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Full text of "A nievve herball, or, Historie of plantes ?wherein is contayned the vvhole discourse and perfect description of all sortes of herbes and plantes ? their diuers and sundry kindes ... and that not onely of those whiche are here growyng in this our countrie of Englande but of all others also of forrayne realmes commonly used in physicke. First set foorth in the Doutche or Almaigne tongue /by that learned D. Rembert Dodoens ... and now first translated out of French into English, by Henry Lyte, Esquyer."

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e whole difcourfe 

fedl 3e{cription of all fortes of Herbes 

their firaun^e Fi<^ures , Fafhions , and Shapes :' 

tur$:anDttiatnot onel^of tl^ofe toI|(ri|e are 
^ctc 5rotrt>ng in t!|is out Counttic of 

€ngianZ)e/ but of all otiierealfo of 
fo^apnc IRcalmea / commonlg 

Firft fet foorth in the Doutche or Almaigne 

tongue J by that learned D. RembertDo- 

doens , Phyfition to the Emperour: 

And nowe firft tranflated out of 

French into Englifh, by Hen- 


ry Lyre Efquyer. 


qf tfte^toanneMo: Bot. Garden. 




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Allufio adlnfigniaGentilitiaHenrici Leiti 





Tortilii hie litutfs , nhmf§^ lor, arguit in 
Late animum muctm,0us & mtrepdum 







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Renpvvmed Princefle, our moft dread redoubted 

Sooeraigne Lady Elizabeth , by the grace of God , Queenc of 

Englande,Fraunce,and Irelande,defendour of the fayth,&Ci 

Yourgraces moft humble, loyall, and faythfull fub- 

ied Henry Lyte,vvifhcth long life^perfcd healchj 
florifhingraignejandprofperous fuccefle to 

Gods good pleafiire, in all your 

m oft Roy all affai res. 

umg netulp tratiaaten into CngUl^ iW ^erbaii ojt l^iao^ 
rte of i^lante^Cnotlong riti^ence,fet foo^tfj m^ ailmaigne 
o^Jaoucl^e tongue > bp ti^at papnef uU ant) iearneti i^^^ft 
tion D. Rembert Dodocns , anDfitJ^cnce tbat, agapnebp 
tl)e ttauaple of runt)Z|> fi^plfuU l^etbarian^ into x^mxi 
oti^cr language^ tranflateti ) to o(&r tbe fame bnto pour 

able and cjyearefuticountenauncetoti^at&e^ all learning autibmue: to^ici^e 
on euerpCi^tie mod bngbtlp frompout Eopallperfon appearing, l^atb fo enga^* 
met anD encourageb.not onelp tbeloue and aDmtration thereof : but al 
fucbe otberie^aI(o,pour d^raceis^ lopaUfubiecte;8?^\p]^icbeare notto to bull of bn^ 
Derftanbingttftattpetbinfeeno tmuapleto great, u^berebptue are in bope 




botbtopitofite€urCountrie,^topleafefonoble^ lottinga iazmcetre:tDbofe 
tPbole potner anb enbeuourtuefeetberto bent,tbatbertue^!inDU)lebge C tbe 
ttoo modbeautifuloinamente^e^of a\joelgouernetil^ingDome)mapfiDii(b and 
bearefojapt^iceanb ignorance (tbefoe^ of all goobneffe ) map banill; ^ giue 
place^Cbe otber toa^, tbat earned f eale.anb f eruent befire tbat 3 b aue, anb a 
long time baue bab, to (betije mp felf e (bp ^eelbing feme f ruite of patneful bili- 
gece)a tbanfeefulfubiect to fo bertuou^a ^oueraigne,^ afruitfulmember of 
(b goob a comon oaeale.Cbe fird of tbere,barteneb oz embolbeneb meagatnO; 
tbofeperfxnafion^ of mineo\jonebnuJo;tbpne^:U3bicbCbnboubteblp)baD put 
me to btterrtlence,bab 3 notbenefufteinebbotbUJitb tbecomfoztableremem- 
bounce of pour bigbneffe ciemencte, anb tuitballconfpbereb, tbat no gift map 
ligbtl£be mote ace ep tablp pzefenteb to \ beab,tben tbat, lobicb tobollp teb etb 
to tb^ieferuation of tbe reft of tbe bobp*€>f tDbicbe fo:t, tPben 3 confpDereb 
tbijSl^ifto^ieof i^lantegtobe,3 feareb tbe leffetopjtefentitbnto pour ^aie 
ftie*iinoU)ingtbatbp pour^^jincelp elemecie^ Hamebeingreceiueb,^ bp pour 

bigb tDifbome ^ auctbojitie alo\Tjeb,(5altaK^ fwb place iti pour bobp politifee, 
ajffin tbenaturaljtbofebd tbatbptbebeab(iPbi*ebp reafon^ rule gouemetb 

tbe U)bole)arefenotDen to beapp.iooueb anb conbignelp aUoujebXbe feconbe 

tbanfeefttl bart toiparbeis: a natural motber cannot be better teftifieb , tben bp 
loue fl) eujeb anb pjactifeb toujarbe^f b^ itJ^a'^^ ^fl^3^^ ♦ «03^ a mote acceptable 

tbe oznament of tbe iuboleftocfee:to 3 w no ^tt«^ f^o^lD b^ mo^zeablr to IbetDe 
xa^ tbani^ful minbe totoarbeia: pour bigbueflfc (tbe moa louing anb tenber mo* 
tberof tbijafc6moni©eale)tb,en inpublilbiugtbiSftiftOHetof bencfiteof poiter 

mod louing fttbiecte?.a^ beiiigf^e beft toben of loue air biiigence f^ 3 am 




J I 

The Epiftle to the Qiiecnc* 

mW tMit at>le to (^evu tjnto eifter»3rtU (Doubtleffe if mp Ml m tibe tranfta- 
tiouujercaurijpeatabletoti^eujo^itftptieffceptfterof t\^t % ifto^ie it felf e, o j^ o E 
tfte Hutljottc^s: tfterof ,31 Doubt notbut 3 fl^oulU be tbougbt to baue bonoticeO 

l?our i^aiellie ujitb an acceptable pitefmt^l? tottcbittg tbetuoitbitteJTe of tl^e 
l^illoue it felf>truelp tbat tbittg map not iiidlp be tbougbt bnmeete to beoSe 

reb bfito a p^ince,t^efenotDlebgetDberof,befibe tbat it Ui bp bailp experience 
fenouien to bebotb profitable to al^anb pleafant to manp,iis?abotte al otber fa 
cultie;6?(tbe Unim ifenotjolebge tjobetbp tbefouleliuetb) onlp eiccepteb,\»itbro 
^igb commenbation^? in tbe bolp ^cripturei8f eictolleb>;tbat not onelp tbe pjo 
felfout^tberof areaccounteb toOittbp of abmiration^ b^no^tbut eue Salomon 
tbattopaUanbU3ife£(png>fojttbatbebabtbe knoiulebge of tbe natureisfof 
?^lanteft ^ toa^able to bitjpttte tbe!:of,feom tbebisb^ft to tbe lo\De(l>ft:om tbe 
, Cebatini>/^^/^^/^totbcl^pfo{)etbat fpjinsetboutof tbeu^allt^tberefotetn 
«, tbe f^eb :^pbel l^iiW bignifieb ^ i?eno\jomeb*3 topU fap notbing of Miihri- 


beligbtanblpfetngtotoarbeis^tbi^^^notPlebgeoftbe nature of )^iante0U)a;6; 
fucb,tbat ni5 bp tbeir biligent inquifitio tbep wittily f ounb out tbe bfe of man^ 
of tbem^, bauing founb tbe fame,tbep bifbapneb not to benominate anb im 
pattetbertotbeirotonenameis? ,ti3bicb^ttento tbiSbapmanp of tbembo apll 

mapne*:6tttargumente$to tbispucpofe, are befoje pour moft excellent #a 
itiiiz neebelelfe to be aUeageb:aftoelbecau(e pour bigbti^s? i$ baplp couerfant 
in tbe mod cleare ligbt of al botb hinint ^ bumapne l^noU3lebge> Dob^ebp pott 

farremo^e eaCilp fee tbe lobole compafte j tben menof meane eftate are able to 
tonceiueaparte:a;8^al(ofortbattbepj^ofe(Iburis;oftbii3^ facultie betuitb pour 
bigbtteffebab in fucb piice anb eOimation^tbattbeparenotonel^bppour^a^ 
ieftie anb pour molt noble )^iogenitour? , toitb funb^p |^;iuilege$ $ libertieief 
enbo^eb^tpitb manp 9 great fJtipmhtg anb pentioniaf in pour <i^race;3? ?!ixmuer 
fitie;8^ anb ^cb ooleis^ foftereb anb maintepneb : but alfo ug tbep Ibalbe founbe 
to baue laubablp pzof iteb tberein Jo are tbep abuaunceb ^ calleb to tbe cbarge 

rilbeb,encrearetb baplp,^ puttetb al men out of boubt , tbat tbep \)7bicb lb env 
bzace tb e p) f eOb ur j8^ tb^reof ^ bo botb tuell Ipl^e anb tbinbe of t^e facultie^anb 
fulf icientlp bnberftanbe botb tbe bfe anb tbe epceliencie tbereof ♦ M toucbing 
tbe Sutbour of tbiiBt taoz&etubtcb 1 bauetra(Iateb,botu patnefulamanbetie^> 
botu n^ilful,anb boU) lucUelp bebatb atcbteueb tl^i^ bt;s^burmeire,a^it(balbefl; 
appearebp biligent reabing ouer W U3o:fee;S:fo alfo map it eafilp be fenoiuen 
bp tbe teftimonie;8f ^ iubgemente^of tbemottlearneb j^bpfitions of tbi? age* 
€>f u)bom,rome are bp tbeir oiObne tJP0jtfee;8: alrebp e]rtat,no table ^ renotumcD, 
^ otber^Cbp tbe great trauaile tbat tbep baue befto\3oeb in tranflating bim out 
of bis tongue tuberin be UPtote into biuer? otber languageS)are mabe euibet 
anb famott?:but none befoie tbijaf into englil|>*i©bicb batb mabe me befpioujaf 
(foloming tbeir e]rample)to makemp CountrepmenpartaUerjSof fucb knotjo- 
lebge,as otber learneb anb toife mm in otber Counttie^s^baue tbougbt mcete 
to be mabe fenotuen intbe natiuetongueg of tbeir commo mtnltg. coucbing 
m felf e tbiS onelp 3 baue to promife,tbat in tW tranOation 3 baue bfeb mp 
mollffeil anb Diligence to pleafeanb pleaOirealfucb aiaf beligbt in ttfig fo bo n eft 
anbp.iofitableafenotulebge* ^oftbumblp craupng a fauourableacception 
bereof at pour #aiefties banbeiaf,anb parbon, if anp popnt J batie giuen iuXt 
occaRonof blameanb beferueb repzebenfiom 

from mp poojeboufe at 'A^ptefcarie U)itbiu pour S^aieftieiBf Countic 
:&omerret,tbe firft bap of 3anuarie,S^.©Xwbii;; 

IfiurOKaieJlksmoJlhftmtlc and faithful! fMc^,Hefjrjljitc^. 


■ » 







ferent Reader. 



f tftott be ignozaunt (gentle Eeatier) anD UeQ>?ou0 to fcttovoe 
either l^otD piofitabletiftijsf !^i(lo;tieof }^lante0ijs:,oiftoUJ ujo.t 
ti^ptobeftttbieU.eitl^er^otul^acDegt i^oto Ijtgl^lr intimeiSpaft 
eaeemeti,\Dbat be tfte caufes? of ttje i^atbneire t^erof, ftou? tbep 
mapberemeDieD,anb tul^p tfte autftourSf i^ereof (after fo manp 

learneD botlj auncient anD late tDiiteriJ ) toofee bpo \m- tlje fet- 
ting fozt^ of t^e feme:o? UJbp in^iis; 3innotationj8f ^ laft edition be ftat!) rcuo 
feeD cettapne tbmgeis tjubicb intbe firft efcapeb i^tm:fo]t tbp inftcucttott ^ eefo 
Itttiort in tljefematter^J referee t^ee to tbefame^autbourje^ttuo^^zefacejar 
tubetin be learneblp, ^ ^$ \^%\zi,^ aj8^ tl^e nature of tljematterisf tuill permitte 


Difcourfetl) tl^erof fuff(cientlp*But if tbou tooulbeft Knoto of me,tubp 3 ^aue 
taHe bponmet^etrantlation^ publication of ^ fame in tbtio^ournatiuetonge, 
a^^mig^ttJJitbout anp great labour peelbetbeemanpiuftanDreafonable 
caufes? of mp fo Ijoing, if 3 tbougbt it greatlp ejcpebient o^ neceffariefo to bo: 
To 3 tbinfee it fufficient fo^ anp^tobom reafon map CatiCfie,bp tj^ap of antoeare 

to alleagetftiS action gtfententiOtt^^pofition: Bonum^quocommuniusjco me- 
lius &pr2eftantiusr a goobtbingti^emo^e common it isfjtbe better it i)a(»§»eing 

tben \ mp tranOation (^allma&e tbiiQ^ goob ^ profitable ]^i(lojtie(U)bicb bttber^ 
tobatblienbibfrommanpof mp Countriemen, bnber t^je baple of anbn 
ltno^]oenlanguage)familiar anb fenotpen bnto tl^em : anb if it be goob(ajS no 
good man voilbenie) to enlarge a gooD tiding , anb to mafee tnanp partafeeris 
tbereof: tben cantberenot lac&eiult cauCetobe alleageb oftbi)Ef mpbopng: 
neitber ti^infeej^ti^at anp toill vMi^z ot repine tbereat, eiccept fucb. ^% eitber 
enuie tbe la^eale of ot^er^ lubom tl^ep accompt fimpler tben tbem felue^af , anD 
tl^erfoierecfeen bn\i30ttbp to be \w tbeir oiune language mabe partafeersf tber 
of: 01 el^s; are fo dubious of tbeir otune piiuate gaine , tbat tbep f eare, leatt bp 
tbijs: meanejgrome parte tberof map be leffeneb: iDbplejs ot^er$ bnbecttanbing 

tb e nature anb bertueiB? of j^lante^aubberbe^Bf^ttialbetbeleffe bel&olbingto 
ti^eir fccupulou^ ffeilL :5uttbe goob anb bertuou0 Pbifition,tDl^ore purpofe 
isratl^ertbebealtb of manp^tbentj^etoealtb of bimfelfe, tDillnotC3 l|ope) 
millifee tbi^ ^"^ enterp^ife, ttibicbe to tbija^ purpofe fpeciallp tenbetb, tbat euen 
!^emeane(tofmpCountriemen(tDbofeffeilli5^notfoptofounbetbat tbep can 
fetcbeti^i^ Imomlebgeout of ftrange tonguejBf, noufteir babilitiefo toealtbp, 
a^Bf to entertaine a learneb i^bintion)map pet iw time of tbeir neceffttc e , Ijaue 
fomebelpesf in tljeirou)ne,o^tbeirneigbbours{ fielbe^anb gartJen;5at^ome* 
3 f percl^aunce anp lift to picHea quarrell to mp tranflatio /aiBf no t being eitber 
proper o: not f ul,if 3 map obteine of ftim,to beare tuitb me til be bim felf e 
(l)all baue Cet fooitb abetter,ot til t^e neict imp^eltion, anb tbe meane 

tul^ile(confpbering tbat xtx^ eafier to repie^cnb amans^ftoing?, 

ti^en to amenb it)bre me ^% a tpl^et ftone to further \^\X(i 
felfe,3 \Dilnot mucbe flriuetfo^ 3 feebe not ^ter 

bapneglozie,butratberl^otD to benefite 

anb piofite mp Countrie 

' jfaretjoeiu 


• / • 

« m 

• ' 


* T 

Nee debent AngliCLite)minora tibil 

Ille fuis etenim plantarum examina fcripfit. 
Tuque tuis transfers, qu^ dedit ille fuis, 

Quodque opus ijs folis priuatum fcripferat^illud 
T.u commune Anglisomnlbus'efre fads. 



a f 

Crede mihi plantas quia tranfplantaueris iftas 
• Belgica quas primum folaque terra dedit, 
InqueBritannori^m l^tasadduxeris orasj 

Lite tua? laudis fama perennis erii 
'Denote nobis Dodoneum(Lite)dediCre, 


Donum eft^quo nullum gratius eflfepotcft. 
Nam terras infignes foetuSjplantafq*, potentes, 

Poeoniafq; herbasjhac ratione feris. 
Inde etiam lites medicorumCLite)rcroIuis, 

rotif^ue offers Phoebus vtalter opera. 

Quidfuperefl ^ (medici)Lito,huncpr2efl:arefauorem 
Si quandoaffedus, fit grauiore modo> 

Confluit3&: Litum gratis curate, ncc ilium 

L^thoimmaturo vo^finitote mori 





Gratum opus efl,dignumque tuo Tub nomme tern, 
(Eli 2 a b e t h a potens)cuius moderaminefolo. 
Paxiucunda Anglis,atque Arbor pacis Oliua 
3icviget:,vtparsim perapricumiticedcre pofs 

't • 

Gens Britdnum. & tuto fra 

carpere flores 

n k 

Quid igiturLitiis plantas tibi ferret & herbas 
OmnigenaSjdonoque daretjCUi porr 



Rex quicunque tenet fpatiofum fceptra per orbem 










, t 

Thomas Nevvtorius,Ccftref hyrus. 

Erpetuum tihi'uer liber hie philomufe mimjlrat, 
Jcfaradiftacigermama Utafili. 

Herharuhuic thejaurus iHefijflorumjjfti^peliex^ 
Aid not hie hortos Bcf^cridtim^ 'vides. 

Nee flos hie defit, nee floris grata venujlas. 
Nee vires. nee odor-^nee medicina valens^ 


ffoe viuuntj iiiuentr^ tihro PodalyriuSj Aleon, 
HippocrdteSf Pee on, UHu/a, Galen us, Arabs ^ 

Thillyrjdes ChironjEpidaurius,a^ Mel amp us ^ 
Gentius, Buphorbus, Tojina , Lyjtmaehtis, 

Telephus,ac tJMithridates , Artemijia, AehtlleSj 
AleibidesjHieron,Attalus^atque luba, 

TamphiluSi Atrides^Nieander,BaJfHsJollas, 

Rajts S" Ipfi Diofeorides jAuieenna,Maehaqnj 
• Serapio^CelfuSfMeneeratesj^tumens, 
Aetius ^Aegineta, Ruellius ae Theophrajlus, 

Tragus, Au err hoy, V limus, Agricola , 
Maeer,OribafmSjMefuej(^ Brunfelfms Ottho, 

ManarduSj Zerbus,FuehJius at que Sethi, 
GimSjHumelbergtts,Matth£olus ae Columella^ 

fernelius,Pineus,Pena,Eliota,Lobel, - • 
Copho/Taranta, Leonieerus,lber^ LaeunAy 

Mago, Farignanus, Farro, Joannieius, 
Scran us, Conflantinus^Merula, Aurelianus, 

s -- 





Guido, G odaldinusj Curtius, Eneelius 
Mofehio, Phihtheus, Cleopatra, Bonaeio lufq, 

K^yirnaudus, Roeheus, FerriuSj Albueafi. 
Bildegardis, Trotula dt Albieufj., Torinus, ' 

Pandulphus,SuardHS,Manlius ^ Dioeles. 
Thurinus, Dimoeles, Guilandinus,P hilar etus, 

Bttcius, Eudoxus, Garbus^Aphrodifeus, 
Monttus yAubertus ^F allopius at^ Biefus, 

Lemnius ^ Cordus,Rondletius at que Bryander. 

Bine CoUimitius, Fraeajlorius fiemufd 

Clujius ae Stephanus,SeaU 



Saracenus,Miz,aldus, Sauonarola, Erajl 

Cum Baeehannello Cellanouaatque Rota, 
jRhegius,Erotes,Montagnana at que Aquilanus 

Manfredus, Baecus^olphius, Arculeus, 
loubertus,Trineauelius i Piciorius, Euax, 

Gefnerus,BrunJifiiehyLangius at que Codes 
Turner us ^Caius,Bullenus^inaerus,Ajkham^ 

Cuintherius ^Vajfeusj Kraut, Lonicerus item 
Brijfotus , Poly bus jClementinus.Mari ab alto. 


Landulphus, P hair us, ^uiricus^ Boiler. 




f ' 


■ I 



. • 




• • •• 




(T*/' t 

;./f# Trtrm ^ lUtchriia^ 

UKmfsMs t MufMS > ^ tliM^msmm item. 




idftd A$$timc§ Mamlertms 



fmmt vS§ difiritms Ji<^, 

J) I MS ft fmsfim&l 4( t ^ilt 

Jitfim Linetm0c:rtl§if4 

Im bsm^rt^. 

tM f Usmmi fiffMmAMlitmtmdfcMMdetdddUum, 

Stc frjicfjfrijm ftphtJUnJlaJc^, 

Thomas Ncvv ton. 











fc/ # *«* 



^1tmnJJJ^ tirm.Amgiiti 

Cvm ^erfetd00»HjC0t0mffj jraiu, 

Cnmjf ArgenKri§ Fretmd (J* Hsickmdet, 
FmrtimMSyGspifrmSjClmtlm at BrwjNmMf, 

icid^fi cmer^ud rJtime^aum 

Id fed Ap^Stjtei JLd^birtms dc 



S^mtmfnns frnst hmt9s jglmnm /dma ,dt(ms 

Berc»U» exdgtldMs msl 


tints himx^ 

fmmt vS» def€rilmrs dtc^ 

ytiU qmifr^mit ThmndCtft 

y'uU ChrurgUy i ukFbtltMtrL: 

Kec tm Leite tu§ art} 


^1/ tdfftM AmgUifimic reclmdis $fts . 
Uliule Mimi ' ficfsmt Mm* ^m fcsmlet dddtMH, 

SiC ttJiefAtriim tMttuUrcJimdc^, 

Thomas Newton, 





h k 

In commendation of this vvor] 


and the Tranflatour. 


if all J^ame (Cnupeis l^atefull bzoofte l&ereat IJoulb l^ap to ptpe, 

0% Mom u s in ft itf canKreD fpigft t,^ottlti fco^jjle toitft fcophing ep^* 

J^ et S^atugee tft e t^iiis; tuouftp two jue tft e ^utftost^a? irameftal rapfe, 

00 1 onelp fte UJftofe leameTi tfepU ana toatcl^fttll papne firapenlJe it, > 
3BnB DiD toitft ftono^t greete(trt 2aottcfte)to Countcieit^t? commmDeitr 
23utairo fteioftofe tender lotteto tfti;a(t)fe natiue&ple, 

f ojt 1) js ftiia^ f cienU eiBf ft atft f irft to tafee alittbll as^ great a tople, 
3 traiiell meete f o^ (Gentlemen anti tptgft te;e^ of tooitftp fame 




o^fterebp great # ^mce;8; fteretofojte ftaue got immo;tall name 

ai;B( GentiuSjLyfimachuSjanb alfO Mythridates, 

IBitft luba.Euax^Attalus^anli I>iolcorides. 

3nti manp noble Uiigftteg befpbe;8f,anD great renotiimeb &mgeigf 

. * 



l^auefo beuitapbe tbeir fi^pU m tWdbttphzg all o tber tftmge;ef> 
J3p regiftrmg tbeir namejJ in i^erbetf^aisf tftougb tberbp tftep ment> 

Co teSttpf to all Degreeis^ tft eir tople anti trauell (pent 

23ut fpt fo^too^tftp d^entlemen^anb foj^ a noble&ing 
fo% if bp 1^ erbe;e; bodft beaitft be baD anD (tci^nelfe put to fligbtt 

llf bealtb be tbat^tottbout tbe tubicb tbere can be no deltgbtf 
n^bo bare enuie t^efe loo^tbr men,tbat baue emplopbe tbeir papne: 

Co belpe tbefo^e^tobeale tbeficl^e^to rapfetbetueal^eagapne 
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3nb fure 3! am,all Cnglift e barte^Bf tbatlpfee of pbpRcfeeiSf, 

{0pllalfolpi^etbi^(l3entleman:anbtbanbebptnmucbetberefo;e^ . 



VV. Clowes. 



1 ' 


1 •■ 

.. Jd 

To the Reader, in commendation 

of this vvorke. 





i^ete l3erttte(^mei9f,anl>6eepelp feemeff to reft, 
.Bi^ere apD e appeat:e;0?,to iftelpe ti^e Dealtl^ of man, 
nai^ er e p erf ect pto f e affigneg iJiSf tDi^at ig b e(l, 

!©^ere learning Iretf to ^elpetj^nouieanH fgsn: 
Ci&ere beftiisftieemliefo^manto fpenbebiguape?, 
Cftougl^ it be reapt VPitl^ topell ten tl^ottfanDe tjiapeiaf* 

Ci^en blame not bim,tt)]^ore carefnll l^anUe firft penbe, 
%t}i0 \uoitbp tJJ0.ifee,t3D]^iclie notoe ijsf biougbt to ligi^t, 
23ut it embiace,aitb bouble ti^anfee^ l^im lenbe, 

tBi^ofebapir toi»lebererue;s^ tbeCamebp rigbt: 

Jfoitoertne fl)ine0 berein to eacl^e maniaf figl)tf 

itdbofe apDe foi bealtl^,tPitb p^oofe anb counfell graue, 
n^'^ofe learneb liue;a^,ong^t fare bue p^apfe to l^aae«. 




|©eU: RembcrtDodoens, tD^totetl^i^ fir ft in 3© ttcft e# 

i©bicbe fince in f renege \3Pasf turnbe bp otbers? tople^ 
3inb nouie bp Ly tc .- uibofe tranaple bat^ benefncfte* 
f 0? eaCe of all,iuit^in tbiiBf natine fople 

i©bereCloe)to Momusmatej0:,^e giue? tl^efople* 
anb ^ere p]tefente)Bf in tfte Cnglif^e tongue, 

Co comfoit aU ti^at are boti^ olbe anb poang«. 

■ * 

Cbeuio^t&ett felfe, of fnnb^ie tree^f intreate, 

^tUUsi of I5erbej9f,f lo)ajec)9f,i©eebei0f,anb i^lantes? t^atgrotoe?* 

^tttiS bo\))ne tbetr bertueie: tnreiPbic^ are fo great, 
Cbat mc map Tap tberein great learning io\x>cg^ 

Cbe ^Hutbotbatb (Co farrefooztb ajs: b e i^no \jo ei9! 


^et bou3neacure,t^e(ickanb fo^eto eafe^ 




^reattoais^liiief tople, to^ici^e firft t^i^uiotfcebpb frame» 

3lnb fo uiaiar f^i^^tDi^icbe bentreb to tranflate it, 
jTo j( iDben i^e l|ab full finiC^t all tbe rame> 
l^emtnbeb not to abbe,no: to abateit^ 
J5nt tDl)at be f ounbe,i^e m'ent to^ole to relate it 

Cill Rcmbertbe,bibfenbe abbition;Bf ftoje* 

f 01 to augment Lytestrauellpaftbefoje* 




ODi^tcl^elaftrupplprocometo Lyte^ijs;i^anbe, 

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Jfotfeare if ougbt tberein ftoulbebieebebifgrace* 
3lnb bib aj8fmuc^aj8^onecoulbeintbi^ cafe. 

f oKCngliflt) namei6^,to euerpl^erbeanb plants 

l^e abbeb ^at^,\Joi^erebp i^ nothing C^ntt 








L ^ 


%\}i^ rare Bem'ce^eacie one map tuell efteeitte, 

m\)it}9 bstingetift apDe^anli corhfou tnto man.- 
Clje IcarneD ujpll accept tft e fame 3 iieeme^ 
l©]^erfojte3 cranepf ougljt efpte t^ou can, 
(31^ none can be Co tuatcWull notue anb tban 
36 ut faulte;3: map fcape,foj^iuant of Argus t^t^O 
» Co menbet^c fame^anb nought berein beQJife* 






uait^ tiJilUngminbejgbob Eeaber bere 3 crane 
^accept tW tuoifee,tbu0 tu^itten f ojtbP fafee, 
i 3inb bono^bimtbat Cee&e^ man^ bealtb to fane^ 
p eelbins bttn tbankei3^,\Dbtcbe it bpD bnbertaUe 
3inbbnto Lytebnetbanfee^tbonbafttorttafee* 
l^ig: papuefnllpen beferueio^ mp gooD report* 

n^^ofe tople isozg enbe tt in tW ro^t«. 




T. N, 






Petit ardua virtus. 

■. , 





- i 




lohannis Hardingi in laudem tarn Audoris 

quam mter^retis Duodecajlkon 




Edant Turneri pingues fimulatcj^ Lobeli 
Horti ac egregij gloria fumma Tragi. 
Vnicus hie relit^uis ionge eft Pracftantior hortis 
Quern pia iam Liti cura laborq-, dedit 
Iliorumtenuesabijtdecoromnis in auras, 

Huius ac aecerno gloria villa manet. 
Afpice quam virides infulccnc vndiq^ plantae. 



• I- 

Quales viderunc fecula nulla prius. 

Tantum igitur Lite debes gens Anglicadodo 

Quantum Remberto Teutonis ora fuo. 
Nee plus Rcnaberto letantur Mcdinienles 


Quam te Lite tui Candide Murotriges, 

Fato^rudentia maior. 




■ 4 






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- W^/ 

J ■- 



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^F. ,r. 














Candidates yPr£fath* 


T I R P I V M acvniucrfe materias Medics cognmoncTi potentifsimis Rcgi- 
bus,antrquifsimisHeroibus,PraEftantifsimis Medicisac Philofophis ohm 1(1 

minori diligcntia excultam,adco raanifeftum cil, vtrnuUisaflertionibus opus 
non fit.Prseferrim non paucis herbis Regum ac Hcroum, qui has vel primi in- 
uenerunt , vel in frcquenti medcndi vfu habuerunt , nomina rctinentibus , vc 
Mithridatiunj , Hupatorium , Genrjana , Lyfimachia , Achillea, Centaurium 
Akibiadiuni, Telephium, Arihemifia, alia?que plurcs:& veteres ipfos, atque inter eos Hippocra- 
tem,Medlcorum omnium longe principem.Galenum.nonullosq; aIio5,longinquas peregrinatio- 
nes, cognofcendi materix Mcdicae caufa fuftepKrc, 8: propria & aliorum fcripta tefteniur. 

Eandem vero rcienti3ni,£l porteriorum noftroque tempore vicinorumfeculorum medicis ac 
philofophis, plane negleftam & cont6mptam fuifTe, res jpfa quoquc euidentcr docer. Sol^ enim 
jllie Medicinae partes, ab illorum feculorum Medicis coh vifae funt, quae ex rationum phyficarurn 
fonijbus dc'dudae, hinc dubitandi difputandiq; vbercm roateriara pracberent; aliae ver6, vfu atque 
cxperientia conftantes.vt fterifes acieiuns fpretae.Cuiufmpdi ipfa ^oTaviwi cf>, Phyficarurn ration 
numfubfidiiim vel nullum vel exiguu admittcns. Quamobfemciusomni notitia, mulieribus.hcr- 
barijsanalphabeiis, vel indo(5tisph3rmacopcEisrcli<5ta,indignum profefsionci fuaac magnificis 
titalis paruiH decorum infccUcesilli Medici exiftimabantjCognofcendxalicuius materia,' r\ edicae 
herb^ auc flirpis caufa, vel minimum opera: laborisquc fumcre: extra vrbcs ad monces, couualles, 
pratj , fuburbanaque loca excurrere. > 

Tantam ftudiorum difsimilitudincmjfatalis ilfc feculorum ordo pcperit,qui &: maximas vtbes, 
potcntiGima regna,latifsim^ patcntia imperia, & banc Medicinse parrem.nonnullasq; alias pcfTun- 
dedit^ac propemodum extinxit.VndcFa<3:um,vtqua?olimfacilIimc,acnu!Io propcmodum nego- 
ciomateriaj MedicaeacStirpium cognito percipiporcratjdifficilisacobfciira reddita fit. 

Tradebant earn DiofcorideSjCalenus^ciusq; aetatis Medici, veluti per manus ^ maioribus acce- 
perant^fcruatiseoufq; nominibus, quae magna ex parte incorrupta ad illorum tcmporaveneranr. 
Nobis ea Foeliciras dencgata, mulcis modis vcris ac genulnis appellationibus , corruptis, pe'ruer* 
I fis fere aboUiis , barbaris in carum locum fuppofiti^ , mulro tempore inrcrmin'a Stirpium notitia, 
^ folis veterum d^fcriptionibus relidis,ex quibus hf c difciplina & requirenda & rcflitucnda eft , Id 
, quam difficile fii,licct alio loco fcripferimus.tamen hic repeterc vifum fuit non alienum. 

N'on Icuis autem difficultatis huius fcienrl^.aut vnaahqua caufa eft.fed roaxtmceaeque praeci- 
pu» duf tinnucnera videlicet multitudo ftirpiii, immenfaq; varicta$:& eoru qui de harum hifroria, 
aut materia Medica fcripta rcliquerunt,breuitas, incuria, negligcntia , fubindc varia atq; difsimiUs 
apud diuerfo? dercripiio:& vtinS non quorundaerroresobfcuritatem no exiguam inea intuhflfenc, 
S cirpium(jquidemherbarumq;infinit3 funt genera, varie per orbem terrarum fparfa immfnfa 

multitudo»vt non vno loco paucisq; regionibus f equircre eas liccat.fcd ad eas omnes cognofcedas 
omnium fere regnoru ac prouinciaru pcragratione, longi teroporis pcregrinaiione opus videatur. 
Sunt nonnoUs quibufdaiii vel infulis dicatac vel regionibus proprias.quae in alia qu^uis loca tranf 
ferri nequcunt,vel tellure cceloq; mutatis mutatur.vt Theophraftus libro quarto ait. Ali^ plur jbuj 
quidem tern's commanc$,non omnes taroen pafsim aut crebro obuif , fed ccrtis tfa<5lubu$ pccu- 
liares^vcl montibosfcilicet,promontori)S,praeruptis rupibus , faxofis aut niuahbus locis , coliibus, 
dcnfis ryIuis,vmbrofis lucis,arborum caudicibus,aruis, campeftribus, apricis ,la:ropii>guiqifolo, 
macro & ftcrili.humidis, vliginofis^riguis.paludibus.ftagnantibusaquis, fontibus , flummibus. 
fluniorumripiSjmarisUttoribus.fcopulis.velipfodeniq; mariaddids.Harum autcmiOaBcandeni 
fere vbiq; forniam retinem , vel exiguam mutationemaffumuntiillae indioerfis regionibus pro 
coelifoliq; varietatc,aliam formam & magnitudinera induunt. Quod fegetum,f3baru,nucum,alio- 




culi loco in tcraplis fufpcndantur * Strabo quoque in extreme Mauritanorum quoda tradtu m xia 















crcdimnaNiliexortumvitefntant3B craFsitudinis nafcitradic, qQaravixduoliorDinescomplcfti 
queant ; omnem herbam ciibitalem : Staphylinorum, Hippomarathri , Solymi caulcs duodenum 
cubitoruiB.crafsitudine quatuor palmoruaiTeperiri. £t tacus quidem Stirpiutn numerus imroen- 

fa lacifsiraelparri multitado,varia ac multiplex natural 

Auctoru.-nveroipforum quanta fueritnegligentia,velincuna in raultarum prasfertim vulgo 

nourum/a-mts difFcfcnciisq; dcfcribendis, cun muUarum extent aornina , quarum formae non 
funt expretTaejauc Icuiter cantum defcripc^^nemo fere eft qui Jgnoret,RuclIio i Jipfum fcripiis fuis 


Eofdem vero non fcmper conuenire,atq; interdura inter fcfe difsidere , dura fub vno eodemq; 

tiomine alius aliam herbam vcl fruticem delignac, vcl eandem alia nomendatura expriniir, Diol- 
coridis cum Theophrafti aliorumq; fcriptis diligcas colIaci6^oftendic,fuppedicabic & huius varie- 

tatisHiftorianodranonpaucaexerapla. -• 

Defcriptionesveroquorudam erforibuseflreconrperfaSjquodadPlinlanasattinetmanircilirsi- 
, mum eftjLconiceni cfiim libri de Plinij erratis pafsim.proftant, & omncs fcr^ noftri fcculi, qui dc 
materia Medica aut Stirpibus fcripferejin redarguendis ac notandis Plini] lapfubus plurimi funr, 

f Verum de Diofcorideid nemoforfitan expctSlauericauc fufpicatu? fuerit, Galeni teftimonio 
atqj fcriptis commendato. Repcriuntur tatncn in eius comracatariis no exigui crrores. Alias enim 
difsimilium Stirpium.eiufdcra apud dmcrfos audores nominis , delineationes in vnam hiftoriam 
contrahit'.alias eandem non ijfdcm nomintbus nuncupatara, vclutimcrabratim diuulfara diuerfis 
lodsdcfcribitjVt ijscommentarijsquosin Scirpiumhirtorias.qusapud Diofcoridem extant rae# 
ditamur,oft9nfuros(fi Deus vitam,vaI,etudineni,ociumq; concenTerit) nos fperamus. 

Nee camcn hi errorcs impediunt,quo minus Diofcorides alijs omnibus longe prae{l'et,cum om^ 
nes vel imperfediorem multo hiftoria, vcl pluribus, maioribus erroribus, ac fabulis,pr^ftigijsque 
plenafcripcareliquerincTheophraflusreliquosomnesinfuofcribendi genere fupcrans, formas 
ex profcUa non defcripfic,fed Stirpium multiplicem differcntiam aliaq; philofopho liomine dtgha 
profequi ftuduit De Plinij fcriptis quid iudicandum.iam fcripfimus. Nicandri , 9-Hf icckoc k^u ocM|^(- 
' tp x§ iJKxnx folum reperiuntur. Apulcius de paucis taturamodoegit. Ga!enus,PauIus Actius,figuras 
sk Diofcoride exprcflas omiferunt. Alij veteres Grici & Latini,PhiIofophi,Medici» Poetae, Hifto^ 
riographijArchitcdi, Agricultural fcriptores,Hippiatri fiue Veterinarij, quorum ledione ad qua- 
rundim plantarum notitiam peruenimus,non nifi obiter quarundam neminerunt. Bithyni lolae, 
HeraclidisTarentini^Crateuaeherbarii, Andreas medicijulij Bafsi,Nicerati,Pttronij Nigri , Dio- 
dotijPamphylijManteif ,ApolIoni) anteccflbrum Diofcoridis & Galcni fcript3,neque ad pofteri- 
tatem peruenerunt.neque perfed-im aliquid tradidcrunt.Pleriq; horum anilibus fabulis aut pr§- 
ftigiaturis /figyptijs.coniurationibufue pleni funt , alij de vna aliqua materia,aut paucis tantiim,vt 
GalenuJ fcrib!t,egerunt:vniuerfam ver6 matcriam compledi non ftuduerunt. 

Quibus de caufis illorum omnium fcriptis pofchabicis, vni Diofcoridi fummam laudem audo- 
ritaternque Galenus tribuit, quam illi quoque deberi nemo negare poteft; , abfque eius fiquidem 
fcriptis^Stirpiummatcrijquc Medicscognitio reftitui nulla tatioac poteft. 

Non enim idcirco veluti parum vtilis abdicandus aut reijciendus,qu6d in plcrlfque locis lapfus 
fit, cum necPliniummukograuius 6: pueriliter f^p^ hallucinatum minimc ncgligi oporteatad 
Stirpium notitiam plurimum confercntem. Neque enim earn ob caufam de erratis eius ccepimus 
admonere/ed vt huius fcientig & ftudij difficultas ab omnibus intelligatur maiorique cum attcn- ftirpium cognitions ftudiofi incumbancrdiligentius omncs notas expendantrleuibus con- 
ieduris conrenti facile indicium non promant , minus admircntur fi poll complures in hoc ftudio 
verfatoSjmulta in notitiam nondu perduda adhuc lateantrplures quotidie exoriantur in reftituen- 
da hac Medicinas parte laborantes,aut quod hi qui in lucem fubinde nonnulla dedcre, fententiain 
alicubi mu^ent.Nam hicorania^haud dubio ,difficultati huius fcicntiae magis, quam negligentie, 
incuriap,aut temeritati huius aetatisfcriptorum acceptareferreaequum efV, 

Si enim Diofcorides e?ercitatif>imus vir , qui multum ftudij , laboris, in Stirpium , materisque 
MedicaECognirionemimpendit,eofeculo quo nomina magna ex parte incorrupta vuJgo retine-" 
bantur,ipfirura notitia^ maioribus accepta veluti per manustradcbatur, vel immenfo numcro, 
mukipliciq; earum varietate, velaudorum imperfedis.varijs, fabulofis defcriptionibus detentus, 
errorem vitare non potuit: qua ralione nunc quifquam.antiquis nomenclaturis acappellationibus 
vil reccptis,aut plurimum deprauatis .Stirpium cognitione longo tempore inrermilTa atque con- tanta veterum(vtidiximu$)negligentia,incuria, varietate , atque erroribus fubinde im- 
plicata obfcuritate , vel facile vel abfque roagno labore,diligentifsima inquilitionc earum notitiam 
confequi fe poffc fpcrabit/ 

Quum igitur tanta huius fcJcntis vel magnitudo vel difficultas fit, vtnon nifi diligentifsimo 

omnium ftirpium maturoq; examine plurimorumveterum audorum ledione exadifsima id eft 




multo laborc.diudnis peregrinat jonibus,continuo ftudio comprchendi queat : ac fieri vix pdislt 

.yt his omnibus^vnius hominis aur paucorum vita diligentiaq; par fit. Citra omnem admirationern 

Wc debefjpoil roultos recentiorum in hac materia diligentcr verfatoSjalios indies exoriri,qui h3c 

augercftudiantj&noflros quoquedeStirpiuHihiftoria libros prodirc. - 

N^emine fiquidern banc fcientiam ad perjfedionem perducenie, fed omnibus plunnia praeter- 
mittentibus, occanopofterisrelinquiturjprioruminuentisacobferuatisplurimaadijciendiatque 

ftirpium cognitionemJocupIctandi.Quod recentiorum non paucispriae(hntibus,priuatoftudio, 
peregrinationc,aliaue occafione comperta in commune proferencibus & mei officij fore iiidicaui, 
vt cam quam cxiftimabam me huic fcicnrif pofle accefsionem facere,aut cmendationem adhibe- 
re, in publicum mitterem,arque veroB Medicins Stirpiumq; ftudiofis communicarem, 

Non fruflraautem vel inutilitcrhunclaborcmvclrccentioresvelnosfufcepimus k Pertinct 
cnimh^cfcicntiaad praecipuas& principcsduas Medicjng partes cTiociTfiTWHi) K^u (pdc^iiconwTi' 
sjp. lilavidus ratione: hxcinedicamentisranitatihomiDisconfuIit: vtraqucherbis^t'rugibus» 
irpibus, earumq; reminibus,frodibus,radicibus,ruccis,veluti neceflarijs & materia & inftrumcn* 
tis vticur. Haec enim vt artis opera Medici vel impermixta.vel alijs aut interfe com* 
rnixta adhibent.Si enim nemo ilJum bonumfabrum autartiBcem dixerit,quimalleum,incudem 
aut ferrum, al'svcartis fax inftrumenta vel materiam no nouerit: Medicum quis habebit dodum, 
quiBccam HMico didinguere nefciat, in crafTafupinaque omnium ScirpiumJVledicaequematcriaB 

jgnorantia verfetur. *, ■ y 

At multum, fortaffedicet.aliquis, inter medicum &reliquos artifices intercfl,neque enim ma^ 

nura medicioperibus apponunt, fed velutiarchitedi tantum praecipiunt,omncra Siirpium & Me# 
^icx material notitiam,pr;5parationem , variam miHionem pharmacopceis relinquunt. 

Fatemur 4 multis annis medicos praeparandorum mifcendorumque pharmacorura morem 
omirifle,aca veterum confuetudinc recefsifle , quos abunde conftat nulb pharmacopoeorura 
opera vfos, medicamcnta etiamproprijs&difcipuloruilimanibusmircuifle, neqilevt pharma^ 
copoei rurfus fiant requirimus,& quaerendis, terendis,tundendis , praeparandis , mifcendis , medi- 
camenris occupcntur, (ed Srirpium & materi^ Medicaj,quarom potifsimum frequentior ac quoti- 
dianusvfuSjnotitiamexigimustnonfccus ac in Architedoomnis materia aedificiorunri cognitio 
requiritur.Quienim cam ignoraucrit,bonus Archiiedus ellc non potcft .Sic etiam nequedodus 
auiperfedus medicus, qui artis fuse materiam non cognoric. Quod fifabri ex non conuenicnti 
jigno vel trabes vel aedium contignationes llruanc,Latomi luto pro c^mento parietes compingant 
autreliqui artifices alijs modisimpofturas moIiantur,admittet aut difsimulabithasc bonus Archi* 
tedus? Non exiftimo quenqiiam fore, qui non putet harum rerum curam ad eum periinere . Cut 
jgitur conniuebit Medicus, fi pharmacopcEusfpuria legitimis genuinis adultcrata reccntibus cxo* 
leta.calidafrigidis, frigida calidis , afexi pharmncis delctcria fubftituat, acdeficientevno, aliaJ 
hoc, modo illud, abfque vllo iudico aut deledu fupponat.' Conniuere autem cum huiufmodi im# 
poiluris aut grauifsimis erratis oportcbit,(i huius fcientiae rudis imperitus fuerit , cum nulla ratio; 
nc dolum depiehendere poterit- 

OmnesigiturMedicinsBftudiofosinhac Stirpium materlaequc Medicae notitia fefe excrcere 
conuenit,atque opcram & diligentiam furomam adhibere , yt liarura cognitionem reliquis Medi- 
co artis partibus adiungant : veterum antiquifsimorum , probatifsiraorumque Medicorum hoius 
fcientis; fludionrsimorum,vcftigi)s hac in parte infiftat,ac Galeni darifsimi & maxim^ audoritatis 
medici , prapceptis & confilio obfequundent , qui omncs Medicos & iuuenes artis candidates ad 
Stirpium & Medicamentorum raateriag cxadam notitiam admonct,atque mcitat,Medicus(inquit it 
libro dc anridotis primo)omnium Stirpium , fi fieri poteft , pcritiam habeat , confulo : fin minus, <• 
plurium faltem quibu's frequenter vtimur.ftem tertio dc Medicamenlis fccundura genera . Hinc c< 
puto bon^ indolis iuuenes incitatum iri,vt medicamentorum materiam cognofcant,ipfimct infpi' <c 
cientes,non feroel aut bis/ed frequenter , quoniam fenfibilium return cognitio fedula infpedionc « 
perficitur.Et ibidem paul6inffra:Vosergoadmoneoamici,vtin hocquoque me fequaminifi artis « 
opera pulchreobirivelitis.Nouifiis enim quoraodo ex omni natione,praeftantifsimaquotannis « 
medicamenta mlhi adferantur,c6 quod pcrditi illi.omnigeraruro rerum coemptorcs 'G r^ci ojJotto- 
jriiXa? vocantjvarijs modis ea coniaminant.Pr^ftiteratfortafsis non hos folum , fc^multo magis «< 
etiam mercatorcs,qui ilia 3duehunt,incurare:atque his multo magis ipfos herbartos-.ircm nihil mi- «« 
BUS eos,qui radicum liquores , fuccos , frudus, flores & germina ex rtiontibus in vrbcs conferunt. •• 
Hi fiquidern omnium primi in eis dolum excrcent. Qtiifquis igitur auxiliorum vndiquc copiam •• 
habere volet,omnis raateriae Stirpium,anim3lium & metallorura,tum aliorum terreftrium corpo- *< 
rumVquse ad Medicinae vfum ducimus,expertus edo,vtexeis & exada & nothacognofcat.Deinde •< 
in comment ario meo.quem de fimplicium medicamentorum facultate prodidi, fefe exerceat.Nifi *• 
enim hoc modo inftrudus ad prsfentis oporis praefidia veniat , verbotcnus quidcm medendi me- •• 

* ij thodum 





■V -.. 










thodum fctet^opus vero nullum ip(a dignum perficieC.Hadenus Galeni verbs.Ex quibus manife 
ftum eft ac indabitatum relinquirur , hancrdentiam medico 8c vtilem,& neceflariam, vt qui abfq 

peritia nihil pofcit medendo certi alfequijaut eximium quicquam ex arte prarftare, herba 

pharmacoposorumq; doHs,impofturi$,ac fubindc crafTq vel pertinaci igno 




delurus.Quodomncs medicos diligentifsim^ cauerecum falutisac valetudinis fuz fidei 
editprum^tum proprix exiAimationis cau{a,maxim^ dec 


Neque fcientixhuius difHcuItas, qusipfiuspen^immenfamniagnicudinemoflcndit.quen 
quam abeiusfludioabflerrere debet, fed potius ad auxiliaresei manus conferendas omnesflu^ 

jdiofos excuare, accendere, infiaramare: ne tain neceflaria humans vies fcientia diutius vel neglect 
ta, velconccmptaiaceat^fed plurimorumcommunihboreatqi diiigentia crefcens, adperfedioi 
nem veniacabipteriru vindicetur,roedicinsq; reliquisparcibusadiungatur ,ac veluti |poftlimi« 
nio reflituatur . Quo enim difHcultatis ac magnitudinis fcientia aliqua amplius habet , hoc magis 
bona ingenia in ea occupari Hbencius folenc « Ignauorum exiflimaCur in paruis ac facilibus verfari; 
indudrioru vero ac diligentu in grauibuSj magnis, ac difiicilibus . Paruf ac facilcs res nulli opinion 
nem aut audoritatem pariunt, Difficilcs 8: magnj, honores & gloria confcrunt. Magnae enim rci, 
quancumcunque quis poITederit , participem Heri , non minima eH; gloria , vt Columella ait. 
Sed vt ad hos de Stirpium coramentarios veniamus.Contraxeramus in hos , quum primu ede# 

remus, quicquid herbarum plantarumq; in cognitionem noftram venerat.Secundahaceditione 
feuera aniniaduerGone adhibita, omnia recognouimus, pleraque mutauimus , nonnulla tranfluli- 
rnus.totum opus non exigua accefsione locupletauimus & auximus, mulcaram Stirpium nemini 
quodfciamadhuc depidaruna imagines adiecimus* Vtrobique forraas omnium, qua potuimus 
diiigentia tradidimus: nomina Grxca^Latina^ofticinis reccpta, Germanica,Gallica, & nobis Bra# 
batis ac vicinis Fladris aut Hoilandis Frififsve vernacula, fingularum hiftorijs adfcripfimus , Tem- 
peramenta deinde ac vires ex probatifsimorum Medicoium fcripiis fubianximus, baud prxteritis 
ijsqu£ recentiorum experientia repperit,maximeearum quas in veterum cognitionem non vc- 
nifTeneotcrici putant.Atq; hsc omnia breuifsim^ compledentes non elementoru ordine flirpes 
digefsimus/ed vel forma.vel viribus.vcl alia rationc congenercs ac fimiles coniungere (luduimus. 
His autem defcribendis non tantura noftro Audio vel,n quf efl,induftria profecimus,fed ante- 
ccflorum quoq; fcriptis plurimum adiuti fumus,LeoDicenividc,licet,Hermolai,Manardi,Ruellij, 
Cordi vtriufq;, Hicronymi Tragi, aliorumq;.LeonhartiFuchfij imaginesinpriores'nodrosmag- 
n^ex parte omnes recepimus (vt in ipfa imaginu noflraru prima editioneadieda caufa fcripHmus) 
non fic tamen vt fententiam eius in omnibus fequeremur^fed adhibito iudicio ^animaduernone^ 
veritimiliorcm amDlc(5teremur. 


gnofcendis vero & noua accefsione augmentandis^licet noflro labore plu 

non tarn 


Bellonij obferuationibus profeciflc nos inficiari poflumus : aut ex Petri Andreae 
Matthioli comntientarijs quxdam mutuatos. Quibus tamen multum pepercinnis, propterea quod 
cae,quasreliquimus,in confpeftum noftrum non veniffcnc. Annid enim fumus ad hoc, vtvix alias 
defcribcremus,quam oculis nodris aliquando Pubiedas ^ confpedui exhibitas* Itaq; paucifsimas 
ex ems commentarijs accepimus,idq; fere non abfq; eius mentione , qu^ videlicet propter nature 
af^nitatem^vel nominis (imilitudinem cum alijs ^ nobis defcriptis^negligi vix poterant: vel in opi- 
nionc apud noftros fic verfabanturjVt aliena pro veris fupponerentur.Quod fi autem qux alis func 
nobis cum Matthiolo communes,cas noftra cura depiftas fuiflejfigurae magna ex parte aliap.atque 
vernaculi commentarij prius.qu^m Matthioli ad nos venirent edtti,facile teQabuntur . Nee defuic 
nobis locupletandis noftris Dodiff Andreas Lacuna.qui Corrudam & Palmam io opus noftrum 
intulit. Profuit etiam induftria Caroli Clufij cognitioni vniuerf* materis MedicaB,tum ipfius artis 
ftudiofilf.qui & raras quafdam ftirpes nobis fuppeditauit , & conuertendis commentarijs hifce in 
Gallicum Idioma.benignam ac diligentero fuam operam exhibuit. 

R.eliquum efl: Oudiofi iuuenes,vt noftris hifce commentarijs , cum in Stirpium herbarumq; co-* 
gnitione facilius aflequenda adiuti,tura huius fcientij & Medicins pirtis non rainim^.vtilitate nc- 
cefsitateque prouocati,excitatisjaccenns,inflammatis animis,omni fludio in hocdiligentifsimd in- 
cumbatis,vt non folum quae \ nobis defcripts funt , ac per icones expreffx llirpes, in notitiam vc- 

'ftram vcniar^, veriim etiam carum qus apud veteres fuperfunt,nondum fiitis notarum,ac vni- 

uerfae materiae Medics peritiam aflequammi.vel faltem audarium aliquod hadenus 
repertis ac traditis adijciatis,quo multorum communi ftudtoniaius ac roaiui 

hsc fcientia 3ccipicns,ad «bc^ifp tandem ac per • 


fe^onem perueni 


Mechlintsr^Quiato IdJulias. 














V T V R V M omnino doguror candide Lfe^or, vt fimul ac nafudores tk morpfioreS 
aliqui,noftros de re Herbaria commentarios jwt imagines viderint ^(ludiuip fta- 
tim noftrum fint fuggillaturi : quodpoft tam ffiultos dodos viros ^ in hoc Hudij 
genere fumrna cura dilig^tia verfatos , melius rae aliquid itiuenire , & eorum in- 
uends ruperaddere,pofre fperauerim . Vbi vcro in annotationcs inciderint , quas 
hoclocoadiecimus,8einiisqu3Bdamretra5lata, nonnuilaindubturatcuocatal 
nobis oScnderiiit,multo magis terocritatcm ndftram fint damtiaturi* vc qui hiox ab editione,aIiam 
fencentiara in nonnullis requar,ve! non fatis perfpeda atquc coraperta in publiciina dare voluerimi 
His rcfponfum cUpio,huic ftudio hoc vnic^ propriumefle raultorum operam atque laborcni deQ- 
derare : nempe in quo non exigua fit difficultasi nee minor varietas, quge fiimmam ctiam diligen- 
tifslmorum induftriam fatigcnt.tnfinita enimfunt ftirpium quf vel fine nominibus, vel cum bar- 
barrs & peregrinis nobis fefe oiFerunt genera , quibus Vetera & antiqua reddere nomina inftituti 
noftri praecipua & maxima pars eft. Quarura etfi vctercs Herbariae rei & ftirpium hiftoriae fcripto- 
rcsjdififcrentias ac notas oranes/umma diligentia defcriptas nobis reliquilTcnt , impofsibile taraen 
forct , de omnibus facile autcitra fiimmura laborem &indefc{ruraftudiura,veritatema(requf, 
cum non vno loco/ed per vniuerfum orbem fperfas requirerc & cognofcere oporteret . Non vno 
enim loco aut eadem in regionc omnes plur^fuc, dd alis alijs vel regionibus vel locis addidl* funt. 
Didamnum Cret« proprium eft.Rha fupra Bofphorum regiones & paucsalif foppeditantThus 
Sabsorum gignit prouincia.Balfamum Tola Paleftinaproducic. Et vt plures tales regionibus qui- 
bufdam folis proprias praEtcreamus,ex his qu^ in pluribus tcrris inucniuntur, nonnullae nifi in co- 
ualibus proueniunt : funt aliae mootibus familiares & propriae. Amaht hsaprica locanHa vmbrofa 
tut denfas (yluas»lntcr faxa,fapidofis locis aut in praeruptis rupibus repcriuntur quaedara : stlii in- 
arborumcaudicibusnafcuniur, Laetum pinguaeqae folum defiderant nobnullae : in fterili agro 
magis proficiuntaliae.Deledadcquafdam arua : ah'asvineta:iltashorti:iftas prata: noilnuliasin 
vliginofis&riguisoriuntur* Sunt quas temere alio loco quam m maris littoribusrequiras. Ad 
•quas omnes cognofcendas & pcrquirendas cura prater diligenremvcterumlcdionem^ diutuma 
& long! temporis per infinita loca,per omnes fer^ orbis partes peregrin aiionc opus fit, mulci labo- 
res fudorefquc pcrferendi,infinita pericula rubcunda.fieri non poteft, vt vna hominis vita his om- 
bus fatis fit, vt interim omittamus quam multa fuperueniunt incommoda,qu3E peregrinandi occa- 
ionem aut adimunt aut multum impediunt,vcluti bella incogniti diuerfaruro gentium, ritus,mo- 


res & liagua,horrid§.incuhaf,fqualidaB regiones/& ad haec roaximereru vel publicaru, velpriuata 
rum Si doraefticarum curatio,aut fcrendis maximis fumptibus impar fortuna . Nunc autem cum 
his omnibus grauifiiraisimpcdiraentis , accedatetiam^ quod veteresmultarum ftirpium velutP 
vulgo cognitarUmformas non esprefferintraliarum tam leuiter defcripferint:vcl attigefint,vt non 
videanturtradidifle.'iam&in nonnullarum defcriptionibus nonvulgares fcdrcaximi audoref 
varienl - veluti in Afphodelo & alij's quibufdam.quis non faramam in hac difciplina difficultatcm 
roam diligentiam 

,qu3E multcrum quantumuis induftriorura & ftudioforum indefcftbs labores &: raaxi 
itiam reduiratfnec folum rcquirat verum etiam fuperct t Cum igitur tam infinita ftir 

fitu difsidentia 

le fucrit , 8c 

pium funt gencra,fingulorumque multipliccs differentiae , tam diueffa Sc natura & fiti 
in quibus gignuntur loca.qu^ adire omnia non folum difficile verum ctiam impofsibi 
ad hsc mutil^jimperfedae ac confufae vcterum defcriptiones , vt propter haec grauifsima impedi 
incnia,de abfoluta ftirpium cognitione defperandum videatur. Nulla cert8 prjfencior vi3,commo- 
diorratio,autexpeditiusconfilium , quo hoc ftudium, haec fcicntia in lucem reuocari & crefcere 
pofsit,quam vt muliorura laboribus & lucubrationibus adiuuetur , Plurimorum enim poterit in- 
duftria quod paucorum nequit praeftare opera.Dum enim hie quaedam in lucem adfert , alij quae# 
dam adijciunt.nonnulla corrigunt,alia fupplent,noneiiguum herbarum ftudium & fimplicis mc- 
dicinae cognitio incrcmenteracapit Hancrationem vidcntur mthi infequuti LeoniccnUs, Manar- 
dus,Ruellius,Gordus vtcrque,Mufa,Tragus, Fuchfius, & quotquot in hac difciplina non omnino 
inf-3e1iciter hac ^tate verfantur,Neque enim quifquam iftoruro,aut ftirpium hift oriam abfoluit.aut 
perfcdam fibi eJus cognitionem vendicat: cum multas etiam de induftrta prjtercant. Sed qnod 
quifque fibi fuo labore/ua induftria per ociuro pcperit percgrinatione inucnit,aut alia rationc co- 

gnouitj hoc in commune proferre, Sfvcmatisiimatonbus communicare ftudet, Suquoqulfque 

* iij poftcriot 





pofterior koc maiorem huic fcientic accefsionem facit,dum anteceflbrum opera ac laboribus ctiS 
adiuuatur.Mouitcerce nos 5^Ii^crado,cufn enim mulcas ftirpesin omnibus rccencioribusdefide- 
rari qiiiburdam deccptos edsobreruaflcai,& non paucas me fupplere&alio-. 
rum inuentis adiicerc,nec non in quibus erratum videbatur,veritacem aperire pofle rperaflem,vo- 
]ui vc pofl multorum doiflorum virorum cjui in Stirpium hiftoria verfati funt commentarios, mei 
quoquc laboretjOTci conacds, in publicam prodirent,n6o quod laudcm ac gloriam mihi hinc^li* 
t^uam poftulem/ed vt nodris inuentis 6c ftudijs aliqao etiam modo,ftirpium hc&barumque cogni- 

tio & fimplicis medicine ftudiura promoueatur. Definant igituf morofi cenfbreSjff uflra auc ccrac- 
"re hunc laborem ^ nobis furceptusicriminariiquando noQra induHria & opera huic Tcientia: non 

itiediocris plantarum/ruticum ac arborum numerus accefTerit^ancea a nemine quod fciamtrecen' 
'liorura tradiraruro,prEter omnes qu| ab errore viiidicats funt quarum non exiguus quoque nu- 
merus eft. Quod verd pauculaqu«dara,poft editos commentarios ^ nobis retradentur,facitruni- 
i!nahuiusrcientiaB& maxima, vcdiximus, difficultas, qujenosita tenet Cimmerijs quad tcncbris 
immerfoSjVt vix etiam fummo ftudio,& frequenti ipfarum planrarum collatione, veritatem quea# 
inus inuenire. Si enim in ijs fcientijs aut artibus ( vc Socrates alicubi inquit ) errores etiam fubindc 
committancurjquaB velex naturalium rationum fontibus deducuntur , vcl certis praeceptionibus, 
regulis aut raethodo con(ljnc,quo non tandem modo, in Herbaria difciplina, nullis reguiis, nulla 
mechodo firmata, c< naturalibus rationib js minimum , imo pene nullum fubfidium admittente, 
Tipius &nolentibus,& non fenuentibus nobis errores irrepcnt / Docctid fcripta Leoniceni,Her- 
molai,Manardi,Co.rdi,R.ucllij,IVlafje,Tragi, Fuchfij &aliorum rcccntiorum , quorum iudicia vel 
^ feipfis fjspius rcuocata.vcl ab alijs retractica & corre Jla funt , Non reputo me his diuiniorem , & 
ego homo fum,decipi & crrarc poffum, prgefertim in re tarn mulris de caulis difficili ac obfcura , vt 
fi alicubi ferendus aut difsimilandus eft crror,hic difsimulari & rolcrari debcat . Quamobrem noti 
tarn pudet noshorum crrorum,quam poenitet, Quando igitur mihi hoc commune cumali/seft, 
vt in quibufdam minus verilatema(requutusfuerim,nonhabeoaliud praErentiusreracd;um,quSra 
Vt mihiipfi medearmeorque errores ipfc e medio fuftollam. Et praeftatfane me mei ipfius corre- 
<5torem cflc,quouis alio , quamuis & aliorum animaduerfiones non nifi aequifsimo ariimo acceptu^ 
rusfum. Ciam enim publics vtiUtatiscaufa hunc laborem fufccperim , &eiurdeminter(itficubii 
me erratum, idipfum corrigi ac notari,nuIla in re magis m'ihi graiificari poterunt vcritatis ftudiofi, 
quam fi noftra omnia ad cxamen ducant, cumq; veterum defcriptionibus diligenter confcrant , ac 
Vbi me veritatem minus aflequutumdeprehenderint, aroic^ & fynceriter admoneant. Atquidc 
morofis & feueris iftis cenforibas refponfum efto,quos optauerim ab ifta calumniandi tentigine.Sf 
<io(5^orum huius feculi rcriptorum,fuggiUandi & reprehendi ftudio,ad meliorem frugem, & bo- 
narum arriuai ac fcientiarum ftudia conuerfos in hoc totos elTe,& omnibus ingcnij viribus cerrare, 
vt,vel mediocris eruditionis viros,doftrina fuperare fe poflc diffident. C jeterum quod 
ad annotationes iftas attinet^fequuti in his fumus/ecundam commentariorum noftrorum edicio- 
ncm.quam ob caufara qujedara nonnuUis videlicet aliter iudicaniei , de alijs vel 
noftram vel aliorum huius aetatisdoflorum virorum conieiSaram indicantes: vnum aut alterun© 
Diofcoridis locum aut vitiofum aut confufurh oftendimus: figurascompluresadieciraus, omnes 
glVidclicetquxfecundxacpofterioriaBditioaiaccefTerunt . Suncaurera ex hisnonpaucaequidera 
noux^id eft,3ntea aut prius non depiclj : nonnullas infeliciter prius exprefTae , nunc aedificiofius 6c 

cicgantius formats paucifsim^ex DodifT.Pet.And.IVlatihiolicommentarijstranflataEjquasncni* 

pe cognatio vel fimilitudo cum aliis I nobis dercriptis,non finebat prxtcrraitti,vt etiam in 

commentariorum noftrorum praefationefcripfimus, Nam ^reliquis, quas forte alius 

in fuos commentarios traduxiifetproptereaabftinuimus, quddinconfpcdura 
noftrum non veniflent. lllud cnirh nobis in primis cur^ fuit, vt quam pau- 

cifsimas defcribcrcmus , quas non aliquando oculis coram cernerc 

contigit ,& maxima nouarum figurarum pars ad viuarum 
plantarum imicatlonem depingcretur,vt ipfaE ttir- 

piumdefcriptiones, & imagines alienee 

aliorum fimiles facile 

- 1 




Vale^atquepr^fent'bus fruere,dumfuccifiui$ horis 

ocium nacti, alia^his locupletiora, 









Dehis qui Latine vfus Herbarum fcripferunt, 

&quandoadRorrianos notitia earum perneneric. 

Jtem de Herharum inuentionej ^ antiqua meJklfja,^ 
quare hodiemintis exerceantur earumremedia. 


€x Plwjj lib. 2 ^.cap. 





, I N V s hoc quam par crat.noftri celebrauerc , omnium vtilitatum 8c virtutum rapa; 
cirsirni. Priniufq; & diu folus idem illc M, Cato, omnifi bonarum artiu/n magifter, 
i paucis duntaxaiattigit.Boum etiam medicamina non omi^Ta. Pod eum vnus lllu# 
Oriura tentauit C« Valgius, eruditipne fpeflatus, impcrfcclo voluminc ad diuuin 
Auguftum, inchoataetiamprifatione rcligiofa, vt omnibus malishumanisillius 
potifsimum principis Temper roedicetur maieftas. Ante condiderat fofua apud nos, 
qviod equidem inucni, Pompeius, Lcnius, MagniPompeilibcrtus, quo primum tempore banc 
fcientiara'adnortrosperucnifreanimaduerto.NaraquamMiibridateSjmaximusfuaaetate regura/ 
quera debellauit Pompcias,omnium antefegenitorum diligentifsimus vitgfuiflTeargumentis pr^* 
terquarafama intelligitur.Vniei excogitatum,quotidievenenumbibere,prsrumptis remcdijs, vc 
confuetudine ipfa innoxiura fieret. Primo inuenta genera antidoti, ex quibus vnum etiam nomen 
- cius rcdnet.lljius inucncum auturaant,fanguinera anatura Ponticarum roifcere antidoiis,quoniarai 
veneno viiierent. Ad ilium Afclcpiadis medendi arte cIari,volumina compofita exrant,cum follici- 
tatus ex vrbe Roma,pra5Ccpta pro femiitcret. Ilium folum mortalium Mithridaten.zi. linguislo- , , . , 

curum cerium eft .-riecdefubiedisgetibus vllumhominemperinterpretemappellatumab^oan-' " ** 
nis 56. quibus regnauic.Is ergo in reiiqua ingenij magnitudine mcdicin^ pecuUaritcr curiofus, ab 
■ }iominibus fubiedis^qui fuere pars magna, rerrarum^fingulaenquirens, fcrinium commentationd 
harum & exemplaria,cffe6iurq; inarcanis fuisrcIiquit.Pompeiusautera omni rcgia pra^da potitus, 
transFerreea Fermone noftro hbertum fuum LcnjEum,gramroaiiceartisdodirsimum,iursi{; vitiq; 
ita profait non minus quam rcipublicae viftorla ilia. Praeter hos Grsci audores med icinj prodi- 
dere,quosruis locis dJximus,Ex hisEuax^rex Arabum.quiddefimplicium effeclibus ad Neronem ^UAX. 
fcripfit:Crateias, DionyHus, Metrodorusoroneblandifsima, fed qua nihil penealiud quam rei 



difficultasintelligatiir. Pinxerenamq; effigies herbarum,atque fcripferc cfFedius.Verum & picfu- « 
ra fallax eft ex coloribus tarn numero(is,praBfertim in aemulatione naturx , multumque dcgcnerat le 
tranfcribentiumforsvaria . Pnterea parum eft fingulas earum aeiales pingi, cumquadripartitis u 
varietatibusannifaciera mutent.QuareCaBterifermoneeastradldere. Aliquicffigie quidemindi- i« 
carajSt nudis quidera plaerumque nominibus defundi : quoniam fatis vidcbatur , poteftarcs vim- 
que deraonftrare quaerere volcniibus. Nee eft difficile cognitu. Nobis certe,excccepti5 admo- 
dum paucis, contigit reliquas contemplari fcicntia Antonii Caftoris , cui fumma audoritam crat j«.^ •,„ 

A r J L I ' • • t • I I r • Amont'9 

in ea arte noltro asuo, vilcndo nortulo eius m quo plurimas alebat : centefimum aecatis annum ex- caUqx 
cedens , nullum corporis malum expertus, ac ne aetare quidem mcmoria , aut vigoreconcufvis, . 
Necaliudmiratamagisantiquitas rcperietur . Inuenta iampridem ratio eft prxnuncians ho- 
ras,non raodo dies ac nodes, folislun^quedefcdum. Durattamentradita perfuafio in magna 

parte vulgijveneficfjs & herbisid cogi;in eo namquefceminarurafcientiam prsualcre. Certe quid 

non replcueref3bulisCokhisMedea»aIj^que,imprimirquertalicaCirce,dijs etiam adfcripta/Vn- 
de arbitror n3tum,vt y^fchylus c vetuftifsimis in poetica re , refertam Italiam herbarum porentia 

proderet Multique Circsios agros, vbi habitauit ilia, in magno argumcnto etiaranum durante in 

!Marfis,a filio eius orta gehere,quos cflc domitores ferpentium conftat. Homerus qiiidem primus Homerus* 

dodriharum ic antiquitatis parens^raultus alias in admiratione Circes,gIoriam herbarum /£gypto 

tribuit , turn etiam cum rigaretur-^gyptus ilia, non autemcflet, pofteafluminislimoinueda, 

Herbas certe y^gyptias ^ regis vxore traditas fuae Helenae plurimas narrat, ac nobile illud Nepen* 

theSjObliuionem triUitis veniamquc 3fFercns,& ab Helena vtique omnibus mortalibns propinan- 

dum. Primus autem omnium quos memoria nouic , Orpheus de his herbis curiofius aliqua prodi- 

dit. Pofteummuraeus&HasfiodusPolionherbamin quantum miratifunt,diximus, Orphcus& 

HefiodusfuffitionescoromcndaQere- Homervs & alias nominaura herbas celebrat , quas 

fuis locis dicemus. Ab eo Pythagoras darus fapientia^primus voluraendecarum effedu compo- 

fuit: Apollini,/£rculapioquc,&.in totum dijs immortalibus inuentione & origine afsignita : com# 

pofuit&DEMocRi TVS , ambo peragratis Pctfidis^ Arabix, vfchiopiae, y£gyptiquemagfs. 

Adeoqucadhaecattonitaantiquitasfuit, vt affirmarei etiam incredibilia didu . Xanthus hi- 

ftoriarum audor, in prima earum tradidit , occiftim draconis catulura reuocatum ad vitam a pa- 

lente herba^quam Balln nominat : eademquc Tillonemj^quem draco occiderac , refticucum faluti. 


* 111/ 







Et luba in Arabia hert)3 reuocatum ad vitam hon\incm tradit. Dixit Dcmocritus,crcdidit Theo- 

phraftus effc herbam,cuius contadu illats ab alitc , quam rctulimus , cxilirec cuneos I paftoribus 
arbori adadus.Quaj ctiam fi fide carent,adnQiraii<inem catnen implent: coguntij; confiteri , mul- 
tudi effc quod vero faperficjnde 8c pl£ror4iie viico exiftimarc ,nihil non herbirum vi cffici pof- 
fe/ed plurimarufn vires efle incognitas* Quorum numero fuit Herophilus clarus in mcdicina : i 
<5uo fcrunt didum,quardam ctiam fortafsis calcatas prodeflc . Obfcruatum certcelt, inflammari 
vulnera ac morbos fuperuentu eorum,qui pcdibus iter confcccrint. Haec crat intef anuqua medi« 
cina,qu» tota migrabatin Grasciae jjnguas . Sed quare nunc non plures nafcuntur cauflae f Nifi 
quod cas 3greftes,litteranimquc ignari cxperiuntuf.vtpote qui foli inter illas viuant.Prxterea fc# 
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^ monte Atlance,vlcraq; Hcrculis columnas,& ipfo rerum naturs defedu \ alia parte Britannicam 
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agricolam,bonumqaecolonum amplif$imelaudariexiftimabatur,qui ica laudab'atur.Mercatorem 
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dicaulraus, NccabvUopraBierhominemvenenopugnaturalicno. Fateamur ergo culpam,ncijs 
quidem qux nafcuntur conienti : erenim quando plura earum genera humana maRii fiunt. Quid/ 

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qu^m famf gratia expeiitur.Quippefermo circa ru; 

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aque conftantiu5, quo operx nobis maioi 
ftjagreftcfque vfus,fed quibus vita honofqj 

ijsqui in dgri (^ bortoram cura Roma iUufres fuersmt 

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V AE NAM ergo tantae vbertatis caulfa erat/Iprorum tunc manibus Imperatorum coJebantur 
(vcfas eft credere)gaudente terra vomerelaureato,&triumphaIi aratore , Hue illi eadera 


cpra femina rradabanr,qua bella,eadenique dJIigentia arua difponebant, qua caftra , Hue honeftis 
manibus omnia Istius proueniunt^^uoniam Be curioHus fiunt.Serentem I'nuenerunt dati honores, 
Serranum, vnde cognomen. A rantiquatuorftiaiugera in Vaticano^qufprataQuintiaappellantur, 
Cincinnato viator atiulitdidaturam, & quidem (vttraditNorbanus) nudoplenoquepulueris 
ctiamnum ore, Cui viator. Vela corpus,inquit,vtproferam fenatus populique Romani mandata* 
Tales turn etiam viatorcs crant,quibus Idipfum noraen inditum cft,fubindc ex agris fenatum du- 
ccfquca ccerfentibus. At nunc cadem ilia vindipedes,damnataBroanu$, infcripti vultus cxercentr 
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lumentaeflequae fuerunt Imperatorum. Igiturdeculturaagci prxcipere principale fuit & apud 
exieros.Siquidcm & regesfecere Hicron,Philometor,Attalus,ArcheIaas,& duces Xenophon , & 
Pcrnus etiam Mago : «ui quidem tantum honorera fenatus nofter attribuit Carthagine capta , vt 
cumregulis Africf bibliothccasdonaret, vninseiusduodctriginta, voluminacenfcretin Latinam 
linguam transferenda,cum M.Cato prscepta condidilTet, peritifq; lingu^ Punics dandum nego- 
cium;in quo praecefsitomnisvir turn clarilsimae faroiliseD. Syllaous, fapicntias compofltifsims, 
Quosfequcremur pretexuimus in hoc voluraine noningrat^nominando M.Varronenjjquiofio- 
gefjmum primum vits annum agens,de ea re prodendum putauic. 


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R T I s $ 1 M I viri & railites ftrennuifsimi ex agricolis gignuntur, luinimeq; male cogitantcft 
Praedium ne cupide etnas. In reruftica operi ne parcasjn agro emendo minimi. Quod maid 
emptum eftjfcmper pcenitet, Agrura paraturos, ante omnia intueri oportet, aqua rum vim , & vici- 
num.SinguIa magnas intcrpretationes habent,ncc dubias , Cato in contcrminis hoc ampliuf asfti- 
mari iubet.qoo pal^oniteant.In bona cft,inquir,regione bene niterc.Attilius Regulus ille Punico 
belio bis confuj.aiebat.nequefcecundifsimis locis infalubrcm agrum parandum, nequeeffixtisfa- 
luberrimum.Salubritas loci non Temper incolarum colore dctcgitur, quontam aHuer/ ft peftifen- 
libus durant.PraBterea funt quaedam partibus anni falubriainihil autem falutarc eft. nifi quod toto 
anno raiubre.lVlalus eft ager,cum quo dominus ludaturXato inter prima fpc^^^a-'i folum 
fua virtute valeat qua didum eft pofitione. Vt operariorum copia prope fit, oppidumq;* validum* 
Vt nauigiorum euefius vel itinerum ; vt bene apdiScatus & cultus.In quo fal Vplerofque vidco.Sel 
gniciem cnim prioris doroini pro emptbre efle arbitratur. Nihil eft damnofius dcferto agro. Ttaq" 
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homini,quamuisqu^uofusfit,fi tamen & fumptuofus , non multum»^pcre0e . Hie in agro quse- 
iluofirsimam iudicat vitcm:non fruftra,quonidm ante omnia de inv^n^f raiione cauit , Poxtme 
Jbortos irriguos : nee id & ftib oppido fint. Et prata , qugrantiqui prata dix6rc . Idem 

Cato intcfiogatus, quis cfrctccnifsiiijusquasftus/rcfpondit. Sibcncpafirat, qufs proxirolis# 













fi niediocriterparcacSumma oranium in hoc rpciftando fuit,vt fruftus Is maxim^ probaretur , qui 
quammjmnioimpcndioconftaturus elTcc. Hoc 6x locorum occafionealiier alibi ^ecernjtur. 
Eoderaq; pertirt€t,quod agricolam vendace oportcreefle dixit. Fundum in adolcfcentia confcre- 
dum finecun^atione^aedificandu non nifi confito agro.Tunc quoq; cun(3acer,optimumq; cf}(vt 
vulgo dixere)alien3 infania frui/ed ita,vc villaru tucela non fit oncri. Eum tame qui bene habiter^ 
ffpius ventitarein 3*grutiKfronceraq; dommi plus prodefle qu am occipitium^npn raentiuntur, 

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quitas nihil prius mirata eft,quam & Hefperidum horcos, ac regum Adonis & Alcinoijitemqj- 
Penfiles.fiue ilios Semirarais.fiUc AfTyrias rex Cyrus fcceric,dc quorum opere alio volumine dice- 
inus«R.otnani quidcm reges ipfi coluerc. Quippe etiam fuperbusTarquinius nucium ilium f^uum 
atqj fanguinariura remifit ex borto. In duodecim tabuli^ legum noftrariim nufquam nominatur 
villairempcr in fignificationc ca hortus ; in horti veto baeredium.Quani rem coraitata eft & religio 
quaedamihortofq; & fores tantum contra inuidentium fafcinationcs dicari videmus . Tn rcmcdio 
faturnica figna.quanquam hortos tutelai Veneris aCsignate Plauto. lam quidam'hortorum nomine 
in ipfa vrbe deUtias,3gros,viilafq; pofsident.Prirous hoc inftituit, Athenis Epicurus,hortorum ma- 
gifter. Vfq; ad eura,moris non fuerat in oppidis haberi rura.Rom? quidem per fe hortus ager pau- 
peris erat. Ex horto plebi macellirmjquanto innocentiore viftu, Mergi enim credo in profunda 
fatJusent,&:oftrearum genera naufragio exquiriraucs vltra Phalldeamnem , peti &fabuIoro quidc 
tcrrore tutas,imo fie preciofio'res, Alias in Numidia atq; yfithCopia in fepulchris aucupari , aut puf 
gnare cum feris,niandi ab eo cupientem quod madat alius. Ad hcrcle, quam vilia haEC,quam parata 
voluptatl ratic;aii4;,nifi cadem quge vbiq; indignatio occ.urreret« Fcrendum fane fuerit exquifita 
qafci poma.alia fapore^alia magnitudine.alia moftro,pauperibus interdida.inueterari vina faccifq; 
ca(lrari:nec cuiquam adeo longam efle vitam, vt non ante fe genita potet.E frugibus cjuoq; quod- 
da alimentura cxcogiiafleluxuriam, ac meduUam tantum caruni fuperq; priflinarum opcribus 8c 
C|Ucuris viuere,alios pane procerum,alios vulgi,tot generibus vfq; ad infirtiam plebem defcenden- 
tcannona.Ettimne in herbis difcrimeninuentunt eft? Opefq; diffcrentiam fecerc in cibo , etiam 
vno afle vcnali. Et in his aliqua quoquc fibi nafci tribus ncgant,caule in tantum faginatOjVt paupe- 
ris menfa non capiat.Sylueftres fecerat natura corrirdas,vt quifqs demeteret pafsim. Ecce altile^ 
fpe^antur afparagi.Et Raucnna ternis libris rtpendir.Heu prodigia ventris,Mirum cffetnon lice-. 

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mz difcreta funt.Hi niucsjili glacicm potant pcenafq; montium in voluptatcm gulg vertuni . Scr- 
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hycmant. Nihil itaq; homini fie quomodo rerura naturae placet. Etiamne herba aliqaa diuitijs tan- 
tum nalciturj'Nemo facros,Auentinofq; montes,& iratx picbis fecelTus circufpexerir? Mors enim 
certe equabit quos pecunia fuperaueritjtaque hercle^nuHum macelli vedigal mains fuit r o m ab 
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pcrtumque,non alitcr quaeftuofius cenfum haberi aut tutius,ac rotnorcfortunae iurc cum cjj^datur 
penfio ea pauperum Js in folo fponfor eft,& fub die redditus,fup?rficicfque cceIo quocunque gau 
dens.Hof torum c a t o prjdicat caules. Hinc primum agricolg cxiftimabantur prifci , & fie ftatim 
faciebant indicium , nequam efiein domo matremfamilias ('etcnim hxc curafoeminsdicebaturj 
vbi indiliges cffet hortus. Quippe carnario aut macello viuendura eft,nec caulus vt nunc maxim^ 
probabant,damnantes,puImentaria quae cgercnc alio pulmentario.Id erat olco parcere.Nam car- 
nisdefyderiaetiaerantexprobratione.Hortimaximeplacebahtyquianon egerentigoi,parccrent- 
que ligno.Expedita tcs & parata femper, vnde &acetariaappclUbantur,facilia concoqui^nec one' 
ratura fsnfuin cibo,& qu^ minime acccderent ad dcfyderiuro panis. Pars eor u ad condimenta per- 
»linens,fat»tur domi vcrfutam fieri folitam,atque non Indicum piper quaefitum^ quoque trans ma- 
riapetirauf^. lam quoque in fencftrisfuis plebis vrbana in Imagine hortorum quotidiana oculis 
rura praebebanr , antequam prajfigi profpeftus omnibus coegit rauUitudinis innumeratae fgua la- 
trocinatio.Quafs^obrem fit aliquif& his honos,n^ueaudloritatcm rebus vilita$adimat» cum prg- 
fercim etiam cognttmina procerura inde nata vidcamus, Laducinofque in Valeria familia non pu- 
duifte appellari : & ct^ntingat aliqua gratia,operi curaeque noftr^, Virgilio quoque confeflb, quam 
fit difficile verborum bunorem tarn paruis perhibcre . Hortos villae iungendos non eft dubium, 
riguofque maxime habcn^os , fi cootingatprofl«o amne. Si minus, eputeopertica, organiTue 
pneumaticis , v^l tollenoniim hauftu rigandos . Solum profcindendum a fauonio , in autumnuni 
praeparandum eft poft quatuordecira dies,iterandumque ante brumam.Odo iugerum operis pa- 
lariiuftum eft. Fimum trcs pcde-altc cum terra mifccri.arcis diftfngui,cafq; rcfopinis puluinorum 
toris ambiri fingulis traojitum (ulc^^^qua detur accefllis homini.fcatcbrifquc decurfus. 



InKis hortisnarcenti'urB alia bulbo commend tntur, alia capite, alU cau1e,ana folio , alia vtroq;, 
alia femine.alia cortice,alia ciite.auc cartilagine^alia carne,alia tunicis carnofis. Aliorum ftuQus m 
terra eft,aliorum & extra,a!iaru.'n non nifi extra.Qucdam iacent crefcuntq^vt cucurbit^ & cucu- 
mis.Eadem & pendent,qaanqi»a grauiora multo etiam ijs qu^ in arboribus gignunrur. SedVucu- 
mis cartilagineXortex huic vtii maturitate tranficin lignurn. Terra conduntur raphani.napiq; , & 

rap3,atq;alio raodoinQlaBjGrer.paftiaacae.Qu.Eda vocabimus ferulaceajVtanethu.maluas. Namq; 
tradanc aiiclorcs in Arabia maluas feptimo mefe arborefcerc, baculorum vTum pr^berc extemplo. 

Sed 3j arbor eft raaliia in Mauritania Lixi oppidisftuario.vbiHefperidum horti FuiflTe produncu 
iOO-paCTam ab oceano,iuxta delubr urn Herculis,antiquis Gaditano vc ferunt. Ipfa altimdinis pe 
des io.crarsicudini?,qiiain circunpledi nemo pofsit. In fimili genere habebirur & canabis.J^ecno 
8/ carnofa aliqua appcilabimus, vt fpongias in humore pratorum enafcences. Fungorum enira ca-l- 
luoiyin ligni arborumq; natura dixiaiu«,& alio gsncr e cuberum paulo ante. 

tfl Rittio r'l^dniorum hortorum , CT qm tratiflate tndmaflint . Item de^uccis horUnfiorim 

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naetiarri.Satura celerrifneerumpercputanunterinidafwTUentiaquaafperram. Omnia autem 
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fentireiniurias,vCgethyani,porruni,raphani,apiuna,lad:ucae,rapa,cucumii.Omnia autem fylueflria 
fere funt & folijs minora & caulibiisjfucco acriora,ficut cunilajOriganu^ rata, Solujjimodo ex ora- 

nibos lapathum fylueftre melius. Hoc in fatiuum rumex vocjtur.nafclturq; foriirsimum. Tradicur vnqu^m vitiari,terramaximeiuxtaaqu3.rn, Vfus eiascumptifanatan'tum 

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(i porfi,eruc^,lad:uc3e,apij,intubi,nafturtij feminainclufafcranturjmire prouenire. Qujb TuntfyU 
ueftria.eademinfatiuislicciora inrelHgiinCur &acut!ora . Namq; Sffuccorum faporiimq; dicenda 

' differentia eft, vcl maiorinhisquim pomis.Sunt autem acres cunilaB,origani,n3fturti},finapis. A- 
inari,abrynthii,centaure3e,Aq'jati!es,cucumeris,cucurb!ta?^Ia!5tJcae.Acuti tantumcunilae AcuiiSc 
odorati.apij.ancthijfoeniculi.Salfus tantiim e faporibus non narcitur^alioquin extra iofidit pulaeris 
niodo,& circuHs tantum aquae vtinrelligatur vana, ceu plaerumq; vir§ pcrfuafio . f>anax Piperis fa- 
porem rcddit.magis eriJim riliqua{lram,ob id piperitidis nomine accept© Libanotis odore thuris, 

fcmine.R.adicemh3beto!uTatri, nihil a thure difFerentem.Vfus eius port annum ftomacho faluber- 

rimus, Qjidam earn nomine alio rofmarinum appellant. Etfmyrnium olusferitur ijfdemlocis, 
royrrhamq; radice rcfipit Eadem &: filiquaftro fatio.Heltqua \ ceteris odore & fapore 

anethum.'Tantaq; cftdiuerfitssatq; vis,vt nonfoliim aliudaliorautetur, fed etiam in tocumaufcs. 
racur.Apio eximi in codis abfonij s3ceto,in eodem cellario in faccis odorem vinq grauem.Et ha- 
d:enus hortenfia dida (lnr,ciborum gratia duntaxat. Maximum quidem opus in ijfdem naturajrc* 
ftat,quoniam prouentus tantum adhuc, fummasq; quafdam tradauimus . V^era autem cuiufq; na- 
tura non nifi medico effedu prjenofci pote(l,opus ingens occultumq; diuiniratis , & quo nullum 
rcperiri pofsit maius. Ne fingulis id rebus contexcremus iufta fecit ratio , cum ad alios^medendi 
defyderia pertinerent,1ongius vtriufq; dilatipnibus futurisfi mifcuiflemus. Nuncfuis quaequc 
partibus conrtabunt,poteruntq; ^ volenribus iungt. 

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ris,rap? fiunt. Atqueinuicem enecatur cyminum ab imodorfo,ni{i repurgetur.Eft autem vnicau- 
■ le radice bulbo fimili , non nifi in folo gracili nafcens. Alias priuatim cymini morbus, fcabics. EC 
o:imutn fubcanis ortu paHercit.OmnJa veroacceflu mulierismenftrualis flauefcunt. BeftiDlaruin 
qu-)q; genera innafcuntur.Napisculices.raphano eruce,& vermiculi.liem laclucii & olcri.Vtrifq; * » 
hocimplius liraaces & cochleae. Porro vcro priuatim aniroslia quae facillimc llercore iniedo ca- 
piuntir condcntiain idfe. Fcrro quoque non expcdiretangirutam,cunilam,mentam,ociroum, 
audror^ftSabinusTiroin libroCepuricon, quern Meccenatidicauit. Item contra formicas non sahinm 

minimun hortorum cxitiura,fi non fintrigui,remediummonftr3uit,limom3rino,3utcinereob*xir<?. 
turatis csrum "foraminibus. Sed efficacifsime hcliotropio hcrbanecantur . Quidam &aqu3m 
diluto latee crudo inimica eis pufant.Naporum medicinge funt,filiquas vna reri,r;cutoleru ciccr, 
arcet enimcrucas . Qii« fi omiflb hm nar? fint.remcdiu abfynthij fuccus decocti infpcrfus& fcdi, 

quaraaizouavccantjgenushoc herbs diximus Semen oleium, fi fucco eius roadefadum fcratur, 



• * 




A P P E N D' I 


olera nullianimalium obnoxia futura traduncln tota vero necerucas, (1 palo imponaturin hortis 
ofla capitis ex cquinogcnercfoeminKduntaxat. Aduerfuscrucas&cancrum fluuiatilem in media 
horto r. fpefum auxiliari narraot.Sunt qui fanguineis virgis rangant ea, quae nolur his obnoxia cfie. 
Infeftant & culices hortos, riguos prrcipuc,fi funt arbuiculac aliquae.Hi galbano acccfo fugantur. 

If D:? muefii^andis cjuaUtatthm Herbarum ex cobre,odore,& facets ex Pltn^ Ub.zi.cap.';. 

TRoianis temporibus ei iam erac honos.Et hos ccrtc flores Homerus trcis laudatjoton.croco, 
hyacinlhura. Omnium auiem odoramentorum , atqj adeo herbarum differentia eft '" <■^^^-'^' 

dorei& fucc 


Odoraiofapor raro vlli non amaruSjCContrario dulcia raro cdorataritaq; & vina 
odoratiwra muftis/ylueftria magis omnia fatiuis.Quorundam odor fuauiore ionginqu6 eft', pro- 
pius admotus bebetatur.vt violiB. Hofa recens a longinquo oler^ficca propius.Oainis autcm verno 
tempore acrior,& matutinis,Quicquid ad meridianas horas ^im vergir,hebetamr. NoucUa quoq; 
vetuftis minus odorata. Accrrimus tamen odor omnium sftate media. Rofa & crocum odoraubra, 
cum ferenis dicbus Icguntur : & omnia in calidis magis quam in frigidis . In y£gypto tamcn mini- 
meodoratiflorcs,quianebulorus& rofcidusaerefti MiloflumincQuorundarafiiauitati 
incft.QuajdacumvirentnonoleDC.propterhumorcmniraiuni.vtbuceros, quod eftfoenum grx 
cum. Acurus odor non omnium fine fucco eft, vt viols, rofa?, croco. Qjisveroexacuds fucco 
carent, eorum omniumodorgrauis, vein liliovtriufquc generis, Abrotonum & amaracus acres 
habcntodorcs.Qiiorundamfloscaotumiucundus, reliquae partes ignauz, vtviolae ac rof^jHor- 
tefium odoratifsima qux ficca, vt ruta, menca, apium & quae in ficcis nafcuntur.Qu^dam vetuftate 
odoratiora, vt cotonea cademq,- deccrpta , quam in Tuis radicibus. Qu^dam non nifi defra6:a,aut 
ex attritu olent. Alia non nifi detrado cortice. Quf dam vero non niii vita , ficut thura, myrrh^q;. 
Flores triti omncs amariores qu^m incadi. Aliqua anda diutius od':>rem continent , vt melilotos. 
Quedam locum ipfiam odoratiorem faciunt , vt iris , quin & arborem totam cuiufcumque radices 
attingunt Hefperis nodu magis olct.inde nomine inuenEo.Animalium nullum odorat 
de pantheris quicquam didum eft,fi crcdimus. 

Qmbustemporibui miximelegendafuntherhd,exDiofioridispr£fatwne. ^ 

Ervmin pkimis curamimpcndereoportet, vt Puis temporibus fingu!a&demctantur,& 
recondantur. Intempeftiue enim deccrpta, conditaue, aut nuilo,aut cuanido munerc fungun- 

ftiiutionedcmetendalunt, Magnifiquidem refert inter colligendum. 



fi vel fqualloreSjVcl imbrcs infefti fintrqucmadmodum fi loca in quibus prodeunt cliuofa, &r v( 
lis expofita fint,& pprflata,frigldaq;,& aquis carentia:in his enim locis vires eorum longe valid 
res intelliguntuf.Contrijqux in campcftribus.riguis & opacis, ceterisq; locis a vento ftlentibus e* 
nafcuntiir, pisrunquc degenerant,& minus viribus valent:multoque magis, fi non fuis horis pcr# 
opportune colIigantur,aut ^\ per imbecilliratem intabuerint.Ncquc ignoraf(dum , quod f^pe pre 
coci,aut fcrotina loci natura,aut anni clcmenti3,m3turius,aut celerius adoIefcut.Nonnulla proprw 
vi hyemeflorer.c& folia par/unt.qujdam bis anno florifera.Qi33recuiinanimoeft,hor{im pcritia 
aOTequi.necenc eft ijs prima germinacione folo eraergcntibusjadoltis,& fcnefccntibus adefle.Nam 
qui pullulanti herb^ duntaxat aftircrit,adultam cognofcere non poteil;neque qui adultam tantum 
inrpevcrir,nupererumpentem nofcer.Quo fir.vt propter mutatamfbliorumfaciem, caulium pro- 
ccritates, florum.fcminisque magnitudincm^nonnulli qui olim has aetatum varietatcs non perfpe- 
xerunt,magno in errore verfcntur.Quae caafiTa etiam nonnullis fcriproribus impofuit , qui herbas 
quafdam^vcrbi gralia,Gramen,Quinquefolium,&: Tufsilagincmjemitterc florem,frud:um,& cau- 
le<n negant. Ergo qui f^ pius ad vifcndas herbas,5ir earom loca fe contulcriht , carum cognitionem 
maxim^ confi;quetur, Scire etiamnum conuenic.fola ex herbaceis medicaminibus Vcratri genera, 
nigrum inquam 5r candidum^multis edurare annis: reliqua \ trimatu inutilia, Qu^ vcro ramis fca- 


feminc prf gnantia,demcrantur. Flores quoquc antea quim fponte fua defid 

Frudus adfem vt 

ncceftc cft,& femina vbi ficcari coeperint^priufqua defiuant,Herbarum fuccus, 
& foliorum cUci dcbet,germinancibus ad hue cauliculis, Lac & lachrymae excipiantor^incifo per a- 
dolcrceniiara caule.Radiccs,&: liqu3Hnenta,corticeruc,vt recondantur,eximere conucnit.cum hfr# 

b? Tois folijs cxuuntur.Siccantur etiam expurgate inibi, locis afperg 


edolentibus : Ted 
idum odoreo cf- 

flanc.arcuHs tiliaceis nulio hcu obd 

perennent,apteinuoluuntur.Liquidis medicaminibus denfior 

Nonnunquam charta , aut folij 

vitrea. aut 

do rara non fit,accommodatur,& Iignea,praEfT 

buxorfed snea vafa liquidis oculorum medicament 
pice liquida,autccdria componuntur.Adipem 

dullas ftagneis vafis recoadi 







M parte of ti)e 3|i(to2ie 


j^idutc0/ ititit natutall place^/timzs/ aiiDfeafona : ^i^eic names in fun&;p langua^ep/ 

ant) a!fo tijctr tempecatutt/ €omplcjcton0/ani) bettuouo operation9« 

Compiled bp tl^C leatnetl D.Remberte Dodocns^ttOUJ |^]^p(t/* 

tiouto tl^e Cinperottt ^ijs? S^aieftie^ 



ATi>e Kyndes 


' t 

!l^etebet\a30 (b^teis? of ^oti^ientjuooD (t^'DioCcoM^stSiv^^t one 
calleD female ^oti^icnujoob, o^ tije great ^o%enuiooD, ttje otljei: 



Abrotonurri foemina. 



Abrotonum mas. 


.*! ' Mfl ^Jp/ '...vii ikm 





Arhe Defmftisii. 

I ofatalmatt, (etocriallpbeingtB^igttpfietij^tftapcUwt^egtc^Jjtogftp) 

to «)^ it ffeemet^ as a litteUtreKl^iS twiggeis * b.mcl>e$ be ^tU, ^out 

eje toftttlj t^ete grou) eC^ man? flnaU gtapif^ le^ttesi^inttci^ cut anH laggcp^fljc 
toljifljeDo pcttfl) antJ taUe mtointei;,l*c «)e leauesi of ftiuets! ot^er ttecs,atfl> 
Ho rmcto anD toitut j agaitic fttaipMU.CJ)«floww5 bclifeebntofnwabattonst, 
peUottJ a& golDcpotottts alonstt ^e bjaunc^csi l*e i©o..atti)oot ^^^ 





a The firft Bookc of 

tUJiggejs^ateunall, tJoelieaaliflmUer^fo^t^emoft parte Ca fp^uiginjt^p itom 
ftctooterCt^leaueis: be greener, longer, tenderer atiD moie iaggeti aiiH cat> 

t^atit^eleaiie;9? of tl)e great ^oti^ienxiJooD, tftexDl^icl^eDo tjaUeanDfaUofat 
iPinter,^reuevoanD(pimgagamemii©ap outoftljefameoUj biancl)e)6?y?t alfo 

fro tfte rie\xj q^^uigs^*3t iJott) feUiom flovuer in t!|i^ countre 
Ihuour tlien t^e great ^9tl^ieniDOOl»*Ciberootei0 tenDer, creeping alongfl:^ 
groul); about f lutjicl) ti)ere cometi^ f oitl) iJinerisf outg; roxuing^ f neiu fp,ung0» 
3 25efiDe^i1)e tU)o foienameH^ti^ere i^founUea tl^irDe l3iix\^ty t^t'mhU^cig 
^cltfeetiiegreat^otttfternttJooli, faningtliat tijepbeComiol^attentierer anH 

iiot fo tui^ite* %W feinl»ei;8? of at)erp pleafant fauour; not muci^e ^nliU t\)^ 
rmeUofgarDenCpp:ejs:» n^l^erofHialbetiJutten in i^isfconuetiientplace. 

1^ Tlfe Place 

Chet\Joo firftUinW gro\jo not int^ig countrep^but o nip in garDen^Bftt)'^ ere* 

atf ti^epareplanteb: neither ti^et^^irtiefeintie,ipi^ic]^e is moj^efeSiome founDe, 
anbleireKttotoentl)entl^eotl>ei:» ^rheTym, 

"C^ep ftotjoer in 1(iugttft,aiib tl^eit feeDe map be gatljereD in^ eptentb ^^ 

iJjl^'T he Names, 

^otttl)zen\jjoplJ is? calleb in<l5reelte«eeoT«vopT&t)iatine^ in ^IjoppeiS? Ab* 

inltalionanb S»panifl) Abrctano,'}^^ fomeof tt^emcallit Hjerm um 


hriguera : in l^iglj Bottc!) ^tabtourt?:, <© erttottrt?, d^art^agen, ^l^otourt^, 

fettttelliratttjKiflfmCc]^ : in bafe3tlmaigne3^tteroone:infrenci^ ^^urdnne, 
tE^e great ^outi^ten\uooti,i0 callei)in<l5.tee1ie«feCf orwop fl«xurin](Latine Ai> 

foemina,tl)at ijS to (iapjfemaleS>ottt^ie»iuooD: in frencl^ ^wonne ft 


wri7^inlJigbl)ottd&^tab\JOtt^tDeiblin:inbafeatUnaigneattterodne\l3iift^^ f 
3 "Ci^ermall^ott^^entjoooli \» calleb in dSreeke «$eo5v<»K «f / ^h- vx1i:^tioxz Ab^ 
xotonum ma s : in f r enci^ K^ronnema^:vx\sv^ l^ottc^^tabiDttrtimenelintiti 
bafe3lmaigne 3iueroDnemannekeH,ant> cleinSueroone 

• ^]^etIjirliefeinlJefeemetl)tobet^att»]^icljeDiorcoridcscalletl) in (iDteefee 
ace»T«v»H <rixixi6»T«xoH: in)!latine Abrotonum srcuium,ia)tjic]^ isf at^tnDe of female 

^outl^jtentpoob: tftetjigi)e3Unaigne;9?bo call itia^mtiecfeenDe^tabtDurt?, 
I^at t9f to (iap^ftjoeete fmeUing,oi fiwieringS^otttljzeniDooli, 




«gfr rhe Virtues 

Cfjefeebeof ^otftieniDoob eitl^er greeneojUiiemaaeinto poutier, oi bop* 

leU in tuater oi\iiine,i D,ionfeetT,ig berp goob anb greatlp i^elpeti^ fucl^e a0 are 

troitbleb U)it!| (bo^itneffe of tuinbe,anb fetd^ing of bzeat^^bp meaner? of anp ob 

ttinggt(^.iuvfeingof^inetJJej8^* 3lt fc8^goobagaina:tfte^ciatica,t^ebtfftcultie 
anb (topping of b^tine,anbfo,liDomen tljat cannot eatilpi^atteti^eirterme;8f, oe 

anbbigedallcolDemopaurejan&toug^aimeanb fleume Hopping ti^eiplene^ 
kidnep$,blabber,anb i3patri]r* 

^otftjentuoob bionfeenin toinei^s? goob againftfucl^ benomea? \$ l^urtfull B 
into man^anb beftropeti^ tijo^me?* 

Ci^eperftune tl^ereof biiueti^ ataap allbenemoufe beafteiOf: anb fo botl^ ti^e C 
^earbe in all placeiO^ t0]^erea$ it i$ lapbe o^tftrotjoen^ 
tc^eafSt^esf of^otliienuioob.mina^ebtuitft^ opletf of Paima Chrifti,r^e?, j0 



> I 




the Hifiorie of Plantes. 

- ■ ' ■ 


tiibbeU tljereVDtti^aU, it caufetl) tl)e bearlie to come foiti^ fpeelielp* 

^ot!|iettU)ool»potml>eU3tttjarofteD;€iuitice,^laiDetot^eepes^mmannet f 
of aplaifter^i^s? t)etp gooti ^piofitableasainftalltib^inaammationof tl^eepe^af. 

Clje famepounD e uiitft Barlep meale.anti b opleD togitl^er.liotl^e tJiirolue ^ <^ 
luafteallcolDel)ttmottrj8fo^fu3elliu5ftbemgapplieli o^lapHetl^erebpom 

boDp,aga(u(!:t]^ebmommmgofmembet$tafemU3itl)colt)ie,antit]^ebtttRngot ^ 
n^pttcring colD ej9f tbat come bp f itteft lifee a^in 3lgtte;3?* 

pjinieujutetlj^ if itbelapbebtttiert]^ebet)De;PiUoip 05tbolfter,itpiOttolieti^ 2 
camall copulation , ^ tefifteti^ all mcl^antmmtis^; tuljicb map let o.ibintiet fuci^ 

bttfiueire, ^ tb e inticement^ to tb e fame 

A The DauK^^ 

;&otl)ienVDooUi^abetpljttrtfalletiimietotl|eftomacfee: vubetefo^e Galen 
tl^ecl^iefeftof iai^pfition;8:,neuet gauet^eCameto bereceiueti into tljeboUp* 



* The Kindes 

Chap 9 

ijB: our comotiuaoimU)ool».ci^e fecotiti ijs^ fear©otm\juoon: tl)e t^irbe 
Mullein tljatADl^icl) 10 calleb Santonicum. 3(lnl)lbpKUe0t]befe;tberefcBf 

fottnlieatTOt!;er!iinlie,\jPl^tclS x^ caUeD in tl^i^countirep EomaineUJOtmtuooti 



Abfynthium Latifolium 





♦ * 


* . ^ ■ 





4^d .to ( 



*Oi<^SS^Jfc%i/ 'fW^^ 


3 i il^ 















The firft Booke of 

^ The Vefcrtftion. ** - ""' 

i^e c5moui©a^m\UDoD i^ati^ \tmz% of a graj^trtje aDl)e colour, berp mucl^ 

nit ^ iaggeH; ^ beep bittertCl^e ftalike (0 of a tuoobtjp fubftance, of ma 


cubite0 i)ig!) oi moie.fiillof b^imc^ej^: ^ alotigfl: tft e Hmu\^t$ gtoto etli 
litle peUo\p buttott^jUJ^erin u»tim tl^ep ate tipe ^ reaSp to falM0 foutiU fmall 

lutfeof aiuoot>Dpfiibfl:ame,anl> fiiUof fmall ti^teeije;$;Oil?earieroote;S. 
tEijeir^i^efalfjfoimoemtftegarlien^ of fome l^erbo wfte;5 of t!)fef countrep, 

Abiynthiu Ponticuin,muclj Ufee to our Ciomon \j30jtmU)ooD ; flatting t\}t ieaiies 
are muclj nioie (aggei^ atiti f inclier cut, anli not fb bitter (at tl^e l^ft tuap) a^ 
ft at \Dj)icl)e is fet aniJ Cistjjen ^^ tljte? countrep 

Ci^e fecotUi fem?)eyUJl)ic!3e is tbe ^ea»ao,im\DOob is aUb of a 'mln^t p^ 
grap colour,aub i^atl? inanp lubitil^ leaues muci^ lifee to tonwu r©ozmU)oob 
but mucb fmallerjtmberer aub ttJbiter,^ ftuelier cut^it ^atlj mmo Zs^ixttf^ Ufee 
to fmall buttons,^ ttje feebe iopniug to tlje b^taimc^es, lii^e a^iti tl^e common 
u^o^tmujoob ♦ ^tgrotuettjto t^ebeigti^ of afooteanb i^alfeozmoie, it is of a 
ftrongfmellpfelt, gtof a llraunge et Uttti taae, being gati^ ereb ixt \^\$ uaturaU 
^ pioper place: but being remoueb into garbens, oi into grounbes W^^ are 
haturallp bolpJ \i fioeete ipaters, it botb maruelouflp alter bo tb ixt (auour ^ 




uatmre^as biuers otber berbes, but e(i)eciallp fiicb as grotp in felt grounbes 
^ are remoueb fro tl^eir naturall fopie , to fome otber place of a cotrarp liinbel 

Cbet^irbeltiiibe of oaomiDoobcaUebSantonicum is almoftiifee to ^ea 
uao^miDooD, vaW fntall tenber anb iaggeb leaues, but tlje colour of tl^is is 

iDftiter,anb t^ie fmell ti^ereof if^ not fo ranUe. 

£)^mUJOObiaomapneiSlifee tbeil^Oim- AbfynthiuPoricum Galcm*. 

ooD afo^emibepfauingtijat it is lotuer ^^i^^^^mxtm ^mmu 

anb fmaller, tbeleaues be alfo fmaller 
■iixi^ finer^anb not fo tol^ite as tlie comon 





ttao,:me\!30ob , buf djaunging moie to^arbes 
greene, pet tbep tiime fomtubat grapil^ anb all)e 
coloureb. 3t puttetb foiti^ pellotu buttons , tbe 
vul)icl}e after\T)arbe bo bting f o^tb bot^ floures ^ 
feebe* %\^t roote \$ full of dearie tlj.ieebes , trap=^ 
ling ^ere anb ti^ere , anb putting foojttl^ on euerp 
fib e mucf? encr eaft f netu lp;tings* 
'Ci^e fiftlj "fm^t of uaoimiuoob is^ \M bnto 

^eauDozmtPoob tnbiSfmal anb tenber leaues 
alfo it ig lifee in t^t ftalKe of floureS :hvLtiti0 of 

a t^htit ot beeper colour , anb it l^a^ nepfter bit< 


6 Cl^e fijctb liinbe of ODojmtDoob^i^iS leaues be 

long anb narroiu, anb ofatul^itift colour muc^e 
iifee tbeleaues of liauenber, anb (bmiol^atlifee it 
alib in (atuiur . Cbe ftalbes aUb be of ipoobbifl^e 
(libftance , in tl^etoppes tui^ereof tl^ere groU3 eti^ 
boti) fioureS anb feebe , l&e as in tl^e refte of tl^e 
ii^o?mtx>oobeSpl?ut ftnaller 

CiiecommonD^oimtoooti grotoetl^naturallp 

in ftonp places and rbug^ mountapneS^ » in hw 








r . 

the Hiftoric of Planter. 

nitJe ^ l3nto|>lca placed* trtjerc i^ pleittie of it,m man? place^B? d f tcf^s ce iintter* 
t ^ea\i3o^m\uootJgroxuetti mlaltegrotttiU; anD in placed aDiopning to tbe 

^ea*3lt 8roti3ct!j plentifiiUp uiZelanD anU f lauutier^.alougfl: t^efca eoafe, 

anU in tome placets: of 23iabant,a0 about BaroiDjl^ 
} •Cl^etl)irDKinti grotwet^ in fomeplace^ of ZU)iferIanD,bnlJett!^e!jiUejSf oi 

atti^efooteofmountaine^pajs? Conradc Gcfnei,t^atfamou«3fClerKe luiitet^. 
4 i©ojtm\x>ooli laomaj^ne groxuettj plenttfttUp in ^ungarie , ^ placcisf neace 

about Conftantinople,^ intome placets: of Slmaigne, alfo tjpo moumarne^f,^ 

ittiout HanDp tuapc;0^*p et it grouietl^ not vx ^\^ countrie^CiCcept it beplanteD* 

%,6 Cljeott)erttDapneat:enotconiinonina3aCe:attoaigne:fauingoneipitTtl^e 

gari)eni9fofceitaineliiligentl^ei:bo^iftesf* ^rhejymt. 

311 tl)e toite^of i^o.imtuooti.are inflot»,tein3lulp ^ ^i^fl;,oz fomtDtjat 
later: 3ntJ a;o:tlp after, ti^e feebe ie^ reaiJjj to be gatbercti^ 

tJ^o^mvuoob fcsf calleb in<l5.ieefceH'vfiioi;,^B«fivffiKfop,ozB«j>«7ftKfap,bpcattfe 

of Iji^ bitteme(re:in)Latine AbfynthiUjUJl^ici^e name it Ijatl) retameb in I^op0 
ettent)ntilltlji;8iptefenttime» ApulciuscaUetljitAbfynthium rufticumrinj 
t^imAfinz.01 ixi j&)panifl?e Axenfm,j Afenfios.j Aiofna . %^t ^tijl^ iDourljmen 
Do cal it uaermut, ^ i©erommottt,oi mfeer r^erommout^ti^at i^ to fa?,f ielD 

Cl;efirftfeinb (yxi^\t\^ i0 our common i©oim>DOol))map be rigtjtlp namet) 


bOtifteiQf, Abfynthium Ponticum,anD Abfynthium Gr^cif , ^i$ allitU)e of t^e - 

firfttojttof i©o«n\xjoo6:^ fo itf tftetBo^mitDoob ot Cappadocia,^tfte n^oim* 
tDoob of mount Taurus,anb lil^eiuife tl^at iS^oimtDoob t^at srotuetl^ alongO^ 
i)p ti^e olb toaUejs: at iaoome.D^liereof ti^ie gooD rdigioujo^ fntl^tt^, t^at tD^tote 
t^eCojnmentarietjpon Antidotarium Meiucj^auetD^wtemf oj^aU^efetoitetf 
of i©ojtm\Ddob arebf tt)efir(!:binbe,aniimapuidllbecalleb Abfynthia Latifo- 


finer anbfinaller: foiti;erei;s^no greatbiuerCitiebettDijcttiiefenaoiintuoobiQ^ 
fSauing in relpec t of tbe place^ef UJi^ete as t^tp grotoe* 
t C^e feconb ^inUt of n^o^imXJDOoli ijs^ calleD ixt <i5ieeke «^p»4iop ^/vx^cVtou nod 



<r(ft4)oj; : in ^datiue Scriphium, aulJ Abfynthium Marinum : l3nlmO\JPen Of tl)0 

^potbecartes* Jn Cnglil^ ^eavuojtmtDOoli 
J lEl^et^irbi^caUeboffomeHerbaaiba: ^toit^dttt(|ttcCKon,i9ftl^etrtte Ab- 
fynthium Santonicum.MiraturfortaJTc, hseclcgens, bantonicumaSantonibus 
vc Diofcondcs fcribit cognominatu,apud Heluctios rcquiri> at hunc magisad- 
inirarlarquumcft, Santonumprouinciamaquoquam in ea Gallic partc^ qua?al- 
pibus vicina eft,rcponi. Santoncs cnlm Aquitani^ populi funt, ad oram mariri- 
mam Oceani,infra Garumnam fluuium vcrfus Scptcntfiones fiti, longifsim^ab 
Alpibus.proculctiama Pyren^is. Quamobcaufam mcndofum hunc Diofcori- 
dis locum cffe oportct:aut Diofcoridem^vcl cum ex quo h^c tranfcripfit, Geo* 
graphia? fuifTe ludem & imperitum. 

. 'Ci^efourtli Wnbeof i©ojmtpooft itfcafldi of Galen, in ttje^jCf^boofee of ll^ijj 
#eti^obein <!5;teefee H^Veiop 7romxV:inS^tine Abfynthiu Ponticum : of tbe^t- 

pOti^ecarieS of 233tabant Abfynthium R omanum : tn:f renC^C, Aiuyne Romame 0| 

^ notcomon int^atcountrep^f oit^epfio comonlp callalfudb ftraungeberbeiBf 
asbebnknotuen of t^ecomon people, Eomift o^iaomapncberbejs?, alt^ougl^ 
t^e CMtte be biousftt &o |io?\xjeig]^,i3D]^ic^ \$ a coutrep far Hiftant fro Eoomc 



The firft Bookc of 










efift^i^caIlel5m)Latine Abfynthiumfatuum,^ Abfynthium infipidurh: 
C^eCljCt^ilS^CatteD Abfynthiu anguftifolium,^itl^tijOttgl)tOf fometObea ' 

ifeiiili e of )laaenti cr^bicattfe W Itmt^ l^atl^ fmal leaned Ifte iLaaenHer: it nta^ 
becaUetimc^tigUa)^attetiljer-\uo3^metDoorj,o^iiartotu leauetJtjaonnetJDOoD; 

^ Tha Nature or Temper ament. ,' 

bittec;f&arp auD aflringmuvuljerefoie it cleiifet^;pttt:get^,comfo;ttetl|,!na]feetl^ ■' 


taepartj^.^'of ti^cfamenattttefcs? Santoniu)o^mU)ooU,o?- f reitcl)U)o,imu30oD. 
i^o^mtDOoli momapne i$ in teii^eratiire not muci^e WMt ti^e common 
too jmtijo oli,neuctt^ eleift it i^ mote alhringent 

.■/■■'■ ^TheFertues. 

C!)ecommonn^omtDOoI) i$ap;tofitable^ dccellentmetiicine againlt i^)z% 
papneoft^efl:omarl^e,tl)ati0oppte(reD ojtc!)atgebU)itt)]^oateCi^olecic^e !)tt= 
mot0:foi it ef pellet^ tl^empattlp bp ti^e ftoole, ^ partlp bp b^ine, be® e^ ti^at 
it comfoitetb tbe ftomacUe* |^ et nottjoitl^ftanDing it \3oiU not fetne, to purge ^ 
aomacUe tljat is? cl^argeti tuitlj fleumc anU collie fjimiojtis: , neitJjer can it mm- 
l»if ie ant» cleanfe ti^e bzeaft anb lungers? tljat are ftoppeD anb ci^argeb tjuit^ tlje 

isaibe bumozjBf, a$ Galen fapetb* 

)(Like\Dire it boti^ boti^ bp feige ^-^^irie purge CI)olerifee |^umoi;3f,compact^ fe 

gat^ereb tbgetl^er in t^e bapnej^atejliuerrtuberefote t!)e inf ufion oibecoctio 

ti^ereof^talienbap bp bap,curetl^ t^e 3aunbife ^ p ealotufougi^t 

3If it be talten fafting m tbe moMng, it pjteferuetl) fro biofeenneis( tl&at baj>* C 

5t iiefgoob againit tbe Afloinbinelfe anb WaiKng^ of tl^e bellp , agaiitlltl^e S> 

pf^ne$ anb appetite to bomit, anb ti^e boiling bp ojt toamblingB? of ti^e fto 
tnackr.ifitbe b^mni^enioitl^ :3ftnn^eebe oi^efelp* 

Cljelamebiuni^enloitl^binegerisf godbfoj fucft aje^areficHloiti^ eating; (g 

Clje fametafeen tjoitlj )s>int , reCUtet]^ airbenom, but cl^ieSp ^emMe, anb f 
fte birtng^ anb ftinging^ of (piberjB^ anb otber benemoufe beafl;^* 

l©ojtm\uoob mingleb \x^it\!^ bonp, x^ gdbb to be lapbe to t^e bimneffe of tlje (^ 
figbt,anb to tbe epeisf tbat are bkiubCt>otten,oi bane blac]feelpotte0* %n^ txjiti^ 
tlje fame bopleb in :x3aftarbe;03t anp oti^er fujeete ii3 ixity tl^ep bfe to rubbe anti 
<h:afeepameifullbleereb epe;8f» 

%^t famepounbe o;t mengleb toit!) figgejsf/alte peter, anb lurap meale, ^ ^ 
lapbeto tbebellPjfibeiB? o^flanifeejBf.i^eipet^ tljebiopCie,^fucl| a$ are Cplenitifee* 

Cljefipmie lapbe in diedeftp^teffe^:'^ uiarbiobeftfeeepetli clotl^e ^ garment^ ^ 
from mot^eis: anb bermine.l^nb tuiti^ tl^eopte of s^oimtooob, amanmap an* 
nopnt ^ nibbe anp place to \^im au)apflea$,fiiej9f, fenatte^s^^anb tjooime^jr 

^nfeemabetDitb tbeinfufiono^becoctio of iBoyntDOOb^i^eepeti^ totitingsf fe 
from being eatentnitl^ a^ice anb matted* 

feomebo bfe to mafeen^oimujoob \Dine,berp ejrcellent f o j all tfjebifeafes % 


S>eaaaotnm)oobboplebbp itfetfeojtmitbEice, oitoitl^ anp'ottjerfoobe m 

G% meate^anb eaten \sy\i^ !^onp,feet]^ boti^ long anb flatte 'mnmt^y anb ^ o^ 
tfter toibejJ \]ubat{beuet,l80ting e^e bellp berp gentillp . 3t is of tifee operatio 
beinglapbetoojouttoarblp bpont^beU^ ojtnau^ell, anbfott^i$purpofeiti^ 
of miiteftrengtl^ anb bertue, ti^enall tDe otfter )mX^t» of i^oimtooob : bt^ it 
ig mojte burtefull to t^e ftomadte* 

Cl^eC^eofS)eaiJ^opn\iJoo&ap^fcberpe?fceUent apinft mtaim bf i(i 








the Hiftorie of Plantcs. 




S)ear©o^tDODt» tio tuajceterpfatte. 

llPoimtuootJiaomajmci^fuwjttlarapmftaU mfiammation, anD Ideate of ja 
t!)e llomacfee ^ UttetppalTmg fo j t^iiG?pttrpo(e, all otl^er \\vi^z% of t©ojm\i3ooD 

a^ Galen tJUJtttetl?* 

<i^f 6ug(oae/o; (ommon langue De 6eufc. Clpap.^9. 

*5» TheKindes. 

!^ecommonBttglo(re,o?langiieliebeiif(a]8: it fenouj caUeD)i;6fof U 
mti^UnX^t^y \xj§ereof tljeffeO; ps tlje gteateft, anH it 10 famttiat anD 
common in gatUen^: 'Ci^e tlj^eeott^ers arefinall: 'Clje fiftl? i^ ti^e 
UJilUeiSttsloirepOj^i^eepejJtongttp* . 



Anthufe genus. 








r I 



TJ^e firft feintie caHel) of 1);^? great ©ugloffe of ti^e gartien^ ftatlj log, rougi^ 
toart^jreene^ft eatie ^ (l^atpe leanejof^almoft UU to d^r Irauegf of )i ttticr, 
btttlonget ^ Il^arper ^ ^e mDe^'Ci^e Rem i;3; rouglj mn p^icKing, of t\3D0 
ei i^nt foott ftigftitDfieretJpon grouJCtS'manp peoper WtteU ftourcsf, eclie one 
parteti im tint fmali leaneS^lflfee to litteU toljeeleft of a fapte puqple c oioiit at 
tlje fira^but aftertuarUe? a|ttte*J©l^an^ep a?e fallen^pe map fee in t^e rougli 
luftejsf ,^ei^ w fciiielonggmpfertJ^^fttft oft^«e^ma> totincitleis: > C^e 







The firft Bookc o 


toote ig \oni anb fingle anti blaclfeit^ in t$e outfitter 
Cl^e leffet i3u3lo(tej5^ in ti^eir rousl|i mU) l^eane \mitg ant) (tan^eisr.antt allb 

in tl^eir rootejs^ a^:e liue to t^e afo^teOailie: failing tftep be leffe : fojt tfteir fta&ejaf 
be l^ojiter^ti^eir leaue^aJ fmallet anb narro\jpec : tbeitUtteU floure? aR inp?o 

po;ttion Hfec to ^e otijer;8?,fauins ti^ep be fmaller^anti one i* of a cleete bleu) o^ 
£ltiecolottr,attot5^er i^ of abioiunebiolet;03tableU) Ufeeto a Cyaniis,ti^e tbirD 

t^peUovu^anDtnptopDitionlongant)bollo\)3>^b^f^^bealfo i^s^lil^e tbeotber 
failing it t^Cmalleranbbladkei:* Cberooteis^of t^e ©nglolTe^ anb eflpecimi? 
of tbe firft e ^iin^z of tbe leffer BiiglolTeiBf, ate of a biepe rebbe colour, anb are 
tjfeb to bie, anb colour tbings^ tDitbalU 

Cbe UJilbe Wnbe of 23ugloirei? l*e to tbefmall:i5ugloiretf, ^ (Jjeciallplifee 
to tbe feconb feinbe^fauing tbe leaueis^ be rougber,(ittaller,anb narroiuer^Cbe 
fioureje^ alfo be lil^e tbe af oteCaibe,(i%uing tbep be a great bealeCmaUer ^ bleii^^ 
CbefeebeiiQ^Cnmllanb btotone.'Cberoote long anb ftenber 


A The Place 




Cbe great garben idugloffe, gcotoetb 
intbmeplace;^^ of bi^e^ oii^ne acco^b, a$ intbe 
cottntrieof](Lojtraine,aboute0ancie infer* 
tile anb d^apion placebo:, amongft tbeco;tne» 
3t grovjoetb notiDilbe in tbi;8fcountrep,but 
onelp in garb eujB^ 

trbefinaller ^uglolTeia^ g;ro\)D in 31talic, 
4 ^papne anb f raunce, anb ixi biueris: otber 
countrep^ oiregionjof : anb tbattobicb bea« 
retb bletoe biolet (toureis^grouietb aUb m 
Cbmeplace^of <0ermanie: but tbep benot 
1)eri» comon in flaunberie?; neiti^eraretbep 
to be feene o^ founbe but ixi certaine menje^ 

CbetPilbe t];rotoetb in rnodte place^sf of 
tbiiB: CO untriC; m barren fople^ anb grau^p 





A The Tjme 



Cbep fioure ixi 3une,3Jttl|>,anb lluguft, 
4mb fo^d)iPitb tbep beliuer tbeir feebe^ 

^ The Names. ♦ 

Cbe tbieebirbetf arecaUebCini^oppeiot) 
«U bp one name, tbat i$ to dip, Buglofia o^ 

Lingua bouis : ixi i^reUCb, ^«?^^j^ OJ Langue 

de huef: ixi\^v^ 5©oucb,€>^fenjung:inbare 
3Hmaigne,25uglo(re anb iXfentongbe: in 
Cnglillj^ugloire anb £»i;etongtte : ailbeit 
It ijB^not tbe true a^ugloOe, fojttbat is our 

common i5o^e,tPberof\jDeft^tt>^iteittbiffP!W>perplace»»berebntoaarr' 
etb Lconiccnus,Manardus,anbbitterj0fotiberlearnebmenofottrtime» 

Cbefiril^inbeiafcalleb in<^reefeex^Ko^/f :in5iati»e Lycopfisrin^ Iboppeiaf 
ofttji^countrepBugiofra,gtBu§lofladomcfticamaior,^at iiEfto Cip, tb e great 
garben :6ttgloffe,^offcmeiti9fcaBcb BuglolTus LoHgifolia. ^Serabuenturr 
It i^tbatfeinbeof Anchurar,\i^i^ Pauius AcginctuscaUetb in <Breefcex«fwTw 


Cbeanal:©uglofli^arecaneb in dSreeke i)x^r«i, in jLatine Anchuf^.'ibr 




the Hifiorkof Plantts; 

fitft i^ called ill <3ttCkt Ayxw* cvoKXAa, Anchufa onoclea:Ut3rreUC^ Orcha 

mCiigli(^manet,03t€)^ibanet* CJjeoti^eri^ called iti <5ttt^t ^yx'^vo-cc ^xki- 

€(«cAjop ncci ovoxiiAts-au^iatine Anchuia Alabiadium,^ Onochdes.'C^ljS il)Olll& 
ftetljefecThlD hluUe of AnchufaDit Orchanctte : itt 

y 'Ci^efiftt)feinD,ei0t0flDe,auDmapbecaUeti LycopiisSyiueruris,t!je:$potl)e 
cariej^ call it b ugiofla Syl u eftris.cije JFtenci^ men cat it ^«^/<# ax lan^ut de buef 

s mn age ,%\^thtSzWixmm% , uatlBei^flPmtong^e, ^(bmecalUt^caepltou' 
gije, ti^ati^af to fap,^]^eepc$ton8ue,anliitmaplje Pfeudanchuia pimij. 

t Clje great gar&en 23ttglo(re,ljttt Ipeciailr ¥fsi roote^is of temp ei-aiiire fom- 
U3l^atcoltieant)i);iie, butmUegree not farf:e of (romti^emeaue temperature. 
5 C^e otl^erjg are of tlje lifee complejriott;, bat ibinex»^ac boater 


I > 

• i 





Ci^eroote of great BuglotTe^pounUe^BnlJ JttengleD loiti^ opleanH iDa)ce,i^ ^ 
goob to belaj>betoo againft fralbing oi t)mnmq\s)ii^ fyit, againd luounbejBf 

anb olb fo.^^^ef. !©itb fine \jDi^eatemeale it curetb ti^e biCeafe calleb ti?e milbe 
fp^e^anbof fbme(aint3[tntljome$fpze*aitib la^betoo vpit^ ^inegreit^ealetb 
fretting fo;te;8^,f oule fcuniine^s? anb Ijoate itcftings^* 

. } %^t fmall iSttgloire^ i^aue greate ^jtrtue againG: all tlie bentm of fauage 15 
4. anb vuilbe beafteftanb fpeciallp againOttbe popfon of ^erpent$ anb ^iper^, 

l|otofoetteritbetafeen,U)i^et]^erinmeat^.ojb?in]^e;Oixt3^etljerit be carieb a* 

5 Cljetooteof tibeipiUe Buglolfebitonfeentjoitib l^ifope anb Crefleft botl^ C 
feill anb biiue out allfiat tjpojtme^ engenbieb in t^e bobie of matf. 

Cl^e i^tipfitionisf of our tpme bo afiSme , li^at t^eft i^erbe;8? ibm elpeciallp 3^ 
tljegreateft)bo comfo^tte anbftuagetl^elieauineiftirftl^e^arte^bzimngatDap 
all penttueneffe,ei]peciallp t^e garben Bugjoffe^anb tj^at tl^e flottre;8?,mep^ in 
\Dine,o;tmabeintoaConfertte,caufet]^ft^to reio^eanbbeglabbe.aiStDere 
befoje l^eaute anb fabbe,full of anger,anb melancftc^ligue j^uin^e* 


Ǥ> T^f Defer if h 





Chium ijatl^ longroug]^ anb Ijearie leaned ;mud|lftej^ tlje leauejg 
of Buglolfe^butfrnallertftantl^eleaue^sof tftefirfl: :i5uglo(re. cbe 
apejt? roui^,full of littell bza^ci^ejsf.cftargeb on mtxv Kbe \Ditfi 
bmerfe fmall narro tu leaue^^fljarp pointeb,anb of a bzotone areene 
coloiuj^fcattereb 0.Z fptebbelifeelitt^l feathers?, anb berpfmaU'toujarbe;Stbc 
fteigljt o^ttoppe of flie ftall^e : l?etld^tU)i^«^leaaej8^ areti^floiire^ of ambbe 

Weujo.zpurpjj^ colour at tfeefirft,battpljant^ej? bo open,jmeplbe\!3 a i^pitn^ 
jure colour, longanb ^oUouj, taitl^ foure 0^ fine Uttdlfinallbletjue ti^zeebe^* 

^,r ^ ^ r r ^;r« \ l oti^er:©uglofle^,butonelpintftecolour* 
atfter ti^at tljefioure \$ fallen,t^e feebr i^blacfee anb fmall, ifte to the heab of 


€>ffti^ Ibjtte tliere i^f anoti^ertobe , tul^ofe leaner, eall^e^?, rooted , anb 
floure$,areberi> lii^e bnto t^e fo?emibe:tmti^i^ floured? are of a liafc-t rebbeoz 
pui5)le colour^ 

^ ^rhePhce. 

3tbeligt>t^ infriiitefidii^eft anii lmH^f^Zy a^afcoute23tuffel^,anb 
3(Louapne,anb bii^js: oti^place^sf of ^s^t^bant 

aautti^at ty 1^ \xmx^ puiyle ojligft^t rebbc flottre^,gc0:^ctti m f raunce 

dpeci^ about cMompd 


t * 






The firft Booke of 


Echion Cue Alcibiacum 


It flotttet^ almofte all tl^e^omet 

long, at oftentimes 01 atfunliipfearonfi? 
it bitngetlj fottl) feeUe aj8? tlje btljer asu^ 

jj^' The Names, 

3i|t i^ callei) in <i5reelteCxioi/K2a«\»«(» 

^tacTioj; : in ^Latine Echium Alcibiacum. 

Apuicius calletlj it flHi»{o^{jop \x^viqii in 

<15reefee: VipcrlnaanlJ Serpentariainlda^ 
tine: in ^pm^tTeruaJelUhmora: in 

:ftCnt\} I' Her be aux Fibers , anD l*Herk aux 

serpem • \x\ bafe ^tlmaigne ^lanjl^en^ 
cmp t : it is calleU in C nglift; to ilt) e B ti* 
g^o (Te tl|.e lefTer :it ?na?> beaUbcalleD Ui^ 
pers i^erbe; ot vipers ^SnglolTe^ 

^ The occafton of the ndmejlkjbiacum, 

%W IjerbeUJaScalfetl Alcibiacum, 

i^t Alcibiadion of one^efitft 

finDerottt of tftebertues of tljiS^ecbe^ 
apiefentteineUieagainftt^e bitingsof 
^'erpets ♦ f o^aS t^eaucient Nicandcr 
tDiitetij, A icibiad es(being atleepe)\Das 

l^uttimtli aS>erpent: ttJ$erefoietx»l)an 
l^eaxnofeeann fatoti^iS^eatbe^^etoolie 
of it into l)is moutl^ anD ci^etueU it^fuja* 
lotjaing liovrjne tljeiupce tljeteof: after 
ti)ati^elapetiti^ei^erbebeing03 cl^e\DeU 
bpontljefoie,anD vuaS^ealeD*€)ti^erS 

nameit £chion,Echidnion,vip€rina,&c.li0]^icljeisafmttc]^to fapaSyliiperj^ 
l)erbe,U3i^tcl) names i^auebenegiuen to tl)isplante,bt?caureit iSberpgooD a* 
gainft tljebitings of Serpents anH ^EipetS^anD bi^caufealfo IjiSfeeUe isiifee 
tljei^eaD of an^iutier o^ ^iper* 

^The Nature, 

3[t is of tl)e fame nature tl^at ^sugloffe i% of:bttt ti^at it is fomtofjat boater 

k > 





1^ The Vertues 

i:i^erootebopleti mtumeanD D;tonfee,tiotljnotonelpi^elpeCtKl^ asarefiurt a 
l)?>^erpentS;btttal(b,aftertl)atamanl)atl?tafeen it in manner afotefaibe^it 

Jtfiuage^tijepapneoftljerapnesotlopneS. ;© 

3ilfo being bjtonfeen tciti^tuine oj oti^ertX3ife,it caufetl^plenti' of mflP^e vn<^ 

XuomenS bzeafteS 



l^ecommonl^ounbes tongue, iftatti al^arUe^rougi^, b^toiDue ftafte, of 
ttuo oitl)?eefooteftig!):t^eleaue;Sbelongmuc]^lifee tl^e leauesof t^ie 
great garben lauglolle, but narotuer, fmaller, anb not rougl^, but l^a* 
mng a iutmt fine ^l^otenelTe bpon tl^e lifee beluet. Uti^t toppe of t^e bzaun* 
t\^z% it bearetlj manp Joures, of a barfee purple colour ♦ %\^t feebe i^ flat anb 
rougft , tl^?ee o j foure together Ififee to a trueloue , o j foure leaueb graffe, ti^e 




^ * 


the Hiftoric of Planted. 


tu^tcljelio clmxt faft^ biito gannentft 
U3^antJ^epareripe,UUetoto Acgrimo- 

nieanDotljerrottgljfeeliefi^^'Ci^e coote 
ts: long ^ t^icfee,^ blacfee tuit]^otttffl»e* 

5ji Tfje Place. 

Jit groioeti^ alinofte eiierp tDljere in 
\i3afte anil l^uttileti pWt^^hnt fytcUa^ 
Ip m fanDie coutrep;^, about pat^e^S anD 

Cynoglotfos altera Plinij* 

^igij \tJape;B^* 

^ r)&f rjf«?f . 

fioureti^ m June^atiD ^ijOf feeOe i^ 

ripe in 3ltilP* 

4i^ The Names. 

3t i;8f called in <l5reefee KvvoyX6.arop jc9ci 
xw</7X6ȣu-o;- : tuHatine anti ixx ^l^oppeiaf 

CynoglofTum, Cynogloflfa5anl> Lingua 

canis : i«l)ereof alfo tfte ^talianis? call it 
Linguadecane: ti^e ^pamartiei3^ call it 

LenguA deperro : Ul CngliCt) J^OQ0 tlXtlQC 

oi^ountieiB^ tongue: in jFrencli i:^«^//<f, 
^eckcff • in^igl^5aouc]^ l^unUff ung: in 
bate :^Inmigtte l^onlitftongft e* %W itf 

tbatfecoub feinbeof CynogioiTa.tjtJi^e^re- 

of PiinieiD^iote in tlje eig^t d^apter of 

ti&e*]C]ct*i5oofee: it (^oulb feeine ^(b til 

be a feinbe of ifatisfyiueftris,\u]^ic]^ea 

man (^all finbe beCcribeb in fome epam* 
ple;8^ of Diofcoridcs, in tfteCi^apter ifa- 
tis.^inb^f Aetiusin]^i^*]c*boofeeanb*bii^CftaptetLimoniuni. 

^ The Nature, 

^ouube;^ tongue, but fpeciallp \)i0 roote, ig colbe anb ^p, i^ea colber tftan 



ti^e great garbing BuglofTe* 

sf. The Vertues. 

C^erooteof i^ounbe;^ tongue isfberpgoob toljeale\jpounbes?: anb iti;9? % 
tuiti^ goob fuccelTe lapbe to tlje bifeaCe calleb ti^etoilbe fyje,tDl^anit i^e^pounbe 

tDitb 23arlep meale. 

C^e umter o,t voine to^erih itftatl^ bene boj>leb,curetlft olb (biefttjoounbeisf 39 
tix^ tjoate inflainmationftanb it i^ ejcceUent againft ^zWazti ^ grieuanceisf 

f oztljefamepurpofe^t^epmaUe an ointment, ajaffoUotueti^^i'irftetl^ep ^ 

bople tl^e tupce thereof tDitl^ i^onp of iHofe^f, ti^antxil^an it i^ UJellbopleb, tl^ep 
mingle Curpentineuiiti^ it^fturring it l^arbe,bntiU all be tuell inco^^oiateto- 
gifter,ti^an tbep applie it to ujoimbe^ 

Ci^e rooterofteb in i^o ate intber A anb lapbe to t^efunbament, l^ealetl^ tl&e 3^ 

mtparbe i^emerr^opbeiEf* 



il^T he D ef motion . 

€);tage^at]^ rougl^ p;tic]kelp leaue$,b;toabe % large^of aftoart greene 

colour^ at diefirll: comming bp benbing^ot ratberipieabmgti^em^ 
Celueie^ abzoabe fiatte bpond^e grounb^ in p^opo^tiontee to an 0)ce 
tongue.'Citie Halite i^s^ roug!^ anb rube^of tl^el^eigt^ of a foote f ^alf, 



» 4 


The firft Bookc of 



parting it fei!e at t^e toppe into Uimg 
email biauncljesf beating fapie ^ plea* 

fent floored in f at^ion lifee S»tatreS,of 
colour bletooz ^lure^anD tomztimzg 
lul^ite.C^e feeDe i^ bladfee^anti t^ere ig 
founDe ta)oo 03^ ti^tee togitljer in euerp 
l^ttCke,li^e a$ in tl^e coininonadnsloffe, 
but it tsffmaller anO blacker tijenadUf 

glofTe feetie* 

Cbere i$ alfo an otJjer Wnbe of 750 
rage tu^itlb inburetl^ ti^e ininter lifee to 
tbe comonBuglolte^anUi^lifeeto ti^e 
afo^eC^ibe35ozagein piopo^ion, ftnt, 
fauour^anb berttte;8?,bttt W floured be 
1) erp f mall anb lifee to tl^e common23u* 

gloffe floui:e$;btttfnialler 

1^ T^€ Place. 

Bugloflum vcrurn. 



^tgrotue^ in allgarbenjsr^anD in 
fanbie champion countrepiBf 

gitbcginnetl^ to floure in 3lttne,an^ 
continueti^ flouring all ti^e Corner* 

j^ T^he Names. 

%\^z auncient f atberis? calleb it in 

^It^Z ^wyUaor^y : in llatiue Lingu^ 

is to tap, Langue de heufm vdche TVX<&ti^ 

glill} ^)ce tongue: Piinie calletft it iv> 
ijj^oo-ivop, bpcaufe it mafeet^ men g!abbe 
anb merie : dje 3Cpotl)ecariei3f name it Bongo : anb accoibinglp it is calleb in 

3tali0n BorragmeAxl^^^m^ Sorraidy^ BorraienesM^Bn^lS) BOiaget in ftec]^ 

Lourroche, 0^ Bourrache, in l^ig^bottci^e T^xxvctxXCuy. iu bafe3llmaigne,ffiema8ie 
c J :i5 jnagie/ 


iji- The Nature 

iji The Vertues. 


pemaj>finbet]^ie?tD,t{ttenof Bojtage, tJ^atifti^eleauejOfozfloureisfofBo 
rage be put in toine^anb tl^at \x^m btonl^en>it U)il cattfe men to be glabbe m\> 
tnerr>anb biiuetlj aujap aUl^eaup (iabneffe,anb bull S^elancftolie* 

* Borage bopleb \]Dit^ i^onieb toater^iff berp goob againft ti^e rougi^neffe J ^ 
J^oarfeneflOp of ti^e tfeote* 

Diofcori des tDuteti^ tftat l^ei^tlj ^eatb fe^t|>at if onepounb 23o?age>tl&at € 
^atl^ but onelp ti^iee biaunci^eiJ, togitljer toi^ W rooteanb tttt^Zy anb after 
toarb a man giue ti^e fame to b?^infee, to l^im tl^at ftati^ aCertimi ague, cureti^ 
^e iame.KlUb tl^at of fourebzancl^ejO^ pzepareb after ti^e fome manner is good 
to be giuen to bj^fee apinft tljefeuerJJluartapne* 

•5f TheKindes. 

Cijiap^l) 9# 

^>Jthyiii<a0 toit^ Diofcorides) ig of tt»o tx\pit$, wi^ttttA ouemap becat 

leb great Anthyiiis^anb t\^t otlier fmall Anthyiiis. 



the Hiftoric of P bntcr. 


' t 

Anthyllis prior. 

Aiithyllis^tera, KalifpcciejS 

^ * 

^ '^li 











J^ The D tfcriftion , 

l^t Krrt Anthyllis {n i^iJSf (lalfee ^ leaue?, fef not muc^ btflfte tinto )Lei> 
till^feiung t^at it \^ Uji)iter,Cbfter,ant> finaUer^Cl^e ftalfee fe^ of a foo te 
^i5^,tD]^ice aiiD Xbfte, tPiti^ leaueiSJ (p.teD btoalietubite atiti fofte alfo, 
but finallcr ^ t^icfeer t\^txi %mt\X\ leaue^B: : ti^e floured cliUlmng togi^ 

t!>et at ti^e toppe of t^e Halifee, of a ^dllo^ ot pale colour ♦ Cije feeDe fcg: in finall 
^u(feejJ*C!|e roo te ii3?fmaU ant> of vuooDbp fiOjOance^ 

%\^zkim\s i^notmuc^ bnlifee Chamsepythis/jtbat^RueojCjt? fmallbzaii' 
cljeja? o3tmo,ie,crep ing oi trapUng alongft t\^t grouuD^t^icfee frt, \Dii^ littlefinatt 
natroVD leaueie^, bettot^^t tul^ic^e ^ ti^eitalt^eie: tt^ere riti^ finaUputplefioure^^ 
uriti^feetieaccoitJing,* Cbetooteisffmaa^anD of tbelengtl^ of afingar* %\^t 

ant) of til^i^ l^^e t^ep mai^eairlim^tp^icl^ei^ef b&ti fo^^emai^ing of g^aifeie:. 

•i^ The Place. 

; ^tgroioeti^in&ltanapgrottnfiA ajef inZ elanD ^ngft t}s^z coaft^tol&w 
t$ere te: ftoie of it» ^ ^^^ 27^^. 

3t fioureti^ in 3une,an6 t!^e CeeDe i;0f rppeirtjulp* 

J^T he Names. 

Cljefiril binlie ijBf caUeti of Diofcorides in (I5jteefee ivflvMiV . Ilnl) toe ftmiena^ 
med it Anthyjiis pnor,a0aDiffcrencefrdmti&efecona Anthyllis. piiniccallet^it 


carie;8:.^ome %^^v&z% t»o caU it Giaudiola,ti^etD^ic]^ tDojtUciBf DmueU from 
G]aux,anlifomeiuDgeittobe Giaux,aHjeititttf nott^erigi^t Gkux. 
^befecotflj i^nameU in <0ieefee AiffiwA>i?f ?iv«i iti^Latine Anthyllis altera, ajj 


The firtt Booke of 

aftiffereiice ftomtlje fitft AitthyHisi : Cbme of our timeio call it Bof da. 

" * -- 

^ The Nature. 

J- \ 


3t ig 6 jp,anD femetl^ puiperip;^tp^!eale m^ clofe bp loouutJejef* 

3!f one nm^eftalfe an ounce of t^e fitft An thyiiis ; it (^allpmiaple miic^ a* % 

gainft ti^ei^oatepilTe, ti^e ^ti:angui:p ^ Difftcultieto matie tuatet, ant) againft 

^epapneof ti^eiEepnetf 

c6e OwnemingleD toitlj mtlfeemitJ ople of laofegjief goolj fo? t|ie ^©atrijc ojt » 
tS^oti^er being cl^atgeti anli oppieireD tuiti^ coU)el|U)no;;s;,to be appUet) oj^larbe 

outvuarDlp to ti^e bellp* ^ 

3lilfo itturet^ toounDe^bp itfelf>beinglapBeljp6 t^em;0jbeingmi|^tevi3itb € 
dBaue^pntmentjO^.o^ oples? 

Cljeoti^et AnthyilistafeenVDitft^FimelKtl^atijef ^onielJaiinf get) i^gooD J8 
fo^ti^eintl^at l^aue^efallingridtenelfe* 


^erebe t\wtb:teSOf Clote iSum? in fe^ij; countrep : tbeone Jgt^c 
great©utt:e,^ tfte otberf lelTet Burre^ti^etDbicbe DiorcoriciesUe(frt» 




beb aparte^il^euertbeleCTetjuebatterebuceb botb into onecbapter , bp 
caufe of tbe lifeeliboob tbat ijJ betujy^t tbem botb in name ^ faff^ion* 

Arcium fiuc Perfonata^ 

<I5reatClcte:©urre» Xoufe}3uti:e,d.ititielefferClote» 













the Hiftoric of Plantcs. 




T^e great Clot^ tjati^ leaue^B^bctp largeant) long, greater tljan (Bourse 
leaue;8?,of aruaartegreenecolour,butof agrapiH} colour on t^eftdenept^ 
grounti^Ci^e Halite i^rouiiU ^ IjoUotD.of colour fomtx3!jat tpi^ite ^ reDDe, 
VDitl^ Dttier;Sfii)ebo\jpglje;sf ^ bzauncl^e^sf fetfulof fmauieaues^ttpouti^e.bjami^ 
cl][ej8? t^ere grovuet^ finall bullets o^ routine balleisf , gamtffl^eU full of little 
croo]fee;8? oiftooHesf^mi^eretJOitl^al tljep talie l^ollie o^ cleaue faft; auto bang bpou 
gamtent;^ : at lad ti^e fapbe bulletis^ ^ i^noppeis: bo openanb put fojtttj a fapte 
purple, ti^.iombe , oi Muet floure ♦ C^eroote fe fingle, loug, blaclte lo tljout, 

iu]^ite\jDiti^m, anbintaftebitter^ 

Ci^e lelTer Clote idurre ^at!) grapillj leaues lifee bnto €)zaci^e,iaggeb oj 

fntpterounbaboutt])eebge;8ft C^eiltall^et^afooteaubi^alf long^fullofblaci^e 
fpottejs^, biiubingit felfetnto manpbiancl^eisf ojt vumge^f* asettoipt tl^e leanest 
anb tl^efapbebiancl^e^.t^eregrotoeti^ti^teea.ifoure f mall 25 urre^ in a duller, 
fomeiuDljatlong,lifee to afinall€)liue/oiCo3tnellberrp,p,iicfel?,anb cleaning 
faltbnto garment^s^* 3I« ti^e mibbell of t^ofe finall 23urre5?,^ere grotpetS 
foiti^ asfitiuerea little Croiunet,(bmetDl^ataboue tlbe23urresf ^bponto^icjlie 
gro\i3etJj fmallfloureftti^etDl^u:]^ bo perift after tifieir opeuing> anbbo falltuit^ 
fijeir Croume : t^an commeti^ tftelittle:6urre;9? toitl) longfeebe: tljetoliicl^ af- 

terUjarbboneueropen^noifloureot^ertoifeti^anijafafojeCipbe* 'Cl^eroote ijaJ 
rebbe^anb full of fmall t^^eebei6^oz]^earie(lringi3f* 

%\^z Clote :23 urr e^sf b elig^ t togrotubptljetuapribe^about^ebojtberia: of 
fielbeftin bntilleb placed, anb bip J^iclje?* 

•1^ The Tyme. 

%\^m fc^ft n itf ixi 3ulp, anb-^uguft* 

ijfr The Names, 




%\^t great Burre calleb ut <i5?eefee ^^ Kt/op ns^ /w o<r»7nop:ftt)Latitte Pcrfonam; 

Perfonata aub Arcium: Of :ijpuleiu;6f Dardana : in^l^oppe;^ Bardana maior, aub 

Lappa maior ; injtalia LdfpoUmaggioreiixi^lftaxi^ Lampazos^yeruadospegamazo's, 

j>agamacer4.mapr:in€n^m) tlje great 23 urreo^ great Clote :©urre: in jfrenci^ 

BardaneUgrande,^ Lappegrande : grand Glouteron OJ Gleteron : ijx j^igj^ j^OUC^ (i^roC^ 

feletten : inbafe :ilmaigne (l5roote ClilTen* 

%\^t leffer i^ calleb in d^^eeifee |«vflioH xca 4)w>«yoH : in )tatine Xanthium : in 

^l^oppe^ Lappa minor^anb Lappa i nuerlaiin Italian i4//^/4w//?<^panil]^ 

pagamacera wf;;^^tl)ati;8^ to fap, tft e fmall 23 utte, ^ tbe23urretumeb in^ out : in 
f rencb Le petit Glouteron in l^ig^ 3©ouclj Bettlertfj leufj^anb ^pitj Metten,ft at 
ig to far,ilam;8? lpce,oi23egger5^ Ipffe, anb tl^e popnteb ojt J^arpeBurre: in baft 
asiiuaigne clepnCliffenun Cnglill) j^ic^e asurre^ anb lo\j3rei3urre» 

•^ The Nature. 



%\\z Clote 23urre3a^^auepo\Juertob^^bp>conrume^o;t bifl^lue: butt^eleP 

fer i$ ti^e l^oater. 

^ The Vertues. 

%\^t iurce of t^e great 23ttrre bjonken loitJ^ l^on? pjouoiket^ b jpne, anb 3 
(tpageti^ t^epapneof t^e blabber 
Ci^emmeb^on]^entx)it]^olbet]Dtne,i^ealetl^t]^ebittngjQ;anb(Hngi^ of be^ao 

netnou^ beaS^« 

Ci^eleaueisf pounb toiti^ alittellfelte^itf \ui^ great ptofite larb bnto t^ebi* C 
ting^ anb ftingmgjs^ of ^erpenfte?, mabbeJaoggeftat oti^er bmemou^^ beaft^ar 

Cliefeebe mabe into potiber ^ tatoi tPit^ t^e belt tbine t^at map be gotten 3^ 

bp^eQiaceof fo^tiebape^; tj^berppjofitable foi fuc^ ajS^auet^e^ctatica. 









The firft Booke of 




y^ctmlW of ^ttieapple,auti D3^ot^eit,i$ afoueraiijne meDicinefozfttci^; a^ (pit 

Wottti atiH co^trupt matter^ 
g|t (^ go oti f oifucft ai5 i^aue ac^e oi papne in tt^tiv ioi>tite^,bp reaCon ttjat tl>e JF 

topDe ioputeis^ oji bones l^aue benebef oj^e out of iopnt^bzol^m o;t f^ixttt* 

'C!|effreeneleaueSpotml>etoit]^tl)eui]^iteof(05ge0,ciit^l?t?ttmui5S aftiD <15 

olfie fo^ejs^^bemglapUe tl^ereto* 

%\) t iixvit of tlj e IclTer Burte biotiifeen toiti^ tome , is? miicli bfeD againQ: t\^t^ 

bitmg;6^ of Deneinou^ beaftjB^^anD alfo agatnft tlje grauellauD t^e Clone. 
Cl)efcuitepottntie^laptiet3ntocoUiefu)elluTgS(calleb in (I5:eefee Oedema) 

conTume^ti^efeme.anb fcattereti^ oztoaftett)allcoUJei^ttmo^)B?:anD isfpecialip 
gooDagainft tlje&mg$ enelljcalleb striimasanti strofuias. 



^Jt T^^ I> efcriftion . 

tagtoojtte i^atl^ b^oatie leauejs? , aU 
iaggeti gt toinel&e tl^e leaned of 
let, ^(Jjeciallptl^ofeujl^tt^egrotp 

about ^ ftalfee, tljep are of a btoiune gceene 
colour aboue , anti wi^ite l^care ot grap bn- 
Demeat^* '^Ll^eftalfee ts long ant) ftraigl)t ^ 
full of biancljesf.'Clje fioureg( are (inaltounD 
«g)ojtmtuoob; fmelUngtjDl^an t^ep begin to 

loaice ripe fome\Bl)at after S^arioianu'C!)e 
rootei;^ of atjooobbp CubOance ^ l^atl) Cmall 

dearie ftringjBf* €)f tbis^i^erbetlferebetXDOO 

%m^zf^ moe^tiitfering onelp ixi colour 
%\^t one ^atl) retsUe biancljeS ^ fioure^B?, 

anb i;8f calleb r ebb e a^ ugb o^te* 

Cl|e oti^er l^atb greenid; \y}WM\^t^,i\^m^ 

ging to\Darbe!3f tjol^ite, anb ig? calleb u^l^tt^ 

^ug\joo3^te^inalltbing$eljB:iilieoneto an 


Artcmifia communis. 



i5* '^^f i'/rf'^^. 

a^ugvuo^tegroweti^ ixi t]^ebo;tber0 of 
f ielbtis^,^ aboutf igi^tuaieft anb tlje banfeeiJ 
f bjio oliei5 ^ quiet ft anb ing \D aterjs?* 

41^ The Tjme. 

git flouretlj m giulp ^ 3uguft,anb fome- 

tiine0 later* 

^5* The Names, 

'Cljis? IjerbeiS calleb in (l^opjS? Artcmiria,$ 
offome Mater hcrbarum:in^panif^ Artemja:ixi€xitgii&^ S^ugtjDOitetiuifrencli 

Armoyfe^rherheSJan liXi^V^ ^DOOCl^ a3epfur^:8udfeen, ^ ^ 3 1) aUSf gurtel t ill 

bafe aimaigne Bpuoet,^ S*3anS crupt^t^e toftici^ 10 tW tob of S^ugtooit, 
tiil)ic^ei0 calleb ixi <S>%t^z k^T^wvxwifj (i<pv>K^'. iniiatine Ancmiiia tcnmfoiu 

t^e^Dii^ici^ is ti^efourt^feinbe in Diofcorides,anbt^et^irbfeinbe in Apuldus. 


#ttgtD03tte as Phnie feitft,]^a(b t^is name of Ar tcmifiaiitteene bf Hal icar- 
naffusanb toifeof Maufoiusiiingof Carie,ti)^o d^oft tijis ^erbe ^gaue it\\zt 

name>fo} before t^at it toas c^H ^r^^itvl c • Panhcnis, t^at is to far, Virginal: 


the Hiftoric of Plantcs* 



fome fej^ tljat Artemifiatua^ fo caileD of tl)e<i5olJDeffe Diana tDl|o toas? alCo cal 

let) Artemis,^ fotbpcauCet^is; l^etbei^ lingular fo,ituomeiT0tiiireare0,\ul^o ar$ 


^The Nature. 

S^ugtuo^tei? fomett»]^ataftringcnt,an'D rtotto i^oate* 

^^TheFertues. » 

fi^U5\i30ttcpctmtJvoit]^opleD{tocetc3ilmoiilie^, ant>laplitot^en:omaUe:3l 

a;6? aplapiler/ureti) allti)epa?ueanti griefeof tljefeme. 

Slfo if onetJo aiiiiopuriji^s iopntjg.xuitli tl^euipce tljereof mmglcD luitl) ople 25 
3f it beljaitgeU ts} call into barrel^ oi l^6ggeil)eal»i0( of 23ier, it \jp ill pieferue C 
'^ tl^efantefcomfoming* 

n^j^ofoeuerll^alcametljqs^ljerbeabotttliimCajB? Piinic(aiet!|)nobmemotts? S 

beaft,o;ianpUfeeti^iiigil^allt)urtei^im, au&if Ije tcauellbpontl^etDapjlje Hiall 



4^* "J^^f Kindes, 


'jl5^^^^,^ofojte;8f of Caiifie* Clje one great anli pellouj , tl^eot^er fmall 

an3) UJljite* 


Tanacctum mains 



Tanacctum minus. 

l©l)ite Canfie* 






The firft Booke of 


4!^ The D eCcrf prion . 

^e great ozcoittinonCattiieliarlj a blacUil^etlatee^tl^iee oifoure foote 

^Ygi), tJiufHeD at t^e top into manj? ftjgle biaunc!)cg,at tije enb tPljerof arc 

rouun tufteftbearmgpellou) floured lifeefmallroimD bnmn^y o^liU tl^^ 

mit>Dleoftl)e8otti:eofCammaimU;,bitt5reateranti of flronger fauour* "C^c 

leaue.!^ be Idng at inalie of manp fmall leaue$ , fetHirectlp otie againlt an oti^er 


aiiDlpieatJ abioalicIxlietiHiigsf, t^cMo^i^t bealfo laggeD aniifniptelifeefmall 
featticr^; elpeciallp roiml) aboutc t\)t et»ge;s::ti^eroote isi flenUer casing it felfe 

HDijeCmaU'CanReftatlj bioatieleaue^,miicft (aggebauD cut, tuell Ifeetl^e 
kaae;3? of f euerfetD^butfmaWli: anU moie cut atiD iaggeb. ts;!^ e ftalfee is^ (maU, 
of t^elmgti^ of afooteoz moie/bponti^eujljiclj grotoetl^ fmall tufted, bearing 
little U)]^iteftottrej8f;inucb lifee to tbe floureis? anD tirfteg? of tl^e tpi^ite fl^plfopU 
oicommou ^arro\i3* Ci^erooteijaf ^artie,anb fometimejS^ parted into tU)o 0^1 
ti^iee: all tlje berbe i^ ntuclj lifee in fmell anO Cauour to tije oti^er Canfie, fauing 



i^ The Place 


%^z fitft groujetl^ about l^igi^ tpapeiS^p ^ebgeis?, ana t^e bojber;sf of fieffie?, 
anb i0 berp common iix tl^i^ countrie. 
, Cljefeconbgro\jpetljinfome placets? of JtaUetin^i^countreppeftaUnot 
finbe it but in tl^e garben^ of certapne l^etbo^itteiB;, 

^ The Tyme 

^i^epbo botl^efioure in^ulp anb ^tugiift 

A The Names 


%\^z fitfl; i<3f nolo calleb in ll)oppe;3f Tanacetum, anb Athanafia : (n <£ngltll)e , 
CanCie: inf rencl^ AthanafieMi^i^ J^ouci^ Reinfam : inbateHlmaigneEepn- 
uaer.anb i©oimcrttpt^omelearneb meniubge it fojt to be t^e tl^ttb ifeinbe of 

ArtLmiIia,calleb ixi <15zeebe ifniw/a'iajLtovcKX&v©-; inXatine Artemifia vnicauUs, of 

3lpttleiU;S Artemifia Tragante5,0^Tagctcs. 

%\)z feconb toiti^ottt boubt ij8? alfo a \AaX^t of Canfte; tl|e toljicfte fome lear* 
neb (anb etjieciallp tl)e famou;s: Matthioius.of siena,) bo tbinfee it to be rigl^t 
S^ilfople.caUeb in <!?xeefee«x«^f.©-. But if tfji^fterbet^oulbebe t^erigi^t a- 
hillca^tbe common'CanCe r^oulb be alfo toitljottt boubte a "^m^iz of Achillea, • 
fo;t ti^ep are berp mucl^ liike one an ott)er;not onelp in fmell anb tafte, but allb m 

^ The Nature. * 

Canfie is: i^oate in tl^efeconb begree,anb b^p (n ttje t1^irb,a^ it bot^ tueUaiN ' 

peerebplji^ftrongfmell^anb bitter tafte* 

C^e fmallCanfte i^ of t^e lifeeoperation,o^facttltie^ 

^jt TheVertues. 

Ci^efeebe of CanfieiiB: aftngular anb pioueb mebicine againft tooyme^ef: foj 3 




toxi)bat foiteCbeueritbe tafeen, (t Mlet^ anb b^iuetft foiti^ txjotmegf 
tlDi^efamepounbe anb afterujarbe mei^eb luitft ople, ii8:berp goob againft b 


f befotet^ecomingoffittejS^oftl^e 3lgue,tl^ebobp beannopntebtoitfttl^e c 

lupce of canfie mengleb \sA^ t^e ople of i^oc^^s, it uiUl caufe tlje aigue to . 
be gone 

Cl^e fame monbentait^ti3ine,iG: goob againdt^epapneof ti^eblabber^anb & 
tpl^an one cannot pifle but bp btoppejo;^ 

Cljerooteconbiteb oipzeferueb toiti^ ^onp anb tafeen of ti^em ti^at be Qcfee, 

boti) eafe ^ l^elpeberp mui^, fuc|i a^s are troubleb tottl^^egoute \xx ttietr feete* 




the Hiftorie of Platites. 

t uerf eu> ^at!) man? t eD ec leaueac 
muci^ to.ine ^ iaggcU of a grapifte 
oixuljitegreeuecolour, in coloui; 
auti fafi^ion, Ifee to t^e firfl ^ viz 
tljermoft leaned of Cc^iantier: ti^e ftalfer^a? 
be ttpo tsi tl^^ee foote lons,l)pon tpijici^e 
groiuetl^ maupfmal floureiSfpeUotD iuti^e 
mititieft, anD con^alTeD aboute a$ ittoere 
tuitl) a little pale of foiall vubite leaues^, 
Ufee to ti^e o;ttier of Cammomtl floureft of 
afttougimellanti bitter talfe: tol^an Vs^t 
floured bepa(l;ti^eHnoppej9^ be fttloifeefte, 
liiieto t!jie^nop0 of CamomilUCfteroote 
10 of luooDtJ? fubftace luitl) Uiueriaf i^earie 

t^ceUeiS? oz (Iriug^ Ijangingbjv 

45t r^if Place, 

3t grotpeti^ UJell in Dip placeAbp oI5^ 
toalle^panD fttci^ lilie roug^ places* 


jFeuerfeuj fiouretljinjiilp $ Klugnlf, 
anti almoft all tlje ^ommerv 

45* 1" he Names, 

%i v^ calleU vx d^^eeUe ^a^ fiCwoi; , of Ga- 
len, anD t^auic jc/itflc^wop : in )tatine Parthc 

liiumanlJ Amaracus:inl]EloppeS^;anll tASz^ 

rapioCljap^s??. Matricaria; ^vA fonte Ama- 
rclla O.Z Marella : \M Cngll!^, Jf eUerfeUJ , 





ofCbrnd^biteVDurtCjalfo ^♦i^eter^ vuiiit : in jfrencl^ Ef^dr^outte^x^iMntrkairei 
ill W^ Jaottcli a^utterferaiit^anb Sl^eilit blumen : ixi bafe 3lmaigne Skater $ 


ij^< The Nature. 




3t 13 i^oate in tl^e tliirli tsegree,anp D^p in tl^e feconU Degree^ 

^ The Venues. 

f euerfeto Htpeti anb mabe into pouber,anb ttuo b^aminetf of it tafeenUJit^ 

l^onp.o^ otber t!}ing>pttrgetb bp fiege ^ elanc^olp anb fteiune: tol^etefoze }Xy» 

isc^^goobfoifuci^a^l^attettiegibbineire^ttttningintl&e Ijeab oi toimming> 
f 1 tiji em tljat are purfe 0^ tr oubleb toiti^ tbe Dt^oztne^ of tDinbj?,anb lts% ^ elam 
cljcltque pcople^anb fnci^ a$ be fabbe anb penfiik^nb tuitj^out Ijpead^. 

^be i&erbe u^iti^out \^\$ floorer?, bo0eb in \Datet i^ goob tobebi«mltenof 
fucb asf Ijaue t|^e (toone; 

Cbefamei^ goob againfttbe^uflfocationof tJ^eS^atrijc (t^ati^^tl^ellop 
ping anb i^bnetfe of tl|e ^oti^et) to be bopleb ixi tDine,anb applieb to ti^e na» 
udl^ti^e ijarte.o: ti^e fibe* 

"Ctjeb^ot^^fo y n betoctionof f eaerfeUJ^t^berpgoobfoj^toementobatfte 
anb fitte m againft t^e l^arbnelTe of tlje fl^otl^er, anb ft e fl^atrfr t^at 10 onep« 

Cbe greene leaner? >sxsi^ ^e floureg of f eiierfeto ftampeb , isi pob to be 
lapbeto ti^ebilTcafe calleb tl^e tDflbefyiieo3^^aint4finti^onietf ^lte,anb otfteip 

ti^oleriite inflammationjB^* 

# # * # 

M ^ W W W P 






Tht firft Booke of 

Mz f ate \0c!^ greatr b^toaDe 
leauejs^j grotping out into man? 
comerjS,o^mt)eteti anglc$,lDit^ 
manp tjapne;3f , Ufee to a l^ozfe 
foote,fi]Deoz feuen leauejs: fp^tnging out 
of one toote, of a \Di)iteri^oare>oj gtapiJ^ 
toiour Mtjit to tl)e gt'OttuD , anD greetie a^ 
l30 iie^Cije ftetn ot ftallte ii8^ Vj3l^ite,ant) a;9f 
itxuere cottoneD bitlj finel^eareof afpau 
long, at tft e euD tuljerof are faj^^ pellou? 
f[oure;3? anD full, loi^if]^ tio fuDnen^ faDe, 

auD ci^auge into Uotone, ^ cotton^txii^ic]^ 
10 camel) aiuap vult^ t^e vuinfte, lifee to 
i^ljeaU of DandelioH. Ci^erootei^tJDi^tte 
anU long crepmgljere anH tl^ere 





A ^^^ PUce 

fole foote gtovueti^ toeil in toaterp 
place;e^ anD mopCt fieltieief* 

^^ T^e Tyme. 

3it puttetlj foitl^ ]^i;0J xuoUp ftalke tciiti^ 
outleattej9f,at tije beginning of apatci^ ^ 
3(ip;tiU^ttbe toppe of tbe ftalke i^ t]^epel« 

lo\D flouee : Ktftet tbe floiireis t^e leauejaf 

Ipiing out fromtbe toote: tben banill^etl^ 
atbap tlje ftallte anft tbe fioureis:, fo t^at 

one (|iaUfeU)omefinDetbeleatte$antiaottreg altogether at one time 

A The Nam€s 


3!tiScaHel) inteeelie ^rxwv »i9ci x«iu«x{uKK: in )LatineTufsilago: in lljoppeiBf 

Farfira,anD Vngula Caballina :ixi%tti\imf^nghUiiicauaiio : in ^pani^e Fna de 

# d 

ifno : in€tigli(]^ f ole foote,l^o.ifeboue,Coltei8f foote,anb J5ixll fodte:in f rend^ 

Fas de Cheua\ of fome Pas d*afne : \Xi tjigb 3© OttCl) llOl^bUb, 0^ )5iantltlattic]^ X \\l 

bareailmaine>i^oefblatieren,|^eerbt0clattvu,23?antlattotxje, anU ^aintCa 

•5* The Nature, 

Cbe greene anb ft eC? leaned ate mopft, but \j)baJt ^ep ate b jp tbe? become 

(l)arpeqjfotwer,anbtbetefo^eateofabiping nature 


%\^t g^eene leaucjs: of f ole footepounbe toitb l^onp ,bo cure anb beale tl^e % 
boateinfiaanmation c^eb^aintaintbonie? ft>?e,anb^ otber feinbe? of in* 

'Cbe parfume of tbe bipeb leaue? lapbe bpon quicl^e coletf , tafeen vmm^ 
moutbtbtougbtbepipeof afimneU,ojttttnnell,belpetb fucbeais^are troubleb ^ 
toitb tbe a;ottne(reof \Dinbe,anb fetcbe tbeir bjeatb fticfee ojoften, ^ bo bzeafee 
tjpitboutbaunger tbeimpottem^ of tt^ebzeaft* 

Cbe roote \% of tbe fame bertue, if it beiapbebpou Cbe cole? , anb t^e fume (C 
rbereof receiueb into ttjemout^i* - 





the Hiflorie of Plantcsl 



^The Defcripion 

nmt "Bmtt l^atl^ great rounti 

Icaue^ , at ti^e fitfte Ipi^e tfte 

leaue;8: of f olefoote^tl^eiPi^if]^ 

t»o af t er tju arU es^ \]pa]cefo great, 

tl)attuitl) oneleafe^onemapcoiierafmal 




to uulie table, ^^ UJiti^ a carpet 




greene colour tpoti tl^e outfiDe, auU of a /\&)^ 

rap U3l)iti(]{)e colourneirtetl^egrottnlie 

tptittetl^ fo^tf) al^oUo\jD ftalfee of a ijjan 
long,fet full of fmall incartxate floureg^ at 
t!)etoppe,a0 it\joere cUiftertngtfticfeeto- 
gittjer:tt)e\JDl^iclj togitljer uiit^ ti^eftalifee 
i)operul)auDt3amil;atuap* Ci)erootei;s? 

ti)icUe>vo!)ite tpttljiu ^ i^oUotOpOf aftrong 
fineliautj bitter talte. 

^T he Place. 

3it grotoeti^ tuell in fxt^ttcaX^ mopile 
placeftbpfiDe^s^finallriueriB^ anD b,zoofee;s^* 

^ The Tyme. 

Clje flottre;6( tio appeare at tl^ebegitv 
nitig of Sl^arclje, and Do banil^ aioap m 

3tpull: ti^en tljeleaues come foj^t^^anD re^ 

i^T he Names. 

3!tt^calleD in <b%zt^t -nvrwiTHg-mX^ 

tine Pctaiitcs^ljnlinoijpenm n)oppe;8^: pet 

fOine call tt Bardana maior : in 

:6utter isiitre : iiif rencg Herhe at^x ugneux -. in!)igl) feoiic^ l^eftilentj Vuurtj 
in bale aiinaigne la cifeeblaD er en, anU ^ eftilentie uoojtteU 

^•The Nature. 

Butter :0urre ig Dip in t\)t tljirDe Degree 


23utter23urreD^teD,anDmaDeinto poujDer anD tljan Djonl^m{n\p(ne,f5^a3 
foueraignemeDictneagainftti^e^lague,anDl^e(hlent feuer^, bpcaufeit p^o 
ttoi^etl)toeate,anDfo;ttijatcaufeit Diiueti? from tl^eljarte all t)enim, anDeuiU 
heate*3itfeilletl) U)o;ime!Bf,auDi^ of great foice againfl; tfte Suffocation, auD 
ftraugliug of t!|e S^oti^er to be talten in ^e famefo^te^ 

cur eti^ all naugljtp Wcers^, m olDe filt^ie^fretting^fo^eg , o j confummg 25 
poci^eftauD infiammationftif tftepbuDer b^llretueD ti^ereom 

Cbefame mretlj tl^e f arcpn, ixi i^o^^Ceftl^oujfoeuer it beminiflreD, tpl^etl^er <C 


ttbegtuenintJParDlp to recepue, ojappUeD outtijarWp 



I^ere i^ t\3D0 foiteisf of 23iftozte;a^ )teonarD f ucftftanD l^ieromeBoclt. 
(menof great fenotuleDgeanD leaming)]^auelatelp tojiten: tfte one cal- 
leD t]^e<i5reat :25iaojte,tfteo^er tl^e SmaU:s3iftojte. 




'1 *'■'' 



The firft Bookc of 

Biftarta malor. 

Biftom minor. 








T^e great ©iftojte^ati^ long leaueft Ifee i&at(ence,bttt fmallet, mill not to 
fmotl)eDipla?ne,btttvuimfeleD oiljjtatpmutto rimplesf, of atoart greme 
colour bpott one rtDe,anb of a Metotli^e greene on tl^e ODe n^t ti^e ground* 
*Qi:!je(taljkeis^ long,fmotfte auD tentier,l^aumg atpftet) fenap at t^ie entie, fetfutt 
of fmall incarnate flour eg cluftering togi^er* Cfte feeUe i# angleb anfi bjoune* 
%^t rootefe great anU long, tuounDen anU tumeb bacfee, o^crobelilj> turning 
togttber Iti^e a ^naple^blaci^e anti liearie toit^out^anD tometpl^at rebbe tott^ 

in,in tafte Ifee an €)ifee feemelU 

Cbe finall i3(ftozte i$ ifee t^e otljer in leauetf, Hnap, floured, feebe ^ ftalfte, 
but linaaier, big leaueg aUb are finotl^er anb plainer. t![:i|erootetga;o;tteranIi 
mo terounblp tumeb togitber vuitbout anp finall tb^ebg^o^ l^earineg^ bj^txine 
tpi^out^anb of a barlie rebbe colour toitbin^in taSe lil^e ti^e firlt» 

'Cbep grotD tuellin mopft $ )))aterp placeg; aj$ inmebotoej^, anb barbe (^a^ 



Si, Th Tjmc 

J >i 


Cl^ep floure in ^ap anb June^ 

. ^TheNames. 

CbeleamebbocaU^e l^etbegBiftort^anb Scrpcntarise: fn frencft B$ftmet 
fn\)iih J^oucb ^atertpurtf : tn:^^ant!^ertaongben. Cl^ig ^oulb feeme to 

be Dracunculus Latino ru^tOb^Of PlinictlJJOte in tbe*<^> Ci^ap^Of ti^e»24. B00be# 

•Cljeftrtt ig calleb of fcmeiniLatine c oiubrina, ^ of jLeonarb f oucbg> 0a^ 

tertpurt; U3 eiblin, ^at ig to fyp, ^femalTSbbertDurte o^ ^nd&e\]Peebe:iit 

f rencli 







the Hiftorie of Plantes. 

:f read) Gmn^t B^/iorte.-m^ ser^entairfeweiie: in bafe %^xmi^^^tx^xv^z, 

Cl^e fecanH te^ tijefinall 23ifto^te: ^ i«g caUeU in fome places^ of Cngmnti ^i^^ 

afUtseruittrte ot^iml^etueetie* 

^ 7'>&f Nature, 

©tftoiteUotlj cooleauUHip in fije tl^irti ticgree* 

^Thc Vcrtues. 

cberooteof 36ift:oztebopleti uitaatero^tome^anDftjonfeeiijftopprt^t^e^i 
lail^e,ani) tef goou agaitift tIjeblottUp fiijce^ 

3ltftoppeti^ tfteouennttcl^floujmgofujomcn? tenner otgoureisf, anSaJlo* J8 


3iro if it be tafeen a$f ig af o^efapH, ojt if it be mal^e into poubet anb b jonifeen c 
tuitb tebbe tDine,it tai^etl^ atnap t^ebeCte to b omite 01 patb^Ut 

Ci^ebecoctio of tljeleauejs: i^berpjoob againCtallfotejS?,^ inflamatio of tlie 3© 
mout^ $t]^ioote,i3^itfafteneti^loofeteetl^;if itbeoftebfebpOji^olbe inpittout^* 

«{• The Kindts. 


]^ ere i^J ttoo WnbejSf of jFumeterre, (ajsf Pli n le \i):itef!? in tl^e^jciii^rfjap* 

monfumeto^p tbetPbicbUJais^fenoujen^bfeb in 39 ebicine, of Galen, 

Paiiie,^ otbet tbe d^jteefee^abpationje^* Cbe feconb v?i an otbet l^erbe, 

onelplino\Denof Piime itl^euji&ic^eboti^atefenotoenintbiiafcottnttep* 


Cap n OS fumaria. 


I^ebge f umetewe* 



1 . 






The firft Booke o{ 

^ The D eCcriftion , 



Tj^ecommonf ttimtcrreljatl^ afqiiareftalfee.beret iPitl? fmallleatie^.betp 
teiTtier,tocaHe,atib finelp iaggeD, ^ foine\3)^at gcap lifee afft^ie colour, Ifee 


to t^eleaues of Co;tiatiDet but mucb fmallec : tlje toute i^ fmall auD pur- 
ple,groU)ii^ togitber lifee alittell cluftec, anti cbangctl^ into Uttell fmall fenopsr 
oibmcjS^.^letein is? berp fmall feebe*'<i:b^ roote is but fimple loitb a berp fern 
finall beareis? 01 ftcings about tbe feme. 

^mall jFuineterre^bat^ alC) manp fleuber b.iauci^eisf.bpon tobicbe gro\:Det^ 
fmaUiaggeb leaues, ixi colour; tafte, anb in fal^ionalfe, Cbmetubat liUe tbe Jf u^ 
m ttecre ^oiefapb e .^t batb alfo certaine fmall tb^eebes oz xlafping teubzels:, 
bp tbe tbbicbeit tafeetb bolbfaft in allplace^af bp i^ebge$,anb otber l^erbe^^Cbe 
floureisf ate fmall anb duftering togitbet, of aujbite colour mipeb tjoitb a littell 
bleujtaftet tbe fioureis? tbete commetb fo^tb fmall budfeeS o^ cobbe^.in tubicb i^ 
t ontepneb tft e feeb e^Cb e ro o te is ftogle anb of tb e lengtb of a f ingar* 

i^The Place. 

f umetette gro\»etb beft amongfttub^ate ^ 25artep,alfo it grotuetb in gap* 

T)enS amongft pot betbes^ih ^ineparbes^anb fucb otber open places* 

^mall f umetettegrovuetb bnbetbebgeSpinti^e bobbers of fielbes, anb ^ 


^ The Tjme, 






•^^b^^o botbefioure ini^apanb 3une* 

^ The Names, 

Cbefirft of ti^efeb^^S is calleb in (B^eefee x«7ryo?.Kcf7rvoH,K9c} K«^^^ 

tine Fumaria anb Capnium : in^boppeS Fumus terr« : in^pauif^ PalomilU,y 

fdomina.j yerna maUrina : ixt Cngli(^ f Umetlmre : iu f teUCb F»f»eterre : iubigb 

Jaoucb Crbttaucb^Caubenctopff^featjenUojibel: inbafe atUnaigne, (Bjtpf ecom 

50upuefee^l,anb Cetbttoodk. 

'Cbefeconb is calleb of Plinic CapnoSj^Pes Gallinaceus : CberfOje Gapnos 
Plinij, anb tbiS is tbat tObicbeiS calleb HcrmoIaus,0f Aetius,K«7rvoffX^^<^^*o^ 

tn)Latine Capnum Cheiiddniu, notfenotueninfl^oppeS; fomefoUdtuing Hiinic 
bo call it in jLatine Pes gallinaceus: ixi f tencb; Pieddegeiine • ixi bafe Sbnaigne 
clepnCerbttoocfe: inC nglifl) l^ebge f lunetetce; anb i^ennes footc. 

^ The Nature, 

fumeterre is boate anb b;tp, abnoftin tbefeconbbegree, anb fo is 3^ enneS 
foote,as onemap fenoio bp tbe Ibarpnes^anb bittet talte. 

^ TheVertues, 

Cbe iupce of f umeterteb^ppeb into tbe epeS;>botl^ t^atpen anb quiclten tbe % 

tbe beare tbatbatb "^mt onespnlleb of, Ctjall notgroto againe. 

tCbebecoctionoffumeterrebionfeenAwnetbfo^tb bpbzine^fiegeallboate m 
Cboleririue,bumte,^pemtcious b»mois*25pfa)es tbiS it is betp goob againft 
tbe foule (cutffe^anb rebellious olbe foieS,anb tbe great Socfees* 

Cbeiupce off umeterteb.ionfeen\]D03*etbtbelifee effect, ^foz tl^ispurpofe C 
is of gr?atei:pbU3er, tbanti^e J^ecoctionof f umeterre^ 

^enfoote o^i bebgef umeterreCaS PHn le faptb) i» of tbe fame nature ^ ber 
tueastbeotberf umetetceranbisafingular mebicine againft tbe^jeal^eneffe 
of tbefi^t,e(peci^lp fo^fuci^ as C^eme to teefinall ftratues, if tbe iupce tbeteof 
be bjoppeb into t^e epes* 



ijt The Defcriftion, 

(l<0rmanberiSaf^oztebetbe,ofaC|)anneoifoote long, bjingingfooitb from 
bis i:oote manp tenber ttemmes oibjancbes* CI)e leaueS are final ^ tenber, 






H 1 

the HifloHc of Pkntes. 

in6ete&e^cuta'ooiit,mucbltfeetljeleaue;9f Chamjtdrys. {^ewnaiiliet* 
of ceitapue €>!ie0,but fan:e fmaUer^Ci^e 
flo mzsi are fmall of a biouiie bleU) colo up 

coittpairingtdttnB t^e toppe of ti^eftalUe* 
%^t feetie i^ (irtall, blacfee^ anD rountie* 
C^e roote i^ fmall anD (lentiei: , cteping 

ttilier ti^e eart!?,l^ere auD ti^ere* 
<^ennantiergro\jDetft Ittcfeelpinllonp 

ljille;8^ ^ motintapne^, ^ fuc^ UHe placet, 
alfb it gcc\jpetb intudotines^, it i^td be 
founD grotoing in certapue toooDDeisf of 
23^abant;anl5 iti^ planteli'in gatbmisf* 



dp ennanb er flo umb iti^une^^ulp* 

^ The Names. 

. 'Cbe firft t;3: callea in <0,ieefeex«M«'>ev« 

in )tatitie Chama?drys,Trixago,^ of fOltl 
QuercLiIa minor,$ SerfatuIaiin^b^PP^^ 
Cham^dryos.-Of tbe3|talian^ QuermoU 
ChamedriOi ChamAndrim .• \XX ^paniCb ^^^^^ 
medreosyeruaiti'StZXUi^ Germandrei,Ql Che- 

frette : m (0ngltib aeananto^, ^ €ngli(b 
Creacle: in bigb 3lmaigne dSamanHet 
Itixt anU felepn ©atbengel: in bafe 311* 

^- The Nature. 

3It i;3^ boate ^ l>,ip in tbe tbitb fiegree 



(Sermanbet vuitb i^fef floured bopUb iti tdater anb bzdnfem , beliuetri^ tbe 2t 
bobp from all obOniction^sf^ (loppings, anb ciittetboftougbanb clammpbu* 

moiiB?: ^ tberfoiebeing meiueba^tsibefojietapbe.iti^fpeciallpgoobfoztbem 
tbat bane tbe cougl) ^ ibo^rtneife of b^eatb,tbe ^trangurp ^ Hopping of biine 

anb fo^fncb a$ begin to bane tbeJa^opfie* 



tbungetbbotDnetDomen^natumllficfeneffe* ^ 3 

fit be D;toni^en\JPttb bineger^t i^s^goob againft tbe l^rbnefle anb topping c 
of tbeS^ilte ot ^plene* 

Cbe iVi'^it of tbe leaue$ metigleb \xiitb ople, anb (Italieb bpon tbe epeft b?i- j^ 
uetb atoap tbe tobtteCloube^calleb ti^e^axoe o.ipeatle in tbe Q>e> anb all ma* 
uei: biinne^^ of tbefame* 

4^f fauUs 6eton|'; €{)ap.jtt)9 

•Jb The Kindts. 



i^ece i^ ttpo feinbe;s:of Vetoni€^-,oi Bf tonic? PauH. Cbe onei^sf ^ rigbt 

Veronica tbetobicb \& calleb Veronica rriasj %\^z otberi^afmallb^beJ 

bei^ Ittie tbe tigbt onica,anD te: calleb Veronica foemina. 

_ jj^'Thc Defcrjftion. 

Tl^emaJe Veronica i^afinalberb^^^crepetb ^"^ tbegrounb, toitb final reb* 
bift,^ b^atte biauncbe^af oi (laltie^s;* Cbe leafe i^ (bmetbinglong,mib (bm^ 
ti3batgteene^aUttiebcan^,^benteb ojtfiiipte to ub abouttbeebge^siiHea 

mengleb \i5 purple: n^e ieebe \$ in final flatpoucbe^^Cbe roote \$ final ^ be^i^# 

^ Bcionica 

.— '■ 



The firftBookc of 

Veronica mas. 

Veronica foemina. 

%. data N ob ill u m. 








Cl)efemale Veronica Uoti^ alfo cteepe anWpteaft bpon tlje groimUe, (tljati^ 

fletiDer ftanitteje: anD fomtaliat latjeleauesf, alittell i^earie anH pleafantlp fiift^ 
Ci^eflotttejSbepeUo'cPjtDit]^ fmall crofeeH tai>le;s?,Ufee tl^efloureisf of)iarHetf 
claMi, 0jtiLarlie)3» t^aut. %\^t feeDe fe in fmall touuDe i^urfeeis^, Ufce ti^e Teefie of 

A r /^r Place 


tEljemale Veronica grotDet^ in tottjjl^anlip pIacej?,aboutet^e bojUcr^of 



C^e female gtotwet)^ ixt Iouj mopft place? 
%}^tv fioure in June ant) 3!ul^# 



^T he Names, 

djefird Veronica iaJ called of PaulusAegincta)iib»ti|an (B^eefee jStrovml. 

tliatije^ to(iip,in)latine Betonica .- an!) tljerefozeiaocto^ i^iUiam'Cttmer anH 
3DocallitBetonica Pauiii-cijecommoni^erbotifteg^ijo call it in B^atine vero- 
nica : itt^ig^ i^mf^ Ctenbieif? mennlin,ant) (i^ninDl^epl: ixi bafe ailmaigne 
(C er enp;tiij8f manneliem 
, Cfte feconU is^ calleD Veronica foemlna of ^t Hatiniftes? : in f renci^e r^r*- 
mquefemei/e.ixim^'Bovia^ CtenbjeiCitjjeiblin: inbafe aimaigaeCeretnjuijaf 

i ' 




the Hiftorie of Plantes. 

^X he Nature, 

Veronica J ^Saule^f a3etonp,is: D^p anti fometDliat Ijoate.. 

i^ rheVertues 








Veronica(a^ Paule tDime(ret^)iS Ipeciallp gooti foj ti^eaoppmiMr^Mames % 

'C^e j©ecoction of Veronica li^oniken,tiotl) foDer anU i^eale allfrell?, atiD olti 25 
VDOunUe^patiiJ clmfetli tlje bloul^ftom all etttllcotmptton$,anti from all rotten 
anti aDttfte Ijumoz^s;: anU fo^ tl^at caufe it fe; gooU to be Dzotifeen foi tiie feiDnepss, 

anH againft fcttrtimelTe anU foulefp^er»nmgCetteri3f,attUcoiifttmmaoifrettitifi 
roitefttljefmall^^oclkeiBfannaperelle^ " 

Cl)e \jpater of Veronica titftillel) UJitlj iDine,aiiti fo often ne\u D^avuen ttitill € 

l^arme^oftl^elunge^: fojtmenfapti^atittjptllljealeall tlcerft mflammattou;^ 
anD l^arme^s: of tlje #ttlme o: )limge;8f* 

Cljef emaletieroiTicai^ofti^el*eoperation;butmuchiuealver;aul)uott(i Ja 




*5«' TheKindes 

'Jl^erebetljteefozte^of tftel^erbecalleD mHatiue Chimcpitys, (a^ Diofco 
rides feptl^) tlje one Itfee tl?e otljer in fmell aub fafflnom 

Chamgpitys prima. 



Cham ^pitys altera. 

^i&efeconti d^rounti l&pne^ 






— - 









i I^.IIM 





.>' *^ 







— II 







f . 


The firil Booke o 

J^ The liefer lotion. 




' grottnljnti^at^fmaUlj^aimrteft^ftimetljttigcrofeeli: V(^z\z^yxz% befmaU, 
narroti) ^ i^eacie^of ti^e fauour of ti^e ^pne^ o^tf pzre tree: Cl)e fioureis; b^ 

-C^e fecouD i^ati^^lTo fmall b^aimcl)es?,biou>ne, dearie, atiD tender, croiking 
tn,after roefaCfljion of anaacliet:,outof ujliictjbiaimci^eisf gco^aetb fmalli^eatio 
leaue^,muci^ cloiteitanttcutccoireijoife: Ci^e little flour e^s^ be of a purpUlbeco 
lotti:,anb groiu about t!|e ftallteisf in tuffie^ Ufee garlaD^ o^ croiuuet^. Ci^e feefte 
a blacl^e auD ro utiD e, anlr ti^ e iDft ole plaute fauo ur etl^ liHe to ti^ e o t^ er* 


■- % 



Cbeti^irDe v^ tlje lead of aU;anD i^atl^ 
fm^l;U)^ite,tottgl) leaues^ti^e floure^^be 
peUouj:antiinfmelllifeeto ti^eot^etjs^, 


Cljefei^etbeie; loue to grotoe inftonp 
gtouuDeis; autimottntapueisf: in t^iie^cout^ 
trep iti^ foxDeuanti fet ingarHetis* 

Cham^pitys tertia. 


%\^z t^trH dSrouiTD ^^nu 



«J^ The Tjme^ 


^l^ep flour e m 31 ulp anH atupft* 

^2 ie Names. . 

Cftefetl>teei^erbe;3?beaUcal](eli bpdne 
<!5^eelieuamex«jw«^^n'vf.tu:latuie Aiuga, 

Abiga,anl> Ibiga : inIl)OppeS' I^ua,atlT) lua 

Artctica,Ol lua mofcata : in^paniC^e Pi- 
i;77^,mCngU(ftalfO Chamaspitys,(35rOtttl 

?^pne,i^erbe3ue,f ojtgetmenot, ^fielli 
CppieiS : in JFrenci)e lue mufquU • inftigl^e *^ 
JDoiif^ lUelt Cppie?>^of (bmel^oelan* 


^ The Nature. 

Ci^ep are i^oate in ti^e feconH liegree, 
anDbip in tl^etljirDe* 


'CljeleaueiSof Cham^pitystijtolien (n 
\3oine bp ti^e (pace of Ceuen tiape^, i^ealetl^ 
tt)e31aunties^,^0tdn]^enVuitbSlpeal»e o^ 
S^eiicrat bp t\^t fpace of fo^ttie Dapeja: , it 
^ealetlj ti^e Sciatica , ti^at i^ to fap , 6^e 

papne of tljel^ippeo^ljocklebpne^ 

31t i0 alfo gooD againft tl^eftopping^of tl^eliuer, tfteDifficultieof teine,anD B 

Cham^Ditysgreenepoma>,anDmengleDtDitl^ ©onie.anD laptiebpon great C 
toountie^.antJ tirttlent,anD cojtrupttjlcer$,cttre^ ti^e Dime* 

3iUbtbe Came being greenepottnD,anaiapDe to tDomeng^bt^^j oipappe;^, 1^ 
iiffoluet^tl^el^artineireoftljeJiame. . 

3ut>beingoiDeretia^i^befo;tefeil)e,anliIapt)etot]^e bptingiof o j ftingina^ qg 

of ^erpents^^miperMnlJfuci^oti^erbenemoufebeaftiB^ji^of great bertue ana 
mucli profitable againlttfte feme* 

Ci&eJaecoctio of Cham^pitysj^onfeen, Wffoluetlj clottie ^ congeleB blouft* 

3nD tbefamebopleD in bineger ant) Dtonlten^Deliuerei^ t^eUeab cljime* 
3ftliebolipberttbbeBojannopnteUtDit^> tj^eiupceftereof^itcaufe^mucl^ ^ 


Oo eating. 







the Hifloric of Plantcs 


C^el&etertiiel^attet^erajq ot^er]feuil»eft butiti^tDeaiiet anU not offc i^ 

great efficacp 



I ^' 

ere be rttnjD;j> foites of gai^m Cppieiaf , gif oiDing to ti{ie garl^en? of tbi^i 











l^efirft anH tljemoftcomonCppzeisf, 
i^ a fmalltree ox {§wbbe of uioobtip 
fubftance, vjit\^ bpiigtjt baaunci^eA 

bringing foiti^ fmall^narrotu , long anti 

rotUijtaggeb otpurleU leaueg^ at ti^etop 
of tliebzauuc]^e0 oit ftemief gtovu^ fap^e 
£)^enge-coloiir &o\xu^y UUe tt^e fioureiaf* 

of '^jmfep,btttpeatrr»'CI)etoote tsf of 
UJ ooDUp fttbftance, \})it\) mmp ftvitig? pjt 
tl^j^eDDe^ Ranging at te* ' ■ ii^ ^ 

Ctjeot^et^Cpptejsffefmiicl^liUe to tlje 
litft in aaiUei6^,leaue^,fiottre$>^ fafflt^ion, 
(iauingti^at tl^e b^aumbe^^ti^atbare tlje 
leaue$ are fmailer , ^ fet oz coiiereb ijoitft 
long fmall leauei8( , tbefioiites^ be paler ^ 
Cittalletpanli tl^e \jDl^oleljerbe i^not of fo 
ftrongafauottt, butfrnelletli mojtegen^ 
tillp;anb pleaOcintlp 

(l)oiter, almoftUUetl^eleaue^s^of l)catlj* 

Cijefourtl^femlie i^t^ leaiie;s: bd moie 
tree^but ti^ep are iDl^ite. 

'5[:!/eftftl)batb fofteU)oUieleatte;sf,asf 

it \Dere lapbe U)it^ a eectapneliotunc oi 
fine Cotton:\Diti^ ftallve;^ crcepingalogli 
ti}e ground ♦ Ct?e floured of tl^efc tlj^ee 
feinbe;^,are not bnlilie t^e floure;8^ of t^e firft feinDe* 

^T he Place. 

%%z^ grotD not in tl^i^f coiitrer,but inti^egartienisf tol^ereaie: tljep areplSteli 




^ T he Tyme 

%^ZV bo botife fiourein3ttlp,anl> atnguO: 

Piinic calletb tbi;3^ Ijerbein (iP^eefee x«i^«wv7r«w^ i anb in iLatm 

A The Names 

cyparifTiis: fomeof tl^e later ^D^titerfi" U call it Santolina, anb Camphorata : bn* 

Imotpen inft)oppe^:lbme calUt ixi Cngliilj jlaiienber Cotton^anb Ibm (Sarben 
Cppie$:injf renc^ cj^fres deidrdyn : tnfeouc^ C?pzej3f 


Ci^e others; vpitl^ottt boubte are of ti^efeinbejs? of Cpptes^anb not Cebie,atf 

(bme callit'Cbefeebe of ti^ijsf fterbeis^calleb in(^joppeiBf,Scmen cotra lumbrko 


Semen SantQnici,ft Semen fandtum 

A The N, 


* ' 

4 *- 

A The rertues 

Plinieujjitetft t^at c ham ajcyparifTusb^tofeen in toine itf goob acK^nft S>^ 


pentisf^anb ^co?pionftanb ot^ier feinbe of poplbn. 


■* ^ 









k _ 

The firft Booke of 

J h 





<5* T^e i(r/»^<r/ 

^ ^ete be ttJDO ^mUetfof ^e i^ecbe calleft in mt^t Cl^eiaonittm,tD^ecof 
.^e one fe? t^t great Celmrt>rne,ti^e otl^et i^ Onall CelanDpne, m?latuw 

Strophularia minor. 
Chclidonium maius. 


Chclidonium minus, 

^maU Celaut»pne» 





• V 


^The I> efcrifrtioft . 


r . 



GEeat Celantipnel^at]^ a tenHer (]^lifee,coimti,ljearte,atiti fiill of bmuncl^etf, 
bnto Cblombpne,but teitDerer atDeeper laggeD o^tciit , of a grapfflj colouc 

0p onefilie,anlJ gceene tjpon tlfte oti^et fitieXbmetul^atlJia\3aing tou3art);5; bletp^ 
Cljefiottte <$ attftetoppe of fteb^unci^e$fai>iie anli pelloto lifee tfte t»aU <^^\ 

lofer,^ t\xmz^ into long cobDe^^ o^i^uffee^s^^in tl^em to t]^efeei)e,tu]^ic!je to final! 
anBpale*3IUt!)el^ertietoof aftroiigfmell: anli tl^eiupceCtu^ercof tl^e floureaf, 
^e leatte0,t^e ftalfee^anD ti^eroo te to ftiU,anl> commet^ fozt^ toi^an t^e? be et 
tberbjtufet) otbtofeen)topellotD a^ Saffron, (barpe anl» bitter, but tijat of tbe 

ojftzeDbp laces? banging tberebp* «, ^ 

iIDb^toallCelanbpneto aloto berbe grotoing bp tbe groimts, bauing a lit* 
tie finall bt^tunif^ ftem/tbe leauesf be fmaU anti ibmetjobat roimb,lifee 3mt 
leatte3Bf,bttt muc^ {maller,tettfierer,fofter, anli Ono^er ♦ Ctieftotoer to pelloui 










the Hiftorie of Pkntcs. 

MU to a 5oU>e alp;0^ Croujfooteflouve.cije roote \% fall of fm^ll t^ jetiUe^, oi 
\^tuiz\ut^Mt^ Diwer^s: iftnotte^ m tftem Ufee to UJbeate oj^ bariep co^ue^* 

i^ere tj8?anoti^er Ijerbe mucl^eUfee to 
finall Celanlipne in leaue^B? ^ flout e;8?, 
tl)eu»l;icl)\JuemapcaU i^arC^^arp 


anti Ctiu^ittSAtfeeto a^oplet leafe, but lar- 
ger ^ a little cut^oj^purlDe abouttije eDgeg^* 
Cbeft^feei^routtD, anH DiuiUeti into ma* 
tip b^unci^eiB^.tjpon Vjol^icl^ are tbe pleaCint 
pelloui floure^sfplifeetopellovu Crotofoote 
o^tgolDeCup, but larger anD fapier to be- 
IjolD.^l^efloure^being gone Q;t fallen, pee 

^all^t^ie^ozfoure fmallljuffee^ o^coDjSf, 

lifeeto tl^efittffee^ of Colombpne, xul^erein 
\$ cotepnet) fmalpellotu feetie^* Clje roote 
v^ great anl» tljicHe , vuitlj manp t\a^\y^ 

Caltha Paluftris. 

SOotterbloeinen Beigarum 


I " 

J* The Place 


%^z great CelanOpne grouietlj in t)ip 
place;^,about oiu rotten to alle;8^,anli hv tlje 


xuap riOe0,anD bnDcrl^eDge;8? ^ quicfefet^. ^ 

%\^z fmall CelanDpne,antitibe Biaue ' 
25airinet>o^ S^arll) a9arigotti,tid grob in 

tnopft meuotpeftbpoh tl^ebanfee? anti bo J* 

berjB^ of Oitcbe^s^ 

^ The Tyme 


* * 



Cfte great Cdanbpne beginnetl) to floure in %un, anti laftetli flouring all 

Clje fmall b^tingetl) fo^tlj l^t^ floure bptimejSf, about tbe retume of ^^al^ 
louie;s?jiut]^e entie of f ebiuarp^lt remapnetl) flouring all^arclje^ tarn bntfll 


3pzill;ant» after it Dotl^fo baniil) aiuap,t^at amanfl;allfelDomefeeitina^ap 
^Ei^e 23raue 23affinet,flouret|j ixi a^ ap anD 3ptilU 

, . C!5egreatCelanbpnet8fcalleDin(i5^eeliex*.^i«^°v«oi':in)tatineChclido^ 

maius,an^ Hirundinaria maior: in(I)Oppe^ Chclidonia: ^ Offomea;Bt Athenseus 

tUZitetl); Anemone ; in ^pauitt^e Chelidunea, jertta d'andtiruu j yerua delas golun^ 

^r/«^ : in Cnglifl? Celantipne,^tuallotPiw^te,antJof fomeCettertuurte: in 
jf renclj chcUdoimM \)i%\i 5Bouci^ <l5rof? ^c^eliDurtj^groff^cljtDa^ 
benferautanti ^cbelferaut :in bafelUlmaigne d^outuoitel, ^ 6roote dSoutoe* 



Ctjeleffer i^ calleD in d^jteeltextM/oviop i^^w • in)iatine Chelidoniu min 

ailD Hirundinaria minor; in fl^oppeS' Scrofularia minor,ant> Ficaria.- in Italian 

JFauofcello: ix\ ^panill) Scrofularia menor. inCngllH^ 1^pletl30tte,0Zf igtDOlte I iX% 

jrrenc!)e scrofuUin, {^Petite EfcUire : in Ijigl^ Boucl) feteiu ^ci^el\i3urt|,ltlein 
^c!)U)albenU)urt?,f eigU)art?en,o^23laternHrattt; i^faffen^oDlin, ^ i^epen* 

feraut; in bafe 3tlmatgnc,C lepn <0 o uuj e, anti clepn ^p een cmpt 

Caltha Paluftris fo uameU Of Certaine late tUUter^, of fome Tufsilago altera, 

jana Farfu^ium, tuberebntouottoit^aanliingit igbutalittelllifee,maptuellbe 
Cnglifbe^a9ar(l)e^arigolDe: in frencl) Bapnet dej>rez,,tiiBafinetdem4res:ixt 

l^igf 3©oucft'a9ofjblttmen, Sotterblumen, o^.eelttjeifjblumen, anD 3^arten^ 

C9 9 9 ^ 
: nil 







The firfl: Booke of 

b Imnem in b arc ^Ittjuiigue, gro D te 25 tctblo emen^anb 2a tt erblo emeti* 

^ The occAJion $f the Nxmes. 




. CI) e great CelanDi^nei^uameU ixK^it^tp^xi^m^y, Chclidonium, d^at if 
^\jDallotDe;$, ano batlj l^ealeti tl^e mS > ant) refto^teti Kg!|t to tl^eir pong oneft 
ttjat Ijaue l)aD l^anne in tljeir epeief.oi l^aue bene blinbe* 


Ctje fniall C elanbpne toaiS fo calleti^bpcaiife tl^at it beginnet^ to jfp^ing ^ to t^ecomming of t^>e ^tJoalloUDe^^panU U)itl)eteti^ at t^eir retumei. , 

^T he Nature. 

%^ttmo Celantxpnegf are tjoateanUbjp in t^etljiraeftegcec: ana ti^efmaa 

Celan'opne t^ t!)e l^oatell* 

CijeBraue^saflinet^ozg^atll^e^arigoltiejijBfaHb of al^oate nature, but 

not e,tceel)ing* 

^ The yertues. 




%\^t iupce of Celanbpne mingleD tuitl^ i^onp, ^ bopleU in a beifell of copper % 
D? biaflj^; clearetb t^e figl^t, ant) bjtoppeb into t^e epeft t^eti^ a\uap tl^e (jpotief 
fcarre^ oiblejnifi!)e^,bloubfl^otten,ant) tDebbeof ^e epe* 

3f \j){t]^ ti^e fame iupce anb tDine,pne\x>all)e fretting, anb confuining tb je;8(, » 
ittDillconColtbate anb ^eale ti^em* 

Cberootebopleb luiti^ :3fnire feebein vui^ite \x^v\t^ openet^^e (topping? <C 


of ttje Xiiiti, anb tjealetl^ tl^e 3launbice» 
C^e (aineroote ci^eujeb in tlje mottti^,tafeetl^ atoap t^e tootl^-aclje^ 





CbefmalCelanbpneponnb^^lapbebntorougl) ^cozruptnat?le«f,caureti^§ qc^ 
fameto falla\j)ap,^fap,ier o^tbetterto groto in tljeir places?: 3nb if itbepottnb 
ixi\ym^^ ot \jDine,e^eciaUp tbe roote,anb after applieb anb lapbe to tl^e l^einoi* 
rljoaegfpit botl) bWTolueanb l^ealetl^em: fo botl^ tl^e mm^^ it be mingleb toitft 
toine o^biine,anb t^cl^emoirl^oibe? be toaCtl^eb tl^erexuitljalU 

Cijebecoctionof ti^is^^erbe in vuinegargariTeb^bot^ purge fte^eab from jf 
naugbtie fleume ^ euill tjumot^r, anb caufeti^ t^efeme to be eaiSp ^Itte out. 
%\iz iupceoftl^eroote mingleb >ixyit^ ijonie, anb fnifte oibmtuenbpinto tl^e <& 

m% purget^ tlje btapne from ftiperfluoutf mopttures , anb openet^j ti^e ftop 


C^e S^arH>e aparigolbe^itf not bfeb in ^^pficfee. 


t^€ruincle]^at!j manpfmall ^ flenbet 

J[ long bJtancftejsf tuitl^ iopnte^^tofter* 

Clematis Daphnoidcs, 

t^iti^er> Cfte leauejs^ be greater tl^a i^t 


^ of Bojce , muc^e lifee to Bap 

S^ in colour ^ fa(i(|)ion,(auing t^at 

ti^ep be far fmaller.Clje fiouremoft co 
monlp ijsf ble^ , ^ fometime;? tol^ite, ^ 
ta\i)nie,butberp feU)ome:iti$ parteb 
into fine leaueis? , fomeuji^at l*e tl^e 

flourc ofgreat23uglo(re,butlarger^ 
pleafanter tobe]^olbe,petVjPiti^outfa- 
uour. Cl^e roo te is i^earie anb peUoto* 

4^ The Place. 

jaeruinclegrou)et]& tuetinftaDotop, 





the Hiftorie of Plantes 


mopftplacefta^ in tlje boi^tieri^ of tDootilie^s:, anil alougfl: bp^etige? 
. 3ltfiouret!jmoftcommoirtpm#arcljeanti3[piifl,btttitremapnet:bgTem5 

mt\)tVUXt* : :{. The Names. 

/3t i^ called in (15tCelveKXtju«T/Vcr«4)voftcr{s' : m)Latine Clematis Daphnoides: 

Plinieuiacertaineplacenainai^ it Clematis Aegyptia : (Jinan otl^et place cha- 

mjedaphne : in H^lOppe^^ Pcruinca,anD Vincaperuinca: in Jtaltan Prouenqua^iXi 

^panilit) Peruinquar in€ti%\i^ ^emincle: inf rencl^ p^r«^;;f/&^,anli ^» Lijferon.-ixt 
l^igl) laoiicl) Jngruen,^ ^pngruen : inUtz Idlmaigne ^tincoozHe, ^ntttoen, 
anDig^aecljlienpalm. . ;»^ » -^ 

4&- r^^ iV4?«r^ 




i^emmcle i^li^p anD aftringent 

■^ The Vertues 

C!?e Decoction of tl^is: Ijerbe foDDe in U}ine, anti Utonken; (loppetl^ ti^etafl^e, % 
anti t^e blouDp ii%ziit ftapetl^ tfte immoderate coutfe of tlje ftoureis:, fitting of 

blouHpanti ail otljer flujce of bloub* 

Ci^e fame mengleD UJitl^ milfee^anU opleof mofe^e:,^ put into ti^e a^atrijc, in 25 
a peiTarieoi ^ot^erfuppofitoip^taHet^ atoap tl^e papne^^ of tl^efame* 

: CliefameclietpeDtjealet^ t^etoot^-aclje,^alftingingofbenemottfebeaftft 
if It be applied ti^ereto* 

Ct)e fame b^^uCeD anb }^ntintts t^enofe.ftoppetl^ nofe bleepinj* - 


<^f eattartic Saffron. €\ismi^ 


^TheD ef crip Hon . 

i3llbe S^aSron i^ati^ a tounbe 

aalKe of ti^;tee Cubite^ long o^ 
mo^e^becfeeb toitft log^narroiD 
benteb ^ ^wf p^icifeingleaue^sf: 
at tlje toppe of tbe btauncbe^sf, arefmall 
rounb pmfelep i^eabejsr o^Hnoppe;8f,tl^e 
U)!)ictjeat t^eit opening , bo biingfojttfj 
a pleafant €)ienge colour floure, of a 
goobfauour^i colour lifeeto tljeti^jteb^ef 
of rigljt Saffron: tol^an ti^e floure i^ 
\3oitbereb artb paft, tl^ ere i^ fo unb txjitl)^ 
long co.mereb feebe, to^peb ixi ater* 


%\) ep bfe to plante it in prb en^* 


gt flouret^ injulp anb Kuguft^ 

Cnicus. Carthamus. 



►jjf The names 

gt i% calleb vx <0ieefee kv«c©- ; vn jLa* 
ijcxz Cnicus: of tl^e3pot^ecajries,anb of 

Mefue,^ of Serapio,Cartamus: Of (bmc 
Crocus Hortefis,^ Crocus Saraccnicus: 

Vn jf^ttm^SaffranoSarracmfeo: ixt §>pa^ 
ttiil^ ^U^OTyA^dfran del huerto,yfementede 

Fafagaiosi ixi. Cuglill^ 23aftarb S>afifcon: 

tU ftzC^ SaffrAnfauuAge,^ BafiArdt lU l^igi^ 


K □ 





The firft Bookc of 


3^ont\)XB i© en gatt en ^ afFro n: m bafe 3lmaigne XB Hi m ^ affraen* 

^ The Nature. 

^IjefeeDeofiaaftarDe^afftouCaS Mcfue\t)utet^)t)3?l)oatein t^ieffeftfie* 
gree^anD D,ip iw ti^e fecouD 

y^- TheVertuss. 

Cl^eiiipceof tl^efcelieof ^affronbnifeD a!Tl»poimH;,anD D^oufeentuitljl^o 

getl^ bp fiegefemie fleiime;8^pattD il^arpe l)ttmo^;s: : ^oieoueiHt i^ gooU agamll: 
SjeCoiti^e,t]^att;8:tofap;tljepapne>anl» ftoppmgoftltiebDU)Clj8foigttttei8f,ani> 
alCoagatufttliepapitemfetclimgof bieatlj.ti^e cougl^;, ^ttoppingof ti^ebj^eaO:, 
auD ir i;s^ finguler agamft ti^e JBiopfie* 

3lfo tlje iupce of ti^ e fame feeb e put into mill^e^caufeti^ t^ e fame mflfee to coiv 
geale anti cmliDepanti mafeetl^ it of greatfoue^to lofe anD open ti^ebellp* 

djefloiirej6?b:onfeeiDiti^ l^onieli ^ater, openeti^ tl)e jiiuer, anti are berp c 

goob againil tUeilaunbife.mifo ti^e famefloureg are berp goob to be bfeb in 

meate$ to giue tl^em a peUo\u colour^ 

4^1 he Daunger* 

Cijefeebe of isaftarb Saffron i^beri^i^urtfull to tl|e ttomacfee, catiftnga 
befireto bomtte^ anb i^ of l^arbe anb flouie operation, remaining long in t^e 
ftomafee anb entraiUe;8^^ 



i^The Amtndement. - 

J^emuftpntto ti^efamefeebe^fometi^ingis? comfo;ttable to ttje ftomafee/aief 
3nifefeebe,(l5alangall,oiS^aftiU>ojifomeot]9er goob tl^ingtoljaftenljiis^ ope^ 
ration,ag<i5pnger,^algemme,commonMte,^c* :?^nbtf itbe bfeb after tl^tiaf 
manner ^ it l^allnot ^urte ti^e ftomaci^e at aU^ anb ijiiB^ operation (^allbemoje 

?^ The Kindes. 

l^erearetUJOfOJtte^g 0fC0np5a,a;S^Diorcoridcs^Theophraaus \^ii 

teti^tCi^e one callebtbe great 0,1 male Conp^a : t^eotl^ertfjefmall tsi 

female Conpf a: €>tter anb bpfibei^ ti^efe, rliere i^ a r^irbetttnbe, tl^e 

lu^tc^ i^calleb t^emibbleonneane Conpja 



Tl^egreateConpja i^ati^ ieaueg fome^l^at large , aUttoft lifee Cotoflippe 
leaue?/auingt!)att^ep are biobjner anb fofter^d^eftalfeetg^rounb^coue* 
reb UJiti^ afafte Cotton o^ fine 5^oiune, of a foote anb ^alfelong o^ moj«r> 
touiarbcisftljetoppetpteabingabJ^oabe into manp fmall b^nci^ eft bpontol^ic]^ 
grouietl^longbubbe^iuijirije turneinto pellotu fioureft ti^etoiyjic^jealfo boaP 
tertoarb cbaungeinto iaoxDniel^eabftfieeing atuai* toitl? ti^e voinb* %\^t roote 
i$ fomeiD^jat tl^icfee 

Ci^efmaUConp^agrobjeti^notabottetliel^eigt]^ of aCjpanne, o^foote, an6 
bifferetljnotfromtljefirft, fatting t!|at it isagreatbeale lelfe.ti[:i^eflottresbe 
of a6arUepello\j3palmoaiifeet]^eflottresof Canfie^o^lifeeto ti^emibbellof tfte 
floured of Cammomill: ti)ep are botl^ of a Orong fouour, but t^e fauour of Vs^z 

3 "Ci^e ti^irb anb mibbellWnbe of Conp^a, l^atl> arounb UJi^iteioollil^ fta&e, 
0fafooteanbaftialfelong,t]beleaue?belong^cottonp,o? toollp* Cl^eflonretf 



pelloiPcolourinti^emibbeil^butaUbrotmb about* / 


the Hiftoric of P lantes. 





Conyza media. 

» ' 

if '^*- 



4gt TheThce. 

V ^ 

trije great Cottm/fet^emoO: parte gtotoet!) mfcpplaceiBf. C^e ttijod* 
ti^er^B^ grotu mijallepj3:,tl^at avemopftanD graiRe^auU bp tuaterftlie^; 


Cl&ep flpure in (i^e enD of 3ulp auD ^duguft* 

-5» T'/>^ Names, ♦ 

"Cl&ere i^erbes? are calleti va <5xtt\z Kovvfo. : Plinie in feme place caliet^ ^ein 




3©urtpurt5;»antil30ttner\juurt^ : in ^panillSi i^ttadegua. 

Theophraft calletli tl^egreatjConpjatl^emale: anO tJ^efmaller Cotip^al^e 

CeiUale^ ^rhe Nature. ' ^ 

%Mt^ great ant> tl^efmall Co ny2.^,are]^oate anD U.zp in tl^e tliirU Degree.C&e 
tftirl) i;8f of tljelifeefubftaunceplmtnotCb^oate* 

^ij* T/&tf Vermes, 

Ci^ e leaned anti fio wreja; of Conpja bopleS ixx '^xmz anti Dionfeen, l^aue great % 
potjoer to p^ouoHe tl|e flourejS^^anD to eicpelltije treat) ci^ilBe* 

Cl^epi^auealfii greatpotueragatn(i:ti^e5oatepiire,anD^trangurt?papinft 25 
tf|e3|auntiife,anti t^e gnaujing o^ gripping papnejsJ office bellp* 

C!?efame tafeentDiti^ tjineger isf gooafoitl^e c^pilepRe, o 
Cl^eJaecoctionof ConpjaiSljerp p.iofttable to UJomenajainftt^eDifeafeis: a 





The iirfl: Booke of 

Ci^e leaues^ h^\iti} anti lapHefapon ttjebitmjjje?, otfUnguig;^ of tjenemoufe <C 
beaft^^areljtcpgboDrallbtl^eparesooBtoie lai'Hetipo U)OunI)e;B: $ oedemes, 

t!)at isf,ljarl»e luinpe;8; o: come ftpellrngsf. 

Cljefame mmglcD\Dttl^ ople^i^joon to anttoput tl^eboDp,to tafeeaujar aU f 

ciatte a)atoBjB; auD b?^ufing;9f* 

C^ e ranie lapb e itratjDe^ o^ bumeD m anp place^D^iuet^ ati^ap al b memouCe ® 
bealtftanD killet^ gitatte;8f anti flees.. 

^ The B efcriftion , 

I r*cerreU)ttitel^a^ab,toU3ne,!)earie,ana 

^UJooWfl^ Oalfee, tt^leatte;9fbel6s,t^icfe, 

^earie,anb of abioume^oiftuattgreene 

colour^ait tt>e toppe of tbe bianclje;e^ grotu 

eti) tljtee o^tfoure laming flourej^ , aftettl^e 

fafiljiotitf Camom(ll,peUoU) in ti^emitfble 
anD feta:ottn^e about U)it^ fmall purple 
leaueft in oibet* anb faCiTjionliHe a^terre, 
tDljiclje at l^ngtlj bo tume into botone; o; 
Cotton, ^ tljeplumeisf acrieb atoap \3Ditl^ 
tl^e \Dinbe»CI?e rootei? bearbeb VPit^ i^ea^ 

C^ere \S an ot^er kinbe of t\^\$ \^t 
^jp^ofe Soureis^ate not onelppeUo\D int^e 

mibble, but t^e fmall leaueie^ aUb gro\3E>in3 

about tlje ebgejs; in o^ber libe tlje Cammo 
miUSoute>arealfo of pdloto colour^ butii« 
tbecujifelfeeto tljefirft 


^.tertetDurte grouietl? bpon tmall bll 

l^lie;3f;barcoU)eS, a^fenappeisf, in a^oun* 

tapnes an^ l^igi^ plat eis: , anb Cdmetime;e: ixi 
ii»oobbe^;ahbincertainemeboiue;8?; Iping 
about ti^etiuer of Eljepne* 


«5e The Tjme, 


3|t boti^ mofttojttonlp floute in ISugutt* 

4^ The Names, 

5i:i^iS ^eite is calleb ixi (5m^ As-)«e ^T\\%hf^ ^ou€m(^ : in jLatine After At- 

ticus,^ Inguinalis: ofiaergillFlos AmellusrOf fome Stellaria: in Italian ^^'^w: 

i>nfeno\»enin ^ljoppes:in (CngliDE) ^ftatetourte o: ^terretuutte: tef renc^ 
K^^ergouuemenue.uEjioiiie • in l^igl^Souc]^ #egefiraut,S>cartenktaut,anO 

^ternKraunmbafe ^ttmaigne^tetrecrupt* 


Jtbotl^ tefref^ anb cooIe,anb isabnoftof tempetaturel&eti^eKoff^ 

i^ The Vertues, 

Jt is betp goob againtttl^ouermucli^eateanbbuniingof ftettomake,^ 
Ijefng lapbe to outtoarblp^bpon t^eCame:ainb being gceeneftampeb,anb lapb 
eo tftebotd^^ojtimpoftumes, about tl^e (l?are oj pjiuie members p^euaplet^i 
miK\^ againft ti^t fame 

Jtl^elpeti^ anb fluaget^ t^e rebneffeanb inSammation of n^e epes^anHtoi^ 15 




the Hifloric of Plantes. 

Dameitt oj Se5e,attl» flje fallhigBovune of tl)e :airfe gittte. 

ti?cn,agawfttl)e^qumattcie,antit!)e falling ficbneire. "^ »''*"'"'"*'""» '^u c 

r..^S}^^ '"^ ^^ 1^** ^'^ ^ecbe puttetu auiap aU tamps 9 tatellitm of the ^ 
nm,f^m,mli fttntiametit,pca manit i& but onelp camS about a S 



4§« r^f ir W« 


C a;sU tiefcribc m^tfti^ C toter,tftiee fojteja; of i&mnictourtc, ot Co. 

ttjep be a^o m manp coutitciw;, at tm Up x c^e t^fette,bpcaufe of a 

certapncfuniUtuBcojltfemeflrct^attttiat^toit^ 19ennpttjurte of the 


tDall,U3ei3o call ujater ^3ennp\jPttrte* 






I^e leafe of t)^ e f (r ft feinti of ^^ennp 
xuurte,!^ rotttttie atiD tl^icfee, muci^ 
Ipfeeto 3ttieleatte;s?,bttt rounUer,^ 
fometDftatbluntlp uiDeteD about, \]uitl^ 
Cbme t)ollo\i3ne;3? o: concauitie aboue, ft 
a ftoite ftetn t^nUemeatl^ in tfte mfl^liell 
of ti^e XzdizM^t ftallie t^ fmaU ant) ft ol- 
lo\jD,aboute aQjannelong, toitft Uiuetjar 
littelllong floured, of a voftitilfte ot in* fl^ 
carnate colour^Cbe ro ote x^ tuftite, anft ^ ^ 

rottnDe;,lifee an€>li?tte. 

%\^t feconDfeintiefiatftb^oDe tfticfee 

anD (bmetuliat rotmtie leaueis^ , fpieaD 

Cotyledon altera Matthioli 



Cotyledon aquatica. 

t^atet ^ ennptjpurtef 




^ c 

The firft Bookc of 






abjoalie, toiinli about tl^eltalUelilte to ^rngreeneoti|Duflii^e>ftomtl^emaj 

DelltDtjeteof,(jpting;eti^t)p tbetentierllalfeejbearingCmallfloutejs:* 

neater l^etinpxuurte ^atlj littellfmot^je itmz0j roimtie anti l|oUou> aboue 
Ittit not ^eri^ mttcb> euen a0 it toete a fmall fl^ollotu plate, tbe ftem i^ i)\Mt 
ne^ w t!iemfflDefi:of tijcleafe^fometul^at D;wiU)tngtoiuarDe;8^ t!;e pzopo^tioti 
otm^llpmnpmimybntiti^ finaller,f mother anU of a toarter colour ;,anD 
^tiDfometul^at Deeper natcl^eHo^zHmteti; but i?etbluntlp alfo. Cbe floured be 
l3erp fmall aul3 \j}\)iu> ^^^ S^oU) beneti^, ot alfo tinker ti^e leauejsf* Cl^e roo tejsf 
be fmal anD tjearie^cteepmg antt puttiitg fbj^tl^ bpon euerp ftHemanp final pong 


ijt ThePUce, 

|^ennp\utti:te,as Plinic &itl^,grotDetl^ in ftonie placed neare tbe ^eatbut it 
grouietl) not in man? coiitrep;3f,e]Ccept itbe planteb o^ fet in gatDen^^ J t gcouj 
etij pie ttfullp in fomepart;6^ofCnglanD,in^ommerfet(bRte,6t about i^ellejar* 

^ountarneot ^^ngreene J^ennptuurte^i^efacaceplante, it grotoet^ in 

Ibmeplace^oftfte^iipejSanbotl^ermountapne? beponbtl^e^ea* 

J^ennpvuurte of tbe toater gco\uet^> plentifuUp in tbi;8^ couatrep,in loio me^ 
iotue^Span!) mopft ijalepiSpUJb^^^^ ^ater UanDet^ in tl^e tuinter^ 

^ The Tyme. 

»aall^enn]p\3Purte,fiouret]^in3^ap^3ttne,butl&ennpU)urte of tl^ie toa^ 


^ The NAmes. 



%f^ifi i^erbe i^ calleti in<15^elte h.otv\hM^ -. injtatine Cotyledon,ana Vmbr- 

licus veneriSjanD Acetabulum, ^nd Of Plinic Hcrba Coxcndicum. lacobus de 
ivlanlijs in Luminari matorijCalletbit Scatum Coeli.^ Scatum cell us: in Italian 

Omhilico dl vcner€,CHftrtoluk tn^paniil) Scudetes, Coucillos, CApadelU, Ombitgo de ve- 

ntts: inCnglif^! great }3i'ennp\j3ui:te,anDtDaU pennptuurte : ixifxm^Nombrd 
^f a/f;a«f : in bafe 3llmaignei^auelcrupt 

%\^t feconb i^ calleD in <l5?ee]^eKu^e(xAifli;K5^K0TvXM/<iulne«:in)Latine Cym- 

baliiuii. Acetabulum alteram,^ Vmbilicus veneris alter; In bafe 31lntaigne 5©at 

anl)er,otDat tttJecDe iBtauelcnipt : in Cnglifl;,tbe feconD i^ ennptjo urte : anl^ 
a^ountapiTe ^^ennptourte* 

3 #ennp\juurteoftbe\uater,fc8ffaUeliintbef^op;^oftbijs^countrep, Vmbilicus Scaiu coeii,altbougbiti^nottberigbtfeinDe;a$i0befozerapI>:^bafe 
SSImaigneg Ho call it l&enrtincbcmpt: in Cnglif^ ^l^eepe uaiing ja ennpgraffe* 

• qfj^ The Nature. 

'Cbe Vuall ^ennp\Durte,tDi^ic^ is tbe rigi^t tobe, is colb ^ mopftttbe ^eti»« 

The Vertues, 

9 %\^t iupce of ^ennp\Durte of ttje toall.i^ a fingular remebp againft allinfia^ 
mation>anli boate tttmo;ti8?,^»3lntbonie^ fire,* is:^^yt^ b^le$ to be annopnteD 
tbere\juitball:anD being applieO to tbe ftomacfeeitrefrefll;etb tbe fame* 

Cbe leau^;6^ anD rooteeaten^Ho b^eai^e i^e ftone, pj^ouoi^eb^zin?, ^ aregooH j^ 

a CbefeconD feinbe is ofbertuelifee to tbc great ^pngreene, o^l^oufdifee* .,c; 

•(Tb^bertueof tbetoaterjaennpipurte^oii^cnpgrairets^notpetfenotuen: j^ 
albeit tbeigno.zant3potbecarie0t»olkaplpbfeit in fteebeof^rigbt Cotyledon, 

iijb^i^^tt^ tbepbonaugbt^anli commit manif eft errour, fottberigbt Cotyledon 

is tlj e great ?B ennpto urte, calleb of fome^ennptuurteof tbeujall, bpcaufe it 

poujetb euer in olb tualleis ^ ftonie placeief* 25ut t^is grotjoetb in lou) groiib^ 

aun ^arifn^e^^anD ijs; a i^turtef uU l^erbe tinto S^^eepr^ 



the Hiftorie of Plantcs. 




ijf r/>^ Defcription. 


fetfiiUof tl)icfeele^ueft ^t^Kt ^ full of 
Cappe ^ fomtal^at Denteti about ti^e eDgcs:^ 
3(tt ttje top of ^ ftalfee grotpctb manp fapj^ 
purple flouteft of fafiljtou lfeetijefioure;8f 
of ^♦3ol|n;B: luuite, calleD m <l3^eelte Hy- 
pericum . cfte roote i^ \3Di)itr anD Ijerp 


Ci^ere te^ a MnUe of ti^iig lin:be toi^ofe 
floure;3^areU)i^tte: auD alfo a ti) trD e HinU e 
tDljofefioure^ arepelloxu^tl^e refiHue tjsf a* 
greable t o ttj e f trft* ^ The PUce. 

€)jtppne p.iouet^ \x»el m mopfl: lljaDotup 

place^.Clje people of ti^ecountrepD^igljt 
muclj to fet it in pots? ^ (belle;9f on a^iDfo 
mer Cue^o^t^po timber lIatte;sfo,itrecl^erjaf 
DauibeD tPitl^ Clap;, gt (b to fet;o^ ^jaug it 
l)p in tl^eir boufeft tpl^ere a^ it remapnetl^ 
greenealong feafon anB grotuetb, if it be 
fomtime? ouer fpiincfeleb UJitl^ loater* 


3[tfitouret^inofl:commonl? (n^tugull* 

9^ The Names. 

C^ep t>o noiu call t^^is Ijerbe Craffuia 

itiaiorsfomecall it Fabarw, ^ Faba crafla: ixi 

Cn5lfl;i^€),ippue, ^KLiblong, o;t)Liuel6g: 
inifrenclj orpm,^\)\^ Bouc^ 
U^unliHraut ;> fenabenltraut^ f ot^lvoang, 
wxX^ fotf \Dein: in bafe 3llmaigne iJ^on^ 
'Dene wpt,anl> ^meertjo oitele* 

ijr- The Degree or Nature. 

£>jtppne cooletb in %t t^jirDe Iiegree* 

^ The Fertues. 

£Dippne m operation (jtbertue v^ Ufee 



^Jr- r>&r Defcripion. 




i r7}^eb,:igbti^apioperfmalllovu]^erbe 

couereD xb little blacW!^ leaned, beteD 
o^ilhiptrotib about lil^earatortbefioureisf 
befmall anb \uljite,fpuncleb ^poubereU 
U)itbin,uiiti^ pelloiu anb purple fjjeclieiBr 
Clje roote i^ littell,fmaU anb bearie* 

a ^^ere i0 pet an ot^er ^etbe , tobi^^^ 
(omt bo call Cpeb.tigl^t ( alt^ougb it be 
not ti^e rigi^t Cpebtigbt ) : it gro^uetift 
to t^ie i^epg^ of a fbote oi moie : Cbe 

l^if mug 

Craffula maiof 




The firft Bookc of 

at:eUttellCinallleattCj9?,longanlittai:ro\j3,mofl; commoulp bmDingot Ijanging 

roote*^]^i;8?3 t^iougljt neceCTarpto declare; to tl^tintmt t^at mm mapleame: 
to Mo'm tl)t Uuierfitte b ettju ijct tl? em b o ti^ , g^ ti^at tljep l^ioulDe not tafee tl^e one 
fottljeoti^er: fozt^i^laft WnDe l^ati^nottl^etjertueof t^etnieCpeb^tig^ 


«5» T^ /'/^ce. 

Cpebtigl^t jro\j)eti^ in tijtp meDotjoeisfpipeene ^ graflfie vuapeis^.antj paftures 

Ctantiing againft ti^e ^unne 

^ T';^^ Tywe. 

Cpcbtig^tbeginnet]^ to flourein 3ugufl:, anti fioureti^ (KU tntill ^eptem* 
ber;anI>info^\i3artiepeare;8:,it i^founD to floure in 3|ulp.3|tmu(lt be ga^ereli 

anD t^peD XDl^ileio^ it i^ in &omz. 

fji T/je Names. 

^omecalltljiS'ljerbe in )tatmeEuphrafia; Icp^nj^mn, Ophthalmica $ Ocula- 


feonc^ 3ngentcoft : inbafeaiinaigne^SDog^entrooft; ti^ati^ef to fap, injtattne 

Oculorum lolafnen. 

:^ The Degree or Nature, 



3lt i^ftoateanl)Uzp>almottinti^efeconD Degree* 


Cpeb;tig!jt ponnD anti laptie tipontlje epe^, oittl^e inpce thereof toitl) \oint % 
lijoppeti into tl^eepeisf^talteti^ aia^ap tl^eDarfenefTe of t^efame^^ cleareti^ \ iv^u 

^otiotbapoiPDecmalJeof t]^ieeparte;8^of Cpeb>ig^t D^eti, anD one parte jj 
of ^actjs?,if aQ)onefttll of it be tai^en euerp mo^uiing hi^ it felfe,o^i UJitl^ fttgar,o> 


\j)ine*3(nl>talten after t^efameCb|tte,itcomfo.itet]^tftemeittoipi)erpmnciS4. 
Cpeb^igtjtbopleU wvuineanti ti^onlien is^goop againft ^e 3 aunliice* 
C^at oti^er Cpebugi^titf t)npiofitable,anli ti^erfoj^e not Weft in^^l^pticfce 



f ftltpenoula^oi ^iioptoo^te* €t)ap. n^a^* 

^ The Defcriftion 

Fllipedula]^ati^logleattejs?,lp^eal> abtobe 
Ift e f eatb erj9!,mal>e of manp final ^ little 
leatte;8f,altieteD,fnipte; ^ iaggeD rotlU a- 
bont^grotPing bp a log ftring t} fmal (tern, 
notmuc]^bnUfeeti)eleatte0 oftoilD Cafep, 

Ojt Burnet,bttt loger,l|i$ ftaUie i^ rottnl>;a- 

bouttbe^eigftt of ttuo oit]^;ieefoote,atti^e 
top toller eof are manp faire tobite floareft 
euerp one parteti in fijc e fmall leaned, lifee a 
little ^terre.'CljefeeDe i^ final, ^grotue^ 
togittier lifeeabtttton.'Cib^ rooteiafbefinall 
^ blaclfee, tol^ereoni^i^agingcertainefinaU 

knop;8^ 01 blacl^e pellet^^ z^ ixi t\^z rooteio^ of 

^e female i&ionpe,&uing ^ tibep be agreat 



^ The Place. 

Fiiipeduiagrotpeti^ in 3llmapne,jrrattce 
^ Cnglanli tpon ftonp mofitaines ^ roug]^ 

place?* 3 1 is alio plate!) in biuer^^ garden?* 

^ The Tyme. 

3[t fiourefi^ in S^ap,3|ttne,anli 3IIttlp* 

e Names. 

|feDmcalti^i;9fl&erb m\^il[m Saxlftaga rubea.- 
in D^OpS Filipedula^OJ Philipedula.-in^talia 

?^panil^/'/%Wtf/-<:injfrenc]^ FiUpeffde^o^ 




the Hiftorie of Plan tes. 




y^T hi Mature or t^p^ramdjti 


»•% * 

5a^dp\jDiicteij8^ ^oate anS D,ip,bat not foil out uitlje tl)irtiet^egcee.* 

, C'o^ robteboplet) in tuirtfauti Uzon]^foT<i)i^jotJti againfl:tl)e3a;toppare/ojt J 
^trangiiirp.anZi againftalltljepapnejSfxifti^blaDDer^ttcattretl^onpto maU 
UJater.anotijteafeetJ^tl^eftcme*' u 

.d^eramcCS^ Kathew Syluaticus,^ Symon GenuenfisUO \Xi;tlte)iJSf betppZO^ 13 

''^'' ' againfl t!|e Sifeafe^ {jjzinging of coitle, toinDindfe, anT» blafttngs^ of ti^e 



taUen oj eaten voiti^meate.ittDittpitefcrtte amanfromt^efalUngficfenelTe* 

<t^f ^eDcttiurtc/oji #oate$ beattie. €t)ap«]c^t|t; 




^^TheD efcripion . 

X A €Uefu3eeteoi^eDeU)uitet3Pljic]^i;8f 

IVicalleD in Jlatine Vlmaria,anD Barba 

Capri,i^ati^ great long b^ioHeleaue^s: 
lifee (Cgrimonie.faning tljep be larger anD 
longer,rongl);bop(leou;8^ aiiD bartie,crom* 
pleO, anb ipiincUleli , lil^e to tl^e leaue^e: of 

25piclieoi(0lmetree^.'Cl)eftame iisbol* 
lo\u,fquare, ^rebbifl;, fometuneis: ajSlong 

a^ a man, anb bearetl^ at tl^e toppe a great 
tnanp of fmall floured, cluftering^ groto* 
ingtogitl^er Ifte tl^e bloioing of ftlipen- 
tittla,of colour tuljiteanb (Siuour pleafant 
tljetuljicl^ebo cl^aunge o^ tumeinto fmall 

feebe^, vui^iclje beaj^tljeptueretjotencl^eb 
0^ tuutl^en abottt^anb grotu ti^zee b^foure 
togitljer, lifeeto alittletJjarte*'Cl)e roote 
i^ long^blacfee vuitljout^anDbzotune-reb 
0^ incarnate XDitft in, of a llrong llauour ^ 
aflTingenttaftejIifee ^fee-feerneliSf^ 

4§f The Flace, 

3t grotoet^ in mebotueis?, anb moftp 
groant)e^;airo in (]^abo\jPieu30obbe;8^» 

;^ The Tyme. 

C]^fes:fterbe floured mofteoinmonlp in 


»i. Th € Names. 

Barba Capri fiue Vlmaria. 

V "r- 


%\^\Si fterbe if^ calleb iXi )Latine Barba Capri, vlmaria, anb Reglna prati; iti 

Cngliflt) #ebetx)iu:te,anb S9ebetoeete,anbof tome after tl^e ?Latine name 
(Boater bearbe:in Jfrencl)^4r^^^^c^r///'^.iii3^ouc^e liepnette/ anb grooteti 


^ The Nature. 

S9ebe\jDttrtebottbtle(reb.tie^ mucl&^anb i;8f a(h:ingent,UJl^erefo.:e it reftrap* 

netl^.mib bmbetb manifeiUi^^ 

^ The Vertues. 






The firft Booke of 


peti^ tl^elatt(e,anD all iKm of blouti 


Q f ti^e falfe ^ Baftart* i&etDt%b ^S, tl^ere are at Heaft f ottre J f iue fe^^ 


anD of t^em Cbme lie gtreat^and tsm i$ fmalL 

'^^^■.■^ ' 

Thalietrum magnum. 

Cl^e great 23aitai:D Eeiubarbe^ 


Thalietrum paruum. 

Cl^eCmaU25a(tarti Ee\])batbe. 





^The Defcripion, 

Tj^eRrftsreafCftalietronojidaftarMetubarbe^atl^ large leauejSfparteli 
ot fiuiitieti into Diuer^ otlier;5:,fomu)i^at ntcUt, o^^ Denteti about tbe el3ge$ 

t]^e(talHej8fareltea]^eDanD creiteH.of areHHepurpUfb colour:int1^e toppe;Q? 
of tb'efe WS^zi groti^etb manp fmall and l^earte u^bite floured : aftertbem co^ 
jnet^ (mail narrouj i^ulkeg Ufee col>5e$,foureojfitte grotuing togitfter: ttje 
i:ootet^peilot)3^long,rottnD>anD Knottp.anD it grotjoeti^farreaMoaDe in manp 
t)lace;8?.CftecoIottroftl^ebpperparteof^eleafe,i8(abito\Dne greene o;tlieepe 
gr eene, anD (bme are mo^e Oarlier anH bladder ti^an Cbme; hnt bnDer ^ep are of 
a ligbter colour* 

* CbJ^JDctonftfeinlieofgreattrbaUetrono^^SaltartiKetPbarbe bitf leauetf be 
of a ble\Difl^ greene colour, ^usf floured? be r elloto, anb W ftaftejS^ longer, ^ tbe 

I Cbe ti^irI^t;e;t?erpU)dlli]^e to t^firlt^tauingt^atbije^ fmall fo^ of 






the Hiftoric of Pkntes. 








aligtjtbletD colour. 

C^efmallC^alietrojiisflfeebnto tl^e abouefepUe^biituiaatel^ecW lefTe, 
W ftall^e^ be of a fpantie long, W Itmt^ht tl)innt ^ tmDer , ^ tberodteisf are 
finall^flenUeCjtijelittleflottre^SCotD togitberittfmaUbuutielfi^ oitiifteg?,of a 
ligbt pello\JD colour almoft tD^ite:auli it 10 alfo of aberp grieuo ujs: fauo ur* 

. il^The Place. 

i:be firft Wnbe oftentimes jrouieti^ in moptt mebotoeft ^ it is alfo founbe 

iduttbatiui^icbebati^ ti^epellotD, anbbioletcolour flotiretf,are biougi^tto 

i)S asftraungerftastbatWnbealfo istDitb tJ^eblacfeil^i greene leauek* 

4I^JheTyme. " ^ 

tlDi^ep ftoure moft commonlpinjttlp.anb aittgiift:* 

41^ The Names. 

31i^certapne3lpotl>ecariesllE;oppes tbep call tljis "fm^z of l^erbe Pigamum, 

anbbo erroniottilpbfe it fojiatte,\jol^ic]^ is calleD in CDieeike PeganoniCbecoitt^* 

monto^tecallit ahabaibarum,anbt^|erefo^eitiscalleb jfalfeo;t25a(l:arbEeU3 
barbe;btttmanpleameb men call it in <I5jieeliefl«x/HTeop, in )tatineThaii?trum, 


55uttl)efmalThaiiecruiii,isnot Hypccoon^astuei^aueti^ottgi^t iteartW* 

fl?^ The Nature. 

23a(tar& ISeiobarbeiSof cort^leirioni^oateanbb^^ 

^i5t■ The f^ertues. 

%Mt leaues of 23aftarbmetDbarbe,tafeen ixi meate 

Ojotbertoifelofet^ ti^ebriip^ / 

%^z rootes alfd D^oulb feeme to be of t^e fame nature 
atiDbertue:anbfoit]^iSconriberation parttp tbeptaere 
calleb EeU3barbe, g^partelp alfotbeptoere focalleb,bp 
caufetl^eir rootesare pellotu lifee lietubarbe^ 

Scrophularia maior 





t r>lRounetPurtel^atb afquare, bioume, l^ollotD (tafte, 
j3 large leaueS , xMt\^tX^ ojt Xsmttts rounbe about, berp 

lifeebnto jftettellleaues,but fmotl^er o^plapner.anb 
noticing (tinging 0,1 burning at all Ci^e fioures grotip a« 
bout tbe toppe of ti^e ftalfees, anb are fmall anb taujnep, 
l^ollotDlifeeabelmet,otafiiapleHiell^]^e feebe islmaU 
rounbe^popnteblifeeto (bme pietp pellots 0^ buttons* 
%\^z rooteis uil^ite anb Imobbp.lil^e ti^e roote of €>^pn 
o> )Lpblong,tD^erof toe baue fpofeen Cbap* 2 <^* 
Cbereisanoti^erfeinbeof^iS^erbeAiifeeto tljefirft 

butit biflTereti^ intberoote: fozi^is roote is not i^nobbp 

o^iftDoUen l&e to t^eotber,but full of tl^zebbii^ (Irings: 
otl^ervpife tbere isf no bifference bettDijrt tl^is i^inbe anb 
tfteotl^er^to^ici^ ti^ep call scrophularia maior: foi^ftalke 
isi alfo fquare, anb ^e leaueS Ufee to lietteU leaiies^ anb 
arecut,6(benteb rotmb about in l^emannettt^efloures 
are l&e to open pelmets aUb,^Ctfo ti&at oftentimes,^ ofe 




M uti 



The firft Booke oF 


a : %^m 10 pet a rijirHefemDiriuljlcl^ ts? noticing Ifte to tlje otl^er^, rauing onlj> 
in tt>efl0ttcej8f ant) feeDe, U)ljereiu it te? tjerplte to t^cotljfct ^aopl^ulamgx 
\iPfterefoze tueel^atte^tljottg^tgooD to malie mention of it in ti^i;^ place: W 
ftaltets^rigftt^oidraigi^tanl tounfie^'Cfteleauesfarelil^e to l^oqiietleaueiB^, 
but fmaller anU b;ioti3ner*t!i:i)e floured are lifee to tl^em af oiefaplie, failing ttjep 
betmalletan?j of abletue colonr , fttafeeO UJi^ fmaliaraHejsf of tui^ite* '^l)c 
roote ii^ tljietiUpjlifeetl^e roote of tl^e fecontHtinHeof Scrophuiaria,anD i^ ettei> 

laftiftg,pnttiug fo jti^ peardp netio ipmi^^^g alCa Do ti^ tl^e rooteg of tlje otftei? 

tVi)6 Sccophularies. 





^ r ^e Place. 




Cl^etVuo firfteWntie^Uo grotjp tretp plentifuUp in tftis? countrep, in t^ebo^t* 
tiet^ of fielDe^^anD bnDer i^ebge^panli about lafee^sf anb bitcl^e^* 

'Ci^e t^itbe iff not f ounb t^ere^but onelp planteb in gatben^sf* 

/ > ^'T^eTyme, 

Ci^ej> flonte in'^vixtt anb ^ulp 


Ci^efitfti;^ callebin^ljoppe^, anb of tl^el^erbonile?, Scrophularia maior. 

6t of Come Cafl:rangula,Ficaria,MiIlemorbia,Ferfaria; in Cnglifl;23,ZOUnet0ttlt^ 

lui^ uaatei: :23eto nr; in ijigi^^lmaigne23;tattn\tmrt|r,^att\Durt5, anb groC? 

I * 

i^eigtuartienUraut: in bafe 3llmaigne groot ^peenmipt gt l^elmcmpt^ome 
ti^infeeittobetljei^etbeti^atvGi caUcbin (I5,ieefee>«x/Htf>;suv«xio§^o\oii: in jLa* 

tUteCalcopfisanb Vrtkalabco. 







Cljelfeconb Ijati^ no certapnenamein jlatine,nbiof ti^e^fpotl^ecarie)? : but 
in bare ailinaigne it i$ calleb )3 eeefeieupm^anb ^.iM^xmxg empt: tljigf tt^oulb 

benxu^tvoH : Betonica Aquatica ScptentrionaliuuimTCngtit^ tl^atet I3et0np* 

%\^z tftitbe \$ bnfenotjoen anb toitl^ottt x^m , notttiitl^ftabing it map be ta* 

l^nfp^afeinbeof Gakopfis^bpcaufe^i^^oute iiJlil^e to an open^eUnet^ 

ii^T he Nature, 



1 Cfteleauetf, ftall^e, feebe, roote,^ iupce of ti^e rig^^t (15aleopfi«f, 03^ Bjoune 
tpurte^bofl^ uiatteanb biffbluealifeinbe^ of tujiio^tisf, foielling^, anb i^arbnelTe, 


%\^t leaneis? ftampte anb lapbe to olb,rotten,coirupt, (pzeabing anb frettiJig ^ 
Wcet]8f o^i^oclie;3f,bot!)beale tftem, it boti^ alto ^ealeCanfeeriSf', if it bepounb 
uiitb ^alte anb lapbe hereto* 

lifaman'ttiafte^igfacetJi^iti^tljeittpceofti^i^l^etbe^ittaHetl^ atoapt]&eteb*c 

Ci^e roote eaten b.tiet^ bp anb fee^etli tl^e l^emonrljoibeS: tl^elifee bertue it 30 
Ijatb tobepoimbanb lapbe too ontuiarblp* 'C^efeebe of :©iottneU)ttrtebzoiv 



^ feen M\t^ tDoime^^ 

d^efeconbUinbeCtbJjidjeijSf tl^etigl^tipatetlSetonp) \$ alto betp goob a- <0 
gainft all co trup t blcerjS anb conlUming (biei8f,beinglapbe too, agf tlK fitH^^ 
t^^^e tljirb u> not onelp bntootuenin tmme,but alto ixi bertue?^ 

M^ttht fiobme/)^pnfte neetile/anti ^to^bes bill/ 


toiti^ otl^er of t^etomei^inbe^ 

^ The Kindes. 


Tl^ ere i;^ founb in ^vg contrep biuetjof to jtejJ of ]^erbej8?,to]^fe feebeg be Ions 

^ (^arpelifeeto a]^earonj8; beaiteo}bpl;t^e tol^icti fo; tiiiefdf Dame caufe^ aire 


I L 

the Hiftorie of Plantcs 



allcompjtel^enlieUljnDertlienameanU Ktoe;e?of ]^eatonsf bill Cftettaooficft 
nuhtbtibzhhv Diofcorides.anD oti^u Of t^t mmimt'tx)nttx^:%^t tint otbtc 
are tttmptl) bp t^e later UJ.iptersf,anl> leameU men of our time. 

Tl^efirft feitiDe of o^eranion ojt ^ to^tcfee^s: hiWfyx^ leaue^s: are cut anU iaggeU 
mmanppeece;8f,l*etoCrotDfoote,bi^tolfee5^beaeuDer,anl> parteD into 
funDip b^aimci^ejBf, bpontubictj groiuetljfmai flouted (bmtobatltkerofe^, 
o^tbeftoure;3:of a9allo\ue;0f,ofaligbtmurrep ojtrelibe colour: after tbemcom^ 
metb little rouub l^ealiefttDitl^ fmallougbille;0f,lifee|iebel^,oili]fee t^ebeake;^ 
of Crane;sf anb l^earon^, tob^^tbe feebei^ contapueb : Cberootei^ tiielfee 
rouub,(^o?te,aub fenobbp^tDitl^ certapue finall ftriug^e: l^auging bp it. 


Geranium alten 


Geranium tcrtium. 










Ci^e fecottle to^icfte t^ep call feoue foo te,l&atl^ aMb final, tenber,l^eane,eiib 
b^wtJOuedbalfeeiBf : tbeleaues; are lil^e to ti^e foiauapailonj,cat roimbe about. 

i;i^e fiourejs? befmall,of a cleare purple colour, anb bo lifeetoife ttu^ne into little 
fenappei3f,05tbeab!8f,\uitbbilleftbutpetnot(b great ^longajsfftefira; Geraniu. 

tiDbe tbtrbelUnbe aUb ba^ tenber Oali^eis^, rounbe, anb tometubatb^n^ 

ftnaUleaue^f^cut a^it toere iulittle iaggesf oj^ peeceis, anb befoze tbe grotumg 
ip of tbeilalUej0J,tbeleauej0f lie fpjteabimj ^P o t^egrounb: tl^eflouresr arefinal, 
of apleafant lig^t rebbe : after ttjefe floured follovDeti^ certapue fmail narroto 
peafee;* oji beafee^ ai3^ in t^e ot]^er?:i:fte roote i? tD||ite,of *e length of a fiuger 





The firft Bookc of 


G e ra n i u m R ober tkniira 

Geranium gruinale. 

%l^tontG} Crane? bilU 


*- . 


4 T^i^e foure^ liafi^ dearie tolfee? l&e tJje bti^et^bttt all retilie , ttJiti^ tJioersf 

X iopntes^ anft lmot?,tl^eleatte?aremttc^ cut anD iaggeD,lifee to'Cftemiltoit 
CoiiatilierleauejSf^btttrclJtietatof amoze lot^^foinefmelU Ctiefitoutes^be 
ret)De,anDb:inget]^ fo^tl^fmaUbttUetjEf l*eiittelli^eatie;8f,iBitft C^atpebfile?* 
Cl^e roote i^ fometoi^at gremeof c oloim 

C^efifti^ is Ufee to ^e afo^etapDe, m W ^^^tit ftalltetf , teliDe floures, an& 
iltiatpebaies,(aumgti^at i^ijs^ leaueis^atemuci^mojte^ant) tieepercut^anOl^t^ 
flo urejs? be ibmeiui^at greater^ 

Ci^eCijct^ iS ifte tl^e f ottrt]^;m fmall, tueaHtenDer Aearp ftalfeej^, in leauetf 





Deepelpcut;mCoureMnbbtaanc^e;6f, (atungt]^att]^eaallre;8^of tl^eftfti^i^uiDe: 
tio gtrotjJlongetanH ftigi^et, tfte leaue? be greater, ani) tl^e flouretf larger Ipl^c 
l)nto Uttelliaofe;^* Cl^erootei? long anli moft comonlp all retitie anl» (angurne 

%Mt'^tn^ ]^a^ alfc long retjUift, l^earie ttaifecis?, auD great leaues, l?fee 

Croi3i)fodte,but larger,l^iS floury are bleiu,after \x>W^z ti^ere commeti^ foiti^ 
Ctaail beeUeg o^bflle^^aiJ in tl>e ofi^ Hrntieff ♦ Clje roote 1? tl^^^ 

mani> fmall ftrmgs^ 






Cftefe tjerbes Do groto of ti^einfelue?, uf barren fan6|> grounlje? , bp i^ujfti 
tDap CitJejSf.anU bo;ttieri0f o£RelUeg«i^erbemobertel*etoae grotoet^ about om> 
malleAanH otte tplel);Oiftone i^ealelii^oufes?* 

Ci^ettuoo laft i^inOes are not founl» in tW country, feuing m garJenis? 


ta^ere a? ti^ep be plantelk 







the Hiftorie of Plantes, 

Geranium haematites. 

Geranium, batrachlodes. 

Gratia D ei,o.i 23affinet G cfa- 
nium^O} CrbU)fOOt^ G eraniu. 



V K 






tc^ep flotttemoO: commDtil|> in # ap anH ^ime, an6 ftrmttuttr^: alfdma" 

pjfll5eQ)eciaUpfte ftrftfemHe* 

A T/^tf AT^wrj 

311 t^efe fterbe^B? are calleti tip one <5;te^ename >s^«wop, t^at ief to fap,te)Latui 

G eranium^G ruinajO^ 

in 3UAim Roftro M Crua : ixi ^pauiCb Pico de 






anD Geranium fupinum: in (0ngli(& ^to^fee;8fbpll,}linlteneeDell,anboffomcf 
iS^oftl^atarin Ijigi^ ^^Imaigne^toitfeenfiiabel: inf rencl^ ^^z ^/f^rx^f • in bafe^l^ 
maigne ^ptuaertfbecfe, J Cranenljeck* 

'Ci^efeconDi^caUeD Geranium alterum, 'Geranium Columbinum,an6 Pes CngliHt) ^oue l^ottnnfxu^pudde Pigeon: ixi^i^ aaouc^Jaaii' 
benftti^:in bafe mimaigne J^ttpiienuoet* 

'C^et]^irti^faUeDin(l;oppe;0fRoftrumCi(roni^,anb Geranium 

^llmaigne £>peiiaei:fbecfe,oz Cranenbecfe. 
%\\t fourtb Pintle of tijefe ljerb;9f,t;6f a feinbeof sideritis of ttje 3lttnaentft^ t^ 

CaUeb of BioffOZtbe^ Sidcrltis tercia,anb Sideriris HeracJea.notP tbef? call it Ru- 
bers, Kcrba Roberti,^ Robertiana^ft Geranium Robertianu: in CngllH^ ^tt^t 

mobert: in free!) Herhcnohertin\^\%\^^tm\^ mubzed^t^ferattt^^cbartenlferattt, 
an^ 3f fome feleui ^cboluiurtj^inbafe 3lmaigiie ivob^ec^t^ crui^t 


The firft Booke of * 

5 C^eftft^ i^ calleb Gminalis, ^ Geranium gruinale UllCugllf^ €tmtgM\t 

in ftigl^ JBoiicl^ &ramc!)i}al;sf:in bafe 3ilmaignc Craenl?al;3f* 
^ Ctjerijctl^ is^calletJ int;fsi^ Jaouci) Bluttuurt^m bafe3lmaignei3loettDO^ 
tdej^ati^torap;ti)eSansiuneroote^oj23louDroote: auDGeranium Ha^ma- 
todes,foui^erame caufe. 


Ci^efcuetitl) 10 called Gratia Dei:mCngl((t)alfo Gratia Dei:23affmet<il>era^ 

nittm^anDCroefcroted^eramttm: mljigljJaottci^e (l3otte5^gtiati;,t^at 10 to fap, 
t^e<15i:aceof (i5oD:mbafeKilmaigae<l^olit$^gljmat)e, anDblautu }3ootetlJloe' 

in0U,atll> Geranium batrachiodes. ^The Nature. 

, 'C^e mofl: part of ti^efe Ijerbe^^are o^aD^piugteperature, (bmealfo are clen* 
(utg.^i^auepoiDertoiopne tpgittjero^ftittlDer^lmtiti^uotinttci^ bfeDtottjat 



^ The Fertues. 




d^eroDteofti^efirfttaUenrntDmepUiittetijaujapaiiti liealetlj alblaaingjBf, 3 
anJ)xi)inlimeireof t^e^atrijr ojS^oti^er^itp.zouoifeetljlj^pne^aril) i^tjerpgool^ ' 
f o^tti^em tl^at Ijatie ti^e ftoue* 

Ct)e fecbnD(a;s:^ ^^uticietiW ^p)i0 not gooD in S©eDicpne.^ot\]Pitlj(lalimg 33 
at ti^i^ timCyit i$ miicl^ bfeti agaiuft al tuountieft ^ Wzt^ybmiQ lapH ti^ertjnto* 
" ^erbeiaoberteDoti^ftanci^etljeblottti ofgreeneXDoimDe^^^tobebzuTeD auD C 
lapUeti^eretO;a$ Diofcorides fait^ 

Ci^e fame l^erbeCag !)ati) bene pioueti Cti^ence Diofcorides time)i0 finguler 5^ 
againfl: tl)efoie;s^ ^ tjlcerisf of ttje ^appe^,^ ti^e puuiemeber;3';efpectaUp of men, 
if it bepountie 'jlapUe tl)eret3ntO;Oitttl^eittpce tljerof be DzoppelJ ojtpoureD in* 

C^eDecoctionof i^erbeliobertecuretlj tl)e co^mpt tjlcerft anU rotten tbiejE? (C 
of ti^e mottti^.anU amentietl) tlje (tintog of t!|e fame^ 

Ci^ereftare notbfeti inmeHicine* 


^f |>ea ^vifolp ano^pl&stbutte* €i)atujC]C^tm 

^ T/?f Kmdes, 

•J'l^erebetlDOfeptie^ of S^pliketMurte 


U)]^ereofonei)8^ called Giaux^anli t^t otl^er Poiygaia. 

m name ana figure 


fl^flfeetDttrte.oifea'Crpfolp* ' 

Poly gab. - S©ilfee\j3ttrte* 





fc » 

lU Hiflorie of P kntcs, 

^ The D efcription . 


UHeU3ttrte Ijattj manp fmal ftemjncjsf,eQmitt 






., ^_^„, ,^^,_tdot^> 

X tije (iaj?t^ fealfee^ be uj'eafee anH ten^er,^ of l^atf c a foo tc l^ig;?, ^pou U)^icl) 
grotPet^finalUongleaue^^Ufeetl^ermaUeftlcaue^ of )lentiUe0 ; au^ are 
Vul)iter ijutjernetft ti^e leaf e tljan aboue ♦ -Ci^e fioiire^sf amongft t^e leauc^, are 
UHe to <0tilofloure;s,bttt fmaUer,of colour purple atiU incarnate ^C^erbbtc i^ 
rmal,fullof Ijearietl^^eeDeftanU creeping alongfttj^egro^uSe* 

Ctje feconl) feinUe of apilfeetpurte calleb in)latine po i i§aia,t5 a fmalll^erbei 
toiti^flenDer pliant (temme^ of tjooo^^p fubilance, aisiongajs^ amau^bantie 

tiUo;tfmalll^pfope*'Cljeflottre^grotD fom^uljattbicfee about t^eftemmeMot 

ta\t)nep,fometimejSf bleu)e,anti Cbmetime0 toljite a^ fnotu, tuit^out fmell oi Ca^ 

uour,after xuljicbe fioure;8?,tljere commet|i fmaircoDlie;S,ozpur(re0,Ufee to ti^em 
of BuifaPaftons^butfmaller, anbcouereU bpeuerpfiijetiiitbcnmllleaueief ,Ul^e 
littell \»inge;s^,Clie roo te i;5 ftenDer anb of tjooobbp (Ubftance. 

4^T he Place. 

tlDftefira^ilfeetDurtegroiDeti^in Idtu e aite marll) etf , anb tuater? place? 
nigfttlje^eatl^oiougbout allZealanb* 

C^e feconb grbtuetft int^iv l^eatbe^f.anb commoni9f,bp tl^e \^vsfy toap (Ibeft 



GJaiixfiourettj in ^uneanb Julp* 
Polygaiaflouretl^ in S^apabout tijie iSoga^ 

^ tion;,oi<^angU)eefee,tfteu)i^icl)tbe3lm^ne;0f 
caUCrupfebagbto>^ti^erefo,ze ti^ep call tbem 
CrupfbloemUenisf > a;8f Tragus tljat countrep 





^ The 1st antes i 



%\it f irft is calleb in (Biz^t >x«v| . nsu y«x«|, 
S7x«|:in}Latine Giaux,anb Giax,tbati5to Cap, 
to c0nglill) ^ilfee\i3urte:inf recb HerbeAuUia: 
ixi Jaoucl?^ilci^feraut,anb a^elckrupt* Tur- 

tiercalletb it^eaCrpfolp* 

CljeCeconbi? calleb yrowVxop .Poiigaia^ti^at 
i? to fap, tl^e fterbe bluing plentp of milfee , bp 
tui^icl^ name it is? notfenotDf ,foj^tbe 3(ilmapne? 
call it C rupfblo erne* 4f ^^^ Nature. 

:23otb tbefe ^erbeis: are^oate anb mopd;^ aiaf 

Galen fapt^* 

^- The Vertues, 



Cl) e f irf^e tal^en \s)it\i meate , bnnl(e> bi pb 
fege,ingenbteti^ glentp of mUfeetti^erefo^e it is 
goob to be bfeb of ^urfe;6^ ^at lacl^mflbe. 

C^efimebertuel^at^ Poly gala, tal^entjpitl^ 

liig Icmts anb fio att0^ 

^ThejSefcfiftm. . 

P)tWxttv ^t i^aritoj^p Qat^ rounbe tenber^ 
tl^oiougl^ ^ixm%j $ biouine rebbe (talKejOf; 

tl^eieaue^ be (ougi^ $ (btmii^at bpabM^e 

Mo. Bot. Garden, 







The firft Booke of 

ti^edeittme^ainongfttfteleattes:* Cl^efeeDe i;Sblaclte auD becpOnaU^coucreD 
tDitb alittellrottgb btt^^ o?coate,ti)]^ic]^e]^anget^ fefte bpon ga?,nent$ ♦ 'C^^ 

irootei? fometPftat reUDe* 

^J* rt^ P/4<:f . 


3t fiouretlj mod commonlr in 3ttl^ 

«5* !r>^^ Names, 


'Ci^i^b^bei^calleD m<l5;teeferU|n/KHs«i7rie«r/Kiop:m)tatuieMaraiiumPc^ 

'dicium^^tl VrceoIariSjatltlOffomC Paricuria^Muralis,^ Perdicalis:(n^bopp0j8f 

Paritaria : in Italian ^4 «/rrr^/4 .• m ^panifl^ TeruaMmuro, AlfdhaquiUa del mure, 

Aifahaquiiia de cuiebra •• in Cuglil^ ^anetatp , ^ellitojtp Of tfte i^ail : in bio^ 
teoucftj Cagbnt) nacljt, ^♦^etei:^: femut, (Blaf^i^raut, S^aurifemttt : inbafe 
3ilmaigne}^arietatie^anti(^larcrttpt •^rhe Nature. 

^mttmc i^ Ibmetpbat colDe ^ mopft.ti^toingnete to ameane teperamrc* 


^arietoiieiis: Riijaler ajaina c^olerifee inaammatiou;^,ti?e Difeafe calleD 3( 
3[5ni^ Cacer, ^♦3Sntbome^ fpze; fpteaDing anti mnuing Co^eft burning^, anU 

ainopntmeutmalietDitljtbeittpceof t^i^berbe anD C^ufe, i^ berp goo6^ 

againft all boate blcersf ,Q)^abing ant) confuming fo3te;B?,bo ate btttning,fcump, 
anb ^icabingCcabbe0,anI) fticb Ufee imp ebimentia?* 

Cbcfameiupcemegleb vnitb^^eare fe\j3et,i5^ goob to annopnt tbe feetea-C 
gainfttbat liinbe of goute,tt)bicb tbep calH^obagra* 
. Cbe Came iitpce mengleb tjjitb ople of Eofe^?, anb bidppeb into tbe eareft 3a 
ftjoagetb tbepapne^ of tbe fame* 

Cbebecoctiono^^bj^otbe of i&arietojttebionfeen, belpetb Cucbea^^arebeiceb <t 
\)DitbanolbeCoiigb,tbegrattellanbttone,anb i^goobagainft tbe btfficultie 
anb (topping of bitne.anb tbat not onelp tafeen iniuarblp.but alCo lapbe to out 
tuarblpbpontberegionoftbeadlabbet, in manec of a fomentatioo? a tjuanne 




<9^7heKindes, » 

iKLtbougbPiofcoridcs anb PHnie,baue luzittenbut of one KinbeofA!^ 

finc,oiCbiffeetDeebe,neuertbelel(e amarimapfinbe in mo ft place;8f of 

bi0 eounttep , biuer^ tbzte$ of berbe0 compiebenbeb bnber tbe name 

of Aifine 01 Cbici^eiweebe.ottet anb bpRbejS^^attubicbe is^ foimb in fait 

gtottnbe0:ujbeteof tbe fitft, anb rigbt Alfmc ig tbat tobicbc Oiof corides atib 

^e^uncientiaf bauebeifcrfteb* 

i^ The Defcriftion. 

Ti^e great Cbicl^etoeebe batb funbip bpzigbt^ronnbe, anb fenobbp ftalltej8»^ 
"Cbeleaue? grotue at euerp iopnt oz Ifenotte of t\^z ftalfee, atoare^ ttpoo 
togitber,one biwtlp ftanbmg agapnft an otbcr,mectelp large^fometime? 
almoft of tbe bj^eabtb of tujoo finger^B;, not mucb bnlii^e parietozp leaned, but 
longer anb lelfebearie: about tbetoppe of tbeb^uncbesf ,amongO;tbeleatte;9f 
grotDetb rmaUftemmeS,tDitbUtteUifenoppe;e?,tbe tubicbe cbaunge into finall 
tPbite floures? bieprip cutt anb fnipte, after tbe floiuresf pee [l)aU pcrcepue 
bud^ejB^o^Cobbe^Cbmetub^tlong anbrounbe^iobereinUetl) tbeCeebe* Cbe 

tubole l^erbe botbe t|ot biffer mucb fromparieto^zp.foz bi^fi^emme^ alfa be 




the Hiftoric of Plarttes. 

" mmmtmnmt mt^hmt op toujer^mrat^att^eleauei^beloti* 



J K 


Alfines fecundum genus. 











CftefeconUfelfte to tl^e great C^tcfeeVueetie^toingti^atittefmalleranb 
potuet]^ not l)ptig]^t>but Uet$ anli fp;(eaDet]^ bpon tl^e grountJ.C^e leauejs; are 
ittuc^ ftnaller, grotuing ttuoo anti ttuoo togitl^erat euerp iopnt Clie fioureft 

I^ufliej5:antifeetiei;8^lil^etl^e great Cl^tcl^etpeetie^Ci^e rootei^ati^ manr fmaU 
dearie tftjeUUe^* 

Cfte tftirDeattU ftttaUeft €hicf^mttht,i0 not much bnlfte tl^e feconU, hut a 
great Dealefmaller mall r eQ) ect ejs^;, in (b tnucl^ tl^ati^i^e: (temme^ be Iti^e bnto 

fmaUt]^jeiJDeftanftl)i;6^leaue;8^ no bigger tl^enCpme, otl^ertoape^Jit i^lpfeeto 

C^e fourth kinbeftalleU of tl^e bafe 3(llmaigne;0f l^oenl)erbeet)tl^at i$ to fap 
#enbit,batj^ manp rounbe ^ b^arieftemmeia^^'Cbe leaner befometu^at rounb, 
ftearie,^alittle(nipt ojtiaggeti about ti^eeDgejaf^oti^ertDifenotmuci^ bnlifeetlje 
l^mxt0 of great C^trt^etoeebe* %l^t iomt^ be bletu o^ purple, ^ bo b^ing foztli 

fm^UcloCefenappe^ ojt]^ttffee;0^,intuftici^i;8?inclofeb tl^efeebe* 

Ci^efiftftfeinDe i^lifeetotl^^ijBfljearieaemme^.flijSleauejsfbe 

longer ^narrotuer^anb iaggebrounbe about, ti^e floure^e^of adeare ble\u,t^e 

feebe is inb^oabei^uCUe^,a;6^ tbe (eebe of veronica o} laauleio^ :5etonj[' 




The firft Bookc of 

Alfincs tertium genus. 


Affincs quartum genum. 


Alfines quintum genus. 



"mW^ ScoM)tt\^ onelp in^alte grounti, liu to 

c^ieflp Ifte to tl^e fecrniD Kutne, failing ti^at ^lysf 
(lemmejgf are tfticfeer ^ (l?ojiter,anti tlje fenot;8^ o^ 
iopntejBi ftaiiDe nearer one to an oti^er* tiD^e 
leauejS^ are tl^tcfeer^ij tftel^u(l^e;8:be not long but 
fiat;»rountie,anl» (bmeiol^at (quare o^ co^nereft 

^ l&eagreat^aftingo^garHepeafe.euerpi^unte 
l^auing ti^tee o^foiireljjott)nefeeDe5^,^tooft o J 

tt)tq uant it ie o f a t) etcl^ e^ 

%l)t great C0iei^e\DeeDe grouiet^ in mopft 
fjjafiotop placed, inl^eDgeiof ^ buTOejBf, amongft 
otl^er fterbes : infucft l&e placets? pe ftiall finUe 
inflate grottnl>e;8f,bp ti^efea filie* 

•Ci^efel^erbejS t>o mod comonlp floure about 


f^ The Names, 


.Cl^egreat C^>i*etoeeliei8fc^eliin<i5jteefee^^<r;vH,in5Latine Aiflne,ant> of 
Ibmelatetujiter? Hippia maior : in Italian P4;?4r/»4,ana centonc bnlfenotpenta 
^eapoti^ecarieiSf* . 

Ci^efeconftjii^irDjarecalleBoft^e^Epoti^ecarieia^Morrus galling, jHippiat. 5 





the Hiflorie of P lantes. 

trerbifKinbafe^llinaignetEogelcruptjl^oenDcrbeet; anD clepneu^urc 

4 Ci^e fou'ctb airo i$ calleD of fomisj Morfus gallina-: ill l^iofy JDoucl) ^uuer 

bif? : inbafe^lmaisuel^oentJerbeet: it map alfobe caUeli infmul) Morgdme 

Bajiarde. * , * 

5 'Cbe f iftl) lis? calletJ of ti^e l^igl) 3^lmaigne;8? ^imeris^ ecbpOf ti)e bareKllmaineisf 
i^oeiioei; erue^tliatfe^ to IVip,ttjel^enne^rigl^t,o,i!^eiine;s? intjeritanceut i$ alfo 

CallCb in ftZXlil] Moron Baftard.Moron njtoletytiXCSy Odldc Chat. 

6 %^z tiiot^ y U)1)icl)c groU)etl) vx falte groimDe;9?, Ujee map call Alfmc marina, 
tljat ijb: to Cap; &)ca CtjicUexueebe. 

4§c The NAture. 

CljickeujeebciScollieautJmopftpmrubllaricemiici^lpi^ej^auctozie, as Ga- 


4^ The Fertues, 

\ cl)cgreatC!}icUeiPeetiepount)e,auDlapl>etotljeepeS;Oitl)e iupfetljereof:X 
fttalieD i)poiiti^eepci3^,iS goob agaiult inflammation^ anb tlje^oatc blcer^ of 

^^z famebfeb inmanner afotefapbe.anb lapbe to t^eplace.ijs? goob againd; 3 
aUi^oate blcer^^tl^at be^arbe to ciire, but efpeciallp tijofetOjoutc tljepipuie 


Cljciupcet^ereof bioppeb into tlie eare^pi^goob agapnd t'^e papnc aiib C 

gtiefe of tbc Came* . 

t. X Cbe fmaUCbKlietuecbe,anb flpeciallp tlje feconbUinbe^bopleb in tuater anb & 


falte,is a foueraujne cemebic againd tl^e fciinip fjeate anb itc^e of tfte Ijanbes 
if tftepbeoftentDaf(l}eb otbatljeb in t^efame* 
^eaC^icifeeujeeDejferueti^to nofenoujenbfe* 






togitljer fl-anbtng onebirectip againft an ot^er,ti^cp arefmall^ blaclii(l;e, 
anb CbmeiiJ^t long; anb fl;arpe popnteb, abnoft lilie to t\)t eai*e of a ^^ oufe o^ 

^^ttfeeareX^ oiofcorides faitb)l)atbmanpfmallanb(lcnber ftemme^s^, 


a;9^ a f ingar* 

, Ctjerei^petanotljerl^etbepluljicl^efomel^olbefo? ^oufe twct:%\^i^i^tk 
lotD l^erbe moft commonlp fpieabing bpon tbe grounb; enuironneb ^ fi^t about 
toitl^afine anb foftel)eare;tbe telle iSberp lifeetl^e feconb CbicUe\ueebe,foiit 
i^atli manp dearie ftemme^.c omming foitbjof otie toote,of a rebbifl?e o;t taiunie 
colour bplouj^Ci^e leaned be long cougb;^ l)earie,mucl) lil^e to a Sl^oufe eare, 
tlje fmallfloure$ be \xi\^\^z, %\)Z\i\xd^z^ fomexubat long.lifee C^icKeiueebe 
^vi^z^.Wf^t rootete? berp tl^iebbp* 
5 25pfibes t^efe tU)o tljere \$ pet a Wnbe of fl©oufe eare, tobtcl)c fpzeabetlj ot 
* creepetl^ notbpon tlje grounb , but (lanbetb bptigbt , grouitngamongi]: ot^er 
^erbeftlpifeeto tljeotljerS in Itemme anbleaue^;butit t^greateranb of colour 
tpi^itepfauereb ouerioitt) aclammp JBotune;0,t Cotton,in baubling a3^ tbougb 
it ujerebebeujeb ormoplteneb tuitlj l^onie , anb cleaueti^ to tl)c fingers * 'WMz 
fioure^sf come foztlj of fmalUnoppe;8^ ojt buttons, as ixx tbe feconb Uinbe ♦ %\)t 
CobbeSptuljerein iS ti&efeebe,areabnoft iiue to tbe feebe belfeis of ujpibe I'vofe 

€ ii\ Auricula 






The firft Booke of 

Auricula muris Matthioli 



r > 

• Auricula muris^quibufdam* 





tztg 0f fielDeS.anli bp tijeujap fffie;ag C!?u:feeti3ee6el>otl| 



Cljep ffottrein 3Ittiie ana Jul? 

A^ The Tyme 

*5» T^f Names 




SIpottfe eareijQf calleU md^teeHeiuvoi «t«: in TLatine Auricula muris,t^art;^to 
feP;^oufe eare: in Jaoucl^ ^euf^o^lutrinbafe^&lmaigne a^uj^Ojuiten* 

Ci^e t\jDo otljii:^ ate counteD of fomefoi S^oufe eare, pet ti^ep fi^ouilifceme 
ratl^et: to be of t^e feinlieiaf of Aifinc 0^ Ci^icieujeei^. 

^T he Nature. 

oitfe care, Djiet^ Ujitl^ out anp Ideate* 

. JjfTheFertues, 

a^mife eatepountiei^elpetft muci^ againft ti^e f iftulajaf , anti Mcecie^ , in t^c 3 

CO jner0 of tbe epe;B?,to be lapDe tijereto* 

3manmapfinl)eamon5fttbetD.ipting;B:oftl>e(EgpptianS,t]^atif a botrpbe 15 

mbbenintl^emominjeatlp^befoiel^eliat^ (pollen, at tfte firft entrance of ti^e 
monetli of 3[iiiguft,tDiti^ tJ^ts^berbV^tt^ataU ti^eneirtpearei^el^alnot brgreueH 
Uiitbblearefi 02 (bzeepeis^ 

4^f ptnraetnelU 


4^ r^<r JT/WiCf 

•T^^ere be ttpo ft?te$ of #impemelU ti^e onebat^ reMe 8oure;^,ant> \$ calleft 
^ale^imperttell,tl^ept^er^ati^bleto 8ourei8:,anb is calleO female pinv 




the Hiftoric of Plantcs, 

Anagallis mas. 

Anagallis foemina. 


ant) itfpjteaDet^ outeepetlj tpon tfte grounti* Cljeteatteisi^efitt^^l&etlie 
leanest of ^il)t)leCl?icifeeujeeDe, but toanDer,anl>greene aboue,but bii* 
ftemetljof agrapif^ecolour^anH pouDereti full of fmall blacfee (jpecUe;8:^ Cl^e 
fioure2:oft^emaletoDeberetitie,biitt!)e Sourer of ti^efemalekinD^ ai:;eof a 

fap^e Adjure colour* Cbefeebe is; contapneD in fmaU rounT)UttellbolK©ijBf,oj 

^The Place. 

3t grotuet^ plentifully in tpUeb fieHie;8f, an!i aUb in faifteiwf awcmgftiJtt 
l^erbe;5,anD euerp tpljetebp toap fiHeie:* 


3t floutetl^ all tl^e^ommer^but mod in H^uO:. 

H-l ^€ Names. 

%\0\^txhz is calleb in <0;teelteanb in)Latine iv«>«MfV,anU of (bme (asf Pli- 
niefapti^) Corchorus : in^panift cMuruges ixi Cngli(ft l^iittpernell: inftmt^ 
fMor<^tt : mh tl^at tobifi&e bearetl^ ti^e purple fiourciBf i$ c^leb afib in ^eke 
Ko^aMiop. Coraiiium a;s» Paulus A egi n eta in l^i^Ceuentli ^ool^etutttetl^: tui^igi) 
3©oucft d^aucl^^epUin bafe3Unaigne<l5upc^^l^^ 

AThe Nature or temperament. 



4^ The Vertues. 

:|&impernellbdpleI)in\DineanlJDmfeen,i0lin5ttferag^nftt|e bptmgs^of 31 
tenemotsTe beaft0,an& agatnft t^obllructiDn^; an^ &t^^N»v irfti^eUi^ 

f^^epapne anD grief e of tl^e ^pDnepie^^ 

» 4 ^ 

Cm 9 m * 





L ' 


The firft Booke of 

il\)cinptt of ^impcmcUfuifteinto t\)C 0oM)imc0 , nzatDCt!) hoimu from 15 
tfte!)eat) pljlegmatique atiD naiigi^tie ]^ttinoz^;auD openettj tljc cotiuitc^ of tl)e 
^ofetalfo it l)ealetljt!je tootle acl^e^tui^ainti? put mtot^e^ofcoix tl;e cou= 

ttarpflDe of t!ie grief e* 

^Bimpemell laptietjponco.tniptanti feftereD tlcersf, otfrettingfoie;^, Dotl^e C 
rt mfe auD ft eale t\) t feme. 3lfo. it Biatu e t!| f o itft tl? o me;s? ^ Ip liut er^ di H) uier.^, 
if it b e Iniireli anti lapti e t p o ti tt) e place 

3Iti;s;airo tjerp gooD againft tljeinflaitt)nation>o,t fteate of tfte epe* 

Cftc iurf eof t^efamemingleD \Ditft ^oitpjauti {traUcD^oi often put iuto tbe C 

e2?e;s^, taHetlj auiap tfte iJimneffe of tlje figft t 

3|t i0 unitteu of tl)efe fterbe^s? , tftat tft e i^ iinp eruell itJitft tfte bletu floured, f 

Uotbfettell^ftaptftefalUnglioujneoftlje fiege oz great gutte: Znt> tfte otfter 

toitft tftercDBefloureD,iaU3etft itfoitftof fti;5place* 

4^f f ratttfec oj f)purrp. 


^jhcD cfcrip ticn. 

Spixnp ftatl) rouD ftalfee^ , UJitlj tft;ee 
01 fourefenot^ oziopnte;8^, about tfte 
\joftic{)egro'ijDctlj a foite of terpnar- 
rou) rmaUeaue$';Compairing tije ioi?nt;sf 
iufafil;iouofa^tarte: attftetop oftfte 
aalfee^ it b^iiugetft fooztft manp Quail 
luftitefioures^, after tftem tljere cometft 
fmall pellets oibullet^siike Kline feeDe, 
\Dft erciui^ coutapneD blacKe feeDe* Cfte 
roote i;3:flent)er,anD of afiugetlengtft* 

«Jc- ThePUce. 

^purrp groipetft moftcommonlrpiu 
fieirje;Q:,U3fterea^ tfteptjfeto foxueit" 

4^T/j€ Tyme. 

t ttouretft foi tfte ntoft parte in 3^ap 





V \ 




wv ^'' w M r fl ih ^ 










5; w/ 
















:S^ The Names. 


%\)\$ ijerbc \% calleD in (^nglin^e 
f raucfeejbifaure of tbe pzopertie ii ftatlj 


to fatcattelU31ti^airo calletJ inCuglifl; 

S>purrie, ^ fo it i;^ in jfreucfte ^ 33oucft: 

loliereof fpitangtbe iatin^ nmneSpcr- 
^ula,t3nfenotijenof tfte ^potftecariesf , ^ 
fijc olDeft iu?iter;9^ alfo,U3t)erfo.te it ftatft 

none otfternametl)ati;6?]^nou>eut)nto \si 

41^ TheVertMS. 

^purr? v^ gooD fourage o;t fotilJer foi ^jren $ \yt% foi it cauCet!) fepen to K 
peelDcftoieof milUe^anD tfteteifo^e it is^ calleD of fome Polygaia^anti otfter pzo 
pertie^itftatft uot^tftatareaiSpetlmottiem 





Tri^eleaueis^ of 3grimonie, are long, ^Ijeariepgreene aboue;, ^ fomloftatgrap 

bnDer,parteD into Diuersf otfter fmalleattesf, fnipterounti about p etjgejs: 

aUnoft lifee tft e leaue;8( of i^ emp.tiDft e (lalHe i^ of tu) o f o o te ^ a balf e 15 g, oz tlj er 

aboutftrougft gtftearie,tjpon\xil)icfte grotD^tb nmnp finall pellou) doureia?, one 

I aboue 




the Hiftorie of Plante^I 

aboue an otl^er bptuatUe^ tdtriatDejg tl^e 
toppe, after t!je flouted cornet]^ ti^efeeUe / ^ 
tbmetDi^at long anU ton%\^ liU tofmall 

being ripe,Do ^ang fafte bpon gannentis?, 
UJi^an one botl^ but ftarflp touc^e it Cl^e 
rootei^s: meetelp greaf4ong,anti blacfee* 

^ The Place. 

^grimoniegroiuetbin placejs; not tpl^ 
letijinrongljftonpmoutapne^pin \0q,z% 

anU Copfe^BJ^anD bp ujap Itbe^s?. 











aigrimome fiourett) in 3Ittne, anft %u 
Ip^Cb e f eeb e i^ t ip e in 3iignft*'Cl) zlf^c^ 
monie t^ati^ to be occupieb in mebicine 
mnUt be gati^ereb.anb b;tpeb in iS^ap* 

iS. The Names. 

aigrimonie i^ caUeb in d^.ieefee ^'uTTftT^S- 

^io[^ Ks« «7r«T«^ioi; : in X'atine fiupatorium, 

anb Hepatorium:inC^0ppe]8? Agrimonia: 
of fome Ferraria minor , Concordia, anb 

Marmorella.-in^panill; ^gramama-in^n^ 

gliflS) 3lgrunonie: inftmc)^ Eupatoire, o} 

i^igremomem\^i^\^ JBoiiclj €>bermenic^ 
2a^uc]^tDurt$:inbafe atlmaigne aigrimo 
nie, :^ of fome jLeuercmpt , t^at i^ to l^p 




^ The Nature. 

aigrimonie i^ Of fine anb fubttll parte^^toitl^ottt anp manifeftijeate, itljat^ 
po\j)er to cut in funber^tjoitlj fome aOrictiom 


Cl^eJaecoctiono^ btotbeof :^gnmoniebionfeen,bot]^ clenfe anb open tl^e 31 
ftoppmgs? of tljeltuer^anb bot^ (hrengtgen t!)e fame,^ i? Qjeciallp goob againft 
tfte ttieafeeneOe of tbefame. 

atgnmoniebopleb in \xsint anb bzonfeen, ^jelpetft.againtt dje bptings? of b^ B 
nemouj9?beall:;g:ti^efamebopleb intbater ftoppetb tJ^epilfing of bloub* 

Cbe feebe tl^erof b^ionHen m 'xssinZy i^ finguler agamft ^e \Am\i^^ fiire anb c 

Cbe leaue^^ of aigrimonie pounbe voitl^ S^UJine;^ greafe, anb lapbe too s 
l^oate, botl^ cure anb §ealeolbetpottnbe;0f, ti^atarel^arbeto clofeoi b^aujeto a 



r g 

i^erebe funbip feinb e;6? of ]&erbe;9fcaUebin)(latineHcpaticao;tiecora- 
ria,t]9atij6?tomp,?LpuertPurtej9?, UJi^id^earecommenbeb, anb foiinbe 
goob agapnft tl^e bifeafeis^ of t^e %^vm, tu^ereof tuee (l)all befcribe 
Vmz^in^t% v\ ti^i0 d^aptec bnfenotuen to tl^e olb \3j1pter0.Cbe ttuo 

fitfl:Uinbe]8fate23aftarbe3tgrimome*'Ci^e tJ^irbi^^d^zeeleaueb ^grimonie, 








The firft Bookc of 

\ »i 

Pfcirdohepatorium mas. 

Pieudohcpatorium foemina. 

:6a(tdr& Zstimonic females 




f * 













* .tk 


W ffi^ ^/ 









^ The D efcripion . 




l^emale 2Baftatliea[ijtunome,i&at]^ a long roimD ftalfee , full of toljitepit^ 

toit^iri^at tl^eujl^icl^e gtotoetl^ longblacliift leaueis^^Cbmeujl^at roiigl^ anti 

j^earie^^tpte aul) cut rounfi about, almofl: Itlte tbe teaue^ of l^empe y an& 

bitter. 3t t^etoppe of tl^e fitaU^e^ grotoetb mauprmaUfloure;3^,of iucarnateco 

lour,clu(lermsoit9rotDmgtl^tel^etogtti^eriutufte$,t]^e tul^tc^e bemsAxitti^e 

reH ant) cl^aungeD into feelie^it fleetly atuai' tuit^ t\^t luinDe.C^e roo te i;8^ full of 

Cbefemale23aaarb Slstimome^i^ati^ alfo a tout) purple Clause, about tl^^ee 

f oote long ant) full of b^taund^ejOf^Ci^e leaue$ be long ant) bentet) o^z fnipt rounti 
^out,liiie^e leaueie^of l^enuie ojt of ti^e otl^er ^grimonie, fiiuing ti^at ti^ep be 
alitteUlarger«3lt tl^e toppe of t^eb^tancl^eief, anb rounb about tl^e (talHe^ groto 
etl^ ti^^zee 0^ foure 0nall leaue;8^ grotping i^arbe onebp an oti^er after tbe faGtiton 
ofaftarre.amongftto^iclje ijS^afenapo^i button t^|at b^ingeti^ fotti^ apellou) 
floure intermengleb tuitl^ blaclfee^toi^in tui^ici^e being \jaitljereb, iie? contepneb 

tl^ef^^etDi^ici^e i^ long,6atte,ant) rougl^; anb i^angeti^ bpon garments tul^ati 

C^eleaueie? of Hepatia arebioabe,anb x^iw^tXi into tbiee parte^^, not xtm^ 

ijnlifeet^eleaue;9f of Cockoiobjeat);foU)erCrpfolr, oz Slielupa^but larger* % 
mongftt^eleaueiaf groxoeti^ fap^te a^eb o^blexu floiire^j euerp one grouping 
tjpon afingle8etttme,tl^e toi^ici^ebo cl^angeinto fmall bullet;^ ozbolpn0,U)ber- 
tn tl^e reebe i$ contepneb^ %\^t roote ig blacUe anb full of fiuali l)earie fltrtng;3f. 

i^ The 











^ The F lace. 



Cfte:5a(larli MQmmnie^ tio grotu |iol)le3ipttcrtuuit,oi%eeleatteO 







tnmopft placcj6^;i?p Dici^eft auD ftatiDing 
pooled . Hepatica groxuetl^ not of \)\si 

ovonz UnbtintU^ coimtrep , but it ifi 
plantetJ in gattsen^ 


%^t 23a(tatl> ^igrimomriBf tio fioute 

in 3|ttlp anD Juguft, buttl^el^oble ot 
great^tpuertourt ftouretl) in ^arcj^e* 

^T he Names.' 

%\^z male :t3afl:artie aigrimonic , iisf 
caUeD in ^i^oppe^^ Eupatonum, anD i^ 

tp;tongfuUp taifeenof tjfjemfo^t^engi^t 

3[lgiimome,ttjet3P]^irl^ i^ tieCcribeD in tl^e 
fojimer cl^apter^'Cl^e IcameD me in ti^efe 
liape;? l)o call it Picudohepatorium, anD 

£)f Baptiftiis Sardo,Ter2ola: inl^igj^^e 

Jaoucl) feunigunDKraut, uaaflerDoO, ^ 
l^irlTenclee : in bafe 3Klmaigne €iixm^ 
gljinne cmpt,f ert^&clauerenpanD 25oel 
lieng^ erupt mannefeen* 

mz\fii\xz namet> t^e feconti Pfcudo- 

hepatorium foemina ■• ixi baCe 3tlmaigne 

23oeftenj0? cmpttDifffeenutijSti^ottgl^t 

to be tljat aigrimonie tui^ereof Au iccn tu.zitetl^ Cl^ap*cc]cliiij[* anb t^etfoje fome 

l^auecallebit £upatorium Auicennje. 

tlDlje tljirb, UJbicl? i^ calleb at tlji;s^ bap in }Latine Hcpatica,anb of Oime Her- 
baXrinitatis .map be calieb in Cnglifl; Hepatica, 0o8le 3grimonie:,o.ti:]b.tee 
leafe )LpiiettD arte: in ft enclj Bemiquer inl^iglj ^is\M\^%^zt^i^\xt,€Xst\\mtt 
mtptuae fenoti) of none oti^et name ejccept it beiSa\«pi^, Baiaris, uj^ereof Hefy-, 


^' The Nature. 



' Ci^ettDo:s3afl;ai:b3gnmonie0arel^oateanb bip^as^t^eirbittemeffebot^ 
manifeffip beclare* Hepatica bot^ coole,btp, anb ftrengti^en* 

V . ^^TheFertues. 

'Cljemale:i3aftarbe3Igrimoniebopleb in tuine omater, igf (irtguler goob ^ 
againft tbeolb a:opping0 of tlje?lptter,anb39elteotj&plene»llfo it atre^ olb 

feuet tectian;9f,being bionfeen* 

Ci^eiaecoction tljereof b^onfeen;ftealet!j alH^mtejSf,^ loounbe^, ftii^i^ici^e ^ 
putpofeit i^ beep eji;cellent, anb to l^eale allmanner tuounbe^: bot^ outtoatbe 

Cl>efemale©aftarb3gtimomei9f of ttje feme operation,anb is bfeb ittbjwr^ 

tl^an tlje o^erinU)oimbe t^im^t$ 


'Clje Hepatica,ot jaoblelLpuertourte, 

fteate anb inflammationof ti^e ]tpttec,anb aUl^oate Jf euerg oz agne^f* 

i^gaMt t^e |^ 

- ' 

^f ^nefole. 




^ The Kjndis, 

.-^ \ 

Y#ecebetU3o Wnbe? of Heiiotropium ojtCojnelbfcic^e one c^Ut!>^ great 

Co^iefoUanb ti^e oti^er tl^e Qnall Co^mefoU 



, J 




The firft Bookc of 


Hcliotropium magnum. 


Heliotwpium paruum* 



-. - 





T^esreatCojitterdlAatl^ Ihraigi^trounD ftalfeefttouereituitb atoljite^ei* 
necottott,e{pectaUp about tl^e toppe , Cf)e leaue;5^ are \jDl|itifl^7 Tofte y an& 

^tt^etoppeof ti^eilalike gtoiomgtl^iche togitl^er inretjaeie^ bp one fibe of ti^0 
ftem^tbe tDi^ieb at tlje bppet etiD^bo benfi ^ tiirne againe lilie a ^cozpioia? taple, 
0? ti^e taple of a lob(ter,omtter Creui^^tClje roote tef fmallanli ^arte* 
2 C^efinaUCoznetbUabietl^ onlp but one(tem> of t^e lengtb of a foote ^% 
tPllitin^e, almoaiil^e to tQefii:(i:,but(bmeti)!)attiiatDmgtotDarbee(t]^eleaueiar 

oft^ermaUClotei3utre.C^efloute;a(be peiloxo anDtmall,gro\Dmgti^tcl^eto 

Sitter, anb pert!?) ojtbanift at»aptDiti)Otttti^e bringing fooiti^ of anp fntpte 
i^ei^e&outeof ^^almaCl^ittftii 'Cl^e&ebe }$ grapifl^e, imiofe^ in tnauglcH 
tlutHe;^ 01 Cobtie;Q?;Ulie t^e J^ufHe^a; of CitJ^pinall oi ^purge> l^anging bo tone 
bnHemeil^ tl^eleaue^^bp aftngleaem: t^ep cdmefb^t^ tuidjout figure; foitt|i^ 
fiouteijBt bnp^fitablea^t^belo^efap&e* 

^The Place, 

%\^t great CojueteKaisf Ruciiius Caiit^) grdtipet^j (n france, in frutefuU tpt 
{e& groimbe;o^:but in t^ijOf countrep (t \si onelp fount) in gartien^sr. 
d^eIinallCoitnerol^grotDe^inlotoe,(i^bte,anI) toaterie placejor^ an& \$ 



(bunO berp plenteouQp in Diuer^ place? of }langueOocfc 




the Hiftorie of Plantcs, 

% . 1 Clje f:ojnefolleS,tio fiourealjout a^pDfomet,auti inHul^ 



^ The Names. 

tim Heliotropium magnum .- Of tl^e uetP, Oblate tP^pterS? Verrucaria maior^aull 
Herba cancri.Solaris hcrba.Scorpionis herbajauD ti^erefO^Jetljebafe^SUttaigtie^ 

&0 calUtCreeftcmpt,anti great Cteeftcmptf 

Clje fmaUComefOll ii> Callell HMoTeoTriopMHt^op. Heliotropium paruum : Ol 
Aetius Heliotropium tricoccum,of fome it i^ Callel> Vcrrucarh: ill ^paniQ)^ 

Tormfoi' in f renclj roumefih in baCe ^Imaigtte Clepu Cteeftcmpt, anl^ clepti^ 


4§< 7"^^ Ndture. 



Ci^eCo^nefo^s^parci^oate anD ti;^? in tiie tl^irbe Degree^ 


a IjintifuUoftl^e great Co^nefoU bopleU 6t tJ^tonH^jcpelletft bp opening t^e 31 
bellp gentiilp, Ijoate Ci^olericfee ftunto^iS,ant> toug]^,clammp,oi(limie flegme* 

'C6cfameboplet>inu)ineanl>t»,i6Hei^gooDagamft:t]&eftinging$?o{ ^co.^B 
pion0,tti;salfogooDtobelapDetoo outtnarlilptjponti^etuounUe* 

Cljepfap.tljatif oneH^iufeefouregrapnes^afKeetieof tljififfterbe, aniftoure C 

befo;te tl^ecomming of t^e fitteof t^e feiier £tiiartapne,t^at it curet^ tl&efame: 
3inD tljtee grapnejs? fo tafeen cur etft tl^e fetter tertian* 

Ci^efeeDe of tijt^!}erbepouut>e,^lapDe tjponU3arte;0:,anbruc]& liifte e]ccref= 5^ 
fence;0;t laperfluous? out grotoing^, caiifetlj ttjem to fallatuap* 

'^i^eleaueiBfoftl^efamepountie, antilaptietoo, curetljt^ed^otttr; Uiitl^bju- ^ 

'Cj^efiuaU^o^nefoUantJ i^is^feeDebopleti, \Ditl^ l^plbpe, Creffi^s:, anU ^all df 

j|iitri,anD b.tonlte.cafteti^ foo^tl^ tMo^mes^botl^ roiinD anH flat ^ - 

C^efame biufeD tjoit^ falte,anli lapDe bpon r©arte$; Dniiet^ tljem atoap* p 

JBitl^ t^efeeDe of tl^e final ComefblKbeing vtt i^ene)t]^ep Die anD ftapne ? 
olDlinnencloute;8:anl»ragge;6?into apurplecolour (ajs: UJitneiTetb Piinieinl^i^ 
pjr^boofee,Ci^ap*bii O^^^^>^tt!iallintl^i^coiitrep meiibfetocoloargfeUieiSf, 
\x>fm$)linz ConfectionftanD Comfitte^sf. 


^Jft The Defcription, 


/ / 


SCo?pioilie)Bfi?afmall, baCe^oi loujel^erbe, notaboite tt^elen^ttj of one^ 
l^antie, tl^eftemmes arefinaU, tjpon tol^ici^e grotoet^ fine o^ fijcenarrotn 
leauegf ( anb fcme\i)ftat long after tibefaf%ionofa!^are$ eare> toljicft i$ t\)t 
cattfet^atftime5aoiicl)emencallitl^afenoo^e> Cl^e floured be Onall anbpel* 
io\jo,after tol^icl^ecommet]^ tl^eteebe, tsyWl^ti^ ton^ ^ piicfelep^t^^ee oz fourc 
cleaning togitl^er , biftinguifft^eb h]^ iopnte?, anb turning rounbe, djt benbing 

liliea ^coipion^ taple^ 

Matthioius beCcribeti^anoti^er^cotpioibe^jtoitl^aeber aalliej3^,anb rounb 

* leaue;0ffometime0t^ieetogiti)er* mtbetoppeof ti^e ftalfeesf grovuetlj tujo o^ 
tIjjeelittlefmaUlongi^o,ine$ togitljer, tl^etoijici^e alfb bo a^etue aisft^ep tjoer^ 

C^arateb bp certapne iopnteis?. 

25pfibe;8f ti^efe ttuo Wnbe;8? of ^coipioiHeiB?, tljere ig pet ttooo otber fmall 
i^erbeS tuljiciie Come bo alio name ^coitpion graffe, ^ ^rozpion t»oite, al 
^otts^ t^epbenottberigljt^co^iongraffe^'Cl^eoneof tftem i^calleb i^ale 

^co^jion^ti^eotl^er female ^co^tpiom 




The firft Bookc of 


Scorpioides Matthioli. 




, lljemaleBaftarto Scorpioides gtotoeti^abdutti^elengtli of a mans l^anU 
fit to t^elengtl^ of afoote,lbt)6f ftalfee^ arr ctefteD, anD croifeetilp tumtng, aboue 
attire top,U3!)erea0 tl^ei^iioppcjer^ buliDe$> auD floureis^ bo ftanbe, euen Iti^e to a 
^coqjioiwf taple,t^eleaue$ be long, narro\i), anb fmall'Ci^e flour e;B^ be fap^te 
and pleadant, being of fiuelitteU'leaueis fetonebpan otber, of %\vm colour 
U)iti^ a little pellotu in ti^e mibbelU 

4 Ci^e female Baftarbe Scorpioides ig berp miwb lifee to ti^e male,fauiugt!jat 
l^t^ (tall^e^ anb leaned be roug^ anb bearie, ^ \i^v^ floured fmaller« Ci^e toppe^ef 


Scorpioides groluet^ not of^i# o\t)nefeinbeintl^i^cottntrep>but i^tbtoeti 

in tl^e garben^B? of certainel^erbo^ifteiBf* 
C^emaleiSaftarbeScorpioidesjgrotjjetlb in meboiDeMlongdbprunning 

ftreamejB^anbtDatercottrffeja^tanbti^e nearer it grotueti^ to tbexoater^tl^egrea^ 



ter it i0,anb t^e ^ig^er^fb n^at ti^e leauejaf bt fometimeie? groto to ti^e quantitie 
of toilloU) leauejB^* 

Cl^e female ©aftarbe Scorpioides, grotoeti^ in ti^e bo^beris? of fielbe^ anO 


?|j The Tyme. 


Scorpioides gouret^ in 3une anb 3ttlp* ' 

Cl)e 25aftarbe feinbei8?,bo begin to fioure in Slpap,anb tmtixm flouring ti^e 

moitparte of all ti^e^ommer^ 


the Hiftorie of P lances. 

Pfeudofcorpioidcs mas. 

Pfeudofcofpioides fcemina. 

:SaSart> ^coipioiDe^ t^tmk, 23a(larH ^co.tpioitieiJ t\)t female* 

- »> 


4 ^ 







^DeKcftfe? cdlleti in d5teeKe(rKo^moe<,rtff: in Jtatinealfc Scorpioldcs: (nCn* 
8Un)alfoS>co^ptoil»ej8f,^co^iontDttrte,oj^co;tpion gralte: m f tmcl> H^r^er 
auxscorpions: uibafeiaimaigae ^cd3tpioencmpt,antiaf (bmt,i^armooje, ti^at 

i^ to fap Auricula lep oris. 

Ci^e otl^er i;9J iutjgeft of Matthioi us^fdjt a feitiDe of ^Cozpidifie^, txj]^erfo?e ft 
map be calleli Slpattl^ioltt^ ^coipioflieft oiCtrefopl ^cdipioiDe^ 

Ci^e 23aftai:l> ^coipioiDejs^ Ijaue ttotie d^et Httotwennam^, but fome count 


tl&emto be^co^pion]^eii)e0,a$ Ijat!) benebefojtefapbe 



Scorpioidcs o^^cojtpiougraffe^totetp goob to belapUebpo t^ettingingiat H 





of ^C03^pionfta]3f Diofcoridcs faiti^* 


S3tpnt3l!o]^n;S tDojtel^ati^ apurplcojtb^tone rebbe ftallte foil of b^tancl^ejor* 
Cbe leaueis^belonganb narrouj,oi^fmaU,not muc!) bnlifee fte leaue;af of gaip^ 

betimue^tl^e to^icgeif amanbo i^olbe bettoiitttbeUgl^t anbl^im, tl^ep >a^iVL 
fte\»e a^ t^oug^ tbep loere piicfeeb tt^ojoug!) tioiti^ tl^e popnte^ of oeebeljBf 
Cbe floure^s at ^e toppe of tl^e him\!^t^ arefapte anb pellotu^parteb mto fiue 
fmall leaner, tbetjD^iel^ebeing biufeb^,bopeelbeatebbeiupceoiliqtto;t: aftet 
tljefloure^scommettjfo^ttft finalH^ttffeeiaf, (bmetoftat long anb (^arpepopnteb 
Ifee 23arlep co^ne^tin tui^icb ifi contepneb tbe l^ebe,\Di^iclje i& fmall anb blacfe 
anb fentitig MU i^ofuu -C^e tootefef tooobbi{t>,long anbpellotjo* 

-Cbereijef alTo aul^etbemiicljlfeeto ^♦^ol^njSftjjoiteafoiefapbe^but itifi 
berpfinaUanblotJDe^notjjtotDing^ottetljelengt]^ of a li)aniie,tubdfeftalfeetf 

beberp tenber^anb t^e leaned fmaU anb natrotP, pea fmalter flden 3*ue, ix^ all 


parteia^ elfe UHe to tl^e afoieC^pbe^ 




The firft Bookc of 




^ Th Place, 



1^ about tl^eebgeis^ot bo^t^er^s^of ftdDe$^ 

Cl^e otl^et fmal b^e st:oU)et]^ mfielbe;9r^ 
amongft ^e ftubble,^ l^atDe bp t^e tDape?^ 

$»amt3ioi^n$tPo:tte fiouretl? moft com^ 


monlp mjttlp anD l^usuftt 

ftKoV: in )tatme^ in ^i^oppejef Hypericum, 

anD of (bme Perforara,anll Fuga Dg-monum/ 

tn^pauii^ CorAtou&illOiQX^ Milfuradoyjerita, dt 


s&n lum : in Cmglil^ a$ is befo;teOipbe,& 

3o^niBf\j)03tte, oi^^^ol^nsgraire: in l^ig^ 
Bouc^ ^.3ioban$ l^raut^ ^ of (bmel^ait« 


9$. The Nature. 

^3^1^^^ tDozte is l^oate antr&^p in t^c 

iji The Fertues. 

^♦^ol^nsxao^tte \j3tt^ i^is floures an& 
Feebe , bopleb anb b^oni^en pzouolietb tb^ 
t):ine,aub caufetb to mafee loater, gt is rigl^ t 
goob againd tbe (tone in tl)e blabber : it 
b^ingetb botJpne^jDomenSftoureSpanb fltop 


'Cbefomebopleb ittisyinc anb btonlken^ 
h^ija^ atuap f euer Certians^anb ^uartapnes* 



Cbefeebeb.ionfeenbp ti^eCJiace of foitiebapestogit^ec, cutetlj t^epapne in C 
ti^e bancbestuiiid)etftepcaUtbe^ciatica* 

Cbe leauespounb are goob to belapbe aS aplapfter bpon burnings: Cfte 3a 
Camebzpeb anb mabe into pouber,anb drotiienbpontuounbes^anbnaug^tie 
olbe.rotten anb fefterebblcers^ciiretb tl^e fame. 

^f ^.|^«cr0 wojte/oj Equate f)»|ol)n9 









np^iSfeinbeof ^.^ol^nStDo^tte^ini^iSleaueS anb ftemmes bifferetb not 
J[ muci^fro Hypericum^muingt^titis greater* 'CbeftalUeislongiiJitbottt 

bitancftes o,iQ)iingS , t^e leaues are lifee tl^e otl^er $> . 3obnS <b^t , hnt 
longer, bzotpner^anb greener^fot ti^e moft parte bnbemetb,it x^ ouerlapbe anb 
couerebidoitt)fineCbftebeare,(\)}eetein tafte^anb bo not (^e^ tl^oioUD b^leb 
oipmfeebas tfteot^er* 'Ci^eflouresarelifeeto Hypericum,but paler anb \uitb 
longer leaues.Ci^ebiibbesbefojtetlie opening of tbefloures > are tljotteb tpitl^ 
finallblacUefpecfees»Cbefeebe isin^itflies liifeetfte feebe of Hypedcupi :anl> 
fmellet]^ lifeeXDife^almoftlifeeSofin* 

call Conraet,berp lifee to fteafo3te0aibe,feuing f W leaues be greater^tulftiter, 
f not (b i^earieo^t (bfte^but better lilte^.3[obnstjDOzte, altbougl) ti^ep appeere 
not tl(^o^tx) Rucbt oj^l^olebfCl^e Soures are lO^e taf afo^zei^ib, 9 ar aUb fpeci^eb 



kL \, 

the Hiftorie of PknteSi* 



Rata fylueftris.&c. 




t * 







- J 

- ■ ^ 

*' 4 









> - 

f -t 



^i^ep floure to 3ttlp>an6 ^tttgttft* 

ij* !r>&r Names, ^ 

of ti^el^tnUe^ of ttyegneubujo: Cauo^eH oj^ftinl^mgiflue: itt^altb caUeQof Come 


C^efecontii^calleti m(!5teelte«rKw^o^^^^^ Afcyrum: fotlft are tti^ 

fenotuenmgil^oppes: in d^tigliU^ Square ^/loftniS? gralfe, great ^.3lo^ng 
too;tte3moftcomotil|>^*0eter^uiott:et mftigi^Soouc^ii^artlietD,^ t^alUt 

i^offt'CJ^efecol) t53f caUel) df fome&unratj: tpbafeaimaipe ]^ 



sa~— hJ* ry&^ NMur^ 

■* q 

-I _ 

I ^ -* 

■# *-• - 


'^^l^ep are l^oate anti 6ip,antJ ipfee \xy i^pp maim 

^TheVertues. . ^^ 

C^e feeDe of ^. ?&eter?\t)oite>oi fquare^* 3q6M sfraffe , tijflinfeen t^e 31 
loeia^tof ttoo B^ammeiaf \i>tti^ l^oniel^tijA^sfctBiifmmglpace.niretl^ti^^ 
^ciatica,t^at is (^e papnemti&e]^ticl>e5f 


Cl)e £imie pdunlie t^ goa0 to l^ laptre bponborstfiig^r 


■f- ■- 



^ftetJDwetoberetotljeleatteStt^erof i^attet>ettl>t^l(^Mt^ po^ ^Stoli' ^ 

8ate># clofebp tuounBeftif 1%^ be oftentimeS\X3afllje&iDttb ti^^ 





The firl? Bookc of 

. i:. 


^ % 

^f €\»tmmpt«m€aum^ 



jfiD to femo It 

j# ^ 


I - 

inatiproimDe ftalfeej^commmgout 

tjf one roote, tfte uji^icfte Do b^ingfoztl^ 

leaned, miu\)t larger t^aix ti^e leaue;^ of 
^*3oljiT;9?tJpurte;in^ beginning greene, 
but after tftat tfte feeDe iff ripe,tt>ei> tjoajte 
tetJDe, ^ ftan being bzufeU benuijct oneiB? 
fin gets?, ttjep peett a teDOefappe o;i inm^ 
mrge toppe of fte (talfee^ff gcotnetft fmal 
fenoppe;^ oirounD btttton^,tfteuil^icl^ein 
tl)eiropeningl>o Mingfozt^flouretf lifee 
to ^* JiOl^ng graire, but greater: U)l^an 
ti^ep are fallen oj perifl^eft, tftereappea 
ret^rittellDnallpellot^o^roimD b^e^f, 
lierp reD at ti^e beginning.but aftertuartJ 
of abio\Dne;anD berp &arfee rebbecolour 
iDl^aii ti^epbe ripe,lifee to tl?e colour of 
dotteD ouongelet) ti^ebtoub^ tn>Dl^icl^e 

l^nop;s^oibearie;6^t<s(conte^neli tl^eCeeUe, 
ijol^icl) 10 Cmall anH b^oiune, tl^eroote ig 

l^arDeanli of u^ooDDiefubitance^pearelp 
fenl^ing fo.ul^ neu) Q)^ing^ 

^ the Place, 

%\^\^ ^erb e grotxietiti no t in tl^fcff countrep, ejrcept in garlienie? U)]^ere aie? it i)S 
Ibtpen anlJ plateb^Cfte ainttjojjff of Stirp. Ad uerf.noua, i!o affirme tiiat anfts^o 

femongroiuetftbp23^iftotD inCnglanb in ^♦mincenteiaf taoclteg anU looobp 
Clene;5 beponD tl^etjoater. }3ut if 3nDiofemonbeCutDano^|^arl^eleattejet 

groU3etl^ plentifully in VDooHei^ anb par]ke;Q^,intfaeU)e(t parte;^ of CnglanD* 



^ The Tyme 

3 1 floitteti^ in 3lulp,anU tft e feede itf rip e in augull 




if The Names 



J s 


.% J- »»■■ * 

'*•■ r-v 


- 1 

laifO taUtt Androlarm'irmfraticans. '* ' "^^ 

♦ « 

dttCmfocaUeDinfrenci^ at$m<Cngli(^,i;a: t^ouo^tof (bme late toititi 


JjBO be C!yinenon,anb ijBfC^leD of tl^€ Clymcnohltaforum,Iiue^iciliana: Of OUT 
3p0t]^ecariej8( Agnus caftus. :i.The Natm^eV *"'• 

Jt i^^oate anB 6?p Ittte &*3oiin)ef gralTe, j^*^eter? tourte^ 

■ . 

The Vert 


3f uD^ofemonbi? tertueis: aretpto to fyj^ttm tuuite,^ ^.^o^ier graOTe, 
a^ Gaicnmiti^^ %vitXm\$\xm\^ blie^bini&auIme^/J^^^e^Bf, anDo^er rente* 

'I r 

- 4 

'44 r 

^f U9 oa0 0^ idadel* €ftap . iPltit; 

-B 1 




Tfy The Kindes 


^erebe tttio fb^tejst of i^oati :^eone t;9f of tl^e garden, an]) cSmetb of 
fedKe,ant» iief tlC^d to colouranb Oieclotl^fnto bietu: ^^e o^er ifi milDe 
O^oaD^anD commetl; bp of I^ij9( otone binDe* 

* liads 







the Hiftoric pf Plantcs. 




IlatJS fyluedrls. 




Garden O^oat) ^ati^ long.bzoaDe.miartegreme leaueiflf , {i);tea& bpon tde 
groun&^almoft Ipl^e tl^e leaite^ of i^lantapne^but ^id^er^anD blac&er:t^e 
MHerifed) f P^fi^om tbemit)Deft xsl%t\tmt% of ttao cubtteie: long> D^ full 
ofrmaUetanli(|)^t:perleaue;Q^,ti^etPl)tci^e attire toppe HtutDetl^ ant) partet^ it 
d^into manp fmall b^l^e;ef> bpon tl^e U)l^tc^e grotjoetl^ manp Itttell Soui:eiS^ 
* berp fmall anti pello^D, anB after tl^em long b^toaDe boflieiG^, Itlie Itttell tuttge^of 
Sceene at ti^e ftrtt ani) aftertoarb blaclii^e, ixi tDi^icl^e tl^e (i^ebe te^ contepneDi 
Cl^e roote t^ VDl^tte^finsle anb Oraisiitpanb tPttltyout anp great (to^ie of tl^Jteebisr 

"Ci^eipflbe tsf berp like to t^e garben Q^oab, m \t^m$y Mfee^ anb malting, 
Cisutngt^attbeltalUe i^ tenberer> (htaller^ anb b^tDner> anb t^ e i^ufl^e^ mo^e 
narrou),ofi)er)Dtretl^eret$no btfferencebettu^tti^enu 





fji The Place, 


OBarben Odoab tj8( (b to en in biaer;8^ place^ef of f lanberjsf, ^ 3ilmaigne , in fe^ 
till ^ goob grounbi^^Ci^e tutlbe gtotoetl^ of I^tj8( oxone l^inbe inbntilleb place;s^« 


:6ot^ bo flourein ^aj> anb J^wxu 


^ The Names, 

fc *-« 

» - 


tCl^i^B^ ^erbe fcs? calleb in <l5,ieefee ifl^^nr : in jLatine aUb ifati s, anb Giafium, of 
it>e lateU3ziter;9f G uadum^anb of fome Luteum hcfba:in Cngliil t©oab;,o^#a^ 
ftel: inf renc^ cuefdei^t Pajiei: ia ^paniflj ^(b p*M:ixi 3talian <7«4</#: in btg^ 

^■fr # / '^ 




The firft Booke of 


S^Dttd)e, i©eiT)t anB u^aj^Bt : inbafe Ulinaigne^n^eetin 


t » 

fl^ T>^^ Nature, 




<15ai:t)en U^oati ttf Dip tuitljottt anp (l^arpncffef 
Clje UJiiiie Djtpeti) mo,ie,anli i;0? mo jte li;atpe anD bp^^ 


<Sartienoj^fD\DenU^oat)>t).tufcli tsf gooU to belapliebpotttl&e^jodttnbes (jf U 
mig^eie lh:D tig people, VDljici^e are bfeb to Daplp labour auD e^^ercife > aub bpou 
places^ to (lop ti^e running out of bloub,*^ bpon fretting blcer^it rotten ioit^, 

3t fcatteretb anb DiiToluetl^ allcolbe empoftumeis^ being lapbe tberebpon. 2$ 

Ct?e tuilbe u^oab refiftetlrinopft anb fltotoing blcers^,anb confuming rotten C 
&ie;9^,bemglaj>bet^erebpon:butagainfttbeot^ergrieffes?, foj^tiobicbtbegar 
ben D^oab feruetl^^it 10 of lelTe (Irengtl^^anb Cerue^ to Qt^lpurpofe^ bi^caure of 
^i$ ejcceebingll;arpneire* 

Cbel^ecoctionoftailbenaoabb^nfeen, ii^ber?goobfojfuc]^ atf l^auemip a 
flopping^ojl^arbneireinti&eS^ilte oi^plene^ 


^T he Defcriftion. 



Herba lutea- 


T5?eIeaue;Bfbf tftts^i^erbe are long/itatro^ ?t blacfeift?, 
not mucb bflUKetl^e leaned of tJ^oab, but tl^ep are 

fmaUer,narro\Der,^(t)o^iter,fromtbe mibbeft vubere* 
of commetb bp tbelttoe to tbelengtl^ of tbieefoote,cotte=^ 
reb bplo\i) \))itb fmall narr oto leaned , anb aboue loitb Ut« 
tie pale pelloto floure^,tl)iclie Cet^anb cluftering one aboue 
anoti^er,t!|etubici^ebo turneinto (tnallbuttonisf, cut croffe 
tD(fe,iub^ein t^efeebe i? contepneb, lul^ic^e \& fmall anb 
blaclie^Xi^e rooteiiQ^ long anb Tingle. 

il^The Place. 

Cljep fotoe it in funbip placets? of Brabant, a^e? about 
Xouapne,anb 23,ni{reW:it groujeti^ aiCo of it felfe in place;8^ 
lintillebj anb bp ujap fibegf* 

4j^ The Tjme . 


« ^ 

Jtflouretft in9^ap,anb feoneaftert^efeebeiS ripe* 

*• ^T he Names. 

^ftiflf berbeis calleb iiiTlatine (a^ H ueliiustn^tptet]^) 
Heibaiutcajanb of feme Flos tindorius : in bafe ^Imaigue^ 
toouijoe^^t of fome ilD^ant^but not tjoitbout erroi : foj £D- 
rantt3f an otberberbenotbing liJtebnto ^\^yi^ [l?^be 

mo?e plapnelp beclarcb v^ ttjep^toeeffeof tiii^Bf booive^ 

i - 

ijp the Nature. 



^eingti^at Herba lutea i9f not recepuebjfoi anpbfeof 

^i^pficHe, anb i& bntaotoenof tl^e3uncient$,tjue b^able to \»ipte nothing dfi 
uttW fterbe,fauingtl^at it isf bfeb of ©perft to tolour anb l^n tl^eir clotl?e?in 
to greene,anb peUoto 



^\ ^,39m»Vintt^ 


^ The Kindes, 



6>apnt3amei0ftDojtr,oja?fbiwcaUit,S^apnt Jameg floure x$ of ttuoo 








the Hiftoric of Plantcs. 




lacobea marina. 




Ti^efirft^mtte of fe*3ame;a?^oite,l>at^Uin5, bzotune, ret), creaefi, o^ (Ira* 
feeH ftalfeeft ttD0 oz tl^iep f oote long^'^l^e leauejef be great ^ bzotune, mocft 
clouen anD cut , not ntuc^ t)nl*e tfteleaueie: of a^ozmetPooD , but longer, 
Iarger,tbicfeer,anD notbmg \»btte» Cbe flouresf be pellotu, groujmg at tbe top 
of tbeftalfeefl^jUfeeto Caminotmtt^in tbemttilieftttJberof i^tbe feeDe, grar,anD 
tDoollr^o.ibotunpjanb Jleetb atoap tutti^ tl^e uiinbe^l^be roote is tubite an!) ful 
offtring^* . . 

Cfte fecontt Kmbe calleb ^* 1lame0 tooite of tfte ^ea , tt mucb l&e to t^e 

Rr(t,btttt^e ftalfee \^ notbingrebbe ♦ tcfte leaue^be fmaUet, tjobtter, atO) mo^ze 
aeeper,anl> fmaUer iaggeb.Cbe fiourejaf be Ufee to tbe firft \vis^Zy but ma^epalr 
wbleafeer* Cberooteisloiig,t^?eI)bp,anl)creepitig>atd b^etbfoitttirounli 


aboutbuii,neU3 toing$ 

iSi r;&f P/ 



^♦3Iames? uio^te^grotuetb alinoft euerp tPbere> aJongftbp toapeieraid tua^ 
terifb placeie^.aitD fometime^ aUb in tbe bo^erjef of fieibe^. 
^ea ^«3amej$ tpo^e grotoet^ in trencbetf anb bicb^^anb I&e placejsr,^ 


1^ 'Tht Tyme 

Cbep flottre instill' anb Suguft 

9^ The Names . 

%\it firft I? nOtO call^l in jLatine Iacobca,H«ba S. Iacobi,anb,Sanai lacobi 







Tli€ firft Booke of 


^os:in€n$M)Z^^mt JimtltSXOQltClinftml^ fJerheoupurSJaqua:Va\^x^ 

45* The Vertues, 

tpgoolifo3taUol^tuottntie;3^,fMhilaMii^tiattg^tieblcetj8?* * 

^ome a(fitme,t^at t!je (upce of t^tsf i^et*e gatgelD, t^% gatganfel); l&ealeft 15 
4lUnSammationief;0^fu)eUmg;s^>ant3 eitipo&em^ of tl^etbioot^ 


* r 

^The Defcri^iioff. 

FjLapljati^ a tender liaise; coueret>\Dit]& l^atprnat* 
co\iileauetf , pacteUat ti^e toppe into fmall fl^oitte 

bzanc^es^ , tl^e toljic^e biinget^ foo^ttlj fapje bletue 
floute^^mfteeDevu^erofbeingnotu fallen tljerecom 

metb bp coimti fenappeis:,oi button^, in tol^ic^e i? con^ 

tapneb a blacfeiflje feeb enlarge;, fatte, anb ^xiimi. 


4^ The Place 

f lajce is fetoen ixi tW countrej^, in fatte, anb fine 
gtounb^elpeciallp inlotue mi3^ fidUe^ 


3Itjtouretl| in #ap anb June. . 

df The Names. 

_ f laice ii0?calleb.m <©zcJefeex;voH:in)tat(n^ Linum, 

^nb in^l)oppej$itiStpelknotPcnbp t^e famename. 
3inb Ijere pe map percepne tl^e canfe tobp tl)e bafe 31 
maignciB? bo bfe tibc \, to all i^ixvi% mabe of 
JFlajce; ot KLpne,aS )tiinenDoecfe anb iLijnen lafeen, 

t\^u\^ to fap , )(Lpneclotl^^, 0^ cloti^e mabe of )tpne: 
inCngUftef la]e^o,i]ipne: ixifxtnt^zLm .-in^iglie 
©ottcftef lafti^ff : inbafe ailmaigne miaisf 

^T he Nature, 

%\^z feebe,\D^ict>e itf mnc^e bfeb in mebicine , i$ 
l^oate in ti^efira^ begree^ anb temperate of mopfhtre 
anb t^y^t^t* 

^ The Vertues, 

.^Ijefeebeof )Lpnbopleb in tu at etantJlaptie too in 
mannerof apttltis^,03tplapfter,appeafet]^ allpapne* %t 
Ibftenett) au colbe tumoi^.o j ftDelling#,tfte empoftems of t^e eare^ar , anb necfc, 

anb of otl^ecpatte;^ of t^ebobp* 

S. pnfeebepounl) \joit^figges,botl) rppen anS bieafee all CmpoftemSjlapbe » 
t^erebpontanb biaujetli fo^tb Cljoineief.anb aU oti^er tilings ti&at fticfee f a&in 
tl^ebobp.ifitbemingleDtDlti^^etooteoftl^etoilbe Cocomber* 

Ci?e ftoe mingleb loiti^ CreltejBf anb i^onp, anb lapbe tnto rougl^, ritg'C 
geb^anb euUl fauoureb napless?, attoell of tl^e i^anbeis? , atf of ti^e feete , cauO^ ' 
^emt!)atbeco?mpttofallof, anboiretljt^epartie* d^eCatneratoe^pounbc 

mib lapbe to Oiz face^ clenreti^anDta^i^atjDapaU(potteja;oftbeface» 


the Hiftoric of Plantes 




im^, p ll;albetjDal!;eD in ttjefame.frq coiruption^feftetingounujarliracliliitg* 
Ctjeujatet UJi^eremXptireUe^ati^ beneboplets.lioti^ qiucHeitanli clearcti^e ^ 

figl^t.if it be often D^oppeU o.iftilleD into ti^e epe^e^* 

Cbe fame talfeen in gliders fioagetl^ tl^e grppingpapne;6f of tl^e bellp, ant) of f 

tl^e ^atrijc oi ^ot!)et:,ant) cumi^ t^e ttiounDejai of tl^e botjoeUeisf, ant» a^ atrip, 


)tpnfeelie mengleti toitl^ l^onp,^ talten a;^ an (0lectuarp,o.i %tM\^tM% cleans ^ 
feti^ t^e bieaft,anl) appeafeti^ tJje Couglj^anli eaten \tjitl) laaj^Cbn^ de? go oD foj 
fiiclj a;8; are fallen into ConfumtionjS^.anU f euer l^etiqueief* 

^ ^The Daungeri 

Ci^e feetie of )iin, taken mto tl^e botip, \^ \>m t\xM^ tlje ftomadfee: it \^in 
Deretl) tlj e t» igeftio n of meateg^.anti engentij^eti^ mnci^ UJinUinelTe* 



A r^^ Kyndes 


oti^er bearetb butfiouteis? onelp 




jjjt T^tf Defcriptiofj. 

!^e firftfeinb of i^empe, 
liatl^ a rountie l^oUoU) 

(tall^foure ozfiuefoote 
long^full of bzanci^e^, ^ like /:: 
to a little tree : at tl^e top of 
t^e b^ancljeief grotueti^ little 

fmalronnD bag^, oil^ufke^^ 

tjui^erin i$ co tepneU tl^e feet»e 

tol^icft i^ rounD*Cfteleatte;0: 
jbe great,rougl|; ^ blacHil^e 

parteD into feuen, xiinty ttw 

Cannabis femcn facie 


Canabisabfqj fcmii\e 





anD fometpme^ into moe 
parted , long ^ narrouj , anH 
0iipt 0^ X^mttti roant) about 
ttiiti^ notci^e^, lifee t^e teetlj 
of a ^a\jp. Cl^e u^l^ole leafe 
toitl^ all W patteisf \$Vkz to 
a ft ariU flp jieaD ^^o at) e., 
CftefecoD i;tf alfo inleaue;? 

lifeeto tftefirfl:, anliitftatft a 
tfticfeeftalke; out of uifticfte 
br tfteftUe^ grotuetft fooj^tft 
im^v b^ncfte^g^ : but it bea^ 
retft neither feeUe no?, frute, 
(Htting fmall toftite fioure?, 
tft^jxjfticftel&eDUfte otpou- 
DerijScarieD aipaptoitfttfte 


^ T>&<r P/if (T^. 


'Cftefetujo fojtteSof ]|empeareCbtoenfnfielDe}^,anli (tofticfte itf atftmgto 
bemameleti at)ti)epDo botft fpj^ingof onekinfteof CeeDe*3 tna(|>allCbmetimejf 
fml)e tftemale l^empegrotiiing in tfte bo^er? of fiette;S,anl> br t^e toape? 





r% ' The firft Booke of 

Cfiefeefteofti^e male l^etttfjieijef ripe at tl^eenli of 3ltt|juft,anlimS)eptetn* 




^ The Namts, 


l^empe (s^calleD in (i5.teefeeKwv«§i?.«7(piov,>t$^^orvoflTfo4>op:mU,atm^ 

^Ijoppe? Cannabis:itt3Italiauc4;?»rf/'^ in ^pani(]i>C4^w#,C4»4»tf: in Cnglif^ 
i^empep jl?tecHeU)eetie, ^ d^alloiugmflre: in frencl^ chAnure.chenneuU, Q^ckneue: 

ainti&erepemappei:ceptteti^ecattfe\jpl)ptbeiao3tman;sfaniotl^eri8^ Do call tf^e 

Clothe maUe of %empe, C^enneuij8f, ot Canua$, fo^t it founDet^ fo after t^e 

<]5zeefee;)Latine,aniJ frenci^: ti^el^igft J^onci^mencallijempeZamer^aufftin 


t afe ailinaigne feempe* 


^ The Nature. 


l^empe teefie i^ l)oate ana Djtp iutl^e ti^irUe&egree* 


?^ empe fcet>e Dotl) appeace,ant» hiint t^e tuinUineire out of tl^e bofiie,an6 if % 
amantafeealittelltomuci^ ofit,it D,uetl)tp0ature,gtt^efeeDe of generation 

CljefeeBeftantpeUanti tafeen intjoi^itetuine, i;8?ftigl^lpcommen6e6 attl^itf 25 
Iiap,agaiuft ti)e3!aunUii:e,anti (topping of tlje^Lpuer* 

%^t mtc of tfteleaue;Bf of greene l^empe put into oneie? eare ftpagetl^ tlje c 

Clierooteof )^etnpebopleDintxiate.rt)ot]^]^elp anD curetl^e^inetpe^panti 39 

parted tt^atbeDtauientogitl^er and (l^^onfcett^aUb iti^elpeti^ againftt^ed^oute 

(f it belapOe tberebpom 


:^ The Daunger^ 

l^empefeebeijSf barbeof l>igeftion,anb contrary to t^ettomacfee^caurinjj^ 
parne anb grief e^anb bnlnelfe in tbe i^eab^anb engenb^eti^ grolTe anb naugl^tie 

^ The Kinder. 

l^erearenoti) bineri^Uinbetf of i^erbeje: comp^ebenbeb bnber tbe name 

of Lychimachia, but efljeciallpfOUre^bnbertDbicbeall tbe Lyfimachics 

(^albe con^jipfeb^Cbe firft i$ tbe rigbt ryfimachio n. Cbe feconb i;8? tbe 
reb«i>illotuberbe\i)itbcobbej9f* ttbetbirb ijefti^efeconbUinbeofrebbe 

UaillOUJib^^'^i^^^^^^^^^^^'^ft^fO^'^^i^^^WnbeofbletU Lyfimachion. 

^The Defcription, 

l^e firft Lyfimachus^o? tbe pelloiu Lyfimachus, l^atl^a rounbeftalke',be^ 
rp Uttell creftcb 0^ ftraUeb, of aCnbite o]t mts long* Cbeleaues belong* 

^jnarrotxjlifee\Dillouj;Oituptbieleaueftnotbingat all cut ot fiiipt about 
fte ebge0,but tb.^ee o^tfoureleaue? ftanbing one againft an otber rmmb about 
tbeft:alfee,at tbeiopnte$* 'Cb^flourej8^bepellotJ3 anbtj^iti^outfrnell, anb gro\ii 
attbetoppeof tbeb^ancbej8^,infteebeU)berof iDl^antbeparefallenaijpap, tl^ere 
groiuetb rounb?feebe,lifee Couanber fetbe^'d^e roote isf long anb flenber;Cre- 
ping bere anb tbere,anb putted fojtl^biueriBf pongQj?ingS>tJ)bicbeattbeirfirfi; 
commingbp arerebbe 
2 CbefeconbLyrimachusinleaueganbftalltejefi^l&etotbeotber^&uingtbat 

bi;5^ leane0be not fo bioabe^mib areftiipi about tbe ebgejs:, mucblil^e bnto n^il^ 
lotD icaue^^Cbe flourcjS \xi colour anb mailing , are fometobat lifee tbe flourcjS 
of ti^e cmnmon toilbe a^allotu 0^ l^od^t^at \& to ( batb fourelittleb^oabe 
tounb leaue;e^ ftanbing togitl^er^ anb Iping one oner an oti^er/3( ebge^e^ p bnber 



the Hiftpric of Plantes, 

ijuHve^ ojMeeoe DdTeljs^Do open of ttjemfelueA ani) cleaiie abioaUe mto tljiee ot 

fourcpatteftoiquarteriBf^iJPl^atttbefeelJeto; rppe.tb^^^ici^ebpcattreiti^ of a 
tDoollp o;t cottonp fiibftance.fef cameU atuap tott^ ti^e tPinbe^'Ci^e roote fesi but 

Cinall anD t^ieblip^ 

Lyfimachiutnpurpurcum primum, 

Clje fitft puqple reb.tDiUoio l^erbe, 
01 U'pCunacl^tum, alTo ti^e ^om^ 


Lyfimachion verum. 

^ ellotxi >Lpfmtacl^io n o; 






t ■ 



Ct^ere ig an oti^er fmalfeintieof t^te? fo^te,Ufee to tl^e ottier in (lalfee,Ieattejdf, 
floured anU ^nihcg, fauing t^at it ig ixtnU pamg fmaller , anl> tbe (talfee ief fa 
tueafee^t^at it can betp feltiome grovu ftraigl^t C^e ttouteiJ be of carnation co 
iottdifee to (BiWoioixmy but fome\jj!|at fmaller* 

J^ettljecei^atbirl^efeinlJeoftebDe^Lpfunaci^ttiBf, betpUketo tl^efirftrebbe 

fetniJe^C^efloures? Do gcoto alfo at ttje top ojt enb of tl^e buOteft but tl^ep be pa 
ler,anD in mafeing not Cb uieUUfeetbeoti^er^bttttatl^erlifee to <0illofer$ parted 
into foiirefmallleauej0?,M)^iclie ate{irtcro(re\a)ife* 

CbefeconD i^tnbeof ceDbe]lpfunacbujs:i^Ui^eto ti^eafo;te&pbe,tnM]^e]8^^ 
leaueisf: failing tbatl)i^fiottre$ bo grotjo lifee cro\33ne$ oigarlanbe^rounDea* 
bottt tl^eftalfee lifce to ptmv ropaU: of colour rebbe,^ U)ii|ottt l^iiffee;8f,fot tbe 
feebe Hotl^ grotu in tbe fmal Cotones?,fr6 ui^ence tbe fioure^a^ fell of^Cb^ ftalfee 
ifif fquare anb bzotjone* C^erootei^berp bio\j)neanbti^icbe,of atooobbiC^je 

(tib(lance,anb putteti^ Coiti^ pearelp netu ({Jtingie:* 


jLy fl ina- 



The firft Bookc of 

Lyfimachion purpureum alterdm, ' " Lyflinachium c^rukuin 



25leU) Jipfimaci^iotu 

' * 

■ -J 




tcijebletu Ipfimaci^ttjs: alto inftalkeauDleaueisf i;8fiifeetl?eotl^ersf:]^fc8fWe\jj 

01 ^^ttceti floureisf are groujing at ti^e enD of tl^e ftalfee;s^,ljpifee f affl?ion, o? eareli 
Kite S)|)fee 01 5iaaantier beginning to blootx) bplotP; ^ fo fiouring bptDac&e,al« 
ter t»!)ic]^e ti^ere commetlj finall rounti Cotitie^ o^ purffe;3f, Uil^eretn tl^e fteOe 
tPl?ic!)ei^ terp fmaUis contepneH.'Ci^e roote i$ tl^^eDDp 

^The Place. 

• - Cbi^ pellouj ^ teftfieUo groto (ntpaterifb ^ mopft placets?, in lotp mefiotoeft 
ant) about t^e \)iixicUg ant» boiDer^ of tjoater b]tooke;6^ ant) t)tcbeie^«i:i^ebletP i^e^ 
not fount) in t^i^ countrep but in tbe gatDen^ of (uc^ ais^ loue l^erbe^^ 


Cbep t)o allfiouremoft commonlp in june^ant) 3lulp,an& tl^eir feet)ei$ ripe 

fo Suguft. 

J!^ T^<r Names. 


^tpfunaci^iaiiBi caUeb in<l5ieeltexu<nMd^i6F »^j^^'*eoH' wi^^^^ Lyfimachium, 
L5^rimachia,ant) of fome Sal icaria.bnfenotoen in fei^oppej^ : inCngJifit) Jlpfima' 

el^ia,iBillouj fterte^anl) lottfefltifetin ^panilb ^(/^'»'«<^*^j^^^^ 

•CbefitfttPbici^ tDemap call (gotten oipeUotD)lpRmac^us,i©illo\jdberbe 


ant) ^LOUfe ftrife, i^ CalleD in fraimce Comelie^Soufcy d*eaue,Pellebojfe,ni Chajfebojfe: 

in i^ig^ aimaigne <!5eeltDeU)eri^t in bafc3lma^e<I5eeltuetiericlr. 

Cl^e fecont) i^ calleD of !bme,initatine FiUus ante Patrem^tl^at i;8? to tep^tl^e 

(bnnebefoje tl^efatber^bpcaufe ^ l^i^ long ^uflte? in toljicl^ tl^efteSe i? coteineB 




the Hiflorie of Plantes. 







Do come fottfj aiitJ UJaice great , htfmtfyatn^tioim openetlj : in tnz\i\\)t, t^c 

tirftreici Lyiimachus,o;tU)ptl?ie l)erbe,oii£loufe fl:i:pfe:in jfrencl^ Lyfmachkrou^ei 
inljigll iBoucI) Biauti oi lioD tjDeitieticl^: inbaie Zlvm^m iHodt tueDcticfe. 

tlTiie tl)ir!) c^ called ittad^tabant jaarti|cKe*3i t map be called m Ctiglid^ i^ar- 
ti^an dill)arpe Lyfimathus.oipopttteD tjojiUo^ l^erbe tuit^ t'geparplefioute. 

Ci^efourtl)l^at1) none otljername,bttt Lyiimachiuii^ carruieimnnXatiue: in 


Cl^i^^ljerbetoofeel^ij^nameof ti)el)altant^ noble)!Lpfimacl)U0,t^efnenti $ 

pert(e of tlji^ ljerbe,anD taught tt to l^i^poltetttieo^t fuccetTo iiciaf ♦ 

^The Nature. • 

Cljepellouj^ELpfimae^ttis^ojt golDcn ^LoureltrpfciS coltje,l>^p,anti aftruv 
Ci)e teinpetament of t^e retiDe anti bleitj )Lpfimacljia,t8? not pet ifeuoioen* 


%\)t iupce of tfte leaue^af of ti^e pelloto %viirmi\^\x^ ftoppetl) all fiu]ce of 3 
bloti&p anD tljeJapfentena oi bloutip flujce, being eptljet taHen intjjarlilp, ^ 
ti^emjotfeappUeti outtuarDlp* 

%^z fameltapeti^ tl^e ino^Hinate conrfe of toemen^ fiourejsf , being putti^it^ "B 
a peiTarie of \!uoolo;tcotton into t^e#atw,o^ feaeteplaceof U3omem 

'C!)el|erbebiufel> ^putinto tl^enoCe, ftojppetli tl)ebleeDingof tlje fame, anH C 
ittiotl^iopnetogitl^eranDclofebp aUtoounUe^sf^anDftoppettj^e blouD^ being 




Cljepetfttme of (^ii8:i^erbeDtpel>,tiuttetlj atoap all^erpent?, $ benemouis ^ 
beaft^sf.anH feilleti^ fiieft antJ knatte^^^ 


r©l)an pe ipill bfe jLpriinacljtt^, fojt anp gtiefe afote^pbe, pe C^all talie none 
otl)er btttof tl^atliinliexuiti? tljepello\u floiire,\i3]^ic^'ts t^engi^t^tpfimacl^tt^st 
fozaltl)ougl) ti^e ot\^m ijauenou) tlje felfe fame name, pet ^aue tl^epnott^^e 
(iametjetttte anD operation 

€>f Mttt\xtp. 


^ The Kindes, 

l^etebe ttDO foite;^ of ^ercurp : tl^egarUen, anti loilbe ^ermrp : tlje 
tul)ici3) againeare biuitJetJ into tU)0 otl^er feinjOe^;, a S^ale, ant) if emale> 
Differingonelp \Mxn fecDe* 

^TheD efcriptOTh, 


nPl^e male garDen # ercurp^oz tl^e f renclj ap ercttrp,ljatlj tenber llalfeej^^ful 


X ofiopnteg6tb,tanc^e;8^,bpont^e\jp^icl^grotuetpiacUifl)leattej8f/omU3ljat 
long almoft like tlje leaned of }^atietozp,groit)ing out from tlje iopntjs^fro 
tDljenceairo,betU)i]rtt^eleattej8?anlitl^efl;em^erecometljfoitl>tU)o little l^ea 

eiebullets.iopneb togitfjer bpon one (lem,ecl)e one contepniiiginit felfe afmall 
tounD feeDe^'Ci^eroote i% tenDer anD full of l^earie (Iring^^ 
J Cl)e female x^ lifee to tl^e male, in ftalfee^e?, leanejsf, anb grovuing, anb biffe* 
retl^ hwt onelp m tftefioureis anb Ceebe^fo j a great quantitie mote of fiourejs; anb 
feebe,bo grotu tbicfee togitfter lifee to a fmall duller of grape^sf ,a at tl)e firil bea- 
ring a tDl|ttcfioure,anD aftertoarbe t^efeebe , tljetu^iclje foi t^emoftparte^iflf 

iofl: befo;^e it be npe. 

Ctietjuilbe a? ercurp \$ fbmetDl^at like to %t garben Sf ercurp/auing r Ijis 
ftalk*^ is tenberer ^ fmaller, anfinotabouealpanlong, H3itboutanpbianci^e;QJ, 

<Bi\ t^c 



The firft Booke of 


ti^eleaueS be greater anil ftanBingfarftetafimtierdtte fro an after* 'Cl^e feefie 

ott^timltyigUU to t\)t feetieof ft e male garUen ap ermrp, anD fte feefie of 
ft e f emale>i^lfte fte feeDe of ft e female garben #ermrp ♦ Cl^e roote i$ twift 

^jearie ftrmgs?,tee fte roote of tl^e garDen Ajpercttrie^^ 

Mcrcurialismas. Phyllon Tl^cophrafti. 

Mercurialis foemina. 

fl^ ercurp female. 





, Ci^ereii^l^et anofteri^erbe founfie caileft Noiimetangere,ftetol^ifteaUb 
^ ief reHttceD antibiougljttjntier tftefembe? of S^ercurj?. ^t^atl^ tenUerroimDe 
fetiobbel>ftall^ei0f>tft manp i^olloto toing^^^anU large leaiie;8f,UUe to ftefl^ep* 
cttrp in OalHe anD leauejBf , but miiclj ^igi^er arU> greater, fte fioure;0f l^anj bp 
(inall (temmeffjtljep are pello\u,b^oalJe,aiil> bollotu,bttt narrotD bel^ inH, 
antJ crofeiiig UKe a taj^le , Ufee ti^e floured of a^arfeetf (jpurre , after fte WWl^t 
fterecommeft foo^ti^ fmaUlong rounD l^ntt^tg, tl^e tjj^ici^e Do open of ftem 

feluejB^.anD ti^e feeDe beingrtpe,tt (pnrteft anD fl^tppeft atoap.ajo; foone ^iti$ 


s €>ue map toell Ueftribe anU place, neict fte ^ermrieief (but eHieciallp ti^em 

of tlie garden) fte l^erbe uifttcl^eitf called ^&l^pllon,b|>cattre ftat fome Do t^inU 
tl?atl^i5?llonanD#ercurpare but one]^erbe,butbp fttef treaticeftep map 
fenototftatt^epbebuierjBfi^erbe?* liotofterfo^tefterebeauo foj^teis^ of ^^^pl- 
Ion (agCrateiia^\i)Mteft)fte #^e anDfte :ffemale* Jtbati^ ft^eeojfoure 
fl;alHe^>oimo^e,fteleattej5befometoi^atlonganD bj^oaDe^fomeftinglifee fte 
lestte3oftl^e€>!puetree, but IbmetDftat larger anb ti)0}ttt. 311 fte^erbel^ig 
(WiHe;sfanDleatte;s^,($cottereD toifta fine (bftetul^ite ujooloi Cotton* C^e 

feebeof tbefemale}9i&pllon,grouie5ftttifatHiionUketofte feeDe of fte female 






the Hiflorie of P lances. 

a^ er curie: anH tWttr^toft\)tmm jjrovyeft lifee to t!je male#ercutie* 



Phyllon Thelygonon. 



h 4 

^^r he Place. 

Ci^egatDen S^miiriegrotuetl) mtmeparlieftattli garben;0f of potl)etbe^* 
ts:fae\jpiltiegtoujetl^ in ]^eI)gejgauDCopfe0*Cl)efift^Kintie§[ro\j)et^mt)e^ 

mopft ijalUe^, atitiifti^epbeotte^platttetJ^tl^ep comeljpagamc pearelp aftep^ 

\]patti,of t^eir otoneaccozl>e>otof tljeitotone fotjDing. 

^^^plloti i^ fottuDe , grouping ti^ojiottgl) out aU ]ianguet>oc!^, anli jBto 


J^j T^r Tyme 


tiTljep flouj:eitt3iurte;anb continue touring aUtl^e Corner* 

i^ The Names. 

(0arHcn S^ercurie i$ callel) ixi dS^eefee x^ofcsds-if, ant) of fome -kk^^w^^,)^ Vm? 

)SoT«vJop:OfThcophraftLis4)uVoi^: in ?LatineanD in ^l)Oppei^ Mercurialis: in^^* 

talian c^urcureiu.ixi&^^mS^ cMenurUies: (n CngUf^) ^etcutp, ant) of fome in 
jlrrenc!? cMenury :va^\Q^ Boucl) Zamen:6ingel]fetaut,feutdurt|,ant) ® ercu^ 
riU0 Hraut: in bafe 3llinaigiie 'Cam asingelcmpt, ^ a? ercuriaeU 3nt) tliat t!iat 
hati^ tl^e tounti feeDeiiS calleD Mas tljeapale*:atnt) t^eot^et i# caUeti tl?e fcmalr 



d^'iflf : in 

gjomeDo alfo tafeeit^fo?. miXUS^txmiv 

Ci^etuiltie^ercurpijffcaUet) in <]5^eefeeKtfvoKf«/x^H.K^wAr,K5" aivoJ 

?Latine Canina brafsica^ant) Mercurialis fylueftris : \Xi (0nglil|) tJPlltie^etanrp 
anD J^Ogge^ Call : iXi :ffrenc^ MercuriAUeftuuage.Chou (ieChien: VX Ijig^ i^OttCt) 

<5 Ul 



The firft Bookc oF 

1) en a^ er cttriaeU 

C^e Noli me tangerc,tba:ef Uitfenoidmof t\)ft Mntimtg J U)^erefoieitftath 
none otijet nmnt vx (3t^t ox jtatine.O^ep calit in l^igl)3©ouc^ ^p^mgitattt 
<n Bmbant ^ptingiriiptj anft Cmpi^el^en enruert mp niet : anU foi ti^at caiifc 
wenrnttjereDape^Do caUit,Noiime tangere.ti^ati^ to fap, toucl^emenot* 

^^^lioni^ called in (S^t^z <pvMop »^ ixouocp^^oif: in Xatine Phyiium . tinije 
male ts^ called tff/tvo>«vdp,t»ftic]^e map be Cnglifj^et) Barons^ S^ercurp oi^ijpi 
4on,oi:i3opei^ ^etcurp oz^i^pllo^ainti ti^efemale (^ calleD in (B^t^e^nwymy 
anD t^i0 ^in^t mapbe calleti in CngliJl) (l3pile;B:iB]^pUon oj^ S^ercurp, laauglj 
tet:;9?jd]^pllon,o3^#aplien fl^ercurp* 3lnttU3e cangine it none otl^ep name a? 

.pet.'C^iSi^ ^ioicoridcs^g^i^pUonpbtttnOtThcophraftusJ^ljpUon. fO^^Theo- 

phraftes^^pUon, i|f notbing el^ bnt Diofcorides S^ttcixtp^ 3lnD foi to be 

iino\Denfcomtbe!a^ei:curiei3?,ti^i^^bpUoni$alfo calleli Ei^ophyiion,;gDliae 


^ The Nature 




Ct)efl$ercttne$;arel|oateant)Dzpmtl^efitOtiegree,a? Aucrroysfaiti^^ 

^ The Fertues, 

S^etcnrp bopleO in \j) at er anti Uionl^en^lofetl) tl^ebellp, purgetli, ^Hiin^ 
foit^ colDe pblegme0,anU boate anD cboletique Ijumo^g: ^ alfo t]^e toatet tl^at 
\& gatljeceU togitbet in tbe boUieie: of fncl) t^$ ijaue ti^e 3E>,iopCie» 

f o;^ tbefe purpofe^, it map be bfeli in meateisf , anD potageisf, anU tl^ep CfiaU 

My^%U tbe Came e{tect,biit notfo fti:onglp* 

'Cibe Came pount) \x)itb Butter , oi anp o 

ti^er gteate,anD lapDe to tbefuntiamft, p^to 

uofeetb tbe ftoole ^ fiege 
Cbe Batons a^etcmrpjOf male idljpllon 

l>;tonfeen;Caufetb to engenber male cl^ilbzen, 
ahb tl^e ij^api)e a? ercutie , oz gp^tle^s: jSbpl 
Ion b ionfeeiT,caUietl> to engenber €>n\t$, o j 




tu)0 pence/ C^ap4ii)l 


^DnptPOite i^atb tinall (lenbet (talHeier^ 

cveeping bp tlje grounbe, bpon euerp 
fibe tubereof gtotaetl^ fmall rounbe 
leaue$,anbromeu)batlarge,almofl:lii^eto a 
penp^Cbefiouresf bepellov!) almoftlpfee to 

golb cnppe$* Cbe toote itf final anb tenber* 

ijt The Place, 

%W ^erbe gtotueti^ in mopft meboto^ef. 


aboutbitcbejef,^ toatercourfe?, $ in Copre;8: 

#5* The Tjme, 

3It beginnet^ to floure in fl^ap, anb con- 
tinuei:]^ Souring all ti^e ^omer» 

A The Names, 

%\0 l^erbe \» noto calleb ixi Hating N u- 

mulina, Ccntummorbiaj^Of (bme Serpen-^ 

taria,anb ^ Lunaria grafiuia: inCngUl^ l^erbe tiDO pence^ tU3o pennp graflir 




the Hiftoric of P lantes^ 


anU Sf^mv\iiottz:infm\^ Herhea cent mMMes va\^i^ Saottc^j^fmnmgfetattt; 
egelferaut,^ clein iiiaterfermit: in bafe ailmaigne^e nincfempt,^ C j^eicmpt 

JJ* T^tf Nature, 

CtJPo pennp gralTe i;8f Djp in tl^e tftittieUegree* 



iSi r>&f Fertues. 

Cl^elatertujtptetjBfUo dip.tftat if ti^i^l^ertiebe bopleD inlopneatiB U;tonfeen H 
toitl) ^onp,tl^at it ^ealetb aulJ curetft tl^^ tDouubejJ anb i^urteisJ of t^e )Limgeft 
^ tbat it i;8^ goob agaitta tbe Cougb> butijpeciaUp againlt tl^etJagetou^a; Cougi^ 
in pong ci>ilb3ten,to be tafeen as is afoze Capbe* 

lt^tloefla»/o; €oDef Ia]i;e* €{iap.1tt9 






^ T Be Defer fptm , 

^ r CanU)ojte,\iJilbeflaice,o^Cobef[a]c,]^at]^ftttrtl,flenber,blac!ii(]E) ftalfees^out 

^of tul^ic^ gcoipet^ manp leaues togi^etlongranb narro\i3,mucl^ lifee to tl^z 

leanes of }tpm'Cbe floures be peUoui,latge, ^ clofebef ote, Itfee to a froggeS 

moutb^anb narroiu beftinbe,^ctoUb lilie to jlarfees fpurce, oe liarfees clatae^ 

^be feebe is large anb blacfee, co ntepneb in f mall rounbe fttt{^es,ti^e tDi^icfte 
commeti^fo^ztb? after t^efaUing of, of tbefloure. 

'Cl^ereisanot^erfeinbeofti^iS fterbe,ti^etDbic^iSnotcommon,anbitbea- 
retl^ fapte bletije fio wreS , in aU otber tilings lf^t to ti^e otfter , feiiing tbat bis 
ftalltes^fioures^anb leaues are (htaUer^anb tenberer^ but pet it gro ijoetb bp to 

Co ti^efei^inbesof uiflbe jflajceo^TLinarie^ittoerenotamiiTeto iopne t^at 





The firft Booke oF 





01 fcourge^ bearing rmallmmou) leaueiS almoftiifee to tljeleaiie^ of f lape: the 
floure;3^ beCmaliauD of ^a graffe colour^ auD tio grotp at ^^e toppe of t^e ftaliic;^, 

^Th Place. 

Cliep gcoU3 luilUe uitjtittlleD placeie^jabout ]^elige;3^,6t tl)e boiBer? of f ieitse^. 
^fpife groiyetl) w manp places of 3talp auti Jtombaitie* 


%\)tp fiottre mofl; commoulp ui3|ttlp,anli 3iagii(l* 

^The Names. 

C!|ij6?l^et:bi"a?caUeD itt^i^oppejsf Linaria,^n6 of fomePrtudolinum, anti Vri- 
nalis. inCnglili^CoDe flajce/anH vuflBe fiaji;e:infi:mcl|i:/»4/>^oii^/>?y4««4^tf? 
in l^igi) 33 ouci^ 'ilpniferaut^f lafci^fei:attt;i^arnferaut;t)nfer fra\D eu f lafci^, uiia 
f la(cl),Hrottenfiafc[j: mbafe3llinaigne n^(tttt)laj3^* 

C^eti^itt) Wubei^caUeb in (l5.ieelteo<ruei?. in )(Latine ofyris ibutintljigoai; 

age it iiB^calleb in d^^eeKe «juf /V.anD as U)e i^aue fapDe it is called in 3 tab Bei- 

uedercrtn Cnglifl) ^tanneiuoite* 

«!§* T^e Nature 

§»tanU3ojte isl?oate anb b.ip in tl^e tftirbebegree* 


Cl^eiaecoctionof oryris,o;t'Cotiefla!;eb,ionfeen, openettj tieolb.colb aop 
pings of tbe jLiner^ ^ilte^ ^ isfinguler goob.foifucli astiaue tl^e^aimbers 
xuitbotttf euerSjeCpeciallp toljan tijejaunbers is of long continuance. 

Clje fame bo tl) alfo piouofee b j^ine , aub i^ a finguler mebicine f o^ fuclje as 25 

can not piiTe^bttt bjoppeafter b^oppepanb againft ti^e toppings of tbe liibners, 

" K 






Vrfa Paftorisi^atl) i:ounb>tottg]^,anb 
pliable biaunci^es> of a f oote long: 
toitb long leaues, bepel? cut oji iag- 
geb^ifee p leaneS of ^eneup, but xmc^ 
•fmaller^'Clje floures are uibite,^ gro\u 
^long(tbptl)eftalfeeS,in olacetuftereof 

tuban tbep are gone tljerbrifetb fmaU 
fiatte Cobbes , oi triangleb pouci^es 
tuberein t^efeebeis contepneb^lul^iclje 

tSCmaU,anb blacfee ♦ ^Ije roote is long 

^ The Place. 

:g>i^eepel)erbS poucl^e grotoetl^ in 
ftreates anb toapeS; ^ xa rougi^ ^ ftonie 
anb bntilleb places 

^- The Tjme. 

3!t flouretb moft commonly i»3une 




anb J ttlp 

^ The NAmes 

Ci^iSfterbej^atl^ neither <B;teefeenot 
jLatinename giuen to \^m of tbe Klnci* 
ent U)^iters,but tl) e later toiiters^ i^aue 

calleb it in ]iattne Pailoriaburfa,Pcra^ 

the Hlftoric of Plantcs. 

attD I^ittm feci^eU inh^ Wmni^ftz CeCi^en^ o^^^o^Ce^eujef cmpt» 


Cfie3©ecocttoti df ^l^epi^erUe^ purfe U.tonk^, ttoppetl^ tl^e teffee,t5e btoU* ^ 

iJp flipe,t]^efpittin9 anU piiRng of blouti.tDomen^ termeisf^anU all otl^cr flupe of 
Xilouti;]^otDCbeuerttbetal^en:fo.ttPl^tci^eitt^(b ejcceUent^ti^atfbnte tu^tteofit^ 

faping^ti^at it luiUftancl^e blouH if itbebut onlp j^olbenin t^e ftanbe, d.^ cameti 
about tlftebobp^ 

€^f€tnqttefopfo/o;fttte fKnoar gralTe. €^apatif 




^m arefottte fojttejB? of Pentaphyiion,d]^ Cinqttefople: t\jdo WntJeS 
t^etof bratetl? pellouj floure^^tPljiecof tbe one x% great,tbe ot^ec fmaU 
%\^t tbirb MnDe beatet^ tul^ite floure;8^, and t^e fourti^ i^tnde teDd? 
floure;8^,aU are lii^e one an o^er m \mxz% and fafll^tom 

Pentaphyllon luteum maius, 

]9elloU3 Cinquefopleti^esreater. 

Pentaphyllon lutcum minus. 

I^ellotp Ctnquefople t^eleiTer 




Jj^T he D efcripioH , 

TTiiegceatpendtP Cmqtte^^»>le, l^atl^ tountie tentiet ftalfeetf, creeping bp tijr 
grounH^and nmninsab^uade^liite ^z (W*eS ojbzancl^jaf of toilde Canfic, 


r^ r: 





The fitft Booke of 


-- I 

m\> taWng Ijottie intoiuetjB^ placets? ofti^e grounl»,bpon tol^iclje flenliei: bjanc5)esf 
jjroitjctl^ Ions leauoJ fnipt o j DcnteH rounD about f eDgesf,altoaiej8f f iue grotu- 
mstogitljectjponallemjOjtattljeetiljeof aftem* '^\)c&ontmitvtlloxv ^mh 
parteti into fitteleattetf*'CftetDljic^tD]^antljej;arel)anifB?ei>tio tttcneinto fmal 
rottnb.anH l^arDebearie^,lifee^tratPberte;8f,(niuI^icl|l groiuet^ tl^efeelie*'Cl^e 
roote i$ blacfeidj, long anU (lenUer* 

^ ^IjefmallpeUou) CinquefopleiStnucl^lifee tfteot^er, inl^tef leauetf^ ^ cree^ 

pingbpont]^egrount>,alfo (nlji^fl;alfeej8f,flottteie^,ant> feetie, fauing t^atiti^a 
greateUeale fmaUer,anD Hotl^ not Ugl^tlp takel^olbfaft ^ cleaue to dje grounD; 
a;^ t^t ofi^er Sotli^Ci^e leaueg are fmallei: tl^eh ti^e ot\)^gy an6 of a U30it(fl[; co« 
lotti;t)nti^etl>,ne]Ctto t^egtounDip* 

Pentaphyllon album* 

iBI^ite Cinquefoplei. 

■ rv* 



Pentaphyllon Rubrum. 

EeMe CinqUefbpIe* 




. v- 




■ L 

^lietDl)iteCinqiiefoHe,itf l&etl^egreat peUbto Cinquefoj^le, tnl&fef fmall 

anJ) OenUei: bianc^ie$ creeping bp ti^e grounDe, anU in W leaned ftiuiftefi into 
f iiieparte^^.but tijat \)i^ ftalHe? o jb.ianc^es be rougft.'Cl^eleattejBf belong, anD 
notfiiipt 0,1 nenteDroun&e about, but befo:eonelp*i:i)efloure$betol^ite,ana 
t^eroote i^ not fingle^but l^atft DiuerS ot^et fmallrooteiaf Ranging bp* 

tc^creDtieCinquefopleaUbjisfomeUJi&atlifeeto t^ttM^m, eQjeciallplifec 
t!jegreatpello\i3feinbe* -Ci^e leauesbe alibparteb in Rue leaueft anHnicteo? 
foipterountJ ^dut^tl^etDi^icl^eareiDi^itii^ljntiemetl^ , anU of atoarte greene 
colour aboue* %l)t ftaiifee i$i of al^ianne o? foote long,of colour buitone, o jreU 
liia;e,tDitb certapne io pnte^s oifenot$,but not l^earie* 'Cl^e fiouretf grouj at t^e 




the Hiftorie of P lances. 

tt)etoI)ic]^et!|erecommet^t)p fmaUrounJJbmeis?, of atoarteteDUecoloutUfec 
tenDer^anti ^Steat)mg about i^ete ant ti^cce^ 

j5«T>^f Place. 

^^entapl)pllou oj Cinquefople grotuetl^ Io\jd atiD in(l)aDo\i3ie placets?, fome 
timt^ alfo bp tuatet fiDe^,elj?eciallp t^e retitie kinUe, ti>l)if^eis^ onelp founDe in 
Wcl^eiefpO^ aboute Dici^eis^ ojf ftantimgtuater^ 

Cittciuefople flottreti^ inSf ap.bttt cljiefip tu 3ittne. 

^Tlfe Names. 

Cinquefople is^ calleli in <l5^eefee 7rwT«VuMo ^ : in Hatme ^ in ^i^oppe;9f Pen- 

taphyllum^anD Quinqucfolium:in31taltan Cinquefotto'in^^tiXiiVi) Cincoenrama: 

inCng;li(I)Cinquefople,oi^inHefople,of fome Jfpueleauet) graCTc, otjf iuefin* 
greU grafTe: inf renc^i ki^wkfuetlU: inbiS^J^oiuft f unfffingetUtaut, ^ Jfunff* 
blat: inbare3limaigne;mi|fbingercrupt^ 





ijt- T/'f Nature. 

CtnqaefopIei5? Dzpintl)et5irDe iiegree* 


%\it roote of ^pnifeefopleboi?leD in VDaterbntillt^et^jirlie partebeconftt 
meD^Dotl^appeafetbealJing.anDragtngpapneoftbcteetlj* 3lflfoif onel^olb in 
\^i$^ mouti} tijeDecoction of t'^efame^anH ti^rttioutl) be vueU\uafil)el> tl^eretait^ cureti^ tl^e ioxt^ anD blc er^ of tl|e fant^* . 

C^efaineUecoction ofttje roote of ^infeefopletiionfeen^cureti^ tljeMoutJp t^ 
fii:re,anD all oti^erflujreof ti^ebellie, anD ftanci^ eti^ all eji^celfiue bleeDing, anb i^ 
gooU againftti^e goute^ciatica 

Ci^eroote bopleb in bineger, Dotl^ mollifie ahb appeace fretting anb confu- 
ming im%y anb DitToluetl^tDenne^B^anb colbttoclUngs?, it curetlj eutlfauo^teD 
naple^janb i^z inflammation anb ftDellinglBout ttje fiege, anb all naug^tie 
ftttriiineiTeyif it be appUebti^ereto* 

Ci^e iupce of tl?e roote beingpetpongaitbtenber^is?goobto beb.ionfeena-^^ 
gaina tt)e btfTeafe^ of tlie •jiiuer.tbe A.ttngejff,anb al popfom 

"Cbeleatte0b;ronfeen in {)omebtuater,o^uJinetDt)ereinfome|Bepperl)atft ^ 
hznz menglebjCtiretb Certtan, anb £luartaine feuer0 : 3lnb bionUen after t^^e 
tSimemaner^bp tlje Cpace of tiriitie bap^^,it Ijelpettj tbefallingftcfeneffe* 

Cbeleaue^pounb ^ lapbe too bealetb filinebttr(toig;£?; o^tl)efaUing bonne S 
ofti^ebotoelles? 01 ot^er mater into tlje Cobbeftanb mengleb tuitij Calteanb 

H^mv^^tV clofe bp >Donnbeftf iftulajs? anb fpieabingblcers? 

'CI&eiiijJcebfti^eleaue;B;b,ionfeenbotl^cttrett>e3aunberiBf,anbcomfoitet]^e € 

•3^ The Defcripion . 


€)^mentill \$ muclj lifee bnto ^intfecfople : it i^at^ flenber rtalfeejsf, 
ronnbe^anb tenber,fineo^fi]reflp^ingingbp out of oneroote,anbcree=' 
ping bp fi^e grounb. Ci^eleaueis? befmaUpfiue,oi mod: c ommonlp feuen 
grovjjing bpon aft em^muc^ li^e tl^eleauej^ of ^incl^efople, anb euerp 
leafe \$^ Ifeeujife fnipte anb benteb rounbe about tl^e ebge^s:. Cl^e flonre^s: be pel 
louj, mucblifee tbefloure^ of tDflbeCanfie,anb ^incliefople* %\^z roote fcs? 

bjou)ne,rebbe anb t^icfee 

fjt The Pid ce. 


CozmentiUgro^eti^ inloxu^ban^e^flfabottjptDOobetf, ^in greene tuape^ef 



The firft Bookc of 



♦§• T/^f Tyme. 


3t8ottmi) oftetune^.altljefoiner long* 


4!^ The 




%\)iS l^ecbe \$ naMi called m ^^oppes: 
*ttii in jLatmc rormentiiia,att6of fometti 

S^Ztiiti7i}ii<pv>^ojj:in ^latitie Scptifolium: 

.Cl^emacke? anU mm of tl^is i^erbe lio 
appjoci^ j?et|^ nem:e to tt^efteftriptiott of 


tl^Th N'dtun. 


%^t leaner of Coimentill \xyit\^ tljeie 
^otebopleti inxome/b^t tl^e iupce thereof 
H^tonifeen pzouofed;!) ftoeate , atili hv tftat 
meaixe^itbziiie^ istttall tientm fromtl>e 
^larte: mozeouer tl^e? areb^i? gooli to be 
t&Xtxi oitij^'onl^enagamfl: allpopfohianli a 
gainlt tlje plague o^i peittieiice* %iz dime 
liettuei^at^ t^eti^zi^e^ i:oDte]ef:,tobesnal)0 

:$lCo t^etooteof CotmenttUmaliemtQ 
pouDer>^&^t^etiintume tol^an onei^atl^ 
nofetter:oitt>it]^ tftttxjatrr of a^mptl^etf 

fo^ge,oiii3ater\T)]^erem3i:on, o^^oate^bammg fteele^atl^Tjetie^jftm qiteiv 
cfteD,iuljan ouel^atl) a fetter,curet^ t^^eblouDDp flijce^gt al otl^er 9Mm oilaffeetf 
of tfte bellp»3itttoppet!i t^efl^ittmg of blOttD^tJ^epifRng of blouD^an^ t^>fttpei> 
ftiottfemmngof ujomett^flottrejs:,^ aU otl^erfemDe^eftif fltt|ce,oziffttei9f blouti 



Ci^e 2^ecoction of ti^e leaiie^Bf ^ roote of co;^mentiU, ot t^e iupce of tl^e fem^ 
ftzoufeen 1$ gooU foj^ all loounDes?, botl) mtparMp, auD outtDarWp: it Doti^ alto 
openanH bealet^eftopping^ an& fjurte? of ti^e^Lung^ft anl^ fl^ejiptter, auD i^ 
gooU agaitift tfte JaunUet^* 

C^ roote oft^eiHmemaBe into podt»et,atiUtattpereti oifenoHeft toitl^tfte 
lol^ite of an €gge,ana eaten,8apetl^ tljeJelire to tjomitte, anfti? gooD againft 
tfte DflTeafe caUeD Cboler oz S^dancljolp* 

CbefemebopleD (n)a)ater, anD aftennarU tl^e mo ut^ being lualt^eH tfteee* 


^ The 1>efcripion . 


^t &tra\jDbetrie toit^ i^i^ Cmall anl) flen&er dearie bzand^eisf, creeps 
alongfl: ti^e grounI>,anD tal^ roote anO ^ofiiefaO:, in ^mt% placejB^ of 
t^e;gcottnD lifee ^ineltefople^tl^ leaned alib are fotmtel^at l&e S>incK^ 
fople,fo?ti$ep bel&etDife cut an6 fnipte rounD ab^ut ;neuertt)eleffe it b^ttngeti^ 
fozt^ but onelp tft?ee leaned grotoing togitljer "bpon ea(% dearie Ctetu o^ foote'* 
ftaifee^'Cije floureisf be toi^ite,^ pello\» in tlje mfl^liel>CsttietJi)^at after tbe fafH^io 
of Cinquefople^tl^etDlyici^ebeingpail it beareti^ a plea&mt ro un& fruite,greene 




the Hiftorie of Platitcs 

n tfte firfte, but rcDtie \j3ftatt itfe^rppe, 
fometime^^ alCb pe lliall fintje ti^em tier? 
XD!)tteiui5ant!jei>becipe, (u tafte anMiai* 


'ih H*-^ 

Fraga f k 

uoiirbcrppleafant ^rh Place 

^oo?)^eft^Deepe trettd^e^J.auU banfee^, 
bp !)tgl) taap fiDcjs^ : Cljep be alfti miic^e 
planted m gatben$ 



anU tl}e fmte is^ ripe m 3|iine* 

•jjt T>&^ (Barnes. 

Clje ^traxuber? i^ caUett in inatine 


^ S»trau)berp platite : in JFrencl^ /•/-4//<'n- 
iU Ijigi^ Bouclj Crtitbeere liraut: inbafo 
3ltttaigiie€er^tbefiemruj>t Ci^efriite 
(0 calleD in '^Latine Fraga: inirrenci^ i>r/ 
/?^4//?y. intiig^Jaouci^ C rtitbeer: (nbafe 
:^lmaignc C erDtbefien 

,tMf -J-*' 

lb ^ 




«^ r^e Nature. 

%^t ^traujberi» plante o^^erbe,tPit^i 
t^e greeue anti bur tpe ^t:ratobene5?,are 
coltie ^ D.zp ♦ 'Cbe ripe ^trauiberieiei are 


'C!ie laecoctiou of tl^e ^tratubet^ 
plante Dionfeen, lloppetb tbe laffee, ^ t^^ 

fiipergiibttfeconrre ofU)omen;8fflottrej8f*. 

Cl^e fame IJecoction, boi^^^^ ^^^Pt wt 
tl^e mo titl) f omfo,itet!} t^t gumme;^, ^ en* 
retb t^e naugbtie blcer^ ant) foie^ of ^e 

moutb , ^ auopbetb ^ Ihntog of p fame* 
'Cbe iurce of tb^ leaned cureti^ ti^e 


fetraujberies? quenfl? tl|irft,6t tbe c6* 

tinual bfe of tl^em te ijez? goob^f oi tbem 

that feelegreat beateintljeir ftomacfee* 




^f Mucr wwtie/ oj wiloe 



4^TheD efcription - . f 

T]^e tPiUJe CanGe,iis( mncb I*e to tfte 
^trauiberp plante , auD Cinaue* 
f ople, ixi W finall anb fletil^er b^tat^ 
cbej3(, anb in ^i-3^ creeping alongfl anb 
Ranging faft to ti^e gronntie, W ftalHed 
bealCafmall anbtenber^C^leaneiaJ be 
long,beqpelp cuteiienljarbe to tbe ftem 
anU toiptrounb about, mud^ l*e to tfte 
leattejSof3grimonie,ofat»]biti(]^fttnfiig c 
colour neiDt tftejrounb,^ of afaint greenc aboue^Clje fionrejf be pdIo\iJ,mitt9 




■ • 




The firft Bookc of 


w h 




Iftet^e imtts of Cmqnefople. X^eroote Ijat^j l^earie ftrtng^^ 

^ The Place. 

i^ilBe CaiiiXe gro\»et% in mopft^tntiUeU^anU graffie place.^;^ ab o ut a icl; e^s: 
but e^eciallp in clap grouuOetf^tljat are left from tillage. 

^TheTyme. ** 

"^t flouretft mod cominonlp itt June ant» 3Iirtp* 


iji T^^ Names. 

Ci^iS ^erbc isfnotD called in ?LatinePotentiiia,aiiti Argentina, auD of foine 

Agrimonia fylueftris^O^ Tanacetum (ylueftrc: ixt Cnglifl) "UDilDe Canfte, ^iluer 

\eeelie,anO of fome\Dil5e3lgrunome: in JFrencij Tafjapfi»ua^c,(si Becd'oyeMnO 
jirgentiner ix\, \^v^ Bouc^ d^renfigl^, <]3tenring, o,i <l3enferic^, anb acco^tUing to 
^e feme in statute Anferina in bafe 3filmaigne (^anfericfe.anU Kirgenttne* 

t©iU)e Canfie ijsf Dip in tl^e t^irDe Degree* 

j^ The Vertues. 



l©ill)e^anfieboplel> m\]Dineo;t\jpater anDHionfeendoppetl? ti^claffee, tlje 31 
blouDp Aire, anH all oei^er ttujre of blouU,anD pieuapletlj miicl^e againU tije fi^ 
perauou^coiirfeof tjuomen^floure^/but Qjeciallp agapnat^e\p^ite flouU; op 

tCTue of aottre;sf* 

%\)t fame bopleU in uiater ani) falte anD Dionfeen , DiffoUietli all clotteb auD 3 
congeleD blouD , ant> ig goop foi fucl^e as^ are fquatte antJ btufeU xuit^ falling 

C^eiaecoctionbftiJilDeCanfie, ciftetljtljeblcer^, anDfo^tegof t^emoutli, c 

t]^el)oate^umoi0 ti^at arefallentJotoffStnta 
rifl;e tftefigljt^if tftep beioafi|?cD tftere^itftall 


i^ilbeCanfie ijati^ manp otl^er gooD bertues^^atf againftfteftone, intoarU a 
^ounlJe^^ant) coirupt 0^ fretting tjlccrt of tl^e ^ummeis , anD p^inie ojfccrete 
partej0?,itctreng^eneti^ tlje bott)elle0;atit» clofcti^ Dp greenexoounDeg , it fafte 
netli looCe teetti; anb Cujagetft tootl;-:u^e* %\)t tJimilcb tmter of tljtg plante 
i$ goob againa tije fcecfele;6:,Q)otteg,an$ piinptl^ of tlje face, anO to tafee atoap 

<&f common rt^bttft &• €fiapJ.r; 


^The Kmdes. ' .. , - 

f tljefterbecalleb in ULatinePilofd la, ^ereigfoant) attl)igtimet\jPO 
feinbe;9f: Cfte one callebtlje great Piloielia^tl^e oti^er fitiail Piloidb, 

tfteVD^icijefomemen boaUbcall ^oxifeeare/i^otubeiitljepare mt 

^ The BefcriM. 



^t leauesof great Pilofdiaare fpteabe bpontlje grounDe)^l)itel)oare, 
anb Ijearie muclj Ipfeeagreat S^oitfe tare* C^eftalfeeig allb ibearie^a^ 
boateaQ)annelong,anb bearet^ Jom)lepeUo\]ofioure^;tt)e.\]ubn:l|e bo 

cljangeinto acertapne bearie boujne 0^ Cotton feet)e,anb isf carieb a\uap initft 
tlje iDinbe* %\^z roote is of t^e lenijtft of a fingar ; anb fjaj^tnanp Ijearie 



CfrefmaU Piiofdiai^i&eto tbe o^er ^feningtliat itigmnci^ leffe 


leaner be fmall anb littl€,anb tji^ite ftaare w^te to tbe gfcimb^mib trearie attb 
C^e fionreisf grotu at tftetoppe of t^e ttemejS^manptogit^er, anb^e of colour 
fometimeg peUotu, tometimeg rebbe, m% tbmetime? bjoxone > anb fbmetiinejl 
^eti^leb.C^erooteijSfm^anb^bbpr . "" 


the Hiftorie of P lantesw 


Pilofella maior. 

Pilofella minor. 







anti tjpon Dip banfee^? about tlje bojtlirt^ of ftett)es^. 

Ci^e fmail aiiofeUa gto weti^ ixiX^v^ t^tw ati^ Common?, anl> fuct^ lifee 

ijDdCte anlr bntilleD place? 

Cl^ep fldttceiii #ap anB 3Ittne 


w. i*-. 

« T/^f Names 



%\^t great i? notd c^leD in A^atine Pilofella maior .- m cfnglil^ alto <i5reat 
0floMla,^ of fome#ottfeeare:in]^ig^2aoUc]^ l^ageHferaut; anD of tomealtb 
a^ettf?o^:ui bafe atlmaigne groote ^ttdmie^anb i^ag^ elcrupt 

Cl^e finaUfe callefi Piiofdia minor, anU of i^t\^\%\^ ailmaipe? S^eufi 
o^lmanD !^afenpfatKn,it map be c^eD in cCngliC^fmall i^aofella,otl|eatl)^ 

mOUCeeare^ Jfl^ The Nature. 

CI(>e#aofeUa?be^oatr anUtiip* 


• ' 

C|jea3?coction of tl^e leaue? anb rooteof tl^isl^erbelHonhen, botli cure^anli % 
i^ealeaUu>ounDe?bot^m^arlk anD outtii^d,anD alto i^emie^^lUnpture?, o^ 


Cbe leaue? of )^florellaD^peD>anD aftem^atD maDe into pouDer,^ fitotjoen "^ 

0? call into toountie^^i? able to cure anti i^eale ti^e fame. 
Ci^e iupcr of ti^e great j&ilorella>DMippeD into ti^e eare?, carets fte papne c 

of tl^eJime^anH clenfet^^ ti^emfrom^lfiltft anbcoiruptiom 







The Srft Booke of 

Chefeme^ilofellaeatmoj taken wmeate?,6ot]^ rtenfejclarifiet^eftabt 

tia cttretl^ tfte reDneffe of tlje epe? 

4^f #oIDen flottte t>tecbatio0/an6 €otton 



- J 


\ijoollp,oiCottonpleatte;9f>\u]^ic]^efome mencaU Pilofdi^, o;^ Fibgi- 
ncs. c^eouei^auingfap^egolDepeUotwanti ttoeete fmeUing Soure^^ 


ia;9^it(^allappeare i^ereafter 

^^he'Defcripion. Ageratum Aurclla. 

Tl^eficftoftljefeljerbes d^olDenSt^chasoj 
Do call ifvi^ etnblumett 
anti cottonie^i^ariie^^ttib^ 


Cotton Uiee3)e 

til]^,ot of ai^oare grap co 

louir^dfaljpannelong; )i3ttl^ 

ftnaU^narcotsj, ^berpfoftc 
tottonie leaue^j in quanta 
tie ^ making like ^ leaned 
xA ^pObp : at ti^e toppe of 

ti^e fl^alke^ grotpetl^ (mall 
tuftejs? y^%z$^X toere note* 
gaj'ejG: of ten o;t pinfloure? 
o^moie ^ tpl;ic]^e are rounH 
in fafll^ion like to Onalbut* , 
toft ft e ttiljicb t»o no t ligbt- h 
ll>perifl?eo;tt)at!e>btttmap . 
bekeptalongtimeintl^eit: v 
eftate, ^colour, neittietate 

ti^ep of an ijnpleafant Ta^ 
uour > but ate Cbme\i3bat 
bittetf CbetooteijBifmall, 
f^?oitte,ant) blacke* 

fe calleb Filago, 01 Cotton 


toeebe, \$ of ftjeefojtfta;8? 

t;8( before (iipbe 
%\)z firft of tbem i^like to fteafij>efe|>be,bttt it t? greater anb bisbet^tbme^ 

timeiBi grotoinj to tbebeigA of ttoo footelong^o^tmoie* Cbeftalketf befmall, 
rounbe anb grapi^e , couereb toitl^ a certai^ne fwie tiooU o? Cotton, t)mt o? 
foure gro\i3png bp from one roote, Oraigl^t, anb moft commonlp toitbout anp 
b^cbeie? ♦ 'Cfe leaueiBf be long, narrovu, tobitil^. fofte , anb tooollp , like tbo 
leaner of d^olbenozpellotp Stsechas^fauingftat ftej> be longer, anb bjoabe^ 

anbfometDbatof a greener colour. 'Ci^efioureSbe rounbe , anb after tbe faf 
Ibion of button^ gro\j3ing at tbe toppe oftbe (talked, a great manptogitber, 
but nothing fo peUo\o,a?ai tbefloures of <]5olben Stxchas , neitljer ib longia^ 

fting, but are carrieb atoap tjjift t^e tioinbe tol^an tl^ep be ripe , Ifee biuer? o 
tberfioureft ^. 




the Hiftoric of Pkntes. 


% %\^t otlS>ei: WnUe of CottPtt lieelie, in italfee^^ atrb leauc^ i^ ntuc!? ipi^e to 

tijeafo.tcIaj[)liep tijeftottce^s: alfo beliUe to tlje afoiefa^De: l)o\ul^eittl)ei^ gcotu 
ttotmtufete;8fatt^etoppeof tl)eftallie,butbet\iaict t^e \zmz% alougCibp tl^e 
ftalfee,anti tl)ij8( i£J ttje giteatett Difference, l?,eta)i)i:t tlii^ ant tlje otlje^ 
4 'C9efourti^femDeoftljeCel)erbeiBf,i5lifeetotl)etu)o ot!}er,la{lrecitetiCot* ^ 
tonU3eei>e;3f, inftalfee^ anDuj^ptecottonrleaue;8^,l3iitit t^ altosttljer teuDe- 
rer,fittaUcr,anIiloiDer,relt>ome gcotjoingto ti^elengtl^ofane^^^anlie* %\^z 
floured? gro\D at tlje toppe of t^e ftalbeft in Cinall rounlJ button^; of colour anti 
fafll;ion lifee to tl^e otl^er Cotton UJeeDejSf. 


Ci^efirfti^intiegrotjjee^ in fauD p plapne^, anb btpi^eati^ejs^; anb iiBfplenti- 
ftiUpfountie in fnnDJ^p placeisf bp tlje riner of I'leene* %n ^i$^ countrep tljep 
tbtpitingar&en^* %^z otfterti^^ieeitintie^ Srotjoetl^ in tftiie^cottntrepin ftrnU? 
grounbe^^abotttDjpJ^icljeftanb in certapnemopftplaceief, anb intPooUUe^* 


Ci^epfloutemottcommonlppinjttnepanli JIulp* Cotton tueefieffonretl^ of^ 


ten>anl) againe ixi l&iizn!^* 

^ The Names. 

t Cfte firfte Wht of tl^efe %zttt^ i$ calleD of xhcopKraftus in U^ nimt\) 
23oofe,e;,anIi*)r)rr*Ci^apter> in<i5zeefee{Afiox^<roji ;inX'atine of ctjeoDojte <Bn^ti 

Aurelia: 3lU> Of j6io(COliUe$«yH^«Top Ageratum : in ^l)Oppe^ Siicas citrina, 
anD Sticadoscitrinum: ^f ODmeTinearca.^tl AmaranthusLutensrinCngltl!^ 

d^oltie flOttre,fl^otlb£ii)03^te>03Ki5olDett^tecl|aBoiB:,anti of 'Curner<^olt)en 
jfloureamoj: inl^i^ Soucl^ la^einblumen^S^ottenblttmen,^ a^ottenferaut: 
tnbafe 3lmaigne illi^epnblormen ant) aai^unbio^en* 

Ci^ere i^sfpet anoti^er fterbe Defcrpbeb bp Diofcoridcs^calleti iMx^tVoyEH- 

chiyfumanb Amaranthus^tfteVUljicljei^nOtl^inglifee to Sticas citrina. Joracioi 
Xfvo-c't/ Eliochryfon Of Theophraftus,anbix/xfvcroj»Elychryfon of Diofcorides, 

aretxuofetteralll)erbej^»3tnbti^erefb^iet!jeparegreatlp Dccepueb ti^attl)infee 

Sticas citrinatO be tijeEIichryfon of Diofcorides. 

Ci^e ot]^ertl)teeare allcalleti (atti^tjs:tpme)bp onename, in Ratine Fiiago.- 


in :S>pani(l^ rerua coUndrina • in i^iglj Jaoocl^ E^urlferaut t in bafe ^linaign^ 
Cbefirltof t^efett)ieei;8:calleUof Plinic, Herbaimpia^bpcaufe tl^atlji;^ lafi: 

Sottre;s^;l)ofutmottntmtD groiDt^igl^ettl^an t^efitfl^ 

^ometDOulb Ijaueti^efe tliieei^erbeief, to betljat u>l)ici[je tbcdE^^etiangcatt 

>v4^aA(oy : anD tl^e !2tatinilte)&? Centunculum, Ccntuncularis,ant> tomentitia, 

i butpetti^eitiubgementi^ notn'gt|t^a;s;it(^attappeare in ti)e Ctjapter nerte 


:^ The feature. 


%\^tlz \^t^t$ be of abitpittgnature* trbe <Solbe floureo? gotten sta?chas,ijBf 
ftoate altoj aj5 it map be percepueD bp l^to bittemeife* 

'^ The Fertues. 

(BolDen stapchas bopUb iix 'mint anti D^onfeen , feiUetb tt)Oime0 , anb btin- % 

getl^ tljem foitl^^anb i^ goob agapnO; tl^ebpting^ anD ftttiginief of benerndttfe 

Ct^efemebapleb inlpe^clenfetbti^ebearefeom^pce^anbiaittesf^Cljerame 23 
lapbe in o^arberoobeio^ anb ^ix^$^ i^eepeti^ apparell^ anD garmentie^ from 


#it^ m 





The firft Bookcof 


^ %^xi<S!^mxm ^m^n Cotton. ^Ijap \t% 

,^The Defer if tion* 

Ijetbe, toitl) man? flenDer 
Co f te bmncl^ e0 , anD ftnall 
leaned, coueteD all ouer 1(6 
a certaine \x>Wt fbtton oz fine tuooU 
ant) 13 eri> tijicfee: fo tl^atpr \jJOttttifep 
ittuere all ijuooll oj^ Cotton^ €:^e 

tontf, at tfte top of ti^e ftalfeeft aje: pc 
map p ercepiie b j> t^ e figiirei. 


iJj^ The Place, 

Cl|i? l^erbe groiueti^ no tuyere, 
btttbptlje feacoaft,ti^ere 10 plenty of 
it iniangiieboclt^anD #^uuice* 



ijf- T^f T)wf . 

gitfloutetb inHuneanfi 3ttlp* 

4^1 he N Ames. 

%W fterte i;8f callett in 6?eefee 

>v«^«xiov: (n^Latine Gnaphalium,Ce. 
tunculus ^ Centuncularis , Tucularis, 

Albinum,^OftomeGelafb,Anapha-^ ft #^ ^ 
lis,Anaxi£on,Hircs,anDTomentitia. ""^ * '^ 

aifO Bombax humilis ; (n CnjliC^ o£ 

tapftilago .3 1 ma? be called alfo pt- 
tp Cotton, o^finaU:©obare:inf teci^ 

Fetit CotoHi ^ /^^^^^^ horreufe,0} Cotoniere, 

Pcnainljte^Stirp.Aduerf. noua,callet]^it Chamajzylon. 


G naphalion ig^ijp anU aftrmgent* 


CljeleattejB? of Gnaphaiion.bopleb in tl)ic]fee ret) UJine, aregooD againftt^f 
bloubbp fiipepa^ Diorcorides^anD Galen tjoti^ \joitneffe* 


I^ere ifi^ founDAi tftfcsf cotttrep,of tl^teefottetf of }&lantapne great plen^ 
tp,bpffl»e0iu^ic]^ett)erei0petanoti^erfbttnt)e,u)fticl^groiueti^ in &lte 
grount)e,aU\jPl|ici^einfi8ure;Do partelp refembleonean ot^er^ 


Ti^e great i^lantapnei^atb greatyrgeleaueMlmo&libeto a^eeteleaSG?> 
tatt^leuen ribbed bcl^inDe^on tl^ebacfeefibe, toj^icl^ Do alalTemble ^ meete 
togit]^er,at ti^e enJ)e of ti^eleafe neict t^e roote* ^^t ftemme^ be rount),of 
tl)ei^ei^ofafooteoimote,fometimeiBf of aret)Difll) colour anDcommingbp 
from tt)e roote in ti^e mtiitJeU amongft tlje leaueft tbeVDi^ici^ MVintg oj llemeft 
Cmallfenoppe^ ojt ^eaDtf (toi^i^e firft of all Do tume into fmall fioureft an!) af 
tertaart) into final '^ufHe^ contemning ablaci^if^ feeDe)UHe to a^pil^e eare,o^ a 


the Hiftoric of Plantes. 

tttnsmanptD]&itei^eane%eet>rj0f* €)fti^i8^ WnHe^ti^erefcsf founUeauotfter, t^p 

S>ptfee5f,earefto^to^]^efl:tD^erof,arel3erp Bubble, (b a^f in euerp S>P?^? eare, 
in (leeUeof t^e little fenappe^ ojtfteaDeftit b^ingeti^ foj^ti^ a number of oti^ec 

rmaltoiti^e^,tD]^erofeci&e0nei?lpfeetot^etpifeeoj to^^l&of great i^lantapne. 


(}5reat piantapne^ 

Plantago media. 





'Cl)efeconl>el^inl>e of ^^lantai^ne, fcsfl&eto ti^eftrltj^uingt^ati^iafleatteisf 
benarto>]Dec,fmaller,ant>fometoftati^earie* 'Ci^eftalike^beroimlJ, anlJfome* 
tDl^at cottonp oz l^earie, auD b^ingetb fooiti^ at tl^e toppe , (pifecl) fenoppeft oj 
toicl^eftagteatbealeftojtertl^an tbe firft ^lantapne, tlje blotuing^ of it are 
purple in tPt^ite.d^erootei^ettDl^iteant) longer tl^ an tl^e fir(te« 

•C^etljirUeltinUeof pjlantapneiis^anallertl^an t^efeconlie* 'Clje leauejS be 
long anD narrotjo, tDttb ribbeis: lil^e tl^e leatte^e? of ti^e oti^er )Blatapne, of a DarUe 
greene colour^voiti^ finall point;e(,o;t purle0,fet,]^ere anH t\^ ere alongQ: t^e ebge^ 
of t^e leaueief^Clie llalHe^ be crefteti ojt ftrafeeD^anU beare at tije toppe fapze fpi 
HeU Knapped u^il^ ijul^itefloureje^o^i bloabm;9r,ltHe tl^e ippl^iel^noppe^ of t^e 
miDDle ^lantapne^Cl^e roote i? (I^oiteanH tjerp full of ti^ieeDp (tringsf* 

%\^z ^ea^lantapne 6a: narrouier, it ^atli longleaue^ berp narro\D , antJ 
tl^icfeetti^e darned be of alpannelong, fuU of fmaU grapnel o^fenopjg; from tbe 
mibDle eiienbp to tljetop,muci^ lifee to tl^e tozci^eof t^e great Slantapne* %^z 

roote i^aUbtb.zeDl»p 


A The Place 

Cfte t^tee firO; aaiantapne^a: grouj almoft euerp tol^ere in ti^ii8?countrep, in 

pa(lurei$ auB leafeiS^^about uiapej3:> an& moplt placets: 






The firft Booke of 


Phntago minor 


'^mail pl3ntaFne*mibU30 jte. 

Phntago marina. 


C^e ^ea 0lantaprti? ^o\i3eft in fait gtountiej^/tjpon t^ebanlfees^ian^ 
t>tt$i of falte uiater ftceamejof, n^ in Zealand, ^ 25arou)gl> m gteatplmtp, bp 


ijjc- Tk Tyme. 

•Clje ^lantapnejBf Do fiourcmoft commonlp to ttji^ coutttrep,to t^ie mn^l^ 






of 3tme aiO) JiUp.'Cbe rretie tj6^ npe m 3lxi9uCtf 

si-Tfjc Names. 

#la«tapne wf caUeb % 6teefee ^e* oyx^ v©-.tbat te u n g ua Agn i napiammciet 

tunijiie: «fv«®-.7rf tf€«re<9-,7rox«vwe©-.i^ ^^awxtw^ ©- -. to)Latme anH m ^M^op;8» 
PLintago 'in Italian ?/rf»f4^///f. in ^patiil^ ramch^enyLt»gua de out)A:xn Cnglti^ 
l^lantapne: iti l^tg^ 3!^ucl^ o^egnc^ ot ^d^af^tmsm ; in bate 3linaigne 


Cb« firft kinDefettdUJ called to}Utmc Pktitago maior^ianU Plafttago rubra; 

I© egcub: mbafc 3&lmaigne Eoolie toeibbter* 

Cbe feCOntJ kmb tlB^CaUeD in Jtatine Plantago mediatitl jfufc^ FUntAinmien? 

wCnglifb ^iUble}^la!itapiie:tol|^ J^ucl^ S^ittelam>b,ttpta:«a€jj;ric!j:iti 
bafe 3lmaigne 25,teetti3ecbbiee. 
Cbe ttjirfie is^ calleb of fcine in <l5^eefee rrwr^firwe®-. tb^ i;af to 0ip, in Xatm^ 

Quinquencruia:OtbettI3ifeitijefnO\JJCalleD W^tine Lanccolaa^anb Unccola: 

ixi CnijliR? isibbetwo^te: m jf renc^f i'r/// pUntainMnceoUMt^ Unmituer inbigl^ 
Jaoiicb :S>pit jer tjjegricb: in bafe Hlmaisne Clepn to ec^bjtee,^ ^ontftfljbe* 
" i©e csU tbc four^ Plantago marina : w Cnglid^ ^ea^lantapnc : inf rencl) 



- • 




fimuin dtmsr: to bafe 3tUnaigueZee w^ec^b^ee* 



. the Hiftorie of Pkntes, 

^^r he Nature, 

l^lantapiie fef colDe anti Dip in tl^efecottti HegreCi 

i^The P^ertues. 

Clieleaiie^of^^lantapneeatenVuitftmeate^jOzotl^ertjDtfeatetjerpgootia* ^ 
gamfttlje faUiugHotpneof EeumejSf ^ Catan:eft tljep comfoit tl^e^tomacfee, 
antJ are gooD fojtfuclj asfl^aue tl^ej^^tl^ifike (lu^ic^ t^ aDUreafemtl^eluugeft 
tjDttl) a cdnfiimptton of all t\)z botipo 3(inti agaiuft tl^e Cougl^. 

Cl^e a^ecoction dHeaiieis; of #lantapneI),iouHeii,ftoppetl) ttje bloutJtip fli]ce, :^ 
anti oti^et flujcesf of tljebellp^alfo tt ftoppetl^ tl^e fpittmg of blouD, t\)t piiTmg of 
blouD.atiD t\)t flip erfluo 11$ fioiDuig of \Domcn$ termed , auD all o ti^er ilTuc of 

Cl)C iiii^ce of piantai^ne D^onl^en^ftoppetlt) anb appeafctl^ t\}t great befire to ^ 
bomttte^anbftanclietb allfiuireof bloab, aftuell a0 tl^tltmt^ anb feebe. 

Ci^eroote of j^lantapne bp bimCelfpO^ vuitlj Iji^ feebe bopleb in foaeeteu^me j^ 
anb b,ionlten;Openetl^ tbe Conbuptes^, ojtpatragejsf of tbe )lpuer anb MWtp 

being fl:oppeb,anbij5goobagautfl:t]^e3attnberi8^;anbt^eblcerationoftl^eWb 

^ome Ijaue \uziten,tbat t^iee rooters? of j^lantapne, tafeen UJitl^ toine anb ^ 
vpater^botj^curetbefeuer tertian: anb foure rooted fotafeen bo cure tlje dfe* 
tier quartapne. 

'Cbebfe of ^^lantapne ig goob againd all euill, coinipt, anb running fo^ie^ f 
anb blcerftanb againfl; toounbeisf botli olb anb neu), allboate empoftein;s?, atjji 

tnflammation$,againlt Canfeerftf iftulajs:,^ ti^e foule euill otf rencl^ ^otU^, 
anb aUfcuriiine(re.3Itii8f goob againftti^ebptingof S^abbeJaogisf^to bjtufe^^ 

into tl^e UJoiinbes^pOt if it be mijceb tPitl^ einplapller?; anb opntment^ , t|>at be 

inabefoi Cud) purpofe* 

'Ci^eleaue^ of ^^lantapne bo aitoage.anb mitigate tliepaineoftljed^oute,© 
anb are eircelletit to belapbebponftuoUenmemberis^, ti^atarefuU of ideate anb 

papne 0^ anguiil^ 

Ci^eiupceofj^lantapne bzoppeb oiftilleb into tl^e ear etf^fcsf berp goob a^i^ 
gainft tl^e papne in ti^e Came* Mnt} to be b^ioppeb into ti^e epe? againft ti^e in^ 
fiammation;,anb papne of tbe epe$ 

Cbefameiupceoj^tl^e 3©ecoction oftl^eleaueisfo.: rooters of ^lantapne, bo 3 
cure anb i^ealetbenaugbtie^lcerjS?oftftemoutb,tbetoot]^ adfte, anb tbe blee 
bing of tl^egumme;3?o^3|atDe$,\jpi^antl^emoiiti)t$oftentime0tDar(|!ebtPiti^ 


"CljeleaueiSfof i^lantapnepounbeo;t.ftattH)eb \Ditl^ falte;, anb lapbe totl^efc 

einpoltem;s^^U)ennei6^ot j^arbetoelUngia^ about ti)e eare;s^ anb tl^iote^ curetl^ t^e 

tmit^ Ci^erooteairo.t^e^goobtobecarriebozl^angeb about t^e nectie, fo^ tbe 
fiitnepiirpofe,a$ Come men tjo^pte 

^f 6u(bi)o;nf plan tapttt/ o; €o;tonoi} l^latv 








Ti^ere i$ founbe ixi iW countrep at ^i^ pzefent, ttoo kinbeia? of ^erbeft botl^ 
comp^etjenbeb bnber tl^e name of CroiDfoote* 


l^eftr(l:Cro\jDfooteoil^art{^ome>]^atl|k)ngnarrotD anb l^earieleauejSf,^ 
bzingetl^ fo^i^ bt^oneacb Ctbe of ti^e le^e t^^iee ot foure (bozte ltau:te$ 0^ 

b^anc^ejS( , almoa MU to ti^e b^n^e^ of a l^uttfi i^o^tne. 3|t Uetii (pieab 





The firft Booke of 

miuD dearie ftcmineftbeacing longCpifeeUifettappeft o j to^lje^,like t^e miDDie 

jaiatitapne^Clje roote i^ long ann ti^^ei«)p 



Coronopus Ruellij. 






Cljefeconls Cto\Dfootc,^at^t]^tee 

ojtfoureftemmc^ o^ b,iatic^e$, creeping 
Dpon ti^e gtounl), ^ altaare^e^ iping Oat 
ijponti^eeaitlhbtttneiter mounting ot 
Tifing i^igljer , ? atefet fall of long, nar^ 
roitj, ^ iaggeU leaned, mucl> lifee to t^e 
leaiies! of ttje oiAftt Croujfoote l&lan= 
tapnejbttt rmaller,anD nothing l^eatie* 
%\}c floured be fmall ^ tu^ite , ^ grotu 

ing bctioijct t^elcauc^ $ tfteftalHe^toeU 
faftetietJ to t^e fteme,tulj3n tl^ep ace be* 

capeb^t^crecometi^foitlft fmall flat pur 
fe0,bioabc ^ roiig^, in tol^e t^efeebe 
Ui contepneb. Ci^e roote i$ \»ijitr of tl^e 
icngtb of one^BS fmgat,in taft Ipfee to gai> 

Sen Crciri^* 

€>ne map alfo place amongft ^ Un^$ 

of Coronopusacettapne^etbe, tD'qic^e 
toe fl?ali noxu offer bnto pou(tt|e tol^ic^ 




Coronopifpecics percgnna. 




the Hiftoric of Plantcs. ^ 

cottntrep)fe{n8 t!)at itfef tjerp \DelUfeetoi^arte!^ome» d)eleau$.5 belong ^ 
tian:o\:d,b,iattc5eti\x)itl) l^ojtteftattesf^altogitberlik to tije leauesf of ^attCiS 
^oine/aumg t^at fometuneis^tbepbebtgger ♦^tje? lie alCo flat, ^CpieaD toiiuD 
ijpontbe gtounti,anD acefometjobatroug^,^ btane, like tbe leatiesf of ^artejBf 
ljoine:fo tqatitis^barDe to fenota one from anotbei:,U3baittl)ep arebotbx^iti^ 
outftalfee^anU floured* :©tttttiban tbi^betbebeginnetbtobaue (l:att;e£fanU 
8oure;9?,tbantbeDifEetencei;0?eafilpmapfeeb : foitbi^bc^rbe biingetbf^.^tb tujo 
1 tb^ee ro unb e CtalKe^, p artel) into funbitp biaticb e.0 , at tb e topp e tDb ereof are 
placeb Knoppe^ aub biitton;8f, Ufee to Cpaniiif ojt Co,me fioure, Cauing tbat tbe 
(cales^ of tbe knappejaf oibeabe^,be notfo clofelp concbcb, anb lapbe onebpon 
an otber,^ fte fapbefcaleis^ feemecleare anb tboioiigb fl)ining, efpeciallp \Pban 
t^e floure fcs^fallenof anb toitljereb* %\)t floured come foztb of tbe fapbefenop^ef 
o^beabisJ^incolour anb making lil^eti^eftoure? of Cpd^oue^btttfrnallert %\\t 

roote \$ long anb fienber* 

> ( 


^ rhtVUce, 





%\^t firftkinbe grotdetb ittBzabant ^ f launber^^^in l?titilleb;fanbp placejj* 
'Ci^efeconb alfo grotuetb about tDape;8(> anb bzp fanbp patljeisf, anb bpon 

bmiHeisf anb rampier^,efpeciallp incertapne placets? about 3lnttDarpe,\JD]^ere aief 

it iJroiDetb fo plentif ullp,tbat almoft one il)all fee none otber berbe^ 
%\\z tbi^b lubicb i% a llrange berbe, grotuetb not bf bi;3? o\»ne kinbe in tl^i^af 

countre^but it ijSf planteb xm garben^ef* 3It grotuetb plentifullp in ^d^anguebocfe, 

m ftonp anb bip place? 


-^betluo firft kinbej9f,bo floureinS^ap, anbjune* 
%\^t tljirb flouretiyi.inllttlpjanb auguO:* - 

» * 

tCftefirftijSf calleb in^iatine Comu ccruinumjOl Herba Sccll^jaUb Stcliaf'iat 

ixi Cnglid) of CurneTjanb Cooper ^^erbejue, anb Crotufootei^lantapne: b£ 
^ena,23ucMjotne* n^emapalfo callit]|artejB?bomej&lantapnej)!5uckebo?ne 
l^lantapne^o;^ Cotonop plantapne: it i? calleb in f rencl^ corne de ctrf, ot T>ent 
auchien- iti? bttfeuoxuen in ^boppe?: Cbe^d^tabanber^ef, bo call itl^ertf^o^ten/ 
anb Crapenuoet erupt : ^omelate \xypttt^ c^l it in d^^eeke ko^ 6»vo7rovf : in %^ 
tine Pes cornicis: inbigb 5^oucb feraenfuj^fuppofmgittobetbetiame Corono- 
pus,\j3]^icbeiaiofcoiibe;8?batb^cbap/bf ^i^Ceconb booke^ 
alt^oug^j inbeebeti)epbenotlikeatatt:3tnbtberefoie\iJe b^ue calleb it 4w«ro# 
Koe<:iivo7rov?, preudocoronopus,tbatii5to fap,i5aftarbCro\33foote 


'Cbefeconbkinbebia'tueti^nearetotbe befcriptionof Coronopusmabe bp 

30iolcozibeftalbeit tbatnottuitbttanbing^tbe leameb Ruciiiiis,3©octoiin;bfc? 
timeati^arij6f,coulb notbemabebeleette,tbat ttjisf tjjas: tlierigbt Coronopus. 
u^^erefozefOittlje fame Rudiius fafee, tubo mabea liuelp befcription of t\^\^ 
^erbe,UJet>o tiotx) call i^ c oron opus r ueiUj.- in bafe 3Hmaigne Crapenuoet, oi 

iaauenttDetti:bep call it at }^ariS Vcrrucaria: in fomeplaceiJ of afnglanb t^ep 
tailit^\Dpne(treiri$»iBemapaUb calliit Rueiiius Coronopus. 

^ -^bi^s^ ftrange berbe batb no name as? pet, feno^joentnto bsf, Cnuing tbat tbe 

floure calleb Cyan us> in Cngiiil^ bletd :J3otteli:S man map boubt lubetber tbi? 
lienotBioftoiibejS Coronopus, bpcaufet^at l^arte$!jo?ne {l;ouIbfeane tobe 
akinb of j^lantapne*23tttbpcaufetlje33efcriptionof Coronopus i^berpf&ozt? 
t»e are not able to affurepom'Clii^mapalfobeakinbe of Condriiia. 


^ The Nature. 

l^arte^ l^ojme i$ colbe anb t^yi^ in temp erature mm\^ like jSlantapne 






TKc firft Boofce of 

ij^^oateaiiDDip^Uifeeto garden o.ztotxjtieCreffi^pbut not iSatUing Co i^oate* 


l^^ttc;^^6inei5?mt3ettueUfeeto^lantapne,\iJl>creof itijef sfeml)e,anli map 31 
teWeD in all tilings? UJ^erero i^lantarne fmiet^* 3llfo it ijatu bene pioucD fia- 
■gttler agaijitt ftepicrittgof bloali,rg^ graueil ^ tl^e ftone, to be tafeen m incate^sf 

3|£S>^i»^<^^^fe^^^"^^^*"5 Coronop,bel^etme Coronopus^tpailtlje^ 

tootetljereof cofteU in t^eimbie^ozi^oatellfftejsf.auD eaten in meateiBfi^ljetp 
500D againft t^e lafKe pioceeUutg fcom t^ e coltineire of t^ e ftomacfee,\Dl^iclie isi 
ttjccaufe of amue^nmoj?; in tlje <i5tttte]0?:fottp]^ifl^epttrpofe tl^e t>^ (ent,anD 
tafte of tljetoote ijete DefcribeD, Ueclaretl^ i%t Came to be berpgooli, bpcauCe it 
tja(^oate anD fometDl?at aftriitg^t* 


€)ttfe tapir tis: afmallou? ]^ecbe,tDit^ frnalleatte;^ 
atil) berp narrotjo, einongO:U)l^ic^etp.iinget^ bp 

fromtlje rootc fittallll:emittejaf,gamif(liebU)ttb 
beep fmall tui^itii^ Umt^y anln aftert^arb luit^ 

little log toMbes:,Jnucl> lifeeto a^oufe 01 Eatteisf taple,^ 
ftfee t^e feebe 0? to:cl?e5f of ^^lantapne,befo:e it bloobjett?, 
inU)bic^e i^contepneb berp anaUaiiD biotjone feet^^ 


«^ r/rr i'/4flr 

* » 

^otiTetaplegrotDetl^ingoot) pafitiee^sr, anb cettapne 

tnebo\uejBf,anbfometimej3?aUbbp$ig^tDapfi^e5f. ' 

^ The Tyme. 

3t flourctl) in ^fi^iiU, anb ti^Hojc^es? anb feebe isf ripe 

i»#apj ^ ftoulp after tfte UJbole feerbeperiCfbetii, fo tl^at 
in3unc4>e{t)allnj)tfinbe tljebip'oixoit^creb plante* 


Jxisi calleb in €ngU{^ Q^onfe taple,gfc 25loub Orange: 
in jfrencft ^eutdefiHrUrm^ acco jbinglp in <l5^eUejuu^f 

^M^k,l fwoarw^Q^'. trtlCatine Cauda murina,anb Cauda muris; 

in\9iQh l^oiic^i CaufentHi»:ttiba(e lllmaignea^^upli^ ^ttxfkm^XWiSinot 

Hoioltcum,neit^er Demicula Canis Ruellij,a^ fOlttebO ilibge* 

4^ The NMttre 

1:^iC!eau£5?of tl^ijsfl^erbebocool^anbbiffernotmuctiefroitt f^ie nature of 


A The Vertues 

%\^t operauon anlJ bertneia; of t^wt ^erbe, are not petltno\jjen, bo^beit a^ 3 

farrefoit^ a0 men map iubge bp t^e talle anb rente tl^eof, it i$ much l&e in fa^ 
f iiltie to Blantapne* 

^ The DefcriPtm. 



re^i^55^d"^^ partegf , anb after t^ it htimm 

fc^tH trpanslebl)ttnjes;oitbtttton^,tberboteifiof tbikt^iW^^^ 

*|» The Place 



the Hifloric of P lames. 

tinu^ alfo in riuer^ ant) bio ofeeiQf* 
3t flouretb fromjune taiatugnft, 

^ T/&^ dames. 

; -Cbi^betbe i^ttotu called in)Lattn pIs- 
m ifrencl) PUnuin dem : (n biSb feoucbe 

vualTeris^egncb, anbf tocbloefelltrautun 
bafe 3ilmai3neu)atei:i©ecbb?ee* 

^T he nature, . 

^omemen iunte of tbw^ becbe, tl^at ft 
I? of teitiperammtcoIDeaniJ Dip* 


^omelapfto,ieoftbeleaue;3f oftoater 

#Iantapne;bpontbeI^anfes^03tfbinnej9? of 
liclj a^baiiet^e2^,iopfie; fuppoUng tl^at^ 
luater m t\}z htWv fl;aU bp tbat meaner b^ 
Diatom Dotune to tbe (l?inne^ o^ fl^anfejS^f 
CbelearneD menof our timeDo tojtte 

Plantago Aquatica. 


L« K (-rt .V .» .«£ 




• A 


tl^atitbatb ti^e ramctjertueiB^, ^faeultie^f 
a^ tbe otbet ^lantaj>ne> luberof xt3e bang 

alreabie\jPi(ttm in tbe Wr^Cbaptet* 


I^^zxz be ttjDO Wnbe^B^ of tbte betbea? 
. Diorcoridcs\jD;titetbptb^ 9^ale,anD 

tbef emale : tbefi^ale i^calleD in Cngli(l)e^\]ornei$ gmffe, anD fenotgtaffe 
but tbe f emalei^ f alleD fmaU^batte-gralTe, 






* b 

0ot graffe batb inanp rounD^tDeafee $ flenb^r b^ancbe^^ifiill of fenot^ 
anbiopnte^, anD creeping alongfttbe groimDe,it batb long nartoto 
leauejS^not mucb tnlilfee ^e leaned of Eetp^fauing tbat tbep be loger, 
-Cbe ixMiu^ be fmalU.grotuing alongft tbe b;iancbe;0f bettuijct ttje 
leaue^s; anb tbe iopnteft of colour fometime^ tobite, fometime^ef purple oi incar 
nate,aftertbemcommetba triangle feebe^UUe to foireUfeebe* CberootetjQf 
tounb anb rebbifl) toitb manp (trings^ 

■Cbe fegouD "fm^z tubicbe tbep callfemale fenot graffe, batb tbiee oi foure 
l)piigbt,rounb,aub mzxi ftemmefttoitbout biancbe0,fuU of (opnte.8f,anb mucb 
liHe to tbe aalfeejg anb iopnte^sf of H i p p u r i s, 0,1 1^ oiCe taple^but no t & rougb,anD 
about tbe iopnteiof groiuetb inanp fmail, anb narroio little leaueisf , lifee to a 
^ tarre^anb not mucb bnlifee tbe leaned of mofemarp^tlDbe roote i^ tubite anil 
mnnetb alongft tjje grounbe^putting fo^tb manp neto a^ute^ oi fpiingiS* 

3mong(ttbefeinbc;B: of Mot graire,U)emapi\3ellrecfemtbatberbe,\3Dbicbe 
botb (b iDiap ^ enterlace it felf,^ i^ fo.fulof iopnts?,tbat tbe baCe 3(tlmaigne;s^ cal 

^ biingetb fo?tb manp tenber biacbe^ full of iKnottp iopnt^sf, entagleb ^ fiiarleb, 

oiUJiappeb one in an otbert^b^l^^^^'^^fi^^ t^^'^^^^^^^^^l^^^i^ 3iwwipri? 








The firft Booke of 


Polygonum mas. 

%\^z maleMot g;ra(re;>oj 

^lume? gtalTc 

Polygonum foemina. 

female l^notgraffe, 01 



Polygonum tertium. 






leattejsfjfatting tljci?be fmalleranti notp^icfe 
lp:a)nongft tD^iclj grotuet^ little flouregfaf^ 
ter tl)e faf(l)ion of ftatce$,mcolotttUfee to tlje 
ll;cmmc;sJ anti leaueiBfjtP^ul) aregrapi(t)»'C^e 
tooteifii Ijcarie^ant) a^sionga^ one^fingati 

^ The Place, 

about tjoape^a; auli pat^ejef^auD in fireatcjef. 

'Cl)ejfemabgroU)etl)uimopft place!5>a* 
bout ^ biin'^t^ ^ botW^ of tuntngtuateriB^* 

. dbeti)ii;i) groU)etij about cl^apton Relti;?, 

6t placeiaf not tuellt^ufbanbeD , elpeciallp in a 
mopft p care* tji r^&r rj^r. 

t!:ijeQ^alefenotgrafre;f t^eti^irDfeinbtio 
fioureAomafterJunebnttU ti^eentJ of Sio 

incr*C!}e female i^ fount* moft commonlp in 

4^ The Names 



auD Proferpinata. 

Cfte firft feintie is» calleli in dD^eelte ttoxuVp «pf tH,K«w.iVvoi>.Hj 7ro\vit«^/rop:in)ia* 

tmeScminalis: lU^^oppeiJ Ccntumnodia,^ CorrigiolaiOf fbme Sanguinaria, 

♦ Sanguinalis, 


the Hiftorie of Plantes. 



S a n g u 1 n a 1 1 s , P r o fc r p i n a ca : fix 3j talian CorrtgioU :ixi^'^ illliul Corm U , ^ clcn nudoi 

^ytrna- in c iigUfl) ittalc liiio t gralTe: in frmcl) Ren ou'ec, ^ corri^toU : in big]^ 5B oucl^ 
i^eggraf?, aiiD i^egtcitt: ixi bare :$lmaignel©ec]^gra;5f, ^ei:feeu;g gra^, anU 
3oupfetitliiioo{) mannefeeiu 

2 Ci^eCeCClull i;8> callctl in (15ZCelte?5oXw>ijrop finXuinH/atine Sanguinalis fosmina: 

in bafe1!(lmaigneBttpfmtKnooptDijffee: inCngJlil^ of Tumera^eDovu (t;aue 
graire.anU fmall ^Ijattegtalfc. 
J Cije t^trbe tiinDe i$ calleD inbafe 3(tlmaigne fenaiuel; tbe tubicbe tuitljout 

Daubtei^aliinbe of Knotgrairejalbcit-Dioicoridesbatb McribeU buttxuoo 
ivinties^ : il^cit^er bo toe cafecitto be Poiygonon of bioicoridcs, but fo^i one of 

t^efonre toDe^ofPoiygonon,U)ljereofPiiniei^atl^iPuten in tl^ejCjCbiji.booU^ 



ijr- T^^ Nature. 

Wl\ tl^efe l^erbeief are colbe in tlje feconb begi'ee, anb b^p in tlje tljirbe, aftrin^ 

gent^anb making tljicfee* 

^ The Veritte^. 


CijeittpceoffenotgrafTeb.jonfee.i^goobagaindtljeiiJittingofbloubptl^epif- % 
fing of bloub.anb all otljer ftujce o^^ iffue of bloub, anb \$ goob againft bo initing 

anb laftie^s^. 

'Cbeficimeb?onUnintDine,bclpetfiagain(f: tl^e biting of bencinoutebead^s^^ 23 

3lt i$ alfo goob againft tertian fenetiff^to bebionfeen^an ^oure befoie tlje fit. C 
^Ije leaiie^ of fenotgralTe boplcb in UJineoitiater anb b^onUen , itapctb all 23 

maner of laffee^s anb flujreiS^ of tl^e beUp.'Clje bloubp fliipejanb toomcn^ fioureisf, . 
tl)e(i)itting of bloub;anb allfiuire of blottb,afa)dla$ tbeiupce* 

%\sz ittpce of fenotgralTe.putUJiti^ a ^^efTarie into ti^e natiirall plac ejs? of tDO^* ^ 
men,ftoppetb tlje floureisf, anb tl^e ino;tbinate courfe of tl)e fame : anb put into 
t^e0ofe,it (tancl^etli tl^e bleebing of tl^e fame : poureb into tbe eare^e?, it ta* 
feeti^ atuap t^epapne of tlie fame;, anb bipetli bp ti^r coirnpt matter anb fiitb of 
tijefame* • 

Clje fame bopleb ix\. 'ss^iwz mib ^mzy mretlj tlje blceris:, anb inflammation's? f 
of tbe piiuie o;t fecrete partfjs:* 

%\)t peene leaner b eing lap D e to o,p jt euaple mucl^ againft ti^ e great 1^ eate ^ <g 
burning of ti^e ftomacfee , b^ate ru)ellingj9? ^ empoftem^, tbe confuming ^ bur 
ning of &*3[tntbonieje? fire.anb all greene ot f reni}e toounbeiaJ 

Diofcoridesal(bfaitl^;tbatMotgrafrepjouolteti^ biine,^ij3fgoobfoifiu^l^ 

ais^pilTe biop after b^oppe : ^e tul^ici^e \$ foiinbe true, UJljanti^e \imz \& ^oate 

anbftarpe* v^ 

2 C^e f emalefenotgrafTeliatl) tl^e fame bertue, ^ tl^e male fenotgralTe (M 3 

Diorcoridesiaitb)butnotrofttong* ^ - 

3 ^nb t^e tftirb \\x^t allb, l^igbertue^be mucl^ like to ti^e S^ale bnqtgraffe. 

<2^f ^ojft taplc/oj ^liatteotaOe* €l|ap 

■ij« The Kindes. 

i^erebetujoo fo^te? of l^otfe taple, tsi ^ftauegralTe ; a^ Diofcondes anb 



f^an ttje great ^i^auegraiTe o^ l^oiC^ taple btginnetlj to fpjing , it 
btinget^fooit^ rounbenal^eb;artb l|tollotj)fl:emme$,rougbanbfiUlof 
iopnte^rpeat^eirrougbneffeis? fucb,t5)at ^urner^f, Cutelcrs^, $otbn^ 
airtificer^jbo bfe tbem to poUfl^,* mafee plapne,at fmotb tbeir toozfee^, 

u^ ti^e^efte^? of ttnpue^s: f ©aggeris? ?c.3lt ti&etop of t^ofe Afparagus, fl)ute^oi 

3 if ftemmc^ 


The firft Bookc of 

ftcUe^Dotj3apeWo\jpneanDrel)D anUbtinge mmomht mtxtmtts 
feno t ot iopntcmtter^ Uttle,fmaU,flent)er,anli fenottie mm * 3t mo witetlj fo 

aloife taple /^^e roote i^ lu^ite aiiD ^lat^ topnte^ o: fenotte^^ Ipfce t^e Um 

01 ftemmc 

Maioris Equifcti afp 

Equifctum minus 

Equifeti minoris flores 

C^e»f*fptmg;s^oJtfl)ate$of ^mal(l)attegra(re Ctiefloure^^offmal^^jatt^ 


gtaffeoj 15 oi^Ce taple, 


' 4- 




%^ tmall ^1) aucgraffe 3t !? otfe taplc, iiB? not mucl^ i^nlifee to tl^ e great ♦ 3t 
bttngetl) feti^ iu^au itbeginnetti tofpimg,bateanli nalieU ftemme;0f,tljatbeaU 
fb roimb,bbUo\u anb Hnottp,at ttje toppe ot cnbeof tl^ofeftemme^; it bati^ a^ it 

tuerc^a fpiUeb eareb,iferwp,of fmaUtMbtte flourejJ,\»bicbepetii|) imontm^ 
C^an Ip^ingetb bp from tbe roote otberl^utes^ oib^ncbej0:,fuUof fenotte^sfo^ 
Upntt^ , about tbe tobtcbe alfo ttjere grotoetb toimb 'f^mttpmWi)t$, UU a^ in 
tl)t great ^oife taple oi fe]^auegraire,l)at not fo great mp fo rougb, but mote 
fofte anb genteii, fo tbat t^ep are notljing \jpo jti^ to polift e toi^^u Ci^e robte 

fe rntall,blacfee;,anb Clenber* 

^ The Place, 

Cbegreat febauegraffe,grotDetbinbic]^eje?,anbponbej9:,anbberp mopfl: 
placc^.Cbe fmalil^oifetaple o: ^IjauegralTe grotijetlj inlotxj fl^abotiop place;^. 

4nb alto inXiiiTp fanbiefttlbesf* 

4^Th€ Tyme. 

Cbenafecb ftemeg^of tbe great l)oitCrtaple,boti)iingbp in^eap.Cbeftute;^ 


' r 

the Hiftoric of P lantes* 


hp t\^t ftmum^M {all of rmaUrua!)eie^* 

X jO. 

> ' 


^ T/;e Ciamel ' ' ' 

> v" 



tin^Equifctu^Equifcta, Kqiiifelis, EqUiKa* 
lis,anaSalixEc[uina:m^ftopp^0 Cauda c- 

qu in? : iXi'%tiii)^A^rtU4^^odo di 'caualldjfrela •* 

C^e great ^i^auesralfe^ojt 

i^oj^fe t^ple* 




Cfie greater feuiHe 15^ called Equifetum 
maius,^ of fome Afprciia: inCnglul) great 
^t^auegraffe , anH l^o^tfe taple : in \)i%^ 
J^oucl^ groCi ^ci^a^etu > iaor^(ti^\t)a^^ 

^itxWt^M>mti , Eofjtoatiel , feannen* 
Hraiit: inbal^ 3[ilmaigne groo ti^eertlteert 
anU feannencrupt* 

Ci^efmall i^ef calleD in (Bit^ iVTrov^i^ 

me« Kj wvVio p : in )Latine Eq u ifc t um m i n u s , 

auc aitcrum^anD Equi;ium. 3nDof (bniea;s» 

Anthonius M u fa lUJtitetl^, Sccuola: in tSn* 

glifl? rmal^l>attegra(l^,anD of Cbme '^a& 
ptpe0: inl^ig&3aouci^Mepn^ci^aSti)eu», 
iia^entDeHel, ^aat^enO^tiiant^ > l^at^en 
(i^el : m bafe 3Unaigne clepn l^eert* 
fteert^anD Catteniteert. 

f^ The Nature. 

Cftefe t\DO ^IjauegraitejB? oj^ ^oife 
taplei0f,are eoU>e in ti^eftrft 5egree,anp Dzp 
int]^efeconli,aari»gent,a*iDtiping\ttitl)OutI^arpneirr. ^ . 


tCfteftecoctfon of i^oife taple,in toine oi tpater !>jtOrtken,ftoiJpeti^ aHftu^ of 3 
blont),^ alot^er eirtraoiDinarp Suice;0:,e(penaU|> tl^e ino^Dinate iifue of flourejB^^ 
itDotf) alTo curet]^eblduDpfii]reant)tiangerouj3(laCi^e,an& aUot^er hinlie of 
la(ke]6:.3nti fot all t^e afbteO^ptie entent^e^ic i$ a foueraigne remebieCa^ Oakn 
U»;utet^)«Cl^eiupceoftl^i;a^i^erbe bion&en alone o^tuit^u^me^ijs^ of t^^Gune 

operation ant^efi&ct♦ 

l^oife taple 01 ^^auegradj^.being ta&en in manner afoieCipbe^, x^ mod cd* "& 
ttemerit anD piofttable,foit aU i)UerjB?,fe^;0(,anb ^urteieJ of t^e bibnepft t^ blalJ* 
{>er anb boioetef^anl^ againft all turCNng^* 

^oi(irtapleXDit^i9ijQ^rbotebopleb>i$gootiaga{nfttl^eCotig^,ti^ebiffkultie C 

enbpapne of fetcl^ingb^i^ , anb againft intjoarbe bucaingjB» a)S DiofcoEides 

anbPiinievujiitetl^* : 

•Cl^eiupcetuereof put into ti^eiBtofc^ftanci^rt^tljebleeliing of tl^efeme,anli 50 

tDtt^ a ^e^f^rie o;t ^od^er ^ulipofito^p conuepeb into t^e naturall placets of 

U3omen, (toppetli tl^ e fioure;Q^ 

C^e C^epounbe anb itrotoeH tpon frefi^e anb greene \x)Ounbe$ > iopne^ (C 
t^emtogitberanb]^ealetil9tliem>airo itptefemet^ t^em from inflammation*. 
3nbfo botl^e t^e potsoberof tl^e(j»nel|erbempeB,anb(lro\]Debbponnet0panli 

greene u^ounbeji^ 

3» » # 



The firft Booke of 


■< ■- 

^ The K'wdes 

i^iteroote ojt Salomons? feale tie? of ttoo ^m^!^^ ^^Jlf^} *^ 
greatotbjoatie^ealeof ^lomon: ci^eo«^en^*e finaUanDna^ 

* . - t 

Polygonatum anguftifolinm. 

^arrota leaueD tD^ite roote# 

Polygonatum latifolium. 

:23^oaDe leaueD tol^ite toate* 



■ ^ 



'*?»^ 1^ 

% *• 



' -^ 




_ ^TheDefcripion* 

t Tp^e great §>a!omon)gfeale,]^aftlottgrouli MItetf : fteleaueiBf belonganll 
i gr eme,larger,bngec,^ Cbftec t^eti bapleaueft bet\j3i]ct t^e \j)l)ictje leaueisf 
anti t^ c ft alHe, tjponfl?03ttftemmeje?,]batt5 pleafant \j3l>ite gteene flouceA 
longata>ftolloiD,%eeoi foure togit^ec , fo ftat euerp ftalfee lioti^ commotUp 
biiugfoiti),moe floiicest ftanleaueiaf* C^e flottrcjjpet:ifl^et>,t]bep tome into 
roiinUe bearie0,t!je toljic^ begteeneat tlje Krtt,anD aftettuatU blacfee,Ufee 3^? 
\smz% o^U)I)oue;sf.'C^eroote«(long ofttje qiiantitie of oneji fmgai:,fttU of 
linobbcjsf oz iopntcft anb of colour d^tte>vuiti^ rttanp i^earie OringiB: , itt tafte at 
t^eucftCtoccte, but aftertoarb (bmetul^at ftiatpe atin bitter. 

^ Ctie oiialS>aiomon;s reale,:;otl) not muc^ bariefromti^eot^er,fatting tftat 
iji^leaucs^ benarto voer,f bo not groio alone,ot feuerallp one bp oncbut foure 
0? fitte groiu out of onefenot ojiopnte,rottnbe about t^c aalfee,almoft ftarre fa- 
ftiton . c^e floureis: are greener, anbt'i^v fnipte isfbladfeertftarttfteot^et^'^ft^ 


roote i^fuiaUeranbaenberer,(iiaUpopnti0felsl*etoti^e afojefapbe* 

<J» rhe Flacg. 



• . 

the Hiftorie of Pkntes 




Ci^e great ^aloittonisf feale,8tot3Detl> in thi& country in ts>p tuooWc^pftau- 


Umgbpon mountapneisf 

%\)tittQii\} alfo gtroipetlj in moimtapnesf aiTtitDooDlse0,elpeciallp m^ll 
.maigne*3l man fl?all not liglitlp f intie it in tWtonntt^ , C]ccq?t in t^e garDen^ 
of fuch a;3^baueulearure in hctU^ 



i:i)eptiobDtljfloin:einS^apant>3ttnef ^ 

)fyT he Names, 

S>alomonSfealei^caUeliin<i5;teefeeBo\u>ov«TOH :in)LatinPolygonatum :iii 

^^Oppe;8? Sigilium Salomonis : in Italian FrapnelU : in^panif^ FraxinedA : in 

CngUll) alfo Scalacoeii lajgrj^itetoote^o^tiJl^itetDttrte: in Ijigfj SDoncI^ tariff 
iDurtf :in f renci^ signet de sdomon: in bafe %\mmxz ^aloinonia? fegftel : in %% 

Cuirane tlinge Fralsinella. 

^ The Nature 






^alomon^s; feale i^ of liatureljoate ant> i),ip,abftei:Rttep03^ clenfing, ^ fom^ 



Cf^e roo te of ^alomon^B^ feale poiinD,t> o^ clofe bp,anD l^eale tl)e tuounbeiSf ^ 
luljerebpontti^lapDe* . * 

. %\}z fame being fredtie anH neU) gati^eteti,to bepoimDe anU lapbebpon, ot if ^ 
one be annopnteD UJittj ti^e iupce tljercof , it taHeti^ atuap all (potteiB?, fr ecklejsf, 

^ blacfee anti bleuj matlie^ tbat l)appenbp b eat ing,f ailing, ojb.iufing^xuftetijei; 

irbe in t*9e face,ot in anp otber parte of tl^e boUp* 

>..: Cl^iSilierbejneitl^erpetibi^roote^i^s^gooiJtobetai^enintot^jeboDp^aS Ga- c 



4j^the T>efcrifUoj9, 


l^eleaue^of fleebane,belong, 
narrou) , anD i^earie > antongft 
tubtcbe Qj^inge l»p rounbe anH 
rentier b.iancbc^?fe£ ful of leaned 
liHe tbem afozefapbe.btttfmaller, gt gar- 
^iCKieb at tbe top,\3Ditl>little,long,rpimD, 
Q)ifeiefenappes?Ulte eare0,U3itbgreeni(l> 
floured? o^ blolfom^.vubicb l>o aftertuarD 
change into a b^oiune anb fl;i>ning feebe 




ixi p^opo^tion colour anb quantitie UUe 

tnto jf leais? 

«|t the Place 

%\^\$ l^erbegrotjoetl) ixi fielbe]6:,anb 
DeTerte placed, a^ Diofcoridesfaitlj^^n 
tbi0 iomuti^ mm fo\» it in garben;B^,anU 
to^er a^ it l^aft bene once(bt»e,it groto^^ 
et^ continuallp aftertaarbe oflji^^ oum^ 

foXDing.oi I|>eDing of feebe* 

H^ The Tyme. 

3it fiouretb in Jul? anb 3togiift : anft 
fbmetimeisJ alfb ti^e feebe i^xvfz, 

«^ The Names. 

i 'Cfti0i^erbei5afc^ebin<B3^e^lte4w^iop: 

ttt)(Latine l^fylliura, anb Herba Pulicaris : 

in^hoppe^ Pfyliium : in JtalianP/^' 

3/ # # r 







The hm Booke ot 

f ^A^to : in i)ig^ boucl) f lo^eferaut: in U^ %\mmt movttu^U 

:^ The Nature. 

CbefeeBeoe Pfyiinim oif leatuotte, (\»ftici^e (js^ci^iegp im inmeWcine) isr 
ctiUie m tljeleconlil>egw,snti temperate in mopftureanU tJ^rneue: 3W Galoi 

anB Scrapie tu^itet^ 

:^ The fertttes. 


Cfte fteUe of jf leabane bopleD m \Dater,ot Oipeb ^ n.ionfeen.putget]^ botune^ 31 
luarUe^ 3IDufte anZ> Ci&olenquelittinoijSf : bj'ftOe^^ t^i^ it ftiJaget^ papne, anti 
fiafeetl) tifte inttammationanU ^eate of t^e wtraple^> o;^ bouieW, anti i^ gooli 
agapnft l)oatef euerjB(02^bttr«ing3gtteft anBallintDarbe fteate^,attli ajainit 

great l»ieutlj,anb tl)irft» ^ ^ ' :^ ^^ .^ «.- ., ^ 
^befamefeebefometi3^at"btufebljutnotb:ofee,par^el)at t^eftre, wfgooli % 

againfttbebloubpflijce^anbl^e^einentlanie^eiijeciallp U)|jan t^iep ptoce^e of 

taking ftcong anb bioknt meDici»ej8f* 

ctje feebe tljetof mcngleb toitb ople of Eoftief ^ buteger>o A^ter,i;9f goob to ^ 

beftraUeboiappUebbntoboategaefes?oftl)eiopnt;3?,^ apoaemjff ^ CxudtUngsr 
bebtnb t^e eate^,anb otber boateft0eUitig$: aU3o it tsf goob againii: l^eab acbe* 
CtjrCamelapbe too \juitbbineget^«if3;oobagain(tt^e gomgoiit of ti^ij^« j^ 

iieU^anbtbe butftingof pongcbilbzen* 

'Cbetoater tDbetin tl^efeebe^atbbenefofeebotftipeb.i^ef goobtobelai^bto (» 
tbcbunutTgbc^te<aUeb fe*3llntonie^fire,anb to allboatefujelling^^Jti^aUb 
goob to bebtoppeb tntonmntngearej^,anbagainft tbetD0^une)8:tntberame<. 

^ome ^olbe,tbattf tbi)Biberbe \)3bilei$ it ie^r^geeene, be (leo^eb in tl^ej> 
3^oufe;^at jFlea)0;\joainotcomeno^i!^enbet t3i)b^eaj8? it iiBJlaj^eb* ^' 

^The DAunger* 

Coo mttcbtif jfleabaneCrebe tal^enin^ijatblp >iie^betp^irtfaUto manief na* 

ture:it engcnbietti colbneffeanb ftiffenefTe^iougl) out tbe bobp , tui^ pehfiue 
^uineife of tbe barte/o tbatCuc^ a^e^ ^auebjtottiken t^ereof^ bo Cbmetitne^ ML 

into great biateOe* 

•5» T^tf Remedk. 

cabanone^atb tafeentoo mucb of tbefeebe of jfleabane, (b 1^ ^e feelet^ 
Tome nopance ojt barme, abwie all^ingjsf it (^aAbe goxjb foi bim, to pionofee bo 
mite,\»itb me!sicinej5conttenient,to caftbp if itbepoffajlei^att^iicb bitb bene 
l)efo^etaU*3Uteru}arbgiuebimtobittnliedftbebefi;^ mod fauottrp olb toine 
tbat inap be gotten, bp it felfe, ^i bopltb ^Ditb oaomietDoob, oi teine mengleU 
tuitb bonpanb a little lie; 0? tbe J^ecoction of J^pU as? Scrapio tDiitetfa : 3lnl> 

bpfibe;B(tbiBf pemapgiuebimaU^ingiBftbatijafgoobagaina: tbebangerjj ttiat 
happen of eating greeneColianber* ' 


tbe ujater* 



^ The Kjndes.. 

l^aebebitt^iffojtejf of berbe^ef tbatgrotoein^ aboue ti!ater,loberr^ 
of ^e jjreateft parte i^albe be(inribeb,in otber placeje;, gfc otber Cbapter^r 

■ I 


the Hiftoric of Plantcs. 


!apl)eantocamefti)pontl)etj3ater,fomelP]^at iiUto great ptentapne , but a 

great DcalemmUer^Clje floured grotu at t^e toppe of t^e h^m^t^y aboue the 
\^aterbpon loitgpurplefppfeie ttnoppeie: Itfee to t^eeare^f oi fpifee^ of astfto^te, 
m mnul) being perift;eD,tbere commetl^ tiprount) fenoppeief^XD^erein ti^e teeOe 
1^5 mclofeti.UJi&icfte i^ i&arDe* 

1 Kk 




neater Wolet^o^^ ospllofer^ 


t d^efeconU Wntie,!jatb longfmaUftemmeg:Cl>eleattei^belonganl» iag^eU 
berp fmaltCtJzeH abioaHe btitiernetb tfteujatetjaltoa^ejSfitteoit fijce ftanHmg 
titrectlp one againft atj otber^a^ ^ leaner? of Slpabtier,oi i©oobiotD,etter?> leafe 
like to Cantie otp erro\D leaueftbut fmaUer,anti mojte iaggeti tban tbe leauetf 
tifcattrie,attD greater antr bioabertJ^entbeleaueje^of perrotjuo^^ilfople, 
but not fo ftnelp cut aisf <31pflfople*1ltb;tingetb fo^tt^ W fioure^^bpon UVI^t^ oi 
ftemine0,groVDmgabottett?e\i3ater,altDape$tl^.ieerO^fottre fiouresf fct one a* 
inftan otber^parteb into fine leauejB: like to a little \»beele, o;tlike (locke <^il 
ferftotliketbcflonrejsf of common BuglolTe, of colour tubite, ^b peUotu in 
tbemibbelUtrbe rooted benotbingelfe,butlike to long fmaUblacketbieebe^gf, 
anb at tbat enbe \j)berebp t^ep are fafteneb to ti^e grounb, ti^er are \3)Wc anb 

l^pning like CrillalU . „ ^ . r> 

C]^etbirbberbefit)immingbpontbetDaterw:caUeb MorfusRan^, o^f rog 

bitte,anb it bat^ rounb leaned lapbe flatte anb fpieab bpon ti^e tuater, like tbe 
leaiie^fof Afarabaccioif olefoote,butfmaller,6ttiebbpon H)oueftemme;8?com 
ming outfromtl)eroote*Cbefloure;9f gro\D amongfttijeleaue^^^anb aretubite, 

anb alittle pellotu int^emibbell, parteb into ti^^ee leaue^sf ^ mncb UU in figure 





The firft Book of 



to tbc fimim of ttJatct l^lmitawe, 6t tlit floured of Ujater ^^ilfopleo? Crabs? 
clatue.Xtie rootc is^ tliufee anU l|)o;^te ujitl? man? loug t\)}cm^ .^.^ ftrmg^p lUie 
thetooteofujater^ttfo^le. ,- , ^ „ 

4 ci?^e ij^ alfo cameli Upon t!je tuater , certapoe little fuiall grmxe rounUe 
Ieaue5>ttotmui^largrrtl)mtl)efeelie of tljepulfecaUeDUentaw^, ljauiagi3i> 
Dcr tljemfo^rootes^^Derp rmaUU)l)ite tl??eniip aring^., f are calleD uiater jLtn 

3imoiigfttl)efieetmgl^erlje;8:,tl?erei6falfo Polyanthcmumpaluftrc. 
a certapneijerbe iDl^icl^efomecaU \uatcr '>!?- tBWt CroU)foote,o3^\Da- - 
uerujo:te,at t^e rooted toi^ereof \^m%W ter Crou){oot0* 
rpmanp l^earieftrmgs^lilierooteft ti^etuljic^ 
Hotl^ oftentuneiScljange ^isft^ppetanoftleaues^ 
acco iD ing to tl^e placet U)lj ere as^ it gro vu etft* 
•Cljat U)$tci^e grotoetlj tuiti^m t^euiater, car 
rieti^ , t)p ti fleuDer ftalfee^sf, i^issf leaue$ berp 
fmallcutjittucl^Ufee tl^leauesf of ftecommon 
Cammonulljbut befeie tljepbebt^er tfteuua- 

ftalke0,itbearet^ rmalirottnl>eleatte;8f, (Joine= 
tubat DenteH , o;tbncuettlp cut about* %\}at 
Un\)z'wW^t groU)etb out of tl^e uiater in tbe 
boiUerjS of Dttbe0, b^tb none otbertut tbe 

fniall iaggeO leaue^ef* Cl^at tubtcbe grotoetb 
abiopmngto tbe \ijater,^ fefometune^Sbjten- 
cbeD 01 ouerti3^elmeb \uttb U)ater , i)atb alCo 
attbe top of t^e ftalfeeisf, fniall rounDeleaue;3?, 
but miicb mo^e bente^ tban t^e roun^ leaueisf 

of tbat UJbicbe grotuetl^ alijoape^B^ in tl^e tuater* Cl^e floures: of tl^efe l^erbe^^ 
are iobitc,anb of agoob (imto^Dttell,toitb acertapnepeUoti), intl^emiXJbeljl^e 
tbeflouce^ of Crotufoote,go!be Cuppe;8?, oz Stratuberp fioure$: toljan tbep 

arc goncjtberecommetb rounbe^rougb^anbRiicfelep fenoppeftlifee t^efeetie of 
Cro\Dfoote,o^i (5olUefenappe;E^* 

%\^tlt t)erbe^ grotu in (landing tuaterftanb bicljeisf* 


!©ater &pifee,anb f rogge bitte,bo fotire mod contntonlj' in June * Cfte cn 


tber^ in #ap 






'Cl)e firft ijsf caUeD in d^.ieefee iroT«/4ayt;T6,u ks" r«xwVif? : in Hatine F , 

Fontinaiis,^ of ibme Spicata,btdtno\ijen in ^JoppeiBf: in Cnglitb !Bater fpife^ 
anbi^obetoeebe: infrencb ^^^"^'^.anb^f/f ^^«4?/w.^bigb2aoucb!Zan^ 

Cbefeconbt^ftountetiof (bmeof tbetD3tpter$:intl^efebape;g,foia ifeinDe of 
tbe berbe calico m d&.tecfee ixni^^m^m jdatine Miiiefoiimii,s>omecallitin 

:frenct?6y^j^^^i^M«<r. -in )LatineViolapaluftr is.- in bafe Kllmaiccne uiater 'iPilie^ 
rcnrin englift i©atcr 6ttlofcr. ^"uaigiw^ m^izx^ jtuip- 

'Cbetljirbeisfcalleb Morfus ranip,t^ati0ftorap,f roggebitte.(tithatbttone 

rcbeni5eet,gEClepnplompen,tbatisf, Paruam Nymph^LoiOn^l^SpUie 
Cbeujater^entpll i<5calleb in B}x^t^J^L^Z27T>^^ 

^^^t 4)«K(9.,K9y ^cac©- 

^rtX/x«cT6jy : WT 

jLatine LenspaIuftris,OJ Ucuftris:ro^I,oppeS! Lenticulalqua;: wStf^VDa. 



Hiftorieof Plantes 





3imstgneU)aterl'infen,ant> of Cbme CpnUegiiiem 

^i)e fiftl) \u!)ici)e i^ lifee to d^olDe cuppe in l)i;sf Eoure atiD CeeDe , 
figl^ttol^caHiuDeof Ranunculus oiCrotofoote, callcD iti d^tcefee l^oly 

mon; Clierrfo^eit mapbetJPellcaUcl>m)latine Polyanthenium paluftre^O^l A- ' 

quaticum:inC'ugUfl;tu]^iteCrotDfoote5^U3aterCroMoote:inbafe3lmaigne * 
wiXiz- o;t tpater 2^oterbloemem %\^z 3tpDt!)ecaries? of tln^ iime Do call it He- 

patica^autl Hepaticaaquatica^O^ Paluftris.-^tul) DO tierp ettOmOUflp tJfeitfOZ He- 

patica. ^The Nature. 

poutie'oJeeticDotljcoole^attlifoliotljf rogge bitte.anti tjcatet: )iLent(llo? 

^Jft T/jf Vettues, 

^ouDetueetJeomater ^ppiiefef gooti to belapDe to rotten anti confummg a 
01 fretting Cb^^e^.anD to foie^s^ ti^at runne vx tlje legge^^if it be lapHe to luitl^ ijo- 
npanD bincger,a;S Piiniefaitl?* 

'C^e5Becoction tljereof bopleUin toineisf gooDtobe t^ionfecn againft ti^e J5 

bloa]Dpfliji^eanUaUotlSerlaCfee^;anB]^atljtl^e t3ertttelifee&hotgraffe,a)8: Galen 

iBater %zxiXSk% oz d^tapue^s? menglelJ toiti^ fine tul^eaten ffoiire, anb lapbe C 
toO;P,teiiapletb muci^againatioateCiDeUingiS^.ajS^i^l^leginon^, CrifipeleftanO 

tl| e papneg of tl) e iopntes^* 

CgeCiameDot]^ alfd l^elpetlje falling botaneof tljefiege o,:3rfegut in pong 3^ 
cbilbien*3!t i% alfo go ob againil: tlje burfting of poung c^ilb jen* 

Cbetl|,ieeot!|er Wnbes^arenot bfeb m ^ebicuie 



f eftemof tl)i^ Ijerbeis^rig^t ^ttraigl^t, 

partingit (elf at t^e top into tl^^ice ot foure 

ano after long , tjoljiitia) anb rougl), ot fomeujl^at 
U300ilp in ^anbling* 3!t b^inget^ fooztb at t^e top 
of tbe b^ancl)eig little pellou) aoiire^,^ aftertoarb, 
fmaU,rottgl^,\3i>l^itia?, anb aat \^\^SU^ , anb almofb 
rounb, fafa;ioneb IpUe asucUler^, luljerein isi con* 
tt^mf^ a fiat feebe, almoft lil^e to tl^e feebc of Ca 
ftell otftoclie (i3iUtifers?,bttt greater* 

^ The Place. 


rougft mottntapne^s:, ^^ notfonnbein tl)i;s: coun* 
trep but in tlje garbens? of fome l^erboJiifte^ 


3t flouret^ in tW eountrep in Jm^ > anb tl^e 

*:^T he Names, 

C!)i0 l^erbei;8? caUeb ixi d^ieeUe «xvcvoi» : va1Lt^ 

tine alfo AlyfTum, ^t^ilB? ijS^Diofcorides Alyffon: 

foj^ AiyfTa Of Gaienanb Piiniearebnlifee to ti^i^, ^ 

of fome late tyJliteri^ Lunaria maior. %\^\Si isi tl^e 
tigl^t AlyfTon of Diofcorides : fot fte AlyflbnOf 

Galen a«b Piinie^tef notUfeebnto tfti?* 

JjmThe Nature. 

AiyfTonii^ofab^pingnatttrea^ Galen txj^itet^ 



Thc^firft Book€ of 

jjr- The Vertues 

Aiyfront>.zottfeen,oj^ l^oUim to ti^e l^bfe to GneU at; ti.iiuet^ avuap ^ejcing, oj ^ 

the l^icfeet 

'Ctjefametafeentoiti^ o^ermeateief, mretl^ tl)eta5eo,zmal>neirc, caufeD bp 25 

^ebptiugofamaUDeS^oggr. ^ _, , ^ 

; 'C^cCameljatt5eDmt^ei^ouft,ojtatt^egate,ojmtrp,feecpet^bott> mananb ^ 
beall fpm mcl^antjnmtjaf.anD \uitc]^ing 







'J'l^ere arefounti m tbfcs: couttep t^?eefcinDei8?of Scabius, lii^e one to an ot^im 

aCUiell m t!)e floureis^.a^ iat^e leaurjS^t 

Scabiofa Communis. 


Scabiofa? tcrtium genus. 






^ The Befcription. 

l^t firftfemt>e\i3^ic^ \$ tl^e mod common ^ t^e greatefl;, ttxW Gt^ f 

mingtjp, l^tt leaueiS belong anU fmall, of a gcapille ftozc colour , anH 
beane,lp.teat) abzoaDe bpon t^e 5rounli,amongft tl^e tul^ici^ (jiiingetli 
bp rounb > ant> bcatieftooteiss ox fteme0, bearing leaue;? berp iaggcD, 

0tt^e great iBalerian, tubtc^e toe call feettoall^ m tbetoppe of ^eftalfeetf 

groiuetl) bletjoif^ flpttr^mtbicfeetuffetiEf,faflt)ionet>lftetoalitteUflatroimt>^ 
^atte^Cbcroote isf tJobite,long anb tingle^ 

€>f^i^ Cbjte t^ere fe( fbttob an ot^er feinbe , in all popnteiS l&e to ti^e afoze^ 



the Hiftone of Pknces. 







fai>t>e,(5tuingtl)at at mttp Ijcats o:Utiap,tl)cre gro\i}et^ in tl^c (lectie of ffotircis^, 

manp tljcr fmall Utiopp es?,o.t Uttell tufet^ of doureiSf, ijangmg Dotaiiebp long 
fttmrnt^ .nUtt t!) e tamt mauiicc.ajsf one map alfo fometime^ fee,in fome totie«? 
of 3^aKte;8?,anti ^arigolD;^* 

CtjefeconD feinDcof^gDcabiou^i^t^ermallelto^leaaamongftt^efeintJesof 
^cabiou^gf ,nol)igl)et:tlianone^l)antie, miicij lifeeDnto tl|e Q;t:eat^cabtottjBr, 

bot^ mtjijs; leaiieg ant> fionmSmmt\}^titi^ 0naUec,anD ttjeleaue^e; bemoz^ 

'Cl)etl)irI>fetntJet0as^itlPcreameanebmtJi;cte t]^c ot^erttDapne.fmaUer 
tftan r!)e qtcattit, anti bigger t^au tlje fmalleft, in floured mucft lifee tl^e otljec 
tujapne^cije leanest belong,]&eai:ie anD grapta; , fnip^, aul> cut rountie aboiite, 
but notl^ingfo muctj otfo tieepelp gapa;t,a^ t!je t\JUo omm.mjz toot? tjs long 
anDaenUerliUe tJ^erooteoft^efirft anDgreateft^cabiottsf. 


Ci^ere 1$ alTo an i^erbe Ufee tinto ,^ca^ 

lacea nigra 

bipu^sf.groiDingtotljei^eigti^ofafoote^ 319aterfilonoiiinap\XJeeDe 
i^alf 01 ttoo footelong,iuitl)long uarrouj 

lemt0j UUe to t^e leaned of tl)z greater 

:S»cabiou;8?,ot Jauiel0 bitte, tf)e tjjtjtcl? be 
fomtp!)at fnipt, anU bluntlp cut about tl^e 

eUgei^^Clje ftalliejS o,z Hemmed be rounbi 
tjpon tl^e toppe^^ UJl^ereof groujetij fmall 
rouuD fenappe;^ oibollme0,coueret> luitij 
Icalej8f;Ufee to tlje Knopfs? of bleU) 23ottell, 
ozCoinefloure, but muci^ greater, out of 
tl^emitiDefttui^erof grotueti^ purple i^ea^ 
rie fiourejaf, Ifte to ti^e mflJDell parte of 
€vmm0 ojt Bleto bottell ♦ tEljeroote i^ 
tl)icl^e, li)oite, ^ crofeeti^toit^ manp ti^:ee= 

Dp ftring^* 






<|» rheVUce. 

Ci^e great ^cabtouCeanti lacca nigra, 

t>o grou) inmeliovue;sanDpa(!:ure.sf» -Ci^e 

fmaller ^cabtouis groii^eti^ in melioujeief 

ant» \»aterp grounHesf t^at ftantie lovue* 
^^eepeis; ^cabioufe groioeti^ \xi tl&e 

ReKie^B^panli bp tlje vuap fiUe^* 

Cl^ep Do aU floure \x% Jxxnt auH 3|ttlp 

:{.T he Names. 

Cljefel^erbeiSttJerenotDercribeDof t\\z%mdmtmitui (ajsffar ti%% can 
leame)anli ti^erfo^e tl^ep i^aue no mt^t nojt )tatine name to \% fenovuen 

Cljefirft ws noiu calleD in S^^oppe^ Scabiofa : anD of tome x«e«: w Cnglift 
^abiouisf: in frencli ^Jir^^/V^y^- m 530tte]^ 3poftemferaut, ^eftemferaut, anD 
<I5r(nDtferaut: in bafe ailmaigne ^cabio fe 

Ci^efeconD te; nota calleD scabiofa minor,t]^at v^ to fap,rmaU §)cab(ou^* 

Cl^e tl^irD is? caUeDinCnglid^ ^Ijeepejaf ^cabioujSftinfrenci^ subUufedc 
^r^^^.-mbafemmaigne^ci^aep^^^cabiofe^ \ 

%\^t fourti^ itf nouj calleD in ^i^oppeg lacea nigra, anD Matcrfilon: anD It 
i^ati^ none otljer namefenotuen bnto ^$ 

J^r he Nature. 

311 tl&e^tabiourejs are l^oate ^ Djp^Digefter? $ DiuiDer? of grofife^umo^? 



The firft Booke of 

» \ 


Dotl) cleufe tlje bzeaft.auD ti^elimge^, anti 1$ gootjagainft an olH Cougl^, ^ ti^e 
impoaemj^ of t^e b^zeaft^nH all ot^er mujaru patte^s^, ajof in tl^e clcnfing^riping, 
fbl>mng,etl^ealingofti^efame*Cl)efameeffectljatl)t^e ConfememaDevuifQ . 
tlje floured of gicabioufeanli fiigar to be bfeti baplp* 

Scabious (jgfalfo gooIiagainftallttc^^fcurttme(re;tobepounl»anl)la|>tieto 25 
tlje fame,oi to be mijcte\x)it$opleiB? anb opntments; fit f oi tl)e fame* 

'CljelpeUJi^ennScabious^atl^ ben bopleD oiUipebj bot^ clenfetl^eljearefro c 

all bian oi tobitefturffeX^u^ic^e i$ Cmall Dude o^fcale^^iubicl) falletl) fi:om tl)e 
l)eab)U)baJitbelieabanb^earei^tt)afil)eb t^erevuit^all 

Cbels^ecoctionof lacca nigra gargeleb,o^\jpi^ant]^emottt!ji$ often lpafil;eb 30 

tljereiuitbaU it botb \3aa(le ?ttonfume t^eimpoftemis: of ti^e moutl^ anb tljzote, 

t^at arc pet frefl) ano nett);anb boti) ripe anb bieake ti^em t^at be olbe* 


rl ^' 

4^f ©eud0 iJttte* 

fljt T^^ Defcripion, 

!^e ftalfeeis^ of Beuel^sf bitte, are 

rounb,anb of tijoo ojitft;teefoote 
log bearing b^oabeleaueis^ berp 
little oinotbing at alfnipt about 
^z ebge^^'Cbe ftoure^ be of abarfee pur^ 
pie colour, ^ fometimejS to^ite; grotuing 
rounb 5 ttjicfeetogitber^liJfeet'^e croppeoj 
aoureofi§oppe5^,after t^e falling atjoap 
tu^ereof, t^e feebe i^ carrieb aiuap U)it& 
tbetDinbe^'Cifteroote is?blacfee$barbe, 
(l)ott ^ tljicKejiJUitlj manp tljtebbp fitingsf 
bp tbc fibej5^tl)e xu t}icbe in tbe mibbell^oj^ 

a.0 it ui ere about tbeljartoft^efame^fee* 
met^ ag( it tuer e bitten of* 

^Tk Place. 

laeueljs? bit gro\joetl) inbtp mebotue;^ 
m^ \jDOobeftanb about tuapfibe^^* 


'^Ebi^ljerbe flouretl^ mod; comonlp in 
Suguttjtbe \jpl)icl) being in to ure isi eafi^ 
to befenotjpen, otberujife it i?i fomeuil^at 
tjarbe to befenoU)en,bpcaufeitbot^re*= 

femble^CabiOUjS,03^ lacea nigra. 

4ff The Cfames, 
3ti9f Callcb inS>l)Op;S Morfus diaboli: 

in Cnglill^ 3©eueliS? bit: in f rencb Mors dc 


Morfus Diaboli 



diM: m ijigj) JsoiKD Ceuffelst abbifj : in bate aimaicmc Jsumdg heet SA 


-5" Tk Nature. 

laeuelsf bittei^ ^oate anb hiv liU bnto S^cabioujj 

A The Vertues. 


the Hiftoric of P lantes. 







trije feineDrcoctionDiffblttet^ dotteb bloun in ti^e bot>^ , h^ meaner of anp ^ 
huttz op felU 

02^ftampeD,aul) lapDe to CarboncleiB?,0eftilentialfoje^ anD ^^otcljeiB^^Doti^ rig? 

ahtii^ealeti^efame. . 

Ct^eDccoctton of t^e rootebopIeU intuine anD t).ionl^,ijSi soot) againCt t^e ^ 

papneof t^e S^atrijD 01 ^oti^er,antJ againft allpopfom 

^The Defcripion, 


cottony llali^e^, creeping bp tbe 

grounl>,anl> fet bpon euerp ril}e 

luit!^ rofte,mmple2y,attb TOitnD^ 
\j3]^iti(i? leaner, nicHt, ^fnipt roilb abowt 
tt^e ebge^ lil^e a ratD> bettutjrt.vui^icl^ anD 
tbeitall^egtotpeti^ littell purple floureio;, 
Ufee to tfte floureiB^ of Deab ^ettell, but 
CinaUer.Ci^erootebat^ ti^j^eDp ftringio: 

^' The Place. 

%W ^^^ grotoeti^ ixt mopfl; me* 
DoU3e;6^,neare about bicl^e;3:>$iia^ founbiit 

(bme partejs^ of t^e countrep of :t3i^abantf 


Scordionfiouretb tttoft commoulp in 
3lune ^ 3ulp, ^ ti^a \& ti^e beft gat^iering 

of it* ^TheNames^ 

%\^v^ l^erbei^callcb ixi <&it^t tr^k^i^v' 

in)Latine Scordiu,^ Xrixago paluftris^of 

ftime Mithridatium: in ^igb jDOUCb UiaT 

fer I3atenig, anb of fome liaci^en feno 
blauc^ : in bafe 3ltotaigne abater loockt 
tnCnglifl) alfo^co^fiion, ^vjoater <^e!> 



«J|c- T/^f Nature. 

'Scordioni^afboategt ^v\xi ^t ti^ii^be 


^ The Fertnes 


Scordionb^oHentPitb lPine,openeti^ ti^e Copping^ of ti^ejLitter^tlbe^ilte, 
t^t &ibnepj8?, tbe :alabber> anb tbe#atri]c: it p^iouoi^etb b;tine, anb iis^ gdob a^ 
gainO: tl^e ftoppingief of b^ine^anb ^angurp,U)ban a man cannot pi(& \m b^top 
after D^op: it mouetb anb p^ouobetb UJomen^B? EoureiQf* 

Cbe ^e tai^en ix^ manner afo^eiiipbe > i;af goob againfi; t^e biting of ^ er^ )3 
pentjs^.anb alotberbenemou0beaCti8^>anb fo^tbemtbat l^auetai^enanppopfon, 
w^^ fojt tbemalib U)bic^^^ ^J^^^M^^^^.^ft^tteinttjarblp 

3^;ip ^coibion mabe into pouber , ^ taken in tbe quantitie of ttuo bjtamejef, 
\Diti^ bonieb ixjater, ciuret^^ anb ftoppet^ tfte bloubp fliice, anb \» goob fo^j t^ie 

papne;6^ of tl^e dtomaclte* 

Cl^eramemabeintopouber, anbmeni^eb toitb l^onp^ anb eaten^ clenfet^ ^ 

tt^e bieadfrom allfleume,anb i$ goob agamft an olb Cougb 

f reitbe anb greene ^coibion pounbe^ anb lapbe bppongreate greene^ 

\ipounbeftCttretft tbefame^'Cftr feme \>}vt^ anb tempereb oi \mtt t»itl? ?onp 







The firft Booke of 


«;t maDe into j^otitiei: anli caft into ottie tiJouttHefiiranD CDjrupt, anD rotten 
ijicerjsf , cure^ t^eCame, atiii Doti^ eate^anlituafteti^epjotDDe^anD fuperfluoufe 

Ctjfeljetbebopleti in tji^atetoi^ineger, antJ laj>6e tjpon tifte papne of tlje jf 


iopnte;9f eafetlj tl&e griefe^caufing it tl)e foonet to Ueparte 


Eucrion ^atl& bjottine demmeif, 

&!el» leauei8?,fnipt antimtronn^ 
about t^c eligeftmuci^ like to ttje leauejsf 
«f a ennanliei: afoietiefmbel» in tl^ejtiJf 
Cl)ap tet* Ci^e little fmall flourejB?, are of 
afaDDe purple^ozbio'ojnetel^De colour, 
iifeeto t^e aoure^ of aermanber* %\^t 
rootei<0f \j3]^pte anHof ijearieo.tti^^ebbp 


ijt The Fl^ce, 





%\}i% b^be, ajs Diofcorides faitb,isf 

founti in Cilicia: in tbiaf countrep itx^ 
not to befounD, but Umm oi planteb vx 
tl)e garbenis? of certapne !^etbo jifteief* 


i:bat\t)bicb ^roujetft in ti^us coutrep 

i$ fcene in flour e vx 3iune,anti julp* 

^ The Ndmes. 

%W l^erbe \$ calleD ixi, (&it^i nw^ 

it^jop,)tsciTtuK^f: in )tatine TcucrUim: toi« 

t^notDcn in ^boppejs^ : in CngliU^ U)ilbe 

(i&ermanber : in bigb jEdoucb it fcs calleb 
tif fome dDrof? batengel : t^at te^ to t^p, 
great <l5erntanb en ' 

ii.The Nature, 

Teucrion ajs? Paulus Acgineta faitl), 

is^ boate in t\^t Ceconb Degree, anH %in tbe tl^irbe* 

;^ r^f Fertues ■ \ ^ - 

Teucrion bopleb intsjpue anb bionfeen, openetb tbe ftoppincr;^ of tlicWilte it 
mfepleene^anbcuretbtbenDellinganbbarbnesf oftbe ^e,foi\iJbicbeptir- 

|joreitjj8(berpgoob,anb^atba fmguto: piopertie ♦ tTbe berbe uountie tuitli 





4^f ^oufdp&c an6f>nigt«nc* 

.Cbap. Ijcjebi^ 


ic9e i«( cafleD ^tone Croppe, anH 

Oodjer Crnali: anb tlje tbirbe i^tftat 
,^tone t>oje* 




the Hiftorie of Plantes 


r t 





CfafTula minor. J©flt> ^ ZlClfema^ 

H ^ 

Semperuiuum minus 

, F 



fetone cropjf ^tone ^oje 



%z great g>engreene ^atilj 
gt:eatpfat,attD ti^irfee leanest, 
a0 lacgeajo: aman$ ftombe, 

im& (liarpeattfte cnH fafl^toneD li%e 



a touus 




The firft Booke of 

foote 01 moite,!)efet auD DecUeli rouH about uitti^ leaue^ Ufee to tlje firft, patting 
it felfaftmuarD about tl^etoppe^into Diuet^ otljec bianc^e;8;,alongft tl^e \Dt^ic^ 
grotne^agreatmanp of bito\3Dne,ojreI5l»il^ floured* 
a ^^licfem^amei^at]^ fmall nattotj) t^itfee auU (^atpe popnten Umt^ . Cije 
ftalfee^fbegteatann tenDer of afijannelong^beretrouuU about UJitl) tfterouuD 

ant> l^arpepopnteD leaueis? afoteiiapDe,tib^VD^icl^e Do biing foit^ at tljetop,fmal 

5 :aitmougftt]^feinBe;9?of^ettgremealfo,att^ijtftimetl;etei^contepnetJ,^ 
^ei*e(caUeD Craffuh minoOto^icl^eigfSteatftone Crop, called of fome toilDe 
ibiicfemaOam>ottoo?megtalfe,^etPi^ici^ i^at^ tetrtjecftalkeft ant> leaueje: font 
tJD^at long,all rounDe^anD teDl>i^e,lilie bnto (mall tjoozmefteuerp UJOjune Ipfee 
to a tu^eate mm* Ci^e flouteiJ be tol^ite, ant) l^e t^z Sourer of j^.iicfemaDam 


4 ^mall^tonecrop fcsf fometo^at l&e to toflDe^stiAmaliam oz Vcrmicuia- 

ris,^t^eigno;tant3Ipot^ecarie;S iJogattjeritinfteeDe ofVermicuhrisotCraf- 
anlJ UifcafeD people, in fo bCingit in fteeUe of Craffuia minor, Jt ^aft tenUet 
(lal]^ej8i,coueteD o t fet fulltif t) erp fmdll>i^ozt mh t^ici^e leauejGf,gro tuing neare 
togit^er.Ci^efloitre;e^att^e toppeof ti^eftemme^are peUotP, anD Itl^e to tl^e 
fiourejs: of |^^icl(emat)ame,but greater. 

5 ^ijece map be aUb plac^ amogft t^e ItintiejQf of ^engreene;a cettapne fmal 
l^ecbebetp It&e to tl^e afo^G^pD in malting anD groU)ti^, fauing lA^uW Itmt^ 

ate Cbmeto^at latget ^ tt)tciiet> ti^e toi^ole ^i^etbe ij8> eget of D^atpe^ tait^ tjDl^ite 

-flouted* 4f^ The Place. 

, %\^z gteatet ^ engt eene oi^i^outielti^e,gtotueti^ in manpplaceiQ^tjpon oIDe 
toalleis anU ^ouCe;8^,tD§eteajB; it l^at^ bene planteH^ 

-Ci^e email ^engteene,tDt>ic,be t»e call ^jtitkmatiam, gtotoet^ not ixi, tW 
counttep but onelp in gatben;9f,ial)ete aaf it is? planters* 

,4 '^l)egteatant>fmaUfetonectoppe,gto\j)etl^inftonieanDrant>pcountrie;af, 

5 Cljefift^feinDealCbgtoi3oet^ljp5oUJtDallejB?:butnotl&cteinti&ij8fcoimttep* 


I^ottfel^eo^ gteat^engteene, flour et^ in^ulp ani) ^luguft* C^eotiber 


Ulntiei^ fioureiu^ap anD jlune 



4Sf The Names. ^ 

^ engr eenei;af callel> in d^^ieefee «:«'j6,oi,;in ?Latine Scaum,anD S empcruiuum, 

Cf Apuleius,VitaIis. 

CI) e firft i^ called in <l5^efeeW(6,oHMi> tin latine Scdum,^ Semperuiuum 

magiium,0f Apuleius neynli^y n$^ f<s»o<?)«fltx^jr:in^l^Op;Bf Barba louis; iniltaUatl 

Semper viu4' ui^pauif^ reruapr„„ter4in€n^iXs) H^oumifeeanU ^engreene:i» 

tI^2L^' u^S'^^'^'t^'^L^!^ ^^^ ^^^ ]©atttourtj,anli grofe 3©on# 

Uerbarttmba^aimaigneii^onDetbaett*. ^ ^ " »" 2^^^*^ 

dum minus,of fbme rff^xi.otA^uidus Erithaics: in CnglilJ f^zicfemaUam: in 
ftmt^7>s^uem4jame: m^igi) Jaottcl? feleinfeobetbart: mmtWxS^m 




' L 





the Hifloric of Plantcs. 



4 Cl^efottrtt)iScaUel»in<i5ie^e«vcAe<xxvH«)f/«>(5UTHAC^^ 

in CngltQ) ^tone Crop.anb ^tone%oic>^ of fame ttt^ called u^aU)^epper: 
m f rerifl^ p4/» d'oyfiau.- in f^igfy l^ouc^ ^autpfeffer, ^ feat jentreublin ; in baCc 
3(tlmaigne fllp(uetpcper* 

Ctjefiftl^ i^calleft of tl^e latet tojiteria?, Capraria, antt \j)eltnotD uoneotljer 


name to call it h^^ 

^ The Nature, 

%\^t great anti fmall ^ enjreene, anH ti^e fifti^ Wnl5e (calleti Capraria) are 
colDeanOD^iputtl^eti^trDtiegreetCl^e great atrDCmaU ^toueCrop>arei^oate 
anD D^p almoO: in tl^e fourth Degree 


ijt T;&f Vertues. 


CI)e3©ecoction of tfte great ^engreeue^o.ttl^e iiipce thereof tijtofeen is? goot) 31 



againft ti^e blouDp flijce,atiD all ot^er fti)i^e$ of ti^e bellp, attli againlt t^ebpting 


•CljeiupcetljereofmengleU tPtti^ parcbeD a3arliemeale,anl)opleofi^ofetf,:S 

t$ gooli to belaptke to tl^e papuei8^,oi aHing of tqe i^eaD. 

'Cl)e(^etupceD^oppetiintoepe$t;8^gooDagamlltbeutfiammatton of ti^eC 
fametatiU fb ija; tfte l^erbe bjtttfeD;aul> lapDe ottttDarWp ti^eretoto* 

*Cbe(ttpce of ^engreene,conttepeb into tbeiJ^atrijo UJitb a^eflSirp of cot-^ 3© 


^engreenebiureb^one.ozmengleDu^ttb parcbeb barltemeale, ijs^goob to (C 
be lapbe to ^♦^htbonie^ fire, tM to boate burning gt fretting blceris: oi foteief, 
anb bpon 0:albing0'anb bumtng0,anb all inflmiunation$:3[t i% alfo godb to be 
lapbeto tbegottte commingof boatebumoJtjs? 


t.4 'Cbeiupceoffmall^tonecropo^itjDaU)^eppertal(entDitbbineger>cattfetb<& 

bomite anb to caa out bp bomiting^grolTe anb (IpinieflegmeiQ^, anb boate Cbo« 
lerique bumo^js^ : 3tiro it if^ goob againd f euetjaf, anb all popfon tai^en toitbin 
tbebobp: but pet it map not be mimftreb,e]rceptbnto ftronganb luftiepeople 
Cbtis^^tone crop mtnglebuiitb S^tupneis: greale, bidbUietb anb b^iuetba^ !^ 




\uaptDenne;0?,anb barbefujellings; being lapbetberebnto 

'Cbeberbealonelapbebpontbe barefl^innecautl^tbelifmte totuajrereb, 
anb to rifi^ full {A\xi^t\t% anb bliaer;8f,anb pearcetb tbe tobole fiefll!« 
5 3t batb benetrieb bp e]cperience,tbat Capraria,bmfeb toitb(pourceletiBf)cal- 
leb in d^^eel^e ovioxo't^anb ople of iHofi^jBf^curetb tbeblinbe l^emojir^oibe^ tbat are 
not open 0,1 pearceb,tf it be applieb tbereto 


\ i^Tr^^^^ 4^^^ nameb of tbe ^trabianjs; l^aU> 0; ^Ibalt b^t^ tnanp groffe 

flalU^ej8;,of balfe afooteoj^ ninz tncbe;9^long:out of tbem grotjoetb (mall 
leaueiOf^ fomet^b^t Umg ^ tbid^e^ notmucb bnliiie tbe leaned of )d^icK 
mabam,fouing tbep belonger,anb {i][arpe popnteb.toi^ a barbe pzicH 

leptoppe o;tpopnt>fo tbatfoi tbi^confiberation tbe tobole plant i^etberp rougb 
anb Ibarpe^anb bi^ leaue$ be Co bangerou;a( anb burtfuU \}^ reaTon of ^ei? (barp 
piicUe;s^,tbattbepcannotbeberp eafUp toucbeb. 3mongfttbeleaue:ergro>iietb 
nnall pellotD fioureis^.anb after tbem foUotoetb finall (eebe. %%z roote ifi itmz' 
ijob^tlong, tDeai(eanbflenber»Cbi)Sfb^^i^tiailte anb f uU of tnpce o]^ dip lil^e 

Cbereitf anotberberbeinnaturemtttiblfte bntoti^t^e:, ^etubicbe to calleb 
^aIicomia>^emmebatb (taU^eje^tPt^out leauejo^^ anbbiutbetbitrdfe agapne 

Jtiiif into 


y . 



The firft Booke of 

into fimtitp attti Ditieri^ nt\)tt b^nncW ^i^ »tt^P fs^notttg anl» iopnttg , eafie 

of a ttj^cate Co jnevC^ijsf plmite i? tMo falte m tafte anU full of mpce \iU ife^ 


^ alt r\jp o^zt^ 


^ea grape, o^ii^iottel^ MlU 



SDf ti^cfettyopIanteiafacemalJeAinfflen Catinnm,an1) Sal Alali;tB^ 

^ The Place, 

•C^iefelierbeisf gtotu in faltt^ grottnliej3:,b?ti^e^eaffljeo^Coafte, itiZ^ 





'^i^efe i^erbeieJ arefouuH to ti^eic naturallplaceftm ^ommec; 

^The Names. ^i 

Ci^ef teff fe: called in Italian ^^^^ .• in gjpanift ^rfW/z* , anti soda sariffa .• anH 
it i^ t^e ng!^ t Ikali , 0^ M^^U of ti^e Klrabtan^ : (bme call it in €n^iB^ ^altt 
ui0Jtte,\i3einap alfo call it ii^ijOt ^^ticfeleb ttali* 

Cl)efeconD iie^notucalleli Salicornia,^ it i^acettainefeinUeof feali^^ome 
tall it inCngli(^> ^ea grape, mh fenotteD o^ iopntelJ ^d\L 
' Ci)e3l)cfcnotafil)e^,tD]^ic^earemabeof burnt &ali , is? called in^tLatine of 
tl^e KilfumiacsJ attb © lallemafeer;si AlumenCatinum^butti^e^altetul^ic^e t^ 
maDcof tlje fame 3jcfen,is? calleU Sal Akaii : mt} t^at t]ol)id^ fieetetli o^fojim* 
tnetljljpon t^eftufife^l^creof <i5latre0arema!Jc,i0notJ3 calleD in ^l^oppe^ 
Axungia vitri: in CngliC^ tftefattc oifloure of <l5lafre:in f rencl^ shw de v&irre: in 
23oiicl)^moattjang^elafen:in3talian/'/tfr ^rcw/?4//tf. tljatij3:to ra]?,in ]latin 
Flos Cry{hlii:in Cnglif^) t^e Creame otfloure of CrpftaU* 

^ The Nature, 







the Hiftorie of P lantes. 

^ * — 


ijt Tke Defcription 

be muc^ laggeti, UUe to ^ leaue;0J 

of columDctjOj r^o^tmetjoooU 
iaomapne*Ci&eftalfee;S beroube 

autii^arlieliiketo t^cftallies; ofiaue,ant) 

biingetl^ fo^ztl^ at tl^e toppe , fmall pale o^ 
bleaue j'ellotu floute;^,anl» after ti^em lit* 
tlelotiganU tenUer CoDnes^ (si\)ix^t^y in 
tuljicl) i^contepneti a CmaU reDDtH^ feeDe* 
%^z roote i^ of a taooDtiiflpe fubftance, 
long anU ftraigi^t 


^opi^ia gcotuetl? alongfl: bptuapeft 

inbntilleti placeftanDCpectallj^tul^ereasf 
tljere^atlj betie ixi tutted pad anp btij^l^ 
Dingier* ^^llnti toi^ereaiSfitljat^ beneone;3f 
fotoen, (t cornet^ bp peateip o£ W oiane 



•jSr The Tjme 

, h 


%\^\^ l^erbe beginnetlj to fioute m 
3une, anU contmuctl^ (b flourmg bntill 
^eptember,^ tuit^mtl^i^ (pace t^efeeDc 

^The Names, 

%W\^tthz (jsf noto calleb ^opljia: w 

Cngun;^opftia,^f lijcetpozt: in-StmiY^ 

K^rgent'me: (u l)ig^ 3© UCl^ 0^ elf Itteu \ (« 

bafe atlmaigne f iecrupr anb liootmel^ 




JO en erupt 

9^1 he Nature 




^opftiabipetl) toiti^outanp(l?arpne?, 
oj inamf eft i^ eate* 

fjt T/^f Vertues, 

Ci^efeebe of f li]r etu eeb e ot ^opl^ia 
biolcen \4 tJDute oi toater of tl^e ^mit\^tfi 
fo;tge,fl:oppeti^ ti^'e blotibp fliire, tftelaffee, 
anb all otijer i^\xz of bloub* 

^opljiab^ufeb, o^ pounbe, anblapbe 
bpxin olb blcer0, anb foze$, clofetb ^^ea- 
let^ ti^em bp, anb tljatbpcanfe itbj^petl^ 
UJtthottt acriinonte o j (^arpneiTe 


'^m'^r he Defcription. 

S|^0DnetD0tte,att]^efir8fti;sf leatte;s:be 
bjoabeanbtfticfee, ^fom\i»^at]^ollo\ji 
abouelifeeto alittle,&poone,anb(bm 

toi^at creaeb about ti^e ebge)Bf,almoft lifee 
ttjeleauesf of momapnefbjtrel,fettingti^at 
tftep be not fo (bfte anb tenber , mi (b 

iDl^ite, but l^arbe anb of a bjotpne greene 



" I 


The firft Booke of 


tolout.Cbe ftenunejS altb be CametD^at ttefteJ>,of t^elengtt) of ones l^anKe, ot 

afooKlona Cbe lift eU fin uw;S be U)^ite,8nli groxoe at t^e toppe of tljc mm 

S t^DiO) , arS tocloftD in little Dufkesi.C^e toote w( tfeeetip 

^ ^r he Place. 

coimtrie^ aDi^ping about Dic^e^ auB in mel>o\5Jei8f . %n 23^tjant tljep fouje it 


in ptDcnjs? 

^ The T'j 


^poonetuottefioumUl in18piiU,#ap,anD afterUJmrDe^ 


cuiiiers.'ixx €xM) S»poottetuo.tte,anl»accotDinglpit ijsf calleD in]iatinc Co- 

chlcariariu^ig^ 5aouc^e,lefifelferaut 

^The Nature, 

^pooneioDit^ i^ l^oatc ^ 5ip,^ of a (batpe ^ bttog taft^^taoft lifeefereiTejer 

4^ T^fe P'erftfes 



gotten Dlcer;s;;anD ftemift of t^emouttj,if it be often tDa(a;el> tfteretDit^alU'Ci^i^ 
tJ alfo afingnler temeDteagainft t^eDiftafeof tbemout^ calleti of l^ipocratejs? 

Voiiiuius hxmatiics,of idlinie stomacacc,anD of ^^ arcellttjsf ofcedo,anD of tl^e 

^oUanbers: aiiti f rifelanDetsf^cuerbupcfe , againft tul^ic^e eui8 it ftati^ bene 

lateippzouetJtobel)ecpgootJ,an^ig(insi;latellimation anDmuci^etjfeDof tlfte 

i^ollanberjef anD f rifcanjBf 

3lt i$ inbertuelifee Telcphium,to]^etfo^e if itbe lapbetoit^ tjinegectpo tl^e J5 
boDp.ittal^e^ a\jaap tbetPbiteanDblacHeCt^otte^^anD HentiDa? opfttcUtg* 

^iTo tl^elierbealoneponnlie^anD ouelplapDetponCuc^ 4)ottr0 ant) niarl^eief C 
lip tbc rpace of iijce bouce;B?,tafeeti& t^em cleane awap^ijut pet t^jofe Ipotte? muft 
l3eptap(leceDaftetU)actie;5\juiti^.23arlpmeale* ^ 


TIf erebefottretbilej3f of iJ^uUepne^asJ Diofcoridesvoititet]^ : tofterof §ttD5 
firft arexpi^ite ^ullepne,an!j of tbem one isi ^ale, an^ t^e otl^ef female: 
%^t t^irD i$ blacHe #ullepne:C^ fouttl^ i$ toiKJe ^ullepne* 

^c\D!?itentale^ttIlepn(oj mtl|eti©oUepn)^at^ great, bioalJe^tonij 


miDtiettof tbeftemo^t fometo^atl^ig]^et:bttt^e^ig!jer,t^efmaUecaee 
tl) c leauesf ♦ from tbe leauesf tpioarti e, euen to tbe top of t^e ftalfee, it i$ t^icfee 
Cet rouuD about tDitbplesfantpelloto toured, eact>flonreparte!)intofiuefmal 
ieaue^,tbc \u!jale top loit^ W plealSant pellotjo fionre)8J ^etoet^ li%e to atjjajre 
'CanDell ot taper amninglp lotoiig^tci^e roote i$ long anU fu^le^of atPoDDp 

% C^eotjertujite^uliepnecallebti^efemaleSettllcpn, Ijatb tobite leaned 


frptetJ wt^afoftwxolloj^Cottonjt^eMlieiaf ant) roote are lilie to theafote 
fapje^fa wng ^t ^efloure^ be lo^ite, anD parted into (ftce UttelUeaue^* ^ 

^ . ^il^J^^^^^^^^^^^^^i^^f tljefemalefeijaj,i^lifeeto Jabonemp^ 
w aal]feej(,leaae^,^ fioureftlatting «jst W leaueis belarger, ^ bfcs gourejJ are 

mod li^e to a UtteU EoCe.i^^e roote v» UrnganU t^iclie Ufee t^e others* 


the Hiftoric of Plantes. 




Vcrbafcum album mas. 


Verbafcum album foemina albo flofc. 

m\)iu female i^ttUepiteAtJit^ 


4 '^l^eBlacfeea^ttllepn^^atligreatjblacHtottgftieatteief.ofafttongfiauour, 

anti not tofttop genttu in Ijantieling^Ci^e floure^sf be pellolP,in fafl!;(on Ufee t^e 
oti^ergf.but a great ti eale fmaller, tlje ftalfee anti roote i$ liHe to tl^e tbetjs?* 

5 -ci^etiJilbe^uliepn^iisfberpmttcbliKe^agejatoelmftalfeejJaiginleatte^^ 

3It ba^ manp fquare ttoigge^s; anb bJtanclje^ of UJoonUr fubftance , atoapeiG^ 

tUJO gtotPittgtogitberotttof a iopnt.danWng nirectlpone againftan otber* 

i:^eleauei3:befoftanBxubiti(l>e;l*eto tbeleauesofS^age, butmucl) grea^ 

teranHfofter. tIi:he6oureiB:gi:o\jDat tl^e toppeof ti^ebianci^eAanbareofpeU 

loip colour 

^5* '^^e Place 


%l)t ^ttllepneiof grotu about fte bo jDerg of fielbejs^^bp ti^ei^ig^ \»ap ffte^, 

antk bpon ban]^e;8^^ 

i:§e\Dilbe^ttllepn> te'not common in tljiScountrep,but^ebauefeeneit 

inti^eplealantgarben of 3ame;SCi^ampaigne,tftet»eere frienbe ant»louer of 



<5» The Tyme 

Cbe fl^ullepnjSf bo fioure mod commonlp in 3ulp,aiuguO:,anb September, 
an6 ti^e tuiibe Wnbe ionizti} againe moie later^ 

^ The Names. 

a^uHepn ig calleb in <^zeefee cpxino^ tin idatine Verbafcum , of Apuieius 

Lychnitis,anb Pycnitis,anb Of fome Candcla regis, Candekria,anb Lunana: in 

^j^OppeJTapfusbarbatus: in 3talianr4/^^4r^#;tnCngUll) al(b Tapfusbar- 






The firft Bookc oF 

Vcrbafcualbufoeminalutco florc, 

W\)itz female ^ullepne^tDit^i 

pelloxu dontt^. 

Vcrbafcum nigru, 

mm #uUepne 




Vcrbafcum fylueftre U^flfi SX^vUltpUCi 


tapet,Coicl)ei5, anD^LotigtDo^te: iti^igD 

3aoiic^l©uuW^raut,l^ett^ifetaut, 23jte 

htaut, ^imelUraiit, taiwl^olDenliettf^ anU 
H^unnmg^feett?: inbafe 3ilmaigne lloUe- 
crupt,aDoUeblaDeten;ant» Co^tfiecnipt 

* ;s^ T/;^ Nature. 

Cbe ^uUepus? be b.ip> toitljottt an? 

^ The Vertttes. 

■Cberoote or\j)liite#uUepne bopleU 

inrebDe UJme,anti bstonfeen, ftoypetlj and 
l3calct^t^cl>an3eT:otts( latfee,aul»bloubp 

Cbefamebopleb xxi \uatet ^ U^onlien, 

fe^gooDfo.iftemtljatarebjtofeeti, ^Ijurte 
tn\»arHelp,attt)a5ainftauol!i Coug^ of 
long contimiance* 

C^e Decoction of ti^e toote ttoagetl) 
tootlj aclje , ^ fe gooH againft ttje inflam^ 
mations?, anH blcerja: of tl^eaiuUnonbej^, 
oifeemel^ of ti^e t^jote,to be feepttrjanne 

to tlje 



the Hiftoric of Plantcs, 


in tft e motttl^ , anD tl^e utout^ to beijpafJ^elJ ana tlmttJ^, h^ often gargelmg of 

uaeDo reaD,ti^atif Dtreti figgesf beto^taptinti^eleaue^of tl^etu^ite female j^ 
1^ ttUepn, It fljall prefer ue tftem a long time from cozmptiom 

"Clje leaueis^ of ^uttepneace alfo gooDaga(n(l'tl^e^emo^rboftes?,\»]^an e 
ti^ep betoipeli anti clenfeD tljeteujiti^, anl> it fef gooD to tuaCilt^e ti^e mouti^ tjjiti^ 
tl^ e I) eco ctio n f t!) e f ame* 

^beblacfeeSpuUepntoitl^ l)i^pleafantpeilo\y flourejB?, bopleti in tuater b,i jf 
\i3ine, anU Dz5feen,i0 goon againft tbeUifeafe^ of tl^eb^eft^anO tlje limgeiBf^anU 
againlt allllpitting of coirupt ant) rotten matter^'Ci^eleaueiJ of ti^efamebopleD 
vpiti^ Tiaue Uo appeafe tlje papne of tbe fttie* 

Cl^e leaueis; of blaciie ^^ullepn bopleD in itiater, are goob to belapbe bpon c^ 
colbefcpelUngsJ (calleb oedema) anbtpon tbe blceriB? anb inflammationja; of 
tije epe^a: ♦ Cbe fame Icaueis: pounbe toitb bonp anb \Dine,bo cute naugbtie anb 
moitifieb blcer;8^: anb loitb bineger,it curetb tbeinflammation of njounbesf* 

Cbe golben floured of S^ullepn ftipeb inlpe, caufetb tbe beare to toajte pel- 
lotD,beinglaani)eb tberetoitbalU 

Cbefeebeof <©uUepnei;8^goobtobunfee(a;sffait]^ PI inie) againft tbe biir-3 
ftttig anb falling out of iopnte of member;9f,foj it tafeetb auiap ti?efu3eUing anb 

CbetPilbei3^ullepne ftampeb, i^ goob to be lapbe bpon burning^^ anb Ccal^ & 
bing$ mabe U)itb fire omater anb otbertDife* 

Apuleius faitb,tbat i9©ercttrp gaue ^ullepnto Vlyfles, tuba be cameneare )!/ 

totbeincbanterelfeCirce,totl^eenbet]^atbp tljebertueof S^ullepn i^jemig^t 


be p^teCerueb againft all tbe enci^antmentje^ op 
tuitd^ings of Circe* 

S^ullepn. CbapJjCjcjri^ 

^ Th£ Defcription. 

i^e leaueiB^ of tbi^ berbe are greene 



ftnootb4ong,iaggeb oifnipt ronnb a* 
bout, anb Q)ieab abzoabe bpon tbe 
fjirounbpfometubat lifee to tbe leauejs^ of ;Eer* 
uapne, from tbe mjbbeft of tbofe leaner boo 
Cp^ingbp tU30 ojt tb^eeftem^ef, bearing fap^e 
pellouiflottrei0^,(anbfometime;8f alfo it bea^ 
retb purple fiourej6:,)fo Ipifee to tbe floiirejB^ of 
apullepninfmel, fafll)ionanb quantitie^tbat 
oftentimeSCajo: UJitneftetb Piinie)tbi0 berbe 
l^atb bene gatl^ereb fo^ \j3ttbe a^uUepne^ 
3f ter tbe flour eft tb ere arife fmall fenoppe^sr 
01 bulletft in tJDbicbetbefeebe i^sfcontepneb 

fmaller tban fte feebe of S^ullepn ♦ ^^ 
roote i^ (lijo^ite anb of \DOobbp fubftance* 

^ The Place. 

%W ^erbe grotoetl^ bp >jjap fibe;^, in 
^ineparbeftanb certapne fielbeftalCo about 
laiuerft anbi^felbome founbein tbiia^coun- 
trep* ^ , 







Jit fiouret^ in June, mh 3ulp* 

The firft Booke of 

^ The Tyme. 


:f. The Names. 

Plinie calletl^ it in IKtatitie Blattarla, f (bme call it Verbafcum Leptophyllon : 

itmapbe callen in engliCE) i^urple, o]t ^otl^e a^ullepn: it i;8f calletj in frencj 

Htfr^e 4«;tf ?»//?/, Herbe'vermineufcy auD 5/4^^4irtf • in l^ig^ BOUC^ ^ C^) ab etlfetaUt, $ 

aolDtfenopflin^anti Of fomeinbafe ^^Unaigne^ottencnipr* 


3KJ9: it map be toellpetcepuetJ bp t^e bitter (iiuottr,ti^e l^erbei^lioategED^p, 

almodintl^etitlirb Degree^ 


♦Jjt T/&^ Feriues. 


3[j8f concerning t!)e bertuejs of tljie? ^etbe, voe finbe none otljer t^ing tp;ipten 
of itjfetting tj^at tlje ^ot1)ej9f,anb 23atte^ bo incontinentlp come to t^i^ ^etbe, 
tPi^epCoeuer it bedtptjoen o^ilapbe 

€^f p«te 0i\x\\tp\m t^t fetnow of pjttm^ 





^ The Kyndis. 


^Ctie^ttllepnClDljicijetuecaUCovuilippeanbl^j^imerore) i$ of 
tujo foueiBf great anbfmalU Cl^e great i^alfo ofttoofo^te^ef^tl^e 
one i^atl^ peUotu ftueete fmelling floureja^, tJje oti^er i^att) pale 
fiottrejS^'Ci^efmaUer fotteU)^icl^U3ecall iBzimerofe, i$ of biuer^ 
l^inbe;3^, aj0? peUo\D anb'greene;fingle anb bubble* 

Verbafculum odoratum, 

, CoUJUippe^ 

Verbafculum album. 




chc Hiftoric of Plantcs.* 

«5» The Defcription, - 



I ^Tl^efitftc WnUe of pctie ^uUepu, i^atft U3l^iteleaue;0f, cnunpleU anU tPtinc 

X feleU, fomvul^at Ufeeto t^eleaue^of 3ittaptie,butttJlj(tecanl> gi:eater,anD 

notfo Giiptoj^mlJmtet>abotttti&eel»5ei8^,amongatl^eU)i^ic^eti&ereanCetft 

. fcare anti nafeeD ftemme^^^of ti^e lengtl^ of amanisfl^anDe, bearing at tbe toppe a 

buncl),oias^ittpereabimDeU>ofnmeo^t ten v^io'w iowct^ , ot agoobCauout 

tftib banging loppmgbovpnetDarbe;B::aftertDbicbeflottre$paft,refballfinbcw 

tbebuCi^e0VPbet:euttbepn;oobe,Utt^llong buUepnis; tpl^eretnt^efeebetj^con 


Cbe €>]celip,o.i tbe fmall fetnbe of tol^tte a^uUepn^tsf beii> Ifte to tbe Co\»0 
Uppeafo^eCipbe,fauingtbatbija^leaue$be greateranb larger, anbbijo^fiourrjif 
be of apale ojt fapnt pelloto colourpabnofl: tubiteanb tDitbout Ci^uour. 

3 'Cbe^.ipmerofejXubicbewftbeberp leatt^ 

Chtalleft ^uUepn, batb (mall \i)\)itiSi)t, ot pel 
lotDtil) greene leauejs^ in all parte^s: UKe to tl^e 
leaueie? of iDirelippe, amongll tl^e tobic^^ tn^ttc 
rifeti^ bp Uttelfmei^earieftemmejS^.ec^e fJttmiat 
bearing but one,onelpfioureltUe to tbefloure^ 

Cl^e roote ^8^ alfo fmall anb tb^eebp li^e tbe 
tooteof €)pelippe.i^f tbi^l^inbefomebeberp 


4 Cbere i^ pet an otfter fo^ite tolftici^e is^ berp 
itbeti^eladte r eciteb l^inb e in all p art eje^pfauing 
tbat It biingeti^ fo^tb greenifl) floureiof.of colour 

mz to t^e leaueie^ of t^e ^j^merote l^erbe o^ 

Vcrbafculum miiiuj, 



^ t^e Place. 

CotDftippetf, €)]relippeA anb p^m^^Wj 
grou) in lotuemoplttPOObbe;3^,(tanbing in tbe 

penbant 0^ i^angingof biUe^s^ anb mountapneisf 

mDin cercapne mebotjpe^s^^CbetDbttetjS^conV' 

mon in tljij3fcotttrep,anbfo arealti^e reft, eQjeciaUptljegreene^bubble feinbe^J 

)sil^id^e are planteb in garbenief^ 

^ The Tyme, 




Cl^efe i^eiAe^bo Soure in 3p^fll,anb (bmtimeie? aUb in ^m\^, ^ :f eb^uarp^ 

ii,T he Names, 

Cfte petie^ttUepntf are calleb in ^;^efee ^T^inii^itiinX^tin Verbafculaiin 

^]^0ppe;3> Primulie vcris,anD Heibse paralyfisjaub Of fome Arthctics.inCnglifl^ 

CotuOippeft ^^zimerofeA^ :^jcelipi0f: anb bubble CoJcoaipiB?, j^jtimerofejef^anb 

i3[>]relipi6^:in btgb Boucb ^cbluflTelblutnentin ]3tabant ^luetelbloemen. 
C$e f irft Wnb i$ nou) caUeb in ]iatine h erba S .p ctri .- ixi engliHEi C otottip jef : 

in fXm^ of (bme Coquuyfrimeverey^ Brajes de Cotjuu: inljigi^ 3©0UCb l^ijneUtblW^ 

fAy^^p eteris? Hraut^geel ^d^luOi^lumen, ^ toolriec^enb e ^ cl^uilelblumen: 
fobaCe 3ilmaigne ^.#eeter;6> mtpt, anb \0elrteci^enbe^luetelbloenten 

C^efeCOnbtobeialcalleb in ^boppeiB? Primula vcris, ^ HcrbaParalyfls: in 

Cnglift €)]celips: inl^igft^^oucl^tDabe^cl^luai^lttmen, ^loei^^imelft^ui:' 
iel: m bafe ailmaigne u^itte ig»luetelbloemen, anb of (bme toitte Betonte^ 

C^eti^irbelKinbeijef calleb inliattne Verbafculum minus: in febOplSf Primu- 
la vcris minor: in<0ngli(^ ^^imeroG^, anbtooob^^^imerofe: in bafe 3tUnapgne 

clepntPttteSetonie^o} en^^luetdbloemen,anb depn^luetelbloemen. 






The firft Bookc of 

:* The. Nature, 




Ctjefmall o^ pette #iiUepu;sf, are bjp ixi t^e t^irD degree, toit^out anp ma 

nif eff Mm 


^ The l^ertttes. 


Cl^epetie ^^Wz^nn yt^rx 10 to fep,tl|e CotDflip;8r, ^Bumcrofeft ^ i©jceup;ef, 
are noo) ijfeD Daplp amongft otijer pot ]^erbesf,bttt in i^lftptlcfee ti^ere wfna 
great accompt maDe of t^em* c^ep are gooD fojti^eft.eaU ^ fpnetDeft anl> l^aue 
otber gooD \>m\xz^,ti% i§ena anH iI^attiolu;8f tju^tte 

<^ f :%ett)to(it0 



^ The DefcriPt 

Ethiopisl^atlj greatbioDe 
ujooUp leauesf, lifee to tlje 
leaues? of ^iillepn, but 
rougljer 5 better cottoueti 
xsi frpfeli,anD not fo rounDe bp t^e 
ebge0,biit moie to jne mt\\ Deepec 
cutte0 in, aboute t^e bo^beriS, ant) 
rountJlp (pieaD abioaUe bpontbe 

fljiinge^ bp a fquare rougi^ ^ ^ea* 
rie ftalHe^biuibing it felf abiotjein 
to funDzp b,iancl)e0,al6gft ^ UJ^icl) 
rounbe aboute certapne iopnts: , it 
biingetb foitl^ manp twi^ite floureia? 

aimoltUKe to tije ftoures: ofUeaD 

l^ett ell , b ut a great b eale bigger 
CberootetB? longanb t})ViU\v^t 


^ The Place' 

Cbis? fterbe grflbet^ not in tl^fcBf 

countrep,butintlftegarbeg> of cec 



^T he Names. 

'C^i;efl^crbeij6f calleb in d^jeefee 
ijffiQTriff,^ in XatinealfoAethiopis, 

aub otl^er name t^an Acthiopis 






#& The Nature 

Acthiopis i^ meanelp l^oate anb bip* 

^5l The Fertues, 

Acthiopisi^gooDfou^ofe t^at ^aue ftef^lemreRetanDfoiOtch t^hmt 

t^eir b:eaft;3f cbargebujit^co^ruptanbrottenmattenanbfoiruc^ajtfaremre^ 
ueb uiitb tbe afperitieanb roug^netTe ixi t^e tftioote : ^ allb againft the mcCa^ 
tica, ifoneb^iinfeetljebecoctionoftfterootet^ereot 

f o.i tljempbe bifeafe^ of tl^e bzeaft, ^ lunger, it i^ goob to licfe oftenti^ 
of a confection jnabe toiti^ t^eroote of t^ig l^erbe anD f onp* ^*^^^r 





the Hiflorie of Plantcs. 

^f ^age of lecul^leni. C!;ap* iu0, 

^ The DefcriptioH. 



mge of 3^ufalejnl)atl^ rouglj, 
dearie, ^ large, b^iovune g;reene 

U3lfeitefpot;gUtveliiopi9f ofmilfee* 
3m6gfl: ti^e fapD leaue^ (pilmgetft tjp cec- 
tainellalUeisf ofa fpattl5g, beating attire 
topmanp fine ttsmtfi grotuing togit^et 
iuabunc^lilte Coiuaip floure^^ of colour 
attire fitlt.rebDe o.ipurple; anH (bmtimeisf 
l)leu):after t^e fioure^e: it biingetl^ itytsp^ 
CmallbuttoniQ^^ tol^erein \$ t^t feeDe^ ^^e 
roote tj3^blacfec,lottganD t^icHe,U3itt| ma- 

np tlj?eei)p ftring^f. 

«|t ThePUcf, 

%W !)erbe grotuetl^ in mopft fl^aDoiPie 
places, ^ii3^ planteDalmoft euerp tol^ere 
tn garDemeft 




^ The Tyme, 

3t aoucet^ bettine;sf,in!^arcljanD at 
p^nll^anD fl^o^itlp after tl^e feeDe i^ ripe* 

^ T>f?f Names . 

%l)isi\^tx^ti$ calleti of tl^e Itpoti^eca^ 

riei0?,attD I^erbO^We^ Oltiyig COUntrep Pulmonarla ^ Pulmona!is,in Xatine Pul- 
monis hcrba^tl^at ig to fiip)tungeu)ttrt,o^ (iyiel^erbefoz ti^elunge$:anl> of Come 
itt^ called in^tatine Symphitum SyineftrcUJljici^emap be CngliCH^eU tjoilU^ 
Comfrep:tlje ^icarHisf call it i/erk de cueur: \jpecallit }Xi Cnglil^^ ,^ageof Jeni* 
faleirijatCoxuaip of ictufalem: infrencb H^r^^ 4«x/Ww<>»j: in bafeSlmaigne 
^nfec ttomuen meto erupt, auU £)nfer t^outoentoin, tljat is to fep,€)ttr "ia^ 
tiie^s? sa^il&etaozte^bpcmire t^eleauejs be full of toljite fpottejBf,atf t^oug^ tl^ep 
iGuere $?iticfeleli UJitb mtiue, c^ere fco? pet an otl^er )Limge\3D0jte, tw^ereof we 
fSiaU Wite in t^eti^iriJ }3oclic* 

^ The NAture And Vertues. 

%\ix% l^erbe Ijati^ no particular bfe in?^!)pficfee,bttt it tjsf mucl^ bfeb in meate^af 
an^^alaHeisJ \i3itlj egge^^a^s? \$ alfo CotjoflippeiBJ anb ^djtpmerofe?, tul^erbnto 
in teinp er atur e it i;af muc^ lifee* 


l^erebetUJoMnbeisf ofi^teruapnettfteonecalleb in iatine Verbena 
re<aa,t^at i$ to fap,mp;igftt ot ftraigtjt meruapnet'C^e otl^cr \$^ calleU 
Verbena fupina,t^at isi to Cap, iLouj anb bafetEeruapne, tlje tol^iclje a* 
Sainei;$ biuibeb into tioo Co^iteiSt^tl^e male anb female* 

i^The T>eJcripion. 

TJ^eltraig^jt o^ tjpzigljt ^eruapne, i^aiib tptigftt anb ttraigl^t ftemme;^ , of 
tbe l^eig^ of a fbote anb mojte , full of bjaimcljeia^ : ti)it^ Cmail bletoifte 
flour e;5 grotoing bpon ti^e Oime: 'Cbe leauejs b e greene,benteb about,anb 
(nfbmeplace^beepelpcutoito^ne lp]^ean€)]^enleafe. C^erootei^l^oztanb 



l^a^ manp t^;eebp aring;s^« 





The firfl: Boote of 

Verbcnccarcaa.5||p^'ig;^t ^imiapne, 

HicraBotancmas. flnt^tVlXUfnU 


HieraBotane foemina. 



Ci^eflatteo^ creeping tmemapne, i^atft 

C^e female tot o.iloti, metuapne. te«re?;S^, ^e aam^^^^^^ 

cl^eisof tl^elengt^ of afoote, ojtafoote ^ a 

l)alfe creeprngbp tl)e grouuDe, UJit^ roun- 
Dil^ leaue0,Dent o^ (nipt roun^ about^ltike 
to £Dken leaue0,o^ ti^e leaueg: of <i5ermau 
Der DerccibeD intlje ^r^Ci^apter of tl^i^ 
boofee,butfar fmaller tl&eniDfeenleattej3f, 
^ greater t^an ti^e leaned of d^ermanUer: 

Jt]^efiottrefi:befaF^^e auD bleto grotutn^a* 
longftti^eb^nctjejef at tljetop^ftertal^icli 

tl&ere contmett) CmallflatcoDlje^ o^tptirlTe^ 

lifeetlie feebe of ^wXzf^ 23etonp to!)ic^e 

\»ecal S>peelie toell Cl}eroote i^ t^?eD?* 



%\^t fecotiD feinUeof flatte o^ creeping j 

^eniapne , \a3!jtci&e fe alfo tl>e 


naeruapne, i^ berpUfee to t!)eafo*e!H?D,to 
tt)at(a;8f PHnic in ^ejci]D»Cifeap»on)t^ irjrtJ 
boofee\i3jitetj&)* ^omel^auemaBenoDif- 
ferencebettPtjctt^eiSl^aleanD f emaie,anD 
tofaptijetrutbt^ereisf butrmallDiiercce 
bettuijct tftefe ttoo berbe^ : fot tbe female 
i^betptwelUfeeto t|iemale,aftuell in fte^s^. 



the Hiftoric of Plantes 


a^a: intt)tltmt0yfimttgyim roote;9f,fatting tljat tlje ftemme0 of tl)efemale,are 

mmg bp from tfte roote.'^IDlje mim alfo grouj ti^teer oi nearer togtt^trti^au 
ti^efloure^sfoftliemale flatmeruapne* 





toapesf,(h:eate^ anD tiic^e^ . Ctje feconli feinUe grotuetb m garUen^sf, anU lotue 
l^aDoujp placeftanti of t^i^e; fozte ti^e male i^ mm common t^^antljefemale^ 


Cl^e vaieruapne^B? floure molt commonlp in 31 ulp^ 

^The Names. ' ' 

•Ci^e firft feinUe of tmeniaj^ne ($ called xxi ^iz^z Trtgirt^t^p, ^ of fomeTrt^ is-w 

^t^p offi/(9-, in ^tatineVerbcnccaColumbina, Columbaris,Herba fanguinalisj 
Crifta gallinaceajExupera.anH Of Come Feria^Ot Ferraria, Trixago, Verbena reda, 
anU Columbinareaa: in ^^OppejS^ Verb ena:* in Italian VermimtoU.vrgihAon j 

cMache. in Cngliflj tleruapnCjOi^aruepn: in JFrencb yeruawe . in!)igb Bouci^ 
€ifernferaut,Cirernljart,^ Cifernrici^: in bafe^ltlmaigne ;ajerbene, pfercriipt, 
anl> p fer 1^ ert 

Cbe feconD %\nXs ijS^calleb in d^icefee ?t?« ;gorwi<.- ^ at tbiisf time Trif r rtpt^f^ « 7r;rjof , 

of ^^pti^agoia^ Eryfifccptrum, ailD of fome Otfter^ Ocmctria: in 3tatine Sacra 

herbajVerbenacafupina,antl CincinaIis,of 3(lpuleitt5i Licinia,Luftrago, Colum- 
bina fupina.anU MiJiraris; in ^bOppe$ (t)erp erroneOllllp)iti0CaUell Chame- 

dryos,o;t Chamedrys: in €ngli(^ :6afeoiflat vEeruapne: inbtgij Bouclj Crtit 
tueiraurti^anli of romefollo\uingtbeerrour of ti^e3(lpotbecariesf <!5amant!erle, 

anti aaiauimenlierle: in bafe l&lmaigne it map be called 0eereoftcruppentie 

^erbenepti^at i^ to C^P,inf rencb Veruaine haf.ouje traimntPar terre. 


J|^ The Nature 

Cbefe tU30 Wnl>e;8? of taieniapnepareof a bipingpotDer 

^ The Ve 

%\^z leaue^s? of bp^tigbt tEer iiapne, oi tl^e roote alone, o^ botb together bop 


let) in uiater are berp goob Im tbe fo^te^s: anb bfceris: of tl^e moutb anb ia\jae;8f 
tljemotttbbeU)afll)eb\DitbtbefameBecoction* ^ - 

Cbe Becoction of tbe bcrbe tsi of bi^ roote, fuoagetb tootb acbe,^ faftenetb 23 
lodfeteetb,to be often gargleb tuitbaUozfeeptagoobi^acetoitbin tbemoutb^ 
Cbefame b^onfeen continuallp bp tbe fpace of fine bape;3f , curetij tbe grppingja: 

meruapne mengleb toitl^ ople of llofe^sf anb bineger,oz bopleb in ople ^ lapb C 
to tbebcab after tbe manner of a plapfter, cnretb tbe i^eab acbe* Cbe fame ber* 
tue batb a garlanb e ^i C oione of sEeruapne againft beab acbe, to be U3 o jtne bp o 

tbebeabpa^aircbigeneis^faitb* . 

Ci^eleattegof ^eruapneponnbtpitbttopnesfgreafe o.iopleof i!vore;3f,botb 2a 

mitigate ^ appeace tb^papne^s; of tbe ^otber o^ #atri]r to be applieb tbereto. 

Cbe famepounb tuitb bineger are goob to be lapbe to ^♦lantbonie^ fpie, 
anb naiigbtie (turiiie anb rotten fo?e;8^:anb ftampeb ts\ pounbe luitb l^onp,it 
jj^eale^ greene tuoimbe^B^^anb cloCetbbp olbe* 

Cbe flatanb bafe tBeruapne iisf goob againft aUbenim anb popfon, againft jf 

tl^ebpting^anb ftinging of S>erpentiS,anb otber benemou? beaft$,to be b:on 
feenin tDine;Ot lapbe bpon tbe greefe 

-Cbeleaue^sftbereof bionfeenin olbetDine,t^e\jDeigbt of abiamanb balfe, <B 
% armucbfranfeecen)6f,bptfte fpace of fo^tiebape$,fafting, curetb ? launbesf 

3t i^ goob to U3atft)e t^e mout^ toit^ ttieJ^ecoction of tbelemie^ anb rootei^ 

% \\\\ tb^teof 



The firft Bookc of 


^Ijeretif bopleU in \xiintM^i^^ tfte fcettinu $ f efteting to^zejff of ei^e mout^ «ti3^ 

. tr^egreenelcaue^pottnU^lapntoo, tafee^atuaptl^enDellmg^t^epameJ 
of ftoate impoftemjsf anD tumotftanD clmfetlj coirupt aiiD rotten Wttfi. 

S»ome UJzite tl)at tije \uatrr \3)\^tmtW ^eruapne ^atl> bme aipeD, being & 
call D^t (pjtincWeri about tbe ball o j place tpber ea^J anp f eaft op banket i^ feep te^ 
maketi^ alltbecoinpanp botb Ui&ie anb merte 

ZnX^ tiftatabjtancbe of tbiee i^notteis: o} iovnm of t^t^^erbeijef gooU to be a, 
DionUen agatnft a f enec tettian,an$ a b^iancl^e of foure iopnteie? ifi gooD againft 

« f euer quartapne* 





•iji ri&< ICmdgs, 

!^erebettJt30liml^e)efof 0ettel^« C^e onei^of tbebumtnganDflto^j 

l^ett^lCbe otbec tj8^ tbebeab ^ettell uibicb^botbnot bume^no^tog 
at ail.ainb eacb of tb efe f^inU^ tef of b iuer^ ^opm. fti of tl^e boate anH 
fttnging ^ettell tbere be tbtee kinbeia^, tbat i$ to fap;, tbe (^it^^ op Eomapne 
^ettel5^,atib tbegteat.tbefmall,^ tbebnttiingl^etteljaf: tPb^cea^f againe tbep 

ate bittibeb into tujo }^inUsi, to \i3it,tbe ^ale anb tl^e female, fo tbat tlfte m-- 

mapneB^ttellt^tbe^ale,anbtbeod^ert\ji3apne aret^^ef einale« C^e beab 
il!tettell(^albe befttibeb intbenejtt Ci^^tec* 

^ The Defer/^Hfin, 

Vtcici fylocftris. 

Vrtica maior. 



Cfeomarne '^¥^i^^ ^^tti\> op^o^ C^e great comon^ettdU 
cttell ^a^ "^ ^ ^" 

mapne ii^ettell^ 

rounD, roiigb, 
^oUotxi, anb bearte 
ftalke^^Cbe leaned 
tting 01 dinging , ^ 


benteb abonte^ be 
ttoiji^e ^e leaueis: $ 

atmu: ttbittngetb 

anb rougb butto;e^^ 
op pellette^s: , fnll of 

b^o\jpne,flatte,^ fJ^i' 

to Ipne-feeDe 



tounber ^ finaller.. 



tu^icbe i^ our com 
mon great BetteU, 

i^ \^t tbe afo^te&pb 
rongb anb ftinging 


be ^fo rong]^ anb 
Clinging, anbbfteb 
touiM about^ but 


the Hiftoric of Pkntcs 




not fo Ijeqpelp ajS t\fz otl)et;8f,moa commonlp of atoatte gteme colour, ^ tome 

tmte;B^ retit)if^*C^efeeUe grotuet]^ bplongfmal t^zeeUe^sfj^angingHottuetDarD, 
^ i$ tometuftat Mum feeUe of l^irfe o: #iUet,famng it i& Cmallw:. C^e roote 
i^ lons,fittaU anU pello\t),Q)ieal>mg it fel!^ere,anU t^ere tJuDtr t^e gtouuU 

C^efmall^^tteUi^Ui^etot^el^tetteljsa' Vrtica 
fotefapDjbttt it i^ muci) fmallec, not epceeUiag i:iie Cmall 
mlengtftafoote^oiafooteatiDai^alfe* Ci^r l^ettell* 
tolfee^s^berouiiD aiiD tougl^ , anH ti^eleaueief 
tcltfee to t^e ot^er^Mitig tl^ep be fmallei: ant> 
greener : Xtje feeDeiief bigger ant» t^eroote i^ 



4^ The Place 




Cl)eEomapne^ettel3Bf arefountiinfome 
vuootieiB^ of t^i$( countrep, z$ t!je tuooH of 
^oignie, but not berp commonlp : it is? alfb 
fotoenin^egarben^ofi^erboj^ifte^f* Ci^eo* 
t^erWnHes? groiu in allplacefta^a^ bp l^et^geis?, 
Quicfee fetter anU toallesf. 


iliettellfeebeiisfripe inl^uguft^ 

4X» The Names 

^ 'Ci^e.^ettellfee^ called in <i>}tt^t iK^xucpx. k^ 
kvicAh: in Hatinef^l^oppeia^ Vnica: injtalian 

Orticam ^pauift? Ortiga: in ;f reUCi^ Ortie, 

C^efirfl: feinbei^notD calleti Vrtica Roma- 

na, anti Vrtica mas : ixi Cnglill?, <^ltt^Z Ot IHO 

mapne 0etteU, 0^ tlj e male lietteU in f r encl^ 

Ortie Griefcbeou Momame.- in ftigft 5^0 ttC]^t©eUci^ 

neffel: inbaCe 3lmaigneEoomici^e Jl^etelen* 

Ci^eCeCOnb Unt^t ijS CallelJ V rtica comunis, 
Vrtica foemina,anD Vrtica maior : in(0ngli(l& 

<5reat common nettel: inf rencl^<9r;;^inljig^3aouc^l^epterne(re: inbaTeail 
inaigne grooteiiietelen/ 

Ci^efmaUeftfeintie iiS^caUeD of Plinie Cania, antmotO Vrtica minor: in (Cn^ 

glif^ t^e fmaU0ettell,anD t^e fmallburningiietteUtin f rencft Petite ortie, auD 

hruiante:in l^iglj ©ouci^ 23ienne(rel, gt l^aberneffel: inbafe llmaignel^eete 



A The Nature 

^l^e burning 0,1 ftmgmg 0ette!;0(,are l^oateanb t»zp ^ of t^inne fubftance. 


Ci^efeeUe of iHomapnel^etteU tempered otmegleD \Dittj l^onie,anb often* 3 
time^ licHeUjClenfetl^ tfte bieaft from tougl^ anb flimie fieumeft * ot^er couupt 

anU rotten]^mnoz;8?.3lfoiti;8f goobfoj^tJ^eC^o^tneffeof bjtea^, tijetroublefome 
anti be^ementcoug^tl^atcl^ilDstenbe often bejc^toitl^aU, tfte inflammation of 
^elungesf^anb tl^eolb^leurefie 03^ long fought 

%\^t famebidni^eniPiti^ toeetetDine^Hot^ (tirrebp bobelppleaCure, anb i$ :k3 
gooti againtt tbeblalling anb tbinbineife of t^eftomacfee* 


ple,atnigbt after fupper,caufetl^ one to tjomit ojtcaft bp tjerp eaCilp* 

Cfteleaue^sftl^ereofbopleD tuit^ ^uftle^s: anbbionfeen,bofoftentl)ebeUp j^ 


Ctje becoctia of t^^eleaue^? of al ^ feinbg of |iettel0f,bionfeenUJit^ a9p?n;e ^ 

piottoHeti^ tl^e ^enttruaU fioure?* 3tnb to bot§ nettle feebeb^onfeen \t (toeete 






The firft Bookc of 

(Offte^uulaanDt^einaammationoft^eCwne * _ 

%\izltmt^ ot0ttm0 pounD toit^ Mt, ate goolj to be la?l>e to tlje bitmgsf <© 
of ittanDel4>ogge0,bimlentanDmaUgtiatitUlcn:jBf,a0Catifeerflf, anD Cucfteltue 

corrupt antj amfcing tjlcerje; o^foteftanU t^pon alli&arUefajellmg^^impoftiime^ 

C^e fame mengleD toiti^ ople ant) toajce, antJ lapl^e to ti^e ^arbneiTe of tl^e 1^ 
gp elte ot ^pleene, cutetb tb e fame 

Cbe fame pounb anb lapbe to ti^e^ofe anb fotebeab, ftoppetl^ tljebleebrng^ 

of tl^enofe,anb put into tbe nofe.caufetb tl^efame to bleebe. 

^ettell leaueief pounbe t]Ditb^pitbe,anbeebiicebtotbe 03tberofa)aeira-& 
rie(tDbKbei;5amot^ecruppoftto^iie)anbput (ntot^eS^ateiji^^PPiioitet^ t^^e 




^The Kjndes, 

fembejef of 5aeab ^etteUCl&e one tol^ic^, Cauotet^ f\i ftnel 

letb but little, tbe otl^er tobicbe i^atl^ a flrong ^ ainHing fauour, oti^er* 
\i3ifet^ereii8fbutftnallbifi^erencebettpi]i^t tl^eone^tbeotbet: anb tbe 

fird ^inX^t of tbefe betbeiof i$pf tl^zeefo^te;ef, t^e one ta^itb uil^ite ixwxct^y tl^e fe^ 
conb toitb pellou] fioure;ef>anb tbe tbirb U)itl^ tebbiOb douteief . mub tl^efecon)) 
iltnbei^ of t\DO (b^ue^.anb bifl^eret^ but onelp in ti^ecolourof ti^e Ooure. "^ 


^ The Delcripthfi, 


li^tfitf^ hUit^z of l^eab netteljaf , i$ not 

mucb bnlilie t^e (tinging o^ burning 
I^ettelj8f,l^i0leaue0 belong anb benteD 

rounb aboutlii^e to t^e otber nettel leauejor^ 

(^uing tbep be U)bitei:,anb t^ep ftpng not» 
%\)t fttAU i0 fquatre> todb about t^e toj^id^ 
gcotuetb, tui^ite, peUoto, oi reb fioureft be- 
nuijct tbeleauejG^anb tbeftemme^fadbioneb 
U^etoaboobe,oj^ openi^elmet.tL^eroote 

^atb tl^iett^p fkinqs^ 

'Cl^efeconbfeinbe, to^icbiisf tbe(UncWng 
2Deabnettell,i0ltl(eto tbeotbet,^liKetbe 
common nettell > Cauing ^at bi^ leaue^s^be 
fmaller,^ fometjobat rounben 311 t^t berbe 
i$ of aberp euill, gt ftrong ftincfeing feuour* 
CbeftoureiS^ of oneKinbeare pale, anb ti^t 
floure;siof t^e otbert^inbe are of abjtottine 
tzhht colour, fmaller ti^an ti^e floured of t^e 

^ The PUce. 

iaeab nettell grobiet^ euerp to^ere a^ 
bout Ijebge^, quict^e fettejS anb tDape;E^> and 

Lam i urn. 

3^eab lietteU o; :airc|angel4 

alfo in garben^ef. 

^ The Tjme. 

Cbe3^eab nettellfiouret^t^e molt part 

of allt^e^omer,from^ai' fo.i\^arbe» 

t^ The Names, 




the Hiftorie of Plantes. 


I '1^ 





inCuglill) BeaUnettell,^lmtienetteU,anli 3ltrclb augeU in fretic^ or//> w^r/eiti 
ijtgl) laoiict) %oUmM ^ %mhmM : in bafe :aimaigne J^ooue, anD laooD^ 

Ji^etCletU ^T he Nature. 

Cl}e BeaD iEtettelUiS^ of temperament, ifte to tl^e Dt!jer0ettelg* 


5^eati ilietteU pountie o^t bmfeD U)tt^ falte, Uoti^ Diflblue anD cure i^arDe ^ 

U3emiei8f,botclje$,anD impoaem;3:,beinslaptie ti^ereljpomanti intjertuei^tjerp 

^ The Defer iption, 

£)tl^erbojtte ^atl| fqnare 

h^o)jomMlU0y ti^e leaned 

beof fujartegreene colour, 
large anli Deepelp gapfft t o^ 

cut,almoftlifeeto|5etteU, oj 

l^oteftottuD leaue;8^,but a great Heale lar- 

ger.blacUer, anU mote Ueepelp cut, fome 

\x>^at app^ocl^ing toiuarD^s: tl^epiopoztio 

of p 0Ultam0* '€\)c QontcfS grotiJlifee 

garlantie;s^ o,i Cronetisf rounbe about tlje 

ftalke,lfeetbe floured ofl^oteljounb, of 

purple colour, notmuclj Differing fro tl^e 

floures^ of 5aeaD 0etteU, touing tl^ep be 

CmaUer: after tlje flour eg commetft tlje 

feet) e,\3)]^icl) ijs? Cmal ^ b^o\jDne,contej'neli 


in Itttell pMcHlep ^uffeeg* %\)C roote ig 
f mail, ^biutbeD into manp fmall t^^zeeDp 


^ The Place. 

3tDeligl^tett)to gro\u inrougl),bntfl 
leD,^ s^nziizn placed, about olDtu allege 

\Uapegf ^TheTyme. 

a^otftervuoitefloureti^ in%\xm ,3u* 
Iv, auD liix%vi% ttiit^in UJi^ici^e time, tlie 

feeD e ig alCO r ip e* ^ The Names. 

%\)xs^ l^erbe ijs^notoe called in jdatine 
of fucljeasfljaue pleafure in lierbeg Car- 
diaca:inCnglia)^otlfterU3oit: in jfreclj . . ^ 

i^gripauime.'ixi^^ JDottci^l^ertfjgipan, antil^ertfigfper: mbafemnaigne 

Cbi^ti^ afeintie,of ti^e tft?eei^erbe;ef, tol^ici^e are called in <&mU ^^[H^'mJiiti 

in^Latine Sideritidcs,^ of fome Hcraclei. 3nli it ig tIjefirttfeitiDeof tl^e fapDe 
^erbe;^*'Ci^erefoieitmapbeU)ellcaUeDinllatineSideritis prima, na^ereofvue 

A?alliD^iteagaineinourfeconlia3oofeeinti^e Cljapter of i^o^zei^ounDe* 

Ci^e i^erbe UJl^iCi^ Matthiol us fettetlj fO.l^ fOl tfte Sideritis pr ima^isf a ifein^ 

i^o^el^ouuDe, anti \$ calleti in t^i? countrep Marrubium paluftre, ti^atig to fap. 

. L 


<39arrifl) o^ujateri^o^el^ottnti 

4^ The Ndtttre. 

^otljertDoue ig of a temperatefteate^auD pet not luitftout bittemeffe:anli 

tl^mott it ig aia abft erf iue oj clenfwg* 



The firft Bookc of 

4jf The Vertues 

fiammatS^nani apticiumatio oifxueUinsutftoppetli tljeblouli, anti Dot^ cloC^^ 

«Et T/^f Kindts, 

Tl^erebr n-uo iKinbejS of ^^jtunelU ^^e toft \$ caUeD 25tt5le ♦ ainb tl^e feconb 

tetepnetl) ftill tlje name of j& juuelU 



Prunella. J^^tttuelU 




;ajglelp?eabet!^ ^creepetbalongftt^egrotttitijUlfeeto 3pottp\uo;tte,ot 
]getbe ttuopettce:itt>ati>tomeiD^at longleaueft anbbtoabeafoie, o; 
at ti^e top,tiofte,tu^mcfeleb atOJ biacfeiH^: bfe ftallteiSbe final ^ tenber, 
teepingalongft tfte grounb, % tafeing^olbfaft vx certaine placeis: l^ere 
anb tbere : anb from ti^em againe Cpiting bt^er fquare ^ fttaiglit ftemme^ of a 
Cpan long,b^mgmg f o^itl^ b^tigl? t floureft amongft cettapne littell leaned , com 
paOmgtbeftcmmeaboutjOf colour moftecommonlpbleUJ, anb inComeplante^f 
y^%\xz ajs^ fnotJD.'C^e toote;9: are tl^iteebp anb tenbm 

l^jtuncllbatb fquarei^eaneftafeejaf of afijannelongo^tmoze^HC^eleaiie^f be 



mfct UJitb bletxJ e,anb fcmetimeg( allb berp tdl^ite* %\iz ro o te is; iinall anb b cr^ 



^5^ r^ff ?lAct, 

Wm S^bto bot^ in certaine S©ebo\De?,paftttre?,gt tuoobbeja^tWo ^ugie 



the Hiflorie of Plantes. 

i^ tmt\) planteU titjgarHeiiS. 


^ Th Tjme. 






23usleaourettj inlpiilu:^ttD^umeUoftait«ne^attt!)eromet:t)ntiU3tt!?* 

^ The Names, \ 

Wc^ZliWm^t of X\)Zit\^ZX^t$ \% nOlU calicU Confolidfe,^ SoIidaeo^^fOia 

tiirf erence from otI)er i)erbe^,vu!)ifl^e be alfo callcD bj) tl^e fame t;s; callcti 
^ Confolidamcdici:itt(0n5U(i^ ®itiDell ConfoimDc, oi ^itiDl^Comfen^, auD 

Bugleuiif rencf) o^?/^«/^^w5;f'W,aiit) i?»^/^- ml)igl)Bouci^ ^ 

d^im^eliiii tJ^e^ljoppeis? of ti^i^ coutitrep; tljcp call it Bugnia,anlri!i bafc 3111 


Ci^e feconD i^inD eijs: alfo calleti cpnfolida medin^ijut moft commonlp r'ru- 
nelia;0it Bruneihan CnOflift) piiuuell,(£atpenter0 Ijerbc, ^elfetjealC;ti ^ooke 
l^eale : mjrrenc^ /'r//;?^//^, anti fome Do alfo call it Herbe m chAr^entkr, rome call it 
oingtmuk:\x\\)xi^'^^\x<k^ ^^Junellen^auD d^ottl^epU in25:abaut>25,titpucUt% 

^'The Nature. 

Ci^efe ttjpo l^erbcjs? be ti^pnnojteoiier Bugle ii8^ l|0ate;atit» jB^umell temperate 
betUJijrt Ijeate auD collie, 01 tierp littell collie^ 

■ij*' ^^^ Vertues, ' 

'CljeDecoctiotiofBugleliionKea, DiflfoUtetljclotteti ^congelcb bloat) iuitb- 
in tljeboDpjitDotljl^ealeatTD'mafee f o unD e all vu o unD e^ oftl^eboDp;bot!)e in 
tDarUe anU outiuarDe^ 




Cbe fame opetietl) tlje (loppitigief of tlje )ituer anU (Baule, anb ijsf gobb to be y^ 

li,ionfeea'again(l:tl)e3a.uubife,anbfeuet;6ftl)atbeoflougcontimtance. , 
Cbe fame Decoction of Bugle,curetl? tbe rotten ^lcer;s?;$ foie^s^ of tl;e moutl^ C 


Bugle greene gt ftt^ gatl^ereD, i^ goob to belapliebpon\]oounliej8f; gaUe;8?> 5^ 

o,ifcratcl)e;5::fozit cureti^ tljein,^ maltetb tbem tul^ole ^ foimbe*^nt» fo boti^ ti^^ 

pouber of tije fsmel^erbeb^ be caft anb ftrotpenbpon tbe toounbe^ 
"Cbe iupce of Buglers: curetb tl^e foiejs^ ^ blcer;6? of tbe fecrete oz pnuie parte^e^, e 

being often bioppeb in,anb fo botb tbe tjerbe b.iufeb anb larbe bpom 
2 %\^z becoction of J^zunell mabe )xiit\i \iyint o^tuater botb iopne together f 

anbmai^e\D]^ole anbfounbeaU\i30unbei5^ botijinujarbeanbourxwarb a^s^Bu- 


jXi^ goob to toafft tljemoutl) often luttlj tljebecoctton of i^amell, againft (15 
tl)et3lcer;8^ of tib^mout^,anb it is? alfo afoueraigneremebie agaiiift tljat bifeafe 
UJbictjetbeBjtabanber^bo name (ben Buipnen)t^ati;8fj tobantbe tongueis^ 

infiameb anb U3a.retb blacfeeanb i^utilclj ftuoUen, fo tljat tbegenerall reme 

Die;3? b^tle gone befoze* 

^zunell bzufebUJitb oj^lrof llofejS^anb Dineger^ anb lapbe to t\}Z foicparte ^ 
oftl^eljeab;fujaget^ anbcuretb tbeafeingof ti^efame* 


!^eleaue:8? of ^anamunba/^uen;8:,o:i^erbeBennet,are rougtj.blac^ 

ia)e,anb mucft clouertozDeq)elp cut/omeUJbat Itfee to tbe leauejs: of 21 

grimonie ♦ Ci^e ftalifee \$ roirnb anb t^earie of tbe lengtb of a foo teanb 

ftalf;biuibing itfelf at tl^e top into otber b,iancbe^,tul?icl) bzingetl? f o^t^ j^ellotu 

fionre0,liHetotbefloures^ofCro\j)fQote,(iDOlbcup, o^ <^olbfenap, ^afteruiarb 

Itttellrounb rougb l|eabj9f otlfenopp^^fetfull of feebe^tbe \x\)\i\^ bring ripeujill 
tleaue oibangfaabnto garinents?* Cbecoote i^ fljott anb rcbbifl; u)trt|in,tjpitl) 
rellouj iX^xztX^v ftringftanb fmellet^ fbmeuj^at like Cloue^s , efpeciallp if it be 







The firft Bookc of 

iljk The Pldce 


miD bp \^tH^0 anH quiclvretteisf , it i$> alCb 
planteU in g;artie;3^,bttt tljat luljic!) gwtD- 

etb tDillie 10 tbe greater, anD i^fcaf aoureis: 

be pellou^er tban tl^e otbet 


3t flouretb in^ap auD 3lune* 

j^ T/;tf Names. 

%W W^t i^ nott) callelJ in ft^atine 
Garyophyiiata,bpcattfe^i^ roote fittelletii 

liU€lmtfSy auti of fome Sanamunda,Be- 

nedida^anU Nardus ruftica:in Ctlgllft^l 

uenjsf, berbe :©ettnet, anD of (bmeS^ana^ 
munUa: in f tencb 5? » w«^- in ^ujb ^ oiic^i 
25eneDictent»ttm : in ;6:abant aauo 


sf. The Nature 


^ecbeisettneto^i Hwm^i \fi ^oatef 
Dtp in tljefeconD Degree^ 


%\^t Decoction of Kluenjaf maUe \j){t^ 
toater, o;t luitb toin? anH tuatet to ijitl^ei: 
anb b,ionfeen,tefolttenj congeleb anb clot- 
teb blottbp ^ ciitetb all in\»ai:be voounbejaf 
anb burt^*^nb tbe fame becoctioncuceti 

outvoarbe tjjounbes? if t^ep be>uani;eb 


net in U)ine,ijbzonken, tomfo^tetb tl^eftomacfeegt 
caurctb goobbigeftion: it openetb^eftopping^ 
of tbe lpuer,aub clenfetb tbe biea(t,artb purget^ it 

from groffe anb ^^bl^gHiatiquebumoigf* 

Cbe tootebipeb anb tafeen toiti^ toineief goob 
agatndpopCon^^againCt tbepapne oft^eguiteja? 

oibo\jDelle0,\Dbif^^^^ call tbe Colique* 

^ The Defcription. 

Yrola bat^ nine oi tenne greene , tenbet 
\tmt%y not mucbe bnl^e t^e \wx^ of 

Bete,fett{ngtbepbeagreatbeale fmaller, 
amongfl: ttietjabicbe commetl? bp a ftalfee fet U)i^ 
pleafant Uttle \jubite flouresf , muc^e like to ttjc 
l\j)eete fmelling floure^: of Ifllie Conuall ot ^ap 
liUie^. %\)t roote \$ fin^ ^ tenbet, creeping berc 





anb there 

^ The Pidce 

Pyroia groupet^ in fl^abotup plac^,anb mopft 

D bb ejSf ^ ^* T/^^ Ttme. 


The Tjme. 

Pyroia is^ to be founb in tointet anb lbmer,bttt 

tt flo uret^ m June anb 3ulp 


,- ' 




the Hiftorie of P lantes. 


^ The Names, 


g9!t;?Baltijnansoltit:mbafe^l}naignen^intersi:ttem mCngUfl; alfoj^pjola, 
auDU^mtergreeneuufrmcl^ setc^epnzMt^pjfok. 

^ The Nature, 

^P^olai^tiip in tljetljittJ tiegcee.anli colljein t^iefecoiilj^ 


•Cfteleaue^ of pp^tola, alene bp t i) emCeluei^, ottuttl^ otl^er pealing i^erbe?. 
i^ gooD to i^eale\iiouutie.3^,auti bopleti in luine anli tuonKen^tl^ep l^eale bot^ in 
tuarD ant) outiuar!) iPounDeftfifl:nla5?,anii malignahtblcer^s^* 

mutnt ^piole i^ alfo goot) to belapDeljponiwountieis^jblcersf^^buming^: a$ 

auDfo t^tliepouDertijeteof tobeittouieU bpon;anDiti;8?gooDtobemijCt luiti^ 
opntment^ auH plapfleris^/eruing fo^ ttje p'nrpofeiBf afoiefap^Je. 



erpeaUd tonge/o; ^O0ei:s tonse* €i)m,%tiii* 

^ The Befcripion. 


latietj^ tonge iis? an i^erbe of a mameloutf 
I flrage nature, it biinget^ fo^tl) but one leaf 

oft]^elegti^ofone;^finger;in\JPljicli groui 

ef^ alittell (lemme;, beating a littett long, 
n.artot»,tonge,UUeto a^erpent^ot (a^^mp aiutl^oi 
faitl^)lifee to t^e tonge of a ^etpentf 

^The Place. 

3t)l)er^ tongeiis: fountre in tW counttep, in ttt* 

tapne mopO: ani) ftutefttll meUotjoe?* 


•Ci&i^leafeii^founlretDit^ l^ijsf litt ell tonge, tn Iff' 

p;till anD S^ap: t^e UJi^ole l^erbe tjanifil^etlj atuap in 








^ The Names. 


PiinieCa^fomelearneti meniutige) calletift tl^i^ 

i^Cvb Lingua, Linguacc^antl Lingulace: (tlgf nOUJ cal 

letl in <I5?ee]Keo<j3io>\&cu-ojj: in ]tatine Lingua ferpen- 

tis, ^int^mt countries Lancea Chiifti: auD in ottjei^ 
placed Luccioia: in C nglifl?, 3D3) cts? to uge , u,€5>et 
pent^ tonge: in f rencj^ langu^ deferment .- inijigl^e 
Jaouei^ 0atet^unglin:in25tabat,€)n? I^eerenijpeei: 
crupt^anti jftatertongljeCl^en 

;i^ The Nature. 

%mn$ tongue \$^v iu tlje tl^irt) Degree, anD of 
Jliature b erp lifee ppjols 

p§u The Vertues. 

:iDl5er^tongei^alfogoot>^tjerpfihgulertol^ealetoottnDej^,botibimjoara % 
anil outU3artie,iti^ alfo gooD againft butfting^ o^Hiupturejs?, to be p^cpareU,^ 

talien vn lifee foj^te ais* 

C^e 5aecoction of F^e fame mat) e >m% twater anti U^oniKen, i^sf gooD againll -^ 

!)oate f euerft t^e infiainmatton? of tl^e liner, anU againft all intoarUe anB out- 

tparUe'^eate?* . ., l . ^ - n. 

CfteCameincotpotateD oimengleDtPit^^tupnei^greafe,i^ gooU agamit -j 

ning?,anD all l| o at e tumojjg anD impoftem? 





The firft Booke of 

^The Defcnptiort. 

Ti^e fmall Hmmc alfo,b?ingetft^ but 
one leaf e.iaugetr ^ cut onbotljfitie^mto 
tine 01 (iicelieepe cuttes^ o; natc^ejaf , not 
muclj bnliUe tljeleaue^? of t^ertgi^t Scoiopcn- 

dria,but it i;8? lotiger,larger,anD gceetiet. tajpo 
tljeCaptie leafe grotoetl) a ftan of alpanlong 

bearing at tlje top manp final feeDeisfclufteruig 
toget^^rrlilie grapeis^.'Ci^etootei^oft^^eeDp 

Cl^ie? Ifterbe grotjoeti^ bpon bijj^ ^^P ^^ 
grafie moutaineisf ojt ]^ttle;6f,bp Dale;5 ^ ^eati^ia?* 

«jt Ti*^ Tyme . 

Cbefmall ilimariei^fottntieinS^apanU 
3lime,bttt aftemarb it bani(l?eti& atoap* 

4!^ T^^ Names. 

%W b^^be i:8? notj) calleb in )iatine Luna- 

ria,g^ Lunaria minor.of fontein(I5jeefee«(Xivnrif: 

in Cnglilti ^unacie.o^ ^oonetiouttn f recft 

Petite\^V^ 3^ UCb ^ nfemUt, anil 

Mein ^onferaut: ixi bafe 2llinaigne ^aen- 
cniptj^clepn^aencrupttCbe people ot^a» 

ttOPjbO callit Tore^OjTaure. 


3t i^ coibe ^ Dip Of temperatttte, fterp Ifte 

to ^p^ola^anb 3tbbet;Jtonge* 


%W b^b i^ alfo berp goob $ fingnler 
to beale vuouOes^jOf bertue $ facultie Ulte 

to Pyrola^rfc^etpent^tottge^berpconue* 
nient fot all fucb sriefcisf UjS tbep bo feme 
bntottbe^lcbinUftejsf alfo bo mafee great 

accept of tbi^ b^tbe about tbetr Science* 

rotjp leafe. Cbap*]cib«. 

^ The Defcriftion. 

f o^oujleafe batb a rounb flebet 
ftaifeefulof b^tancbe^,^ bzancbe^ 

pa(fing,ojt going tbo.iottj tbe lea* 

ttesf,a$ if tbep ^bab bene biato e ti^o^oiig^ 
tbe leaue^jtubicbe be rounbe>bare,^ tetv 
htt, at tbe top of tbeb^ncbeisf gtotoe ^e 
6ottresf,aisi it tpere crotune0 amogft fm^l 
6t little leaue^.of a pale o^ faint pelo tu co 
lottr,tbe tDbicb bo aftettoarbisf d^age into 

abtounefeebe^'Cberooteigf (in^,tDi^ite 
f fomtubat tbiebbp* ^ rhe PUce, 

Cbi^ berbegroujetb inmanp placeiEf 
of (Becmanpanb Cngjanb, in tbe Cojne 
Relbei8( amongO: t^e tubeate gttpe* 'C^ep 
4IU alfb plant it in garbenjs?* ^ rh 

Lunaria minor. 









- . I 

the Hiftoric of Plantes. 

^ The Tyme» 


Jit ffotttetl^ in 3Iulr atiD mtpxtt. 

9f> The Names. 


%\^i% l^erbei^nottJ calleti (nMtine Perfoliatum, ant) Perfoliata:m CngliCt^ 
Cl^oiotuiua]ce,auli CijojiotDleafe: (lif rcnclj\^i^} 5^duc1) ^urcl) 
tuacl^f^Uubafemnaijjttel^ueriua^^jt i^^tjetp Uoubtful, \x>^tt^utW be Ca- 

calia of Diofcoridcs. 

;^ T^e Nature^ 

Cljo jotxjvuape ig of abzp comple;c(om 


^Jc T^f l^ertttes. 

%}^z Decoctio of tiri^oj^otjDipajcebopleli mv»ater 03^ toinepi^ealct]^ iDoimDeS: 31 

auD fo Hotlj tl^e greene leaues: bzuCeH anX> lapbe tberebpom 

'Cl^oto\ju\Da]cemengleB\»iti)\Majce,oitD(tbromeopleDi opntment,fitteto^ 

cure UJ o'unU CIS, ft calet^ butftings: 0^ l^armeis: of pong Cljilb:en, being lapDe 


Cftefamebetbetuftanittefpetgteenepbmfebaubpouritie uiitftmealc auti C 

lume,anti lapbe bpon tbe ji^auefeof poagCbHbten,l;eepet^ bpttje boujei!^, 

Diaujtug tbem into tbeir: naturall place, and fetietb tbem tftat fall too mncft 

Dotune, anH (iaifeetb tbe Ctme tuban tbep are blafteD bp anD fujouen ♦ ZnX^ Co 

Iiotft tfte feebe alfo mabe into pouber,anb lapbe too after tbeliue manner. 


T)3[mpineU i? of tiuo fojteft tfte great anb loilbe: anb tft e fmall garben piv^ 

i pinelU 

Pimpinella malor. 

n^ilbelSumet^ Sideritis altera. 

Pimpinella minor. 






' ■ 




The firft Booke of 

me great tDilDei^unpinello: Burnet, Ijati^lotig to uuU fteinme^, ttuo 
ouij^ee footeljtgij.bpon tl^etpl^tcl^e grovuet^ leaned, fometul^at long, 
izm\^ tottttti about,anD tieD bp long ftemmei^^tennc ot tuiclue leaueief 
gro\3i3ing bp a ftemme^ftanDing DiCplapeD Dtrectlp one againCt an otbei; 
lifee tjnto )s)iM%z$* lit tl&e top of ti^e ftalKe^ are rounti fenopiB^o^^ljeali^e:, compact 
togit^er a^ tt cuere of fmall purled o^^ button^ tl^e XDljici^ at t^eir opening biing 
fo,iti^finaliaonrei6^ofabio\unereDDe colour: after tljem commetl) a triangleU 

feebe* 'Ci^^rootei$long anb ti^icfee* 

i:i&efmaU oi garbenl^imptneU, \$ berp muclj lifee bnto ti^e tuilbe, but it ija; 
ixi allpointj8?fmaller,anb of fauour anb fmeUmoze amiable,oi pleafantUt i^atlj 
(bfteanbtenberftalke^of afootei^ig^ o^fomeujljatmote, fet tottlj afofteanb 
fine i^eare oi Cotton^Ci^e leauejs: be lifee bnto t^e oti^er , fauing t^cp be a great 
bealefmaller,greeneaboue,atib bleU)ill?ebnberneat]^»Cljefiourejsf be not To 
bjtoiDne,but ofan incarnate oiliuelprebtie,tDitb fmaUpellovu tlj.zeebe^^^l^ang 
mgfott^ of ti^emibbeO: of ttjem^Cljeroote i^Ufee to f^e oti^er;but a greatbeale 



ijt The Place 

tjCi^etDilb 01 great#impineU,grotpetb in bzpmebo\3De;s?,6t tljere i^ftcoteof 
it founb grou)ing about lltluotbe^C^e fmall l^impinell i$ commoulp planteb 

in t^egarben^ of tl^i^s? countrep 


«5« Ti^e Tyme 

Chepbo boti^flourein^une^anbfometime^fooner, anb oftentune^s bn- 

m 3tugu(l: 

^ The Names 


}^impinelliS^nd\T) calleb mHatine PimpineIk,Bipennula,PampinuIa,anb of 
fome Sanguiforba, ^ Solbaftrclla: ixi S»pani(^ FrexinnA:ixi€j^%\iiJ[^ 'BWXWZty SnU 

pimpinelUinbig^ 33ouc]^iiolblerferaut,i^ergotfbartlin,Blutferaut,anb ^e 
gelHraut'tinbafel&lmaigne Pimpinclle, Cl^iisfl^erbereemetl^tobeberpuieli 

UfeetO Siileritis altera of Diofcoridcs. 

^•T he Nature, 

l^imptnell i^ t^v^ in i^z tljirb begree,anb colbe in tl&e feconb, ^ aft ringent^ 


CljebecoctionofjBiJttpinellbionfeencttretlj tlje bloubpflite, tijefpittingof j 
bloub,t^e pifTing of bloub^anb tljenaturaU iffue of Vuomen, anb all otlier flujre 
of bloub»d)el)crbe anb ti^efeebe mabe into pouber, anbbionfeeiuitljtiiine oj 
toater,tDl)erein1lroni)att|bene often quenc'9eb,botl^ i\^t Itue, anbfoboti^ ti^e 
^erbe alone being but onelp l^olben in a mans? Iftanbe, a0 fome baue UJiitetr* 

Ci^egreene leauejsf b^iufeb anb lapbe bpon vuounbeft feeepe t^ent from in* 15 
flammation anb apoftumation. ^o;teoiter tljep are goob to be lapbe bpon 
pl^legmon^.iDljiclje are l^oate tumoij5,fiuelling^,anb blceriBf. 

#impinell alfo \^ berp goob to l^eale U)ounbe;8f, anb i^ tztz^nz^ in btfnfees? C 
t^at be mabefo? twounbeftto put axoap inflammation, anb to ftancbe bleebing 

Ctjeleaue^ef of ^impinellftipeb intDineanbbtonfeen,botljcomfott^reiopce ^ 
i^z ]^art,a!ib are goob againft t^e trembling anb ftafeing of tl|e fame. 

^TheD efcription 


:^nicle ftatl^ bzoU3ne,greene,plaine,(IEiining,ahb rounbill^ leaueftparteb into 
iftueparte$ttutbbeepecuttes?,lifeebnto bineleauesf, (oiratljerliKe ^aple 
leaner) amongft UJl^icl^e t^ere tjjjingebp ttuo ftemme^ef, of tl^e^eigtb of a 




the Hiftoric of Plantcs. 

footcbeatmg xmxvg fmall rounb button? 

at tl^e toppe, full of littell tui^ite floure;?, 
vu!)ici)eDotumeinto fmalroujl^butreft 

UJi^ici^ is: tlje feeUe* 'Cl^etoote^ati^ ti^iee* 
tip ftringft anU i? blacfeeU)it^out,^U)^ite 

iS^ The Place, 

panicle i0 fouuDe m mopft iDooDeft 
anil ftoup baufee? , in i^illp oj^mountapne 
CO untrie;3:#oitl) erlp. 


^am'cle fiouretft to ^ap ant) J^mz^ 

. \fj^T he Names. 

%\^\^ l^erbe (^ no\D calleli m )tatme 

Sanicula, ^ of fome Diapenfia: toCuglifl? 

^auicleun f ceufl) ^4;?/V/tf :to]^ig]^ 30ouci^ 
panicle* Ci^iis: tis^noneof ti^etoUejs: of (^ 
,&toffefople 01 ^dentapljiUott , U9 fome -^ 

■^ The Nature. 

panicle i^ \iiv ixti^t tl^icDe degree 

aftrtngent ?^TheFertues. 

%\^z iupce of panicle D^tonken, botl^ 
inaHe uil^ole ^ fount) all mtuattt^anti out« 
loarDetPountie? anD i^utte? , (b tl^at (aisr 
RiieiiiusVju^iteti^) itisf a comonfaptog in 

Jl^aunCC, Cf /«y ^«^' Sanide a. Be Mire affaire il 

ffa. ciiat i$ to fap; U)l^o fo l^ati^ panicle 

^aniclebopleDtotoatero^tDme^anti x; 

bionken,(toppetl^ tft efpitttog of blouD > ^ ^ 

Sa n i c ula. 






blpulip ai]ce,anl> mretb t^eblceratio^e: 
auD fturte? of tft e Hitinepie:* 

Cftefame taikentolii^e manner^ o^ tlje 
iupce tijereof !)ionfeen,cttretb burlHngft 
eflpeciallp luftan tlje lierbe 10 alfo lapD bp- 
pon tl)e greefe;eptl)et biufeU o.iboplelJ* 

%\^t leaned tbereof,^ ti^e coote bopleU 
in loatet ^ bonp anH tJionlien^i^ealctl^ tlje 
petifteU lungei^^anti ai malignant blcer;0f 
ffc rotten fotejs: of tl^e mo utb, gummed anH 

tbioote ,if tbemouti^beujaffteOoj gar* 

0eD tfterettJttl^all 

panicle. Cftap^iccbuj 

«jjf' T/^^ Defcrinion 


!?i0 ^erb ftatl^ large roub leaue;8f; 
VDitb fiue oifijte co,tner;Bf , finelp 
Uenteb rotmD about , tfte tDl^icfte 

at tijcir f irft coming bp out of ti^e grounH 
argfolbentogit^ieroi aj^ittoereplaptelJ* 



19^ ut| 





The fir ft Booke of 

3imott5n;f^eittgto\Det!}fmallrounli ftemmeisf Wit afootelons,fct]^etcantJ 

t^ereujitl) little lemie;0?,anD bnnget^ fooitl^ at tl^e top fmaUflouregf , cUiftetinjj 
t\)itU togif^ec.of apellotoid) greene colottr,iDit^ a Cmal pelloiu reelie,no grea- 
ter tijen Idurfelaixe ot ^oppit feeDe,inclofeD in fmall greene \)\xt\^t0,'€\ft roote 
isi thitu,n^ long n0 me^ fingar,bio\i3tie\uitl|out;ant) Ijatli ttjieetjp (tringior^ 

«§• The Place 




<!5reat ^antcleoi)lal»i€5^ ^atitell,groiDetli in fomeplace^f of tl^i^ coutre?, 
aisf in cettspne meDoiue0,in tl^c l^anging of i^ille^;tDi)erea^ tl^e fople i^ of pot* 
ter;8; clap, fat auli r eDB e^ 


■Clji^ljerbeaouretl) ina^ar^anHJune* 

^T he Names. 

%\^t latter lotpterjB? Do call ^i^l&erbe in (l5?eefee</*fo<rC^«,c/ieoVioj>>/.«cc^tot;rut 

}tattn Achimilla, Alchimilla Stdlaria,PIatalconis,Peslconis,^ t3li^\M in<B}Z^S^t 
XMvTor»./^ioi;,!)OlPbeit i\^i$ i^ not tl^e rigljt Lcontopodium U)l^ereof Dlofcorides 

tontet^tin Cn^liU) %t^W^ mautell, great ^amcle> anH ^^aDelion : in frencl^ 
Pied de Lign:ixi \^i^ Bottcl^ S»pttttan, jleU3entapen,i.et3oenfttff , mnfer frautoe 
S^antell, ^ grof? ^anicfeel : ixi baCe ^Imaigne folouoing tl^e l^iglj ^Klmaigneisr 
^?nnatjj,i^nfer moutjoen mantel,anti groote^anii^eU 


%x ijBftit? Ufee^an(cle>bttt colDer 

i&t rhe Vertues 


Jimt^ mantelli^ mucl^ \iU to S>anicle in facnltie^anti feriietlj fot all Hifea^ ^ 
fe^ txjljerebnto panicle i$ gooU. ^oieouer it tafeeti^ atoap tlje papiie ^ beate 

of all voountieiai intlameD, tjlcerft anD #i^leg 
moniaf being applied thereto* 

. 'CfteCamepounti^lapbebpontl^ei^appejs? 
03t a^iigge^ of ujiue^ op mapDen^ , mafeetft 

Ctiap. ircijc* 

ijt The Defcriftion. 

I^rrafine^ Confottntie,]^at]^ arounti 
btotjone , reDbe , ^oloto ftallie, tbiee 
oi f oure cubite$ i^ig^ t^ penati^it 
teti^;allalongft tl)e twljici^e from tl^e 
lo\i)e(lparte mtn bp to tl^el^arbe toppe,tljerc 
grotxielong narrou) leaner? lifee to oapttjie, 
oi^eacl)leaue,9;tbentebrounti ^outettJitl^ 
Ctnall Heuticles: ♦ %t i\^t toppe of tl^e Mkt^ 
grotoe blealie oi pale pellotjp floure^J , t^t 
^bici^ebeing npe,are carrieb aioap toit^tl^e 
\s}in^z. 'C^erootttsf berp tl^.teebp* 

^T he Place. 

^arrafinejS Confounbe grotoet^ in (l^a* 

t{oiupU)oobejef>anb efpeciallpt^eretol^ereaia^ 

45* The Tjme. 

^i^iflf ^erbe fe founb \»iti&!jij3f Jour eia( moft 

cottimonlp in ^ittguftt 

Solidago Sarraccnica 



t ' 

' I 


the Hiftorie of Plantes. 

fj^ The Names, 



. Cl)t;gl^etbefe?nOVU CalleD inM^atme Solidago Samcenia, g^ Confolida Sar- 

racenica^of fome Herbafortis: inCngliC^ ^an^afiueis; ConfotttttJe.oi^arta- 
feraut: inbafe Blmaignel^epDeiiltl^ tnonDtcmpt* 


^5* The Nature. 


■ » 

^arrafine^s? Confounlieiisf almoO; ti^p xa tl^e tl&fctJ aegree , anti not toiti^out 
^eate^in tafte bitter anD aflringent 


^arrafine^fConfountie l&ealeti^ all fortes? of tDounbeie?ant> Wcerft botbin- 3t 

toarlieanli outtoarD, to ht minittttti in t\)e U^me manner a^s^ tl^eotber Confoli 

l^ ijaitl) opntment;8?,opleftoumplail!:er^. 

'Cbe feme bopleD in UJater anb b^onfeen^bo tl^ reftraine anb ftap tljeiuafting ^ 
ipuer,anb tafeet^ aiuap t^e oppillation anb Hopping of ti^e fame^ ^ of t^e blab* 

ber anb gaule;anb i^ goob agapnft tbe iaunbife, ^ feuer^ of long continuance 
anb fo^ fuc^ ais? are falling into ab^opfie^ 

%\)C becoction of t^efame i^ goob to be gargleb againft tl^e blcerft anb (tit> c 
feing of tljemottti^,anb againft ti^e blcerationof ti^e gumme^s^^anb tl^^tote* 

©ibenrobbeat tlje firfte Ijatl^Jong 
bzoabeleauejQ^.fp^ebbeab^oabe bpon 
tl^egrottnb.amongft t^exul^ici^XlPitin 
get^bp a rebbiCii o;t btouine (lallt^e of 
ti^elengt^ of a footeanb ^alf, tbitl^ leaned lifee 
to tbefirft , but fmaller ; it (pieabetli it felfe at 
ti^e toppe into biuerisf fmall b^ianc^eis: , cbargeb 
ozlobenMti^ fmallpellovu fioureis^ptl^e tjuftic^e 
aifti toi^an tbep areripe.arecarrieb atuap UJiti^ 
tbe tDinbe, lifee to tl^e fionre^^ of ^arrafine^? 
Confounbe^ %\^t roote i? btotone anbi^ati^ 




tl^ jeebp ftringisf* 

^ the Place 

%\^ig i^erbe grotoetl^ in tuoobbetf ,fappori 
mountapnejBt,anb in frutefiiU fople^ 

^ The Tyme. 

3.t flouretl^ mod: commonlp in aittguft 

4^ The Names. 

%\)ig'^ttbt ig mw calleb in Mtine Virga 

aurca^tl^atfe? tofep^^olbenrobbetinjfrencii 
Verge d'or: inbafe Slmaigue d^olbenroebetanb 
toeHno\3P nota;3?pettD]^eti&erit]^at^>anr oti^ec 


J^The Nature, 

Cifte tatle of ti^itf i^etbe i^ berplil^e to :fea^ 
rafine^Qf Contbunbe , anb ti^erefoje it \$ of UHe 


' AThe Virtue and Oferation, 

«olbenrobi#al(banl^rrbeapt toi^eale ujounbeisf, anb ^at^ti^efameber-a 




The firft Booke of 

tm^ ^l)iclje S^artatitte^s Confoiintie^iatl), anU map be l)feD in all tJiiTeafeje? foj 

Ci^e fame bopleU in tutne anli Djtonfeeit, i$ \)ttp gooli agaptifi: tl)c (lone J5 

namelp in t^e repnes?* f oj it bieaifeeti^ t^efame, miD mal^etl) it to Defcenls luitlj 
tljeujatcr ot buue:antJ fo Dotl) alfo tljevpaterof tljts^ljerbeDiftiileD ivitl^ tPine 
aiTD!)^ontobpfomeQ)aceo{ttme,asf tpjtptetl^ Arnoidus Je viiia Noua. 

e^f mmt 

tmtttnt ano Bmg^ » pmom/ 





^ The Kindes. 

0tier tlb^ title of Stratiotes, tbat i;^ to fap, linigbt;8^ tDoimHtuctte, oj 
t^i^countrie* Ci^e one calleD Crabbed clatjue: Ci^eoti^eptuaterSl^iU 




Stratiotes potamios. 

Jtenigi^t^ vuounbeujotte* 


t!Sf a tuater ^erbe tobiclje flcetetl) tjpoti tbe toater , not muci^etniilfee t^e 
great g^enpeene,befo,tetljat be b^ingetlj foottb W ftalfee, buttbat it 

(^greater* €;be leaue^f benarrotuof balfeafootelong,bau(ngbponeacb fibe 
rlai^e teetft anb pjicWep popnte? oj inljeateb Cojnerflf , Ufee to 35itter moe^ 


- the Hiftori^ of Plantcs. 

ojt & ca aj»5teene, bu t muc]b^totaUer,uarto\De!:anDn)ozterf Clj 



Ijpon (l)o:t ftemntejs^.anti gcotti fooitl^ bp t^efiDe^^ of ttje leaned, anti ate tD!)it0 
anD IJiaiDeD into t^tee,tDitlj a cettapne%omo^l^eatiepelloxu (a tljemiDDe^I, 
anDgroUJe out of a cloueul^uffee lifer to aCtabbe^Clatue* 31 1 l)atl) noneo^ 
tljctrootefauingabecp (I)oztefl;einme,bjtoatieattt) t^icfeeabotif^ant) t)erprmaU 
aui) tetiDet tJuDerneatlj, ftom vu^ience flpj^inge tp (i^e leaner : b|> ti^e fapDe 
Il)o^tefl:eiTunei)nlietneatl)t^eleaiiej5fpgtotDelonijtl)zeelie^(ii!ieto tjetp fine 
aiiD Cmall lttteli:ting$f)^ete anl> tijete (ttetc^ing tljemfelue^ mm to t!je bottom 
of tl^e\x»atet;bptl^e\Dbici^eit tafeetl^l^olUeanU D^atoeti^ fuftenance ftom tbe 
gtouulje* CettapneDeceptfiUlanti naugtjtieEogueiS tljat^jooiillibe tafeen fop 
cunning f^i^pfitionief, toitlj fgeit Creacleft^cammonie, anti ^lapftctisfjDo ga 
tljet of t^e fine ftttng^sf ant) b^atte tooted afozefapHe^anti put tbem into ^\)io\0 
01 (I5la(fe;3i full of tpatet^anU fet tbem opimlp in tbeit lljoppe U)inbouie;E^ ot (tan 
bmgft to he feme of tbe people, lubetebp tbep mafee tbe people to beleeue^tbat 

tbat tbej? be tjoojtmeft tobtcbe tbep l^aue caufeti men to auopbe luitb tbepjtpou- 
6etj8f, ^ugat anb £>pntment5f* 
* Cbe fcconb feinbecallet) jl^nigbt^ ^ilfople (bpcaufe of tbe gteat multitube 
anD numbet of Itmtg^ batb long , fmall, anii nattovu leauejsf , bcepelp cut in 
t)ponbotbefibejS?;lifeeto tbetuingefetljet^of fbmefmalbpzbe^*f oza^ tbefea- 
^er;s:of bp^be;9f baueais^ itiuere a (lemme, o^ acettapne nbbeintbe mibbel!, 
from tubwe tbete groto outbpoheacbefiDe long nartouibattr^.plumes^oj 
finebeatejs:: euenfo in Ufee manner, tbefe fmall leaue;8?, baue alfo atibbe op K 
neiD intl^z miUDell, from x^bence tbete gtotoe out bpon botbe. fibe? fmall anU 
nattotu leaueS, euetp leaf e lifee 1 tbebeat{ebarte;s(oiplume;9J of fucb fmalfea 
t]^et;9f*2fmongfl:tbeOapbeleaue$ gto\3oetbbpaftalfeeo.i ftemmeofafpanlong 
beating leaned lifee to t^je afojteCipbe^anb attbe top afap^etufte^buH^e^oinofe 
gap of manp fmall pellovw fioures liU t\) e common p eattotju op ^ ilfople*C]^$ 


tootei^tenbet anb tbieebp. 

4f^ The Place. 

Cbe firft tobe grotoet!) in tbie^ ionnttt^in ponbe^Bf anb poole^s^, ^ ijs? founb 
in bluett Web ejSf tbat ate neateto tl^e laiuet^of Efchaukl anb "OdQ^in tbe conn 
ttep of isxabant 

Cbe o'tber gtoioetl) ixi betp goob anb tanfee meboujej0f,but a man (^allfinbe 


it lietp felbome^ 


^ The Tyme, 



Heater ^ engteene fiouretb dt ^ ap^cbe otl^er in Suguft* 

^T he Names. 

tCi^efitfi:ij8fcallebin <i5zeefeere«n»T«i',>(5:irf«Tj«rHC7roT«>@-:in)Latine Mi- 
litaris:anb it^nap be toellcalleb Sedumaquatiie:inCnglifl^l^nigbt$tDO?te, 
femg]^t;5^tPounbetDoUej,oti^mgbte;8^ tuatetlpounbtijozte, fenigbt^i^onbe- . 
UJOtte, anb of fome ^ntgbtjs: toatet ^engteene : in bafe ^aimaigne Ctabben 


claip,anb aftet tbe aieefee^iauptetg crupt,o^ vuatet liuptet^ ctupt* 

'Cbefeconbi^callebin<]^^eefees■fflCTlflSTH?x^^lo>A^®- tin^Latme MiHtans mil- 
Icfolia :itt Cngli^ fenigbt;3^a^ilfople: foulbiet^sf ^ ettotD,anb pellotu Unigbiten 

J^ettOtU: in jftencb fierbemiUtainamillefueilles, auD LMillefueille iaulm:ixi%dit ^1*W 


i^ The Nature. 


&nigi^tjsf toounbetDoite Of tbe toatet ig colbe anb ^ipt ^\)t otber tuitb f b 


tj^ottfanb leaueAcalleb femgl^ten 

^ The Fertues. 

t^ \^t^ anbfomc\]Dbata!ltiugent 



%\^t fitlt %nv^t$ tDOite bopleb m u^ater anb b?ot^en, ttoppetl^ tbe pilTmg % 




The firft Booke of 






Of blou!);auticttmjbtl)e iDoimDe;0^anl»t3lccr;sf oftl)Cliil>ner0pant)tl)Ct3reoftt 

i^ gooD againft all initjarlie UJOimDejs^ 

•Cfte \mm^ tl^erof poimtie,auD lapUc l^pon grcetie U)ounDc;8f, Ucpttl) tliein ^3 
frommflatumatioriann apoaumation 01 fipcuing* 

-C^cfame lapt)e too UJirl) tjineget^curet^ tl)e , o:^* ^^ntftomc;? <r 

fm, \Ditl) otl}tt l)oate tiimoiiJ^a? i^tjlcginon^sf; ^a 

%\}t peUoio Migl)t^U)oite, oj^ g»ouHiier;9? ^pilfople; i8f fiiigulcr good a-- j^ 

gainft all feiuD e of olDe anti ueiti Wtt^ x it cureti) f imUa.sfj tt ftancljctl; blouU, ^ 
itfoiit)eretl),bimgetl)togit]^er,anlicin:etlj vooimtJCjS^, U3l)etljet: it be poimbcoi 
bnifeD auD fo laptiebpou,oimijct loit^ oplcftopntmmtisi.auo ejnplap(lcr;5 ti^at 
arcmatiefoifttcl) piirpofe^* 

€>f)^awom/oj common rt^ilfople* 

^ T^<r 2> efcri^tm 

3;ifoplel)atI) rounb bolloto 
ftalfeeis of afooteantiljalfe 

long : t^e leauesf be long 
anb berp fine,anb Deepelp 
iaggeb bpon botbfibc^, e= 
iienljarbe buto tl^e mibbellribbe tsx fi- 
ne\ja,bei:p uiellil^e to tije fittalUftleaiics? 
ofCouanbec oi^outljienujooD ♦ Cbe 
fiourc$ gcoijo in fapietdunbetttffetfi^ oj 

ijuOl^eisatt^etoppebf tbed:alke,anb ace 
moa commottlp all \ja]^ite,fometune;9? al 
fo in t^is^cottntrep of a purpUd^ colour, 
anb as? DiofcoridesiT3ntetl),fometiinej8f 
all petlou) y t^e lobicfte as^pet ^atlj not 
benefeene in tW countrie^'Ci^e rcyote i^ 
blacUe anb t!) jcebp* 

^ The Place. 

^^ilfople groxtjetlj plentifiillp va tljis? 

countrep,aboutpatl)^,i&ig^\papeft anb 

JX fioiireti^ fcom3unf*to §>eptein« 








iS$ The Names 


•Cl)ii^^ei:be fcs callcb in^teeifee kxlM 

x«0-: in iatine Achillea 3 anb Achillea 
fideritis,0f3&pttleiU]8f Myriophyilon,My- 

riomorphos , Chiliophyllon , Stratioti- 

con 5 Heraclcon, Chryfitis , Supercilium Veneris, Acron fyluaticum, Militaris, 

anb of fome Diodeia : ixi S^^^oppeis? at tJjiaf pjefent Millefolium : m 3taliati 
cjif/Y/tf/tf^//*: in^panil^e rerua MUioyasi ixi€\\0^ allb ^ilfople, petrouj, anD 
iBtofe blecbe: in ftenrtj (J^f/7/c/w«^:m^|igi^Boucl&, <!5ai1)m, ^c^affgtaf?, 
^cl>affr:ip,anb Caufenblaet: in baft 36lmaigne, <l5eruti3e* 

^ome count Achiiiea,tobe tl^at liinbe of Canfie, tolfticl^e loe before int^e 

tenti^ Chapter of ti^i^P^etet^tboo^el^auenamrtt^efinall tDbite'CaiiKe.a^it 







the Hiftorie of P lances. 

9$. The occajiori of the Name, 


* I 


%\^x^\)ti\yz l)ab \^i^ name Achillea, of tlje noble anIJ Ijaliant fenigi)t mHjfl^ 
leiS',U)'oorel3aUantactejs; ^ noblel^ifto^iexueteDefttibeH bpl^omet^ C^efapUe 
%t\^i\M \iXt\s t\^i^\^tthz'ottv ^ti\xt\^ , anUit tDa^firftetauji^tl&im bj>tbe Cen* 

taiire €^mx\M>it\) tW l^erbe 3c^(Ue^ cureD t^ietDOunliejBf anb foieja? o£ r ek- 

phus t^e fonneof H^tttvXt^, 

^ The Ndtare, 



f i 

Si^ilfoplei)3fberpbipanb aftnngent 

"^T he Vertues . 

%^z l^ecoction of a^flfople DjonKen Uot|i cure anb ftoppe t^e bloub? flijce, 





Cftefameb^onfeendoppet^i all fiu]ceie^, but efpeciallptftetebbefluice in iuo-j5 

ment§atfloiDetljto abunbantlp* 3ttD0^feet^tf>efameeJfectbeingappUeb to 


Cl^ e fame bmCeb anb lapbebpontjoounbe^s^ctoppetl^tliebloub^anbl^eepet^ C 

tliefame from inflammation anb ftDeUing,anb curetl^ t^efame* 





i^mfrep l^atl^ rougft Ijearie 
fl:alifee;9f,anb long rougl^ lea=» 
ueftmucb lifeetbe leaned of 
commo :3uglo(re, but muci^ 
greater anb blacker ♦ Cfte 
fioure^berounbe anb l^oUotuliUe little 
belle;s^9moa:commonlp tui^itep anbfbme^ 

time$ rebbiCb^'Ci^e roote i% blac&e toiti^ 
out anb iD^ite toitl^in > berp clammp o$ 
dimie to touc^ e^ 

^5* 'The Place. 

Comfcep grouieti^ alongft bp bicl^e?, 
anb in mopft place^ar 


3t floureti^ in ^uneanb 3lulp* 

4^ The Names. 

%\^i^ l^erbe fcef calleb ixi c^ieefee <ruV4>v# 

yep HSCt <ru^<fuToi/f«C>« tiU ^Latitte Symphy tu 

magnum,^Solidago: in ^i^Oppe^ Con- 
folida maior:in3talianC^/^>//^4«»^^/><f: 

in ^paniC^ Sueldamapr, Confuelda mayor. ' 

m Cngli© Comfrep,anbComferie:in 
f rcclj Ctf;?j5rf in l^igl^ Bouclj r©^tJDurtj, 

grofi i5em\Del: in bafe ailmaigne n^ael 



Symphytum magnum 


^ r A<r i\r4f»r^ 

Comfoep \» i^oate anb btp ixi ^t fe- 



j^ T^e Vertues, 

eft e rootejaf of Comfrep pounb anb bj^onfeen , ate goob foj tft em tftat i^int % 

bloub,anbftealetft aU(nt»arbe\»ounbeAanb burftmgis? 






The firft Bookc of 

e^eCamealfo berngbjufeti anUlapbr to in maiinec ofaplapfter,bo^eale)5 

aUgreeneannfreOl^etiJounUejtftaiaiawfo gltttinatiue,ti&atif it be fobbetuit^ 

4opteo3tmmfeI> meate;it\i3il teiopneanbbimsitautoaitltiw agaiur into one 


'C'oe rootejs^ of Comfme boj^leb anD bi^onHen> bo clmfe tl^e b^eaQ: from C 
flegmej9f,anb cumb tbe grieffe^efoj^ bwt^te^af of tbe itungeief ♦ 'Cbep bane tbelrfee 
t)erme,being mengleb luit^ fngar,fp?opeftoj%onnp,to be often tafeen into tbe 

CbefameXDitbtbeleaueiSof <5tottnrti3eU,at:e goobto belapbebpon aUS 

^oate txvmi% oi; infiaminationief^elpeciaUp to t^e inflammation^ of ti^efunba> 

ment o^i fiege* 

Ci^et^eaUb aregoobtobepounbe^^lapbebponburOtngisf o; rupturejer^ 

%%\^%z(Ss^ztA^% fittl pai^teofDodo 




1 ' 







•- - 


r « 

%^t kmu parte of t 




of Planted/ f ntveatmo nUift diffecencea/ pjopoi ttotts/ mmw 

pjopettieftauD bertuejB^^of pleafant anU fojeete Cmelling tionu^, i^erbes: 

anUfeetiejs^^antifttci^eUfeef iiauttenbpti^atfamou^sfD.Rem. 


jjt T^f Kyndes 




^erebe t\i3o fo^tejs? of miolet^ : ti^e gatUen anU t^e voilDe tixiolet ♦ Cl^e 

aberppleatiantanliaittiablefmem'CbiDiHie^ioletis: ate toitftoutfa^ 


Viola Nig 





ttour^anD of a famtebletue o^ palecolour 

* '•5* ^^<? Defcrifl 

!^e ftjoeete d^arUetr o^ aparcl&e 

tJioletjCreepetl^ alongft ^ grounD Cl^e blacfee^oz purple taiiolet 

Ufeetl^e ^travuberieplante, fa- 
ttening itfelfe anD taking rootein Dmerio? 
placets: l)t^ leaned be rountie anb blaci^id; 
Ufee to J^vift leaueft feumg ti^ep befmaU 
let, rounder, anbtenbeter: emongllt^e 
)jp^tcbeleauej5^ ti^ere(p.ztngetb bp fapte $ 
pleafant floured of a barfee bletu colour, 
eac^eflouregrotuing alone bp bwutelfe, 
i)pon a little Cmall anb tenber (temme^ 
Cbe floureis^ are buiibebinto fiuefmall 

u»itlj tbe tippes: tsi popnteb enbe$ of tbe 
leaue;8? areftiecMeb pi fpotteb luitb acer 
tapne rebbill? pelloui ♦ Ztttt tl^efloure^sf 
ttjereappearet^ rounb bullet^,o.:l>uCfee^ 
fullof feebe, tbetjoljicljebeingrtpebo o* 
pen anb t^m^z tbeinfelue$ into tfttee 
parted, tl^erootei^ tenber ^ oft^zebbill^ 

mitW ro;tte,^ereii0^anqtl)er Wnbeplanteb in garbenftto^ofeaourejaf are 

berpbouble,anbfull of leaue;8^* 

Cl^ere is alfo a tljirbe Wnbe , bearing fl[oure;8? a^ viil^ite a0 fnotu* 

3nb alfo a fourti^ UinbeCbut not berp common)VDftofe flouies^ be of a barfee 

Crpmfen,oz olb rebbill> purplecolour^inall oti^er popnte;S lifee to tl^e fir(f,as ixi^ 

^i«sf leaues,teebe,anb groujing 

€l|eiuilbei$lii^eto tl^egarbenl^iolet,buttt)atl)is leaue^a^are farOnaller, 

j^iiB^floures? are fomtoi^at greater,but miici^ paler,pea Cbmetimes almoft uil^ite 





^ The Place, 

Clje(toeetegarbenlliolet,grouietb bnberl^ebges?, anb aboutti^e bozber^sf 
of fielbes^ anb pa(hirej8f, m goob grounb anb fertple fople, anb it i^ alfo fetauD 
planteb ixi garbenjBf.CbeVttabeitinbe lol^icl^e i? tPitljoutftndl groujetl^ in i^e 

boiberg of bip,leane,anb barrenfielbeSf 



^ - 

ITie fecond Bookc of 

flourein3lp,iill;anli aftertuartie^* 

C^e(\joeete tEiolct 15^ calleD m#.ieefee?oH 7roi>4>vfSF riit )Latme viola nigra, 


ti?e5arDenvEtolet,t^efa)eete^iolet,antiti^e ^arcl^e tiolet: iu3Italianr/<?/:« 

torforea, atlll F/W^ mammoU ■ i\\ ^pautfl; Fioletas.- m jfrencl^e ViolettedeMars, ou dc 

mtolettenrtbeyiiioletplanteotljwbeiisfcaUetim^ljoppeis: vioiada, anl^ Ma- 


ij* T^tf caufe of the Greeke name 


HCi^efojeete taiolet (as^ ti^e Cmperout Conftantine tjozpteti^) voa^ caUeli in 
iByc^z lon^aftefi^mameof tiftatftPeeteguirleoipleaCatittiamofeU lojioi^id^ 
Jupiter, aft^rtl&at^eljaligotte i^er uiitljci^ilDe, tiirnetil^ermtoatcunl^eaf 
f ei: 01 gallant CoU3e,l)pcaufetljat^i^ UJifeJuno (bef»ng bot^e anangrp anB 
3eloui9f (i5ol>lieffe) (l^outti notfuCpectti^at^elouelJ fon.Jn tl^e^onour of ui^ic]^ 
^t;8f lo, ^% alfo foi l^er mote Delicate anti l^oirome feet^tng, ti^e earti) at tl^e 
commaunnement of Jupiter b;ougftt foo.jtl^ niolette^sf, ttje lu^iclje aftet tl^c: 
tiameof ^itBf tuelbeloueU lo,l^ccall^tJ ind^jee&e ion : anU tfeerefoie tj^ep are al- 
fo callcU in]iatine,a3J fome tJo vat|>te, vioiie, quafi vituli? & Vaccinia . i^ican- 
l)er tu^pteH), ti^at t!)e name of ion toasof giuen bnto ti^ioletteisf , bpcaufe of ti^^ 
^pmp^eiJ of Ionia ^tp^^o firfte of all pjefenteli Jupiter toitl^ tljefe binDe;^^ of 



^ The Nature or Temperament 

5llioletiirarecoll)emtbefirfttiegree,an^ mopftintbe feconD 



^ Tk Vi 

Wcft SOecoction of mioletfl? v& gooH againfl; l^oate feuerfeant) tl^e inffamma* % 

tion of tl)e)iiaer,anl> all otljer intoarUe parte;9f,D?itting fotti^ bpfiege t^el^oate 
anlic^ioleriqtte^umot^sf^'Cl^elti^ep.iopertie l^at^ tijieiuf'ce, fpzupe, ojconferue 

^IjeCpiupeoftEtolet^t^gooti againftti^etndammationof tl^e lungejsf anti B 
bteaft^anti againft tbe ^leimfie,anD cougi^^anti alfo againft feuer^sf j %ueisf, 
btttefpeciallpinpongcl&ilDien* . 

it be mucl^ feept ojt often^|o^>en in t^e vmx^MJ^z fugar of t)iolet;8?,anli alQ) t^e 

conferue,antiittpte,b.tingetl)t^erametopaire* ** 

Cftat pellouj tDljictie i^f in tl)e mibUeftof tl^e fiottcejsf,bopleDin toater,ii8fi^ 
SootJ to be gargleb in ti^e tl^jtote agapnft tifte itjuinancie oi f\»elling vci ttie ■ 

t^iote: iti)3(alfogool>tobelijonfeenagapnfl: tlje falling ficfeeitelTe in pong d^il^ 
5aiolet;Spottnl5eanti lapUeto tfte ^ealJ alone, o^tmengleD toitft ople, remo*<f 


cl^olp,anD DulnelTe o^^eauineiTe of ^pirite^ 

miolet^s? buifeD 0^ ftampeU tui^ barlie meale, are gooU to be lapDe tjponf 
p^legmon;3?,t^atiBftofap,^oateunpoftume38foj carbunclejBf, anU t^ep ^ealet^e 
inftaininationanbpaine of t^e epe0,alfo t]b^^oatelJlcer)Bf,anT> ti^einfiammatioit 
ti^at comjnet^ tuit^ t^e falling tjotoneoft^e funUament 

^efeeDeof taiiolette?, i^pnfeentoi^t»ineojtoatec, ijJgooU agapnft ^t(^ 

ttngingS of ^cozpiomar^ 





' ta 


che Hiftorieof Plantes 


tri)e!ierbeozplmitet0ft3ei:pgool> ue^M \)om fm^^ , nnh tii)t inffamma 

tmi0 oi tl)tliiitt M"^ loQktt) t^e bellp 


CfteuJilDe^tole£5^ arealmo(l;oft^efamel)ettue,l>ttttl&ei>beagreatDeale3 




iDeafeer,aiiD ttjercfote ti^ep are not bfeD iti^etiicine 

<^f pance0/o^ partes cafe 


%nit0 l)atl5 trianjIeD ttemme^sr, 

toiti^ manp iopntjB:t)i^leauei9^ ate 
blachid; , anD DenteD , 0^ tootl^eU 

rottuDe a'joutUfee afattie,betU3ijcte t^t ^. 
ujfjtc^e leaner ttj er e gr duj e tjp f r nt tl^e (j!j| 
ftalke, fmall naUeD o^barefteme^: bjtin 
ging fotti^ f apte ^ pleafant fioure0 , par* 
teUinto Rue littelUeaueis?, Ufeeto a^uio^ 
let, earl) floure bemg of tlj^iee liittetfeco 
|our;s?,tD!)ereof tl)? ^igijeH: leaned fojt tlje 

moftparteate of atJiolet/anb purpleco 

U)ur, ti^eott)erisarebleujill;e o^pellotD 
\Ditij blaci^e auDpellovw areeiKe;s:alottga; 
tl^e tame , ant) tlie niffitsell bearie : after- 
^DarUe tl^ere appeare fmall aSoUpniS ts^ 

iknoppp ^urEej^^ioi^erm t^c rellotu feet^e 






CbeCeffoure^s^Do grotamgatlien^yf 
tl^ er e i^ maup of t^em foimtr gcotpuig a* 

mouga tlje ftuibble in cotnefielbe^^ 

Cl^cpbeginto fioaremcotment after 
tft e Bioi?tief,aul» remaptie flouring al tl^e^ 

4^T he Names. 

%\^i$ Soure is^ calleti in 6ieefee<fXo| 

H5C{ <?xo>io{j:in)latine Viola flammca^Flamma^ at tlftl;^? time Viola tricolor, Herba 

Trinitatisjace4,an4>HerbaClaucllata:inCnglif^}^ance5?, in ililene;ff,anl^ 
l^arte^ eaCe:inf rec^ Penfe'e.m^ Penfeemenue: inbigb^^oticlj f repfcbam, f rep 

fel^mnHtaut, anU ^a^ej^feltigfeeptblumen : in bafe Slmaigne Ja^pebiilDic^ept 
bloenteu:anDi0enrtau 31 


. |^anre;^areB,ipan!)temperateincolbeantH^eate* 

^r he Vtrtttcs . 

' trftefefiottre0b0pleDanDti.idnHen,Docttreanb(tep tl^e begmningsf of tl^e j 

falling euilloiti^t !5:feaCi?of pottngcbiUJ.ientl^atfoomeanDcaflbp froti^jto^er^ 
foze it i^caUeb ctiljfjg 5^oitc!?,f repfcbam. 

%Mz imm floured bople]) vuitli tl^eir Ijerbe oz plante,an^ giuen to be mofeen, -^ 
liotb clenfe tl^e lunger aul^ biea^^anD are t^erp gooti fei f eiierftanH intuariJ vs\^ 

fiammation;9J oz ^eatejsf 

Planta hsc maximc proHaturad gliitinanda vulncra 


fumptaxadh^Ecad eiiteroc^elis . In quem vfum puluerein cias , mcnfura dX 

xnidij cochlearis^cx vinoauftero^ foelicifucceffuprop 






ij 1 The ftcond Bookc of 


greene boti^ UJintei: ^ (bmet, toljofe 
(tallies^ arc l^arDe gt of a U)ooDi> fubftance, 
anD full of b^ancl)esf:tbe Irauejs? grounng 

xtmy anb greene t at ti^e top of ti^e ftalfeeisf 

01 biancbe^ , grotjoe t^e ftourejJ, iDi^ici^c 

H berp pellotjj , anb fapje , of a pleaCaut 

fmeU,euerp floure biuibeb into fourefmal 

leauejsf , tlje xubicbe pertm)eb tbere conv 

i^contepiieb feebeti3bicljei;i{large;flatte. 

Viola lutca 

anb pellou) 



%\\z relloto <i5illofer oi r©aU0ottre, 

grotuetb bpon olbeloalleft ^ aonebiUeD 
^oufefif,^ x^ comonlp planteb in garbenjS^* 

'Cbe peUo^ja di^iUofer botl) cljieflp floiir^ 

m9parc!)3puU,anb ^ap. 

i^T he Names. 

%\\t pelloti) <l5illofer i^ef afeinbe of bio 
letjB^calUb in <i5zeefceMvKoi«, t^etDl^icl^ are 
alfo calleb inXktvaz Leucoia lutca, anb of 
^erapio anb tl^e ^potl^ecariejsf Kcyri : $ 
of Plinic (\ubo i^atb feuereb tftemfrom 

Lcucoion,tbat 10 torap,fromtl)eaocfee<l5illoferjOuatbet tl^etol^itebiolet) 
Viola" luccv^: in 31 taUan ^/W^^/W^ • in^paniil) vioktasamariiUs. inCnoJil^ pel- 



^T he, Nature, 

i©^lflourei3farei^oate anb bip,anb of fubtillpartej^ 



iDall flourejs^ X^m^ anb bopleb in tjoater pzouolftetlj mm , anb taufet^ toe* ^ 
mentotjauetbeir termed, itcuretl^ tl^e ^cirrl^o;8?, o^l^arbe impoftemiffof ttje 
iJ^oti^er^tDljan tijefame is^ ftelueb 01 batljeb tljereiuit^* 

Cbefame floured )x^xt\^ ople'anb \i3a]re,biougbt into aplapfterbol^eale tfte^s 
c!)oppe38! 01 rifted of tbe fiege anb funbament^o^ fatting botane of tl^e ^drfe-gut, 
m^ cloCetb bp olbe bUerjef* 

Cbei^aUflottremengleb U)itl^ ^onpjcurett) t^enaugl^tie blcerftanb ttjuel- c 
lingjSoftl)cmoutb* « 

Clje quantitie of tioo biame^ of tlje feebe of t^allflonre^ bionlien ixi \)y\x\Zy ^ 

btingetb bo\i3ne ujomensi floured, beliuereti^ tlje ^econbpne^anb ti^ebeab 

cbilbc»3t botb alltl^eCuneberp toell, being conuepeb into tl^e^atrijc o^S^o- 
ti^ec in a ^^eflfarie/ 

Cbe iupce of tfti^f <l5fllofet,btoppeb into ti^eCpeis^jboth toaft mib fcatter all ^ 

Ibo tte)3f anb bimnefTe^f tl^e Umt 




the Hiftoric of Plantes 


%\)C roote ftampeH \3)it\^ tjineger , mttt\) t\)t l^artitielTe of t^e ^plene o? f 


^ elte,bemgappUcli t!)eteto 

-ijc- T^^ Kyndes 


i^erearefounlittDOfem6e;8?oftl5ere<i5iUoJ[oure^*'C^conefe great anti 
calleU tlie Cafl;ell,oz ftocUe (^illof er,tfte UJljici^emap be ifeept bo tb U)m- 

terantJfomer^^tjeotbeti^notfo bigge^anUi^ calleti tljefmaUftoclfee 
(l5iUofer,tl}e tol^ici^e muft be pearelp foiueu agame^anD b^mgetl? foztb 



l^i^ fioure anti CeeDetljefamepeare 

«Jt Z/'^ Defcription, 

Tl^efet\Do kmDe0 of tii3iiolet5^oj<i5i^ 
lofer;Bf,arettotmucibe bnUlvei^al* 
floutes? failing tljat t^eic leaue^g^ be 
tDijiteraiiD fofter* 

Cftegr^at Caftell^o^Hoclfee d^illofer 
Iji^ ftalfee^s^ beljarbe auD (Iraigbt, of tbe 
l^eigtb of ttDO SM t^jeefoote, iPiti^ long 
natrotD anUfofteleauei8flilie#olpn,fai: 
greaterjlongec ^ larger tban tbe leaned 
of iiaaiaottrefto.ipeUotu <!5iUofet;8^*Cbe 
floured be of a fragrant oi pleafant fmel, 
in fafit)ion anU fmell UUe to l^arteis: eaCe 
0^1 l©alfiottre;s?, but muri^ larger, of co 
lour (bmetimeisf toljite, fometime^ ap(^e 
coIour,fometime$ Camation^&tamell, 
01 Scarlet colour,fometime5^ rebl»e,anl> 
fometime^g^ violet, after tu^icbefioure^ 
commet!jlong!|u(fee^o^iCoDDeft UJl^er^ 

in isf flat oilargefeeUe. 

Cljefmall Caftell ot ftocfee d^illofer, 
10 Ufee to tb e great in \^\$ ftalfee^s: , at tjoi^i- 
till),\i3oUierofteleauejsf,a!fo in tbefujeete 

fmel anb fragrant fauour of Ijis^ floure^sf, 
in tl^ebiuerfitie of colour^ inlji^cobbe^ 
anb feebe 5 failing ti^at it \$ finaller in all 
tefpecte0,not eirceebingtbe lengtbof a 
mans? foote,of fmall continuance, anb pe 



A The Place 


^befe Wnbe)9( of (I5illoferjsf,arefotoen intljegarben^s: of tfti^coutreprof tljisf 
foite tbere i^ founb an ot^er Uinbeinplace^ neare tl^ fea coaif, asf in Ze^anb 
not farre from tbeftoze, but fte famei^ fmaller anb louder t^ant^at lo^^ic^e 

groiuetlj xn garb ens? 

#5* The Tyme 

-tElje great CafteUgilloferfloureti^ in a^arcljeanb a[pull,amt^e aftertli^ 
fo\Ding*C^e fmaUer flouretl^ in3ttlp anb augufl^ti^e feme peare ^tixig firO; 

f ID en 

^ The NAmes 

Cftefe^iolet]Sf,e!iJeciallp fije greater i^inb are calleb vx d^teefeeMwowin %ti^ 
tine Violx aibje,anb i»f^ caUeb bpcaufe \^\$ leaueie? bexubitepbutnot tl^e leai^^ 

0iii\ ott^e 

M' ■■ 








The (econd Booke of 


3taUati/^/W4^i4;?r/i4 m^pam(?;rw/tf/^^/4»r^.S)omeof tl^elate xotittt^ Do 
call t^eitt vidi^ matronaies, tljat is to fap,Jaamcjs? biolet)B^:but tW uaine bot^ 
tat^et belong to another foiteof^iolets^,U3l)cteoftt)e (^alintteate mtljcnept 
Chapter folloujmg* :6uttf\»coiigl)t to call t^cfe vEioletjSbp tbeafo^efapbe 
name,tlfte nametoill beft agteetoitl) tljefmatt CaftelldSllofer* 'Cljegreatei: 
foite is? calleD in CngliU^ d^arneriemiolet^s, UJljite (Bilofer, fetockedDilofer, $ 
Caftdl eilofec tbe finallo; fetta>e,map be fo calleD alfo^c^e greater foitte fe cal 
'leDitibafe mnaigne^tocfe^Uieren^anD tl^efmaller fojte ijsfalfo calleD of 


*5J» The Temperament' 

C^efe miolet? are l^oateanD Dtp,^ of nature fomtul^at lifee to iBalfloureief* 

?^ The Fertues. 


dieaottrej3fofaocUe<^illofer^,bopleDin\jDater^Dionfeen,ijs:gooDagainll3i ' 

ti^e Difficiiltie of bteat^mg,anD tlje coug^. 

CfteCe miolet$ Do UlietDife piouoHe t\^t flouresf^anD b;tpne,anD Do caufe to b 
(ujeate, if one Do Citte oner a bat^e oi (f eu) z full of t^e Decoction tl^ereoL 

•CoconcUiDe^tljepareofnatureljerplifeetotbepellou),^algildfet: "Clbec 
ttil^icbepetnotujit^ftanDingi^inallrelipecte^ better f fitter in^eDicinet^an 

<^f Barnes bio1et0/ o;#flofloure0t €i)ap.]>» 



* b 


^TheDefcriptm, Viola? Matronales, 

3me0 ailloferis ijatl^ greate 

Marge leaues* of a bioujne 


o^DenteDrounDe aboutet^e 

eDgejS : 3imongft tbeuobiclje t 
fpiinget^ t)p attemme befet tuitlj tbe lifee 
leauesfullof bianclje^s , tw^icbe bearet^ 
fiueeteanD pleafant floure;sattl^e toppe, 

inpzopoztionlike totbe d^illofer^^afoze 
fapbe,mofl: commonlp of a \Dl^ite colour, 
fometimesf carnation, auDfomtimeiSreD 
Didj , aftertijarDeis^comebp long rounDe 
coDDc$ oj^ t}uCbe;s?, tnujl^ic^e t^e feeDe \$ 


€)f tlji^feinDe of laamaffeetaiolets^oj 
(15iUoflottres?,aretI)epalfo tul^icb ar no\i 

Ci^efirftbat^fiueleaue^o.tmoe, like 

^eittpe groujing bpon one litle ftem, ti^c 

dall^c;!) befmal anD (^o^t,notmucb aboue 
tlfte lieigtl^ of vrnt inclje^: tipon tlj^ grotn 
Cmal0oure0of abiolet colour in piopo^ 
tion UKe to (^arneCee biolet^s? ot saameiar 
i^illofioure^ : after tijemcomme J^nfkejBf 
^feeDelilieto tbem♦t!:l^erooteJBfbefbm^ 
tpljattljicfee, ^ tjneuen, anDasf tf^eptoere 
couereD unt9 certapnefraleief. 

Cfte otft er ijijs; Xmxt^ groui alongtt tfte Uttie (lalfeejOf, ^ are (jJicaD abioaDe 
Iffee to tlfteleaue;3f of ^^e ZiS^t^ ^ leiOnut tree;^, Cming t^ep be fmaUcr '. %\^t 





the Hifloric of Plantcs. 


!biolet^:ti^eroote;s^berou9)| ^ tneuen^muc^ liUto ti^e rooted of ti^efitO: i^inD*. 

llDl^ep fiottte in Sl^ap,anU oftentime)^ elCe^tDl^fleg S>omec lattet^* 


Ctiefeflottrei^benotn callcD in )tatine ViolscMatronalcs linCnglift Jaa* 
maCfec^iolet0,Jaamej8?l3ioletj8foj(Billofetj3f5 anti lRogue;SgiUoferjSf:mf rencli 
vioUttesde Dames '.\xi i^ujlj 5aoucl^iiamteri3(oleii,\jat)etefo3^efome Do alto call 

tl^tinilDLatinCJ Hybcrna viola, 0^ Viola hyemalis: itlbafe Kllmatgne ^ aftblo 0- 

men,anti after tl^e)iatine name t^ep callit Joncftoutoen biUeren,^l)icl)emap 

beCnglil^eDBame;8Jbiolet;B?. '^kll^iaj 

Cije oti^er feinbe i$ fenotpen bp tlje name of Jaeittarie:ant» (lOf not o t^emifc 

t^noiDmto bjsf« 

*5t T'^f Temperament and Vertues, 


tcijefeflottre^ arenot bfeb (n meb^cme,tl|etefo?e tljeir tempetature^anb na* 



<^f i$o1(ianac/o; Orange t^t'olets. ^ap*\ii. 


"^TheD efcripmn. 

£)lbanac i^atl^ X^uXi rounb il^^isf^ 
full of b;ancp^, W leaue^s^be 
great gt large, timtth (s} toti^eU 
of a b2to\jonegreene colour, anil 
fnipt o; benteb about tl^e ebge^>not muci^ 
tnlilte n^e leaned of t^efplberte o^l^aC 
(eltree^C^e fioure;$ be liKe to tl^e floured 
of 3^amaf ^e biolet^ , of a pale purple co^ 

lour, tbe \Dl^ici^e being banifll;eb, tljere 
commeti^ bp U)]^itebuCikejQ^> lol^icl^ be flat 

rountie,anl> berp large, of tbe quantitie 
of agroote, otCefterne, tPb^rem ts^con 
tepneb abiotiine feebe, after t]^efafl|)ion 
ofti^e a<^bone,ti^e tDbicbemapbe feene 
tboioug^ tl^e ti^inne i^un^ejS^ o^ S^ixmz of 
tl^eCobbe ♦'Cbe rootei$ti3^>ite, gtalitle 
t^icl^e, anb fom\x)^at linottteo^z knobbte^ 

Viola Latifolia. 


to'^ici^aftertitljati^bowe febeperil^eti^ 
l^et tl^ereijeffounbe acertapnefeinbe 
tDl^ofe roote biet^ not pearelp , anb tljat 
feinbebotl^ ini^i^leatteia? ^bioabl^uflseA 
ijG^fmaller tban tbe abouefopbe. 

ThePUce^ . 



iSoUjonac flouretft m %riU anb fl^ap, t]^e nejrt pear? after t^e t^^mi^*, 

:^T he Names. 

f ozafmnc!^ as tl^ ef e fio ur eisf are fometDl^at Ifee into biolefief , tberefoie tl^ep 
arenob placeb amongft tl^efcinbeiBf of ;aiiolet5> anb are callcb in )latme vioia: 
Latifolia, of fbme ViolsE pcrcgrinf . f Dji buber t^e name of U^ in <Bitthtt 

dnb Viola ixi %tiXixit 3 are cominonlp compjefjenbeb all (bites of flourejar 


- - 





The fccond Bookc of 

catieiB^DocaUtl^iiglfterbebpaceitapnebatbarou^^anD ftratige mnxz Boibonac: 

tbe 23zabanlier^ o.ibafe 3lmaigtte^,lio callit ^etitiincHbloonen.t^at i$ to Tap, 
peuup6loiit:e;Oimotipfioure,anbtbepcallitalfo|^aeffbbloemen* Cbe %n\i* 
timtsi bib account it to^ a Itinbe of Thbfpic, eijpeciaUp fot tbat kinbe befcrpbeb 

bpCtateuaftUlbicb^^ttl^bO call SinapiPerficum^anbOf Diufcorides Thlafpic 


^ TheTemperament and Fe 

. CbefeebcoftbijSf bn:be i$[|)arpeanb bitetb tbetotigiie,anb of abtpiug qua* 
litte,anbtberefoiei0inbettiielifeetbeotbec Thlafpi. 

. '. 


^ r ^ixMtn 

T^f Kyndes 



iijof biucrfefoztes:^bariablecolour;8:: tbe otberisf tbe fmaUoUingie 

t©ilUamftflt Colmimet$:U)betebuto \viemap\jDeUiopuetbe"a)iibe dDillofer o; 

CoclioU) flbure.tuiiicb i^ not mucb ^xiMz the Dnallcr fo.jt of garbeii 6iilofet^» 

^Veronica altilis. 

Camationsf^anb tbebouble 



Cbe iingle d&illof er^^^oppe^s^ ixi 




ijt Tj&r Defcription 

nri^t Clouc gillof cr batb iMiigfm^ blabcsf , almoftlifee Xeci^e blabc^ ♦ trbe 
* ftal&eii0frounb,anbofafooteaiibbalfelong, ftillof iopntej? atibfenopj^.^it 


the Hiftoric of P lantcs 


bmret^ molcmtgu zixttp iopnt ophnot CftefloureiSf grotD at tl^etop of tlie 

(tuMis opfttmmmjOnt of long rounDpfmooti^ l^affee^ anD HenteD o^toot^eD a* 
ibottelifeetl^e Upkz calleD cloauejSf, oilifee toaUttellcwtonet, out of tl^etuftic^e 
tljermaUfeat^eteD leauejS tio grotu tottnl>eabout,Q)jteatimcompa(re, xui^ereof 
fomebeof colom:\i3l)ite,fdme carnation, ot of aliuelpflefftecolottr, fomebe of 
d cleare ot bjtigl^t rebbe.fome of a hwcU oi beepe rcbbe, anb Come CpecWeb, anb 
Do allfmellalmoft likeCloueiBf^ti^l^antl^e flouresf bepaft,tl^eregrotMetb intbe 
fepbe rounb cupped oi ljttffee;8f,otber: longpopnteb ^uCfee? UKe barlie comeftin 


tul^tc^ tbe (mall blacUe feebe ifi inclofeb 

Armerius flos primus 

Armerius flos 

Vetonica fylueftris. 

U^ilbeU^tUtam^^o: Cocl^otD 







Cfie ©pnfeei^,anb f maU f eatl) er eb <l5aiofd:i9f,ateUfee to tl^ebouble ojcloaut 
<^iUDferFmleaue$,ftalfee;B:, ^fiourej8f,fauingtbep beCingle anba great bealc 
ftnaUer.'Chc leaueis; be long ^ narrou), aUnoftUfee gralire,tbe final ftemn^^ are 
flenberanb fenottie, bpon \ubicbegrouje m fujeetefmellmg ftoure^,Uketa 
fee d^ttloferjg afoteCipbe, fauing eacbe floure tsf Cingle , toitft \m oj wefmau 
l^ueftbeepe anb Knelp fi»ipt,o: frengeb lifee to fmaU featber0,of )j3btte,rebue, 

anbcamatMincolottr,aftetiPbicbe floured ^^^i,8J?^^W ? ^Ll^Sf 

^ SS toeete n^flUam o? Colmatier (tD^f* t^ 'T'If:fJ^1^tr 
merius flos) \$ alfofcmtiJftatl&e totftectoaue<i5iUofe^^^^ 

roui.t^efe ftalUe^ iopntie, s tljeir floure? fmall, like to littrU eiUafer a groui- 



• J w 

ic6 The (econd Booke of 

wg ti)iee oifoure togitljcr at ti^e toppe of tlje ftalfeeief;^ fomtimejs: nine ojt te^^^^ 
togit^er^l&e to a nofegap oifmallbunDell of flottte^,of colour fometimes^ ret>, 
auU fometimcjB: fpotteD vuit^ tui^ite^ant) fonitimeiBJ(but betp relDom)all ujtjtte 

'C^erc te an ott^er MnD of Anncrioruni,uj^ofe leaned be bioabe,almofl: uue 
t^elcaue^ of Soiire Couftantinople* Cfteftalfee^ of ttjis? Kinbe,tuitl^ t^e nuber 
of fmall flourejG^ grotiJing togitl^er,U)^ic^ are of colour rebbe anb ui^ite, ^ (pec- 
^leb 01 fpzmcKleb mit^ fmall fpot^s^are berp Ufee bnto t!?e afo;tefapbe Armerij s. 

Ci^eteteairoacertaine tl^trbefeinbe Armeriorum,toit^t]^innetP^iti(^eo^t 
lapntegreeneleauejBf^anbaenberOnootljfenottie ftalfee^,\a3t)ic^em ^anbUng 
feemetii to be fbin^jo^iat fatte oi clammp, in tlje toppe of tlje fapbe (lalfees; grotu 
fmaliaoure^ cluaering oz groiuing rounbe togit^ec, of a faps^e toafa^eb purple 
rebD^colour,after tftemcbmmetft narrou? feebe be(rel$,o^f«iall ^luCfee^ \iu n^ 
in t^e ot^er d^illof er]6(,U)]&erein t^e feebe ij8? contepneb* 

%^c xuilbe (Billof erjS are fome\]o^at UHe to Irmeria oi ColmenierjE? : tijep 
l^aue alCo fmaUtnottie ftalfeei8(,^ narrotjo leatte0,but pet tl)ep be larger,fl)oiter, 
^ a great beale\j)ljiter greene,t^an t^e leaueiaf of ti^e gillof ersf o j pinU^ ♦ Ci^e 
eourefif be moftcomonlprebbe,^ fomtinte^^ alfo tol^tte,^ beepelpcut ouaggeb, 
almoftliUe to vu^ite i^inU0 oz ^oppe^ in tuine, but U)tt^outfauour ♦C^e 
floured gone, ti^e feebe groujettj in long Ijufke^ Ufee to ^vnU^, oi feat^erell 

<15ill0fer;6f/ t^ The Place, 

tr^e Cioaue gilloferjs.anb tl)e fmaUer,oi fingle dBillof ers:, toitlb tlje fuieete 
t®iUiam0,anbCoiinenierjB?,areCet anb plariteb in tl)egarben0oftlji$countriev 
C]^eu)ilbei©illiam0 ojtCockotJO gillofers? , bo groto of tljem felue^ in all me^ 

liotoes^,anb mopft gralTieplace;^ 

-Ci^e oti^er Undt of Armei ius grotoetl) in <l5ermame, in certaine roug^ l^H 
UeplacesJ t^atllanbeopenagainft tl^e&unne 

ti^e (Silloferis anb 3rmeri|j5,fauing it isi berp fmaiU 


■■■^Wi .^^pi 

^ The Tyme. 

3(tllt^efefo;ttesf Of floureftbo molt commonlp floure all tl^efomer time^frotn 


after ^ap bntill^eptember^ 

«^ The Names. 

%\)t tvuo firft; fo^te^Bf arenoUJ calleb flores Gary ophyllis,^ of fome in (Bxz^^ 
jgtTiovi«i5a:in:iatine Vetionic^ rfomeittbgetljettt tobeCantabricam^tj^^'ereoE 
plinieiuiitetl) intl)e»]i;]cb*25oofee* 

^ IJ^ftcreoftljef iritis; alfo calleb Occllum ^Occllum Damafcenum , Occllum 
Barbaiicum^^Of fomeitifli calleb Vctonicamahilcm, ^ Vetonica Coronariara: 

of tijem are calleb Co^tonation^s:, o^oznation^ : xa jtalian GanfoU: in \^i 

3© oucl^ eraC^blumen, ^egelblumen, anb 0eglin: in baCe ^Unaigne 6ino 


t 'Cije feconb iQittM alfo of tl^ebmbe of Vctonicarum, o: gillofer^:, anb ma? 

tuellbe calleb Vetonicaaitilis,0^ Vetonica Coronaria minor : in Cuglift tingle 

©iUofer$,\jp]Serof be biuerjBfCoztejBf great ^ fmall, ^ a^J biuerjsf in colour;B? a^ tl^e 
firftfeinbe^,* arecalleb ixi CngliiJ^e bp biuer$ name^a:, asf J^pnhejs:, S^oppejB?i» 
.tajine, featljerebiSiUofersf, ^ Onalll^oneftieiBfttljeparecaUeb in Ijig^Boucl^i? 
t^at i0 to fap,<l5aaant,pjtotabe,^ g^jtioufetinbafe :$lmaigne ^Blupmkenftanll 

Clepn <0inoffelen,fome call tftem ^fb in fum% des ArmoHes,OZ des Barberies, 

3 Ciftatfoiteuj^ic^ arecalleb inCnglifiti ftjoeete J©ttliamAarecounteb alfo to 
beof t^efeinbeisJ of tl^egarbenoj Clone giUofer;6fCcalleb injlatine Vetonieao? 



i ^ 

the Hifloric of P lances. 



Cantabria, butnD\s> t^ep be callel) in )tatitie Fiorcs Arraerij, j>et fomc ettecine 
tl^emtobeacertapnekmlJe of Herb^tunic? rt^ec^rnnapnetf call t^zm a3on 

tiemcglm, f el?>tiieglw, l^eamblumen, anb Blutfpiopfle : inbafe Blmaigne 

itepfeenis?: of tbe f reiicbmen ^« t>mwr«.'Cberc te a iixi^t of t^te( betbe tui^ic^ 

i$ contmonm ti^c coutitrep garbmiSpanb tbep call (t Colmenietje?* 

'Ci^c fottptb fc^ a Wnbeof tuilDe Vctonica,anbtberefo3teit to caUeb Vetonica 


in\)ii\i ^oiicbe <^attcbblum:ui2^;^antCrapebloemKm0> atib CoecUcoecU 
bloemfeentf : ft map be calleb alCb in jtatine Armorariafyiueftris vcl pratcnfis: oj 

rios Cuculiranb m ftencb d^s Barbanesfanuages. 

9^The Ndture, 

jfoi ^e mod^parte all tbefe fcinbeie; of floureief^^jaft^ tbefeleaueiot anb tootej^ 


atetempemeinbeateatiti DipneiTt 

, €^be Cottferiie of tbe floured Of tbe firft feuibe,mabe tottb ^ugar, comfoi* 3 

<^f floure €onaanti Aopie. 


1 . 

^ The Defiriftion, 

^l^e 8oareCona:antmople batb 

anb bpitigbt (lemme^ > full of 
l^neejsf, o^ topnte;6^> (tpftb a cer* 
tatne rousbneiTe^^t euerp iopnt gto\x) 
etb tU)o leauejGf^ tobicb befomtjobatlong 
anb large, anb of a b^otone sreene co 
Iour,tbefioarejs^g;rotp attbetoppeof tbe 
ftaBe;9f, manp clttftenng togttber after 
tbe manner of 'Col-me-neer^^ di (taeete 

mtUtam^ , but Cometub^ larger, of tbe 
colour of laeb-leab^ oz ipi^e to tbeMour 
of tbe ^^tenge ptll tbat to tb^ougbip rtpe« 
Cbe Sourer be berp pleal^^t anb belec 
t^le to loo&eon, but tbepare tPttbout 

mv pleafiint (imte o^ Gimour* Cbe leaue^e; 
anb ftall^$ be Idmetjob^t roug!) . Cbe 

cooteto tPbpte,anb himhzXs tntobiuer^ 

otber long anb Senber roote;9f ^ ixi taOe 

f los Coaflantinopoliunus. 

^ The Place. 


trbe l^erbo^iaeiQ( anb (Ucbe as^ baue 

pleaOtrem tbeitragebariette of iovtxtg 
00 plant^efein tbepigarbenjBf^ 

^TbeTjm, .• 

trbefe flouresfboftojtifl^efrom 
(bmer,bntill ft be lOmoftuimter^ 



9^ The Names 


#**> A 


^ Cbto pleaTant fioure to calleb of ftel^erbojiftrjsr Flos ConftantmopoHa- 
nu s,tbat to to fap, fioure Conftantinople 

%\z roote of t^to^o* toftotte ?^:p,ito ttl)ot^ mmiifem?appmebpf t^^ 



The {econd Booke of 

4^ The Defcripthn, 

<3DreCampiott]^tj0?llalfee5fbe rouuD, 
t)Pooll^,anD feiiottp,i^attmg at zmxv 

'fenot 01 iopnt, a couple of long (bfte 
iDooiire Xzmt^ like ^ Icaueie^ of ^o- 
Xva oil^igtapet^but mucl) fmaUer,^nan:o\uer* 
•Clje Sourer? gtotoe at t^e top of ^ (lalfeeMut 
of longcrefteD l^iiCUc^Bf, ^Ijereof Cbmebeofan 
eccellent (timing, ot€)iient reDDe, ^ (bmebe 
lPbite»Cbc ftngle flouieis; atepamlJinto fine 
ozfite leaiiesf, t^itl^ little ftarpcpopntis; in t^e 
miDbell of ti^e floutejsf^tu^eretjnto t^efmallet; 
enbesf of tbe little leauei9( of ti^e(3apbe fiouteia? 
are iopneb ♦ m\^m tl^e ftoures: are petifibeU, 
tbcre gcovoetlj UJitl^in tb'eplapteb ojt crefteti 
ftuffeeief, oti^etr coDUeiS oi ^uffees? , to^iclje be 
fome^jD^atlong anb rounb,\jPb^citt tlje feebe 
iDbicb^tiS blacfeeijsfcontepneb ♦C^e roote ifi 


^ The Place. 

%Mt flouted are planteb in tfte garben^ 



Lychnis fati 

of tbi$ countrie 

ijt The T 

Ci&ep ^[oure in 3une,3ttlp,anb 3luguJt 

. 9§f The (Barnes. 

Cljefe feinbe of floureiB^ are calleb in (EJjtefee^ 

Xvxv/f s^t<;)«v6);u«TtKji : in )Latine Lychnis coronaria^anb Lychnis fatiua, of fOttie A- 

thanatos.anb Acydonium,ofi3linieloui5flos: in Cnglil!) lEtoCe Campion: in 
f renci? odiUts,^ otUkts Dieu-, in bigb J^oucb ^argenrof^lin, ^ sparienrofen, 
anb accoibinglp tbep are noto calleb ixiH^tixit Roik mariana; in bafe ^^tlinaigne 
t^ep are moft commonlp calleb Cbuftusf oogben* 

ijjt The Nature 

*Cheaourej^ areljoate anb x^iv 

k * 



?&- rArtf Tf rf /Tf / 


tiDbe Ceebe toitb tbe flottre,o,i either of t^em alonebjonfeen, are goob agamtt 

t^e ainging of ^coipidnjJ 


i5* TheKindes. 


Tl^erebetujo fo.ttejs? of tJ^efeflourejer^tiftat fc0?tofap,a\u!)ieeanbarebbr, 
tu^ereof tbe ujljitefeinbe is tl^e greater anb of alarger grot^e. %i^t rebbe 

\$ fmaller anb lede* 

- -i^ 



UJbite 6fc cottonp, miicb lifeeto tbeleaue;9( of campion$,tifming tbat tbe 
aalKesf be flenberer, anbtbeleaoeif narroiuer anb not fo tu^ite. C^e 
ir(jurej3f grotue out of a rougft ^uffee, greater t^ta tbe l^uCke of tbe garbeti 
EoCe Campion, anbtl^e pjopM^tion of ti^e Soure \$ muc^e litie to t^e fame, 



the Hiftoric of Plantcs 




i^i? Wf "*f ^ ^^^'^^^ tljceHgejS.anlituiti^out anp^arpepopnteHpeafec 
boUettesfotpellctsiiiUJWetfjefcclJeigcontepneli. Ci^eroote t^otHiftanlp 


Lychnis fyluef^ris alba 


Lychnis fylueftris purpurea. 

Ci^eptit^letuiltie Campion 


« • 







CljeretiDe ipilDeCampion/3r,areinaUt]^ing;9fUfeeto t^etpftite,faumg t^at 
t^tV gtotijuoifo t)iglj,anDtt)eirrootei^not fo long, but 10 foitftemofte parte 
ftojtteranDi^eane^Ci^efltoure^bereDtie^antJ in piopo^tumlilie to tl^eotl^er 

^Ji r/^r Place. 

CfteCe fioitre;sf 5ro\» in bntilleD groutiej8;,intbe bott»erj6f of fieltieft gt alongft 
t^t \papcfl;:lbme alfo tfe to fct tljem in garDenisf , anti it commet^ to palTept^^at 
bp often retting t^ep toate beep Uouble 

Cliep flottte mott commonlp from ^ap bntill tl^e ent>e of Corner* 

^ The Names. 

Ci^etDilticCampionsf, are calleb in (3ittU xvxv^^ «>fcflc : in Hatine Lychnis 


ttii^fountrie Sapon3ria,l)0\Dbeit ti^^ i0not tt)C rigbt Saponaria :in CngliCt? 
Ujilbe Campion, oixuai^e rofe Campion : anB of feme Crotwefope : in I^igb 
Jaoticbl.pl5>uercH,'tuillic#argenrof$ltn, anDin fome places usiUcrftofj: in 
i52abant31cnnettefeen^/ ^ The Nature, 

Cftefe &o\xvt0 tpit^ ti^eir plante, are in tetnperament lifee to garDen rofe 


i5» The rert 

^l^efeeDeanU Bour^ft tuiti^ f^e toi^ole i^erbe , of tbe tniKie Cam? 

- V 






The lecond Bookc of 

great m t^fe; i^cl^att e> t^at ti)i$ tjerbe onelp tl^toujen befoie tl^e ^coitpion;9f, ta^ 
Itet'^^^apt^eitpoujettoDo^anne* , 

CbefeeDetakenmquantitieofttJJo 50^iammcsf, purgetlj Do\»netiiarte tjie :S 



^ Tht D efcrtpfion . 

flDcfelc 01 fielbe |iigel\ueet)c , ^atfj 

tttai$l)t aenUeri^ carte ftemmes?, ti^e 

leaned bealfo lDng,natro\JD , i^earte, 


puq3lecolout,c^an9tng; toU)arbe^teD> Dtui])eD 
into fiue fmalUeauejBf , not mucb batping from 
tDbicij tbere gro\joetb rounDe bollepns^ ot cup^f, ' 
tDbcrem i$ cdtepn^b plentp of feebe(of a btounc 



CbeCe SoureiS( grotjD in tbe ftelbc^^ amongtt 
t^el©l)eate,Epe,anJ> i3arlep 

3lt ffouretl) in ^ap,3Bune,anD 3ulp 

^Igt The Names. 

^bfe^ flottre ijJ no\jj calleb amongftt^eleao 

tlCt) ntf Githago, OJ N igcllaftrum, 01 Pfcudolan- 
thiun^of fOltl0 floS Micancalus,a0 RuelliusUlli- 

tetbtmCrtgUi^ fidb l^igellaoiCocWe: mbt^ 
5©ouc^ Ualien,<l5,iof5^raDen,anD iioznrof?: w 

©labant Cozenroofen , ant» lEtegelbloemm: in 

ijt The Temperament and Vertues. 

. Cbe bertues?, ^ temperament of tbijBf b trbe, 

are no t pet Hno vu e^bicaufe it i^ no t in bfe,fauing 

of certapnefonbe people,U)bicbe bo bfe it in tbe fteebe of I^urap ^ 5©amell, up 

foi tbe rigbt|^igeUa,to tbe great bannger anb periU of t^ie ficfeepeople* 







jjt The Defcription. 



^anus?l)at^ a crefteb ftalike, bpon tbe tobiclb^ grotuenarrovoe, (^atp^ 



bearetb fmallrounb buttonisf tnbicbebe rougb ^ (calie,ottt of tbe \Dbicbe groin 

ciallp tbe tuilbe feittbeoS>ometune;8f alfo tbofe tbat groip va garben^, bo bearr 

grapilb, purple, crimfen, anb lubite floure0: tbe tabicbe being bam(lbeb,^ere 

grotu etb \33itbin tbe ftalpe buCbeis ^ ^^eabeis:, certapne long feebe ,iD^itbe 10 in- 

clofeb inabcarieboi»neoiCottom 

■Cbere i^ alfo ixi certapne garbensf, an otber lipnbe of Cpanu^f, tubofe 
fioure^ be IpUeto tbe afoieapbe, it batbgreate btoabe leaner , larger tljati 
tbe leaned of tbe garbcn mofe Campion , tbe tbbicbe bee alCb fofte anH 

toooUp^lpfeet^e leaned of ^ iillen ♦ Cbe floure;a(of t\^\si l^earbe are Ipbe to 



the Hiftbnc of Pkntcs* 

Cyan us. 

Co jne fiottm 

1 61 


<I5reat Cojne floure* 



tl^e ot^er Cj^anujsf floureis^ botlj in W&t^^P fenoppeU button^, a^ alfo inW 
iaggeti,o^ frengeti leaue^,^ feet»e:bttt a great Deale larger^anti of colour bleto, 
in t:^emtt)Dletttrtimgfomu)]^atto\i3arti0reDbe,o3tpurple*'Cl|erootei$ of long 

contttmance,anli tmhtt^ (oj,^ netn ftemme^ anU ^linQ^ pearelp* 


Cyanusojt i^letw bottell grotuettj inti^e fiell)ie;3f amongft t^e\i3beate,bttt 

S^eat Cyan us^are Co\»en anU planted in garUmiB?* 



"^ The Tyme. 



d^efefioureis^Do 6o\jP^iI^,from^ap t)ntfll3iugtt(l. 

9^, The Names, 

CljfitffiourefefcaHeD of Piinie in itatine Flos Cyanus offomelaterwptersf 

Baptifecula,o3tBlaptirecula:in'3talian/'/V campeft: in Cuglilb of Cumcr isieti) 
botteU,anD :i3letDblato,itmap alfo be calleft l^urte ^icle, anti Co^nefloure: in 

ftmt\^ ^^uyifoines^BUueu,?erceksyZx^ Biaueolesi inftig^ Boucl^ &otnbliimen: in 

a$,i^antCo3tenbloemm,anD Eogbbloemen* 

C^efeconD ItinUr itf calleU Cyanus maior,anO itf counteti of ti^eleameb Iqi a 

kintJe0fVerbafcum;anbtl&eref0^e tJ^epC^litXhryallis anD Lycbniti-s.inbigft 

©oucb it i9f called malUt Iwj^nblumentanti inB^tabantgrooteCoienbloemeiu 
toemapaUb caUif inCngW great Co2tneflottre,anbU)iHieccmtaoiirf, 


H^ The 1 emferAment, 

Cpnuso;j6lcU3bIatD; \$ colDe ani) D;p» 








The (ccond Bookc of 

^ The Vcrtues. 


Cl^feiCoittcEottrebmfeD oipottnt»,tepiofitablplaj>Uet)nto tljerelinefre,t^e % 
inaammation anD x\xxmx% of tl^e epejsf, o^ to anp feinbe of ^^^legmon oi l?oate 
tumoi about t^eepe^/ 

CbeDiftilleDujater ofCpauttje:, curet^tbeceDnefreattti papneof tbeepes^,!^ 
t»^u it \$ eitl^erDiioppet) into tl^e epes?, oj elfe tbat tbe epeisf be u^afl^eH tl^ete- 

i^'The Defcri^tion. 

I^e i^atpgouie batb tbj^ee o^ foiire 

dal&ejQ^ of afoote anbabalf long, fet 

U)i^leaues^ Cbmetubat long ^ large, 
anbofatubitegreenecoioun attbctoppe of 
t^eftalfeeje? grotue plcafant b;^igbt ^ Opining 
pelloui flottre^s^, fometjJbat ftrong ix\ faiiour, 

tbeu3bicbebo clofe, at tiie retting bourne of 

tbe^unne,anbbo Ip^ieabanb openagaine 
attbe ^unnertCing. Cacb floure batb in tbe 
mibbelttbereofapellotpo^ biotune croti^ne 
Oifeeto aH)auen CroiDne)abouttbecircttj>t 
ouompaifetobetof^tberearefet manplittell 
fmall pello\)) leaue;s^ . u^ban tbe t^yxu^ are 
t>aniflbeb,tberegrotuetb in tbeplacejs, from 
iDb^tw^tbepfeU,ccrtapnerottnbfenopsf Itfee 

l)nto great button^; copact of man^ aoolteD 
feebe^ grotaing togitberinto al^nopUKea 
button , eacb iu^t alone t^ crol^eb lil^e to a 
balfe Circle, 0^ tbe ne\]o^oone» Cberoote 

^1 he Place. 

•Cbefefioure^sbogrotu ineuerp garben 
tPbere a^ tbep are fouje, anb tljep bo pearlp 
^jungbp aneto of tbefallen feebe* 

"^TheTyme. ■ / ^ 

•Cbep flourealmotteuerpittonetl^ in tl^epeare, but eQ)eciaUp from S^ap 


tnttll U)mter^ 

iji The Ndmes. 

'Cbep be no\D calleb inTlatine Calendula,anb of (bme Caltha,anb CaUhula: 
in Cnglif^ ^arpgolbe^,anb Eubbe;8f:in3talian Fhr rancioin jrencb du soucj, 

anb soufir in ^ig^ jaoucb ^i^ingeUjlumen : in baft 3EUnaigne d^outbloemem 

(Pcna calletb it in jiatine Cakhapoetarum,anb Chryfanthcraon.) 

ii^r he Nature, 

Cbe^arpgolbe in compleicion fc0? boateanb bjtp* 


CbefioureiBfbptbemfeltte^pOittogit^ertDiti^ t^eirplante, bopleb ixi^x^m^^ 
b,M$nken,p:ouofeetb tbe^enftruaUflu]re* 

'Cbe(iame>Ditbtbeirberbebipeb,anbftrotoebbponquicfee coleflf,bza\jDetb » 
fojttb tbe feconbpne o.i afterbirtb, \uitb tbe beab cbilbe, t^e fume tbereof \^zim 
recepueb at tbe conuenient place* 

Cbe WciM^ tuater of i^arpgoibeje?, put into ti^e epeja?, curetift t^ie rebnelTe, C 







the Hiflorie of Plantes 

ant> itt3ammation qf the fame 


mtigfaamg, mcetlj tlje trentbling ant^ a^aiftitig of ti^e ^arte.iti^ alfo gooD to bj? 

Dfeli agamlt tl)? plagiie^anU cojtmption of tlje apte* 

<^f t^ojre floure/of €ovit m\)me* €f)ap*i«m 



F > 


^'The DefcriPt. 



^lit floure l^atl) a (Iraigljt ftemme of a foote 

long,t6 t^ieeo;^fourebiancl)ejSf b|> tljeftDegf, 
coiiereH tiiit^ long nartoto Icaueis?: at tl^e 
toppe of ti^eb,iaimc]^e;0f srotue fap^efp&eli eace$, 
full of floured anH fmall leaueis , Deepelp cut anb 
iaggeb, m pj^opo^tion not muci^ bnlifee to af ojce* 
taple ♦ 'Cljt^earebegtnneti^to flourebelotu, ^ fo 
it goetlj flouring bp little anD littell bpioairD* J5^- 
loje tl^e opening of t^e floure;8? tl)e fmall leauejS? ^ 
buDbes^ of ti^e floure^sf, areaUiJf afapze bleu^ii^ 
purple colour : anb immebiatlp after ti^e opening 
of ti^e 6oure;B?,tftep areof apelloiu colour mijreb 
tDit^ purple, anb after tlje falling au)ap of ti^e 
6oure^, ti^ofe ftnaU purple leauejs^ bo alfo looCe 
ti^eircolour anb UJa]regreene,anb in fteebe of ti^e 
floured , tl^ ere comtnet^ b^zoabel|U%e^,ta]^eretn 
commonlp areinclofeb tu)b feebe^sf , not muc^ bn=» 
lii^e bnto tPi^eate mnt^ but a g^eat beale fmaller 
antib^ot»ner*^i^erooteijSttenberanb of tcoobp 


i§t The PUc€ 

%\^v^ plant grotpeti^ amongft UJl^eate anb 
jfepelt^ingoob frutefull grounbe^s^ 


Meiampyrumfloureti^ m^ttue^anb fomtime;0f 



X. The Names 


'Cijep Calltlji^ l^erbe nO\X) , in Tlatine Triticum vac'cinum, O^ Triticum boui- 

num,tl)at i$ to fap,CotP U)l)eate,oi £>pe vul^eate : inf rencft Biednoin tliatis^ to 
&p,BlacfeetPl^eate,oiCOitne: in l^igi^laoucl^feuujepffen, anb offomeBmun 
fieifci^blumen: in 23iabant p eertfblo emen: t^at i^ to Cap, i|o^fe floure: 3(lnb it 
il^ aulb feeme to be t^at Unprofitable l^erbetui^erof xheoph raft u s uj^itetli in m 

l^iif«t)iOOHeCl?ap*b« %n^ d^alen Prlmo dealimeritornm faculatibiis. Cap. vlti- 

mo,calleb ixi <0relfee Mt^cfjuTrv^pj/: in )Latinr m eiampyru m,ii3i^(cl^ a^ t^ep bo tx>,ute 
i;gbuta>Deebe,o;ibnp;iofitableplantegroit)ing amongft to^eate, anbfo calleb 
bpcaufeoftl^efeebe^tDl^ici^ei^blacfeeanb p^opottioneb lifee \i3^eate* J^et t^i^ 

i^^nottl^e^iclampyrumof Oiofcorides,tl^etJPl^ici^ealfO i^Scalleb Myagrion. 

^TheNature, : ■ ' 

l^ozfe floure>03^:i5lacfeexui^eate,efpectallp tl^egrapne 01 feebe^ijs: ^oate,*hub 

rapfet^ bp tvmzfi 

A T%e Vertues 

Clje feebeof tl^ifif I^erbe tafeen in meateotbzmfee troublet^ t^ebjapneisfpcau 
Cng i^eabac^e anb bjtoni^enneffe; pet not (b muc^ a^ l^urap o^ Jaarndil* Vaccis 


pab ulo grata & 


^a^. w § t 





The fecond Boolce of 

^f larches rpum. €t)ap*tt) 

^- The Kjndes, 


a^etebeni}ocbite]^of Confoiidaregaiis:\jj]^ewf orie liinlje groxuet^^ 



Untitle )lat:]^e^rputTe. 





^eptHenKLar^ei^ Iputre j^ati^ atounD ftratgl^tftem full othtmt^tsf, 

fet uiiti^ tenDet leaue^, aUiaggeti anH cut tierp (mall, 0^ frengeti mud^ 
itt^eto^eleaue^of t^eOnaller^ottt^itetttDOoD. c^e fioureis^ groui 

alottglt t^eftalkeis: at t)ie toppe olt^t \)}.mtWy anD are coinpacte of Uuelittell 
Umtsi grotijutg togitl^er,(bmeU)l^at Itl^e to t^t^nvti^ titolet, (lauing tl^at one 
of t^eleaueie? of tl^tjB^^ureiiO^lottgantii^oUotjo.l^atttngbel^mt) it a croi^en (parte 

of colotir,(bmetimejef purple bletue, fometime^ voftite, ajtD fometunt^ Carna* 

tion: after t^e falling of, of t^ed^ flourej8f> ^ttt commetb bp long coDDe^, 
\i)4frein isi coutepneH b^iotjone feelie* 

l^etDilDeitar^ejsliJurreijQt Ipltets^e ot!)er,butagreattjealefmallerinl)ijec 
0allie;8;anl)leaue;8?>anli in length i!)o^er^ 'CljeCefloureie^areUi^etot^eaboue* 
liaptje,buttfte?bemttci^ fmaller , anb grotp nottb tuelltogitber, of afapzepur^ 
pie bletx) colour UHebnto ^ioietjsf ^ mib after ti^em al(b commetb bp c6bbe^;> 

tDit^erein t^e feebe i^contapneb^ 




the Hiftoric of Plantes. 

^ The PUcef* 




bojifte0»^^eujill)escoujet^amott(3fl:cofne,mfmillcottntcie)0;* ^ 

^ftegarDeiDtatfees^Cipttrtefioutet^j all tftels^omeclonj* CftetDHDefiou- 

#5* The Names. 

'C^e gatDctt Mtbe$ fpiirre i^ callel) iir<^,2eefee cAiX4)/v'joH, anU in ^^^ 

phinium,of fom^lateU)Zpter$ Flos regiuSjO]^ Flos cqucIlris.1Blfo Calcatripna:W 


Conrounl^e, VjDilDe)latfees^ (jjurre^o^U^arcfeejaf Clatorinf renc'^ confonfderoyaie, 
atiD Pieditai9fiette:va\}i^\^ Bouc^ Eitt crlpo^n, atiH acco^tDmgto t^eOanieiubafe 
Itlmaignel'li^Deifpojten.ti^at ie; to irapp&uigljte^fpurrr* 

^Thc Nature. 

jLarlvejBf Clalu in complejcion t^ temperately tuarme^ 

^TfyT he Venues. 

Ci^efeelieof t!)egarDettitarcHesffpiiiTeti^ottfeeni0l)erpgooDaQfapti(l;^^ 3 

ftiiigingof^coipconjJ, ^inHeeUe !jfeljettttei9?fo greatagaiuft t^eirpopfon, 
ti^at tfte otilp ^ccbetljiou)en befotc tl^e^cotpion^s^^tiotti caufe tl^em to beUJit^ 
out foice o^poxoer to Do j^urtc^fo t^at tl^ep map not moue oj Ihirre^bntill tlji^ 
^ecbebetafeenfi:omtl)em. ' 

Cl^e feeDe of uiilDe %tcc\z$ Cpurre ^ i;8^ of bertue Ifte to tl^e garDetr %^i\z ^ 

(purre^but not Cb (Itong. 

^f €oIttmbpnc 

li^ T^r Defcriftion, 







^©lumbpne Ijatib great bioabe 

leauej8^,tDttl& if ♦o? iif ♦beepe cutis? 

\ tM gaCO; e^ in tl) e leaue^^ lii^e to 

tl^ e leaiiei3f of tl)e great Celon 

6ime, but \ybiter (^ infome feinbe^J of a 
tiatUe Cage colour) but of no (trong Cent 

01 fauour, neitljer pelDtng im\) anp fuclj 

p'elloiu iupce,Cappe, o^liquo;t, ti)ftan it is; 
bzofee oi^bzufeD , t^ tlje Cdonbpnebodj* 

'C^eftallie^ be rounb,^ plapneo^fmotb, 
of if*oi iiiioote long, bpon uj^^icl^ grotue 
tl^e floures^jCopact of tujo "^sm^zfi of little 
leauei8?,u>^erof one foite^arefmall ^ nar^ 
rou?,^ tlje otl^er^ grobing tajitl^ ti^em ac 
^oUoto,t5 a long crofeeli taplelifeelarfeesf 

ClaiDC^beitbingfomtDljattotparb^ t^e 
piopoitiooftl^enecfeeof aCttluer). Ci^e 

floureis are fomtimeis? fingle, 6t fomtime^ 
bubble^^ of colour fomtimeis: blettJ, fbm* 
timeja: ip^ite.Cometimess; ffeie colour/om^ 
tinted reD/omtimesf (pecWeb, gtintenne 

glcO U)itl| bleuj ^ tu^ite* ^fter tlje tjanii;' 
a)ing of tcjefapbe fioure^.tfterecommetl^ 
foo.ttl^ iiiU oz fine fljarpel^uffee^f o,t cobs?, 
groujing iopntlp togit^er^toi^erein \» co 


u^mX^ ablacifee((!iining)feebe* 






The fccond Bookc of 

^ The Place 

C^ep fovr)e,anti plante tl^em^ece in gari)ensf,anD ^^ tio aUb groto m^ig^ 

\y ooDeMH^J i^oclteisfjbttt not in t^ijs? countrte* 


C^ep floure mofl; coinmonlr in ^apanD 31ttn^ 

! ^ThcNames^ . ' 

Ci^i$ fioiir e ij8? no\» calleD in iLatine Aquilcgia, o^ Aquilcia,anl> of tl^elatet 

touteris;^ oiumbina,bnfenoU3en of tl^e ^^uncientsf , l^otDbeitfomelatetuzptersf 
mafeeaQUcfl:ion,tnl)et!5eritbe Ponthos Theophrafti,fi.ueDefidcrium, after tl^e 
toterpzetationofGaza:iti;0fcallet) in Cnglifl) Columbine oft^e(|)ape^ptopo2* 
tion of ti^e leaned of ti^e Eourejs^ tDj^icfe Do feeme to ej^p^elfe t^e figure of a 
3©oue,ojtCuluer:inf renc^ i^ncoijM\^\^ 5t3oucb3tglep,anli 3igelep : inbafe 



^Itlmaigne ^tfeelep 

^. The Nature 

€ olumbine x% temperate m ^eate,ant> mopOure 

^ The re 



Cbi^flourea^ Ruellius ^litet^js^not tjfeli in #eDicine:1^oU)beitfome of 
t^e netD tjozpter^ Ho a^firme it to be good againft t^e Jaundice, and founding, 
mation;andfoze;9foftl^eia\i3e)3(andVDindepipe* Cl&efe floure;? mengled toitl^ 

tul^eaten meale,mafee a good plapfter againfl; fcratc^e^ and gaule^* 

' ji 

Barba hirci 





' I 






the Hifforie of Plantes. 


^ The Defcriptisff. 



longnarroiDleaue^Qf almoftiii^eto d&arlpcKelcauejsf. mtiietoppe 
of tfteCtemmejg,itbearet]^ fapzetiouble8ourc^,anD fall: of coloup 
Cometime^ bleiuiaje purple, ujitb golDeu tl)jiecoe0 in ti^cmitiDeli, 
anbfomc:tune;6?pelloiu,tfteU3l}icl)em tije morning at^imneri 


ting Do open anH fpicatie abioalie,antJ bo turner benDe to^uarW 
ti^e ^ttnne,anb bo clofe agapne anb gotogitbet at noone::3lfter t^e bamCil^ing 

of iti^icl)eflotti:e;8?,outoftbeUnoppe$oibeabe0,from tol^encet^e floiirejs? are 
fallen^ ti^ere groiuctl) acertapne long "feebe vuitl^ a Ijearte tiifte at tlje toppe> 
'^nh luljan tW feebe 10 ripe^bt^s: fenoppie beab openetb , anb i^ cl^angeb oz tiir 
neb into arounbebeariebauleplpferto ti^etjeabjjof Bantebelpon, vubicl) itttl^ 
aiuapujiti^tbeiuinbe^ Cb^rooteijsf long, anb ajs: tl)i£ke a^f a finger ,tn talle 
fojeete^C^e iDljole tjerbe uiittj W^tmmz^y Itmti^y fiourejs: anb rootc> 10 full 
ofU}ljttefappe;OuupceliHemillie, tl^etui^tci^ecommet^ foztl); uj^ant^?eplante 


^uclies;bearbe,itt)at!)long,bioabe leauejj^anbComeioJjatti^icifee, anb \>ncim 
aboutetljeboiber5> oi ebgeft aHenber ftemme parteb into biucr^ biaucljc^, 

taj^ereongrotuetl? Sourer berp lil;e to tl^e flourejSfof Ti agopogon,anb of a jpel- 
lo\u colountljeroote is^longanb tljicfeeanb xul?iteiDitl|in, anbcouereb mc\) a 

t]^t:meblacl^ebar&eo^ rinbe. 

I ^ 

4^ Tk Place* 


<Boatej8^23earbegro\uert)(ncertapnemebo\jpe)B?, ^itisfalfoplanteb mgar- 


ben$ fb;ttl)e beaxutie of ^10 Eoilresf* 

Sciirzoneragroxueti^ in^papnebponbittetisr l^abotPie mountapnes^,anb 
in mopO: vuaterp placed: it i^alfo often founbe in ihoiingia, acountrie of 

' p 

^J* The Tymi. 


t. 2 

%\)t aoiire;0? of bDtl^e tl&efe feinbe^ of i^lante.s^:, come fooitl^ in S^ap anb 



jf The Names, 



Cl^iiaflbearbei^notufalleb in jlatineBarbahircUnb 10 taUenfoUibel^erbe 

toJijicbe tfte 3tuncient0 callcb in <5ittU Te«>o7r^v*oH k kc>«: in tntine Barbuia 
hircUnb Coma : ^nenglift^<^,oate0bearbe,3ofepl)0floure,^tarte of l^it* 
mfeient^anb <i5o to bebbe at 4l^oone: in f renclj Bark de ^^.^^ ,anb Barbe de Prefire: 
mljigi^ g>ouc]^i3ocli0bart,©aiu^bzoot: in bafe 3lmaigne23oc]cbaert;anb 

3lofepW 23loeinen . , , . ^ , . . 

'^: Cbe ^paniarbe0 call t|ie otl^ec Scurzoneram,\j3l)ic»ie i0^w«i;,Echium m 
(^jeefee^anbinilatine viperinam. 

^ The Nature* 

<2^oate0bearbeigtemperate inl^eateanb mopilure 


' - 


be i^ertues. 




Cfteroote of ©oate? beat3ie,bopleb in \xjater ^ btott^en, f iDagetfj papnr^, 

ani) curetl) tbe pticfeing0,anb empoftem^ of tbe ttbe ^ ^ , ^ 

CbefapberdotealfOji^berp goob to bebfeb in meate^anb &alabe0,tobei9 

tai^en a0 t^e rooted of laampion^ 


Scurzonera i0 ti^ottg^tto be matueio 110 go ob , againlt tfte i^i^tim^ of ^i 

per0 anb ^na]^e0 anb otl^et benemott0 beaile^ 

\. M^ 

» — 

^ h 










* r^jtoure (Bmtai i^ati^ rouuDe ftalfeei^ full of 

r biancljc^: m Itm^^ be long miD large/omr 
' WW mc t^e IraueiB? of ptttit #ojreU , oj 
liigljt fl)aDe,but mucl) gtcatcr^aittongft ^ \u!)icft 
gro\3Petl),3long(t t^je b?mic]&e,0;fap;telong (iJifeeli 
earei3f, o^nourejg^ of Crimfen purple colotti:,foft:c 
anU geutai in ^auDlmg, Ipfee C^tpmCbn Ijeluet, 
tl^eui^tc^el^ot^enotUg^tlpfaDeo^ Uccap^but 

map be piefemeti auD feeptalongtune inti^epi^ 
colour anb beautte, eljpectallp if t^ep beDzpeti tti 
anouenti^actisfl^alfe i^oate. ClieCeeDegrotpet^ 
int]^e(i[>iiiietufte^;Oieare)B;,anD ifiUm% anD all 

s Cliere t^ ati otl^er lu'nbe altogit^et Ul^e to t^e 
afoierapbjin ftall^ejsf.leaueio^.feebe, anb roote>Ca 
ning tl^at ^t^ eare^> o^ fpil^ie tufted are not fttt 
il^toneb liU t^t ot^erje;, but are larger anb not fo 
tl;icUe fet, ano bo benbe, ^ homt botpne agatne 
attire toppe Ipl^e featl^erief ,ro t^at itmaKet^ a 
gallant fl;e\x) : anb botl^ al(b Heepe^iiei €t}^mXQn 

colour lifeetotljeot^er* 
s Ci^erei^ pet atlitrbKpnbeUlieto tl^e otl^erier^ 

but it grouiet^ to t^e^etgtl^ of nine ojt ten foote*. 
311 l^iiS ltmt0 are muc$larger>^ijarilali(eis:arr 
tt)icHer anb l^arber, anb fltaKeb o^ aelteb , toiti^ 

Amaianthus purpurcu J^ 




fio ur e^ are greater, longer, anb fuller, but not of fo f apie a colour, o^ pleaSia^nt 
i)e\x)> f otit Cabetl^ incontinent, anb tumet^ into a greenifl^ i^erbelt&ecolour, vS 

^ rht Tlace, 


^befe&inbe^of ^erbe^grotp notintl^iis^ countrep, eircepttl^epbefotcienoj: 
plantebingarben^. Cli etoemen of ;3taliemafce great accoumptofti^efeconH 

&inbe,bpcaiireof^i^pleal^ntbeautie,{bi^atpe((iaUnotlig^tlp comeinto an; 
garben tl^ere,t]^at ^ati^y not t^ijsf ^erbetnit 

Cftep biingf otft tljeir 8ottre«>o^lt(]fcietufte?iii:jttgttll, anb^eftebe t^ 

rppe m September* 




C!)efcpleafanttuftSf,Otfiourej0f,arecallebof Pliniclibro 21. Cap.S. Amaran 
thus anb of Come late ttJliterjSf Flos Amorisjanb Amaramhus purpurcus:irt j 

talian ft^r veihno in Cnglift) fioure ^entiU,f loiamot,^ #urple brtuet fioure: 
inf tenclj PafeMciours^va ftign 23ouc^ S^amatblumen, Jf lo jamoi, anb J^aufent 
Cc^oon: m bare 3Llmaigne f loutoeelbloemen. 

^ The Nature, 

Ci^efe fiouresf are of tompteion colbe anb bip/ 

^T he Venues. *' 

f loure <5 mmM jf loyamoj bopieb \xcx&m anb b?oket^ ftoppet^ t^e latfee 






the Hiftorie of Plantcs 


^f ^apnes. 




*, * 

•X^eteare ttDo \mz» of J^apfie^^tl^egreat anD fte fmall C^e fmall alfo is 

of ttt)o]ftmt»ei0(,toftereof t^^eone srotuetft mgarDetiiof, ^ t^r otftec groiDetl^ 

Belli s ma 

Bellis minor horteniis 


^ The D efcri^tiort . 

T^0 grcate tDilUe C^e great \j)iU>l^aprfe, C^efmalljarUmSa^fie 
Jaaae^i^ati^ grene oifl^^auttelpnvuupte* 
leaue^ romu)i^at log 

et HenteD touD about 




at tlje top tu^ereof it 

beareti) faptefloure$^ 

little bo^iDer of fmall 
%xi\iU tUe flourei8^ of 





but tmicl^ greatet^anH^ 

final tPl^ite leaueis: fall 
boujue,^ ti^e pellolo 

m ^ tttfliDell, \iH)ici) VS 

Ci^e fmall gatDm 
KmetDljat iiU to ttje 
abouefapDe, but t^ep 

ate fmaller anD not fo ,, ^ . \, . « . ^r « 

muci^ bentet) ♦ ^tfenbetl^ foott^ l^tf flourej0(from tljeroDte,b{Mjnftoitefmall 
ftemmejtf,fometobatl*ett)e flouces? of tl?e gteat JaapCie, fauing tbatt^e fmall 
leatte0,iu^ic^eint^e great 5©apfte bo compa(reri?epello\D in tlje mibble,arefti 

tlicfeefette, dtfo bouble tbatamanftaU pmeiue berpUttellof t^e pelloxo in 
^e mftbelLoi none at all. 3inb tftefe floureisf are fdmetime^ tDlbite,?^ fomtimeg: 
berp rebbe,^ (bmetime^ (jjecWeb ot partie coloureb of tui^ite anb rebbe* ^Ijere 
ttrouje alfo fometime^B? aboute ^e compalteof t^e ^v^t ittt ell flour es?, inanp 
moze a;^ (t tuere Dnall floures? groMJmg bpon fmall ilemmesf, out of t^e fenop^ 
01 cupper? of thefapbe fioure;^* Ci^erooteta? toliite anb t^^mi^ 

Clieftnall t]oilbeBapfte,feltfeeto tbefmallgarbeniaapfieinljifi? leaned* 

alCb pellou) in tlje mibbell,anb firt ^oute uiitft Itetle to^iteleaueif, after tf^toy 
ber of ti^e great JDapfie^butt^ep are a great bealefmaller,anb tot^outfauour, 
a^ all tlje otljer ^pug of l^apfie^beX^e roote i$ l*e to t^e roo te cf tfte fmau 
sarben ©apRe* _ ^^^ 




The (ecoml Booke of 


^ The Place. 

.. < 

Bcllis minor fylueftris. 

Cfte great Bapfie , anD tlje fmall tDilDe ^ijefinaUtJPtlDe53apfe 

3©apfte,Do gro\D in metJo\De;8^,anD mopftepa^ 
Ouresf* 'Ci^e fa^ie tioiuble garden 'B^i^Uti^ 
plantelr anU fet in prt)enjs(» 


%^t great aaaprie fiouretl^ moft common 

Ip in ^ap^Cl^e Cmall garUen Bapfielouret^ 
from ^ap aU t^e ^ommer long* %\^z fmall 
tuaOeJaapfie ftouretl^ljerptimelp in ^arctj 
anU fometime^ fooner , ant) continnet^ ftoii^ 
ringbntill^dpullanD fome^joi^at later 

,■ k 




^ The Names, 

Ci^efe fioure;B? are calieli of PUnie in )latine 
BellisanD Bciiius,anl>nouj tl^ep are calleD in 

X'atine Confolida minor, ant) Herba Margari- 
ta, offome Primula vcris,(eflpeciallp t^e fmall 

tuttDe iOapfie) in Cngli(^ a^apfiejs:: in f rencl^ 

Marguerites 01 Pafquettes • in l^igl) 5©0UC]^ 

liel)en, ^aftiifelen, anliin fome placed 




<- A 


^ -. kE ^ *- 


^ ** ^ 


lof5lin:in:i3iabantapalielietten,an^ l^erfptttoen^ 






*-- - 


'Ci^eti^floureief anti iberbeg:,are of nature cotieanD mopff* 

^ Tht Fertues md effects. 



i - k 


k ._- 


A t •VH 


, %\it iJecoction of t!|e fmall JaapfiejS , toitfj tl^eir leauei? a? 

toater^ijef gooD to be DionUen againft :aLgtteftt^e infiammatf^ t)f tl^'e :iLitter auB 

all ot^er intparDe parted. 

Ci^eljerbe tafeen in meate^ ^ potagej8?,Dotl^ loofe tl^e bellj^ gentillp. _ 

i^atoUelen'UJttrte, ts% tl^eberbie parte of tljetDilUeJ^apft^ ts? goon againftr<|; 

all burning t)lcerj9? ann impoftemft anD againftt^e inflammation anDrunnmg; 
of tbe epes^,being appUeU tl^ereto* 

*C!je fame lapbe t)nto tooimbeft l^eepeti^ tl^e fame from inflammation, anD & 
impoftumatiott* . , 

■ j 



<[ ThlKpdes, 


Tl^ere be DiuerjBil^erbe^ tol|icl>e l^aue flouresf lifee Belled, tjij^ereoftl^i^ 
Cijioteujurte ^i l^aftieujurte ijs; a liinUe, of tubicl^e U3e(l^aU^eafeein t^«f 

Ci^ap ter, anb it 10 alfb of t^:ee fa tte^af, t^at \$i to Cap, tlje great anb fmall, 
anb ti^e creeping tiinbe* 

^ The jyefiriptiffn. 


-^ « 

l^e great :!5elflottre l^atl^ fquare,roniA;gfc dearie ftalHeisf, bpon VD^icl^e 

groiue(^arpepopntelileaue)8f,benteo rounbe aboute lifee to i^etteU 
leaue!8f,t^e floured groto alongft tl^e ftalke^ IvU Bell^^, anb lifee t^e 
dovLtt^ of Eampion^sf, but farre greater, anb rougl) Ijearie toitl^in, of 
colour fometimeisf\x3i&ite,(bmetimejB:bletD, anb fometimejsf Carnation 01 flel^e 
tolour*3tbeginneft toflonreattbetoppeof t^e ff^lfeeanbCb goet^floiiffl^ing 
DoujnetDarbe^C^efloureja; pall, tlje feebe lol^ic^eifi? fmall anb grape, commetb 
bp in longfenoppie IjuffeeftUke ti^eiaaanpion feebe*f:^>eroote fcj tuliite $ muci^ 

tu^zptl^en anb interlaceb 







the Hiftorie of Plantcs. 

Trachelium maius. 

Trachelium minus. 


<25reatl^a(fee\»urteo.meIfioure. c^e Me^mmixm, 









^j^efrnalliselfioure mftalfeejSf i^lfteto (t^egreat, fauing tl^at it grotDet^^ 
not fo !)igft,tfte leaue^a? befometoftat long, fmaUer gt to^itec, aiiD not fo lieepelp 
ftenteti a^sf ti&eleaue^of ti^e greater iselfioure^ butDerp\Delllifeet)tito ^age 
leaues^/Ci^efmall^ellejBfare biolet, anU purple, gro\i3mg at t^e toppeof t^e 

is aeitHer anH berp tfeeeDp* 

Cfte tbirD inl^ijSfleaueiB^ 5 ftalfeeS fe: Ipfec to t^efirft^but l^tif leaueiS befmal 
let anU not (b Deepelp cnt* 'Ctje floured l^ang Hou^netuarHejSfj anb gro\3u aimoil 
^arbebp t^e ftalfee^of a ligbt tJiolet colour,in p.iopo?tion anb making Itfee to tlje 
otijerjs^^Ci^erootejSmofteommonlpareflenDeranb crofeeblp creeping alongll 
^egroimb,puttingfoojttbnetu(})ung)Qf^ planted (nbiuer^place^, fro tDl)if^e 

grou)etl^fmalllonganbt]^ickerootes,notmttcbe bnlifee EainpionjBf, tuijereof 
botb t^is anb t^efojtmerfoztejB^areacertarnefeinbc. 

Ci^ere mapbe berp toell iopneb bnto ti&efe 33elfloure;0fj tlje pleaCantflourejsr 
iPbtcbe are calleb at jlariiS A u icuiana, feing tbat tljep be fomevwi^at iplie to tbe 
fiottreie? of ]|affeeU3nrte oj 25el8oure* Cbe plante tftat beareti^ tbefe floured 
grotoetft to ^e fteigtl^ of a ftanbeb^eaDtft o^ ttuapne, tbe ftalHeis: are fmall 
anb tenbet, anb fet full of ftnall leaned* %\^t floured grotjoe at tl^e toppe 
of tl^e'dalfeeis: of a fapj^e purple colour, almoft faflbioneb IpfeeaBellotCpm 
ball, tDit^ a fmall UJ^ite clapper in ti^e mibble ♦ Cbep open after ^uime rp* 
Rnganb clofe appneto\i3arbe;8? ^unne fette: anb twljan tbep be clofe, t\)t^ 
^aue ^ue crefte? ot plapte? lilte tfte ©elfioureis? , o^ Conentrie #arians. 




The (ccond Booke of 

omaDeiaape)^,o3^lpfeetoiaampions:, atiDfiiclj otl^erflourcjsf befote t))mm 


i5» T/^tf P/4rr. 

f .2 



Botl) tl^efe Bciaoureie? , groui of tljeit 0U3nekmt)c in certapiie D^p meaHejsf 
anU paflureftanU tljep be alfo plantel) in gattienjf. «. ^ 

i:hetbirneij8^fottntie inDinetia? Cl&ainpion placets?, anoifijueetepamure^of 
Zealantianti it ijsf alfo planteD in garUenft tuyere a$ it p.tofpecetlj ouepmuci^: 
fojtit Hotljfo fpieaD abioabe anlJ multiplie,ti^atittjurtet^ otl^ctljecbesf^anD 
canno t cafilp b e ui eeD eb o,i o uer co me 

Auicuiariagrotoetlj ui goolj jjtottnl>,infielb.s?ainongfl:to^eate,ojtD^ereaiet 

ttJtieate!?atl| groti^en 




•Ci^ep Co ure molt commonlp in Julp* 

^TheNames, J - 

Ci^e iSelflotijer iJ calleli in <i&ieefeeTe«x'»^«H5&nli in)Latine Twchclium, 
Cer uicaria,anl> Vuuiaria,acco^Ding to ti^e 3©oucft name : ixi €n%\i^ tl^ep be cal^ 
leli 25elfiourrftanb of fome Canterburp J5eUe;8;»Cfte a^lautemap be bcrp ujel 
callcD ]^affeetDttrte, oj'C^.ioteuJUite: in f rencft c74»/^/?r- in Ijigi^ 5oour!? !|alf^ 
kraut: in bafe3tlmaignei|alfcmpt:3lnD tftep arelifee tftefetnbes; ofiiatnpi- 
onfta^ t^e Couentrie ^arianjB; biolet 0i\i3iUie liape ts^^toljereof ftiallbe tDt(i> 

tenberebnbet. , ' ^, 

%^z tfjitbe kinUe i$ bnKnoiuen m tl^e ^Ijoppeja^ of tl^ns? countrie. Clje i^er 

bo^ifteja? of fcaunce bo calUtAuicuhria:tl^e233tabanDer$ call it^;touU)enipie 
gel. 3nb 3 knotu none ot^er name,e]ccept it be ^ Ijerbe tl^at i0 calleb in a^eefee 
•voCewx'f • ^ ill }tatinc o nobrichis.t^at ijsf to (Up t^e b,iapin5,o;t founbing againt 
of i^e3i(le,\u!jerebnto itiftat^ fomefmallp.iopojtionoj^fimttitabe* 

^ The Nature, 

]3elfionre i^ef of a comple^cion colbe anb bzp.Ul^e 
to liampion, tu^epfoieit map be bleb in meatea^ 
tbe iaa}npion;9f* 4i^Th rertues. 

CfteBelfltourebopleb in ujater, ijBffoueraigne 
to cure tl)C papneanb infiammatton of t^enecbe> 
anb inCibc of ^etbtote> anbiti$ goobagainClall 
DUeratious; of tbemoutb>if onebo gargle oiujafl^. 
^ijs^ moutb tljetexuitbalL 

t^ian miolet$* Cljap-TO* 

^TheD efcription. 

^ongft all ^ "^xwXm^ of 23elflourc;8:,tl)erc 
i^ none moiebeutiful in colour tl^en tbije?: 
it ^at^ fmall aratgbt knottteftemme^ j $ 
at euerp linot o^ ioint,it l^atl^ t)po leatte;er 
fetbirectlp oneagainU an otiier, iDl^ic^e be long 
^narroiu : bp eacb ftbetol^ereof^a^ ^Ub att^e top 
of ^ ftalfee^grotoetl^ fo^tt^pleaOantfloureft tol^iclfte 
be long $ ^olloui > ali23apej$ benbing outtDarbejBr> 
lifeeto a fmall long bell, XDit^ tujo ot ^Txt Dnall 

tJD^ite t^ieebe^ tntbemtbble. c^ep are of ableui 
colour , (b cleare anb ejccellent , t^at ^^ feime to 
palfe^t^e a^ureb^^an tbep are pafte, t^ere 
cometl?bp intl^emibbleof t^efbiure arounblong 

Calathiana viola* 

i)iti%r; fuUof iong^naU feebe* 







the Hiftorieof Pkntes. 

^ The Place, 



^menace, ^ ■ --^ ^r,/- '■; ' ' '^ Ml 

%\)acfitatant floured grotjj m mopft met)ovpe;0?;^ loio bntillei gmunUe?^ 


ttaiiUing m fcutef uU foplc^ 


- ,' t: 



, ' 

M^^ # *• 


^ Th Tyme, 


#*. t»i 


'Ci^ep are w floure al^out t^e enti of :ittgua; mU) September* 

^The Names, .y. 

V Pliniecalletl^ tl^efefiouresf in Hatltie Campanula Autumnalcs , ^ Viola Au- 

tum naiis.vue itta? alfo cal tljem mCuglidj Ifiiiitumue Belfloure^.Calati^iatt t)i 
qletft ot aiutumnc tJioletjS^ : in Ijiglj 2aoucl| t^ep are calleU %mim blume: f ojt 
tlje\D!jictj caiife Corduscallet^ t^ein Pncu'monanthc:anl> trulp itfeemetlj to be 
acertapnci^intie of (isentian^: in bafeailmaigne it i^callcD blauu) ilelieUen^, 



^ f he Temperament andver$u€s. 


C^e temperament, natnreanti ptopertie of tljefe pleatiant little flottre;i; are 31 
terp Ufeetjnto <i5entian, as? tl^tj bitter tafte Declaretf). 

►jjjt The D efcrtftion . 

.^\ ffc -" 'f 


Vj^Ia Mariana 


i^fcff b;tmie ^ pleafantflonre,l^atft 

l^is? f irft Ieatte5f>i3i^ic{je grotjo nejrt 

t^egrount>,long, bioaDeanOfom* 
tul^at liearie, not mucli Dnlifee tlje leaue;Bf 
of toim rofe Campion5?,from tbe miDl^efli 
toljereof fpiingeti^ bptl^efeconHpeareaf 
ter t^e fotDing 0^ planting one (lali^e 0^ 

moe , full of bitancl^e;3f, fet toit^ aicfte lifee 

leauegfjbutfomtwbat fmaller:ti^ere groui 
ijpon t^e (apl>e btancl^ej^^manp fapze anU 
pleai^nt i^oUo\» iJoure^, moft coinmonlp 
of a clearepui^le colour, anBfometime^ 
lubtte, ixi pzopo^tion berp XDellUHeto tlje 
common 33elfloure, but muc& larger ant) 
tounDer, ant! not fo Heepelp cut about tbe 
btimme^s? 0^ ebgeft tbe tu^icbe alfo 
tl^eir opening are folDen togitber a;9( it 
toere yx^it^ fiue credeb plapte^ef oz ebge^e? 
I©ban tbep are paH tbere cometb bp final 
tout! button^oi bit^^^^^itb fiue rougb 

eni)es?,oi tapleitoiijicbe be bollou), ^uty 

plpeH, oi mxit^ bacfee , in aU tbiug^ elfe. 

lil^e to tbe fenopjsf oibuffeeis: of mampion, 

0^ tbe common 23eifloure*Cbe feebe \$ in 

tbemibble of tbe fapbe fenoppie buffee^s?,^ 

itij5fmaUgtb3toune,colourebliifeeaCbeft ^ 

mtxt. -Cberoote i^Vb]^iteantitbicfee,anoputtetbfoitbbP t!ie (ibejBfbiueriOfo* 


^The Place. 

tcft efe plea&ttt floureis? groto about Couentrie ixi Cnglanb,ant» are f ounbe 
fotuenint^egarben^of 5^erboiifte;3?,anbarenorpetberp common* 


%\}tv ffoure fromjttlp ftntill ^eptember>anti afterujarbe, anb nottoitb* 









The fecoiSd Bookc of 

totitJittg, tljottgl^ t^ep feeme altjjapesrto floute > pet tl^ep Up alfo beare feeDejIb 

tW oUmtimt0 uis Cboneag: t!ji$ Ifterbc bcginneti^ to flours > 0ne map altuapeigf 
RnDe i)poii t^e fam^ buUDeftaoureMti^ ttpe feeDe 

5lpmDo no\jD ralUljefe pleafant fioiirejfi? ittiiatttt^ Viol^ Marian^; i^at is? 
to Cap ixi Cnsii(6,^anaiiei3^t3Coleti5,\Demapaia»calt^emCottetttrteEape;5;: 
tn baremmaigiie ^atietcj^ : of tlje olti tputerjg iu o^.ieeke yo^iixH i>f;«.3n3ia^ 

tine Rapum fyiucftrc. iDf ti^i^feutli alfo aref BeifloureftDefccibeH afojte in tbe 


*t The K 


%\^t^ aottcei8?,attD ft eir roote (peciallp are touje ant) Hj^p _ 

Cl)eit tcttae i^ all one,tDiti^ t^e ofter 23el8outeft anto map htWti inlfee a 

' 'Ctjep Ijte about Couctrie in <0nglanl> tuljerea^Ef jfreat ftozt of tbefe plantes: 25 

1)0 eatctbcicrooteief in ^alaW> aia^i^enavw^iteti^inl^feSbaDl^eintittt* 

I0I) Siirpiumaducrfar 

Campanula caerulca iatiua 



ij|t T^^ Dtfcripion. 

1^ eCe fioar e^f tDban tbctr plant begtnneti^ 
f itH to Cpiins Dp out of tbe pounO, b^ue 
CmaUtonnDcleaucie^Uke to^arcbetio 

let0/amons(l tbe \i)b^becpiin3e^ tpa 
long btgb boUo\ji) tiall^e > fet toitjb long mtttm 
rQ)artQ(reeneleaue^>ainongQ;tbe\^bt^e alfo at 
tbetop of tbeftaifee gcotjo f ap^e 25 elli?;6: o^bollo^ 
aourc^>5r eater tban tbe floureisf of liampion, of 

colour bleu) turning; totDarDe^sfputplemoft com 
monlp, but fometime^f alfo tbep be>]Dbtte* l^ban 
tbep are fallen a\3Dap>tbefeeDei^fdunlie infmaai 

t;5fmaUanb tbrnbie^ •Cbexobolepl^tei^fullof 

mbite fappeoiiuptelifee miiue, tbexnbicbecom 

metb fooitb tub^n tbe berbe \$ b^iofeen sm bjufeb 
artb taftetb U%e mampiori;6f, 

1 CbereijafalfoatxjilDfeinDeoftftefefiottre^jt^e 

tol)icb isf life e to tbe afo^eCiib; in groXDing,leaueft 

llalfee^, flourejsf, anb feebe ♦l^cuerfteletTe it isf a 
great b cale anb ixi allreQjectis finailer, anb it peel 
Detb atubtteiupcealfolifeeti^efirll:* 
J Cbere i^ alfo a mw^nt t^irbe kmbe of ftisf 
Ble\\)belflouremucbe gteater tban tbe firft: biiJ 

large: anb itbatb berpmanpfioure^ grotoing a 

longlltbeftalke0> ajsJittjoere UtteUfmall :6elle5f 
of a fapze bleu) colo ac:anb after tbem certapne boHoVD little bufte^ oi Celleisf : 
^\$ r ore at tbe firft is^ long anb flenber , but ti^ban tbe plan te vu ai&etb olb e, tbe 
tootet3^6iUof fenof0 an^itnobbeiJ, anb biuibeb itm) funbip bzancbesc at^ B^ 




he PLu€ 












the Hiftorie of P lances 

C^ep plante t!je fitft binUe in satHenis:* 

^nD t^efmaltuil!) feinDe gcotJJet]^ in ti^ebozUer^Bf of Relt^ft^bnlietljetjgefl^ 

Cl^ep goure iit 3Ittne gt Jiilp* 3nlJ ti^e tuilDeftoti^ alCo fiourebntill^iliujall:, 

: . : ^Tk Names, 

'C^cfefloucejQ^brtiouj calleU f apzettt figi^t : inf renci^ Be/ievidere-in 

33latttOClOC)C&cn;3f;t^atij0ftOfapitli;atinC Campanula ca?rulea. 311 t^cCe t^tee 

planted are l^erpUHe tljat ftetbe vubiclje feJ caUelr of Thcophiaftus in d^^eel^e 
}«cn6v«, artU in jiatine of pUnie lafione. 

J^T he Nature dndf^ertues. 

C]^efefioure;3^benot ijfeliin incI)(cine,iD^etefojet^etempetamrean5tje^3i 
ttte;5 thereof are bnHnptuem , 

.. i^The D efcripiort^ 

€))ce gloue tjatl) long btoaDe 

njDai:tgreeneleaue;3? , fomujftat 

OenteD about tbe tt^^t^,^ foni^ 

tD^iatlifee tl^eleaue^s: of tiJiiBr 
a^ttllepne, amongfttbeuibicl^efp^tin 
getbbpaCtratgbtrountie aemof txooo 

Ciibttejsf longot tiiere aboute^bp one 
RDetobereof, fromt^emibbleto" ti^ebe* 

rptoppe, tfteregroxyefaRtelongtdunJ) 

^oUotD Soureje?, faffi^ioneti \\U finger 

dalles?, of colour fometime^ carnation, 

anU TpecfeleD, in tl^e infiUe UJiti^ toi^ite 

(j)atftanDfometijnegallUJl)ite, ^fome* 
time;Bfpeilott)* US^bantl^epareffUIenof, 

tl^ere appearet^ rountie ftarpepopnteli 

ftuffee0 in tDbic6 tsf contepnel^ti&efeelie, 
of a bitter talle* Clje rooteii8( blacfee^ 

^ The Place. 

Jit groijoetij in ftonp place.firgtmoun' 
tapne0, in Darl^e (]^aDo\i3ie ballep;^ oj 
coombrfttoljere a^ tberebati^ benemp 
ningfoi^ron anil Sinitbe^ cole^ 3^ 
ig alCo planteD in certapne garbenjef 


^oi:e gloue flouretl^ c^ieflpin 3!ulp 


anti ^uguO:. 

:tji The Names. 

1^ *• 

Ci^i^ l^erbe is? no\»caUel) in )latmeDigitalls,CampanulafyI^ 


lafyiutfkis: inCugUC^f ojceglouet in jf renc!^ <?^»/^ »^#^^ z>4/«<r, anU vigi^akm 
l^igb 2aoucbf tngerbut, f ingerferaut, t^aiut glocfelin, ^ iJaalbt (tbett- in bad? 
^bnatgne ^ingerboetcruptd^i^ a^ftrme t>o tPitite,i0 ttjat liinde of Verbafcu, 
tPllicfte tl^e ^^^ts^ call x\jx»h\sm ^^^}hUfitSit JLatini(le)Sf Lychniiis , s::t> 
Thryaiiisjtui^erebnto it isfmu^ Ifte* 



f opeglouei^lioate anB t>?p 

^ The Nature, 

- '- * 


♦ ■*■ 

-1 -■ 

P «i) 




The fecond Booke of 

^ The Ve 

rJFotegloueboplel) (n^atet o^\Dme ant> D.ionfeen,Dat^ cut auD cctifttme.ti^e % 
fjjtcfee tougijnelfe of grolTe anH flumeftuniois^ * 3lfo \x opcnet^ t^e (toppingiB; of 
t|elpuet,^^pleetieoia9plte>anl) of ot^ecinvoartieijattes?. . 

C^e Caine taKeii m t^ie Ufee matter , oi elf^ boj)leO \Dit^ ijonteU iwatrt; Dot^ 35 
ftourc auD clenfe tl^ebieaft, mxD r(pet^,auDlJi(iTijet{jfo;tti toug^ anti clarunp 




3gerebe ttDO foite^ of t^efe flouresf founD m tbfe cottutrie: one great tt tl^e 
otifter GnaU,t^e greater than n3)grotDet^ to tb l^eig^t of a man,aul> fiou- 
rett) tjerp late^tlD^e fmall grotoet^i lovu.attU flourcth betimes* 


Flos Apl 


tS^rht Defcfiftion 

l^t great 3p^man floare bati^ a 

lotigbtoimereb, crefteb gtfenottie 

ftalKe,falofb.iattc]^eft^ grotoetb 
hiiUn ijPtfootebigb^bauing at euerp fenot 
ex ioput, tujo bmcbe^; fet UJitb great long 
leaiiesf^copofeb of manp fmaUlog narrou) 
teaue;E^;mcUt ^ totbeb roiib about, ^ fJj^eU 
abtoii)ea0 it to ere ujtnge$, rtfetoneoiier 
agaittftauotl)er, altogitberlilie Athanaila 
(itgartienCanfie>'3i:i9eflourej0(gro\Datf ^, 
cnDe of f^e bjancl^es? , out of long rounD -& 
^xxM^ytsl a bioVDhe iS>xl%t colour about, ""^ 
anbof afapnt oipale peloio bnUerneat^^ 
3ftertbe falling of tbe flourejs?, tbe feebe 

tubftb^ i^ inclofeD in tbe afoicfapbe rounli 
^u(lici8^,i^long,ttarcotu anti blacHe* i 
'Cbefinal3pb;ticaufiourei;8libebntof 'f, 

aboueraibe,in bt^ftalfee5:,leauesf,floureir, 

^ feet) e;fauing it isi in al r efp ec t0 fmaller, ^ 

groujetb not berp mucb bigber tban a 

fbbte>Cbep are botb in tbeirleauejs: anb 
fioure^s^ of a naug^tie (liong ^ bnpleali^nt 

liauour, efpeciallptDbatbepbe eitberrub* 
beb o.ibjuCeD bctUJiirt one^s fingerj3?» 

^ The Pldce. 

•^befefioure^ grom in 3^pb,aca,^ from 

thence tbep uibere bzougbt into tbi^ coun^ 

trep,afi:ertbattbemigbtieanb|iobleCmperourCbarle;5^tbe fiftb,U>att t^e 
Couineanb Countrieof t:i^unejBf,tbepareplanteb herein garb en^. 



ijt TheTyme 




djefmaU African eillofer, beginnetlj to floure in^^ptill ojtin S^ap, anb 
from tbcncefo^tb allti^e feommer* 

Ci^egrcat Othonnabeginnetbnotto fioiirebefo.ie3upil:» 

.^ , • ijfThe Names. 

' Cbi^flouremap becallebinHatin Flos Aphricanus,foMtluas^ firftbiougbt 
outof^pbticaintotbecountrepiBf ofd^ennanpanb :6,iabant* r©ebocalltbi£? 
Cour0 Ciirfeie ^fllofertf , atib frenc^ ^arpgolbeis;3tpb;tcanfiouresr, o: 






the Hiftorie of Platitcs 


Ktpl^ucan (BilMct^ : tlje f rcnc!) meu Do call ti^eCe floured on/ets de Turque, anti 


oiiiet d'lnde: auD fi'om ttjeuceit commetljlo palfe ttjatt^eiiatimftjS Do calit Flos 
Indianus :itt ^igi) 23ottclS JnDiamftl^ il^egelmnnbafe ^aiUnaigne Ci^uenfebloe* 

memof Valerius Cordus Tanaceum perunianu.^omeleameDmetlt!)mfeet^at 

t\ii^ l^ccbc Ijatl^ bme called of tlje Suncient U)zpter$ ofloVv«, othonna^auD t^at it 


rabta about Cg^pt, U)ljofcleatte;Sbe^oip,a(l]^oiigVtt>epl^abbene eaten xuitft 
XLocuGte^.^aulmer^s; oz&uaplesf^tD^iclj tljing almoft map pe percepiieb in t^e 
leaueis of tl)i^ Jnbian <i3illofer,if amanlooliebpo tbemagainattjeligljt T5\xt 
ixi mp ittbgement it ij5 better liHe to be ti^at ]^ei:be, tu^iei^e Galen in \^x% fourth 

bOOHeof ^pmple;Sfcalletl) Lycoperfium^Ojt Lycopcrfion. 

^ The vile Nature And emilqualitie of this Htrhe. 

Ci^e^nDian d^tllofecijs: beri' bangerou^sf, l^urtfull, anD benemott<af, boti^ to 
man ^ beaft,asf 3 Ijaue trieb bp eji;pertence,namelp bpon a pong € att, tD^ere* 
t>nto 3 ftaue ginen of tbefe floure^s? to eate , berp finelp pounb mt\ greene o j 
frell; Cfteefe:U)i^erebponl^ieblaCtebimmebiatlp, anb lljo^rtlp after bieb* ^nb3l 
tuaie^ moueb to maUe Vc^isi eirperience^ bp t^e occaTion of a pong ci^ilbe xdI)o bab 
gatljerebof ti^efeflottcesf ^putt^eittinto i^ijaf motttlj,fo ti^atftraiglittoaie^btaf 
ittoutl) ^ lippes? bibCujelleicceebinglp * toitbiu a bap o,i tiuo after, t^zv became 
berp foie anb (tabbebja^ alfo it bo tb often l^appen to tfjem , tl^at pnt intz tbeit 
mottt^e;6^ t!je pipej8^,o^ ^ollouj 9;alfee$ of !^emlocfee»i©l)erfo:e it i3^ manifefttljat 
tlji^l^erbe ujttb W totire i$ berp euil anb benemouftanb of complejrion mucl) 
lifeebnto l^emlocfee,tftetPijic'^ealfomapbe partelppercepnebbp^is:f6nleanb 
l0tl^fomeiiiuour,iPbicbe 10 berp Orong anb (Uniting, not muc^e bifferiiig from 
l^e rancl^e anb nopfbmftnell of l^emloclM^. 

^f map %mtm lillfe €onualU %Vla of 






ijlf The Defcriftion. 

JllieConuall i^atlj rojo greene fmootlj leaue;9f , lifee to ttje leane^sf of ^ 
jCommontDlftitr Millie bntfrnaller anb tenberer.betiuirt tuljicl^e tljere 

ftalfeetbere bangetb feuen oj^ eigbt, o.i moe, pioper fmaU floured, ajsr 
tol^ite ajBf ^noiue.anb of apleafantfttong Cattdur,frtieUiitg almoft lifeeti^e lit 
lie* i©]^antfteflottresf bepa(l,tl)epuommeti^int^e(r (lecbecertapnerebbebea* 
riejB^jUfe^tot^efrttteoi bcarte^of garbenAfparagus* ^l^erootei^ftl^teebil^e; 

creeping l^ere anb ti^ere 

g t ftottlb feeme tijat ^ onop^iUon tuere a ifeinbe of )l plie Connalljit ^atlj t 
leafenotmuc^ bnli^etfjegreateftleaueisf of Juie^tjoit^manpribbesotfineuie? 
alongft t^e Came,lilte to a ^lantapne leaf ert^e toi^ic^e one leaf e,oit Rngle leaf e 


!)otl) altpape;S fp^ing bp out of t^e grounbe alone, faumg tD^an ti^e ^erbe i0 in 
fioure anb feebe: fd^ tl^an it baretl^ ttoo leaue^bpon a rounbe tenber Halite \M 
to ^e otber, but (inaller ^ ftanbing oneaboue an otIjer,aboue t^e fapbe leatie^ 
grotDeti^ t^e fmall to^ite floured liUe to )(LplieComiaU , but not of (b ftrong a 
f^iiour,aftei: tD^i^e dbere rifetft fmall bearie^ 0,: rounbe frute,tDl^itft e 'j \si^xtt 
at the firCteanb afterxuarb rebbe^C^eroote \$ i^erp flenbrr anb creepet!? mtt^t 




fSi The fUct 

jLpUie Conuallanb ^onop!^illon,gtdtoe^ inI^abo\Die^ obbe^ 


Cbep bo bot9 fioure in ^^^ 






The fccond Booke of 

Lilium Conuallium. 

)lUlte Conuail* 




• .-f 



^ Th€ Names. 

Hrllie Conuall , fe no tu calleli m %^ 

tine'Lilium conuallium, tl^atlS^tO (iap,^e 

, 5tpUie of t^etjallie : isx Ciiglift 'jdi^Uteco 
tiuaU,a9ap bloffomisf, #ap lpllieis,$ )!Lp 


33 ucl^ ^ epenbliimlin: in b a(fe 3llinaigne 




^onopftiUon iefnoto calleUui Xatine VnifoHum .it mapbeallb cailct) ui 
bafe Blmaigne C mblatit^anU it ftoult) teeme to be a fcinUe of %mz comiall,Ce- 
ing t^at it \$ fo uiell lifee tonto it in floureje? anb feebc* 

^T he Nature, 

%\^ti^hzin comple]cion,l>oate anb bip,lilie t^z %\SMz% 

' ^Thel^ertues. 

%^tv "ts^iitt t^iat tbetoater of tbe floure;2? of IpUie conuall , bifttUeb toitb % 
goob ftrong \i»inc,anb btonfem in tbe quantitie of aljponcfull , tedotetlj Cpeac 
to tbemtbatarefalieniiito ti^e3(ljpoplepie,^tbat it 10 goobfottljeni tl^atljau 
ti^e i^attlfie.anb tbe d^oute, anb it comfojtetb tl)e l^atre* 

Cbe CamctDater aia: tbep Cip,botb ftrengtben tbe ^entoiie, anb teftozcti) it jj 

dgapne to \^i$ nattti:aUbigot:,uiban tbo^ug]^ fid^ncffe it i$i biininill^eb^ 

BeftbeiS tl)tje^ tbfp^ alfb t^at it i$ goob to beb^oppeb in, againft tl^e tnfia 
niation,anb toatcting of tbe epe;^^ 

'C^erootc of ^^onopbillon iff connteb of (bme late tunteriff^foi a foueraigne 3© 
anb (peciailtemebie againft tbe i&eftilence anb alpopfbnitu!)an tbe tpeigljte of 
^alfeaiaiagmeoftbeponber ofti^efapberooteiiffgiuen inbineget:>o^goob 
tDine, ozmbotb mijcte togitftec, accoibingto tbe nature o: complejoion of tbe 

ficlte,(b tbatbpontbereceptetbeteof,t^ep go to bebbeanbftueateujelU 

iS^onopl^iUon U3f goob to bclapbe\j)itl) l)is coote, bnto grecne tuouiiDe^ff^to ^ 

jpzcferue tbent from infiamiiiation anb Spodomatiom 



the Hiflorie of Plantes. 

^f€alft0ftwn)te/ojif)riap©iagon* €f}ap4m 



i5« The Kindes. 

tfter QnallCtje p^f ^atft btoUelcaue^sf, anD it fe tfte true Antirrhinum of 
Diofcondes.cftermallei:]^mDeftatftlon8tmn:otPleaue?, r- 


Cft e great fnap Ja^tagoujO j Caluei? fiioiDte* 


^mall Calueisf (ho\t)te* 


- ( 




\ * 

r '- 

-fc t^ 




- r 



l^e great Mtiti^inon ftatft ftraigfttrountJ ftmmtiS,^ fullof btancftegf, 
tfteleaues^beof atiarfeegreene,fcme\DftatlonganD bioaBe, not mttcfte 
bnlfee tfteleaueia? of atnagalli^ oti^iinpemell,altDape;B( t\uo leaties? 
grotomgone againftan otfter,Iifee ttje leauesf of ^Snagalli^. tlTftere 
grottieeft attftetop of tfte ttall^e alongft ti^eb^§cftei6? cettapne fioutejs^ oneaboue 
an otfter,fom\Dftat long an^bzoatJe before, after tfte Mi}wn of a frogs? moutb, 
not mucbet^nlfeetfte floured of Cot>efta]re,bttt mucbe larger, anU \uttbout 
taple;9f,of afafttpellounfft colour* 3fterti^emcommelongrottnlibuffee0,tbe 
fo^emoft part tufteteef areCsmtuftat Ifte to aCalfeiBf fnotute oz jj^oofell.tjJber 

ttt tii ^ Cccuc is CO ftf ^tfcti* 

Cbere isf alfo an tber ^ixitit of great 3ntirrfttnum, tDftofe lean^ belong ^ 
narrotj), alinoa lifee to (a^eleaueja? of CoUe 8a]ce, tofticfte bearetft fometune^a 
reDbe floure, Cometimeja? a fapnt relHie,anti fometimeiBf a tuftiteflouretelfe in ail 
ti^ing^ Itl^e to tbe aboue CiU)e# 

%bz fmall %ntiminvm W tt^fte? be OnaU anU tender;, not berp full of 








The fecond Booke of 

btnmWM^ leaned be long atttJ rmtoM) , bttmiptt voW^e aati tlje dalfeeisf, 
groijue tfjc rmall ceU ffoutc^,Uketo ttjeafoiefapUe ftoiire^, butagreat Deale 
fmaUcr^i^ljant^epacepaft.t^ererifettj bpfmallrounlie Ijeane^ojt fenappeier, 
\j3it^ little t»oole5f in t\)tmMU to alieat) ftull^tjpiti^m to^iclje ii8? corttepueli final 


^ T>&f P/4f r 


tci^eficftanD great ^ntirrl^mum,groujetl) not in t^tt cottnttep,but iittlje 

Sarlien^ of c ertapne ^zthmftt^ tuljete a^ it ts fotjoen* Cbe feconU grotjpct^ in 
(bme fiellre^s of t^i^ coiintde^bp ^ig^ \uape;0f, anD tjnDetfteDgejef/- 

%\^t great ULntirrl^inum ffouret^ inKluguaanD JviX^ ♦ C^e fmall ^intirr^i* 

numbeatetl) floureis in Jwlp* 

r 1 




'Ci^efirft MnDe i$:caUeD tn (I5zeebe kvriffw^y r^ hriihl^v - in)latine Antirrhi- 
num,anD Syiucftris Anagaiiis : iox Cnglifl? Calfe^Bf fnouJte, anU ^napDzagon: 

iXi f rencll Granett^nUnhimmM^ LMoroft vhkt • in BOUC^ iSD^^ant^anD Of 00111$ 

CalfjBf nuefe* ' 

^ijefeconDfeinUeijsfcalleD of fome in dSie^eof ovt»h m itatine Orontium: 
(n(i^nglill)fmall^napD;agon,o:Calfsffnd)jt3te: in fr^nc^ Petiti^ntirrhinum: 
in5©ouclKlepne€)tant,of tljief Win^e Gaicnl^atft maDeinention in lib ?.de mc- 
aicamentis fecundum loca, amongft tlje^eUicinejSf vubicfte Klrci^igenejs: maUe 
foztibem tljatliauet^e^auntiet^* 3tnli it t^emetl^ to be^ Phytcumaof Diofco- 

rides.callet) in d^jeefee 4>unw/i«. 

sf-Thc Nature, 





%^t great llntirrl^inum i$i l^oate, anb of liU nature anti compleiPton t^nto 
After Atticus,calleb in (CngUf^ S>^are\»urte,a5? Galen tojtpteftt 

C^e fmall fcs ^oate anb b2p,anb of fttttellparteief^ 




<5« 7';&<r yeriues. 

S>omel^atte\i3iiten, tl)at\i3'l)o fo carrietl) abouti^im t!)e great Klntirrl^inttm, 
cannot tafee barme 01 be burteujitl^ anp benim 0^ popfon uj^atfoener. 

Cbe fmall ^ntirr^itrnmboti^ fcatter axuap , anb confume tbe pello\u colour B 
oftl^ebobie,iDbicbertmapnetb after one i^at^ Ijab t^e3aunbice,if onebe UJeU 

iDafiljeb U)itl^ tl^e becoction tljereof* 

<^C mater Ipliie^ 





TTi^erebettDo feinbc^ of xtjater ]iplUe^,tljat i0 to Caip,tl?e pelloto,^ ttie ^Ijite, 
not onelpbiffering in fioure but alfo inroote* 

ijt The Defcription. 

)^e\jol)ite \))ater )(LiUte, bati) great bioabe rounDti^eleaueja(, fometimeiae 

fleetingotCujimming abouet^e tuater^anb fomtime^bnber, tl^etjui^i^ 
aU bo $img bp from t^e roote, bpon long rounbe (htooti^ KaH^eis^^ %^t 
0oure;s^tioalfo grotDebponfuc^eliKeftemmeiS^commtngfromtlieroote, anD 
f^ep^auein t1)emibblemanp pellotetl^ieebeiefjOttftiomme^, compaifeb ro unU 
about iDit^ ]cjrb no; jCjcbiiMu^ite leaner fee in berp goob o;tber,earlj leaf almoft 
tiSi large ^^ one^ f mger,o;t lil^e in piopo^tio to ti|e leaueis^ of l^oureli^e o t ^ en* 
greeneaiairan tl)e floured be paft, t^ere come intiieir fteebe rounbe l^noppe^ o» 
bollieu^,UJ!>erin tl)efeebeliet^,U3^icl| is? large anb ftoarte^'Cljeroote i0 biacke 
anb roug]^,fometimej8f of tljebijjnelfe of one;S armetiit^ manp tljteebp ftringsf* 
Cbe pellotD uiater %t\Mt W leaned b^ berp mucbe lifee to t^e uj^ite, W 
floutejsf bep^\uanbfinallerttjen tbe ftourejs of t^e^ljitejt^ewljicijeb^iug 

faUeii,t&ere commet^j in^eir pl^e rounb longknoppeisJ oibollien?,narro a) at 




the Hiftoric of Plantcs. 



^bft3nce,of^e Sftmm of ont^amtM of toiobbe? mn tnottegA cer. 

mM srest Octttgeis ^mtsins bp it 


Nympha?a alba. 

I _ 





-V > 



1 ' 

. ' 

A r/^^ p/tf^f 

^ ¥ 



WtiXntMztLmx^\^ mJime^anU Cbmettme? fooner 

A The Names 



Cl^efitrftfewtie of tl^efe flour eja(,i;8?eaUet) in <S>%t^t w^ep^m -. mt-atme Nym- 

ph^ra^of fOtnC Clauiis Veneris, mh Papauer paluftrc : of ft^ HpOtllCCatte^B? Nenu- 
phar: wCngli|]& r©l>itetuatet)tttlie, t©atetEofe, ant> uii^ite l^enup^ar : in 

J taUatI Nenuphar biancho .- ttt fepaiXlft ^dargmts del Rh, Efcudettes del Eip , Figu9S 
delRhhtanquos'iXifimCi^^^f'ftp^^^^^'f'^^MBUncd'eaue: ilt^ig^ J^OlUlj S>eeWU' 

- " - ■ ' ^ : in ©?abant Sloin- 


mctt,toairer (i5ilgcn,«^affenna^en,l^oitDuitf, 
pen,anliU)ittei^lompm* , , 

Ci^efeCOnDfeintJei^ CaUe&inTLattnpNympharalutea, anb Nenuphar citri- 

num : in Ci^i^ ^cUo\D 0mup^air, oi neater }tiUie : in Italian Nenuphar gi- 

4S0: iXi ^pani^ ffg^os del Rh mmlloSfColfan t^marillo.'in fttntf) Nemphar ianltte^ 

ijj iMuine dtidue, ci&e floiwe t^ttttAfisi Diofcorides tjpiptetl^, ii8f caUcli in <i5?eefer 

^i4>«f«b Blepha 

4ii r ^r iv: 

©oft (bjtesfof ^emqj^it, anD fpmallp r^ercotirare ixt temperature cotoe 





The (ccond Bookc of 

' Jift The V^crtucSm 

Cl)e toote oifeeUe of tlje tol^ite \i3atecMUe,bopleD m UJine anD Hjtot*^, fe ^ 
gooD foi tt^em tbat ^aue t^e laffee,ti^e blouDDieflijce auD Cena(ine,UJl>ic^e i% a 

DeCite to go often to t^e itoole anD map Do nothing 
*C^e(;amerootebopleDm\jjl?iteu)me,cttretlj ^cDifrafeiofof ti^e #ate anU jj 


Cfte roo tc ^ feeUe of tifte toljite toatec iLiUie are t) erp gooU agapnO: Utm$y ^ 
oifleftlpDerire;3f,ifoneDtmKe tftefeecoctioritliereof,ott)fe^tfte pouDer of tlje 
faiDefeeDeaitOroote in meates?:fo^itl)jpetl^t3ptl^efeelJeofgeiieration,anl)fo 
caufetlj to Mm (n d^aWtie. t:^ t fame p?op ertie i^ in t^ e co ote a^ PUn ic to^titeti^, 
if it be biufeD anD applieD outtoarblp to tbe fecrete parteief 

C^eConfemeof t^efloure;0ftbecof,ijef alfo berpgoobfo^all^ afo^efapD biP ;&^ieotteritijafgootiagainftboatebttmingfetterftgtti^e l^eaUaci^e, gtit 
cauCet^ Cuieete anb quiet aeepe,anb puttet^ atuap all beneeeouiB^ bjteame^f 

tiPberoote thereof b^uQ^b 0^1 ilampeb, iergool) to be lapbeto tl^epapneanb (0 
inflammation of t^e (toinacl^e^anb t^e blabbet 

Cbe fame rootepounbetoitb tnater^taUetb atoap all tbe fpotteiet of tbeflitn f 
tol^an it t]S mbbeb tberetuitball , anb being mengleb tuit^ Carre^ it cutet^ tbe 
naiigbtiefcurfifeof tbeb^ab* / 

'Cberooteoftoater A/tUiebeingpetgteene, pounb$lapbebponU3ounbe;sf, ^ 
botb ftancbetbebloub,a;9f Thcophraftustjjjitetb 

'Cbe roote of pelloto txiater }LUlie> bopleb in ^Ukt rebbe tjoine anb b^ton^ ^ 
6en^ftoppett| ti^e inoibinate courCe of t^e flburejs^.efpeciallp ti^e iD^ite fiuji^r^ 



3fmomill,a)B: Biofcoridcsanb ottjer of tbelduncientjef l^aue lojtitten , ig 
oftb^eefoitejBf* 'Cbe one l^atb tobite floureis}* -Cbe ot^erbatbpellom 
flout:ejS^.:lnb tbe tbitb U)bicbe i^ tbe greateft of tbe tb.^^ee^ batb flourejsf 
b ctvotjDt r ebb e^ parple.petat tbiieitimetbere be biuer$ otber fo^ite;s^ founb, 
anb firfttbetebetxuofoue^ of Cbamomill\Dbicb are berp (\33ecteanb of (Irog 
fauour y calleb Eomaine CamomiU^Cbe one l^atl^ \i3bite flcure^^tl^e otl^er pel^ 
lotxi^anbbpribe;s( tbeCetberebe otber$, tobicbe bo Cfd^tbemoQ:eparte) grotoe: 
in befcrteplaceisf.anb t^erefojtetoe i^aue nameb tl^em Camomillof t^ef o^i^ 


-J *_' j^ 



^ The Defcription. 

' A. 



;i i^e firftHinbe of Camomill batb biueriaf long rounbe v. Mtg, creeping; 

' alongdtbegrounbe, anb tailing roote inbiueris^place.^^, berpCelbome 

growling btgber t^an one^s ^anbe ♦ 31^4^4 tiiuer^ iinail tenber leatieja^ 
terp Onall cutjOt finelp taggeb* 

Cbefeconb Itinbe isi mucb lifee bnto t^efirft, fauing l^ief leane jf befmaUeir, 
bt^ fioure^e? be notbing ^e but certapne peilotD button^, l^e tbe mibble of ^e 

0oure;atof tbe otberCamomiU>U)itboutanprmallleaue$grotDing about it^aiii^ 
f emappercepuebp tbefigure,butot^ertDifeiti^l^eto tbefirftCamomilU 

jdDf Renumber of tbeCe tt»o lbinbe$>tberei;a( pet an otber ,iDbcibl^ai^ (inaU 
peUo\D leaner grouiingrounbe^oute tbe QnallpellotDlmoppeje; oibuttonjBf, 

aubarealtogitberUHetotbcfirCt^m leaned > Cauour:^ anb fafi^ion^iPiuingi^ijaE 
floure^f be altogitber pello\x3^ 

Cbrfe tmo feinbesf of Camomil(tbat is? to tap) tbe\jObite ^ t^epellotD.^aue 
aberp plearant£au;*ur,lifcetbefineU cf aCptron,U)i^ereof ^ep firfte tooifep 






t^eir name in 45 jedie Cham^cmeium, 

Chamsemelwrn Icucanthemura. 


Chama?melura chryfantemunu 

pm\x> KomameCamomilU 



4^ ■, 






Cl^e tljirb l^mtse of Caittomfll toljidi bearetft teU purple Bourejf,^ gtotoetft 
ftitf^ettftant^iettuo oftcrftWnoti^ctfenouJmtjnto w, except itbet^atfionre 

to^ld^eCbmecaU flos Adonis.anii Ot^et Anemone. 

^ The Place 

^one of t]^ettoeete«oina(neCamomaiD(8to\3uett) m tl^isf conntrie, oftl&efe 

are come^ttl^er a^sf ((ranaerief 

fjt jheTjme. 




Ci^ere Camomile Do fioure m Jmz,^ 3ulp,*3t fometime? alto lboner*C^>CF 
laftall tl^e iDmter,anD map l3eep UJell abiDe tfte eolfie* *^ 

; ^ The Oiames, 

%\it Catj&mill i^ alfo calleti in <£>itz\t ivfiv^'f h5« x«m«*W«h- inXatine Cba* 

m^melum-anDa^ ApuleiustJJjiteti^ Bene olens,attfttS? Dap Camomilla ;mCn^ 

Slfl|> Camomilltm frenc]&t:4wVwiiV in IDoiKl^ Camm 

CftefirftfeinD of toeeteCamomiUMtljt^eUJWtefloaceiifif caIleDin452eelie 
AivK«v«ijuop: m Xattne Gham.^raclum album : in bare 3Wmatgne lHoomftlje ^Ta* 
male: in CngliCb ipl^ite Camomilltitf f rencl^ c*momiUchUnche. 

%^t f^ontj WnDe af fUjeete Cinellins Camomilltuitlj tftepellotD noure nf 

called in<!pJecfee xf^^^M^^m' in )Latine ChryfanthcmUm, atiU Chama-mclum la- 
re u t n : in (0 naiif|> ^ elot» CamomflU in jf renc^ CAmmiiuuitine .• m ©ondji jeele 





# m » 




.^ *■, 


# tf 



f >< 



1S4 TSc fecond Bookc of 





C^e CamorttiU,e(iJectoUp ti^e txAfitt^ l^oate anti Hip m ti^e firft t»egtee,an!) 

Ci^e©ecoctionof t^efloucefl?,]^ert)e;ant» tooteof CamomiU,beingl>;tonfem H 
taufetlj ujomento ^laiie t^eirtentieftDuuet^fooit]^ of tl^e bellp tl^eDeab frutr, 
pzouolictl)bittne,$biealiet^t^e(i:oone«3ttj$oft]^elil(et3ettue^ ifoneDo bat^e 
iiiabat^ of t^eCame J^ecoctiom 

'Cl^e Soured anD l^erbe of CamomiU boplet) m toutcanb biottl^m, Duuetlb B 
fozt^ \Dint)meire anD curetl^ tl^e cl^olicl^e^ t^at t^ to Cap, tl^e paitie in tl^e b6tuel$ 


Camomilltaben in tl&efemefoztebotiiptttge^beatttifie tl|ofe ti^at^auean C 

euill colour remaining after tl^ejlaunberja^^anti curet^ ti^em t^at ^aue aup 
greefe oiimpebiment of tlje liuer 

Cambmillpotint) toiti^^i^f[oure;ef;anD taUen in tl^e quantitieofa ^^gme)^ 
tuitl)tDine,ijB^bei:p 300D againd^ ti^e biting of^erpenti9^,anD allotl^er bene 

mouisf bcafteiBf* 

Ci^el^ecoctionofCainomtUmabein toatet anb applieb outtpatbelpbpon <t 

t\t region of tl^eblabber^tal^^ atoap ti^e papne of t^e Dmepp^ouol^eti^ \>mZy 

anbbutieti^ fojt^ paueU* 

Camomaic^etDeb in t^emouti^, cuteti^ti^eblcetisf^fbtej^oftl^efjime^ €)f Jf 

Ufee bectue is? tl)e becoction to toal^e tl^emout^ toit^aU* 

Ijappen about t^e comers? of t^eepe^.baljan itije^b^ufeb anb lapbebpo,o^ if one 

tjoalbefuc^ tDounbeiBf anb to^ieisf tuit^ ttjebecoctiont^ereot 

CamointU meglcb t»it^ ople ^ tafeen ix^ $Ufter,ij6:fin8Uler againft aU fener^a; ^ 
tol^iclje Ijapp en bp meanejB? of t^e obftructio n oi ttopping of tl^e (Ifeinne* 

djeopleofCamomtUbot^antuageanbmituidteaUpapneanb acl^e,itcu^3 
retl? tD crieb ^ibiuTeb parte;0f,it loofet^ anb Cbftenet^ all tijat tofticft ifi i^arb anb 

ftt etc^eb cut 0^ ftpouen: it b ti^ moUifie anb ntal^e (bft all t^at tui^ic^e i^ l^arb, 
anb openetl^ all tl^ati^ ftoppeb* 



Il^mtBCt fourc kinbesf of \»abe CamomiU* C^e f irll Hinbe \$ t^e common 
CamomiU:tftefeconbijat tl)e Cotub foetida; t^et^trbe is: t^e greateujilbe 
Camomill calleb Cotuia nonfoetida; tl^e fourth Ui t^e ujilbe CamomiU 
\a)iti^ t|ie peUotjp fioureiQ^c^b in)latine Cotula Lutca« 


i^ecommon CmnomiU^ti^flenber^tottg^^ ^bt ftemmeisitt^eleauejsf 

be tcnber> anb berp tinall cut an^ iaggeb ♦ %\^t ixsmtn gr&tpe at t^e 

toppe of t^e bjatufteief, anb are peUoto int^emibbett, anb fetrounbe 

aboute tjaitft manp fin^^jolfeite lea^eief, altogitl^er IpHe tl^e ffomxiaf of 

garben CamomiU >mis^ t^e \sA^\xt flourejsr , anb aUb 0! a meet^p plr^iant fa* 

ttour,but noti^ingfb ftrong mi pleafatit in Ctoell a;^ tl&e garben CamomiU* 

; S^tfnfeing Camontai o^Cotuia foetida^ftatft a t^ickr gr eene ftemme,anl> 

ftiU of iupce, to^icftr b?ealietl| quicfelp to^an it isi troben lipon* C^e leattejf 

^ begreatetf 






the Hiftoric of Plantes 


<^ommunc & fylueftrc. 

^¥ common tDilUr Camomill* 

Cotula foetida. 

o; WMx\% CamomUU 


. \ 

ijesteateranU jcemertftmtti^eleattCief of tl^ecommon CamomOL Cljefiouretf 

be mucl^ M^t bnto t^e afozeCapDe. Ci^c tol^ole t^erbe t# of a t)erp atongl^tiplea^ 
fant ftinckins fauo ur, anb f a faff icient bitter tafte* 

Mnfauerp Camomill,o.z Cotuia non foetida, batl^ fmall tenli cr pliant ftemisf 



manp grotuinj bp from one too te,ti^e leaueisf be long, jreater anD UJbitei: tban 
^e leaueiOf of ^e common CamomUl^ CbeSoureiB^arelil^e totbe ttoo kinbejGP 
afo^e(iiplie>butti^eparea9reatt)eale greater ant) to it^ out anp manif e(t fmell 
Cberooteijef great anD berp tbzebbie,ti^evi3^tcbbiet^ notligi^tlpattointer but 

Ipjingetb bp pearelp a ntmt 

<l5oHien Cotula iisflifee to Cotulanon fo»tidain^itfll:alfee)ef,leauesf,^fiottre? 

fatting tbat W l^ue^f be greater anb totjiter^biatoing to\jDarti)Sf Ift^ie colour, 
anb W floures? be no t ondp peHoto ixt tbe mibble,but alfo tbep are fet ijoimb a» 
bout tPitb total peUoto leauegf^in fa(^ion li^e tbe otljer Camomllle^sf,^ toitbout 
llmellifeeto Cotuia nofoetida.3lfo itbot^notligi^tlpbieojbecap,butfp.iingct^i 

t)p Fearrtp out of tl^e olbe rooteja: 


Cbeiif* firftfeinftsf bo groDo ntoft comolp in tbisf coiltrie mrnxxj? co^ne fielb* 
Cb^ golben Cotula grotoetb in fticbe lifce placeiBJ in frame anb <l5ermanie, 

btttnotint^tafcountrie, epceptin tbegarben^of ^erbo^^ifte^* 

WX tl^efe feinbe? of CamomiU bo floure in Jvm, ^ from tfteme fn^ all ^5 
S^omerlong* • 

^ "• Cotula 





The lecond Booke of 


Cotula non foetida. 

Cotula lutea. 

i^olDen Cotula* 



%\}t Rrft feinUe of tuilDe Camoimll fe no\j3 calleli Chamar melum album : in 

^l^oppefil Chamomilla.XDl^erea^it teaptlpl)fet)fOl Leucanthemum:(nCngli(| 

common Camomillriti Italian C4W4^///4 in S>panillb <jMaceiiayManzamiiia. in 

Cmnomill l©]^ei:efO^\J3eCalUt Cham2emelumlylucftre,tftati^tO&p,\13ilDe 

. CamomilU 

C^eCecotvtJltinDefcsf noto caUeD inltatine ant> in^ljoppejaf Cotula fbetida,of 

Cbmc Cauta anO Camomlllafoetida auHitt (^ICelieKvvKvfitMt?* Cynanihftnis.attH 

KwoCoT«vK, Cynobotanc,tl^at ii5 to fap,l^ogge!8;CamomiU: in 3italiaa/>r«/4r«/^; 
in^paniH? c^f^^w^rr^. in^igS iBouiii iirottenl>ill,l^ttnf^Dai,|^ttnDi|bIum,anll 
tDilDe Ctjamttl: in t3iabant#at)tiebloemen,anti (linc^enD^o^toilDeCamille 

8nl>3©ogge J'eneU: anHperaimentttteitiieJ Parthemium mucfophyiionofHip^ 

3 Cl^etlftirliefeinliei^CalleD Cotula non foetida, Camomilla fatua, anti Camo- 

milla inodora, offomeitt <15:celtej6ou<|)l«XMoH.BuphthaImum,t]^at i^tO fepin5ta* 

oeiidehettf l^otPbeit tljfe \$ not t^e rigW Buphthaimutn, a^ one map fee in tfte 

Ci^apter0 foUoiping, anb ttjetefo^te it map better be calleb Cotuianon foetida, 

6i Cotula alba,ttjan to callitbp anamenot belogtngbnto it 3 ^aue <0nglil^^ 

tt tainfauerie Camomi«,foolift i^ati^e^^anb toi^ite Cotula toitboutfauour* 

4 'Cl^efourti^^tnbemapxoelbecaUeli Cotuiaiutea,Cimtgiti;e((bxpeUli&ebnto 



the Hiftorie of Plantes. 






tl^e Cotttletf abouefaae : in CttgltCti mVbm Cotula: in \^iQfy l^oucl? ^treicl) 
blumeti, ann ^temblumen.anD acco^timg to t^e fame it i^s^ callcD in bafe %l 
maigne^tnicfe bio emeu* ^ome u^bicbetbmfeetbattbi^ i$tbe feconU kintie 
of CamomttlyDo emit Chryfanthemum.tbati^ to fap, pellou) CamomiU: in 
JFrencb CAmomih iaubte: inljigl^ S^ouc]^ ge^l Camille^but tbep aceliecepiieli,anD 
tbeir opinion i^ not lifeeto betme^bpcatife tbi^^crbebatljno fpeciallfmelU 
!g]po^eouectbefam;ion of tbe leaned i^sfnottjingUfee to tl^e leaueje; of garDen 
Camomilljneiti^nrpet lifee t^e common CamomilU 

Cbe common CamomiU is? of completion Ijoate anti Uip, antJ not fo feruent 
a^ tl^eiiomaineCamomillpbut mo^e pleafant anD gentttU 

Cotula foetidai^ ^oate anD D,ip;,aj9r^lji$ fmell anU fauout Dedaretb* 
5.4 Ci^eotl^erttuo l^inUe^are of compleicion fom\Dbat liifee, but not fo ftrong. 


%% tbe common CamomiU is^ i^erp lifee in coplepion to tbe tigbt CamomiU, % 
fo i% it lifee in bte? facultieis: anl> opetation^O^uing tl^at it i% not aitl^ing fo Urong 

in operation * 

'CbiJSfCamomiUi^atbbenep^ouetito bebetpgooliagainatl^eCbolicUeanti 23 
tbe ^toone.anH aUo it pzouofeetb "^ixnt:, to be ijfeD inline manner a^ tbe iio* 
maine 01 rig^t garDen CamomiU.anD iti% mo^e conuenieat^anU agreable bnto 
man0 nature tl^anti^e laomaine CamomiU* 

%n^ furelp tbis^ CamomUl alfo ii rigbt eicceUent in aU \\x^t% of moUifipng r 
dnD foftning plapfter^Bf, tbat feme to ftoa^e papne ^ to HiUblue tumoi;s ^ toel 
ling^tfoi it eafetb auDftuagetb aUpapnei8^,anb UiUbluetb ^ ftatteretb tumozs^, 
cJaufing^eame to tanilb atjjap : ^ t^erefoie it i;3: berp gooD to bebfeU in fwl^ 
ttpOter^ a^ are mal)c againft tije Colique anil tbe tone* 

Cbe opleof tbts? CamomiU i% finguler againft aUWnDe of acbeanl^ papne, © 
againfl bjuring)8^,ibunWng^,barbneUe$,mib ftopping^,lilietbe ople of tbegar 
ben CamomiU^Slpojteouer it tsf better, anD moze conuenient to be put into Clt 

fterjBf^tubtci^c^^^ maDeagainll tbe f euer, tl;an tbat ople tbat \$ mabe of tbe 
8oure0 of garDen CamtmiU 

21 Cotula foetidaijsfgooDfoi fucbtPemen,vubofe^atri]Cij6?loofeD;anb falling (0 
tjotune from one fiDe toandtber,ifonebo^all;e tbeirfeete toitb a Decoction 

thereof maDe in toater* 

; 3tii9f alfo gooD againft t^ei&uffocatidnis? of tbeflipatrtjr, if pougiue itlfb be f 

eaten oi fmelt too,anD it i^ of lifee bertue to Caftorium, ai9i tbe learneD loziter^sJ 

0f our time baue f unD out bp ejrperience 
2 'Cbe operationanD bertue^of tbe ttxio otber^^ are not ^^ fenoiuen? bittac* (B 

co^tDinglp agf one map iuDge, tbep are iftTacultie not mucbebnlifee tbe Camp 

mili9f,fauing tbat tbep bealtog^berjfeebler; 
4 S»ome Do uiiite,tbat golDen Cotula bqpleD m \xsint anD Dtonfeen , i^ gooD ^ 

againa:tbe^aunDer;8?,ariDreftotet]^tbegooDgtlittelpfolour,tabicbe ij8:afigne 

^atit ii? of lifeebertuebntKCamomiUpfot Camomil UJo^zfeetb tbe fame,a;5 uir 

^aue DeclareD in tbe former Chapter 

^Th€ Dffcripion, 

^\» berbe i^atb tbicfee greene ftalfeesf , anD leaned terp fmaU mtteanD 

iaggeD,mttcl^ lifee bo^e in ftalfors? auD leauej?, anD aUo in ^t\\ atiD fa^ 

uour,tjnto Cotula fetida.Cbe ficTUreiJofafepzrpurplereDcolour^of 

faflhionanD mailing lifee bnto tbe golDe cup'jOjtbefloureof CrotPfoote:^ban 

€t iiif t%Z2 



•^9 * '■ 

■r- * 



The (ccond Bookc of 

tljep are pa(l,tftere come tprouti ton^ 

fenop$ , lifee f fenop^ of Croujfoote, but 
ftimivl?at longer, U)l)ei:em i^ t^e CeeOe 
(lifee to ^pinactje feelJe) 


Cljefe fa?ze at pleaCiant floured gto\xi 

infome places^ in ttje comoncomefieHisf 
a;SwRtoiienceanD)taugtteiJoc, ant) 15 
fome placed of Cnglanb , in fotne coim« 
trieiBft^ep grouj not but ingacDenjJ 

%\^i^ l)erbe beginnetl) to fioure ttt 

i^^ap , anD remapuetl^ fiouting all tl^e 

Hcrantheinum fo 


». The Kawes 



Clieftalkej8f ^leauej8ftaitl)t^etD^oIe 
^erbe tl^at bearet^ tt^efe f[ourejar,U3l^tc^ 
10 li&e bnto Come of t^e Camomiilejsi in 
Cauour.^ell^anD ptopouion^arefuffict' 
entenougl) to pzoiie tW i^erbe to be a 
feinUe of Camomill, ant) cipeciallp^ t^ie 

tftirDe UinDe CalleD Heranthemum i ti^e 

aottre;9( onelp,\D^ic^e ate not betplibe 
tinto CamomtU flourest , caufetl) me to 
lioubt^ f 01 if t^e Eoures? toete Ufee fafftionet) bnto Camomill , 3 tDOuffi toitl^ii 
out tioubte mapntapne tl^i^ ^etbe to be t^e tbttDe litnDe of Camomill^iul^ic]^ H 
t!jetrue Hcramhemuni,tul^ie^e DiofcoridcsDefctibetlj to be greater t^an tl^e 
njpo ti)er liinb e^e:, ^ 1 ^aue apurple fl0ure,bnto \d\^vi\^t tietcription ti^iiB^ l^erbe 
Djtatjoet^ neare,rauing onlp in tl)e fafftion of bija^ ftoure* f ot t^e tol^ole plant ik 
greater ant) ftig^er t^en Camomill, b^t otljertwife berp lifee it, ant) t^e fiourejaf 
be of a fapie purple ret) colour»25ut tjo^atfoeuer t^i$ l^erbe i8f,it itf better lifee to 
betl)etl)irt)ekinDeof Camomill,t^an Coniolidaregia^tol^icljevue call jtarcfeejaf 
fl)urre,i0,oi Aiier AtcicustjJbic^e U)e call S^!)are\Durte, tu^icl^ l^aue htm boti^ 
brfcribeD of fome U)uter0 f oi ^ij6> UwX^z of Camomill, altl^oug^ tl^ep tnere no 
tl)ingltkeCamomill,nepti^erin tl)eirleaue0,fioureief, noifmell, ant) tl^ep beare 
not ret)De floured but bleU3,U3l)iclie isi againft t^eDefcriptionof Heranthemum^ 
toi^ofe floured (ajSf tt isi aboue fapt)c) Diofcoridcs ujjtitet^ to be of a ret) purple 
colour* ODljerefo-te tljiiafl^erbe map better be callet) Heranthemum, t^eneit^ec 
)Larcfeesf (J) ar,o.t S^barexuoite : it map be callet) in Cnglift purple Camomill, 
iaeDt)e^atl)efif,anD jdafTe ftotire: it \^ alfo callet) inf renc^ Pajfefcur: c^e 23ja» 
bantscr^ call it 25?upnettefeenjB:^ 

&omeU)ouU)!)aueittobeflos Adonis, buttfteiropinionreemetl& not to be 

of Anctoon 

A The TemterAment 


ti:be tafteantJ fmellof t^x$i berbe boti^ mantf dHp Dedare it to be of com-^^ 
plejCionSoateant)t».:ieli]ket^)eCamomiU,butc^ie8plil^eto Cotuia fcetida. 


Cl?c bertuejgf ant) operation Of ti^is ^erbe are petbnlmotDenbnto b0:but if at 

tfjto tierbebe Heranthemumtt is finguleragainft t^eOoorfe^a^toebaue^rea- 

Dtet^littenmt^ejrjrijp^Ciiapterof th\$m^U 




the tfiftoric oFPlantcs. 


?§» The Defcrfprm, 

toit^ pleamut floured ^ ftew, 
of a Ijpan o^ a ^alfe cubite long: 
it l^atb tft^ee o^ f oute fl:alfeej8:; let' 
tjuitl^ tender leaue^ berp finall cut anli 

(agg^ti ^ not muclje bnlifee bnto f meU 
leaaej8^,bttt agreat tieale Cmaller, aitb ^e 
rptpelllti^ to tbeleaueiQ^ of t^efmai^o 
^jtmtuoob, fauing tftjep begremm 1:1^0 
fioure isf of a fap^e b,:igbt relloto colour, 
anl) large, totti^ manp fmall ti^^omme$ oz 
I'eUott) tl^zeDe^Bf in tl^e miODle, almofl: lifee 
to ti^e floured of <[^artgoltie0 fouing tbep 
be mucft larger, ^ baut not fo manp fmall 
leaue;^ fet ronnli about tl^egolbenHnop-st 
01 peljotx) \)t$Xit^ ♦ '^be floure perifl^et^, 
tbere commetb in fteeDe thereof a rounbe 
linop almod: lii^e tbe febie l^nop of ^affe 

0oure^tl^e roote im blac&e 9 berp tl^;ebie 







^ T>&c P/^r^. 

Ci^isf l^erbea^tDitneff^ Didfcoridcs 

groiuetft ixi^ fidbegtpitl^ottt tifte totone; 
tntbt^countne tbe $erbo.n(lejG; bo plant 



?§l» Ti&f Tjfwr. 

3tbeareti^ IjiS fioureiaf in ^arci^e anb %ull* 

^The Names. t 

Cbije^ berbe bpcaufe tAW flourei0?,iu]^ic^e be of tl^e quantitre anb fal^^ion of 
an^n^e epe , iiSf calleb in <s>it^z j6ou<?>««x^!9uS^oM*^i«9P'iul.atine Buphthai- 
mum,^ Ocuius bouis: in bigbSsoucb Eiubfjaug , few^ug : inbafe 3lmaigne 
iHunbfooge^anb Coeoogbe: fomecallital^ Cachia^Cauta^o^ Caitha. 
tbe r^tDjre epebeCcribeb bi^ Diofcorides. 

31n certapne places tbe aipotbecarteS bo (i^janb bfe tbe ttm% of ti^ts plant 
ixt fteebeof t^e roote of blacite l^elleboz, anb from bence it cometb tbat certaine 
fl:ubiou;0f l^erboiifte^bai^c^b tbije^plant Helicborum nigrum, anb bo count 
itfoiab^naugbtieanbbebementplante, botobeittbatofit felfeitbatb not 
ixt it anpfpeciall malice o:foKe,tteitber UJiU it piouofee ti^eftooleas (bmebaue 
piouebbpejcperience^CberfdteCamebauecalletiit Heiieborinc tenuifqiiaribme 
otl^erscAl it Hclleboraftr umjOt Confiligo,toberebnto it (jS no tbing liifee* 

•" ^Thelemferameni. ^ 

23upbt^almo;9f o?€)]i^Q>ei;BJ t^oateanb b?p, of a mo^ ll^arper anb cutting 

nature tl^an CamomilL 

i^ The Vert MS 

^ .* 




* ^.-.,< 


Cbe fiouregf of ©upljtl^almos pounbe,anb mengleb toitb ople anb tu^jce, ^ 3 

lapbe to colbe anb barbe HJoeUingief^btabluetb anb tpadetb tbe fmt. 


mo0 o^i)]re epe cure<^ ^e '^tmXitt^, ^ cauCet^ tbe bobp to be of goob colour 

if one t>mU it bopleb in )zune,afr fr ^iS comming out of a batb^ 








The Ceco nd Bookc of 

<^r<@olt)enfloure/o; tl)e Mi MMPQulttt* €i)ap.]cjrjr<0. 




^ The Defcri^tim, 

H^fe ^etbe Ijati^ routine Cmootti 

M^ liiu«)et> into manp bianc^eief* 
Ctie Icaiicjs^ belong anUBeepelp 
iaggeU rounli about.ajs if t^ep xpctcifent 
o^toine.Cbefilourejsgcouiat ftetop of 

tbe bzaucbejS in f afll)ion UKe t^e flouresf 
ofCamomiU,but tbep be a great Deale 
larger,anD not onlp pelloio UHe fine golD 
ixi t5e mibble, but alfo rounb about, anil (^ 
ofapleafantfmell* "C^ierdote fceftobite^ 
ant) tb^eDbie^ 

Cbere i;ef pet an otber Itinbe of t^iig 
berbe m all tbingiG^ lilie to t^e Came , a)9( ixi 



^10 (lalbejaf, colour, flouree^, dsuour, anb 
f aribion, but W leaner be a great beale 
moie beepelp cut anb iaggeb,euen barbe 

to tbe mibble ribbeo^fineto^ %\^t\x>\iit\^ 

3 tbougbt goob to tiote, to tifte enbe tbat 

bp tbus^ one map Uno\i3 anb bnberttanb 
l^otp onebinbof berbemap often cbange 
Ibi0 (^ape anb p^u)po;ttio, acco^bing to tbe 
nature of tbe (bple ^i place \^\^m 
grou) etb,a<5 firft of all to e map learne bp 

tbts^ bcrbc,tbe\Dbicb in fome places batft 

not bi^ leaner fo miKb clouen anb iag 
geb , anb tbecefoie it app^ioclb^tb not lb 
neare to tbe befcription of Diofcoridcs 


a0 it bearetb leaner , berp mucb clouen anb iaggeb, anb tf^an it ifi agreable itt 
allrelpccts^ to tijetruebeftription of Chryfanthcmum. 

C1)isfberbegro\i3etb amongft tife Co;tne, anb to ^oufeftolbe garbenjef a^ 
mongfl od}ec ^erbej3f,anb bp tl^e bigb t»ap Cibe;8f» 


^tbegmnct:) to floureinjune^anb from thence fbzt^almoatjntiU tointet* 


vit ^ 

lif The Names 

'3:bi8fberbe 10 calleb in (5.teefeexevT<^^;«8,i, anb in 3Uttne Chryfanthemum; 


J^oucb^*1oban0blttm,^ (feenfblum:ittbafe3llmaigne;ijlofeelaer,$eel<5an' 

^.T he Nature, 


1* K- 


c h ry fen thcmumbopleb m ujiiie, curetft tbe 3aunber0, ^ reOoietli gooH c o* 31 
lour,'tt)ban onebotb bmilie it,af tet tbatbebatb bene often ^ long in tbe batb. 
Cbe feebe of tbe fame bzonkenin \Dtne bp it felfe,oi pounb \x)itl^ bi0 floured ^ 

botft al(b cure t\^z Jaunberfca^ t ^g later yx>^%n» \fim pioueb 





the Hiftoric of Pkntcs, i 

. ^ CI)efiotttejS?oftftfc9f]ierbepottnliUJitibopleanDtDape,anftdpplieliint^ 

ofaplapfter^HilTolttet^ colDetoellmntf tofttcftec^aunceto beonti^el^eali. 
, Ci^eleattejS? atiD tetiHereft bzaunc^eief of Cl^ipfantbemum,map betuellMeU 
mpotage auD ^alatie;0?,a;5 otjrr^erbeis of l&>nature:foz in timepaft oiw *» 



^f t^e Indfan f>nnnc / 02 #QlO(n flourc Of 






Chryfanthemum Pcruuianum. 

*- \ 

■ 1 ' 

^V ,A 


floureofj3ettoujefeaplante,of , 
fuc^e (lature attlk talneCTe, ^at iti 

one Corner it g;i:otxietl^ to t\^t length of 

ti^irtene ojt foumenne foote^anU in (bme 
place;0( to i^t l^eigtl^ of foure ettujentie, 

o^fiueanDttomtp foote, W (tal^eis^be 
tigl^ t Otaigljt anti ^iiUy anU Iji^ leaueiaf 
areterp man?, eipeciaUp tljep tl^atgro^i^ 

t^pmodt , fo^ tl^e bnHer leaueis^tio quic^ 
Ip fallanD tianiCQf : ei^^eciaUp tl^ofe great 
b^oaDeleatte;8ftPl^ici^e before t^e Ipiing 
tng bp of tl^e a:all^e, are in quant^tie t^ 
moa a;9; large a;Q^ t^e leaueio^ of t^e Clote^ 

2darre»3nt^eberp top of tftefapbeftigl^ 
ftaU^etberegrotjoetl^ aberp larger moO; 

ejcceUent floure moft lil^edt to Cainomill^ 
oid^ipfanti^emum, but mucl^ larger, f 
tn quantitiealmoftlii^eto ap^ettebzoabe 
l^atte^fo tl^at oftentimei3:tubantbecu> 
mit> o^bttermoQ:Coinpaireofti^eii9pti0 
fioureija; meaCUreb, iti$ founbeto be of 
^eb^teabtb ofi^alfeafoote.C^emibble 
of t^e fioure in u^btcl^e t^e feebegroti) 

etb,t;s^ l^e to a fine cloatl^ tu^otigbt a^ it 
tioeretoit^ neeblet0Otke:tl^e(^aUeaue;er 

VDi^icl^egrotD in compaOe aboute> are of 

ab^ijfet fining peUotn colour, anb eue* 

rp one of tl^em are in quantitie lil^e ti^e leaueie? of tbe itpUie floure^s^, o.t ratl^et 

Sreater,anb are almoC^fiftie in number o^ mo e. C^efeebet^fiatanblong,an!i 

lbmtDl^atb?otDneojtftoarte,inquantitielifee to tl^e <6attrbefeebe*ti:i^e rootejBf 

^reli&eto ^erooteis^of laeebeis^oKaneie? 


4^^ The PUce. 

^ V 

%W \flMtt grotoeti^ in t^e stae^ ^tibta, tl^e tul^iclie i$ caUeb America, 
anbin ti^e Countrep of i^errovjoe : anb hzwjimum m Stpapne, it grotuetl^ to 
ti^elengi^ of foureanbttxientiefoote, anb itbearctbfiourejB^lpUeto tlieaboue 
fopbe: inbaCe^ilmaigneitgrotDetl^ notaboueiriuoiiriif Jootel^tgi^^anbitboti^ 
fcarttp b^Jing foozti^ W fioure,mib if it cftauncelbmetimejB? to bearebts^Ccureisr, 
rettl^antiSepbe fmaUer anb berpUttle,anb tl^epcomefo^jf"; ssspntttuinter^fo 
tljat t^ep can come to no perfection 

^ > 


;ji Tk Namss, 







The fecond Bookc of 


%l^i0 ionttiiS Calletl SolIndianus^anU Chryfantliemium Peruuianum: in 

bare ^Imaigtie S^onne ljatt3lta>ien: toe map alfo caU it t^e 3nliian^untte,oj 
ti^e d^oiDea floUre of i^erro^jbe* 

1^ T^e Nature and Fertues, 

tbefame^attjnotbetteretfounti out, oipmieli of anp matu 





T^erebe man? feinliesJ of 3tis?,ojfioiw:e J3elttce: tu^ereof fome atre great ^ 
tal,anli fomearelittle autJ finall %\it greater fojte^f are fcnotDeir one from 
an ot^er bp t^eir colourief.anti Co be alCo tl^e Cmaller foite^. %\^ ere t^ alCo a 
certaptie i^tnli eu)itbnarrovuer blab e;8( J in Cauour Cometjal^at lot^fome o^grie* 
uougf^almoftof tbefauour of Spatuia?foetid2p,oi<i5labpn,bpfibe^ tljeJatwarife 

^The D cfcripr 

fl* * 




!^e greater Jtisij ox floure 5©eluce 
\iisi Umtfi be log $ large, not muci^ 
bnliHe to tl)e blabe of a tluo ebgeb 
fiuoo ibepemongQ; t^e U)l)ic^ tbere (punget^ 
bpplapneanb Cmootli little ftalKeis^of tu)o 
foote long ozmoze, bearing fioure;8^ mabe of 
Clp leaned iopneb togttljer, t»l)erof tljettjzee 
t^atitanbe bpiigbt,arebent invuarb one to 
vuarbi3( another; anb mod commonlp in tbe 
leaned tf)at i^ang bouinevoarbeia: , tbere are 
certainerougb oj^b^arie\x)elte;e^ ipbebnto a 
tnan;3; biotoe^ , grotutng o; rifing from tbe 
apellooj rolour^ 'Cfte roote;B; be tl^icfee, long 
mh fenobbp, tottb manp ftcingis, a;af it voere 
dearie t^ieebe^sljanging at tl)em» 

€)ne ^in()c of tljefe bearetb floures? be 
ttpirte purple anb bletije , tpitlj a certapne 
c^angeablenej5,eQ)eeiaUp intl^enet^ermoft 


Ct^e ot^cr feinbe W leaue^sf tljat i^ang 
tiotoneujarbeo, are of a fapie biolet colour, 

but ti^oCe tljat grotjo bp,tigW; anb htn^t ixi* 
toatbes^.ate of a f ainte bleu3» 

Clje tljirb floure ifi altogit^er oi tuftollp 


>" .* t.i 



B T 



C^e fouctI)Hinbc^i3f floured be aUto^ite* . td 

%^c liSm Htnbe W Imxe^ be of a berp £ap:e beepe ^tiolet cotour, mt^ iS 

Ijfe fhicU isi mofte bekctable, anbtije (learie o^ roug^ vuelte^ of tt^isi fepnbe 

-Cbe^finaUer flourefeeluce)0f,oilreoif,are in all things: like to t^egreater, 

fauingti^attbeirftemin£0beberpftoite,anbtlbeir flagged: oi blabe0, are alCb 
f^ojjter anbfmallertbaii tl;t ot^cr^^C'ieir floured areltfeeto ti^e greater, moft 
fummonlp of a peUo\D colour, anb Cometimeif of a fainte colour, anb fome 

timejSfbettDM^te purple anb aie colour; anb t^eiameiis^inibmel^pnbe^ of tbem 




■ ' H, 

the Hiflorie of Planted. 




fel)lier,anDmfomeUg!)ter* ' 

^fte narrotD leauet) Ireo;?,]^^^ fiagges? belong ati6 nanpolue ,but pet t!)cp 
be a;o3tter tijen tlje leaueiSo^blaDe^of tlje greater Itisf , anb of a bletJJilfte 
greene colour,of fauour romeiuUat greeuous? , but notbtng fo bomble op lotb 
fojue a? s patuia foetida . %\)t ftemme^ grou)e to tljebeigbt of l^alf e a foote , at 
tbe topper tubereof grotDe cleare ble\i3e ox ffeie coloureb flotoer^ , Ipfee to tbe 
otber flou^er feeliice0,fatung tbat tljeirlitle leaueis: are fmaller anb narrower > 
6abtbebpperlcaue0l5onotbeubeintt)artie,onetoxDarDeanotl)er» ^ftertl^e 
fapbe fioiuer^ folo\»ecertapne triangleb great cobbed oibuCikejS?, feparattng 
t^em felue^ into tb^tee parted luben tbep are rppe: in tbem 10 plapne febe tPbicb 
10 beep tbicKe ^ flat oz tbtud togitbencbe rooted alfo grou) crofeeblpipbe tbe 
otl&er0,biit tbep befmaller,barbe,anb fenottie,m t^e outfpbe of a Cbefnut co 
lour^anb lul^ite UJit^in,oi romeu)batpello\jue* 

^ Th Place. 


CbefioU)er3^eluce.s:o3^3nce0bogroujem biuer^ Countries?, mod com-Kl^^C 
monlpmlotJDegrounbe^abouttbebanfees^of riuerjs; anbu^ater^* 

Cbe t^.iee ftrfl feinbes? are meetelp common in Cnglanbe, i3^abantj anb & 


Cbe fourth alfo 10 fometime^ founbe in garbenjsf* 





:^ut tbebiaueft of tbem,'a3itb tbefioujer^ ttuijrtpurple ^biolet, commetb 

to l30from^papneanb j^ouingale* 

Cbe fmaller flotuer B eluceiS are but toangerjB? tuit^i W y nept^er boo tl^ep 

grotoe of tbemfeluegf amonga b0* 

C^enarrou) leaueb Jreos? gro\]Det^ in certapne plapneisf of (^ermanie.anb 

m lotuemopft placei0?,alfo it i^ founbe in openfeelbe^* 

Cbe3r(bej0fotflotDetiaeluce0 bo moftcommonlpfioiDeraboutS^aptanbr 
tl^e fmaller fomuibat before tbeotber0,anb tl^enarrotp leaueb flou^er l^eluce 
lari:ofalL:©utin^o;ttingalanbS>papne tbepflotuerattbelaterenbe of %n^ 


tumne,a litle befoie >siinit 


#51 The Names. 


%W tj^rbe i0 caileb in areeUe 'e»f. anb a$ att^eneus?, anb ^Ijeop^jiaftutf 

U3lite^?»ff*inilLatine,Iris,Confecradx, Radix Naronica. 

"Cijatiiinbetubofeflotuer i0 of purpleanb bletuei^calleb offome Iris Ger^ It© 

manica:tn^bop^. Iris,0f0tberaf Lilialis, Snb Spatula-inCugUft alfO Iris; anb 

iif fome bleiu flotuer laeluceranb garbenflagges^: in 'JidXimyGigUodz.uroyGigUo 
r<r7f//^:inS>panif!)e, Lirio cw^»<7. inbigb^oucb^7^laii^<l5iiS^^5 25lauui 
fecl|toertel,l^immel ^ci^tuertel: \x\ bafe 3llmaigne, ©lauu) liftman if rencft, 

CbatfeinbetDitl^tbetobiteflotDer, i;sf callebof tbemoftpart Iridem floren- C 
tlnam:in^boppe$,Jreo$,(e{l)eciallp tbebiieb rooted )bpt^cu)^ic]bnameit 

isf fenoujen of tbe Clotljujojtfeer^ anb Jaiaperjec fo,: loitb t^eferoote;^ t^ep bfe 
to ttimmz tbeir do t^e0 to mafee tbem flueete anb pleafant : in C nglitb, l©bite 
fiotyer5aelttce,anb offome 3ri$floientine: an": lijerootesfbe commolp called 
^reo$:in3t4ltan,c7/V^^ funiY^^FUmke bianche-in bigb 'Btm^MioV 


tDurt^jtneif^ :ilXtoltjDurtj:in neatber 5©o uc^lanb,iiait lLi(c^:anb tbe rooted of 
tbi0tt3ftitefioujer33eluce>areittbgeb fo^ tbe tJiJitjireois?; e^eciallp\»ben toe 
l^aUbaueneebeto bfe of tbeb,iieb rooted 
Cl^at feinbe tobicl^ bearetb tbc fairepurple fiotoct, f noto calleb in jtatine 



Lufitanica Iris,anb Iris ferorina,tbat l^ tO fap,^DZtingale Jtifiy ZV^ late ^^X^ 

in 5^ottfbe,fepabe 5Liffb anb Xifcl^ ban poiteg'aiu 
f inaUp,t^at feinbeUJitt) tlje narro\» leaueiJ^iiJ calleb initatine, Iris angufti- 




^94 Thefecoricle Bookeof 

foli3,0J !ristenuiroiIa,ftnt) Iris Cxrulcim €nQ\i\^ty0mO\3ithltibth3tttfi 





m tl)e tljirlie Degree , ^ tftep burne in t^emoutl) oz t!)?ote iDljen tbep aretafteD: 
but \v\)zn tliep b t tJzp tbep are euer ox alwaie^ ^oate but m tl^e fecouD Degree: 
neuertbelelTe tl^ep be euer Due in tlje t!)irDe Degree* 




Ci?e greene anb ni\jd ptljereD tootej? of Jrijef, anD fpec iatlp tl^e iupce ttier* 3 


of,Doo purge DotoueujarDe migljtilp , anD b^ing tmt\^ pellouje cl)oler,anD al 
mofi: al tuateriH; ^umour;e^,anD are t^erfoj^e gooD againft t^e Dtopfte;but tbep 
<nap not be tafeen but in fmal qu^ntitie, anD pet tftep ougbt to be ipeUmingleD 
to)it^ tf|mge0 ttjat cool?: foj ot^ertMtfe tlftep \Dtl infihmt tfte berp bou)elsr, 

25ut tbe fame roote DjieD, pzouofeetl^ not tt^e bellp , but it p^ouobetl^ b^ine, ^ 
anD bjeaHet^ tbe ftone* 

Cberoote;0(of 3ri0bzirtgfoott^i«jeaouJet:8f,iu]ietl)ert!)ieramebereceitteD c 
fntot^eboDp, oupnuereDmvbttl^^eirartejS, o^el0mingleDtnbat]^e<s^anD 
fteuje^maDe fottbepurpofe* 

Cbe fame rooted Doo clenfe tftebteaft anD tl^e lunged, auD ripe touglj ffeme ja 
dnD atmie J^umouriSf.anD tbep loofe tbe f^me anD ma&e tl^em ninnt,^ t^ep are 
SooDagainatbe(^o^tne(feofb^eatb>anDan olDcougljtobemijceDtDiti^fugar 
0; ^ome.anD often taUen into tl^e moutl^ op lic&eD on 

Cbefameroote0Dionlientoit^btnegerotiDater ,aregooDagain(lt^ebt' e 
tutgejBTanD llingtnge^ of ^cojtptoniefanD ot^er benemou^ beaded. 

^bi^ roote i^berpgooDfoicb^intbat are troubleDU)tt4 tbe paineanD (lop 
jjingof tftemilt ox (plene,^ foi tbem tbat ^aue anpmembet (!^ionfeen,o^fp]tong 
out of iopnt/oj^ DtfplaceD^oz taKen tuitb t\^t Crampe^llif e 0^ benummeD^ ^ 

Cbefame roote ox tbe pbu^Der thereof put into t^enofe^caufetl^ ^ternuta* <^ 
Hon OMiiering,anD D^zaiuet^ foo;tt^ tougIj,colDe,anD flpmie Ijumour^f* 

CbefamerootemingleDU3itbbonp,Dot^munDifie anD clenfe cozrupt anDl^ 
Wtljp blcer0,anD D.:a\Metb fooub ©iuerjsf , anD fpUnterie; of ujooD , anD b:ofeen 
boneiS, outof tbeflellje, ttDotij alfo regenerate anD increafe neujeflei^e, itis^ 
berpgooDagaiaatljeblcerjSanDbliaer^of tlje fingers? anDtoeisf,ti&at rifea* 
bout t^e naplejs; aru)eU in tbe banDes; ajs in tfte feete , ^ twitb conuenient oplejaf 
anD opntmenteia? it ^elpetl^ tl^e impodume^.anD cl^appe0 o^riftes? of tfaefonDe* 



C^e rooteflf of 3risf,anD t^e rootejsf of to!jite!^ellebot, tDtt^ t\oife aCmuc^e ^ 
ftanie t!0f gooD to annopnte tbe face,againfl: tt^e lenttleft freckles, pimple^^^anD ^ 
rtlottjerfpottetf anD blemi(I)e$oftfteface,foztliep clenfe tftefame* 

CliefamemingleD witl) opleof Eofe;Si;0?gooD againft t^e^eaDac^e^to^en 5, 

it isi annopi»teD t!)ertJoitb 


CljebeftauB moftconuenient in meDicine , are tfte 3feoj^ rooted tofticfte 

t^attxJbicli^gro\»et^in1gfrica, a^fj^ioftoziDejef anil l^linieto^tite, buttle 3 
frrcatt jreo0 isi mucbeDiftommenDeD of dsalen* 3t Wis? Dap t!ie tuftite Juo$i 


3 w?,anD Jre 0? jf lo^entina of t^e bafe 3llmaisne^» 


the Hiftorie of Plantcs. 



^nmU floure ^tUtmt timafffe f t eo0. €()ao.icii;ctJt. 


"^The Defcripion, 

noiue caUtftefnmll flouteiaeluce, 
ftatl^ narcouj long blaDesf, alimfte 
Ufeetlje leaue;^ of tl)e rig^t (^laDin 
but of abio\3onet: greene, ^ Cbmeujl^at tl)ic 
Hen Cbe ftalfee^ are l!?onertl^atl)e leaned, 
but onelp of a fpanlottg/tlje ixj^icl^ tio beare 
ttDO oubieefmallfloure^B^ tjpon l^o.iteftes^, 
danHmg alltogitber at tbe berp top of tbe; 
fapU ftalUc^,anD not one aboueau otber as? 
otbec f lagges^* %\^zlt floures: are almoO; 
Ufee tb e 60 ur e^ f t b e tb er Sagged, fauing 
tbat rb ep b e fmaller, ^ tb t tb tee f ir fl^ leauesi 



t^jat b.attgeIioiuueu>arb;,batte no t fucb ^z^ 
rieftral^e^oiUne^a.0areto bepercepueb in 

tbeotberfloiire Beliicesf. Cbeitcolourfoj 
tbemoftpatteiiSfaclearebleiue^ftraUeti ixt 
certapne place^ftuitb rmall lines? ^points?, 
of tubite ^ pellouD , alongil tbefioes? of tbe 
leaues? tbat i^ang botonetoarbeis ♦ Cbep be 

of a ple^fant (auour, fioeetet anb (tronget 
ti^ananpof tbeotberfloureBelucej^* i:bc 





' * 



'Ci^i^s? feinbe of a fiagge ijS? foutttie in tbi? 
eountrie va tbe garben^s? of i^erbonfte^B^* 

,^ gitflouretH^t^^ tnSlpapanb 3!une, 

^7 he Names. 

Cbi<s?floure^cluce map luelibecalleb in <5teeltex«M«ife»«'»^^^"^^i"s-ft^^ 
is to fepjio coarf e ^reo^^oj tbe fnialleft floure feeliic e, bpcaufe it i% tbe leaft of 

alltbeftagge^?* Sb^^c"^J5uaej5bo notucallit iris Liyiica* 3lnb fo botb alCd 

Hermolaus Barbarus in Corollario. 23Ut Antonius Mufa in Examine Simpliciu, 

UotljberpUJeUbeclare,tbattb!;6^i;s?not Iris lilyrica. 

7 hsTemferdment and^ertues. 

Cbt$ f lagge alfo \% boate anb bzpjeauing (luban it \$ cbetceb) acertapne 



ijt The Defcriptioft. 


l^eainckingfiaggc oz <:^labpn batb long nartoio blabeb leaned Mt to 

tbeleaue;9? of Hreos? 01 tbe aoureBeUice,bttt a great beale fmalier anH 
of a barUe greene colour,of alotbfomefmdlo;t ft:imfee,almoa lilfeebnto 

tbefUncfeinguioimecalleb in)iatine Cimex.Cbeftalfeeija? tounbe,bpont»bici[l 

fjroiuetb floured Ufee to tbe Souce 3^elice,but ftnaUer anb of a jjrap, m afljpe c o^ 
lour: VDbantbep are gone,tbere appeare great bttCfee;3?oKobbe5?,)Joberein is? 
rounb reb feebeftcc^e grapne ojbearie of tljequantitie of a ftttle rounbepeate* 




The fccond Bookc of 


iff The PUce. 

%\^\$s ^ttbz i0 a ftraget m 233^abant, 
f o]t it 10 felDonte found in tl^at countcep 
out of tl^e garden^ ot^ttho^iXttH, 3|t fcs 
beep comon in (0nglanl»,efpeciaUp nrare 
to tfte feafide, grotumg in ftonie placejJ 
bp^eDge;e? ant) ti^ebo^tia;jO( of tpoode^ 


3t flonretB in mnguft , anB t^e feet)e 


^ Th< Names 


tlc^iBf^erbeijaf called in<l5K^e|u>f: 

tn )idtine Xyris janb iris fylucftris : m 

^^oppejQ^ Sphatuia foetida:in ^paniC^e 
Ltrio sjadanai: in Cnglifl; ptvMn% glak 
dpn,3poucgeujojtte;^ UJilDe J^ttts^xixi 
:frencl^e cUieulpuantenn bigij Bouc^e 

n^elfcb ^cbtuertel, naanbtieuf^i^raut: 

tn bare3^lmaigneu^aOtluprcrupt.\i3ilde 
}li(cl^;and (Hncbende )Lirc^ 

^ The Nature, 


of potuer to cut and mal^efUbtilU 


C^efeedeof tlje ftinfeing aiadpn,ta^ 
Iben in ipetg^t of ^alf a djtam piouoi^et^ 

bzmemigl)tplp, ^tafeen\j)itl^bineger it 

dotbtoaitandcuretbeljardneireandftoppingoftlje^elte ojtS^pleene* 

Cl^erodte of ftinfemg(!5ladpnpoundeu)it^ alittlemerdegrte^,alittleof ftc * 
roote of tl)e great Cento^p,^ alittle l^onp,dtau3etb fozt^ albindeia^ of tiftoi^nejaf, 
^linterftand bjofeenbonejs:, and i0 detp good foi tl&e ujoimdegf, and biufe^ of 

t^el^cadjto diati) fooub tbe bfofeenboneis;* 

"C^e Cwne mengled luitb bineger dot^ confume and uiaile cold turno^^? and c 

ftoelUngjS^ being lapde ti^ctebpon* 

jCbi^betbedipuetb a\Map andifeilletb tbeftmkingtoozme;8f oi mt^^t^t^^ 
led Cimici, if tbe place uj^ereajJ t^ep baunt o^ ingender,be nibbed xuitb tl^e 

uipce tbereof 

€mt flasflc^)? #la!j(oU 

•5» The DefcriptioH 


^i|<^ladpn n Cozne ftagbatb longnarrotJ3Wade0,lifee to ti^e bladeiaf 
of 3|reo0,^tbci:eftof tbeflaggesf,buta great dealefmaller at narotpet;, 

tbe toppe U)bereof tbere bangetb ixi oider fapie purple floured ,one aboue an o 
t^er,after tobicbe tljere commetl? roiindil^^ i^iiffee^, diuided in ft^ee parted, al^ 
moft lilfee to tbe buffee^ of i^pacintbe oOacintbe,itt UJl^icbe tbe feede 10 contep 
ned*C^eroote 10 liiftebttto tujo round bttllette0 Cet one bponan otber* 

^ The Place, 

%W <i5ladpn 10 no t fcj uiid \xi ^\^ coutrep,but in tl^e garde0 of ]©erboii(f0 

}^ The Tjme. 

Cl^i06ladpnflottmtr in t!j!0cottntrie inSgap and^une^ 

the Hiftoric of Plantes. 

lEiThe Names. 

tine, Gladiolus, of BpuJeiUS Gladiolus 
'feectalis,anD Lingua ceruina.DnfenoUJCn 



in i^op0:in3talian,3/^«^^«a7V.- in ^pa 

Xii^^GUaiolo dt entres los panes MUsWWy ic- 

tue map calitin €nglii^, d^laDm: ' 
Cojncfiag,ant> rig^t (0laOin* 

^ The Nature. - 


Ip tfte bppcrmoft , Dotlj D?pe ^mafec fub 
til^anD l)atl) a litle Diau)ing tiualitie, aiS 


AJi The Venues, 




tuitft f ranHenfence anD tjuine , Diaiuetl} 
fooiCli t^ozne^, anD tljinge^e^ tljat (licUe 
faa in tljeflef^ie* 

•Cftefame coote minglcli toitl^ lurap 
mcale anD l^onpeD taaterCcalleDl^pDio 

meU)Dotib tuafleanD mai^e (Ubtilt^arDe 
lumped t^l fxpelltngeiBf^ 

Cl^ep fap alCo t^at t!je ijpper rodte 

D;^on&enin\DiiW,ptouoHecb ^t\xci$ ,0^ 

fetb barrennclfe* 

^TheD efcripion. 

Jfpnricbion ftatljt\3P0 ojttb^ee 

iD^tftj grottie \)p rounDeftcmsf 

i^ about ijalfea footelong, on tlje 
toppc0of x\)tm-i gtoiueberpfaire little 
floiDetj^of aligtjt blevp oi fftic colour, fo 
grovoing bpcourfe one aftec tbeotbrr, 
tbe one of tftem i% euer open anD fpzeaD, 
anD tbat ftanDetb altDape^f at tb e top, m 
faOjio almoft Ipbe tlje fiou^erjBfof Jceo^f, 
but fmaller , anD fomeujbat Differing in 

p^opoetion.lftec tbe fapDe litle flou>eriBf 

01 buffers, \r)beteintbe feeDe grotoetb* 
CberooteDotbalmoQ:maUettao rouuD 

beaDejs; , ipbe €>npon<8^ oi:&ulbo)s:, mo^ 
commonlp placeD one Dppon anotl^er, 
tubicb are inclofeD a0 it toere m certaine 


litle b ufe^* 

^ ThQ Places 

%W plante grotcetb in^doitingale 
anD ^^aine: ^ i$ berp felDome four!) in 
fiaunDetiSf.fiiuing in t^ e garD^5 of (bme 








The ftcoftde Bookc of 

Sf> The Names » 


»$. The Nature and Fertues. 

^ifpnncl)iuini]Bfof ft temjJeratecompleicion,anD gbciDtp be eaten : Clje 
3uncieiitc^ Dpli accomp t it amongft t^e number of cooteis? tbat map be eaten, 
anb tbe^paniarbe^ anD ^oitingale^s^ at tb lis bap, bo bfe it foifoobe ojmeate* 

<^f 3ttm 6ulbciia* €\m.%\ 



(Q The Ky fides, 

C^ere are foimbe tb?ee Wnbe;3: of 3n^23ulbora 

^The Dejcrtftion. 

3ceo0 , \)\% blabe0 be log, 

narro vue , anb (Icatteb , ot 
cteftebjVuelUbe tbe leauejEf 
of p pellou>e3fpbobil:bijs[ 
aaltie tj8f almoft of a cubite 
lo ng;in tF|^ topp e lu b eteo fgrotuebeatv 
tiful 0oiuer0,in fa(l?ion UUe tbefloU)er;B» 
of Jreos^jOf abzaae anb ejccellet colour, 
betiT3i]ct purple anb fbte colour : after 

tbemcommetb long anb tbtclie cobbed 

Cberootei^ after tbe manner of igul 
tu;e^,tbattje^rounblp]^ea ^atfronbeab 

Qi iiDnp0n,p U)bicbAPben it te infloiuet, 



biuibctb it Mt in txuapne , ojttujo :©ul 

t Cbe otb er in \tmt^ i^ MU to tbe iix% 
but biflf floiuer^ are partie coloureb, fo^ 

tbe leauejs^ of tbe lirle floiucr^f tbat bang 

ouurne boujneioarbes^are fomeujbat 
iDbite,^ tbe leauejj tbat gro\ja bpujarb, 

me of a cleare oi ligbt blevue colour,alfo 
are lelTe tben tbe otber;Bf,anb tbe cobbeiOf 
i^elonger anb tbinner^ 

^be ti/irbc i% MU to tbe otber, but it 
bearetb a flower altogitber of apleafant 

pelloiu colour* 

^ Th. PUcc^, 







Cbefinl: liinbe ijSfounbe in €nglanb^» 

%\}z otlier tujapne grouje in^papneanb j&o^itingale. 

*5» The Tyme, 

Cbe flbujers? of tbeCe ftrangeplantesf,boo O^etoe tbemfeluejGf commonlp in 
3»ne,ui bare 3lmaigne tobere a0 tbep ate fcantl? knotuen o: faarblp founbe, 
damns m t^e garbeng of fbm^biligentl^erbdjfllej^* 

^T he Name). 

Cbi^flotjuer i^callebnoiu ii!:iatine,Buibora iris,bpcattfe it ^atl& a JSulbui^ 
toote,anbafiouierIpHe3reo«f, 23 ut it feemetb to beApuleiusBulbus:,c^lcli 
w <0refeejif5ex§a->an!! Hieribuibus: tbep call tbi^ plante in &papne,eIbeciaUp 

tbat uiub t^e pcllotw^ fioujec Miia Bum : «mb uiemap call if TdnVbm Jteo^ in 







the Hiftorie of Plaaces. 

^ The Nat an and Vertues. 

- X 



* Cifte nature t\ltW femUe of Bulbii?^ oi aoiper,tDitl) Ijt^ ijertiie^ are no t pet 
ftnoiuen,brcanfe tljere i;Bf no ej^pcttence maUe of it ajsf pet. 

4fi>f tbepclloXDe totlac 3ttoe/oi flmtt ©ducc 


f 4 






!^e XDilU pelloti) 3ci<3: o? aotuer 

i^eluce , bat^ Iditg harro\jae 

flagged ojtblat»e0 , almoftlpfee 
to ti)e tig'ot Jriisf oi garDen fiagge , but 
a great Dealc longer auD narroiuer berp 
IpJie to tfte blaUe of a long anH narroxue 
Double eDgeDtooiDe^ ^beftaifee^sf be 
rounl3e,Cmaotl^,anD i^oloU),at tbe topple 
iDbei'eof ;groujet^ tbe pellotoe flovuet 
U)it!)tljetbiee leaner? Ranging DoU3n(> 
luarlie;8f>Ufeeto^ garUe flotuer SeUtce 

f x\^nt mounting bp\uartiej6^,buttbep 
are fmailer tbe tbe leaned p bag bouine 
tuarDesf. t^be tbep^re pafttberecome 
t)p tbtclie triangleb cobDe^ o^ bunie^e^, iw 
iDbicb i^contepneb largepellou) feebe 
t^ere^anb fometimeief it batl) ot^er Cmall 
rooteis Ranging bp it,anb manp tlj^^ebS?^ 
llring;8?> of a flell;lp cdlour tuitbin,anb of 
aroug^ aftringent oj binbing tafte^ 


•sa^ljiiSfUJiibe pcUoiue 3rij8fgrdtDetIj 

in mopd place;£i,anD louj m^boiueKanb 

in tbeboiberiSf auD bjinfee^ of i^iuer^s?, 

ponDe^,anb lafee^:berp commonind^n 

glanD>f iaunber^, ^ otber CountrieiS» i^ rhe ryme. 

/ C^iSfaoiuerBeluceoj^U)ilbe3ripflo\ujetljin#apanb3une/ 

^T he Names. 

%\^t tjjilDepeUoU) 3^^ ^^ ^^e c alleb in ?Lattne, PJeudoiris Lutea: anb of 


tai^en in mebicmefoi tlje fame,no t tuitbout great errour, iolTe , anb banger of 

It i^^alfo calleD prcudoacorus,tbatij9^tcrap,faire ozbaltarbe Acorus:in Boucbi 
<^eelibc^VDertel,geel toalb ^cbtuertel, ^ jataUcntuurt^ : in bafe 3lmaigne 


<!5eel t»ilt lifcbjanb 23o]i;e boonemin f rencb;G^^9'<?^^ ^'i^^'^'^'^^* 6fc i'^^^^^'^^ ^ 

in CngliO^ctbe pellcu) ^ilbe 3jri^,tbe pelldui floujer l^eluce^KDiibe fiagge?, 

tuater aaggefif^anb }tauer.0,o,iXeuerja: ♦ 

Cbe pellotue badarbe 3ri5^ bi^^ too te i% colbe anb Mt in tbe tbttiie begree, 
^ of aaringcnt ozbinbingfaciiltiejlpfee to tberoote^s of Coimentill ^ i^iftoire^ 


'Clje roo te of pello\jO? e Diuer Beluce At bnlJacii^ 'Jri^ bopltb m t»ater ani) :3j 

tzonHcn;r!oppet^ti^eblooDpfiice,anbotfterau]ceiE?of tljc!:cllp : anbaoppetft 

$ 9 W 





The (econde Booke of 


^ r 

blooD from vul^encefo cuerit floujetlj , *U)ome!is?fioiDer;sfmtD!)at Cb;ttfbeuet 
it be ta&ea , pea if ic be mtiiiltreD but outUJarDlp onelp ept^er in plapfter^sf ot in 


^ftl)cuil)tte1liflie. €i)m^%\i) 


^z u)l)ite TLilUe l)ijsf Icaueie? be longattD 

btoabe , anb fome\ju^at t^icfee oz fat,a- 

mOiigd ^ U)l)ict) fp^iuget^ bp a ftraiglftt 

Uemme o; (taifee of tbiee f oote long oj moze, fet 

ant) gamill)eb \\)itl) leaned from tbe robte to 

tbe toppe, to^icl^bp litle aab Ittlea^ tl^ep grou) 

bp to^joarb tbe top , bo tDajce fmalier,^ fmaller^ 

3intbetop of t^eTapb gariu(l;eb ftemmegro\jDe 

tbepleafantibcaiitiful, \ubtte,anD fUJeeteCmel 

ling HtUie^ y XymX^tt^ into Cijce fmall > long, anb 

narroiue leaueje^ , tu^ictie i)aue In tbe outfpbe of 

euerpieafe^acertapueftrafee ouibbe,biit ujitl^ 

in t^epare altogitl^er of an eirieUent ^vnvn% 

^pureu)^itecoloitr, benbing fome\jo^atbacb 

tuarbejQi at t^e top, in tbe mibble amongCf tbefe 

leaiiesf,tt)cr l)ang bpo ftjce berp fmal ftem0>fi)ce 

fmal pellou) po integi o.i litle marfee^e?, a0 it tuer ^ 

grou)et^ anoti^er longbptigbtanb triangleb 

Itemme, t^tc^ertl^en tlie red, anblpbetotbe 

Onpon, 01 ratber a garlifce ^eab compacte an^ 
mabeof biuerj5tloue$ oiliernellej5» 

C The Places. 

%\^z iJD^ite TLilliejS be berp common not 

Ip m tt)i^ Couutrie j but m allplaceia; el$ uibere 

Lilium Candidum^&c 




«5i The Tjme 

C^iiBf binbe of }tillie)8f bot^^floioer att^ebeginningof June o^tt^ereabottt. 


>f.T he Names. 

%^z to^ite itillie i$ calleb of tlje <Brecian9^ K^ivop k5«^ xt/pjop, of fome K«M.wfioH. 
anb Koiy;^v9t^ap: t^e plante i^ calleb niym^cK. jt i$ calUb inilatine , Lilium , anb 

Rofaiunonis;in^ftoppej8f,J iliumalbumiin^talian ,^/^//V>,anb GigUo biand 


in S>pani(5,u^ 


©ouc]&e;i©eiff (^ageuj, oj toeifj ^ttilgen: \x\. fmt\^t 

•J» The caufe oftheNdme . 

Confhintinettjntetl^tl)i;9?of tfte ](lillie,tlbat m^en Hupiter ftab begotten 
l^erculesf bpon 3lcumena,anb being befp:ou$ to mafee Ijim immoitall , be cai 
fpeb bim to fncfee 3utio bi^ tDife^iobilesf d^twafi aeepuig,anb U)beu ^e percei- 
neb tbecliilbe to bauefuclitl)i5( fpll, l)e bietne bim from Ijerbiteaft , bp meaneiJ 
iDbercoftMere fell great tlazc of mplke from tbe bieaftesf of Himo , t^e grea 
teftparte \i3bereof tJoa^Qjilt in fteauen anb fell bppon t^e ^feicjsf , tol^ereof 
tftefigneanb marker imapnet^ at thi$ bap, t^at iiS to Cap , tl^at tobite anb mil 

feie toap tw sm\) tl^joug^ ^eaum, from t^el^o.zt^ to t^e S)Outb ( calleb in 





the Hiftoric of Plantcs. 


JLatine via laaca) .- Cbe reO: fell Ijpon tl^e tm\^, tuljeteof (i^iattg t^efe %i\\i€0y 

in tf^t ionm tDftereofjtl^ereremapttetl^ t^etjerp UJljitenelTe of tljefapDe milUt 
anD Ijeceof itcame to palTe^ti^at tW floure voa^sf calleU in )Latinc lunonis rofa. 

ti^at isi to Cap, 3ittiio$ rofe^ 


ijt The Nature. 

%\^z rootc isi bzp in t^e firftDegree^anD i^oate in t^efeconU* 

t^The Tertues, 

%l)t roo te of tfte tPl)ite )liUie foUDe in \^onitt^ \3oatet anti Uion&en, Htpuctb a 
foitl^ bp tbe fiegc all co^tmptionof blonU, aisf PHnic l^petb* 

Ci^efameroltcD^oipoimbeantiiDeU mmgleUtDit^opleof laofe^s^^Uotl^fof* j^ 

ten tl^e bacDnelTe of tbe apatcip^gt p^tonofeetft c^e monetblp terme^f^beins lapDe 

C^efamepounDetuitlji^onpjiopnetl^togitberfineiDe^sftbatarecutj confu* £ 
mct\^ 01 fcouretl^ aioap tbe blcec^s: of t^e i^eaU calleti :aicboze$,anli cucetl) all ma 
ncrof naugbtiefcumine(re,anjpellof tbel^eati a? of tl^eface, auDi;? gooD tobe 
lapDe to ailHiflocations^ oz place;? out of iopnt 

Cberooteof tl^eujbtteMlie mengleU tuitb bineger o^ tbeleauejsf of ^tn^ j^ 
bane>oit I3arlep meale,cnretb tbe tumo;t;s^ ant) impoflem;^^ of tbe genttoi^. 

Ci)e(l^meboplebinbineger,cau(i^tbtbeCo^neiB^tDbicbbe in tbefcete to fall (^ 
of.if itbeJ^eptebpont^efapDeCoj^nejef a^g^aplapHer bp tbefpace of tJ^^eeDapeio* 

d^eCttnemenglelitoit^opleo^greare,bjingetljti^e^eareagapnebponpla* f 
cejs tljat bane hmt eitber bumeb o} fcalbeD* 

•Cl^eCwnerooterofteb intbe emberftomeUpounbetoitl^ ople of Eofeft ig © 
goob againfl: t^ e f ule bieal^tng ut calleD ti^eu)imfire.31tcnt:etb all buming;^^ 

anb clofetb bp blcer^ef* %^t fame bertue bane tbe leaneis; ♦ ^ojeoner tbep are 

goob to be lapbe bpon tl)e b^tin^0 ol^ttpmt0. 

C^e inpce of tbe leaue;S bopleb tjoita bineger anb bonp in a btafen piplfeen o j !^ 
ffeiUet,i;B^berpgoob toi^eale ^mnnbifiebotbolbeblcer^s^anb greene tDounbe^ 

mit\) tbe &ovivz0 of ?lillie$ tbci?e fcsf mabeagoob :©ple, to fupple, molUfte ^ 3 
bigetf,e]ccellenttofoftentbefpneu)e;8f, anbtocncetbe baroneffeoftbe ^attip 


CbefeebeofjliiUes^ijSf goobtobeb.ionKenagainft tbe biting of ^erpent^ 

^(tl)t ^jengc colour/ antt tedUe purple$. 



^ The Kyndes, 

T^zct be tbiee feinbc^ of rebbe oz purple jlillieftU)berof tbe firft i^ef t^e fmall 
anb common rebbei-illie^ tbeCeconb i^ great, anb tbe tbirbei)B of ameane 

CiTeo^ quantitie. 

^ The t>efcripien. 




/| l^e rmaUpurple)Lillie, biiQ^ (lameis; be almoa of tbe lengtb of balfe a 

'foote^fettttUofnarroUibarfeejreene Ieaue5^:tbe floaters: infaflbion 

areUUe ttjeflonreiEf of tbe tubite fkMZj faningtbep are toitbout fa* 

^uour, anbof a{piierebbecolour,lpiincfeleb oi pouberebtoitbblacfee 

fpecHe;8?:tberoote;8^bealCbrounb,anbtoitb cloue0o?feemel;5lifeeto tberoote? 


•Cbegreater cebS^Hliegroujetftto tbebeigti^ of tbet3i!)ite)Lillie, anb tbere 

groloetb oftentimes? bpon one(tal&ett»entp,fiue6tttt>entie c; tbirtie fioure^ef, 

oj moe, of a H^pning pello\j)if5 rebb'e colour, gi Iped^leb tpir^ berp fmall blacifee 




The fecond Bookc of 


f^otte^.oi little poj^nteti marfee^a;s:tl)eotl)er* Cl^crootei^j Liliu p\irpureu 
alfo liU ti}Z ot^ei', fautug it i^ fom'tt)t)at fmaller* 

C^etliiti) rebDeWliei^in grGutl)l)igl)crtl)an tlje firft, 
l>etitotfo i^igl) ^ talaig^tljefecouCe^C^iiSfeinticofWlie bea- 
m^ at t^e toppe of ti^e ftalfee, aiiU alfo amotrgft^i^? Umtsi asf 
it tuere certarne pppeis? ox clpfter^ , vuljiclje if tljep befet in t^e 
grouitDjtuill gcoiu , auti after t'g^zee o: foure i^eare^ tl^ep ft) ill 


^ The Pldct 

CljefefeinBe^of )LilUc!S ate planted iw Come garlieni8:,eli)e- 
ciallp ill f laanUer^ antJ (I5ermanp,bttt iw IbmecountrieiB; t^ep 
grotu \t)ilt)e in tougl) ant) ^larbe placed* 

<fyTheTyme. ' 

C^ep fioiire in <3^ap anti Jmte. 

^ The Names 

%^t reU purpleXtllie i;^ called m^m^tyi^myiT^cp 


Liliiim rufum .antl of Ouide itiS^ 

calleD Hy 


PaufjniascaUethoueof t]^efefeinliej3f c 

mofandaloiKtlje JtalianiS GigholduatkOy^itiimi^W^tiltt^^ 


. ' JjjfiThecaufe oftheName. 

M^t reDDeWUe ifiDiuDeioiptetft ti^ilf, tftat it came of 
tibe blouB of tlje 23op Hyaci n th us, ti^e toljiclje Apollo (bp mif- 
f oiitune aiie)iu plapitigxuit^ Ijim, fo aiaf t^e gralTe antJ ijerbeisf 
tuercbeDexyeli anDfp,iincfeleliU)it^ tljeblouDof Ijim* w\\zu* 
l)pon it came to palTe immcDiatelp bp tlie commaimtiement of 
3pollo,tlfeat tl^e eartl^ biougi^t fojttl? afloure altogitljec like to 
a ;slttlie,fautng it\i3a$ reDDe, a^ £)uib vutpting in ti^e tentl^ Booke of ^i^ S^e* 

Eccecvuor,quifurushumofignaueratherba5 5 * 


Dcfinit tffle cruor,Tyrioqj nireniior oilro 
Flos oritur,formamqi capit quam Lilia:fi 
Purpu cus color bis,aigenteus efl 


3^nDfoitapetpctitallmemo,iieof tl^ea3op Hyacinthus,:3lpoUo nametitliefe 

Qxsmt^ l^paciiit&e^e^ 


^7 /je Nature andrertues 



Ci^e nature anDbettue0 of ti^ereDUe jlilltegf are pet i3ni^no\xjenjbpcattfe 
t^ep are not tjCeD inmeDicine* 


"^ The Defcripim. 

l^eioilDe^dilliel^ati^afltatgl^trounlie demmefetfttU of longleaneis', 
at tbe toppe tubereof tijere groto fap^e pleafant 8oure;8f, in piopojtiort 
mucb like to tbe X'iUie, hiuinth into fijce fmall , tl^icfee, ant> flefiljie 
leaaejQ^>beriDing o^ turning backtoartiejo; almofi like a ring, of an oltie 

purple oi Dijume incarnate colour, pouDereD o^ Daftite UJit^fmallipottep, anH 
tuitljout anp (peciall fmell * Clje roote isi like to tl^e common garDen jLillie^ia 
tting it is? fmaller ann pellotu ais golDe. 

i^The Place. 

•CibiSljerbe grotoet^ income placr;8f of l&lmaigne, aisfintl^etoootie^, $ me- 
HotPe^tDi^ofefituation o;(lant)ins ^ t^pon i^ountapne^: tut in ^i^ covixu 




the Wiftorie of Plante§. 

trie li^ep plante t^jem in garliens:* 

' . if-ThcTime. 

%x^mi\\^t%i\\mw^itt\^ in apape ant 3Iune 

AaiarylUi Hilpanorum. 


^ T/r^ Names 




Cljis^fiotDjtei^caUet) of fomein<i5ceefee w«»«*^^^f: 

in)tatine,LiIiuniryluertre : auD Itli'ome placejBf Affodil. 

Ill s^amongft tlje %pmtmitsi Anti OS t»feD foi t^e tig^t 

Afphodcius(buti)erpercomottap: in €ngliOE)e,iJDiii)e 
?t illie : in f r encft e, Lis/auuage .- tij e 3 talian js: call it o^/^r- 


(l5olDtottrt?,attD l^epDnifci^blumen: in bafe ailmmgne 
jteliUen^ Dan Csluarien,f epUen^ bloeme^ anl) n^tlUe 
Tlelien: fome tafeeitfoz woK«M<v,Hemerocaiiis, i;o)jpe 

bcit tl)eaoujen^ notpellotu* 

^ The Nature and Fertues.. 

^fteluiltie liitie aifo i^not bfcD in mcDicin^,^ tfterfote 
ftqsf nature ^ Dmuc;s^are a0 pet ^iDben,^bnknotDem' 

^The Defcrif'tiert. 

^\% lotuebafc berbe, ftatl) Xt% t^c inortpartc 
butttooleaue?, fpecfeleb U)itb great reDDe 
fpotteiJ, bet\jDt)ct tDlfttcl&e tl^ete fpiingctb bp a 


at tl^e toppe ^angingboiuneu)arD j\0^ic^ batb certapne 
fmallleaneiS? grotping togitijerlpfeean atcbeo^ibante 

anO iii^e t^e U)il2ie MUe, of colour U)bite 0e pate 

pttrple,UKe to a Carnation ^% fleft colour: out of 
tl^e miUDeft of t\)\% fldioer , tbere bange alfo fire 
fmal tbiomme;3:,oi ftioit tftzet»;s^,\i3itb title titles^ 
01 pointeb no tej0f,Ubea0 in tbe 2lillie0.3ftet Vc^t 
floxuer t^eire folou)etb arduD fenop ojt title beal», 
\\x UJbicli tbe feDeifif cotepnebiCbe roote \$ long 
^ fienUer tpfee to a CbelJOl,\jDitb certapne l^earie 
tlj^rtJbeft o,z ftringeif ft angtng at it^ 

3lt grometft in Ditters^ places? of 3talp , but 

cfttefelp on tfteljille^ ^ mountapne^ of asononia 
anti ^utinenftanb tbe Countrie tberaboute^^: 
itgrotuetftnotinBtabantfauing xxi\ gart^en^ 
of certapne Diligent l^erbo^iifteisf 

•^r he Names, 

^biiS fterbei^noujecalleU Dentkulus cani^, 

ant) Dens caqinus, Of fo me it 10 alfO calleD Pfeii- 
dohermoc!aaylus,of Otbet0 Satyrio Erythroniu, 

tobertu it'^all liottDitftftmitiing itftatft no fimtti^ 


of Biofcojtil>e0,tbfticfteijs? alfo called Ke/v<jp^ye»«H» 
tftat ijBf, Liiiunt jyiueftre:anl> it map \i?elbe caileli 

Lilium fylueftre rbpcaufe tbat tbe flOtTtt 

a0it bangetb botoneuiartJ totJoatDes? \ grounS, 
fcj mucb 11^0 to tbe Tlilliegf,^ efpeciallp t^evctme 


canis'Ephemeronno lcchal€w 

)tiUie0f,teuin3 it iff ener totEller* 










The (c conde Booke of 

^ The Nature and Vertuts,. 

I tl^c natutf ant) tjermcs? of tl^iaf l^erbevwe can affirmenotljin5,bttt if it be 31 


Cp^emecon a0 it feetnet!) to be, t^enit ijSf gooU fot t^e teetl) , ^% 3©tofcouDe^ 
fattlj, fpza;s:^e VDUtet^, tbe tuater tol^eretn t^erooteiisfbopleD i^U)l|olefome 

aub fpeciallp gooD foi tl^e teetb* 

C^e leaue$ of t^us ^erbe bopleD xm \x^m anb lapbe to, bo fcattet anb b.tiue 25 

atuap all fmall tumours atib txj6ealC9^;anbptt(t)e$oftt)ebobpf 

a^r he Kinks. 

Cljecebetttio fo^ttcjs? of tbi;2?)liriie,^i^ereof onel^atl^ apeUou>e8otuer,tl>e 

btl^er abarfee Crimfiu oipurple flotDetf 

^IheD efcripion . 


^ ' 

t ¥4m ^ ^.^ pellotoe %i\lit non bttlbuft 

' '^^ bi3fleauei6?beionganb nacrotH, 

from amongftiuljicb tberefpun 
getlj bp a nafeeb ftalfee of ttoo 0^ tbiee 
foote bigb j U)itboHt anp fmall leaue$ 
Srotuing bp it , att^e top it btutbetb anb 
partetb it frtfe agapne into otber fmall 

ftalfeea^ o^bzancbeisJ: bpontubicb grouje 
fioxmtsi mucbelpfee to tbe otber ^LilliejBf, 
of a fainte oz €)cbie colour pellotue, anb 
anb plcafantCiueete fmelLCbe roote^f of 
t\)isi i^inbe arebtuer0 anb manp banging 
togitber,lifeetbe rootcjsof tbcpcllouje 
3lfpbobill f^} J^affobtll fauing tbep be 

greater anb tbicker* 

g ^bebarfec reb anb purple IJLillie non 
bulbu5, in aalke^ rooter isi li^e totbe 
otber, butbis^floU)er0 be of a barke 0^ 
tim reb purple colour, fomeVjDbat larger 

Hben tbe flovuers? of tbc pelloto Untit tbe 
leaned be alfo larger anb rongber ♦ Cbe 
fiotijerjs^of botb Mnbcs;bo laftbut aberp 

Cmall time,not aboue a bap at ^ furtbeft, 

efpeciallp tbe purple iDbicbefabetb berp 
Ugbtlp , 6t tDitberetb often timeief before 
S>onnefet» ^rhePUce. 

^befe MUe^ are ftrange in tbifif Co5 
trie^ f launber^ , anb arenot founbefa 
uing ingarben^^ , tub^aiJ tbepgroiD ea 

Lilium fi^on Bulbofum, 


}ttllte non bulbujg;. 




•Ji The TimtL^, 



Cbep aotDer,tDitb tbe otber )ttlliei6:,anb fom\»batafter,anb fomtime;^ tbep 
o\»er againe in Wxinrnm toben tbe tobet^er iisf milbe anb pleafant* 

i^ The Names, ._ 

Cbe 5latintae0 bo call tbi^feinbe of jtiUiesf, Lilium nonbulbofum. 3nb it 
feemetb to betbatfeinbe of Millie uibicb tbe <^refians?calUM*foK«A\iV,Hcmero- 


Lihumfyiucftrcanb Lilium ma£inum;tJDrbi^enamei5 are mot agreeable bntd 

tbeCcliinbe^fofWUejBf* ^jr^g 

' b 



the Hiftorie of Plantes* 

^ T&e Nature and Fertues, 

20 J 


Ornithogalum maius. 

f o?e t U eirnat ur e aulH3 ert ue0 at e p ct b nfenotD em 

^ThcT> sfcripion . 

i^e leaueij of tfti0 WnD of }LiUfe 

are long atiD narrotu , amongCt 

U)i^tcftenfetlji3p alitleCmoot^; 

tentierftalbe,at t^e top tjoi^ere 
ot t^ere jtotue Diueris faite anH pleafant 
.flottjer^^ofaf^imng tpl^ite colomr.anH 
pzopdzttoneD lifte to a little iltlUe , in tl^e 
mtDie iJDl^ereof, ouer anD aboue certapne 
final tl^.zeDDp dalfees? o^tft^tommejaf^t^ere 
commet^ foo^tl^ one ComeU)^at greater 
t^en tfte re Wpfee to an aglet, oi trtagleD 
l&uilie, intDi^ic^ after t^e falling ofcof ti^e 
flotoer0 t^e feel^e grotuetft* Cfte roote 

i% rounDe after tl^e manner of 23ulbu;8f 
anD CometD^at great, ^ lu^ite of colour: 
Diuitktngtt Celfeeafilp intoDiuerjS^ot^er 


%^\^ i^ alfo a (Iranger tjoiti^ \>^.%n^ it 
feemetft tbat ittuas? firftbjjoug^t from 
3file]i:anDna into ^italie ant) tl^efe regions? 



^ The Names, 

ClbiiS3iillieij3? called LiliunvAlexan- 

drinuni : bUt Of BioCCO^itie^S \Xi <5UZ^t 

c^viflo>fl[Ao^»:in)Latine, Ornithogalum: anD 

bpcaufetl&erei^ pet another Ornithoga- 

lum , Defcribeb in tfte fiftb parte of tW 
ti3ozlte,t^i0 ijBJtfterefo.iecalleD Ornitho. 

« i 





A^ The Nature and Vertues, 

3^iofcd^it)eiEf\x3;titetb of ®mitbogal,tl^at tliebulbujBf, oirounD rootettiere* % 
of map be eaten anD bfeD fo^ meate eitber ratoe oj^ CoDDen^ 


Tl^ere be ttoo Co^tte^ of ifpacintbejar > pet oarr anD aboue XAmt$ otbet^ 
tofticbearealfocounteD^^pacintbe^^, iwljerrof ijoe tuill tu^itein tijienew 


■ijc- The Defcri^ttoft. 

^€ firCll^pacintbeif tubicb arecommonin t^elotoeraermante^b^ne 
long narro\»eleaue;8f:amonga: u^fticb ftJiing Dp fmootb fl:alfeej6f,U}bicft 
betugloDen UtlefiotoerjS from tbe miDDle euen ^p to tlie berp tep , are 
tDitb lAit tpaigbt anD burDen of tl^e feme^maDe croofeeD,o^fpzceD to fal^lienbr, 
0^ doupe.Cbe litlefiotoer^ are lotig anD ^oloti^e , anD aftertuarDe fonietDbat 
^teaD abzoDeliUeDnto UillieConnaUi not fo ftrong in (mell, butpetpleani*^*: 

anD f\»eete,of colour moftcommenlp bletD Ipfeea^ure, anD iamz^mt$ purple, 
anD fometimes? ajBi ujbite ajaf fnotu e,grap,oi aft e colo ureD: U)& m tbefe ao\3o er^ 

are fallen,tbere folotu triangleD ^ufke^ oj coDDe? , tn^erein t^e fmaU rounDe 

{ireDe i^ contepneD^ 



The fecoftdcfeookc of 

Hyacinthus vwlgarls &c. 

Hyacinthus Orlentalis dec. 



\\%z to t^e afo^iefartie , but \^$ leaues; 
ftalfeejs: auD codtes: are greater : anH tlje 
fioujet^bealfo larger, ^of anej^cellen 

ijs T^tf VUU' 


%l^e common i^pacint^e^Uogrotjo about tljebo^iUerjef of falloujebfeetteif 
anb paaure^s: in fanbp o? grauelp gcounb^anb ate f ounbe in manp placeft efpe 
cCallr about i©mcauutou,^toito»,^ ^iet, m^ i©ellpartej3? of Cnglanbe^^c* 



1^ The Tyme 


C^ecommon!^pacmtt)eflotDjeti^sboutt^eenbeof#aj>e,anb in ^ttne,oj 

fomeiobat ratber* 




tje Th Names. 

Cbefe are calleb in (BttzU s^k/vScc: m jiatine , Hyaci nthi ,^ a$? Come tbinfee, 
timw vubereiu tbe note^sf ot mourning marHe^ arep^inteb; to j t^ep are in ti^e 
reD purple ]iilUefta;5 b^ (is: Capbe* 

^5^ T/^tf Nature, 

"Cberooteofi^pacmtl^e i)0fbiteintisefirf!:begree,anbcolbeintbefeconbe: 


Cberoote ofi^pacintbebopleb intoineanb-bzonlien, ftoppet^ t^ebellp,^ 
pzouofeetb tjtine, anb Ijelpet^ muc^^ agapnd ti^e benemoii^s bittngs^of ^e feelb 

Clie feebe i^ of t^efamebertue, anb fcafmigbtter in ftoppingof tbelaffee : it 15 
Ibe!; ,tb tbemtbatbauet^eWoobpfli^e^nnb if ttbebjonfeen in\jDine,iti^ betp 

goob ag apnft tftefalUng ftd^neffef 




*- • 



the Hlftorie of Pkntesi 



Bl^fptiesf tfte t\uo foite;8f of i^pacmt^e^C\]Dl)ic]^e in Deelie are t^e rig^t l^pa- 
cint^e0)DcfcnbeUmtt)efoimerCi^apter : ti^erebealfo Uiueria^ floujerjefi 
tpi^ic^ are alfo taken fo^ l^pacmtl|e;s^ auD are no\D reclitieD amongd tl^em^ 

Hyacinthus neotericorum primus. 

Hyacinthus neotericorum tertius 


4 . 








^€ fira of tl^efe biuDes^of ^pactntljeiSf, ijatftlbng, narroloe, greerti 

leaues?: amongft \s>\^ii\i are flenD er (lalliesf, 16 ger t\itxi a l^anD bteaUtli^ 
baring manptrimmrflotoer$,groiuing to gitl)er,aboutt^etDpoftl^e 

ftalfeemaclttder o^ibunbellpfee to anofegar o;tUtlebunct)e of grapejsfjefpectal* 
Vp bef oie tl^e opening o;t CpieaUing abzobe of tbc fioU)er;B?.Cbe rootc i)Of rounbe 
after t^e oiber of 23albu^ q% ^rtpon0,anb botb anicblp ehcreafe act) multiplie 
Dittcr^ (^t\^zt^.%^t flotuer;B^ arenot muclje bnlifee to oitute conuaL moftcom 
monlp of an ajure di ffeie colour ,lD^erdffome are moze fl)imng ^ cleare.^t fome 
areofabeepercolottr:fomettme0t^ep bealto tD^ite,anb fometime;s:peftaU Ut 

of tljem changing toujarbeg: acarnation o?fleH> colour: tu^ereof t^etuftite are 
of a berp Cmeete anb pleafant rauour» 

■Xibefeconb isJ (bmetubstlpfee to tbe afojtefapbtbut bis;leattej0f belargerartS 
tfticfecr,anbtbeplpeClroUjen 0^ fpieabbpontbegrounUe* Cbefloujetjs^beal 
fo greater.anbboo ftanbe further apartozafunber one fromanotber,ofcoionr 

fomujljat tJDbite^Cbe rounb o.z 23ulbui9f roote alCo foi \^i% tixxmtititisi gi:eater. 
Cbe tl)irb W leauesf alfo are longer anb biober (ijan t^e abouefapb, mucl^ 

lifee bnto %zt^ blabe^; t^e eslfee of afooteldng, carping maiip fin iH boiotDe 





Thcfeconde Bookeof 

flo\jDeriS, sro\»mg fo tl)iefee about tfte top: tljat tW ^tW Ifte a htnO) o^l^ol?- 

txjatec&iincfele, att!|eCit(lofafairebiolet colour, btttUJftentljep begiime to 

:f iuallv t^e rounb anD bulbar coote ottW Wub of i^pacint^e i^ gceaterj anH 

of colour CometJPbatreti o^putple UJitbottt* 

Hyacinthus Autumnal 


4 Cb^fOWttl^^ft^8^ii0f calleD Hyacinthus Autumnalis, 

i$ tbe leaft of tbefe !^pacmtbe;j , pea it isi leffe t^en tl^e 
firftut^at^Utle, narro\j)e,rmall,anb tmberleaue^tan?) 
fmall aenber ftemmeje; o f balf e a Q)an lon$,at tl^e tjobtc^e 

4ttb faO^ioneb^tD^eu t^ep are open,U^elitle H^rre^^tJPttl^ 
certapne fine , fmall , anb a)o^ttb?ebbe$ growing itt tfte 
mibbeft of t^em.Cibefeebei!$ inclofeb in a fmaltriangleb 
^u(lie« C^e rbote ij$ fmal^pet of tl^e faf^ion of an i^npon 

5 / CbelaftofalUJfticftiisfbeftribeboffuc&CittSfamongll 

tl^e ^pacint^ejs^, t)atl^ fometimeisfttDo:, anbfometime^ 

tl^teeCmall leaned; amongft U)btcbe t^ere fpnngetl^ bp a 

a little (lemme , bearing fiue o^ (t)ce, o^tmbfiotuer^s^at 

^e b erp toppe,euerp one of tbem gtotoing bpon a fmall 

0ali^e bp it felf e: ecl^e fioti^er igatl^ aire rmalleattejsf,f a^io 

neb ipi^e adarre toben tbep areQ^iteab ab^obeanb opent 

of a fkie colour anb ibmetime^ t^bite. :ifter tbefefolotu 

rounbel(noppe;$U3^ereintbe feebe ^ contepneb^ ^be 

toote;s: ate fmall anb :!5ulbu^fa(^ioneb>lil(e^ere(l;anD 
Ipl^e bnto litle i^nponisf.but le(fe^ 

1^ T^e Place, 

t ^^efirftHinboftl^efebafe^^pacint^eje^bogrob^tnt^e 

tuoobjs: of 3(rtop0 ti^at are neirt to tt^e lotpe Countrie of 
<^ermanie, inmop(l>U)et;anb lotoe grounbeis: : anb t^ep 
bealfo often fet anb planteb in gar bensf: tul^ereofti&e 
bleto fo jt i$ meetelp common, but t^e vuiftite are geafon, 
anb rare to be fottnbe» 



-Cj&efeconbeanbt^icbeboalfogrotP in fttcl^eipkeplacejSofJtalp anb (Be^ 





cue f iftb 15 meetelp common in <l5ermame,it beligbtetli moft iTgoob fatte 
grounbe^,butefpeciaUpmpaaurejB?anbbntoplebplace;?* i*M»»wuu«»i.n^ 


5i&e5obJer^dftliefirttkinbe,boI5e\Debptime;B?, ajJitt^arcbeo2befo2g 
tf tbe lueat^ be milb e , anb furelp one Wnbe of t^rf^^ 

tPitft tbe perfect aiureo.^ beepe colour puttetft fooztb bi^ leaner bS^i^ 
ter^anbtbeteClaffooneasftointeriiJgone* '''"^*'^^^ leaue^oetojetom- 



Cbefeconbe anb t^irbebo ffotoer afteniiarbe* 

Cbe fourth U^m l^ft of all at tft e mt o f fommer,anb htqmiaz of ntu 



C^elaft 8on3.tetp>ttmeftai5 in aparci^eo^jfebjuarie 

^ The Names, 

o«itcs:tB8S! bfeawmfstrjtjim^ caUeO m)Lntinebpmefttmwneof Buibiefcu- 



<c? ■■>* 

Hyaclnthus Fuchfij bifolius. 

•Hyacinthiis Fuchfij trifolius. 


^/ ^ 

% •■* 



- -y 

/ T 


. 1 


* t 




Icnti. JntJ^efeDapeiaffomecallt^em Hyacin- 
th! Bottyodes, 01 Hyacinthi racemoli : Of t^^ 

gtaliaitsfCtl^e mite Wnfte eq^eciallp) i^ cal 


tri&efeconDei)8fafo in tJ^enumbetBulborumcfcukntorum. ; 

3f nD fo i0 mt t^irDe alfo,\jpft tci^e fecmetft to be Buibi na^m ^reefee ^oxtmUk 
l^igfy Saoucl^eit tecallfb 23tettnlw5,6tof fomei^onW jfenoblauc^tinCngUC^, 
3©og3e0 5(Leefeci8f,anli buO^e 0^ tufte i^pacint^e 

Cl^e fouttb Ivinde of baftatDei^pacintbe , tjBrno\»ecallebm)Latme,Hya 
cinthus Autumnalis.m Cttglii,3tttumne #pactntbe» 

C^efiftlb l^pacmtl^eDefcribeU of f ucl&Rtt^,i0caUeD in ^ouc^e, Sgertiel 
b\umzn,mh ]^oo?nunsbIttm : in <^n8Ufte,€)ttc ^LaDpeis: fiou^et 


CfteCe baftatbe ^pacintbes? are not bfeD in mei^icine, anb t^etfoje of t^eir 
nature anb bertuejs? i% nothing tw^titten ♦ C^ep are planteb in garbens^ onelp 
foztl^eir6otJDerjBf# *^* 



^r /^ar {t(ru0. CfiapJ. 






FJrd of all t^ere are t\uo berp faire anb beaut if till feinbejef of 0arcifl'tt0,one 
toitb aCrimfinoi reb purple circle intbemtbbleof tbe fiotuer ,tbeotbei: 
bailing a pello tp circle, ot a? it tuere a Cro tenet oi cup \xi t^ie mibble of t§e 


i^ The D efcriftion 

V • 


1^ e fira ^arciflTu^ ftatl^ fmall narrot^ e leaueisf Ipfeeiteeitt l!.ibc^: toit^ 
a crefleb barenafeeb (lalfee toitl^otttleaueg, of a foe ti? n mnt int^tf^ 

^ 0$ 



The (ecoftde Bookc of 


NarcIfTus medio purpureus. 

Narciffus medio luteus primus 

UarcOruje? toit^ t^e purple elJgeD ^amffujaf toitft t\)t pelloiDe garlaulie 

circle mtJ^emiDWr 


' ■ 

ojcrotpnet in t^emOiWe 





long,iDtt]^ a flotoer at tl^e top,grotDttis 
out of a certapne fplme, nfiit toere a 
f%inue, moacomtnottlp grouitng fingie 
0^ alone, anD Cometimeje^ ttJDo togit^er, 
meetelp large anD l^eete^maDeanti fa* 

ft)ione2)of ripeUtleU3^tte leaueis^grota^ingtogiti^erCalmoftlplteai^^imerore) 
mt^emtDt>le\x)l)erof t$ acertapnerount)etD^mcMet)litle^oope,o^cuppe>bo;t^ 
Deretio^etiget) about t^e b^tnl^e0,)i3tt^acertapnerotmDeetige>tPiti^tnlDi^icl^ 
are certapne final ti)tebDejGr,o^Gemme0>U3itl^ pelloU3ti^ tipppe$ ganging bpon 

iDl^tclbe i$ blac^e.C^e roote isi rounbe anD bulbujefflpl^e ani)npon. 

t ci^e tljer 5!iarci(rui6:\33itb tbe pelloto cup o^t circle in ti^e mibble,bis; blabe^ef 

befometDbat longer anb b^oabeiranb notalt^ing fo greenea^t^e ftrfl:: ^i^ 
Kalltej6f be longer anb t^icl^er.anb bppon euerp of t^em tl^iee oifoure floijoer^ar 
Ipfeebnto tbe fir(l,feuing tbep be allpellotoe in tbe mibble* 

f^bere i$ alfo a i^inbe of jkrciffu^, tbar ts^alfo pellpti) in tbe mibble, anb it 3 
bearet^ a great man? mo floujer0,fmaUeni^en tftep befo^tebcfcribeb* 

Unb alfo anotljcr fo.ite,tjPbicl&ebearetl^ bouble floujersf* 

^o^eouer tberebeot^er fo^tegf of ^arcimis^ founb,\ybore garlanb otcircle C 
in tl^e mihUt of tftr ftoujer^ isi ttJ^ite,but t^efebe berp rare anb baintie ♦ 


Clje ttoo firft feinbejE? grotu plentifullp inbitters? placejsf of f raunce,a;9?'3ttr 
5ttnbie,anb Hanguebocin mebotoe^aJtbut in t^ijBf Countrie t^ep grouje not at 



t I 

al Cauing in 9arI)mjS,tD\)majS ti^ep are (btoen otpIanteD, 



the Hifforie of Plantcs* 



Narciffus medio lutcusahcf. 



31 t\^t0axciK\x0 foi tfte mod pm Ho 
06\x)erm3ipjtiU,faumgoneof t^e ftrft 

anott)er tni)tct)e ftotjDjteti^ notl)nttll t^e 
beginning of ^ap 

ijf The Names. 

d^rfepleafant 8ou)erj6f are caUcU in 
Kl^rceke v«fKifti-©-:anD in )Lattne^ Narcif- 

fus,of fome as: UJitneffet^ JBiofcojiDejar 

M/^io|;,^oX§©.VtTiKo?,Bulbus vomitorius, 

anD Anydros :tjnfenotuen in fl^oppe-sf: in 
Cnglif^e, ^arciiiujsf , toljite BaffoDill, 
etiaumerofcpieceleOe: inl^ig^3©oucft 
cfliome,BBrciircniaor?lin: in bafe 31 
maigne jaarciflTen^anti ^paenCc^e Jen- 

•5* T^tr ^rfft-j? oftheName. 

Cljefe flotuerjj toofee tl^eic name of 

t^e noble i^outl^ i^arcilTtt^ , vubo being 

often tequireD anp muc^ DeCpzeb of ma 

np biaueilaDie^, bpcaufe of uii^pairing 

beautieberegarbeb tbem not:U)betfote 

beingbefpzott;s? to be beliueteD fro tbeit 

importunate ivitt^ anl} tequede^ ^ l^e 

Ipent a bunting, anD being tbtrftie came 

to a f ountaine^n tobi^b tpi^en ^e \a)oulti 

l^aue b^onKen fatoe \^vs$ o\x)ne fauout 

anb pairing beautie^tbetPbicbe before 

tbat time be bab neuer fcene , anb tbinfetng it bab bene one of tbe amomjsf 5ts* 

bpcjS? tbat loueb bim^be'toa^fo raptujitb tbe loueof bim felf,tbat be befpzeb td 

l^iffeanb embrace bim felf, anb twbenbecolb rwottaltebolbof bijsfoiunefbaboui 

otfigure>bebpeb atlaftbpeptremefo^eof loue* 3intubofebonour anbperpe 

tiiaU remembzance , tbe eartb (a$ tbe i^oeteisf fapne ) biougbt foo^t^ tbiiJ be 

lectable,anb toeetefmetling flotoer^ 

^r he Nature, 

i!^arcifl[ui0(,buteflJeciallp]^ijBf roote,i;efl^oateS'^b bue in tbe feconbe begrce^ 


Cl^eroooteof i!iarcifftt!8fbopleb,ro(i:eb , ot^^^ertuapeia? ta^enin meateot % 

btinlte^caufetb oneto l^aue abefice to bomite* 

Cbeiiame pounbe toitb alittlebonie,i0 gooti to be lapbe bnto burninge0,it ^ 
curetbtl^efinetDeje(tftatbeburt,anbij8:goob ag:ainft bittocation^ ^anb placets 
outof iopnt,anb eafetb allolbe greefe anb papnr of tbe iopnte^* 
^jE^berooteof i^arcilTu^ tafeetb aujapall lemtile^ , anb fpotte0 of tbe face, c 
beingminglebtoiitb^ettelfeebianbbinrserr itmunbifietb co;tnipt anb rot* 
tenblcer0,anbripetbanbb;teafeetbbarbeimpotliimcs:, ifitbe temperebuiitb 
t^e floipct ot meale of tiietcbe^ anb bonie : anb itbiatretb tmit\^ tbozne^ anb 

iftjlintetf ,if it bemiirt toit^ fte meale of Jurap nnbi^onp* 

/ ^ 




The lecotide Bookc of 


fjc The D ef crip tf fin. 

NarcifTus iunclfolius* 

;anquilliasf ( n$i tlje fepaniatbeisf call it) iiS 
alfooft^eMuDe^ of i^arciffujs , butt^eir 
leattejsfbenarrotue, t^icUe, rounUe, tougij, 
anD plratit,fmoott? anHplarne, almoftlpfce 

ru(l?es^,tftep be alfo long auD of a ftuarte greene co* 
lour^Cbe ftalfees? groU) bp to t^e icngtlj^of a foote,at 

tft e top,U)^ereof gcouje foucc oi fiue,ot mo flotj3etiBf> 
Ipifec tbe iaxjiym of ^atci(ruj8?,fatttiig tljep be fmallet 
atiD of a pellovo colour*3t l^atj) alfo a tounb 23ulbujaf 
rootelpketot^ereftof t^e 0nuif^i$ , l>nt couereO 
lott^ a ttiinne blacKe n^tnne 0^ belmeV 

^ The Place. 


3t grotoetft itifuntiiie placeiefof ^papne , 
from thence it tuaiSfbjto ugi^t Iftitfter* 


3ftfiotij?et^ in HipiiU toit^ tl^e reft of t^e 0$,t 


JJt rif Nxmes. 






3t lis; calleb in ^pani(l),/«;?^»/i7/>:anb inKLatine> 

luncifoiius : bpcaufeof t^e fimiUtttDe it ^at^taitl) 
mQ)t$i;wz map alfo call it mO) ftarciffui9f:it i$ calleD 
of 3©iorco.ube)9f in <i5re]fee,^a\eo> Vwx6f,t^at fesf in )la' 

tine^Bulbus vomitorius. 

^ The Nature and Tertaes, 

C^tisfroote eaten p^ouo&etl) bomit , nH tl^eroote 
of^arciCTiDS^boot^ , xubecebntoinnatureitijaJbetp 
Ipfee: anO tljeccfoie,ai8: ©iofco.tibe^ vu^itet^i^it curet^ 
^ebiCeaCc^ of t^e blabber* 

' ^fCwIpW/OjCttWpfl/'Lilionardflusfanguincus poena. 

0S, The Kpdes. 

Ci^erebe ttuo fo^te^s? of Culpia.a gceat anb a fmalU 


!^ € great ^ulpia,03t ratfter ^ulipa,ftatft tttJO 0? t^zee leauefttofticl^ 
aVelong>t^icUe;anbbioabe,anb fomeu)^atrebbe at tijeir firftrp^in^ 

gingbp.but after VD^entlieptt)a]reelDert5epareofau)l)iti(l?e greens 
colour, tDit^tbemrifet^bp a ftalfee , tt)^erebptbeCapbeieaue$are 
fbrneijo^at abuaunccb* %t bati^ att^e top a faire la^rge $ pleaQint Sourer, of co 

I^ur berpbiuecjSanbbariablr/ometime^pellouje ,rometimej5 t»bite,oiofa 

purfiieb about i\)t cbgcia; oi bjimmesf toitl) pellovue,tD^ite,o^reb ,bnt pellouj m 

tl^emibble aub bottomeof tbefioiDer.anb oftentimeief blacfeeqi fpecWeb toit^ 
blacltefpottefif, ouiiijcttoitbUJljiteanbreb: moftcommonlpviitl^outfmelloj 
faiiour^ticije zBulbusf roote i% Ipfee tlje roote of l^arcilTujBf* 

Cl)e letre Culpia i$ fmaller.anb i^atft nsrrotoer leatteie?,anb a (^o^tter ttem, 
ft e fiotuer alTo is fmaUer,anb mo je openlp bifclofeb, oi fpjieab abioabe ♦ %\^t 


2?!ilbu^root^<?alfo fmailer^ ^nb map be biuibeb anU parteb int^apneo^ 

' tnoi^ 

' ^ 

the Hiftorie of Plantes. 



of t^e mux^ m to m ftem of t^earrnt CulpiaVotP wg tie« tlje room 

Tulpia maior. 

Tulpia minor. 

' , 


• C^ere H^XUs places U)it1]i tl^e Culpia,acettapne ^drigefiotjder, b)^tci)efj$ 
caUem of Oime Fritiiiaria^tDl^ore tzxCdtt dall^eis; areof a (i)anne iong,\ntt^ fttte oi 
C^elttletiarrouieleatteiB^gtotPing attl^eCiame^C^etegrotDet^ alfoafioiuer 
attire toppe of t^eSalKe tutt^ fiiceleaue^^like to t^eleaueisf of Culpia^btit ben« 
Hmg oi^l^ansins Do\jonet0artie;3?,of a purple Utoletcolbut^^ garhtflie!) ant) trim 
met) tDtti^certapnetol^iti(l;et)tolet man^e^ otQiotte:Gf oti ti^edutfit^e^ anb \0itl^ 
l)lacfce^otteje?int^emfitie«Jti^at4aUb abulbuiKd^rotmbrrodte^ 



iji r^^ Place. 

%\^z greater Ctilpia t;S bjougftt from <5rece, anB t^eCountttc about Cdn« 

Ci^e lelfe i$ f ounb^ a1)0ut ^ o untep elie r ia f raunce 
jf ritttlaria ijef alfo founbeabout^ttrelia in fraunce 

-5» The Tymc^. 


«^ep S3UJ£r bptimegtDit? ti&eiRarcim?,o?aKtle after* 

^r he Names, 

Cfte sreateris caHeb botlb Tulpia, anb Tuipian, anb of IbmeTulipa, t3?^i^ 
i$ a tcurl^fe name oi tuozbe^tue map call it ?Lfll|marciff«^ 


CftefmaliiafcaUeb Tuiipa,oj Tulpia minor^ttjatip ^l^efmall Salpfeii : anti 

ftigfnei^er Hcrmodaaylus , tidj PfcudQhcimoda<5^yIu 



The feconde Bookc of 

« » 


I C^e ti^frt 132? caUeU of tlje d^reU^anU ^Latinejef, 

Flos Mdcjgris, auH Mclcagrisflos,a]3?aDtffcrence 


fm^ec0befl3CcUleD Ipfee t3ntotl)efefiotuerj8?,bttt 

no t U3it!) violet fpecfeejaf , but toit^ voljite ^ blacbe 

fpot0,lpfee to t^e feat'oer^ of tljeCurfeie ot <Bimv 

t^ijSf flOWJer FritiUaria. * The Nature and Fertues, 

Clje nature ant) Dcrtueisf of tfitfe fiouiers? , are 
vtt bufenoto en,netterti^eleire t^ep are pleaCaut atiD 



i& Ti&f Defcriptton 


^ijs? flo\wec l)at^ long narpolue leaueiSf 
muclj Irfee Unto Xeefee blaHe^s:, but not fo 
iongtamogft tu^icl; fpzinget^) bp arounD 
(lal&e bearing a fatrepeUoiuef[o\joerbi 
uibeb into tiice leaue^ \x%t tl^efiio^er of ^arcilTuiQ; 
vuit^ along rounbelitle bell in tt)e mibbie iagtie a 
botttt^eeligeief, anbofabeeper pellotue tbentl^e 
reftoft^eflower* Hftert^eflotuer^ commet^t^e 
feebeinclofeb inrounb ]^ufi(es^o^cobje:.i:^eroote 
m rounb after tbe maner of bulbuie;, ^ lil^e to 0ar 


» The Places 

%t grotoetl) iw inopll placejSf m l^abo\Dp tooob^ef 

^ in t^e bo^berisf of feelbeje^^ais: bp puerjor.anb aso^t* 
ne!|em , $ in t^e )^arl^e uioob bp )Louapne, iul^er$ 
ai8^ it grotjoet^ abunbantlp , it i$ alCo plateb 

in garb en;sf 

if Tht Tjm<L^ 

^IjijSfterbebjtingetft foojttl^^i^ leaueiaf, 
ftalfee)8f,anb fioiDers^ in f ebiuarie,anb i$ in 

dourer fomttme^bnber t^eCnouj^C^eCebe 
i^ ripein #arcl^e*'Ct)e^erbebot^ Co perif^ 
in %mi\\ anb ^ap> t^ataftertuarb it ifi no 


^7 he Names 

%W fiou^er t^ talleb in ^ig^ S^oucl^e 
^eeli^oiinungfblumen, p i;5 to fap, t^epel 
lotD floujer of if eb^iuarp, of fome alto <l5eel 
Cifbelooren,^ geel ^pojtckelbloementit i^ 
twu) calleb in )Latine of fome NarciiTus lu- 

tc',0^1 Pfeudonarcidus, bpcaufe ^i;J flotoerjEf 
are rom\D!;at liHeto Barciiru<s^:inCngli(^ 
pellouj Croip beW,pelloUJ ^arcilTuft ^bai 


tl^ere t^none ot^er name to lo^^tt knotne* 

ijiT he Nature, 

j^elloiw l^arcilTujJ is; l&oate ^mt, muclp 

lifeein temperatureto i3arciirttia(» 




Of tl^i^ ro te freft z anb n^i^Ir gat^ereb , bopletJ in toiiie oi t»ater toitb a Utle 




the Hiftoric of Plantes 



tougt) aitU tlammp fieme: toijetfoze t^efaitierodte is ffoob aBainStfS 

€>f «i licoplj ja«tt0 i^toict / 01 m wliftt iSttlOtto i^folet . 

^erebet^jecfoitesfof a-eutoton, ttBofmall, atibt^e t^irDe ig btottert 
t»Deteo f m floioei; f t^ e f tra icffe bmH e (? t^jce leaueb: 3 nB the flou) er 

of t^elaterbttjDe i$ ftice leaneD 

Leucoium bulbofum tiiphillum&c 

Leucoiumbulbofum hexaphillum.&c 










j^ TheDefcription^ 

^€ firftfeintJeof Leucoion bulbofum Mviitt\^ moojtt^zeenar 

ro lue leaues(,a (tioit ftemme,anbbpon it a Utle faire anti pleafant 
floioer stotDingfbojtlS of a little long ftuffeebpon afmalftemme 

lianging DoU)netnatD;8r,tuitl) tl^iee tuftitc lcaueja^,amon8ll iD^tei^ 
1 ttft e feconD fo;tt l&atft bigger leaueiortijen tbe afo.2CfaplJ,pet fmal 

let ^ tenHeret tl^ tn i^eefee blat>e0,bttt ot^eruiife tijej? be alpUe.Cb^ EotDer^Bf be 
alfo tul^ite ^ compact ot malie of fi)ce little leaue^s fome^ui^at ffraketJ omefteD, 
intl^emiBlieft of t^e flou? er ate cettaptre l^eatie ftemmesf U)ito CmallpelloiDe 
tippe^:ti^efeeDei0 fmall anU pellotoe,conteptteb inlitierounUe l^uffeejef* 
too te iS ^JDi^ite an!) isulbu^sf^anti botli foone multipl? anlr increafe oti^et. 
3 -Cl^e tftttD WnD i^ t\^z gteateft,^ t\)i% fott beatet^ tujo oi tbteeoi mo fiotu^^ 
togitljet bpon one aem,altogiti^et \f&t tfte floiuetsf af oiefapU: famng tfiat tbe 



ftalfeeia? anD leauegJ r»r elonger 

ifer T/r^ P/rtr 

CbefefeinBeiaf of ;si iolet jaf D o gto\x)e in ftal)otD?placej8?,anb 

ttauitng Vm^bljto \jp S;eV^ in grotue noi; iur^i^ 

Counttie,bttt in eettapne gatUeiT?* 







Thefccondebooke of 

1^ 7 he Tyme. 



C^epbeginto(i)tmginf eb;uarie,anl» peelt)eftetrfeeDcm3[ptiU,anD in 
^ap t^e ftalfee tuit^i W \tmz^ Uotl) bantfl) cleane ataapjbut tfte too tc remap 
net^ in t^e grounbe UHe to pellotDe Ccoti^e belleiJ o.i baftarbe il^tarcilTu^. 

23ut tbe t^irbe feinbe flotpjetb not U)itb tb^ otbcr tiDapne^but loagaftet in 

J ^The Names, 

Cbefe pleadant flo\»erg? atenome accounteb foi a fembe of bioletteiBf, iDbicb 
Cbeopbjaftecalletb m €>t^z ^t</KO'op,t^at i^ to fap m jLatine, viola alba cber- 

foze it i0novucaUebLeucoion,oi Viola alba Thcophrafti: tut map call it in€n 
glia)e,t©bite 2&ulbui9( biolct,^atcifl"uj8: biolet, anb Cbeopt)zaftu;s^ tjabite ^its 
let: in fitntl^Zyyiolette bUmhe, in bigb 5© oncb ,«^ eif? bo^umgis blnmen: in bafe 
3lmaigne,t©itte^p:ocHelbrocmen,^oomecfotteUen;e?,anb rE>itte Cifbe 


Xf The Nature. 

Cbe temperament anD bettue^'of tj^efefloiiiecs; arenotfetiinoVDen 

^f tiaffroti 



^ T he D efcriftien > 

3(ffronbatblong narrotueblabeis: 

^ nakeb Ctcmme^ anb ate of a u^at* 
cbetb oipaleble\Decolonr,btutbcb 
into fijce Cmal leaueiG^ (but fomeu^b^t long) 
from out of tbe \mXs^\z uibrreof b^nge 
l)otDuetbeS)afi^ronblabe0oi tbiebbe$ of 

ji)npon> bauing fometimc^ foure o: fine 
fmail rooted abiopntng* 

C The FlacK^. 

^afron>S0 l^iofcoztbeja^anbotbertbe 

3unciente0 baue to;iitten , grotuetbin t^e 

mount Co^iicujs; of Ctltcta,anb tbat \Da$ 
efteemeb fo^ tbe beft , anb in tbe mount £) 
Ipmpe of ilpcia>neart about Begig a totcne 
of 3letolia : it grotuetb no)}J in tanitit pla 
f 00 of J^oucblanb, etpcciallp about micnne 
in 3uftricbe, tbe tubicb notp i^counteb fb^ 
tbe bcft: it grotuetb plentifuUp alfo in fome 
placed of Cnglanb anb Jrelanbe/ 


^affronflotpmb(befo2ebi0ieaue0 are 


anb after tbat it bzingetb foo;tbbi0gra(fie 
leaaeB, U)bicb^ ^o l^<^ bntill ^ape: but in 

fommeramanftall notfinbe neither leaue^noi fiotuer^* ^berooteottelp rr^ 
mapnetb aliue , grotwing bnber grounbe , anb bringing foo^tJ^otfterfmatt 


•5* The Names. 


^affro f ^ calleb in mm H^^^'in latine,Crocus,of fome(a0 twitneffetb laiot 

COitibC;gf)Cal^oi^>Cynomorphos,OJ Herculisianguis: in ^ Arabia ftiecft Zahafara, 


the Hiftoric of Plantes 


fcom ti^ etice it to as calleli in ftmd) ^ ^ tgl^ 5^ o ucft^ affmn : in b afe 3ainai(me 
l&offeraemantiittCnsUfl; Saffron. 


:^ T^f caufe of tie Name 


Saffron toaj8?nameD Crocus, after tljenameof acertapneiaamrell caUeD 
.Crocus, (as Ouidujiitetl^)from totjence Galen botouJcD ti^is^ittotie, vd^o 

reCltCti^ tl^e fame in nono dcmedicaiBentis fecundiimloca^lubereaS it 10 \Oli 

' 3pdn8tPencl^ec3UeI>Crocus;ti)entfo?tl)intotl|cfielDe0t»ir]& 

S^emirieto t^toVD tl^e (leDge,^ tuljiles ftie tooKe no l)ceDe,a)e tuas \)naa)ates 
ttrofecnmt^ei&eaSbpS^emme;ant) greeuduap i^utte.of U)l)ic]^e l^urteftee 
!:>tet> incontinent: tl^an ofi^ir bloulifo CfieDDebpon t^egroanUe,tl)e Saffron 




4& The Temperament 



saffron is l^oateintl^efecdnSbisree.anDDjtp in tl^e firft 

Ih k 


-^ * 

^ T^^ Fertues 



S^affcon is gooti to beput into menicineS, iul>ic!j are taken againft tbe tJif* % 
feafes of tl^e :s5iean:;t^e?LungeS;t]^e'jlitter,anU tlje )5laDDer: it is gooD alCo f oi 
tl)e flontafee to be tafeen ixi meates, fo.i it comfozteti^ tlje ftomacfee , anH cauretl^ 

gooS) tiigeftion, anD Dzonfeen infoMen toineitp^eferuetljicom D^ionUenneiTe 
anD p^ouDfeeti) botiilpUift* 

'g>aSron taKen in ftPeeteiDinecattfet^ one to belong UJinDeD,^ to fetcb bis j4 
bieati^ earilp,ant> it i$ gooU fo^ ti^em t^at are (l^ojtte ioinlieD,anD ^(ll^maticitte. 

Saffron mengleDU)itl|U)omanSmilfee#laptie to tbeepes,pjeferuetb t^em ^ 
from tl^e fioiuing tiotpne of ^iimo^s,anD fromtlje a?afel0, mh tinall}^of fees 
anD ftoppetl^ t^efiuriono^blouUflioting of ti^erame.beinglapDetljerebpom 

Itisalfogooti to belapDet)p6ninfiammations> cljolericfeeiinpoftems^anD a 
toilHefire^anD it is berp gooti to be mengleD uiitb all mebicines fo^^ tbe eares* 

3lCo it i0 berp gooD to moUifie, anU (often all ^arbnelTe, ^ to rrpen all ratoe e 

tnino,zs,o? ftuellings* - - 

Cberoote of Saffron Dzonfeen in tutnepjtottol^etli bune,^ itts gootJ fo^ti^e f 




• ^1 he Kyndes. 

TJ^erearcDiaerSfo.itesof ^tanbergralTecalleb ind^ieeUe Orchis,ant> in 
5©oucb S)tanDelcrnpt,iP!ierof tbere \uere but ttoo fortes Oeftribeti of tbe 

oltJ ^3iuncient\uiiters: but toe baue iopneD totbemcertapneotber ^not 
fenotwe no: Deftribeti of anp otljer tbat bane traueleb befote bs in tbe fearc^ing 
out(oi &n6ujlebge)of berbeStCo tl^atnoto tuel^aue tbongbt goob to copzebenH 

tbem all in fine feinbeS*t;^i^eroftbefirn: is Cynoforchin, fiue canistcfliculum: 
tl^l^efeconb i^ Tefticulum M ononis: tbe tbirb i^ Tiagorchin : tbefourtl) iS Or- 

chin Serapian:tbefifti^ is Tcfticulum odoratum,ot reticulum pumilioacm. 

J^The frif Kynde. 

i^erebefiuefojteSGfti^efiraei^inDeof Orchios,tul)icl}e tl)e (Bj^eefeeS call 


nai^ereof tbe firft l^atl^ foure o.t fiue great bzoabe leaues^anb 
moa lifee to tbe leaues of )iillies,bttt fomti^batfmatier: tbe (talfee is of a foote $ 
ftalf long:at tul^icl^ grotuetb a great (bjtt of floures tuffetiDife,fapie ^ 

of a carnation otfleftlp colour lifee tl^e colour of mans bot>p,but fpecfeleb fullof 

of ^ infibe tDberof,tbere bagetb foit^ a certapne raggeb tbing,falbioneb abnoft 
lifeef ptopoztio of a litle fourrfooteb beafttCl^e rooteSCouer ^ bpCiB cs certain^ 






The (econd Booke of 

1 -^ 



fmallljcarie things? grotuing aboute ti^em) aretouuli MU to a pap^eof ftoneiaf, 
0^ a couple of mint brrrie^s? , one i^angmg fomeip^at (^o^ter t^atuiie ot^er, 
toljereof ft e Ijigi^moft fcs? ft e ftnaUcr,fuUer, anD ^arDer: aiiD fte neftennoft i;5 
ft e greateft,ft e ligl^teft, anU moft U).«ncfelel> ojt (^jfliueleD* 

•Cljc fcconH is^ fomeu?l^at Ufee to t^e afoiefapDe^but I^i;9?leauej8f be nanrotDet 
ant) plaj>ner,tPfteteof fome tio compalTe o? a^ it to ere einb^tace o^ cltppeaboute 
tbeftalfee: t^efp(feietttfftei0(5b?tanli t^UU tPitft anumber of floure)Bf,ofa 
bi^tgbt o^tjp^ite purplecolour, ^ fpecldeD onftemCitietjuir^agreat manpput: 
ple(pottejef;anbrmaUDai:i^elptie$:fafll)ioneb alColiheto atiqpenl^oobeot^el^ 

met', out of iul^ic^)ealfo t^ete i^angcertapueftingejB^ajsittDereOttalltabbetsf, 
o;t poug mpfe^o^ Uttell meu tolt^out beabe;6^, \i)it^ t^eir arme;s^ $ legge^e^fpteaD 
aun cad abzoaDe, tnUikemanueraief ftep\jpetetPdnte to papnte little c^plbten 
Ranging otit of ^atume^ mout^: at tbe foote of ti^edall^e are a couple of roiiD 
button0,a$ big ajJl^utmeggeg!: toit^i certapne great^earie flring^ oi t\)ptUfi 


aunejceH oi grovoing bp ti^em* 

Cynoforchios prima fpccics. 

%f)t firakinDc of ^tattt)ergra(re, 

oi^oggeiff CuUiom 


Cynoforchios tertia rpccics* 

%\)t ftirbe l^inbe of ^aoggeie^ 





Cbe tl)icticfeinbeofCpnoCbicftio0putteft bp nartoto ftrakeb leaueft nai> 
rotpcrftaafte leanest of ftefeconbeCpno0aiftios?,CbmetDbatlpfeefteleaue^ 
of mpbiDo;itei^lantapne: a ftozteftemmeof nine (ncbejef long* 'C^efloures: 
8ro\De fticfee togifter in n f^ojtte tj^T^U buflbeot tuffte of a C^eSnutte, o? 
haxU purple colour iDiti^out , ant) tnbitiOje tutftin : l^ijBf rootes? aUb areli^f 

toapapie of lionet ozCnllionjota \23ljerof alCb onei;stbiggerftanfteofter 


the Hiftoric of Plan tes. 





^*^?r.?r™?«''.^» °**fu "f^ ^ ^^^ ions, bat ^fcs flouresi ate of a faint, 


/ . ' Tbe fecond( Kindt. 

Tl^ wtona fctoDe of £> jtftios; , calleB Xcfticulus Motiorfis^iiJ of ttooo tbitciS 

^sle aid) jf emale» 

Tcfticulus Morionis mas. 


b - ■ 

Tcfticulus Morionis foemina. 

iTooleief CuUion ti^e female^ 







C^e male binti Ijaft fine ojt R)celon5,b^oa6e,ant» (rnboti^ leauejSf,almolt Ifte 
to )tiUieleatteftrattin8ti^eparefuUof Wacfeeljjottejs^: ti^ e final! fioureiBJ Do lifer 
toife grovu altxigrt^et in a i^pfeie biifljie j tttffte,m p.iopottion Ifte to a f oole^af 
ftooDe,ojt Co)tcombe,ti^at i^f to fep,toa>e opm 0^ gaping 6efo;te, anH a;S itiuere 
crdleD aboue, patting eareief ftanDing bp bp euei:? fiHe, anD ataple i^anging 
tiotpne be^inDerof a t)tolet coloor.anD pleafant (j^uour 

Cije female bis^ leauejaf aeeliltetPife finooti^^Cbe flourejef aUb are tamtubat 

Ifte t!je#ale, fauing tbep banc not (Uc^ final earetf ftanbing bp*€>f t^efe Come 

colour* ' . ,^ 

m^\& W^t tljereiia: alfij an otl^er fo^tte, \syiX\ narroto ftra&eb leaneft Ime 
to tlje leaueiBf of narroto ^dlantapneCiol^ici^e Cbme cal ttibi;;:oite); %\% floure* 

of tbiiBffemDeareof anoiientreb&epurple colour 

% %i 




XI o 

The Iccond Bookc of 


Tefliculusmorlonis mas alter. , 


Tcfticuli morlonis FemTn«fpc€i«. 

% 6inl»^ Off emale,f oolejS CuUiqtu 




1 _ 





%\^ttt liaf pet an otft et mucfte (rnaUei? Wnl»e , tuiti^ fiue b? Tragorchis 
fijccfmallleattc;0f : anDafexuefinaUflottrejaf^t^inretanU ftatv 
Dingfatre aCiiyiDerone fromanoti^et,^f afleigljt tioletco 
kjiir, turning totoarDe 3&5ure oi fkie colour , anH fometimeS 

tot)ite cu of aUecapeU and Darfee purple colour : anD of a grie 
uoujs^ ijnpleafantfauour* 


T^t tl&irUe ^mX^z of iDzcljioft callelJ in )tatine Hirci tefli- 
cuius, ant) Tragorchis, \^i^ \tmz% are lifee to tlje f irfte 
leauejB^of tlje Wliejauingtftep l)e fmaller, but pet tl^epbe 
larger tftan anp of tl^e leauejJ of tl^e otl^er mtWs^ ♦ C^e 
ttalfeei^ of a footelong, auD oftentimeia: toiappeD aboute a- 
lotue tPitlj Come leaueie^ : bpon tl^e fapDe mu oi ttemme 
groujetbagt^atemanpof fmall fiourriJ togitfter iha fpikie 
tuffte Oil buti)e;8f aberp ftrong faflljion ot mafeing,mucb lifee 
to aXeiarbe, bpcaufe of t^j^ ttutfteO ot UJiptben taple^e:, anb 
IJjecfelel) ^cabt0* Cuerp one of tbe fepbe fiourejef alone, i^ at 
tbe firftc, m tt \»ere a CinaU rounbe clofe buffee, of t^e big 
neffc orquantitie of a ^eafe: anb tJDbanit openetb , tbere 
gt;ptDetl) out of it a little long ai^b Oenber taple, tbe tubicbe 
is u>bite aboue UJbere as? tt t^ Cafteneb to tbe ftalfee,ahb Qjcc 

bltb ui ttb rebb e ip ccfee^.^auing bp on eacbe fib e a fmitu tbing 
^biopnebto itpUfeetoalitttelegge o^foote:t^erefibueoftbe 




the Hiftorie of P lances. 


fapfte taple fei ttuiftelJ about,^ Ijangetl^ tio\i3neVDatt> t* Clje fioure tie? of aranfee 
amUmgfauour,Ufeetot^c fmellof a<!5oate,anDpzoiio]ket]^ ^eat)ac]^e,ifitbe 
miiclj anH often fineileD tjuto. Cije roote^ff arc Ufee a couple of |^utme8gei3?,oi a 

'fylht fonrth Kjnde. 

w * 

•Tl^e fourtl^ Un\^toi^tt\)W0 callet) ^erapiai0f,ifl( of t^tee fo^teft onel^atting 
afioure fbmetjaljatl&eaidutterflietartotljerl^at^ in ^i$ ftoutea certapne 
figure of fa 5©o^re,o^3©itotie23ee: t^et^irDegat^in itt^epiopojtion of acer 

■ I 

- ihii 




%i^Cfit^t^Ct^m0^lCWW^ Orchis Serapias Orchis Serapias 



tUJO o;t tl^;eeleaue0fome\v)^atlong 
bzoaDe, ^ fmoot^j pet not fo large aisf 
ti^e leaue;6? of xuljiteililUesf: tljeftalHe 
10 of a f oote long; on toljic^ groi\)etb 
bere anD tl)ere in a Cjpifeie buil;e ojt top 
certapne pleaCant ipl)ite aourej6^,fom* 
tuljat \iU 23tttter:flic0 , wit^ a little 
taple banging b^iv^ , in tubicbe t;9f a 
certaine rojeete i\xvzt oz moifture^ifee 
l^oup intafcanb tbefapDefioure^are 
iopnebto tbeftemmeajSittuerexpittj 

bnallttjuin^eti (faH^e^ttberooteiefare 
Ufee to tbe otber fortes? of ^itW* 
C^erecoD^erapiaj8;€)^cbi0 batb 

narroiD leauejs^,^ certalne of tbem are 
crol^blpturneb^anbtDzptbeb aboute 
nei^t tl^e grouli,tbe otber gro\u about 
^eftalfeetubicbetiS of a fpan o^inine 
incbeia? long , aboute tbe top tubereof 
gro\u cectapne gbureis^, tobofelotucft 
oi bafefl: leafe , 10 lifee to a Bozre 0,1 

2aioonei3ee,but tbebpperparteanti 
ieauejs^ of tbe floureare fometimejBf of 
agreenilbcolour,but moftcommonli^ 
of aligbttiolet oifikie colour, 
Cbe tbirb,\Dbtcb i^tbelealtof ali 

^erapiaj8?^zcl^i0,batb fmallfioureis 
lifeeto afeinbeof l^o^CefliejEf* 





Jiff^The fifth Ksndt 

i^e fiftl? Uinb tA^y^xt it tbelraff of all, ant> commonlp it batb not abone 
tb.Je final leaned \3Ditb bepnejs (bmctobat Ube ^i^lantapne , but no bigs^ 
tban fielbe ^o;rell,o^ tbe fmallleaueisJof tbe tomon 33apfie«f* Cbe ftalHe 
i^Cmallanbtlenber of aQjan long, aboute tubicbegrotue little tobite Sourest, 
of a Ooeetefauour almoft lifee to ^pllie Conuall, placeb \xi a certapne oiiljer anH 
tuinbing aboutetbeftalfeclifeetoaWnbe of !^atbanbe,o^tberoUingof aCa* 
bleliope: tberooteisdiHeto apap^of ^tonesf,o3tfmalllongfeerneiki^,\Db^* 



of one }$ barbe anD finne,tbe otljer \& ligbte anb F 

I& rht Place 

Cl^e S) tabeliPurtAoj^tabergrairf^bo groto mott comolp inm^pft ptece?,^ 





The fccond Booke of 

tnanf(I?ej8?,lD00l>eftanl) inetiotpe)3?:anti£bmelieliteto Tcfticulus odoratus 

po\3) ill tmt clap g^oixm^ (as^ tfyt feuiHe tu^iclje isi 

called Cragoic]bfc3^)tuWci^eltgWlP groujetlj intjerp 

good ground: fomegwtp intjarrm gtouud^ 23ut tlfte 

toeete ^zc^t^,oj 3tadie tc^ejs; aremofte commolp to 

be fouiid,itt ^mMtii\t%^^m^m^A^ Uponi^illeis 


4^ T/jr« T^ymt 












Cftefe lberbe;5^ do an fioure in ^ap and ^une , Ca- 
ning ti^efmal fu3eete€>wl)i^; tui^'icl^ flouret^ laft of al 
in Ktugnft and S»ept^mber 

^ The Names, 

Cl^efirft femdeiia? called in e^teefeeoex^V, Orchis,^ 

Kwof o^X»f, Gynoforchis : inliatine Tefticulus, ^Te- 

fticulus canisjtbat \$ to fap, 33ogge$ CttUionjs?, oj 
33ogge$coddesf :in ^i^oppe$ Satyrion :in Cngli^) 
fome calit alCd €)icl)i)9f,^tandel\j)oit,^tadergraire, 
i1agU3oite,|^;riete pintell, i3aUocfe gralTe, 3ddet0 
gr aire , and 23 aftacd ^atpuon: in JFcenci^ comiUns de 

chienytiViX^SatjrionddeHxCoitiilons.VX Jtalian Tefticttlodf 

cane in ^panifl^ Cop» deperroiBX^ in 3© OttC^ ^mhzti^ 

kraut, and^tandelferaut: in bafe ^[tlmaigne^tan 

CljiiBf fecond kinde \$ called of fome inliatine Tefticulus M ononis : in €n* 

gli(l^ great ^tandelU}oite,and foolejsJ :©allo]ce. 

%\^t t^ird MndedoiibtleiTe , i^ alfo of tl^e kindejsf of idDzcl)ijB?,and bpcattfe of 
l^is? ranfee fauour iisf called in (l5ieeke r^«yopx(?, tijat 10 to fap, Tefticui us hirci5i» 

)latiue: in c0ngli(!b i^are$25allojre,and d^oatejefCuUion^: inf rencft comliondc 

hottq inJBoufl) ''^ocirculleHens?: ti^ep call it alfo in itatine Tcfticuiuslepods: 

and in ^^oppe^ ^atpjion;\Dl^era^f luitftout iudgement it i^ bfed fo^ tljerigl^t 


. ci^efottrtl^liindeis^caUed in<!5ieeke?exj?trtea7ri«f. Orchis Serapias ; in Ha* 

tine Tefticulus rerapias.inCnglil^^erapiajsfftone^j^ztefte^pintle, andlilag* 
tDurt^nnbafeSlmaigneUagtJDOZteUfomealfo callit ixK^itt^ZT^U^x^s, Trior- 

chis^ti^at i0 to fap,t^ieeBallocfe0,oub>ee^toneft toljerfbze Fuchfius fepneU 

tributetl^ bnto it but tuiapne* i© e map call it in (0nglilbPitoperlpflie€)zcbiis?, 

bpcaufeal tbefeindejBfof &erapia;8^€>3«]^i0,baueinalltbeir floured t^epiopoj* 
tion and lifeeneffe of oriekinde of flie 0^ ot^er* 

Cljefiftlj bindeiSf called Tefticulus odoratus,Tefticulus pumilio; tiftatfc9ft0 

fap,feucrie^tandel\»ttrte, oi fttJeeteBallocke,and!^t»arffe€>?c^i0:inbafe 
3ilmaigne,toelriecfeende^tandelcrupt,and clepn^tandelcrupt. 

^ H'T he Nature, 

311 t^eCe kind es: of berbe0,areof complejrion^oateand moptt* 





Cl^e fal and fappie rooteio? of ^tandergralfeisfCbttt elpeciallp of ^ate;^ :0al 
{Q%tM ^oatejSf ^wbi0)eaten, o^bopled in (ioateis^milkeand dzonfeenptouo 
ketift ?llenusf,oibodilp lttfte,dotl^ noiiOljeand ftrengti^entlie bodie,and i^good 
fill tljem tl^at are fallen into aconfttn^Jtio oifeuer #ectique, to^icft baue great 
neede of ndurri(bment 

C^e tut^ered o^H^nueled rootei^at of a deane contrarp nature,foi it reftrap- 3 




the Hiftorie of P lances. 


3nl> iti$ m^ittciiof ti^i8?roote,tbatif mm tioff^teaf t^egreateftanUful 
left roote0, (auD efpeciallp of tlje itm feinDe of £>5tcfti^) t^at tw ^all beget 
^onnej^ianD if tuemeti i)o eate of t^eujptljiereD'todte^ptlj^ l^all biinj fooit^ 

C^efame rooteft but eQjeciallp of ^etapiajs^pOifiie Cuclfti^ bopletJ in'^m 3^ 

anfttiionkenftoppet^t^elaCkeoiflttjceoft^ebelUeJ. ' 

djefainei:oote,bemgpetfref(l^ anbgreene,botl| toafte atTbconfumeallttt* c 
moj^,ant) munbifietl^ r^ten blceris^, anU cucetl^ fitola^, being lapUe tljereto: 
anti ti^e fame mat) e into pottHet; anbcaftintd fretting^ tieuouring,blcec;8f anU 

fbie^rftapet^ tfte famefromanp farUet feftering 01 fretting* 
Ci^efamerooteCbut efpeciallp t^erooteofJaiiJDarffei©ici^i0)boplelJ in U)inef 

UJiti^ a little Ijonp^curet^ tlje rotten blcer^sf anD foiejo of tl)e mout^* 


<t^f double leafe/anD ^oofe ntQt- 

if^ TheKyndes. 



BJ^ fines? tl;e feinUis: of ^tantiergralTe.tiercribet) in t^e fo^rmer C^apter,tljere 
arepetttuo otl^erl^erbes^alfo^tD^iclj arefometul^atUlie bnto tlje afoieCapDe 
^tanDergraire;9^,e(peciaUp in ti^eirllalfee;s?^ floure;8f, anb tl^erfo^zearecoitv 
ptd^enbeb ofGimeto;tpter;0f,bnberti^etitleof t^e^S^tanbergralTeje:* r©^ereof 
tl^e one fozte is^ calleD Bouble leafe u 23aftarbe mtW : anb tlje otfteraairDef- 
tieft:C^eU)l&iclfte\jpel^auet^ougljtgoobto place alone ina Chapiter bp tljem* 
relue;8f,bpcattfe tl&eir roo te;0? are muc^ Unlifee ti^e rooted of ^tanbergraCTe^ 



3a ouble leafe o.^ctoapblabe* 

Nid d'oyfcau. 






*7x.' - 







I % 

ai^ The lecoiid Booke of 


i^ubleleaffe ^at^ a xmxM fmotifte ftalike, anli it b^aretlj but t^tijo 
leauei^ ouelp,Ufee to ti^e leauesf of great j^lantapue* 'Ci^e (talfee fro 
t^emiDUle^ to ti^e top,tefcompaireU o^befetrounU about luitl^ a 
great ttianp of UttlefmalfLottre^f, of apellotoiHiegrecnecolour, al 
moftlifee to Uttlepong <l5oo(liugft o jbirDe^ latelp i^atcl>eD,ant) riot 
miicli t>nliliet^efloure$ofUiiier;SC3ite)9f of ^tattDergrafTe^Ci^eroote i^effttUof 

I t^teDDieftring^* 

8 ' <l5oofeneft^at1j abaretiafeet) ftalfeetoiti^otttleaue^fbearmgaflottreattl^e 

lifeetbeftalfeeof !SDiobatwlbeoi233^obmeUape (\Blfterof ujett^altuititemtlietju 
parte of our ^iftozie of ^dlaute^) fauing it \^ tetiDerer.anU not fo t^icfee ^^ t^e 
ftalfee of €)tobancbe*'Cl)e rootei^ nought elfebutafojtj^of tlj^ieli^p ftrmg;6^> a^ 
ittperemterlaceD,fnarleD,onangle^ onein another. 

^ The Place. 

%\it Ct3?apblat)e o^t^aoubleleaf; belig^tetl^beft inmoptt ^ \joaterie placejs?* 
<!5oofenefteij5to befounl>e in mopft anbfanDie fielDeisfanD paftureiS, anDm 
jrauelptDoonOejsf/ ^Thtr^m, 

CtjefettDO ^erbe^e^bo ftjiing m#ap,anU June* 

>C^ The Names, 

» C?}eftril^ft^ere^erbe;0^i;6fcaUeboftl^et3djttter;8:inottrttm^;irt)tatineBifo- 

lium;tnCngU(b 'CU5apblabe,5^ttbbleleafe,Baftarb€)^clbi$, ^Cunucl^e^tl 
tJergralTt: in l^ig^ 3© oucl^ Zuepblat: inbafe3filniaigne ^voeeblabttanDitiS 
t^ougtjt of feme to be ^Unies? o phris,otl^eriS tljinfee it to be akinbe of Perfoiia- 
ium,oi'C^op\u uia!ce:^fometftinHeit to be AiifmajO^tuater ^^ianta^ne:an!> 
xjffomeiti^Bftafeenfoj i^eUebojine,t&ati;8; to (^/tj^^ioilbetul^ite ^eU^boj^,oj 
Herom Bouqcallet^ t^efeconbkinbeSlpargenbie^enj ^fomel^erboiiils^a* 

mongft(t)iSbicaufet^iattberoote;B;befo tangleb ^ WappebUfeeto anert)ljatte 
nameb it <Soofcacft:ia f r encti Niddoyfiau.- inbafe ^biiaigne^ogi^ete neft^ 

i^T he Nature and Vertues, 

C^c nature atbertuej^ Of tl^cfeijerbefi^ arenotpetbcrpttieltotoe: l^oujbeit 
late tJPipter^ bo taUe it to be goob fo,i\i3oubes?,rupture^^ ozburftingj8::fbme 

lio alfo fap,tl)att^ev beinnaturedkebnto i^^c^is^^ot^tanbcrgraflTe* 

4E>ftt)etigl)t^atp?totvoj ©tofco^rtee |>atpjtoti» C^altJt^. 

^ The Kindts, 

g^abCjB;tbeafo3te^apbe€>^cl)i0,o^Ba(larb^atplion;9?,tDlJic]^arealfo called 

^atp^iaof Apuleius^ Plinie, DiofcoridesalfO^'ati^ XDipteu Of tVUO \\XS^t$ 

of ^atp^ion:onecaUebin<0J^eefee^f;4>vA^op,anb tfteoti^eriH^vtoK. 

^ The Defc 






leaner ofMUejEf, fauing t^ep be finaller^anb fomexul^atrebbe: t\)eftmt 
i^ about t^e l^eigt^ of ^alfe a foote, bare, anb nakeb, anb it l^atlj n\3)\iiu 
fiottreattljetoppe,abuoftlifeebnto aMlie: a23ulbUi3(o^rounberooteUfeeto 
anapple,of afpnepellotp oi rebbiOliecolourtDit^out, anbto^ite UJitl^in, MU 
t^e U)bite of an cggc,of a fVueeteanb pleafant tade* 

Cbe otljer S>atp^ion,^i]8; feebe i$ Cmootib anb fl)pning,like bnto Hpne feebe 
fyuin^it i$ biggen anb t^e tinbeof ^e 25ulbuiaf roote isi rebbil^e,bttttl&e rootc 
ttfelfe i^ W3^ite,anbODeete,anbpleafent in taft,a^ Diofcondcs \juiitetft. 

$1 The Place 

3t8w\jDetft inopenainnfe pIace?,bpon^is^ mottntapne? 







the Hiftoric of Plantes 


^Tk Names 


Cl^e firlt fef calleD in a^eefee ^«TUf loj, t^.^^moh .- mXattue Saryrium Triphyi. 
lum ojTnfoiiuiii:mCn8lil^>^atrifoiT,alfe 


4. 4^ 



C^eot^er ^atp^tiantecaUeli in d^^eeke v^ru^ 

fuflpo'viop: in Klatfne Saty 

*^ » 

9 V *; 


^The Nature, 

' ^atp^ion ijB? Ijoate anti mopft of completion. 

^fhel^er'tues. ' 

-C^erootes? Of ^atrjtionp3toudM]&. menus;, otboljibitifte, anti tfaepnon- 31 
nfflieannftrengttjentl^ebolip^aisft^eattncientujjpteri^fap* ^ 

A- T>^<r A^^;;^^/ 

Ci^ap Jtic* 

gl^RDe^ tl^e ^330 ^atRuon^.Defcribeli of tbe mmimmmttg, therein alfo 


«5« r^^ Defer hi 

Satyrion Bafilico mas 

Satyrion Bafilicon iFoem 




^ * 

i^e greate mopall^a* ^atpiion Eopall 


male fetnDe, tjatb lotiig; 
tl)icfee fmootli leaner , fmaller 
t]^an)lillie leaned, tuiti^oat a 
tip apparanta^ manffeftfpotft 
ant) fi:ajll(ei^ of a foote long o^ 
mo^Cnbt Vuitboutfmal leaner 
grouJingbpit: ^tmiz$iq,t^^ 
tnafpii^pbttf^eomtfet, attbe 
toipof tbeftalKebf a ligbtput> 
pie colour, ant) Hjoeetefauour: 
(jpeckleU uiitl^ fmal fpecke$ of a 
iieeper purple, lifee to Cucfeoto 
€>ul)i0, d3t foolers ballocfee&fa 

iiing tbep lacfee fucbe a come oj^ 

coi^pe : bnber euerp one of tbe 
fapDe floured, tberegrotoetb a 
fmallf^arpepopnteDleafe: t^e 
rooted be Double , M^t to a 
pap?e of bant)es?ant) eacbepar 
.tell into iiir^o^fiuefmallrooteiBf 
lilte finger^; : UJbeceof one i^ 

mm iuitberet),ligbt,tifp5gie: 
i^z Qtljer i^full anH founbe, o^ 
fitme, tt»itb afetjo fm^ll rooter 
cijtftcingiSfgrovuingoutjOj fad- 
neb tbcreto* 

i^f tbisf foitetbete i0 alfo alkiiibe founbe twftic^ie is^ berp fmall , anb it ba^ 
tjcrpnatxom leanest, lifee to S^affton, Ojtileefeeblabe0,anb amCSieftalfeeof 

jiine incbes; long,tDit^ a Harp pointeb tufte,oz fyikit eare, at ttje top c f ^ ftalfee 
litie tbe tuft, o: fp ifeie bulbe of floure <!5ehtill,otmelttet fiourc,^ of fucb a b^igbt 
crimfon,o;tpurple colourȣ)f aberp f^eete ^ fragrant fauourltbe bnto muffee. 



xubantbep are kt^ $ nm gat^ereB : t^e rooter arelifee to ttjr oti^erft but not 

V^ large ^ greene» 





The (ccond Booke of 



Cl)eotl)ct great femtieia^icfte ttti^c female of t!?fe:troj>aU§>atraoit,!)atl) 
leaned \iu to ttjeleauejs? of ^ maleikinli of i:opaU^atpiion,fauingt]^ei? befmal- 
ler,5 DaCa^ctJ fuUof blacUe fpotte^ : tl^e floure^belifee Ijnto gaping l)ooDe;8foj^ 
Cocfeefcomei0f,gt liKe to tljeftoure^ off oole;8(baUoclfee;0f oz Cucfeoujes^ ^liWi 
of colout: fometime^ UJ^itC;^ fometime^g? pttcple,ot reUDe,ojt a ligljt ffeie colour, 
alxiJapeiBf CpecWeD anU garnil^eD \uitft moie fmall Q)otte;0f ojt fpecfee^ef 

q^Tht Place, 

%\^z ropall ^atp^ion^ ate founU ixi cettapne mel>ott)e^ anD mopft UJOoUeisf 
ofCuglauDanU^iermattiet a^utti^at feinDe to^ic!)ebearet5tlbefti3eetefpifeie 
tttfte oz eare,i^ founti tjpoii tl^e ^ig^ ^illeje: miD mountapne;J of ^auop 







Hyffopus communis. 

*/G t 





Eopall^atp^iohflouretl^ in ^ap anD June* 

^ T^ff Names. 

Cl^efe planteiQ* are no\j3 calleD j-arJpioH /8«crvx»Ko(i : in )Latine Saty ria Bafilica fi- 
ue rcgia,aifo Paimas Chrifti: tjuemap call it lu CngUft S^atpjtionlHopall, ^Bat 
inajs: C^ufti,oinoble^atpnon:tnf renc^ satymn rojaih inBouc^ Cruf^blum: 

inbafe :fi^lmaigne ]^anDekett^ erupt 

>i. The Nature. 

Cberootejff of Eopall^atpzion,are infent anD taft lifee to €):cl)ie;8f, ^ tf^er- 
fojte t^ep are t^ouj^t to be of tlje faine comple]cton,\]ol^ic^e \$ ^oate anD juoplt* 

^5^ The Vertues, 

C^erooteofiHopall^atpuonbmCeD o^iaampeti,^ iSixmi^ Dttnl^e inuiine % 
piouoiietl) bomtt,^ purgetl) bbtl) tl)e ftomaclie anD bealp>bp meatier tol^erof it 

a0 one$ tbumbe of tbi^rootebe pountte, $ 

miniareD \xx U)ine befoze tl^e acceife o^ com 
mingoft^efit: :28i5?iEtic^ola^iEtpcotf ijo^i* 

tetljScrmoncfecundo. . ; 

^ T/^f Defcr't^tion. 

l^e conwion l^plTop i&atft four^ 

rquare,greene,!)arbe,gt \uoobDifl}e 
fl:emmeiB:,o.ibiacl^e)0ffetU3itlj (mall 
narroui leaueisf , fomeijo^at like tlje leauejBf 
of ]iauanber,but a great beale fmaller anD 
greener* %\^t ftoureis; gcovwe at tl^e toppe^ef 

ofti^ebianc^ejef in fmall tufte0;Oj^nofegap^ 
almoO; like to a Ctiikie eare,(iauing t^at t^ep 
grouse bp one rU)e of tl^eftalke* o^^antbe 
floured be pad ^tliere commet^ feebe ui^icl^ 
i^ blacke.anb liet^ va tl^e fmal l^ufkejot from 
\jpl^enced)e 0ottre;8r arefaUemC^erooteijef 
blackif^e.anb of ti^oobbie ivIhVcmz^ 

Cl)ere \$ alfo another kinbe of i^pfTope; 
(btt^enanb planteb of tl^el^erbotiaeio*: t^e 
\x^vi\^z v^ (bmetPi^at l^e to ti^'e o^er in 
V^viSU^ anb leautjK.fautng tl^at \i/^ biac^ejaf 
be l^ozter,^ it groiweti^ faftbp t^e grounb 


ti^eleauejo; beb^ouner ^ of a ^ 

dnbtfiicber, anb ofabitterer 


er greene> 
et| entire 






the Hiftorie of Plantes 

-, .4 





leauejs^o J common i^p(rope;cijettottrejsfbevuellUfee tljefioare^af t^eotliep 

ftame^inpiopoztioualmollUfeeto afl)oztetbicfee^ti3ell fetfpi&ietufteoz eare. 

Clje roo te i^ of a UJoDDte aibftance.ltfee to ti^e roote of t^t o tbet l^pftope. 
Cljiere i0 pet a tl}im feitibelifee to t^cctber^ mleaue^s: aiiD ftalfeeiS:battb^ 

floured of tlji^feintJearemilUe \Dbite 

3» The £ lace. 

I^piropegrotoetbnotof bt^o\junr feinUeiu tl?iis^countt:ep,ncttet:tl^eleffepe 
ft^^lfinDeitcommorilpplaiitelimallsaclien^^, 'i 

• - 



T ij 


4 f- 

^ The T-jme 

■■l:^ r» 

l^pffopefipucet^m^imeantJ Hulp 


■- * 

a r 

\ _ 


» ■* 


<i^T hi Names 



'C^ijS^ i^erbe ij^nouj calleb in^i^oppeie^ Hyflbpus^antJ Yfopus^m^taUananD 
§)pattil]t^ ffyffop0:m€ngili^ l^pfope,inf renci^ ^#/<?mlaoucb §prop,!^prope, 

aiiti J^fppe: l^ouib^it tbi^ betbe i^ not tl^t rigbt i^plCope vul^erof Dioicorides, 
Galen mh t^e 3(limcient0 ^aue mitttUyn^ it i^ fufficientlp beflareb bp cmaine 
r of tliebeft learneb tP^iitetiS of tl)efeDape;s^*' 

.^ The Nature. v- -^ 

l^pffopc fef tjoate aub b,tp m tbe ti^irbe begree* 

^Theyertftes. i' ' 

Ctje Jaecoctiort'of i^p(rope,\uit^ figge;^, Eue, anb l^onp bopleb togitber in 
tpater anb bzonfeen,fe gooD f oz tljem tu^ic^e Ijaue anp obftnicrion o^ (topping 
of tl^e bzea{t;iuttb fl;o?tneffe of biteati^,| tl^em tl^at l^aue an olbe bifttcult, 
otijatbecougb^arfbiti^goob alfo foj^tl^efameputpofeto bemengleb UJiti^ bo 

npanb oftenlictteb m,after tftemanner of xiotjoco^)locb* 

l^pffope tafeen in toiti^ ^pwe Acetofus (that i^^of bineger) purget^ bp 




(looletougl^anb clantmp fiegme, anbkilletb 

anbb,tittetb foo^t]^tDo?me;af*3t i&ati^tl^elifee 
tjertue eaten xuitb figge;?^* 

l^piTopebopleb inujater tt?it^ figgeftanb 
gargleb in tbemotitb anb tbiote, rtpetb anb 
bieafeetb tbe tumozis?, anb impoftein^ of t^t 

i^pObpefobbe in bineger, anb Ijolben in 

tlje motttb, Hjoagetb tootbaci^e* 

. 'Cb^^^coctionof i^plTope , boti^ Ccatter ^ 
confuine tbe bloub t^)ati;5:congeleb,clotteb,^ 
gatberebtogitbec bnber tbe^fifeinne, anb all 
blaclveanb ble\3a *marfee;8f tbarcoftieof (IripeiS? 

OL^ beating*^ 

' CbefamebecoctioncttretbHtcbe,rcttcfi^e,6B 
foule mangine^,if it betuafi^eb tbereujitbal 

Satureia vulg 


^f common gattiett |>auo 





^T he Def motion, 

afoote long: tbe aalfee^s; be flenber.anb 
blacMl^e.berp full of biancfteft^ fet tuitb 
0nal natcovu leaueftCbmtjuliat lifee tbeleaue^ 
jsfcomon i^pirbpe^butagti^atbealeftnaUet 

tcbe floured gro\p betiuijPt t^eleaue^^of car 





Tlie (econc! Booke of 



Cfterootefe tender a»!)ti^iccDte* ,. 

C^jiisri^erbeie^roiDmmallgarUen^.antJ i^muclS^etjrelJi about meatej^* 


^5c• r^f Tjfwztf . 


■ ._i 


\ •> 


jf^ The Names. 



•aD^feberbe (2? notu calleti in }L at me Cuniia,anU Satureiarm ^tjoppe^sf Satul 

rcgia .in 3 taltan owViifrf samregia m S^paniflb ^f^«r^/74 : (n Cnglilb fomec ifeauo 
ne,anlKommoti gartim^auone:^:^ cmc^^4mW/f,^>?^«^n^ tttiaouclj gartm 

i^p(tbp,?\uibel^pCbp,j|tunel,^atttrcp, gt^aDanep: fubafclllniaigneCuele, 


H. The Ndture. 



• ^ommero3tprl)en^auo?ie,toboateanlJtJipmtbetl)irbeI)egree* 

'^bfeS»auo:ie(a]8f Diorcoridc:sfattl^)isf itt operationUHebntoCime^auD 3 
t;3( Uerp gool), anl> necefCarie to be tjfeb in meateie^. 

€^f 2:pmt 



A TheKindes, 

np^crebettDofeintJes^ofCpmejti^e onecalleDTjiymum Crcticum^tVati^to 
fop,^rme of Canbie,t^e ot^er iiE^ our common bfuall 'Cpme^ 

Thymum Crcticum. 

^pmeof CauDie* 

Thymum durius. 

^\xc common %mz^ 


:« rt. 



f . 

the Hiftoric of Plantes* 

^ The DeCcriftion. 

-T > 




ifmalnatroui leaueis^.at tl^e top of ti^e MlUsi groujct^ cectapneUnoppie 

t{xiwMU)^nto fmall (l)o^t earejs , tftiuft togitlier, not muct) btiUUe tlje 

flottrie (pifee ot feuopjs? of s t^cados,but mnt\) fniaUer^anD b^ingmg fo:tl) purple 


%\)C common time alTo ijat^ manp fmall,tDeake,anD voooBDie bzacl)e;sf*C^e 
leauc0 be fmall,of Dt^arpe ^nti bptmg tafte* Ci^e floured grotue at t^e top of i^? 

• 4§t The Place. 

Ci^e firft feiiitJe of Cpme gtotoetl^ in tjoate countcie;^, (n tiip ^ barren tbplr, 
anlJ ftonp mountapne0,ani> fuclj UketmtillcD placei9f*3nD iti$ founDberpplm- 
tif all in t^z countrte of (l5^eece,but p.tincipallp va CanDie^ 

'CJ^efeconD gro^jDetl^ alfo inboatecountriefttjpo t^e (tonic monntapncsf, in 
leane ^barren grounH anD fticl^ itUeplaceg^ , ajsf in manp placets? of ^papne auD 
31taUe,anD t^^oug^ont aU]ianqiieI»oc,vn]^erea^f it groujetlj ^erp plentifullp* 







3t fionretl) in S^ap anH 3ttne* 

9^The Names. 

'Cpme 10 calleU in (Bi^t flJ/*©L.,ti^at 10 to fap;in )latine r hy m u s .in Italian^l^mi^Tomillo, 

Cl^e firftfeinUe 10 calleD in <15ieefeeKi45«x6»T©- flviajQi.: in Hatine Thymu capi- 
tarum:oftl|elateru;.nter0Thymum Crcticum,tl)ati0 to(ap,Cpjneof CantJie^ 

Ci^CfeCOnlJi^CaUeD alfo in (ByZZ^Z euVO-^Of DiofcoridcsThymum durius, 

tl^etubici^ 10 felDome f ofiiD infearontDiti)oiit1)i0 Epithymus: it 10 calleU in Cn- 
glil^ Cpme,^ tlje common garden Cpmc: iti jf renc^ "rhjm: in laonc^ Thymus- 

•5J«' The Nature, 

Cpme 10 l^oate anti Dip in tlje tbirDe Degree* 


%^mt b opleD in luater $ Ijonp anD DtonHen,i0 gooD againfl: a IjarD ^ paine* 3 
fiiU coiig!) anD (!)o^ztnefre of b.zeati^ , it pionofeetb ijune, ^ eicpulfctl^ tbe^ec on 


tiinz anD ttje&eaD fruitefrom tl^e® atrijp ; it hm^ttXi to xoomeu ttjetr naturall 
terme0;anD DtlToluetl^ clo tteD 0,; congeleD blouD in t^e boDir* 

C&e fame maDe tnto pouDer, anD talfeen in tuaigljt of tbiee D.iammc0 toitl^ S 
IbonieD ^ineger, tol^icbetljepcallDicimel , auDalittle^alte, piirgetfj bpftole 
tongl) anD clammpflegme, anDfl;arpe anD c^)aleriqtte^mno:0, anD allcomip 

tionofblouD* , 

Cl^efameta&en inlifee foite i0 gooD againft tlje^ciaeica, tbepapncin tljeC 

fiDe,^t^ieb^eaO;:alfoiti0gobD againfl:blafting0anD mnDineifeof tbefiDeanD 
bellie^anD of ti^e(tone0o,zgenito^0, anDiti0p3iofitablefo.i t^ofetljatarefeare* 
fttU,melanc]^olique,anDtroubleD inQ)ute,ominDe* 

"Cpme eaten ui t^e mo^tning falling , anD in tbe eticning before Supper {0 3^ 
gooD fotbleareD anD tuatering epe0,^ tbe painmti^^fame^^InD it i0al(b gooD 

3t i0 alfo fingttler againfl t^e <l5oute ; ta^enin \xivnz out of tbe time of t^e (S 
greefe,^ luitlj a D^amme of i^jcimel, tuftan one i0 to^menteD luitl? tbe fame* 

%vmz mingleD toitb ftonie after ti^e maner of a )Loboc,to be often licHeD in^ f 
tXtntztf^ ti^ebzeaft:, ^ ripetb flegme,caurmgitearilptobefpetouaf!:cnt 

Cpme ftampeD i»itl^ mineger,confttmet^ anD UJaS:et^ colDeftnellingC anD <5 
ta]^etftati}apiJ^artc0beinglapDet^erel)pon ,«.-.. 

%^z famepounD "m^ asarliemeale ^ toine, appeatet^ p pspne of t^e^ant^ ^ 



o The ftcond Bookc of 

ot^ippe \jD!)icl| fome call tfte^ciatica c^oute, bein j appUeU ftecetiaeo 
' %imtvs alfo gooD to U Qixmto tl^em l^at ^au^t^e falling Cid^nefTe^to 3 






45* r^&tf Defcript. 

ilntcc^auoue ftatl^ man? 
ftillof fmalnarcou) leauejef* 

C^e dourer be Cmall^incar 
nate ojt tjjljite , gcouiing in littell 
l^uCfeejsf aldgft tbe (lalfec^ betvoipte ^ 
leatiejsf , ^ ftouretb bp little ^ littell, 
from tbe loxoeftparte of tbeftalbe e* 
uen t)p to tbe toppe of t^e bzancbe^f, 
leaning after tbe floureisf befallen a* 
\uap,a0 it U)ere a greene fyiUz eare 
81 tufte^cotepning t^e reebe,\Dbicbe 
ii^berpfmalU'Cl^erootefcg? of U)ooD 

Dp fubftance* 

iji T^e Place. 

Cbi^berbegrotoetb incertaine 
places* of frautice,efpeciallp in lian- 
giieUoc, ^ otbee boate countrepjs, in 

lintiileti placeior ^ Jt isi founb in i^i^ 
countrep in tbe gatbens^ of Cucbe a^ 
liaue pleaCure in betbes^ 

' ' '^TheTyme, 

%t floutetb in tbis^ countrep (n 
3alp ^ 3lugufl:,anb fomtime? later* 

jjc The Names, 

Cbisf b^^e 10 calleb in dBteefee 
iu^6p«: in ^HatineThymbra,^ Cunila: inCnglil^ Cpmbia,f l©(nter&auozir 


alfo pepper l^plfope: in frencb '^^;w^rr,anb ^4meff(f/^«^/i>errr;o 
i^erbojtift^t Cenberiek* Cbi^! is? not Satureia, fot Satureia ij8? an berbe bifferin j 

fromThymbra,a;3( CoiumeiiaanbPiinie^aueberpujelltaugbt bs?f 

^ The Nature, 

Cpmbia is^i^oate anb bip lifee Cpme* 

^ T he l^ertues , 

oainter ^auoHe isf goob anb p.iofitable to be \3!t^ in meate^if , lilte Cpint, 

^atto^ie,anb common i^plTope* 

3t batb poujer anb bertuelilfee Cpme^being tafeen in tbelilie fi>?te,a? Diof- a& 


^f tbfl&c Zvtm 

iji r/&r Defcrht 


ling alongft tbe grounb,^ (bmtimes^grouiing bpiigbt of a foote ^ balf 
long,fetfnllof fmalleaueft mucb lifee to tbeleaueiS of common garben 
fEime^butmucb larger^Cbefiourest groto about tbetoppe of tbe ftallsejSlike to 
croipnc^ o: garlanbs^,after ? maner of l^ojebounb flouresf,o^linop)8f,moft com* 
monlp of a purplereb colour, (^fbmtimeief (but berpfdbom)a^ ujfite as( fnotD. 






the Hiftoric of Pkates 


S erpill urn vulgar e. 

■ .1 

' lL 

■^ The Place. - » 

%W ^etbe grotuctlj plentiftiUp in all 
f^i^ coutrie inplacejsf t^at ate mBe,toag^; 
liip,tjntilleD,aiTD dome^bpfte i^tgl^uiap 
fiDe^,auD iti tl>e bo^t)er;ef of f ieliJei^. 

iHtttmmg Cpme fiouretft from after 
fl^ap ijntiU tl^eeiiD of ^ommet^ 

4^7 k Names. 

Scrpillum, anD (tl fome placejff Puleglum 

montanumim Jtaliati serpiUo: in ^pauif^ 
^f/?<?/A? %^rf»* ; ixi (0nglt(|? tDtlDe 'Cpme^^i^ 
Itallmountapne, ^ellamountai^ne , et tun* 
timgCime:m freely 5^;-/^/^;. m^igb Uouci^ 
!©ttentiel, auD of fomeaUb feiimel,^ feieu 
lin: inbafeainiaigne^uentiel, ^ lu23^a 
bant iaDnretX);tou\uenbet)fttoo,^ in foine 


placed \DilD en Cbpirni^* iQpanp iuDge itto 
be tljat luljici&e ti^e c^^eel^e^ l>o call r^ ttwa^o? 

KKTTiuToV, fte X'atinej^ Scrpylium hortcnfe, 

l^oujbeit it fl^oulD feeme ratljet to be ai^inU 

of Thymum durius,03ttijat \3D^icl) i^CallelS 

of Diofcorides in;(^?eefee <r«ff{cj>^«>>'op , ixx 



Jlatme Saxifranga^tljan Serpyllum. 

ijt T-^^ Nature. 



^ - 

30ellamountapnei;9fl)oateantiD,tptnt^et]^{tlieliegtee* ^ 

(^ The Fertues , 

lBiHieCpmeboplel>tnUJateroi^tuineanDD?6feen,pzouo&et]&ant) bzingetl^ ^ 

totuomenlt:l|eauji;eS0enftruall; D^iuetljottttlie ftoneahlJ gtaueU, anD^jtouo 


%f^z 13ime taken in tlje lifee manner.ftoppet]^ t^e lafeC;anti curetlj gtiping^^r B^naujings^, anHijs^ejccellentagaindCtampeiJ, anti tl^eH^iuingtogitliero.i 

fl^iinfeing of ^pneuie^s?* 

Ctifcs? l^etbe taken in nimm anD litinfees>Co.t biotbe^,) isi a Coueraigne me 
bicine againftall popfon , anl> againft tl^e bpting;3f anU ftinging^ of benemou^ 
beaftejsf ant) ^erpenteiBf^ 

Cl^e ittpccof^dlamountapne o^ Running Cpme , bzonken to tlje quanti 

tie of Ijalf e an bnce UJitlj ilineger , i^ gooD agapna t^e fpetting anb bomiting 

ofbloub* ■^ 

manning Cpme mengleb toitl^ minegec anb ople of EoCeje?, anb applicb to ^ 

tbe foiebeabanb temple^J^Ojoaget^ b^ab acft^ ^ i$ berp goob againO; tauing, 

'Ci^eperfumeof t!jefla«ne,bunetl^ atoap attbenentouje; beaft^s^ 


^Wtmp Hopall/ 0^ Potimns grafe* €WA0 


f^ The Defcrifthn^ 


CnnptaopaUbatl^ Rnalbitttleftallies^of afootelong ^fomtimejermoje, 
not bpiigbtjbutfreepingalongft tbegtoimb,^ taking x^m rootcs?,betp 

^ therein ftinb.iie place^ss^Cbe leaned befomtobat toutib.aimoft Ulte tbe 

Ieaue;@f of ^arierom,biit ti^ep be gteener, bjot»nrt> anb of a 


'--*^* -^ ^ 






The fccond Bookc of 

\Di)o.iles? ozgartan5e0, auliaiStl&efloure^of l^oieftouuD^ of ablexotfl^ecolour 


anl> tomttimzfihet^ tu^ite* ^i&e roote i^ tl^jeelJOie 

^mnp laopaU louetl^ mopft,^ tntflleD 
place^Bf, VDi^iclieareDzp in tfte^omer,anti 

full of voatec in winttc 


3t fioureti^ inHutte.atit) in ^ugud^ 

in )latitie ^ in ^l^oppeiBf P uicgium : in J 
talian PttU^9:\n S^panift) FoUtos^poUh: ixt 
englifl) iBennp EopaU , ^^ulioU Eopall, 
j^ttDDing gtalTe, anD ^^zganie: ixi f renci^ 
^W/0^• ini^ig]^ laoucl^ l^olep: in bate 311 
maignel&olep,anU l^alep 

:{. The Nature, 

f^ennp ropall i^f i^oate ^ ti;tp in J tbirlJ 
Degree, ^ of fubtile parted, anB cutting* 


l^ennp ropallboplcD intaine gtDiofeen, 
p^tottoHetb tbemonet^lptei:me$,b;tinget]^ 
foott^ tbe^econUine, t^eDeab ft:ttte,anb 
tbe bnuaturall bittt), it p^ouo^et^ "n^iixit^ 

b^eat^et^ t^e done , el^ieciallp tl|e done of 

^mxiv topaltafeentjjiti^ l^onpclenfetl^ 
t^e Jlungejsf , ^ bopDetli t\^tm ^ ^e bjeait 
from all groife ant} tbici^e \i\xxmi^ 

Cbefemetafeentuitbl^onpanO 3loes?,purgetbbp dole tbe ^elancbolique C 
^nmoi^,^ pjeuapletb mucb againd crap es^, ^ tbe n^iatoing togttber of ftnelDe^. 

Cbefametafeenvpitbtoater antibineger,airiuagetbtbeino^binate Defire© 
to t>omit,ant> tbe gnaujingpapne^s^ of tbe domacfee* 


•f ■ 




^zmv ropaUtaKen mtume, belpetb tbe bitingsf of benemoug beadeftanD <0 
toil* bineger it belpetb tbemtbat baue tbe falling ficUenede. 

3f atanp time menbe condrapneb to bj^inHe corrupt, naugbtie, dinfeing, t^% f 
Cslte.tDater,tb.iou) j^ennp ropall into itotdroto t^eponber hereof into it,anD 

it (&aU not burte anp bobie* 

ai garlanbe mabe of ^ennp Eopall, anb \bo jne about tbe ^eab, i$ of great <ft 

Cbefamepounbe tuitb taiineger , anb giuen to finellbpon, to people tbat la 
aremucb giuen to founbing quickenetb ti^eir feenfesf, anb cauCetb tl^em to re* 
tume to tbem felue^ agapne , anb ifi goob foz t^em t^at i^aue colbe anb mopd 

' Cbe poubet oiajrfen of t^j^ 'jierb^'bo tl^ fadenlnb drengtl^enl^e guinmeiaf n 

^mnp ropall pounbeamDaget^tl^epapne of tl^e montt, anb Sciatica, be* jfc 

ingrubbeb bpontbegreeneb parte bntiU it tuape rebbe* 

Cbe fame menglebiDitbbineger^bonpcuretb tbe crjffnpej0f,anb igpxoUtn^^, 
ble fox ^ebiffeafe^ of tf^ ^pleneoj^elte, beinglapbe ^erebnto* 





the Hiftorie of Plantes. 



C!)e3©efocticin thereof 10 t)erj> gooU asainR; tjentofitie, totntJineiTe , anU # 

I)lafl;i5g0,alfo againft tl^eljarlJneffe ani) (topping of t^e^ot^er,U)l^an one fit 


t£tl)ottei:t!)elJJH30uro,t b,ieati&t^eceofinaftet»eoi batlje^tjo^erea^t^e fapDe 
3©ecoctioni^*tlci)efamc i^alfo gooH agaiha t^eitc^e anU niangineirc;to ^i%z 
tl^e fcabbeU parties tijerein^ 




Clje perfume of t^e fioures^ of ^^ennp ropall (being petfrefl^ie auD greene) li 
D^itietlj a\3pap fiee^* 

jenoccate;^ia(tb,t!)atab^unci^of ^ennptopalltp^peliinalittle uiooU;^ 
anD giuento fmellijnto, o.zlapDe ajnongft tl)e clothes? of ti^e bebtsc, cureti^ x^t 
feuer tertian* 


<^f ©olcp. 






p€)lep<a^Diorcoridesliait]^) i;sf of t\jpofo:te;6:,tu^ereof onemap benameU 
great i^olep,oz as^ Diofcorides termetl& ft, l^olepoftl^e #ountaine; gt t^e 
otftermap becalleD fmall^olep* 

^€>lep of tl^e ^ountapue i^ a little, 

fmaU,tenDer, bafe,anDfDjeetermel 

ling l^ecbe, Waning fmall (leinme^?, 

an^ (lender btanc]^ej5,of a fpanne 0^ 

balfe foote long ♦ Ci^e leaned bee 

fmaltnarrotw,anD grapill?, lui^ereof 
tl)ei> tl^at gtoiu lotumofte ace fometui^at larger, 
anD a little fnipt o.tiaggeU aboute ti^e etige^: anD 
tbep tbat grotueaboue, are narrotoer anD notfo 
miul) iaggeD otfnipte* Cftefloure^beujljtite anD 
Do grot» atti^etoppeof ti^ebtanc^e^i^^eroote 

1)3^ tb^eeDie* 

•Clje lelfe l^olep t^ not miidjebnlifee t!|e otfter 

Cauing tljat l^fc? leaned are tenDercr,f mailer, nar- 

roujer , anD U3l^iter d^antl^eotljer: itl^at^^alfo a 

great manp moe fmall, flenDer, anD tueafeebzan- 

ctje;8^,25utitbatl) notfo peat berttie^noitfo llrong 

afauotir a;3?,#olep of t^e # ountapne 

igt The Place. 



3It groiuetft not of ^mtfelfe m tfti^ countrie, 
anD \$ not ligl^tlp founD, fauing in tl^e garDenis? of 
fome^erbo^iate^, tuljo DoplanteanD ci^eriftie it 

\jpiti^ great Diligence 

4^ The Tyme, 

3taouretlj attire enD of #ap anD June, ti3]^erea? it gro^et^ Of l)i? otone 
kinDe,anD in ti^i^ countrep in 3ttlp. 

^r he Names. * 

3ti5^CaUeD bi^^eefee woMop, b^mo^ i^ml^ ^ n^h'^v - i^ jiatine Polium, Po- 
lium montanum, auD Theuthrium: in Ht^iaU Polto: in S^pauifl) FlieruA'vfd.' Ul 

tl3at tuefenoto:foz it i? pet bnltnotwen of t^e apothecaries t^em Celues m m 

^l)oppe;s^ of tl^ijs: countrep 


J^jf The Nature, 


jSolep \$\^m va f^t feconD Degree, anD Dip in tl|e t^trlJet 








The ficond Booke of 

^ Thg Fertues . 

f '• 

3t piofttetl) muci^ agamll t^e bpting^ of betiemoufe beaftejsf, anb againft i* 
popCbn tafeen in maner afozefapbe, anb it bitiuetl^ auiap all beneniou^ beafj^j 
tromtbeplaceVDbn^^a^ itii^'ftrotDen oibumte* 

i:befameb,ionfeentDitbbineger,i0(goobfo^ t^r bifeatir^f of tlje Sopite anb C 


3lfo itbealetb^anb clofetb bp ^ounbetf, being pet freflj^ anb greene, pounb 3^ 

anb ^Ueb;0,ilapbetberebpom 



ifj^ The Vefaiftiofj. 

Maiorana vulgaris* 

^tcierom is^ abelicateanb ten* 
ber bearbe, of fujecte tauour 
becpu) el feno\x3 en in tijisf coun 
tvity batting fmall tj^eaUe anb 
brittle aalfeeis? , fetiuttb fofte anb tenbcc 
leaueftfbmetJPbatrottnb anb of grapitt^e 

colounit bamb about tbetoppcanb bp 

per parte of tbe b^aiincbe0agreatmanp 
of fmall buttons^ o^ilinflppej5,ltke to a lit 
tlefpifee earemabe of manp fcale$/out of 
iDbicb grotuetb berp fmal tjobite Soured 

peelbingaberp fmall rebbilbfeebe* %\^z 
rooteijBfttJoobbill)attb berp tb jebbp* 

^ The Place, 

%^\si S^arterom i? planteb in gar 
bert5?,anb in potteis; ^itb cartb,anb it io 
uetb fatte anb wil maintepneb groimb 


3 1 30 ur etb ivi 1 lUp aub Klugtia 
%W noble anb obonferouiD? plant, ig 

nOtUCalleb in febopPtS? Maiorana: in3 

talie I'erfa : in Cnglifb ^ arier om,f\r» eete 
^arioj^om,anb ^arierom aentle: in 

jfrencb o^arioiaim.' inbigb Boucb ^a* 

io^n,o.t !Slpcpzan:inbafe3lmaptte#a» 
rioleine,anb ^ agelepne- 3lt i^ talien f 0^ 

tberigbt ^«ju>|.vkoh )iod «iitcc>«Kop of tbe <l5reeltc;sr,anb Amaracus ^ Maiorana inliWt 

tinetboujbeit it trapletb not alongft tbe grounb at all, ajet D iofcorides tur tetlj 
tbatsampficonajoulbebottdberefojie itf^oulberatbet befometobatUlietbat 
bcrbe tDbicbetbe <I5?ctian0 call ixi^o^, aitb tbe ilatinejaf Marum, fot tW i^. ?>Ji 
l&erbe of a mod ftD eete anb p leaCant fmell^bearing biflf fioute almoft lifee to 

ganum Heraclcoticum,\jubtcbetbing DiofcoridesattHbUtet^bntO Marum. 


ly^arieromi^^oatemibbip intbe tl^irfc begrer* 

^ The Fertues. 

^arierombopleb m tnbitcujineanb aqnantitietbereof bionkm , isf ti 





I ^ 

Boob fo3^ fuc^ a^ begin to fall into t^e llpbjopfie , ^ fojfiuft ug cannot pilTe bm 





the Hift 



of P lantes 





Utop.after Dioppe^anli t^at \3u(tl) greatbifficultie, ^ it fef gooU fo: t^jent tljat are 
to^meuteO UJit^ tlje grpping papites^,aulj tuimging^ of tije belUe 

C^e fame taikm in t^ e like mattner,p^iouofeetl^ t^e flouresf : anti fo Dot^ it be- ^ 


5©iteb !3l^arierommengleb xuitb ^onp^bilTolttetb CougelcDbloub.anbtiii* c 
uetl) ataap ttje blacfee auD bleu3 matbe;5 after ftrppe^s mh biuCe^^being appliet) 

, Cfte fame .tjoit^ ^alte anU mineger , ijS? berp goob to be applieb bnto tlje 23 

p^icfeing!8f anb fttttging0 of ^co^tpionjs^* 
^ 31 plapftermabe of ^arieromxuitb ople^ ttiajce, reCblwetb colbeRxieUingjS (g 

o^tumo^iaf, anbis^mwd^piof (table to belapbebponplacej^tbatbeoutof ioput 

S©acierombmfeb oj. riibbcb betU)i]Ct tl^e bahbeft^ put into tbe 0^kt\^ii\iSj 
op tbe iwct tbeteof fnift bp into tbe nofe , bjtaujetb boiojie bumoi;sf from tlje 
l^eab,mttnbtfieti^ tbe bzapne, caufetb to fneefe , anb \$ berp goob foj tbem ti^aj 
baue loft tbeir fmelling 


3tnb if a^arierombe Marumof tbe d^^etiansf, tbeni^ italfo a berp Hoot) <B 
l^erbeCajs: Gaien faitb)^ fit to beput into allmebictnesf^anb compofitionjef mabe 
againft popfon: it i$ alfo goob to be mengleb \uitb all obouferou;? anb fiuecte 
opntment^,aj8?t]^eopntmentcaUeb Vnguentum Amaridnum, anb fuclj lifee^ ^ 

Marum l0 alfo goob to be lapbe bponfretting gt confuming blcerft ^ i0 berp i^ 
profitable againft all colbegriefeiB? anb malabie$, ai8? Diofcoridcsuizitet^t 

4^f €finopotimm/o; ^aflu» CliapJietit^. 

• djjk The D €fcrifUo» , 

^\$ berbe^atl^ rmal,natieb,roub, 

anb bJoobill) ftemme$: tbeleaue^f 
be (rnall anb tenber atmofte Itfee 
fl^arierontCbeflourejS lubicbe areiubite 
anb berp fmallbo grotD lilie a Croiune o^ 
garlanb^roiinbe about tbe ftemme,in fmall 
rougbottuoollpljufifeejs^* Cberoote i^of 
ipoobbiftiefubftance* Cbe tuboleberbeief 
of a berp pleaCant (lueete fauour, almoft 


%\^\$ berbe potoetb not of bimfelfe vx 

t]&i;9^coutttrie,but tbe l^erbojtifte^ bo plant 


%t flouretl^ m tW countrie in auguft 
o.iti^ere aboutejsf 

4^ The Names. 

%\)i^ berbe ig tafeen of fome l^erbo 
mtg fop Marum, (tbat 1$^ tbe Cnglilb anb 
f rencb #aftic>)bttt feingtbatitfloureti^ 
not lifee €)zgane op tpilb ^arierom,it fee* 
metb bntd me to be noticing UU Marum 
btttratberto be lifeebnto tbei^erbetobicb 




tbepcaUm(i5reefeexxwo7ro<AtoHJWjlatmeal ^ ^ ^ ^, . n^ur^v 
fc Ciynopodium, foz the ^jpljid^etoe^atte beftrftebit: Tumcrcalletb chno- 

^ *^ ' "^ ' ^ ;^im podium. 




The fecond Booke of 


podium, fottS^e tDljic^e tJOel&atteDeliCtibeD it: Turner caUctlj Clinopodium, 

i^oxfetpme, atiDfo Dotl^ Cooper Cnglil^ Clinopodium, i^ccallet^ it alCo|du* 

iiaU mountapne# 

Si. The NAture. 



3lt i|3f incott^Iejcion Ijerp muci^ l&e iS^arierom* 

:f. The Fertues. 

Ci^epljfeto t)unHetl)e!)erbeClinopodiumintuinejanlitfte3©ecoctionoj3 
t|^e bitingiB? of^crpent^s?* 

3tpiouofeetft t!jeaottre;3;;e]cpelletft t^et)eat)ftuit^; anD S)ecottl»ine, if itije;i3 

. tc^ef^ne bopleti bntiU tl^e tl^irDe parte beconfttmeD,ftoppet^ tl^e bellie, c 
but it mufte be DzonHeti tPttQ tjoater in a ftwc^ anD tDit^ \Dtne ijpitl^out a 

^zmz \syp^tt alfo of Clinopodium, tbat if it be taken \m^ >o^int bp tbe j^ 
CJiace of certapne bape^, it toiU caiife tl^e i©arte;8: t^at are bpon ti^e bobp to faU 

■iji rheKindes, 

QEigan tjflf of tjiee fojtteiBf, tl^at i^ to fap, garben €>iigan; loilbeiD^igan, anH 

t^atfeinbeUJ^lCl^et^ep call Origanum Onitis. 

Origanum Hcraclcoticum. 

^panil^^zigan* * 

s^aftarb i^^argerom* 

Origanum fylucftrc, 

uailDe €)jiigan* 






_- - 








the Miftoric of Pkmes. 

^The Depriftien. 


. 4 

'« ^ 



X -* 


times: reUUifl? ftemejS^jtD^jecetjponareroimU Cnglia; St5arg;ecom. 
tufjittOt) leaue;8f, Cmatter tijan ti^e leaueis: of 
tuilD €>^igait,anD ntitl^mg lieanc, but otl^er 

iPife (bmeijJijat Mc in ttit0^im,%\)t fioixtt$ grouj not 
in fenoppie CrotDneti8f,but lifee bntofmal fjpifeie earegf, 
grovumgbpon little fine fteinmeft at tlie toppe of t^e 
(!;alfee.3^nli aftertjoatlie it biingeti^ fojti^ (mallfeebe, 

C^e feconU WnDe \)Utt) M)\)ittt\tmt$ , anD iis^not 
of fo great \)ertue,but oti^tDife not mucl^ bnlifee tl^e 
fitO:. Jt i0 not l^notuen in t\^i$i countries 

C^ e t^itD e U) iltj e feinD^ljatl^ manp r o ttnD,\une, 
long^gt dearie fl:alfees:,tlje leaueja? be fometnl^at rounb, 
anb fofte beared); greater rftan t^e leanest of ^mnv 
laopalLCj^e flo ill e^ are re^bifl^, anb grotPing a great 
manp togiti^er in tufte^sf Ufeeij^ofegapeis;* 'Cbefeebei;Bf 
finail ^ rebbi(l)e»0^e roote is; long !)arbe ^ tDoobDiH?* 

C^ere t^ alfo afotte of t^ijs tijirbe feinbe founbe, 
bearing floures^ a$ UJ^ite a0 fnotjp, of (Ironger fmell * 
fauour^tban tbeabouefapbe xi^ilbe l^inbe^but in all 
things: elfelpfeebnto it* 

Pett^erefcsf founb atljirbe l^tnbe, t^etwfticl^ijBfco 
monlp calleb Cnglift S^arierom* %W 10 a bafe oi 
lotDJ^erbe^notmud^bnlifeeto \jpilbe iSD^igan, \»itb leaueiBffometolftatrottnbe, 
finb of a Dar^egreene coloar^fmaller tban t^e leaueie^ of toiib £)itgan, not ^ea^ 
rie but plaineanb Cmotb^tEljefiourejBf arepurple in rebbe,anb groU) in crotijne"' 
lfeetufte;3f» Ci^eroote i^ofujoobbpfubltancr* 

Cbefe })tthc0 bo gro^ in Canbie,artb otbetl^oate countrie5?,fometimeja? afc 
fo in ^papne: bere cljep plant tbein in garben^* 


5> The Time. 


■= fX 


CftefiraHtnbeflouretbberplateintbi5^countrep,anb petit fiouretbnotat 
all fauing tu^an tbe ^omrner i^f berp i^oate ♦ C^^e UJilbe ^IHigan ^ W "^ixds^t^ 

bo floure at ^pbfomer* 


1^ ■". 

^ Tht Namer. 




Cbefeberbe^fbe caUeb in<BieeUeo>ycqroi, in }Latine Origana. 

%\^t firftfcSi calleb S^lytKv^^ nfccyaicorm. Origan um hericlcoticum, anb Of tbUie 

Cuniia-bere in^boppe^s? it ifS calleb Origanum Hirpjnicum,bpcaure tbepbzing 

it W from ^papne to fell at Snt\uerpe,anb tbi$ isf tbe cauCe t^iat t^e :6zaban» 

'Cbefeconb 10 calleb <;>/>«¥©- ovmc. Origanum onitis^ujl^ictj isf v^ bnfenotpS 

in ti^i^ CO untrie. , 

^be tbirbe i0 calleb in <5?eefee ^y^iopiy^Q^iin )tattne Origanum fylueftrc, 
ti^at i^ to Cap^tDilbe Diigan: in ^panifl? ortga,j& campefln. 

Cb^firfti^commolptalienintbe ^boppe^s^of tbis>countriefo;t Origanum, 


^ i^ calleb in €nq;iiW) ujilbe€)ttgan, anb Ballarbe S^arierom : inftmH^ on 
gd»fauuage,mh ^jMArioiainehafiarde'. in ^igl^ Boucft J^oft::! u^olgemut: ittbafe 
aimaigne groueS^ariolepne/ 

Cbefeconb map be calleb UJilbe €)iipnioitl^tbetDW^efloure?* B 

C^eti^irbeii3fcallebCngli(tiiaparierom:injfrenci^ oHamiAined^An^Uterre: c 




The fccond Booke of 


autimbafe^linaigiiec^iTgelfci^e^atiolepne: miDit i^tefeeu infomef&oppe^r 

atto of fomc l5ecbo;tCtsf,fo^ Maru 

igt r^r Nature 

Wi tbe iKuiUejs? of ^ngan are boate anU Dtp in tlje t^irD U^tt, t^e onebe- 



A. ry&<r rr , 


£[)tigatTbopleD in vuitieanti Utonlien, i^gooD againdtbebptinguof bcnerji 
mou0 beaft0,o: tbe (lingmge^ of S)CO^ioni8: anD fielDefp?berje?.3inrj bopleli in 

toine a;af is: af oiciapDe^it i^ gooD fottbe tbat baue tafeen ejcctfiiurtp of tbe itt|>ce 
of^omblocKe,o^^oppie,\Pbicbemencall Opium. 

•CbefameUionKcntDitbtJOatcrjfcefof greatbcrtueagaindtbepaj^neiBf oft^^cB 
ftomacHe,aub tbe (litcbe^sfot griping tozment;3f aboute tbebaite, anb caufetb 
ligbt bigeftion : anb tatten toitb ]^pbiomel (oiboniiD tuatec) it lofetb tbe bel 
lie gentiilp, anb purgetb bp itoleabulteanb ^elancboliqne bumo^)Sf; anb p^io 
uofeetb tb e fiupe menftr uall 

CbefameeatetttoitbfiggejB?,p;tofitetbtbemmttcbtbatbaue tbel^pbjwiprie^ € 

anb againfl: tbe Ibnnliing anb b^tatping togitbet of memberief. 

31t i^ pzofttablp giuen to be liclteb bpon tpitb l^onp, againft tbe Cougb, tbe S 
^leurifie^anb tbeftopping of tbe)lungejsf 

Cbe iii?ce of ^^zigan \$i of great fo^zce againd; tbe fijoelling of tbe 3lmonbesf € 
o^tfecniel^ of tbe tl)iote,anb curetb tbe blcer^of tbemoutb* 

Cbefame inpceb^\3)en oi fiiift Dp into tbe l^ofe, purgetb t\it bzapne, anb f 
taUetbau>ap from tbe epejaf, tbe pellouj colour remapning, after tbat onebaib 


3t appeafetb tbepapne^ of tbe eare^;being bioppeb in uiitb 





3|tisf goobagainftallfeinbeof fcuruineffe, rougbneOeof tbeffeinne, mangi- ^ 
neire,anbagainfttbe3aunber;6f;if one batbein tbe3©ecoctionttiereofmabeiti 
toater,0Hf tbe bobp onelp be toafibeb \»itb tbe fame* 

€:berame b'erbe beingmenglebtjoitb bineger anb €>ple, ijs goob to be lapbe % 

m u^itb vuool bpo itmtf^ o^ hpxizfi 
anbbiac&eanb bIevuemarKe^> $to 
partes^bilplaceb oz otttof iopnt 

CbeU3ilbe€)ugan\6tbe UJbite 
Coure, i!5offingulerbertueagain(t 
all tbe abouefapbe malabiesfoj biC 
reafe^,a^ Galen faitb 




4&f etatjojtgan/' oj#oatcs 

£):igan> CbapJpjc* 

r J 

i^The KynJes. 

''Vl^ttZhe iXm fO^te^ of Tragori- 
ganum^a^ Diofcoridcs batb left 

1^ T/jg D efcri^thH . 

^efirftHinbe isf berr «tucb 

UHe o rganuiauing tbat biaf 
a;alfee0 ^leauejBf be teberer* 
Cbe (SecotUie binbe bati^ manp 
bzoiune tDobbi(t> ftemegf^tbe leauejaf 
ht meetelp large ^ of afu^art greene 
colour, larger tban tbe leaner of 
i^ellamountapne oz rimning time, 

anb fomu»|yat rougb ^ ouer touereb 

b L 


the Hiftorie of Plantes. 






Cljefci^erbesf are not common m tljt0cottntrie,ljutareonelrfottn5e mtbe 

Tragoriganum fiouret^ ^ere in 3tugu(!:» 


Cfti^ l^inUe of Origan, i;j calleD in d^^eekere^yoew©.: (n latine Tngoriga- 
num,'aie map alfo call it in Cnglifl? Tragoriganum,oi <!5oateiBf ^itigam 

-CftefecontJfetnDeiiBfcaUetialfo Prarium:gtoffomeoftl^i<3^coutne;itbathbm 
tieemett 0^ talienfojtiPpmr* 


:^ T^e Nature, 

•^jfje Tragoriganum 15? i^oate anD Dip UHe €)iiigan : alfo it batl) a certapnea* 

ftnngent t) er tue. 

- - (it 


ijr r^tf Fertues. 

Cl^eUecoctionof TragoriganumDi^onfeenmafeetljagooliloofebelUe, anD a* j 

uoplietftt^eC^olmqttel^umo3ti2f,anDtafeen U)it^ t)irteger,it fcargooo foitl^e 
Svelte 01 ^plene* 

ragoriganum ij0f berp jooU againttt^eit3iimblingof tbe ftomacfer, anD tl^e 3 


rotuite belKejS? tu^icbecome from tbe fame,anb againft tbe paine oi Deare to bo 


TragoriganummengleHtoitl^l^onpanlJ oftentimes lickeD bpon^ ^elpet^ a 

Sainft tl^eCougb anb l^oztneflTe of bieatb^ 

JtpiOttoKetb b^tine^ biingetb to Vjoementlfteir monetblp termeie? : tbe fame 3© 
lapbeontDiti^ti^emealeof ]^olenta;^atb pouier to bilTolue colbe t^moit^s: o; 




A' The Kjndes 



T^erebe ttuo fotte^: of 25afill,tbe one of tbeaarben,F otber ijB? lutlbe.n^b^^ 
ofti^egarDcrt23afiUalfo i^ofttuo foite)B?,onegreat,tljeotberfmaU;' 


i^eaaarm Eopall ozgreatBafillbatb rounb (lalfeeS fullof b:amtcbejsf, 

Uiitb leanest of a fapntot pellou)ifl?e greene colour, almoHUHeto tbe 

leaned of ^^ ercurp^ Cb'e floured arc rounbe about tbe MM$ , Tome 

time;sfpurple,anlsrometimei0fa;8( tobiteajef fnoiD ♦oabantbeparc gone tbcreis: 

founbe a fmaUblacfee feebe.Cberoote isi long toitb manp Ittinge^ d^ tl)iceDcf ♦ 
Cbe feconb U\iXst i0 not mucb bnlike to tbe aboiiefapb^tEbe ftallve? be rouD 
kDitbmanplitteUcoUateraUb.zRbebtancbe^* Cbeleauesf be fiiipte o 
tounb aboute , a great Deale fmaller tban tbeleaues; of BafiU laopaft, oz great 
BafilL C^efloure)0fareberp mitcbUfee to tbetJtberj^* * *-^ 

-CbefettDo ^inhtiS ntz of a maruelottiB(fajeete&adUr,in (Iteengt^ |? armg 

fte fmell of S^arierom, fo a0 in beebe tbeit Cent in (b Jtrong, tbat tbep cau!^ 
l^eabacbe,tubantbeparetomucb ouo lotigGnelbebpoit. 

'Cbe wiXbt BafiU batb fQitare ^tmt Mmt^, befet tuitl^ fmall leancif,mucl| 

Ipfee to tbe leaue;8f of 25ua;eCoj fmalO^afttljtmt a great beale Gn^ler gt bearie 
li:^eftdure;9?sreparpleotof E ffeie colour berplik^tbefloures? of garbiuBa* 

fl?iinjetbl3ppearelpanet3J,tbeuJbit^etbeot^er ttoo gttbenii^aCi^bot^nc^ 

• ^ 




butmttftbe netoe (otoen 





The fecond Booke of 


Ocimum maius^ 

ereat:^ ami gentle 

Ocimum minus. 

33 ttfl^ e 25ami,o J (inall 33 aftU gentle. 








* f 


!!3afiUgcntiU fe fouieit m ptlieniB?* 

C^ieU)ii!Je25ai:iUgrotDet^ mfanDiegtoutttJeiSalongllijp t^etuatetRDe* 

•CijeCe^icrbegJDo flourem31ttne antJ31ulp* 

9$. The Names, 

•Cfjc garl>eni5ariU i^ called of t^e ^tuncientiSf (rt dB^eefee oV^p** o^tjuoHtin^^a^ 
title ocimum.atiD of Come Bariiicum,t^ati!B:tofap,iaopall,itijBfnotDcallet> od- 

I J 


mum gariopiiyiiatum:mCnglil]^ 23aCiiUUopaU,i3afillgentle,oj^ garDen25afitU, 
auD t1)e finaUei: ifeintje fe calleD biil^fe BafilU tnf cenci^ BafiUcqyh^ Bafic: inl^igft 

^oucl} Bafilgenjisaftlgram: inbaCe ilmaigne tl^egreat i$ calleti 6roue:aa» 

fiUcom,anD tljefmaUCDelBaratcom. 



ijsfcallebm <Bteel^eai«v©-Kseicfico»©-tm)Latme AciTius:in 

f rcncb Ba[iiicfiuud^cdn^iglt^^om^\i)mt75^limtinhnic :$lma(gtte \l3iU>e 

25 afilicont 

^The Nature, 

=C^eu>tttje23aCttlig t)oateattl> Ij^p ittti^efecotttj l^egtee* 

^ riff r^^«w . 

C^eauncient#i5iatlu»i2?ateof tontratpittbgementief aboufct^eljemie? of* 

25afaUGalenDiit^ t^at fot^tjatfopertluottismopftttre, it i^ not go oD to be tafeen 
tototbcluM^ DiofcoridesCait^ tljatt^eftoe eaten ijeJi^ttrtfttU to tlbefig^,anD 
inaenlJjet^ luinDineffe anD iotfy not li^^tlp Digeft»Plinie tu^itet^^ t^at t^e fame 





the Hiftoric of Plantes. 

eaten fef beer goo ti anD tmamimt foz 
m ftomacUe,gfc tl^at if it be liionHen ^itb 
mim$tt it Dipnttl) avuap bentofitie^^ oi 

bomit, ]^iomut\f ij^tne, beftbe^sf tbt^ be 
mit^, it i0 goob fo? tbe bpbiopfie,anD fot 
tbemtbatbauet^e iaunberiBf* 

: Cbe later \jD;titer0fapt^at it botbfot* 
tefie ^ ftceiigtbentbe batte;^ tbe bzapne, 
atib tbat itreiopcetb anb recreatetb tbe 
fpitites?, ^ isi goob agapnft iS^elancboUe 
anb fabneffe,^ tbat it it be tafeenin M)int 




Cbe Came aftee tbe minbe of Galen ^ 
goob to be lapbe too outtjuarblp, fo;t it 
botb bigefl: anb ripe . iBberefo^e (a;9f Di- 
ofcoridcsfaitb) tbe fame lapbetootoitb 
23aclep meale, ople ofi^ofejsf, anb valine- 

ger,i;s? goob to} bo^te fiueUingsf. 

appeafetb tbe papn'e of tbe epej5f:3^nb tbe 
inpceof tbe fame botl^clenfe ^ munbifie 
tbe fame,anb puttetb axuap aU obfcu^ritie 

ft bimneCTe, ^ buetb bp tbe Catarcbe^ op 

Sotoing bumoz^ tbat fall into tbe epei8(, 
being bidtilleb b^o^en bpppeb u> 
totl)efame» v 

Cbe ^etbe b^tufeb toiti^ bineger, 
^ ^olbento tbenofeof fuclje u$ are 
fapnt ^ f alle into a founb; b;tingetb 
tbein againe to tbefelnes^ ♦ 3nb tbe 
feebe tbetof giue to be fmelleb bpo 
caufetb tbe fternutation oi niefing 

'^be U)ilbe :?3afil (botofoeuet it 
be talie)a:oppetb tbe laffee,^ tbe in^ 
oibinate courfe of tbe^onetb^sf* 

4^f Batcawa / 01 €0 w 

:SafilU CbapJw^ 

i5» T^e Defcription. 

$at betbe lobicb men bo nobi 

cal iiaccaria, ^atl? roiib ftalbisf 

fttll of iopnteiS ^ b;ancbe;sf: tbe 

bjancbe^ bane bpon euerp fenotoj 

lopntttjuo leaned fomuj^atbio;; 

not mucb bnlifee to ^ leaue^s? of 3S a- 

mL3»t tbe top of ^ b^be^f ate ftnal 

rebfloiire;a?, after tbetDbfebetbete 
cometb tounb buffeeftabnoft UHe p 

biiffee;s?of]^enebane, intDbWt?^<^ 

conteineb ^e feebe,tPbfeb isf blacfee 

• t^efcebeofiaigella* 


Porte Ociaioidcs. 




The fecond Booke of 

j|c The Place 


trijisf !)erbe i^ foimU in certaiue fcitttefull fielDeisf oz paaure0,alongfl; bp tl^e 

%t aoiiretl^ from after ^itifbmet ijntiU September 



tiDlje i^erbojtifte^lio call t^i^f i^erbe Vaccaria: anUit fcemet^ to be tljeljerbe 
tubic^e 10 calleD in <^teefeeoKiiuoe<cri?: in )l/atme odmaftium.anlr after ttje opi* 
nionof fomeCa^atUJitnelfetb Galcn)Phiiit2erium3Uj]^icl^eijff a feinDeof Echium 

in Nicander.itilBfcaUell of Valerius Cordus Tamccneraum,\uemapCaUitficUJe 

a3afill,ojCotae 25afilU 

J^T he Nature, 

.^^e feetie of o cimaftrum i^ l^oate anD li^ip* 

"^TheVertues . 

t:i&efeebeof Ocimailrumijgfgoobfo^z fiic^ a;8f ate bitten of^etpente^sfp^i^i 
per;8?,anlJfuc^ otlierbenemou^beaftft if itbeHJonfeentuitbtoine* 

r' * 


^The DefcnptioTJ, 

i^i«?]^ei:beat tbe firft ^latffmall 
leaues?, Deepelp cut in , o^^ iaggelr 
abottte, anb fomeiubat rougb 03^ 
Iftearie, ^ bnberueat^ tbe leafeijS of aceb 
pnrple colour: after\juarb it puttetl^ fo^tb 
aftraigbtojbp^tigl^t ftemof afootelong 

oimoi^e, toiti^ Diuer^ b^auncbes^ on tbe ^, 
fibei8f,Co tbat it djetnetblifee a little tree: | 
^l^zlmm^ tl^at grotuetl^ thereon, are 

long, anb beepelp cut , l^earie, anb UJjinc 

tileD, fat 0^ tbicke in l^anDling, in p^opo^t 

tion lil^e to tbe firft leaueftfauing tbep be 

longer, anb nbtbingatallrebbeoipurple 

bnberneatb* Cbe feebe grotuetb elude 
ring about tbe bianclje^, lifee to tbe ?ong 

clufterj8^oiblo\Dings? of tbe gr^eo^bine* 
Cberooteiief teiiber, anbbatb b^arie 01 
t^iebbieftring^s^ ♦ Cbe tobole l^erbei;B? of 

an amiable anb plcafant fmell, anb of a 
fapnte pelloti) colour,anb U)ban t^e tttt^t 
te^rtpetlye plante bzpetl^, anb tpairetl^ all 
l^eHoUD^anb of amo^e (trottger {auour^ 

ij* The Place. 

%\^iSi\^ttU gro\Betb in man? place;^ 
of f rattnce,bp ^e tuatergf 01 rpuer fibejs: 
but it grotuetb not of bim felfe in i^i^ 
countrep:but tuljereas? itl^atlft ben fotuen 
once, it l]piinget^ bp lisl»tl|» euerp peare after 

^ The Tyme 


3t bearetl^l^iS Cluttering feebe iniaugufl;,btteiti)iJbefte ptl^ering of it in 



* The Names 






the Hiftorie of Plant 


t- , 

%W l)etbei^mUeD tit (BmU/^^Tevc. anl» in latim Botrys,of Come in Cap- 

jiadocia(a<6^DiorcoridcsU)utet!)) Ambrofia/buHnottjenm^ljoppesftittgcal- 
lep irt Cnglift) €)feeofBiemfalem;ant> of fomei^ifeeof j^araDife: infttnt\) py- 
me'ntm^Pyr^cnt Rojaii-h i^iglj Jaouclj Craubekraut.anli after tl^efame in bafe 
ailmaigne it fe calleD 3iaiupuenaiipt,t!jat i^ to top, ^ineBloirom l^erbe. 


•Ci&e€)fee of ^araDife i^l^oate anD D,ip in tljefeconbe toejjree, anD of fabtill 



^2* The Vertua 

€>feeof i^aratiifebopleti in U)ine,i^ go oti to bebtoken of tl)emtD]^ofeb;reaft 3 

fcg a:oppeb,anb are troubleb tuitl^ t^e n^oitnelTeof itimbe oi bieatlj, anb cannot 
fetc^e tl^eir b^eat^ eafilp , foz it cntteti^ anb tuaftet^ grolTe ^Umois^ anb tougl^ 
Begme tl^at i$ gatijeteb togiti^et about tl^e 5tun8e0,anb in tl)e bteaft* 

3t pioubfeet^ \>%m anb bzinget^? bouine ti^e tcrmeisf, if it be tafeen as? tsf a* 25 

Clje fame '^y^t^ \^ alfo rigi^t goob to be bfeb ixi xm^iz^y a^ !^pfope;Cpme 
atib otl^ei:liUeIjearbe;8:jpeelbing bnto meate^s? a berp goob taHeanb Cauoitt. 

£Dfee of l^ierufaleinbzpeb , anb lapbe in pielFe^ anb r©arbei:obe;9?, giuetlj a 53 
pleafant fmell bnto cloti^eiG^; anb pieCeruet^ tijemfrom mot^e^ anb bermin* 



^ The Kindes 

i^eS^pntei^ bitter;8f,afu)eU in p^topottion, as? in%|iiaf manner of gcouiing 
U)l)ereof fomebe garben i^pntejJ, aitb fome be toilbe S^pntejsf , %\\z gar 

ben Sl3pntej8?are of fourefojttei8f,tl)at \$ to fap,Ciirlbe S^pnte, Cri^e S^pntej 

^pere#pnte,anb!^arte ^^^ntt 


Clje tPilbe^pntei? of ttuo foitejef, tliat \$y %t i^oife^pnte.anb tljel^a- 

ter ^mtz 

'^ The Defcrif 



I^e firfte ^ix^z of garben 9?pnte;s? Ijatlj fourefquare , btoiuuerebbe, 

anbl^earie(leinme0,VDiti^ leaner? almoft rottnbe,fnip'te, oibenteb 

rounbeaboiit, of a barfeegreenecolour^anb of Caiiour bcrp goob anb 

pleafanfC^e floures? are Crpmfin oj rebbiil)e,anb bo grouj m. fenop^ 

about tl)eftalfeelpfeeu)]^o2le^,oilifeet]^eflourc0 of^^ennpropalU "Ci^eroote 

ftatl) tl):ebbte ftringe;6:;anb creepetl^ alongft tl^e grounb, ^ piittetl) foo^tl^ pong 

(^oote^afoz fpzing^ pearelp* 

'Cljefecohb Jiinb i^berpliUebnto tljefirft;in!)i3Sfrounb,f'Ujartc,anb(\jDeete 
fauoiiring leaned, alfo in %i^ fquare (lemmeiS? , anb tlje creeping rooters? in t!;e 
grounbe^biit \f^ fioure^ grotoe not in fenoppe^ 01 tDl^oUejs? rounbe aboute 
tfteftemme^,butatti^etoppe ofti^etlalfee^ipfeeto airmaU(|)ifeeo.rbun!;ieearef 
Ci^etl^irbeliinbeljattlongnarroxu leaned, aUnoft lihetuptljie leaueft but 
tl^ep begreater,\JDftiter,fofter anbl^earie^ C^efioures^grotoatt^etopof t^e 
ftallie^ Ufeefpifeie eare;6?,a;s? in tl^efeconb \Xn^z.%\^z rooteis? tenber tuitj^ t^teb 
biilje ftring0,anb fpiinget^ f ootti^ in biueris; place0,like to tlje ot^er;^* 
. CftefQurti&feinbei^lifeetotl^eabouefepbeinbi^leai«f0,ftalfee5?>anbroote, 

but t^at \^i% floured are not fafll^ioneb liKe fppfeie eareie? grotoing at t^e toppcjSf 
of tfte a:alfee^,buttl)ep compalfe ^ grouj rounb about tfte ftalfee$ fi^e t^^o^ies^, 
0^1 garlanbe0,l'ifee to tlje Curleb, 01 Criipe ^v^^- 
M C^efiftl) \ix^t of a^pnte,\D]^icft e i^ tl^efirft of tl^eloilbe Hinbeftanb caUeb 
l^02fe^pnte,I?atl>f^uaretDoolUefl;emme5?, anb^iJteaue^siberomti^battong 


xbzincleb^foft.anb coiiereb otouerlapbet»it^aftoebatjuae,o:roftcorton,boti) 




Mentatatiua prima. 

The lecond Booke of 

Mcntafatiua fecunda. Mentafatiuatertia. 

Cnfpe#pnte,o:Cnfpe §>pere^i>nte,o;trig^t 



garDen #pnte* 

, ■ r 

oueranlitjnliet* -Clieflottteief gro\» at tl^etoppeoftfjeftalfeejBfin fpfeietiifte^* 

^ C^e feconH uiilDe feintJe, tDj^ici^e fe tl^e iiu^ in numbec of tl^e ^pnte;8^,anli 
anH creeping tooteJ3f,Caumg djat l^i^ \zmt% ^ ftalfeesf be greater, ^ of ftronger 
fauour.Cljefloure^bepurplegrouJingattl^e top of t]^eftalfee;8( in fmall tuf tejsf 

01 linoppeis^ liHe rounD bullets 





Cbegarben^pnteflf atefottnbeintbilf countrieittgarbeniaf, efpeciallp t^e 
Curltie ^pnte,t^eu)l)ic^ i5f mod common anD beftfeno\a)en. 

CijeiuilDefeint)ej8fDogrotueinlo\ue,mopft placed agi nearebntoipiingisr, 
ant» ontt^e biinlje^ pf Hitc^je^* 

3U tlje ftiiteiQf of ^pntesf l»o flottre mod commonlp in Idupfl;* 
Ci^egattjen S^pntei^ callels ind^^eefee if<Avo<rH©-.K9« h^vSh .in ^Latino anb in 

^I^OppeiSf iMentha: in Spanttl^ reruA OrtcUnAjjerHi huena. in €n^i^ ^^Wtt^l 

in f rencli 3/^»'e- wftigb 5©uuc!) ^^ttnte* 

Cifee firft feiitlii^f calleliinl)ig]^3^ott(j&5^epment,an!) feraimtjlipmentj tl^at 

i0mUih€ntiX>z^l?ntrAnStm:^Menucre^urva bafe lltlmaigne :i33^ttpn b Q' 




the Hifioric of Plantcs 





i:ij0^feconD i;3f a!fo called of tlje^igl) Jaouc^men feraunttimtj, nnt> femu^^ 
tjalfam.p iis: to Cap, in Jfretic^ i?4«//»f frfj^«.an CagUl^ Cptfpe^&aulme, oz Crtrpe 

#patc : alfb erode ^pnte : ixi bafe ^Imaigue Cmpfmutxte, an^ ofCom^ alio 




Cfte tJ^irU fe{nl»e ijs; calleD at tW time m ^ ^i^oppeie; of t^fcs^counttep m 

fi Sarraccnica,^ Menta Romana; iti(0ugli(^&pere#pnte,oz tljecomongattjen 

i3^pnte:alfo of fome i^aulme ^pntertn f renc^ ^/^ BAuimem^ caume Romaync* 
ml^igft 5aouc^ 23alfam #imtf, tinfer frau\j)en #untj,fepit? mimtj, ^pttj 

balfam: i\i baCe 3ilmaigne laoomKi^e munte^anb i^alTem munte. 


Menta latiua quarta 



I^ojfe ^pnte 







^<*> *- A 


If t 

wt(Xzx ^mu 




*» * 


. Cl)efouitI)femlJetjBfealletim^iSl^3aouc]&l^ett?Hraut,t]^ati;s;tofapl^art^ 

Menta Romana an^uftif olia^Flore coronata,fiuc Cardiaca Mentha. 

«cAuo<r>i@-«)fi©-:mllLatitTeMcntaftrum,aniJ Of tije ttettJe tJDtltet^s; Mcntaaqua- 
tica: in <f ngliil; ^OJtfe S^pnte: to JreilCi^ tJHenteChmatineoufaHua^e: to fftgfli 

feottcftefeatf enbalfam^mofjmuntj, tjoiuier :t3aimm, toilti ^untj : iu baTe ZV 
matgnenDittetDater S^imte* 
4 Clfte ((?conI>e UJitoe fepnDe toljic^e fa? t^e Cji^t!;e S^ptrte, tf calleb to <5^t^^t 

cwru^ijSf lop , m 5iattoe Sifymbrium, ant) Of Dam^gcron Scimbron, a;8> Conttail* 

tmt t^e emperottr toittieffet^: to CngJift Jf ifn;e S^pnte,i5 wol^f SPFnte,pa- 
tep ^pnte, inD tu^ite toatei: Sl^pnte: to f rencft (^f^^f ^^ «4;/^;^tf • to nm 

teoucft f ifc^tnuiitj,i©8ffetmttnQ:iabafe3lmaf2nemoo 


.ite^D Boo lua^ 

ter munte 






^ -. 

1^6 The fccond Booke of 

^The Nature, 

311 tlje feint) e^ of^r«te5f:»^^tle;^ft^paregreene, are locate auD m?mt^e 
tccortliDegreetbut DiieD tl)ep atel^oate in tl^et^itDe degree, eCpeciallp t|>e toim 
lfeinIie;3?,tPl)icl)e ate Ijoater t^m t^egarDen S^pnteisf 


^artim^l^ntetafeettin meateot t>titifee,i;B^ljerr gooU anH pzofitablefot^ 
t^eftomacfee, toitujarmctl^ anUftr'engt^etiet^tl^e Came, anliU^iietl^tjp all fu* 
perfiuott.^l)umo?^gatftereD inti^efamejttappeafet^ anH curet^ all tl^e paj^tiesf 

of t^e(tomacfee,a.utJ caufetlj good Uigeftiotif 
Cujo ojtt&jeebianci^ess^of ^pnteftdJiortfeeutDitl^tl^eiupceoffourepome' :s 

gmtiet^ Do toagc anU apprafe ft e l^icquet oz peoice, anD tjomiting, auD it i\x^ 
reft ft cftolerique i^aerion,oftcrtJoifecalleD fte felonie^ftat iis: \»]^an one doft 

bomitcontinuaUp^and l^aft a laffee toiftalU 

^^eiupce o{ ^pntejsJ Diofeen twift bineger.ftapeft fte Vomiting of blouD, C 
and feilleftfteeownUeU)Oime;8?» 

'C^efamebopleD inUJateranHbiofeenbpfteCpace of ftieedape;g?togifter, ^ 
cureft fte gcppingpapne anD fenatuing in fte bellp, toift fte colique, and ftop 
peftfteinoibinatecourfe of fte menftruallilTue* 

iQ^pnte bopleU in U3ine anD Dionfeen^eafeft motnen to^ift are tomuft grie* (^ 
ueD luift barbeanD perillou^trauell in ftilDebaring* 

^pnte mengleb U3ift parci^eb Barlep meale , anb lapbe bnto tumojiBf anb f 

fuaeliingjSfboft tuaftanb conCumeftenuH^Ub ftefamelapbe to ftefoie^eab^cii 

reft l)eabac^e* 

3itij8(berpgoobtobeappUebbntofteb^teaa:eie^ftatare(lh:etcl^ebfoo:ftanb (& 
i^QMtn anb full of milfee, f o.i it Ciafeeft anb Coftenetl^ ti^e Came^ anb feeep eft tl^e 

mplfee from quarring^anb crabbing in t^e bteft* 

' tr^e C^me being berp \}3eU pounbe tuiti^' ^alte^ i$ a ^eciatt mtWim to be ^ 

applieb bpontljebitingof mabbelaogge^^ 

C^eiupceof ^pntemengleb toitl^ i^omeb\jDater,cttret]&tl^epapneof tl^ej 
carets? being bioppeb tljcrein, anb tafeet^ auaap t^e afperitie, anb rougftneffe of 
fte tongue,ti)ijan it i0 nibbeb o;t\i3afl^eb fteretoitl^* 

C^e fauottr oifent of ^pnte, reiopcetb man: toljerefo^ie ftep fotjj ^ droto % 

fte\i}ilbe^pnte int^i^countriein place;3fU)^erea]3^feaQ:e!e^arefeqpte,anb in 

5 Cbe i^oiTe ^fntt calleb Mentaft rum.i^aft not bene bfeb of t^e Hvmtm % 


6 Cbetuater ^pnteijaf biueriBftoapetf of fte Ipfeeoperation bnto fte garben 
^pnte, it carets fte trenfte;8f ojt grpping papne in ftefmaU of tbe bellie oi„ 
botoels^.it (tapetl^ t^e peope o^l^icfeet anb bompting,anb appeafeft ^eabafte to 
bebfeb foiftefamepurpofea^ftegarbenS^pnte* 

3t i^ alfo finguler ajainftftegraueU anb ftone of fte fepbnepjBf,anb againft ^ 
fteOrangurp, txj^ifte \$ to^anonecmrnotpilTe butbwippe after bzoppe, to be 

bopleb in \uine anb bionfee*. 

Ci^eplapi^toit^goobaKcea(5bntofte(Kngmg^ot23eei3;anbSJ^afpeia?t j© 

^r€alampnt» Cl)ap.lwti. ^ 


Tl^erebeft^eeCbjtes: of Calampnt beltribeb of fteatnncient <5tetianfteaft 
of ft em leaning a OmeraU name,attb bifiference* 

t 1 


the Hiftoric of Pkntcs. 

Calaminthaealtcrum genus. 


Calaminths tcrtium genus. 

'k ^ 

^ K<9 




. ". 


- '' 

^ rhe Defcr'tptton, 



» ^ 






^i^e fitft totse, tDl^icljemaplpe talieti^ottntapne Calampnee, l^at^ 
IftarDe Cqiiare (talfee^ coucteH voitl^ a certapnc Ijoare , oz fine Cotton* 
%\)t Xtmtf^ be fomlDljat lifee ^ leauejS of 23afiU, but tl^ep are rougher* 
'^l^e floured grou) on^p bp one fiDe of tl^e ftalfee amongft tbe leanest, 
romtime;^ ttjjteeotfourebpon a(tem,of abletoifte colour, t^eroote 10 r^zeUDp* 
% 'Cj^is^^erbealtogit^^eri^f notmucfttnlfeet^efecolifemtieofCalampnte, fa^ 

4uit> it creepet^ no t alongfl: tft e grount>e,bttt grouiet^ Dp from tbe peart^. 

djefeconbtoUeuj^icft ii8fcaUeDU)iHi ptmvm^^Mt\) alfo OjoareMke;© 
touereD tJDitij fofte Cotton, $ aUnoft creeping bp tbe grounU, bailing euer t\Do, 
anU t\i30 leaiieis^ftanbing one again!!: anotl^er^fmallanU fofte, not mucbbnlifee 
tiSeleaueg of #ennp ropBlljCauing ti^ep arelarget ^ tPbiter*Cbe Sourer groui 

colounCi^e rootei^ fmall anD tl^iebtiie^ 

%^ tijirlje feutOe tul^iclb^ iiaf calleD catmpnte, oz Catti0 l^erbe, i$ not muc'a 
bnlifeeCa* Diorcorides(;sitb)bnto tl^e toi&iter tuilDe#pnte* Jt batbfqtiare 
Ibft e ftalfeeis: full of iopntei3f,ant) at euerp iopn t tm leaned ftanDing one againft 
8not^er,anliit^ati^allb bettoijrttlieCaplieleaues^^itlje aalfee$,Uttlebzancbeflr, 
Cl^eleauei8?benotmucftbnliHetotfteleaue;9? of i^otfe3^pnte,fauingtbcp are 
fomeUJbat longer ant> t>enteb,otnatc^eD rounUe aboate,inpzopo:tion lifeeto a 
iBtetteUleafe,butpet fofteanU gentill, anti of atnbite booje cblour,erpcciaiiF in 

tkk^ i^uDerKBe of tftelrafe^ %^z Sourer grotD mod coin^uip aboute tl^e toppe of 




t,4S Hie fccond Booke of 

theftalfeejSf aftet tlje otUec of Crotjotietisf* '(S^lje coote i^ teiiliet ant) tl^itetitiie. 
%\}ttt 10 pet au t^er kmlJe of C atti$ ^erbe, a great Dcale fmallec in all tz- 

(Jjectis tljaii t^e im,ot])tmac tW be altogit^er^lpfee,aivl» it ^atl) a \3 etp gooD 


. Jjj^ T he P lace. 




^]^e fitfte liuTtie,a$; Diofcorides tnit% grotyetlb in^ountapneiS ant» l&illie 
place^*3in t'oi^ coimtrep it i$? plateD in tp garnen^ of i^erboufteg o? louer^B^of 

lietbe^s^^ . 

Ci^ e fecont) feint) e gtotD etlj in tl^ (^ countrie in reft fiellJ e^,an!5 l)p a certai^^ 

fmaUbilles^Oitlinappeie;* , , 

ctiet^irDWinDegroujetliinetteri) gartien,anlJi;0:betptoellfenoujenm t^ii^f 


^ The Tyme. 

n f 




C^i)a?ltinDeof ^pnte,i^caUeDin<l5Jee!te K^xVy^Ktinltatine Calamintha; 

in /Italian ^//o/f/^ • in^panifl; Laueuada: in S>ljOppe^ Cdamentum ; of Plipic 

anU Apuieius Mentaftrum : inCngli(& Calampnte* 

CbeftCftefetnDe i^CalleD in ^!)Oppei3>Calamcntuinraontanum;tbati33» to 

fapjCalampntemonntapne: ixx CngUOE> *^oug^ Calampnte:in l^ig]^BDncl)e 

^tein.oDecbercb ^unt5 

% •ci^efeconUUintieisfcalleU in <l5;teeke)'XKx<^H«>piaH: in it^tinePulegium fyl- 
ucftrc.anD Nepin: in^nglifl) toilD ^tmv ropall, ant) Cointmpnte:inf renci^ 
f ouitot fanuAge . v\ bigl) ii^oucl? &oinmuntf ,U3ilDenpolep, \xi bafe ^Intai^ne \Dil 
6e l^olep,anl> belt lOeiinte 

3 Cbe tbicD feinUe is? noxu calleD in S^l^oppe^s Ncpita: \3x Cngliil^ Jl^eppe, anU 
Cat S^pnte: tu ftencb ^i^rhe dt chati inbiglj 2aottct>&at|emnunt| : in bafe 3IIU 
maigne Cattenc rupt anb iiiepte 

iS^ The Nature. 

Cl)efel)erbe$f areljoateanTJbipintbetbitbbegtee^erpeciallp tfte f irft feinUe 

toljicl^e 10 gatJ^eteti bponiaponntapne^ 


CalmnpnteCetpeciallp of tlje :^onntapne)bople!i anl» t»ionfeen,otlapbetoo ^ 

outtDarblppzenailetb miicb againittbebitingsrof benemoii^beaft^.Cbefaine 
Dionfeen fird oi afo:e banbeujitb ):xy\m, pitefemetb abobie from allbeablp pop 

f6n,anb ctjafetb^^t Mmi^y axi^ap allbeneniougf beaftisfpfroin tt^atplace tjol^eree^ 
it is? eptber ftroxuenot burneb* 

Cbefameb;tofeen'bitl)bonieb\DaterU)armetl)t]^ebobie, ant> cuttetb ozfe*;^^ 
ueretb tbe gtolTe bnmoiisf^anb Dzinctl) atoap all colb l^iuering^, anb caufetb to 
fujeate* 1 1 batb tbe frnue potijer; if pe bbple it inople, anb annopnt all tbe bob^ 

Calampntebionfeenin t]&efamemanner,ij3fgoobfbjtt^emt^atbauefallenc 
f eleb anb clotteb blonb,anb is: goob foit tbe papne of tbe bbtoels?, tbe fl}oitneffe 
of bicatb^tbe opptllaticnoi ftopping of tbe biea(t,anti ajainft tbejaunbice* 

Cbefamebopleb intuineanbbionfeen,p:ottofeet^tJ3tme,anbEoures:,anD eir^- Ja 
peUetbtbebeaDcbtlbe, anbfobotl^itaUbif it be appliebbnber in manner of a 
}^ effarie 01 !SJ^ tber fiippoCitojtie* 

Jtigrberpgoobfo.t}taHrpeopleanb)lq)en9fift^epbCi?to eate it,^bJinfee(e 
fi^etDbap of tocetemilfee after* 




"Cb^fameeatu^ratDeo.zfobbetoitbmeatesfjOzbtonfeeioiti^ralteantibonp, j? 
eeet^> rnib D^ineft foojt^ al feinbe^ of toojme^ainbftat part of tbe bobie foeuer 



• * 



mp 6e.Cije tmttttm \)m t^^ mpce l»^onHm,^lapIieto anp place tub W 

tuoimefi? are 





ganfamptite isf of ttoo fojtest , gtwtanO trtwU, tcfembling one an other in (^ 



Balfamita maior 


' * 


Balfamita minor 

< . 


• I 
V * 

■ L 





t > 

iSi T;&<f D<^/ 



l^egteat Balfamrm ftatt> flenDer 8:alfee;9f,rottnD anH i^arUet ti^eleaueief 

be long anIJ meetelp large, of a \r:nte oiUg^t gr eene colour,t3 erp f inelp 

Ijacfete 01 fnipt about tljeeDgejsf* Cbefiotteeisf groto in mftcg, oj^btin- 

bel0 liHe iaofegape)3f,anl> are notbing ^e Ufee but to fmall pellou) 

rp Ifte tbe floureisf of ^anfie,mutng tbat tbep befmaller . Cbe roo te^ t^ eb.iel>bp 
anH bearetb Wuer^f ttmt^ anU biancbeis, anU puttetb bp peardp netu fp^imga^* 

'Cbe finall Balfampnte i$ mucb lifee to tbe firft ^ great 25airamptite, afa^ell 
in ftalfee0,fiottre!8? anti feeUe, a^ in fmell anb fauour ,but altagttber fmaiier ano 
not fo bigb of grouie^, W \tmc0 be a greattieale fmaller nm narrower, ano 

mttci^ deeper f nipt ojait^ontti^eebge^* 'Ctjerootealfoi^ tti^ebDie anDpti^ 

^ two 


5tro The ftconct Booke of 

'^7 he Place, 

%\^tV ate botlj planteti in ti^e pcHeiis: of ti&iie? coutcir^biit eQ)eciallp t^e firlt, 
ti^e UJ^ic^c i^ berp common in all garDen;3f 


©aimmpnteflouret^ in 3iulp anl)3luguO:* . 

f!^ The Names, 



C^eficdfeinUe iis^calleU in )lafine Balfamita maior:int^e^i^oppesf of23ja- 

Jbant Balfamita^of Come Menta Gra?ca, Saluia Romana, La (Tu la ta , anb Herba diuae 

Marix: in Cnglill) Coofte ^arie, anD of fome 23alfampntc : in f rencl^ coq, ot 
du coq rinijigfiaoucljf rauujenferaut: inbafe3llmai5ne23alfeme* JtOjoulb 

feeme to be t^at Panax Chironia, UJ^lCl^e Theophraftus tiefttibet^ in \^\$ ip^ 

1 Ci^e fr CO nDefeinbei^ calleb of fomeBaifamiu minor.- in ]lanpetioc Herba 
diu^ Mari^: in Cnglitt) ^ atut) elein,anb of fome fmall :s5alfampnte: in 3ltalie 


ittobeix/'xfutrop.Eiichryfum.anU ot^et^fo^Eupatorium Mcfue. 23ttt in mineo 
pinion it i;g none of t^emtljiee,foj3 t^nfteitanljerbe not befcribeD ofanpoE 

tl^e^IiunCient^bnleffeitbeafeinbeofPanacesChironium Xheophaafti. 

i^T he Nature. 

Cljefe tiuo \^ttht$ be If oatc anb b,tp in tl^e feconb begtee, aief tijeit Cmett^anb 

bitter tafte botl? beclare 

if. The Fertues. 

•djeleaneiBf of Coftemarte alone, otVLHtl^^^arfenipfeebe bopleb in>s^\nt^% 

liionkencutett) tbe trencl^eja: of ttje bellr, ti^at i^ a griping papne anb to.tment 
iii tlje guttes^ 01 bo\joel^,anb it cnretl) tbe bloubie flijce* 

d^econCetiiemabeoftije leanejsf of Coftemacie anb ^nger, boti^ toanne B 
anbbjt?tl)ebzai>ne,anbopenetbt^e ftoppingjof oftftefame,anbiti^betpgoob 
tortoppe alifuperSuou^ Catarrl)eftl'veume;8^;anbbiftillation^,to betatvenin 

Cbisf^erbei^alfobfeb in meate^ as? S>age anb otljerljetbeia^^efpeciaUp in c 
^alabejBf anbfaiucejB:,foit))l|ic^epurpoCeit x^ cjcceUent.fojitpeelbetijapioper 
frat anb tafte* 

m ^aiubeleinl^erbe ot Cmall 35 alfaminte, i^ MU to cToftemarp oigreat S 
Balfampnte in tafte anb fianonr , fo is? it like in bettueis anb opetation^sf,'^^ map 
be alujape;^ W\s in^uU of t^e great 23alfaminte* 

^ The Kyndes. 




n^erebe t\juo fortes? of ^age,t^e one i^st fmall ^ franl^e, ^ tlje otfter \9 great. 
%^z great ^age \$ of t^iee fottes:,t^at i$ to fap,greene,\3o^ite,anb rebbe. 


^efranfee^ageljatft ainbiptDocbbiebJtanc]^ej8f,anbleattej8: grotDing 
bpon longftemme? tD^ic^eleaue0belong,narrott),bneuen,^oare,oiof 
a grapin;e vuljite colour, bp tl)e Cibejai of tl^e fapbe leaue;ef at tlje lotijec 
mbe,tberegroXDett|tUJootber (mall leaned, liUebnto apapzeof little eare^* 
CljefloureiSgroujemongft tfte ftalbe^inpitopoitionlil^et^e floured ofiaeab 

^etteU,bttt Cmaller anb of colour bleuie^ Cbe feebei^ blacfeiH)e,anb:t'^eroote 

Ci^e great ^age \^ not mucl^ bnlike tlje fmaU oi franfee &age , fauing it 

4^ larger : t\^t O^tlfee? are (quare anb biotDne . %^t leaueiaf be roug^ , bn* 




the Hiftoric of Plant 


mm uni toftitif^e, Ufee to tfte leauejsf of ftmUfym, but a mm Deale 
larger^rougl^er^ainli tuit^out eareg.c^e8oate^,fteDe,anlii:ooteatelifeei3nto 



#ranfee§>age,oj fmall ^agc* 

Saluia maior. 

<15reat^age,oj ij^oaHe ^aae 







aie? tul^ite ai8f fnoU),Cotnettme;a^ all tul^ite^attD (bmetunejS^ pattie tul^tte^ anti tl^iie^ 
ikinUe i;8f called tul^ite ^age/ 

pettfteretefoimtiea tljtrHefeinUeof great^age, called relilie ^age , tlje 
llemme;8f U3ftet:cof,\jDitl) tlje fpnetpies^ of tl^cleaueiSf.anli t^e fmall late (piong tp 
leatteftareaUret>Ue:tjttt m all t^ings^ elfeit i;0f l^e to tl^e great ,&age^ 

^The Place. 

feage^aja? Diofcorides ratt^,groujeti^ in rougl^ O;omeplace;0(,bot^ feinlie;8f of 
^age^areplanteb almod in all tbe garben^ ol^i$ countries 


feageflouretl^ mjutieanti 3ulp* 

^r he Names, 

Cbe feage i^ calleb in <5iz^t ?xa;(rcp«K©.: m ^latine anb to ^boppr:^ Sai- 
uia: offome Corfaiiiium.-m^patiifb'^^/^'*- toCugli9?^^e: ixt fm\b:^saagei 
in l^igb 5©ottcb ^albeptmbafe mmaigne ^auie 

C^eftrtli^mbei^SfnOtJP Callell to ^tatine Saluia minor,SaIuianobiIis,aaIIOf 

^ age: 

fome Saluia vruaiis:toCngli(l)S»itial^age,S>agecopaHanbcommoti 

m f rencb >y^*irf franchem bigb laoucb ^pit? ^alli ep, Weto ^albei^ebelS^ai 
l)ep,? Creutf ^albep:tobafe 3lmaigne Crup^s? faiiic;,a»iO £)ojfeef!?fauir* 



The fccond Bookeof 




%\)t feCOttll Ut\\it Ui called in Hatme Saluia maior, antl of foine Saluia agre- 

^is: in Cnglii^ g;reat^age, ot bioaDeS^age: inf renclj ^r^ w^ ^4«^r • in l^i^^ 
iDouctj <5rof5falber;23reatfaibeininbafe3llmaigne5coue,^ groote^auie^ 

iji The Nature. 

g>age i$ Ijoateanb iJip in tl^e t^irDe UegreeanD fometul^at aflriftgent* 

" ' ^Theyertues. 

^agc bopleb in tuine ^ Dtonfeen; p;touoKetl^ ^)mz, b^eafeetl^ tl^e ftone, coin* -• 
foitetb tseljarte,anti ftuagetl? i^eab ac^e 

dofetlj tbe ^atncc^caufetl^ t^e fruite to liue,anD ftrengtl^cnetft t^t fame* 

^apcauCeti^ tuemen to be fettill, \Dlfeerefote in times^ pad; t^e people of C* ^ 
5l>pt, after a great moitaUtie anD peflilence,conftrepneti t^eir toemen to MnU 
t^e iupce ti^eceof^to caufe ti^em tliefooner to concepue anD to bungf oojtti^ doie 


asffait^ Orpheus^ijS^ijerpgooiJfoi tl^ofe tofticl^e (jpitteanb boinit^it 

ftoppet^ tl^e dure of bloub incontinent* )Lilietuife ^age bmfeD anO lapOe too, 

(loppet^t^eblottDofvuounlie;B;* ^ 

%))z Decoction tljeteof bopleU in toater anD Dzonken cnret^ tlje coug^ , ope- € 
netl) t^eftoppingsf of t^e jdiuecanDfuaagetb tl^e papne in t^e KDe: anD bopleD 

Ujitl) iDOimetDooD it ftoppetb tl)e blouDDp flijte* 

)i>agei^ gooD to belapDe to ti^eU3ounDeis^anD bitingisf of benimou^beaftisf, f 
fci it Dot^ bott> clenfe,anD Ijeale tijenu 

%\^t U)ine tp^erein ^age l^at^ bopleD, l^elpet^ tlje mangineffe anD it^e of (B 

The Dejcription, i 

e^age i$ fometoljat lifee 

gacDen^age,in feCiliion^ fa- 

louc J it Ijatl) fqnarr b^oxune 

ftalKe^jfettuit^ acettainefeinD 
of finall^eare, ti^eleaues: arenotmucl^ 
bnliUc tl^e leauc^af of great S)age, bnt 
lbme\3D]^at bzoaDer, d^ojtter anD fofter* 
CbcEoure^are not inucj^ bnlifee to ti^e 
Eoure$ of ^age, grovuing onelpbpon 
onefiDealongfl; fbe bmc^e0, euen bp 
tii ti|e berp top of tbefame biancl)e;ef o^ 
fttmmt^ y of a UJbitirftje colour , tu^aii 
tbepare palte^tbcrecommet]^ arounDe 
blacUifb feeDe* Ctjcrootei0 t^jteDDie, ^ 

CmDetl) fooitlft netu fpiiags oj b^anc^eiaf 


^ The Place. 

^btsf l^tnDeof ^agegrotoeti^ in tftiiflf 
countrep alogft tbe beDge^e?, inuiooDeft 
snD tl^ebanfee^ ox boiDcrg; of fielDejB?* 

ijf '^he Tyme, 

3tflouret^ in3ane:anD Hulp* 

i^ The Names. 

%\l\^ \}tihz i0 no to calleD in^l^op^ 



tW Hillone of P'Untes 

^ • 


;Salu!a agrcftis,ant) Ambrofiana ; (n \)it^\) 5aouc&e iDilSe ^albept in fcaK 31 

tnaiguciytlDcS^aiUe^ Cl^erearefome ti^at tlnn&eit toteti^e fecoiiDe i^pnUe 
of Scordiumvui^tc^e ^Unte t)efmbet^,bpcaufe t^at\Dijatiitt^b3^uret>,tt fa* 
uo jrn^ of <5^rliKe, anti tl&iis: is^ t^e caufe mv CoiDu^ calletft it S corodonia. kt 
i^ calleti in (englta; tDooDDe S>ase,U)iH) ^age^anH 3tmbio;3f: in jf rmcb ■^'J^i^ 


4«- Tj^i liature 

Cbe tuootie ^age i;3f locate auD Dz? , mectelp agteabie in complrjcioh biito 

garden ^age 


r©ooDe ^age Diffoluetft congelelj blouU in ttje boirp , anb ciiret^ mtoarbe ^ 
tooimDe^e^^moteouer it UJoberfuUp b^lp^i^ tbofe tl^at ^aue taKe fallen, oi ijaue 
bene fo^e bmfeb anD beaten, if it be bopleb in tuatet o? taine anti bionken* 

iBoobbei^agetalfeeu inmaimei: afo^tefapbe botl) confume anb bifgeftin- jk 
u^arbe inipoftein^ anb tmnet:?,aiiorbing ^t matter anb fubftance of tbe ^itb 




&t Clatcp. 

Ǥ( The Defcript. 



)t acpe batl) fquare ftallteftiajit^ 
rougb^grapilbj^earie, ^ bneuen 
leatiesf, almoftUfee to tbeleauejsf 
of great fage, but tbep are foure 
01 Rue time^ latter : t^e floiire^s? be of a,^^ 
f apnte oi lubitift colour, greater tlian tl^e ^^'^■^ 
floure;8f bf^age* oabant^ep are fallen of 

tberegrotoetb inburfee^tijefecbe,uibici^ 
x% blacfee*Cb^ rooteis; pellotp ^ of tooob^ 
DiefUbftance* Cbe Vjobole l^erbe is^ of a 
firong, anbpenetratiue rauour,in fbmuclft 


ti^attbefauour of it caufet^ ^eabaclje 

. ^7ije Place. 

3^tm^ coiintrte tbe?^ toxo it ingarbes^* 


Clar? ftouretb in June ^ Julp a peare 
^tertftefirCt fotuingttjereof* 

^ The Names. . 

Clarie in ndtu caUeb in Ratine anb in 

^i)OppeS» Gallitricum , Matrifaluia , Gen- 
trum galli, tin\S Scarleaoruala: iu Cngllll? 

Clarpe,Di Cleare-epe quafi dicas, ocuium 

clarificans: in f reUCb oruaU, ^ Toutehonne: | 

in bigb 2aouclje ^d^arlac^ : in bafe %\ ^'' 
maigne^carlepef^tfeemetbtobeafeinb \ 

OfHorminum.btttt^etitUakUOt Aleaoro* 


lophos aj9? tome mm ti^infee 


Clarep ii^ boateanb bzp,almoll intl^e tbirbebegree* 


^ The Vertues 

3n toi^at fozte dz maner foeuer pe talte Clarep , it ptouoketl^ %i fioure;9f , it % 

aiTo it mal^etl) men bionfee,^ caufetl) beabacl^e , ^ tl(ierrfo.te fome l^W^m 19 
to bople it tDitl^ tbeir:28ier m ^eebe of l|oppe?. 





The (econcJ Booke of 

-. t 

%\)ig ^ttht alto l^ati^ al t\)c\)zttuzgm^ ppopcttie^ of Horminum,anli map C 

bel3Cirtim beetle of itf 

^f ^ojimmttm/ttnlDe <£Iat;ep/o; ^(ulu0 



ijt T^f ^//;^ff . 


Xt^^^^s^^tttJofo^ite^of Horminuin,a;a:jaiofco?ae^ tD?itetl^, t^eprtmanft 


Horminum latiuum. 

3©ttbble Clarepf 


Horminum fyluc/lrc. 


^The Befcriftlon, 

l^e sarDen Hormin urn i^at^ leaiie^f in a manet rottntie, anil fometuftat 
ouerlapHe ujiti) a fofte Cotton, almoft lifee l^o^e^ounDr . C^e U\%ti 

befquareanDl^eaneoft^^e^eigtliof afootejtjearmgall aboue attfte 
top,fttte 0^ ftpe fap^c fntall leaue^af of a bletPift purple colour : ti^e leaueis; ftanD 
ateuerpiopnte^oneegamftan oti^er, amongft tftetDl^icl^et&erecommetl^fo^t^ 
little 6ufeesf,tt;at I?img foztft purpli!^ bleu) floure^sf.'CljetJJl^ic^ tpftan tljefeeOe 
fceginneti^totuareripctljeptttrnetotDatDe^t^e grountJe^auD ^angBotone* 

Ujar^ejf,l>aumgmtliemblackefeeDea«t» fometul^atlong, tl)eto]&ic^ett)^an» 
isfaUttletD!)ile fo&eU o; fteepeUittatip Itcour, it tpa^et^ clammp oi mmie,al 

moaitfeetot^efecrnelle^of^luince^* ^ f 

Ci^euitoe Horminuinbrar^jt^ Steat,b?oaJ»eleattei9f,gaf&toi uatc^eu'rofiu 




* I 

the Hiftonc of Plantcs. t 

abottte. Cfte ftalfecgalfo be fquare, anH fome^jDi^atl^earie ,but pet tljepbelon 

ga-anDbtggertl^antljeftalfeejBfof t^e garOerTHorminum.'C^eftourejs: be of a 
tjecpc bleiu colour, atib bo alfo groio bp certapnefpaces? aboute tljt ftemmeliike 
totPbozle^ozCt'oiunettesfjOtttof little buffees^jtobtcbeboalfo turnebotijne* 
toarbe^sf \uljau tbe feebe i^s: ripe,tbe feebeijB? of abanneozblacliill^e colour, 
rounb,* alfo llpmieuj^anit i^ (leepeb oifoofeeb*'C^eroote(j5of tDOObbie Cub 

dance, anbblacUe/ 

tlje flouie^of tbeiuilbe fembebo fauour fometoljat lifeeto Clarep. 





^ The Tjme 



tLbeppeelbetbeir floured in Hune^Julp anb^lupll, in tlieujhici&efearon 



A The Names 


Cbi!9f berbe i^ calleb in 6?ee^e o^^wop-mllatme Horminum anb Geminaiis. 

C^e firO: ii8> calleb Horminum latiuum5anb Hortenfc. C^e feCOUbe Hormi- 
num ^y\ ueftre; tl^ep mapbeboti^ calleb toilbe Clarie; fomecall tbe bubble Cla* 

rep,aiib Come Ocuii ciirifii 


« T/^tf Nature 

Horminum i;e^ of completion boate anb b^p* 

}^T he Fertues , 

^befeebeof Horminummenglebtoitb l^onp bjtiuetl^aujapt^ebimneffe of 31 
tl&e fig^t, aub clarifietb tbe m^. 
Cbe fame feebe tuttb tuater (lampeb anb ttmgettXi togitber, b^^atoetb out^ 

tl^omeis^ anb (iJlinterft anb refoluetb o^fcatteretl) all foztejB? of f\juellingft being 
tapbeozappUeb tbereto , CbeCame bertuel^atb tbegreene i^erbe luban it ijef 
flam^eb oi hiixlzX^ anb lapbe bpon 

'Cbe fame feebe bionfeenujitb toineftirretb bp bobelp lulle, efpeciallp tbe c 
(eebeof tbeu)ilbelitnbe,\i3bicbti8^ of greater efficacie>tbantbefeebe of garben 

Horminum. . 





^- The Kjndes, 

l^ete be fourefeinbeis^ of ^o^ebounbe, in fafibion one UKe to anotb^r^ 

wkz \x>\^xi\it foi all tbat in ]iatinebaue tbeic particular m feuetall 
nameisf* 'Cbefirft Uinbei^ our tobtte^^ozebounbe^tbe fecoribe xsi tbe 

lilacUe ainMng!^o;tebounbe. Cbe tbirb \$ ^tacbP5? ^i fielb l^o^zebounbe.tlbe 

fourtb i^ uiarer bi#arri(l;e f o.zebounbe 

. 1^ The Defcription, 

Tl^e UJljite i|oiei^ounbebatb manp Cquare $ tubite bo^te, o; beariettaifeeisr, 
tbeleaues?berottnbe,crompleb,bearie;ap(becoloureb,anb of no lotbefom^ 
fauour*Cb^flourejSfbeU)bite,anb grouping foj^tb of fmall, fl?arpep anb pucMep 
fturfec5?,compa(ring ti^e Ctalfeej6f,l^e in fafl^ion to aringe oz garlanbe,in tobiffte 
(pzicMepbuffee^) after tbat tbe fioure tjSf baniffl^eb , tljete i# founbe a tougb 
C(?ebe.t2:be roote i^ blaclteu)itb manp tfetebbiellring^af 

Cbe blacfee ]^ozebounbe, is? fometDbat lifee bnto tibe tobite* Cbeftallejef be 
alfo Ctiuare anb beane,but pet tbep beblaclteo^ftoarte* Cbeleaue^J belarget 
anb longer tban tbe leaned of tubite i^ozebounbe, benteb o? ftiipte rounbe a- 

boute tiie ebge^ almoO; Ipi^e bnto ^ettell leaue?, tbep are biac^e, anb of a 






The fccotid Bookc of 

fttona tjiipleafant feuout/ci&e floured are purple Ipke to tl^efieai) |5etteU 

ro-o^ittg iu tol^ozUngfenoppe^ roiuiBe aboute t^e ftalke? , ufee to ujl^ite l^o.te- 



U^l^ite ]^o?e|iottu!Je» 






J StachysojtDilDel^ojeljoimlie ^at^b a rounti ftemmr,o jt ftalfee full of iopnte? 
touereDtoitftafinetD^itctDooUpUotune oit cotton: tl^e leauejSfUo euergrotu 
bp cot^ple^ , ttoo anb tU)o at euerp topnre , anD are tobite anD tuoollp aimoU 
lilte t^e leauejS of uj^ite ^^oie^outiDe, fauing '■^jep be longer anD tuljiter ♦ t^^e 
floure;9^ gro\B Ui^e Crotptietjo: 0^ garlanbCjO^ compafTms t^e dallie, of pelloto co 
lour , anl) rometime;ef purple « cl^e roote i$ W^t anD of a loooDDp fubSance* 
311 t^i^^erbeOiferet^notl^tngtnrmello^iOsuour from tD!)ttel^o;^ebottnbe 

BpfwOejs tliefet!}eretepet another berbecalletitoeete(rnellmg#ojel|Otil>, 
o.ttijoeete ti3iioe ^age,t&e tobicbe bearet^ fJanatc ftalineie?, i^itU anB tuooUie: . 
C^eleauejSf be wl^iW) auD fbft,anl> (bmetuftatlJenteli romiDe abottt,bttt miuft 
longer , larger anti bioaUer , t^an t^e leaner of t^e ot^er ^©o^e^ounbesf ♦ C^e 
floured be reUl^ab gro^jjingabout t^e ftalkejS lifee to tu^oilegf o: garlaUeiS.C^e 
UtU (jSf blacfeeautJrounbe*Cberoote i$i pelloujifl^ 

4 Cbetoater^goiebounbe wf mucl^lifeeto blacitei^oie]^ottnDe,anjpefl inW 
MHesfanDpmMe burkeB,ajB;inbfeleauesfantJftoure;6f^ CfteleauejOfbealfoof 
iin»3rtegremecolour,bttt larger anb moiebeepelp inbenteb , anU not ber? 
I^carie,bttt fometubat croinpleb,anb totincWeb, lifee to t^eleauejg of t^^e 25ircbe 

tree, tDl^antl^ep begin to (Jj^ing, c^jetonrr^af beuj^te^anb finaller tban tb 





the Hiftoric of Plantcs 

^ Tht Place, 

tio gro uj UJtt^ t);3^ in all cougli mU> ^iima- 
tgirctJ placet bp xmWz^y fteDge^, tuape^, 
auUaboueetl)cbo?!)er;8:of fteltie^s:* 'Ci^^ 
tijttti groxuetljon ^plapne^of ^aimaigne 
atiD elfe tuliere, it i$ nottobefotmtie in 
tljisf countcie, but tntl&egacDenjB? of l^ec 
ijo^iCt^^Cl^euiaterl^o.jei^ounUe i^founD 
betp plente6u%gcou)tttg in tl^ijs? couttie 

bp Utcbe^ anU xuatercourfc^e? , anb in loiue 




#oimta?ne f^ounbe 


45« T^hc Tyme 


: 311 tljefe ljerbe0 !5o mofte eommonlp 
fiouretu 3ulp* C^e fauetp ^^oiel^ounbe 
oj tJuilbeSijagetiotlj floitrcinaidgufl;/ 

^ The Names. 

%\^z firfte i^inbe i^ calleb ixt ^}t^t 

TT^xTto}/ : in Hatine Marrublum; in ^l?opS 

Prafslum : in Jtaliau C^Urrahis : in ^pa» 

nifl? murruuios: in cSnglifljj l^ozebounbe, 
aub lul)ite j^ditel^ounbe: inf tcnc^ Mar^ 

r«^/»aub Marocheminj^i^S OMarruheblanc: 

in i^igb j^oucl^e u^eif^ 3nbojtn,fi©arobeI 




©ottf^bergif?^ , anb :inboin mennlin : m 
bafc aibnaigne apalrcue, ^alruenie, 
UE^itte 3nbo.5enj anb 3inboten ^anne- 

C^efeconb ijs: calleb in (Bitz^t^'^^<^^Th 




in )Latine Marrublum nigrum, Marrubiaftrum: in S^^Oppe^'P^rsium f^tidum: 

injtalian Mdrrohio nero: Marrohio fendo\ inS^panifbe Marrms negros : inCnglll^ 

blacfee l^o^eftounbe, anb ftinlfeing ^oiel^ounbe , ^ of fome blac^e 3rcl>angeU 
in #renc!j ^Marrubt 

3Jinboin\Jueibli!t: in bafe Blinatpe ftinclfcenbc anb toerte S^almenie anb %n 
lboien,0t :a[(nboienU3tiB 

nhinfuant: inljigb Boucft fcj^tpattj Xnbom, anb 


C^etl)irbe i^ calleb in <5zeefee 7«V^ raitbin^tatin^ Stachys :bnlfenoVDeti 
in &l)oppeft it map be alCo calleb in Cnglil^ ^ tacl^pif o^ \uilbe ^oieljounbe: 
\xi f eencije SAulgcfaumge : in Ijigb Boucl^ ciecltenbe 3nboin , f tclbe 3nbom : in 
bafe 3!matgne rieclfeeube Snboien: in3taUan aerba odoraea : in ^panil^ 

$lQdera,tiV^ ICerta 



Ci^efoartl^i^noiJtJcaUeb in jtatineMarrubium paluftre.'in €ngli(!?S^ar- 
rtflie ot ujater l^o^e^onnbe: in f rencl^ uarruhinieaa .- inl^igb saoucftetDalTer 
anbom, Uiei^er^nbo:n: tn23:abantU)atec3^nbozert, aub of fome egppte 
naei:j9f"cmpt,t&atis?to faP;tl?eCgt>ptian5?Ijecbe,bpcaufe of t^e Eogne^ anb 
ruuucgatc^ \xi\m^t call tbemfelaeje; Cgpptian^, bo colour tijeinfeluc^ blacke 
toitbtbi^l^cirbe* ^omemenmafeeitt^efieClHinbeof Sideritis. 

"Ci^etljteefirfl; fepnbegf of i^oieljounbe areljoateintl^efeconbebegreejaub 
bipinrtetbicbe*^|e\jaatet: ^diei^ounbe i$ alfo berp b?P;butiyir5ontanp 





ijg thcftcond Booke of 

'^rhe Fertues . 

f oite tl)e Hpii^ auD tlje #elte, o^^pleene, atiD \% goon agarnft all t^edop 
i)mg;gcftl)e fame^it clenCet^ ti^e b.zeaft ^ tiftcUmgeftalfo it fcsr profitable agamft 

an oine Cott3;tj; t^e papne of tl^e (itie, anl» tlje oUJe (pitting of blottD, gt agai»Gt 
t^eCprtfeeanH ijlceratiouof ti^elungeje?. 

%])z fame ta^e luiti^ ti^e roote of 3|cijJ,caafet]^ to fpet out al grolTe ^wmi^, 
anU tougb fiegme^s^^t^at ate gati^ eceD togitl)er luitl^in tl^e hm^. 
*- C^efametjettuealfo ^atl) ti^einpce t^ereof,to bebopleti togit^i^tDitl^ tl)e C 
inpce of f enill tjntill t^c tljirDe pattebe confumeD, anU tafeen ixi qnantitie of a 
^poonefuU; anb it i$ alfo p^tofitable againft an olbe Cougl^ 

%\^t\iy\)itz i^oie^ounbeboplebiniDine,dpenetbtbe#atttic oi^potl^er, 3^ 
anb i^goob fo^ujomcnt^at cannot Ijauet^eir termed? oj befireb ficbnelTe, it 
ejrpulfetb tlje^econbpne anb beabcbilbten,anb greatlp i^elpet^ luomc,tt)^ic^ 

^auebarbeanbperilloujsttattelUnbijs^goobfo.itl^emti^at^attebenbittenof * 
^erpente^;,anbbenemottj0f beafte^. 

ti:bempceofxt)bitei^o.jeboimbe minglebtDitft toineanb j^onp/anbbiop*^ 
peb into tbe epe^^clearetb tbe figbt Clje fame iupce ponreb into tbe eare^^aP 
f U3agetb t^e papne,anb openetl^ ti^e ftopping^^ of tbe feme • 3t i^ alfo goob ta 
bz biaujen oi fnifte bp into tbe noCe^to tafee aioap t^e ^cUoioneire of tl}e epes^, 
iDljicbe remapnetlj aftet tl^e Jaunbice 

Cbe leauejsf tempereb \i3it^ l^onp i% gbob to be lapbe bnto olbeblcetjsf,anb f 
f ojtrnpt blcereb mvWy^i agnaplejs U)^icbe \$ a papnefuU fipeUing aboute tfte 
iopnteisf anb naple^^^be (amemegleb roitb ^mnt^ gteace,reioluetl) anb fca^ 
teretbtbeCu3ellingabottttl)enecfeecaUcb^ttttmej8f* Ci^ebipeb leaues^men* 
glebo;^ tempereb tDitbbineger^boctttenongbtpbimlentgt fpjeabing UlcerjBf* 

Cbeblacfeel^o?ebounbepounbe,ijsgoob tobeappliebanblapbebpon tl^e© •. 
bptingg of mabbe ^ogge0* Cbe leatte;s of tbefeme rofteb in a Callleafife,bn* 
bertbeboateimmers^o,ia{l)e^,bo (toppeanbb^iuebacfee tbebarbe lumped ot 
fUjelUngfi? tubicbc^appento arife aboute t^e fiege ojfunbament, anb lapbe to 
tuitl) l>onp,tbep cureanb beale rotten blcer^* 

3 s tichys 0,1 ujilbe i^ojietjounbe bopleb anb b^tonfeen^caufetl) toomen to l^aue J| 
tl)eir fiouresf;^ biingetb fo^tb tbe S)econbine ojt afterbir^, gt t^e beab frupte 

4 . l©aterl^o^ebounbei5fnotbrebina9ebidne. 


4^ Tht Daunger. 

Cbetobite !^o,iebounbei5f IjurtfuU bot^ to tlie blabber anb feibnep^, e^e* 
ciallp UJl^an tljerei^anp burte J emUerationin t^em* 


■ij* The Kjndes, 

'SJ'B'^nm title of ^eli(ra,are^ebeb botl^ tl^e rigi^t :i5a\3tJme, anb i\^t 
j^aftarb asatome^tlje UJljic^e bot^ are fometol^at lifee to tl^e goieljounbe* 

lg> The Defcnpt/0». 

|erigl)t i5a\ume]^at^ fqnareftalkes?, gtblacltiflSi leaue^oflifee to blacfee 
l^oiebounbe, but a great beale larger, of apleafant fauour, bracing 
to^aj bes; tbefmellof a Citrom Cbefloure^areof Carnation colour* 

C^eroote i^ ungle,barbe,anb of a \Doobbie fubftance. 

Clie<:o«mtonBmi3mei0notmucbbnli]feeto tl^eafot^apbjautngtbat^i? 
fauouri^notfopleafantanb bdiectable,as;t]^efauour ot t^erigbtBa\yme. 

I t:berei^acertapnel^crbebpribej8^tbefe,ti^e\DbicbefometaKefoj tberigljt 

35aiumeCpett{|eparemucpecepttebt^atbo fo tftinfce)itijat^afqttareaaiHf 



^ _ 



the Hiftoric of P lantcs, 


toieij leauetf Ukeeo common Ba^me^but larger atiti bte*ec,attt> of an euellfa. 
uour : tlie floured are UJl|tte,anli mnclj greatertftant^e toured of ti^ecommon 


Melifla vulgaris. :33aUJme* 


Hcrba lu^ca. 

* % man \mv alfo place , amongft ftefe ^itt$ of Batome, tbat i^erbe tubfebe 

oidmarilpijs: called Herba ludaica. jx l^atlj fquarei^earie ftalfecjof DmiDeD ot 
pkrtcU into manp bitancl^ejsf* Clie leaned be long anti Dentet) rounb abont.ani 
analler ti^en tbeleautis: of ^age: alongft tbe toppejsf of tbe hwxnt\^z^ groxoetl^ 
tl^e fiottrej0?,of a fainte bleijj o,z tjal)itift e colour* Cbe rootebatl^ bearie ftring^# 

mtj^efterbeUiatoetb totoarDe^tbefauourof )5axpme, o%^t\m, 

^ The Place. 

CljeCe berbe;^ tio grouj in certame countries? in \»oobtieiE?;ant> in fome cout- 
^aue it grouping b|^tbeU)apfil>e^:butnov»botbn5stte;e: are platelJ in garbmjaf*^ 

Herba ludaica grou3etb in f raunce anD f lannber^, ixi t^ntilleD place)0f,i» 
ttnepartseftanD fometimciaf alfo alongft tbe bel»ge^* 

p§w The Tjme. 


Cbe^' fioure in Jmt auD 3|ttlp . %^z 3u»aicaU ^erbe Soured ia 3ulp anil 


i^T he Names. 

^eliffr.5 1;^ calleti in <5it^t t<ataro4>vMoH,Ks« iutxff vmov: inlLatirJ A piaf?ru, 
Mclit^na,anD Citrago : in ^boppe^Mcliffa: in CngUfb 25auime: inftalisii 

Ctdr&mUa,UerbaTo[Ai in^pmii(|> T6r»u^il,yeruacidrer.u inbigt^BOllC^^i^Iiiren^ 


1^ ut| 





ITicftcondBoole of 


]kraut,ant)#attet:i^i:aut:mbare %\mi%nt Coufilie Ue fl^repn ant) ^tWu 

%\^zlismt\^ )m^t t5f calleD of foiuemjlatme Herba ludaia: uiCiigiifDit 
map becallcD tl|03iii)aicaU!jerbe: inf i:etictj retrahd, o^retrahu: tonvc coiintit 

tObet^^firO:&inDCOf SidericiSsCalleD Sidciitis Htradea. 

i:b^feberbc^are!)oateanDUi^p mtb^reconi)DeQ:j:ee,auD fomeiDhat Uiveto 

^oui)oixni)tjbtaitt\)mm muclj feebler 

^St r/. 


:Saij)iiie Dzoizlteu m UJtne is gooD agaiiift tbe biting^,anD Hingmg^s: of be* H 
nemou^ braftftit co jufoitetlj t!)e barte, auU b.iiuetlj aioap all ^ elaticgo^ anH 
faDtie.0,a0 tbeleameD mtbefe Dape^ bo mite. 

23atamema? be bfcb to al purpofe^ tuberebnto ^o jefjoimUefetiietl^^l^oxp- 2$ 
teit it i^itt allrefpectis? mucb vueaHer/o tbat accoibing to tbe opinio^ of Galen, 
et Paulus Aegineta,tt(^oulbe tiotbebfebfoji^oieboun?3em mebicme,butfoj 


If amaujpiit :^au)memto 23eebptte^,ot elfe if tbe ^nt^ be mbbeb tl^ere- c 
t5al,it feeepetb Bee;8? togitljer,6t caufetb otber Beesf to refoite to tl^eir copanie. 

. Cbecoittotiaaaujmei^goobfot loementDljtcbebauetljearangltngoftbea 
matriii; ap motbei* to bttptljtt eaten oifmelleD btito^Cbe iiipce tbereof i^ gooU 
to beput into greeaetuounbe^f, fo^ttt gleujetlj togitber, foSetetli anb beaUtb 

tbefamef ^ 


^ 7 ^<f Kj/Kdes 


C^ere are tioo fojtteief of i^ue;t^>at i^ garben mue, anb tuilbe Eue* 

Ruta horten fi 

^erbegrace,o^ garben Ene 

R uta fylucftris minima 






1 ' 






the Hiftbric ofPlaptcs 

^- The Befcription 




to mim^ otl)ct CtnallrouttHift) Icaiieftof a gtap o^ blmW) colour^anlJ 
ot a beiT tmu o^t atoug fauour. 'Cfje fioure;s; bepellou), gtotjjiug at 
t!?etop of tl)c bzaiTc^es?, afteru)^ic!) ttjercfpjingett? bpaiuare'^ufKes; 

contepning tl^e fceDe ujljtclje i^ blacfee^ Clje roote t^f of UJooDtitefttbaance anH 

peUoU3 luictjUT^CI^i^iAuelaaetft bot!) UJititer aaD fommec,^ Uietft notUg^tl?* 
CtjeUJilDemuejijaf miicblifee to tbeotljet in ^fe (lalfees^, leaned, fiourei^ 

feeUe, colour, taCte, anU fauour : (^uing t^at enecp little leafe ^i^ cutte^f arc a 

great t)ealenatto\jDcr. 

Bttttljerei^petanot^ertoDetD^icl^e i.2?tl)eleaaofall,tPl)ofelittIelraue0 23 
are berp narrou) anD tenl>er,anD of colour fomeBJftattul^iter t^an t^e refte* 31 
tftiiSf plante(a;8f t^e otl^ec iDilDe muofe of a berp grieuou^ Cauour, anD cannot 
abibe tftc colbe,but a0 t^e ot^er toilDe Urn, tii Oot^ t^i^s: perif^e tuitlj tl)e firde 


^ 7 he Place 



Cfte tame l^ue i^planteb ixi garbenftanU tielrg^teti^ mofteinbtp grounbcjaf 
tpl^ere as? tbe ^onnel^iuetlj mofte* %\\z luilDe l^ue groujetb bpon tbe moun- 
tapnesf of Cappabocta,anb <^alatia,in t^^eleffer 3lfia: in t^iiOf coutrie it i;5 founb 
fou3£ti in tl^e garben;3^ of l^erbo^ide^^ 


Cljepboallffourein t^i^countrpin3ulpantiaiugurt,anlit^efeetic i;a:ripe 


A The Names 

3Ktte i^ callett in <^itt\t i^kccio^m ^Latine R uta^anH of SEpuleiu;^ Eriphion. 
t tlL:^egarbenlitteij5^calleDin<i5?eefee7r«y«yoVKii7riuTop:in}tatineRutahortcn. 

fisrin ^^oppe0 Ruta: in Cnglift line of tbe garben, anb ^erbegrace : injta^ 

lian Rnmiin ^pani(|i La arruda-in \)i(fy Jaouc^ Zam ^mtztij^ \om iaauten: 

tnbaCe ^Imaigne XB tin tupte 
t ci^eujilbe Eue i5? calleb in d^zeefee myavoi, «>f lo^r: in 5iatine R uta fyiueftris, 

anbinfomeplacejafa;9f3[puleiu;9ffapt^ Vipcraiis: in &^oppe;8fHarmel: in)}i0) 

©oucbetoalb Eautenjinbafe^llmaigneiDilbeEupte 


X. The Nature 


tl^at \n^icft grotuet^ Ui mountapneis) i0 a great Deale (Iroger tiyien garbr Eue* 

Jt^ 7^f Verities, 

%\^t leaner of garben line bopleb m \30ater gt bionfeen caufetft one to mafee % 
toater,pxQuofeetb tbefloure;8f, anb ftoppeti^ tftelaf&'e* 

Ct)e leaned of Eue eaten alone toit^ meate^ef, oi recepueb toitl^ toalniittejlj ^ 
ftnbbipeb figged (lampeb togitber,are goob againft all euil apieis:, anb againft 
tl^e ^ellilence ano allpoplbn, anb againft t|^e biting^ of biper^af ^ ^erpentejs^ 

IDbe famepounbe anb eaten ojtbzonfeen in ujine, btlpet^ t^em ^atareficfee (g 
"oi}}^ eating of benimouiBfCabdoolejSf o;ta^oiin;erom;8:. 

Cbe iupceof l*luei;^goob a^aindt^e fame mift appe^ef, anb againff tlje bp-j^ 
tmg^ anb ftingingia? of ^i<^v^\m% , 25eejQf , i©a(pe^ , l^omettesf , ani^ mabbe 
5aogge;8f , tuftan it fcsf ritfter btonfeen tuitb "^ssm, oi tDban ti&at t^e leaner be 
ftampeb \jpitb ftoni> anb falte,anb lapbe bnto ti^e tobunbe* 

■Cbe bobp tbat ijsf annopnteb luitb tl^e iupce of Eue,o^ tbat (Ijall rate of ^ne qg 
fefting,f]^albeCas?plinieu)?itet^) alTureb againft all popfon, anbfafefrom all 

benitnoujefbeaaeisf^fo tbat nopopron,o^bemmou;8? bead QiaUyaue poip:e to 

fourte btnu 





The (ecotid Booke o 



Cl)e tamt iam of ilite t^ionUn M)it\) luiiie purget'^ wmm after tijeir Hell- f 

weratice,':^ Mntti} foit\) tije ^ecottDme,tlie Dean d)ilDc,^ fte baiiataral bictl^» 
liueeatert in meateoioti^etiDiCebreD bpa certapne fpaceof ^pme,quen-<5 

cljetl) auD Dij>etl^ t)p nature , anD naturall feeDe of man , auD t^c milfee in tljt 
fc^eaftejsofiucmcnti^at gtuefuc^e 

Eue bopieD UJtt^ i^pllanD Dioni^cn,fu3agett> tlje giiaiuing to^mmt,o^ gri* ^ 
pingpapne of t?ie bellp calleD tfte trenclje^S) , 6t t0 gooD foi t'oe papnea; in tljefii5e 
antJbiead.tlK^ifficultie oj^arDnelTeof b;teatinng,tl)Ccougb/tJ)e (topping of 
t^e lunged; tlje ^ciatica,anlJ agatnfttlje rigiun antJ Violence of feacr;9f» 

line boplet) in gooD toinebntill tlje Wit be fcDDen au)ap , i^ berp gooli to 3 
beliionHen of fttc^ a^ begin to fall into t^e BiopCte* 

iaueeatenrauie^ojconDiteDU)itl)^aitc,o.iotl)ertpifebreDinm5:ate;of, clea^fc 
retft tlje fig]bt,anD quicfeeneti^ tlie feme tjerp muctjifo Dot!? alfo t^? iupce tljerof 
lapUe to t^e epej8?;U)it6 l^onp,t^eiupce of fenill^oz bp it felfe.Clje leaur^ of line 
mengletJ ^s)it\} 25arlep meale, afftoagettjtl^e papne of tlje ept^ being lapDe 


i:i)e tupce of Hue loatmetJ iix tt?e f^ell of a l^omgranete , anU Dzoppcli into % 
tljt eare?x fuoaget^ tfte papneja: of tlje fame ♦ Clje Qune mengled itJitlft ople of 
iiofe^jO.i ople of Bapes^ ^ i^onpjisf gooU againft tlje ringing oi ringing fouiiDe 
of tf)c earesf Auijan it i^ oftenDioppeti luarme into tijem* 

Clje leaner? of line pounDeujitlj opie of Eofeis: auD bineger^ are goo6 to be ^ 
lap^c to t!)epapnc;S of tlje ^eaD* 

Cbe fame pounUe iDitl) Bape leaue;E?,an"D lapDe too, i^ gooD to Didblue anti a 

cure tl)ef\uclUng anD blaftiug^ of tl^e genito;t;s^» 

C!)eleauejS of Eue mingleD \Ditl) tuine, #epper> anU jl^itre, Do tafeeatoap ^ 

itUQ)ottesfoftl?eface,anDclenfetljtl)eflvinne:anDmengleDtuitl;^onpanU3ll^ - 
lom,it curet^ tl}efoule fcabbe 01 naugljtieCetter* Cljeiame leaned pouU \uit^ 

^\»ine0 greace,Dotl) cure allruggeHne^ of t]Sef]feinne,anD t^e fcurffeotroome 

Oit\)t\)tat)yt\it jfetng^ euill o^il)arliefu)eliingjaf about t^e tl^joote^being appUe!> 


line mengleD tuit!) l^onp, Uotlj mitigate tl^e papnejs? of t^e lopnte^, ^ toiti^ ^ 
figge0ittafeetlja\yapti^efujeUingof t^eJa^opfte* 

Cljeiupceof Euetuit^ tjineger giuento fmeUtjnto,lioti^ reuiueanU quicfee ^ 
fiic^ a^ ^aue t^e }tet!jargie,oi tljeOeeping anD fozgetfuU fictmeife* 

Cberooteof Euema^e into pouUer ant» mengleti vuit^ ^onp, ftatteretJi ^ i^j 
Diffoluetl) congeleti anU clotteUblouti,gatl?erelibetUJijrtetl|e fHtnne ant) tl^e 
flclb^anti cozrectet^ all blacfee anb ble\i3 markesf,fcarre$>gt (potteft ti^at ci^aunce 
in tlje boliie,\jDftan tfjep are anopnteD oi rubbeU tft ereujiti^* 

^l^e ople tjoberein l^ue ^atl^ bene "fobben ot long infufeD $ ftiepeti , tiotft ^ 
toaaneanbcliaafeaUcolbepartCjSoimemberftanD being annopnteD oi^pt^ 
bpon t^e region of t^e blaWier it pzouofeetlj b.tine,anb i$ gooD fojt tl^e (topping 
anD fu3 elling of tl) e fpleene op ^ elte: anb giuen in glider, it Iwpuet^^ f o?t^ win 
i)uiefre,blaaing0;anti tlje grpping papne in tl^e botueliS ojt gutter* 

feometoMtealtb^tljatt^eleaue^of Eue pounUe, anb lapDe to outtoarWp 
bpon i^t0ntCy ftanc^et^tljebleebingof t^efame* 

^ ■ I 


Cfte inpcc of tutlDe muemengleb U)it^ i^onp, \x)incM inpce of fenill,$ tlje m^ 
gaule of a n cnne,quicfeenetl) tlie fig^t,gt remouetlj al cloujbe^ ^ t^e pearlesf'in 
tlje epe5f*:ailfo tje tuttbeiaue ^ tftelifec tjertue a0 tl^emue of tlie garDen,but ' 
It ifl? of greater foice^inibmuc!? i$ ^t mntimt }dl>pfition:8f tooulti ntst t?fe itfii 
caufe it uia0 (b arong,Cmiing about tge Difeafe^ antJ tiJebbejS of ft e epe^ in ma* 

iie^aj^r t^s: abooe tp^item 









the Hiftorie of Plantcs. 



(lemmcisf gcoijumg tjpjtigi^t, anU 
iM ttjem are fmall long tiarroui 
iwxziy mm tenDeter ; anU t> tut* 
UeU iixto fmaUer 03^ narrouier leaues: ti^att 
tlje common oz garten Eue , tl^e fioures? 
gt:o^att!)etoppeof t^eftemmejafoi b^an* 
cfteis:,of colour tP^ite, after tuljicfte cometb 
trtangleU \^v^z% cotepuing tbe feeDe* %x^ 
Xx^i^ plante \% of a t3erj> ftrog anH grieuoujsf 
fmell; efpeciallp mljoate regtou^ff^ o^t couti^ 
trie^, tXJi^erea^it grotpet^ of \^\^ oxuue 







^ The Place, 


Harmala grOtUetK^S? 5aiofCOZfte;8? \XMi 

tetli) in CappaUocia anD c^alatta, in ^i^ 
countrietl^e l^erbotiftis^Do fouiett inti^eir 



fiji The Names. 

'.' - 


%\)i^ Ijerbe ijsf callcl» in<l5.zeefee Tr^ywoj; 
«)fiop:iu i^atineRutafyiucftris :of fomeit 
lis: called Harmala : of t^e 3&rabian ^^i^i^fiti^ 
m0, anU of tlje late tuipterjsf Harmei. Ci^e people of ^ptta in timeis? patt called 

it Befafa^anb fome iMoly.l©emapalfOCaUitHarmala,OjHarmel. 

f^. The Nat fire. 

<Bulm iDZitctl?,^ tW ^tthti^ boate in tbe tl^irb begree^gt of fubtillparte;9^* 

if^ The Vert lies. 

Bpcaufe Harmala \$ of fttbtil parteftit cttttetl^ afunber groffe anb tougi^ bu- % 

mois^,it ptouoUetb bune,anD tDomen^f naturall flujce* 

Cbefeebe of Harmala n:ampebvuitb1^onp,t©tne,^aefron,tbe iupcecffe':5 

ttell^anb tlf^egauleof al^enne^Dot^ QuicHentbefigbt^anbclearetbbimineepe^e;. 



"i^ The Defer mi on 


£)remarpi^ aaf rt ttiere a little tree 01 tooobbifl) (bnibbe,iuitl?manp 
couereb anb fet fuUof little,fmal,long,anb tenoer leaue^,U)bite on tbe 
fibe neict tbe grounb, anb greene aboue* Cbe floureisf are u?l^iti(be,anb 
mijTte \jD ir^ a little bleU3 e,tbe viJbicb ^ P aft, tb er e CO mmetb f o.itb fmal feeb e*€b e 
roote anb tbe ftanme are liltemife barbe anb tuoobbie * %\^z leaner anb tft e 
floure;6?areof aberp ftronganbpleafantfauour, anb goobfmacfeeoKafte* 

^T he Place. 

llvofemarp groiuetb naturallp.anb plentifitUp, tn biuet^e? placejSf of ;&papne 
um f rance,ais: ixi i^zouence anb ilangueboc* Cbep plante it \x\> iW countrie 
in garbenjs:,anb mapntapne ix tuitb great bUigence* 

A The Tjme 

%hz taofemarp fiouretb tuiife apeare, once in ti^e (i??mg time of t^e peare 


anb feconbarilp m 3uguft 








'ijt The Names. 
Tonarium : m ^l^oppc;^ Rofmarinus; ill 

Cng;Ua)!fvofeiMtp : in Italian Rofmarim: 

in^panill; Romer9:\n fltM\^ Rofmarm- itl 

<5ummip itofmare^in: in bafe ^imaigtie 
i^ofmariimC^ep callititillatine Roiraa- 

rinum coronarium,tl?at 10 tO faj^^OCema' 

tie UJl^eteottl^ep make Cto\Dnej@:^ <Bwc^ 

ltintt?i y to put a iJiffer^ce from t1je<)t^er 
LibanotistDliiel^ 10 of l»itterft fo.itjBf/ttJiber* 
of lueelball intreate in C^apterisffoUo to 

Rofmarinum corohariui^ 


ing^Ci^eblolTom^ ot fiottreief of t^i0 taofe- 
matiei0calleUin(l)dppe0 Anthos. 

i^T be Nature. 

%W^<^^nmt i0 i^oate anU Ujp itt 

i\^t feconti Degree 

^ Tj&^ Vertnes^ 

3Siofcotit)e0 attU <6alen fto tjjjit'e tljat 
tl)i0 l^ofemarp bopleD in toatet, anti giiie 
toUunlie in tlje morning fading ^befoj^ 
laboi 0^ ejccrcice, curctl) t^e 3aunDet0 

CI?e %ut^m\% ant) f^eit fuccelfoiir^ 
^t)^fttton0;Do Cap tljat Eoftmarie cofo^ 
teti) tl)e biapne , tl)e memo^p , anti t^e in* 
toarUe ^twa^-, ^ t^at it refl;o:ctb fpeat^, 
erpeciallp tlje conCenig mabe of tl^e fioure^ 
hereof luit^ ^ugar^to be cecepueb 


%\\t ai^ejf oi ajeii of moftmanc l)ttCnte,Dot^ fallen loofe tee^, anti bcauti' ^ 
fiet!^ tS)cC5meif Hjepbetabbet) tljcttUJitb. 

^f lauenoei: ant) 

^hap. iicicictii 

♦jj- T^f Kyndes 

^^ mienbet i^of tU3o fo^te^, male anb female ♦ Clje male]ftati)fti01eatteiSf> 
^ floured , CpiMe earesf, anb (f emmeft b^oabec, longer, l^igl^er, t&icfeei:, anl^ 

of a aronger fauoue. t2:^efemale i0 fmaller, fto^ter,lou)er,anb df aplea* 

^rhe Dtfcriftim. 

€) tl) binb r0 o f laitenbet ^aue fqu^te l)blld\B ftafte)0?,lDitl) iopnte^ $ 
^nctte0,bponiuftic^egroU)et^ gi:api(i)eleaue0,tul)ic]be belong,nai> 
rctu I t^icfee* petlatgeranb longer t^an t^e leaned of mofemarie. 

cottcbeb togitber in Unoppe^ o^fljifeeb eare^, at tl^e topper of tl^e ftalUegf^ %^t 

roote 10 of ujoobbie fubdance tuit^ manp r^ieDbp ftring^* 

iji The Place 

^ U-auenber grotuetlj m certapne placet of 3talp, fepapne, anb f raunt e,oii 

m #ountapne0 ^tm^ ftonicplact0,t^atlie againa t^e ^unne: t^ep plant 
itbere m garben^ erpeciallp t^e female iLauenber , tubictie 10 beep common iit 

all garben0 , but t^e male feinbe \» not fbunbe fauing mnongil t^e ferbo* 




the Hiftoric of Plantcs, 


Lauandula mas. 







v ' 




3Lattcn!letfiourctt|iu JuneanDJttlp*"* 

if. The Names, 

JtfefcalletltUltatme Lauandula: in^^^p^ Laucnduh:{tl Cnglill) ^p&f 

&ntil,auenl)er:tn3taUari5^/ftf,aubi^rf*'W4,mS»panin> Alhuzema,^ AifazemA: 

marinuni coronarium.jtfeemeti^toljetfte^erbet^attEirjilcallrt^ Cafia^anti 

1E!)eopi|ta{!;U0 Cneorus albus. 

C^eRtd Wx\^ \% Lauandula mas: in c^ngliHb ItauauDer tsx S^pifee: in f reml^ 
UenDetjanti )taaenDer mauncKen*. 

' %^t feCOnHetoDei^ r^eH Laucndula^anb Laucndula foemina: inCnglll^ 

^piReanD female iLauenDeninf tencl^ LauAndefmeiieXn i^ig^ Soncl^ ]tafcu* 
6el: in bafe Hlmaigne ]iauentier tuiffkeiu 

^j*' ^^'^ Nature^ 

jLauenlier is ^oate anO bi|> ia^e feconli iegref . 


Jtauenlier bdpIeD intuine an^ li;onfeen p^tonoltetlj \>im,^ hwxim tmtm % 
t^ej8oure0>anb Djiucti^ foztft t]^e<&econWne,anU ti^eUeaD Cftitoe* 

%^t 8oure0 of 3lanenliet alone.oi \a3itl} Cinnamome,|^tttmegi^>^ ClonejBf ^ 
IH> cure tfte beating of tl^e l^arte, anD t^e Jauntier^g:, m\^ u^ Trnpler againft 

ti^e apoplejcie^anU giDDineffe^o? mminj of t^r \^t^y t^^t tomioiu^t bjapne 









The fccond Booke of 

auD manbctis? tsUen otfubiect to tbe i^alfte 

ctjeconferucmaijeof tijeflourejs? tDitift ^ugar, piout^ll muclj agamat^e C 

fapDeDifeafeiJjto be tafeeti in rtemoinmg fading, in qiiantitic of a I3eane* 

Cl^e DifttUeb ujatcr of t!je floured of ^pifee oi i,aueuUerl^caletl) meber^ a 
of tbe iBalfte if tftep be taalbeD tberetoitb. 






l^ijB? fcgabcautifulberbe.of agoob ^ 
beep pleafant fmell , UJitb "^mt^ 
ujeafee ^ tenbet btancbeis?, fetfullof 
long;fmall,gt tubitil^ leaueij^but fmallee;nat 
toujee $ tenbeeer,^ of a moteamiablefauout 
tbantbeleaiies^ of )lauenbee* ^t tbe topue of 
tbe (lalUe^ tbere gtotue fapze tljicfee l«>ofpe$ 

oifpifeie eaee^Auiti) fmalblcu) ^mxzHW^^ 

fet anb tfituft togitbee* ^beCeHnop0 ot eareis; 
are folbe cucrp UJbete in ^bop^ bp tbe name 

of Sta?cados Arabicum. 

tE:bere i^ pet an otber berbe \xibicb tbe % 
potbecarie0bo callStichas citnna,tbeti)bicbe 

tue haue befccibeb in t\)t Ije^Cbapter of tbe 


flK* '^hc Pl^ce 

tCbi)^ beebe gcoijoetb in tbe 3lejJ calleb 
St^chadcs, ftanbing birectlp oner agapnft 

S^atfiles?, anb in btiieciSfplacejijof Hagueboc 
mx^ ^^louince, ^ in 3irabia» Jn tbts countcie 
fome i^ecbo.iifte^ bo fotoe it, anb mapntapne 


Sts-cadosflouretb in^^'^^xi^ ^wne/om* 
tul^at b cf X auenb en 



^The NAmes. 

3t in caUeb in dBieefee s-/'x«f,>(5«s-c'x«^:(n j^atine Stichas anb Stsedias; iti 

S>b0PP^^ Stichas Arabica,^ Stcchados tbe Arabian tongtte Ado- 

chodos:in€ngUn) sta!chados,f rencbXattenber,Cafribonie,6t of fome^tauen 


«^The Nature. 

' Clje complejcion of Stipchadosiis^boate anb btp* 


1. J^&°^1^^^«E^'^^^^±'?^*^ ^^^^"^^^^^^ tlfetbeffoure^alone, bzS-S 

f 5Sp t SSoS^^ ^ Parteftclenftng anb m^xi^ fo/tbil euiU anb 

•.. JL^%^,^^° ^^E^ ^^3^ ^^atnft tbe papnes: of tbe beab , anb bifeafe^ of tbe 25 
SSS^^^^^^^^^ ''''• '"^'^'^ ^'^^ ti,eflourrlif\be taK 

^SSM Z%'^S^T '''' ''''''^' ^ conterpopron^, , mebidne^ C 
tcbeleaucs^anb floures^of Sta^chado. gtuen oftento (mtU bpon botb com^B 

fc.ue tf|e bfapneptljememozie.ani:: 






/ - 

the Hiftorlc of Plantes. 

i^ The Kindts, 

Hoffo.uDe^ tftat minrient ]^ei*o,iift , to;titetl^ of tl^tee fo:te;j of aictam, 
mtmimixi^ ouelp i;8: t^e rigljt 33ictam ♦ c^e fecouti'i^ the :55aftarDe 
IS tc tam^'C^e tl)irDe i^ an ot^er Kintie bearing both flonte;^ anD feeDc^ 






«5» r/>f Defer i^t 

tigljt Jaictam, ^(a^jJ^iof 
tcxiXst^ rattti ) a i^oaee anH 

fljacp Ijecbe muc^ lifee Unto pmm 
topall,fatttng tl;at W leauesf be 
greater: ^ fomeUJbat boate o^t moCp 
ID itl^ a certaine f ine lioujne,o^U)ol^ 
\V tubite Cotton : at tlje top of tl^e 
ftaIKe? 0^ f mal bitacb e5^> tb er e gco uj 
n% it tuete certapne fmall Qjfeie 
tare;8: o^ tuffet^f , Ranging bp littre 
final fte^^, greater ^ t^icfeer tl^5 ti^e 

eareief o^ipt^te tu[fet;3:,of VDiin^ar 

5erome,romiPbat rebDeof colour 

in tDljifb tl)eregroU)littleftoure;8f 

"Cbefeconb HinbetDbiclie t^cal 

leb Pfcudodiaamnum , t^at ifi tO 

fap, :i^ a(tarb e l^ iic tam^ t;ef muc^ U^e 
tmto tl^e firft ai9f Jaioftotibe^D^ llfiitli : 
^urngtl^atit t;8f notlyoate, neptl^er 
ftotfttt bite tl|e tongue: tob^rof toe 
l^aue ibere giuen pou tfte figure;t^e 
iDl^tci^e lue baue caufeb to be cut ac 
cozbing to tbe naturallgt true p:o 
portion of tl^eplantPreudodietam- 

numiiatbrounbfofttDoUp (talked 
\i^it\i knotte;8f anir iopnte^f^at euerp 
5f U)bicbeiopntj8fo:fenatte5?, tbere 

ttt mo itmz^ foin^iD^at i!bunbe 

fofte anb U)olUe> not m\xt\^t bnltl^e 

tlje leane;0^ of ^enniropall j faupnj tliep bee greater , all ^oare, ti \xi\ii% 

fofteanbtuooUp;lifeeto tfteftrfteleaue^afoftDi^iteS^ollpn otTapfus Barbatus, 

toitbout Cauour anbnotfl^arpe , but bitter in tafte* 'Cbe fioures? be of a Ugbt 
bletDe^copaflfing tl)e ftalKe bp certatnefpace^s; lifee to ^arlanbesf oz tuboirotjoeif, 
anB Ufee tlje floureje? of l^ennpropall anb ^^oze^ounbe^tic^e rootefc^ of tuoobb^ 


Cbe niirDe %'^n^zm figure ief Ipfeeto t^ereconbe,ramngt5at]&feleaue? 

are greener anb moie dearie, couereb ibitb a fine tubite fofte beare, almoftUfee 
to tbeleaue^ of r©"ater#inte* Ulltbebetbe tsfof a berpgoob anb pleafant 
finelL aiBfittJoetebettDirttbe fauour of i©atermpntegf^age,2]SBiorcot!bejif 


A The Pi 


C^efirft litnbeoz t]^erigl?t3aictamcomntetlbftomCt^e,idbicbe i^fanH 
lanbe in tbe &ea ^Vbtterrane, >u^icbe 3lanbe UJe bo nottJ tall CantJte, anb It 

ig not founbc elTexiJScre, a? all t^e auncientia; bo tu^te 



« V # 









The ftcondBookc of 


nomamrtltl)fttiti)3fnotfoiml)emt]^w?coutitrie^ot!)ectDire tl^mUpy anDtljat 
in tl)eS>t)Oppe;tf of cmapne\S)iCeant)mitgtnt3potljecane5f,"a)l)o \uit^gccat 
MigcmegctitfromCantJptobetJfetJiti^dliitoe.^ ^ 

Clic tujo otWkint^t^po not grouj onlp m CanUp,but alfo m limrr;S oti^er 


F t 



. 9f.The Names. 

%ht fitit limDei^ calletJiu (]5ieelif c^^^r^/^o-tmM.atme Didamnum,^ Di- 

r<5hmnum Creticum ,0f foitte ajS? J^iOftOUUe? UJUtetl^, Pulegium fylucftre : (a 

feftoppe;af Diptamu,pct nottjoit^tlatttimg t^e 3lpotl)ecarto §aue]3fcD mi otftet 
l^erbc in fteetie of t^is? ad^icIj 1$ no feinDe of D idam at all, a^ a^al&e UeclareD in 

W place: itmapbrxalleD in Cnglifti ajefCnmec tpiitet^ Diaam,o^ Diaamnu 

of CanDi^^ , * 

C^efeconDWnlieiiefcaUeb in <!5^teltH*vf^o«^'»^T«/<©-,anli Pfeudodidamnumj 

-^Tfte tliirDe feinDe i$ calleD ^'Kr«A< Xattne Dicaamnum^anU map be tqell 

caUeD Di(±imni tcrtiumgcnuSjO^ Didhmnum non Creticum. 


%\^z rig^t Diaam ief l^oate anD Dtp like j^ennpi^opatt, but it i^ of CttbtiHer 








C^ e Oliver ttoapne are alfo ijoate 6tB^p,but not fo Iftoate a^ tl^e rig^t D iaam. 

^TheFertttes, . 

Clje cigi^t JBictam isf of like tjertuetiittb ^ennpiopaU,but pet it is: better^ 3 
fltogenitbjingct^bovunetfteflourejfjit eppulfet^t^e afterbirtlianlitljcbeali 

f'^ilbe.UJ^et^ecitbebjtonkenoit eaten,o^tpii!;inbnbceai8f aideffaneo^i mot^ec 
^ubpoCttoue.c^eUkel^ertue^at^ tl^e toote,U)]^ic^e ijs: t)erp J^oate anb (l^arp 

tpont^e tongue* 

C^e iiipce of 5©if tam iiat berp goob to be btonken againll all benim, anb a* 3 

^tm^ tl^ebitings; of all benemou$ beadje; ahb ^erpentje;^ 

laictainije^ofruc^e fojtceagainitpopfon^tii^atbptl^eonelpfauouranbrmellc 
tbei:eof;it \^i\}xtt\^ aioap allbenimouif anb U)ickeb beafteiaf, anb in manner kil 

letl)t^em,cauring tl^efameto be adonieb; if t^ep be but onelp touc^eb \Joitl^ 


%\^t iupce of tt>e fame \^ of foueraigneanbftngular fo^ce^againltall kinbeiaf d 
of \i30unbejSmabeiDitl) (l5lapue,ojtot5er kinbe of \joeaponsf,anb againft allbf^ 
tingsf of benimott^beaft Wb bebioppeb otpoUJieb ixiy fo^it bot^ bot^ mmW 
fie,clenf^ anb cure tl)e fame* 

33tctam qualifiet^ anb Ccoagetl^ttepapne of t^eS^plene o:melte,anb tpa^ (C 
Ctctl) oibimuu(I)et^tl)efame,tD^aniti0 tomucl^ftDOllen, o^blafteb : if it be ep 
tl)ct taken intwatbelpjoi appUeb anb lapbe butuoarbelp* 

3ltb^U3etljfo,u]^^iuerftlplinterjBf,anbttio.trte;8f,ifitbebmfebanb lapbef 
tpont^e place* 

iD c map fee it lefte to bjef to^ittm of tfte3unciettt]8f,t^at the <15oateS of Can- 
Oicbcing Ojotte ixi anb ijurtebp anpf^afte oj^3|atteline i&anging oiftickinj faCt 
in tljcitflel^ie: ibotot^at incontinent t^epfeeke outiaictamnumanbeatetljer' 
of,bp bertue^bereof t^e zumt% fell of,anb ti^eir uiounbe?' arecureb* 

iT^eBaftarbeBictamnumisffometP^atliket^e tjertueisof tbefir(t,butit !J 

i^notoffogrcatafoice* . v *- v 





, I ^ Cbetfjtrbekinbe auapletl) muc^ to beput into ^ebicineja:, b:enc^eA anb 3 

wipIapftet?Hiat are mabe agalnS t^ebpting of tuickeb anb b eneihou^ beaftjef. 







the Hiftoric of Plantcs 


^f f (mil 

^ The Kyndts 



Tmt are tm^m» of f enelUC^e one is t^erigftt f enell caHeD in <S>itU 


Foeniculum. ^enell 








pomarathron,t]^ati;5 to Cap, great feuelU 

^ The D efcriphn . 

^e tigbtf mell l?atl)rolm^lfetto^ 

tie ^XU^y a$ long a^ a man , anU 

full of hxmt\^t^ t%z fapUe ftalfees? 
ate greene UJitftout ^ l^ollou) >jDitl)m,filleD 
tDitl) a certame \iil)ite pitl^e oi Ug^ pulpe* 
Cije leauejSf ate long anU tenbec , anD betp 
mucl|,anU fmall cutCfo tl^at ti^ep feeme but 
ti^ a tuffte ot bullae of fmall t\^xuX^t$ ,ipet 
gteatetanlk gentlet , anit of better fauout 
^antlieleaue^s^of ^ilUC^efloureisf be of 

pale pello>jacolout;anDt)ogroU)e in fpolite 
mffetjB^ o^ tunDel^ at t\}t top of t^ e ftalbejg: 

tl^e flottte petifiljeU it tutnetb into long 

feeDejS , alujape^s^ ttuo grouiing togit^et* 

%\^z toote i^ UJl^ite,long,ant) fingle* 

Ci^ete \$ an otbet foite of t\^x^ kinlie of 

f enell , tobofe leaueis: tiaice l^atfee I ubiti^ a 

eettapne ftintie of tbicfee o j tatunp rtDDe co 

iout^bttt ot^ettuife ixt allti^tng^ Itlte ti^e 

f itft* 
"Cfteotljet WnHecalleD tbe great f enell 

Ijatl^ tounD ftemmes? UJttft feneesf ^ iopntiB^, 
fometimejB^aiSf great ajaf one^s? arme, anD of 
fijctene 01 eigbtene foote long, a^ u»jitetl| 
tl}e leatrieD Euelliujsf* 

ijt The Place. 

df enell grotoetlj intljis^ countrieittgartienjef. 


3t8outetl^ in3uneanD3ulp,anDtbefeel)eij8( tipeinlttguft* 

ff^The Ndfnes. 

Cbefirft Upntie is? calleD in <B3teeKe>««>«3j)OH:anD of AauariusH^^^^ffeop 'vx 
5(Latineanti in ^bopp^js: Foeniculum: in CngUf^e f enell: inlltalian Finechm 
in ^panti^ Fmcho: in f renc^ FeftoUm bigb ©oucb ifencbel:inbafe3llmaigne 

Ci^efeconDefeinDe iS calletJin<l5?eeRe«T7rot£eff«fl^ffv:in statute Foeniculum 

tbat ijs: to Car; UJilDe f enell, an!) great f enell : anD of fome fencit 





Jft r /&^ JV^f^r^ 


f enell is ^oate in tlje t^irDe Degree, anD mp in tl^e fitft^ 

4; TheFerfues, 

. ^fjegreeneleaue^foff eneUeaten,D.:tbefeeDetljeteDfDionlien toiti^ptt 
an,fiUetb tremens? b^eafteifo^Du2:gcsU)itbmflHe. 

Che Decoction of tbectops? of #enelDi6Hen,earetb tbepapne of tbe BjDnepif, B 
caufetb one to \x\^\,t uiatet? to auopDe t^eftone,gt biingn)^ Dotxjne^ flourrsr* 

Ziil «^ 

The (ccond Book of 






%\)t rootetiot]^ tl^^e uji^icl) is: not onlp goots fot t^e inteutc^ afo^efapH 

Imt alfo againft t^e Btopfie to be bopleU in tuine auD t»,ionHciu 

ti:^eleauej9( ant^feelJeof fe!TelH8pnfeen\j)it^ \i}mc,i0g;ooDapj»nft tl^ec 

eingrngs^of ^cozpion;8?anU tt>e biting^ of otl^er mcUti ^ tjmimou^ beaded. 

f eirell ottbefeeHeDioiiKeu \t»it^ VDater,aff\jpagetb tljeparne of p ftomacfee, a 
anbt!)eu)amblmgoibefircto bomtte,tu^tcljfttcl)tjaue;a$ljaueti)e3isue* 

Cbebetbe.tlje feeDe aitlJ t^e roo te of f eneU,are berp goob foi tlje 'jiunge^, qg 
tl)e fitter anb tljefeibiiep^^fo^tt opetiet^ tlje obftrtiction^ 0,2 ftoppmg;^ of t^ofe 
pactejBf^anb comfoitetl) t^enu 

Ci&e tootes! pounbe anb lapbe too \s}it\) i^ome,are goob agamft t!^e bptmg^s; f 

ofmabbe3aogge^» / 

cl^eleaiic;0?poimbeU)it]^ binegetaregoobto belarbeto t^e bifeafecalleb <8 
tl^eujtlbe fire, anb alll^oate toelling^, anb if t^epbe ftampeb togiti^ec Uiitli 
uja]ce,it ijs: goob to be lapbe to bzutc^ anb ftripe;^ t^at are blacHe anb bletoe* 

Jfenellborlebin tDine,oz pounbe UJit^opleijBf berpgoobfonijepearbe, opi^ 
'ecrete parte of man,to be eptl^er batl^eb 0^ &\it\>j o: cubbeb anb ano^nteb tpit^ 

Cljeiupceoffenellb^oppebintotfte eareftfeilletl)tl^e\i3O^me0bteebingm3 

tlje faine»3(lnb tl^e fapbe lupcebzpeb intl^e ^nmty i0 goob to be put into CoU 
iF^eftanb mebicine^s: pjepareb to quicHenti^e figi^t. 

^T be D efcriftion , 

3 II Ij at^ rouiib e kno ttie ftalttei0?,f uH 

of boUjgljeiJ ^bjatut)eftof afoote^ 

l^alf e;0.i t\DO footelong.C^eleaue^ 
be all to iaggeb , 0^ frettgeb tpitl) fmall 
tJ^iebbe^f^not mucl^ bnlifee to f enelleaneiof, 
butagreat bealel^arber^anbtljeftring;^ 
oz tb?rbe0 t^erof are greater*'Cl^efloure^ 
be pelloiij ^ gro\D in rounb fpofeie tuf etjer 
ti runbelft at tljetoppeof tl^eftalltejJlifee 
i'eneU: iDljan tbep are banifi]^eb,tl^ere co 
mctl^ t!)ereebe,iol^icl)e is? fmall anb fiat, 
ti^e roo te t$ iDl)ite;anb it biet^ pearelp* 


Cljep fovoesaill iw al garben5:,amogft 

tDO|tc;sf,anb a^otljerbesf 

€\im tu 



1 ' 

^ The Tjme. 

3t flowretl^ in June anb 3ulp» 

ijf The Namer. 

^^i5?l)etbeiisf calleb in ^teefee^x^op: 
fa^atineanb int^t feboppejar Ancthum; 
tnCngUn^Bil: in Italian ^w^/^^.in^pa 

ttil^ Eueldi>,Effdrorinftmti9 Aneth: ittl^igh 

3sourb 2BpUen, gfc!^of!}^raut: inbafell- 

sfTh Nature. 

H^m is( almoft Ijoate in ti&t tbicbeb^ 


^^efiecoction of nie toppnf art, oopp^^ o J Jain, uifti^ tfte fecie bopleJi in 1 



the Hiftor 


of Plan 



l»aterant)6ionken, tmimwmmto})mtfizntit of ^iiu. 

jtUtiuctljavyapbmtofttie omuiDineffe^aitDnDagetl) t^eblaHriiror^ffti^ si 
pmg toiinetit of tlje bellp, it ftapetlj tjoitiitrng atiD lafae^, anD pioiwHetli tniie 
tobetafeenajG^i^afo^tefapUe r. / . 


» 3 1 15? b ttv m f itable againfl: tl^ e fiitf ocatio ti o t arangltng o f tl) e ^ atriiP; if C 
re caufe vuemen to cecepae tj^efuine of tlf^e Decoction of it,tl|ozoua!) a clofeCtole, 
o^l^ollotafeatemaDefo^tljcpurpore* ' 

-d^efecDetljereof being vuellc^auffeD, atvD often fmellei) bnto, aamh the S 

C^efameburneU otpatcbeb; taKeti^ atuap t^e ftoelling lumpeft anb tiftejs: € 
DtxuJtincle^ of tljetueU,oifunbement,tf itbelapbetbereto* Cbe berbe mabe 
into apfen botlj teftrapne.clofebp^anb ^ea!e mopae blcer;9f;efljcctallp tbofe tijat 
are in tbe ibare 01 puuie it be ftroujeb tl^ereon. 

JaiUbopleb in ople.botb bigeilanD tefolue, anb fiuaget^ papne, ptouoltet^ f 
carnall Ulfte,anb ripetlj all rauie anb bnrtpe tixmoi^. 

4^ T^c Daufig 



3f onetjfeitto often, ixx^imini^tt^ tl^e fig]^t,anb tljefeebeof generation 



^f 3tnpfc. 

?§- T/je Dtfcriftun 




leaue;9^ lilketo pong^erSep^tfjat iS 
neia fp:ong bp: i^i^ ftafte^? be ronnbe anb bol 
lotu> !?i^ leaueis^ at tbe fitft fpzinging bp , are 
fome\ub<itronnb,but aftertuarbe it batb otbet 
leaner: cut anb cio uen Ufee to tb e leaner o f p erflep,but a 
peat bealefmaller ^ ijoljiter* Ht ti^e toppe of tbe ftalfeeief 
gro\i3etb biiiers? faire tiifteis? , o^ fpofeie mnbeW U)i£b 
tPbiteflonre^iliUe to tbe tufted of tbe fmaf ^ajcifeage, 
01 of Co:tanbic*^fter tlie floured arcpafl^tberecometb 
ijp feeDe,\ubtc^ ijs: U)i[jitif9,anb in fmellmiD tafte^fmeete 

anb pleaCant 

A The VUce 

3lnifc groto et'a naturallp in &p.tia>fE Caiibie* 0cmj- 

bnemapfin!>goobftazrfou)enintbe garben;sf of^laii- 

ber^.anbCnglanbe. ^ 


3t fioucetli in Jmz, anbjlulp 

^The Names, , 

3lnife i^ caHcb in <B}tt\t «v»«T'oi^,>ts« hucn^ : in %titine 

anb in ^ftOpP eS? Anifum: in '^X^liWXSmeffz^de Amfi. i\% 

^paniS; oiutaMua.ycruaSce. iiibigft3©owf^>3imf$:tti 
bafe^^lmaigne :^niifS 

«5^ Th Nature 

Cbe3Snirefeebe>tbeU3bicbe onefpi^ bfcbin^ebi 
tme^iisf boate anb mp intbe tbirbe begree* 

^ The rertnes 

^nifefeebe biffoluedi tbetumbine^e^anbisf goob ^ 



gainft belcljing, ahbbpbteafeinganbblalKngof tbe (ITomacl^e anb boUielir : it 
toagetb tbepapne^sJ anb griping tozment of t^beilp : if ftoppetfj^lall^: it 
caufeti^ one to pi(re;anb to aiiopi^e tbe (lone , tf it be taifeenbzp , oz \juirij b?ine oi 

tpatenanb it rentouetb fte ^icquet oj-peop, not oftel|^ \2Pijan ^i$ bionfemanb 

^ ' recepneb 







jyi The fccond Bookc of 

3it ctttef^ t^e blottt>Diefliice,anl> ftoppeti^ tft e \jpbite tiTue ot ti3emm,ano it 10 :t5 
tier? piof itablp giiien to fuel) as: l)aue tlje UiopCie xXo} it opeiictlj t^e prpe^ anb 
conmiit^oftfteXliuer,aur»(lancl)etl)t^itft. _ 

^imuCefeebe plentifully eaten,am^eti)bp flenjlpluft^anbcaufet^tDemetito C 

baueplentpof^^ilfee* - , ^ ^ . . ^ 

C^efeeDecijetueb mtbemout^;mabet^ aftueetemoutb^anb eafiebieatlj,^ S 

aittenbetf)tl?eftencl)oftbemout^* ^^u.u i. a.c^ ^ 

Cbefame biieb bp tbe ficr, anb tafe^n \jaitb l^onp, clenfetb tbc b.^eall from ^ 
flegmatiquefupetattitieis;, aub if one put t^erebnto bitter 3lmanbe^ , it cum^ 

^be faniebionl^ett b^itb tiJine^i^ berp goob agauiftal popfon;anb t^emnij* x 
ing of ^coipion0,anb bitingof all otljerbenijnoujs; beaded 

3t ifif firiguler to be giuen to infantas? o;rpong c^ilb^ten to eate,tbat be inban* ^ 

ger to bane tbe falling ficfeneire,fo tbat fucb a^ bo but onlp bolb it in tb'eie Ijab^a: 

(a;e( Giitb l^ptbagoia^^ftall be no moze in pttHl to fall into tbat euilL 

3lt fujaget^ tlje fquinace^t^at i^s; to Cap, tbe CxueUing of tl^e tbj^ote, to be gar- J? 
gleb toitl) i^onp,;3jlineger anb i^plTope ^ ^ 

CbeCeeDetljereof bounbeinalittlebaggeo^banbecarcbeff; anbkeptattbe 3 
l^ofe to fmell bnto,feeepetft men from b.zeaming, anb ftarting in t^eir fleepe, $ 
caufetb tbem to reft quietlp^ 

Cbeperfume of it,tafeenbp into tbe 0ofe, curetb beab aclje 
Cbefamepounbe toitl) oj>leofiivofe$,anb put into ^e eare^a:, carets tl^eir^ ?l 
^arbebuttejot^oitjoounbe^ of t^erame. 

■iji The Kindes, 

A S^eo;Bf ijSf of t\x50 fottejsf , accoibing to tbe opinion of tbe ^^^pCition? of one 
time,tbat fcs tbe great :$meo]^,anb tbe CmalU 

"^The Defcriptiott, 

l^e great ^meo^ef., batft arounbegreene ftallie, ^itb Diuerie? botoe^ ^ 

b?auncbejSf,tbe leaner be large anb long, parteb into Diuer^s: otberltt 

tie longnarroio leauejsf,anb bentebrounbe aboute* Hi tbe top of tb^ 

ftal^c tbere grotuet!) tubite ftarlike ^mtsi ixi great runbete? , oi tjjo^ 

liie tttftejsf.tbe tobicbe b.iingetb fo.ttb afmall l&arpe anb bitter feebe ♦ tSD^e rdote 
t$ \»l)ite anb tbjebbie* 

Cbe fmall 3Kmeo0,i«? an berbeberp fmall anb tenber,of a footelong oifbm* 
tobatntojte^Cbeftamctsf fmall gttenber*C^e fir ft anb olbeftleaueis? are long, 
anb berp mucb tnt anb clouei? rounb aboute^C^e bpper leaue«f bjatD totuarbjsf 

tbe piopouion of tl}c icane^s of f eneU oj^Jaiu, but pet fot all tbat tbep are fmal 

let* 3att^etoppeoft^eftalfeetberegro\Det^ alfo in (pofeplittell tuff etjSouttiW 
bel^,tbeCinaUUttle tol)ite floured , tbe lubic^e aftertuarbe bo turne into'fmall 
Srap reebe,]^oate anb !l)arpe in tbe mout^Xbe roote is^ Uttle anb fmalU 




^ The FUce 

Cbcfc tbjo betbefif grou> ntM in tW countrie of tbemfeluejJ , tnitbout tbe? 
oncefou)en,tbep grom pearelp,of tijerfeebet»bi<^befaUetb of it felfe^ 


C^epftoureinjttlp anb auguft,anbl^o,ttelp after tl^eppeelbetbeir feebf* 

^ The Names 


Cl&e firft ifefnbc f|f caUeb in ^^ogpes Amcos,bp UJ^icift e name it i0f knobjeo 




the Hiftorie oF P lant 



ii^%\iu»\\iuZri>i^ f<^*'" «'*'•»***»/- urn in um Acthiopicum.Cuminumreeium ft 

Ammi commune 





mall atmeofl^ 



%^t feeSc of ameojs: itf boateanD Dip (ft t^e t^itD tiegtee 

A T/^^ r<T//;^^/ 


I > 

^l^eftclie of ameojsf iii\ytx^ gooD againft t^egnpwtspaptie anD totmet of 3 

tIjebellp,t:l)el^oatep((re;ant) t^eftrangttrie,if itbe monltmiuUDme 

3lt biingeti^ to \jDrmen tfjetrnaturall tetmeAanU tfte perfume t^eteof^togt. 55 
tbec tuit^ mofin atib t^e HerneW of Eapfiirt5:,arou3eD bpo quicfee coale;sf, mim 
Kfiet^ anD clenCWl^ t^e ^ot^er^if t^e mme be talten in fomeljolloui beffellojj 


3t i% goob to be btonfcen tuitb ^syinzy agapi^ tbe bpttiigjaf of all Hiiibe^f of C 
benimou^ beaftejs? : tbepbfe to mingJeitUJitb Cant^aritiejS,to cefift tbebenim 
of tbe tome bpcaiife t^ep l^oiilbnot befo ^juetefuU bnto matt,4^ tbepare taban 

t|>ep ate tafeen alone* 

aimeo^srbiepeb anb mengleb toitb l^onp^ftatteretb congeleb bloub^anb i^\^ S 
tet^ atoap blacHe ^bleuj marfeefif,iPbic^ebappen bp reafon of artpeio^ oi falieft 

if it be lapbe too in manner of aplaplfer 

A The Daunger 

Cbefeebe Of 3meosf tafeen into great a quantitie, taiKetb mnv ^e colour 

t^xis^ bjinget^ fwci^ apaalneffe,a? i$ m beats bobiejsf 






The fecond Booke 6f 



^^The Defcri^tim. 

ojt cccfteU ftslfee , luit^ manp 
1 Knots^o^iopnts^,tl)eleafei;sftje* 

rp lifee to Carotleauciaf* Clje 
tflourcjB? arc vul^ite,anti groiu m tuffetjs; oi 
^U5t)elj6?jbearuigafmallfeeDe;anD fl)arpe 
tjpontlje tongiie* Clje rootcismeetelp 
tfticHe, long atiD pellotjo, in tafte almofte 
lifer l)ntot^eCarot* 

^ The Place. 

Carutuap gro\i3et^ in Caria , as^ 5©i 
tjfcoitlie^UJ^iteft* ^ouJtl^creiflfof it to 
ijrfoimDincertapneliip met»ouJe;8fof 31 
inaignc*3n t^i^coufitrie it i^U^wmin 




ij* Ty&^ TjfWtf. 

3tfkittt:et^ in #ap, a prare after tfte 
(buying tt)crcof, anD ^eliueretl^ W^^tU 

jjt The Names. 

' ^l)i;E3!)CEbei^ called in <5ieefeeK«e^: 

inHatine Careum ot Caium: in ^i^op^J 
ant) in Italian Carui : <inT> it toofee W 
name of t^ecoutrie of Cai:ia,\3a]^creaiBf it 
groiuf t^ gleutifullp: in Cnglid) it iief cal 
UD Cacuiuap, anU t^e CeeUe Carutuap 
tcthti in ftmil) carui, op Cdrotes: in ^pa* 

niil?e Aicarane.t^Aicor»ma: in^igt) 3Doucl)el©e(tf &ummeU in bafe Slrtiaigne 


;^ T/^^ NAture. 

CamtijapfeeDei^^DateanUHipintljeti^irDeDegree^ ^ 

;f T/'f Venues. 

'i:iie Carutuap feetJe>isf tjetp gooD anD comienient foitljeftomacke^anU fb^ % 


uetii all HinDc of voinDtnelTeanD blaftingis^of ti)einU)attiei»patte^» 3(nDto con* 
cluDe,it i0 antuieteableto Unni^feeDein operation atnD t3ertue» 

C^e rootc^e: of Carntjoap bopleD^are gooD to be eatenlifee Carotteiaf^ 


#51 T>^^ A>;»^-f/. 

Compn,aja( feiofcouliesf tojitetl^^i^ of ttub fotteft tame antj toilUf * 

Cuminum latiuum. 

Cartien Compn* 

Cuminum fylueftrc. 



^ The "Defcripion. 

|}^U!)e Compm 


beau laggeDanli airittJoeretljjeliejBtnotmttcbUnlifeef enell^CftefliourejQf 
grouj iu runUelif oi (pofeie toppeftlifee to t^ie toppesf of ^dnpfe, f enell, anti 

©tUCtj e feeDc ts^ biotune anil long. 

C!?e VDilUe vi:ompn(a$ l^iofco^ t.$ raitb)]^a^ ab^ittteftame,of alpanlog, 

tipon U)l)icfte gcotuetlj foute ojt fiueksuejJ aUiaggeH gt (nipt, otDenteD rounlie 

aljout^ani^ It is uatpetl^nottint^ 




the Hiflorie of Plantes. 



bell m tl^c ljcjcjct)i;ci)apter amongO: m BT^g^tilt^pOiMtu fpurre^s* 

• ,^ i^The Place, 

Cl?e garl)ett Compngrotoet^ in €tlnopia#gppte,(l5alatMi)c!^^^ 



CiIicia,anD Ccrentiim* iEljep t»o alfo fo a)eit m certapnc places of ^liiuaiaiie 
but it Beffeetlj a uiarme anlimoi^fl: groimDe. 

^T he Names. 

Ci^e common^ garDeii (Compn 10 calleD m6:ce!ie»tuWoF nVroj/.-fai ^iatine 

Cuminum fatiuum:m^t}Oppe^ Cyminum; m€ngll(l)CompnOl Comumm 

Italian Cmino: iXi ^parti(!) Comines, Cominhds. ixifttXit^ Comyn : lU t)tgi) 230Ucl^ 

Eomifclje l^uirtmel,anD garner Mmmcl.-m 23.tabaute Comi(ru 

C^e UJilDe Compii i^ called in d^teel^e KV/^j^oi/ ^y^ioi>: in %,ntint Syiue/lre Cu- 

,iiiinurn^ aill) Cuminum rufticum. 

^The Nature. 

"Cl^efeetieofComim Is: Ijoate anti Dip in tlie t^ittieDegrce* 


Compit fcatteretlj ann bteauetl) all tljeiDintiitieireQf tbedomacfee.tbebel' ^ 

iPjt^eboVDclsfanD^atnjCtairoiti^finguleragainft tbegripitigtoimmt, anH 
fenaujiugs^ozfrcttmgs'of tl^ebcUp,notonelpto bereccpueD attljemoutb, but 

alfo to be pomeD into tljebobiebpclpfterisrpO^tobelapDetooutujarDlp UJitft 

Cl)erameeate!t o^titonfemi^ terp p:ofitablefo;t ftubeaisfbauc tljeCougb, :a » 
anU bane tafemcoHie,aiTDfoitlioreu»ljofebieaae!2f are cijatgeb o;i(toppeb:autj 

if itbeD.jonUeniuit!|\t)tne;iti0goolifoi tl^em tbatate^urte \x)it^ anp Ijeni* 
ittousf beaaeiSf. 

3cflaHetbanb biObluetb tl^e blaftingja? anb ftDellingief of tl^e Cobbe;3?atib <C 
<I5ettito^z;0?becttg lapbet^erebpon*; 

Cbefamemengieb \j3itb ptirapmcale,anbpouIpeo?rabfltance of rapfin^E?, & 

ofaplapacr. « 

Comptifeebepoimbe^anUgtuentofmellbntovuitl^ bitieger,aoppctl^ tbe ^ 


^The Daunger. 

Compn being to mucb bfeb^becapetl) tbe naturallcomplejcion anb Uiiclp co 

iourjcaufingoneto loofeeiuanne atiDpaale* 




ij^The Defcri^tisn, 

idDitianberi^atierp ftinfeingberbe,fmeHingUifee to tbe (Itnl^ing 
tuoimecalleD inliatine cimcx,^ in frenc^ ^«/?4//?,itbearetb a 
roiinb ftalfee full of b^ncbe^ of afoote anb baifciong, tbe leaucsf 
are vul^itif^ all iaggeb anb cut : tbe bnber leanest tW fpiing bp 
firfl: arealmoaiifeetotbeleaue^s^of Cbaraelloijacrreic: aiib tbe 

bpper ^ lad: \tmt$ are notmucb bnlike to tbefame.oi ratbcr iiKe to f umctcr^ 
rie leaiWjbut a great beale teberer, ^ mo^e iaggeb.ttbe fiourc0 be lubtte ^ bo 

grotp ixi rouub tuffetiSf^Cbe teebe i^ allrounbe, anb bolloiu iuitbin,ti of aplea* 
l^tfenttDban iti^Xii^.%\^zt^^tt i^ bacbe anb of UJOobbiefubftatKe 

Cotianber ij0f Cotoen (nfielbe^ anb garben^panb it louetl? a goob anb frute* 

full grounbe 

«5* The Tyme. 

3t fioureti^ in 3iilp anb aiupCt^anb fl;oztlp after ttie fecbe i^ ••'pc 







27 <5 

The Iccond Bookeof 

A The Names, 


Koe/Wop: itt )tatme ^ in ^Ijoppeg: Conan- 
drum: mCngliil^ Co.iianDcr^anlJ of fome 

CitUntro 3 Coentrt . in ftCtlClje Coriandre . m 

3©ouc!? Co;tiauDer 


%\iZ greeneanB (tinfeing Cotianl^er , \S 
eitm^Xmm colDea^D Dtp , anD IjuttefuU 
to ti?e boD? : t&e tiip atiD ftucetefauo^ing _ 
feeDeisf\j)arme,anD conuenient tat inanp ^^: 

iji The Vertues. 

Co^iiantici: feeDe piepared , ant) tafem 
nloneCot coucreU in Siugac)after mealed. 

« - >r 
















; ) 5s 









/y .» 






"^ w 

' ' 





clofetij tip Vc^zxm\\t\\ of t^e fJomacfee, (lap 

etl? Uomiting, anH lirlpett) Digeftion 

C!)e fame rofteD o: parcfteD anU Djtonlfe^ 
toitl^ tumr , killet^ aul) b^ingetl^ foo;ttl^ 
UJo^meiJ of t^e bot)p,anti ftoppetl^ tl^e laffee 
ant) tlje blouHp fli.};e, anb all otl^er c]ctrao^ 


%!^z fcebe of Cozianbet i;3? pzepareb af 
tcrt^iiS^manec^ cakoft^efeebe of Co^ti* 
anbet twell x^xit^ , bpon toljicl^e pe II)aU 
pouier oz cafte goob Urong lome anb t3ine 

gmnOTe:lcb togit^er,anb Co leaue tljem to (liepe ^ foofee \s-^ %t l^ace of ^iiif 
^ure0:t^antafeeitfo?t^oftieUquo^ianbD^veit,anb(bReepeitto fewefoj 

pe muft alfo note,tl)at t!ie 3potl)ecatiej0f ougljt notto fell to anp perfon, of g 

Corianber feebe bnpicpaceb,noi to couer it tuit^ ^ugar> no;t to put it in "" 
b(cine:foiaibcit itbetDcl bjprb'anb of goob tafte,petnot\uitl^ftanbingit map 
no t be biit a little bfeb in xm\mm toitljout great pcrill anb banger 

CbeberbeCo.zianberbeingpetfrel^anb greene,^bopleD toitl^ ti^ecromeisf t 
of twljite b?eab,Oit laarlep meale,bzpuetlj atuap i confumetft all ^oate tnmoziSf, 
toeUingg anb intiammationj8^,anb loit^ Beanemealeit bilToluetl^ ti^e fetngi? 
^uill,anb tDenne;s? oil^arbe Inmpes^* 

i:be inpce of Cozianber lapbe to tcitlj Cenife, Ttif^arge, oifHumeof ^tl* f 
«ct> btnegcr, anb ople of mofejof, curetl^ S>> Inti^onie;^ firc/anb f\uageti^ anb 
enfet^ all infiammationiB^ tftat cl^aunce on tft efi^inne* 


<i5rcene Cozianber fatten into t^e bobte caufetft one to tnare ^oarfe, anb to 

fall into f renOr^snb botft fo rnucl^ bnl t^e tmberMbing, tljat it feemet^ as? i\\% 
" rtie \3)erc bionken. %\is^ik^% inpce thereof bzonfeen m cjuantitie of fonre 
^ammeftWllct^tbebobie,a5?^erapiomitetl^* ' 




7ht Kjndu 

]SJ3gella t^ of t\Do fo.iteft tameanb ujtibe, tol^ereof tl&e tame ozgarben |^i 
gelia^i^agapne partebinto ttuo foueiS,tbe one bearing Wacke feebe, tbe 





Sif£SS»^^^ ^^' or^ertoifelike onmmm^ 

00 m Mht0Mtamfimxts^Mt> fmelU 

MeJanthium latiuum. 

(Garten ilitjjella 




Mclanthium fylucftrc. 



t « 






}^theTiercripthttk ' 

ll^e gdt:Bm J^tgella ^atl^ a txieaKe atiD buttle flaliie.fttll of btauttclge;^! 

anDofafootelottg. 'Ci^eleauej^bealltbcittattDtaggeb, miicbUi^eto 
^ leaue;3: of f iimeteme; but mucb gteenec* Cbe flouted grou? at tbe 

toppe of t\^t biauncbejS?; anti are ttJ^ite^turmng totuarbe^ a tjatjitil!?^ 
litUgI)tblexue, cacl^efiburepatteUmto fiueftnallleaues^^aftett^emanerof a 
little ftarre oi rou)ell ♦ 3ftcr tbat tl^e flourejB^be pad, tbere commetb bp fmall 
Ifenops: oz fteaftjSf.UJitb ftue oi tm Uttle ftarpe bozncis; bpon tbetn,cacl^e Knop taf 
toiiuDeb mtbeinfitteinto fiiie ozfiiceceUei9^,ozUttlecftambei:$,mto^icoei3f cou 
tepnebtfte feebe, tl^eu)i^kbe (as? iDe^aue before fai>be)i;sffometime0 blacfee, 
anb fomtimesf a bleei^e o^ fapnt r eHoU),anb lifee to i)npon taft f^arpe 
anb of a goob pleafant (Irongfauour* 

Cbc toilbe il^igella ftatft a ftcafceb.oi cretteb ftame, of t\DO fpaneis? long, W 
\tmz% be ail;e colour^anb aU to cut, moz'e iaggeb tban tlje leauesf of garbcn 0i 
gella>biau)mg totuarbe^ tbeleaiieiaf of 2BilUCbeftoiire0 areUfeeto tbefiourr^ 
of garben 0igella,faumg ttiat ti^ep be ble\i3er:Cbe Ijeabejs; oi fenoppejef are al- 
(b parteb inito f tue botneb ^v^t$y xm^ Ifee to Columbpiie buffeeft m \v!^it^z 
fe CO ntepneb tbe f meete aub pleaftint feebe* 

%^ut\^ pet an o tbet |^igella,vubici^e ijS^bot^ fapze anb p!eafant,anb i^ caU 
leb Samaffee^igeUa,tti^muc]^libeto t^e tPilbe|5.igeUaiatbe tmalUutanb 








TKc feco dd Booke of 

Into fiue parted Ipfee to tl^e otljerjsf , but a 

i^atnafte ^igella* 

tut auD iaggeD, fcom tl^e miUDle popnt o j 
centerlD^erjrof,t^e gourefpungetlS^aa^a 





floured are gone, t^creappearetft tlje 
feuoppe^oz ^oiup ljcaUe)6:,UHea;e( in tlje 
garUrnii^igella , m UJ^icl^e alfo ije: contep- 
neDt^ereel>e;ant> iti$ blacfeelii^e to tije 
ktht of tl)e gartie il^igella, but it ^atl^ no 


Cl^efe 0igclla;8: arc not founti m tW 
countrie,fauing in garIien)9ftoi^ereai3it^ep 

Ctje U)ilt) ijs: fount) groining in fieUJjef, 

ixi certapne placriS of f raunce anD 311* 

Cfje BamaOie ii^igella gro^^oeti^ plen 

tifuUp t^iottg^-outaUMngueDoc 

■ ^TheTyme. ' 

%\)Z 0igrllaj3! Do floure in3lunc atil) 


fSt r>^f Names. 






^igella iis: callcD in <l5jeehe M^^av^iop: 

foltLatine Mclanthium,Nigclla,anD Papa- 
iicr nigrum: in ^l^oppejS Nigella, aull Of 

fome G ith; in frcnc!) iV/V//f. 

'vt^e firttC kintie i^ CMleD Mclanthium fatiuum, anil NigcIIa domeflica,' 

of fome Salufandria: in Cnglif^ <£fUt^Zn0iitl\ntinJittAimNf^e^/a orteia;jar\Xt 

:&patu(l; o4'//>/«rf,^.vw«;si;m^ig^2iJouc6es^c^tDart| kumiclj, ^cljluart^feu* 
mel;ia bate 3^lmatgne ^arUuftanD tlje CeeDe ijs: calleD ^arUu^f faet: inf rencl^ 

P*;//r'/;(r,anD of Xouie iJ4r^»^ 

%\^t UJllDe ^igella isa: called Melanthlum fylucftre^ant) Nigclla fylucflris: 

tnf rencl^ NieHejfkuHage.op Bar hues, ini^igl) Jaouc^ ^* Catl^arinm blumtn, tl^at 
i9f to fap,S»» Cati^arinc^ floure, of (bmr i©alDtCt^tDattjfeumicl) : fome lear 
neH men t^infee it to be tPilOe Compn,tP^ereof toe i^aue tPtitten in theljtjDjciiir'f 


^l)C tljirtlC hinU if$ notU calleU Mclanthium Damafccnum, anU Nigella Da- 
mafccna^ati^tO t^^y^mmz 0iit^Minftm^ NiellcJeDamM :in\)iify 

* SDoucI) ^cl)Uiart| CojianDer.. 

•Jt r^tf nature. 


. ^TheVertues. 

a)c feebe of ^gellfs Dionkentoit^ toine,i9f arenteliie againft xMz%^P% 
nejf ofbieat!j,itbiiCblttet.j,ant)fcattetetl^ alltjentofitieanH tDinUinelTeiu tlje 

fetipp,irpiouofeeti^t3?ine, ^ftouce^^itincreafetft tooman#milfee,if tftepDzin^e: 

It often^ 


the HiHorie of Plahtes 



%\^z fame flaretli , %vi^ Dtiuetl^ out tooime^s?, tolftet^er it be UtonKeti toit!) :^ 
UJineoi\jDatec, oi elfe lapDe to tftei^aueUoftljebellp^Cljefame t3emiei[^at^ 
t^eople t!;ati;8;\uenfo;t^ of l^igella feetie, to atmornt tfte regioii of t^e 
bellp anD naucUt'qereujit^* 

C^equantttte of a Biammeaf it monlfef tait^ luater, ^ijcrp gooD againft C 


'Ci)eoiiel??fume6KmoaHeofii^igeUatoneUo;t burnt, liziuetb aiuap ^er-© 
pent^ atiD otl^er t»eiumou0 beafe, aiiti Killetb f lieft iseesf, dntJ naaCpe^sf. 

C!?e fame mingled uuitl) tbe ople of lieo^s^.anD lapDe to tl)e foiebeaD ciiret!) e 
t^jel^eaDaci^eiant) oftentimc$putintotlje0ofe, i;8fgoob againftt^eiuebbe;^ 
blouDQ}otten of tbe cpes^jin tlje beginning of tl)e fame* 
. Cije fametuell DzteS anH pounl>,anD uizappeD inapiece of ^arfenetjOifine jf 
Unencloat^, anU often fmelleD bnto, cUretb all^urres?, Catl^arrl^e^,^ pofe^s^ 
0jiet!ji tl^ebzapne,anD retoetb t!}e fmeUing being !ofl* 

%\^ bbiPleU tuitb vuater anil Ijinegec.anli bolben in tbe moutb;fU)agetb tbe 6 

too tlieaclje^anb if one c^euje it(being tDelHizieD,)it curet^ t^e Wm anti foie^ 

lit taHetl^ out )tenttW,f recKleftanb otber fpottej^ of tbe face, anb clenfetb ^ 
foule fcuruineffe anD itcbe,anb botb foftenollie,colbe,anD batbe fuoellingft be 
togpounDruJitb binegeranb lai?Ue bpom . 

Cbe fame ^it^z^ in olDe toine, tsi ftale ^iSiz (as? ^linie faitb) caufetb tbe 3 
Comes? anb ^dgnaple^s? to fall of from tbe feete^if tbep be firft fcarifieb anb fcot* 
cbebrounbeaboute* - ^ 

^ The Daunzer. 


J' ' * 

i. » ""'O 

Cai^ebeebetbatretafeenotto mucb of tbi^b^tbe, foiif ^t go beponbe tbe 

i^earure,(tb^ingetbbeatb* Turner lib.fecuiido, 

- ^1 he Kyndes. 

ibanotis,a^ 3©iofcozitie;8?iDatetb,t8? of tuJDo fotte^, tbe one ijSf frute 
full ) tbe otber i^ barren* £)f tbe frutefuU fo^tte tbere i^ tiuo o^t tb^ee 


^ T^^ Befcriftlon. 

i^e ftrfl:frutefullfeinbe,batb leaner? (ajs^iaiofcoubeje? fattb)berp mucb 

"^ Diuiiiei) anD cut IpHe tjnto f enell leaueft fauing tbep be greater anU 

larger, mofte commonlp fpzeab abzo^e bpon tbegrounbe : amongft 

tbemgrovpetb l^paftalfeeof acubite,tbatte a foo,te anb balfe long oz moze, 




bponxubicbegroiD tbefloures?infpohietuffet5?liHe 3©ill,anbitbearc:b ^^ 
rottnD,coinereb feebe,of^ftrong fauour,anb (barpe talle ♦ Cbe roote \$ tbicl^e^ 
anb bearie aboue,anb fauoting Ufee Hofim 

Cbe feconbe "^iv^z batb a long (lalfee ujitb iopnte^ lifee tbe fenell ttall^e, 
DutDbicbe groU)efeauefl?almo(i;eli%eCbaruiU,ozi^om!ocke, fauing tbrp be 
greater, bjoaber,anb tbicl^er* %t tbe toppe of tbe UalHcjSJ grometb Cjjofeie 
tui^etft bearing iPbitefioure;3?,tbe\Dbicbe 00 fume into fu)eetefmellingfeebe, 
8atte,anb almoftUKetotbefeebeof 3^ngelic^anb Bmfeb.ifine* Cberooteija? 

Macfee tDitbout anb UJbite tj)itb<»p b^arie aboue, anb faueretb lifee to Eofin 0? 

^rahikencence* ^ . , 

Cb ere i% pet an otber fo jtte of ib^^^ fruteful htnbejs: of libanoti^, ft e lubtcb 

ifebercribebbpCbeopbza(lu$}lib*iir*Cbapt*]rif* Jtbatb alfoaeratgbtim«e 

iDttb fenotte^Qf anb iopnte^, mibleaue? greater tban ^arcbe 0? ^mailacbe 

3a i; %^% 





The fecond Booke of 

tfaicUe,anB tu^ite,ujitift a cettapne feirU^e of great ti^iclte l^eace aboue, auD fmel- 

l^ atto of f ranfeencenceo? laofuu 

Libanotidisaltcrum g 

Libanotis Thcophraft 

> I 





'4 riT^ebarren itibanotibeiBi (ais J^iofconlieis? tontetft )ate Kite to tfje fniteftia 

in leauei^ ^roote^jfauitig t^e|> bearencitber ftalfee$?,SouceiBf,no,i tecDe* 

Cb^otbetMnbe of Ktibanoti^ calleb Rofmarinum coronarium^m Cnglilft 
lilofmarie^^atb bene alteabpbefttibeb Cbap*l]C]cb»of tW ^ooUe* 


•;2:befciitefttirilibanotitiej9?,arenoU) founbe bponti^e ^jig^ mountapneiT 

^ille^jOnb beCettesf of (^etmanp* 

^ The Time, 



e^ J. b€ lime. 

•C^efc^erbc^bo toutemoftcommonlp in 3|ul^* 



* the Ndmes. 

ttoietb lifer 

berbe i# caUeb in (5mkt M^«vAnx. Liban otisAf caufe tbat hiS roote Cu 



ncma: Ui^boppe^ Funiculus [iovdnnsim^iQ^l^omht^tttmiVCty, in bafi? 

3bnai$ne^ccra)oud,tbat iiff to fap,)6eetjJ roote. 


Cbe feebe tl?crof t^ calltb in d^jteefee »«>xe"ff,ts« K«xev?.- in Jtatine Canchrys 


Cbefefonb Wnbe iiB^caUebtnijis^Souc]^ ^iWmWtt^ntthtW^ 

to tap^ blacfee f arte r^:^ Dte, 


the Hiftoric of Plantcs. 



banotis Thcophralb; m ^jiglj l^ouclj U3eif? ^^itt^tuuttj, tftat tsf to fap, vp^ite 

!^arte;s;i:oote,ti^efeeneoft^i;s;totiei0alfo caller* ofCi^ecpljiaftuj^^Canchrys, 

OJ Gachrys. 

ijt T>&^ Nature, 






t!i:!jefelierl3e;Q^\Ditl)tl)eirfectJe^antitootejsfare tjoatc anUmpiu tl^cifeconD 
fcegree^anD are pioper to liigeftjDiffolue, anD munDifie. 

. ' ^TheP'ertues. - 

Cljeroote^ of XLibaitotiiSf tiionfeen \Dit^ lume.piouoket!) bnne,^ floure^,^ 31 
I) ealetl) tlj e griping p apneg^ anD to imeut f tl) e b eUp,anD ate t? erp go oU agauift 
tl^e bpting0 of ^ etpmtj6f,anD otber tjenimoujs; beatt^* 

C^e CeeDe of jiibanoti^, i^ gooti foz tbe purpofes? afozefaptie : #ozeouer it 23 
to Cittguler gooD agaiua tbe falling ficKnefTe.anD tbe olUe anb colbe bifeafe^ of 
tl;e Hzh^.%W bfe to giue it to hivaU luitl) pepper againft tl^e 'JmX^tx&y efpe* 
c;iaUp tbe feebe of tije fecoubefepnbe of )libanott;8^, fo^ a^ toncbing tlje feebe of 
tljefirftkinbe calleb Cachrys,it 10 not berp goob to be taUeninto tbe bobie, 

feing tbat bp b to great l}eate anb fl;arpne(re , it cauCetb tbc tljioo te to be rougb 
anb grieuoufe* 
%\)t leaner cf al tbe ^ibanotibejS^ pounbe,bo (?oppe tbefiujreof tbe i^emoz- c 

rboiDe;So.i^Bple;s:,anbbofoiipletbefu3ellings( anb inftammations^of tbetueil 
01 funbement, anb itmollifietljanb ripetball olbe colbe anb b^rbe ru)rlling;2f, 
beingiapbe tbcrebpom 

Cbe itipce of tbe berbe anb rooters pnt into tbe epe;3? \joitb l^onp, bot!^ qiiiC" 33 
fetntl}efigbt,anb clearet^ tbebimnelTeof tbefame. 

%\^t bzp roote mengleb toitb !i^onp>botb fcoure anb clenCe rotte blceriBf^anb ^ 
6otb confdmeanb luafte alltuaioto o;fujelling0» 

•Cbe feebe mengleb toitb ople/iisf goob to annopnt t!)emp baue tljcCrantpe; JP 
anbitp:ouc!ietbitDeate» i. ^ 

Cbe fame mengleb \jDitb Piirap meale anb bineger, fUiagctb tbe papne of (5 
tbegoute lubeniti^lapbe tbereto. 

Jt botb alCo clenfe anb beale tbe tol^ite ^i^ fcurffe, anb manginelTe, if it be ^ 

lapbeoniuitb goobftrongbineger* 

Cbep lap to t\)z foicbeab tbe feebe calleb Cachry s, againll tbe bloub(^otten 3 

0; Ujatering epe;^. 





^f S>£fcIU 



^^ r 

^ The Kindes, 



Q Efcli^a^ 5©iofco:ibe^loutetlj,to of tljzee fozte^^.^be f ird is calleb s cfcii Maf- 

fiJienfe. CbefeCOnb Sefdi Aethiopiclim. 'C^e tbttb Scfdi Pcloponncnfc 

9^ The Defcripth»> 

i^efirftkinbebf befell nameb #a(rilienCe,bis^ieaiieiS^areberpmucbe 
clouenanbfinelp iaggeb,butpet tbepbe greater anb tbic^ertban tbe 

leaned of jf eneU,tbe ilalfee i^ long anb bigb> UJitb feno ttie ioputcsf, anb 

bearet!) tiifet^at ^z toppelifee to la ill, anb feebe fome^liat long,ti comereb 
ftarpe anb biting. Cbe roote i^ long like to tbe roote of tbe gr cat S)ajrif rage 
of apleafant fmelKasf 2Biofcoube;8( xmitetb)anb (barpe tafie 

Cbereconbe^efeli(a^Btofconbe$faitb)batb leaue;gUfee3npe,but final 
let anb longer biatuing neare to tbe pzopottion of naoobbine leaned 
ftalHeto blac]^ia;e;Oftbzeeoifoarefootelonganbfulof biancbesf.Cbeflourefif 
are pelloiu anb grouj tnfpokiermtbeto Mt 2a ill* Cbe feebe i$ ajs? great asf a 





tubeate Come,tbicHe;ftDarte,anb bitter: 3inb tbto is counteb to be tbe etbto 

pian§>efel4alt^ottgti ixi UtU it i$ ml t^e rig^t C tbiopian ^efeli 






The ftcond Booke of 

Scfeli Mafsilienfc 


Sefeli Acthiopicum 





I d)et!)icDci^^ereU ^^elopouncnfe 
U)?)icl) Ijatl) aftcaigjit longflalkelifee f e^ 
tirll; 01 longer , aiiD gcoujetl) Ijigljer tljeti 
^cfeli of iJ^acfilesJ.Cbe leaner ace allto 
cat aiiD pactft) into Diuerje^ otl)er fmaU 
leanest , pet greater anD larger tljan tt)e 
leaitcflf of i^omlocli ♦ Clje feeUc gro\X)ct^ 
U^eiDife iM fpolue toppeft anli i$ Uioalie 
auti tIjtcUe* 

. 3lmogfl:tt)elim!Jej9lofS>ereli,tDcmap 
place i:^atftrangel)crbe \i3l)icl) i0 fouD iti 
tlje gariieniBf of cectapnc Berboitfte^* Jt 
hdtl) at tl)e firft bioatic Icaiw (^ica'u bpo 
ti?e giou:iDc,t3erp tender ^ tinclv iagget)* 
^l)e (lallveije; aboutefoureoi ftue foote 
Iong,U)itl) fenottic iopnt^, anb roimU Ufee 

utAnXi of afamit grccne colour cljanging 
foiDacUiSirrlloxM. ^^eleauesftbatgrotu 
at tbe fenots? ot iomm of tl)c ftalUcsf Ho 
bmDe ant) !)aiig Do\Dnexi3art)ejS,but tfyt* 

ciallp p l|igliea(e,r cept a feiu fmalleeuesf ) 
toljicftcgrouj bet\0ijttt!jeotbersf,ritbep 

gcou} ^pu)arD*Ct)e toppe;s: of t\)t ftMU^ 



4. _ 



the Hiftoric of Pkntcs. 













anU btancl^e^.ate full of fmaU fpofep tuffet^f, bearing pello\j) fiottre?,anli aftei:- 
tuarDe feeHe^'Clie coote t^f long anU laftetift manp peareiBf. 

%\^z firft Uinbe (a^s: \yyiim\^ Jaiofco^iDe^) grotoetl^ in ^}mmtt, anU eCbe* 

ctaU? about ^arCel0,\»ijetfoieit is; calkb S^efeliofi^arfel^* 

Cbe feconti groijuetb, ag: luitnelTet^ t^efapli ^iofcozibe;8(,in (StljiopuuanD 

it groioetl) alfo nteetelp plentifiiUp in piouence,anD jtangueDoc. 

%^t ttiirD feinDe grouietl^ in peloponnefo, t^e to^iclje i^ no\D calleD ^o 

rea^auD it lietl^ xxi <Biuit, anD \$ ntm ijnDer ti^e empire anD Dominion of ti^e 


^ be fourtl^ {& f ounb bpo certapne apoiintapnes: of tombatbie ,a man {I;all 
alfo finbe^it a^ fome fapjin certapneplaceiS? of Bjabant^ 


Cbe firft floutetb ttDifeapeare, in tbe li)nng,anb Intmnne* 
Cbe feconb;tbirbc anb fourtb^bo fioure in 3utumne* 

^ The Names. 

' Cbefird Wtz i;9f calleb in (5f eefee ffw-tM>t«<r<ra;M<i,TiKV- in jLatine Scfcli Maf- 

filienfe, of fome Trx^TUKu^ivop, tljat i0 Latum Cuminum, loblCb l^ t^Si Xmi\^ tO fap 

in Cngliib a0latge,anb b:oabe Compm 

Cbe feconb Hinb is^ callep in <i5ieefee <rinM iifljoTrtKoj;: in ^tatine Sefcli Aethio- 

picum^anb of CgPptianStKuov(9,<f'^/)tH, Cyonos phrice. 

» .1 



•Cbe tbirb feinbe ijef calleb <^^.'txi 7ri\o7rcvvK<ri«Kop: i« )tatine S efeli Peloponncfe, 
tl^at i;0? to fap*, ^efeli ^Seloponnenfe. 

Cbe f ourtb batb tio (peciall name^faning tl)at fome talfee it foj a l^inbe of s c- 

feli^anbComefOt Libanods. 

; . . , ^ The Nature* 

'Cbefeebeanb roote of ^efeli, are boate'anbbtp in tl^efeconb begree; ani 


?|L The Vertues . 

Cbc fecbe bionlten iDitb luine^comfoztetb anb tuarmetb tbe ftomac^e, bet 3 
petbbige(iion,anbbuuetbatDaptbegnaiDing anb griping of tbebeHp^ttcu* 
retb tbe d^ai^ings^ anb bzufing of a f euer , anb i% berp goob againd tbe f^oit 
neff? of b.ieatb ^ an olb Cougb,to be fliou it ijs: go ob fo^ al tbe tn\»arbe parteiBf* 

3it p;^cuolietb biine,anb i^goob againft tbe (Irangurie, anb boatepilTe, it 3 

p^onofeetb tbe menttruall %wm% , ejrpulfetb tbe beab cbilbe , anb fetteletb vx 
\\$ natttrall place againe tbe fl^atrije 0^ ^otber tbat \% rifen out of bi0 place* 
3tisfmucbU)Oitbbnto tbem tbat bane tbe falling fiefenelTe* 
Cbe traueler tbatbiinfeetb tbe feebe of feeCrli; \Ditb pepper anb ipine,(^al J3 
not coinplapne mucb of colbe in bi^ iournep* 

Cbefame giuenbnto <i5oate0:,anb otberfourefooteb beadjefto 't^m^^ ^ 

i^ tbem eafilie to beliuer tbeir pog on^^sf ♦ C^e Came p.iopertiebati^ tbeleaue/if 

to be giuen to x%t cattell x^ eate* 



ijfr The Befcri^tton. 

t\ #i^ i^ a tenber berbe,about tbelengtlj of a foote anb balfe, WH^^ 
cbe0 are tenber anb fmall, anb fet but tuitb a fexoe leatiejsf , tobwbe be 
berpfmall iaggeb anb cut* l&ttbe toppeof tbe b^tancbejsf groujetbe 

little fpofeie tuffetje: oi runbete^^tnitb tobite floure;£j, tbe lul^^be being 
paftjtberecommetb feeDe,\jobicbe i% rebbe,rounb,anb Satte, gmrmfbeb ouom^ 
paS'eb aboute toitb a tol^it: Jjo jb^, tloo feebe;sr grouiiug togitber one ag^ mil 


%% mr 






The ftcond Booke of 

stiotfter,eac!)eof t^emi&amng tlje ft}ape anl»piopo.^ 
tiotiofaCargetoit23ucfelen Cl^e rootcts^fmattauD 
tmner , anD Dietl) pearelp , Co t^at it mufte be euerp 
rearc netJD fotoetr againe 

Wcfc^ Ijetbe C aj3^ Biofconbei@f tputetli) grotuetli 
Ijpoutbe ^oimtapneAmanusm Cilicia: iti^tobe 
foiinb w tbisf cotttitrie, \\\ t^e garUe^ of Come biltgent 



& r ^e Tji wf 

9it %sm%^ in S^iP anU tlje feeUe i? ripe m lau 


%\^\% IjerbeiiG? calleU trx d^ieelie Tof^uAioH.x 
riKop ,o{Baultt;8f CginctawcTtXiaH :in)!latitT0 



dylium,^ Sefeli Creticum: in(0ngli(^ ^efeliof Cau 


^ T^^ NAture 

Ci&efeeDeof&erdiiof Canute, fcs; l^oate anD D?? 

Intl^efeconD begree* . 

i^The Kertues, 

; CbereebeofTordyiioii Diqnkenin\Dine,p?otto 

iet^ biiue,anb i<j gooti againft t^e Ctrangutie, ^ cau 
fetl) \i3emettto ijaiie tbeirmonetljiS o^ tcrmeg:* 
^b^ itipc^ of it biofemCin the quatitie of a b^ame 


!joplebU)it^goobXDine,)bptl)efpaceoftenneDape^, curetlj tl^eDifeafe oft^e 

capne^oiliibnep^* ; v 

Cbetoote thereof mengletiit)itl)]^oiip anb oftettlickeb1?pon,cattfet^ to € 
fpitte out tbe touglj anb gcoffe 0]&legme^,t^at are gat^eceb ^oute tbe bte^ 

aub lunged 


€>f Caucus 

^- ThtKjnia 




€\\ bo finbe tft;tee (bitejB? of betbe^af , compteibehbeb tmbec tbe name of 
Daucus,a;5 55iofco:tbe«f ^ all t^e ^lutwient^ bo iwrite^vu^ereof ti^e tt)irb, 
is onelp fenotpen at t^is^ bap* 


I^cfit(?eli(nbe of Daucusiisateubet: berbe,toit!jaftalfeeof afbantie 
long, fet U)itbleaue;8(agreat beale fmallee anb tenberer tban f enell 
leanesf ♦ m t^e toppe of tbe ftalfee groujet^ little fpofeie taffeta , >33it!| 
\})\)itt f.ourc;3?,lifec to tbe top^s: of CQ]tianber,peelbing alittle longroug^ lub^e 

feebe;0f a goobfauoupanb aR;arpetafte»Cbe roote i^ of t^etljicfeneffeof oneiaf 

{inget,anb of a (panne long* 

CbefeconbeHinbei$ Ufeetotoilbel^etCfep^tljefeebe tjDljereofi^ of aberp 
pleafant anb 3^comaticall fauour,anb of a ftarpe anb bpting taae: ?tbot^ tljefc 

jfeinbegf arc pet bnHno ojen* 

CbetbicbefeinbeCa^ Biofcoiibe^\jDUtett>)^iatb leauesf lifee Cotianber, 
tu^tteflouresfzanb atufteojlpofeie budje, lifee to voixnz Carot, anb loiigfeebe, 

f ottbi^feinbeof Daucus^bere 10 nototafeen, tbeberbe tDbicbefcme bo csU 

ttJilbeCarrot,otbercaU itburbesfneft .foiitljat^leauejEf UteeCoiiantier,bttt 

grrater.anl^not mnci^ebnlifeetbf leaue^ of t^e peUouj Carrot* l^i^ fioure^ 







the Hiftoric of Pkntcs. 

be Itjftitc grotumg ijpon tnSttss o^ mti* 
Wi^ , l&e to rge tuffetisf off peltoti Car* 
rotjin tlje miDDle voftereof t^ere fefounDe 
alittle CinaH fio lice oi tuuapne of a b^oune 
reDlie colout,tunurvg tovuarUe^f blacfee* 
%\)z fcebe ijgi long anb t]ieane,anb fticfeet^ 
0;^ cleauetii fallbnto zntmttg^ Clje roote 

^T he Place. 

%\^t fttfte feinlje gcotuetl) m ftonp 
placeiE^,tljat ftaH full in ttje ^unne^elijeci 
aUp in Canlip, nn J^iofcoiiDe^ tuzitetl^* 

Cl^e ti^irD feinOe grou)etb euerpuj^ere 
in t^ijJ countrie, aboute tije bozHcrsf of 
f iclft Ain ftonr place^,^ bp tlje ujap fibe?» 



Daucitettium genus; 




«5» r ^r Tyme, 

^^]^etl)itbkinbeof Daucusfioutetl^in 

3 ttlp ant) IHugttfl;^ igs T^f isr^TWf X. 

%\it Daucusi;sf called in<i5jteiftecr«i<K©-: 

(nJlatineDaucumanD Daucium. 

Cfteftrftkinbi^CalleD Daucum Creti- 

cum,tl)at i)Sf to fap,5^aucu;s;of Canbie* 
Clje tl)irb Uvi^z i% c alleti in ^Ijoppeie: ) 

Daucus, $0f fome alfo Daucus Creiicus: 

inCnglif^i Baum^,anb tuilbe Carrottin 

St^(^C4rr0ftcfauuage,in\)i^\) i^OttCljtaO 

gelnefl:, tl?at i^ to fap,23icDc^ nea •• in bafe 
3^linaigne €toonU$ erupt: ^ t^e fante i?i 
but acertapneujilbe Carrot* 


5f The Ndfare. 

d)ef^ebe of l^aucu^ t$ tjoate anb bzp^almodbnto tlje tl^irDebegrce*. 

Fertues . 

■Ci^tfeebe of J^anruiS? bianlfeen i$f goob againCt tlje ftrangurie^anb painefuH 3 

mailing of toater^agatall t^egrauell ^ t^e fl;one:it p^touo'atft %im, ^ floureiBf, 
anb Cjcpulfetb t^e beab frupte anb ^econbine* 

. 3t fijuageti) tije tomttnt atib griping papne of t^ebellie , biffoluct^ "^vM* B 
ne(re,curet0tl)eColiqae,anbripettjanoibCougi^* ; 

Cfte fame tafeen iw^int ,10 bcrp goob againft tfte biting^f of benimouiBf c 
beaft^^c^eciallp againfttljcamgmg0 of ^baiangejjojfielbefpibecs?. 

%Mz famepaunbe anb lapbe to.biirolurtl? ^ (titteret^ colbe fofte fujellingsf & 

« f 


anb tumo^* 

%\}t rooteof Baucui? of Caubicb^onfeen in iDine,ttoppetl]ftl^elaffee,anD i# ^ 
afbueraignrremebieagainlt benim anb poplbn* 






Cfte^ajcifrage \$ of tioo foue;0f, great anb fmall 


^t great feajcifrage^at^ a long bollou? ftalfee >sA^ \tm^z$ 01 feneg^, 

to^ereon grou)et^ barHe greene leaue^s^pturning totDarbjg blacke, mabe # 

fa(l)ioneb of manp fmall l^utis grouping bpon one fl:em,after fte o:bec of 

«iegarbm(Carrot oi)|Barrenip, but muci^ fmaller, ^ eac^ little leafealone,isJ' 

ftitpt roanb about t^e ebge? mxp-faa;io,t^e6ottres are to^itr, ? grotu in xsm 



The fccond Booke of 


•^ 4 

€tonette^ oifpofej? tiiffet^f.Ci^efeeDetif liike to common l&arfeUefeetieifattmg 

tbatiti^boater,aut) bptmgDpont^e tongue* i:i^erootei^ ftn^le.xu^ite auD 
long,lifee t^e ^arfelie roo t^,but i^iarpe anB ftoate m taile ime (bmser. 





Saxifragia minor. 


4* « 


- < 

1 ^ 



, C!)e fmall ^aicifrage is: altogitljet Ifte tlbe g;reat,in ftal]^e;ef,leaue^,fioarei3t 

anil feeDe , fauing tl;at it i$ a great Deale fmaUet , anti of a greater Ijeate, anH 
tt^arpncffe^'Cljerootetealfo long anbftngle,ofal3erpl^oate ant) ftarpetafte 

C^ere is j'et an ottjer fntall ^aicifrage ifee to ttje afoiefapUc in ftafteja^ 


'h 1 



fiourejJ.fecDe ani) roote,anD in p jopo^ttion^Onacbe anti rmell,fauing W leaned 
are Deeper cut, an!) of anotlier fafa}ion,notmttct)t)nUfeeti^eleaueiSofparCelt^ 

1^ The Place. - 

q:ije great S>anfrage gro\x3ett)m]^ig!j meI)oioe!g,anb gooft grountiejS* 
Clje fmal ^ajci{rage;s^ grotue bnOer ^eDgesf, ant) alongft tide grafie fiemeif, 
mUip paaurejBf, botl) t^efeifeint)e0are berp common in tl^iscottntrie. 





^ The Names 

9 1 

C^e ^apifrage \$ caUcts in Ttatine anD in t^e feljoppeflf of iW couritrie 

Saxiriagi3,ant) >axitraga,0f fei^mon Jannenfis; Petra findula, of fome Bibindla: 




the Hiftoric of P lames. : 

jcebXijaptei: of mtiitll hoou •• m\h Dot^ not appertepne Dntot^efehetbe^, 

^ tt appearetl) bp tl}l0 OlUe mna: Pimpinella pilos,Saxifraga non habet vllo s: 

tl^at i0 to tap, ^impmeU ox Burnet ^atb i^eareiS but ^ajctfrage t)atb none^ 
l^l^erebpitappearetbt^atourjaimpmell commonlpcaUeHiu Cnglma;i5ur 
net, (lubid) l)atb certapne f iue beares^ appearing m tl^eleaueiaf \x)hmt\)tp are 

ueling to bjting tbe fmall ^airtfrage bnber certapne Cftapiter^ of laiorcoiibe5f 


ftaueit a kmz of Daucus. 23ut ininp iuDgementit igf mucb U^eto ©iorcoiibe;3f 


^ r^tf Natuf 

^a]ciftage\3Pitl^ijijs:ieaueiS?,feeDeanb rooteijBf l&oateanlJ ^v txitnta tbc 

tbtrDe Degree 

^ r^f rerttics 

Cftefeetie Jtooteof &)a]rifrageb^onken\i3itl^ U)me, bitbebecoctiontljere- % 
of tnaUe in UJine, caufetlj to ptlTe luell, bieaketb tbe ftone of tbe biDnep;8f anD 

blal>ner,anbij8:fmgularagainfl: tlje ftrangurie , aub tbeftopping^s^of tbe Wb 

nep;3^ anb blabber* 

Cberoetebunget^toVDomentbeir terme^^, ^b,ituett)fo,ztbof tbeS^attfe B 

tl&e^econbine anb tlje beab frupte,if it be talten in maner afojefarbe* 

%\^t roote MtD anb inabe into pouber,anb tafeen U)itb feugar,comfottetl^ C 
anblDarmetl^ tbeftomacfee,i^eIpetbbig;eftion;anb curetb t^e gnatoinganbgri 
pingpapne^sf int^e bellp^ anbtl^eColique,bpbipuinga\Juap bentofitieoj loin 

Ci^efam^UJitljtbereebe^areberpgoobfoitbem tjjljici^earetroublebtoitl^ S 


anp Conuulfion oi Crainpe,anb ^ipoplejcie, anb foi fucb n$ are troubleb uiitb 

long colbefeuer^, anb f03t tljeintljat are bitten U)itb anp bemmou;3 beaft; op 

tiaue tafeen anp popfott* 

Cbefajtteb:onfeettU)itb vpineanbbineger,furetbtl)el^eftilence, anbJjol 

ben in t\)t moutl^ pzeferuetb a man from tbe ta^ht bifeafe, anb purifietb tbe 


Cl^e faine tl^z)o)m bpon.mafeetli one to aiiopbe mucb ficgme, anb b;^a\jDetb 
from tbebzapueall groffe anb clammp f up er auitieiB:, it fwagetb tootbacbe,anb 
biingetb fpeacb againe;to t\)mi tbat are taken luitb tbe 3(fpoplejcie.3t batb tbe 
fame bertueif it bebopleb inbineger alone, o.i witl) fome tuaterputtbereto, . 
anb aftertjparbe to bolbe it in tbe mout^» 

C^e iupce of tbe leaac;8? of ^ajcifrage, botb clente anb tafee atoap alllijotjs: '^ 
anb freckled anb brautifietb tbe face^anb leauetb a goob colour* 
^ 3)t munbifietb co:rupt anb rotten blcer^sf, if it be put into tbem ♦ %\)t fame ^ 

tmut batb tbe leaiieis bzufeb anb lapbebpon 

Cbebeftilleb tuater, alone o.iUJitb bineger clearet^ tbe figljt, ant> tafeetlj a* 3 
\]bap all obfcuritie anb barfeeneffe.if it be put into tbe fame* 


^e\j3^tte^a.rifragebat'^ rounb leaned, comonlpCjp.zeababiobebpon 
tbe grounU ^ fomiubat iaggeb about tbe boiberjsf^not mucb bnltfte tlje 
. ., . leaner of groub 3uie;but fofter gt fmaller,^ of amoze pellomil^ grene 
^^e ftallicriret^ amonga tl^eleaue^;? i^ rounb anbl^earie, anb of tbelen^9 





The (econd Bookc of 

Saxifraga alba. 

Saxifraga aurea. 



ofafobte ant) tialfe, it cariet^ at t^etoppebt 

uer$ XDl^tte 6oure;B(;almoft UUe to doc^r (^U- 

lofet^. Clje toote ijsf blacUtfte vuit^i manp 

t!)?eDi)ie Cttinssf, bp ^l&icl^e i^angetptuerfe 

- . Uttlei;ottnt>egtapne]0:,co3tne^,oibcrtie;Bf,ofa 

Sj>y^ x^wc\sx oirebDil^ purple colour, greater tl^an 

little grapneisf ojt berrie;B? tl^ep b fe in mebicine 

anbbo calit Semen Saxifrag£eaIba?,ti^ati|0f tO 

fop,tbe feebe of tibtte ^ajcifrage oz ^tone bJteafee 

Cbere i^vtt an otljer calleb golben^apifrageptoi^icl^ grotjoeti^ to ttjelegtl^ 

ofaipauneanbbalfe,V3ottbcompa(rebleauei2f,anb iagge^s? lifeetoti^eot^er,ae 

t'ge toppe of tije (talk'e gro\De ttoo o^t tb.iee littelleaue^ togitljer; anb out of ti^e 
tnibble of tbemi^iingetbfm3llfloure!e?,ofagolbm colour, anb after tbemlittlo 

tounbebuffeei0f,fttU of fmallrcDbe feebe,anb tl)ei> open anb bifclofe tbemfelueief 
toban tbe feebe is? ripeXbe roote is; tenber creeping in tbe grounbe, U)itl^ Ion* 
ger tbieabejs; anb ^earejs, anb puttetl) foottb a great manp ^tm ojb.zancl^e?* 



^ rhe Place 

Cbe VD^ite %a]cifrage gro^etb in bjpe, rougi^, Honp, placed a^sf about t\)t 
Colempnesf,bpribej8; Batbe in Cnglanbr itgrotijetb al(b in f ranee anb 31* 
maipe^l^efljall alfo finbe itplanteb in t^e garbenjaf of ^erbotifl:^ 

•Cbegolbenftapifrage grotyetlj in certapnemopftant) toaterp placejif,iit 
englaiib,^oimanbieanb jf launbet^f^ 


*5« The Tyme 



€betDbitefeaj:ifcage flouret^in^ape,anbm1Ittnetljefterbe 'mii^W 



Cbe goiben^arifrageflcuretb in^arclj anb ^lilU 

^ The Names. 

d)isfl6erbei«cal!tbin)LatineSaxifragaalba:in €nglif^ ^tone b^eafee, , 
tobite S^arifrage: in f rem!) Rfmpiene, ^ saxifrare bUnche: inbigb Boucb UJeiff 

^^tmbjecb: in bafe Hlmaigne l©it ^teenbzeecU 



rea: inCngltft <eolbeS)a]rifrage:inf rencft 

M^m^ii^re^tisaxifiagedon^m^^X) i^ou^ (:5oibeifeteittbjeci&:inbafe:3linaignc 




the Hiftorie of P lances. '' 2S9 

■jj^- T/;e Nature^ ' "■ ■ 

CJ^iSl^erljeefpectellp t!)eroote vuiti^ tljefeeDe, igof atDarmeojljoatecom 

23ut tl^egotom &3icifrage t^ of a cdlbe nature, JIJ5 ti^e taac l^ot^ ntanifrillp 
Ijedarr* ^ 


%^z coote of iDljite ^apifcage \Dttl) tlje grapnesf oi^brmejsfoftt^efame, 
bopieD ill tuine, anil DionUeu, piouofec^ ti^me^munUifiet^ anti clenfetl^tljc 
HiOtiepe;3^ attHblaDDer^biealiet^tl^e^ tone ^ ant) bimgetl^ it fooitl^, anD isi 

fmguler againft t^e^trangune anb allege unpetfectton^; anb grtefe^ of t^e 

_i©batbertaetbefeconbebat]^>t?toW a^d^retbnfenbujen, bpcaufet^ereiisf 


*Jjr The Kynda, 





T^e<£!r6meUiis^ of ttuo foites^, one of t^egarDen, tl^t otber tt)tlbe : anb t^e 
gacbcn (iSromeUalfo i^ of ttuofoueft great anbfmall 

Lithofpcrmum maius 

"Cfte great <©romelU 

Lithofpcrmuni minusi 










The (econd Booke of 

^)|c• The Bcfcn^tm 

certapue l^car?)c3) Ijurifee^g^bearing attire fira afmalbletye Sourc^an^ 
afterU3arDe>aiittle^at:l3e,rotml)C;ftomefeetJe;OfarearonablCQuautitie. c^e 

rootc isfbatDe of a UJocDlsie fubltancc 



Clje fmall garDeix 6romeiljat^ ftraigl^t roantje tooontsie flali^e;^ , anli fiiu 
icr tl^an t^e leauc^ of tbc great <i5i:omel ♦ iSem^irt tlje leaned anD ttjc frsUvek 
gcotoet^ CmaU\)l}ite fiottre!3(,anD tljep bung fooitl) faireroun!se,VJJhitC;]^arD 
antJ ftoniefeetie, l^fee ^nto i^erleje:, atiD fniallcr tl^an tl;e feelie of tijeafo^efa)?!) 

CbetoilDe<l5romelij3:ifee bnto tl^e fmattin ftalfeesf.lcaur^ auD fCoureft fa 
iimgtljattt^efeeDe l^notfo UJljite , neit!)ei:ro fmootlj ^plapne: butfomxuljat 

fljiiucleD o: to unctvleD,lifee to tl^efeebe of tlftecommon 
\zmz% be a little rougljer 





35efilieg^ tbefe ttoo Kinl^eje^ ti^etc iaf pet founDe a ttJilUe feintJe of <^romeI, 
t»^icl^iiefberpfmall,ofUJt)icbefemUetljelearaeD lerome^oraeljatl) tteateD 
v^ ^fe i^erball , it grotwet^ a fpan long, \juiti) \^% ftalfee Cet \a)itl) fmall narrotue 
leaue^,lifee to t^ie leaue^ of Ipue ^% flajce,bettui)i;t tlje uj^icl) leauesf $ tfte ftalfee, 
itbiingetl^ foo;itl) a little fmoot^,blaefee, l^arbereetie,l3ei;^lpUe tlje feeDeof t^e 


«5» T/7<? P/4f tf 



%\^z gatl^en ot tame <i5tomelgto\Metl) in fome Coimtrieief m tougi^ places? : 
l^ere t^ep fotue it iw garHeu.^ . C^e fmailer garUen <2^romel gtotpet^ uot often 
of ^imfelf0,fatting alongeft tl^e liiuec^ atiU uiater fil^ejef • 

C^etJDilDe i^foimDeinrougb anD ftonieplaceis^f 


<Sfomelffoiiretljiii3utie,3|uIp, anU IHignfl, iauil^icljefealbrtitDotlbalto 



^ The Ndmes 


<Stomelisf calleD in(:5relie^j5oa:xi^HOF:anl) itiKLatiiie Lithofpermum^offom^ 
re>»vioH: oft^e^lcabian^ Milium Sokr ^^oppeg: ^iilium foils .- in Cngli(^& 
<l5romelattb<^tanil: fbmenameitalfo ^earleplante: iti jfreac^e Gremii,oz 
^rbc MX series : tnljiglj 5©ouc^ ^eetljitfc^, o^t^eerl^irren, auD ^teiufometi: 
m bare 2llmaigne p eerlencr:urt,anb S^teenfaet: in J talion Milium s oils. 

C^^efteBeof <i5temil i^ljoateanb Djieint^efeconlieljegree* 


.•.♦f ^??^ ^^f^ epounbe anlj b^onlten iti \»]^ite Vuine^bjteal^etft t^e g^toneM 3 

Urt^ 4t foozt^ mib pjOttOfeet^ tUtte:butcrpeciallythcStoncinthebItddcr, 

Authors write. T 





<f tonp^atftlwtt«(fom\D!)atlott53nDb:oaDe , of aUarite mem colottc, 

amongft t^f (apaUattCiSgtotoet^bp a tottj^ fquate ftaifce o! afootsanD 






the Hiftoric of Plantcs. 


^al(eloti5,liec]^etr\iiitljaic^e Ifee leaue;^ 
biitapeatUeale fmaller, anD beatmg at 
ttie top adroit fppuie eate^fullof flotuecjg?, 

pie colour, anD fomtpme;8; (butterpfel 

Dome) , a^ U)l?ttea0 fitoU)e : after m^ii^z 

floujerjs: tlierecommerljut tlj e fapD fppfeie 

tuffetia?, blacfeefeeDe, long anD coznereD* 

-Cljeroote^attj t!)zeDDie (Iringe^/ 

Paulus A cgincta maUeti^ mention of an 
otljer 23etonp , called of t^e later tu^titer-af 
Veronica, t^eiuljic^ tue ^aue DefcribeD m 
ti^e i7*Cl)apter of tljefirftbool^e* 

Betonp groiuet^ in meDHovuejB^ , i!)a 
l>o\jDpU)ootjDe0, ant) mountapnejs^ : 3tt^ 
alfo commonlp planted in garUenjB?. 


: :6etonp flotu^etU commonlp m 3!ulp 


Betonica. JlSetOn^* 



and ^aitugufl;^ 

45* T^he Names. 

Betonr o^z Betay nc,i^ caileD in (i5reefee 
?^ireoH. ^i^v^r^'^^'^v ' 3n Ratine anD in 


fl?Oppe0 Betonica anDVctonica:3!n^pa 
nill^e Brctonica : ^ttfrenclje Bcronie: Jn 

Ijigft J^duclj 25jaun i^etonicfe: %n bafe 

* # - 

^T he Nature. 

25etonp iis^l^oate anU Dip tn t^efeconDelieg:ree^ 

Cl)c30ecoctionof25etomeDion&en,pzoitoketi) bzine ,b?ealvet^tl)e^foneJ % 
of tljekiDnepe^, Uot^ clenreanbfcouretlje b^eaftanb lunges from fieg;tneanD 
flpme,anD i^ berp pzofitable foifuci) a^s? tjaue tifte jSljtljtftk ox confumptio, anU 
are t cjDcD iPitlj t6e C oug!)* 


'C!?e leaned of Bet.tapne^tiet»,are gooti to be giueittlje quantitieof abzam S 
ijoitl) BpD^omel, tl)at 10 to fap , l^onieD \juater,bnto fuclj a^ are trouble!) tjoitl^ 

tl^e Crarnpe,anD alfo agapuU t^e Difeafesf of tlje ^^otijer o.i mitri:r 
C!)etam0ta^eninlilt?manner,banget!? tl^eSure menftniaUr 

C^eDzeiD leauejS^Dionfeeti in u?tne, are piofitableagaindt^ebitingof^er'^^ 
pente0,anti fo be t^ep to beapplpeD ozlapbeoutuaarDlp bpontijeiuounDe: anD 

(ti^fgooDaliofott^emtftati^auetafeenanppopfom ^inDifit be taken befotc 

tianDe,it pieferuetb tfte people from all popfon. 

:3etanp openet^ anD ciiretb t!je oppillation 0: fl:opping of tl;e Uuer,t5?e melt, cj 

anU tlje feiDnepe^^anD i$ gooU agapnll tlie BJopfie. 


C^e fame Dionl^en toit^ UJine anti tuater isf goct* foz ti^em ti^at Ipet blooD, f 
anU itcuretbalin*a3arDeanB outU3arDeU)ounDe^* 

%^z fame taken tnitlj l^pDiomelo: ^eal3e,loorctt tlje bcUp berp gentiHp, ^ 
an?) ^elpeti^ ti^em t^at i^ane t^e falling fictvuelTe , maDneife , anD l^eaD 

comfo^tet^ tl?eiJomaffee,ljelpet]^ Dige(lion,ftDaget]^belrt;in5 ^ t^eDefire^ 









The fecond Booke qF 

toboniitifitbetaifeenlPitl^ clarifretiljome, inti)eeueningaftetfuppct*t:^e 
mnt t) ertiie ftat^ tlje C onCerue tl^erof maDe tiJitl^ fugar anU tafeen m t^e quan. 

titieofabcaii^* ^ ^ 

ClieroateofBetanptiuet>,anbta]^en tDitbbomebtuater, caufetb one to j 

cad out anb tiamit toug^ clammie flegme,aub otber fuperfluoujj bumo^sf, ^ 




4j» T^tf Ky fides. 

DTofcoricJes tbat tamoujaf,anb auncient tuntet: of ^^lantes? > tjatb ftefcrtbeti 
bntO b0tl)teefO.lte^Of jBanaceS^: VU^erof tbCKrft tjs: Panaces Heraclium: 

CbefCCOUD0il2» Panaces Afclcpij : Ctje t^tttie l]8f Panaces Chironium. 

riccVwt? j^f«n^e^op. Panaces Hcraclcum. 





^ T/r^r DefcripfhfJ. 

il^ C fira feinbe of ^©anaceft 
batb great greeiieanbroug^^ 

leauejBf, la^^b ^fpzeabab^^oabe 

bpon tbe gtounb; anb parteb into fine 
tagged anb cuttes? , almoft l^ke tbe 
leaue;af of t\)t figge tree ♦ 3mongfl: 
tljemft}nngetb bp, alongtbicfee ftalfee 

luitb iopntejflf , U)l^ite tuitbout anb 
ftearie , Cct bere anb tbcre uaitb tbe 
Iptve leauejo: : but foinujbat ftnaller, 
anb bearing at tbctop abullje, otfpo 

Hie tuffcte IpUe brtto BpU , tbe fioure 
oiblolfomofitpello^ye, anbtbefeebc 
fe of a pleafantfauour (barpe a boate* 
3t batb biuer;2f twbite rooted groiuo 
tng ouomming fooitb of one beab, of 
a itrong fauciir , aiib couereb luit!) a 
ttiicUe bitter barue* €)ut of tbe fapbe 
rootc , anb tbe Ctem, oi ftalUe cut, anb 
Ccarrifieb,flo\i)etl) tbe gomme opM- 
(\mi y calleD opopanax , tbe \Dbicb^ / 
being f red) anb neiulp b,iaU)cnfoo:tbf^ 

of tbeplantetsxubite : but btpngbitie 
it luajretb all pellouie U)itbout , asf 
tbougb it Vjaere coloureb uiitl) ^af 


Cbc fetonbe Wnbe of ^anaceiof, 
bat'ii a (lenber ftall^eof acubite long 

tuitb ixnottes; oi iopntesf^tbe leaues? begreatet , moie Ijearie, anb of a ftronget 
iauourtbantbeleauejs^of f enelU CbeflouresfgrbtDealfo in tuffete^ ot run^ 

bels,anb i^tv are pelioiue of an obiferou^ Cauour, anb Ibarpe tade^'Cberoot^ 

Cbe tbirbcfeinbe a^ Diofcoridcsanb otber^ bo tuiite, batftleaue^lifeebn* 
to ^^aricrcm^fioure^ of a golben colour, a fmallroote, not gopng beepe m tb^ 
grouabe,aubofa(barpeta(le* Butasf Theophraftus,anbPiinicbo bercribe 
it , 'Cbi^fjbirbeUinbe of panacea fbottlbebaueieauejsflpkebnto jBatience, o? 



ty?iterjS,i;S no perfit ccnfent toucbing tbfcs tbirbe feinbe of ^anaj:. 



■ I 


the Hiftorie of Plantes 


^ T hi Defer ipt 

* I* 



M^ t\ttz iWt tmt% of ^a^ . %\i^ fourtl) WnDe of satiat 

mtt^ , tue map iopae a certapne 
otljer (Irangeplant, tD^ofe feeDe 
13^ fomiDe amongft Opopanax. 

3uti tW plant? l}at^ great large leaue^ar 

fomU3!)at rougl^ ^ijearie , largelp fpzeaD 
^bibaDe^atiU matie of fimtizp leaner top* 
neD togit^er all in one, iDl^erof eacl^e col 
lateral! ( oi bp , leafe ) ifi long anH large 
alinoClliifee to ^ leaned of }3atience:C^e 
rtaifee 0^ ftem of t\^i$ plante i^ full of 
iopnte^.anD of fine oj^fiirefoote long, tit 
uiDingitfelfeagapne mto otberftalfees^ 
anD bzanc^e;8^ : %\^zis^\xn% bepelloto, 
gro^Ding m fpo^etuft'ete^o^irunDel^: 

10 plapne , ^ tl^e roo te i^ long 


^ The Place 





C!)e fira feinDe grotoetl) about Cp;ten 

in LybiajanD Macedonia : alfO iXi Boeotia, 

^in Phocis of Arcadia ,tpljerea0 tl^epbfe 
to roUDett,anD manure it Diligentlp, fojj 

tljegapne tbat i$ gotten of t^e fappe o? 


"^^etljirDefeinlJegrotDetl) bppon ti^e 
mount Pciius ill i hcffalie, ^loueti^ gooD 


"^TheTyme. . 

Ct?? Opopanax i^Diaujen, gatl^ereD 
in tt)e time of l^atueft. ' 


%'^t firftHinUe is? calleo ia (^reefee 7r«v«Kt? '^i^-Km^, tl^at i;3f to fap ixx 5tatinr 

; Hercuieum.of <5alienalfo Panax :tjnKno\Menint^e(|)oppe;8f^e. 

C^e liquoz tbat commetlj fromit^i^ calleb vx <But\t oV«7r«v«|: in Xatine al^ 

foOpopanax:inftoppe;B?Opopanacum. , j» - ^ « r^ 

iCI^efetonDefeinDefcs^calleD vsoiyo,m^(rvxHnm,^Ui^iQ fap w^iatme Panaccs 

Afclepij,Ol Aefculapij Panaces. . . , 

-Che ti)'irl»e is? called 7r«v«Kt5- x«e*^»'ioH,Panaces Chironium 




Cl^fourtb (l)oulbe feemeto be Panaces Syriacum, txjtjerof C^eopl^tatlutf ^ 
^Imxt bane mentioneD : tobicb Hifferetb- from tl^e foimer imm , ^% tue^mir 
el3iubere,mo?elargel|»\»utten in 3latine* ^. 

Panaces ;in lIjOppei^lycalleD Slier montanura. 

^ The Nature. 

%ht im iDanaceiS? \$ ^oate in tlfte tl&irDe Degree , 


ant> iJipe in tftr »• 



4 ({rong 

tEl^eliquo^tftereofisaltooft^elp^etemperament* ^ _ 

-(Ibe t^ieeotljer feintieis^ are of t^e lO^e temperature, but not fo ^^m^, tioi Ri 








i«4 The fccond Booke of 

%\^z feetie of tl^e firft ^Banate^ moui^enlDitlj tuotme\jaootJ , moueti^ ido« 

men^flOtJDte^:3nt>talkenlPitlft HerbeSarrarine,tD6ici?eigf Ariftolochla Cle- 

Uiitl^tjpinepitcuretit^efuSfocationaitD ftrangUng, o: c^ofeing of t^e ^a- 

triii^oi^oti^er^aiiD caufetl) t^efameto fall auD rctutne agapneto Wamx 

C^e toote of ^anaceis^ c^oppeD ot^acUt berp fmall, auD appIieD belotue to B 

tlje i^otl^er ot S^atrijc , Ozaxueti^ fob jtl^ t^e Dean CljplDe, auD tljeDmiaturall 

€l^crametootemengleli\Dit^^onp, atiDlapDebppdu, ant) alfo put into C 
olDeblcet^,cttretljt^efame,anlicotterrt'g!)are, otnai^cD bonc^' U3itl^fle(|i 


■C^eflotoetj^ anti fceUe of tl^efeconDelimDe of |Danacej8f,at:e terp piofitable 33 


Cbefaine floujer^ aitD feebe mmgleb toiti^ ^otip , anb lapbe thereunto , bo <35 
cure lb e malignant, co^impt, anb fretting foare^ , anb alfo fenobbejS?o^l^arbe 


Ci^efeebC; tlje ffo\jDeti0f,anb alfo tfte tooteof tl^e ti^irbe i^anaceiBf 5 are berp * 
goob tobeb^onlien^againltti^ebenomof^rrpenteis^.anb «aitperj9^^ 




f mentafeeti^atfjerbetDl^ic^e ijef comiftontp calleb in S^l^oppejsf Leuifti- 

cum,fotoneof tbefo^te;8?of Ligufticum rCl^entbereare tujo Hinbe^ of 
Ligufticum , ti^e one tu^c^e i% tlje rigl^t Ligufticum, beCfcribeb \M^ tlje 

4luncientei8^,3nbt^eotii)eriPl^icl^emapbeaba(larbeoj^ loilbe liinbe of Ligu- 


f ^(T^^^J^^SfttLigufticumjbercribebbpDiofcoridesji^inl^i^rootelrlteto 

" tl)efirfttobeaf0atiap:tfbatl)aenberSlalfee;3?,U)it!)iopnte0likbn* 

td3©ilU -Cbe leaned are Ipfee to tl^eleauejs^ of ^elilot, buttbepbe 

fofter anb of a better f^our, tobereof t^e bppermofi: leaned are tenbereft> 

anb ma^e iaggeb 0? mt :attbetop of tlieaalfeejS^groipeti^ t^eCeebe in fpofeit 

tuffete^,tl)i>Dliicbeifi?barbeanblonge,almo(tliHeto f enellfeebe , of anaro 



maticall oi S>ppcte fattour,anb in tafte ftarpe anb bpting^tcbe rooteisf twljite, 
ms Ob oitferouis: , mixd) IpHe to tbe roote of t^efirft feinbe of |dana]i;*|^euertb^ 
lelTeitis: not pet fenoxoenintl^iiB: Countrie. 

CtjeotberljerbejiPbicljeija? tafeenint^i^ Countrie fbi Ligufticum, i^atl 
great, large , oboiiferou^: leauejef , muc^eiaggeb anb mt^lmoft Iplfee totbf 

leaner of:^ngeli€a:bttt a great beale larger, fapier anb of a beeper greene 

colour,beeper cut anb moieclouen^Cbe ftalfee t$ fmootb,rottnbe, bolouie, anD 
topntte, of tbe icngtb ofamanojtmoie, toitb QioWerftnbetef,oitttffeteiBf, attl^c 
top til t^eftalke^zbearing a pelloto flo\uer,anb arottnb,fIat,bioabc,feebe: lai> 
ger tbm^pU feebe , anb fmaller t^en :ilngelicafi?ebe ♦ %%t roote iS long anD 

rijtci^e^ bjtngetlEi tm%r^u\ix\mzfytmmz%^ 



J _ 

of P Ian tes. 

* i'^ 






4 -« 









Ct)erig!)t Ligufticum,groU)et]^ mU,igutia5l3ppoiT tbe mount ^ptnnim 




neare to tl^e Coiune o? Citte of (Bmm0, ani iu otl^er monntspne;9^ t^rre 
Cljc feconU e &mU e iis: planteU m o ur gatti enji 


Jtouage 8o tp^et]^ moft commonlp in Julp anD 3ilttpft 

^The Names, 

%%ztit^ anb rtgl^t fetntic fc9> calleD in <But^t Myvs-mon.ant) of 6aUen t^j^itijcoh: 
m :(Latme Li^ufticum.antJ of fome alfo a^sf 3©ioffoui>c5^ tontct^ Pannces, bp ti^e 

viii)iclinameiti)8(petKno\Denint{|e.^l^oppe:sf of (iDenueg;: in tl^e^ljoppesf of 


i'launDer^t^cpcalUtSiicrMontanum.inCnglillfe^tduaje : in ftenc^e^i- 

»fj^//^antstn^ouclj Ligufticum. 


CtiefeontieltiniJeiS L:lleli in^l)oppe.s:Lcuifticum,arttitl)e3lpot^ecarieiBf 
ijCe it in SeeDe of t^^tigi^t Ligufticum : in Cngtilje ]iouage : isx f renci&e 
zeueifc,oi Liucfche • iu ^ouc^e liiebftocfeel : in Biabant ^Lauetfe, an5 Jteuf* 



Ligufticum i^ fjoateanft Djtp intl^e ti^irDe Degree 

%im%z i^ alfo i^oate anl) t^m > ^^ ^f qualitie iiuicfje !;!ie to ligufti- 


1^4 rl.# 


2p5 ^ The fecond Bookc of 

^ The VertHts. 




'X!)crootepf Ligufticumfet3erpgoo!)fo?aUuttDarDeDtfeafe;8f , hvma% a* 31 
UJap all ijetitofitie , tsi tDiunineire , efpeciallp tlje vumDitieiTe of tl;e ftomacfee, 
anD fe gooD agaptift rqe bpting of ^erpente$,aiiD al otljet tjcntmou^ beaded. 

'd^eramerootetuellDiieD anD DzonUen loitt? ^ine/piouofeeti) t)^ine, anU j^ 
tlKmcnamalltermr^:itbatljtliefame tjertae^ifitbe^plpeD toti^e toetc 
placemai^eiTamoj^mot^jer^uppoKtoue ^ 

C^e fee33e of Ligufticum tuarmeti^ tl^e ftomaclte, l^elpet^ Digedion, anl> (;gf (j; 
plcafant to t^emdutl) anti tafte , U)l)erfo?e m timers; paa tlje people of (i5enae;8f 

l>pl)t)feitmt^eitmeate;sf iufteDeof l^epper,al9ffome&opet,a;8f)l)imefl'rr]^ An- 

tonius MuG. 

Cljerooteanlifeetie of louagetitpctJantiDioni^eintjDinejDotftlJzieljp anU w 
toanttetlje ftomacfee,cafetl)trencl)e$oi griping; papneofti^el3elip;Dmimg a- 
\uap t^r blafl:mg€;9f anD vuinDinefTe of t^e fame» 

C^e fame too teaiiB feeDc Do moueb^tme , ant) tl^enatttrallftcltneire of tjoo- i^ 
men,tul)etlKr tljep talie it inU)apDlp, ot tDijet^er tljep bafge tljem Celuejs xpitift 

%t^ concluDe, t^clouage in famltic anD bemie;8f,bot!j notDiffermucl^ from f 
Ligufticum,anD itmap bebfcD \jDit!jouterroi,in fteeOe ttjereof. 

CtieHiftilleOiuatcrof lonage, clearet^ tiftefigljt , anU puttetij atoap all 6 
(JjotteftlentilejS^.oi frecle;0:, anD teUnelTc of ti^i^face , if it be often tJoafil^eD tl^ere 


A N G E L I c A i^of ttDO foite^f, tijat i^ tfte garHen antJ toillie Sfngelica^ 

^The Defcripthn. 


]^C garden 3^ngelifa^atl) great bzoaDe leaned, DiiiiDeD agapne into 
leaiies^of Spondiiium, Qx JBouc^ Branckvrfinc , bttttljep betenDerer, 

longer; g»*eener , anD of a (Ironger fauour; ^imongfttljofelcaue^ fp^tingetl^ 
Ijp^e aalUe,tl)tee peered aftertijefoanngoftljefeeDe, t^e\Dl)icl)e ftalifeeijs? 
t!)ictie,anDiopntie,l)ollotoevuit^in,anD fmelletl) almoftUi^e to Petroleum, %t 
tljetop of t^eftalUep groU)et!) certapne little felmejs?; pn^eD o^bolnebplpfeetc 
fmall blaDDerfif o^baggi^iS^out of ty^icf? fommet^ tlje fpoHie topper? o^runDel^ 
almoft Itfee bnto t^e tops: of f enell, bearing tjoljtee floures?, gt afteruiarD great, 
bioaDeDoublefeeDe^ muclje greater t^en Jaill feeDe, anb Ufee to tlieferDeof tlje 
\3oitt)in,oat of iDl)icl),tol)enit iis; ^art oi cut, t^iere flotjuetli a fat oioplie liquo?, 
UKe gommr.of a ftrong fmellot tafte* 

» %^z \i)ilbe llngeltca \$ lifee to tljat of tl^egarDen^faning tl^atlji^ leaue;8f are 
not fo beepelp cut ox clouen.anb tljep be narroioer anb blacfeer . die (lalfetsf be 
miic^eflenbereranb ^mttt anD tljeflouresfbetuliiter. c^erooteisf agreat 
Deale fmaller^auD Ijatl^ moie tljzeDDie ftringeft anD it i$ no t bp a great Deale of 



^ The PUce, 

Cl)e tame Angelica is fotjoen anD planteD in tl&e garDens? of tljisf C ountrie* 
%\)t VDilDe grou^ctft inDarfee I^aDoujp placed, alongea bp tuater fiDeip: , antt 

tpooDDcjSf ItanDmg loiue* 

4^ The Tyme. 

%\)t MO mm of a(ngeUca,Do tto\»er in3[ttlp anb ilugua* 



Angelica Satiua. 

the Hiftorie of Plantes. 


Angelica Sylucftris. 





. I 



^ The Names, 

Clbtaf^erbete calle!) in (^nglilbe Angelica tinfrencJ^e f^ngelique^i^ 
l||Dppei8f of 23^abante Angelica. Cbereis^pet hone otijer name feiioujen to iJier* 


Angelica efpecfallp tW of tl^e garlJen i^ Uoate anU Dip, almoft in tl^e ti^irDe 


?S^ r>^tf Fertues. 




?El^e late ujtitetifif rap, ti^ate^eroote^f of Angelicaare contrartc to ailpop 

itdn, t\}t j§^(lilence,artt> allnaug^tie cownption^of eutU ot inf ecteD apie. 

3f anp boUp betnfecteDtt»itfttl^0}^e(Wenceoiplagae,oieteijgpbpfoneD, ® 
t!)epgiue^im n:mgl)t\uape;0f to Dnnlie a Jaiam of tijepoUjDeroftljtjsf roote 
U)t«) tuine in tl^e vpiritct,anDinfommer tuitl^ t^e tiiftilleHUJaterof Scabiofa, 
Carduus BcnedidusjO^iiofetoarer, tl?entl^epbiingljimtGbeDDe> anDcduer 
^iinii^ell total fte liaue nuet tucU 

C^e fame roote being taKen fatting in tl^e mdzning, oz but onlp kept oz Ijdi- 

Denin^emouti^, Dori^feeepe anD pzefeme tl^e botJp from t^e infection of t;^e 

atlenc0,auti from all eupll apze anD popfon* 

f:t3epfap alCoti^attl^eleaueis; of Angelica pountie luit^ t\it\wmtfmt9 
m^ '^onie,are t^erp gooS to be lapDe bnto tljebitingejsf of maD Boggesf , ^er 

)^tntt^ ytknt\ atper0/:fincontinentafterl)i!3;iburt,i^ei3^zin^e of r *"' — "^''" 
tl^erooteo^ileaucis^of Angeiical^aaebopleD^ 





The fecond Booke of 

^f %oie(tcan0e o; ^u1pl)Utt^o|t> 


€i)Sip . cDtu. 

JkTh(I) efcript, 


leatte;s:are greater t^ an t^eleaiie^f 
of fmillMU to t^e Icauc^ of ^aine tree* at 
t^e top of ^ ftalfee^ grotuet^ rountie fpofeie 
tufetes^full of little rellotpe flou)er0 , t^e 
tuljic^e aftertoartie Bo tujme into btoaDe 
feeDe*C^e roote 10 tljicfee antj long , blac fee 
lDit^out,anD wl^itt U3ttl^in,of a ftroggree* 
ttousf fmell, anUf ttll of pelloit) fap o^ liquet 
fmelUng not muc^eljnli&e to ^ulpbut , ot 

tbe roote aboue tbe eartb acertapne tbic4te 
o^bttC^eof beare, like to tberooteisf of ti^ 

tbeleauejef anb ftalfee bo fp^nngbp^ 



^7 he Place 


CbtJEf bc^be gro\Detb tppon t^je btgb 
mountaine^ of 3ilmaigne,^ in tbetuoobesf 
jpf iangueboc ^ certapne otber countrte^sf* 
ideate tbe l^erboude^ bo fouie it in tbeii; 
tbeir garbenjgf , 3t i^ founb in certapnepla 
ceiS of Cnglanbe,attb Ja^Curner fa^tb^Tje 
founbe a roote of itat S)» taint ente;e^ rocfee 


Pf The Ty 




Pcuccdanum flo\ja?etb in Julp anb Unguis. 

^^The Names. 

3ti<9?caUebin6reefee|rtvKt/^«cv©-:3n Ratine aub in fl;oppe;9f Peuccdaniim^ 


offomealfo ffy^g^^cTa/Vcji, id eft , b 


Pmaltellum, Stataria,aab Fce- 


^ .l^oieftrong>o?i5o:enTange, 

g>o\i3efenill,anbof fome ^^\^\^tt\xy}xtti%nJt^iimPeuccdano: In^pamOie 

Hcruatum : Jnf tenCbCPeuccdanon^anb Q^icue de Pourceaiir^nblgb BoiUtf 

l^arrfrang,^ of fome ^cbtaebeltD^rt^ anb ^etjofencbei, tl^at 10 to far, ^ul- 
pber roote, anb ^o\i)feneU: 3n bare llinatgne jaercfeen£? aencKclU 

^ The Nature, " 

%W berbe^but (^eciallp tbc fap m\%n of tbc roote,i^boate in tl^e Umt^t 
begree,anb ^lit almoft m tbe beginning of tbe tbirbebegree* 


^befappeoftberooteofPeucedanumojl^oiearangetsfecnb?? ttfeifc.oi 
iDitb bitter mmonbeiJ anb mue < dS i^tinie faptb ) 10 gocb agapnft m 
(bouneire of bieatb , ftuagetb tbe griping papne^s? of tbe fcclip , biCToIuetl? anH^ 
bjittetb au)ap bentoritie,toinbine(re , anb blaftingcjS of tbeftomacfeeanD of alt 
intuarbe partes? , it tpadetb tbe f\»eUing of tbe ^elte oi ^plene , %t loole^ 


ttiebcUp gentaip,anb purget^ bp ftege botb fleme anb cba 









of P lances 


%\ntiimc taUeu in manner afoteCaptie , p^touofeetl? t^titte ; eaCet^ t^c papne B 
omemnm^ > anD biatitJcc, it moouetl) t^e fiii^emenftnial, caufetlj cafic De- 
Uucraticcof c^uDe,anD c,cpuifctijrge^ecimD^ucanti rdcDeaDechilDe 

tr^eiupceoEPcuccciaQuiiitiSgooD agapnO; tl^eCotislj.if itl?etaKcntDitb C 

steare egge 

C!)e Came gium ta fntell i)pon , Dot!? great!? Ijelpcfuc!) tuometr a^f arc grer* & 

ucD tutt^ Upiifing anH ftrangltng of t^e i^^otlier , anU fticret^ tjp agapne 

omafeet^ fucl^epeople a^ ftaue t^e Ut^argte, oj^ t^e foigetfull anH fleeping 

'Cl)efameIapDrto tl|efo,icl)ral>\jDit^opleof Eore;3: anli ^uitieg^ i^ goofi e 
agapnCl ttjc maOtteiTe calleti in erceuc Phrenitis , anl» tlje olDe greeuoiifi; 

l?^aD acljc;^ , anH giUDmeffe of tlje fame, terrible bieamejsf , anb ti^e falling tick 

anU matuiug togptl^er ofrineu)e;o:,anballolOe,coHiebiftafe^,erpeciallptbe 




clieperFumedf Pcuccdmum burneti bppon Qtticltecoa!e;e?,D:iiie{l^ atoap (& 
evpentejs;anD allottjerbcttemou^beaftejff creepingbpontbegromiDe* 
tir!)eiim"c of itpiit into tbe concauitie o^ boUo^neiTe of a naug^tietooti^, 

froagctbtootbacl^e: anDpotoieD iJitotl^ecareisftoitb dpleofiaofeisf.curet^t^e 
%\)tv lap it U5itb goob fttccelTe bnto tbe rupture oz bttrfting of pdungecl^U- J 

bten, mibbpont^eii!lattelle;8ftbatftanbeoilt,o.iaretomttfbe lifted bp 


Clje roote in bertiiei^lpfee to tbciupce: butitisfnotaltbing Co effectuall 

Pet menb>inkecl)ebecoct(on thereof, agapnft all ti^ie bifeafe^ twi^ereiutto t^e 
ti^Httpceiis^goob/ . ^ 

Cbcrooteb:ieb anb mabt into po\Dber,botb munbifieanb flenfe olbe dine- % 
ifeCng anb cotnipt blcerjsf, anb biaiyetb fooztb tbe fpUnter^sf m^ peece^ of 
boone^, anbbungetbtoafcarre, anb doCetb bp blcer^ , tbatbebarbeto 

'Cbep mingle it b erp p^ofitablp vjitb al opntmente;^ anb c^mplaiderjsf , t^at ^ 


are mabe to cbafeaub bcate anp part of tbe bobpAul^atfoeuer 

' %%ztdmt Wi^"^ anb mrngleb xti ill) ibeiDple df JS ill j caufeti) otie to fojcate 

ifti)ei^abpbeannopnteDanbrubbebtbC£\Ditb» * 

^ffircat |5d!itojfe of ^p^pnc/ 3Inipcrato?(a/ 


mehDo:t{i^ofttuofojtte5f,tame6iu»ilbe,rtotmucbontpkeone another, 
afu) el in ieaue;6? ^ infioure^Bfanb rooteftgfe botb feinbcja: aretoelfenotoen 


■ijf Tke Defcrhtion 


|Mpcratoriao;tfi^ariectoo.:tbatb great bioabeleane;2f,a!moJllilie1W^ 
iranbcr:butofbeepergreme,anbftrongerfauour, euerpleafei^biui^ 
^ XizXi into tx^itz otberjSf, ^ u^bicb agapnc batb ttoo oi tb?eebeepe cuttctf 
o.iganbe^jUifomacb aj^euerpleafei^biuibebfuto feue,oi nine patter, 

anb euevppart \$ cootb^b o? natcbeb rounbe about lifee afaxi3e*aimongt tbefe 

toue^ grou)etb tb^ tenber iinottic(lalfee0,tobicbe be of a tebbifts^ colour nej:^ 

tbe grDimbe.beanug at tb e top rounb S^oWe tuffetiS usitb tXJbite !^«nre0, after 
t!jeu>l3icliecGmm^tl;tbeCeebe, tubtcbetsf large anb Ipke to 3©pUfeebei Cbs^ 
too t$ &' io:m af tbe tbJcfeueiTe of one^ finger , creeping elongS anb putretb bp 







The ftcond Booke of 


neu) leaned in fontieie placed, fomtuliat 

n bptmg bpoii t^e tongue; ^ of a ftrong 
tiiioiir* " 



%\!^t "^fM rmperatoru , COmmOUll^ 
CalltD Hcrbe Gcrardc,d,l1^tll)el1DeeDe,lSf ', 


srefmaller g;rou)i:i$ t)po longer ^tem 

mc.s^,anD tl)e roote \% tcuDeccr toijitei: 

auD not fo t%\i\z . 3lfo tfte \jp]^ole plante 

tottl) {jis^too te \$ not alt^ing fpftrong in 
in fauoi,pct it isftiotaitagit^erujit^otti 

a certapne itrong fmcll oi Cauo.i 


jjr rZ-f ?lAce, 


Aftcrantiumoj^after\uo.u,fe fome 


tf?mr^founX)emU)ooliDe;9f anD Deferte;af 
ftponlittel lftrli^^oif«tallmountapnc;8f 
^1)0? Do alfo plante it meetelp,pleritiful- 
tpe \\\ tiic gacDin^s? of ^igft anU bafe ^l 
mapne,ant) CnglanBe. 

^I)efee0nt5e Impcratoria, OltOpUJC 

i9lpafterU)oit,grovuet!) commolp in moft 
gart^en^ of \)}$ otjonefeinbe, anU t^ijS \$ 

fticelp a \MeeDe oi bnpzofitable plante 
3nD tx3!)cr^5? t^efel^etUe^gJljaiieonce ta 

ten roote, tl^ep uj?U tljere remapne toiL- 
linglp , anti Dopearelp increafe ^ fpieaD^ 

a'oioaUe,getting moje gtounDe Uaplp.f oz to^ffi) c aufe ^$ J t^ixiU it \]oajE( firtt . 
callel) ii"pcratoiia 01 ^^ailcru50o:t^ in 13 3U£l)» 



fljf r />»(? iV4;??« . 



€I)e lirft feintje v^ tnWtb of fomel^erljoulle^antj ^potl^icartesr. o^leritium, 

Oftrition,Oibutiuni,0.l Aftcrantium:Of fome Imperatoria: 3n Cngiill^ alfo 1 11- 
pcratoria M alU rw o r t e, anD Pellitoik Of S»pa?ne: ^t^^^aUon Imferdtorikl 'JXI 
i'renclje ailrutium,Ol lmpcratoirc,auti Herbc du Benioin,bUt falTelp: Jni^ig^ 

J^oucb ^z^^zt\si\xtt^ : Jn bate 3^lmaigtie apeederioojttelU 

CbefeeouH 0^\i)tlbe Imperatoria,ijS nOUJ calleU Herba Gcrardi; \-7^x(pM}K^, 

anliSepntbiium, tbatistofap, Hcrbe Gcrarde,anl>S>etfo|Jle: JnCngiil&e 
fomc rallit ^il^ujeeUe : 3n bate 3Slinapne 6eraert,antl ^euenblat. 


Jjf The Nature. 




Aftcrantiam,batf!jiefelptljerooteiiJ^oateahtit»ipintbet^trDeDegref. ' 


a^aSerXDojtefcsnotonelpgooU agapnftall^opfon,btttalfoit i)S fingiiler ^ 
agapnftaUcoiruptduDnouabtieapie, ant) infectionof tbepeailence ,ifitb5 
D?onfeentDitl^tPtneanbtbeiamerDotepounbebpitfeife ottaitb btfi? leaue^, 
DotbbiirolueanDcurei^eftilentialCarbonclesf antJBotc^eft anBfttc^eori&e? 
apoftumattoiijs^ anD rttielltngej8f,being applpeD tijerto^ 

Clie roa te tlfeercof Djtonlien v(k \j?ine,curet^ ttje eptreme anD l^qf^y;m Stte? % 





the Hiftori 



of olDeleuer^,mtU t\)t 53toprie,anli it pxmoktt^ toet 



Cl?emmetaHcummaitnera^ow:fapt»e;Comfo2itett) anii ttrmgtljenctli tl)e C 

atil>tJla(ttngoftl)eflankejgatiDbellp; . . 

aloft,auD are Co^ie l)urt, anti inijuattilp burften, f oi it cur etb tlje ijiirte^ , anb lit> 

foluett) aub fcatteret^ t]^ebloobtl^atii8?aaottj>eb.anbclotteb otcongeletftDitb 

Ci^efamerdotepoimbeuJitljljtjjflcatteis:, ig^'berp goob to be lapbe to ti^e e 

ftptinge;8: of mabbe 3i3ogge0 , atrb to all tbe h^tin^z^ anb (tingitigc^ of ^er 
pcntejaf, atib fttclje IpUe befttmou^ beaiiei6?> 

Clje\i3ilbe imperatoria , o^l^erbe<i5erarbe;poiinbeaublapbe bppoitfiicl^ef 
ntember;2f oipartei9^oftijebGb?,a;3f are troiiblebaiib ))tj^tt^ \3aitl) tlje go\»te, 
(bagetb tbepapne,anbtaHeti^ au)ap tbeftdeUtng* 

3ftnba^itl)atl)benpioueb inrunb^zte piace;$,ttmretljtt)el^emozrljoibeiS;,if <e 
ti^efimbemeut ojfiegebe fo!nenteb>ozbaebeb \vit\) t^t becoctton tljereof* 






^ The D efcripion. 

% C leaner of Ferula ate great 

anb large, anbfpzeabe abicabei 
anb cut into bcrp fmaU ttjiebbe^ 
01 beared IpUef enell , but a great bc^ale 
bigger : Cl}e ItalHe o,t ftem \$ x%\i\ti 
(opntie, anb berp long : in tlje toppes^ of 
tlje ftali^e^ gro\jDetl) great routib Qjofeie 
tuffeteig, bearing firftpellotDeflotoj^eiSf 
anb tlfterxaarb long, b^oabe, anb blaclke 
feebe , almoft asf large ap; tlje feebe of 
#elone0 ot #epone;Sf ♦ %\^% roote i^ 
tbicfee anb tii^ite., anb groujetlj becpe in 
ti^egrounbe, oitntljeiopnte^ojt cUftcif 

tx^ Ctjoppe^ of Cleeffe^ anb llocUejs?* 
C^ereii^ alfofounbean otber feinbe 
of tl^i^ ferula, but Ijis: leaner? are not 
Jb fmallp cut, anb bnberneatb tl^ep be 
tu!)ite> o: of a grapfl)e colour , but ot^er- 
tapfetljepbeajs: large a^ tl^e otber, %z 
feebe x% alCo leffe , but xxi, p.topoztion Ipfee 

tlje otber* ^ ^ThePUcc. 

Cbefe ferulae bo groU)e vx (25rece, 
anb 3talie,anb ot^er i^oate regionftbut 
tbep are ftrange in tW ^ buntrep , anD 





^T^e Names. 

^i^efirft is^calleb in (Breeze N«^T«f: 
in Jtattne Ferula. 




C^e otber isr alio a Wnbe of ferula, anb if^ counteb of tbmeto beacertapne? 
ruiago^ci^tP^iclreofCi^eopi^zatoisfijefcaileb in<SreefeeN«e5vK««- 

jSj^TheNnfure. / 

C^ere tj^ no peculier oj f^ecial bfe of t^eft f e^laj^mumg t^at t^ieliauo.z o| 







The tKirdc Booke of 

jumrtiejaf t^at Sotpet^ OUtof ti^em:, U^ Sagapenum , Ammoniacum.antJ Galba- 

num^are bfelj in meHicine , xuijerefo^ie fteic nature anD Ijmue f\)mt HeCcrUjeD 
in t\)Z €^^m^ folotoing. 


To the Reader. 

C'^ntiUtinSy toelbelouet) Eealiei:, tljattPeljaueVu^ittenrnti^eClbapteriBf 
goingbefozeof fome^erbe;8f, out oft^eU)ijic!jeaoU)eberrcoftlpfappe;8^o$ 
gum!ne;6:geat^ereD,UzieD,atil> pzeferueli, tbe lul^tc^ are greatl? ijfeD iu ^tt^U 
tint^ ant) ^urgerte,eii)eciaUp as^ tbe fappe of Panax,tfte luljtcl^e i^ calleb Opo- 
pa nax,anD tijc fappe of Lafer pitium^tlje xolfk\)z 10 uameD Lafer^toljiclje in farrc 
Cduntrie^Do Sotue out of t^e Cameberbesf , anD are b^tougljt into t^tis^ Coun 
trep.^into allparteisfof Cljuftentiome, of tobofeftreitgttjanDtjertuetaeljaue 
not UJiitten : t^erefo^te l^aueujc in tl^e ent>e of tl^ijef part fo;^ a conclufion ^ finiUfe 
ingof tl)e fame , \xMitttn of ti^e nature anH tjertue of t^e fame gummesf 
tiotbnelp of tlje gummed aoujingout of t^el)0rbe5faboueret>earfeD : butalfo 
ofgummeistanli Cappers: flouJing out of i^erbe^ o^ thereof mat)e,tl^etDl&icl^e 
commonlp\ueftnDeat t^e Apothecaries? anD areljfeD in ^^eDieine^f ,altljougl^ 
tl^at tl^e fterbe^Cbicaufe tl^ep are not fenotoen in C^nftenDome)are not tjoj^itt^ 
o^potten of bp 13^ , omitting tl^e fappeiS? atiD gumme^e? vu^tcl^e filovue out of 
D6ooDDes:anDtree;3f,aj8fEofin, pitclje, Curpenttne,anDfuci&elpfee,\x)etJ3pU 

toiiteoftftel)i(loueoftiJooDDe;s?anD tree^f* 3nd in tl^e Deftription of t^efc 
giimmeiJanD Capped tue lajpllfolotoeti^eleamingof tl^el&uncientejsf.aiBf Diof- 
corides, Galen, Plinie,^c*iaeclaringtl)eirname5^a0ttjei> are cslleDbptljefapli 
:3^antimtt^ in dDreeiieanD in)Latine,bp tl^etol^icbe tl^ep arenoiueatti^ijS^time 


Popanax i$ t^e gumme ojt fappe of tlje firfl: WnDe of Panaces,calleti 

Hcraclcoticum, aiS Diofcorides tDntetl),^ it flOtDetl^ OUt Of t)^ttOOt^ 


it i^ pet fr efl),anD firftflo\jaenout,i^\ul^ite, anD toljenitiis^Diie , ititf 

altogptlier pelloioelpketi^atiubiclji^ coloureD tuitl^ Saffron; 3lnDt^e bed of 

t!^t;s^mppeo^ gumme ijs: ttiacCametjo^icl^eon tl}eoutrpDei;6^pelo\DeanDU)it^tst 

UJl^itiCt? jfo^z t^at fc9f petfrefl^* 

^ The Names. 

•C^egtimmei^caUeDtncSreeUeo'TroTrccv^fiinitatine Opopanax : auDofti^e 

aipotl)ecariej5 Opopanacum:in€ngli{l)e Opopanax. 

i^The Nature, 

Op opanax fc^ ^oate auD Dwe in t^e t^irDeDegtee 

1^ The Vertues. 



Opopanax ijs; berp goot) againft tl^e colDe (^iueringi^.anb b^mCtng of 35gue;ef, % 
ttfc papne anD griefe of ^e fpDe.tlje gnatning gt griping papne of ti^e botoelleie: 
op gutte^.tbe SJtrangurie^anD fo^t^em ttjat are fquatte oib^upfeD \oitl)in,bp 
occaftonoff^ing,ifitbeDionlfeen\uit^i]peaDeo3^i©onieDtuater* :^nDtobe 

talienint]^cmmemannetoj\j3it^lDine,itcttretft ^eintoarDe tcntninm ot 

Opopanaxa^ Mefuetuuteti^ , ta]^entlietDaig^itof ttoo D,tamme5? oj lelTe, » 

pourget^ bp fiege,t!jeflegme anD colDe, tougb, clammie,anD ttpmie j^umoutiaf, 
lizauiing t^c fame from parteisf farre of^asf fto t^e fteaD,ti^e finetueis; ^ iopjitejef. 

^t^eCrampeanDj^aulfie^fc*. . 






the Hiftoric of P lances 





Ctjc fame tsfem in tljeltke mantiet anfi qtt8ntitie,tiotl) munDifie atvH ttoure C 

t^e ljteatt,anl> i$ sooD fot 3lttl)«n3tujae people,snD fo? tSjcm tljat ate ttoubleo 
Witftti^e lf)ojtneffe o^tuitiDe oi bteati^,anD vuit^ an oU)e aangefoiisf cougp, -^ 

jt tutet^ airo tlje ^atDnelfe,anD ot^et mil^appeisi of tije mrtt o.i Qrtme , anD © 

■ opopanax Bot^ ftattet/often,?t terolne,8i ijatD, coUi,CttJeUw5.o.ttttmottrj( 


#ttS5ooJjtobelaplieto^6S>riatica(u>Uic!)etgtlje gotot mt^e ^tppeoj:ff 

hucfele l)one)3nB it eafctl) tljepapne of t^e gowt of t^e legged anJ) feete, bepng 
SipDetheceDpontBit^tljefttbaanteoipulpeofliueBiaapfonst. ^ .^ 

ChsfameminslebttJit^ j^onp^annputmbnOeruimannetof apeCTatieoj © 

teaKte,l>iQ»atcU«D tljc tentofitie of t^eSl^attJp oj mother , anD cutet^ all 


mo^SakttS ie fame,eliieci3Up aftett^atit^atpen fofeeb in bmes«,anl> 

•"^IlKSi M? Satbcb eing putinto tDe ftoUotnneffe of perils el> tect^; 5 3 
tatbtiSfl Sff be bS in bine5er,anl» ^olDe oUept to tl, e moutft, 
% einaS to tEpeS alone, ot mingleO toitl, CoUp?ies matie foj tljepur- fc 

""^ttS »faiia i^itcfte tftep mabe aptopfter, t^e «3^ jcDei^tie^ fin- % 

gttSSSSseg Of al uJiae anl. mat. beafte^,betnslapO t^etetinto. 

ifrheDefcripMn. ^ 

Aferpitium C bp thatwe map gather of Theophmftus * D'wjoflf") 

i^ an S that tpet^petelp ,Mvii ftalfee \fi great ajiD t^ttke Ipfce f ^ 
mta^KSe ipse © wflep anD of a pleaCint tent ; C^e feeb e .£ 

KKS^onSSSSSa?^^^^^ mt placet ^^ ^ tl,e i^ferp. 


v?ff„ffiSS 8nDS£ofbSieuott^:foa0totpmeSp^^^ 


OftoSwtoellfctft Diokorides, Magudaris .tQietiaUp t^at^^c^??^-^^ 






■ ft 


J04 The tecond Bookc of 

Cije ftalfee^ of t^erig!jt L^fer |)itmm are caUetJitt (BtttUa-tx^K^yM^ tnjta- 

tine Silphium. 

C^eroate;9farecaUeliiu«y«cA«et?, anU Magudaris. 

C^efitaieauejsJf fpungljp outof t^egroatiti^arecaUeD M«<^wtTop,Marpct 
C^eiUi^ceOi^luiuo.tof Larerpitium,i;g( calleti lu Mtiue Larer;anD of tl^e^ira* 

biani^l^pCtttoi0 Ara,oi AfTa. 

Ci^e imt mWl^t timzm from tlje ftalfee^ i^ calleD of ^Unie Caul 
of <5afa t|jp interpieterof d?eop]^iaftu^>Scaparium i afcr 


•CbatU)i^ic^efiou)et!jfromt6erootei5, iisfcaUeti Rhi2ias,of<l5aia Radica 



rium Lafcr. ,«. . 

C^etoeeteCaueringgantmeoUiqtto^fiB? caileb itt <l5reefeeo7ro$<Kv|>«y^)K6f:ui 

TtatineSuccus Cyrenaicus,O^Larer CyrcnaicumjOf fOHte Afa Adorata : t)lV 



fettovueu iaS»]^oppe;9f : fo^ t^at U)i^i*e tljcp taifee foi /laCer ( a;9( all tlje leameli 
menof our^met^infee )tj3fcalleI>oftlje3ftpoti&ecanes^ Gummibcnzui ,op Bd- 

zuijOi Ada dukisriu CtigllCtje Belzoin,OJ Bcnzoin:(tT f reUC^e ^mtf//;,aiTb it ij$ 

not )tarer : but tl^e gumme 01 Uqiioj^ of accttartte great tree to t)^ l)nfenotDe«, 
aief ti^e trauelet^? bo afiKrme, anb ajff it botb manifeftlp appeare hp t^e tbiclie 
peecejBf of barfee atib UJOobAu^icb isi often founb inmti amongfO; tbe 2den|oin, 
ti^at itcannot be tbe giimme oiliquoiof anljerbe tbat perilbetbperelp 

t]Dbatl.arert]obicbeconimetbftom^ebta, t^calleb in (l5reefeeo;r9ffi*«/^^ 

inKlatine Ufer Medicum,Ol SuccusMcdi 

■Cbat lui^icbe commet^ from ^??ia isi calleD oVo? avfmit: tn Jlatine ufer 




Cbefe mo laO; rectteb feinbe^ of jtafer tbat come from ^ni% anb ^ebia 

bpcaufeof tbeirlotbfbmefauottr, atecalleb of tbe^rabian^bPfiticnje^anbUt 
otbecatie^ Aflfafoetida : ixi CngltfljealCo Afla fetida :inbig^ 53oucbeCeiifelsr 

jteclfe,tbati^toraj>3DeutUesJburt:iti;6:caUeb in ©labantb^a berp Change 

name Fierilonfonfa. 


larerpitium,erpeciaUptberoote,ii8?boateanb bneintbetbirbebegree 

^eate of tbe leaue;s?,(l;allieisf,anb rootejBf of Laferpitium. 


Cberooteistof r.aferpitiuinareberpgoob(as:iDio0:o5tibe^anb c^alen ^x^lv% 
teti) ) to b e bio n\txi againft al p opCon: anb alittle of tbe fame eaten tuttb meat, 

0^ taHeniuit^ Cilte , caufetb one to baue a goob anb rbeete b:eat^. 

C!)eleatte;0f of i^i^ plante(as? plinie \uutetb) bopleb ixi "^im anb bton^en, 3 
mnnbifietb t^e #atri]c, anb biiuetb fooj^b t^e^econbine,anb tbe beab fruit*. 

CbeeootesftueUponnbeo^ftampeb \jJitb €)ple, fcatteretb clottebbloob.ta- 

l^etbatj^apblaclieanb bletoemarfeejsftbatcomeofbmfeisf otaripeisf, curetl) anb 

bi(Ibliietbtbefeinge^euai,anballbarbe f^ellinge;Sanbi3otcbe^, t^eplace^ 
being annopnteb oiplapfterebti^eretDit]^* 

Ci^efamerootemabeintopo\»ber,anbmabeinto aplapftettoitb tbe^plej^^ 
of3reo0anbti5a)ce,batb botb ftoage anb cure tbe Sciatica oi go we of tbe 


Cftefameboplebtt)itbtbepillej0fofpome6tanattej0f anbbineget, botbcure « 
tbe !^em3,:rboibeAanb ta'^etb a\uap tbe great toarteft^ allotbet Cuperfinou^ 

otttgrotoinge^ about tbefnnbement3tbatbtbefameberttte,ifonefomentot 

batbetbefunbementtDitb tbeBecoctionof tbe fame rooted bopleb intuater/ 
Cl&ep bo alfo monbifie m^ clenft t^ie bjeatt, ^ tt biOblnr^ anb tipetb toug^i f 






the Hiftorie of Plantes. 



- 1 



fieg!tte,anti it is? beep profitable againfl: an olDe coiig]^ comming of colDe, ta be 
.iafeenu)iti^ l^on? irt mauer of a 5io]^oc;0r elcctuarie* 

C!)eppjotto^ebntie,t^epmimDtfe anil clenfe t\}C feitinepes? auD blaDDer, 

ti^epb^eafeeanpOtittefooitfttl^e^tone, tl^epmouetlje fiotDie;3;,atU»e;;pttlfe 
tl^e ^econbme,anl) tl^e Dean fruit. 

3If tl^epbeljDlDeti intlftemout]^ anD eljeUicD bpott.tliep ftuagetootl? acl^e;antJ HI 
H^auje from tl^e biapne a great quantitie of l)umottr;S* 

Ci^e liqmi ox gumme of )laferpitium,efpectallp of Cpiene , btol^en mh Dif- 3 
folueU iti toater anD Ditoirfeett , taHetb aujap anU curetl^ tl)e ^oarfeuelTc tliat co* 

metl^CbDenlp: atiDbemgfiiptbptuitljateareCgge,it curetljt^e coug^,anI> 
tafeen tuitl^ (bme goob b^otb ojt fuppmgjit i$ goob againft anolbe jaieurifie* 

3tafer curetli tl^e Jaunbersf airb la^opfte taifeeii toitb iivtl^ figgejef. 

3fti^berpg0obagapnfl:Crampes(, anbtbebtavurngtogptberoifbiimfeing^l 
fif fuieiDe;6^,anb otl^er member;6f,to be tafeen tbe quantitie of aferupie, anb tafee 
tDitb }^epper $ ^pj^rl^epit p^oiiofeetlj tlje fio tuie;6f ;, anb bziiietl) fooit^ tl)eS>e^ 
cpnbmeanb beab fruit 

Cobetafeett\uitb§onpanbbineger,o:tutt^ ^p^tipu^f :ailcetofuisf;iti«?fiu* ^ 

Ijttler agapnft tl^e falling ficfeneire. 

3ti]8:goobagainatbefltte0f tbebellp commingof tfjebebilitieanb tueafee- 
nedeof t§eftomacfee(tui^tc^bifeafei$:caUeb injlatine Coeiiucus mcrbus)u)ttt? 
t^e ffeinne.Diratber t^e feemelles^ of rapfon$* 

Jtbuuetl^ aioap tl^e(]^afetnge;6^ ^ fl;iaeringej(3fof aguejsf, to bebzon!ten\i)iti| ^ 
tl^ine,#eppet anb jf rancHencenfe*^nb tl|ep nta!te thereof an Clectuarie \jDit^ 
j^epper^d^inger^anb tl^e leaue^a^ of Eue pounbe togptber tDittj bonp,tbe tu^icb 
fecalleb Antidorum ex fucco Cyrcniaco , ti^etD^ic^eijJafinguIer mebicinea- 
gaiuCl: f euet €^ttartapnej9r* 
. 3ti^ pob againft t^e bptinges of al benimousf beadeje^^anb benimou^s: (^ot j^ 
bf barter anb arroiues^^to be tafeen intuarblp.anb applieb outiuarblp bpon tbe 
UJauubesf* 3t 10 alfo berp pzofitable lapbe to all xuoanbe*?, anb bptingtjsr of 
3Oogge0 anb ot^er mabbe beafteis^^anb \)ponW,c Ringing feco;tpion;3f. 
J t quicheneti^ foe figl^t, anb taKctb atuap tiK ?jatue 01 vuebbe in tl^e epeA at ^ 

tl^efirftcommingof tl^efame,tf itbeftrafeeb bponttjemiuitbftonp* 
3©{ofcozibe^^ fattb,t1)at if itbeput into tftebolloioneire of co^nipt^noug^tp li 

teet!?,ittafeetbaiuapt^eacbcanbpapneoftbem:but^lime b^inget^ agapnGt 
t^efametbeejrperience of acertapne man toljo leaning triebtbe fame,fo,i tlje 
tptxmm rigour <t anguillje \)t felt after tbat mebicine,tl)tetD l?im felfe bo\bne 
^eablong from aloft l^euertl^elelte if it betjuzappeb \mt^ f rankencenfein a 
finelinnenclouteanbl^olbenbpontl^eteetl^/itairetljtbe ac^eof tbefame,o? 

ele^tbe Becoctionti^ereof tJPitUfiggeiSanb l^pfopebopleb togptber in toater, 

anb l^olben 01 Kept in tfte moutb. 
:6einglapbetot0itlji^onpitaapeti^tbebuula, anb curctI^tbeS»quinance, 

ffitbrgarglebUJitl^l^pbiomell o^t^ebe : anb if itbegargleb uiit^ bincger 
anb ifeept in^z moutft,it i»iU caufe tbe Ijo^feleacbe^^o.t Xottgl^leacbesf, to faU 
ofjUJi^icb i^appen to cleaue faft m t^e tbioote oi VDtMt^t of anp man. 

Jtbz^aHetb jd eltilentiall 3mpoftemejSfanbCarboncle;gf,beinglapb tbereto % 
t0ilbJliue,0iter,^^onp: after tl^efamemamier it tafeet^ atuap Ce.mefttp^en 

«^at tbep l^aue ben ftarrifiebrounbe aboutU3itl^ a fine knife. 
Being lapb to loitb CopperouiSf ^ 5iXerbigri0, ittafeetb atpap al fup^rSnou^ ^ 

Otttgro^inge^roffleft, anbtl^e^olppu^groujingintlje^oftbiittr^, anball 
fcuruie ntangine(re:anb lapbeto mtf^ bineger jBepper ar^ u)iae, Umttti} t^e 

* <^ ^ 

i * 


noug^tie icurffe of t^^ ^eab anbt^cfalling of.of i^eare* 




The thirdc Bookc of 



Jfitu bopleti in bmegerujitl^ tlje pil of mpomtquntt,it tafeeti^ a\»aj> al j^ 

^^ain^ Upbeti Ijeele^^tijer firftbatfte t^eljeeleif op feete Uiitl^ \uine , ^ t^an p 
tl^ei? amiopnttljeUpbes? tuit^ t^t^ gimunebopleD in ople 

-C^eaia&ing; gummecalleD Affa foetida,i0 gooU foj^alputpofeiefafoterapDe, Z 
l^ovobeit,ttij3fnotfopotj aje^tljeXafetofCp^enetpetitijsfberrgoolJtofmell 
t)nto,oi to bclapB tjpoit t^e ^atteU^agamft t^e cboHing ot rifmg bp of tl^? mo 

ti:bepbfei5en?ommaeetieof'MferCp.ienaicum, fotalltl^epurpofe^a 
lo.iedpbe t^at be attributeH bnto ftueete )larer 


Cbebeft]laferijgftI)at\jDbicb i3;retiDti^!,cleareant) bugbtaitD faumngUbc 

^pitjfte, tiotgceeniH^.anb ofagoobanHpleafantfrnel^t^eUJl^icb being DilTol 



S:$gapettmtt^ iisfap oigummeof afeinDe of ferula oj!eit]C,liKebntoi^ana]if 
gtototng ixi ^ ebia, altogptb^ bnpiofitable, fauing f oi ^ gumme oi liquo.^ 
tbat i;S bzatoen out of it 3lnb tbe faeft ij0f tbat, tubtf b (ai^ # efue faptb )bot^ 

melt,bp anb bp,in tbetDatecanb faueretb Ufee garlifee: otbetUJi]et?lafer, anU 

<l5albamim;aj8^ BioOcoulicjsf faitb: tJDbicbe i^ O^arpe anb cleare^of apeuotjotf^e 

colour U)itbOUt,anb\Dbite\JUitbim ~ i^r he Names. 

Cbt5f gumme i^ calleb in c^rcefee <r«>«'r«y<»Fan )Latine Sagapenum,anb Saga- 

pcniUjOf ^linie SacopeniumjOf <15alen,o7rof <r(ty«e7riv?, t^at Xf^y Sagapeni Succus: 
d^ej'CalUtinl^oppesJSerapinum.. il.rh Nature. 

^agapenumiis boate in ti^e tb(rbebegree,anb bipein tl^efeconbe* 



jjt The Vcrtues 

I ' 



g) agap enum t a%en tb e \a3 aigb t of a b^am, p urget^ bp f tege, to ugb ^ ffpmie % 

%umour;0?,anb al gcoffe flegineanb cboler*3Iliro it x^ goob agaitift al olbe ^ colb 
liifeafe^ tbat are barbe to cure: it purgetl) tbe b^apne,anb \% berp goob againfl: 
all tbebtfeaCe^ of tbe beab,anb againd tbe 3[tpople^ie,anb Cpilepfie*. 

Co be tafeen in tbe mme foite,it \$ goob againCi; Crampeje:, ^aulCieje?,lli^tin- 35 
kinge;3^,anb papue^ of tbe Cinetuesf. 

3it i^ goob againft tbe (l)0ittne(re of b)teatb,tbe colbe long anb olbe coug]^,tbe c 

papnes? in tbe CiDe anb bjeatl,fontbotb munbifieanb clenfe ti^eb^eallofal colli 
mente.sf 01 flegme. , 

3t botb airo cure tbe ^arbneire,(loppingeft anb tlrtnbinelTe of tbe melte, oz 5^ 
fyltnty notonelptal^enintparblp, but alfo to be applpeb,ottttDarblp in opnt 


t i^ goob againft t^e (baWngeisf anb bzufingejBf of olbe anb colbef euetjar* <» 
f ^agapemim bebionfeenujitb bonpeb tuater^itpiouofeetb tbeflotueri^, ^ 
anb beltueretb tbebeab Cbilbe»3nb to be tafeen tuitb tbine,it ija: of great fozce 
againft tbe bp tinge js anb ftingingejEf of all benimou^B? beaded. 

Cbe rente 01 fauour of t^igf gumme, fcsberp goob againat^eOranglinff 01 ^ 
Jjp^ifiugoftbemot^er^ ^ 

^agapenum foUeb ot ftiepeb inbineger,fcatteretlj;bi(!bluetl^, anb puttetb 1^ 
eleane aioap all barbe,Dlbe colbe ftueUingejs;, tumouresf , 25otcl^e$ , anb barbe ^ 

lun^e^ groujing about tbe iopnte^f: :3lnb it igf goob to be be mingleb amongip^ 
all opntmmteis: mry emplapftersf tbat are mabe to moUif ie anb fof ten* 
3t elearetb tl^efigbt, gtat tbebeginning it tafeetb a\Dap tl^ebatue ot toebbe % 

w tl?e ei^e $ allpottejif n blotter m t^z Came, if it be b^oppeb into t^e m$ uiitb 





the Hiftorie of Plantes 


tl)eiupfcof Etietitij5?aIfo gooU agapnJit^eblooDt^ortttgantJ JJiiitneffe of tbe 

rajne,\jpljic^ commetlibp tfte occafton of gcoireljumoziif. 

G3lbamimi;8fairo agummeoiUeiuoz^Uiavumfooit'^ of aWtiDeof f etulato 
^pjia calleD ^etopuim*3rtti tl^ebeli i^ griftel.oi bettuijct barD m^ Us% 
\>ztv pure,fat,clofe anD fmne, uiitbout atip fticfee^ ot fpimeer^sf of tDoob a* 
mongfl; ti& e fame; (auitig a f eu) t feeDe;0f of ferula, of a (ko ttg fauour^no t mopfl:. 

ttoito D.ipe 

4&i T>&tf P/^rf 

Cbe plant out of tofttc^ c^albanum floujetlj^groiuet^ bpon tl^e moutitapne 



flSr The Names 

1- > 

jBlittie caUetft p plant out of tobicl^ <l5albartu flotueth, iti)tatine Sta^onitis. 

Ci^eliquo^t t^% gumme wf calleb in mztU x-xx^^vm; tnjlatme anb in (&opbetf 

Galbanum :0f fbmeaUb Metop 

3fr T)^r Nature 


(^albanum ti8^ ^oate almoft in tbe tfttrb Degree, gt biie almoft in t^e tecontjei. 


<5albanttmi;8?goobagamfl:auolbecouglj,anDfo,ifucba;sfarei^oittDmbeb, % 
anft cannot eafilp Hiato e tl^eic bteatb, but are alujape^ef panting anb bteatbing* 

3t x% t3erp goob fojt fucb a^ are b.jolfeen^anb ^yxizX^ UJitbtn,^ againft Crampe^f 
anb fl&jintting of finetoeief 

Cbe famebionfeen in tJoineVDit]^ fl^j^Strl^e^i?? goob againft albenomebion* ^ 
ken,o^ i^ot into tl^e bob? taitft benimou^ iDarte^sf^^ljafte^pOi^lrrotaesf* ' 

Co be tafeen in tbefamemanner,itp,iouofeet]^ tbe termejBf^anbbeliueretft ^ 
tl)ebeabc^ilbe*3ti&atl) tl^eCameberttteifitbe conuepeb into d^efecrete place, 
o^tfaperfumet^erof bereceiuebattl)eplacecottenient : anb if t^equantitieof 

abeane thereof betatienina glalfe of tuine.itl^e^et]^ again(t;t^epapnef ultra 
uell of txjomen, a^ ^Slinie faptb* 

Ci^eparfumeoifent thereof b.uuctft a\i3ap ^ erp ente;8f ,f r 5 tl^e place \Dliere 5^ 

ti% iti^sf burneb;6t tio benimoujSf beaded? I^auepotoer to l^urt fuc^ %% be annopn 
teb txjitb ^albanum, anb t^ofe benimous^ beafte;6( oi ^erpetej3; a^ be toucbeb 
tuitl^ <^albanum,mingleb tuitl^ ople, anb ti^e feebe o^t roote oi ^ponbilium,ot 
3ngdica,it toill cauCe tbem to bpe 

Cbeparfumeof o^albanum boti^ alfoljelpe toeinentlljataregreeueb toitft dj 
tlje rifing oz ftrangling of tge motl^er, anb tl^em tl)at i^aue ti& e falling ficHnelTet 
anb bcinglapbe to tl^e nauel, it caufetb tl^e ^atrip oi mother tl^at iis: remoueb 
from l^i^naturall place, to fettelagapne^ *- 

(Balbanumbotl^ moUifie anbfoften,anb bzaiuetft foojttl^ t]^o^ne;8f,(iJlinter^, f 
01 (^tuerftanb colbebumourg? :,anb it v^ goob to belapb bponalcolbetumoiiaf 
aht> CtDellinge5f,anb it ijs? mingleb Auttl^ allopntmenteftople^G? anb cmplapfter^, 
^at baue potoer 0^ bertue to tuatme, to bigeft, to biOblue; to ripe anb bzeafee 
tn^oftemeisfjanb to bzatoe out tl^ojtne^Bf anb (plinter/* 

Iti^goob toijela?bebpont^'efl:oppinge;3:atU>9arbne(reofti^emelte, anb ^ 
againd tbe papne of ti^e fpbe* 

Cbefameiapbeto ttJit^bineger anb l^itrum, taltetl^ atoap t^elpotte^e^anb 1^ 
frecHle^ of tbeface,anb from otfter parte^sf of bobp. 

3if it be put into ti^eplotDeanbnaugi^tietooti^^ittafeet^ atoaptljeactcof 3 

^t is? goob to be poureb into tl^e eare0 tpiti^ t^e ople of rofe^f, o:|^ar^Ujsr, a* % 

gapnft t^e co.zruptfilti^ anb matter of t^efame 




The thii-de Bookc of 

Mmoniacumi^sti^egttmine oiltquojtof a fetnlie of jFetulajtu^ictieijaf 
calleD lga&lli5f, ajs: Biofco^ejJfaitl^ , grotDiug in tlje Countrieof 
Cpiene iu 3pWca,nigi^ to tfte€);tacleof ^mmonm5lpbia,\i3?)ereof it 
i^calleU 3^mm6niacum, aisffometljinhe* Ci^ebeftaimmoiuacttiu, a^ . 
l^iotcoiibt^ xvpim^ , tsf t^at tu^icije ijSf clofe oi firme, pure, auD \t)iftout 
£(!ai:De|i,ftlintei:sf,oj ilouie grifteW 03t graiiell^anD tuitljout anp ottjet baggage 
iittermeDDleD tuitlj ti^efame.of abittertafte, ^tti.zavuing totoarDe^ttjefauoui: 

of Cafto teum,^nD it iisi alinoft Ipfee tije rigi^t f canUenfeucejm fmall peece^sf anH 

g0bbete;8>* ^ The Names. 

Ci^ijefgummefcJcallct) in <i5i:cefeeaftettftenameofti^eCempleof mmmon, 

«/^^vi«KoV: in^tatine Ammoniacum : in^ljoppejSf Armoniacum, anD Gurami 

Cl)e beft anb pureft of tl^is? guittme Oj^ liquo? , \$ caUeb Thraufma, a^sf JaioC* 
cojibeis; faitij,tbat isf to fap, FriatuiainTLatine* 

* - - f 


^ijatiDl^icl^i^^fnUofearti^attbgrauriMiS^caUcb Phyraim. 

^The Nature. 

^fmmoniacum \$ ftoate in tl;e feconi) Degree,^ almoft bjie inttiefame begree* 


Ammoniacum taken ti^e tuaigftt of a Ja^m , lofetl) t^je bettp , anb buuetft % 
fooitft cblbe llpmie flegme^b^twing tiftefame to it from parte^sf afarre of: alto it 
isf goob againft tbe fl)ottneire of b3teati&,anb fo;t fuci^ a$ are HKhnatique anb al 
toape^ panting anbbteat^ing, anb againR: ti^e ftoppingeief of tt^ebzeaft.tbefal 
lingficfenetTe, tftegoijut, tljepapneof ti^eljanclje ^i 0ucfelebone, calleb ti^^ 
Sciatica, agamftt^eolbei^eabaci^e, anbbiCe^ei^oftl^eb^pne, tl^eGneiue^, 
anb ejrtreame parted 

3t bo tft munbifie anb clenfe tbe bjteaOl:, it rppetl^ fiegme , ^ caufetl^ tlje fame 'A 
tobeeaCilpfpetout^tobemingleb toitl^ljonp anbliclit ag: a^Loljoc, o.i tafeen 
toitijtj^ebecoctionof ijuUeb 23arlep* 

JX \% goob againft tbe^arbneffeanbttoppittgof t^e^pleeneotS^ilte,it^ 
beliueret? t!)e beab Ci^iibe^anb p^ouofeetft btinetbut t^ere mud be but a little 
of it ta&en at once: f o,i if it be talien in to great a quantitie o^t to ofte^it iJDil caufe 

3 1 curetb all ftu ellingeis: anb ^arbnelTe/it (la^eti^ tlje papne of tl^e liner anb d 

^plene being ftiepeb in bineger,anb fpzeab o^zlapbe bpon tl^e place* 

3f it be mingleb ujiti^ i^onp ozpttcft anb lapb to , it biffoluetl^ l^arbe lumpeiS (^ 
o;tfU3ellingeft anb tafeetl) aujap Tophi, tul^ic^e be^arbe rumoured engenbieb' 
of dje gototein ti^e iopnteja; anb eji^tremeparteis: : itconCumetl^ alfo allcolbetu 
mouTiS^ anb ^cirrliu^ matter beinglapbebpon: %xCi^ it i^ berp goot^to beput 

into al opntmentesf anb plapfterie; t^at are mabe to c^afe anb \i3arme, to toag^ 
papne,to foften anb biatjoe 

Jtisgoob to belapbe to t^e Sciatica ojt gotutof tl^e^ippe,anbbpponall jf 
papne anb tjoearinelTe of anp parte,\Dit^ t^e ople of Cppius; anb i&itrum. 

3(fmmoniacttm isf goob to be put into Colpmanb all^ebicinesf tftatare « 
mabe to cleare t^efig^t,f mebicineiaf ti^at are nmbe to talte atoap tl|e bimnelTe 

anb loebbe of t^eepesf. 






mgin TLpbtaontlfte mount ltblante,oi3ltW«9f, nejrt to fte Countrie 

of a?auritania>tto\jDeca!!€b#o?ifco,b^oft|)e^oo?e0*3inb it toaj^ 




the Hiftoric of Plantes. 

* ' 

Rrftfoimtieotttint^etpmeof luba king 
of )tpbia: tfteleafeof t^tj^pianti^long 
antirottnDe.almoll: Iplteto tlje Unit of 
Cucumcr, buttlje euDeiso^co^rtterisfbe 
H)arper, ^ fet about loit^ manp p,iicWegf, 
vtil)tcl& are fomtime;S foub m t^egiimme 
it felfe: one of tljofe leaueis fet in tbe 
gtounUe, botb increafeanb multtplp bi* 
uet;8f» 'Cbefappe o^Uquoi ti^at commet^ 
foc^ti^ of ti^e lapbe leaue^s , burnetii oj^ 
fcalbeti^,anb ftcaijji^tiDape^ it congeletl^ 
anb bccommeti^ tBicHe, anb tljat ijstbe 

Euphorbium . Cl^efitft Euphorblumisf 

pellotjpilI),clear^,b:ittle,beri> C^arpe anb 
burning in t^e moiitb anb tb^ote , frell;e 
anbne\De, notmucbe elbet tljenapere: 
fo,itl|i05ommebotl^ foonelofemuci^ of 

Iji^ l)eate anb bertue bp age, as Galen 
anb Mcfuefaitl^* 

^T^e Place. 

%\^t Euphorbium befcribeb of t^e 

^^nntientc^ groii?et!| bppon t^femo^nt 
3ltbla0 in tbe €onntm of )lpbia;,boibe 
ring bpon Mauritania: it grou^etb alfo 
in Mxica anb Jubea, from tui^ence it 
bat^ ben cdnuepeb into ctrtapne placejEf 
of g)papne,f rautjce;^ ^taUe.vul^ere ajsf 
it bzinget^ fooztb nept^er floureiS ndjt 




Pcna batb feene it groiomg at 

^ arfeUe;ef anb aponCpellier in f rance^tn^ere ^ f^t tm tl&ef oure? anb t^O 

of t^e fr uite* 

j^ The Tyme. 

3 1 puttetli bp bi;ef leaue;8? in tl^efpting ti3tte,\))l^ereof tftefirtt,t!)e feconb^anH 
tl)eti}irbe,is?t^e(Jalfeeoiftem, anbtbe reft gro\3)efoonb as; hitmWy anU 
tuljan tbe plane fcsf feuen 6z epgljt peered olbe,it bjingetlj fooitb pelloto fiourcisf, 
lifeein^topottionto idalauftia^anbinlKutuninetl^efruitiJripe, of colour reD 


•5* The Ndntes, 


Euforbiuni.fomecallit Carduus Indicus , aub Ficus Indica, tftat i;9f tO fap, l^t 

^^iaell^o^figgeof3[nbia,fometafeeitto beopuntiaPUnij -.Cbisf Euphorbia 

_, ,,,^ ,^i(lO,lie,tDl}era;S» l^eCaitll^Proficere ad oculorum claritatcnijEt muUioIex 
fanitaris pricfidium fore j ac non mediocriter perccllere vim vcncnorum. Jtitf 

alfo t!?e Euphorbiumbefcrfteb bp Jo^nHeo inljiiBf llfricanl^illo^r 


lubafeingof t'Pbia,tDa)9tt!^e firO; finber out of t^i^ljerbet anb nameb it after 
tl^enanie of bi^pbpfition, t^ebjtoti^er of MufatD^o\j)a#alfo af^^pSfic:; 


tl^e emperour 3iugulle^ 

•J^ The NAture, 

Euphorbium is l)err ftoateanb biiealmoft in t^efourti^ bejrer* 






The Cccend Bookc of 



Euphorbium p^epareti to manner a^s^ ftatbe t^nHet \jDntten;Purget^ anH Dti- a 
uet^ foojtlj bp fiege ( a;Bf Mefuc faitlj ) toujlj, colDe , anU ^v^niz flegme^af, auD 
tiiaiDctij ijnto it , from t\^z ftnetue^s anti p'arteis a farre of , anD alfo purgeti^ 
ci^oler^^ozeouer it i^ terp gooU againft tp olbe IjeaD act)e, t^e i^aulfie, tfte 
Cfampe,tft'e ttteafeenedetljatfoloujetl) after tl)ef rencbepoclteft tl^epajt^neof 
tlje fineiueis? auU ertreme parted , ttjat are of coutiiiuance, ^ againft tlje 3|attn- 
hm3t i$ alfo gooD againft t\)zptMtiut,mh fucljelpHe contagious ficKneP 

fcM^ one GentilistDJtitetl^* 

C^epmafeeaplapfterU3itlj Euphorbium,anD ttjoeluettme^fo nmt\)i^p% 25 
anH alittle toa)ce,berp fmguler againfl; all papnejeJ anD aci^es of tifte iopnte;8r,t]^e 
Cafeingejsf, ^LameneCTe, iaaalfies,Crampe;8!,anUI^;tinifeingoffinetoe$,anti 
againft allacl)ejif;papnejBf, ^ DiCojDer of tbe famejajs: Gaiicn in W fotirt^ boofee 
deMedicainentisfecundiimgenera,tieclaret]^moiteatlarge, 0eu)ingbou)anl> 

tl^oulUebe to long to recitein t^i^ place 

. EuphorbiumingleUiuiti^Dpleof ^ap,25eareje(greafe;b3^iiaoolfesgreare, c 
otfuci^ lifee;Curett) tbefcurffe aub fcale^of tbei^eab.anb pplbette(re;Caufing tl^e 
ftVareto renetueanb grotjoeagaine^not onlpbpont^eljeaD anH ot^erbarepla* 
ces.bttt ittuillalfo caufetbebearbeto grotuetbat i^aacfeeincomming,ifitbe 

annopnteb tberujitbal 

CbeCimemingleb toitb )©ple,anb ftrat^eb o^ilapb bpon tj^etemple^ of fucft S 
a^areberparepie,ottrottbletiiuitbtbe letbargie , anb raging , botb auialken 
anbquicfeentbeir(l)nte;s:agapne*ianbifitbeapplieb tdtbenucrtte,oznapeof 

tbe necfee^it reftoiettj tbe Qjeacb agapne bnto t^emtljat i^aue loft (tbp reafon of 
tbe %ople]i^ie 

Euphorbiummingleb voitb bineger j anb (IraKeb bpon ttjeplace, taketba* ^ 
toap al foujle,^ euilfauoureb (jpo ts from tbe bobp, efpeciall? thz tubite fcurffe 

anb fcaleisJof tbeffeinne 

«5* The Daung 

Euphorbiumbp tcofon of biS ejTtreamebeate , i;6f berp burtfull to tlje liner 

anb {i:otnacfee,aub alltbeintuarbepartes^ADb^it itijSf receiueb into t^ebobp^foj 
it cbafetb anb inflametb tbe fame out of meafure, 

i^T he corrc^ion and preparation therof, 

% CliemaliceanbbiolenceofEuphorbiunu«?co^rectebmanptDaieif:anbfirft 
pemiu^annopntitU3itb€)pleoffujeete3£lmonbe0, after putit into ti^e mible 
of a Citron,anb lotap it, 0^ clofe it bp inleaueneb pafte , anb fo bafee it,^ twljeti 
^epadeiiBireabie^remap take tbe Euphorbium out of it, to bfe inmebicine*. 

t Maynardus tafeetb J^afticfe ^ gumme Dragagante , t^ mucb aiS? tbe Euphor- 
bium commetbto , anb minglmg tljem tuell togeat^er , puttetb it into tbe 

, mibleofanbnbacl^teloafe,fo letting it bafeebntilt^ebzeab be\uelbacfete:t]^eti 
taketbbeof tbecrumbeo^pulpeoftbatloafe, anb maWetb Cmallpille5f ibereof, 
tubic^ebeberp frnguler againftt^etPeafeeneiTeoi bebilitiecominingof tfte 
ftencljepocfeei?, anb al anguil^ anbpapne of tbeouttjoarbeparte^. 

3 an o^er mingletb toitb Euphorbium, tbelpifeequantitieofi^allicfee^anU 

mafeetb pille?^ U5itb t^tmzt of Citron^ 03^ iD^enge^a? , tbe UJbic^e are mucbe 

p^pfeb againft tl;e i^eftilence* 


Arcocolla ii8f tbe gumme ofacertamet^o:nieplantgroujingfoj&erfia*3fnl> 
tbebefti^ tbat tubicb fe r fUotoilb, bitter ixi tafte anb lifee to tbe fragmented 

otftnallpeeceS of jf ranfeenCrncetptt PUnieinti^ejci^; €\^w^, tA^t% boofee 







the Hiftoric of Plantcs. ,ir 

df^WdoUe t)^eferretfttl)eu)I)ttebefd,ie t^eotl)er,ati^fotJotft^ealfowtfte 

mtih^ooU, t^epiu^C^ap. 

*5* Ty&^ iV4Wf r. 

Cftfe gumme i^ calleU iti <l5reefee<r«^>coKo>.« .- in latine anU m S^^opptjef 

Sarcocolla : itt Cuglit^e ^atCOCOU: in Jf renege Sarcoci>Ue: VX 3©0Urt^ Sarco- 

c olJa. 


:tfi T^^ tf4«/^ of the Nam. 

%\^t <But\^t^ called tl^w? gumme otteare Sarcocolla ,bpcaufe it fol)cretl^ anU 
gletoetti togptljer UJOunHcis: anD cutte;s: of t^e fleft , euen a^gf gleuje Dot^i iopne 

togpti^et; timber. 

^ y^tf Temperament or Nature. 

Sarcocolla ig ^oate in t^e feconU Degree,anD D^ie almoft ixi t^efame tmtZy 
anl» itD^ictl^ tait^outanp ljpting(^arpne(rr,a^ Galen Diit^. 

Sarcocolla , %^ M e ( u e tuutetft , putgetft ratoeatiD grolTefleame, anD i^t % 
toiigl^(lpimel&iimour!8:,ti^ataremtfteiopntej8fanD ejctreameparte^rjltmunlii^ 
fietSiti^ebtapne,tlie fttteu)e^,tl^eb?eaft,dttDtl)elttiigcsf: atiD isi berp gooU 
agairtltatrolDecougl^tl^at^atl^contmttetilotig^anDfo^ Oicl^e aisf are flegma* 
ttque anH Eeumattque, to be taken t^e qoantitie of a ^^m oi fomtp^at 

JX i^ berp confolibatiue op Ijcaling^ UJfjerefo^e it clotct^ bp tuouitbej0f ^ 
anb Wct^ , anb it mnnbifietb anb clenfetb malignant anb corrupt blcerjsf, ^ 
anb filletbt^e fame U3itb nmt itQ), eQjeciallp being rebuceb anb biougbt 
into a poiuber, anb ftrotueb thereon , op applieb op lapbe t^erebnto ujit^ 


Cbiisf iJumme ig bet^ cbnuem'ent to bloobCdotten epeiB:,«tbe fljottejaf, ^ 
barifeeneffe^ftarrcia:, anbCncb Ipfee impebimente^ op befauUe^ of tl^e fame: ^ 
e^eciallptfttbeftiepeb tn^illli^isrmill^ebptbeipace of foureoifiuebapeisfCai^ 




^The dAunger and correcfion of the fame. 


Ci&ep ti^atbfeitmucbeu»a]rebalbe: iti^aotije ixi operation, anb tt trou« 
Metb tbem tbat baueCbolerique ftomacfeejj : U)l?erefoie i^eebe muft be talten, 

ti^atitbenotginento tUcbe. 

j©nemapaugmenteanb increafe fti^ bertueto loofetl^ebellpjbp putting 
tl^ereto fome ginger anb Carbamome 


Theende of thefccondcpart. 


Tmfe €9rre£ied And augmented 


hy the K^ucihor. 







The thirde Booke of 

Che tliitbe patt 


fto?ie of 

mmusintttMinti trm&itim\tdtAtmnt iiuUB/tW 

purge t]^eboJ)p,alfo of nopfometueelreisJjant) tiangetou;3??i>lante^, 

'^ri^eir fttnliiiefaQ)ion^ , 0miti$ , anti ii^aturei^ , tljeir 

Gompikdby the learned D-RembcrtDodocns^nowc 




Phifition to the Emperour 






ARi{lolochia,a«8:Diorcoridcsto^iite^,i;8f oftii:eerotte;sf, tijatis: to faplonj 
3lri(l;olod^ia,rounUe3«ftoloc{jia,anD^e1^ttftoloci^ia c^eD ciematitis. 
l©l^ereimto Plinieijad) aUDeD a fourth feinDr,callel> i^tftolocljia, atiH ti)^ 
later lo^iteria^ t^aue lopneDto t^emaRfti^fetntie,caUet)^aa:afme^l^etbeoj 


1. Ariftolochialonga. 


i.> Ariftolocliia rotunda. 



pe ions 1fnftoloc]^ia,lbatft ijiuer^ fqiiare ntnt^mmtm of albati 
i^^iilJ'^f^^totDmg jjp from tlje rdote,a!>ottt toSSSS bS 
anDt^erecertamb^atJeleauesJlifee l4leaae^rcbe^S:ri^^ 

purplemiO moftcommonl^ 


.1* c ^ ^ ^^^ floutejB: br 

♦ie,of aftrongjteeuott^fcuoiir, ttjep 




tKeHiftoric of P lames. 




'fpDetijanbpauoti^et : \iH|ant^eparepaft, tl^erefolotDetljacertapiiefmitlifee 

' ijnto fmall peare0,fau(ng tljep beriUgeU alongeH tl^e fpDe^ , ox crefteD anD do 

MtnlvU garltfee i^eat)e;8( : ti^etuljici^ l»o alfo cl^op anD cleeuea funDer lul^ant^e 

fteliei;8?rFpe, anH ti^e feelieti^atti^anappearetii fe tr:iaugleS);anlJ of blacfeifl? co 

lour^Clie roote i;e? j^alfe af ooteloug o,t mojte , anb a^ tW^t a^ ant^ tbombe o j 


,* d)eroimbe3nftoiocbiambi5fftalfeejsattbleatte0i$lifee totbe firft;, biit 

l^iis^ leaner be fomeujl^at rounber* Cbe 8otD:e;5 btfet onelpeiit tbt^, tbat 

tbep be fomettJl^at longer artb narrotuet , anb of afapute peUotoiiliecdloui:: 

tWttttmetbbaclteagapnetCi^efruitoftbis^^iinftolocbiaiiBfaWb Ibatpe faf^io 

tieb Ipfeeto atop,o^peare,feumgit ijB^roimbetanb fuller^anb ftrafeeb oiribbeti 

berounb anb fxuolleii Ift e to a^^uffe op^mncp, in tafte anb CiamottrliHe to t^e 


AriftolochiaClcmatitis. 4. Piftolochia. 5. AriftoIochiaSarracenica. 




23?ancl^eb 3^riftolotljia* ^mal 3itiaolocbia* ^araftnisf 3inftolocbta. 





Cftetbitbefeinbeof:ilriffolocbiabfe:ualftesf anbbtand^es? arefmalanb ten^ 
l)tt,W Itmt^ be lifee to t^e otberftbut tbelittle ftenunes? oitootomt^ of tbe 
leauei^acefbmuibatlongec^CbeaoiDetjafaUb belong anb bolo':^ , of apellotu 








J14 ThctliirdeBookcof • 

4 %\)zfovm ^rtnoloci^iaml^ijBf leaue;Ef anU asme^Bf , i)E( liUe to tfte long atUi 

rounBcl^nftalocbta^jl^umgtttermaUecanD finer o^tenDeret: , fti^leauesfbr 
alfo bioatJelpfeeJup leaueja^.C^eflovu^e^be alfo longanU ^oUouie , anD blao 
feiCbe about fte toppe;8f op mUs^.%l^tttiiiti0 alfo rounb anb Ufee to tl|e ot^^erft 
l^ijaf rooters: belong anb fmall ais: mf(]^ej8f;d3t t^iebbejff, 
y Cbefiftifeinbe\»ljicbi5fcalUbS^araCm0tottrt,oit^arafin)a:.miaoloc^ia^ 

ftatlj longer anb bigber timt$ tban anp of t^e tobeis^ niopt^vt^tW leaner be 
alCb largcr^bnt tbecuiife tbcj^ biffet: not,fo,i tb ep be alfo ipKe 3up leaue^s:* ^l^c 
fmallflotutegf grotjjebetUJiiet tbeleanej3f:,inp.iopoitionalfolonganbl>ollotuc 
of a pellotiitf^ colour . %\^t fruit alfo isi fall^ioneb Ipfee to apeare^ Cbe roote;af 
be long,anb fometime^ tbicfee,aub couereb toitb a t^icfeerinbe op barfee , in fia* 
ttouranbtaftelpfeeti^eotbec^** ^rhePUce. 

Cbelonganbrounbe^lriftoloclbta^, grotjueplentifullp in ^papne> anbiti 
manpplace;5 of 3|talie;anb certapne placeis of J^raunce, itbeligbtet|> mucl^e tti 

fertilegrounbe anb goob pafture^* 

5 :iariftolocbiaClematiti;0f(a^ #eter:6ellonmitct]^) grotoet^ bppon ti^t 

mountapne 3ba in Crete oj CanbitCarolus^ CluCiuis; mttbit groiwetb about 

i^ilpali^aCitiein ^papnenou)ecallebCiuill,anb tljat^e^atl^jfounbeita- 

mongft tljebuntiesf anb bzier0 tbere^ 

4 Cbe ^iftoloc^ia alfo grotuetb in certapne placed of f raunce m^s ^papne* 

5 Cbr S^acafineief 1Eriftoloc^ia,beligbtett) muclb^ te bineparbe^sf , anb ^ig^ be* 
ferteplace^s^, anbtuilberneirej3?,anbi^founbeinfunb.jieplacei8fof <i5ermanir, 

anb:3?abant* i^rhtr^jmt. 

Cl^e'llriftolocl^ia;e( bo 8o\»ie in^ap ^ 3 ulp,^ timelier in^oate Cottntrie?# 

9^ The NAtncs^ 

Ci^ep arecaUeb in <l5reefeeie»!roxpxt«:in]iatine Ariftolochia: inCngliU^ H^ 
ftologia^anbof fome53pitl?ioo?t, 6t^artu)oit; in ^i^oppeiof alfo Ariiiolochia, 

Cbc f irft i% calleb vx 6reefee ieis^<>?^ox''«ff v^^^t^r- inliatine Ariftolpchiam loa- 

TtvlivopjOaAilisMclocarponjanbTcuxition^gt Ariftolochiam marcra : jnCU* 

glifl^e long Ariftolochia; 
Cl^e f eco nb e ij0^ calleb in <!5reefee i^j^oxoxw s-eonvXK, Ariftolochia rotunda,anll 

Ariftolochia foemina:Offome x«i"««M^>^oF>anb Malum terr^:in Cnglili^e Ariftolo- 
chia rotunda, aubrOUnbeAriftologia. 

3" d^etljirbeiiaf caUeba:f{7o\oxi«K\Kjiocrrn$', Ariftolochia ciematitis : 23^tanc]^etl 






Cfte fourtft Wnbe calleb Of J^linft in fteepgl^tCljapterof ^i^ jcpb^boofee 

tt/7<5Xox/«>;g« 7ro\v/i(3j» Piftolochiaanb Polyrhizon. 

5 Cbefiftb^aeiriltolocftiaijefnotoecalleboffomeHcrbaSarraccnicatinfrenc^e 

S4rrAftJie:\n j©OUCbe ZaraKin Cruptrin fei^oppesf Ariftolochia longa, toi^ic]^ i^ 

map be bfeb* i©emap alfo nmzitin engliO^e^arafine^s fterbe, ^ ^araOneiaJ 

SntlOlO Cl^ia* kThemtare. 

CberooteiEf ofuraiolocl^iapareallboate anb bipint^e ejctremitie of tftefi?- 
conbebegree* i^rherertues. 

Clie root e5f of ^SriHolocl^ia are eircellent againtl al popfcn, anb appnfl t^e H 

bitinge^t ^ llinginge^ of benimou^ beaded, if it be tafeen inujine,oi lapb b?on 
t^e ujounbesf^oi bitrnges:* 

Cb e long ^riftalocft ia mouetb tfte menftcoal termesf , anb piouofeetft bzine: 3S 

3!ib if it be bzonfeen tuitft pepper anb a^ptr^e, it ei^pelletb tlje feeconbine, ^ 

**-abct^iibe,^aIoti^ef fuperfiuitie^gar^ereb togpt^rrin ^^j^atnptjjttoo^ 







the Hiftorie of Plantcs. 


C^e tomU mttolocW fe Ipfeeiuife good foz tliefame ptti:pofe:anb it fc^ a!, c 
fo berp gooD fo^ tijem tl^at areC^ozt uimDeU, anb ttoubleD UJtt!) t^e rcop oibp 
qiiet,itisf ptofitableagamati^epaptieof t^e fpDe, t^ei^arDueireof t^emeltoi 

lplene,t^ecr:ampe,o5tconttulti5;03tl)zatuitti}togptl)erofftefme)iJes^,t]^efaU^^e goiPt.antJ tlje (^jaHitigejs; oi f^iiuetinge^ of Z%m^ : atir> fot al Cuch 

a;9? are l?utt oi bucften in\Dart»lp,if it be giuen ti^em to MnU Mt]) uiater* 

%\)c fame n.tavuet!) foozti^ fpUnter^ef of b.iol^en boneft ^ijaftes? anb T^mt^. & 
tfto^nejSf,anb 0;itter^,if itbelapbe to t^je place \j)it^ l^itcl^eojEofen^a^ j^linie 

3t munDifietl^ auU fcoureti^ all corrupt anb fttti^p fo jeft fimila;3f,anb bimlet € 
. bolo\i3e Wm : anb filletl) t^em bp agarne uiiti^ netoe fle(^ ( if it be miirt \uitli 

3lceo;s; anb l^onp)^ efpeciallp it curetl) t^e faulteft ^ blcet$ of tl^e fecret parte;^, 
if pe toall; tl^e CimetJPit^ tl^e Becoction of tW ^riftolort^ia mabe in tuirte. 

Ariftolochia rotunda,botl)beautifie, clenfe,anb faftentj^eteetl^; ift^epbeof* JF 
ten fro tteb o^ rubbe toitl^ tljepoujber tljereof* 
3 C^e ti^irbefeinbei^s: muc^ liKe to tl^e ot^er in bertiie, fatitrrg it i^Bf not fo ftrog (^ 
a^sfJBioCco^ibe^mitetli : anb d^alenfait^, ti^att^i^Wnbefce^oftl^ef^jueeteft, 
anbpleafanteftfanoi,anbt^ierfo^eisfmttc6 bfebinopntmente;9^:btttitii8^UJea' 
jfter in operation tl^an tl^e afo;tefapbe* 

#iftoloc6ia 01 final ^triftoloc^iia^is? alfo of tl^e faine bertuejBT anb bperati6;8^^ 1^ 

* but not fo ftrong a0 tl^e otfter^. 

^ ^arrafinejs: oz bzanncl^eb 3(iri(!:olocl^ia vsi alfo Iplfee^ otl^erft it isi berp l^oate 31 
anb bitterranb not inferioi to Ariftolochia longa , ujl^erfo^ie in all compofitio^ 


one map bebfeb infteebe of tl^eot!)erp\jDttl|Ottt errour^ 
1 ^]^erottnbe3irifl;oloc]^ia,isf of fineanDfubtile parteiBf ,anb of ffronger ope 



ratio tljan tl^e reft^it munbif ift^i anb clenfeti^ migl^tilp , anb it foupletl^ anb ma* 

feetl^ ti^inne.groirei^umour^^* 

-Cljelong 3triftolocl?ia i^ not of fucl)efubtileparte;9f ,neitl^er botl^ it clenfe fo 

AriftoiochiaCJematitisi^ati^ti&ebeftf^ttour , tD^ierefoj^e it i;ff beft to mafee 

^T he Ky tides. 

iDletDO^tte i^ of tUJO fozte^,tl|c one ]^atl| a rounbe roo te.iDljif^ ijSf not 1^0 
loiuetait^in : Snbtlierooteofti^eoti^eri^ljolotueluit^inrbut ot^er^ 
tjoape^ ti^ep are liifeeone anotl^ t^r ftalfeeftleaueftfloureis?;^ feebe* 


fmaUanbiagbelpfeelEueozCoiianber , of alight greene oiratl^er a 
grapi(l;e colour* ^Ittl^etop oftl^e ft^feeitbearrt^ fioiuers^ after t\^t 
p^opOittionof larfee^sljpttrrejbtttmuc^efmaller, anbof Camationo^ 

aligbtrebbepurplecolour^anboftentimeiS^totiite, anb grotjaing meetip t^iclte 
togpti^er* ^dfterti^e fiotoersf tl^erec6meti&certainei&u(feeiBfoKobbe0,inUJi^icl| 
i^ t^e feebe, uiiftic^e fcsf rounbe anb blacfee* i:fteroote of one of tl}efe feinbeft i^ 
allrounbe,anbfirme,pello\ueiDitl^inanb couereb ouer toitl^ a blacfeilft e ppU o j 
f:^innz ♦ Ci^e roote of tl^e oti^er is? moft commonlp long,^ groujen lil^eapeare, 
bolotwebot^ buDemeati^ anb toit^in* 

i^r he Place, 

%Mz roote? grotue bp olbequicfeefet l^ebgeftanb hixti}z$ ixt ^ebo.zUer* of 

l^b tf feelbe^ 



The thirde Booke of 

Radix cauamaior 

Radix caua minor. 



tooteU3t|ic!)ei^notl)olloXDeiiS fotinDe in 
cettapne place.8( of Biabautb? itouatgtie. 
C!iegceatertul)ici^e te alfo ^oloui, grovu 
et^ in <5ermanp:^.U)l)et:a0 tljeonegroxu* 
etlj,t^e t^er groiucti^ not at all,fo ^at pe 
ftalneuer fiutie^ fuUroote grdxuing \Mitij 
ti^ei^oloioc roote, noj tl^e ftolotjoe roote 
grotuing bp tl^e full roote* 

t 'Cl^iSf^erbelipiingetpetimeftantibnn^ 

getftfoo^iti^ljtsf fl;all^e0 anU leaned infe- 

Ijziiarie, ant> fiotujetl) in ^arci^e!, anb be- 
luieretl)iji;6;feebein%iil, ^aftettoarbe^ 

t^ei^erbe fabetl^ fo,ti^at noticing of Ijim rc- 
mapneti^ fauing ti^e roote bnber grounbe* 

}$,Tht Names, 

Ci^e roote to^icl^e ief i^olotoe toitl^in 
fe calleb in CB^ermanie i^oltDurt? , tljat 48? 
to fap in Cnglifl^i^oloiDe roote, o^^ole^ 
tDutt:inJFrenc^e54«»^^'*^«y^' in JSiabant 

i^ootoo.itele : ti^at \$ to Cap in3tatine Ra- 
dix caua. 

•Cl^eotljectal^icfte i^ full, clofe , anb 

finne,ij3: caUeb m 25 jabant 25oonfee;0f i^ol 


Ci^ijj roote cfpeciallp tljat lu^icj^e i^ 

l^oloiue, l^at^ ben of long time bfeb in tl^e 

^Ijoppesfof t]^t;S Coiinttep fojtrounbe 3lriftoloc]&ia;^ itf^fo tafeeit pet of fortte 

ignorant 3pot()ecarie^* S^omeoft^e learneb bo ti^infeetlji^ i^erbetobet^^ 

Piftoiochiabe£cribebof}^Unie,€)t]^erjSttiottlbebaue ittobeatobeoffume^ 

tOtie^calrb CapnosPhragmitcstanbfomett^infeeit to beSfw-i/ojfThefiumTheo- 

phrafH. ^ome alfo t^inlif itto be Hf^Vv Enphiam Piinij : anb it feemet!) to be 

fome^l&atlpfee Eriphya ( t^at ijs tuiitten tjuitl^p ) bpcaufe itfcgffounbein t\^ 

fpiing time onelp : anb t^erefoje it mapbeti3ellcallebHe'<?««.t]batijSf in 2.atine 




^ The Nature 

3^oletDo^te tjsf ftoateanb;b^p int^e feconbe begree* 


l^ftle\iio^tecuret^tlie^qmnancie, anbolbe tttmouteiJoj ftxiellingoftft^ a 

^iote,oi tonelle^anb:3llmonbe^oft^e(]ame,if one gargle ojttual^lSis^mottti^ 
toiti^ t^ebecoctionof t!)e fame roote bopleb in tjjater dnelp oj bineger, fo^i it 

l^ati^ po>j)er to cut anb confume groffe l)umourj0?. 

Jt i0 aUb goob agapnlttftetumoureMnb itifiammationj^of tftebuuia, to B 
befecpt iw t^e mouti^ anb c^eu?eb bppon, o? tl&e potuber of ti^e dime lapbe 


Cii e ISmt e mingleb toitlb Vnguentum Populion nigrutn,otH3it]^ fbmeoti^er c 
oftljefamenature^i^goobtotDafteanbconfume ti^e Hcm^ioydes. oipileisf, 





the Hiftorie of Plantcs. 

^TheD efcri^tion . 


auD leattesf,t)i$ ftalfee^ be fmotlje^troutttre.attD Cmall, about too foo te 

lougjiDiti^ blacWIl; leauejsr, not mucij bnlpfee liupe leaueftfaumg tl^ep 

belonger ^ fl?arper poputet»*Cl^efloU3er^ grotoet^pon Cmali ftemmesf 

betvpfet tfje leaueftofa pale oi bleafee vuljite coloutpanU fometime ej^eUoiui^, 

auD alfoblaclie, of acertapne ftrong fVueetifl^ fa* 
ttouc : after tljem commetl^loiigfljarpe-popnteU 
\^vi^t^^ttMz^yt\^z'm\^i^ bo ope of ti^emfelueief 
inljan t^jep arei:ipe:,anb tuitbm tl^em i% contemeb 
tl&e uibic^efeebe ($ rebbi(l^ anb b^oabe^not anucbe 
tolpltet^efeebeof <35entiam 'Cberooteisfbelong 
^ rounb, ajS^ittnerefmaU totttib t^jtebbielhrmge^ 
oilace^f.enterlaceb onetDitbanotber, almoftipfee 
tl^eroote^gf of blacfee IJdllebo^,o^ ^%t l^eele,aub of 



«5» The Place. 

3ftlepiajff grotuetl^ in rougl>,]^igl?,grattelp,anb 

ijr The Tyme. 

3|ttotPi^etl^m|une, anbM^feebe i$ ripe iti 


ij* T'he Names . 

0^i;8f ftetbe i^calleb in d^reUe «<rKXH7r;«:?:aab iit 
jLatitie Afclepias, of Come itfer calleb iti d^reeke 

KiVjopjHcderuncula, ^xi<\ro4*»''^op, tljat lj8»^Hedera; 
folium, anb n0U3 e it 1^8" calleb Hlrundinaria, anb 

Vincetoxicu: in <l5ermatue^cl^U3albeu\JDurtf el: 
in Biiabant Sujalutueujouele: wt map call it in 


pias, Vincctoxicu, ^S>luall0t]PUtt*^^5^^=^ 

rL» r/t tiff nfUU fir (}: N/ivne j_ /*^ <^ 


Ci^i^berbetoofeel^tjJnameoftlie 3ncientfa 
tl^er (0Ctulapiii0,tD W ^^^ calleb in (^refee a^tcxh/tioV .toi^om botlj tl^e ^u^tS 
anb <i5enttlsf fap;t^atftetopa;8:tl^efir(lt^atfottnb out^^l^pficfee^iul^erefojeti^ep 

ibdnoureb \m ^^ a <i5ob* 


^. The Nature. 

Clfterootejsf of 3:rclq){a;8i are l^ogfte anb b^if; anb refift popfon 


%\^t roote of t^ijBf ^erbebopleb in tuater anb bionlien , tlaKet^ tlje grpping 
papne0 of tbe bellp, ^ i;9? berp goob toi fucfte a$ are bitten of benimou^ beaftejBf, -» 
zn^ mabbe 3ooggejB?, not onelp to begiuen to biinfeeintoarblp uiit^ tuine, but 
alfo if tbe leaue$ be applpeb outujarblp 

Cbeleauesf of ipfdepia^ pounbe anb lapbe to , are goob a^apntt tl^e ma- j^ 
lignant blceriS, anb cozrupt fote$ botl^ of t^e bxeaftesf anb #atnj:> ^i motljcr 


npPereare t\i30 routes of #er^)loca:tp]^erofotteftatj> no Orniame, t^otftet 

y is calleb Periploa rcpens 




The thirdeBookc of 


Pcriploca prior. 


Periploca altera. 


^\)Ztttont)z }^ertploc8^ 






•5* T^tf Befcripthn. 

' *" ' a$,but t)i;S \tmt% be fomeu)^at larger anD greater.fttiff little ftalHeisf 03^ 
^1 bzancl^e^ are longer, tji$ l)iiflie0 o;t cot)t)r$ alfo are longer m^ tl^tcfeerV 
^nli l)ij5rootes^ are lifeetl^ieDUie ftriuge^ creeping on tljegrounDe* 

C^eot^erl)at^ longer anb larger leaner, W ftalfeeiaf anU bzatinci^esfare 
tljicfeer ahtJ barber, ^ tijep perill^e not inUJinter ajo^ tJ^eftrft Do: anb W W^t% 

ozcoUbf^arealfo greater* 

" ©otb ttjefeberbe^Cbepngfcarrifieb o.iljurt ) bo giue foo^ttljamilltieittpce 
0| !tquo,i,anb (peciallp tl)e laft:foi t^e iupce of t^e lit^i$ tAtmtmt^ peUo\jDiQ? 



iji The Place. 



tc$fgrotoemS^?.tia, anbOic^elpHe^oateregionjaf, t^epbonol 

Ugljtlp beat«. x^^a Ijuffee;^ in i^p^btinu 

^ The Names. 

i:bepa;cbot^ calleb Pcripiocar: anbt^efeconbfe calleb Pcriploccarcpcnsj 
bot^aret^ougl^ttobe«7roKwop, Apocynonof Biofcozibeisf, ti^etal^tc^ei^aUb 

Calleb Ki/voKe«^ek,anl> Braflfica Canina^et ti^ere \$ another Braflica canina, ZXvcS^ 

OfUJtlbe^J^erCUrie* i^rheNAtttreandFertues. 

3pocpnon i^ a beablp ants hurtful plant not onelp to man,biitalfo to cattel: 
Mi0 leanest mtjcttDttbrneale, anbteinperebotmabeintobzeabjit befttopet^ 

S>oggeftii©olue;8;,anb f Ojceg^anb ot^^et Oicl^e beatte^^ateate thereof. 











the Hiftorie of P fan t 

^- The Defcrift. 






' egroutiDe) grotDetJjeflotuergfbppotiajoitdemme^.UJj^ici^beofa 

fap^c bzotone purple colour, anti of a gooU feuour fomuil^at li&e l^ar* 

Hu^, tJ faft)toueD lifee tlje flotner of a (Sranat tree, callen :t3alauftta n €nv^x\^ 

>jo^tciji)0^t^ebuDDejafof Balauftia, anUfome 

\ul) at IpKettje cupped oj^ i^uffee^ of l^enbane. 

.Ci^e roo tesf be fmal,long,ant) croofeeDlp lapD, 

duertbujartjijere anD tijere,iuitl) Diuer0 finall 

l^earie (lringejS^,of aplearant(t;arpefauo: auD 
tafte bpting tlje tongue 




ije- The Place, 

3t t»eligl^tetl) in fljauouup place«?,anD tougl^ 
Xsvp grounneisf, eljpeciaUp in tbepenbent oii^au 
giug of ^iUe0 ^ mountapne^, m ti^itfee barlie 
tuDoDDe^, auD commonlp bntiert^e i^aCeUeiaf 


J,ti$ aluiape^ greene, atiU fp?mgetl^ aneiu 

auD fiouretb iritbefp^ing time, anU itflouretlSj 
agapneat tbe euUeof ^ommer^ 

iSjt The Nantes. 

C!)fe berbe isi calleD in <l5reeHe «<r«eiF: in 
Xatineatindjoppejs? Afarum ; of fomeNardus 

ru(Hca,$ Perpenla,S^acer calletfjtt Vulg^gorit 

fecalleUmCngUft Afarabacca, auH f Icf tf, 

itmapalfobecalieD !^afel\po:te : in freucl^e 
Cabaret .in (i^ermaniel^arelUJiirtf : inB^abant 
l^arel\uouel,anD of fome il^anfoojten* 

^The Nature. 

^rarabaccaij^boate anD titie in tbe tbirtie 
gree^eipeciallp ti;e roore \ul)icbe \$ moa ijCeD inl^i^pMe 

ijij he Venues. 

t2:be roote of aifarabacca bopleD in tuinean!) li?on]ken,p:ouoketl^ btine,anD ^ 
\$ gooH againil tbe (lrangurie,tbe cougb,tbe f^oitnelTe of bieatb , anb Difficul 
tie of tszeatbing, Conuulfionjsf anb Crampes? ;, anb ti^e l^jiufeing togptl)er of 

members. • 

Cbe fame talien in Iplie manner, x% profitable againU benome, anb agapnft ^ 

tl^e bitingeg^ anb fttnginge^ of ^erpentej2?,anb all benemous^beattc^. 

tEbefamebopleb inuiine^i^goob fottljem tljatl;aue tl)c5i2>?oprte , anb tl^e ^ 


ejrpelletbt^e^econbineanb otber fuperftuitie^of tbemotber* 

%X%\zvint% of IJt&rabaccalfampeb uiitb t»ine, anb ftrapneb, anb tbe iupce ^ 
tl)err£^t)tonfeen,caufet^ to bomite , anb purgetl^ bp bomiting , tougl? flegme, 
^nb cijoler* ? 

Cbe fame leaned ftampeb aregoob tobeapplpebortapbetot^eacbeanbjf 
tio!oi5oftbebeaD, totbeinflammsttouoftljeepe^, anbtotDomcns^b^eaftejaf 
tbat are to full of milfee,U3ban ^ti^ lift to bziebp tbe fame, anb it \% goob to be 





S i S ' 





The thirde Bookc of 

1^ The Kyndes 

Tl^ete aret^lteefoite^ Of fejagoiti5,a]af j^linietdjitetft, t^ati^tofap, ^9 
great anH tftefmal^anD a certa^nc ft irD ItinDe grotuing in tpatme place^^ 

t.DracuncuIusmaior. i.DracuncuIus minor. j.DracuncuIuspaluftris. 

C^e great J^tagotttjDutt. d^efmallerjaj^agonujurt* neater 5^^gontiJurt» 

■ 1 


t ■ 


fji T'i^^ Defcriftion, 

9 e ftrd tttnD e caileD t^ e great 33 ia« 
gon o,t^erpentarie,bearetl^ an ip 
rtgl^t ilalt^eof a cubit long o^t moie 

t^icfee,rotmUe,Crtiot&e,anl> CJjecfelel) u»it]& tiiuentf colour^ ant> ^mm ipfee to ati 

^DDer ot ^nal^eje^Cl^mne.tri^e leauejSf be great and large,co)npacl(t ojt maDe of 
^Sty feuen, oi moe leaned: toft ereofeacftefingle leaf efe long ^ Ipfee to afeoz- 
rellojtiaocfeele^e, failing ti^ ep b e tj erp frnot^ e anDplapne* ^ttlietop of t^e 
ftalfeegroiuet^ along boofeo;t]^ttffee, lpfeetot!)e l^oofeojtcoUDe of uron, o;^ 
D^al^e Eobin.of a greeni(() colour tottbout, ant) of a Dartre reti o^i purple colour 

tPitbm,anlifots:tbe clapper o^pe(iaitbatgrotDetlbt)pt0it]^mtbefapliel^urfee, 
r^etjoinc^e iietlot^anDtbtcl^e ^ anD (barpe popnteD peeKeDlpHetoal^ozner 
tPbofe fruit bpincreafetoaicet^ fti,aj0fitiJreatcbetb,anD atlengft b:eafeet^ out 

ef a certapne ain o,t belme, tbe fapbe fruit ^peareft lifee to a bundle o;i clufter 
of grapes? ,firil greene,anD aftertoarUe reD as?fier,tl^eberrie;3: m grape^ to^er 

of arc full of iixftz otUquo3^,in iDbicl) is? a certapne fmal l^arDe CeeDe^Cberoote 
oftijijSB^goniflflaHing, tbicfee^nti U3bite, anDgrot»mlp]feetoai5ulbujS 
£)npon,couerelJ tuttl^ a tbin pft,anl> of tbe quantitie of apietie apple, anD bcap 
tielrt»itftDiuerjs?littletJDi^itebearejSoi ftringeflf, anD oftentpmr^ t^ere is^ioF^ 

ning to itjOt^erfmallrootefttD^iecebp it i? nmltqjlpeD* 






the Hiftorie of Plantcs. 

Ctje nuaUer^fejwigon ixi iji^ imxt^M^ 4. Dracuncuius Matthioii. 



ants grape 10 Ufee bnto 3ron o^i C ocliotiipint: 

fauing t^atljfe leaned areuotmatfeeDtoiti^ 
biaclie but tuiti? toljite fpotte0 ♦ iEteptijec Ho 
tl^epperill) fo foone agf ^^rou, but t^ep grouje 
togptl)et:\jPitt| tl^eir berried, euen bntplioiu* 
ttiy Cljeit bertleis: alfo arenot fullp fo retibe, 

l?ut are of a certainerelloiuil^ reti^Cl^e coote 
10 uo t muclje bulil^e :iJtron tjo^ite, an6 rountie 
IpKe an €)npon , anU l^attj certapne l^earie 
tl)zeI>Be0, i^angingbp it , tuitl^ certapnefmall 
roote0,oi h\x^\^z^ of neu)e planted* 

%\^z rbote of toatrc d^zagon 10 notrounD 
after tljeozUer of 23ulbu0 , but it 10 a long 

creeping rbote;full of iopnte0, mh of areafo 
nable t^icHnelTe, out of to^ofe iopnte0, (jpiin 
getl) l)p tfte ftal^e^ of t^e leaue0 , iijijici^eare 
fmotft tDit^out , anU Qjungie tuiti^in : but 
DotuneumrDe0 touiar^e^ tfie grounbe ti^e 
fapb rooted fenliet!) out of t^eir faiD iopute0, 
cettaine fmalljearte rooted* Ci^efruitgroto- 
eti^^aboue, bppou aE)o,zte Hem, anb commetlj 
foo^tl) vuitl^ one of tlje leaned , compaffeba- 

Ijouttjoitl) fmalltDljite ti^,i6me0 oj^tftiebbe^, 
att^efirft, (\jol^ic]^t0tt)eblou)ing)anb after- 
luarb it grotuetlj foozt^ into a clufter, lu^icj^ 

(0 gr eene at tlj e f irll:, anb to at etb r eb to b an it 

a?att^iolu0 Sa^gontDurte* 

f mailer tl? an tl^e grape oulufterof 


3ron0 berried, but a0 Ojarpe qx bptiug* %\\z 

leaned be Iarge,greene,fine,fmoti^,^ta[l)ioneblifee31upleauc0,petrmallertft^ 

t^e leaned of Cocfeotopint^oi 3iron*But tl^at leafcin U)^icl)p cUift er of berried 
grou3etl);i0'fmalleftof al,^ bntljebppcrpartoifpbenejrtt^efruit,tt 10 U)l)ite 
23eribe0t]^eafoiefapbe5atagon0,t5iete 10 another feinbeplactbof ajat- 
t!)iolu0;\uiti) great large lcaiie0, groujingfolbenanb lappeb one\3oitl)in an 
tx^tt y'hyit\^ an bpiigljt (lalfee , anb bearettiat tljetoppeacertapneblolTomeot 
fio tjoer lp!ie to a fprlfee care.Clje roo te i0 alfo ro unb Ipfee tbe ot^er0;a0 pe map 

perceiue bp ^ figure^^urelp tl^i0 lmhz of lazago (if anp fucl^ be to be founb)i0 
tat!)erafeinbeof:i3iftou:ljou)beittl^erebet]^attl)inl^et^ t!5i0 figure to befalfe 

anb fapueb* 

^5* T^be PUce. 





C^e firCl grou»etl^ toeU in fljabdtuie place0,anb ixi tl)i0 Coun- 
ttie,tt)epplanteitingarben0 , 

•C^e fcconbe alCo beligl^tetl) in fl;abotute plsce0 bnber ]^ebge0, anb 10 founP 
plentifullp grotuing int^z 3lanbe0 calleb ^aiozque,anb ^inoique* 

1:1910 tljirbefeinbegroujetl^ inmopft xijaterifl) place0,in[' bnnfee0 of bicl^e0, 
anb Noting \joater0;anp alfo alongft tlje running ftreame0 anbriuer0 

Cljep ftottJ^e in 3ulp, anb in 3ugul!: tije fruit i0 ripe* 

^T he N Ames. 

CljefiraWnbei^ calleb in <!5reeKec/^e«KoyTmiui>«'\H:5tijtatine Dracuncuius 

maior^jOfCbmeSerpcntaria.aJlb Colubrinaj in ^t|Oppe0Serpenuriamaior :of 






J 11 The thirde Booke of 

uioitde atit) J^^afeen\uo;ttele♦ . ^ . t^ 

C^efecotiDefeinUe i;B^ called in<l5reefee j*e«KovTioH m«kpoii .• mliatme Dracuncu- 

lus minor: atlD Of fOinelatCtJJjtlter^ Arum maculatum : in €nG^i^)ttm^\l^^ 

qon)3Mmeym^^tMzhZton, , 

^ toater JatagOll, 0;i aparfte JatagOti: Xa f renclje Serpentatn d'eau , O^ a^uatique: 

m]^ig^iaoiicljer©airet^c^langen]ferattt,tPairet l^jaci^entPttttf: mbafem 

maigne AtJater l^tafeen ujoitele 
C^c fourth fetDqtJone of i^ati^iolUiB; fojt t^e great 5^zagonVuo^te,in m^ 

iuDgemmti^notieof tfte Ja^agonujurtejsf ,bttt t^at iie^ tlje ng^t great 3©m- 
gontDiirt,t^e \]D^iclj toe liaueHeGnbeH anU fet in tl^e fitft place: ^ it i^ ti^ougl^t 
^ereiis? no fuci^ ^erbe to befounHe. a]3?#atljioltt^figureDot\> repjefent 

^T^e Nature. 


tl^irDe Degree* i^r her ernes, 

Cfte rooted of tftefe fterbejof eptl^er bopleU ojrofteb , ^ mingleU toiti^ Ijonp, % 
anb afterU3arb licKeb;i^ goob fo,t t^ein t^at can not fetc^e tt^eir bzeatlj, anb foj 
tliofe t^at are bepeb vuitl^ b^ngerous: Couglje;8^ anb Catarrl^e^s:, tl^at i^ to faj|>, 
ftebtftillation anb falling boujne of l^umour;? fromtl^ebiapnetot^eb^teaft, 
anb agapnftcomuiltion^ oj Cramped: foztl^epbiuibe, ripe, anb confume, all 
groffe anb toug^ ]^ttmoiir;8f,anb ti^ep of fconre anb dente al intuarbe parte^s^. 

Cftep ftaue t^e liUe poxuer,\Dljan t^ep are t^j^ee oi foure timeisf bopleb.bntpl » 

tljep 6aueloftt^eir acriinonpeojfli^arpneffepto beaftertwarbeeaten in meateiSf, 


•Ctie fame bueb anb minglebtnitl^^onpjtcouret]^ maUgnant,anb fretting <C 
t)lcer;0^,tt|at are Ijarbe to cure^efpeciallp if it be mingleb tjoit^,tl^e roote of :t3tio 
npe,anb it tafeetl^ atoap all \xi^ite(potte;5^,anb fcuruineifepfrom anp parte of tl^g 
bobp ti^at i;8? rubbeb ti^eretuit^alU 

C^eiupce of ti^e roote of ti^e fame,puttetlj aiuap all toebbeje? ^ Cpottes? from S 
tlje epe;3^;anb it ifi goob to beput into CoUp^zeis? , anb #ebicine;3^ ti^at aremabe 

%\^t fameb^oppeb into t^e eareief tuiti^ ople^taKeti^ aioap t^epaine ^ greefe <g 


%^z fruit of Jaj^agonjB? curetl) birulent anb malipant blcers? , ^ confumetl^ f 
anbeatetl^atjjaptbefuperflttoujsflef^^ (calleb j^olppus? ) tl^atgrotpetl^ in tl^e 
ii^ofe^anb it ijSf goob to be lapbe bnto Canfeer^s^^anb fuci^elifee fretting anb con^ 
fuming blcersf* 

Cftefreil;eanbgreeneleaue5^, are goob to .belapbebntofreC(?eanbgreene<B 

31t i^J t^ougt)t of fome,t^at if ci^eefebelaib amongift 30jagonleaue;Bf,it\i»ill ^ 
jueferuct^efamefromperili^inganb rotting. 

?^io&o,tibe$\»ntet^ , t^atitis? tljougftt of fbme, tljattiofetatjicljecarrie i 
«bottt tl^em t^e leaue^s? ^% rooters: of great l3,;agontxJurte^, cannot be ^urt no j 
ftong,ofBiper;Bfanb^erpente«f* - 


€>f feotnppnt ftatib 5^ eat, large, tmo t^ , f^iining, (I?arpe popnteb leaueft 
muci^ larger tftan3upleattes;,?t (potteb toitl^ blacM; marfee$ of Macfee * 





chc Hiftoric of P laatcs. 


r^0retDit]^certamepurple(pedklejSf,attt» it 

cartetl^acettapne longcoUBe^ l^ufke^oi 
l^ofetopenbp onefpDelti^e tl^ep;opo^tion 

^^ete grotpet^ tp acertapne t^mj 
Ipl^e to ap^el o^t clapper^ of a tiat:i^e mut> 
tp, omannr purple colour : tl^rtu^ic^e 
after tl^eopentns of ti^e lielme o^l^ufU^ 
Dotl^appeare , tol^an ^vs^\$ gone ^ t^e 
bundle o^ clutter of berte^ alCo o^ gr^e]er> 
Dotb at leugt^ appeete> ^l|tci^ are greene 
at tl^e ftrd , anti aftertoarbe of acleare o^ 
lljmmgpellotpifl) reb colour, IpfeeCoiall, 
anbfullofiupcetueacbeoft^e fapbeber* 

rie^^t;8^ a final ^arbe Ceeb e ot ttjpame* Clie 
rooteiie^Ctpellmg rounbe (pHe to a great 
^Itfe, o,tfm;albulbu;3^€)mon, tubtteanb 

full of i^itbojtlUbOaunce , anbiti;Snot 
UJftftoutcertapne ftearie ftringejaf bp it: 
tottbmucl^ increafe of email pong rooteiK 




ij^ The PUce. 

citron grouiet^ bnber^ebgtjs?, anb coll^ 




ijjt Th Tjme. 

Cfteleaue^ofaronbofp^fhgfoo^^ in^arc^e anb 3piiU: anbt^eppe- 

rifl&e anb banilbe injmt anb 3ulp,fo a^ noticing remapnet^ fauing onelp tijc 
ftalbe anb nmth fruit in 31ulp,ui 3ugult anb after tl^ e fruit toajret^ rppe* 


^ The Names . 

C]^fc9? plant fcstcallebindSreeHe w^ in }latirte Arum : in ^Ijoppe^sf Taron, 

anb Barba Aron ; Of fome Pes viiuli : df t^e %^T?XiJMX% Lupha : Of tfte CppziaUjaf 

Coiocafia : (a^^amongfttbcbaltarbeiafanbcOttnterfetrtaincs?) tubcreaif it is? 
alfo calleb Sm^i^, anb c/i^«Koin-;«. ^linit alfirmetb in tbe jcbi ♦ Cbapter of biis 
>f,riiif ♦boofee^tbat tbere i^ xmt\^ controuerCie about Aron anb 5a.zagonti30jtejBf, 
anb Cbmeatfirmeit t0bet]^eiame,anb lb call it Serpcntan'am minorem :in€n^ 
glilBe aifo it\$ conunonlp calleb airon, l^^iefte^Bf ppntilt , Cocltoujpintell : alCb 
Emnpe,anb r©afeeiilobpn : in fretKbe Pieddeveau.m^ vit ie /'r^/rr. in Italian 
in Biabant }^apecullefeenj3:,anb CalfiBfboct* 

^ The Nature. 

3ronitf of con^leirion boate anb \mz , anb aiJ <&atenfa?t^> it iof i^oater in 
oneregion tban inan otber, foi tbat \3Dbicb grotuetb ixi 3ltaUe,ij6^ onlp boate in 
tbefirll begree^ozalmoft in tbe feconbebegree^but tbatto^icb grotjuetb in tbi? 
Countri^j \$ boate in tljet^irbebegree 


Cberootej9f,leatte;^anbfrttitof 3iron,areinpovuer anb faculttemuu> Ipifee 

l5nto ^erpentaria , oi tbat ^ix^z of iDiagontooites^ ti^at groip^t^ m t^i5 ^ 




( . 


The (ccond Booke of 



■ T . 1 



ibtT he Kjitdct . 


Arilarum latifolium. 

Arilarum anguftifolium. 


- • 




^ ■ *%»¥ 

?f« Ty&r Defcmt 


#(0 fitft anD rigljt 3fnfarom,]^ati^leattej3: faf^ioneti Ifee 3ron,fattmg 
tljepbemm^elmaller a;ai:pepopnteD 6t fomtwftatfaajioneti lifeejup 
leaue;8f,liis ftalHe i^ final anH flmDer,^i5f \ivmz coumngji^ butlitle, 
atTDiji^peailloulapperfmall :of ablacfeifeepurple colout,l^i;af grape 
ojbcrie tD^an it t^ ripe is? relJ^Ci^e Itcrriellesf are final^Cl^e roote fef alfo txjl^ite 

dnii fMbioneb lifee 3r &n,(immg it i^ fmaller* 

-f - *-- 

%^t feconUe ^trifaron i^at^ ftue tsiimy^xm : long , narrotpe, fmctl^e, an?! 
&t»ing leauesfjljijB^ ftttflUebagge otftofe i)Bt long anU narrotue, tl^elong taple 03^ 
CenDerpeftilltljat grotuetlj outof ti^e fa?t>e l^uflte, iaf fometu^at bigger l^an a 
t|>e UJ^id^ at t^e laft tl^ere grotoeti^ , a totoe euenb? tfte grottnD,anb Ibmtimejsf 
Deeper, acertapnefmall number of fecrnelWoiberriej3f,gro\uing togpti^erin 
alf-tlebunci^e oiclufter l^e gr^ejst : txjljiclj aregreeneat Bjefirft aja; t!ie ot^erief 

be anb afterti^arOr rebtCl^e roote \$ alfo rounbe anb >(si^\tz\gUi^z otber 


the Hiftorie of Plaritcs 

^Jhe Place 


25otft of tftefe planter are ftcangetjg m <i5ennsme , anti t\)i^ Countrie* ^ixt 

ft e f trft WuUe gtouiet^ in 3talp,rpeciaUp tncectapne places? of Cufcane: t^e ( 
ftergroxpet^aboutmome^anti miaaUnatia,a;6? :$loifiu03(iuguiUai:a\Ditnef' 


^ T/&f Ty 

i3ot]^offtefeplantesfDobeatettjeii;flouizei9(anl>reel>eatrttc^etrmeiai anU 
C^afon^s? a^s: atron ant) fe^agon^B^Do* 

^The Names. 

\3Demapalfo calHt in Cnglil^ 3(trtfacon:jaiimeiriifti5?Wiu*ljoofeeatiD]ct)^ 
Cl^ap^calleei^ tt «^/^faping,tt)ecei$an Afis gro\j3ingmC$ppt,Ufeet3hto 3lton, 
but it is? f mallet bo tlj in leauejsf anD roote, and pet tbetootei^a^biggea^an 
£)life*a3ttttbeot]^er3&rii:at:on\DaigbnfenotDen of tbeoll>e\,t^t 
tti^ alfo afeintie of 3lrifai:on,iti;8?manifeft aftPelintbeflotDerjBfiruit^t tooted. 

a^sfalfomtl^e qualities? 


^ The N. 


^ntwcon i^ of a i^ ater anD tappet complejcion tl^ati Mvo n, a^sf cl^alen uijitet^* 

'^TheVertties. . ' 

atiraronalfoinbettueanU operation i^lpfeeto lazagontuoittes? , anDtlje3 
rootetbereofiJ6:pi^operto cttrebolloxuebkerje^anbpapnefuUfo.teis?, ajS5oiofco 
ritie;6?mitetlj:tbepalfomafeeof itCollpmanl)pla?fteri3?gooli agapnft S\iX\x 

Ia0 ♦ 3it ro ttet^ anl» coerup tetlj tbe p.tiuie members of all lining t^ingeis? being 
put ti[>erettt; a;8? BiofcojtiDe^sf mitet^. 


^nto^tieCa? j©iofco2tibei9r tuntetl))i;5? of tttjo fo;ttjsf,tj(jat i^ to fep, tl^e great 
anH t^e fmal, tbe tul^icbe ixi proposition aiib quantitie; are muc^ebiffering 

one from tlieotber 

^' The T> efcrht 

f I 

%€ great Cento^iebatb rounbe ftemmejsf of t\DO ^i tb.iee Cnbitetf 
longatl^atblongieaues?, biuibebintofunbtppartesf, Ipfeebntotbe 
vijalnut tree leaned, fauing^ tbefeleaue0arefnipt,^benteb about 
tlje ebge^ Ipfee a ^atue> Cbe floiDerg be of fmall bearie tbiebbeie: ^% 
tl^tomme^;, ofalpgbtblexuepurplecolour, anbtbepgrouje outof tbefcalp^ 
lirioppeaf at tl^e toppe;J of tbe bzauncbe^f , tbe \i3l)icbe fenoppesf oi l^eabesf are 
rounbeanti fomeujbat tooUen in tbeneatber parte , lpfeetoapeare,o.i fmall 
l^articbocfejin tDbic^efoioppe;3:(togptbertuitb acertapnefeinbeof Bo\i3neo.i 
Cotton)are founbetbe long, rounbe,(rnotb>anb ftiningfeebe.Ufee tbefeebe of 
Cartamu.s?oiaSaftarbeSaffron,anb our3labpes?Cbiftel.Cber0otet9?long, 
groite, tticHe, ^lU) bwciletof ablacfeif^ colour toitbout,anb reDbilb tuitbin^full 
of iupce of fanguin cblottr,\Pif Ittoeetneffe anb a certapne bpting ^ftrictiom 

^it\^\% great Centoitie tbere \$s^^ otber feinbe, U3bofe leafe itfnot Xm^z^ 
tM iagbe into parte;if,oi peece^^but after tbemanner of a B ocfee \$ long 
ahb bzoaDe,fingle,anti not cut into parte;8f : pet iti^ nicHt 6tfiiipt rounbe about 

tbeebges?,g)atpefail?iott*'Cbe(falfeeii9fi|>oittertbaittbeotber : %Mztfftssvt$, 
feebe anb roote, i$ Ipfee tfte otber. 

, %\}t fmall Centoiie \% a little l^erbe,it ^tingeti^ bp \ss\!^ a Cmal,^ 
nerebflalfeepOf balfeafooteoinine incbe$ibng:\i3itbCinall leanest ixi fafitfion 
lpHe®arierom,8itratberlpHetbe leaner of ^. Jobnsftooite. cb^^leafe^t 
floti3er?gro):ue at tbeiop of tbe little btauncbeftof a fapte carnation, n ligbt 

ee purple 


The thirdc Bookc of 

Ccntaurium magnum.'Ci^e great (£tntOlXZf 

Ccntaurium minus. 

%^^ fmal Cento^ie^ 



• - 






purple reti colottr,lpHetl)etofecairtpine,bttt fmaller : tDj^icftebpDaptrmeauft 
after t^e ^Viwm riCingtJo open, anD tio clofe tip agapne m t^e euening* Clier^ 
lommetl^ after tl^efloujprjS little long iftuCkeft oil^arpepopnteUcoDD^esfjfome^ 

tDi^at Irfee tDl}?ate coinej^^m tDl^ici^isf contepneb al)er j> fmall feeDe , Cfte roote 
liB( Cmall,!^artie,anti of u^ootrl^p Cubdance, anD feruetl^ not to anp purpofe in me 


^ rhc Place. 



•^lie great Centojtie tieligljtetft in a $ooD anD frnitfttU pountje, anH graCie 
\y&Xt% fe plapneiJ^Ja ioCcoiiDejef fapti^ , it grotuetl^ injlpcia, #eloponneCb, 3trca- 
t]ta,9eli!)e,^e(renie,anDinDiuer;8; placet of )^l^otoen,$^mr^>t^ataanB& 
^ig]& an^ ^ eU agapntt ti^e ^unne»3 1 v$ alfo f o nnUe tipon tbe mounte (5arga- 
xm$ oi3t)ea,inti^e Countrie of 3lpuleia, anD ixi t^e feelUe ^aalDino^ bppontl^e 
tnountapne^Jnere merona :buttliatu>bicb5rotoe^in^emount35alDttie?,i^ 
not fo gooDa^ tbatof aipttleia,a5f^attbioluj8f tuiitet^* 

Cbefingle,o^i»5o!eleattetigreat Centoiie grbtjjetb in ^papne, anBtl^e: 
rootes^bting bjtoug^t to 3ntujarpe,anb b?t^er,Uo rometime groiD being plan* 

. C^efmallCentouegrotoetb in t)i^iui?let>feeltiejganftpaattre?,bttteQjecial* 
Ip in b?i> srottnDe]9:,anti it ijs common in t^e moJI place? of Cnglanbe , anU alfo 

tijjtalieanj) dBermanie* 

*5» The Tjmt. 




Cbegreat<rent0n'ei?bo8otuerintbmmer ,anlit^eir rootegmuttbe'gatftc- 

rrTs in :^atumne* 




» \ 

the Hiftorie of Plantcs. 


J 17 


Cfje fmall Cento^te i^a; gatlj^eD in Jiilp anti %ns\xftMt^ \^i^ flotocr^f ant) 

The Names. 



Clje great Centoue i^sf calleti in areelie wvT<xuf jo^; to Ju^/«:ut)latlne Centauriu 
magnum : 'Cl^eop^ialtu^sf alCo calletl^ it c e n ta u ri da : in §>^oppe;9? it i^ tD?ong 

named of fome Rha Ponticum:f0Z Rha Ponticumi«3f tl^at fetnDe of i%a tofticft 

gro\xjetHtitt)eCottntrieof|Donttt;8; , anDiti^ aplantmucfteDiarenngftom 
tl)e great Centaurie . %\fm be alfo otljer name^ afcribeD Dnto tl^e great €m 
mic, UJijici^ are fapneD anD counterfa?teD,a^ Ipuleiu^ \jjjitet]^, vul?ercf fome 
feeme to apparteine to t^eleffer Cetotie:,aj5^v^^Ku,ju«?'»'yH h f*«^:ifnV};,v{c\r(o^,\i;uvK(riop, 

XijuvKs-'V, vrxiKTpov/a: k TTttXKTf ovio|j,5(^e^^<i5v/«,«r^«,H^«Kx(ix?,t^atijSf in ^latine Hcrculis fan- 

d)e final €mto^t i$ calleD in d^reeHe mTccd^ioY to juw^op: anD of tic^eoplj^a 

(filSi KtvT«vf <V; in )tatine Centauriumparuum,anll Centaurium minus : offome 
Hebrifuga, Fel te'iTc^, anU Multiradix : of tije ^potljecarie^ Ccntauria minor : in 

31t'alieanDf etruria i^i^W^^^.-in^panid) Cintoria: in<0erinanie Caufenjul 
SenferautUni^iatjant Santorie^stni clepn^antoiieunf rencU Petmce^taurc^. 

- . ^1 hecaufeefthe Name. 

Cento^iie \jDa0 caUeD in d^reefee Centaurion^anD Cljironion.after tl^e name 
of C Ijiron ti^e Centaure,U)i^o firft of allfptmtie out tljefe tiuo l&erbr^f, at taugW 
tl^e to 3erculapiu5^;, a^ 3ffpuleiu^ tuiitetj^* KtnU a3 fome otljer \uute tbep tuere 
(0 nameD^bpcaufe Cl^iron uja;^cureb toitli tl^efe i^erbe^, of acertapne tuounUe 
ii3!|icl|eljefoofee (beingreceiueDais? agl^efto^t ftraunger in I? ercuteijoufeo^ 
loUging)bp letting fall on W foote , one of i^ercule?: lljafte^ oi arro\y ejs: , ajBf 
i^e VDa)3> ^anliling anD tjeujing of ti^e fapDe i^ercule^ loeapon anD armour^ 

^T he Nature. 

t %\^t great Centoiie i$ Ijoate anD Dir in tt^e t^jirDe Degree,^ alfo aftringent* 
z Cl^e lelTe o^ fmall Cento^ie , \$i of complciaon l^oate, anD Dzie in ti^e feconDe 


^ The Vertnes. 

C^eroote of great Cento;tie, in quantitte of tUJo53,jamme;8^, taken u>tt^ U 
tuateriftl^erebe afeuer, ^init)ineiftberebenofeuer: i;5gooDfo^tl^emttiat 
areburden^anDfottljemtl^at^etblooD^anDagarnfttl^e Crampe ^rfj^tinfeing 
of anpmember, ti^efl;ojtneireofU)inDe, anDDiffiailtteofbzeatl[)ing, tl^eolDe 
coiigl^,anD gripingpapnejS oj knau)ingej8? of tlie bellp* 

Cbefame Dtonfeen in tutrie, bztngetl^ Do^yne tlje monetljcj^ o.z U)omenjB(na- 33 
tiiral terme^Bf, anD ejrpulfetb tljeDeaD fruit, asfitDot^alfo beingconuepeDinat 
ti^ e naturall place.ajsf a ?a eflfarie o,e mo ti^ er ^ upp fttone* 

'Cliegreenerooteof greatCento^ieftampeD^ouljeDuerootelbfeeD intija^c 
teranDbmfeD,Dotljiopnetogpt]^eranD^eale,algreeneanD fre[l;vuounDe^be* 

tng lapDe anD applpeD tl^eretjnto. 

Cfteiupceof tl^eroote, tljetpi^icftti^jepgati^eranDUepeinfomecoimtrieisf, t^ 


Cft e ro ote of tl^e fmall,o^ lelfe Centozie, \$ to no purpofe fbz '3^ t^vim};A\t (£? 

Cl^efmalCentoitebopleD in tuater outline, putgetljDoiijneUjarDei^C^O' 
lerique.flegmatique,^ gro(rel)umour5^,attD tfterjefaie it ijafgooDtozCiJc^ as are 
greeueDU)itl}t^e^ciatica^ifti^ep bepargeD uiit^ tl^ fanie bntpUtbeblooD 




3It i^ berp gooD agapnft t^e aoppinge^s? of t^e Ituer , ajainft t^eJaunDife, <© 
anD agapnft tlje^arDneire of tl?e ^ elte 01 5s>plene* 

Cbe Decoction of Cento^ie t^eleffe Dzonl^n , fetUe^ "mmms , tso^ triiuetl^ ^ 
tiftem foozt^bpfiege»3!ti;8f alfo berpgooDagainltconuttltioti^ anD Crampejat, 

anD al tl^eDiCeafe^ of ti^e finetue^ 


€t If C^e 




• • 


The thirdc Bookc of 

-Cljefame \jjiti) Ijoup cleareti^ t^e figl)t , auti tafeet^ atoap ti^e clouDe^ anH » 
(botte^ of tl^eramebeingBioppeD oit)iftilleD irtto t^efame, ant) it i;sf l3erp gooD 
to bcmittsleD tuitl) allCo%tej8f,anli meBkme^t^atarematiefoz tije epe^^* 

C^ermaUCerTtoiie,g;reenepottnDeanD lapDeto,D,oti^ cureantJ ^cale freeze)!/ 
anti netue u)oiml»e;3?,^ auu clofet^ ijp^ant) foDeretlj olDe malignant ^Icer^s: , t^at 

acetjarDetocure. , . ^^ 

<?E:t>efametiiieB ^reHuceti into poiDHer, i^piofitableto bcmmglet) amongft ^ 
opntmentes^;Plapftcrsf,poUDl»et0,anti (Uc^e IpUe meDicinesf a0 ate o^^DapneD to 
fpll bp \i3iti^ fleil? > ftftttlaiaf anH ^lo\j)e tjlcet^ , anD to mollif ie anO foupple m 




Tl^errbe t>iuerj6?foitcj3:ofmi^a, o^tajJiti^ndtDetalleD meubatbe, not to 
muc^e Differing inpiopoition,bttt ti^eic Dinetfitieis altogptl^et in tl^epla- 
ce^ "oy^zi a^ tl^cp arc foiinD grotuing.f o^oneHinD ofit grotjoetlft m ^on- 
ttt«f, antJ i^ calleD RiuPonticum; Ci^efecoti!)e gtovuet^ inBatbatia, anUijef 
tljerefoiecalleU Rhabarbarum,ant»iti$tljecommonmettbarbe:Cljet]^itticon^ ^ 
metfjfrombeponUet^e^nDianMutof t^etegioniaf of China, anD it ijS tl^al 

UJi^icbe t^e^tabianiJ call Raucd Seni. 

* ■ 

^g^ The D efcri^ttdn, 

^ !^3[ (a0 it fe ti&oug^t) Ijatl) great 
bioaDeleaue^ , Ipbe to tljeleauejs: 
of Capfu^f :Sarbatuft ej >jpljite 
^oUin : otlpfee to tl^e \tmt^ of 
of Clot Hdivctt : fnipt anb UenteD tounDe 
about i^t eUgcjBf lifee to a fatjo, greene anD 
fmotl^e aboue:, anD ini^ite ant» frp^el) i?n 
Detneati^* ^mongfttl^cmfpiingetl^tp a 
rounD ftraigbt llall^e of aciUiitelong.anH 
att^e top hereof grotoet]^ afapie ftalp 
fenop ot^eati, tljetuljicl) ta^anitblotoet^ 

anU openet^, ll?eVDeti^ foottl^a faptepur 
pie aoU)er,anU aftectuarDesf it bearetl^ 
fceDe,notmuclje ijnlpHe tl^e feeUeof tl^e 
cat Centone, fauing it i^ fometDbat 

Kba. Eeubarbr 



Cljeroote usf long, t^icfee, anD 

(Jjungie o;t open: m^ being c^etoeti, it 
peelD etl^ a pello U3 if^ colour ipi^e i^cre 



«5» The PUce, 

m^a grotoet^ in t^e !aegionj8? about 

BoCp^ozug:, anlJ l^ontu^, bp t^e riucr 
la^a, anb in :©arbaria, ^iat^t Cduntrie 
of Cft ina^OD e i^aue founb i^ere in t^e gai> 
ttn$ of certaine Diligent ^etboiinte^ t^e 
flrange plant tu^ic^e i8ftl^oug|toffomf 

|0 1^ Kha^Ot Rhabarbarum« 



Of Tit 

the Hiftoric of P knees. 



ijt fhc Tjmc, 

^ The Names, 


' 1 



't:ijfcef l^crbe,^ fpeciallp ttje callen in (Bu^t |« k ^(op.m t^e Arabian 

fpCCClje R hcu SUD RaucdjOi Kauet,of J^Unie in )LatUie Khacoma, ^ Rhecoma. 

Cfiat \jDt)ic!?e gtotweti^ about 23oipljoju;3?i0caUeD in (^teefeef^^rovmoHiin 

X-atine KhaPonncum, 0^Rheon'P6ncum;0f ^efueKaued Turcicum, t^ut 

ijj to fapjia^a of CtttUie* 

C]Se.^conliii3^icl}grotuet]^in25at:bane,i)BfcalleD RhaBarbarumtot-^efiie 
anD tlje 3(tpot^ecanei^ Riicu barbar uin. 

'Cib^tl^ittl!linBe(CalleI) Chinarum)i;3:calk1)alf0Rhap0l Rheum Senm 

ant> Rheum indicuiii,anD of tl^eidrabians^RauedSeni. ^ ' 

^ T/>f Nature. 

Iti^ai^s? locate in tl?efirftDegree,anlr!r:p in t^efecontJ, auU of an aftringent 

OJ^binDing nature* 

i^The Vertues, 


Ci^e roo te of ll!;aponticam, a^ faitb 3aiofcoitl»e5f ; isi gooH againd: tlje bla< -,» 
(linges^.ttiauiblinge;^, auD t^eDcbilitieo^zujcafeenelTeof t^eftoinacfec, anUall ^ 
t!?epapne^ of tl^efame* fll^oieouer it v^ finguler agapnft conuulfion^ anU 
'Crampej8^,oz agapnft tl^e Difeafejsf of tbe liu^r anH (jplene, agapuft t^je gnaujing 
0,1 griping imm\\Kt% of tbe beUp,tfte ^iDnepe;3:,anti blaDDer* 3(tlCb agapna roe 
a^pugpapne^^ of bieaftejs? anD #otl^er , anD foifiiebe ^% aretroublcli luit^ t^e 
Sciatica, ti^efpittingofblooU, fobbing, peoiring: itis^gootialfoagapuat^e 
JblooUDiefliteanOtbelarfee, anbagainftt^e fitter of feurrft anb tlj ebitinge^ 
and ftinginges^ of all fotte^B^ of benimou^ beafte^sf 

f otd^ is? giuen^ quantitie of alajtagme uiitb ^pbtomel oi a$ 
Ijonieb ujater in a feuer: ^ tuttb fp;tupe3lcetofus? againft tbebifeafe^ of ^ fl)lene 
01 melt:U)itl) botiieb vuine it i? goob againft ^ bifeafeisf of ]^ bieaft: 5 it i;s tafern 
Dzie UJitbout anp moplhire,agapnft tbe tueafeenclTe oi loofcriefle of ^ ttomacfer* 

Ci)erooteofEba#ontiiieftainpeD anDmingleDiuttbbineger,curet!)tb^C 
iJiletubtteCcurffeoimangmeflfe, gtclenfetbtbebobp from pale o.itwanfpotteia^ 
(01 tbe ^ozpbeu))betngftra]^eb 0^ annopnteb U)itl) tbe fame. 

lleubarbeanbiiaueb^eni (asf s3^ efue u\utet^ ) tai^enmquantitieofaj^ 
Sazamme, purgetbbotDneujarbe^sJcbolerique^umonrjsf, toberefote tbcp are 
goob againO; all boate feuerftinflammations^^anb ftoppingc^ of tbe liner, anb 
tbe3Iaanber;sf,e^eciaUpto begiuenojminiftreb UJitbtobapeoianpotberre 

freeing 01 cooling 't^^xcil^z oz potion 

laeubarbe of bim felfe.oi of bi;8J otun^ p.ibper nature, i$ al(b goob againd al ^ 
mannerof iflTueofbloob^eptber aboueojtbelotD, anb ijs^ goob foitbcm tbatare 
\mt tsi burftS inujarblp^anb againd greetiou^ fallen atiD beatinge^af, ^ agatnft 
Cramp eg?, anb tbe b^atoing togpti^er of anp part o.t f^iinking of tmeuje^* 

3lfoit cttretbtbebloobbpfli?:e,at al manner laftte0,beingfir0aUtletofleb, f 
b^ \si\z\s agapnft t^efire, anb b^onfeen toitb (bme aftringent \\t\\mM tbc iupce 

of 0lantapne,o jgroifeanb tbicfee rebbe tuine 

'^ The choice. 

' ci^ebelf mba,ai8f#ertte\33ititeeb,i0^tiJbicbi^btougbtfr6beponb3(nT)i^^ 
grotDetl^ inf Countrieof China'/caircbmauebfeeni.CbenejCt to tbati^tbe 
3iaeubarbeof23arbarie,$tbatXDb«b i;s:of tbeleaftbertuefc0ftbemba ^otiHe. 

^f f^Dtn^iead* €f)ap*jn* 


^ The Kyndes 

Ti^erebettDofoittjSof Cpciamen , a^ Btofto^esef u::tcta* ^^tmt\^^ 
Ibuie plant tui^ a ronnbtbbte,anb \$ calia> CycUmen orbicuiatum . %\^,% 






Tlic tliirde Booke of 


ot^er gr otoeti^ l^tg^^antJ tu^tappetl) it felfe about f^ jubbe^ atiU plantejBf , ant> it 

l^atll no notable rootepatlD it us calleb Cyclaminusaltera. 

^Tht Defcripion. 

Jiclmnmt)n(U)bicl) toe map cal rounU ^oiub;teati)]^atb btoabe leaueil 
fptraD bpon tbe gccuul»e tPitb peafeeb co^ner^s l^fee to jiip leaue$,a!il> 

^^ iligbtlp bciiteb roimb about tbe ebge^: anb of afiuart oi barifee gtemr 

colour aboue,pet potubereb oi garnifteb Vuitb vubtte Ipecfeejaf ojt fpot^ , anb t^ 

mibble patt of ti^efapbcleafe 10 romeu)batxt>bite: buttbatfpbe of tbeleafe 
UJbicbe 10 ncji^t t^e grouube,t^ purple colour, but Cometime;^ beeper anb fome* 
tutted ligbter. Cbe flo uierg: bang bppon tenber ftalfeeja?, nobbing i^^ becfening 
boti3netDarbe;sf,anb tbeir leaner? turning bpuiarbeje; btbacfetjoarbes?, incoloor 
Ipfee to tbe purple btolet,but not (bfaire: anb of but a little oj nofauour* 

•Cbere folotoe fmallfenoppe^\jjitb feebe , grouping bpon fmall (lalfeejs^ tbat are 

ts^mXizt^ ojt turncb tU)o o,i tb.tee tpme$ a 
bout.i:b^t;ootei]8» turneb rounbe Ipfeeto a 

Curnep , oii3ulbu2f roote, anb fometPbat 
fiat o;^p^e(^ebbDlune, tPitb biuer^b^atie 
ftringe0 bp it^anb it isi blacHe tuitbout, anb 
tubiteti3itbin,^in toitl^eringit gatberetb 

Cbe Ceconb Cpclaminon, o? ^otubjeab, 
i)i;0 leaue;^ be alfo b^ioabe anb ttotbingpea* 
Iteb oj angleb,but in a manner rounbe, anb 
notbihg Cpeckleb bppon, otatleafttoapesf 

Cabbe oz blacfeil^ peene colour, butbnber* 
neat^ofarebpurplecoloiu:* Cbeflotoerief 
are iplveto tbefirft, butof a better fauour* 

Cycbminus orbicularis. 




- ' 



%^t roote t0 romeU)bat fmalle 

•Cbetbirb feinbe alfo batbleauejgtoitb 
out comer0,but tbcp befomtjobat benteb oj 
fnip rounbe about tbe ebgeje;:tbe{e leaned 

Cbefiotucri^ of a beeper purple, anbof a 
mo ft pleafant rauo^t ♦ B ut tl^e roote \$ fmal 


^ The Place. 


&o\»b;teab grotoetb mmopft anb ftonp {^abotop place^,bnb emeatb treeief> 

i^ebge;3f,9nb bufibe5f,anb in certapne tDoobbe5?,bttt not euerpiubere* 3t grotx^ 

etb about 3lrtops; anb iJermanbop^Bf in fraunce, ^in ti^efoieO: of immy anti 
in JStabant. Jt i^ alCo common w <l5ermanieanb otl^et Countrirjaf* ^uttftc 
t]^u:be liva^t i0 ti^e bapntiea.anb pet no t ftrange in i talie^ ^ 

Cbe fembe^ ^i^^^*'^^ bo fio^er in lutumne about September, afte^ 
iwarbesf ipmgetb bp tbe leaueisf, toi^icij are greene all tbe tointer* Cbe feebr 

tpairetb ripe about fommer nejctfolotping* 

^T he Names, 

Ci^efirtti^catteb in <15reefeeKVKx4,w©u5;xiwoiKe.H:(n latine Cyclammu% 

Rapum terrs,Tuber tetra?,anb Vmbilicus tcrrz : of Ipuleiu^ Orbicularis, Pala- 
lia, Malum terrc, Rapum potcinum, anb p^^i^ porcinus: iuftOppeiSf Cpdameti, 

nm Archamta :m € i^lii? s» o^bjeab t ia jfrenctje PaittdeioMrces»:ia%taxm 



the Hiftorie of P lances. 


IPan porcin o tin ^pmi&) fome caU it Mazam dc porco in 6 etmanie ^t\^)2)t\n' 

" iB Unie callctli t^e colour of tlji^ fiotoer itiiCltme Colofsinum , 03^ Colofsi^ 

nus color. 

Ci^efeconD feint)e is? calleD in (^utU kvkx<x)uiv©u rne«: in Xatine Cydaminus 

.altera: Offomc ic/<^nojiKi^ccvfltjuojiK5aKiaTo4>u;^op , antlU)0tafee t^attObC Viralba, 

t^eUJl)ic!j(l;aU)eDefcribeD^ei:eafterint^e]clbii(. Chapter of t^i;8fbooUe^ 

^'T he Nature. 

^ouib^eali i^ ^oate anU Dire in ti^c tWrOetiegree*- 





%\^zttststz of ^otub.ieaU tiipeD;anb maDeinto potwUcr ,^ taUen ini^z quan* H 
titieofaD^gttie,ojtama^ineanDaljalfeujit^^pl>;^omellcalleb alto ^onpeU 


♦Eljefame taUen tnxuiue 10 pzofitable againft al popfon, anD agapnft tbe bp« 25 
tinges anD (tinginge^ of benimouis beatte;s^,to be applj^eD ^ lapb to outipatDlp 
tJpon tl^e toounOeb 0^ i^urtplace* 

CftefameDioni^eiTiuit^ U3ineoi^pU:omel,cttret^tl)e3aimDtfc^ flopping C 
of tl)e liuer, 6t taUetb atjoa? t^e pelloiu colour of t^e boUp , if after tbe tafemg of 
ti^e fi[imc in manner afo:efapU;One befo u^elcouereD tljat be map froeat. 



d^eramepioaaliet.b t^e menilrual tenne;a(, ^ ejcpulfetlj t^e beaU fruit,eit^er 5© 
Dionfeenoi conuepeD into t^^e boUp hv a^eHarie ot motljer ^uppofito^iie* 

%\\t iup'ce tl^erof KraHeD bpo ^ nauel o3^bellp,lofetl) t^e bdlp berp getlp*:inD ^ 
ft l^atl^ tl^efame bertuebeing applieb \6 toool to ^ funbement a^ a fuppofitoip* 

%\^z fame ini^zz \juit^ tjineger , fetlet^ t^e funbement tbat i^ loofe anb f^en ^ 
tiotoneoutof l^i^ naturallplace^if itbeannopnteb tljeretuit^alU 

Ci^efamemingleb '\xyit\^ ftonp, anb bioppeb into t^e epe^s clearetl) tl^e figt)t,f 
tafeetl) aiuap al $0 t0,a^ t^je tueb; tl^e pearle,^ l^au),^ al impebimet0 of ^ ftgbt 

%^z imiz fnift bp into tlje nofe,clenfet^ tge b.iapne^; anb purgetl) at t^e nofe ^ 


Cfterooteof^oujbieab ma^et^ttjeffeinnefaireanbcleancanbcuret!) all 31 
mangie ij^minz^z anb tbe falling of tl)e Ijeare , aab tafeetft atuap tl^e markejo; 
anbfpottejSftljatremapne after tfte fmallpocfee^anb meafeUe$,anballot]^et 



CljeCiawnelapbe to t5ientcIt,o,trat]^er tbeiupceti^ereof mingleb voitlj opnt' 
mentejS anb !^ple;2f fo.z t^e purpoCe, ujaftet^ anb confuinctl^ t^e^arbneffe^ anb 
topping of tlje ^pletie oz melt* 

%t alfo l^ealetl) toounbe^.being mingleb toiti^ ople anb bineger , anb lapbe % 

ijpon tl^em,ai8f 2aiofi:oiibe;3? faptlj* 

Cbebzotft o^becoctionof tl^e fameroote,is?goob tobatlje ^ due Cucft partes? ^ 
of tl)e bobp a;s; be out of iopnt:tlje go t»t in tl^e f eete^anb kpbeb IjeeltSi , anb t^e 
fcuruiefoie^ of ttjel^eab* 

Clje SDple lol^erin ti^i^ roote l^atft beti bopleb, clofetl^ bp olbe tlcerja;,^ \jattl^ 
tfte fameaUb ^ alitle U)ajce,tl>ep mafee an opntment berp goob fozkibeb Ijeelc^ 
Wb feete tljat are l^urttDitl^ colbe* 

%\iz roote i^angeb bpon \j3emen,in trauaple \i3itl) Ci^plbe, caufet'o t^em ti^U^ \ 

tieliuereb incontinent* 

1^ The Daunger, 

5n tDl^at ^piz foeuer tl^iif roote be tafeen,it i)8( berp baungeroujsf to ujomen 
toit^c^ilUe: tulierfozelettbe tafeel)eebe,notonlpl?ou)tbepreceiueitintDarb'' 
fc»^ut alfelet t^em be abutfeb ixi anp U)ife not to applpe itmmuXAf : no^ ta 






if dcp Uo but onelp goeoiw it 


<£>ff dttjojt oj Gentian. C^ap»]C9* 

^- 7">^f D efcrhtioff, G e n tia na. (15 eiltiatU 

^€ firllleaue^ of d^mtian, are 


great anU large^lapl) anU (jp^raD 
ab^oaUebpoiittje grounl) luitlj 

tapnc , butgreateranHmoirlpfeeto tlje 

Ipziagetb bp a rounlie , fmotbe , ^oloiue 
ftalke, a0 tbicfee ai? one;sf finger , full of 
iopm;eis,atiD fomtimej^ a^ long z$ a man, 
tDitb CmalletlrauejEf groioing bp coupled 
at cuerp ioput, anD fomet?me;9f fbmiPbat 

6oxt>er;B? grounngrounb about tbeftalhe 
attbefapbeiopntejS I??feeto€ro\une0o3t 
garlanbe^.tub^i^eof eacbefiotuer bepng 
^[jieab abzoabe, ft}inetb u)itb fiicenarroui 
leaned lihe afl:an:e,ant) tbep groto out of 
Uttle long buffeejSf, ixi tob^cb aftcr\i3arb i^e; 

founD tbefeebe,t»bclj i^ Ugbt,flat,^ tbin, 
UKe ^ feeUe of <i5arnefep bioletiaf,o.iftocfee- 
giUoferi>,oiabarbeeiiilfauoureb reba 

lour* €b^ roo te i^ long, rounbe ^ tbicfee, 
> (bmetpmcjgfoifeeboibauble, of tbecolo^ 

df tbeeartb iuit!)out, gt pelloitJif!) vuitbui 
l^lte to 'Btstt Q} €>cre , anb eyceebing bit- 
ter ixi tmz. 







iBpaDesf tbc^entianafoiefapbtberearetioo ot^erfozteiBfof ^lerbe^S^tobw^ 

ire alCb at t^i0 tpme taiien foi aentiam 

Cbe one %& altogptber ipfee <5 entian , feuing it i% fmaller anb bearetb bleui 

fiouoer^.qt in ta?teiti5Jfarrebitterer, lP^erefo^eCraguj5faitb> it i^ of greater 

Cbeotber batb rounbeftalfeejsr, anb fmot^e, fet toitft greenefmotbelong 
narrou) leaue^^aliuarejs gro\jDingbf^cottplefl?,oneagapnftanotber: attbetop 
0f tbeftalfee gtouietbtbe ao\uer0 mt little belle^ef of aligbtbletu colour,fonie^ 
tjpbat fmaller tban tbefiotoer^ of ^ feconb feinbe of manunculu^* -Cberooteisf 

f ellOtO.lOng ^ bitter,and this is that plant the which \vc call Autumne violeitcs 
or Bclflowv-rs: & isdefcribed in the xxj.Chap. of rhcfecond part of this hiftoric- 

<2Jentian^o\uet^ bpon Ijiglj mountapnes?, anb m certapne Coome^? o^ baW 
tepe^ amongfl: feme oibtafee^a^f in Inmiiz places: of ©ermanie ^ i^m^xii^iz* 

?f The Tyme. 

Jitmrntt^ injmz, anb tlje feebe 10 rppein 3[u!p anb ^^uguO; 


* The Nxmes 

<0 entian i^eaUeb m<preefeeyiyT.«i^rm Ratine anb in feljoppe^ Gcntianarol 

3pttleUlS? Alocgallica, f^'eKK^Narce^xeieoW. Chironion, Bafil 


f lSf^£ w^i^f in f rencbe Gentile, ini^igi, 5aoiif^e,ent|ian, anb Bitter 
^l^^.^*^^^^^^^^^^S"^^^^«t^^3^fe alfocaUeb Genuancin 'Italian anH 





X ■ 

die Hifioric of Pkntcs. 

* 7 he caufe of the Name. 


t^attfcDit m medicine, auti tj^ecefo^ze itvoaje; call^D <5enttan after tftempoe 

femgeia? name* h- The Nature, 

i:^e toote of (Bmtiaui^i^oateanD ti?iemtl^icDelieiiref# 



^Jft The Fertues, 

Cft e to te of dDentian maUe into potuUer, anti ta&en iu quatititie of a 6tam ii 
Ijoit^uiine, aUetlepeper^Ette,t0p,iofttablefo^ttiemtftatarebittenoi ftotia ^ 
of anp I3enimoit0 ojmanue beaded , anHis: alfagooDfoz tbemtbatbaur tafem 

CJije fameliionlfee t^itl^ \uaiter,i$ gooti agaiuft ^e bifeafe;9f of tfjeliuet ^ fto* 23 
tnaclfee^it l^elpet^ Uigeftioiijaub Keepetl^ tlje meate in t^e ftomacfee , aul) tlje bfe 
of it \% Ijetp gooD agapnft all colbe biCeafeiaf of tl?e interiojt oiinner pattcisf* 

Cljeiupceof tljefamcrootc curettj tljepapncanbac^ebf ti^efpUe, ^ be^etl^ C 
tftemt^at i^aue talien great fallejs:, aiiD bmfeftanD arebnrften, foi it liiCOoUiet^ 

anD fcatteretl) congeleo bloorj,anD curetlb tl)^ fapbeljucteiB?* 

•Ci&eroote of (Gentian alfo mretb Heepe feftereD, anb fretting im^ anli 55 
\i3Ottnt)e0,vi3lian tl^e tiipce tl^ereof fcs; ftttleti o:DzoppeU into tljem> 

-Cl^efameiupceapplpeD oi lap33e to tuit^^ finelinte o,z Ipnnen, Dot^ftuagc € 

anil mitigate tljepapneanDbumingl^eateoftljeepe)6f:anl»fcouretlj avuap anD 
clenfetl^ t^e flfeinne of tl^e bonp from all fouleanD euttfauoureH fpotteft bej>ng 
annopnteD oiftraciel5 tljereiuitl?* 

•^ri^ e ro ote of (15 ent tan being applpeDbnDer in manttetofa^e{rarieoimo=' 
tc^zc ^uppdfitoiie, p^ouofeet^ tl)eEoujer$, anD Diaujetl^ fooit^ ti^e UeaD fruit* 


naarf d^entianl^atl? rounbe ftalfee^sf of a fpanne long ^ tometo^at 
i|moie,tI)ep be alfo j^olotoe, ^ fpaceb tuitl^ certapne fetiottieiopnte^sf, 
^tljeleaue^ belongnarroujeanb t^icfee,anD gcotue alfo bp coiiple;er 
' oneagapn(tanotljcr,anti falling fome)jPijatbacfe\uarl)e;5?lpfeeti^e 
ot^er<l5 entian,t^e Sovwer^be bletO; long anl) l^olotueujitljin IpKe 
ielto,grou?mgfoo,ztb of greene^uffeeiai , ftanbingrounbe togptljcr at tl^etop 
of tlje (lalifeejSf anb about t^e Hem at certainc (pace^^^Ctjeroote v^ vjl^ite;rounb. 

anb long,anb pearfcb o^i t^tuft tljioug^ m certapne places? crolfe\jaire,t)D^tcl) \% 
p caufe It i^ calleb Cruciata, a;s; fbme fap: but it isi ratljcr Cjd calleb of t^ e f a!l}iori 
of ti^e floxi3erig;a0 iBena faitl)^ 

it ftatl^ rounbe ftalfeeiStDitb iopnte^ oz fenbttejS: it i?3: of a cttbite o;t afooteanb a 
ftalfe long,ot moze, tbe leaner be large toitl^ bepne^ o.iribbe;8J ^Ipfee tlje leanest 
of bioabeplantapne;fattingtj[)epbefmaller,<j moftcommonlpgronjingbp cou- 
ple;^ at euerpiopnt,anbbenbingoifallingbacfeix3arbeft efpeciallp tljofe \)3l)ic& 
groiunejctti^eroote* %l9zitiV3tt$ grotPintl)etopoftl)eftalbeiS>^alfo aboivt 
' ^e bpper iopntesf in tuffet^^of f^eetfauour,^ colour fomtimc^ reb u$ a rofe, 
anb fomtimes? of aligljt purple oitpl^ite colour, grouping out of long rounbe 
hutkt0,^ are maie of fine leauejs? fet togptl)er,in t^e ma>le\x>berof are certaine 

fmaUl^earietl&zebbe;6;*C]^eroote^beloug^tl)u:Ue,tigrou)o^ creepea:aofeeb- 
Ip, bpxuljicl^e t^n:el)angcertapnefmall]^eariet^icbbe$ ipfeetotl^erootrj^cf 

23eare;5 footeot^ettertuoue* ^ The place. 



Jt conthmttl) along time in garben^ 

^ The 




The thirde Booke of 

Cruciata. Stoatft gentian. Alifmafiue Saponaria.§)OpeUJOJt0llltmtl* 





Ci^ep tmtt in June Julp, anti Hugufl^ 

|K( The Names. 



C^efirft \$ called \\\ <i5enttattie^olielg^eer,anli^peerenftic]^: inbate 111* 
matgne^alJelgljeenof fomem)Latine Cruciata,t^ati$ to fa?,Cro{reD*Bo^ 
info^tmcanl) facttltie,itfeemet]^ to beafeitiDe of (Gentian, ^ConraUe d^eChere 

itttJget^ itfo tobe, anlitbetefozeitmap becallcli Gcntiana minor,tftat i^ tofep 
in<englilb,tbefinalo?BU3arfil5etian*fozt!?erei0anot]^er Cruciata , focalleU 


(^albefpol^en amongft tbefeinbeis? of ^aUDer* ^omeluoulti ^aue it to becal* 

leD Chiliodynamin : bUtPolemoniai)8fcalleb ChiliodynaraisOftf^eCappalJO* 

Cbefeconbeisfcommonlp called Saponariam,bpcattfeoft^eclenfmg ojtfcoa* 

ting ptopertiet^atfe in 1^1$ leaue^f: foi tul^an tbep are biufeD; tbep peeilJe a 
ccrtapne tiipce tDl^icb \J3ilfcottt:ealmoftipfeefoope*2$tttiattellut$ Dercribetl^ a» 
otber^oopeujo^te* j&omecaUttHerbamtunicam: petitijsfnoueoft^jeclpuf 
c^illoferftanD miicljelefreanp oftlje Mnbesfof Polimonij , tul^ic^ acetafeenfo^ 
S>tueete i©iUiam;s? otCoUncpnerig^asf \i)e l^aiie txJtitten \n %% Ctjap* of <&ffla* 
lu%. 3tfl)Ottlberati^etCeemeto be Aiifma o^ DaiTiafoniiim,fauingtbatt%e 
ftaltie foi tbe mollpart i^ not (ingle , but moll commonlp grotDet^ foojtb into 
certapniE:btancbe;8fo.iDiuflion;s:^tberoote;@?^otttti be gteateroztbicfeert]^^!! 
t^eroote;s:of 23e3refpote:;©tttt]beleaue3af ateagreabletutti^ t^e beftrft»tionof 




the Hiftorie of Plantes. 


Alifma^anU fo fef t^etttft o^ bmUt of fiotjocr^at ti^e top. Tont tl^e Halfee of Aiif- 
ma is; fingle ant) fimptt,mh t\)t rooteis QjoulDebe alCb fituDtt i iD^icge minvt 


si> The Nature. 

%\}thittzxnti[toUWtl)ttht$y Dotl^manifeftlplieclare, t^att^iepbeboate 
anb b,iie,iw qu^Utie not mucl) ijnlpfee dietitian* 


;, Cljebctoctionoftl&eleaue^ojrooteofCroitetDottc <l5cntian, 6^5DVDarffea 
<1d entian Bzonfeen^Ho tlj clenfe anli ftdute tlje b^eaft, feoin all fupcrfiittitie)? , anH 
f roCfe flegme^sf, tl^at are gatl^creli togptljer in tljeCwnc , anD it i^e; gooD agapnft 
tl)e falling ficl^nePre^ 

ttdme anb popCon anli againft t\^t infection of tlje apite,anD tl^e peftilence* ^ 

giti0goot)toVDaa}etuounDej8f ^co^cuptblcer^Bf.intljeujinevubereinitl^atft /r 

BenbopleMjtto ftcaxueti^epotDberofitinto tl^erame:fozitflenfet^(=ti^calctS 
mefame* - 

Cl^e f sjoine X^tU^zfi of <!5ermanie;6o geue it cijopt berp fmal to t^eir Ijoggc;^ 3© 
anb ftuine to eate , anU bp tbt^ meaner oo heepe t^ein from tije i^urren , anO 
fuclje Ipfee contagious; tJifeafe^.a^ cljaunce to tijeit cattell \\\ cozrupt feaCon* 

^f^lecampan^. €i)ap«]rnQt 




^ The Defcnpeien. 

EJtecamiJane i^ati^ great , bioatie, foft 
leaue5;,immebiatlp fp^^ingtngtjp fro tlje 
^Qote,notmucl) Differing fro tljeleauej^ 




t J 

ullin;but greater anli Jarger,a* 



monga; tD9id^fpHngett)bp.atftic*el)earie 
longdalfe^, commonlplonggr^tljana man, 
befet \tJitij leaner of ^ fame foUe, but fmal* 
ler,of a ligbt greene colour abtme^but tofti 
ta^ bnberneti? > sttljetop oftljcaalUetljere 
pdiDe fapie, large, peUoxtie, (bining ttotjo 
tt$i Ipfee ftarreftanb in figurelpfee to CI)?? 
fantl^emon oi golben Eoi\3er, but a great 
Deale larger , ft altncd: aa; large a;6?p palme 


df onesfljanlietClje tDfttct) UJbant^ep fabe 

oz peri(^,tio cliage into a fine boxune ox foft 

Cotton, toberbnto tbefeebeis; iopneb,<ii^ 

carrieb atoaploitb tbeu)inbe, liue tEbiH^ell 
feebe* i:berootet8;greatEnb tbicfee, toitb 
manp otber fmalrootes; ?t bubbe^g bneuelj^ 
abiopninij^anb couereb toitlS a tbicfeerinbe 

n barfee , of abzotone eartblp colour toitb 
ottt,but moftcommonlp U3bite tuitbin,^ feat 

notberpftrogcjranfeeof C^uZ u^bmiittjBr 
ft efb anb greene : but \3}^mit i$ X^m ^ tt t^ 
berp aromaticall;anb batb in it a ceitapur 

fat anb €)plie mopfture oz fubftance* ^ ^^ 

lEbe feconbel^elenium tobereof J^iofco jibejs; tfizitetb, 1^ bnfenotum to ^$ 

it batb tenber bzancbe0 crating alongft tbegrdunbe, beCet taitb mmp leaue* 
lifeetbepulfelenti^iei^.Cberoote^^ --""^ - .t..,,...^.-^..^,.r.' 1..^ 

abone anb narrotu boti3neu»arbe;5?* ^^ cJi.;. : 

^iiU a^ one!^l^le fingrr>!r;r5EJ 

• # 1 4 7f 

* f ♦ * * - » ^ 

- ■ 


gj(5 The th'itdc Bookc of 


^ the Place. 

elecampane Deligl^teti^ in gooD fertiUfople , ng Cnballe^eisf anDmeDotDeft 

it ijfalCofottnbe in ^tUej6:anDH)aDotPieU)ootiDe0, butnot tommonlvinhm 
StomXitfS3t i^\)ttp common in englanti, f launtietft anU 25?abant, anH tic* 
rp \D ell fenotu en in all placets?* 

C^efeconD groiuet^inplaces^aliiopningto tl^e^ea^anUbponlitle^ille^ar* 



^i^- The Tjme. 

eiecait^aneflovu^et!) in Jxvdz ant> Julp , t^e feebetsf ripein^agutt* %^z 
bed time to gather t^eroote,ij9^ attire enDe of ^eptember^ UJljan it ^atl^ toft 


% ' 

#§» r /rf ;sr4/*« 


' I 

C^ii;sf^>rrbeiis:caUeD'^?^t'vioH:(n Ratine inula, anH Enula :(nS^ioppejSf Enufi 

CampanarOffome Panaces chiroriionyOl Panares centaurion : in Cnglil^e C^Ie* 

carftpane,S»cab\^?oite,anti i^o^fel^eelerinf rencl^e^^a/^ cam^anaiin^mmm 
3Elantu)urtKinbafe3(ilmaigne3tlant)33o?tel, anl> <l5alanttD0.itel: in Jx^lim 

£/?<?4,anD £/»W4:tn^pani(^e Raizdelalla. 

Cl^efeconDeHintiei^caUeti Hdenium Aegyptiacum ,btttpetl3nfeno\j)cntci 

r menoftl>i8?tpme* 

^ The Nature. 

eiecampanebe(ngpetgreene,^atl^aftiperfluou;sf moptlate tuftic^e otigj^t 
firfttobeconfttmeDbefoieitbeoccttpieD^iSutti^atmopfturebeingDjtpeBbp, it 

jjt The Fertues 

Ci)e t)ecoctton of elecampane Dionkenrp^oito^etl^ %int anD tDomem? % 

fioti^eriB^/antii^gooDfo^t^emtlbatategceeuelitPitl^intuarDebarilting^^ o^ 

C^etoote talieti tuit^ l^onp in aneiectuatie.clenfet^ tl^eb^ripel^toi^ j^ 

fieme, anDmal^eti^iteaCietoberpetout;, ant)i^goot)fort]^ecoug^anD{^D^U> 
neffeofb^eat^* i. 

CbefamemaDeinpotDUer antmzonfee, itfgooUagapnfttlbebptingesfmillc 

UJarDe parte^sf* 

3ConfituremaDeoft^erapDeroote>tjS? berp tPl^oleTomefb^tl^eil^omadi^j^ 

anti ^elpetl^ Digeftion* 

%^t leaned bopleb in tuinejanb laptie to t^eplace of tl^e Viatica, foiagetQ <0 


^attl^ioltts^figurei^almoillplteti^efirftfeinbeof Libanotidis, ^taisfCtttP^ 
netani>l^eiuatet]^,i)5 calleb in 3©oiti^ea$eareU)OzteiJ,o^i!5actej9(tuojte5f* 


^on of 5©iofco^iDej3: l^sf beicribebamong(tt]^etoote5r,tD^>erefo3te\iif 
^auenoneot^erfenotjplebgeoft^efaftion of ti^efame , but ^% our 
nmtitntt^ t)atte left it b^aUn tniiting^C^ii? i^aue 3| fap&e > to ti^e in^ 
tent t^at men map fenoiDe>t^at t^ofe i^erbeiaf tu^ic^ t\)t :^ot^ecaneif 

anlio^erj9fbobfeattljis:iiapinpftpr*e,at:enottftetnie^eon, tol^icl&e toe 

ftoulDenottelH>oU)eto^notDe,ift^atmen couUie not finDe ^e 6al^ion,mil> 
natnreof tberigljt^eonbeCcribetJ^ 

#conacco.^I>in5to 3^iofco;tibe^, iSflpl^etol^pUin ftamejg^an!^ leaue;sf,bttt 
tti0tbicfeei;anboftfte^rigtftof tmn ciUjiteiroz t^^ee foote* Cl)e rooted art 
long,iinaU,U3eurmellin J anti chafing o^tfjeatingt^e tm^z, anti t^iep are C:ai> 

tering ^ere anD ti^ere^Come rigi^t anb (bmeatozp* 





the Hiftorie of Plantcs. 

^The Place, 

^m gcotoet^ plenteottttp in in ^acetionmatiti ^papne^ 


!>o but onlp keepc ^ name,fo;t t^e true ^eoni^ pet bni^ftou)e,butt^e ^ot^e- 



tuxz% tio bfe in t^e tteebe t^erof, a feinbe 
of luiibe JBarcelie^tbetPbic^ iis? befcribeb 
in t!;e fiftft part of our biftoip of plantesf, 
^ it batli no agreement oi IpkenefTe "m^ 

ti^ebeftription of i3^eon, tPi^eefoie it can 

1^ The Nature. 

Clje roote of ^eon ijs^^oate in tlje 
t^^irbebegtee^anb bzp in tl^e feconbe* 


, CfjerooteiB^of^penmbopleb in \jDa- 
ter, 01 onelp fofeeb tn vuatec anb btonlie, 
boti^migi)til?opentbe(l:oppinge0 oftbe 
feibnei>e;s? ^ blabber, tl^ep pzonofeebiine, 

eafe anb i^elpe tbe ftrangurie , anb tliep 
confume all tuinbineffe anb blaftingeief of 

Cljefame tafee uittl^ l|onp,bo appeafe 
tl^epapnejs? anb gripinge^of tbebeUp,are 
goob foit^eaffectionjaf of tbe motber.po- 
bagre$ anb aci^eja? of iopntes?,anb againlt 
al Catarrlieis^ ^ i^i^legmeis* falling bo\»n 


^f ujemenfitouer tbe becoetiontl^er 
ofpit bungetl^ bourne tljeir ficfenelTe* 




Cbefamelapbe bpon tbe lotoeftpart 
oftbebellp of poungcfjtlbten, topll caufe 


tljem to ptHe anb mafee tuater* 

•5« The Daunger. 

Jf to mucl^e of tl^eroote of tbi^ ^erbe be biontten; it caiifeti^ l^eab ac^e 

Ǥ* T^he Kindes 


^ttt be ttoo fo^te^f of i^eonie , a;S J^iofco^eiaf anb t!^e 3Iunaenteiff "fixity 
t^at i;@^ to fapjti^e male anb f einale* 


M\t Poeoniel^ati^tfticfeerebbrftalfee)8f of aCubitelong: ti^eleauejsfbe 
great anb large , mabeofbitter^leaue^grotoingojicpnebtogitber, 
not mucbe bnlpi^e tbe o^aUmt tree leaf e ixi faftion anb grcatneife: at 
tl^e l^pgbeft of t^e ftalfee tbere groujetb fapze large reb Botuer^.ber? 
toelUpfeereb rofeft baningalfo in tljemibbe^s pellom tl^tebbe^ t^iY^zut^, M 

ter (befalling aiuapof t^e leaned, t^ere groXDeti^bp great cobbes(ozb«^^^ 
ti^teeoifouretogpt^er, tbeiDbicbebo opentDi^an tbcp be ripe, in tbe opening 

tol^ereof tbere i^ to b e feene, a faire reb coloureb lining , anb a pollift ^D blacfee 
ftinmgfeebe, fuUofui^itefttbftance. f:i&eroote0betul&ite, long,!inaU, anb 

tp ell fmeiling 



* •- 



The thirdc Bookc of 




Cljefemale ^zonit ntW fitft (iJiinging bp,ftatl) alfo W ftalfeeis? reUDe anH 

tl)tcfee:t^e Itmt^ht alfo large aiiD g;rcat,biit DmitieD into moiepatte^^almoft 
like t^eleaue^ of 3lingeUca,lottage,ot 9^au))t.%f)tfisy\\)m in lifee manttei: be 
great anD ren^biitpet leffer mh paler ti^en ti^e floujer^ of tljemaleKinDe* %\)C 
cooties? anDfeeUearelifeetbeoti^er* Jn tljefe rooteisf are Uim^ fenobbe^s: o$ 
fenotteis; a^f great ai3?^come^* V • 

^et^auepouanot^erifeinlieof ?^eome> P^oma mas. fl^ale}^eome» 

tl^eti)bicljiSfUfeetl)efecontifemUe,butl)i^ . .^. ^ ^t^tMiMtx^^mv 

fiotuer^antileaiie;jaremucDfmaller,anD P^^omafcemina. f entalepeome 
tbeftalkes: fto^tter , tbeiuljtcljefomecall 

^apUen o^ mirgitt ^eonie : altl)ougl> it 

bearetljrelJ floufer^auD feelielpfeetSe 
tb er ♦ 

^ Tht Pldce 

Cfte Wnbej^ of ^tmit$ are foutibe 
planteH ixt tl^e garbetrg? of tftijsf Countrie* 

^eonie flo\]i)ietl) at tl^e beginning of 
S^a?,anbt>eUueretft i^iisf feetiein^un^* 

4^ The Names. 

^deonie i;6?caileD in dSreefte Trowov/octanb 
in)Latine Poeoniarof fome TrwTofoe©.., yw- 

Kutrff.Dulcifida^^nl) Id^eus Dadtylus, 0f3t* 

pUleili;8> AgIaophods,(rt\Hvioi;,<rixo^*^v«oFi 6t 
lAoVtop.TiXHyoyovopjanll Hcrba cafta:in (^0ppej8> 

Pionia: in i&igb laouc^el^eonienbluin, 
?^eoni^ rofen,<i5ic^txuurtj,mimig?blum, 
^fingftrofen: in bafelElmaigne fBioenr, 
anH |lioenblormen,anb in fome placed of 
f iattnl»cr:8^ ^aftbloemem 


income tooUe l^i^^ name firft of tbat 

gooDolUmanPa?on,aberp ancientl&b 
fttion,\jDl)o firtt taugi^t tlje fenoiuleUge of 


The Vertues. 

Cl^ftooteof j^eonieDiteb^ant^tl^eqiiantitie of a JBeaneoftftefameb^on- 
lien iDitl^ ^ eaDe called l^pb^omel, bungetl) botone Ujomejsr flotuer^.ftouretft 
ti^emot^erofU)omenbioitg^t abeb^ anbappeafetl^ti^e griping papneiS^ ^ anti 

Cljefameopenet$ tl^eftoppingoff^eliaer,anati^ Wbnepe^, anU fot» to itl^ 3$ 
rebUiineftoppetljt^ebeUp* ~ 

Ct^erooteoft^emalej^eonieftangeb^otttti^enecfeeljealetft , tl^e felling C 

ficfenelfeCa^ d^alenanb manp otl^erftattep^toueli) efpeci^lp inpoungctjilbten* 

Ceno^ttoeliieoftfterebfeebeis:, bJonfeen\3Ditftt^icfeeantiroug]^reDU)inei & 
tot^ Usp ti^ereb ilTttejS? of tuomen* 

goob remebiefoz t^em^ftatare troubleb loitl^ ti^e nigi^tsparecttjl^ic]^ i^ abif- 
eafeipfterin menfeeme to be oppieffeb in ti^e nig^t a^ toift fome great burfbe 
anb fbmetime^ 1 3 be ouercome tuit^ t^eir enimieia()anb it ig g o ob againa mt* 
land^oliqne Xsit^im$^ 






t^c Hi ftorie of P kntes. 


l^cre be tvoo fojiteisf of tmaienan^tl^e garUen anD toilDetanD t^e tDilUe ?iiak 

a Orange feinDe^tl^c UJiitc^ i^ notjpe calleD (^reefec ^aleriait. 


Valeriana hortenfis. 

feetUJaUo,^ gardentualerian* 

t. Valeriana fylucfttis maior, 

^i^e greater twtiu e sE^alettaiu 

3 - 




1 K^Bi^t\»allotgat^etttiiialerian,attljefirfti^at]^ bioat)eleauejB(ofatuljitif|i 

greene coiottt,ftmong(J: tD^id^ tt)ere commetij bp acounfi liolouj,plame, 

anD a fenottte (lalfee* tilppon tbe tol&icbe ftattteie? tijere grotuetl^ leaue«f 

fpieaD abioaUe auli cut^lplie leaue^ of tl^eroote calleD garUen #arfenep: at tbe 
btg^eftof ^ftall^egrottjet]^ taffetas ofCdtone;9f\»itfttD^ite8ot3aet;s;,o^ aligi^t 

bleiu 01 carnation colour at tbe beginmng anH aftertoarbe UJftite^Cbe roote \$ 
t^ tj^icke as? a finger ,U)itl) little rootejsf anH tb,^eDl>ejS abiopning tberebnto* 
CiSegreattoilbetaialerian, iiafalmoftl^feetotbegarbenitalerian, itftati) 

alfb plapne,rottnti,lb6lotD M!s.z%r niutbeb loitb fenotte^* Cbe leaned arelpfee 
tiefplapeb tDingej8f,mabe of manp final leaner fet one againfl; ano tlier, Ipfec tbe 
leaae^s: of ^ettoalloz garbenma!eriau,tDbicft^ grouie at t?)e bpper part of tbe 
ftalHe^btttmuflj greaiter ano motecloue o^icut %^z ttmm grotjo aiOi are lifee 

^i^e roote fcsf tenber tpinbing anb trailing bere anb tbere , anb putting foottb 
ittter? pere ne\tJe planted ot^nngeiSf in funbtie places* 

I CbeUttlet»ilbeiaaIerian,^berp^eUiltetberigbt!jreatmalemn,butiti|t 

Si a 





The thirde Bookc of 

aftjDS?e^ leffe* "Zllt fitft anb neatijCtmoft j.Phu paruum.Valcnanafylueftris 

leaueisarelifeetljelttleleaueisJof i^lantaine, minor.'Cl^efmaltuili) ^aaleriaiu 
tlie reH'a^icI) groto about i\^t ftalfee, atebe 

t^tnucft anD Uccpelp cut^t^etp \uellpKe to tl^e 
teaaeis; of vutmemalertan , oilife? t^eleaueisf 

xx^m^ groti) aboutti^e ftalfees? of gatbe tia^ 

boiit^eleiigtbofaftanlie* Cljefiotoer^be 
lil;eto f aouet^ of t^eafojefaiDUinliejaf^Cije 
looteiSbetinaUrt cteeprngalongft^ groimDe 
C^e d^reel^ift valerian Ijatlj txuo o;t ti^jee 
^olou) llalfeeg?,oi moe : bpon J U3^icl^ groto- 
etl^ Qj^eaD Icaues? almoU ipfe^ t^e Umt^ of 
\DUUetaalcnan, but longer, nanroujcr , aniJ 
moiefittelp cut , lpfeettielcaue]@f of tijetupltie 
J'etclje , biit &nte\]o]ftat bigger* ^i&e flowers? 
grouj t^ifi^e cluftering togitber at tl^e top of 
t^e ftame of aligljt injure oj^blete coloj^jpar* 
ted into f iue Utle leaueis, i^auing ixil^t miDle 
lhmi\ul)ite tl^zebbeiefpouiteD tuitl^alitlepel 
Ictxj at t^e top5?»C^e fee^e isi fmall groujttig 


ii&e,but Cinal t^uD0* 


^ The TUce, 




Cftegarbmmalertan anU ^reelie valerian are 
(b\j)eii ^ piantcb m gatben5f*C^e otficr t\DO feiuBejo? 
gro\0 Ijere in mopa p!aces;,auli inijoaterp mebotDeis: 

IpmglOtO^ ^^TheTyme. 

%%t t^iee firftfeiiilie^ of malerian bo flower from 
^ap to iHugua.C^e ^reefeetaalerianbotlj flotuer 
ittoftcommouip iujune auB 31uliv 

C^efirftfeinbeof tl>efei^erbe3?{)a?callebm(5ree]^e 

4w,Phu:mltatine Valeriana,anb NardusfylucllriSjOJ 
Nardus ruiHca:iufi^oppC3!f Valeriana domcHicajOJtVa- 

Iemnahortcfis,of fomemtl^erebapegi Marinella, Gc- 
nicularis 5 ailb Herbabcnediaa ; mfxmi\)Zy^lerUn€: 

inbigl^^oucljecBrofi 23aRiiiam mbafe:$lmaigne, 

^peercrttpt,tljat \$ to rap,^pearU)ttrte,'oz ^peare 
iierbe,bpcaufet>ig f irft leauejSf attfteir firft "comming 
6p , in malting arelpfee to tfte 3ron ojt l^eab of a 
^pcare: ixi Cngliil^ S>ett33al,oi%b\jjalU 

areeUif^ ^alerimu 


C^e feconb feUlbe Wf CiUeb Valeriana fylueflris,Phu 

fylueftre , aub Valeriana ^lueftris maior : in jfreuc^r 

'^anJeV4UrUnfat$u4ge:}Xi\^i^ J30ttc!j tuilbei5albzi^, 

&atjeni33urt?el3ttgentuurtj, menbtuurtf ,^ Betv 
nemnarcHe: iu bafe ^bnaigne , U)ilbe naaleriane : in 
^nglift tijegreattuilbemaleriam 


Cftet^ir^ !5 altinbe of \i3ii 


vaaleriau,attt5^erefoie\x)ebo call it, Valeriana 


fyiucftris pmor^t^atigtc ap,^erntau^aije^alerian,anb aUb Phu 

iUlb Valeriana minot. 



tfie Hifto 




4 CliefOttrtl^ fe^ Callet) of tJ^el^erbDnftefif OfoUCtime Phu Gr^cum,^ Valeriana 

6 rxca,tl)at i$ to Cap, € reefei(^> o.t c^ceKe ^alerian,^ it map be tuel calleU Vale- 
riana pcregrina,ou'reudophu,fo^tt)i;8^i8: no y:ialecian,butfomeotl)etatang 
l)etbe,tl)e XD^ict) \ue cannot compare to anp of tl^e i^erbe^ DefcribeD bp l^iofco 


~ > 

tiDe;8?,ejCccpt it be tlje rigl^t Auricula m urisfot tl|e M)\)ic^ it i$ tal^enof fome 
%\)t roote of vllalerian \$ l^oateanb Due in tIjefeconbeDegree* 

ijt The iWtnes. " 

CI) e Decoction of tl^e rooted of ^etuial bzonfeen^piouoKet^ bnne,biingett) % 
Doume ujomenjs^ flotpers^^anD i^e)|)ettj tbe acl^e anb papne^^ of t^e ftbe>anli fto 
macHe^'Ciiep be of \iu bectue being mabein potuber anb bionfee in tDine*3KnD 
ftilence,asf Crpacle^ anb ^itljubat^f* 

Cije leaner ^ toote^sf of t^e great yx>\!i\^t taialemn bopleb ixi toater, bo ^eale 23 
i\it blceration anb bliftring of tbe mout{j;efpeciaUp t^eroug]^nefle;anb inflam 
matron of ti^e tl^^ote^if one U)a(l;e W montb o,i gargarije tbecetuitb 

^en bo bfe to gtue it UJttb greatpzofit in b;tecbe^;to fucl^ a^af are burfte \iim 

Cbe tU)o otber ^alerian^sf be not bfeb in mebicine* 

englill? men bfe ©reefee ^alerian,againO: cutter anb tjoounbe^sf* 



Imoote. ^ffioftlbuttcojfiliott'a^ €ljdp.jJW9 

* , 


^' The Defcriptien 

^feujurte i^ati^ tbstee oi foure 

Ualfeesf groujing fro tl^e roote,fet 
fttl of tbicfee leanest, ipKe ^ leaner? 

of UpblOngO^ CrafTula maior,bnt 

tl^ep are moze narrotuer,^ cut oi i^acfet at 
f^e top^C^eroote i^ tbiclte, Waning manp 
fmal bcarie tljiebbe^, ^ tuban it is eptber 

bznpfeb 01 burften,it bot^ fente anb fauo^ 

like tl^eiaofe, ^oft^atittoofeel^is^ name 

■1 . ^ The Places. 

i^ofe\JDnrt o;t ti^e roote fanering lifee tl|e 
jaofe , grotoetl^ in ^acebonia anb "^nn 
garie: intW Countrie tbel^erbojifteis: 
Uoplmite it ini^zit garben^s^ 

f|» The Tyme. 

%t flottret^ ixi S^ap^but it bearetl^ aotoec 

Rhodia radix-EOfetOUrt 


«. The Names 

tElii^Bfbcitei^ calleb in (^refeCfocAjft ^'4 

in ftigi^ 

fnjtatine Radix Rhodia, f^ Radi 

in J^reitcbe Radnefentant les refes ; 

Jaoiicbemofenujn^ttf : in bafe^lmaigne 
mofenxt)oitel : \n ^itglifltje mofetmiipt ojt 
I3^e too te fauoiiring of tl^e lHofe* 

^TheNdtun. ' 

%\^t roote lubic!) fmelletl^ lifer tfte toC?, 
«&ectaUp of tbat CbjtteiMi^icbe grbtuetb m 

j^aceboma, i^ljoate in t^eftronD begrre,^D affubtileanb finepartetf 

^ . ^TheVmueu 

Clie roote Ebobia lapbe to t^e temple? rtt^^efoje^eii^ji^ft^ opleoftofi^ 





The thirde Booke of 

s^rU, n,lmiimn. 1 yremi 





^r he Def motion 

eiitotp i^atl) leaueja? mucljelpke to f^ 

uU,al ftnelp cut o^^acKt. Clje flo\Drts^ 
are pellou) in J mitile,fet tounti about 
toittj little \jD^iteleaueiSfometu^atble\» 
!3uDer,lifee^ fioujer^s of Camomtt,o3ilpfee 
^ eiotp et0 of tl^e great Dafie* C^e toote 
ts long anH draig^t, fo jntimes? ajs bpg a^f 
afinger,^oate auD burning t^e tongue 

^T he Place. 

tici^ij^ierbeis? not founUe gro\jpittg of 

^im felf e in tftts Countrie, but it is? f ounU 
planted in ti^egarDen^ of certa^nei^er- 





jjkt The Tym<^ 

?© elitozp floU3ietb after Sl^ap bntpl t^e 
euD of foiner, in'xui&ici^ feafon ti^efeelieiisf 




%^% l^erbe i^ calleli in d^reelte TruftSf o^. 

in }LatineSaHuar is : inlljopjSPyrcthr 

(bme aUb in 0reUe 7r«$ivotf,7rvg6>Top 

in ^renC^e Pyrethre , 0]^ P/W d^AlexAftdre : VX 

l)ig^ 5©oucl) Bertra. Albeit mine 3utboi 

fetteti^ footti^ tl)i0 berbe foi PyrethVo^pet 

it \% not aunftxierable bnto laiofcojttbejE? 

Pyrethrum.o? Saiiuarem^vjuijerfoie^ tibinfee\a)e tttap \x)elcaUtbaftarU Selito 





♦?• The Nature 

%\^z roote of i^rietljie ijtf i^oateanb b?^p int^e t^irtiebegree 


%^z roote of i^elitoip tafeen \Diti^ l^onp^ija; gooU agapnft t^e falling (icfeneje?, 3 
ti^e 3pople]cie, t^elongantiotoeDifeafeaJoft^ei^eaXJ^anUagainftallcolDeDiv* 

«afe;s( of tlje bjtapne 

%\^ efamel^olben in t^emout!) ^cl^etueli ,Uta\jDeti^ foo^t^ great quantitie of ^ 
toaterid) fleme* 

Ctjcfame fotiUen in bineger^^liepttDarmeint^emotttft; iotft mitigate anH C 
alap ttjetoot^aclje. 

t3[:tje;^ple\»i^erein|^ellito^p^at^ben bopleU, v^ gooft to ^nnopnt tlieboDp S> 

ftU auD Il;afeenfouolDe , anb fo]t members t|)at arebenummeD ojfountiereb 
anO fot fticija^sareftrifeenioiti^t^el^alfie 

<&fwtIt>cprttto?p. €f|a9*jcje^ 


iljf' The Defcripi 

rounU b^iittlc bjancftej^ t ti^eleaue^s: be long $ mi- 

oiD ftacfet round about lil^e a S>a\» , attfte Wgi^eft of tlje ftalfee gro\j) 

oiuer^ lifee ^e fiouietg; of Camomil,pello\u in t^e mible, 6t fet rounH 

about ys)it\^ fmal \i3^iteleattej0ft t^e roote i^ tenber f ful of thttW: m 

)s3We^tmi$ Q)am gt biting,almo(lin taC Ufee^^eUito^p of ^paptie , ^ foif 

cauf? men cal it atfo uiilp )^^lito ip 



the Hiftoric of Pknres. 

i5* ^^^ ^lace. 

^ 4 



cllitoip isi founlie about i\^t 
boiDcr;0f of izzM^M %v^ metiotoe^ anU 
ftalio\Dp placet, ^ fomlime^ bpon moun 
tapne^ atiD ftoup placeja^* 


tjtitpu September* 

^T he Names. 

Cl^iSf^ecbei^rTotpe caUeD in )Latme 

l^yrcthrum fylueftrc,tbat Wf tO fap,l©plUe 

5^eUfto^p:mf renege i'7m^rfjf4«»4^ff .-m 

laeirifal^m, tl^at i^ to fap , XBX^itt Canfie* 

Ci^tSi l)B^ not ^«fjuiKw, Ptarmice ,0J Sternu- 

tl^e 3tttnctente$ 

Pyrcthrum fytueflre.i^ilbe lleUit0Z|?^ 


^ The Nature. 

Cl^ t^g; 1^ etb e i^ !) ate anti D^tr ^ 

;ai r ^<f Vertues, 



Clji;dfl^ei1)ei^olDmin tl^emoutli anlr 

c^e\i3 eti, b^ittgetb Ipfeetutfe fro tl^e bzapne 
ttpmie 6etne,almoa;ai$ mig^tilp a;Q^ )^elp> 

tot? of S^papne: ^tt i^^betp go oD agatnO; 

3t t;6f alfo gooa in^allatieis:, t^ Car- 
ragonanb iHoquet, lu^ereof (^albet30^it 
tmmtl^eftftl^boofee* ' 


Affaire ^ictam. €liap*iricu 


^'The Defcri^tien. 

l^i;6f l^etbe fe Ij»ke to X. entifcu;8f, o^tTlpcoiaief inbjtaticl^ejs: anti leaueftU 
bearetl^ roimbe blacfeifl; anH rougb ftalfeejsf, anl» leauejs: DiCpiapeD aiili 
fpieablpfee^LpcdiajS , attbetopof ti^eftalfee^grotiie fapjc flcujerft 
fometui^attummgtoujarbebleuj, tJ^etubici^tontbebpperpart, o? 
^alfe lsealel)atljfoureo,zfFUclesue;8?,attD in tbelo\jper,oineat^er of tbe Came 
flotoer itl^atlifmaUongtbtebbejS^croofeinganD l^angmg Uotjone almoft Ij^feea 
feeatbe*'Cl^efioU)erj5pcn(l^el», tberecommctbintbeplaceof ecbe flotuerfoure 
oiftuecobbesfjfometbingroug^ tMit^out^anbapmietobe^anbleD, anUofa 
tfrong Canoiu: almo (I fmelling ipfee a (B oate: in tbe toljtcl) is; conteineti a blacfee, 
plapne,ll?imngfeeDe* €be rooted be long anUto^ite, fometpmea^t^icHeais^a 
Rnger,anD Do grotoeatl^ujart oneanotljrr* 


3t grottiet^ in tbe 3le of Canriie,a5: 3^ iofcoziircsf tljiie? Countrie 
it 10 founDe in tl^e garUenis: of certapne ^erbo^ifte;8f* 

3tflo\JDietbmti^is:Countriein3iineanU 31ul?,anti fometpmr«(t!jereeDr 



commetii to rppenelTe 

■^ It 


C T^i Names. 

' Cfti^fterbe fcsf calleti itt<l5reefee t^«Voh: in Hatine Tragium : anU i^ ti^e fir 
%ixi^ oj Tragium UeitribeH bp aioftotiHe^^^ome Ijerboiife;^ cai it Fraxinciia 





The thirdc Booke of 

anil Csme "^^tM^tmic^ Do bfe t^e/oote 
ofitmfteeDeof Oydam, anD Uo call it 
Dyptamuin, twttDiti&out great etTour, 



-^ - 

anDt!)erfo,zeiti0caUenoffome Pfeud 

di«5iamumnothum, tljati^tOfaf , 33a* 

ftarUeotfalfe Di^aam. 

^The Natures. 

%xa%ivm fcaf aljttoft Ijoate in t^e tl)itD 
i^egree^anU of ftibtilparte^sf* 

C^efeeHeof Cragiumtalientot^e 
quantitieof aUtagme, i^fgooD agapnft 
tije ftrangutie,it piouofeet^ tJ.iine, b^ea 
feet^ tftc ftonein t^eblaUDer,^bMngetft 
itfooxtl^tanbitmouet]^ tifte temne? oj 

fio\iier0 of tDomem 

^^elpKeijertuel^at]^ tljeleauciBf aiit» 

ifipcetobe tafeen after tlje fmne fd^te: 
ant) beinglapUe to outtoarDlp, itti^iatu 
et^ out t^oim^ anti Q)linter0* 
CfjctootctafeentDiti^ a little ll^eiV' 

barbe,feilletft , ^ Dtiuetlj foit^ loo^me^, 

^ is: bcrp ftngiiler gt of eiccellent b ertue 
agapnft t^e fame,a;9f men in tljefe Dape? 
J^aueptoueHbp ejrperience* 

3t isf CiaptJc alfo (aisfrecojtDetft 3©i(rf' 
coiibeis ) t^att^etuilDe <i5oate0 luljan 

tt|*epbeftrofeenU)itl^ Dart^otarroVuejsf, 
bp tfte eating of tl)i;9?^erbe Ubcaufe tifte 

(iameto fall from out of t^eir boDpej^/alVuMlfeift^^fftabeatenoftijerpg^t 
Dydam .3llnti it Ui polTibl^, t^at fojt tlie Came caufe tl^is^ |ierbe tuajJ fird tafemiii 
ftoppeis; in fieebe of tl^e rigl)t Dyaam. 


m -r 



Olemonittm^at^ tenDer ftalik^, tuiti^ iopnteisf : tl^e leaueie: aremertelp 

biolie^altoaiesf ttoo fet at euerp iopnt one againft anot]^er,at tl^e ftigfeed 
of tije (talfee^ groiuet^ wl^itt floujer^ , Ranging Hotonetoarlie anH iop 
ningone to another ipfeea tuttap,oj little nofegape, aftec tul^icl^e gotuer^ 

dierefommet^blaclvefeeUe,inclore0 inrountie^^uffee^; CfterooteiiB^tjj^ite, 

pet ti^ere 10 an otl^er^erbe tattenfojt|aolemonium,tD]^fefte botlj alfo bting 

foozt^longllalfer0,toitl^fenotte$o^iopnte0:tti0mud^e longer tl^an die afoze^ 
fapD feinDe.^auing long leaue$,narroto at tfte top , ant) b:oat)e beneai^ UJfterr 
aeft^epbciopneB to tljettalfee* H^tUtDu^ oltW kinDebe of an o^ientoj 
rieare reD oe coloui:,anD Ho grotnein tuffeteg aUnoft Ipke ^^ieriam %ht rootf 
' 13^ long,to bite,ant) t^icfee,ant) tuelfeuouring* 

Ci)e ^ olemoninm mmtM^im Ipea&etft, ig tiefiojtemfnte Deftribrt 









Polemonium. 25eetialbum* 

Polcmonij altera fpecic?^ 

J 4? 


^ The Place. 

uirougl)ftD!t|^ placets?: menplantt^emi&w 



T^f Tymc^ 


Ci^efe ^etbcja: Do 8o\x>et m 35ttne ^ 31^1? 

Clje ftdl i^ calleti in (Btt^z 7roMjitfflv/»H»H5" <f »x«iTte;«:m KLatine Polcmonium,$ 



oipiopertic;8::inlbop;8f, a;3?ti)tme(ret^i5ernartittjB(of (^onDonio, Herba tumca: 
not fgat toDe of :i5 ebm,iDberof ^ctapio to^titetb in W CCpFii^CJapter^ 

C^^e feconUei^ alTo taken fo^ Polemonium, ^ igf callet) of l^erbo^nfte^ Behcn 
rubr u m.tljte becbe a;oulD fecme to be jaarciiTu^ tulietof tEitgtt in bitf <I5eot2t- 

Que,^,anii Coiutnciia in hortismaltetb mention 




Ce roote of J^olemonia btonken m\a)ine, isf goob agapnatbebloobbpSp^e, % 
anbagapnfttbebWngeiB^anbfttnginges^ofbenunoujfbeaftej _^,^„^_ 

Cbe feme biunUen intuatet^pjouofeeti^ b^rtnc^anb belpetb Rie itrangitrp anu 35 

parnc^s: about tbebttcUle bone oibancbe* ^ ^ ' _ ^ ^.^.r.wm.u*^^ 
^ en bfe it it)ttb bine5er,againa tbe batUnetre anb ftoppumt^ of t^e melt 0| c 

folcne.anb to allfutbasf arcbpanprneane^sfgreeuebabouttbemelt 


Cbefamebomenintbemoutbanb f^J^^f^^^^^^l^ 1^^^^^?^%;.^^.^ 

it^atiifo gieatarengtbagamftSr.coipionjsf, tbat \uboTo cue; ^j but bolbeti;e 
(ame m iji^ bsnb e.canno t be aong,oi burt bp anp ^mp^^ ^ 

AlltkCe lajl recited n;ermsfrom Ban nf^t found m the Ufi much cc»u ct ^j^^'^^^ 
J French copy ,the which lh4ueandis in Sum fUfes mwly cmeBedand amended bytbt 

X^uthor him [elf i 




The chircic Booke of 

^►r€ttgltf Ii #alangall* €^ap mv 


Cypcrus. (0 uglitl) <0 a^UatigaU 


?|w The Defcnptim, 

}^peru0ieaue;8f are long,nat: 
rot»,anD ^atD* ^Cj^c ftalliei^ 
trianglebof acubitelong, in 

t^etopXDlberofgrotueti^ title 

leattei8:a3lftitefeelieli)ungiiigoutv C^e 
rooteis^iong trtterlaceti one tuitl^in an 
otbet , ftauing manp ti^ieUtiesf ? of a 
biotun^ colour auH (tueete Pmoutf 
^ 23efiDes^ t^taf tl^eee i^ fount) anotl^et 
lm\it MU to t^ e af o^eli^pt) in leaue^e^ anD 
ftemme^acbut it l)at^ no I5g rooted , but 

iJiaerjB^rounH little rooter of ^bigneire 
of an€>l|>ueiopmng togiti^er : 3inDof 
t^fefo^it BiofcouDr^s: ^atb tuiitten* 
I £)neinapU)rt place amongfl:^fein&ej0f 
ofCppetuif,t^elitle rooted calleDCcaS 
(of ^ J talian^)f 01 tljeit leaue^s? be fome- 
tt>batliketl)e leaue^s of Cppcru^, but 
tbep be fmallet ^ narrotoee , tbe rooted 
bealmoftlil^eto fmal nuttejBf , o^lifee ti[e 
filfeetuotmeiJUJ^appets tounbe m tbeie 
(ilfee, befojie tljep turne into ^otbe^ o j 
23utterfipe;9f , anb ^ang togitl^er plente 
outtp, bp little final tbieb<0?,tbeferaotei8J 

b^foieet m idAt almoit lil^e €\^timtfi* 

^T he ^ lace. 

. <tppem;8fa5^tDitne(ret^3aio(coube)0r, 

gtoXDetb in lovu mopft placed ^'i^ no t commonlp founbe iix t\^\^ Counttep,but 


OUfte$* ^TheTyme. 

C!}!5f y erbe b.tiitget^ottl^ biJ3^ fpfeit top, ^ feebe toit^ leaueiSf,itt3ttne anl> 

inX\^t garben^sf of fome 


^ The Ndmes 

3t i0f calleb m <BrerfeeKU7rte®-:in)Latine Cyperus, Cypirus, anb Cypcns, of 

t:^mZ Afpalathum,^ hryiirceptrum : in (feoppe^f Cyperus: Of CO^neliU^SCeUUg 

luncus quadratus,Of|^linie runculusangulofiis ,anb Triangularis .inftenC^e 

iTtftff^ff ui3^oucbetDplI>wn<l5algan:i» CngliH^dBalangaU 
Cberoote^ calleb Ci:afbs;,are alfo nameb of tbem \ tD;titeno\u Dukichima: 

(nS»papue ^^^^z/^^^^'^^^toftbecommonieJof 3talp(a0iia^afo:efliib)Trafi,(t Tra- 

fci.^ome learneb mentbinfee^ tbiff isf i^w««'.Mamiras,uil^etof jaaulujs ^Kegi* 
neta\i3utetb,tul)ici) 1lluicencallet|> Memirem,oirati^ei:o^t«v/TJf, Holoconitis 


^. The NdtMre. 


Cljeroote of Cppeni^ o^ Cnglif?) (I5alangal,i0]^oatea«ib bip in tl^e ^frb be^ 


^ The Vertues, 

Cfteroote^ of Cpperuisf feopleb anb bionlte ptouolietbbiine,b?ingethbotDne 
tuomens? namrall tici^ucireAtiuet^ fooitl^ t^e fl:one,anb isi abdpe to tbem that 
l^aue tbe i^zopfi* 

C!j ? fame tafeen after tbeCamemannei: iaf atemebpagainllflje fttnainct an^ « 

popfon5?ofS>co:pion^,anbagapnlltbecou-" »»»>«» 

Jtii^aUb goobagapnft tbecoibndfeanb&opptnae^oftt^emot^ettft^ebeU <E 

\s be batljcb ^a^arme t^cc uj itl^alU 


the Hifloric of Plantes 


at\)t moutl^ anU fecreteparte;8:(alt^ongl^ t^ep eate^anU tuafte tbefieftTif itbe 
ftroujeH tt>ei:emjOstlaplie ti^erebponiDitft \japiie* 

plapfter;6f maturatiiie 

but if to muc^ thereof be ta&m^tt ensmD^eti^ l^'eaDaclie. 


i5» T'^e Defcri^tion. 

Ycratrum album. 

^t tPl^tteCUeboz ^atl^ greatbzoal) 

leaue^sf.iDitl) ribbesf o^finevue^si Ufee 
tl&cleaue5foft!je great i^lantapn^ 
0^ d^entiam 'Cl^e ftalifee x^ rouiiDe ttoo o^j 

S^iee fbote l^(g^,at tl^e l^pmoft part luftei^ 
df grotueti^ alotigeft anb rounDeabout tbe 
top y ti^efloipene^oneaboueanotl^er^pale 
df coloZplJittiDeU into fijce little leaue^^, tl^e 

tD^ic^ ^aue a peenelineauertl^\»art'c6e 
fame being paffeD, tberecommetlj inij^eir 

placets? fmali^ttClveis^ UJl^erin is^ cotepneli ti^e 

feeUe, ^erooteijB^rounDe, ajs^ tijiiclie aja^ a 

ihantf Knger o^ttl^ombe,U3]^ite botl) tuit^ 

otttanDuiitl^inl^amngmanp t^tclielace^ 

0^ tt^jteODp (tringe;3f. 

^ The Place. 

n^ftitel^ellebo^j grouictl^in ^nticpia, 
tteareabottttl^emountapne€)eta, anbin 
CapaDocia $ S>p;ia, but tl^e bea groujetl^ 
in €vitm* C^e %txbQMt$ of t^tje? Coun* 
trie &b fet it ixi tft eir garDenjsf^ 

jji- The Tyme. 

ualjitei^eUebdi «0U3itetl) in ti^i^sfCouti* 

i^ The Names. 

CftijBf ItinD Of ]^eUebo3» i^ callei iti (Brefee 

tMte«e©- XiuKof; in Jlatine Veratrum album : 

(n (i^oppejB* Hclleborus albus : Of fome Pignatoxaris ^ Sanguis HcrcuIIs :yd ftZiH 

Eiiebore hlahcm i^ig!) 3©onci&e l©ei&jaieftottrt?: in bafe 3lmaigne naitte liieO 


too.ttel 0^ ii3it ^ieltrttpt : in CngWl; i^l^ite l^elleboj^, 0efetuo,ite, anD ^tinj- 


^ The Nature. 

C^e roote of €Uebot ijSf l^oate anti d^tpein tiie t^irl^e tiegree* 

■ ■ • 


"t^t roote of UJl^ite <ClIe))Ot canCeft one to tdniit Ijp migl)ti!p ani toitft 
5eeatfo>ce,aUaiperfimm;s?, flpmie,'t3enemott0anl>nawg^tie^umonriBf. 3tilte- 
toife it is^ good agapnd tl^e falling ficfeneiTe, j^feenCieft olDepapneof tbebesd, 

madnetre,fadneffe,tfte goujt, and ^ciatica,aUfojte? of djopfie^; popfon , ana 






The third e Booke of 




agapnH alji cotte Difeafe^ , tljat be W^t to cure, mtb fiic^e SjSf. tppll not 

peelDe to airp meDicme ♦ But ais? concecnmgt^c pteparation tl^ereof befoie it be 

mmiftteD to anp^anti alfo in tu^at fo;tt tlje boUp t^at tt^all recciue it oug^i't to be 

piepateti,itl)at^benl3ei:p\))ellantrlargelpti^ftnbeD bpDiuetiB:.olt)e ^otto^fi, 

tbl^erof 3 mintienotto intreate,bpcaufe^ mleiB^to beobferueD befo long,tl^at 

t^e^ cannotbe coinpzel^enbeU infeujeioJOiDesf , fo;ttl)ep map toellfpUaboofee, 

ftrongrooteinin\»atliemeuicine0,butonelpto applptl^efame. outujartilp. 

•C^erefoieiti^gooD to hzWb agapna all roug^nelTeof tbeffeinne,tDplUe:6 
fturfiTe^Hnobbejs^jfoulefpotte^s^, anH ti^elepiep , if it b e lapb e tl^ er eto xuit^ jflDpie 


Ci^e fame cut into gobbinisf ozflice;8?,anD piit into fiftulais: , tafeetl) a\juap tbe C 


%\)z fame put bnDet in manner of a p effarie^b^unget]^ tiotone flotoer^sf^anU 30 
ejcpelleti^ tlieDeaUcbilbe* 

CbepoxuUcr ti^eteof putinto tbenofe,otfniftbp into t^e fame, caufetl) fne- <^ 

(ing^toarmec^ anDpurgetb tbeb^zapnefromgrolTellpmie i^umour^, $ caiifet^ 
t^emtocomeoutattj^enofe* , 

i:befameb0plebin bineger antiljolUen in tljemoutl^^rajagetl^tootl^aci^ejf 
anD mingleli ^itb epe miDicines^jbotl^ cleare anti fl^arpen tbe figbt 

CbetooteoflleUeboipottnbetDitbmealeanb^onp, ijS^gooDto Ull^pitiB 

anti Eatte0 anD fucbelpUe beafte^ei, anb to Wm t\)zm aiuap : ipiketupfe if it be 
bopUD vuit]^ mplfee, anb ^©afpeisf anb f ipeis^bo eate tbereof^it Hilletb tl^em, fot 
tpl^atfoeuerbotl^eateof it, tioti^(\pellanbb3^eaHe:anbbptbijS^ luemapiubge 
^otoe perilottis; tbii^ roote igf* 

l©l^iteCllebo.:bnpieparep,anbtafeen out oftimeanb place, ottomucl^eiit 
qiiantitie, i^ betp l^urtfull to tljebobp : foi it c^olietb , anb troubletl^ all tbe 
loatbepattes? , b;ia\jDetb togptbet anb ftiinfeetbaltbe fine\De$ of mani^bobp, 
anb in fitie it deaetb tbe partie. ^bcrfo^eit ougbt not to be taifeen bnpiepareb, 
neptber tbaniPitbout goob beebe anb great abuifement. f oz fucb people a;$ be 

eift er to pongoi to olb,oi f eeble,o^ Ipit bloob,oibe greeueb in tbeir (lomacfee^, 
lubofebieaftegfareftraigbtanbnarroiDe, anbtbeir necike^ long,fttc]^r feeble 
people map hv no meanest beale taitb it,'a3itl|0ttt ieobarbie anb banger* r©bcr- 
fo^e tbefe lanbleaper5?,tioge^,anb ignorant :i!fej9f,ti3bicb tafee bpo ^em tuitb 
out learning anbp^actife, bo \)erp euill,fo^ tbep giueit VDitboutbiCcretion to al 
people,tDbetber V(^tv be poung 0^ olbe,llrong oi f eeble,anb fometime^ tbep nil 

tbeirpatiente;B;,ojattbelealtt]^eppntt^eminperill n greatbaungerof tljeir 

i^i^berbctsflpfeetjnto tfte tobiteCllebojabottefepb,but in al parted 
it i$ fmaller : it batl^ a ftraigbt ftalfee tuiti^ feinotoep leaue^s^ , lifee tbe 

leaner ofiBlmitaineoitu]^iteCllebojt,butfmaller*'Cl^efloU)er;5bang 
botpnefromtbeltalfeeofaujbite colour>bolottie in tl^emibbie, toith 
fmall pellotjoe anb incaniatefpotteje(,of aberp ftrangefa(^ion,^\Dijan tl^ep are 
§one,tbere cometb bp Html fcebe liHe fanbeclofeU in tl^ic^ei^ufltesf.CberooteiS 
are fpieab ftere anb t^ere fuUof fappe,\iiitb a tl^icfee barfee.of abitter tafte* ^ 

^rh Place. 

C^ifl; l^erbe grotoet^ in53tabant itic^rtaptte mopft meboioetf , anbt^arKe 



l|f The 


the Hiftorie of Plantcs. 

^T he Names, 

%W l^erbe \$ called in d^reefee t;«;it€oe;v«,btcattfe 
ttigflpfeemfafljiontona^itei^ellebo.z : m:tatme 

HelleborinCjantl Ej)ipa(ftis : in Ijjigi^ 3bouCl)ei©illit 

tait ilttiefctupt^ti^at i^s^ to fap.a^ ilDe u>bite eilebo^. 
^ome tljpnfec, t^atClcbo.iine fe anbetbelplieto 
CUebom^f dnelpin iJettueiBf , anb not in fafbion* 




C^efefellovue^s^toplnotteceiue tbfebetbefojt Hd- 
leborinc:btttbj?tl^t;8ft^epmap ifenoujtbeir ertour 
bpcaufe neptber <^alen nojt Jaiofcoiibeisf bo attrt 
bate anp of tbe pj^opettie-sJ of Clfebo^i to i^ellebo 

tVnZ*> ^ The Nature. 

%\^\^ i^etbe (j8? of boate anD Dzie complejciom 


1^ The Vertues 

Cbebecdction of i^ellebo^zine bzonfee, openetb 
tl&eftoppingejS^of tbeliuer , anbijS berp goob foz 
fucb a^ are bp anplfeinbe of meaner bifeafeD in tbcii: 
liuers;,oi baue r eceiueb anp popfon, o j^ are bitten \^^ 
anp manner benemou0 beaftf 

Vcratrum nigrum Diofcorides. 












The thirdc Bookc of 

■>^ The Ky tides. 



fiVD^ (0 imic!)e Ipfee in tieCcrlpttoti to Hcllcbor us niger,of BtoOronDe^: Cb^ 

feconljei^aftrangeberbe notmucbeUiffermg in bertue fromtbettucblacte 
l^el!ebD:,anbiB;caUeUCbnae)6^b«^be,anb femucblrfeeinbelcnption eo Hci- 
icborus nigcr,tbat 'Cbeopij^aftttjSf fpeafeetb of :.Cbc tbirbe 15^ commonlp calleD 
of tbf lo^^ Boucbmen vEJimmpt,tbat 15^ to fap,f iettourte* 




1 f 





l^e tnie ttaclic ^ ellcbojt batii rougb blacWlS leauejsf,partet> tDitti f dnre 
oi fine beep c cutteisf.lifec tbe fafbion of tbc bine leafe, oz a^^ 53 iDfcdtaejgf 
3 faitb,Ulte tb cleauesi of p ^\m e tree^biit miub lelTer, tb e ftalltcjs: b e eiieii 
anb plapne,at tbe top uibcrcof grouj fiotoer^ in Uttle tuffete;8f,tbicUeret lifee to 
fcabeanj9f,of aligbtbletp colour. 3ftei: tbe falling of tj^^icbefloujer^commetii 
tbefeebe\i3bicbeis?notmucbebnlibe totJDbeate* flDbe rooted are man^ finaU 
blacke long tbiebbejs? commin$ altogitber from one beab 

Cbiiffi^^becbebatb gi:eattbicfeegreencleaue^,aitintofeuenoiep^tpattjB:, 

tubereofeacbepartisf longanbftarpeaitbetop, anboneb^lfetbereof i^groit 

not ait. Cbe floujcrs? groto amongfl: fqeleaueis? bpon Cbojt ftemmes^ commtng 

from ttiz roo te,anb are of tbe bignelte of a grote, 01 (billing,of a fairc colour aiBf 
iDbiteasf fiiox\),bauing in tbe mibblemanp fl),tenber, 6fc fine tb?ebbe$, tigte 

ti^ M^ ^' ^ome bleuj, ^ af t er \Joarb greene»3fter t^z floujersf it b^ungetb ft»^tb 




the Hiftorie of Plantes. 




foute o.ifiite cot)^ J l)ufte0 iopning togtti^etalmoll !f$e ? Ijuf^e of CoUimb 

Clje leaner of laaftatD l^ellebo? ate fomctotiat Ifee^ leaueisfof t1)e afoiefaiD 
Cl}nfte5^ l)erbe,but mucije fmaller, parteU lifeeiuife ^ cut into Diner;? otljet nat- 
ro\jD leaue;8^,U)l)tcij ate cut toutit) about on euetp fiDe UHe aCatue* Cije flotuets? 
come not from tl^e roote.but grouj ijpon t^e ^zmmz^ ujber a^ t!jeieauej8: tafee 
IjolD,^ are muclj lelTc tl^eii ^ aouicrjs: of Cljjifte^ l^erbe,of a greene oi ijerbelifee 
colour^Mtertljepairingaujap of uibicl^ aober^^commet^p alfo foure oifiue 
litle i^urde;^ oi coD0 topning one in ano tber, to^erin i;8; TeeDe, lol^icl) iis UdtU ^ 

. *. 

rounD*t:i)e rooter are manp blacfee tbieDDe^ luoueit o? interlaceU togitber* 
4 5SLoufU)urtUJ^icl^ fucKtu^ countet^foz afetntieof blacHe!^eUebo:,pefl;aU 
finDe iti^ereafter amongCt ti^e 3^coniteft uiftereof it isi a feiube* 

5 Cl^eoti^eruj^icl^l^ieromBocfefettetljoutfo.tblacRel^eUebo.i, t^etu^ici^al 




fo of tlje 3((potbecarie$ ijat^ ben fo taken.i^^befcribeb in tbefeconb patt of tW 

H^i(lojie,tDl)ere a;9? it isi alCb beciareDi it i^^ no Un\)z of blacfee !^eileboz,but tbe 

rig^t 53ttpljtftalmum,oi ^jce e^cmio t^erefo^e ntit\)u JSnrtfulno.zDangeroujaf 
a0 it Ijat^ ben mo?e Isrgelp Declareb^ 

4lT/?e Places. 

I3lacfee ]^eUeboi grcmjetii in Zztolia , bpon tljc mountapne l^elicon in a3eo 
tia.anb bponiBarnaflTu^e^ mount in ^!)Ocibia:anD in tf)i0 Countrieiti^Jfountl 
intl\z garbenis^ of certapnc ^erbotifte^* 


* C5).:iftej9ftPurte0lifec\Dife;i;8:notcommonint^i^Countrie,buti;5:onlpfouna 

in t^e garbeuis? of fome l^erbo^iJle^s? 
i %\)e badarbe blacfee l^ellebo^ grouietft in certapne \jaoobj3f of tl^iis: Countrie 

U0 in t^eiDoob ^oenie in 3}nbmt,^ it i^ fet o^iplanteb in biueris? garbm;0f* 

41 The Tymc^. 

Cljeblacfee !^ ellebo.t in tt)isf Countrieflo\jojetf) in3iint,m^ (l)o:tlp after tfte 


CbMfte^ luurte Eouiietb albptimes^ about €\)u(tmn^,in 3anusrie, ^ almoft 
tntill S^arctjpin jf eb:uarie t^e olb leaned fall otanb tl^ep Ip^ing foo^itb againe 


i %l)e blacfee Bailarbe l^elleboi flot6?ctlj alfo bptimeiG?, but moS commonlp iit 










:f eb^uarie/ometime^ alfo bntil 3ip«L ^ rhe mmts 
l3lacfeel^eUebon^calleb in<5refee^-^v%©-F''^«?'in";latine Veratrum nigru, 

anb Hellcborus nigerjOf fome Mclaiiipodium,Pri?rium,Polyrhyzon , Mclanor- 


pllzaflDercribet]^ : anb i^s^caUeb of leameb men t^at \uute noto , Pianta Leonis 
tljatis torap;:iion;^foote, f iti^B^tafeenfo^zt^atberbeuJbic^ ^WejeanberiTral* 
lian;,anb paulu^ Segineta caU in <5refeeKof ovovrocrjo^: in Xatine Coronopodiu, 
isnb Pes CO I n icis. 3 1 i^ calleb in Biabant l^eplicbfeedlcnipt, tijat i0 to fap, tlje 
Ijerbe of €\^M tsi C^xiiJma0 '^erbe, bpcaufe it filoujzetlj mod commonlp about 
Cbiiftmasf/efpeciallp UJ^an t^e tointer Is: milDe. 

Cb^tl^irbei;9f nOtJDCalleb Pfeudohelicborus nigcr, Veratrum adulterinum ni- 

§igi^ S^ouclj it Cib; calleb Ci^tiftU3urt|,tl)at i% to fap^Cbufte^s? roote: in 23:abant 
atliercrupt, tbat i;Sf to fap, f tet ^erbe^bpcauCe \q\% Vc^\$ ^erbealonemmcure a 
HiCeafe in cartel nameb vn f rencl^e u feu . of fome it is? calleD n^zancfecrupt,a0 of 
f^elearneti anbfamoujgJ^octojini^uStime^pierinefe refiDmtat jtlouaigner 

anofome call xt sd^aencr uptt 





ThcthlrdeBooke of 

he occafton of the Nan. 

€:i5i0 !jerbe ^ais? calleD yi^elsmpoDiuai , bpcaufe a ft) qjl?tarl> calleD iS^elam 

pus m H^rcaDia cureli luitlj ti^iis? ^ecbe tlje t)augi)tec0 of i^iatiwf ,uitiu:^e vuere 
biftractof t^cicmemonei8^;,an3) become mantCo tijat afteraarUetljeijerbeuja^ 


^ The Nature. 



Blaclie l^ellebo^ i«: ^oate anil Djp in tt>e tWrDe Hegree. 

Cft.iifteriuui:t,anti ti^e blacfee badarlie i^elleboi ate in complejcion^ Ijerp Ipfee 

to blacue i^zUtbo} 

ijt- r/^f Fertues, 

23lacfee l^eUeba^: tafeeninUJarDlp, pjioiiofeet^ tbefiegc oiiloole bebeinnitl?,3i 

anDpnrsetl) r^encatberpartof tbebellpftomgrpiTeanD tbicUe flemepanti cijo« 

ierique^umoutsf: alCditi^gooDfoi tbemtbatiuajcemaHoi f all b efib e «lj an 

felnes^, anDfo^tCucbea^beDullbeaupanli melanci^oUque ; alloiti^s^gooJjfo^t 
tl?ein tbat baue tbe goiDte anD Sciatica* 

3tpfeebemiCj5itbatbtobetafeeuinpotagej8f , oitobe fotstienu^it^opleli^ 

mcate,foji fo it 13otb open tbe bellp, anD puttetb fo.^tl) al fupetfiuou.0 bumoutsf* 

Cbefame lapb to in manner of a j£>e(rarie 1 motber ^uppofitoj^ie; bitngetl^ £ 
Dotune iDomen^ ficUnelTe^anb Jieliuererb tbebeaU tx)\\^z. 

-Cb^fameputinto f iftula^anbbolotMeblcer^sf , bp tbefpaceof tb.tee Dapeft j^ 
clenfetl^ tbem>anl> fcouretb atuap tbe bacDnelTe anb liuobbe^ of tbe fame^ 

^b^ i^oote tberof put into tbe eat:e;Bf of tbem tbat be barDe of bearing, ttoo d^ <^ 
tl)iee l>ape$ togittjer belpetb tbem l^erp mncbe. 

i P 

3! t fujageti^ tootb acbe^ if one ujaflje J^iier teetb toitb bineger tul)eretn it Ijati^ f 


SSnemplapftermatieoftljigrooteiajitb'barlpmeale'anUUJine, iirtjerpgooH ^ 
to be lapiDebpontbe bellpesf of tbem tbat bane tbe Biopfie* 
'CbeCamepounlieujitb jFranfeencenre,Eorom,^£)ple>bealetbalrottg?btie!re, ^ 

^ barbnelTe pf;tbe ffeirtne,fcnruineire>fpot;a(, ^ fcarre;s?,if it be rubbeB tbere\Joitb* 
l^lanta %tmsi o,iCbufteriDiirte0,i0 not mucb differing in piopertie^ from ^ 

blacl^e l^elleboitfo.iitDotb alfo purge and tiunetb fo.itt) bp fiege mig^^ 

melancl^olp anO tber fuperftuo 110 bumouris^* 
-^be roote of badatlie l^ellebozaiepeb in ^x^int anD Dtonken , tiotlj alfo loofe & 

t3nto blacfeel^elleboiferuetb. 

^tUor^^i^ operationtuitb moiefojtceantimigt^t, if itbemaUeintopo^Der, % 
anD aHmmtbereof bereceiuebin\33ine* 

Cbe fame tbmft mto tbe eares: of iD)cen,^beepe,o^ tber cattelbelpetb tbe A 
mme agapntt tbe trifeafe of tbe longeu^asf ^Blinie anD Columella to^itetb,fot it 
iJj^atDetb alltbecomiptionanb greefe of tbelonge^e^ into tbe eare^^ 

atuD in tbe time of peftilence, if one put tbi^ roote into tbe boDpc-g of anp , it 

U^a'ojetbto tbatpartalt^eco^ruption^benomous^infectionof^bobp.'Cbere' 
fm aCTone z$ anp ftrange ozfobapne greefe taifeetb tbecattell , tbe people of tbe 

Countrte Do put it (traigbtujaie^ into tome part of a beaft,tDbere a0 it map Da 
leaftbtttt,anDtoitbin!bo2tfpacealltl^egrecfe\DiUcome totbatplace, anDbjp 

ti^at meaneis; tbe b eaa \% (;aueD. 


^T he Danger. 

3lt]^oug!j blaclfef ^ellebo? v$ not fo bebement ag tbe tobite , nt it can not be 
giuen tuitbput Danger, f elpeciaUp to peopletbat baue tbeir bealtb^foi m ^x^ 


pOCrateia^feit^^Carnes habeatibusfanas^Hellcborus periculofus,fadt eaim Co- 



■9 . 



the Hiftorie of Plantes 



^ , ^ ,t]^ati^tofap,tofucl)eais?be\i)i30le,]^cllebo,ii^berppmlou;g^^^ 
caufetl) (l)tmlimg of fmetijeisc tljerefo^te i^ellebojt map not be mtmftreU, ejccepc 
in Defperate caufes^ , anD tliat to poung anD ftrong people, anD not at al tune^, 
biitmtl^efpjmgtimeonlptpet oug^titnot tobegeuetibefozeit be piepareH 


4^ The correction 


tDlian!^eUeboiwfgiuenti3tt]^Iongi^epper,^pIbpe, Jaaucu^, anD3lnnps? 
feebe^tt moiUetl^ better ^ U)itl^ leffe banger: alfo if it be bopleb in t^e biotb of a 
Capon, otof anp otlienneate, anb tljentbebiofte siuen to bzinfee, it xuozfeetb 
tuitli lelTe banger. 


Locl^at^berp great long leaueft ttuo fingers^ tbicfee, l)aumgrounbe 
about a;oupomte0o^zCrefte;8^ftanDmgiuiDeone from anotber^Cb^ 
roote fe tbicUe anb long. Cbe flo tuer^ ftallfee anb feebe,aremuclji like p 
partes: tl^ep Ijaue not benpetfeene* atll tbe bed}et^ of Orong fanour anb bittc 
ta[t*3(nb out of tbi5^ b^tbe vubicb groxuetl^ in 3Inbta fcf bzatuen mmty P U)bicb 
fa^bipebanbijs: alfonameb Aioc,anbitt<3:carrpeb(itto ail parte^sJof t^etuojlbe 
foi to be bfeb in mebicine* 

^ The Place. 

Aloe grovjpetl^ berp plenteoutlp in 
3nbia , anb from tbence commetb tl)e 
beft iimcit grotpetb alfo in otfter place;8? 
of 3fia anb ^irabia^abiopning to tbefea, 
but tbe iupce tbereof 10 not commonlp 


founbe Co goob* 3!t iief to be feene alfo in 

tbw: Countrie in tfte garben;? of fome 


^ The N, 

. ^ 

<l\)i0l^tthti0 calleb in ©reelie «xoh: 
anb from tbeceCpmng ttie liatine name, 
mh 15? calleb Aloein al otber fpeecbe^s^of 
ChiiO^enbome, ^foi^ftbefappe op iupce 

tbereof nameb 

Cbe f rencbmen call it 

Perroquet : bpcaufe of btjs: gremelTe, tue 
mapcallitinCngliCt? Aloe, ijerbe Aloe, 


^ The Nature. 

Cl^e iupce of tbil^ i^erbe calleb Aloe, 
tu^icbe onlp fcs bfeb in mzhitint) isi Ijoate 
almoft in tbe feconDe begree, anb Dtpc in 


^ The Ve 

Cfte ivcgtz of Aloe toljictje \$ of a 
bzott3necolour,lifeeto t^e colour of ali* 
uer,iubicbe \% cleareanb cleane, openet^j 
^ebellp, ixi purging colbe, flegmatifee, 
m^ c^oleriquebumourft eipeciallp fucl^e tul^eretaitl^al tbe ftomacfee i^burbe^ 
tirb,anbitf t^ec^eefeft of all oti^er purging mebicineis? (UJbicbnwft ccinmonlp 

— ■ « ' * 



J54 ^ • The thirde Bookc of 

it be tafeenvuiti) ujater tlje Quantttte of tiwo Utamjne^* 

feeDc.aiiD facft Tptce^ to afrcage anU Biiue axuap t^epapne of t^e ftomaclie : bp 
\Dbtc^ mcaiic.0 t\)tp ^ b^^te t^cftomaclve ^caufe fieme to be eicpulfeD* 
C^efiiinei^f alfo goobagapnft tbe3attnI>ers^,a$BiorconUeg:\ii,iitet]^,anr3 ^ 

taltcn a iitle at a time piofitetb miicb ag;amftti^e fpetting^ani all ottjeciiTue^ of 
bloob^ejccept t^at of tbe i^emoitbotbes?* 

AKoc mal5c into po\DDee ^ Staujen bport neiuoe bloobbp tjooutibesf, ilopp^^ ^ 
t^e blool) aii3> tjcaletb t^e UJoiinbeXpl^eujpCe lapH ^pon o\h toit^ clofetlj tljcm 
l)p,auD it i$ sttoueraigne meiJicitte top Wzt^ about t^e fecr ete parteft anD f uu 

Cije fame bo^lcliiDitl^UjiiTe aril) l^onp.ftealet^t^eoutgeotpinje^s:^ rifte^^C 
t)f tbe fimDementpti (toppetb tl^e aboutibiiig fiuiee of tbe ^emozrljoiDe^ , btiiiG; 
lapbebppon : foz being receiueO inta tl^eboDp,itcaufet]^ tl|e ^zimpt\)oi^z^ to 
b^eafee ottt,anb to bleeb* 

Cbe rame luit^ l^onp Hifpatcljetl^ ab^o^e alftanHing of bloob^ ant> huitc^, f 
u^iti^ blaci^e (potter tbat come of ftripe^* 

Jti^alfogoo^ agapnd all inflammation, fjurte^s?, anD fcabbe^of tljeepejef^ ^ 
anb agapnft ^ e running atib D arUenelTe o f t ij e fam^. 

AiocmijcttDitb €>pleof rofe^sauD \)inegee,ant>lapbetofQpfojcljratianbia 
templesf, CuiagetbbeaDacbe* 

3if onebo often rubbclji^'ljcab \ni^ Aloesmingleb tuitl) vuinepit UJtiiieepe 3 
tl^e beaceffom falltng* 

Cbefcxmelapli to \DitbiMine;Cttret^tI)cfo.:e^anlJpuaulesf of tJ^egummei^, 

llie moutb,tl;e t^;iote,attl) lierntUejgf tjnber tlje tongue* 

€0 concluDe,tbe fame lapb to outtjaarblp, i^ at^etp goob confolibatiue me-'jl- 
liicinejit (loppetb bleebing,anb botb munbifte anb clenCe all corruption* 

Alma chriftii)atb agreat,rounb,^olo>jo (lali^e,l)ig]^er t^en agooS long 
matj,tPitb great b,ioabeleaue0,parteb into fcuenoi ninebiuiftonsi , lar^. 
ger,anb mo:e cut \%iMzn tbeleaue^ of tlje figge tree , ifke fome bpzbesf 
foote,o^lpfeeto alpieab banbe* 3ttl)ebigbe^grou)etba buntbeof gouier^s?, 

out bearing fruit,anb tbe bigb^ft are reb.btiiiging foitb tbieecoinereb btifUejBT, 

tiitBbic^is;founbetlj.teeirapfeebe;sffome\ubatfmallertibenfeitinep 3eane. 
%W b^be gro\joetb not of bit felfe \x\ tW Countrie, but tbe l^erbo^iac^ 

plante it in ti^eir garbcn^sf* 

*5« T'^f Tym<^, 

3t i^ foiuen x\\ 3pnU, anb bi0 fcebe \% rppe ixx ItugiOt anb ^eptember^nb 
ajSf foone a0 tbe colDe commetb, ai tbe berbe peri(iietb» 

^ The Nanus. 

■ %W fterbe i% calleb in<:3reeiie ^W ^ ^-.t^^-xw Xatine feljcppeis 

<mbOftI;CCirabian9^ Cherua:df ComeCawputinmaior, Pcutadadylon, ^ l^ainu 





chc Hiflorie of Flantes. 

pgLp The Nature. 

' -. 


-^1)0 feeDeof Paihu Ghriftii-Bf ^b^tegtn^ie 
mtljetl^irDe Degree* 



9f The Vermes' 

^ -I 


- r 


Cl^e ftelJe of Falma Chrifti talfeen mtoarU 
Ippopenetl) tl)e bellp , caufeti^ oire to tjomttei 
anb to can out flpime fiegme , D.mttJing t^e 
fame from farre, anDfometpme^ ctjolerique 
l^ttmaumujtt^iuatecillj f up erfluitieiJ^ < 

Cijeb.iotljof meate> intDljiclje tl^to? feeUe 


l^atft beu foli,lij^oufee , i^ gooD fo,t tfte cljoUfee /^ 
<tftat fe to (5ip,parne iu t§ebeUp)agamft tlie ''^^ 

gouite^papueintl^ei^tppe, calleD t^eS>cta« 

C^e fame pountie ant) tal^en \))itt| tjo^ai^e 

dtnetu mtlke,Uziuetl) fooitlj tuaterift fuper 
SUitieiQ^ anDc^olertque ][)umour;8^ > alfoiti^ 
gooD agarnft tl)e Biopfie anD 3aunDeci5:* 

Cije ople uj^tcij i& D^tatuen fooztli of t\^i^ 
feeDeii^caUeD oleum Cicinum,tn^^oppejB? 

Oleum deChcrua . ^t^^^tetl^ ^^ D^ttetlji 

ant) 10 t^etp gooD to at\nopnt anDmbbeall 
roug]^ l^atDneffe, auD fcutuie coug^netTe ^ o^ 
%\)^ greeneleaue;8?of Paima chrifti pouutl 

tiJitb parctjcD 23arlep meale^Uo mitigateanD 

aifojage tlje infiammatioauDtoelUngfoj^e 

neile of tl^e epei6?,anD pounDe taiti^ btuegec, tftep cure t^e greeuoug^ inflamma* 

tion,callei) ^. :a&ntontejS^ f ire* 


Clje feeSe of Paima c hriiti turnetft up t^e ttomaehe;»auB Dot^ W operation 
\uitt| niuci^ papne auti greefe to tftepartir* 


Buttf pdutafeetditl^ it ej^tl)er f enill ts}.%m^^ feebe, ^nt) fome ^JiceiB^oE 
Cpiiamome, anD<i5mgcri^catU3cUnotouerttumenoi tozmeiittlieftomacfee, 
but vuill taotfeeljfes? effecte tuitl^ nioze eafeanD gentletieCTe* 



^ftlie bmoes of Cttlj^malc o; ^pottvge 



T' ^ ere are, ai^ ibio fco lib e^ tu titetft i feuen fo jite^ f tEitftpmal: to 
at tt>tj5 time are ujelfenouien, ^ fotne Qjalbe no\» bp our enbeuour bpug^^t 
egapne to Ugl)t,anl> fome arepet^nltnotuem 

_ r 




iji T^^ D efcripthh 

!)pmal,caUeD ^ male femt»,l^at!) rounD ret» Ctalfee^: 

of t^el^eigtl) oUcubiteii^afoote at a Ijalfeljiis^/'C^e leaner are log 

auDnarrouje, fomevjbat longer an8narro\Derti?ent]^eleaue0 of ti?e 

€>!pue tree,tP^erof t^e ^ligtjed leaue5^,befoze tftep be tbtougblp grow en, {I?etxi 

rough oKOttonlifee^ Ci?efeel»e groiuetl? at tlje ^ig^eteoftl^e aallie in pjetie 

' ^g lit; rounDe 





iTic thirdc Bookc of 

tountJ Ijoloto leaue&lifee asf it t»ete bafonja?,oUitle Difftie^, t^tottgl) tu^icft t!je 
ftalfee orotDettj.C^e feeDe i^ incloCetJ in tftieecoJtnereO ^uC^e^ lium Ceeoe ot 
paima c hrifti.ajS tDcll in gcotuing aj8( in I^ape oi faft)ion,bttt muc]^ fmaller: t^c 
roote i;5 of atPoouniemijftanceiDitlS manplftearieftringes^ 

Tithymalus Characias 


Tithymalus Characiaj fpecics 



,' CljeftcontJfeinlieofCi%mal]bat]^ftrai5lbtaamej^6faQ)anlong,abouttlie 
tDl^ic^ gro tD e manp leaue^s^fet a ftrnDcr miti^out o^Dec, tl^icfee, tul^iril^, ^ H^arpe t mucti bnlpfee t^e leaiiei? of fene IjoUneo j Eulcu0,i)ut greater anH 
t^icfeer y not blacfee but al UJl^ite of ^ colour of fea ^pourge*3nti tu^an t^ep bt 
bzufed ot burden, ti^ere cornet^ fo^tl^ mil&e a^ out of ^ ot^er HtuD^ of Cpourge^ 
Cijeftotoer^arepellou) , grotoing in tuffeteiBf libelflofetDUtteojiai^oDia^^c 
fruit (0 trtangleUjUfee tbe fruit of ^e ot^er ^purge$ 01 Citi&pmalejaf 
Cljc t^trti feinli,U)l)icl^ map ht\x>t\ calleD Citbpmal of J fea,03tfea fepourge, 

^ ^atbfireoj^feuenfaptereHftemme^oimoe, commingfrom one roote* Cft? 
leauesf arc0nal;almoftlpitet]^eleaue5f of flajre, o^lpnefeeUe, grdtoingrounUe 
aboutt^c Ilal^e.bcingtbicfee toot^eU,tl^e ftotoei:^ arepeUotu anU groia out of 



gleD feeDe a^R: in ti^e otljerCitbpmalejs?: t!)e roote i^long,^ plaine>^ of tuooDUie 
fttbftance* 'ZW ^ixt^t of citbpmal,bijs leaueie?,tJiCH)efcanli flotuer^s aremue^ 

tljitlter tijen anp ottjer feittDe of g^pourge* 
Cfte fourtti Un\^t called ^mnz ^pourge,after W <5reeUe name,oi Citbp 

mal turning \uitb tl)e ^onne, l^atl^ tl^iee oi foure aalkeiS fometu^at rel>l»ift,a- 

bout t^elengt^ of afoote, ^ i^i^leaue^ are not Co t^icfeea^ garHen j^ozcelanr. 


the Hiftoric of Plant 


■ ■ 



' tElje ftftlj femlie callleD Cpp^e^s: Cit]^pmal,l^atl) routiDe tJeliDia? ftalfee^ of t^c 
lengtl) of a foote:^^e leaues^ are bctp fmaU,greetie,ttan:oii3,lpive tl^eleaueja; of 
tlje f itre trecbut farce f juaUer at tetiDerer*Cl^e feeDe 10 unal but in al ti^inge^ 

tl0 Iplie tlje otl^er,anD it commetlj in little bleujid) Cupper ojt^aujferA in t^c 

miDl»eft of tljefpDe b.^anc^e^ ♦ %\)isi \)ttU ^atl? leaner much narrovuer tl^en e 


£)f tl^fesfCoittljerei^fottnlie anotl^erWntieterpfma!, tfteiDi^itft'mapbetucl 
calleli Cpp?e^ CitftpmaU 3t^atl^tjetpfmallftalKe;S,bot^littlcanUtenl»er;a 
botttti^e^epgi^tof afpanne,anD tjpontftent fmalltuffetej8f> tuit^floujerjSfofa 

fapnt pellou) o:pale colour,after cornet^ t\)c feeDelpfee to ti^e otfter^but a great 



Tithymalus Myrfiniti 


Tithymalus Paralios.^ea^pOUrgC* 




> . 


^et tl^ere i)Sf a ti^ttljefostt Of t^i5? fetnl>e,tD^ereof t^e leauei? be alltjDijiite, but 

oti^entiape;9f it is? Ipfeeto Cpp,ie$ Citljpmale, a^s: tl^eareat anDl^iligent i^erbo 
till: 3an tlie^recfeom ^atlj UeclareD bnto tj^sf , tul^o before tW ^at^ ^aD facile 

Cit5pmalegro\Dingin^i;0f garlien:neuertl^eleire,3 t>iO neuer fee itanU ti^ere* 
fo^e 3 Do not fet out a larger tiefcripttom 

6 i:fte(iptl>kinDei^great,ofeigfttojmenecubitei3:^igl?,grot3atnglifeealittle 
tree,t^e ftalfee i% fonttime^ ^$ bigge a;@? one^ leggeCa^ #eter Belon tuzitetl^) 
anH b;tinget!) footti^ manp bzaucljejsf (pteli abzoaDe, rel»Difl)e, anH fetiuttli fmall 
leatte;8J,lifee ti^e leaner of litle tl^e #r,itel tree^t^e fruit Isf Ufee t^e fruit of ti&e o# 
ti&er Cit^pmale^f 




The tliirde Bookc o 

^ - 

Tithymalus Heliofcopius. 


Tithymalis Cypariflias. 




■' ^ 




. ?k 






Cl&efeumi:Hwt)el)atl^foftleatte?l*ea^olmoi^i5t^er, butiti;Spet 

au tljeCe ifemtie^ are full of toftite Uqttoj^ojtfappeUfee mUlke , tftetul^ic!? com* 
metl^ f ooit^ ujftan t^ep be bjofeen o^ i^urt , anD it te fliiarpeanU bitter bpon tjft e 

%\^z fira ifeintJe of ^pourge povueti^ not of W otune WnDe in tl^iis: Courp- 
trie^anti i^ fellJome founOe^but in tl)c garBenja^ of biligent i^erbo^ide^ 

Ctjefeconbe, a^raitb3©iofcojiDejBf,grotDetb inplaceisJtbatlpeuiafte 

%\^t tbirbe grotoeti^ about tbe ^ea.anb i^ founbe in Zelanbe bpontren- 
d^e^ anb b^ie fanbie banUe^ anb iw loaa placeis; abibpning to tl^e fea 

%\)t fourt!^ grotuetb abouttoujneie? inplainefielbeftanb isxi^mt garben^of 

ft i8f t3erp commonin tbi5^ Countrie. 

cue fiftb calleb Cppie^ Citi^pmale ijafnotfounbe in ti^isJ Cottntrie,but i» 

tl^e garbeujs of i^erbojtiftesf* 

25 ut t^eiitle of tbe fame isxxCs^z grotoet^ about S^aline^^inbo^tberg of fom^ it \si not founbe euerp to^ere* 


^l^e fi]Dt^ %in\sz grotBetft inftonieplaceiaf* 

-J» The Tymc^, 

3liltbefetnbesf of Citbpm^ oig^ponrge, aremottcommonlp tn flotoer m 

3une anb ^itiP^^^ <*^i«^ f^^^^ iis ripe in 3luguft* 

i^The Names, 

aiUl^inbejs; of t^t$ l^erbe arecaUet tn<l5reel^e Tiiu^cc\ot:in]tatine Laaarb: in 


the Hiftorie ofPla 

<• • 



in U-atmeTithymal 

gli(^ jremall^i£l)pjnaU,of'Ci?eoDo^(5a$a Mynam^ttmapbe nametJin^ti* 
glii^ ^lutell^pourge 

Mecon^of Cfjeopljialle KOKH:@-,eoccos. "Clits: feinb ma|? be ujcI cMleD m jFreticl^ 
4 Crje fourth i^callelJ in <!5teeiieTj9uiK«X(^nx»oaK0 7r;©-,tl^at ijs to fap inxatine 

Tithymalus folfeqiULis,o;t La^laria foliequia: ixl^XtXli^tTith'jmalefujuantlefokil, 

anD Reueiiie matin : in MtttUant ^onueiuenD , i©olf0melcfe : anlJ inBiabant 


Croonken^ cmptnn CngliU) S>onne ^pourge^oz iBartUJiirt 
5 . tlDljefift^ isr calleD in d^ree^e nSv^Kxe^ w7vcK^vc(rk$, tl)at isi to fap , Cit^pmale 

tf 'CfteCiictl) is? called 

Tithymalus arborcfc 

y ' 

:r %ln imznti) Umz i^ calleU in (3ut^t nflujuax©- i:\c^v<p(i>\o.,mh of fomC;a^ 

!^ermolan^23arbarU0\U?itetl})Corymbitcs, ^ Amigdalitcs : in )latiueTithy- 

inaiasiatifoiiuspo: Ladariaiatifoiia, tljatijS? to fap^TLatgeleaueti Citljpmalloj 

^Uti^eCitl)pmales:atei&oatcant D,:icalmo{l in tl^efaurtl) degree, of aterp^ 
Harpe^anD biting quaUtie,fretting and coCiiming, ftcH of ai ttje milfee o.i fappe, 
tben ti^efcatt and leaue;3;»Ct)eroote tsf of lead ftrengtl). 3nd amongft alltljo 
Cirijpmalejs? a^ aalen fapt^,ti)0maleijs;tl&eftronge4l,tl)ent^efemale,tl)irdlp 
t\itiij^t\^'^M^z , and tbeCitljpmaleurttl^bioade leanest ♦ Cljefiftlj infhrengti^ 
i;6f tl}atAu'9tci)ij3;iplieCpp:es?, tbefpptlj i^'S>ea'Citbrmall, t^efeuentliandof 
lean foice ifi ^}Z ^onue ^po nrge,o: Citl^pmall foloxuing tl^e ^ onne; 

* . 

«^ r^f rert 



tlDljeittpceofCitl^pmaUjSfatjerpClrongmedicineopemrtgtfjtbcllp, andfom*3t 
tiriieisf caufing t>o mit>b^ingtng to ug^ fiegmc ^ rt) o ler iciite !)usno ur^: like b ertue 
i^ in tl}efeede and roote.erpeciallp tbe barfee tl^erotand are betp good foz fuel) 
a;S fail into rqeBiopfte^Uji^niti^mininTediuiti^dtfcretionand \x3elco>rectei)^ 


%\)Z fame miirt tiiit^ l)onp,caufet]^ Ijeare to fall from t^e place ti^at ^atlj beit j^ 

ajxnopnted t^eretoit^allin tfte ^onne* 

%\^t fame pnt into t^e Ijolejs: of coirupt ^ noiigl^tie tect^' > ftoagetlfe tl}etootli £ 
aelje.but pe mnfl; beioare^pe put not t!)e iupce bpon anp foimtc tootl),oitDl)ole 
placejbutfirftpemnftcouertl^emttiitlj loajreto pzefeme tbemfrom t^efapde 
iitpce* ^^e roote of ticitteiital boplcd in bineger andl)oldeniniljemoiit^,i^ 

. , fameintend 
^tie fame dotb alfo cnre allrouglbneffe of tliefifeinne, mangincire^lepae^vutid r% 
tcurtfe^and fpteadmgfca!3be;^,t!|eU)l)itefcttrffcof t^eljead, and itta&eti) atiaap 
andcaufetlj to fallof all feindc^oftuartes;, it taifeetba\]Dapt^efenobbc;s?5^ard 

neifeof f iftnla^st; c o>ruptand f retting Dlcer^, and \$ good ^a?na ^oatetoei 

ItngejS? and CarbonclcjS? 

3 1 i^pUet& fciT;e,if it bemipt luit)^ anp b^te,an5 giuen i^tm to tm 

9^ The 





% The thirde Bookcof 

^7 he Danger. 

Cl)eittpce,t^ereeDe,anl5 roote;B( of Cit^pmalejs:, Do tDo^feetijefe effect tutt^ 

tiolece, auD tu inartful to ti^e nature of man^troubling tl^e boHp,ati3) oacrlar- 

ning t^e aomacfee^butmng auD parcl^mg tfte tl^jote , auD makuig it rougl^ ai^ 
foie,mfomuc^ tl^at c^alen U3,titeti^,tl)at tbefe l^erbeis; oiigbt not to be mmitol> 
oitafeeninto tbeboDr^mud^lelTet^empceougl^ttobeliealtvuit!!, butoiidFit 

niuft beapplieD outtDarUlp, anU tiftat tottb great Difcretion* 

fjt The correction or remedi<^ . 

3f one lar t^e barl^e of tlje rooteje? af Citl)pmale]Sf , to fofee oz (liepe intine* 
ger bp t^elpace of atol^olet>ap,tbeuif itbeHipeHanb maDeinto po\uDer, put 
ting to tt of 3nnp;8^ o;t f eneU feeDe^gumme Cragagante ant) ^alliefee , aiiU Cci 
minittreDaltogitbertDit^fomerefrefljingo^cooUngliquot, a$of€ntiuie,Ci 

co;iie,o,ti©3tenge0,ittuill)o ^i^ operatton;,U)iti^ottt great trouble oipapne^anli 

ijoill neitl^er cljafe no^inftame tbe tb^otepuoz tlje intuarDe parte;s^» 


EZttla is^ of ttoo fo^teiBf ( asf ^ efue faiti^ ) tl^e great anD fmall , UJl^erebBto 
Biofcoupe^s' Dot!; agree,ijp|&erea;s? lietu^itetl^ , tl^at laitpufa tis: fmall in cur 

Pitynfa minor.^malCjUla* 


place; ant) great manotl^er^ 

Pityufa imior.<I5reatC|ttla* 





^€ great Cfttla^at^ftraigl^t Ijiglj ftamejj, bponf tiJbW; g^oto gc 
snUfeeDegrotDeatti^eliig^eft oft^eOalfee, anDfomettme;St^e?comf 



I ^ 

the Hiftorie of Plaiites. 

foottlj at tlje fiDe^ of tlje ftalfeeftUfe^ tl)e itzU of Citljpnmle^tlje roote i^ great 
anti t]^icfee:,couereD ouec \uiti} a t^icfee barke* 
Clje fmall C^iila m0:alfee0 anD leaue^s^i^ inucljlelfe, tl^eleauejef are tiarrotu 

Ipke tije leaue^ of iuimeflaice.ti^e ftoU3ec;8f anD feeDeaceipfee tljc ftr^ fem^ 

fmaUer.Clieroote$befmaUcouereDtuittjafmootf)otfittei)arHe* Cl^efettuo 
toDe0 be Ipfee tlje Citi^i^malejs:: tljerfo^e tftep baue beb recl^eneli of fome 3tttii» 

cbunteD,atili tbep Ha alCo peelDe a uj^ite fappe o;t Uquo^Ufee milfee, tul^ t^ep 

M eitl^et b.iuCel) 01 bjtofeen,tfte tD^icb liquoj^ tio; (l?arpc arib bitm^^ 

%\)Z great Cjula in fomc Countries grouietlj in tpo otbcie: auD ujilDcme^, 
anl> intl)i$Cottntneintbegarl»en^ of l^erbo^zifte;^. 

Ci^eleCTer grouietlj va rongb ftonp piace;9(,anD i0 founD va t%\% Countrie \xx 
arable fielDeiS anl> banlte;8^,but not euerpijb^ere* 

0^efi^^erbej9?Dofloi»erabout^iDfomer,Ufeetlje^itl&pmalejQf» *- 

«i The Names. ~ 

Cl^efe tjerbeiB^ arecalleU itt (^r0eke7rirucuV<^:iti5tatme Pityufa: tn tftt 3(traljian 




Q^eacbeof ^efue^oppe^ 

anU fcfula, anb it (l)oiab feeme 

t^at tbis: name Efula,tjpa;8? bozoujcb of Picyufa; fo^t in leaning ont tbe ftrft ttoo 

fpilable^i^i^itftti^ereremainetb nfaptul^erof comitietl^ t^e^tmim«^uebftila,t^e 


^The Nature. 

Cjnla ifi ijoate anb Mt x(it\^t tbirDe begree^fbarpe,bpting;anb bumingin 
tparblp>of nature mncl)iifeeCcrf}pmale* ' -. 


'i:beia?ce,feebe, aftb roote of Ciiila , openetift tfte beUp^anb b^tiue^ fooj^tid % 

tottg^flegnxeanbpoirebnmour;s:,alfo itpourgetl) CijoleriQneanbH^arpel^u* ' 
mour^Ufee tit^eCitljipmale^* 

'' Co be ibott,bot6 Uinbe;Bf of Cjula are in altl)mge;8^li]^e to tljeCitl&pmaleft B 
fiTfacttltieanboperationagreabletoaU tl^at;U)t)erebnto tl^eotljer^ arep.iofi* 

'e^ The Danger 

W d^nla iflf lihe tlje 'vEit^pmato in nature anb \uoiHina, (b it i^ of hurtful 

qualitie apeable to tt)e fame 

i¥» Ti&f Corrediion^ 






<gi r^f DefcriPl 

^^ourgefta^ab^toxunettallte, of tiuofootc^ig^ oimoie, ofti^ebig 
neffeofone^g^finger^Ci^e leaner be long anb natro to , lilietbeleaueja: 
of atwiti&ieo^ 3tlmonbetree,ti&eftalfeeb;feafeet^ ab^toabe attire top ixv 

to manp ot^er little b;j^ncl&e0,fettDitb little routtbeleanciS, bponti^e 
fame little bzancbej? grotoetift tbe triangletJ fruitjlifee fte frittt of Pal ma c h rift i, 

but fmalletjVubere in te cmttepneb little ro unti feebe^>ti^e tjo Wc^ ^V foitee of ft e 

locate of ttjie ^ onne,bo fkip out of tM eir Ijutlte^: tt) b^ tljeftutte ijS? ripe 
roote 10 Ota tooobbp fubftance anb not berp tbiclte 


Sllrbeberbe\jDitl^bi0ftame$anbleaue0 boi>^lbe atui^ite milfeelp^ettie 

Citl^pmales? being butften 01 !)urt 

ij^The ?hct, 

3tij3^planteb inmanpgarben^of t^igCountrie 

' Y 




The thrrde Bookc of 

A Th Tyme 


%t ^atl^ flotDCTjBf anD CeeDe in 31ulp ant) 


•{c Ti&f iVrfw^y 

Cljilf^crbeisfcaUeD in<I5reefeex«flvrf: 
an!) iniiatme i athyris: inS>l&oppe^ Ca- 

laputia minor : of COrtie, aiSf BiOfCOZlDC^ 

\^iq\) Bouc^e S>punQ^raut,S)P3tingfco> 
ner,anU creifeo^ner: in bafe 3lmaigne 
^piingcpttpt, ^ in fome placed o!:fflaun- 
r^n0 ^purgie: in Cnglilb Spurge 

il. The N At are. 

%\^\$ ^erbe x^ Ijoate anU tiizin tlje 
thirbeDegteej anD in facultie Ipfee Citl^p 


A The Fertaes 


3[f one tafce oi feuen feelitjJ of 
^parge,itopenetft t^c bellp migljtilp , ^ 
Duuet0foo^ tY^sAtiMnZym^ tDatmll) 
^i«no.ttr;6?. jLifee Dettiie W^ tl^eiupce, 
bur it i.0 of ilconger operation^ 

Co be b;tiefe , Spurge anU t^e inpce 
thereof, ateoffamltielpfeetot^eCit^p- 




^ The Dang 

^pnrge i0 as? Ijurtfull to maniB: bolip 

a0 the Citt)pmale;0: 



A T^^ Correction 


3f one talie tft e fecbe of S^purge \«itlj Jaatejs: , f igge;sf, ot gumme tifraga 
gante,^>aftife,3(nnp;8; feebe,oi anp cooling oi rcfrelt)ing]^ecbe,o: if onebunfee 
luatei; araig^ttu ape^ aftet tft e taUing of ttje fame feebe, it UJil not ftirre bp tlje 

fnfiammation of ti)eintDarbpatte;a(,noimucb trouble tl&epartiereceiuingt^ 
&me,anb it a;all not be miw^ i&urtfull to maujS bobp* 


3rt\i3ttttouat^er^eploiBfi0iaplantefaCbioneb Ufeea littletrec, not 
nuc^ bnlifee tljeCiujpmale tljat foloxnet^ tl)e S>ortne,but farrc fm^» 

ler,grotDingoft]ieftigtbofbalfeaIpannetjJitl^biucr)Bfbianclje^ , fee 
fttl of berp final \tmt%.%^z febe isi fmal groxtjingin triahgleb 'mVu^ 

Iplfee fepurge^tt be roo te is? long anb fomtu^at t^jebbp , all t^e itierbe i^ full of 

milfeeltfee t$e Citi^pmalegf* 

, 25pribeisftIjis;tberei;8?petfottnbean otfter Wnbebefcribebbpl^^ppocratCiSf 
atib3aiofcoube5f,callebiiepliflf , tbeiui^ic^ljatljmanprounbeleaueiSf liUe tlje 
leaue5of garbeni^o^celane ,rebbnberneatlh tl^efeebegroujetbamongfttbe 
l0auesr,lifeet!)efeebeofpeplo$.'C^erootei$ fmal anb berp tenber,t^ifi?ljerbe 
fe allb full of tDl^ite liquotneit^er moie noi leire,bttt aisf tljeafozeCapbe* 


0eplosf groined intlji^ Countrie ingarbeniaf amonga pot \^iihz^ ^ beanegf 
tnb in Come placeiS? amongd bmejs;. 







the Hiftoric of Pkntcs. 





4 , 

■- LV 

' '*J>. 


« f 


- t 


V ^- ^ 



^^epliis:, a^ JaioftoitDoef repotted ^ SJ^otneth in fait groiitiDebp t^eS^ea 





s *' 



}^eplo)Bfttoui:et!^,anDl>clttieret^i^w;feelie at #ttifomer, lpfeetl>e'€:it]^p«i^ 

>$• The Ndmes 

^ft * 

t% Ezula ro- 


IBeptotsf calleti in<Breefee »ri^J^©-:m)LatfnePepius 
tund^in ifttgli idottcliecettfels^ ^M^iin i&afe tlmatgtie 5^ttpueis^clcfe : i* 
Sim^t Reneiik matin des vigrtcsm€xij0i df fomet^attumrt,^ ^puip time, 

toe map ealtt after tl^e(!5refeePepios,ozfototDmgt^e3&ouci&e,Bpueli8;m^, 
alfo #etp S»pur8e,anti S^piirge time^--- V 

Cl^e otijec tis calleD in <^ceefee 7rr^x»i-fm taffhe Pcpi 




^ T^tNAture 

?^eplo5(fe ftoate anti iJtp in tt>e tSti^^tfM;ree,li%^ 

plis fcaf of tl^e li^e temperament 




tTftefeeDeanti iupceitPepios SfeftofS of itfee Qiialftie luififi tlje ittVce'^nU 



feedc of Spurge aut f^itj^pmal , anU fhruetft to all er|tente0 anti purpofeje:, aisf 
Cttftpmaltibt^, toijerefo?et^eplofe^beUp,an66iiue fddjtft tbtigfj fiegme, 

toit^ toater anfi cftmenqueSamoutjBf 
^i|t^ I^etbe Kept in biine anQ 

30atcti:,ant) carets tfje t^arbnefiTe of t^e melt 

iDf t^elpfeeljertue i^ Pepijs, ti$ l^iofco^il^e^S ttJ^iteti^ 

« ^ 

m -rf * 








h * 

The tKirdc Booke of 

^The Danger miKcmedie. 


%msi l^crbe ig alfo Ijurtfull buto mait,neptfter mote noilelTe, but cuenlpfee 
S^purge^aufi iis? coimteH aiiDammDeD in t^efamefo^ite;, aSi? Declared m t^^ 

former Chapter. * 


» ■ 

^ The D efcriptim 


l^feljetbeftatftlortgleatte;8f,large,greme,pIapne, anIJ Cbimngl^^ 
fafl)ioii to tl)c Umt^ of toaUe, ainonga toifticlj cometl) f oitl) a ttraigl)t 
tounDe ftalfee> of tftel^epgW of afoote ant) a ^alfe o^i tl^ere about, let 
XDitb t^elpfeeleaueiBf btttfmaUer,ttpartetl) at tbetopinto matip b?an- 
tbe;ef,l3pottt^etabic^ grota fair:ef[otPeti8?,ble\» befojeti^eitopettm3,anl>wi9er| 

ti^ep are open t^ep^aue xtJitl&ma croioneof 
pello\i3,compa(reU about U3itl)fmaU ajureD 
leaue;5,lpfeetotbefloujet5^ofCamompll in 

figure^aiftetUJben tlftepfaUetljep tuniemto 
arougl^ oiDotunietPljite feeDe, t^etoljirbe 
fipet^a\uaprpitbtbeu)inBe» C^erooteiief 
louganD t^tc&e , ant) coueteD ijaitl) a bwcU 
foinajl)attl)icHealfo» . . 


Cliisfbcrbegroujetb alongttt^efeacoaft, 

tDbete a;6f t\\t tiHe anH tnaue^ Do ebbe anD 
fiou)e,infucbe foite, t^at fometimc^ it 10 co 
ueret) tuitbtbe^ea, ant) fometime$ it tie( 

t)u'e.3int) it i^ founbe ixi abuabance in Z c a- 



', .'- ■ 

<5i The Tjme. 


^•' ye 



y^ The Names. 

^ ome tal it va <S r eetie reiTr oxio^: f n latine 
Tripolium: in tbe^dtabiaufpeecbeof^cni 
pio,Cbap»CCC)C)C)c*Turbith :but tbis^ i^J not 

Ibe ti:ucbitb of #efue 0? muicenne* It batb 

no namein ourbulgar fpeecb,^at3 knotjj, 
bnttbatfomecallit bletp Camomil oi^bletu 
l^afte^, tbe U)bicb name belongetb no t pto 

perlp bnto it.fetng tl^at it i^ notof t^el^mbe 

ofCamomifotJ^afieisfttMe map berp tuell 

call it; *)erapio bi^ Xurbich. 


I- .' ■ 





Cl^e nature Of Crip oltum is: ^oate in t^0 ti&itbeiiegree^ 


, C^e quantitie of ttDo bzagmejat of tbe coote of Ctipolium tafeen loitb toini 
mittetb fooitb hi? fiege \30atene ^^nmouc^: a^o^ouer, it is; betp piofitable foi 
fitcbeaflfbaii^tbe2[^^oprie* , - ^^ 

C^e feme i» beep profitable ntfpte in mefticinejat , tij^at Ifeeue agapnft pop- ^ 


4 * 


the Hiftorie of Planres. 


Ci^e Iztintg oit\}i^ l^etbe, a,s^ fome wiittts^ t)o noiu aUitrntfymt a Cingulep 
ijertueagaptiftallttJoutiDeftfotl^att^jeplicale anDclofetljemtip incontinent, 
iit\)cmm thereof bepotu^eD in , ot iit^tb^nm leaned be lapbebpponti^^ 

^f mttms €mbit^ Sfiapfta^ ^fiap^tjot^* 



I^apfia, as?3aiorcoube5^tt)iitetb, i;0f Ipifee ferula , butljt^^ltalfee^fbe 
fmaller^anb W leauejs^ Ij^ke f eixiLCbe Eoujerg; bepellou) groujing in 
tttffete^f IpfeelaplL Cbefeebei^b^oabe, butnotfobioabea^af f erula* 

C^erootei^longanb tbicfee.blacfeetuit^ottt, ^UJbiteVJDitbin^ftauinsatl^icfee 
barl^e fullof tul^iteliquo^ anb l][;at:pein ta(te« 

Cbapfia gro\uetft in t\^z 31^ of CbapfujS? bp ^icilia , anb it is: to be founbe 

« attbt^s^bap bpontl^emdunt<^arganu;s^ in :iKpulta;» ahb in manp otl^er placeief 



C T>&tf Names. 

%^i^^Z\^>tif^aiWs in<BttZ)S.Ucc{U'Xn%titintTh2i^C\z,Vcvuh%oM^ Feru- 
la fyiueftris : of ^efiie in tbe3irabique tongue Turbith Zn\s tW\$i tbat Tur- 

bith ujbicb ougbt to be tfeb inS>]^oppeftin tbe compofttion of fucb xazUmt^, 

^$ ^^ efue batb befcrtbeb. 

•5* The Nature. 

Cljapfia, butcbiefelptbebatteofti^eroote , i^ almoft ftoatein tbe tbfrbe 
begree, bauingtberebntoabiopning a fl^)erfluou;8fmopfltttlre, tul^tc^ei;8:tl^e 
caufe it botb fo quicWp putrifie.anb cannot be liept long* 

•^ The Vertues. 

Cbebarfeeoftbetooteof Cbapfia, taken in quantitie of a 33zam o^ fome^ 
UJbat leite.openc^ tbe bellp, anb bi^iuetb foottb clainmie fleine; anb tbicfee bu^ 
moar0, anb fomettme^ cboleriquebumour^sf . fts% it biatwetb tbem loitb it not 
fo from partejg farce ot #ojteoueriti)3^goobagapnfttbe flt^o^itnelTeofb^eatb, 
tbefl:oppingej8:oftbebiefl:,tbeCboUque, anbpapneintbefibe, bzatuingtogv 

tberoffmetue^, tbegou)t anbgreefeojacbeoftbeiopnteiB?\Ditbtbeejctreme 


23 3ti^goobtobelapbetDitbopletot^enougbtiefcurffeoftbeljeab,U)]^icb 
caufetb tbebeareto faUof,fo?itcaufetbtljebeareto grotueagapne 

tiCbefame lapb to toitb f rankencenfeanbUJajcebifpearfetb congelebbloob, 
anb tafeetb atwap blacKe anb bleio marfee0 lobicb come of biufJ^js: anb ftripejsf* 
Cbeiupceof tberooteujitbi^onie^tabetbatjoap all lentiljafanb otl^ertpot? 

Cbe fame mingleb toitl^ fulfre^biirolueti^ alftoellingejBf being lapb bpom 
oaitb t^e (iime roo te i^ple anb tuaire, men mafee an opntment berp goob a^ 


"^ The Banger ' 

3ln t^e gatl^ering anb b?a\Dingfooitb of tl^e iuvtz of tl^ijef roote , oj tftepitii 
of tbe fame.tijere cl^ancetl^ great inflammation in tbe face of bim tbat b^tatuetb 
itfooitft,anb W banbejs; toill rite full of blifterg:* Zn^ being receiueb into tbe 
bobpjit rapfe^ bp great tPiiibtne(re,blaftingejaf,toimopling,^ ouertumingtbe 
tobolebobp: anb being to largelptaken^it fturtetbtl>ebou)rtlei?anbinU)arbe 



p ar te^^t 








The thirdc Booke of 


A The Remedi 

i^ftan one topU gati^er ti^e ittpce of Ci^apfia, Di ttrip t^ebatfee of t^e toote, 
ft emuCt annopnt W faceanli naifteD parte;^ tDiti^ an opntment mati|UJitft ople 

3lnt) tai&en otie iPpl miiiiOet it inlpartrtp to open tfte bellr.ft e mud put tl^ei^ 
to<l5mger oilongi&eppei:,anD alitle^ttgar, anti fo to geuett* Jfo^pjtepareD 
after tl^tB? foit,it ll?aU not be terp J^urtfuU to mans: nature* 

^f*ttmoiiac«lo?fl^eDe Saffron. Cfjap.wj^ti 



Colchicumcum floribu 

Colchici folia & Semen 

i©aDS>afeon>iJit^tl&eflotDeriBft t^ttD Saffron voft^fti^ leaned ^feeUe 




(CrmoDactilbati^ peat b^toDe leaueiGi l|%e tfte V^h ^i^ o^zfoure 
commtngfoo^ti^ of onecoote, amongft tobtcb gtoiDet^ t^eMi^e 
abouttljf ^epQfttof afootejbearmgttiangleti^ufltejslplte to tbe 
^^ar(b flague o^fairemoituftbutdltoapfmaUer,tl^etu^icb being 
tppetjo open t^emfelttejJ into t^jteepamjBCtuitftin t^at ie^inclo 

fel»atounl>ereeOe>blaclte,anti]^atDe»t!DbeflotDet:8;grotoe tp after t^eleaueiEf 
auT) !lall(e are perifl)cD,tip5 fl)Ojtt aemme^ oidalt^eis:, Iplie t^e SoiDerjs; of S>a& 
fromCbc coote isf rountJ.bzoaUe aboue,anli narro\jD beneati^, toljite ^ ftoeete, 
couereD uiitljmanpcoateisf ozfelmeftbauing bp onefpDerigbtintl^emimeajaf 

It mere a rttft 01 parting,\i3lj ere a0 tlje (talfee bearing ^e flome grouJet^.Cft e 
roote being Uipeti becommet^bladke^ 

Cljereijsf aifb to be feene vx fe^oppeief littetB^terountie rootejsf, ti^e ^bicft^ 

t^ep calH^ermoUactiltf in fafftionpartlplpfeetbe afoteCijpDe,but tbatttjepbe 

moieEatte, anUftauenoDitttru)nintljemibme,ast^eabouerapDe, butto'^at 

floujer^ anO leaueiS tbep ^aue, ^ cfue tiatb not left b;B; \xi \i3jtiting» 




1 ) 

the Hiflorie of Pkntes, 


J 67 

S^elioijae^affron, zS 53iofcojiDe0 fapt^, groiuetft m a9effenia,anti in tl&e 

3leof Colcl?feU)^erea0ittoofeel)ifif firftname^Itisfalfo fount! tntl&isf Coiin- 
trie m fat met)DUie;s^> anD great (lo^^eofttt^s^founD about sH^iluo^e^anD about 

CfteleauejB? of ^el!e\jD S>affron,comefooitft m S^arclj anb 3(fpzil,tbe feeb^ 

i^rppeirt3lune,in3ulptbeleauej9f anbftalltebopenfl?e*3anb iw September 
tbeplearantaottjetiB: comefo^tlj of tbegrounbe* 




4^ The Ndtnes. 

Cl^e ^ivi^st of l^ermobactil ^ere f igut:eli,ij3f caUeb in ^rel^e M\x^^i^ « {(pktus^vi 

of fomeinllLatme Agreftis Bulbus : iufteUCl^e rucch'un , OZ ^Urt amx chiens : in 

ftig^3aimaigneZe(tloren,^r©irenZeitlofen: inbafeaimaigne of tbel^er 
boiiftejBJ i^ermobactilenrCurner nameti^ it, #ebe^affron,^ tuilD ^afeom 
*Cbe feconbe Uinbe xul^icb is? foimb in ^boppejaf , xfi calleb of ^aulus? 3f(egi 
neta,^efue, ^erapio, anb certapneotbecauncient<]5reeltei^bPfttionj3f i^juou- 
«A«Krt\©-: inXatine Hcrmodaaii us^anb bp tl)i;a^name it tef ifenoiuen xa fl)oppe;J» 

^T he Nature. 

i31^ebot» 01 VDilbe Saffron te^ coJttupt anb benemouie? , tft'crefo.ienot bfl^b in 


Cl^eCeconbe i^enttobactillfcs^boate anb b^ie in tl^c feconbe begree^ 

4jf' The Vertues. 

'Cbat l^ermobactil tal^icb 10 bfeb in (boppe^ef , b^iuet^ fooitl^ bp fiegc Vimit 
Ceme^biatDing tbefamefromfarrepatte^^anb i^berp goob to bebCeb againC^ 
tl^e gotbte,tl^e^ciatica,anbaUpapnes? in tl^eiopnte^* 

^iheD anger. 


■. *! 


^ebo\i3 ^affrontalfeen into tljebobp ftirretl^ bp iknatoing anb frettingin 
afltbebobp^a^tboiigballt^ebobptoererubbebtjuitb ncttle;8f, inflamet'^ tbe 

ftontartve,anb buttetb tlje intjuarbe patteis^^fo tbat in fine it caufetb bloobbp e]c 
cremmte0,anb xuttbin tbe (pace of one bap beatb 

%\}t tbcc ^i^ennobactil bfeb in ^boppeisfjflirtetb bp toffinge^, ujamlingis^, 
toinbin^lte anb bomittng,anb Cubuertet^ anb ouerturnetb tbe (tomacfee* 

^ T he Remedi^^ , 

5f anp man bp cbaunc e ^aue eaten of vuilb g»affron,tbe remebie i^ to biihfec 

a great bzaugbt of CotjDemplHe,a;B? maiCter Cumer batb Uizitten* 

3lf one pat to tl^at i^ermobactill tul^icb i0 bfeb vx ^boppejB^.eptbet (dinger 



long^cpper,^nnp$feebe.o3t.Comin, anbalitle#alttfe: (btaltenitboti^not 
ouerturne tl^e ftomacfee,neptber ftirretb bp tjJinbineiTe 


3luriel grotpeti^ of t!je 5^igtb of afoote anba]^alfeo,:mo?e,itliati^ 

manp tr^ugft bianc^e^ UJbicb toillnot eafilp bzeafee tuitl^ weftingo^ 
plaping,couereb luitb a tbicfee rinbe j barlte: rounb about tbe ^v'^t 
bimt^^z^ jhnt moit comonlp at tbe top grotjo tnanp leaned clullering 

togitljer.tbicfee anb of a blacfeifb coloiir,Ufee in fal^ion to :aape leaueief, butnot 
lb great;tlje\jDbtcb being cftexueb in tbe moutb ^bocljafe anb burne tbe motttb, 

tongue, ^ tbzoteejeceebinglp^'Clb^ao^^^ gro\Dbponl^onftemmesf,iopning 
anbbppontbeleauejBf , ip ell cluaering togttber about ti^e ftaifee, of atubite 

Steene oz berbp colour* C^efruitintbebeginningis^greene^anbafterbcing 

tipe,it ijsf blacfee almoft Ipfee a 23ape berie, but leffer^^be roote i^ long anb of a 

ikJDoobbp fubaance^ 

t ^ m 







The thirde Booke of 

^5^ The Place 

l.atttielgro\uet^ m touglj motmtameief, 
amongft ujooD, anD i$ foutiD in tl^e Conn* 
trie of )liegeanl» ^mmzy alongefttfteti' 
uer £p mfe; ^ in fome placed of 3Illmaigne* 
gitgcovuet^ alfo in manp place;8f of €ng 



ij* The tyme 

3[tfioit3j^et^ all bptime? in f ebjflSne 
t^efeeUe i^ripein^ap 

^The Names * 

Daphnoides : in ^I^OppejS Laureola : in 

f centime anH baft 3ilmaigne laureoie : in 
l^ic^ 3llinaignc Zeilant)t : in €n^i!!^t 


4S1 The Nature, 



3ti9fl)oatcanDDi^pin tftetl^irUtegcee, 
Djtaiuing neare to tl^e fourt^^ 


%\^z \tmt% of jlauriel open t^e bel^ 
\fy anD purge (Ipmiefteme , anD tuaterie 
fUperfluitte^p ^ are gooD fo ji fuc^e ais^ i^aue 
ti^e laiopKe. %\i^z i^ertuei^aue fouretene 

03^ fiftene of ti^e BeriejS tafeenat once foi apurgation* 

Cl^eleaueis^of ti^efamei^olDen in ^t moutl^ ant) c^etoet), Hialoe foo^t^ 
miu^e toater anU fleme from ti^e btapne, anD put into t^e note tbep caufe (nee* 



A The Bang 

)LaurielDotl) beice anD ouerturne tl^eftomacfee berp muc^e, anU inffamet^, 
fturtet^.anli burnetii t^e inuiarbeparte^* 

^' T he Remedies . 

^^eleauejef of ^laurieU are coirecteb anb mabe mote ^t to be recetueb ^ itt 

liKemannerasf chameka. 

ijt The Kjndes. 

MCjereon,a3J15tticenne,fl^efue,anb fe>erapio bo tojtite, i^ of tuio fb.iteft 
tu^ereof one l^atftb.toabe leaner?, tbeot^ernarrotue* ^nb i^fetfooj^tft 
bpti&e:a(lttncient<!5reefeei^i^pfttionsfbnbertl^efe tujonamejj Chamd^a, 

ZX^ Thymel^a. 

lij* The Defcri^tion. 

Hameiafai^butalo\i3eplante, about tl^e ^eigti^oEafooteanba » 

iialfe,o;t ttoo foote^ Cbe llal^eis^ be of atjooobbp Cubftance, ful of 
biancljeis;: t^e \mxz^ be long , narrotjo anD blacl^il^.muc^ Iplie t^e 
leauejsf of t^e Dlpue tree,but fmaller.:3ittbe ^ig^eft of ti^e ftalfee? 
grotjpelittle pale ojt peUotoifte flotuer^, %nXs af tertoarb t^e tljiee* 
coinereb fruite, lifee t^e Citi^pmaleief anb ^pottrge,greene at tl^ e 

beginning, anbrebiu^enittoripe:after,blacfei(^ojb?otpnetui&an{tii0:bjpe: 

^ toljereof 





the HGftoric of Plaotcj. 

Chair ela?a. 




t^e begimuug^atiD after l^oate burning t^e moutii/ 

jaciibite ant> al^alfe, tljeleaue^f are fmaljleifer atib narrouier t5en t\)c kme^ of 

Cl&ainelea,aiiD t^icfeer^Ci^eflotuer^beCmaUaiTD tu^iite^grottimgattbetoppe 
ot t^e (jjzinge^ o: nuigge^sf. Clje fr utt ijer grecne at t^e begtntitng anD after ret> 
lifeetbeBaxu, 03^ tubitetbo^ne fruit, bauingU)itbinita\Dbiteltemellcoucreli 
Ujiti^ alitleblacfee(feiniie,berp boate^auD burning tbetong*Cbefet\i3oplantej0f 
to neuer lo!^ tb eir leaue;sfj, but are alu^apejsr greene^bo tb in tPtnter ani) Corner^. 


^ T/r^ P/rfCf . 

Cbereplanteist bo groU3 in rotigb bntoi^leb placeiSf, about btgb^^reisf, anH 
are founb in fomeplaceje? of f ranee ajs? innLanguebocfe, anb about a^ompelier. 

great iloieanb abunbance 

^ The Tym e. 





Cbameleaflo\D^etb at ^ beginning of fomer, ^ pettietb bisffebe ixi ^utumne 

Cbrmelea flotPietb alib in fommer, anb bis? fruit fcsf rppe in 3luguft* 
Cbf 3trabian#bpfitionsfbocallbotb tbefe plantesfbptbename of Mcze- 

tCon,anb (bme call it Rapiens vitam,Et faciens Viduas. 

Cbefirfl:feinbeisfcaUeb in(0reefeex«MiW«:in)tatirte Chamelaea, okago, 

tOpttt abifferencebettJJirtitanb Chamcl^a Germanica. 

Cb^ feconbe feinbei^calleb ln<^reefee «v^«?«:in )Latine Thymetorof Jbme 

Kyi6>fo|i »KCn-eoF.Gneoron,Ceftron,gtal(b Chamelaea:intbe3^irpjian(peecb Apo- 
t * iiftum. 



The thirde Bodke of 


linum tftep atebotl^ tirtunotpcn in t^e S^l^oppeie? oitW€omttit ^ 

C^efeeDe of Thymcka^i^callet m (BuzU ^^^^^ wi^^Q-- in )Latme g nnu 
Gnidium.bnfettoU3enalfam^i&oppei8?r foj^mfteeDet^ereoftljelilpot^ecarie^ 
' Dftbfe Courttrie IJO tfe tlje feelie of common # etereon, of tlje tul)iclje U)e \i3Ul 

^ fpeafee in ttie Ctjaptei: folo\Ding»31np ot^ets^ talie anotfjer blacfee rounUe ictU 
-oifcuitnameD Cuculus Indus, ti^^uJ^iciyinamel^oulD femeto come of Coccus 


p§> The Nature 



Botft femtie^rof tftefeljeribe^ ate i^oate at IJjtie in tfte tl^irtieUegtee^D^tomg 
ibetpnearetot^efouitl) Degree : t^ep beberp l^dateanD ftarpe, mafeing great 


Ctje leaueiE? of t^efe V\xyt WnDeisf of ^e^ereoit purge DotonetoarDe toitl^ 1^ 
greatfoice anD t)iolence,fteme anD Cl&oleriqtte ftumour^^e^eciaUp lieaup tjoa- 
tertfl)et]iumottrjEf,alfo t^ep pieuaplemucft again(lt^e5©l^opfte,if itbeminifltreU 

tjuit!) goon iujjgemeitt ^tiD Difttetibn* 

Co t\iz fame purpofe fi^rueti^ t^e feene of Thyinela?a,iDl^en oneDoti^ tafee tlje 25 
pulpe of tujentie graprtejsr* 
%\)t leaue;8? of G^amel^a poiinbetijiti^ l^onp,liotl? munDifie ^ clente corrupt C 



^T he Danger. 



Cftequalitieof ti^efelberbeisf ^ptocljetl^ berpneareto t^enatureofbenome, 
being UiuerjB^ xuape^ berp euilanU ^nrtfulto manliinb*3itbiingetl^ great ^urt 
to t^e ftomacke,tl^e Uuerj'^t to al tbe noble anb piincigalpartei^ of man,c^afing^ 
ijttrting,ant) featcl)ing,caufing blccr? ixi ti^e entraplejaJ , anb in fine purging t^e 



^5* "^^^ Remedie. 

Cljc greeneieauegf of Ch^rhei^a muft be ftiepcb a bap anb a nig^t in gooD 

ftrongbtrtegetjt^enbiiebanU feeptto occupie,3!f firftpelapto fofee in t^efaibe 
l)ineger,^uittcejaf, ojttl)efeebeof23arberie;S,itiT;albetbemo^eaptfoitopie 
pare t^e fapbe leaned of c hamel^a.ainb W^zn pe \33pU occupie of pour leauesf 
fo p,ici}ai:eb pe muUmafee tljeminto pouber,anb gcue it toit^ 3tnftp0 feebe anb 
a^aftiMipe mtiUbople tljem in UJbape of ftueete mtlfee, ^ fpetiallp of <5oateiaf 
inilfee,p| in tl)e b?otb of a C^on,anb tften minifter tijc fapbe lobape oi bjotl^* 



fjf The Defcription. 



^at!a?ejereon,t!}et»bifi&efj5caUeb in 3^oucl^e^eibelbafl;,is:alittle 
^inhbtyOi tree of tbtee Oi fourefooteftigft ,tjuitl) ^otthinntW iDljici^ 

tDiU not eafilp bzeafee.bpont^e fame arelong leaned Ufee^^iuet > but 
luijitcranb tenberer^ d^eflbtDer^grotue alongHtftebianclje^ of a 

purple colour anb Cuoeete rattour,after uilfticlj commettj tl^e berrieief ,\ul^ic^e are 
lira gteene , anb reb tuljen t^ep be ripe : after tuljan t^epbebzpe, tl^ep become 

blarfee anb U)iinWeb:anb arelpke i|empfeebe tuben one Ijatl^tafeen from tl^em 
tl)eir\Dttl)ercb^Uinne,buttl)e?areaUttlerounber, anbbigger* ^InbUJ^an 
t()ep be cl)eu)eb,tl)ep are founbe berp boate anb ftronglpbfirningin tfteinoutft 
anb tljiote^llt^e VD^ic^e t^e feebe onlp botl) not,but alTo tl^eteaue^, barfee,ana 


^ The Place. 


' ^ 


.^eicreon groujetti in biuer^g places of ^Imaigne ixi mopa bm*e ujoob^. 

anb ill r iigl) i)n topleb plae eg? • 


•j* The Tym^^. 

3tfiou>^etlj bptiitte inf eb^u^rie anb#arc)&e,befo^eitbearet!^lcauejB(,at^ 








the Hiftorie of Plantes. 


tljcfmitbecommetl^reD auD rip e in Sfuguft 
auD September. 

%\^\^ plant i^ calleU m fev^^oppe^sf of 3il^ 

anD*iti^at^beu tatiett a long tpme fo^ttl)e 

ttgljt Ci^amelca^ \xs\)mlm it map be iuell 

CalieD Chamel^a Germanica4n^igb 3l30ttCi^ 

^eitielba(l:,3tett|ferattt,anD !^ettei;^al0:ui 


Cainela?a Germanica. 

bare3ilmaigne%eclbafi;;^ mo(lcommonlp 


"C^je feeDe of tlii;^ plantc isi tDiongfitUp 
talfeen of tl^e 3pot^ccarie;ef of tlji^ Coimtrie; 

fo: Coccos Gnidios, ^ t^^calleD Of tl^CCOttV 

mbn people 5©^onliaett;8f befieHenjs? , tl^at ifi 
to fap,^mn!iarti^ hzxxit^i, bpcaufc it^at af 

tcronebatb eatenoftbefe berried, becan* 
not eafiip fxualloVD ojt getHotjune Xsiin^u 

tiDljeleaueisfjbatfee^roote, ^ fruit of tl^fe^ 
plaute;ateboare^bip,almoQ; in tl)efourtl^ 

Degree, anb of qualitie liUe i\^z roote of 

CbPtttelea* \ 

^ The Vertues. 

% Ci^eleaueiaf of a?e5ereont)o purge bo\i3nc 

tparbe^iuitb biolence ^ migbt , botl^ fleme 

anb cljolerique i^umour^s^ * )LtHeu)ireit pur 

getb xiiatenil) l^umour^s^^anb nten bo bCe it ixi. tl^e ^l^oppe^ of tl^t^ Countrie^in 

fteebe of tbeleaue^sf of Cbamelea* 
53 ]ipHebertuebauetbe bcrrteiB^jtl^eUii^icl^e being cl^etueb, bo leaueintlje 

tl^iotefuci^ a ideate anb burning, tl^at it map i^arbip be quencljeb bprneanejo^of 





^ The Danger. 

%W plant ijs? tjoitljout boubt i^urtfulbnto tlje bobp>bpcauCe it i)Bf berp^oate, 
anb of O:rong anb \)^t\ntx0:. Xjoo^king , tpljerefoie it bot^ ^urt anb greeue t^t 


ijt The Remedi 


db^leaue^^of tl^is^^ejereonarep.iepareb euenas^t^eleaueietof Chamelapa 
anb ixi IpHe manner ougljt t^e fruit anb barfee to be o jber eb,uiften one txiil giue 
tijem to be tal^en luitl^ anp xmXmwz 



Taphis-acre l^atlj fttaigljt ftalfeejBf of a b^totone colour, toitb leauejSf 
clouen oz cut into fine, iin , ojfeuen cliftesf, almoft Ipke the leaue;8? of 

tbeujilb bine.Cbeflo\i3erj9?gro\u bpo n) ttemmcsfof afapzeblevue 
Oitrfeiecolour,parteb into fine ojtfipelitleieauejBfttubentbeparegone 


fl)arpe, anbburniug tl^emotttt>> tlje roote ii3( of a tooobbp fubHance , anb 




The thirde Booke of 



fotae it in ti)eir gapDeujs: , anD it gro\oetl& 
piofpecouap i« ^aUorop placeiaf 


Staphif-acrefiotDieti^ at ^itiComer 






^!ji0 i)erbe i$ called in ©reeike r^^*!? 

•yf ««atl )tatine Hcrba pedicularis, 01 Pi- 

tuitaria,of foine ill (Btefee ^««eoKTovof/, ti^at 
ijaf to Cap ^ ifi^oufebane, 03^ ^flt/ewp: in il;opflf 

Staphis agria ; iXi ftmi\^Z Sta^hifaigre ^ 03^ 
H/r^^ auxfouiUeux :in l^ig^ BOttCfie ^euff 

feraut , anU ^pcic^elkraut : in baffe^l' 
maigne TLupftrupt > anD tl^efeetjema^e 
into potPber 5(LupCiepoulier,t^at fcs: to (jip, 


^tapljifacre, eC|jeciallptl;efeetie 
^oate alinoQ: in tl^efourtl^ Degree 


f iftceneftelie^? of ^tap^it^cretafeen 
toitl) l^onieD uiater, VDillcaufe one to 1)0 
wit gcolTe fleme anlJ tlpmie matter, tx3it^> 

CftefeeDe of^t^acteiningleUtDit!) 
o^lc Diiuet^ aioap lifefrom tlje ^eal> anti _ 

from all otber placed of tl^ebol)p,anl>€ttretl^ all ftttrttieitcfte,anli manijine^ 
Ci^e fame bopleU in tjiueger anD t) olD en in tlje mout^, ftuagetlj tootlj ac^c 

•CljeCamec^etDetJintfte moutl^ , Dtatueti^ fooitlj muc^mopilttre fromtlje 

^eat>,anD munMietfttljeb^apne. 

Cfte fame tempered U)itlj l)ineger,i5? aooU to rubbe t^pon lottfie^pareU,to 


l^illin!) Diioeatpap life 

«5i The Dang 


Cftt tmt of fetafifafeer to be tafeeninu^arl^lp, isi terp l^urtfutt to nature 
ftjiit cljafetl) anD itifiamet^ allinioarbepaf teftanD ouerturnetl) ti^e ftomaefee, 
ifonel)olDeitinftisfmontl^,itcaufet^ inflammation in ^z mouti^ anD ti^iote 
iPljerefoieone ougi^t not raf^ilp to "QiztW feeDe,epcept it be giuen outUJarWp 


I5ef03te re occupie ti^ef^eDe of i»tafimfere, pe mufl; ftipeit iaWneger anBBue 
it,anD U}I)an it t^ Dne,pe map giue it to ^ixi^z U3itl? Sp eaUe o^ toatereU Ijonie 
<l^eabei0l^onieanDv»aterboplebtogit^er, ant)\iJ^ofoeuer ^at^b^eceiueDof 
tl?i5 feebe,muft ujalke tjoit^out ftaping;anti C^ouU) Dj^infeel^iUzomel Derp ofte, 
U)^m Ijefeeletlj anp W^z of c^oUing^anD ixi tfti$ Uooing it fl^all perfQurme W 
operation ujit^out anp great Danger/ 

, ^TheDefcription. 

HlDeCucumbiel^at^UaucjeffomeXDljatrountxeantJ roug!), butletter 
anUrougi^crtljentlje leaner of common Cucumber* ^ftedal&eis^be 
rotinlse anD rouglj,creeping alongft tlje grouuDe tuitljout anp cla^erisf 

o;l?oUjerAt>pontD^ictieoutof t^eftolo\j)neffeof ttie coUaterall btan- 



the Hiftoric of Plaptcs 

tW 0? tetegeisf,amotigft ^ \tmtfS groia 

ftoue fJtmtmtsi beating a fiouiei: of a 
fapnte pellou) colour , after tlje flotuerja? 
tl^ere commetl^ little roiig!) Cucumberjg? 
of t^e btgueffe at lengti^ of one$ t^ombe, t^ 
full of fappe toitb a bzotune Ifeernell, tl^e 
tpljicl^ beingripe, ffeippet^ fo^tl^ affoone 
a0onetouclje ^Cttcumber5?»tlDberoote 
i0 \3)\)itCj tbicke , anU great, tnitb manp 
otberfmallroote^^ l^angingbpv 3(111 tbe 
l^erbe i^ of a berp bitter tafte , but e(pc* 
ciallptbefrutte, iJJl^ereofmenbfeto ga 
t^tt t\)z in^tz auD D^pe it , tl^e UJl^ic^e US 
V)feb in medicine/ 

^^The Place, ^ 

tlDl^ijg^lberbei^founDin tl^egarDenj? 
of ^ctbon^^fsi of ti^iiff Countrie : and 

\xi]^cre a0 it bati) b en nee Co U3 en^ it com 
i^tti:^ eafilp agapne euerp pere 

il^ The Time 







- ^ 




Cl^efe Cuciunber;^ bo fiotoer in 3Itt* 
guii:,^ tl^eir feebe 1$ rtp|in^eptember« 

:^ The Names, 

CJiifi^ Cucuitiber i0 calleb in dBreefee 

o-iMs ^.ye^osi inKLatine Cucumis Agreftis, 
fyluefhis,& erraticus: OffOttte Cucumis 
anguinus.'inHoppejS Cucumis afininus: 

in Cngli(^ iBplbe Cucumbtetinf rencb 

concombrefauuageiin ^igb Boiicfte i^ilDc Cucttmer,oi ^feW Ciicumer : ia bate 

3lmatgner^tlbeConcommeren,o^:efel^Conconimeren: ixi €n%M)tV^\Si^t 

Cacumber,bj leaping Cucumber* 

%\^t iupce of ti^eroote being bip,i)8f caUeU Ektcriumiin (^oppeief Hkacrium. 


%\\t iM^iz of iDilbe Cucumbie is: boate anb btie in tbe feconb Degree^anb of 
arefoluinganb clenfing nature* Cfterooteiie^of t^e Came \j)o?feing,but not fo 

ftrongaist^e iupce* 



-iji The Verfues. 


title of balfe afcruple,bauetb fooztb bp fiege groife Eeme,ci^olerique, aub ^t 
fiallp tuateril^e^umouris:* #oieouer it iis^goob agairUtt^eBiopfie, anbfot 
t^em t^at be troubleb toitl^ (^o^ttneffe of bieatlj* 

Cbe fame belapeb tuitlb CVueete milfee,anb poto^teU into tl^e nofe, puttet^ a* 2& 
toap from t^e epe0 tbe euplcolour tuljici^eremapnetft after t^e 3aun6ife;,fa3a' 
getb l^eabacl^e anb clenfi^tl^ tbebiapne* 

Cbefameputintotbeplaceofconceptionfbbben \Dit]b^oniebtu{ne,^eIprt5 € 

toomen to ti^etrnatttrallficfene(re,anbbelitteretft tbebeabci^ilbe* 
. C later ium lapb toouttuarMp\i3it^olbe€)ple,o^^ome,ot\i3iti^egaU0f 3a 

an €)]re,ci BuU,bealet^ tl^e S»qttinancie,anU tl^e fajelUnge^ in tb^ tbiote 

Cbe ixiviz of t^e barfee anb roo te of tuilBe Cucumber, botft alfb purge 8eme, <8 


hnt not of fb (IrongoperationajS? Clateriunu 






^ ■ 

The tliir^e Booke of - 

Clje wote of \3i3atic Cucumber maDe foftoifofectJ mbineger anti Wtt to, 
f^agetljtljeparnejaiTUtafeet^atDapti&efiuellmgofttjegoiute. -Clj c ijmegei: 
tuhcreiuithatb ijeubopleD;i^oUienmtftemout]^,fUjagetl| tlftetootljac^e* ^ 

Cije famelapDe to \uit^ parc^cD barlie meale^tiiirolttet^ coin tumour^, anU (5 

C^e tame mane iuto potDner,attn lapti to tuitl) l&ome,clenfet^,rcourettj, ano ^ 

ren fpo tte;8:,anti all o t^et blemiO; e0,ann fcarre^ of man;3f boDp* 

%bz iupce of ti^e Mmsi DzoppeH into f eareiJ^talvet^ aiuap t^e papne of tlje J 


pS* Ty&r Dang 

(^latetium taken into t^e boip^^urtetb t^einttJatD partejSf^anD openeti^ t^o 
fmal bapnej3(, p.touofeet^ gripingeis^ann tojtment^e: in ti^e bellp in tiomg i^i^ ope- 
ration/ ^TheRemedie, 

Co caufc tlj at it ft alb no i^urt^itmuft begeuen\jDitb ^etie,o;tiDttl&fmetc5 
tnpme,a litlc felt anb 3nnpi8:reebe, o? geue it in poiuber voit^ gummeCtaga^ 
gante^a litle ^nnp0 ftebe anb fait* 

4^f €oIoq wntttia* €fiap.ieli 




)|e The Defaipthn. 

^loquinttba creepetft luitft 
W b^tanc^e^sf alongfl; bp t|;e 
grounb, toiti^ rougb dearie 
leaned of a grapift colour, 
mucbeclouen o} cutalmtjft 
UHe t^e leaner of f Citron 
Cucumber « %\)t ftoxoeris^ arebleaKeoz 
pale^Cljefruitrounb, ot a greene colour 

at t^ebeginning, anb after pellouie, ti^e 
ft'arfee thereof 15? neither tbiclie no;t l^arb, 
tbe inner part o.zpulpe, i^sfopene^tpogie, 
full of grap feebe,in tafteberp bitter, tlje 
VDl^icl) men h^^ ^ feepe to bfe in mebicine* 

Cliere ijBf pet founbe another binbof ^ 
Coloquintiba, noticing Ipfeet^efirft: fot 
ti:^i$i Ijatl^ long rougb ftalfee^f , mounting 
fbmcixjbat ^igb, anb taking bolbetuitb 
^ifij cla^er;0f euerptul^ere, like (l^oojtbejef* 
tri^e leaner be like tlje leaned of tuilbe 
Cucumber^ tlDl^e frutte in all tl^inge^ ijs; 
like ti^e <Boozbe,but farre fmaller , onelp 

oft^eqnantitieofapeare. C^efetoilbe 



01 pille 

a too dbbp fubftancea greene! 


tbeiufibei^fullof iupce, anb ofaberp 

bitter tade 

^ The Place 

•r - 



^ %^t Rrft kinb groujetft in 3 talteanb S>papne, from to^ic^ placeisf tl^e b?ieti 

fruitei0b?oug^tbntob^* rzr> vvr ^ ^ ^ 



^^l The Tjme 

Colo quintOia b? wijet^ foojtti W fwtte in September* 






^ ^ 



theHiftoricdf Pla 

eSf The Names 




Cdloqiiitttiftai^caUeO in<l5rcefee»'<>?^0Kw%:in)latine Colocynthls^of ^ait- 
IttiBf 31tegmetasicyoma:mfl;oppe^ Coloquintida : m3©ottcljeColoqttmtopff^ 

Un,anl> Coloquint appel 

Cl>efecotit)efeini)emai»becalletiin<i5reelkeKox»Kuvfi«ayfi«:m jiatitie Cucur- 

bita fylueftris:mf cenel^ CoargefauuA^e: iuS^OUC^ r©il0eCatt\UOO^DenifO^tl^(S 

i;8f afemHe of tljerigljt aoojttie 



^The Nature, 

*r>^^ Vertues, 


antiintpattiepttt) o^ poulpeof Coloquuttitia,taUen aboutt^e % 
tDeigi&tof afcrupIe.opcnetlSti^ebellp migi&tflp;anl> pucgetft grpift flemeis^, anD 
tftoleriqttefttimotttftanO ti^ellpmiefttt&melD?>mti) ftinfeiitgcosimption ojfcta* 
^ingejfi? of tlie gtittejsf, pea fomettmeiS^ it caufi^t^ l?looD to comefoo^tl),tf it be ta« 
Ifem in to great quantities , 

It&e tierttte it i^atft , if it be bopleli , ts% lapDe to fiilte m i^onied tuatet o^ anp % 
c^tljer liqtto^,ant) after geiien to beti^onfeen:itp;tofitetl^ mucl^eagainft all coin e 
papne to fetcl|ebtcatlj,t^!e ci^olique, WofenefTe of t^jefineuje^.anD placejs'out of 

f 01 %t fame purpofeisf^it map be put into'CUaerg anD ^