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Copyright 1975 by Mark Brian 
Dearmon and the Publications Board 
of the University of North Carolina. 
Printed in the United States. All 
rights reserved. Library of Congress 
catalogue number 13-1 7244. 

M ark Brian Dearmon, editor 
M artha Louisa Farlow, mg. editor 
S teven OnreeParris, bus. manager 
V irginia Kelly Muse, layout editor 

The yearbook of the University of North 
Carolina at Chapel Hill 


l^egibence CoUeses; anh ©rsanijationsf 












• -N^;^/ 

■.* '> 

#! :W , ..u: . ..■ 

^ A 

1/ ^ w :■ ■ 

'"''-■ J 

I'r \- 

•M " "■ 




P^A >^«'* 



X W l M rt to ill Ml MM i mil li wi ll i r l H i ii W W ti W*<U l>l* W MIIItl^»t »« l >' >Ml t^ MAlti < »*««'»«««.»)t«'rf'.l 


■» '^^T^, * ^Hv 

H^yByi^^BM^rS9HHHi& <ill 


*^ ■ ^--* iS« 

y4 W.// MOT? to pass in the days before the feast of the sacrificial 
game that there arose one who was the Head, known among his 
tribe as the prophet William. And he opened his mouth and 
gnashed his teeth saying: "Verily, verily I say unto you; greatly 
shall you fear your enemy the Blue Devil, lest he steal upon you 
and weaken your defense and your secoruiary; for the losers 
shall be stricken from the polls. " W henceforth the scribes did 
write his words upon the Daily Scroll and read them to the 
people; andlo, they were sore amazed. 

Now there went out in those days a decree from Caesar Alum- 
nus that everyone should be smashed. Arui all came unto the 
Hill, each from his own city, that they might be filled to the 
fullest measure thereof. Now included among the multitudes 
was Joe Carolina and his wife Mary, but there was no room 
for them at the Inn, for they hath not reservations. 

Then it was that the sacred Ram was brought forth before the 
people amidst trumpets and banners, and each one praised it 
with loud voices. And the possessions and the interceptions were 
the first quarter; and the fumbles and the recoveries were the 
second quarter; and these plus more were the third quarter. 
Then it came to pass that two touchdoums were the fourth 
quarter, and the Devils returned to their fiery refuge across the 
way; yea, even with their tails between their legs with embar- 









\ < 

And then then comdh the year oj the great concert draught. 

The people were up-in-arrm, and there was much talk of the icarctty 

of concerti around the Well. 
But those who did come to perform m the arena, 
They filled the place with their voices, their jiddles. their dances. 
And lo; even their elephants. 
At the end of the year. 

The multitudes surveyed the concert situation. 
And they were mildly pleased — 
But certainly there was no great Jubilation! 

/ (^ JJ^ fl JjUJ. 5^ 


^a^ii^e^ G/oi^a^ 





■-^■' ,},^ 

,", V,'!,'... 

-•%*• - ■' ■ 

* • 

b ■ 




^ 1 


^''^tl^^^^F " > 


Then the raim came, and the wmdi did blow, 

for It was yet another season, even unto the New Year. 

Whence forth the people journeyed unto their homes for a break, 

and when they returned, lo, there was a great snow to greet them. 

And their chains rattled for four days and four nights. 

Thus they began a new semester, 

for the old registration hath passed away. 

Yea though the courses be new, 

the routine becometh old again. 

And 50, they settled into the Grind, 

Even as Winter froze them. 

apple Cfjilljfair 


^^^^^^B^'^^^^BRk' ' Iwi^l^^l 

i^^^^ ^^jg 


Now then came a great change upon the face of the Hilt. 
The green returned to the grass 

the leaves to the trees, 

and the classes to the outside. 

For a great fever had descended upon the people, 

so that they left their books and the scribes, 

and did venture forth from the halls of learning 

even to the coast of the land. 

Even as everything was old, 

it was yet new again. 
The lines and the numbers; 

the papers and the tests, 

the festivals and their music. 

And the people rejoiced, 

making merry with songs, and bare feet and laughter. 

And it was both the end and the beginning. 





■ . • ■■■■'-- ■<- 'i*>-'^ 


The professor is my shepherd, I shall not study. 

He maketh me to lie down in the wee hours; 

His homework leadeth me through the stacks. 

He restoreth my apathy; he leadeth me tn the path of knowledge 

for my oum sake. 

Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of failure, 

I will fear plagiarism. 

The professor is with me, his assignments and his staff they exploit me. 

Hepreparest a test for me in the presence of my classmates. 

n He annoinlest my head with trivia 

" (meanwhile my mug runneth over.) 

Surely, after many scrolls are published while he is at the Hill, 

He will wear the cloak of Holy Tenure forever 





ffionalb a. poulton 
Bean of ^tubent ^ffairg 

Jfreberic ^ctroebrr, f r. 
^^^OLMm\ of g>tubent 

®r. James 3^. leut^e 


Profes^s^or of ^igion 

Sr. Walttt ^. Spearman 
^rofesis;or-^cJ)ool of Journalis^m 

Br. Willim M^ ^arbp 


Motion pictures; 

Br. (geralb Mnfes; 
^ggoc. ^rofes^sJor 
^cfjool of Cbucation 

J^^' Br. #eorse p. Baniel 
'^*' ^rofes^gor-iaomantic 
1 languages; 

Br. Bicfjarb Eicfjarbs^on 

^sisioc. ^rofes^sior- Political Science 


Br. f on Mt}} 
Bramatic ^rtsi 

lnit)er£iitj» ©ap 

• Ill 



^R^^^l' -I^^Bi^^^^l 

^' H^^^^H 






wK^r^ A-^ .^^^1 





.^4^,^.-m8sm?.~;'- .../M^iw^)#«'W^i^V..%::a^,.'.j»:fe-;4i 

W' vi- 

'"f^^l**!^ '.V-;-' ■ '-^'Vte^' ' 






w ■ :s^. 

* f *■ 

In the beginning, they fixed the roof of Old East, 

for the termites had run out of wood. 

And it was said, "Let there he light!" 

and there were no bulbs. 

The officials saw the darkness, and sent repairmen three months 

These men saw that it was good enough to break again in a week. 

And on another day they said; "Let the woods be bulldozed, 

and let South Campus emerge from the swamps." 

And South Campus brought forth high rises, and roaches and co- 
ed living; 

and everybody thought that it was good fun. 

And the University was blessed 

A nd went forth and recruited and multiplied to 20,000 students. 

More apartments were built and Granville arose 

like three monsters from the sea. 

And the real estate men saw that the money was good. 

And then it was rumored that Henderson was to be a living 
learning center. 

And the girls and guys on North Campus thought it might be a 
good chance . . . 

^ W "• 

And then the administration said, "Let us make 
Student Government in our oum image, and let them 
have dominion over that which is trivial. So 
SG blessed itself and said, '-We must he fruitful and 
multiply, and they created the Campus Governing 
Council and thought it might he good. 

And there was a stir on the Hill about the 
Daily Tar Heel and its much publicized court 
case, and the students gave money to help because 
they saw that the DTH wai good. And all the other 
clubs and organizations fretted much about their 
money, for each thought that it was good. But 
Dick, the Mighty One, and his cohorts, thought 

Then after looking over all of the residence 
colleges and organizations, a hush fell roundabout 
and we saw that the chaos was good. 



David Boone 
Sam Currin 
Jarvis Sinclair 
David Weaver 
Mike Boner 
Steve Coggins 
Hunter Dalton 
Rusty Davis 
Robert Griffin 
Nick Jones 
Dave Kohl 
Robert Eve 
Ralph Pitts 
Bill Snodgrass 
Jim Becker 
John Flynt 
Emment Gladstone 

Ross Miller 
Ernie Patterson 
Pete Van Tyle 
Bill Putnam 
John Rist 
John Hanford 
Gary Rendsberg 
Randy Wolfe 
Mike O'Neal 
Jeff Taylor 
Chuck Felts 
Bob Jones 

Hadley Whittemore 
Dick Baker 
Carl Fox 
Rick Molen 
Gary Kessleman 

Sam Boone 
Dave Gephart 
Bill Freeman 
Marilyn Brock 
Karen Dacons 
Betsy Warren 
Debbie Workman 
Elizabeth Jones 
Faye Dunn 
Kyle Terrell 
Susie Gooden 
Janie Moore 
Amelia Bellows 
Louise Weeks 
Susan Delany 
Deryl Davis 
Christina Ewendt 
Judy Stevens 




Aia>y Ann llu^ht 


Margaret Baker 

Vice President 

Sallte Martin 


Nancy Iden 


Debbie Cobb 

Program Chairman 

Dr Day 



Leo Gordon, 


^s;gociation of Ig^omen ^tubentsJ 

Susan Case, Chairman 

publications; JSoarb 

Joe Mttchner Chairman 



Martha Farlow 
Managing Editor 


Concert anb ittarcf)mg 


John Yesuiai/is 
Ralph Htll 
Sidney Hollowell 
Lila Morse 
Stan Williams 
Sharon Kinch 
Connie Barden 
Janey Moore 
Bennie Laughter 
Larry Nissen 





Equipment Manager 




Drum Major 

Drum Major 

Carolina ^lapmafeeriS 



i K 



B^~ ^^^^^^^^L 


^i«i ' 






^ «a3' 






"^^bJ^f # 4 



W^lffyg mT^ ^n 

ht- m^ 


fflOi^ • 

TJ^ V 

3* -^^^ 

^^ ^^c^^^qIl ^h 

$^' " l^^B 



B^^H^B^^^^^^^Ul ^^^H 


; / 

— ^^ .M 

_ I - ^« 



















' ^. ^f 











In the fall, the sororities and fraternities they rusheth, 

And even so m the spring. 

For as the rushees comet h, 

So doth the beer chugging. 

The Greeks are the established among the unconventional 

The organized amidst the masses, 

The broghers and sisters united. 

They abideth in great dwellings. 

And celebrate the victories of the sporting troops. 

Andlo, they even provideth carnivals that benefit the Campus Chest 

And they pileth pennies to help the crippled, 

That they might walk once more. 

Whether the occassion might be the sacrifice of the Great Pumpkin for 

The celebration of St. Valentmus among the children. 
Or the parade of the triumphant Rabbit, 
They smileth even so as they laugh. 
And are at peace with themselves. 

Campus Cfjest Carnibal ^^0 Suttion... 

anil 3^oati Eallp 

Susan Spence 

Jean Anne Jones 

Efficiency Vice President 
Bobo Berry 

Pledge Trainer 
Shelley Spean 

Corresponding Secretarv 
Harriet Kjiight 

Karen Lampke 

Assistant Treasurer 
Sally Tayloe 

House Manager 
Deh Sieker 

Maryann Patterson 


Danna Miller 
Mary Ann Mitchell 
Mary Mundhenke 
Gretchen Natsawakl 
Connie Nobles 
Diane Paradise 
Maryann Patterson 
Candice Perry 
Barbara Peters 
Carol Pleasants 
Donna Reins 
Jane Retsenweaver 
Karen Ripple 
Bndgett Ryan 
Deb Seiker 
Margaret Shelton 
Shelley Spears 
Susan Spence 
Kathy Stroud 
Sally Tayloe 
Tncia Trojan 
Lucy Vance 
Donna Wade 
jo Waggy 
Libby Williams 
Jean Ann Wolhar 
Mary Zaytoun 

Diane Donald 
Jan Evans 
Marsha Exum 
Robin Lee 
Beverly Lohwasser 
Susie Gooden 

Kay Troittno 
Bett Webster 
Ann Williford 

Shen Stroud 

^^'^Z:^A^ ^-it/>V^.*:c»^ . 



Patty Nilz 

Bnghl Ktnnett 

I 'ice- President 
Logan Lynch 


Mjne Morrzsette 
It'innie Sutton 

Rush Chairmen 
Melanie Beall 

Soaai Chairmen 
Martha Blaylock 


Kjte Ballagh 
Sally Barnes 
Melanie Beall 
Jane Bell 
Martha Blalock 
Sandy Bradley 
Sterling Bryan 
Tcmpe Carlton 
( .ifdyn Cogdell 

I hhhte Darnell 
Holly Dearstyne 
Linden Dodson 
Anne Dei>ane 
Mary Grace Farm 
Ann Finley 
Gay Fort 
Debra Fox 
Carol Lee Gainey 
Laune Gilbert 
Susan Gravely 
Louise Hale 
Anne Hamilton 
Ann Highsmith 
Catherine Hill 
Nancy Hill 
Jane Holroyd 
Timi Killey 
Bright Kinnett 
Kathy Lester 
Logan Lynch 
Julia McNair 
Kaihy McfGe 
Bttsy Milligan 
Jane Moore 
Mane Momsette 
Tnsha Moms 
Patty Nitz 
April Neu'lin 
Mickie Pittman 
Mamie Pope 

Ann Rankin 
Lourdes Rjera 
Martha Ross 
Kathy Samuelson 
Hargrave Shull 
Mary Louise Snell 
Jane Spangler 
Gloria Sullivan 
Susan Summerlin 
Wmnie Sutton 
Kay Temple 
All Ward 
Carolyn Welfare 


I 'emice Brown 
Martie Darnell 
Anna Dorsett 
Mary Huban 
Robin Let'ina 
Karen Ludwick 
Susan Johnson 
Jane Mills 
Susan Perry 
Betsy Snell 
Chnstie Spetr 



.■\/'' > ■Z^-Ht 


Nell Wall 


Cathy Derdone 


Bizabeth Bryant 


Barbara Bttler 

Alexa Piver 


Susan ZimTmrman 

Social Chairman 

Beth King 

Rush Chairman 

Becky Jams 

Pledge Trainer 


Becky Jones 

Ue Roper 

Cathy Verdone 

Bailey Sellars 

Susan Zimmerman 

Becky Todd 

Gmny Bush 

Mary Virginia 

Frances Davu 


Carolyn Eaves 

Louise Carr 

Wtllis Lathrop 

Beth Chadwick 

Cindy Mayhew 

Tilden Cross 

Alexa Piver 

Jane Currence 

Robbie Baigas 

Paula Davis 

Elizabeth Bryant 

Mane Easley 

Barbara Bitler 

Ann Elliot 

Stuart Carr 

Norfleet Fleming 

Gwen Cheek 

Susan Garvey 

Sandy Cline 

Vicky Gordon 

Dianna Davis 

Ann Hogue 

Chip Dodd 

Becca Mynatt 

Lucy Hancock 

Susan Neal 

Carol Herman 

Beth Ritchie 

Penny Hunt 

Jeanetle Spence 

Wheatie Hyman 

Lee Thurston 

Debbie Kerr 

Tina VanVelsor 

Beth King 

Jane Weaver 

Lou Latham 

Lyn Williams 

Anne Unton 

Mary Holt Woodso 

Meg McKfithan 

Karen Worden 

Peggy Scott 

Mary Ann Barden 

Margaret Tull 

Janet Blair 

Nell Wall 

Uz Dixon 

Susan Wilson 

Susie Ester 

Jodie Wrenn 

Margaret Ann 

Gladys Carowan 


Lue-Ann Jepsen 

Karen Johnson 

Mendith Knox 

Anita Lippitl 

Cathy Matthews 

Betsy Moti 

Isabelle Patterson 

Betsy Potter 

Ann Peller 

Elizabeth Respess 

Ann Reeseman 

Catharine Wilson 


'.'f^ ' 

---» BiW- 


i>« J- V J,*'- '^ rf '.^ ^^ 

.T^»r -rr-Vr,i'*'-> 

Graaa Bobbilt 


Sharon Post 


Mary Neu'iom 


Debbie Whitehunt 


Roxie Deutsch 

Recording Secretary 

Barbara Bear 

Corresponding Secretary 

Mary Joan Manley 

House Manager 


Allison Albnghl 

Becky Lou Sarlin 

Janet Ameen 

Becky Scott 

Debbie Andrews 

Debbie Smith 

Debra Andrews 

Liz Smith 

Barbara Bear 

Ellen Speck 

Barbara Beatty 

Cathy Stewart 

Gracia Bobbitt 

Rachel Sumrell 

Susan Boseman 

Beth TilUry 

Janet Costin 

Carolyn Tnplett 

Roxte Deutsch 

Becky Twyne 

Lorn Dillon 

Rose Mary Vann 

Emily BAwards 

Gail W'alker 

Ginger Edwards 

Judy Wallace 

Betty Euller 

Debbie Whitehurst 

Marsha Puller 

Vicki Wilkof 

Frances Fun- 

Cindy WoTsley 

Paula Gupton 

Helen Young 

Betty Jean Hall 

Joanne Zaytoun 

Jane Inman 

Mary Paula 

Suzanne bhee 


habelU Jewell 

Janice Johnson 


Nancy Kfalhley 

Teresa Bolick 

Betty Leonard 

Toya Clark 

Gwynn Long 

Susan Cook 

Mary Joan ManUy 

Chns Graver 

Helen Manning 

Keeler Davidson 

Susan Midgette 

Barbara Eamheart 

Abhy Miles 

Suzie Franklin 

Mary Anne Murray 

Donna Fneze 

Cathy Neai 

Kathryn Kilpalnck 

Mary Newsam 

Ann Lemmon 

Deborah Polk 

Cindy Lindsey 

Sharon Post 

Alice Martin 

Pansy Pndgen 

Lyn Mercer 

Dotty Rawley 

Janet Mills 

Giro I Rjpley 

Cindy Reid 

Barbara Robinson 

Debbie Taylor 

Nancy Samt-Amand 

a-Elpf)a Cfteta 




f ;? t 

ri: t 


r* ^ 

•r ■» 



Marilyn Hockaday 

Jody Riley 

Vice President 
Patsi Claytor 

Janet Barden 

Linda Guy 

Assistant Treasurer 
Jane Wooten 

Carol Donnan 

Rush Chairman 


Kathy Adams 
Gail Allen 
Nancy Aired 
Janet Harden 
Mime Booe 
Patsi Claytor 

Martha Coble 
Debbie Creech 
Jeannine DesVergers 
Carol Donnan 
Betty Durham 
Jan Ely 
Nancy Gilliam 
Phyllis Goodwin 
Mary Ruth Granger 
Unda Guy 
Connie Hayworth 
Marilyn Hockaday 
Pat Hunter 
Elizabeth Jemigan 
Candy Ludwick 
Carlean Moser 
Emily Peyton 
Jody Riley 
Kay Rodgers 
Virginia Schoonover 
Marsha Scott 
Vicki Thompson 
Tommie Tilley 
Beth Walker 

Ginger Walker 
Claudia Ward 
Phyllis Willetts 
Marable Wilson 
Sara Jane Witherow 
Jane Wooten 


Judy Be?iton 
Bobbi Best 
Leslie Bradsher 
Susan Day 
Adrienne Dyson 
Helen Easter 
Kathy Fnerson 
Beth Giles 
Cheryl Kozel 
Lisa McGinn 
Susan Mish 
Debbie Naylor 
Sue Nicholson 
Pat Rainey 
Kathy Schull 
Nita Vaughn 

Kathryn Bawen 


Jean C. Benson 


Pam Jones 


Jane Parker 


\ 'ickie Ripley 


Suzanne Bridges 


Veil Freeman 

Quiz File Chairman 

Dr. Jack K. Wier 



Jean C Benson 

Kathryn Bowen 

Vickie Ripley 

Cynthia Shinn 

Veil Freeman 

Ginger Lee 

Nini S tailings 

Suzanne Bridges 

Becky Buchanan 

Ruth Bivens 

Helene Copening 

Dons Du'iggins 

Pam Jones 

Jane Parker 

Nina Shehan 

Meg Willis 

Sandra Nance 

Jeannie Newton 

Cathy Carter 

Sue Hudson 

Gardner Mann 

Texie Penry 

Janet Perry 

Betsy Rullman 

Sanne Jones 

Pam Upchurch 

Barden Robbins 

Connie Starves 

Joyce Fulcher 

Ann Martin 

Associate Member 

Mrs. Jack K. Wier 

Connne Andenon 

Jill William 

Vice-President of Social Ad- 
Debbie Mighell 

Vice-President of Social Ad- 
Margone Spruill 

Vice-President of Mental Ad' 
Patty Beaver 

Vice-President of Moral Adv 
Connie Dunaway 

Amy Carr 


Connne Andenon 
Patty Beaver 
Martha Boone 
Catherine B&wen 
Martha Bowles 
Suzanne Bnsendine 
Barbara Bntt 
Prhalla Burt 
Amy Carr 
Tootle Chamberlain 
Susan Cochran 
Peggy Craig 
Jean Croom 
Carol Davenport 

Ginger Doughton 
Connie Dunaway 
Lucy Emerson 
Amy Everett 
Margaret Frazer 

Isabel Fnck 
Ann Godfrey 
Helen Graham 
Kathy Gray 
Jill Gross 
Susan Hanger 
Coley Hodges 
Nancy Hofl 
Susan Holdemess 
Libby Hubbard 
Emmy Lou Jeffress 
Nelda Kimr^ 
Barbi Kingsbury 
Alana Laurence 
Janeen Led/ord 
Elizabeth Lewis 
Jean Uttle 
Nancy Marsh 
Susan McKJnney 
Debbie Mighell 
Janet Mighell 
Debby Moore 
Lisa Momssey 

Susan Northrup 
Kay Overcash 
Ellen Pamsh 
Leigh Pass 
Tattle Pierpoml 
Millie Pou 
Angle Sloan 
Julia Sprunt 
Nancy Smith 
Stewart Smith 
Margone Spruill 
Ellen Stone 
Carol Strayhom 
Mia Taylor 
Kathy Wolfe 
Vicky Turner 
Margie Wagers 

Jeannie Coe 
Betsy Battle 
Kathy Kendrrck 
Ashley Moore 
Jan MoTTum 
Margaret Mott 
Lillian Murray 
Elizabeth Nicholson 
Jody Ragland 
Susan Stafford 
Peggy Stottlemyer 





l'^ ' ■ •''ISS: ^-wv-^ **'•.'■ ■^•VvAv':. ^;".; 

Jessica Cole 


Martha lH'i/kms 


Sue SwinfoTd 


Janet Ksndall 


Kxithy Warner 

Rush Chairman 

Casey Stamper 

Social Chairman 


Tnaa Booth 

Linda Mormon 

Man/yn Brock 

Martha Ann Moser 

Jean Bunktte 

Margie Neu'lin 

Dorothy Oark 

Gaye Ponzer 

Jo Ann Gine 

Sara Pressly 

Jessica Cole 

Holly Pnlchard 

Nancy Cooper 

Margaret Proctor 

Ginny Coppola 

Gray Pugh 

Undsey Coi'inglon 

Jo Ramsay 

Debbie Cron 

Kathy Robertson 

Anne Curke 

Karen Rohbins 

Carol Bier 

Peggy Senter 

Nancy Elliott 

Annette Simpson 

Laune Feagin 

Barb Spencer 

Becky Feemster 

Casey Stamper 

Bunky Flagler 

Barb Stephens 

Martha Gabnel 

Sue Swinford 

Nancy Garrett 

Beth Vestal 

Betty George 

Kathy Warner 

Mary Gray 

Betsy Warren 

C^rol Gudger 

Linda Waters 

Becky Haigler 

Helm Watkins 

Nancy Haigwood 

Martha Wilkins 

Nora Harrell 

Wendy Wilson 

Judy Hartsfield 

Suzy Wolf 

Kim Hickman 

Nancy Johns 


Kathryn Jones 

Usiie Aldndge 

Nancy Jones 

Charlotte Caldwell 

Emily Kenan 

Debbie Cumer 

Janet Kendall 

Kaye Denning 

'Anne King 

Kathenne Graves 

Bnnn Knotls 

Margie Lancaster 

Joanne Laws 

Luanne Undemann 

Susan McAdams 

Laura Marsland 

Nancy McFadden 

Canbey Pickard 

Mananna Matthews 

Cathy Rudd 

Cathy Meier 

Marilyn Wolhar 

Beth Memcks 

Jams Clark 

Dons Heutess 

Hope Evangelou 

Rush Chairman 
Alice Guirkin 

Mary Schultz 


Beth Moore 
Jenny Halterman 
Susan Clarke 
Missy Julian 
Diane Wessling 
Karen Rogers 
Tneia Evans 
Nancy Buck 
Bobhi Burkehart 
Beth Cherry 
Beth Orrell 
Hope Johnson 
Margaret Burton 
Hamet Williams 
Debbie Workman 

Marsha Beam 
Becky Stuntz 
Kalhy Johnson 
Elaine Kimball 
Pamela Hardy 
Tricia Thrower 
Terry Eord 
Mary Ann Walton 
Reid Tatum 
CeCe Evans 
Mary Dunn 
Carol Hams 
Donna Womble 
Margaret Baker 
Sallie Martin 
Denise Guthrie 
Mary Alice Hobhs 
Cindy Heffner 
Mary Phelps 
Sharon Locke 
Pam McDonald 
Lisa Sparrow 
Delle Durham 
Sue Joyner 
Nancy Sherwm 
Debbie Chisenhall 
Mary Virginia Farr, 
Debbie Cobb 
Sharon Muse 
hy Lawrence 
Debra Barnes 
Nita Mitchell 
Kay Williams 
Katherine Settle 
Kathy Connolly 
Rena Colvard 
Betsy Boatman 
Janet Fox 
Betsy Dunn 
Stephanie Fountain 
Karen Sewell 
Beth Kirby 

Belh Casey 

Angle Butner 

Vice President 
Jane Darden 

Unda Yanckll 

Recording Secretary 
Lizzie Eltenon 

Corresponding Secretary 
Sandy Haire 

Scholarship Chairman 
Bei' Humphrey 

Rush Chairman 
Olivia Allen 

Mary Hunt Nifong 

Robbie Page Memorial 

Karen Austin 
Barbara Aranaw 
Barbie Becker 
Virginia Corhett 
Emily Ettinger 
Elaine Gaulden 
Deborah Glosson 
Nancy Huntley 
Sheme Marshall 
Shirley Martin 
Donna McCracken 
Mary Lou McFarland 
Susan McKaughan 
Ann Phillips 
Manta Quigley 
Ann Rector 
Suzanne Roberts 
Susan Shearin 
Martha Walston 
Sandy Ward 
Wendy Willcox 
Lu Williams 
Lynne Wilson 
Donna Young 
Mary Ann Young 
Kathy Younger 
Mary Zwimer 

Ue Bntt 
Carolyn Ellen 
Claudia Hibbard 
Margaret Petteu'ay 
Carol Yates 

Rodney Ange 
Hoyt Bangs 
Mike Boner 
Larry Brady 
Hay den Clark 
Tom Seitz 
Murray Jones 
Cody Lowe 
A rchie Johnson 
Stei'e Forma 
James Boyles 
Jerry Halliburton 
Dal ton Ange 
John Elkins 
Howard Evans 
Stuart Good 
Mitchell Hardtson 
Chuck Hooi'er 
Blair Jerome 
Clarence Jordan 
Danny Koonce 
David Knight 
John Mallard 
Kim Minor 
Jerry Noble 
Warren Peek 
David Putnam 
Pete Reynolds 
Doug Reynolds 
Billy Wentz 
Richard Whittecar 
Steve White 
Worth Williams 
Chuck Stewart 
David Stoker 

Hank Birdsong 
David Bishop 
Ken Carlson 
Bill Dedmond 
Ron Eure 
Paul Faulk 
Doug Hankins 
Ken Hobson 
Jerry McGuirt 
Charles Moseley 
Ken Neal 
Rjck Pirkey 
Larry Reeves 
Mike Robinson 
Beii Saylor 
Phil Seats 
George Smedberg 


Ronahi Culley Frazier. Jr. 

V'ayne Kemiall Martin 

Michael Henry Gnffin 

Corresponding Secretary 
Thomoi Chandler Hardwick 

Recording Secretary 
John William Porter 


DalUi Detvn Branch. Jr. 
Rjchard VCiUard Catitwell 
Sln-en Reed Clarke 
Arthur Maxwell Cooley 
Paul Wilitam Coughtin 
Alan Hall Crough 
Charles Thomas Donegan 
Howard Yates Dunaway III 
Kemp Rush Dunaway. Jr 
Shuford Gtilner Dunaway 
Mark Noel Durham 
Ronald Culley Frazier, Jr 
Robert Jones Froeber, Jr 
Robert Jones Froeber. Jr 
Williams Jennings Fulker^on.Jr 
Robert Edward Gerlojf 
Jimmy Tate Girardeau 
Braxton Glasgou- III 
Michael Henry Gnffin 
Gary Let Gnmes 
Stephen Deacon Grubhs 
Diehard Bruce Halterstadt 
Thomas Chandler Hardwick 
David Wegener Hawkins 
William Franti Herr. Jr. 
William Harry HoUingsworth 
William Lewts Keesler 
Stet'en Lynn Kneg 
Carl Reai'is Lounsbury 
Stanley Kftron McAfee III 
Michael Alan Martin 
Wayne Kendall Martin 
Elwyn Garth Miller 
Michael Collins Miller 
Stephen Ray Mitchell 
Gustave Pandelts Moysakis 
Ian Alexander Munn 
William Joseph O'Brien III 
Robert Fox Patterson 
losiah Marshall Peck 
Lee Haywood Pelton ( Woodie) 
John William Porter 
FJward Mitchell Purgason 
Gavin Vivian Quinn 
Charles Edward Rainey. Jr. 
William Kenan Rand III 
Joseph Walker Raymer 
Stephen Brady Rjtter 
James Lawrence Roberts 
Robert Stephen Sharpe 
John Dillon Simpson III 
Rpbert Lee Spangler 
Charles Tamburello 
George Kennedy Thompson 
Peter Chewnmg Thompson 
John Frtdnck Tucker 
James Enc Wagoner 
Kenneth Joseph Walker 
Kenneth Young Webb 
George Davis Webster 
Jama Alan Whitlock 
William Leaford Williams III 
Thomas John Wilson 
William Woodrow Winters 
Richard Stephen Youngman 


Rjchard Lewis Andrews 
John Christopher Barrier 
Thomas Madison Bond 
Scott Allen Boone 
William Colfax Brown 
Douglas Clement Dunaway 
Truelt Scott Frazier 
Joseph Husband Froeber 
William Gregory Golden 
John 1 'an Hanford III 
John Eugene McMurry Jr. 
Thomas Warren Hertel 
Elton Marvin Hyder 
Samuel Powers Markham 
David Stanton Mauroner 
Rjchard Mack HarrtU 
Todd Liddell Parchman 
Greg Howard Richardson 
Randolph Charles Schulte 
Jay Christian Shaw 
William Webb Stacy 
Frederick Early Woltz 

Joe Johnston 

Rob Gresham 

Vice President 
Jimjny T. Morris 

Ralph Pitts 

Mark Bauer 


John G. Austin 
Mark E. Bair 
Mark F. Bauer 
Charles Bingenheimer 
J. Timothy Blackbum 
Joseph L Blackuvli 
John F. Bookout 
Walter E. Brock 
Richard T. Boyelte 
Kenyan T- Cook 
Samuel R. Cross 
E. Wilson Cumngham 
James T. Day 
Donald J. Dunn 
Raynond E. Dunn. Jr. 
Richard A. EJktm 
Robert T. Elktns 
Clarence A. Ferguson 
John G. Filz 
J. Kfith FoiL'ler 
Robert C Fraasa. Jr. 
James C French. Jr 
/ Mtchael Fuller 
William C Gray 
A. Robert Gresham 111 
Robert G- Gnffin 
James C. Hambnght HI 
David A- Harris III 
Steven G Hams 
Paul M- Hooper 
Michael K. Howard 
Joseph A. Johnston 
Keith W. Johnston 
Delma H. Kinlaw 
Jeffrey C Liscum 
Lynn S. Lloyd 
John C. Lovette 
William H. Marsh 
Wayne M. Marsh 
Andrew M, Mayberry 
Charles D. Meekins 
William A. Misiaueg 
Rjchard K Moretz 
James T. Moms 
James Y- Moms 
Stephen H. Moms 
Steve E. Moss 
Eugene J. McDonald 
Thaddeus L McDonald HI 
Warren R. Nesbit II 
Thomas A. Paxton 
Ray E Peck 
Ralph A. Pitts 
William S. Poter 
Lacy M. Presnell III 
Kim M. Rjiduilc 
Jerry L Rutherford 
Robert S. Semes 
Bruce M. Shaw 
William L Sitton 
Robert F. Smith 
Craig J, Soeder 
Forrest Southard 
Kenneth W. Spencer 
Ned A. Stiles 
Edtmrd F Sykes.Jr 
Donald R. Thrower 
C. Scott Venahle II 
William A. Wmget 
G. Joseph Wheeler 


p. Randolph Gray 

William L. Lewis 

Vice President 
William S. Brenizer 

Mamy H. Hmdrick 

/ Belk Daughtridge 

Co-Social Chairman 
£. R. J. Zellweger 

Co-Social Chairman 
Pierre W. Dupont 

Co-Rush Chairman 

J. C. Bagwell III 
John Baker 
Chip Buell 
Lucien D. Burnett 
Lee Carter 

Richard T. Chatham III 
A. Nixon Costner, Jr. 
Henry C. Curlee 
Fred J. Dale III 
W. B. Rodman Dam, Jr. 
Lee Degelos 
Hugh H. DuBose 
Mark Fisher 
Paul B. Glenn 
Eugene F. Hamer 
Henry G. Hagan 
Hunt B. Hatch 
William S. Hayes 
Caylord C. Holmes 
R. Hunter Humphreys 
Richard M. Kennedy 
David M. Kem 
Douglas Leckie 
Lawrence Lewis, Jr. 
Michael Lindell 
John Lynch 
William N. Mason 
David R Mathison 
Roy E. Mahrey 
Peter McArdle 
Roger McArver 
Robert L. Mebane 
James M. Morton 
Charles E. Noell 
Timothy O'Connor 
James C Parker 
Allan T. Preyer 
Terry Sanford 
J. David Schreiner 
Michael Stephens 
William H. Stewart 
Benjamin Sullivan 
Glenn Taylor 
John \'. Taylor 
Michael Zimmerman 


Charles A. Atkins 

J. Montgomery Burlingame 

Oarke W. DuBose 

Wilmer J. Freiberg 

Paul J. Head 

Peter M. Ingle 

J. Speight Lilley 

Randolf C. Metcalfe 

Daniel R. Stevenson 

H. King Turley III 

Todd Wells 

Thomns M. Wood I\' 


Rjchard Gnffith 

John Ccrwhig 

Senior Vice President 
Robert Marshall 

Junior Vice President 
John Autrey 

Vice President for Professional 

Tony Duffer 

David baaa 

Bob Harvey 

Frank Amtell 


Glen Cannon 
David Coble 
Bob Crotts 
Marshall Edwards 
Mike Goodman 
Henry Harmon 
Jim Kamker 
Joe Moms 
Hal McLamb 
Jim Phillips 
Slei'e Rogers 
Wesley Sillmon 
David Smoak 
Jesse Sorrell 
Bill Teague 
Harold Wnght 
A I Yancey 

Arch de Castnque 
Holland Gaines 
Curtis Martin 
Ron McNeill 
Wayne Stockton 
George Swalchick 
John West 

Dr. Elba Baskin 

^. <9t 



Cal Scovtl 

Peier Rowlings 

Vice President 
Mike Wtdumyer 

Steve WaUenhaupt 

Chuck RgvelU 

Chape Relation 



PhiUtp ReeJ Adkim 
Jama Vance Alkn 
Charki Stilton Baker 
David Shields Barnes 
Jama Thomas Baucom 
Frank Taylor Bender, Jr. 
V^iUiam Mock Black. J r 
Darnel Alexander Boggs 
Thomas Michael Bousman 
Thomas Manon Bnnkley 
HcU Milton Brown 
James V'ailace Bumette, Jr 
William Jama Byers. Jr. 
Jama T Byrd 
Keith LyU Clark 
Dtvu' Patrick Cobbs 
Joseph Lagh Cotter 
Ru/us Oliver Crawley. Jr 
William John Crawford 
Pierre Anstida Croonenberghs 
Donald Preston DiUard 
Edwm Duncan III 
Robert Martin Ely 
Douglass Charles Famsley 
Rjchard Barksdale Cant. Jr. 
David Craig Hamilton 
William FowUHarujard. Jr. 
Clyde Davtd Hice 
Frederick Tyler Hill 
Odell Davis Hinkle 
Charla Hamilton Hobgood 
CharUs Alfred Hoffman. Jr 
William Thomas bherwood 
Joseph Ennis Jamison 
John Wellman Kelly 
Mark Arthur King 
Benjamin Robert Kittner 
Mark Corey Klapper 
John Houard Lesniak 
Edward Holdman Lipford 
Robert Carroll Uppard 
Jama Boyd MagiU III 
Scott Brmkley McClanahan 
Harold Brent McKnighl 
Jama Daniel McNatt 
Rjchard Eugene McNeil Jr. 
Wayne Leonard Michael 
Marcus Wade HarvU MitcheU Jr. 
hseph Haywood Mitchtner 
Jefferson Layton Norru 
Christopher Kertyon Omck 
Benjamin Thomas Onbon 
Hubert Julian Philpott Jr 
Alan I 'irgil Pugh 
George Bard Femer Ramsey 
Peter C Rowlings 
lama Thomas Reilly 
Frank Fredrick Reisner 
Charla Lalie Reyelle III 
Martin Mell Rice 
Robert Allen Rn>ers 
WiUiam Ellis Rodenbeck 
Roger Bruce Rogers 
Todd Stephen Rogel 
Roby Gordon Saunders 
Calvin Ijyren Scovel III 
Chnslopher Reese Seilz 
Robert Craig Shelhurne 
Rjchard Kendnck Slate 
David Arthur Sloop 
Jama McNeil Snow 
Gregory Evans Spruill 
Thomas Edgar Story III 
William White Taylor III 
Ronald Moore Thompson 
Alfred Edmund Ttsdale III 
Donald Ray Vaughan 
Frank Borden Walker 
Henry Gambol Walker III 
Michael Mundy Ward 
William Goode Ward 
Stephen Lee WaUenhaupt 
Robert Michael Waltemyer 
Gregory Jay Wesslmg 
Joseph Gary Wheeler 
Stephen Harry Whisnant 
Robert Powe W^ilson 
Rjchard Kevin Wilson 
Robert Lee Wilson Jr. 
David L Wmgate 


Edwin Tucker 
Bo Cheatham 
Lee Hasty 
George Crapps 
Brodie Burwell 
Uoyd Hill 
Jeff Rjves 
Bill Hensel 
K. C. Cathcart 

Craig Bailey 
Ken Baver 
Laimy Bump 
Craig Chason 
Dan Connelly 
J. B. Davis 
Jeff Franklin 
Cac Hoyle 
Stuart Matthews 
Boh Stanton 
Matt Thomas 
Buddy Wester 

Henry Boyd 
John Bruce 
Chase Cole 
Vic Crosby 
Stuart Egerton 
Dave Flynn 
Tom Goodson 
Marsden Haigh 
Jim Kluttz 
Phil Lee 
Ben McLean 
Roger Tillman 
Bill White 


tMOB — yit—B ■ 

•■■ • . 4Bi 3««9 ■■■1 ■!^SfC;^i:='^^"«i ■■■ 


J. G, Cranford 

J. V\ Hipp 

III I'm Regenl 
D- S. Wheeler 

2nd I 'ice Regent 
C M. Peoples 


C. S. Oliver 

T. L. Waddell 

S. A. Roierl! 

G. a Rudd 

M a Robenon 

House Manager 
R. a Wnght 

Intramural Manager 
R. F. Spamhour 

Sonal Chairman 

./, I •, Ashill 

D. W. Bedell 
/ R. Bischoff 
J. W. Blanton 
C F. Bnnkley 
G W. Brookins 
J. E. Bryant 

S. D. Burch 
W- 0. Bums 
P. It", Champion 
D. C. Drum 
B. L. Dunham 
G. D. Dunham 
C T. Faison 
B". M. Galhmore 

A. E. Gurganus 
M. K. Hamm 
W. H. Hocnier 
S. L Jones 

K. r. Keener 
/ M. Kennedy 
/ T. Lamt 
S. A. Marenholz 
K M. McGmnis 
R. S. McKinney 
W. Nemaragut 
C R. Payne 
J. R. Parker 
R. G- Person 
FJ. Raton 

B. F Reed 

M D. Roierts 
C B". Sasser 
P T Sho/fner 
J.J. Smith 
R B. Stephens 
L. 0. Spears 
AI, R. Teague 
0. L. VCasham 
0. H. Welsh 
H. L. White 
D. M. Williams 
N.E. Wilson 

I^mbici €hi J 

Harold L. Waters, Jr. 

Edward A. Hunter, Jr. 

Vice President 
Patrick D. Mc Arthur 

David J. KJrby 

John F, Nicholson, Jr. 

Fraternity Educator 
Stephen R. Ward 

Scholarship Chairman 
Inn F. Russell, III 

Social Chairman 
Michael R. Barker 

Alumni Secretary 
Robert N. Floumoy, II 

Lawrence D. McMahon 

Rush Chairman 

Frank K. Arey, Jr. 
William D. Barker 
Thomas H. Broughton, Jr. 
Robert D. Colenda 
Steven L. Dubois 
Boyd B. Gasque, Jr. 
Walter R. Harris 
Charles R. Johnson 
John E. Kiser 
Daniel L. Leonard 
Randy T. Lewis 
David F. Long 
Richard L. Mitchell 
James A. Nance 
Barry 0. Nash 
Robert W. Parris 
Robert L. Payne, Jr. 
Edwin L. Poindexter 
Don E. Robertson 
John IF. Robertson 
John R. Schneider 
Robert H. Stewart, III 
Wayne C. Thomas 
Russell T. Williams 
Joel W. Wright, III 


Michael J. Kott 
William H. Musser 
Mark A. McCutcheon 
William E. Snipes 
Kenneth E. Stroup 
Eugene R. Taylor 
Jeffrey A. Templeton 

Bili Futrell 

Phil Icard 

Vice President 
Steve Brown 

Richard Bethune 

Mike Felts 

Pledgem aster 
Ray McLemore 


Danny Ayeock 
Roh Mizzeli 
Darryl Blackburn 
Rick Cardin 
Warrai Coltrane 
Danny Creo 
Ton Digh 
Charles Femke 
Randy Ferrell 
Rick Gray 
Ernie Hargelt 
Gerald Hargisi 
Lynn Heght 
Wayne Houston 
Ralph Hunter 
Keith Inman 

Norman Lewis 
K^n Lowery 
Glenn McLeroy 
Harold Malion 
Gene Minton 
David Moody 
Boh Moser 
Glen Pearson 
Dale Pilson 
Steve Russell 
Ken Shipp 
John Sink 
Bill Smith 

Monty Terrell 
iWike Tucker 
John Uhnn 
Tom West 
Barry Wester 
Buddy Williams 
Carl Winge 
Keith Wnght 

Enc Albright 
CUff Black 
Donald Carmichael 
Ronald Carmichael 
Lindsay Clark 
Mark Goodson 
John Kiser 
IjOuis Mizelle 
Bill Mohley 

9BiVB- ii>l 

.■j*^:.-^ air a* I 

»^ ■ III i»— v%^mlflt KggtgMmMiima^mmmmmmmmm 


R. Stevens Gravely 

Charles W. Holdemess 


Stephen L. Comwell 

Corresponding Secretary 
ndwin L. Wehh, Jr 

Recording Secretary 
ra//(T R. Bnmiell 



Ellis T. Alexarukr 
Benjamin G. Alford 
G. Phillip Allen. Jr 
John A. Blaii 
Steven C. Buchanan 
Edmund T. Buckman 
Howard B. Carlisle 
Marvin J. Carver 
William R. Cherry. Jr 
William A. Cohh 
Frederick M, Dula. Jr. 
Harrison K. Gaskins 
Timothy L. Gibbons 
Ned W. Gnffin 
George B. Hare 
Herbert S. Harriss 
Russell B. Holdemess 
Charles M. hey 111 
J. Timothy Kepley 
Steven E. Mason 
F. Ray Moore, Jr. 
John R. Pharr 
Fairfax C. Reynolds 
R Allen Rjppy 
Larry F. Smilhwick 
Mark I. Thompson 
Robert L. Thurston. Jr 
Walter E. Titchner. U 
John A. D. Ward 
Andrew H. Weathersbee 
E. Loren Williamson. Jr. 
J. Michael Wilson 
J. Michael Winesette 
Billy G Worsham II 
Lee C Winters 
Richard W. Zollinger II 



-Jl k 


T. Rushman Andrews 
David T. Beach 
Lee W. Boddie 
lohn D. Cherry 
/. Dixon Fleming, Jr. 
Donald L. Hardee 
leffrey R. Headlee 
Robert P. Hortman 
Lawrence E. Lilly, Jr 
George D. Muir 
lames F. Royall 
lames B. Sessoms 

Dtvight D. Stone 

Jack F. Biggerstaff 

Vice President 
Robert W. Wilkinson 

Homer G. Duncan 

Randall W. Perkins 

Michael N. Johnson 


Eddie G. Anderson 
James C. Blythe 
Dan A. Boone 
Davtd M. Booth 
Harold D. Brashear 
William B. Cole 
John G. Collins 
Samuel M.. Dearmin 
Charles E. Durham 
David A. Ervin 
William C. Gore 
Kenneth P. Gray 
Samuel R. Henderson 
Coley P. Jones 
Wayne A. Kiser 
Wtlliam M. Long 
John G. Mandikos 
Sydney A. McRimmon 
Matthew A. Moffitt 
Phillip T. Pell 
Howard A. Piatt 
John L. Rigsbee 
Eric J, Shute 
James M. Suggs 
Kenneth R. Suitt 
Landon E. Wilder 
Michael Warren 








'^3^.-. ^^ 



- Pvi A 




tf ' [f /I 

s-V k 

.. '^BPi^- 

% 'titV/A •^'■■^ 

^W Arffy r3 




i /^"^ 





Bruce Wilson Broum 

Alton Adams Price, Jr. 

^ed Craig McMasters 

Richard David Honon 



Jack Hardy Boyle 111 
Kenneth Edward Homowskt 
Thomas Edwin Dunn 
James Christopher Callahan 
John Richard Femia 
William Bennett Atwater, Jr. 
David William Gartner 
William Simonton McCain, Jr. 
David Garion Williams 
Ted Louis Leverenz 
Sherwood Earl Exum, Jr. 
Philip Nyland Daly, jr 
Gregory Roy Cuenin 
Peter Ambrose Wallmhom 111 
Benjamine Frederick Tucker 
James Shepard Russell III 
Jon DeForrest Simonson 
Edward Lee Timberlake 111 
Douglas Richard Packard 
John William Couiell 111 
Joseph Stanley Karas, Jr. 
Edward Patrick Lamens 
David Henry Keehn 
Alfred Bradford Hale. Jr. 
James Ronnie Murphy 
James Hugh McA rver. Jr. 
John Leslie Miller 
Thomas Anthony Berry 
Larry Earl Wolslager 
Clifford Earl Bullard, Jr. 
Howard Monroe Livingston, Jr. 
Stuart Neal Watlington 
Jerry Wayne Askew 
Ralph McLendon Bailey 
Robert Kirksey Deaton 
Douglas Estes Murphy 
Carl Evans McNeill 
Michael Monte Richardson 
Ronald Henry Cox 
Roy Wyatt Richardson 111 
William Rapier Hawfield 
Thomas Lee Jones, Jr. 
William Warwick Hill, Jr. 
Clark Allen Maxwell 
Richard Webster Hege 
Robert Forrest Turner 
Richard Blythe Wyatt 
James Bockner Wyatt 
John Manon Lennon 
Carey Allison Sellers 
Larry Barton Ward 
Bruce Williamson Miller 
William ReidCulp.Jr. 
Joe Crawford Hedden, Jr. 
Grady Keiver Howard, Jr. 
Russell Kemp Thompson, Jr. 
Alan Marvin Cheek 
Paul Thomas Mills 
Arthur Lee Myers, Jr. 
Fred Johnson Dees 
Thomas James Barry 
David Wilson Radford. Jr. 
William Fowle Welbom HI 
Frank Trent Hill, Jr. 


Dave Whitney 

Ira Ginsberg 

Jeff Knight 

Keeper of the Exchequer 
Scott McDmrmtd 

Keeper of the Archives 
Jim Womhle 

Master of the Works 
Bob Allison 

Bob Levy 


Jake Aycock 
Tom Bird 
Neil Burkhead 
Charlie Caldwell 
Jessie Caldwell 
Preston Comeaux 
Tommy Daniels 
John Davis 
Pitt Dickey 
Ed Drapkin 
Dale Drewry 
Greg Eamheart 
Mile Eve 
Steve Frank 
Rick Jennings 
Jim Lyman 
Hal Patterson 
Earl Redfem 
Scott Reid 
Steve Shaughnessy 
Danny Spicer 
Frank Sutton 
John Trexler 


Tim Ballew 
Mike Cannon 
Jim Edahl 
Bud Fawcett 
Keith Kapp 
Mike Ledgerwood 
Rich Liebert 
Tom Steinberg 
Mike Thompson 
Tim Walch 
Bill Wendt 

Sweetheart: Susan Moore 

Tim Stewart 

Ronnie Hall 

Byron Walthall 

Charlie Smith 

House Manager 
Tom Greene 

Pledge Warden 
Earl Porter 



Roger Ashford 
Steve Auerbach 
Johnny Baker 
Elbert Baucom 
Bob Bnnton 
Mike Bryan 
Robert Burm 
Dan Collins 
Mike Collins 
Jim Conrad 
Robert Eskeck 
Dave Genhemon 
Jim Hill 
David Hmcher 
Art Hou'son 
Joe Ivey 
Girroll Jones 
John Kemp 
Ken Kennedy 
Bobby Lancaster 
Tom Uewellyn 
Steve Malcolm 
Ron Moffitt 
Grant Moore 
Chip Moms 
Blis McCulloch 
Alan Nanney 
Chuck Norman 
Barry Perez 
Gerald Pollard 
Moose Pulley 
John Rancke 
Mike Simpson 
Tom Stewart 
Joel Thigpen 
Steve Van Wrinkle 
\f 'alter I'atcher 
ten Warren 
Mark Whicker 
Wally Williamson 

Ronnie Armstrong 
Harold Barrett 
Jack Bauliss 
Andy Beskin 
Chip Bolton 
Mike Bryant 
Marc CaJdeil 
Henry Eaton 
Carl Fincke 
Frank Hill 
Roy Hull 
Tom Massengale 
Charles Melvin 
Ed Perdue 
Randy Thomas 
Jerry Tucker 
Jeff Tuttle 
Ralph Walthall 
Steve Woodard 


A>V. •■5- •*K-^ 


Mark Baldwin 
Rick Billings 
Sally Brown 
Shelly Case 
David Cowan 
Rick Davison 
Bill Dennison 
Daryl Jenkins 
Liza Lloyd 
Arthur Phillips 
Ed Smyke 
Ann Stewart 
Peter Bayard 
Debbie Held 
Ann Lord 
John Berry 
Charles deBoursac 
Steve Hunt 
Lisa Church 
Michael Hall 
Rick Culberson 
Bill Black 
Allan Pamell 
Sammy Burrus 
Mark Berson 
Vincent Arguimbau 

Stephen Purker 


Mike Parker 


Christopher Kelso 


Wilson Brown 


Julian Bobbitt 

Terrell Cantrell 

Andrew Chacos 

Fred Chatham 

Earl Chesson 

Robert Chewning 

David Coleman 

Bill Correll 

Blucher Ehringhaus 

Bill Emerson 

Hank Federal 

Aubrey Ford 

Joseph Garcia 

Barton George 

Ray Goodmon 

Steve Goyer 

Gry Graves 

Rick Green 

l^ny Ham 

Thomas Hamrick 

Thomas Henson 

Vance Hogan 

Kenneth Holland 

Parker Ingalls 

Trey Irvine 


Mike Kelly 

James Kenney 

Frank King 

George Kirkland 

John Leachman 

Bill Lucas 

Alan May field 

Lee McLaughlin 

Ernest McLean 

Fred McNair 

Robert Pascal 

Thomas Pritchard 

Robert Sebrell 

Forest Simmons 

Carters. Herson 

James Spencer 

Mike Stovall 

Terry Taylor 

William Turner 

Rulwrl U tjthers 

Mtcheal Webb 

Bill Weber 

David Weeks 

Keith Wilson 

Jenner Wood 

Marshall Wood 

Lane Young 

Mark Adkins 

Edward Brouming 

Will Carlton 

James Cony 

John Con-ell 

Fred Danul 

Steve Dmgledien 

Christopher Godwin 

H. K. Hallett 

Patrick Hartley 

Burke Haywood 

Edison Iri'ine 


Sterling Kelly 

James Smith 

Ross Testermun 

Blount Williams 

Ralph Womble i 

Oliver Rogers 

Richard M. Mendel 


Ross Miller 

Rusiel/ Cohen 

Joel Motsinger 

Vice President 

Aaron J. Nunck 

Richard A. Oliver 

Thomas S. Pace 


Chris Plummer 

Jack N. Steinberg 

Freddy H. Robinson 


Bruce A. Rosenberg 

John B. Route 


Michael S. Schiftan 

John A metre 

David Shuford 

Kenneth J. Bagan 

Mitchell Sims 

Richard A. Berkowitz 

Andy Skakle 

Prank Brenner 

Michael J. Stegall 

Stephen A. Bnley 

Glenn R. Thompson 

Gerard M. Chapman 

Richard Troost 

Howard B. Davis 

John M. Wagner 

Reitzel Deaton 

William D. Walters 

Michael C. Eddy 

Frank H. Wyche 

Steven E. Evens 

Mitchell A. Fine 


Ken Fleishman 

Lewis Allen 

Stephen C. Freedman 

John Berman 

Peter IT. Gardner 

Mike Bernhardt 

Michael Haezel 

Rodger Brown 

James E. Harding 

Jon Deutsch 

C Bryce Hartley 111 

Jeff Fleishman 

David Henntze 

Rob Fnedman 

Alan D. Hilliard 

Buck Hall 

Harry C. Howell 

David Kandell 

Stanley J. Humienny 

Stan Katz 

Alvin L. Kjllough 

Bill Sasser 

Scott Kisner 

Barry Schneider 

Joel S. Kluger 

Jeff Sellers 

Murray E. Kravitz 

Mike Sewell 

Alan L. Landis 

Karl Thiele 

Richard A. Leinwand 

Jim Thomas 

Peter McLean 

George Warren 

George Y. McAulay 


Joih MunJen 

Stuart Waliton 

Lt Commander 
Larry Fnlsch 

Biti CaUer 

Bob Lewis 

Rush Chairman 
Btlt Colder 

Rix ¥Jwarch 

Giftm Biwards 

George Booth 

Social Chairman 
Deu' Forbes 

Social Chairman 

Dai Barber 
David Biake 
George Booth 
Bill Colder 
Danny Cameron 
Chrvtopher Campbell 
John Capell 
Will C&rbill 
Tom Cozart 
Bill Cramer 
Bill Daughtndge 
David Davenport 
Mike Davis 
Tommy Drake 
Qifton Edwards 
Don Edwards 
Rjx Edwards 
Mel EJliott 
Dew Forbes 
Larry Fnlsch 
Chip Gibbon 
Tom Goss 
Robert Hackney 
Ron Han kins 
Mide Harrington 
Chns Hams 
Gary Helton 
David K/rby 
Bryant Ketlrell 
Phil Lamm 
Bob Lewis 
)ohn Loftis 
George Moore 
Josh Munden 
Wayne Musselwhtte 
Fred Normon 
George Pace 
Billy Palmer 
Frenc Payne 
Harry Payne 
Chip Petty 

Bobby Roberson 
Berl Smith 
Harry Smith 
David Sneeden 
David Stamper 
Tip Swisher 
Hunt Taylor 
Jack Todd 
Stuart Walston 
Tommy Walkins 
Tommy Wat kirn 
Tommy Webb 
Josh Weeks 
Bill Welch 
Robert Woodard 
Rjchard Woodbury 

Mike Boner 
Bill Cameron 

Timy Gallagher 
lit' Haley 
.^•ell Proctor 

A' V 



v«* i-:if;nMr*» V • 


John Fraley 

Clark Gable 

Vice President 
Steve Evam 

[ 'mce Durham 

Ted Plykr 



John Parh 
I 'ince Durham 
Sieve p!an(aibii 
Don Singleton 
Marty Hall 
BUI Rendiernan 
EJ Hord 
Ted Plykr 
Bob Glenn 
Clark Gable 
David P. Collins 
Sieve Evans 
Jack Thomas 
Don Mdntosh 
Tim Turner 
Bob Slaughter 
John Fraley 
Jim Nance 
Mike Berry 
Grady Morgan 
Walt Holt 
Brian Whilaker 
Greg Essick 
Bob Singer 
Ron Memtl 
Dave Carpenter 
Dave Hook 
Kermit Wdliamson 
M. R. Bradley 
Tom Tucker 
Gary Stadler 
Jim Adams 
Dave Aldndge 
Mark Andrew 
Dan Brady 
Peter Brzs/ey 
Gus Coutin 
Mike Davis 
Bob Fischgrund 
Steve Leonard 
Bruce Macleod 
Rick Meelheim 
Marty Rasnake 

John Stark 
Ernie Warner 
Lee Wrean 
Ron Darckn 
Sid Aldndge 
Brian Coley 
Tim Ferguson 
Jm Blane 
Bobby Belvtn 
Bobby Shemll 
Tom Compton 
Bruce Amett 
Les Ramsey 
Toby Harrell 
Duane Tolan 
Wade Pndgen 
Kim Fadel 
Bdl Wall 
Rick Foxworth 
David L. Collins 
I 111 Durham 
Tom Howell 
Greg Tuttk 
Tim McFalls 
Bill Dulm 
l^rry Cheek 
i.,ordon Phillips 
B'.ih Robinson 
Mike Rienon 


Tebbs Prewitt 

D. B. Holmes 

Rick McElroy 

Zack Bacon 
Blender Warm 

Rush Chairmen 

Rob Beran 
T. U. Campbell 
Hugh Chardon 
Doug Freeze 
Tit Floyd 
Peter Gazinia 
Swanson Graves 
D. r, Gnffin 
Alex Havgrove 
Chuck Johnson 
Page Lea 
Winston Lea 
Bomber Ligon 
Bago Little 
Risden McElroy 
Chris McLendon 
Bill McNulty 
Tim Messinger 
Mystery Meyers 
Neil Partrich 
Crae Z. Peebles 
Steve Swindle 
Erich Walston 
Wert Walston 

Create in me a celebrity, coach; 

and renew a winning spirit within me. 

Cast me not away from thy team 

and false not my jersey from me. 

Keep unto me the joy of victory 

and uphold me with thy money. 

Then will I teach the rivals their place; 

and high school stars shall be converted unto UNC. 

Then shalt thou be pleased with the winning records 

and with the offerings of the alumni, 

and especially with the Carmichael Cup 

upon thy mantle. 


'• > : •>:■ 

: v >« 


^^ V 

V. Vv 



■ « 

k' ^ ill 1 

• 1 

( • 

• T 







t . 







^^^SL^S^^ ^Ba^^^l 

^ w 

^^^^^vi ^F^^^^l 







^ 1 


^r ^^^^H 

^^^^ • - 

E ;^ 




4. w 



" ^^B 

"■"^ _ 






. .liifci. ..— ._ 

1 f !>C^ V 




■^ •« 








^'^^. -^ 










€vo^^ Country 











Berrier, David So. 

Branch, DaUoi Sr. 

Chamberlain, J tm Jr. 

Dale, Fred So. 

Dannemann.John Jr. 

Davis, Don 
DeRall, Jimmy 
Franklin, Peter 
Gianiny, Fred 
Gillts, Tom 
Grasmick, Grant 
Guthrie, Bobby 
Kennedy, Tom 
Kjipec, Chns 
Lydecker, Dale 
McNeal, Randy 
Memit, Mike 
Niller, Rusi 
Paschall, Bill 
Powell, Durwood 
Smith, LeGrande 
Storie, Burl 
WardU, Bill 
Witt, Dickie 
Wood, Jeff 























Norfolk, Va. 
Momstown, N.J. 
Whealon, Md. 
Worcester, Mass. 
Timonium, Md. 
Northport, N. Y. 
Syosset, N. Y. 
Washington, D. C. 
Nyack, N. Y. 
Sarasota, Fla. 
Towson, Md. 
Virginia Beach. Va. 
Wake Forest 
Beaver, Pa. 

Becorb: IM5; ^cc: 5-7 
















Florida Southern 









Western Carolina 



Wake Forest 









Eastern Michigan 



( 'irginia Tech 



High Point 





















Wake Forest 






N. C. State 



Wake Forest 



ACQ Tied for Fourth Place 

l^asctiall auiarbs 

Educational Foundation Auard 

Tom Gillis 
S. H. Basnight Award 

John P. Leachman 
Neil Wester Award 

Bobby L. Guthne 

Bell, Mickey 
Chambers, Bill 
Elston, Darrell 
Harmon, Ray 
Hue, Ray 
Hoffman, Brad 
Johnston, Donn 
Jones, Bobby 
Karl, George 
Kupchak, Mitch 
Stahl, Ed 
Waddell. Charles 


Washington, Donald So. 



Tipton. Ind. 
Hyattsville, Md. 
Columbus, Ohio 
Jamestown, N. Y. 
Penn Hills, Pa. 
Brentwood, N. Y. 
New York, N. Y. 
Columbus. Ohio 
Southern Pines 
Washington, D. C. 

Bccorb: 25=S; ^cc: 8=4 




Virginia Tech 



N. C. State 








Wake Forest 


I 'irginia 


Wake Forest 

N. C. State 

Georgia Tech 



Florida State 

Miami of Ohio 


N. C. Stale 


ACC: Second Place 

Wake Forest 


ACC Tournament 

Oral Roberts 




Notre Dame 









69-} 1 


71-78 L 

Educational FouncUtton Award 

George Karl 
E. Carringlon Smith Trophy 

Bobby Jones 
Mn. Dorothy O'Sullivan Award 

Foy Roberson Award 

Donn Johnston 
Carmichad Cobb Award 

Bobby Jones 
Mary Franca Andrews Award 

Mitch Kupchak 
Jim Tatum Memorial Award 

George Karl 
Patterson Medal 

George Karl 

jTrrsfjinan ?^asfef tball 
^fcoib: 10=6 

Record: 10-6 

[East Carolina 

Old Dominion 





Vfake Forest 



Vake Forest 

N. C State 




N. C State 




Aldndge. Sid 
Andrew, Mark 
Bums, Brad 
Dunaway, Skip 
Hickman, Jim 
Parker, Ronnie 
Utley, Scoot 
Wagner, Mark 
Weavil, David 



High Point 




High Point 



iaccoib: 9=1 


Myers Park High 

N. C State 


Myers Park High 

Mitchell College 


N. C. State 

Capital University 

Capital University 











Educational Foundation Award 
James H. Hickman 


Baesel, Stu 
Baker, Thurbert 
Brown, Charles 
Gallagher, Kevin 
Hanes, Travis 
Lynn, Dave 
Peterson, Boh 
Pianladsio, Steve 
Rivers, Rob 
Scott, Jim 
Shipman, Bill 
Trtplette, Walt 




Rocky Mount 




Chapel Hill 


Dallas, Tex. 


New York, N. Y. 








Chapel Hill 


Jacksonville, Fla. 


Fair Bluff 







^rcorb: 11=2; ^cc: 5=0 

John Hopkins 








St. Augustine 





N. C Stale 






William and Mary 


















ACQ Fmt Place 

jTnuing aituarbs 

Educational Foundation Award 
David G. Lynn 


Alexander. Ellis 
Andrews, Deke 
Angela. Lou 
A mall, Kjp 
Barren, David 
Bethea, Earle 
Bradley, Tommy 
Brown, Gene 
Califf, Ue 
Cantrell, Terry 
Chacos, Andy 
Chapman, Bdl 
Chesson, Earl 
Collins, Tommy 
Cowan, Gary 
Craig, Darryl 
Daly, Phil 
DeRalt, Jimmy 
DiCarlo, Mark 
Donahoe, Harper 
Early, Stet'e 
Elkins, Ted 
Emhrey, Tom 
Frerotte, John 
Hams, Andy 
Hue, Billy 
Hollingsworth, Bill 
Huff. Ken 
Hyman, Ene 
Jerome, Jimmy 
Johnson, Sammy 
Jones, Tommy 
Kirkpatnck, Tim 
Kupee, Chns 
Kuratnick, David 

So. Salisbury 

Er. Roanoke, I'a. 

Sr Youngslown, Ohio 

So. Richmond. Va. 

So. Sallville. Va. 

Jr. Springfield. S. C. 

So. Gastonia 

Jr. Richmond. Va. 

Sr. Norfolk. Va. 

So. Alexandria. Va. 

So. Atlanta, Ga. 

So. Washington, D. C. 

Sr Myrtle Beach. S C 

Jr. EJenton 

So. Richmond, Va. 

So. Sylva 

So. Ottawa, Ontario, Ca, 

So. Danville. Va. 

So. Stantonsburg 

So. Atlanta. Ga. 

Jr. Danville. Va. 

Jr. Manon 

So. Charlotte 

So. Vienna, Va. 

So. McLean, Va. 

So. Charlotte 

Jr. Hyattsville. Md. 

Jr. Concord 

So. Coronado. Cal. 

Sr. Alexandria, Va. 

So. Rose Hill 

Jr. High Point 

So. Concord 

Sr. Eden 

So. Syosset. N. Y. 

So. Martinsville, Va. 

Lamens, Ed So. 

Lamm, Phil Jr. 

Lemmons, Mike Jr, 

Leverenz, Ted Jr, 

Lydecker, Dale Jr. 

Mansfield. Mike Sr. 

Mynck, Bobby So. 

Newton, Billy Jr. 

Norton, Pat So. 

Oglesby, Ike Sr. 

Oliver, Dick So. 

Pedulo.Joe So. 

Pratt, Robert Jr 

Reghanti. Tom So. 

Reynolds. Scott So. 

Robinson. Ronnie So. 

Rusnak, Ron Sr. 

Sam, Jerry Sr. 

Shapiro, Hy So. 

Shore, Don Jr. 

Shuster. Mike So. 

Sigmon, Ricky Jr. 

Steele, James So. 

Tally. Peter Jr 

Taylor, Ken Sr. 

Taylor. Terry Jr. 

Tessar.John So. 

Thornton, Bob Sr. 

Uticny, Gary Jr. 

Townsend. Frank So. 
VandenBroek. Robhi Sr. 

Vidnovic, Nick Jr. 

Waddell. Charles So. 

Walters, Robert Jr 

Ward, Greg Sr. 

West klip, N, Y. 

Alexandria, Va. 
Nyack, N. Y. 
Norfolk. Va. 
Richmond, Va, 
Roanoke, Va, 
Staunton, Va. 
Richmond, Va. 
Grosse Pomte. Mich. 
Falls Church, Va. 

Prince George, Va. 


Oswego. N. Y. 


College Park. Md. 



Garden City, N. Y. 


Harrisonburg, Va. 

Hemdon. Va. 

Richmond. Va. 

Youngstown, Ohio 


Williamsburg, Va. 

Falls Church, Va. 

Southern Pines 


East Point, Ga. 

jToottjaU ^tuaibs 

Educational Foundation Aivard 

Kenneth Taylor 
E. Camngton Smith Troplry 

Ronald Rusnak 
William F. Prouty Memorial Award 

Ronald Rusnak 
Bill Arnold Memorial Award 

Jerry Sam 
T. L Kemp Award 

Lou Angelo 
Cary Goshamer Award 

Eugene Brown 
Louis Graves 

Nick Vidnovic 

aactorti: IM; ^cc: C=0 







N. C. State 



Ohio State 

14-29 L 




Wake Forest 












East Carolina 






ACC: First Place 

Texas Tech 

Sun Bowl 



iACCort): 2=2=1 

N C State 
Wake Forest 



14-33 L 



Alexander. Heath 

Allen, Dave 

Bauer. Ken 
I Beran. Rohm 
I Blanton. Bobby 
i Bohan. G. P. 
■ Bouv. Michael 

Cox. Rob 
I Cox, Tim 
j Daughtndge.J. B. 
I Dooley.John 
' Fell. Bert 

Fraser. Don 

Frazier. Butch 

Golden. Sherman 

Hill. Freddy 
; Hooper, Laune 

Jones, Jim 

Knvonak, Mike 

Ledwith, Bruce 
, Lewis, Lawrence 

Malm, Boh 

Matthews, Richard Sr. 

McKenzie, Glenn 
Miller, Pete 
Rapp, Dan 
Roden, Randall 
Sanchez, Gary 
Schreiner, Dave 
Shillmglaw, Boh 
Slmgluff, Robert 
Stewart, Jim 
Stigliano, Gerard 
Thomas, J. R. 
Weinstein, Charles 

Nantucket, Mass. 
Setiema Park, Md. 
Alliance, Ohio 
A mold, Md. 
Manhasset. N. Y. 
Manhasset, N. Y. 
Charleston. S. C. 
Nantucket, Mass. 
Garden City, N. Y. 
Manhasset. N. Y. 
Atlanta. Ga. 
Perry. Ohio 
Ruxton, Md. 
Bowie. Md. 

Vppersaddle River. N. 
Cincinnati. Ohio 
Jekyll Island, Ga. 
Fairlaum, N. J. 
Fairlaum. N.J. 
Weyers Cave. Va. 
Columbia. Md. 
Stewart Manor. N. \ 
Ocean City. N. J. 
Arnold, Md. 
Baltimore, Md. 
Chappaqua. N. Y. 
Garden City. N. Y. 
Seaford. N. Y. 


Burt. Joe 
Clark, Bob 
Edktns, Ben 
J- Fox, Rjck 
Lapinsohn, Steve 
Peers, Ron 
Rodriguez, Carlos 
Semes, Boh 

Arlington, Va. 
Cherry Hill, N.J. 
Wilmington. Del. 
Butler, Pa. 
A rlmgton 
Coral Gables, Fla. 
Syracuse, N. Y. 
Hialeah. Fla. 
r. Mifflin. Pa. 

Eccorb: 4=4 

Appalachian W 
Slippery Rock 
Georgia Tech W 
Kentucky W 

Old Dominion W 

Eccoiti: 12=5; ^cc: 2=2 


Washington College 



Rensselaer Poly tech 



Roanoke College 



Univ. of Baltimore 








Denison University 



N. C. State 






East Carolina 






Univ. of Maryland 



at Baltimore 






William and Mary 



Fairleigh Dickinson 



Towson State 



Washington and Lee 






ACC: Third Place 

(^pinnastic SlUjartis 

Educational Foundation Award 
Stephen Lapinsohn 


Anail, Dan 
Berson, Mark 
Bush, Gerald 
Culberson, Richard 
Dawson, Steve 
Dtsston, Michael 
Dorrance, Anson 
Gordon, Stuart 
Gnffin, Geoffrey 
hberwood. Bill 
Jones, Tracey 
Ledwith, Kelvin 
O'Connor, Tim 
Rhodes, John 
Smith, Jimmy 
Taylor, David 
Worth. Bruce 
Yoncha, Ronald 

Sr. Charlotte 

So. Summit, N. J. 

Jr. Sao Paulo. Brazil 

So. Decatur, Ga. 

So. N. W. Atlanta. Ga. 

Jr. Philadelphia. Pa. 

Jr. Riverside. Conn. 

So. Greensboro 

Fr. Rye. N. Y. 

Sr. Springfield. Pa. 

So. Springfield, Pa. 

Fr Upper Saddle Rjver. N. J. 

Jr. Bay Shore. N.J. 

So. Weslport, Conn. 

Sr. Baltimore. Md. 

So. Atlanta. Ga. 

Jr. Wilmington, Del. 

So. Media, Pa. 

aaccorti: C=3=l; ^cc: 2=2=1 

Campbell ( 

Belmont Abbey 

East Carolina 

William and Mary 


N. C. State 


East Stroudsburg 



ACC: Third Place 

Soccer SUiarbs 

Educational Foundation Award 
Danny Anad 


Andenon. Peter Fr. 

Andrews. Richard Fr. 

Aycock, Benjamin Fr. 

Barnes, Peter Jr. 

Berry, Thomas Fr. 

Boehme, Fred Jr. 

Bnetz, Raymond Jr. 

Brown. Roger Fr. 

Butter, Peter Fr. 

Carstensen, Peter Fr. 

Chapman, Gerard Sr. 

Clifford, Thomas Fr. 

Cochrane, Edward Fr. 

Dalrymple, Robert Sr. 

Eddy, Michael Jr. 

Falkenstein, Clark Jr. 

Fitzgerald. Michael Fr. 

Garella, Glenn Jr. 

Gohle, Daniel So. 

Haislip, Zesely Fr. 

Koczyk, William So. 

LaRochelle, Peter So. 

Makepeace, Thomas So. 

Marlin, David So. 

May, Lawrence So. 
McCullough, Richard Fr. 

Miller, Bruce So. 

Nagle, Robert Sr 

O'Hare, Rjck Fr 

Osbom, James Jr. 

Peck, Marshall Jr 

Quinn, Gavin Jr. 

Rawleigh, Michael Jr. 

Ray, Peter So. 

Rjchardson, Greg So. 

Rjpley, Robert Fr. 

Ryan, John So. 

Shaw, James Fr. 

Southard, James Jr. 

Thiele, Karl Fr. 

Thornton, John Jr. 

Troosl, George So. 

Vater, Nordy Fr. 

Waltemyer, Robert So. 

White, David Fr 

Whiting, Jeffrey Fr. 

Akron. Ohio 
Chapel Hilt 
Memphis, Tenn. 

Schenectady, N. Y. 
Ridgewood, N. J. 
Haddonfietd, N. J. 
Atlanta, Ga. 
Larchmont, N. Y. 
Denville, N.J 
Atlanta, Ga. 
Greenwich, Conn. 
Manhasset, N. Y. 
Ridgewood, N.J. 
Maplewood, N. J. 

Arlington, Va. 
Springfield, Mass. 
McLean, Va. 
Cherryhill, N.J. 
Sewickley, Pa. 
Rumson, N. J. 
Moorestown, N. J. 
Charleston, W. \'a. 
Noank, Conn. 
High Point 
Banner Elk 
West Point, N. Y. 
Columbus, Ohio 
Arlington, I 'a. 
Norfolk, Va. 
Sewickley, Pa. 
Bloomfield, Mich. 
Coraopolis, Pa. 
Pottstown, Pa. 
Elkhart, Ind. 
Arlington, Va. 


Brock, Billy Fr 

Correll, Bill Jr 

Dixon, Tommy Fr 

Garcia, Joe Jr. 

Hardaway, Rich Jr. 

McKee. Rich Jr 

McNair, Freddie Sr. 

Simmons, Forrest Sr. 

Norfolk, Va. 
Richmond, Va. 

Knoxville, Tenn. 
Greenville, S. C. 
Chevy Chase, Md. 
Lookout Mtn. , Tenn. 

Eccorb: 244; Sec: C=0 

West Virginia 



Eastern Kentucky 









Florida State 






^Ujimming SUiaitis 




Michigan State 

w ■ 


Educational Foundation Award 




Gerard Chapman 




Robert Nagle 




DickJamerson Outstanding Swimming Awards: 

Penn State 



Most \ 'aluable Swimmer 



James G. Osbom 




Most Outstanding Swimmer 




David P. Marlm 




Most Improved Swimmer 

Wake Forest 



Karl D. Thiele 




Hardest Working Swimmer 

N. C State 



Gerard Chapman 

South Carolina 






\ 'irginia 









ACQ First Place 

iaecorb: 0-0; Sec: 4=1 










Florida University 



Florida State 



East Carolina 









Wake Forest 



N. C. State 



South Carolina 






A CC: Second Place 

EJucational Foundation Award 
Freddie McNair 
Forrest Simmons 











N. /. 




N. C. 


















N. Y. 
















N. C 
























N Y. 


N. Y. 


















N. C. 
















N. C. 




N. C 



Sntioor tTracU 
iaecorb: 54; ^cc: 3=0 




East Carolina 


N. C State 



South Carolina 









ACQ Second Place 

Ciacti ^tuartig 

Educational Foundation Award 

Reginald McAfee 
E.J. Evans Award 

Varsity — Hubert West 

Freshman — Mark Gaines 
Robert Brown 
Jeff Thomas Trophy 

Reginald McAfee 

Cross Countrp 
aarcorb: 3=3; Jllcc: 3=2 

\ 'irginia W 

N. C State W 


William and Mary 

Clemson W 


ACQ- Fourth Place . 

State Championships: Third Place 


Bnnton, Bob 



Comacchione, Tony 





Morehead City 

Hall, Mike 


Caracas, Venezuela 

Huffstetler. William 



Mc Artier, James 



Moose, Charles 



Waters, Harold 



Weisner, Ricky 



Wheeler, Gary 


Hixson, Tex. 

Williams, Marcus 



Wtnget. Al 



Wooding, Syd 


Danville, Va. 

Wrenn, Ltndsey 



W right, Joel 



laccorb: 2=10; ^cc: 0=4 

East Carolina 

N. C. State 

Virginia Tech 



Washington and Lee 


Western Carolina 


William and Mary 



ACC: Fifth Place 























lUDrestling ^luarbs; 

Educational Foundation Award 


Syd Wooding 


Benjamin Soloman Award 

35-25 L 

Gary Wheeler 

38-23 L 

Grover Wilhoil Award (Freshman) 


Peter Wheeler 

31-26 L 

aaecorb; 3=2; ^cc: 3=2 


Cross Coimtri) ^kuard 

Educational Foundation Au 
Reginald McAfee 



aipfja Cp£;ilon Belta 

David Putnam 

Stephen L. Mines 

Pam Shirley 

C. Jean Sprat t 

Allen Daugird 

Michael M. Ward 

Dr. William R. Straughn 


I ^ice-President 




Scalpel Reporter 

Faculty Advisor 

Michael C. Alston 
David S. Barnes 
James J. Bedrick 
Marilyn J. Brock 
Michael R. Caudle 
Timothy F. Edwards 
Boyd B, Gasque, Jr. 
Nancy L. Haigwood 
G. William Henry 
C. Fred Irons. Ill 
Joseph P. Isley 
Wade T. Jordan 
Mark A. King 
Rufus S. Ufler. Ill 
Alan B. McDaniel 
Donald M. Mcintosh 
Joseph G. Madert.Jr. 
Willium F. Mathis 
Warren H. Moore 
Michael L. Pool 
Thomas L. Pope 
Frank F. Reisner 

Howard J. Stang 
J. Herbert Stanley. Jr. 

G. Alan Stoudemire 
John B. R. Thomas 
Jeanne Veasey 

William A. Walker 

William Warkentin 

OraJ. Wells 

Forrest R. Dolly 
James 0. Goldman. Jr. 
Betty Jean Hall 
J. Van B. Pruitt, III 
Kenneth A. Sharpe 


Alvia Gaskill 
Phillip E. Jones 
William Paige 
Ken Stroup 
Jeffery R. Thomas 

^rnolb air S>ocietp 

William Booker 
Ted Brewer 
Jim Clements 
Bruce Clinard 
Wade Fowler 
Steve Gibson 
Glenn Gravitt 
Larry Huey 
T. B. Ludwig 
Joe Mariotti 
Phil McDevitt 
Ian Milne 
Jerry Montague 
John Newton 
Kermit Phelps 
Charlie Suther 
Roddy Tempest 
Tom Williams 

Tony Bernard 
Joel Cain 
Gene Dickenson 
Brian Fisher 
Jeff Gaskin 
Mark Gilfillian 
Doug Russell 
Tom Stevens 
Mike Wilson 

angel Jf ligfjt 

Margaret Morris 
Karen Miller 
Margaret Ann Tyner 
Susan Usher 
Stevie Wotring 

Janice Broum 
Lora Crossley 
Kathy Bosworth 
Nina Siegler 

Bis^tinguisJfjrt ©nibers^itp g>cf)olarg 


Ray Elwood Scyan 
Michael La Supbcmon 

Mary Gaskill Brantley 
Maurice Lynn Shearin 
Bennett Loftm Steeiman 

Jerry a Jotnes 
Kenneth M. Shires 

Martha Ann Bryan 
Alma Franca Dudley 
Margaret £ Fowler 
WtUiam £ Ules 
Joseph Kntght Mrmms 
Carry Allen Nicholson 
BrendaJ. QuiUen 
Richard W. Sludtr 
Mary Louise Smell 
Bobhy T. Ziglar 


Stephen Harlem Morris 
Larry £ Pulley 


Kenyan Atlee 

Charles Staton Baker 
John Marcus Davu 

Stephen H. Fmney 

Wiley Drew Forbes 

Chariotu Cnffin 

Robert Lee Hodden 

Sidney S. Harper 
John Wesley Harris 

Steven Lee Hoard 

Reginald W. Modlm 
John Anderson Norman 

baac N. Northup 
James Edward Bjck 

Renitajean Rjtchte 
Jame Cavano Sneed 

Barbara Ellen Sfephem 

Mary W. Wilul 

Rosemary Holmes 

WiUte James Avery 
Celia Mane Benton 
Samuel Mark Pipkin 

Henry Healh Alexander 
Paul Fairley Blue 
John D. Davis 
Paul Douglas Jacobs 

Randy Steven Adams 
Betty C Anngton 
Vera L Crooke 

Ruth Ann Davidson 
Sherry J. Dixson 
Ca/vin Coolidge Johnson 
Carol P Langley 
Carrie Ann McCann 
Frankim D. Mills 
Betsy Lea Queen 

Bruce Lee Cannon 
David Willis Dewar 
William P. Edward 
Henry A. Hairill 
Thomas V. Harris 
Glenn Moms Jones 
James drroU Jones 
Gerald Neese Oakley 
Gary L. Patterson 
Mark D. Prmtm 
Randall A. Underwood 
Robert D. Wilkle 
Samuel Jonathan Wright 

Lonnie Williams 

Paula Lassiter Barnes 
Nancy Dale Batchelor 
Henry Milton Best 
Michael Leo Bryan 
Joel D Czm 
Carl Ray Conrad 
Mary Gallagher 
Ruth Anna Corns 
Stanley S- Hamaker 
Barry Herman Hill 
Samuel Lee Hmson 
Brenda Elain Hooper 
Bryan Lane Huffman 
William Wheeler Huneycvft 
Nancy Ellen Jayne 
Manellus Oemenl Kirchner 
Raymond A. Lafser 
Ellen Gay Leach 
Randy Thomas Lewis 
Carol Robin Luckadoo 
John Mask Mocemzo 
John Gybum Matheson 
Tracy Ann Mullis 
Timothy Edward Neble 
Barbara J. Owens 
Janet L Poindexler ' 
Susan Rebecca Ray 
Russell Darrell Rohenon, Jr.. 
Donald Carl Rudtsill 
Harley Sidney Shepherd 
Scott A. Smith 
Stephen Claude Stanley 
Deborah Ann Stancill 
Albert Joseph Tumpson 
Anne H. Turpm 
Donald Earle UnderhiU 
Dovey Edward Watson 
Larry W. Williams 
Catherine Ann Wood 

(gamma Peta CpsJilon 

Page Lea 


Shippy King 



Robbie Baigas 
Jag Bowers 
Gwen Cheek 
Laurie Gilbert 
Paul Glenn 
Brother Hamer 
Chuck Lowe 
Neptune McAllister 
Sue McKinney 
Rooster McLendon 
Ellen Parrish 
Louise Parrish 
Mickey Pittman 
Robin Roane 
Woodrow Smith 
Mia Taylor 
Festus H. Walston 


^ocietp of Jlellenag 


Susan Lee Zimmerman 
Margaret Ann Broohhire 
Jo Ann Quinn 


Corinne Elizabeth Anderson 
Anne Barry Berkeley 
Gracia Elizabeth Bohbit 
Margaret Ann Broohhire 
Melissa Capehart 
Martha Rose Coble 
Maxine Miller Francis 
Kalherine Bridges Gilliam 
Polly Greemmod 
Nancy jane Groner 
Nancy Logan Haigwood 
Katherme Curtis Harrison 
Elizabeth Carolyn Hinkle 
Mary Lee Hudson 
Barbara Armstrong Miller 
Mary Kenna Peters 
Mildred Louise Pittman 
Jo Ann Quinn 
Gretchen Gleim Schae/fer 
Susan Louise Spence 
Julia Rodney Stuart 
Martha Elizabeth Talley 
Denise Ann Tervo 
Catherine Elizabeth Verdone 

Janet Claire Ward 
Susanne Wills 
Nancy Lee Wilson 


Mrs. Frank Alexander 
Mrs. Nita Wilkinson Brame 
Mrs. Lyman S. Ford 
Mrs. J. Gnffin Heard 
Mrs. Gail Macomson 
Mrs. Kay Parks 

Deborah Kay Barreau 
Carolyn Ruth Beeson 
Donna Anne Brown 
Katherine Vaden Carlton 
Elizabeth Reyno Cochrane 
Osey Comnne Davidson 
Muriel Ann Davis 
Laurie Emerson 
Sally Eugenia English 
Katherine Louise Fleming 
Drucilla French 
Jane Ann Hackney 

Romona'Wood Kerr 
Margaret Elizabeth Nelson 
Kathleen O'Donnell 
Mary Morrison Pennington 
Rebecca Sue Pickle 
Mary Mac Pope 
Mary Norris Preyer 
Suzanne Caroline Rapp 
Beltie Kay Raybon 
Nancy Belts Roach 
Katherine Florence Sharp 
Margaret Christine Vick 
Bahta Hilyard Whitner 
Nancy Caroline Willis 
Susan Lee Zimmerman 


Miss Kalherine Kennedy Carmichael 

Mrs. Mary Coker 

Mrs. A. Price Heasner 

Miss Marjone Howard 

Mrs. Elizabeth Barclay Murray 

Mrs. Dee Turner 

Kijt ^otietp for tf)e ^tes^erbation of 
JBucb i:aplor's; iHutton & ^i)om 

Peyton Randolph Gray 

Chief Chitterling 

Charles Wellon Lowe 

Sow's Ear 

Page Gravely Lea 

Silk Purser 



Thomas Mann Brantley 

William Stanford Brenizer 

Alexander H. Breckenridge 

Lucien Dallam Burnett 

Pierce Alexander Cassedy 

James Baron Currin 

Pierre Windom DuPont 

Alex Blow Hargrove 

Eugene Floyd Hamer 

Paricer William Ingalls 

James Timothy May 

Charles Walker Morris 

Stanlet Tebbs Prewitt 

Robert Edward Peterson 

Thomas Lynwood Smith 

Joseph Hartsell Simpson 

Edward Jenner Wood 

Mm^im ^cfjolarg 19724973 

Sheiia Paige Arrington 
Dana Sue Baldwin 
Patlie June Bames 
Caynelle Evante Bass 
Margaret H. Begkr 
Carol Beer BlackuxU 
Blaine Bemelle Bradihaw 
Ann Davis Brown 
Suzanne Lindsay Burge 
Frieda Corum Byrum 
Peggy Lynn Cahe 
Julia Carol Gaines 
Carol Lynne Campbell 
Hortensia C. Canao-Bello 
Ruby Jean Carter 
Sharon Annette Caston 
Mary Lou Caviness 
Marilyn Vera Christopher 
Iris Jeanne Clapp 
Mildred Elizabeth Coble 
Jean Urban Coleman 
Ann Marie Cory 
Debra Colleen Covington 
Karen Hampton Crane 
Susan Lee Dail 
Joan Frances David 
Prisalla Blair Davis 
Yvonne Dulanda Dew 
Linda Carol DiCenzo 
Rhonda Dtane Dummit 
Karen Ellen Dunn 
Lori Jean Edwards 
Lorraine Jo Lynn Edwards 
Nancy Mane Elkins 
Marguerite Anne Fahert 
Bonita Lynn Fleming 
Polly Wheless Fleming 
Diane Wilson Funderburk 

Nancy Elaine Furr 
Cynthia Darlyn Garrett 
Sue Ellen Gaskins 
Dorothy Jean Gieschen 
Carol Ann Glackin 
Jean Kfenan Gorham 
Bonnie Lee Gray 
Paul Allen Gray, Jr. 
Revauda Saunders Grey 
Colleen Sue Hamilton 
Joyce Ann Harris 
Nancy Smith Harris 
Judith Alice Hartsfield 
Mary Alice Hobbs 
Mary Oivens Hope 
Virginia Ellen Hudson 
Dorothy Purser Jenkins 
Kathy Ann Johruon 
Patricia L. Jones 
Patricia Anne Joyner 
Jane Ann Keyian 
Sarah Jeannetta Kendall 
Stephanye Ann Kenyear 
Deborah Louise Landis 
Willis WiUon Lathrop 
Suzanne Marie Limparis 
Kalhenne Lynn Lloyd 
Janet Ann Mahry 
Karen Jones McFetters 
Mary Elizabeth McGee 
Julia Annie McGlamery 
Jane Teresa Mclnnis 
Caryl Erhard Mobley 
Carolyn Sue Morgan 
Nancy Brice Morton 
Jeanne Louise Murphy 
Marsha Ann Newton 
Janet Elaine Opp 

Sarah Elizabeth Orrell 
Sandra Elaine Penley 
Annie Ruth Pittman 
Rebecca Evelyn Pitts 
Deborah Kay Powers 
Francine Alfreda Randolph 
Gary Steven Reese 
Robyn Bobette Rice 
Paula Sue Ridenhour 
Omelia Ann Robinson 
Peggy Lee Rowhottom 
Roe Herbsl Schmuck 
Cynthia Jean Shannon 
Sherry Lynne Shuford 
Nancy Ellen Slot! 

Judith J. Southerland 

Mary Victorine Spainhour 

Sarah F. Sparrow 

Elizabeth Swan Stewart 

Nancy Newberry Stuart 

Susan Elizabeth Stuart 

Amelia Sue Styron 

Sally Elizabeth Tapp 

BelT} Ann Taylor 

Dorothy Elaine Taylor 

Guat Bee Toh 

Judy B. Valley 

Rose Mary Vann 

Margo Wallace 

Patricia Bynum Warren 

Deborah Jean Webb 

Elizabeth Ann Wenhold 

Cheryl Day White 

Wanda Kay Wilkins 

Lynne Rose Wilson 

Linda Lee Yandell 

Carol Ann Yates 

Carol Jean Meyer 

f ameg iH. f oljnjiton 
©nDersrabuate ^tfjolarg 1972=1973 

Alfred S. Abet 

Nancy Lynn Alexander 

Michael Curtis Alston 

Dellan Atkinson 

Ruth Elizabeth Bailey 

Emory McMillan Bare 

Lynne Westmoreland Bamette 

Margie Lane Beazley 

Dewey Randolph Bennett 

Danon Denise Benson 

Elizabeth Ann Berman 

Charles Hugh Black 

Usa Sherron Blank 

Susan Beth Baseman 

Robin Earl Bost 

Vernon R, Branson 

Dwight Randdll Bridges 

Denise Ijirraine Broum 

Janice Evelyn Broum 

Bitty Lou Bruton 

Martha Davis Buie 

Richard B. Burrell 

Harris Rayvon Burris, Jr. 

Angela Carol Butner 

Edwin McDonald Carawan 

Marisela Carrion 

John Fleming Carter 
Rebecca L. Caviness 
Corinne Elizabeth Caye 
Daniel Ogden Cheney 

James H. Clarke 
Edwards Grier Cochrane 
Billie Ann Coggins 
Valter Bernard Collie 
Robert Alexander Cottrell, Jr. 
Larry Douglas Cox 
Louis Lindsey Crawley 
Karen DeNese Dacons 
Gordon Lacy Daughtry 
Eric Lynn Dean 
Carol Elaine Dice 
Judith Faye Dunn 
Pamela Rj/th Eason 
Roger Lynn Eason 
Allen Richard Edwards 
Charles O'Neil Edwards 
Valter Eugene Egerion III 
Mariam Rose El-Khouri 
Ann Mollis Farris 
Robert Black Fox 
Patricia Charlene Freeman 
Donna Marie Frieze 
Vaymon Ronald Gainey 
Thomas Drake Garlitz 
Mary Ellis Gibson 

Elizabeth Lambreth Gilchrist 
Martin Wayne Goehle 
Robert Alan Goetz 
John Melvin Goins 
Michael Stephen Gooch 
Frederick Uhl Goss 
Laurie Shelton Gresham 
Deborah Leila Grimes 
Charles McCrae Hardy 
Dennis Stuart Harrell 
Vickie Olin Hauser 
Wendy Kay Hedgecock 
Deborah Virginia Heid 
Kenneth Edward Hollingsworth 
Robert Perry Hollowell 
Ann Clinton Holton 
Samuel Chase Hooks 
Lawrmce Hoskins Hooper 
Gordon Kenneth Howell 
Susan Elaine Hudspeth 
John Paul Huyett 
Floyd Jasper James 
Janice Lee Johnson 
Susan Leigh Johnston 
Dewey Michael Jones 
Sharon Lee Jones 
Thomas Wesley King 
Van Lee Knowles 
Brenda Kay Lancaster 
Donald Joseph Leahy 
David Roy Lent 
Donald Lamar Levison 
Martha Lee Lindsey 
Janice Elizabeth Lippard 
Sharon Sue Lochahy 
Rachel Ann Locus 
Kathryn Blair Logwood 
Garry Freeman Lmue 
Marjorie Lynn Martin 
Linda Jean Mason 
Katherine L. Mc Arthur 
Patrick David Mc Arthur 
Bonnie Belinda McCafferty 
Mclver Ricardo McCrimmon 
Karen Lynn McDonald 
Robert Earl McKenzie, Jr. 
Portia Mae McKnight 
Shirley Marie McMillian 
Susan Lynn McRae 
Gloria Jean Meares 
ted Alan Mellnik 
William Douglas Mitchell 
Patricia Anne Mobley 
Benford Evans Morse, Jr. 
Rsdney Paige Murphy 

Rexanne Dawson Newnam 
Mary Katherine Nicholson 
Larry Wayne Nissen 
Janet O'Neal 

Thomas Michael Dillan O'Shea 
James Forrest Padgett 
Jane Condon Panton 
Barbara Ann Parker 
Eddie Peatross 
Robert Glen Peterson 
Dak Alan Pfaff 
Gerald Ray Pfaff 
Jo Deane Phillips 
Deborah Jean Poe 
Pamela Leigh Porter 
Mary Aunita Prebula 
Emma Eliza Pullen 
Marilyn Jeanne Pusey 
Kathy Barker Ray 
hey Theodore Riggs 
Bruce Alan Rosenburg 
Albert Thomas Rowland 
Donna Lee Sawyers 
David Allan Shepherd 
Stephen Dale Shores 
Jane Ellen Simmons 

Ronnie Calvert Simmons 
David Hugh Smith, Jr. 
Larry Austin Squires 
Howard Jay Stang 
Joe Eugene Stowe, Jr. 
Bonnie Lane Streib 
Howard Wayne Swofford 
Michael Wayne Tilson 
Genita Carol Todd 
Earl Watkins Tunstall 
Susan Thames Usher 
Patrice Ann Vaughn 
Robert Elliott Veto 
Elizabeth Tilley Ware 
Randall Lynn Washington 
Wanda Ann Watson 
Donna Jean Way 
Elizabeth Anne Wiles 
Fred Noell Williams 
Gary Lynn Williamson 
Pamela Anne Williamson 
Tony Craig Williamson 
WiUiam H. Wilson, Jr. 
Nancy Carol Woody 
Lawson Martin Wright 

iMorefjeab g)cf)olars^ 

CLASS OF 1973 
David Benson Adams 
Jeffrey Prather Adams 
Emmit Steven Ayers 
Richard Torrance Banks, Jr. 
David Earl Broome, Jr. 
Ed Burt Bruton, Jr. 
David Lee Call 
Charles Lynch Christian, III 
Ocil Granville Church 
Francis Charles Clark 
Henry Dickson Corhett, III 
Thomas Lee Cumn 
Richard Alexander Elkins 
Steven William Esthimer 
William Marcelino Fadul 
Douglas Charles E. Famsley 
Don Parks Foster 
Samuel Richard Freeman 
James Oswald Goldman 
Laurence Wygal Hancock 
Paul Burton Harden, Jr. 
James Lamar Henderson, III 
George William Henry 
Henry Lockhart Hinkle 
Noah Haywood Huffstetler, III 
Jon Rodney Hutchison 
Gary Frederick Irons, 111 
Freeman Randolph Jones, Jr. 
Logan Oliver Jones, Jr. 
Robert Powell Joyce 
Samuel Grady Koonce, Jr. 
Page Gravely Lea 
William Latane Lewis 
Lewis Joseph Loveland, Jr. 
John Charles Lovett 
William Ernest Lucas 
James Daniel McNatt 
Haddon Spurgeon Mackie,Jr. 
Richard Oswald Matthews 
Michael Terry Medford 
James Gordon Merrill 
Wayne Leonard Michael 
Gary Michael Miller 
Michael Collins Miller 
William Ronald Moffitt 
Frederick Montgomery Moms, 111 
Eric Conda Murdoch 
James Canady Parker 
Steven Piantadosi 
Joseph Amos Priestley, Jr. 
David Lawrence Putnam 
Michael Monte Richardson 
Roger Bruce Rogers 
Thomas Hart Sayre 
Charles' Allen Schumacher 
Delbert Bruce Shorlliffe 
Gary Randolph Stafford 
Jeffrey Lawrence Stephens 
Sidney Joseph Stem, 111 
Anthony Reginald M. Stewart 
Dannie Lee Stewart 

George Alan Stoudemire 
George Kennedy Thompson 
Robert Cameron Vaught 
Daniel Hamilton Webb 
Rickey Connor Weiiner 
Mark Luther Whicker 
Timothy Jackson Whitener 
Christopher Murray Wise 
George Evans Witt 
Gordon Claibom Woodruff 

CLASS OF 1974 

Frank Spruill Alexander 
John Anderson Ballew 

Peter Adams Barnes 

William Michael Begley 
Jay Donald Bennett, Jr. 

Richard Eston Blalock 

William Haywood Bobbin, III 

Alexander Negus Breckinridge, IV 

Wilson Montgomery Brown III 

Granville Bland Byrne, 111 
James Christopher Callahan 
John Darroch Cameron 

Robert Marshall Campbell 

Timothy Gray Carawan 
James Dorman Compton 

Rafael Francisco Coutin 

Ronald Henry Cox 

Robert Toombs Cozart, III 
John Patrick Crimmins, Jr. 

Richard Samuel Daniels 

Walter Ethendge Daniels 

Melvin Arthur Dodd 

Robert Clavin Donnan, Jr. 

William LeRoy Duggan, Jr. 

Andrew Charles George Eddy 

Larry Duane Eggert 

Scott Conrad Gayle 
James Franklin Gilliam 
Jimmy Tate Girardeau 

Walter Steven Jones 

William Lewis Keesler 

Harvey Leroy Kennedy 

Garland Coffield King 

David Wolters Kohl 
James Philmon Lamm 

Robert Edward Leary 
James Parker Lumpkin, II 

Hugh King McGlaughon, Jr. 

Harold Brent McKnight 

Lee Massey McLaughlin, Jr. 

Ernest Cobb McLean, III 
John Franklin McNair, IV 

Robert Hiller Malm 

William Frazier Mathis 

William McKinley Mitchell, III 
John Klauminzer Molen 

Thomas Victor Morris 

William Joseph O'Brien, III 

David Hoyle Ogbum 
Jock Pike Ollis 

Cornelius Theordore Partrick, Jr. 
Robert William Patterson 
Stanley Tehbs Prewitt, III 
Harvey Craig Price 
Allen Wade Pridgen 
William Kenan Rand, HI 
James Thomas Reilly,Jr. 
Frank Frederick Reisner 
Robin Francis Rhodes 
Larry Edward Robbins 
David Schenck, Jr. 
John Adrian Douglas Scott 
Calvin Loren Scovel, III 
Thomas Comstock Seitz, Jr. 
Thomas Gene Smith 
Boyd Gunter Steward 
Robert Wilkerson Suttles 
Barry Hoyle Teasley 
Joel Taylor Thigpen 
Hal Duane Tolan 
Robert Forrest Turner 
Gregory Howdrd Tuttle 
Tony Gerald Waldrop 
William Alfred Walker 
Steven Lee Wallenhaupt 
Joseph Dale Walsh 
Harold Lafayette Waters 
Robert Gregory Griffin 
Robert^Hodges Hackney, Jr. 
Richard Lewis Haney 
John Athan Hankins 
Mitchell Dale Hardison 
Clyde David Hice 
Paul Odell Hirschbiel, Jr 
Joseph Harper Hodges, III 
Edison Thurman Hudson, Jr. 
Charles Manon Johnson, III 
James Harvey Johnson 
Nicholas Reginald M. Jones 
.Thomas Irvine Jones 
Donald Perry Kanak, Jr. 
John Conlon Keifer 
David Meade Kern 
Lary Shane Larson 
Samuel Spence McCachren, Jr. 
Eugene James McDonald, Jr. 
Lawrence David McMahon. Jr. 
Kymrick Y. Mahnke 
Ronald Wayne Merritt 
Frederick Karl Molen 
Wesley Keen Morgan 
Jerry Wayne Noble 
Douglas George O'Dell 
Edward Jerrold Page, Jr. 
Robert Cummings Paschal 
George Richard Whtttecar. Jr. 
Philip Carlton Williams 
Undsey Hughes Wrenn 

CLASS OF 1975 
Ellis Turner Alexander 
Harry Alexander Allen, III 

William Mock Black, Jr. . 

John Timothy Blackburn 

Arthur Palfrty Bode 

George Patrick Bohan, III 

Jack Rudisill Brantley, Jr. 

Lucien Dallam Burnett, III 

Donald Benjamin Cameron 

Cole Charles Campbell 

Serge M. Cantacuzene-Speransky 

Roily Lee Chambers 

Daniel Joseph Connelly 

Robert Adam Cook 
James Sylvester Cox, III 

George Edwin Crapps 

Charles William Crone, Jr. 

Thomas Joseph Daley 

William Gray Daughtridge, Jr. 

Thomas Arthur Dillard 

William James Dulin 
Charles Earl Payton 
John Gregory Fitz 
Gary Richard Freeze 
Alain Michael Gowing 
Michael Henry Griffin 
Thomas Nelson Carter Randolph 
Peter Carey Rawlings 
Peter Lawrence Saviteer 
John Raymond Schumacher 
Michael Ellis Shank 
John Dillon Simpson, III 
Richard Kendrick Slate 
Michael Craig Sloan 
Walter Perry Smith. Jr. 
Carl Levring Stam 
Earnest Ray Stanford, Jr. 
Raymond Manley Strunk, Jr. 
Peter Chetming Thompson 
William Thomas Walker, Jr. 
Julius Byron Walthall, Jr 
Joseph Donald Warren 
David Newton Webb 
Joseph Gary Wheeler 
Richard Wray While 
Richard J. C Wilmot-Smtth ■ 
William Allen Winget 
Michael Glenn Winters 
Adrian John Michael Wood 
Charles Edwin Woodcock, III 

Stephen Cole Worsley 

CLASS OF 1976 
Jerry Wayne Askew 
Charles Agee Atkins 
Charles Lee Babington 
Robin Francis Beran 
John Berry Jr. 
Roger Douglaw Billica 
Lee Weldon Boddie.Jr 
George Williams Eraun 
Reginald Wilbur Bums 
John Marcus Caddell, Jr. 
Alejandro Castellanos 
Stephen Eugene Cline 
James Hayes Shofner Cooper 
James Elmer Carter 
Kerry Gray Crutchfield 
Charles Mark Serge DeBoursac 
Warner Lee Wells EJmundson 
David Houghton Flynn 
Thurston Edward Frazier, Jr. 
Truett Scott Frazier 
Peter Gilmore 
Stephen Bass Givens 
Sherman Earl Golden, Jr. 
John Van Hanford, III 
Michael Andrew Heedy 
Douglas Kent Holmes 
Donald Thomas Hughston 
Charles Thomas Humphries 
Philip Rudolph Johnson, Jr. 
Michael Keith Kapp 
Robert Clyde Knott 
Laurence Eason Lilley, Jr. 
Robert Manley Lucas 
John Eugene McMurry, Jr. 
James Hawthorne Manly 
Charles Henry Melvin, Jr. 
Randolph Carlos Metcalfe 
John Ledford Owens, III 
Todd Liddell Parchman 
Robert Brookes Peters, IV 
Robert Gary Phillips 
John David Roberts 
Mitchell Ellis Robinson 
William Lee Saunders, Jr 
Randale Craig Sechrest 

Charles Michael Secrett 
Michael Chamberlain Shuck 
Roscoe Bolar Stephenson, III 
Daniel Burt Veazey 
Marion Pryor Wall 
Stuart Neal Watlington 
John Durham Withrow, Jr 
Robert Louis Wynn, 11 

Mark David Lees 
Richard Lofton Michaux 
Thomas William Sinks 
Blenda Ann Woodard 
Graduate School 
Anthony Moncrief Coyne 
Joseph Patrick Keams, Jr. 
John Stephen Nelson 
Pamela Elaine Oliver 
John Ray Ottensmann 
Ronald Eugene Sawyer 
Paul Joseph Schoofi 
Glenn Eugene Stamhaugh 
David Russell Stone 
'^jamin Franklin Martin, Jr. 


Vance Barron, Jr. 
Gerald Allen Cohen 
Luther Parks Cochrane 
Norma Smithwick Harrell 
Fred Kevin Mauney 
Charles Christopher Tharp 
Michael Allen Almond 
Thomas Carlton Younger, Jr. 

William Griffith Bowen 
Jack Pool Byrd 
Charles David Collins 
David Alan Grimes 
William Keith Hoots 
Henry Dawson Jefferson, Jr 
Dale Alan Newton 
Hoke Dickinson Pollock 
Howard Sheldon Schub 
James Wtllard Stratton 
David Thomas Tayloe, Jr. 
Robert S. Tomsick 

(gorgon'si ?|eab lobge 

Eugene Floyd Hamer 
Gngory Alan McAllister 
Joseph Sidney Bower 
Pierre Windom Dupont 





Walter R. Berryhill 
Harold A. Bierck 
Jerry Cashion 
William Merritt Choate 
George B. Daniel 
Raymond H. Dawson 
Christopher C. Fordham, III 
Clifford M. Faust 
Keener C. Frazer 
William M. Geer 
Claude S. George 
Edward M. Hedgepeth 
Howard D. Henry 
S. Shepard Jones 
James K. King 

Page Gravely Lea 
James R. Leutze 
Charles Mellon Lowe 
John Franklin Lynch 
Douglas MacMHlan 
Jerry L. Mills 
Richard Allen Rjppy 
Vermont Royster 
Raymond John Shevlin 
Donald E. Skakle 
Dean E. Smith 
Thomas Lynwood Smith 
Hubert C. Walston 
William John Weber 
Edward Loren Williamson 


867 Hum Bunn Hatch, III REX 
864 Paul Mark Fisher KDS 

869 Net// Joseph Pollock WSS 

868 William Ernest Lucas KMK 
87i Geoffrey Stuart Simril NGP 

©rber of tfje (gimgtoul 

2ii Frank Porter Graham 
36} George Watts Hilt 
439 James Penrose Harland 
442 Robert Burton House 
490 Fletcher Melvin Green 
492 Charles Milton Shaffer 
i28 Joseph Planner Patterson, Jr. 
}40 Ernest Craig 
}46 Harry Kittson Russell 
582 Isaac Montrose Taylor 
634 Lyman Atkinson Gotten 
6i0 Roy Walter Holsten 

663 Frank Wysor Klingherg 

664 Henry Wilkins Lewis 
66} Robert Boyd Lindsay 
673 Benson Reid Wilcox 
678 Herbert Ralph Baer 

741 Richard Hill Robinson, Jr. 
Til William Brantley Aycock 
763 Hugh TalmojJge Lefler 
796 Joseph Maryon Saunders 
81} Stephen Bartow Baxter 
816 Peter Franklin Walker 
823 Lee Roy Wells Armstrong 
83} William Clyde Friday 
836 Rollie Tillman, Jr. 
8}6 Rjchdrd Paxton Badham 

861 Peter Lang Pottle 

862 John Anton Vanderbloemen 

863 Thomas Mann Brantley 
86} Paul Bennett Glenn 

870 Charles Thomas Donegan 

871 Gary McNab Euwer, Jr. 
87} James Timothy May, III 

872 Christopher Bar McLendon 
886 Marshall Shepherd Wood 
883 Robert Edward Wooten 

(©rber of 
^fte ©lb ^ell 

Walter Etheridge Daniels 
Marilyn Jean Brock 
Stephen Carter Saunders 
Marjorie Julian Spruill 
David Gail Gephart 



Executive Committee 

Executive Committee 

Executive Committee 

Walter Orlando Baggett 
Jan Bickett 
James Linwood Blane 
Stephanie Corinne Bolick 
Granville Bland Byrne, III 
Pamela Louise Campbell 
Susan Anne Case 
Gerald Allen Cohen 
Fred Blount Davenport, Jr. 
Richard James Epps, Jr. 
James Meredith Haley 
Katheryn R. Hamer 
Jerry Mollis Harder 
Paul Frederick Hoch 
Donald R. Ingalls, Jr. 

Katheryn Dawn McGuire 
Michael Terry Medford 
Charles Franklin Miller 
Alan Stephen Nagle 
Thomas P Nash, IV 
John Charles Pegg 
Texie Louise Penry 
Thomas Lee Pope, Jr. 
Lacy Martin Presnell, III 
Mary Norris Preyer 
William Arrington Pully 
William Allen Reep 
Kenneth Brian Richardson 
Shelda Ritchin 
Paul A. Rowell 
Robert Ale.xander Slade 
Joseph Henry S tailings 
George Alan Stoudemire 
James Albert Wade, Jr. 
Suzanne Mane Weilhom 
Hadly Emerson Whittemore ■ 
Katheryn Eileen Whittington 
Robert Reid Wilson 

(©rber of tfje (grail 


Robert Lanier Slaughter 


Kenneth Brian Rjcharckon 


Lee Lovell Corum 



Bruce Joe Mann 

Frank Spruill Alexander 

Allen Greene Mask, Jr. 

Whitney Shepard Eodman 

Thomas Pace 

Lee Lovell Corum 

Reid Lloyd Phillips 

Walter Etheridge Daniels 

Lacy Martin Presnell, III 

Fred Blount Davenport, Jr. 

David Lawrence Putnam 

Richard James Epps, Jr 

Kenneth Brian Richardson 

Thomas Bryson Gilbert 

Stephen Carter Saunders 

Joseph Williamson Grier, III 

Robert Lanier Slaughter 

James Lamar Henderson 

George Alan Stoudemire 

George Matthew Karl 

Robert Wilkerson Suttles 

Harvey Leroy Kennedy 

James Russell Taylor 

Garland Coffield King 

Robert Reid Wilson 

Lewis Joseph Loveland,Jr. 

George Evans Witt 

Alan Mark Mann 

Mi JSeta i&appa 

(Mfy B'«ch Dm«i 


O-rto S«/ PHk 


Mt^iani A S 0**«4i 

)dl Aittu Eiic- 

Jtotvn jNWfrt Rid^nbm 

CarrUIKo) fJmimJum 

KdJiM *>j" e(?i?. 7' 

Mmo AUaan P^f 

P«/~ fl* RrfFW- 

TbnAmSlnn, Prigrt 

D«,i«ft«tf fi«»r 

('»,*. Fmlo 

Din. /i™ Rai/Bu 

Mojon, Miilf Prtia, 

Swu AmtRau 

>«», .<■.. f™i, 


Uralf Lm Pwnl 

Aai e«faiu>fr» 





M,. .1«/ CtplMr, 

Nmij Lmmt Rmo^ 

ttim Brr^'d GiUdMj 

JsmuC^UmJi^ R>di 

EJaO^d. Am^ Gr^y^ 

p«;jrf> s-w" 

Ks— I Gnifitb, 

£U™J«r W 

Stft^ CMmm>H. H^ 

r*-«> i—i* Sa*^ 

Sbntid Vmwu Htnhp 

T7«,« v«v s*/ 

EiiuiBh J.'tis H^ 

M.rg«« a™ S-to 

Dn«« T^lmsdf iM^m.^* 

Si4'l>^t D«^ M-i.*- 

«>«(« MoiuM Snij 

C>Um y«. H-rrf. 

MiiRr H»vn/ !M"» 

JsMB )<rm€ HamtU 

L«l< (ra S^KT 

Kubfy Uf^ 

ri«M. &wir I<«w 

Ciafte Hmo H..b 


Mtrtitt a*Tt,«i ll^jm 

Ciaffa ClTP 5«l-(* 

ttrmn Hddm» 

Ra«rT Kui^nbM S-uih 

Ujditym a«»rf H«i< 

AmtU Wdtim i««™ai. Jt 


Cg^ TiomM, iL0>in 

7<H £A«n< HniM- 

Dwmca GfTtfT, Sai/ 

Sufbim £»U«rf M.# 

J^ Ff^mi. Smlm^ 

D«^ Orni^ ttfttM^ 

Riim Aim itum 

KAitU^ P-nffM H^t^ 


ra^ .M<VfT Hir-H/' 

in JW«» TnU>ntff 

fioi^ HaniU HW.-*™ 

Ahn Emal ('»*™W 

CXm^Rttm I^iiaiiiJ' 

Vm EJ^rd UilmMJ 

LmmiU Cfti JohnMM 

Pnati Dnw Upd'iitxh 

Tmfidd S^ jme 

Jam G««r t-'"^ 

PtMiPrtuklm KjMmu.Jf 

L«.7» DJtW r.TV 

Ntmty A— L/utUf* 

JCtm P<i^( 1F<«w 

Et^ AUih>ljwu 

/m-i y#J V.ryh^lf 

Dm lUjmmJUm 

D^«d h«yMl^ 

N«, -W-"- Lmt 

ShHo Lauu Ttami 


Fnd Blaumi DMnfifH. Jr 

NaMO Eilnjrru 
Jtffmm ?trk Umk^Mi 

Pan/ EMfBn MiUa 
Dmnth Mmt Onfmt 

Tmdh Jmmi FtffJ 

CMlh, Jai Ragrrt 

Cbrryi Cn%^ g^m 

rainr Etgnu Kjauii 

LyJu Dionv Rtt/ Btjaal 

D^bm C «../. 

Omu^ma Cm^Mi B.M^ 

itf l^» Sttff<mi 

Amm, Awum B-^tf 

J«^ Hmn Sislbng, 


Hm,mfd}v Su^ 

Ja«, /w I'^IV* BMIUf, 


St, CilwTTm CatpMI 

flUrr, Hoyi, Ti^tlo 

CUmd, Ctrt Citiio. IB 


HtmimfJl^B Cmr, 

Jm^it Ujm Tlutuj 

m.f^ I Gom!> 

Mmi^ Pkii, yedni 

t-ovinx a-*- 

tUtrnfJ Ab^ y«i 

(:■•«/;• L<«v« Chi 

)im Anuamt, TsUmam 

R«U AwonCHrm 

Mtr, A— Varmt 

jeaul^ AliKmJo CiwDi 

rdhMm EtfixK Tb^,. 


tUlbrp, Hfin^ WhifiiL/ 

«*»> S<^^ CfUhfM 

A»>M rv«LD Jpmo Vkiio 


MMftmt EJiet WJiiftrd 

JHfrr, U. D^^rit 

J* AtM Wimir 

Iju« Brufcii Dfttm/ 

D*tftk Otn Wtifi 

Mm«7. Dimi^Bm 

Mmwoo ifvn 9md 

Kjtrn Limuni Duiumm 

SttmiEatlti* Wfdi 

t^trimm Oimi, Htm T>yn 

Amm WdmiO, VaM 

SitmOrta^ TiIL^m E4r 

Srmmmt HMi^ Wtnh 

Lsrrj DmMiEum 

Thffu, Ciiitn Eiieud 


Sinn VtUum Etttnmrr 


Am> Oinaum Hadge 

CiitHc WdJmMn 

Sbtrrj Lym Brjia 

Mi Cta ^igma 

John Ryan Byerly 
John Paul Huyett 
James Perry Mayo, Jr. 
John Roberts Harris 





William Sidney Aldridge 
Douglas Graeme Anderson 
Charles Staton Baker 
Shirkant Ishuer Bangdiwala 
Richard Charles Barefoot 
Thomas Avery Barringer, III 
Charles Keith Beamon 
William Lee Bell 
John Barry Betts 
John Franklin Black, Jr. 
William Mock Black, Jr. 
Dale Martin Brown 
James Dixon Brown 
Robert Murray Brown 
John Ryan Byerly 
Robert William Bynum, IV 
James Tillman Byrd 
Donald Benjamin Cameron 
Ernest Raeford Carraway, Jr. 
Edward Randolph Carroll 
John Fleming Carter, III 
Daniel Ogden Cheney 
Harry Minor Cocowitch, Jr. 
David Barry Colston 
Gary Robert Correll 
Jonathan Philip Cristy 
William Reid Gulp, Jr 
Robert Houston Davenport 
Dennis Rix Edwards 
Palmer Edwards 
Augustus Bums Elkins 
Robert Eugene Esleeck 
Charles Baker Felts, III 
Harry Edward Figgie, HI 
Gregory Winslow Floyd 
Murray Jules Fogler 
Michael Lee Frazier 
Philip William French 
John David Gabriel 
Waymon Ronald Gainey 
Peter Wacht Gardner 
Thomas Drake Garlitz 
Michael Stephen Garrison 
Scott Conrad Gayle 
Andrew Hart Gellman 
Martin Wayne Goehle 
Alain Michael Gowing 
Christopher M. Griffin 
William Chalmers Haden,Jr. 
Thomas Chandler Hardwick, Jr. 
Richard Mack Harrell 
John Roberts Harris 
Joseph Carl Harris 



Frank Trent Hill 
Norman Reece Huneycutt 
John Paul Huyett 
Charles Tandy Jones 
Dewey Michael Jones 
Paul Phifer Kincaid, III 
David Wolters Kohl 
Randall Arnold Kramer 
John Morrison Lafferty 
Richard Quintin Lafferty 
Wendell Graham Large 
Lary Shane Larson 
Kenneth Floyd Ledford 
Rufus Stamey Lefler, III 
Robert Michael Leonard 
Lowell Thomas Lunsford, II 
James Hugh McAner,Jr 
Clark Allen Maxwell 
James Perry Mayo, Jr 
William Gray Medlin 

Thomas Dever Miller 
William Stanley Mills 
Michael Lee Mock 
Alexandtr Stuart Moffett 
Frederick Karl Molen 
Fred Michael Morelock 
Malcolm Preston Mullen, Jr. 
Brady Wilson Mullinax,Jr. 
Jerry Wayne Noble 
Raymond Eugene Owens, Jr. 
James Forrest Padgett 
Thomas Richard Pardue, Jr. 
Gregory Scott Parish 
Lee Heywood Pelton 
Robert Christian Pfaff 
Edmund Pickup, Jr. 
John Douglas Pitts 
Ralph Allen Pitts 
Leon Eugene Porter, Jr. 
William Sidney Porter 
Thomas Lee Roberts 
John Benson Rowe 
Richard Michael Sebak 
Michael Ellis Shank 
Maurice Lynn Shearin 
Glenmore Lorrain Shelton, III 
Richard Nelson Shoaf 
Michael David Stephenson 
Martin Ray Stout 
William Cofield Stuart, III 
Benjamin Joseph Sullivan, Jr. 
Robert Walter Surratt 
William Wade Sutton 
Jeffery Raymond Thomas 
John Frederick Tucker 
Earl Watkins Tunstall 
James Wilson Walker, Jr. 
William Thomas Walker, Jr. 
Stephen Lee Wallenhaupt 
John Turner Walston, Jr. 
William Goode Ward 
Rartdall Lynn Washington 
Michael Rene Webb 
Richard Wray White 
Dennis Alvin Wicker 
Robert Stanford Williams. 
Tony Craig Williamson 
Harry Washington Wilson, III 
Ben Witherington, III 
George Harrison Wood, II 
Richard Charles Worf 
Ronnie Gene Wright 
Thomas Henry Wright 

Ef)o €\)i 

James Edwin Bryant 
Glenn Edward McLeroy 
Kathryn Ann Bowen 
Mavoumem Stallings 



Secretary- Treasurer 


Doyne Ray Allison 
Ruth Ellen Bivens 
John Gregory Cranford 
Leslie Hill Davis 
Perry Panos Diamaduros 
Margaret Veil Freeman 
Ralph Borden Hunter 
William Allan Jackson 
Stephen Lee Koontz 
Lucille Virginia Lee 
Linda Kay Slate 
Oliver Clayton Todd 

Mr. Stephen Caiola 
Mr. Fred Eckel 
Mr. Donald McLeod 

Dr George P. Hager 
Dr. L. S. Harriss 
Mr. C. U. Paoloni 
Dr. Claude U. Paintadosi 
Dr. Fred T. Semenuik 
Dr. Herman 0. Thompson 
Mr. Leroy D. Werley 
Dr. Jack K. Wier 
Mr. Ben Williams 
Mr. Wayne Pittman 

g)odetp of f anug 


Paul Frederick Hoch, Jr. 
Walter Etheridge Daniels 
John C. Meeker 
Ralph Gardner Hill, Jr. 






Robert Lee Cherry, Jr. 
Walter Etheridge Daniels 
Warren Arthur Galke 
Joseph Williamson Grier 
William Ballard Harris 
Paul Frederick Hoch, Jr. 
Felix Thomas Holt 
Lawrence Lewis Hooper, Jr. 
Charles Franklin Miller 
William Allen Reep 
William Harold Robinson 
Stephen Carter Saunders 


Celeste Leffingwell 
Diana Vincent 


Carolyn Cletus Cantrell 
Freda Amanda Cobb 
Donald Stephen DeBragga 
Tina Marie Debs 
Adrian John DeKeyser, HI 
Forrest Ray Dolly 

Betty Katheryn Futch 
Katherine Ramsey Hamer 
Richard Lewis Haney 
Debra Gayle Helms 
Ralph Gardner Hill, Jr. 
William Clayton Hill 
Lucinda Carol Johnson 
Mildred Mariah Johnson 
Harry Louis Jones 
Fred Waggoner Kiger 
Linda Susan Kimerle 
Robert Morson Lampley 
Charles Thomas McVickers, Jr. 
Albert Erskine Martin, II 
Roy Martin Melvin 
Eric Lawrence Montenyohl 
Sharon Ann O'Connor 
Michael Eugene O'Neal 
John Charles Pegg 
Derris Lea Raper 
Clark Thomas Riley 
Joseph Coltrane Robbins, Jr. 
Paul Allen Rowell 
Anthony Joseph Schimizzi 
Carol Ann Shapiro 
Barbara Lynn Smith 
Lewis Edwin Speagle 
William Henry Taylor 
Edmund Bart Welch 

James Albert Wellons 
Phillip Wayne Whitesell 
Robert Eugene Wilkins, II 
Adrienne Anett Williams 


Mrs. Polly Broum 

Rev. Stan Hall 

Wanda Hammerbeck 

Ronald W. Hyatt 

John C. Meeker 

Sam Miller 

Emily O'Neill 

Elizabeth Henderson Ramsay 

Melvin P. Rifret 

Miss Gail B. Steacy 

Mrs. Dorothy Strowd 

Sandy and Alan Ward 

Dr. Charles D. Wright 


Wesley Neil Bass 
Robert Wilson Carter 
Charles Dunn 
Edward N. Halford 
Thomas N. Walters 
William E. Hauser 

©rber of 

Deira Lucille Andrews 
Waner King Bahcock 
Lester Bern 
June Anne Brooks 
Pronnie Mae Brown 
Adrian John deKeyzer, III 
Nancy Wright Elliott 
Herman Earl Gaskins, Jr 
Dehra Gayle Helms 
Patricia Anne Joyner 
Bennie M. Laughter 
Gary Wayne Leathemtan 
John C. Meeker 
John Charles Pegg 
Kevin Keith Redmon 
Sheldon Richard Retchin 
John p. RJst 
Joseph C. Robbins 
John M. Schwarz 
Janet Prances Stephens 
Rebecca Lucille Stuntz 
Nancy Gertrude Thomas 
James Howard Underwood 
Paul Alan Williams 
Carol Naylor Wilson -" i. 

Denis Lea Raper 
Richard Yates Stevens 
Paul Frederick Hoch, Jr 
Elizabeth Henderson Ramsay 







Marjorie Julian Spruill 
Freda Amanda Cobb 
Ellen Gay Leach 
Nora Jane Gaskin 
Pamela Louise Campbell 

Julia A. Jones 

Vice President 



Marianne Hitchcock 
Mary Lou Huffman 
Pattie Mclntyre 
Gail B. Stacy 
Mildred A. Stout 
Sandy Ward 

Corinne Elizabeth 

Valerie Alayne Batts 
Alexandra Beebe 
Jo Anne Beers 
Sandra Louise Bradley 
Marilyn Jean Brock 
Ann Davis Brotm 
Nancy Catherine Caddell 
Susan Anne Case 
Janet Louise Davis 
Betty Hill Dennis 
Nancy Wright Elliott 

Ann Polk Evans 
Linda Annette Foster 
Maxine Miller Francis 
Margaret LeClere 

Debra Helms Gaskins 
Nancy Logan Haigwood 
Jessica Lynn Hanchar 
Sandra Grace Hardee 
Barbara Anne Israel 
Kathryn Ruth Kemodle 
Melanie Jane Many 
Kathy Dawn McGuire 
Ruth Harman Mize 

Carolyn Ramsey 

Texie Louise Penry 
Mary Kenna Peters 
Karen Lynne Pusey 
Martha Jo Ramsay 
Anne Winder Randolph 
Alma Barden Robbins 
Margaret Blow Scales 
Margaret Elizabeth 

Martha Elizabeth Shore 
Jane Kendall Smith 
Valerie Deibler Stancik 

Lana Lee Stames 
Pamela Jean Upchurch 
Laurie Ruth Venning 
Catherine Elizabeth 

Ellen Dee Wallace 
Mary Ann Warrick 
Banta Hilyard Whitner 
Jill Leigh Williams 
Jo Ann Wimer 
Susan Young 

i^enan ^rofegs^org 

Charles Norwood Reilley 
Oscar Knewler Rice 
Norman Ellsworth Eliason 
C. Hugh Holman 
Clifford Pierson Lyons 
William Smith Wells 
George Sherman Lane 
Joseph Carlyle Sitterson 
William Brantley Aycock 
Carl William Gottschalk 
Nathan Anthony Womack 
George Philip Manire 
Federico Guillermo Gil 
E. Maynard Adams 
Eugen Merzbacher 
Everett D. Palmatier 
Bernard G. Greenberg 
Jacques Hardre 
Urgan Tigner Liolmes, Jr. 
Amos W. Hawley 
Donald Paul Costello 
J. Logan Irvin 







Germanic Languages 





Bacteriology and Immunology 

Political Science 






Romance Philology 






William l^anti Henan, 5r. professors 

Ernest Ludivig Eliel 

Lewis Leary 

James J. Gallagher 

George E. Mo wry 

Lara G. Hoggard 

Duncan MacRae, Jr. 

Vermont Connecticut Royster 


Juan Avalle-Arce ' 

Edouard Morot-Sir 

Aldo D. Scaglione 

Rupert Riedl 






Political Science & Sociology 

Journalism and Public Affairs 




Italian & Comparative Literature 


(Sratjam Eenan ^rofes^s^ors; of lata 

Li. Stanley Bennett 
Walter Reece Berryhill 
Paul L. Munson 

Biological & Medical Sciences 

Pharmacology & Endocrinology 

^araf) (Srafjam Eenan $rofegsors^ 

Lienry Parker Brandis; Jr. 
Prank William LLanft 

La IV 



Mr. and Mrs. J. 0. Anderson 

Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Andrews, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. A. William Archer 

J. R. Ashtvorth, Inc. 

Mrs. Mildred Isley Atwaler 

Richard Whitfield Bascom 

Lilian June Barlow 

Mr. and Mrs. Edger M. Beaver 

Robert H. Bell 

Dempsey E. Benton 

Jack W. Blaylock, Sr. 

Emily F. Blue 

E. C. Bodenheimer 

Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Bond 

Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Bostion 

Mr. and Mrs. Louis M. Boyd, Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. Mathew Bradley 

Mr. and Mrs. Ivan B. Brashear 

V. C. Brissette 

Christopher A. Brown, Sr. 

Mr. and Mrs. E. Lynn Brown 

Angela Rebecca Bryant 

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Buddenhagen 

Robert Clark Jr 

Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Cannon 

Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Chamherlan 

Norman Chapel 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Ckin 

Mr. arui Mrs. Robert F. Coleman, Jr. 

James R. Costin 

Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Craver 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred B. Davenport 

Mr. and Mrs. Norris A. Dearmon 

Mr. and Mrs. Flay G. Dellinger 

Jackson E. Dube 

Mr. Raymond E. Dunn 

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Alan Donald 

Mr. and Mrs. William L. Earthman 

Isahelle Elecington 

H. W. Ellerson,Jr. 

Mr. arui Mrs. James B. Epperson 

Evelyn M. Evans 

Mr. arui Mrs. Durward R. Everett, Jr. 

A Friend 

Mr. and Mrs. Sidney P. Fleming 

Mr. arui Mrs. A. Bran Flick 

Mr. arui Mrs. Emmett W. Fontaine 

Mr. and Mrs. Stanly H. Fox 

William C Friday 

Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Fulton, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil E. Garrison 

Robert Edward Gerloff 

Charles Phillips Gilliam 

Mr. and Mrs. Noah Ginshery 

Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Grasmick 

Lamar Gudger 

Mr. and Mrs. B. Frank Hager 

Mr and Mrs. F. M. (Pete) Haire 

Mrs. Edward P. Hamby 

Eugine F. Hamer, M.D. 

Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Hannon 

Sally Spears Hinkle 

Mr and Mrs. William Randall Hobbs, 

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Hockman 
Harry E. Hollingsworth 
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Howson 
Hampton Hubbard, M.D. 
Mrs. Henry A. Hurt, Sr. 
Reynolds A. and Wanda Ivins 
N. Julian Jeans 
Marshal H. Johnson 
Mrs. J. Fred Jones 
Albert Kimerle 
Mr. arui Mrs. Fred C. Kinch 
A. H. King 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Kesler, Sr. 
Margaret 0. Leckie 
Douglas E. Leckie. Jr. 
Dr and Mrs. Robert J. Letlmon 
Dr. Roy L. Undahl 
Mr. and Mrs. James Long 
Lewis J. Lovelarul 
Mr. and Mrs. Opel V. Lowery 
W. J. Lcnvrance 

Dr. and Mrs. William S. Lynn 
Mr. and Mrs. C. M. McDonald 
Mr. and Mrs. E. Thad Mclnnis 
Frederick V. McNair, 111 Clu. 
William D. Madison 
Mrs. R. Dewey Marshall 
Mrs. W. Irene Mathews 
Mr. arui Mrs. Frank Smyre Mauney 
Mr. arui Mrs. Joseph Thomas Meacham, 

Paul E. Miller, Sr 
H. A. Montague 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Morgan 
Hugh Morton 
Mrs. Clara Y. Motley 
Mr. and Mrs. Conda Murdock 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Muse, Jr. 
Mrs. Goldie Brown Newsome 
Russd D. NHler, Jr 
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Pace 
Francis J. Parker 
Mrs. Graham W. Parks 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Parris 
Grady L Peeler, Jr. 

Mrs. Al Penry 

R. William Pfouts 

Hubert J. Philpott 

Mr. and Mrs. Rosco S. Porter 

Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Profenius 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Pugh 

Dr. Leighton A. Raynor, Jr. 

Mrs. Evelyn M. Redfeam 

James T. Reilly 

Edward Perry Richardson 

Mr. and Mrs. Heyward N. Rogers 

Dr W. Richard Ross 

Roy H. Rubon, Sr. 

Mr and Mrs. Ralph Sarlin 

Dr. and Mrs. C. M. Schaefer 

Dr Hills L. Seay 

Dr. Stuart M. Sessoms, M.D. 

Dr R. H. Shackelford. M.D. 

Arthur L. Sharp 

Christine H. Shields 

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Paul Sigel, Jr. 

Mr arui Mrs. Joseph W. Slaydoti 

Cecil C. Smith 

Dorothy Brooks Soloman 

Mr and Mrs. R. B. Spell 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Springs, Ji 

Ralph H. Stollmack 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Swift 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Taylor 

B. G. Thomas 

Mr and Mrs. W. A. (Happy Clark 

Maynard H. Thompson 
Ann and Walter Timpson 
Mr. and Mrs. Denard E. Tingle 
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Tomlinson 
Mr. arui Mrs. Arthur M. Utley,Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Ward 
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Warm 
Mrs. Noah A. Whicker 
Bascom Richard Whitfield 
Mr and Mrs. Phillip D. Widis 
Mr and Mrs. W. H Williamson, ji. 
Mrs. Mabel Wilson 
Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius S. Witul 
Mrs. Martha K. Walston 
George M. Wood 

Mr. and Mrs. Gleruion E. Wooten 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Wooten 
Tumey J. Wortham 
Mr. arui Mrs. T. C Wrenn, Sr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wyrick 
Dr. and Mrs. Richard W. Zollinger 

Wi^m^ poll 










^^K. _'^:;i|^^| 








Tij every person there is a number and no time for anything under 

blue heaven 
A time to be bored and a time to cry; 
A time to drop and a time to add those courses which he hath 

heard were easy; 
A time to sell books and of course be ripped off; 
Lots of time to drink and not much time to study; 
A time to love in the grass and a time to itch; 
A time to get good grades hut more time to get bad ones; 
A time to play poker but never time to win; 
A time to want a parking space, and a time to wish your car. 

hadn't been towed; 
A time to cram and a time to sleep; 
A time to tell your friends which professor is easy and a time to 

know that he doesn't pass anyone; 
A time for sunshine and too much time for rain; 
Each person, in his four years here, hath made a fool of himself 

and awakened the next morning 
With a moan and a time to begin again. 

>. RBtn £ , EJuMiuh Ofj 

Baimtum. ChtHa L. AyJm 

BaiUy. Jauph A . Bosfmir On 

B,r^„. i'p,^ J . ibrih 

'^m.^a^p II 

Birdung. Hnry T I, 

8iah-J'B^ f Saialmry 

GuuUirr*. ftojik D , ftaingk 

Onrf. DttertJi L. Titmngivm 

ChtM. TtiiH S . Afintlm, I 

Oari, Urn MiltbiU. Chapil H 


Out. Phil^ a . LiUmti/m 

Ctrtir, Jama £, Raingb 

CtMjtfd. RomJoII P . Rii 

Dsigan. Jama J . Hardad 


stiff l^£*M 


~^\ EJa,. Ln«L,J. G^l 

QsJdj. H^Tf M KjJtisb 

^ mm 

Gde. Uuv P . ILU»s'> 

^ Afi P. ^tAf^P 

HAiUif. ledy B Jr . tLJ«fb 



Ask, and ye shall be given heli. seek, and 
ye shall find out nothing, knock, and it 
shall be slammed in thy face. 

KkbT. Cif^y J . ■'-■~A-rf 
X^Acn. M^ .1 OrnM 

XoAr. Jaw* M. SMatury 
Ko. A>hU H. Hickafy 

KiJ. ftttm A. Ob^mf 
Killi: Imh /.. IF .XaJhiM 
Ki^ntk. PmmL S . AUuten 

LMHih. Bnainh C . AihmU, 
UKtailff. AlOM $ Jr , FaiingKm 

Lmauirr BfnJa K . GUAban 
L^mJu. Driatah M . Lamtut 

Laiuilh Km* A , Vpprr SaMi Kn 

L/gmUau. Rtftrr N . ManhaiJ C 

1YIU. Brttff} R. Higk P. 

UafJ. nrnwu M HmJrrum 

r*" A '*', 








mm "'■ 

McOn. Ouiie L. ?9yetir< 

A fw^^fwn. 

:. Sprmg Htpr 

NadiT.Jaipt A. Raltigh 

Obtijddrt. Sbten r, BMitn 

Pnf. Hdr> S.. V,Lb« 
Pahoyjayn, N.Shdh 



% ^ 

''^ /Vfl^ Pf:rr( 


ft«A, Btiiir F , Cff/iox 

RiUbtTTy. Oiaria J J 

''.-1,; K'k * '' 

:^ ^"-fwA X. 

Sthnnmaim. Nal J . Soling A 
Sibltgolmikh.jBOK C. AmanJa 

SlwtitfiiTd. Suion P . Saingh 

C3 P^ r^ ffl 


Sm„i.MMfJ. J"«n"^ 

ilairf. P'miLi 5 , Otapil Hill 



JiJ ktai^^i 

And when the univenity had taken the 
''.000 parking spaces and the 20.000 stu- 
dents, they looked up to heaven and shut 
their eyes and divided them among tht 

jaDykt, fAiiboil K. Ralagh 

Vaelaff. MtUm O , Wmilm- 

^,cb^ E.. W,„dd^ff Uii. S ) 

I. HMgb C III RMngb 


Vilian. Miiftad. Payironilt 

To everyone there u a nurnher ami to ei'ery- 
thmg a code under Blue Heaven. 



Aiuima, Ardm L. SjJngh 

/- > i!\ f\ (-? (p 

JurE-.Jr tlMagh 



4^ ^k.^- 

PaUtr. Can/ J.. LaunTiiurg 

PiJlim, OirjJ. Paail, P.i 

GaflBT. >4(a<W r . jaAtrnnUt 

Cmfir, CMvai- .Inv. Tilmngum 

Can. fittrrt A Payaitnllt 

Otrnj. AfiU L, Htt^att 

Gnffit, Midt^ H itiiiy 
Gnffim. fMm C . infcrd 

Gnme. Wdium H Tbom^tillt 

Cntk. Mtnfyn L. ChafiMU 

tUdiK, Wilium C Jr . Aihit^ 
Hagrr.Jlff^ J"*^ 

,.AI/m/L. NnrS™ 

Ms^cH* TmA K H-gi Prnnl 

I. n^M L. KsJetf- 

Htdfi. fJumiS G . RJath 



■i> ' m 


HtjU. Alan J. Umnlniar 

^ ^ A #> 

1, Dfwr M-, imuhfirU 

1 ^r. 


Lmj, Cmat £ Jt , Chjfl H 


MaiLi4k(a. John a. RjUagh 

MaynJTd. Otrryl A , Kjltigh 


nJrr. La.-, F . FayilU, 

•mJanH H, PLunfM 



4ih. ' -- 

Pigr.JrmUE.. Fayriln-Ut 

PmLoui. Ana, £. (W Rjjf- ^ 
fVroW, il^Am D . Raitigi< 

PhiUifn, Philip I . ChaptI HiU 

Dearly beloi'ed, avenge not younelves. but 
rather live quietly with your failures for it 
7 ■ ■ / ts wntten that wmeday revenge will be 

P^d. T4IUT a. SaJngh 
QuUni. Brmd^ J . EJnattih 

Al »?■««•♦* 


Raigm. Tsh, A , Ballim. 
RahLiii. Man H . Ouptl 

2M ^mi^ 


^a^ ^^lH^^ ^tfB^ 

jioxua, EirLiirib A . ChaHoll 

ilean. Midsai C. Raiagb 


Tatlar. Martki 5 . Clupll HiU 

Ttlirf. VM^m 5 , OurtH* 

ITffii, Lauai H . ftv*r A 


*.\.-' ^ 


I. Tr,U,<m H.Sa«fmJ 

«,«,.]«. C.Kjng,pc 

AUndgi. ViUiom !, R^gh 
Atftrd. Floyd S.Jr. Raingh 

Baiiiy. Dimiit L,Jr, Tilu 

Bictm. Eiinu Ray^, y 

•. Ditcra*' L. lUlngh 



/, ir,tf™n S . Raty Mouni 


Omitt. Ei/iairlh S . Rulhrrfanilim 

Cal^. Dtivah J . O-ap^ Hv 


Dapti. Fndrriit V , It. Ottpil H 


'l.,ll„ « , lW,ml., 


H^laian. Hinmai Tel Grrm 

Jiw^. baULt P . Tdmrngum 

Kimp. John F . £^» 
KaJ^.Jaui T. Kjiingb 

Kilijan. Jmdy A . PtathUmi 



iJSr roe BE ^^y- .:r| 
|S .(^ s/vf 4 

KjUm. Dand , AJrlof t> 

. i^i-^S£ z*^^^ ^Tltap^ ^MB "V '^^iV \/Ias 



Luin. .1m, J. Flahmg. f 

UuTi. VaJt L. Gailowta 

Lyndi. Judith T . E«fitU 
HmAylo John C, S«i' Hop,. P^ 


0. let the naliom be glad and stng for joy. 

for Nixon shall sit as judge over all the 

>^- / people and gm>em all the nations upon the 

m. ^""^^^^ earth for four more yean. 


^ DBnf "i t ^' ^ ^ 


#1 iki^ 4^ 


Pfaff. Dab A . Cii.^ iptmti. I 
PbiUipi. Ann £. Biiitn,. VaJ 

KBuMi.jDbmny. ■ 


&ni9fr. Tmilnd M , FJiuinh i". 

f'^ ^ f^ a (^ B A 


U.Jaupb E. Ill, Parkim 


Smilh. T.Uum B . TmgaU 

Spamu . LuaJ . Ovpd HdJ 
Sf^. Eiir, E. Ofl-foW 


5ra3rt IS the student lha( taketh not the 
coumel of his advisor but rather the advice 
"f he who failed last semester. 

WalitT. Cain. Chaptl Hili 
Vilktr. CmgfT A . Otaptf H 

I, Lmda C . Rtanoit fljfidi 

TbaJfy. Can M . Ovptl H 



Vtll. Pa^lJ. Alirmarii 




Baa. Trrry M , Ukrt, 
Bjiagh. Kathmnf % . ChaHalU 

Biggmuiff. DoH J , ReOj Mnmi 

BrtBh. DdB'ti L. Einaint Ciiy 
Bmiii. Mid<^ D . DfuMf. GA 

B^thcgr Amu A. Phonit. 1 


C^.D^uJL.S V.lir.i^ 

CamptilS. CMuuphrr). Viiu 

C.nwcA«f, Li-wb S , V-immpM 


Ouhn. Na«jJ. fUk>gk 

CBmftm. Them^ t' , MAnr 

Or^. Kimii C. Macim 

. fUl«gb 

Dnrnpen. Pnd H, R^ 


And Kjng Rjchard said to htm. "I am the ^^^P^V ^ \\ 

President, and the Congress, and the ^^^ ^\ i- -ll|t 

Supreme Court; no one comei to tht govern- 
menl but thrt 







T.Jmmfna.No Kjigj,„ 

HtdiKi. Btio J. C/>^ H 
Haiirrb. Oman R . Ourfu 

Hamlam. CtUm S . O/^jhtg, . 

Haywnd. John W . • 

H«d^. Ann C . B/iirgh 

H^iai. Jame P. Bufimgin 

^ (^ B 



The qui: file} are our nfuge and itrenglh 
and a wekome help tn lima of panic al 
mtdnighi before the appointed day. 


i^iLtf;:A.\r ' .M 1^^ 

I, Bftrri) S., Ciofiww 

Lmil. Ptnuy B . Chapd HiU 
Lourry. Gnw V . Ciapri H 

MaiJty, John A , 

M^Um. Jma S . Rmherfimilai 
MnJmbaU. Larry I, ijrr Ory 

T, QvriB P . JaJuanili, 

>^-VA *W. 

^A ^.VJ^ 

Pnaer, Cntf 8 . Rtlngt 


R^pU. ICfm £, W-l,.>n.lU 
Rma. Alaia K . FtyiiiniUi 

^it^ ^P^. 

Sibam. Swan. HtUrgh 

SUfffr. Palnn. A . Utz. PL 

f> ft f^A^ ( 

^ o O ^ 

(iim/. Jam C , ChaptI H 

t> e^ ip) 

A. ^^. 

I. Pbiliit r . Higl- ftwM 
/, StrrrBd ( . GramiU Qiurr, 

r. H.iibT £. Hmirrvn'tt 

TilLvm. Cinl. Rtiagt 
T-Utami.Jane L. GoUihcn 
FiUuMi. Jama T Raimi-it R^Hii 

Vemib. Stillt R Chtfii Hiii 
WeaO^r,, E-Ainu D . Osifi H 

Fating. 5>te7 S CKafi^ Hill 
Waain, Bnrrfy D . IFnulm-iM, 

Fnjbl. ManU IF . L/itTr, 



^f)armacj> f) 

(m(^ 0* 

\^- X, 



.Je -1 . Bufimglan 

I. Codfny H, Tadobaro 




B^Md. P^.-.. 

M , Su,>^^ 


C . a^ H.U 



H^rrmg. Egkrt M 



1 5tl) icar 

F kill ft^fmM J.M^ 

ju/arj. SLaiJf C . Roiky ;\ 

^n L, Sprn^ 

^ ^ ^ o 




AbixMs, Viltam C. 342 
Abdath. Belly J.. 320 
Abramailu, Fnd A., 342 
Adaim, Donna F., 333 
Adams, Gary B-. 342 
Adam, Randy S., 320 
Adams, Ray M. Jr.. 342 
Adams, Susan K., 320 
Adcxt, David W., 320 
Adixk, Michatl A.. 3iO 
Adkins, Philip R., 342 
Afrtcan, David H., 3iO 
Aiken, Robin £.. 320 
Airnley, Thellie R, 342 
Akers. Shurett, 342 
Aibertson. Randy L., 333 
Alhnghl, Jane K. 320 
Alhnghl, Mary A., 3iO 
Alinght, Snowy, 350 
Alden, Victoria G , 320 
Aldndgr, Kalhryn S., 320 
AUndge. William S.. 342 
Alexander. Deborah L, 350 
Alexander. Eben III, 320 
Alexander. Henry H., 320 
Alexander. Nancy L, 342 
Al/ord. Floyd S. Jr, 342 
Allen. Beverly J., 3>0 
Allen, Calhy L, 320 
Allen, Harry A. Ill, 333 
Allen, James C, 3iO 
Allen, James M. Jr, 3)0 
Allen, Jean G., 333 
Allen, John L, 360 
Allen, Kennelh S, 320 
Allen, L Dentse, 3}0 
Allen, Louis C III, 320 
Alligood, Joyce P., 333 
Alligood, Kiilh, 342 
Alligood, Rickey D., 333 
Allison, Ann F., 342 
Allison, Ann M., 350 
Allison, Carol E, 350 
Allison. Dale P.. 333 
Allison. Doyne R.. 361 
Allison. James R.. 350 
Allrtd. Donna P.. 342 
Allrtd, Nancy J., 333 
Allrtd, Richard M., 320 
Allred, Stephen. 342 
Almond. Catherine L.. 320 
Almond. John D.. 342 
Alspaugh. Mark S.. 320 
Alston, Larry S.. 342 
Alston, Michael C, 342 
Alston, Michele L. 342 
Ameen, Janet M., 342 
Anderson. Connne £., 350 
Anderson. Deborah S., 333 
Anderson. Douglas G., 342 
Anderson. Gloria J., 320 
Anderson. Kathy J.. 333 
Anderson. Roger H.. 342 
Andrako, Diane C, 360 
Andrew, Betty J., 350 
Andrew, Mark B., 320 
Andrew, Thomas L. Jr., 342 
Andrews. Ardai L-, 333 
Andrews, Clarence W. Ill, 320 
Andrews, Deborah B., 342 
Andrews, Denue G., 350 
Andrews, Ernest A., 320 
Andrews, Kate C, 320 
Andrews, Linda C. 350 
Andrews, Robert W., 320 
Ange, Dallon R.. 361 
Ange, Rodney D., 320 
Annas. BonitaJ., 342 
Anthony, John C Jr, 333 
Apperson, Robert M., 320 
Apple, Bemice B., 320 

Apple, Daniel P, 350 
Apple, Michael W.. 333 
Apple, Timothy L, 320 
Apple, Willis W., 350 
Aranow. Barbara A., 342 
Arani, Susan L, 333 
Arbes. Anne L. 342 
Archer, William D., 350 
Arey, Frank K., 333 
Arey, Norma C, 350 
Armstrong, Cathy S., 320 
Armstrong, Paul H., 333 
Armstrong, Ronnie G.. 333 
Amall, Randolph H Jr, 333 
Amnglon, Betty C, 320 
Amnglon, Sheila P., 333 
Arrowood, Bruce J., 333 
Arrowood, John P. Jr., 320 
Aihford, Roger W., 342 
Ashurst. Robert R.. 320 
Ashworth. Faye P.. 333 
Ashworth. Joseph S., 351 
Askew, Jerry W., 320 
Atkins, Charles A.. 320 
Atkins. Shemll L, 35! 
Atkins, Wade W., 342 
Atkinson, Delton, 342 
Attardi. Charles Jr, 351 
Atwater, William B., 351 
Atwood. Timothy L, 320 
Aueiiach, Steven D„ 342 
Ault, Russell S Jr., 320 
Auman, Elizabeth C, 320 
Auman, Elva R.. 351 
Austin, Deborah A., 333 
Austin, Joan M., 351 
Austin, Karen Y.. 342 
Austin, Patnaa L, 351 
Autry, Deborah A.. 342 
Aulry, James S.. 342 
Autry, William 0. Jr, 351 
Avent, Nancy D., 320 
Avery, Ernest C, 351 
Avery, Mary l, 333 
Aycock, Benjamin E, 320 
Ayer, Mark L, 320 
Ayen, Dennis R.. 351 
Ayer], Emmit S.. 351 
Ayscue, Dwight M., 351 


Babb, Richard, 342 
Baicock, Warner K., 342 
Babinec. Paul J . 333 
Baimgton, Charles L. 320 
Baimgton, William W.. 342 
Baccich, George M., 351 
Bachmann, Karen C, 351 
Baddour, Denue M., 333 
Baddour, Edmond F. Jr, 320 
Baddour. Nell J.. 320 
Badham, L Louise, 351 
Baer, Donald, 320 
BaggttI, Pamela M., 351 
Bailey. Donnie L Jr. , 342 
Bailey, James R Jr, 333 
BalUy, Joseph A, 320 
Baily. Ruth E, 333 
Bair. Mark E. 320 
Baker. Charles S. Ill, 333 
Baker, Dorothy S-, 320 
Baker, Johny M., 333 
Baker, Margaret H., 351 
Baker. Richard D., 333 
Bakrwell, Carolm D., 320 
Balcome. Stephen J., 351 
Bald, Douglas R. 320 
Baldwin, Beverly J., 320 
Baldwin, Dana S., 351 
Baldwin, Mark H, 342 

Baldwin, Pamela J., 342 
Baldwin, Robert S, 333 
Baldwin, Sadie M . 320 
Ball, Frederic M., 333 
Ball, Michael L, 333 
Ball, Terry M, 351 
Ball, Vicki L. 360 
Ballagh, Kalhenne S., 351 
Ballance, Emily M., 342 
Ballance, Garry L, 320 
Ballew.Jahn A., 342 
Ballmger, Rachel M.. 333 
Bambara. Stephen B., 351 
Bangdiwala, Dutepkumar l, 333 
Bangdtwala, Shnkant /., 333 
Bangs. Harold H. III. 351 
Banisch, Kathy F, 342 
Banks. Brenda D. 351 
Banks. Richard T Jr, 351 
Barbee, Reid, 320 
Barber, Frederick G. Jr, 320 
Barbour, E- Dail. 333 
Barbour, Jonnie K, 360 
Barbrt, Lay J., 320 
Barden, Marye C, 333 
Ban, Emory M., 342 
Barefoot, Daniel W, 351 
Barefoot, Jo Anne. 320 
Barefoot. Richard C. 342 
Barfitld. Craig M., 342 
Barger, Catherine H.. 342 
Barker, John A., 351 
Barker, Michael R. 333 
Bama, Dwight D-, 333 
Barnes, Charlie C. Sr, 320 
Barnes, Cynthia M., 333 
Barnes, David S., 342 
Barnes, Deborah H., 320 
Barnes, Debra R.. 333 
Barnes, Patnaa 0., 333 
Barms, PatttJ., 320 
Barnes, Peter A.. 342 
Barnes, Roy W. 361 
Barnes. Sarah R. 351 
Bamett. James T. 342 
Bamelte, Lynne W.. 342 
Barrett. Harold A.. 320 
Barrett, Nancy M., 351 
Barrett, Robert T. 320 
Barrett, Upton J. 320 
Barrier, Catherine A., 342 
Barrier, Charles H , 342 
Barrow, Roy D., 320 
Barry. Margaret M.. 333 
Barry. Thomas J.. 351 
Banels, George T., 320 
Barton, John W., 342 
Bartz, Ann, 351 
Barwick, Eugene T. Jr., 320 
Bass, Byron K, 342 
Bass, Gaynrlle E, 333 
BalcheloT. Sarah E. 320 
Bateman. Wallace B.. 361 
Bates. Edward W. II. 320 
Bates. Richard L. 320 
Batle. Margaret F , 351 
Batten, Dora C. 320 
Baucom. James K. 333 
Baucom, James T. 333 
Baxter, John D. Jr.. 333 
Baxter, Sandra E, 351 
Bayliss, Dorothy A., 320 
Baylm,Jack B. Jr., 320 
Bayliss, Mary £, 342 
Baynard, Anne £., 351 
Beach, David T, 320 
Beat, Cathy D., 320 
Beall, M Melanii, 342 
Beam, Augustus P. III. 320 
Beam, Austin B.. i20 
Beam, Donald B. Jr, 342 
Beam, Noel A.. 342 
Beaman, Ernest P., 333 

Beamer, William M Jr, 342 
Bean, Patti E, 320 
Bear, Barbara J.. 351 
Beard, Patnaa S., 333 
Beattie, Kathleen £.. 342 
Bealty, Barbara G. 351 
Beatty. Thomas L Jr. .320 
Beaver, Donald E. Jr. 320 
Beaver. Patty J., 351 
Beavers, Carl M., 351 
Beavers, Susan A., 333 
Beazley, Margie L, 333 
Beazlie, Lynne S., 333 
Becan, Robin F, 320 
Beck, David W., 333 
Beck, Judy A., 320 
Becker, Barbara L. 333 
Becker. Mark G., 351 
Beckwith. Martha W., 351 
Becton, Elaine R, 342 
Beddingfield, Alice L, 351 
Bednck.JamesJ.. 342 
Beeker, Carolyn A., 320 
Beers, Jo Anne, 342 
Begley, William M., 342 
Bell, DanidJ.. 320 
Bell.Janme Y, 320 
Bell, Laura A., 351 
Bed, Ralph £, 333 
Bell, William D., 320 
Bell, WiUiam L, 333 
Belton, David C, 333 
Ben, Philip L, 342 
Benbow, Mary W., 333 
Benbow, Joyce A., 351 
Benfield, Patnaa M., 361 
BenfieU, Phillip R, 351 
Benfield. Vanessa D . 342 
Bennett. Deu^ R , 342 
Bennett, Edward R., 342 
Bennett, Jay D., 342 
Bennett, Mary D., 320 
Bennett, Nancy, 351 
Bennett, Teresa G . 320 
Benson, Danon D . 351 
Benson, Ernest B.. 351 
Benson, Janice M.. 333 
Benson, Jean C. 351 
Benton, Celia M., 351 
Benton, Judy A.. 342 
Benton, Richard G. 351 
Bergen, Jeffrey A. 333 
Berman. Elizabeth A.. 333 
Bermingham, John S-, 342 
Bernard, Harry A.. 320 
Bernhardt. Terry M., 333 
Bemer, David L, 333 
Berry, E. RJxIt, 320 
Berry, John, 320 
Berry, John C Jr, 342 
Berry. Michael W.. 351 
Berry, Thomas A, 320 
Berry, Willie W., 351 
Berryhlll, Patnaa £., 333 
Berson. Mark R, 333 
Bert, Walter D„ 320 
Bess. Martha L, 351 
Best. Henry M. Ill, 320 
Belts, Kalhryn L. 320 
Beusse. James Ricky, 342 
Bever, Thomas D , 320 
Bickett, Ray M. Jr. . 342 
Biddte, Robert G, 351 
Bienemann. Robert B., 320 
Biggerstaff. Don S.. 351 
Biggers. Ted H.. 351 
Biggerstaff Jack F Jr. 342 
Biggs, Stephanie, 360 
Bilger, Man L M.. 333 
Billica, Barry M., 351 
Billica, Roger D., 320 
Bingenheimer, Harriet L, 342 
Bingham, Deborah E, 333 

Birdsong, Henry W III, 320 
Birkner. Anna £., 320 
Bishop, Michael L, 342 
Bitler. Barbara L. 342 
Bitzer. Richard D.. 342 
Bivens. Ruth E. 361 
Bizzell, William R.. 360 
Bjorlmg, S. Kirk. 351 
Black, Celia £., 333 
Black, Earl C III, 320 
Black, Edward L. 320 
Black, Janice M, 351 
Black, John F. Jr.. 333 
Black, Kelvin D., 342 
Black. Margaret B.. 320 
Black. S. Norman. 351 
Black. Wendy R, 320 
Black. William H. 320 
Black. William M., 333 
Blackburn. Daryl M., 342 
Blackburn. Douglas R., 320 
Blackburn. John T, 333 
Blackman. Dons L. 333 
Blackmon. Deborah L, 342 
Blackmon. .Margaret L, 343 
Blackmore, Constance R.. 333 
Blackurlder, Barry L. 333 
Blackwelder. Joseph D.. 361 
Blackwell. Charlie H. . 343 
Blackwell. Deborah L. 333 
Blackuell, Thomas M., 343 
Blackwood, Susan G., 351 
Blair, Karen M.. 320 
Blake. Kathleen. 321 
Blake. Nina E. 321 
Blaloci, Manha R. . 343 
Blanchard. Jeffrey G., 361 
Blanchard. Lyman W., 321 
Bland. David H., 321 
Bland. Kip B., 321 
Blane. James L, 351 
Blank, Lisa S., 321 
Blankenship, Robert C, 333 
Btanton, Harrison D., 321 
Blaylock, Jack W.Jr, 351 
Blaylock, Sherry R., 333 
Bleau, Sharon A.. 333 
Bley, Lynne N, 351 
Blick. ManlynJ.. 333 
Blinson. Michael D., 333 
Blumenstem. John M., 321 
Boatman. Bizaheth W.. 333 
Boatwngbt. Julie. 351 
Bobbin. Gracia E. 351 
Bobbin, Janet S., 343 
Bobbin, Waller B.. 343 
Bobbin, William H. III. 343 
Bobo. Margaret R., 343 
Boddie. Lee W., 321 
Boetlger. David R, 351 
Bohan. George P. Ill, 333 
Bohan,John F, 321 
Bohannon. Richard W , 321 
Boiler, Ansel L, 333 
Bolch. Susan P, 321 
Bolich. Stephanie C, 343 
Bolick, Laune £, 321 
Bond, Milzi D. 351 
Bond, Thomas M., 321 
Bondurant, Richard F., 333 
Boner, Michael L, 333 
Boney. Thomas £., 321 
Bonney, Carol A., 351 
Booker. William M., 333 
Boone. Douglas H., 333 
Boone, John F, 333 
Boone. Kalhryn M.. 333 
Boone, Nancy S., 321 
Boone, Scon A., 321 
Boone, Sylvia A., 321 
Booth, John H R., 321 
Booth, Patnaa N. 351 
Booth. Stephane E, 343 

Bordm, William H., 321 
Bcsi. Sara £., 321 
Boilian. Edward B.. 343 
Boslian.Jama L, 321 
BoilTvm, Margaret B., 343 
Boutdin. Philip C. 321 
BauiTTun, Thomas M.. 321 
Bowen, Carolyn R., 321 
Bourn, Julia A., 3U 
Bowen, Kathryn A., 361 
Bower, George C Jr., 3^1 
Bowers, Catherine C. 343 
Bowks, Daryl A., 321 
Bowks, Margaret £. 3^1 
Bowles, Michael E., 321 
Bowling, James M., 321 
Bowman, Donna, 343 
Bowman, OraJ., 343 
Bowman, S. Enc, 343 
Bowman, Steven D., 351 
Boyan, Robert S., 321 
Boyd, David A- Jr., 321 
Boyd, Donald V., 321 
Boyd, Durwood A., 333 
Boyd, Elizabeth, 333 
Boyd James H.Jr, 321 
Boyd, Uuis M. 111. 3il 
Boyd, Michael A., 343 
Boyette, Mary C, 343 
Boyette, Richard T., 343 
Boyette, Sally C, 321 
Boykin, Ernest L, 333 
BoyUs, James C, 334 
Boyles, Lewu S., 343 
Boyles, Sandra D., 321 
Bracey, Armelda, 351 
Bracey, William R.. 334 
Brackett, Catherine S., 351 
Bracken, Stephen IT.. 343 
Bracy, Dennis M.. 351 
Bradford, Mary F., 351 
Bradley, J. Richard, 351 
Bradley, Kenneth P., 343 
Bradley, Lisa C, 321 
Bradley, Marvin R. Ill, 3)4 
Bradley, Sandra L, 351 
Bradshaw, Billy S, 351 
Bradshaw, Dickie £., 351 
Bradshaw, E. Dianne, 343 
Bradshaw, Faye R., 343 
Brady, Ben/amin W., 361 
Brady, James A. Jr., 361 
Brady, John W.Jr., 343 
Brady, Joseph L Jr., 334 
Brady, Raymond D., 321 
Branaman, Martha G., 351 
Branch, Kenneth A., 321 
Branch, Paul R.Jr, 334 
Branflick, Mary Ellen K, 351 
Brann. Mama L, 343 
Brannan, James M., 334 
Brannan, William $., 321 
Brannon, James B., 334 
Brannon, James H., 351 
Brantley, Charles K, 321 
Brantley, Jack RJr, 334 
Brantley, John L, 351 
Braswell, Edwin M. Jr., 351 
Braswelljackjr, 351 
Braswell, Robert T, 343 
Braun, Marsha A., 351 
BrawUy,Jane N., 351 
Braxton, Carter A., 334 
Bray, Jacquely S., 351 
Breeland, Nona I, 351 
Breeze, Hope £, 351 
Bienegar, Edwin R. Ill, 334 
Brvnnan, Tom, 343 
Brett, Linda K, 334 
Brewer, Donald R., 343 
Brewmgton, Margaret D., 334 
Bnwington, Shelia D., 321 
Bridges, Robert £.. 321 

Bridges, Suzanne W., 361 
Bridges, Thomas W., 351 
Bndgman, Linda B., 351 
Bnetz, Raymond L., 343 
Bnggs, Sara E, 343 
Bnggs, Stephen J., 343 
Bright, Susan E, 351 
Bnnkley, Charles F., 361 
Bnnkley, Thomas M., 343 
Bnnson,Joan M., 321 
Bnnton, Robert D., 334 
Bruendine, Suzanne, 334 
Brusette, James J., 351 
Bntt, NanaJee, 321 
Bntt, William G. Ill, 351 
Brock, ManlynJ., 351 
Brock, Walter EJr, 334 
Bronner, John M., 334 
Brookins, George W., 360 
Brooks, Carol J., 351 
Brooks, Charles M., 360 
Brooks, Deborah L, 351 
Brooks, Michael D., 351 
Brooks, Theodore H Jr., 334 
Brookshire, Margaret A., 351 
Broome, David £, 351 
Broughton, Gary £>,, 334 
Brower, Edwin N. Ill, 321 
Brown, Ann D., 351 
Brown, Anne C, 321 
Brown, Charles D., 334 
Brown, Coy A., 321 
Brown, Dale M., 334 
Brown, David P., 321 
Brown, Denise L., 334 
Brown, Dennis G , 343 
Brown, Eli, 351 
Brown, Gary L, 351 
Brown, George L, 343 
Brown, Gregory A., 321 
Brown, Janice £., 334 
Brown, John B., 334 
Brown, Larry W., 352 
Broum, Linda G., 343 
Brown, Lou J., 321 
Brown, Norma L, 352 
Brown, Rebecca L, 321 
Brown, Robert M., 343 
Brown, Rodger J., 321 
Brown, Samuel B , 321 
Brown, Sarah .-) . 321 
Broum, Sharon K, 334 
Brown, Thomas E., 343 
Brown, Wilson M , 343 
Browning, Elizabeth B., 334 
Browning, William £., 321 
Bruce, Mary V., 343 
Brudy, Betty S., 343 
Bruton, Betty L, 334 
Bruton, Ed B., 352 
Bruton, Stephanie C, 321 
Bryan, James J, 334 
Bryan, Martha R, 334 
Bryan, William M., 352 
Bryant, Angela R., 352 
Bryant, Elizabeth W.. 343 
Bryant, Fred T, 343 
Bryant, Gloria D., 321 
Bryant. Henry C. Jr, 352 
Bryant, Richard ft Jr, 321 
Bryant, Steven F., 343 
Buchanan, Mama D., 352 
Buchanan, Patnaa A.. 321 
Buchanan, Rebecca G., 361 
Buday. Michael S., 321 
Bute Bradford R., 334 
Bute, Dougal W., 352 
Bute, Martha D., 321 
Bulla, Beth M., 343 
Bulla, Karen S, 334 
Bullard, Qtf E, 321 
Bullard, Dons L, 343 
Bullard, Kathleen M., 352 

Bullock, Evelyn ft, 321 
Bullock, Sandra K, 321 
Bulman, Daniel M., 321 
Bumpus, Zachary A., 334 
Bunce, Donald S., 352 
Bunce, Terry R, 334 
Bunn. Dana W., 352 
Bunzey, Robert S., 334 
Burbage, Anne A., 352 
Burge, Suzanne K, 343 
Burkehart, Barbara K, 334 
Burleson, Ken A., 334 
Burlingame. James M., 321 
'Burnett, Luaen D., 334 
Bumette, Janet £, 321 
Bumey, Claude F., 321 
Bums, Deborah A., 321 
Bums, Janice L, 334 
Bums, Michael L, 334 
Bums, Reginald W., 321 
Bums, Robert M., 343 
Bums, William 0., 334 
Bums, Matthew C, 334 
Burt, Joseph A., 334 
Burt, Pnscilla M., 334 
Burton, Carl R., 334 
Burton, Clyde H., 321 
Burwell, Kathleen, 321 
Bunnell, Walter B., 334 
Busby, James W. , 321 
Busby, Lois D., 321 
Bush, Virginia A , 343 
Bussells, Jo Beth, 343 
Bussey, Richard £ , 321 
Butler, Joseph M. Jr, 321 
Butler, Thomas C, 321 
Butner, Angela C, 334 
Burner, Marshall K, 343 
Byars, Napoleon B., 321 
Byers.Joe L, 321 
Bynum, Archibald M. Jr, 352 
Bynum, Charles T, 343 
Bynum, Renee, 321 
Bynum, Robert W IV, 334 
Byrd, James T , 334 
Byrd, Richard C, 343 
Byrd, Rose M., 352 
Byrne, Granville ft., 343 

Cabe, Peggy L, 334 
Cable, Pamela D., 360 
Caddell,John M. Jr. 321 
Caddell, Nancy C, 361 
Cadwallader, Stephen C, 334 
Cagle, Susan J., 343 
Caines, Julia C, 343 
Colder, Dixie, 352 
Caldwell, Charlotte £.. 321 
Caldwell, Eleanor M., 321 
Calkins, Thomas W., 334 
Call, David L, 352 
Callahan, James C, 343 
Calvert, Bueton H. Jr., 334 
Cameron. Donald B., 334 
Cameron, Donald G., 343 
Cameron. James £, 352 
Cameron. John D., 343 
Cameron, William H., 321 
Campbell, Carol L, 321 
Campbell, Christopher J„ 352 
Campbell, Cole C, 334 
Campbell, Elizabeth R., 343 
Campbell. Ernest D., 321 
Campbell. Hugh G, 343 
Campbell. Robert H., 352 
Campbell, Robert M., 343 
Campbell, Sharon R., 321 
Campbell. William S.. 343 
Canady.Jack T, 321 

Cannon, Glen £., 352 
Cannon, Michael P., 321 
Cannon, Ned C. Jr., 321 
Cannon, William P., 343 
Cantrell, Carolyn C, 343 
Capps, Carol £, 334 
Carawan, Tirrwthy G, 343 
Cargile, Jeffrey S., 321 
Carlson, Kenneth P. Jr, 321 
Carlton, Conrad K, 321 
Carlton, Will Y., 321 
Carmichael, Donald R., 321 
Carmichael, Linda S. A., 352 
Carmichael, Ronald R., 321 
Carves, Dorothy B., 361 
Carowan, Gladys L, 343 
Carpenter, Clegg D., 334 
Carpenter, David R., 343 
Carpenter, Deborah J., 343 
Carpenter, E. Scott, 321 
Carpenter, James D., 352 
Carpenter, KathenneJ., 334 
Carpenter, Rebecca F., 334 
Carpenter, Robert £ ///, 343 
Carr, Amy W., 352 
Carr, Donald E, 334 
Carr, Nancy G, 352 
Carraway, Ernest R. Jr, 343 
Carroll, Edward R., 334 
Carroll, Jame H , 321 
Carruthers, Ruth A., 321 
Carjtensen, Laurence W.Jr, 321 
Carter, Bruse N., 321 
Carter. Catherine D.. 343 
Carter. Karen J.. 321 
Carter. Ruby J.. 321 
Carter. Timothy L, 334 
Carter, Waban P, 343 
Carter, Wilbur L. Ill, 334 
Cartwnght, John M. , 361 
Case, Susan A., 352 
Cass. Noel M.. 334 
Castellanos, Alejandro, 321 
Castlebury. Frank D., 321 
Caston, Sharon A., 334 
Cathcart, Deborah S., 321 
Cathey, Nancy J B., 352 
Cathey, Sharon E., 343 
Cato, Thomas E, 321 
Cauble, Fletcher L III, 343 
Causey, Jen A., 343 
Cavin, Winston C, 334 
Caviness, Mary L, 321 
Caye, Connne £., 334 
Ceal, Deborah L, 352 
Chambers, David R., 321 
Chambers, Mary L., 322 
Chambers, Robert R., 343 
Chambers, Roily L, 334 
Chamblee, D. Dall, 352 
Champion, Peter W.. 361 
Chapel, Norman P., 352 
Chapin, Robert B, 343 
Chapman, Alan C, 322 
Chappell, Bruce B. Jr., 334 
Chappell, Bruce B., 352 
Chappell, Caroline, 343 
Charest, Claudia, 352 
Charest, Robert H. , 334 
Cheadle, Byron Randolph, 343 
Cheek, Lawrence H., 334 
Cheney, Cecelia A., 343 
Cherry, Deborah L, 322 
Cherry, Georgana I '. , 322 
Cherry, Sylvester Jr, 334 
Chicurel. William M.. 322 
Chiles. Nancy A.. 343 
Chilly, James F, 322 
Chrxstenberry, Ellen H., 352 
Christian, Kora, 322 
Christian. Paul A., 322 
Christopher, Susan D., 334 
Christy, Mark D, 352 

Chubb, Talbot S„ 322 
Church, Cecil G., 352 
Ciontz, Elizabeth L, 322 
Clapp, Ins J, 334 
Clark, Anne L, 343 
Clark, Deborah A., 343 
Clark, Dorothy H., 334 
Clark, Francis C, 3^2 
Clark, Hayden A.. 352 
Clark, Janet E., 352 
dark, Janice M., 360 
Clark, Keith L, 343 
Clark, Lane M., 322 
Clark, Undsay R., 334 
Clark, Michael A., 334 
Clark, Michael L, 334 
Clark, Nelda K, 343 
Clark, Norman R., 352 
Clark, Patnaa, 322 
Clark, Pamela £., 343 
dark, Rebecca C, 322 
Clark, Reid M., 352 
Clark, Susan ft., 322 
Clark, Suzanne C, 322 
Clark, ToyaJ., 343 
Clarke, James H, 322 
Clarke, Jerry G, 352 
Clarke, John L, 352 
Clary, James B., 322 
Clayton, Dawn M., 322 
Clayton, Deborah L, 343 
Clayton, Tommy W., 334 
Claylor, Patnaa L., 361 
Cleaver, William P., 334 
Clem, Howard L, 352 
Clements, James M., 352 
Clemonts, Larry N., 352 
Qiflon, Brantley E, 343 
Oiflon, Debra Ann, 343 
Cline, Lynn S , 322 
Oine, Stephen £., 322 
Ointon, Elizabeth, 322 
Cloaninger, Cathenne A., 352 
Ciontz, Timothy J., 343 
Ciontz, WendelinJ., 343 
Clutls, Kathenne R., 322 
Coates, George M., 334 
Coalel. Gerald L. Jr, 322 
Coats, Wanda G, 322 
Cobb, Deborah A., 322 
Cobb, E. Tunneyjr., 334 
Cobb, FredR., 322 
Cobb, Freda Amanda, 352 
Cobb, Georgia H., 322 
Cobb. James A. Jr., 343 
Cobb, Karen L, 322 
Cobb, Michael R., 322 
Cobb, Randall D., 322 
Cobbs, Drew P., 334 
Coble, David F, 352 
Coble, Martha R., 352 
Cochran, Deborah H., 322 
Cochrane, Edward C., 322 
Cockerham, Darlena L, 322 
Cockrell, Alton W.Jr, 343 
Cocowitch, Harry, 334 
Cocowitch, Victor A., 334 
Cofield. Eddie Jr, 343 
Cogbum, M. Christine, 343 
Coggins, Stephen D., 343 
Cole, Jessica L, 343 
Cole, John C, 322 
Coleman, Dana £, 322 
Coleman, David L., 334 
Coleman. David W., 343 
Coleman, James H., 334 
Coleman, James M., 361 
Coleman, Karl £, 334 
Coleman, Nancy J., 322 
Coleman, Rebecca L., 352 
Coleman, Richard P., 334 
Coltman, Willie G, 343 

OiUy, Bnan C, 343 
Cdry, Witlmm C ///. 343 
CMgm, Sully E. 343 
CaUii. WalurB..36l 
Collier. Tirmthy L. 343 
Callmi. EJizabtlh A. 334 
Collms. Gary H. 343 
CoUtm.Jama M-. 343 
Collms. James W.. 344 
Collins. RmuiU P.. 322 
Collins. Sitphm L. 344 
Collins. Thomas L. 352 
Collishaw. Joanna M.. 352 
Coltrain. Nancy E. 334 
Collrani. Warren V.. 361 
ColiarJ. Rena £, 334 
Comeaux, Deborah M., 334 
Omplon. James D.. 344 
Campion. Thomas V.. 332 
Cornier. EJizaielh J., 344 
Condrry.John V . 322 
Conger. John D.. 322 
Conley. ElvaJ.. 334 
Conn. Laura L. 322 
Connolly. Kathleen J.. 334 
ConraJ. Carl R.. 322 
Conrad. James V . 334 
Conurll, Terry D-. 334 
Cook. Andrew G.Jr. 332 
Coot. Philip R.. 322 
Coot. Robert A.. 334 
Cook. Susan R.. 322 
Cooke. Jama H.Jr. 352 
Cooke. Peggy A.. 322 
CooTuy. John R. 334 
Cooper. Elizabeth A.. 322 
Cooper. Marna P., 332 
Cooper. Nancy J.. 332 
Coover. Melmda R. 332 
Copenmg. Helene C. 332 
Copley. Ktrmit C. 332 
Coppola. Virginia M.. 332 
Corbelt. Virginia L.. 344 
Corey. James H.. 322 
Com. Gerry L. 322 
Cornell. John W Jr. 332 
Coming. Melt a E. 334 
Correll.Join P. 322 
Corrrll. William B. Jr. 344 
Coner. James £.. 322 
Cortina. Edward A.. 344 
Corum. Jay C. 344 
Corum. Lee L. 332 
Corztne. Frederick N.. 334 
Costella. Robert L. 332 
Costin. Janet R. 332 
Coston. Deborah J-, 344 
Cothren.Joe E. 334 
Cotton. Lawrence S- Jr.. 322 
Coughlm. Paul W.. 344 
Coulter. Dentse L. 344 
Coulter. Ronald G. 322 
Counal. Crjstin. 322 
Coutin. Rafael F.. 344 
Cowan. David 0.. 344 
Coward. Suzanne T.. 332 
Cowell. Patncia L. 344 
Cowen. Robert H.. 322 
Couthig. John E. 332 
Cox. Ann M., 322 
Cox. Bobby E, 322 
Cox. Colleen S.. 322 
Cox, Delia A. 334 
Cox. Kerry D-. 334 
Cox. Larry D., 322 
Cox. Marshall E. 334 
Ox. Michael G. 322 
Cox. Ronald H., 344 
Cox. Timothy D-. 334 
Cozart. Robert T, 344 
Crahtree, Charles S.. 332 
Crahtree. Roy A-, 322 
Craft. David A.. 3i2 

Craft. Joseph E. 332 
Craig. Catherine A-. 334 
Craig. Connie Jo. 333 
Craig. John B-. 322 
Craig. Linking £., 333 
Craig. Paul Roger. 322 
Cram. KathrynJ.. 344 
Cramer. Mark C. 322 
Crane. Karen H.. 332 
Crane. Tanya. 332 
Cranford. Mattie L. 333 
Cranford. Raudall P.. 322 
Craford Tony M.. 322 
Crapps. George £. 333 
Crater. Julia M.. 344 
Craven. Linda A.. 322 
Craver. Carrol M.. 332 
Craver. Mary C, 322 
Craver. Myra Jo. 332 
Craver. Randy G. 322 
Craver. Sam W. III. 333 
Crawford. Cheryl C. 332 
Crawford, E. Wilson Jr. 344 
Crawford, George D., 332 
Crawford, Randy C. 361 
Crawford. William J.. 322 
Crawley. Lauis L. 344 
Creagh. John W- HI. 332 
Crealh. Carol J.. 322 
Credle. Brenda J. 322 
Creed. Robert W., 333 
Cress, DannaJ.. 344 
Cnmmins. John P. , 344 
Cnner. David Stevens. 322 
Cntcher. Cassandra A.. 333 
Cnlcher. Linda S.. 322 
Crocker. Robert Orr. 322 
Croft. Curtis D. Jr. 333 
Cromartie. Austin S.. 332 
Crone, Charles W. Jr. 333 
Croom. Jean L. 344 
Croonchberghs. Pierre A.. 332 
Cross. Jane T . 344 
Crossuiell. James J.. 322 
Crotls. Constance E.. 322 
Crotts. Robert L. 332 
Crotts. Timothy W . 332 
Crouch. Floyd C. 322 
Crow. Nancy L. 332 
Crowder. Cleophus P.. 3)2 
Crouider, Rjchard T.. 332 
Crouiell. Jean S.. 344 
Crowell.Jmcy S.. 322 
Crozier. Frederick P.. 322 
Crump. Henry E. Jr.. 322 
Crumplee. Wendy E.. 333 
Crutchfield. Kerry G, 322 
Cudworth. Constance. 322 
Culp. Harry R. 344 
Cundiff Selden R. 333 
Cuningham. E. Wilson. 333 
Cunmgham. Henry C.. 344 
Cunningham. Danny C. 322 
Curlee. Anne W.. 332 
Currence. Jane A.. 344 
Currmce. Laura S.. 332 
Cume. George H III. 332 
Cume. Mary V. S.. 322 
Cume. Ronald T.. 344 
Cume. Sylvia J.. 344 
Cumer. Deborah M.. 322 
Cumn. Sylvia L, 344 
Cumn. Thomas L.. 332 
Curtis. Donald L. 322 
Cuthbell. William V.. 322 

Datagian. Marc C. 333 
Daeoru, Karen D., 344 
Dail, Martha L. 332 

Dale, Benjamm E, 322 
Daley. Thomas J. 333 
Dalgleish. Joyce L. 322 
Dalrymple. Robert W.. 332 
DaJton. Danny R,. 332 
Daiton. Mary C. 333 
Dalton. William R. III. 344 
Daly. Donned L Jr. 333 
Dana. Jane T. 333 
Danford.John M., 333 
Daniel, Dennis W., 322 
Daniel. Fred L. 322 
Daniel. Mary E. 344 
Daniel. Melissa. 332 
Daniel. Robert E. 344 
Daniels. George E. 332 
Daniels. James N.. 333 
Daniels. Kenneth L.. 332 
Daniels. Mary K. 332 
Daniels. Walter E. 344 
Dannemann. John P.. 344 
Darden. Claudia A-. 322 
Darnell. Jerry G. 333 
Darsey. James W.. 322 
Dauchen. Eugene F. Jr . 333 
Daughtndge. William G. Jr.. 333 
Daugird. Allan J. 332 
Davenport. Fred B. Jr. 332 
Davenport. Hugh M.. 322 
Davidson. Keeter L. . 322 
Davidson. Richard L. 344 
Davies. Jeffrey R. 322 
Davis. Albert E Jr. 322 
Davis. Barbara B.. 332 
Davis. Brenda R,. 322 
Davu. Bruce. 322 
Davis. Claude C. 344 
Davis. Oyton R., 322 
Davis, Dine D.. 332 
Davu. Edgar W. III. 322 
Davis. Elizabeth H.. 322 
Davis. Floyd E. III. 333 
Davu. George T. J., 322 
Davu. James C.J.. 361 
Davu. James D, 322 
Davu. Janet G. 322 
Davu. Janet L. 332 
Davu. John Blevms. 322 
Davu. John D. Jr. 344 
Davu. Marclm P. 322 
Davu. Margaret A.. 344 
Davu. Mane T. 333 
Davu, Marvin W., 344 
Davu, Michael C, 333 
Davu, Paul G, 322 
Davu, Paula D., 344 
Davu, Phyllu A., 333 
Davu, Pnscilla B., 323 
Davu, Rebekah A.. 333 
Davu. Russell S. Jr. 3U 
Davu. Samuel S. III. 344 
Davu. Sandy H.. 344 
Davu. Sarah A.. 323 
Davison. Ruth A.. 323 
Dawson. Stephen R.. 333 
Day. Beverly C. 332 
Day. James C. 332 
Deal. Joseph C. 323 
Dean. B. Carol. 344 
Dean. David A.. 323 
Deans. Patsy E. 333 
Dearman. John A.. 344 
Dearmon. Mark B.. 333 
Deaton. W. Reitzel. 344 
DeBoursac. Charles M.. 323 
DeBragga. Donald S.. 344 
Decker. Susan Jo. 344 
Dees. Mary S.. 323 
Deese. William F. 332 
DeFness. Fred W.. 323 
DeLaney, Susan R.. 333 
D'Elia. Paul C. 333 

Dellinger. Cynthia R.. 332 
DelMaslro. Mana F.. 323 
Dennmg. .Mary K. 323 
Dennu, Hal G. 323 
Dennu, Neva D.. 323 
Dennuon, Kathryn A., 344 
Denny, Sue M.. 332 
Denton. Elmer L. 361 
Depew.Jane £.. 323 
Desut. Michael M.. 361 
Desper. James K. 344 
Detter. Danny C. 333 
Detter. Nelson E. 333 
Detty. Mary L. 323 
Detty. Robert S.. 344 
Deutsch. Jonathan 5. , 323 
Deutsch. Roxann. 333 
DeVane. Anne. 333 
DeVarona. Mana L. 344 
Devine. Ronald C . 333 
Dew. Robert E Jr. 333 
Deweese. Jeffrey K. 361 
Dial. Lana T. 333 
Dibbert. Michael T.. 344 
Dickerson. Hilda F.. 323 
Dickuon. Eugene R.. 323 
Dietnch. Angela B . 333 
Dlggs. D- Lester. 323 
Digh. Robin 0.. 323 
Dilday. Cheryl J.. 333 
Dillon. Lorraine £. 344 
Dimlmg. Sara K. 333 
Dmgeldetn. Steven A.. 323 
Dixon. Elizabeth A.. 323 
Dixon. Elizabeth A. 323 
Dixon. Janice L. 323 
Dixon. Michael W.. 333 
Dixon. Sherry J.. 323 
Dixon. Stephen W . 333 
Doak. Hoyt B III. 323 
Dobbin. Susan G . 333 
Dobbins. Charles £ Jr. 323 
Dobbins. James H. III. 344 
Dobbs. Robert E. 333 
Dobson. Lena D.. 323 
Dodd. Everett E. 361 
Dodd. Nancy I'. 333 
Doepke. Fredenck W II. 344 
Dairy. I'alene L. 333 
Dalm. Barry M.. 333 
Dollar. Larry D., 323 
Donald. Diane S.. 323 
Donnan. Caroline R, 344 
Donovan. Gail T-. 333 
Dorset!. Karen £. 333 
Dorton. David L. 323 
Dorton. Phillip K. 323 
Doub. Linda G. 333 
Dougherty. Helen M.. 344 
Doughty. Gregory M.. 333 
Douglas. Luther A.. 333 
Douvrv. CkorgeJ.. 333 
Dove. Craig L. 323 
Dove. Evelyn F.. 323 
Downes. Robert C Jr, 333 
Downa, Sharon B., 333 
Downs, Jenifer Jo, 333 
Draeger, Kerry D., 333 
Drennan, Jimmie A., 323 
Drewry, Patnci D.. 344 
Dubouski. Mark £. 323 
Dubuisson. Robert L. 333 
Dudley. A. Frances. 344 
Duffer. Anthony R.. 333 
Duke. Vicki M.. 323 
Dukes. Dons E. 333 
Dukes. Sylvia J, 344 
Dulin, William J., 333 
Dummit. Rhonda D . 333 
Dunaway. Douglas C. 323 
Dunaway. Howard V ///, 333 
Dunaway. Shuford G. 344 
Duncan, Joyce A.. 344 

Dunkley. Shaub F. 323 
Dunlevie. Craig P . 323 
Dunn. A Cleveland III, 344 
Dunn James H. Ill, 333 
Dunn. Jeannette S. . 323 
Dunn. Karen Ellen. 333 
Dunn. Nancy E. 333 
Dunnigan. Richard P.. 323 
Durham. Belly B.. 333 
Durham. Carey M.. 333 
Durham. Delle R. 344 
Durham. Gilbert V. Jr, 333 
Durham, Herbert M., 344 
Durham, .Maine W.. 333 
Dusch. William C. 333 
Dutchak. Michael P.. 323 
Dvoskm.Joel A.. 333 
Dwiggiru. DoruJ.. 361 
Dwigglru. George A.. 344 
Dykstra. Laune A. 323 
Dykstra. Linda C . 333 
Dysart. Harold £ Jr. 333 
Dyson. Adnenne £, 323 

Faker. Deborah J.. 344 
Early. TommieJ.. 323 
Famhardt. Josephine. 344 
Earnhardt. Linda G-. 344 
Fasrtnman. Cynthia L, 333 
Faster. Helen P. 344 
Easlon. John ['. 333 
Eaton. John C Jr. 323 
Eaves. Mary C, 344 
Eby, Robert K. Jr., 333 
Echerd. Arthur R,. 323 
Eckard.John R. 323 
Eckard. Monica F.. 344 
Eddmger. Barbara J.. 323 
Eddmger. Kevin Gnst. 323 
Eddmger. Rodney L.. 361 
Eddms. Carolyn L. 323 
Eddy. Linda J.. 323 
Esmonds. Dean Stockett. 323 
Edmondson. Deborah G. 344 
Edmundson. Warner L W., 323 
Edwards. Allen R.. 323 
Edwards. Byard F. 323 
Edwards. Charles O'Neil. 333 
Edwards. D Rix. 344 
Edwards. Denue D.. 323 
Edwards. Diane H-. 333 
Edwards. Donna L-. 333 
Edwards. Eddie R. 323 
EAwardi. Emily L. 344 
Edwards. Joan 0.. 323 
Edwards. Kalherme W., 344 
Edwards, Keith A., 323 
Edwards. LonJ.. 323 
Edwards. Lorraine J., 333 
Edwards, Palmer, 344 
Edwards, Robert £. 344 
Edwards, Virginia F., 344 
Edwards, Walter C. Jr, 333 
Edwards, William D. Jr, 344 
Effran. Seth A . 344 
Efird. William D . 333 
Egerton. Stuart L. 323 
Egerton. Walter E . 323 
Eggert. Larry D.. 333 
Eisenberg. Carole J.. 333 
Flam. Mickey L. 333 
Elhm. John C. 333 
Fl-Khoun. George M.. 333 
El-Khoun. Manam R.. 323 
Elkms. Augustus B.. 333 
Elkms.John W. 333 
Elkms. Joseph B. Jr . 333 
Elkms, Richard A.. 333 
Elkms. Robert T. 333 

EMen, Gmlyn M.. 33> 
EJJtr. Roy T. 344 
EiltT. Thomas L. 323 
BMx. Billy R., 323 
Ellmon. James P., 323 
Ellwi:. Nancy W.. 344 
Blis. Clarmct 0., 323 
Ellis, aydt L in. 3i3 
Eilis. Daiid W., 333 
Blis. Dehm S.. 33} 
Blis. Jane C. 323 
Bits. Pamela A., 323 
Bits. Rjihard K.. 333 
Blis. Thomas IT. ///, 333 
Blison. Debra A.. 344 
BIsweig. Sleven R. 333 
BIswonh. Carole V'.. 344 
Bmer. Christine £, 323 
Bmore. Mary V-. 344 
Bmore. William L.. 344 
By. Christopher C. 333 
By. Janice A, 333 
By. Terry J.. 333 
Emerson. Suzanne. 323 
Ennts. David C. 333 
Enior. Lawton T. 323 
Ertel.John H.. 323 
EsktUsen. Paul M . 323 
EsUeck. Robert K. 333 
Esstck. Gregory K., 333 
Estep. Charles E. 333 
Esles. Michael A., 323 
Eslcs. William D.. 333 
Biher. Mary S.. 323 
bthimer. Sleven If,, 333 
Euwer. Cary M. 333 
Evangelov, Hope L-. 344 
Evans. Ann P.. 333 
Evans. Carolyn R.. 344 
Evans. Celta A.. 333 
Evans. Daryl W.. 323 
Evans. Howard L.. 333 
Evans. Janeth E.. 344 
Evans. Norman R. Jr. . 344 
Evans. Phillip W.. 333 
Evans. Robert T. 333 
Evaul. Thomas D.. 344 
Eve. Robert M. Jr. 333 
Evens. Steven £., 344 
Everett. Oclephus L.. 323 
Everett. Sarah B.. 333 
Ewendt. Chnstina H.. 333 
Exum. Marsha A.. 323 
Exum. Sherwood E. Jr.. 344 

Eabert. Marguerite A.. 333 
Fadel. Kim A. 344 
Fairctolh. Benjamin D.. 323 
Faircloth. Pamela. 333 
Falk. Donald H. 323 
Faltz. Catherine A.. 333 
Farahee. Kelly J.. 323 
Farher, Henry W., 333 
Earless. Lonnie W., 360 
Farlou'. Martha. 333 
Farrar. Joseph E. Jr.. 323 
Farrell. Cathiyn A.. 344 
Farrtor. Mary V., 344 
Farm. Ann H.. 344 
Fams. Mary C. 344 
Earns. Mary £,, 333 
Earns. William C. 333 
Faucett. Michael J.. 323 
Faucette. Nathalie V A.. 333 
Faulk. Lincoln P.. 333 
Faulkner. Adrian D.. 344 
Faulkner. George W., 323 
Pawcett. Thomas G., 323 
Paylon. Charles E. 333 

Feagan. Phillip R.. 344 
Featherston. Richard B.. 323 
Federal. Henry L., 344 
Felmet. Claude F.. 333 
Ferguson. Candace. 333 
Ferguson. EAna K., 333 
Ferguson. Leah C. 333 
Ferguson. Timothy P., 333 
Ferraro. Mary C. 323 
Ferrell. Glenn W. Jr. 323 
Feuske. Charles R. 333 
Field. Andrew V., 333 
Field. John M., 333 
Field. UiAnn. 333 
Fife. Scott F.. 323 
Figueroa. Cathie D., 344 
Pinch. Wilton T. 323 
Findlay. Judith D.. 333 
Fmehart. Pamela J.. 323 
Finger. Carolyn F.. 333 
Fini. Alan D.. 333 
Fink, Betty A., 333 
Fink, Kenneth S.. 323 
Ftnley. Ann H.. 361 
Fischer, Michael W., 323 
Fischer, Violet P. C, 360 
Fisher, Roger B., 344 
Fttz.John C. 333 
FitzGerald, Patrick A.. 323 
Fttzpatnck, Joyce L.. 323 
FttzSimons. Catherine H.. 323 
Flagler. David W.. 323 
Fleckenstein. Thomas R.. 333 
Fleming, Polly W.. 333 
Fleming. Sarah Norfleet. 344 
Fleming. Sidney P.. 333 
Fligel.John C. 323 
Florence. Linda F. 343 
Floyd. George G. Jr.. 323 
Floyd. Larry D.. 323 
Fluharty. Joseph R. 323 
Ftynn, David H., 323 
Flynt, Roger S., 333 
Fogartie. Arthur F.. 333 
Folsom. Bettye M.. 343 
Follz, Meredith S, 333 
Fonvielle, Sallie F., 323 
Fonville. Wilson C, 324 
Forbes, Mason T. 324 
Ford, Peter C, 333 
Ford, William S., 343 
Fordham. David B.. 324 
Forrruin. Loma D.. 324 
Formo. Richard A.. 324 
Forrest. Sylvia. 324 
Fortenbery. Megan L. 333 
Fortune, Janet C, 333 
Foster, Cora R., 333 
Foster, Dennis G. Jr. . 324 
Foster. Ellen L, 333 
Foster, Kenneth R., 333 
Foster, Susan M., 324 
Foster, Teresa L., 324 
Fountain, Stephanie, 343 
Foushee. James M.. 3)3 
Foust. Vicky P., 324 
Fowler. Carol J.. 333 
Fo.\: Aaron B.. 333 
Fox. Carl R.. 333 
Fox, Cynthia J., 335 
Fox. Debra A., 333 
Fox, Janet E., 343 
Fox, Lance K., 324 
Fox, Rebecca E., 324 
Fraasa. Robert C. Jr. 333 
Fraley.John A.. 333 
Francis. William H. >., 333 
Frander. Robert Jr., 333 
Frank, Helen. 333 
Frank. Steven. 333 
Franklin, Bob C, 324 
Franklin, Qyde E. Jr., 333 
Franklin. Mary £,, 343 

Franklin. Stephen P.. 333 
Franklin. Susan K-. 324 
Franz, Judith H.. 333 
Eraser. James IT., 324 
FrazelU. David B.. 333 
Frazier, Emmitt S., 343 
Frazier, Michael L., 343 
Frazier, Thomas W. Ill, 34} 
Frazier, Thunton E,Jr,, 324 
Frazier, Truett S., 324 
Freeman. Cathy Jo. 333 
Freeman. Gaye C. 333 
Freeman. Mary £, 333 
Freeman. Patnaa C. 33} 
Freeman. Samuel R., 3}3 
Freeman. William C, 324 
Freeze. Gary R.. 33} 
Freeze. Johny D,, 324 
French, Bizaielh C, 3}3 
FnddJe, Thomas F., 324 
Fries, Nancy K. 361 
Fnlsch. James L. 34} 
From. Cory F. III. 3}3 
Frye. Donna K., 34} 
Frye. George H. Jr. . 343 
Frye. Patnaa D.. 33} 
Fulcher. Nancy L, 3}3 
Fulcher, Paul B., 33} 
Fuller. Jennifer D. 3}i 
Fuller. Maryone B., 34} 
Fuller. Stephen A, 34} 
Fulton, Gary J., 33} 
Fulton, Scott A., 324 
Fulton, William S. Ill, 3}3 
Funderburk, Diane W., 34} 
Furlough, Richard M,, 33} 
Furr, Kalnnia A.. 324 
Fussell, David J., 324 
Futrell, Archie W. Ill 324 
Futrell, Cynthia R., 324 
Futrell. Debra C, 324 

Gabel, Barry £., 34} 
Gabriel, John D.. 333 
Gabriel, Margaret L, 333 
Gabnel, ManhaJ., 333 
Gabnel, Nancy J., 324 
Gaddy, Judith E, 333 
GaJdy. Mary M.. 324 
Gage, Lawrence E, 324 
Gaines, Holland C. 333 
Gaines, Linda S.. 333 
Gaines, Lisa 0.. 333 
Gainey, Waymon R., 360 
Gallagher, James £, 324 
Gallaudet, Cruger £, 333 
Galloway. Joanne C., 333 
Garter, Bnan H., 324 
Garber, Patnaa A., 333 
Garter, Ronald H. 34} 
Gardner. Cathy L. 336 
Gardner. Fred K.. 34} 
Gardner. Peter W.. 34} 
Gardner. Teresa Jo, 324 
Gamer, Daniel £, 34} 
Gamer. DonnieJi. 333 
Gamer. Lacy A.. 324 
Gamer. Linda S.. 324 
Garrett. Nancy J.. 336 
Garrely. Kathleen M.. 343 
Gams. Carolyn A.. 361 
Gams. Patnaa A., 333 
Gams. Wayland R.. 3)3 
Gamson. Michael S.. 336 
Gamson. Thomas £. 333 
Gan'in. Bennie R.. 324 
Gary. Lawrence N,, 324 
Gasche, Shen L, 324 
Gaskin, Jeffrey B., 324 

Gaskins, Raymond A., 361 
Gasperson, Richard £ , 343 
Gales. Charles M.. 333 
Gause. Roger L. 343 
Gayle, Scott C. 343 
Gaylor. Jaequelme S.. 336 
Gaylord. Robinson. 343 
Gaylord, Thomas M. Jr., 324 
Geddes, Janet L, 336 
Getger, Margaret £., 324 
Getger, Patnaa A.. 343 
Gentry, Guy M.. 336 
Gentry, Joseph S. Jr. 336 
Geoffnon. David G. . 324 
Ckoghegan. Ann A.. 333 
George Betty. 336 
George, Kathryn M., 336 
Gerber, Wayne S., 343 
Gershenson, David R., 336 
Giantny, Fred W., 343 
Gihbs, Donald H.. 336 
Gibbs. Harold S . 324 
Gibbs. Susan £, 336 
Gtbharolt. Gregg M.. 336 
Gteschen. Dorothy J.. 333 
Gilbert, Barbara L, 324 
Gilbert, Joe William Jr, 333 
Gilbert, Linda C. 343 
Gilbert, Michael S.. 343 
Gilbert. Nathan W.. 336 
Gilbert. R. Neal. 336 
Gilbert, William P., 336 
Gllshnst, Bizateth L.. 336 
Gilchnst. Susan R. 333 
Giles, Anne £, 324 
Giles, Elizabeth L, 336 
Giles, Lewis P.. 324 
Gilfillan. William M.. 336 
Gill. Sandra T. 336 
Gilliam. Margaret W.. 333 
Gillian. James F. 34} 
Glllikin, Sandra M.. 34} 
Gilliktn. Terry D.. 34} 
Gillis, Kathryn A.. 324 
Gtlmore. Peter. 324 
Gtlmour. Arnold S., 324 
Gimple, Deborah A., 336 
Ginsburg, Janet R., 324 
Gtntis. Warren E. 324 
Givens, Stephen B , 324 
Glasson,Joel C. 361 
Glenn. William R.. 333 
Gibble. Marvin D., 324 
Gibble, Ronald C. 324 
Goble, Daniel S., 336 
Godfrey. Laura M.. 343 
Godley. Rebecca B.. 343 
Godwin. James Z. II. 336 
Godwin. Mary S.. 333 
Goehle, Martin W., 336 
Goettman, Carole L.. 3}3 
Goetz, Robert A.. 336 
Gains. John M-, 336 
Coins. Joseph T. Jr.. 324 
Goins. Michael £, 324 
Gold. Beverly R. 34} 
Gold. Jonathan. 336 
Gooch, HametJ.. 333 
Goode. Sharon £., 324 
Gooden. Rhonda L., 324 
Goodnight, Sylvia D., 324 
Goodson, Ernest J., 324 
Goodson, Mark A., 324 
(Goodwin, Claire £,, 333 
Goodwin, James G, 324 
(Goodwin. Kathy Y.. 34} 
Goodwin. Phyllis A, 333 
Gorday, Charles A.. 343 
Gordon. Ceal C. 336 
Gordon, Terrell R. 334 
Gore, Kathy Jo, 324 
Gore, S Tony III, 334 
Gore, William CJr, 343 

Gorman, Patricia G.. 336 
Gosnell. Gary P.. 324 
Goss. Fredenci U.. 324 
Goss, Thomas M.. 343 
Gouge. Eddie G. 324 
Gowing. Alain M., 343 
Grady. Tobias B.. 336 
Graham. Julian T III. 334 
Grainger, John V. IV, 343 
Granger, Mary R, 343 
Grant, Brenda C, 324 
Graves, Guy M-. 336 
Graves. Kathenne G . 324 
Graves, Reba H., 343 
Gravitt, Glenn M., 336 
Gravttte, Janet G.. 343 
Gray, Angela L. 336 
Gray, Bradley 0., 324 
Gray, Beecher R, 334 
Gray. Bonnie L, 336 
Gray. Kenneth F.. 336 
Gray. Michael A., 343 
Gray, Walter H., 324 
Gray, William C, 334 
Green, Antionette L.. 336 
Green. Susan C. 343 
Greene. Alan Wesley. 343 
Greene. Gregory L. 336 
Greene. James F. Jr. 343 
Greene. Suzanne. 343 
Greene, Thomas W. Jr.. 334 
Greer, Frances A., 324 
Gresham. Aubrey R.. 343 
Gner, Joseph W. Ill, 334 
Gnffin. Billie K. 361 
Gnffin, Christopher M., 343 
Gnffin, Linda K., 334 
Gnffin, Michael H., 336 
Gnffin, Regine C, 324 
Gnffin, Robert G., 336 
Gnffin, Robert W.. 343 
Gnffin. Sue C. 34} 
Gnffin, Susan D.. 324 
Gnffin. Tim. 324 
Gnffith. Richards., 334 
Gnll. Patnaa. 336 
Gnmes. Deborah L., 336 
Gnmes, William R.. 336 
Gnssom, Jane K, 336 
Gnzzard. Vernon D., 336 
Grogan,John W.. 334 
Grogan. Joseph C Jr. 334 
Grogan, Martha B., 361 
Groome, Gail L, 324 
Groome, Stephen A., 334 
Grossman. Roxanne. 334 
Grosswald. SannaJ., 334 
Groves, Dianne L. 361 
Gnibb. Phyllis E. 334 
Gnibb. Timothy A.. 334 
Grubbs. Beatnce N.. 324 
Grubbs.John B., 34} 
Grubbs, Manlyn L, 336 
Gryder, Robert G., 324 
Cubar, Robert M., 3}4 
Gudger. Carol £., 3}4 
Guest, David R, 324 
Guigou, Harvey L, 336 
Guillel, Mary E, 34} 
Guinn. Charles E. 34} 
GulUdge. Kenneth T. 336 
Gunn. Milton P.. 336 
Gunter, Cheryle £.. 343 
Gurganus, Charles M., 324 
Gumey, Kathleen E., 324 

Guthne, Faye C. 336 
Guthne. Margaret D., 336 
Guy, Linda A,. 336 
Guy. Sandra J. S., 334 


Hiukfuy. Margaret K., 354 
HaJJen. Roben L. .534 
HaJdock. Belly J., 3-54 
HaJen. William C Jr.. 336 
Haiberle. Omun R.. 3i4 
HagiT. Benjamin F. Jr. J54 
Hager. Jeff \r.. 336 
Hagerman. George M.Jr., 324 
Haggiru. Sherron A., 324 
Hagler. Mary Ann. 334 
Haibach. Jeanne E., 3i4 
HaighUr. Rebecca. 34! 
Haighler. Sandra K., 336 
Haigwood. Nancy /,., 354 
Haire. Sandra K.. 3!4 
Ham. Terry W.. 336 
Haislip. ZeiUy B.Jr.. 324 
Hailhcock. Gary C, 324 
Hale. F.J.. 354 
HaUs. James H Jr. 354 
Halt, BeltyJ.. 34} 
Hail. Carolyn C. 3)4 
Hail. Cecelia H. 324 
Hail, Dwighl C. 336 
Hail, Jane C. 324 
Hail, June C. 324 
Hail, Kalhenne I, 354 
Hall, Martha R., 354 
Hall, Mary Jane. 345 
Hall, Palnaa G.. 354 
Hall. Stephen C, 336 
Hall. Terry L. 324 
Hail. Wanda H. 336 
Hall. William E. Jr.. 354 
Halleck. Judith A.. 324 
Hallelt. Howell K.. 324 
Halliburton. Eilis G., 34} 
Halpenn. Roben I., 324 
Halilead. Romona D., 34} 
Hamaker. Stanley S.. 324 
Hambndhl. James C. III. 34} 
Hamilton. Anne S.. 34} 
Hamilton. Colleen S.. 354 
Hamlet. Billy C. 324 
Hamlin. Andrea P., 345 
Hamm. Charles W Jr. 345 
Hamm. Marshal K.. 354 
Hammer, Davidson £,, 324 
Hammonds. Larry A., 345 
Hampton. Ronald W.. 324 
Hamnck. Calvm B.. 34} 
Hamnck. Kenneth B., 324 
Hamnck. Ronald S.. 34} 
Hanchar. Jessica L, 354 
Hanchey. Beterly S, 336 
Hancock. Judy M.. 324 
Hancock. Laurence W., 3}4 
Hancock. Lucy 0.. 3}4 
Hancock. Richard D.. 336 
Handley, Frank G.. 34} 
Haneltne. Travis D.. 3}4 
Haney. Richard L. 336 
Hanford. John V. III. 324 
Hankins. Barbara B., 361 
Haniins. James R.. 336 
Hanks. Ann £., 3^4 
Hanlin. David M.. 345 
Hannahass. Lillian D.. 354 
Hannah. James A.. 354 
Hannan, Lots E.. 34'^ 
Hannon. Harriet R.. 354 
Hansen. Karen A.. 324 
Hanson. Barbara L.. 354 
Hanson. Michel E.. 336 
Harbinson, Joel C. 324 
Harbour, Vanessa L. 336 
Hardee. Sandra G., i6I 
Harden, Sidney R, 336 
Hardesly, George D. Ill, 32. 
Hardin. Cynthia J., 336 
Hardin, Sheree E„ 354 

Harding. Cassandra F.. 336 
Harding, James E. 336 
Hardison, David L.. 354 
Hardison. Donne M.. 324 
Hardison. Mitchell D.. 336 
Hardy. C McCrae. 324 
Hardy. James S. 324 
Hardy. Joyce C. 345 
Hargis. Gerald V.. 361 
Hartley. Alfred L. 336 
Harmen. Henry V.. 354 
Harp. Thomas. 354 
Harper. Elizabeth A. 324 
Harreli. Belly L. 354 
Harrell. Dennis S.. 324 
Harreli. John G. 324 
Harreli. Richard M.. 336 
Harrington, Craig J., 354 
Hamnglon. Fletcher M. III. 324 
Harrington. Paula J.. 345 
Hams. Beverly L. 336 
Hams. Carol S.. 354 
Hams. Charles 0.. 336 
Hams. David A.. 336 
Hams. Ginger, 345 
Hams. Jerry W.. 354 
Hams. John. 336 
Hams. John M.. 336 
Hams. Keith A., 345 
Hams. .Michael S.. 32} 
Hams. Pamela G. 325 
Hams. Richard H. Jr.. 354 
Hams. Sandra L., 325 
Hams. Thomas V.. 354 
Harrison. Glenda A.. 345 
Harrison, Mary A., 325 
Harsuman, Frank C, 354 
Hart, Brantley B. III. 354 
Han. Camelia Y.. 32} 
Han. Lyndon H III. 336 
Han. Timothy L, 354 
Hanley. Charles H.. 336 
Hartley. Leslie £,, 325 
Hartley. Patrick C. 32} 
Hartley, Thomas N., 336 
Hartnig. Richard A., 325 
HansfieU. Judith A., 354 
Harvey. Roben L. 354 
Harwell. Ernest W., 345 
Hatfield, Lydia A. 325 
Hathaway. Constance A.. 345 
Hatley. Ellen J. 32} 
Haubenreiser. Judith. 345 
Hauser, Peaches, 325 
Hauler. Timothy H.. 354 
Hawes. Edmund A.. 336 
Hawkins. Gary F.. 336 
Hawkins. James B. II, 354 
Hawkins. Sandra K. 336 
Hayes. Claudia C, 354 
Hayes. Florence T., 354 
Hayes. Jacqueline R.. 354 
Haynes. Carl L. 345 
Haynes. Jimmie A.. 361 
Haynes. Richard A., 354 
Haywood. EdmuruJ B.. 325 
Haywood. John W.. 354 
Head. Paul J.. 325 
Heam. Frances A.. 361 
Heam. Michael D, 354 
Heaton, Carolyn £,, 354 
Heavner. Robin Frances, 347 
Hedgecock, Wendy K, 336 
Hedgepeth, Faye, 345 
Heedy. Henry G. III. 345 
Heffner. AdeleJ.325 
Heffner, Cynthia £,, 354 
He/ner. Ronald C. 32} 
Held. Deborah I', 336 
Heinmtller, Nancy C. 336 
Helms, Allison R., 336 
Helms, aarles H Jr, 3}4 
Helms, Dolores L, 345 

Helms. Elizabeth G. 325 
Helms. Greta £., 354 
Helms. Phyllis E. 325 
Hemmtg, Nancy E.. 354 
Hemphill. Richard P., 336 
Henderson. Jackie L.. 336 
Henderson. Nancy E.. 345 
Henderson. Palnaa A.. 345 
Henderson. Robin D.. 345 
Henderson. William B.. 325 
Hendncks. Edward G.. 34} 
Hendmts. Merle £., 32} 
Hennemann. Ingo, 345 
Hennessy. Mark W.. 325 
Henrelta. William T. 354 
Hennckson, Grodon D.. 354 
Hensley. Charles J.. 325 
Henson. Perry C Jr. 345 
Henon. Gary W.. 325 
Herman. Susan C. 354 
Hermerle. P Anne. 345 
Hemng. Egbert M.. 361 
Hemng. Jama C. 361 
Hemng. Nellie £,, 345 
Herlel. Thomas W.. 32} 
Hester. Sarah £, 3}4 
Heustess. Dons A.. 34} 
Hewett. Margaret M.. 336 
Hewitt. Rachel L. 336 
Hewntze. David D.. 354 
Hiatt, Gary £., 325 
Hibbard. Qaudia M.. 325 
Hice. Oyde D.. 336 
Hickman. Kimherly A.. 336 
Hicks. Henry W.. 325 
Hicks. Janet I.. 325 
Hicks. Lawrence C. 336 
Hicks. Thomas W. Jr., 32} 
Hielema. Frank J.. 34} 
Higbee. Sidney L.. 34} 
Highsmith. William E. Jr. 32} 
Hightower. Emily K.. 325 
Hill. Anne M.. 325 
Hill. Donald W.. 354 
Hill. Edwin R. 336 
Hill. Gerald S.. 354 
Hill. Irene J.. 361 
Hill. James T. 354 
Hill.Josie C. 354 
Hill. Kathleen B.. 354 
Hill. Uren H. 325 
Hill. Louis T.Jr. 347 
Hill. Michael R.. 32} 
Hill. Myra A.. 345 
Hill. Ralph Gardner Jr.. 354 
Hill. Rickie O.. 32} 
Hill. Sara B.. 354 
Hill. Sharon L. 325 
Hilliand. Kathryn L. 354 
Htlliard. Joan £, 325 
Hilltard, Peter R. Jr., 325 
Himebauch. Cynthia 0., 354 
Hines, Bruce A.. 354 
Hmes. Stephen L. 354 
Hmkle. Henry L. 354 
HmUe. Odell D. 336 
Hmkle. Perry C. 32} 
Hinnant, Charlie 0.. 336 
Hinshaw. Gary C. 336 
Hinson. David R.. 336 
Hinson. Harold R. . 325 
Hinson. Joseph F. 345 
Hinson. Michael C. 354 
Hinson. Riley E Jr. 354 
Hinson. Robert L. 345 
Hinlon. Deborah M.. 336 
Hinlon. Derek L. 32} 
Hires. Kaila I. 336 
Hmch. William B.. 345 
Hmchbiel. Paul 0.. 336 
Hmchler. David S. II, 34} 
Hirlh, Diane F. 325 
Hoard. Steien L . 325 

Hobbs. Mary A.. 336 
Hobgood. Charles H.. 345 
Hobson, Kenneth R.. 32} 
Hockaday. Manlyn L., 336 
Hockman. Sharon M., 354 
Hodge. Claude H. 336 
Hodge. EJward G.. 336 
Hodges. Ann C. 354 
Hodges. Grace £ T.. 336 
Hodges. Joseph H III. 336 
Hodgin. Elizabeth A., 354 
Hodgson. Roben C. 354 
Hoenig. Torn L. 354 
Hoffer. Cathenne A., 346 
Hoffinan. Charles A., 336 
Hofler. Margaret A.. 346 
Hofi. Nancy A.. 337 
Hogan. James C. 337 
Hogan. James P Jr. 3}4 
Hogue. Mary A. D.. 337 
Holdemess. Brent B.. 32} 
Holdemess. Susan W., 337 
Holeman. Calvin W., 325 
Holeman. Sarah E., 325 
Holland, Palnaa A., 337 
Hollemann, Hartmut, 346 
Holley. Rebecca L. 354 
Holliday. Alice L. 354 
Hollingsworth. Diane. 346 
Hotlingswonh. Gary N.. 32} 
Hollingsworth. Kenneth £,. 32} 
Hollis, Carolyn B.. 346 
Holloman, H. Jama. 354 
Holloway. Barry W.. 354 
Holloutll. Robert P. Jr., 32} 
Hollowell. Victona C. 325 
Holmes. Charles V.. 354 
Holmes. Douglas K. 321 
Holmes. James £ III. 346 
Holmes. Jane G. 325 
Holmes. Laura J.. 325 
Holmes. Richard C. 354 
Holowili, Anna, 337 
Holroyd, Betty J. 337 
Holshouser. Mark H. 32} 
Holt. Anne N. 354 
Holt. Felix T. 346 
Holt. Keith W..337 
Holt. Sharon E. 32} 
Holt. Walter A. Jr. 337 
Haltzman. Barbara E. 325 
Holzwonh. John G.. 337 
Honer. Michael P. 355 
Honeynitl. Bnice W. Jr. 337 
Honeycutt. Gregory J.. 337 
Hood. Robert H. 361 
Hood. William C. 355 
Hook. David A.. 337 
Hooks. Sharon D.. 325 
Hoots. Brant R. 325 
Hoover. Charles H.. 355 
Hopkins. John E. 337 
Hord, Barbara S., 355 
Home. Keith D, 32} 
Homey. Charles J., 346 
Hortman. Roben P.. 32} 
House. Kay B.. 32} 
House. Lynda C. 32} 
Horner. Ashley F. 325 
Hovey. FJizabeth A.. 355 
Howard. Cathryn £., 337 
Howard. James M. 346 
Howard. Karen S.. 325 
Howard. Kenneth B.. 325 
Howard. Linn W.. 337 
Howe. Andrew G.. 325 
Howell. Earl C. 325 
Howell, Gordon K, 325 
Howell. Harry C. Ill, 355 
Howes. Denise L. 360 
Howson. Arthur L. Jr., 355 
Hoyle. Alan J.. 337 
Hoyle. David £., 325 

Hruslinski. Thaddeus. 337 
Huband. Janet C. 355 
Huband. Mary R.. 346 
Hubbard. Barbara R.. 346 
Hudson. Edison T. Jr. 337 
Hudson. Janet £, 346 
Hudson. Leigh S.. 337 
Hudson. Lisa B.. 32} 
Hudson, Manan P., 3}} 
Hudson. Melissa R.. 337 
Hudson. Robert K. 325 
Hudson. Scott E. 325 
Hudspeth. Larry. 346 
Hudspeth. Susan £., 325 
Huey. Lawrence R. , 355 
Huff, Carolyn A.. 337 
Huffman. Debra M.. 325 
Huffinan. Susan L.. 346 
Huffstetler. Noah H. 355 
Huger. Danid E. 337 
Hughes, S Carole. 346 
Hughslon. Donald T.. 325 
Hull. Edward L. 32} 
Hull. Roy D. 337 
Humby. David A.. 337 
Hummel. Philip S.. 355 
Humphrey. Beverly F.. 361 
Humphrey. Michael D.. 337 
Humphrey. Paula A.. 337 
Humphnes. Bill Sample, 325 
Humphnes. Bruce B.. 325 
Humphnes. Charles T, 32} 
Huneyaill. William W., 32} 
Hunley. Donald L. 32} 
Hunt. Anthony L. 325 
Hunt. James W. 346 
Hunt. Karen £., 355 
Hunt. Margaret M.. 325 
Hunt. Penny A., 355 
Hunt. Victor L. 346 
Hunt. William D.. 325 
Hunter. Edward A. Jr. 346 
Hunter. Ellen L. 346 
Hunter. Frank W.. 32} 
Hunter. Harry N.. 355 
Hunter. John P. Jr. 337 
Hunter. Michael D.. 325 
Hunter, Ralph B.. 355 
Hunter. Robert L, 355 
Hunter. Thomas B., 325 
Hunter, Virginia L., 355 
Hunter, William P., 337 
Hurd, William M., 355 
Hurley, Richard L, 346 
Hun. Donna C. 355 
Hutchem. Gene. 325 
Hutcherson. Harold Jr., 32} 
Hutcherson, Joseph L. II, 355 
Hutchins. Fredenck H, 337 
Hutchins. Jack D., 32} 
Hutchins, Jams L, 355 
Hutchins, Norman G., 3}} 
Hutchinson, David J., 337 
Hutchison. William H., 355 


Ibrahim, Shenne A.. 346 
Iden, Nancy S.. 355 
Idol. John M.. 346 
Ingold. Charles E.. 346 
Ingram, Richard C. 337 
Inman. Max L. 35} 
Inscoe. Albert V. Jr, 3}) 
Insley, Mark E, 32} 
baaa, David H., 355 
Isenberg. Michael R, 35} 
bley, Carlysle S, 355 
hley, Joseph P., 346 
bley, Laura B., 3}} 
bley. Margaret £., 355 

hky. Vahm D.. 360 
llliy. William L, }ii 
Iltral. Mai H., 337 
Ivey. Charla C III. 346 
Ivey. Ivan J., 3-5-5 
hey. Rolierl W.. 32! 
hm. October R.. 3ii 


Jachtm. Cindy D., 32 i 
Jacksm.John W.. 3ii 
Jackion. Larry G-. 337 
Jackion, Larry H.. 32! 
Jackson. Ltrtda F-. 346 
Jackion. Mary D.. 346 
Jackion, Pamela F.. 32! 
Jackion. William A.. 361 
Jackion. Wiltm E. 361 
Jacobs. David B.. 3!} 
James. Calhy A.. 346 
James. Debora L. 32} 
James. Floyd J.. 346 
James. Glenn W.. 32) 
James. Harold L. 32i 
James. Kmtielh H.. 337 
James. Perry E. III. 3>} 
James. Wyllis E Jr.. 361 
Jamuon. David L. 337 
Jamiion. Joseph E. 3!> 
Janaict. Stephen A.. 337 
Janitou. Robert L. 337 
Jardine. JoAnn. 32} 
Jarmond. Pamella M.. 32} 
Jarmond. Pecolia F.. 3}} 
Jarrell. TruhJ.. 346 
Jamil. Vema R.. 3-5-5 
Jarvu. Danny C. 32} 
Jarvu. Larry M.. 337 
Jay.Jere B.. 32} 
Jayne. Suian A.. 337 
Jlanes. Laura C. 3}} 
Jelftnes. Sandra L. 32} 
Jeffries. William T. 337 
Jenkins. Deborah L.. 3}} 
Jenkins. George L. 346 
Jenkins. James L III. 346 
Jenkins. Kay Frances. 337 
Jenkins. Sallie J.. 32} 
Jenette. Robin L. 3}} 
Jenningi. Clifford C. 32} 
Jmningi. Michael H.. 32} 
Jennings Susan E.. 346 
Jepsen. LueAnne. 337 
Jemigan. Clawson W.. 337 
Jemigan. William R.. 346 
Jerome. Blair. 337 
Jerome. James D. Jr. 346 
Jewell. Isaiella P.. 346 
Jimeson. Jeffreys. 32} 
Jirva. Elizabeth A.. 3A6 
Johe. Jackie C. 32} 
Johns. Nancy £, 346 
Johnion. Calvin L. 3}} 
Johnson. Carol A.. 326 
Johnion. Charles J.. 326 
Johnton. Charles R.. 3}} 
Johnion. Chrvlopher V.. 346 
Johnion. David C. 3}} 
Johnson. David P.. 3}} 
Johnson. Debra J.. 326 
Johmon. Elaine M.. 326 
Johnion. Ethel £., 337 
Johmon. Gregory P.. 3}} 
Johmon. Harold L. 326 
Johmon. Helen E.. 3}} 
Johmon. Jamei H. 337 
Johmon. Janice G.. 3i7 
Johmon. Jeff W., 346 
Johmon. Karen 0.. 326 
Johmon, Kalhy A.. 337 

Johmon. Kirk M.. 326 
Johmon. LaNell B.. J-5-5 
Johmon. M. Jill. 337 
Johmon. Manhall H. Jr. 3}. 
Johmon. Mary £, 346 
Johmon. Mary I.. 326 
Johmon, Mary R.. 337 
Johmon, Michael R.. 337 
Nancy. 346 
Philip R.. 326 
Russell H. III. 326 
Scott F. 337 
Shirl A., 3}} 
Suian E.. 346 
Johmon. Suian J., j-5-5 
Johmon. Vicki M.. 346 
Johmon. Waller L. J-5-5 
Johmon. William L.. 3}} 
Johmon, William S.. 3}} 
Johmton, Mary Y.. 361 

Vicki M.. 346 
Andrew P.. 326 
Ann Zellaphee. 337 
Coley FJr. 337 
Daniel A. Jr. 337 
Dewey M.. 337 
Edmund P. 326 
Freeman R.. 3}} 
Jama C, 3}} 
Janice J., 337 
Jennifer I, 326 
Jonathan A.. 326 
Kathryn B.. 3}> 
Murray W., 337 
Nancy J.. 3}} 
Nathan L Jr.. 326 
Norwood E. Jr. . 326 
Pamela J.. 361 
Pamela R, J.5-5 
Patricia L. 326 
Raymond A.. 326 
Raymond H.. 346 
Rebecca M.. 3}} 
Robert £, 326 
Thomai /., 337 
Valinda. 346 
Waller S. 346 
Warren R.. 346 
William H.Jr. 326 
William M.. 346 
Jordan. Clarence W.. 346 
Jordan. Larry D.. 3}} 
Jordan, Leslie. 337 
Jordan. Robert L. 326 
Jordan. Wade T. 3}} 
Jorgemen. Amy J., 337 
Joiey. Debra M.. 346 
Joilin. Ellen D.. 337 
Jowett. Suian L. 326 
Joyce. Robert P.. 3}S 
Joyner. Larry W.. 337 
Joyner. Mary S.. 3}} 
Joyner. Royce £.. 346 
Juelfi. Martin S., 326 
Juergemon. Peter H., 3}} 
Julian, Marilyn M.. 3}} 

Kallinaoi. EffieJ., 326 
Kanak, Donald P.. 337 
Kandell. David A., 326 
Kanoy. Steven C. 3}} 
Kaplan. Steven N.. 337 
Kapp. Michael K. 326 
Kamker. James L. 3}} 
Kartamon. Marjone L. 3}} 
Kate. Diane R.. 3}} 
Kail. Stanley J.. 326 
Kaylor. Michael R.. 3}} 
Ketiler. William L. 346 

Kmer. Debra A.. 326 
Knfer.John C, 337 
Krifer. Kevin C, 326 
Kei/nder. William P.. 337 
Keith. Timothy Z, 346 
Keller, Carolyn J.. 326 
Keller, David C. Ill, 3}} 
Keller, Keith M, 337 
Keller, Scott L, 346 
Kelley.John W. 337 
Kelly. Ann. J-5-5 
Kelly. Donna H.. 346 
Kelly. John M. 3}} 
Kelly. Mary K, 326 
Kelly. Suian C. 326 
Kelio. Christopher S. 346 
Kemp. John Fletcher. 346 
Kenan. Emily. 3}} 
Kendall. Doms A.. 337 
Kendall. Ellen M.. 337 
Kendall. Janet W.. 346 
Kennedy. Elizabeth A., 337 
Kennedy. Harold L. Ill, 346 
Kennedy. Harvey L. 346 
Ktnt. Sheila R.. 337 
Krnyon. Cynthia A.. 3}} 
Kephart, Mark A.. 326 
Kipley. Michael A.. 326 
Kirley. Roger K., 3}} 
Kern. David M.. 337 
Kemodle. Kay R.. 346 
Kerm. Joyce V, 326 
Kerr. Debra S., J5-5 
Kerr. Dorlin C. 326 
Kerr. Frederick C, 3}} 
Keller. Susan M.. 326 
Key. Later L Jr. J-5-5 
Key. Ronald R.. 326 
Khotzberger. Kathy A., J-5-5 
KidJ. Betsy L. 337 
Kidd. Denise L. 326 
Kidd. Robert B.. 326 
Kiger. Fred W.. 346 
Kiker. Judith E. 346 
Kjllen. Ivan L. 326 
Killian.Judy A.. 346 
Kilpatnck. Pauls S.. 326 
Kimball. Sandra C. 337 
Kimball. Wanda E. 360 
Kimble. Robin L. 326 
Kimrty. Netda R.. 346 
Kincaid. Randy S. J-5-5 
Kinch. Sharon J. 3}} 
Kmg. Alvin D., 361 
King, Anne C, J-5-5 
King. Bebe C, 346 
King. Cynthia A.. 326 
King. Danny J- . 326 
King. DeWitt W.. 346 
King. Diane E. 346 
King. Elizabeth E. J-5-5 
King, Garland C. 346 
King. Jennifers. 3}} 
King. John L. 3}} 
King, John W.Jr. 337 
King. Kathryn M.. 3}} 
King. Mary E. 3}} 
King. Mary S. 3}} 
King. Thomas- W.. 326 
King. William T. 381 
Kingston, Paul E. 337 
Kinnett. Elizabeth B.. 346 
Kirby. Charles W.. 337 
Kirhy. Sarah £, 360 
Kirby. Thomas B.. 3}} 
Kirchtn. Mary S.. 326 
Kiier. Debra G.. 3}} 
Kiser.Jama D.. 346 
Kiser.John A, 326 
KJapper, Mark C, 326 
Klem, Sarah A., 337 
Klinger, David C, 326 

Klutz, Roger K, 3}} 
Knepp. Christopher A.. 326 
Knienem. Martha L.. 337 
Knight. James D.. 346 
Knott. Robert C. 326 
Knowles. Deborah A.. 326 
Knowles. Jimmy H.. 346 
Knowles. Van L. 326 
Koch. Jean A.. 360 
Kochuk, Nancy L. 337 
Kohl, David W.. 346 
Koonce, Samuel G, J-5-5 
Koom. Gedree W.. J3-5 
Kopelman. Phyllis M.. 346 
Kossoff. Martha E. 3}} 
Koll. Michael J. 337 
Kozel. Cheryl M.. 346 
Kramer. Randall A.. 337 
Kravitz, Murray £., 346 
Knck. Thelma R. J5-5 
Knvonak, Michael P. 337 
Kuhn. David G.. 346 
Kull. Margaret £., 346 
Kurtz. Shirlitz M.. 326 
Kiuenberg. Elizabeth A.. 337 
Kittulas. Nancy L. 361 
Kynazi. Harold T. 326 

LaDu. Robert W.. 326 
Lafferty. John M.. 346 
Lafferty. Richard Q.. 346 
Lagana, Paula M.. 346 
Lake. Roy E. 337 
Lakeson. Beverly S. J-5-5 
Lamb. Elizabeth G. 326 
Lamb. Lena S.. 337 
Lamb. Timothy P.. 346 
Lambert. Janice A.. 337 
Lambert. Phani H.. 33} 
Lamm. James P. 346 
Lamm. Manha L. 337 
Lampley. Albert E.. 346 
Lampley. Robert M.. 33} 
Lampron. .Anthony J.. 326 
Lancaster. Alton S Jr.. 326 
Lancaster. Brenda K. 326 
Lancaster. Marjone Stafford. 326 
Lance. Myra K. 3}} 
Landis. Deborah M.. 326 
Landis.Jean M. 3}} 
Landry. Karen £. 346 
Lane. Don G., 326 
Lane. Linda P. 33} 
Lane, Palncia K. 337 
Lane. Samuel G.. 346 
Lang. James TJr. 33} 
Langley. Carole P. 337 
Langley. Sandra D.. 336 
Lanier. George G. 336 
Lanier. William N.. 337 
Lanter. Marsha A.. 326 
Lapham. Anita M.. 336 
Lapidus. Faith I. 326 
Large. Wendell G. 337 
Larkm.John A. 326 
Larson. Lary S.. 337 
Laisiter. Curtti S.. 326 
Lassiter. John C. 336 
Latham, Charlotte L . 336 
Latimer, Karen J.. 326 
Laudate. Michael p.. 336 
Laughlin. Curtis L. 337 
Laughter. Bennie M.. 336 
Laughter. Rosemane L. 336 
Lawrence. I. A.. 346 
laws, Carolyn E. 337 
Lawson. Steven R.. 346 
Layton, Karen Y., 346 
Lazenby, Susan J.. 326 

Leake. Ann R.. 346 
Leatherman. Gary W.. 346 
Ledbetter. James T. Jr. 336 
Ledford. Kenneth F.. 337 
Ledgerwood. Mikle D.. 326 
Ledwith. Bruce A.. 336 
Udwith. Kevin A.. 326 
Lee. Cynthia J.. 326 
Lee. Elizabeth J.. 336 
Lee. Junius B.. 326 
Lee. Lucille Virginia. 361 
Lee. Nancy £., JJ7 
Lee. Phil M., 326 
Lee. Rmda A.. 337 
Lee, Robin A., 326 
Lee. Sarah B., 336 
Lee. William C. Jr. 326 
Ufler. Rufus St. 111. 346 
Lefler. Stephen P.. 346 
Leggett. George H . 336 
LeguiUow. Roger N.. 326 
Leinwand. Richard A.. 337 
Le/man. Barbara D., 326 
Lemrrum. Ann W.. 326 
Lentz. E. B.. 326 
Lentz. Joyce A.. 336 
Leonard. Carol A.. 337 
Leonard. Daniel L. 346 
Leonard. Leslie R.. 336 
Leonard. Stephen 0.. 326 
Leieine. Deborah L.. 326 
Letter. Mary K. 346 
Leichworth. Jamei K. 346 
Levan. Annie Brawley. 336 
Levin. David M.. 346 
Levina. Beverly R.. 326 
Levina, Susan L. 346 
Levine. Felice V,. 346 
Levimon. Nancy Jo. 336 
Levuon. Donald L., 346 
Lewti. Deborah S.. 326 
Lewis. Everett L. 337 
Lewis. Jerry M.. 326 
Lewis. John H.. 346 
Lewii, Kenneth B.. 326 
Lewis. Pamela R.. 326 
Lewti, Patncia M.. 361 
Lewu, Pattie P.. 337 
Lewti. Stephen R. 346 
Lewis, William L. 336 
Lewter. Roy 0. 361 
Ueber. Amy J . 347 
Uess. Robert C. 347 
Liesi. William £, 347 
Ueth. HiennchJ. 326 
Liles. William Eugene. 326 
Ulley. Laurence E Jr. 326 
Lillie. Steven P.. 347 
Limpans. Suzanne M.. 336 
Lindemann. Luanne. 326 
Lindner. Russell C. 326 
Undsey. Martha L. 326 
Lingle. Earle. 326 
Link, Dons E. 347 
Link, Thomas £, J-56 
Lucum. Jeffrey C. 326 
Litzenberger. Mary E., 326 
Uvengood. Elizabeth A., 337 
Ltvengood. Linda K.. 326 
Uvengood. Scott A.. 347 
Uvesay. Ava W.. 347 
Livingston. Mabel C. 336 
Llewellyn. Jaojueline D., 326 
Lloyd. Danny K. 337 
Uoyd. Dennis M-. 326 
Lack. Sharon E. 337 
Lockamy. CarlaJ.. 338 
Lxklear. Fredrick R.. 360 
Laflm. Johnny L. 326 
Loftis.John M. Jr.. 338 
Logwood. Kathryn B.. 326 
London. Ronnie D.. 326 
Lonell, Vicki A., 326 

Long, David F, 347 
Long, Denice C, 326 
Long, Gmrge E Jr.. 338 
Long, Mary A.. 356 
Long, Paula M.. 321 
Long, Randal E.. 338 
Long, Thomas B., 321 
Long. William M.. 347 
LookabiU. Oirla A.. 338 
Locper. Michail R.. 327 
Lorance. Robert D., 338 
Loudy, Craig F., 347 
Loul/xn. Harold L Jr. 327 
Lovt. Elizaklh S.. 338 
Lotit.Jostph M..338 
Lovell, Pmny B. A., 3i6 
Louill, Jam! L. 327 
Lovell, John Charles, 356 
Lowder. Lucy A.. 347 
Lowdcr. Warren C 338 
Lout. Cody L 111. 347 
Lout, Gregg H.. 327 
Utwe, Susan C 356 
Lowe, William L Jr., 327 
Lowe, William Neil, 327 
Lowery, Grover W., 356 
Lowery, James K., 347 
Lownes, Millon M. Ill, 327 
Lowrance, Joiquelme G., 338 
Lowrance, Ralph £., 356 
Lowry, Wade L. 347 
Loyd, Kenton R. 338 
Lucas, Ray A.. 338 
Lucas, Robert M., 327 
Ludwick, Candaa R, 347 
Ludwick. Karen L, 327 
Lumpbn.Jama P..347 
Liitz, WiUetta E, 327 
Lylt, Dodie B., 356 
Lynch, Judilh T, 347 
Lysko. Jane E, 327 
Lytch, Stephens G., 338 


Mahry. Richard T. 338 
MacAuley, John C, 347 
MacBryde, Gordon D., 327 
MacCorkle, Eleanor M., 338 
MaeDougall, Lynn D., 338 
Mack, Blame E. 338 
MacUod, Bruce H.. 327 
MacPherson, Catherine A., 356 
Maey, Patnaa D., 347 
Maddox. Susan D., 338 
Maddrey.John F, 327 
Madison, Phillip A., 327 
Madison. William A., 356 
MagiU. Jimmy B.. 356 
Mahaiian. Peter Z., 327 
Mahnki. Kymnc V., 338 
Maisel, Stanley D., 338 
Maitland. Steven A.. 327 
Makie. Haddon S.. 356 
Mallard. John W.. 356 
Malloy.John A.. 356 
Mandikos.John G-. 339 
Maness. Philip D.. 327 
Mahley. Mary J. 327 
Mann. Alan .M„ 356 
Mann, Emmie C. 361 
Mann. John R.. 327 
Mann. Marsha ft. 338 
Manning. Helen J., 347 
Manson. Jennifer J., 347 
Mantooth. Charles S., 347 
Margolis, Jeffrey A, 347 
Margolis, Nita K. 327 
Manakakis, Tommy T., 338 
Maris, Janet D.. 356 
Marlowe, Waller C, 356 

Marshall. Robert D., 356 
Martin, Cunts D.. 347 
Martin, Daryl R, 338 
Martin, Douglas M., 361 
Martin, Ellen M., 356 
Martin, Harry L, 356 
Martin, John V., 347 
Manm, Mary S-, 361 
Martm. Sallie R. 338 
Marttnat. Stephen H., 356 
Marttndale. Pamela S-. 347 
Mashhum. Timothy W.. 356 
Maskiry. Mary A., 356 
Mason. Leigh A., 347 
Massey. Michael A., 356 
Masten, Stephen S., 338 
Malhis, William F.. 347 
Matney. David E. 338 
Matthews. Kathaleen C. 356 
Matthews. Richard 0.. 356 
Mauney. Margaret F.. 356 
Mauptn, Suzanne P.. 347 
Maurice, Martha J., 356 
Maxwell, Mary J., 338 
Maxwell, William D.. 347 
May. Gregory D.. 338 
May. Thomas B.. 356 
Mayes. Barbara J.. 347 
Maynard. Cheryl A. 338 
Maynard. E Drayton. 356 
Mayo. Deborah A.. 356 
Mc Adams. Martha N.. 356 
Mc Adams. Susan B., 338 
McAllister, James P.. 356 
Mc Arthur, Robert E. 347 
McArver. James H. 338 
McCachrtn. Samuel S.. 338 
McCasklU, Myra A.. 356 
McQure, James B., 338 
McOure, William D., 347 
McComhs, Steven K, 361 
McCoot. RJioda L, 356 
McCrac&n, Donna M., 347 
McDermolt, James R, 356 
McDevitl. PhiUip A.. 356 
McDonaU. Elizabeth A.. 347 
McDonald. Eugene J.. 338 
McDonald. Patnaa. 338 
McBroy. Richard C. 347 
McEntyre. Karen M.. 338 
McFadden. Nancy E. 356 
McGee. James F. 338 
McGee. Michael D.. 347 
McGee. Richard B., 356 
McGill, Kent H., 356 
McGmnis, Keith M., 361 
McGlaughon, H. King, 347 
McGontge, Cathy A., 347 
McGrady, Rebecca L, 347 
McGregor, Elizabeth S., 356 
McGuire, Carol A., 347 
McGuin, Jerry L, 347 
McHarge, David M., 338 
Mcllwam, Nancy F, 338 
Mcintosh, Donald M.. 356 
Mclntyre. Michael K. 338 
McKaughan. Susan H.. 347 
McKay. Roben W.. 338 
McKee. Katherme L. 356 
McKetl. Janet R. 338 
McKeithan. Margaret K. 356 
McKmney. Denise L. 347 
McKntght, Harold ft. 347 
McLamh. Charles H . 356 
McLamb. Teresa A.. 338 
McUugUin. Jean W . 356 
McLaunn. Teresa K. 356 
McLendon. Mae B.. 356 
McLeod.John B.. 347 
McLeod. Sharon M.. 347 
McMahon, Larry D., 338 
McMurray, Timothy J.. 347 
McNair.J. Frank, 347 

McNeal, Rand E. 347 
McNeill, Richard E, 347 
McNeill, Ronald ft.. 347 
McNew, Janet M . 356 
McPeten.Janine E. 347 
McPhail. Neil, 361 
McPhatter. Dans A.. 338 
McPhaul. Richard M.. 347 
McPhenon. James R. 356 
McPherson. RilaJ.. 347 
McRai.John W.. 338 
McSwatn. Patnaa L., 356 
McVickers. Charles T. 347 
Meaeham. Jerry W.. 338 
Meacham. Joseph T.. 356 
Meade. Roger J.. 356 
Meade. Susan F . 356 
Mradon. Waller V.. 361 
Mecuiotvs. Debbie. 356 
Means. Charles R. 338 
Means. GlonaJ. 347 
Meares. Mary C. 356 
Medford. Michael T„ 356 
Medlm, Gary M., 361 
Medlm. Stephen L. 356 
Medlm, William G. 338 
Meier. Cathenne V.. 356 
Melm. Ronald R. 347 
Melton.JaniceS. 356 
Melvtn. Cathy L. 347 
Mendenhall. Larry I.. 356 
Mercer. Henry M.. 356 
Memcks. Elizabeth L., 356 
Memll, William A.. 361 
Memlt. Roger W.. 347 
Memll. Ronald W.. 338 
Messenger. Gary H.. 356 
Messenger, Manon E, 338 
Metzger. Cathenne C. 356 
Mewbom. Barbara R. 338 
Mewbom. E. Brantley. 356 
Michael. Kalhenne M., 347 
Mickle, ManhaJ.. 347 
Middleton. Woodford R, 347 
Midgetl. Timothy W., 338 
Midgette, Steven F., 347 
Mighell. Mary J.. 347 
Miles. Abby D.. 356 
Miles. Sylvia M.. 356 
Miller, Ann H, 356 
Miller, Bobby E, 347 
Miller. Charles F. 356 
Miller. CheryUJ-. 361 
Miller. Dona R. 356 
Miller. Emesl D.. 356 
Miller. Gary M.. 356 
Miller. Geoffry L. 356 
Miller, Karen E, 347 
Miller, Leanne, 347 
Miller, MelanieJ., 338 
Miller, Michael C. 356 
Miller. Many G. 361 
Miller. Paul E. 356 
Miller. Ross. 347 
Miller. Stephen W.. 338 
Millikm. William G, 356 
MiUinder. Lucy F. 338 
Mills, Janet L. 347 
Mills, Janice L, 338 
Mills, Linda K, 347 
Mish, Susan J., 338 
Mitcham. Pamela S.. 347 
Mitchell. Charles G., 338 
Mitchell. Eleanor C, 338 
Mitchell, Gaye. 356 
Mitchell, Katherme E, 347 
Mitchell, Mary A., 356 
Mitchell, Reginald E, 347 
Mitchell, Richard L, 338 
Mitchell, Stephen R, 356 
Mitchell, WiUiam D., 338 
Mitchmer, Joseph H., 356 
Mixon, Larry W., 356 

Mock. Michael L. 338 
Moczei. Harry W.. 347 
Moffitl. William R.. 356 
Molen. Frtdenck K.. 338 
Molen.John K. 347 
Monroe. Betty M.. 356 
Montague. Jerry J.. 338 
Moody. David S. 356 
Mooneyham. Janice A.. 356 
Moore. Bessie D-. 338 
Moore. Danny W.. 347 
Moon. Donna J.. 338 
Moon. George £. 356 
Moon. James F. 356 
Moon. Jane W.. 357 
Moon. Janie E. 338 
Moon. Mary J . 357 
Moon. Richard F. 338 
Moon. Robert J. 357 
Moore. Sue W. 347 
Moon. Susan K. 357 
Moon. Warren H. 357 
Moonng. Betty J . 357 
Morgan. Carolyn S.. 357 
Morgan. Danny C. 347 
Morgan. Donald ft.. 357 
Morgan. Herman G.. 357 
Morgan. John W.. 338 
Morgan. Roger D.. 357 
Morgan. Stella ft.. 338 
Morgan. Wesley K. 338 
Moms. Donald J.. 338 
Moms. James T. 357 
Moms. Jennifer C. 357 
Moms. Phillip K, 347 
Moms, Samuel J , 338 
Moms. Thomas V., 347 
Moms, Tncia A.. 357 
Morrison. Janet H.. 338 
Morrison. Linda S., 338 
Morrow. Ann E. 338 
Morrow. Marguente P.. 347 
Mone. Ula V..357 
Monon. James M. 357 
Morton. Nancy B . 357 
Moseley. Michael. 338 
Moser. Martha A.. 347 
Moser. Robert L. 338 
Moser. Steven E. 347 
Moss, James R. 347 
Moll. Deery. 347 
Moysakts. Gus P . 347 
Mozmgo. Patnaa A . 338 
MuUis. Danny H.. 338 
Mukadam. .ibdul S.. 357 
Murdock. Beverly G.. 357 
Murdoct. Em C. 357 
Murray. Dan R. 361 
Murray. Lillian M.. 338 
Muse. Teresa A . 338 
Musgrote. .Martha A.. 338 
Musselwhite. Carolyn R. 357 
Musselwhile. Roben R.. 357 
Mym. Arthur L. 338 
Myen. Ronnie D.. 338 


Nagle. Barbara E. 338 
Nagle. Roben W., 357 
Na;;ar Sally, 357 
Nance. Janes A.. 338 
Nance. Sandra N.. 361 
Nanney. Allan D . 338 
Nash. Camlyn J.. 338 
Nasi. Jacqueline A.. 357 
Navey. Liane. 357 
Naylar. Wanda M.. 338 
Naylor. Debra L. 347 
Neal. Ben L. 347 
Neal. Dianne E. 347 
Neal, Kenneth A.. 338 

Neeljohn ft., 338 
Nelson, EdwaniD.. 361 
Nelson. Nell G.. 338 
Nelson. Paula L. 347 
Nengte. Cynthia L. 338 
Nesbilt.John D. 357 
Nesheim. Steven R. 357 
Nevtns. Chnsttne A-. 357 
Newland. Joseph N.. 338 
Newlm. Garland I'., 357 
Newlin, Margie A., 347 
Newman, Lirula F., 347 
Neurman. Lindsay. 338 
Newnam. Anhur W-, 357 
Newsome. Calhey £.. 357 
Newsome, Johnny L., 357 
Newton, Jean L, 361 
Newton, Roben L. 347 
Nichelson. Sue. 347 
Nichols. Ernest D.. 347 
Nicholson. Esther £.. 338 
Nickles. Sidney T. 357 
Nifong, Paul D , 338 
Niller, Russell D., 357 
Nipper, Richard M, 357 
Nrnen, Larry W.. 347 
Nixon, Kalhleen A., 357 
Noble, Deborah A-, 357 
Noble. Jerry W., 338 
Nobles. Leslie D.. 347 
Noneman.Jack W-. 357 
Norman. Barbara A.. 347 
Norman. Charles H.. 347 
Norman. Frtdenck S.. 338 
Norman. Lewis A.. 347 
Norman. Nancy A., 357 
Norman, Ray, 357 
Noms. Jeffenon L, 357 
Nonh. Hamet J.. 347 
Nonhey. Laura H. 357 
Northey. Mary V.. 338 
Nunck. Aaron J.. 357 

Oakes. Rickey S, 338 
Oakley, Gerald N., 357 
Oakley, Wanda S, 357 
O'Bnen, William J., 347 
Ockerman. Edwin F.. 347 
O'Connor. .Mary E. 357 
O'Connor Michael W.. 348 
Oddo. Kalhleen A. 357 
Ogbum, David H.. 348 
Ogle. Buddy, 338 
Oldham. John S, 338 
Oldham. Richard W.. 338 
Olive. George H. 357 
Oliver. Charles S. 361 
Oliver. Pamela. 338 
Ollis.Jock P.. 348 
Olynick.John M. 357 
O'Neal. James H. 357 
O'Neal. Michael E. 357 
0pp. Janet E.. 357 
O'Reilly. Roben ft.. 357 
Orren. Victona M.. 348 
Osbom. James G. 348 
Osbom. Norman ft.. 339 
Osborne. Peter F.. 357 
Owens, Vance M., 348 
Ozment, Charles T, 357 

Pace, George W.. 357 
Pace. Robert T. 361 
Pace. Thomas. 357 
Pacenta. Mary E. 339 
Padnck. Kenneth M . 339 

Pag,. Men A., 339 
Pagi, JrrroU K, 339 
Page. Sinm D., 348 
Paige, Wtlliam E. 348 
PainUT, WiUiam K., 339 
ParaJae. Merry D., 3il 
Paramorr. Waller H., 3S7 
Pardue, Donna S.. 348 
Parham, Lua C. 348 
Pari. David K.. 348 
Parker. Barbara A.. 348 
Parker. Diane S.. 339 
Parker. Ellon C. 348 
Parker. Jane E, 3i7 
Parker. John J.. )i7 
Parker. Ronald E. 337 
Parks. Douglas M., 3i7 
Parks. Gary H.. 339 
PamfU. Laura H.. J57 
Pams. Sleven 0.. 339 
Parsons. CharltsJ., 3i7 
Paschal. Robert C. 339 
PascuUis. Mana C, 3)7 
Posey, Maniyn J., 339 
Palch. Charla S., 348 
Pale. Sheila D.. 339 
Palterson. babelle S., 348 
Pallerson. Maryann £., 337 
Pallerson. Thomas C, 339 
Pallon. Joseph Y.. 339 
Pallon. Mary A., 339 
Paul. Evelyn R. 339 
Paxlon, Thomas A., 339 
Payne. Danny J.. 337 
Payne. Franc M.. 348 
Payne, Robert L. 348 
Peacock, Pamela G., 339 
Pearsall, Ben A., 348 
Pealross. Eddie. 348 
Peden. Elizabeth E, 337 
Peden, James G, 339 
Peel. Sheila H. 337 
Peele, Jimmy R, 348 
Peele, Warren R, 348 
Pegg.John C,348 
Pegram. Kalhryn W., 337 
Pegram. Peggy D., 348 
PelUr. Carolyn A., 339 
Pemkenon, (Zathy W., 348 
Penland, Anne E, 339 
Pennington. Palncia. 337 
Penny. Patnna A.. 348 
Penry, Texte L. 337 
Penry, William G., 339 
Perdue. Stephen D.. 339 
Perez-M. Evantsta V., 34S 
Perkins, Bonnie L, 337 
Perry, Jack S.. 337 
Perry, Janet L, 361 
Perry, Madeline K., 337 
Perry, Michael C. 339 
Perry, Son/a M., 339 
Perry, Warren S, 348 
Petrte. Kalhryn R., 343 
Petteway, Margaret G., 348 
Petty. Donna K., 337 
Peyton, Emily A., 348 
Pfaff, Dale A, 348 
Pharr, Ann L. 337 
Phelps. Kermil S., 339 
Phillips, Ann E. 348 
Phillips, Charles C, 337 
Phillips, John S., 337 
Phillips, Julius C, 348 
Phillips, Philip J., 339 
Phillips, Raymond C, 339 
Phillips, William G., 339 
Pickard Jefferson E, 348 
Pickard, Sharon M., 337 
Pickard. William W., 361 
Pickens. Ona M., 348 
Pierce, Beverly J., 337 
Pierce, Brenda C, 339 

Pierce, James, 339 
Pigford, SeUen D., 337 
Pilson, Dale B., 361 
Pilson, Janice S.. 339 
Piner, Patty J.. 348 
Pipkin, Samuel M., 348 
Plltman. Bennett P., 339 
Piltman. David «'., 337 
Plltman. Robert B.. 361 
Plltman. Rose M., 337 
Pills. J. Douglas. 339 
Pitts. Unda, 337 
Pitts, Ralph A., 339 
Pitts, Sandra K., 348 
Piver, Alexa E. 348 
Pleasant. Roger J., 337 
Pleasants, Carol A., 348 
Plonk. Mary L, 337 
Plummer, Charles M-, 337 
Plyler, William T., 337 
Poindexler, Dale B., 337 
Pomdexter, Edwin L., 337 
Polk, Deborah C, 339 
Ponder, Dianne C, 361 
Ponter, Leon £, 339 
Ponzer, Grace S., 361 
Pool. Michael L, 337 
Pope, James W, 339 
Pope, Suzanne T., 337 
Porter, Hal S, 337 
Porter, Pamela L, 339 
Porter, William S., 339 
Post, Sharon C, 337 
Poteat, Donna M. 339 
Potter, Lynwood A., 348 
Pout, Kathenne S., 339 
Powell, David W., 348 
Powell, Errol H, 337 
Powell, Sarah E. 361 
Powers, Darrell L. 339 
Pratt, Richard G.. 337 
Prebula, Mary A., 339 
PmcotI, William 0., 337 
Preslar, Marsha C. 339 
Presnell, Lacy M.. 337 
Press, Dennis A., 339 
Presson. Charles E, 337 
Presson, Sandra D., 337 
Price, Harvey C, 348 
Price, Judilh E, 348 
Price, Susan P.. 348 
Price, Thomas W., 361 
Pride, Carolyn K., 339 
Pndgen, Allen W., 348 
Pndgen, Beverly J.. 339 
Pndgen, Pansy P., 348 
Pnmm, Mark D., 348 
Pntchard. Beverly H., 337 
Proaor. Graver B., 337 
Proctor, Margaret M., 348 
Profenius. Robin S., 337 
Propp, Gay N . 337 
Pruden. Helen G., 337 
Pruelt, Kenneth R., 348 
Pugh. Charles B-, 337 
Pugh, Lucye G.. 361 
Pulignano, Nick V., 348 
Pullen, Mary E. 348 
Pupa, Walter R, 339 
Purcell, Gary R, 348 
Putnam, David L, 338 
Putnam, Joe ft, 339 

Quillin, Brenda J., 339 
Qumn, Darlene, 339 
Qumn. Marlene. 339 
Qumn, Willard L, 338 

Rackley, Carolyn J., 339 
Radford, Jacqueline A., 348 
Rainey, Patnaa A., 339 
Rains, Milly C, 339 
Ramsay, Kerr C, 339 
Ramsay, Martha J., 338 
Ramseur, V'alone E., 348 
Ramsey, Elizabeth A., 34S 
Rand, George, 338 
Rand, William K., 348 
Randolph. Thomas N. C. 339 
Rankin. Ann W., 339 
Ransdell. Johnny, 348 
Rapier, Bill R, 339 
Rapp, Daniel E, 339 
Rawlmgs. Peter C, 339 
Rawson,Jane C, 339 
Ray, Bumes L, 348 
Ray, Kalhy B., 34S 
Ray, Kenneth C. 348 
Ray, Larry H., 339 
Ray, Mary K, 339 
Ray, Sandra M., 338 
Raymer, Lawrence M., 338 
Raymer, William M., 348 
Raynor, Leighton A., 338 
Read, J Pendleton, 338 
Reasoner, Bonnie K., 348 
Reaves, Patnna, 348 
Rector, Melva A., 348 
Redding. James L, 34B 
Rldfeam. Rosalind M., 338 
Redman, Margaret J., 339 
Redman, Kevin K., 348 
Reed, Betty S.. 339 
Reed, Charles N., 339 
Reeder, Carolyn L. 338 
Reels, Evanglene. 339 
Reese, Jerry A., 348 
Reeves, Grayson L, 339 
Regan, Cabell J., 348 
Regis, Jan M., 348 
Reid, Cherry A., 361 
Reilly,Jm T.. 348 
Reins, Donna E, 348 
Reintjes, Anne K. 338 
Reisenvweaver, Jane L., 339 
Ressner. Frank F, 338 
Reter. David B., 339 
Revelle. Charla L. 348 
Reynolds. Ava. 338 
Reynolds. Douglas S., 338 
Reynolds. Peter A.. 339 
Reynolds. Roger N.. 361 
Reznick, James S., 338 
Rhamy, Ann J., 339 
Rhmehardt, William, 338 
Rhoades, Ronald D„ 348 
Rhoads, Bonnie M., 338 
Rhodes, Harry S., 338 
Rhodes, Robin E. 348 
Rhodes, Susan E, 348 
Rice, Janice L, 339 
Rice, Nancy E., 348 
Rich, Susan D., 338 
Richards, Eddie C, 338 
Richards, Susan A., 338 
Richardson, Curtis E, 361 
Richardson. James D., 339 
Richardson. John A.. 348 
Richardson. Michael M.. 338 
Richardson. Roy W., 348 
Rickman, Dennis W., 338 
Rickman. Mary K, 338 
Ricks, Robert M., 339 
Riddick, Kathy A., 339 
Rlddick, Wayne T, 348 
Riera. Lourdes, 348 
Rierson. Michael D., 339 
Riggstee, Becky. 348 
Riley, BennteJ., 348 


Riley. Clark T. 361 
Riley. Neta V.. 338 
Ripley, Carol E, 348 
Ripley. Vickie C. 361 
Ripple, Karen E, 338 
Risnes, Alesia K. 338 
Rivers. Robert A., 338 
Roach, Elizabeth B., 361 
:, Alan D., 339 
i, Alma B., 338 
I. Beverly H, 339 
r, Karen W., 348 
i, Joseph C.,338 
:, Larry E, 348 
:, Maxine G, 338 
I, Wilbur G., 338 
Roberson, David A., 338 
Roberson, Pamela L., 360 
Roberts, Douglas C, 338 
Roberts, Margaret P., 338 
Roberts, Sarah E., 339 
Robertson. Oleste A., 348 
Robertson. George D., 338 
Robertson, John W., 338 
Robertson, Nana T, 348 
Robertson, Richard L, 348 
Robinson, Barbara E., 338 
Robinson, Robert D., 339 
Robinson, Robert L, 339 
Robinson, William H., 361 
Rodden, Richard A., 338 
Rodenbeci, William E., 338 
Ralgers, Patnaa A, 348 
Rodgers, Weslie A., 339 
Rodman, Mary H., 339 
Rogers, Cathy J., 338 
Rogers, Charles H., 348 
Rogers, Eleanor S., 338 
Rogers, John P., 338 
Rogers, Mary A., 348 
Rogers, Roger B., 338 
Rogers. Stephen D., 338 
Rojas. Teresa M., 361 
Rollins, Beverly E, 348 
Rollins, Sara K. 348 
Rose, Dudley H.. 339 
Rose, Nancy K, 348 
Rosemond, Julian B., 339 
Ross, Helen I., 339 
Roth, Catherine A., 338 
Rothrock, Susan R., 338 
Rountree, Charles S., 338 
Rountree. Joseph D., 348 
Rowland. Albert T. 348 
Rowland. Debby A., 338 
Rowland, Thomas J., 336 
Rozier, Cynthia S., 336 
Rudd, Cathy J.. 339 
Rudd. Mary C. 339 
Ruehlen, Robert N., 339 
Pullman, Elizabeth IF., 338 
Russell, Inn F.. 338 
Russell, Janice F, 348 
Ryan, Bndget A., 348 
Ryan, Palncia £,, 339 
Ryder, Cathenne M.. 338 

Sadler, Edward R, 339 
Sadler, John W., 338 
Salem. Ronald P. 361 
Salzberg, Bambi L. 348 
Samet, Marsha E, 338 
Samuetsan, Kathleen P., 348 
Sanders, Deborah 5., 348 
Sanford. Deborah L, 348 
Saretlo. Victona M., 339 
Sarlm. Becky L, 338 
Sasser. Henry D.. 338 
Saviteer. Peter L, 339 

Sawyer, Winifred M., 348 
Saxon, John D., 361 
Schenck, Alexander L. 338 
Schiller, Lloyd B., 338 
Schlact, S. Alan. 339 
Schoen, Susan, 338 
Schoenheil, John W., 348 
SchoU, James H., 339 
Schultz. William R., 348 
Schumacher, Charles A., 338 
Schwartz, Margaret A., 348 
Scoggtns, Marvin G, 339 
Scott, Carolee, 338 
Scott, J. Adnan D., 348 
Scott, Margaret L, 338 
Scott, Rebecca A.. 339 
Scott, Roderick K., 339 
Scott, Sandra D., 339 
Scott, Susan K, 338 
Scavel, Calvin L. 349 
Seagle, James H, 349 
Seay, Jane P., 338 
Seegars. Margaret E,, 340 
Seegan, Neat W., 349 
Segraves, Cathy J., 340 
Seilz, Thomas C. 349 
Semes, Robert S, 349 
Senter, Sara E. 338 
Sercy, Norman W., 349 
Sessoms, Cnsti K, 338 
Settle, Kathenne S., 349 
Setzer, Elizabeth ft. 340 
SewelLJohn ft, 349 
Sewell, Michael L. 340 
Sewell, Teresa Y., 361 
Seymour. Jo Ann, 361 
Shaffer. Diane M., 340 
Shaffer. Pamela A., 338 
Shank. Michael E, 340 
Shannon, Cynthia J., 338 
Shannon, Elizabeth A., 340 
Shapiro, Carol A., 338 
Shapiro, Stanton J., 338 
Sharpe, Gail C, 340 
Sharpe, Robert S., 338 
Shaver, Dehra A.. 349 
Shaw, Edward S., 340 
Shaw, James W., 349 
Shaw, Sarah E. 338 
Sheann, Deborah A., 349 
Sheann. Maunce L., 340 
Sheann. Susan P., 338 
Sheffield, Stephen P. 349 
Shehan. Nina Elizabeth, 361 
Shelton, Grtsham L., 340 
Shelton, Margaret A., 338 
Shelton, Rebecca E, 338 
Shelton, Steie M., 349 
Shepherd, Hurley S., 338 
Sheppard, Carole L, 340 
Sherman, Jan E, 349 
Shermer, Eleanor J.. 338 
Shemll. Edward G. 338 
Shemll, Joseph E, 349 
Shields, Duane R., 340 
Shtnn, Cynthia E., 361 
Shipman, William S., 349 
Shirley, Pamela B., 338 
Shoaf, Richard N, 340 
Shoe, George D., 338 
Shoecraft, Bruce R. 340 
Shoffner, Kathenne J., 340 
Shook. Diann C. 338 
Shook. Emma L, 340 
Shore, Kathy C, 349 
Shore, Martha E, 349 
Shorkley. Dean K, 349 
Short, Richard A., 340 
Short, Robin L, 338 
Showfety, Charles E. 340 
Shrum, Elizabeth L., 338 
Shull, Mary H, 349 
Shumaker, Susan G., 340 

Suks, Rotm D.. 349 
Surrr, Sal/y M.. 33S 
Siewers. Mary A.. 358 
Sigmm. BiUii P. 349 
Sigmtm, Rjcbard L.. 358 
SiUmcn.Jahn W-. 358 
Siha. Palnaa E. 358 
Silvrr, Marti A-. 349 
Silverthome, Nancy C, 349 
Simmtn. Caroline M.. 349 
Simmons. Harry Q., 340 
Simmons, Jack T , 358 
Simmons, Mona £,. 349 
Simmoru, Rex A., 358 
Simmons, Troy H.. 349 
Simons, Alan M., 358 
Simpson. John D.. 340 
Singleton. Cynthia K., 358 
Sinhel. Diani M., 340 
Sink. Mark A., 340 
Sito. EJward K. 340 
Sitton. William L, 340 
Sketls, Carol E., 349 
Skeen, DonaU C. 349 
Slaughter, Michael T. 340 
Slmgluff, Robert D.. 349 
Stipher, Russell E, 340 
Sloan. Kimerly V , 340 
Sloan. Michael C , 340 
Sloop, Barry S, 358 
Sloop. David A.. 358 
Slolt. Nancy E, 340 
Small, Unda L. 340 
Smawley, Robert V.. 340 
Smeallit, John E, 358 
Smith, Agnes C, 358 
Smith, Amelia i, 349 
Smith. Barry K., 358 
Smith. Bert S., 358 
Smith. Cathy C. 358 
Smith. Ceal M.. 340 
Smith. Charles A.. 358 
Smith. Clayton J.. 361 
Smith. Darlene C. 358 
Smith. Deborah J.. 340 
Smith. DoanU L, 358 
Smith. Forrest L, 358 
Smith. Glenda H., 358 
Smith. Glynts R. 340 
Smith. Harry M.. 340 
Smith. Jant H. 359 
Smith. Karen L. 340 
Smith. Keith £., 359 
Smith. Kenneth IT., 340 
Smith. Kent L, 359 
Smith. Ussa K, 349 
Smith, Michael V., 340 
Smith, Nancy J.. 349 
Smith, Robert E. 340 
Smith. Ronald S. 349 
Smith, Susan C. 359 
Smith, Thomas H. 359 
Smith. Virginia D.. 349 
Smith. Waller P . 340 
Smith. William B.. 349 
Smilhson. Paul C. 359 
Smoak. David C. 359 
Smoot. Alvas P. 359 
Sneed.Jame C, 359 
SneU, Leslie A . 340 
Snider. Lewis £., 349 
Snipes. William E. 340 
Snilzer. Lee H., 340 
Snow, James M., 359 
Snow. Keilh D.. 340 
Snypes. James R. 340 
Soeder. Creig.J.. 340 
Soloman. S. Paula, 359 
Sorce. Pamela J., 359 
Sorrell.JesseJ.. 359 
Souu, DonaU R. 340 
Southerland. Prances L. 359 
Soyars. Donna L. 361 

Soyars, Ray £, 340 
Spam. Ronald D.. 340 
Spangler. Beth G.. 359 
Sparrow. Lisa J.. 349 
Spean, Benjamm E, 349 
Spears. Larry 0.. 361 
Speck. Ellen E. 349 
Spell. Randy B.. 359 
Spence.John W.. 340 
Spence. Mary J.. 340 
Spenct. Susan L. 359 
Spencer. Barbara L. 349 
Spencer, Glenda K. 349 
Springs. Celia A.. 359 
Springs. Randall T. 349 
Sprinkle. Susan C. 359 
SpruiU. MarjoneJ.. 3)9 
Sprunt. Sue J.. 359 
Spumer. David S. 349 
Squires. Larry A.. 349 
Srebro. James P.. 340 
Stadiem. Arthur M.. 349 
Stadler. Gary L. 340 
Stafford. Gary R., 359 
Stafford. Jane R, 340 
Stafford, Sharon P.. 349 
Stafford, Willie R. 340 
StaUings. Mavoumem H.. 361 
Stallings. Rebecca. 359 
Stalvry. Ruth G. 340 
Stam. Carl L. 340 
Stanback. Philippa C. 361 
Stanford. E Ray. 340 
Slang. Howard J.. 359 
Stanley. John Hayward. 359 
Stanton, Edna L. 340 
Starlmg. John N.. 349 
Starling. Margaret J., 359 
Stames. David E, 340 
Starves, Lana L. 359 
Stebbins. EJward M.. 349 
Sleelman. Bla E. 359 
Stem. Barbara M, 349 
Slemsberger, Cheryl M., 340 
Stephens. Barbara A , 359 
Stephens. Claudia W., 349 
Stephens. Henry H.. 359 
Stephens. Jeffrey L. 359 
Stephens, Luanda A.. 340 
Stephenson. Amy C. 340 
Stephenson. Pamela J.. 340 
Stephenson. William E. 340 
Steward. Anthony R. M.. 359 
Steward. Boyd C, 349 
Stewart, Charles T.. 359 
Stewart. Dannie L. 359 
Stewart, Deborah A., 340 
Stewart, Elizabeth S., 359 
Stewart, George C. 349 
Stewart. Henry L. 361 
Stewart. Robert S.. 340 
Stewart. Teresa B., 359 
Stiles. Alan D. 349 
Slockard. Henry J., 340 
Slogner. Larry N., 359 
Stoker, John T.. 349 
Slollmack. Peter J.. 359 
Stone. Thomas L. 359 
Stonnell. Michael C. 359 
Stony. Irond L. 349 
Stottlemyer. Peggy L. 340 
Stoudemire. George A-. 359 
Stout. Marty R, 340 
Strader. Elizabeth S.. 359 
Strader. James B., 359 
Strain, Charles D . 340 
Strandberg, Betsy D., 340 
Stratford, Michael C. 340 
Stravsser, Glen P., 340 
Strayhom. Donleen C. 359 
Strayhom. Gregory. 359 
Stnib. Bonnie L, 349 
Strtlaw.Jane A. 340 

Stnblmg, Catherine R.. 359 
Stnbling. Charles J., 340 
Stroud. Kathryn M.. 349 
Stroud. Rebecca L. 340 
Stroup, Kenneth E. 340 
Strunk. Raymond M.. 340 
Stuart. David B. 359 
Stuart. Nancy N., 359 
Stuntz. Rebecca L. 349 
Suhart, Daniel R. 349 
Suiter, Susan P, 359 
Sullivan. Charles C. 340 
Summers, BrendaJ., 359 
Summersett, Ins M., 349 
Sumner. Robert T . 340 
Sumrell. Rachil L. 349 
Sullies. Robert W., 349 
Sutton, Deborah K, 349 
Sutton, Winifred A., 340 
Swann. Elllaheth P.. 340 
Swartz. Eva C. 340 
Sweet. Richard A.. 359 
Swicegood. Jeffery R.. 349 
Swift. Charles R. 349 
Swindell, Edward V., 349 
Swinford. Susan A . 349 
Sydnor. Charles W , 349 
Syket, William B.. 359 
Synan.John W., 359 

Tabor. Dana D.. 349 
Takevchi. Fumitashi. 349 
TaJley. Michael W.. 349 
Tankard. Harvey W.. 340 
Tansey. Ann K., 359 
Tapp. Sally E. 340 
Tart. Thomas H.. 349 
Tate. Michael N., 340 
Taylor. Barry S., 349 
Taylor. Charles N., 359 
Taylor. Dons A.. 361 
Taylor, Elizabeth S., 359 
Taylor. Martha S. 340 
Taylor, Ronald J., 340 
Taylor, Susan S., 359 
Taylor, William W.. 359 
Teague. Betsy L. 340 
Teasley. Barry H, 359 
Temin. Barbara N., 349 
Temple. Thelma K.. 359 
Temple. Vicky L. 359 
Tenney. Juliann. 359 
Terrell. Monty G , 361 
Tew. Idell A., 359 
Thamngton, Barry D.. 349 
Thamngton, Sandra F., 359 
Thaw. Ellen. 349 
Thigpen.Joel T, 349 
Thtgpen, Wilton A-, 340 
Thomas. Cynthia L. 340 
Thomas. Daniel W.. 340 
Thomas. John B. R.. 359 
Thomas. Johnnye L.. 349 
Thomas. Karen D . 361 
Thomas. Mark Alexander, 340 
Thomas. Michael A.. 359 
Thomas. Nancy G. 349 
Thomas. Wayne C. 359 
Thomas. William M.. 349 
Thomassen. Henry S.. 340 
Thomasson. Linda G. 340 
Thompson, Craig T., 359 
Thompson, Frank R. 340 
Thompson, Gay R, 359 
Thompson, Gayle P, 350 
Thompson, George K.. 359 
Thompson. J. Michael, 349 
Thompson. Jeffrey A., 340 
Thompson. Margaret A., 359 

Thompson, Peter C. 340 
Thompson. Ronald M.. 359 
Thompson. Rasa E. 340 
Thompson. Samuel A- III. 359 
Thompson, ['ictona L., 340 
Thome. Barbara K.. 359 
Thorp. Lewis S . 340 
Thrtalt. Karen L. 361 
Thrower, Donald R., 361 
Thuotle. Roger M.. 349 
Thurman, FAward B , 340 
Tlllery. Elizabeth M. 349 
Tillett. Franklin N.. 340 
Tilley. Daphiru T., 349 
Tilley. Robert S., 349 
Tilley, William S.. 340 
Tillman. Godfrey R.. 361 
Tillman, Judith L , 340 
Tippett, Robert C, 341 
TisdaU, Alfred E III. 349 
Todd. Genua C, 349 
Todd. Jack W. Jr. 341 
Todd. Joe A. 361 
Todd. Leslie K. 349 
Todd. Rebecca B.. 341 
Tolan. Hal D. 349 
Tompkins. John F. 349 
Tonan. Lisa M.. 349 
Touloupas, Celia A.. 341 
Toussaint. Laune A., 341 
Townsend. Kay A.. 341 
Trent. Cynthia Y , 349 
Trevathan, Thomas F.. 359 
Tnce, Linda A.. 349 
Tnebert. Russell B. 349 
Tnpp. Palncia A, 359 
Tron, Laura A., 349 
Troost, Ckorge R. 341 
Trotter. John C. 349 
Troxler, Lacy C Jr. 341 
Troxler, Sharon G. 349 
Tubbs. Leonora M . 359 
Tucker. Edwin D. B.. 359 
Tucker, Jane 1.349 
Tucker, Jerry L, 341 
Tucker, Thomas G. 341 
Tudor, Jane S., 341 
Tulloch. Elizabeth P.. 359 
Tunstall, Earl W . 341 
Turlington, Edwin K. 359 
Turlington, Rebecca S , 349 
Turner, Andrew J , 349 
Turner, Anne C R . 341 
Turner. Charlotte A., 359 
Turner. Christopher D-, 349 
Turner. Debbie S.. 349 
Turner. Donna M.. 341 
Turner, Mary M.. 341 
Turner. Richard K., 350 
Turner. Robert F. 350 
Turner. Scoti A., 341 
Turner. Thomas J.. 350 
Turner. Thomas T., 359 
Tultle, Gregory H.. 350 
Tutlle, Jeffery L. 341 
Tuyne, Becky S. 350 
Tyndall. James D. 361 
Tyson, Henry .M /;. 359 
Tyson, Manetla. 341 


Ulmer. William J Jr. 359 
Umsuad.john R Jr. 341 
Underwood. Randall A.. 35 
Upchurch. Joseph D. Jr.. 35 
Upchurch. Pamela J.. 361 
Ussery, Garland L. 359 
Ulley, Lmda H.. 341 

Valenstein. Unda N.. 359 
VanHoy. Carta A.. 350 
Vanhoy, Mary J.. 359 
VanVelsor. Christina F.. 350 
Vatcher. Waller W.. 350 
Vaughan. Donald R. , 350 
Vaughan, Richard D.. 341 
Vaughn. Fred T. Jr.. 341 
Vaughn. Patnce A. 341 
Vaughl. R. Cameron. 359 
Veasey. Bobbie J- , 359 
Verzaal, Mary C. 359 
Vesler. Franklin P.. 341 
Vinston. Nellie i. 350 
Vlachas. Johnny T.. 361 
Vogel. Hans P, 341 
Vogel. Paul W. Jr. 350 
Vogler. Enock E Jr. 359 
Voight. Ralph W.. 359 
Voncannon. Mary S.. 350 
Vong. Sandra J.. 359 


Waddell. Frances E. 341 
Waddell. Hal G, 341 
Waddell, Jill, 350 
Wade, Charlotte P., 350 
Wade. James A. Jr. 359 
Wade. Joseph H. 359 
Wagers. Margaret H.. 350 
Waggy. Jo Allen. 350 
Wagoner. Leo W. Jr. 341 
Wagstaff, Robert M. Jr, 341 
Walker. Arlene E. 341 
Walker. Colin, 350 
Walker. Ginger A.. 350 
Walker, Glen W.. 361 
Walker, Richard E, 359 
Walker, William A. 359 
Walker. William T. Jr. 341 
WaU. Stephen N. 341 
Wallace. Julia H.. 350 
Wallace. William P.. 350 
Walker. Ray. 350 
Walston.John T. 350 
Walslon. Martha K. 359 
Walters. Jo Ella 341 
Walthall. Julius B.. 341 
Ward. Larry B.. 359 
Ward. Linda R. 341 
Ward. Mary R. 350 
Ward, .\fitchell K. 341 
Ward. Rebecca V.. 341 
Ward. Richard T. 350 
Ward. Thomas M.. 350 
Ware. James R. 359 
Warfel. William J., 350 
Warren, Anne W, 341 
Warren, Betsy F, 359 
Warren, Edgar D.. 341 
Warren. Fred D.. 341 
Warren. Jerald M.. 350 
Warren. Joseph D.. 341 
Warren. Lewis H.. 341 
Warren. Susan F. 3iO 
Wamck. Bngid K. 341 
Washington. Carolyn Y.. 341 
Washington. Randall L. 341 
Wasson. Daryl V. 341 
Waters. Harold L Jr. 350 
Waters. Jennifer M.. 350 
Waters. Unda C. 350 
Waters. Susan R. 359 
Watktns. Thomas C. 359 
Watkins. William M. Ill, 341 
Watson. Dovey £., 359 
Watson. Sherry D.. 341 
Watson. Van S. III. 359 
Watson. Vic R. 350 


Wallm. Bizattlh G.. 3i9 
VianI, Brmda C. 360 
Vunt.J Carvl H., 361 
Weaver, Edward Jr., 360 
Weaver. Jane L. 3 SO 
Weaver. Reagan H.. 360 
Weaver. Robert R.. 341 
Weaver. Teresa L. 360 
Weavll. KulhyJ.. 3i0 
Webb. Bever/y B.. 360 
Webb. David N.. 341 
Webb. George D.. 3iO 
Webb. Glona R. 3iO 
Webb. James B.. 360 
Webster. Susan P.. 341 
WeekUy. Nancy L. 360 
Weeks. James Otis. 360 
Weeks, Louue H.. 341 
Weir. Samuel L. 360 
Weisner. Rickey C. 360 
Wethom. Frantlm W. II. 3}0 
Welbom. Glona A., 3S0 
Welch, Christopher D., 341 
Wellman. Thomas H., 360 
Wells, Gary K., 360 
Wells, John K, J50 
Wertheim, Deborah A.. 341 
Weislmg, Diane L, 360 
Wesslmg, Gregory J.. 350 
Wesson. Lynn £,, 341 
West. Dennis L. 341 
West. Hubert Allen Jr. 360 
West. Patsi N.. 360 
Westall, Woodrow H. Jr., 341 
Weston, Mar/one L.. 360 
WhaJey. Frances D.. 361 
WhaJey. Gary M.. 3>0 
WheeUr. Grady J.. 360 
Wheeler. Joseph G.. 341 
WheeUr. Kay M.. 3iO 
Wheeler. Warren L, 360 
Wheller, Jackie R., 341 
Whicker, Mark L. 360 
Whitaker. John P.. 341 
Whllaker. Paul S. 341 
Whltater. Roy Jr. 341 
While. Alice M.. 350 
White. Cheryl D.. 341 
White. Edith C. 341 

While, L Wray, 341 
While, Lucy G., 360 
White, Nettie £, 360 
White. Philip C. 350 
White. Rebecca L, 341 
White. Robert L Jr. 360 
White. Sharon D.. 360 
White, Sidney E, 360 
While, Stephen E, 341 
Whitehead. Rjta A.. 341 
Whitehursl. Deborah A.. 350 
Whltnack. Erank H.. 360 
Whilener. Christopher L. 360 
Whitemr. Timothy J., 360 
Whitesell. Phillip W.. 360 
Whitesell, Sherrod S., 360 
Whilaides, Vicki G., 360 
Whitfield, G. Km, 3)0 
Whitford, Sally G, 360 
Whitley, Peggy D., 361 
Whitley, Theressa. 361 
Whitley. Tim J.. 350 
Whitmire. Myrtle M.. 360 
Whitney. Philip R. 350 
Whittecar. Richard. 350 
Whltlemorr. Hadley E. 360 
Whitten. Glona J.. 341 
Whilten. Mary K. 361 
Whittmglon. Kate. 350 
Whittmgton, Rigina M.. 341 
Wicker. Helen A.. 360 
Wiggins. Qifion N.. 350 
Wilder. Sarah J.. 341 
Wiles, Bizabeth A., 341 
Wiles, Joyce A., 360 
Wllke, Carl E. Jr. 360 
Wilkenon. Emmelt P.. 341 
Wilkinson. Holly H.. 341 
Wilkof. Vicki L. 341 
Willelt. Jeffrey C, 341 
William, Henry G.. 360 
Williams. Belinda D.. 341 
Williams. Carol. 360 
Williams. Cynthia L, 341 
Williams. David G.. 350 
Williams. Esther R.. 361 
Williams. HametJ.. 350 
Williams. James L. Jr., 360 
Williams, James W., 360 

Williams, Jill L. 360 
Williams, Kay M.. 341 
Williams, Lirry W.. 360 
Williams, Lu L. 341 
Williams. Michael C. 341 
Williams. Paul A.. 341 
Williams. Peggy E. 360 
Williams. Philip C. 350 
Williams. Richard T. 341 
Williams. Roben S.. 341 
Williams, Roy A.. 361 
Williams. Russell T, 350 
Williams. William £., 360 
Williams, William L. 111. 360 
Williams, Wilma T, 360 
Williamson. Edward L.. 360 
Williamson. Gary L., 350 
Williamson. Pamela A., 341 
Williamson, Tony C. 341 
Wtlllford. Ann C. 341 
Williford. Dorothy B.. 350 
Wtlllford. James T. 360 
Willis. Diane H.. 341 
Willis. Margaret J., 350 
Willis. Steven E, 350 
Willoughby. Valencia. 350 
Wilson. Barbara J. 360 
Wilson. Burke E III 350 
Wilson. Carol N. 360 
Wilson. Christopher R,, 341 
Wilson. Harry W. III. 341 
Wilson. John H. 360 
Wilson. Michael A.. 341 
Wilson. Paul E.. 360 
Wilson. Peter L. 341 
Wilson, Roben P.Jr, 341 
Wilson, Roben R., 360 
Wilson, Susan G, 350 
Wilson, Tracy L, 360 
Wilson, Wilbur E Jr., 350 
Wilson, William H., 341 
Winchester, Danita G., 341 
Wmget. William A., 341 
Winn,John B.. 341 
Winslead. Manha B.. 361 
Winstead. Marsha E. 350 
Winters. Michael C, 341 
Wue. Christopher M., 360 
Wilheroui, Sara J., 360 

Witt. George E. 360 
Witter. Sharon E.. 341 
Witlmer. Cynlhia L. 341 
Wilul. Mary W.. 360 
Wolf. Paul J.. 350 
Wolf. Suzanne. 350 
Wolfe, Kathryn W., 3)0 
Wolhar, Manlyn £., 341 
Wollman. Russell S., 341 
Womble. Manm S.. 341 
Womble, Settle R., 360 
Wood, AdnanJ. M., 350 
Wood, B. Jeffrey, 350 
Wood, Cathenne A. 341 
Wood, George H., 341 
Wood, Susan C, 350 
Woodard, Nancy G., 341 
Woodard, Robert S., 350 
Woodbury, Edwina D., 360 
Woodbury, Richard L. 341 
Woodbury, Thomas M., 360 
Woodcock, Charles £.. 341 
Wooding. Sydney S., 360 
Woodruff. Gordon C. 360 
Woody. Alvin D.. 350 
Woody. Frances A.. 342 
Woody. Nancy C. 342 
Woodyard. Donald J., 342 
Woolen, Mary L. 342 
Woosley. Beverly D., 360 
Woolen, Ann W., 360 
Woolen, Hubbard S. Ill, 342 
Woolen, Jane C, 342 
Woolen, Roben £ Jr., 360 
Warden. Karen A., 350 
Wonley. Marcus A., 350 
Worsley, Stephen C, 342 
Wrenn, Jodie E., 360 
Wrenn, Lindsey H., 350 
Wrem, Nancy L . 342 
Wrenn, Ronald L, 350 
Wnght, Harold W., 360 
Wnght.John A., 350 
Wnght, Samuel J, 360 
Wyche, Linda E, 342 
Wyly, Laura E. 350 
Wynn, Ossian B.. 342 
Wynck, Karen R, 350 

Xenakis, Hope, 350 


Yachan, Anne D. H.. 360 
Yachan. George. 360 
Yader. William S.. 360 
Yancey. Francis A., 342 
Yandell, Laura E, 350 
Yales, Carol Ann, 342 
Yates, Glenn A., 342 
Yellm, Marsha E. 350 
Yelvenon, Edwin L., 350 
Yelvenon, Stephen T., 361 
Yoos, Herman R., 350 
Young, Bea Y., 342 
Young, Bruce £.. 342 
Young, Charles J., 360 
Young, Claude N., 342 
Young, Donna M.. 342 
Young. Henry L II, 360 
Young. Merlin W.. 342 
Young. William L.. 360 
Younger. KathyJ.. 360 
Younger. Robert £, 342 
Yount. Ralph D.. 350 
Younls. Burton W. Jr. 342 
Younis, Deborah K.. 360 
Yow. Kenneth W.. 350 

Zachary. Mark S.. 361 
Zalkin. Robin L. 360 
Zayloun. Mary P.. 350 
Ziegler. Joanne B.. 342 
Zigler. Ruby K. 360 
Zimmerman. Susan L. 360 
Zipser. Janet R.. 350 
Zucchmo. David A.. 360 
Zucchtno, Lawrence R.. 342 

Adcock. Michael A 
2408 Orangewood Dr 
Durham. NC 2''''05 
Afrecan. David H. 
104 Lynn Dr 
Chapel Hill. NC 27514 
Albnght. Mary A. 
1103 McDowell Dr 
Greensboro. NC 2^408 
Albnght. Snotty 
3078 Granville Dr 
Raleigh. NC 27609 
Alexander. Deborah L 
Box 85 

Newpon, NC 28570 
Allen, Beverly J. 
Box 773 

Boiling Spnngs, NC 2801 7 
Allen, James C. 
6 Forest Lake 
Greensboro, NC 27407 
Allen. James M. 
909 So. Pint St. 
Smithfield. NC 27577 

Allen, L Denise 
Rl. 1, Box 120 
Ferguson, NC 28624 

Allison, Ann M. 
2130 Femcliff Rd. 
Charlotte, NC 28211 
Allison, Carol E. 
2028 Femcliff Rd 
Charlotte, NC 2S2I1 
Allison, James R 
2130 Femcliff 
Charlotte, NC 2821 1 
Anderson, Connne £ 
220 N. Crest Rd. 
Chatt., Tenn. 

Andrew, Betty J. 
Rj. 1, Box 213 
Slier Oty, NC 27344 
Andrews, Denise G. 
412 Jones St. 
Graham, NC 27253 
Andrews. Linda C. 
317 Pender St. 
New Bern. NC 28560 
Apple. Daniel P. 
1816 Edgewood Ave. 
Burlington, NC 27215 
Apple, Willis W. 
Route 2 
Reidsville, NC 27320 

Archer, William D. 
3005 Somenet Dr 
Charlotte, NC 28209 
Arey, Norma C 
Park-N-Slay, Rl. 3 
Chapel Hill. NC 27514 
Ashworth. Joseph S- 
111 Aiken St. 
Fuquay.l'anna. NC 27526 

Atkins. Shemll L 

Box 66 

Saluda, NC 28773 

Attardi, Charles 

13-B Toume House Apts. 

Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

Alwaler, William B 
Box 27 

Yanayville, NC 27379 
Auman, Elva R 
301 Woodland Dr 
Jacksonville, NC 28540 

Austin, Joan M. 
1019 Green St. 
Durham, NC 27701 
Austin, Patnaa L. 
Box 325 
Four Oaks, NC 27524 

Autry, William D. Jr. 

807 N. Duke St. 

Durham. NC 27701 

Avery. Ernest C. 

205 Martinsborough Rd. 

Greenville. NC 27834 

Ayers, Dennis R. 

301 7 Luther St. 

Winston-Salem, NC 27107 

Ayers, Emmtt S. 

Rl. 3. Box 131-B 

Pfafftown. NC 27040 

Ayscue. Dwight M. 

Box 537 

Warrenlon, NC 27589 


Bacach, George M. 
2322 Sedley Rd. 
Charlotte, NC 28211 
Baehmann, Karen C. 
Rl. 11. Box 972 
Greensboro. NC 27410 
Badham. Lela L. 
Box 1 72 
New Bem, NC 28560 

Baggett, Pamela M. 
1905 Cole Mill Rd. 
Durham, NC 27705 
Baker, Margaret H. 
Rl. 3. Box 95 
Windsor, NC 27983 

Balcome, Stephen J 
5 Ole Stonehill St. 
Raleigh. NC 27609 
Baldwin, Dana S. 
Rl. 4, Box 855 
Franklin, NC 28734 

Ball, Terry M. 
P.O Box 22 
Liberty, NC 27298 

Ballagh, Kathenne S. 
427 Wmgrave Dr 
Charlotte. NC 28211 

Bambara. Stephen B. 
696 Carlene Dr 
Somerville. NJ 08876 

Bangs. Harold H. 
Franklin Ave. 
Launnburg, NC 28352 

Banks. Brenda D. 
Rl. 2. Box 553 A 
Candler. NC 28715 

Rints. Richard T. 
Box 122 

Hunltnvillt. NC 28078 
Barr/ool. Dumel W. 
212 £ Mojn Sl- 
Maidm, NC 28630 
Barker, John A. 
61} Evtr^Tven Rd. 
Rocky Mount, NC 27801 
Barms, Sarah R. 
}iOi Dili Dr. 
RaJeigh, NC 27609 
Barrett, Nancy M. 
28 li Manila Lane 
Houston, TX 77043 
Barry, Thomas J. 
133 Argonne Dr. 
Durham, NC 27704 
Bartz, Ann 
6242 Cheryl Dr 
Fails Church. VA 22044 
Batte. Margaret F 
71) Beares Dam Rd. 
Raleigh. NC 27607 
Baxter, Sandra E. 
Rl 11. Box 844 
Greensboro. NC 27410 
Baynard, Anne E. 
2430 Coffee Pot Blvd. 
St Petersburg, FL 33704 
Bear, Barbara J. 
192> S Live Oat 
Wilmington, NC 28401 
Bealty, Barbara C. 
Route 2 

Newton, NC 28638 
Beaver. Patty J. 
4023 Beresford RJ. 
Charlotte. NC 2821 1 
Beavers. Carl M. 
Rl. 3 

Apex, NC 27502 
Becker. Mark C 
713 Windsor Lane 
Martinsville, VA 24112 
Beckuiith. Martha W 
103-B Todd St. 
Carrhoro, NC 27310 
Beddtngfield. Alice L. 
200 W. Julian Ave 
Stantonsburg, NC 27883 
Bell. Laura A. 
Cume, NC 28433 
Bendow. Joyce A. 
4724 Lakemmt Dr. 
Raleigh, NC 27609 
Ben/ield. Phillip R 
200 Buffalo St. 
Statesville, NC 28677 
Bennett, Nancy 
239 Fairway Dr 
Asheville, NC 2880} 

Benson, Danon D. 
711 E 20 St. 
Neuilon. NC 28638 

Benson, Ernest B. 

417 Flex Dr. 

Wilmington, NC 28401 

Bemon, Jean C. 

Rl 3 

Bemon, NC 27304 

Benton, Celia M. 

Rl. I 

Newton Grove. NC 2836b 

Benton, Richard G. 

214 Nunn St. 

Havetoci, NC 28332 

Berry. Michael W. 
Route 1 

Hillsborough. NC 27278 
Berry. Willie W. 
Rl. 6. Box (47 
Chapel Hill. NC 27314 
Bess. Martha L 
2922 Union Rd. 
Gaslonia. NC 28031 
Biddle. Robert G 
221 South Elm 
Asheboro. NC 27203 
Biggerstaff. Don S. 
3312 Winslead Rd. 
Rocky Mount. NC 27801 
Biggers, Ted H. 
2830 Royslon Rd. 
Charlotte. NC 28208 
Billica. Barry M. 
216 Diveview Dr. 
Greenville. NC 27834 
Bjorling. S. Kirk 
701 Brooktown Ave. 
Wimton-Salem. NC 27101 
Black. Janice M. 
210 Jones Si. 
Graham. NC 27233 
Black. S. Norman 
no Arlington Way 
Ormond Beach, FL 32074 
Blackwood. Susan G. 
617 A Hibbard 
Chapel Hill. NC 27314 
Blane. James L 
1917 Langdon Rd. 
Roanoke. VA 24013 
Blaylock. Jack W. 
Rl. 1. Box 491 
Oak Ridge, NC 27310 
Bley, Lynne N. 
6033 Spnnghouse Lane 
Chapel Hill, NC 28211 
Boatwnght, Julie 
14 So. 3rd St. 
Wilmington. NC 28401 
Bobbitt. Graaa E 
839 E. Montgomery St. 
Henderson. NC 27336 
Boettger. David R. 
2203 Stovebnge Rd. 
Dothan, AL 36301 
Bond, Mitzi D. 
Rl 2. Box 273 
Ahostir. NC 27910 
Bonney, Carol A. 
Rl. 4. Box 730 
Greeruboro, NC 27406 
Booth, Patricia N. 
828 Colville Rd. 
Charlotte. NC 28207 
Bowen. Julia A. 
PO Drauer 880 
Sanford. NC 27330 
Bower. George C 
Rl 1 

Wingate. NC 28174 
Bowles, Margaret E. 
Rl. 10. Box 70 
Hickory. NC 28610 
Bowman, Steven D. 
1304 W. Florida St. 
Greensboro, NC 27403 
Boyd. Lnuis M. 
129 S EJlis St. 
Salubury, NC 28144 

Bracey, Armelda 
Rl. 1, Box 62 
Hallsboro, NC 28442 

Bracken, Catherine S. 
1110 4th Ave. W. 
Hendersonville. NC 28739 
Bracy. Dennis jM- 
804 Camiin St. 
Ahoskie, NC 27910 
Bradford, Mary F. 
313 Worth St 
Mt. Airy, NC 27030 
Bradley. J. Richard 
429 Gossett St. 
Wimton-Salem. NC 27103 
Bradley. Sandra L 
184 Part Dr 
Bal Harbour. FL 33134 
Bradshaw, Billy S 
Rl. 3. Box 68 
Vale. NC 28168 
Bradshaw. Dickie E. 
181 7 Windsor Dr 
Rocky Mt.. NC 27801 
Branaman, Martha G. 
913 Williamson Dr 
Raleigh. NC 27608 
Branflick, MaryBlen K 
Box 471 

Conover, NC 28613 
Brannon, James H. 
1016 Park Ave. 
Durham. NC 27701 
Brantley. John L. 
608 Elmwood Dr 
Greensboro. NC 27408 
Braswell. Edwin M. 
333 DeVane St 
Fayelteville. NC 28303 
Braswell. Jack 
214 Norwood St. SW 
Lenior. NC 28643 
Braun. Marsha A. 
474 Petree Rd 
Wimton-Salem, NC 27106 
Brauiley, Jane N. 
719 E Center 
Mooresville, NC 28113 
Bray, Jacquely S. 
817 E Prospect 
Jiaeford, NC 28376 
Breeland, Nona I. 
PO Box 206 
Belmont, NC 28012 
Breeze, Hope £. 
Box 137 

Hurdle Mills, NC 27314 
Bridges. Thomas W. 
903 Crescent Or 
Kings Mm.. NC 28086 
Bndgman. Linda B. 
E-4 Casllllian Villa 
Chapel Hill. NC 27314 
Bright, Susan E. 
1973 Shirley Dr 
Burlington, NC 27213 
Bnssette, James J. 
4001 Oub Dr NE 
Atlanta, GA 30319 
Bntt. William G 
601 Ward's Br Rd. 
Warsaw. NC 28398 
Brock. Marilyn J 
3902 Spring Terr. 
Temple Hills. MD 20031 
Brooks. Carol J. 
Rl. 2 

Burlington. NC 27213 
Brooks, Deborah L. 
400 W. Mam St. 
Bizabeth City, NC 27909 

Brooks, Michael D. 
3729 Greentree Dr. 
Decalur, GA 30032 
Brookshire. Margaret A. 
6038 Preston Lane 
Charlotte, NC 28211 
Broome, David E. 
214 Pox St 
Morganton. NC 28633 
Brown. Ann D. 
7188 Kingsbury Blvd. 
St. Louis, MO 63130 
Brown. Eli 
311 E. End Ave. 
Durham. NC 27703 
Brown, Gary L 
PO Box 773 
Liberty. NC 27298 
Brown, Larry W. 
Rl. 1. Box 31B 
Plymouth. NC 27962 
Brown. Norma L 
Rl. 6, Box 6280 D 
Gig Harbor. WA 98333 
Bruton, Ed. B. 
Box 217 

Candor. NC 27229 
Bryan. William M. 
1729 Brooks Ave. 
Raleigh. NC 27607 
Bryant, Angela R. 
7J7 W. End St 
Rocky Ml., NC 27801 
Bryant, Henry C 
11 W. Rogers St 
Franklin. NC 28734 
Buchanan. Marcia D. 
1386 Seminole Dr 
GreemboTO. NC 27408 
Buie. Dougal W. 
Rl. 1, Box 138 
Broadway. NC 27303 
Bullard. Kathleen M. 
Rl. 2, Box 332 
Richmond, VA 23233 
Bunce, Donald S. 
Rl. 1 

Stedman. NC 27314 
Bunn. Dana W. 
903 Dawes St 
Chapel Hill. NC 27314 
Burbage. Anne A. 
4 Greenland Garth 
Phoenix. MD 21131 
Bynum. Archibald M. 
203 Forestwood Dr. 
Durham. NC 27707 
Byrd. Rase M. 
334 Anita Dr. 
Wimton-Salem. NC 27104 

Colder. Dixie 
300 Godwin Ave. 
Lumierlon. NC 28338 
Call. David L 


I St 

N. Wilkeshoro. NC 28639 
Cameron. James E 
Rl I. Box 24 
Polkton. NC 28133 
Campbell, Christopher J. 
1001 Parkside Dr. 
Wilson. NC 27893 

Campbell. Robert H 
1623 Marvelle Ave 
Rocky Mt . NC 27801 
Cannon. Glen E. 
2823 Windsor Rd. 
Wimton-Salem. NC 27104 
Carmichael. Linda S. 
207 N. 13th Si. 
WiUminglon. NC 28401 
Carpenter. James D. 
4820 Inverness Dr 
Fayelteville. NC 28304 
Carr, Amy W. 
3 Beverly Dr. 
Durham, NC 27707 
Carr, Nancy G. 
607 Raleigh Rd. 
Wilson. NC 27893 
Case, Susan A. 
Rl. 1. Box 23 A-1 
Mocksville, NC 27028 
Cathey, Nancy J 
QSA McKimmon Vil. 
Raleigh. NC 27607 
Cenl. Deborah L 
408 Lexington Ave. 
High Point, NC 27260 
ChamUee, D. Dail 
PO Box 391 
Carrboro. NC 27310 
Chapel. Norman P. 
308 N Shore Rd. 
Norfolk, VA 23303 
Chappell. Bruce B 
6 Ellen Place 
Chapel Hill. NC 27314 
Chartst, Claudia 
4916 Hermitage Dr 
Raleigh, NC 27610 
Chnstenberry, Ellen H. 
401 D Mason Farm Rd. 
Chapel Hill. NC 27314 
Chnlty. Mark D 
3027 Autumn Dr 
Durham. NC 27703 
Church, Ceal G 
1321 W. Nash St 
Wilson. NC 27893 
Clark, Francis C. 
Box 369 

Murphy. NC 28906 
Clark. Hayden A. 
109 Lanier Lane 
Swannamoa. NC 28778 
Clark. Janet E 
331 Westoat Trail 
Wimton-Salem. NC 27104 
Clark. Norman R. 
114 Milford Dr 
Salisbury. NC 28144 
Clark. Rlid M. 
206 Hill St. 
Chapel Hill, NC 27314 
Clarke, Jerry G. 
Rl. 3 

Plttsboro. NC 27312 
Clarke. John L 

Plttsboro. NC 27312 
Clein, Howard L. 
3707 W. Friendly Ave. 
Greemboro. NC 27410 
Clements, James M. 
2 Baird Lane 
Asheville, NC 28804 
Clemonts, Larry N. 
104 Chestnut St. 
Louisburg, NC 27349 

Chaninger, Catherine A. 
6610 Folger Dr. 
Charlotte. NC 28211 
Cobb, Freda A. 
Rj I. Box 13 
Lumber Bridge. NC 2S337 
Coble. David F. 
1102 E. 13 St. 
Kannapo/is. NC 28081 
CobU. Martha R. 
820 Central Ave. 
Burlington. NC 2721 i 
Coleman. Rebecca L. 
192 Chestnut St. 
Wilmington. NC 28401 
Collim. Thomas L. 
1309 Evergreen 
Golsboro. NC 30273 
Collishaw. Joanna M. 
429 Prussian Lane 
Waybe. PA 19087 
Campion. Thomas V. 
Rt 3 

Mebane. NC 27302 
Cook. Andrew O. 
PO Box 60S 
Bladenboro. NC 28320 
Cooke. James H. 
PO Box 787 
Hunlersville. NC 28078 
Cooper. Maraa P. 
PO Box 8J77 
Greensboro. NC 27314 
Cooper. Nancy Jewell 
201 Smithfiild Dr. 
Charlotte. NC 2821 1 
Coover. Melinda R. 
1133 LJnville St. 
Kingsport. TN 37660 
Copening. Helene C. 
64 Fidelity Ct. 
Carrboro. NC 27314 
Copley. Kermit C. 
Rt. 1. Box 182 
Macon. NC 27337 
Coppola. Virginia M. 
40 Fieldstone RJ. 
Leviltoum. PA 19036 
Cornell. John W. 
4212 N. 39th St. 
Arlington. VA 22207 
Corum. Lee L 
Rl. I 

Pleasant Garden. NC 27313 
Costella, Robert L. 
304 EJmwood Dr. 
Greensboro. NC 27703 
Costin. Janet R. 
2830 Belvedere Ave. 
Charlotte. NC 28203 
Coward. Suzanne T. 
200 Mooreland His. 
Murphy. NC 28906 
Cowhig.John £ 
1019 Jefferson Rd. 
Greensboro. NC 27410 
Crabtree. Charles S. 
RFD 1. Box 06 
Brookevilli. MD 20729 
Craft. David A. 
PO Box 84 

g, NC 27888 

Craft. Joseph E. 
Box 12 

Saratoga, NC 27873 
Crane. Karen H. 
2111 New Hope RJ. 
Gastonia, NC 28032 

Crane. Tanya 
2403 White Oak Rd 
R/deigh. NC 27609 
Craver. Carrol M. 
321 1 Konnoak Dr 
Winston-Salem. NC 27107 
Craver. MyraJ. 
Rj. 1. Box 410 
Lexington. NC 27292 
Crawford. Cheryl C. 
3024 Burnt Mill Rd. 
Charlotte. NC 28210 
Crawford, George D. 
606 Revere Rd. 
Menon Sla., PA 19066 
Crragh. John W. 
Box 38 

Pollocisville. NC 28373 
Cromartie. Austin S. 
1014 Country Club Rd. 
Wilmington. NC 28401 
Croonchberghs. Pierre A. 
1 75 Pinewood Rd. 
Virginia Beach. VA 23438 
Crottl. Robert L 
313 Hudson St. 
Raleigh. NC 27608 
Crottl, Timothy W. 
Rl 3 

Laumdale, NC 28090 
Crow, Nancy L 
224 South Hillcresl Dr 
Goldsboro, NC 27330 
Crowder, Cleophus P. 
707 Adams St. 
Monroe. NC 28110 
Crowder. Richard T. 
121 Compton St. 
Clayton. NC 27320 
Curlee. Anne W. 
6133 Creola Rd. 
Charlotte. NC 28211 
Curlee. Susan B, 
113 St. Andrews Rd. 
Slalaville. NC 28677 
Currrnce. Laura 5, 
4108 Rowan St. 
Raleigh. NC 27609 
Cume. George H. 
2322 Mimosa Place 
Wilmington. NC 28401 
Cumn. Thomas L. 
RFD n2 
Virgilina. VA 24398 


Dail. Martha L. 
Rj. 1. Box 20- B 
Rose Hill. NC 28438 
Dalrymple. Robert W. 
26 Masswood Dr. 
DenvilU. NJ 07834 
Dalton. Danny R. 
Box 373. Avena Rd. 
Blaci Mm.. NC 28711 
Daniel. Melissa 
4911 White Oak Rd. 
Charlotte. NC 28210 
Daniels. George £ 
Box 126 

Kenly. NC 27342 
Daniels, Kenneth L. 
Box 3 

Oak Oty, NC 27837 
Daniels, Mary K. 
1611 Whitehall Dr 
Kinston. NC 28301 

Daugird. Allen 

Rl. 6. Box 649K 

Charlotte. NC 28208 

Davenport. Fred B. 

RFD *1 

Roper, NC 27970 

Davis. Barbara B. 

Rl. 4. Box 373 

Chapel Hill. NC 27314 

Davis, Diae D. 

4808 Lakemont D. 

Raleigh, NC 27609 

Davis. Janet L. 

1317 Hempihire Court 

High Point. NC 27260 

Day. Beverly C. 

213 Green St. 

Chapel Hill. NC 27314 

Day, James C 

213 Green St. 

Chapel HlU, NC 27314 

Deese, William F. 

1102 Venus St. 

Kannapolu, NC 28081 

Dellinger, Cynthia R. 

6101 Deveron Dr 

Charlotte, NC 2821 1 

Denny, Sue M. 

Rl. 1, Box 133 

Roanoke Rapids. NC 27870 

Detter, Danny C. 

Rl. I. Box446-B 

Conover, NC 28613 

Deutsch, Roxann 

ISIS Bedford Rd. 

Charleston, W. VA 23314 

DeVane, Anne 

316 W. Lowrance Ave. 

Mooresvtlle, NC 28113 

Devine, Ronald C. 

102 Tinlon Place 

E. Northport, NY 11731 

Dietrich, Angela B. 

PO Box 803 

Pitlsboro, NC 2S312 

Dtmltng, Sara K 

701 Oaklawn Ave. 

Winston-Salem, NC 27104 

Dixon, Stephen W. 

Rl. 1 

Graham, NC 27233 

Dobbm, Susan G. 

310 Hibnten Ave. SW 

Lenoir, NC 28643 

Dodd, Nancy Y. 

13E Yum Yum Apis 

Carrboro, NC 27310 

Dolin, Barry M. 

604 Woodvale Dr 

Greensboro, NC 27410 

Donovan, Gail T. 

1733 Euclid Rd. 

Durham, NC 27707 

Doub, Linda G. 

PO Box 112 

Lewuville, NC 27023 

Doughty, Gregory M. 

603 Isabel Dr 

Lexington, NC 27292 

Douglas, Luther A. 
Rl. 2, Box 331 
Launnburg, NC 28332 
Douvns, George J. 
303 Cleveland St. 
Raleigh, NC 27603 
Doumes, Robert C. 
107 Johnson St. 
Chapel Hill, NC 27314 

Doumes, Sharon B. 
107 Johnson St. 
Chapel Hill, NC 27314 
Draeger, Kerry D. 
Rl. 8, Box 346 
'Durham, NC 27704 
Dubuisson, Robert L, 
1107 Overton Lea Rd. 
Nashville, TN 37202 
Duffer, Anthony R. 
1816 Fargo Dr 
Fayetteiiille, NC 28304 
Dunaway, Howard Y. 
1610 Twiford PI. 
Charlotte, NC 28207 
Dunn, Karen £ 
504 20th St. NW 
Austin, MN 33912 
Dunn, Nancy E. 
Rl. 3 

Asheboro, NC 27203 
Durham, Carey M. 
939 Walton Ct. 
Asheboro, NC 27203 
Durham, Gilbert V. 
Rl. 2, Box 397 
Huntersville, NC 28078 
Durham, Maltie W. 
2201 University Dr 
Durham, NC 27707 
Dvoskin, Joel A. 
12708 LaunI Dr 
Silver Spring, MD 20904 
Dykstra, Linda C 
3706 Wadebndge Cove 
Charlotte, NC 28210 
Dysart, Harold £ 
Rl. 4, Box 930 
Manon, NC 28732 

Eartnman, Cynthia L. 
2027 Wensley Dr 
Charlotte, NC 28221 
Eby, Robert K. 
2420 Valley Brook Rd 
Nashville, TN 37213 
Edwards, Dame H. 
43 Willow Terrace Apis. 
Chapel Hill, NC 27314 
Edward), Donna L. 
812 Hill St 
Rocky Ml., NC 27801 
Edwards, Lorraine J. 
2113 Woodbine Ave 
Fayeltevilte, NC 28303 
Edwards, Walter G. 
Gen. Del. 

Hertford, NC 27944 
Efird. William D 
Rl 4, Box 272 
Albermarle. NC 28201 
Eggert, Larry D. 
Box S3 

Newport, NC 28374 
Eisenberg, Carole J. 
1311 Ruff in St. 
Durham, NC 27701 
EI-Khoun, George M. 
PO Box 696 
Andrews, NC 28901 
Bkins, Richard A. 
3712 Severn Ave. 
Charlotte, NC 28210 
Ellis, Qyde L 
3322 Ridgefield Dr. 
Montgomery, AL 36106 

EUis, David W. 
403 Woodford St. 
Fredericksburg, VA 22401 
Ellsweig, Steven R. 
SO} Pebble Dr 
Greensboro, NC 27410 
Ely, Christopher C. 
2442 Danbury St. 
Charlotte, NC 2821 1 
Eisick, Gregory K. 
Estes, WiUaim D. 
6 Parkwood Manor Ct. 
Durham, NC 27707 
Esthimer, Steven W. 
302 N. St. 
Walpoee, MA 02081 
Euwer, Gary M. 
3701 Dunlop St. 
Chevy Chase, MD 20013 
Evans, Ann P. 
817 Old Piltsboro Rd. 
Chapel Hill, NC 27314 
Evans. Celia A. 
210 Raleigh Ave. 
Manloo. NC 27934 
Everett. Sarah B. 
Rl 1. Box 31 
Palmura. NC 27839 

FaSert. Marguerite A. 

Rl. 2. Box 199 

Raleigh, NC 27610 

Faircloth, Pamela 

P.O. Box 382 

Roseboro, NC 28382 

Farns, Mary E. 

Box 817 

Wilson, NC 27893 

Faucette, Nathalie V. 

73 Kimherly Dr 

Durham, NC 27707 

Ferguson, Leah C 

3406 Winton Rd. 

Raleigh, NC 27604 

Ferguson, Timothy P. 

1409 Biltmore Dr 

Charlotte, NC 28207 

Field, Andrew V. 

7 Sullivan Rd. 

W. Yarmouth, MA 02673 

Pindlay, Judith D. 

3330 Knob Hill Ct. 

Charlotte, NC 28210 

Fiat, Alan D. 

311 N. Bost St 

Slalesville, NC 28677 

Fleming, Polly W. 

1301 Lutz Ave 

Raleigh, NC 27607 

Fleming, Sidney P. 


Henderson, NC 27326 

Fortune, Janet C 

Chancellor's Home 

University, MS 28677 

Foster, Cora R. 

Rl. 2 

Belhaven, NC 27810 

Foster, Kenneth R. 

Rl. 3, Box 331 

N. Wilkesboro, NC 28639 

Foushee, James M. 

60S Cape Fear Blvd. 

Carolina Beach, NC 28428 

Fraley, John A. 
328 Oatwood Dr. 
SutanlU. NC 28677 
PranJer, Robert 
419 Owen Dme 
FayeluviUi. NC 28304 
Frank, Helen 
1-1 Brookstt^ Apts. 
Chapel HiU. NC27V4 
FranUin. Stephen P. 
14} Mt Kemble Ave. 
Momstimm, NJ 07960 
Frazelle, David B. 
3312 Chalmen Dr 
Wilmtngton, NC 28401 
Freeman, Cathy J. 
14> Hams Ave. 
EJiin. NC 28621 
Freeman, Gaye C. 
1318 Woodland Dr 
Charlotte, NC 2820} 
Freeman, Mary £ 
Box 73 

Dohson, NC 27017 
Freeman, Samuel R. 
PO Box 73 
Doison, NC 27017 
French, FJizabetbC. 
2401 Shaw St. 
Uimberton, NC 28}}8 
Front, Cory F. 
1104 W. Rockspnng RJ. 
Greenville, NC 27834 
Pulcher, Nancy L, 
}42 Patrtci St. 
Eden, NC 27288 
Fuller, Jennifer D. 
127} Old Baptist Rd 
No. Kingstown, RJ 028}2 
Pulton, William S. 
613 E Ridgi St. 
Kings Ml , NC 28086 

Gahnel, Margaret L 
1}04 Wat Rd. 
Kinston, NC 28}01 
Cainel, Martha J. 
607 Longview St. 
Greensboro, NC 27403 
GaMy, Judith E 
332 Pimlico Rd 
Greenville, SC 29607 
Gaines, Holland C. 
Box 621 

GMslon, NC 272}2 
Gaines, Linda S. 
Box 621 

Goldilon, NC 272}2 
Gallaudet, Cruger E 
301 Berkeley St. 
Boston, MA 02116 
Galloway, Joanne G. 
14 Manor Cl., Partwood 
Durham, NC 24707 
Garher, Pamela A. 
2}!} Saddle Oub Rd. 
Burlington, NC 2721} 
Gamer, Donnie R 

Rid Springs, NC 28377 
Garris, Patricia A. 
30} *I9 £ Polo Rd. 
Winston-Salem, NC 2710} 
Garrv, Wayland R. 
Rl. 1, Box }}6 
WinlerviUe, NC 28}90 

Gamson, Thomat £ 
}104 Partndgt St. 
Durham, NC 27704 
Gales, Charles M. 
307 Idlewood Dr 
Kannapolis. NC 28081 
Geoghegan, Arm A. 
3239 Lewis Farm Rd. 
RaJeigh. NC 27607 
Gieschen, Dorothy J. 
310 N. 22nd St 
Wilmington, NC 28401 
Gilbert, Joe W. 
Box 1213 

Hickory, NC 28601 
Gilcbnst, Susan R 
Rl 6, Box 3} 
Payitteville, NC 28340 
Gilliam, Margaret W 
8-M Kingswood Apti 
Chapel Hill, NC 27>14 
Glenn, William R. 
Box 388 

Madison, NC 2702} 
C^urm, Mary S. 
}01 W. Cole St. 
Dunn, NC 28334 
Goettman, Carole L. 
2923 New Hanover 
Greensboro, NC 20408 
Gooch, Harriet J. 
Rl. 1 

Momsville, NC 27}60 
Goodwin, Claire £ 
Box 368 

Apix, NC 27}02 
Goodwin, Phyllis A. 
Rl 1. Box }2-A 
Apex, NC 27}02 
Gordon, Terrell R 
Box 631 

Hillsborough, NC 27278 
Gore, S. Tony 
Box 72 

WhiteviUe, NC 28472 
Graham, Julian T. 
Rl. 1 

Si Pauls, NC 28384 
Gray, Beecher R 
Box 18} 

WadesboTO, NC 28170 
Gray, William C 
406 Woodland Blvd 
Wilkesboro, NC 28697 
Greene, Thomas W. 
Forest Dr. 
Ahoskie, NC 27910 
Gner, Joseph W. 
1869 Queens Rd 
W. Charlotte, NC 28207 
Gnffm, Linda K 
8603 Lawyers Rd. 
Charlotte, NC 28212 
Griffith, Richard Stephen 
20} Center St. 
KemsviUe, NC 27284 

Grogan, John W. 
2208 Woodland Dr. 
Reidiville, NC 27320 
Grogan, Joseph C 
207 Radford St. 
Wmlon-Salem, NC 27106 
Groome, Stephen A. 
Rl. 1, Box 22 P-1 
Pittsboro, NC 27407 
Grossman, Roxanne 
480} W. Grace Si 
Richmond, VA 23230 

Grauwald, SartnaJ. 
421 Berumley Ave 
Charlotte, NC 28211 
Grubb, Phyllis £ 
Uesport, PA I9}33 
Grubb, Timothy A, 
1}0} S. Rowan Ave 
Spencer, NC 281 }9 
Gubar, Robert M. 
33 Biscayne Dr 
Ramsey, NJ 07446 
Gudger, Carol £ 
189 Kimherly Ave. 
Asheville, NC 2SS04 
Guy, Sandra J. 
Rl, 4, Box 16 
Durham, NC 27703 


Hackney, Margaret K 

Rl. 4, Box 96 

Rockingham, NC 28379 

Hadden, Robert L 

1600 E 6 Si 

Greenville, NC 27834 

Haddock, Belly J 

Rl. 6, Box 174 

Chapel Hill, NC 27}14 

Haeberle, Orman R. 

4122-B Providence Rd. 

Charlotte. NC 28211 

Hager, Benjamin F 

328 Scofield Rd 

Charlotte, NC 28211 

Hagler, Mary A. 

136 Academy Ave. NW 

Concord, NC 2802} 

Haibach. Jeanne E. 

1}16 Indiana Ave 

Winter Park, PL 32789 

Haigwood, Nancy L 

2924 Wycllff Rd. 

Raleigh, NC 27607 

Haire, Sandra K. 

Box 93 

Norwood. NC 28128 

Hale, F J 

2601 Kingsby Rd. 

Raleigh, NC 27612 

Hales, James H 

3724 High Point Rd, Lot i/ 

Greensboro, NC 27407 

Hall, Carolyn C 

1204 Martindale Dr. 

FayetteviUe, NC 28304 

Hall, Kalhenni I. 

917 Harpimoni Rd. 

Raleigh. NC 27609 

Hall, Martha R 

70S ObeHin Rd. 

Augusta, GA 30904 

Hall, Patnaa G. 

2020 Pembroke Rd 

Greensboro. NC 27408 

Hall, William E 

Penick Lane 

Chapel HiU, NC 27}14 

Hamilton, Colleen S. 

3172 Charles St. 

Cuyahoga Palls, OH 44221 

Hamm, Marthal K. 

412 £ Wilson Si 

FarmviUe, NC 27828 

Hanchar, Jessica L 

3814 Sheffield Dr 

Charlotte, NC 2820} 

Hancock, Laurence W. 
1000 Hiatherwood Rd 
Bluifield, W. VA 24701 
Hancock, Lucy 0. 
103 W. Front Si 
Oxford, NC 27}6} 
Haneline, Travu D. 
141} E Sprogue 
Winston-Salem, NC 27104 
Hannahast, Lillian D 
1 733 Orchard Cr 
Kingsport, TN 37660 
Hannah, James A. 
1430 S. College Dr. 
Newton, NC 286}8 
Hannon, Harriet R. 
Box 326 

Belmont, NC 28012 
Hanson, Barbara L. 
17 Sherman Rd 
Wakefield, MA 01880 
Hardm, Shene E 
Rl 7, Box 48 
Raleigh, NC 27609 
Hardison, David L. 
113 Star Hill Ave 
FayelleviUe, NC 28303 
Harmon, Henry V. 
70} Newsom Si 
Durham. NC 27704 
Harp, Thomas L 
Rl 3. Old Lysira Rd. 
Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870 
Hamll, Bitty L 
Box 496 

Saratoga, NC 27873 
Harrington, Craig J 
1321 Haztlhursi St. 
Charloltl. NC 28211 
Hams. Carol S 
}16 Piedmont Ave. 
Rocky Ml , NC 27801 
Hams, Jerry W. 
107 Walls St. 
WiUiamston. NC 27892 
Hams. Richard H 
Rl 2. Box 424 
Franklinton. NC 27 }2} 
Hams. Thomas V. 
107 Walts Si 
WiUiamslon. NC 27892 
Harsuman. Frank C 
1006 Plltshoro Rd 
Chapel HiU. NC 27}14 
Hart. Brantley B. 
6} 14 Spnng Garden Ln. 
Charlotte, NC 28213 
Hart, Timothy L 
Rl. 2, Box 98 
Lenoir, NC 2864} 
Hartsfield, Judith A 
>1} Raybum St 
Wake Forest, NC 27587 
Harvey, Robert L 
Wrights Mobile Pk, Rl 4 
Chapel Hill, NC 27} 14 
Hauser, Timothy H. 
806 Motor Rd 
WinslonSalem, NC 2710} 

Hawkins, James B. 

1299-B Schaub Dr 

Raleigh, NC 27606 

Hayes, Claudia C. 

Rl 2 

Cameron, NC 28320 

Hayes, Florence T 

Rl 2, Lot 2, Calvander Pk. 

Chapel Hill, NC 2^} 14 

Hayes, Jacqueline R. 

1 700 Foxwood Dr 

Gamer. NC 27529 

Haynes. Richard A. 

Rl. 1. Box 176 

Parkersburg. W. VA 26101 

Haywood, John W. 

Box 103 

Star. NC 27356 

Heam, Michael D. 

1 Norwood Ave 

Asheville, NC 28804 

Heaton, Carolyn E 

Box C 

Andrews, NC 28901 

Heffner. Cynthia E 

733 Park Ave 

Moctsville. NC 27028 

Helms. Charles H. 

Box 830. Rl. 10 

Hickory. NC 28601 

Helms. Greta E 

317-A Patterson PI 

Chapel HiU. NC 27}14 

Hemmig, Nancy E. 

2112 N. Lakeshorr Dr 

Chapel Hill. NC 275)4 

Henretta. William T. 

3101 Brookcliff Cl. 

Greensboro. NC 27408 

Hennckson. Cordon D. 

138 Pine Cone Rd 

Wilmington. NC 28401 

Herman. Susan C. 

}01 Albert Ave. 

Wilson, NC 27893 

Hester, Sarah E 

Rl 4 

Roxboro, NC 27373 

Hewnize, David D. 

4623 Club Or. N£ 

Atlanta, GA 30319 

Hill, Donald W. 

Rl. 1 

Timberlake, NC 27}83 

Hill, Gerald S 

Rl. 1 

LawsonviUe, NC 27022 

Hill. James T 

Rl. 1 

RougemonI, NC 27}72 

Hill.Josie C. 

600 Lakeview Dr. 

Murfresboro. NC 278}} 

HiU, Kathleen B 

204 S. 12lh St. 

Morehead Oty, NC 


Hill, Ralph G. 

Rl. 1, Brevard Rd. 

Arden, NC 28704 

Hill, Sara B. 

103} l}lh Ave. NW 

Hickory, NC 28601 

Hilltand, Kalhryn L 

2421 Perkins Rd. 

Durham, NC 27706 

Himebauch, Cynthia 0. 

602} Gatepost Rd 

Charlotte, NC 2821 1 

Hines, Bruce A. 

304 Georgia St. 

Spindale, NC 28160 

Mines, Stephen L 

765 Starlight Lane 

Atlanta. GA 30343 

Hinile. Hmry L 

Rl 4 

Pans, KY 40361 

Himon, Michael C. 
116 Wattuocd Lane 
E/im, NC 28621 
Htnson, RjUy £ 
in Lit Avt. 
VaJabom. NC 28170 
Hockman, Sharon M. 
RFD 2. Box 424 
Aberdim. MD 21001 
Hodga, Ann C. 
2i4i Airlini Dr. 
Raltigh. NC 27607 
Hodgm, Etizabtth A. 
3230 Pinicroft Rd. 
Gnmsboro. NC 27407 
Hodgson, Robert C. 
60} HoUywooJ Blvd. 
Haveloct, NC 2S;32 
Hoenig, Tont L 
379 Vesley Dr 
Chapel Hill. NC 27il4 
Hogan. Jame, P. 
3013 S. Fairway Dr 
Bidrimglon. NC 2721} 
HoUey. Rebecca L 
190} Hillock Dr 
Raleigh. NC 27612 
HoUiday. Alice L 
4228 Slermoiml Dr. 
Greensboro, NC 27410 
Holloman, H. James 
207 Myers Si. 
Ahoskit. NC 27910 
Holloway, Barry W. 
218 Baielay Rd. 
Chapel Hill, NC 27il4 
Holmes, Charles V. 
Chalet Apt. G, Green St. 
Chapel Hill, NC 27H4 
Holmes, Richard C. 
Burlington, NC 2721i 
Holt, Anne N. 
2909 N. Fairway Dr 
Burlington, NC 2721) 
Honer, Michael P. 
900 Emory Lane 
Raleigh, NC 27609 
Hood, William C. 
Box 2, Rl. 3 
Mehane, NC 27312 
Hoover, Charles H. 
824 N. Laurel St. 
Uncolnton, NC 28092 
Hord, Barbara S. 
200 Cleveland Ave. 
Kings Mtn., NC 28086 
Hovey, Elizabeth A. 
Box i497 

Vinston-Salem, NC 27103 
Howell, Harry C. 
12)17 Knowledge La. 
Bowie, MD 20715 

Howson, Arthur L. 
1 Clenuiood Rd. 
Weston, CT 06880 

Huband, Janet C 
3933 Halifax Rd. 
Wilmington, NC 28401 
Hudson, Manan P. 
Rl I, Box 208 
Btscayne, NC 27609 
Huey, Lawrence R. 

Waxhaw, NC 28173 
Huffsteller, Noah H. 
Box 315 
Ml. HoUy, NC 28120 

Hummel, Philip S. 
293} Chelsea Dr. 
Charlotte, NC 28209 
Hunt, Karen £ 
418 Forsyth St. 
Raleigh, NC 27609 
Hunt, Penny A. 
Box 97 

Lattimore, NC 28089 
Hunter, Harry N. 
Gen. Del. 

South Mills, NC 27976 
Hunter, Ralph B. 
Rl. 2, Box 107 
Beulaville. NC 28)18 
Hunter, Robert L 
6401 No Tryon St. 
Charlotte, NC 28213 
Hunter, Virginia L. 
303 Wilcox St. 
Warrenton, NC 27389 
Hurd, William M 
1322 Raane Blvd. 
Reidsville. NC 27320 
Hurt, Donna C 
Rl. 1 

Albemarle, NC 28001 
Hutcherson, Joseph Z. 
Parkwood Manor Apt. 2 
Durham, NC 27707 
Hulchins, Jams L 
Rl. 3, Box 376 
Pfafftown, NC 27040 
Hulchins, Norman G. 
Apt. J.) Croasdalle 
Durham, NC 2770) 
Hutchison, William H 
1040 Sedge field Rd. 
Charktte, NC 28209 


Iden, Nancy S. 
1218 Belrose Lane 
Charlotte, NC 28209 
Inman, Max I. 
Rl. 3, Box 38 
Tahor Oty, NC 28463 
Inscoe, Albert V. 
2000 Rosewood Ave. 
Rock Mount, NC 27801 
Isaaa, David H. 
10311 Foxboro Dr 
Anchorage, KY 40223 
benberg, Michael R. 
Hickory, NC 28601 
Isley, CarlysU S. 
Apt. B Valentine Ln. 
Chapel Hill, NC 27)14 
tsley, Laura B. 
1207 S. 1st St. 
Smithfield, NC 27)77 
bley, Margaret £ 
609 TroUingen St. 
Burlington, NC 2721) 
bley, William L 
21) College Rd. 
Greensboro, NC 27410 
Ivey, Ivan J. 
1408 Hardin Rd. 
Lumierton, NC 283)8 
Ivins, October R. 
Rl. 4, Box 148 
Smithfield, NC 27)77 


Jackson, John W. 
Box 346 

Chadboum, NC 28431 
Jacobs, David B. 
H-4 Colony Apis. 
Chapel Hill NC 27)14 
James, Perry E 
1113 Sudbury Q. 
Raleigh, NC 27609 
Jamison. Joseph E 
400 A Wingrave Dr 
Charlotte, NC 28211 
Jarmond. Pecolia F. 
P.O. Box 277 
Winton, NC 27986 
Jarrell, Vema R, 

Mount Airy, NC 27030 
Jeanes, Laura C. 
4401 Montibella Dr 
Charlotte, NC 28211 
Jenkins, Deborah L. 
Rl. 6, Box 164 
Greensboro, NC 2740) 
Jennette, Robm L 
1)27 Barberry C. 
Charlotte, NC 2821 1 
Johnson, Calvin L 
PO Box 843 
Hillsborough, NC 27278 
Johnson, Charles R. 
3111 Baker St. 
PayetteviUe. NC 28303 
Johtuon, David C. 
6)33 Shaftesbury Dr 
Matthews, NC 2810) 
Johnson, David F. 
308 Broad St. 
Beaufort, NC 28)16 
Johnson, Gregory F. 
3643 Drayton Rd. 
PayelleviUe, NC 28303 

Johnson, Helen E 

320 Shamrock Rd. 

Asheboro, NC 27203 

Johnson, LaNell B 


Doison, NC 27017 

Johnson, Marshall H 

814 Dover Rd 

Greensboro, NC 27408 
Johnson, Shirl A. 
314 Continental Dr. 
Durham, NC 2770) 

Johnson, Susan J. 
14)1 N. Bridge St. 
Eikin, NC 28621 

Johnson, Walter L 
Box 403 

Bailey, NC 27807 
Johnson, William L. 
112 Argonne Dr. 
Durham, NC 27704 
Johnson, William S. 
123 N. Elm Si 
Motion, NC 2S364 
Jones, Freeman R. 
620 Hempstead PI 
Charlotte, NC 28207 
Jones, James C 
101) W. Mam St. 
Williamslon, NC 27892 
Jones, Kalhryn B. 
310} Northampton Dr 
Greensboro, NC 27408 

Jones, Nancy J 
3009 Wade Ave. 
Raleigh, NC 27607 
Jones, Pamela R. 
1217 Delk Dr 
High Point, NC 27262 
Jones, Rebecca M. 
182 Ingleside Dr 
Concord, NC 2802) 
Jordan, Larry D. 
410 Hillcrest Cr 
ThonasnUe, NC 27360 
Jordan. Wade T. 
Box 704 

Rocky Mount, NC 27801 
Joyce, Robert P 
371 Hillcrest Dr 
Henderson, NC 27)36 
Joyner, Mary S. 
Huy. 2)8 North 
Farmville, NC 27828 
Juergenson, Peter H. 
Pisgah View Ranch 
Candler, NC 2871) 
Julian, Manlyn M. 
Old Pitlsboro Rd., Box 46 
Chapel HiU, NC 27)14 

Kanoy, Steven C 

1142 Johnsonlown Rd. 

Thomasville, NC 27360 

Kamker, James L 

Cameron CIS., Apt. Z-3-B 

Raleigh, NC 27603 

Kartanson, Marjane L 

932 Vernon Ave 

Winston-Salem, NC 27106 

Kale, Duine R. 

3101 Oclavia St. 

New Orleans, LA 7012} 

Kaylor, Michael R. 

Box 337 

Hickory, NC 28601 

Keller, David C 

Gen. Del. 

Chimney Rock, NC 28720 

Kelly, Ann 

2)8) Woodberry Dr 

Winslon-Salem, NC 27006 

Kelly, John M. 

61) San Lorenzo Ave. 

Coral Gables, PL 33146 

Kenan, Emily 

)07 Oak Ave. 

Carrboro, NC 27)10 

Kenyan, Cynthia A. 

2411 KnollwoodRd. 

Charlotte, NC 28211 

Kerley, Roger AC 

Rl ), Box 120 

Taylnrsville, NC 28681 

Kerr, Debra S. 

47)0 Edwards Mill Rd. 

Raleigh, NC 27612 

Kerr, Frederick C. 

2)43 McKinney 

Burlington, NC 2721) 

Key, Lister L 

1079 19th Ave. PI. NW 

Hickory, NC 28601 

Khonberger, Kalhy A. 

Apt. £-7 Univ. Gardens 

Chapel Hill, NC 27)14 

Khuaid, Randy S. 

Bessemer City, NC 28016 
Kinch, Sharon J 
310 S. Chester 
Gastonia, NC 280)2 
King, Anne G. 
1 12 Crofiley Rd 
Baltimore, MD 21093 
King, Elizabeth £ 
?08 Raleigh Rd. 
Vilson, NC 27893 
King, Jennifers 
4)04 Hickory Hill Rd. 
Kingsport, Tenn. 37664 
King, Joe S. 
1620 Fairway Dr 
Reidsville, NC 27320 
King, John L 
7226 Atnsley St. 
PayetteviUe, NC 28304 
King, Kalhryn M. 
333 Aramtnth Dr. 
Winston-Salem, NC 27101 
Kmg, Mary Erwin 
114 Dobbin Ave. 
FayelleviUe, NC 2830) 
King, Mary S. 
70S Wrislon PI 
Charlotte, NC 28209 
Kirby, Thomas B. 
230 Grandview Dr 
Winston-Salem. NC 27104 
Kiser, Debra G. 
D) Oak Summit Rd 
Winston-Salem, NC 2780) 
Klutz, R. Kenneth 
Box 443, Rl > 
AsheviUe, NC 28803 
Koonce. Samuel G. 
1 7) Greenway Park 
Chapel HiU, NC 27)14 
Koons, Gedree W. 
13)9 Drexmore Ave. 
Charlotte. NC 28209 
Kossoff, Martha E 
Rl. 2. Box 310 
Danville. VA 24)41 
Knck. Thelma R, 
109 N. 3rd Si 
Sanford, NC 27330 

Lakeson, Beverly S. 
910 Lcmgbow Rd. 
Charlotte, NC 28211 
Lambert, Phans H. 
Ill So. Belly St. 
Spring Lake, NC 28390 
Lampley, Robert M. 
3808 Suliirk Rd. 
Charlotte. NC 28210 
Lanee, Myra K 
622 Brookshire St. 
AsheviUe, NC 28803 
Landis,Jean M. 
603D Hibbard Dr 
Chapel HiU, NC 27)14 
Lane, Linda P. 
))) Seney Dr 
BemardviUe, NJ 07924 
Lang, James T. 
304 Belcher St. 
ParmviUe, NC 27828 
Langley, Sandra D. 
309 Linden Ave. 
Rxky Mount, NC 27801 

Lanier, Gtor^e G. 
21} (Me Si. 
Wilialwm. NC 28697 
Ufham. Amu M. 
2214 Rxky KjioU Dr 
Charkiu. NC 28210 
Laisiler, John C 
2S32 Bui Lakt Dr 
Ralagh. NC 27609 
Latham, Charlatle L. 
Bahet, NC 27812 
Laiuittte, Michael F. 
193} BurganJy Dr 
Chariolle, NC 28213 
Laughter, Bennie M. 
19-B Eilei Pari Apu. 
Carrion, NC 27510 
Laughler, Rojemane L~ 
19-B Eiles Park Apis. 
Carrhtirv, NC 27}10 
LeJhelter. Jama T 
61} S. CoUegi 
Newlm, NC 286}8 
UJwih, Bruce A. 
132 Pawn HiU Rd. 
Upper SaMe. NC 074}0 
Lee, Elizahelh J. 
Kj 3, Box 220 
Ralagh, NC 27603 
Lee, Sarah P. 
66 Bumi Place 
Chapel HiU, NC 27}!4 
Leggell, George H. 
2818 Slraljard Dr. 
Greensboro, NC 2740S 
Lentz, Joyce A. 
Rl. 1, Box 464 
Troitlman, NC 28166 
Leonard, Leslie R 
810 PerMlale 
Statesville, NC 28677 
Levan, Annie B. 
214 Rjdgewood Tr. Pi. 
Chapel HiU, NC 27}14 
Uvinson, Nancy J. 
Box 116 

Benson, NC 27}04 
Lewis, VtUiam L 
129 Ditke Si 

Tappahannock, VA 22}60 
Lmparu, Suzanne M, 
8}01 Snouffer School Rd. 
Gailhenburg, MD 20760 

Lmk, Thomas E 

Rl 2 

Durham, NC 2770} 

Ljvmgslon, Mahel C. 
1903 May/air Ave. 
Gntnsboro, NC 2740} 
Long, Mary A. 
819 Demeriut Si N-4 
Durham, NC 27701 
Lmell, Penny B. 
46 Oatwood Dr 
Chapel Hill, NC27}14 
Lovetl,John C 
321 No Smilh Si. 
Liberty, NC 27298 
Lour, Susan G. 
604 TangUwood Dr 
JamaUum, NC 27282 
Lowery, Graver V. 
63 Tarheel Mobile Cl. 
Chapel Hill, NC 27}14 
Lowrance, Ralph E. 
74 Le One Gtvle 
Concord. NC 2802} 

Lyle, Dodie B. 
1042 Ardsley Rd. 
Chariolle, NC 28207 


MacPherson, Catherine A. 

}0 Central Dr 

Southern Pines, NC 28387 

Madtson, William A. 

Rt 1, Box 699 

Hudson. NC 28638 

Magill, Jimmy B. 

606 Calhoun Rd. 

Myrtle Beach, SC 29}77 

Makte, Haddon S. 

403 W. }lhAve. 

Gaslonia, NC 280}2 

Mallard, John W. 

Box 182 

PoUocksville, NC28}73 

Malloy, John A. 

1412 Dollar Apt 

Durham, NC 27701 

Marm, Alan M. 

1141 Lynbrook Dr 

Charlotte, NC 28211 

Marks, JantI D. 

323 Curtis Dr 

Rockingham, NC 28379 

Marlowe, Walter C. 

2807 Dulairs Rd. 

Greensboro. NC 27407 

Marshall. Robert D. 

212 Pnendly Pk 

Lenoir. NC 2864} 

Mantn, Ellen M. 

804 Runnymeade Rd. 

Raleigh. NC 27607 

Martin. Harry 

Box 424 

JamtsviUe. NC 27846 

Martmal. Stephen H. 

1100 Carolina Si. 

Valdese, NC 28690 

Mashbum, Timothy W. 

3029 Moore's Lake Dr 

Charlotte, NC 28214 

Maskery, Mary A. 

1806 Grace St. 

Wilmmgton, NC 28401 

Massey, Michael A. 
3701 Crablree Ave. 
Durham. NC 27704 
Matthews. Kathaleen C. 
2809 Fowler Ave. 
NC 27607 

Matthews. Richard 0. 
221 Barclay Rd. 
Chapel Hill. NC 27}14 
Mauney, Margaret P. 
71} isl Ave. PI NE 
Conaver, NC 28613 
Maunct, Martha J. 
304 Entwistle St. 
Hamlet, NC 2834} 
May, Thomas B. 

Littleton, NC 278}0 
Maynard, E Drayton 
1033 Melchen Dr 
Rockhill, SC 29730 
Mayo. Deborah A. 
Box 312 
Hillsborough. NC 27278 

McAdams. Martha N. 
210 Home St 
Clayton. NC 27}20 
McAllister. Jama P 
1704 St Mary's St 
Raleigh. NC 2760} 
McCaskiU, Myra A. 
Box 124 

Btscoe, NC 27209 
McCook, Rhoda L. 
2927 Round Hill Rd. 
Greensboro, NC 2740} 
McDermolt, Jama R. 
Rl. 3, Carbonton His. 
Sanford. NC 27330 
McDevitl. Phillip A. 
410 Yorklown Dr 
Chapel HiU. NC 27}14 
McFadden. Nancy E. 
141 Ridgecrat Rd 
Aiheboro. NC 27203 
McGee. Richard B. 
Gen. Del 
Severn. NC 27877 
McGiU. Kent H. 
Box 104 

Lakrview, NC 283}0 
McGregor, Elizabeth S. 
Box 212 

Forat Qly, NC 28043 
Mcintosh, Donald M. 
Montvista Ave. 
Manon, NC 287}2 
McKee, Katherine L. 
3}63 Hamslead O. 
Durham. NC 27707 
McKeithan. Margaret K. 
1719 Fairway Dr 
Vilminglon, NC 28401 
McLamb. Charia H. 
Rl. 9, Box 382 
FayetteviUe, NC 28301 
McLaughlm, Jean V. 
86} Linda Lane 
Charlotte. NC 28214 
McLaunn, Teresa fi 

Silver Qty, NC 27349 
McLendon. Mae B. 
108 Cole St 
Chapel Hill, NC 27}14 
McNew, Janet M. 
Rl. 1 

Conyers. GA 30207 
McPhenon, Jama R 
3}0} Guess Rd. 
Durham, NC 2770} 
McSwain. Patricia L 
207 Had St 
Vadaboro. NC 281 70 
Meaeham, Joseph T. 

Hamlet. NC 2834} 
Meade. Roger J. 
0-9 Colony Apts. 
Chapel Hill, NC 27} 14 
Meade, Susan P. 
D-9 Colony Apis. 

Chapel HlU, NC 27}14 

Meadows, Debbie 
320 Banbury Rd. 
VinstonSalem, NC 27104 
Meares, Mary C 
2} II Wake Dr 
Raleigh, NC 27608 
Medford, Michael T. 
Rl 4, Box 301 
Cvuon, NC ;S7(6 

Medlin. Stephen Lane 

Meier. Catherine V. 

302 Kmgof Arms Dr 

Greensburg, PA 1}601 

Mellon. Janice S 

2}0 Tanner Si. 

Rutherfordton. NC 28139 

Mendenhall. Larry I. 

Rl 4, Box 292 

Slier aty, NC 27344 

Mercer. Henry M. 

Walslonburg. NC 2788S 

Memcks. Elizabeth L. 

701 Cawford Rd. 

Charlatan. W. VA 2}3I4 

Messenger, Gary H. 

2810 Burner Si. 

Durham, NC 27704 

Metzger, Calhennt C 

3040 Wickersham 

Charlotte, NC 28211 

Mewbom, E. Brantley 

RED 3 

Snow Hill. NC 28}80 

Mila. Abby D. 
30} Goldslon 

Kannapolis, NC 28081 

Mila. Sylvia M 
2021 Billmore Dr 

Fayelleville, NC 28304 
Miller, Ann H 

7100 Ejtdhaven Lane 
Matthews, NC 2810} 
Miller, Charia F 
}27 Oak Lane 
Jacbonville, NC 28}90 
Miller, Dona R 
Box 18} 

Atlantic Beach, NC 27}14 
Miller, Emal D. 
Box 1094 

No. Wtlkaboro. NC 286}9 
Miller. Gary M. 
Rl. 3, Box 16-A 
Jefferson, NC 28640 
Miller, Geofiry L 
Rl. 7, Box 44 
Shelby, NC 281}0 
Miller, Michael C 
818 Worth St. 
Aiheboro. NC 27203 
Miller. Paul £ 
220 Spruce St. 
Boone, NC 28607 
MiUikin. WiUiam G 
304 N. Holdrn Rd. 
Greensboro, NC 27410 
Mitchell, Gaye 
4 UllU Bluff Rd. 
Newport News. VA 23606 
Mitchell, Mary A. 
60} Hooks River Rd. 
Goldsboro, NC 27530 
Mitchell, Stephen R. 
313 S Thompson St 
Shelby, NC 281 }0 
Mttchtner, Joseph H 
1200 Kimterley Dr 
Raleigh, NC 27609 
Mixon. Larry W. 
1607 Lincoln St 
Greensboro. NC 27401 
Moffilt. William R 
921 Oakland St 
Handersonville. NC 28739 
Monroe. Betty M. 
1713 Wmlerluchen 
Fayelleville, NC 2830} 

Moody, David S. 
4300 Regis Ave. 
Durham, NC 2770} 
Mooneyham, Janice A. 
123 Laurel Dr 
Wilmmgton, NC 28401 
Moore, George E. 
20} S Walnut St 
FarmviUe, NC 27828 
Moore, Jama F. 
Rl 2, Box 8} 
Gary, NC27}11 
Moore. Jane W. 
}16 South St. 
Gaslonia. NC 280}2 
Moore. Maty J. 
270} Highland Ave. 
Durham. NC 27704 
Moore. Robert J. 
270} Highland Ave. 
Durham. NC 27704 
Moore. Susan K. 
2618 Monticello Dr. 
Wtnslon-Salem. NC 27106 
Moore, Warren H. 
6433 Reddman Rd. 
Charlotte, NC 28212 
Mooring, Betty J. 
N. CasweU St 
LaGrange, NC 2S}}1 
Morgan, Carolyn S. 
801 Nonhbrook Dr. 
Raleigh, NC 27609 
Morgan, Donald B. 
Box 6} 
Winfall, NC 2798} 

Morgan, Herman C. 
3428 Airlie St 
Charlotte, NC 28208 

Morgan. Roger D. 
Rl. 8. Box 246 
Salisbury. NC 28144 

Morris. Jama T. 
}217 N. Tryon St 
Charlotte, NC 28213 

Moms, Jennifer C. 
161 HiUcret Ave. 
Concord, NC 2802} 

Morris, Triaa A. 


Oxford, NC 27}6} 

Morse. Ltia V. 

110 W. Oak View Rd. 

Asheville. NC 28506 

Morton. Jama M. 
Grandfather Mtn. 
UnvilU. NC 28646 

Morton. Nancy B. 
7 Cracent Place 
Allendale. NJ 07401 

Mukadam. Abdul S. 
30 Burma Rd. 
Que Que. Rhodaia 
Murdock. Beverly G. 
214 Pltlsboro St 
Chapel Hill, NC 27}14 
Murdock, Enc C 
Box 1043 
Staleville, NC 28677 

Musselwhite, Carolyn R 
409 S. Greensboro St 
Carrboro, NC 27}10 
Musselwhite, Robert R. 
Box 31} 
WtnterviUe, NC 28}90 


Nagk, Roberl W. 
U-3 Kjngswood Apts. 
Chapfl Hill. NC27S14 
Najjar. Sally 
1>42 Kinmar Dr. 
ManmsvilU. VA 24112 
Nasi. Jacqueline A. 
4 VilUw Brook Cl. 
RanJatlsloum. MD 21133 
Navfy. Liane 
Lakfwood Apti. 
SurfilJe Beach. SC 29in 
Nahill.John D- 
101 Rnmiiie Dr. 
Newport Nem. VA 23606 
Neiheim. Steven R. 
136 Wocdvale Ave. 
Gastonia. NC 2a0}2 
Nevim, Chnitine A. 
910 W. Colamal 
Bizaheth City. NC 27909 
Newlin, Garland V. 
Rl. 1. Box 181 
Haw River. NC 273>0 
Newnam, Arthur W. 
1413 Manon St. 
GrtmsboTo. NC 27403 
Newsome. Cathfy E. 
Rl 10. Box 90S 
SaJuiury. NC 28144 
Newiome, Johnny L. 
Rl 1. Box 17 
Ahoikie. NC 27910 
Nickles, Sidney T. 
Gen. Del. 

Cedar Gnve. NC 27231 
Niller. Ruisetl D. 
1109 Echo Court N. 
Towion. MD 21204 
Nipper. Richard M. 
Rl. i. Box 486 
Chapel Hill. NC 27il4 
Nixon, Kathleen A. 
3738 Knightwood Cir. 
Santa Suiana, CA 93063 
Noite. Deborah A. 
Rl. 1 

Deep Run. NC 2852} 
Nonerruin, Jack W. 
604 Sampson PI 
RaUigh. NC 27609 
Norman, Nancy A. 
Box 111 

Wilkesboro, NC 28697 
Norman, Ray 
Rl 13, Box Hi 
Greensboro, NC 27406 
Noms, Jefferson L. 
110 S. Second St. 
Spring Lake. NC 28390 
Northey. Laura H. 
12}} Queens Rd. W. 
Charlotte. NC 28207 
Nunck. Aaron J. 
Box 29S 
Salisbury. NC 28144 

OakUy, Gerald N. 

Rl. 1 

Liberty. NC 27298 

Oailey. Wanda S 

*6 Lakeview Mobile Ct. RZ 

Chapel Hill, NC 27} 14 

O'Connor, Mary EJUn 
638 Robert E. Ue Dr. 
Wilmington, NC 28401 
Oddo, Kathleen A. 
Camtlot Apt. J-1 
Chapel Hill, NC 275/4 
Olive, George H. 
1806 Lakeshort Dr. 
FayettKilU. NC 2830} 
Olynick, John M. 
10O9 Sandalwood Dr. 
FayettevilU. NC 27}!4 
O'Neal. James H. 
Plymouth. NC 27962 
O'Neal. Michael E 
}43 N. Thorpe Ave. 
Orange Qty. PL 32763 
Opp, Janet E. 
6}29Jay Miller Dr. 
Falls Church. VA 22041 
O'Reilly. Robert B. 
Box }02 

Southport, CT 06490 
Osborne, Peter F 
Rl 2. Box 7 
Eden, NC 27288 
Ozment, Charles T. 
31} 20th St. 
Burner, NC 27}09 

Pace, George W. 
1232 Columbus Or. 
Wilmington, NC 28401 
Pace, Thomas 
28 HiUsidt Ave. 
Teaneck, NJ 07666 
Paradise. Merry D. 
639 Sandndge Rd. 
Charlotte. NC 28210 
Paramore, Waiter H. 
Box 93} 

New Bern, NC 28}60 
Parker, Jane E 
Box 30} 

Manon, NC 287 }2 
Parker, John J. 
630 Museum Dr. 
Charlotte. NC 28207 
Parker, Ronald E 
Rl. 2, Box }4 
Stella, NC 28)82 
Parks, Douglas M. 
207 Pinehill Ave. 
Hamlet, NC 2834} 
Parmll, Laura H. 
1100 Greentrtt Dr. 
Charlotte. NC 28211 
Parsons, Charles J. 
69} Percy St. 
Greensboro, NC 2740} 
PascuUis, Mana C. 
307 Ransom St. 
Chapel Hill, NC 27}14 
Patterson, Maryann E. 
602 J. Columbia St. 
Chapel Hill. NC 27}14 
Payne, Danny J. 
Rl. 4 

N. Wilkesboro. NC 286)9 
Peden, Elizaielh E. 
932 4th Ave. Dr NW 
Hickory, NC 28601 
Peel, Sheila H. 
109 Lee St. 
WiUiamston, NC 27892 

Pegram, Kathryn W. 

Bradshaw Mb Ct. #19, Rl. 1 

Chapel Hill, NC 27}14 

Pennington, Patricia 

}}19 E Rockingham Rd. 

Greensboro, NC 27407 

Penry, Texie L 

616 Hillhaven Ter. 

Roxboro, NC 27}73 

Perkins, Bonnie L. 

Rl. 8. Box 736 

Sanford. NC 27330 

Perry. Jack S. 

2230 Pando St. 

Tarboro. NC 27880 

Perry. Madeline K 

2010 Thayer Or. 

Greensboro. NC 27407 

Petty. Donna K. 

341} Tumbndge Dr. 

Raleigh, NC 27609 

Pharr, Ann L 

3338 Late Boone Trail 

Raleigh, NC 27607 

Phillips, Charles C. 

Box 2000 

Pinehursl. NC27}14 

Phillips. John S 

3010 Pox Chase Rd. 

New Bern, NC 28}60 

Pickard, Sharon M. 

2}02 Wake Dr 

Raleigh. NC 27608 

Pierce, Beverly J. 

Rl 2, Box 21-A 

Wllhar, NC 28696 

Pigford, Selden D. 

301 Colonial Dr 

Wilmington. NC 28401 

Pittman, David W. 

Lot 7. Hilltop Mobile Ct. 

Chapel Hill, NC 27}14 

Pittman. Rose M. 

Davu. NC 28}2} 

Pitts, Lmda 

3908 Dogwood Dr 

Greensboro, NC 27410 

Pleasant, Roger J. 

Rl 7. Box 140 A 

Burlington. NC 2721} 

Plonk, Mary L 

2403 White Oak Rd. 

Raleigh, NC 27609 

Plummer, Charles M. 

Rl 3. Box 14 

China Groove, NC 28023 

Plyler. WiUiam T. 

119 £ End Ave. 

Statesville. NC 28677 

Poindexter. Dale B. 

Rl. 1. Box 90 

East Bend. NC 27018 

Poindexter, Edwin L 

2}48 Lullington Dr 

Winston-Salem, NC 27103 

Pool, Michael L 

3709 River Oaksln 

Birmingham. AL 


Pope, Suzanne T. 

606 Woodvale Dr 

Greensboro, NC 27410 

Porter, Hal S 
Rl 2, Box 83 
KeUy, NC 28448 
Post, Sharon C 
708 Cooper Dr 
Charlotte, NC 28210 

Powell, Errol H. 
Rl 1, Box }19 
Payetteville, NC 28301 
Pratt, Richard G. 
2719 Normandy Rd. 
Charlotte. NC 28209 
Prescotl. William 0. 
49 Forest Rd. 
AsheviUe. NC 28803 
Presnell. Lacy M. 
}317 EJgewood Rd. 
Raleigh. NC 27609 
Pressor! . Charles E. 
}701 Magnolia Ct. 
Alexandria. LA 71301 
Presson. Sandra D. 
2910 Arandel Dr 
Charlotte. NC 28209 
Pritchard, Beverly H. 
3840 Qub Dr. 
Atlanta, GA 30319 
Proctor, Grover B. 
2707 Gordon St. 
Raleigh, NC 27608 
Pmfenius, Robin S 
3207 W. Friendly Ave. 
Greensboro, NC 27408 
Propp, Gay N. 
Apt. 34H Stratford Hills 
Chapel Hill, NC27}14 
Pruden, Helen G. 
Rl. 2, Box 440 
Edenton, NC 27932 
Pugh, Charles B. 
1136 Roosevelt Dr 
Chapel Hill. NC 27} 14 
Putnam. David L 
89 Pleasant Rdg. Rd. 
Asheville. NC 2880} 

}}20 N. Hills Dr 
Raleigh. NC 27612 
Qunrn. WiUard L 
308 Melinda Ave. 
Kannapolis, NC 28081 

Ramsay, Martha J. 
}0}0 Short Acres Blvd NE 
St. Petersburg. PL 33703 
Rand. George 
1120 Lakewood Ave. 
Durham. NC 27707 
Ray, Sandra M. 
206 S. Jefferson St. 
Gobisbon. NC 27}30 
Raymer. Lawrence M. 
Rl. 2. Box 3}9 
Huntersville. NC 28070 
Raynor, Leighton A. 
Box 70 

Apex, NC 27}02 
Read, J. Pendleton 
817 Pershing Ave. 
Lynchburg. VA 24)03 
Redfeam, Rosalind M 
Box 21} 

Wadesboro, NC 281 70 
Reeder, Carolyn L 
2726 Inverness Rd. 
Charlotte, NC 28209 

Reintjes, Anne K 
Rl. 2, Box 8} 
Morehead City, NC 28»7 
Reuner, Frank F. 
1122 N. 17th St. 
Allentown. PA 18104 
Reynolds. Ave 
Rl. I. Box J7J 
amton, NC 28328 
Reynolds, Douglas S. 
1 700 Westover Hills Blvd. 
Richmond, VA 2322} 
Reznick, James S 
92} Oaklawn Ave. 
WinstonSalem. NC 27104 
Rhinehardl. William R. 
312 Monticello Ave. 
Durham, NC 27707 
Rhoads, Bmnie M. 
2404 Pnnce St. 
Durham. NC 27707 
Rhodes. Harry S. 
2027 Markham Dr 
Chapel HiU. NC 27)14 
Rich. Susan D. 
3613 Woodlawn Dr 
Rocky Mount. NC 27801 
Richards, Eddie C. 

Zebulon, NC 27)97 
Richards. Susan A. 
411 £ Main St. 
Wallace. NC 28466 
Richardson. Michael M. 
209 Richardson St. 
Monroe, NC 28110 
Rickman, Dennis W. 
}06 North St. 
Chapel Hill, NC 27)14 
Rickman, Mary K 
)06 North St. 
Chapel Hill, NC 27)14 
Riley, Neta V. 
611 Smedes Pi 
Raleigh. NC 27612 
Ripple. Karen E. 
216 Fuller St. 
Whtterville. NC 28472 
Risnes, Alesia K 
1427 Valeneea Cl. 
FayettevilU, NC 28303 
Rivers. Robert A. 
49)0 Apache Ave. 
Jacksonville. FL 32210 
Robbins. Alma B. 
306 Villa 

Rocky Mount. NC 27801 
Robbins, Joseph C. 
Box 236 

Aberdeen, NC 2831) 
Robbins, Maxine G. 
Rl. 1. Box }94-A 
Wilmington. NC 28401 
Robbins, Wilbur G. 
70) Marlowe Rd 
Raleigh. NC 27609 
Roberson, David A. 
Rl. 4. Box 137 
Candler, NC 2871) 
Roberts, Douglas G. 
J-9 Kingswood Apts. 
Chapel Hill, NC 27)14 

Roberts, Margaret P. 
201 Virginia Ave. 
Morehead, NC 28}}7 
Robertson, George D. 
Rl 1. Box 9 
Eden, NC 27288 

Robertson, J&hn W. 
31} Home Si. 

Oiyton, NC 27S20 
Robmson. Barbara E. 
6n Cooper Dr 
Charlolte, NC 28210 
RxUen, Rjchard A. 
602 Bellneui Sl- 
Wmslon-Salem, NC 27103 
Rodenbeck. Vtltiam E 
4023 Poxcrvfi Rd. 
Charktie. NC2S211 
Rogm, Cathy J. 
Ii03 AUendali Rd. 
Greensboro, NC 27408 
Roger:. EJeanor S. 
3n Rogers Dr 
Spruce Pine. NC ^8777 
Rogm, John P. 
1460 Holiday Blvd. 
Mtmtt IsUnd, PL 329>2 
Rogers. Roger B 
301 Riverside Dr 
Morganton. NC 286}} 
Rogers, Stephen D 

1208 V. Dixon Blvd. 
Shelby. NC 28130 
Roth, Catherine A. 
29 S Tower Rd 
Oaibrook, IL 60}21 
Rothrock, Susan R 
RJ 1 

KrrrmvllU. NC 27284 
Rounlree, Charles S. 

1209 Drexel Lane 
GremvilU. NC 27834 
Rowland. Debby A. 
106 Lake Rd. 
Stanley. NC 28164 
RiiUman. Eltzchelh W. 
Rl. 3. Box 316 
Wilmington, NC 28401 
Russeli. Inn P. 

409 Peachtrre St. 
Alherrnan. NC 28001 
Ryder, Catherine M. 
427 Devonshire Lane 
Burlington. NC 2721) 

Sadler, John T. 
Rj. 3. Box 263 
Oxford. NC 27565 
Samet. Marsha £ 
21 7 Brookberry Rd. 
Mt Airy. NC 27030 
Sarlm, Becky L 
18 Highland Q. 
Uberty. SC 29657 
Sasser, Henry D. 

Goldlboro, NC27i30 
Schenck, Alexander L. 
Box 246 

Plat Rock, NC 28731 
Schiller, Uoyd B 
7257 N. Layman Ave. 
Indmnapolu. IN 462i0 
Schoen, Susan 
206 £ Park Dr 
Raieigh, NC 27605 
Schumacher. Charles A. 
439 No Shore Dr 
So. Haven. Ml 49090 
Scott, Carolee 
304 Whitehead 
Chapel HiU. NC 27574 

Scott, Margaret L 

3416 Hawthorne Rd. 

Rocky Mount, NC 27801 

Scott, Susan K. 

239 Raa St. 

StatesviUe. NC 28677 


Box >28 

Huntersville. NC 28078 

Senter. Sara £ 

2330 Churchill Road 

Raleigh. NC 27608 

Sessoms. Cnsti K. 

3432 Dover Road 

Durham. NC 29707 

Shaffer. Patncia A. 

Rj 1. Box 342 

Uitz. PL 33i49 

Shannon. Cynthia J. 

838 Burnley Road 

Charlotte. NC 28210 

Shapiro. Carol A. 

71 Colonial Way 

New Providence. NJ 07974 

Shapiro. Stanton J. 

1)32 Dison Dr. 

Columbus. GA 31906 

Sharpe. Robert S. 

3302 Regents Park Lane 

Greensboro. NC 2740) 

Shaw. Sarah £ 

2119 Princeton Avenue 

Charlotte. NC 28207 

Shearm. Susan P. 

Rj 2. Box 316 

Edenlon. NC 27932 

Shellon. Margaret A. 

4602 Starmount Dr. 

Greensboro. NC 27410 

Shelton. Rebecca £ 

1424 Arrowood O 

Winston-Salem. NC 27104 

Shepherd. Hurley S. 

Box )8> 

Maiden. NC 286)0 

Shermer, Eleanor J. 

Rl. 1 . Nelllehrook Dr 

Winston-Salem. NC 27106 

SherrjU. Edward G. 

760 Westview Dr 

WinitonSalem. NC 27103 

Shirley, Pamela B. 

526 Greenwood Dr. 

Gary. NC 27)11 

Shoe. George D. 

13) N. Mam St. 

Granite Quarry. NC 28072 

Shook, Diann C. 

3 Garden Terr. 

AsheviUe. NC 28804 

Short. Robin L. 

Rj I. Box 160 

Hubert. NC 28)39 

Shrvm. Elizabeth L. 

19) Dogwood Dr 

Athens. GA 30601 

Sierer, Sally M 

3626 N. Stratford Rd. 

Atlanta. GA 30342 

Siewers. Mary ,A. 

1908 Wmterlochen Rd. 

Payelleville. NC 2830) 

Sigmon. Richard L. 

921 Pairview Dr 

Lexington. NC 27293 

Sillmon.John W 

)02 Helen St. 

Kannapola. NC 28081 

Silva, Patncia E. 
Rj. 3. Box 26 
WhiteviUe, NC 28472 
Simmons. Jack T. 
43)7 Tise Ave. 
Winston-Saiem. NC 2710) 
Simmoru. Rex A. 
Box 46 

Columbia. NC 27925 
Simons, Alan M. 
2)1 Valley Rd NW 
Atlanta. GA 3030} 
Singleton, Cynthia K. 
117 Glissy Mt St 
Pickens. SC 29671 
Sloop. Barry S. 
428 S Magnolia St 
Mooresville. NC 2811) 
Sloop. David A. 
144 West wood 
AsheviUe. NC 28804 
Smeallie. John E 
7306 Knockwood Rd 
Baltimore, MD 21204 
Smith, Agnes C 
3212 Spninl 
Durham. NC 27705 
Smith. Barry K 
Rj. 1 

Blanch, NC 27212 
Smith, Bert S 
100 Contentnea St 
Farmville, NC 27828 
Smith. Cathy C. 
Rj. 5, Box 191-A 
FayetteviUe. NC 28301 
Smith. Charles A. 
Rj. 7, Box 107B 
FayetteviUe. NC 28306 
Smith. CarUne C. 
Box 237) 

Charlotte. NC 28201 
Smith. Donald L, 
120 Tangle Dr 
Jamestown. NC 27282 
Smith. Forrest L 
36) Redwood Dr 
Manetta. GA 30060 
Smith, Glenda H. 
710 RoUmgwood Dr 
Greensboro, NC 27410 
Smith. Jane K. 
6033 Jocelyn Hollow Rd. 
Nashville. TN 3720} 
Smith. Keith E 
331 Queens Dr 
Concord. NC 2802} 
Smith. Kmt L 
RJ 1 

Chinguapin. NC 28)21 
Smith. Susan L 
108 Shannon Ct. 
Rocky Mount. NC 27801 
Smith. Thomas H. 
729 Bnxkbank Rd. 
Charlolte. NC 28209 
Smilhson. Paul C 
1827 Painiew Blvd. 
Winston-Salem. NC 27107 
Smoai. David C. 
1006 Jeff enon Rd. 
Greensboro. NC 27410 
Smoot. Alvas P. 
1811 Portage Pkwy 
Asheboro. NC 27203 


C-) Graham Ct. Apts. 

Chapel Hill. NC 27)14 

Snow, James M. 

Box 31 

Elkm. NC 28621 

Soloman. S. Paula 

120 Krmp Rd. 

E Greensboro. NC 27410 

Sorce. Pamela J. 

132 Cromplon Rd. 

Waynesboro, VA 22980 


8)1 Reed St. 

Gary. NC 27)11 

Southerland. Frances L 

907 Urban Ave. 

Durham. NC 27701 

Spangler. Beth G. 

131) Surry Dr 

Greensboro. NC 27408 

Spell. Randy G. 

Box 40 

Autryville. NC 28318 

Spence, Susan L. 

3412 Dogwood Dr 

Greensboro. NC 27403 

Spnngs. Celia .4. 

1314 Brookwood Ave. 

Florence. SC 29)01 

Spnnkle. Susan C 

317 McCauley St. Apt. 4 

Chapel Hill. NC 27}!4 

Spntill. Marjone J. 

319 N. Charlotte St. 

Washington. NC 27889 

Sprunt. Sue J. 

Box 2036 

Rocky Mm.. NC 27801 

Stafford. Gary R. 

11)0 nth St. Or. NW 

Hickory. NC 28601 

S tailings. Rebecca 

4310 Dnflwood Dr 

Raleigh. NC 27606 

Slang, Howard J. 

612 Woodvalt Dr 

Greensboro. NC 27410 

Stanley. John H. 

Rl 3 

Bladenboro. NC 28320 

Starling. Margaret J. 

1302 E Holly St 

Goldsiom. NC 27)30 

Slames. Lana Z. 

1649 Masonic Dr. 

Charlotte. NC 2820} 

Steelman, Ella p. 

13S Polk St 

Chapel Hill. NC 27)14 

Stephens. Barbara £ 

2311 Pine Une 

Retdsville, NC 27320 

Stephens, Henry H. 

E-2 Univ. Gardens Apts. 

Chapel Hill. NC 27)14 

Stephens. Jeffrey L 

4804 Rampan St. 

Raleigh, NC 27609 

Steward, Anthony R 

Hall Lane 

Drayton Norwich. England 

Stewan. Charles T 

Rl 2 

Clemmons. NC 27012 

Stewan. Dannie L 
910 Hillview Dr 
Gary. NC 27)11 
Stewart. Elizabeth S. 
1413 Hathaway Rd. 
Raleigh. NC 27609 

Stewan. Teresa B. 
164 Daniels Rd 
Chapel Hill. NC 27)14 
Stogner. Larry N. 
Box 3) 

Yanceyville. NC 27379 
Stollmack, Peter J. 
5 Orchard Lane 
Great Neck. NY 1 1024 
Stone, Thomas L 
32) Quail Dr 
Raleigh. NC 27604 
Stonnell. .Michael C. 
1322 Rembrandt Or 
Charlotte. NC 28211 
Stoudemtre. George A. 
Rl. 5 

Lincolnton. NC 28092 
Strader. Elizabeth S. 
309} S Fairway Dr 
Burlington. NC 2721) 
Strader. James B. 
839 W. Garrison 
Gastonia. NC 280)2 
Sirayhom, Donleen C. 
1021 Westwood Dr 
Durham. NC 27707 
Sirayhom. Gregory 
Rj. 1. Box 372 
Pollocksville. NC 28)7) 
Stnblmg. Calhenne R. 
1127 Churchill Dr 
Gastonia. NC 28052 
Stuan. David B. 
2060 Lake Dr 
Winston-Salem. NC 27107 
Stuan. Nancy N. 
216 C Branson St. 
Chapel Hill, NC 27)10 
Suiter. Susan P. 
)08 Sycamore St 
Weldon. NC 27890 
Summers. BrmdaJ. 
Rl. 7 

MocksviUe. NC 27028 
Sweet. Rjchard A. 
2656 Crest Lane 
Scotch Pines. NJ 07076 
Sykes. William B. 
4019 Bristol Rd. 
Durham. NC 27707 
Synan. John W. 
418 Leon St. 
Durham. NC 27704 

Tansey, .Ann K. 
700 N. Belvedere 
Memphis. TN 38107 
Taylor. Charles N. 
207 CJeghom St 
Spmdale.NC 28160 
Taylor. Elizabeth S. 
240 Jeb Stuan Dr 
Wilmington. NC 28401 
Taylor. Susan S. 
223B Jackson Or 
Chapel Hill. NC 27)14 
Taylor William W. 
139} Canterbury Way 
RockviUe. MD 208)4 
Teasley. Barry H. 
Rl ). Box 42 
Durham. NC 27704 
Temple. Thelma K. 
307 Wilson Ave. 
Kinslon. NC 28)01 

Timplt, Vicky L 
Box 446 

Zdulm, NC 27^97 
Tew. Idell Autry 
103 RaJcliffar. 
Durham. NC 27707 
Thamngton. Sandra F. 
261) Sumil Avt. 
Rxky Mount, NC 27801 
Thomai.John B. 
Bex 488 

Erwm, NC 28339 
Thonuii. Michael A. 
i04 Fjnorywood Dr. 
High Poinl. NC 27262 
Thamof. Wayne C 
222i Walmer Dr 
Vinilon Salem. NC 27103 
Thompson. Craig T. 
2104 Woodlami Ave. 
Burlington. NC 272li 
Thompion. Gay R. 
n04 Roiatia Way 
Port Myers. PL 33901 
Thompson. George K. 
1^30 Lafayette Ave. 
Rocky Ml.. NC 27801 
Thompson. Margaret A. 
3419 Hampton. Ave 
Nashville. TN 3721} 
Thompson. Ronald M. 
Rl. 1. Box 340 
VaUese. NC 28690 
Thompson. Samuel A. 
332} Woodland Dr. 
Roanoke. VA 2410} 
Thome. Barbara K. 
1 7 Bnar Brae Rd. 
Dana. CT 06820 
Trevatban. Thomas P. 
1908 Potest Hills Dr. 
Greenville. NC 27834 
Tnpp. Patnaa A. 
Box 47} 

Washington. NC 37889 
Tubbs. Lionora M. 
2116 Echo Lane 
Wilmington. NC 28401 
Tucker. Edwin D. 
141} W Nash St 
Wilson. NC 27893 
Tutloch. Elizabeth P. 
1306 Oarendon St. 
Durham, NC 2770} 
Turlington. Edwm K. 
1 1 St. Martin PL 
Greensboro. NC 2740} 
Turner. Charlotte A. 
Rl. 3. Box 64 
Clayton. NC 27520 
Turner. Thomas T. 
2801 Colony Rd. 
Charlotte. NC 2821 1 
Tyson. Henry M. 
Rl. 7. Box 284 
Payeltevilte. NC 28306 


Ulmtr, William J. 
3319 Milton Rd. 
Rjdtigh, NC 27609 
Ussery, Garland L. 
Box 22} 
Norwood, NC 28128 

VaUnstein, Unda N. 
610 Hempstead PI 
Charlotte. NC 28207 
Vanhoy. Mary J. 
Union Grove. NC 28689 
Vaught. R. Cameron 
761 Woodward Way 
Atlanta. GA 30327 
Veasey, Bobbie J. 
110 Campbell Si. 
Aberdeen. NC 2831} 
Verzaal. Mary C. 
210 Porest Rd. 
Wilmington. NC 28401 
Vogler, Enock E. 
Rl. I, Box 24 
Advance, NC 27000 
Voighl, Ralph W. 
4602 Graham Rd. 
Greensboro. NC 27410 
Vong. Sandra J. 
1133 Bracbum Rd. 
Charlotte. NC 28211 


Wade. James A. 

Rl. 4 

Roxboro. NC27}73 

Wade, Joseph H. 

423 arcle Pr. 

Burlington, NC 2721} 

Walker. Richard E. 

413 Pinedale Dr 

Reidsville. NC 27320 

Walker. William W. 

604 Unk Horn Dr 

Va. Beach. V'A 234}1 

Walston. Martha K. 

122} Kenan Si 

Wilson. NC 27893 

Ward. Larry B. 

3608 Beeatres Pord Rd. 

Charlotte. NC 28216 

Ware. James B. 

31} Waco Rd. 

Kings Mm.. NC 28086 

Warren. Betsy P 

407 E Powell St. 

Clinton. NC 28328 

Waters. Susan R 

2116 Rebecca St 

Roanoke Rapids. NC 27870 

Watkins. Thomas C. 

2134 Shirley Rd. 

Wilmington. NC 28401 

Watson. Dovey E. 

1007 Branch St. 

Wilson, NC 27813 

Watson. Van S. Ill 

Walters. Elizabeth G. 

22 Deer Trail Rd. 

No. Caldwell. NJ 07006 

Weanl. Brmda G. 

1109 Rock/ord Rd. 

High Point. NC 27262 

Weaver. Edward 

18 bland Dr. 

Wrightsville Beach. NC 28480 

Weaver. Reagan H. 

1003 Twyckenham 

Greensboro. NC 27408 

Weaver. Teresa L. 

Rl. 8, Box 8}} 

Hickory, NC 28601 

Webb, Beverly B. 
138 Momingside Dr 
Asheville, NC 27}14 
Webb, James B. 
Box 827 

Slalesville. NC 28677 
Weekley. Nancy L. 
Box 1191 

Roxboro. NC 27}73 
Weeks. James 0. 
326 Ardmore Ave. 
Ardmore. PA 19003 
' Weir, Samuel L 
1717 Butler St 
Winston-Salem, NC 27107 
Weisner, Rickey C. 
768 Carpenter Ave. 
Moonsville. NC2811} 
Wellman. Thomas H. 
601 Cedar St 
Weldon, NC 27890 
Wells, Gary K 
Rl. 2 

Pikeville. NC 27863 
Wessling, Diane L. 
3708 Dewsbury Rd. 
Winslon-Salem, NC 27104 
West, Hubert A. 
Rl. 2. Box 2 11 
MocksviUe, NC 27028 
West, Palsi N. 
Box 38} 

Hope Mills. NC 28348 
Weston, Marjorie L 
Wimton-Salem. NC 27104 
Wheeler, Grady J 
431 E Harden St. 
Graham, NC 270}3 
Wheeler, Warren L. 
11 Ashley Rd. 
Durham, NC 27704 
Whicker, Mark L 
13} Longbow Rd. 
Reidsville, NC 27320 
White, Lucy G. 
2}44 Portland Ave. 
Charlotte. NC 28207 
While. Nettie £ 
134 Cedarwood Dr. 
Henderson. NC 27536 
White. Robert L 
414 Wilson St. 
Kings Mountain. NC 28086 
While. Sharon D. 
White. Sidney P 
101} Dailan Ave. 
Durham. NC 27701 
Whitenack. Prank H. 
586 Parkview Dr 
Burlington. NC 2721} 
Whitener. Chnstopher L. 
209 Woodrow 
High Point. NC 27262 

Whitener. Timothy J. 

Rl. a. Box 80 

Hickory. NC 28601 

Whilesell. Phillip W. 

704 Liberty Rd. 

High Point, NC 27263 

Whitesell, Sherrod S 

Box 3}} 

Granite Quarry. NC 28072 

Whitesides. Vicki G. 

1708 Merry Oaks Rd. 

Charlotte. NC 2820} 

Whitford. Sally G. 

308 S. Audubon 

Goldsbom, NC 27}30 

Whitmirr, Myrtle M. 
Rl. 2. Box 196 
Brevard. NC 28712 
Whiltemore. Hadley E. 
1613 Sherman Dr 
Hendersonville. NC 28749 
Wicker. Helen A. 
911 Whitford St. 
Sanford. NC 27330 
Wiles, Joyce A. 

N. Wilkesboro. NC 28659 
William. Henry G. 
Box 566 

Dunn. NC 28334 
Williams. Carol 
107 K Oberlin Rd. 
Raleigh, NC 27605 
Williams, James L 
1001 S Andrews 
Goldsboro, NC 27}30 
Williams, James W. 
30 Carolian St 
Roanoke Rapids. NC 27870 
Williams, Jill L 
}200 Gorham Dr. 
Charlotte, NC 2821 1 
Williams, Larry W. 
Box 328 

Granite Quarry, NC 28072 
Williams, Peggy E. 
Box 3434 

New Bern, NC 28560 
Williams. William E. 
Rl. 2. Box 147 
Dunn. NC 28334 
Williams. William L 
2722 PJgewood 
Burlington. NC 2721} 
Williams. Wilma T 
}10 Fayelleville Rd. 
Rockingham. NC 2}379 
Williamson. Edward L. 
217 Elm St. 
Whiteville. NC 28472 
Williford. James T. 
Box 6) 

Pinelops. NC 27864 
Wilson. Barbara J. 
42} Fairfax Dr 
WinslonSatem. NC 27104 
Wilson. Carol N. 
2606 Kingsway Rd. 
Oxon Hill. MD 20022 
Wilson. John H. 
216 Graham 
Chapel Hill. NC 27}U 
Wilson. Paul P. 
Rabbit Ron Rose Valley 
Wallingford. PA 19086 
Wilson, Robert R. 
2128 Porest Dr E. 
Charlotte, NC 28211 
Wilson, Tracy L. 
23 Maxwell Rd. 
Chapel Hill, NC 27}14 
Wise. Christopher M. 
62}9 Margo Ln. 
Cincinnalti. OH 4}227 
Witherow. Sara J. 
2728 Porest Dr 
Winston-Salem. NC 27104 

Witt. George E. 
161} Minnekahda 
Chattausoga. TN 27403 
Witul. Mary W. 
4621 Dixie Hill Rd. 
Fairfax, VA 22030 

Womble. Settle R. 
Box 318. Rl. 1 
Chapel Hill, NC 27}14 
Woodbury, Edwina D. 
13 Lanark Rd. 
Chapel Hill. SC 27}14 
Woodbury. Thomas M. 
13 Lanark Rd. 
Chapel Hill. NC 27}14 
Wooding. Sydney S. 
424 Brookside Dr 
Chapel Hill. NC 27}14 
Woodruff. Gordon C. 
101 N. Green St. 
Selma. NC 27567 
Woosley. Beverly D. 
Glenn High Rd. 
Winston-Salem, NC 27107 
Woolen. Ann W. 
Rl. 2 

East Bend, NC 27018 
Woolen. Robert E. 
Box 1440 

Burlington. NC 2721} 
Wrenn. Jodie E. 
730 Archer Rd. 
Winston-Salem. NC 27107 
Wnght. Harold W. 
Rl. 2 

Liberty. NC 27298 
Wnght. Samuel J. 
Rl 3. Box 139 
Vale. NC 28168 

Yachan. Anne D. 
107 Montclair Cr. 
Durham. NC 27707 
Yachan. George 
Monclair Cir. 
Durham. NC 27707 
Yader. William S 
309 N Lamar Si. 
Roxboro. NC 27}73 
Young. Charles J. 
609 Austin St. 
Maxton, NC 28634 
Young, Henry L. 
2570 Norlhside Dr 
Atlanta, GA 3030} 
Young, William L. 
Bl Hillside Dr 
Burlington, NC 2721} 
Younger. Kathy J. 
916 Watson Ate. 
Winston-Salem. NC 27163 
Younts, Deborah K. 
21 7 County Home Rd. 
Lexington, NC 27293 

Zalkin. Robin L 
3013 Shamrock Dr 
Greensboro. NC 27408 
Ziglar. Ruby K. 
Rl. 1. Box }7} 
Madison. NC 2702} 
Zimmerman. Susan L. 
Cohurst Farm 
Charlottesville. VA 22901 
Zucchino, David A. 
2109 Woodbine 
Fayelleville. NC 28303 

' •I'J t* ••>i>t < r«clit dKcrlolnatlon go. rl>.'M» "> 

-,.i.«i,« il»lt on l'>ccaia..<>..rr»« JIK c«A»t > ell ol"*'"" 
rra>» mbrjttion on tffl*Artj«.a*«no corpomt* control o^ foort n 
On'enj tr.( ••nlJ rarpor ano raplaatlah tha .oll.»-»P'0«o''« 
• •jr-or«aniration and IJuaiatlcin of all paorl*' 1 1 1 !••••••• 



o ^ 

.acuetp §acfe is; tfie peartioofe of tjie tHnibersJitp 
of iOtortf) Carolina at Cftapel ^ill, iOlortft Carolina, 
publis(t)rt in tfte gear of ©ur lorb iOtineteen Hunbreir 
anb ^ebentp tEtree bp tlTaplor ^ufalisitiing Compan? 
of ©allag, ®exas?. 

iKarfe IBrtan Bearmon 
inartiia llout£(a Jf arloto 
Virginia Hellp IHuflie 
^teben 0nvtt $arrt£( 
la^illiam ^eb ^Ipler 
i^nn ^ilmotlj Woottn 


iHanaging Cbitor 

Hapout €bitor 

^u£einesi£( manager 

lleab $totosrapter 

d^ffice JHanager 

^taff $i)l)tOgtaptl(rSi= Z^/» Jeu^ .»x/ 5^c»// CO=OtbtnatOr£(= JoHm SpeagU, Business,- Denise Cou^ 

Stewart; COHtribUting SljOtOgrapl)erS(= *""■ ^<^^'«' Margam meway Praternities; Windy Thomp- 

_ ^, , „ ,,.,, ,. „ ,. ^,,r „, son, Honorartes; Carolyn TurbyftU, Honorartes; Mttchell 

Tom Norby, Roy Miller, Jttn Holkum, Cltff Kolovson; „, „ „ _, . , ■ »„.,,„• 

, Foushee, Sports; Scott T(rylor,Academta; and Pat Mathts.Bat- 

^Ottrait£(= •y/*«"?»J 5/W/w, Bangor, Maine; dence CoUeges. 
^pnp=y«!>« Pitzpatrick and Mike Padrick; 

^rttDOrll= ^^^ PoweU, Honoraries; Charles McMahan, '^^m 

Academics; Jim Crowley, Cover; Ruth Watkim, Title Page and I 

0liitt ^tS.ti= Denise Baddour, Suzanne Cecil, Regina 
Griffin, Faye Hedgepeth, Marsha Lamm, Barb Lejman, Janie 
Lovett, Carolyn Mitchem, Deery Mott, Francie Murray, Rebecca 
Ray, Katherine Shoffner, Louise Shook, Anne Slaughter, and Joe 

PeCtal ti!^f|anfeSl= >^ CamJl, PrtdKoger, jerry Rtuney, Bill Smith, Jim Council, Gene Purr, and Taylor Publishing 

Specif tCatiOnS(= The 1973 rackety Yack is printed on 
Warrens Dull Enamel (varnished) with the exception of the 
Honoraries, which are priroed on 80, Gainesborough Confetti. 
The endsheets are Burgundy, Elephant Hide Paper, imported from 
West Germany. Basic Type styles are Old English and Garamond 
Italic. The cover is hot foil stamps on padded redfahrilord with 
mission graining. Additional specif ications available upon 

■• V • ' 

.< ' w'^ 



i ^^' 


P J^^^HSBe^!^ i^'v 

i' K 

Though we speak with the tongues of learned people. 

without desire, we are but parts of the Big Machine. 

■ And though ive have the gift of Wisdom and think we understand all mysteries and knowledge, 

and though we have potential energy enough to move mountains, 

without desire, we are nothing. 

And though we bestow money enough for four years and treat our bodies with many sleepless nights. 

without desire, it profiteth us nothing. 

We suffereth long and are tired. 

We hehaveth unseemingly; seeketh the unattairkt'ole 

%?> re easily provoked and thinketh too much evil, but rtjoiceth in the truth. 

cruel world but believeth in beauty, hoptth many things and endurelh much bull: 
Desire never j 
Bui whither there be mn 

We heareth tl