 

- - UMon ^ UtflAMtblM,* J. X. , 
t « tUciMd of St. Itlc1i»tl*< P^ri-h miureh, BUu^'« StortfrH," 



OlaMcntk, Jttb. 

Bvo. IWS. 



It will be remfftnberpd Ihnt Eichurd KnifTMon, of Sinndon, held land at Much Hndhi 
Aoi] Snwbfid^cnorth, *o timt prnbablv aW tbir^c Knii^rsoni nrc connected* but I have no lipks 
Al |>re««nl. tlumgh [lonibly n ihoroii^li n^nrcb throagh the rt^giMGrH in th« neigh buurUood 

may briog iU*ui to iti^Ux. 


N«ver nn Kint^rsion d» the Lny ^ubAidk-sf^ivc ua, but they ftr« of K^^^ tuter«rftt u iliow^ing 
lbi« to be A borne erf the Kinberlons — iikdeed, I I>etiev« iher? h a ^tU calW Kmbeiton 
in the county; hm tUvy avo in uo w»y cooiKicU-d nicli ifiu KinemtnJi, Mid ibc flo»t r^cor^ vtn 
fjvt !■ Ihil of KdwArd IvtutirioFi^ of IlnniloppOj wlio migrnlcd into Hm <rounty from 
Nonharnptoiiediiri? (vidr Kmunoris (if Co. Northampton ], but vrt buve no mori; po«itivi* 
iiifofmution abuut liliu. One of l\ns Suutb^tark faniily. tou, hel^ properly ia this county 
{oid/' Kmumotiji ot Co, Surrey), but we have no further T«cord of him wither; «o th*t 
probjibly b(Hh of thcuir Kmontum yivrv merely lempitrory rL'SJdurili ; but to tbosw who ibhik 
i\\vy unj rtduU»d to Klwurd, uf Uuiitlopp«. « atudy of manor rolU, if ihoy eki>t. mAy help 

My ri'iM-Jkrrbt'ti iu itii<i pounly hnve boeu of cliier ii«c* in throwing WgUi on the nanie 
Kmbcrton. aud its probabb- variant Kmrrton : hiil, ncvertbdi-B*, we litid the l'imt'r*on 
fmnSly up|jearhj^ htrrv, mid lu Somerset llonw we fiiij ibe will uf Kli/,, of Lav^tjdun, pruvcd 
1G84 i And Jhc win of Juwtiii KiiKD"^!!, of Bk'irbU*y, proved l^Sl'li; ftiid "fa (J^iirg*! KuierAOn. 
of Grftal [Jrrclthill, wbirh^ imtortunalely, give* lis very mea^e delHilsH ihouiih be speakfl of 
krutber and ne|ibKU'ii, but diK'H not tmmv them. Thi< Newport I'ngnWl Hui^rjfonaJ 
modern pedigrees arv prubably dcaceadmils of theae fainiUe^^ 

TJlu folbwrnj; Is the oaly shore pedigree 1 can compile from the records; — 

of Qli^UlUiTi- I 





KHURONft ot- Co. Oxfonn. 
The ernrly Subsidy Ro1T« ^ive nu iioii4< of lh<' mune, nnd tliough Kin«irsoriK m-n- <it' 
collcgir nt Onford in the tifte^Dth o«nmry, we shall not include them uni]er Ojcford< 

Tlie aarllesi record I have ii:— ** PATticulftH oonpote Onlnl Jonei, Fulkiiii Kmcrfton, 
W, Polt<ir «t J. IJirdc gfij colieCtored Lercie el (juarie xv."' «t a.*" xv,*'^" et x/'*"* tlomine 
Kfrginir niinr F,Ei/ftlji>ihe u biirii* oinne regrii fini xxxix. circesannun in civitate prediofn." • 

Kalk Km<jrhoa'» (of Oxford city) will f wa^i prov«d Febn l:Jlh, i*)l7— 18, uliDrvlii 
he I» described a» a tailnr. In tbin document he bequrjinn hi« Undi to hU «oi] ■Inhii. and 
hisdwe]1ing'hDus« to hiv ion Folk, nnd he namei three dnagblen. Atjd thiv Is the only 
Oxford Km<:rjion will up lo I700. Whooce F«]k, S^-nioe, OHoifi, I knww not — povAibly 
from lAindon ; nt nny rafe Fulk, Jnnif»r, ^ocs tn 1,ondrin affflr bia Univflr*ify rMteer, for 
In Foster'* "Ahimni Oxoniensis" we liiid Kulk I'^mrr«on matricultted At Ilrni(oiio»e College 
as "p1eb«/' IU Nov., 1631, fr.l. 17 ; but ihi^re i* no further record* j*o ^ve roay conohidn he 
took »o dogrefi, I ne%i hud hitu iu Loudon, in St. ftridc*!. Fleet Street, re^riaitfr: — 
Bnptitui*, July 24, Itjdl, HliAnbeth. dau. lo Fuuike F.mertion wyei' ?k|jtry. And u^^atn, in 
Kiln in Hunlir'a list of pnncipnl inhnliltnnifl of London, wo ^c^t far EMrrnaa on/j, t,#., 
Fulk<r Koier-on, of Si, Grc^'ory's (by St. Taur*). In Rot. Lit. f:inu*,, 2'2 Oct.. II Chw- I., 

* Othrd Hbtoricol .S<K^ety, Oxford City Dacunmn:«, 12GN^1G(.1£, No. cviii., S^ KItK, {AJt. I 

t Priacipal It^iatry. 


and S« "bridge™«ru?at'XbSt''a?i flTT "^ ^"'"'*""' ''«''» '»"■' "' ^^ch H-dhan. 
at present, thougl, possiblv n tl.orm i , >'ineKons are connected, but I have no links 

may bring them to light. """^""8" "earcl. through the registers in the neighbourhood 


Never nn P,« ., K»'E"soNa of Co. BircKiKonAM. 

f I H 

TOOIL, - 1 Huf. B«C, 

of OoMHtOD, 

tki« cldar^ 
bur, IMtt. 

In 1E80. 
2 Jdu, 

bw. 1007- 

Thmn.* — Man, 

of BtMoI, bqr. 

IS9T. ft DrflT. 

W.P. IrtBT. 

Fnmun fn 1M4. 

■t BrtBtol, Id lAU. 

tL 1AS7- 

r bar. l«0. 

Hen., ft]. ' 
W.P. itpft 


bu. lOSl. 


b. li»0. 


b. l«7, 

bDT. lefi. 

^ Buoh. 

b. liWL 


- Taylor. 

UmrnnjB, =-- If ftr> . , 

b. iffJQ. Vulum. tk lOTi, 
Ld 1AM. bur 14T0. 

JiJltb. JodkOi, ElL., HftTfth, fUoiiHli, niah., 

h kHT4 h, lATT- b. 1«T«- b. 1AH1> b. IttEl. b. liM»- 

D&, 1724. 

In 1712, 


bnr ItfTJJ. 

K LflBA. 





, 103». 

- I 
, WTO. 

b. 1033. b. lOM 


0^ bo< jjife H3.) 

Ba.d..']aN»"^r'™' «--'^- "^^'•"l City Doc„.i 1368-L i ""- ^' ^'''- ^' ^'^-'"l" 

t Principar licgirtiy. "»«►— 7J, 

p. S4, n. o. we llnd an indenture b(;tw«eii Andt^v Throagbtofi, cilitcii nnd ^oc^ of 
Loruloi), mid Koulk Bmor«on, chicen An^ baberdfi<bvr (i» he kept to btt futbcr'i trade), uml 
another for 6n. Ni;lltng ii mews in '■ While Hart l^tng in UuckUr*fl Burg in par of 
Su Stepheti in Wnlbmukir ia the w«rd of Cl^viip, London/' In Iho rateni RhIIa, 13 Chiu. I^ 
No. S, tbo King iilluu-fl Kulcoril EmvFion and athor* to alkniiti; l«i> ateucu in thcpnrUh of 
Si. Sl«phen*«, Walbrook. 

And ihift ic ihtt U«t 1 hear of Mm. BU wtlV I h>v« found nowhere, nor b»v« I an^ 

I record of U\a brotb&r John, who may hare ataypd on al Oxford. Thai Kulk wa» prellj 

I nrcll off Is o^idunl,and his ChrlmUii immr bi!Uig duUncilvc I thoo^hl I mlgbl br iibtc 
to trnoo bim lo bl» end ; but aticb Lbh nut bf^uti the caic, ilioa|{b tto donht an uxtcodod 

I irarch flinonjtiit London ruriBh regiaim would cumpleL^ liin re^rord^ for my seareb of tb« 

I 8t. Dride'i regUter ttop|Md nt IQ^C>, 

I Appended ia a thort pedigree of the faniily. 

14M-7h W.R icir-li, Tfcilgr- 


Johvi, -p- A4r7 nr Ailrlah Otl«*. 
TnOw, df n. Ibrr I Kob Ln. CUuk, 31 Jm^ I,. 

ikbdiMt. J Im 

rulli, ^ MvT, 
uf LuDiIim, Citin* 

b. tOOL 





a*i««> *- ftxHtiHt ti^i^ 



taiu I03L 

FEnflUy, Rinoe nooi; of the nome uppear in thi> Lay f^ubsidlf^i for Oxford^ and nona 
A|>p4Mr in the Hearth Tax RoHa,^ we ma) fnirlj conclude tho family wrni Co Otford ]at« In 
the HJxtcirnlb ot^ntury, and thai John alao left Oiif<>rd, or died, before tlie Hu»rch Ta^, And 
tborti ifl no etideiicc u to wbat branch of ibe family they were an olf-ahoot ; their origin 
1 do not kaoM, 


Euafifova or Cn. Gu)octimtt. 

Afler a long loarch through the Lay Sdbiidica of this county, iiidudiug the rvwj 
heavy r<dl» of Brivtol city up !« 14 Hen. VIU- 1523, und tlie Mutter RolU far the oonoty 
tempc Hen. Vill., no Kmeraofis are to be founds iiof a single one, and only otin won of Kmma. 
A fXirham famity first migrated to Gloac«ster» prubably tentpti Que^n Blixab«ih, for in 
the will of Thomas, of Cotdaiton and MangoUAehl, proved 31 Oct., 10«6, bia cousin Arthur, 
of Suiihopt*, in tiictitioiicd, ibui proving tbr lii^K nitb DiirLiin. 

Thw Tbc^mjj-, of \[iing<}l«t]eld ( n*nr Bndol) w** w<»ll off. IT« mftntinm his wlf* Joan 
and his kinsman Thomas, af Coldaiton. and Richard Kmervon; Imt does not seem to hava 
]e1\ titty \**\ir, unk<«4 Uichard was a aun — which h po«aible, for tHe*e old fellows had moat 
peculiar uieibuda oC making th^rJr wills. 

Tbi- uii?(t rei;urd is uf Ihi* itichuril in an Inq. l^^^, duted J§m. I., No. 44, in wbleh 
Rif^hnrd Kjner4oo, of Barton R«gi«, nviir Itr!«lol, wm« ft^mnd itt \i%vc Oiod l^oe^ 7, 1602, and 
that Andrew (a^ed 7 in 1602) was his aoR and bfir- The Registry Imlex gives tb« will of 
Richaird Hrneraon^ of Elorton, dated I6«!f; but ihis document is not to be fouod it the 
registry. The Kev. Uegbie very kindly searched the Uorton Regiaicra for me, and found 
some of Rlohatd'a detcendiiulB — tL sun tnptixed in iGtfo. and daughter* hnptixcd in IdW and 
t^rtJ. 'lliifl Andrew marfied an KItxubath, nud in tha L'riftcipAl Ucgtslry In Londoo nn 
admiitistration in irr.inted lo Eliz. Emerson, of Maiigoulit^ld, 

}iv\l, at Dri^tol. wc hiuc Tliomns Kni4^r«(m. will proved 22 Nov., IG3T, a dyer, 
Iwqueathiog £^J to bis son Thomai at hrs age of 2\^ and tneDtiooing hh brotbcr Hnrtioia' 
rbildn^n. bin wifv'n name bebif? ftTHry. Tht-n we have a Thomw Eionnuo, tilncer (who 
mflrriea in \G2'% Oertiv StniDg*, <rf Moand'a Court, Gloucealcr Viiiitiilion), ravntion^d in 
tbv will of Tboa. Farewell, of liolbrooko, Co< Somerset, whum he aucceetia ; tltia was 
probably one of the Soutbwark family. 

• OifCid Ulatorid] Socktj pnUkcaUov. 



And tin; onffin of Tliomnit, of ColtlnMtori. ttii< kii^Kiniiri of Tliom&d, of Mft|}f;ot*11dd, !• BtHI 
unv ncoarited for H'li inauu U f^iveti in the accompjiujiiig pcdi/^reo. 

Jt iiuy b« rioTpd in HtU connodian thnt in t^-> Hitn. VIIE. Ihu inniior* of King't 
Partuii unci Abbui» IVirion m^rc hi-1d b^ KJu- AiiOrrn^ niiU Nicbolnn Tcmpi-Bt, ntid iliat iia 
1G<1^ ih^ mnnor of Olifiun wan bold by Sir Italf Sudlvr, ami ihrit Robert SyTiLEiiiiU 
purcliA»t*d the rmnor of [{«w«1vf]t-1d Dri^it^ld of the daugliier of Sir Nic- Throckmorton, 
hiitf Ih-' mnnor hiiving been heM i* Klix. by R, T<jwn»cti<l by mrirri*;^e with dinighlrr of 
Sir H- liruwnt!. Morton AIniior bcltinged to th«f PasIoiim in ltiU8. 

Tlicf QrtTAl Orphnrii' Uuuk, Frt^Fiiien'i RulU^ Cusloms Ri?cor«1ii mid re^tntur* of 
Mnrtii^old, MHTii^duiuHUl und BrUtul (fi'Jr Ap]*''n<\\\)t hnvtt itW hnon conrrlind A uKul^m 
fimiljT (viV« modern pedigrees) la descended from th«M variy tiloucc»ti;r Kmcrfoniv. 

KuKic^oKM or Co. HcHxmiiLKp 

We get Done of the iinm« In ttii- Lay ScbsidS«i down to and including 14 Hen.' 
(\G^). Tbc c«r1iv«( rrcorJ ihiil lookn like the nAiao ia tUnt of Rtohitrd Kiti^»oii> who in 
I'fltent Roll, dntarf r» Kd, Vf. (ljfi>2). tH ■!t*i'jHbod a* a yeoniftii, urid i* pardon***! for *hoi>(ing 
u "|>rLGk«to" in ihn Grcnt I'iirk, WincUor. We b«ur no ninro t>T thin Kic-hnn!, Ejut in ll^c 
Berkflhire Adiitoik A«t Jiouk, p. 1 1, Ut-^2. fo. 2^2, is record of a TbonuN P^ner^on, of Old 
Windsor, ob. iOit*\ posalbly od« of the aniue fantily. Ills will, proved 1^9U. proves bim 1o 
bnvc been ii yenmflii. H<^ ^pi^nkt of hiH luolhcf, Jiicaium Stovena, of KliKftbolH hU wifc» 
nnd bU aoii Tbomm. n minor 

Nexl u'v get lb« adminiHtratioD of Gi\t% KiDeriton, of Newbury, yeoman, who di«d 
inte«tfite, fain ealaie being j^rant^ on Auj{- 8» 1^32, to SibUla Kinerson, bia relief ; sum of 
iav<n]tory, il<?4 18^ Od, WbilU in lf>GG vc get ibo nilininitinLtiort of Gil;^s of Abingdon, 
n cutler, fcrantcd (o Anntf, IiIa ix^licL And in Fo«lcr*:i "Alumni Oxonicnfis'* we get 
Tliomn'ri, ifio aoti of fiilc^t Kmc-ritnM, of Nmbary, inulri<*uliiled uC Ni^w Inii Hull. 1^ Fi*b., 
Iti24'3, aged IS: B.A. from Mhwdiilen lUW. 3t Jan.. 1G2T— B ; M.A., 8 June, 1G30, 
TbiF Thomnn died at Hagboitme. lierkri. in V]-'f't, for in iidminlatrHtion waa grnnleil to 
bi* u'idow IClJ/,nbeth on 20 Jan., }Gr>o ; no children mcnlion<Td. 

As ibcrc arc n? other records of wiUf up tw 1700, it may be fnirly conjcGlured tli«t ono 
of lh« nMtno wnitdered into Hil* county in the sixtei^ritb o^ntnry, ntij bl< de«reridanr« revUid 
for ft cerer^lton or two, and finally, probably went out sine prole — in this case in all 
|irotinbilitv ut a pamon, 


Kmehsoks of Lonuok avd COp Middlcscc- 

Tbe Lny Subsidies for Lomloii and Middlesex do^n to nod ineltiding lh<* rolls of 
14 Hrn. Vlir. give nv no Kmunonfi, nor do the Farl> MiddlrsL^n Fjuch or fni|^ I'uvt Mortcmf. 
And boforL' proccedioff it in nccMUFiry to nay *c havo not inoludiM fbe Suutlmjirk Kmoraoni 
in tbifi cbapier. buviii); tn-nlrd of tbmi inultr Co. Surrey, llmugb tliey owned property in 
London. Tbe anme remark uppLies to t'ulk Kmerson, i\ prominent eitizeTr of London, 
but n iintiv<T of Oifordsinre, in wbich conntv bo ia included, itx thv* biitory of bi?; family 
i» there given. Atno WillUni, of Wobnrn, Will, tiud KicIiHrd. jfi-'niM., of Sioudon, Herts, 
vrbo aro included in llieir varlouA tfouiitipv. Apart from lfii>«i> fitmilieti tlii^rt* do not tt^vtn lo 
have been nny wry promtnt^nt KmenLonK in Lnndori lUid i^]iddle#e\ up lo 17l>0. but audi 
BS there were we xviti now give a tiborl a^-couni of. 

The riirliett London Kmor»on 1 have ift Nicholiut Ementon. frettninn mid bouHOholder 
cf Ite ^ktnnvrH' Compnnv. IfiS'i (fide Midd. mid Hvrii. Note* and Qnerie*, Vol. III., No, 9, 
p. S9, nnd Vol III ^ Na. II, p. lo4). A Niuholaa Enii?riion in Uuri^^d m St. S<LvIour'> 
Sontliwflrk. Dot. ISl. l^^^^proftHbly the aame : bot t Uavm na furiber recnrd, nod t!ie 
SecretJirv of the Skinnerf' Company had no record of tbijt one. but lUiw be uim a. incmbvr 
in lo-tW la proved l*y Mr, Salisbury s researcbcN (j-w-)- 

.S'(. Uriiii^^f Em<^r9onit (London), 
Evidently next to the Soathwark, Oxford, ileris and Bedford Emcrtons^ one of 



riob««t LuiidaD fAtntlioa at tbi« |i«n<id- Tholr podi^roft, «o Tat ju I k^n ti«ftn Ab1« to 
trAc« it, h «bort tint vecure, but whimc4i llity artgUi%ivi\ I um uoiibU to xn-ce, lUtntgh 
it h i>ossiblo tUisy cAme from the Souihwark family, who n mun be r«i»«u]ber«il owoaU 
''brewhouHitf" ind hfrttj tho fmnom '^SalutafioD Jdh/' Th«M Ein«noii» of St. Bride's 
ttorv nl»o brcirvr* nnd inii'kuuijtni. 

In S.R Domt-itioj Vol. CCXLVJ.. Np. H t, w* pot u hi^tury of tbit Thoman Kmcrion, 
wlio WHi eifliniited 2i Nov,. ir^^S, coriceniuig Miim poltticn) affair. In tlii< riamiriatiun 
Km^rfon gives bia hialory. Ue na» apprenticed loSi — K8d to Jobti Edvarda, of iba 
**King'ji ilcJid" in Ni-w F1«h Street, nn<I v^^rvril for his troeitora sboal lii jean; vben 
nlmui tlirtt- yr^ra ngu i^i-slI Lent bv Bvt up for liimvclf at ibu '*Ttircr Kitiga " in Kiali 
Strwt, wbr«r<< ho rvmiiint^d (ill the ImI Aniiunointlofi Duy^ wliuti lie wt-nt lo Xtorvick-npoD' 
'fwaed. and rera^titieil unlil these six la^l voj'ages iniended for Hull. Abunt turo year* aUk^ 
bf obtained l\\<^ Li>rd CEiambrrlflio't livery through oae Mr. Sadler, sind liaa trcni It evvr 
»inc«. He nrvi^r verved any othc^r fwrKOn, or «|ioki; of jiny army thnt na» to come to 
Osttiid, or WHB ia Flatidera, lhouf;h be was oriCi; in Norway for Havki about May hut. 

It) CknnC'vry I'fo. H. nnd A., B. Ai l'---, "r gfl ihi* fnniily rrfiTfod to — Thumu« 
EiDCiraon, Innliolder. and Edward Kmerson. Thrkiiiaa tried to »mnj?e h tnarrlat.'tt bi'tween 
R linrrunc flnd Kliznbnth Kmcr^ton* dun. of f-Muitrd Kntrrion, a bineiuan ef laid 'i'liomaa; 
and i»ov aaid Thoinaa refaaea to earry out bia coniriiet. 

Various oth?r records rvrcr to thin KilwarJ and Thomaa^ e.^., \t% Stale l^aftera Domeailc. 
Vol. XXXV., No. 48, Kdvimrd ia bound fi>r tli« d«Mi of Tlioinaa. And pni^ £10(10, bm ovlng 
to tht* plngu<*> tuvlvc of hit fi<Tvaniii diod. aail varinii* Initim; hail inadfi htm » bankrupt, 
•o that he waa takc^n lo tho ilehtora prfscin ; sUhou){h In l^2M Kdvnrd waa rxvciitor lo 
lio^vr Bellowe, btett-er (Hot. Lit. Claua., 18 Jas. I., p. 9. o. U^. There are other 
references tn Ihc St«te Tapi^ra nnd Patoot Kollx, priiiteJ In the Appendix, to thia 
unforlunalc fnm^Iy, rofcrring ehicfly to their trouUk-fl. 

U^ng at TDfiwrnML CXl Ol^ 
uuiaiLphBiau cridMht.. 

i I 

HkHnH. H^ Jnii 



1 r 

C. a r. I (tut. 


Tti4iiua U«Oum •'^ BseivlL 



In B. aad A.. I Ja^ L, T. ^^^ and T. V. ■'« g«^t Tboicaa n=rern;d to aa Innboldirr 
aad hia oncle Kdviurd. and It provei that 'niuuiaa dt«d in debt, and his <-aut« ubh not 
avfflclont lo pay hi* di^bt«. Afid as t*d\v»rd only \4jfx u diiugfil«f, iho Taaiily goaa oat — 
•i4ti^tlaie Robert nat\ Anthony, 1 And an AnLhoay in ±^K NichoUs. Deptford. Begttter, 
with a nmneroua pruh't-ny, apvlliaf^ their oatnc* KTnbcraon. and |>iKuibly the aiicntora of 
the Kaaex Kmb«rsons, af Kelvedon nnd aeigbbourhooJ—for Deplford i> not fir atl'. 

lu C-f. 1 Cbji4, L, m, ^i. we gel Cbrlaiopher, Arthur and Mane Kmermii, probibly 
rclaird to tbin tkmily. Fulkc Kmurton and U'vt wir« Aliiry hnvn n ilaugblor Klixfthelh 
biplU4-d at Si, BrideV Then- !« a1»o a uMow who married inio the SonthvtJirk family 
(d.if.), and tartly u inyaterioua bnrlinlor Thnmaa Kmrrtoo ala Mcathnm, oh. S.P., 

AdlD. 1631- 

EnJJM Emenont. 

Next ve come to the Knfiefd KflH^rsona, who, 1 think, are deacentted iVoa the Soulbvark 
BiD^raoiu loo. KnlleM ia an old fore«t quarter. 

ta lUiC. Lit. Ctnur*., 14 Klix-. |j. -1 (IC02), w<t got na iiid«ntara Ij^riwiMm a br^wr«r 
or Knfield and Ilti^h Un>iirker and Thom»« Kmrrann. of lanrr Tumple (thit Thomaa of 
ttj0 Suutbwark family, aad II. Brouker, hi» broiher-tn-Uw). ubereby the Enfield brtirer 


grants a mese., garden, barn, Btnble«, parcel of meadow, 3 a. a( Bulles Crosse in Enfield 
to Thomas Emerson, Sen., and Hugh Brou'ker^ Sen- The EnAeld Register give us a 
John Emerson and his family residing there at this period, whose pedigree U as below. 
In Chancery Proceedings B- and A., U. ^1, 1622, we find litigation re this property, when 
Thomas Emerson claims it for sums of money paid to Hugh Browker, uncle of defendant, 
i.e.j mother's brother. Now considering the brewery and the connection with the Southwark 
family, it is very probable this family of Enfield Emersons were connected with that family, 
and descendants of Humphrey (vide Southwark Emersone). Edward is possibly the St. Bride^s 
Edward (^.c-)- 

itiba, = 1 Ann. BdwArd- = Bllr. 

of Enfield. [ 2?Kntb., Vide St- bT\dii't 

eb. 10»7. FtAignt. 

AHln St. Andraw'g, EnfleldT Rfyatar. | 



b. liyiO. 


b. Itt27. 

b- lt:a. 

b. IG32. 

The Menken Hadley Emersons and Sl Helen's, Bishopsgate, belong, of course, to 
the Soatbwark Emersons {i-v.). 

Hacknet/ Emersons. 

I have referred to this family under Yorkshire, whence they originated, la the 
Frincipal Registry is the will of Christopher E^merson, of Barton -le- Street, in Co, York, 
clerk. The pedigree is as follows : — 

tA FlokerlDff, Co. York. I 
C.F. D, AA. iChu. l.pB.ll- 

H«T. GUriBtopJiflr BntemoPf ~ 1 UmidliD. 

of IIutou'lfl'SlrMt. I 2 Anne Bdi«tkii. 
W.P. iSMar.H iflST— S- | fclUe in ItttiP. 

Dan. = a. I^mbv. 



Ham., a 


GhriBtO[ihar, :^ Judith. Anns, = Canndon. ilia., ■ 
f of Tvroy on | fltlf B ftbmvl 

Uumbar, imt. In 10^7. 

Rflgvr, = 

Edmund. — Laci-, — 

JUie. = BalL 


minor in 



b. IISW- 

b. 1CW. 


ob. 1702. 

b. 1703- 

Tbe will of John Emerson, of Hackney, proved P.C.C. 16G9, proves the family moved 
to Hackney, and gives the other particulars noted in the pedigree (vide will in Appendix). 

We will now record several minor London and Middlesex families. 

St. Andrew, Holhorn. Here we tind Magdalen, adm. 1570; Cuth., adm. 1668, with 
a daughter Martha; Ralf, adm. 1683^ with a widow Sidney (stc); and Greo.j adm. 1723, 
with a widow EHz. ; also^ — 

■Tbp*-, W.P, lfl3fl, hL Chrirtopbw. Maiy. 

* A tuailj fAiDi Lanowhlre. Tbov. baa h KnuUUon Hioi. 

St. James, Clerkenwell, 


John. > 
ob- 1067, 

1 UhTihA Knlghl. 

Id 1017. 
3 Anne. 

b. lOM. 

b. mis, 
Ob. im^ 


b. ma, 

<A. 1719. 

b- 1618. 
Ob. lif^^ 

ab. 1745. 

b. liy^-l, 
tfb. Ui*. 


b. i^as. 

Suun. = 11. LimwbJlti. 

b. laau. 

1 Eliz. GumsH, vid.. 

in ITi^. 
2MarjBell, in 1720. 


b. 1D41. 
6b, HM2. 


b- ityta. 

b. 172fl, 
oA. 17£1 

b. n2-2. 

b. 1T2S. 

b. 1727. 

b IV ^, 
ob. I73>. 

b- 1045. 

b. 1120, 
ob. \72». 

ob. Hi9&. I 

Win., = 

b- nm. 


0^^ 11^1. 

b. 1048, 
ob. 1«40. 

John- — 

ob. lt(71. 


St, Botglph, Al^to. Cuth,, adm. 16^; Cuth,. mnrinpr, WT. 1G&>, aS.P.; Ric, 
fldm^ 162$ to bratlicr ilolm ; Kbenetcrr Ailnt. [72(> lo rclii^t Klu. Wc Hml htrtf tiro cif the 
Ueru KiDerHCfiia—Mnry, ikIeii. KiJd to hvr sister S^«hq Nuiv (i>f Gi. liAilLiun), tnd Tho>. 
Adums, gt'Dt-f ■= EiiK- Emorvon, of Ch4T»<liujit, rid. <vf £0 in Itiil. It will br rtfoicmberiMl 
Bic- E^, fr^ii>-t <^f SlAiidoii, HerU. owned pruperij^ iii the pAritli (eidt lnq> P,M-). 

Si. Katlierine CoT«mun. John Kint^rion. gfnx,, a ''waiter" in tho Kast tndia Co., 
dies 8-Ph in 16D3, evidently a ut-titthy man ; dk*» in thi^ ihi|i /«« ^nrti*iijii J/rrfiAanf, ou U>c 
way lo Che Indie*. 

Si. K^thvHiiv. Chriiftcburch, Rob. K(»«r8on, oUi«oii and lorryi&or, W.P. 1^33, munev 
Itis vife Klin nnd r^lntiv^ Kli/jiholh Kmrrvon. 

8t Auj^uslinr. Joho tlinrr^onf a lailor, iniirrirji Em BajIvt in 1l>02, 

Sl Butolpb, Bithop»}^nU^ A Buger Kineraiin dies In t^Sl ; Geo. E. ^ lanWl 
Conadlnc, nid. \o lOOt^, and ha» a aoh Thos., uho dl^a In Infbncy; John E, hiiB a mh) 
Janic*, ^1>o nl^o die iu infuncj ^ Rulf K., of Nowc«At1o e^ Anno Voting io ITCl^ 

St, ])anHlan-trt th*'TCnBL A widou', VA'ix. Emerjion. W-P, \iii\H. 1«*v» thr^4> dnnghlpn, 
Klix., Mnry itnd Kath,, oni^ of whom luarric-* W, Girdler, ojiixen, or Locidovu 

Si. Miirj Abchurch. John Kiueraoii, 8dm. P>4<7, lo Kath,, bia relict. 

St. I^fcbohks Olavr. W^c Und G«o. iiriLt Cccllijt, of CojicIomt, Co. Durlinm; GeOi, 
adm, ICGO, 

fit. Mntthtiw. Friday Stntet. John E. ^ Ann Prtf?e in 1677. 

Holy Trinity ihe Lee*. Wt^ trnd Uie will of Italf EmerM»D. tatlor, proved lfi25, wlilofi 
tnenitoDH kiiunien Geo., a carpvnli.-r. Hnd hia tvif« Eli^L, and Ann = Kludd. Francis E. = 
]Ie«ler Tvlc In ir>63r a cloth-druwvr 

All f^aintii in muro. We 6nd John^ a yeomant W.P. lOSO^ D.S.P^, wbicb aamca bi« 
broihi'M Geo. and Will 

Trinily, Qu$enliith«, 

I io I«0I. W.P. Ifi«. rU 

St. Alartin-b^lhu FieMtt. i'ho uhii^r rnmity hereuaa Ctiristofiher Em«reoD. wboae adoi. ia 
daled 1072. IK' left u widuu Ann. a nitlrr ElhutredA = H". Wiw, |(riit., in K>33, «ud a 
eon John. H* wju a in^rohrtnt, and owtied prop<»rty in Co- llorta aod Co. Liincolii ; In lb* 
foTitier be wa« pari lord or Abbots Lnngley Manor in 1044. There » n John K. ^ Mary 
Normnn in 1601; but in all probahiltiy not Ji;bn. aon of Chriatopber. Then wc bav«j a 
family in humble circumataneea, vit., flioa.. a I>ead1e, who married Agnerj tiJIberi in 
15^^, and died in IGdO. leavlug iuu«— Rob., h. 1^07; Knth.. b, IGOl ; Mjirgvry, b. IGO^; 
and Etionr, b. IGIO — iha tahc of bit If^rg^ fninily having died of ih^ plu;ruit whon young, 
viz.. jRne, John, Margt., l^Iiz.^ Thotnflflinr. and Mskcway iir^d Jane, twioit. A lv.itk, 
tid., => R- Niuhulaon in lOTii. There wm an early family here, for we get Bboda, b. ISS^J^ 
and Ann» '>b. ItiOl. A Henry (fiV.) die* in 1621*. 

Grey't Inn Lnne and SU Andrew, llolhorn. Oi.'o. Norrey*, fjcnt.. ninrrie* in 1C23 
Enxab<Hb Emerion, r<cf. of Clirldlophcr, of Si. Audreu'i* Ilulborn. po««ibly ibu fnthflr 
of bVrdinAnd, Ibi* cutler. W.P. IK^3. who learea a wife J«n aod children Jobn and Mary. 
1UU family verc j^reatly pernecuted aa rt.'0iiuinta, and verc Ronain Catbolica. ala* ! 

St. Mary Aldermary. Vie get a Geofge, of Bowe Lnno, — Eli£. Uill, ^'^th a child 
bap. 1031. 

Si. Tboiuai the ApoatW. Wa find Robert with a aon John, b. t^lH), hoX no further 
trae* of them. ? Robflrl, ofStortford (*? p.'i. 

St. Micliael, Contbill. We find a Will,, with a dan. Dorothy, k i5&^ and afar oV a 
Martha, ofr. ITsr,. 

fit, Atitn\ lilackfrkur*. BeHidev recorda of the Southwark Ennrfatroi, we llnd Fnnda 
Kmcmon = Mary Koxnil in HSS. aon Geo. hap. Ifldl ; poiaUdy the Fraiiela, 8. of Thm., 
of Soatbuark. h,'nl D«?|>lford, 1609. 

St Uelen, Biahnp^^ale. Tb«re are record* of ibe Sotilbwark faiuily (f^.). 

St- Barthobmcw the Great. Wa bave a John, a. of John, h. 1G16. 


Deptforil, Thtfrv tji tut Anllioiij Kmbt^riKin («iV) at DqiUbrd. but whether 
AbthoDj given bbovc^ I Uvrv no proof. The pcdi^r^c ti — 

JiBtlMffu, — I Jtmu Mi^UTow*. 
I ttK«»4hj m-*l«T, 



b. IiWIh 



11 *: 


St. Pcler. Combitl The Rev, Jotiu E , of U^rsham, roarnes Margery ?i>ul»on 
lie), tid''- SuMCx ^Jn(r^£Qn4. 

CbrlalchDfch, NcwgAtc. Wc find llic SouOiunrk fEimiljr ogtiiii, and U wcll<li>-do 
fftmily, whu«« pedigree i* givt-ii under Iht? Sixrrpy lunrrioTts, «iir (if thfim having m-irrk^d 
m Garth, of Mor<Ien, of Co. Surrey (o.v.). There lit alio a Rlc, with a (fatij^liLer fCebeccH, 
b. 14K6. 

&f. Kthelburtjt. H«v. Half, ricar, eid^ Kewcjulk Emrnooft, 

St, ALbAHB, Wood Sti««t Oi'ea ub mtrrdy a UoU (adm. 16^7) — FmncM; £lia. (d. 
of Robt K, fllolhdrawflT), = Will. M*vh:«4-t in I6fir>. 

St Giie^-in-the-KlcJd. Givc>» us number of tlie rarv Phillipi, adm. 1690, \q Biii*i 

Sl Gile«, .Crippltfgate, Gtves a& Thorn. K. :r:: Ann Toinlirif tii IIj4'J; ICUi. E., 

nu, = ft- AhvM ill h;tu 

St. Mjirg&n>l, Wptliriijstnr, Wn havn an iiiter^ittiiig fHmllj or Iwo her«», l£ogi*r 
Eiaerwii, Ypoinan of iIju Ounrd, WJ\ 15*8 by liin widow lilijt. Then »»? gPl ffnii^ralinir 
faniilk* — Geo., who die4 in tlie JiermuiaH in IG'jS^ ha« hi* Koudit admin lNtL*r«d by hiit ttUler 
Jane Chapman ; K\hf Emerson, whu linit sons, Thos,, b. IGl^, Kovttey or Uobert, b. 1G)7, 

and Ak"*^*^* '^- 1^*^'> Tliii maj have bcni tlic EIHh «liO nnigrHlt'd willi Iko Jt4irv«u(* to 
Virginia in \iV2^ (rid^• Ilotton'ii tint*) to AEnrtin^i; lliindritd, wh#f« Rob., jl of Mr. Kmifrsnti, 
dies ; but I haiv not had i'ttnt- to aeurch the rc^iciitvr, and hope lo clrur thin up lnti-r ; ibin is 
the only BUis 1 have discovered. And Instl^, vtG have Thoiujis, nitb wife Mary and 
children Suuin, b. 10^8, nnd TIiobIh A John V.. marrivs b*re in W>'i. 

Si, Micbnei, UjiMin^>hnv-- We find n Unihcn. WJ', IG^iJ, Itaviug n i* idoiv Murgl., 
and ft That., jidm^ IGll, n drxpt^r. leaving u tiiduw KaThcrinr, Whc'bcr llitv Mutllif^w i« 
rolhtrd to MuUivw, W.K 1G73. who leaves a sun Nie,, und duuK, ¥Ah. SiMirts and Atjti. 
f know not, for the IaUt hn^'<? "<> parish gireo in the will ; neither have a Jnmes and hn 
brollier Kobl., «rho die* in hcetti<nd ui ]i»6iJ, and leave* n dnu. Klitabtrth. 

SL Margaret, Luthhury. We iJndu Leonard, W,l*. l02tJ, leaving n widoif Alit*. 

St Paul, ShadwtilL We And It^lf K., gvnl., t>f NcwcaMtU, nrf. 21, t. of John, of 
NovrciBtle, = KVtz. Keinball in ](>L*U— Kalf born IfiTu. He was viear of I'oUoQ, Biida, in 
169^1 and returned ns vicar of St. KlhelburtiiH Lonilon, in lT2ir (*i'^^)' 

And this brings us lastly to the sailors' pariahes o1^ Wliitedinpel, Wnpping, S>hore<lilcti 
and 8i-ep[»ty- 

At Wftjipihg we And a wcll'to-do chnnd1«r, poaslbly relnted lo Rev. Ciiriatopher, of 
Hackney (g<e.). 



And then Dinrineri crop uji, old M-a-dogii vith uud vitiout vrivca. 


vjF. ions. 

« I i i I i 

Oml « Hon. - DvnniL Hh;, ' DuMuid. lUnn. Bvuq. 

There is a John of Wapjiing -^ Marir, (ind Ishikt Lrn. U 1G21, Ann b. 1623, and 
Hiry b, lij'M : und s Will dies in lti3l£, luaviug a uld^w Sara to mourn him. A June*, 


tou, (Ue« io IGlO, Icurliiir u nitlow Rliz, mid n itnu- Allct, but 1 tm noi lurt thut theve 
tfiroi^ wt^re «ui1ar* ; liul »l| the fullowiii^ Stepney people nrc '* Anilor* bold.'* 

SCeptii!]r anil Wlntethjipel Miehm?!, WA*. IthSI, U-^xen u outer Miigtlultn FniToe, 
lUnry, IVJ'. Ii^^^l!, mpntiojis ii brother Jtiiiu drowned ht »«a. John, W.P. lG*Ji, meations 
lib aihUt Klix. iVoitv^li, W.P, 1Ij!jo, maitioiM his widou' Uary, of Aldgatt? ; Aiid iifinry, 
W.K l*iy4» mHDIiuns bis »Jf« " tJtsrj/' of ?>lepn4j>\ 

Slu>r«diluli. At 8tii>i-i*dit<Th wp onU find Julut K. *- Elo. Ca1lhri>pp in lfiT9; Jiini«a, 
itdiD. )704, Io Ilia widow Mary: miA Rlr., Adin. ITIfl, to his widnw RubiNToa— ]>o««il>ly 
nuilort, |[i4iiig[i Ihcrr is no rrrord of lhi«. 

KothiTliitlie. At Ktjrljrrliittic, )iiJwon>r, ne grt two nior« goiiuliio i4llors— Gtfo.f ft 
hjuihrlor. WJ>. UiSb, and Will., u bAclit-tor. UM\ 1(3:] L. Whilst w« i>c>t hi P'^'f the a>iii>, of 
Tiiomrtd. A baobclur. '*<Urd in pnri* ijcjuml ll»« w^fli," grsnli'd to hit bKilhi*r Ji>hh, mid 
Iliijch, '' dipd in (lurth 1ioyi>ni1 l)\s* m'.x*/' udui, in l^o^. given Io Imh widow Mnrgnrrl, 
The K«ivr>onH hivv tbu4 f^ivcn ihcir xhnrc to fill the '' ocvnn ^ravf^yard*." 

We wjU how iuoiv out into ihe cuuiitrj rouud London, or tnihtr into ilim part of 
It coutuincrd in Mii1']Ic*ux, 

At Kalinj; vpc find RUf Kinor«on, who«o adm. iM eiv^n to lii^ wldov Krancii in 15ST. 
At Old und New BrjLiijford wi? Iind thrrv fnjniliMji^WilT-. a wnlMrmjin. W.K ir>S«^ ]i<aving A 
tvldou AUj^daleu, and u A'Hi Ua\t; Itlc, udm. IC^Si, leAviuf ii widow Elifitbclh; and John, 
with a widou Krn, tlyii^g in 1*!!^^, aiid l«uvinj^ a 4un Ittc, ndin, IG'Hl^pofi^ibly Ihv 
uforvjuentioiivd ICichard. At Niirton Kolgntv Ui«r« i» a doubtful niniily^wUt'tlirr KmiTKOH 
or K4»»on J mni nut <urc, and ■■ ilicrr ^m no mate i'mc It niallcru little : hut at Uxbridt;u U 
a &itmly of iHttorf^-^Rob,, W.P. 1(>U]^ It'nting lira torn, Roh. a^h) Ric_ ; Rob.. Jtni.> tvnvtng ■ 
«nu Hub., and Richard two cbiLOr«n. Riu. nud Uary. alJ nltvu in 1691, I^ter there ih a Thos* 
Elii,, wboav udiQ, if djitt;d 1731, douhtle^ a devcendaut of the prvvtotu family* 


EMinaontii OK Ca Kimr. 

Th« vorv h^avjr Lny Subsidy UtAU of this eounty give ur nono of tfir ntini;. In J^J4 
1/v nt*n. V[IL (1-V2$]. howrvcr ^e get — City of Cnotrrbary, Wurd of Newynjtute, Gerard 
En«i>n, doucUemau. x^od« x1 >.— ii,>. A douchtrman— nhvioutty not nn Em«rt>oQ, Next in 
€9ri)lica(v« of roflidpRcfi we get Bundle 111., 18 Ki<! , V'ZtJ, Kmenon. Thov., Kritt., Jiundrcrd 
uf ItUrklienth. ar in tion, iiii,>i. It.d, TJiis is mosi likvtv unv* uf tliv S<rut1iV'i'k fumtly 
living itt niacichtiflth Ht tlio period. EvidLMitly u itiaij uf in^anp*, «ud a r«pjt^ nrmi^nr. vrho 
tiiOT«d to Home Other part of KR|£taTid— in all probabillly to Aloukcn Hiidky* Ctx MiMlv^vx, 
Hiid to would take hi* ccniltcuie wUh him to prove he hn<l paid hisc Mtbdidy ni Leulfthjuu. 
At H son, I'rancifi, of Tlioinau Kuernon, wjta born it Deptford in ihe Hundred of BUcklienIb, 
tliJH iKrvni* to tiiakv thu tntiUer mure than likvlv- 

Then u'fT eomo to niiU, And |U« ouly w>K nt thi? Cantorbiirj Kcgiitor up to 1700 m that 
of Ruhert Kna'nton- of St. Lawrence. Ramsgnte, hi llianet, *' Taylor." will pro^t^d lG3l>» 
pOAsibly n desceuduiit of the Uxbndgc tailnr Thu Rer. Puvn«-8nuth and Mr Wilkic 
kindly «<*nri;hed ihr St. Lanrence R<-^idt«r for ca«, and Mr. Wilkiv reinnrki in n footnote 
th^u lUc Hr?tt rniry in tho Si. Lawrence Ref;i«ler \n ibc mitrtUge of Hob:. Kmtmun Jind 
June Ari|;niiti, tuO^, and thnt a hniiicb of th« fiiniilj probubiy loigrnied from ihv cin^piu 
port of Sindffidi {(> milm di<tarit;. iho lUmiignic portion of Sl. LnvretR'« bein^* limh 
or libertj of Sanduicb. and tbc naniv haa been known both at Sandwich and Rain«gatv 
down to th« present tinL«. 

But I inuKt onll the ruudtT** nttrntion to the modfrn KinvrwMift living at Uoaiagaie. vho 
went in recent timvA from Lin col nib ir p. nnd who, 1 jir^iinmt', nrc therefore unoottn^ot4>d wiib 
the fnoitly referred to iboie. and in atldition ■■ ihr IVnicipul Registry in nn adin, izranled 
to EtiTLMbeth Emeraon, lelict of John Knieraon. Intv of Shodwich, Co. Kcni, who died iu pirts 
hi.>>-ond lh« ie«, daiod Itn^. In S.l', Dojn., Vol CXLIV., X<n :U, 102*-', i» ;ii» ex4n)itiiiitiMt of 
John Kjuffmon, mariner, re *'aGt4 of Acurn jfriictiftcd a^irniKt hitu hy \Uv uiarloerit of ihu 
ff't^iffhotttid in Dover Unrbuur.'' held before }>ir ICd. Uvriiig. Lieut, of ibe Cn«t]i-. Thut 
U pfobably the above John who dlftd abroad. Hot hiring found any cla<' to Rnb«rt*i origin. 


mid n« ibe morlern Sririrlwirh fhmily KRcm inditfrri-nt nnd contrnlcd wiifi a ^'Sgiit^ trjijitfOD 
thai ih«y came from Yorkittiire, I did nol du ha much an 1 Mould hnve done had tbey 
glv^u inr. aII iri/ijrniiitioii in tlieir powtr ; 1>u( c«rtuiiLy liivjr urtr nut arungrrou^. 

It will hf iiotieod in ih» ftr«l two bH|itiiiiiiu] «rLtrie« tlio iJAuie ia Mp^U Eio«r»on, but 
in lUv third IfFtpiiim (ahWd of the Knjue pAreitts^ the nnine is spelt KiiifuefBon ; and lo it 1$ it) 
ibe will of Rubert. the tailor, pn^vuil l(i?{(J, nnd «o it ja K|»clt nl Snndwicb to-dny. 

I a|ii>cMd i\ filiort pedj^ree of ihe 5i. Lawrviict' family uf h:miDerftOD«oom[fUed from the 
wHl and rarUh lleglner, 

Jtamigatc and Sundmcfi J'hrMa^rtona. 
Buburt R«jiuirfBQnj — 1 Jana Aofnun. 

bjun$iit«L W.h L10iit« 2 S«a« njdutiiniaif ID will. 

b, 14(H)- 



T*lin^ «A. 11W. 

b, IHfl?, Ir. HUM, (i liilKf. 

lA mil ^1(1 4i 

jtfliat. iiLm 111 irao, 

RciU, AOMy 

b. lOltfL b. IMl- 


b. Itfll— LudUU, JB 10^. ti^ m4 Dub 

IX. to ]«». (itv* iMtUi to Uwlg4, -IT. ui ]< 


tit. btfurt ir»v 

Johfl, ^ nu CH|i«, 


ImU, WUI., 

JaflD. Jiuh. BllL> BuliLt WL^j., 

b-iin^i, b. i^n k 104'!. b. i<t4i V i(«L 



Sandtoich l^inmersoaa (dectceiided fl*om the above). 

Will KinrnsnoD. *- Il*b»ak Jf^ipl* Knini«-rvm, «• .H«i>Ji. ob. I'l^ 



*». 1T&». 

flm, •J, BIlK aabnmp Riwui. 

tMm fdlTlt. lKk70& «o. iwi. 

HvriVB— Miry Bvinimja (uf Ht. EdWMTiei> ■= J, SL*phiiru, nf iit. Ln^naM^ IttT. 

In Lht* north i^r ihn ^Aiiniy wp And HMni.1if*r fatnily of Kmorsonii in the Mxtn^ntti 
century. aUo traduamcii and jc^omen. Soiov of their wills being irL the Priitcipul Re;c[i(try. 

Dartford and hartnth EmerBons. 


b. Mil. 

Itn., ^ 


I WIIUahi. - 






AlLw. - U Old. 

Anni' ^J.tkivMiMi. 

Ailin. of S. Pr0O nU |^intT*on, dated 16/S4, IvavuK nn illU, sou, Uraol Froo. Th 
Dartford R«gidter was only rxAiTilnt-d for bapliflms Ililij — 16ll<f, The vritrieit. however, show 
there wvre other fniniUes of the name living nt Dnrtford at this period (vide lt«gi»ter« 
Appeadiv). Whether thr« family nad the RniUftgate nnil Snml^-idi Krnrr»on« are conDection 
I have not trac4?d. but U I* intumiiii^ lo ^ive the rolluwjrig in ihl* ooniie^tiuri : — Ih the 
publiL'ation) of th<r Lt^vrishjiin ATitiLpitiriiin Si>o. uadvr ihcr r^^giattT of 8t. M«ry, LE>wiahuiu, 
in Jhe rollnwing entry: — ■■ Btirial, l-'iSH, Thoma* Km .... nr DurrWil-" PoMibly the 
Oartrerd fflmilt oripinnted from this Thoma*, who, I presume, resided ill Lk^wisham. 

In tbi* willK at SoiTiT'wt Hoiiii^' wa find two ur ikn^^i dnfMimont" rofrrrint^ to t>mer«ona 
of the eiKbieenth century livinjj^ at Strood. CliathAiu, Snodland, aail Iglbaai, and Dotrne 
Chnpl^ry, and Ciitlagham. We Eind ThoEnAa KmbufHOn, and Mary, his wife, at QUIin^haiD, 



and as the modern Sandwich family seem indifferent and contented with a vague tradition 
thul thay came from Yorkshire^ I did not do as much as I would have done had they 
given me all information in their power; bat certainly they are not armigerous- 

It will be noticed In the first two baptismal entries the name ia spelt Emerson, bat 
in the third baptism (child of the same parents) the name is spelt Emmerson ; and so it is in 
the will of Robert, the tailor, proved 1<!3G, and so it Is spelt al Sandwich to-day. 

I append a short pedigree of the St. Lawrence family of Emmersons compiled from the 
will and Parish Register. 


ot 0t- »lDh»t ■ TVTtvh, JrfHid^ia, 
ob. Ana, l«, lfl1>7. 

'..'.'. . . - JBditb. ^ Anft. eUniwr, Anne, = Sjm. wV 

■■ ■■■-■ Lit 

P>»nd«, Thom , mln,, Ellt 



m _ _ 

SLNWJiJto, b,MH«lj«7 1919. b,rtatAnniy b. « Ht."AWB, 

OBI-tfoill, Lutd ot Undbary DlaokfriAr., Illiwtfri 

--..■If--. -.'. .f - .- . fTi^ii*??;. f?^.".*^^?' *'^ ^"i*- i^iiT, 

PiU. lioU. 

Appendix). Whether thi« family and the Ramsgate and fSandwicb ii^merBons aru u>jLjiLdi,kiu<. 
I have not traced, but it is interesting to give the following in this connection : — In the 
pablications of the Lewiaham Antiquarian Soc. under the register of St. Mary, Lewisham, 
is the following entry: — *' Burial, 1688, Thomas Em .... at Dartford," Possibly the 
Dartford family originated from this Thomas, who, I presume, resided at Lewisham. 

In the wills at Somerset House we find two or three docnments referring to Emeraona 
of the eighteenth century living at Strood, Chatham, Snodland, and Igtham, and Downe 
Chaptery, and GiUingham. We find Thomas Emberson, and Mary, his wife, at Gillingham, 


ThoiuJif Kmermn. M,A„ to olH€iat« in the dispel of Dowue, 2U\\ May, lC3d — no furtlnr 
p^irticolAn. The SntKilniKl redigrctf it tWrt, 

Wilrfml. p* lUiw<. 

Tlifl Strood |>o(ligre« is — 

Jofai^ J«B, 

W.I', ITTT, 


Jnhn. XtU » Oi*>t>EAn I^vt- - f*^ M^*- * Mini**' 

Of the Chaibam Kmerioni we have only an ndm,. 1707, and of the Wiltninjrtoil 
KmWreoitii only nn Bdri, dsl^l IT'Jo. Bui nil thesr ar« firobnbly €oaii«cted. and a» iiune 
nre of n»y impurtaitce except the U. A. of Downe, whcm I CAuDOt trace, mv m^cd nut f(0 
dw\tf.T iiilD the mailer Thure are «giu« mod«ni EintrvooA tt Chnlbmo poMlbly 

And aft the Ctmnij of Kflnl ha» not bee« prnlilie in Knier*on«, Allh[tugh it aeem* lo have 
been one of iha home* of the Emeiyt, who^ &« I $M before, Mecn to be of ioutb of KtJgUncI 

In tliv Archwloglm Cvntlnna, Vol U,, p. 1*^2, U87, vb nid In ths Riulclyfr< 
HiMUMliold Book nccotinti of hlr^ EUW Enicrton, ici/r of Vf. WrijchC, porter brmrvr and 
bnker to Sir t\ Radclyffe, BnrL Th«? Kudclylfe* verv a NonVitiinhcrlaoil fumily, anil id 
Arcbu^oloftia ^lUnn, Vol, [,, p. 201^, new ««rioa, 1657, we reud thtit lUlf KmcnGon w» a 
whiiCA* lo llie will of ijtr Kd. Uadclyffe, of DiUtoo, Co, NorthumbvrUnd— poMibly this unt 
lUir, of fiilhAic. 


This i« by r«r the nchcft fninny of ilie nsmo tliat 1 Uavf» been ttb]« to trace In thU 
eoonlry. t am unc«rtAin a* to thi>ir origin, hot u vill bo m^tMt tn(«p on, 1 conjeotur* iWf 
eiinv from Lincolnahir^ to Looilon, and probably William Kfntinton Ii the cousin of John 
Kmeraoa, of Folkiiigh&ni, Co> Lincoln, gent., mentioned in hi« wUI, proved 15it (^ r). 
Now for my renaons: — 

(1> The London «nd MiddlrMx Klncj viiil Lay 8abi1dtpa dovn to 14 Qeo. Vlll. f;ive 
us nooa of ihe tmine, nut n Niriglt* Kniorton. 

(2) The SuTre;r Lay Subtiidiea down to 14 Hen. Vlll. giro none of the aatne* 

(3) ^Villiam l-Uncrsoo, of 
SoulhuJirk, was a citiMu and 
bowjer. Uncolaahire wae 
notod for ita bownten In tikoae 

(4) Aad aboro aU, the arma- 
TheLincoloMtiire bimerftoni were 
allowd the pre-Tudor cout in 
Wa, Thin fnniUy clftim«d And 
uirdtlif ftncneermpfthoajfh Ihenr 
la no rocord at the Collt^ge of 
their hnving been alluured th^m. 
Hut if the rvader uHt turn io the 
rM'ords, ea{>ectaUy th» indc3(«fl of 
C\ate Roll* and Patrnt KoHii. he 
vlll fin<l member* of the family. 
e»pe^inlly Thomnt KmerBOn, 
Km).> deacribod an armi^er in 
the variouB d«^d*, and it waa 
thiri TliomflH Kmi-r»on nho in 

Alarktl Crow at i>urh<im with ^ .-_"i*^*?:!^*^*^*^*^"'H?"~:, 

the -a/l«re of the Neville*. (r»-*fa««nrt-^-«.^-<I.orUia.- Wa,l.l 


am aware tlita h not concltutve, but ] Iinve uot the proof, nndmusMeaTe it ai itttnntft. 
Kvvrjriliing |iijj[|[» Io LlnculuNlilrtT ii« ihvir Lunitr. 

TLt" ncixl rocoril ii lu an Ititf. RM, 1ak^» at ifm Galldlinl), VZ Oct., 15<jO, uftor tli« 
dt^utli of John Swiii^l'cli]. wha ilini Hiri^cd nf 21 t.^iiu in tlir uUry filuntc in Soutliwarke 
. • - - 2narJeris, ilitu iu the temiri? of Williavi Kmfr^on. 

The earlieftT recoiiJ 1 have uf ihls fAmily is Rot. Lil. Clau&, 7i nad 4,, P. onil M.. pt. !!, 
Wofi^ when WiUlHin Kmrr^oDj chUcn and bowyor of t.ondon. unil John Kptliniin, diltu, 
tak« n mcAB,, c'tc., \u Bormoiidntfy St., pnri»li of Si- Obvc, Southviurk, for £17. invafu oatltfil 
llje *'W*joUHck-" Soulhwtirk at llita prriad compriiPil much ttn? sam<? IahJ as it Joea 
now, nJtf CliHrter of JvL VI, .^ tooO^ ^vhieU K^^^^'t*^*^ the nmnor of SouThwark to the 
city of Lnhdon. in thlJ^ charter spv^rAl parcrU niiil ifnernenid, etc.* an* lurnlioiird, bul 
Mr. llrokvlhuniu \k\U vxv no Idni-noiLit uri? fo bi< fi>tit)it ihrrviru In ICtjL Lil. Pmciit, 
T KliK.. pi. 10, 111. ^8, we gvi Willimii Kini.Taufi tuk^ng n uicbb. in WAnnGtivT4;»rth, i»i»ni::«vd 
to the Roynl Honour of HaEnr)t<m Couri, imd called '* Le HaniKC,*' @ 1 10/- per aan, ThJt 
wtts prohiit^ly Willium, ^eciior or jmtior, ot So^ithwurk. 

Of WiUiEim Ki:irr«(>ti^ citi/nn »nd bowyrr^ wi* know thnt b« vra« n VL*7btryTnan ; we huve 
hll vUl in the Pri^icijial Kvt;iKtry, proved July !V, 1575. mid In tlit^ "AnuulA of St, Mary, 
Ovory/" n»w Si. 8nviour*<, Southuark (by W. Tiiylor), w* vviixA iho fullovring ; — 

*'0n the right nf .lun<>8's \t the cnrioiis lilTle numumi-ol engpavpd on ih^ plnlo of Monti- 
tiifniul Uemiinif, It conid»ls of a ditDinuiivR cHi^y of a man in a wirjdmg Hh«ei, iin «*nincMli'd 
%ure, lying on a imirbl^ inirco;>1mgu% nt ihe bnck ]* a bluck tablet, on which iv the followtog 
iii«cripiio(i, \a ktters ot |{old: — 

** ^ Hrr^: vnilrr lytith ih( bodv of Willium Ivoierton, who lived nnd dtc^d an honcjt maa. 
llii ib^parli^d nvt of thm lif« lh« 2Tlh nf Jrni>, Anno l-^TA, in rhn jvar of bin ngB 92. 

'** \^ *vm sic uriti/ 

*■ It Li not eaty to Account for these moDUments of diminutive proportioti«» ihoy arc not 
very commonly aiel with ; Gough nicolion* a. few Among his fniifirul mounments^ llii* vrtM ' 
brought htfrv froni \\iv Mjigdaluri Cbupel, prior lo which U w)i» jilaccd aitainHi one of the f^real 
pillore 0opporling the towc^r. Tho nnmu of William Jvaior«on, with that of ThoiuoH Cur«, 
occurs (imnn^ the Hr«i veRtrymcn of this pftrUk*'f 

This moriuinent \* thrrc to-diiy. 

By William the elder'^ aill ue itee thai ht* vwt pijHEtejtsied of the "me». or braeliouse 
called the '^alutacon' (Snliitatloii i. 2 teat« adjoining tliereio, G acres of ground In 
Si- Gcargo't Fiold (l'ar> St. Goa., Sonthwarb), hoiMio« En Si. J^IioliHorM Hill, nr. Crookod 
hntiP! (Par. Si. Michiiel), part of thf Wnolimck in n<>rnionil«*y Si (Pnr. Si. Oliivi%\ 
Sonthwiirk), men*, or ii-nL formerly c;ined Hnrdtlpn, un\v * Tlio A*e/ io St. Siivionr\ and 
2 oilier ttinlf. a^^ojaing iheieto; a huLMe in Si. Siiviour'ti and 2 tent». edjoLnin)^ ihereto, 
atso thu Hint, * Haokhtiu»c' or the ' WindinUl ' ; also the sice, clrcud And precinct of the late 
pnr. church of St' Margnrct'i in the oaid parUh ; dlvo -1 hou«cD ia Hcptfordj Oclford ijtmndf, 
nod Ka«t Oruenwieh/* A muo of wndth, and Urgi» fnntily, nnmcd in thp will, la ihr Rot. 
Ul. Ckud., '^2 K\\z.r i>l. 13, Anne the widow und Tlioman the- vucond sou take lunda «t 
Deptford. It will bo beat to follow tliia f«inily (n groups, trucing eaoU ion of WiUioin^ tli9 
cUizen, downuard* as far iv< wc hnvc Information. Anne, the widow'n, will ua* proved 
ly March, 15S2 — ■'{, nud Iho order of the children'* unnjarily is given ilicrifin. 

To begin with John Rmenon (hifri, thL- otdcut «on, uhn inlirntA the ^'SalntJicon " anil 
2 tenia, and G ncr^^s of f^round in St. Geup^ea Field. He rn:irried Kii2al>eth Pad;>elt, and 
liad three nons ThoinnM, John anil Cfiri«lopher, nnd imo daoghlers, Judith ami Annif, who 
iimrrksl Anthuny Nkitjncr and It, .Symmi?, rcijirctivcly. W© gel their hirtbv recuTdixI in the 
>il. Saviour's l**ipi»li Itcftiiter, J*>hn sccmB to hawc continued aa a hkJ»-j«r, tind wt* f^cl hit 
will, prov4^it 1/1^17. Ah he dn^H not nKfnrliin \i\h ion John in hif will, and dm 1 have no 
farther record of him. it may be presumed he died younif. But In hia son Thomas we have 
prohnbly thp weAlthieal Kmer«on thnt over lived, 

Ttiomat Kmenon was hnjiti/cd at Soiilhwark, June 'J2, 1577- Laltr, we ttud tJiit 

• Indi-i Library, Ptn. 5;-6U, pp. IHiU. ^Iti, 


Tliomat f!cftrri1iM lift of Lincoln's Inn, lie wnt n bwrinter: lit ftny raU we h^nr notKing 
of liim uEAtil Kmg Jiimvii cAine to ihe Oironen uriien suddenly Sir J. HAm««y siiil be 
aiipr4>r In tho Pntent HolU uud CluHe Ur>IU rtCH^hing fxruiait of miiior* jiU over Kni^land* 
'ni4:r(T ii n iniiiuioii |ti»t hr a^td U^mAry ijivh) tlir Kinj( from the Oowry eonajiirHcjr. In 
H^irbimi Miiu^rlUiipft I Hull RAm»i'/'a niiini*, but nol 'nmoia* Kmirnoii. HovrevL-r, ho miinl 
have reftder^d ihr Kin;: *ome very ipecial atrv^e, which Kiiiff Jnineft f^c-Tt^rouilj' rvcom- 
pei-sed ; bui iher^ ia not >u atom «f proof U was concerning ihe Gown^r conKpirccy, iis stU«d 
by Profpsuir Tl. K. Enieraon. 

It liAA been (|mtc a Ubour to conifilo no etpproximate list of th« majors >od other 
proprrlic*!! hrld liy him, nnd 1o my r«rlH&n knonlt-dgo fbv ItM I4 far from rO(itp1f«t* fts il 
Htand», bm 1 j^ivc^ u Iftrici? [lumber to phow hh wenlih. He wn« pmbtihly ono of Ihe w«aUbiest 
commoners in England in Kitiff James' rifiga, imd thiit hr gol no tillt- ihowa be car4>d 
nnibing for such ihin^H. For further deUili conct^nini; tbtf properties, 1 mual refer llic 
read<T to Ihe nbsLrncU from the rolU In the Appeodbi. 

/jfil cf »om§ propt'riir* gratil^d or purehasfd or 9olft bff Thfmn» Emmout Efq, 


2 J«L 1., i^ IQ- U«i b? Sir J. Rtbiifi-y viirl T^it*. K>, mtuur nf 8H«fIliMJi), »iiil ^ibfr* iii Siurttiuuilwrltuil' 
Bum-y, C'oriiDsll. Hvrhy, LiEicoln. y*>rb, >u«t. XortluLiniitftn, 

4 JibL I,, l*t, 17- ^lT J. HjiNin'j %!u\ 'I'tun, A> *jf jpn'Jn tfruv-EEiir in t^neli r»f llrifon CrmMvWk* Oi. Tor%. 

4 Jab. I-, Pi- 18, iCui Ui Tliu*. KmfrajTi, LC«[|,» tUvUfy ainl Cliurt'lj nr IlTirv^hiiiii, CV lvc-ut> 

■4 J&L ], rt, :fL lUx to \'Um. K mill U', »ti>rivt. Ftw CIibjaI t-f r^«huMcn. C4>. WiLu. wUli 
ill tiuDfr comity, and in Ikirnet, H^tatnL, Drvim» fWrk*. Kvnt, fitintinplun, Suiwi, Liucohi, Xuttibf^liBiii, Aiiil 


4 Ju, r. Pt. 2^. K<i t) TliouiJw KmerauD. B«(t'. m^I ^- Bonntit. Ks^,. I uissi. Mid t«iit. Itt Pttf, of 
8t- Aliirilu'*. City of Laikdnu. vitit otli«n \tt Co. Mniutirveti ^YiriM, LiTiculii, 

5 JxL I , Pi- Ui, ht-x tu T^tkiLUKB Kaicnvu. Em'{-, 1 m^** iu I>i. Dutul'*, ])u*ffiic« uiil vllhtn la (V UcTOii, 
I>iir*vt, ^SiFxuitrtct. LiQi^ld, lri]ku»tvr. tKforil, Koutlitmk^Lvu, Wilts NHrthtimWiaiK) uul V^irk. 

7 Jft>. I- Pt- 12, Hci If ThomM Kmown^, all Uiv bnn>b nf Maliiiw bury, and dlrvis otbss b Wilu, 
l>i>r»-t, Ldf»lvr, Liucolii, York. Darlmio. 

n Jt*. L, PU 1, Ku. &p tLn to Tho>< IE. and Ufti^o Juwa 1 mo*, IUoi»Uo, ia Sonnlon, wiJ utiivn 
In Ki-nl. 

IS Jm 1., Pi. 1i, No, 03. U«t to TbotftM U., rnktwr f^ Vtw t^nirport, Cu. lC«it- 

34 JdJu I.. Pt> l«i> No. 3. Kpi to Tbomsi B^ oksiior«f I'wvs Chilton, tod oUi«t« la Durbaia, llualiugdon, 
Ksnt. sud Uci-kL 

11 Jbi. I., Ptv 10, N«- 17. B«t t« TlKimu E>, nwavm vt Sirw LaufipVL and £«Tan* «ad oibur* lb 
Co. KffhL 

la Jis- L, I't. K7, Ho. -li. Kos to Thomas IL, Umdcg to alianat4» pArra CIiIIIod, and otiKti In County 
Dbjliaiu to RJ, Cpoploy. 

IH Jii. L, Pt, ^ Nu. 40. EUi to Tlioii. £., W ru-^u, Iti town of Uoilun, ami a in«M. calkd HiOi^il Itall 

lU JtA^ ft- la. No. %l. Kffi to TLa«. K. nml other*, llfuncs to alkmto iCniffol liiiL and <Mh«n Ln 
IiOf kdirii - 

lOi**-, Pt.33.Xo.10. Jt» to TlioiTiHM R., Ibonrv In allvnfeto tb« VlMtid^t andiUifn (s U^Ul^dUn. 

2 Clu*. L, PL 9I\ K(h 74. ltd lo J«nc Emanon,* Uconv to idioiLiiia mioor of Monkon Uadbrjr ia Co. 

7 Cbw. I., PL 30. Ko. 35. Rfi t> Tlii>#. U.,t Ki ali^iuiti^ balf tin* lamb In Kminaviitfr unl n'ilitairna, 
Co, fWop.. BUtt t or me**' In ai«iebtlTy Mortlmca <lkfl|juri«, }l4riii[« «nd llopton Wnftvy^ Ca> itelop. 

A (vpctitioa ol voiue «f ttiq sUhv tfnat« of m^uun aa4 tie roUjirius relvcvooc* r —Vol- LXVL, Nu> 319. 
]A!L nUrmuno B^Ui Mr Kmarvon Vtha Hid TliomflA. of ^t, ILiW*) ly tbo Karl nf Mortbvmberland'f 
ati»«olifitf blmautr from VarMwanl ou (iitQpavdcv Itot Diiy, n^uoxLU Kmcrvm, B»j.« ^o l[n»v, wa« itwArd 
W Lbo Kut of &fmxr«M la 1013 <vi4> hli BurvDj prialfld tnUnwhin), A Idml c^rtOibvr #aii Icrtivn m^nt i* 
haTvbwrnaicvrli^vod.snd weffot:— V<d. LXXXllI-. No. TT.Ko. Sj, HtadMaou'i ^N^oupbljiU XtftwrthataiMline in 
Vol. dlt., No. N^ vi} grt Thotuaa Kmcmou rcap)Mbt«d bWwai^ ifur SofometB ^t«il> la tflH. lo VoLXUW. 

Na- 1-L t<tJ8, v« ^et rvf<r«]iiL<«« tu Ur- Kioervm'* tlcfrardilLip. ThU wM «f LViiir*< «f|h-r M* p^K^stli in ttI3| j ftiiil 
ill Vfit, Ct'I-, No. 0. wo ^t » wEdov of Capfab Altv Wv^^ forarmrtrr DraJljUi7 and Hilton MBimr^rnaM 
to tlii-Entv I'tiomu Kciicnoj^ In ViiL CCl'L-YXVfjl,, No^ 77 <16^— «>, mt ^ Urwlbury 4Jid Hilton Mmtiufi 
g-nuf^ Ut tUwiLri] Muiain^ Tq Va| LXVl.. No. tit. wa ^m fqlWdoUiL rt TIouijib Kmi'n''*4'4 rvmiirkB «v lii4 

llunpiiaiUr Pluc. 4ad IU Vtj]. LXXXUL, So. 2K L, wa f«4 Tltfinai RnMnan't doiuffi as ilaaard to the Karl of 
S<itn»nfL lo v.>«, L\X\lil,. Sn. ^o IL, »aA<iiirwiii rvnofu esmw oul «€«■<>> aod ta VoL LXIXJfL. No. 17 
(1i]|u), yrm ^ri iiMrv nf tl>i> ndntoriMit Safulorkiii rtimfilKLitA; bat tbo ouaHr^iAlIoii of IIh Maiirard*&4|> in iClfl 
Sbiir* what tboy vroiv rc-rtb- 

" ITldaw of lilt abtfia TbfliMa t EUa^ *iu <if niomM *ad J«a* «toi«» 

TUnujM Eraonaii, luuSur niid Junior, ki^^it nnt at \figi\ nnni^Jn. but In Ch. Ik and A.. CXitm. I>, E«. U and 
rliLe^ Kr, !!, wo |{t»I The ptniiiMrtf Llio ivii Blivibitliit, fitkinlra lriI mothorlua elilUnm of Thomiu Rnorcoo, Kv].. 
ftjtil tNo IjitiUn^ 'tt til* wriiLL^tiii); i>vvr tbo greti pro]vrU«. 

Tlioa* froiB S Ju^ I. kta full of Thnrww KmnrioD, RiijHtftDd Win »d bnj lhc4r Dropertiea^ Mkil I naa«l rtfar lb* 
nKcler tf> tht-in in UiU App.?mtii, Wo |ptt1ii.T ti^e variontrh'tii^t^or reside uccf rum llicicdocdB; — Tbonm* Kio«nOtij 
K«ri,, of fii'tf^Wi fin, i»r St. IfnUfCt. t»X IJWkfnirt. trf BMnci-^pctli, i'o. &tirhii(u« liud HdbIIj of MonkM Hhllty. 

Thomns mnrrk^d -fnno Turner, and w« find him vitrbLnlv doacrilMtd aa of St. HclonV 
Iliiihopi^tL*, Diirlinin. RaltHif}!*. St. .Mjinin-in-thC'Pirldt. nini MnnkiMi IfAdlry. Hinn J«m«a 
granted Br;iiicepel1u Hnby ahiI other oavilen lu tlie Earl uf Suinerst^t, and kve tmd Uiin TlioiD» 
Kmcrson \(ns hi« Hicwnr<l, nud Mr. Swjillow in hU " llouss of NcvUI^,'* gives ihe follo»ing, 
tnkt'ti I brlicv'c; from ."^ir Cuihb^^rc ^h[irp<*'H M9S- 

*• Survey of Ncvilk Manora/' token 1'j14, shotv* « shocking flocnc of dcioIfttioD. Jfttnei I, 
mndb his fiLvoorUe Robert CArr» Baroci Rraricupeih and Knr) of Snnti^rxi^t, and llie eiutle v«s 
in ih^ occjpAtioii of the bnranel from the year lf>13 to the dflt« of hit condemnation (1016). 
Ill the *urv<?y mad*» by hi« virwurd and iurvcyor Thomis Kmnr*on, lUc «ind»ni of the caKlfc 
nro JeMcrlbed nn filled ii'Ith ruarvi-UouH glujiit of Normimdjr. nrouKht >vllh anux and iinii;(vr>% 
Iho fj^alltrry buin^ uilornvd with the wliot'? hialcry of our Saviour Jc*U9 Ciinvt, from W\t birth 
lu Hi* !i»(*vn*loii. * the like »fil to be got for alinott any money/ " — *' lit Nosn VUl<i." or ** Tlt« 
Jloo^e of NcvUl," by M, 4^ Sn'Hltovr. }SS5. Uiil before leaving Soathwark wa And Thomft»^ 
And hiji molTicr iiub<>dcr]hing to the churrh. " F.Ux. Png'-tt, l^'AS, hy will : |iaid by l^iomu 
IKmfraon licr sou to 4 poor women ^d, » week each, Jt^O for an annuity, Jti i'Js*. 'M." 1620; 
Thomas ErotirrtOo by d^od to two poor men 1». a week, but now giv(f[] to t\x m«n at Sd. p«r w«(?k. 
Chared on garden plot in M-iid Line, no^v buih upon, niid wni fonnerly hi for £/i 4*. Od., 
now JCoU, 1^j20 : ThoinBA t^mer«Qn to the poor nii annuitv yenrly for cv«r out of the Dngf^er 
tonvmtrntt, St. Saviour't £100 for an annuity, £10 10a. Oil (J. Symonda), Sir John Fcnn.f 
tind at Epaittioh to St. Saviour's Ctmrch< Coutd ibe IpttWiob^ Co. Sullolk, Erocraons bave 
origiiiAted by any cbnncc from Soathwark ? 

fn \t}\7. whpn King Jnmfli* viaitftd Diirhnm and N«vmifttt<». 1biAThAirLAiif»r«^fMl a MitrWftt 
Cross at Durhnm, and the Knil Crosts nt Ncw<.n«tU>, bc^nrln^ hiK armfi, and nallirr of Iho 
N«vitt«i. There hsk» hv^u much oonjectur^; why he placed tJie NevilJe'» valrire on tho crow, 
but no one htu suggested any re^sonAble explnnaiion. 

After Soraer»ot'N death wc find TbomAn Kmrriton nnd hia wifr and fainily settling j«t 
Monkcin llndloy, Co. Hiddlcwi, whor^i wr witl follow hii hi&tory in Raw F. C^ Chv* '* Hiilory 
of Moiiktn Hudley,'' pp. 59-63. 

*' Mr. RiiiorAOEi. boforc aoqiiirlag pa«o«ioTi of the uti^nor, had been a llbi^rnl btncfoctor to the chardi, and It 
uiutt \Mfa U-oa witli a wng oi d»p rcgnt that Ur, Kly lournor wrote down tho entry m tK* biiHal rvginlcr;— 
^ 103t, Jmiif )hi>' rhoDiot BoirnoD, ftruiLjf. daiuiiiui huiun luUDvril ot ilonatuf bula* UbrL, cat K|iiittiiii.' J 

'* III till* 4110 initaac«ou1j dooa Hr^ ToarnoT ik-^urt frtJin IjEi tiiitjm ot umkiug tho ontrici In RniflJiili- Tu 
tliif j{yrn«roiu hird of the in&nor he i^oiivcdiv tbu liiitintrtbo of Lathi- 

" Tliv t]nH> ft llic flurlioat oitAut rr^lil«T ii tUtO. wlioo a bx^k wu ^Ivoo for tho piiTpn«a by Mp. lEmoroon. 
It viintaLiiB Ih4 folbwiTitf title ifi thi^ Imndwrltiai; of Mr. Rly ToumoTL liuipit Ely Tournor |Uoi> oottiluntoj 
dflCiBio trrtio die loansm Martii AnnoioL lUlt* (itilH^fJ. 'Hictg K abo a ItiE, in tbo lamc haod, of this and 

cbhtfr litfnafhOtiuQii itt tl»> ^tron nt tLiin Jnto- 

'"'llitt 1jivi1<i ri-M tlio fnu ifift of Tboin«« ECmoPBOHi, oh| . inmotlmi:* Ld. of tlio MunnoT of U\U parish of 
lladly. and thii bi»lco aiit tflvcrn In tho ynrc of or, Let » VjVJ^' 

'* Itv. ill thu riiimv yvTH hi> |^vd to tho umo iif jMHjru uf tliti pu-Uh. HodJy, thi> tuuio of thirty povodi of 
Uwfull enic^iflb ino&y, ttio [itltta tliomuf yimrly t) 1hi ^ivon bi tLo tJiont 

"* |t4n ill tliii lamc ycAiv. at hli owpo pp. cotu^. hi> U-autiHol tlio CbaucoL and both tho Isloa, ood tlia 
vholo b«ty <]f tho Ctiur<:li wttli «ii<UMV>tt jwwd aud titilvd tbo ohunb vltb wao*c«tt. 

" ' lie. \a lUe tamif y«aro ho doled Iho ChancvlL 

" ' Ittr. hi the innip yoaro ti« buUt tiLV acrt^onn bctwitt the ChatLCOtl and tlio Church. 

"^ ' 1t«- hi* 1>ui1i tbii |jiL||»it. Ar>d (hv r£>v«r firr Itjo f"ii1 tbo lAnio yi>a>-o. miJ alt f.liii at hit Awno pp, cnot«^ 

" ' it«. in Ititf auna yvif* bo i^-avi thu CliH<k and ('lockhrjuao nnd Mtt \l U|i at Ilia ii*u pp. coata. 

" ' it<f* in iIm satoft ytaro tbo aaid 'I'homAa KinL>r«i>Ri ^vc ttirco pi(i(^c!0 at phitp, timt li to aay, one fUfft ' 

* Manaine and Ifray'i " Hiitory of ^nrroy," ^uthwark Cljarvh- 

t i'lH^ UDcJaimo'1 iD*~tTtoy, Rmcraoo and P^odo. 

I Si \U|, lUl^ IdoiijL EHhoMd tfi JtDu ItuifrwiD. loUoi uF TIicpidab GiQ4P»a, !£■■( . lAte of tliMlty^ cu. TWdtillrati. Icrrfi^aJ- 


gnilt «piM]t potE, one Comrmion ftipp with ft fi»Br all Kntit, ono gctllt pUU fof tbv brvftd it the Comnnion, with ft 
covrr U ^itt tliu vftid platr intc^ 

"' lu. at (ho mvko tima tbo wd ThvmH Rio^mwd gave s fiiIrD gtowo Mrpstt with tilk friudK for tb^ 

"'Ito. btf gftv« ft fftin dmnfttk UbUf cMt f^r th? Coimtman Uble. alio daouuk mipkiu. 
"•It*, ft tvn ^rvono I'lilvQt poithcn for thi» pulpltti wlLh a ^reon* Covpt. 
'^ ' Ilr he ^lo a fajre truiii^k tc tiut Ibru amatDcati Lftlo* 

'"Th# ni>1 TU^mmt fr^«»<<ri>iin. r'l] > >]«|tiikTtwl tJiU monftll lifo the l^lh rlar nf Jano, It^X (lii^), ftnd Ilatli 

baried m narltL iiili> of litis lutmli chiiroli of Iltdly under the oorUt wiodoir i.f (Ti« ibiiJ ulr/ 

" Jdil^t l>y tL« ttamlnrd of lui irnfTUvrd UaU thHp Tfmovntujiifl wrrv rm ifimlit litrhttrttUK, «uil wliftt Cbtf 
|pv4 i>F«iin|ilo KljF rnonifir r*pfcfdod with pmnpUcifiif; wuuM bui* tnrt ^ith nnn^wrKl rornUm»h»tii»n in anr 
II (Uy, SlUL Ur. £ Dcnoa dedlcitvd, oo mtiy b« tura, (lie bol in lii« power unJ, likv Uarid of old, in Uio 
mftH^T of ArHuimb'B thriHhintf flmr, 4d<iM hkn? louniud to olTcr niilo th« l«i>r<d tii* Qal of tint wbtcli IijmI 
rvvl Uiiti nnVliiTip Tho «ctoni in any jfii'tf<rk i^V. hr>vtvcT n uroniCtii titl to l.lipm, rtuinoi abftk* IbmrntrlvTa 
ftlt«|r*theT frv* frdtn \\m prcjuilicn^ Wo intttt pUtfo onni?|irci< id Jni Agnation, tu thv yrftr of ^nuM. 1419, in 
<m1irr U) <fitiiujkti» irf^bt vbal miight or might not tben bnvu lirt^ti ilau'. 

*' Til I'^l^ thp ttdo wbirh. \a th« Utt^if portion of Rliulvtb'p rcJtni- bnl "i^t ittiulilj trmiinlB Punlftnitm. 
wa« now wuWiiijf it* olmnud ftud flowlnf ftpftce, k>OD to can^ ck-rrytbin^ tiffciri< it — ^^turrb, rr^wn, conetttn- 
tloii — i[i llw nm't^oti a>*jil]ii)t Rvmo ftnd pnnwfttir*. Ltiul ralntj imitnvnwn^l W •Inn jI a frw jwr* latrr, 
and «qth«ti(' kmuty itoccl little fhftbcD of hc\ng nnibniood. luut^b \t*m onnBidvml. mUltT my (miiaitlftjicn 
w\ttTv CUc nim^t ulitily wiu m qunLionn Tbc irrr^tiou of a iart^n Mvni*. mjtniUMUAdiiift. to liiiUcfttf ft eartftift 
ftimmul cif n^B|nicL fur i-cvlwuHitioil HrraoireiiicnT, ntilwi the *ilijocl »<it ■iiuplj t^i »i'|Himt» fioiii Ui« ml Uiat 
p-irlioii of tbfl Mrrrd odiflct to which the lonl BJid latron liid cLiim. Al tii« minv liinr wu know tbil Kly 
TiEiriaor wu himu'lf do|mnHl nnJcr the- OonmonwfaKlL, aui ftlij^ inflijiMicr ho inny havr piUaniCil, al tliO 
prriihl •>{ nliirli wi* ikr* ifniv •ix'HkEii^. may tion*L'tJUtti-tfy htw WcQ, ft* fitf ■* it i-ttnuitixl, *iJi thd aid" uf dfVrtLf-T 
and ortlpr, TIkvc wajturot prws. »yn?lironi/i:d neverthclctt n Jlh Ibo inlr^xIrictiiJii of lliftt uaw onlur otf tbiouft 
wlaru |«riftbiiiii«n« ai^l c'rpn noii'iiarinhi'inf-n. if fvnDiis t^f vfibfht uftd dlffniiy* wen |AnB<ttcd to fCDCft otf 
iitj<:b (iii:«;^]iE.ty nicliJiiiiivi fur llifi tt*rit.>fli of UivrnwIviNi niad tlirir fihuiilica, luid Iv Brveb ifallttt^a Iktv^ Uurn, 
and rviryvfhon. in dftflftuoo of Vw mott clpmouUii; priufitpW at amluLVCtut^ dfttLjpu It ii tiLdy, (cv, tlut 
tb« WAiiiniMt MftlJax now flnl int^rvraed bctwwn thir vT()r«hi|ipvi« ftnd Ihc timbered roof cif Tmlor tiiUM, tuci 

that tho kj(«ulifiit «ivb lM<twpfm iiuta biuI Urwct wim nivvr c^rta^0A1l^ fnia riuw. 

" Tliftni.^ i^vuU-jii:« rtf bis linndi«ork havo all b«n iwirfit awny. but tliL- naini* of GmoT«ua wit! nut bp fot|ri>tt«n 
fto looir *■ iho Cocainanion plaU »-hiph hi^ btiboirod la ttill in a*« to att«Bl bit nmal&wii^c. Tbe family aniu uv 
Tiaibbi upon the lbmapi«c«a ^vcn bj him ; Aa*oa a b«bil ntjc- ihmi iortokui. 

" Tbft conoootiuu of Uiu faanity with the pan<li v«« not uf loiitc JuratioiL Thr rrfUv-r ttoonlt Un* burial 
of Ur. Tbomu l£n«no&, probftbly ftgiftndeon, 31 htc. I6£4, and I9 ietlon iHilutii, *Uu>X t Jan,. 2 i:^. KM,, 
16S7t tUd 69r«niifu ipvD hi* rayit lioonH l<i Jotio KinvnAD, H-idaw, TbdraiiJi Knt^rvon. K*f)-, mob aiid butr of 
Thomai Kftiirntrn, KAU.,diH^eu«l ft&d NioboluOaKn.lEtfat., toftlie^^ frv* du|i«l b> tficliael 

Qrigftu^ K4q-, uf I^iufon, and Uary, bit wifi<, diirniic tb«lr liria and tlio ilf« of tbd IodroI ltr«r of theui, ind 
aftwitaivia to tli^tr bmn aitd ib^i|Eiu fpr ovtft, \q bu bpUl nT ihtf KiD|t. In* bwn Kud AQLvcwn ta ca|iita p, 
•orrtcMind* di:-biia«t ita jura oiurapta. On Iho I5tb of tliii lanif ui^)uth,f by virtnv of tlio IdUn jiBtvitt, 
Mkho''] Ui-i|(tiv acid Mnry. Iiiji wife, brcamo tbe punrbaMr* l^ tbo |in>aiiftM ka t|ftoation, and on 1111" <nHilii|t 

V2 Fab (H1I- T, 3 Otr, 1-), prc^fAttfd thfOMrlm ui pta«m and doimjiDdcid Miiia-1 

" On iiaa UiiT iJ(i;ii<ioii onlv arc tb* Kiu«nona m«t with in cOJuavtiua wilh Hadli'y, A ilc«d ettU extant, 
undor the \a,U' i>f 31> Aii|fa*t. ld?0, £ Or., aiKl uadv IxrtviMtn 'ru»tnai Kiomuo, of M-^akca Hadl«|, to. Middi., 
aiq. m^t J*ni» Kin«r«nn, motliM" of t1i« nid Tlinnab KoiHrnan, ctf Ihii p^rub uml i^icmt; afurtuutd. widow^ of t%^ 
Q»t pari, nud Kly Toum^ir, of narlt^r. iiFurraaid* I'lvrk and miui«t«r of Ciud'it WottI tbirrv. Jolm (iaUr, Tliouja* 
?4iidillor, Jolin Hawkicii^ ijoiIFrrii Maid^idlj ICobf rt HoucUt, tYancie Atlinuin, of Monkon ll4dIoj, jE«iit>i»«n ; 
Thoina4 flarflmr. TlnamuB iViulilvM, Richard llrnild, ihr fld^. John !<atf#, tbn yjtuxifir, Tlniiuu biigg, J^ihn 

PlcTftOn and TIuhus* HiirkJ^, r>f Monkr^ Elwlly, jwmvn, nf thr o'irr ^ri, wttiiMftr* th«| Tliuama a^ Jhiih 
KjnrfvDnt In rantidrrallon ijf £4U g jajd tu Dif ni try l3i.< ujil rEiuri<4(i poracou, larifftift and till all tbal iuruiinK<t 
or lantHOHit, with a (unlMn, ibru in (,br t4iiinr«< ^-lV \VlNiii« Rtwman, In ban and tt bf^U Ilkn aamfl fir ^rur. 

npon m*U Dfrftfrtbateai to " ympluiv all and rtvtj the amiall yasow and pnjiStta of >1l ind 4iajfuUr tbo «*d 
pTviJjIiwa tt) and for iJja eoutati ^ood, bftaefttt ajul MlTftnta|e uf y* Inliabltatiu of tbe uid pariib." FtxnUin le 
nk*li> (hat to often u tli^ iianihtir of Civfeoffn* !■ nidao^ to «ii, ihf vacaneica am t4 b* ftup|4i<<d by tb« 
Inhnbrtanti, and tb|t wndon <iuuitLlutf Williau Cattlo, of ilftdlcy. jfvinan, their ftUoniey to niter lain aAd 
tli^hii-r up thv prvMi^Ri^ to Ibc Co^fivlToM, 

" Ift ft r^Hirt nf Div ro«iinlMton«r« at Intiairj «i>nivpainff Charitira. iLitfd S3 Jmi., If^Xl, it waa fnmd thftt 
tljif trwt bed bi«jt duly U'pt up ftirraMbiy to tbe pDviaioni, that tJie ur«i&iif« htA bevft lUinlenl in ITtS to 
Cbuloi iViiiIluu ftjr iO yAit from Mirbuvliufte, ITlU ftl 40h pcraon-, ftiku tbaA cbe ie>ae bavian Wiwum vtMrnl. 

• Vpln«— Mr. lUnrj l.\.wijtrr, a( ir#.| l-*il*|-. Smrtm,, p- v. 

t Tlic (]«i| VH ■biQliad i K*)^. 1 Cu, 

I UtMLdhA-toOrtigiiud ViHn«H>i£4DWio M oii«iii:Milqni iv TtuJ* MHl Mwp^liiai 4« M^Ay, U Ovrtura Mtftil» 
-mAa. IILU>1JltM«4>,ttV. I. ttat>iUm. Ur^TMiunnlbnxibbnwnW Kuh^M*. lUa.ftMdfc IIU. I CM. 1, Kk • 

E 1lr»tti>n u rraiTinDlly Djode in «u1y tinis irf lb* paiidi Mock, «hkb aai H^tftWj lb« igr'tHi uf Ai'fn lurlii aoJ 
1kim«#uil^(ki^ II U vfl<wnli*t» flMl fb* imH^AB* bUf b-f ^iv vappl W mn thli •«an<h 
fii) Ift tbt fOMMtou uf Uv laic PnoeU V«r« llt^rfvA. Kv^, 


in Andraw Hopcgood* ht mrrenileTftl the tamt fm fOndilW of Tpoalvlnir a n*w Ipi»p nf Al run from Ijidf D»y, 

I^H. nl 4^11 an»u.4l r^'Ul ' f ^tt, TIkt pn^iiil'^'* 4''>tiir*T«-i| of « atanU liuinn nutl ftirAvit mYwiltlfiif iMut iirj^l tikitfa itB 
tU* prrmitt* <i( lb* tii\<\ Amlrew irh|H'iriii-t, lui^l fi>n»<sk tW iiii*t<*rn jimiion "f thr itn'm-ul n'»ul<r[i.('f*iif H, H, Hfcj, 
Kin,* who fields of tbo lljjM'ffrtixl finiuli^. In jmimiaiicnif n hVriiliitHm <>r lli^ Truntt'i^B u\a*\^ in Api*!. IHW. l*»"* 
rtnl u'n* ii|i|ili«<t l«i lI'V puroliam ttt miulu for l]>u oliurcli ntwo, ll bail ]}rm'~ai>Ll'N btmri luiil fiit in oouIb fbr 11*4 

BK/r. TItL- hofiuj Ku Mifif wiLrJi *old tompiot tbu couUibutioil tvqnmd ut UnMvy U^HftrOi tim tfriictSon of di« 
nrufit L'litou llmidf, tiid tMi Cbanij, wlikch bnd bMin klurvn u /Cur/ju/i't, thui caiuc t«) Ut cncL 

" Mtv. -lAr^ Fmcr«iiii »■* biiriwl at lludltjy. ?0 Kvb-. t^SS.f tt-iid liar luu. Thoiiiua Kntotvcii. Ktn^.. 80 S^p,, 
It^l.X Tlio ^re liLkd foiut'i^uonlly cIompiI (ivnr ibNO |Ci-ti»r<ittOLi>> fwcli Ijoftfiujf tlio Miud Cbriitiaii Kad 
iuTu»ui«, iffitlirn tlie thart intcrvat of Hivtn ynn. 

** Cctn^rninj; ^tr. Mlohni'l Grfgfri*' t«iiiETv fif Llii^ (oAtifir %pi\ ftttratit^o at tbj> frvA fbufwl, iiotb'nff hu DfimA 
down tu ui, Xrilbtr hiivp I bmi nbi« to dftc-ovor Urn JiiIa «o4 «IroainiUn^e« of tboir nc-tt tranftfer, Cuttrr- 
buck, in ureiitiimhi^ tliv mnrna^c of BiolinnJ tivlfrii^t, bia lUiigblcr, to nifb^nl P^ifccko, Kiq.. o( >'tuob1i^, Icav) 
of tlio mirkor of Toltmrlffo, «ay* th»t bi> wm m l.uiHtim AIibTmHii. bat \iie maif 1i iLi:>t met wilTt In lUi- 'ilttt. 
Qiith bp i-ail his umiji-tiiW mfk^ i^lrciid (iovirivjr* at Iho Hnrnoi f}ttuiwnr ScbiK>l, SO M*/. li^AL It hm 
duriuK M» fvniioclimi viitli Itnd^cy tbnt lIic eoumrr wu nuiuljii'd by the? Cfvil Wir, And iu rklje)tud«s bad 
kffoctul the liltio rillpco ill the dcirriTntion ^>f ^Ir, hi) Tonmor, TUq nnirio oc^nr* only onco Ln tbc ^ruh 
natter, but Clmt df Smtli Mlmmi i7ii[iUJn« tbc miiniiw^ af l>i> duu^hii^r Mfliy. !J3 Dec-, lOtU, oflil Sir L^jckant 
i}i»riiL'ii, wb^ira ui* briJCli(<t lU'lBn, lUi'buni I't^EU'ocki', undDTlbv y^iW uf £iS Keb„ Idti4. cuintitutvd 

lit" «iilovr Jtu]« rvulrnlly dieii hI Si, AndrvvrB^ lEnlLrurii, in lt)'2d, und waa InLvn tti Moiiken 
Hu^Ili^y mill burlfd. And ihn Chancery I'rcire«diit}ffl fM>w g'ivtt itH lh» Hnd Btnrj of t\t# ncntU^Ting 
uf thi?iitf pr(i|ji?rli4^M, *nd Ihv nhildrrn, uvconHrmn't by thfv wrll nf Thorn ojt. the »m. (iiovcfl W4}, 

Tf^ere U a tmdEtiun in the I'liiu-d Sl»ltt« that Thciinac of Jpi^iiictiH Mnaa., uiiil Ttuiim* i»f 
Bmdbury nrp identical. This is simply impossible as prove<l by iUa Uiianc«ry I'rocpfdinf; 
quoted on liie nedigrov, ^^hlch ahovr« all llift clilldrco iTeri- minom In lfj24 {citJt. Pcdi^r^^nJ, 
I'rofoMor U. K- EmoTflon i« again v*ry wrong in *'ipottlng" TJjomoB, Junior, n* Thomiu of 
]pt(A'icb. Nt>itlier do J knovr wiiAt bi^finmc of WilliEimor Jchn. tluU ii if they ]tif\ i«ti]L*. I think 
thiti tradition niLi^l hare ariveD fVon a Hpijrtoiin p(>dip:ri?e tn tturk«'. wikich suj^^ested Tfjonisfi of 
BrMdbEiry nnd tim Mkirkct Cross m a relative of ]<nlf of Foxion, which th'-nr ii not »n a'om of 
viiilcnco to ninkc probable, noi indrrd wliicb, if Riilph of ShuKorj im xh\i nruir^vr, ii nljAurd. 
ThoiDHit of Unidbury'* connection with Durham nt «lowtird, lord of lhi> muitor of linidbtiry^ «to^ 
nnd ereclor of the M^rk«l Cro^a ha« pu;u£l«<d ji i;ood many ; but ihat there were thr^e Thomas 
of Brrtdh[iry> in now rvldent. nnd the p«di^ree clears tlin mntt«r up. Thny wer^ of th« 
8nntbwnrk frimily. It i^ pcniitiblr. hnwovnr, that Thomnit uf Ifiiiwicb, Muhk,, had nn incMlnr 
who WH« connci'tCH] wilb Ihi^ famity, but llicrv in no proof vf thin, 

S^^nd $on of WiUitim, tiiizen and hovty^r* 

Williriii], ni'nior, bcqui^nlh" to him ^ tiw^s. In St. Michnorfl Hill, nonr Crookod Lftoe, ftnd 
pari of tliA WonUriok ; fii^rmnrid^fiy. and hi« rioiher^ Aiinn. It^avps hirn jCliU. 

In Hot. Lit. Clan*,, ■*■* Kli/., pi. IS fli'i74)» we find William, junior. citiiren and bowyer of 
London, obininEnfE a hniiie L-alled '* Boli^rK," in Wtrst Wii-klmui, Co> Kent. The St. S»viour*ii 
Register descrlf>es tbia Will, as a ctiandter. and dvlng Aog. I**', 1->'J7, ti^nvin^ li»iie thri"« 
»on»» WiHinru, Pinter and Richard, i^onccrnlng whom I have no t'urlhcr record, nor hnvc I his 
will, nor nn; lni|. P,M, regjirding hifo. 

Third ton fif WiFJitim^ ctti^fn nnd howif^r. 

TboniAS inherita ** The Aie " nnd '2 tynt», adjoiiiiTig ; and from h'\§ notber plate. He 1% 
mentioned in Rot Lh. Chut,. '2'i KVii^, pt. 13. with hiK inotht^r, Anne n* Inking I meu<. 
in l>epiford mid bmdi in Croydnn Lsint- (Crooked Lftnt?i. In aame record*, '£8 {Qii., pi. 7. 
1660, he is dcBcribed hb of I-"urniviir» Inn, nnd be buya a tent, tn Dun^lablv, Co. Bedford, wilb 
lnnd« for £80. In pL 9, be if de«oribed n< of Southwark agatn, rp lh« naiiiM luTidiv. hi mime, 
Id Klir., pt. C, he bays a roeai. hi '' L« Backaide/' iie\t the " Three Tunnes.*' In the tame. 
37 Elu., pt, 2Z, he and hia wife Mar|;aret s^ll all thr tent«. tti Duotftable tci Ordnt^y, for £130. 
Th« !4r. ^aviour'jt K(fgif9lr'-rgive« hiit marnnge to Ann Kobiant. Jan. 1680 — I. They had one 
ton Henry, bap. Feb. 15, 1581— "J, nnd Anue di«d J5d3 — 5. Tbonia» tbeo had a 1iai<on 

' nKl/jr't diuiv>mAtilaii *itioa Koiict. LAjM, tv tlj4 ^rrttMii tinir. 

t tCNOT, lAllL Admhi. fiBBE*d b» Jobo Kii|*rv}|t, wm uf Tliiriiu* Rin«if>iij, uf UniU^. ^mn-. of KVida Hri4diitiiiUtof«i1 b^ Jjimv 
lit* icnr4. uuv ikliD dvanHiad. 

TANd*. |i^^ Adtttn. cnnud to Jnhn Bnwiv>s, tbr* wn nf J^nc KifipniiJi, wiriair. Uit i>f lIid iojuI* uf nt, Andrew'!, llonxtn^ 

I *: D«L tiDI. A4ia(tt. gnated lo Umj, ntiot c4 ThoiikM Kmcvvon, nf JtMaJW, In thf ptrtib of SifipfMri «0h kfldil, Miq., 



witli Mur^nrrM l]or»rbtow«T, widvw of tho "Oilt Hurttv" and tli«f hnd four (lUcIt childrm, 
Thiniitii mnrryioFT M)trji>nr«il pvtdfittly on hU ctpAch-hfid^ for lii> wah Hiirif^ Jnn. 2ft, li^l}5, nt 
St- SnvioEtr's. Ill Ah [ni|- L\M., (tK Klix., pt. 7. n, 1G8, wi; K^uhi^r pHrticiiUn at Ihe itobiaiit 
property, indo<Iiii<; ^AXe^ of marriH|{« wjili Anne Roblant a»4 MAr|;dr«t Honivblowe, The 
Chiiocrry PrMr^irfliHg*. Y.Vu, Ep. /,» Itt'KK gite uv ilie rcHl of Uic hidor^. Heniy's grnnd- 
f«|lLt.*r Wiltiain i» vpokcn of nud T}ioiiiti«'> |tfcif)«rli«?]i itt Kl. MiclM«rii, neat CrookciJ Lniie, 
i \Voo1«4ck, Inmlft in f>i-ptfnrd, niiil Uin!< in Kaiithwark ind K«p3i inhnriiorl from th# Rnhianti. 
•Toho Loi*e, K«tit., of SeveiiuakK, irt iiiv«n us hU ^iiunlim. Hi« uncle Jlumphrey evidtfiitly 
'' mbpWnl " the deffds nnd hcitcc the »ikiL U aeem« the »on Ilonry M^assent to Cambriilge, 
411(1 made a mi'-uiUianci; wJlti oni; Norioii, iind for that rrJtMtn thr unrlc rljiinm lo dtxprivo him 
of hie iiitvrjtatice- llowc^fr, HeJiry mu*l have bflcn toHipi'rj»nitd, for i» lli« Cl"»e lloIU, 
2 Jan. t., i>, U, Henry, Ihfn of LaniUtli. 1>iiy> for X^ lOw. Ojd. Coiik'^i Fnnn. in \V>*1 Wioklmm. 
Co. Kent. Hnd 70 ncri?^ of Uriil. In U J^Sh T. p, 4v>, ii, ^G. iK'firy, now of WArn<rbaip, Co. 
SiUi^eJi, «- moJ li. of Tiioman, of Southmirk, ffelli die ne}iir<inl prnpt^rij*. In Iti Jni, I,, p, iil, 
0, 10, Henry, nj^nln or^^outli Lnmbetli, nckitovr Ic(Ie:<-9i a debt of :C3U0. In 'j:i Am%., iioX.VUn^., 
p> 9, Hvnry i)( Stovkwirll, in pjir. LAmbetli, iitht-rlin ihe '^ Cock and Kry '* in Si. Dun«U»'«. in 
lb» Wp*iI Klf^^l Slr«i4. And h^IU ft lo J. l[o)>kiiiit. In I .Ian., R, iV> n^nry U it|iok»n of ah 
takbji oopyboldnin FauxIihI] (VauxIihH]. 1(^10. otW, Enstoiin iiri<) hi* dnu- Kllx- w. K. Pniotvr. 
UeDrj'ft family is giwii in Chan. Pro., B. imd A., Chrt«. 1., E. ,Vi Iti'JO^ who W ihon dciid, vi».» 
UAihow, rhoniAH, Henry, Homphrry, Will. ar»d -lohn, of tiouth LAmbelh. thtr luit 1hr«e beli^^ 
■tatcd lo be rrrr poor. The nld^r tonn iiiiint hhvc InhcrU«d tonn« |iro|kcrly, for iIh; cldr-»L •oil 
Itmthev, in 7 Chim- L, p. *J7, n, '^, in dpiM-rih*d an of Strttitbnm, Co. Stirroy, fC*nt,. mnd 
then lie buyi thv innnor of Tootinj; Dt^trk, prupvriieii in 8eelhint; Lnpe, London, Hiid in 
Towpr Street, All Hallows und All SalntA, B^rkinp, and the Ktnniioji of Colliniade* iu 
Siri^atlinTn, JVlAtbcw wAii hnptizid HI SI. f)aviour\ 6l Oct., i^*)'J. Wb*l IwfAine of the 
Qtbt^r children, or of Mnthcw himself, I hmvc aot irnGe<l. But liia Harking property U refrrred 
to under KmiWk. 

Fourth «0H of Wiltiont^ eittttti amd howy*r, 

Humpbri^y, b^* hiA ffttUor'A will, jnhvrit«d lUo fnmily Iiouao at Soiiihworh nnd 2 iftnl*, in 
St. Sjkviour'», nnd I inmit, or hHckho(]««^, '' Ihr Windmill, '* nUo bi< *'sitn, cireuil nnil procincrt" 
of tbt^ Hit piiriih iliurcb of St Mnri^arel's, m Southwark, Krom bii mother £y\ Humpbrey 
wa« n vefitrymAM nnd luioe married; il) Johaii, by whom ho had a large family — wren 
children, iind {2) to Kmma Drrry, n widow, in \o'j3, by whom ho hnJ nono. All the»B 
ehildrcu and raArrtng«s arc in iho St. S&viour*« Rcgi»tvr. In Clone I£oll» 22 Kliz., p. 17, 
Homphrtfy and hie wife Johnn buy n me*^ In Cdmbt^rwel), and in Roll 39 Klix., pt 20, 
HurnpUroy He(]iiir4-ft reversion of hnda in MeanihAra ill* Mer«tham. Co. Surrey. HninpKr^y'ft 
will was proved 3 Dec, W)^. Uia wife it to havo \m bouse in " I>iil1f|ce," and his nef>l^w 
'^ Henry," if he krrp to tii* Hgroomrnt . , . Tbcf childmi tn^m poorly provided for. 

!>iich \* Iho Uriel uullino uf tLui weuUby family, uiuay of uhoae ileticendHiits miut bo livina 
lo-day. Wbtfltirr anj r«cord wih v\Kr be Ji»cover0d proving (h«jr right lo tbi.- Arm* ullowed 
to the Llneoln fHinit)' In Ililt4 i« HoitbtfnI. hnt ] onnnrhl l>nt ibink thai Willinm Ib^ bouyvr 
was Ibe couun William of I^iidon memionol by John Kmvrxen, kctiIh, of Kolkini-banK Co, 
Lincoln, m hia will proved IML It mujil be noticed thb family aever uied acroat to lb«se 
ari>i», and were probably le^ilimale heira lo Ihe coat, 

I Appood a Bhe«t |itrdi^roo compiled from vAri>>us rocorda, btit chl^rfly iVom the Si. Savioar'a 
Iteguier. MoKl probnblv Jobn KniAraon, thv ouralp of ilnrnbnm nnd Itvrior of Shor<iJian, 
16^1, wat an illicit Min of Thoninn and Mnrffarot Uorm^blowo; but I hnv« no proof. It ia 
Dotpwortiiy thai Hi^nry, Thotnut^* only htfitimale ^on, abnuM nut lie riwordt^d in tho Cambridge 
^radualea. I'erhap* he never i^nidunled, and hence the oaiiiaioa. 

In Ihlnnnitjg and Bray'* " IlUi4>fy of Stirrvj," I'l, IT, |>. 4C*0, under Croydoe HunJrodr 
Mord^n, w* got Bicbard GartU, Kni\., Lord of &Iord<»n &lanor, marryiog KliKnk«tb ICmoraon, $ic, 

Bk. Ovtb, t> KllnbaUi Kbhha, 
at. iy 


A Vtvr, %, }Tt^ itf. y. 


XowiiiHaatftirii^nifttonrof Krnt,"F*irifmghBmChuroli, wa get William EmmrHon, Enq., 
rribpd as or Chi^isted Miu'ior (Surrey), mnrrying bMZf dau, at J^ir John Beule, llarl,, «nd 

i>ii a bviid or ihre« lluiia |ju8flatkt/' obvloualjr a gittt|;i«iti«iu of 


w» jfet WUIlBm*« arms giveu h» 

Rblf df Foxton's Armfl^ 

Since wn[ing the above 1 have ft^und a will trliioh cIcHm the matter up nnd «how» ttiat 
Rlix. Kiuerbon who m. Ric- Giirtit, waa not th<* datj. of Wtlliurn Emmefton^ of ChinMU^L und 
Ktixubf^tU LEeale. bul the daughter of a AV'Uli^in KmeTflonn of Kensington, *'^ent/' W.F. 1720. 

BeddM tliea« families we Hnd in the Archdeaconry of Sarrey no KmKruoa wilt«. 



Th« only family I have hoen hUIg lo inctt to this county U Rjilf Kin'^Aoii, of Biiryton. 
From hi» u'ill the following j^hort pedi^cfi* is comidled : — 

W.p, I'.Jl 1 

KuKftsufta ay Co- Si^aaKt. 

Tlie curate at ITorsham Ami the U«v. Johu Kmerttoii, of ShorehazD (1635), are ilia only 
two of th(f nAiuc thAi J Ofiri iraco lu sSuifucK up tu 17uO- 

John Kmrmon, M.A., olerk, Utrn a lk*enrv to offieJale at iho pnrifih crhnrch of Shorohnm 
and the chapel of Orford tht^reto nnnexed 2o Jaly, 1C^5. Act lik,, Iti'JU— 4!^, fo. IT ^Sliorcham 
and CroydoD). The Sussex wWU g\vv ui Aime, evidently hi» widow, ndmon. dated 1678. 


K»KiuoN» or Co. 8cntci{$KT. 

Some of Ihe Glou^^Hlerhhire hrnnch lived at Hnlh Kaston ht already Buid, And Thoinaa 
Rm#r»on, Exti- (uf tlie Suuihwark family), tukvn Mr. Kareweirs (tjf Uolbruoku) (ilu;« an 

Ehkie«0I9S o> Co, IIiCKKixtitiK 

*'llichard Kmeraoa bajT* Manor nnd Cnatlt; of Uiccards, Caslle Hereford, In 164S"^ is' 
the only m«ugre reoofd of Ibii county, 


Omtn Ks'oujAii Couartiok 

I have no record up to 1700 of an/ of the name. 


Rmersokk of Wales. 

I liAva reoonled in the EincrM>nc of St. Brida*' (London), *' Mr Edward Kmimian goea 
10 Walea." 



Up to 1700 I hare heen unable to trace a AingEe Emerton to thiH country, though I have 
had ibe WUla ai P.B.O, searched by Kev. W. HcLeod. 


EUEHeoHa OF I&Et.\NlX 

Up to 1T0O I find few Emeraon* in Ireland. Up to lti2o 1 have had the iridoxea of 
Kngti>h th«t aettled in Ireland searched with no re«ult, and »■ i he reeurdv are unindoied after 

* Kich. Col. Uor. (itcD. mad Top. L, SM. 

tliat date I have ii«t »carch«d Inter, All tUe wIIIm at the IMi.O.. Dublin, and at TnnUy 
Coll, Dublin, Imvo been s^rarchvd, itnd oiity ilir» of (liv name appear, viz. — 

Arthur ICni*>rinn, — 

AU bilbon lb 1MI2. 

ThkH, [dJi)b«lL JvJilL 

Iff I^UriAitihlLut, I 
Co. rvmiAiiib, I 


And VIC know nn Arthur Emenon^ of Dublm, g«»ikt., wan granted armi in 1602. So our 
krio^k'd^e of i^nriy [riiih Kmt'TSonB ii very scniity, but prolirtbly iiiuAt of tbt? luoiJern IrUh 
Emersoiie ere devceiidef) from one of the above-named famiHea, not withstanding soin^of lb* 
Jmli I'flmily traditions. 

Chaitkr V. 

^o6crn @mcrson "^Pc&tftrccs atrangcb lm^c^ @ounfKO. 

The foll^^wing ^Wigreea niid noimt wi>r4_> roooivvd in nitri^v^r io tha follawing cJrculnr po>t«d to 
all of thf* name \n llie Uaited Kingdom and pntilic services: — 

Tiu XcrrK, OciiroK Bboap, UiwUTOrr. IGM, 
I>Hi' :«lr.— r thill i.*p)lrvlliiH iiiAterLAla Fut wtHlujia liw^tj -if Uttr Kbieiwiit fjiiuil/. nml ^ouLUTVUi >4i1ivb jim tn blin ri««L>« iltftL 
J01I «1tl Ind loiit Mildly aU «> iluit Ui-t Aork ii\7ii h* v (.tmi-Ji-U v ^iripfcihlri. If rm nn p>jilU|i«n],<vl11 v<hi Iwb<h^ r«Mii4h b^tuJl 
mm tAi0 t'llU-yintt 4|pUhila.— <L| Tu^ir pali^iTV wt t^r IhmUi 4U )-aii qh five it. WtU dnia, if |iiii-iihlt^ (:J)^s'|ttL i-4uMm ;iiiu i^junijlL 
ii|1|iuLJ> uftimifmiu (3) IF^ppm name vu aIha^x ]CiiknrH»n, ^rf Ki^ilwrKPii^ nr ftntManum, unf diirlitjj j*'ut Uk'bT) ;"iir faiutLy IvjI 
till 1WUIF t'f Kiut^priu, nnJ jrwj. wltviiT i4j AuT dkUiijvtAbed ni'mteniaf frnir biubi^Lii illaClDKiitiEanl m uuj *ii« inulmlluK tti.blu\tv4 

Hlf Liiy ^ yuur 'auilly w^nt nltrtajln \n>l Tf *<i. wtiOi abJ At what ialv. itixl whtira ttHi; w»iit, vid Ui'it nuMB wIidq tho; treni 
Wiih HliTiiii Eiiti-atl» Hi'iitfui Alitor riLKiTinET iJ\ |>i j«hx oltlni anj ^m—, artil wliiiL, ana (■n«>tiAb iiuuuplaT TiulIuk Lvjuui 
>dn«ii, Intievp iiity flnr clr. Tikltltlutlj f mvj\ P, E|- Bifliiiurtir. B.A-, M.B. fCouUlk). 

The compiler doea not vouch for the accuracy of these pedigrees, they are printed aa aoni, 
merely iiaving bei^n arranged in order by him They are printed under the countiei 
according to tho directory nddre«jirii, i-i:^ wbcic the contributors li^od in 189G, TKty will 
douhElehn be UKcfiil Xit muny in hrip trnf^t* thHr r<-lnttvMi 4^r |M.-dJgree» idmuld they wUli Co dn *m. 

Thr total numbers printed at the end of each county merely show the number of soparnle 
addrvKsvM of the iinmc printed in ibe directory referred to. These numbetH mutt not tie looked 
upon a^ Hccuniie^ tnii aervc ai a rough guide merely, for the rrnHon i]i»( 1 lind the dirt'ctoHea not 
nlwHj* Htctirate ; peraons dead or removed to other coantica arc ntill givvn M the old uddrcHx; 
nnmea ivre mifi«pi-lled, two -'m**" erff^ping into onff ^' m " nnintf*. Then trade and privnte 
addreaaoa are often given in the ^ame town ao that one pvraon la counted tvicf, and in the 
London aectiun probably three or four times, and so on. It will be aeen Durham atill head< 
the list aa to iiuinberi of Emersona, Yorkahtre coming second, London and Uiddleiex of courae 
being excluded. The author beg* Io ihnnk moil henrtily every coniribtjlor to thiw a«etIoiL. 

All the rollowEiig oonrilipn hnvu madi! no rc^turnv or contain no Km«rsona. AddretsoA 
taken from Kelly's Direetoriei unletia others iwe atiitrd : — Wules. Ifi^ft, Kmeraoaa2, oorvtuma; 
WarwiokHhire, IW%. Kmerson 1, no return; Huntingdonshire, 1804, aone; Httrnpetlure, 
I8i>r., none: WiliHhire, IS^^I, l KmmerKoa moved kj Wincanton, Sonierjei (*/,r.); ]>oraetflbir«, 
1^11.^. Mimtr; Cornwull. iS'J'^, tionfl; Worcciter»h(ro, I^UO, none; D<!rbji»hiro, l«95, RmersonA 0. 
Kmrnprsiius r>, no reltirn*: llerlfonlvbirr, \H\i^, Km^^rson 1, no return; Ovfordnhire, Ift95, 
Kim^tKon 1, Kmt)«rsoni 0, no return ; NoTthampton, 1S£)4, Emtrsona U, KmrnersoDs 2, oo 
reLiirna; Luneaahirt?, 1^92, Kmersoaa 17, Emmereons 10, Kmberson* U, includtng Liverpool, 
I8ii*f, and Manchester, JH%, 2 reiurna: Cumberland. 1894, Kmmeraona G, no reiunia; 
Wiifllmoreltitd, 18&4, aoue; Devoanhire, IS93, KmcrnDiia 2, no rotuniA; Hereford, 1896, 
Kmeraon 1. no return: 5%hnipihire, 1Sdi>, none; Colonial Office, 1896, 1, Nova ScotiJi. no 


reUrn ; Army LUi. 1890. Hmcrfona 5 ; Nmry Litt, 18^, Kii>mer»oii 1, no r«iQrn ; Mnlicitl 
R^gi»ter IHdti,Emenoni 7.E(Dm«r»oii*2, BnlwnonfO; Impmal Calendar, 1^%, EmenoDKO, 
KimmcrvOD 1, Kmbenion I, no reiurnft. ThiHf'two circuJan verv r«lurfied through Iho 
dvaxl lc4ttr office (OArkcd **rcnc,'* or ''drcwMcd," or " l^pft iwo lo awon jwtrt ngo,*' or *' "ot 



(1) John Qtor^e Bmfrgon, of Orchard Coita^f*^ Iltxhain. 

Georgia Km«non, l. I7'*8 in WcArdalp, Ca Durham, h h4>okt>iijdrr. m. Ann Johnton. 
Served 21 jciira in the army ititd went throu§;li thir Pi-mitsulur Wnr. Ui?titi-*d ciVca 1^4G — 7 
and Bvllltfd It H«*)iham. uii army peodotiur wilh two modal*. Hi* riittierdi«d niid wa« burUd 
At SunderlAiid After many yeava spent in tbe servtce oflhe Karl of Durham, Geor^ tliDernon 
mar ri<rd a second time '■ when abroad '* and had a second ramily {ridv h/ra). GrorgK KmeriDn 
dtrd and wa« buried nt lrat<*Hhrnd. lieor){e Kincmon had n brother living in ^Vc-ardule, nam4< 
unknowir The fuinily hn^alwiyt Tij>t-lt llie imini? Kinemvn and i-taiiu no arniB. 

(i.) G^orgo ^^iniTMun »nd Ani« >fohiiMc>» hiid itfBuc: - f I) John, b. 8fj>I. 22, 1^21 {rith 
ii^ra). OJ) Ann nj. O^^ and went abroad, tivh«'rea bouts not known. j3) Marin n». W, Arkk. 
Mnrrind Kocoiidlv and had issue: — (1^ G^orgf'^ n nihnnrr. (2) Willinm^ of Gutevhead. 
(;*) Fenwick* of btaydou-on-Tyne, i^l) Kiibtri^ of LtHidon, (j) A dauKhler. 

(II.) John KnjerAon. b. Sept. 22. 18^1, m. Ilaunnh Eddy, John vb. May 24, 187C, and 
buriod at H«xham. Thev had isiu^ ; (l) Thonkoa, of Sund«»Hand, b< Del. I84<\ to. Afpiaa 
D«intlfy. Oct. 17, XS^C. TUny huve h^^t Agnea Mary Hannnh, tx Dec, Mi, 1667. V2) John 
G«orge, h, F«b. Ut, IMJ (ri(f« !»/''<■)- (3) Annie m. W. Corbett; Annie ob.'i (4) Janem. 
Marshall (5) Mary m. 1\ Cle^nitson. (C) Hannah MftHa m, G. Uunter (7) John WiJIiam, 
of NewcAftilc. (6) KUxRbetb. 

(iiL) Ji>hn Oaor^e EmerBon, b. Feb. 15. 1842, tn, Annio Cowing, Nov. 24, ISCli They 
bare ixaue:— (1) John. h. SepL 10, 1867. i'Z) Nc-viaon, b. Jan. 6. ISn^*. m. Agnea Hulini*a. 
1804, and lives at EE^wick. (:i) 5Iary Hannah, b, Dec. 28. 1870. r4) G»<urge Edward^ b. 
MHr. 7, l«7;i, (Jj) Anihony, b, Jan. 18, lb7f>, (6) Tliomas William, b. Sopl. 32. 1«77. 
(7) Arthur Eddy, b, Feb, Zti, 13Sa (A) Joat-fib Suptttnuv, ti. Juik- 2T, If^B'l. (ii) Annie 
Cowinjf, b. Svpt. 22, ISSy. All the above «iec]pl G«cir^i<, of Wonrdulc, boni oi Uoiham. 
Signed, John George Kinrnofi pfr Anlbony Kniemon, Hexhiim, July 7, l!^9ll. 

(2) Efranor Eitisr»ini, 1, tiavensJotcne, Berwick-on -Tinned. 

JoiK^ph Emerson migrated to Herifich from London circo DJOti, and married Mra. Jonn 
Ro«», n/^ Hall, a viduw wUh one daughter He wjta n man of ntejinx. A minintnre of him 
11 in hid ^rand-dnitghter'u |ioK«r-Bsiott, His brother wuh b cofTt^e planter in DemL-rara. Joavpb 
died Sept. 4, ISIS. tft. u7. 

(i.) Joxt^ph Enki^rnon nnd Mra, Joan llonn. ^vho died June '2t>. 18S0, (£f. 57, had i8sue:« 
(1) William, went toDaineraru to hW unclt? nnd died therv Junel9, IH20,cii 15. (2) CKar1c« 
Jamea {vide tfn/ra). o/*. Feb, :;£, IbSl, i^r. 42. (3) Joseph, ot. May 11, 18^4, cri. 22. 
(4) Mary. oA, March 1. 1809, ^f, Ifl oiontba. 

(ij,) Charlpa JameH Emeraon. aou €>f JoM^ph. Went to I^ondan rir^a 1641 la hia eoutin 
Fred. Kmcmon, n Hpeciilntor. Hr bad nnothnr couain living la London who married a 
Mr. Blunl ; they bad one acin. She vn* left a widow nnd then married secondly a Mr I'aylor, 
of London, and bad tvto daugbtera by him. Charles James alao had a coukIei living in Liver*- 
pool named Kdweird Story (?). Charlofi James nvav, in 1843, povaeraed of cunBiderubltt mennst 
tnnnp)! nnd hnnaeA. but loaE nil in Bv«> yearn of Hpeeulalion and goutg bond fj>r peoplfk nnd 
lending money to hia brother-in-lnw, who faiird, MUa Kinonon poaaenaee hia portrait painted 
by Mr. Sinclair. In 184S be relumed to Berwick an a clrrk in Imk fnlhf-r-inJaw'a offiee. 
Charlea Jamea m. pjlirrabeih Lon^h. a dau. of a merehani of Heru'kk. aad eouEfin lo iha bite 
AdiuirAl HniL l-:]i/.Aboth <,h. Jan, 2. 1882. <rA G9. Tlie; bad Wue:— [1} Cbarli-?> Jamtf*, 
Jnn,, b. \HV2, latt at t^n in ihn OnUrin Hot. 22, 18/^7^ '^^- 1^' (i) KHxjtbeih, b Nov. 33, 
\$^% ob. Nov. 3. 1845, in l^ndon. ^t. 2(1 montha. 0) Eleanor (vide in/ro), b. Dec. 27. 18H. 
(4) Joseph, b. Deo. 11, 1S45, cl. July 12, 1S49, a;t. 3^, (5) Joanna Elixa, b, April 27, 1B44, 
living at Berwick. 

(iii,) Eleanor, now living aI Derwickn HpluslerH Tbe family haa aWujs apelt tbe name 
Emer>Ao nnd elaima no arms. Signed^ Eleanor Eraertonj Berwiek-on-Tweed, Jiit\e 2^, l^Hfi. 



(I,) Grnndfadirr (mime unkaoivti i cjuitt^fnmi n^nr Dnrlinf^ton and »■** in tlie lirtithftr trii<le. 
Died fH. %. Had a brother Sieplien in tb« fflov« iradt- The? brvlber'e tnidtr iitiirk wn« two 
Itoni mmpRDt surmounleiJ by a clianiicteer. 

(ii) 0) Katbrr (ti«m« unltngvo), 06. 1834, <H. 37. (2) llmrnet, m- B. Tnjlor, 5In»tcr 
in thu Tjrn« Stciuu«hip Co. (3) Louitfa, m* (1) J. FinU^j Master Mnrioer, (2) J, BUixIt «f 

Hit.) ti«orp:e W. Kmmerson, son of ?, b. 1848. nt Newcaslle, Tradllioits lUnt an 
nnccftor «tnrt«d a lithiiig tmdv "00 th« cotM ** ihat grtw to « vjIEa^o, nnd thai a rt'lntivt 
miidt! A murk ai m\ tinimuX jihinWr, huving itudicd in Homt*. HaHalnavi fp«ll lii« nHina 
Kmm«raofi. tii^nrd, G«o. W. EmnHrvon, Enrftdoii^ July 4. l^OtJ, 

PoNslMj r«UM lo ir H, f>fiiD«<raoii, srlUt. born At Cfi^^^l^r-l^t^Slfvet {f.».)._P. H, Ev 

(L] Jobn Kiiirr^f], h. July 16, IS:!'"!, ul TVulgtiU-, Wcurdalc. W«rit to Ballju-ut uilli bi» 
wife 1^4 and returned to Weardnle l^jfuT. Moved to Newcuaile in I8G5, where he died Oct. Z^ 
IS&a, fft. \\1. \\v lirO i'.*ur ^(t) Join* O^wrfie <2) WilliHin. (:>> Sufrth AiMir. (4) W*ry, 
ni, WIKJHiii StiiiJrr.of Winlitlnii. (5) KlUn, m. T. Mn^'kay, All living. Nflniv alwnyx ipnU 
KiovrvoD at)d clahm do arm*. Signed, J. G, K<n«r«on, Nctvcjutlcoit-Tjue, July 23, I^D^. 

Kelly's Directory, 1^97.— Kin craoni 6, KiDioi-raoiia 10, Eiiiber»oi»0 := 25. 


(!) Unrrirt KhiaifrfiGU, DurlU^Un. 

(L) WjlLiacn, who had two brotli«ra Joshua and itobert. all fxriner*. Elobert weDiabroai 
Kiid wa« loitt tight of ; JoahuA lived at llurwurlh with hivfftRiilyp iholftat of tbifni dying latidy; 
Willlaio had ia<ue ten chitdn-n, all born &t Kllerlon-on-8iVHle. York*. :— (1) TboniaiL 
i) Robert, Uft JMiir William, living, (ii) William, {i) John iride in/ra|. (tt) Janr, ul. 
^Ibr, of London, hud ia«U6 June, «pln«ter. (6) Mary, {tj Elizabeth. (S) Kliu, 
(9) Harriet. (lU)? 

(tl,) John, vh. 18^5, fPf. 78, Had iimio :— (I) Harriot (tbo contributor), (^f) Another 
daughter. Out of Ihia family thn only muli^ living in William, a. of Robert {rid^ itipr^). 
Hen noted lor physique anit tiirengtii. Alwaya *pvll EinuivrAon, ulaims DO arman Sigued, 
Harriet Einmer*L>n, Darlington, July 17, 18%. 

(3) T. W, £ni«riioR, S^u'jh »?fti>W», Dndrti Shields, BVarda/c. 

(1,1 John Kmcrnon, of Wbnm (} mile from Wcnrhcad). b. iit Ruflbnonr^ Uvalhery Cleugli 
(Wi-ardnlr). Ju!y Hi. 177S, Hud four broth«rit and threis ttiattrrt— Thomaa. Joseph, Muihvu- 
and Rair Mary, Nancy aud Jane : one of ihe^e girls m. Fearl and went abroad 70 yeara ago, 
John Kiner&on liad >Hue; — (1) Joaeph, of Wham {vid« in/r^). {'2) John, killed in a mine, 
tfiFM L87tj. {^) Ralfib, died circa 1876. (4) Aon, m. (1) Lawe* (;S) Wation. 

(ii,) Jo»cpb Kmcnoit, of Wbam, b. Deo. !&%, 1812. bud imuv;-- 

(iii,) Thomaa WiUun (tlin (^ontrihutftrV b. Muy V3. 1858. Name always apelt Emeraou, 
elaiiut no arena. Signed, T. W. Kinerson, Dadry Shields, July 4, IK&ti. 
(3) Hichufd t*Jnerfon, 0/ rro't/'rUy (HVarrfn/r). 

(H Geoi^u KmeriK>n, t). in Weurdnle, oh. Hrc^t l'^47, m. Jane Dawson. Thcj had Imoo;-^ 

{ii.) (I) Joflhua Koicraoii, b. Mnr. 16, {^02, oh. Uay 0, IH''2. oV, T.O, hud i«*ac. (2) Ann, 
n. Joaeph HruTiKktll. (:t) Jane, m. Tbonaaa Furnae« (Westgate), (4) laabeUn, m. John 
Hulohin4on [ Frost erley), 

nil.) Jo«hu» Kmeraon had issue:— <1) Hall WillUm, b. Feb. 6, 182«. o&. 186a 
(2) George, b. Feb. '25, 1828, ofr. lH&fK (») Richard, h. Mar. G, I8W. (4) Mary Ann, b. 
Oct. 11, 18^12, <fh. iSti'A. (6) Jane, b. May CS. I8dl. id, Jamca Walton, (6t Blnry Ann, 
h. May 18, 18:ifl, o/>. 1953. iiklnfl^rr. (7) KIEen. b, Sept. 26. IriJfA, i^ft. JUnr. 21. l8ot). apinit^r 
(8) Pbffbe, b. April :;*;. 1840, i>4, 1K90. ro. (\) William Smith, who died. (2) Thomas Mttcbell, 
who went to America sloniT, but nothing wa* ever heard uf him again. IIh« alwmyA spell the 
naone Kmeraon and cUime no armi. SlgaeU, Ev Emerson, Frosttrley, Jane 28, 1896. 

(4) /Z. W. Eimt^fn, Qf SrnAtim Ihxih^tif, 
(I.) Celbben Emenion, one of the Aral lioproveiuout CcMDmiMionera for W«*<t Harilepoo] 
ftHer iu fOQUdation by Balpfa Werd Jackson, t^sq, Had ueue: — 


(it,) II. W. (the contributor). The family came ft'Dm Weardale and ba9 alwup spelt 
tliQ name Knirniim, Ilix bnnber-in-Uw. John Kroerson, uenl to Anorlca eirea I87G but has 
not aincu brrc^n h?nr<l of, IIiu licArd \i\* f«t1i4?r ^ay Ihv Tftmily bore tirmd and hfu occn iIk'io, 
but <loeii not clnim nrmi himvf^lf nnd know* nnthing t^<yonii v,-\-inl 1io tiirKrcl from Iiik father on 
the matter, i^L^iied, H. W, Emerson, Seaham Hnrbciur, June 27, 1896. 

(5) A. Kmrnerscn, Sunderland, 

Refers lo a telntive, HAnnsh Kmm<*rfton. of Skcllon, Yorki, ti-L 90. AMunie «oiitfibutor 
CAinc urlf^innllj frou Yorkahirf. lie snyi somv iinin^ in Skelton apch Kmcirvon- Clnimti no 
ttrmt anrl give** no (lerAOiml \iif*irmfilwn. Referee Jid nol re\Ay. — P.H.K. 

(G) ChtirU's Emtufrfon, Darlinaton. 

{{.) JuUd Robinson Kinmt^rNon, of hnrhntn City, whodird thi^rcrirra 185$. Uv It-ft i^ac: — 

(tl) Conlribtitor'K futfier. diet] ai fuirioy. i^*J<>, "^ h6. fiiater. m. K«eij, of Putney, 
itc left i*aue ; — (1) Clmrl^M Eniini.^rBori (the contributor). Ifn* bven lo He«i all hi* tiHrr and 
known litlte. Signed^ 0, Kminprflon, Dnrtinglon. 2r> Jiu>«>, 18%. 

NoT£. — ThiN contributor referred tnr to hin flnnt, Mm Kted, but I got tio informutiou 
from her,— R H. E. 

(7) Wiitiam EmfrnoUf Wdlhopf, Weardale, 

(L) Ttiomacs b. nt Wcllhop«, Vxvtid over 80 yfor^L Agrnl for W. W, Bcnomont^a miooft 
for iienrly 40 yean. John, n m^liooliniiiitrr and died yooniit. Mary, ni^ ICu^ldoek. r*jibc-1lM» m. 
three tiiue^ both went to Sunderland «rid Jarrow jiiid lived over 80 \eflr*. Marparel, m. 
Pearl, of Wrurdale, and lived over BO years. Tliom«t h^d issue :Wl) John, fjirj S.P., land- 
owner, (2; Tbomn*, m.^Und-ottiK^r, (3| Kobrrt. (till living, <r/. 77, ut Corn Uigg, Weiirdjile. 
{'i} Joseph, land-owucr. (o) Tilns, Vicar i>f AlicHclnlc for over '£*.* year*. (t>) ChriBti>phv<r, 
Inad-owner (7) JoriHllian, *<rhoolmrL«ler at Hnrworth.on'T<?e«. {^) Margwref , n. an Km^rnon, 
('J) Wary, n. A, WHtson. (10) Kttzabelh. m. A. Itatej-, 

[ii.l ThomaM, Jim., m> nnd left is»n€ :— (t) William (the cnntribntor). Piv« girh — one 
ni, A, Wliillteld. Kflthnr. m. Joiieph Kmer«on, of West Itbiekdene, nnd one a Kidiardaon. Have 
alwHjTA i^v\t the nunie Eu)er»oLj; cluiiu uo arme. 8i|{n«d, William EiTicrson, Wi']lhoj>r, 
W*iirh«d, Oct,. 1896, 

Kftlly'» Directory, 1697— Knerfion* ?J5, Kmmfr«ons .18. Btnber*on« = IS. 

Col YonxfintRX, 

(1) John Jamft Emar^n, Et^; Lt,D, (CixnUl.)^ J.P., o/ Katthi/ Hall, Ci>. Yorkf. 

(h) John KiTieriton left imup ■ — 

(ii.) John Kmiiier»on, of p;*ton (Co, York*). He wnt nurfty in £500 for Sir James 
PennyUMn when tried for high Ire^irion. He nmrrled Jil Marton-in-Cleveknd, Oct. Hj, 1735 
(hy licence), ^ut<anna Gill. Hr wa» buried at, Mnrion Nov. 1^7, I7J*^. and lefl i»%ue: — 
(1^ James, b. Auf^, 15, IT^G, at Ormrcibj. He was succeeded by bin von at Ormeeby. 
{2} Miiry, buy. at Miirton Dec. 7, 119S. in. nl Orni»by, Juni- 3, 1T60, Cuplaiii Tboa. Rurdon, 
of Stainton Granj^e. 

(Hi,) Jamp« Kmrnfrnon,^ b, Ang. lo, 1736, m. nt Ormesby, May 14. 17*^9, DorcM Mow- 
bum, itnd bur. at Martun Chctrdi, April U, If^I^!^, Ic-nving i»UE! :^(1) Johti, bap. at Marlon, 
Jun. J, 17G0, D,S.l*, |2) Jnn»-», bap. nl MBrlmi, Sppi, 1'^, I7€i, 

(iv.) JaineH Kin^njin. hup. SepL "28, I7Ij4, of Kuihy UrII, Co. York, arid Sarah Grange, 
left irtuc: — (1) James Kmerson, b. Sept. -l. 181*4. 

(V.) JameN Kmrmcin. h. at Mjtrioii, S«pl. ^. \^24. of Kaxby Mull nnd Mpincir Mtiu^e, 
Deighlon, J. P. North Kidini(, m. July, If^td, Ann IJoriihy. mil} elnlii of Kleuzer [ii^^i\ts; 
bur. At Marlon, Jno, lit, lf^'c'2, and WCl i»aue : ( I ) Joliii James, Esij,. i^f Kavby Hall {aidr iv/ra). 
i2) Ktouzer ItigginHf K«q , of Whorltorif I^>rd of tbv Mimor mitl Pniron J. P. North Uidifi|( : 
B-A. Trin. Hall, Camb.. b. Sept., IH-J^, m. 13 June. IK7G, eldest da u. of J. M. McKean, and 
hiu tvsue Ivfo dflughlers-^ Kth^tl Mary Alicf Maud and Con^timct* Arm Dorothy. (3) Cbarloi 
Arthur, gent, of Deighion. Lord of the Manor aud L»iy Kecior. h, ti Mar.. 1**57, 

{\l.) John JmiirH Euirivuo, Ei«|,. LL. D. <Cuntiib.), J,P,, of Easljy HhII And TuIN-bIiv O^II, 
Morton, Co. VorL, Barri^lur-at Law of thn hmor TompU, J. P. f«jr Nurlli Riding, Lord of lh« 

* l\)0iblj umavd &ft*T Sir Jnuittt P«Di)yiniui«— P, H. K. 


Jbti^ri of Etsbr. Kirbj-in-ClevcfUnd and Tollodby. k &Uj 31. 1847, m. 90 April. U7G. 
FraiKWt Mary Eleanor, t\dt%% dnu. of CoL Mclvilk Frmnci* Bvatt, Bongal StidT Corps, And 
bus LHflue : — 

(viL) JaiDCa John, b. 4 May, 1^7^. 


A|«ii I. tTiit Ait|htintniim( >i|- Ardi1|tilti>|»' DmTl of J&ui» EiiKJvfflp «f tCuVm. " Adiulolalmlar Oif all ffmd,«te.of Jolili 
KfnMvm, laUiif lht>|«rWhii4 Hl(litl»bro~ (LtalTtMii*)." 

rn>lBb*<if MM*4 J«la«tttunM, Jw., Lt04, l«rLiif lo TiLi vib tkMva |>lit«watt.>fii)f llf*^ Tn lila n J«ln bit |m|inV 
AlH^riiHi, MtilillHhni'. «««.. *ibl iit inl|Mll«lf In th«i.V i^T ImHiain. >rHl » Kb «ea J*b« UivJi hI I>irnajtii>|]r, HtukaHliv, ale, 

XiV^ IT'4L B«t«I«iRrrC on tliv roitnifet*''' Jimns Eirici^iHi anil IMkh Slw^vn. luaJt tMtwf a J^Ab Kr*i«nai. c^ OnirtiVir. 
jAmok «« 'OJ heir MitianBl vt Tlvr *•!. John Ijy Siihiiiob |i1« *Lf'^ ^nil Hnral Ifrvtmnn. 

(JrioMlit, And HvT, rniljdtiifliL«r <rr rlio ^. Julm uiiT ■«Bunn« itu «IU. 

'nrtnuvwBfl IvH^ lliv ftttlkcal ka )t«ivli A^ n*fi«iiw<lD b#tw*iii FIJI Win- PumtiutDuid John Rbmiwd, 

AtMrtlflat* Ib4l lUh llihktrk -'111 In Jitlip KntAP— » ft ifw nmtr t|k« irhanml^ HurU-ii ITinrEb. TaH \ tTtl fVJth^MS 
Uuih Barter. Plil^jp KltcluA, Viouof U-.rtan, 

A 1*iiul HflT ft I-'pri.A' Hnh, l-Ani|'t<U4 (it I'''" Uk Jnkui KMi<'r<«in» of llniioitiT, 

A Ja««.iai«d lijq'4, (■-fOt bj whleb J^Un Kut«rvpi> And .rjuiink Kimnnii, Tib *^d aaA kir. IM |vo|HvlJ At ttfkjoAnj In 0«ih 

XUo wiIIb of hi* BftChat, tnudUthai wd bU braClinr Jolin. 

Th« fir«t two -Johos on the pedlgroe nrv taken from the Copyhold<^r«* Siirreitderv of 
Uurhnm, ia ihr K^chrriurr Oflic>p» Dufham {yidi AppciiiJix), Ii i> at ]ir«tf!nt uticertjihi ^vht^ncd 
th« firal Jubii (af 1714), v^ho bought Morlnud [louBe^ cainTf. Th« lint thrL-tf gritrrntiunv of ibo 
fHhiily liai't* (Mren rL*gi<lvr4<d at ifiu Ci>1lc|(€* anil vill (»«■ found iirid^r armttrini jamitit* I'^.n.], 

l*Uk lObvr. 1<V Mr John KiiMhP.'*>n «f 7* [i^ruh ikf R-lHntiMl HfL Huharih OUI it f^dL paiiiib ivwaiHnfad b^ wiiwvl 
uf ilivi>^.lM-r M«rbtii'iii-CI**«lud. >Md*Uiit::;tliLir l>«tfaib*f. IMHl o, v. Tik*vl 

Tbe faUowrif^ ihort i&crount vltowH thnt tlii]i love of «poriand allilollci boa ftbowii Itself ia 
itiombpf* of ilie fttoiily nlthici the Inst I l<i yeur*. 

Jamc* KiucrflOd, Dr. Kmcrvoirs ^rr^at gmndrnthQr. w«« very fund of Korfle-raciii||*. and 
togi-.tliiT ULth Ciiplnin Thni. Itunlon (uhf> m«rri«d hin ftiHtf^r) k^pt ;l fairl)' good stud of rncv- 
bortCH and won aoiiic, it lb»t tiniv, importanl riLve^i, as 
tbowii by the followinf extrnrt from an old book on 
RRcliiiEnt York tiiifi Poncncrer: — 

York It4icc Meeting, Aug. 10, Mm. '- Ills Majwly'n 
liunrtrinl Quine«»," won by l>uchiM4, lh# property of 
Ctipi. Ifurdoii and Ur. J, KtD«rioii, 

York IWe He^tiug. Aug. 23. 1780- •'Tbe Grtsl 
Subicnpiion ^tnki-*/* won by DucJiCM* elc 

Doiicaatcr lUcc Mating. f><pt. 2" 1780, " Th<? 
DoiifTUMter Cup," won hy Dufhri*, rIo. 

Ariii Ht ihe same Mci^lirii; the ni'Vl dny, S«pt. 28, 
Diiclii^M nlto won "A rUle of £]i)0." 

So luucli for DuclieHi. She waa a b.m., $ jri. old, 
by Lv ^1"^ out of Cn)Ui>pe by Stoucb- It U sIk> slalcil 
of hor (hftt ii)i^ hHii previoiitly won Ht York, Ai(g. 2j>, 
177a, ■ " Swwpfltakc* of 800 ^uinens,'* for I year oMh. 

DooMrter Rac<rMoetiog,S*pl/Jo,17S<>. 'A I'Ute" 
VMS won by Mf. Kmerwou's b.g, V^onderful by Young 

York Mooting, Aii|f. 21, 1780. " HU MaJ^uIs's <Md c^is muAbc io t»^ ti.. im ui.bna « 
Dun^lnDd Guifiras " for t' year olds wm woo by Cnjil. »"^«** "'.'ir ™ ^ ^*?%.J!:!jr***' "* 
Hurdon ana Air hmerAOo s Orptieuft. At the snme 
Meeting tliree d»ys laler. Aug. 2^ Orplieu* wdh " The Great SubwriiHion." 

OrpliroA WAK l>roilti;r t^ DuchvHH. tluud Id liands H itichtrs hi;*h, ttua aflvr mi;iiig uaod as 
a ■iHllion and ua« sira of TicL«t« ToiichHloti«, PoHlbtiy, Tootb<lravsr. Kiujhanlvr, ote-, #tc. 
Orpl]«ii» dind at thirtr vutib^ii in IKO^. B|^d IfO years. 

B«iide« the*e luauy iuor« rnees were won br them. Dr Fmvrsim haa liesrd thnl one 
hurse von these iwe sportsmen in slakea^etc, no lesi thso £ilD.U(iU. 1 suriDue thai Duehesj 


WM the one. She wus to thr fore n^nin in 1781, when nt York Bhe wftii "Th« QrMt Sub- 
ftcriplion Stoke*/' i miktf. Appeudcd in u Tiitl l»»l of ;»in»*. 

1>adio>a«oii aOmoiM, liKluiHu«"D*ma)ptUrCv*|s" " Hin Majwtj Ki»iC «.'-> lll.'i PUtD/' 4 thnvi, at Tork, 
>J*«n«tli*, Carliitk u\fi Kdiiilijrirli,»iid" 'rhuQrvil SuMoriptifpn/' at Vork. twin, XU<0 onJ £2^7, Of^ilicut «r*n 

6 mcr*. ifLcUiJiMf '' Hi« Majratii^^ Plnlo,'' tt lork, Aitd "The tlTfut 
S»lihTifrti<'»»" nli<i>»t YiL-h, ISVhiiitcjful foil B rnc«*, ii>i:lu<li'tK " IIU 
Msjntiu't fUU' twi(V,atNcnuMtloMndCATll*]«. B F. ky ricUrv 

{tU\ T^t^atlvi fiim*.\t,tl I'll!!'.! t'l.mi^ii.^ 1'j 

fKltnl iuch ifUU". Tijc "tiJori gun lijui a ^np nl 4L 4ei4:)i» t'fuj; nii-l 
«0(r»«tTl *|«<I 4<v#r LliD lMi'k auil pivi» muniiiiirji^TtJiEi ivi uiCi ilio 
«Tatk» ll)d >'[hh1 im tint CAtlnl m^d rmthni lo t^U UlUXlIu- Ttia 

»t Notlmghiim. TkklPT too * rwwsp lucliulmc " Tho Prirjopof Wn^w*' PlaUi/' hI SUji^kbrMtfo Frolic 
waik 1 riVC. Oirori wuti 3 m^i*, taMudlit^ ft " Unt^Ji ^fr SCHt |{mni>iu." Hurlmttiid n'ltii 1 ntrt-^ k " M«|i-1i for 
KHJ guhiGOf-" |l;iU CkLiflottir ^«4m ^ riL<!U. indutiin]^ " I'hv i'ttf I'IaU^" SuLUKur.y. Vi«ii(i>, a poujr. H<fii I nH«i 
" Mfttcli for 100 jfi]*QfJi»/' St KpMm. Koj»l OnL wmi 1 rmv. II.F, bj <lr|»limii hihi 2 nn'rK. ^'(xrin* won I mw, 
" Malrh for l*JO ^^iiEnvu ^ Mr. Kmo !'*'>«'■ llr.fS, wrm I r^ic, K*ni»|i«. ipf C2fi «i*-li. ifrink-mpn riiWs. it Fp^om. 
VliiuUgt ^'on I rut'o, " CoULitj MornWim' Plftlr/' I'lirlmm, Cli.T, Uy K^ruin Ikirikii vmn \ tW. Mini Jupitvr 

Willi 1 rni'L', OrjituTir wmi I nu-j\ MhUiiik ■ Lf>lHl of *\ti wiuM, 

" Prini-i'Hf WiiW I'lnUs" '*City Hlnt^, " S»li»Urtry,HH( "ToUiily 
AI>iiilh-r-A' I'lHd^." nL Utarhmii, fU:-. tUr, 

WtTiiowpAnAiutlii' iiexL ^vni-rnt>on.Dr Kmeriiun'* 
gmtidfulhiiT Jmnea, ttitd liUUrnthvr Jolm. "Jokn kfilJ 

Titc iiiu|Attr If J- J- xiuDH'iii, Bvi.i i*r«u. 

nrtirk lo rMi:if>): niul early in thia conlurj won A ^O0i2 
J(^rtr "f Nfiensiiftr Unrfn. JnmrH look up iffAjliound 
('aurfifin^iiud ki^pl nuiiuiburof'greyhouuil«,fi>ri>]enMurc 
only [ believe, he dul iu>t enter for HlnkeA. (1 i1:ould 
her« reniHrk tknc I have sn old courvlng cup woo by 

ttii« Jiimci* fathk^r in 177f. i " He we» aUo fond of nkoolin^ nod Dr. J. J. Kincr«on hiu an oM 

dint'lof^k gun. sSngtr hurrd, n'iih it'hicli h<- ilini giimv. 

J. J- ^KHMtSi, E*4,, LLL'- H-ir.UU^. ,J ,1"- 


Now for Dr. Rm»nori'< futh^r, H« w^a a thoronjqh tfort«tnnn, fonijl of ooursing, hunting 
and shnolin;. In htn yoxinfi^r dayt be kepi between 30 nn^ 40 |^T«yhourid^ simply for cour«injr 
fi>r pIcMiiure. LaUt^rly ihimting imi n rnvouriiv »|iort, itntJ lir vn% unduublcdtj an etccllent 
ibot. Ue played a f^ood i-attie Ar bUtlnrdi 
And A very gavil haniJ hI whial. 

Join) JnnK^H (Dr. Kmmnn KimHi^lf) 
pUj«d in the Cricket Elvvvn of hJH School 
iShrevsbury) in seasons of lJ^ti4— 6^G, alflo 
in the Foolbnll TcAm for •raunn* 1^C3 — i, 
\^'A—o Biid l«tio^^, lie qid hia bri>lb#r 

both bviuK tniuiiu thi^ fEfu vhi> ititccTvd Id 
<»buiiHtig ttiff *' (loublv blue/' In (he sports, 
lHr,4, Dr. KinrrKon uoii iIiit Hm) j^nU. Uii 
gui»ft ap li> Cniikbli(l|;e tit- roned lit htci lirsl 
^tur in hU Collv^v 'Jnd bunt, A'lii<ih during 
ihe races netjt up two plAces, from lOib lo 
H\i, oil llip rivcrr. He gavv up rowing und 
Trt^qiltfritlj plnjfd for his College jTriiiiiy 
Iliill) Ai Critktft. [le louk huni^ur* in Lhw 
and |iro(f«ederI to tUtt Rnr si ihp lon^rlVrnpli' 
wiihotii furthi-r vinmlnAtioii, 

HiK broiher, E. B, Emtnioii, vataiUo nt 
Shivw^bury And played in Ibe l^leven in 
l8fiG— 7, and nlno in'ihc r^olball Team in 
|M4!5 — ti And ]Ki;4^'T. In th« iiporit he 
wou the hijih jump and loDg Jamp' At 
Trinity Hail. Camb,, he row«d in xhv \t% 
bout tVo y«-Ara. \i<t\^ nnd I.^^TIJ, Ihe boni 
tieiiig 4th on the river, JttiJ his name wi» 
i«nt in by hit OolTt^gu Capialii for (he 
"'Vjirtli;*' ir'ral Kigbt. but be declined to 
row- K. U. KmvrsQn tnd thrvr 'Virtily 
frii-nda won lh«f four-onrvd ruec at DurhAiu Kegnttn, 1^70, mod tn IH7I alttr lie kn Cambridge, 
he, with Si. It. Dudda. won ibe "X#iidie»' Flute," and ^old ifkenlaU, nX nurbain Rvgatla €ot paifs. 

14U youngest brother, C\ A. ICmerton, ws« able fo hold an Kniitild rirt« lay tb« iiii>;t:do 
out HI ariQt length. » feat vrhjch coDiptrAlively few men can do. 


ll«J>) V K. H- toiaiMh, r^. ti» LVA. 

Dr. EitiertcHi'« brotfcen and blinself oad bit sod, too, have ibe repuuiion or all being flnt- 
ratc g«fiae tliota. Dr. Kuierwii'a broiber, £. B., thvonly ooeof ibeiti «bocv«r did any pigeOD 


fthooLiiig: won nevrrat niver cu|>3i and iiitiumfirable 
HtiiU«>f and nt one time ZicM the 75 ^uii^cn ChHU<>tJgR 
Cu|i of the* ClfvelHnd (Tork>1kir«') Gun Club. 

Dr. Emerson's son has ft llou^c Pot wliich ha 
TCpn ut Minn for 10^ yHr<U racr nt the ngv of )4, and 
wriB M fnvtiurili^ ft>r Lower UuyA^ School 100 yardu, 
ii^lien he linJ an Af^ciUent nt ftjotbttll. 

® (2) r. fi. /V^/iVc f^mfir^t'n, M^ttt^hiytU^r. 

Rpft-rred to hrMher of Sonrb|iorf, »h» tli<l not 

(i.) John Kmerson, freemnn uf the City of 
Cb enter, 

(ii,} JohtL Emvraan (ihe iontributvr), k Jutk« 9. 
, ^^^^^^_ 1^H>4, nt Cbe^liir. nnd » frovrnikii tb^rftof. Gmndfi^tbAr 

I A^^^^^l cnme frnni Yorkshire. Claims no nrms- Signed, 

r ' ft^^^^H Jobn Htnifrson^ Mntu-hcuter, Jnlj, 1B9l>. 

{u) I hoiimn Etnflwon, b. 178i)^'JO, nt Littlo 
Steeping, neiir ^pllibj-, Co. Line, H« hnd itisue: — 

{ii.)Tiioni'ii}<iinpaonKmerson,m Mary Einor*oij, 
dau. of iibovo. Cjune to HAlifnx fruni Llncolntibire. 
]8f;G. Had iflsud:^ 

(iii,) George E. (the coniribolor). Alwayt 
speU lh« nmne KiuerEiun ; no annH. £5ign<^, G. E. 
Km^rrffoii, July 7, 18U6. 

Hor hnnbund, WilUnm, ennn- from irpUnd nnd pmiptmlffd lo Am^riPA "14 yfnn, wUh turn 
torn, John, nuw nj^ed 51 or h'i2, and Wiltinm. now nged 4t) or^fO, leaving lii)twlf« imd one hoii 
Rohurl, now ]iviii)> (rrf^ 4a), in England. Her husUAnd had i^<t sisters in Amencn. Nolbi»g 
has been honrd of her bn^bsnd or hops «;inco tbry left. Alwny* «pelt the name Emmcrnon ; 
no urmit. Signed, I#ube1la Kiiimr^rHou^ ICnftreibora*, Jane 21). 16DG. 

((>) Gtar^e Bmi-rjmn, EoMtaft. Grtttl^. 

(i.) Tboinua KinerHoii. ai ft*x merchiint of Epworib. Cf>. Lincobi. He left Isnue ; — 

(ii,) Georp;e Kraersoru A Adjl merchant at Epworth, living '\%'^V». rrt. Hii. When Hnx 
fjiili'd ill l^^fiH^ 111* too fiijled. He has i««ur 'h^-^I J ^'^i, in tb« urmy, «crvi?d i^ ymrx in t'old- 
PirtMin Gi4»id% and 11 years m Ith Co. EibI SuiTcy Ue^t., now nt KingBtotmn'Thnnie*. 
Jlv i« M Qimrlermtiilffr-Sorgejinf . f2) Williiini, in fliiv irhde nt Gitriliorf>e. Cn. l/lneoli^ 
(3) Voiirit\ Inspector of M. S> and Lh Huilwa)< Co., al Ciowle* Co. Lioco)n> (1) Thomss. dead. 
(6) Oeorge (the contributor L b. bI iipworlh, Co. Lincoln, now wged fiO, m. (I) — Hnlkon, f»f 
tuddington, and Imd ts*uv three ebrldren by her, vix., Tl)o»., Henry, Arthur, m. Alice Ann, 
vb. 18Du. ir.t. 'J'^^ mid liuth by second wife, Hua sU couHinv in IndtanspoUa, U-S<A,, iiAnird 
Clnrk«L Mnmv )in» ulunv* been «|>ell Einer«on. Clniin« no arms. Signed, George Rnteraon, 
Ba^loft, Ooole. July, 1896- 

(7) William KmmfirM<tn, Rohin JFoodfi Bny, 

().) Grent-gruiidfAthcr lived nt Thorney Hrow, in Fyllngdute I'nHali, Co. York, and m. 
HuuUin t? MjiliJUitf, — P, H. E,), a pruHperuus farnier- 

(ii.) OriLiidfutlier of the sftm^ plac« in. Brown, relatives nt Stentondale, Co, York. An 
uncle lives there te-diy. 

(iii.) Pntber lived nt Spring Fnnn. SleutoTid^ile. Sooie of liis r<-l«tive« went to Weat 
Canndi yean ngo. He bad 16 lona und duughters, onl]r four of Ihem living novt (]H'M\). 

(iv.) William (the eontributor), niJL»ter of S.8. DaretUh. writing from Siockbotm, Hai^ a 
brother George nt sea. Ih ninrricd nnd Iiv^a nt Hobhi Hood^a Hay. AIwata >polt nani« 
Emmefson; no arms. £Signed< William Emmerson. S.S, Darcnth, tStockhobn, Aug. 6, 1896. 

Hoi applied to hit sister at Maiiobester, at, SQ, but I never received any reiulL— *P. H. £. 
' TbtN t«o Emcrsaiu have been mcliid?d in vrror nndor Co. York, they ihould Imvc bvoQ uodur Co. l^noaater. 


(9) John Eintrsttn, S'titairc^ S^ifJ«^j/, Tt>rks. 
[Vide l>r, KmerHori, Wantage, Berkt.) 
((,) Tlioitiftf, U AniiHUoH, Co. Pennnnaglir lrv>laiid. Il&d Ustiv :^(1) JoTin, b. al tame 
p1ftci», m, Shjv|»«, K KiUjclnr*, CAolohill, C<»^ Cavnft. (2) TUornnA. ^iiai lu Au«lra1in, 1S30 
— 40. (3 nnd 4) two sirU. marrit-d John had i»tiia : — (1) Joltn (tb« contrihulor), And 
titliem Kiff< Dr, EmerAoii, of WnniKf^e, BerU, Trutiition aay* lh(?y went t« IMnnd from 
Eriglnnd in CromwclViLlirip. llnHik brother ^fnmofi Shar|iKinersoii, living in WAHfiiiiglon, D.C, 
vitli miKlirr, Alvuyn »pr1l ilic iniitiv Knicriton. Claimn no arms, but lia* h^^rd hU fatlifr 
■penk of thvm^ Sif^ncdf John Kmcraon. Saltnire, July 3, 1K04>. 

Co. CauitiiaiL 

(1) //. Q* b'niHftfrviia, trf HrnioH iVbrri*, 

*^ To Hi>HW«r your ()UiMtloni in full would i>o rulh«r ditKoult, Ui vru linvp not ill any line 
miipted to ihorougMy IracL- our |>ediffree. 1^ myself, nm a ncplii^vt of iUv l;kt« Joliii Tbomait 
!!itini«r*cin, CMC. «f Provrr, KauKmd, Cheshire, tiis brnlhcr, my fnther. th** Idle >?o<hDa 
Emiavnoa, bHVtng di«d Ht the ;i^« of '^^, in the ynir )8f>^, »i Stockport. t»!avin|t turo mmt, 
myself ari<L Johct Thuiiin* Kriitiierfron^ nou' dtc^a«d. l^it jihovi*, my tincTe iriiT father, v«f« 
tbe *i>n» i>f thfi lulo Joihufl nnrl Mnry Kiiiiiiorson, of Uurhnrif. In St- Hildn* Church, W^nt 
Hnrtlppool, ihr rnsi irindow, coimiMinf; *>f seven separate windoiAt. was erected by tb« 
aforeinid Jolm Tlionmn RmnifrAciii, to the memory of hi* mother. Mnry KMimeraoti, lli« 
inacnpiior) at t)ie fool readinjE: 'These se/en uhidowv were er«cted In afli-ctionaie remem- 
braac« of fttnry Kmtncrsoii, of Msrilupool, by her son John Thomns Emmsraon, of Peovor 
Superior. Kauliford^ in the County of Chevtor/ In the chnnccl in placed n latilrl. tho 
iaacriptioii on the face n*adin{[. * To the memory of Joihuu Kmmmon, of Durhiun, who di«l 
'J:i Auif., 1843, iged £3 years; also lUty, Wis wife, horn at IlarttL-pool 20 Dec., 1795, died 
20 Dec, 184''. ere<:fed in afectionate remembrance by their aoa Joha Thoma* Kmmerson/ 
Furtbvr thnn thiK 4e hnvc not tried to trncc, but there 'i% not the KUghteni doubt that the 
Eai«r«onii u-hr> livi^d aI Uill Cloii* llotise (whicb I bellovi* ii cjotc to L>arlifif;(o») wi-rf> our 
■nceiritors. Ader the death of Henry KmerAon, in 1689, the ntatm pavNpd lo the Kirhnrdnont. 
a family who were known to beour relatjon*. Our bruach of the KininerAon family appear ta 
hAve Icfl nartlepou] for Stockport abnnt 18'|6, where the J. T. EmmcriH^ri, in fnrt bolh of them, 
\nit the former principaHy, btrcame aoMicTult^d with nn enj-ineerit»g worka, nnder itie ityle of 
* KmuKTson, Mur^tri>yd \: Co.. Ltd,' Tht-y wiire very succirttifiil and eiieeulvd many Govcrn- 
meni contracU. including Floating !>ock« at Bombay and M;atiit, ilto ihe fanious Aaderlon 
Lift over the Itivpr W^avpr, i*t Sorthwich, will alao be aa everlasting renteatbrance of the firm. 
However after the deAth of Mr KrnmeratJrt^whielioccurred at PeovrTfOti the K^th Sept., 1S83, tho 
limi wound up. He una Interred at Lower Peuver Church, and his widow erected a window 
to bU miMnory in ihc »Amc church. They hod Issue, one aoii wbo died in infancy. 

" Dtirhnm in nar anlivr eotinty. our fanily hsvinf revld'^d nr [/Oiic KUpaI. in tfie Cllj of 
Dttrlmm durtajc the Uitcr part of the laxt crntary, niicl nnrrwnrd» al Went If/irtlepfiot 

"Noiieofonr fninilyeppejir tohaved]F(1iDguislied the(Dtielv«rt,exce|itingthe J. T. KmineriMTn 
above referred to, who was tr-*ted with ibe order of C.MG., about the year I860- -81. ile 
wjts also a niAgifHtrnic for Ibc County of Cbenhire, niid w«fl one of th« on^inntora af the Ith 
Voliinteirr Rittalion Cheshire Ki*|cimpnl, of whieh he wm CnptJiin, 

'* Our nanw appearv lo have always t>een »pe1t as Emmerson. Tbere only ap|»iTnrs to have 
been one marriage connected with the famtly, to my knou led^e, on the feminine aide, a Agister 
of the above J. T. Eminersciii, who married a gentlemmii of the name of Huiter, and now 
reaidc« in LtverpooL 

" Nona of ihe family nppenr In bnvr been abroad except for buiiniwa purposes. No arms 
claimed.'* SiKned, R G. Emuierioo, Heaton Norris, U July, IWOfl. 
(2) Elizabeth Emerton^ of Chrntfr^ (Ktrfair. 

5larried Jnmeji Kmersorr, a profe^ainnnt crjckf ter Her biiibnnr] iivartfd to fo abroad, hcii 
the wreck of th« liotfat C/iarUr turned bJ# puipov«. Jsepca and Klixabetli bnv« a lou. tier 


toflbnnil hiiIrrlAfive«nt Grrmtby (-foit?ph). And Lincoln, Hprhufbarad'f fiiih<*rm. Mm. BHffg*, 
of Lincfjln, and Ijii brolhoni. Wiilimn unci Thomas. Iiv9<l At Lincoln. Hvr huibntid hail rtrlnllvM 
at iiuti 31)4 Loweitoft who vcrv veil ott. Her fulher'inlnv v&a b cnttte dcalirr mxJ vo w*« 
bis ttoii- The fithvr-in'latv nftired ati^ tvuught n brrw«ry otjlitiite of Lincoln. No »nn*, 
Signed, Ellz, Em^rsofi, Che«ter, Jutj 22. 18116. 

(«l) />. Emfr$on, Sei^ Bri/fh«m, Widct9* 

Widow of WillUm Knttfrann, a QMive of Cnmberlaad, c&. IA90, aL £0, who vra« the noa 
<if William, of Cftlhcck, Cuinb^rlnnd. WlM jam* J tin,, and L. had iutue ; — (1) Antilo, (2) Mary, 
m, Ra;, 'f^, 27. (3) JxiTifi* TuggArt, /f^i. 2/;. (4> JM&t- Ljdia. .p^, 18. (A) Kaii? Wnrlidgii, 
at. 17. Claintt no iirin*. SifE^ed, L. Bmer«)n. New iiri|;hton, Jnne ZO, 10%. 

(4) Darid Emmfrinn, liirkrHhrad. 

(1,) Wklham Kmmenon, b. In CAnubv, Uuirifrk'Mhife, l^U, <tb. In Ayrthlre. 28 Oct. IA80> 
Hv Imd tliri7« brother*. R»bfTt^ Jobti Htid Qror^t-. Ro1i«rt mid John vr«rit to ibe Umlcd StiitrB 
HI flirt limR of Ihm Civil W«r nnd hnvn nfkl AJnr^ h*>An hnitrd of. f^Por^A diod in Oinaby iind 
left « fumily thcriv AVillinm hud iRntie : — (I) Dnvid^ (2) A brother living At Strntahnr/, on 
Ihe lludfton U.S.A. : «iEice be went io U.S.A. lie «p«ll« liU name " Kmerion/' \3) Si«ter, 
m. Gilli«. (I) Sisirr, m. Bflrbour; awidovr. (6) Sitier, m. Krraclmej; ft widow, (tlj SiiMer, 
in. Unr«bnli ; a widow-. 

(ii.) David (the runirihator), b. In Sttrling«birc, *^ Jin., ]H16. Hai iuiic three iDat and 
three dflughter*, aJL llvlni?. No armt. Siitned, iMvid Ginm«r»oii, July 10, 1896. 
(6) JoAb Moody Kmerson, of W^H Kirhy, Cheshire. 

Kngineer. For pedigree und bio^mpbicHl nolice* nod pnriraiU r^tdt Kmcrioni of Holkham 
and NvrwicK Co. Norfolk. 1 bnv« to ibank Mr. KiDctiian, too^ for kiiidlj wmliog me abvtracla 
of hII Riii«r«on«in the Ifolkham Ri^giwtvr lo dHti><rrffir A|ipt-ndix). 

Keilj'A Directory^ IdUII.— BmerAon* 10, Kminersoat 4, EmberiOfia = li. 


Co. LrvcoLv. 
(1) Jtanrjf Efncrton. of Tltf.diUf thorps, Co. Lin^cli*. 

(Ii) Uchard Kmeraon, cb. ut South Somrrcotrn. Co. Lincoln, m. Klitabetli, He \v(t liuue: — 

(11.) Bobert Kioerion, m. Ann Found by l>Nnni, QiU day ofJitn., HI), at Alve»tone Par*, 
Co. .Southampton. Kol>ert Kmerson n<M}| into the Nnvy and was BupernnauAted b» boatawsin 
of H.M.K. ShMrvke, June 30, 1817, given nt Chntham 3 July, I^IT. flv wjm wn-t:krd in 
[LM.S. BortftM (Conimuiiilur Sooti) on Ihu Hanny Rockis off ISucrnan}, in 1807, He al«> 
fterved in H.NLS. ViH'fry. Hv wav bup. Oct. f>. 1777, at Sr>iith Somercot^-j, Co. Lincoln. He 
l«h iwue : — 

(Ml) WillUm, oL ai TheddUtborp?, <irca \SM, who left iHue :—(\) Bobert, oft. IS^S, 
at. 84. (2) Girt, in. Georgo Fenluti, of Gribly, near Spiiiiby- (3) Girl, tn. Mu«e« VinAcy, of 
Panton> near Wrngby, living in 18^5. 

(iv.) Kobert IpH isAue: — Henry [Ihe contributor). Haa nlAuyi siieU the name Emeraon. 
Ctainut no armn. Tell* of Innd in Nt>rt]i Somer€0Lea Parlih called " EmeraoD'a Dale," which 
la aaid oace belonj^ed to a Or. f^inemufi. Signed, Henry Kmervon, Theddlelhor|)e, July 4, 1896. 

(2) John EmfTiton^ of Lincoln. 

(i) Great. grnndrnlhor livi>d nt Willou|(hEon and Normatiby-by-Sfnltttl, Co. Lincoln. 

(ii.) Gmndfnther, JoAni>b, m^illater. brewer und fnrnier, had couaint in good potillons, oo€ 
dying aI Uortoii, ncm (tnimborough. A man of prodi^iooa tlren^b, reputed to have brokea 
a man'H heart by ''cutting him ouf'al mowing. Had a couain nnmrd Walter at Thorrock, 
tienr Gnlniiboruugli. 

(iii.) John hnd iiauc ; — (1) John (thv cofilributor'f, <io isHue. (2) Men- Ann, m. 8niilb, 
nf tirncrbridift-. (3) Willinm, living, no i*Mue. Alwayn apelt the name Emereon. No arma. 
Signed, John Gmeraon, Lincoln, July 7, 1890. 

(3) W, Emm^r^Qn, ScotUrfield- 
An nmviing letter with no information. 

(4) Eduarii Kmtncrson^ of Loulh, Co. Lincoln. 
(L) Kdunrd Kmmftrion, aantdinrni Wnt^rlon, m. ]A7^\f Mnody Rfid had ioiie: — Kdwnrd 
Enneraoo (the contributor), b. 1848, nt Low Toynton (?), tear .SpiUby. Namr nlweya 
Emiifivoa. Claims no anna. Noue of family went abroail- Signed, Edward Kmmeraon 
Louth, July Ii, 180(5- 


! fo\ind x^o famllleii of FminflonK^Captnin Kniinion, of S^aliAm Tlirbour, who «iii born 
in Lincolnshire, uainf^ a spuriouji version of Knlf of toxton'e armi mnd Sir James Kntt^rnon- 
Tcnneul's moiti>, Dcuti i*tolfct<tr no* (*ic), end Ano« Kii)1d>oi>. of Sutloo Hou^e, Gri^Ht 
Goo«rby, claimiuj^ tbo iftmo urni*. The nbaunlUy of iKif anobbichngAa U p*inftil W«re 
eitb«r of ibene families Linoolo«bir« E(ni*r»onH tbc use of a Durbam fataily'* Arm* would be 
absurd : but a Joties, Smitli or tCoUnAon might as well claim EinetiOD armn Hff nn ^rnt'n»ca> for 
the KminNons arc* in do way connected with the Kmcrson* ; the Kminsona being th« same a« 
Ktijiit^EiK, Kmpnjnv, KmmctionN — ut'.., Hlii Kmrue- 

Kvtly, tr^V7,--KmLT«ona 24, Kmmeraoni \\. Kmber^oa 1 =* 3d. 


Co. NoTTlKflHAM. 

(t) Q. S, Emmf-rr^f>Q.t of I{oUiitgham. 
(i.) 7 Emtaenon, oh. \S2\ wtttt 40 j^ura in Inland Revt-nue Service. He left imae : — 
(]J.) ? ICmmerfton. wji8 »1»o about 40 yearti in itia satrte «ervice. He left iMue : — (I ) O. S. 
KromorBOn (ihr caiiEribiitt>r), wlia Uaa bircn 2ti yr^HrA in ilifr lame i^^rvlctv (-) Sou, «'bo wtat 
t» Aimtmlin, at. '^'t, in IS .1, Thrfri* niiirrfl, Alwuy* iigipit thn nnm^ E^'inniprton. Nn Arni«. 
Stjtni^d, G. S, Eium«rson, tlotlinf^hAin. Juuv 2Cl, \s'jfi, 

Kelly, 18%. — Kiuer»ona '), Emint'HoriM 4, EmbersoQi := 4, 


Co. Wauwick. 

(1) Qcitrg< Eftkvnon, of JUrmin^ham. 

of JHanti npf. LVil l^uilirtjn> [of aumlmp*. 




Kile - J. TanDC- Jamv. -* ft. Nlohakwa- 

ClaiiDHDOariDH, butclaimartlatioDabip wUh NichoJui EinorMfi, uncLi- of William Kw^rton, 
the mathf^maficinrt, bnl nn proof offered. Signet). G, Ennf^nn, Birmingham. 31 [>«c., 18%. 
Kelly, 10U7.— Kmoraon 1, Emmenoai 0, KoibcrsonaO — L 


Cix Li:]ci:sTKii. 

(1) IK L, Emmcfi09, tide BigtjU^wade, Btdford. 

Lie. Med. DarbniOr MhRCS., L.S.A., m. ^aruh Murtin Aiid has ipbuv : (!) WilltAiQ 

Morian, b, July II, lj4T9. <2) Ilvnry H»th«>rington, b. <k'l 2^, Il480. (^) Mnnflrd IJTid>e<y. 

b. fki. 2. lf<^2. (4) AlicB Mary, b. June 17, 1«M, (6) Kathleen Amy. b. April o. 1892. 

Signed. W> L^ EramerAon. Leicester, July 14. It^. 

Lcicnter and Rutland, Kelly, )8d'5. — Em«nton 1, EnmersooB 2, Emberaont = 9. 

(1) E^ Fm^rmn. hnriitn-ofi-Trfni^ Widnw. 

Came from NoltlnfhuMhir* aikd have alwnyM npdt iho namr Kmcrtnn. No ami* 

(i,) Grandparents died at Willdughby, m did tbtrir paretiii and grandparent. Graud- 
parent! left iaiiHf:^ 

(ii.) (1) Falljcr, oh. ttt. 03. Must uf Lb«t«e nrc in ibc n-gUivr* at Willougliby and Lough' 
borough, Nou«. (9) John. (3) Joa#ph, Both w«nt to Kgypt. (4) Otrl.m. Wakefidd. (5) Girl, 
m. Turner 

fiii.) Herht]ibaRcl,K>nuf father (uf<uiira),ofr. 1894, and left tane:— (I) WilliaoQ, <vf. SI. 
(2) LiHie, **. 29. i^) John, aS. 27. (4) Joe. iti. 25, (6) Horry, ««/. ai. (fl) Kdiih, *K. ^2, 
(7| Anne. or. '^0. (J^) Roa«, tf^. tO. (!*) Arthur, at. 14. Signed, E. BmcfMHi^ BurtoU'on* 
Tn-nt, July, ld96, 

Kelly, 1^6. — EnMtrKom 4, Emraeraoui 0, Eniber«on« = 4. 


Ca CAvaaiiMB, 

(1) Jomes Emersion, of Cotienham, Cantbt. 
L) Kltubeth, wife of? Emerson. They had iaiue:— 
il.) John Emervon, who married Uary Cro)a and had Ifaue ; — 


(Hi.) J^r^miah Em?r«on, b. Mav I.1$37,o6.March 13,18S7. JereniUii m. ElizACuningtoii*: 
b. April if, I«10, 06. IVc, IMJj. Tlicv Imd i»*oc:— (I) Jomt'#, b. Jan. ^C, IK66- (Sj FrmokTl 
b- April 30, i»70, (Z) Albwrl, l>. tkt, 2fi, IflTtf. (4) Olirer. b. 3Iuj 23, l»**l. 

jiv.) JMn«« Emuiwiii. 01. Rncliul U-nrlinga1«, who whs b. Aug., l^Gd. Tlioj bav« i«i«e; — 
(1) Flom'e Hmenoti, b. Jan> 16, 18^8. The facaily bate aLwa^rs lived In CaiDbrldgeihir« iilfl 
luid wp«}t th«ir nttjnc Rmrnofi. None have |^on« AhrontJ thnt ihey know of, itfiij ihey claim no 
arms. Signed, Jiuneft EtueriLuii, CotIi*nhEam, June 30, 18^6. 

Kelly, lft:}6.— EversoEia *, Emmerson I, Emberaonfl = 5, 



(I) Jiohfift Kmnn^m^n, of Tiitiingtt>n, nfar Aif\»ham. 
<i) WtlHHDt Emmerion, b, nt RArkWath, ovar Norwich, lived al Tuuated. He had 
Itne:— (1) John, (2) Kof>erl. (-1) William. All dead. (4) Charles, went abroad 50 year a 
•^ and n^ver viuoi< lirnrd of. 

fih) Onv t>r Iho nbovc hud mIc Uid« : — 

jtll.) Rfib^rt (th«> punlrUiutur) . who lisd imui- ■ — (I) Durothy. (2) Robert. (3) Alfred. 
No aroia. Signed, Robert EmmertiuE], near Ajrlatiam, July, 1896. 

(2) E^ C. Etavi4r$on, ihrat lanncufA, 
Has tradiiioji tliat hvr niictBlorK Hod from Knmcv ui \\\c ''time c{ the penecutloii of Lbe 

CltnMUli»" — llu{;«iii>tii? lias always Bpi?U thf? uhiuc- Gmiiiprauti riiid alHJi}» hvrvt vrrj 

pnrliriilnr on ihi^ poinr, No vEh«r ilulJtiU gfv4<ii. Poiuibly a deNc^ndnnl nf NiHiolat T^meraoii, 

uf Great Vanuoutb, u llu^enol. vide Norfolk Kraeiaona Ancient, Cap, IV, ^P, H. K. 

(3) JvliJi Moodif Evt'-rsoTi, now iitfing in Chr$hirt (//.r.), 

" Ruaaell Houghioa Kiut^niOTi, mu of KuiimcII and Kllen KuMr*OD, waa bom al Uolkham, 

Norfolk, Jdnj Q, 1827. El? received n liberal educaliun and inarritd Fob. 11, 18^1, Marj 

Moody, <t1dc>pt ^Aughtar of Cnpiain John Moody, of Vork (Comino^or* in ibn IVnioEulA 

and Oriental SSh Co.)- In IN~>1 Mr. KmurAon vkui to 
tUr LTjiiiid StnieH und took up lands \n Grant Co., Wia* 
conttiii. ttie Eldorado at Itial time for farming ; relDrned 
in l^u-^ 1.0 joiiE U\* faihur-tO'lnw, Caplain Moodj, in 
1I141 ttftinblishioH of Ihu lip»t itoamornun tht river l>»rt, 
]Jcvonidiiri<- In ]Ho[i Mr. KnieraoTi appkin tvent to iho 
United Stales and purcbated the Klna Kataie, in La 
Fayette Co., Wiacon»Jn, whrrc he engaged in milling, 
fftrniing and mining, and where hi? dJcd Ju}y 10, I8{I3, 
after A fluoceaiful and honourable career. liucsell 
Ilnugliton Kmeraon waa eateemed for his genial nature, 
broad-minded convict i<ins, honourable c-onmercial 
dealing und moral worth. Whilr not etili^ring much 
into the itrife of puUtieul life, he look gtvai intereat in 
. ^^ all that converfied Xha wv\fnrv of the euunlry in which 

^^^^^^^1 ^ be lived, and especially in tfie great imperil interest of 

^^f^K^t^^^^^ ^^^ mother- land of hia birth, A true Kngliahman and 

^P^H ^^^^ ^^^^^^ n farthful mon of thc^ Church of Kugland^ he ivorkod hard 

^K^H.^^^^^m^^^ ^ in the aervtce of reli);ii>n and took an active purt in the 
^^^^k B^^^V rdigiooB work of all denoiuinationa. a»d amuof^t hia 

^^^^m^^^^ ^ perMonal frteoda there were none from whom he re- 

^W^^^^^^ ceived grenler evidence of rircnrd tiian from Oi^neral 

/>^^^^ U. S, Gmnt, Preaidenl of llie United Slatra. RuaaoU 

Houglilon Kmerson Ivfl a widow, iwoaoubi, John Uoudj 
and Arthur KukhoII, and four daughter*, to mourn faU 

"John Moody Emerson, Hon of Ruaaell Eluugbton and ^lary Knterson. wai born Jan. 24, 
18A4r *t Elk Grovt-^ Grunt Co., Wis.* U.S.A. ; cnmv to Ki'i^bind with hlv pHt^nla in 1858. 
Rftf'piv^d Ilia rdiuation nt the Grnnomar School, Sn^ltiflhaTii, Niirfiiik, hIho in Loudon and at 

'tfc* Nor?; 

h' .-■: 

t i I 

%mA Kit67, i 

Ur. ru 

Dr. P. H, 

■ li r.. ;■ ^f 7.. 



■vtfil ninip4Ur U 

iffVaii* (ifl li«ciDji<tr>i 


J. M, Km 

the Normnl Schools at Plnttiivillr, Wbcoiiaia. and 
Galciin, Illinoin. U.S,A. ATter hovin^ been nngnged 
in b^iuricas wiiU hin fAElii-r U\ Ariivriux, chiob Io E»g- 
liini] in 1K71I knd joiasd n firnk of milUng viigiiipi*rfi in 
Maiit;tiesti<r. wlivru nit\ous*i olhi-r of hh inv^niions he 
brought oul, in connvcifcon wiili tin- Aiighi-Hungnrifiii 
byvtem of Flour Milling, his paletii 'Premier 
SetDolina I'ariHcr/ which hn* provei! th*; iiiu»t bhi:- 
c^haAjI ri>]ichiri« for the piirpo<« of tbtr dny. Mr. 
EmerAon ha» also revenily Rreutty ticvclopvd the 
invuritiunsof hU grand far her, the lale CapUip John 
Moody, for * Rwycd l.ightPihipK/ 'Floaling Eleclric 
Tclrgrnph StAtions,* nnj 'Rayed Uitnap«>JtAli]i: 
Steam Lif^boaU/' nnd wji?< h\vjiri1«[l At the Livrrpnol 
Marine Kxhibition, in irS87, two gold rnednls arid oiw 
ttilvtr medal for hi« rxhibit of tnodels of the same. 
Mr Etnersori U kuown to the Hour imUer« of ihn 
UniK^tl Kingdom ns a Hi^uruiilliitg expert, and for 
hU rrorre<;l foreraAting of the [nnrkt^lH, iind IjU piipen 
on ihe ' Apprecinlion of gold and the full of prtcea/ 
read at the Annual McdtingJt of thu 'Jlrltiih an^l 
Irish UilLers' Aasoelailon,' huv*? been inoit favourably 
recdved, And nUo obtnin«d for liiin ihti thutiku of the 
Couitcti of The Bi-mel4]tic League of Gri^at Hriiaiii, 
In l^Di Mr. Etnrrnon married Annie HobiiiAon, al 
Stn Andrew's, Kdiaborgh. HesiJence, "Veiilnnr,' 
We»l Klrby, Cheahlre/" Signed. J. M. Emeraon, Wert Klrby, Nov. I, l»9T, 

{i) Cktirlfg Etriirvitnf Priuco vf Jf'«/#* ^Oiiitlf Norifiich. 

Mr. Chftrlra Knifr»on is a subcUor. na wj\a hia futher before bim, it Norwich, 
related to thi" prueediiig family, ridr pririted podigrre, 

(i.) Matthew Sallit Knierson, solicitor, m. ihf dau. nf Kev. George 1. Hall, Vicar of 
HvKnpimll, jirnr Norwich. Thvy had iBftue:— (I) Chnflva (the eoutrlbutor), soticltor, u bachelor 
living nt Norwich. (2) Herheri Urie, tlouBO Surgeon to Cho»t*T Infirmary. (3) John Honry, 
ftn undtrgradunle at Clare College, Cambridge, (4) Emily Mary. m. Mr. Eric W. I'ritchard, 
of Norwich. (5) Kdiih Harrier. Bpinsler. (0) Winifred Marion, vpinster. Hat aluaya tpelt 
thv name Kmeraon and claims no arms. Signed, C- EinerMon, 30 Oct., 1896. 

ThiH fiimlly urigioateJ al Holkhatu, ua the preceding pedigree proven. There la a tradition 
that thfjy originally eame from Linoolnflhire* 

K«ltv. Itid'^^^Emeraons 12. Emnieraona 11. EmberBona =:= 2-1 

Co. Sdvfole. 
(I) nr. P. if. Km^y^nn. ^/ Th^ Ni>oh^ Otilin^n. Sufolk. 

Dr. P, li Km<^r)ton haK hitherto rrfuscd all applications for his biography, though be htt« 
more than once betn ]ipproai:hed on the subj<'Ct by enteriiriiing edilorx. He hnu^ however, 
kindly permitted the present cuiupiJer to collect and note the chief points to Ills career, allowing 
that a family hiatory fs the place for a writer's porlrml «nd biogrjphy if such record be worlh 
nnylhjng nt nil — a point an >vhi(rh the dnrl'ir seems more t]kiiii dchnhtfnl 

Peiiro Enrique Kimrrson. as thv subject of these noles vns cbri^tcnnd, waa boni in th«! 
Qi$A Oran4e on the Lu Falma I'^tate, Cuba, on May 13, IKoli. He was baptized prUately on 
tb6 esiate on St. Peter's Day (San Pedro), hence bis firat name. His pedigree is published 
In fuM under Amiigtiruus F>nierHOns. from Mthich it will l.>e nren that he In a ** aon of tho 
ItevoliLiioT] '* through th^ Moro^tfl : n dAae^ndiktil on his inoth^f'ri aidn of one of th^ o!di>it 
Nomi'LTi families, the Hillings nU Tre1audc-r>:, of Cornwall, and a donble deicendnnt of 
ThomAH Eincrsoti's sooal, Joseph and Nathaniel, for his grestgrTindmolher, Uuth, was a direct 
lineal descendant of I^athaiiiel Emerson* tfb, 1712 — the Emeraon on whose tomb ar« carved 
the arma of Ralf of Foxton, a doseondant of the high forealerB of Co. Durham, And military 
easlodinns of thf ninrches of Englnnd. ElU reUtionship to Ralph Wsldo Kmnrson will bt ti^on 

He is 


Irornl Wptfl igrro Funhn* notc»oriiinforbenraAr« n«fd!e«i H9th#5 iire|r]v«n in the jinni>iRti?3 

|>eijif^r<;e publUlitnl uitJor Anikigrroui Kincr^uii^ ^Cfip> HO* wlkcrc^itrc iilso given liis nrms^ 

Dr. KmurMon's vnrly Ufc, up to c^rf^ht yi^nri, \%ai ipciit orj Uii fnlhor'a estute in Cubn. whi.'re 
he appe^ars to have }ed n TMnHnlic exidleiKV *il!i bin »ist**r, two yeHrs hi* judior, and to^eliior 
thoy wcri; commonly 8pi>ken of as I'huI aird Vlri^ini/^ TIuh part of his life hv has him»rtt' 
fully deNcrihvd iti Ultt book, '• dtdbn, tlu^ Giiurilln ClirtV Ewn in hU very rnriy y<?Hri hia 
" hiBlury " b«|;«ii ; bben yvt itii iiirmii Jind jourut-yihg tu Beif bii grnnditiolbcr in Coruwall, his 
«n»rgotio npirk I»du4.ii>fl hlni l^i i<xplort<. uiintloiidod by ihv t'lirulvsii iiurBO, tlio injaUrSinj-c d4>pthc 
of A loDfT portliolcp It is reported ihal but few inches remuiii«d bttueen htm and the nnvcR 

whrn ib« fttt*ward 
eaiiieto Ibereseae 
witbdrow the vn- 
terprifftiig youn^ 
voyager legs fore- 
most, 'J'hat hv 
wiiji hIhu oucv n 
pniHorigvr on ■ 
ebolera - ttriekeii 
Cuban cojister.n lid 
that €>n uriDtbcr 
(iccuHitm be aiid 
his mother uith 

their servants 
wcrpov(»rtnk(*ii by 
u terrible storm 
while in aij upeu 
boAl, iht^ two 
Spuninh KHilorv of 
which alteniHlely 
drank and raved 
until the Mtorcn 
nbnicii, nrc otbor 
youth, wbich 
might well pre- 
pnrv UH for Iheun- 

vonvvtitioiinl Atid 

ori^iaul life that 

r. H- Bmikvui, c>ca 3 yttr%. 


J. II, Kiiiiiuoii, fir/v 1 jttM. 

In 18G4 the family went to America, to Wilmington, Delaware, aud tlierc liv<^d in the 
American atyl^ in botela Hnd bouiditig buusei^ until in l^tiG a houss, ^18, Wext titrei-t, wan 
bought' ThU pvrloi] of hia lift: Um remairjt'd v«»ry vjvidlj in the memory of Dr. EnioreoOf 
for th« gr^ai Civil War had just broken out and amongst ibt^ fa1lnw-l>(>nrd<?rs M Mr«. Keeae's 
boirdiiig bouse w^is General Dent, Grants brotbcr-in^nn-; wliile Admiral GilUs. General 
French und General Thomas, of Gettysburg famt?, were intimate friends of Mr. Kmt-r»on, Sen,, 
Ibc young French^ becamtag eonipaniom to younjj; Pedron General ^mith'A great futieral filfto 
occurring uhile Llie ftiJinly whn at Wilniiji^lon, madv » groat impft-niion on the boy. 

Wbile nt Wilminglon be aiieaded Mr. T- C. Tfiylor'ii day Ecboul, \i lurgi* **sfahH»bmpn| 
ut the corner nf Eight b and Wolbmton Streets, whit^li mi<ant a 1unj{ walk morLiingftndoToniog 
and one very trying In the KCvert^ wintRrs to whicli lie was tutully unacca)ilomi'<l, Ft waa then 
that tbc tlr«t great grief of bis life fell upon hiia— the death of bin bright and beautiful little 
•istcr, who at leven years of age was carried otf by an afifirk of typhoid, K^OTitracte^l from 
drinking bad milk given al rec«as hour id a girls' school w«II known in the town. , 

For four years tho family lived on at Wilmington, Mr. Rinerson, Sen,, going to Cob 
dm-in^ tbe dry seasons, and it was nn one of these viaiti that be wa4 attacked by AyttuUtf^ 
which caotcd his death in 1867. 

The inlcllrcLunl development of young Fedro dors not ncf^iu to have received much 
stimulus from bis school, but moru chioAy dopendod on tiU own voracious appetllQ for homo 


r«Rdliig, hii rHvoiirili' books bning *' tf«v«ilii " and p^i^try ; IuiIpivI. I ri.'Qk(ii>iUrr hU *^lliiifr mv of 

A long walk ofaeverAl mili*4 Ukt-u oui* bUhfr imowy ni^ht in hear Hhynril Tft^lor lecture, and 

llkii (Duit littV4 bn^en berore h^ was leii yenrn uld. B^tHe-ball and foolbutl, in which Imi gnmv 

tlrerv at-tmt^d to bi- no nilrn tirjond thnt of tr)ii>g to kick ih« ball ioto tbu opixmviiU' gtiul, 

■k»tiiif( uuil Blt-ddiiif; (lobofT^aning, trn vrc call it), and ^^^ — _^_^ 

Vtciimoiia in the Brandywint* wuudi nnd iiloi]|[ th» 

Hrmndjrwine river and throu^li the uiHr«li«* round ibe f- 

Chdctmiia Crrck, the hHunl of the recd-birds, formed \ 

tbe mott delightful and perhnpi tufrrul jHLrt of the 


Oa Ihp whftl«>, life tniist liav«< bnen ATnuitnf; nnd 
eiGitinK. Oftnn torrhliitht procp»«lon» celebrated anaie 
victory ovur Ibe South, and oiin day great oxcileiixfot 
wan |>rQilucpd throughoiil the towtt by a tekgram pobiied 
in ■ chemiAt'ii window of '' Klchinutid him ralloo/' which 
virtually lumnt ibr i»nd of (ho Cnil War; or it would 
be raffed confedcnue pri»oni;r« being marched to tVrt 
Dfllitware ; or Af^ain, regiment aftt^r ri?(jinivni of the 
North iiaHfting through, thctr hnt?F ftnd CAfM nond^Mrript 
and riddlpcl with bulktB. ihcir cloihca in mgt^ thcrn- 
arK'fH aditriif'il iviih lauri*! Ifavr« nod d<*vifw< in faOGy 
bread, and many of (ho men wounded. The hoardkogi 
wtre ruvffrtfil with friTer* of rewurd* for l>ounty'jump*ra 
ftDd iiibfttitut«A, and once a '* drawing ' for troopi look 
placa In (he aiarkot-plact?. Hi. Ktocrmro tay* he re- 
memlt^rii Hewing n«»arly evi»ryl»>(ly rrylog <in mArltet-^lity 
when I'n^HidiTnt Lincoln wn« AHi^»Ainated. DanceH, fatra 
(bauAn), 4tb of July celobrttionH and fighta were (hv 
<Alef AimuemeDtfi — thebetterclsuHboyt having contmoal 
*<town nnd gown*' rov,* vlth tbe lower claaa bof*. Dr. Eii»sr«Oii waa nUo the bc«l runuer 
in hu fltm-l ■! (hi« pi-ri^d. 

In 1867 Mri. Kmt^rson «i1d tht^ Wilmington properly tnd IriLria;; her hutiband and little 
daughter In the Wilmington Cemetery, frhe uitb her aoot sailed for Havana In the iMitnmn. 
Tbf? old bfe wa4 now resumed at La Palmn K«iat« — -riding, bjuo throwing, ■huoiiog, 
•wjfnniing, collecting butl<.-rflira- Tbc year 1HG8 wat vpcnt bctwc^^n rbiUdclphJa and Wil- 
mington, vith an oceaaiooal tour |o Niugara, tviratoga, or X^ke ChHinplain. and Hoklly 
Pedro waa placed tn a military ichool ai Claymonl. un the baitkt of the IMaware, Trinity 
rColkge ■eoma to bnve been a " Uir the hoy*' Hull '' aa far an eduealion waa eonernir^l, but 
ptTbi|M to Ibii early training iu what wr may call a ^^ miluarv neudemy " mny be tnieed th« 
military aapirAtiooa whi«:h wt^ro Intur declared in tUr Dot^tvr, The boj« were drvised at 
oadata and drillerl to the tune of -' Hni), CciTumbia," ibe Doeinr himni^K arting aa Htamlflrd. 
bvAr«r, and proudly carrying the Siara and Stripes. At thia novel kind of ^bool every boy 
hnd a garden nnd it wjia conaidercd a mntler of honour to bnil) a walrr-miTI on the rivrr 
Itetidea theat- vtudita in horlicaltun^ and hydrOfttaiicH, foolbalt of a kirid, iMne-ball^ akaiing, 
•leddiiig, and realialic plnying at Iiidiaoa in Dartt^y'a Woiida, awiamittig and bird-nvaiin^ ^eem 
lo haro conalilulatd tli« chief uori. Latin and French, it U Imp, wpr« aanifiled, hot ihv 
DiM7tor tella tan hv knew little about eilher when he Irfk Ihongh hr nna in the Third Chias. 
Tlw old Bcbool reporia ahow he often obtained '' full niurka" for Kngliah Hubj4-eta and Arith< 
inetJc ; but no priu^ wereever given at itib mercenary establishmenu Drawing, too, he look 
kindly to, oiw of biadrawbiga being avloat^ by Ibr American artial, F, O. Parley, for apvecb' 
day fi^hibiiion. 

In June, 18G9, the TnTnily leA the Statra and aniled to RnsUnd >n the *' rolling" Java. 
On arrival In England the family went to Alderahol, where a brother of Mn. Emertun wai 
atntioned. and it wan owing io the fact thnt hia young eouainf^ wrre at Crnnlrigb School ibai 
young ICmcrAon bNo itrut there, liia uode having a great prejudic<* ugawmt Kiigll^h pntilie 
acboola. KmerMfi «nt«ri*d Cmnluigh io Sopt-, IHG^. a del icaiv- looking, but rrally wiry, tUy 
of ft boy, and uwing to bia desultory early education began low down io ibe acbool — in the 
Second Form in general subjecta and In the Third Form In Mnlhemntic*. llnndieapped 


iirtlier \yy hiHcomptele i^^orance of cricket and of foolbnll as played in Kiiglund. hv hnil to 
iiiuk<< hU #Hy agftlnil \*tuf^ odds. But tUp >vay wn» rnaileT siid tt^rm nfu-r tiT-m, accordini^ to 

iho vclioul ciileti' 
dara, he paesecj up 
from form laform^ 
liikirj|{ eji<:b year 
liUruniiprUtf, uiitU 
itk 1S7-1 htf atood 
Ktrcond in the 
Hcbool, Imvinf? 
durJOj^ Wis career 

tnkcii till: fi>riTi 
prlxui of Low or 

Utiiternl Subjects 
(1&71); Fvnti v., 
<>4tni.»rHl SuIiJmjU 
(1872); Lower 
Vl.^ Gonrr^L Sub- 
jficlB(lb73); a»d 
gaining (I prtAv for 
-<rht heal «Bii&y 
on trviTs," >N tvell 
iUa beat lot of ^vild 
llu\vi-r#, birda'cgga 
ATid buttorflioi: 
these witli somo 
of hrn American 

A. C. Vt. VU^k^. a. tiitih..lU, V. C Motilil, II. jH>Uiift.ii, J, A. W^LC. 
H, Cafw^lln IW. U. W, PWfl. P, IL Ruwrwiifffon. SVc). II- C. Aiiruud«. 

arjd Culian c'^gn 
and butterflicfl ure 
now i» the Ctan- 
lei^h Subool Mu- 
Mum. Kincfauri 
WAK cNpoctully 
bonuuri'd hj ljuiii|£ 
iiaiailfr I'rpfi-rl 

uhiUtii) the t^inh 
I'orni, nud Wha 
Hl'ler\vards Senior 
I*r«fwcl ftiid Sccrir- 
lary of tl»p School 

Gjimc*; for ul- 
tbougb the flchool 
elt^Gied him Cup- 
tfliii of the GAmf« 
ill HJ7-LTh(?(lL'fflil- 
masItT duid that 
for a boy lo be 
f^citior I'refecl, 
Scholnr And Cnp- 
tnin wtia 1»o niD«h 
pourer, 0nd as 
Emefflon Him a 
moatujieful ^Senior 
Tn-fc-cl Ibu Uend^ 
tnsHier nrtjuallj 
overruled the 

CoAai^iou ^Tiiixri. ViiuT KLavBi, isn 

ir V«U°D, J, Pbiitli*, A.At>twtt W, lUrtn. 

P. Vu« T, Guniieh*«l, r, II, DiivrviD, T i^t^lA 

, CmviIL. W, tl, BtobuuiuL 

ItAldhMiiUjaa 10--WO4& 

LoKl. PtwirvL 


school electltni auA mnclt? nn inferior mnn Cnptnin, tliouj^li Kmersoii van fitfl auporinr an nn 
nll-rnuitd Rtlileta, Hti and \\'ni rivul, L. U. W<n)l(Irirfgc, now fought for the top of the «cliOoL 
The coveted pkco wm won hy the rival, who aftcrw«rtl» pnmcd a raoat dirtlii»gxu*bod UnU 
venity course nn4 obtained a Kur<^f]i*iLn reputntion in phyniology: a tnun urhiise hrilllant 
curcer wai cut Pihort Ett h very early a^ bj bTood-poIsuniiiK. 1)ut who at 30 had ulrendy been 
made Lecturer &l Guys' nnd Kxnmin«r Ht th« Oollegtor f^urgcons. Kmerfton was fit the innte 
t^ine Hwnrded one of cbe junior ttcljolnrvliipv oflhc ichnol. In IhU Iiihc ycnr nt school he inuUe 
Ilia Jirstoppeitrnuro nit n writer, contribuiiikf; to lUe SurT<Sf Oouniif Advertiter and 6*:hotf\ luagniine. 
Throng hoot his Rphnol i^ar««<r flllitoiioM )i;id hren ciillWnled iis wt^ll luf^liiss %vork. nnd we 
find him |jluying for the St^hool First Football Kleven duriop two seasons, 187-J — 4 and 1874 
—5; RTid for thu CV'ruLei First Kl*^V(*n, which mennt one of eight, nn ihrrc mnst«rfl pinyird in 
ihiT Eleven — Street and Jupp, of Surrey fmiie, heing the school prcif(-J>!ii(inala. Kmcr»ou wns th« 
Elev-on long-atop. He won sev^rtil prUes ni tliti nthktio eportn. for the open 100 (2tid), quarter 
(2ijd) and throwing thr cricket-ball ; running a^ fox ni paper chases^ n^ver being canjthi and 
always in fir*l ai fox, having once swam a cannl with his paper ha^. and during I he last year 


\ fjgt*l ■ 

^^^^^^TLl ^^j ^A^* * ' - 


^^^L ' l^^^^^^^b' 

J. IXPrfmL 

U- Aajbot. 

■Oiurunnn IJ^MnDU 11am urr Puv. ]MT(. 

J. W. PUflt, 

P. II. Bmnwa. 

running nnd winning ihe "Strangers'" qoarter )n 27 sees, on ^rsss nnd in snndsbocw fruin a 
prof<*sHion>i] and thf villnge champiou, several mastorH n\ui n !<chu1ar (nlntj In all), an schclari, 
and Ihcrirforc Knirron iTjivrttIi*i,werL' not allowed to compete In the school sports, ihc Slraiiji«rs' 
Boot «iCMf)ti-d. He waa aUu In the Ilr«i clas» iu fEytnnastks, of which n spooislity was midQat 
Orniltlgh, and a good (ivea plnyer, repru«cnting hln Dormitorv, the IVcfccl* snd tho Scholar* 
on separate occasioas. 

Among other «ccomp1ijihmci>ls that of amateur acting huh cultlfated, Emerson tAking 
th« chief cliAractffrH in" Macbeih'' and "Hamlet," His Dormitory Football KIcvcu tied for the 
Champion Dormitory uuder Emerson's captaincy. Emerson tayi his vloggiiig atylc itinnxK ai 
base ball spoilt him for cricket, wherons hl« base* ball Holding mnrkcd him ai a fielder, for 
ha was, accordine to ibe msgaEinp, a splendid " fictd." As n scholar Enienon had lo t^ch 
various for:ni in Ino school inKngliith^ French, Gcogmphy, etc., And edited the school magAiine. 
In 1871 Emerson ran at Broadvaicr SportH and won the third prize in the open quarter &nd 
second in the open thn»e-Ug^ed race, be^og br^aten by th« brothers Mjtr#hall of Ail England 
Rugby Football faiao. 

* Thia pboBo loskj atmnp dwLiif tQlha " rulclDK-itp " of ttkttvm Md '<r«-toD<fatiiS/ 


in 187^\ lifter ft brillifint wcTiool career, he pnF^ed ihp preliminary al thv ApolTwnwJ?" 
liu)), » nt ilutt pt^riod lir merely vtiiihrd to qunlifjr in n)4?dicin<*, ucTfr intcndiag to practice 
but cooltinplntinf* becoming n DcirotiHc truTclIer. mid went mto chambcn at Kin^'o Collv^gr, 
London, to tttnily mi<dioiri«>. Her**, lhou|fh up tf> now igriurjiiit of Iinghy» EmcrMrn was at 
once chosen to pUy forwnrd in the llo^pilnt Firsl Fifteen, which lie continued todotlirougbout 
liitf nreifr nnd finnll)- bteame Cnptnin of King'* Cotlrgc^, I^nrioHn He a1*(> ptnjred for the 
Plrat Fifteen Bvvenvoourt Park Clul> until iii dl«9uluilon, nnd evurj- yvnr took down % icrHtcfa 
Iciim to pltiy Crnriluigb, a cuctom irUich •ft«rwiirfh davvlopt*d into the *' Old Boj«*" yearly 
mntch. lie aI»o pUyod on Wedne«d*ja for KeiiAington, Knn Sheen, and in the holidAya for 
Ti'ifCDuioulh and VmmK Devon one Kuinmi^r wirnirig a priz^ nt Torqany Sport« and everj 
aeaaoLr pkyio;^ cHt'ki't reguliirly for ihc Tci^Tinioulb El^-ven. 

In April, 1^77. Emerson passed tii§ Iksi College of ^urgeoni EKaminniion. Prohnbly 
tio 0tud<-h1 vv«r pn»«e<j vlth \r-*» itork. [ii ttic hilrrvidn ^'f vork in l^^TT w« fiitd film helping 
to found thi' King's t'olb^K"* lVipk*^t Hlnk forming cini^ol thn ('ommiltec, beinj? Stii'rrtjipy nnd 
playing in the First El«v«ri, nnd briog IVeaidcnt of the Kln;c*B Collegn Resident DetiutiiiK 

Tlie King's College MngAzinit being Ktitrlcd About this time K4DffrsDn became a convtAnt 
and rigoruufl contributor* htid finally edited Ihc mafti"iii>e. In tlie July number iiv« find him 
HrKt writing on nrt. An artioltf L^ntilled " Fnihionahle Art/' n gibe at tlie Academy and {ia 
frequenters^ and [ater on in the same year other arliclea. At the vame time, with that 
vtfncutiHty tliatall through hi* ciircer hns eharacterixed bim, we find EmerMin running for 
iind winrnng :i race at the Kin^'n Sporti, He now Joins the Victoria Kil1e« nnd soon wins hin 
inark*iTiMn'« badge anJ n cup for «huutio£, n» wvll ab bring chostin for thir C(»mpatiy'a " tag-of- 
wnr *' team- He ix aUo hoAEing no the Tiiam&n, he and two otlieni keeping n " loek-np^ nt 
Chvlaea. lie played onee or twice for the Cranleigh " Old Boys* " at Cricket tnd PooIImIL 

CMIW. 0*t*r. T. \MU>f*. V. II. Km-rwm lOij*t.\ Hudtli. K, R T»vaa«bL a K C«vl4t, 
It W- f rfirrwf. W, .1, Pnnj. UnSy, Mctm" 


». B. ll^iM. 

ILP. Bubd. 



Thk Vimrt Oumirr Eutm. VCt^ nr KiKii't Oou^es, Lwpmi, 
Cl Umuv. c-_ J. iViqDim. n. £^ B|afTn« 

^^P In 18TS — 9 he becomes Captain of the Football Club anil geti one of the two pr«««ntiilioii 

football capi. During \\tn Cnptftincy h« nrgiiniied the Club splerididlj. King'! oflrn »ii[)[njc 
out thr«^ FiHt'eiH ii inicn, » tbtnj; iicTvvr known Iwrora or finn-. Tim Hamt? yt^ar hi? ti<^caiiir 
TirJMuri^r uP tUv XMrllc CIttb nod Ivft a i^otJ Unlatictf. aud played fur tlii> Uifite<i lIo«|rilj|1"' 
Firil Fin«fTi, Diirir>|t ih«^t4» nlhl^liv tuc^i'MttM Emwvon kt^pl up hb llierarj' work, iind >to find 
in the rWeinb<^r number of the College Majraiiue a very nmuting article. " Behind theSci^nfA/* 
a de««ri|iliori orbUex]>rrienci?ftftKanaiDnifTiir*i]p4riri "lITroraioro** itt Her MaJMlr'it Theatre. 
In the Mine nuiDber we (!nd it reported ibai Kmeraon with another b rcpreaentln^ King'aai the 
meeting Tor the ronnaiioii of ihe United UoirpiEala' CWcbet Club, and uo Intereatlng areonni 
of l-jQoriop dancinf; the " S^iid Dftnoa " ftt a " Niggrr S^rnitrel " volffrtuninotit got up ro pAj 
ofTtbe debt of IhcCrieket Club. In 1878. nfter organislog matches for ihc Fif»t. Second nnd 
Third Crkket Eleven* iind fiUving m Ihv Fint liimtelf, hocnmcMout A Ah in Wting iivenkKeH, 
Ouring Kinprsoir» cftpttitncy uf the Fooibill, the C1ii1> had the heal aeaaon <m rword up to that 
tinip, pUyin^ tuch iiroiig teama as Cambridge University and being close up for the Hoxpiinl 
Cup, which uas loet oter a JUpnt^d goal; manj of the ptftjors reipr^jenling eounticjt And 
pUjing for tbt' tTtntpd IfiupitnU, while ona member w%$ an InternstiooAl Ftneraon gained hii 
colours in the United HoapitAls in 1^77 — H, «nd ira« choaan to rapreseot the Counlj of Deton 
in Kughy inler-connlj malohes for two aeajtons, in 1877 — 8 nnd 1878—9. 

In 1873 work comes to the fore and ve ftnd Emeraon paaatag bl« Anal for the M.ltC.8-, 
while fur relaxstion nAcr thU grind we find him at the Kitkg'a College Athletic fiporta throwing 
the ericket hall, nnd oik of A\<« atiidenU r<*pr^Beiiling the Medirnl IWtpnflmrnt In a tug-of'wnr 


«gnin»t Dthnf D«pflrtm«Dli oT U« Colte^ in whTeli Ili« m^dtcos won the day ; KmcTwn f«« 

v<*ry proud of iho ptwtflT thus uon, Sooav 
iificr pnii%'M\^ Ihi! M.E^CS. It« went for « 
holiiliiy to SwiUerlatid, 

During lii» cnreer ns a «lui1rttt, tliRrc 
nppi^arc u» doubt ihnt Eii^irriHin drunk Ot-t^p 
of the draught of life in Loudon, ai nuy b«| 
feathered from his **Pniil Ray at the Hos- 
pital ^' and " Siguor Lippo," and he c<}nfpJM(e# 
that be workird bnrd only for hit U.ILC.S. 
examinutiunti, upending Mh holidays in Devon- 
tfhtro crri<Tki-ling. Ashing, footbiiUirtg, runoingi 
■aifing find driving, of whirh he hncnnic 
very fonil. One short nmniinp vpimtdi^ in IiIb 
earv^r rouat uot he omittuJ, that of gnlnlnic 
the LentJiea Theological IVIze, h feat thatj 
neither friend rtor on«iny woo1<l hflv«>nx|H>ct4rd 
from him^ for U unn mitrh morf* in KmrfMOlk'lj 
1in<9 to fill liJN roomn with the nioNt nlifrerfii 
of compiLiiiouH on «un»e boat-race nipht, and 
forget Xhv fad thai the gales ivcro closed at 
twelve, of tlirn fumUtlng the gucM» dovD tbe 
eonvonioiit iipont; or, pi^rhnpii. bioiMtlf, anp* 
ping out, baring to climb Into hia chamber* 
OV«r the roof of the diflAecttng rootn ; ttorJca 
exiatof '*wini;N"proUmged inioihuiTiiPill honrn. 
of fighiH with roughs on itlumioAtion nif^htt, 
of hulu manqtx/M nt Cromornu, or voppern at 
Evans', and all the wild jokea of youth full 
of vitnltty. 

On hia return from Kwit/(rrlmid Kini'intou 
decided to go to Ciinibridgc and ent^r for the NatnTal 6ci«nce Tripoi, but bcforr going ihitlk«r 
he took Uit^i7n trtit^A for one of the reiildetilji, nnd u'ork .at Qiie^n Churlotif** lo obtig« 
a friend. Th^n in October he entered at Clare College, Cambridge, which then had t1i« 
rrputiition of containing "good athletea.*' There he wiu ehofi<^n lo pUy in lh« Firal Football 
Fifteen and to row in one of the College trial Eighta. rowhiff live in a race that took plncc in 
lloatiiig tee, ttie erow i» nhicb RniL-raon whb rowmg wioujng a hard fought niec, lie nln> 
won a pri?:p in thp Cotlflge Sporla, Kmeraon aaya lie found the bulk of Clnra men n art of 
•* nnacmic priKT*/* with a 
few niC4? hoyn, nml lie Wiia 
on the |ioint of migrating 
(o>lr*uawh^n Kr hrnrd that 
iht* poul of Auiifltnnt lloii«e 

E'hyKician wax unexptH^t- 
edly vacat>t at Kinj^'a Col- 
lei^e lloapitnl nnd he waa 
advin^d to enter for it. 
Thii poll, which wna ifivcn 
by ctnnpietilivL^ examiua' 
tioti, be ob[aiiied» and re- 
turning 10 Cnmbridge, 
celebrated thu event hy u 
wild wino purty. in whioh 
midnight (irocexHioim with 
milk punch Hguretl largely, 
and irhich afterward ■ 

K II. Khi(lw»^, iHTir, M Hi- k. Hkm 

tm, liciKiKiv, Nil TO. 

rfoFmcd ihc Uxe for it «cffiH>n iii 
Clarv ChRp«l hj an ^'4ii-giitt*»r- 
In London he now shared n 
gnrrrt in Bueklfighnm St,, Strand, 
Willi Mr., nov Dr. Joho PlnlEp^, 
ttud dftity Htt^iiilifd ihr HovpitBl io 
carry out hla duiie*, relurniriff at 
flight to hi* abode, amid the "be- 
IniiM ucir<r!iHi?ii, pninl«d h- — a and 
prv>i*lin^ cull" n* ht^ himiirir|ml il. 
U iKStJ h^ cllilirifjciiUlivd him. 
nrff \n thf law ciKirl* in an action 
ii^uiiiHt thr Aqnnrium C»m|)aiiy for 
ill<?^jiTWfjf^cilitj* him ; ilie Ci>|]ipu.Tiy 
Uh<I uri-'imrd Mm of bating ihruiin 
Ihn dp1pMtv«» in Ihtfr nfn} tnnk ibe 
pn-viouH nifrbt. Tha CAae wni tin* 
roediitvtj-irivenby Judge Cockburn 
ai^inst the Conipanjr, who hnd lo 

pAy ci>iit» and dnmagca. It waa a cane of ifii»lAk€ti Identity, tUa real culprU iMing a Saod- 
hiiritt C'dpf aiili'il by lii* frtnudn. 


Idirmnll^ Top ihe Iom i>f ihtfW bcwrd, mud with a fVltow-offlcfr Emerson weiil lo Norwnj-, ftn 
Account of whreh he wrol« for tfic Kihr'a College Ma^nxiiti^. H«r<i itgiiin vrv lou lh« kcon Icvoof 
•port And alhlclio coziipt-ttUon «i> inberrnt in bm rhancipr, A uAlkin^ rare ivnit nrrnnj^^vl, 
inl«rojilii>n«], wip might &i»y. to ibe Voriii^foit, and oul of thu totnl numWr of pif-ht. Km^rdon 
and a ttalwiut Nurwe^inn nloni! rrncEivd th<; goal, Hud lu^'ether drtink icol iu the pool t>f Ihr^ 
K|>rnj. Doffu^' tLia lour, U is luid u Norwi^^ina Indj fHl ill lore witli him uiid folloueU him 
to hxi rnilway ciirriHgi* with trm; furlhumioru the captmit of the •tonmcr <iid thu Htune in n 
morti |iro«flic mnnner. wl«hi»ir to take htm inio pu-ttiLTftIii|] in niAkinit nnd At^Uinj^ a rionok pill 
of ftli«ep'« duiiff. Kmuraon ilrcliti?^ tb« advances of both tyrenH aod rammrd hin tp^itiinAte 
medical studies ai taW House l'hviii<;ian whtjo the Hoapilol re-openod. The vork of iUc 
Reitdcnt Mvdicft) Oftlcer of Kinff m Collt-^tf HoapJtuI hi thoae dnya was on^ of the moat 
r««popaib1c and hjirdnut worked jioata In London, there boiog no permnncni Rc^iidcni Oflic^jr 

/. W. Si\k(Attt. Utriut fhvri^^tX P. B. Eiucad (liinut r^^nfvnii. W. J. Vtimy (Jrm^A/vr|- J II.LlTJiH^JtfaH' Ibr^MiX 

M at moat other Hotfjiitnla. Emcr«ou libed the work and utood the dniin well^ llimigh it killed 
mora than one of hia feHuW'K>(id«ntt- Ilia orgiinlzinf; powera Hlood him i^ood iliW, nvw) hia 
well-known facuU; of leadership came out hrre na well a> in nil his other uiidertnkinffv. 

Id November, bin trrm of oHit'c bumur up, he rdurned to Cambridge to find he cuuld not 
jf^o In for iti<< NttiurnI ScicncL- TripaK, elk he hud brun t.'ii)^aged in sclentidc work nwtky from 
tbi> UDivcraity for n yenr, bo hu (.'oiomeneod at once lo work fur tki* Firnt M.H. |'ro1>H(i)y be 
made a wistake in lakini^ the (leneral B.A. al all, and should have been content with the 
M.D., for lie could easily have got hojionrs in the Scienco Tripoa tvhen he 6ral went up to 
Cnmbridge, and by taking ibe Gc^ncrat he got vith a t^lasa to which be in no way belonged. 


KiWm CniU^E ]l<«KIT«l^ i--Vt I. IWElilbiJ UtMUtl. W««»^ 

Jovt al ihU time «i)<it1i«r 

event took plncMofurihor 

iiitorrupt the regiihr t^nor 

of hiK Univerftil^ career, 

Koicrv^n fi'll iu love \u a 

romantic mnnpcr, and on- 

Imaged himtielf loonuof the 

Gr^ySiatersof the Nursing 

Suturhood of 8t. JohnV 

TliU obli^d bim to wrttle 

III Cuiiil>ridf^<] an u mnrHt<d 

liBd«rcra<Iunte, llt^ aImo 

VM iTl<»cte<l A member of 

Ihfl Mvrmaidii' Heading 

Clut», and or the Huwki' 

SooEaI Club, uf whlcli be 

wiu made a lift member, 

bttviug bt^en n Hiiwb in 

residence nine terfus. At 

thai time Ihe lluwkv' Clut) 

vni lit* moMt ojtcliiflivo 

Si'Ciul Club in Cambriiljtv, 

trhipre eiily atblete* of reputnlion werf* ndmittml, but now J« ont ctian^ icut rWa. 

l1iU nime winter Kraeriuo apt-nl lilt ludblty in South WmIi-^ uhd wai m> inueli bitereateil 

in ibp Welsh thai he retunied there In Inter yearB as will 1>e seen. On 1ii» rel»rii to ihe 

Univetmity h« wji« chmcn to row live tii ibe neir Ciillogc Iwut nt lIic Lent rAcirs, bul ah all«ck 

of rhpuinfttiini (irrtfiitrd him rnwinfc. Up 
aUo plajed for tlii? Fimt Uuffby fifteen and 
ju a malcb for the United llo«pitalA i*, (be 

In the following ■pniijr he aUoi in tlic 
WimbJf^don C<>inp«litmn for bndgf, but ttvvtfr 
oompleled the ran|re«. and competed ouoe or 
IMICP unvuccenjifnlly for C Comi^any Chal- 
leiijEP Cup, niid wimttng a tcraioli four, 
Kmi-rion mkkiDg 4G out of tbe tola) I44« 
Lati't on iu Ihe same year he uem In for 
bia mftrk>mnn'» bftdgv, grtiliig ^*J poinia at 
■*IO0 and vhootini; off hU aeeotid elaiiK, boi 
he nevtr shot otV hia tint c)afi8. and ihia ia 
\\iv lavt Gowntmcnt rifle ahooting Koieraoti 

KtniTHon van tbii year elected .*n Amo- 
eiaie uf Kiujr'« Collefte fur h a vSu^c completed 
biHatudica '*«iih diitincttovi." Afterpaaaing 
tlie iHfcond part nf hu Little (tn, nnd a *hort 
■tay in I^ndnn. wli«-rit fnririiifU diniinra *ot9 
Ifirirn to bU old frii*uda, he went north to hv 
marrifd, tablnj; ulth bim variou» pre^enu 
from his old brother r««i dent n nnd clioieal 
cJcrki at King*A and (^mbridgc fricndn, 

Tbo honnyiDiMMi, ipenl at Gravraorv, 

w«* occupied in writing " Paol Eay at the 
Iloipital" (id a fortaigbt), botaniainu* with 
bia wife over the Uilla, climbing Hohcllyti 
and Ibc iK^bbouring biUa aad botuing gai 


r, II, Knism^n, 

TsK HtnKtiiH Uvi rttwiTV lUiniM Cw« (CuiBktinK, mi). 

%. A. lUwvil l-SM-}. II. Mr rhAWrajT' €- nhHrp. W, H^rliT' 

Pmib. BiuuL CLin, UIilta. 

W.3h SliPfhorton a [><<*oiiat)lJ«<IVF'.)H Tl IL W«]bm. J. A- CVittfwlaft, 

fWua. rrin, BiiiiiL Clurw. 

tlie UVv. tl wai brought to a ahi) t^nd by tin- ileulli of hifi mother, who hu<I joini-il hiT mh 
n»d dnu^liler-iii-lnw in seArcli of healtbi As lie vaa one oP bi« iikother^a e\i?cut<>ra ho hnil ti> 

return lo DcvonMiirp, where nhe had \ivvt\, 
uniil tho bt-ginn!ng of temi, wTiuti he ir<*nl intn 
rcH!dcnc<.' Oft a married unil«r|fr&duAtc, iit I, P*rk 
SMiv CiiiiihrMljce. ThAt Autumn h^ Hi\ielv(>ted 
t^aptuin of the Clare Football (Kiigby) Cluh. 
but hnd to di'clinr, and thiF poit v/u* n^vrtd to 
and aoce|>ttfJ by C. J. B. Marriott who wiut 

nflerwArds Cnpliun of Eiij^land. Em«r»on. it 
mtky Vio *Hid. f^iir^d frnm xporli. for th^ (iinf. 
on hin nrnrria^o. He worked hnrd for six w^eka 
for bin (tf^nerul nticl puui'd ni ChrUlmnft. 

Th<^ ChHitmiid vnt^aUon uuk spent in Itaty 
H illi Mb ^vife nml Ivo iiif-ccfti llic parly rcitiruin^ 
]n time for t*nn, nnA bringing bflj*k wUh th#m 
Mri, Kmer<on'« portrait, painled in ih« Villa de 

aod fraD »iiu] au4ibriUf< riwntk r>n iiioir tiomt-ward journey ihey stopped fl 


BJontf CAr1'>, nnd Empnon relates a itorj Ihxt sfiowt 

bin vlrt'Dfth of miniL lfle4}rlcrminM li> ri*k £ft on lh« 

Ubiv*. ftv voa nntl loflt uolJl aomc 16 frttoc* rctnaiiivtlf 

wliicli h« gmr« to the girlit of the party to hnve «niiini'n«d 

and luade into brooc-hea, am) promptly left Monte Carlo. 
On hit rtiiurn to CHinbrirlg« hr bffgan to vork 

Kfioufly for bU mi'dicnl J^gre«, ipcndiri|r bit apare 

ILIDQ ill bolauUinif Mt*i " birditij^" wilU A. II. FlTans in 

lh« r&(}«. At KHHt4>r- i« jaunt wiih hi* wir« to bin old 

scliont, CrAntei^h^ broke tlie work, and after rfturninc 

hr brokr tbt^ tnottalnay of work wUli ocf^mitoiial dfiv^'K 

over to lUe ructi me«iih|ts at ^'ewmjuket, Hi» iuirr^M 

111 aibietic-4 prompitril h&iii hIho tu join tbir I^lbmlari Club, 

Ib^n ii^wly formed, and Ii4> wa» oiui of lli* ongioal ni«m- 

bera oT iUp Univrrniiy I-a CroMc Club. In Mny of tbi« 

jcar we find biin |[oi"g tolfonjon to buy Apiiutogra]>hie 

oulfll.for it had t>een armn^d that Kmvrvon and Kvana 

(tb« ornUhologiat) vliould go lltc rollowlng *'r>ing" on 

no ornitholog i<?Al vxpoditinntotlivviille^ oflb^lMcliora. 

KmiTruiii u'jiH Ui phoiot^rnph tlie bird* and Evutis write 

Ofi lb«m> \ti this tfay did Emeraon become a pboto- 

graphpr, receiving bis Hr*l IrMorm from K, (.trifltlbt, 

F.K.8., villi vboin bt< waa wurkiztg in phyBivs and 

cbemiatry nt ibo licDci, and from thii date onwnrd*, 

photoffrapby, Hciei^oi^. liierator^? and oatural hifilory wt^nt bnnd in band, 

Emers(in*fl flrst book, ' I'anI Kay," publ^furd by private aubftcrlptioii, now saw the t&ghl, 

■nd verjr •CK>n af^er, hia «IdeKt «on alao, on Uay IL'ih, \^S^. 

With ibv energy nnd eutbumaam ibat trver charmcterkted biin, Kmeraoti aaaidnoualj 

phoioicrnfibMl everything;, Indoarc find <>ut, n»aki»g expcHmcata of bia own, taking* ni be did, 

all through hit life, and atill dova, nothing for granted that bv biintelf hai n»t verified, and 

muking rapid tiridca uhere oilier tjrroa ninde futile nnd Tt^eble flumblea. At the a«ine time 

be did a grc<nt deal of pood micruacopie vorik. mounting and ntnining upeoinHfiii. 

He lellii me br moved a ^ood deal In lh« local 
tociclj of Cjtmbridgc «v u io»rnrd ondfrgrailuHte. 
It would *i»*'ni be found tbe "don*/' even when young, 
ufl liiej, Home of them then were dull, priggivb, 
prtjiidieedn fuity, wholly provincial* ai*d ;(eiierHlly 
obJT-ciionable. wttb a very few eioepilona, who wer« 
" good »orlaj'' ih<T uodL^^rgradualei nic^, over-fed boja, 
or prigffiith houndm and " aaiK," and rm far aa re«l 
modesty, hninanity and breadth of view are con* 
eemed, be coniddera them children, and rather '»!> 
jfTCtionable children a» compared vJih medical 
■tudenta, «ho arc, in Ul« etlinmiion, ihe tinc^l and 
jidlieal aet nf iludpnti alivr. On the other hand. 
curtou»lj ectougb, Emerion dn«-a not care for the 
full-Hedged and proviaciiil prhcli^ing medico* and he 
thinkv, mnre often than not* Ibr^y develop into pngi* 
vuoIm and comroerrial l>oundtr', wliilnt on ibt othf?r 
liand. the " nie« boy* "of ibe UDiveraily cfleu develop 
Inter into good felluw*. 

During ibii sumnier Rmcraon wtnt to Scotland 
vitb an old fellow -atnd en t and broiber athlete, eit 
route for Tccland, but as the Daoiih mail boat never 
rAlti*d, the frivnda tourvd ibrotkgh Scotland and the 
(ihetlanda- Many and ainuaiDg are the *1orica he 
tclU of Seota' brag, Scota' manntra, I>cotH laxincai 
and Soota' cant, and tAys ho foand bimaelf in perfect 



accord with Dr. Johnton In hU opinion of thu 
uaXy ovrrrftivd riHiioiin Hut li<i ftLluw« Ii4t cumiT 

of DuiitutUim^k ningniltcrnt mnn, jovini lu an 
EnglUhniAfi. HewAKthe i\ini breeiler of Highland 
Cftttle. EiDersoTi had liihen bis camvrn on Ihrs 
tour, Odd logctber n-iib Dr. Uudo1j>h Cr«d»cr, 
ProfcftMr of Krdkuncl^ of Griofivrald, pbotv- 
grapht^d Dnd omde iio1«a on the Skye p«uwint«. 
Doubtless here waa the gonn of Emeraoo's after 
work* on thi; Kngliih p<*iuinniry. 

KtncrAon nent IjU Hrit picturvs to Pal) Mall 
in Svplfniber of thin junr» wome in plattnotjpo, 
And onf of the twi> [dntlnotypea in the exbi- 
hitlon. Iht nUo {jnmnrcl hid tirat Mil. nt Chrint- 
iDtta in npite of Ihv worries ol Cuhuii huHiiitim 
tuatlcrn, mini (iiitiihii»g ulf biA ftAecuIurdbip uf 
ti]« KnglUh property. «o aeirioni wn* the CuI>hti 
buBineas that Ue decidml lo |^> out to Cuba, and 
xailffd in lb« S.S. Pnvomia on Dectrnbcr ^0, 
188:i, havmi; an exceptionally atorray voyaj^e 
of thirtecd day* lo Neif York. In II«tan« 
Rroofion (lalivsTBd bin l«tlor« of introduction lo 
an<T of th<? chief morchnnta in thr iilnnd. and 
waa At once elected n member uf the l-nion 
Club* and pn>cp«d«d to buvineaa. In hia spare time he took niHiiy pttolo^rnphn, but 
fiwiijf^ to t\w i^limutci niid brilliunt lif^hl hf^ madif fcrcrnl blundem. He tclU loc hi* rifvt^Uffd 
ill hi* nutivv clirniiti! iiiid thoroughly onjoyed hU trip. 

The iwo moMt inieresiiiig peraanaf[e« be met were Geaeral Itndeau nnd the public 
fixer It t ion cr, a nef^ro who had commUtcd eif^ht murders. Oo his voyage out Kir.eraon had 
made fHttndi with (Jnruncbo, one ofthv^ propricton of the [ntimtdnd cij^ar factory, and whra 
tL Huvauu hv louk pliotofcrnphsi of the proeuMwu of cijcnr*itiBkiiif,', suiue uf M'bich he afterward* 
eenl lo the Piticrial t^orld^ It wiU givo »ome idea of thu morality <ff the JournulialiQ 
ao-called artiBt, when it is known that theae photographs appeared yeara afterwarda. «i|*iied 
by one Dtidgcron, with the titles and descriptions ludicrously wrong, nnd ri^mnrkp by "our 
artint/' The paper had chnnffed hand* nevcrnl tinion in between, uud Ibere vet^iut^d no 
redress, and v^e can hurdty be Burpritted thut Euif-rson has c-OL^eludud, from this ELud other 
•xperlencAn of thv kind, tbnt thore are many bnumlerii In Joiimulfim, 

In February Emerson left Cuba nnd taktuf; lh*? S S. Oittlin nt New York returned to 
to Eni^land, Ouv of hii fidlow-pnuu^n^fifrii on this voyage wjls Si-*vniour Hadyn, the etch<*r, 
who we ar^ told made apeechc^t in bnd Innte and ^ot btmself getierally diabked on the voyage. 
Emerson «ditvd the ablp'a Jouriial aud many goud stories aod bona noU were printed tbat 

Thrne dnya aAor hii nrrival bnek in Cnmhrid^e, Rmeraon wan actinj; loenm trnunn for 
Dr. Bradbury, m>w Downinx Frofi^iaor of Medicine, so for a fortnij^ht Euieraon waa a Coo^ 
aulttag Physician at Cambridge, nnd as It turned out this waa his first and laat practice. For 
thi; reat of th? tt^rm dissecting lobitera, worma^ etc., and girnrrnlly rending sciimcv iK^copled 
him, nnd at thu cud of th<^ Muv t^irm he pfljmcd the '* SpccinI '* in Dotnny, hnvinf; the fint clnm 
to hiniMelf, for thr rumnininf; (fomu w^re nil in lhr» iir*cond cUm. Junn IB terv bini lake bis 
B.A. decree, and tu recreation wv And him ffoing 10 tHky nt Bristol lluaprtal with old King's 
fricndft in residence there, and later at Wells in the Vicar's Close with other old friends. 
This wc Jind him chnmcteriKing as '■ oh, no sleep)'.'' In August tbr fnmily Kpcni the holiday* 
at SouttiTvold, in Suflolk, thi* beiuj; the Ant introduction to the district he bna made hiH own 
by iiitimnta knowlndffr nc wnll aa by hia orijcinal treatment and poetii^al writtiiK- On thii Urat 
trip be took several photographi that were destined ta raTolutloulxe pbotograpliy and to make 
hia naiue in photographic circles. 


jCrftj>bic S(KiJet^ of Grv<Ht Briuiii, nnd ftguiii ex- 
hibitcil «om« excellent ms1antitn«iouii wotk, mt 
the Bamr ilmt; giving n fthArv of hid attrniion to 
hii old love, hone mcing, And thlDTiing soro^ 
mon«y on Tonans, wliose o»iier ti« liniJ n}«( ftt 
dinDcr a few ni^fatJi prr^vlouit to ihe ra«o- A 
flyinff vixk pntd to YHrmoiitli IhU mitumn Irft 
him deliglkled wiih thv [ilnn; aad ever «irice tliii 
first Acqunintnnce with the town it Iihk kept a 
cori»fir of hii hitnri, jUHt nii it did with l>irkrii«- 
Jn December the ^>^I<w>nd M. 11 wo* pi»cd, 
twenty Mven out of the AHy eftndidttte« bemg 

At lUe iH'ginning nf the ^?Rr hi« I'ldcvt 
dftughier. Sj'till, uii> bori) Ht Cttmbridge, iind 
thv 8»mbrooke Mirdionl ItogifltraTflhip »t King'* 
vrU9 gained m Jmiuary, 1884. Tliitt«ppoliilmenC 
enUiled KnierMon'n presence at the llo^pitnt lo 
lupervlati the clinicnl c1«rkt, to cojidi tlieJn and 
ibc tludcdU. " \o take *' thv dlHit^tih vmvi Hnd lo 
ko«p iho rc«ord«. The po«t carried a «cholar« 
•hip Horih £^10 and wan ihct pi*rin1timnte clrp 
to the Htal!, nnd wu* tlirrvfurr of iiii]K>rtjince. 
Emerson took rooms in Woburn Pliice, attended 

avviL Km* 

11^ II. 

I', U, Kmb^, lu^ -rC 7i~ 

tho Hospital dnilj durintr tli<? week and 
reiuriied to CarnUndg^^, and Uter on to 
Soutliwold, at the weck-eodx all through 
ihn jrat. MurS erf hU «parc lin>r waa 
devoted to photOfirapby, nt wliieh lio worked 
auiduonMly, making eiperirnentu, Hv ttUo 
!»« nmdi uf hi«o)dMhoLiir«llon' Wooldridge, 
and at IJtKTD Uharlotle'a bU fvltow^itudenl 

The frdlowirtg Juii* a new bmnvh of 
fltudy claimed hia atienllou, that of Hyifiene 
or Stall! Medicine ai Univcraity C^dlcjEv 

At this lln>e w« And Km^raon l>e|;iuning 
to \ui itit«ir*«lvd ill polilirfi, nnd kia aym> 
pnthiiM were rnarnly with the l^iberals: he 
at ibrK limt^ joinH tlii- Nutionul Lib<;ml Club 
and oihor Liberal Ai^bociatioaa. 

Lrikiing Cambridge "with frw n*greta'* 
he took A coiidffu OD the cotniDon at South' 
wold, dejii^tiated by llio atately name of 
WelUaietf llovjir. ffia photogrflj>hi had 
now begun to attract conniderabte flit''nticjn 
for their freshaeH^ iuturnliiiaiADd<l«rorativr 
qualiiifii. and by ht> «!iitircly now iDctboda 
of treatment, lie gained h» lirst mrdal ftl 
Falmouth tins aummer. 

The fi^llowing I>*vi"tnbrr hf^ pa»rd the 
E»t^(.-i>ud ur ntedical pan of tkr TbinI U.b,, 


eleven out of twenty- two wciT pliicki^riind m'fnnuary, 1885. *lnrled to r^julforthc Iwt pnri of 
ctiL- M.B., ill" wuf^'k'nl |Hirl. Hr hud been tirlnjcd in HliirtJng thU Uy tli<T n^gUtrnrflliip. «ilh lUie 
coriAUidE lHi<:kwiir<| uuO forward journey : for hU dnttcii continued up lo the cud of 1884. It 
waH at $mithwi>ld tint Kmer^on m:kde the nc^qntiininncn of A, G. Bell, h jiMinier, and hi« 
wife, wbo midifr Ibr immc nf N. D'Anver* wrot« on itK. The> were Diucli deliglitrd by Vja* 
erson** work, ftad Hell tried to prrtiuAdiT Kmeivon lo study art, but lie wviit on willi his 
pboiogrnphlc aiid medical work, and began to mnkv Dotei on tli9 penAantry to aatUfy Ills 
oncrgotic mind, lii« only boUdny bving a »ltort trip lo l^ridon lu tAk« tbv chair at lltc dinner 
of Ihv King** Colltrffi^ Koothall Clul>, and a few day* in Norwidi Jind Cromer Not Sfiti*^«dl 
Willi tlicHL^ pumnil^, lie fitlrJ up hU hnnne hh a iijelcorolo^icAl Elatiun cif (he Necond ordrr, nnd 
becameai]i«inberofihAt Society und of ihtf Microscopical on the proEiOKiil<^f Dr. LBetile.F.BS. 

llv aUo [jv^nti to uuliivatt* bacieria and slain 
them for iuictoM;opt€Hl a1idir». It may he naid ' 
tlmt Eni<*rfti>Ti inadtk hU timt i^rrflt phntngrapliic 
success in April of this yeiir hi the " Ainuteur 
Photograph «rjE' at Home Conipelition," and ob- 
tnlned Xhv ILrst and other medals nt tho Bond 
8lr<.'irl Amateur rhoti>graplilc Evxhibhioii ; Mr. 
CrHnf>, Walt4»r (?rani>'fi brutlier, and another 
nriJst brmic thcf jod^cji. 

The surgicnl pari uf the Third M.B. exam, 
was pass«d in May, after which Kmernon relajuAl 
by a tuiir round ihc pii^tnrc iboWA in London, 
hU interut In art buitijf; now vtrry k<^*ti. At 
Ihii titni* his aeoond daughter, Gladys, was 
born. On his return to Simthwold h<t st^ttled 
doun to wricr h'ln thesJH lur the M.B. de^^ree 
on " Waihlcatlii^r tikjn/' which he read Wfore 
Dr. Pnf;i3t on Jnne iOtli, He wan much 
coiupltmeiited on tts originality both by Prof. 
E^a|;et nnd by Prof. Diivid tVrier, F.Il.S., audoa ] 
the following day Kmerson took his M,U. degree 
and remnied to Soulbwold A few dayn after 
ho wot en1t«d to consult in n tnt« of diphtheria, 
n fnrmer's little girl. Kmrrpon wrw horHfied 
at the ignorance n»d conceit of Ihe local prac- 
tttioner« nnd took this fatal case ns thf text 
fof a diatribe oti the lax re^^ulutmus fur tho qaalifyiiig of mrdicul larii, aitv<>calhtg very much 
fltifler «jtsii>i nations snd comipulvory praoU^al work, urging thv n«Pc*iity for iho conctont 
refusal of incompetent candidates. 

Emersorrs energies now overflew into etforts to form the Camera Club, he being ono 
ofthe original founders^ Captain A bney, La nicy Samborne, ILB, Irwin, J» Harris Stone, M.A-, 
and others eo-opemtlng with him In the Art and Science Coaimitt«(t. 

It wcia at this period that Knifirson and hStt brother hin^d the yacht CrAiVj/ and made hU 
first cniUc o» the Norfolk Hroads, He was enrapturt^d by the Uuilticspes and took some 
plHitographv of great l)eiiuty and orjgirtnlity thnt were afterward* published in " Life afid 
Lfliidscspe on the Norfolk Brouds." On the trip he met 1', V. IjoedaU and H. IL La 
Thnngiie, A.R.A-, laiidwape pnlnicrs. After the trip wan iivrr. hU ever-bubhiidg spring of 
energy instituted papcr-chajioa on horAcibnck at Southwold. in which ha and bin wife rod« 
reckl<TKNly up dilf nidHs. ihroni^li niiid nnd mire and nfirosti ploughed Held*, to the horror of Iho 
Cambridge riding niu»t*?T who joined the chaiie. Thus and with reading nnd shooting wild 
fowl on the BIyth he filled tip his lime until he went to London. Mere he had a partnership 
otTercd him in Tenrriffvr nnd another In Tork«hire, but as ho had a private incomH he felt it 
unnceosBnry to jnaip at Ihc fimt ofl<!r, more ojipccially b* the question had b*ea for serine tim« 
prnrtnt tn him whuther he should tet ripln Londmx at ar^uusulting physiciin, or leave medictno 
for literature. Literature pulled most, snd soon after Emerson was oci South Watihaai Broad 

Cl4lTB BKUBOV. iw^ Vt. IL 


pbonrd ilie little Lucy wUh T F. GooJaII ai « 
companion, and n Suffolk Aili^cnRn m factotum. 
At tbe «atue time lie von a pri» tour ri>m|ictili<Hi 
for III* urlthig tttid ]ihuto|^rapha. Sir W. Bcwani 
ftnd Sir J. Linton luting ihi.* jtjdg««. From Sovtli 
WiiUlinm hp nm) Ooodnll roamed about loklng 
|>lioti>^raj»Ua mid making noirf: nil day, rcluniinj^ 
bI night to ih« yachi to dev(*1i>|) llie aefcutivei. I» 
Ucccinbirr, the trip ovL-r. he returned to Luiidoii 
uith Iho RiAtiirinl Tor "LKa nnd I^ndicHpe on (he 
t^orfolk Bro«d)i/' One of h\n final cxrurtionit had 
b«eii to Sir Savile CroaHlcy'n cIr(!oy«, or^vbich the 
plctiir«)i appeared later io 'Ticturea of Kaat 
AriKJinu Utfr" About this lime \w wrotr on '* An 
Iduul PhotogriipKic Etbibilion/' mn article wliich 
he anerwnrdK aniplilivd, und upiin whicih thfi hv-M 
or Ihp modern photo/^rapbtc exbibittonA ure based. 

At till! btrffinntng of li^S*> ^' \aU and Lnnd- 
wape on fh« Narfulk Ilroadu" viei )ii?c(?plcd by 
UiTiivM, Knmpeon Low, wbo uoderlook to pubTish 
it nc their own fipenm on the half profltd 
i»_VFitem, and Knifiraon r^nd n i>«per on "Art and 
i'hoto^raphj " lo a troudtd audience at ih« 
Ciiniern Clul>, and exhibited several slidca, hla 
piipfT nnd work wxolting conitderablo iltnntlon for 
their oovrlty nnd hi^autjr. Ail thn «nrly pnrt of 
thli year wart ftpent in polinhmg up the nrticlen for 
" Life and Landscape," supervising th« printing and reprnduclng of photograph*, etc An oflVr 
of £ll>0 H ycjir »« r^'laiolng fee to n rich Iiondon incrcliMiil >vho WHiiivd hinx lo «eiUe in l-viidoa 
•lid bcvomc BgiTncrQl pmctiuoaer. and anoll>cr nf a pixl on th^ttuff of aTbroat lli>«pitiil, f*il«d 
t<i ictni^t him, and iiidned, from i bin lime, hd ihrouH his lot la with lilvraturv. He wmtr a 
*' shilling «ho(Tker/' to shock, hut could tiot ^et a publiiher, und tore it up. A purtrolio uf 
photogrni'urrv, '- Fi^ld and Vvu" bad bvtic^r lurk, and whs published by Messrs. Bf<lt, and 
thcii KmeriMMi went lo I'arl* with a friend, to aee the pk-lun« chii-Hy. On hi* rnurn he 
Judg«-d lit thu Cambridge University I'hotografhiir Kxhibitioii, hi« tir«l judg»hip. At Kmicr 
he went back lo lh« Broad*, living on hoard the lliile fivr-ion >'arht, the Littj/, and doing much 
literary work and phologmphy, natural lii»tory, elc. on* of which ph(ito|rraphs, *' Gathering 
Waler-Lili^/* wav publinbed by the Autotype Company a* a pboiogrnvurr, probably tlie 
tirst single photogravure aHer nature puhllshed as a pluio on its own merits. In July be is 
Hgairi oa the BrondM, uniil 8c;plri»lK>r, sod then Htiatly dt^vidcs ta give up medicine, ihua 
cutting short a firilliftnt carepr, one for nhirh \if. was miinvnlly fitted by his keeu observalion. 
bis girnius for diJignoAis, his varied education; indci-'d. wEien SJr George Johnson, F-R.S., 
heard uf his decision, be said, " It is a gre«t 1ms to m*tlicinp/" and Sir Ueorfce wan unior 
phyiicisu to King's, and under him Kmereoa bad worked as Huute rhysidan snd Medical 
Iti'gtJiinir. Not only ^nn it s h>si lo mrdieinc. but nUo to ajcivty. fur Kniefsofi rspiilly t>ecuiiie 
n rrr1uH», nnd his «ii, hMcuoiir. gi^aiaiity and gi^tirral hunhomte were hurled in the coualry. 
He threw away ainbitiou fur bii love for naiure and chirnclcr. But* on the other hand, ns 
Frof. Karl PearMn hoe said, '* The best training for obaer^ntion and description ih that of n 
clinical eli^k'* And how well Kmeraon's natural facullies of obiervailon and descHptJon 
werctrsincd.vcmsy judge by his havidg been, not onlyclinictsi ctori, bat aUo Ituusv I'hyiicUn 
and Mxlical Registrar; so tbnl h<? sinrted well eqnip|i«d for bis new prefeuion. ** tbn interprc- 
Ution ofnrttore and man." and wjtJt what sueceaa he ha» followed tbia career, tbeunpr^udiced 

In the sniamn of 1881 I-^nvmon moved with hii family to IQ, HaHborough Creacent. 
lUTdfurd l*srk, occupying iUv houvejuM vacated by Pmero. But corioiixly enougls ii-aead 
vf pnvliing Uimsrlf in Luiidv», and eultivaling editora. His nalunil niodifsty ImI him to remain 


ill rt-llremciK, ntnylng «t hranc writfng — and once not Vflftvfof; ihe tioiide for lhre« niooifii l 
indeed, during llic whole of hia lifo in Loiidi>ii ho novor tiindo th« ofcitiittiimiici: uf u vatif^ltf 
liiertry mnii, though \ic knew inoit of lh<^ ynrinjr Cho]4«>in nriisU- lf«T nimpty ntitcL to liiji tvork. 
Thai he gntned as many an el«vra pb4>i»^ni[)hic inAttnU in IS8ti, tiid with wtiKt wan oftvn 
called " hfiTticAl workr" waii elected on Ihe Covjiicil of the Photographic Society, and maflv a 
jiidj{« ni ihe Phutograi^hic Kxhibkion ni Pall Mall In ihl* ycflr, showji ihet Emerson had 
"amV4>d/^ur>J nftor u H^Htft Juurnoy to ihc front. But thU fiucccfls hnd itn dnrk aide; pUgiuriDU 
■prang up among low bom utid diMEionc^at upjttnrii, n Id -fan hi on cd nnd pnmpouN " nuthaHtini *' 
wirre outraged and got jenloua, and then btfcari, in what wna ttl that time a ' reptile " premi, 
auonymoua attackn and abuac. Hat Hmcrson aooh proved he could fij^ht aa welJ «a be could 
photogrHpli, and be punished hl> eriemie* for libel and gihe, lie and innuendo, ignorance and 
Uadoction, with ft p«n veritably dipped in gall. He finally woh his battk's, but he would have 

c|on« butter to ignore the vulgar nhua^ 
and plagiarifiin of his work tiad ideas, 
for all the *' braiui " of the photo- 
graphic uurld at home and abroad 
vfvre with him. 

This samo ywir the Antoiypf 
published a portfolio of prints, " IdyU 
of the Norfolk BroLuls/' and Kn>er«i>a 
Mas awarded the only silver medal for 
]iL»diicApciit thi? tCdinburgh Kxhibiiion; 
hut Ri ha nrninrlcrd. biit«irly, " hHng n 
Scotch Exhil)itiotit the silver m«dnl 
waft awarded in pnp^r" 

"liifcand La n (1 H<- A pe'*ww( through 
the preflfl in Novcnibcr, but Jta pulv 
licatioii wju unwiai^ly di-layed until (lio 
new year. 

At this time tbcrv was a propwml 

Tir Kmrr^Jfi to phuto^rnpb tb« birdt 

htid bvABlv at the /tOQw, on which hi« 

ProfcMur Newton was delighted wItU ihe Idea, but 

I^H. lHltJlM>-<'« PE.|AWJni Wmbsst, JUoid V TAf ^*"- 

ffitind A. II, Kvfiiis ws* to writ« a book 

DO publisher being willing to lake the work, It fell through. 

The early spring of 1^87 Kmnrm>n jipent nt Hye Honscnnd the neighbourhood, executing 
a commission for illustrations to K. 15. Mar^tton'* centenary edition of '* The Complete Angler." 
lOincrjLoii did the Lea portion^ and the old and new atyle of photography cai l>c utcvly com- 
pan-d in this vdilion, the Derbyshire photo^mphi Iwing th(» work of an wxpiirl of Ihn old 
■'nhurp scliool/' During this stAy at Rye House Kmerson bi^Kuu to writo hia ** Nstore 
iitories, Myth* and Phantasies." 

Hut the Norfolk ISroads still held sway over him, and in the following June v/e Hnd 
hiiD buyin|{ the old hulk on whifh the Maid p/ tht Mint was nficrwurdi buill, and whouc 
vnte<ir h ■<• gwiphlcfllly di»aerih«d in " On Kngliah Lagoonji/* In July Kniemon had fininlwd 
the M8, of " Pictures of Fast Anglian Lifr,'* and ihi^o went to join liIs friend T. F. <^oodall 
in hTA hou»i!!-lH)Mt on Breydon Water, and here sinyod until September, Goodall painting or 
going photographing with Emerson, while Kmerson allernulfd photographing with writing 
" Wild Life on a Tid>d Watrr," and finished hU ' Nature Storiea,*' Ills - tVild Life " is, 
innny think, the hitppii-iit of hia works. 

In the autumn bii methods had so far triumphed that his "Poaclier" was medalled 
at the Patl Mall show, whereupon Emerson decided nol npain to nhow for competitioti, 
for his object in competing had been to fight the old idrns, to make convtrtK to the new 
by being inedsMed by arlisiii, and he usually obtained chief huouurs wht^fe artiiitB were the 
jodgni. Bofore tho yi^r was out he wan correcting lh«* proof of " Pielurei of Kast 
Anglian Life," which had been accejUrd by Snmpiion Low & Co.. and was, besides, writing 
articles for year bonks, and begtQtilug a noveL *' The Mate of the Silver Cloud/' which, how- 
arer, he abandoned for other work, aud it was ncwr tiniihed. 


Finding lii» phnlogrRpliic idens wer* being miBreprpEipnled, Ire begmi lo embody lliem In 
tt book, " NnhirulicLiit I'lmto^rnphy," »i)il for iht^ first xUToe morii1i» of i.hts vciir h«r worked 
li^ird III Miia J«ftt, only Hi-emi; very K^w (ViPiiTN, one? of wliom vn% -I- liiiv^iril I'liunmii. llie 
AGulplvr^ *' Tfi« Illy U of llif Norfulk Broads" tvere now puMi^ilird nird well rt?ceivt-d. In 
oixliir to thoroiighly nod^rHlHod vr^iilptiiri', Kiiu*rvi>Ti now iii1oiid*-d liiv frlt-nd Tlioinuv' studio, 
at)d dnily modrlird, ivorkiri|r hnrd for ncnrly thrL>t> moiilli^i. Tlkoinas woald have persuaded 
him 1o ^o in for F(c;ul|itur(*, but Kmi-rHou |tri*fi-rrt!d to krcp lo )ii» nork^ 

Wlieii ill tlie jiummer of Ihia your *' Picitirea of KjihI Anjc^'io Life " wah piiblinlifd il 
CAOAcd coii^idt-rikblr ultr, nod l'r^rcil thr Tory rrviuwdrn by lla H'^^™ huitiour and entire, so lUwl 
lh« nnthof got duhb^^d n snomtivt, though he lAiiglied nl i^cirEHliflm. mid by tikmp»rnmi>ni it 
excluflividy nnfltncrntir: but tht^ grnM Itilmtniinity niid gre«d ofmuny of tbc upxlHrt KtJ|cliNh 
landlords aroused \ih juat ire. un«3 us lii^ lm« 
often siiid, when he tom|mrrd il>i»* slnie of 
tbin^lii with tlu^ htininriiLy Qitd kiiidiie&s vi^ith 
hhii^h ibr work - pi 'IS |d I' oh bin rnther'* esljiti? 
were treated, hiti iiidi^^iiiitron knew no bounds. 
Ali^rwJirdH bp cuine lo modifv some of Wis 
Btnctur(-ii|jriMt(-d in" Ptcturet ofKitii An^liJin 
Ijfp," for lip lill tbvn lie had eome Dcfofiii oTily 
bindlordn uf llie nirtivfttu^ rithrit or rliun yeo- 
miin typeH, And lie fioiv confeseei tliiit miiiiy ^f 
lh(<oldi;ooniygi*(]l1citirnnrehn>ntin(' nnd kind; 
iiiortfn lie HHyn, Itiziii the now spoilt |.iejiKinit de- 
•ppvi*B. To tbiK ei;pt'pit'iii*y in lo In* Iriicvd 
KinerAon'syoutbrtil l^iber^liFim : now he in viw 
Hiicoin pro mining Tory, Church inttllerii r\- 
<'y\\\vA, ttJ* view of rrliicion being iinc^oiu- 
promivingly H^^iiofitir. IdamMrck '* without 
the rt-lifijioo *' In IiIh [ioIIiI<ta1 Iditnb 

KnierAOii^ with Thonins. w^nt lo ['hHa to 
■i-e the Ndiin, and on [liHrerum hi- eunip(*1ed 
for the pre8e»lrtlron prrnt ut iht* ]->Jiitbtir^li 
lMjoiogrnp1ilp^OL'ii-iy, find hU print, "J^ Stifl'olk 
])ik«," WHC clio»«n, copifru being pr^rnonlvd lu 
lhi< mrmlxTiL. VAtfniiuc, i3ut<:1if1(? «iid otliera 
h^kd hIhj conipeied. 

About the »nmr ttm^ Kiiicr«i>n wiie ^^ 
pronchcd About writing n baok on the IrUh 
pitniAnlry, but m he? would not bind bimviflf to sim any purlieuliir «tde of Iriib p<>atniitrj, 
nor yet write for pnfly ends, the ouminiv^ion fell through, lie leUs me be wan not much 
impreased by the bmin force ofihe (riih M.l'.s whom h^ met. 

In AiigiiKt *' NuliirnHHtic Photography " wax Hnisbrd, and Eiiieraon iifltrwanU wtinl 
oir to the Brondft ngain with bin acufptor fri«tid a« a compnnion hi hiv nowly Httod up wherry 
Tht Maid of the Mi^t. 

September, Emer^ioit spent In Londt>n aloue, and " Kngliah Idyls '* was be^iiii, ftt«aara. 
Snmpaon Low A Co. ncceptcd " Nnturalivtic l*hoIt>grflphy/ And it wn* printitd in November, 
whtlfT At ChriitmiLK the coutotiury edition of Wiiltoa camo out, 1 underdiand tiiat this won- 
dorfuHy bcnutlfol WL>rk might have been much more beautiful but for lUe number of bad print* 
Ncnt in by Mi>«>trM, Dnwson. 

Toward» the end of the year we hear of htm Roing to [lolltind for a short trip Willi Thomas, 
the iciitptor^ ami Ci>lls the photo otchvr. 

*' Field and Ken" wnti pubU«Ued ihinyeiir, jinU through delay in Ihe photo etching, aonie of 
Fmcr^un's enrlie^t plntes | coutihitfid in '* Field nod P*rn ") y^rn* piiblirthed Hflvr hilvt \i]mlf» 
(oontniued in '^ Life and Lundicup^^ ''i. 

in 18^9 " Naturalistic Photography" wa» published. It would hv impouible to deacribe 
thi! «tir thi« book niftdc in phMographiG circlen. the bad blood it aroiwed, the fierce coutenttona, 
theirnmenieainounlorgond it did; fortboufli t>uerion*a ph^tograplii bad really already worked 

(A< Mitt, 


the revolution, thfa book told iviTlinK conv^ris nnd oppon^l* aUke, in r^ry Forcible langufiger, 
hU reaiKifi4 Tor liln vIitaji nnd irt^LjimcvU Kuniv of lliviii H};aiii)t ihifir »11L To outMdcru o« 
idnn of iho ctfact I bit Ikciok hnd oun bn coiivityitij; to |tlio1CT^rnphi>rH it id vaU kiioivri, A iinconU 
bdilion w^usonn c»lttril fomnil Ivnersctn liiiO no limi^ t<imi;k<*imjiorUnt rnviiionji. IK- li;ti ofltTii 

luM nit- hv W!ii» fuTced to wriie tliifl book 
in s^ff defence, and lind lie l>ccii trctittrti 
fnlrly h<* would Imvc pTtDlod HQiti« 
inallpTj n» tJivv npprnr in Ui« rcfvlscid 
thin) t-dilturv nun rurininf; ifirougb Ibe 
)rkige» of llie r/if tiigrnphic Titnri*. Eui' 
vnion g^ive copii^ii Lif " E'iclurei of Kiisi 
An^lljiit lAfv,'* ur panfulro^ t>f ib« bettt 
fif lliii print*, It) i-vfrj Brllihli PhLili>- 
^rfi|i1iic Social}' aixl hII fnrciK" Socirlip* 
nil th^il rhf* tii4*iiilirri migbt »rt7 rxJim|>lvji 
vf llie It-iieiH IIihI lie pn^uchtrd — lliub 
rvrr>br>dy in the photograpliic world hnd 
tpo<!iinifii«i of liiA work bufofo tliifni in 
1s8!>, iiud « lif»l of ImitJilDrK ami olhi-r' 
u'i^e Hpniujt up. hut Iviu«r*oii wjii the 
pioiippr. Uii* mnn whn did llie unrk in 
iSfuiU HritHiii. ihe Culoiiita, iItl* Uiiltvd 
Stiifutt nil J crij the Cori1iT(L-nl. A fo<* 
miijor prfiidi«i» ibeii tiiiruTif^ ii|> 1o try and 
roh him r>r bin kudon, kml ibf^ limt pimtn- 
f;rapber% kvvk luo clrur sighied. und now 
not oiif of tbt- fdlti^ pr(ipb«lii hut in tliK' 
€nT<lit<id ; AiiJ tlio Hiiiil trium^ib wim in 
\H'J'y, whnn ihn lEoy^T l'hf;to|;rnphii^ 
Society prvm^nit^J him with it* rrogrir*! 
Medal for Hrti^iic |)lio10}tr»[>hy. tfit? first 
limv ibc nirdnl lifld bi^en Rwnrded for 
anything but vi-lDOliHc advuiicGiiii^Mt. and 
probnbly the la*l- 

Troiii S. LoH' ^ Co> a book wm pub- 
tinhr-d, thr dninty " Kngliih Idyln,^' uhicb 
brought rt It'titr of ndminttion to the 
uoHior from the fnttidious Waller I'atcr 
This littlv^ book soon pHF»pH^d into Ji 9i<>cond 
vdilioM, iind without donbl il belonj;^ to 
tileraiure and will liv* — Ihn work of nn 
urtl»l who JH hUo a MeiuntjCJc tiuiri and 
koow(>r of fiAlur(% a tHrif eocnbiniilLon> 

In Jinnnfy l-jnerdon w»n a^ked to 
become a tiK*[nber of the Soclely of Arta 
and did ao, but left it on account of prts- 
judlcrd ir^ntment later on- ile read a 
flugKCfltivA pnp^r on "8cl«)ncrAnd Art" 
riiiH Vf^ur thfi Kdinhiirffh Society again 
tialherini; WtiXvr \Miv%" 



@ -^^ o 



<& -^ 

U. U.>rC >W. <K-I-^ U»lUJJ, l^iH 

{fat Iha^ADtitiio^i IjHixlKn, ri^iili»i'>tt MpdAl, 

jn'mn In thn nlMn.) 
AmiUisr Ainkbir OnnrV> Chi>i, AiMPiliitr Aii.^i^i\i 

lliblA, KiMh,, nmbtRthtb, Irtan. Pli-^v KiMIkp IHimI.. Ktsik. 

JadJ>mi |.4ifliHi>ia, (for Iml- I'hi-I'* I ('(■i4>ifin I.'l*i.Ioii 

rlAniLa^rv uiil Ui'fitT I'hnrA. Aw., Kij^Pim 1 147 fl'Ptif' 

BnwilMAt>« RowliifCliiK X<jLCliialihiii I'attU, I a«T 

JiUloT Flint I'^H (l^iir I'liobB.) 

HillnhiiTBlt 1n1j>niiUi«i4] RiUh , |1U^ 
flUtCt JlfkUlfoi IdUiiW4iM ([vvWDlfd nil fiaptrf}- 

»ai4U wo* w ]>■. ?. H. Emuu^, ]MI-lftM. 

nt Ihfl Camara Clob Cooference lliere \n Miir(?h. 
chme 0(ie of hi* pUt«i4 for tlieir pre^colJition print, 

He much wished to «lnrt jt np-w rpntrtrrly muffajiine, to t>e called Natore and Art^ and 
l^ot up a •firiclmen copy, hut n» he urUhefl vverythln^ to be in iho beitt Myle, the pub1lsh«ri 
tlioUKbl it would Ticit pny, Anil tin? idea fi^ll thri>n|;h- Uciidc« nil thii work EiEiernon was 
hotiv fi^hlint^ ih^^ Phiiiiitiaet la the photogruphifi prcMs^ iaclading artiHtn and itmongothM-* 
Mr. Brett, ARA. 

H« joined the nifw Society of Author* about tbia time, vbtch he subiequently left and iben 
«« tind birn tnkLng hii etue os the rforfolk Uroad* onc« more witb hi« friend Thofoaa, And 


MCCcpliTigthr paM of KngliJih CfirrirspoTnldnl 10 
nn At])T*ncHii |>H|ier Un reluppin;i la lo*n h*? 
AUa tAkt*« up pliolo^rdvuTL-, tmrniiig Itic pru- 
rriiB from ColU^ E^*^g *<> ^*** Aludio »l BiritvH 
d«i)jr, And Ht intervals writing; srilcles lo 
ifaturalixlM* Record, and the Cantfrn Cltih 
Joftmal and other pa|)or«, nnd then inking « 

vliQtt holJdik^ U> Nurih Wflli.-«. In Srpt«iubi*r 
liiH '* Nallirr KloHcw, Nfylhii nnd Phniilmii'* " 
vrertt pubHiilied. uiiU thii Mmr month tfir 
ftuthor went to Pam lo lee lh« picttireB. And 
litH criticii^m of the i^r^ni p\hihi(iiifl[ picinrcH im 
Ihnt Stnndiiiftviji U Ihir only coaiitrj Uml ^^i^ 
r^rvnlty Htro^^k « ni*n riulv in srl. II« wrote uitp 

or iwo critiijue» on picluri^tiand revit-wed one 

OP iwo bookd, but aeon gft'^e ihU work up, con* 

aiderhii; it uuiHH^i^Bnry, degrnding uiid mean. 

In October Uc Btartetl willi liis fnend Tliumnii 

fnr Italy, but wjii itr«rk«d off C*iw Cornwnll^ 

ftctlinif AvhorQ utlh hi« clothe* only, bat lovini; 

all Inn pmpvrty. However, nothing tlnBli^ 

Ibey look the next vesael and rtr«ched Capri on Nov. 9lli. Tliera tliey lived, taking iHp* on 

tb« nuitnlftiiiJ. on one of whirb, ihr dfiw fnifti Snlrrno to Pii^ltim, Knirraifti ri»ii»tdrrK br «aw 

tho Sncct BCentfry of hia lifrtirop. In\'>^ ***■■* ry Iwr mtiirihod to [vomlnn, picking a pjilient up 

011 rotllfl. 


[•*lnJ ?J 



Thu ytiur I'^^O wa% br^iin hy wriltn;; nti nppm^mrirtn of Mrs, C«mc"rrin fur *' Sun ArlUu/* 
refuHin^ huw(<VL-r Lu linvp Ihk otvii pTiolojj^rHiphs :iL(.'lhdf.'iJ in lUv ttericn^ N-iinpKOn Lotf hn*) jURt 
ncctf|it4^<l " Wfl'J LifV on u Tiiltil Wiilyr," Hinl liintr»i"i w.i* auuu l>u*jf rwrrrriiiig jirmit'it iiiid 
liOgiMniiig " KhaI Cii:i>i1 Y^rin/' In Si'|i1iMiilipr Iti' hL'u'Ii^iI iin liU yi>nr'ib oriliup im iIip HroiuU. 
which voyn^r rK^MpfLlcnllyi^iveii in liiiicliariiiJnj;''U» Kiij^IiaL Ln^iirLiui/^iJublisliPil hyMr, Nillt. 
He hIm> cuntribulvii neverail Ictli-rs In llii' Fishtntj O'lxt^ftc durin;- ihiri vnvji;^. The lonely life 
fiave liiin »in|ile time for (l^ht>erELle ilniii'^lit, nml IL «ijilt^cl ni Ills ^tillidrqwul or " NntnmltMtic 

]'liijti>grit|>1iy *' /rjr n-viftiun. I'ur Win n-nrjir'i'luis inlo plioli>|{rti(iliy and o^luii? on ibi* Irip leil 
hiti> ta fonnlmir thiii hawi-vrr ohnnning plioiiigriiy>lit wi'rr^^ lli^'y ivrr«* not art. AlifHrv. Iliirl(*r 
anil I>ril1ieM*iA rv-AV4r(iWH Lt'lpei) lilin iiIho Io form ihU opinion. A pfi|>t<r in rlie M't'j'iJiint of 
Arf sn'\ more lellerH t*' the FUhinij (hiteftr Uwimie n\\ ]ii(» i-nnlribniinns t.« oonlnmpor/try 
jniirmiHuiii al thU lUnv. hut In? whk n]*^t Inirrl nl »urk iluriii^* liiin )'i-vtr, l^lfO -IJT, wriliitg hU 
vxUmtr*}Uiary nwcL of iiiHunL-r«, " A Son of tUv Feu»," ii tUBaic, nnU icinking itludiiM Tnr bis 
" BirJn, B«Hiil« mill FiKltifH of tli« Norfolk nrondfnniL'' 

On hiM retarn 
tlu! family li-fl lyici- 
linn fur ^nuthp'irt^ 
wli4-nr lliej UvclI a 
fpw wivkmini) t liQii 

It)OV(>l| i'i |{(<At|- 

iniiriB, Nof c li Wale*, 
whrrf Kvf tfiok 
^ix inonllK. 3 lioiiftv 
Mipjin»ed lu ViHVV 
liL'iii btiiU hitli 
^lidt^ii tiiygitt i*hitr- 
t'-i- itiMiii-y iiml Io hv 
t\ntf*'ft>ra bminiml, 
Init no |;liOiit il 
i.'iiriniii!U*(l Jis Jig»* 
pk^^triri^ In Kmer- 
M»n. TliuKC wrn; 
buuy^iv monibfl.fof 
KnnTftiiTJ |>1uni;4*d 
Intntlitf Wc-Uhfolk 
Bttd [i4-nHHiil lore 
»ttli 4n nrdffur 
worlliy of GnmiQ, 

onllecttrig new Wi'ldli fuirv HlDrit^t (nji tn iUvii unlv fntir huJ lief>n dlituavensit) iind collecting 
notCA fnr tun iie^v Ijimki, *' VVirlKli WaIc,^ " Am! -' A WeUti Hover.'' 

Ill the 0pfiM^ (if miJ:^ Ua reiunv4;d In Uimiigau?, rinilinj; WaIi^k Inn iliimp ; lin lutd hjii n 
mild jitCflck of rfi«iimu(t(.' fever wliile tEit-re. Tliv rnnouri llii^klifiK Tlrvad H^ht of wny Ifini 
M<i^ CHirie utP. fCmer«>ri giving vviilnMct* tli^l Hicklin^ ftriKkd wnM tidLiI, bill lliif jnilg« ii^*vt» ibe 
H«htifj; And nbonting a^^n^^I llie public^ but ntloweiL llie ri^'hi of sAilln^. Kniersun wiii laoatj 
iTidif^nant itt M^ mivcurria^CK of juittinr, fnr tlit^ wbnlr qniMtion turnoil on wb<^ibfrr or not thfi 
waii^rrt jire tidut. nud lii* iiiqintaih* llii-y nre ilivliiK^tly vn, :tnd mor«iiiV(?r lluil tUk^t do nol follow 
ihe rcongnUri] uMilirni itk'id llie(>rii.'»> L<>vi.'rE» uf Uiinn>;ati^ will be deli(*hl«il lu Iv^ini ttint 
K>nar«»n tronflidtrra iE lliv u;[l*e«l :uiil dnlltiul tien^idir b« evirr viKiloJ. Elt< L>ok » Libiirininf; 

house. r<irtiK'rly ne<tupicd l»y Mr*. Lvnti ^^teplK'uv Ciarini!bj>l"l, Hi UrniKlMtairs, und *rth his 
Uitunl energy threw himseir In^urt Jind lonl iriio {jardmnnjc niid wilb tliiA nuw occU|Mtinn HCid 
his " Uirds, lieAtilti and Fi^bes " pusiuil ilie >tuuimer ^ind iLniauii^. 

At KiiNlrr, 1^93. Kiuf r*un Torini^d wiv iji' h vrvv/ in row n four-ortrtd ^-^illey from Hover 
to BroHtUlAirA, jind thin hu did stlivn out of Irikiori^ »nd ihnn^b be bdil bfvn in t]i« hoi>M 

ntJirly nil thr winter wriliiijE. lie wax nric nf iln^ fciunJi^r* of the new BrnHdMnir* Bowing 
Club- A fen w««k< nfler be ruwtfd m fix«d-4tfAi four from Flrrni' Hny to RromUtuint »iib m 




'" 5'* '^Tii^'.rt» 


k ^9B 

CbJumE(attou>, BHoiUffTAiihs MUPfe^iac trr Pl ?. ||> tUBBifOiit tttl-A^ 


rrifw Df (hrj^r. During Uip sumini-r 
he wiol*^ «evi>rnl lihorl ilori» nnd 
wtht into imitiiiiff for ih^ lirond' 
nlrtin Ri!Kitiin, in nliirh lia- ntnrd lit 

by the tiahtTinrii, hr And lii* purlmr 
wliifMiif^ iheHrHi prixL- i*!ii4lU\ Tlirn 
hi* wi*t)l bnrk h>iiip ]lr<i)iii« forn I:laI 

LTuivi- ill lilA tiHi-rr^p nhirh he Jiflct' 

pntKi-i] iiiio other li^iiil^ 

In \\w riulumi) of iH'Ji'E Knifmon 
be^an "Ca6lm ihe (lai-rilhi Uiitfl,"" 

»ii \\%v Hdvice «f Profn Vork-I'owrll, 
who ii a leritiit n<liiiin>r uf *^ Thn Son 
of lb« Frnii," uhirh nun publiiLhrci 

LoigoooH ^ WHH pubh^hed. and likr 
ilHT niilhor'» pn^tlfluit book* wns fr 
evivuil moat citr<!mtly by tho b««i 
frritk's- Thr JiilliiviiEifE yvi\T be pubHthi^-l 


fi!ectnl UAptnin i^f Ihr Itnmilvtmrft Honing Cliib, And 

W<rliih Fiiirt 'I'nW anil "Tulr-n fri^m ^SVlsli 
and rluriii|]( rhe (tMrt^T y^nr hr finiiht-d urilirif: " C'jii'JkJi " Al \V*^ >niiJ« iin)«' hi- Mni 

by hfc» unriniig r-iinrpy gol lo^etht-r 
n>i>nrj' for Ino rnniii^ £'>llrjH| mid 
ftot ibio rouj(h Ah>ipi' iwn rrvwii fat 
ihtf HmM h tHiiisi riTKnlljui, himtrlf 
rovriuf* ibrv« hi ilir firM bojil. ThMC 
mrex, rowi^d an Ibey nrr on counts 
of Ibiir lo »ii milni bnlf nX ubirli \% 
ik;;riiiiiit llii* tli|«'*. lire » rnueh tlilTer 
iniil llion X\%i- \iAvj-Vi\\yfrrfi\iy Hiiee, 
limfTmau't cr«n« did ui^lJ^lhfv lir*l 
boikt u loiilii;,' live |iriJteft anil ib« 
M'l'fiiiil rurrv^fiA <'lf *hi- Noi iv«^ Chul 
h>ii|E«* (^i|i *l lirJ)thr»o l{<<^nriii. Kii>- 
cntun nUn hh Si*it<?Iih7 or I hf }tri>jtd- 
f-liiirnlt^l^HltnoffEniitxeduvffr Fipiri|i><l 
'.\m\ ti>rrc»fnl rej2nllJi» l^er«4>ik atul 
ki frioiid, nUo nn i>ld CjimhriJjj[r nini». 
wiii(iitif|rn*ily Hipni^e for pjiir<ani-Ml 
i;ulleys from four other rrtwu. Thr 
Fieu WM HO rmi|>|j ihnl duy thai Aorii^ 
nf tbf^ «»)nll yiicbi* dnrr-il not siiil, 

ntid n fhiiracii-rUlit triip titiry » tobi 
111 llrtfiidvlain of lhi« r«ci\ FtiiiTMiirii 
pnrrneT in ihK- |>^ir-r>Afed akiff nl first 
rowrd timidly, tH«ir»|! uniicTunlomed 
lo tnH> ruugh m^ih, and iht-y frit 
lirhiiid lo IniiK Kliitrr»»o bofsl otil 
friHi « bioft lUl of i>^pl«»iWei winding 

up viih "Whal ill the doea it 

maiii^r if yon ar« drovrni'd ?" Thiu 
«iorci»ed, the rourer pulled himiwir 
lugeibrr nnd ihr }Mir *uoii |iHHvnl nil 
lb*1r rivalfl nnd won ilia mri* by on** 

ItkrdLvi .\t.- iLiivm, . 

»J r jl:.T |»*JlT. 

r H-Ki»»»kivi- «,w«uii(«».A<> »»>»«<'' "<■** lSflc(rn ircondf from the 
<arr<M«. aecond ImuI. And aa thU ««• Bm- 


ttocv liA Ati alhUtic 
compplilnr viP. liMve 
iniliiccd him lo let 
ui |{ive A ]>bol<l 
^raph of hl« priirK-l 
It must be rcnirni 
harcti lift untt over 
forly wlii-n be woD 
the ln»t priz^H for 
WH rowing OH loii^ 
nnd *t>fl' CDonH>A, 

lo IliU mAnj-*i<li*d 
DIM II mtnt^ti to lli« 
fori* thifl >eftr. for 
* e UvttT ol liioi ob" 
lAinitig l^^n inp<l«U 
for hnrliculturfi: 
<in4*, ttii- BH»k«inn 
Meilnlof IhoIUiya] 
HorllcullLiral So- 
t\c\y for fon-igo 
veiteUblvw i^rown 
iti tlie open. 4U<1 
Ihr Knltf;iy M«()j|] 
for fEDtllArdiaii. 
Both lhc-f« luedull 

were due to KmrrKorrs perconal effort*, aa he ha<I only a khotiri'r gardener to carry out liii 
ijitiiruL-Elona, Emtr»oti alno known hJn bntiiny, aud ba< ofleu bee» atked why hr do<-ii nol 
write upon uiUI Howen^. Me Kityit excvpC in marries he lliinkM th^-m inAignilicHnr, u»d IhU 
'* weed adinirnliaii U mere liyvtvritt," I10 prvfijiriitg i« (lower* nrt or garden flower* lo nalur« 
or woedfi. 

Thinking t>robab]y that there wai no end lo hi* etiergy and reoognlzing perhaps iho ftuff 







^ jIt i 

-^,Lj ^^^^^^^ H 


^Hlji J^^^BI 






& .^ 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^K. ^ '.^^^^^^^^L v'^l 

AlUlrtic Fjua ini>ti lij P- B. RMXKBm for fUwLu. ElimuLUjL JtitU-'liuitJiiMt 'I'iuvrina \_,, i.Ki. lull ^u.l TiiB-L>r miT. 



llijit uTgrnivrii nrc inJxU of, the inhabiiftiiU 
uf Bro>d>1atr* A«k(-d RmiT«uti to AtunJ for 
the Dislricl CouncIL : but Kmereoii hut] 
ilr('iilr<l lo Imvr ilu' iifighlfoiirlujod jiihI 'it 
-Innuary, IK'l/i. Uv tnoi ad T*i I^nwPitoh nf*d 

ji>iticfa thr NorToIlL mid Sulfnlk Yncht Ctub. 
He VTA* iilr«<Hily a oi^mbpr of the Bi>>'ul 
Ctinnihinn Vntrht Cluh. l-^arly thji aume 
Tear h<^ wjm HWnrdnl the I'rtkfirtrw Mrdiil 
of tli« Royul I'holojtraphii! Society. 

Wa ftrid ttiiii joining the Niirfulk 
NnlurfltiitN Soi'iifty. ^nil hv «enl Ihviii n 
l)«peT, hut llitf ^killing CommUlri! «» 
Blvp4<Jlj RiniigLvU lli« pnper thai Kati-riHMi 
d4»l«riiiiiK»d i»v^r tu M>fid Ihi^m niiolht^r 

" Btrdk. RrnBtABud Pidhrtoriht^Nnrrolk 
l$roadtAiid"»iw the li|£ht thia year, jiod Utrr 

timdwtmWCUitat^Mr llrwbftUti.*Mbkiiv •« Dt. T H. Bnuoii<im-W^ 

had a t>«imWr inoior )huii<!1i built to wliirh hr. CTuiimd 
nboat tha Uroad*. Thp l>uilil of tho bout, huwuv^^r, 
nnJ iJi« aiif^^rtAiiity of lh« eitp^hiM l«d him to ^&i 
rid (>f her aAer a ilioii timr. 

Jo lb« fullowiiig year h^ rvoKived to Tlie No<jk, 
Outioi* BriMd, clorw to iIm- siii? of Qeurgv Borrows' 

old lll>IU«. 

WtiiU At l^wt«t«ft Fniffriinii hnd mndr tW nC' 
quaitttanceuf Colootf) Sml. of i1h< R4>yul fUiginerrK, 
wlo vai a l-.ecit genenlojiisl. Hitd na Emtrttoii bud b<Mr<i 
niikrd by »» AiDeMcRii cou«tn lo look up a f#w fiKts 
oikout hi* fimily, be wnm p*rfiltd^ to ^o bilo lhi< 
fnmily history. Wilb hi* imqsI aa^rgy nncl Ihorciagh- 
ii«iM be b«gtto at once to dig d<*eply into tbc atibjfct. 

' I ICvill -lA. 

ihiK Inlirr e<iti1ait)mg 
MiJiw moat 4-tichiiiil- 
iiig pliologmphs Slid 

Fmb iQi«i^»tB 
b^ing ti«<fi>AttHry lo 
thin V4>rf«tilr* mind, 
we find gulf itnd 
rycMtig itro bU tww 

piMllt^rii; Inil h« 
ntv^r « txffd onihii' 
Hijntic liver ritkr-r 
fl |>orl, lh» water 
proTiiig iQiire atinus- 
tivp. Uolf be dtf* 

*crib» AM Dti rxcqiO 

for "itidkini*/' oud 
<:ycli»g he disliked, 
ai he >w a hater of 
ruads^" d tiNt . Uorii? 
nuaar^ anil r>gg«l 
liadg^rowa." ai he 
deterilip* thcnu lie 



inic Efa«1'Iir>tO|;rnphic 
Coiivrntioii in 1S1*T, 
Mid IcAdiDg 8 Meeker 
lo AdofpboiogT A ph cr« 
tuDuhon Ilronil. Km- 
erooEi dill little in 
1ihotogrft]>liy this 
jpou except makmg 
0OIOO oxperiatciitA 

with ll«W l4fn«lM. 

vrill do nrxt flfter 
this onerDun mi<I Ar- 
■luoua work ui) ''The 
Kn^linh En>vrii(»iia" 
it not known. He 

telU [DP thllt g«5P«' 

bglCAl work tN th« 
harden I, oionl bi-urt- 

Ituiutiiig work lid 
liai ever iloue, and that after lbe«Q 
cxhAusle<l hiiD oiiil hh pi>ckHNorhi 
It \» nui our purpo«« [<> write 

three years of "|»eiknl fbervilui]^ *^ in ib« eaii«« which linn 
fl lioHd4j jillowaiicew, he will hnrt^ earned a liolidaj. 
an appr«rciinlloti of Kmeracxi, but we *rntiirr lo rmy llint 
u>in« l»oi>kH mid mmiy pliaiagmp^i h«** 
oetf^r been nirpsKftt-il in ihi-ir \\ut\ and fi^w 
Ctf|ualled, Aiid Lhnt *t>iiie of hrn bookn will 
live aj Hienture ami l>rromc* better known 
to f rwr« U» coint^ Ilr wnuld hnTc liera more 

Mt< Kvusm, wo, ■!> t Jib > HH^ 

I'*. I-. II- £«uw>, ino. 


nin|(nKin€«, which hring into nolorivly anil holO 
4ip for ni^tnirnlinn fnlHogodH. Iln fpnUlhnl 
Uml will tjecomr a sei'UDd-rult- puwnr, unltitt ibc 
prevent '-gr«eil Tur fiold" lifllampedoui,ariil ni«n 
Learn tUat noblesse ohltge hA« Rome mvnnmi^H 
ftnt) thiit wcnllh in the laat ihln^ lo be rcjiardcd 
in \Ue. PKiimiitr of n prrmn- All wiNtk und 
dtHt^jiHed sUuuld be t'urhiddeiL tiiurriJtj^e by luw, 
aiid thflt for the snne and hf-Allh^ pol^giiniy h 
ndviflithlf. He Utdifves in ilir ^* iiron^ lumd'' 
in poUlici, ni>d Ihnt vk should hold iiiic^rity 
uid honour 1>4<yriiiJ nil other virtues, for lie tind« 
lliut clevpr hiid brave men Hre common eiiouj^h, 
^«nial men aboimd, bnt the r^idly tUJvalrouhly 
)Kinouribk> mm ure llie rarest and the inoii 
vnlunble fcold of the Slate. Cant he looka 
upon Dtt ll^ pr«vHiHng uln of to-ilay. chni niid 
pettIeoaty:overnmeat and the allowing *Mhe fool 
to liave hit my/' llii diagU"! at thr eidogiee 
on Mr Ohidiilon<^ knew tw buuiidi, far hu 
regardn '' PrufeiiKor GladiituMc" exactly as did 
Itiiman^k. anJ tayit h« whh of th^ biirrcJi vype 
that are b curae to thh coujUry*-thr^ Uarn*'d 
bour^eowrU lit think* th« populuen in being 
** over-educAt«d, " and tliut ior ilie bulk of Iheiu 

popular Already had b« uoi bad the honett 
kiinek of calling % flpndt* a i>pad<T, Wv ^houM 
lik(» to ««!» R popular edition of hU hnokd with 
all flueli "Hpade a «pjide" portiotic cat mil, and 
think it would pay atiy piibliaber to print nuih 
an edition in Hienp forni, rnuld lie obtain thr 
uulhor'ra initeiion. for pbiginriets and intiiAtorM 
of hii work an- already cropping up in jo»r 

Whrn {ttw reviews hi« pn»t life oiie rannul 
but be Htruifk by tb« «tretigth and thi; vf^rsnUk 
Htriingth of the inufi'E» chftnclvr nnd phyaiqur 
Truly noibing nbort of a Priinv Mininter'n wurk 
would hnve natifHr^d hix craving for diung. 

At The Nook hia yL>ungir«t chiH Half waa 
born, and one cannot do better than HntMJi tbii 
^tlK>rt record wiih pb'kiograpb* of his youngett 
ehild Half, and a bn^-rrdipf of hiniiielf cut in 
the "living marble" from life, by hit fripnd 
J. H. Thoma«, in 1886. Hi> eldest Kon bna 
adopted enginoering aa a professioa, and bin 
dnughler^ are good violiniflta for ihcir ago. twing 
pn|jiU of Mr, C, Gang, nnd Sybil in a vi»rv 
proiuiajnj^ art itudeot, the pu|>il of Mr. T. 1^, 

Dr. Kinrmon** vkw«on aomv matt«rs may 
be of inl«rcat. In art Icaahing he think* wo 
ahitiild r«veft lo the old apprentice ayntoin, ami 
that none ahould adopt the profession uiileHti Uv 
give* early |>romiie ij( anocca^. Literature he 
coaKidera it being ruined by journaliim and 

X(IC OtH^Uit BMVKnH. fL & JVkTB (Julj. IHUK) 


tb« three R*> vhotilt! be tirnpht, ib« 
clwer oav» aluiiv tx-iug puvhed on, tiid 
li* i*yit \ti ruriil <jihlrtctv «l>out llS pvr 
t^pnl, of Ihf! crhiHrri ht^lnii^ Ift rtiin clnvii. 
Sociji1i»in lie C(>n»iilrr» & drnam At for 
the aiiK^U. And, Huallj, li« bdirvi;* Ihr 
Unhtfd 8tiiti*fi of America will bv muteri 
of the world bfifoft^ tie jt^r 20O(), for, h^ 
*ujrii, pcopli? ill tbU coiiiitrjarr forgHting 
how to work, anii trnc^i murli of our do- 
geueracjr, lu litis respecV, to lb« public 
KbooU mid othrr c^ducntioriKl »yRl«fnii. 

A, A. 

Kfilly, I^St^.— EcuerAoiis 7, £ujin«r- 
•on 1, EmborMn* U = & 


Co. BioroftD^ 
^1) J«kn BoU<fn JTmntmon, MM. (f^ur,)^ 

(l,) John EiniD«r«cti, of Cbeftier-I«- 
Str««l. AccideDlally drownvrd whilat 
btlhing at iyoolb Hltiettls in m67. lie 
tvan ji>Brri«d. ftnd o6> intvitule, sod l1i« 
Ifttf proci-4>i3{iig« ui'vrv cociduet^ before 
ThcMDOA Eiui'riton Mvadlani, lie probaltly 
inurriod a Mi*ji Lovely^ and ihej had 

(il.) Willium LliidxHy F.ii^iurrM>ii, k 
Dm. 27, \H20. Willium Liiidiny. nnio«d 
oA^ an unole Lindntry or Lind^jiy. n 
ahipowner, wav a Doctor of Medtejue of 
Aberdeen, and m. Alice Adams Bolton, eldnt dao. of Dr Bolton, of Ebcbealer. Vide obituary 
froni f^iinr^'C. 

TTi* ■(■«U' ^ Itf Xiiiiii«v*bn, *l tha AfB 'if •'•vffiljilm^ V4vurir«0 m WpJi—lay. IL<* tTtk tfHt- If* l-»>l aiifpr*^ riri^^oir i).f«to 
Twn iMtfmnt mtnfiiJ 1i|bM«r«Qi1 kl^My tnpiihl*, tnl UlC*<r; lh*4 b«tn In lb* httnt ^4 Ut iitf «'bl'4tl fml;. tit* ii*rfi'4« ■;«■*• 

h* «i« ft iihM clnvif iiL *Dd aJiikbI biilL^iti jm^h^ i»i(L it lift Ktialic kniH«rln1c« uiJ lyi^aitlTu'K. A ItCt^v «fUf lh« uilddl* j«ftiii] \4 

tt. n. fituiMnt,ai. 1'i>dmi« iJqfj^. in«». 

tAlftflCf huJJkhC llHfet^lfiliiwfiLMr«UHv>iii4ittwOirtvrUtniiiwv^k^8uuLi^ BrlJaf. uid Utn jncU-kiw in ?ii>rt&)-hUl<k, li**«M 

■tru* iHtUiBBiHiBtHar l-ckvUf , ?(uttludupliiV tDd RdUwhl- WhiU lapqciiumN-JiiliblilcMibaifbMWHtliteluliAiJ lOao 
oWfAbkcABH In ^j* ft#|nTi r^ ak« Kfrtli ^ fEnclao'l y<^trmJ ^f4]i««y f^* iLk& IUbivb *«*x t^nHUWtun kbd onuM iatiM*fi>«« 
4D J Uii4 ftf •U^l'iel vilb 4 otitau iiwiiUlttfl iqUmt. it -» itt.IhJiIj Ui Uu^awt t.'*v">*'«tac^HiiiaUiutuf Im lift b* ^Ml i| 
lb InuKHM^Llaj' ; bnt ha ■■■ 4<» fWBl* t mmnmi^ t^o a^,mm-,fJ ili^ (nMr Huaiii in«dLuJ >ci>ih* ludnjart HrU-iiBlr ftum Ui«ht, t«a 
urtvU |tf« I* ■«■ kind ud nodaUfL H* umbi^ In mfIj Uf* If la IVtIb.n, lb* lUiiKkwt uf m tHA* prv^Ul^icr in Bbrb-«t«. mm 
Ttiiiiath III! Tiiii Mr& Kiihb«b«ii, anallj ■>■■>!« i< uil Wl'«*4 1« til wIia ln>* h*r 41*1 Mm* j^^n ha (* lh# *n«t Uw ■# 
t>r. I^iamae ud M* uu; <UUmi. 

Dr> and Ura. Emnjt^rson bad i«aiu: — (1) Amelia LtndiiUy Knimrraoii, b. April 7, 1946, 
ML Dvc IdGG, Alfred Densham, founder of ihe '* Maiawaiiee Co/' {'£) Mary Margaret, 
b. Mar, IS, 1S4», a^. Nov. 14, \^-*i. (D) R<Ma AI>C4>. b. Jiin. 9. ia''>4i, m. IViijamin iXnitbaiD. 
brtilbrr Af tbn ahnvp. (4) William Linddey, Lk Mod. Diirbtm, A^f^C^S. ■.int\ I, ?4.A. 
Newraitle liilirmary ntid Wriliuinitirr lio>i|jilhl, li, Dec. H, 1K51, prnctiicd at SyMtun. Ncvrcattk', 
Walthanj near M^llou. and noa- at Leic4rtter ; id. Surab NuHoii^ of Syaton. and baa iaaue. 
(;>) Johu Boltoi), b. Aug. Kt. Id'>3 (riJ^ in/vA). (G) KieiUrirk A. Bolton, b. July 1. 18^0. 
ofr. July, IB^S, unniarrlfsl. {?] Ftori^ncn, b, Vrh^ t.', 18.!>7 ; litjiig in SotUli AfricA. (S) Kair. 
Ix Jan. 24, IK>>9, m. W. Shpnton, mining enf^Inmir of JohaniKHhurg. (0) Nina Kranren, 
b. May Ifi. IBGS, livinjc in Ldcevter {10) llvory Percy, b. Feb. 9, \iiG&, o&. 1866. 

(iiiO^obo RoUon BmtiierBion, M.U (Diirban>),1>. Aug. 19,1853. Kducalfd al Ne^vaatle 


i.iOffammnr School, jinit nt Nrwrnnih ant\ St. H^irlliolomew'a HosplfaU. M_R.C,S. and L.S.A, 
^Ijttnecl DorhjLitk UmverKity HCholnriliip iu |e^7I, aiuI nipdels in practical chemiiitrynTKlrnrtilictae, 

TIouAC •iirgeon lt» J:irn.m lloBpir^il nriJ «l^(}ri*ar<f* in a ^oloninl iSno rf Kf^^^ll^rr*, M. 1863 
Kstf Hftrvpv. Hmi. <if Jntit^pli Hnrv<ijr, ^nliritor, t^'juritlor, and ban isiue : - fl) Coii-iUince M»rj, 
b. Di-c. 1 1, IS8,T i2* Cuihh^ri Lind-uy, K P«b. 2, IfiW-L f:tj I'hylli* Kan^, b. Jm-e I, \h^'Z, 
The imme has bfcn iiidiflVrt^rilly spMt KfiitTibon or Kmmt^rj'on At Cho»(or-le-Strri'i ; i^lnimii no 

Dr. l'«miiiaT»oii tiUH Limllv cuiTiiTiuiiii'Jiln) }tHrli<.-ularH coiiri<rrkin|c liis falln*r'b coiimn, 
H. H, Kinrnprflnn^ n n'>rtlii>rn nriiit ttf ectnaidvTiMi' n^jitilv. 1 nm fipfflhlly indt^bfi'd lo 
Dr Kmmrrtton for ihf*iif- pnrlii-ulirH unil iIh< pfLtii(i|;r>kpti - t'. M. K 

(Lj Henry llellifrirt^rofj KnaTMin uas my rmhiTa 4TO[t«iii. Mi" wnv ihc Mon of JoK^fili 
KifiiiHTfton. of Clk<i«tRr>|p- Si rcet , who niHrriml ditlKTiiiv Hi-lhrTlnf^tuii at St. John'*, Newcastle^ 
OH Nov. GxU, iSlfl, Thi^j hnO isinjc iittn iiiia : — 

(ii.) Il<-i*ry MolliorinKiciii (flftUt), b. dl 
CKcuitT-In-Sin'ri. Niiv. I lib. l*iai, m- ftlary 
UoUnn. of KbchfBfer, Aug. I'J. 1857. They left 
in*iHi:^(l) Mary Mny.ftpinsUT.h,Mny2>J. ISW. 
{2) Knir, IU. Dn»Aun,KNDV.8. It^riSl. (:))JUory 
Hywk^t, iti- V, b. Jnly 24, 1861. (4) II»«b Pt^rcy, 
b. Feb, 1G, l86iV. (A) Amy Denalinm. oi Sin- 
clair. \i. Kl-Ik II, 1^37. (e;) ^:>litIl IWIton. 
»piiiNter, U Au|i. 27, i8#U. (7) lifriruUc 
Miller. H|un0ler, L July 2^. 187^. 

I^rd ArniAlrong van v^ry rriamlly lo him. 
hoLL^ibi innn; of bii^ jiiclnm. and navf him a, '■ ToKscn Towcrr"." Itolbbury, rent frte. 
He lau^Mii Jlet^ry, who lia>! dinc^ bvcomv wril 
known AA II M'H pnialiT. Fi>r a linir hr livvil ar 
SfockflRotd-on Tyno, ond ftimll^ nl CuUorc<iftU. 
H» uai n ifrriit alblirti* in yoLi(b, uikil n fpw iIji}-! 
bi>rore hiH deutlj. w«fnl lo Lundon and back in 
oiif day li> U'itiieHH n foolbiill innirlt. II. II. 
KmincrNiKi vn* w<-ll kiioun na ii riiuner, }iMvin|; 
won mnny prizofi. and ap li> ibo diiy of bm dvaih 
tould unirnn inanj peopli\^ J. B, K, 


M»N|i*>N SKWIf." 

lifif 'll*.*! Ijf ][?iifT n^tfk'^h'oiifi'jn KiJinbiKMn, III- WH4 Ixnn jiL 
rti»i«<--li-Mri>.'i lit l-^i<, j.f - r4j'JI> hUU'I. ^^U^n-n-l IEaIpI* W-tMit 
ItiiidiiB'Ti w n il'wiJiliiiiF'^ 1^'L)I« liLniiriit Uii- trl <if «mirr>'hiif «■ 

Iii4> 0> H« i«i hmmL N'h.>'l "f AH Mfxlri Mr W M ^-^'IL 1^ Uii« 
Hiint<n>till.j »f ■ r|jhi(7iMiiri i-'iiFiK F^iiiiTn^niiii nfi^nynl tit irn-itTlii' 
tfiitlj in I'ahiL ^■jIvo^'iniiLit tiri*>f(4'nl iIiuKhjilI Anblmi^ hiln^il 

dnil ilpmE»>l lillTlffir >*l»'--llM> W< flit >|1»l> inf iHlhllfkl-n. fit M^lU'f 

lEiiTil An<h"»]r l^xlilliiiLuti* Hi. Kiiifiii^rh'M'* |»i':lM"« Al'ii^i'lrJ 
-'Tlmgi|i><n^- I^Mjfl." '*T»i» r.ili«," "TIkW PJ*«t *l>il",' w-iifi. Jkll i-hrkiMiri^l In »> «>iitch4 ti-iTk' .1 ■t>lHl1lti>J ifff ■jin^llly 
ntliftirkn- |^Jl|JThlll|rv mmti owd)^ bf Mf KirjinoiH-ii. wIim |iiiit1'*l, nrikiiiK uilLrTn, |»bctiin» 4 if llic Ijilti Unit|iiU ■■! S^llf 

Fkl A»klh«lf>4l1K 'lllr Ihf Iti* t'tmt ttitrl* *WB4 CillltL|«1 " Hlfi'* Nllf*l*'f .' 4'Ul ■l'»llll'1*il oh)l-ll*l| l>f aH HU''* t^ll|i'|V<l U4i<ilnr. 

^*. "-n In >iitMij;rr -lijTA n flim kV liJcL^, At I'liOartiBilj, wFturr li* <ll"l I'li Auf. ?J4, ha w*" <»iw uC tlic !■■* Iumhii and 

1], El- V.MHt^inn, nrl^i 


h|.|> Jil.J I. I 

M' ttl>4 I^K'!"^ 



IlKATn or nh. 11- n KmtKftMI'ri. .t TtTtTtlUK AMTIKT'ri rAhHii. 

AlbtruaVl-H^llMAMiomJujE Mi H- II. Kmim-o-n, Mm n*.!! Vn-^^-h nrtii-t, imMiliiUlotJj *»*J •' l»ti "•!'*•'"», 11. J^hii Htiwl. 
C'tllvmAUk Ht< V4aiH fUBiVMr aiH. . IIq iistniH whIhw umi jariiwii-u|j ttnuiifvi (wo tiui^ li^ilt nf tIiktii r-t]i">« iIidIe rAi-hor'- 
]>nifai|im, irKl ri»u.U«Hl>i-t», r<.i- ipiim1ni»-if Ui*ilt*«u*"l .ifH-c »IJI U irii-noJul i*™il-m rfliiiet^^jr. Sorrli Mjj^M*, dii 74iLn>Ut 
nnnTrTiHfUii. tLiivK't "lii'Llivr I|i4i (LiininJ * tiB fv nf* |j|ililLi: (tr jirimiHi rhtiiib^iiii biu lU'l lvm<ln:Mr«l. Al <^iill<'iiBkki' l-N'h-uiki II^'Iia* 
till* ujijui 'ii; tin' Mjlk k^^- it.iLflld*! Ijnlr imabI kri r'^L^fi '»f ii-aj^ii'i (.r iIk' (itriiu-pj of t^i iIimwiauI- 

Mr- lloiirT llrllorljitfi'rii TEi<4Mi*i<iiii »j»* l«i|-n U * (■i«ili-> loMi-^r hi I'll IIp ii>ij l»c mkl *•- li»Tr*|iiy*»i( (aiii»»ii tUii*»|i>u» 
AaoiUt. t^lh Ki*i'<rii»n 0— \-\iiU^i\-\--i aihI Eui-rm-it a,v nniii^ui'iUriuM. AHh-tgh lit-- iiaith" nr« ni'll dlrffiii^ialji, lioh^nW Iu (he 
• mutif vliE4:|] HJiA'rtifLrifLlH liji4i.>^lAt nkii«iMil'<M|i '\'i\m. Mr KiiHntT'iirjn wh* ii-prn "iiii a tvbliii for Um irt-nntl tii M*r<«iluoi 

■ ivhI l-MlfHir litif^ li'iiir* l.xInt^iMK- If la-t irnikJ^Labkit ciniiiBtlaiHfi tl^ai kh i^ikfi^ ntf lut vln* 4iir'lii»<'<'ri 1-^ UiAt pwl«tt«ty 
AtniHMiinii. /"iiiiif n*'nfj Fk|ih» i^^t'^lliKi mi ittliJriir ■(•nfj,. IriflDoL, nJitit iii> ><4ra4<M I"' »ft»4""UMWd ilm ImIct* hkhh;' "* 1>Ip ffpt 
LiiLlirwnrFil, huI 4 ]>u(iJt4; dia^Jciifv fnriri |ji[u (<. run ■■voj' lul af Ij^ n^-ari'tl *iOi un rmi-mH Mlirn li' i-nd loivl) cnu-iM IjiafAmih 
KminnwiDflrMUilituilta ■unk&iiiHi iih hi* fiHiifiiuiiirTiiiElt b^«>iHirlinf with iaiiimI mi'I I'I ii*ii a (A-i»iriil niv«wniHii4irtotf L|tei|ib»v 
(■rl*U. Hut WintrttU't iwrm^n uimrtnlly jn^ii(ijin1 Ikifnwlf niLKrtuVHl tliwwl^. ■HLn^ujilt iln- inulutr ku ti"I *I all ifi U-w uMCnn ft 


Iniv Wt^vJ'i fliiiiiltl"* ■kiiifikl Uii4i FrtiTifr* pta^feiiHt Irj Vifiiiufnf mji«|#^nllj i»|p-d th' Itil ipeiv ikl|lFl ufl t**"\t Inn* 4^>m 
iiuiiifiu'MJnc. ITLiH KmninfwpTi mb tMFV**nn <th triuniM iliWdhliJA ihnf ■»» •Ii'huIpI Iu<«|]4v1ini AtiiUliU liotfi'lp'iM" bnttAVTiad 
IIJ Itif dllllTul. Atjrwttlkuel/ lf< "A* •'Itl !■> Kvi»i4Mll0, wlllUfl lia alinl^nk tikl>l<l K'. W IL, ^xLl^ IMlL<jiju( ->f llL« l)«fl'11ltii*ll( EPaIikJ 
iif An, \Fbf l«uuiil k hfeir |*«r> UilUiin uixhr Mr ^rtl. '^h^ l^nA d i;i«-it m^iiri Ui Ma i>i"iE]tMrif i^ifitL j-«iU|r luimenro 1i»V 
DM lia|*-iUol*l<*|« Htfe UttfiW hihri M%rA<iU>l tliu n-tli« -I » 'ttti*iit**i^ yU- «>»l riht< !■» r*ii* tvi -«( Hif.i>1-Lii Mill* rrTiMli4i«|<tUl 
%\ii HrtUi vnoL^GiJ hit UluB In lukilV H4]M«* ■■' ItA^Hltntf* kii lltr L.'^irn Al (!■« i«(imIfuUi'I» ft Hi" »ik um 'i>llt> liu bvdI I» liMMlk* 

hU IlnimV-aBni ■■ wdt If blttliuTlT* tv |ti-BvciLtL', Uir ji^uOkE ■uiiii rinlMr^ ii'4 n LLLltlumUbiiiAEiJ iitivmlt'jn Jur^jij; Utu tMih<( jVt 
iif bli nldciirv ill Ihtr IUi.-W<i|>ih>. Intt iUlHVl B f>l>llt> 1|«- ■«-T4tT«| f-i1i'Kl»L»'4i>>'iB t^ iiiMii; fiHplik' (itir-'fL^ f ■<'■■* *I-hpiu |pr r*^-j«r*t tr—BJ- 
nlwIiXH. Arn»Uj tfiCU *l# ibc l|Bri|ut« nf H*7i*l«ikrf . fiLliar -^f ih* |<*nrbL ilujuIvi-. Iif tu>) (k^piaI * ivmilALl'ilt '■'■ IM> ^i'l In 

Klolinc chlJrilno ttui rnriMB gwurvl in in Utu*. i^na ff IiIm I'lmuutt, ' 'ittt ViUB^Tailm, ' •■■ K-cv|b*l ti Uiv h-i^l AuxlDinr >\"nii 
LsUhml. ilwfr*Mi>nt4cHiKH,i1r Jt^ia RinJiiii. Ii«4 rvr^t^Awntif vf KiiiEii*mpii'B|-Kl<irw wwij ttf^rttitUly ^ KmnivrkHi hid tli* 
■nrtiv|falli^ ai m > nurth *n<l Brtilnl ■! Mjclimtorn wlui^ lie nirt Ihv lailr «b" bwufcuw Itl* vifh Tl>a fi*** nm jowm "t ►»l« rJi""!*! llh 

4nd "Tb'^TriihBt" ik» diui'p**»4> '^' ^lii^ii o^iJki»t*iiJ»l ■ i-ij i^nio imI^v lUinin ri»«'<ii>it aam-* 
AnfHtnu. vtikli tviikl-'iivl M mri i»jny Ihiti hu ilit^Hll r*«kt1' ■■> Ur'' iHiililnxiflniHl H<f n t^fviklt, Up 

CuJJ*r"m*. Hii-I ti uitf ^4' Mik^^iiiil ili4i tli" n^li-'pfiiik ptn-l i.l'> Hii-^ ■ n ^^^m t Li>''kH |paii-4j|Lit|# 

iiiir*l«l |4> 1'pBaiill, 

I I iiitJ-»i»^ ~ JipLjihi* 

iiiri'tvii Ka# rij>^dcO At 

il iitlpjiqh l-'i lil*1ifiL*1t, 

f««iikrikU. biiiiic kirirvif 

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HmiD*l|f W lllHfl/ ^U, • 4 1 »>t1( ■•'hI "I'l f I* HiH * *"J ^*'*" 1'>«>-I "f 1*14 41 1, fiiol 4l-«l] I'l «nppl n* Il 

Bnnvinn, jtifl *i>iiKtinm iLutli f^rlii^r. Ull utnr >t iiijlitt ]*ff*biiii* i" lit* IIIuf^m Bii WMTB^wridTjiLttvhiiijiAugiiu i^Kturr (h>Iiu '*4l(4'* 
Xunvfj." Ill r»p nwvJ " Tho J^lml'i" -' ll--- '.'p'--," bh-I i*I»i mtJi *.-in- htt^b— ^-af-aMi ■'»fij»v*« f-r '■»■■ I'f Hi" Nq**«^lfr UuMti*^ 
ttit\f iUritM.j li^uiv liv WM iiiGhi«iui1rti«*L frmii «-prk I" lukl voiHi'kHTn] vpmh tUvrklfniit to II^b |ivrtrWl ■■' th'^ |4fc W* Kln'lirttt, vlii^li 
li«ii^ 111 ilir Km UI0W7, ti >"rili M»t*|hk«, m,4 'ttiw-u >■*• ^mr -^ W< tr'ntai'r^m'i iv^x^h. TlivuvurAJt i^r Mr J'^^^^li 14. M-^n, ih* 
fK-iiMn ulnk 4-^ ^mtlt f<hi<|lll^ wLikIi luiti^ in Ihn FlmrLlf Hfiu^Uti ('■■^jticil ■ Tiiiinlnr, •» piinim Ifj !Hr- hfiLLn^rn'fi n r<v ytmn a^i^ 
tl tlH |litt4 bIjopi Mr M'liTV «m p«*«ilfi| (■■ l-'hf itri'l hitinitirql'ln iv'Uriik""! v>lli ll»f i/'»ii«HVftMi»Pf. Vr. K' i> ti»« - 'ri ■ a* vki|«l* iirul 
fkii4ii'4li|<i knp^niJ finr iliPi ii4<lr lUid * «JuaUd aiw«Uiict Ih h^ aJHAf* H^MitiE ^ ipiutli'r i- fiMi'ii,- „h-1 *i'»(Alknf nri^A* -pt U, vrj 
[lt>llli|(|iin uf ui rullriiJi: a|i*I t^Ui^i'H'la >I>'«<l<t. He **m> itiu' -iT *!••; FiPillhlrr-B <if 11p>' L^ r*L4k ^'IitJj. t •kA>i I J«lj k^l In St^tttmtit *l>ii( 
rimn««ri ffiin dps. aiul ^KvaJvcW lteil(»t i'talik-nt, » iP^un.n it* Im* cinr ^.-iict UuUl llv »|B>nric)<i<<l lAhithlo kiiI Ih t^mliiif 
lh« JhMlbh HTkUlik Aft 4Tlubt <4 Vhlvll b< ■«■■ » Vi* rr^-nl'nl, wlal-t >f Oh" tji>.»^.tfU. A' I (1<jl' I" wm «Ui « «>•<■» *ii|<j-pr^i . 
I1i*4nni*l MfUviiun nrvn~ (oaI ihAt itibrmf m Mb^ritrt, wtiiih hv klmiHlf li<n i^fi^mal 1-Jr flior^ *«« n'» hkpit *iilriil ptlinliv 
mT Up* i?ii^kiJlrr rn^'blMll T^mm, *bi1 »li<|.kui lliay |Pt«7vJ*t tu..P|i>j ^-i ■J^lluf ^lltu '■Inl* Uk Ll» Ji-^^IUmlh*^ Ua. lEhiAwf w* rVif/ 
biiiHil (firfr rntUhnt, "hbh hv ft'Ilmai'il irilli -i ht«n nlhth mil dov kni7«1i<plrn 'pf th* ^niK 

All exiiiliition of hiA cnl^H^tml witrkK uah ticlil a1 NewraMltf. IVrpinhrf. l^^'K'j. iliif hHIm 
hAviiig dit<-d on An^zuit ;;n. Inlto. lu ihr chi;iIu;;ui* uf the eibHiiliuit lullrr dfijilU jim* ^h «n 
ft« to liiB lifu »n(t to'urlk. i*hkli w (mvr ni> K|iai;4: In inrifrporulr. Mr. II. ki. Kmnii-rAoii diiimnl 
nrlnliuimtiip wllli Efalph Wh1<)o Kmrrftc^n. ^imI ihdti^ti, duuhiilpu. Ill* mute of tliir njimi' origiiinl 
«tucb, a» do all rral Knu-r*of>s» tlir rrlRiionnbip wai iirohnbly v(»rj rv<niof e ; al le«8t, no 
f>nN>f nlidtiTVvr liim ht-vii niMuceil li> llie cutilrAry, The j>lii>(4ijini}»l^ houuipr, tliows n 
iiimiLy llk*?ntrtt« to Kmer»oiifl we Itdke »ei?(i, niiil iW Ciji^«tpr'k-S(r«et Kmni^^ntuiiii *etv Ouubilcu 
origiifftllv £*»i4'ryj><rnjr. uihI tiol Kiutiioxxi* (Wr/-- CiirtJtor J{^I1^ ^iv.J. Oii (Itr uthlutk viile of 
bin oli*nijr1^r, tha* nlil rnM-«li-r MuikI roilirit ouf.^l', H, K. 

KvltjT, 1891. — Enivrvun 1, KntiK^rvciu I, KinbtfraoriM = 2. 


Co, ¥as^x, 
(I) i7. J, Kmtrton^ of RitUrituj/^ 
(i.) [ItMiry Kmerion, owner of (>ropprtjr tn Ca|wL, Suffolk, cirti^ 1750 took LjihTm IIaM, 

KdwArd<1oii«, Suffi»lk, Ifd' huH i**iHH' — 

(Ii.) (h Henry KinprMiii, U. ai Lytiilji HaIK (^J WillUm (3) TimiiiHa. (4> JoMpb. 

(S) Joha, (6) Mnrlkii. (T> MHry Anrii^. {^} Kl»ab«b. i!)> KmiLfp lli-nrj b«d itsuc ;— 
(IM.) (]} Henry Jolin l^iiier«on (ifa« eoiiiributor). ttt. 60. b, m HiMi^iocit-. (I!) William. 

(3) Jolin. (-!> Jo»etih. MovrJ lo uml hnn lUed at Bitlerlvitj l*} yt^nrt. Clajaiia ou nrniv. 

Family cim« from Suffolk. Signal. II •!- Kmmor, S^utWiid aii4 Hlllenciiy, July. It't'6. 

(2) //. i/ f^rriMfffOn. o> /^yiQM, 
(i.) OrAndfalher wju » vltiuu suit mtller of LoiidutL 
(If.) II. R. Ea]inerAi>i)» Leyton {','). of ILM, Cuitoitif. Una iftMe: — 
(Hi.) R«v. C*. T. KiuiiH-rKiij, <iC iVrntoMf Lnnc^ II Ih grAiiJfitihrr sjwlt lib hhiui; £iu«rHon, 

und it w»i nln-iiyt n diipni^d point which «■■ corrcet, oni* or two m'i«- Tb# family omiii« 

from Kttit YtirL»hirL% mid cUiEnii no nmir Sr|<ijrd IT JL Kmni*r*on, Au)C> 17, J^«H]. 

(L) Anhtir Kmpritnn, m. Miirgiirrt Aldrrnoii, i>f liiclimond (York*). lUd luue:— 
JU.) <t) Arthur Wi1]iHm,?D6.]B47. Jw l«fl U>up {nidtr infra). ('J| il>i-^>r<!l, 1iviii|; 1847. 

(3) (vDorgPr who wcol to Jamaloji, liviiif^ H47, (4) H«h*nl, lifJOft I«IT. {5} Margiir*!. 

m G^orvina. Both n-ttidiiitf at I>«beti1i40K In 8uAblk ; livfug 1847. Arthur WilUuii 

leA Isvim:— 


(ul) (\) A, CtitirctiUI (tlie eoiHrtlmloi-), b, rI Oobcnrvll. t$4d. Hair «Unt« >p«lt 
ibv nsnic KlUf-non, And tbiakt the faiuilv cmiv rnm R>cbaio«d (Yorkthtrrj, but U noi aure ; 
no atmt. tnicnod. \. C- Kmi^r*an, I^ytofi, Jnly 4« 1896, 

Krilj, lt(^, — l-^rrtotii ,3, Kmrnmnnv 0. EmtwrMiia 4 = 7, 



rl) Ifi/fiam Em^ton. of Lon^cn nsd Brultfil BiU. 

(I.) Tliufnui EnHrr»<Hi, nvttlei] M ttpiiton ur Howtf. Cumbtfrbiiil, «i)d u«D«J C(Mi»idefab|e 
propsHft wttl«li bo Ittft lo I^fd LQWtkvr, in- H<npdl«««, who wft» « coiinoGlioa ofCftpifl Alkititioo- 
Tb«rjr l«ft iMU9:— <l) 'rbMDim. n,S.P. (Ift JcOin, went In U.S^A , 'H. 21, snd c|i«d looii 
arif-r an-iTjI. (3) Intwlln, D.S.P. (4) Bkbard, oi, Sanh Quiib (n\f« )■/'<■). *>- 1^17 afar 
CarlUU- (5) Willimn, D.S.P, 

(H.) Richard m. »«r«b QnUJi. and Ivf^ luii«:— (I) Uarjr Eliuibrtli. (2) Imbclla. 
(3) John, oh. IM^A; U*uc, Btchard Wilfrid and Ralph Waldo. (4) Muyavcl. (5) Laura, 
(fl) Willhui) (th« rontrihaior), h. iKAo. (7) Kdiih, 

(ill.) WjlliHin i'th4- concribuUirt m. France* EV^JiMir Busbj ia July, TS'J''*, Tradilloti that 
faibilj ongtn»1lj c*iniv from CV l>tirhMTD, and i> related lo WiUUm Kmmwn, ihr mathe' 
maticiaii- Were all Hnv nen. Kh)t;M irncl« van kno«ii Ibrotigbottt Cumb^rUtid mm an 
eiopltrnt « rentier und runiitr, one of Ihr beat in the coQntj. X»i>W third priie in wr«el1iii|* 

ai Carlible wWn 11, i>p«n to iht county. Alvaya tfitflt lh« nam* Em«raon : ctaimB &o afma. 
Signed. Williaip Kiii«r>OD» London, W,, July G, ISSffi. 

(2) H. EmtafTa^M, of Jjoabctk. 
Infoma cue that "atir faDiily name la apelt EmmerMa. ' Torkahlr«,' not Eimtmo. 
' Antrlcan/ two dUtloct familki/' Thi> history will abo« thla cofitribmor tbc dAng«n of 
dogfDatiau. —P, IL E. 

(3) 0. Kmhtraom, Itmdcn, S.W. 
Pnmily or>icinaic*d at Lonf^ SuUoti, Co. Lincoln. Uaa alvay* sptU tbe name Emhersoo ; 
dainiB no amii. 

(4) JfariAti Em^r^oHf $ptti$Ur, London, IT. 
Kanily belonged to Lincolitahire; no pariicuUn gireo. Ilaa hnrd a tnMJitlon that the 
fnntly emmc t>rtr with Canuic, No nrini. 

(&f Aug-aBttu linertfrn. London, S.W. 
f*o fur aa h« koowii, the fninilj hnva nlwayia \nttia Londonnn, but hn> hoard they origiDally 
raiuff from Francp. Ha« nlvayii ipiflt the namr Fmcrvon, Bclicvca hi* cr«?«t to be a atag. 
wtih tlie motto " Ick Dien/' [No auch creat «ver gnntod to mi Eiueraon.— ^P. U. E,] 


F(nAbtrt} Snwnont wrrWd twirv^ 

iHohtf , or f rvDi Ui* Ffvoa* IH 


. D44 


Ibobirrt, b~Tii mOL 

ulhn. ni> iMiia- 

linn ITTS, dM t^L Hnd In 

Bhc HHllMWa. *iw 4 (bard)' 
■>v4*n«f m. »rt>plrpli. AM^da. 
ChmlM aad CIhtiliIsI MaAK* 
rHMiw. K«ni>d milnTrrth 



Mr, Cniin 

Mr. WtUiagtMU 


PHnul HliriiM- 


HoW Bbou, Una 
dWIItft. Dianl-fUlr «tl. 
ttuntoA Daaa*A«, 

liOaidnii'- boAdBvL 

:/ Hi-tfrL 
^ HdUi. 




niunad Mr 
ehUd liitiri 





I ^1 

8igii«d, Auguitu* EmetaOD, London, N.W,, July IS, ISdO. 

BalriisllaTT. UtnA 




(6) P«Ur Em«r»9n, E4J4M Dtfuit, L^mdan, fPl 

(L) Vet^r,ob. 1832. Ni« rather uriu born in Grn/t Inn Roa^l, Bern netr Oxfofd Street, 
Mud iiHil iMut? : — <1) Poier, b. numr Livtan Grove, ncm tri. €6. (2) Ttiomu;, wrnt lo ticw 
2eiilHricl rircd 18()0, and D.8.K lb6*J. 

<11-) Pvior (iliiT contributor) h. F«b. 2^, 1830. Is marrieJ, iinil has thre« voiift and five 
dnii^hf^ri- linn nInnyA HpHl ihi* n^tntA Kin4>rM>ii, and hna h«»fn tnlrl tiiii nnrp^lorn cnmn from 
Co^ Durluiti ; cluimi no ariuH. ^i|inrd, IN^lcr Kmcr^on, London, W., Jiinp ^'}, Eb*>C, 
(7) ifnry Erperton^ w/r /^o^rW^A n v, mdom^ *rt, 72, £(ntrfon, JV. 

Widow of G«org9 Row Ivmcrsoii, nfr. It^^d, mho w«a i1i«r oiilj son of George EmerAon 
«nd — While. The rniniljr «did <o Imvc eomt from Oifordiibir«. Srvrriil r^Utlvc* irent to 
ihe citlonii^A nod Ij.K-A-, iiti^lti<liEig thre* out or righl of Ikor ■oim — two to Afriea and on* to 
Aniericx. Doi^a not oluini iiiijr nriDo^ Mr Kni«r>on wna jt prolific writer, ii« lti« lUt of hi* 
pablicjUion« in Appendi:t prove*. tSigiitfd, Marj KroerAon, London N-. Juljr lA, 1^96- 
(8) (^i'f>ri;r if /Cm'THr'n, /,r>nJon, K-C IniVf C»plui» Thotn^t KiiUTion, of lUmngHtt)* 

i'\.) John Kmrrnon, t>h. 1T*H, rrl. 4^ <4|ivii li is boo Thomas WAsibout )2. lie left ui»uo :-» 
(1) TbmuHK f<riggi, n pilot fi^r ihi- north Hnd itouHi Clii«nTti>|. (2) Sjinih, m. J. A<h» jin<l UmJ 
iMu«, TI>onifti» and Jnmes A»h. who hoiiI to thir U^S.A^ (3f Girl, m. ?, 

(ti.) I'hdnijift 4rri^g« Kmrrjiori, I he pilirf, *fb^ Se|>t. IT, iHfiij, fief. 8^ lie tnArrird nnd Irfi 
^Mue : — {\) J hfftniH {L«pUin Hiohiuk, of KHi»«finit, *i-^ )- K^) Georgv U. (ih« contributor), 
(<)) Dau., lu, J. Grrcn, Elj> (4) Ditu. (It-), m. Iv. b«i4rll. Th« fiiiuilj came fru[D LincoliH 
ihm and rinim no Anna, Sign«>i1. G^nrgt* H. Km^nton, July 4. IS9t>. 
(^) Emma Katrrfon, of Arrhtcaf Uoa*t^ tendon. 

Auks me if I am rebu«d lo llie Kmervun fanilj, if there ia money in the Kmeraiin 
fmnily, nod if 1 nm wrHing a bo<jk, tnea lo bargaiQ for a copy for inforinaliou. Declhifil 
niih ih«nLa.--P. II. K. 

^lii^ 3f>irft i?m&*rn>n, «/ Lttnthn, SK. 

(L) AbnUiiin of Great Wallham, Eaivx, oft. Uec. 1^87, rr/. ;iO (contributor'* KrA^idratlier), 
Believe* hia father and ^rLrndfaiher were farniera in the aame countv. He had a brother 
Willinni Ht Grent Wulthain, ^ay* Ilia uncle it alill h farmer u\ hjtart, nnd acndu tnr a ctttUiig 
frooi ttcott*a '' I'iraie/* from tJie cad of Chapter XXIV. « where oc<«ra the name Kiabvraon.— 
P. H. E. 

(II) Ern^ft Sit^dtn Emtr34>». cf Lontion, S.E. 

{i} Jame*, b. at Briatol. whfrre hr waa town clerk and oirned 1 braw fimndrv calltd 
" Tbv Cattle i^rtftt Koundrjr." He entertaioed Williiro IV. at briatul He haj H'bn>tb«r 
Thocnaa wlio went tu LT^S^A- lie m. (I) Hvn. Mt» WaWi, niece lu Lotd Ljuua, aod had 
ona aon. Dr> Jamva Lay Erneraon, nov di-ad. (2> Charlotte SeofI«ld Sugd«>n ; had ltL*ns^ 
includiofc (be contributor; all the bo^a ^ete cbriatened '* Stigden/* 

(it.) Erorat Sugden Enierson, Han heard that a £>rrat<grandfathi-r wa* hung in Ihe Irifh 
HebelHon. Iliu alwuja ipelt the name Kmmun and cloinia uo arm*. Signed, K. S. Eiueraon, 
Julf 7, lt>^. Mr. Kniervoa ktudlj sent mi^ I be cupj of a teller he rccniivvid from Ralf WaMo 
ICmorion which pn>ve« that R, W K. did not know hiw own pedigr«« beyond ht> grandfather, 

(12) /r Kmrrton. 0/ Londvn, S.W. 

A"k> mf for my pedigree, and tetia ror aumr Emeriona in this purl of the world have « 
pedigree that won't bear looking into (J think i know them), and |ironii»e« me htf pfrdigret. 
I a»iit ■■hie. but have receivetl tiu reply. — P. II. E^ 

(J3) FT. H. K^i^fom, /^Mic^on, S.^. 

Slslea thai hii paople came from Biickini:lutm«hlrc> 

^t.) Kobert Km^^moTi, left iaHne:'(l) William, ob. lr^7T, iW. 34, m. f^arah Uarmer, of 
BrixlDD. (2) Emma Ann**, tn. Robert Line. Iier couatn, of liucka. i^) Suaanna l-:slhDr, 
DO. Goulding. of I>or*etHiire, (4) fiarab KlJubeUi, in. W. Henley, of Buck*, ker cooain. 

(ii.) William mid ^Hlra1l Hftrm*r leA iaauo:— (tl William U. (the imnlrihutor), fB(. 22, 
l^tKl, and t>\\ daughtf^ra- llim ulvn^A cpolt the name Kmeraon and claimi no arnift. 8igt>ed. 
W. K. Kinermn, London, 8.W^ July 11, \^W. 

(H) h\ A- EmmcTAon, Wiltrntfn Urfrn* 

llaa forwurded my circular lu liia eldeat aUt«r in America, but t hava bad uu fgrtlier 
iuroraaati^n,— K U. fi. 

(15) Arthur Kmt^T^on. Br€\\tffrrd. 
Frtther c'uifie 1u Bf«;iilfor<l tVuiit C<>Uciilium, Cnmbv., fttKfut «ixty yenrs tgo, and Ituc r«fCtfiiUy 
dtud. IIh» »lwav« spell rhe nam<^ Knierwiii, ant) clatma no arma. 

(Lti) WilliittN A^ Emrrj^on. L^mdon, S.W. ivUc Fi«1ivr Emf^fSOii. of Balb« 
nnd Kniorjifiii. nf l^indon), 

Qu«-«£iOT» L — Tifffr fHtdif^rvu iif Fiiilirr Ettwrton, of Viath, Ur. W. A^ fi. betongt la that 
r«inily-— P. 11. K. 

i^urtition 2, — N^irttiumbrrhiiicl, liutn very Uin^tim^ Hgo^ 

Qn^itt'oH !f- — My oihn name InEi nlvnyn bvcn KincnOD, Bonic member* of Ibc E<ncr«oo 
fiimilv for MOTitH r4*4Hoii or olli4>r ji«iin]<-il Ihi? ntiini* of Km4<r«»ri-'IV[]iK*ril, 

I'lJuf^^N'oH 5.- -I Uh4rd lo know onv >ituit^ Kinerduo. u coutiiii or tivcacK] couiitii of miu«, wlio 
wriit mil 111 ^soiilli Arni-rirn, whrft tii- ImiI rrlutlvc-K nf hit uwii iiAme {proliahly relHtJvf:* of 
iBiiJt< alsu, H[thfiu;{li urikiJuuTi^ but ihiv yitiiiig ft^Uov ditHl (»u1 tlicn\ 

QrLrirltvfi (r. — Willi Coukvi, fi^cka. Ldii;-* of Woi>t1oii'und«r-Edgr, GldDCoitcr, Kc«b1e« of 
IViul l^nvinjulnn, Dt'trii of urimviwliitri*, «ini1 R^iiidiillM of I>^viie4(. 

<infi'tion 7. — EVot brini! vi/fW iip iii heriililry, 1 ilo not qiiito und^rrslAiid the loenDiniE oT 
llilb qite«[l(iii. Tlii^ funiily crenl, I hnve nlMiiyB bf'i-ii inttghl, was a *' Hiitiiirr hnnd giite«,'* 
Lc, a l}4Lrciir» hAotl. It uppean thua tii Wmrhunon'M huok of creatu^ «nd hIsu iei Fnirbiiirn'*. 

whcrt? it in (jiioti^tJ cm linli>ij^iM|C tu the cutmLy of NLfrtUiiiiibi-rIaiii)> Mv fnttirir. p;rAii(irHlh«r, 
niid |»r(tbwbly gii|n*rHli<>h* boron* if^'in, tinri uurd M* ma n trncli* itiJirk un Mriokn^ «IP. T b»t4» 
lately lit-nrJ thtit iin olil neiil is Mfmi-vvl]i<ri- In e:<iBiL*nc*i- in |>»uL-!t(ioii »f lomo mrmbrr of the; 
family, in wfiii:h the lijtrtd iftc-linrf^ed with a hf^Hrt, wtlh lite motto " Luve truth/* [Tlitre in no 
record of Mny nncti Kint^rkon <:rKKt; il niLi'l huV4^ bccri) u irntl^r lok«n,— i'. II. K.] 

VS. — I hnvc henrJ that an iUntrnoti, a ^reHl-unclp or scuun i»nch ri'Utivr of mine, van 
K big innn ii> thf? S|>itnll1i'1i]« <ilk irsMJc »bt>n thnt wni in iiit p.-ibny ibiyii. T Iiuve aUo livnril 
that Kpw Bridge " belonged '' <o an Hniersoii, another frreal undo or aunti-thiit): of Ibat klnd- 
Aiio havn hojir lulrs of oilirr Knicrionii. vnilfpm whn \^cnr sbipurrcked. atid mvn of thrilling 
ttUventurt^Kin the bunh, rehoused to i urn uji unexpectedly in KcifzUnd inimpecnnmu^condiliot). 

(17) Jv/iu Eminrr^tfitt Lvndon^ 8.E^ (Crvifdon}. 
(i,) .Inhr] KintTiMr4nn, b, ^i( Cotlpnhjint, CjiitiIih lljid ih^iif* : — 
(iip) (I) >J<kFni Kmrnvmnn. Ii. iSll^, al llio mim^ pbicc-, Mnd issue: — 
(liL) (I) John (the (lontrilmtor), b. Jaik 4, 1844. ('J) Willimn. {3) Jocinli. Tloth livliip. 
The fHinlty an.' t^ll. powerful inuii. Hnj§ spelt llie name Eronieraoo alwuya. No arnia. 

iSlgTied, ■John Knimr-rf-on, Croydon, -Jiity, t8Mf^. 

(1^) William Kinfrn/n. af Vh* S'lnrttturtf, WrahHinit^r, London, S.W. 

A diMtiniinixUvd archilc^ct. Him peili^rvc will hv^ found in Itir- Kmt^rKen* i>f Bath iq.tJ). 
\\^'\ IMfrt Km^r^on. Ihbriii^jf Itomi, London. IV. 

pHreniA ciunod the ori^tiial "Old llni" nt Kulin^, t^aCber'* brotbiir went abroad. 
Brother ttoorfic io the it^ynL Mannei nl Chathuiii. lie servod in ibe iO^yplijin c«nipai|ic(i of 
XH'JT. Hiftlvrtt livin)t^(l) J»ni*. (^> M»ry Ann, {S) Eli»belh. (i) IiaboTIi, oh, in 1896. 
Signed, H, Emerson, Dec. 3. 1897. 

Ko11y*H London, Suburb. m und Middlr«rx Dinctoriri, l^Uii; (Middlefo]i), London find 
SulmrbK (IKIftf. The addrexnes are therefore often counted twic« over Kmerton* dEJ, 
EminefAonB UT, Kiubertvna T _ 103. 



nj Tkomai 0. Kmrr^tta. M.f).. Ch.M. Qafi*n^a Ifnivf^rifittf, IretanA^ of WnnH^^t. 
(L) GreAi-grniidlHthi-r^ pioneer end organizer of the OranjijemeTi in ^MH. 

(ii,) TbirtiiiiH, 1>vi-d Hi HillUJi Pnrk, Q\\n\v%, Co. Moniigbiin, llih ^nmdfHther W4a h keen 
4pi>rUinjit], but nnliioky in hnniki-riiHiig- He Irff Umo ■ — \\ j 'rhoninn, ^^miitrnlnd tn AnNtrntla 
{Sydney ?) c'lrea 184tj^^}lK it) John {ni*ir infra). Uvvil at Amchurch lli>use, Clonen, b- rirea 
\H'2^K fl^> cifC't IHS^. (ii) Mnry, apintiit^r, o6. cirta l*?8*!. 

(lit,) fjoirn, m. Arm Sharpe. b. Co. Qivan, IrclRiid. cir^a \^3ij. and had ifi«ue ; — (l)Tbomaft 
Oilbert PvotfTion, M.D, (3) Jubu, nurgoon nt Snllnire, Yorkf^ (3) J, Sh K'aemou (broker), 
living nt WnnbiHgtoo. U.S-A. {4) . {t>) . <6) . 

(iv.) Tbov. Gilbert Kmer»on. M,D.. m. Mary Evelyn PrcvU. \o in»uts. The fnmilj 

cMt»e froiD Co^ MomigtiHii, JMAn<I- E<Jiii?nt«d n\ Crtnnichael Sch. of M«^d., Dublin : Ktchinoinl 
mid Uercer lloi|iiluh, Dublin; TriiiUj OIL, Dgblln, And QuwTn** C<>II.» l.ialvmj, Firit 
rrli^ioaii hi A»Mtouij. PlijHtulo^i. Sur|c«ry« Mtil. Mndii;.-!, MhIicaI J unspni(lt<ucr til Chf- 
nikchn«| Sell, of M«<J., DubUn, Claim* no ariud, Imt anyn liii fHllivr ilitl. bul Aov» mn know 
on wliAt groundi. AlwAy« i|)«<l! name Kneraon. Signe><l. Thos^ G. Emerfton, WaDlagc, 

Jul J 13, me>. 

(2) Oatid Kflierion, of Nt^wport PtM^ncU. 

Fnmlljr oriirinnUy bclongi-d to BIrtchley (Bucka), itud muny generBtlonv IWril Ibpr*. 
lli« fnthcr and »nc|o Ijvtril thorn too* adJ wr* t^op) tiol<lvr«, itiid hitcl Ia Wnt ihc boiindi od«o 
iu Uinte y«jin fur cu«tocn. Tb«yonc4T omitlnt lo cin tliic. nml 40 n-iiilrmi llidr tillc roid.nnil 
llie fniid r«vert«J (0 ibe Lord of lli« juMiiur, Sir P. 1', DiiEiromti. lo frjiajt lo di»j>uti* ihe 
poini, it wa« foLitid ihj^t llipy hfld b«td tbe lunil for \en g«ii4Tntioo«. b«kt it vab of no araiL 
Naiii«! ilw*yH iix'lt Kmi-rvoii, 

(I,) John Kmnraon, brortivr ofTbumna, m, Iwicc. 1, !■! wifi^, nod h*d Ibmuo: — (]} Jobti. 
/2) Thomas. (:t) George. wLo wu Jit the Imitle of WnierW. (4) WilhHiu. 
i. 2iid wife* and ibey hnd l»ue : — (1) <jHines. 06. ftt Itleichley. (2) Uary Anii^, oh. &! I^ndon. 
(a) Kliuibtrth. f'i. at Sjilford (Bed*). (4) Kobtrri, »&. Ht Sntfortl (IW«)* (5) l>APi^l, o^■ At 
UJeuhley, (6) Dntrld. U 1»U2. oi-. ai Nt*wp(in PA^nell, 1851. 

(i(,) DAvid (fntbvr uf coniribuUir). jouDf-cnt von of John. b. 1^03. i^h. lAGl. Had ihmio : 

(lii.) Dmtid Ohe coiitrihnior). of Newport FagneilL Si^tied. Dnvid Kot4^r«oo, Newport 
Ttt^nHlJti1y4, IH^G. 

KcUy'» Dir««U)ryt l^lt^, — Gnerftoa* 3, Ktnroeruini 0, Ewbervous si 3. 


Co, KitXT. 

(1) If. Jt>^<iM Emmtrnitu^ 0/ Sandieich, Kent. 

Bom 1913- IfaH always spelt the nsiii« Knimi>rsrki], njid ilit^rt* i> a iradition thai liiB 

«nc«itor> cniu« froiu VorkHbln^ 8l^ned. R, Jojrn«» Kiurnvrsoo, rSntidwIcli, June 18, ]89(S. 

Doaa AOt oUin amij^ but unco ft domi Won with buttlc^Avo nm crc»t» wuch mn wm ti*v<ir 

graiiUfd lo any Bnerson, let nlono EmnivrHon. qoh« of wbom hftvti ever bvcn ffrantrd arms. 

—P. H. E. 

(If) VoptGin T. KiH^rson, liamt^aSf. KtnL 
Was for itisny y van iu ibv wfrvit-t? of ihc Tniiily lluusv, I^judtiu. Woji 19 yean in 
CommMnd of on« of tlivir ■Irmn v«^wU. nnd for «^ yenrn vupcrintflndont of tlio GrtPNt YftTtnt^utb 

dlalrkt, ioHpet^ilng: tiglabouk««. tl^bt-v^stirlA. b(ioy# aod iturrt^yiuK «afkd« in tbe ticiniljr as 
r«<|nired. Has a vno in command of one of tbo Trinity Uotiae al«BM»ert- Mis grandfalber 
cainv from Lincoln ithirf!. and han alwa5ii «pr|i bin name KiiMraon and doea uotclsim anr arms. 
Tliinks Iw IB coiiu«i*|^ v ilb a brHncIi of KinernuiM forinvrly wvll known nl Wnttun, in Nurfutk. 

(i.f Jobii (^nindfHtli4>r)> wtio hud Imov : — 

(H-) TItontas Grig^ vho bad issa« : — 

(iii<) Tbomaii (the ctjntributor), b. 162:^ Sgnadr llionuis l^mcrson, iCsmsgatc, July 14, 

(3) Jtfrs. JVnry EnrrMon, Bamggatt, Ifmr, 

Bfsrrled eld**l son of Citplflia T. R<n^f»oii, of KHmhgnir. II<>r lioflliaod now d«ftd. 
Signed, M, KmrrHon. IUoiikuU*. Jnly h'i. 18^6. 

With ri<fprrrioc lo Noa. 2 uiid >i as above giri^D, tidr Ofo. H* Smfinttn'M return undfrr 
London.— F, H, E, 

(4) Jacob E-m€f$om, fitfiinJfjr, Kent, 

(i.) John RiiMirAOO, b.1Tr>j;,Uuri<fd 1»4.'t9, 'r^. Al. Bornnnd buHt^d n1 Tiltlc.ihnll Norfolk. 
Jahn KiDerson m. Unry ?, L 17r.2. burial l-Slf., tH. M. TkMP rxinu^lt mtp fnitn ihv. Tiltles- 
hsll Pariili Be|citti*r. Tbey left iraue:— 

(il) Father. U ai Titlleattall, NorfoU. Mareh, 1793, €h. at Kyburgb, Norfolk. I^7L 
He left isaue, eighteen children, seven of vhom are sliire, but the ooly surviring son b<*iiid<<t 
Oonlribator ii — ^^ — --, who bns no isfluc. One «ia(cr m. Donnlh, Another oi- llur«l. There nre 
snnir of ihfi name who claim rvlaliooiUiip in Sydn4*yj N.8.W,, but knowi nolhioi; of ibem. 
Fatlwr'i brother WiUism « at an army pensioner, D.S.P. One of father** tiitera m. Spendlove. 



(lii.f Jjicob Kmprfion (ibe c<tn(ribiitor), w. Annio Miic«, und bap mac: — (I) Ernest 
Kclumrd, ir^. 211, of Nwntiky. mnrrk-d {}£) It^jwlaiid, ^rt, :;(), of SvAnl«j, m4rri«<L (3) AELce, 
tf/. 2*:*. Bpiiirttfr, (4j Mnrj, «|. 16, vpiiisler. la tuniiaf^r wf Armj •ni Nutjt 8ti>nM, mid hfu 
b«^n for 2^1 y«ir«. Hiu giv^n mtioh ctid^nc^ Hnd ^(iii» rnuoU work oh tli« railway rnt^t con- 
troversy, aee Blue Books, 1889, I8W, 189K Has always sppit the name Eroenon himself, 
hul hiu knowit iticm1>nrK i>r lliv family *pc1i it EinmtrrHiti. Clsims uo artnt. Signed, Jacob 
Kmi-rH>ji, ^«raHley, Oct. 15, IH^^. 

{fr) A^ T. JTwrrson, of Shortlnndg, Kfv(. 
(I>) GcorK<^ Emrnnn, t». circa ITDI, <■ bdliTVird to but^o lived latterly n^rar Soeib, In 
Stfalivdmle, Yorksliiro. lie left i^uo : — 

(iiO Gt^oi-KR Hit](-min, b. 1772, oh. 164R Ef« t«ft ibsu^;— 

Stii.) A. T. Emerson (the coa1rtbulor)H Does not knov^ what county urigiiiallyoaake from, 
way* sp«U thv nama ICmercon, and claims so aims. Signed, A. 1\ Kmerson^Shortlaods, 
July 7, l**9fl. 

(G) F. ^mia^re&ny Broadvtair^t Kent. 
({.) Willism Emin«rson. b. . of Wslsiogljam, Norfolk, m. — Lyoa, of Hempton, 

snd MtlW nt Toftitrei- {(he nmt piriih), oh. at H'd, Tbny hud iMutf : — 

f{u.) Hvnr^ Eiuiiu^riM>ij. whu lu^rried, and ditfd 18%, ^ff. ii2^ He and his wife had mna: — 
t) Joha Knnnemud, whutte sun Jolin went lo Iiidls 3i1 years Ago, and Is n»w d«ad. ■ 
3) JtmsS, n-boflo ncin w^nl to India 4'! yfuirn iigo^ and U i»ou' dead. (^) Cliarlon. (4) Benjamin, ' 
living nt Tofin. nrnr Knkenbini (5) M^^nry (tiicZ<! infra). (6) Daugbt«r, m. Tufn«1l. of 
Miiidjitone. (7) Aiiulhcr daufjfliti-r (?). 

(iii-) Henry Emmerson. luoTed to Uroadstairs and mnrried, and has isaue:— ()> Harry^ 
in ihe Nnvy, serving in Australia. (2) Fted {vidt infra). (3) Charic*. (i) WtltlaiD. 
(S) Hn^ari. {&) Dnughtfir (?). (7) Daughter <?). 

(ir.) Frtfd Emmerson^ (thtf contributor), living at Brondstalrs, coxswain of B.A^R.C. 
Claims no armA, Sign«d, V. Kmrnenon, Broiidstalrs, July 1, IH*M. 

(7) Mra. Sfietil, nit EmtfT^an.^ 

Siatr^r i)f Captain Thomas KiuerM>u above- mentioned. Her fiilUer*s eldest sitter married 
a aaval officer named JamcH A»b. and their two honn v^nt to the United Staiefl in'rcn 1820 
and netllrd tl]<^r«', Hrr nivler m. John Gnfea Ely, and shn m. Edward ticwcIL Signoil, 
R. ticwsll, Upp«r CLaptoa, London, July 14, 1^6. 

(8] JVrs, C Floatr Ellis, of H^idmore, Bromtetf, Kent. 

Great-grandmother was Etiv. Msria Emerson, b. May ^, 1786. ui. Get. $0, 1805, nt 
Windsor, Nova Kcolia, to Captain Thos. Appleton. Itoynl Mnri(»e«, of H.M.S. La Vilie de 
Mitan^ She died I.S7A, She vint \\w dati, i>f John Emeraon nod Cittheritie SckwairtK (cida 
infra) Kmet-flonsnf Bognor TnthcTine Schwartz wnr iiipnpof the well known Indian miMJoftHry 
of that name, ifhoae family un^-initlly came frum Hetdelbur^, 

John Emerson and CHtheriii^ Schwartz, m. Aug. 17, 1777, had is«iie ; — ^1) John William, 
b. Ocr. 38, lT7ft, ob. Oct, 10, 1805, {£) Otto Willinni. h, Dec. H. 178 i, ob. Oct, 23, 180X 
(a) KUft. Ann, b. May 3, 1782. oh. fr^cpt. 17, 1782. (1) Thaa, Palmer, b. July H, 178J, o6, 
Aug. 30, 1783, (5) C'Dr^e Philip, h. Feb, 7. ITfifi. nh. Dee. I, 17yi (G) K\U Maria, 
b. Msy 'J, 1786, ot, March. 1875, (7) Henry Edward, b- Feb, 14. 1788, oh. D<c. I, 1794, 
(8) Cath. Ann, b. Sept 20, 178d, ob. 1884. (^J Susanna f.onisa, b. Dec< )3, 1790, ob. 1885. 
(10) Frederick, b. March 25, 17D2, o6. 1811. (lit Hugh Alexnndi^r, b. Sept. 2^, 1793, o^. 
Mny, 18C0- (i'^) Mary Aoielia, b. June 2U, )7t>A, o6 I83d. (13) Sophia Kustiua. 
b, Mny fl. 1797. oh. 188ft. (14) George Henry, h. [)ee. 21, 17^*8.^5, July a, l«8y. (Ifi) Mary 
Ann l««b(^lla, b. Deo. 27, 18C0, ub. Sept., 1873. (IC) Edward We*ks. b. Mfiroh 12, 180^1. 
oi,. W^b. (17) Otio William Gould, b. June 28, 1805, ok 1886. Signed, C. Flower Eltii, 
Widmoro, Bromley, Kent, Oct. 'S^, l«l*7. 

Kelly, 18!^, — EiDcrsons 7, Emmcr»oxis 7, Emboraou 1 ^ \$* 

* Hw ilaci^ gone lutir (he NavvH — P- H- Fl 
1 1 Imvt-' 1a> tlbihuk Mr*k StewvTl »pcei^ly for l«vo lUliogrttpTiodpodiflrvoBof tlio Liacottiibirv ICinrr*>iu of Scrby 
*-the ob/,v anniuvroiu Lincolnftllro fKnilly of GmcmoDn, vbofc hlat^ry wilt be ftrand eWwheru,— 'K U. K. 



(!) IT, Q. W. Smtt^ffn, Bo^nor, StiMex. 

(i.) John Eim^non unci hi* hroihi-r {niiin« onknown) rmtfiriti^l — John lo FfoVA 8c<illft, 
tliQ brother to ihc United Stat»-nbaul 1772- The broihrr of Julm vm loat Aiglii of. Thej 
ATV taM U> hftvv gaa<> fri>ni Lmt^(l1^1hif1>. John TnovttJ lo Npw York during lh« Wiir of 
Illdep6lkilen€e« and contrAcU'tl to (ve^ priaor;en of wflr, niad^ h furtuiie and r«turti^ lo Nort 
Scotift, «b4 id. Catlirrii»e Scbwnrt^ of Grrmno family, 17th Aug., 1777. John and C^tbertnt 
l«ft Ime:— (1) John WiUimu. a onptnin fri thff Armjr and A.I>.C. to Ibo J)tik« of K<*iil, 
eonkniand«r4n-chi«f ofNova 8oulia. {2) U«nrjr. (3}Qoor|ce. Bi>th drowned. (4) Fred4!r»ck. 
(fi) Otio, Both joined th^ Na«y lod di«<l. (6) Jliigli Al«Kitnit««-. vni«rp«1 thv Nary, n*lir«Hl 
ftiul bM»ni4' n hurmttrr (piJjt I'l/ra). (7) G^onsn llcnrjr. a l»irmier and judge Itk New< 
fonndtAnd. (^) WiMtmn, »>tttifd in Ammca and left itimtf. ('J) Louih^, m. Count <le Dumm;, 
an otficer of tlie Forai|>n Legloti vlfihuneil nl Nuvn SrotlH. nnd iiephew of IJm* Uuke d« UuimiK. 
an aticirnt Krfriicli faiuily. (10) Kirjt- MjirJn, ii;* Ciipiiiiu T- A\t\ilvtnn, of thv Ri>jn) MnriiirR 
(11) (^nthoHno Anno, m. Captain l>mwAt«r, of tho Aptdt^ (1-) Another *lHl#r, m. — Camp' 
btfll. of Nmn Scotin. (13) Icabvl. m. Liiiut, Klringioo, of llic Amiy. (14) Sopliin. oh. 
unmarried at Brighton, Knglnnd. (lA) (16) (17) Dird in infancy, 

(ii-) Hu^h AI'-xnnd'T R], Mury Borg^^r and moved lo Neirr-iutkdinnd, where be wna for 
25 yean Mtllcitvr-grocral, and for ■uvurni ycnri puiane jud^t*. Hv dird in Kngland in 18(10. 
H* left iMue r^(l) Kldi-r brother, btLrhrlur (2) K. G, W. (ths ounlribulor). (H) Siclvr, ta. 
— Covrnn (now dead), of Brlitbane, Queen ulniid, (4) Sist<*r. >pin>1«r. 

(ill) K G. W.. bachelor. ^. f>3 (the contributor). Keeidea with hia elder brother and 
iiater at nognor, and in a prominent inhnlntaiit, Uirtrict Councillor, on SSchool Uonrd, Guardian 
of the Poor, etc. ClaiiOB no ann*-^ Sifcned. K. Q. W. Kinervon, Bognur, July 11, 1^90, 

(2) T. »'. Bm^Bim, Brighion.^ 

(i.) Jonathan, b. at Kitty Crngga. We^rdul*, Co. Durham, ifad iuua:— 

(It.) 8trpben, of Kilty Crng*, who bad intDo ; — 

111.) (jeorgr, of Kitty CrAK*. who aoM the freehold of Kitty Cragt and moved to Red- 
bnnli, near Applebv. WeMmorvlaud. He hud iMti«:^(]^ Balpb (Wifr ta/na). (2) BuiIl 
(3) John. (1) Will'ianu (^^) Slf^pheii. <6) George. (7) Boberl. (i^t) Sarah, (9) Jane and 
t)icki*nion {$ie) ?. 

(it) Ratpb, believea li« ia related to RalpJi Waldo Kmeraoa, but givea no proof; B it, 
ltaw«ver. luiprubable. lie has iasue: — 

(v.) T. W- (the conlr(huior). recently removed from 0«nt«rbury to Brighton. Name 
al^ayi iprlt Kmerson. ^igoed, T. W, Kjnoreon, Brighton, July '2S, t^J&. 

kdly, l895.^EiDeraona 2. Kmmer*ooa 2, Embereuna 0=4. 


Co. SoHKBiam. 
(I) Mftjor-Oftifral AtrtanJi-r Kt^fmon^ of Cot}a)t^ TTtmx^, Tamiaton. 

The following noiea are iMHnl on Burice'inccouni, hut r«<riii-d and brougbl up to date from 
notet kindly aupplied me hy Major-General AUxauder Lyon Emeraon^ and my own reM^archea. 

i^nf/tyr. — Onr af the rarlieai recorda of thia Lincnloahire faioily in Ihc will, proved 
llKlfi— €, of Alexander, the Min of George Kincraoii. He appi^ars to bavo been fatlier of live 
aona. One of whieh, 

Robert Emeraon, of Glamford Briffgt, Co. Liaeolo, m. Rlioor Wainvright. and wai 
fath«r of 

Atffxandrr Kmemon^ K«q,, of Cniator ibd Glamford Brigg', An eminent barriater. who 

* 1 rMdved a iMier from a ittraih<>r ivf IkU raraily ia Nora KfiJtta wbo Qi*d Kdf* (of Foitoa) a^iai milh 
ifir J^mi» Kmtfto^-Ttmm4nt'§ nimio, " inmt yr^^rlor uifttrr/' Ho p<noa orlgiDatUig Croni LlDcoluablrc hm 
»lij rlnSm Inuini i^miUcl 1a « IhtrAaiti/^mify. n^^r rUrm Us amafkr^ nam t tneUA; ihU U Ahvti1«il¥ tlio fvcirli Af 
ttjff "twkiiUlmj; hffalilic ■tatiOlitr" aticj Ui^ vrU#T will ]4n1(m my cdlinir attentioa tOHcb folly. Mr. Km«rtoo, 
of Bo(fuor, hoiifver, liLrtiMilf cUlnm no Hrtui, *uil liace tb« family Ikull rroia Uwlaahtre, if tivj aie tmtUlciI to 
axmA, lhp« H nbvinnaLj Tuil on* i^mt to HUirh llipy *i** riitttl^l.— P. II, K- 

4 Sine* nxiThI to LiverpocJ.— P. H. BL 



^ULJo l^>f>C lii*^ couHjn, tl) RUi'^fihrlb, duu. and IkIt of Alrxnuilirr Rmrrftoii, o? GtnmrorU Briggv, 
Am bfid a numt^roui fuinlly by U\* ihr^e wivf>k, tbe Mi^si hqu of vliicli vviu ; 

Thorann Kitier»iuii. Etq^. of Oriiiisby aiiiI CaWlur, b. \u 1*^:^8, wLu <r^ MlliJred SHUtiJ«rsi>o, 

onlj clfkti. of t^ni>r|^n. lliiril ViHGouikr CftNt)oli>i>. And dyirjg in )f!(>7, wua Aucov^^dvd by hU noa, 

TtiomrLn Kinitr*i>n, Kkii-, orCHislor, Ailm. 1710. wbo m, hnb^fl Awougb in H>K'I nnd Ich 

Ali^snnd^r KnietMin, t^q. ^ cif CiiUtor, who m. A1ic«> sol^ h«iresi of tieorge Wliarlon, 
E»(\., »f KuLfori), Noltf^ find hnd iwn sionji :- — 

Tbonm*. who IXS-P-. ftnd Aloxntider Kmcraoii. ICfq., of Cai«tor, whi> ■ucccodi'd uadt-r 
tlievhiof G.WIinrton, K^ij.^to lbci?ft(ur« of WpvI kciford, Co, NotitNicltnra. H«d). Fli/.abi-ib. 
ncond dflij. jiikI i»beire88 of the [{ev, Tboiriaa Buavlle, recior of Uitord. Cu- ^turlhulll|>t1»ll. 
by K!i/,Libi-<b. bix mfr, »\nU-r niiil cii-bifir of Jntin ]ii>lb\ Knq,. of Tiior|ir Hiill, Co Lifi(^>ln, 
»iii| by Ibis Udy (wbii ill- Kc-c^irNJIy, In I'AG^ \Uv Kin\ Stfpbvu AHliioti, vk'Jir i>r I^uib) 
1iii<) iiHiif L (1) Att*\uiid4ir. Iivir fn'Jc infra). (!^) Whnrlun {Sir). Burl. »it4 M-I'>, of Enrtt 

K<>lfor<l lloui«>. NotlA. nrid Kt-ill^tliorpe Pjirk. Co. Ltiidolu, b> at llAckllionie, Co. Lincoln, in 
Keib,. I7;iy —10, in,. *ir»l. A|iril HJ, 1762, Anna Mnriai, eldcrBl duu^ »iid co-hf'ir of Vincenl 
Amcolls, Rii(|., i»f HurritJgliiTi ^nd AiHlro|). Co. Lincoln, n^Hunird in coiisctpieDoe the nur 
nanifi of Ani4;anA, nnd whs I'lvitied ^ buroiivl In 17^6 ; Jitt hud by b^r uii only duu.. I^H/ubetb. 
m- In ITSO to Sir Jitbii Ingilby, hurl,, of Ri]dt<y. Sir Whurton nr hi'ooniJIj Amelia Tvrirnn 
Cnn)]>b<-lt, nod by hpr h^d oitt* duo . SopbiA Louiha^ m. In lK'il> in M^ubpiv WilAon, Kif].. nf 
FHlttfiii Hid], CNt. York. Sir Wbiirioii ah, in l?<Ort, (:$) Kliziibctb, m, to Tbomun MmtMing- 
bupd. Ksq., ofCionby Park, Co. Lincoln. 

The h*"lr, A1i>\aader Emerson, E^aq,, of Wp*1 Retford Houw, C«. Nolis^ b- 17^3, 
m. Susniiimb, bpcoiii) dnu, (mid <^ri-1ifirf^aft with bi^r aitfitcr, Adiio, wife of M^jor *fobn ClutU^r- 
bnrlt. l-lw|-. of Wurkwnrlfi. Co. Northumbrrlnnd) of Cn|>1iiin Putric^k Lyon, of Kant Th^^tford, 
a dev^eiidiint of tbe iiobh^ btruvt* i>f Struilimorv, iiud Icrft {vi\i\\ a diiu., Ilarri<?l Lyona, in. first 
to Joseph Cavie, ^^<\-i and 8t.'Condly to Colonel Campbell) a non and Muc^recHOr. 

Alt^xnndt^r Lyon Emi^rHon, K]<q^« M-I>., of Wmt Itctford flouiit-^ Nottv, and of Ulvemcroft 
Abbey, Co. l^ieoittr, nls-> of CuRiWrworih nnd Thorpe, Co. Lincoln, and GnBinplon. C«u 
Dorlnim. b. Mny IH. I77il. who rntitred ihe nnny Mnrcb ^, 17i)r>, and iervtd Ihrougboui tbe 
Cftinpai^^nd in llnllnnd. I'VyP^- Spain. Cujje of Good Hope, etc. In I'^IT be was one of the frw 
promoti^d iiy tlio Pnnre Kcj^ent to thi.* rnnk of depniy inHpi'<*torof biHpitnU- Or Kmrraiou 
w:aei a ^ood kic)Lii]i?<t urid iniLKid^in, p![iyiog exiremely wfill ou the orj^an, 'V\tv or^nnint td 
Ctwrge ]JI. be<|UV[itbccl him » buflt of JliiiiJtd, now in Mitjor<Gent-nd Lynn Hfnorsoo's 
poff«e«Nion, Of. Kn»er»c*ni m. Kli/jd>eth. dan. of — Hnnndon. Kwq,, of Muldori, i\\. K«Hex.nnd 
ha« iwue : — (1) Alexmidor Lyon, his heir {vide infra). {1) WiIMnin ll«nrj-, of Cnmbcr worth 
ftriil Thorpe, C<i. Lint'oTn. \\\iv. iV.\Ti\ licgt Wv. enterc>d the nrmy, an eiiaign iii tho HHh Pool, 
iu 1H42, Aail having obtained hii« lieuienaney in I84:(, served ibrougttout the CHinpaiga of itie 
Sulledgo, acliiig aide-de-camp to llrigjtdier Slmcey, C.H., at Sobfuon, Hod hun ri^criv^ n 
inednl nnii n elivHp ^ in. in I84>4 Floru Ttrpiidi^, dnii. nnd rn-heir of F, l> tluj^nen, KMq,» of 
Lon{^0omr nnd Anhntead. Oo. Sarrey, by Mary, hi« wif*\ etdcnt unrvivin^ dnu. of Sir Timothy 
Sbcllf-y, Bart,, of CaNtlo Goring; diird without uaue. (3) Tborttna Wharton, of Cumber- 
worth, Co. Lincoln, and liite uf Pembroke College, i^iifori), m. Mary, dau. of R. Corringliain, 
Rjiq., of MiflU'rVoii, Notia, nnd Uha a boo, Lyon Emerion> (4) Eli^bi-tli. in. to CajiIhiu 
Tiipmnn, R, N,. of Rri^niling. f^h. in lN4^t. lenving iflaofi, (~t) Jnlin, did not mnrry. (fi) Ifinbella 
SoAunnn, m. in l^ri^lo Robert OnrriNghnrri, Esq, , of MialiTtnn ;indGring1e>'. NottJi. (7) Anno 
LouiHa, did not mnrry. Or. Emerison d, Jnly 24, IKH. wm bnrif'd in Tunbrid|;e WelK 
and wan sjcceeded by his vliIeBt son. the Kev. Alexander Lyon Kmerson, of UlverscroCl 


Thn «ld»JAt of Dr. Kineraon** Monit, «on and h«ir to lHvAmernfl Ablu-y, wns iU^ Rnv, 
Alrinndi^r Lyon Kmerson. of Ulver«croA Abbey, Co. Lnct^xti^r. and Went Hncklnnd. Co, 
8umer«et. «uceee<led U\* fnther July 24, 1^34, m. IB37 Julia, only surviving dan. of WilUum 
Trencbard, Ksq.. of Taiuilon. aud ha^ iaaue. He aold Ulvcrm^roft Abbey ia 18^7 to Lord 
Stamford, He left i»«ne:— (I) Atexuader Lyon, b, Feb. H, lr^;W, 28ili Rfrgt,, ■erv«^d in the 

* Thii imWi VliHAl.]itn vml* with Ilii« tCiiiurvoni mhiJ tlio \7^*'' jwliuuMf Iw^hm with Iho >iLtuit |irrvifTk^ 
P- H. B. 


ItimtJTi rnmpaif?n {ridf iii/r<i). f2) CUarJei^ l-Mwanl t^l. 1804, tint- j>roJf. (.1) Whnnun 
AiuroUi, uiiiunrrtcd, alire, no ivme, (4) iticoil'irQ Jtoivjk, oh. IH8^, Mnjof l^<lh Ke^L, 
reUrvil Li«ui.-Cuto<ici iil Alicv Aurill iii 1^1*, c6. Not. 15. 1B;H, and li-ft Iwu* :— <h AlifX* 
niiilor Tlioodvru. (j) CUarlvit Kdwhrtl, Both living. (5) C«lk«riii« Alien Mary, ■pimttor^ 

Alcxnmler hynn, ili<* fton nod b^Jr, or Cotlake Housei, Taunton, SonwrMtfhlr^, «ott-red 
the nrnij on .Sati. V2{h, IS&A, ai cn*lgn in 'J^lli Foot, luid rrmAtnM in It I'lli jenr^, rt^tirlag 
fruui Uiv i^ummnud io 1^7 with Iiununry rnrik irP Mjtjur-Oeni^r.iL St^rrrd hi MKlta* Iniiln, 
Hong Kong, »(i ■iflfl' lu P. A . Qijiirtvrrnjiiii«r'Gi»m<rAl in .Ininiiif^B, nnd Brifjitdc- Af itjor #r 
Curmjfh Cnni|> nnil IWIfftM dUtrict. 4il«i) AMi^ttAnt QuAr1«rinn«Li-r lit'iii-rAl, IWiJimoutii. nnil 
on Princii KOwniv) uf SnxO'Wrimnr't itniT ut rortimoulh, Oomniandi-J lai Glutice«tfr«hire 
it«gt two yean. M. in ]»78 Kdilli Kute Rtun, 
ilxtL of Llt'iiL-Cf'lonel WyndtiHni Buker. Royal 
ArtilUrj. by K^jith Liiiliirigtoi», l1»floiii> dAughlcr, 
Ethitt May, born Nov. *Z^, \H7*J. Ann*— quart trrly : 
J Emerwon. 3 BoBvile, -t Bolk-, nnd 4 Lyon, Mfrtto— 
** in te Dowint ^ptrovi." CresL — im>»«. 

(2) J. iTjiArr iTM^rNoii, o/ Bath. 

Th« locomponying p«dlfti'<w vr»contpiTed from 
matt-riHl kindly supplii-d by Mr JoHcph FisIkt Km- 
cr»oiK "Yhh fumWy are uitdoubied de^cendams of 
Itiv Kcnrnon* of Co. Uloucmtirr, wboM pc<ligrcr iind 
liiBlory ttr«f*ivDn uiiOvr (V iiluuccAti-r in Cbupier IV^. 
Tli« fjunlly uriginntcd in Durhnm ami 14 n»l iir- 
TDIgtroai. It liaa |fro4luced one ilifeti»);uittiefl inh'i 
■t proient living, mt. WilliAin l->mvr«nii. nrc-Uit<-<^t. 
of London, 80 far M i> konwti and a« ici^ordi altow 
It U n^t reU(«d to Kat|ih Wnldo Kinersoa'a rHOkHy 
»m noma of it« pnemb^rH liavv tliouglit 

(9) Rob^wi John Empt^non. Wiaranton. 

(1.) Bim John. Hud i*«nr :^(1) R^^Wrt John 
(lk« conlributor). (2) T, K. Vt.. living m Yeovil, 
Movtril to Wincanlon from Lavhigioii nnd Sinntun. 
CInimpnonrm*. Sig*i«d,K. J. Km rn«r ion, Win on 11 too. 
Jun« 22. ]89e. 

Kelly, ISt^.— Emerwna i, Rmniersoita 0, Em- 
bcr»OD I =; &M 


(1) Attnie EmerM^n. of Edimburffh. 

Anni« KnMiraon, i|)iii«1i?r, d«ii. of llic latr Mr. Kmi^rMin, of BwGh|tjirk. prar BirlfnkL. 
[reUnil* nntl uieco of Sir Jain«Bl<^«r«otiTcMniDl (^.r.). llnsnlirayRiipcIt llir nitme Kmor^ion. 
H«r broitii*r «i^rv^ in x\tr Army S«»rvio« Cor|i« in Sonlh Afriow, awl v^rnl il^roaj^li IW Hott 
war, florvlving the altuck oa Majuba ilill. He died 1893. nnninrrii-iJ- Itrr Ullicr vrtit to 
Cakntia m maitagii^ director of Ihr l\N,0. Company. Hak only a married ai^t^^r alive. Her 
fitber, tli<! f-lder brolbor of Sir Jamet KmrrAoO'Tcnnnnl, \ined tlir taniv ama la Sir J«aM4 
ijnitrmrn-TftiinKot (if-v.)- tii^ned. Annie Hniprtun. June 2/^^ iSW. 

Book>p1»i«oontHI>ut«>fl, P. IL K. 

(2) Thttmaa K«^r#on, ^ Ab^rdr^n. 

(L> Tlionaa EiMr«on, of Mulg«vi«, Reafrewshire, liad Itttie:— (1) Willtiim Kinrr«on. 
v«itt to Amorica in 1874. irf. 40, nevvr heurd of i^incff, b. 18^), (:;!) Mary K<i>ef»ijn, mimiI to 
New York, t:.S.A.H in 1f<68,fitf.:K, to, and died iliurp, in.4:£ ; b. IMS, {:i\ TtioiDiiH Kmenion, 
h. SepL 21, 1641. (4) Janie«, v/tnl to AiDericA in lSl'2, *H, IK. henrd of ni CtyiiUl fulnod. 
California. In 1878; h. IS^ir (h) Marion, m. Andrew Polton, of tihuguw. boilt living. 

(ik) Thomaa Eioeraoa. wm born at Sprinffbum. Olaafon, Sept. 31. 1844, and mored to 

iiMcm riJVtH Km m ew, m*- Tt. 

Aberdeen 1887, mid has iuii«:— I'lj Anni«. <8) Thocmft. (<*)) H^j^fie, f4) Eubt^. 
(d) Akxander. AJwafitp«linAnieEnier»oii aiKlclaiiD* no armi. £^gaed,Tbomu Emertoiif 

ScotUod- Edinburgh Post OlBce Directory, 189n, nnil 8<«tc Directory. -EmcrM>«« 2, 
BmiiimonH 2, Kinbt-rMona : AbiTnlnrn, 18!#^t-^KiOArH)fi* '2 =^ S, Ayr, Invv-mem, Gitagvw^ ^ 


(I) Oraer Emrmon. a/ Iio»trftor. ^o. Doren. 
(L) Jotifi Bai«r«oii, b, 17^3. in. I7'K) Htcj. duu. of Jobn Hurtin Tubbermouej, Down- 
pnlrlck. They liad iuuK ; -(J) KIkn, b. 1791!. ni. 18lJ!»,went to AnKrricH »amr j^r. {'2) John. 
b, 1794, m. \u Amtrrk-u. weui oui with liii aiKtcr KHrn. (3) GrAcn, h. 1TPt>, iti. Jobn Wiliion, 
ofr. 1867, no Imii«, (4) R<ib«rt, b, 17^H, do n»t knov where >i« Jw4. (6) Mary, b. ISOO^ 
oh. IKTd, unnnnrricd, (fi) ThomiiA (Gontribiitor's ralhvr). h. IH02. m, lK37, ofc. 1881. (7) .lo«epli 
Mirtin, b. }80H, lout ni neti 1849, unnifirried. (8) Biithv«ii, U 1810, «^. 1880, anmnrried. 
Joiteph Di)d Kurhveti werv poeti. 

(li.) Thoiuai Bmvrvoii, b. 1802, m^ 1837 Mury. dnu> ur Juiiivh Kirkup, NoriliumbtfrUnd. 
Th«yh4<l Umi«}; (1; Klkuh^th CHlhi'riii(.v b. Svpt, 27. J838, m. 18^>7 JohriCnlwri, m>ii<ir Joho 
Calvert mtd itrAnilAOTi of f^coDHrd C»lvi>tt. C*>. Armagh, (2} Jfihn ThoiTiHii; b Dpc. 31, lK>*tO, 
0&, 1840. (3) Mnry Grace Cthr contributor), b. Nov. :■, 1K4L «|>in-tcr (4) TlitHnu 
Uuthven. b. Nov. i». 1842, m. in Am«ficj<, tettled \n Arcaia, CjilifcfniA, oite ioii« Thomas 
Henry, n vrri/ clever boy uf 10. (5) BoUert Jumei. b. 8^pi, S'J. 1844, m. 1889, (6) John, 
(Miijor) b, July 2. 1B47. m. 10:^8, secondly 1^I»j>, one ion. h. 1^90 r>fiVf« i>i/V<i)- Alwayi spirit 
tli« tume Kinerxoti, Claima no nrrnn, Sigiii^d, ftrFio^ Kmmon, Ituitrrvor. July ll>. Ittd6. 

MiftK Uractf Erit4^r«oti \\Hi a iraditlan that her 
great -i^real'^rBntlfttiher wad bu Knglivhtnnii, whocAiQo 
ovor with Williain 111 nod riiufrht ait tlie batU« of lb« 
Uoync and vcttlcd in Ulnt«r BirJ. Kinernon-Tennvnt 
irlnlnwd kindred with her ^rflndrather. 

Misa Ewvrmn hai »fnt in? a. votum*^ (if po«m» 
by her two onclcM, Joncpli Miirtiii jmd Kuthven Eld- 
4^r«i>n, «niHkil "Layn of the De^p "(London ; Marl- 
borouf;ti A C<>-i IHT8). Theii? btottii-r* wiro both 
u'Hterciilour nrtiitlflAn wpII. JoKopfi Mnrtiri wni ev«tr 
n rov«T on ihn nt^n, in nhirh lie finally found hta 
gritv« (July. I8i{>).nrid Kuthven was n itay^al-horo^, 
never leaving; Itosirevor. Of thp iwo writttrt, Joseph 
nppnirH to r»e th^- hntirr, and hin ponmn arc diatinctly 
jFoiiU, uKriwtng kiinn ohiiprvntion nod knowledge i>f the 
sen and shlpa, u certniii |>ower of c*xprefl§inn, and a 
>!rv^t love of nature, The«ppoemi, if notoriiritrnnk, 
iii^ jL long itfty atii^ad of tnuvh of the writing of the 
iiiMior poc(A")ifivfT[i in Mr. Truiiri urti<sle, butthcvo 
bnitlK-rii kni'w nothing of. nnd onred lerta for log- 
rcilHii|7 and booming. 1 must refer the n^adfrr to 
the t'ohimp itHelf Tli« drawinf^i of Huthveo are 
ttitti«r rurmal, but he iia« a good »enae of colour and 
decurHtioo, lacking only Ihi.^ t^xrguixiU' dmuglilamAn- 
ahip u hich procUini4 tlie runnier 

MiHH Kmcrflon'i broihirr, wboac portnut la here 
glv«n, U an able and diftttnguiabed otRcer, wlmac record I append in brief. 

Major John Kmt^raon, Commamlant of the Military Felice Corpa, ProvMt Mnmhat of th« 
Army, at prencnt on ihc Htnlf of IUm Itoyul Uighneaa the Duke ttC Carinniight. ibe GooeETAl 
Officer oummnnding Atdnrihot. wui l>nrii nt Roiimifor, Co- Dawn. Irfilnnd. in the year 1^47. 
He waa educated at Dr. Stackpole'a Academy, Kingttown, nnd at Major Alarlc E, Froat'a 

Il(TTa*IDl flHlUCiU, liura IHK oTi, iitix 


ApudprnvH Pnrwtnoinh, H* joinrd iht- Rttytt] Navy in I8fif,, nnil recc»vH hi* c'>mniiiwiMi ns 

I'ajmjiBtvr iik Jalj, It^^- H« H«rv«iJ m thv f,i<iN,f^iiflrOihl>t|i m (tnftfiinck, rdc] [1,M.S- itriatul 

dnp^tiip of Atlmirfil Sir G Hi>riil>y o« Iho wrnl Ocwiil of AfrJcii* iind iho J'n*"/, tnr^ati'jftlor, 

'* T)r. LivirigMon«»'« oM thip," and on mnny others on the north vouittuf AmeriiNt, W«8t IndJw, 

Wfi^i co'Ut of Irirliini] fur ft itural)«r of yrjin. 

He left the Nnry in I87L, and joined the 

Qth PrinceM Chnrloite of Woict Dmgoon 

GuArdn^conatntriilyciill^fd the *'Grcnn Uotm;.'* 

Hit WAH (Mnptn/pd on ther rmruitln^ tlnlT, 

Londoa, fur Home yi-nri, Bod obtaiu^d the 

re);iineiiia1 rnok of Orderly Itoom Sergf^nu 

EVlftJor t>iTror^ v-rtlunt^rniiff fur ariivr crrvjiM- 

oti Ihc oulbrrnk of thi* K^yplhiii cuiupui^fi. 

iMHli. Hr ftc^f^oinpanii^ Ijoril Wolselt.^ 

thftjupfh the cAiiitiat|:i) aflllifSergrnni-Mnjnr 

»f the Combinifil Miliinry Mounted aitd Foul 

FoUce nnd took purl in the batile of Tel' 

GtKeber anil thu iidvuiivu on «nd tlio C4i|)tiar« 

of Ctiro. He wn* i&llneh«d lo thvitnfTor 

Sir GvticrAl Grnhjiiit, V.C.. K,aH,dariii|( 

the firfti EAitern Soudan Campiiijjd, IftHi, 

mid njift prrinni ni thr Imading nfihe iroopn 

jii Tririkital, the battle of Kl Teb< the rulief 

ofTnkflt, thrn*eoniiiiHBaii(*euf KiDiibnr and 

AffAfeet, Lhv bnttl« of TriRifll. llk« ik'titroctioii 

of Q«mftfi l>igiiii'4i villago, And ihr ftfliiirv of 

Tnmnch «nd Hnndoub. He wan mentioned 

in dcKpulclii** in Ihe Lt/udfa Ontflir of tl»e 

24th i»f May. IKK4, nnd w.ta nwArdt^d ibf djit- 

liu)Eui>hod c^ifidiKt oi«ilul fcrgallttnlry in the 

tiidd, with Iwu diUeM. (1) Krb, 2<J «nd (:!) 

Bdarch 13. }J^i. lie vrrved en Lord Wot- 

Mlvy> atafT during the whole of the Nile Kf« 

l>edition until ilie nvAJ!uatioii of Soudun, In •.: 

Sept,. iHrt5, he wn» coininiMioned (Junrter- c<rtu««ni*f ,rf jiuiL, . 

inaater on ihe sifttf of tlie Army, Jind ap- 

pointed AKM<tnnt Provoit AUribnl nt ihi- Curragh Cnmp, Irelnnd. la 18811 h« wu« 

uppoiutcd to ihu commiBBioo of tho ponce for the town of Bdf4«l, nnd during tlie fiotii uf tiki* 
ypAF WH« dnn^trouHly vouiided whtUt endevvmirin^ to prntnrt ibr bfr tif a rauu. He whh 
Governor of the Miltlnry Prison, Curra^b Camp, from \HHC> in \H\^l. lie una nwarded the 
Boyul Society inecUt for saving Yiin tntm firo, }89L Tbe deeorfttiooA in Mnjor Kmerflon's 
pOMH'Biuri vre : the Effyptian medal irith four i:latp», diHtLa^nUhed conduct oiihUI, Khedire'a 
»t«r, lluiaiiue Society medal. Ho wnn Birongly recoinmrudvd by Hia ttoynl HighiH-a* the 
Diik(^ of Cambridge twice for ihe Albert niediil for aaving life, alao for the mei^ldie of the 
4th C\m9 for Mrvic* in t^gypl- Mj^or Kmenoii w«s ttppoinleil tlnf fauk of Miyor on tlie lOth 
of Sept.. IBd5. 

1 acn especially Indebted to Ulas Grace Emeraon for Ihe roluive of poema and Ihe waier- 

ootooi dfawinj; by tCutliTcn, itad to Mnjiif Eiu«r»vn for bin portrait. —E'. H. B. 

{2f Auni/i Knirtcoji aa^f Franr^t JluiorU KiMTunn, (Vriri'itir, f.V l-imrtirk. 

In lh« early pjirt of ibn BiKtrrnlh ci^ilnry, one lloralio Kmeraon, reputed U> hr tm nrtbl, 
n. Emily, dau. of Frederick Wetheml, of Caillc Wutheml, King's Couiily. They hkd iaiue : 
one son, John Snlfii^ Kmeraon, ivho m, n L'K«tr»n;[e, af the «4rue rounty. They had Issue : 
On« iii>o, Horatio Kmemon, in, Kn«ily ftfdiuvk, dan. of WtlliiLm Mulock. of Il^Uatr, King** 
Cminiy. nnd hud iuue; — ^(1 i Jolin Jcnnph, (:J) Kiiuihetb, (S) Kr^oc^*, lahn di^'d young. 
Kli^altcth ni. John North, of Kairvlew, TyrrcUpau, Co. Wt«t meat b, and h^d iaiue :—0} Kntily, 
m. Countiey Stiated, Cnptjiin K.E^. Scots. (2) Kaihl^en, m. W^illlam Gardtnpr, A.M. staff. 

<H-1ial of Ibv AfiDj 


(3} Conalance. irK Frank Anderson, IniJiatt Civil fervent (4) Col. David North. Utv RotaI 
Artillery, nov^ or t'airview, m. Mrs. Jack, or liiilitnx ; ilicy imve mue — on« ilaugliiirr, <9t^ 
Itve or »tx. 

Jobn Joseph EmcTvon («o»lril>utoT'« liilU«r) m. H«ry Juno, «1<lu«t dnu. of th« InU CapUln 
IsaaoNortli-Buinford* of Callow tttid FiTn«. Kikock. Co> MvaiIih Tliey had isauc : — (1) Horatio 
(died youii|>). (L') Iisnc Bomford, m. Mini>ic, ilitu. of Intr: John Wyl«y. of Lcacroft. I*lc of 
Wiftht ; no imur. (<1) John JaEtepli North. ^4) Henrj ICutit^rl Mtj|o«k, in. Gi^r^iiiH, dan. 
of Gcur^' AtiUrvws, of Kilkun; Lti»ui-"-Hor4L'e Aodnm*, Vivrt'ij, Bilfren, Vtrrai. (&] Cfifirl«B 
St' lAi^vr Shvfvm^ton, iioi nmrri^il. (1i) Diivfd NoFlh-Uf>nifnrd, tti Kmily Con«lanc<^, d«it. 
of th« Uie S^imupl Mnriyn^of Thorlor iS^unrn, I^inHon ; iiMUp^MfLry Ndltp. ap'd ten months. 
(7) rrnnk. dit^d joung. (W) Buliniln Bomford, m. J, C, Cooper, uf C"up«r Jlill, Clnriiin^ 
Co. Litiieri(<k ; nv J!t«ue. (H) Klijtiibvtlt^ di^d yoon^. (lU) Emily Ai]nu]>olii«, in. Atbol John- 
fltoiiv Dud^iron, 90U of tltt^ Inti^ C^iiiuhi Rnff nudgtfuii, of ilii; dOlh Eiigi. ^ ii»»oi; — John 
Ilvory, Rulf K»tii>rKriri ( Athol), Mnry- 

^H4:jfi0n I. — Kmncrj WethttrnT Mulook (inj»«lf). 

Question 2. — The Kmersons came from Durlian, 

Qutslhn 3. — Our nBiD« was ntwn)* ICmprjton. 

Quiatiifn 4-— My faibcr wiu a Evkbr^tisd Hthlvle, na vloo to my yomii^ctt brother. 

Qtietlion 5. — A< far buck ah I Loow, tion« of my jiooi^Kior* w«i»t nSnrtid, thoy liAving lived 
on the Kmcraon property, CTotiahaney and [)eer Park, Ball yen mb«r, King'» Couaty, which CAme 
to th»»m ibrongh Kniily Wplhernl, of CrrIIo WcthrrAl. 

tJftfMtion 7, — Vip hnvi* nrmv. 

Sigiiv^ FraiictHt Auue Euici»i>ii, Clarinn, July 17, 1W90> 

(3) ITmcrffflnj. o/ /frZ/a^e nn/i U.S.A. 

ftl llDlfvl. Vutm U^rcUimt, 
T>nnflii1. oh. nrtn Lnlfl, 

J nid'nrr'lr«j|K]».ir|iniiht«m1(ntad 
I i« tfv«* York wLtb Im Uira« »a* H 
I iHl^w. 

Poblf^er. Vt>wY»tl. 

oO, lu Nov lDrh,;KSii. 

Jaiiioi, = Ancie Ju|iTuh<n. liotruH. at Bolfnal, 



Nvw Turk. 

0A.t!l.P. IK1M. 

ti, 11^, IJtvIiI' 

luHiuar, putur 
KC Orrvnoittl*) 
Prt., 1«W, Pro- 
tfcBur of Buit 

Tp»f Cnir,,Nflw 

fhAra. U IVi?) 
^n. vf Bon. S, 
n, tniEhafn, W- 


Trmtun. Now 

Smtvu, rt f 

K July 


m, 111 lliiuk- 

J. ftniitli, 
dN. Not., 


b. ivat. 

Hit- in 

Jbri, lldflLwvlL 
b, IKM, Ucht.. af 


ftnti^. - J. 



b. IVkA. fTndr uf 

Uiinirli^ lUnkFf . 


I. I HAS. ini,!). 

imnpl'nif I'mC, 
of A-f flliMu^v T kB 

(?oni»ll l/olr,. 
r»4nv l>ir*iil'ri *tt 
Anmlonh K<lioul 
«/ AwbRikl-K]' *li 
AtbBu*, On^Db 

h. In PktU. IfiMj 

Kdwin, Jun., 

V in Drwdoi 


S" — 

Univ.. l«WJIItill At lIV¥AliJ WfUl 

V«w T^'i^ bl[hM4 bwurUTtt 

In Tf s* Vut% uii] 
aen uf C^lumUik 



Mpiry - J. r4ilrAiii, 
Jmia, i>f 

rtr Nfw Ynrt 

Vullr- Ja*«fThtb* 

No »rni>. Signed, Rrv. Kdtvin Emrrson, Dpnvrr, Colorado, Nov. V2, IS97. 

(4) John C. £mer$on, lialludrJtoh, Co. Cork. 
Family has been living at Bandon, tn Go. Cork» for i^W yenra. Hat a brolber, Canon 
Erocraon, of Si. Pet(Tr*», Bnndoii, to whom r^'furrvtl, but recctvod no rrply- — P- El- E. 
(.*) Thomaii I'^morsQii^ of Viifdrii, Co. Galwa^. 
Srj* ih^ iiflmo i« ii> b4^ found in fCiltinbuy Cliurth, Co, CUrc, for Hvcral hundred year*. 
Mnny of liifl relatiooa went lo America, No arrnri. Si^ni^d, Thomiu Kmurion, Clifden, 
Nov. 9, Ifiin. 

Kelly^ leitfl. — Emeraouft 18, Kmmvr«i>n« 4, Kmbortona = 32. 



Thomas Smerton, B.A. {Cantab.), of Serajganjt Eastern Bengal. 

Cnnin Tri>m OHlnuyf InrlttHil, wIh'R' Iiih futheri ii buiUirr, ia Jil |M'tiseiil tlviitg, IIIh fimily 
iiiki roiidt'il in llic <^>unty of CInto, nt Cor<ifinj ■Jiioo <T«rly in (hr seventeenth century. iJin fnlhor 
ttiiH hum thtn* hi IK'24 aiiiI m. Mix* Kobi?r1ii in (tS'f!). Hiii pnteroal jfrAtiUfnthor wus barn itt 
th« same place cirra ITi'O. His nioihvr'a fnthtir liireil at Pars un hi own. and her mother was 
Sidniry Cfttherinc Mncmuhon, n fitmoui brauty^ Throngli the MacmBlinn^i^ land* in Clflru 
cuiiiQ to litH mulUer'* t>ri>tticr. Elm nlwnyn vpelt the uhmf? Hnierscm ind clniin* nu una*. 
Sigiiod. Thomotf Emvriioii. Sernjgnnj. Enatern Uungal, Auf;. 9, 18^6, 

Mr. TfitimrtH KitivrMon. ail Indian Ci^il st>rvnnt, avbh bdnciilpd iil Clon^fouea Wood College; 
the KoyHl University of Ireland, and Kmntunuel Colle^^e, Camhrid<:e» ^vhere he grndunted B.A. 
Aflcr Ihv tfnammalioii of iHTrf, be was ii|fpoint<^il to iSfngnl, where he urnvt^d Dec, 2^, l!4T4, 
nnd fltrrvvB in Jlt^n^al d» asBislunt luii^UtrAfp uiid eull«ulur (ricif Indian OIKciat Lttit, l8Uti), 

IndiHn Official Li«t, ll^^G— Emenon 1 (ti^t gnpra) ; Thack^r'* Indian Diraetiiry — 
Emerfiooi 7 = 6, 


BETOM} tuk :>tAA. 

Oeorge EmerMon^ Hotel de Flnndrc, Cntttiii. 

(E.) Edwnrd Emmt>nnn, or Emerson (ipcJc both wny«^, b. im^p in Yorkdiln?. Hod 
itaue : — 

(ii.) Edwnnl, h. IfiOT, in Yorkshire. Had issue :— 

(iii.) Kdwiird Henry, b. IH^jO, in Yorkshire. Had inue: — 

(iv.) jAiDt?», L >ii London, 

Hah hvnrti KinerAoii. uf^tirwiirdK Eineraiin T«nnanl, waa oouaiii at U\h grnndratlier J, E^ K., 
brothfir abroad; aUo KsL E, in Ne« Zealand (1870), 

1 do not know tlic KoglUh nddroM oF this coTitrrbiitor, thurd'nni P"^"^ ^''^ '^'^ " beyond 
the seav," but in hla letter he tpvuki of returning to Jiu»k Hill Park.— R H. E* 


@incr60ii5 of ^p&mtcl), "^actS., and ^crfford&^irc. 

AnouT thrte years ago, l>r. P, E, CAnfleldn my cousin, 
the vnihusiasttc ^eneft1o|EUt of the regiMerL*d branch 
of tiu0 IpR^vUdi (MflAfl.) Kn>«ranna, wrot<r to m« and 
asked me the following qUTriiiona : — 

(1) Who unci Knir of Fo:«ton, what waa hll 
pedigree, and what reliition was be to (be Ipawjch 
Eineraon* who elaiiii bi>i arnm ? 

(2) Who was Tb>>n:ti)ii of Brndbary? whut re- 
IhIioti wnii be to Unlf of Foxtoti and t(> the Ipvwicb 
Emerson a ? 

(3) Whether I could And out vhenoe ThomiAf 

of Ip^wicb rinigraled in England? 

Dr, CnnfinM informed m« Pn>fc«»or B. K. En^ 
eraon bad Nperit tw«Iv« yeara aeurvhioj^ ever^rtbinj; ka 
America, and that nobodj; linew whence tbe Ipawich 
Emertona had cnme^ Ibough it was naid Co, Unrbam, 
and ao^gr^ted 'rbomns of Bmdbnry and Tbomas of 
lp«»-ieb wtrv idtnlieJil 

These ainiple questions, which it httti mkLMi me exactly three ^efirs' hard and nnreniiMmi; 
unrk to answrr, gnvp rise lo thia book. At the start [ bckily foade thti accpiainlnace of 
■ Till* ohii|}U>r wta •n'tirn Dftvi th« book had ^atf Lo pnu^— P, B. K. 

Oft. \mt7. 



Colnad J.KHti'^l, ILK,vboliAd for wmm ran b#«tj vortim^ at m UMrfcf toovft teriljr, 
••4 he ^vm aw Mudi t«IwM« b«lp, Tlw Loo<lo« Libraij »m pdt Bttdcr Itvj lor booka, mnd 
1 b t g ^ M «Ilh cctti, I MKrti r^uoj itofUng «fc»t«Tvr wm^ kawa of TfcoM^ of Ip«vick, «« 
r«g«rd« kM KoKfaah hfv : uid «1iIkhi||I» C^WvI Su«I v«f««i4 ■»# ti ««* v^ry "ffcaclcnio|f 
vfiiri/' iltift ic«n«ti«y— ' •k^vld call kt bcart-brcakiafE^I d«!t^m]B^to9olTrtbM«qa^lon«. 
Mad afUt I bad io a ^nr m« w>i ciJ ■ evrrtaio UKwat of fcafiimadon, I pnftu4 it in a littW 
fAlaifr* p4nphl«t. cfiiiiM " liou^b >ota oo Ibc &B«r«ea Ctfttt " i ItMJ, to be 4iiCribnl«d 
pHtdUTjr iitil to M7VC Ui« purpOM of oc«opjMg tb« yaod, aftd of ctrcalsUftg witb « Hew 
tu|iraJnbf(fririli«T^itr>nBaiknt ■ndrarrM^MMMttr«tfrv««. lAo wwtof lay bcttCbf gmolc^|g|>, 
I auen b«|pui 10 Arx- i^^tMl alnurtl a(i4 uH^-n valo "ftallf mditiOM " pnopU prrp^ovtr. and, 
won« ibM tiM« tbit many of ti»r publicatinm cooUinlvg |iedigf««a of the bcllfr cIjua wen 
sbMlaUl/ aninutwonhT, Oo proving a pc<lif>rnr jri<^fi ia BnrtLr vu »pijriot», 1 detcmised 
t« imal Dobodj and b#lirte aoibioic uMup|wrLrd bjr fr*/itl ftiA^wnf. Uut, >!«■ ! I made tbia 
dieaovarj ifl^r lb* fitiMirfltuMi of my "* Roogh NaI***," in n lii<-b I had nai*«ty bb«iiiio<1 c«nftiii 
priflled prdiKf«i-« wrc tru«i«onli]r, uid cooasqarnlly tmivd «ofne of nj «Qgg««tH>iu tbcrpupoo. 
When I had Uanil th« rup<a fairly veil, I deUrmitied Io fuaa ertry JStt^Ub county aod 
Hoollaiid and IrrleMl ibroygb a coaraa-metbed atrUHer, aa U v«r«, fe«lln^ aore I ahoald tboa 
find an««V4^ lo my qnc^wma — aa I b*v« done. In Jant, 1^97, Prufnaor B. K. EnvraQD «ent 
mo adrancw yfoafm of his * FmrraiMia to AmetHB." f hrffj^td bini to oaoil tb^ ohapter on 
" Kisrraon* in KftiEland.'* w«rnin|r him tbat I bad diapovrrrd ci^rtaia printrd pedifrr«>ea »«re 
apuriooaf and ihit thnefore aoroe of ray mgj^eriiona in *' K^uji^h Xotea " wvr« do longtr to be 
eutertain«d; in effrct, that hia miltrr rm fli« *' E<ni;raon« in Kngland " vbj wortbloM, ned 
calccilalcd lo liarm lh« ftwH vork he hnd dvne on tkc ~* Kmer>o«a io AairrtcH,*' but Ik* 
dadinvd lo liilen to my n'lvir« 4i*H (o rftrr^^l aomv mnivvr* wkich wvre mtro idta con^clur*, 

snd It la i mallvr fur regrvt that hv umV lliia riev of thv mailer, for ay iMt »ih1 latrat dU- 
eiovarj prove* the fillnrj of hi< lh«ofir« «« lo Ihf origin of thr Ipuwicb Ktteraooa. 

Iflll to ratnril^ An«^r nearly lhre« yeara' hard vorl, my whole ttmr bfing gir^ti up lo 
the aubjcct, 1 have paniatly tiic<<*edml lu aeltlinf; (he HaM of Foxion problem. »o for na, I t^mt^ 
it «T*r will b« tf4il«d, in proving thai tlii>ro w^r* Ikrao Tboma*^ of Bradbury, and tbal ba 
waa mM related lo lUlf of Foilon, thnt neither of tkc three Tboraea«a of Bradbury emlffraled 
to ftfaMflchtiH? Ml. tbnt thry were deH^nclanU of Willinm Rideraoa, of Soothwark. V/o. Surrey, 
bf>wyi-r, and werr iu no tvay cotint*oted with any Durham family, lO far aa ia known. 1 hftd 
p»iiM?d every rounly except llvria and EaavA througb my atralner, and unly awailed a fuw 
docuioenia lo iini4b my roii^h a#fln^h of tbftm. Whan I go4 m n«ar thn and of ny alloitod 
taai, I ilulvrminrd lo print th<r hook^nnd Mr, I>. Nott npfit out prowpeclDsen, advertlring Ita 
probeble puMir-ntion in Miircb, WiH. Aa I bad to Tw rrady for the printer, I adrprElfcd a 
femd <»f £1^' ifi ih'? oew Otn^nl't^irni Mn/jatine. June, l^*J7, for the bapt»(n vertiticatea of 
ihB cblMreti of Thumua wnd Klj/^nUrth Eturttou, who rinif^rRtird lo l|i«iiU:H, Sfavn.. riVcfi l^tS^. 
Whan tny MS, w*nt lo thu printon in February, 1^98, I bad n fov r«)EUtiirfl remaining to be 

aaareb^Td tH*twri*i] Kr1'» nr>d li\^'t — aomt? rlf>xrn In K*ttix nnJ three or four lo Co, Herta. 

Go March 4, I ^*)8» f wrote lo Mr, F. Jobftaon, of Ureal Tarruoutb, wlio hai done a ^ood 
doal of wnrk for me, nnd aaked him to go to lleria and Eseex for me nt once and aearcb tome 
dojean rpgivlna. He wna at ihc tlni« vtrry buvy, nnd wrola me in ^^^ply ^>" MArob 5^ 1898 : — 

to Miv-tlh knil tfi) uM viir* vli*!! I nn jpa (li"* u f vn flairt^ Tnu; ltvf> fvr ■run* Uitit, WTjaL |ut vf Rafttm Xa»i tt IGF VOMM 

[n rtTplyn I told him rarWii- parUh^a in and about BuhopS Stlcrtford. Co, llerta, and Great 
Dunmnw h Kaavk. nn<I thai I •bouM aak him to Htart at Blabop'a Slortford. lie vaa im- 
forlunately ^nab(l^ lo fn\ to I poatfd rewiu-d notlcea to ell the Easel pnrlshea, and wrote to 
Mr W. Mriirg, F^lilor of Ihe Sfrrt* OtnealttyUt, on Friday, Mnrcb U, Miaa Wnlford. wbom I 
had Naked lo look fur any irHmK-ripta of Jliabop'^ Htorifitrd. sStondun mid Auwbridgnnorih al 
Somt^raet Houhu, bnvrrig told mo of him. A cupy of thu latli^T to Mr Brigg may bo of 
Inlerealt nnd I* Uvrv prinird, loRiKber with a "rewnrd bill." 

aitRrvjai', Tim «^va n^Kfil tU) 'to b-^lA V* tlit Hnt pvivin wSp>*ii|';ih'« i^'rCklM onjile* of tfat h«f4kni* nf Jnsf |kti, Jnlin, 
JiMii ailailMh Uhl JltUAMkrl» uliil'ljui "I 'nt<iMta nnil KMuli^li RmtHv-n, l»rn Imwmh m^Mntl Mtt>, ITtUutnlvl luprn lut. 
OTlaliimi win AnA ll*iTth «kl1« L> «iAiiMrip U»>ir f oitlitor uf iHtrtuiua fm lit* Alwvt imrlod In h«tMiof IndlBg Ua LiifunufelkO 
n|«M. 'nt«*1>»«« r*w»M will faa intkl I? V. U. a«M*uii, U'A>. S.ll. iOmulhr, Tli* ffoofe, OtUm Omd, Lomud^ to vbon 

MBDUllMtlinn •hffUltl b« <i|ll^ 


Djiah ttiA.'-MUa Wilfiml bi« OKfrikABtf jonr aA<n« C«infl u ad *ai1ui1lr <« UcWuil bau. 1a ITi* flni |iIh« I fodoa* 
t^U uf ■ nr*M4 I Bra utfHiu lot wiAiii lp*jiltBiu> Titr«* lv|J« *n lUU w#Mw ttm wwi ^ m bhVw, ^'li" viuipfrtvA i< l^4**<k. 
Hub.. U.A.A..ftf4'l<>tt Xvv I tuntnnaJ Bmarwiia ti UiIm iidU Bh««. fta4 I ikMl fw^ pnitiBUx Emu ur A*fU la the tuubtr 

prinlol i^iton of Ikni ^ta«a iimI «DiiU Imk tbfuuih th« lucWvis. Alia I" * Briu^i* H"™ '■> >lu>>LL." I flitmlil oait^ad UtUttr fTmn 

To my grvfti joy, on ilie Sundny foUowiiig (March 13) 1 r«eeivM, ibout Uti o'clock iti Ihe 
morning, tb« ToUowifig idegnuuf :^ 

gtyJlB, 114 Lin. 


KniDiKia. Ttw Nook, Oii>ha lln«il, LcwtiAs 

And ! kne^ tli« ln«t problvin wai »1 l>i«t folved and my Mori doo«, for I knew Mr BHgg 
uns to be relied upon. Mr. Brtgi; w«nt lo tirsbup'n Storiford on Monday und bf»[>okr Ibe 
Cdrlifivnlea, hmiI tvoi thrnj vu nfivr hi« leltvr <ff liuw h? wii* rvr1uu«lr vo«>iigh to ducovfir lltdn^ 
fln «itrKGl of which 1 apfiitnil : — 

BM-nMrnoMM, Bun*. |J IIh . 1H«. 

|>tLAi< f4ivi,-t 4IU *nr tbuirli vUifil >*> Hla* W*lfvi^ fur MfUu^iaj 117 uiane tu /««, bivJ win ■4mUt/ v t itiliik *W 
iDlWlOAU'^b I Lsuciieajll to ji.Unkllnir- I mil plav-l klHto ttlot UHdaootlm dlAlOfflUui AOHriMA «UI bf«b|a|o|iH*tlli 
AiHAti? >RKh TV Ilwir°nlii1i i«. ^uibc noiuil/ I <tv iiuUtMHiii*! Uln^tii* Me. Bm ctaij OIiibj'* ■> b J> m i ■* ft. AlhaAh I hftr* 
A lurfv oDHortJDn qf jf-'iifltLDCUvL InriiniiiiUifii r*lfeltii| to IhtveDmitt.urd Ul> iM miihi aiud aoniH ilia fvll^rvtnf lUuw. fflvn 
talkvt mtl oAUla* a#tliviUHne Cmanoo h> ldlt.| Th«*l>v*e v« ■!! from th« i^rt«r« -f I)i4i»]>'> av^wf <it*I hhI I ib^ni ti-h'I *^ -"h** 
jna «»iiL I VMit fPBA*ir* Utia ironilf^ AMnranoliig mr dU«i>vTr7. »nr| vlll Af tq v> Hiurtlurd CvmiirT"* I0 ol**!* Uu mtinMla 
lln jvi4 Bhvl ba pi*vim i i-j «co«iJl. hb* ■■*AJ<I Juki lhar« itffnuL Yaqn fwl 

jdti r*^aln 

,ttn*A- Vonn fwikfaUr- O^^c^^l *rti-'AX Pkmm- 


I p«lij Mr. Hrigg the reward hh I had prvmU^d on the r«cct|ii of ibo crrtlflnl <opiv 
thfl «niricB, nitc«tod b/ Mr. L«nv, the Vicnt of 8t< Miohnd'a Church, biiliop's Storlforil. 

80 tSter b«rd Kod jfeiiuua work nII ovrr KnjriHnd, •uccl**! w» r«-serv«d fvr the U«t monifiot 
ncid fof one of ibp amnllesl counlle* in KiifiUiid. 1 v/mn, 1 oiAy uy^ Ivd to tUiiik &i»h<ip'« 
Stiutfurd " very likdy" from Kobert'i, of Bi*bof>*» St^rlford, will, and I ttHd nUo Aclunlly 
QUimiiivd Mr. Glmcw^k's pdniird '* Chttn'bwardeiia' Account* " btffure I vrolp lo Mr Brlp^ ; 
in faot» 1 W4i« fvlluwin^ my usuvl method of tfcun^hirtg nil exlnnl regitivr* {buiHc*in \'M^i and 
]G35> of jiiij paridhlo which any record led me; and, curiously. I had »cnt a searcher lo Much 
Uadhnm* ibe it«xt parixh, n year bcfi>re. Bi«hop*a Stortfbn), ibrn, i« t1i« Knglich home of 

iho Ipftwich EtiwrBOov, aad 1 preaama It will In faturtii be added to lh« Hat of ahhoei whkb 

cr S«tuflUy*« dcic * 

<*H umaglj Jated. it ww «Vuap«d Hartb Ul 
v«D a BMV Matte of |«D«akify, bol of lugil 

AtiiertiriiTi vi*i(or» to I'ns t!omilfy tit-vrr min*. [ am iinnblp lo jfiv* more ibnn llie »cir^mpiiiivii»K 
pedi^rte nad ti> day (liat Uoberl Kiueraon o^ned u fretrhoTd property Bonie CveJve acres in 
exttmt in BUhop'fl Sioriford, trallod Mn^gWt Dale, and that ThomBfi, hln ^Idt^si «oii, acted a* 
cullcclor for the p^or of BiBhop'i Slf>riroTd In ]€^G, proving, thrn^forr, he did not cioigriilc 
in the KtUahrth and Anuf in ll)^.!i, ai Profnintor B. K, KmirrKun iitn1i<K lrn<lition Ima it, nfiit 
vhicli I huvi" |jrt!vii>uw!y iruiiiled out I vt-ry n>uch Jotiblefl, Tlit^re ia no dticription of Thomaa' 
occupHliori frj tlio regi?<lirr. His wife waa oite Kli/.abL*t1i UreweUr, a» will l>e »ecu by th^ 
peili^rE<i?— poji«il>lya relaiinri of William RrvwHtcr, llir fnmoiiN I'JIgrim KaUiiT ; btit thr-tm nnil 

other luutlorfl I niiint rcnervo for » (iiniiU hiiiI iletuilcd kvork I alinll M^rito liit<;r on ''The 
KmeraonM i>f Co. Herln hiilI U.S.A." anil ftilly i1liiHirrtri> ^Inieiiig TliomiiH' uiit'^Mlora ifi thr 
direct line a» far bact n« I can, aad civtrj^ every dulall [ can obtaiit of the f^mily^M life at 
lliaFutp'tt Sli>rlfur<l, ThiK work [ ithull br^in at niiiv, I ihirik I rnn il^taory Ihr Williani ariil 
Alary wlut 'jwmihI ihv silver t^up wliich Mr K. U. Kmeraan, i>r Wallham, po»ats»es, nnd believe 
Jiim«a CmerHoii) iho ttoo who did rtot go tu MnHvachuxeUa, lo be Lietil.-Colourl Jamo Erncraoiii 
of THn|rlerA, W P, MilVt^ h* I h:id previously IhiioglTl, nod flinl Rrilvert in i\w ao» of Thomaa, nt 
Great OiuiiDow^ iu ICnK'K, nud wai baptiird th«ire in loIU. Gnrnt Danmow ia only ifM'fn or 
eij;ht iniK'it froni 8loriford, nnd I iluuk, art ] liavi- prf^viounly ntnted, all iIk^hc H<!ria am\ Eftaex 
Kmersdoe are deacendant» of George and Alice Kmersun, who held lanila at Stanstead Mont- 
Hvhvt Ui 151*^ ; but hj* 1 hnvv not nt prd!KC<it pritofii of lUa idi^nlitit^^^ vtc.^ I will coiijccitir« 
no mcim. J I will bn noon two of tho dntoi ol'ibi? hnpticio itrThnrnflN** phildrcii wjus* cvifkJpclDr«-d 
arijfht in Arnc?ri(-ii, vh., Juit-ph in lfi'20 mid John lri2o^ and it in a ff^v}it piiy PrufcHAor l{. K. 
Kmemmi ever iiieddled »'tth lh« mmriieLI papers*, and Hiigi^esled Joliii, wbi> emif^raved in 1635, 
<e/. )iby VflH tlohn. the voo of Thoma«^ H« nan not, a*- I hav^ ;Llrr:4dy porntrd oiit. Nnr nr« 
lb<-rc the ndililional children, viz,, Tljomns^ Jim., and SHrnb, m .lugRmled bj Profosffor B. K. 
Km^raon. I have miid bcfori^ in ihin bo<:tk that lhr>rc wnn iitit an ntom of pronf In Koppocf^ ibe 

view that Ihera \veri' inch etiildren, and \i i» now plain Ibnit tie had no audi cbUdren. It U 
evident, loo. that the age nn Nalbaiiier* gravcRtone in incorrect. lie ia gi^en an rrj, 83, 
wherena he was horn in Iti'iU nm\ ith. 17l:f> <r.L i^2. The four uddiltonnl children will come 
«■ u nurpritiv, Ami. Inatly, now wd arc a geiKTution uearrr Ualfuf FniLturi, im may vpeculate 
on lh«arm>i<'arvedoTi NnrbH"»er«tnnibTifone. Rol>eft. \( Uh' Rolnirt hftpti(i>d hI Gr<»iil honmow 
in loGl. and if related to Rulf of Foslon. will be a Knindsoii, That be wjw connected with 
well-io do poopic I NjUiivi-, for William Krnenon, W.I', {M.^, wa< lord of Duoa Manor in 
Standtin, a« w;ih bin sort Kreh^rd, W.t'. ITiti^ ; and i tnay say I ibntk Mr. Ed. IJ. Kmeriion'a 
bilver nop probnbljr b«1ofi;;T7d to WUIiHro nod Mary ICioi:T«yo^ vf Ooo* Manor. Stundon. Thr 
cup xvaa ftrobahly tU** work of u gfddhOkiili, John naiii<i1. who worked b^'f'J to l>!^50 ^CVippa) ; 
htU proo/n of thia relAtinoabip inu«t be KOU^bt. The povKt^mion of tbir cap by Thomas, non of 
Robert, i*, however, jirimd/tteir rvidener. I may »i\y ibat Mr. Ed. D. Etiicr«oQ. of Waltham, 
now the owner of the cup, is the onfi/ mennber of the family who had a correct idea whence 
ihi! fuMiily came-, for iii ii le-ltcr iu me, dated Marcb 8. 1898, be jiay*; — 

" TlioEHiu hlniBolf Mu.>np of Oid W«t a4lLflM<d DUD tn ttio OJ.-dji, ami ■ piiAfi vt v*ii»lAisru\y\« ]imiita«T ^bum. I bliovlil 
tathal* ihmk llmt liutvrur ffru tli* iwivhUmrJiond uf london ; iff Hum I hirii iiorvunlt liitt Clmt iiUtmnilj nt voll m hJniHif wcrt 
|WH^Ia i>f aJuibtlon uail i«flnomcnt would m^aio to point b llw inatro]K>Ll» nvlhcr than KUr t^Mialtj." 

And be provca to be correct. The Durham theory doe« not Hcom lo bave bad any wvight 
vith him. I may tay the aiatcmrnt by ['rofr'««or H. K. KinrrMon in a letter lo Dr Cnntieti), 
that li« had record ol' the property owned by Thciiaaa Kiner»on In Weardale* and thai be had 

letters giving; thv Iradilion »ome hunrlftid yenra old^ obt^iously rvqulrr rx|iboialroii. for ihcac 
*tal<*ni^nt:4 niiB|«iI m^ f^on^idorahly, and cjinved rma an j>aornirinji amount of work, whirh I ihonld 
never have othvrwistf undertaki^n, an nUo the ttaicmeiitA, without nn aloin of proof, pnUlivfavd 
by Mr- Kgglovtonc^a local anti<]uury in Woardale. Aa 1 havi; aaid, 1 am under the impremon 
Kalf of Kojtion left Durham btpforv 1^76, when a Vksiletiou of the county vrm bold, for uiileia 
hedied>lacJ7ro^! lx^forc thut date, sotDeof bla deacendaiita woald suri^ly linvc claimed tiic nmia 
in 1&7£. 

Joseph wa* tfien IS in 1C58, Jubn 13, Nnthaaiel H, Rliiabelh IJ> niid Sii»n 6. The 
esrlicKt register of B'lHhop'H Sioctford h uufoftunalely lout, the present register beginning in 
i^t^l, but the firat Enieraon enlry Ja l57t<^Uie marriage of Robert Emeraon and S, Crabbo. 
For tb« bciiv^t of Koglifh rcadern, wu may rrpeMl ihul Rtilf Waldo Bmcrsoi in tbc direct 
lioval do»c«adnnt of Jo^oph Emvnon (Uov. Joseph, of Mondon), b«ptl/od at Uiibop'a 
Siortford, June 25, 1620, 


On May 2 I w^nt down lo 
Hiiliop^K •Storiford nnd made t)i# 
no4|unmlancc of the? coiirtcou* antl- 
4|ijitry of llif iLiwti, Mr J. I.. GIb*. 
pock.Gnnpo Roail. Mr Gluacock 
■Mfc^ttlfi'inflv tirnl tvt me and lo- 





ImI^ fel lUikhV^ 



MiirUMd. Oct. 1, 


May M. I'M. 

CM. tf. ia»v 

lUi. hmt llrtn 



tat. ihm Janp 

OcL tr, l«14. 


HuwC RA. Ik 







liM>. M kMi*|/i StortlDvd. 




or Uobert, «. ol iCohrrt, niioni 1 liave loot tlj^tif of. or of Kobi^t, brother or Thomiw. and ilie 
Haverhill hUnvnoat wrv vLm |>r<»W>ly cooiiccUd uith tb» f«mjljr, for ibof wrm dvicritwd 
u " l«iilhL*r'»<mlcr> " or '* »tHnip«nt.** 

• Ur. J. I. (4Ujcock-4 *- lUcvnU of St. Hk4t««l-| Chttrrb, BWiopli Stafttod," OiD mam be obuiuvd of Mr, 
tt^inliniui. priiiUr. at BUhop'* 8brntA>rd. Co. Il«rti (pf4c« k), ud AoobUui h* bDI oUfthi tlk* fVf Eat«f A* 
ugpuiH wlkoii printtftl. 


I ivalko4 ^\ong tbe ailvrr Ihrcnd, tlw Slorl, lo iTib brn-xy urid pretty town of Sai^brldgn* 
worth ; Atid uiotlter day I Mppnl in p:ip1»ring Startdon and M;ich Hvdham— plnocn ^ilunted in 
valleytamid thr rolling gretfii iiillci of H<-rlford*hiro, At StandoD I wn* nhh to mnke iIiim 
rubbing of the braHN ov^-r Richard Emeraoti'i grAve, but the trAts )» so dented itnd iwni, thtl 
ft U Ti'ry imperrocL 

ftubhJnjE nf braH lo Bluli&nl Biiwrwin In Muidvn ChnroU) Co. H«r^ 

Thi: wording !■ alrccidj prlnlr^d under EmertouH of Cq. IIerl>, Bivhiip't Stortford U 
vitfain hftlf an hour'* rido Tram Londun, und AmericBUH viiiling h uill find tb« old '* George ^ 
comfortable — nil hiiiLuric old inn. From lhi« centre they cnti explore llie ndffhlHitirJiood, uud 
drive or oycfe over to Standon, Much HfultjjiUH Sflwbridgeworth, Thorley and Ureil Dmimow, 
nil plACPB wherr Ihe l^mrr»onH uwned properlj in early dnyn, J irnnl Ihcy will hnv« 1>olter 
wenlhrr ibun the finit *' tiutivr "— inyiielf — who returned l<i ihu liuuir of hln anui^iiturii bnil. 
One walk wnt for iiixtevit rail«K hi ruin und mud iitid wind. I mude ii aliort ejilry in the visiton' 
book of the *^ reiurik of the native/' which my sueceaiord aiay iee. 

We Mere only enabled to senrch the Storiford register up io 1600, and found no furtb«r 
chitLlren of Hobert, Junior. A^ I have laid. howrv«ir, MiMvni. Hrig^^ and Ula«eock are about 
tu priat the regiHter, and we Khali ih«n knuw if there are any other recorded Ementooa, but 
I fear not, atid think lliat tbo roroaining progeny of Robert, Jun, (if »rty), will bo found in 
London, with which I have reaion to believe the family were connected, and I hope in tuy 
new work referred lo to clear Ibe mailer up- Should it turn out the Rewh^v nnd llaverhill 
EmemonN are not coanect^d with the Bishop's Stortford Ementoua, an I lubniiL, 1 fear I ihalt 
not diacover their origin. John, son of Kobert, Seii^, is obviously not the Abigail ejiilgrani, 
who eiiMgrMod in Iti3J^, <w, 2i\ iheroforehorn in ]tj\Ct {lie. lo go beyond the aeaa), iherofore, 
not .lohn, noa of ICohert, Sen,, nf Itiv^hop'A Stortford ivittr pedigree). 

The firnt Fmrraoofi to rniigrnte to America were tlir Vir|;ininn Kmemon*^ via,, KIlia 
Ememon and hia wiTt and child, Thomaa, at. 11, in 1623, who went with tno «enauta to 
Manin'a Hundred ; obviously there were other children, for In 1^2-4 Ilotten ghes furiher 
record; Alice and Robert, children of Mr. Koacraoo, died nt Marling Ilundrcd^ohvionjily 
the iani#> Kllia Kmeruon, 1 enuM Hndnn KTIin Kmproon, Hut jniit bnfortt lhi« chapter waA nent lo 
preM, Mr. Kllianti, churchwarden of 8l. Margaret'n Churt^h, Wmlmi outer, m^ot melhc folloaitrfc 
record of in Kllia Kinerson occurring in the St, Margaret^ i'ariBh Regifttf-r, Wetluiiniier. It 
it the cnl^ Ellia Emerson I have except the Virginian. 

Xllti Kmnnon. -* 

Of m. MjUpvtlTl, WHtJuUitbVr. I 

L^fTiilaii. I 


bath Ifiin 


Now 11 + 1613 = 1024. ihe date of emij^rniinn, when ThomoA H ^iven aE ngni 11. 
Tk« R«vrUy ft»d Agnea muy b« mif«pcUin^ in ihe nrginur or AmifricAn record for HotH*ri and 
AUco nlio died in VirgliiU ia 1624, whicli^ If thU tie iheHniuu f«D)i1jr, sliU )■-«*«• an «rrur tob« 
corrected in ihe dale of bMpti«ni uf AKtie*^ Krrora w«r« frtft^uvnl in tbtrvtt n»g(«1i-r«, ftnd niv 
fr«queiil In tli^lr indtrxet now, and lliia Kllis Ih probably llie emifl^rftnt ; bui tbe ni>i1«r r^qiiirrv 
iiiv^fftigitkid, which cnnnoi Ue undertaken now, as thischuptor miut nffpdn go topri-»4At onov. 
I Nfaall «ode«vour to cleiu thft mntti'r up in tlit* irm&ll work 1 hftv« already upoken of nbove- 

Th« followinf; nolvt aud lracii>)i> uf " Mu|;|jl<?'a Dale," llitr Ikdd ownt-d by Rob«ri, of 
Stortford, and inht^Hled hy U\u t^n Thoinan. <>f fp^wicli, ^vn kindly tiippltod l>y Mr. G. L 
Gb«GOCk.Bnd the two photograph8 wer^ tnk«^n by hia aoh, T. U. GUacock for tbta work. 
■n4 njr ihaaka are doc to both for their groat kindut^si, 

*"Mo|*gle'4 i:)ale* lj» nt the 
noTthi^rtt ULireinJij of (ho parish, 
li«tvf*an lh« rond Icnctiiif- from 
Stortfurd to Faniham and that 
leading from Stort ford toMtnuden. 
h if about H milM oorlb of tba 
towa of Stortfurd, nr.x\ to flaivlcnd 
Wood by which it ia boondetl on 
three iid«i^ On the Pariitb Map 
of 1823 it U numbered it^, and on 
n later mnp of IS.TJ >l i« nu(nhi*r^ 
'rjl. Thr ntv9 uf the field on botU 
uiiA[y% %gtv^9 with the Ordrianca 
Map. Ill the Tilh« Terrier of 
IH^'^ it in difacrib«il ii« - MuDUia 
Dftoe.' Oq the OrdoAoce Syrvay 
Hap It la numbered At and tlie 
ftcr«iag« ia ci*«it aa 9-484. Tb« 
field next to it (number 4S} la deacrriheKl in the Terrier of 1839 ta * Woodliold.' I aond wiib 
Ihi* a Imcina fr^m the *i^4n> Orduanre Mai>, I have marked the altiLudea ou thi«. tlic field 
JEself would be about l'4it ft. above nea leve!. The bouiidury betHcen llie ParUh of Stortford 
and ihat af farntiana ia ahown by a red dotted Une : ihia U alui the boundary bctwi^en Co. 
Hertft and Cu, E«M^x. hi ortler to gt^t 10 thia fl«td Iho owner mutt luiva po*a<tu4>d n right of 
wny over two otlter 5f*lda. if tb«ae wer» not hia proptrly. The field No. ^ii in partly in t^ariw 

Mbc|I«'i IU^ Va 1 f la*, Diikop^ SUrtfed. 

^JM* r it. tffiMrt^ 

lli«W* tW>. Vlffw Ko. 1 
i^ Mak. aClMgrt*, La lata «*4 UhwItoJ b* bl 

..p—paiid [lartly In Stortford, and ia called In ibc Tvrritvr of 1839 - Ponnta^foa*** or Dorlnglon'*. 
tDorr'mgton ■. The pholox wer<. Inkcn from iht? opoia indicated by » x on the roti|,'1i tracing, 
Va.l looking N.K and No 2 looking N,W. The crop of hay haj just bAon cartad and lh« 
■mall h«apii you ace in the Md am the mkinga.*' G. L. Gla»cocs, 



Paup 1, linn 2fl, iiiic^rt "/' afler occarn ; p. .S, footnoU^ for "ihcn^" rcaj " tliofic ;'' p, 4, 
Yutcn II iiml I-. for "Einberaon*'' and '- Anivi^uQB'^ rtnd *'Kmbpr»on" jiik) "Aiwrioii," niul 
]. #4, tor " Enkemon " rcait " EmWr«oii ;" p. />, footnor« 1 shoufiJ be nl botiom of p. 4 ; p. I3, 
J. C, (<tr 'M&]a"rcikd"To^r>/ p, 9, 1. 1^, for ^'CoMnl^ DurhaRi" read -'Hithapiic of Durbiim," 
nnil \. hil. r«f *<TM»nanl" rami ''Ti^nin^ni :" p. Ifi, hiu^a 2:i nnd 24, for "nor do" rrnd "but." 
iii)d 1,24, ftft(^r"poKaibl(-"Hdi) ''but not probitbln/' iind 1.43, fur *' viniintions'^retLd '- viilliition," 
nnU for '-and" ren<I "or;" p. 47. 1. :!7. for " Lon|*ford Clo«e" rpnd "Lnnglnnd CloBe:*' p. 49, 
I 7. for '' MnrLrt Durbnm CroM " rend " Dnrhnm Markvi Crovu ; '' p. *>2, L. 4>% for " con " rettd 
"fmher;" p. U4, I 4^, for '* FittHugh " read " Fita-Tohn ;" p. laS, 1.23, for '^Mr. C Gw»j'' 
rend " Mr. C. Gum." 


Fn>niiipits<r (porintit). — Tlie engtwrr bus Hbjidcd the cbnrg<>i on ibp bund vrrongl^. ibcjr 
Hhould bo argent. 

Cup. L To p. 2,- The Corotn foge Roll, Micb., 17 i-:d. !V„ m. fir>, glv^ u> n John 
HiULTtfHoii, yeoman, nt Jafford. Co. VotIca. (H??). In llie De Ilanco UolU, IT Uen. V'll-. 
roll laG, 15 Hen, VIl„ m. 41'» dor»., 17 Hen. VIL. m, 4:10 dor»., T.i lUu. VJl, m. W2. uc 
And Georgv Kiner^ou aclinic »tEorii<-> for vurious pcraotipt Ui Notti, Yorki utid Northuinbi-rlMnd, 
nnd in 7 llcti. VIII-i m. A6tlE, wt> Ai^d thiti Cuorgtf livFiiNt^d to lunda in Co. Ettttf^jc, Ko tbin 
Geori^e «l Alice tix must be added to Kinervuiift tp. (>) in various KngUah Couiitien before 
1020, to wUi to Co. Vork nnd K^^ox. And this Grorgc was Apparently of considerable in- 
ItiirDCCf and Kociitl poiiUion— a lawyer of Komi.' sort {ridf Knit^raooi of Co. Kmpx and tlerti). 
And Ibe murti uiie eiiquireb infu llmt.'arty biHtciry of llie fninily tbcf mure puvHjble does it seein 
llint it ori^iniitod iti Ci>. York, from AIum til Emvrie and BHan \\h ton, wbo nro mentioned a» 
Riobmood Doim^HdHj. ridit p. I, Cap. I. 

Cap, II- It w'lli br nniicc^d In th^f Rir-bniond Hi^mbrv c-ortifird oapy of Half of Foxion'« 
hrniv, liv vays. " Bnjf of Fuxioji. in ibe JiiBhoj>ric uf Durham." Now it \im aiuce uoirurri-d to 
roe ibat the po^ftible soluHon of ibe Rftlf of Koxton identity In this — thnt he was not a IHrham 
mnn at nil biil a Ynrkiiliiro man uiid bail^^d front the YKirktthim Fo.i-/ort^ which wna in 2(>'' 
llfiia. VIU- in tlir *' fliahitjtrir of Durbam/' ihangh not in the. r<inaty of Durhnm. nnd 
curionidy enoujch in Vorkidttre Finet. Record Series, Vol. VIL. p. Lu3, we ^nd Rulf KmenEon, 
of Si^ston. Co. Yorks, which adJoiikH P^onton, Co. Yorka. 1 hav«» aaid under ^* Emerflona of 
Co. York ■' ihui Half, ot Norihallmon, wur probably identiail with Knlf of Uomjinby (llum- 
boratooca Survey): bi« wlLIh proved 1 5^7. i) given in the Appendix, wbcrein m pccond wife, Isabel, 
nnd a dan. are meniloned. and tbiK Ualf. of Norlhall^rton, in diKliiictly de»rribiM in bit will t\.utt 
jfeovtnn and be came frcm Sedj^elield. I tbiiik on tuiuideration tbai probuLly Rulf of Sigaion 
and Foxtoo. Co. Yoik, nrxl ihta mati were noi idftUUul, as 1 aug^e»itcd» and poH»ibIy Half of 
SigKtnn jind Foxton is the Uiiig-b^il itrmigpr. Half, of N»rEhal]rrti>n nnd tCoiOEinby.errtniiily 
wru not an armigrr. I liopo to elcfir the matter up later, but ma tbia new iht^ory lim itruck 
me in time to (iiake u note but not tn inveatijrnte it. I print it, T\ui Cbnricery l'ro»'editig« 
jcbow Half, of 8hoLton, and hia Issue were not arniigvroufi, re., they were tfeomen, ridt^ Chancery 
proceeding* (App.), and nnrely in lf<gal procpcdings nnd in their willa tbcy would not bav« 
been di^acribed a* yromvn if they were genttrmen, m 1 have nil along suggeitrd. Further 
thought too Ua*\t me io conclude that Knlf, of Itrnneepeth, \V.?. 16S1, wna not the son of 
Ralf, of Shoiton, W.D. 15j^I. Hin *on wii« obviuuitly Rnlf. of Holleoaia, n;vnTioned in tluin- 
bertitone'a Survey, and 1« most probnbly the Rnlf bur. at Slaindrop, 1540, probably dying smaj 
jjro/e. 1 conj«eiitrc tlint Ralf^ of Slg«ton and FoTtton, may now have been tbti ton of Georgtl 
et Alice (>Vyatt?) inetilioiied n^pratedly in the De Banco UolU^ who migrated iv K%f^cx from ' 
Co. York ; and if tbia should pruve <.-orr«?ct, it louka uiora thnti ever an if the vurly Entrit anil 
Herts KmerAoni wer^ :irmi^erou». and therefore the EmersonM of Ipduich, Maiiv., wer«, a* thoy 
claim to be, relatives of Half of Foxton, armiger. But all ih^^ mohl I e proved and I giv« 
here n working bypoihe.^JN ftiid h t€ntatirf pedigree, upon which hues lurlber research may b« 
carried out by tliose interetted. 

UlUt PKil»q. t\K York. M'l or li|ife;funl Ulq^^ 8tr a. W^ML, uI AUliw«>iul>«tL«, Cu. 


te^ r.M. 

of CH. Dqjuiiiiw. \ tint I'M \ 
■L«-lrti4L T ploj M ftwd- 

fvU^UV^ Ad a, to Jim. ■»!)», 1 

IViniiUTptcf n*ij- 
totd KunU Ok 





SbouTd Una prove to turn out correct nil vouM be L'xptaSnrd. WIIHadi U called ir<fitf. in tli« 
liiq, P-M^ niiti fo iM liii «oii RicliRTd; llils i» not proof Imt }jroba1>iUtr that tbey were ar- 
niij^iTouf- Kichari] obriouily dtf-x tinr proh^ ridt^ hu will and the Jiiq, P.M. Elere wciiild 
be llie Wniinni find Mar^ of ili« liUcr cup tnkcn to thr UriU^d Stntci in IC3& (tide p. 12). 
Ut. Duinnow K<»gi4ler bv^lni 163S niid lhcfr<» aro im Km^nonit bap*, I til \^iM, wlk«tj R^btrrl, 
M>ii of Thomfti, nppesrs; obvioijftl^ liiia Thonius mov«d ibete from elsewhere. J(i4bop*fl 
Slorirorii Ri^gliit«r bt^gms i-'tV,]^ but thero iir<f no Hmvrsoni until Itobprt'n mnmiige to Sunnn 
Crabb«» of bliUop^8 Stortford, in l5Tti; i>t>viOQ»I]r Robert mo v<!d tbc?rcon bid wurrtnfe, nnd it 
in ttll ltlc«liliood tdviiticttl with [t^b«rt« of Gt. Dunmow. b- loCI. Wjilioni, of Standoo, and 
lUc^, l>U ton. v^re ohvii>utt(y utom Romnn Calholii'*, probixl>1y R«tf wn# no tloul a Prou-wlHOt, 
Tbey cofty hnvc quarrelled and the Slonford fAmily been diflinlierited on this nccount. Th« 
*' niviUl '* in the puMupMioii of Sir John Rvnn« i(ig|roiiU Ralf Ihi; ftrmigcr And liis Jt^Nc^endaiutt 
wi?n? Proieslttnls. Robert, of Sioriford, waa obviuualj ui; extreme l'roie*IHui. aa ive kncte bit 
»oii Roixirt WU4. being rrlurned ns 11 " ^oricuuiiiiunicttiii," ttad Ttiomai' emigralioii lo Ipsnicb 
«v»« «iilely nn thia neei:>uol. [l i< qull^ ponjiibK' the rcl«tlon»lilpA of ibla family rnaj turn out 
differently, but J feci «ure alt the abov« Are related and desc«ndAnt« of Gr«orffe And Ali€« 
(WytttV) nho^^nie into E$Aex in l^Od^l], But 1 rep<<At all the Above it mcrel/ a working 
bypothe«U Salf, of Stf^tea and Foxton, Co, York, wilt hAre to be proted Balf ibe armiger, 
and bia lelncioiiahip to Grer|^e and Aliue, of Yurkn aud Eama^ wilt hav^ lo hv |irovi:d^ It 
will liAve ta Im proved tbnt IVUIinm, of SlAndi>ii> !■ raUt^J to G«org«t nitd Alic« ttx. ; tbal 
'i'bomflft, of Gl Dunmow, ik related lo lialf, annigcr; atid that liobcrt, of 8ti>rtford. and 
liobert, of Gt. Dunmow, bAp. 1SG1, Are identical; And finally, if n^effffary, ibat RtubArd, of 
UatjrKel(l Foreil, Co. b«ae.^. U a relative. To Alexander, of Serbj^a. pedigree I have Dothbtj^ 
to add excufit that Mlehael who wa» abroad in 1^77 \% not the Michael who einlg^raled to the 
United SlntDH- Wbocvnr Ilo was h« foturnod and hifi Adm, ia dntfld 1702, whornni Miehnel, of 
liavcrbill. die<l id Ncn' Rn^tand nt a dlHorent date ntid Duvt^r rr-tunied. 

Cup, IV. To p. IS. — 1 hAve Aiiid William William Emeraon-Teiineul died without iiiue. 
This Ahould be without male Itnie ; be left two dftUgUlerfl according to Rev. Kdirin KiiRTftuii, 

To p. 3i. — Murant Ic bii hlHlory of Ktmfxgitett many pariiculitra oTOep-'Giw. S- iSymoniV 
fuiully- IIU father wiu Richard Symooda, ar,, a cur^itor )a clwncory, of Gl. VoldUani, Co- 
Ki»e3E, llo mArrbd Klif. Plumb, d. of Rob. I'lnmh^ of Yehlham Hnll, 9 Jan.. 15^0, and ma 
buried ut Ol. YeldhAro, S July. \^21, his wife hiving bevn buried 24 Jotie, IGll. They left 
five aotia- Dep.-Go*. 8. Symotida m. l>orothy flarlackd«n, and was Lord of UUver'i Manor, 
Topatiald, before ctoisraltng and a Cnrtitor In Chancery. 

To p. 31. — It win bo fQcu by the Ley podlgreu that there ar« ono or two error* in ihe 
■keleton pedigrrL<j^ivf*f] on lhii|]age. Juhn = Bninhrid^ should eumeoul, Robert — BeatHn^ 
beiiiji the aon of Thuniaa R. Km«r«on, atid Robert and Klrttan be removed from ibe top aa 
tbey lire possibly Kmsona And not KmenoDa. The Brian disclaimed in IGlo was probablj 
Brmnn senior, too. 

To p, ^^, — Though I hare tucJuded Kir«lan, nV. of Robt. Kropr«on, here, I mnit on 
f^irth^r eooii (Ural ion upiit her, aa ihe Oursitor l^ilU Km the name apelt "Krauatoo,*^ And 
probAbly this was an Ei^n^ more especially as there i« no record of an Emerson in Kellawc^e 
Regliter* Kindly eliminate this couple from the pedigree sheet. 

To p. 44. — Balf^ of f)wa1well, mArrica Johanna >^kirk nod has 9 ells of 1a»4 in Wola. 
Par. In 1516, ItAviug issue a dau. Joan who nt. J. Uird. 


To p, is, -Dr. J. J, EinersDTi has found the proori which join John Emerflon, of l^furla(i<I 
ll»>u»c-, to John KmvMvon, of ihc North St., 103O. U wtw mi error of mine it> •UIa Uml Jv>hii 
KinvrBon, ofScd^olicld. wiis on Ibt Jxiry , ho wnd not, biil wns os described n ''common caltiwrt/' 
Ji!d*f Corsitor Roll*. Tfki* St^iTgcfii-lil Eni«fr»i>nii miivt. not bt< ^ronfusipd with the KiiKt nnd W««| 
Murion Enkerioos, evidently dilfereiit fHiuilif^a. Whetjce John Ktnersoit, of 8edKefield, cunie i« 
unkoown, pov^ibly from Uishop's Auckland, italf, of SedgelicH moved 1o Komanby (Nortb* 
4U«rio»), Co. York, wn« a vcoEnaii and w<trii out io frmalc Uiue, viio hU will in App, 

To pp. m and £7. — I do not thiak R&lf, of Sigston, Co. York, and Ibtlf, of Bomvabj, on: 

To p. 5$. — Vide pr^viouH notes on earlipst Yorkshire Eoieraons. 

To p. G2. — Edwikrd should be omiiUrd from lhi« pf^digrco. nUo th<f note« concerning bim. 

To p> 64. — This pedigree refers to Lord Burlvij^li'n finnily, vide uri^iii«] MS, 

To p, 77.-^1 wnfl able to add Tbonibs Eimfr^uii. ufOU Duuioow, here mid lo tho Ijmer«onB 
of Herii in ihe r«via^d proof)*, for ihey ware ni\l iWmrnvfr^^ urilJI July hy Mr, F, iTobniton. 

To p, 81, — Robert Kmcr«on*» description ft?i "curr^^^r" rs o]>en totp^culHlion. This may 
mean ^ currier of leather or u ^^courncr" on tin? grniit pout «yj(1rm, for the word* were often 
ipelt in tlie Hiime wav in old days. If Khz. lireu-Hier, hia son Tliomns* uif«^ wax a dfiuj^htur 
of Willlitm IjrewMtrr, Hm ro^lniASlf-r iir Suroobj *uid fHiiioiu elder of tbr Pilgrim Fnih(fr», I 
should incliiu! lo the lattrr r«nding, Hjid then the UKe of ihe field, Muggle'i Djib [rid^f Cnp^ VI. )^ 
could be uniler«tood for piulurc Ibr horses— for curing lejitlii^r it was uKeU-Kn-^-ind nM itobcrt 
WH6 not an a^ricuhurHlist his poHsesnton of It Jius lo bi-^ t'xplaintiil. 

To p. V)9, — Till? ColUnhani (Cnmb«) Giuerson!) are dt-scendi^d from the nncicul Col* 
tcnUniu tlmcmoiiH, vidn Uu|r, EV. 

'Vo p, H2,^Mr. A Kmer^ou hat moved lo London, N.^ and wriiun inv he dot.'* not cliiim 
itny jirina. 

To «Ikeet (key pedigree)- — The line between Thomas Kmeryaon, Coumuflsionvr of Array*, 
141:^, Aud hiH »on Thouits =: Johunna, Aliould be dotlud hi nol proven. 1 think n Uoborc 
ihuuld lutervcne hcrc> 


AbcnWii, 140. lAO. f 

Bukir,*-,4S. RolMrt.43. 

DUiabn. Hcttry. 53. 

Bollock, J., U3. T.^48. ^^^H 

Ad»ins 11., 27. Tii«„ar ^ 

Biflfopl, Ultltf.Po. Dad«, 77. 

nMcy«y,»S, 14ft. 

Bunlcik. CoclUo, 53. tliVu ^^^^1 

AddJcthorpc, och Linr.> 60. 

Bfcrkink'. 1:mmvs, tiO,V7. 


AjC(>nvAia. 13. 

Itenmrton, IkrmpUin, t%. 

BlTLntBh^m, fO. Biiat^ 4, 71. 

Bar^Mw. Tbom.* ^^^^M 

A«n....Tih, Kd£tbAtty,SI,SO^ 

DuMfd,— ,00. 

Doddy. IUt. U., la 

Udm, «o. Lisrii., 60—7. ^^^^H 
Biirllii|taii, VtnnoDi, 5. ^^^^^| 
Bum. K.. U>. Vrwte'm, £9. ^^^H 

Ainoric^ AiiHfiek. uuawripo. 

BuMfdCvllr. 10.48. ni. 

Bofftinr. 147. 

1l>niFtW1e-Wotd, CO. tdii«.i 

BulUm^AliwAtUnifljaa Dr. 

BttBai^na. 4hncrl. Siwi«, 


". 136. Mwy. 1«>. 

Baintiftm. Maty. £5 — 0- ^^^^^H 

Alnunr, KnMtfy, AinHfii, 
Enuy, Smrici. Elrocfy^ Cm' 

Bwntt. Rrv. W, 10, 

Bdmrtom, Bad, 77. 

Baiukini TIiotw, Norfolt, 1<L ^^^H 

LWtcnOc-tHlm-t, A9> 

Booitihr, fo, Linc.t A- 


«ria, Iwrle, EI^idctEw, A1< 

BfttH, Ann, U. 


Donbcp, 30. ti. ^^H 

mtrio. 1, ), a. 

BMh. I4i> 149, 

Booitby, CO. Une., 66. 

BontHn^ Pnif MtvtaiTD^, 0- ^^H 

^^Air% Jo^o* iS- 

Btlh KiuUin, Ml. SomwiwUOEt 

Bonkuai, 8S— B. 

Borton-QO^Trvnt, 109. ^^^^1 

^Hb^. R<v, 


BoM«nlle» fi'wvillo, BoawD, 

Etnrlrrtfutfil, C|. ^^^^H 

^Pil«bop> fo, LiDo^ IT. 

IkUrti. Urv.. S. 

Idix.. 17.0(1. IIA. Rcr. -•. 

Bury. ro. Iaiic. 0(X ^^^^^| 

Atchinflluii, Ana, 5h 

BUUr. M&rj, 24. 

17. Tta(>«.. 140. 

Biiry Si. Eibnimik. 7t. ^^^H 

AM«r>hot, 11*, 

JlsUli Abb^ Roll, I. 

B«Lt«f<>rd. <*t. Linc^ 05. 

Bu4b. Pttrla. 27. ^^^1 

A]<luTv>u, Unrgirol* N1, 

h^Uy, Et«, B7, 

Br>»<«ck. It., 40. 

AtfoM, KcT. (i., 10. 

Bndr, Hriuba,9H, 

Buwrr. h lit., 33. W1U,33. 

Bmhlij, PnmcH El«ADr.14S. ^^M 

ItMomutt, )3S. 

DndbatT. VK HwUm, 40, 5), 

Boibr. Ur>.. nx IIih., 03^ ^H 

ISttomont, H«T, F.,Ub 

91. 9i. 98, 1(4 

BiumU. 76, ^H 

T.. 71. 


BrntTwl, Uvorg^ SOL 

Bjvn Orvvti, «7. ^^H 

Alton. K, 8R 

BcBlac,ltcT, A.J., la 
Mdbun. — > 77. 

Itm^rtMit, BiiiKn, SB. 

C4l<oDm, C4. Line 05. ^^^| 

AidcoU, Atn^U*. Amu Hui*» 

Bnlnf oH. H<w, SCL 

CuIhj, cix If^DC, 03—2, SA. ^^1 

n, ft*. VinMiit, 17- 

Briinford, Old. HO. 

Caiitor. 00. Line, 01-4, tt7-0. ^H 

, AnurtoDp KiDoa 4^ 7. 

B*lAii(l, rt>. Aolriw. 18, 149. 

BraHCopotb. Mk Ihgrbam. 3p 2, 

CftUla, l&l^ ^^^M 

^^K^ttlmii, AnqpKiiH^ AflWi^ 7> 



CklocUorn. en. Uac.. 6& ^^^^H 
CaJlKQi. J.. 15:1. ^^^H 

^^KABgism, /n*j 69. B(X 

IMI, AUtai, 4A. Jobli, 45. 

72— », M, 100. 

^ AnUift.00. Une., es. 

WilliMi. iS. *-, ftL 

BmiiUatiMi, TQ. 

CVlthropp. OJt-. 39. ^^^H 
Cnlvori,J«i«,&8. JH.J.,ltOb ^H 

Appltfby, Sdh, 'if). 

ttmoftt, Mnn*. $8. . Ilmnikin FvTfy . to. SdIT^ TA, 70. 

App](*b5, ftiX WcitmoivUiiili 64. 

&«(t>uii, — , 00. 

BrmDtlncrbani, ox York, 50^ 

CuabrM^. lli^ lBO-5. ^H 

ApiTilMc. CO. Lmc. 6S. 

Hcfvtpn, Rvft. 77. 

Bw«.Wm. 45. 

CftEibridgt. Clank Cnll*SA ta, ^H 


BwgholW WmI* 74— 9l 

Brvybroolf. Lonl,9. 

U& ^H 

Bvrwuditfi, Tliif, ftft. 


C^mcn ClaK ISO— 7. ^H 

Ikm. 19. 

Banurd.KIii..l7. WilliiinJ7. 

BrnkUord. lU. 

nftmOtUI. Ouiflt^ld, D. a*t8. ^H 

Aninon, tc^ Antti^li, Itf. 

B«rnrF, — . 74. 

Biv«>t«r. — , 22. EB&. 150, 

l>r,. 153. 150. dnoe, 30, ^H 

Arklc, W^ JOO, 

tkifr?! Kiiunii, 91, fit. 

ia» J,90. vni)nl5M02. 

L.,29. J'KaUiiaK..3M5>. ^^1 

^H ArmiUc*- Jbiv^ 3A> 

BcrdU!koD.T«»d. 79,85, IfMX 


P. B.. 27. Dr. P. R.. 9. _^^^H 

^■'AmofW ficarfogt, B, 0. 

UvMt. Uuy, B3. 

DrtW. W., lW-5- 

C»p1«. T.. ia. ^^^H 

^Hiwoogk IhM. 60, 14^ 

Ikurlck jM«rt. 44. 

Cutwrti^t. retcr. Sa ^^^H 

^^KAiIoo. Ktfv. Sttplifli. IT. 

fiiimna. Ann DoroUiy. 20. 

Brigbuft, Marg^ 71. 

Obm, Rav. p. a (r. la ^^^H 


CBitlo WoUiml, 151-3. ^^^H 

P *' 

Biff«tf4ifHlc. lUQ, 1*0. I40l 

IMgbk P., sa. 

Outlrtoa, (koTSM^ Lord Vl^ ^^^H 

L Atkin, ElMUor, tf. 

BiUcriuy. HI. 

BviKhtiHi. 147. 

ooimft, 04, 14&. Jo«mh. ^^^1 
UffdVliornut.110. NIcbo. ^^H 


Brittol. 4. 83-4. 140. 

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OrcwlrJbt), BUl Bvwvr, 140. 

1m» Lord VboDuaty IT. ^H 

^■^AWfll. AHc«. AX 


tt^:^di£airm. 123-5,140. 

CtikloT, CD. Lbi«., 17. _^^^H 

^■.Ithrood.-. d7. 

BillbA ali^ TrrUfl^fl-, 111. 

Brorkt'libip. «o. Ltufl., 05. 

QlT^ — , ^^^H 

^KAiibm, m^hmd^ 71. 

A*U«7CQ«>rr,a9, KIj^SO. 

IlK'ii'ky. K<«tv 14IL 

Ckvibwn*, Ralk, 117. ^^^H 

Jn« liim 29. m. Utf- 

BTo.)k>. rhmjp>.84. 

CM], Oww 05. ^H 

^^KAybAT. Ailm&r, AhMT. 5. 
^H lybbftcii, ». Kurfolk, lia 

H< Sk IMiidit. 20. 
Uitod* to. licsM^ 39. 

BrotliL^rfn, 51. 
lhc«b«rtaa, IUt. a P., l^ 

Chipinu, Alloc, 14, Mdl- ^H 
tow.22. JaAo,e& -,5I. ^H 

^V ^«Mi. Aibtrt, sa. Cont, sa 

Wimim, 39. 

Brotton. Iran, SOL 
Broai«r, Ucgh, 85— B. Jo- 

L.,33. ^M 

^^ BdiUi, 38. tf «ry OKvw, «& 

BUU^.co. LiDr.,Gl— S. 

CUppf U. Slic, 80. ^^^1 

1 & B.,Ba W4lktfr,OilTcf,28. 

BUlAm, 74. 


C'lurlufiruoJ. , 54. ^^^^^H 

1 Buldow. Litttc Em«<, 23. 


Bmwvv Abiv, 70. Jolia, 34. 

CbUliHB, KflU* 00^. ^^^H 

1 BftUry, IUt. J^lt. 

BinniiuhBia, 109. 
UlikWlE, TarHT, Ita 

UftbtU 109. UiiKatrt. 49. 

Chta^a^r, a, 32- ^^^H 

Uwy, 70. ft«. 0., 0. &**. 

CbAlwfoffA. Biwr*. «l, 77- ^^^H 

Bbknihi«d. 108. 

Dr, 23.9. Sir H, 84. T., 

C^MBU^ J.. £0. ^^^H 

^V &. M. WjndlMiB, 14a 

BUbop'iAiHlcland,i7— 8je>. 

bl, 156. 

CbMte. 108-K. ^^^H 

P tt«iro<ir. lE«v.a, 10, 

Bbbup'fl Lyna, 09. Kovf«U, $, 

BrmniUflb — . 70- 
Boe^jlf, lowiiin, 32. 

CbvUr'U-&U«a. IOl. ISO— ^^1 

1 B*lL. HtnTj 1., sa 



1 IUUu4lMac.3IT. Suiia<27. 

lUtlum'a Btartfoid, n««te, 77 

Uii«iu« Ami. 14». 

ChiekHUt. Brr, — , m ^^^H 

L BttllnMiolsco, CWk. 15S. 

—H, 00—1, U4-«, l«t 

BdlE«Uy,IU<<'..14, Klif-*t2, 

CUM, ttvUoBi Bftfok tdib ^^^B 

(If^llMata. 150, 163. 

2%35-5,15«, l>««,£»-5. 

CUiCoo, Jan^ 49. ^^^1 

^H lUrlt'lA Omt, Kwi. 77. 

UDikr4,I«Me,ST. BMiod,t7. 

ClnrlniiAU, Ublv, 25. ^H 

^^^ Banttby, iCnAlUh HijTii*inat 

HivkHi. Abu.47. 1 BhIIm. U*i7.27. »«nH»l,n. 

Citriu*, 00. Lhnffrink. Ifit^ffL ^^| 

1 >>!.l-«^ 

BUc^liMth, K«oi, m I UrilliftKa^ John, 48. 

CUtUOt Jobi), 40. ^H 


Cleric, Elw.. Tl. 

CUuto), Arballa, 23. Suun. 

ClIpAhnm, Rutland, tX 
CloagbwAUr, CO. Cnriin, 61, 
Clnttorbiick.Awnc, Il». John,, S8— ^ 

CocltrtHjB, U3. 
ColaliMUr. K&sci. 78. 
CoJaaiton, Glouc» 2, 88— I. 
Collcgo of Ai'iiit, 8. 
ColU^B, R«v.M.. to. 
Coll-, W^ofliamea. 10. 
CojuMtiDi:, JMbirl, ST. 

Concord. U.SjI., 24^fl. 10. 

CanUcliffo, A£^8. 
CjauclliTei Vlcor of, tO- 
ConvUbls. Sir RoU., ti2. 
Camvvr*. John, 57. SipW.,56. 
CmLbuii, Rev. - , 10. 
C-Joptr, lUrt". A., 9. 
Copparwliiu, — , GO. 
CoAgru vQtOo , Novthftnt* ^,08 — Q. 
O>toii, Cftiiibi.. l. 
Cjttmhfim,4,Tl— S,10&-110, 

IVL, iij:2. 
Coltviiham. Chorch Eud ia, 4, 
Cotton, J..ZJ. 
Cuullor, Klla., 1&», 
Covuolry, CO, Warwick, 4, £9. 


Cowing, AuniUj too. 
NorlU-Coi, Rov. II.B.,D. 
Loiclcwc. bit, S7. 
Cnbbu. »}uMii, ]&d,161. 
CT«dJocli, Mr., £3. 
Cmtm^ IX W.. Xf». 

Craiiidigb, iia— iiB, laa. 

0^wUrAnn,46. Mar^rot,33. 

Crvmomtf, ea. M»riii,ghiTi, I'J. 
Cript*. BliK.,00, 
CrorowfilE, Th04-, 15. 
Crank, Vi'U'T af[l], 8, Xfl. 
Cropvi'll, Cittbvriti*, ?!■ 
CwiDinifta, J-, &0. 
Croylvifl AIjIwj, 71— S, 
Ciibaȣ0. 112, 12a, 
CulWwftU, 140— 1. 
CnlliLTn, SirHiiffb, 111. 
OimmtniEf, 5-> £6. 
PiijCtiiiliHJii, f:-«i, 37, 70, 80. 
Itellmcj^r. T. K,. S, 
Dftubury, Ka«i,S, 
DvK«r I'liv, 1. 
DajiI.-11.J., 47. 
Dan bun, Juid> BP. 
t»WDtb. Ktut, »). 
DarHair.J.,27. Strah, 28. 
I>iirlinirtoa, co. Durlmtij, 31, 

3a, *:;, 62, loi—a, 107. 

Dartford. Ki^nt-flO. 
Bntcnport, J., S3. 
Piu>DAiri»,A. C, 0, 
IlBirton. Ftith. &S. 
iMfaft^ron, H)2, IgS. 
l><.-1abnr,UHr^|.,lH> 8t0p1>e&, 

Ddton, Miry,ei. 

DoDQC, Jane, bi, 

DKnniinn, UiHOF-Gon., £3—4- 

D«o«luw, Alfred, 13D. R«n- 

jamib, 1^D» 
Dent. — , U. Gfni'ml. lit 
Dmton, Vkfli of, 10. 
L>i7nvvr, CjlunidOj 16Z. 
UriitionI-S6,M7— 8,1»1,!W— 7. 
Derby, 01, 
Dvlttiv, Marjr, f^r 
l>rivanport> Rov. — , SS, 
DicklcbuT^h, 71, 
Uockti)^, Ti- 
D^rdmilkli. 62, 
Dorr. CatbiTiofl, 2ii, Jovrph, 

Dowkr, Uorotbj^se, 
Dovut Cliaplorj, Kvntt t'C— 1. 
[>ownban>, tHj. 
Dowuinp, B*v. T. W.. 10. 
DioKt, JCov. E., 10. 
Dh>m«rc, ci}. Down, 19. 
DfYiMik, CO. Yort» 61, 60. 
Dutlifl. «, 63— 3, »9- 

i>ub]iEi. lyonl Maynrof, 18. 

IincL«lt« AgDCA, 47. 
Dnmtjikr-Urii. X.B., £0. 
Dnuinow^ OrviU, Rhu, 77— H, 

aO— I.IS'1.156. l5»,iG|-a. 
Dmimovr^ Little, Kaiwt, 7ll. 
DdDTilDgfl, Rot. W., It. 
DnrbBtD. 1—4. 41). 53. 62, Cl, 

&4, y«. 102, 107, 15*1. 
Dutbaiu, Aimorif. Arobd^hoon 

of, a, as, us, ds, is. 

Dnitin, Uaiinab.SX. 
DjoF. UlJai, I4£f. 
EaU.c«k, -. M. 
Killing;. Middi., »V, 144. 
Rn»by Wall. Yorki-, 102—3,11. 
Euloflon. &fi. 
Kll■tCott11lg^rltb,co. York. &S, 

KfliUrbkiJlclcZuf, &]. 
tCjiAtgalc, ci>^ DutbuLn. SO — I. 

SA.mi 4D,44. 60, Sa— 5S, 

Kv.Uat, John. 79. W,, W7. 

RimtHn^^d WIIWp, :». 
Kutoii, l^v. — , £3, 
K*Ifty, Hminali, lOO, 
Kilhibur^li, L40'-5O, 

Klhit. R«v. -, 2». 
KIIU, A. A., 9. C. Fluw«r, 140, 
Lm^OD. Rob,.ll \^.0»9. 
El)r, CO. CainU., 7£. 
Rly, ry. CinnJiK,, Ri«tioj} uf* D. 
EmbonoE, AiiiWrson, etc., 
Rob., 5 

Enibi-rton, PAKmiiun ilw, 7. 
Emcmn. DiiriTatioi] of name 

of, 1,B, 6-7. 
KucnoD, Utt»>ob>gy of naiD« 

of. 1,3-7, 
Kmcrion, Emmi-r>on, Kmbrr- 

■mi,GUi> A,ntaMii1l,14l-». 

A. L. (Major-aiTU.), 0. A. 

T., 14j1 AbTa1iua,«Al«a. 
Abigail* ti&. AdUQ, n, BSi 
4n, Bl< — 1. Advni Knbitinan, 
fi7. AffnM,'iS,G3-^,f):— », 
W, 71. 83.88, 166— i^. A^ 
nu Harj HuniiMb, 100. A1- 
ciwidftr, lS—17, St^-JO, 51 
—Z, GO— 1, ^7, t*7— a, ICI. 
Ali?<»n<!or l.yoH, 17, fH.', Ii4. 
147-9. Abaandcr Tbci> 
dprv, SO, 00. Ht». AtfTfil. 
162. A]loi^.]4.»3.4rj,4T— 
60, 67— eo, 115—0, 71 —3, 77 
— 9, 60. a*;, aa— i*o, IM, 358 
— 0, lUO— 1, AUtvHacimli. 
69. AUpc May, 6K AUm, 
73 — 1^ Alliauii, 47. Aiij- 
InMf. 4U, 76. Uti. Aniollii 
Cotbcpirc, IIU. Aijdrcw.MS. 
Anna, ert. Aiiiir, 13. IC, SS, 

aa, 43, 45, 47— 1>, 60— a, 66 

—eft 62, 65-6, 70-1, 76. 
77,S1.6a— H.00 -3,M.|IH, 
100-1,110,141*, 162, l&G, 

Ann Amclu, 110. Aiiixlt, 
149, 161, Autlicmy, 4S fi, 

4s^, fi". ^t^e6, b8, 100. Ar- 

tntbnot, 19, Arthur, ^, 10. 
la. as.js- &,47,6*>— 4,»3. 

i<5.tlH.fh).l4l.l44. Arthur 
Brondribh, 14y. Arthur 
UaBi«U,llO. ADgii>lD#,l4^. 
Avin>. 83. B. K, fl. Bat- 
l*ra,43.'i6,6S.5».ti5, Bar- 
nard, 4^, iFaitbitloattf-H. It, 
4d. QonjaiDJn, €», 160— 7. 
Itflthia, Z2, Itrian, 10, in, 

»1, »d. 44. 611, &£— S, Itii. 
CatlicrUc, 51, 68, 76. 77. 
CatboHno Alice Mi^ry, c^o. 
Ctf IliH, 33, S7. Cliarl.. 52. 
Charlc«, H, 62, 65, 67, 00, 
74, 102, UU— U. Cliarlu 
Jrltmr. HO, 'M, lOtf, iOJ. 

Cbarki }':<t^fd, 3o, 60. 
L'bnrlcA JamcB, 100, Clirli- 
tiaii, 7.V Sfi, Chrlitint, 26. 
Collabre, 3^, Constatice Ami 
Dorothy. SO, 30. ClirUt*- 
p!i*r- at 3fl. 4a, 46-7.48- 
61 67—60. 6fi— G. 7a— 4, 
?7, 79, 66-9, »1— «, lOS- 
Ocitbh^'rt. II. ."{[I, 40. 46.50 
—4, IIS^ Ni:^7, 101, J09. 

Sa.i6,77-8,ltW,145. In- 
niaroniL,22.2H-9. Daroth^ 

la, 17, 60, 6*. 60- «0, d6 
—6,71,77, 87-S. \)T. E. 
W., 10. KU<nour.'3f, 24 
—a, 87. K. D., 166. a. 
tklJtb IFarrJi^t, Uo. Kd- 
niKiwl, 51, 6fi-t% 06, Hi;. 
F^ln'ti^l, IS, SB, El- 6,40, 
40-51, 63, 65—8. iMi. fi2, 
flB-tJ, 73, 77— e. >ia, W3-0, 
01, U6. tOB, no, U3. Kd- 
vard D,, 12. Edwin, lAlj, 
n;i. EMuh, r.O. KUif^'r 
niEpna. la 30, lOi— S. 
RUu.8^ KLii]n.4:>. Klinor, 

46. 45, 4fl— 6a ^. flO^ 87, 
91, 100. KIJa, 10. Elin- 
Mb. to, Ul-\7. Xt ^— A. 
as, 4:5, 46—60, 61—3, 66— 
6J, 68, 66-«, 66,71,7^-7, 

103,107— 10,141. 149,163, 
1&4, 1M<*7p KIUh Mwy, 
3H. R1W, 14. 40, S3, <W. 
7fl,W-l. Klli-n, 
Knifu VkturU, 110. BTU«, 
KH, ISH-S, Riiiiiift.74,9], 
l^f, Hfi. Kinily, 141, l&S. 
£:Liii!y Mii>, 110— II. Km- 
itvil. (hi. Kiicirh. 26. Kiiiit, 

66. Ep1ir4mt,4l^. KraaJiLUi, 
m. KruAl HuKik-fi, 146. 
t:*t.Tf. 17. 5K, 0(177- Klh#l 
R^atrlcf.^H. ROi.droda, 67. 
KtbctAIvj.SO. CtbvlMarj 
AUco UnuJ, m 90. fcCva. 
B9. K. W..9. Ewkid. 22, 
2C.8W.7t. l:tn.,40— S,6». 
F„ I4&. K. A., 14:1. V^th. 
69. 90. FalJcu, HI. ^Vn- 
»k4i. 100, Fottiuuud, 67. 
Ft«lE«r, 144. t'mrii'iu,33^ 46, 

40, 51, 63, tJO, 66, 77. &3. 
Fruu«» M Q lock , 151-2, 
FruidB. 17. 33,47-60,63 
—3, tfO, 7K 76, 87. 89, »L 
Frank E^w^ 140. Frod.. 
100,110. Fiilk,e2-B. O- 
3. 1C9. Ucoffr;. B. 33, 40, 
50 — 1,56— 6,61.7 'J. Ofcwi^ 
li— IG, 19. 2S, 31, 33, 311, 

41. 43- B, 47, 41t, 50—4. 6« 
_^n, (S^^3, 65— ti. 76— SI, 
Sfi— IP, 91. 100, 109, 141—2, 
147. I4y. 162— a. 156, 160 
— 1. Geo. Rdw., lOOt IOC. 
Geo. U., 143. 145. Ok. 
RoKO, 14:1. Ueo. W^ 101. 
Gortmi34\ SI. aHbort. 43. 
Gi1ci,60.6i,^ Gman,33. 
Glfldy«,Z^,30.1^. Oodfrfy, 
40. 65, Sti. flrac*, flO. 71, 
«C, ii9, leO—L Grrgory, 

67. Guy, 49. 0, R., 113. 
H. G, 107. H.J., 141- n, 
a, HI. Ilannab. 2:f. 2'!, 
3ei, 2tf, a-i. ^2-1, 6H, ST), 100. 

EaiiiiahMana.4H.100. Hu^ 
iioy«,6'3. Uftn-Let, 101,11a 
ikk-u, 63, oo, <;e. 71. 81. 
llcftry, 13, 33, 43. 46-8, 

60-^1 67, 6fi, 73, 7a-a 7«^ 

S3, wv-7. as— di. e*>— a 

IL»7 -A, 141. Jiau ircrTlns- 
tou, 140-1. Ucrb. Bri.. 
110 11. Ufttcr.O^. Iloiuir, 
77. UoratJo.i:^l— 2. Utigli, 
4i, 61, 60, 60—1, CS-^ 
Ilunipbrey. 13, 4»— 4^47,66, 
91, 1>7. Jiftac, 15, 00, 66. 
liabdU,. 16. 33. 43,48—60, 
60, ti6, IDS, 106, 143, 160. 
J. J.. 1>. Jafob.60,74. 146 
- 6. Jimiof, *\ 10, lll--Sa 
iA3l— 6, W, 4U. :^W, 71,76, 
77,63,67—9,102-4, 107, 


110. 149. n% ise, Jh. 

Atttti. Hfl. Jh. Sradribb, 

140. JiH.Jnho,20,:iO. JmI«> 


1 Aqd, «. Jmi» DilUiiff. £3. 
tS»* J«ae tlkrrii, 113. Jiiitt^ 

16. JcrifiDuh. 110. Jeremy, 

Ef7-».iKM'7. I£6, 161. Jolm. 

s_4,.\ii^ia, ia^ie,ia 

^€,30-3,40-1, 43— W. 
^a—v. TO— K ttl— 3, »0— 
03.uA— IIH. ICMt-^10^ 130. 
[UX-t, 144* 119. 15a 1££. 
16&-lft. lAV. 163. Jolin 
(Mqm'L I1U>— I. JAtin Itnl- 
tou.IS^. JohuClSS. Jolm 
Porter, 68. J'itiaaeo.,lll>. 
Jolin Hen.. 1 10. John Jai„ 
tO.IOJOS— 6. JdinJohn- 

ton, 4S.. Jnlili Juwl>tl, 1 14), 

101 Jolm Moody. lUM, 110 
I — 11. JoIin RobiiiMHi, 39. 
llOSL J'tha Thoi.. 63, 107. 
fjobn V^m., 100. JDnu.fi5 
Joii«lhftii.3f.AI. 10£, 
1 100. J«.,6S,77. Jwpb, 
flS-*18. tS-«. la. 54, OX 
> 68w 77, ^, S»-dO. lOO-Z, 

156, Jm. FuhfT. 140, J«- 
[lUrUa^lfiO. JnqtMnt. lt%. 
. jMboA^lOl.lOr. Jnai>4,T7, 

Jwlith, 60. 05, 71, f«3. 6A. 

91—4. Juiift K^^bfocn. na 

JaaiWSllian,Sit,aO. Jut^ 

tin, eft. KMheriDD. n, 34, 

, 43, 47. 4£l-S0, 54, 69, 71, 

1.63.^7-*^ Klntwi.38-4^ 

[Ul. UmbMlW. Ijuict^ 

Em 14. 39, 49, 54. Lfturtl, 

r49. lAvrvuvwttjie. Ln^ 

nurd. 31. 33. 30.05,60, 8». 

]^>iijin] AiiKvortb. M 30^ 

1S4. LrtlnpQ.4fl. tai*.M, 

ta. UaU,32.Si(. Lanlm, 

I0l,li:». Lncy.Sa^. Lucy 

Ann. 94 l.ydU. tl4.77. Ifiti. 

l4POa.30,aV-*^G0. Ltoa« 

ia,4K4fi.£^. h-t. TS. Mk< 
L id, 66. Uft^l«i]. 33. 41, 

iMarrn*. 99. HuhmI, 11^ 

[l4.S],3a, 45-M(6-€0, 

m 09, TU7H, 70-7,91. 53. 

7-91. flaOS^ 103. 110. 151. 


y,39t»0. 47, 61, 98—7. 

VftTtft. 48, 45. 47.60. Sa luO. 

Uin lUD. tia UftTiftQ, 

jorie. BUrk. 
60,143. H*rUia,H.«\-6. 
7l,fta, S6-7, 141-2, I4i». 
Htftiu. 4A, 47. Mftiy. 11 

46L 48-^ 58. 54. &^«1, 
65—9. 71. 78 -so, as. S7— 
9t 100, lOi, It?, nu. 143. 
l45.149.l&£.U0.1tj]. Uft/y 
Anno. 141, Uiry UftciDalt, 
lOU. Mltt Jftnc, IA2. M«^ 
l^ld>,47. MMiMftAim.loa 
HnUliP*. 4, SS, 71. 7^—7. 

eo. fto. sw, fli, fl7, 100. 

HftttliDvr £4aUU. UO— 11. 
MohitAUo.m M(TryAU.4&, 
Hkbjwl. IC— 17. 3^. «!. GO. 
<a,CO— 7.B»,W*. KH. Ml- 

chH«lBnd.ox Milit«l.eo. 
91. Mi)a,&3. NtthftuH 
ii.ur, <>«, 111. 

1&4. IGG. y«*LHn, 100. 
Nti!tio1u,»3, 13. 4&, 49— &ti. 
64. a». ;i,M. F^n fiomiBQ 
n.. 149. Oliver, tl. Ilk- 
w»ld, 61.69-70. PkIHcL. 
M. Pttut, eo. 7Uh t^uline. 
£2. £»— 9. Pbuthto Pklty, 
£2, 28. Tolrui. i8, Pct«r. 
7, 3i, 94— a, AH— it. 77. S»l. 
96. 143. Prit«f Hcurf . 21 
"3, 30. U1-S9- PMtip. 
4a. 4», 63,57— 5. 0>. 63, 76, 

m, Pbiiipv*- i^i< i^Hu. 

]<r^ Ta J1*abo, 39, !>;. 
Phjni*, 63. Praf. 0. K., 6, 
11. 93-4!. 33.1), KJoTiiQi. 
145. ftilf, S. T. 9-ll, IS 
— Ift, 1«— HT.IH. 31— 3,41, 
4S_7, *i>-^&3, MJ— 7. 67. 
72— S. 75, 77-^1, 86— fi. 91, 
Uti, 0«l. 101, 109. 111. 1&4, 
156-7, 160-9, lUlf Bil- 
ling, 3;t, 30, I39-9L Half 
Wftldo,S9,35, 111,140—1, 
119. 149. lU— 6. »Hh»1. 
51. RdpUd, 08, RcbfCtt, 
33,77,^-^. Ilc^ibt^n. 3^ 
libodo. £9,31^-7,87, lEJcti- 
vd, 4. 5.83.89—41.43,45, 
47. W ^65''d,60— M^Gi 
"-7, 70-9,74.70-W. 66 
—81.96^08.101.106. UO^ 
lis, 156, 1S«. l«t. KoUn. 
9.14,10—17. 31, S3, 38^ 
41. 4»-\ 47— fltt, eti 71, 
79-7, »1, 63, 06—90, 100 
Il9v 164«— 9. 1^1— IJ. If'ib. 
Bowl. 9a ¥irk> Jolm, 140. 
Row, 9. 53. 57,59, 00,96'^. 
Rakad, 33,40-1,43, »|,&3 
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111.33. 94— «.(l>—nGS, TO 
"1, 77—8; 83, 85— 3^00— I. 
I4tt. IIfO, dnl, tiC ftffth, 
5<S. Sidney, Hfl, 149. S*. 
bUU,&4, ^Wi«t<!r.63. St- 
mou. 43, 49,(6,00, dqokt 
J«Ma,21^ SUphan, 99, 9^ 

65, 77. 101. 110. St«pban 
Cumminjfi, 56. Stophtfi; 
WUIiBiD, 59. 8i»ii,e0— 6. 
98. 4a> »— 00, 66, 08. 73, 
75—7. 00. 09, 90—1. 15a 
SoHtinn. 17. 60,71, Sybil, 
93.30,40, 136- T. (Cnpt), 
146—6. r.W.,U7- Tfthlim 
63, Theod'iTv. eO- Tlioo- 
phitiu,a^. T]iomj(«.4, 6. 10, 
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]4B^-9. 16C>. l5£-*4. 166— 
0. Ifll-J. ri.M.G,.144— 
6. Thu, R..31, 161. Hio*. 
^'barton, 3(V Tho».Wi]ftou. 
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Tito*. luV. lob^M, 47— d 
Trirtmra.ya, T. K, l^ilUU. 
106. W. L„ H», W- B.. 
143. Walter Rlc. 110. 
Whnrton^OQ, 04, U*L WM- 
lum.9, 3. 6. U— 14h1f^3&. 
33, 3d— 4l,43-46,68-C9. 
06—71, 73— «l. S3— I. BO 
—99, 96-A 100-^2, lOfi, 
109^141—3, lit. 1)9, 160, 
161, Will. Anibr^iw. 1*9, 
WHL Oim0«ld. 30. Will 
Bni««t, 149, Will. Fithor. 
140. WltL LJodHy, 13L', 
WiU.MiteWI. 110. Wbt- 
rredM»ri»n,110— 11. 'Ur 
m7j,"m, Urmli,00. Yiii- 
ccnt. 59. ZfU Onbif, :!2, 
30, 137. 

19p Kl«Anor,l9, J«inc*.lO. 

8ir JMUCi^ 10, 19, 10, 30, 

07, 100. 147,149, 1&0« Wil. 

lUm. 19. 161, 
Km?ry, Alice, I. Fmerio 01., 

»K J«i, 3. Jolio. I, ^. 

Lctitia, 1. Muvvflt, 1. 

l^iul.Z. I>tpr, L Ki<<bud, 

9, 3ft, 4.1, lUUirl.K TIiol, 

1,3. Will, J. 
GncrurijvU. Cuba, 118. U 

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EudiooU. — , 83. 
Knn^lfl. Midilt.. 86—6, 91, 
BrrintflAn. Arth,, 63. Thom., 

ICtkirk, Jobintja. 161. 
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Kvfefli, Sir J., 9. 
Etfttt, Fniuw M&rj ElMnor, 

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rathm. m. yo«k, W— 7- 
r«a*ick, — . 50. 
rabenhnu^ KUi., 60, 79. 
Jjutc. 14. Jibct, 5£, Jobn, 

14. JoMpb.5t, NIcboW 

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nidj, CO* Vdrkt 50, 
Hiichin^rM, Eiaci, TT. 
t^iii»1>Eiry, Mitldi., 3. 
VUhn. D«i. tT. Sir Klir., 

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Fivbhuri', Cv, Ibirliim, 49. 

Httjnbti, Jnliti. S. 

KittWl, Ak>],66,64, 
FUndm, 7$, 86. 
Foiitin. — , B4. 
Pl(»ii[ii1mi, Jane, 58. 
hUktii>rlinm, Uric.. 6, 10, 43. 

IWthaw. Ktirth<»,c<i KoU«.08, 

l^utcr, KNn, 33, 

K^btrby. Agu«. 60. 

FoxdI. Hjiry, 87, 

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la— 6. IH^9.I4,31-S,41, 
166. lOO— 1. 

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Fmiilnifttani, 16, 73. 

Frvmoiit^Oblo, Z£, 39. 

Frr^iLch. (Icmtiral. 112. 

Froiind. W., 28. 

Frc-ifilngllflj. 7fl. 

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Froe. Uargarct. 60L 

Fry. B,, ». 

Fuller. Emuii UitrthH, 149. 

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tintiny. 169 

Ouiuv. Klit, 90: 

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(hm«1I] CbftDclry, 58. 
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G-fib, kul, o;— 9. tfn, 

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Ojvtou, Uuy 31.^ 99. 


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Qoiitt, Btrbust 47. 
Otarfwunrn, Main*, 39. 
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GiffvJ, !(<;«. ^V^t, 
GlITunl, K.. SO. 
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Oniv, AdinLna,113. 
OitlHorUm. 90, 
OinlW. W,. K7. 
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0|ji*ic»*, 149-60. 
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Oloopiitcr, Uum., U. 
OtMlufC, C, 9. 
Gooding, — . TO. 



^^^^^ 166 ^^^* 


^^^^ Ooold. Rev. P., 9. 

Hfld«on», Kant, ^. 

Itu^wii, Her., 9. 

LJffbtly, Ellin, IC, 60, ^^^H 

^^H 4>oolf, ]0^> 

nodb^liiin, SibK 77, 70, 
Helffbiafton, c<j. Diirbbin, GO. 

Jt^kann, Rliiatiar. IIi. Hn^b, 

LUKirhitoH n., 86. ^^^H 

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19. lhib«U 38, £2. Jo4ii> 

LinLz f.)r»ii, IKX ^^^^^M 

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Heiijlitutrtotii T., 4Z. 

85. Will., 58, 


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HolmV Aiioklnnd, 4 A. 

JoifomoEi. f-fAoo, 45, J', S7. 

JJViTJH'ol, ^^^^^H 

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KoltoIn^luiiJi. 7^. 

JiHlJiib, 2G, Joiqih, Sfl. 

LoL^k. .<nnib, 35, ^^^^1 

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UcuQjifM, Alicis 8L J»iae«j 

RnLli, 16. 

Li.vkiiij|;(u(i, 49. ^^^^^1 

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80-81. W,.80-S1, 

Jpubunrf, Bvb4r«, &0. JobD. 

f4Pkir<KHi[, Elii., SS. ^H 

^^H (Snluiiii, Mury Irving, SB. 

IJert.<ford, 98. 

18. m,60, WUL,:8,4i. 

Loddon, 00. Norfolk, 78^ ^H 

^H Qntat, C, 9. 

Heroiit JdhD» CO. 


Loiubardjr, 3. ^^H 

^H amrc, KIIh.. ICG. 

Hothonngton, CatburiiHs, 140. 
Hewion, Bev. H. N. 0, 10. 

Jobikion, JnbDBtofi. Ann, 100, 

Lordon, «4— 9, 92, 143— I^^H 

^H Qnon. B.. fS. 

I5f. Alice, e^. Ell£.. 45. 

140, 158. J^M 

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BnhMD, lUJ. 

Mr. r, 10. LdtucD, 49. 

Londrm, i^kriih lif^itnt <C^^| 

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Kii^5, M. >;nrfnik, 7:1—4. 

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83, ftS— &, V7— 8. ^^M 

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JiinlAij, Air., 9, 

L'>nidji]o, Mr., 9. ^H 

^B Qnlff, Her, JL, la 

HLnr]rin|;liBn, 7A. 

Jofi-p, M«rtbB, 77. 

l^mtuiibift], (SimttHll, £9, S9^^| 

Uin^hiiD, 00. Norfolk, 23. 

KMbl(<. Tbn. 149. 

Lousb* Kli£, 100, ^H 

^H (inmtbi, Jabu, IW. 

Hirt^'bRiii, Fvtfiri 29. 

Ki>ltlrbl, 69. 

Ltmth, CO. Line, 08, 10& ^^| 

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Horkon, \niip. S9. 

K'plkc. l->-n<««, 16—7, CO. G3. 

l^nb P4tk, r-3- ^^1 

^^H Ortnaitdn, Itf^v, A^, 9- 

Hoilirvon, H[)4e1||33, Jobii.33. 

U, 1K,53. 

Unrelv, Mi», 130. ^^M 

Low 6^»birf»lvy, A3. ^^H 

^^H Grimiton. c^Ih Ynrk, M. 

Rii'bhnl, M. 

KeniiFHly. Uav. &., 9. 

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lliddmiow. t^it. Xttrkf 2. 

KpnyiHj. Mr.. 9. 
Ki<ttl?lhtrr)jo Park, Lmc, 17. 

Lowoll. 27. ^H 

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UoldbiiiD, TI1..B2. 

l..owrT, R., 29. ^^1 

^^H QuJODO, Elcnnar ot, 83—1 

Hirtfir.1.— . 77. 

Kdlvvdou, Esiri, 50, 7D, 79, 

how^Ujti, 7*3, U>H, 13S. ^^1 

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^^H (fOntliDrpo, 16, 74, 

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43, 46, ^H 

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IluoW, R. 23. 

Kciiftal Gr»h, IUidai.,I». 

Lai^koit, Annp, 90. ^^| 


Keatu]], John, £6. 

Ludwvtl, fo. Dariiftm, Sl^^^^f 

^^H llBi^ktbornc, CO. LEiic»j 17. 

H^apj^iir, iljirilb, 109- 

E«y Podlfftn, ^- 
Emg^t Coil., London. 116h 

45, K1, iVO. ^^H 

^^1 IluiUiani. MdcIi (Gmt), oo. 

Hu;jIii>u. Mnrtin. 6k 

LyaiLB. Ann. £8. ^^H 

^H lli^rte, 77, 60, 81— S, tGS, 

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Ly;jn, CO, Norrtdk,73 — 3, ^^M 



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^H RailLtMD. Little, CO. Hoiii.77. 

HDrn>i:7,Juct.6.^. JpTinoita. 

Kiiic's Biirtou. co. fikue., 43. 

Lyon. AniiL\ 148. PuTrick. I7^H 


16. Jobu, It}. 

Kiut^fltt. K., 77. 

i4a. 8(iiaii(i«b. 17. 1X1, 148^H 

^B flulli^j, Monkfu, &a, 69, 91, 

Hof^bniB, 69^07— **- 

Kirby, Kirhb/, Jobn d^ 38, 

MaFbdl, — ', (5, ^^H 


Burd<<3r, — ,50— L E1li?i],47. 


HpokcDB. John, Sa M»ry,2C^^M 

^H HadTock. Deboni]i,27. 

Hoaf^btmi. 39, £2. 

Kirkcap.Jiu..150. Alary, im 

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MEticIitoEic, Kent. 3. ^^^^^M 

^H nail, AoQo, 05. Kill.. 49. 

How*. Wr. J. ,?,. 10, 

UmUlIiv. A, 11„9. 

UiAUnl I^liirk, 4£, ^^^H 


llQWtiimr on, Li0O-, 03. 

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Mi^TieboaUr, ^^^^H 

^^1 HiLtUnifbury, UttU, 7^. 

IToMc, 7a 

Umbctb, 07. 143. 

Munratfle^ld, Glouc, 83 — 1, ^^1 

^^H lUiiiitiond/Ann. EV8. MArjr^GS, 

HadlDi, [»b., G3. 

Ltmnlfry) co. Durliam. 43, 50. 

Manlpy. R A.. 1». ^H 

^^H Hmm»t*irly, ?u. Durhiiiu> 9, IfJ, 

l(Mdi1Wtonr» Joii , ftOi 

Lanf1i4tolor, 00. I>tirbiiiD,3,!{3, 

Maun, Uov. R, 10, ^H 

^^H HftTiiritii; Woi!]i. it^i. 

Huffird, Cniib, 38. 

89- 40.44—1;. 

Maplciborpf, ro. Line*, 66. ^^| 

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Hupll, l!llilH,<U 

Uno.Ci«ly,58, Hcv.H,T..lO. 

Mftfkct Ituon, CO' Ijiua., 65. ^^H 

^H llnnljriil. Alicr, U, 33, 4(>, 

Hull, lOS, 

Lbu^buD, Ti' 

Marlcj.ElEfe, 43,47. J->43,'I7;^H 

ULimbli?,AUcc»47. Anno, 33. 

Ltnjttoft, en- Ynrk. £5. 

Muvb. Abl^Il, £9. ^H 

^^H Chrintni^hor, ^A. 

IhimphrL^y, J., 23> 

Uiiti. J.. 15^- 

Mar«hftlJ,JobTi,7l. ^H 

^^B lUrixPU. Auiio. 16, tO. 60. 7^. 

KaiiidoD. Khx„r}0, 14& 

L4 Pntinu Ki>Ut«, Colm, U3. 

Vanlidtld, CO. Glooo. 4, 83-^^H 

^H Kti/., 4!>. rhnntop^rr, CO. 

HiiniwDrUi.&0— 60. 

Idplovo, J-. 77. 

4, 119. ^H 

^^H IIiirU^r^li;il<<ti. Dorotiiv. lEil^ 

Hunl, W>. 23. 


Mirahildid, co, Qlooo,, Vio^^H 

^^^H Ilnjrih|}t»n, Lia(L,17. 

Hutbnrt, John, S6. 

Li*UU.Tb.*,81. WMLKmor- 

uf, 10. ^H 

^^H Hnrrttt, Jniiv, 23- 

iIamll,T.. 77. 

con Kfludi^i'k, Hi- 

MHrtln'« Handntd, 158. ^^1 

^^H HHrriMOii, H«v. — . 10, 

Uurwortb-on-Twi, 53, lOl. 

Idvpridon, M2. 

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^^^1 Jljirtli'ponl, dO- Durhjim, SO— 

n at worth 'OD'TiHJri , V 1 mr at, 1 0. 

ld«r*D<H^. D. K., 27. P-, 57. 

MflrU^n, York-., TolUby tl«U I 


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U»«ii]i, », 60. Kdm-, H3. 

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Maaitn. —. 27, KcT. J.. 10, J^H 

^^H Tlarn-arrl^ ^Ivrj* 77. 

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5iiw>fbuwtrA, 1!, 2£— 0, a^H 

^^1 Hitikiot, Rath, t$. 

IrtiTfi, )E<<v. ,T.. ID. 

LiKOiiby, CO, Oiiinb.j 5,1 — 4- 


^H HataHd, 38—40, 43> 

IriKhiim, Mary Ivouiut. 1^)2. 

Lpti, — , 61. Cftr>tain K- T,, ». 

MM»invlir«d, — , OO. Kl]t„ ^T^H 

^^1 Halflpld, m. Kmx, 78, 

S- D.IfiH- 

0, Atn%m«a, HliiAinaiitli*, 0. 

1luu.. 17- W^L, 17. ^H 

^H Huiwcll, F. 51. 

Ittirilbv, t>1rJoba, IT, 00. 

J- W.. 39. 

Maitv^tl, Mr.,H. ^H 

^^1 If&vinn, H^,1I4. 

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J/flM/ffH^/ (l'bc),23. ^^M 

^H H Hvorhill, r.S &., >9, 09. 

Ipiw[nb,7S-R, 04. 

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M#ntoriL[4i], ^. A(>. AnthoMj^H 

^B Hny, tUv. t. F.. 10, 


LeuiiibaiD, Kmit. 80— 00. 

13, Kbthf^rW 13. ^^M 

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a0,82,63,m, 159—6,100-1. 

LvytUQ, £■»!, 141— 2f. 

MfWtWti, K«T, D. M., 10, ^H 

^^^^^^_ TlontoD, Vorrti. 107. 

TwUnd.W— 9. 144. 

Lincnln. C\ty of, GS. 108. 

Mmd'W. 24—9, 150. ^H 

^^^^^h n«ckotboruc, Mr., 9i 

Jreiopbanie, 51. 

LintTob, Eu]of,23, 

Mut^ftlf, Anno, 16. Brtfa^^f 



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p](npVKUi..m. n^b..lti). 

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Normtn, Uary, >f7. 

Rdti, /ouu lOCH ^^^^H 

I «0. 

XcmMacrow*, Bantt., 9. 

PvtUovlik, PoI«uni. L 3. 

Ro«tnT«v. €^ Dovtt, IKK ^^^^H 

Urthirold, Ti. 

Norrcj*, Geo., 87- 

Poit«via. IN>irtan. PhitI|^ Rp. 

Ro«e, R.,S8^ ^^^H 

Alfwbnni, |h}n^iia, lOA. 

NvrtbtUrrtfln. «\ York, », 

of. 3, 33. 37—8. «6. 

Ronlnnd, D.. 77. ^^^H 

MuOihrl, IVni.KH, 


iVitiUfoTvl. Af^n, 140. 

Kowinkivp^. Klif.. 43. ^^^^^H 

Mklii^-nn. U^.A,. 3a. 

Nortb. Romford, |>ttc J5S. 


iUiifntftc. Rtv.U. W.. 10. ^^^H 

MidtLctun. bi. 

Uuy JauF, lU. 

Poulvou. Hamnr* 60. 

KnudJ. Aim. i io. Jlftrrict,!!. ^^M 

hTlW. RIW, no. S. H.,Q. 

NurtbftEnfiton, SH — 9. 

IW, 12 

kymn. KtfV. A. T„ 10. ^^1 

Will. Uca., 110, 

Nortbnipti^ 1. 

Yotk-PovftI, PnrfHHr, f. 

Ryrv W., 0. ^H 

Millet, Ju., £V. 

Nvrtcm, BlU., 01. Jubn, S3, 

Pn«Uih. L4iin., lil. 

Ryifb, Prof.vrCbfiMtliitila, t. ^^^H 

Mill*, R«r. J. R. D.D.,10. 

Rlc. »S, 40. Ai. 

Pricr^, Ann. OT. 

AnitOEi. Mftu. S4. 

Norway, 70, a&. 

Priwhiro, Kfif. no— U. 

Hymme. York*, 56^ W. ^^^H 

Mdr^ri, n^t, H. A„&. 

:4urwtrh, 7S-«. I10--U, 

Puroty, Itrv. W., P. 

Ryuo, 47, M. ^^^H 

Molynpui. A ntb'>nj^ llO^ Rbt. 

Noting-, niuk. 77. TCl 

1*dtii«y, 109. 

ItyUifft. Vicnr erf. 10. ^^1 

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gniib.^iAr«:ti, 14S. 

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Ndva dortU, 147. 

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R*bv. M. Dttrbkm. 1 C. 4fi. U. 
7i— 3,1)4. 

SwIjfTon. lUv. K. E£.. 10. ^H 

)r<-ui< viaw. 149. 

OokW 76. 

S>ii]0r, Aitni*, 33. Sir R^lf. ^H 

Uiriit^nirrT. RfT- J., 9. l^lcll/JloJfL, »— 3. 

Rmoh;, 8^r J , D3. 

80, 6i. ^H 

Uo.>«ly. John, ao, Marj.>3, Obki, U.aJU 2fiw tH-0. 

IUn>ic«t«^ «0. 00, 133. li>. 

Siiir«M.-.77. ^H 

110. oi£ff«D>h«v. Rqv. J. a, 10. 


5UAniK-ir-»,47, ^H 

M'^>ik'^». D, J., en. J«iiXlii,aa. OmkD. lV-rrwurt8. 

Ruiloll, W. B.. 110. 

St. Holff«'«,47. ^H 

W"f»*. Morw, AbiffBU, *7, Oreut. Tli-n , SS. 

lUMOttitf. Sman. 110. 

5*1in4r Mninui. Km«k. T9. ^^M 

iHiM, V. D«TCWj ST. Ormubj, J0£— 3, 

BaoUxinMv co. l.ino., 63. 

E^ltnitteH, Sir R., £8. ^H 

Rbtonor, S7. UvmeVj £7. OttH-Tiu% t(«Y. W. H., 9. 

fi«nMd, JabD.(a ^H 

Bii., ja— 7. Knnkr, J7, Oitonrf. Mi. 

Uftw, Vmoribvw Ajcn(o,dnu. 

tendii, Atlll^ 17, 90, Rob.. ^H 

Uftunsli. 57. Jrmii^B, ^, 

OUorin^loii. Kortb. SO. 

of, 2.33, 4d, 

17.60, ^H 

J«rc«uli, 97. J«wse£,» 

OultoD, Sultulk, Vl. ill. 

Raw. Jmnlma, 4fi. 

i^udvAky, an— 0. ^H 

K«n<Uifh. KrnT, 8^—90, 14fi. ^H 

— ^M Jobn.X7. JotenU, 
97. JoAhiw, 27. L«u, 27. 

Qolton Unwd, l8*-*9. 

RawJoq, K1j£, 46. 


RftjlvitEb, oo. Ka««i, 13- 

Kftull. Ka2.,i;6- ^^^M 

T.yaift, 27. llmrtf<4T, »S, 

Ovtoo, Go. 

RitjiiP. E-fx, T7, 70, Ra 

Hftiitttlvnou. Rvrbar*, ftOl ^^^^^^| 

S&— 7, Mirj, £7. t^mchel. 

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^r £7, ap|«jr»K S7. 

l^tfke. Rcr. V. J, 10. 

Rn. AllJiou, &0. 

Mv«,, 71. RUtlml, 17,00, ^^^M 

Piul^t, Kltt.^91^S.M. 

KMd, JUrd. Jolift.3& Hat7. 

B4,H0. Tbi«., 17. ^^^H 

iVJ'Ufr. BkU, 97. R, 07. 


£«wbnHB*«aviti, 77, 80—3, ^^H 

Roffor,9l, T,77. 


1&4— 5, 158. ^^^M 

Morlan, Kmini-, 4tf. Pit^r di^ 

FU|]c«r. Hargt. 4A. 

B<*jdnii<nbtt]L. 4£/. 
Rf[*)dniiinb>:l, Vi«.r of, 10. 

5*iby, CO. LtnCiv 05. ^^^^^H 

7. R^tb- tin, 7, «. 

Palmor, U fef7. 83. 

&ii*L«d, TU. ^^^^H 

MowbnT, JrJin, 70. 
UoioEi. Rev. K^ 9. 

3. 70— U 

R^Utiv*O0n»ii»l, TU, tL 

S»tUituuf b. Yorb*^ S. 0. 6G, ^^| 

R«pH, NotUi, 73—4. 
R«troH, CMt> Nottd. 17. OK 


^luftnn. Kari. 4$, 

P«rvl«)Miii. rgw S«ia,7G--8. 

Sc^hroihW. W, H.,>a. ^^^H 

Mnrtoii, Wflt, 40. 

Ptfko, Dia4b.33. 

67, 148. 

$C4ili(C, ««. [.b^tf ., 00. ^^^H 

Muivsfd, Kd, V). 

FuTkcf. Iktb**.», 

R«tford, WmI, N<At«, 17, fifl, 

(crfdin^ii, oo. Line, 80, ^^^^^| 

Mfvn. K!.i-.&!l. 

Pu-kU»4, Blif.Sl.RS. 


Stnmi}<y, 74. ^^^| 

NtfcTjtwWh, M. Chnbir*, ttt. 

P«hih RctrbUffi, 14. 

R«yii«rdipn. Jubot f>8. 
Ribur^b l'«rY&,l4. 

!h^vn Uirboqr, 101—3, 109. ^H 

N\lirvi, Kȣ., III. J., 61. 

P«aod, 74 

^■«MoiuR«t T.,9. ^H 

Jobti. &r K^iO. 


Rirb»T«UQii. A|rn«t,4l'. OatW- 

]4wJ, H(tv. W.. 10, ^M 

Nfmdon, Kmu, 7tf-6tX 

Pf«rwn, Ui«rj, 6a. RtT.J,0. 

rrin«, 61. 

itfp^f.Thot., 78. ^H 

E!rTf11e, Ana. 60. Ch*rta*.7>, 

PiArU. — . &L 

Kii:biD<;nd, York*, 1, Ul, UJ. 

StdfiilWd, CD. l>urbuB, It, 43 ^H 

frS. Kfttbrrinf, i^O. <>3. ?U. 

Pft'k. W. R.. 140. 

KkbniiHid. York*. BfL of. 0. 

—0. b7. 1113, 100. la^. ^H 

iVimLaiafi, EtiE,,I7, Msrj,27. 

Rir«, SiiMo, 73. 

Scfiuu, eu- 1mm*., 01. ^H 

Tb«., I*. W^M. 

Hiplvj Put. Tor^t. 

tffOii, R, 71. ^1 

NVw Brifblnn. lOB. 

RlpjKHi. Ann. 47. 

Sniifr. R«t. Jriin, 40. 1 


RiN^ aUn, 8, y4— «, 

StnJCWiJ. lUofftl, I». ^M 

NuKlwfj. llnha,»4. 

Ptn:T. Mt Aaih., irf. 
Pffklu. l%lt^«,»t, 21 
PbiUdelpUn. 1 & 

Riim, Kmiljj4^ 1C*«UI43. 

8cr1ry, cu. Lbic, 17, Ctt, 03—7, ^H 

Kewcutk-Qpoii^TyiML 10. 8S; 

R^UMit. Antkd. 91, 1*6-7. 


a». 4-W^> 4»— &3, 37-8, 

EMn Hrxd* llftj, 10B. 

SmMMkiL 97. ^^H 

114, KK>— 1, 1^, I40— K 

PUlimo. W. J^ Oi 
Ptmfpp. K«1hffHa«. »l. RO. 5a. 

Robin, LuiT.M. 

a>w«l). Ui^ ff, t., 140. ^^^H 

NewcuUi-Qpoa*Tjriir, Viouof 

Rohin»>n, Aimic. 110—11. 

SbBfto. Atir«. MX ^^^M 


Mftrgr, 53. 'lho«L. 31, 33, 

Juir, 140. Jii., IOCl 

Sb«tr*44, JbM*« 77. ^^^1 

Nnrcv, Noos Clfwot. S^ 


Rgdioitf r, VvvBont. a, fl^ 96. 

Sbvpr, Mr,. Oi ^^^H 

Marj. 77. BIX I6L. Th«., 

PbUUr«. Anw, 63. Hmiuh. 


Sb«r, J«l^o, U. ^^^H 

W-1,101. Sunn. «L 87. 

17. Sun., of SUm, 11, 

RcK^kiHlc Ml Dowa, 19. 

^bM*Ur, ^, ^^^H 

N«v Kiiplud, », 

Rev. ««■.. of Andovrr, U. 

ltM:«. NkUAiikJ. :f3s 

8li<4l«, AlScr, Al. ^H 

New PIvmuutK S3- 

W«niU]l, 27. 

Koforifij. AffD». 33. 

SbtfkliMi, iJbtvibl, 00. ^H 

PhURnwi, Mr,. 9. 

Ro«rer^Afiftr,69j50. J^IU, 

V«v York, 1&^ 

rUniw, J . II., 29. L. A.. S9. 
r^ckrrTntf. hit. 

Rolf*.— ,77. 

6b*pb«tfd, H«T. -^ 03. Rov. ^H 
W. U^ 0. «.. 37. ^H 

KitboUon, R. L«0. K., 67. 

RoDUDb>.Yoil:*.40,16^*. 161. 
RooifonC &MX, T7-a 

Norfolk, Duko oT, 70. 

Piaknty, H«rKt., Co. 

db^rbuf*. «ol Terk. 07. ^^H 

N.>rf0llE, Unkf ot, Joba, TOl 

l-Wttabur;. No VoH(,e2, fiSw 

Roukbap*! M. 

ttkMwvKl, O. T.. 0^ Jd3«>^ ^H 



"Rookbapt Rfao,"41. 

2a— 0. Ur»., 28. ^M 


^^^^^^ ^^^^ 


^^^^^^woii. i»bci, *a. 

sSES^froTka., Euby H«1I, 

IVndard, Julln Sophui. ^. 

Wlkirtnn. Alirn. 00. 144.^59^1 

^^1 SUIalJi, NartL, 14U 

ill, W>. 

TMVOMbr, BO. t'oruwutl, -JV. 

li?l- ^H 

^H SbloM*. .^outh, 141. 

SlAodlOf. kG<v.,S. A., 10. 

Tpii(itliaf|Hr, to- Line-, (iri— C. 

WUnntlfij, Airn<«, 43. ^^B 

^^1 KlUpLov, Yorki. H/J, 

Sto|««. C. f , U. 

TubbiTiuonpjp. IrcUnrt, 150. 

^Vilu<kbanl. CO- Durluui, 43.^^H 

^^H 8hitt4-riio|K\ 511, 

Stohy, »„ 2«. 

Tu^rlwoll, Kov. W,. l>. 

WbitiT, Mffrvy.27. OKva, 2l^H 

^^H 8hoivljLiirt, 97 — 8- 

SUino, CoutN. 119. J<^imj,\4d, 

Tunicr. [i:tU.. &3. June. 91, 

Wbttlldd. Ann. 33. J., StJ^M 

^^H 8liorter, Mary Aim» iiU. 

Jei«>. IKJ. OrJaQdo, ilU. 

IH. Jrittry. UJ. 
T«*yford, Kuutn 2. 

M., Sd. ^M 

^^^1 Slmrtlv>rn4, 51, 

Sirungv, Kill.. 21. Girtla. 83, 

WbUii.if, Ctk^oh, 2S. &-. S}L>^H 

^H Shortkudj, Kunt. 146. 

91- W»Jt».r, 21. 

\Vkkbaiji|fUin, 74. ^^| 

^H ShAltoii. Durliun^ 14— U, -tU, 

f*iriiiigcw»v», ThH., 70. 

lftfl.:y, Kih^f. 77. 

Ufvuncrort Abboy. CO. Ldcn* 

Wtckmote, 74. ^H 

^^1 9n, lAvt, 

Stru»(*>rt, sa, 4», A7, ra, AO. 

Vkki.J.. H3. ^H 

^H SlUilt, BKldwfne, Ri, tHnld, 

Slrmiiiia, V&c«r of> 10, 

Wlg«onUt1, St. Pwiof, T4. ^^ 

^H M. Bv»tacp, 6i, Oinrd, 

sirtuTham, co, ^arrvy, 97* 

tpr, t>4, MS. 

WtlbrTforcG, Adsin, G3. Im* J 

^^1 64. Hon., &i Jm, 6i. 

Slr<y4t. Kmt^ 90— t. 

ITntimnt, — , tU— 1, 7JH. 

tmi, fii', fin. ^J 

^^H Johu, 6i. JoMhru, Q4. M«r- 

Stubbiiisii, J., I&ri. Lydio, 24, 

Urwlcke. fiL 

wilder. J., 25. ^H 

^^H till, l^- Uob,, C4. Scl^nd, 


Uibridpo. 2&— fi, tt9. 

vrukk. W..V. ^H 


.WMirk, Aun. 4!). 

Vnnop, Calbftrbfl, 42, W., Ba 

WilkjnafHi, — . &0, DumtUy, 

^^H Shukofprycr kJIm Svervon, 

&QlT.,<rn. Will, 19. 

Vmjgo, Ksiri, 79—^. 

13. l,4WTcnt^ 13. 

^^H Kob.^ 

flmidL'T!bn<l,33,:i9.a2— ^,100, 

Vav4smv Bdv, m Elii,. 55 

^V LI minimi. Uclawjuv, 112-3. 

^H Skffltnn. 1^0. VotIt. 6, 25, 83, 


— ft. Hcn.» Till. Jiixo, £6, 

W>1ii6». Anh,49- J-.2X Jmnc, 

^H 43, &5— 8. CO. 62. 

Sutton, <ni. !,inp-, G-J, C5— 0. 

JoJin,56— 0. WiU.,G6— 1». 

43- ^H 

^^^H Sk'ituiT, AuHtoLky, 91 — t. 

Swuby, <^. Llim., ^la, (H*— 0. 

Vtnn. Mr.. 3. 

^Vlklit^ry. — , «7. ^H 

^^1 ^niitlt, Siiiyt1i»^»26, Elbor. 

awnm«*ll. 74. 

Vormont. U.S.A., 25-fl. 

WiUnu. KlInDr, £2. ^H 

^H £U. a,2r, J., )&£. Juno. 

S«nM!i-y, U:<^J. 

Vicli. Oflo.. £0. 

WhiojuittiQ, 149. ^^H 

^^H 47^ Joan, 73. JoLd, T3. 

Swflton. c-o* lAtiK., HO. 

Vlr^Iulb, 3S;|,S8, 155— >. 

Wiiiohi-^UTr. 3. ^^^^^t 

^H Mr, -. Qf yn»lD, 0. 

WabHTitflit. — , 17. Elinor, 

WiridRor. Old. ML ^^^H 

^H Simth. Rg</. E PayiiB-, 13. 

SwwUnjf. Mr., 9. 


Wfn^HiJlil. 7G. ^^^H 

^^B Giullli, ltc«. W. Itcld', 11. 

tiwuillitpir. &<l. 

Wakutt, Elift.. £6. 

^\'iiiBluw, — . 23. ^^^^H 

^^H Sotwdpu, Thoi., 4Jj. 

Symiim, H..y2- 

Wal^o. R^hrrct, 12,26. 

Wintktrop, John. 23. ^H 
WIm. Akij. 70, Kthelvea^H 

^H Snodlimd. Kent, 9a--l. 

SyrDon<bi, SymoiK, - — , 1L 

Wtolfonl. M*ry.77, 

^H Soatbflx, B«r. ir, 10, 

Dfl|..0<jY., \t,6, im. Kcv. 

Wall, KIIe-. 3;t. J, J., 9. 

8T, W., «7. ^H 

^^H Sporfftfon. Rev. J- N.. 10. 

w.,io, Kic. iin. «oh,,84. 

^^"ftllktp, lO'v- J.rJunciiuC-,9, 

Wktou Cbtwlry, co. Ddrlu«i^^ 

^H SolihuIL CO. Waniick. 69. 

]4mb,24, tea. SniQ,23— 4. 

Walbr, -, 1^7. Anno, 69, 

40. 1 

^^H South Iturton^ CO. York, ^7' 

W., flfi. 

Wal.liam. Ni^ftti, 74, 

Wittirn Gilbert, co. Durhnm^J 

^^M St:iiit1iport, ic>fi, 132. 

Tubor. — , 77. 
Taft.Ai].ho(i*o.£3. Dtvid, 25. 

WftliiiigUaiii, Grraf. 74. 

]!t,45_f;. ^H 

^H 6oiith*»k, Surrvjr, 19,61— >« 

^'■Ubftiii, M. EmcIh 43, 76—8, 

Wkwhw. Khci, 7B, ^H 

^^1 78, HO, tUJ, «i— !}, 01— S, M 

K1mkim.27. Kill.. S2, 35. 

HC. 143. IGti. 

Wob^ni. «u. UbU^ 76, Td, ft^^l 

^H —A, 154. l&ti. 

GkIiwti, 27. JHiKf, 25 S7, 
Jourpli. £G. Ptit«r.25. KoK 

Wnlmii, — .51. Grscfl. 46. 

WnUtnglinm, rn. Durlum, M^^| 

^H 8oatl>wi>]d. 12«—a. 

WarJ. Aon. 33. Nftlb., 23. 

-41,£0, &2. TIf- ^M 

^^1 Sp«rk«, lt-lf>1i, 10. 

as. Aumb. as. 

Sir »;>, <;i. 

WTiot!, tItH., 77. 1mU„ SI^H 

^^H tipfcmiWD. JcuQ, ^ 

Taiij^iam, 24, tfrG. 

War^ CO. HorU. 22, 81. 

M-.27, MArv.2R. Neil, 2^H 

^H ^Uffoitl, gliz., 3;i. 

TuudUin, 147, 149. 

Wankvr. Httn-. 76. Mr., 9. 

WocHlman. Jalm, 83. ^H 

^^^H Stiiiiodm]>, 00, Durbam. 40, &(, 

Tuytor. — . SO. Ann* 33. J. 

Wni-ran, J., 73. 

\VooJEnuii.[<]v. RUi., 22, 9^H 

^H 160. 


WarritiKtoii, co. Lnnc. 00. 

l&ti. Marff\24. Rfib., S^H 

^^H tfundUh,co Lftuu., £3. 

Tenitviit, Li:tlU«,19. Will., 19, 

WntdMUftn, CbrlaUipbcr, 73. 


^H SUndlih, MP«, V3. S«, 

Tvn.j*ii(, ^iP-, H4, Vnnc, 23. 

Wntkiui, Arulido-oftii, 9. 

Woo(luorti>ri, 74, ^^H 

^^1 Stfttidon, Stondon, Uortt,, ?7 

TliHldittliirrpp. co. Liiif., 66, 

Wiitwii. W. J,,», 

Wn>di, Rzm. ^a ^H 

^^B -^, W>— 2, &4, 4<r« 1 &ft— 6> 


\^Vsrdn]o. W crcdak. WicrtU^ 

WoodAnrd, jMarth4.24,lG. ^H 


ThirksU, Tbrok-ld. Aki»"'. B3. 

o->, DupbB.n. 3, 13. 30, 33, 

Woolinon, — , 77. ^^H 

^^H SUuiiopc, Durham. 13, 3a> 41, 

(4»<>ni7, r>3, Jubii, &3h 

3tt— 43, *J, &0-3,:i*. lUO 

Wootton. CO. Line., 05- J^M 

MaucI.CpS. Kir., &3h Hob., 

— B. 147, 150. 

WorklnffUin, cOh Cninborbm^^l 

^^1 £0, b3. H3, \m. 


IVwttfatrt, DO. Durlmm, 13^40. 

5S-*i. ^H 

^H SUnUy. 33. 

iVjmiu, (jtiiieml -*, 112, R. 


WorUby. CO. Line, Q5. ^H 

^^H Stanitoul MniktAdit^t, Rmm, 

W., 38. 

n^pilKAtu Diatlit, CO. Ifurbiu), 

Wraliy, ro. Line, (H>. ^^M 

^H 77-^. W, tbft. IGI. 

Tluuhfp^flon, ATicA, SS, B^n,, 


WpHhifliBiik. Jhm. 51. ^^1 

^H Sturllog. W.. 09. 

27. Klinor. 4C. John, t8. 

Wiilbnnm, fi9. 

Wrijfhl. Jobann*. 5A. <^'>*'pl|^H 

^^B Sicbbluk;, Cw&, Td, 

Wary, 4o, Ric, 49, 

Wvlla. Lydlft. 24. 

75. 79. Mary, GO, 73. 7^H 

^^1 ^Itrdnian. S^-il. 

Tl.rirli^y. II^tU. RO— 1, 158. 

W'vllx, MhIti-. ^. 

Mr, 9 !'.. 51- W-. 91. ^H 

^H St«l. Col, J.I\. 9, 

Tboriilmrruw, Mnrif., 49. 

W*«l»b, Aiflw^ 83- 

Wyatt, ATfcd. 77. Kl. H«tt^H 

^^H tflCphlft)*, ^UVCDl, JftTkllluJ, 

TUfiniry, v*. Cinulw,, ti7, V2. 

WitlttJii, 32. 

5fl— 7. 161. Kev. W, f^H 

^H M. J., 90. 

Tlinrnton. Mhw., fJlL Koi»r, 

Wfi.tlirTH>kc*. Knv. W,. 9. 

KJrHiiiu77. Ifil. ^H 

^^H SUvui^fOD) John, 19. 


^'cat Uim, J^uoi, 77. 

Yarm, 5!^ «0. ^H 

^H tftilllngflnt^ SH. 00. 

Tliiurkmortfln, Sir Nk . M, 

W*at K^rbj. ClwIiiPT, 108, 

Yirnioath. OL, 74, 110. ^^1 

^H stiiiiTitii. J„;7. 

Tiii^ior. Joah. 83. 


Yr<blh4iti, llttmU !£«>i*i, I61.^H 

^^1 Stobl'i. MjtrJdrSo, bl. Uarjr. 

TittloBball, 145. 

U^HtmJu^tcr. 2, 144, \M. 

Yoi>, l^'nincv*. 4^1. ^^H 


TiHkl, Aim, 47, EllQcrr, 43. 

ViVnUnoii'lui^d, tCnrLof. 15,70, 

Yuuriir, AutiF, 97- J'f 'O^^^l 

^^H Sti>t>ki. Mirif.. 65, 

ThH„ na 


Mary J«»«, 5a, WUU S^H 

^H Stockiftda-oit'T^n*), 140—1. 

Tollnby lUU, 104. 

H'dtmort-lnad.UuJy. Ifi. 7^-3- 


^H sivtfktou. ix.. votk, ca. 

Tomliiit, AuD, S5. 

W«4tnopbUTti, 51. 

(Cgiu[Mlva by G, W,}'^H 

^H Stockvpttl. John. 16S, 

TowcMlPP, NorthnTil*. 23- 

W«llionl. Kmlljr. 151. Fred- 


^^L 8k)k«doy, Yorhn-j 20. 


oriok, 151. 




Printed and Manuscript Sources. 





At tbk difpkrkvt Prorate Rf>3L^«iilh iv Okkat BniriiN. 

Trk MrTif^t villi ure th4we enroflpd in (h« Court of HuMinf!* fbeginnmg l2Aft), ti^il 
th« «Arly vilU al Doctors' Commoni begin 13.^0. but it mu4l b? rt^turmhfred thnt until 
82 Hi-iiry VI[E. a tt?«talor t^oulil not diiipOH« of s lingtv foot of Und by uif' — but only 
of atonty and ]>erflorifll proji«rty b^ Utiamffnl, which wma rarely tlgned nnd wm of\tiio«9 
iMii writtr», but mJidv by dvatb'bvd tfflam^ni bi-fi>r« wiin«M««, vuch being called o 
nvtu/^npolivf will If n j>pr40n dl^id vrllbnnt mnlcin^ tiny ^urh dM^lnrMtion, ftn ndirLininlr-i- 
Uon WM ^Bitted in ijjirly duyt to bin unltnitry, but Ulcr on bin »vii-of kin,* 

Thouiandfl of wi]1« bave btren de*itroye^ ; out rierk at the Durliani He};ltlry in pnBt 
dftyK having ligbt^d hU pipe witb ibmi. nnd cbuckl^ jocowlv vv«ry lime, *' rh^fo gor« 
anolbrr trtlator/* Mr. lIuAr, ofiliM Uc|(iiitry, 04tiinjk1<-h nomc lO^O^KJ Durham hiIIp, cie., 
hjiTn b«'«n l<Mt for ihif p4*r:od hptwrrn ITiKf nnd 174H>. Mnny of thu Rrgislry iodrxa««re 
bndly dour, And itomo m^UI* nre nl out-of'lb«'WAy. '* p&culijir courts/' ao thai, ha In moAi 
work of tbji kind, tiie records here given are but tery frAgiQentary ; bnl 1 hav« XrUd lo 
••curs nil wtlU viiivijng io-d«y from ihe «Arlicfti r«^cord (^cnormlly in the Htxtcenth 
efentury) to 1700, omUling only the compnrativcly unimporiA&C " peculiar ccurli/' 

Thifrv Arif. no tloubt, other wills buri4*fi in private i?ollee|ion« and at varlou* publii^ 
llbroriei, but nil that art« io be found at the vaHouh RegiritrieA in Kngland und Wales, at 
tfoKivrset lloufle, and at theP.K.O, at Dublin and Edinbargb, are bfvregtvru up iq IT(KI. 

1 ItHvi- (irinivd the Durham vrilU it; iiccii*>n» or grou|ia, rcpruBt^nting ai nearly ni 
|>OB3)blc (ho v4inou» ramilies and thi: divtricta where they lived in early tiraoo. 



9OlUr„l-S0i. Vmrf linwU Brqflnan, ofUi* llnnLvr 
rt»aki ^h Xh* MVidl *^^ 0«it«lda In tba CH* at Itnthuu, 
my Indtc L<» In burtfil wlttiln Uifl Cbortlk of bL Oi^aUl 
Trp taj brtitbtii fiMixtfu, ftU bj ttladiml nrnoDl. Tunj 

hoQ*. 'i'o J4ii»^'LUoouidtk«rHiiivRaibvrtWil*iD4w^ 
To Parte OtlH»ri i*(r clifldna ouliur itjmiiun* ««*« uul 
I l^mD*. Tt' .l^ni" Arndsm, onidDH*. 4 *» Jiiiri 4 lAirtto 

V> X*r.. L'4il~. Will 4.f ,fi|iAi Kiii-ivji. mF Kiuort lunkK 
in tli«|«'i*l> iirHLiivfrHMp IntlkvETIlj nrOiir'unn. U'tilixr, 
Tvbfhurtvl io St, Otv^lila chunib •>> nikclk ui biuten<f« 
fi«wH fioavi«J«t. To lu LhintfbUr '*K4ilJlv' "^Lf- 
dm^a« til nuiubir^4 ruaincr Ihicp cabU iMids uv 
•bflna l^cAnall'a lMi|iuitv Tu loj tlanjEQlvr Janv Wiljtviv 
iTMnv. ■ fnrt. Tv Julm OilAun ujil Jjtnct GiIhuIh mr 
Dtiitfhter'kakiUilrM. # r**« ■>'*' '^^ Jutat Eme>*>n, i»;r 
tlHdilart tlftiijtl^tvr. ilda- hL IniDono'/. JUaidn* oF tut 
BBOvUnr auiiH KMiiir uvl ^vi'aiiit Jiliit R>«cit[ui, 

Oc^,l'>r, l-ivihaurn' U'Hliti^af lUliib Km«cvm. <tf 
Utr ]wii-lt of vitm (Iiw&Uh Ln Ihn (j1>f ^f I)vr1uu«, WW 

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* \\\ Ayo, " B«coRl tkaicbiug.'^ Svoond Edition. 



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